Expect the System to Go Down – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

 Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter says be prepared for major financial instability.  Holter contends, “This is the biggest financial bubble in all of history by far, by orders of magnitude.  So, it doesn’t matter who is running the show, the wheels are going to fall off.  The question in my mind is whether it’s going to go down under the rule of law or not under the rule of law.  Under a Left regime, there is a rule of law for everyone else and no rule of law for them.”

How bad is the global debt problem?  Holter says, “I’ll just give you just one number.  Global debt is now $273 trillion.  (In the 2008-2009 debt crisis, global debt was about half that.)  With that $273 trillion in debt, can interest rates ever go up?  They cannot allow interest rates to ever go up.  They can never taper balance sheets.  They have to put their foot on the accelerator and push it through the floorboard to keep this thing alive.  That debt has to be serviced.”

What’s going to happen to gold?  The price is going way up.  Holter says, “If you divide the U.S. national debt by the amount of ounces the U.S. Treasury says it holds, you get an astounding $100,000 per ounce price for gold.”

Holter says, “Get solar panels, generators or whatever.  Put back some food.  Expect the system to go down because, mathematically, it is going to go down.  You also want to protect yourself financially by getting out of the system and become your own central bank.  In other words, store your own savings.  Don’t rely on your brokerage account.  What happens when the markets don’t open?  What happens when your brokerage goes out of business or goes bankrupt?  Now, you are going to be tied up for three to five years.  Just become as insulated as you can.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of JSMineset.com.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Rodster

    The system is going to go down because of The Great Reset. The Great Reset is an idea by Klaus Schwab that global debt can never be repaid and because of such the system will eventually fail catastrophically. It is basically, controlled demolition at least that’s what Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Christine Legarde and the rest of that bunch wants. But Martin Armstrong believes things won’t work as planned for them because they will perpetuate civil unrest and possibly a global revolution because their ideas are based not on free market capitalism but on communism i.e. “You will own nothing and you will be happy”.

    • William+Stanley


      1. Which is it: (a) the system is going down BECAUSE of The Great Reset, or (b) the system is going down (failing catastrophically) BECAUSE global debt can never be repaid?
      2. What do you make of the fact that Mr. Hunter and all of his guests think that global debt cannot be repaid? Do you think any of them want The Great Reset? Do you think that they needed Klaus Schwab to figure out for them that we have now reached a point where the debt cannot be repaid?
      3. What makes you think civil unrest and/or global revolution are not part of Schwab’s “controlled” demolition and The Reset?
      4. Klaus Schwab is really advocating global “fascism,” i.e., Globalism, which is the “partnership” of big business (which owns the means of production) and government (which in Schwab’s vision is one-world government). In Schwab’s proposal, big business would be endowed with controlling interest in the “partnership.” Theoretically,” at least, “Communism” is where “the people” own the means of production, i.e., the “people as a group” own everything. In actuality that won’t make them any more happy than under either old-fashioned fascism or Globalism.
      5. What, if anything, would keep a society with “free market capitalism” from getting into a situation where debt can’t be repaid? Would gold-backed money guarantee that?

      • Rodster

        What came first, the chicken or the egg? Will we have hyperinflation or deflation? Does it really matter in the end?

        Left on its own, in time the system will catastrophically collapse, that’s a mathematical fact. The Globalists behind the “Build Back Better” movement courtesy of Klaus Schwab have decided to seize on the opportunity of the manufactured Covid crisis to bring down the global eCONomy to replace it with a new Global Green Economy.

        • Paul ...

          As you say Rodster … the” commies” are seizing the opportunity … but but but … look at this … why are tanks with fully armed troops taking up positions in New Jersey?? … https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/news-nation/video-military-armored-vehicles-rolling-into-new-jersey … perhaps … it’s just the Military helping to deliver a special Corona vaccine ( a hollow-point vaccine against “Commie-nism” with lead adjutant to be forcibly injected into Demon-rats “at warp speed”)!!

        • Paul ...

          What came first the chicken or the egg? … as you say … it doesn’t matter … because Trump has at least four(4) Generals involved leading Operation Warp Speed (who have never worked in the health care or vaccine business) … but they do know “a commie takeover” when they see one!!

          • Paul ...

            What if we allow our God given brain wander? … and imagine that Trump went to Texas (the Alamo) today (not to view the Wall) but to control military operations against (the Satan-ista’s) from a more secure location?? … what if Trump foresaw the March on Washington would get out of control (requiring him to call up the National Guard to take up positions in Washington DC)??? … and what if he sees that the planned demonstrations at the State Capitals will also get out of control (requiring the calling up of the National Guard in many Demon-ratic States across the country)???? … and what if trump already signed the Insurrection Act that puts all these National Guard Troops all around the Nation under his control????? … think the Satan-ista’s Schumer and Pelosi “would panic” and accuse Trump of an attack on their Holy Temple??????

            • Paul ...

              And what if Trump? … in control of the National Guard … gives them orders to “Arrest all the Traitors” who interfered in our National election?? … “Kraken” Demon-rat heads (if necessary) if they resist???

        • William+Stanley

          Thanks for interacting positively! (I worried that you wouldn’t defend your comment — which would leave me looking mean spirited — or, alternatively, that my reply to your comment would simply engender rancor).

          1. I’ve always been intrigued by the chicken/egg problem.

          2. As for whether we will have deflation before hyperinflation — or both at the same time with different goods and services — I think it does matter for our decision making concerning our personal financial/survival strategies. At stake is also the survival of Western Civilization as we have known it.

          3. By “the system” I assume you mean the current set of social, economic, and legal arrangements. I agree that if it’s “left on its own” and we don’t make changes, “the system” will collapse (or simply and slowly devolve into a more dystopian state of affairs). I suppose what “we” might do about it depends on how quickly we expect the “collapse” to occur if we were not to act. It would also depend on how successful we expect “our” actions to be.

          • Beverly

            I believe the system will be taken down in as controlled way as possible, but of course, it won’t be made to look that way. I believe Pres. Trump will stay in control for at least a while longer, and headway will be made in cleaning out the swamp. What Americans have to do is STAY BEHIND TRUMP! There are millions backing Trump and we need to realize that. Us millions need to realize that good people don’t get persecuted because they are evil. They get persecuted because they are good, and this is happening to Trump. So, we need to stay behind him. Even though Bill Holter has painted a VERY GRIM picture, he needs to remember that we are on the verge of the 2nd Coming of Christ here. We are going to be experiencing 1000 years of peace when Christ takes charge. Evil is going to be cleansed on this earth and that is going to be an ugly scene. So, we need to prepare ourselves for that ugly scene. Start growing food as much as possible. Start putting it in bottles. Maybe learn how to survive without electricity, because we might have to. But, get our own water like Bill said, and do as much as we can to be self sufficient. Good will win though and we have to keep the faith.

        • Warren B.

          The “New Global Green Economy” is a softer, generally more palatable, less conspicuous version of the more correct (harsher) terminology viz-a-viz “The De-Industrialization of the Planet”. That theme sits right alongside the Global Bankruptcy (Debt), Depopulation, Centralization and advancement of Robotics. The Great Reset is a realization that the system we have been using (not unlike an outdated version of the Windows Operating System), is well past its use by date (slow, cumbersome, impeding efficiency and incapable of delivering outcomes). Neither Capitalism nor Communism works. Change is multi-directional and multi-facetted. It will be gradual then instantaneous. Notice if you will the changes occurring almost simultaneously in the background – noting fully the speed with which they are appearing. Count the number of Power Factions involved in bringing to fruition the desired master plan (MSM, TECH, PHARMA, MIC, NOBILITY, BANKERS). Each working independently as well as collectively. Each one plays a vital role in achieving the ultimate end goal. Some semblance of Fascism / Neo Feudalism run by the Plutocrats is what the future Digital Age awaits us all, with all our privacy surrendered and much of our freedoms along with it. We do not and cannot go back to a pre-2019 Normality. The World has changed forever.

  2. Mohammad

    Even you Greg started peddling back and accept Trump going down…..?


    • Greg Hunter

      I did? Because I said we have big financial problems no matter who is in office? I guess you did not see the Alex Newman interview where I predicted the President would trigger the Insurrection Act this weekend?

      • Mike R

        President Trump could have silently signed the Insurrection Act, so as to permit the activation of US military forces within mainland US.

        Then every General, and entire US military commanding officer has to follow every single order by the military top command, in conjunction with President Trump.

