Everything is a Lie, Ruble Rumbles, Inflation Rising

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 522 4.1.22)

If you watched the mainstream media (MSM) news lately, you might be noticing how everything they told you is a huge lie.  The MSM said Hunter Biden’s laptop with treasonous deals and nasty sex photos is nothing more than Russian disinformation.  LIE.  We were told over and over again by the MSM, that the so-called dossier on Trump with tawdry tales were true or mostly true. Total LIE.  The MSM told all the CV19 vax is safe and effective.  Huge LIE and the MSM was paid $1 billion to push this Deadly LIE.  The MSM said, and is still saying, Ivermectin is not effective against CV19.  Another Huge LIE!!  We are drowning in a sea of lies, and the MSM is happy to be rowing the boat of fake news.

The so-called sanctions put on Russia by the west were supposed to cripple them and kill the Russian ruble.  I told you this would backfire big time, and it has.  Putin is forcing countries to use the Ruble when buying oil, natural gas, wheat and everything else it sells.  There is a new competitor to the dollar, at least when buying Russian goods and resources.  Will the dollar take a hit as other countries no longer need it?  I say yes.  After getting clobbered on sanction news, the Ruble is back to where it was when the sanctions were imposed.  Now, inflation has been turbo-charged in the west, and that is a huge backfire in my book.

Speaking of inflation, have you filled up your vehicle lately?  How about buying some food at the grocery store?  The Biden/Obama Administration would like you to think that the massive inflation you are experiencing is all Russia’s fault.  That, too, is a huge lie.  We are getting this because of disastrous policies instituted by the Biden Administration.  Biden and crew want to “Build Back Better” after they tear and burn your world down.  It won’t be better, and the evil globalists backing Biden will be in total control if they get their way.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.1.22.

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After the Interview:

Award winning journalist Alex Newman will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Every problem we face in America can be traced right back to the Deep State.  Newman, who wrote a popular book called “The Deep State,” will tell you how to identify our enemies and how to fight them.

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  1. Rodster

    Greg, I would say it’s more the Neocons and Warhawks who are pushing Biden into these stupid international decisions. I seriously doubt Biden has the necessary brain marbles to even know where Russia is on the map.

    Warhawks like Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Bill Kristol and others are the ones making foreign policy decisions for Biden. All these people want is to dominate and control the world. It’s Russia now and they would just go after China next and so on.

  2. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    05:19 a.m. here in the U.K. and your video is not up yet, so here is an unrelated account of the brainwashing taking place in British junior schools. My youngest grandson, age ten, attends school in the South of England. Everyday, his class has to watch BBC Newsround. This is a programme where the ‘news’ is ‘interpreted’ for kids. Recently, all the pupils were required to write a letter to an imaginary child in Ukraine, showing empathy for their suffering. And, last but NOT LEAST, the kids had read to them passages from a biography of the early life of – Kamala Harris!!!! WTF, this is happening in a state school in England, not Illanois!

    Hitler reportedly said, ‘He alone who controls the youth, controls the future’. Shows who’s philosophy TPTB are following. Teachers are going along with this BS!

    • Marie Joy

      Kamala bio. That’s funny (and tragic).

      • Roger Hubbard

        Marie, I’m so sorry to hear kids in England are being subjected to Kamala Harris!
        Over here we are used to her mindless babble, we understand why she was the first one out of the presidential primary race. Everyone knows she was a bought and paid for shell.
        That’s why Biden picked her for Vice President, he felt very safe having a moron as a vice president. Now look at us, Biden has dementia and we may end up with her as president! I pray that God‘s hand will not ever let that happen..

        • RTW

          I don’t believe Biden picked Kamala just like I don’t believe Barry chose Biden for his VP. They were chosen for them for reasons other than intelligence or talent, obviously. If Biden really was in control, his first Black Woman on the moon would be Harris since she did such a great job explaining astronomy to those kids. Also if Dr. Jill had any say, Kamala would remain up there for the next two years.

    • Catherine Cronin

      Just remember to tell your children her family from Jamaica W.I. was from Maroontown. That province is known for its Voodoo priests and witches and has complete anarchy because the Jamaican government will not enter Maroontown
      and basically let’s them run it without outside interference. Whether Kamala is a witch or not I have no idea, but I am sure she has friends that are. If Obama parties with her then she is not exactly a law abiding God fearing leader, or person for that matter.

      • Mark

        Witchcraft is rampant up here in North dakota there are several levels and they are easy to identify. They think it’s cool and enjoy the power. Most of them know the Bible and carry one better than any so called Christian. All the loopholes for attacks and curses are right in there and they know how to use that power. The Book is powerful. Many of them hold high places in the churches and push the jab. We are surrounded by evil and behind enemy lines in this country.

        • Self Exiled

          Some people might not believe you, but I had a student who was open about his beliefs and confessed his allegiance to Satan and carried his so-called bible with him all the time, this was in Rapid City SD in 1972. Later in the 80’s I worked a 2-year temporary job in 2 restaurants. Worked with an assistant chef. The first 3 days he watched me closely and the first thing he said to me was” you’re one of those born-again Christians aren’t you. Don’t pray for me.” He had spiritual discernment. He confessed he had made a blood pact with the devil; he was personable and proper and never rude. His behind the seen activities started to leak out. After 6 months I began praying for him and in about a week he came to work and asked if I had been praying for him, ‘Stop.” “Why”, “things are going wrong.”

    • IIG

      They “who control the youth” – control the future – and “psycho” unthinking “New World Order Brainwashed Mothers” (like mind controlled zombie automatons) are bringing their innocent children to the “Story Time Queers and Perverts” running our school systems – where these evil demented perverts (recently out of the closet) are not only promoting the “jabbing” of our kids with AIDS – but are teaching our innocent children to wiggle their asses “for the queers” – our children will eventually then have a chip implanted into their brains that will hook them up to the internet (controlled by the evil Main Stream Media who will feed them constant lies – upon lies – upon lies)!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/alex-jones-full-show-thursday-3-31-22_6szuLlQEDIV5DSA.html


    CNN Admits Hunter Biden May Be Indicted, Laptop From Hell Not ‘Russian Disinformation’/by Jamie White March 30th 2022
    “It seems pretty clear that Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s name to make a lot of money,” says CNN correspondent.
    The political dam may be about to break against Biden’s White House as multiple newspapers and media outlets acknowledge that Hunter’s laptop is authentic.
    Apparently they want sleepy old, BIG DADDY Joe, out the way before the mid-terms. With new blood and excitement to reinvigorate the party! Because if not? THE PARTY’S OVER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saMUmG4HU1E
    Find somebody real and witty! Americans love a man or woman, whom can give em a break. No sour pusses please.
    Nat King Cole “The Party’s Over”

    Putin’s Armageddon Weapon
    28,147 views Mar 31, 2022 Mark Felton Productions 1.63M subscribers
    Why Russia Will Take Ukraine.

    NATO & Russia Nearly Went to War – Kosovo 1999
    228,157 views Mar 30, 2022 Mark Felton Productions 1.63M subscribers
    In 1999, NATO and Russia came close to war over the issue of Kosovo, a tiny Balkans nation that NATO intervened in to restore peace. When a British general was ordered by his American superior to forcibly eject Russian soldiers from an airport, an extraordinary confrontation occurred between the two Allies.

    Children of Donbass on Palace Square in St Petersburg, Russia in 2022
    1,594 views 12.9K subscribers Mar 31, 2022 Baklykov. Live
    The alley of children of Donbass who lives in the war zone since 2014 (after the Maidan in Ukraine) and their true short stories.

  4. Anthony Australia

    If you watched the mainstream media (MSM) news lately, you might be noticing how everything they told you is a huge lie”
    Fake reality, yes!
    This is what bothers me the most and I am not pointing the finger at any nation because they are all guilty.
    The issue is that it has spilled over into normal daily life; people are fake in their demeanor, intentions and personalities. Botox, filler and all sorts of things injected into their bodies. Plus AI and other stuff they are injecting into us in order to monitor and control.
    Keep Honest, Keep Real & Fear Not.

