Fed Confetti Party Will End Rudely & Abruptly – John Titus

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Lawyer John Titus is an ardent Fed watcher.  He has some of the most popular videos on the internet explaining complicated Federal Reserve actions and policies.  Titus says the Fed is in a dangerous situation where the slightest wrong move in any direction could cause a financial system meltdown worse than 2008.  Titus explains, “When you have a debt based monetary system and you take away the drugs, you risk a withdrawal process that can get very nasty, and that’s exactly what happened in 2008.  You start this downward deflationary spiral, and suddenly, people start calling in loans.  Oh my goodness, the collateral is not good, and we all know what happened in 2008.  That’s why the Fed has got to be careful now.  They are between a rock and a hard place.  They don’t want the money supply, the bank money supply, at the retail level to rocket up.  They’ve got to stop that.  They have stopped that on one hand, but on the other hand, they don’t want the deflationary spiral.  The last thing they want in the world is the twin nightmare.  You’ve got raging inflation, and by the way, no one has a job, and nobody has any money.  The money you do have doesn’t buy anything.  The Fed is staring right at it.”

Titus contends the Fed has printed more money than ever before and at a much faster pace than ever before.  Titus warns, “The confetti party has a way of ending rather rudely and abruptly.”

What should the common person do?  Titus says, “Not losing is winning.  Not losing is a win, and that’s kind of where we are.  If you put your money on gold last year, you may have lost 5% or gained 5%.  It really was not that much, but it was a big win compared to the S&P 500 and bonds, wasn’t it?  I mean you crushed them—right?  You just don’t know.  With the Fed raising interest rates, there is deflation on one hand, but in the grocery store, everybody is seeing inflation.  Those two forces spell trouble ahead to me.  I don’t know how this story ends, and I am not sure I want to know, but we are going to find out.”

Titus says get anything you can and hold as much as you can outside the banking system.  Titus likes tangible assets such as physical gold, silver, art, paid for land, paid for vehicles, paid for business and cash, to name a few.  Titus says, “To leave your money in a bank, you are leading with your chin in a dangerous time.”

Titus is predicting the Fed will be forced to stop raising interest rates and “start cutting them early in the third quarter of 2023, and by the end of the year, we will see QE (money printing) again.”

Titus says the worse things get, the more dangerous it will be for “We the People.”  Titus explains, “The people that have the power to create money out of thin air are not going to give up that power willingly.  They are going to do whatever it takes to retain that power.  I am telling you, they are in a situation where they have runaway debt, and they have to find a way to bring down liabilities.  Whether that way is to saw into your bank account through bail-ins or whether that is to cull people, especially people who are sick and drawing a lot of money out of the system. . .  The system is openly criminal.  There is no nice, polite boundary with criminals anywhere.  They don’t draw a line and say we are willing to defraud people, but we would never kill somebody.  Crime is crime, and these people are going to do whatever they have to do to retain their power.  If that means people will have to be culled because they are drawing too much from Medicaid, then so be it.  This is a completely logical conclusion that a psychopath would draw, and that is what we are dealing with here.  This is all on the table now.”

There is much more in the 48-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes On-on One with Fed watcher John Titus, creator of the popular video series called “Best Evidence.”

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Joe

    Video doesn’t work.

    • Greg Hunter

      It does now.

      • Joe

        Thank you for fixing it.

      • Joe Wong

        Comment section does NOT work as well – you get the ERROR 404.

      • Anthony Australia

        All systems go!

        You’ll wake up on a Monday and there will be a completely frozen credit source.

        Rob Kirby – We will remember you.

      • PG

        I can’t make the video work.

        • Greg Hunter

          Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

          This is Big Tech censorship. So sorry you are having trouble.


          • ron martin

            Greg, I read your suggested fixes for those having trouble with your video. I use Brave browser that blocks all ads. I’ve had it for two years. Never a problem watching USAWatchdog or any other sites. My wife & I refuse to watch ads of any kind. We ended TV 10 years ago & don’t miss it one bit.

            • Greg Hunter

              Tha Brave is an anonymous browser and the software that protects the USAW site will not allow an anonymous browser because it can attack a website and inject viruses into it. (Not Brave, but other dark browsers. The software cannot distinguish the difference.) I only have direct advertisers on USAW, so turn it off or use another browser. Thank you for your support.

      • Alexander Harris

        Plenty of credit unions went bust in Ireland in the past.
        No need to reply my friend, its just a comment on this subject.

      • Sean

        Edmonton news anchor goes in medical distress on TV

        • Earth Angel

          Very sad to see that young girl suddenly struggling for no apparent reason. (suspect she had the bioweapon jabs)I hope she is ok. Please let us know if she makes it through the episode if anyone hears further news of it.

      • Earth Angel

        Super Great interesting guest Greg. Thanks for bringing on John Titus. Another interview right outta the park!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks E A!!

    • Deborah ILyia

      I am trying to talk to Greg but I have to reply to someone for him to know something is wrong. John Titus is so good I can’t stand it. I am 70 years and STOP you need to listen to him!

    • suzanna grove

      Gratefully it worked for me. Thank you Mr. Hunter.
      I have told you B4, and now again, you look great in
      black/dark colors…it takes 10 years off your age.
      John Titus is a smarty/love his brain/work.

    • Whada

      Here’s bombshell video to see: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ERvURcpg3JE

      • Phil

        So the same Military that stood down on 9-11 and allowed 3000 Americans to be killed – has now been found “to have done it again” – allowing Americans millions of Americans to die (by being the ones pushing the “experimental jab”)!!!

        • Phil

          And now (to get themselves out of the frying pan) the American Military is getting ready to advance even more human experimentation, extermination and murder protocols – by ceding total world control over managing plandemics to the WHO (a highly corrupt WEF controlled organization) that previously declared a worldwide plandemic back in 2019 based on just 40 cases of Covid!!

  2. Joe

    It’s not called the Feral Reserve for nothing. It is a criminal enterprise and we pay for it.

  3. Joe

    You are right. Just went to the store today and eggs are $6 a dozen. Couldn’t believe it.

    • Jeffrobbins

      Where are you? Eggs are around $3 to $3.5 a dozen here in the NW of US. You should get yourself some chickens. They’re fun to watch, eat bugs and grass, and if SHTF you can have chicken soup, chicken and dumplings, etc.

      • Marie Joy

        Eggs are around $5 to $7 dollars on the east coast. I’ll buy some mineral oil to coat and preserve my eggs, asap.

        • Rooster

          Make sure they are UNWASHED before coating them…Do not coat storebought eggs…

        • Jeffrobbins

          Wow! I started putting up some fence posts for an extra chicken run. I better make sure i finish that project (sometimes i have trouble finishing my projects). Not exactly easy, with building a walk in coop with water and power. I have around 18 birds and want to double that. Yes, we do like our eggs.

      • Norlin Gutz

        I am from the heart basket of egg production, northwest Iowa, and egg’s are $6-$7/doz. Locally we have an egg farm that normally has 5-6 million birds laying. After having to kill ALL of their birds again this past year because of bird flu they have restocked only 2 of their buildings. We have turkey farms breaking with bird flu all over the mid west. A lot of the breaking comes with migrating birds every spring and fall. It’s very risky business to be in the poultry business and I don’t know how these industries are going to survive going forward. The Federal Government has helped these business’s financially, but that may be coming to an end.

        • Earth Angel

          Thank you for your comment Norlin. I have wondered if the bird flu really exists or if thats just a ruse to kill off millions of chickens, turkeys, ducks, etc. by govt. beaurocrats- thereby doing away with much of the nations food sources? From your comment it sounds like at least some of these birds are infected with some sort of respitory distress. Also, If there truly IS an infection in bird populations in the midwest, I would not rule out the targeted spraying of some sort of contagin in the aerosol assaults going on over our heads via the stratospheric aerosol injection process (SAI). This ongoing process has been exposed for the past 2 decades through the work of Dane Wigington and others at geoengineeringwatch.org. Every living organism on planet Earth is being targeted with deadly effects due to this continued atrocity. We are ALL breathing air sprayed with both known and unknown toxic particles to our detriment and it MUST be stopped immediately.

        • Jeffrobbins

          What would happen if the birds were left alone? How many would die from the “Bird Flu” naturally? I would suppose that the survivors could be in encouraged to have come chicks that would fair better against future infection. It seems strange that we can create mutant corona viruses and a high tech vax but struggle against a bird virus that is endemic. I admit to being simple minded but this is either by design or we sure have gotten stupid.

        • Rwmctrofholz

          Norlin, you related to the Gutz boys near the Columbus, Nebraska area?

    • jomer

      I am waiting for the FDA/USDA to flip-flop again and go back to saying eggs are bad for you. Not because of the cholesterol, they are now the cause blood clots.

      • Jennifer Arbach

        They already did…….in a recent study they claimed Fruit Loops are healthier than eggs…. clown world!

  4. Sal

    When will you get Jim Sinclair back on?

  5. Mike S

    Thanks Greg and John.
    Remember, after WWII, when men were men and women were women, a ton of babies came about! The boom lastet by some accounts until maybe 1964! So…already over half of these roughly 76 MILLION people have passed age 65. A fee years ago, I heard the rate of people reaching 65 was 10,000 A DAY! So…we products of great marital unions have a target on our backs! I did make a great lasagna tonight. Real meat, cheese, the whole shebang! Pray we find a way outta this. Grandpa Walton would never get culled!

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families!

  6. Tory Oleck

    WOW! Greg, John Titus just gave the best explanation on what is happening in the financial world here in the USA and more importantly what we should be doing to protect ourselves. Very well said and easy to understand. Please bring him back again soon. As always you give us the best information. You truly are a watchman on the wall. Thank you!

