Fed Wants Lower Dollar and Inflation – Craig Hemke

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke contends there is no mystery why the dollar is going down in value. Hemke explains, “You’ve got the Fed wanting a lower dollar. You’ve got the President of the United States wanting a lower dollar and, lo and behold, the dollar is going down.  It was a year ago, about this time, when the predominate story was “king dollar.”  The dollar was going to soar and all this kind of jazz.  Last year (2017), it looked like it was breaking out, and it got to 103 (on the USDX).  Instead, it fell by 10% and, so far this year, it’s already down about 3%, and here we are just in early February.  It’s not straight down.  It’s probably not going to plunge in 2018 as fast as it rose in 2014, but anyone can take a look at a chart and see it’s going down.  This has significant implications for this year and going into next year.  If it was disinflation on the way up, it will be inflation on the way down.”Hemke thinks commodities are undervalued and cheap relative to stocks, which just had the biggest one day sell-off in years. Hemke contends, “$15 trillion worth of QE has been applied, $15 trillion worth of currency created in the last 8 years. . . . So, there are trillions and trillions of dollars that are sloshing around the planet, and when they all head in one direction, you get things like Bitcoin.  If all of this money starts to head into commodities due to a falling dollar and recognition of inflation, commodities are going up, as is crude, as is silver.  I think it would be wise of people to position themselves ahead of it. . . . The commodities sector will rebound on the sinking dollar.”

Hemke says the dollar is not just facing technical forces of devaluation, but it also faces some political risk. The dollar is basically a confidence game, and if people lose confidence in the U.S., the dollar can take a sharp beating.  Hemke says, “This is something we are going to be talking about all year.  I call it the three major themes for 2018. . . . Political risk. . . . Geopolitical risk . . . and de-dollarization.  You can see how these pieces fit together. . . . This could get more disorderly than it was in 2008. . . . The point of this forecast is not to sit here and say gold is going back to $1,900 (per ounce) by this time next year and then going to $5,000.  What I am trying to say is people need to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.    We have had to sit and put up with this garbage for the last five years with prices getting continually pounded, rallying and then getting beaten back.  Now, you can see on the chart, and not just gold, it’s silver, it’s crude oil, it’s copper and all these other commodities . . . There is an opportunity here for people who want to take advantage of it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke of TFMetalsReport.com.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    Stay strong metal fans, over time it will prevail.

    This is why I don’t like when predictions are made by Clif High about Bitcoin and Gerald Celente, who I used to like, now sits on the fence. Max Keiser is increasingly becoming like the MSM. It shows that they needs to run a different narrative to keep their subscriptions going.

    Peter Schiff, Jim Willie, David Morgan & James Rickards stick to what they know and trust and to be truthful.

    • Speedy

      Anthoney Australia
      Somewhere [Down Under]

      The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca

      Taking on the whole corrupt town and living to tell about it!


      What great American does this great American, Elfego Baca, remind you of?
      For me, i’ll give you a hint. That other great American, is a Swamp Fox!
      9 lives, both? No, Gods speed, both!

      Adios, amigos Anthony,
      wherever you are. . .

      • Anthony Australia


      • Anthony Australia


      • Beverly Kingsford

        Craig Hemke is a really nice guest to have on. He’s the kind of guy that you can have a nice conversation with. I think he has some great points here in this interview. I know I’m motivated to go out and buy some commodities, metals and mining shares. Nice guy here Greg. I enjoyed this interview.

    • Tad

      James Rickards is sticking to his ten percent gold of an individual portfolio. If we’re to believe him to be a knowledgeable insider, he presumes to know that a deflationary collapse and US domestic debt jubilee is forthcoming. Period.
      The best laid plans . . . .

      • Anthony Australia

        Jimmy is starting to sound a little deceiving to me.

    • Paul ...