      • Greg Hunter

        Celente has many well documented correct calls.

        • Paul in oz

          Indeed he has …. really enjoyed the two of you on election night … IMO opinion his predictive ability is far more accurate than Bo Polny’s … speaking of whom, when will he be on to update and explain the latest interpretations of our father?

          • Anthony Australia

            Lots of Aussie Pollies are staring to speak out Pauly!

            Australian Senator Drops Klaus Schwab / WEF Truth Bombs In Parliament


            We’re coming for you: Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts throws down against Government Covid-Criminals


            • Paul

              Hi Anthony,
              That’s great
              Those boiling frogs are turning into boiling resistant patriots. Much more to come.

              Resistance from arkansas

          • The Seer

            March 22 was another big Polny date.
            I couldn’t find anything.
            The gist is news occurs from somewhere in the world daily so being right can be daily but his March 22 was a dull day.
            Different topic I have received dreams and Visions into the future and the scientists and techies do succeed in controlling consciousness in and out of robotic android bodies. They don’t need natural humans.
            I. Do want more clarity on planet cooling versus Ozone collapse information.

        • Diana Brown

          Agreed Greg. Celente is a truth teller. Always has been.

      • Anthony Australia

        Close contact isolation rules could be scrapped by end of month.
        Close contact isolation rules could be scrapped by the end of April, after the peak medical expert body advising national cabinet backed its proposal to further ease restrictions.

    • eddiemd

      And the radio news. I listen to AM news radio everyday at wake up. Straight propaganda.

      I watch cable news once a week when I go visit my 87yo mom in the nursing home. If I want to know what the mainstream media is saying I ask her. She is a victim of the matrix propaganda. The msm is very effective in mind control. It is the onset of the great deception. Perhaps already here. They were able to perfect it over the course of the coronavirus scam.

      Read the book of Jude. The book before the Revelation.

      • Anthony Australia

        Trauma Based Mind Control – Fritz Springmeier

      • Charles H.


        I expect the Libby Democrats to blame the Conservative right, who didn’t take the shots – as being behind it all: Covid and the clot-shots. No lie is too big anymore.

    • Ray

      Well said mate…..spot on.
      This society is rotten……..ready to fall.
      Let’s hope a kernel of truth is revealed to at least a majority of people just before the big collapse hits us.
      Keep throwing out the left jab mate.
      Ray, Canberra, We’re sending munitions to Ukraine, but to gutless to declare war because we know we’d get our arses smacked nation.

      • Johnny Cool


        Society is rotten.

        We need a Lawman to clean it up.


        • Ray

          Ahhhh Yes Johnny!!
          Big, Bad Burt Lancaster……..love it.
          You always have a way of making my day mate.
          Take care Brother.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN

    • Robert K

      Speaking of the MSM,

      I decided to watch the “news” and it appears they’ve done a complete 180.

      c19 is barely covered, if at all, and only talk about schools not wearing masks
      None of the anchors wear masks while on remote or gloves like once before
      There is no push for the “vaccine” anymore
      No more C19 Fear Propaganda
      No more media war on ivermectin/HCQ like the previous 2 years of broadcasts
      Russia/Ukraine “war” is barely covered, & when it is, it’s BRIEF
      Anchors sit in close proximity, versus the 6 foot “social distancing” the last 2 years
      They do not talk about inflation
      They do not talk about high food prices (If so, it’s Russia’s fault)
      They do not talk about high gas prices (If so, its’s Russia’s fault)
      No more anti law enforcement rhetoric , & they actually cover positive L.E. encounters

      Hmmm, It’s almost like we’re in an election year and they were all told to stop reporting on anything and everything that paint the dems in a negative light….Total horseshit.

      Patriots, Don’t forget the PLANNED draconian lockdowns and poison shots these A-holes imposed on all of us since 2019 and the PLANdemic that has a 99% survival rate…


  5. Warren B.

    Biden Administration’s “Build Back Better”….is nothing more than a one way ticket to serfdom and hell on Earth……
    bbb = 666 = Satan worshipping. They are telling us what they are doing….in plain view.
    They will scorch this planet and exterminate as many humans as they possibly can.
    Biden, Schwab, Gates and crew need to be made redundant ….asap.

  6. Ronald J Gidlund

    God Bless You Greg! I love your site! God is in total control! Go GOD!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Ron!
      Brother Greg

  7. Allen ols

    Here is canadian prepper inter viewing lt col jay block former intel at wyoming/montana neuk missel complexes and in holland/nato.


  8. Brian Dougan


    My comment is a bit off topic. Regarding the use of ivermectin to help rid the body of spike protein: I’m happily; resolutely unvaxed, and my wife was informed by her surgeon to “get the shot” before surgery. She reluctantly complied. However; under no circumstances is she going to take a second injection. Never. Question: Several doctors recommend ivermectin (Or HCQ) as a means of helping the body eliminate spike protein–My dosage would be about 12 mg. Apart from “take it two/three times/week;” I have not heard any doctor mention the duration. I’ve even heard about taking it once a month. Quite confusing. Understandably; there seems to be no consensus. Not well understood. However….

    Are we to take it two or three times per week for….how long? Weeks/months/years/as long as we live?

    Thank you for any information you can provide.


    • Greg Hunter

      Right now Brian, that depends on how long will the vax make spike proteins. Who knows? Some say the spike production will not stop– ever because the nano lipid envelope is indestructible graphene. Others say 15 to 17 months and still others say a few months. Until that question is answered exactly, most folks tell me they are going to keep taking it. You have to decide. There is little to no downside for taking Ivermectin, and that is the good news.

      • Wanda Grubbs

        On this subject, just where can a person purchase this stuff? Once I had a link to buy it but it doesn’t work any more. I desperately need to find some for my Husband and me. Our Son in law who works for the Military, civilian position, has had to take the shots. We are not around him and the family often (were old and lazy like to stay home) but we do see them a couple times’ a month, him, our Daughter and our 3 yr old Grandson. Sadly they seem to be coming down with a cold or flu like symptoms all the time. His work with the Military takes him to other States regularly, and he works closely then with many ppl. He has brought the bug back once so far, and they were tested and isolated for 2 weeks. Because of his work he is really out there with people, and I am sure he will probably bring it home again. Which is the reason why we have to limit our time with them, sadly. Any suggestions or links to purchase this treatment would be greatly appreciated. Ty

      • Brian Dougan

        Thank you Greg. Good points. We really are in uncharted territory.


    • The Seer

      The exhale and shedding from the multi-millions jabbed smart to take Iver twice a week the rest of our lives.
      Be sure to get proper mg to body weight. A compounding lab will fill the script with natural crystalline.

    • Mike Patagonia

      We do not use vacines, as even Chinese Sinovac (no vivid Covid cells used) which is used here for young, more sensible children is said according to a recent zerohedge article to kill children in China with leucamia.
      My wifes goes shopping for me, sometimes she feels a bit like Clif High once with a close to him person infected thru others, do not forget that Covid vacunated persons can continue to spread Covid too. Than she takes very ocasionally 1 max 2 ivermectins. We also used especially in my case ocasionally L-Lysine (imported from US) known as anti-herpes and for protecting pigs against frequent pig deseases/pests. I assume that humans have much in common with pigs. It was recomended in a leerockwell.com story repeated on 321gold.com as successful for cheap Covid fight in shanty towns of the dominican republic. There was a US financed study, L-Lysine is dirt cheap and can be given without vitamine or so addons, I am a thrifty person. I used it more frequently as ivermectin, no issues arousing.

  9. Russ D

    Lying is a virtue on the Left.

    Liberals lie in layers. You never really uncover the truth. You just uncover the next layer.
    If you ever managed to peel back the last layer, instead of a soul, you’d find a crunchy P O S center.

