Fed Cannot Fight Inflation – Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Money manager and economist Peter Schiff says all the talk you are hearing from the Federal Reserve is simply the Fed “pretending to fight inflation.”  Schiff explains, “Everything I predicted with inflation breaking out and the way the Fed would react to it has come true.  The next thing is the Fed is now pretending it’s going to fight inflation.  I say they are pretending because they have no real intention of doing it because they can’t.  If the Fed could fight inflation, it would have started the fight a long time ago.  They would have acted preemptively when it was obvious it was a problem. . . . I have been warning about this for over a decade.  As the Fed was on this course of deliberately creating inflation, I always said this was going to come back and bite the Fed because they were going to let loose a monster that they were not going to be able to fight, like Frankenstein.  The Fed used to say we don’t care if we have too much inflation, we know how to solve it.  We have the tools, and I pointed out that they may have the tools, but they ain’t going to use them because it was like having a handgun as the tool for a headache.”

Schiff says there is record amount of debt in all sectors.  Schiff points out, “Now, the Fed says it’s going to take away all that free money?   The Fed is going to normalize interest rates?  Everything that was built on that foundation is going to implode.  We would have a financial crisis that would make 2008 look like a Sunday school picnic, and there will be no bailout if the Fed is fighting inflation.  It wouldn’t be another ‘Great Recession,’ it would be a ‘Greater Depression.’  This is why the Fed can’t do anything.  The Fed can’t do what Paul Volker did  . . . and raise interest rates to 20%.”

Schiff says the economy is going to tank no matter what the Fed does, and you will see this in the job market soon.  Schiff says, “I see massive layoffs coming.  It’s going to be like Covid except without Covid.  Instead of the government shutting down the economy, the economy is going to shut itself down.  Not because it’s been ordered to, but because the cheap money is gone. . . . Fed Head Powell is going to reverse course, and when he does, the bottom is going to drop out of the dollar.  Gold is going through the roof.  You better be fully positioned in your portfolio when that happens.  It’s probably going to happen while you are asleep because the dollar is going to collapse in Asia.  That’s where our biggest creditors are, and that’s where the mass exodus is going to start.”

Schiff advises to stock up on everything you think you are going to need.  Things such as toiletries, food, spare parts for your equipment and anything else you can store because everything is going up in price.  It will never be cheaper, and in the future, you might not be able to get it at any price.

There is much more in the 44-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with money manager and economic expert Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information and articles at both of Peter Schiff’s websites:  EuroPac.com and SchiffGold.com.

You can also listen to Peter for free every week on The Peter Schiff Show.

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  1. griever

    The Davos crowd is working overtime to destroy civilization. They must get paid by the hour:

    Food factories and warehouses are exploding left and right

    Fertilizer is inflating astronomically or outright evaporating from the market

    Gas and diesel shortages are going critical

    The global supply chain is being obliterated

    US trains are cutting their car allocation for fertilizers right at the start of the planting season

    Same with feed grain for livestock

    Shanghai, one of the largest hubs for trade in the world has been shuttered

    The abortion hornets’ nest has just been deliberately kicked field goal style with a steel toed boot

    The promises of Klaus Schwab of the havoc that Cyber Polygon will bring grow ever nearer

    Governments are recklessly and deliberately printing and destroying their currencies across the globe. The petro-dollar has just been dethroned and trillions will come rushing home as a result. Hyper-inflation is in the wind

    Meanwhile, WWIII looms ominously on the horizon as NATO keeps deliberately escalating the war in Ukraine

    Prepare accordingly.

    Evidence at top, solutions at the bottom, send me yours: https://tritorch.com/fractured

    • IIG

      Exactly – and with all the above Stan is selling gold short!!

      • IIG

        Stan should have covered his short positions in Gold back in 2016 – http://www.321gold.com/editorials/chan/chan050922/9.png – this current downward manipulation of the gold price is designed to hurt Russia – but how long can the Deep State Death Cult (DSDC) hold the gold beach ball under water – when gold pops (up out of the current cup and handle formation) it is going to be fast and furious!! –
        PS: And don’t forget silver – the DSDC will try like hell to keep silver under $30 – then try to keep it under $50 – but when “it pops” – $600 dollars an ounce is just the first target – silver will eventually (just like palladium) move to the $2,000 dollar level!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-HESEJJF8s

        • IIG

          The question everyone is probably asking is: Why in Heaven will the Silver price go up so high as Clif High and David Morgan believe when it has done nothing for so long? – well – lets use our God given brains – one reason may be that the electrical conductivity of Silver is the highest of all metals (greater even than Copper and Gold) – and as Silver has the lowest electrical resistance of any metal – its possible that use in quantum computers will be critical – Silver has two isotopes (107 Ag and 109 Ag) and it occurs in about equal proportion in a silver coin – since the isotope 107 Ag will likely present less resistance then isotope 109 – it will likely be the better choice for use in a quantum computer – and here is another reason for Silver to skyrocket (and this is a real wild card) – Silver has the ability to use visible light “to directly produce hydrogen from water” – do you all realize “what this means”? – Silver activated hydrogen evolution (Photo-catalytic Water Splitting) can solve the world’s current global energy crisis – just imagine how profound this is (probably the only reason we ordinary folks are now able to buy an ounce of this “free energy producing metal” – manipulated down to just $21.50 dollars per ounce today – is because the greedy Globalist Corporations want to accumulate it “cheap” (before too many in the public catch on “to how valuable Silver is”) – when the public does eventually realize that Silver can be used “as a visible light hydrogen evolution metal” (producing Free Hydrogen fuel out of Free Sunlight”) – they will likely rapidly drive the Silver price to it’s true intrinsic value (probably somewhere way over $2000 dollars per ounce) – and remember – Silver’s “water splitting performance” will likely get more efficient in time with further research!!!

        • Rob

          Silver is the buy of the century.

        • Stan

          IIG: The Gold crash continues and my leveraged Gold short positions are screaming higher. I warned you but you replied with some nonsensical charts. Take my advice for once in your life.

