Entering Period of Perpetual Money Printing – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Economist John Williams says be careful what you wish for when it comes to Federal Reserve interest rate cuts. Williams explains, “Unless you can get a good healthy consumer, you are not going to get a good healthy economy. It’s that simple. I think the Fed recognizes that, but they want to get rates higher because that will help the banking system. It will help make lending a little easier and start to return the system to normal. The problem with them backtracking now is the Fed may not ever be able to go back and do what they did before. We may be entering a period of perpetual quantitative easing (money printing). That changes the ballgame, and I am not sure where that’s going to go. It’s not as happy as it would have been if we had gone through a transition where bad parts of the banking system failed and you rebuilt and had a strong buildup from there with the economy and everything else. . . . Perpetual quantitative easing (money printing) is frightening, and it’s a new world. No one has ever seen anything quite like this.”

Williams says all his data is showing the economy is already faltering. Williams point out, “If you believe the GDP numbers, the economy has expanded 25% since the Great Recession, but there is no other number that shows that. . . . I have been contending that we are heading into a new recession. What I am looking at in recovery is that the economy has never really recovered. . . . . The Fed raised rates too much in too fast of a period of time. Had they stretched that over a couple of more years instead of trying to get things back to normal in two years, that might have worked better. What they did was effectively crashed the economy.”

Is there going to be a rate cut? What does Williams think the Fed is seeing right now? Williams says, “I think the Fed is seeing the economy is turning down sharply and that they are in bad trouble with the economy. The way (Jay) Powell talked, and he is the Fed Chairman, indicated that.” So, yes, Williams thinks the Fed will cut rates soon.

On top of that, Williams just had a research study where he asked USAWatchdog.com viewers to email him about the economic situation they see in their home towns all across America. A street level view from people in 33 states was sent in, and Williams found, “It varies by state and it varies by region. The point is it is not uniform, and if you look at the responses, we had most that came in were negative. It was roughly 2.7 negative to one positive.”

So, yet another expert is warning of a slowing economy and money printing to try to fix it all—again. Williams warns, “I can tell you why I would buy gold. You are seeing something here that is extraordinarily dangerous. It doesn’t have a happy ending for the traditional markets. . . . Back when the S&P downgraded the Treasuries, I believe in 2009, Alan Greenspan, who was no longer Fed Chairman at the time but was very vocal, said that was nonsense. He said there was zero risk of the U.S. defaulting on its debt because all the debt the U.S. owes is in dollars. We can print as many dollars that we want, and he’s absolutely correct. . . .The fact that you are making the bonds worthless by devaluing the currency I think is effectively a default, but not a formal default. . . . Greenspan said we can print any number of dollars we need, and that’s exactly what they did to the currency in Venezuela, Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic. That gives you hyperinflation.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams, founder of ShadowStats.com.

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After the Interview:

There is now more free information on ShadowStats.com. If you want to get even more detailed, original, cutting edge economic data, click here to become a subscriber.

Don’t forget to email John Williams if you want to participate in his street level economic reporting project.

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  1. Mark James

    Excellent!! I really enjoyed reading the survey. I think it is a great idea!

    I would love to hear from Catherine Austin Fitts — especially her take on the 5G Technology… just as a friendly suggestion for a future guest.

    Thank you Greg and John for all you do!

    • Hockey Puck

      Great idea, Mark. I second his motion, Greg, that you discuss 5G with Catherine Austin Fitts. She is one of the most brilliant humans you have ever interviewed. I value her opinion immensely.

      Why is this important? We just finished learning from Mr. Rickards that the Elite plan for a gold-backed currency, if it ever happens, would be to use the IMF (and I suspect all the flaky accounting that goes with gold reserves) to create a gold backed currency run by the IMF. In short, it’s no different than what we have now. It would simply be a currency with the “veneer” of gold backing. Do you think the Elite is going to give up their ability to create endless amounts of money to finance all their evil fantasies? I doubt it. BUT!!!

      A gold-back currency, I’m convinced is Plan B. What’s Plan A? It’s what Christine Lagarde was trying to sell not too long ago: paperless currency. That’s a great idea! Let’s make all money digital! Then the Elite has total control and electronic slavery, of course, is done! The game’s over. We’re all slaves.

      If that’s Plan A (and I think it is), then what the Elite needs is to BUY TIME. (Enter QE) Why? 5G is not in place!!! How long will it take? That would be a superb question for Ms. Fitts.

      Hey! We all know that QE is not helping the economy recover. Duhhh! But who ever said that the Fed’s job is to manage the economy? That’s just propaganda and yet it’s amazing how many fools believe this nonsense. The Fed’s job, right from its inception, has always been to create one-world-government. And they are doing a pretty damn good job at it. To have one-world-government, you need to have a ruling elite of technocrats with a lot of serfs. Well what better way to achieve that goal than QE… for 2 reasons: (1) As Mr. Williams points out, all the money that QE generates just drives the stock market higher and higher. And with big corporations in recent years buying back their stock, you have a greater and greater concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands. (2) With QE (and fake accounting) you make the middle class poorer and poorer and poorer. Voilà! Serfs! Job done!

      Welcome to the world of capitalism!?! That was always the plan…

      (NOTE: Capital = debt = fake money, created out of nothing. And we think we’re freer under this system? Capital (i.e. central banking) is one of the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto.)

      • Mike myer

        Here in Olympia wa,things are crazy building ,mostly government buildings and 10 people filling a foot square pothole,the other day there was 5 city electric trucks hooking up one temporary power pole for a house remodel, all new equipment,trucks top of the line,took 4 hours before they all left,our property taxes go sky high every year ,and when the recession hits the value goes down but the taxes don’t ,hard to pay .but I have to say it’s way better than under Obamer .4% down on some of these things compared to 2007 is not bad if you ask me,things were way out of control back then ,money flying freely back then ,steady is far better than steep rises,to many fat cats start cheating,the whole thing is destined to crash to open the door for the Antichrist,

  2. Anthony Australia

    Article in this mornings SMH.

    Why we’re feeling poor: Prices for schools, health and other ‘needs’ up about 200% in 20 years.

    Last year I purchased a can of condensed milk for $1.95, same product and store last week $2.95.

    Annual inflation figures are accurate wouldn’t you say?

  3. JC

    Mr. Williams says that cutting rates helps the average guy. I don’t understand how. Doesn’t a savings account and/or certificates of deposit earning 3-5% risk free help the average guy? I remember those days and it sure helped a lot.

    Greg, your snickering imitation of idiot Warren Buffet is priceless. Thanks a lot.

  4. paul ...

