Fed Fears Next Crash Fatal – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and book author John Rubino says he can see the end of the economic expansion fueled by massive debt creation. Rubino explains, “Every sector of the U.S. economy is so over indebted I don’t see how we go on much longer. The Fed is desperately trying to prolong this thing. We are running trillion dollar deficits now, and what that is for is to keep the system from falling apart. We are 11 years into an expansion, a record. This is the longest bull market in history, and this is the longest economic expansion in history. . . . These guys don’t know exactly what’s going to happen in the next recession, but they are afraid that the system is so highly leveraged that even a garden variety three quarters of a percent of negative growth and a garden variety of 20 % drop in stock prices might be fatal. The system might not be able to handle that because it would cause so much damage and there are so many different places that can blow up that the system would spin out of control. We would get 2008-2009 again but on steroids because the numbers are so much bigger this time around. So, they want to avoid that at all costs.”

Rubino points out, “Fear is the enemy in a fiat currency system. Everything is based on our assumption that the guys in charge know what they are doing and that the confidence in them is good. You take that away, and they let us see them sweat, and it’s over. There is no real bottom for the dollar, euro or the yen. Their intrinsic value is zero. When the economic players out there in the global financial system realize that the central banks of the world are out of ammo, and nothing these guys do is going to fix our problem, then all hell breaks loose. . . . What worries me about today’s world is that everything falls apart all at once, and there is no way to fix what went wrong. . . .We have a lot of examples of governments doing crazy things when everything falls apart.”

In closing, Rubino points out riots and protests around the world, such as in South America and Europe. Rubino says, “This is happening largely because of financial mismanagement . . . . They see a corrupt elite siphoning off all the wealth in their society. Does that sound familiar? That’s what a lot of people think of the U.S. right now. That’s in an expansion when there are jobs. So, take away a lot of those jobs, but leave that elite in place, and you have a powder keg. You lit the fuse that could get very, very scary. I hate this. The Mad Max scenario is a tragedy beyond belief for some place like the U.S. where it did not have to happen.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Rubino, founder of the popular website DollarCollapse.com.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information on DollarCollapse.com. If you want personalized contact with John Rubino, you can sign up for his subscription service (also FREE) by clicking here.

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  1. paul ...

    As John Rubino says: “There is no real bottom for the dollar, euro or the yen. Their intrinsic value is zero.” … so what is a stock “priced in dollars” worth when the dollar goes to its intrinsic value? … zero … however the manipulators have built-in an upside bias into the stock market as seen here … https://www.macrotrends.net/2488/sp500-10-year-daily-chart … even though the “real” Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been negative for 14 years … the manipulators are fudging the real data on the US Gross Domestic Product as seen in this chart by John Williams at Shadow Stats … http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/gross-domestic-product-charts … so as you can see US GDP has not been positive since 2005 … we have been in a recession for 14 years … and yet they keep the stock market rising for they fear any downturn will collapse the entire monetary system!!

    • paul ...

      Does this mean if we even go into a 1929 type depression they will keep the stock market rising by printing money and buying stocks?? … if so Stan would be right about getting into the stock market … but so will gold investors be right … as massive money printing (MMT) to keep the stock market rising will push the value of gold higher and higher … as of tonight the US National Debt Clock has the “real” (currency adjusted) price of gold at $7,632 dollars per ounce … https://www.usdebtclock.org/

      • paul ...

        Bottom line … we all have a very important decision to make right now … we can see from the Fed’s recent Repo actions there is a clearly a visible hyper-inflationary fork in the road before us … what path we choose now will determine our “financial life or death” … if one chooses the rising stock market path (like Stan) … eventually the fiat paper dollars you get for your manipulated rising stocks … “will be zero” … as the Fed is currently doing short term and long term Repo’s and is doing to our currency “what Zimbabwe did to theirs)” … if you choose the gold path … you can buy physical gold now “at it’s current low manipulated price” (like the Banksters, Russia, China, India, Germany, etc., etc., etc. are doing) and simply hold it until the inevitable dollar collapse as the dollar slips toward worthlessness (from the 100 cents it was worth in 1913 to 1 cent, then to 1/10th of a cent, then to 1/100th of a cent, etc., etc.) … whereas physical gold (as history tells us) will keep its worth … all fiat currencies eventually lose their value (even if they happen survive 175 years like Stan tells us … or 375 years like the pound sterling) … and remember buying “gold stocks” (is not taking the gold path) as in the end your hyper-inflated gold stocks will be paid to you by your broker in “essentially worthless” hyper-inflated “fake” fiat money … only “physical gold” will retain value as “real money” (even when governments fall and centuries pass) … from 30 BC to today … https://www.thebalance.com/gold-price-history-3305646 … and into our future tomorrows!!!

        • Stan

          Paul: Explain why my fiat Dollars buy significantly more Gold today than in 2013.

          • Greg Hunter

            You cannot be this stupid. Your fiat dollars DON’T buy more they buy less relative to gold: https://www.kitco.com/scripts/hist_charts/daily_graphs.cgi

          • Montana Guy

            Stan, your coveted fiat dollars were birthed in 1913. Since then they have lost over 98% of their purchasing power relative to gold. You would be aware of that fact like the rest of us if you tried to purchase gold.

            I know, mathematics is not your thing. Sorry but I am not going to be able to help you any further.

            • paul jr.

              Yes, since 1913 the dollar has lost 98% of it’s purchasing power but let’s not forget that gold can lose purchasing power also. From 1980 to 2000 gold fell from $850 an ounce to $265. When factoring in inflation over those years gold lost 86% of it’s purchasing power and that was just over a 20 year period.

          • paul ...

            Stan … in 2013 it cost a manipulated price of $1700 dollars for one ounce of gold that was really worth $2300 on the US Debt Clock … today it costs a manipulated $1450 dollars for one ounce of gold that is really worth $7629 on the US Debt Clock … so in 2013 the dollar to gold ratio was 1700/230o or 0.739 … today the dollar to gold ratio is 1450/7629 or 0.190 … so as Greg says “on a real dollar to gold ratio basis” you are buying less gold for your money today at $1450 then you were getting back in 2013 at $1700 (where the real value of gold is used instead of the “fake” manipulated value) the fake market value of gold you see in the Wall Street Journal makes it seem like you are getting more gold for your money today because the price has been artificially fixed at an absurd low valuation (due to the very short selling that you are doing)!!

            • paul ...

              err… Sorry … what I’m calling the Dollar/Gold Ratio should more correctly be called the Gold “in Dollars”/Gold Ratio!!!

              • paul ...

                Or even more correctly: the Fake Gold/Real Gold Ratio in US dollars … so you have to pay more fake dollars today to buy an ounce of real gold then the fake dollars paid in 1913 … in 2013 you got .739 ounce of real gold for your fake money … today you get .190 ounce of gold for your fake money … so Bottom Line on a percentage basis you are spending “more” fake money for an ounce of gold today then you were paying in 2013!!! …
                *** So I hope that answers your question Stan ***
                [Thanks to your Fed buddy’s who keep expanding the money supply (look at how fast on the US Debt Clock) … you are paying significantly “more” for gold today “with your fake US dollars” then you were paying at the peak in 2013 with less fake US dollars]!!!

