Dem Marxist Plans, Evil Revealed Everywhere, No Stimulus Deal

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 446 8.28.2020)

If you watched the Democrat Convention that nominated Joe Biden to be their candidate for President, you saw firsthand a hateful and gloomy presentation. It was not a ratings getter, and Biden had 20% less ratings than Hillary had in 2016. The entire group was America hating and communist loving with Marxist ideas such as defund the police, do away with all prisons and give free stuff to everyone. Democrats and their Black Lives Matter and Antifa lackeys want nothing short of an overthrow of America, our freedoms and our way of life. Contrast this with the GOP Convention that talked about freedom, opportunity and law and order in the wake of massive riots in Dem controlled cities that Dems refuse to even acknowledge. The fight in November is a fight between tyranny and freedom. At the White House Thursday night, President Trump, in his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination, said this was “the most important election in our nation’s history.” He’s right.

Democrats are so desperate that they have revealed themselves and their true feelings and dreams of total destruction of America. Evil is being revealed everywhere from Hollywood to the baseball field. This is what the riots are about, and it will only get worse from here to election day. This is backfiring for the DNC as many independents and Democrat voters are going to want law and order and vote Republican and for President Trump.

The stimulus deal to combat the Covid shutdowns is stalled in Congress. Speaker Pelosi has cut her demands but still wants $2.2 trillion, including hundreds of billions to bail out Dem controlled cities that have been burned to the ground. Don’t expect any deal until the end of September–if there even is a deal.

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Journalist and book author Michael Snyder will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post. He will talk about his new book called “Lost Prophecies of the Future of America.”

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  1. Neil Reside

    The future of 5G is here! Big brother AI, is watching and radiating you Feel a cold and Wu flu coming on? Coming to a neighborhood near you!
    Look at the bright side, you can fire your Chauffeur. Because you’ll have an extra seat without him ! No left turns please.

  2. Neil Reside

    CNN’S secret polling [FINGER IN DA WIND} reveals Trump is eating, O’Bidens Lunch! Lemon can’t make lemonade. So obeying the Clinton New’s Net, [CNN’S net around his head and neck] He ropes in old Uncle Joe, lunch bucket, before he kicks the bucket. Because Trump is kicking his sore white, old racist butt!

    Taking cues from Don Lemon? Biden rushes to condemn Kenosha riots after CNN host says Dem silence ‘shows up in the polls’
    26 Aug, 2020 23:34 / Updated 15 hours ago

    • Charles H

      Legion – because his names are many.

      • Esme Watson

        Legend, a little child!

  3. K. Wayne

    The question on everyone’s lips……”Why are all the coins disappearing across the Nation”.
    Many plausible answers by well respected commentators , analysts, journalists and the like.
    Here is something that might go a long way to explain the reason why.

    S.3571 – Banking for All Act

    (b) Mandate.—
    (1) IN GENERAL.—All Federal reserve banks shall, not later than January 1, 2021, make digital wallets available to all residents and citizens of the United States and to businesses domiciled in the United States.

    Break out the streamers …..and the alcohol…..we’re going to party like its 1999.

    January 2021…its official. We go mainstream CASHLESS. Damn that was quick.

    Bank Runs ….anyone….Anyone ……ANYONE ?????

    • Paul ...

      Seems the Fed hoarding some real metal (all those valuable pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and halves) knocked $2000 paper dollars off the US Debt Clock price of gold … it is now just $30,860 dollars per ounce!!

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,once again a sobering assessment of the bloody march of Bolsheviks across America behind an agenda of Green New World Order.If they are “voted”in the ensuing blood shed will be horrendous,it is said the military top brass are standing ready to slaughter at the orders of President Biden,if elected expect the inequality to dramatically magnify and small businesses and medium size enterprises(</=$250M/year)to be decimated.However,as Martin Armstrong has said,"What comes after Mr Trump is more worrying"
    Still,here in the UK the Bolsheviks are allowing blood baths in our black communities daily,the Stasi inspired police turn up AFTER the event,as patrolling these areas is too "frightening".Guns and explosives are pouring in from the Ukraine via the Czech Republic,which is now on a quarantine list(how convenient).Protests against paedophilia outside Buckingham Palace go unreported .Dr Vernon Coleman is de-platformed from Alphabet by the Indian-American business executive,Pichai Sundararajan, known as Sundar Pichai,for daring to tell the TRUTH.Veritas indeed!
    Do so enjoy the reminder to us all to "GET RIGHT WITH JESUS"

    • Paul ...

      Maria … New Zealand is even worse then the UK … already they have removed people from their homes and locked them in quarantine facilities (FEMA like detention centers controlled by the military) … New Zealand has a population of about 5 million … and only had 22 alleged deaths from COVID 19 in the entire country (a mortality risk of only 0.0004%) and “zero deaths for the last three months” … so it is clear that the commies in New Zealand are locking people up in FEMA camps for “other reasons” (it is not a response to any genuine threat from the Corona virus)!! …

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:

  6. Robert Dziok

    Seems President Trump sent a message at the RNC convention. There were 17 flags to the left and 17 flags to the right. Q is in position 17 in the alphabet and at times taken synonymous with it in context. This RNC convention observation was pointed out by X22 Report at the end of the latest Episode 2261b. Credit was given there to a post with convention picture by Praying Medic who noticed this. Message received as Praying Medic noted.

    • Rich


      If you are just looking at the facts Q has been wrong on so much major stuff. Is Q a psyop? Is Dave at X22 helping with the psyop?

      Look at who gets arrested – all people associated with Trump, name one on the other side?

      HCQ – could stop the plandemic in its tracks. All Trump would have to do is issue an executive order to make it available over the counter. Instead it is almost banned. Doctors fired and banned/ taken off of you tube, twitter for supporting it.

      Riots in the streets, police defunded, near civil war.

      essentially our 1st amendment rights have been taken away by corporations. If you disagree with BLM you can loose your job.

      I believe Trump is doing the best he can(maybe that won’t be enough)?- however to say as Q and X22 states like he has them where he wants them seems to be quite far from the facts.