    John Williams says: “We may be entering a period of perpetual quantitative easing (money printing) … that changes the ballgame” (as we’ve known it) … and the perpetual quantitative easing will not be limited to the US only … “a worldwide debt rescue operation” is now taking place … the world central banks have bought “a lot of gold” over the last few years … and “now is the time” they have chosen “to manipulate the price higher” … such desperate and drastic action is required by the banksters because a big dose of “inflationary expectations” is needed … to undue the damage quantitative tightening and rising interest rates have done (stifling economic growth) … what better way to generate economic demand (for goods and services) then “to manipulate the gold price upward” forcing people to realize “inflation is occurring” and therefore go out and buy now (before the price goes even higher) … the banksters idea is to not only arrest and reverse the recent slowing of economic trends (by explicitly showing they are going to ease monetary policy “with a massive resumption of monetary pumping and the manipulation of the gold price higher to reinforce inflationary expectations) … but … because the central banks have been accumulating gold as a class 1 asset for years … a gold price rise “will bail them out of their massive derivative debts” … ordinary common people need to get wise to what is going on fast … and throw away their “old-fashion notion” that the banksters “always want to manipulate the price of gold downward” … there is “a new paradigm in play” … the banksters are forcefully and unrelentingly “manipulating the price of gold upward” … and this means pushing gold (and silver) prices right through overhead resistance levels … onward and upward “the gold price manipulation by the banksters will proceed” until all their outstanding derivative debts are destroyed (with the inflated price of gold they have accumulated) … and gold’s ultimate price level will more likely be fixed in line with what Bill Holter/Jim Sinclair are predicting … then with what Jim Rickards is predicting!! … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html

    • paul ...

      PS: All the above holds for silver too (remember JP Morgan Chase has accumulated tons of silver)!! … https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html

      • Frank D2

        Good point on silver, Paul. I noticed that today’s gold/silver ration is down to about 85. It was mid-90’s for quite some time up until about 2 weeks ago when it started to improve. Would love to see it back in the 40’s. Here’s hoping!

    • FC

      Exactly Paul… I have always said if they can manipulate the price PM’s down they can manipulate it up to suit the amount of PM backed currency into existence.
      Armstrong comments of Feudalism comes to mind as PM’s rise to keep up with their manipulation creating a huge wealth gap in society.

  5. BetterChetter

    Could a “Euro” alternative, the Amero, rise up from the dollars collapse, in the coming years?
    Citizenry can only trust that the PTB keeps the USA on top for another decade, before the fate of England, the prior world reserve currency, comes to us.

  6. Ray

    Look……”The system” will NEVER, EVER, EVER implode!
    The US Government will take down every single nation on this planet if necessary, before it allows the United States to fall to the karmic level that its’ actions over the past 40 years deserve.
    The System is everything…..and the United States is everything as well….just ask the people of Iraq and Afghanistan…..they know their place, right?
    They’re just 3rd world people……..1st world nations have a right to subjugate them to the hilt and destroy all their dreams, right?
    Because “dey is terrorists I tells ya”…….”Gotta Stop ’em”
    Both “the system” and The US Government will survive……. FOREVER.
    ……..and the people of this Earth will continue to suffer, forever.
    ………until one brave nation says “hang it…….let’s get ’em”.
    It will likely be Russia or China, once The US Emperor’s clothes become too much to bear.
    PS: Don’t ever expect my gutless, complicit nation to rise up against the filth…..that’s for sure…..we love bombing “dems terrorits”…….our soldiers….dey is heroes, dems guys are!!! (although imbeciles here in the media cannot fathom why many soldiers come home and commit suicide). The human soul is THE ONE THING that cannot be propagandised.
    Anyway………Onward to the next Profit Making Opportunity!!!!!!
    Ray, Canberra,
    Right On Board With The Slaughter & Financial Deceit of the World nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize Australia participated by sending troops to Afghanistan and Iraq? Maybe you should start you rant on your own government. You know the one where Aussie traitors participated in trying to knock President Trump out of office in a treasonous espionage act with “5 Eyes”!! Start down under mate. Clean up you own house. They have disarmed you all and you say nothing.

      • Anthony Australia

        Troops to Vietnam too.
        The people who helped the with the Coup d’état was lead by our longest ever foreign minister Alexander Downer.
        P.S, love your work Ray and he does already know our Government is twisted.

        • iwitness02

          Anthony Australia,
          Aussies were the only men that I ever saw wearing khaki shorts while on duty in Vietnam. Plus their distinctive bush hats. They were easy to pick out. As a group, they seemed to have generally high morale. Good guys to be around.

    • uncommon sense

      I believe that Venezuela was an inflection point. The world now knows that the emperor has no clothes and the challenges to its world hegemony will only multiply.

      • Frederick

        Yup And didn’t that Guido guy look like Obama’s son? Coincidence? Or NOT

    • Freebrezer

      RAY – I hear your point, but is it better to have the emperor you know vs. the emperor you don’t? And what on earth gives you confidence to imply that if China had the power that the US wields that they would be benevolent? I would like to hear your thoughts? China’s glorious past (Recent) seems to me to be pretty damn dark … Just during Mao’s rule, only 60+ million slaughtered/murdered (their own people) in the name a social justice …Hmmm! And Right now only a few million (Muslims and Christians) in concentration camps for re-education. Something to contemplate – If China got control of your nation are they going to implement western law or communist law? Same with Russia?

      • Freebrezer

        Personally, I am hesitantly optimistic that the challenges to the Wests hegemony will result in a good thing. Competition is good! And hopefully it will clean up the imperial streak that the West (USA,UK EU, Austr. etc, … GLOBALISTS) has been pushing for their globalist dream since the 1990’s to Obama era. And more importantly dampen (and not destroy) the Western hegemony banking control … i.e. force monetary discipline! Do not delude yourself, China wants hegemony starting in ASIA including Japan! Do you honestly think that China is going to be more benevolent then the west if they get control?

  7. Country Codger


    • Rob

      Yes this is excellent news as the “Perpetual Money Printing” along with the modified weather that Dane Wigington proves will bring the hyperinflation of food prices the third seal promises:


      Revelation 6:5-6 And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, Come. And I saw, and behold, a black horse; and he that sat thereon had a balance in his hand. (6) And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a shilling, and three measures of barley for a shilling; and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.

      We are already witnessing the preparations for global peace to be taken from the earth so it will not be long:

      Revelation 6:3-4 And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, Come. (4) And another horse came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

      But the 1st seal will be those sent forth to gather the congregation in their wilderness during the tribulation:


      • paul ...