                • paul ...

                  err … Sorry for the typo … “change 1913 to 2013” in the above comment!!

            • Stan

              Paul: The debt clock will be meaningless once negative interest rates are implemented in the USA. At that point the national debt goes down every year.

        • Warren B.

          Kindly refrain from giving credit to Stan for the (strategy of investing in the) rising stock market. That is totally unfair on Stan.
          You can pound your fist on the table until it bleeds, but that wont make what I am doing for myself and investors wrong.
          The assessment is risk on. Everyone else can play the bogeyman card and hide in some concrete (or gold) bunker as they so choose.
          For me and those that have vested interests, it is a matter of financial life and death. The rewards will be stupendous.

    • paul jr.

      Funny. If we have been in recession for 14 years according to ShadowStats, why does John Williams himself deny that? Numerous times over the last several years I heard him say that 2008-2009 was the last recession and that we might soon enter another recession. 99% of the ALT-media have been saying the same thing for years including John Rubino here. Now recently I heard John Williams say that he believes we just entered a recession. They are correct. No, we have not been in a recession for 14 years. We had an economic expansion in which most of the U.S. has seen at least moderate growth. The unemployment rate clearly fell in most areas of the U.S. and not just by a little. The growth however was fueled by money printing and increased debt which can’t be sustained.

      • Greg Hunter

        He does not deny recession Paul. His term is we have been “Bottom bouncing”.

        • paul jr.

          But not in a recession. How can Williams say that we are soon to enter a recession or have just entered a recession if we never got out of one back in 2009?

          • paul ...

            paul jr. … When you say you heard Williams say on “numerous times over the last several years … that 2008-2009 was the last recession and that we might soon enter another recession … he was talking about the “official fake numbers” the government puts out (the red line on the following chart) … http://www.shadowstats.com/imgs/sgs-gdp.gif?hl=ad&t= … but the “real numbers” as calculated by Williams (the blue line) shows we have been in a recession for the last 14 years!!

            • paul ...

              And if we enter another “official” recession … the “fake” red line will plunge below “zero” and the “real” blue line plunge even lower!! … this is why the Fed must print and print and print and go to negative interest rates … “to keep the fake GDP red line above zero” (at least until after the 2020 election) … and gold will power upward as this monetary manipulation takes place!!

            • paul jr.

              Actually John Williams number are not necessarily the “real numbers” either. He uses his own estimates which he said may be a little off. I think he tends to error on the high side for his unemployment rate and inflation rate and errors on the low side for the GDP.

          • Paul in OZ

            The distinction usingthe current methods as opposed to those used by Mr. Williams the last recession 08-09 (Officially) and officially we appear to be entering 2 consecuitbe negative growth rates (officially). Mr. Williams numbers are contrived using past methods that IMO were changed to support and agenda (i.e. reducing the adjustment to social security etc by understating actual inflation). I would suggest you look at how things have changed to better understand Mr. William’s assertions.

            • paul jr.

              The past methods are not how it should be done either. Times change. For the inflation rate, items people buy change over time so adjustments need to be made. John Williams has said that the government has substituted hamburger for steak. Not agreeing with everything the government does but it makes sense to substitute ground beef for streak. Steak is not used as much while ground beef certainly is. We do not have VCRs. We do not use floppy disks. Things that people no longer use or use very little of today needs to be replaced with things that are. Somebody has to do that including John Williams. There is no way John Williams is calculating things exactly the same way as it was in the past. If he does not make some changes over time then his numbers become unreliable. John Williams said recently that he may have overestimated his unemployment rate a little. More than just a little in my opinion. I also think that his 9.5% inflation rate is overstated too based on the fact that the vast majority of things nationwide in the U.S. have not gone up any where near 10% per year on average. However John Williams alternative inflation rate (1990’s based) is at 5.5% which is in line with what I have found it should be.

            • Steve Bice

              Fascinating that you believe Williams’ numbers are the ones that are contrived to support an agenda. Hedonic adjustments are all about capping the official inflation numbers. Unless the lower quality good is still available in the market at a now lower price, hedonic adjustments are specious at best and more likely deceptive. Further, the notion that substitution bias overstates inflation is ridiculous in my view. Just because chicken is relatively less expensive than steak and more people are buying chicken, it does not mean the CPI has gone down. It likely means we are settling for less (quality) in an economic climate where we need to make our dollars go further…i.e., an inflationary environment.

              • paul jr.

                John Williams numbers are not necessarily correct either which is what I am saying. What makes you think that the way inflation was calculated in 1980 is the right way and not the way it was done in 1960 or 1970 or 1990? There is always a certain amount of guess work. John Williams inflation number could easily be off several percent from what it really is for most people.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Paul Jr,
                  “John Williams numbers are not necessarily correct either” How do you know this??

                  • paul jr.

                    Simple. For inflation, no one knows what everyone buys each month and how much they spent on each item. There are only rough estimates. What about unemployment? The government’s data is not based on calling everyone up and finding out if they are employed or not. Much of it is based on surveys which always have a margin of error. John Williams uses that same error prone data and adds to it his guesstimate of long-term unemployed. How accurate is that? Like I said, “John Williams numbers are not NECESSARILY correct either”.

    • JC

      Was Treasure Island one of your favorite movies as a kid?

      ” They were in search of gold doubloons and pieces of eight…. ”

      After watching this scene (start at 1:29:20 mark) I can definitely see
      you in a remake as the Ben Gunn character.


      • paul ...

        And I love “Silver” (Long John that is)!!!

    • Rob

      Thank you for the links Paul! The actions of the elite through their central bank system for the last 30+ years proves they have been planning and preparing the entire monetary system for a collapse:

      They are vessels of dishonor being used to bring the world through the last 8 years:

    • Raffael

      He with the Gold, makes the rules.

      Fiat is as good as bitcoin! Actually, bitcoin is a creation of the free market and probably is in a better position than fiat.

    • uncommon sense

      Paul, Prince Andrew just did a car crash interview regarding his relationship with Epstein. Don’t know if the news made it over to the other side of the Atlantic.

      • paul ...

        Yeah! … I heard Andrew hung out with Satan loving Epstein because he was an “honorable” man … which puts a new light on the “definition of honorable”… sort of the way they have redefined “deplorable” to include Jesus loving Christians!!!

    • Warren B.

      As I keep saying, the Stock Market will go to 100,000 on the DOW. You have indirectly supported my forecast. Why fight it? Can you not see how wonderful our great country is. How about being more positive about America. Give some credit to Mr Trump and the Federal Reserve. Both are doing a superb job under enormous pressure.
      Talk of a Recession is utter nonsense.
      Meanwhile the gap between Poor (closed minds) and the Rich keeps expanding. Any wonder why ? Take a different perspective. There is a clearer path with nothing to fight about in your mind. Because that’s where all this anxiety emanates from, in your thought process !
      Negativity and Familiarity breeds contempt. If you understand that principle you will have more control over your approach to many things in life.

      • Greg Hunter

        You would not be talking so big it the investing class would have been forced to take the losses they deserved. You would not be talking so bug it we did nit baby the rich with easy money and 0% (now very low) rates. You are not that smart man.