      Also so far in the Durham report the atty Clinesmith has a plea deal – Really that’s it -after 16 months – come on man. Is Durham just running the clock out?

      what ever happened to horriwitz, huber investigations?

      When I look at the facts – I do not see it.

      • Robert Dziok

        Are you a Psyop Rich? Are you a Troll? If not, an example of “You can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink (or think)”? I mention X22 Report and Truth and Art TV as excellent additional sources of information. It is up to the individual what they get out of them. It’s up to the individual to do the homework and dig without just looking superficially. If not they end up seeing “facts” superficially as you do. Q has often made known one should use ones own mind and logic, reason, etc to discern. Q points via questioning method due to such requirements as national security and laws.

        When YOU look at the (your) “facts” Q has been wrong on so much major “stuff” you say. Really? Have you looked at all (or a good portion) of the some 4500 Q posts since October 2017? Do you know who Q is? “Q” is a Military Intelligence Operation/Group consisting of about 10 individuals. Most are military but a few are civilian. All have highest military security clearance level of degree Q. Even CNN has reported in the past that “The Q Group” within NSA was looking into security leak issues such as the 1.5 million documents Snowden stole. Biggest security breach in US history. Really think he is a “hero” as propaganda claims. Snowden is just a major part of the 16 year plan to destroy the Republic as Q has posted (8 years Obama and 8 years Clinton. Remember Obama saying “The End of the Republic never looked so good” at a MSM dinner?). “Q” is not the Q Group CNN referred to but maybe later derived from some part of it possibly. Anyway, Q uses such tactics as made known in “The Art of War” (e.g. appear weak when strong and strong when weak). Q uses “Game Theory” from Probability/Statistics. Q uses Logic/Reason and not Emotion. Q has ALL the facts, evidence, etc. The Military had a plan for decades waiting for someone like President Trump to come along who loved America and was not corrupt or controlled.

        You say “Who gets arrested, all associated with President Trump”. What, a few who were set up like General Flynn and now being exposed for their Treason/Sedition in doing so. The TRUTH takes time to come out and eventually always “TRUMPS” the lies and propaganda of the Satanic Globalists, Deep State, Desperate Dems and corrupt/controlled MSM. By the way, there are now over 182,000 sealed indictments since October 2017 ( Often an increase of some 5,000 to 7,000 each month. I think that’s a few more than a few being set up by the Deep State, etc. REAL investigations take time and there are NO leaks. Not like the BS Russian collusion and BS Impeachment. Not like some story one watches on TV.

        You say HCQ could stop the “plandemic” in it’s tracks. You know this because of the efforts of President Trump. Who first mentioned HCQ in the Spring? What President mentioned in the summer said he himself started taking HCQ? Who initiated operation Warp Speed to look into a variety of cures for the China Virus? Who exposed characters like Fauci? who exposed fake/false negative HCQ reports (VA Head reported in White House staff meeting with President Trump the negative VA HCQ “report” cited by MSM was fake/false). Who pointed out via “Tweets” and Example the FDA was incorrect in what it said about HCQ? Who pointed out via tweets etc the studies, medical groups and world reknown doctors PROVING the benefits of HCQ? The answer to all these questions is President Trump and can be found by doing ones homework so to speak. The groundwork has to be laid and is being done by President Trump and his Administration. It is not an overnight task and as simple as writing an Executive Order.

        Also, it is the corrupt/controlled MSM that peddled negative and fake/false reports on HCQ . Class Action law suits can be effective as Q has posted. Also, it was four Democrat controlled states with Democrat Governors that pushed elderly infected with the China Virus into nursing homes causing the death rate to explode in them. In NY State the AP recently reported the deaths in nursing homes was over 11,000 from the China virus and not the 6,500 earlier reported. President Trump’s DOJ just sent letters to each of those four states requiring ALL data etc from EACH nursing home pertaining to this. They are going to use the information to see if investigations are warranted into violations of nursing home patients civil rights under law. Individuals in government (e.g. Governors, etc) can be sued even if a state in general cannot be. Q has posted this information/law. China also will pay a big price as they isolated all parts of it’s country from the infected city while letting those in the city travel worldwide outside China. Thus, the “Plandemic”.

        You mention riots and defunding the police. These are Democrat controlled cities and states. The police were told to stand down. These are nothing more than Communist/Marxist tactics out of their disgusting playbook. Such was done in Nazi Germany. Another BS tactic falling apart on the Deep State, Desperate Dems and Satanic Globalists. Even Don Lemon of corrupt CNN is panicking now saying the riots (no longer calling them “peaceful protests”) have to stop as they are effecting polls and group talks. He only mentions this because of effecting polls and not because of death, injury and destruction being done. This is being done by their lackies/street thugs Antifa, BLM and MS13. President Trump has cited on multiple occasions the rounding up etc of MS13. The other groups are being tracked etc and arrested. Some who toppled Federal Monuments have been arrested and face 10 years for doing so. AG Barr recently announced some 1500 arrests of them. Such FACTS don’t fit into your narrative Rich? Didn’t do some extra digging and homework? Things aren’t that simple on the surface are they? President Trump has offered to send in the national guard and has been refused. It is the states responsibility. Don’t forget the Deep State tactic to have their own shooters on the roofs (e.g. Ukraine) to shoot civilians when Government troops come in to quell riots). Good way to demonize a Government and cause an uprising to overthrow it. Think the Deep State would like to pull the same on President Trump? Why do you think President Trump has sent National Guard troops in without weapons?

        As for your saying a near civil war that is not so. A few Democrat run cities is not a civil war. Also, it is pointed out there are some 500 militias and rising. Some of these are going out to protect neighborhoods when advance warning of these characters coming. President Trump has the Military, Patriots and Bikers. Q has mentioned Plan Z. There are conditions when met that Military Intelligence can take certain actions and is not accountable to Congress. Those conditions have been met. You have NO idea what goes on behind the scenes. The Republic will NEVER be overthrown!