    Liberals seem unable to function without lying

    Can anyone tell me the last time they heard ANY liberal tell the truth???

    Lying is like breathing to the Left.

    Every time a Liberal opens their mouth, there’s a 100% chance they are lying.

    Lies are the bread and butter of the Democrat party.

    Leftistism dies in the light of truth and facts

    Truth to a Democrat is like sunlight to a vampire.
    Very hazardous to their health.

    Everything about the Left is a lie.

    Every time a liberal speaks, a lie gets its wings

    The Left; They lie. They know they lie. They are proud of how well they lie.

    Show me a liberal that isn’t lying, and I’ll show you one that’s in a coma.

    Lying is 1st nature to a Democrat.

    It is easy to confuse a Democrat,all you have to do is tell them the truth.

    • SOD

      The newly packaged Immigration Lie: Let’s utilize fake Ukrainian passports, this then no longer necessitates special nighttime clandestine refugee drop offs to destinations in the red fly-over states. If you think our politicians aren’t in full population replacement mode–and they’re here to champion truth, justice and the American way…think again! SOD

    • Tom C

      You are correct on all points.

      The Truth To Liberals Is Whatever They Want The Truth To Be.



  11. Marie Joy

    Communists and psychopaths never give up. Short of kinetic, nothing will change.

    • IIG

      To the “commies and psychopaths” farming looks easy – when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field!! – Dwight D. Eisenhower

  12. Ramon

    Now that is a real V-shape recovery 😎

    Around min 37, picture of the Rubel value

  13. Foley Sab

    Russia Says Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Funded Biolabs In Ukraine; Trump Makes This Request To Putin /121K views 1 day ago CRUX

    Joe Biden ‘almost giving’ Putin an ‘incentive’ for nuclear war: Trump
    310,782 views Mar 28, 2022 Sky News Australia
    Former US President Donald Trump has weighed in at a weekend rally suggesting recent remarks by his successor Joe Biden was antagonising Russian President Vladimir Putin into nuclear war.
    The leader of the free world was in Warsaw, in the Polish capital, when he labelled President Putin a “butcher” who “cannot remain in power” due to his actions in the Ukrainian invasion.
    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov refuted the comments, saying it was not the decision of President Biden but of the Russian people.
    Hours later, the White House stressed President Biden’s message did not signal a shift in its policy.
    Former US President Donald Trump was asked by media outlet Newsmax if he thought Vladimir Putin would use nuclear weapons in the Eastern European conflict.
    “When you put him into a corner and you talk the way they’re talking – they’re talking weak – and yet they’re almost giving him an incentive,” Mr Trump said.
    “They’re handling him very badly in my opinion.”

    • IIG

      As the battle to De-Nazify Donbass begins (which could last about a month) expect the Nazi’s to create a “false flag event” that will give Biden the excuse he needs to send in American boys (recently sent to Poland) to cross into the Ukraine and spill their blood to save the Nazi’s (who have been giving very lucrative jobs to our US government representatives family members) – Biden was in Poland last week and has ordered “an additional 3,000 troops” to Poland on Friday – https://nypost.com/2022/03/29/biden-appears-to-reveal-us-troops-training-ukraine-forces-in-poland/ – it seems very obvious the Demon-rats are preparing us for a war with Russia – problem is our American soldiers were given a “jab” that compromises their immune system – so is this war going to be another Afghanistan (an unwinnable war that simply feeds the Military Industrial Bankster Complex)??

  14. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for uncovering the manure heap that is the main stream media here in the west particularly here in the UK. Here,in the UK, our media is so “great” that our government have taken our tax pounds and given it to their friends in the media, particularly that media that is very local,but people were so “enamoured” with this media that they now have to deliver it for FREE to each home,particularly in the north of England. Of course this is so useful and green we use it for the Budgie’s cage.
    On the 29th March 2022,the wretches from the World Economic Forum had a green deal meet in Dubai,where they advocated electronic central bank currency.Pippa Malmgren,an American Economist and daughter of an advisor to Richard Nixon,who was not a crook seemingly, was glowingly pontificating about this great idea whilst somewhat hesitant about the privacy issues,which are many.Nothing of course mentioned in our media as we are loaded by the over privileged oiks onto cattle cars.
    Lies abound here as “journalism” not the least being our vaccine,
    but the pen may be mightier than the sword,but the sword does need a dose of oiling.
    Still our economy here in the UK is truly awful for us plebs,have no fear but Ukrainian oligarchs and their harlots are on a spending spree with newly printed US Dollars here in London,how exciting! The trail of stench and blood they leave behind is truly awful but we are expected to applaud their bravery,what bravery?
    Sigh! When does the war really start against this oik elite?

  15. Robert Messina

    Robert Messina Commenting on The Times They Are A Changin

  16. Marie Joy

    Sanctions, supposedly against Russia, were always intended to harm America, Americans, and the dollar. The purpose is to destroy Europe, Canada, and America and they’re doing a great job.

  17. Stan

    People trying to disparage the Dollar say many lies too.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your delusional Stan, wake up.

      • Steve Lowery

        Greg, check out Julie Green utube. Today’s prophecy has a long list of people going down in the next few weeks. She would probably make a good interview. Uplifting message enjoy!

    • IIG

      Is this a lie Stan? – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse3.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIP.Hs5GwmUyU452jXahEI1SBQHaFf%26pid%3DApi&f=1 – do you think sanctioning Russia will strengthen the US dollar when Russia is now demanding Rubles and/or gold for their gas? – the chart above shows the banksters have already “deliberately created” a dollar collapse – forcing the soon to be starving masses into paying higher and higher and high prices for food and energy – thus making them willingly accept their “digital dollar control grid” – this deliberate collapse of the dollar (once backed by gold) by the banksters was engineered to force everyone to accept their new digital “fiat crypto” dollar system (that has no intrinsic value) – in the midst of the panic to come (as people fear more and more the loss of the purchasing power of their dollar bills – hidden under their mattresses for a rainy day) – the banksters will promise them a “basic” Universal Income (that will only be enough to keep them alive “at a subsistence level” and can only spent on items the banksters say you can use it for (like Trudeau recently did in Canada to the truckers bank accounts) !!!

      • IIG

        And this is no April Fool joke Stan [Putin to Cut Gas Supply to Europe Today Unless Paid in Rubles] – https://ugetube.com/watch/putin-to-cut-gas-supply-to-europe-today-unless-paid-in-rubles-full-show-4-1-22_3eSKlLKRsQ9gBre.html

      • Warren B.

        If you extrapolate that thought process….
        A Digital Currency gives them absolute power to govern the quantum and duration of any UBI. The implication here (if you think hard enough) …..is that they can turn off the switch at any given time and remove all access to your CB Digital Currency Account (the one thing that everyone will depend on).
        Keeping the Future de-populated planet at a “constant” (number of hybrid-humans) implies that a UBI would need to have a time limit…OR ….a given Age ….when the clock stops….or in this case an expiry date for every person. It would also seem apparent that to qualify for the right to live/exist – one would need to provide some form of economic benefit.
        Said differently ……all the “useless eaters” have no place in their Dystopian world. These thoughts would seem logical if seen through the eyes of those Luciferians that are the architects and designers. There is nothing that is beneficially derived from a Centrally controlled digital currency system.
        The Reset will commence with all Bank accounts being Bailed in – to allow for the transition to a new control system. The USD will need to be destroyed (along with all other Fiat currencies)….but that is their desire and only path to allow for the Hegelian Dialectic to work its magic. Their “Solution”….is already being announced.

        • IIG

          Yes – and any UBI digital currency a person saves on the banksters monetary internet – can be simply “zeroed out” upon a persons death – while owning a physical money (like gold) can be passed on to the next generation!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi IIG,
        I agree with your comment, but I contend that TPTB plan* to set UBI at an apparently generous level – to sucker the masses into willing acceptance. Once the population has accepted the UBI noose around its neck, the purchasing power of UBI will diminish to a subsistence level.