      • Montana Guy

        Warren B, and our Liberty will go to zero. So what exactly have you gained?

  2. Derek Sinclair

    “When you get paid you buy real stuff”. Which is exactly what I’m doing every month. My priority is to get that monopoly money spent ASAP (including on bulk food for the month, to add to my existing preps). I leave just enough as cash to cover fuel and bills. I even carry 25 oz of silver with me at all times (plus protection) just in case the whole mess collapses when I’m 500 miles from home and cash or a plastic card is suddenly no good.

    • paul ...

      Good going Derek … most people still don’t understand why gold “is money” (or sea shells is money or salt is money, etc., etc. just not “as rare” as gold) … they don’t understand that money is “real stuff” … when they leave their car with a valet at a fancy restaurant and receive a ticket … that paper ticket “is not a car” (like paper fiat is simply a ticket “real not money”)!!

      • paul ...

        err … “not real money”

  3. Roy madison

    If “they” keep the money supply flowing to where the every day American, Joe six pack can make his monthly payments as well as big Jim investor can do the same , “they” can keep this going for many years. “They” just need to avoid any bottleneck in the system . The line on the chart just keeps going up and up. Instead of a person making $15 per hour it will be $150, then $400, then $1000 per hour. If the ratio of earning to expenditures stays the same ,it can continue far longer than one would think possible. Computers and algorithms running the show.

  4. mike

    Why does Donald Trump allow this corrupt financial system to continue helping the rich get richer and the poor get more numerous? Because Donald Trump is a collaborator in this corrupt financial system. Edward Griffins makes good sense in arguing that Donald Trump was chosen by the elite globalists for the role of controlled opposition. Of course, Donald doesn’t know that. Please interview people like Edward Griffin, Jake Morphonios, Brandon Smith and Caitlin Johnson so that they can explain everything about Donald Trump’s close connection to the ROTHSCHILD bankers. He owes them big time and must dance to their tune while singing songs about making America great!

    • Greg Hunter

      Not that simple Mike. Lots to prepare form a bankruptcy the size of USA lots of moving parts and he does not want to be taken over by Russia. China or the Cabal of Marxist, globalist, Nazi Democrats.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Another fabulous interview!
    Economies and civilizations require widespread trust that the institutions can stay tacked together. The required degree of trust may already be gone. The state of the repo “market” and the fraudulent and shameful impeachment hearings are just some of the evidence of that.
    Mr. Rubino danced around it a little, but it sure looks like the probability of “Mad Max” is at least as likely as any other scenario.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William!! Good crisp analysis!

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rubino,really quite depressing for a pleb like me.Those of us outside the USA are stuffed,we peasants have to pay taxes,huge taxes here in the UK,to our Bolshevik overlords and all that entails,whether we like it or not ,it all gathered at the point of a gun.During the 2008 crisis,the USA lent billions of US Dollars to those of us outside the USA to ensure our wealthy would not go bust,as they should have done,the collateral was posted for those loans.
    Unfortunately the sums involved were not big enough to allay the busting of the rich,so more was borrowed with more collateral and we are assured that all was paid back,so the collateral is back with the original holders..Not so fast my friends,debts of this size are never re-paid,the suggestion is that the debt was never re-paid and the interest is being paid back in US DOLLARS,we earn our money in Pounds and Euros,which have to be converted to Dollars to pay the interest.So interest rates may go negative as Lagarde has proposed,an elite shill if there ever was one who used to work with Obama in Chicago ,but the interest on these loans are positive and in Dollars that are strengthening against our currencies.Also that collateral is still owned by the lender until payday. I know these are inconvenient truths but they will have consequences for us in the UK.
    Meanwhile here in the former democracy of the UK our future overlords are embracing Marxism,
    History has taught them well,that chopping heads of dissenters heads off works well and thug life police are only too keen to ensures this happens,
    Until our elites everywhere become less impervious to their actions,nothing changes,the police screaming at a possible car bomb tells us much of the fear that stalks the elite.
    From a dictatorship of cocks here in the UK where the economy sucks for us peasants .

    roel freet
    roel freet

  7. Joe Lalonde


    There is television series on Netflix called TURN. It is 4 seasons on the American Independence War and the spies used for information. In one part, it had a very good representation of the British Empire counterfeiting vast somes of currency to smash the purchasing power of the US dollar at that time and bankrupting Congress.
    Certainly is our current situation with the Federal Reserve Bank. The only problem is that now having Reserve Currency Status, that currency purchasing power deflation has been exported around the world.
    The Federal Reserve has bankrupted the US but won’t rollover to bankruptcy until some other medium of payment takes over.

  8. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    Great interview, as usual.

    Unrelated to John Rubinho, perhaps, but I am 100% confident you will find the linked-to essay of interest. You’re busy, but please take a look – supports your views on Trump . . .

  9. H. Craig Bradley


    FED Chair, Jerome Powell recently said: ” We have to support the markets”. Interesting. Therefore, I think the FED simply wants to extent the business cycle ( there is one, after all ) as long as possible. Of course, there is a downturn at the very end of the cycle and it may seem like a crash when, as last December, markets drop -20% real fast.

    Personally, it might not happen this year at all. Maybe not even next year. But look out when 2021 comes around. Nobody will be ready when it happens. The stock market may even have a “blow-off top” but still, greed will predominate- then after the “crash”, fear reigns supreme.

    President Trump will survive the Faux Impeachment IF the stock markets stay up. If not, he is vulnerable to negative outcomes. Negative markets, negative public mood, and therefore, negative outcomes for incumbents. Market downturns accompanied all previous Presidential impeachment attempts (3). Only one ( Pres. Nixon) would have been successful had he not resigned. Just remember, ANYTHING is possible these days.

    • Warren B.

      Refreshing to see some rational thought process. Your balanced approach and sensibility is a benchmark for others to take note of. Anything is indeed possible. Have more faith in our Elected President. The cynics will continually have negative views , they haven’t opened their minds at all.
      What is paramount is understanding that the system is a creation of spatial and temporal boundaries, surrounded and influences by its environment and expressed in its functioning. It is more than extending the business cycle, it is ensuring that the system (and all of its participants) has structure and purpose.

      • JC

        Warren B, I think what you are saying is considered “double talk”. But I’m not sure…

        • Warren B.

          Which part did you find confusing or amusing JC ?
          I must applaud you for the entertainment value of your comment. It’s priceless. Do you have a patent for that?

  10. uncommon sense

    In response to Shadow of Doubt:
    Yes, I see what you are saying. The problem with the defence of Trump is it always involves some feat of imagination such as Epstein’s death was faked so he can be a supergrass in safety or he has to put neocons in his administration as some sort of compromise to the deepstate. All possible of course but…

    Trump seems to tease his supporters with little titbits such as ‘I know who really did 9/11’, ‘I will release the classified documents on JFK’, ‘I knew a mother who had a child who had a vaccine and then he developed autism, we’re going to investigate this’, ‘Hillary Clinton will go to prison’, ‘the markets are rigged’, ‘the economic stats are fake’ and on and on and on…

    …then he either does a one eighty and claims that the stock market is not rigged but just a reflection of how great the economy is and therefore all the economic stats are now accurate presumably or you hear no more. The 9/11 and JFK stuff? Dead ends. The Vaccine autism connection? Dead end. Hillary Clinton in prison? I’ll get back to you on that.