    • laura ann

      America is wavering on the precipice of the abyss, moving closer to total control under the WHO, UN and W.E.F. (economy destroyed ongoing) and reset under cashless digital enslavement, people monitored by A.I. 24/7. Politicians are incompetent, compromised and playing along w/ this, even on state/ local levels. The E.U. Canada, Aust., etc. is further ahead and more controlled. Everyone will have a social credit score based on their values. By 2030 yet now going full throttle it won’t take much longer. Best to get w/ friends in community, get preps, grow veg. in containers, and org. bartering, neighborhood watch, and find local sheriffs or others in ofc. who are like minded.

      • IIG

        Listening to the guidance of the WHO, UN and WEF – “it is now confirmed” that more people have died from Covid-19 by taking the vaccine (then those selfish people who refused the “jab”) – and – this does not include all the deaths from heart attacks, strokes, neurological (shaking), HIV, AIDS, spike prion induced Alzheimer’s, etc., etc. that was induced by the “jab” – the Nazi Dictator at the WHO is on record saying that he will need to: “do door to door searches and break into peoples homes to find those (un-vaccinated) who represent a threat to society and remove them from their homes ” (to “jab” them and protect the 1% who will be left on the planet when the Globalist extermination program has been completed) – the WHO Dictator probably can’t understand “how people can be so selfish” – if people would just “stop being so selfish” – the WHO along with the UN and WEF can get on with their “world population reduction program” – and meet “their (right in our face) stated goal on the Georgia Guidestones” of killing off 99% of humanity – by 2030!! – https://www.westernjournal.com/doctor-suggests-door-door-searches-find-sick-remove-isolate/

    • Coal Burner

      1. Not just NATO but USA too, well our owned , puppet politicians and who knows how many agents far down the line. Now they all know most of them are taking payoffs to sell us out.
      2. Don’t forget who is too blame.
      3. Don’t forget who the puppet-masters are, the big family names on top and then the Davos crowd that all the top level trash belongs too. Council on Foreign Relations, Gates, Klouse, LaGuarde, NWO, EU, WEF, World Bank and others!

    • Clint D Young

      The 10 Kings are orchestrating the destruction of Babylon USA. Get out of her before the nukes fall. And that could be soon. Laugh about this now if you wish. But after the nukes fall you will wish you had got out of USA. None will survive within her borders regardless of how well prepared they are (Jeremiah 50).

      • IIG

        Lot’s wife dilly dallied and did not want to leave the city and look what happened to her – she was turned to ash (salt) from the nuclear explosions – California and New York are the Sodom and Gomorrah of our time – evil is rampant in the US (especially in New York and California) – the evil Demons are so enraged that they can’t have their abortions (to kill kill kill babies) – they have now in sadistic revenge “stopped manufacturing baby food” – so as to kill babies by starvation (that they can’t kill with a knife anymore)!!

      • RICHARD

        I’m not sure life in the US is worth fighting for – let alone anywhere else on Earth!

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t give up Richard. Evil wants you to give up–Don’t make Satan happy.

    • Savanna


    • Chris

      Good summary of what’s being done. You may know also that food factories and grain silos have been going up in flames in Russia and China too. That makes me wonder who is ultimately orchestrating this global attack on humanity.

  2. Brooklyn

    Jim Richards, Bill Holter, Marin Armstrong, and now Peter Schiff… Amazing!
    Keep them coming Greg… You R’ The BEST!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brooklyn. Looks like some of the biggest names are reaching a consensus.

      • Michael Sorrell


      • David Gordon Dunne

        Greg, God is looking out for you and giving you this platform to help others. I need some clarification. Peter says get out of the dollar. I understand buy gold and silver. Does he mean buy resource stocks like MOS(Fertilizer), PDBC(Natural Resources), XLE(Oil) so just buy the right stocks? When the chit hits the fan as in 2000 and in 2007/08 all stocks crashed.

        • IGG

          We know that during a crash even physical gold and silver will go down a bit – so never put “all your available cash” into gold and silver (save some fire power) – just sit back and wait for the crash to play out – in a crash resource stocks can fall “to less then the cash they have in the bank” – that would be the time to jump into resource stocks with your cash reserves (or simply buy more gold and silver)!!

      • Mike R

        Thats probably true. This is probably the closest that Schiff has ever been to being right. The problem is the general public won’t believe Schiff, until the dollar actually collapses or resets by half.

        The FED really cannot raise rates by much. BUT They need to raise rates to AT least where the 2 year yield is, but I doubt they will even get there without the market cracking up first. Historically that is what they have always done. FOLLOW the 2 year yield. So the 2 year yield has always led the FED. They know it. The market knows it. The yield curve inverted after the market topped. Recession usually does not kick in right away after that inversion. Probably at least 9 months before its fully acknowledged as a recession. The stock market is going through a topping process, and a lot of people say we have already topped. I think there is one more new high in the markets, and that will occur late summer, or early fall, which by then the FED will have publicly capitulated on rate hikes, and either have paused, or even announced some easing. Can you believe EASING being stated, after they were saying 7 hikes this year ???

        Markets are now trying to carve out a short term bottom. And then over the next 4 or 5 months, they could slowly climb higher, led by the notion that the FED has things under control, and MAYBE even some sort of a ‘cease fire’ between Russia and Ukraine.

        IF we do hit new stock market highs later this year, that WILL BE the highest anyone currently alive will likely see for his or her lifetime here in the US. Mark my words. Then we are looking at a 20 year bear market, and it will be more than 100 years before the US stock markets come back to match their ATH’s. Think Japan from 1989, and then still have not reached those peaks. Japan is cooked btw. They are in more trouble than the US. Their demographics are FAR WORSE. We at least can keep bringing in immigrants, and have a constant flow of cheap and illegal labor from the south. Covid and the VAXX have actually pummeled our demographics, as we will have a massive 20 year gap in healthy newborns. They’d be riddled with diseases if not make it altogether for those mothers who got vaxxed.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Great interview Greg,
    Long overdue.
    Interest rates are mediocre here with the promise of rises over the next few months.
    Little good that’ll do as the cost of everything has ballooned.



    • Anthony Australia

      Super smart advice and the first time I have heard this from any guest.
      I have been stocking up on Bathroom & Laundry items for eons, have enough for the next few years. One because I am a Prepper and Two I dislike going to the shops all the time, that in itself is a cost and stress one can save on and some items are so heavy to carry.
      Not only price gouging but also the fact that Supermarkets have put limits on purchases, which doesn’t really work. imagine how many times i walked in and out of Coles when they said I could only buy two lifelong Milk at a time.