        *Plan. It’s only a plan. ‘We the people’ need to ensure the plan is NOT implemented.

  18. William Wilhelm

    The Biden administration is so worried about border security as long as it doesn’t pertain to America. Once Title 42 is cancelled, millions will come bringing hell upon our country. No vetting, no health checks, very little education, poor, with very little job skills. I believe Obama and Biden’s administration stated that their intentions were to “radically change America” and now we see how. Seems they are hung up on bringing their sexual transgressions on children.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Don’t like the way America votes, then change America. Everything the left/rinos do winds up hurting America. It is not an accident, it is intentional.

  19. Bob Mihalovich


    Pfizer sponsored the Acadamy awards
    They are getting ready to launch a new Alopecia drug to treat auto immune triggered baldness from the vaccines in women
    This happened to My wife after Covid
    She lost a bunch of hair

    The whole slap thing was a big psy-op
    Everyone was watching a commercial to get
    Alopecia into the global consciousness

    With a massive percentage of the planet poisoned by their autoimmune DeathInjections, and with hair loss set to go through the roof- especially in young women- Pfizer just bought, paid for and stage managed the single most effective mass marketing campaign event for a drug launch, ever. It literally bumped nuclear World War Sodomy from the headlines for DAYS.

    The drug is called Etrasimod
    Etrasimod is an oral, once-a-day, selective sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulator being investigated for a range of immuno-inflammatory diseases including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, atopic dermatitis, eosinophilic esophagitis, and alopecia areata.

    • Ray

      The Amish are, to me at least, looking LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of this failed, f**ked up society at this juncture in time.
      May they continue to prosper in their simple, time – tested & true way of life.
      Living with a proper sense of community.
      A love for our Creator.
      A love for hard work.
      A love for the bounty that all of the above brings.
      Well done The Amish…….my admiration for your way of life deepens by the day.
      Ray, Canberra, Glass Carpark Nation.

      • Freebrezer

        Ray – I Live by an Amish community and I keep telling by boys they need to marry an Amish gal! When the Sh$t hits the fan, There Amish wife will know how to survive !

        • Ray

          Hi FB,
          That’s very good fatherly advice Champion 🙂
          Hopefully they will listen to their Dad!
          Take care mate.
          Ray, Canberra, LDN.

  20. Tommy

    I see that the Washington Post ran a story yesterday siting a study that concluded that pregnant “people” (their word, not mine) who have been jabbed with the covid-19 vaccine are twice as likely to get covid as those who are not pregnant. They are also prone to get seriously ill and developing pregnancy complications. As a group they are more prone to developing covid that organ transplant and cancer patients. And guess what the recommendation is? Pregnant “people” should get a higher dose of the vaccine. I kid you not. Read it in the Washington Post if you doubt.

  21. Lois Douglas

    Greg, I work in a large Allergy & Asthma Practice here in southern NJ. We have 6 offices between Pa & NJ. We are starting to cancel certain types of testing. 1 of them is called PEG which tests for an ingredient in the VAX. Why? We have run out of Sterile water and Saline. We can’t get it! They tell us it’s hung up in CA. RIGHT!!! We recently had to share a stock of syringes with another of our offices for the same reason. The point in all of this? Medical supplies are already in shortages. According to the supplier this goes back to January. Way before the Ukraine/Russian battle. Inhalers have also been in short supply at the pharmacy. Tell that to an Asthmatic in allergy season. How can you run a practice with no supplies? You can’t. I’m just sitting back and watching this train reck unfold.

    • IIG

      Just close the business down – we don’t need it – we can do fine simply taking a cup of flax-seed tea with a garlic clove in it for our allergies – and just make sure we eat foods “high in glutathione” like avocados, bananas, kiwi, broccoli sprouts and spinach – https://www.healwithfood.org/asthma/foods.php

      • IIG

        And remember – Glutathione does not only protect you against Allergies and Asthma – it Helps to “Reverse the Aging Process” – by helping to prevent things like: Cancer, Memory loss, Hardening of the Arteries ( atherosclerosis), Lyme disease, Colitis, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease!!!

  22. andyb

    Greg: it seems obvious now that the probability that the vaccines are bio-weapons is extremely high. Having known this I have been expecting planes falling out of the sky, unexplained highway accidents, and many politicians and other notables to mysteriously drop dead. That this hasn’t occurred in quantity leads me to believe that people of critical importance (deep state and minions) were not vaxxed or received saline shots. For us peons though, the reported and unreported Vaers incidents are, without a doubt, IN THE MILLIONS. Reputable ME’s doing autopsies are finding horrific clots and fragments of materials that shouldn’t be found in the human body.

    My next observation is that the push for EV is laughingly self defeating. It takes fossil fuels to manufacture all of the parts and transport them. Biden’s plan for you to buy an EV (at $60k) to save money is, at face value, ludicrous. It will take you over 60 years to recoup the $60k through the “savings” he lists. And what about the diminishing availability of lithium batteries due to supply chain issues and their cost. Suck on it AOC.

    My last observation is that the Biden/Harris regime will be gone before the mid terms. Why else would the MSM suddenly admit that the Laptop from Hell is real? Are the elites planning an impeachment? Sure looks like it. Who will they install? Buttplug? Michelle (Michael) or God forbid, Hillary?

    • IIG

      When you get the “real jab” (like our soldiers did) these are the facts of what occurs
      from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) :
      Myocardial infarction (heart attack) — 269% increase.
      Cancer diagnoses — 300% increase.
      Miscarriage — 300% increase.
      Bell’s palsy — 291% increase.
      Congenital malformations (for children of military personnel) – 156% increase.
      Female infertility — 471% increase.
      Pulmonary embolisms — 467% increase.
      Neurological issues — 1,000% increase.
      You don’t see this occurring within the government to our politicians because these psychopaths continuing to promote these Clot Shot HIV Jabs (like Bribe’n, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Graham, Hillary, Obama, Romney, etc., etc., etc.) are getting saline solution!!

  23. Catherine Cronin

    The Hunter Biden problem will now be used by the left commies to bring in Kamala Harris.
    When Disney world becomes a supporter of homosexual agenda to destroy our world is now actually happening, I have to admit the Fairy Tales are now nightmare tales as our world crumbles under the hand of Cruella Daville and her witch compatriots one of whom is Kamala Harris
    Btw my husband had a home in Jamaica for (12 years) West Indies. The section of Jamaica Kamala’s family comes from is a VOODOO stronghold. The jamaican government won’t even enter that area with troops because they run their own province by the voodoo priests and witches. No wonder obamy the Antichrist loves her.

    • Coal Burner

      Don’t mess with the Doodoo Queens! Ever! They know stuff no one else knows. I would sure like for them to go after Gates and his scum buddys. Gates bio monsters will get them too.

  24. Neville

    This is from our fiends at Zerohedge
    The english faucis Are Even Worse Than The american Ones
    The english were once the americans overlords and as we know the ruling class of the english have been given the gift of the gab on the one hand and the ignoble art of TELLING PORKIES ON THE OTHER….

    So this article may not come as any surprise to those of you who are aware of the paradigm that we are in the current flood of fake news/rumours/ outright lies etc

  25. Roger Stamper

    tks greg GO JESUS CHRIST!!

  26. Randy Avera

    Shot at and Misses
    Shed on and Hit

  27. Gina Coyle

    Thank you Greg! This is my Friday morning sermon and I look forward to it every week!

  28. Rock

    Thanks Greg, you are spot on. It is all a lie. Both sides of the aisle are in on it as well, having been bought off or controlled. Even the ace card, Trump, is in on it as he pushes the jab. There is no political answer unfortunately. This is spiritual at its roots.
    Look up folks, for our redemption draws near!

  29. al

    I am extremely sorry to hear about Newman’s Dad. Prayers go out to Alex, he’s a good Man.
    I lost my Brother after he got “boosted”. My Aunt died just before him of the same thing.

