Deutsche Bank Walking Dead-Bill Holter

22By Greg Hunter’s

Financial writer Bill Holter says if you want to know how bad the global financial problems are in the world, start with Germany’s Deutsche Bank (DB). The problems keep mounting, and it’s been all downhill since June when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deemed DB as the most systemically dangerous bank in the world.  Holter warns, “Deutsche Bank is dead.  It’s a walking dead institution. . . .Just the fact that there is a debate, whether or not there’s a problem, means they’re dead.  Once you start talking about a financial institution and whether or not they are solvent or not, it doesn’t matter.  The sharks are going to come into the water.”

There is much more wrong than just the one global mega bank in trouble. Holter goes on to point out, “The markets need to be and pretty much have been locked down.  We’ve seen virtually zero volatility in the stock market, and even the credit markets have been nonvolatile for the last two or three months. The reason being when volatility picks up, then margin calls happen.  When you’ve got an illiquid system, you can’t allow margin calls to occur because margin calls can’t be met.”

Holter, who has decades of financial and broker experience, circles back to DB that he estimates has a $15 billion market cap. This may seem like a lot of money, but Holter contends it is not much with trillions of dollars in derivative exposure.  Holter explains, “$15 billion would not even cover a 1% move in their book.  A 1% move would be something like $50 billion.  So, they (DB) are so undercapitalized that any type of margin call turns them upside down. Deutsche Bank is one of the biggest links in the derivatives chain.  If they break, the whole thing goes. . . . This is not a Bill Holter opinion.  This is math.”

In the second Presidential debate, Donald Trump said his opponent Hillary Clinton “would be in jail” if he were President.  Holter contends, “I have been saying for months now, there is a better than a coin toss chance that we do not have an election.  During the debate, Trump basically said he’d have his Attorney General appoint a Special Prosecutor, and you (Clinton) are going to go to jail.  The problem is it’s not just Hillary.  It goes throughout all of Washington, and it includes both the Democrat and Republican Party.  If it looks like Trump is going to win, and he does not get assassinated, they may cancel the election by starting a war.”

Holter closed by saying, “The conservatives are not going to be separated from the liberals. When this thing goes down, it’s going to be all the American people.  If this election gets stolen, all American people are going to be targeted.  We are all going to be destroyed. . . . Between now and the election is extremely, extremely dangerous.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Bill Holter of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. dslarsen

    Great interview. If only things were so good that all you two had to talk about was your favorite golf course. Thanks for attending to the dire realities.

    • coladeraldamage

      I am here to share a few of our ‘dire realities’ with you…
      How is this better than Pravda?

      Letter to Bill O’Reilly, “Bill, I believe your election coverage has been tough, but fair and the best in the media. I do business in sub-Saharan Africa so when I heard Trump being compared by media to Third World dictators, I laughed…

      … Those guys enrich themselves while in office. Who in America has done that?

      From Matt Muns

      Southlake, TX


      • dslarsen

        coladeraldamage ,

        I’m sorry, but I’m not following your question. “How is this better than Pravda?” Are you referring to the link you posted? Or are you referring to USA Watchdog? And “the letter to Bill O’Reilly” puzzles me. Was that a comment by some other person at that site? Or are you Matt Muns? I’m just not following what any of that had to do with my note of gratitude to these two gentlemen for their public dialog.

      • Mkelley

        It gets worse:

        –The latest trove of emails released by WikiLeaks on Monday proves even further collusion between large, ostensibly mainstream media outlets and the Democratic Party.

        In an astonishing email, Politico chief White House political correspondent and senior staff writer Glenn Thrush runs his latest article by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to make sure nothing offends the Clinton henchman.

        “Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u [sic],” Thrush writes to Podesta. “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this … tell me if I f*cked up anything,” he continues.–

    • Bill Holter

      then all we would have to yell is “FORE”!

  2. DLC

    One of your best guests. You are so correct in pointing out that we are dealing with commies. This is not my father’s party.

    My prior comments regarding Pence are a reaction to his seeming approval of getting it on in Syria by his comments in the VP debate. I feel that the establishment would prefer him. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, was he not previously for TPP? The RINOs asking Trump to step down indicated to me that the Ryan types feel they can work with Pence, or work him over.

    When Pence was picked, my initial gut reaction was assassination as an option. I would have preferred someone like Sessions as an insurance policy.

    I follow Holter as much as I can when I see his name here and elsewhere. He is one whose face says as much as his words. I also do not believe Trump will be permitted to step foot in the WH. Since there is no people’s press, it is hard to gauge what the people have in mind to do about Nov and beyond.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you for following our work DLC.

      • Jerry

        which out for Pence, like Reagan and Bush. Something don’t swell right.

    • eddiemd

      Tim Kaine the jesuit is the future president after Ms. Clinton passes while in office. This is their plan for the NWO.

      • Charles H

        It sure squares with the Roman Catholic Church leading an ecumenical inclusive movement; and the pope making statements along the line of jihad and Christian evangelism being the same or on-par.

      • Mkelley

        The one that really scares me is “up and comer” hard-core lefty Juan Castro. He’s to the left of his namesakes in Cuba.

  3. Anthony Australia

    ‘Ding’, the bell tolls for thee!

    Thanks Greg

    My favourite guest of all.

    • Bill Holter

      I am honored AA!

      • Anthony Australia

        I’m privileged to have access to your information via a magnificent platform in USAWD!

  4. Robert Lykens

    Bill, in your opinion, does the government know who buys gold/silver?
    Thank you.

    • andyb

      If you pay by check or credit card, your bank has a record and our fascist government doesn’t need a subpoena or warrant to access your account (the 4th Amendment died under the Patriot Act). If you pay by cash, all amounts over $10k are supposed to be reported to the government; usually, major dealers do report, small ones don’t. If you are worried that the Gestapo will show up at your door to confiscate your PMs, don’t be. The Government would have the same problem if they went door-to-door confiscating guns; the death rate for Government agents would be astronomical. If some future dictator pulls an FDR, all you have to say is that you sold it all for cash and leave it buried for your grandchildren.

    • Tin foil hat

      Robert Lykens,
      Are you kidding? The government probably knows the size of the condom you used. If you had real estate outside of the country, I would put five to six gold coins in the coin purse whenever you go there – nobody knows, nobody cares.

    • Bill Holter

      not yet but they will if the globalist take control.

      • Robert Lykens

        Thank you sir.

      • Guest

        Yes, they do know who buys gold and silver. Several years ago I received a letter from an IRS agent who wanted me to confirm that two checks I wrote to a certain person (my precious metals broker) were for the purchase of precious metals. The IRS had gotten my broker’s bank records, and the agent sent me images of two checks that I had written to my broker! I still don’t know exactly why my broker was under investigation. He told me it was because another customer had gotten into trouble with the SEC. I never had a problem with my purchases from this broker. His company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with no complaints filed in all the years they’ve been in business. I always got what I paid for, and I got the lowest price.

        • Tin foil hat

          What the name of the company?

        • Charles H

          Somewhere about 2011, or so – any purchases over a certain amount had to be reported for gold. Perhaps he didn’t file the necessary forms in your case(?). IRS probably began monitoring sellers/brokers actively, and turned-up your purchase.

    • Diane

      I’m pretty sure they do know , RL, if you buy from government mint, they would have to. Don’t know about sales from dealers or private sales.
      Good question…anyone know?

      • Nick-Dog

        All dealers in precious metals are required to notify the government each year if someone purchases over $750 (I believe) worth of physical metals from that firm. This was part of the Obama Care bill. Hannity covered it before it was passed, so that’s how I know.

        I am not sure if the above made it into the law, but I believe it did, as did other “reforms.” Hence, that being the case, if you are a small time buyer it makes sense to purchase from different vendors.

        • DBCooper

          Buy from small coin dealers … no paper trail … none. DB.

        • JMiller


          There was a proposal in Obama’s health care bill to require all dealers to report any purchases of precious metals of $600 or more in a single calendar year but that was repealed.

      • JMiller


        Dealers must report any CASH payments they receive for purchases that exceed $10,000 dollars.

        Dealers also have to file a 1099-B form when you sell a large amount of precious metals to them but only for certain items.

  5. 8Ball

    Remember “Grexit” and all of the dire predictions about that? What was the outcome?

    The Greek people were sold out by their leaders and are now worse off than they ever were. Deutsche Bank is now the next “big event” that will supposedly collapse the Euro zone financial house of cards. I predict that by Christmas we will be hearing about the next “big event” and no one will be talking about Deutsche Bank.

    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      The guest with the best track record here is Catherine Fitts. She has said slow burn when so many others say, “Crash before the end of 2016”. Deutsche Bank will be bailed out at least on paper, pun not intended.

    • David

      8Ball: I understand your skepticism. It’s been hard for me to reconcile my perception of the economic mess that has been created with what has actually materialized since 2008 (i.e., lack of an economic collapse). But, then I remind myself that the Federal Reserve has never been so irresponsible, nor have our representatives in Washington failed us so badly. Today, the manipulation that is taking place has so distorted our capitalist system, that trying to gauge a cause and effect–or accurately predict an outcome–is virtually impossible.

      Eventually our economy will take a downturn, just as it has for 240 years. Except this time, I really do believe that we’ve dug a hole so deep that any kind of “normal” recovery is impossible. Complicating all of this, is that all other first world economies have adopted the same interventionist measures. Monkey see, monkey do. Knowing that we’ll all go down together doesn’t offer much consolation.

      Regardless of the outcome, I am better off for taking an offensive posture. Nothing that I have done is lost. If something serious happens with our economy, I’m ready. If nothing happens, I’m still better off. My life is in order. I sleep at night. I’ve stopped worrying about those things I cannot control.

      • Bill Holter

        the current “recovery” is anything but “normal”.

      • 8Ball

        When “it” happens it will be sudden and without warning.
        Like “a thief in the night”…

    • Alex

      DB will most probably be nationalised. As a consequence Merkel’s political career will be over and more populist parties will gain even more votes in the elections next year. Such a thing has the potential to turn into a black swan event for the EU. Elections in France should be on your radar too. DB will not be allowed to go bust, it is way too big to fail.