        You mention our 1st Amendment rights have been taken away by corporations. I believe it was AG Barr that said it was the biggest “Bait and Switch” in history with regard to FB, Twitter. Google,etc. and their exemption criteria for lawsuits due to suppression, etc. The DOJ is now investigating. All 50 state AG are also investigating. This is not an overnight task. Only a few high profile persons lost their jobs due to BLM statements. Corrupt MSM likes to use such to peddle their propaganda/lies. People find out and boycott such corporations products. See how fast they change (e.g. Goodyear). Really need to watch those “sports” where people get paid millions of dollars to chase a ball around while not even standing for the National Anthem? Life doesn’t offer you something better to do than to put up with that? Military throughout America’s history sacrificed their lives so they had the freedoms they have and they are too IGNORANT to show such respect via our national anthem. Who deserves those millions more? Someone putting their lives on the line to protect us and our freedoms (e.g. military, police, firefighters, etc) or someone who chases balls around a field and uses their “fame” to make commercials and more millions?

        You mention about President Trump “Having them where he wants them” and you do not agree. As I have mentioned this is a plan decades before President Trump accepted the request to run for President. Do you think it would be easy? There are moves and countermoves. With the China virus President Trump has emergency powers for the economy, military, etc and he uses cautiously and wisely. The BS Russian collusion fell apart. The BS impeachment fell apart. The China virus plandemic is not working as intended (e.g. Deep State etc wanted to shut down the economy until elections) as well as the riots. Americans see through all this. Things are known what the Deep State etc have planned and counters are made for and used to own advantage. This is a world wide endeavor and not easy. Look at Human/Child trafficking. President Trump has recently announced it is down 96%! An AMAZING accomplishment to better the US and World. Also was used as a source of Deep State, Satanic Globalists money source. Through all of this President Trump is setting up a parallel economy via trade deals etc to weather collapse of the Central Bank fiat system Andrew Jackson was against (President Trump has a picture of Andrew Jackson behind him in the Oval Office).

        You mention Durham and Atty Clinesmith getting a plea deal. That’s how it works now as the rats are turning on each other now to try to save themselves. Clinesmithe could have gotten 20 years. Got 5 years under another law. Think he is cooperating and spilling the beans on higher ups.? And they will do the same. Really think Brennan spent 8 hours with Durham to talk about how he’s not being investigated? Notice he’s not saying anything himself but a third party speaks for him and can say anything. Durham will not be producing reports but indictments. Other investigations just take time as that is how it is. Also, there are Deep State blocks being removed. What good are facts, evidence when there are corrupt judges for example. Look at what General Flynn has been subjected to even after the DOJ has dropped it’s case. President Trump has appointed some 200 federal judges now including two on the Supreme Court.

        You say when you look at the facts you do not see it. That is because you do not look deep enough into what is REALLY going on.

        • Esme Watson

          WOW! Bravo patriots! Bravo! Bravo President Trump!

        • Rich

          “By the way, there are now over 182,000 sealed indictments”

          I hope they muster the energy to open a couple of those before the next 4 years are over

  7. R J Wolf

    Thanks Greg, for another outstanding commentary. I truly feel that Donald J Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election was “Devine Intervention”. I also feel that the 2020 Presidential re-election of President Donald J Trump will be “part two” of GOD’s continued blessing for this country and it’s citizens. This great country and our Constitution is based on Judio-Christian beliefs and principles. What we have been witnessing , the internal and external chaos these last couple of years and most recently the last couple of months is only a preview of ‘ coming attractions’ if President Trump wins re-election in November. The Republicans must hold the Senate and re-capture the House. If this does not happen, it will be four more years of the last four years. Even if President Trump has a mandate, the chaos won‘t be over, not by a long shot. I think this is just the first inning of a nine inning game. The “DEEP STATE” is very entrenched in our politics. The 2020 Presidential Elections are extremely important as well as 2024, 2028 and 2032 Elections. I really hope and pray that the American people are up to the challenge. The survival of our country depends on it!!


    • jena

      Amen.. divine intervention.. NOW — let’s all continually PRAY for Trump’s re-election in 2020.. Matt. 20 : For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. That is where our strength cometh ..

  8. FC

    In this election I’m going to be a political atheist (Celente) because the outcome is going to be the same with civil war, as neither side will except a losing result.

    • William Stanley

      That’s a copout. Do your duty. Virtue is its own reward.

      • FC

        It’s no cop-out, I can’t see how hard core Democrat supporters are going to except, in their eyes, another election cheated from them by Trump.
        The same way Republican supporters and rightfully so, will accuse the Democrats for rigging the votes on the win, the outcome will be the same, deadly violence on the streets.
        William, do you really think this won’t happen?

      • K. Wayne

        Politicians on both sides still work for the same groups of Luciferians…..just different factions. The Two Party = 1 Party System. Democratic to the core. Its a game of charades.
        Watch their actions…… not listen to what is spoken. Like the previous Presidents….all full of promises and hope for a better future. Look at the mess we are in. You wonder why our Nation is Bankrupt….those duly elected….do their utmost to enrich the Elite…at the expense of the citizenry. This is not a Republic…it is full blown Fascism. Ever notice how when the GOP goes to Congress with plans to help the needy…..and they Fail. But when its a case of supporting America’s Corporate Elite…then its an open check !!! …..and these guys are supposed to represent we the people ? NFW.

  9. Marie Joy

    VOTE, IN PERSON, if you can.

  10. Marie Joy

    Give to President Trump’s reelection campaign, if you can.
    Campaign for President Trump, and the politicians who support him, if you can.
    Patriots have to stand up for our President Trump, in THE most important election, in my lifetime.

  11. Marie Joy

    I’m trying NOT to buy from China.