    Think about it, World domination by technocrats who are leading humanity for a mass slaughter. This is 1984, the Hunger Games, the Borg episodes on Star Trek, Terminator, and all the other Sci Fi Horror movies all rolled in to one.

  30. Roger Hubbard

    Greg, you nailed everything on this one!
    Thank you for repeating the truth over and over and over. It’s funny how all this stuff after time gets proven to be correct. The globalists, Clintons, Democrat party, BLM,
    antifa, Vaccines, Ukraine war, lab leaks and bats in Wuhan, Russian collusion, Climate engineering, supply chain problems, massive spending bills, destruction of the US dollar through inflation and the list goes on. Everything they say, all coverups and lies.
    Greg, I know all of this is hard on you. I know that not everybody you know and care about agree with what you say. Please understand it’s that way for all of us. We are all in this together!

  31. William Cilldhaire, DC (USA)

    No one here in Australia seems to get that world tennis #1 Ash Barty just retired from tennis age 25, walking away from $200 million in future earnings, because???
    Maybe she thought it was better to walk away and hopefully survive rather than get boosted and perish. Perhaps, she had a chat with Novak Djokovic about why he would rather be expelled, unable defend his #1 ranking, than get “Vaxed”. The chimpanzees are oblivious. I suspect not forever.
    The Australian Parliament just applauded the cross-dressing shill Zelensky as though they were at a baby shower. They also agreed to give him $25 million of our money. I guess he needs some help to rebuild the chemical research facilities. They must not have seen the video of Ukranian “Nazis” shooting handcuffed Russian soldiers and contacting their families in Russia to show them.
    I tell people I didn’t come from monkeys so I refuse to vote for monkeys.

    • Ray

      You are spot on with your analysis William.
      Maybe it really is time for Uncle Vlad to launch everything he has at the cancer that has infested this Earth, and kill it off forever.
      I believe that nuclear war is now inevitable……the decay of the West is too far gone, and those responsible for it will never back down…….they will kick the table over and take us all out.
      In this scenario…….I hope Putin fires first…….fires hard and takes out as much of the filth before The Filth can get a shot off.
      Terrible thoughts, I know…… and I apologise to all here.
      We really are at the pointy end of things now…….where lie upon lie upon lie is the ONLY way The Filth can proceed…….for all other avenues circle over to truth, and their demise.
      Perhaps Jesus will intervene…….let’s pray.
      Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation.

  32. jom

    Although nothing like Ivermectin or HCQ. A common food that is also, anti-inflammatory. anti-viral, anti-bacterial. Garlic! Eat it regularly, crush as paste, add to everything. Time to drop out of medical system as much as possible.

    Regarding Wigginton. He does cover the geo-engineering extensively. He has to my knowledge, never discusses the Grand Solar Minimum, Grand Solar Maximum cycles. These show records from ice pack analysis, tree ring analysis, sun spot records, weather records, historical records and diaries. This data has been recorded and analyzed for “centuries” the sun output is even analyzed for other solar system planets. ALL of this points toward climate changing impact, including seismic and volcanic and jetstream events. This I believe over bears his narrative on major environmental impact. Jet stream / Geo magnetic strength is related directly to Sun Spot energy output. This is directly related to irregular erratic heat, cold air flow. This is primary of out of season temperatures, even in the Artic, Antarctic. Which are Normal events.
    I would also review his narrative of several years ago. He claimed an extinction level event regarding mass CO2 from oceans creating earth saturation of CO2. Well I am glad that did not happen! His narrative is valuable, but his cherry picking of data does not do his work justice.

    • mp

      Geo-engineering is depressing.
      In June 2021 Vancouver BC experienced a heat dome which caused many forest fires and even burned down a few towns leaving people with no homes or jobs. Next came an atmospheric river
      which caused flooding so severe there were highway and bridge washouts and mud slides. Again, people’s homes and towns were destroyed. Travel to the interior of the province was limited to essential vehicles Many, including myself felt that these were manmade disasters…we never have this kind of weather…plus they did not look “normal”

  33. ron martin

    Voting for the senate and governor here in Georgia is futile unless voters like to just keep kicking the can down the road. For governor we will have a choice between the black pig Stacy or the traitors Kemp/Purdue. For the senate race we’ll decide between the black communist Raphael Warnock and the black football hero Hershel Walker because heaven forbid no white politician could ever again run for anything against any black candidate. Thanks to Stew Peters Vernon Jones was the anointed black savior of Georgia until he was exposed as a rapist, homo and gangster. Good, God-fearing, prolife candidates like Kandiss Taylor for governor are barred from debates and will never even appear on the primary ballots. I know ignorant commenters will tell me I can’t complain if I do not vote but I will be sitting this election out because at 78 I’ve finally come to the realization that there is no human solution to a spiritual problem. I have totally prepped and will persevere but more importantly I will pray to my Father in heaven and His Son who are the only ones who can fix this mess we have allowed to be created in our once great republic.

  34. Loop Garoo

    First off, that is not the original Biden. Secondly, the TV Biden agenda is working as planned thanks to linear-thinking non-Jews. Pretty Jill Biden knows she’s gonna hang for sedition.

  35. Connie

    I’ll probably get push back for this comment: Though the current “spike” in inflation is Biden’s fault, we’ve had inflation for decades. As with all fiat currencies, it just gets worse toward the end. Going off the gold standard was the start of the fiat money printing. We have to blame all administrations and politicians from the 70s until now for this collapse. Both the democrats and the republicans have had control multiple times during that 50 years and could have made the needed corrections. Sadly they were more concerned with pushing their agendas, lining their own pockets and getting re-elected than fixing the problem. Now, our grandchildren will bear the burden of our country living beyond it’s means. It’s easy to make Biden a scapegoat, but we need to realize it is a much deeper problem. If we don’t, how can we stop future administrations from continuing the status quo?

    • IIG

      The Fed wants us to accept their digital crypto currency “with zero intrinsic value” – so we will have nothing “and yet be happy” to be getting a free check every month – that will “have conditions attached” to be able to use it (i.e. like did you take your monthly “jab” or did you bring your child to school to be sodomized by your local perverted transgender pedophile school administrator and your local politicians)!!

      • IIG

        Don’t obey – and you “don’t get” your Universal Income Check from the pedophiles in Government!!

    • Jeff robbins

      The only way i know to beat inflation, is to pick some precious metals at regular intervals, like say with yearly tax refunds, and debt on real estate.

  36. George

    USA is Canada without the clubs being used

  37. Jerry

    It’s gone beyond lies. Here you a piece put up on YouTube about how the Ukrainian air-force blew up a oil storage facility in Russia. Really?
    I thought Ukraine needed air protection from NATO.

    April fools? The American people are complete fools. We learned nothing from Afghanistan or Iraq, but yet here we have the sunshine pumpers pushing for war in Ukraine.

    Greg ….Biden has only weeks to get a war started with Russia before he is replaced by the deep state with a false flag event. Count on it. Things are not moving as quickly as they want and they must do something to rebrand the reset before time runs out. When? It’s anyones guess, but it
    won’t be long considering how deep into Ukraine the Russian a

    • IIG

      The Ukrainian “Air-force” was three(3) old helicopters flying slow and low at night to avoid detection by the Russians – they got lucky – the Russians will obviously work now to destroy “every helicopter” Ukraine has!!

  38. David K

    Nellie Korda … Lpga superstar … age 23 … was#1 in the world … blood clot in arms and has not played any golf period … I’m sure they have her camp on complete lock down.
    just sayin,

  39. Paul

    Growing up and old wrinkles the skin, giving up wrinkles the soul.

    Consumer banking – selling the debt to middle-class families – has been a gold mine. Comment from Wall Street banker

    Affliction is a good man’s shining time.

    Greg thanks for your tireless efforts

    Resistance from arkansas

  40. Matt Nelson

    To cover up the democrat mess of their false accusations of Trump, a war should distract those from paying attention to the misdeeds of the left.