        Rob … I think “the rapture” everyone will get instead is “Universal Basic Income” … where the need to work is no longer necessary (and no one has to die to get it) … the banksters would love “such a monetary rapture” as it would guarantee “the continuous money creation necessary” to inflate away their massive derivative debts … but how do the banksters get the politicians on board such an insane Modern Monetary Theory (where money is simply printed out of thin air to pay for everything)? … simple … they forcibly “stop economic growth” by putting chains on the CPI (so ordinary people won’t be able to keep up with the cost of living) … exasperate those costs by creating tariff “trade wars” and also pay a negative interest rate to savers (who somehow manage to put a few buck in the bank) … the banksters scheme is to continue to hurt the people by stopping economic growth and in this way pressure the politicians into throwing a few bucks to the common people (with a people’s QE) and thus begin the call for the use of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) (exponentially increasing the money supply to pay for everything) … so they create the problem, the people’s reaction is to demand equality … and the politicians provide the MMT solution that “will bail out the banksters” (who have been buying gold and silver) as MMT will skyrocket precious metal prices as the fiat money supply explodes … and thus the banksters get to cover all their bad derivative debts with the monopoly money that is left at the end of this “debt reduction process”!!

  8. Jerry

    Hey Stan,
    You’d better put some bars on your windows. Your time with Deutsche Bank is just about up.

    Go ahead and pump some more sunshine if you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is the biggest quarterly loss in five years?

    I love John Williams but with market manipulation and money printing ( that has never stopped) the discussion of charts and market trends is a waste of time. The bigger question is how long can they continue the charade before they are forced to hit reset button and launch a new exchange system?

    This has gone on much longer than anyone ever thought it could. Five years ago no one knew about the exchange stabilization fund, or the shell game our treasury department was playing with over 21 trillion dollars? Give President Trump his due. He’s a good salesman.He knows how to spin it, and he has bought us more time with his business skills. But, there are forces outside his control that will eventually force his hand. Time is running out.

    • Jerry

      It’s always interesting to look at the money creation section of U.S. debt clock.

      Somehow I don’t see 4 trillion dollars in money creation supporting 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. And that doesn’t even take into consideration derivative debt. Money printing from now until dooms day won’t even begin to come close to paying off the debt that the central banks have created. There is no escape from this debt without a reset.

    • Freebrezer

      Jerry – Agree whole heartily – charts mean nothing in this age where all the Fed (or any other central bank around the world) has to do is key in a few hundred billion here and a few hundred billion there, short a years worth of gold contracts, and maybe through a Trillion over there. The whole system is a fraud . Unfortunately for John Williams his math is spot on, but it does not account for a system that is rigged. It is like playing craps with loaded dice – the house wins and the odds/math mean nothing. Karl Denninger a few months back had a great piece on how he was snookered by the fed … i.e. all his math said crash. It did not happen and he dove deep to understand … Conclusion: the system is corrupt on the inside, thus there are no math, charts, or logic to predict. His strategy is understand the Feds tactics of bait and switch and try and profit. Similar to Greg Mannarino.

  9. Frederick

    Hey Stan Deutschebank shares down 3% today gold and silver up

    • uncommon sense

      merely a buying opportunity at the discount store for Stan.

      • uncommon sense

        In fact Stan must have accumulated so many Deutschebank shares that he should be on the board.

  10. Tom Deplorable

    Great job as always. Love all your guests. Your website motto should be “USA Watchdog: shining the light of truth on the cockroaches of the fake MSM news”. All the msm is manipulated and fake. Lol

  11. Riggy

    Gold is good, but unless you have two years of stored food, Buying long term shelf stable food is better, then gold…

    • uncommon sense

      It depends if we have a total breakdown in the system or not. Many people assume apocalyptic scenarios but the truth is we don’t know because as a species humanity has never been in this situation before.

  12. John

    I am just not too sure about continued QE once we get close to 0% rates. Perhaps the “jubilee” comes in the form of steady rate increases thereby washing out the excesses in stocks, bonds and housing – a deflationary event while at the same time the world transitions back to gold but at levels far lower than what people are predicting but enough to put a floor under the banking system. Interesting that gold is now a tier one asset and countries/banks are acquiring it as we approach lower rates in the US. Having 50% of a million dollar portfolio in gold is going to go far when an average house resets to $50,000 – the problem being when that one million dollar house resets to $500,000 and you still owe $750,000 and you have an arm in an increasing rate environment. Its better to boil the frog in the pot by slowly increasing the temperature of the water rather than all at once. IMHO – eventually they will return to slowly increasing rates to mitigate the carnage but also to attract foreign/domestic capital. The Fed will have a loss on its bond portfolio book but they will just hold the bonds to maturity. This getting very interesting! I find myself more and more in the deflationary camp – either way, however, gold works. In addition, getting out of debt ALWAYS is a good thing!!

    • William Stanley

      I enjoyed your comment.
      IMO, for the next few years (or more), food may go up in price because of bad harvests. However, because of bad economic conditions, lots of other things will probably go down in price, including financial securities, big-ticket items like motor homes and RVs (especially used), and housing, — all of which would be accompanied by a massive flight to safety in PMs (and massive run-ups in their prices) and belt tightening generally.
      After that, a lot depends on whether civilization survives and if, when, and how “the reset” occurs. For awhile at least, I would expect increasing/massive societal chaos, increased/massive money printing and increasing/massive inflation in a futile attempt to regain some semblance of the “status quo ante.” And then the “reset” . . . to what?

    • paul ...

      John … you say that gold “may go to lower levels then most expect” … let’s say gold only goes to $2300 by 2023 … then where will silver be priced? … the gold/silver ratio recently hit a peak at 93 … https://deviantinvestor.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/a-screenshot-of-a-cell-phone-description-automati.jpeg … if the gold/silver ratio corrects to about 55 by 2023 … the lower price level for silver will be about $42 dollars per ounce … or am annualized return of only 65% a year for four years!! … still not too shabby for your worse case expectation!!

      • john


        My comment is about deflation of assets – certainly gold at $ 2300/ounce and a price of silver at $42/ounce is going to be a good return – but others assuming a price of gold at much higher levels based either on money supply or a level needed to absorb the massive amount of debt that has been accrued over the years. Perhaps the plan is to destroy the debt by increasing rates – this reduces money supply, causes a correction in inflated assets, attracts foreign/domestic capital and quite honesty affects the investor/borrower who made bad decisions. My feeling is that Gold/Silver will continue to rise as rates are reduced to zero – then it will come back into the financial system at that price as a floor to the banking system as rates start to rise. Remember, gold is now a tier one asset and it is being acquired. The Fed can attempt to put a floor into the bond market by simply holding their bonds to maturity. However, other entities perhaps not – needing liquidity to survive and not holding their bonds to maturity – causing a deflationary event in the bond market as it sells off. I am not certain they would print money to cover the original face value of the bond – perhaps pennies on the dollar instead. Housing, acting like bonds as rates increase – causing a correction in value as buyers are scarce as liquidity contracts. Stocks affected as well – contraction of earnings as rates rise. Folks, the QE experiment failed – the forces of deflation are huge – is printing more money the answer or is increasing rates the solution? I suspect the only way out is debt destruction – does it come by increasing rates? I suspect they want 6% – if so what is the carnage in bonds, housing and stocks?