    Again the defence of Trump is that he is playing 4D chess. Occam’s Razor suggests that he is playing his supporters. I am tired of hearing that Hillary Clinton would have been worse. I agree with this sentiment but that is a really poor excuse for Trump’s behaviour in stirring up false hope and switching the narrative when it suits.

    At the end of the day whether Trump is an insider or not his philosphy was wrought in the old system of a rising real estate bubble and lowering interest rates. When borrowing to build into a rising market failed he claimed bankruptcy and screwed his investors.

    • Diane

      Maybe 97% of all politicians are controlled by deep state.
      Not just American politicians…all countries.

      • paul ...

        Exactly Diane!!

    • Shadow of Doubt

      At this point, its all conjuncture for those of us who are on the outside looking in. I suspect what one or the other side does or sez right now is all a part of the great game. I think you would agree, ‘that when you are playing with an unsavory element (those that are greedy and treacherous) you yourself must play your hand accordingly! Trump in many respects reminds me of a modern day Scarlet Pimpernel. If the swamp recedes, perhaps deception was a critical component of the plan. SOD

  11. Marie Joy

    I’m seeing a lot of food inflation.

    • Justn Observer

      and you are going to see a lot more over the next years = 3x to 7x depending the region you live on earth..

  12. Jozef W

    Priority number 1 is to dismiss the civil service that does not contribute to society and bring the tax system to a level of percentages on new products, no longer provide benefits to people under the age of 65 and let the market do its job. Forbid the Amazon companies that robbed the entire system barely, as a result, shopping streets are empty.

    • Diane

      Jozef W
      I like your comment!!!!!

      • Jozef W

        When the clarifying one is alone and thinking the right thing, he will be heard at 1000 miles.

        Thank you Diane

        • Justn Observer

          Too many people confuse laissez-faire and free markets with ‘capitalism’… Term ‘Capitalism’ was promoted by Marx theory… private corporations replaces the underlying feudal system of control…
          National Socialist and Communism are just two di-versions of it…one a fascist bend , the other a state bureaucratic one…with both controlling State choice over the means/access to production and supply.
          One can agree with your outing Amazon’s push to ‘centralize’ delivery systems and the wrecking of smaller pop & ma and chain stores…that said, the Baltic dry and Cass systems, as well as FEDX AND UPS and large box store activity are down…which suggest not the delivery but the actual sales are down… an economic shift in purchases/ expenses savings are drawing spendable income in yet undefined directions ie. maybe heating, energy, food, consumer debt, and just savings or those with excess $ towards PM. With historic money creation…the divergence between that and the velocity of money is striking…
          add that too…personal saving are UP as is apparently PM…so that also will have a drag on the economy as to less sales in the retail stores ?

      • uncommon sense

        Hang on Diane! Wouldn’t interfering with Amazon’s market strategy be interfering with the ‘free market’? I thought you were for capitalism judging by your comment below.

  13. uncommon sense

    The problems with capitalism
    1) The successes of capitalism become too powerful and form gigantic multinational companies that become so powerful they can lobby governments for law changes and bailouts. Once they have made it, successful capitalists begin to fear the creative destruction of capitalism lest they lose everything. So the paradox underlying capitalism is that the winners of capitalism become the most vociferous socialists.

    2) A society that is focused only on making money and profit at the expense of everything else embarks on a very insidious process of decay.
    examples of profit over social responsibility:

    Deregulation of financial markets
    Promoting the use of expensive and damaging pharmaceuticals (which can be patented) over cheaper nutritional and psychological interventions.
    Chopping down rainforests in scary amounts.
    Selling weapons into conflict regions.
    Food made with inferior ingredients that make people unhealthy.

    The short term effects of profit seeking are great but the longer term effects on society are destructive. I am not a socialist (don’t believe that works either) and am not trying to wind people up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please don’t post socialist/communist crap here. The problem with capitalism in the modern era is we did away with bankruptcy. If you are stupid like Warren Buffett you should lose it all to more competent people. I should not have to work hard and pay for people less motivated than me to even things out. The world is uneven and the “poor will always be with you.”

      • Diane

        Thanks Greg for setting this UNS straight

      • uncommon sense

        1) Say you had the financial deregulation (capitalism), which led to the 2008 financial crisis, but no bailouts (socialism). The system would have been destroyed (according to Jim Rickards among others). The bailouts only postponed the inevitable breakdown of the financial system. The problem was that individuals and companies were pursuing SHORT TERM profits over longer term sustainability.

        2) Societies need to be regulated by more than just the creative destruction of capitalism. Highly profitable and successful companies can run for decades whilst polluting the society and damaging peoples’ health. In fact they may be profitable BECAUSE they are cutting corners and doing damage to people and the environment.

        • Greg Hunter

          The system would not have been destroyed!! Rich people would have been destroyed–period the end. This is why I keep bringing up Warren Buffett. He should have taken a Huge hit. If that hit was big enough, he should have lost his assets in bankruptcy. It’s called creative destruction. When you have to take a hit and a loss with no bailout DEO’s down to small business owners get their risk model in line and are way less prone to do stupid risk taking. I was against bailouts and for bankruptcy and thus for true capitalism. Socialism never works and there is no true formation of capital. I am not going to work my tail off to have some communist Democrat pay reparations to people who do not deserve it. Your climate/environmental crap is just that–crap and a control mechanism just like 1930’s Germany. “Environmental bureaucratic regulations and taxation will force humanity to make such personal sacrifices that there will be no personal behavior left that will not be regulated in some way . . . .The SS, the “greenest faction of National Socialism,” was the “green praetorian guard.” More here: https://canadafreepress.com/article/nazi-environmentalism-how-green-were-the-nazis

          • uncommon sense

            Greg, I can assure you that pollution is a great problem. Do not confuse the global warming scam with genuine rape of the environment for profit.

        • Paul Anthony


          Gerald Celeste says “capitalism ended with Bailouts” In other words I take that as They should have done bankruptcy where the strong banks survive and get the asset of the banks that did not because of mistakes and foolishness. That would be in line with Capitalism. It also would be in line with being “Un-corupt” for lack of a better word. What happened is they screwed us to save themselves for a little while – Too big to fail ended capitalism https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2re6zn

      • Paul Anthony


        You Bring up Bankruptcy a lot. I agree with that being part of capitalism. I am going to admit on here I agree with you so much that I am confessing the crash in 2008 hurt me enough that I lost my condo in Chicago and I filed bankruptcy and I am almost fully recovered . I live in a nice house today and have an awesome wife, pets, kids, family, cousins, uncles, aunts, all of it! 🙂

        That being said the reason right now capitalism isn’t working is corruption in the United States and Probably most countries. Not to mention the evil in the satan worshipping elite that is a big chunk of the them, and the spiritual war we are in as not just a witness, but in what is in our countries heart . What is going on is so much bigger than the bankruptcy of America that should have been filed in 2008/09

        The absolute core of what is going on is spiritual and Good verses Evil. The battles was going on in the Biblical times and is the EXACT same battle as today! Is it not ? Who is king? According to the world today look no further than FACEBOOK – We are our own kings! Its all about our own truth on FB isn’t it ? Anyway … I don’t usually rant on here but … That is where the battle is at and that is where America Looses or wins. I believe in Trump and I think Trump is President of The United States because God put him there. Even if he doesn’t realize it. Though I think he does.