  41. Joe

    Greg, I thought I heard you say Alex Newman’s dad died from the clot shot. Why would Alex Newman’s dad take that poison? Or maybe I misheard you. Sorry, my hearing isn’t so good anymore.

  42. Self Exiled

    Our politicians have been doing what you reported for so long they are not even aware of their lack of integrity. What you have reported was even obvious to some individuals that I talked to in the 90’s. I remember an old farmer who knew my grandfather said to me, ”listen son, [I was 50 years old] if elections counted, they would have outlawed them years ago.” Also talked to a lady yesterday I worked with for 18 years, her daughter who is 26 years old has been having chest pains and her complexion; skin looks terrible. The mother did not get the shoots. I bluntly told her it was the inoculations and ask her about the daughter’s complexation at that point. She expressed the pain of a parent watching a child who is suffering. Talked to two people in their 60’s at a small gas station in a very small town in mid SD. It was like talking to CNN. Trust the science, got all the shots, plus flue and next the shingles shots, faithful servants of the system. No health problems at all; looked and acted robust. I’m surprised how many have not taken the shots, appears to be about half or a little less. The division it creates is evident, the unvaxxed are reluctant to speak, the vaxxed are self-righteously bold. My home state. Seems we are being set up for the tribulation to me. Waiting HIS return.

  43. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg and other news and Mar 22,2022, Former porn star Stormy Daniels was ordered by a federal court to pay Donald Trump $300,000 in attorney fees after it rejected her appeal. Her Attorney Avenatti prison.
    Have a great weekend Greg! “Fear Not!”

  44. Tim


    Cliff High might have off in his timing, but it sounds like the MASS die-off will happen in 2023 (although a lot of people are dying now).

    Take care

  45. Ricky Logsdon

    Greg you need to get Dr. Tenpenny back on she has proof the stage is set for the release of weponized Ebola,hemorrhagic fever 🤒. Bleeding from the eyes and death 😳.

    • Marie Joy

      That would be much worse than we have seen, so far. Much, much worse
      There is, according to Christian channels, Ebola in Yemen.
      The reason they have continued to escalate is because they have experienced zero blowback.

  46. eddiemd

    Beware of the false doctrines and false teachers. They are all around.

    Compare with the orthodox Jewish Bible.


  47. Del

    This had to be one of your best Newsletters. I forgot how many lies have been rolling by us. We can’t trust our media, health agencies and the government at all levels. Our court system including the Supreme Court is broken. Thank you for doing real reporting.

  48. Don

    Any word on Ron Kirby, I understand that he has COVID, my question is was he vaxed or did he go on ivermectin. Keep up gods work and listen to you all the time

  49. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Same people who screamed on us to get the jab were the same one’s puffing their chest out and talking tough on Ukraine (Libs are tough guys, now, didn’t you know?😂). In effect, they were clamoring for war. But, for how long? Going to be a long spring and summer. This support will collapse at some point, however, especially when the next winter comes up, and now Brandon is talking food shortages. Lord Have Mercy. ☦️🙏🏻🤦🏼‍♂️

  50. Diana Brown

    Once again Greg you do not disappoint. Thanks for your weekly wrap ups. I look forward to your perspective, your passion, and your FACT sharing.

  51. Pam




  52. Brent

    Greg you need to get Gonzalo Lira on your podcast. Find him on YouTube. He is very knowledgeable about the dollar and lives in Karkof UKRAINE.

  53. Art Dodge

    Greg ,I can’t believe Alex Newman has died . He was one of my favorite guests. Art

    • Greg Hunter

      ‘It was Alex Newman’s father who was vaxed.

      • Art Dodge

        So sorry about Alex’ s father, very happy it was not Alex feel terrible about my hearing mistake. Have been waiting for Alex to be on USA Watchdog.com love your shows and guests. Art

  54. Saved by Grace

    “normalcy bias”

  55. Saved by Grace

    Greg Hunter 04/01/2022 •
    Your delusional Stan, wake up

    Once again, Mr. Greg Hunter;

    “normalcy bias”

  56. Justn Observer

    Greg, yes, correct on many of your points..for sure..
    Many nations in EU very low on LNG storage, only a few months worth…and likely Biden to far behind the curve to ramp up and fill the void even though U.S. shipping more and sticking U.S. customers with higher costs…

  57. eddiemd

    We are here. The kingdom of the west and the USA.


    as in the days of Lot…and Noah

  58. Bill Taylor

    The VAERS database has intentionally been lacking of accurate tracking.
    Thanks to the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) we have the following facts.
    Myocardial infarction (heart attack) — 269% increase.
    Cancer diagnoses — 300% increase.
    Miscarriage — 300% increase.
    Bell’s palsy — 291% increase.
    Congenital malformations (for children of military personnel) – 156% increase.
    Female infertility — 471% increase.
    Pulmonary embolisms — 467% increase.
    Neurological issues — 1,000% increase.
    So why is our government continuing to promote these injections and prevent simple therapeutic treatment with medications like Ivermectin?

  59. arglebargle

    It would really be nice if you could deliver the Fri round-up without Yelling the same stuff over and over and over….anyone who follows you knows all the stuff you yell about.
    Give it a Break—give your viewers a Break.

    • IIG

      When you know the truth and see people acting like moronic idiots it arouses the emotions somewhat – however Greg is no Gerald Celente or Alex Jones – Not Yet!!

      • Self Exiled

        I began watching Alex Jones years ago waiting for him to blow a gasket or a vein on the side of his forehead. Not that I disagreed with him, but he was a barometer to form a balanced view at the time and a timeline. Geralds anger is coming out in the form of swearing at what is happening. This is all what I consider an occupational hazard. Greg’s anger coefficient is also rising and mine did too. I had to rediscover my baseline was my experiential relationship to Christ who has [had] been working on one of my issues: myself identity [in Him]. God does “soul work” and I never hear preachers talk about it in that Light. As such I realized I needed to be more contemplatively prayerful and aware of His presence. As such He has blessed me greatly with the knowledge of His presence both in my mind, physically, heart and feelings. Going to the Philippines helped greatly, because they kept reminding me to stop thinking with my head and start thinking with my heart. The balance is tuff, but He can do it. I never tell them they think sometimes too much with the heart, but they do.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Let’s not raise our voices in protest. Let’s all line up quietly as we board the train to Auschwitz, where there are good jobs and housing awaiting our arrival . . .

  60. Jeff Thirlwall

    Lies and liars, bribes and bribers make the world go round…

    God bless and thank you Greg Hunter for summarizing truth of the lying present state of captured media; truth matters in `media matters’. “Blessed is that man that maketh the LORD his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.” (Psa_40:4)

    Somewhat dated though graphically illustrative of “Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice” (with CBSViacom merger, control … all power of airwaves and print media content now are effectively channeled thru 5 huge, mega-merged conglomerates):

    https://infographicjournal.com/media-consolidation-the-illusion-of-choice/ … and further look to “who owns what” within each entangled mega-merged media tree:

    Today’s reality. Thank you Bill Clinton & associates, `workers of iniquity’ for “The Telecommunications Act of 1996” and its results:

    Hidden ownership … directors over Blackrock and Vanguard (owning virtually everything) are most appreciative.

    Fear them not … for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. (Mat_10:26)  For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. (Luk 12:2)

    Yes, Truth will be known. 1Co_4:5  Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

    Jesus is real; `His eyes upon the children of men’ (in and through all generations). Father, Son & Holy Spirit remain in control. Praise God, thank you Lord! Amen.

  61. Charlie Patterson

    Again. The criminals in power will try to prevent us from speaking…

  62. Charlie Patterson


    They block this podcast and I have NO ACCESS!

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem to rest it (20 sec) and plug it back ion or use a different browser. Experiment.

  63. wallstone

    When the traitors are brought to justice all lying main stream media
    need to pay for their deliberate deceiving of the people. Their punishment should
    be on the same level as other traitors. MSM have proven themselves to be treasonous
    bastards who enabled Clinton, Biden, Obama etc.etc. Lying has consequences.