      Anthony … As Craig Hemke says … “there is no mystery as to why the dollar is going down” … “They Want It That Way” … just like “they” wanted to destroy the US and its Constitution, put a crook in as President, make America a Nation without borders, a Nation without God, a Nation without morals … they shipped our good jobs overseas and imported alien workers to take the bad jobs … shipped our young men overseas to die in unlimited wars, and then shipped all our gold from Fort Knox overseas … their goal was to crucify America … well now we have Trump … and these traitors are going to jail … for far too long the American people were “nailed to a cross” … asking our Father in Heaven “why have you forsaken us” … “do we all have to die for “the sins of traitors”?” … God the Father’s reply is … “No” … “you my people like my Son will rise from the death and ashes imposed upon you by evil traitors” … “I will Resurrect America and make it Great Again” … “but listen carefully to my words … do not squander your energies … look at silver for instance … it is a very tiny market … but the traitors have created all types of “paper” silver and have directed you to buy into this enormous “paper silver market” where they can then control the price and keep it down … you do not have to die for the traitor’s sins (creating “paper” gold and silver) … simply control your greed … and you can get off the traitors “paper cross of gold” (and silver) … just buy “physical metal” … and you shall see silver and gold’s price rise from the grave … but you must avoid all the traitor’s silver options, silver futures, silver stocks, etc. … and the “very small physical silver market” will rise from the grave … by a $1 per day … for 1000 days”!!

      • dan

        Sure God is coming to the rescue of a nation where a far greater number of them will watch the Super Bowl than darken the doorway of any number of churches. Yout zeal is in NO way indicative of most of this nation. “These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me” Show me a national repentance and crying out to God. There is no biblical precedent for what you are saying.

        • Will

          So right. We are a post Christian nation now. Cased closed.

          • Greg Hunter

            NO WE ARE NOT. “Case wide OPEN.” How do you think trump got elected with all the cheating and treason????

            • Bowleg Jones

              Good on ya, Greg!

        • Eric

          Amen Dan. And don’t compare what “Americans” are going thru with the suffering Jesus went thru on the cross.
          And don’t think that those manufacturing jobs will somehow come back. What we do have are a lot of bartenders and food servers.
          Oh yes and the last guest said all our debt could be resolved by pumping Alaskan oil (maybe). Would that include our individual debt, city debt, state debt, pension debt AND government debt which includes $200 Trillion in unfunded SS and Medicare debt.
          Anyone care to calculate how many barrels of oil we would need to produce (and not consume) to equal that debt.
          No, just like congress, no one cares to look at the math.

        • Paul ...

          Dan … There was no precedence for that “first” dreamer Jesus Christ 2000 years ago … who was betrayed for a few silver coins … and who cried out to the Father “Why have you forsaken me??” … today there are many dreamers in America crying out (and they are not all alien’s) …”Stop the be-headings of Christians and the Crucifixion of our Nation by Traitors for worthless fiat paper dollars” … we will not go like “lambs to slaughter” and be Crucified for the sins of the Traitors among us … the National Repentance you are looking for is visible to all in the recent election results (putting Donald Trump into office instead of crooked Hillary) … Jesus had many “alien” thoughts (probably put there by God the Father when he artificially inseminated Mary) … like Thou Shall not Kill (like the warmongers do) … Thou Shall not Steal (like the banksters do) … Thou Shall not Bear False Witness Against your Neighbor (as Mueller and Hillary are now doing to Trump) … the Deep State neocon warmongers want to rid the world of such “alien thoughts” of “Peace and Good Will on Earth toward all Men” … show you a national repentance and crying out to God … from every Religious Pulpit of the World there is a crying out to God for Salvation … and every and all Traitors will be made to Repent for their Sins!!

          • Paul ...

            American patriots are now in the process of restoring the American Republic by going after the traitors in the DOJ and FBI that have betrayed our Nation … next on the list are the traitors in the The Department of State who have allowed foreign governments to manage our foreign policy and foreign aid programs … the neocon globalists are now fighting back by crashing the stock market on Trump (but Trump can retaliate by crashing all the US fiat dollars these globalists own making them worthless) … as for us ordinary citizens we must take refuge in physical gold and silver while this war between Trump and the Deep State gets hot … we (unlike those cowards 2000 years ago) will not allow our good leader to be crucified by evil Demons to absolve them of their sins!!

        • Miggy

          Drive down any 3 mile road in rural America and what do you see? Churches. That is plural. America is littered with Churches thank God. America is not done yet the supernaturally elected Trump presidency is proof of that.

          You can choose to see what you want to see but this country is literally littered with Churches.

    • ross

      Yes .Max Keiser ,Clif High and others failed to warn people that bankers bought into cryptos last yr when they pumped them up. The late comers like any pyramid scheme outlay the most for the greatest risk. I cannot see the bankers letting go of their choke hold on cryptos.

      • Anthony Australia

        Bingo! They predict yet seem to leave out so many finer details. It’s more cryptically stated than Nostradamus.

  2. allen ols

    DAVID STOCKMAN debates NEIL CAVUTO on Fox News. Heated debate.

    Google it.