        If I were Trump, I would use black outs to cut off communications at all major media networks, including all regional networks, so as to allow military forces to come into those exec offices, and remove them from direction of those firms, and also commandeer all the control rooms, and production rooms, and the live TV presentation areas, with first blacking out all cell phone communication, just prior to their actual commandeering of operations, and entry in to the key buildings. They all have ‘back up’ power, but if the military takes control of all of the major cell phone providers, the power back up would not help these people in the networks. This would minimize their ability to warn others. Or tweet about it. I would perhaps likely target Twitter first, and Google and all its communications offices, before going after media outlets and throttling them.

        Following that, you work to get the evidence out, and maybe its a combination of the Federal Emergency Broadcast system, and then at some point, the major networks who will be under control of our US military. Imagine military Generals or other high ranking military command, speaking on live TV from every major US network. What would the population do at that point ? I doubt they riot. Maybe democrat voters would need to be placed on suicide watch? You have to then arrest all of the governors involved, and of course many congress people.

        Since the left has dominated the news 24/7 and controls 99% of what everyone sees and hears, it would be QUITE refreshing to hear from the military, and would certainly give me hope personally, that our nation is going to be saved from these evil tyrannists in the dem party. Then President Trump could come onto speak, and lay it out as to how the ‘transition of power’ will go VERY VERY smoothly, from Jan2oth onward, from his prior term to his second 4 year term.

        Maybe there would need to be new elections to replace all the congress people who were either forced to resign, or indicted for treason. Maybe something else would happen to facilitate their permanent absence going forward.

        While its sad that this would be happening, if it does not happen, far worse will occur and our nation will not likely ever have a second chance at saving our republic, the constitution, the Bill of Rights, and likely would lose much of the rest of our current freedoms. Thats the alternative if Biden gets in office, as we will be stripped of all that is decent, good, ethical, honest, and for the people.

        • Paul ...

          Does anyone believe the Good Guys are going to allow a criminal pedophile to become President of the United States of America in 9 days?? … from my reading of the tea leaves … I believe Trump has already signed the Insurrection Act … witness that Pakistan “has just been blacked out” to stop the China deal being negotiated there to take over General Electric … and be prepared for some big hurt to soon come to the Catholic Religion … now that the Leonardo satellites run by the Vatican have been implicated in the switching of votes from Trump to Bribe’n … the Pope will be arrested for this … and for being the leader of a pedophile cult “that at its core” absolves sinners of their crimes against humanity”!!!

          • Bob

            I hope you are right. The current pope is not a good man.
            He’s not even a Catholic.

        • Diane

          Wow Mike R!!!!!!!
          God Bless you

        • Jane

          President Trump signed the insurrection act on Sunday Jan 10. Unfortunately, his wonderful generals in the pentagon are not willing to enforce it unless Pres Trump agrees to give them lots of money and let them go to war with China.

        • Warren B.

          Very Plausible Mike R.
          Where is Donald Trump currently?

      • Brooklyn

        Which he did, but so few people are aware of it. Should be an interesting Monday… but, by Friday, everything will change. The Storm is Upon Us…

      • Robert

        Has he? Seeing all sorts of unconfirmed rumors but nothing on the msm. Pelosi is determined to get him out. I’ve never understood the visceral hatred of Trump but I have family members in that camp. None can tell me specifics why they hate him. Just that they hate him. What few things they’ve claimed about him have been wrong and out of CNN propaganda.

        • Mohammad

          My kids voted for Biden, for the life of me I cannot get them to tell me why other than they hate Trump.
          I think the schools and the college are brain washing machines, I skipped that because I got my education overseas.


          • Diane

            Some of my relatives voted for Biden.
            Brainwashed by corrupt bought out media….and Communist academia.
            Eventually they will see the truth.
            I share your disappointment Mohammad.

          • Bob

            Jim Sinclair said the same thing about his kids: all leftists.

            He didn’t mention which way they voted.

            There is one consolation: at least they will love the NWO, so don’t feel too sorry for them.

        • Paul ...

          Pelosi (who is a China puppet) wants to take the Nuclear Codes away from Trump and likely hand them over to China for a $100 million dollar bribe … bet “commie” Bribe’n is jealous of that sweet deal!!

      • Jerry

        I can’t confirm anything, but other people are getting the same information I’m getting.

        Something IS getting ready to go down. There is a lot of preparation and movement going on behind the scenes in the military. Rumors are rampant that the insurrection act was signed late Saturday night and that the joint chiefs of staff are working out the details for a ten day operation. Pakistan is currently in a blackout.

        It’s one of two things:
        1. The globalist are gearing up for operation dark winter using cyber polygon.
        2. President Trump is preparing reinstate the republic from a globalist corporation.

        I’m really hoping for the later, because if it’s the former we are in a lot of trouble. In the back of my mind I keep thinking that the news of the insurrection act, might be a psychological operation to once again keep patriots on the fence post until after the 20th? If it’s the former, Bills hypothesis will be totally wrong, because the rules will change with the great reset. If it’s the later, Bill and anyone else holding gold and silver will become very wealthy, because we will be returning to the gold standard with a new republic while Stan will be sitting on a pile of worthless paper.

        The next 48 hours will be critical.

        • Jerry

          Troops are being sent in to a fortified Washington.

          • Glenn

            More specifically the National Guard.

        • Tin foil hat

          “If it’s the former, Bills hypothesis will be totally wrong, because the rules will change with the great reset. If it’s the later, Bill and anyone else holding gold and silver will become very wealthy, …”

          I concur the rules will be changed if it were the former; the Central Bank Digital Dollar will be back by force and intimidation, much like what the Deep State is doing presently, rather than gold.

        • Beverly

          From prophesies that I know about, the gold standard will be put in place. People with gold will be incredibly wealthy…….for a little while. But, there will be a famine. And that famine is going to last for at least 4 years, getting progressively worse each year of it. So, even though gold will be worth something at first, ultimately, the most valuable thing we can own will be our capacity for food production, storage, and water, land. Food will be more valuable than anything, just like Joseph in Egypt when there was a famine. 7 years of tribulation. Chemtrails MUST be stopped too.

      • Paul ...

        Here is my reading of the tea leaves as I look at this picture … https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-b792-20bd8d8fa069.storage.googleapis.com/s3fs-public/styles/teaser_desktop_2x/public/2021-01/trump%20xi%202.jpg?h=569e2e69&itok=_yicpw1M
        China (working through its paid off and bribed Congress) is saying: Move along Trump!!
        Trump is saying: Who the hell do you think you are!!

      • robert rude

        The insurrection act was signed Saturday evening according to Simon Parker.

  3. Rachel

    Hi Greg, thanks for having Bill Holter on this week.
    Just responding to his comments about tenants not paying rent. Is this the method being deployed to strip real estate away from private ownership and get it into government’s (deep state’s) hands?
    If the law says the tenants don’t have to pay then the banks will eventually say well the debt is increasing on this property due to interest accruing over time and the market drops in value so any equity is evaporated and becomes negative equity so the banks foreclose and take the property.
    Anyone with a commercial or residential property that is tenanted and has a loan will be loose their asset. I’m sure they have strategies for stripping everyone else who owns other forms of property coming up soon.
    I have never needed to study communism before but it does look like these methods are well planned to swing societies around to change fundamental structures.
    I think this take over of America is going to be reflected world wide in all capitalist societies. It’s horrible to watch this unfold.

    • Charles+H


      The government causes the banks to own everything. Banks = dog; government = tail. Only those who practiced avoiding indebtedness, who outright own their properties – have a chance to keep anything.

      • Paul ...

        Bitcoin … the pride and joy of the banksters … who need it to promote the acceptance of their own crypto currency … has just dropped $10,000 today to $32,000 dollars … at this rate it will be close to zero in just three more days … remember … the blockchain glass that can only be filled with a few ounces of water … doesn’t make each drop of water in the glass worth $40,000 dollars, or $30,000 dollars, or $1 dollar (when there is oceans of water all around us) … but put some gold in a glass (which can only be produced in the collision of two neutron stars) and it will remain very rare (compared to those common electron bits in a computer)!!

      • Freebrezer

        C – Operative word – have a “chance” to keep anything … Not a ‘chance’ in hell. If we go globalist/Commie – forget it. The hard working people lose everything … only the elite class/people will be special enough to own everything of value. The mobs have no conception that the likes of Gates, Z(f)uckaberg, Pelose, etc are never going to give up there mansions, yachts, and private jets …they are special and deserve the luxury, not the deplorables that work hard … most the younger generations are brain washed dopes, this to think that equal distribution is what is going to happen.

        • Charles+H


          I is my hope that the legislation that changes all private property into governmental ownership does not come in my lifetime. Those who might show up to dispossess me of my property may see the end of my life. I built a home with my own hands and sweat. I am still working on it at 67.. My wife and I showered in a courtyard with a hose, at first – in order to keep out of debt; and didn’t have plumbing for almost a year. Our little something isn’t much: but it isn’t anybody else’s.