    • Paul

      Titus is explaining the boom and bust cycle.
      You have to know since ruble is next to usd as having the best performance, destruction of ruble is on the agenda. Inflation or war kills currency-the loser
      Longer term for usd is print or vanish after financial culling. Get out of debt.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Paul

        I saw an interview about a Italian family business that been in business for 600 years. They credited their existence today thru all the monetary collapses during that time to three asset classes-land, precious metals and fine art or object.
        They are still farming today.

        Paul from arkansas

        • Phil

          Owning assets (like gold and silver) outside the banksters financial system is the way to go – as we have a debt crisis upon us (which will lead to more debt and higher inflation) – we also have a war crisis upon us – where we are throwing trillions away and creating a need for even more deficits, more debt monetization and higher inflation (as higher levels of war spending and weapon replacements weigh on the public purse) – and on top of this we have a fake climate change agenda (that will cost trillions of dollars for decades to come) – plus the ludicrous basic- income schemes (where a small $1000 dollar/month basic income will cost the US about 20% of its GDP) – the question before us is – does the US government finance all the above with higher taxes or simply with more printed money then they have already created (as seen in this chart – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 )!!!

  7. Jack

    Good to hear a sound logical analysis without all the hype. Gold is cheaper now than 10yrs ago by at least half. China and the BRICKS nations are quite happy for the bullion prices to be suppressed as they buy them up but the day of reckoning is not far away.

  8. Mark

    Really good interview Greg, John is on the money and does a nice job explaining where this is going. Thank You

  9. Jerry

    I agree with John’s analysis but I think his timing is off.

    The banks don’t have that kind of time. Rumor has it that the bankers are meeting in Dubai to discuss when to pull the switch on digital currency . Naming an exact date is a fools errand considering something so complex, but it is understood that Basil 4 is on the table for implementation sometime before the end of March putting even more stress on the banks. Getting rid of any current debt should goal number one. The banks will do what they always do in these situations. Call notes due, and take from those who have were dumb enough to feed from their debt trough.

    • Phil

      The banks will close on Friday – and on Monday they will tell you – you only have a penny for every dollar you had in their bank on Friday!! – perhaps they will offer you digital currency to make you whole – but likely only if you take the “jab” (the same “jab” they shut the entire planet down for (when only 0.0034 people out of 100 were dying of Covid)!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/redactednews-new-covid-numbers-exposed-they-039-ve-been-lying-the-whole-time-redacted-with-clayton-m_5BYFjwWBX4EpYHH.html

      • Jerry

        I find not owing anything to bankers a very good place to be. Most of the time they’re only interested in hard assets like land. Imagine. Paper peddlers want hard assets That should tell you all you need to know about their credibility.

        • Paul

          The bankers got more than that-
          The act — passed when the country was weakened and financially depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War — was a strategic move by foreign interests (international bankers) who were intent upon gaining a stranglehold on the coffers and neck of America. Congress cut a deal with the international bankers (specifically Rothschilds of London) to incur a DEBT to said bankers. Because the bankers were not about to lend money to a floundering nation without serious stipulations, they devised a way to get their foot in the door of the United States.
          The Act of 1871 formed a corporation called THE UNITED STATES. The corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin.


          Paul from arkansas

      • Phil

        Remember that most healthy working people “were force to take the Kill Shot to keep their jobs” – and now these once healthy people who are not simply outright dying “are retiring from their jobs disabled” – causing “a lack of skilled workers” who produced all the critical products we use (and Biden opening the border to allow in “unskilled immigrants” is not going to solve this problem) – so expect “shortages to continue” – and the prices of these essential items “to continue to rise in price”!!

  10. David Showers

    Excellent interview – Mr. Titus really knows his stuff.

  11. Michael M

    Thanks Greg
    Another great guest. The hits just keep on coming.

  12. Jim Griffin

    Great interview Greg!

  13. Phil

    The criminals at the Fed have been robbing people blind for over 100 years – just look at the following chart if you need proof!! – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – as Titus effectively says: “The Fed’s monetary system is openly criminal – there are no nice criminals – they won’t draw a line and say we are only going to defraud people – this evil Criminal Cabal who want to control the world will do whatever they have to do to retain power – even if that means people will have to be intentionally culled with a Clot Shot “jab” or by a Death Panels in a hospital or by the FDA de-licensing doctors who find cures for brain cancer, etc., etc. !!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/suppressing-a-cure-for-more-than-40-years-burzynski-the-cancer-cure-cover-up-full-documentary_SS75SSIeCDxYAKA.html

  14. Rose Mont Sellicka

    Nancy York 01/06/2023 •
    Another beloved of mine died 4 months after CV19 Booster shot. Presented same symptoms 6 months after as my late mother’s after her Booster shot. I am emotionally devastated due to the death of my good friend, a proud retired USAF pilot. Fly high, my friend…we shall meet again…

    Dear Nancy,
    We will all meet again. You have the word, his word on it. Some sunny day!
    “The word of God,” usually refers to a divine message or to a collection of those messages. (Luke 11:28) In a few places, “The Word of God” or “the Word” is used as a personal title of Jesus Christ, both in heaven and as a human on earth. —Revelation 19:13; John 1:​14.

     CNN just fell for oldest WARMONGER trick in the book | Redacted with Clayton Morris / Jan 5, 2023
    CNN is bringing you a new face with a very old tune. Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger joins the ranks of a CNN as a Senior Political Commentator. He will bring all the hits that CNN loves such as warmongering, Russia blaming, Covidizing. Just made up that word but I probably don’t have to explain it to you. /@Niclanrl 1 day ago
    We don’t want war with Russia we want Free Trade
    @hyorlojorgson2088 1 day ago
    It is 100% NOT being a terrorist to actually represent your constituents. Unlike the other 90% of Republicans voting for McCarthy.
    @Shopaddict23250 1 day ago
    Ha ha ha! If CNN wasn’t credible before, it certainly isn’t now.

    Thank You Erin Burnett, Adam Kringzinger and Dan Cringshaw!
    You three do not represent we the people and Err’in, are you an operation Mockingbird BRAINED SHILL? Check with your CNN bosses pulling your strings.

    Congressman-elect Keith Self on opposing Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the U.S. House
    CBS 11 political reporter Jack Fink spoke with Republican Congressman-elect Keith Self about why he is opposed to Kevin McCarthy for U.S. House Speaker.

    This is now in the open, the beginning of the end? Of our beloved RINO NEO-CON
    deep state, unrepresentative government. Dulles Brothers guise, of the plausible deniability scam.
    We fought the British empire for representative government, not this tommyrot. Of our spy chiefs and the FBI, squashing the will of the people. Backed up by, Prig media whores, big government, big pharma, big tech and the Military industrial complex with China money, trying taking over the will of the people, in
    The Senate and the House of un-Representatives.
    The House of Representatives is supposed to be closer to the will of the people with a shorter term limit. Because they only have two years in office, they have to vote in a way that pleases their constituents and less bought and paid for. So they can be reelected. On the other hand, the Senate has longer term limits so they are not so swayed by the will of the people and are easily bought.
    Since the House of Representatives has smaller constituencies ( lesser number of voters per seat) and the shorter terms for its members, it generally comprises a more diverse range of political views and ideologies too.
    Buyer beware, it’s not nice to fool, mother nature, mother Russia or most of all the American people.
    These Women SLEPT With German Soldiers And Had Their Heads Shaved…

  15. Robert S Cuddeback

    Really appreciate your work Greg i recommend you to everyone i know. May the Lord almighty watch over you and yours.

  16. Tx

    Video works for me. No problem

  17. Thomsen

    Ron Paul was correct.

  18. Tx

    I cannot understand how we can remedy a debt based monetary system when the debts have simply become too large to make it credible? And the debt shell game is all that is being offered. I think it simple has to all collapse at this point.
    This has all become surreal. The faith in the system is almost gone.

    • Jay Bonner

      Pay off Federal Reserve Note debt with United States Notes and be debt free.

    • Nika

      That’s what JFK did! They killed him for it. Kadafi set up his own money system in Lebanon and he was gone too! Saddam Husein wanted the Gold Dinar in Iraq, suddenly he was gone too!
      I read Trump say, count the ounces of Gold 8,250(?) in Fort Knox by the national Debt $31 Trillion, and that comes out to about $15,000 an ounce.
      Before Globolist Nixon, abolished the Gold Standard in 1971, the Gold standard was reliable indicator. However, Nixon wanted to expand the War in Vietnam in 1971, to pay back his supporters. Americans would pay more taxes, for more dead American soldiers, by buying more guns, tanks and bullets for a bigger war in Vietnam. The stock prices of certain certain companies would go up, Nixon’s supporters knew which stocks to buy, to double or thriple their money.

      • Pete+only

        Nika, you are right on with your take on what happened to JFK.
        I urge people to devote a night with friends and to watch the Oliver Stone movie JFK. It is about 3 1/2 hours long, but it has an all star cast and it really hits home as to how the assassination was done, why it was done, and even in 1991, when the movie came out, the CIA’s hands were all over it, as was the military industrial complex, and possibly even the Federal Reserve.
        JFK wanted to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces”, pull out of Vietnam, and severely weaken the Federal Reserve’s powers. We saw from history what happened with U.S foreign policy and the Federal Reserve after the JFK assasination.
        Let’s also not forget that the establishment didn’t stop there. They also assassinated Bobby Kennedy in 1968, who might have become president.

  19. Kim Beaney

    Top Notch stuff Greg as always!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Kim, for the kind words about the content of USAW!!