  12. Neil Reside

    CNN and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow HUMILIATED as They Try to GASLIGHT Riots as PEACEFUL!!!
    by The Duran The Duran August 28, 2020

  13. Brian Lee

    Hi Greg…..I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your journalism and dogged determination to deliver real facts and news. I live in Canada and have been a subscriber for a few years now. This may sound crazy, but here is a forty thousand foot view from an outside perspective: the staged and paid for riots and unrest seem designed to get Donald Trump re-elected. The Democrats’ support of Antifa and BLM is so blatantly self destructive that it is almost an insult to the voters’ intelligence. The longer these activities go on, the more this idea gains logic. Look at the glaringly orchestrated and paid for professionalism of the unrest and the fact that it occurs in large, Democrat run cities for the most part. What better way to get Democrats to vote for a candidate offering a platform of safety, security, and law and order? ………..just sayin’

  14. Marie Joy

    In the 1980s, I knew a democrat, in Albany, who disqualified absentee ballots, if they voted republican, whenever he had the chance. I told him I thought he was a traitor.

  15. Marie Joy


  16. andyb

    Although I will be accused, undoubtedly, of being a conspiracy nut, I have history on my side. The incremental Marxism (Communism) infecting America began during the cold war. Although few who post here will know of Joe McCarthy, he was a Republic senator from Wisconsin who claimed that the US State Department was rife with Communists. He was reviled and castigated as a kook and in fact was the inspiration for the senator in the original Manchurian candidate movie (far better than the rerun). Surprise, surprise he turned out to be correct although the exposure of communists in State was largely covered up. As it turns out, during this same period, MI-6 had been infiltrated by the KGB (see Kim Philby and the Cambridge 5). The Soviets were very active globally, but their espionage activities were principally directed at the US and UK.

    From the 50s and 60s, we jump to the 70s with 2 key events: the first is the national unionization of teachers and the second the formation of the Dept of Education, both of which were promulgated by hard leftists. Both were also unconstitutional (see 10th Amendment. Thus the beginning of indoctrination in place of pure education with disastrous effects. In the 50s and 60s the US was always #1 in math and science. Now we are now where near the top 10.
    Next came the insidious depopulation agenda(see Georgia Guide stones).
    Just as important, the 70s brought us mandatory vaccines for public school enrollment. In the beginning there were few adverse effects and the vaccine program became widely acceptable. Then the eugenicists like Gates took over and Big Pharma began incorporating foreign substances like mercury and aluminum (both neurotoxins). Whereas in the 1950s to 1980s the entire autism spectrum was unknown, in the 1980s the US began experiencing a disastrous autism outbreak . It is predicted that by 2025 (Harvard Study on Autism), that 50% of all male infants will become autistic. Autistic children do not procreate. and certainly do not become effective and educated additions to society.

    The above laid the groundwork for where we are today. The very convenient virus provides the perfect crisis for the ultimate kill shot. Let’s hope we do not let it happen.




    Although there are other

    😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊instances of

    • Lord Nasdaq

      Great points andyb. Hell the Russians bragged about this in earlier part of this decade.
      Only blemish in the great Eisenhower presidency was (won’t see it on internet) his admonishment of McCarthy. McCarthy was right in 1950.
      But Eisenhower and McChesney (Fed Reserve) would run circles around all others until Volcker and Carter/Reagan came along. Then 1987…
      Take Care

  17. Jerry

    Politics or no politics the new world order has a plan of its own.

    I sometimes wonder in a world controlled by corporations if politics really matter anymore? With the control of the MSM the globalist can create any narrative they want. And the American people? For the most part are sheep. Disagree? We’re about to find out come September 11. Multiple sources are screaming red alert for a major false flag. If I were a betting man I’d stay out of Florida and St.Louis come 9/11. The globalist have not come this far with the pandemic to let the opportunity slip away. Read the link.

    • JC

      Jerry, 19 years ago we had the 911 event. In 2020 Covid -19.
      Sept. 11 2020 another 911 “event?”

    • Rene Stover

      The Soviets, the same ones who destroyed Czarist, Christian Russia in 1917 are the ones who said that, Nikita Khrushchev !

  18. Paul ...

    Hey Stan … I look at you as some kind of investment idiot … but perhaps … I’m wrong and should be asking you a question instead … why would you continue to sell gold contracts continually losing money on your trades?? … could it be … you need to “purposely incur tax losses”? … so you can use those losses to cover tax liabilities on some of your other investments?? … one benefit selling physical gold contracts is that it is considered a short-term capital loss “for up to three years” from the date of the contract purchase … you should be fair to everyone and let us know if you are using your short term gold losses “to cancel tax liability at a 50% or higher level” on your other investments? … and if things go against you … and you accidentally make a long-term gain on your sale of gold (by holding it for three years or longer) … it only gets taxed at 20.8% by the IRS!!

    • Stan

      Paul: The only reason I am heavily short Gold is because it will crash soon. My timing models, in the long term, have never let me down.

      • Mike R

        So you are going to go broke,with your shorts losing value daily, as gold skyrockets, and 10 years from now when your ‘timing models’ say gold is going to crash ????
        You are so on the wrong side of the gold market right now, its beyond laughable.

      • Paul ...

        Yeah Stan … as Keats said “in the long term we will all be dead” … so I guess in these games we play … it doesn’t matter one way or the other … does it!!

        • Steve Bice


      • Self Exiled

        I’m happy you didn’t jump. How’s the Bentley? My hobby is welding and I purchase repossessed motorcycles [many, many due to covid] and chop them out American style, thought about building a sidecar Bentley look alike. Built one sidecar called Dragon Lady attached to an extended front end chopper. I’m also happy that you are aware of Theodore and he is aware of you. Split Personality Disorder. As they Say here “Joke La”. I too live on an Island: also. I have Tsunami Phobias. LOL. I think I spend to much time alone, What do you think Stan, I mean Theodore? Damn it does get confusing. Being alone, on an island. Time to take my meds, sometimes I mix them up. Oh well another happy day in paradise.

        • Stan

          Self Exiled: Dude , you need some help

  19. Esme Watson

    Live Air-to-Air S-530 Found Inside Cargo Container at Florida Airport
    •Aug 19, 2020

  20. Paul ...

    In keeping with evil being revealed everywhere in DC …
    Senator Rand Paul
    Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House. Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob.
    1:39 AM · Aug 28, 2020

  21. Auntie Seize

    Did anybody go get some free AR15s from the BLM thugs yet?
    What are you waiting for?
    After you disarm them, give them a severe beating for good measure too.
    When crime goes unpunished you’re only going to get more of it.