          • Freebrezer

            C – I am with you. I have worked hard my entire life to buy and own my own home. When they come to take it, is when I go also!

        • JC

          “Brainwashed dopes.”


    • Steve Bice

      Good insights Rachel…

  4. Marie+Joy

    STRONG, online, rumor the Insurrection Act of 1807 has been signed. If true, it’s on.

    Watch The Emergency Broadcast System. Possible announcement on TV at 9 pm.

    God Bless our President Donald J Trump and God Bless the United States of America.

    • Mike R

      I seriously hope you are correct. That would be the absolute most awesome thing ever to occur in this country’s history. To knock back the dems, conspiring with enemy foreign nations, and funded by gobal elite, while being backed by the Deep state, and purging ALL of their evil influence from our nation’s government. They were all so exposed, and the crimes so very obvious. Everyone on the planet would have to thank Donald J Trump for this occurrence, as it would no doubt favorably impact every country. The world would have real hope again, and finally believe integrity and honesty has come back to fight off these evil people, and their treasonous deeds.

      That would be the biggest and best ‘reset’ we could ever have happen.

      May God and the Good Lord Speed.

    • Mike R

      Well you may be onto something … this video drop from Mike Lindell, who apparently is on the team with Sidney Powell, indicates Trump will be your President for the next 4 years.

      There’s a hundred ways to Sunday to bypass Twitter and Facebook, to get this news out there. Share it if you feel its credible.

      You have to admit that Pelosi pushing so hard and the news so frequent about this impeachment thing, that her and the Dems must be an emotional wreck right now. They would not be doing this impeachment thing just to smear DJT further. They would not be doing it out of (faux) fear that he will pull the trigger on a nuke.

      There has to be something really terrorizing them to push so hard and so frantically for impeachment. The funny thing is, that both Mitch and other high ranking Senators have already told Piglosi this ‘ain’t happening.’ The soonest the Senate could begin anything would be Jan 19th.

      Something tells me that no matter what happens, Biden will certainly not be inaugurated on the 20th. And he may not be at all anytime, ever.

      • Charles+H

        Bypass Twitter and FaceBook – sure it can be done. BUT so many people are polarized and suffer extreme derangement that they won’t believe the truth when it is given to them. They will feel like we feel now: believeing the lie that Trump is going to try to perform a coup – even though he is trying to save the Republic. Whatever happens: the fallout is going to be grim.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Lin Wood on Parler.


      posted Simon Parkes video.


    • Brooklyn

      Good for you Marie+Joy. It’s Game On..!

    • Brooklyn

      If you do knot know Simon Parkes you will enjoy his calm demeanor. But go for the ride. He confirm that the insurrection act was signed on Friday night…


      The last words of President Trump’s speech, “The best is yet to come” – Believe him…

      • WD

        Are you sure the insurrection act was signed. I have seen both yes and no….

  5. andyb

    “Everything is fake, everything is a lie.” Hard to know what to believe anymore. Every news or talking head program on TV contains numerous lies and has hidden agendas of misinformation. It has been too obvious for too many years that a majority of the 535 and SCOTUS have been either bought and paid for or blackmailed into submission and compliance. And it is not just the FEDS; too many state and local officials could be tried for sedition.
    I consider myself a trained researcher. As one meanders around the web it appears likely that COVID was planned and that rushed vaccines that have been promoted as beneficially changing your RNA/DNA should be avoided at all costs. As we near the end of this year it is doubtful if we will ever know the true deaths and adverse reactions from being jabbed. And then there is 5G. Already known as a military weapon for crowd control, it has been proven to inhibit oxygen from circulating in your brain.
    My town fluoridates the water. Several years ago a study at Harvard Medical School found a high correlation with the use of sodium fluoride in water to brain damage, especially among children and cumulatively causing senility in older adults. I showed the study to the local Mayor’s office——nothing happened.
    My only hope going forward is that enough of us know the difference between good and evil, believe in God, have good moral fiber and will fight to the death for our Constitution and way of life

    • Freebrezer

      A – Agree 100% … Per the vaccine that changes your RNA/DNA … You would have to be a F$%^ing fool to let your kids or young ones get this. Chance of death from contracting covid as a person under 30 @ 0.00097 or inject some unknown, first of a kind vaccine that messes with your DNA/RNA??? No one knows what the long term effects are going to be from messing with your DNA/RNA! It is like the flyer ” I am here from the government to help you” yah right. Same with the pharmaceutical companies…. Think of thalidomide! My heart bleeds for all the young nurses and med people getting this … In nine to 12 months or 5 years, I wonder what are going to be ramifications! No one knows, and that is very scary. And hopefully nothing!

  6. Mike r

    Looks like this German economist has a subscription to Rickards newsletters, or maybe even follows JSMineset.


    The Great Reset is real, it’s happening now and will lead to devastation worse — “much, much worse” — than the Weimar Republic, a German economist has warned.

    Dr Antony Mueller, Professor of Economics at the Federal University of Sergipe in Brazil, says that the Chinese coronavirus ‘pandemic’ is being used as cover by the globalist elite to destroy small businesses and hasten a new world order based on “expertocracy, climate green religion, and brutal depopulation”.

  7. Stan

    The only thing going down now is Gold. Y’all better hope $1500 can hold this week, other wise there is no bottom. Cheers 🙂

    • wayne hardin

      Your mama should have named you money grubber .
      That is all you talk about .
      The lust of money is the root of evil .
      And will burn with everybody that loves it
      Cheers .

    • Paul in Oz

      Stan, Guess you have never seen this chart
      I’ll take my chances with barbaric relic.

      • Paul ...

        There can be no happy marriage between Dollar-bugs and Gold -bugs … the Dollar-bugs always sell short paper derivative contracts on Gold every time it moves up … and the Gold-bugs always buy real physical Gold every time it moves down … the ultimate loser in this failed marriage will always be the dollar -bugs … as all currency is bound by time … whereas real physical gold is immortal (as God’s money should be)!!

    • Mike R

      Stanley, your baseless shout outs are wrong once again. Anyone with half a brain, knows that gold bull markets are very rough to ride, and hang on to, so a lot of people like you jump on the short band wagon, and exactly the wrong time. Stan you should take some lessons in first learning about currencies, then learning charting, and lastly learning about how money really works. A lot of people can never make money in real bull markets bc they get skittish or trigger happy, and make the same wrong proclamations as you have been making the entire way up that gold has traveled since it bottomed for good in late 2016, and since you have been shorting since below $1300 from what your postings have claimed here at Gregs website.

      Silver is going to break out really big in this next gold leg up, and it will do so BEFORE gold does its power move. Silver will then double pretty quickly, likely in about 3 months time.

      You better hope you are well out of your Gold shorts long before then. Cheers back at ya bud. And good luck, bc you are gonna need it badly.

  8. Anthony Australia

    Bill is the best.

  9. Marie+Joy

    Military in DC. 7000 troops, trucks, helicopters.
    Advise you, all, to get more food and more cash.

    • JC

      Marie Joy,

      G.A. Stewart:
      Did Donald J. Trump flee to Washington D.C. to the Abilene, Texas National Defense Command Center?

      Yes, a U.S. Air Force E-4B departed Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas on January 8th, 2021 and after a direct flight, it landed at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, its apparent home base. Therefore, this does coincide with L. Lin Woods tweet. Was Trump on that flight?


      • JC

        There it is! Bingo!

        G.A. STEWART:
        Thank you to those readers who wrote to acknowledge my interpretation of Nostradamus’ February 1557 Presage. As readers know, what happened in Washington D.C. is something that I saw coming and others should have too. This is a short Post where I will call Lin Wood and Sidney Powell’s hand, even though everything that they talk about has been on this Website for the last thirteen-years.

        Nostradamus Presage (31) February 1557
        Senate and people are not content chief abandons
        The city in arms, the palace menaced,
        The exiles of the exiles have drawn up,
        Following the lynx, the night dead knowing the location,

        G. A. Stewart’s Interpretation: Nostradamus Presage (31) February 1557
        The Senate and people are not content. [Commander in] chief abandons [Washington]
        The city [Washington] in arms, the palace [White House] menaced,
        The exiles of the exiles [terrorists among the refugees] have drawn up [in groups],
        Following the lynx [terrorist], the night dead [it cannot hide him, they] know his location.


  10. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg: Yay…Bill Holter rides again. He has a horse and a cowboy hat and speaks truth. I am a North Dakota cowgirl grown old.

    • Free Slave

      Us cowboys grow old too.