      • IIG

        Jim Willy is looking for the “good guys” (who own more then 10 times the gold in Fort Knox) to make a move against the gold manipulators – the “good guys” need to hold the spot price of gold from breaking below its 200-day simple moving average and its Fibonacci support level around the mid-$1,830 region to get gold rallying again!! – https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html

    • The Ogs

      AA when I first heard of the ridiculous, unbelievable covid tyranny down in Oz over the last couple of years, I looked ahead towards the (inevitably) upcoming elections.
      Is there any chance at all – even the tiniest – that each and every one of your politicians will not now become UNEMPLOYED?
      And if not, why not?

      • Paul in oz

        As a person actively part of a campaign to “sack them all” I participate in petitioning the public to vote all major parties last It is encouraging that of people driving by, those showing support outnumber those against by 10-1 … (i’d say the 10% against are covidiots) however at most 15% are reacting at all … I think unless cheating occurs, and there will be lots of independent scrutineers when votes are counted, the political landscape at the national level will at minimum be radically changed. Unfortunately there are still an enormous number of apathetic sheople, who for the most part living the dream in the lucky country. However also understand that much of the oppression has been instituted at the state level and sadly Victoria (home of Sydney) recently re-elected their tyrants!

        • Ray

          Sydney is in New South Wales.
          Sydney is nowhere near Victoria.
          For the benefit of non-Australian Watchdoggers.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

          • Paul in oz

            agreed … apologies for a brain fart … Melbourne for American viewers who may not understand Australian Geography as well as you. Thanks for setting the record straight. I’m just a bumpkin in

            • Ray

              Still love ya Brother!!!
              All good mate 🙂
              Far North Queensland……for our American friends, is indeed one of THE treasures of Australia, as are the people that live up in that gorgeous place.
              Ray, Canberra, LDN

  4. tim mcgraw

    I like Peter Schiff. I shook his hand once at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. His father Irwin was a hero who fought the IRS and died in prison. Schiff is right about inflation and the incompetent and impotent Fed.
    My only complaint is the buying of gold and silver. I’ve done it. I have some coins. But the vigorish from the coin dealers is 30% or more. These money changers are tough customers.
    If you buy gold and silver coins, make sure you have a way to sell or trade them for fair value.

  5. Mungo

    I’ve been listening to Pete for the better part of a decade. This time, I do believe he’s right!!

  6. tim mcgraw

    At about 22:00 Schiff says what is the Fed going to do when businesses start failing and unemployment goes up etc. ? It will have to start printing money.
    I disagree.
    The Fed only cares about the banks. That is its mission. The Fed doesn’t care about us. The Fed will bail out the banks and keep the dollar strong somehow. If it doesn’t the military/CIA complex will come calling on the Eccles Building.
    My guess is that like Weimar Germany the Fed will demand that 20% of savings/IRAs/pensions etc. be invested in government bonds. This will prop up the dollar and at the same time destroy confidence in the dollar by us.
    After that comes the abyss….

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be right Tim. It’s going to get bad, any way you cut it. My advice is to geet food and water.

  7. Allen BLaine

    Wondering why all these irritating spam ads appear on your site as of late ??? I get your site and then these ads appear which have nothing to do with your message… even my ad blocker doesn’t get rid of the damned things.. ??????

    • Greg Hunter

      I am experimenting for some type of revenue stream. I trying to keep it free. It cost money to maintain the content and the site. So sorry the free site is not free enough.

      • Robert F

        Doesnt bother me, must be an windows user, in that case what browser is this guy using?

        Anti banner works well

        Keep up the free content Greg!

      • paul lilliott

        I would like to suggest another alternative for your listeners – a voluntary ‘subscription’ – just keep a jar (a doggy bank?) and stick whatever you can afford in each time you listen (or keep a tally on paper). Every x months, send it in. That way, people are not excluded and no tedious bureaucracy/software is needed, but you, Greg, would be getting more income because people are giving on an small incremental basis. Even a quarter times a lot of listeners can mount up. I have started with ME! Where else are you going to get such consistently valuable information on a regular basis?

        • Greg Hunter

          Sorry Pasul , not doing it. It’s free and I do not want the hassle or criticism for the content. It’s free and you can take it or leave it at no cost to you.

          • Paul Lilliott

            Greg,I was just trying to be helpful – sorry if I upset you…what I suggested in no way implied any criticism.

            • Greg Hunter

              I did not mean to come off harsh. I know you were trying to help. We are good. I want to keep the site unencumbered and free for the widest reach. Thanks for thinking of me. This is why I am trying out new advertisers on the site. I want to keep it free. Thanks.

              • paul lilliott

                Greg – thank you for replying – let me clarify what I meant – I put a sum of money in a jar each post that I listen to – in order to send to you as a lump sum donation later – rather than come up with a large sum all at once. That is my ‘voluntary subscription’. It is simply my savings plan! Good for retired people with low income. Your site stays free as a bird – but hopefully you get more donations (which you deserve). That’s all! Sorry for the confusion.


              • Rodster

                Greg, one thing I notice is that there are no ads when playing your videos. In the past when you were using YT, I always let the ads play in the background. Is that something you could add to the Rumble videos to help monetize your website?

                And thanks for the integrity in trying to find ways in keeping the website free!

              • RICHARD

                I have a question about the site – when I comment, if the video is still playing, it takes me back to the beginning. Am I doing something wrong or is it just the nature of the format? As far as the ads, I think you could do MANY more ads – I watch an hour video and I get 15-20 ads during it; you place ONE at the beginning. I appreciate it, but even one “intermission” of a few ads in the middle might help? Anyway, thank you for the FREE content.

          • Computer Guy

            What is wrong with people? You have to make money how can you do this for free? I’ll bet if you charged $5 a month for ad free content 90% of these freeloaders wouldn’t pay it.

    • laura ann

      I have ad blockers I see no ads anywhere just a blank area for the ads. Some ads on some sites are pop ups and interfere w/ reading, Free install, do a search for free ad blockers.

      • The Ogs

        I clung to Internet Explorer for so long – eventually moving to Brave browser. It is built on Chrome but… I finally had to give in (even Micro$oft caved, with their new Edge browser) and I guess we cannot get away from it.
        Brave is great and has a built-in ad blocker BUT it has a friendly button that for example I use on USAWatchdog.com to support the site.
        I mean Greg can’t like ad blocker software, but Brave has already thought of that.