      • paul anthony

        ill second what kim says i dont comment much any more, mostly because i have nothing to really ad, but i do watch every video you put up and they are always informative and professional thank you ! 🙏🛐

      • Tim K

        I agree with Kim. Another excellent show. Although these psychopaths are actually killing the young people (vaxxed) at a higher percentage than the older people (according to Ed Dowds data). It looks like the psychopaths want all of us dead. It would be great have Ed Dowd back on.

        Take care my friend


  20. Sandra McIntosh

    WOW….I always walk away from your interviews and think that was the best I have heard and then you keep outdoing yourself….Thanks Greg and John…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sandra!

  21. Country Codger

    Dear Greg, Mr. Titus is your best first time guest since Alex Newman. This guys is awesome and looking forward to seeing him again. Great choice.

    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CC!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Amen! I’ve been hanging around USAWatchdog almost since inception, and this guy is dynamite. He is sure to garner a real fan base. Many thanks. Best always. PM

  22. Tx

    Well Greg. As dead pan as John delivered it: a psychopath draws no distinction in their means to an end. And now we arrive at the notion that the herd needs to be culled. What an introduction for this great guest.

    Let’s see how it works out for these criminals when the herd realizes their intentions.

    Outstanding work on USA Watchdog as always. These guests are divine and have found their true forum. Where awakenings can occur.

    • Phil

      Problem is when a herd understands it under attack by predators trying to kill them and their children “they usually simply run away without fighting back” – what the “human herd” needs to do to the evil predator Globalists trying to kill us and our children with the “jab”, etc., etc. “is turn on them” (the same way African Cape Buffaloes fight off predator lions trying to kill off their loved ones)!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9w0OadktGI

  23. Marie Joy

    In 1956, my mother gave me $5, sent me to the local grocery store, and said, “Get some food”. With $5, I bought a week’s worth of food for six people. Today, $5 buys a candy bar. We are where we are because we allowed this to happen. Americans who came before us would have done something about it. I guess boiling frogs don’t see it coming.

    • jomer

      Maire Joy, it is memories like that which makes us the people we are today.

      Mine is of when I was 7 years old I was playing in the yard and kick up a turf of grass, I seen a shiny object and picked up an 1898 Baber dime, I took it to show my grandmother and in her eyes I could she here drift back and reminisce of 1898 when she was also 7 years old and all the things she could do with her 10cent allowance. Over the next hour I learn so much from her including the loss of value of “money”. She said she was blessed to be born into a very affluent family. A child getting a 10cent allowance was rare considering that was the average days wage for a working adult back then. Not long after that we went onto the inflation of the 70’s to early 80’s which
      drove those words of wisdom in even more.

      It is life lessons like these at bring us to Greg, and his community. for more knowledge.

    • Nika

      Your story, shows how the FED is stealing from us, by stealth.

  24. The Seer

    FedWire Funds Service ISO 20022 migration Starts March 20, 2023

    • Sb


    • Paul from Indiana

      Indeed. 2023 is the year the once-great USA falls off the high wire. The collapse is nothing; what we do thereafter is what counts. We the people must impose OUR reset, not the government, which is the cause of all of it. Best always. PM

  25. Jeffrobbins

    Great interview. Although from an entertainment side- i didn’t hear a single “dirty weasels” or “boom Shaka locka”. I almost have my wife listening and she enjoyed the Brunson interview- she only had one comment for this one. My goal is to have you- Greg, be a household name around here.

  26. Derek Sinclair

    I’ve been listening to John Titus for years and you can take what he says to the bank (no pun intended). Plus he’s a really nice guy.

  27. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Titus.
    The more I watch you Mr Hunter the more I realise how much you expose my ignorance and power of the elites.

  28. tim mcgraw

    Yes, I know as a 70 year old I am a “Useless Eater” and expendable. I’m still surprised that when I went to the hospital with my broken hip I wasn’t just given pain meds and put to sleep. I suppose the hospital and doctors wanted the Medicare money.

    But that financial situation could end any day.

    “If you are over (pick an age), you don’t get emergency health care in the hospital or ER.”

    • stanley skrzypek

      ” as a 70 year old I am a “Useless Eater” and expendable”
      I Couldn’t Agree with you More!…..Smartest thing you said here…

      • Chris

        I believe that term “useless eater” was coined by Henry Kissinger way back when, and who is now around 90. He’s been useless to normal human society, not just as an eater, but in every capacity other than as a grandstanding, sociopathic warmonger, for at least the last 50 years. He’s long past his use-by date. So, I’m wondering why he’s not checked himself out and gone to his just reward. Perhaps his idea of the useless eater only applies to the normal, decent human being, worn out from being a wage slave for 50 years, who he’d naturally see as so much trash – fit only for the garbage heap of life. But not, of course, the noble Henry and his elite cohorts. When, eventually, old Henry does drop off the twig, I suspect there is a special place in hell waiting for him, and for the rest of the execrable monsters that have been, and still are, ruining the world.

        • tim mcgraw

          Chris; Henry Kissinger truly is one of the spawns of satan. I truly hate the creature. His destruction of Cambodia in the bombing campaign during the Vietnam War which led to the rise of Pol Pot and the Killing Fields (3 million dead Khmers) is reason enough for Kissinger to rot in hell.

      • tim mcgraw

        stanley; I’d trade insults with you, but you really aren’t very good at the game. You are boring and predictable.

  29. Linda Carruth

    Great interview! Was not familiar with John Titus.
    Very smart man and he doesn’t talk over our heads.
    If he’s associated with Catherine Austin Fitz he is
    someone we can trust! Learned a lot.
    Looking forward to hearing more from him.

  30. Marie Joy

    I went to the ER, in September and was not my normal self. When they asked me to do a covid test, I said yes. If I had been myself, I would have said no. When they asked me to do a “vaccine” I was with it enough to say no. 3 – 4 months later, I’m having serious blood pressure issues. I fear I have blood clots from the test.

  31. Marie Joy

    John Titus says inflation is 25%. That is close to what I am seeing.
    Like minded people need to come together.
    God helps those who help themselves.

    • Jay

      I agree with you. Find a real medical professional that does not adhere to the globalists AMA and pharmaceutical propaganda machine. Must be by word of mouth because these guys can’t be open about their opposition to the great medical killing machine.

  32. freedomdog

    Hey Greg:
    Thanks for the interview. Some quick points:
    Banks don’t make loans. The ‘borrower” signs the promissary note creating the funds on the spot otherwise it wouldnt be a liabilty for the bank on their balance sheet. Per Federal Reserve requirements banks are not allowed to lend out depositors funds. The reserve requirement is somewhere now between 5-8% of all deposits taken in as I dont think this relates to ‘loans’ made and is a separate distinction. This ‘loan’ is also an assets for the bank as well hence the term balance sheet – both balance out to zero. So in this case who is the lender? Thats right the “borrower”. What liability does the bank really have if they have no skin in the game and rely on the ‘borrower’ to create the funds in the first place to put into circulation to “pay” everyone in the entire process we call an economy?
    Read: Modern money Mechanics put out by either the Boston or Chicago Fed. In it they will freely admit that when a promissry note is created it has the same effect as if one were to slide the equivilent amount of ‘dollars’ under the teller window to make a deposit… and thats what the banks(some) do… hint, hint.
    Every since 1933 we are operating under admiralty law merchants- not common law as in the US Constiution. There are no more Article 3 courts( maybe a few) opperating and its now all commercial contracts courts under color of law through statues. We went from public law before 1933 to public policy afterwards.
    Another : read HJR 192
    The house in 1933 during the second bankuptcy(some say the third) of the US, the house resolved to abrogate the gold clause of the US Consistution making gold( and silver) NOT a requirement in the payments of debt and placing fiat Federal Reserve notes on par with species money- gold,silver. Since then we CANNOT ‘pay’ any debts we can only discharge debts. Since this last banking emergency in 33′ they took away real money in cirulation and in the process incentivised debt paper type of money- for it could be levered exponentially thereby stealing a person labor/time/energy without them knowing it was going on. To make matters even more crazy since 1933 most every one in the US was turned into an indentured slave via their birth certificate and made both surety and creditor off the same and created ‘funds’ to be put into circulation, made to discharge debts/money that they created with their labor. This makes us volentary slaves of this current system…. unless you are aware of international contract law…
    With all due respect John Titus only just barley scraches the surface of whats really has been going on and like the rest of the country doesn’t really know what going on or is too confronted /overwhelmed to disscuss it truthfully.
    Embrace the madness……so you can overcome it.
    You must know who you truly are to be successful in these aims

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi freedomdog,
      “With all due respect John Titus only just barley scraches the surface of whats really has been going on”
      While my limited understanding of ‘admiralty law’ having usurped ‘common law’ chimes with your commentary, I see no evidence that John Titus is ignorant regarding the issues you raise. The core elements of ‘the central banking system’ are so evil in their intent (success) to enslave humanity that the majority would rather not understand the extent of their enslavement. IMHO, John Titus has sensibly avoided assailing this audience with ‘the whole truth’ during his inaugural interview. The whole truth is so unpalatable – ordinary civilised people are unable to ingest it . . .

      • Brave Not SoSmart?

        IMHO, John Titus has sensibly avoided assailing this audience with ‘the whole truth’ during his inaugural interview. The whole truth is so unpalatable – ordinary civilized people are unable to ingest it . . .
        Reply to PersonaNonGrata
        “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.”
        President George H. W. Bush and former top CIA liar an chief

        Now we can see a new world coming into view, a world where there is a very real prospect of a New World Order.
        President George H. W. Bush and former top CIA liar an chief

        Hey don’t blame me! If your the top Spy Chief, like Mike Pompeo was too. He admitted he had to learn to be a liar. To be the top Guy at CIA.

