Don’t Resist Arrest, Global Reset Coming, No Real Recovery

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 436 6.19.2020)

President Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) on some police reforms this past week that, among other things, bans chokeholds.  What about reforms and instructions for the public interacting with police?  President Trump missed an opportunity to tell citizens NOT to resist arrest and to follow lawful commands of the nation’s law enforcement officers.  That would go a long way to stopping the violent confrontations and police doing their jobs.

Delegitimizing police and causing chaos seems to be part of the plan by the Democrat Party, which has adopted a Marxist communist agenda.  The big picture story here is America is under full on attack, but not for reform.  It is all part of the New World Order plan to stomp out America and reset the world economically and geopolitically.  There is going to be a so-called reset that the globalists have been planning at the World Economic Forum in Davos.  What will it look like?  If Donald Trump gets to reset things, the globalists will not like how that plays out.  The battle is really about who is going to shape the reset and how will the world look afterward.

You have heard talk of a so-called “V” shaped economic recovery, but charts say the “V” is pretty shallow. Yet another 1.5 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits pushing the total to more than 44 million.  When will this end?

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and others in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Financial advisor,  former Assistant HUD Secretary and Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. Scott

    Please keep up the great work, Greg.

    I just got kicked off of Zerohedge after 10 years, there. My “sin” was criticizing Google – can you believe it? Banned. Comments scrubbed.

    Google is probably after you, too, I realize, but hang _tough_, Brother – they’ll double down on the persecution going forward.

    Never get on your knees for them like Zerohedge, did – keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Stan

    The only reset will be the US Dollar being adopted by most other countries as their currency. There is no other solution for the world.

    • Ray

      But Stan…….
      The US Dollar is built on absolute quick sand, and the entire world knows it!
      In the event of a reset, the US Dollar will be completely overlooked Old Fruit.
      Anyway, you should be on your mates’ Lear Jet by now, so I will wish you well as you and your buddies head off to spend some of those Fed Debt Notes in whatever locale that plane lands in.
      Remember……..debt isn’t wealth… is DEBT……..and applied mathematics can be a bitch when there are no more illusions left to protect you from the spectre of the Exponential Curve (otherwise known as “Reality”)
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Jerry

        By all means…. listen to our resident sunshine pumper. Don’t you know he has all the answers? He’s made his fortune off of Deutsche bank stock and shorting gold. We should feel blessed he has left his busy schedule at Wall Street to hand out free investment advice here on Greg’s site. He’s so sure of his financial advice that he’s willing to back it up with a written guarantee. Right Stan?

        • Ray

          Hi Jerry,
          Stan really is one of THE Great Jesters Of The Galaxy.
          Through all his boasting of his fabulous wealth and the positions he gives us on financial prudence, I have come to have a certain fondness for him!
          That said, whenever I read one of his posts here at USAW, I cannot help but hear the music from the below old classic TV show thundering through my mind 🙂

        • paul ...

          Ray … Investing in Jim Sinclair’s gold mine is a much better and safer bet (then Stan’s written guarantee could ever be … considering his past performance)!! …

    • paul ...

      Use some common sense Stan … choosing the dollar (an “infinitely created” paper IOU debt instrument) rather then gold as the global currency … is like choosing to take a deep breath of the Corona Virus into our lungs … the US dollar is a plague upon the world (a plandemic designed by banksters) that most Nations are shutting themselves down from (to avoid being put on the “money changers respirator”) and they are buying protective gold (to mask themselves from the spread of this infectious viral global catastrophe) so they can breathe free … so a reset from the US dollar contagion (into gold) Stan … isn’t so much a matter of common sense for all the Nations of this world … but is a question of their life or death!!

      • paul ...

        Another way to use common cents is to save one quarter, one dime, one nickel and one penny every week (for a total of 41 cents per week) for an entire year … then convert this pocket change into a one ounce of silver coin … and you will have effectively saved a total of $3,656 dollars for the year (as currently calculated by the Debt Clock

        • paul ...

          Want to be a fiat dollar millionaire like Stan … buy one $100 box of nickels each week (and remove the silver war nickels) … then at the end of the year return all the regular nickels to the bank and buy more silver with the money … you should then have at least 293 ounces of silver ($5200/17.75) … and those 293 ounces of silver at $3,656 dollars/oz makes you “an instant millionaire” when everyone (except Stan) realizes that the Debt Clock value of silver is the correct one!!

          • paul ...

            Wow!! … Can you believe the Debt Clock price of Gold is now over Thirty Thousand Dollars per ounce!!! … people should use their God given brains … take $1,755 fiat dollars and immediately buy one ounce of gold with it now … which can pay off $30,000 dollars of debt later on (when the Debt Clock value of gold is made “official upon the re-set”)!! … Now that’s what I call “a Debt Jubilee”!!! …
            PS: Everyone should add up all their debt (credit cards, auto, home and school loans) and divide it by $30,000 dollars … “that” is the number of ounces of gold you should own to take advantage of the coming “re-set” Jubilee!!

            • JC

              What ‘people’ are you talking about? Buy an ounce of gold? Is there not a high percentage of the population unemployed, or living paycheck to paycheck?

              Read the book!

              When full-scale collapse comes, people will be leaving cities by the millions, and that is why no survival plan will work, except in the remotest parts of every country. There are just too many people in this world.

              April 15, 2020
              The Art Of Survival, Part 1: Taoism & ‘Warring States’
              The link above makes some very salient points; unfortunately, it leaves out some critical considerations. People who are living in the backwoods may be thinking that there might only be a few hundred families retreating to their weekend survival home among the locals of a rural town. That would be naïve.

              So, this analysis relies on dreaming. The locals in every remote town are going to learn about The Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh Tactic. Every quaint little mountain town will be overwhelmed by tens-of-thousands of refugees. If the democratic process holds and wins the day, they will soon vote the “locals” out of office.

              Large groups of refugees will be highly organized, with armed gangs at the top end of the hierarchy. It will be The Time of The Warlords. That 50 acre survival farm will not stand up to an army of thousands of scavenging refugees fleeing from the cities. A great description of that problem is addressed in the classic science fiction novel, Lucifer’s Hammer.

              The world will see wave after wave of billions of swarming human locust scouring the Earth for resources. If you are lucky enough to have a backwoods hideaway, it will only be a matter of time before those first waves crash on your beach.

              On the east coast of the United States, people can forget about retreating to the Appalachian Mountains. The United States government beat everybody to it, and continuity-of-government relocation shelters have been built under the mountain chain from Maine to Georgia. You can bet that this is the same for every major world government. Brighter minds with access to lots of money have worked out the survival options for the top one-percent in just about every country.


    • Mike R

      Stan – now that the gold bulls have your gold shorts by the cahones, are you gonna have to sell your ‘Bentley’, or re-mortgage your hut ?

      $1756 and climbing.

      What’s your exit point ? Or is this just an unlimited loss position for you with no stops ?

    • DanielSong39

      Stan might be right but at this rate I’m starting to think that the US Dollar might be the mark of the Beast

    • JasonS

      To be banned from ZH you must have posted some seriously bad s..t. I see all sorts of comments on ZH that would be banned from any other websites comment section. I’ve been on ZH for at least 10yrs too. What was your handle?

  3. Ray

    Hey Watchdog Family,
    I posted this a day or so back on Greg’s interview with Kevin Ship.
    It was a long way toward the bottom, so perhaps not many had a chance to see it (?)
    Will post again here in the hope some others may take a look and make comment.
    Thanks again Greg for another razor sharp Friday Wrap.

    A couple of nights ago as I sat in my darkened living room, I must admit a feeling of overwhelming melancholy came upon me, given all that we are witnessing at present.
    I reached into my DVD collection and pulled out my copy of the MAGNIFICENT movie Soylent Green.
    So glad I did…….this classic movie speaks deeply to today’s issues, on so many levels, and to think that it was made in 1973, forty seven years ago, is simply incredible in terms of its’ social clairvoyance.
    I am posting the opening sequence here for all Watchdoggers to see, because I think it is most relevant right now.
    If it doesn’t hit you somewhere in your soul, I would be most surprised.
    Note the masks……..note the people protesting too. Note also the given year……2022.
    Again…….this was made 47 YEARS AGO!!!
    It could just as well describe most of what we see today.
    What I never tire of (and am endlessly intrigued by) is the cadence of the music in this opening montage…….peaceful and gathered at the start, then slight interruptions in the cadence (as mankind’s “progress” picks up through time), until the entire message is laid bare for us to contemplate.
    If you have never seen Soylent Green, do yourself a big favour and sit down with a bottle of your favourite tipple and enjoy this excellent piece of art / social clairvoyance.
    It really is “America Lost”……..I pray that America, and by extension, our world, will somehow be “found” again.
    Edward G Robinson’s “death scene” toward the end of the movie is worth watching again and again, and committing to your deepest memory. (As an aside, Robinson was terminally ill during the production of the movie and didn’t tell a soul, which makes that scene all the more poignant)
    Would appreciate anyone’s comments after watching this wonderful 3 minute intro piece.

    Ray, Canberra, Soylent Nation.

    • paul ...

      Ray … I wouldn’t be surprised if Hitler’s SS Nazi’s were killing the Jews for “food” … to feed the German troops during the WWII (when planting food crops and raising cows was a bit difficult with bombs falling everywhere)!! … today it seems the Marxist “commies” like Podesta and Hillary (just like the Nazi’s) have a taste for eating human flesh and where without our knowledge aborted babies are used to enhance the flavor of our soft drinks!!

      • paul ...

        Why aren’t the BLM crowd protesting about the color of Coke and Pepsi??

        • JC

          paul… stay calm… there were no “Jews for food” don’t be ridiculous.
          As for Pepsi, back in the early 90’s they introduced Crystal Pepsi, no coloring added. It had a strong cola taste and I thought it was great, but no on else did.

          • JC

            paul… another thing…
            You totally missed the point of what Ray is trying to express emotionally. Instead, you go on a tangent about supposed Nazi cannibals.

            Stop watching stupid movies like “Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.”


      • Ray

        Interesting point, and something to ponder on for sure.

    • JC

      What is the secret of Soylent Green?
      It’s the year 2022… People are still the same. They’ll do anything to get what they need. And they need SOYLENT GREEN.

      • Ray

        PERFECTLY said JC………

      • paul ...

        JC … It could be a very dirty, nasty and disgusting secret … in 2022 globalization, free trade and finance-driven “growth” could be a thing of the past … as we have seen over the past couple of months the modern globalized economy with its multi-nation supply chains and just-in-time inventory systems only works in a nearly-perfect environment … so the beef, pork and chicken supplies to the food processing industry may easily become disrupted or curtailed … and food processors may be scrambling for “new protein sources” (to add into those Soylent Green hot dogs we all enjoy on the holidays) … yes, they can tell us the extra protein in our hotdogs is derived from grasshoppers and other insects … but how can we be sure? … what if immoral men are bribed to cannibalize funeral homes and abortion clinics (for the extra protein necessary to feed the 7 Billion people now on our planet)!?!?