  13. Paul Anthony

    Great Interview! 🙂

    My two cents on the “good economy verses bad economy” making it or breaking it for a President.

    While I do agree it has been a even THE factor in getting a second term or winning an election for a candidate. The example of Bush in 92 is an excellent one.

    However, I do believe the exposure that seems to come daily now in how crooked and evil the left really is will beat anything. The left is their own worst enemy and they have beaten us conservatives and Trump in the Media daily since before he was elected. We’re Hill Billy Raciist Nazi’s… over and over all day every day.
    This out weighs economics in my opinion, especially since the issues we face in economics did not come directly from Trump but through poor policies over decades.
    No I don’t believe Trump loses 2020 even with a crash. There is too much garbage and evil on the other side that is being exposed and will continue to be exposed. We’ve had enough of it. We’re not losing 2020 we will be at the polls in full force. We will be in alt media in full force. We are not backing down. We have God on our side. We are going to win. We are going to keep the republic. They don’t get to steal it. Even if the economy crashes. This is bigger than JUST THE ECONOMY. it’s our country. Our constitution and you don’t get to invade our country and take away our freedom and and God given rights. We are the United States of America!

    God Bless you Greg and all of your supporters at USA WATCH DOG ! “Fear Not” God is in control

    Paul Anthony

    • Frank D2

      I agree with you about the lunacy of the left trumping (pun intended) anything in the economy in 2020. Too many people are awake to the fact that Trump’s policies have helped the little guy…more jobs, higher wages, bonuses, plus they see him fighting EVERYTHING for the average American. The only concern is voter fraud. Trump must deal with this before the 2020 election or we will lose. The left will do everything possible to try and steal the election since they know they will not win on the issues. I’m still waiting for major traitor elitists to be rounded up, indicted, tried and jailed. This is the only thing that will dissuade the crooked leftists from continuing their attempts to oust Trump. Where is voter ID???

    • iwitness02

      Great comment, Paul Anthony! That’s the spirit. Hope it spreads like wildfire.

  14. Jallen

    You allow the tag ANTISEMITE to be used by some of your readers on other readers without question!!! Why ? If one questions Israels motives one is automatically an Antisemite. I can assure you there are Jews who question some of Israels tactics.
    The problem; you do not allow one to defend themselves when called an ANTISEMITE by one or more of your readers. You would think you would allow for more honest debate among your readership. Greg, I close with this question, do you think this version of Israel is a calling by the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

    With all due respect,

    • Greg Hunter

      We are not talking about Israel in this interview so I don’t want you hate of Israel to hijack this site. God commands us to bless his people starting in Genesis 12:3. That said, I will ask only this question of you: Do you think Israel has a right to exist? It is a simple yes or no. I am not posting a long dissertation from you, just Yes or No will tell me all I need to know about your position.

      • Anthony Australia

        Come off it Greg, the Israeli Government is equally corrupt and a dictatorship just like the others.

      • Jallen

        Yes. Please answer this question; Do you believe this version of Israel is by the calling of the Amighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
        Yes or no answer will suffice.

        With all due respect ,

        • Greg Hunter

          I gave you my answer and you did not like it. YES or NO does Israel have a right to exist? I will not post any answer other than Yes or No form you on this subject.


          • Frederick

            Israel has a right to exist What they don’t have is a right to keep expanding at the expense of its neighbors nor a right to murder kids throwing stones at tanks Bid difference

            • Greg Hunter

              Yeah Frederick and those folks around them don’t have the right to attack them in wars like 1967 and 1973. You lose a war you start and you lose stuff as a penalty.

              • Uncommon Sense

                Israel fired first. Should troop movements on russias’s border by nato necessitate a war then?

                • Greg Hunter

                  NO THEY DID NOT! Don’t rewrite history.

    • uncommon sense

      As far as I can work out a lot of these people are still stuck in the mindset of the old testament and worship a fire and brimstone God rather than the compassionate all loving God that Jesus spoke about in the New testament. Galaxy 500 is a prime example of this. Interesting people that should be encouraged to post on here as they have an extreme cognitive style that only allows them to perceive the world in black and white. It is interesting to analyse their posts.

      • Greg Hunter

        Are you Christian? Come on.

      • paul ...

        Un … God the Father “is very compassionate” (just like Jesus) until things got out of hand in Heaven “because of his compassion” and the “commie neocon” Satan and his gang of pedophile bankster warmongers to advantage and started to take control … and God the Father had to throw out 1/3rd the population of Heaven to cure things … unluckily for us … he threw them down here on Earth … realizing he really screwed us the “very compassionate” God the Father sent Jesus his only Son down here to save us from the evil neocon commies by preaching to us “not to listen to the warmongers” who seek continual wars … but to work for peace and brotherhood between men … when the “commie neocons” got hold of “compassionate Jesus” they nailed him to a cross … it is time for us to round up the evil 1/3rd of the Earth’s population and throw them on Mars!!

      • Frederick

        Israel has a right to exist What they don’t have is a right to keep expanding at the expense of its neighbors nor a right to murder kids throwing stones at tanks Bid difference

  15. Stan

    I just shorted more Gold. This is like taking candy from a baby.

    • Frederick

      Stan You’re a broken record dude Enough already or are you just a bot

    • paul ...

      But “who is the baby” Stan? … according to you we should be getting out of gold and going into “safe-haven assets” like Deutsche Bank (DB) … without regard to the fundamentals of this particular stock … the way investors are now buying the S&P 500 without any regard to fundamentals … with stocks like Deutsche Bank rising the way it has … what happens when things really get bad?? … not only Deutsche Bank but all stocks will go straight down “with no bid” … so service sector growth is currently masking a deepening downturn in the manufacturing sector (as blow-back from the trade war is much worse than Trump expected) … when trying to steal candy in a complex economic system … you must remember Stan that “the magnitude of the worst event that can happen” … is an “exponential function” of the economic system’s scale (DB has $49 trillion in debt exposure) … that is .. when a complex system’s scale is doubled … the systemic risk does not just double … but can increase by a factor of 10 or more … so any sudden unexpected event that seems to emerge from nowhere … can result in exponentially larger market collapses (and exponential market rises in gold and silver) … currently manufacturing is slumping deeper and deeper into a recession and global stocks are trading just shy of all time highs … this is a recipe for disaster … especially for those who think the stock market is the candy-man (and the only place to be) while shorting gold!!