      • Bill Holter

        …don’t forget the Italian referendum.

    • Bill Holter

      they were bailed out so Greece can continue to be bled. EU is being paid back with their own money…

  6. Oracle 911

    Only insane people want a big regional war with or without Russia. And it says everything about the neocons.
    And not only everyday Americans want Trump for president because there are interest groups who want him be elected. The same group which is behind Wikileaks or gave free passage for Snowden to Russia.
    So if Hillary gets elected HRC will be assassinated by the said groups shortly after the elections Michael Jackson style…
    If Trump will be assassinated before the election or the election will be stolen, then the said group will manipulate the conditions to cause a civil war (9 meals from anarchy says everything).
    If Trump gets elected it will be really unpleasant but the US will be able pull somehow.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    PS: If you wonder why the other interest group want Trump for president is simple. They want stop the insanity of neocons and stop the orgy of consumption. It means the US will have to live within its means like Cuba or Russia.

    • Bill Holter

      in my opinion this election is all about whether we continue as a country with ANY liberties at all.

      • Oracle 911

        I t will be a response to everyone.
        Well the neocons are causing trouble in Europe too (through their puppets or directly). So the neocons have to be booted one way or another, or we will face a thermonuclear war.
        The rest of the Criminal Crony Class (CCC), well it is a tough question but sooner or later they will be also booted. But how?
        If you want it nicely, you- I mean the Americans as collective have to change their morality (no double standards) and live under the dictate of their conscience. But it will take a decade or two.
        Or if you want it fast then you will be go trough a meat grinder. The CCC will be booted but the price, additional costs and the collateral damage will be horrible.
        But it seems like you (the Americans) already made the choice and Trump will be the president for 2 cycles.

        BTW I said I am from Europe and there are happening interesting things. The rebirth of Czechoslovakia (the process is running albeit on the background almost unnoticed), Austria Bulgaria, Romania and it seems like the republics of former Yugoslavia want to join the Visegrad group (V4). Why is it interesting?
        Google the map of V4, Yugoslavia and learn about the monarchy of Austria-Hungary and it will be clear why (know-how, resources and position). Basically the expanded group will be the successor of the EU on much more healthier foundation. So Austria is important because they have cadres and thus Vienna became sort of administrative center while Prague will be the spiritual center.

    • Tin foil hat

      Oracle 911,
      “If Trump gets elected it will be really unpleasant but the US will be able pull somehow.”
      Most Trump’s supporters probably will be disappointed and turn against him. I believe getting Trump elected will be the easiest part of the turn around. I don’t believe in praying but I have developed a strong urge to pray for our Republic recently.

    • Freebreezer

      O-911 … I do not see Trump taking a single step in to the whitehouse. On national TV, he told Hillary to her face that she goes to jail if elected!!!!!! Hillary knows this to be the truth. Trump is vengeful (thankfully a person with a spine and other big amenities) and he will go after her and all her cronies with all his prowess/power … this would spill over in to the Criminal Crony Class … the CCC knows that they can not let this happen at ANY COST or they are toast! There is going to be a lot of fire works the next few months, and it will definitely go down in to the history books! A favorite quote – ‘Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present’ Marcus Aurelius

  7. Neil

    This whole new world order impost is now so perverse, preposterous and dangerous people are coming to see the cancerous matrix and embodiment of evil that it is will have to be taken down and pre-emptively. That is beyond the financial crisis it presents a threat not just to civilisation but to everyone and everything on earth. The blatant lies and propaganda pumped out around the world by big brother media around this election in the dark self service of the elite are just appalling and verge on a second Nazi nightmare. Nothing reported is truthful it is the opposite. Same with Syria, Ukraine and the sick twisted attempts to bring about a winnable nuclear war. We are rapidly coming to the point when there will be a naked confrontation between the corrupt and insane establishment and people who will just not go there. We may even see vigilante groups delivering nail gun type rough justice to the few who fancy they too would rule the world. Really it is surprising no one has had a go at any of the culprits already. Someone obviously identifiable to the public like Soros or Kissinger ought to be getting their will in order because there is going to be a really ugly turning coming IMO and they are well out numbered.

    • Bill Holter

      it has all become a hologram, reality comes only after the lights go out.

      • Neil

        I am actually so concerned where this is heading I would back a number of drone strikes on these ‘elites’ or the WH by rebel US military. This would be much better than the looming alternative which would be a pre-emptive nuclear strike by Russia. Russia hasn’t been drilling for no reason I am sure they are aware they are being put in a position where a first strike will be necessary. Good US citizens had better rise up and take back their country real soon.

    • Tin foil hat

      This is what the NWO is all about.
      Russia is not on the list!!!
      However, there is still hope. Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Central Bank of Iceland are on the list. That means the squids still haven’t figured out a full proof way of controlling the country even they have control of the Central Bank.

  8. DLC

    One point Bill H brought up that the progressives are overlooking — the plans Hillary has in mind for this country will affect Dems every bit as much as Trump voters.

    Allentown, PA, which I’ve always thought of as Amish Central, has been flooded by immigrants to the point they want to put up Spanish street signs to “show their respect for the immigrants (invaders).”

    Arizona has all but been destroyed by mass immigration and mass influx of progressive voters. Many blue states are also experiencing an onslaught of invaders. Hillary plans to up that number with no regard to how you voted. After this election, she will tell everyone to just lump it.

    Gun banning will be a relentless issue with Hillary. I know more Dems with guns, especially women.

    After this election, neither party will care what the native population wants. Our votes will not matter in a police state with severely restricted speech. No one is going to ask how anyone voted when they start rolling out their repressive dictates. Libs will take it in the shorts every bit as much as the rest of us.

    • Bill Holter

      yes, we will all be in the same sunken boat…

    • Tin foil hat

      After this election, if Hillary were elected, we will all be assigned a number.

      • Frederick

        We will probably be micro chipped Remember what Aaron Russo said Rockefeller told him about that Digital currency that the beast will have complete control over Lets hope and pray Hillary isnt elected people

        • Charles H

          Medicine already understands that the human body usually REJECTS these implants – that won’t stop anything.

      • Gertrude B.

        Tin foil hat, I was just a child back then and couldn’t understand the prisoner but loved Patrick!

        I never knew he was American and went back to the old country as a child.
        A very remarkable man with a very nice tan, he must have gave George Hamilton a run for his money!

        Patrick Joseph McGoohan was an American-born Irish actor, writer and director who was brought up in Ireland and Britain, where he established an extensive stage and film career. His highest-profile roles were in the 1960s television series Danger Man, and The Prisoner, which he co-created. Later in his career, he moved back to the United States and subsequently appeared as murderers in four Columbo episodes, winning two Emmy Awards, the only guest star so honored. In cinema, he had prominent roles in The Three Lives of Thomasina, Ice Station Zebra, Mary, Queen of Scots, Silver Streak, Escape From Alcatraz, Scanners, A Time to Kill, Treasure Planet and memorably portrayed King Edward “The Longshanks” in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

  9. NH Watcher

    When Obama made his statement well over a year ago, that he was staying in DC past his term, using his daughter’s schooling as an excuse, I knew something was up. Lately, I have been following the weekly reports of Japan-based Benjamin Fulford, and his post this week details that the U.S. election will be cancelled, due to one candidate dropping out (fits with all the talk of HRC’s health):

    While I don’t agree with all of Fulford’s reporting, these days, you must glean your news from multiple sources, liberal and conservative, and connect the dots. The bottom line is, apart from the 500 million preselected to be saved for the New World Order, the vast majority of us in the world’s population is part of the “deplorables” slated for extermination.

    Lindsey Williams has stated repeatedly that the Elite do not consider Trump one of them, and since Trump’s wealth is so clearly tied to banks and bank loans, he can be easily taken down with the rest of us. The Elite begrudgingly tolerate the Clintons, but it is only as a means to an end. They are looking for another candidate to unite them, and as Christians, we all know who that is.

    It is inevitable to be caught up in political fervor at this time, but eternity is much longer than the current election cycle. I need to remind myself of that more so each passing day.

    • John Doe

      The Pentagon sources, for their part, say “The 911 law will push
      Saudi Arabia to expose Israel, Bandar bin Sultan and the Bush cabal
      behind 911 and will lead to a real truth commission and a war crimes

      Since it is only a few weeks before the election, it will not be long before we see if these predictions come to pass.

      NH Watcher,

      It wont be the Trumpster. If anything as president he will make it happen!

  10. coladeraldamage

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    If saying nice fluffy things about women and children is what gets your vote irregardless of how many women and children a politician kills and harvests – or their husband rapes – well, it is time you grapple with the multiple personality disorder in your spirit.

    What a remarkable quote Catherine. Thank you!

    • Diane

      Brilliant is the word….cd.
      Love that quote from Catherine…the most integrous lady I’ve ever known.

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Bill Holter is correct….bonds-pension looking bleak across the board.

  12. Jerry

    2 Timothy 3: 1-2
    1. This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    2. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.
    Are we there yet?

  13. Dan

    Bill Holter is a Hall-of-Fame-er. Always love his analysis and straight talk.

    Bill, like Greg, is one of the 36 unsung heroes of the Alternative Media; click the following link to view Bill in a nice cowboy hat along with the other heroes.!UxUgWDZD!a98jRTz5UxoXPFmICbHNcg

    Thanks again Bill!

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Dan.

  14. Country Codger

    As always, a great interview with Bill. Sure hoping we make it out of October without the hammer falling. Tighten up your preps and don’t forget water, water, water. Most people forget about it because all their life they have turned the tap and there it was.

    Yah bless all,

    • Robert Lykens

      CC, may I use your post to remind everyone to also keep their gas tanks topped off. This is probably a good time to purchase a few extra 5-gallon fuel cans as well. And don’t forget about kerosene.
      Buy gold and silver, then buy silver and gold!