    • Paul ...

      It’s not right that Black Lies matter more then White Lies … we should work toward equality in our dealings with one another to bring harmony back to our world!!

      • Paul ...

        Like Black and White keys on a piano “we need differences between people” to make beautiful music together … under the Marxist “commies” all the piano keys will be “the same color” and when pressed will produce the same sound … that is not the world God wanted for us to live in … for instance … by allowing the bees to live (and not killing them all with chem-trails) it allows the flowers to continue to bloom to attract the bees … take away the bees and all the flowers will stop blooming … denying us the beauty and fragrance we so much enjoy in this world … all because we stamped out one of God’s creations … and would not allow for diversity in nature as was his plan from the beginning!!

  22. Rodster

    Greg wrote: “ This is what the riots are about, and it will only get worse from here to election day. This is backfiring for the DNC as many independents and Democrat voters are going to want law and order and vote Republican and for President Trump.”

    James Kunstler’s latest blog is all about this very same topic !

  23. Tom Wigand

    >>Democrats and their Black Lives Matter and Antifa lackeys want nothing short of an overthrow of America, our freedoms and our way of life.


    I’m not sure that BLM and Antifa are lackeys of the Democrat Party. While one could make the argument that ‘s the other way around, but I believe that another explanation applies.

    That is, that they’re both complementary elements, subordinate to a larger endeavor, controlled by globalist interests, to install “global governance” / “New World Order.” That those interests know that they must take-down the United States before they can consummate their scheme, and that right now President Trump is the only thing standing between us and their success.

    As you may have seen, earlier this week I posted a piece on Trevor Loudon’s site discussing that very thing. (The Revolution is Underway – But Not By Who You Think ).

    • Self Exiled

      ”At present the Corporatist Communists are not over the finish line. Prerequisite to establishing this “global governance” regime is the elimination of the United States;” Good article—about sums it up!

  24. Tim

    As always, great show!!! Please have Mark Taylor on soon.

    God bless


  25. iwitness02

    Over 50 million foreclosures and evictions on the horizon. Brought about by government policy. We need 15 days to flatten the curve. Now look at us. Violence steadily increasing. Huge number of people about to become homeless, when homelessness is already widespread. This is not the fault of the working class who are about to be evicted. This is a government induced disaster. Nothing makes me more angry than the thought of innocent people being evicted from their homes because of government policy. The bitter lunatics that are driving the destruction of our society are all employed, protected and free. If people don’t wake up soon, they are going to be going to be waking up in a FEMA camp. But at least their vaccination will be free.
    Forced this, and banned that. What happened to the land of the free? Oh yeah, China.
    I watched the interview where Soros plainly stated that China was going to be the economic engine of the world. He wasn’t kidding.
    I smell anarchy in the air.

  26. Paul Anthony

    Pretty good break down narrative with video of what happed to Kyle Rittenhouse

    You do have to log in to Tube for age restriction

    I found it informative it does make you log in to see it age restricted

    Just info if you haven’t seen this all ready

    Paul Anthony

  27. john duffy

    Very Interesting!

  28. Freebrezer

    Hi Greg – the “get rid of the police” is but a simple bait and switch … Hitler got rid of the police and Germany got the Gestopo, Stalin got rid of the police and the Russians got the KGB, East Germans got the Stazi, Venezuela -Bolivarian National Intelligence Service … the political police force! Hmmm, I think I am starting to see a pattern here – Wake up America and all western nations!

    • K. Wayne

      Tip of the Iceberg FB.

  29. Jerry

    Decision time is coming.

    Would you willingly inject something in your body that has RNA in its patent number? There’s nothing like playing Russian roulette with the building blocks of life. Come on trust us? Really? Presto change…O we have a vaccine. Right out of the blue. Sure.

    • FC

      Jerry, do you think Moderna stands for Modified RNA?

    • Jerry

      After watching a high school football game last night, I so much want to be wrong about my assessments and want a return to life as it was before the pandemic. But then I’m reminded that Lucifer and his globalist puppets don’t give a crap about what you and I want and have their own agenda. Namely the destruction of our current global system with the second wave of the coronavirus
      and herding us like sheep to the government barn to get our preplanned shot.

      Dr. Fauci warned us back in March that the second wave would come in the fall around October, and from what I’m seeing that’s about right. Forget about the elections. There won’t be one, given the fact that should we go into lockdown for a second time, especially when it turns cold, people will go over the edge, and you will see pandemonium in the streets like you’ve never seen before.Friends why do you think that the Dems and the globalist are even considering Joe Biden as a viable candidate for president in his current condition? They know it to. He’s a prop. The dems are on board with the globalist plan to do the reset in January, and they know all they have to do is create as much chaos in the meantime with riots and destruction to achieve that goal. Imagine what will happen should the food distribution network break down? Friends that’s a major target to create even more chaos. It is my opinion, the target areas will be northern Florida and St.Louis Mo. If I75 that runs trough northern Florida and I55 and I70 that runs through St.Louis were somehow cut off, you would see trucking come to an almost complete halt.

      As I said before, I want to be wrong. I want to return to the way life was before the pandemic. Talking about economic collapse and politics. But then I’m reminded, that Lucifer has agenda of a one world government, and so does are lord Jesus Christ. Many will say, he will delay his coming? That’s prophecy. Read Second Timothy. I prefer to read the entire book, not quote scripture for the complete interpretation. Many will choose to lay their oil lamps aside and slumber while waiting for the bridegroom ( parable of the ten virgins). As for me? I’m standing in the dark with my lamp fully lit. Waiting.

  30. JC

    Nice WNW!
    Hope to Martin Armstrong back on USA WATCHDOG in the near future.

    Martin Armstrong:
    I have stated how my cousin was on the front line of nurses in New Jersey and she caught COVID-19. She was over it a few days, but gave it to her husband who was overweight, over 65, and with diabetes. He was taken to the hospital with breathing problems. After two days of administering Hydroxychloroquine and zinc, he was released and returned home.

