Deep State Predators Need to Terrify Everyone – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s 

Author of the popular book “Deep State” and award-winning journalist Alex Newman says Deep State globalists are afraid the world is waking up to the tyranny they are trying to impose on every country on earth including America.  Things are not going as smoothly into their so-called reset as they had envisioned.  Newman explains, “The Deep State is in a ‘do or die’ moment right now.  They, the elites or predator class, recognize that they are now locked into this.  If they try to retreat, there is no retreat.  People are waking up at such a rapid rate that they are in a moment where they are going to have to go for broke and try to impose the whole agenda and damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead or they are going to be in big trouble.  They are going to be prosecuted.  Right this moment, there are conversations in state attorney generals’ offices all across the country, and this is a problem.  People are demanding prosecution. . . . Right now, the elites, or predator class, realize if they don’t move forward very quickly, they are going to lose everything.  They could possibly end up facing true accountability.  I think we are in a very dangerous situation now.  When people get into a position like that, they don’t have a whole lot of options.  Either they cancel the election or they cheat like crazy or they just collapse everything.  The way things are going right now with inflation out of control, the food crisis and famine just around the corner, of course, that they engineered, and the monkey pox and bird flu, they have all there crises lined up. . . . You realize they have a lot of options still to play.  I suspect there will be some very interesting developments between now and the mid-term elections.  If we had honest elections, they would be totally creamed.  They would be toast, and they know that.”

Newman thinks the next move by the Deep State may be a combination of crises that could include the collapse of the buying power of the U.S. dollar and a food crisis that is already a lock in the not-so-distant future.  Newman warns, “What’s going on in Russia and Ukraine, we cannot count out.  There is a very real prospect of that expanding. . . . Desperate people do desperate things.  This is just like with an animal that has been backed into a corner.  When you get an animal in that situation, they are really left with few options other than attack and do something dangerous, and I think that is where we are at.  They recognize that they need crises to advance their agenda.  They need to terrify the population. . . . and it has to be done in a way that their finger prints are not on this, and instead of people turning on each other, they will start looking for them.”

Newman says, “The country can be turned around and it needs to be turned around, but it’s going to take work . . . and maybe intervention by the Good Lord.”  Newman closes by saying, “There is no silver bullet.”

There is much more in the 49 min. video interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the recent book “Deep State.”

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After the Interview:

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  1. Randy

    Greg, when I post your article’s URL to Truth Social, main image is not being shown for whatever reason. Might want to talk to your IT guy about it.

  2. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. Very sobering content!

    Minor point: At 46:45, “Somehow it (the new book I had almost finished – sic) got deleted from my computer?!” Fundamental error. Never, never, place implicit trust in electronic media. Printing hard copy of drafts would have saved Alex countless hours of work – and, no doubt, heartache.

    • Robert

      We need to take back this country on a local level. You can have your International elites, and big money, making treaties, and poor laws. It takes boots on the ground to enforce this garbage. Find out who wears these boots, and eliminate them at a local level. I’m not talking about voting them out, I’m talking about hanging them for treason!

      • Laura McDonough

        State and local taken back. National is already controlled by the globalists since W. Wilson and Warren Harding.

      • IIG

        We are currently taking back our country one grave at a time –×400.jpg – how about we don’t allow the Globalists “to kill us” anymore – but we fight back “to live upon the land” (not under it)!!

  3. PersonaNonGrata

    Fearless truth telling from a medical doctor and a lawyer. Scroll down landing page to video interview entitled, ‘Silent weapons for quiet genocide- Todd Callender and Dr Lee Vliet’.

  4. Sheryl

    I admired this man’s ability to communicate to us in such a simple manner. I started my garden a ago weeks ago. This should be a real hoot. Many fruit trees. Never to late to learn even at 72. Thank you Greg for all your efforts

    • tim mcgraw

      Sheryl; my wife and I live in Sonoma County, California. Our orange tree produces two crops a year. We are currently eating delicious juicy oranges every day and will for another month or more.

  5. Robert Coleman

    Canada’s govt. to FREEZE all handguns in bid to DISARM citizens, unleash genocidal TYRANNY – –

  6. Connie Sponheim

    Please don’t bring this guy on again!! He is almost rooting for our Denise! Seriously! Many of us are working very hard to get the Truth out.. fighting the commies, Marxists, Pedos, perverts, psychos .. corrupt judicial… yada, yada . We don’t want this negative Nathan in our face!!

    • Dave Duclos

      Connie, Alex does a great job in telling us what is really happening, and who is leading the charge against us. He is not almost hoping for our demise. Putting your head in the sand solves nothing. I give you much credit for trying to work against many nasty, anti-Christian facets of our world, but Alex is spot on here. And, Greg does a fantastic job in bringing us the truth in so many areas, and
      in stating his belief in God and in Jesus as our savior and real solution. Dave Duclos

    • andrew

      Forgot to take your medication?

      • Tabitha Sloan

        I was wondering that also!

    • Rick

      Greg do not listen to this person! Alex Newman is one of the smartest guys on the planet! If you don’t continue to bring him on that would be a huge tragedy!

    • Self Exiled

      Then Connie you should not listen to this that PersonnaNonGrata offered us earlier. If you’re not on medication, then you will need it after listening to this —- —- the best antidote for the poison ”they” are injecting worldwide is daily doses of prayer in the Presence of Christ. Thru 2016 to 2o20 I watched the cell phone personnel putting up at least 2 towers and install underground fiberoptics in my small town [Numancia] of the Philippines, an in the boonies town, on one of the many islands that make up this 3rd world nation of extreme beauty and individual belief in HIM.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Did you watch the same interview I did? Wow!!

      • Michele

        The truth is never going to be popular. It’s easier for most people to except a lie.

    • The Ogs

      Hi Connie, best to never confuse positivity or negativity with objectivity.
      It can be challenging to be objective (ask any Liberal). LoL

    • Beverly kingsford

      You must be a troll on this site if you are saying to never have Alex Newman on again. He tells things just like they need to be said and everyone in this country needs to be humble enough to listen to him and do as told! He is absolutely right about everything and I love to see him every time Greg brings him on. Thanks Greg! Alex Newman us a genius in many ways and has the Spirit if Gid in him!

  7. Marie Joy

    We should change the term “elites” for the term “predator class”.
    “Predator class” is much more accurate.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Marie,
      Agreed! Then we wouldn’t need to bother with parentheses – because predator class describes them perfectly.

    • Tom C

      You are exactly right, Marie Joy. They rely on Mass Psychosis to instill their Fear Porn in the sheep. They are pure evil.

    • Charles H


      “When PLUNDER becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” Frederic Bastriat Taken from JSMineset

    • susan

      Marie Joy, you have it perfectly right on! We must make everyone understand the proper term, “predator class”.

  8. Bobby Maloney


    Love your guests and most especially Alex Newman, Bill Holter …..well hell all of them!
    Love uncle Gerald Celente and Aunt Catherine Austin Fitts! They are all “real people” and feel like family to you and your audience….like our own families should feel…but most don’t. My favorite part of this video was the comment Alex made concerning his short staff or small staff …whatever he said ……I laughed because i knew he meant his kids and having met his family in person they are all great and smart and work hard for we the people behind the scenes supporting their dad as he supports the world!
    Keep up the great work and suppoting those who support truth, justice and the American Way!
    ps haven’t spent one penny of investments hoping one day our ship comes in after the fall (Bo Polny) so we can rescue all who have been beat down and demonitized etc Ie. “The Good Guys” like you and Alex and help support the rebvilding of the Greatest Place on Earth – U.S.A.!