      • Country Codger

        Hello Robert,
        You can use anything I write for the purpose of helping others. Yes, top off your tank but make sure you know the mileage from your home to your bug-out location, if you have one. Use only refinery grade fuel preservatives to store fuel. Also, in a pinch you can use any cooking oil, hydraulic fluid or even transformer fluid from a transformer on a pole to power your diesel. If you store gasoline, try to buy gasoline in the summer months and store them because the gasoline in the winter months have butalene esters added to increase the octane rating of the fuel. In the warmer months these esters evaporate lowing the octane rating of the fuel. Octane booster is better than nothing.

        Here are things to think about: have your teeth checked and even bonded if necessary, get a new prescription for your glasses, order all drugs that you need to live from Canada or UK to stock up on. Remember, insulin is critical., also buy new tires for your car and/or truck, allot 10% OF YOUR INCOME EACH MONTH TO ADD TO YOU GOLD OR SILVER, ADD AMMUNITION EACH MONTH NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE QUANTITIES every month, Don’t forget to change the oil, filter, air filter, fuel filter and if you have a serpentine belt in you auto carry an extra. I recommend an extra coil (if you have one), extra alternator, and fuses for each vehicle that you have. If you have a metal carport or protection for your cars add a t least 2 (two) 1/2″ x 8″ or 5/8″ x 10′ ground rod plus a number 1 stranded ground wire to opposing coners of the carport.

        There are too many other recommendations that you need to take for me to address them here, but throw away any GPS’s and all cellphones and buy an ATLAS. Find at least 5 ways out of your location to your bug-out spot. Never write on any page so that if you lose the atlas no one can back track you. Always store alcohol and tobacco praducts but more than that store open pollinated seeds. They will be worth more than their weight in gold.

        This is a tiny list. Go to my website and scroll down to the oldest articles and you will find a much better list. Be prepared to bug-out and to also bug-in. Anyone who does one to the exclusion of the other if a fool.


    • DBCooper

      CC, We here are storing water in the root cellar w/ silver added for preservation. This is in addition to over three years worth of food … over a thousand pounds of lead … plenty of brass and powder … it just goes on and on and when the fecal matter hits the oscillator we will have forgotten something!! Don’t sweat the little stuff … and it’s all little stuff. Getting ready to slaughter and process two hogs and two hamburger cows. Endless chores around here.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Country Codger

        Fantastic DB,
        Check the little things. How much thread, needles, (and what kinds) do you have? CHeck the text I wrote to Robert and make sure you have the basics. Hand tools, hand tools, hand tools; axes, shovels, hammers (all sizes and uses) machetes, saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets and ratchets, if you use battery powers saws, hammers, drills and nut drivers please make sure that you use solar chargers to charge the batteries and not generators. Generators do not use sine wave technology to produce power and almost all solar powered chargers do. I have burnt up several different chargers using generators and I have never burnt one up using solar powerd chargers especially using batteries and an inverter.

        DB, make sure that you use each drop of water to the max. Use water from the washer (grey water) to flush to toilet. (We have an outhouse and do not need a water flushable toilet.) Then you can use your grey water for watering your crops. Also, don’t forget to harvest your rain water.

        It is time to buckle down and grit your teeth and to prepare everyone in your family for the inevitable. Teach kids to eat MRE’s otherwise they won’t because they taste funny. Get everyone use to hiking each week to a predetermined destination and have a real family get together afterwards (big meal, singing and celebrating) so that it becomes a family custom for them.

        Don’t forget to harden your bug-out location but also don’t forget to harden yourself; menatlly, physically and spiritually. It would not hurt to buy kevlar helmets and also body armor, try infidel body armor, I like them. Also, try Sportsmanguide for the kevlar helmets.

        I pray that you and your loved ones do well. Remember, we do what we do, not for ourselves but for our posterity.


  15. Dan

    Regarding the FRAUDULENT Post-Debate POLLS:

    You are both right. So rigged! Some quick facts about that joint NBC/WSJ Poll:

    1) Only a ***few hundred people*** were polled and the majority of them had previously been leaning on the Democrat side;

    2) The poll was conducted on the ***8th and 9th*** of October EVEN TOUGH the Debate was on the evening of the ***9th*** which would seriously under-report Trump’s strong performance during the debate. WTF???;

    3) The polling company (Hart Associates) previously donated to the Democrats/Clinton via SuperPACs. Again WTF??? No conflict of interest here???

    Also, the CNN image used for their poll shows a “mean-faced” Trump while the Hill-da-Beast was a lot more “presentable”. Fair?

    I’m not sure to what extent the general population are believing these polls. What do you think?

    • Bill Holter

      part of the hologram.

    • Faith

      Dan, I was surprised when CNN called me last week. I think a political pollster has only called me once before. I live in an area where it is taken for granted that the democrats will win. At least that used to be the case. The pollster seemed surprised when I openly indicated my support for Trump. She asked my age (over 50), my education level (college graduate), and my income level. I am guessing they already knew most of that information based on my zip code. She asked if they could call me back and I said, “sure!” I was surprised but they did call back after the debate! A man, this time, older, sounded like a smoker. He seemed to get quite a chuckle from my answers, too. I wasn’t shy about saying that I supported Trump. He asked if I had seen the video about Trump and if it influenced me for or against him. I said the video didn’t matter to me.

      As far as believing the polls, oh heck no! The MSM can’t stand Trump and look at all of the collusion between the MSM and the Democratic Party and Hilliary’s campaign! Objectivity is gone. As Alex Jones says every day on his show, “this is an information war and you are the resistance.”

  16. Hatemail

    Why do I even go to work? I should be digging a bunker in the back yard before winter strikes.
    A bunker is nothing less that a bigger gravesite. Maybe I should move to southern Peru.

    • Greg Hunter

      Pray on it.

    • Bill Holter

      you must do the best you can do as it is all you can do…

    • Charles H

      Actually, Peru is in good shape. Don’t eat the Pacific fish.

    • eddiemd

      No. Northern Peru near Chachapoyas. Probably a better choice. The Cordillera Blanca area is also a good choice. The Inca peoples survived/thrived throughout the Andes.

      Southern Peru is mostly desert

      • Frederick

        Patagonia or Tasmania are looking more attractive by the day

  17. Jerry

    Have you ever seen what a trapped animal will do to free itself? They will usually chew off their own leg, and in the process bleed out. Does this look any different?

  18. roger

    tks for tell

  19. Larry W. Bryant

    == Beyond Fact-checking ==

    polygraph them now —
    both Hillary and Donald —
    about the blank spots
    throughout their public records;
    suspend all intel briefings!

    — Larry W. Bryant (12 Oct 16)

  20. Paul ...

    Deutsche Bank should have known financial the problem they were in before anyone else … so why didn’t they sell their stock short at $125 dollars per share and buy it back now at $12 dollars per share? … if they simply sold 500 billion worth of their own stock they would now have 10 times that amount or about $5 trillion dollars that could have been multiplied using fractional reserve banking to generate $50 trillion dollars … more then enough to cover all their derivatives!!

    • Paul ...

      And if this is what they did (sold their own shares short) … then all the “talk” about Deutsche Bank “failing” might be part of “a grand scheme” to put their “short position” in the money!!

      • Diane

        Paul…. I really don’t think any of these elite bankers, politicians etc know what they are even doing.
        The are all clueless, greedy, narcissistic malignant megalomaniacs.
        This is what is so frightening…they don’t know what the HELL they are doing!

        • Frederick

          Oh they know Diane trust me they know And they couldnt care less I know I built houses in the Hamptons for 15 years and had the displeasure or dealing with them No wonder I married a Turkish girl and expatriated Best thing I ever did

  21. Colin

    8Ball, with the exception of war with Russia, which I do believe is a real possibility, I think you may be right.

  22. John

    I thought this was really funny and I wanted to share it with your other readers. At you can now buy a “Cloth or Something” for cleaning your blackberry or email server.

  23. kay

    Off this for real or a dream? I am not a lawyer.

    Sometimes the hard truth appears in the funniest places … like a Law Library.
    Comment submitted by Ralph
    Interesting read! Wonder how many people are aware. Word for word from the Cornell Law Library – RE: Hillary R. Clinton’s personal email and home-based server
    Apparently, the FBI forgot to visit the Cornell Law Library. Word for word from the Cornell Law Library, Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells MSNBC that not only are Hillary Clinton’s private email and server illegal, her mishandling of government property (e.g. State Department emails) “disqualifies” her from holding any federal office. Very specifically points to one federal law, Title 18. Section 2071.
    For those of us who do not have United States Code[1] committed to memory, here’s exactly what it says:

    “(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”
    (Source: 18 U.S. Code § 2071 – Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally)

    Yes, it explicitly states “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

    Shouldn’t voters know that? The media won’t tell them. So it’s up to us.

    Can you help hold Hillary accountable?
    Pass this on, please.

    — Ralph

    SOTN Editor’s Note:
    The preceding post was originally written as a comment under one of our articles at another alternative news website. It shows how some of the best citizen journalism is now being performed by folks who have no formal training. As soon as we read the comment below, we knew it was the scoop of the year. And so it has been for SOTN as it is the most read post ever published on this website. It also has the most Facebook likes, which tells us that the truth is resonating deeply with out readership.

    Our thanks to Ralph who did the great sleuthing!

    State of the Nation
    October 5, 2016

    Comment originally posted at the following link:

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Kay!!

      • Diane

        I saw that yesterday Kay….very interesting if true.
        Perhaps legal people like Judge Andrew Napolitano could pursue this.
        On the other hand. ..might be dangerous. ..considering the psychotic politicians and their insane evil handlers like George Soros are capable of doing.

        • Frederick

          Yup very dangerous indeed although Judge Napolitano doesnt seem suicidal

    • Bill Holter

      this would all be true if we still lived in a society with a rule of law … we do not.

      • Frederick

        No we sure do not I learned that the hard way

        • Paul ...