    • Roger Foulmoth

      Ray you nailed it and like you said, the movie nailed it 47 years ago, incredible. Greg nailed it too, in last Friday’s WND. When he talked about unseen forces, in high places, behind the scenes. Like in the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain, pulling all the strings. I saw Soylent, when I was a kid. Movies like it, sometimes, expose these unseen forces. Thought shaping our world, into what we see today. I often feel it, sense it.
      Ray you sound like a very edumacated man. For awhile there, I was thinking you were sort of an outback, Mick Dundee type. I mean with your bravado of, like Mick, “Knife? Now that’s a knife!” Lol!
      Being from Canberra you must be some sort of policy monk, or may I dare say, a politician? Here on, your like our American conscience and well appreciated for that. Like an old wise uncle, who’s never been totally part of the family. Yet, shows his love, in his concern’s. With some good sound advice. You must admit the U.S. is more like a bigger brother to your country, because you guy’s were tied at the hip, to the mother country, into more recent times than us. Aussie’s still got some of that more obedient stiff upper lip stuff. Were so wild and independent, lone rangers, compared to the rest of the english world. But yous come in a close second. I guess that’s why in all the old movies, we Yank’s seem to get a kick outa calling you guy’s, limey’s! Still holdin onto mommy’s apron strings, Great Britain? Not true of course! Ha, ha. But to get your dander up and have a good brawl! John Wayne comes to mind. [John Wayne – Donovan’s Reef 1963]
      Let me tell you a little about myself Ray. I grew up in Michigan, USA. A border state along the Canadian border. Michigan could almost be considered part of the commonwealth. Being that so many Canadians heading west, same as New Englander’s did, “northeastern states.” Both wound up sending settlers here. Heading west, first stop Michigan.
      With the proximity with Canada and the air waves, I grew up with Skippy, the Bush kangaroo, Wandon Valley, as in A Country Practice, Neighbors and many more and my Favorite, Flying Doctor’s! In fact at 16 I became a pilot. Recalling these show’s believe it or not, are right now bringing tears to my eye’s! My association with Australians started when I was a teenager. When an Aussie missionary came to our high school. I’ll never forget that day, we thought he was so cool! He told us kid’s the term teenager was an American invention and as American teenager’s we had a responsibility going out into the world. Because being only, if I remember correctly, 5% of the world.We consumed about 90% of it’s resources! We were all so excited to actually meet an Australian. They were very rare back then. Well I went on to working and playing with Aussie’s and Kiwi’s, surveying roads in the South Pacific and living in Hawaii, I met a cool Aussie dude and friend Adrian Illingsworth, from Geelong. I shared a similar youth as Errol Flynn did among the natives of Papua New Guinea, having read his book, My Wicked Wicked Way’s, I know. But maybe not as wicked! Lol. When In Western Samoa, the locales assumed I was a Kiwi or from Oz. In fact when in Pago Pago, American Samoan, Americans from the mainland, swore I was an Aussie, having lost my American accent. It’s funny to hear myself on old tapes realizing , how so true it was.
      Ray, would like to one day shake your hand, sir. Maybe after Armageddon, eh?

      • Ray

        Hi Roger,
        Your words are truly kind and I thank you deeply for them sir.
        I loved the links…..especially the last one with Pearly Shells as the background music……Pearly Shells is such a beautiful piece of music.
        There is nothing altogether special about me mate.
        I am just a man in his early fifties who, like many others of my generation, is looking at the total mess this world has morphed into and wondering how on Earth we got here, given the massive hopes, promises and dreams we had when we were younger and in a simpler time.
        I am certainly no politician!
        If any of those bastards were on fire, I doubt I would even piss on them to put the fire out (I am ashamed to say).
        Americans and Australians will always share a great bond, for we are indeed cousins in terms of how our nations were founded. Some would perhaps challenge my point, and correctly say that that might be true for people of white coloured skin, and that is where I would thank them and state that the real challenge for Humanity is to see ALL OF US as cousins… family, whatever colour of skin, and simply take it from there.
        I am not a native of Canberra……..I am a Sydney boy who left all his friends (and career) behind to come here in 2008 and raise my then 3 year old son, as him Mum was from Canberra and wouldn’t move to Sydney.
        I am just a single Dad doing his best to raise a young man into the world, as my father once did with me. Once my son is into manhood, I will leave Canberra with my wonderful fiancé and head somewhere up the beautiful NSW Mid-North Coast, where there are plenty of fish on the beaches and in the rivers for me to catch, and there will always be a frosty beer in my fridge waiting for you and ALL other USAWATCHDOGGERS who might look me up whilst in Australia (even old mate Stan……he can lob over here in his Lear Jet and I’ll take him fishing!)
        I had a smile on my face when you listed some of those classic Aussie TV shows! A Country Practice!! I used to sit glued to that show in my teenage years every Tuesday and Thursday night for an hour I must admit!!!
        So then……in the Spirit Of Australia, I will leave you Roger and all you fabulous USAWATCHDOGGERS with this piece of legendary Australian TV music (gifted to us by the great Eric Jupp)
        Just promise me you will all sing the last bit loud & proud!
        The build up to the two line chorus, whilst being quite simple music, is indeed the pure magic of it all 🙂

        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Roger Foulmoth

          Ray 06/19/2020 •Reply
          Some would perhaps challenge my point, and correctly say that that might be true for people of white coloured skin, and that is where I would thank them and state that the real challenge for Humanity is to see ALL OF US as cousins… family, whatever colour of skin, and simply take it from there.
          Very profound Ray. Yup and our country’s aboriginal population sure had to be displaced by so-called Christians. Life isn’t fair, but in the end, we can be sure providence will even the scales. You have his word on it, who said he was the word and I believe it!

  4. JC

    Greg Hunter:
    “We’re heading for trouble, folks.”

    “Beam me up, Scotty. Get me out of here.”

  5. Gulian Asange

    Stan, you are either really stupid, or paid for your simplistic commentary!

  6. Phyllis

    We regular Americans are in the middle of the Rockefellers vs the Rothschilds, the Oligarchy vs the Orthodoxy, Soros vs Adelson
    All to see who will run the New World Order of Bolsheviks, the communists of the future! Eugenics will determine who is left after the famines and the culling. Science and Technology will run who is left to work for the pleasure of the Jewish Utopian cult with their injected nanobot of control. The chabad-lubavitch movement will have achieved their 200+ year old agenda. Trump wins then the future reads Jared Kushner will be their Messiah. The citizens of the world are just pawns in the game on the giant chessboard that the elite have played for centuries! They have needed us for the work and the money we spend to pay the taxes to keep them in power. This will end in the NWO when the machines will do the work and the electronically controlled humans left on earth will run the machines and do service work for the elites in their playgrounds.

    • eddiemd

      This will end in the tribulation. Exactly like what is prophesized in Revelation.

      Isaiah 55:11
      So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
      It shall not return to Me void,
      But it shall accomplish what I please,
      And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

      • regaleagle

        Amen Brother Eddie……..and as for Soros, he can’t live forever. His day is coming to an end very soon. And that goes for millions of unbelievers on the planet……especially including the Elitists and their minions.

    • K. Wayne

      The link provided below provides great insight into the theme of RESET …with a very plausible and sickening outcome for humanity. Its pieces together the many concepts which I have alluded in comments…and which we are all aware of… in a very comprehensive package. I recommend it to all to watch and share.
      Globalists Reveal The “Great Economic Reset” Is Coming In 2021 (Meeting Set For January)
      The World that they are creating for us … is not the one we wanted or ordered. It is sickening to think that they can re-design the world to align with their dreams and fantasies.
      Being part of the system allows them to control us. The solution is to stop using their system as much as possible. As Bill Holter reminded us of recently….Jim Sinclair’s GOTS…..GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM…remains even more relevant today…than when he first coined it. Reject their FIAT. Reject their Vaccines. Reject their thought shaping. Reject their ability to spy on us. Reject their Police State Mentality. Reject their control. Go off grid as much as you can. They think they have us boxed in. That is exactly what they need so that they can expedite the new world system of control. The masses are indeed crying out for a solution and this will become even more true in the coming weeks and months.

  7. K. Wayne

    You nailed the “BIG PICTURE RESET THEME” Greg. Great wrap.
    There is a noticeable change in your delivery and mindset. You have captured the essence of the dastardly Communist/Marxist Plan and summarized it concisely. I honestly haven’t seen this level of directness, clarity and reality from you….for some time.
    The message is very clear….America is facing a battle of monumental proportions, one that plans to destroy everything this nation was built on including our Constitution…and with that all of our freedoms.
    This is the awakening every American needs….and it starts now.

    • K. Wayne

      Having said that, I am constantly on the lookout for the next attack or opportunity that may present for those hiding in the Shadows, to unleash their next act in their nefarious plan. My mind doesn’t rest knowing how these reptilians (of the Luciferian kind) think and act.
      Few weeks past I mentioned the major tenet of Communism being “Divide and Conquer” and we have seen how that has manifested and how it has been utilized to bring about the division between our State and the Federal Governments. It was the precursor to splitting the Parties and creating division within its numerous members on both sides. The people and the economy are splintering and fracturing under the weight of differences, the same differences created fictitiously by the agents of the NWO Communist Leaders.
      The Economy is the key (IMO) to providing a glimpse of what may unfold in the not so distant future.
      As a reference, I cast my mind back to the Jim Sinclair interview 5/10/20. This is perhaps the most telling of all interviews this year. A specific point of commentary there was Mr Sinclair’s use of words around the “Virus” being as he put it….”Quite Fortuitous”… he also added ” If the Virus had NOT occurred at the moment it had occurred…we were then at the absolute beginning of a serious Debt based crisis and a major Monetary Worldwide collapse, without any tools in the toolbox to fix it. Stopping the demand for money was the only real solution. Shutting down business and trade Globally thereby shutting off demand for money Globally”. Said differently…the Virus was created to KILL the global Economy and with it the Demand for Money. The evidence of the Virus (and the Governments actions worldwide) and its effects, are abundantly clear and as you (and other analysts) have pointed out, there is a long way back to any form of recovery.