        Pompeo Lies, Cheats and Steals (But He’s Still a Good Christian)
        Philip Giraldi Strategic Culture Foundation May 2, 2019

        Surprise, surprise, Mike Pompeo is a bald-faced liar
        Dartagnan Daily Kos staff Monday November 04, 2019 ·
        He learned well!

        Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Baroom Bartiromo
        BREAKING FOX NEWS January 8, 2023 1 hour ago

        Are we the sheeple going to get some representation from the house of un-representatives now? Or are they still going to continue to give up on our representation, our brave men and boy’s, fraught fought and died for, over two hundred years. Or to continue representing the neo-con deep intell state and continue to hide behind the plausible deniability scam as cowards? The proverbial $64,ooo dollar question, to be or not to be?
        Be brave, in the home of the brave and not this house turned to Hugh Hewitt, Tom Cotton cowardice, like that Chi-com bought and paid fer scum, McCon man McConnell!👍🏿🕕🍦👎🏻

      • freedomdog

        but if he was not willing or saw the audience as unable to cope with the message then we will not be able to deal with much less overcome the situation and impliment new ways of settling trade will we?…
        I have no direct information of weather Mr Titus knows this stuff. My intention was to inform those with ears to hear. I not sure if Greg knows this stuff either. I would bet not. Its pretty confronting for most- the 80-20 rule applies. Thats why the fraud has worked so well for so long and has underpinned and supported all wars and crimiality we see past and present. I mean if you had virtually unlimited ability to create ‘money’ and make those who create it on the hook for it while at the same time they would gleefully accept that arrangement what kind of psych0pathic zeal would you- could you have?
        Peoples entire life savings and purpose of work is tied into this. There is a lot of inertia behind the lie. Most will not be willing to admit they where conned. Its too painful.
        Look at the comments in respsonse this post…or the lack therof. Most will dismiss these points as meaningless and /or not respond to it. You however did!! I commend you for seeing. The comments and understanding most have of the institutions that we use and rely on are on the level as if one where to have a disscussion about the Titantic’s bathroom wall paper being offensive. They miss the point, They revolve around talk and compalining about the symptoms and effects of the way things are not understanding the value of whats causing these situation to arise- and their relationship to it. They are stuck in victimhood.
        Know thyself
        You must know who you really are to step out of this quicksand.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi freedomdog,
          Once again, I agree with your ‘analysis’ and understand your frustration. While I consider myself ‘awake’, I am mindful that for at least two years after the 911 World Trade Centre debacle I was unwilling to take seriously any evidence that it was an inside job. It was, at the time, too shocking for me to believe that those charged with protecting the public had in fact murdered 3,000 innocent civilians. Much water has passed under my bridge since that fateful day and, I guess, I owe ‘911’ and ‘Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth’ a debt of gratitude for awakening me. That, and reading ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin. Acknowledging my initial reluctance to believe our enslavement by the Central Banking Cabal enables me to empathise with those less well informed. IMHO, people need to be awakened gently or they will reject the message and the messenger. Perhaps Greg and John Titus will reveal more unpalatable truth in future interviews.

          “You want the truth! You can’t handle the truth!!” Jack Nicholson’s character in ‘A Few Good Men’.

    • Earth Angel

      You are correct freedomdog. We must get out from under ‘Admiralty Law’ which has been stealthily imposed upon America. Note the gold fringe on the American flag which we almost always see now. Our National flag should have NO fringe on it. The fringe signifys being under the ‘Law of the Sea’ or ‘Admiralty Law’ which is actually treasonous. There should be an absolute outcry among ALL Americans to ditch or burn this gold fringed flag and return to the TRUE American flag! Another thing I learned from a friend (who is much more of a Constitutional expert than I am) which I hadn’t known is that there is actually a PEACETIME American flag whereby the red & white stripes run vertically instead of horizontally. I am told the horizontal stripes signify a wartime. If this is true, we should demand America adopt the Vertically striped flag to be flown above our Nation. Perhaps this is how the military industrial machine & their defense contractors get away with fomenting these constant wars for the past many decades. Do a search on the American Peacetime Flag and see what comes up. They can be ordered online. We should order them and fly them over our homeplaces in a broad statement of PEACE- NOT war.

  33. Cheri Rodriguez

    “Silver is heavy.” Which is why it beats Gold when it comes to people trying to rob you. Good luck trying to run down the street or sneak past the cops carrying a monster box.

    • Shiloh1

      I liked the golf club idea.

    • I Dig Au

      I can place $20,000 of gold in my front pants pocket and nobody would notice. Try that with a monster box of silver.

  34. Marie Joy

    Regarding the poll, I would vote for Donald Trump because I don’t see anyone better, anywhere. There are some who look better until you see they are all pro jab, pro war, etc.

  35. John woodhead

    Catherine Austen Fitts would never recommend a dud and John Titus is no dud, thank you Greg and thank you John, that was a very good interview

  36. stanley skrzypek

    Excellent Questions….

  37. Roger Stamper

    tks for post john greg

  38. stanley skrzypek

    John Titus is about the most easiest,believable, and likeable male Guest you had so far, in my opinion…Excellent Interview….you two guys work good together….

  39. Ed Mustafo

    YES….. The Banksters can and will change the rules when they decide it’s necessary. It happened to me back in 2010. I got a letter in the mail that said “ Due to the current economic environment, the following changes are being made to your account “. My low fixed rate went much higher and they changed it to an APR. They also cut my credit line in half. Mind you I had perfect credit but guess what? It doesn’t matter……It’s only a fixed rate until they decide it isn’t. You have no recourse.

  40. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thank you for a brilliant interview with new guest, John Titus. IMHO, the interview was clear, concise and relevant to ‘Watchdoggers’ everywhere. What more can one ask?

  41. Neville

    A very interesting interview Greg and i am in agreement with most of what John
    has to say.
    Clearly as far as the fed is concerned we are dealing with “THE” most dishonest
    institution in the world. First and foremost it is not audited as are all the trash
    to whom they have issued E U A credit cards .The holders of these cards spend
    like crazy and everything that they do is on a need to know basis which in plain
    English means ask NO questions and you will hear NO LIES…
    The u.s. military oneof the holders created $7 TRILLION out of thin air to fund the
    corvid scamdemic and so it goes ….On Thursday the dow ,s&p and nasdaq were
    all given a boost by the PPT which cost well over $1,3 TRILLION …..
    In short the system is so corrupt and broke that Humpty Dumpty is talcum powder
    The long and the short of it is that we are at the END OF THE AGE where it is going to
    be all change and there is absolutely NO fail-safe escape for you or anyone who does
    not follow John Titu’s advice

    Thanks once again and I look forward to futher interviews with John

  42. Astraea

    Greg, this is especially for you. It is the most wonderful and glorious near death experience I have ever seen.
    Love to you all.

  43. Pavlovian Dog

    Douglas Macgregor Col.🗽
    Not Good Strategy 13 hours ago
    The real skinny on the Minsk accords, Macron, Scholtz, George Soros, Vic Nuland, who came up with Zelinski. The uni-party enriching themselves and how is that possible? Radical nationalists neo- Nazi Pavlovian Azov battalions.
    Don’t be fooled, these Globalists with blood on they’re hands will use anything and anybody to win and enslave us all, American, Ukrainian, Russian. In the new world dis-order of the great reset robbery! Brought to you by Pfizer, 💉ouch.🙈🙊🙉🤪🍦

  44. Dog


  45. LondonCenter

    Nazi Princesses – The Fate of Top Nazis’ Wives & Mistresses
    Time To Get Out? Before It’s To Late?🤦🏻‍♀️

  46. Rainer Laakso

    The first Central Bank in the world was created in Sweden.

  47. Thermofisher.com/antibody

    All boosterd up and still got long covid? Sick of all the shots and jab’s and refuse the horse paste? By-pass the Vax jab’s! Brix’s says they don’t work anyways and we’ve got an antibody for you!

  48. Da Yooper

    Well done Greg & John

    Cant wait to see what John has to say in the march timeframe.

  49. Max

    The BEST interview I hav ever heard on the explanation f our banking dilemma. Have listened to many others and John broke things down so that I was able to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together such that it made a logical sense. Very enlightening. Thank you so much. Thomas Jefferson was right.

  50. Billy Hill

    What Freedomdog said. Stop beating around the bush and get to the hidden in plain sight facts. Infant decedent? How can dead people own anything?

  51. John

    The problem with gold and silver is that it never pays a dividend or an interest rate. It’s great in Mad Max scenario, but who’s going to carry around 500 pounds of silver.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are thing present price for silver. In Mad Max silver goes way up in buying power.

    • Pete+only

      John, you are missing the point. Gold and Silver is meant to hold it’s value over time, and never forget that there has been over 500 different currencies that have collapsed or are no longer there since the middle ages, and if you wake up on a monday morning and find that you don’t have access to your banking funds, or as John Titus has pointed out, might have been confiscated as part of a “bail in” process to reduce debt by banks, you are still much further ahead. If you have 500 lbs of silver, why would you want to carry it with you when a few ounces is all you will need? You might also wake up and find that your internet is no longer working along with your electricity. No bitcoin either. The point is to take as much as you can out of the banking system while you can.
      If the price of food is rising by 25% a year, if you buy more food now rather than later, you have a good rate of return. John Titus makes a lot of good points, especially when it comes to the central banker’s motives, and the fact that no bankers went to jail from the events of 2008, and these crooked bastards will likely change the rules in their own favor when necessary. John Titus also says what I have already believed, and that is the goal is to just survive financially realively unscathed compared to someone who loses half their money or more in the stock market or in the banking system. As well, you will be in a position to help others in your family in the process, but warning them ahead may also be helpful.