          However … the Autumn offensive against the forces of evil began with shock and awe as the Constitutional members of the NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ and Military went after the evil neocons by overriding Obama’s veto of the 9-11 legislation allowing the families of the victims slaughtered to sue the Saudi’s and eventually all those involved in the conspiracy to kill Americans to get a war started … look at the numbers of Senators who voted to override 99% … that is astounding … it was probably made very clear to these Senators that if they did not vote to override Obama’s veto charges of treason would be brought against them once Trump is elected and sends Hillary to jail … it is becoming harder and harder for the evil neocons to murder their way out of their predicament … lets not let down our guard … the next 27 days are critical … and we should watch out for another false flag terror attack to get WWIII started … if the evil neocons attack America again watch how quickly War Crime Tribunals are set up to bring the neocon traitors to justice! … this Satanic cult currently in control of our Government will be defeated by the forces of good … there are many Constitutionalists within our Government who love America and want to make it a good nation once again!

    • wondrouscat

      The above words ‘willfully’ and ‘with intent’ is why the FBI director said Hillary was only “extremely careless”, and that was/is her legal escape from being jailed or unable to hold office. Don’t think the FBI doesn’t know the language of the U.S. Code.

      • Paul ...

        Right … it was extremely “careless” for Hillary to smash her computer disks into a thousand pieces with a hammer and then bleach them … who do these neocons think they are kidding??? … if a murderer takes the evidence of his murder (the dead body) and throws it into a wood chipper would the FBI release the murder from all legal responsibility of his crime because he was “extremely careless destroying the evidence and needs a good talking too”!!!

    • Julie Tyra

      I appreciate your printing of what should happen to HILDABEAST but who will step forward and bring her to heel under these laws? With a country full of lawyers what chicken ****s they are. I quote Achillies who said ” is there no one is there no one else”? After he had slain the best the enemy had to offer.
      LUCEO non URO

    • Hatemail

      Government has a law for or against anything imaginable.
      The enforcement of these laws are quite selective. The FBI said it could find no “intent”. Although to us intent was more than obvious, they used it as an excuse not to prosecute.

  24. Paul ...

    If we do not have an election at all … or if it is “temporally cancelled” by starting a war with Russia … then our Nation is doomed … destroyed by treason from within!!

    • Diane

      These psychotic Neocons would probably be perfectly happy killing half the world’s population off.
      The Bill Gates and George Soros gang…maybe that’s their plan.

      • Dan S.

        Killing half the population? No it’s 7 billion minus 500 million = 6.5 billion.
        6.5 billion divided by 7 billion =92.8%

    • Paul ...

      Try and take a wild guess who is taking a treasonous $25 billion to fund her Presidential campaign … from the very guys involved in the 9-11 conspiracy? …
      So the people intent on destroying our country on 9-11 are supporting Hillary for President!
      Does that give anyone a clue as to which candidate they should be voting for this November?? …

      • Paul ...

        And as Kay provided above and should be repeated … whoever (and this includes Hillary) having the custody of any record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined, imprisoned and shall forfeit her office and be Disqualified from Holding Any Office in the the United States Government!! ( 18 U.S. Code § 2071)

        • Paul ...

          But people who don’t obey God’s moral Codes (the 10 Commandments) find it extremely easy to ignore U.S. Codes … the latest I hear is the Criminal Crony Class is telling Obama to make the Act of Treason punishable by a simple $10 dollar fine (less then the fine for Jaywalking)!!
          Without rules or standards the result is Miley Cyrus showing her private parts to all our children on TV and Traitors running our government!! … you voted for change in the last election but were hoodwinked … let’s vote for real change this time with Trump … all those who just sit home expecting other people to do the job of electing Trump are needed to counteract the warehouses full of Hillary votes already printed up and the busing of voters from polling place to polling place where ID’s don’t have to be shown to vote … and to counteract all the Syrian refugees Hillary is bringing in to vote in critical election districts!

      • Frederick

        Thats not all that surprising to me Paul

  25. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs, a Jallen rant follows,
    Bill Holter always tells it like it is! The drums of war are sounding off in the distance.
    Be warned, Neo Cons, Liberals and Progressives, War is looking you in the eye and like the people in Noah’s day, you are laughing at The ‘DEPLORABLES’ as Hillary has instructed you. Do you really think you and your love ones will survive a nuclear war?
    Woe unto the Liberal press and media, do you not think the Almight G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will tolerate your misleading of the flock! Woe unto you Federal Reserve for destroying the Dollar and thus the American way of life! Woe unto the clolleges with their false political teachings, your time grows short. You fools, do you really think the Clintons, Bill and Hillary can rise above the stars, woe unto you, you have been mislead. Did not Jesus Christ chase THE MONEY CHANGERS out the temple, woe unto the bankers that have done so much destruction to society, for your destruction is near. Neo Cons, Liberals and Progressives, woe unto you as you are about to reap what you have sown. Unless our leadership changes it ways, nuclear destruction of America is on the horizion.

    • Bill Holter

      …we get to tell it like it is …for now.

      • Justn Observer


  26. Husker

    Regarding the bail-out of Deutsche Bank I believe you underestimate the “surprise” factor….we predict the Chinese will dump billions of Yuan in exchange for bank assets with clarification the EU will remain liable for derivatives. Once they establish a majority stake in Deutsche Bank, they’ll spread through the EU offering financial and protective services against the Refugee/Muslim invasion in collaboration with the Russians (safety and natural gas for assets). The Chinese (directed by the Li’s) have been creative in “back dooring” any means to break the Rothschild Financial stranglehold and recent deals with Barclays proves their commitment.

    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting and plausible. Thank you for the comment.

    • Bill Holter

      the Chinese will do what is best for China.

    • Charles H

      Dr. Jim Willie speaks to the point that China will hold-up DB; but angle for the gold derivatives and delivery down the road. US leadership is so disingenuous. That fire-sale apparently is already begun.

    • Justn Observer

      HUSKER… even deeper concerns reported by Ph’d Jim Willie @ about 30 min…
      Hidden Forces part 1: …that China not Qatar was in bid for the ‘Gold dir. Book’ transferred to that bank to escapes preview by the FED and ESF account from the FED Bankers Trust….in apparent attempt to take control and demand delivery of gold on demand…thereby sinking the COMEX… you would have to verify that via Jim Willie….

  27. Gertrude B.

    RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to [our] Economic Armageddon

    The New York Times’s Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter revealed [2011] how the financial meltdown emerged from the toxic interplay of Washington, Wall Street, and corrupt mortgage lenders

    In Reckless Endangerment, Gretchen Morgenson exposed how the watchdogs who were supposed to protect the country from financial harm were actually complicit in the actions that finally blew up the American economy that now has taken us to the gates of hell at ARMAGEDDON!

    Drawing on previously untapped sources and building on original research from coauthor Joshua Rosner who himself raised early warnings with the public and investors, and kept detailed records Morgenson connects the dots that led to this fiasco.

    Morgenson and Rosner draw back the curtain on Fannie Mae, the mortgage-finance giant that grew, with the support of the Clinton administration, through the 1990s, becoming a major opponent of government oversight even as it was benefiting from public subsidies.

    The authors expose the role played not only by Fannie Mae executives but also by enablers at Countrywide Financial, Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, HUD, Congress, the FDIC, and the biggest players on Wall Street, to show how greed, aggression, and fear led countless officials to ignore warning signs of an imminent disaster in that is now culminating worldwide in the greatest financial catastrophe in all of human history!

    “Gretchen Morgenson is a national treasure. Year after year, she dragged Wall Street miscreants out of the shadows, exposing their dirty secrets to the public that they bamboozled with schemes and deceits. Now, working with Joshua Rosner, she has trained her expert eye on the mortgage mess that pushed the American economy to the brink. In stunning detail, Morgenson exposes the truth behind the worst financial calamity of modern times, weaving a tale that is as mesmerizing as it is horrifying. Reckless Endangerment names the names and reveals the secrets of the plutocrats and politicians whose greed and recklessness threatened the foundations of capitalism. It is essential reading for anyone struggling to understand how America entered the new era of financial chaos.”

    Like Holmes and Dr. Watson, they have pieced together the clues to a seminal mystery of the financial debacle: how American taxpayers were suckered by the shenanigans, greed, egos, back scratching, and guile of financial and political elites who swarmed like vultures around Fannie Mae, picking it clean of oversight and accountability while its executives gorged themselves on the spoils. Naming names and taking no prisoners, they drill deep into one of the most disturbing scandals of our time, perpetrated in the name of helping “the little guy.” Read it and weep. Read it and vow: Never Again!” ― Great Guest’s Greg?

  28. Matt

    There is one likely outcome of the Deutsche Bank debacle that has to be considered. This opinion has been posited by those who are familiar with such predicaments. If The Elites will do “anything” to keep the train rolling, they have to continue the charade without any visible bailouts. That means there could be a transaction developed to enact a sale of Deutsche Bank (does anyone remember the Bank of America / Merrill Lynch coercion?), change the name to remove the sheeple ability to relate the two entities, and kick the can a little further down the road.

    As Bill very astutely relates, there is no escape from what is coming. It can be delayed, postponed, hidden from view. But it is coming. The Elite’s have made deals with intelligences that they do not understand and cannot recognize their true motives. The Elite are selling humanities future to forces from beyond the earth who are actively working to subvert human freedom and preserve the resources of the world for their own purposes. The Intervention will not have to fire a shot. The Intervention is very adept in the mental environment, the art of persuasion, which is how wars are fought in The Greater Community. This can be seen. This can be known…

    • Bill Holter

      it is math.

  29. Sylvia

    Thanks so much for bringing Bill Holter to your Watchdog site. I am forever his biggest
    supporter. He explains the situations completely in a manner that any thinking person should be able to understand. I hope to subscribe to Sinclair/Holter newsletter soon.

    Thanks. Sylvia

    • Bill Holter

      thank you for such kind words Sylvia!

  30. Sugar foot

    Look After Orphans and Widows in Their Tribulation

    It is not difficult to recognize that we live in an unloving world. Referring to the kind of people existing during “the last days,” the apostle Paul wrote: “Critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, . . . having no natural affection.” (2 Timothy 3:1-3) How true those words are!