    We are sooo blessed and YES Jesus loves us! And our USAWatchdog is right again –
    The Gates of Hell Shall NOT prevail!

  9. Marie Joy

    The problem is that everyone expects everyone, else, to do it.

  10. Vince

    Thanks for another great guest. Signed closing docs today. Leaving Kalifornia for a red state near you. Someday Greg, I hope to thank you personally for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good, Vince!! Safe travels!

    • Don Wohlers

      Good move Vince. One of my daughters moved from WA to WY to do the same thing

    • Lois Petersen

      Vince, my husband and I have been remodeling a beautiful 2 story house since December that will be for sale in a town of around 8,000 population in Nebraska right off I-80. Guessing it will be move-in ready by September.

  11. Warren B.

    Much truth in what AN has to say. All of it are RED FLAGS.
    In particular I wish to follow through on the Monkey Pox issue that has been burning in the background since early-mid May. I posted a link to the Biosecurity Simulation held in March 2021 (concerning a Monkey Pox outbreak) back in the Lizzie Eads interview –
    Since then a couple of well respected Doctors /Physicians have investigated this Disease and the corresponding data around what is now being “Spread”.
    Drs Robert Malone and Joseph Mercola have followed through with some very enlightening / frightening thoughts.
    Malone posits that we have had an emergence of an engineered monkeypox virus into the human population during mid-May of 2022.
    Mercola states the monkeypox outbreaks are intended to rile the public into another fear-fueled frenzy in order to justify the WHO’s takeover of public health globally, usher in those reviled health passports and everything else that goes along with The Great Reset.
    Here are the links to both reports:
    I fully agree with both assessments and planning accordingly.

  12. Johnny Cool

    Mr. Newman is correct, they want to terrify the population.

    G.A. Stewart: Every day since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it has been something new. This is a standard torture tactic.

    The COVID-19 Pandemic exposed all the players and their intentions. It has been one crisis after another since 2019, and the NATO war with Russia is clearly going on behind the scenes of a Mainstream Media blackout, such as the biological laboratories in Ukraine destroyed by Russia.

  13. Shirl

    Spot on Mr Newman all the way throughout this fantastic informative interview, brilliant. One of the very few Logically tying the Perverse Confusion aka The LibTarded Commie Agenda infecting the indoctrination centers aka schools with the outbreak of Violence, Hate, and the anti-American anti-Constitutional movement…its 2+2=4.

  14. Neville

    Thanks Greg, always enjoyable listening to Alex.
    To put my oar in ,all I can tell you and your readers is the following
    To see where I am coming from one only needs to read The Book of Kings to see
    what Our LORD GOD CREATOR did with the claus schwarbs,ghatis gates,soros,
    clintons ,rockafella,rothschild etc etc etc of those days .THE LORD absolutely
    destroyed them as they were up to the same bloody nonsense as the current lot of gangsters who are in reality pointing a middle finger at GOD and challenging
    HIM to stop them……They have become drunk with the so-power that they think
    they have over all of us……..delusional scumbags!!
    If you went to a bookmaker/betting shop the odds on those evils sons of bitches
    losing are a quadrillion to nothing as they wont even be in the race!!!


    • eddiemd

      Don’t forget the Holy Spirit. We need Him more than ever.

      • IIG

        Someone truly lacking in the “Holy Spirit” is puppet Biden – just when it looked like the world would be saved from a Nuclear Holocaust (as Russia put the final screws to the Ukrainians (and they were surrendering) – Biden announces that he will now be sending Ukraine more advanced weaponry – like Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, powerful artillery, precision rocket systems, radars, unmanned aerial vehicles, Mi-17 helicopters and plenty of ammunition – as you can see – – this is what the Globalists do “when they are backed into a corner and have no way out”!! – Russia says: “It is prepared for nuclear war if that’s what the West wants”!!! – It is time – it is time we Americans send a loud and clear message to the psychopaths in Washington – We Don’t Want Our Families To Die – not by a “Jab” – nor by a “Nuke”!!!

        • IIG

          Anyone still wondering how gold will react to Biden “upping the ante to bring about WWIII” better look at a gold chart – you know (even with all Stan’s ranting and raving about how gold prices will fall) the following gold chart shows a consistent bullishness over the last year and a half (with gold making higher and higher lows) – – Stan doesn’t want to look at such charts, hear about such charts or speak about such charts (like the one above) as it scares the hell out him with his huge short position – but ordinary people are simply not falling for the banksters old tricks (like raising interest rates to make the fiat dollar stronger and crash gold) – people are looking further out “to the eventual demise of the fiat US dollar” (and the coming of a gold backed reserve currency like the Ruble)!!

        • eddiemd

          Biden is given over. His conscience no longer functions.

          His cognitive functions are on life support.

          The world mocks Biden. The russians, iranians, and chinese know that he is not in charge. That is the problem. Obama, Sullivan, Rice, Mayorkas, Austin, Blinken, Yellen, Garland, Haines, BootyBoy, etc. Their job is to wreck this country.

          These people are evil. Unrepentant haters of Truth. Their day is coming. Unfortunately for them. Probably sooner than they think.

          • regaleagle

            According to some……maybe as early as the middle of this month. I hear devolution in my spirit as the Lord will not be mocked. There are many on the wrong side of God in high positions in this country that will have to answer for their crimes against humanity, and the Lord God Almighty will mete out His justice swiftly. They have not turned from their evil ways after countless warnings.

    • Self Exiled

      I personally believe we are looking at the stage setting of the last days. After watching the events closely, sense the assignation of Robert Kennedy and receiving two degrees: one in Political Science with an emphasis in Constitutional Law and a History Degree [with a teaching certificate] I do not see a turn around in the direction of mind set of this world. All this to me is a conformation of the accuracy of Christ and his predictions, the profits, and the Apostilles writings. Time lines of these events prior to the seven year tribulation I think is God the Fathers realm and in all probability difficult for us to asses. Experiential knowledge of Christ in a relationship built by His Grace is absolute to living thru these events without fear. All would do well including my self to humbly beseech the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. All would do well to listen to NEVILLE and eddiemd and the many others who transverse Greg,s domain.

      • Robert F

        Ive been reading comments on here for a long time, but not posting any response.

        I agree fully with your sentiment…. my credentials? Doesnt matter. I dont need credentials to hear the truth.

        God bless all here. Its only gonna get worse, just keep asking God for forgiveness.

        Oh lord, forgive me for my sins, I have made myself unclean with the pleasures of this world, its fruits only make me grow more hungry, never satisfied, always seeking for more knowledge, more, more, for me, so I can sit on top of the pile and rain down onto everyone else. But never being fulfilled. Grasping at straws I lash out at my neighbors and those around me, because I have sought out Cain…I did what I was told not to do, to seek knowledge of Good and Evil, and to slay the seed of cain, the cursed,

        All of this has come full cirlce, as I watch the visions of America the Great Babylon take part in global holocaust….sanctioning energy and food, and sanctioning human life….. for the beast to rise from the ashes

  15. stanley skrzypek

    Alex is Honest and of the best guests USAWATCHDOG interviewed..very Likeable….the vibes he exudes are extremely Positive ….and his Intellect busts out at every sentence….one Genuine Patriot….