      • K. Wayne

        Mr Sinclair in the same interview, mentioned a time frame for a RESET with the first one (Engineered by the Financial Geniuses) occurring in 2022 then followed by the real (Market Driven) one in circa 2032.
        That statement drew my immediate attention because it was quite specific with clearly defined time frames for a resolution to the underlying “Global” issue. How could anyone be so sure and have conviction as he demonstrated and verbally communicated?
        A secondary tenet of Communism is “Never let a good Crisis go to waste” . In truth…by taking advantage of any crisis whether real or manufactured is a common tool used by those waging war in antithesis. When used in this way, it is no longer a tactic of protest but instead a tactic of ideological subversion, which is used to bring about totalitarian government control, via Socialism or Communism.
        The Virus has evidently created the ideal conditions (Crisis) for the Communists to apply their trade even further.
        What possible benefit could these Marxists derive from the existing crisis? How could they use it to to advance their One World Government agenda?

        • K. Wayne

          The “Key’….was always about the Economy and the Debt.
          The Marxists/Communists have a complete distaste for all human life (useless eaters we are). We are destroying the planet with our “out of control” habits and behaviour. These Unelected Rulers believe they need to rectify this situation and bring about a greater sense of balance.
          What triggered a reaction in my mind upon Mr Sinclair’s comment “that it will be the year 2032.. before we come out of this very bad economic upheaval” …..was how that appeared to be so coincidental …with a World Economic Forum W.E.F. matter….called Agenda 2030.
          Agenda 2030 is primarily focused on “SUSTAINABILITY”. intentionally capitalized to emphasize the critical nature.
          The current crisis will not go to waste…it will be fully encompassed into the NWO plan. The Environmentalists will pursue their wet dreams of Climate Change, Control the Over-Population, Food scarcity & the Need for Sustainable Agriculture through the use of GMO Crops. Also on the agenda is Sustainably managing the Natural Resources whilst averting planet degradation. Sustainable Cities and Energy and of course eliminating Poverty and Hunger.
          The World will come to know that under their scheme to achieve the 2030 time-frames “Sustainability” will be the catch-phrase of the decade. It will be pushed by every Agency/ Corporate/ Government throughout the globe until the propaganda becomes FACT.
          The implications are worse than most can imagine. Its ultimate prize is the De-Industrialization of the World. Shutting down global manufacturing and Global Economies. It also implies lifestyles and consumption patterns of most humans will be vastly diminished – not sustainable. The Great “Green New Deal” disguises the Dystopian reality that lies ahead.
          The fading or otherwise of the SARS-COV2 Virus in my mind only opens the door for the next installment.
          The Great Reset is akin to the final nail in the coffin in the World Economy. From 2021 …I envisage that it will be the last 8 years mankind will be allowed to destroy this planet…. before the true inheritors …..take their place.
          The road map may not be entirely correct, but it does bring immediacy to some matters that would otherwise attract less attention.

          • George

            I beg your pardon but if people go to jail we know there’s no justice in the court,catch 22 for poor blacks the cops know it.

            • Greg Hunter

              This is your opinion and not a fact. It is a myth there is racially motived racial violence by the cops. Data and facts sow this is a total false narrative. The facts and data also sow two big things: #1 Blacks are way overrepresented in crime statistics for murder, robbery and violent crime. #2 about 90% of murders, robbery and violent crime is black on black. Please stop the victim BS, the facts and data do not support it in this day and age. I’ll say it again, Don’t resist arrest. Follow lawful commands of law enforcement and everybody will be able to breath!!!!

            • Tin foil hat

              You are right about one thing, cops know there’s no justice in the court.

              Do you remember a BLACK man shoving a 92 y/o woman who hit her head on a fire hydrant in NYC?
              Here are the dates and top charges from each of his 103 arrests:

              Oct. 26, 2005 — Criminal mischief
              Nov. 22, 2005 — Criminal mischief
              Dec. 7, 2005 — Turnstile jumping
              May 3, 2006 — Turnstile jumping
              May 5, 2006 — Assault
              Nov. 7, 2006 — Turnstile jumping
              Dec. 7, 2006 — Violation of unspecified local law
              May 3, 2007 — Criminal sale of marijuana
              June 29, 2007 — Assault
              July 16, 2007 — Criminal trespass
              Dec. 27, 2007 — Criminal possession of marijuana
              March 22, 2008 — Grand larceny
              April 21, 2008 — Criminal trespass
              April 23, 2008 — Criminal trespass
              May 31, 2008 — Criminal trespass
              July 31, 2008 — Violation of unspecified local law
              Nov. 6, 2008 — Criminal possession of marijuana
              May 27, 2009 — Criminal sale of marijuana
              Nov. 5, 2009 — Criminal trespass
              Nov. 23, 2009 — Criminal trespass
              Feb. 23, 2010 — Tampering with physical evidence
              March 26, 2010 — Violation of unspecified local law
              April 23, 2010 — Criminal trespass
              Sept. 2, 2010 — Violation of unspecified local law
              Sept. 15, 2010 — Criminal trespass
              Nov. 19, 2010 — Criminal trespass
              Jan. 12, 2011 — Criminal trespass
              Feb. 19, 2011 — Criminal trespass
              April 20, 2011 — Criminal trespass
              May 15, 2011 — Criminal trespass
              Sept. 14, 2011 — Assault
              Oct. 21, 2011 — Harassment-stalking
              Dec. 19, 2011 — Turnstile jumping
              Jan. 24, 2012 — Menacing with a weapon
              Feb. 2, 2012 — Turnstile jumping
              March 21, 2012 — Forcible touching
              April 28, 2012 — Criminal possession of marijuana
              June 17, 2012 — Criminal possession of marijuana
              June 27, 2012 — Forcible touching
              Oct. 2, 2012 — Forcible touching
              Nov. 18, 2012 — Obstructing governmental administration
              Dec. 4, 2012 — Assault
              Dec. 27, 2012 — Turnstile jumping
              Jan. 9, 2013 — Assault on a police officer
              March 15, 2013 — Resisting arrest
              Aug. 7, 2013 — Criminal trespass
              Aug. 10, 2013 — Criminal trespass
              Aug. 20, 2013 — Violation of unspecified local law
              Aug. 22, 2013 — Criminal possession of marijuana
              Aug. 28, 2013 — Criminal trespass
              Sept. 19, 2013 — Criminal trespass
              Oct. 16, 2013 — Violation of unspecified local law
              Nov. 9, 2013 — Unspecified violation of state sanitary code
              Nov. 27, 2013 — Assault on a police officer
              Nov. 27, 2013 — Obstructing governmental administration
              Dec. 28, 2013 — Criminal trespass
              Jan. 24, 2014 — Resisting arrest
              March 9, 2014 — Criminal trespass
              March 12, 2014 — Obstructing governmental administration
              March 21, 2014 — Resisting arrest
              April 23, 2014 — Criminal trespass
              April 25, 2014 — Obstructing governmental administration
              April 25, 2014 — Obstructing governmental administration
              May 24, 2014 — Public lewdness
              June 6, 2014 — Resisting arrest
              June 12, 2014 — Assault
              July 10, 2014 — Violation of unspecified local law
              July 23, 2014 — Sexual abuse
              March 27, 2015 — Criminal trespass
              July 4, 2015 — Violation of unspecified local law
              July 24, 2015 — Resisting arrest
              Jan. 7, 2016 — Violation of unspecified local law
              Jan. 14, 2016 — Resisting arrest
              Feb. 17, 2016 — Violation of unspecified local law
              Feb. 23, 2016 — Criminal trespass
              Feb. 26, 2016 — Violation of unspecified local law
              March 12, 2016 — Assault
              Feb. 3, 2017 — Criminal mischief
              Feb. 3, 2017 — Criminal mischief
              April 10, 2017 — Resisting arrest
              April 10, 2017 — Trespass
              Nov. 28, 2017 — Assault on a police officer, firefighter or EMT
              Dec. 7, 2017 — Failure to report change of address as a sex offender
              July 19, 2018 — Failure to register as a sex offender
              March 29, 2019 — Criminal possession of a controlled substance
              April 4, 2019 — Criminal possession of a controlled substance
              April 28, 2019 — Persistent sexual abuse
              April 28, 2019 — Forcible touching
              May 8, 2019 — Criminal possession of a controlled substance
              May 14, 2019 — Criminal mischief
              June 4, 2019 — Cemetery desecration
              June 5, 2019 — Persistent sexual abuse
              June 5, 2019 — Public lewdness
              June 14, 2019 — Public lewdness
              Aug. 8, 2019 — Criminal possession of a controlled substance
              Aug. 14, 2019 — Criminal possession of a controlled substance
              Aug. 15, 2019 — Criminal possession of a controlled substance
              Sept. 27, 2019 — Criminal possession of a controlled substance
              Nov. 6, 2019 — Criminal possession of a controlled substance
              Feb. 4, 2020 — Assault
              Feb. 17, 2020 — Assault
              March 9, 2020 — Assault
              June 16, 2020 — Assault of a 92 y/o granny

              Now, would you get your head out of your ass or move your ass out of your mom’s basement please?

              • eddiemd

                Meth head.

                Sounds like a good democrat. Demon possessed.

                • Utter B. Chaos

                  K, and you, said it eddiemdd, our intell community did a psyop’s operation, Like in Syria, to get the pipelines to Europe, to cut off Russia. They did Iran, Libya ad nausium and now NASCAR at Talladega!
                  The Russian killer Mikey Morell [code name Jacko] thought he could control the American new world order by licking Hillary’s army boots and Soros’s sneakers. He thinks like Bolton, that they’re the real Patriot’s because they’re willing to lie, steal and kill the innocents, in the guise of truth, justice and fake they’re way down the Drain’o. Dis-honest to the core. They would sacrifice they’re own mother;s for security. They’re own, under the guise once again of loyalty to the state. But as any honest psychopath would tell you, they’re scamming themselves. The moronic, animalistic and sadistic prig’s!

                  • Utter B. Chaos

                    Dedicated to Mike Morell and John Bolton’s wet dream of picking up the pieces, after destroying the country, for George sore ass sorry Soros’s wet nightmare, of world domination of his Nazi second childhood!

                    The Belgrade Young Guard,
                    Alias George!

                  • Utter B. Chaos

                    Welcome to They’re world.

      • Cassandra calling

        On the timing of the virus being “quite fortuitous” perhaps it was just ‘coincidence’ 😉

    • Fusion_ Gyped You, yes

      If providence guided George Washington, can we expect anything less today?