    • stanley skrzypek

      “but who’s going to carry around 500 pounds of silver”……….only the “SMART ONES” Have 500lbs of Ag……….and they DO NOT carry it around with them………only the “SMART ONES”……they are “SMART” enough to “Store it”………properly!…..like Me…

  52. Don

    This is one of those moments that we will look back on and realize that there were premises that even the smartest held that were wrong. Think about our present assumptions, even the fundamental ones. Are we certain?

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree, Don.

  53. Dusty Dude

    Another great interview Greg. Greatly appreciated. My bullion dealer called me yesterday. He had a beautiful $20 gold piece from late 1800s. Added it to my stack..
    Keep stacking people. Silver for sure and gold if you can afford it. Anything’s better than paper currency.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I too like gold and silver and would like to get more, but i have been spending all extra monies the last two years on food and water- like a catfish pond and tractor with a loader. It’s fair to say we are becoming a homestead and it takes time- i wonder about some day that i can’t feed my family and at that point wealth will be measured very differently- this is what wakes me up at night. Hopefully that doesn’t happen and we just have a cool place to live. My theory is that the vax was to cull the 1st world countries and food shortages to the cull the rest.

  54. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, Excellent interview with John. You must have him again.
    We might think the Fed will have to pivot and this is the most likely case if they need more time. But I wonder, are they ready for the collapse? If so, they might stay the course with removing liquidity from the system are raising rates. Then we need to be aware of a major falseflag or even war escalation to nuclear. This would provide something to blame the collapse on and people would call for the UN to come in to stabilize the caius that followed. I’m not sure, but I certainly wonder.
    Thanks again, for your reporting.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will earl. Thanks.

  55. Jay

    When the FED has the power to create inflation and deflation both at the same time by printing money to inflate and raising interest rates to deflate, that is the most power any entity, government or otherwise could exercise over the economy and the people. It is anything but a free market economy. At this point, knowing that their ultimate goal is destruction of the U.S. economy and a global government replacement, which is well within their power, the only question is why don’t they just pull the plug and destroy it now? My opinion is that it is all a matter of timing. Parts of their ultimate plan have worked well for them, such as the moral destruction of the people and their economic base, however, there are some parts of their global plan that are not keeping pace with the rest of their plan and as a result, they are not quite ready for the final crash, which might even take them by surprise when other issues that they have not considered come into effect.

    • jon

      Agree…. it’s on the horizon….coming planned destruction…to either enter us in commie nwo and or force us into China cbdc….(I will NEVER participate in this) NO doubt the biden regime is in with fed….they are working together against Americans. Hope the new House hounds this illegitimate regime till Americans can get a REAL AMERICAN IN WHITE HOUSE!

  56. Jay

    Part of the reason people are not making it financially is because they don’t know what the current value of the dollar is. As a result, they are making purchases and financial commitments that are enslaving them and their families from now on.

  57. Chuck

    Wow! Greg, that was fantastic. Your questions were spot on, great job. Man that Titus is a logical genius.

  58. Jaun Valdez

    A woman who infiltrated the U.S. intelligence community and spent years spying for Cuba’s Castro regime is set to be released from prison this month.

  59. Hubert Humphrey

    The African Queen | Humphrey Bogart | Full Classic Adventure Movie in HD Color!
    Good example because, why a world war is called a world war…..

  60. John Maskell

    Well done Greg, great interview. Perhaps later on you could do another show with John when the Fed produces its annual report in March or April . It will be interesting to see what that report contains . They might give hints ( or not ) as to what beholds for 2023/24. On protecting your savings , precious metals and cash will ease the nerves if your worried about bail ins. If you can , reduce debt as the energy and cost of living will go higher in April. I’m from England and our stupid prime minister loves CBDC, well he was a junior member of the WEF and his father-in-law is behind the social credit scoring in China . The company is called Infosys. Worrying times but you must protect and fear not. You have one life so make the most of it and stand your ground. Evil hates this ! Thank You Greg.

  61. Mrk Montague

    Scott Ritter: Russia is on the right side of history

  62. Donna M Gilio

    If every human being really understood the POWER of money printing, there would be a revolution in a new york minute.
    My red pill moment was reading “the creature of jeckyll island” by G Edward Griffin in 2006.
    The Fed is an evil system. They are responsible for the demise of this country.
    if you really want you mind blown and how the world doesnt really work the way you think it does, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c53cb-fS_RQ

  63. David Caron

    Credit Unions in Canada are not systemically important financial institutions, they are not listed in the bail-in legislation. I know this for a fact and in writing because when I closed my bank accounts and went to a credit union I made them (from their head office) put it in writing that they are not listed in the Bail-in legislation that was introduced back in 2010 (or so)!!! How’s that for information!!! Mr titus didn’t even seem to be aware of that, you should tell him!

  64. David Caron

    Go watch all of Mr Titus’s videos, incredible information. I would get so mad I would have to go work in my garden for hours just to calm down!!

  65. Paul

    Reminder: Under Trump the reserve requirement for banks was lowered to ZERO. Trump wanted the Fed to impose NEGATIVE interest rates. Trump was on pace to add nearly TWICE the debt that Obama did. Under Trump FASAB-56 (taking the govt. accounting books “dark”) was implemented.

    How do you Trumpers like WEF-darling Kevin McCarthy (w/Trump’s blessing) being made Speaker…?

    • Jon

      Trumpets? Debt is irrelevant….wll collapse. Tightening belt the second an actual pro American president gets in? VERY BAD IDEA. Most “Trumpers” aka pro Americans….hate Mcarthy. President Trump is the only option going forward. We need an atom bomb….no regular man will do!.

  66. Gig Harbord Young

    Robert Malone Reveals the Truth About Bill Gates
    Rob Moore \ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFdSzzoMwcU
    Dr Robert Malone holds nothing back! About Wilhelm, “Bill Gates”
    Watch the full video here;
    Robert Malone Reveals Who Controls the World & The Truth on Free Speech

    • Phil

      Edward Dowd is also doing an excellent job explaining “the epidemic of sudden deaths” fostered upon the American people by our Government in order to murder us and diabolically formulating their “evil poison jab” to wreak even more damage upon women “so as to make them sterile” and prevent children from being born – listen to this very tragic interview about how our own Government “has tried to murder us” and the lingering effects will be with us for at least 5 to 10 years – to hear the interview and view Edward Dowd’s “sudden death data” begin at the 10:10 mark to avoid commercials!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/edward-dowd-dead-bodies-are-everywhere-dr-jane-ruby-show-01-06-23_17XTa9aWOxW8irf.html

  67. Larry Fike - CFP Retired

    I have been watching your educational videos for many years now.

    RE: Fed Confetti Party Will End Rudely & Abruptly – John Titus
    This interview with John Titus is got to be the best you have ever produced.
    You do a great service to all the thinking people that watch.
    Thank you for your great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry for all your support of the site!

  68. Adam Giessler

    Enjoyed the conversation about the financial system.
    Colonel (ret) Douglas MacGregor would be a good guest to talk about the US border, Ukraine, Taiwan, and other conflicts around the world.

  69. Kathryn H

    Wonderful guest and interview! Thank you so much, Greg!

  70. Susan R

    This is a complement to Karen Kingston’s work regarding the plague, but from the financial side. The culling is the work of the central banks who have run out of plays. I am thinking of Jesus running the money changers out of the square. Money is the root of all evil rings so true!!!

    • Cathy Palmer

      Hi Susan, tiny clarification… it is the love of money that’s the root of all evil.
      “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”
      1 Timothy 6:10

      • stanley skrzypek

        Hi Cathy Palmer…..”tiny clarification”………..It’s NOT a “tiny clarification”……..… it’s a BIG DEAL CLARIFICATION

  71. Tony


    Love your stuff and have for years but…

    Add his endorsement of McCarthy as Speaker to
    his blind allegiance to Israel and
    his still unapologetic endorsement of the jab
    and we see who Trump really is.

    Trump has always been a Trojan horse.

    The ‘opposition” to Trump is part of the psyop.
    It is the Control.

    Tony Lauria

    • Phil

      Who (or the WEF) has put the evil criminal Netanyahu back into power “after he used all the Israeli people as lab rats” – he had no right or authority to impose his (or the Globalists) will upon the Israeli people (using them as guinea pigs against their fundamental human rights) – and now many in Israel have finally seen the light and are now protesting in the streets calling Netanyahu “Crime Minister”!!! – will Trump helping the WEF get their man McCarty into power result in them putting Trump back into power???

      • Phil

        And to further the WEF’s evil goals – Netanyahu is doubling down on his illegal “lab rat” studies – and is proposing all Israeli’s donate a sample of or their DNA to Big Pharma (to do more “guinea pig” studies) – Netanyahu even suggested he will offer the people money if they give the government a sample of their DNA (of-course the people in the USA didn’t have to be paid – they voluntarily had a “long schawb” pushed up their nose (almost into their brain) to collect a DNA sample – under the pretense of simply looking to see if they had the Covid virus)!!

  72. Led Skelton

    The Covert Collapse

    People are noticing that athletes, some the most physically fit persons in their prime, are collapsing during their trained sport. What will this say to the general public, already 60% obese and with pre-type II diabetes?

    Couch potatoes will be too scared to get off the couch.

    Sales of multi story structures without motorized chairlifts will collapse.

    Stores will be motorized carts ONLY, out of fear of walking shoppers dying in the isles.

    Anyone even sweating while sitting will be admitted to the hospital emergency ward and their funeral director will be on standby.