  64. Kyle SMITHERS

    Checking ALL Russian Grocery Stores on Friday Night in St Petersburg, Russia. LIVE
    151 watching now Started streaming 2 minutes ago Baklykov. Live
    Traditional Friday night live stream with not traditional checking of ALL grocery stores and supermarkets, after accusations that I used to show only selective supermarkets. Which was prepared for my stream.
    [Sergei accused of Russian disinformation, you decide?]

    Video: Biden Bumbles Around Fake White House Set, Admits “Not Sure Why” As He Gets ANOTHER COVID Shot by Steve Watson March 31st 2022
    Celebrates by announcing “I was able to roll my sleeve up.”
    In disturbing footage Wednesday, Joe Biden bumbled around a fake White House set before getting injected with a FOURTH vaccine shot while admitting he didn’t really understand why it was happening.
    [They say the fourth shot is the kill shot. Is this the answer to the assassination scuttlebutt?]

    Video: Corvette Revving Biden Tells Struggling Americans They Should Buy $55,000 Electric Vehicles And Install Solar Panels by Steve Watson April 1st 2022
    Joe Biden told Americans Thursday that if they are worried about sky rocketing energy prices they should just buy an electric car and have solar panels installed at their home.
    Squinting into the teleprompter, Biden declared that driving an electric vehicle will save Americans about $80 a month on gas.
    No mention of the $55,000 price tag on the cheapest EVs though.

  65. 'a' simple horseman

    Do you trust “any” government to control your weather? Most of you just answered no and I’m calling bullshit on you. Your not speaking up about what you see happening every day in your skies is saying yes. There’s no two ways about it. I challenge any of you to go find some tin foil at the store. Easy right? No, that’s aluminum foil folks. Tin foil hasn’t been made for decades. Point being here, those that are speaking truths are “not” tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. And aluminum hat doesn’t quite have the same ring to it(grin).
    Lastly I leave ya’ll with a tid bit to ponder. “Without a functioning biosphere there will be no corrupt leaders and politicians for you folks to quibble about. Anything that makes oxygen is dying or dead already. If we don’t fix that, its game over.

  66. Ron

    Hey can not find a switch for my dual burnner stove range, no body has any, and no hope of getting one, and its going to just get worse.

    • Jeff robbins

      Vise grips

  67. Paul Kramer

    The special counsel in Wisconsin found 400,000 illegally cast votes in the 2020 election. There were only 3.2 million votes cast. Today a private investigation revealed 135,000 votes were illegally placed into drop boxes by “mules”. They tracked all the people by the blips on their cell phones and the private company knows the names of all the mules. Will any prosecutor or law enforcement agency investigate? We’ll see. You can read the story on Epoch Times today.

  68. John

    First they blamed trump for everything, now they are blaming Putin for everything.

  69. iwitness02

    I remember joe speaking from the podium saying;
    “I’m losing patience with the un-vaxxed.”
    I hope Americans are losing patience with all the liars
    in our government and losing patience with the
    unbridled corruption in our Capital.
    War, revolution and anarchy.
    What a stupid future, when there is enough resources
    on this earth for all to enjoy prosperity, if it were not for greed
    and a lack of love for God and mankind.
    Oh well. Our Father in heaven said there would be days like this.
    Things will improve in due time. (according to the Good Book)

  70. Justn Observer

    Greg, Considering the depth of 5G warfare we are in one cannot expect anything but lies… The grace of God and his gift of discernment AND one’s choice of which side one is on will determine one course and outcome. It is what we allow or put ourselves thru while getting to HIS outcome which you clearly state repeatedly,
    , “The gates of hell shall not prevail!”
    but in the mean time as for as the media…consider =

    • IIG

      God the Father is probably waiting for the Globalists to chip their brains and turn themselves into silicon cyborgs (that supposedly can live forever) – then – God the Father will have “his Sun” release a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) and fry their computer memory chips with the CME’s associated Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) – so they will have to “live forever” with blank minds (sort of like “the mindless unthinking vaccinated” now lining up with their children like robotic automatons for their HIV booster shots)!!!

  71. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Great report! Yes, we live in an Empire of Lies. I’m not sure that the Democrats will get angry over being poisoned by the jabs. They may well just rationalize it away. Here in town I still see Biden/Harris bumper stickers. Our small town’s City Council just last week canceled the mask and vaccine mandates to attend City Council meetings at City Hall. The vote was 4-1. The elementary school kids will have to wear masks in the government schools until April 18th. A survey was done of teachers and parents (not the kids of course) on masks in school. 56% of parents want to keep masks mandatory. Good grief!

  72. Lynn safford

    FAUCI’S OWN WORDS, OMG, LISTEN TO HIM, he says do not get vaxxed , natural immunity is better……
    , they lie for a dollar, our Lord threw them out of the temple, they are all money changes that change money into THEIR hands;
    Finally, here is a new word to look for: “APHASIA” instead of stroke
    BRUCE WILLIS IS NOW A VEGETABLE, cannot eat, walk, or talk, and he was just fine and getting ready to film….CELINE DION cancels all dates for remainder of the year from TREMORS….BIEBER’S WIFE – STROKE, next up on deck, ALOPECIA is a side effect,,,,Pfizer coming out with new drug for ALOPECIA,,,just a coincidence with Jada Smith….WAKE UP and get your money where you can defend it, or you are going to starve to death or if you had the injection, maybe you won’t even last that long…THIS IS WAY BEYOND EVIL.

  73. Paul

    Another patriot who will not be forgotten


    May we never forget our fallen comrades. Freedom isn’t free


    Resistance from arkansas

  74. William Simonton

    Regardless of age, sex, place of residence, one demographic votes 99.9% for democrats: dead people!

    • Self Exiled

      LOL, Thank You.

  75. Samuel Joseph Bell

    Neuroscience applications using electricity unethically manage thoughtforms and feelings covertly.

  76. Self Exiled

    Woe (judgment is coming) to those who [try to] deeply hide their plans from the LORD,
    Whose deeds are done in a dark place,
    And who say, “Who sees us?” or “Who knows us?” Isaiah 29:15

  77. The Rev

    My brother was signing up for Medicare, and while talking to the lady on the phone, she said to him, “You have to make sure you answer all of these questions honestly or you will be in a lot of trouble.” My brother said, “No, I won’t.” She said, “Why won’t you be in trouble?” My brother said, “If I get caught, I’ll just tell them I’m a Democrat.” I laugh to keep from crying.
    A quick review: The rich elite, who look down their noses at us, expected Covid-19 to kill so many in the world that it would be depopulated significantly, but someone figured out that HCQ and Ivermectin stopped Covid-19 in its tracks. My guess is less than 10% of the world’s population fell for the covid lie and actually took the kill shot. Next, these evil globalists and Big Pharma tried to OUTLAW HCQ and Ivermectin, adding Remdesivir as their protoc0l for treatment in the hospitals. They have failed miserably. Not nearly as many people have died as they wanted.
    I see here your prayers and the hand of God behind what I call a checkmate of these lowdown worms of the dust. Christians of the world, keep praying EVERY DAY and watch what else God has in store for these evil losers who are controlled by Satan and his ilk. They are in such BIG trouble. The only way for them to escape a terrible judgement is to repent. Pray that the Holy Spirit wakes them up.

  78. Self Exiled

    You turn things upside down [with your perversity]!
    Shall the potter be considered equal with the clay,
    That the thing that is made would say to its maker, “He did not make me”;
    Or the thing that is formed say to him who formed it, “He has no understanding”? Isaiah 29:16

  79. Self Exiled

    Speaking of lies.
    As for the rogue, his weapons are evil;
    He conceives wicked plans
    To ruin the poor with lies,
    Even when the plea of the needy one is just and right. Isaiah 32:7

  80. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    You are right on the money Greg. Great reports.