  8. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,
    A very sobering and disturbing assessment of the Bolsheviks in our midst.The newish media have decided to go full Commie,just as Yahoo did ,so they are a goodbye.
    Here in the UK,our central bank,the Bank of England,printed £100B for their elite friends we plebs get the interest,higher taxes and destruction of our currency.Prime Minister Comancho,formerly know as the idiot Boris Johnson,and his band of morons ,who promised much and delivered little are still in the Potemkin Village formerly known as Parliament.These intellectual inebriates actually believe the garbage they spew and seriously expect us peasants to follow death inducing rules.They also assure us that they are not part of the Communist elite like our royal family.We all know that oeuf is well laid.
    Our police here in the UK have shown by their history to be Stasi thugs any interaction must be avoided,the peasant loathing for these cretins is off the scale.They have and will beat you in custody if you happen to be the wrong colour,the wrong religion,Catholics,the wrong accent,Northern Irish and so it goes on.They even have special powers proudly displayed at empty airports now assuring how powerful they are.The level of corruption is off the charts.How this is fixed is not healthy.At least you in the USA are open about your police,we just have nasty plod.
    Whilst our economy sucks,the health of the nation has plunged aided by the main slime media,particularly the soon to be de-funded BBC.Those doctors who actually care for their patients are being deluged with patients of all ages with major problems.But our elite are okay with this after all its only the peasants who go and die for their lifestyle.
    The treason of the ruling class is beyond belief as is yours in the USA,
    Still praying that decency prevails,but the satanists are at the top,particularly here in the UK.

    • Sir Manly Robinson

      “At least you in the USA are open about your police,we just have nasty plod.”

      Well when the cops in America drive around in militarized vehicles and treat the general population like they are all enemy combatants don’t you think it’s a bit harder to hide?

    • Mario Thomas

      Than =k you Maria, for a reason, for the treason!

  9. saint lawrence

    You are watching the Communist Takeover of the U.S. and the WORLD

    • saint lawrence

      Black Lives Matter is a useful and dangerous tool in the hands of the Reds.

      • eddiemd

        I have noticed BLM signs in front of houses in the wealthier white neighborhoods. “I support BLM, LGBT, DACA, etc. ” . All on the same sign.

        Cultural Marxists. All haters of the Almighty God.

        Such a pity. They will not repent. These are those who will experience the wrath of God.

      • saint lawrence

        The Ten Planks of the
        Communist Manifesto
        How “Marxist” Has the United States Become?
        1848 by Karl Heinrich Marx

        1. Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.
        2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
        3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
        4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
        5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
        6. Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state.
        7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
        8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
        9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.
        10. Free education for all children in government schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc. etc.

        my personal synopsis:
        A strong central government—the state—controls all aspects of economic production, and provides citizens with their basic necessities, including food, housing, medical care and education.

        By contrast, under socialism, individuals can still own property

    • FC

      And there’s the problem right there ‘we’re watching’

    • Russ F

      And, we the sheeple, are allowing it to happen.
      As Joni Mitchell sang, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”


      Is Washington a communist state or is it only Seatle?

      Why is Trump doing shows when the people of America are
      going homeless, communists are taking over, less than one third of
      Americans have full time work, BLM and antifa have taken over Seatle???

      URGENT! Seattle Chaos Update mass slavery, rape, robbery, assult…

      • Self Exiled

        Where is the drone surveillance that is so necessary and supposedly effective. Lets really use it to see.

  10. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Just a footnote, communism in the Marxist interpretation is not about building a just society, but about a permanent social revolution against the oppressors. Now the questions:
    Who decides who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed?
    What is the goal of the watcher who decides the sides?

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • paul ...

      Rather then let the oppressor rip us off … the oppressed should take protective action … remember when Greg interviewed Nenner … and Nenner said: “Look for a correction in the S&P 500 in the June 22 to June 26 time frame” … well … it seems the S&P 500 (which has been closely tracking the Fed’s balance sheet the past three months) … … and which has served as the primary factor behind the stock market rebound … may just be due for a correction as Nenner predicted … and the market now seems poised to drop … and this will coincide with a period of heightened volatility in the VIX “fear index” … so it seems the time may be ripe for the oppressed “to buy some crash protection” with a few shares of TVIX … and not take it on the chin all the time by the “commie” Marxist “money changer” oppressors!!

      • paul ...

        Those too timid to sell the market … should think about “protecting investment positions” with a few shares of TVIX (which is a “crash protecting” derivative) … because the following graph indicates the S&P 500 may follow profit margins downward!! …

    • Ray

      Excellent point Oracle……..well said.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Tin foil hat

      Rob Kirby said, “Central banking is the core of communism”.
      Add international corporations such as Google, Amazon, Boeing, Tesla, Facebook, …. to the Central banks and you have fascism whether than communism.
      It’s not about a permanent social revolution against the oppressors which George Soros wants the Antifa/BLM to believe, but a permanent social suppression against the people.

      • Oracle 911

        >Who decides who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed?

        Soros is a small fish thus he can be also thrown under the bus…

      • Charles H

        Subjugation of ALL people, through various layers of control. It is demonic perversion of an old Bait-n-Switch ploy. A few, elite leaders will betray all humanity to slavery – for their own selfish power and position; which will be taken from them after their usefulness is finished.

  11. Rev Andrew de Berry

    Thanks again Greg. Kayleigh McEnany blows Bolton out of the water in two minute clip from 2 mins on.

  12. Joe Lalonde

    It too is getting worse in Canada.
    We have only about 5% of the population is black and yet they are pushing for 50% of all jobs and government. One political party was decimated last election as they had a Muslim leader pushing the globist agenda…now all whites are being classed as racist for not allowing this slick takeover by our Prime Minister.
    Media was showing some poor smuck was being verbally assaulted by a black woman for doing his job as a bylaw officer in recording her licence plate in a parking lot and the media and mayor was calling him racist. Apparently she felt she was singled out for being black. They said nothing about his job and what he was doing. If I was that guy, the Mayor would be sued for slander.

    • Joe Lalonde

      Here is some real good laughter…
      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada was shown a multitude of times wearing black make up and currently is the biggest pusher of Canadian racism.
      There is a bronze statue of his father and someone spray painted the head and hands black…police are investigating…

  13. L Sewell

    Hello Greg, I really appreciate your interviews and opinions, including your rants. The terms you use to disparage the BLM movement strike me as a bit inaccurate, however. BLM is not fascist; to refer to it as such is an insult to Italian Fascism and National Socialism. I also think calling them “Marxists” and “communists” is inaccurate, given the historical context of these terms and their specific meanings. The BLM protestors are probably more accurately described as “anarchists”, “authoritarian collectivists”, or “uneducated rabble”. “Brain-dead socialists” also seems apt.
    Keep up the great work!

    • paul jr.

      BLM is really also a racist organization. They hate when someone corrects them and says “All Lives Matter”.

      • Tin foil hat

        I’m not a psychiatrist but it’s as plain as day that BLM is a movement of self-hate. If they cannot love themselves, there is no way they could understand “All Lives Matter”. The easiest thing left for them to do is to destroy everything they can see or touch just to be elated on that temporary false sense of power.

        • Self Exiled

          Welcome to satanic delusion.

  14. Jerry

    This is not the national enquirer, and the reset is not conspiracy theory. It’s real. Read the text for yourself.

  15. Randy

    Great reporting Greg!
    Your advice all along to stock up on food is being vindicated. Recall the toilet paper shortage? You can now purchase toilet paper, but freezers are out of stock nationwide. The big box stores are taking orders for “possible” delivery in September. Some mainstream publications are stating there is a world-wide food shortage. In 2001, Argentina’s Peso was devalued to almost worthlessness. Many Argentinians went hungry and are going hungry today. How does a nation that is an enormous food producer go hungry? The producers export the food for hard or stable currency.

    • MCasey

      Randy, you’re correct on the freezers. Had one pre-paid since April….delivery delayed twice; now they say “maybe” November. None to be found…and 1/2 a cow coming in August 1. Lowe’s, etc say they can not confirm any delivery dates. My niece works at Best Buy…same story.

      BUT, I found two (2)! Cost me double; but delivery is tomorrow and free!

      Contact your Rental Centers….they are new in the box….never heard of the brand….and like I said double price….(but not from price grouching….they didn’t seem to even know there is a shortage)…the price is just high because their plan is to put them on installment plans and make big bucks from monthly payments. Even paying in full didn’t save me anything, but delivery is free and it’s probably one of the only two left in the U.S. Good luck.

      I’m much better prepared than most, but because of all our weather issues we always lose electricity, so I have avoided any frozen storage. But, never saw them closing the meat plants to force us to ‘franken meat”, so decided to take a chance on frozen meat.

  16. Steve Nussdorf

    In Acts everyting became communal……it was communist /socialist. the young couple i recall that held back were punished. Communism, group support, is just as much as the picture as capitalism, individual wealth. The NT writes about both, plain and simple.

    • Bob Lamb

      In Acts, what they practiced was out of free will and not compulsion (communism). It was the opposite of communism. The couple that held back were struck dead by God not man. Please go back and read again.

    • MCasey

      Acts chapter 5 Ananias and Sapphira lied to the Holy Spirit. They sold their land, but secretly withheld a portion of the proceeds. Peter asked, “Why is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit?” Peter pointed out that Ananias was in control of the money and could give or keep it as he saw fit, but had withheld a portion of it.

      Peter stated that Ananias had lied not to men, but to God. Ananias died on the spot and was carried out.

      Three hours after Ananias’ death his wife arrived, unaware of what had happened. Peter asked her the price of the land that she and Ananias had sold, and she stated the same untruthful price that Ananias had given. She also fell dead.

  17. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap Up but then that isn’t unusual.
    I agree that people should get a job. However, you have companies firing people for allowable and actual fact based comments that are on personal their personal time and on personal platforms.
    Satan is trying to suppress free speech. He will marshal his minions against you. I a job I had several years ago, I had someone complain to my manager. They saw me reading you site and posting. He asked her if I had ever made any comments that were against our policies. ” Was he posting or going to non work related sites while on the clock?”
    She said, “No, but he is a Trump supporter.” Fortunately for me, my manager was a closet Trump supporter.
    He advised that if I was going to read political news, I should do it away for the break room. He said the crazies were really getting wound up. I was never in a room alone with this person again without either me standing in an open door way or having other people present.
    Crazies my white pasty behind. These people are evil. If you know God’s law and defy it and him, you open yourself up to Satan.
    Greg, We are praying for you and yours. Be careful.

    I look at drive in with a different eye these days. I do not enter on that has barriers that I can not drive away. I don’t pull my phone out and read news in a drive in lane. I keep my eyes open and check my mirrors for people looking for trouble.
    The BLM and other Terrorist Organizations know that de-funding the Police is not a winner BUT that was never their goal. Their goal is to hamstring law enforcement, make the good officers leave and to user in high crime rates with out hope of judgment.

    • Her Majesty's Regent

      So you agree with free speech on all subjects…including Israel?

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s not up to 500, it’s up to me. You are not going to use my platform for your Jew hating. Got it? This is a private enterprise. If you want to start a site devoted to Jew hating, then use your own time and money to do it. You are not going to do it on my back and capital.

    • MCasey

      Galaxy…..Thanks for the tips. In addition, I think the war against the local police…whether they defund or quit….is to have an excuse to call in UN troops or the military and institute formal Martial Law.