  16. Don Wohlers

    I am sorry that Connie feels like she does because it is happening and will continue. A small group of us studied about the Trilateral Commission in the late 70’s right after they had formed. It is happening and will continue since the Bible tells us we will be in a one world government when we start the beginning of the Tribulation. And now even today, as we read about the FIRST four seals, as we open them, the time is just not coming, it is HERE. So for Connie and all the others that have fear, I would ask, please turn to the Lord and see what is happening and feel excited and ready. I know we will have times of struggle before He comes and takes us home, but He will be doing that in the middle of the Trib. I am almost 88 and looking forward to the next several years as I help people get ready for His day.
    Blessings to you Greg, your speaker Alex, and to all of you that see these interviews.

  17. Marvin

    Excellent interview. This is information that every person needs to see and hear. People may be walking up, but many more are needed and soon.

  18. James

    I wonder how much fear Trump’s declaring a National Emergency (totally unjustified from a safety/medical perspective) in March 2020 caused?

    Never forget: Trump put us on the NWO path we’re on today.

    The fact that so many Conservatives still view him as their savior proves how clueless they are.

    • Shirl

      Hello James,

      I didn’t know that President Trump responding to an apparent World Wide Pandemic by offering HCQ, Ivermectin, Vitamins along with other therapies initially (for which he received relentless 4 years of attack over) and then going a further step by ordering $ BILLIONS $ for a Safe & Effective “vaccine” to be produced but, got a Bio-Weapon instead caused this mess? WOW! Thanx for sharing your in depth insight!

      Question: Are you one of those that would blame yourself too for ordering a well done steak at a steak house but, then were served a raw fish head instead?

      The “clueless” eh?

      Look in the mirror.

      Trolling for Obozo, The Dementia Patient currently occupying The White House, Hellery and the NWO gang doesn’t work here, you may have better luck to try that over at CNN (Chyna News Network) or BSNBC platforms.

      • Robert F

        wow how quickly you people changed

        on this same channel monhs ago wverytone agreed trump was a fool for the vax endorsements

        now you want to suddenly flip the script and now say we are obama supporters?

        I dont think others here agree, I bet they are still pissed at trump as well

        • Shirl

          Hi Robert F,

          It seems to me, especially in light of the DISASTROUS Xiden Regime that the only people “pissed” at President Trump are those same tired out kooky establishment NeverTrumper RINO types who think the Dementia Patient won Legitimately…it’s the same old same old “Russia Russia Russia” & “Orange Man Bad” “Jan 6th Committee Freaks Frauds and Fools full of blame shifters, upside down Clown World whiners or CNN fans for their disinformation feed.

          On the Q above, interestingly avoided but, not surprising, I wonder if you would have supported a RAW FISH HEAD Dinner after having ordered a WELL COOKED STEAK when realizing what was served to you instead? Correct me if I am wrong here but, last checked, President Trump has been stepping back away from that smelly plate after getting a full look & smell of it. Besides, who wouldn’t have ordered, if they could have like President Trump did and rightly so, a delivery in warp speed for a vaccine to save millions of lives? You know that was the motivation, right?

          • Aloysius

            Pfizer did not participate in Operation Warp Speed. The plan of the predator class, that funds all news and media, was to keep the lockdowns in place until at least 2023 and then introduce the death jabs on a desperate unsuspecting population.

            Forcing the predators to release them years early was likely the difference between losing about 22% of the world’s population and the 95+% the predators were planning.

            And it was basically an IQ / bravery test, no one who got it didn’t have a choice. Not ideal but get over your normalcy bias because we are at war and their desperation to “cull the herd” will only intensify in the coming months … after they stole all the pension funds worldwide and then didn’t get the open war they had planned to cover it up.

    • Laura McDonough

      Majority of people are clueless about other things incl. that Trump was a “closet globalist” and put blind trust in him incl MAGA rallies. Many also have blind trust in the republican party full of rinos. Trump never drained the swamp or had traitors arrested.

      • Shirl

        Hi Laura McDonough,
        Where to begin?…let’s take your empty accusations one at a time:
        President Trump is a “Closet Globalist”…a line from CNN or BSnbc or HELLERY? You offer No proof.
        People putting “blind trust” in President Trump “incl MAGA rallies”? ….no one I know does, most intelligent people look at policy & results. Again No proof.
        And “republican party full of rinos”? …there are definitely some but, Throwing the Baby out with the Bath Water is never a good idea.
        Lastly, on the Swamp Draining with no arrests…you know the POTUS isn’t a cop with arresting powers, right? As actual evidence to what did occur he gave many the chance to rise to the occasion to do just that and far too many simply folded like cheap suits up and down the corrupt line. Some even joined in to impeach him for simply asking Q’s into the corruption…geesh, I could go on but, please, post some evidence before regurgitating the same old empty blather, you know w/out your FEELINGS. Your feelings don’t matter, facts do…Thanx much.

        • Charles H


          So you still have faith in the system, huh? Trump was an anomaly; never to repeat again. And you offer no proof here either: just opinion. Your empty blather is a rant clothed in “no one I know does” unsupported disappointment. Talk about feelings.

          • Shirl

            Hi Charles,
            Only stated the evidence as is, not “opinions” just well known FACTS that have all been very well presented through the last several years PUBLICLY. The only debatable aspect I mentioned is whether or not President Trump still believes in the “vaccines” that he ordered that were supposed to be Safe & Effective in saving millions of lives…

            So, do you have an answer to the Q on who would be to blame when after ordering a steak and then receiving a RAW FISH HEAD INSTEAD? In case you don’t understand the connection, this relates to what many people do everyday of the week when ordering anything really including “vaccines” that the POTUS had done, again as presented that most with two working Brain cells should be able to recall.

            This Q is never answered by those chirping nonsense from the bleachers such as yourself…wonder why?

            • Rob

              The peanut gallery of NEVERTRUMPERS hasn’t improved since the beginning of Trump’s First Term, sigh.

              • Charles H

                Nice try, Rob: but I voted for Trump. Twice. But don’t let facts get in your way.

                • Rob

                  So, Charles you’ve become an “out of the closet” NEVERTRUMPER now, Got it. LOL!!!

                  • Charles H

                    “Never Trumpers” never supported Trump: I did, twice. Do you only read into what others write that which you want to see?
                    I’ll help. Here is a LINK so you can understand what you are writing about.

            • Charles H


              You state a wrong timeline. Trump’s dealings with Covid and the ‘vaccine’ came at the END of his term: yet you say he received four years of relentless attack because of it? You are confusing issues by lumping-in too much to deal with.
              From outside naivety to controlled opposition: you know Donald J. Trump well enough to know Why he did what he did and when? Puh-leeze!
              You may criticize the general backbone of the American public as you wish – there is ample evidence most are now Sheeple. But when you come here with over-generalization to accuse the people that are quite awake and proactive: you are nothing but a troll, or pot-stirrer.
              Claim your empty victory – as I won’t answer a fool in their folly. Should I nail the real answer: you would throw out another claim, to non-sense.

              • Shirl

                Hello Charles,
                Oh yes, you are right on the little tiny point of WHEN President Trump was attacked for daring to offer the alternative medications and therapies… Excuse me….that makes a YUGE difference, I mean it’s not like the Freaks Liars Thieves and Entrenched Establishment Class weren’t already attacking him for 4 years straight simultaneously for everything else under the sun – – LOL!!!
                So, do you like Raw Fish Heads after ordering a Steak or would you expect to get you ordered to begin with ? Ooops, YOU FAILED to answer that too… Why do we see the same pattern among the NEVERTRUMPER STRAW GRASPERS and BRAINWASHED CNN Watchers?