    • allen festus ols

      dick morris lunch break, reveals that Hillary gave 465,500 dollars to McCabe’s wife’s senate run, and was tasked with reviewing Hillary’s e mails found on Anthony whiners computer, of which Huma abidine stored them. conflict of interest.


      • allen festus ols

        ….so Cristopher wray found out that Mcabe DELAYED reviewing hillarys e mails by 3 wks, before starting AFTER THE ELECTION, AND mentioned in the memos released. ba ha ha ah

        • allen festus ols

          should not the democrats open a “british probe” for MI6 meddeling in our elections by using Steele a british spy.

        • JC T Bass

          One more post below and Im gona call you Paul festus ols.
          I could hit it if I had a good rock.

          • Greg Hunter

            JCT Bass,
            Who do you think you are?? Allen, post all you want. I’ll pick you over “Bass” any day.

            • JC Davis

              LOL Got ya Greg.

              • Greg Hunter

                You did. Party on.

            • allen ols

              I call JC Davis Barney Fife, He calls me festus hagan from gunsmoke. lol

              • Greg Hunter

                OK I don’t want someone insulting you. It’s a joke, and you are good with it, so am I.

  3. Tim Buck Too

    F-16 Swamp Fox Fighter Squadron
    We got your back Mr.President, sir!

  4. Apollo

    When people realize that Central Banks are the so called “Market or commonly known as Wall Street” then and only then will understand why the Stock/Bond Market will perpetuate to Infinity and Gold and Silver will only be as always have been instruments of personal financial insurance and not of speculation. Buy the Dip is as actual now as when it appeared back in 2010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0akBdQa55b4

  5. Speedy

    Pat Boone on Trump

  6. Dave Duclos

    Great common sense interview with Hemke. As to what Pres Trump said about the dollar, he said that eventually he wanted a strong dollar. Key word was eventually. This could be after a reset. Dave in Michigan

  7. Rob

    Hi Greg and Craig!
    This whole “release the memo” and some of the low level scum it will remove is a “look over there” distraction while this group quietly maneuverers the world into a global government with a world wide blockchain:

    One must not forget the last kingdom will be a revival of the Roman kingdom that began as two legs of iron but ends as 10 toes of iron and clay that shall mingle themselves with the seed of men being all peoples from the loins of Ham, Shem, and Japheth:
    Daniel 2:40-44 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron, forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things; and as iron that crusheth all these, shall it break in pieces and crush. (41) And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, it shall be a divided kingdom; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. (42) And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. (43) And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay. (44) And in the days of those kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed, nor shall the sovereignty thereof be left to another people; but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

    This last kingdom of ten toes will be all those that “dwell on the earth” during the tribulation being governed by a chain of command:
    BIS>IMF>FED+GS>Central Banks>G20>the masses that “dwell on the earth”:
    Revelation 6:10 and they cried with a great voice, saying, How long, O Master, the holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
    We could very well see Hillary and company locked up but that will not stop this:
    Know your true enemy church because his power structure is going to tempt you just as the Holy Spirit led Jesus to be tempted by him:
    Matthew 4:1-4 Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. (2) And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he afterward hungered. (3) And the tempter came and said unto him, If thou art the Son of God, command that these stones become bread. (4) But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
    “Every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” proves the “church” are the “saints” who are the “elect” who are proven through all 7 years of tribulation:
    Anyone who tries to teach you otherwise does not understand this passage:
    Acts 14:22 Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.
    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • JC

      Rob. I have a few that want to buy my 19 ac.at a huge profit. All I say is I cant sell what I know God gave me for a reason. With 5G maybe I, and the called ones can avoid some of the radiation about to be dumped upon city dwellers.

      • Rob

        Hi JC!
        Yea I agree that staying out of the cities is a very good idea! A good chunk of wilderness both physical and spiritual will be the place to be:
        Revelation 12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that there they may nourish her a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

  8. Sean

    Peter shift has said it correctly in his recent pod cast. I’ve been saying this since 2010. Lowering rates create bubbles and deflation. By raising interest rates higher after entrapping the people in large debts it crashes bubbles and squeezes margins on businesses which are then forced to raise price to cover their loans in turn creating the inflation in goods prices. The govt has already secured inflation from massive minimum wage increases as well.

    • Frederick

      Peter Schiff

      • Greg Hunter

        Soon come– like Wednesday.