  18. Russ

    Great WNW Greg. What you are describing in talking about a lot of the protesters is the…
    “Useful idiot”

    “In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, and who is cynically used by the cause’s leaders”…

    Cannon fodder. That front line of troops that takes the first hit and the leaders back behind the lines that are never seen don’t care. As you said, they were never intended to finish the game. Is Mary Barra a useful idiot or just an idiot?

  19. eddiemd

    “That’s why Leftists in California, Oregon, Washington, New York and other left-leaning states will find themselves either executed, rounded up for labor camps or used as sex slaves for the invading Chinese army. No doubt left-wing white women who currently bow down before Black Lives Matter terrorists will probably also bow down before their communist conquerors, celebrating the end of America while they are mercilessly raped by occupying Chinese troops. White guilt has no limit, it seems, as we’re already seeing with the Mayor of Seattle surrendering to Black Lives Matter terrorists.”

    Sounds like the tribulation.

    EMP attack on the USA. It has been anticipated since the…50’s. I remember studying it in 80-81 when I did a presentation on EMP weapons in space as an electronic engineering student. To take out GPS satellites in geostationary orbits.

    Today is the day of salvation. Repent. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Galaxy 500

      Natural News isn’t a source I consider reliable

      • eddiemd

        You did not even look at the link. You just assumed that because it was “Natural News” that it was unreliable. It just demonstrates your ignorance.

        In fact on that link there is a EMP Taskforce on National and Homeland Security paper published 10 June 2020 that is titled “China: EMP Threat” that describes the steps that the CCP have already taken in preparation for a first strike against America. Try reading it Mr. 500, if you are capable.

        I researched the author of the paper from multiple sources and he appears to have ample experience and background to write the report.

        • Just sayin

          Galaxy 500 is not the sharpest tool in the box. Ask him/her about 9/11.

      • paul jr.

        GALAXY 500,

        I agree that Natural News is not a real reliable source but that does not mean that the EMP Threat document is not credible.

  20. Randy Hitt

    GOP is making a mistake opposing stripping limited immunity from police.

    The systemic police/prosecutor abuse of the letter and intent of the constitution of the United States designed to protect citizens from judicial overreach is the civil rights issue of our time, not racist cops.

    Limited immunity is the primary mechanism that allows/facilitates police to freely abuse all protocols of evidentiary handling procedures, 4th amendment protections, and get away with all of the dirty tricks police use all day everyday against the citizenry in pursuit of ‘bad guys’.

    I predict this uprising will not abate until police departments are finally and completely put in check…including GOP opposed end of limited immunity protection.

    • eddiemd

      It is the judiciary that allows the police and prosecutors to get away with corruption.

      The bar associations, judges, prosecutors are all dirty. They have allowed the police to partake in the corruption.

      The private prison industrial complex pays into the judge’s election funds. The whole system is rotten.

      Soon it will change. WE know that Jesus Messiah of Nazareth will reveal the Truth. Because He is the Truth. All these corrupt judges, lawyers, police, media…they will all be exposed and condemned to everlasting torment. It is all going to come back to them.

      Rev 21:8
      8 But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

      All liars…

  21. Russ

    Greg — Regarding the COVID-19 thing — There’s a lot of discussion about antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 —ya gotta have antibodies dontchaknow. Ya, no you don’t necessarily need antibodies. I did an internet search regarding the difference between T-cells and antibodies and found this YouTube discussion that goes a long way to helping me understand the varying responses to SARS-CoV-2.
    – YouTube

    Very good discussion of antibody immunity versus T-cell immunity. Many of us might not need COVID-19 antibodies because our T-cells may already know how to ID a generic coronavirus and that may be why so many people who supposedly have the virus don’t even know — their T-cells are taking care of it. A vaccine may be a great maneymaker, but is otherwise useless if the goal is to treat SARS-CoV-2. That’s not just my opinion.

  22. Dave Duclos

    Stan, this is pretty simple—the other countries are done with the US using the dollar as a weapon—plain and simple.
    Greg, maybe a good idea when you are talking about the number of cases in your state, compare that with the number of abortions in your state. This will tell us where we really are in this country. Greg, thank you for all of your efforts. Dave

  23. Ken

    With the history of judge Roberts rulings and Lindsey Graham refusal to go after the Russa gate crimanals. All mouth and no action, one has to wonder if they bothe have a Epstein problem ?????

    All of the videos and pictures of people that Epstein lured in are like the golden keys to power!
    You can bet that they will be used to get what they want!
    Epstein Case: Documentaries Won’t Touch Tales Of Intel Ties

    • lightning


      There was a John Roberts on Epstein’s logs. Did the current Supreme Court Justice visit Pedo-island and is he being blackmailed?!

      Someone has to investigate this as we can’t have a compromised Chief Justice

  24. Country Codger

    Great report Greg. As always, don’t worry about going long.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  25. John Shepherd

    Greg, why do we continually hear and read about polls giving Biden a big lead over Trump? Of course we don’t trust them, but when it is often on Fox I am starting to believe Fox is part of the problem. When it comes to the real issues that matter Fox always seems to come short, just like the “conservative” Supreme court justices that were Republican appointed. Roberts is an embarrassment both to conservatism and the faith of Jesus. He continues to side with the liberals on key issues. This has been a problem for decades. We Christians have been abused by the Republican party just as much as black America has been taken for granted by the Democratic party. We get lip service and a bone thrown to us occasionally and we go back to sleep. I know there are many dedicated and issue aware Christians, but I am convinced Jesus is saying to the majority of people of “faith”: Sleep on now and take your rest.

    • MCasey

      I agree on all points. And have also wondered why FOX is turning. Even Trump called them out. Maybe because Disney bought them out? Didn’t think they bought the cable end of it, but??

      • Self Exiled

        Fox is not turning , they have done this all along. Fox is owned by NWO elitist who keeps his conservative staff for ratings and it also fits the divisionism agenda.[I do not doubt the serenity of the staff: my opinion.]

    • Self Exiled

      There is no two party system, how many times for how many years must I keep saying this. Ho Hmm.

  26. f reps

    Nice to hear you ” correctly” blame the Marxists for much of civilization’s difficulties. The historical fact. {verified by Alexandr Sohlsenitzen } is that over ninety percent of the Marxist’s { responsible for the destruction of Christian Russia back in the early nineteen hundreds } were militant , Talmudic Jews. The Yom Kippur evening prayer ; called the Kol Nidei ; tells one all one needs to know about those who belong to that group. Their propaganda about their return to the Promised Land : Israel. is amazing ; when one considers the fact that the Kazarians who make this claim are “all “from Eastern Europe. They adopted Judaism….they are not Judeans.

    • Septic sceptic

      And the Vatican has engaged in a look it of genocide too.

  27. Marty

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for everything you do.

    The crazy meter has been pegged in the red zone for so long … it is broken. “Crazy fatigue” is real… people are tired of the craziness and literally don’t care why. “IT” happened under President Trump and watch how the fatigued masses vote for Biden (roll over and cry uncle)… people just want to get back to some kind of normal and will vote for Biden in the hope of that. Normal everyday people I speak with don’t even care that Biden is clearly senile … they just want all this crap to stop. I hope I’m wrong but, I really think Trump is done… no second term.

    The bottom line is Trump had 4 years of nothing but, crazy thing after crazy thing and in my humble opinion he wasn’t aggressive enough… he should have been serious about draining the swamp. When Sessions recused himself he should have immediately fired him and put someone else in. When it was clear that the FBI was using wiretaps on Trump… Trump should have immediately fired every FBI employee involved… every single one (or just shut it down completely). When Flynn and others were charged he should have immediately pardoned them and fired every FBI agent that had anything to do with it. Flynn would have really helped to clean out the swamp (there is a reason why the US District Judge Sullivan is doing everything he can to just delay delay delay… ).

    When the social media companies started to ban conservative voices Trump should have acted swiftly… it’s too late now and part of the craziness of our current events is you just don’t see/hear conservative viewpoints because they are banned.

    There are just too many traitors among us … too many people who care for no one but, themselves and do anything to make a buck today … tomorrow be damned. Too many corporate elites making millions through an ever increasing enslaved workforce (shipping jobs anywhere they can to make an extra buck… if they commit suicide because working conditions are so bad just put up suicide nets to catch em and put them back to work).

    BLM wants to burn it all down and start anew … it’s looking more and more like this might actually happen… God help us all.

    • MCasey

      Marty….You’re exactly right….most of us are suffering from some sort of lock-down PTSD….(not to take anything away from our military, law enforcement or 1st responders)…..but loss of job, loss of businesses, loss of family/social contacts, down is up; up is down, who can you trust, and everything else you listed.

      Trump may have taken a few wrong turns; but, we have to stay strong. Trump is still better than the alternative. I would rather Trump’s mouth send me under the table than hear the lies come out of the Dems’ mouths for the next 4 years….actually for the next century, because if the Dems win the election, America is over.

      We have to stay strong. See Jerry’s link above… The Great Reset: (January 2021)

      • Self Exiled

        “lock-down PTSD” I’m!!!! also locked down again till July 15. These on off lock downs are a permanent policy. I’ll elaborate on next interview concerning my Philippine observations of lock downs.

  28. Vernon Tart

    Hey Greg,
    Got a chuckle today about your comments on 5013c churches. I thought I would share something from a few years ago.
    Government Church: 501c The Protest Is Not Over
    Started out as a book ended up as a blog beginning.
    Keep the truth coming so more can hear and spread the word.
    The communist greatest strength is their lies.

  29. Rock

    Hey watchdog family, does anybody know what happened to Brandon Smith? His site is no longer up. What and where is he? Hope he is okay….thanks Greg for all of your fine work. Look up, for our redemption draws near….

  30. iwitness02

    The media is sure fanning the flames of discontent. Seems like everyday there is a new video that shows outrageous injustice, whether it is committed against the elderly, the young, business, private property, police, you name it. Just like Branco’s illustration used for this WNW. Fighting fire with gasoline. This ain’t no fooling around. This is as real as it gets. How much human suffering before there is Peace? Potentially, a lot. There is already horrible economic suffering. More people are going to be hurt before sanity returns to the earth I suspect. A lot more, and where do you go for help? Christians can pray. What about everyone else? I don’t know. I guess we can all hope that justice will prevail, but it may not. I’m grateful the government has already trained many of us for war. That training may become useful social skills. There are probably more veterans, than active duty. Again, I don’t know. But I do know training makes all the difference in outcome.

    • Self Exiled

      Especially God’s training,

  31. Jen Smallin

    Great weekly wrap-up Greg! Thanks for your hard work! About the national debt…don’t worry. Trump has been through bankruptcy before. When a person knows they’re going bust…they run up all the charge cards before they file. My sister-in-law did it. That’s why Trump wants the infrastructure rebuilt ASAP before we default. Then we go bust but we are in good shape to start over.