    • laura ann

      I had to cg blockers, try another one, search for free adblockers then install. Some may not be compatible w/ some computers.

  8. Vincent Osburn

    I’ve been through a lot of recessions. If we are in one you can’t tell by the traffic in LA. It is consistently worse and worse. No recession here I’m sure, not yet. Now, will the fed create it ? …. sooner or later.

  9. Brian

    Max Keiser has more silver than Peter Schiff. Let that sink in.

    • Anthony Australia

      Yet he bangs on about Bitcoin ever so much.

  10. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Schiff.

    Of course our economy here in the UK is beyond awful for us plebs.

  11. Really Awake

    Really good guest. I liked Peter’s father, Irwin Schiff, even better. Good man. Irwin was a man way ahead of his time; and the U.S. government put him in prison (until he died) because Irwin was a true libertarian – the real deal; therefore, Irwin was viewed by the collectivist U.S. government as a real threat to thier central planning and confiscatory taxation.

    Years ago I spoke with Peter a few times and read most of his work. He gets a lot of important things right. In fact, he gets most things right – just his timing is off. Peter has been a man ahead of his time. And to me timing is everything. And where Peter gets the timing wrong is the U.S. Dollar. As a gold bug, Peter has for years underestimated the strength and longevity of the U.S. Dollar and been on the wrong side of that trade… He has also underestimated the American Empire and the hegemony of the Federal Reserve.. A corrupt Washington has lasted longer than a lot of us ever imagined, so has a criminal Wall Street.. Now in 2022: Peter may finally be right on time: this may be the Big One. Even bigger than Peter thinks. This might indeed be Kingdom Come.

    When I compare a true believer in Austrian Economics like Peter Schiff against a master trader like Martin Armstong, Marty wins every time when it comes to asset management. But Peter wins in his belief system. I wish America used Austrian Economics as its monatary system. I wish Americans had elected Ron Paul as President years ago, and I wish Americans had elected Peter when he ran for the Senate, too.

    In the end, Peter, like his father before him, will be proven right insofar as the current system will totally implode…. So I agree: buy gold. Buy silver. Buy everything you can to survive a really, really bad time.

    The time has finally arrived.

    • wayne hardin

      Really Awake .
      And where Peter gets the timing wrong along with all the people that try to put
      times on anything is trying to guess the time .
      Simple fix don’t put a time on it .
      Peter says he was right about everything but the timing after all .

      Wayne Hardin

    • laura ann

      I used to listen on short wave to Irwin, before most of us had internet there was patriot talk shows and call in’s. Then everything transitioned to internet , yet so few are informed today.

    • robert

      Same with Gerald Celente, more accurate than any msm pundit by far, more accurate than most any macro news anylyst, yet he has had timing issues with since the 2008 crisis.

      But again, their fundamentals are spot on, its just thatthe world order finds magic money to continue to pervert reality, and sacrifice all things good in the world, to keep the money magic going, but as we can see society has taken a massive tole, avoiding the inevitble is leading to the great catacylsm and great reset that is occuring before our very eyes

  12. Gray

    Peter is spot on about most things Greg, 👏, Great interview, only disagree about the much vaunted demise of the US Dollar. The Dollar is going to the Moon, Before its ultimate date with Destiny

    As the War in Europe 🇪🇺 escalates and Europes commits Economic Suicide.
    European wealth will pour into the only safe haven in the World, the DJII (not bond market as that 30 year Bull is over) Dollar and DJII Rising
    Sure a crash or correction in the Dow in the short term but if your not American the rise in the Dollar may even offset the drop in the Dow (Currency Appreciation)

    However, do agree all Currencies depreciating against Real Goods

  13. Barbara Lyon

    Workers should demand that they be paid in gold.

    • susan

      That’s a really good one, Barbara!

  14. Cmoore

    Greg, I think the little man still has a chance. Stock up on things, grow a garden, be smart. It’s really not complicated, but it is hard for people to stay focused. You are doing an amazing job to help out tge regular people. Thank you for the great guests you bring on. Thank you….

  15. James

    Some very good info in this video with Lynette Zang: The Problem with Supply Chains & the Food Shortage…David DuByne – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXCa5isiduE

    The JADAM organic farming link is https://en.jadam.kr/

    Thanks for another fine program, Greg. Hang in there, everybody, they think we’re going to give up.

  16. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Yes like father like son. Peter S is a lovely, principled person who will of course be proved to be on the right side of history. Thanks Greg.

  17. Clint D Young

    If Russia nukes the USA, do you really want to stay within the USA? Few of those who survive the initial attack will have adequate provisions. Of course the desperate are going to think you should share your extra provisions. How do you think that is going to work out when you know you don’t have enough for your own family in a country that does not have any economy, including bartering? Even bartering requires some societal stability which just is not going to be there for years.

    Even if all that was to occur is the nukes, it is going to take years and decades for any type of community to develop. Meanwhile, it will be mostly small groups of the desperate fighting among themselves until very few remain.

    It’s best to get your passport(s) in order and travel outside of the USA, any NATO country, or Russia before the Donbas falls. When the Donbas falls this may be the fulfillment of the Daniel 7:5 bear having 3 ribs within its mouth between its teeth. When this first part of Daniel 7:5 is fulfilled, the bear will arise and devour much flesh. I figure the USA is part of that much flesh.

    Those within the USA may only have a few months left, if that long. Go on a long vacation elsewhere in the world. You may soon be very glad you did.

  18. Jerry

    I think it’s a foregone conclusion that the dollars days are numbered.

    The only question is, what method the globalist will use to get us there?
    1. Cyber Polygon
    2. Covid 2022
    3. False flag event with Russia

    Following Lucifers playbook over the centuries his favorite method is to soften countries using the pride cycle in which the populace become entertainment driven with bread and circus, to the point they become docile sheep. It worked for Rome, Israel, and countless other countries who have gone into the dustbin of history.