    • Phil

      All the coming deaths is already “built in” (to the 60% obese pre-type II diabetic’s and others in the US) for the next 5 to 10 years!!

  73. Steve Bice

    Old Dominion basketball collapses on court…


  74. Frank S.

    Thanks Greg, for reaching into CAF’s “bullpen” and tapping John Titus. Very informative interview. I’m glad he “dumbed it down” to where even I could understand the $cam.

  75. Nina

    I love John Titus. I’ve been watching “Best Evidence” for several years. He doesn’t put out a lot of videos but when he does, I really learn something.
    Thanks Greg for the new guest.

  76. Glenn


    Coincidentally, a solar cycle – the Grand Solar Minimum starting in 2020 and ending in 2050 – occurs at the same time as a number of other negative events occur.
    You would almost think that our globalists know this is going on – wouldn’t you ?

    The magnetic activity of the Sun is changing dramatically and so is the weather – EVERYWHERE.
    Of course this is not well known but the under-reporting is total. Watch this clip and also search for other clips of this lady.
    The attached clip is quite theoretical but the second half shows in black and white what the consequences could be. Above all – don’t live in northern latitudes.
    Watch the clip and insert the information into everything that is happening and that we can assume will happen. The ultimate storm. Nothing good so to speak.

    The climate agenda is now being driven out rock hard in the media and any weather event of significance is blamed on all of us.
    Perhaps the above is why I don’t believe the climate agenda one bit.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  77. Steve

    Greg, great interview. Curious if one option of taking money out of the ‘banking system’ would be in US Treasuries. Technically not in a bank per se, and yet they sort of are. A response from Titus if he is available would be great. Thanks

  78. john

    The fed has goals, it is basically the boss in its area of operations, however, what does this 1.7 trillion spending bill do to the fed’s plans? Government spending is a rival boss the fed has to deal with.

  79. Marie Joy

    This is all for worldwide genocide and will continue unless WE take individual or group action.

  80. Matt Nelson

    Funny with Charles DeGAulle, when he showed with 35 million dollars to cash in for gold, just 26 years earlier the US rescued France for the 2nd time of being taken over by Germany. The irony of France, they show no allegiance to anyone, especially the US and what they did for that country. They could be speaking German to day if we did not liberate them from Germany in WW2. They are destined to be over run again and I hope the US looks the other way.

  81. Randy Best

    Bo Polny has been wrong from April -December. Gold and Siler are still being controlled and manipulated. Stock markets are still way over-valued. The overturn of Roe vs. Wade has been a non-factor. The globalists/evil ones are still in charge. God has not moved his hand against them yet.

    • Marie Joy

      God helps those who help themselves.

  82. Carrie

    You are my absolute fave! Thanks again for another great guest!! I love the honesty even when it may seem harsh – keeping’ it real as always, I know I can count on it 🙏

  83. frank reps

    Mr. Titus is a reserved and accurate ; well spoken man. His understated demeanor belies his grim forecast. I believe that the Recent biological and nano particlate Injection program which was foisted on the majority of well meaning people; has worked to diminish their capacity to take action against the psychopaths who seek to destroy humanity. Kinetic action ; meaning organized ; physical force against the unruly and unlawful “so called Authorities” will probably “Not” be forthcoming……considering the Sheeplike behavior of the masses during the Covid 19 Project. I think that smart people will begin to organize and enclave themselves ; while waiting for an opportunity to pick up the pieces of our soon to be Destroyed Nation State.

  84. f reps

    It is interesting to read the title of the interview of Mr. Titus. “Confetti” is the same term used to describe currency during the Weimar Collapse in the 1920s in Germany. The currency in the German language then was called ” Jude Fetzen”..

  85. Jerry

    This is entirely besides the topic but we must bring awareness to evil! Jeff Younger – Dallas Texas.

  86. Steven Kayser

    I would like to respectfully disagree with John’s opinion in this video. given that the global peak in oil happened right before inflation took off, it seems incomplete to assign all inflation to the money printing. Here is another perspective on the reality of Peak Oil, now a historical fact:

    Peak oil – requires – actions – irrespective – of – enduring – values. Bundeswehr Transformation Centre, 2010
    Germany faced peak oil squarely. BioNTech created the counter-measure. Grohmann built the machines that build the countermeasure. The Pentagon is running distribution. Coincidence?

    The 91 pages of ‘PEAK OIL Security policy implications of scarce resources’ remains the bluntest and most forthright analysis of the expected global effects of Peak Oil, now a historical fact. Writing in 2010, lead author Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Will of the Bundeswehr Transformation Centre, part of the German Military, eerily predicts our current world, and foreshadows the world that comes into view.

    The shocking punchline:

    Peak Oil will require Germany to – act – irrespective – of – enduring – values, specifically to “deal with” two categories of people. First, the countries unable to participate in future energy networks for lack of capabilities where conflict could occur, and second, a large number of structurally unemployed people, mostly in the advanced industrial countries.

    Let that sink in.

    The study goes on to imply that after Peak Oil, countries that don’t have the political, social, military, or technical capability to ‘participate in future energy networks’ will face rising food prices, social unrest, famine, and intense competition for their, perhaps soon to be former, agricultural land.

    Witt and team state that to prepare for Peak Oil “Western actors need to gain a nuanced overview of the political and social structures of countries in these regions and to – identify – and – support – those – powers – that – peacefully – advocate – change – in – their – countries.”

    In any case, however, the private sector, non-fossil energy and non-fossile drive technologies (remember those three) will become a key competence in post-fossil societies, although the effort likely won’t be led by market forces…

    By strange co-incidence, a German company, BioNTech, created the countermeasure, while another German company, Grohmann, built the machines that make the actual doses of the countermeasure. As documented by Katherine Watt, the US Pentagon hired Pfizer et all to ‘demonstrate’ a large scale manufacturing process to create the counter-measure that by law requires no FDA approval.

    And by even stranger coincidence, Tesla, (remember ‘the private sector’, ‘non-fossil energy and non-fossile drive technologies’ being key?’) bought Grohmann, now Tesla Grohmann, and has perhaps two of the world’s most advance factories for building ‘non-fossile drive technology’ coming to life just outside Berlin and in Austin, Texas.

    Isn’t that strange.

    Much more at: https://stevenlawrencekayser.substack.com/p/peak-oil-requires-actions-irrespective

  87. Steven Kayser

    The second point where I can table evidence that calls John’s opinion into question regards the Pivot. Here is what I coincidentally just wrote:

    “Easily verifyable statistics confirm that the – amount – of energy available to the importing countries as a whole peaked in 2005, and began to decline in 2019 . Unless that reverses, which looks unlilkely, continuing debt service by the importing nations as a whole will come to a halt pretty quickly.”

    If you owned the fiat money creation and lending business, what would you do?

    It really is just this simple. Do you think that all central banks in the world, with all of their experts and paid analysis, – completely – missed – the – peaking – and – now -decline – of – energy- to – all – importing – countries?

    The German Miliary noticed. The Pentagon noticed. The British Military noticed (p7). So did more that 20 government studies from around the world.

    Remember, the entire business model of fiat banking depends on an increasing – amount – of energy. You think they completely missed that energy is now decling? Didn’t notice?

    Many keep saying that the Fed will pivot – because – otherwise everything will break down.

    The Fed will not pivot – because – they are breaking everything – on – purpose.

    There will be no pivot. They are ‘calling’ all loans and will soon begin to collect the collateral pledged on non-performing loans.


    • Kosslowski

      Very good analys. But, there is no peak oil and there will never be one. The story was made up by the club of Rome in 1968. Since that time every man believes that it is finished soon. The truth is that oil is harvested beneath the the surface of the earth, beginning at 2000 meters. And under the surface there was no focil life. No dinosaurs and no ancient plants. It’s all a big lie to keep the price high. Try to get the book from Dr. Gold biosphere in the deepest hot. Or try to get it via PDF.

      • Steven Kayser

        Thanks for your response. I don’t want to argue with you, but I have researched abiotic oil extensively. It is not real.

        Both the Russian’s and Swedes drilled exploratory wells to test Dr. Gold’s theory, and came up dry. They found explosive amounts of hydrogen, no oil. Dr. Gold himself admitted his theory was wrong. I read his book many decades ago.

        “When you say ‘since that time every man believes…” by 1995, the theory had evolved to predict that the net for the importing countries would happenin 2005, which it did. The gross would happen in 2017, which was one year off.

        Peak Oil is now a historical fact. My post links to the evidence.

        Good luck to you.

  88. Marie Joy

    Recommend 0 Seconds Ago on YouTube. Wait for CornPop at the end. Crude but true.

  89. Chris

    Disagree with the credit unions being safer generalization.

  90. Robert K


    We have our answer…Brunson case denied…Rotten bastards. The evil and corruption is far too widespread.


  91. THIS IS IT!

    ‘We Are Facing The Entire NATO In Ukraine’: Kremlin Says, As UK Mulls Battle Tanks
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    MONDAY, JAN 09, 2023 – 10:00 AM
    Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev has issued ultra-provocative words claiming that it’s not fundamentally Ukraine that Russia is at war with, but that the Russian military is facing all of NATO inside Ukraine.
    “The events in Ukraine aren’t a clash between Moscow and Kiev. It’s a military confrontation of NATO, first of all the US and Britain, with Russia. Fearing a direct engagement, NATO instructors push Ukrainian men to certain death,” he said in a fresh interview with state-owned newspaper aif.ru.