    See the x22 report episode 2198 on the website. Youtube took it down so it might be right.

    Keep following God.
    The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and they are safe.

    Jen Smallin

    • Self Exiled

      Yes one of many:::: The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and the One who rescues me; My God, my rock and strength in whom I trust and take refuge;
      My shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower—my stronghold.” Psalm 18:2 I too run into this High Tower.

  32. Stan

    Well, we landed in St Maarten – the weather is amazing here. Also, everyone here covets the US Dollar. It is gladly accepted everywhere on the island! Going to have lunch soon – filet mignon on the grill! Then a few drinks and then the women, yes thats right – some very attractive South American women are always available for the wealthy Americans who vacation here. What more could you ask for? If you Gold Bugs invested in equities and derivative contracts 10 years ago you would be wealthly too (ha ha ha). You know I’m right! Cheers 🙂

    • JC

      Stan, to prove you are really there, why don’t you send Greg a postcard?

      USAWatchdog LLC
      P.O. Box 38184
      Greensboro, NC 27438-8184

      • Stan

        JC: Great idea!

        • Keith Wilson

          I commented the other week Stan was full of B\S. Also a complete arsehole. Don’t respond to the comments he makes. South American attractive women must be sick to the back teeth of Stan and his B\S.

    • Bob Lamb

      Your delusional! What on earth would you be doing back here posting if you were doing what you say you were doing (no offense Greg, your site is great)? The only thrills your getting is some creapy satisfaction you get by trolling here.

    • Ray

      Enjoy your time in St Maarten.
      I think history will mark my words as something of an axiom:
      People who invested in precious metals invested in honest money and eventually, they took their honest dividend.
      People who invested in equities and derivative contracts invested in the “opposite of honest money”, and accordingly, took their “opposite of honest money” dividend.
      I can speak only for myself, but I for one could never sit on a beautiful South American beach, fillet mignon on my plate, frosty beer in my hand and gorgeous local girl by my side, knowing all the while that “my dividend” was obtained via the dishonest money route.
      Sorry mate…….I’m just not wired that way.
      But if you are, then that is you, and that is OK too.
      In the end, we are all on our path, and that path will lead us ultimately to where we need to be, such that we are gifted with the opportunity and capacity to finally understand our true selves and our relationship to others (perhaps THE hardest challenge in The Universe).
      Again, enjoy your time in that southern paradise Stan.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • paul ...

      Stan … you didn’t have to go all the way to St. Maarten to tour a community of color … … you could have simply gone to CHAZ in Seattle Washington!!

    • Jerry

      I’ll say on thing for you. You’ve got balls to come on Greg’s site and get up on your hind legs and bark about what you have when so many are hurting right now.

      By all means send a picture.

  33. Dave

    The 40% of blacks supporting Trump is not to be believed. Trump will struggle to get black votes – indeed blacks are registering to vote in large numbers and they are registering Democrat. Those new voters will not vote for Trump.

    Trump is in deep trouble in terms of re-election. Ben Shapiro has been looking at the numbers state by state and it is not good. Despite Rush saying that Trump will win in a landslide (remember Rush says we are in a V shaped recovery) the numbers don’t show that. Listen to Levin – he is panicking. But listen more to Dr. Michael Savage who was the first to support Trump in the radio world but who has been critical of Trump. For not building the wall, for big increases in H1B visas, for fiscal irresponsibility, for choosing poorly in terms of his cabinet and advisors. Savage warned Trump not to bring Bolton on board at a time when neocons like Hannity and Levin strongly endorsed bringing Bolton in.

    Trump today came out with a new list of court appointees if he gets re-elected. But, as Michael Gallagher asked – will it work this time? Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are at best turning out to be mediocre appointments – at worst? Some of the lower court appointees are also not working out as well as Trump promised. Thee are whispers now of a Biden landslide – it could happen if independents continue to break for Biden as they are doing and if some of Trumps’ 2016 supporters sit the election out.

    • eddiemd

      Hillary is going to win! By a landslide.

      Biden is not capable of three debates. End of Biden.

      The DNC knows that Biden cannot debate Trump. The reason for their panic and all out attack.

      Can you imagine Biden on a national stage? It was bad enough during the democrat debates. It will expose the whole sham.

      They have to overthrow Trump before the debates. They have no other choice.

    • eddiemd

      Go back to your DNC masters and tell them that you have failed in your mission here at this website. Or do you work for the CCP? Perhaps the propaganda branch of some deep state alphabet agency?

      Come out of the closet…whichever one you are hiding in. All of your posts are obviously well written…by someone who is familiar with news and propaganda.

      Now is your opportunity to repent and get your spirit right with your Creator. Your eternity depends on it

  34. Connie

    Churches should never have to pay taxes even if they give up the 501C3 status. Taxes are an infringement, this is why we raise taxes on cigarettes. Taxes cause less freedom to do something. The video below explains this around minute 19:44. It also explains how to do it correctly if a church should decide to make the stand. Removing their 501c3 status might be a loss for the members who deduct their tithes on their taxes. Guess what, God doesn’t NEED them to give for the tax break. He WANTS them to give because they are convicted to do so. They should never give just for the deduction- Mark 12:17.

    This is an awesome video series. I highly suggest it and the original American heritage series for every citizen to watch.

    Please don’t post this comment. I just wanted to be sure that you saw the 501c3 part and didn’t want to send it on FB.

    Thank you for your work,


    • paul jr.

      You do know that the U.S. can also launch an EMP attack on China.

    • eddiemd

      Don’t be posting that report. Mr Galaxy 500 considers that information unreliable. Because it was already posted at “Natural News”.

      Since the 90’s at least the Chinese have invested heavily in EMP technology. When I was a battalion flight surgeon in 7th SF we were briefed on this. They are targeting satellites. Low level spy and geostationary. Command and control. Decapitate.

      Nearly all our weapon systems rely on satellites. In the space vacuum they will detonate low yield nukes. Gamma rays should do the job.

      Down on earth they can detonate in the stratosphere. The gamma rays knock the electrons of gases out of their orbits and the electrons are pulled into the earth’s magnetic field. A surge in the magnetic field energy destroy almost all unshielded semiconductor components. Nearly everything that contains electronic circuitry is destroyed.

      • Jerry

        I find that post interesting because it ties in with information I have received from a personal friend who is a nuclear inspector. He says there is a 90% chance we will see a grid down situation sometime within in the next couple of years. Can you say agenda 21? The globalist are seizing the opportunity to install the global reset by 2021.

        • K. Wayne

          From my understanding Agenda 21 has morphed into Agenda 2030. As we know, these Luciferians operate without urgency bu according to well laid plans. All is achieved under their timetables….over the longer term.
          We are to go through the complete cycle of stages…
          Shock and denial…
          Pain and guilt. …
          Anger and bargaining. …
          Depression. …
          The upward turn. …
          Reconstruction and working through. …
          Acceptance and hope.
          I would say we are at the Anger and Bargaining stage.

      • JC

        Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
        G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 514
        In the April 1563 Presage, we also see “plague” and “famine”, which could suggest the use of nuclear weapons. However, I feel that the first use of a nuclear weapon might be seen on the West Bank.

        This does not preclude North Korea or China from launching an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack on the United States. The Chinese Navy has just deployed its first ship with an Electromagnetic Rail Gun that can shoot hypersonic projectiles.

        A war starting in the Orient can certainly be made from the prediction in The Epistle to Henry.

  35. Farley "Fritz" Gunther

    Trump Campaign: Biden is ‘China’s Dream’ President
    Campaign ad notes former Vice President was endorsed by Osama bin Laden
    By: Jack Murphy |@NeonNettle on 19th June 2020 @ 2.00pm

  36. Bruno Brown

    Big Brother is Watching…
    Boogaloo Members Face Charges After Fatal Drive By Shooting
    written by Laura Steinberg June 18, 2020
    Two members of the so called “anti-government” Boogaloo movement were charged in the May 29 drive-by shooting death of a guard at the Federal Courthouse in Oakland, California. One of the men, 32-year-old Steven Carillo, was also involved in the ambush murder of a sheriff’s deputy in the Santa Cruz mountains on June 6. A lot of people are wondering if the Deep State has been grooming them to act on cue. Big brother watches everything, how did they miss this, unless they were intentionally looking the other way?MUCH MORE SKINNY & MUG SHOT’S;

    Ben Shapiro
    WOW: NBC News TARGETS The Federalist With Help From Google
    3 hours ago 1 min read
    More and more it feels like George Orwell’s writing is coming to life. Watch the full episode here:

    Pro-Trump Black Pundit’s ‘Dire Warning’ Scares The Hell Out Of Pelosi & Democrats
    written by Alex Stevens June 17, 2020
    A pro-Trump black pundit is scaring the hell out of Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts. The mainstream media is trying to make sure you don’t hear his “dire warning”, and that’s why you don’t want to miss this.

    Tucker Carlson & Elena Grinenko – Cha-Cha-Cha

  37. Hamster

    Lou Dobbs fumes over Pompeo’s mysterious meeting in Hawaii with Chinese •Jun 17, 2020
    The media, including Fox, is a blabber mouth, that’s why no details were shared.
    Hey Lou: it’s called diplomacy.

    Atlanta DA Charges Ex-Cop With Murder Of Brooks, Then Shocking Truth Comes Out
    written by Alex Stevens June 18, 2020

    Ilse Werner – Wir machen Musik 1942

    Why Is the Air Force Painting Some Fighters In Russian Colors?
    •Jun 18, 2020

    Lou Dobbs slams Chief Justice Roberts over DACA ruling: He’s ‘lost his mind’
    •Jun 18, 2020

    Cruz on big tech: ‘Who the hell are you’ to decide who and who can’t speak?
    •Jun 18, 2020

    Facebook Removes Trump Ads for Violating Hate Policy
    •Jun 18, 2020 Bloomberg Technology
    292K subscribers
    Jun.18 — Facebook Inc. has removed a series of ads shared by President Donald Trump’s campaign for violating the company’s policy against “organized hate.” Brandi Collins-Dexter, senior campaign director at civil rights group Color of Change, explains why she thinks the social network hasn’t done enough. She speaks on “Bloomberg Technology.”
    Esquire Esquire
    47 minutes ago
    Wow. Grown adults asking for censorship. I cannot believe it’s 2020

    • paul jr.


      I agree that the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe seems justified. Even if someone says he was not justified, his actions do not warrant the death penalty as stated by CNN.