                • Tommy

                  Hello Shirl, the FEW”NeverTrumpers” around here remind me of RINO Mitch McConnell & his right hand McCarthy, and that repugnant Cheney all two face Politicians…good news though, they expose themselves and they really believe we are too stupid to see them 🙂

                  • Charles H


                    Your statement: “they really believe we are too stupid to see them 🙂” – is a projection of an unsupportable conclusion on your part. Nice try at a slurish character assasination. Can you NOT see yourselves?!?

                • Charles H

                  Because, Shirl: you read into what others write what you want to see. So to readers here: you make no sense. But the mildly perverse satisfaction of pestering those who you don’t agree with is yours.

                  • Tommy

                    Dear Miss Cheney…er…Charles,

                    The ‘PROJECTION’ you use is remarkable…that effort to Blame the other for what they do or for what they are guilty of themselves is a technique widely used by the dishonest aka GASLIGHTING.
                    Reading the thread “Shirl ” had asked one simple and yet GREAT question that goes unanswered or evaded completely…this speaks volumes.
                    BTW, how’s your fellow RINO Kinsinger doing with that SHAM 1-6 Committee? Did you get Trump disqualified for running in 2024 yet and if not, why not? Asking for a friend 🙂

                  • Charles H


                    No Sir, Like the line form Close Encounters: the only bad air is you guys farting around. Rob accuses me of “NeverTrumper”: but apparently doesn’t understand what it means. But FACTS are not relevant. Shirl does the ‘riddle me this’ game; that never ends – because pestering is her style. And you, Tommy have to try and ‘dog-pile’ on me with the others? At least you could be original: but that’s too much to expect. The key-wording of “projection”, “gaslighting”, and “speaks volumes” really give you away. And, oh, the initial insult at the very beginning: now there is the common trait between you, Rob, and Shirl – nasty condemnation.

                    Laura McD shared an opinion and Shirl went after her like an English teacher correcting an exam – needlessly. Rather than presenting issues: y’all attack the people; and run them down like you’re doing the world a favor. Bad form!
                    And by-the-way: suggesting I got Trump disqualified from the next election is itself PROJECTION. And no is the answer to that.

  19. E Beech

    Greg, I’ve been noticing under the ingredient section of many food products something that is not talked about and that is ‘bioengineered food ingredients’. Can you educate the public on this?

  20. Susan R

    I watch Alex often, his grasp and scope is extraordinary and look forward to seeing him here again, thank you Greg. Putting the light on children’s education is primarily important. They will be our leaders and from what I see we are in BIG trouble!!! I am dumbfounded by the destruction of everything that makes 0ur world. The hearts behind all this are BLACK and CHARRED. Thank you Greg for bringing us the voices for protection of God’s Earth.

  21. J. Rowden

    Wow. Alex Newman knocks it out of the ballpark! Thanks for having him again.

  22. William R Nicholson

    Thanks Greg & Alex ! Really enjoyed the presentation. I wish that the experiences in history of Alex included some real contact with people inside the machine. I call it The Machine since it is the proper term as in ” The Daley Machine ” ! The Daley Machine was the force in Chicago that one did not ever mess with if you did not want smashed kneecaps or a face that needed major plastic surgery The Daley Machine was used to effect obvious change & that was on both sides of the equation to show that the power of Machine could be used for good or evil , major point being It Was Always There & it should never be ignored in Chicago or National politics. We had one of our 2 greatest Presidents elected as a result of that political apparatus , I’m glad JFK existed as President as a result of Richard J.Daley’s machine. Mr Alex Newman , The Machine in worldwide cabal does indeed exist & if not for people inside parts of it that have connections to the worldwide White Hat community ; we’d all have been in chains Long Ago ! Good Luck Alex , I hope you can be properly briefed if not done so , soon. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

    • Self Exiled

      Is there a white hat community? If so brief us. Sincerely.

    • Robert F

      More absolute rubbish.

      Kennedy got in because his dad.. His dad was involved with the dark side

      Kennedy decided to do things differently then what “they” wanted and he was simply removed.

      Your point about white hats is absolute BS.

  23. jon

    Hello, Notice the pattern…..
    Whom God wishes to destroy, he first sends mad. Euripides 406 BC
    Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Prometheus 8 BC
    Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1875
    Those that wish to destroy themselves and everyone around them, they make them politicians. 2022

  24. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Great interview with Alex as always. One point re the Sussman acquittal could be made
    as it is by Dave on X22 episode 2788b, and that is that John Durham is playing a masterful chess game, in which the small fry like Sussman are expendable pawns. After all Durham got the big information he needs re Clinton and others and as provided by Sussman under oath.

  25. eddiemd

    The Russians had 8 years to game the system.

    The Ukrainian armed forces are getting crushed as expected. Mass surrender in the Donbass is already in progress. Then it is on to Odesa. That is the reason for getting the Harpoon antiship missiles to the Ukies.

    It is “pride” month in the USA and world. The sodomites out parading their perversion. With full support of the .gov. The spokes “people” for the State dept and WH are both sodomites. In your face.

    Back in the 80s I heard an evangelist state that we are like grains of sand on a beach, the power of the Almighty God is a great tsunami that approaches. The earth will shake as never before in the history of the world. The terror will be so terrible that men’s hearts will fail. They will melt. I equate this to massive heart attacks and acute congestive heart failures. It will be epic.

    There is still time to call upon the Name of the Lord.

    Remember. If they cut off the head of John the Baptist, they will cut off your head if needed. Or even worse. Endure to the end.

  26. Buddy

    I believe many patriots believe that this Putin is not the original total tyrant type and this double has more interest in the welfare and Sovereignty of the Russian people. He is working with President Trump and Xi to take down the Rockefeller cabal deep state. Remember the Soccer ball? Russia is taking down the bio labs known to be backed by the criminal deep state Us government. President Trump is aware and this is part of the plan.

    • Robert F

      Nonsense, Not like I wouldnt want it to be true, But I dont believe in fairy tales.

      Absolute nonsense

      Thats as good as saying the aliens are coming to save us, they will be here any minute guys

      • Aloysius

        So you haven’t looked into devolution, then? Seems like there is more evidence every day that a continuity of government plan was put in place as DJT exited without conceding, it is very likely the real reason fir the J6 committee: they are desperate to get the PEADs.

        Don’t confuse it for a continuity of comfort plan, those days are behind us regardless of whether or not we rise bravely to the occasions before us.

  27. Jill Herendeen

    No bums are going to be voted out UNLESS the votes get counted accurately. Which means the voters have to be allowed to count the ballots themselves, right after they’ve watched all the ballots being collected in a transparent container, and before those ballots leave their direct oversight–which, currently, isn’t possible in around 80% of the country. How many states don’t even rate paper ballots, which could be counted in that manner? There is NO way to verify electronic votes, period. “Paper trails” only prove that the computer can print out paper w/ numbers on it. And God alone knows what happens to any mailed-in ballot after it disappears into a mailbox/dropbox. As long as the number of votes equals the number of voters, we’re told it’s all good; but that doesn’t prove that those votes got applied to the candidate for whom they were intended.

    • Self Exiled

      The problem is the voters, but I do agree with your analysis. I hope there is a change in the mentality of the voter.