  11. Mike R

    More corroboration of the video above from Mike Lindell, and this is from from Lt. General Tom McInerny telling a small group of people exactly what transpired the night of the election, and indicating that President Donald Trump along with many others have all of the evidence they need. Its just a matter of timing, and in how and who gets this word out. ( not likely to be done using Mainstream News Media, Twitter or other treasonous outlets like them, since they have aided and abetted this high treason and the 4 year coup all along to attempt to oust Trump. This 2nd shampeachment is just one more tactic of their failed coup that has had no strategy whatsoever, and is just a hail mary ‘lets throw some ‘sh8t’ at the wall’ and see what sticks. Its desperation to the nth degree by Pelosi, and interestingly she seems to be alone in her hysteria, with occasionally a few other small bit players barely and lamely match her faux hysteria. Of course the talking head pundits are all yakking on live TV with glee in their self righteous indignation, but that’s all they ever do (YAWN), since Trump has been in office. )


    Here are some of the Lt General’s credentials.

    Note the leftist liberal internet has taken great pains to discredit this man for years now, because he does not follow their narrative. (which means he tells the real truth)

    He explains how Covid 19 was not a leak,but a bioweapon, and a tactical deception that occurred right when the impeachment was nearing its end last December. He also explains how Comey is a major traitor, and he gave China the means to help coordinate this attack by multiple foreign countries to interject into our elections via satellite. This foreign interference in our election is plenty enough as it is for President Trump to implement the Insurrection Act. There is plenty of evidence that this election was a totally manipulated situation, and fraud was massive.

    P.S. Special forces apparently were mixed into the DC ‘mob’, and one of the Special Forces retrieved Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. That is why she is in sheer terror. She’s probably now fearing going to prison folks. She has nothing to lose now in terms of shredding any last tiny shred of cred she had remaining in pushing for the Shampeachment. She’s going for broke and pushing the largest lie ever concocted. Her goose is cooked, and she knows it.

  12. Mike R

    Here is more on the Hammer & Scorecard software that Comey sold to the Chinese…
    https://youtu.be/u3_ohfteP1A (From Lt Gen McInerny)
    And how its used to change the election voting.

  13. Coalburner

    Everyone needs to read the Book on the Weimar Republic, “When Money Dies” First Published in 1975 is a good version! The thing that stuck tightest to my mind was the story about the farmer who always wanted a grand piano for his talented son. He traded a sack of potatoes for one in town at the once rich lady’s house. Her husband had lost everything and then died. They both benefited from the deal. There are some Hemingway quotes as bonus in the book. He has some great descriptions watching the lead up to the
    Great War number II!

  14. Secret agent WD-40

    “The entire world is fake. Everything is a lie”. Brother is that ever true ! The truth is dead. I am still praying that our country will be brought back to life by a miracle and President Trump is sworn in for another term. Can God’s plan possibly be that Biden is sworn in and a ‘civil’ war happens ? Can God’s plan possibly be that we lose the power to elect our own leaders ? That we submit to the communists and their Chinese masters ? That we suffer a much larger depression ? That our supreme court, with a 5-4 so-called conservative majority does nothing to save our Constitutional Republic, or to spare the lives of millions more unborn babies from hideous butchery ? I cannot see how this can be God’s plan. But I am still praying for justice and righteousness for our country. And thank you, Greg for spreading the words of people like Bill Holter, Catherine Austin Fitts, Bo Polny, and others too numerous to mention. God bless you and our nation.

  15. JC

    Bill says,
    “I just want to live my life. I don’t want to bother anybody, and I don’t want anyone to bother me.”

    If only it could be this way, how wonderful it would be.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “If only it could be this way [live and let live], how wonderful it would be.”

      Perhaps the world isn’t constructed in a way that allows that. Perhaps Evil exists, and must be resisted . . . sometimes by force. Maybe there is a flaw in the libertarian and/or pacifist philosophies. (If only spheres were cubes, how much easier they would stack).

      • Paul ...

        Keep the spheres … and lets roll!!

    • Edward+Ulysses+Cate

      Just another error in biblical translation: “Love thy neighbor,” which is almost impossible, should have been “Respect thy neighbor.” That is what is done by most non-sociopaths.

      • Charles+H

        Do you think the God of Intelligence could not supply the understanding?
        Do you think the God of all Language could not choose the right word?
        Do yu think that the God of all history could not PRESERVE His Word through it?

        To intimate that the Divine Record of God’s Word, the Holy Bible is a misinterpretation: is to allow that it is erroneous. And if it is erroneous: you have just undermined your faith; and made sinful man the captain of it. Either you give God full credit in His Word: or you set yourself adrift in the sea of controversy; with no Divine foundation to draw bearing with. The worst part is setting yourself up as an authority.

        • Edward+Ulysses+Cate

          Believe what you wish, but remember that the British East India Company was incorporated in 1600; the first ship was called “The Red Dragon;” that helped fund a large number of “God’s Secretaries (book title, too)” to be hired in 1604 to translate and the book was finally published in 1611, titled by the “Deep State” at that time “King James Version.” And used so that “The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire.”

          • Charles+H

            What a yarn. You don’t follow History very well. And your sources are bad. There are not a few, but many manuscripts that preceed the British Empire – all which reveal a continuity that does not serve the interests of human empire. Read the Book: “In Awe of Thy Word” by Gail Riplinger.

            You may grasp on any manner of discreditation you wish. The problem is: that God Almighty Himself has ordained the Word. To deny the veracity and spiritual nature of it’s truth – is a forfeiture of blessing. To intend to discredit it: is fighting against God. You might think it is worth taking pot-shots at some fanatical believers – is no bother: but what you are doing is hardening your heart and wasting time. You will stand before God, and be judged for the contents of His Word, the Holy Bible just as sure as the day of your death. Like you told me: believe what you want – but I am in good stead with God my Savior. You are in a real danger.

            “He that rejecteth me, and receieveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the Word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.” John 12:48.
            ” And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement.” Heb 9:27.

  16. Wes Gould

    Streamed live 20 hours ago Black Conservative Patriot

    Life, Liberty & Levin 8PM 1/10/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 10,21
    445,201 views•Premiered 5 hours ago

    Lou Dobbs Tonight 1/10/21 FULL | Fox BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 10, 21

    Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo 1/10/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 10,21

    Lindsey Graham reacts to being swarmed by Trump supporters in airport

    “When you tear out a mans tongue, you are not proving him a Liar, you’re telling the world you fear what he might say”!
    The only ones that don’t know the truth are the media.
    He did not incite anything, read the tweets, wait you can’t
    This “interview” only serves to make your “news” station look ridiculous.
    Professor of Politics is code for Hard Core Leftist
    People like this women are a threat to freedom’s. Who is this clown to say what you can and carnt say.
    Oh well I thought banning from social media, fake news and removing apps the opposition uses is exactly that – silencing him!
    If this was Obama you could just tell this professional would of died her hair purple in protest👍
    👉👉🏽👉🏿Biden is in bed with CHINA & BIG TECH!!! #PayForPlay
    Somebody needs to do their homework.
    She made a speech and didn’t answer the question, she also pressed here agenda.
    “He hasn’t been silenced(…)”… said the leftist from a Chinese funded university
    “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
    ― Patrick Henry
    I want to know what the president of the USA has to say, whether it is good or bad rhetoric
    Love to sit down with this person and talk facts guaranteed she’s never looked past the left
    Blah blah blah there are also a lot of people who don’t take issue with his tweets. They are who is silenced. By women just like this one who are given a platform to shut us up.
    The issue is the hypocrisy from a party that has accused him of fascism. We support President Trump & there will never be another president as admired as him.
    Choose your side wisely MSM……
    Big fall coming.
    However right now I am struggling to understand why one has been silenced for wanting to speak and the other is being silenced for what he has already said.
    When they say “threat to our democracy”, it’s just a dog whistle for communism. It’s all psychological. Besides, it’s a constitutional REPUBLIC.
    STOP THE RIDICULOUS NARRATIVE ABOUT “CRIME”. Twitter has repeatedly not banned accounts who have openly called for his death!!!! Numerous accounts tweeting “fiery deaths” to “all cops” and “death to women” … and ALL of those accounts remain active users with their tweets still up!!! This has zero to do with “crime” this is 100% censorship based on political b
    It is totally about free speech! Big tech is trying to shut down the conservative voice not just our sitting President. Our president has not incited violence. This women is wrong
    Can anyone tell me why Blue Cross Blue Shield Association makes monetary contributions to lawmakers inside Congress??

  17. JC

    G.A. Stewart:
    Even though the Mainstream Media are making former General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and L. Lin Wood sound delusional and crazy, there must be a reason for their continued optimism. They seem to be betting their entire futures on something that to them is a sure thing, especially after the Capitol building riot.