      • paul ...

        You know Stan … the Fed has legions of PhD economists toiling away working on different ways “to put more chains on the CPI” with little discursive thought given to the fact that “chaining peoples cost of living adjustments” will result in economic stagnation and contraction … this is why the Fed is on collision course with a crisis … a crisis the likes of which humanity has never seen before … and why you should apply some critical thinking to your current investment actions … the same way the Fed has opened a new office called “The Applied Critical Thinking Unit (TACTU)” … hopefully the Tactics the TACTU is recommending to the Fed is the removal of the chains off the CPI … and perhaps … they have also proposed that “the Fed manipulate the price of gold higher” (to say $10,000 or more … the same way Bitcoin was manipulated upward) so that the banksters will then be able to pay back the huge debts they have burdened themselves with!!

    • Frank D2

      Stan, you really have issues that you should probably see a psychiatrist for.

    • Anthony Australia


    • Hockey Puck

      It’s a gutsy short term play, Stan. Good for you! Given Armstrong’s insights a few interviews ago, that short may work well for you in upcoming weeks.

      What you are doing, near as I can tell is playing the range. I get it. It’s been in place for a few years. It’s a pretty reasonable bet. But that’s for traders who watch the market on a daily basis. 99% of readers here probably don’t have time and their #1 concern is to protect their savings. So the correct advice for most humans is BUY NOW! Gold/Silver are likely headed higher in the medium term (4-5 years) and if don’t buy now, you will likely be kicking yourself a year from now, especially if we have some geopolitical mess that scares the Dickens out of everyone. Also, one more point. What difference does it make if you’re looking for long term protection if you buy at 1412 or 1380. You guessed it! None! Not if gold goes to 10,000 an ounce. So the correct advice? Buy now!

      My bet is that gold will retest its breakout point, the Fibonacci 89 month SMA, currently at 1314.82. That SMA very nicely defined the top in the last 3 years. It’s classical technical analysis that when there’s a breakout, a security will come back and test support (former resistance). It doesn’t always happen, of course, but it’s classic. So if some of you are looking for a great time to buy, keep on eye on 1360 (2018 Highs) with a a very strong bid at 1315 creating a massive spike. If that happens this fall, then we’re off to the races. The big money has entered the market and the Fed has converted its shorts to longs.

      • paul ...

        Hockey Puck … You shouldn’t be “encouraging” Stan … many Deutsche Bank fund managers “in the know” are anticipating very severe losses … and are now “running for the exits” leaving the losses to be born by the only remaining shareholder of Deutsche Bank (poor Stan) who still doesn’t realize Deutsche Bank has become the target of a mini “bank run” … where Deutsche Bank is being drained of roughly $1 Billion Dollars per day!!! … then to compound Stan’s problems even more … you encourage him to think the banksters are going to move gold back down to $1315 when it is in their financial interest “to manipulate it much higher” so they can pay off their massive derivative debt positions!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … please look at the seasonal pattern of gold over the lat 40 years (even over the last 15 years they correlate well) … now look at today’s date “July 25” on this seasonal chart … http://www.321gold.com/charts/seasonal_gold.html … do you notice anything about how gold performs from now “July 25” to about October 10th?? … and you are shorting gold into this 40 year seasonal pattern??? … you can’t wait until October 10th to perhaps sell short into a small correction!!!

          • paul ...

            PS: Stan … If you do sell gold short on October 10th 2019 … make sure you are out of your short position by November 1, 2019 … as “God’s money” usually rallies right into Christmas!!!

        • Hockey Puck

          Hi Paul. Thanks for your comments. It’s always helpful to look at things from multiple points of view.

          I highly doubt that DB is going down any time soon. That would mean the total destruction of Germany, the total destruction of the EU and the Euro. Trillions of dollars are behind that bet. I don’t think the bankers are ready to walk away from that deal just yet. Would you?

          Too often, we in this forum, underestimate the power and sheer brilliance of our foe. That’s a BIG MISTAKE. I don’t know if you ever played football or hockey, but to underestimate your opponent is almost certain death. To play any game astutely, you must know what you are up against.

          Bankers are brilliant. I think they are abusing their God-given talents largely because of ignorance of spiritual laws and this will ultimately lead to enormous suffering, for themselves and for others. God is not mocked. We reap what we sow. And what bankers today are sowing are the seeds of slavery. So, one day, they in turn will be slaves and they won’t like it. They will piss and moan and gnash their teeth that some evil monster did it to them when they in reality did it to themselves. Such is God’s justice.

          I agree with you that gold is likely headed higher, and like you, I own physical. It’s a sound, responsible, strategy. I am also keenly aware that gold may never go anywhere. Why? If we have 5G within 2 years, then the Elite will be highly motivated to crash the system at that time, create a massive depression, have everybody screaming on the streets for some kind of respite, at which point they could well propose electronic money as the only viable solution (as they did with QE), and we will be powerless to do anything about it (as we were with QE). Then, they will make all physical money (paper, gold, coins… whatever) illegal. Because they manipulate the price of gold, at that point, it won’t matter what the price of gold is. They have the ability to manipulate the price now. They will probably have the ability to manipulate the price in the future. So you will have to convert your gold to digital anyway at THEIR price… that is if you want to buy food.

          Is gold going higher? Probably… but not guaranteed. Whereto? That’s a tough question. Rickard’s $10,000 is probably a good bet. I don’t think he’d be advertising that number if the Elite weren’t partially committed to it. And according to his numbers, gold actually only needs to go to $4000 to shore up M1. What about recapitalizing global debt? The Elite can either keep rolling the debt over year after year, in which case the Lord/Serf relationship is preserved and they get tons of interest OR they can crash THEIR whole system (deflation) in which case they get control over all the assets. Either way, they win.

          It’s not a pretty picture. They have the power and they know it.

          In addition, paper shorts/longs have not disappeared and I don’t think they are going to disappear. When the Elite wants gold to go higher (They decide… YES!) then it will go higher and guess what, they will use derivatives to drive the the price into the stratosphere if they want, make huge profits on their longs, then reverse with paper shorts only to make obscene profits on the way down and penalize Joe-Six-Pack-Serf-Already for not having the wherewithal to get in early. They control the market. They know when the lows are going to occur, they know when the highs are going to occur. Such is the beauty of ungodly amounts of paper shorts and paper longs.