    THE moral environment of our times has contributed to a lack of compassion in the hearts of many. People are less and less interested in the welfare of others, in some cases even in that of members of their own family.

    This adversely affects many who, because of various circumstances, become destitute. The number of widows and orphans steadily grows as a result of wars, natural disasters, and displacement of people seeking refuge. (Ecclesiastes 3:19) “More than 1 million [children] have been orphaned or separated from their families as a result of war,” states a report from the United Nations Children’s Fund. You also know of the large number of single, abandoned, or divorced mothers who face the harsh task of surviving and bringing up their families on their own. The situation is worsened by the fact that some countries are now confronting a serious economic crisis, which causes many of their citizens to live in extreme poverty.

    • Bill Holter

      in other words, be Christ like!

    • Paul ...

      The US neocons have committed reprehensible war crimes against innocent people all over this world … for instance they used a peaceful village in Iraq to test one of their new magnesium/phosphorous/lithium weapons and burned and melted every human being in the village without mercy … each of us must choose what side we want to be on … the side of good or the side of evil … as we all must live with the consequences of our actions … you are either with Jesus or against him … there is no doubt in my mind that all those involved with helping ISIS to chop off Christian heads will be brought to justice!

  31. Mohammad


    It is obvious the elections are going to Hillary if held.
    No doubt in my mind about it.
    The MACHINE is in full gear to her side.

    Trump’s followers are not going to clash with the establishment over stealing the election. They will chicken out, you can bet on that.

    So likely we have a lease on Dollar’s life for another 4 years with Hillary in the oval office (at least in the minds of her masters).


    I Think (and i could be wrong) if Russia senses that Hillary (like what i expect) will be in the W.H. they will finish Aleppo and return it back to Syria and eventually that will be game over (actually they are doing it now), US / West will sense that too and they will intervene boots on the ground, if they have to, to prevent it ( calls are already for British boots on the ground in Syria, France is cranking up the heat, and Germany is committing more NATO forces to Incirlic base in Turkey) especially they are POSTPONING Mosul’s retake to just prior to the elections (to see where it will tip) and they will roll from Mosul to Raqqa and from it to Damascus.

    The clash and collide in Syria is inevitable am afraid (too much and too dangerous friction is a daily chore there).

    Then all bets are off.


    • Greg Hunter

      You said “It is obvious the elections are going to Hillary if held.” I think it’s obvious that the MSM (thank you Wiki Leaks) and the polls are false and rigged in favor of Hillary. In reality I think she is losing and they know it. That’s why the air of desperation. Obama and Hillary have NO accomplishments–Zero. The MSM and the polls are all about thought shaping and mind control. I don’t believe a single thing the MSM says at this point, and I worked for two networks over a nine year period.

      • WD


        I dont know if you realize this but more people watch Alex Jones info wars than CNN.

        If you look at total views/youtube/subscriptions etc. That says it all

        • Frederick

          I just read that CNN is banning any stories about Bill Clintons illegitimate half black son Williams I believe his name is Wonder why? Lol

          • Paul ...

            Likely because he is a chip off the old block … he wants DNA testing so he can gain the legal right to half the Clinton Foundation’s money!!

          • Dan S.

            Alex just had Danney Williams on his show yesterday. The photo of Danney as a young lad could very well be Bill as a boy – they look so much a like.

      • FC

        I have to agree with Mohammad and I find it hard to believe that a person like yourself Greg, who knows better than anyone else how corrupt the whole system is and how the general public has been misled by Bankers, Governments and the Media or you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing now and yet you believe they will conduct an honest election……………now that’s Faith.

        • Greg Hunter

          Just lie down and quit then, and get out of the way. I am not giving up.

          • Mohammad


            Why do you think his taxes are still audited until now?
            Is it because it is so complicated and hard core tax code that IRS people cannot get their head wrapped around them? I think not.

            Or is it because they are just waiting for the election is over and Hillary in the W.H. and then they will drop the hammer on him and throw him in jail for tax evasion??????

            Think about it.

            The worst mistake, the biggest blunder he made in the debate was when he said to Hillary: “You will be in jail”.

            He could of said: you will be investigated thoroughly, fairly ….. or to that effect, but when he said what he said i felt right away that he sealed his fate and jail is where he will go.


            • Greg Hunter

              I am not so sure.

              • Bobby Branson

                More likely his audit is squeaky clean so they keep it hidden.

                Maybe they are bringing out the fine-toothed combs and microscopes now, but that might take some time.

            • Laura

              I think he’ll win for that statement! Many people will vote for Trump because they know Hillary is a.criminal.

              • Mohammad

                it does not matter Laura who votes for whom, results are set.


          • asmith

            That’s why I contribute to your site. You have the passion to try to make a difference. And to Bill Holder too for taking the time to add his comments.

            That being said, I’m not giving up either (I’ve been into gov’t “conspiracies” since the 1970’s), but as I get older I’m making my peace with the inexorable rise of the fascist (or Fabian) state of affairs in the Western world. I’m old enough to remember the tumult of 1968 in the USA. I’m also old enough to have a father and uncle serve in the Pacific in WW2. My father was older when he was drafted and managed to stay out of harm’s way in the Navy, but his younger brother joined the Marines. He survived the war but didn’t make the transition back from the killing fields well and crashed his car and died after a drunken night in 1947.

            But I lived the American dream. I should be glad, but I’m not. I’m not because this country had the opportunity, after WW2, to bring upon the Western world a utopia for the common man w/not the Soviet, but free market capitalism. But the leadership chose differently. A leadership that goes back to the 19th century Rhodes’ round tables and the Rockefeller et al monopolists.

            And here we are. This is not 1938-39 as there were too many warnings, but rather 1914 when it all came out of the blue…

          • FC

            Greg, I can feel your frustration in your comment and understand totally, but I would like to say that I have never laid down or have ever quit on anything in my 55 years, nor do I intend to begin, but this is a battle that needs to be fought with bloodshed and not with a keyboard to win and I doubt there are many in today’s society who would remain standing for true victory.

        • Paul ...

          We have to figure the Clinton machine will stuff the ballot boxes and fix the Diebold voting machines to garner about 15% of the vote … this is why everyone must get out and vote for Trump in overwhelming numbers … we must make Trump win 2/3 of the votes to Hillary’s 1/3 … so that when the Democrats throw in their “15% fake ballots” the results will be Hillary 33% plus 15% =48% to Trumps 52% and we still win!!

          • FC

            Trump, will no doubt receive 75% of the votes, but Homeland Security, will declare Hillary the winner………….the world elites are convincing the Planet that Trump is an unfit for office.
            Even the pathetic Green Party in Australia are getting in on the act.

          • Mohammad


            look at the debate:
            rates were much more than what your target for trump’s vote yet they tweaked it to Hillary and when Trump was faced with it on O’Reily knowing fully it was rigged and false he shut his mouth off and did not say a word.
            If he says it is rigged, well, he always quoted them, he cannot contradict himself.
            It is a head spinning “management of perspective politics”.


            • Bobby Branson

              I think Trump showed some real fear standing near Hillary in the second debate. He knows she is the Devil, and can feel it.

              He is a brave man, putting his amazing life and fortune on the line for an often ungrateful populace.

      • Mohammad


        You are underestimating what Jim Sinclair calls Management of perspective economics, it could be easily called “Management of perspective politics” machine.

        Trump DID NOT SAY A WORD when O’Rilley on Fox news told him you slipped in the polls:

        Trump knows the polls are rigged but he did not say it (he though hinted to it towards the end of the interview) since he ALWAYS QUOTE THE POLLS as his power points. You see? it is effective management in destroying his strong debate, RIGGING is what its called and that what he will lose to.
        I will go further and say that he will GO TO JAIL over tax evasion once Hillary is in the W.H. simply because his supporters are GOING TO DESERT HIM 9am talking about main street) once they know the price is clashing with the law (remember the red button CAF always talk about?).
        So all in all i say Hillary will go to W.H., Trump will go to jail and war is the only wild card that will be played by the losing side of the elections (Russia vs West).
        We can jump up and down all day long saying it is rigged polls, will be rigged voting machines, MSM is for Hillary’s….etc, I do not like what is happening too, but am saying it the way am seeing it.

        Time Will Tell.


      • Charles H

        Not true, Greg. They have crippled and brought America to it’s knees. The accomplishment then is a negative one.

      • eddiemd


        The problem is that the media controls the election thought shaping. People who don’t read alternative news are not getting the message. Most people are distracted and/or too busy to look for news other than corporate news.

        I have spoken with highly educated people and they believe the news coming from the MSM. The less educated people cannot think critically and believe what they are told to believe.

        • Bobby Branson

          It amazes me how many people I talk to sound like walking TV sets.

          “Trump is not really experienced in politics.”

          “He’s crazy.”

          “He has some crazy ideas.”

          “Hillary has more experience.”

          “They are both just as bad as each other.”

          “America is a joke.”

          “Trump just thinks of himself.”

          “That video was really bad.”

          “The Russians want Trump in because he will destroy America and they want that.”

          “Trump will cause violence from minorities.”

          “Trump is too racist.”

          “Trump needs to release his tax results.”

          etc. You know the drill if you’ve heard the MSM. They have millions of parrots now because of the internet. No need to even buy the newspaper to become an MSM repeating station anymore.

          • C romana

            Exactly. Independent thinking, like here with Greg, is not the norm. More people are waking up, but still not equal to sheeple.

      • Jan

        We need to recognize Obama has 3 significant “accomplishments” that are all threatened by the Trump/Pence ticket: 1) The “Affordable Care Act” to insure millions without healthcare. This law is neither affordable or sustainable; insurers are dropping like flies.
        2) The set of laws that cripple ICE and border patrol and police from doing their jobs to keep the country safe from harm. For example, police have to release adult prisoners that potentially “qualify” for DAPA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) even though this law was touted as protecting school-age kids. Releasing thugs from jail because of their DAPA eligibility protects no one.
        3) Obama’s Supreme Court appointments that have led to 5-4 Liberal victories. This is why Liberals are fighting so hard to get Hillary in to entrench these “accomplishments”.