  18. Clint+D.

    Agree with Bill Holter that everything is a lie in the financial markets. I think Charles Nenner’s projection of a 5000 DOW could be the end result of 2021 and 2022. This would fleece most of those who got wealthy from the stock market over the last decades. The system wants to destroy middle class America from one sector to another. 2020 was about destroying the small businessman/businesswoman and those who invested in real estate. Now those with 401K savings and other stock investments will be taken down. Ultimately, the entire nation could be caught up in Jeremiah 51:46. If so, this is the end of the USA.

  19. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter , those numbers are just dreadful and whoever secures the presidency will be anointed with a poisoned chalice.
    The idea of clean running water and sewage,electricity,natural gas for heating and garbage collection will be a thing of the past as the Bolshevik regime guts the USA and her people out of sheer hate. These Bolsheviks seriously think that within their armed to the teeth cocoon that they are above us plebs , but as the USSR taught not quite. Even the water in the Kremlin and Duma became undrinkable,brown outs for all were a feature and murder of security teams became endemic.This will be a feature worldwide.
    Soldiers standing guard at waterworks is now a “thing” here in the UK, nodes at the gas pipelines and electricity lines are now being guarded as are major transmitters in Wales,Northern Irealand,Scotland and most disturbingly England. The Bolshevik elite know what is coming, they also know they cannot stop the evaporation of civilisation. The USSR was the blue print,China carried out the plan, foolishly,now the USA is the target.

  20. Jerry

    Here’s a refresher. We’re in a live exercise here.

    This press conference was held only a few months after event 201, which was a table top planner in October 2019 for the pandemic.
    Once again the technocrats held a table top planner in October of 2020, only this time it was for cyber polygon. Brace yourself. Cyber polygon is what operation dark winter is all about, The blackouts are already beginning in other parts of the world, and if the timing follows the same timeline as the pandemic, February will be a very interesting month.

    Side note: Did you notice Donald Trumps pink tie in the clip? Red is always a power tie, and he wasn’t wearing one like he normally does.

    • JC

      Pompeo says “We’re in a live exercise here.”
      Yet nobody in the audience thought to ask him “What are you talking about? What are you saying?”

    • Warren B.

      Jerry, do you have any info on the power outs in Pakistan, Germany and UK?

      • Jerry

        Warren B.
        I don’t have any specific information, but I would pay close attention to the World Economic Forum meeting on the 25th, assuming we are not under martial law, because I believe that will be the date that operation dark winter will go into a live exercise. They will be using the grid in the next phase of their operation. The sky link satellite system will be linked with 5G to target specific grids in order to force people into herd vaccination. Biden stated they wanted 100 million people under the needle before April.

        • Warren B.

          Thanks Jerry.
          Marie in her comment below offered the GE sale to CCP as the reason why the Blackout occurred in Pakistan. I am yet to find any credible evidence of Germany/UK power outages. Seems as you suggest that they do have ability to turn the switch off at any given moment. I just wonder if Italy will suffer any consequences from their involvement with their (Vatican) Leonardo satellite? I saw a Rumor that the POPE has been implicated.

  21. al

    Pelosi and Gang (R&D) are being mentally tortured and I’m loving every minute of it.
    It’s too late to Impeach or “25th” anyone, as I write this the Insurrection Act has been signed in to action and troops have been deployed to key spots. We are now under Military control…. it’s just not “main stream news” right now.. surprised?
    Expect major news the Marxist Enemy Media cannot ignore or hide before the 21st !

    Let me repeat the above key point
    If I’m wrong, the stock market will make new highs. If my sources are correct, the stock market will crash. Watch the stock market, these guys bet on inside info.

  22. Marie+Joy

    When antifa gets word of the Insurrection Act of 1807 signing, they will be crazed.

    Trump supporters, and conservatives, may be in serious danger. Remember antifa said they were making a list? Some, of us, are on it. Self protection/Defense seems to be in order.

    • Mario

      Hey Marie Joy

      Thank you for your comments. I look forward to what you and a few others, in particular, have to say.
      I live in eastern Canada and most people here haven’t got a clue unfortunately. They mostly hate Trump and believe everything on the news. It is soooo sad.

      I am pretty certain from what I have read and heard on several sites that I frequent that President Trump did sign the Insurrection Act! Praise God!!!

      Blessings ,


  23. Marie+Joy

    Special Forces took Nancy’s laptop when everyone, else, was laughing, acting like fools, getting shot and looking like antifa. Nancy is beyond frightened and she will do ANYTHING to stop publication of what’s on that traitor’s laptop. That’s what this Impeach/25 is, really, about. PELOSI TREASON.

    • Paul ...

      Sounds right to me Marie!

    • Mike R

      Well apparently its been reported that Nancy Pelosi failed to show up to work this morning with no credible reason for her absence.

      The Speaker sent a communication today appointing Debbie Dingle to act as Speaker Pro Tempore.

      Today, I suspect Nancy was either running around the Pentagon, threatening anyone she could find, and telling them she wanted her laptop back, OR she was running to any Walmart that was open to replenish her wiped out supply of Depends. Either was far more important that her delivering any Impeachment letter personally, so she had her ‘assistant’ do her dirty work in the House for her while she attended to more ‘personal stuff.’

      You just can’t make this stuff up anymore with regard to Pelosi and all her hysterical antics. Many elderly by the time they are 80 years old, are crapping up their depends in nursing homes, while Nancy is in DC crapping up the white house, and all of America, literally and figuratively.

  24. Marie+Joy

    Get ready for war.

  25. Marie+Joy

    Wood stoves with a lot of wood.

  26. Chip

    Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com is setting up alternative server arrangements as he states…

    Many suspect that the domain names of conservative platforms will be removed from all DNS servers worldwide. This would make it impossible for anyone to reach a website via their usual domain name such as NaturalNews.com.

    For this reason, we have set up an offshore backup emergency IP website that will carry out emergency audio and text messages as the global takedown accelerates.

    WRITE THIS DOWN. You can enter this into your browser to reach our backup site:

    Greg, I think you should consider doing something similar. Your plan to contact everyone via email may not work depending. Best of luck… Chip

  27. Marie+Joy

    Nancy is a traitor. TREASON, and the fear of prosecution, drive everything she says and does.

  28. Marie+Joy

    Rumor, biden intends to go ahead with the inauguration.

    Get ready. It’s here.

    • Warren B.

      Rumor , POTUS has signed the Insurrection Act and Flynn will be the next VP.

  29. JC

    G.A. Stewart:
    The Deplorables, The Trump Voters, and The Q Acolytes have dates with reeducation camps. As of today, everyone of you, as well as myself, are Persona Non Grata unless there is The Red Button Option.


  30. Charley

    Events of the last few weeks have left many Christians confused and perplexed, not quite sure where things go from here. Many prophets assured us all Trump would win the election. How could they be so wrong? Well, God knows the tally and Trump won in a landslide as most anyone with the smallest amount of discernment knows. So where was the failure? Isn’t it in our own understanding? How many took God’s answer and jumped to the conclusion Trump was going to be the next president? I for one.
    So one might ask, why might God play such games with us? I can think of only one answer and that is He’s trying to send his remnant a message and that message, is when ~85% of the members of Congress, the Supreme Court, the legislatures in all the contested states as well as their court systems take part in a coup to over through the president with full knowledge of the fraud, there is no hope left in the political process.
    Judgment has come to America and each of us have one and only one hope of salvation and that is Jesus Christ. God have mercy on those poor souls who think they’re going to vote their way out of the wrath to come.

    • allen ols

      “We are in trouble,” he said. “I believe God’s judgment is coming, for the sins of our nation are great and they are a stench in the nostrils of our Creator.” Franklin Grahm

  31. Rodney

    I still dont understand why, if the FED or the CABAL print mass funny money and push it out then WE have to pay them back with interest for decades, WHY dont we just say TOUGH SUCK IT …. and we start National Banks.. seems simple to me..

  32. john+duffy

    Support Candice Owens!

  33. Paul Anthony

    From someone in the trump Trump campaign I befriended back in November – Whom asked his name to be left out as he is getting threats daily. Ive been communication with him since the Nov 2, 2020 Rally in Wisconsin. I believe it to be true and verified.