    Make no mistake during the last pandemic, certain bloodlines were targeted for a reason. Segments of our society that produce alpha males had to be eliminated in order to reduce the amount of pushback that will take place when the reset finally comes. I lost one of my toughest sons during the last attack. Trust me. It won’t happen again. My family is wide awake now, and know that dad isn’t totally insane. The globalist are loading round two, with the WHO this month, and the WEF in July, so you don’t have much time left to get what you need. Complacency is what they are counting on. If enough people do nothing, ( bread and circus ) it will give them more leverage when the reset comes, when they will use every technological weapon at their disposal to try and control us. Do you think you are ready? Here’s a test. This weekend flip your power switch off until Monday and see what happens. All of preparations will do you no good, unless you know how to use them. Most importantly get spiritually ready. Think parable of the Ten Virgins ready.
    Thanks Greg for all you do.

    • shane connor

      If ‘The Good News About Nuclear Destruction’, was widely distributed & read by all here in the USA, we could instantly make all nukes 90% less lethal… http://www.GoodNewsNuke.com

  19. Jean Luze Revaul

    Peter Schiff is such a smart man. He is right about the Ukraine war…that the thing to do is get out of it!
    But no, Joe Biden and his administration need this war. We however need a Red Sea moment to put an end to this insanity.

  20. andy

    Great interview Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andy! Schiff was on fire. I am buying more food today.

      • Rodster

        Publix which is our main Supermarket chain in Florida has posted that they are now “limiting quantities” on certain items. Like Armstrong and others have encouraged, buy canned goods, rice etc, peanut butter. Foods that have a long shelf life.

        I would stay away from survival food as that has crap loads of sodium and other preservatives and is super expensive.

        • IIG

          And we have Demonrats Pelosi and Biden sending an additional $40 billion in free money to the Ukraine Nazi’s – which could have been better used to buy and hand out “free baby food” to our own citizens!!

          • Rodster

            I read a Zero Hedge story today that the US sent massive quantities of baby formula south of the border aka Mexico.

            • susan

              Rodster, many years ago I and many babies were brought up on condensed milk, Karo syrup, etc; It may not be the most nutritious, but got everyone through their infant years and became vibrant, intelligent and strong Americans. Spread the word, formula is not necessary!

        • Brian Vaci

          Agreed, Rodster.
          Store what you eat, and eat what you store. We should all be stocking up on the food/supplies our families use on a daily basis.

  21. al

    By listening to Peter over a decade ago I purchased my home AT THE BOTTOM! Yes, 2011. I’m proud of that but it wasn’t my doing, it was the brilliance of this Man that had me sell my other home in South FL 2006 at the high, move to a rental home for a few years then buy a home in North FL at the lows. Needless to say, I did well with my equity. Very well indeed.

    He is right and he is early, but I’d rather be 10 years early than 5 minutes late. Prudent and Adroit. That’s Peter Schiff.

    Adolph Hitler’s demonic spirit is with the globalists, his 4th Reich is raising its ugly head. He doesn’t have to be alive, it’s his ideas that are brought forward and look no further than the Ukrainian Hitler loving NAZIs and the ULTRA-GLOBALISTS directed by the new Hitler.. Klaus Schwab and gang, including Hitlery.
    It’s a BIGGER BADDER HITLER, but this time the World is aware and the great awakening is here.

    Forget the Plandemic, Roe V Wade and all the other roadblocks they are trying to throw at us to take up the “news” cycle so that 2000 MULES doesn’t hit the mass consciousness… well.. sorry.. it already did.

    God Bless you Greg, thank you for keeping these folks at the forefront

  22. Jill Herendeen

    The Fed is deliberately creating inflation, printing money w/ gay abandon, with the specific purpose of ending what’s left of the middle class. So it’s unlikely that the Fed WANTS to stop inflation.

  23. BEAN

    i live with in appx. 30 miles of a large military base, my town is really just a nice, peaceful, “bedroom community”, for military and civil service employees, and people who just grew-up here, gas and food items are going up, however, it’s just quiet here, no fires, no riots, no protests, just “normal” and quiet, however it’s THE CITIES all around the “48” that are going CRAZY !! up to me?, i would get the hell out OUT OF ANY CITY !! buy silver, can foods, stock-up on all items we take for granted, and mostly, PRAY AND PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD THE FATHER !!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good way to think, Bean!!

    • susan

      Rodster, many years ago I and many babies were brought up on condensed milk, Karo syrup, etc; It may not be the most nutritious, but got everyone through their infant years and became vibrant, intelligent and strong Americans. Spread the word, formula is not necessary!


  24. Fredrick Getzschman

    Thanks Greg for another great report. Being prepared is the best long term solution.

  25. Paul D Anders

    Really Greg,
    You are going to delete comments you don’t like?
    No better than YouTube…

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t have a right to come on here and make crap up, lie and call people names. That’s not free speech just like yelling “Fire” in a movie theater when there is no fire. You are welcome to use your capital and start your own site and put all the crap on it you want. That’s what I did, and you are FREE to do the same. By the way, Starting your own website is not like starting another Twitter or YouTube platform. Anyone can start a website. Just cash out your 401k, (like I did) and work for 5 years day and night for free before you make a dime, and continue to work your tail off like I do to this very day. It’s easy!!! So, you get why I don’t post crap on my enterprise?

      • Robert F

        I didnt do any of that yet my comments are continually deleted?

        what gives?

        You do seem a little too authoritive for my taste..

        • Paul Anders

          Just like Youtube….censored to the hilt
          I didn’t call anybody anything, and I didn’t make anything up.
          Peter has had this same message since 2009

          • Greg Hunter

            Listen Paul, Peter Schiff does not say the same things. He could not be that narrow minded if he is actively managing the $2 billion, he oversees. Is he making some of the same warnings? Yes, but the situation is fluid and changing, So, your opinion is NOT a fact. You can start your very own site. As I said it’s not like stating YouTube or Twitter. Anyone can start a website and nobody is stopping you. This is like you coming in my home and criticizing what I am doing in my home and then telling me I must let you have your “Free” speech. Take your speech to your house and make up all the crap and opinions you think are facts you want. Why are you here if this is worthless? You are just a jerk. Go away and DO NOT comment again You big ungrateful whining baby.

            • Ray

              Nice to see the fabled Hunter “Left jab – Left jab – Right Hook” combination there.
              Smashed him ya did……neat as a pin 🙂
              Ray, Canberra, LDN

            • Tarheel

              Sic em Greg. You do a great job and it’s always a highlight of my week when you post new interviews.