  38. K. Wayne

    Rioters Destroy More of America’s History, This Time They Tear Down Famous Presidential Statue
    written by Laura Steinberg June 16, 2020
    Americans Are Fighting Back Against Rioters
    Despite the establishment media’s bleak coverage on the topic, Americans are standing up across the country in defense of our historical monuments.

    Michelle Malkin, a conservative writer and journalist, organized a Defend Our Monuments rally on Flag Day this past Sunday.

    Other like-minded patriots and I joined Malkin in Colorado Springs, where she was able to organize a sizeable peaceful gathering in less than 24 hours with very little outside help.

    • K. Wayne

      This not my post. Another person has used my name in their profile.
      Kindly have them change to Vers. 2. or an alternative. Thanks.

      • Greg Hunter

        Help me with this. Let’s just call you K. Wayne #1?

    • Sir Manley Robinson

      Well why were those historical figures made into heroes in the first place? We need to view these figures in a balanced way and not as flawless superheroes, which can be offensive. Winston Churchill for instance was racist and that should be acknowledged alongside his achievements. Same goes for Ghandi and I dare say a lot more.

  39. john duffy

    Black woman tells BLM in CHAZ territory that Planned Parenthood is #1 black killer

  40. Dave

    Is this a paradigm shift? A change in belief among a large number of Americans? Certainly millennials are favorable to socialism and are not proud of America. Most of them. They are radicalized.

    Christianity is not immune to this. The CEO of ChickFillet – a devout Christian – has had his Christianity radicalized. He is calling for Christians to be contrite. Recognize racism in America. Polish the shoes of African Americans as he told an Atlanta congregation last weekend. There are fissures in Franklin Graham’s organization as younger members want more of a focus on the in of racism in America. An otherwise conservative non-denominational congregation in my city ousted their pastor for being too conservative on race issues. Not willing to step out in faith and join with the protesters. It was the younger/millennial members of the congregation that forced him out. A teacher in a Catholic high school was fired for criticizing BLM. Michael Knowles (The Wire) interviewed the teacher who has been outspoken before this on Christian men being wimps:

    • eddiemd

      The cleansing begins in the church.

      All the prosperity gospel churches got pinched over the past 3 months. They can’t pay the bills on their mansions and Mercedes and some with private jets. That are all living beyond their means. “Donations” were down.

      The Almighty God has a sense of humor sometimes.

    • eddiemd

      Come out of the democrat closet there Dave.

      Your propaganda here at USAWD is not hidden.

      Obviously you are not a Christian based upon your own writings. Otherwise you would know the Truth.

      You can go ahead and say it….I am a closeted democrat and I hate the Almighty God.

      Your worship of socialism and cultural Marxism will not save you in the day of wrath. The wisdom of the Almighty God is foolishness to you.

    • Just sayin

      How can Christians criticize Black lives matter before getting their own house in order and stop ignoring pedophilia in the church? That would be racism.

  41. Utter B. Chaos

    Dr. Fauci made one confession that was the biggest humiliation of his life
    written by David Lindfield June 19, 2020
    “One of the problems we face in the United States is that unfortunately, there is a combination of an anti-science bias that people are — for reasons that sometimes are, you know, inconceivable and not understandable — they just don’t believe science and they don’t believe authority,” Dr. Fauci stated
    Maybe Dr. Fraudster, because as Americans, we’d rather live free, than die and we still believe in our God given right that, all men are created equal. Even woman!
    But there is one very good reason Americans increasingly ignore so-called “experts” like you Dr. Fauci.
    And that’s because you and the, huckster’s, are all big pharma, military industrial, Crony capitalist, Mocking bird brained, CIA operative Andy Cooper, bought and paid for, liars and political hackster’s..

    • JC


  42. Bob Rohrer

    Greg Hunter is the only Journalist in America telling the truth, and is a National Treasure. We are in the midst of a Communist Revolution, with the chance it will become very dangerous. As Greg says “Be prepared…”
    Proud to be a supporter!!!

  43. vincent_g

    It looks like we lost our country

    • Greg Hunter

      Nope otherwise they would not be fighting so hard to burn it down. Fight man, don’t give up!

  44. Bob the Blessed

    Dear Greg,
    Best preaching I’ve seen you do so far (out of the hundreds of your shows that I have watched).
    Thanks much and keep up your great blessed work!

  45. Merry Piper

    Greg: Once again another historic post. At around 13:37 minutes: “Here is the game folks”…You courageously nailed it, thank you with all of my heart. God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “MP”!!

  46. Dave

    Some conservative media – mainly radio – keeps mocking Biden’s mental slips and asking why would Democrats vote for someone who may be in the early stages of dementia. The answer is simple. For the Supreme Court picks, for the Cabinet picks (Hillary is rumored to be on the short list for AG) and for the VP pick Kamala or Staci (two top favorites now for Biden’s running mate) get. That choice will likely be a gay person and specifically Pete Buttigieg. That is why the enthusiasm among the Dem base is growing and that is why Dems are registering large numbers of new voters. The Dems could have the largest voter registration in history building up to the election. Yeah, but Biden has to debate. Actually he doesn’t and I doubt he will and the Democrat base will be fine with that.

    • eddiemd

      No debates…of course.

      The country already knows that Biden has dementia. “Mental slips”….no dementia, cognitive decline…at a rapid pace I would say.

      Hand him the nuclear codes…

      Hillary is going to win! Don’t bother voting.

      Biden is a criminal. He may be indicted for Burisma and his criminal activities in Ukraine and China. He should be in jail…not in his basement.

      Tell your DNC masters that people can see through your propaganda postings here at this website.

    • eddiemd

      This post sums it up for the DNC. Dave the DNC operative.

      1. It is okay that an 80yo demented man is elected president. Let us see his medication list…psychotropic medications…demented people are usually taking meds to control behavior, cognition, mood….
      —->A psychoactive drug, psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic drug is a chemical substance that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior

      2. Early stages of dementia…really? How do you know that? He should get a syphilis test given his moral history. I would say he is past the early stages given the videotape I have seen.

      3. Democrats would vote for a demented old man? Does not say much for the democratic voter.

      4. Hillary for AG…really? You need to be examined for dementia. Or a tox screen. Put down your crack pipe.

      5. Kamala or Staci….you forgot Michele Obama

      What a cultural Marxist you are. I think you covered all the bases….abortion, black racist candidates, sodomites, luciferians, globalists, antichrist spirit…you forgot antifa, open borders,

      Cultural Marxism aims to incite societal collapse via the promotion of degeneracy, hedonism and irrationality, often justified by relativism. In creating an animalistic, intellectually weak populace, our oppressors can grasp total control of our lives through tyrannical rules and regulations imposed by a vicious globalist government, enabled by the compliance of the mental slaves they’ve socially and culturally indoctrinated into advocating for their own subjugation.

      Marxists have allegedly advocated the spread of Marxism by means of a “long march through the institutions” — the act of subverting a society through the gradual, incremental infiltration of key institutions such as the schools and universities, the media, the courts, the labour unions, the cinema and theatre, the seminaries and churches, and at least one major political party.

      Cultural Marxism targets the family unit (AKA the building block of society), tradition, culture, individualism, the right to bear arms, civil liberties, critical thinking, deism, rationalism, national identity, and seeks to dismantle functional systems of order. Contrarily, it promotes sexual decadence, self-indulgence, mass immigration, relativism, and a nanny state type government in which the people are dependent on the state for survival.

      Sounds like what is happening now. Right, Dave? Part of your plan.

      • eddiemd

        Hey Dave or David, same person…

        Here is your cultural Marxism. It will end in your complete destruction.

        The fury of the Almighty God. Coming to you Dave and your cultural Marxists.

        Isaiah 59:18-19
        According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay,
        Fury to His adversaries,
        Recompense to His enemies;
        The coastlands He will fully repay.
        So shall they fear
        The name of the Lord from the west,
        And His glory from the rising of the sun;
        When the enemy comes in like a flood,
        The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

        Isaiah 66:15-16
        For behold, the Lord will come with fire
        And with His chariots, like a whirlwind,
        To render His anger with fury,
        And His rebuke with flames of fire.
        For by fire and by His sword
        The Lord will judge all flesh;
        And the slain of the Lord shall be many.

        Rev 19:11-16
        11 Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. 12 His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. 13 He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. 15 Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:

        LORD OF LORDS.

        Better get your spirit reconciled with your Creator, Jesus Messiah of Nazareth, Dave. Today is the day of salvation. Your cultural Marxist ideology is worthless and will be destroyed with the fierce wrath of the Almighty God. You will spend eternity in torture. You serve Satan. Turn from your destruction now and seek Jesus Messiah. He waits for you.

      • eddiemd

        BLM founder…”we are trained Marxists”. Cultural Marxists. Who want to overthrow the US government. That is treason. BLM is a terrorist treasonous organization. Supported by democrats, mainstream media.

        These people should be arrested and shot by firing squad. Treason.

  47. Galaxy 500

    Martin Luther was a righteous man. He explained that a priest didn’t need to interpret the Bible for you. He brought worship music to church. The Catholic Church is evil and has been so for many Centuries.
    You start of with this final battle stuff. I don’t see it that way but it is always wise to right with God.
    Sorry but don’t know any pagan saints

  48. Jose Gallardo

    Incase you haven’t noticed, Democrats have been preaching tolerance and tolerance and acceptance and that is code for anarchy so democrats are the party of anarchy.

    Vote for law and order not anarchy, disorder and lies.

  49. David

    I do not believe Trump has the backing of the military leadership. Otherwise he would do something about the anarchists who have taken over a piece of America. To go to a rally while the country is going through this is mind boggling to me. But, like I said, he does not have control of the military, federal law enforcement, justice department, etc. I hope I am wrong, but the past three years have shown me a different story than is being told by many “hopeful” conservatives.

    • Dave

      It seems that way – he has perhaps lost control of the government, When a curfew has to be put in place before a president can hold a rally things are not good. Last night Barr tried to fire the US attorney for the southern district in NY. The attorney is refusing to step down. I agree about these past three years – at best Trump has been wrong in appointment after appointment. From Bolton to Gorsuch to chiefs of staff to Berman (US attorney for the southern district). Now a court is refusing to block Bolton’s book. It will be appealed but the higher court is expected to deny the JD’s request.

      Conservatives are in denial about the polls. Right now Trump is heading to a possibly landslide defeat. If his internal polls remain bleak then I feel he will step down. Like him or not, Trump has a huge ego and he won’t want to be one of the few presidents who did not get a second term. Either he steps down or he puts a woman or African-American on the ticket as his VP. Hugh Hewitt recently asked a guest on his program if he’d heard those rumblings. Everything is up in the air right now buckle up.

      • eddiemd

        Why are you commenting to yourself?

        We get it. You are a DNC operative. You are a Trump hater.

        All your posts are anti-Trump, cultural Marxist, and laughable.

        Hillary is going to win!