          CONCLUSION: Don’t underestimate your foe. It’s not good for your health.

    • Jerry

      Q up bomb noise.

      Billions leaving Deutsche Bank by the hour. Hang in their Stan, there has to be bottom somewhere.

  16. JC

    I just read the latest update at The Age of Desolation site, there is some “supplemental” information regarding the faltering economy and the fate of the dollar that Mr. Williams spoke about. Besides that, there is a lot of other stuff that USA Watchdog readers may find of interest. We really need to prepare for what’s coming.

    July 23, 2019
    Elizabeth Warren Warns An “Economic Crash” Is Coming, And Only She Has The ‘Fix’
    This is called pre-positioning; she knows why the economy is going to crash, and she wants to look prophetic. Never let a good crisis go to waste.
    July 23, 2019
    JPMorgan: We Believe The Dollar Could Lose Its Status As World’s Reserve Currency
    So, what happens when you want to blow more of the national treasure on another war?


    • Frederick

      If we go to war with Iran it will just accelerate our demise IMO

  17. Horsenut

    The Horse business died in 2006 for the most part. Though it had a lot to do with the closing of the rendering plants, Horses are primarily a good economy indicator because they are (for the most part) a pleasure animal. In a good economy I made a good living in horses. Most people think the Horse industry is Horse Racing and Show Horses but it’s not. Show and Racing only make up about 5% of the horse industry, horses are livestock just like cattle. There’s no extra money out there for pleasure items which means BAD ECONOMY.

  18. Justn Observer

    Greg, Coming revealations of Mueller testimony=
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    Do we finally see Omar Awan over Mueller’s shoulder? He bears an uncanny resemblance to Imran Awan. Looks like his older brother.
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 3h3 hours ago
    After extensive discussions about email and backup administration for Windows servers by IT Experts, we have concluded Seth Rich and or Aaron Rich would have had to work with a Imran Awan for passwords to servers to pull multiple email accounts.
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 1h1 hour ago
    Going live on Mueller Testimony Reaction – Mueller’s Team Maybe Be Liable For Prosecutorial Malpractice
    Did Mueller’s Team Commit Prosecutorial Malpractice =
    What might ‘they’ trying to hid…and need to get rid of Trump fearing exposure?

    • Bill B

      Might br an idea for DOJ to take a look at Muellers and Weismans emails. Might reveal some interesting communications between them.

    • Justn Observer

      Greg….Is the coup game upped to the National Security crew still going on? Trump needs to turn in back on the Mueller crew, bigger than the DNC now? Was the re-institution of the death penalty a ‘message’ to Jeff Epstein to keep his mouth shut? hmmm

  19. Robin Miller

    Greetings Greg – you may want to interview economic historian Michael Hudson on debt Jubilees. I haven’t gotten through his book “And Forgive Them Their Debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption from Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year” yet, but what I’ve read so far is very interesting. What’s old may be what’s new again….

  20. Mike martin

    Today’s Mueller testimony is a sad moment for my friends to the south. The Democrats are an embarrassment to your country. They have no interest in truth or justice, they just want the President gone. My wife and I travel to the USA multiple times a year and it saddens me to see this happening in your country. May God provide you guidance in these difficult times.

  21. Justn Observer

    Greg, Excellent interview with Mr. Williams…always look forward to his apples to apples view of where we really are historically as so much is distorted or obscured by the ‘funny’ business used to deceive the people. Especially in the ‘missing’ = omitted $21 T.
    The whole country is in flux…people running from taxes in one state moving to another, and many of those displacing others who then have their states and town impacted by the new influx of people causing them to move. Add that the cronyism of ‘picking’ winners and losers by government…only certain regions or areas see betterment, ie= defense area…while others like ag are suffering…also some BLUE states have nixed the tax saving Trump was hoping would help by their raising real estate taxes, user and license fees, and tax law exemption changes that many actually lost ground. The fact is ‘inflation’ especially in food and energy costs will have a dramatic effect on household expenses…that itself will effect their purchasing of durables, vehicles, and home purchases… Likely too, the government will have a struggle with increasing SNAP and welfare stuff since merely added more to individuals when ‘availability’ will kick in…and like with the PM stackers…one can not buy what is in short supply… Soon, the choice might be – do I not pay the medical insurance or feed the family? Currently Trump is being criticized for his ‘tariffs’ on China, which might be helping keep the price of grains and soybeans down…= stock feed and food prices for the people lower …but what if Trump does get an agreement and China , which is having the same problem , starts buying up U.S. grains and soybeans causing upside pressure on already rising softs, grains and meat prices?
    The shift – adjustment in those industries itself …will find some of the too big to fail ag business …fail as scarcity increases… Trump of course knows this, he went to the forbidden city, he pulled out of the ‘fake’ carbon’ global warming BS tax grab of the IPCC, and gave orders to the coast guard, and passed an executive order regarding prepping for possible EMP ‘type’ events…which most read as nation state use of such, when if you do research on what research the DHS and other agencies is spending new massive amounts of time and money on = cosmic flux and radiation, one must also be aware the Federal governments responsibility is defense and prep. which includes stable prices and availability. Using policy changes help in shorter time periods…but what appears is likely is a quite stellar shift most are not and will not ever be prepared for. There are short cycles…like the 11 year , and there are longer ones…and then there are some very rare ones that when they all occur at the same time…like a Bose wave…can either cancel one another out or AMPLIFY each other … which historically as Nenner alluded to …cause nations to have friction, incursions, or all out wars as a result of…. Watching the idiocy of the loggerheads over the border wall, one should read history and consider who saw what to cause the building of a approx. 5000 mile wall , that high and wide of stone in China? One can only imagine POTUS Trump is happy he is not charged to have to build that one? And too, one does wonder what China sees, that they were compelled to build all those ghost cities, and Russia hoping to re-gather their holdings in the Ukraine and southern warm water ports in the MED.
    As has been mentioned….the earth is the subject of the sun…. the sun is – by volume 1.3 million times larger…THERE IS NOTHING humans can do to have and effect on the sun… Our largest nuclear bomb would be like hitting a speeding locomotive head-on with a spit wad! AOC = total idiot BETO= a clueless clown. Many will not survive, many will….that will all depend on each individuals actions…= the 7 P’s =
    One might add another P and make it 8 p’s = Prayer
    Thank you so much – Greg…and Mr. Williams, http://www.shadowstats.com/

  22. Gina M Mancarella

    The evidence clearly showed the Russians intervened to throw the election to the criminal Donald Trump and committed Treason against the United States !

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s over Gina. Mueller and Nadler and Schiff did a beautiful job of ending the Hoax.