      • Brooklyn



        You did not have to post “Paul’s response” either, but you did.

        USAWatchdog.com is a result of your research and courageous hard work to find, schedule and interview the some of the world’s most intellectual and forward-thinking experts in the field of world events, economics and finance. As many of your recent guests have indicated, and agreed, we are sailing into uncharted waters and th time for preparation is no longer on our side.

        “In Hoc Signo Nices”

        You are always in our prayers.


        • Anthony Australia

          +1 Brooky

  26. Jim Mac

    What is the use of reporting all this stuff without the solution!
    You know and I know that the only solution is a armed revolution just like when we fough the British for our independence.
    I start to watch your interviews and just SHUT it off.
    All we can do is wait to be killed Mathew 24
    I done

    • Greg Hunter

      Less that 10% or the population know what’s going on. We just had a vote in Con gress and they voted to sent $40 billion to Ukraine to extend this crazy way while our southern border is wide open. Only 57 Republicans voted “NO”!!! So, good luck fighting the revolution by yourself.

      • Tim

        Hi Greg,

        You are right. Probably the only possible chance we have is if the vast majority of people (i.e. 80%) realize that the government is trying to democide them with the jab. Myself and family did not take the death jab. If this happens, it still will probably be at least another year from now.

        God bless you


      • Robert F

        what percentage did the founders have in their war?

      • helot

        they voted to sent $40 billion to Ukraine … while there’s a baby formula shortage here! Talk about mixed up Marxist priorities.

        Anyway, RE: a solution. I like this guy’s approach:

        …”We have a chance right now for accountability, or we have a chance right now to acquiesce. Accountability is one way to leverage the moment and to help save the day. It will not always be an opportunity open to us, but right now it is, and it can be such an effective tool. This moment needs you to demand accountability in the world around you, and for those who need a little extra help, I am going to make myself available.

        I am launching a project, working name: Project Accountability. It will only be open to paying members.

        In bite-sized pieces, I will break down what other successful activists are doing to make accountability possible in the world around them and to help you do the same. […] Tuesday, this offer will close. […]

        If you want to matter more in this fight we are in, do the things that work. That means focusing as close to home as possible” …


        • IIG

          WE need to impose “one term limits” on all our representative in Congress (they will never do it on their own) – just “automatically” vote down anyone re-running for Congress – put in new blood “on a continuing basis” to make it difficult for Schwab and the Deep State Satanic Cult to bribe, blackmail and threaten all the new Congressmen we keep throwing at them – and don’t worry about all the new people we elect being inexperienced (as the current group of ingrained crooks don’t even read the Bills they vote on)!!

    • laura ann

      No, we fight to the death and take some w/us. Patriots can “get killed” fighting back UN or military gestapo. Never be hauled off anywhere. Few have solutions, but civil war will come, also: grow a container veg. “garden” even on your patio if in town, older ppl do this to avoid sore backs and easier when one or two ppl. Canned goods, get lg amts of cash and stash, have self “protection” items. Get w/ likeminded and form bartering group, neighborhood watch w/ likeminded. Police may not be around later for stealing,e tc. Get a larger dog , have fenced in yard.

  27. Dan Gowin

    Record High Diesel Prices Will Ripple Across The Economy

    Inflation hasn’t hit the economy yet.

    “Currently, diesel at New York harbor is trading at around $5 per gallon, which is well above $200 per barrel..”

    Relentless Price Hikes Send U.S. Gasoline Price To Fresh Record High

    “U.S. average nationwide gasoline prices hit $4.404 per gallon on Wednesday.”

    “Diesel prices also hit a new high on Wednesday, reaching $5.553 a gallon.”

    Russian Gas Flows To Europe Via Ukraine To Stop Wednesday (5/11/2022)

    Higher Natural Gas prices here in a week or so?

    EIA Sees Brent Crude At $107 In Q2 2022

    This number is probably to conservative.

  28. John

    Great interview Greg. . The 10% of us paying attention really appreciate you and your selected guests insights. Preperation now is a wise thing. Greg, since you advised us to start buying goods while they were affordable a couple of years back, the prices of some of the canned goods I purchased on sale last year have almost doubled in price.( 3 to 4 year shelf life ) . The home goods you and Peter talked about have been rising dramatically. The silver premiums have also gone way up since then. Getting out of debt and paying off my home equity loan has saved me at least 2% points of interest which I would still be paying. Granted I was blessed to afford to do these things. Just a few things which has helped quite a few of us, I’m sure. Your research is great….Thanks also for the Cliff High interview you did recently, he hasn’t posted alot that I can find, and I love his attitude and take on things. Have a blessed week !

  29. ken

    Nice interview,,,

    I keep reading the Fed is printing too much money, and I agree, but is it the Feds fault? Another 40 billion for the Ukronazis! Where is that coming from? So,,, do folks actually think the Fed can decline a request for funding from government!
    The problem in my mind is an out of control government. Look at the cash givaways! 3-5000 bucks at tax time if you have a couple of kiddies and fall into the right income category. Free food, Free housing, Free Medical. Stimulus checks, Free child care money, Just about free everything. If they ‘forgive’ education loans then that is essentially free as well.
    Then the illegal problem we are all funding. I have no idea how much cash is going down that hole but it must be a lot.
    Businesses buying their stock using loans from the Fed exchanging cash for debt. Crazy!
    Worse, People running their household budgets in the same manner. Want something,,, put it on credit. Buy $60,000 trucks with 7-10 year loans. I see people on Social Security doing this same stupid crap.

    The whole shebang is fixing to crash and it is all our fault for mishandling our money and allowing government to mishandle the money it mulcts from us.

  30. tim

    better watch asap

  31. DUG TRUX


    • wayne hardin

      Common Sense is not doing the same-thing over again when you were wrong .
      As in calling a time that something would happen and it didn’t .
      At least that is what it means to me .

      A lesson not many want to learn it seems .

      Wayne Hardin

  32. a. bonaminio, m.d.

    I agree with the great Peter Schiff. Martin Armstrong believes the periphery will crack first. We should then see the Euro and the Yen crack first, then the Dollar. Now that Russia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil and other countries are trading commodities in their own currencies and bypassing the Dollar, the cascade of falling dominoes may accelerate.