    • The Ogs

      We were laughing here in Canada (no offense) that Americans apparently believed that ol’ Joe received an all-time historical record number of votes – and that more people of color voted for Joe than voted for Obama!
      Smelled like a scam right away to us… I mean, it’s pretty unbelievable.

      • Greg Hunter

        Nobody with two neurons touching together believes that Biden won here in America. Hey, I hear 90% of Canadians are vaxed and that is far more of a serious deficit in judgment because it’s a lethal mistake. I’d say we are laughing but we are not because it’s really sad. Oh, hey, you gave up your guns too. That’s another belly laugh as they are building camps to put you in in Canada as I wrote this.

        • The Ogs

          Oooh – touched a nerve, huh?
          Hey I never claimed that Canadians are brilliant. Make fun of Canada all you wish! But, he is sitting in YOUR oval office…
          Therefore no Canadian neurons were involved.

          • Greg Hunter

            I would never make fun of a country that got coerced into a 90% vax rate of a deadly and debilitating bioweapon. I am quite saddend by it. You did not “touch a nerve” you just proved yourself a jerk.

  28. ron martin

    Like many, I’ve been duped and stupid most of my 78 years. I voted for LBJ in ’64 due to the slanted news we got in the Army. Then, I voted for Nixon, Ford, HW Bush, Dole, W Bush, McCain, Romney & Trump. You would think that after stints with the CIA in Cuba, Berlin & Vietnam, writing a 432 page book titled “It’s Over and avidly seeking truth while traveling the world I would have found reality and truth of our slow assent into the abyss. Most recently I’ve rooted for Putin since he is doing exactly what Kennedy threatened to do when Khrushchev put a few ICBM’s in Cuba. After listening to Alex Newman I think there is a real chance that Putin is just another cog in the WEF wheel that will evolve into a global matrix. I’ve long told my wife that I trust only in our heavenly Father and His Son and no human on earth. Time to put my words to action. I can see no other resolution to change what is coming soon but the arrival of Jesus. Trump, DeSantis nor any other creature on earth can wipe out the damage done and return this planet to the paradise created by our Father.

    • eddiemd

      Don’t forget the Holy Spirit. He is alive and well. He is your seal of redemption in Christ Jesus.

  29. David Bagley

    Everyone knew the cabal agenda of depopulation through pharma..including Trump

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think so David. If Trump was down with mass murder, why the full court press to cheat him out of office.

      • Bill


        Pure political theatre meant to give Trump “street cred” with Conservatives.

        For all this talk about “the DS going after” Trump, nothing has really happened to him other than having mean things said to and about him.

        Maybe he’s lost some money and had an election stolen from him, but he’s still doing quite all right—which is more than can be said for the people who lost homes, businesses and jobs because of HIS lockdowns and vaccines.

        Ever heard of the “Good Cop/Bad Cop” routine? Same thing applies to Trump & Co.

        Stop being so darned naive!

        • Greg Hunter

          Bill, stop making crap up. Your opinion is not a fact. Ever heard the words, you don’t know what you are talking about?

          • Bill


            What did I “make up”?

            Sure I speculated about the reason ‘They’ ‘went after’ Trump so hard…but my speculation is more honest and plausible than you Trumpers making endless ridiculous excuses for Trump.

            • Greg Hunter

              Are you stupid? You just said you “speculated” that is the same as “making crap up.” Then you lie, and call me a “Trumper” which is more “made up crap.” I have been very critical of Trump and his vax stance. If you ever came here before, you would know this but you aer probably some paid anonymous troll “Bill”!!! Don’t come back. You had your troll say and I get the last word.

      • IIG

        Perhaps they purposely made Trump into a martyr – so they could use him and put him back into office “to continue the shots” – when the Globalists feel too many people have awaken to the point of rejecting every single Demon rat for office! – why else would Trump not condemn a Kill Shot that anyone with a brain knows the eugenicists are using to exterminate humanity?? – Yes, we can blame it on the bad advisors Trump always seems to surround himself with – or on him simply being a retard – but it is more likely something more insidious!!

        • James

          IMO it’s really bad news if Zion Don gets back into the White House…the fact that so many of his idiot supporters pretend 2020 didn’t happen is a very bad sign too.

          • XIDEN

            Hi James, study the cartoon Greg has up on this weeks weekly wrap-up, DONKEY POX….It could be what ails = LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jerry

    Where I come from we call this “ fiddle dicking “.

    The globalist need to understand that there is no way you can disarm a population that has lived under the second amendment for over two
    hundred years. Watch what happens if they try to disarm us by force. They will face a citizenry composed of veterans that has been hardened by Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Not helpless women and children they’re used to praying on in countries that do not have the right to bare arms. Our founding fathers knew to well what tyranny looked like, after dealing with king George. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting as Biden has stated. That’s pure disinformation that the legacy media peddles. The right to bare arms is about having the right to protect yourself from a government that wants to take your liberties away. Period. If it’s all about saving lives then let’s start with prohibition of alcohol that kills close to 100,000. people annually from alcoholism and DWI. But you know that will never happen. The real issue is the NWO must disarm us to accomplish their plan. But that won’t happen either. The American population is already armed so it doesn’t matter how many stupid laws the sheep in Washington pass. It will accomplish nothing. As far as UN troops disarming us? Good luck with that. They’re worse than sheep. They’ve never been on the front lines and had bullets coming back at them. That’s always been left up to the U.S. That’s why we have military cemetery’s all over the world. God bless our founding fathers. They had it right.

    • Charles H


      Underestimate the enemy? When it comes time to pull and fire: how many will? Overwhelming numbers and firepower WILL be used selectively. Then those with less courage will bury their arms and ammo: only to be arrested for having had arms, not accounted for. Technology that before improved lives: is now employed to enact tyranny.

    • Self Exiled

      and half the people I talk to in the US have not had the shots.

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Right on, Jerry! A smart man you are!!

  31. Richard Forrester

    Greg, a few notes about vast lack of election integrity in recent Georgia Primary:

    From: Catherine Davis
    Sent: Wednesday, June 1, 2022 9:48:11 AM
    To: Dominika Hawkins
    Subject: FW: Georgia Contest Update

    From: Brandon Spencer
    Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 12:47 PM
    Subject: Georgia Contest Update

    We have 485 submissions on this form – Please help us get to 1000. We have 4 days left for Georgia. Please keep sharing all over

    God Bless

    🇺🇸🇺🇸 RAISE UP GEORGIA 🇺🇸🇺🇸


    The State of Georgia Violated our State Constitution by attempting to certify the primary election without proper form‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


    “Where the law prescribes a form, the nonobservance of it is fatal to the proceeding, and the whole becomes a nullity”


    The People have the inherent RIGHT to nullify and stop the certification process!!!


    The time to sit around and TRUST THE PLAN is over!!!






    Jotform Link –

    Mailing Instructions –

    • IIG

      Georgia seems to be the State the Globalist eugenicists control the most – for it is where they engraved into stone “Satan’s Ten Commandments”!!

  32. Louis Gatto

    Alex Newman -consistently one of your best guests. thank you Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree L G!!

  33. Anita

    Thank you both. Alex is always a great guest. Christians should keep in mind Bible prophecy, an Antichrist is coming who will seem to have many solutions, all being deceptive though.