      • Diane

        Pray for integrous people like Greg Hunter and Catherine Austin Fitts, Watchdoggers.
        Greg and Catherine would never be asked to comment in the MSM….
        Greg KNOWS just how totally CORRUPT the MSM is…..first hand knowledge.
        Catherine knows just how totally CORRUPT the government is….first hand knowledge.
        Pray for them….God keep them safe.
        People will eventually know.

      • Remo

        Concerning television, why do you think they call
        it programing?

      • Justn Observer

        Greg and Mohammad….To your points… sober reading here….Narcissist Nero needs to be replaced ASAP !

      • Mohammad

        i just read that on Zero hedge confirming my thought:


        • Paul ...

          It is the truth we must all squarely face now before we vote this November … otherwise … “There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasaki’s everywhere”!!

      • Al Hall

        Greg: you are spot on- polls are rigged in Killary’s favor- RIGGED is the key word.. Just like the Brexit vote- rigged polls.
        I agree with Bill H. on the stop the elections coming. Dave Hodge had a 2 star general tell him-” something will happen before October is out”! An this is goolish stuff Dave was told-
        Bio/diseases sprayed on us, laser weapons, audio weapons, U.N. troops already positioned in the USA to shut America down. Our guns will not be of a major force against what the elite’s have planned!
        As I told you a year ago- and Bill said it here- “they can not allow Trump to get in- He knows all the secrets and they all will go to jail under trump” Pastor Williams said 6 months ago- the elite told him-“If trump continues to do well- they will kill him- somehow- some way!”
        I fear for Mr. Trump- they kill JFK- they will kill anyone in their way!

        • Mohammad


          it will be the “ALIENS” enemy this time that will scare the shit out of gun holders brags and they will quickly submit to the NWO gov. that will “protect” humanity from this coming “danger”


          And according to Gen. Milley it is 2016. listen to the vid.


          • Paul ...

            Interesting disclosure … little green men are real … and “they” are included in his list of “enemy’s”… all the more reason “everyone must own a gun” … these little green men can be killed with guns … and this is the reason Hillary and the neocons (who are in bed with these evil beings) want to take our guns away … these neocons are so immoral that they will shoot our children dead in their classrooms just so as to have an excuse to take away our guns! … the choice is clear this November … out evil … and bring in good!!

            • Tin foil hat

              I have a feeling that the NWO, the massive Muslims migration, climate change, open border and the little green men are all somehow connected one way or another.
              It almost seem the minions of the little green men are trying to meet a deadline.

      • Nick-Dog

        You are absolutely right, Greg! Right-on!

    • Bill Holter

      it is possible the “count” is too far out of reach to be stolen?

      • Frederick

        Probably yes it is but that wont keep them from doing it anyway My concern is what we “deploreables” -are prepared to do about it after it happens

        • Mohammad

          Just venting out frustration on keyboard. no more no less.


          • Frederick

            Not really Doc Im traveling to NY in a week and I plan to get involved in the movement and Im flying from Istanbul We arent all woosies like you seem to believe

            • Mohammad

              That is not what i meant.

              all i am saying is that the votes are set.
              There were a testimonies in the congress about how the voting machines are rigged, did they do anything about it?
              if they were serious about having real votes, they should resort to PAPERS. then no way on earth any one can play with the votes:


              AS LONG AS THE VOTES ARE ELECTRONIC, YOU ARE CASTING AN EXTRA VOTE FOR HILLARY. So your trip to NY will only make Hillary happier.

              Sorry for being blunt but i say things the way i see it.


      • Al Hall


    • WD

      I can’t see how Russians would take a chance on letting her in…..she has wanted war with them for the past 3 years.

  32. pat the rat

    All I know is that it is getting worst ,and that I am becoming a little overwhelm by it ! good luck .

    • Al Hall


  33. Diane D.

    Bill Holter is one of my favorite guests. He is a real straight shooter. Thank you Greg.

    These are dangerous times indeed. Lost in all this turmoil is the Constitution and the rule of law. Trump is just one man in a sea of traitors. At best he will be a King but I will vote for him. I have to give him credit for exposing the MSM and Republican Party for the shills they are. And he has contributed to bringing the globalists out in the open.

    I do NOT believe the polls. Just look at the huge crowds for Trump versus the meager crowds for Hillary. The difference is too great for the corrupt system to swing in favor of Hillary. I think Trump will be elected and the fiscal chaos worldwide will occur on his watch. Trump (and Conservatives and Natiionism) will be made scapegoats.

    • Paul ...

      Trump can take advantage of the financial chaos that will be made to occur on his watch … by simply taking Plunge Protection Team money and shorting all the To Big to Fail Banks … short them … short them … and then short them some more (the same way the bankers did with our gold and silver) … drive them into the ground and bankruptcy … then cover the shorts and reap enough money out of these banksters to pay off the entire National Debt of the American people … lets make our country great again off the backs of the slimy evil ones who were out to destroy it all along!

  34. Bill

    GREG: It is refreshing to me to see someone like Trump who is handling all the crap the msm, demorats and low life republican throw at him, and remains standing. He is not swayed by the polls as politicians are. Jus the kind of man we need in the white house.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. The MSM is committing fraud in my book by masquerading as news/journalism outlets. They are political hacks and nothing more. They are defrauding shareholders in my book!!

    • Al Hall


      • Paul ...

        Al … You must realize one thing … although Trump is running as a Republican … he is not one of them … and neither is he a Democrat … he is a man of the people … a “NO PARTY” candidate … we foiled the elites (who own both party’s) at their own game … and they are in panic mode … the good moral people of America are about to take back control of their Nation again … and will once again make the Constitution the law of the land … all the evil neocons (of both party’s) are trying to throw a monkey wrench into this election using every device in their control (war, voter fraud, the MSM, tampered Diebold voting machines) as they know they are soon going to be thrown in jail for treason!

  35. Rock

    Thanks for having Bill on again. He is one of my favorites, and is one of us. Please continue to have him on as often as you can.
    God’s blessings to all.

  36. glen

    it resembles a 1970`s marriage/divorce entanglement between the two candidates,

  37. Oxfarmer

    Thanks to Mr. Holter for posting a few more answers in the area.

    Mr Holter’s demenour said more than a little about how serious this all is. I appreciate that level of seriousness when we are talking about bank corpses. The end of money as we have grown to know it, is no laughing matter, macabre humour or any other kind. And if he is checking supplies I guess I should be.

  38. Eric

    Not sure why putting words into James Rickards mouth, I follow him very closely and he was very clear about October 1 Yuan/SDR. He always referred to it as a point in history to look back to and pinpoint where things changed. He never said it would be a flashpoint of some sort.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Eric for adding this clarification.

  39. Truth

    Bill Holter,

    Always appreciate the integrity of your work… When Deutsche Bank falls, it will take the US banks with it, so the Euro and USD are doomed. But, do you think that both the ruble and yuan (and by extension, the HKD) will weather the storm, since Russia and China have been stacking gold, like there’s no tomorrow? Isn’t it just as simple as the HKD dropping its peg to the USD (when the time comes)?

    I’ve heard it said that all fiat currencies will die, but I question that… Why would those who have prepared (Russia and China) suffer the same fate as those who have not (US and our allies)?


    Bill Holter is my favorite guest. Please keep scheduling him as events unfold, to keep us updated. He’s the most knowledgeable and seasoned, in the business. A person of INTEGRITY is worth their weight in gold.

  40. eddiemd


    Every country in the world will be affected. There are very limited countries where an american citizen will be safe. Any income that comes from the USA will be cut-off especially government pensions.
    Unless you have a skill such as a physician/surgeon or maybe a dentist and can speak a second language, you are really out of luck. As a physician, my skills can be bartered .

    The FATCA limits your choices to few safe countries. Ecuador might be the best choice in the western hemisphere.

    Within the USA will be complete chaos. Nobody will be safe. Stocking up on supplies in the USA, one drone strike and you are done.

  41. .929special

    My question is, what does it matter when it is all orchestrated to bring in the one world government? Can we talk about the UN, SCAG, all of the communistic collusion to hand us over to the elites?

    • .929special

      Additionally, once they declare owning metals as illegal – all the silver and gold you have won’t matter. And they will do it, it was illegal up until the 70s.

      • Charles H

        If government decides to declare what now is legal, to then be illegal: I become a criminal by doing nothing. Only if it ever comes to be will I worry about it.

  42. Tracy Welborn

    In the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka, “Lighten up Francis”.

  43. Mohammad

    And what makes you think that where you are now is safe?
    Let me break it down for you:
    US WILL NOT GO DOWN AND THE EAST IS LAUGHING, you can bet your bottom on that.
    1- Asia safe haven will be safe HEAVEN once some hot spots in it get nuked: N. Korea for one, Iran for two, India exchanging nukes with Pakistan for three, and definitely Russia and China are not going to be safe,

    2- EU is the first to suffer from any Nuclear exchange.

    3- M.E. …..? do not even let me go there i can write for hours.


    5- South America?

    6- Australia?

    7- New Zealand?


    No place on earth will be safe haven when this breaks out.
    Your premise is false and you are indulging yourself in a false sense of security.
    Better off pray it will get you far more better results.


    • Tin foil hat


      • Mohammad

        They will melt.


    • Frederick

      Patagonia and Tasmania look nice this time of year

  44. LAKE M

    Regarding your discussion with Bill Holter on DeutscheBank, Jim Willie recently suggested the possibility that China may be involved in negotiating a US treasury bond/long gold derivative swap with DBank. Fresh capital for DB and a favorable position for China. Maybe the Chinese are fed up with the paper gold selling manipulations in NewYork and London and such a deal could provide a way to put down the Comex and London gold paper pushers plus get rid of some US TBonds at the same time. That would mean they would then favor higher gold prices and yeah… make a tidy profit from the long gold derivatives. ( see for Jim’s latest interview)

    Euroland is ripe for chaos as Italy teeters, French banks holding a dominant position of Italian debt, and the Germans who own a large position in French debt plus their largest, most important bank is very possibly insolvent. Spain,Portugal and Greece are in worse shape. What could go wrong?