  9. Sean

    2nd point Commodities- with rising interest rates squeezing companies the cost structure of the raw goods to finish product COMPOUND. So a miner gets inflation in costs and passes them on. The refiner of widgets pays more interest on his loans plus has to pay more for the commodity. And compounds thru to end user. Meanwhile business are going to be claiming poverty to employees thru this painful process in fighting the workers over pay. STAGFLATION.

  10. John

    Greg, I always like listening to Craig – great guest with practical insights! I would like to add that we are currently living within a system of financial anarchy where the cohesive forces that used to price markets and establish rates have been essentially eliminated through the accrual of debt and the need to service that debt by manipulation of all things real or face an economic apocalypse that our perception of wealth has been an illusion for many years.
    As the dollar loses value and inflation rises those individuals who were tuned in and have been reducing debt and accumulating tangible assets will be the only ones standing when this current economic system derails itself under the trillions of dollars of debt and eventually either implodes via deflation or explodes by inflation. I do not feel that rates can rise as the servicing of the debt will be a limit to its expansion as will be the reciprocal destruction in the bonds used to support the financial system. We need to revalue the debt by repricing gold as it is universally seen as money throughout the world and get back to allowing FREE markets to determine both commodity prices and rates on debt. We are entering the “Horse Latitudes” of an economic system where we are in real danger of stalling and when that happens we will either get deflation or inflation either of which is going to very painful for many Americans who are in debt.

    • John


      With the recent dip in the stock market did we just see where the upper limit of rates will be if the stock market is to be saved? It seems to me that the ten year bond is telling us something as the rates went down and the market rebounded.

      • Greg Hunter

        Bottom to top, including futures last night you had a nearly 2,000 point gyration. No way this happens with out major manipulation and intervention. I think central banks will do anything to keep this bubble from popping. That is the scary part because when it pops the correction will be out of control.

        • John

          I agree with you Greg. Don’t you just have to laugh though when the stock market corrects less than 10% and the financial pundits come out and declare a bottom and urge people to buy more stock. My take on the last few days is that the stock market can’t handle a small increase in rates without a historical drop of epic scale. This pain will be the reason why rates will not be allowed to rise along with the burden that rising rates will have on servicing our debt. Since we appear to be stuck within a bond rate range between near 0% to just under 3% will there come a point in time where the bond market offers no safety against inflation if the bond is held to maturity but at the same time offering very little price appreciation as rates are so low? Is the bond market close to stalling because we can’t stomach the implosion of the equity markets and can’t handle as well a greater percentage of taxes needed to service the debt via increasing rates? The central banks are walking a tight rope where they risk either deflation or inflation but as they journey on through time the rope becomes more narrow and balance becomes harder to maintain – its just hard to know at the present time the width of the rope. but it feels narrow!

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes John, and we are headed for razor thin.

  11. Mark

    Armstrong predicts euro starts to fall march April 2018 and dollar goes for next two years, metals to take off 2021-22 as everyone see the end game plays out on dollar.

    • Frederick

      Dollar goes WHERE for the next two years?

  12. Morell Mushroom

    Why do we have to go to Russia for the Truth?

    Over One Year Ago, mind you!

    On Contact: Real purpose of the then intel report on Russian hacking with Abby Martin & Ben Norton 96,752 views
    RT America aired on Jan 15, 2017


    Chris Hedges is joined by journalists Abby Martin and Ben Norton to discuss the then declassified U.S. intelligence report on Russia’s alleged “influence campaign” on the U.S. presidential election.

  13. Morell Mushroom

    Shutdown Your Electronic Hallucinations,
    Chris Hedges Empire Of Illusion
    MS[NBC]COMCAST / CNN/C[BS]/NBC take note please!

  14. andyb

    Greg: Craig is well aware of the articles by SRSRocco regarding the silver industry and the price going forward. The planet has reached peak silver as evidenced by ever declining ore grades mined and the lack of investment in exploration and drilling. Aside from these very positive signs there is also the fact that the EROI (energy return on investment) is becoming dire for all miners, not just silver or base metals. Should oil get back to $100, all silver only mines will be unprofitable, and many of the base metal mining operations (from whence 2/3 of all silver is produced) will suffer. What this implies is that while demand for silver will only go higher for its 1000s of irreplaceable industrial uses, the supply of silver is rapidly diminishing and mineable deposits may disappear altogether. Both Holter and Kirby agree that silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet. Take heed, folks.

    • Frederick

      That’s why I’m adding to my Silver stack now

    • Paul ...