    Gates & Fauci are deliberately creating deaths to support their climate change agenda. Enough is Enough!

    • K. Wayne

      “Vaccine trials” – no….something more sinister…

      Dr Madhi is not who we are told he is. His involvement with the Gates Foundation is an immediate RED flag.
      What’s of greater concern is what’s included in the so called Vaccine they are trialing (from Oxford). This is being hidden. The Vaccine has a targeted population of 2Bln… the developing world….(South African Continent, India, Pakistan, Brazil……)
      They are mixing monkey DNA with other material to inject into unsuspecting humans. This will then permit those human “test rats” to be treated as Animals….with any further testing / treatment ….and this IS THE IMPORTANT PART….to be considered TRIALS ON ANIMALS ….BEFORE THEY ARE CONSIDERED SAFE FOR USE IN TRIALS ON HUMANS.

    • Paul ...

      This is why we can’t allow “school drop out” Bill Gates to experiment with our public health with his de-humanizing vaccines or put dangerous “molten salt nuclear reactors across our Nation” just so “he” can be in control of everything … we should be building highly advanced cutting edge non-radioactive “fusion” electrical generation plants to power our towns and cities not using old toxic “enriched uranium” technology!! …

      • Paul ...

        You know … I was eating a nice meal in my back yard the other day and yellow jacks were bothering me looking for a free lunch … so I put some apple juice some distance away from my table … and within minutes swarms of bees were fighting each other over the apple juice … and my table was free of the critters … upon reflection … it seems greed is in all species (as a matter of survival) … however … when you get a son of a B (like Bill Gates) trying to hog it all … he should be swatted … to give the rest of humanity a chance to live their lives too!!

      • Paul ...

        Remember this is the guy … … who very likely filled eyedroppers with gasoline and fire bombed ant hills when he was a kid!!

    • Charles H


      “Presto change…O ” Big smile

  31. Craig Bradley


    Right now, the economy is starting to roll-over. In the late Summer and early Fall, no further relief or stimulus is likely to be signed into law. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has attached a “poison pill ” to the proposed Stimulus II Bill which would fund “vote by mail” everywhere with $3.5 Billion Dollars. President Trump correctly views this as a political threat which would work against him and might result in his defeat in Nov. , as well. So, he will not sign a new stimulus relief bill with this provision included before the election. However, after the election, he won’t care and is more likely to make a deal with Nancy Pelosi, if she keeps her job. As always, its up to the voters in the end.

    There is no new income sources coming-in at this time to support consumption or consumer discretionary purchases by the 80% of wage earners who may be part time or still on lay-off status. Current unemployment levels remain high at about 10%. The stock market is richly valued and may be vulnerable to a correction with no new investor monies buying-in. Selling pressure may suddenly increase, leading to a sharp Fall (Oct) Correction. A big draw-down just before the Nov. Election would further reduce incumbent Trump’s reelection chances.

  32. Craig Bradley


    The astronomical growth in the FEDERAL debt in the past few years is a continuation of the spending trend from 2000 with Bush the Younger and then Obama, and now, President Trump. Initial Covid-19 Federal stimulus and fiscal spending was necessary to blunt the sudden impact of a strong global deflationary trend. It kept consumer’s spending up which blunted the negative GDP growth we already have seen thus far. However, this is only for the short term. In the long term, its a “debt trap”.

    In the longer term, perhaps in five more years, we may again be back to economic growth levels of 2019. Once banks lighten-up their loan criteria again and begin loaning to business and consumers, then all the liquidity we have so far pumped into the economy will come to back to bite us in the arse, meaning the likelihood of bouts of double digit inflation ( 12%/year) later-on in this decade. We will then recognize that the stagflation of the 1970’s is back, unless we can somehow generate extra real economic growth sufficient to carry all the extra debt. ( Highly unlikely with an aging population of baby boomers and growing entitlement costs).

    Perhaps this is why President Trump and Senator Mich Mitchel now want a stimulus deal to include a parring back of future social security benefit levels- a “cut” and a suspension of the social security payroll tax, as well. ( the Social Security “Crisis”). This is a poorly timed and really stupid idea that will backfire on the Republicans and may cost them the Senate, as well. Consumers and renters facing eviction will also vote and the Republicans are an easy target. Joe Biden is hiding in his basement for a reason. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

  33. Jan

    You have often said that Donald Trump’s election was the globalists versus the patriots (American first). Over at “the last refuge” (conservative treehouse) there is an article on how the Chamber of Commerce (which claims to be “probusiness” and has supported GOP candidates) is exclusively endorsing a whole slate of Democrats this time and Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. The article enumerates other financial changes that the Trump administration has made to help the people, not Wall Street.

    It turns out that the cartoon you chose is exactly what Rand Paul was saying at Foxnews today — that the Left is turning American cities into Portland and Seattle. He was talking about the vicious attack on him and his wife when they were trying to reach the hotel after attending the convention last night, which would’ve left him dead or hospitalized had there not been a few brave policemen helping them. Rand Paul also is convinced that many of those attackers were paid protesters who were bussed in and should be arrested for inciting a riot– and their sources of money determined and put to a stop. It is unbelievable that one political party is okay with having their opponents beaten in the streets, and calling for police to be defunded and completely unable to defend them. Sad!

  34. Jose Gallardo

    Are republicans who supported LGBTQ+ considered liberals?

    • Greg Hunter

      You will have to ask them but it is clearly wrong in the Bible and that is God’s word.

  35. Jose Gallardo

    I am a socialist tell me why I am wrong…

    • Greg Hunter

      Socialism is theft. That is the short answer. Socialism is really just a more palatable word for communism and that also equals anti-God and anti-Christ. Don’t tell the big lie that Jesus was for socialism either. He was not.

    • RTW

      Your not wrong. Your just in the wrong country. You can be a proud socialist in a socialist country. Try Cuba, I’m quite sure you’d thrive there as everyone is doing just fine.

      • Paul ...

        RTW … It’s very sad that we American schmucks sent our children “to die” (in wars all across the globe) to make the world “Safe for Democracy” … while the Commies and Nazis sent their children here to America “to live” … and thus make the world “Safe for Commie-Nazi-ism”!!