    We are all facing a global debt and currency crisis, a global economic crisis, a global and domestic political crisis, a escalating risk of nuclear war, the clash of cultures Islam
    vs the West, the collapse of the Euro system and the American empire, et al. Any of which can bring the house down. Mr. Holter provides a warning about the societal disintegration that very likely occur across the US, however unpleasant it is. Thanks Bill.

    I’d guess most people don’t want to think about how quickly our way of life could change. And how unpleasant it could be. If social chaos develops in the US, people will clamor for order, making it easy to increase the power of the Totalitarian State. The parallels of this decade compared to the development of the Nazi state are scary. We have lost too many freedoms already. We face a dangerous and dystopian future.

  45. Jared


    Bill is one of my all time favorites on here along with Schiff, Mannarino and various others! Just wondering if you had ever interviewed Dave Kranzler or Doug Casey about the mining stocks in precious metals? Dave is also very knowledgeable on the Deushe Bank fiasco as well.

    Thanks for the great interviews!


  46. Robert Peter Bailey

    Dear Greg,

    I have contacted you few times now and I have always been fed by your many great guest speakers on your show ! From 1972 onwards I was educated with History and Theology degree, and I have been studying ever since up to the present time. From the year 2007 by a sheer fluke when I worked in Guernsey, in the English Channel Islands, I read Mike Maloney’s book Investing in Gold and Silver. I got in to the Austrian school of macro-economics and the many, many great speakers on the alternative media.

    My main reason is to leave you with Daniel 4: 17, please read this great text ” The Most High rule the in the kingdom of men”. The NWO will be smashed by God the Father, and the Second Advent of Christ. RPB

    • Robert Peter Bailey

      Dear Greg,

      Daniel 4: 17; says this The Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men”. Sorry for some reason this Bible text was not correct, but this is correct taken from the 1611 KJV Bible.

      Kind regards…Robert

  47. wondrouscat

    All the crooked politicians, the DOJ and the Fed, and the corporate media, are like a mafia – and Trump is like Serpico trying to clean house. They cover for one another, and are in league to steal and plunder and control the populations. Once you think of them all as a mafia it becomes very clear. The mob bosses are the elites, the really deep pockets, spread out all over the world.

  48. Concerned

    Not wanting to sound stupid regarding derivatives, but who is holding the other end of them? You read about the exposure of them through the banks, but who/what are the banks getting these from?

    • Tin foil hat

      Try to imagine a circular firing squad, company A insures company B, company B insures company C and company C insures company A.
      The bankruptcy of company A will trigger the derivative which may likely cause financial stress in company C. When company C is as shaky as Deutsche Bank, it may trigger the derivative causing financial stress in company B.
      When investors find out company A insures company B …………………… BOOM!

  49. Pinocchio

    Deutsche Bank is only one of tens zombie banks in Europe and its liquidity problem was not the worst. It has the greatest attention and is called “the most systemically dangerous” because of its special connections with Goldman Sachs, Aramco, Saudi royal family, Qatari royal family, Russian narcotics cartel, Muslim Brotherhood, and London Bullion Market Association. I know this from my chat with one of my sources inside Bank of England.

    That is all. Now, if you excuse me, I want to go out to have some beer.

  50. David S

    great interview again. id love it if you could get stephen cohen on for his take on russia

  51. Da Yooper


    It is very cool that Bill Holter will interact with the posters here.

    I wish more of the people you interview did this

    once again a great interview

  52. Ron

    Great interview Greg, but something I’ve always wondered about and would love to have answered by one of your guests is this: Why is it always assumed that Deutschbank is on the wrong side of their derivatives holdings? Is there no possibility that Deutschbank might actually profit from their derivative holdings? If not, why not?

  53. Ray

    I didn’t realize the hysterical reaction to Trump proposing a special prosecutor wasn’t because they are scared of tyranny but because the establishment is scared of justice

    • Paul ...

      Exactly … the face Hillary puts on as she is accused of the most vile things is to smile, laugh it off and deny it … like evil Dorian Grey her true face is kept hidden away from all public view!

  54. Anthony Australia

    Why do you keep watching?

    There’s not too many people will Ng to stick their necks out and telll the truth.

  55. Mike R

    Not to be too off topic, but here is VIDEO of HRC campaign staff, who has their own version of ‘locker room’ talk, and grabbing female private parts. Where is MSM coverage of this ???? Where is the outrage ????

    Here you go….

    Apparently its ok for them to say its ok to grab some…..

    And oh, ripping up voter registrations is some how endorsed too.

  56. Mohammad



  57. Gertrude B.

    From Russia with Love: Zhirinovski makes case for Trump

    Putin ally tells Americans: vote Trump or face nuclear war
    By Andrew Osborn | MOSCOW World News | Wed Oct 12, 2016 | 6:35pm EDT


    Russian ultra-nationalist ally of President Vladimir Putin, likes to compare himself to the U.S. Republican candidate Donald J. Trump!
    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a flamboyant veteran lawmaker known for his fiery rhetoric, told Reuters in an interview that Trump was the only person able to de-escalate dangerous tensions between Moscow and Washington. VIDEO AND MORE;

  58. WD

    CNN ratings keep dropping how will these organizations profit after this election?

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM have destroyed their credibility, and thus, their “news” business model. It’s fraud on shareholders, and fraud on the general public. The layoffs are going to be stunning in 2017.

      • Frederick

        I agree they are yesterdays news and it will end badly for their employees especially You were wise to get outta Dodge when you did Greg

      • Diane

        Stop watching MSM
        Stop reading MSM
        Stop listening to MSM

        Lies, lies, and damn lies.

        I hope they all go bankrupt.
        Just pray we keep the internet free speech.
        We know what blogs to read.
        There are still some left.

  59. Anthony Australia


  60. John Doe

    Did you hear Coast to Coast am last night with George Noory interviewing Malcolm Nance? Very strange indeed!
    Nance is obviously a paid shill of the crony so called capitolist and globalist, deep state new world disorder types. George was being nice to the guy but anybody who listens to Coast to Coast could see through Nances disinformation. It was pure propaganda, of which you can obtain the full two hours very cheaply, @ Coast to Coast It’ll get your cackles up, but this guy is good. He will serve his masters well, bamboozling the Low-Information crowd.

    Well I had to check out this Nance character so I Googled Malcontent Nance and this explains it all;

    “Independent Sentinel”
    A government of laws, not of men

    Disinformation Campaign Against Wikileaks Is Being Spread by the Media

    by S. Noble • October 12, 2016

    The media is an official arm of the Democrat Party and they are working feverishly to make certain Hillary Clinton takes over the White House and Trump never gets to the gate.

    MSNBC tweeted out disinformation about Wikileaks last week in an attempt to discredit them. It was retweeted more than 4 thousand times including by a former Bush speechwriter. These people must really want Single Payer and open borders.

    MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance tweeted that the Podesta emails are dirty documents.

    Malcolm Nance Verified account 
    Malcolm Nance Retweeted KA Semenova

    Official Warning: #PodestaEmails are already proving to be riddled with obvious forgeries & #blackpropaganda not even professionally done

    It has been retweeted 4.2 thousand times. The only problem is he’s wrong. Nance is an analyst who either didn’t bother to investigate or is in cahoots with the Democratic operative who actually did send out the false document, the one false document, Nance used as an example.
    This is the false doc at issue. . .CHECK IT OUT;

    Yes they’d better lock up the valuables in the White House and keep the interns away from the lech husband. Better get used to pay-for-play, selling of the Lincoln bedroom, Obamanism for 8 more years, and catering to violent hate groups as well. Which curiously Mr. Nance would agree!

  61. Frederick

    What always amazes me is where on earth do all these people find the disposesable income to go out to eat and drink in restaurants so often? For me its an occasional treat and here in Turkey its relatively inexpensive Boggles the mind actually and the 5 dollar drinks at places like Starbucks for teenagers Pretty crazy I think and unsustainable as well

    • Paul ...

      Today’s kids can’t afford a house or a car so the money they make at their part time jobs cam all be spent on outdoor food … they figure spending $2 dollars for a hot dog and $1 for a coke is cheaper for them then going to a grocery store to buy a pack of franks, rolls, mustard, onions, pickles, etc. and then spending an hour of their time to prepare it all!

  62. John Doe

    Now lets begin to unravel some of the misinformation!

    Team Clinton Plans to Gut the Catholic Church, Start a Revolution Like Any Good Marxists

    The mouth Andrea Mitchell Says No Smoking Guns in Podesta Emails

    Glenn Beck Says a President Trump Would Destroy the Church

    Does Obama’s Bawdy Behavior Beat Out Trump’s?

    Massive Voter Fraud Could Determine the Election

    More from Wikileaks: Haiti Was a Playground for FOBs
    FOBs are friends of Bill’s, as in Bill Clinton.

    Three Stunners from Wikileaks Wednesday Dump

    Hillary Threatens War: Russia Prepares

    Wikileaks Latest Dump Should Terrify People Over Our Real President, [Soros!]

    It’s all here;

    People from Central America, perhaps South America, Mexico and Canada will come in and out, not with a passport but with a pass as they have in the EU and which has been described by Soros organizations. That means illegal alien transnational gangs will no longer be illegal. Terrorists will be able to get passes. Hillary has said she wants open borders and she wants illegals to have full benefits including Obamacare.

    She would increase Muslim immigration to one million in her first year and give amnesty to more illegal aliens than Barack Obama as she has promised. It is on her must-do list.

    No more talk radio, just recipes all night friends!
    Take note George; Ya ha be be, Shalom!