      And take heed that that Traitor Judas also thought a few silver coins were very valuable (worth betraying Jesus and having him Crucified) … unlike the men of 2000 years ago we Christians today will not so easily allow good men to go “like lambs to slaughter” … Hillary and her gang are still trying to slaughter Trump … imagine if we had voted Hillary in and allowed her to crucify Trump … “all of her sins and her gangs sins” would have been washed away … they got away with it 2000 years ago … they will not be allowed to do it today!!

  15. Russ McMeans

    Thanks for the interview Greg. Craig is right about how the world views the dollar in light of our ridiculous political turmoil. And the Dems will be the perfect catalyst to ruin our dollar when the try to impeach the President. They are willing to burn down this country if they can regain power!
    I think Craig is friends with Jim Willie, Greg. He interviewed the golden jackass on his TF Metals website. I miss Willie. Hopefully he’s ok down there in Costa Rica. He’s a riot to listen to!

  16. Tracy Welborn

    Hey Greg;
    I always enjoy Craig Hemke. His down to earth, non-alarmist, factual style is my preferrence. I think the Geo-political factors are far outweighing economics when it comes to the value of possessing real money – gold and silver. That coupled with the bond market and its attempt to find the TRUE VALUE of debt – will bring the house of cards down. So grateful I found USA Watchdog with all its “free” information, perspective and advice.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tracy.

  17. BRValentine

    $USD short-term oversold (technically) expect some bounces along the way.However, now in early innings of Stage IV decline with ultimate price object $80.

    Gold needs to clear $1,400 hurdle which brings about $1,500-$1,600 range and perhaps a bit higher.

    Silver needs to clear $17.75; $18.25 & $18.65 hurdles before meaningful advance to $20-$22 zone.

    WTIC short-term pause /consolidation in order to build cause/energy (no pun) before attacking higher levels $75-$80 zone and potentially $90.

    Copper chewing through 2013 digestion/resistance before resuming primary trend to $4-$4.20 zone.

    TNX/10-Yr measured move out of inverted H&S pattern projects 3.8%.

    How many out there factoring in $90bbl and 3.8% 10-Yr?

    Next 12-24 months will be led via Commodities.

    Good luck everyone and to a prosperous 2018!

    • Eric

      First we get a meaningful drop in oil, gold, and commodities.

      • Paul ...

        Not if Trump keeps the US dollar falling!!!

  18. Steven Hunter

    one thing he did not put out ,and I don’t blame him but ,what if Trump put in the chess game ending the fed res game and giving the control of the fed res bank back to us?
    What if Trump has cut deals with other leaders to help them take control of there currentse and end the control the central banks have over the world? No one will talk about that or very few will!
    Can any one gather the thoughts of a world with out WAR or stock markets that s real and fair, How about all the suprested TEC that’s out there coming out to us all,What an economy that would make.
    I don’t know about what others think or see, but I see one hell of a chess game happing in our world ,and there is one hell of a MASTER CHESS Player working the board for us! TRUMP, I could care less what anyone says ,words are cheap !lets see action!!
    and if you don’t see whats going on ,if you cant hear the cries of the croupt ! then pull your head out of you a##.
    yes there is going to be pain to fix this mess we all know this ,but it must be done not just for the USA but for the WORLD, If we loose the constitution and the Bill of wrights the WORLD is screwed not just us!! So there is so much talk that is how bad things are and can get ,it would be a good thing to hear what this world could be like with out the central banks robbing us all and controlling our gov ! I do not know what you think about this but all I can say is oh my god what a world it could be !!!!!
    Greg God Bless You And All Your Family and all the readers and most of all God Bless Trump and GOD BLESS AMERICA
    Ps I hope you can find some one to cover this.

    • Paul ...

      Steven … as you say “there is going to be pain to fix this mess” … and Hillary well knows this … as she effectively said “if we don’t crucify Trump we will never be forgiven of our sins”!!

      • Paul ...

        Just like those bastards that killed Christ said … he died so as to forgive them of their sins!!

        • Paul ...

          As for the Fed … with Trumps new Fed Chief saying “he will now be working for the American people” … gives some credence to your idea Steven ( that this chess game will end in finally giving control of the Fed back to the American people instead of the banksters)!!

  19. Mike R

    Bitcoin is at $8180 as of 2/4/2018 at 1:30 pm CST. Of course it has seen a low down around $7600 this past week. It even bounced up around $9000 this past week. Whats interesting is these range bounces don’t last long when it hits a new low. Many seem to keep buying the dip. That’s called the slippery slope of hope.