  34. Linda

    Folks, we haven’t dodged any bullets. They haven’t backed off anything. They’re just waiting until we are distracted by another “crisis” of their making.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Linda,
      Trying to stay positive – securing property, provisioning food meds toiletries, growing veg – but very difficult to stay positive. Still NO convictions / prison terms for ANY of the predator class (AKA ‘elites’). Meanwhile, innocents, Jan 6ers, locked up indefinitely without trial, and truth tellers – Julian Assange, Seth Rich – locked up indefinitely or assassinated. IMHO, we the people need to witness a round-up (pun intended) or a die off of those killing and enslaving us.

      ‘Roundup’ is the name of a weed killer.

  35. Runelite Run

    It’s time for the elite to hang. Either the people who should be doing this get their butts in order and get it done or we-the-people are going to take charge and when we do, we’re cleaning out the elite so clean that Deagel will have to redo it’s population estimates and add in the disappearance of the elite by the people of the world finally holding them accountable for their crimes against the people of the world.

  36. William Bissell

    Alex and Greg are like the Dynamic Duo of Conservative commentary. Smart, Concise, Frank! We need more of this. We must expose the LibTards for the Evil they Really are perpetrating on the American People. All the Distractions are there. The False Flag Shootings, Monkey Pox, Plandemic, Ukraine Distractions. ALL are there to cover up Election Fraud, Open Borders, Human Trafficking, Drug & Gun Running.
    The Dems and Rhinos are complicit and covering up all the crimes. Pelosi’s Husband now arrested for Child Porn. We are living in an UnGodly Nation But WE Notice.
    Thank You Greg, Thank You Alex. We are in your Debt. God Bless!

  37. Ken

    I personally have spent hours listening to Alex Newman, I like his focused commentary. He’s well educated on political events and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Gregg for bringing him a much larger well informed audience.

  38. Don Wohlers

    You are right on Jill. We will not have another honest vote in the nation with the Council of Foreign Relations in control. And they are. But the good news is all we need and that is what the Bible tells us about what is happening RIGHT NOW. That is that we will have a ONE WORLD GOV. when we start the Tribulation period in our lives and the first four seals are already happening.
    Blessings Jill and All that read this.

  39. Paul Seward

    I obtained a copy of “Deep State ” about a year ago. The revelations were so disturbing that I had to put the book down for a couple of months before I picked it up again and finished it. Folks, this is serious stuff.

    • Self Exiled

      They snatch in discord on the right hand but are still hungry [their cruelty not diminished]: and they devour and destroy on the left hand, but they are not satisfied. Each devours and destroys his own flesh [and blood] or his neighbor’s. Isaiah 9:20

  40. Bill Hughes

    Pfizer CEO states that world population will reduced by 50% by end of 2023.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a fake Bill. The Deep State probably put this together to discredit patriots. Here’s the original: Not scolding you but informing you. The evil bastards are engaged in genocide and that is a fact.

      • Bill Hughes

        thank you for the reply

  41. Poochiman

    I always enjoy listening to Alex. His depth of understanding is great. I lean towards his thinking. I’ll go a step further by saying the US is finished. The infiltration and corruption is far too deep. Also, I do not believe in the “white-hats” narrative. It is classic spy-op designed to wear people down. I wish I could say something positive.

  42. Ron

    Putin believes countries should be sovereign and respect each other he’s said this for the last 14 years. It’s America that occasionally. The cia’s help to create the European union so they could put all these nations under one umbrella and currency so they can minupulate more easily. Russia is left out of every thing and now they are fighting for their country, no punt intended, but your speaker is too quick to open his mouth and puts his foot In ocassionaly.

  43. Luther

    I said it before twice here and I’ll keep saying it. Things are at a point now where the elites don’t have to cheat the Dems into office. They are always several steps ahead of the people. People are totally on their guard and looking for the Dems to rig the elections and the elites know that, so the way they will win once again and fool the people once again is by making it a Republican landslide of RINOs into Congress who will say whatever they have to to get into office then once they are in they will do the typical RINO thing by giving you plenty of lip service while they hype up meaningless concessions for us as a big deal, while the things that really matter they will bend on while the stupid masses keep telling themselves “well at least it’s not as bad as it would be with the Dems in charge.” Ya, keep telling yourselves that morons!

    Often a slow kill is worse then a fast one since fast ones tend to wake more people up. This has been happening since the mid ’90s and Conservative never learn. They don’t look into the background of candidates, see what they’ve flip-flopped on, or who’s endorsing them, etc, etc, all they idiotically care about is what the candidate says when he’s up for election, or “hay, he’sa war vet so we need to vote for him despite what he’s done al la McCain and Crenshaw. If you are not American first, you should not even be considered, and NO, that does not mean American with Israel first, it means America first PERIOD! I’ve always said RINO’s are more dangerous then Dems. At least you know where Dems are coming from and where they are going at all times.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are giving these people waaaaay too much credit, but you are right about some RINOS will win.

      • Greg Hunter

        I guess we will see but it’s really all a guess now isn’t it unless you are in the room with the top elites.
        I suspect Newman know mor than you about this as he wrote a book about the “Deep State” and named the top players.

    • Robert F

      Why is it so hard to see that many of the people involved in the destruction of America happen to be of non christian descent!

      Why is that hard to understand?

      Many are masons, many are also zionists, many are also cultists, and others are political ideologues, but all serve Satan.

      Jesus has always been the only answer.

  44. eddiemd

    You seemed to have forgot the majority of your John Scripture posting.,RVR1960,OJB

    That last verse, John 17:5 , clearly states what you did not say. Who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth? He was at the beginning. He is the Almighty God in the flesh.

    So you don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the Almighty God in the flesh? Where does the Holy Spirit fit into your view?

    • Robert F

      Look at his last name

      Enough said

      • charles H

        No – it is the undisguised “” of the link. Start with something that sounds good: but hook them into false doctrine as quick as possible.

  45. Luther

    This guy never mentions the Rosthchilds…it’s always the Rockefellers at the top with this guy. Do I need to remind people of the fact that arguably the three richest men in American at the beginning of that last century (Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan) all hated each other, that is until Rothschild brought them all together as one big happy family under his controlling wing via his right hand man Paul Warburg, the Father of the Fed and part of the second richest family on the planet only under Rothschild. All three had huge respect for Rothschild which no doubt help them all bury the hatchet and conspire against us. I guess we don’t want to mention Rothschild and Warburg because hay, they’re part of that tribe where not suppose to talk about right! I don’t want to be an siree!

    Remember, there were many very rich and powerful people that were against these evil elites at the beginning of the last century, but they all just so happen to go to their deaths on the Titanic. Just our luck ha! People should really look into the details of the sinking of the Titanic, from J.P. Morgan suddenly canceling his passage to take another ship instead while going through the trouble of having his valuables removed as well, to the large ship “California” that was just a few miles away from Titanic when it was going down and in visual range but did absolutely nothing the whole time the Titanic slowly sank as well as all the huge anomalies in between. A huge topic of it’s own.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well Luther, maybe you should write a book and then you can compare notes with Newman’s book called “The Deep State” where he names, names of the Deep State players. You might want to read someone’s book before you criticize him.

      • Luther

        I just might read his book Greg, but my comment was directed at what he says in his interviews, not what he puts in his book. He may very well talk about what I mentioned in his book. My only criticism was why doesn’t he mention Rothschild in his interviews. It’s just been my experience that people like to mention the Rockefellers instead of Rothschild because it’s much more politically correct. Demonizing a man of German decent has always been very fair game in the PC world, demonizing a man of Jewish decent on the other hand can’t be more taboo.

        • Greg Hunter

          You did not read the book so you just make up your own narrative. You probably did not listen to the interview either you just read my write up for a 49 min interview. The word pompous comes to mind.