  92. Ted N

    the SCOTUS appointments that false prophet Mark Taylor repeatedly bragged about on USAWD once again betrayed Americans.

    even if the cases went though, Trump (who pushes the vax & 5G and last week teamed up with WEF to support McCarthy) would have sabbotaged things just like how he told patriots to attend Jan6 rally, then did nothing to help them after they got locked up in jail. They still rot in DC jails; and this year will they were rotting, Trump hosted at his private home hundreds of sodomites for a boozy party. The next day Trump attaacked proLife Christians.

    in Brasil, Trump’s buddy Bolsonaro is repeating Trump’s pattern of luring in the patriots then backstabing them.

    These are more reasons why the Bible condemns false prophets and those who promulgate them.

    • Harry

      You’re comments are spot on would only include Bo Polny as another false prophet

      Unfortunately Mr Hunter still drinks the kook aid believing Trump was given bad advice and that he’s good. What a shame


      • Jackie C

        Bo Polny has a good heart. And he is probably too much in love with the Lord–he could be likened to Peter who told Jesus not only to wash his feet but his whole body the night of the Last Supper; and Jesus told him to chill.

        Also Christians should rather focus–esp in these confusing times–upon the New Testament, which is where the good news is. The old Jewish Bible is frought with sandtraps. In some respects, those old books are there as a “wide road” (Matthew 7:13) to capture the likes of Clif High–those who search books because they seek loopholes to avoid the encounter and demands of the Master, Jesus (John 5:39-40).

  93. Lore Pruitt

    Victoria Lee, rising MMA star, dies at 18
    Story by Francesca Gariano, TODAY • 6h ago
    Mixed martial arts rising star Victoria Lee has died at 18.
    In an Instagram post on Saturday, MMA fighter Angela Lee shared that her younger sister, Victoria, had died last year on Dec. 26, 2022. No cause of death was shared.

  94. Ned

    My fellow Trumpatriots,

    Who are we blaming for President Trump’s endorsement of RINO McCarthy—Jared, Ivanka, Melania or the always popular scapegoat “ Bad Advisors”?

    Or are we going with “brilliant super-duper-secret 4-D chess move” on this one?

    Please let me know!

    • Shoop

      the first stage of grief is denial of the cause:

      “Diamond’s death was totally unexpected, probably her big and precious HEART just plain gave out.” ~ DJT 01/2023

      • Greg Hunter

        Murder. Genocide. Stop the shots!

      • Nika

        Yes, your heart is the easiest disease to die from. 700,000 Americans didn’t pay enough attention to their hearts in 2021.

    • Nika

      Looks like, Trump knows that McCarthy can wishy washy. Looks like to me, that the Magas tethered him with concessions, to keep him pointed in the right direction. To me, they are working together. McCarthy, wanted to be Speaker to satisfy his ego. So, Trump gave him that. In the meantime, Real Americans are slowing returning to the Republic and the Constitution. Sounds Win-Win!

  95. Old Rancher

    The next time you have someone like Mr. Titus or Ms. Fitts please go as deep into how they see transactional gold and silver scaling up and into a financial world that has fallen apart. Huge amounts of currency are now traded for huge lots of wholesale items like fuel, food, raw and building materials, durable goods and the like but what happens when it all falls through, supply lines cease and we’re down here on the bottom fighting for scraps even though anyone with precious metals has some to spend? I get the idea Mr. Titus brought to the table when he said “you can always get a gallon of gas for a silver quarter and a good suit for a $20 gold coin” but the markets are incredibly more complex than that and there will still have to be massive amounts of money, real or imagined, in the money channels to get the raw materials to us. How do they see us rebuilding “I, Pencil”?

    Thanks for all you do!

  96. Thora

    Enjoyed this interview. I am not surprised at all that the supreme court denied the Brunson case a hearing but I am very disappointed and discouraged. Patriots need a win. The supreme court failed us again. As I said to a friend of mine, how can those justices go home, sit down to dinner, ask their spouse to please pass the Grey Poupon while knowing they have just sold out our entire country once again. Unbelievable. God bless you, Greg and thank you for staying with us in this fight.

  97. Eli

    Greg, you’re guests are informed, thoughtful, and right on the money. Thank you.


  98. Nika

    Promise Kept!
    The House has passed a bill clawing back $80 million that was to be used to expand the Intrernal Revenue Service through the hiring of some 87,000 new agents. Very good-Magas. Keep them coming!

  99. GKChesterton

    most blacks did not take the vax
    because of the Tuskeegee atrocity
    Diamond only took the vax
    because Trump purports its safety


    there maybe some master plan
    most do not as of yet understand
    but in the meanwhile we’ve been
    losing all our family and friends

  100. James Hascomb

    Mr. John Titus,

    It was a pleasure listening to you. Very professional, very detailed, and accurate. As you probably know, the typical internet listener is really not able to grasp your level of detail regarding the subject matter readily, and there were times I got left behind, but not often, and I caught up. I had to stay focused, which is a great situation. But, as you can tell from the quality and subject matter of the majority of comments here, there really is no real hope we should place in the masses when it comes to evaluating a situation and responding accordingly. No, let’s be honest, the solutions shall come from a small group of individuals.

    Keep up the great work. Your analysis was superb, it really was. May God bless you!

  101. Marie Joy

    Diamond of Diamond and Silk has passed.
    Found this on CitizenFreePress.com
    As a Patriot, she would NOT have been vaxxed.
    But Did she ever have a test?

    • Greg Hunter

      Diamond may have followed Trump’s advice.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Really liked Diamond.

        God rest her soul.

        • Greg Hunter

          Tim K,
          Me Too!!

    • Nika

      They worked well together, they were a team. I will miss their entertainment. Sorry to see her pass.

  102. Marie Joy


    Gates of Hell plans to force vaccinate the unvaccinated with vaxxed food.

  103. Kim M.

    Let the bodies hit the floor! Rafi Farber video


  104. Nick Reynolds

    “Get ready for choppy water.” Well put. If he can read Mandarin, then he can read Cantonese, since both use the same characters, but just pronounce them differently. Should be an interesting year, Greg.

  105. Naomi from Israel

    Hello Greg,
    On a completely different matter, I think it might be a good idea to have someone explain what is happening in Brazil at the moment. I think this is an important issue, seeing that Brazil is turning into a communist country.

    • Therese Lisieux

      in times like now where we ask, where is the Light? It is perhaps instructive to review the ironic statement made by Johm 11:15

      “… and for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him.”

      This pertains to the death, and later resurrection of Lazurus. What this tells us is that even in the ostensible absence of God, there is opportunity for those who desire to deepen their faith. …… This is done by setting aside psychics, webbots and prophets commentary about the events of the day significance for the future. Sometimes one needs to be still with not knowing, until later. To be small instead of large. This is the Little Way.

  106. Don Parker

    All I ever hear about is the failng banks and get my money out. What about credti unions?

  107. Russ McMeans

    Wow Greg, this was quite the interview. Titus is like Einstein but understands the banking system. I tried my best to understand it. Yes, see if you can book him just after the federal reserve bank report comes out in March/April.

  108. Justn Observer

    Greg, Not surprised about the Brunson case outcome so far…but in the mean time…of those in Congress both Senate and House…that were against investigating the possible EVIDENCE of apparent rigging of the election…where are the people of those states that complaint about it…that are not moving forward with recall of those state and federal elected officials?
    And of those elected officials that were for the investigation…why are they now not calling for the impeachment of the SCOTUS who will not uphold their oaths to do the same. Rep. McCarthy managed to make Speaker…but could he be the shortest serving one in history? And of the Senators…along with the push for term limits that is spoken of…how about just recalling those there that are not up for the next election? As long as they ‘say’ they are on the record for a huge push for Congressional hearings and oversight…how about a complete and open hearing FROM the witnesses, evidence provided to the courts that the courts did not review either state or federal level?

  109. Vern Sturt

    Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/11/23 | NEWS TRUMP

    Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
    Rafi Farber 15,398 views Jan 10, 2023
    Nobody knows why athletes are suddenly collapsing on the field. But we know what it has absolutely nothing to do with. . . . Nothing?

    Excess deaths in all age groups
    Dr. John Campbell 252,389 views Jan 10, 2023
    Excess deaths, different countries and different age groups

    The Five,
    Chi-com money & the Biden Center for Dipstic Balonencey &
    Uni of Penn. Plus, Christopher Steel Deal, Ukraine Burisma steal!

    Summer Fun In Oz?

  110. Olde Reb

    Interesting that central banks are endlessly mentioned but Rothschild is never identified. Is the control not well accepted ?

  111. Frank Cooper

    Tucker Carlson: Biden trusts Beijing more than he trusts you \ 13 hours ago
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to allegations President Biden mishandled classified documents and asks what the president was doing in Ukraine on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
    They don’t call him Beijing Biden fer Nuthin!

  112. Jane Doenot Jones

    Parade of the Vanquished – 57,000 German Prisoners, Moscow 1944
    Mark Felton Productions
    The German Army reached Moscow in 1944, but under unforeseen circumstances.
    About the same amount lost in Vietnam. Think of the woman, never having a husband or child. Only a eugenicist could, approve..?

    Netflix expert checks whether an actor matches the diversity guidelines

  113. Novak Jokervich

    WALL STREET WIPEOUT: Thousands of jobs cut on brutal day for finance
    It’s a rough Wednesday on Wall Street, with Goldman Sachs and BlackRock cutting jobs.
    The cuts follow a difficult 2022 for markets and dealmaking.
    Those who still have a job will soon find out about their bonuses and could be left disappointed.

    Why there won’t be a ‘Hollywood ending’ to the Ukraine war | The Bottom Line
    Al Jazeera English 308K views 13 days ago
    As the Ukraine war becomes a “hurting stalemate” for both Russia and Ukraine, is the prospect of outright success for either side becoming impossible?
    @DalsPhotography 10 days ago
    I am not from US, but I am so sorry to see the people suffering, leaving their homes, dying. Families divided, and politicians just talking, playing chess on the table of human lives. Shame on them. Peace On Earth..