        Paul Anthony

  14. Jerry

    Let’s quit fiddle dicking around and go straight to the truth. What we have going on, is a massive undertaking by central banks, to keep the global debt bubble inflated by injecting liquidity into it.

    The Fed has stated that it intends to run its repo program until the end of the year. What started out in September as a temporary program has now become permanent.

    John, is absolutely right. No one can predict the timing of when the debt bubble will burst, but it should be clear by now, that the repo program is just another fire wall the Fed is using to keep the system from collapsing. The philosophy of stealing wealth from the future to have a better now, is not working. There has been no recovery. I repeat. There has been no recovery. The markets are rigged to hide the truth, and prolong the sham……..period.

    At this point Greg, if people can’t see what’s coming, we can’t help them. Just like Noah in the Bible , you and I, in the face of denial and criticism, have given warning after warning and told people to prepare. The responsibility now rest on them. In fact, the leaders in the church I belong to, have given it’s members a directive to prepare spiritually for coming global calamity, by increasing scriptural study and prayer, daily. The prevailing thought is, that without a firm spiritual base, and true conversion to Jesus Christ, you most likely will not survive what’s coming. Enough said.

    • Jerry

      For those with short memory’s, this will be the central banks next move, when the repos quit working.

      Twice last week, my bank tried to lock me out of my account, when I tried to access cash. They said they needed more PII to locate my account. I said it’s right where it’s been for the last forty years. I asked the teller, who gave you authority to ask for personal information? She couldn’t answer. She gave me I’m just doing what I’m told answer. This was a first for me. Luckily most of my money is in the bank of Jerry or in silver.

      • paul jr.

        Please explain. What exactly do you mean by “access cash”? In a previous post a week ago you said that you tried to cash a check and that is when you were asked for more PII. What personal info did they ask for? Your account number? Social Security number? If you cashed a check they do have a right to ask for some kind of info. So like I said, please explain.

        • Jerry

          This is a bank I have banked with for over forty years. They asked me what I do for a living, and how I make my money? Under the law, this is defined as personal identifiable information ( PII) and they are not allowed to ask for this information without written authorization. Trust me, in the insurance world, this is grounds for prosecution. I told them I am self employed, and own two
          corporations that have accounts with their bank and all they had to do was look at the account number on the deposit slip. The teller said, this was a new bank policy. I told her, I wanted a better explanation than that the next time I came in or I would be contacting my attorney. Granted this bank was bought out a few months ago by a corporation from Springfield, but still ….I have run several million dollars in real estate transactions through this bank, so they know my record.
          If it wasn’t for the fact I need the accounts at the bank to do business transactions, I would close my account down and pull my money out. If someone could come up with a better idea to do business with, I’d take it in a heartbeat and eliminate the banks entirely.

          • paul jr.

            Well Jerry, those are stupid questions to ask someone. I can’t see a bank having a new policy that everyone is required to be asked those questions just to deposit a check. There may be more to it than that.

            Are you sure the teller was not looking for a sugar daddy? /sarc

          • Russ McMeans

            Jerry and everyone here: I’m a painting contractor and handyman/carpenter; sometimes my clients pay me in cash- probably pot growers because I’m out in California in the Sierra foothills- it’s growing area. Anyway occasionally I deposit 2 to 3 thousand dollars in my local bank – it’s smallish bank, and they ask me strange questions. Jerry is telling the truth. The teller actually goes over to the manager and they have a little meeting in hushed tones. ???
            Anyway I pay my self employment tax rate on any deposits at 15.3%. I don’t trust banks and I never will.

            • paul jr.

              Sorry but I do not think Jerry is telling the complete truth. What he said last week about this incident and what he said above does not completely jive. Jerry tends to leave out details or exaggerates things so they sound more serious than they were.

            • paul jr.


              Do you have a business account at the bank or is this just a personal account? If it is a personal account then I am not real surprised if your small bank asks you questions since you come in from time to time to deposit what is today considered to be a large amount of cash. Banks have reporting requirements for large transactions that may cause even a few thousand dollars deposited in cash “occasionally” to be questioned if it seems suspicious. I am not sure just how often you deposit these larger than normally cash amounts or how you act when doing so.

      • Jerry

        Today’s daily repo report.

        I’m beginning to loose track on the amount of repos the fed has released since September? I guess it really doesn’t matter at this point, since the whole system is going off the cliff anyway. It’s QE and now repos to infinity and beyond.

  15. paul ...

    “s” (Stan’s son) tells us the US Dollar will still be King 175 years from now … it may still be King (like the pound sterling is Queen) … but the US Dollar will be worth “zip” in 175 years … as the King is now un-ziping his Royal clothes (and is parading bare naked before us with only a Repo staff in his hand jerking us around)!!!

  16. paul ...

    It’s not just me … even Obama is worried that the Demon-rats are acting “too commie” … and better tone it down (or they will lose their moderate base) … and he is right … as moderate Democrats are beginning to understand that hyper-inflation will drive them into Warrens 95% tax bracket (supposedly just for the rich) … but effectively putting everyone under a Communist System of Government “where the people own nothing”!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/obama-wtf-are-2020-democrats-doing

  17. john

    John is awesome; however, I find it interesting that the Fed is always given an out because all this is from “mistakes.” I think not. I think these guys know exactly what they are doing. Why else would there be a coordinated take down of all currencies but leaving the dollar on top. No, the few families that own the banks have an agenda. Multi-generational agendas.

    There is no mistake here…the Fed Families are killing us…the goy!

  18. Dr. David Bernhard Bowers

    When man walks away from God he walks toward total ruin, mentally, emotionally, and financially. He at some point realizes that something is wrong, the systems are broken; but he is unable to discern his overarching failure is spiritual. Nothing can be fixed apart from a return to the Lord. Those who mock this will eventually find themselves without any means of hope. The point is not to survive the coming collapse; the purpose is to find God and in so doing save yourself eternally.

    • lightning

      Dr. Bowers,
      Beautifully said.
      In todays world it is easy to feel overwhelmed and insignificant. We are not insignificant in God’s eyes.
      To paraphrase E.E. Hale…
      “I am only one. But I am one. And I will not let what I cannot do, keep me from doing what I can do”
      As you have elegantly said, “what we can do” starts with turning to God.

  19. Da yooper

    Greg wasn’t it Leona Helmsley who said that the law “only applies to little people” that’s why the banks dont go bankrupt. Their actions speak louder than words.

    We all know who is responsible for this corrupt mess & until the bankers & politicians are held responsible & jailed & hung for their corruption ……nothing will change & nothing will improve. This “financial crises ” is going to stumble along for some time to come. 10 years or more…. it will be like being pecked to death by ducks.