    I’m a diehard Trump supporter but I have common sense. Last month President Trump promised he would not issue an Insurrection order or martial law. Last night social media said he signed the order. This morning nothing. He never did. It will never happen. He’s concentrating on 2024. LLin Wood and Sidney Powell are not military tribunal judges. The are civilians not military officers. The military is not on alert to conduct martial law in America. Joe and Hunter Biden were not arrested. Nancy Pelosis laptop was stolen but not by Special forces or CIA. The Capitol storm was not a cover by Green berets working for Trump. No emergency broadcast system alert. No big tech corrupting Trump supporters with malicious updates. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t arrested and so wasn’t the Pope. He had PUBLIC mass yesterday. I don’t like the Pope but he’s not in jail. The foreign election interference executive order expired 45 days after Nov. 3rd it can’t be used. SOS Mike Pompeo sn’t leaving secret or coded messages about a Biden government takeover. President Trump never conceded but decided to leave this crooked government to rebuild his wealth, a Trump party, Trump news and social media, SuperPacs, Republican primaries and to fight election fraud for his new bid for President in 2024. These rumors are manufactured by Internet losers with no credibility looking for donations. The bigger the lie the bigger the donations. And then we will all be let down when these lies never florish. I was attacked all weekend for this. I’ve been unfriended. Oh well. I unfriended about one hundred too. Some close friends because they bring discredit to our President by labeling him a seditionist. By the way the Insurrection act can only be used by law to quell a national revolt and protests for loss of life. Not to retake a government over a stolen election. Trump would be commiting a federal crime using the act outside its bounds.If you don’t like what I said please leave no comment. Just unfriend me. Any comments contradicting what I said I will unfriend you. These conspiracy theories are getting old.Instead quit the Republican party become a Trump CONSERVATIVE. Continue to support Trump on social media after all all we have is each other the next 4 lousy years. Let’s promote the truth though not Internet lies.***FYI an indicator Trump is leaving he asked for thousands of Trump appointees resignations for the 19th. If he wasn’t going anywhere why asked for the resignations?

    Wish I had more and I wish the dems went playing marxist cancel culture games with the social media

    Sincerely ,

    Paul Anthony

  34. wayne hardin

    We are at the point where the true worshipers of God will be seen .
    Where we will see who will stand for the truth ‘
    Or call a lie the truth to keep their job / or a friendship / and so on .
    God said he would supply our needs if we stand for him .
    He sees what we need .
    It is nothing more than a test .
    What we see as needs and what God sees as needs are too completely different
    things .
    “And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.”
    Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. But godliness with contentment is great gain.
    For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
    And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.
    But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
    But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.

    God has everything under control .
    Stand ye there fore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. a drink before the

    Most excellent interview.
    I like so many others can’t not believe all the “ fake” in everything.

  36. wayne hardin

    Cumulus Media, which employs some of the most popular right-leaning talk-radio hosts in the United States, has told its on-air personalities to stop suggesting that the election was stolen from President Donald Trump – or else face termination.

    We will see if they keep standing for the truth or take the money .

    Anybody that thinks sleepy got more votes than anybody in history is brain dead .

    • donna+s.

      Sounds like to me ,and I could definitely be wrong, that there was a order of succession set up should anything happen to the person in charge and that the next person in line would be in charge. This sounds to me like he is revoking that and has the right to appoint someone should that happen.

      • Mohammad

        That does not appear to me like someone leaving the office on the 20th…!


        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Mohammad and the D.C swamp rats seem to be getting more and more shrill and desperate. You can add the MSM to the desperate list .

  37. Jerry

    It looks like Gerald Celente was right. Economic wars do lead to shooting wards. Look at the number of Chinese companies Donald Trump pulled the plug on in this executive order.

    I guess we know now why carrier battle groups are now stationed on both the east and west coast.

    • Paul ...

      White cop puts his knee on a black man and kills him … Black security officer puts a bullet “center mass” into a white woman in the Capital … things are very ripe now for civil war that puts blacks and whites at each others throats!

    • Marie+Joy

      It is reasonable to expect our enemies will try to invade us, during this time.

      • Tin foil hat

        Our enemies are getting their popcorns, baklavas or wasabi coated green peas ready. None of them want to get involved in this mess at all.

        I would put a little extra food in the pantry just in case.

  38. Jerry

    I would give my left nut to have verifiable news about what’s going on. Who’s checking the fact checkers at Reuters ?

    Where is Reuters getting their information? Do they have reporters with Trump? How do they know? Just asking.

  39. Gerald Benton

    We can still fight back. We can still do things to counter this stolen election. First, We all could just quit working. There is no law about not working. Just look at the demoncrats. After three weeks of this, the economy would be stopped. If our ancestors can fight a 7 year war for the freedoms we enjoyed, surely we could stop working for 3 to 7 weeks, if not longer. Two, Turn in our credit cards. There is a purpose to these actions. We will stop when Trump is installed as President. Now we have so much time on our hands, third, we can protest outside the Federal Reserve, and demand that it to be closed. Powell charged with endangering the population. As you can see with some creative thinking we can do a lot. Lets hit them in the financial area. All of these actions are legal. Now this action is not legal, if large corporations do not support us. We could use the .308 solution and put a bullet through their truck radiator. there was 74 million people who voted for Trunp, if just half did this, and more, this would stop the nation.

  40. Mike R

    Trump’s very last Tweet, before Twitter went all APE CRAZY on him, was
    “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future… They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!”

    That “GIANT VOICE” that Trump put in large caps, happens to be the military’s mass notification system. So it seems President Trump will have no issue getting around Twitter and MSM and any other corporation in the media who has been effectively co-opted by the radical leftist demoncrats, even if the Dems also try to shutdown the Federal Emergency Broadcast System, Trump has them ‘trumped’ once again.


    Maybe we will learn soon, how the military does this, and how all US normal communications will be effectively ‘neutered’ and then taken control of by our US military.

  41. JC

    This “siege” of the Capitol did not appear to be breaking down doors. It will be used to push through the Domestic Terrorist Act and, once again, increase the power of the state, which was written ahead of this event.


  42. JC

    The Domestic Terrorist Act is coming…

    Now we have the FBI warning that there may be an armed assault against Biden during the inauguration. This is getting really crazy. I really hope that is NOT the case but I would not put it past someone deliberately doing so to blame Trump supporters to drive 50% of the country underground. On the other hand, there are crazy people who might try something stupid like that which will do nothing for the nation but divide the nation even more. Any such act will be supporting the Domestic Terrorist Act passage virtually unanimously as was the Patriot Act. My concern is that our computer is projecting rising civil unrest and absolute chaos during the midterm election in 2022.


  43. Mike R

    Additionally, once the GIANT VOICE is activated, there is a pretty good chance, the internet will also go down (go black) for a couple of days. Expect to see Emergency Broadcasts coming out. This is per veteran military personnel who recently returned back home after being in DC, after the Jan 6th events. These returning veterans (a fair number who were in DC and met with some important people who they can’t disclose who told them) indicate that Trump did indeed sign the Insurrection Act, using the military option, among several options, and a meeting with high ranking military command, did occur in Texas, so anyone who heard via other means that Trump flew to Texas, did hear correctly that occurred. The Monkey Werx youtube channel thought that the President did not go there, despite the 2nd Presidential Plane landing in Aberdeen. Well that may or may not have been Trump on that plane, and it may have been a decoy.

    May want to have cash on hand to get through a few days, maybe a week or longer.
    Maybe even back up power, and gen sets, and flash lights and lots of batteries, and of course food and water. At least until we get past the 20th. Its possible that after the 20th, Trump will still be your President.

  44. Marie+Joy

    Famine coming, by design
    Time to buy baby chicks & feed. In the 1960s, we kept our hens in the kitchen.
    Time to have a very large garden and learn to preserve your produce. Grow inside and outside.
    Time to protect our President Trump.
    Time to get vicious.

  45. Marie+Joy

    I am subscribed to Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube. When our President Trump speaks, they, usually, have it. It’s live and they have chat. Recommend for Patriots.

  46. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    News flash!

    I just watched a video about homeless people in LA. I had seen some clips before from Jeremiah Babe but nothing like this.
    Why don’t they show this on the MSM, rather bang on about corporate greed which they love to promote.


  47. Marie+Joy

    I expect the Emergency Broadcast System to be activated this week. I do NOT have TV or radio and wonder IF the EBS will be online? Any thoughts?

    Rumor has it, The reason Pakistan went grid down is because Space Force knocked out the power so General Electric could NOT be sold to China.

    Rumor has it, our President Trump will speak, to America, Wednesday. It will, likely, be on Right Side Broadcasting Network, on YouTube.

    When it hits the fan, Americans may be asked to stay in our homes.

    • Warren B.

      Why Pakistan of all places in the World?

    • Steve Bice

      It will be on your cell phone if you have one; I have received test broadcasts in the past…

  48. Marie+Joy


  49. Jerry

    You might want to pass this along to your readers.

    I thought Trump was banned from YouTube? This is either a deep state psyop or it’s real. I can’t decide? Either way something is going down.