    The war in Ukraine could be decided this year, former US Army general says,
    warning of dire consequences if Russia faces defeat / Natalie Musumeci 1/11/23

  114. Bill's Stilled!

    ‘There Should Be No France’: Russian Propagandist Issues Ominous Nuclear Threat To Wipe Out Western Europe
    Story by Radar Online • Yesterday 7:00 PM
    As the Russia/Ukraine war continues to rage on, a Russian television propagandist issued ominous nuclear threats that have the potential to wipe out major sections of Western Europe, RadarOnline.com has learned.

  115. Bill's Stilled!

    ‘Dr. Fauci paid Chinese virologists to create a bioweapon virus’: Says Benny Johnson
    Story by Sylvia Silverstone • 6h ago 1k Comments
    Benny Johnson tweets, “Dr. Fauci paid Chinese virologists to create a bioweapon virus”

    This isn’t funny, we knew this over two years ago! Here @ USAWatchdog.com and that’s a fact you can go back here and see for yourself!

  116. Stilled!Bill's

    ‘Dr. Fauci paid Chinese virologists to create a bioweapon virus’: Says Benny Johnson
    Story by Sylvia Silverstone • 6h ago 1k Comments
    This isn’t funny, we knew this over two years ago! Here @ USAWatchdog.com and that’s a fact you can go back here and see for yourself! https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/dr-fauci-paid-chinese-virologists-to-create-a-bioweapon-virus-says-benny-johnson/ar-AA15Vh88?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=f3a4369dfe25435e9504299c8cddabbd

  117. Dwight L. POWERS

    Black Conservative Patriot 73K views 2 days ago

  118. Harold Windsor

    After the Introduction to the movie and credits, watch to the 5:35 mark. From the old Bailey London, Slavery in North America or the Gallows London.
    Yes American we have convict blood! Aussie’s are more than just cousins, but also partner’s in crime. So off your high horses Yank’s!
    And illegals, it’s criminal to enter without passport! Unless your a Democrat, of course!
    I’m sure one day we will have a movie on that illegal’s activity.
    Legal eagle Harry Windsor, welcome to America!

  119. Tony Baloney Fraudci

    FDA vaccine advisers ‘disappointed’ and ‘angry’ that early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn’t presented for review last year
    Story by Elizabeth Cohen • Yesterday 6:35 AM
    Offit, the FDA vaccine adviser, said the Columbia and Harvard studies convinced him even more that the infection data and all the related caveats should have been given to the advisers from the beginning.
    “This was not acceptable. I understand we’re in the middle of a pandemic. I understand we’re building the plane while it’s still in the air, but you can’t do this,” he said. “It did shake my faith. It shook my faith in how these decisions were being made.”

    • Marie Joy

      Apparently, FDA “vaccine” advisors haven’t figured out this is a genocide yet. In a genocide, submitting your data for review is not necessary.

  120. Led Skelton

    I’d like to see these three guns from Georgia appear at the RNC,

    Robber pointing .45 at store clerk’s head runs into big problems when three gun-toting customers come to the rescue

    🤡 Freak Show 🤡
    Police said Shawn Sutton [professional thugger] pretended [like all adult-children do now-days] to buy an energy drink [of course them/it/those had no money], then pulled a pair of women’s panties that were around his neck [from a recent victim] so that the panties covered his face [he was out of taxpayer paid covert masks]— and then he went behind counter [cos’ dats wher da munny iz’] and pointed a .45 at the store clerk’s [an honorable working taxpayer] head, demanding money [‘cos dats all we’ze no how to do’].

    I bet the local newspaper spins the story to make the thug a victim-hero
    and the three persons with the guns as the criminals.

  121. Donna Riggs

    Your reporting is one of the best in the nation…
    Second, They booted me from your site…
    Today I resubscribed….Need to have the top information to share with friends, family and strangers!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not boot you from USAWatchdog.com. Big tech is doing everything it can to stop emails I send to viewers for USAW! We are good. Thanks for the viral promotion!!

  122. Egger Eggerton

    The Incredible Edible Egg
    Egg Shortages and Price Increases Caused in Part by Bird Flu Outbreak
    Story by Jesus Jiménez • 1h ago
    A grocery staple that for decades has been a relatively cheap and reliable item has now become an elusive and even lavishly priced commodity.

  123. Steve Bice

    Cardiac Arrest…Lisa Marie Presley
    No cause given…

    If not drug related, it will be interesting to see how “they” explain this one…


  124. Lightning

    This source says they have the documents to prove the DoD instigated and orchestrated the Covid-19 pandemic , vaccine roll out and all its associated drama.

    People should be really careful when they want the military to step in and rectify civil problems. This source indicates that it’s the military leading all of this genocide .

    Seems like the whole Biden /documents thing is being manufactured to distract us from this.

    A great guest for a future podcast?


  125. The Rev.

    It’s not too late into 2023 to say “Happy New Year” everyone! It’s going to be an exciting one for Christians. God has been impressing on me to have patience. As a Christian, you know God has it all under control. We have it on the authority of His Holy Word. So I’m getting as close to God as I possibly can, preparing, and finally sitting back and watching the fireworks. By the way, our God will NOT be mocked. Those who break His commandments and don’t repent WILL be punished, period. Look at history.
    Our God is about to move in MIGHTY ways through MIRACLES and yes, through many of you His chosen ones. For example, He is working now through Mr. Greg Hunter to help you get prepared. God will straighten this whole mess out. So get EXCITED with me. Anticipate. Pray each and every day. Next, pray some more. Wow! Look up, your redemption draweth nigh.
    Bottom line is Jesus will have your back, no matter what you go through. Praise God!!!!! and Hallelujah!!!!!!
    The Rev

  126. Brad

    My question is what non bank assets has the Fed been buying? Has the Fed been buying the stocks of zombie corporations? Who would know if say Ford was insolvent and had a direct digital credit line that saw Ford’s account replenished every quarter so that the lights stay on and production of vehicles continues. I can only imagine the blow in confidence to the Fed Reserve Note, aka the USD if a major US corporation and pillar of the US economy went down.

  127. Steve Bice

    Note the language used throughout this CNN article about the new Covid variant.

    The reality is that they know nothing; everything is a supposition to drive a narrative.

    Here are excerpts:

    1) “The good news is that, thus far, this strain does not appear to cause more severe disease.” Note: “does not appear”

    2) “Like other Omicron descendants, it probably causes milder illness…”
    Note: “Probably”

    3) ” There are some studies that suggest XBB.1.5 is more immune-evasive …”
    Note: “Suggest”

    4) “Dr. Ashish Jha said that “data suggests that if you’ve been vaccinated, if you’ve gotten that updated bivalent booster, you’re still going to have a good amount of protection,”…
    Note: Data suggests; “a good amount” of protection (What the heck does that mean?)

    5) “But even if it turns out these vaccines don’t hold up as well against infection with XBB.1.5, they will probably protect well against severe illness — which underscores the need for people to receive the updated booster if they are eligible.”
    Note: “Probably” protect well

    6) “Antiviral treatments like Paxlovid should work against XBB.1.5. ”
    Note: “Should” work

    7) “Covid-19 infections could rise in the coming weeks…”
    Note: “Could” rise

    There’s more, but you get the idea. This is what passes for science-based public health policy now.

    All opinions and maybe’s…no substance. They make it up as they go along. Science indeed…


  128. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hoping the U.S. grain supply and future crop outlook is positive in light of the huge exports we are sending to fed our ‘potential’ enemy? So, our gov’t talks about what may be a coming threat…while we drain our SPR, to supply them energy, and now fed them as our nation suffers and starves its citizens and jabs our military…as unsecured classified documents are found in strange places? What could go wrong? = bottom of this link = https://electroverse.co/extreme-freeze-asia-snow-hits-european-slopes-u-s-agri-exports-to-china-smash-records/
    = the last paragraph maybe explains why China is buying up as much farmland around the world as possible as our ””government”’ sleepwalks thru the illusions and BS of ”’global warming’ which if one considers their 10k astronomy and weather-crop records…which might just give them a tad better understanding of what is ‘REALLY’ happening while we are stuck with Al Gore and our grand 200-year Farmer’s Almanac to help guide our agriculture policy?=

    Food inflation/shortages in the United States? Can’t be. America exported a record-smashing $36.4 billion-worth of agricultural exports (corn, soybeans, sorghum etc.) to China in 2022.

    Higher global commodity prices and China’s robust buying were the main factors behind the record export value, with that figure of $36.4 billion surpassing 2021’s record and seeing China as the U.S.’s largest export market for the second consecutive year, according to USDA data.

    Soybeans accounted for nearly 50% of US agri exports to China at a record $16.4 billion, surpassing the previous year by 16%.

    Corn to China exceeded $4.8 billion, down from a record in 2021 but still the second-highest level in history.

    With U.S. sorghum exports hitting a record $2.2 billion, nearly tripling over the last 2 years with China scooping-up 90% of America’s total sorghum export volume. Sorghum proved an attractive, better-priced alterative to Chinese feed producers.

    Worth nothing, China has accumulated 65% of the world’s corn and 53% of global wheat exports. It is also the main importer of barely and oilseed. The CCP’s continued expansion into North Africa is also worth examining.

    Does China know what’s coming? Or is it merely battling to feed its vast population? According to USDA figures, the country is home to 20% of the global pop. but has just 7% of usable arable farmland.

    • Greg Hunter

      J O
      So many people have been bribed by China!!! Treason!!!

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