        • Tin foil hat

          Anglo American Banking Cartel or Rothschild Rockefellers Banking Cartel enabled the dollar’s global reserve currency status.
          The dying dollar means the cartel is in a split up as ugly as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard latest saga. Rothschild is looking for a new home and the Deep State is singing Amy Winehouse – Rehab, lol.

          They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said, “No, no, no”
          Yes, I’ve been black, but when I come back, you’ll know, know, know

  46. tim mcgraw

    Great interview. The “Wh0 are they!” scene from “The Wild Bunch” is one of my favorites. I don’t like the use of “they” either. Glad that your guest names names.
    I hope Americans can turn this decline of the USA around, but it has never happened in history before. Once an empire hits the moral decay, debasement of the currency, and constant war phase; it is pretty much over.
    We must work towards making a better society arisen from the ashes of the old.

    • IIG

      When Rome fell – the Christians took over – perhaps this is what will occur again now as Washington falls – but lets not set up the Pope to take over here (the way the Vatican took power when Rome fell) – we don’t want to simply exchange our Nazi perverts (now ruling Washington) for Commie perverts (now ruling the Vatican) – we need to get rid of “all the perverts” (whether they are sodomizing our alter boys or teaching our children in the classroom to bend over and perform oral sex on Gay “Story Time Clowns” (that moronic and idiotic American mothers and fathers have allowed into the schools to teach our children)!!

      • tim mcgraw

        IIG: No one is recommending that the Vatican take over anything. At least no one I know. Alex Newman is right. Take your kids out of the government schools. Take your parents and grandparents out of the nursing homes. Bring them home to teach the children.
        Get out of the system. Pull your money out of the big banks like Wells Fargo and all the rest. Put your capital in a local credit union. Spend your money wisely. Your wallet is much more powerful than your useless vote. So is your time and energy.
        Spend it wisely.

  47. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Newman the evil is in front of us and they don’t bother to hide it.It is surprising that the army,navy and airforce all go along with this and are quite willing to kill us plebs who pay their wages.
    From Irish and British history I would recommend Daniel O’Connell’s technique for taking on almighty power. Having seen the French Revolution up close he knew the butchery of the state and would come to see the British State at the time were just as ruthless,although that has not disappeared, to prevent a total slaughter of Irish Catholics he took to the law and parliament.By being total pain to establishment they conceived. Do we have any willing to do the same today? Bribery and blackmail is abundant today.

  48. Dave

    WOLFGANG HALBIG is a expert on the Sandy Hook operation. Alex Jones was attacked over Sandy Hook for interviewing Wolfgang. If you want to know exactly how they pull of these school shootings interview him.
    Also OLE DAMMEGARD is a expert on false flag attacks and psychological operations, you should have him on.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dave,
      Totally agree about Ole Dammegard.

    • Shirl

      Hi Dave, Yes, Wolfgang Halbig has impeccable credentials and was attacked “6 ways to Sunday” for asking simple questions into what really does appear to be The Sandy Hook Hoax.
      The kept from Public View on many aspects of that incident is eerily similar to what Big Pharma tried to do with the attempted 75 YEAR BAN to keep hidden their records from Lab results, testing conclusions, what ingredients are in the Clot-Shots and on and on.

      They are at every opportunity with real or promulgated attempting to ruin the last nation on earth and turn it upside down.

      Press on American Patriots….we are a Rule Of Law Constitutional Republic never forget, never surrender.

  49. jomer

    I was on our school’s shooting team in 1982. The only difference between my brother, who was 10 years older, than myself was he was able to take his gun between school and home any time he wanted on the school bus. By 1978 I had to have a parent drive the gun to school where it was kept locked down in the shooting range until the end of the season. Also, the number of other schools in the county with shooting teams drop from 12 to 5.

    I do not know how much long it lasted after I left.

    • jomer

      Oh, another interest fact:

      It was a high-end competition .22 rifle which had a mercury tube stabilizer. You could remove a cap to add or remove some of the mercury. So, he was also carrying 12-16 ounce of mercury on the bus.

  50. Wayne

    The only true fortress we have that can not be defeated, or damaged is available.
    The very first thing to teach our children is that the only true wisdom is to fear GOD. And to teach them that he is our creator and that he has all power. The only true hope is salvation by GOD’s grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, all else is going to fail. The end of this world has come for all who were ever born , through their death, and it is coming for all who live, there is no other hope than Jesu Christ, there is none other.

  51. Perimetr

    Durham and Barr were useless, either deliberately so or simply due to incompetence.
    Trump could have gone after Clinton et al, but failed to do so. Once again, either deliberately or due to incompetence. We are past the time when some political leader can save us from the total corruption of the state.

    The US Federal government is entirely corrupt. Americans cannot expect justice from Federal courts or representation from Congress. Federal government has become the enemy of the people; it is time to remove the states from its power.

  52. Felix

    Any farmer that takes money(bribes) from the federal gov. to not produce any food is treasonous to their country.Any judge,cop,politician and teacher that back stabs their people are doing the work of satan and are treasonous to their country.Wake up americans help your fellow man,do not do the work of the adversary,you will regret it.It truly amazes me how man will sell his soul for money and power to destroy their own country,family and their own life.GOD bless greg and alex always enjoy the insight of your knowledge.GOD give us strength because we know these things must come to pass.

    • Tin foil hat

      Sad but true.

  53. Chloe

    False flags aren’t just about guns. It’s also about corralling democrats back under their control. Look at the demographics of those who were harmed in the shootings. Both groups are a major voting block for the left and, as polls show, are considering or have already jumped ship. These people are evil and witchcraft is real! We are living out Ephesians 6:12-13. God is trying to show us this! We’ve all been lulled to sleep by the “feel good” preachers out there — myself included but I thank God for removing the scales. Jere. 17:9, John 8:32, Acts 9:18, 1 Corinthians 15:51-52. Pray for your lost loved ones.

    • Chloe

      The one point I forgot to mention, and it is crucial for saints to understand — these shootings were also attention divergences away from the exposure of the Biden and Clinton crime families. This was taking place, mainly, on FOX and alternative media. If you TRULY believe in God, then you MUST believe in Eph. 6:12-13 and the evil that is running amok right now. Stay in prayer! Thanks, Greg for your tireless and relentless fight for the truth!

  54. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems to becoming more clear the U.S. is actively engaged in a war with Russia…
    ‘US Cyber Command specialists were deployed to Ukraine and conducted offensive operations against Russia, its commander and NSA Director General Paul Nakasone said on Wednesday.’ =

  55. Robert Lykens

    Americans are now faced with two possible economic futures:

    -If we continue to raise interest rates, the US govt will soon have to default on its debt. We can’t afford to pay the level of interest on the $30 Trillion debt that would come from raising interest rates high enough to stop inflation.

    Also, if interest rates keep rising the Everything bubble will pop (it’s beginning already), the markets will crash to the floor and we’ll have a Greater Depression. I very much doubt that the Fed and any administration, R or D, wants to be saddled with that.


    -Once the Fed is certain that a crash is imminent, they’ll announce they’re returning to QE to prevent the crash. They’ll blame the imminent crash on something, anything but themselves, but it doesn’t even matter. A policy of QE is the recipe for hyperinflation and the collapse of the dollar.
    This is when Americans will finally realize that America’s stuck and begin to panic. There will be a rush into gold/silver like never before. This is when the price of precious metals will skyrocket.