    “We made these really predictable & obvious mistakes” ……….WE????? …….really no one asked me for my .02 …….I guess this depends on the “defination of WE ” now dosent it?

    IOW’s Rebino spelled corrupt Wall Street BANKERS & CORRUPT US POLITICIANS ……….wrong……. come on John call a spade a spade. Everyone needs to invest in the poor mans precious metals brass & lead & add some rope because that will be the only way we fix this mess.

  20. paul ...

    A message from the Council on Foreign Relations “to Trump supporters”: Trumps trade war is reeking devastation upon the manufacturing hubs in 30 US States!! … but what kind of devastation “did the Council on Foreign Relations create” when they told past administrations to send all our factories and jobs to China (creating 14 straight years of “negative GDP growth” in the US) … Trump is trying to bring manufacturing back to America (there will be some pain to correct the problem created by these “globalist Council on Foreign Relations weasels” who are now pointing the finger at Trump for correcting “what they did to us”!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/here-are-states-where-trump-trade-war-hammering-china-exports

  21. Aurele

    Great interview Greg!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Aurele. Rubino is a star!

  22. Montana Guy

    Financial elites have DESIGNED their next crash to be fatal. As for the Fed hirelings, I’m sure window offices in the 24-story BIS Tower in Basel are already in place.

    Their ‘global economic reset’ that they have been talking openly about since 2014 is a process, not an event. It is well underway.

    And now we know why they didn’t want their beloved Hillary in The White House.

  23. Russ

    Thanks Greg, I really like the way John Rubino lays the coming crash out. The initial bail0outs back in 2008/09 (QE1) were a mistake. While it avoided bankruptcies for the “To Big to Fail” banks, they should have been allowed to fail; no entity should be considered TBTF, that alone is a warning sign of corruption. My sister and I had this discussion back in ‘09 and she agreed with the bailouts so the system wouldn’t crash, I thought then as I do now — some of the TBTF types needed to fail. Good point about sending signals of what not to do.

    As I recall, GWB was POTUS when some of these critical decisions were being made, but he allowed the POTUS-elect (Obama) to make the decision as to whether QE should continue — the rest is history. Sad that allowing a doofus to make a critical decision on his watch is now part of GWB’s legacy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep Russ, Rubino is a smart well-spoken guy. Thank you for you comment.

  24. Chip

    Good interview Greg/John. Scary times indeed… Chip

  25. paul ...

    Good explanation of Trump’s “rope -a- dope” strategy … like a “butterfly” Trump dodges and weaves to avoid being eaten by the Deep State … and in this way annihilating the “most dangerous dopes” on the planet … while at the same time staying in power (and staying alive) … Trump “will give power back to the American people” by slowly and methodically disabling the Deep State globalists (who have woven a web over the entire world) … Trump is taking America out of the hands of a few globalist bankers, military industrials and multinationals who have controlled our Nation for more than a century … men who have been ruling the United States like a Communist Dictatorship and have been trying to totally destroy our Constitution !!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/everything-you-need-know-about-trump-were-afraid-admit-you-wonderedhttps://www.zerohedge.com/political/everything-you-need-know-about-trump-were-afraid-admit-you-wondered

  26. paul ...

    Possible “good news” for Assange … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/assanges-judge-out-after-conflicts-interest-exposed

  27. Joe Lalonde


    With all these think tanks that the government employs and all this worldwide coordination with governments to follow the US over the abyss of bankruptcy. By keeping people confused, broke and distracted, this allows the coordinated system failure while protecting politicians and bankers through the computer communication and power disruptions that would interfere with group gathering which our governments officials have already organized by corrupted buying of key people and organizations.
    Already some judge’s have ignored the laws and generated their own by decisions against this organization we call government.
    Canada itself should have been totally self-sufficient but the politicians put in laws and policies that make that totally impossible. It is in the US interest to have Canada a vessel state and needing gas and diesel products considering how much natural resources we have.

  28. paul ...

    Too late … after Pelosi puts out her hand saying the “buck stops here” if you want anything done … https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-b792-20bd8d8fa069.storage.googleapis.com/s3fs-public/styles/inline_image_desktop/public/inline-images/c2dbe4ad-e53f-4dfc-af1e-7fd76dfb2368.jpg?itok=S-CW3iDm … the Demon-rats find that “bribery” is considered by the American people to be most damning!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/democrats-flipped-quid-pro-quo-bribery-because-focus-group-told-them

    • paul ...

      The problem the Demon-rats now face is … how do you put a “quid pro quo” in your Swiss Bank Account!!!

  29. al

    Central Bank Confidence? Look at Iran, they just burned their Central Bank Building this weekend.

    Rubino is spot on, problem is the system keeps moving forward like an aimless zombie looking for brains.

    • paul ...

      Those Iranians have a lot more guts then Americans … burning down their Central Bank because gas prices doubled … they know the crooks in their government are out to get their money (as Iran has plenty of oil and gas) … while Americans have $21 Trillion dollars stolen from them and they yawn and fall asleep in front of the TV!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Iran stopped subsidizing energy. Do you have any idea how much we subsidize things here in the USA?

  30. Raffael

    He with the Gold, makes the rules.

    Fiat is as good as bitcoin! Actually, bitcoin is a creation of the market and probably in a better position than fiat.

  31. paul ...

    As you can see the government’s “policy community” (the Deep State, CIA, Brennan, etc.) has gotten a bloated “red faced” heated head … and has forgotten that its mission is to implement the president’s policies … not undermine them!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/exposing-brennan-dossier-all-about-prime-mover-russiagate

  32. J D Gold

    Demand that the decision-makers in government allow the banks, businesses, money managers, currency manipulators, etc that fail, to simply go bankrupt. No one and no business is Too Big to Fail.
    Individuals and families need support in financial crisis, but businesses that fail should restructure through bankruptcy and then disappear or rise again if their purpose is worth salvage.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that JD!!

  33. iwitness02

    Gentlemen, what a good interview! Thank you Greg and John.
    This is the direction I lean to. That simply, good investing, is not going to see us through the growing calamity that is ramping up worldwide.
    This may be more akin to surviving in the jungle, with primitive tools, and a lean diet, and constant peril.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 02!

  34. H. Craig Bradley


    Rome did not fall in one day, one month or even one year. Rather , it declined for 300 years and then eventually “collapsed”. America is in a similar glide-path in all respects but actually proceeding at an accelerated rate compared to the Roman Empire. We won’t last 175 more years and neither will the U.S. Dollar, at current relative values. So, we face immense changes for sure, but total collapse, well probably not. Makes a good story though. Fear sells but it smells.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did they have derivates back then??

      • paul ...

        Good one Greg … no derivatives, no Repos, no printing presses, etc. to speed up the process!!

    • Montana Guy

      H. Craig Bradley, our Founders’ Republic survived for only 72 years (1789-1861). That truth has been lost to generations being indoctrinated by Union schools.

      The gravest condition in our former Republic is not that Commies and Fascists dominate the U.S. government. It is that Americans cannot even imagine a 3rd option beyond voting for what Team R or Team D offer. The ability to think like free men and women has been indoctrinated out of them.