    • Justn Observer

      Gina in a sense your right = Russian Ukranian’s that are tied to the State Dept. and CIA …If you would have followed the links you would know that…You need to get out of the bubble in live in! Enlighten yourself…ask your friends for help and an intervention.

    • Anthony Australia

      Evidence and clearly LOL

    • Frederick

      Gina Are you delirious Muller is a sham and a liar The whole thing as I believed from day one was nothing but a left wing nut witch hunt

  23. iwitness02

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way –
    A Tale of Two Cities.
    1775—–2019: 244 years of ‘progress.’ Wonder what Charles Dickens would think about our current situation, if he could be here now?
    I think he would be fascinated, and perhaps, appalled.
    I know I am.

    • paul ...

      Iwit … Perhaps in the worst of times the best men step forward to provide wisdom (over foolishness) … belief in goodness (over incredulous evil) … to bring light (where there was darkness) … and hope (over despair) … before all of us … we two choices … everything … or nothing … and now is time for us to choose … whether we want to live in a Heaven on Earth (or a Hell on Earth) … I see now that drones have been developed to carry flame throwers … the question becomes … do we use it to clear brush … or to burn Palestinians, etc. … the choice should determine whether one is allowed to live on Earth (or be sent to Mars)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-23/flamethrowers-just-got-airborne-watch-drone-shoot-napalm-stuff

      • paul ...

        The other choice we have is to determine what money to own … the “real” money created by God (gold and silver) … or the “fake” money created by evil banksters (fiat paper debt IOU’s)!!

        • iwitness02

          As long as we end up with good will towards men, and among men, I’m happy.

  24. Bill B

    Having spent the day watching the congessiional circus today, I have come to the conclusion that Mueller did not write his report and did not know what was in it.
    . Seemed somewhat bewildered when Congr Nunes questioned him. I believe Weisman did the hiring and firing and wrote the report.

  25. Grosse Pointe

    cutting rates? What happens to all the pensions plans Globally they all fail hopes that help solve anything. Its a Crash And Burn nothing else will work coming out the other side could be worse that what we have now!

  26. Mike R

    Williams is always spot on. This all boils down to one thing… its next to impossible to obtain a decent living wage, and to afford the basic necessities of life in the US of A. If you live rural, you are not near decent paying jobs. If you live in the city, many big cities where you can make a lot more, the affordability of housing and perpetually rising taxes, and healthcare, makes your wages more like barely keeping afloat.

    I’m 57, and the treadmill is spinning way faster than I can keep up. 2 kids in college, and going broke doing it. 2 of my kids are special needs, so its a miracle they are going, but who knows if they can even get a job. Layoffs occasionally interspersed in a 35 year career, wiped out a good chunk of savings. There is no retirement, and I also have a side business, but the hours are crushing.

    Worse, Im the bad guy if I tell my family that community college is all we can afford. Thus college for 3 kids is literally wiping out my life, and my chance for any retirement.

    Going day by day isn’t enough anymore. If the economy collapses worse than now, simply will be selling my home, and IF it sells, taking whatever from the proceeds and downsizing to something very very small. 70% is paid off, but the last 30% is the killer, since I had to refinance that just to keep mortgage low. Property taxes though have killed off the benefit of low mortgage payments. $11000 per year for only 2800 SF home.

    • Diane

      Hi Mike, you spelled out your situation clearly
      Lots of people can relate.
      I am reading an interesting book by Kenneth W.Gronbach.
      Please check ot out, it’s most enlightening.
      Very surprising analysis. The importance of demographics

      • Diane

        Make that UPSIDE by Ken Gronbach
        His latest…good stuff

    • Dave

      Hi Mike. I identify with you in most respects.
      I have chosen to respond by simply doing the best I can with what I have. My faith in Jesus as my Lord and Savior keeps me full of joy despite the harrowing circumstances that surround us on all sides. Scripture says that this is not our home. It implores us to “lay up treasure in heaven for ourselves”. Love God, love others and look forward to your reward in heaven for all of eternity.

      ““So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:31-34‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    • MCasey

      Mike…..Hang in there. You’re doing a great job! And tell your kids a trade skill often pays better than a college degree…..then the kids can work with their trade to put themselves through college, if they still want it.

      I was a divorced struggling mom and sent my daughter right out of high school to trade school for 3 months for Data Entry (not bad pay in 1988 for a minimum of training). She then worked to helped pay for college for a PT (Physical Therapist) degree; but, because of “Gate-Keeping”, she readjusted her goal to a PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant)….still very good money in the 1990’s…and is pretty good money today. Then the night she graduated from PTA she ran up the stairs of the auditorium and told me she wanted to be a teacher. I told her good luck and you’re completely on your own. She’s still a PTA and loves it.

      Don’t forget to do what’s good for you, too.

  27. James Hastings

    I enjoy John Williams…..Numbers don’t lie.

    Now……America is collapsing. Where are the prosecutions? Where is justice?

    “The way of peace they do not know; there is no justice in their paths…..” Isaiah 59:8

    You can’t focus on what’s important…..Right and wrong.

    • Montana Guy

      James Hastings, you are correct ‘Numbers don’t lie’.

      Three weeks ago the Military-Industrial-Complex got another $2.2 Billion sale of arms to Taiwan, bringing the total to $3.5 Billion since Trump took office.

      Does that sound like ‘The way of peace’?

  28. Mike

    If 2007 was a bubble, why would u expect an economy growing at the same speed?

  29. Mike

    Hey Greg, we need thumbs up or down options for comments

    • Montana Guy

      Mike, what exactly would thump counts provide for valuable information?

  30. al

    I participated in the Survey and Mr. Williams was kind enough to email me the results you see on his site. Besides being smart, he is also a very kind person, a true pleasure to correspond with.

    LOL, Greg, any opening to stick it to Buffet there you are jabbing. I LOVE IT! You had me laughing out loud.

    0% or negative rates ZIRP, NIRP ?While “what’s the Dealio Dalio” is sounding the alarm!
    I remember when Greenspanks said that money printing quote, truth media economists were screaming hyperinflation! Funny how at present the mention of printing unlimited amounts is practically ignored, the red-faced screamers are sitting back.

    Check out Wolf Richter of wolfstreet.com, he talks about Real Estate which has been one of the major drivers of this “recovery”. Lynette Zang is also a great analyst. They all say basically the same thing John W. is saying. It’s looking like 2007 all over again.
    Always a pleasure to see him on your Network Greg.