  63. Mohammad

    And the war drumbeat gets louder:


  64. Jared


    Just setting here thinking how much things that are happening now are so similar to the book of Revelation. I can see the man of sin stepping out either in Europe or here in the USA and supposedly saving the world through a cashless transaction done with a mark on the hand or head. I can see how this might possibly upset China (who is tired of the west tricks) and that’s when the million man army will march to the Mideast to confront the western armies. The war with Russia would take place before this and looks to be setting up now. Just an opinion, but it is eerily similar to what is written in Revelation.

  65. Chip

    Greg, lots of great comments in this thread. OT here is something from the trenches to share with you and your readers. I read threads like this to hear straight talk from the “folks” and so here is one I want to share…

    I have two very close friends here in Texas that just got back from the insurance company representing blue cross blue shield. Their new plan (for the two of them in their late 50’s) cost $1,499 per month with $3,500 deductible EACH!!! That’s $25,000 PER YEAR before they see any benefit!!! And they are retired!!!

    Obamacare is bankrupting the middle class to pay for the new 25 million insured that the Government brags about. Sinking the whole ship in the progress… Chip

  66. pat the rat

    Deutsche bank has $0.0003 cents for every dollar they have in debt ,a penny goes a long way.

  67. Diane

    Charley Jones KRLD radio posted this on his Facebook page.
    Long article but fascinating. Brilliant.

  68. Dan S.

    The end result of this election will be the same no matter who wins. If Trump wins they’ll say Putin rigged it – were going to war. If Hillary wins/steals this election there will be the biggest revolution since the Boston Tea Party. Martial law will be declared and were going to war.
    Putin has already told his people to prepare for nuclear war. He just had an exercise and evacuated 40 Million people.
    Were going to war it’s been foretold in the bible. I would like to quote from the movie War Games “no one wins”, but that is not totally accurate. The winners will be those that survive this bloodbath and welcome in Jesus next decade.

    • Diane D.

      Don’t believe outrageous headlines. Yes, Russia had nuclear related exercises in cities whose total populations may equal 40 million, but there is no way Russia evacuated 40 million people. Just stop and think about that number, and the logistics.

      As for predicting when Biblical events will occur, the time is not for us to know. Prepare yes. Fear not.

      • Bill

        Diane D; When he Russian govt directs the families of Russian govt officials in the US to come home immediately, maybe its time to rethink. We can have the destruction of the US and it not mean the tribulation has started , or armagadon.

  69. Larry Galearis

    Bill and most pundits do not think the elites can also rig your election even when a MIT professor (name escapes me, sorry) says that the digital voting system was rejected in Europe because it could be easily rigged. Just saying,…

  70. vincent_g

    What happened?

    What did I miss?

    Do we have a CNN news person that has sneaked in a point of view?
    A CNN person that’s trying to make a case?

  71. Jerry

    If I am anything, you might consider me a watcher of human behavior. Having a MA in psychology I find studying human behavior almost like a science. Having said that have you noticed the behavior of the MSM towards Donald Trump? It almost smacks of desperation. It makes me wonder what they are really hiding behind the false narrative that they really care? I’m beginning to think somebody is going to get to play the role of a patsy when the whole outhouse goes up in flames, and its just a matter of who they can pin it on.

    • Bobby Branson

      They always tell us we have been living beyond our means for years.

      Its called scapegoating.

    • Tin foil hat

      Did you watch the interview of Jessica Leed on Anderson Cooper? A novice interrogator can probably identify two or three soft spots in her fairy tale which can be used to break her.

  72. Dee Garmon

    Who’s going to win is as clear as day and night. What is not so clear is what the
    establishment is going to do to prevent it from happening.
    If anybody seriously thinks MSM, Wall Street, Soros, Buffets, hedge funds and even members of his own party are doing it out of a sense of patriotism, they need to take an IQ test.

    • 8Ball

      A letter from James Dobson
      subject: Trump Presidency

      A Preacher’s Analysis of the U.S. Election Drama—Is Trump good for America?

      When I first heard that Trump (DT) was entering the race last year, I told my wife that perhaps it was a good thing for the party and America. I knew that he was not a “saint,” but I thought that he would be like a bull in a china shop. He is a disrupt-er and I believe America could use a fresh thinker especially in the political arena. I didn’t think he would get the nomination, but that he would shake up politics as usual. I was correct on the shaking up!

      Lance Wallnau likens him to a biblical Cyrus. Someone who is dynamically used of God even though not perceived by many as a God follower. God has used many people in history that I would probably not like or agree with. I’m not sure I would have liked all the disciples, or David, or Moses. Somehow, God did not seem compelled to consult with me on His choices!

      I have always admired Winston Churchill. He is seen as one of the greatest national leaders in the 20th century. Last year, I had the privilege of going through the War Museum in London. Winston is a key feature. His life is controversial. He was not always celebrated as a great leader. He was a bombastic, cigar smoking, at times crude, even misogynistic leader. It is alleged that he told off color stories to his children before bedtime! A woman once told him he was disgustingly drunk. His response was “My dear, you are disgustingly ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober, and you will still be ugly!”

      There are many websites that discuss the outlandish comments and activities of this great world leader. But, he had exactly what was needed to stop Hitler at the Channel, to rouse a nation to never give up and to partner with America to find final victory in Europe. You probably wouldn’t want him as your pastor, maybe not even your father, but he was the right leader for that moment in England’s history. Such a brazen man that would go up to the roof of his quarters in central London and smoke cigars as Hitler’s air force bombed all around him. I’m not sure I would have voted for him…. but he was the right man!

      I think it would be awesome to have a righteous leader, one that understood the intricacies of the economy, health care, defense, immigration, with great sensitivity to religious institutions, a heart for the poor, a vision for the future. If that leader was a praying person, formidable in the word of God and loved the local church, I would rejoice! I do not think that is the choice we will have in November.

      Instead….we will look for someone who is imperfect, yet will fit the times we are living in. Particularly, that ‘whoever’ we vote for, will be someone who might possibly have the opportunity to appoint up to three Supreme Court justices. That could radically shape our culture in America for the next 30 years. The America of our grandchildren could be very different….and that may not be good. We cannot stand on the sidelines. A non-vote is a passive vote for a direction we may very well regret.

      So…is Donald Trump good for America? I honestly believe that he has been already. He has shaken the political system. Do his comments offend me? At times! Do I agree with all he says? Not at all! But could he be a “Cyrus” being raised up by God to preserve America? Nobody liked Gen. Patton, but he sure WAS an instrument of the United States for the right things.

      This I know. I will vote for the best chance for America. I will pray for our leaders as I have already. In the end – God will continue to be my source and my hope. I do believe that God has had a hand in America’s history. I hope and pray that He will also have a saving hand in America’s future.

      I shudder when I think of the caliber of HILLIARY’S APPOINTEES.

      GOD help us.

  73. Mohammad


    An epic meeting this Friday.


  74. Paul ...

    Remember … when God threw Satan and his minions into prison … all of Heaven rejoiced … when Trump throws Hillary and all her neocon minions into prison … all of Earth will rejoice … November 8th 2016 will be “World Independence Day” … a day that will be remembered as the day “Good won over Evil” … a day when the world was “returned to rationality” and the “yoke of slavery removed” from “all peoples” of the world!

    • Paul ...

      Not by luck … but by hard work and dedication … by “true Americans” embedded within our Military, CIA, FBI, DOJ, etc. who still believe in justice … who still believe in freedom … and who still believe in all the good things this once Great Nation was the protector of … the forces of good are now marching upon the forces of evil for the final battle … everyone must make a choice … we are either with Jesus in over turning the tables on the money changers … or against him … with Trumps victory this November … the entire world will breath a sigh of relief … as the threat of Armageddon will be removed from our world!!!

  75. Mohammad

    Here is the way i see it, and sense it ( i hope am wrong):

    With all the mud slinging none of the two presidential contesters is fit.
    The only one i see so far fit for the presidency is OBAMA/BIDEN.
    Am not kidding. i thought a lot and i do not see any other candidates that will fill the vacuum this low scum back filthy campaign had left.

    Here is the kicker:
    If this friction is escalating to a full all out war (and it will regardless of who will sit in the oval office, mind you the shooting already started from US to Huthi’s in Yemen) then we have a precedent, Roosevelt’s third term and OBAMA/BIDEN remain for a third term under the exceptional conditions of WWIII.

    Sad, painful, frustrating and depressing but every thing i hear or see or read is just screaming the scenario i just outlined.

    I hope am mistaken. i hope a war does not break out and i pray some wisdom prevails, but so far i see none but escalation.


    • Paul ...

      Do you think Obama in the last days of his Presidency will want to go down in history as that “black man” who started WWIII?? … Does our Nobel Peace Price winning President want to go down in history as that “Moslem man” who started WWIII to protect ISIS “head hunters” (so they could cut off more Christian heads)? … No Mohammad … it seems unlikely that Obama will order US air strikes on Syrian government targets which will bring on a Russian response!! … more likely Kerry will meet with Russia on Saturday for more talks!

  76. JimH

    Deutsche Bank

    e: Deutsche Bank

    From:[email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Date: 2015-11-23 14:58
    Subject: Re: Deutsche Bank

    Could we just get someone to say she quoted Duffy and Carney to them, to
    the effect that Wall Street had lost its way?

    On Nov 23, 2015, at 11:51 AM, Mandy Grunwald wrote:

    I worry about going down this road.

    First, the remarks below make it sound like HRC DOESNT think the game is
    rigged — only that she recognizes that the public thinks so. They are
    angry. She isn’t.

    Second, once you start looking at speeches, you run smack into Maggie
    Haberman’s report for Politico on HRC’s Goldman Sachs speech, in which
    HRC isn’t quoted directly, but described as saying people shouldn’t be
    vilifying Wall Street.

    Maybe you think the Deutsche Bank speech takes the sting out of the Goldman
    report — but I am concerned that the passage below will exacerbate not
    improve the situation.

  77. Rebecca

    Nigel Farage stepped down as head of the political party UKIP.
    He still holds his position as member of the EU parliament in Brussels.

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