  35. john

    I feel that Rubino has a very good point in regards to gold/silver – the system may change to where it is not as useful as one may think. I am not saying that exposure to the metals is a bad thing but a strategy for a financial apocalypse MUST include far more that AU/AG. Get small – have Au/Ag assets – 10% of portfolio ?, cash, food, water, paid off vehicles, defensive/hunting/fishing capabilities, friends/family, debt reduction, skills, reduced utility demand, land and the peace of mind that you don’t need the best.

    • paul ...

      A solar powered dehumidifier for drinking water would also be useful!!

    • susan

      John, you have everything covered quite well except for medical supplies. OTC medicines and prescription medicines especially.

      • john

        Paul – I have a lithium powered solar generator – military grade – along with a gas generator as well. Susan – have it covered – I practice medicine in neurology and have two medical degrees.

  36. Russ McMeans

    Great interview with Rubino Greg. One of my favorites.
    I’m on his mail list. Thanks for bringing up the topic of bankruptcy. That topic is not discussed much these days. I will share this interview via email and Facebook.

  37. Stan

    If central banks are buying Gold like crazy then why is Gold trading at $1467 – hundreds lower than in 2013? And don’t give me the “its manipulation” BS.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a fraud if you don’t know the prices of metals are suppressed with naked shorts.

      • Warren B.

        The Investing fraternity know this too well hence our little appetite for this relic that doesn’t earn a dime in interest. Stocks and Bonds are the place to be. My investors think so too.
        Positivity brings great rewards.

        • Greg Hunter

          How about the bonds paying negative rates? What does that earn, and what is that worth? “Positivity” is meaningless with out context and knowledge.

          • Warren B.

            Not so fast Mr Hunter.
            Nominal yields have moved higher over the last month on the 2-30yr. I’m on the right side of this move. That’s context and knowledge in one.
            I don’t deal in negative yielding Bonds (yet) !

      • paul ...

        Right Greg … Stan doesn’t even know “he is manipulating” the price of gold with his shorts!!

    • Mike R

      Stan – promise us all here at Greg’s USAWD that you’ll keep shorting gold for the next 2 years. The comic relief will be welcome.

      • Stan

        I be shorting Gold well beyond 2 years from now

    • lancelot

      It’s starting to look like , Stan the man, is correct . Just read on Zero Hedge that the Dow is headed to forty thousand by election day . Not impossible of course but God would have his work cut out stopping this market rally. Wheee .

      • paul ...

        It doesn’t matter … gold’s rise will be 10x the rise in stocks!!

      • Warren B.

        Wrong reference lancelot. Stan is for shorting Gold and buying DB Shares. Read my comments with more care.
        I have a different Investment /Trading Strategy altogether.
        And, I know I’m correct. This rally is not even close to topping out. See my earlier comments about DOW 100,000.
        Some of you need to reassess your strategies.
        Stocks are a “no-brainer”. Only a fool would miss this opportunity.
        Put aside your anxiety. Follow the smart people with the Smart Money.
        Skill, focus and knowledge is what is required.
        As a courtesy, please refrain from confusing Stan (whoever they are) with myself. We are two distinctly separate persons, I can assure you of that.

  38. Tom Wigand


    I was particularly impressed with Mr. Rubino’s (as I’ll term it) “forthrightness in humility” (when he said that he’d started the web site he thought we had two years / never foresaw that the central banks could keep it all patched-together this long).

    And his ability to see the long-term alongside the macro-economic picture.

    I’ve said to acquaintances for years now that I feared that 2008 was merely a large tremor before the “big one” (with the dot.com crash and LTCM events also being large tremors). Mr. Rubino, more knowledgeable on such things as I, seems to confirm my fears. Indeed, my worst fears, with his openness to the possibility of a “Mad Max” scenario.

    I am preparing as best I can, and taking comfort that you-know-who is “firmly in control.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir Tom!! Rubino’s calmness was what made the information particularly good.

  39. Jen

    All the money that has made the rich 7000% richer was the trillions that the USA spent on a war of genocide-especially the 1%. It’s just karma, this time when the downturn begins in 2020, and ends in total Hell by 2030, all those people who got rich off making life and formerly high standard of living nations-and blaming them for it when it was just a satanic ritual of bloodshed for satan will pay the price and the triangle/pyramid will turn into the arrow of death for them. It will be ghoulish-everything you do to others returns to you to experience for yourself, Karma means mirror of truth. You get back what you give. That is the last thing they tell everyone after an NED, when you go back. No one who goes back will ever want to be rich or if they were they will give up all their money because money is only gained by the exploitation and loss of others. Satan runs all money systemd with one goal=to destroy your soul.

  40. Coalburner

    Have you seen the Bill Barr speech at the Federalist Society over at Citizen Press? Worth the time to watch the video. Great Speech.

    • Frank D2

      I agree it was a great speech, but Obama also gave some good speeches. Talk is cheap. Action defines things. The problem is that NO ONE HAS BEEN INDICTED YET. It is now day 1,034 of the Trump administration and still NO ONE has been indicted for sedition/treason. We keep hearing about “tick tock” and “Q” talking about “incoming”. I call BS. NOTHING has happened to the traitors. Dream on. We are officially a “banana republic” where the laws only apply to the little people. Is Trump merely controlled opposition? Unless many are quickly indicted and tried in military tribunals, it would appear so. I have contacted the White House and let President Trump know that if he doesn’t address the “coup” against him with indictments, trials and jail/executions he won’t be getting my vote in 2020. Because, WHY??

  41. Duane

    The left scare tactics hoping to crash the markets so Trump gets the blame.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not a “Left scar tactic” it’s just math which it appears you flunked in school.

  42. Edward Ulysses Cate

    The movie “Rollover” was simply almost 40 years (1981) ahead of its time.

    ” the Arabs panic and pull all of their money out of every bank in America, and possibly the entire world. The globe is gripped by panic and rioting as people discover all of their money is now worthless.”


  43. JC

    Greg, you have often mentioned “custodial risk”, MF Global, Jon Corzine. Something interesting here by Armstrong.


    “Judge Martin Glenn presided on M.F. Global bankruptcy and created the first BAIL-IN without Congressional Authority. He was the first one to engage in FORCED LOANS by abandoning the rule of law to help the bankers and protect Corzine from losses by taking client accounts to cover M.F. Global’s losses.
    What Judge Martin Glenn’s ruling warns is you should NOT trust any company based in New York City. No other circuit would uphold what Glenn did to protect Corzine.”


  44. JC

    Stan, here is an excerpt for you from an interview with Bob Moriarty at 321gold.com.

    Bob Moriarty: Exactly. Stop right there. Everybody else, and you just explained how the government is going to stop Deutsche Bank from going under. You cannot convince me, because I saw the biggest military in world history totally defeated by guys in the jungle with an AK-47 in one hand, and a ball of rice in the other hand. Do not try to convince me governments are powerful. Governments want you to believe they’re powerful, but at the end of the day, they are paper tigers. Mathematically, you can write this down and put it on a piece of paper. You can take it to the bank and you can cash it. Mathematically, Deutsche Bank has to fail. They cannot possibly continue to infinity. There is no cure for Deutsche Bank.


    • Stan

      You believe everything Moriarty says?