  81. Michele

    We are kidding ourselves if we believe anyone in government got the shots. They knew perfectly well what these shots would do to the health of folks who got them.
    Like what is occurring now with the non-economy, the disaster with food shortages, birds magically contracting and having to be “exterminated” to protect us from H1N1. is BS.
    the shortage of fertilizer, wheat, corn, soy intelligent thought etc.
    What is happening in Ukraine was intentional compliments of our own DS.
    I pray President Putin does not give up! he is doing what our own government should be doing to protect the citizens of the United States.
    Great respect for you Greg. God Bless you and God help us all.

  82. Self Exiled

    The more they multiplied [in prosperity and increased in power], the more they sinned against Me;
    I will change their glory into shame. Hosea 4:7

  83. Frank Stiles

    Greg, I caught this Garland Favorito interview via FrankSpeech. He laid out his team’s deep dive into Fulton County 2020 election fraud. Spoiler Alert! (100% of the ballots are invalid).

  84. Merry Piper

    Greg: I said to my husband this morning, drinking our coffee, it’s Friday, Greg Hunter Day! Like many have said in comments, YOU are the” news” now. Yay!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks MP!!

  85. Country Codger

    Great report Greg. As I flipped down to the bottom to leave a comment I saw one from Ricky Logsdon about “Ebola, hemorrhagic fever”. You can buy an herb called Hunnan Baiyou which is used by practitioners of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) around the world for hemorrhagic fever. I am a Vietnam veteran and the NVA and Viet Cong used it to help stop the bleeding of gunshots, even. That is how effective it is. Get some, it may be as valuable as Ivermectin if “they” do release a “hemorrhagic” fever or, re-release one like the Hanta virus which was also called the “Navajo Flu” by the media. Of course the Navajos sued and won over that slander, since the Hanta virus comes from the Hanta Valley of Korea.

    Lo Iyrah!!!

  86. Jim Jensen

    Please invite Joe bastardi to comment on your climate interview a couple of days ago. I would love to hear his opinion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Would he even admit to geoengineering even though it is extremely well Documented?

  87. Wanda

    Greg you recently had Dane Wiggington as a guest, his most recent video/report. smh!! I really missed the ball on this one. I know all about geoweather engineering, have for quite a few years now. that the decline in our earth weather? IS because of the attacks on our climate from the evil in charge. THATS why there is going to be food shortages, the soil is ruined. Its junk, IT just never occurred to me, I fell for the BS story on shortages as well from the reporting by lame stream media.

    Dane is on the forefront of fighting these evil people spraying our atmosphere! Go listen to this and share it On Greg Hunters Watchdog, Title of the video Climate Engineering Real Cause of Coming Food Shortages Dane reports The planet is in total meltdown right now. It is melting down at a rate of seven Hiroshima bombs per second. Its not just crops collapsing, but oceans are collapsing. We have ocean ecosystems all over the globe collapsing. . . . If you watch the mainstream media, it is a total distraction, and people are totally missing the point. Who cares about the price of gas if you have nothing to eat, and we are almost there. . . . We simply have to stop geoengineering very soon or we are not going to have anything to salvage.
    Dane urges people to go look at this
    renewable energy? watch The planet of the Humans Learn the truth about “Renewable Energy”

    • Self Exiled

      Seems like most of America is stuck in a rut right down to the local level including.


    Here in Australia Shane Warne a local sporting hero dead at 52 a Federal Senator dead at 52 a 72 year old sporting hero of yest a year and a left wing NZ professor expert on fat people ,Cat Pause , all dead of heart attacks within 48 hours but nothing to see here move on

  89. David Bagley

    I cant find many people who are awake.. even conservatives.. they are under a spell

  90. Scott

    How’s this lie?


    We are all April fools!

  91. Self Exiled

    Say to those with anxious heart, “Take courage, fear not. Behold, your God will come with vengeance; The recompense of God will come, But He will save you.” Isaiah 35:4

  92. Nika

    Greg, How are we. going to get the Real News, if you get sick? Please take some Ivermecton and get rid of your chronic cough!

  93. r.v.

    15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US will be sent to Europe. In 2021 Europe imported 155 bcm from Russia looks like 140 bcm shortfall. Hopefully the Middle East provides 140 bcm otherwise Moscow owns Europe. The War, visiting site before Syrian Conflict 18+ to view https://southfront.org/ Imagine some propaganda.
    Destroy all for digital currency and electric cars sad situation.
    Greg thanks for what you do.

    • IIG

      Exactly – with “Putin’s bold chess move” (to invade Ukraine) – everyone could not figure out why Putin would make such a move – now we can clearly see what Putin had in mind – with one bold move – he has put all the NATO/US Kings “into Checkmate” – the New World Order game “is effectively over” – Putin has won!! – the West is now being forced to pay a Kings ransom for the things it needs in “real money” (Gold) – if NATO’s banksters think they can buy my gold “cheap” by simply artificially setting its price lower on the CRIMEX (so they can buy the natural gas they need from Russia) – they are sadly mistaken – they are not going to have an easy time getting my gold out of my hands – they will need to pay “the real price for gold” (way north of 10,000 dollars per ounce) – simply manipulated the price down artificially (now at $1920 per ounce) is not going to panic me or anyone else into selling it to them “cheap”!!!

    • IIG

      Putin’s bold chess move was genius – Dollar Hegemony is now Over!! – https://goldswitzerland.com/sanctions-spur-a-massive-decline-in-western-hegemony-as-the-world-de-dollarizes/

      • r.v.

        I agree 100%, de-dollarization. Iran and Qatar must be rapping up gas exports to Europe and the rest of the world plus Venezuela looking for oil tankers expecting sanction relief.
        US demand for gasoline dropped from 8.63 million bpd to 8.5 million bpd last week. Gold and silver great assets to hold.

  94. tim mcgraw

    I take solace in Psalms Chapter 5:


  95. BigE

    Fyi. I saw this update on the gateway pundits website.

    Update April 1, 2022: Information from attorney Tom King in PA – the Supreme Court did not rule that only EAC-approved auditors can be used in the state. The Court ruled that Dominion could join the case against Fulton County. See more recent posts for additional updates.

  96. Jerry

    What is there left to say?

    The “ world government “ just finished their summit. They made it very
    clear that the global monetary collapse is and has been orchestrated by their organization in concert with the WEF. These people are apparently above the law, so unless you become self reliant the chances of you serving the reset will be very slim.

    • Paul

      Will survive
      Certainly many ways to wage war and die.
      Last I heard we still are the majority of humanity and with the skills of production

      This must be the time the useless eaters the majority of humanity consume and eat our oppressors.

      Who are we? We are the lovers of this land. Who are we? We are the children of this land. Who are we? We are the soldiers of this land.

      Resistance from arkansas

  97. ken

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes,,, is false.”

    William Casey.

    We’re here! – Why????

    Osho explains it…..


  98. Paul

    Nature’s stern discipline enjoins mutual help at least as often as warfare. The fittest may also be the gentlest.

    When you’re in survival mode, you learn to numb yourself.

    Accept hardship as a necessary discipline

    Fear no man

    Resistance from arkansas

  99. eddiemd

    There are 375,000 Chinese students inside the USA. All with access to university computer systems. The majority well briefed CCP gold card members. Many tech and engineer students.

    Enemy inside the wire.

    Then there was Ukraine.


    The CCP cyberware army is already here in the USA. They can take down the entire nation without firing a shot. Disable infrastructure, banking, communications, transportation,

    Sounds like a potential false flag.

    King Ding Dong (Biden) and Happy Ho Ho (Kamala) already know this. And Blinkie the Kid as SOS.



  100. Martin Coombs

    Psaki , Obama not v’d not with the peoples v that’s for sure, look up your redemption draws nigh

  101. Benjamin Golan

    You seriously believe Obama, Biden or any of the other democrat or even republican politicians received the so called COVID vaccines? They were injected with sterile water for injection or something else – not the clot shot.

  102. Galaxy 500

    Great Broadcast Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!

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