    The thing is, it probably won’t take but 2-3 more rate hikes to trigger a crash. The Fed has already declared that it’s not going to hike rates by more than .50% at a time, which is insufficient to fight the near 20% inflation we have anyway.

    Buy as much gold and silver as you can – physical gold and silver, not paper contracts – and have it in your possession instead of some overseas vault.

  56. P Jones

    Trump is still pushing the jab and people who believe in him will take it. He could stay quiet. We the people will stop this NOT Trump.

  57. eddiemd

    Free JW Bible studies. No thanks.

    Corrupting the Gospel with false doctrine. Mind control.

    Watch the video and realize that you too can be brainwashed starting at a young age. The nazis and communists used the same techniques.

    • Greg Hunter

      Eddie MD,
      I just took every comment of Ed Mustafo off USAW. Let me make this clear I DO NOT WANT JW DOCTRINE ON USAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Nancy York

    Mass Shootings:

    All public schools and private should make it a rule that all entry doors be locked while school is in session. During recess, a law enforcement vehicle should be parked on the street when students are outside. When children being our precious assets are inside then the building should be on lockdown; no pun intended given the times we live in. Only law enforcement and firemen should have keyed entry access in the event of emergency. And a public school is Public, therefore, entry by individuals should present an enhanced identification now being required to enter Federal buildings. Same scenario goes for churches. Simple.

  59. tim mcgraw

    Ahh, “They”; “The Elites”; name their names. My wife and I were in the catering business for 7 years back in the 2000’s here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We catered at the Bohemian Grove several times. We’ve met, well, we’ve been around; these “elites” up close and personal in their special little enclave under the giant redwoods on the Russian River.
    The owl is the mascot of the Bohemian Grove. The owl is on the open-air buses that drive the guests to their various camps. The owl is on the dinnerware. The same owl is on the US dollar bill in the upper right hand corner. You will need a magnifying glass to see it, but it is there.
    My wife and I have seen the pond before the giant owl where the “elites” do their “Death of Care” ceremony.
    And that says it all. They just don’t care about you. George Carlin is more profane and direct about it, “They don’t give a f&*k about you! At all! At all!”
    Got it?

  60. Eli

    Great discussion. Fantastic guest! What Alex said was correct: everyone needs to be careful at their churches and gun meetings and men’s groups, either online and in person, because instigators and moles and so forth will be there, trying to start some ish.

    If you notice some of the more gullible members of your groups falling in with people who seem to be “off” or have an agenda to shoot or “overthrow the government,” and they’re all blatant and corny about it, then that is a big red flag right there. 🚩 We need to all be careful, especially in the heartland, Bible Belt, mid west and conservative states and conservative enclaves of liberal states. It only makes sense this is where they will try to go to manufacture a credible false flag event.

    Recently, NPR published a hit piece on my church, the Orthodox Church, linking her to Putin, and “The rise of right wing extremism.” 😡 Lord Have Mercy these people are awful and evil. Eyes open everyone, God Bless you all & thank you so much, Greg!!


    • Robert F

      JBS isnt your friend

  61. Robert Messina

    How to know “WHEN FIRST SEAL OPENS”
    What Gorbachev was stating in the 80s was an agenda of the club of Rome in the 60s . . . The earth will have 10 regional governments (and a king over each government) . 10 horns and a crownupon each horn . . .Revelation 12 &13 and Daniel

  62. Jeff robbins

    I agree with the opinion of the coming multi-polar world. I have often wondered how ‘they’ plan to take down Europe and the u.s.- take down the people that is. It’s the only way to get control of the world. Surely to make us poorer, sicker, less informed, disarmed, reprogrammed, etc. And thanks to sites like this one we can be aware of some of the real issues- not the evening news dribble. Mentioning the food crises- I’d like to know more about food facilities that have been taken ‘off-line’. Besides the fires, there was a boiler explosion at a potato chip plant i know of near here (hermiston, or.). I’m sure there are others, and the obvious question is -is there a soft military operation to take out say 5-10% across the nation and drive food prices?

  63. The Seer goes deeper.
    He does not include the gold and
    white dynasties of China and should.

  64. z

    BREAKING: Spain Admits To Spraying Deadly Pesticides As Part Of Secret UN Chemtrail Program

    Alex Jones breaks down documents that reveal a secret United Nations chemtrail program in Spain which sprayed deadly pesticides over the population to supposedly help fight climate change and COVID-19.

  65. z

    Great shows! Have to watch a 2nd time.
    Greg did you see this ?

    The Spanish Meteorological Agency has confessed that Spain is being sprayed with lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite.


    Amazing interviews~ Yeadon Celente and Alex Newman !!!

  66. Erika Miller

    Could you consider interviewing Edward Dowd.
    Here is a link of a recent interview of him by Alex Jones
    He explains in simple terms why we have covid, monkeypox, Ukraine war etc and what he expects to be next in line to be hitting us and how we can win over the globalists
    If the link does not work, he can be found on Gettr under Edward Dowd

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on it. Good suggestion!

  67. Gertrude

    Someone please tell White House Press Liar Karine Jean-Pierre to shave her armpits.

    • tim mcgraw

      Gertrude: Thanks for the laugh! Back in the hippie days, the chicks never shaved their armpits. Didn’t bother us guys at all. But then no doubt, we were more interested in other parts of their anatomy.

  68. Eli

    Another thing I wanted to mention Alex is right about Putin. He’s involved with Kissinger and He’s no angel. All these errors we see on the right about Putin being “based” is nonsense. Yes he doesn’t allow homos and publicly gives lip service to the Orthodox Church but I have friends in Russia who tell me behind the scenes priests are being censored and reprimanded and moved to other jurisdictions for speaking out against the war and censorship is still very high.

  69. Frank S.

    Durham’s strategy for trying the Sussmann case (and others have backed this up) was to trick Sussmann into entering certain testimonial facts (from a true Clinton insider) into the court records. These will be used at subsequent trials of the ‘crony cabal’ to nail them!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Frank, for the analysis, makes sense and I hope you are correct.

  70. R Shannon

    WOW – This guy was brilliant and was able to lay it all out without taking a breath. Unbelievable! Thank you!

  71. Mark

    What a great interview. I’m always blessed and informed when Alex Newman is a guest. If you dovetail this interview with GB’s lastest video titled “EXPOSED: The left’s 10 steps to DESIGN a national emergency”, you will see what the globalists’ agenda in plain sight.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Mark.

  72. Jim Karnofski

    Please consider the Chinese with their embedded party agents posing as students, worker visas, with the help of the traitors inside, terrorist cells, a very Pfizer poisoned and weak demoralized military, and a poor and hungry population, China could have a walk-over slaughter.
    China has as much on the line as anybody in the cabal. They have 1000 ships loading for “invasion of Taiwan”, maybe, the deep state news says. China is going to take Australia and/or the USA. What is stopping them?

  73. Curtis

    One of the issues that needs to look at is the prolific use psych drugs on our children. There are so many of our children that have been put on behavioral drugs that the effect has a great impact on many of these kids as they grow up.

  74. Kristi444

    Aliens, look for the Aliens to distract the populace.

  75. Mark Holladay

    Alex is a national treasure, great interview. And your not chopped liver either, God bless you for being so consistent.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark!!

  76. Michael Bellinger

    Greg you need to interview Jordan Sather, he has investigated both Buffalo and Uvalde, and they were both psy-ops. He shows the proof of it.


    His website

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