    Thanks for your outstanding and riveting interviews.

    • Robert F

      Martin never predicted dollar collapse where did he say that?

      • a. bonaminio, m.d.

        Yes that is correct. I heard him in an interview say however, if and when it does, then like the Roman empire, the periphery will go first, then the core. All I meant was we will know when we see the euro and the yen go first, then we should be preparing for our currency to take a hit. Thanks.

  33. Jc Davis

    My food has gotten old. My well maintained truck has gotten old. I have gotten to old to maintain my 30 acres. Time has shown me there is no such thing as prepared for what may or may not happen. My advise is keep your heart right with Jesus. Let the rest go.

    • wayne hardin


      Wayne Hardin

    • Charles H


      Me too. Sixty-eight years and a hard Covid knock – and I ‘m tuning-up my Honda C-90 scooter. The cement and block work on the roof might not happen. But just like Dory said on “Finding Nemo”: “Just keep swimming… swimming…swimming…” But I’d change it to keep busy. Shop a bit, hold a bit; and witness of Jesus Christ always.

    • susan

      Thank you Jc. I am in the same predicament. Everything in my life has gotten old. We keep our faith and prayers to Jesus Christ our precious Lord and Savior.

  34. The Rabbit of Caerbannog

    Everyone getting a monthy handout from the U.S. taxpayer will no doubt be getting a 10% to 15% raise come October. While the poor bastards that have to work and pay the taxes might see a 4% raise. And the prices of everything go up an additional 20% by XMAS. Blackrock will own 75% of all residential properties by 2030, you’ll be time sharing a bed with two other strangers.

  35. Jeff robbins

    I’ve always enjoyed listening to Peter, thanks Greg. My thesis is that the fed does some real damage to asset values over the next couple months and the about face will be near end of July to mid August as dems stare re-election in the face. Congress can push through some ‘shovel ready jobs’. Bringing down assets and the economy is the only way to pull back on inflation, and most people will just focus on food and gas prices. I think he’s spot on about dragging out the war so to have an excuse. At the end of the day we don’t produce enough goods and services, nor can we as long as the dollar is getting stronger and productivity is going down. Sometimes i wonder where/ what country could i recommend my kids possibly emigrate to.??

  36. Frank S.

    Of the Dems playing politics with the Fed this November, I wouldn’t be surprised if they crashed the dollar intentionally, just to hand the new majority GOP a “hot mess”.

  37. Warren B.

    Why does Peter Schiff and James Rickards avoid calling out the FED Central Bankers?
    The term “Behind the curve” (in reference to The FED not acting in a timely/appropriate manner) is no longer apt for these times….and yet it is spewed out vebatim…as being the reason they are SLOW to ACT. It has been used to provide cover for the Money Changers for as long as I can remember…..even to the point that even a person studying Economics in their 2nd or 3rd year of a Degree would be able to decipher that their “inactions” speak volumes.
    The rumblings of an “EVERTHING” Bubble have been in place for several years now….all supported by the FEDs’ prolifacacy. Now that INFLATION is starting to raise its ugly head…they need to be seen to be acting in the manner attuned to the Keynesian School of Economics. BUT….hold the horses………GDP is at sub par levels, the economy was destroyed with the COVID BS, Unemployment hasn’t recovered (shadow stats 15% +), Trade deficits have expanded…and on and on it goes. We are in worse shape than we were in the years leading up to 2020 and they want to TIGHTEN and STOP the EXPANSION…..WOW !!!!!
    If I didnt know better the FED (and the Banking Families behind them) want to crash the ECONOMY ON PURPOSE. Why ? …… there is a great shifting of wealth….an opportunity to buy at pennies in the dollar …..once those bag holders relinquish their holdings at sub par values. Those pulling the strings of the Private Organizations controlling the Money Supply and the Monetary Policy of the Nation have seen the opportunity to do exactly the opposite of what would be expected of any sane human/regulatory body in control of these levers. RICKARDS in this regard did talk about these very actions but didint go far enough to question the idiocy of their behaviour…..it is more than reckless. …it is blatantly obvious that it is intentional. The FAKE WAR in UKRAINE is not providing cover for the Inflation and their corresponding reactions to the supply chain/manufacturing/inventory disruptions. These are all part of the same agenda with the same goal.
    Why haven’t any of these guests spoken of the connections with the Fall of the Stock Market (NASDAQ in particular), the Chinese Property Market Issue (EVERGREEN) and the CrytoCurrency failure that is in the making….that will have devasting effects on the Banking sector (Worldwide) ? Im afraid that they have all avoided the obvious destruction that is near term. I sense that if they truly wanted risk aversion (avoiding market turmoil) that they would have to PIVOT next month at the latest. It will be more than clear to most (that have both eyes open) if they persist with their mantra of tightening combined with QT- what their true motivations will be. I have no doubts which way this will proceed.

  38. Jim B

    Hi Greg,
    God bless you and your family.

    We must all remember this that what is happening before our eyes is all the Lords marvellous work & a wonder, he is in control. As in our premortal existance one third of the hosts of heaven made a choice that damed(think barrier) their progress, so to here in this vital phase of our existance choices are being made by each of us. The right choices will take you into the coming millenial world, the wrong choice will dam(think barrier) you to a future on a telestial world just like this(less the current evil) glorious yes as the stars in the dark night sky. Me, I’m aiming a little higher, let us live worthy of a celestial glory, even that of the Father & the Son.
    Love God, love your fellow man, love the truth, follow the commandments. It is true time is short. Be wise, fill your lamp with love & charity for all men, pray for those who would use and abuse you. We will all die, but not all of us will attain heaven.
    God bless you all my brothers & sisters. May the Holy Ghost lead you gently along the path of right.
    (Aussie) Jim B

  39. Jerry

    This fight became up close and personal last year when my family was targeted for elimination by the globalist using the pandemic . I lost one son, and only by the grace of God am I still here. Now we are in this fight for keeps because we know they will not stop until we are all dead or enslaved. If anyone in Missouri wants to join the fight, this
    is where you can go.

    Greg you are a beacon of truth for the waking masses. If there is anything my family can do to help you continue your work, please let me know. Your readers need to understand that if we loose this fight, we will be fighting tyranny on our doorstep. Thank you for all you do.