  45. Jerry

    What have I been saying the past several years? China has been preparing to dislodge from the dollar? And here it is.

    But, I guess until it actually happens no one will give me credit for this prediction. But know this, the banks in China are in trouble, unable to do repos, so it will soon be every man for himself.

  46. Stan

    Paul: I’ll make you a deal. You think Gold is worth around 7k per ounce, right? Well, I can deliver you all the ounces you want for 5k per ounce. That is a savings of 2k per ounce! When can we set up the deal?

    • paul ...

      Stan … I’m getting a better deal in the open market … picking it up for only $1470 per ounce!!

    • Mike G

      Stan has that much gold in his teeth apparently, because he has it no where else.

    • Jerry

      Paul is right. Here’s a question for you. Not that you’ll give an intelligent answer, but as a learning tool for you. Here it is. If gold doesn’t really have any value, why is China buying so much of it?

      Let me guess? They’re having a secret love affair with gold. Right?Im betting that you think real estate is worthless dirt to. Wake up dude. Rock always beats paper.

      • Stan

        Jerry: If China has been buying so much Gold over the past few years then why has the Gold price dropped from $1900+ to under $1500 today?

  47. Diane

    Wow..what will this do to the bond market, if anything?

  48. Bill B

    I believe those who are being charged with price fixing in the metals market will get the same deal as other banksters.
    They get a huge fine, which is paid by the bank, and they go back to what they were doing. Seems no one goes to jail anymore except Madoff.
    It will be interesting to see what Barr does.

  49. Diane

    I have a prediction!
    Trump will resign due to health issues.
    Democrats will nominate Mayor Pete B.
    Republicans will nominate Nicki Hayley.

    Winner will be Nicki Hayley…first woman President of the US.

  50. Open Eyes

    On Jeffrey Epstein:

    So Jeffrey Epstein’s guards were negligent in their duty allowing Epstein to “commit suicide”. These guards can be investigated to see if there is a possible lead directing them back to their possible bribers. The possible bribers, who are probably middlemen, can be investigated to find out who possibly funded this operation: if there was one. Whoever funded this possible assassination can then be investigated to reveal all their linkages.

    The Epstein case hasn’t gone cold. Someone tell Barr.

  51. Mike R

    We all knew this here, but now its ‘official.’ Impeachment IS a coup.

    In his commentary, Hanson, author of “The Case for Trump,” details each of the following 10 reasons he believes Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Donald Trump constitute an actual coup:

    1) Impeachment 24/7

    2) False whistleblowers.

    3) First-term impeachment

    4) No special-counsel finding.

    5) No bipartisanship.

    6) No high crimes or misdemeanors.

    7) Thought crimes?

    8) Double standards.

    9) The Schiff factor.

    10) Precedent.

    Read full analysis here.

    Times up for the Dems. Seriously, Declare martial law, and have everyone of these treasonous bastards arrested and sent to Guantananmo Bay for lifetime incarceration. Military tribunals optional.

    This charade and total perversion of so called ‘justice’ is beyond fraudulent, and into the realm of psychotic and sociopathic criminality. How can they be allowed to continue this travesty and get away with calling an OBVIOUS coup an ‘impeachment’ is absolutely 3rd world banana republic lawless gang style behavior.

    • Mike G

      Barr isn’t gonna do chit, no indictments for russia-gate ukraine gate, any fn gate. He is just the figurehead of the corrupt DOJ. The federal government is so corrupt, it is beyond redemption, prepare yourself, family and friends

  52. Mellowbird

    Martin Armstrong’s interpretation of the ramifications of the repo market interventions is very different from many of your interviewees. I hope you can interview him soon. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/products_services/products/the-repo-crisis/

  53. paul ...

    Israel is buying US Treasuries while the rest of the world is dumping them … so Trump is probably rewarding Israel for the favor … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-slams-us-backing-israeli-settlements-new-dangerous-escalation

  54. paul ...

    More good news for Julian Assange … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/sweden-drops-rape-investigation-julian-assange

  55. JC

    John Rubino says, “The Fed is desperately trying to prolong this thing.”

    Bob Moriarty at 3 21gold.com uses the words “sheer panic.”

    “If the stock market bubble bursts, life is about to get very interesting. Combined with sheer panic on the part of the Federal Reserve, caution on the part of investors is probably a good idea.”


  56. JC

    Hoping Martin Armstrong will be back on USA Watchdog in the near future.

    “The Repo Crisis has NOTHING to do with the Fed hiding some problem in the USA and the Fed is not monetizing the debt using Repo. We have a major crisis unfolding and neither the central banks nor the primary dealer banks will talk about what is taking place behind the curtain. This is a very MAJOR CRISIS, and it will get far worse. I am rushing to get this report out ASAP because this can be the mother of all financial crises that is over the heads of domestic analysis and mainstream press will NEVER report it unless it would impeach Trump.”


  57. Gary

    Although Mr. Rabino did not speak from a biblical worldview on coming events, he hit very close to what the Bible tells us is coming and appears to be right on the horizon. His hope is for a somewhat mild reset with people transitioning nicely through it. However, hoping for the best admirable, but what we see going on in the world today tells us that things will go otherwise.

    The November 19th post by Pat Buchanan entitled “What’s Behind Our World on Fire?” is worth the read. You can find it here:

    There is more to the planet’s current condition than human stupidity and greed. Just as there are inescapable principles at work in the financial world, which wicked men are manipulating to the detriment of humanity, there are also spiritual principles at work that cannot be escaped:

    James 5:1-9:
    1) Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
    2) Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
    3) Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.
    4) Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.
    5) Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
    6) Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.
    7) Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.
    8) Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.
    9) Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.

    “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind …” (Hosea 8:7).

    The LORD is coming sooner than many of us think! But between now and then, increasing trouble will be coming on the earth. The Bible is clear about this:

    Daniel 12:1-2:
    1) And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.
    2) And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

    Isaiah 26:20-21:
    20) Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
    21) For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

    Matthew 24:10-13:
    10) And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
    11) And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
    12) And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
    13) But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

    Luke 9:25-26:
    25) For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?
    26) For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.

    Get ready, get ready, get ready while there is still time!

    Isaiah 55:6-7:
    6) Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:
    7) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

  58. J.

    Hi Greg, thanks for all you do, I really appreciate you.

    It seems to me, you provide more than enough, well qualified experts, who tell us how and why, hard times are coming for many of us, but very little is provided for how to sufficiently and appropriately prepare for said hard times.

    Would you please invite some Preparation and Survival experts on your show, to help us prepare?

    Thanks, again! 🙂

    • Keith wilson

      Go to askaprepper.com. Tons of information on how to survival the coming collapse.

    • Politically correct politician

      JR host a great website,

  59. William Davis

    Greg– as always I enjoy the content of your shows, however Mr Rubino sounds like a broken record to me, like Peter Schiff. We have all heard it before. Its the Fed.

    Its on each rugged individual to save himself. Create your own gold/silver backed economy. Get out of debt.

    I was amused by Rubino’s thought that an authoritarian government might emerge from the debris likely someone from the right. Rubino is apparently historically ignorant to the lock the left and its ilk have on authoritarian governments. Keep showing us which side you hail from Rubino.

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