    • Self Exiled

      1. “tyranny of the majority” and compulsory servitude.
      2. can a moral case be made for taking the rightful property of one American and giving it to another to whom it does not belong.
      3. it uses evil coercion to achieve what are seen as helping people.
      a. an act that is inherently evil does not become moral simply because there’s a
      majority consensus
      4. the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder
      5. the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime.
      6. mass-murder of those people the State saw as interfering with the greater good of society as a whole
      7. the supposed cures of Socialism are worse than the diseases they’re meant to remedy
      8. socialists see each man, woman, or child as mere cells within the organism of society, pieces of tissue which are as good as dead apart from the whole
      9 demonize as monstrously selfish the most basic of human ambitions toward self-determination, free speech, and private property, and then proceed to make war on those who pursue these things without the express authorization and oversight of the State
      10. Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong
      11. as a lone person you are only important to the extent that you make up a society, apart from that YOU are viewed as worthless
      12. the Socialist State will only allow YOU to remain so long as YOU continue to benefit it
      13. Oh and under socialism you wood not be allowed to display your symbol, sorry, I know that hurts
      14. on and on and on, boring, oh I just stated another reason

      • Self Exiled

        Sorry: error, error alert———— Point 12 the second YOU should read They continue to benefit

    • al

      I’m Hispanic, and a democrat (JFK type) voting for Trump.
      Margaret Thatcher said it best “the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of …. (wait for it, sitting down Jose???)…. OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!!! ”
      Marxism is not far off, that’s what’s happening in “socialist leaning” Cities now. The only people who like that are lazy thug murderers. You’re not one are you Jose?

      Socialism is far from Social because who ultimately benefits are a very few at the top, while society STARVES Look no further than Venezuela.

    • eddiemd

      National socialist as in Nazi.

      The catholic church looked the other way when Hitler was killing the Hebrew people.

  36. Paul ...

    Guess we just have to get used to living in a Demon Marxist world where everything leans left!! …

    • Paul ...

      I sort of understand now why left leaning “commie” Demon -rats are a bunch of numb skulls … they keep hitting their head on the wall rolling out of bed night after night!!

    • Ray

      Very clever with that photo Paul!!!!
      Ray, Canberra, LDN

      • Self Exiled

        Well most republicans have been carrying out the NWO agenda as well as the the Democrats: so they must be parking on the other side of the same buildings. I wonder if we destroyed the buildings and the parties because of their leaning and poor construction [design] if it would result in any positive change. The lack of either two of the existing structures would probably go unnoticed, due to the corporate structure that has control.

  37. RTW

    Has anybody checked Vegas to see what the line is on whether Biden debates or not?

  38. Paul ...

    Workers of the World Unite!! … Chicago Teachers Union supports new start-up company called “Guillotine” … that is now looking for a highly paid CEO to “head it up”!! …

  39. Lord Nasdaq

    Fell out the damn chair tonight around 22:10 when you said our, “News and Fish Wrap.”
    I’ve heard of High Point Surprise and Winston-Salem Urinal – but that’s a great one for Greaseboro. ha ha God bless you my N.C. brother.
    Lord Nasdaq

    • Greg Hunter

      It The News and record was a good local paper years ago. It is not a Marxist propaganda rag and I call them all the time and point out their errors.

  40. tim mcgraw

    “Let the rapists rape until they get tired of it.” Yourself. Greg that’s a strong sarcastic statement and I would have been even more sarcastic with my comment (not suitable for families). Rape is something that many of my girl friends have experienced (all the rapists were black btw). The women were white. Rape is a sensitive subject for me.
    As for Eastwood and Harrison Ford… I agree with you. They are poseurs who make good movies pretending to be Libertarians. Very sad. But very lucrative for them.
    Thanks for the report.

  41. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Please don’t be glib about rape. I understand your sarcasm, but I’ve seen personally the damage, to several women, from being raped. Some were gang raped. One raped woman ended up in a mental institution. The scars of rape never leave the human soul. Never. I was just an observer (several times) of this damage from rapists. Your comment brought back too many bad memories.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am never “glib” about brutal crime. You read that wrong.

      • tim mcgraw

        Glad to hear it, Greg. The scars from violent crime run deep.

  42. Paul ...

    Marxist teachers don’t want parents to listen in on what kind of perverted immoral things they are teaching our children!! …

  43. Marie Joy

    Ice Age Farmer, on YouTube, speaks of how food is being weaponized against us.

    In the 1930s, and 1940s, some German Jews saw their genocide coming and did nothing about it, just as WE are doing nothing about our upcoming genocide.

  44. Mike G

    The Corporate Media, along with a long list of corporations are enemies of America. Buy and Produce local.

  45. eddiemd

    Deep fake DNC speech by Joe Biden.

    I watched this Biden interview with Andrea Mitchel and observed his blinking. I would consider this his natural blinking. This interview and the one with Anderson Cooper give insight to Biden’s current cognition and an idea of his natural facial expressions and blinking. Very much different from his DNC speech.

    Deep fake Biden at the DNC. Unnatural blinking out of his norm.

    Something wrong with Biden. He will not be able to debate Trump. The democrats are in panic mode.

  46. Blumhagen

    All women shown in that cartoon art are not women at all. Based on skeletal review, they have male skeletons which makes these women, FAKE. Trannies…..against god.

    Based on the cut of the Jaw, the length of the cranium, the position of the ear, the position of the clavicles, the evidence of a Brow Ridge, the length of the arms. And balls and penis jetting out from their dresses as they walk. These are men posing as women passing laws for we the people. People with biological children having to endure insane laws made by insane transvestites.

    Basically, the entire Democratic party and it’s followers are gay or transgender….that is the long and short of it.
    Here is the Prime minister of New Zealand walking in his red dress with penis showing under the dress…..

  47. al

    The Democratic party died with JFK on Nov 24 1964. Let that sink in.

    What we have now are Marxists promoted and propagandized by the Enemy Media.
    Destroy their mouthpiece (the Marxist Media) and you destroy their devious plot.