  50. Bruce

    Greg Bill is so right someones asset is anthers liability
    Social Security has assets of Bonds, but those Bonds are the USA’s liability
    Currently SS payroll taxes don’t meet the needs of current recipients, so Social Security has to cash in their Bonds to meet current obligations. The USA doesn’t have the dollars to redeem the Bonds without printing the money. USA does not print dollars they borrow from the Fed. Doesn’t that mean Social Security is insolvent now?
    If current payroll taxes are being used to fund current recipients what is going to happen to you Greg being a 40 something taxpayer like my 3 children. What will be the burden on my 2 month old great granddaughter?
    Yes!!! this has to end badly for all of us

  51. moa te sung

    Australia begins crackdown on social media after what they did to Donald Trump
    22,840 views•Jan 12, 2021 TFIglobal
    Australia’s Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack has rebuked Twitter for banning the US President Donald Trump. Australia’s Treasurer Josh Frydenberg also said that he was “uncomfortable” with Twitter’s decision to ban Trump. Meanwhile, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has suggested enactment of clearer rules for deciding what content is acceptable on social media. Watch the video for more;

  52. te sung MOA

    Australia is now that city on the hill, the bully’s have hijacked the US. and now it’s the world against China and it’s puppet the dis-United States.
    Donald your welcome in Australia as General MacArthur was and as he declared he shall return, so shall you sir! USA USA USA! PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!
    Hilton: Trump’s foreign policy greatest of any president since WWII

  53. DudlyDimwhite

    Hilton: ‘Cruel culture of class contempt’ something you only see from left
    93,050 views•Jan 11, 2021 Fox News
    ‘The Next Revolution’ host says ‘we have to listen to people who think differently,’ ‘save our passion for real change.’

    Pelosi suffer’s WORST humiliation yet for STUPID tweet over ‘the MOB in peace’
    320,197 views•Jan 12, 2021 Học tiếng Anh Đường phố

    Biden makes FOOL of himself after RIDICULOUSLY answering the ‘radical left’ media
    271,894 views•Jan 12, 2021 Học tiếng Anh Đường phố

    Sean Hannity 1/11/21 FULL | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 11,21
    572,787 views•Jan 11, 2021 Học tiếng Anh Đường phố

  54. Stan

    If Gold ever hits even $3000 per ounce I’ll park my Bentley in the middle of the intersection at 42nd & 8th Ave and douse it with gasoline and set it on fire. That is how absolutely certain I am that Gold will NEVER reach that level. Mark this post & pin it you your refrigerator.

    • Paul ...

      Stan …perhaps if you stop giving us all “these buy signals”… gold will correct a few hundred points … as we gold-bugs are contrarians … if you want gold to go down … just post: “I’m Throwing in The Towel … I Just Bought My first Ounce of Gold” … and we will all Sell!!!

    • Paul ...

      But Stan … don’t wait for gold to go to $40,000 dollars per ounce before you throw in the towel (like some Bitcoin nuts) … the idiots buying Bitcoin today think that because there is “limited amount of space” in their tea strainer (blockchain computer) to hold only a certain amount of tea leaves (or electron bits) … that the tea leaves in the “blockchain” strainer are worth $40,000 dollars each … they simply put out of their mind “all the billions of tons of tea in China” … those electron bits inside their computer “are as worthless as used tea leaves” … they illogically think they can “manufacture rarity” out of something that has “little or no intrinsic value” … gold is money because it is truly rare “unlike paper” … Ponzi paper currency is generated out of thin air by criminal Fed banksters … but when God makes his rare money it is not made inside common stars (stars can only make elements up to the atomic weight of iron) … it takes a rare collision between two neutron stars “to make Gold”!!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … for those people who believe the world was created in 6 to 7 days and that the Earth is only 6000 years old … need to hold a gold coin in hand and use your brains to contemplate how it was created … it takes billions of years for a Star to deplete its hydrogen … grow into a Red Giant … and then explode producing a neutron star … and many more millions of years for two neutron stars to eventually collide with one another … producing gold … the fact that some of this gold made its way into the dust that combined to create our planet Earth … means that our world is a lot older the 6000 years the Bible speaks about … and that the “days” the Bible speaks of is more then likely “based upon a different calendar” (then the day it takes the Earth to revolve one time on its axis or the year it takes the Earth to revolve once around the Sun) … the “day” God used to create things … was more then likely based upon the time it took for perhaps some Galactic body to circle around the Universe God was creating at the beginning!!

      • Paul ...

        Here is a wild thought … was God’s purpose in creating all the stars in the universe simply “to produce gold”?? … if so … that God (from some alternate reality) actually turned out to have been “The Ultimate Alchemist” (and a lot better then our banksters who can only make fake money) … but it would seem this Alchemist also needed to create something (like the Annunaki??) to collect mine and refine that gold dust he created (into bars and coins) … lucky for us according to the Bible … the Annunaki got tired of mining gold and created man to help them mine God’s gold … unlucky for us they weren’t very good at genetics … and programed our DNA “with greed genes” that can’t figure out the difference between real money (gold) and worthless fiat paper or worthless electron bits inside a computer!!

  55. Jerry

    The mother of all psyops is being set up by the deep state.

    There is no national organization big enough to organization this type of event. Let me be clear, it is being used as a dragnet to entrap as many patriots as possible by the deep state . I have seen this type of tactic before in law enforcement. They want to bait you in. There is little doubt that they will use this false flag event to go after second amendment rights when it’s over. Anytime the MSM is pedaling it, you know it’s fake. So what can you do? Do the unthinkable. Call your representatives office and make an appointment to see them in person. When I was young I used to accompany my grandfather to our state capital many times. When his representative refused to see him, he camped outside his office until he did. As long as you don’t break any laws, there’s nothing they can do to you. Forget about emails and phone calls. They are a waste of time. When your representative sees you in person, they have no choice but to listen. It’s your right. Use it.

  56. NC Gal

    Trump is currently expected to speak from Alamo, TX at 3 pm EST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DIEdzU7l_Y (Let’s see if YouTube actually allows this)

    Last time this was scheduled, Fox backed off and put up Biden instead.
    The Insurrection Act was signed, special “ops” forces were deployed and today Executive order 13959 went into effect at 9:30 am EST. Things ARE finally happening and more to come, I am sure!

  57. Robert K

    I encourage all readers here to go to Liberty Sentinel and watch the video posted by the PBS bigwig, Principal Counsel Michael Beller, who said, “The government must steal children from Trump supporters for “re-education” camps, and promised to bomb the White House if Trump were re-elected. The kidnapped children of parents who backed Trump would be forced to watch government propaganda all day”.

    What the fuck?!?!

    • mike r

      The shameless and cowardly demon rats are acting just as Hitler did last century. And they follow Alinskis playbook to a T. Accuse others of what you do.

  58. JC

    I’m wondering…
    Doesn’t it seem like Trump is Will Kane (Gary Cooper) in High Noon?
    The only one that backs him in the end is his wife.

    Ending clip of High Noon, final showdown.

  59. Marie+Joy

    Both sides seem to think DC soldiers are there to protect their side. Which is it?

    Is there a limit to how many comments are allowed ? Comments stopped with Jerry. People are, extremely, upset with current happenings and no disrespect to Bill Holter is intended.

    • Mike R

      Emergency Declaration!
      President Trump as approved an emergency declaration for the District of Columbia, declaring that an emergency exists for the area and ordered federal assistance to supplement the District’s response efforts.

      What is going on, is that the Demoncratic left has organized a FALSE flag operation where THEY WILL BE THE ONES carrying arms, and rioting at all 50 state capitols. These are NOT Trump or American Patriots participating. So this is exactly the definition of an Insurrection by the left, and they are going to use Mainstream Media to paint a VERY FALSE picture that the riots are Trump supporters, and use that to blaspheme Trump, and create more false and libelous claims against President Trump, to try to further get ammunition for immediate overthrow of our government.

      This cannot stand, and Trump MUST declare martial law, and implement our military troops to protect our citizens. Let the rioters burn all 50 capitols, since most of them contain demoncrats anyway, and the MILITARY SHOULD ARREST all participants who will be leftists, and socialists.

      Dont be a fool and go to these rigged events. These are just like the Antifa and BLM riots. Hope Trump engages our US military post haste.

      Clearly this IS THE MOST OBVIOUS PART of the Demoncratic COUP, and overthrow of of our government, that has been occurring since day 1 of Trump’s first day in office. This is likely coordinated by Obama, and his henchmen. Obama has been too quiet, and so more than likely working behind the scenes to feverishly oust our President, and destroy the republic as we know it. This cannot succeed.

      God Speed President Trump ! And God Bless our Military Troops who I am praying get deployed near immediately before anymore of these unethical crap show coup by the dems’ gets one day further. Its beyond tragic and hard to believe we are witnessing a government takeover by the putrid, filthy, hate filled, Dems and Leftists.