        Are you related to Donna Brazil?

      • Mark Maples


        I don’t know if President Trump will win or not

        I know 3 things:

        He has my vote

        I work, take care of my family and do not infringe on anyone’s rights/space, even if I disagree with them, including the right to spew whatever idiocy they believe in

        If and when the day comes, I will not bow down or negotiate with Bolsheviks

        Only one way to deal with Bolsheviks

        Destroy them , or die trying

        I bow my knee to one man, our Lord Jesus Christ

        The list begins and ends with him

  50. eddiemd

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

    It is not about the military “leadership”. There is no leadership above the rank of captain. They are all mostly compromised. The backbone of the military are the non-commissioned officers. The grunts and the NCO’s , LTs/CPTs come from the middle and lower socio-economic classes. They get it.

    There are many free thinking, independent special operations soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who see through what is going on. They have been over in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and understand the situations. They know the truth of the endless wars. These wars have been the wars of Army special forces/Rangers/Delta, Marine force recon, Navy SEALS, and Air Force PJ’s. They recognize that Mattis, Dunford, Powell, McChrystal meth, McMaster, Kelly, McRaven…they are all dirty. They work for MIC.

    Some of us took our allegiances to the Constitution seriously. And we don’t kneel for the flag.

    10th SFGA 83-86, 91-92
    7th SFGA 97-99

    And it is okay with you that thousands of degenerates, hoodlums, and criminals rioted and looted for weeks. Trump to hold a rally…that is not okay with you. Orange man bad.

    Come out of the democrat closet.

    • eddiemd

      This is a response to Dave’s comment on Trump not having support of the “military leadership”.

      Tell me about your service to the country.

  51. David

    Eddie, I am not a Democrat. For Trump to hold a rally, while part of our nation has been usurped, is not good . Either he has full control of the military, judicial system, etc. or he does not. If he does, stay in DC and do what needs to be done. It would not take long, and then hold the rallies. Lincoln had rallies during the Civil war, but he was militarily doing all he could. Trump has not been allowed to do what he wants and what he knows should be done.

    • eddiemd

      You are a democrat. Just by what you have written.

      You have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. Turn off the mainstream media. It is rotting your ability to think.

      Unless of course you work for them.

    • eddiemd

      Orange man bad.

      Go back to your DNC or CCP masters.

      What part of our nation was usurped? You mean the cultural Marxists, democrats, thugs, hoodlums, and rioters? That part of the nation? The people who are looking to destroy the nation?

      You really have no idea what is going on.

      You are a propagandist. I give you some credit because your propaganda is subtle.

      Edward Bernays would be proud.

      Go back to your cultural Marxist crowd.

  52. David

    Eddie, When Trump told the state and city leaders concerning the riots (I am paraphrasing), “Do your job, or I will” he said the right thing. But he looked to his military leadership who have stood against him and saw he has no option except to fire everyone from a certain rank (or certain GS rating) and above. (Look what happened with the National Guard in DC who were ordered to be without weapons by their superiors…Who gave the orders?) Since he has chosen to keep them, he must work with what they tell him to do or not to do. As long as he keeps them, nothing, unfortunately, can be done by the president no matter how sincere he may be.

    • eddiemd

      Democrat David, or Dave or whoever you call yourself.

      Turn off the mainstream media.

      The only military “leadership” that came out against Trump were a bunch of treasonous ex-generals who disgraced their uniforms. Compromised generals who serve themselves and the military industrial complex. The same “leadership” that has us in war for 20 years. They will have to answer to the Judge for the blood of innocent civilians and servicemembers. That is your “military “leadership”. Those are not leaders, they are traitors.

      What branch did you serve in? You didn’t. Otherwise you would understand leadership.

      You are a cultural Marxist propagandist. Your goal is the destruction of the United States.

  53. eddiemd

    Here is your social distancing numbers.

    GPS tracking can pinpoint the location of a cellphone within 16 square feet. So that is 4ft squared. So you must be separated by 4ft spacing for a satellite to locate you. Even better they tell you to “social distance” by 6ft. Better identification.

  54. JC

    Land O’ Lakes Indian gone…
    Aunt Jemima gone…
    Uncle Ben gone…

    And now…
    ‘Eskimo Pies to drop ‘derogatory’ name over racial insensitivity’

    It was ok for 99 years and now it’s derogatory?

  55. Russ McMeans

    Thanks Greg. Another excellent Christian news cast coverage of all the stuff that the dogs are leaving behind on the formerly manicured lawn of America.
    American radicals/ Marxist Commies have a mental breakdown.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Russ!!

  56. al

    PEOPLE ARE ARMED AND READY! THAT IS BIG NEWS RIGHT THERE! Thank you Greg for bringing that out. the ENEMY MEDIA doesn’t talk about it but the truth can’t hide.


    I already have a fully loaded home defense weapon from decades ago, but that’s apparently not enough.
    Due to the recent Police issue my Wife and I went gun hunting. Slim pickin’ out there..
    We just paid top dollar for two handguns (a 357 and a 38) with a concealed carry permit soon to come in a few Months as the lines for such permits are enormous! We consider ourselves lucky because we found these guns and some ammo after visiting several gun stores, but it was very tough getting both, especially ammo. Every gun-store owner we spoke to said “I’ve never seen anything like this. Young, old, poor, rich, everybody wants a weapon and they want it now for any price”.

    We visited a highly recommended Tactical store which supplies weapons for law enforcement and the owner said the District Attorney just visited him to get a feel of what’s going on. The owner said “I told him that if our Statues are torn down by thugs, or worse, the Police should stay away as we will take care of it”. He added “the message has been heard loud and clear by the DA”. I got the feeling they know each other.

    If I was a PANTIfa snowflake I would NOT be walking the streets alone, much less with a group of thugs as they can be picked off in seconds with the massive firepower of the citizenry.
    Every single person who purchased a weapon in the past few weeks is ready to fight !!!
    It’s called protection for self and others, far from a Civil War because the other side has no chance.
    It’s a Civil Spanking.. the spanking these little snowflakes never got from their trans-parents. That’s what happens when you “spare the rod”.

  57. K. Wayne

    WATCH: Trump posts hilarious video mocking CNN for fake news and the left goes nuts!
    written by J.C McCallum June 19, 2020

    The NWO Propaganda Machine is Hard at Work to Remove Your Way of Life
    written by Laura Steinberg June 20, 2020
    George Soros and his beloved New World Order are hard at work, trying to end the American way of life. Globalists have the propaganda machine running at full speed and the “open societies” are using the violence they manufactured in response to the George Floyd murder as an excuse to disarm the American police

    80 BLM Protesters Arrive In Tiny Ohio Town, Greeted By 700 Armed Counterprotesters
    written by Alex Stevens June 19, 2020
    A group of Black Lives Matter activists headed to a quiet Ohio town to protest law enforcement, believing the tiny community to be the perfect place for their demonstration. Unfortunately, their plans were cut short when a group of 700 counterprotesters came to greet them.

  58. eddiemd

    China moving into Lebanon.

    Hezbollah in trouble in Lebanon. Along with the Iranians. They won’t go easily and now making plans with the Chinese.

    This rioting and collapse of Lebanon and outrage against Hezbollah is confirmed by Amir Tsarfati, Messianic Israeli teacher of the Word, former Israeli MI officer.

    This link is not for Mr. Galaxy 500. Stay uninformed. The Saker is not reliable.

    Hezbollah (party of god) has been around since we were there in the early 1980’s in Beirut. The Marines and the embassy were bombed in 1983. The Syrians occupied the Bekaa valley. We were on the green line.

    Now we wait for the destruction of Damascus.

  59. K. Wayne

    “Racist To It’s Core” – Susan Rice Crosses The Line With New Insult For Trump’s Administration
    written by Erin Flockhart June 19, 2020
    Even Roseann said she thought Rice was white!

    Cop Blasts Pelosi & AOC: ‘Defund Your Protection First, You Hypocrites’
    written by Alex Stevens June 16, 2020
    Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got a brutal smackdown from Tom Homan, who is the former director of I.C.E. and a retired police officer. He is sick and tired of their “defund the police” hypocrisy. You don’t want to miss this.

  60. Mark Maples

    Never negotiate or give an inch to Bolsheviks

    Bolsheviks understand one thing, being beaten down with overwhelming force

    Do not be deceived. Most of the protesters are useful idiots

    Bolsheviks are pulling the strings

  61. JC

    Well, tomorrow we have Catharine Austin Fitts…
    I’m trying to mentally prepare myself…
    I suspect many, after listening to what she has to say will respond to the stress like the Lloyd Bridges character in the film, Airplane.

    “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking.”
    “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.”
    “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines.”
    “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.”

  62. blu

    Failure to submit to arrest is a capital crime, and the police officer is judge, jury, and executioner. You’re in favor of this.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are stupid Blu. Failure to submit to arrest makes the situation dangerous for all involved. Stop resisting arrest and work it out in court, instead of rolling around on the ground with the cops. That’s what I am in favor of.

  63. paul ...

    Funny how the BLM crowd burn down the stores of “ordinary shopkeepers” to rob TV’s and DVD’s … when you would think they would be breaking into the FEMA camps to steal some guillotines (originally bought to kill us Christians) and wheel them down to Wall Street to get rid of their real enemies and oppressors!?!?

    • K. Wayne

      That would only provide a temporary solution. The real criminals don’t reside on Wall Street. What is lost…can be replaced.

  64. David

    Eddie, WOW. Someone makes a comment and you are off the rails making accusations that are not true. If you knew what I have done with my life you would not say those things.

    • eddiemd

      Guess what.

      I see through your writings. You are a cultural Marxist. You are not just “someone”.

      You are new here. Your timing and postings are misinformation, half truths, and lies.

      You never answered my question about your service to the country. Was it China, Russia, or North Korea?

      Tell us all about your life. I want to know. I already read what you have written. That has told me everything I need to know.

  65. Beverly

    Great wrap up! And I LOVE what you said at the very end—God and His Son, Jesus Christ are firmly in control. Amen to that. They do expect us to get up off our kiesters and do something to fight for the right. More and more people are stopping these riots in their cities with neighborhood gatherings of armed citizens. I believe the people of the U.S. have been way to slack in making sure their Constitution was followed and that we remain a righteous nation. So, now comes the time when God says, enough is enough and will not protect people who choose evil over good. Now we will have to rally for good. Great wrap up and I totally agree with what you said about churches and tax exempt status. Past time for that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Beverly!!! “Fear Not”!!!

  66. Suzan Shackelford

    Black Lives Matter Leader Threatens to ‘Burn Down the System’ Unless Demands Are Met BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If America ‘doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system’
    By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 25th June 2020 @ 3.00pm
    Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome has issued an ultimatum to the US Government

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