    Trump’s folly was not to create competition for the Marxist Media with an alternative channel. They got CSPAN, PBS, NPR.. most mandated by the Government to be carried by all media outlets. Why not have the same for a Conservative voice where the truth can be shown to the public? This is Trump’s folly.

  48. robert blumhagen

    do not post the comment I made about the transgenders…it will get you into trouble.

    I love your show. I wish I had money to send you. There are many people to watch out there. Time and time again you pull the rabbit out of a hat with your guests. Look for more people with very large skulls, especially with brow ridges. This signifies a large reasoning skill in that head. On the other hand though, jim rickards, has a large forehead indicating he is book smart only. Knows a lot of stuff, but not really useful…he lacks a brow ridge. Katherine Fitts has a massive cranium. No doubt also filled with book intelligence, but she also has a big brow ridge. She is one to follow when she speaks.

  49. eddiemd

    Very good article on emerging infectious diseases done by the military. Predates the current coronavirus scam.

    Coronavirus has been known for years to be a virus responsible for up to 40% of the common cold. The military has been studying pathogenic respiratory infections in recruits for decades.

    When I worked in the DOD virology lab in Lima Peru in 1996, we were looking for emerging and established virus with biological warfare capability. At that time we were studying Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE), hantavirus, mayaro, and machupo. On the side we looked at HTLV-1, HIV, Dengue, and Hep B (HBV). These were the viral microbes of interest in South America. Other regions of the world had different virus.

    It is important to look at studies from a few years back. Current studies are not completely reliable depending on who is paying the funding. All political and biased.

    When looking at these older studies follow the references and go back to look at the data before the corruption.

    Chloroquine has been discussed as a treatment for coronavirus for the past 20 years. It interferes with ACE2 receptor endocytosis.

    The next biological will be hantavirus or adenovirus. Two more useful agents.

    • Dr Darrel L Smith

      That is why they started it out in the nursing home in Washington, they need mortality rate high enough to cause fear. It having the same rates of illness as the common cold needed help for the fear factor to be effective.

      The Deep State in one of their quests was the elimination of white males. They were going to promote demasculinization and interracial marriage which fits one of their points in the 16 year destruction of America.

      People needed to wake up to the BLM and it’s Marxists agenda of removing the male from the home. There are many LGBTQ people in politics, entertainment and media for some reason. When one stops and takes the time there are many evidence scenarios that show how they were infiltrating society starting with the children.

      There is a lot of talk about the training of police but not any about the training of people who are involved in interaction with officers. There is a protocol that has to be followed by both sides. In the Jacob Blake and Brooks cases the subject reacted in such a way that the police protocols required the action that was taken. People can dislike it and it may have ended in tragedy but the subject was to blame. As for the George Floyd case if the officers had left him alone in the car the medics probably wouldn’t have got there before he died anyway according to the autopay report and drug test.
      There should be charges of inciting a riot for everyone who uses George Floyds death as part of their narrative in relating his death to police brutality. Even the parent of Jacob Blake should face charges with what he had to say at the rally in Washington on Sunday.

      It’s time for the protests to be stopped and the HCQ/zinc regimen provided to everyone with the truth about it’s therapeutic activity.

  50. Elva Edwards

    I would like to make a suggestion to your videos. It is exhausting to hear someone talk about how others feel. (They hate God, they hate America, they they they). First of all it isn’t true and you discredit yourself. Why don’t you just stick to how you feel. I don’t like it when someone tells me how I feel. Really? You think I can’t tell how I feel? Speak for yourself and not for others. It might not be as long of a video, but much more effective. When you say how others feel (have a video showing those people say that is how they feel). It really discredits you and makes me, frankly, want to scream.

  51. Coalburner

    The South China Sea is why we are selling the latest F-16’s to Tiawan and making them closer allies. They despise the CCP and are not going to take their crap. Hong Kong is the perfect lesson for Tiawan every day.

    I live with and have relatives and frends who are Hispanic, they do NOT want OPEN borders!

  52. eddiemd

    A very interesting article. Does not make sense.

    Perhaps this person knew too much. Set up by his “wife” who witnessed his “suicide”. I don’t believe it. CIA cover up operation.

  53. Self Exiled

    I doubt the Countries Non News network will report this.

    Wonder what he new.

  54. eddiemd

    Get the listening devices out of your home. Now. Turn off the iPhones.

    You are already compromised. What is already recorded by Big Tech will be used against you.

  55. Self Exiled

    One very evil lady fasilitator. The facilitator role in the dynamic of sexual abuse always baffled me. They have the opportunity to stop the abuse but by their silence they promote it.

    • Paul ...

      It’s easy … Biden, Harris and Pelosi are three peas in a commie pod … three P’s inverted make 666!!!

  56. Self Exiled

    ”Top general rejects Democrats’ fantasy of military ousting Trump from White House” Let’s hope so!

  57. Self Exiled

    Remember Puff the Magic Dragon, my Vietnam friends claimed it was a wonder to behold but also churned your stomach with respectful fear at the same time: grateful it wasn’t breathing on you. Awe inspiring I guess would be a better term. Possible crowd control in the future. One Veteran told me one of his jobs was to empty these ships after they came back to base. He said they used grain shovels to shovel out the spent brass after a run. Think Anaconda Copper stockholders: was my mindset at the time. A primer to my conspiratorial and proud of it reputation. Supposedly Puff would leave a bullet in every square foot in an area the size of a football field. It was probably on site only a few minutes to deliver a message.

  58. Rene Stover

    Greg, someone that has more of an ear with the people, especially the Republicans desperately needs to make it well known that those behind all, all of the world wide Communist Movement are the Khazarian Mafia, who over hundreds of years control all of the large International Banks, and Media, they also control interest in all major Corporations!

  59. Greg Hunter

    May I did not like it.

  60. Desire

    Socialism is theft. That is the short answer. Socialism is really just a more palatable word for communism and that also equals anti-God and anti-Christ. Don’t tell the big lie that Jesus was for socialism either. He was not.

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