    • Galaxy 500

      Al, if you check the facts, real estate bubbles have started most of our financial disasters. 1929? There were short term loans for real estate and when the credit seized up people could not refinance to string their loans along causing the crash

  31. Mike R

    All the money printing, QE, central bank intervention, has completely obliterated price discovery, and also liquidity. Derivatives have done that too, along with money outside of the formal banking system.
    At some point, the entire market is going to wake up, and realize they have no real clue what the value of anything actually is. Then ‘price discovery’ takes hold, and nobody but nobody will want to hold anything. The selling will not stop, no matter how many times the market halts trading and attempts to allow it to re-start. “fair value” will be something well south of 95% down from here. For every stock on the planet, and most bonds as well will be obliterated. Nobody can possibly know what the trigger of any of this will be. Amazon for example, isn’t worth a damn fraction of a penny, given its penchant for spending more than it takes in, and selling below their actual costs, on nearly every item, so as to knock out every single retail competitor. Its only through VERY corrupt accounting chicanery, that Amazon ever reports any ‘profit.’ It would be ironic, if Amazon actually caused the market to crash. Its going to be something or someone you least expect, and no one would ever expect Amazon or Bezo’s to be the catalyst that somehow triggers panic selling, and causes all trust to be lost in the system and current beyond nose bleed market valuations.

  32. Ed

    “Anything that will help the most people is good” @ 20:17.
    Starting at 19:45, would someone please say a few words about what the difference is between what Williams advocates here on USA Watchdog and the basic tenets of socialism. Williams is making the socialist argument and it’s time for us to engage in respectful debate about re-organizing our society along the lines of “what’s best for the most number of people” as Willams so revealingly puts it. Market capitalism, such as it is in an economy with no honest markets, , does not anywhere near lead to the best for the most. Congress would never be permitted to allow such folly. John Williams has proved it and now he reluctantly admits it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Williams does not back socialism. Either do I. It never works and is destructive and anti freedom and anti-Constitution.

  33. paul ...

    Breaking News: … Failed “suicide attempt” on Epstein … likely to shut his mouth before he can incriminate some very important people!! … I wouldn’t be surprised if those marks on his neck were plutonium injections to give him deadly “fast acting thyroid cancer”!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-24/epstein-found-injured-prison-cell-after-possible-suicide-attempt

  34. paul ...

    And if China tries to sail a warship around Manhattan Island (under the pretext of having ties with New York City as they own the Fed, Chase Manhattan Bank and other real estate in the City) … and China says it is therefore bound to help provide Manhattan Island with a means to defend itself (from a US government who may attack the Federal Reserve and other Chinese assets in the City) … the US should be prepared “to go to War with China” who would dare to try to split New York City away from the rest of our Country … and the US Military should always be prepared to firmly safeguard our national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity … that’s why we are also building a “Great Wall”!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-24/us-sends-warship-through-taiwan-strait-hours-after-china-warns-it-ready-war

    • Greg Hunter

      Waters around Manhattan are NOT international but waters of USA. This is stupid and you need to hate your country a little less.

      • paul ...

        Greg … It’s because I love my country that I try in my own small way to criticize the neocons into being less aggressive internationally … the entire world is now beginning to hate America … it was not like that years ago … I want to get things back to the way it use to be!!

        • Greg Hunter

          It would be nice if you would criticize some of the other A$$#@!^ in the world.

  35. Coalburner

    A lot of people are concerned about National Debt, budget deficit and Fed money printing. I say we are past worrying about those things.
    It is the reset or whatever it turns out to be that matters. Sorry but the words above are nothing but diversion and things to argue about. They are not important anymore and haven’t been for a long long time.

    • Greg Hunter


  36. Anthony Australia

    British retailers suffer worst sales run since 2011

    Retail sales fell for the third consecutive month in the year to July, marking the longest period of decline since 2011, according to the latest distributive trades survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

  37. Galaxy 500

    What did the Mueller hearing show yesterday?
    That Mueller was a figurehead that neither wrote or even read his report. That while he followed Manifort (sp?) thru tax and taxis, he didn’t follow up on the only real Russian connection. That he prosecuted Flynn and others for misstatements, he let of Hillary, et al for everything.
    I would have felt sorry for him if I didn’t know he sold his soul to Satan for a few pieces of silver

    • Frederick

      Galaxy Exactly You know on subjects other than religion we think alike By the way I am an equal opportunity agnostic I treat all denominations equally poorly

      • Galaxy 500

        I get information from any source I can as long as it is relevant and reliable. I also don’t demand that people agree with me on religion.

  38. Diane

    Epstein Found “Nearly Unconscious” In Prison Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt

  39. Justn Observer

    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    Killimnik – CIA’s Gofur For Ukrainian/Russian Joint Ventures. August 11th, 2018 Deripaska Ran Crossfire Hurricane For Victoria Nulan… https://youtu.be/lNJkxF9ZN8o via @YouTube
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 4h4 hours ago
    Live in Five – Killimnik – the key to CIA State Department East Meets West Ventures For Mueller

  40. Me....

    Tell me, why would our Government need to raise taxes when they can create Trillions to bail out banks and financial institutions etc. ? Couldn’t they also do the same for ALL Fed. Income Taxes as needed eliminating the Fed Income Tax?? Free “Money” whenever, where ever needed? …Just asking due to their previous actions…

    • Frederick

      They can’t Printing to pay liabilities just destroyed the value of the currency but that hasn’t stopped them from doing it much to the demise of the middle class

  41. SilverHawk

    In this episode of American Greed…. In November of 1910, 6 of the most powerful bankers in the world meet on an island off the Georgia coast, to draw up plans to steal the wealth of 100’s of millions of people. Making this the largest theft in the history of Humanity… All lose everything, except for a intellectual few who see it coming…
    Love that show. Can learn a lot on protecting yourself from the evil ones.

  42. James Brown

    Great interview!!! I love you man!!! This time it’s going to be different. We will have “stagflation” but not like last time, which was based on oil. This time it will come from excessive taxation (I know, it sounds shocking that the government could tax us even more) and food shortages. Do you remember having to wait in line to get gas? (1978/1979) This time we will wait in line to buy food (What could possibly go wrong?!?!). Don’t forget, Germany collapsed after WW1 because their communist government stole 20% of all the wealth and the populace immediately lost confidence in the government. A similar thing happened here in California when a kid by the name of Grey Davis became governor. Old Grey thought he had a green light to raise taxes so he went too far and got recalled. Then we got us another socialist governor – Arnold. We need Paul Craig Roberts. I would Pay you $10 cash money, if you got him on. Yeah Man! No joke – Pay Per View!!! I love you Brother!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree James this QE and rate cutting is not going to work the same way it did cutting the Great recession. It will for a while but when the fed takes rates negative look out. The ECB is negative% and the economy is imploding.

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