  40. Rod Brumley USMC Lt. Col (ret)

    Silver is getting absolutely crushed – I continue to accumulate monthly. Inflation is going to 15% – I agree with Peter on stocking up on necessity items that are not perishable. Greatest Depression is starting – US Debt is over 30 Trillion and this doesn’t take into consideration the unfunded and underfunded liabilities that add another 200 Trillion – also the Blue States Debt is immense. World Debt is really over a Quad Trillion +++
    Sad days ahead

  41. JeanCaudeKilly

    A Pefect Pricker In Our Arsett’s!!

    Tucker: Karine Jean-Pierre knows the script cold
    1,098,814 viewsPremiered May 10, 2022 Fox News
    Fox News host gives his take on the president’s new pick for press secretary on ‘Tucker Carlson

    JAB FATIQUE AND DIE! What a way to go! 😷
    Yank’s, yer next! Next WINTA! BRRRRRRR
    Baby It’s Code Outside!!!!!BABY TALK LIVES!


    Peter clearly recognizes that Europe has made a huge mistake relying so much on Russia, but WE have made a MUCH BIGGER mistake relying on China! Russia is harmless compared to China. yet we continue to SELL OUT to them!!

  43. wayne hardin

    To all the people wanting things to return to normal i have a ? .
    Is normal what God is after ? .

    Wayne Hardin .

  44. Pam

    Greg excellent show as always. I don’t want this comment posted but I wanted you to know. Please look into this.
    On May 22-28, 2022, the 75th World Health Assembly will convene at United Nations (UN) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, with delegates from 194 nations, to vote on the Biden administration’s amendments that will hand over national sovereignty and authority to the WHO.

    Biden’s Amendments Hand U.S. Sovereignty to the WHO

    On May 22: WHO will have authority to lock down all of America
    by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz | May 11, 2022 | Biblical News

    Thank You for all you do. You are my hero.
    God Bless you and your family.

  45. The Seer

    Probably Asian ancient gold and white dynasties cleaning up and clearing out the WEFWorld-types because have had enough. They also have more Metal than anyone and more advanced super computers now. A big structural revamp is coming and will be unveiled very fast when ready.
    This new one world secret agreement is not the new world to come. It has already failed imo just watch.

  46. Robert F

    I apologize, you supply this for free.

    No one has the right to complain to you about free content unless they want to get the boot.

    I only want to add that after all these years I am beggining to see what the bankers are doing. Why they do what they do and how the people allow it to happen. The people are as bad with their responsibility as the govt is…and the bankers know this….so when they give out endless cash, they alwasy know the end game

    • Greg Hunter

      We are good Robert. No hard feelings here.

  47. Robert F

    Thank Rand Paul, bidens 40 billion got shot down

  48. Max Smart

    Silver’s cheap but wait until it gets back to $15.. Cos then it will be cheaper haha..

  49. Oscar

    Greg, I use to feel the same thing prep for “food and water”. So here is the actual reality. Unless you live on a 10 acre plot, have a nice deep well, and stream next to it there is absolutely NO WAY you can prep for what everyone is saying.

    Lets say you have 60 days of water, which I do, they turn off the lights-kill the grid that 60 days turns into 20 because you need for sanitation too. At best you can prep for 2-3 weeks and its “THEN WHAT DO YOU DO” your home on a 1/4 acre lot is useless. You will be forced to go to a FEMA camp just to survive. Also Food. Its even worse, how can you even prep for food if you have a family of 4.

    Also my opinion on PM’s: Within the COMEX, current system there is no way they will allow it to go to the moon. PMs to the moon are the barter system market at that point. Nobody is going to go to a pawn shop or coin store to cash in and take their gains. PMs will be worth whatever the person says they are worth like hey i need a loaf of bread, Ill give you PMs for it bc that bread is worth so much money bc nobody has it. Barter, black market. There wont be any prices of PMs posted on Kitco that will be accurate for example.

    Why God is allowing this eventual punishment is beyond me. It must be the judgement of God. The prepping everyone needs to do is in the Spiritual, read the Bible and make sure you know Jesus and are born again. I do have faith in Jesus ultimately but please clarify the reality of it all.

    • Gerry Lassche

      We are near the end, as Revelations said. That is why I was very skeptical that Trump would make a difference. If the prophecies are right, then those horsemen will start riding. Not the answer you’re looking for, I’m sorry. My 18-year old son is in university. I want him to have a future, to have a family. Will that happen? My heart breaks for him.

  50. Gerry Lassche

    Greg, Cliff High and Peter Schiff have polar opposite views on cryptos. Cliff says BTC is going to the moon, Peter says all these will crash. I’d love to hear a debate between them. I respect both, I lean toward Cliff, that cryptos will provide a haven that dollars won’t when the USD crashes. But I’m not certain. What is your take? Thanks.

  51. Ryan

    Great interview as always Greg. Peter is right, I’ve been stacking since 2007, buying on a dollar-cost averaging basis, always buying every week, no matter the cost. My silver is $18/oz on this basis; the silver round is $4-5 above spot.

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, look it up and prepare. Au, Ag, Pb, and food. Help your neighbors when and where you can with knowledge and learning how to prepare.

    Like the police coming to draw the yellow line of the body after the deed, the police and government can’t help you – you alone can protect your family by preparing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Get food my brother!! At the very least it will never be cheaper! Thanks for sharing you strategy.

  52. Sara

    The debt is sovereign debt, namely that of the government and it’s entitlements. What is happening to the people, is quite different, the people are experiencing austerity. Covid was the training ground to convince people that the way of austerity was the prize. Now we think that it’s acceptable. I’m not sure if they knew that it would take 2 years and 6 months to train the public, but that seems to be the amount of time to brainwash the masses.

  53. Press Play

    what Peter says and has said for years is absolutely true. things will only become more dire with time, not less. then at some point the Fed will turn tail and print into hyperinflation.

  54. mel

    Puerto Rico is the place to roll — no Capital Gains tax.

  55. Catherine

    Peter is like “The Man Who Cried Collapse”
    He says “get out of the dollar” but for which currency?
    Which country does he think hasn’t followed the Federal Reserve into financial Perdition?

    Listen, I think a collapse is coming, but the dimensions will look like nothing that anyone has ever seen or forecast.

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