  60. Sed Visciouse

    Fed up Trumper RIPS Pelosi in pieces with SHOCKING evidence over link to ANTIFA
    50,722 views•Premiered 97 minutes ago Học tiếng Anh Đường phố
    Fed up Trumper RIPS Pelosi in pieces with SHOCKING evidence over link to ANTIFA
    Now you know why the Dem’s are trying to destroy the opposition before the 29th and why the president is duty bound to stop the steal and stop the steal!

  61. tim+mcgraw

    A very good interview with Bill Holter, as usual. Thank you! We took some money out of the markets last week. We are preparing for system shutdown.

  62. Coalburner

    Greetings Greg;
    and Bill
    Good Review!

    Folks, don’t talk actual war, China is not ready to mix it up with us. Right now we are at Cyber War w China. They and the Pope and CIA messed with out elections. CIA works for themselves in cahoots with Nan nan and dog schumer!

    Nice debate up top of the thread. No one is offended Rodster, William+Stanley,and Paul!

    Jerry, you are holding back , same as me! The wait is so long, I already had to eat dirt on Monday. Not looking for more! Chuckle!

    • Warren B.

      Does anyone know who / what owns the CIA? I sense that we could have a greater insight into the meddling of the Election if we had a better understanding of this.

      • Bob

        Good question. They seem to be an enemy of the USA yet they say they Jonathan Pollard did a lot of damage. It just doesn’t compute.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The actual war will be here, and it is now in its beginning stages. Depending on severity and length, China may be emboldened to get in on it. I don’t think Iran is even going wait and see. They are NOW accelerating their enrichment schedule, admitting to 20%, which you know is MUCH higher. They will then be able to threaten all of the Middle East and Europe, and perhaps even the continental USA (which now is “united” in name only). We have bigger issues in front of us now than how to get our grandchildren college-educated. There is the possibility that Biden and Kamala will destroy everything for us, before the war does irreparable harm. If we give them everything they want, they could do it in a year, maybe less. The only way out is through. Best always. PM

  63. Coalburner

    Mohammad; Greetings!

    My kids are on the edge, I won them over shakely.

    I am inoculating the Grandkids, very carefully! And watching which colleges are the best with out the Seditionists. Look out into the hinterlands, have them learn some country ways so they can fit in. Horses are a good bet anywhere, Water sports, Snow skiing, 4H, Scouts BSA and invest your time in retirement in those kids. Some great programs, now for both boys and girls. The best engineering and science schools are out there where the Seditionists do not feel welcome.
    I know for certain.

  64. Coalburner

    If comms go down, I think an option mat be available. That would be “Signal” an APP from Tesla Man, that uses his satellites. It will let you talk to your contact list. You need real phone numbers. And yet that doesn’t sound logical either.

  65. wayne hardin

    I don’t see anybody owning anything right now .
    If you don’t pay the taxes they will take it .
    So who realty owns it ?????????????

    • bill

      They Do! 2 Examples!

      If you buy a car for $5K. Who owns the car? You do!

      However, if you buy a house for $100,000 and you can’t pay the Real Estate Taxes because you were unemployed during the Pandemic, Who owns the House? THEY DO! You don’t own the Real Estate, because they can always take it away from you because of, not paying the Real Estate Taxes!

  66. Rodster

    Let’s call it the “Uniparty” because the Republicans are NO different than the Democrats. Mitch McConnell sides with the Democrats wanting to impeach Trump before the 20th.

    The USA is finished and the only way out is to throw everyone out of office both Congress and the Senate and have one term limit. Career politicians have ruined this country. Nancy Pelosi is an old hag who should be spending the rest of her days enjoying her millions and whatever time she has left. Instead she’s more concerned about power and destroying people’s lives.

  67. Michael

    Of the few things I learned in elementary school like our branches, the executive, judicial, and legislative I always remembered the government receives their power through consent. What I witnessed on election night was something I imagine happening in Russia or China. I no longer consent or wish to live under a federal government that condones fraudulent elections and state counterparts that run fake elections. Worse is the judicial branch refusing to hear any evidence and a Goebbels inspired media lying to the American public 24/7. If you have a brain you must see it, the agenda, the lies, the bolsheviks wanting power at all costs. Now they want to erase all MAGA references and exile his supporters. I say bring it I am more than ready to fight for freedom and the truth against Amerikans who I consider my enemy. President Trump is the best president in my lifetime and I’m 52 with nothing to lose but love of my country. Too many barnyard animals today need to be led to well you know.

    • Michael


  68. Kurt Gherkins

    Crazy’ Nancy Pelosi won’t succeed in her ‘last-ditch stunt’ against President Trump
    106,321 views•Jan 11, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Cory Bernardi says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has an “unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump”.
    Senior Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, have sought to urge Vice President Mike Pence to consider invoking the 25th Amendment and force Donald Trump’s removal from office.
    Though there is under two weeks to go until inauguration day, the Democrats consider it a threat for Donald Trump to remain in office.
    Nancy Pelosi has called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke powers to remove President Trump from office otherwise the House will proceed with bringing legislation to impeach him.
    Mr Bernardi said “crazy” Nancy Pelosi is attempting a “last-ditch stunt” against President Trump.
    “She’s not going to succeed with impeachment,” Mr Bernardi said./Oz Video;

    EVIDENCE! 4 More Years of TRUMP?
    265,373 views•Jan 12, 2021
    Doug TenNapel

    ‘Free speech is under assault like never before’: President Donald Trump
    1,260 views•Jan 12, 2021 Sky News Australia
    President Donald Trump has told a rally in Texas free speech was under assault “like never before” and criticised the “impeachment hoax” as a cause of tremendous anger and division in the United States.
    “Free speech is under assault like never before, “Mr Trump said.
    “The 25th amendment is of zero risk to me but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration.
    “The impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witch hunt in the history of our country and is causing tremendous anger and division and pain, far greater than most people will ever understand.
    “Which is very dangerous for the USA especially at this very tender time”.
    President Trump also addressed the storming of the Capitol which took place on January 6, calling for healing, peace and respect for law enforcement.
    “Millions of our citizens watched on Wednesday as a mob stormed the Capitol and trashed the halls of government,” he said.
    “As I have consistently said throughout my administration, we believe in respecting America’s history and traditions, not tearing them down.
    “We believe in the rule of law, not in violence or rioting.
    “Now is the time for our nation to heal and it’s time for peace and for calm.
    “Respect for law enforcement and the great people within law enforcement … is the foundation of the MAGA agenda”/Oz Video;

    Australia’s oldest person won’t share his ‘secret’ to longevity
    189 views•Jan 12, 2021 Sky News Australia
    The oldest man in Australia has just turned 111 but Dexter Kruger – a retired cattle farmer from Kilcoy – says he won’t share his “secret” to longevity.
    “It’s my secret, I’m not going to tell anybody,” he told Sky News Australia from his nursing home in Roma, in south-west Queensland.
    “My next goal is to be the oldest (man) ever to have lived in Australia and that’s on May 15,” he said.
    “I think I’ve got a fair chance”.
    The only tip Mr Kruger offered was to “roll with the punches” in life and “keep on keeping on”/OzVideo;

    Twitter sent a rogue message when it silenced the US President. Now India will teach it a lesson
    518,741 views•Jan 10, 2021 TFIglobal

    McConnell signals support for Trump impeachment: NYT Report
    7,992 views•Jan 12, 2021 Fox News
    New York Times is reporting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel believes impeachment will make it easier to rid Trump from the GOP. Rep. Liz Cheney says she will vote “yes” on impeachment. #FoxNews

    How a Japanese Pilot was killed mid-flight by an Angry American Avenging his Crew
    665,025 views•Dec 23, 2018 The Front

  69. Juan

    Undoubtedly that the over issuance of banknotes will make assets such as gold or bitcoin have a significant rise this year 2021

  70. Lee

    Why have youtube taken this video down? I was half way through watching it.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s the magic of YouTube and the age we live in. I am working on replacing it. Stand by.

  71. Robert K


    We knew this would happen sooner than later.

    Please do not post video’s on Y.T. anymore. They have taken down several of your videos with Alex and the discussion about gold. Here is the message they claim you violated:

    “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”

    For the love of God, when will this censoring end?!?!

    Greg, please, please, please use a different platform to post videos moving forward. The malicious and communist media continues to censor and we patriots and God fearing citizens need you more than ever.

  72. Ed

    Sheeple will do nothing…unfortunately. You’ll NEVER see another conservative President again. They rigged the game, won and don’t care if you know it. We no longer live in a Constitutional Republic…buh bye. It only gets worse from here.

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