    There’s a pretty decent chance that the US stock market does the same from here on out.
    There has been such a slew of good market news for the better part of the year. Bull markets end on lots of good news. People forget how good the news was leading up to 2008 crash, and 2000 crash. They just remember the aftermath, after the peak.

    Once the 10 year yield gets over 3%, and the Fed rushes to raise rates a few more times, as the dollar keeps falling, then we might see the last T-bond reversion, and a Fed’s desperate attempt to reflate, by once again dropping interest rates. That probably doesn’t start until mid 2019.

    Its very hard for people to imagine now, the stock market doing anything but going straight up. $15 trillion in QE will do that for psychology, which is probably what the CB’s wanted to happen all along. They got their wish.

    Now who will be the folks that buy the dips all the way down, and ride that slippery slope of hope ? All based on belated FOMO. Triggered by the few who made loads of money on the Crypto’s. Now the many, having missed out on both Crypto’s rise, and the 8 year US stock market rise, will be plowing in whatever hard earned money they have set aside in low yielding bank accounts back into stocks and cryptos at precisely the wrong time ? The few percent who have received the most gains, will be selling their chips to the weak hands. Banking their profits and waiting for the next cycle to begin, after stocks revert to their mean, which is at lest 65% lower from here.

    • Mohammad

      Mike R,

      Those peaks and troughs of Bitcoin and its violent swings are the exact hall mark of a FREE MARKET moves that are not manipulated.
      All other market charts are very predicted and one way direction because of manipulation, Bitcoin is free, violent, strong, not for the faint of hearts, bull market because it is GOLD.

      One day when the mask is removed and the real face is shown people will be astonished how did they miss the gold’s bull market and kept their eyes fixed on the Comex gold numbers..!

      The recent drops in Bitcoin are an attempt for the Powers to circumvent the masked gold by simply putting it on the stock exchange to drop papers on it and naked short it.

      Will they succeed like what they did with ETF?
      Don’t know.
      But i can tell you Bitcoin is to get to 50000$ at least, the same number Jim Sinclair quoted for gold who by the way is the CEO of the Singapore metal stock exchange.


      • Silence is Golden

        BTC…is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme….refer Bernie Madoff or MF Global.
        BTC doesnt operate in a “Free” market…..are you deluding yourself ?
        Free markets imply full knowledge….with BTC and its price movements….there’s a large UNEXPLAINED GAP in knowledge.
        Gold is a manipulated market. Its price doesnt experience wild swings.
        You make a connection that BTC is Gold’ Beard.
        Gold is MONEY…its price should remain relatively stable.
        BTC has experienced the opposite.
        BTC is not money. BTC is not GOLD.
        End of Story.
        Move onto something more productive.

        • Mohammad

          BTC IS GOLD’s BEARD…..

    • Frederick

      Cryptos are dead ducks walking I thankfully stayed clear of that nonsense

      • Paul ...

        Good for you Frederick … to resist greed is very hard for us humans … Jesus never said being strong would be easy … however those who fought temptation … are now saved!!

        • Paul ...

          Two thousand years ago Jesus was tempted in the garden … not with “bit coin” but with having the riches of the entire world (if he would just stop going around making trouble for the Hilary’s of his day) … the temptation was great … but Evil could not buy Jesus … just as the Evil ones today can’t buy Trump … Evil does not know how to deal with a man who cannot be not swayed by bribes of money … except to crucify him on a cross (or hang him as a Russian spy)!

  20. commie weasel

    Thanks Greg – very interesting interview. The overarching problems I have with the gist of this interview are DJIA -666 on Friday and the continuous Comex futures Gold price manipulations. Reality may be much harsher and happen sooner than Mr. Hemke postulates.

    • Greg Hunter


  21. Clare Doll

    So this could be the death of the Democratic Party, and they aren’t going to go down without a fight to the death! Then the seemingly coincident release of the memo and the fall of the Dow by 666 is not a warning shot by those devil-worshiping, number-manipulating nitwits — IT IS THE BEGINNING OF A MAJOR ECONOMIC COLLAPSE so that we all worry about where our next meal is coming from and not about whether or not Hillary or Obama go to jail. And if we don’t get our act together, Hillary will be the next president after a Democratic sweep of the House and Senate impeaches Trump. So don’t look here, look HERE!

    And if this is the fight to the death that I think it is, then HELLo BLACK MONDAY!

    • Greg Hunter

      They are fighting like hell over protecting Hillary Clinton because if they get to her the will find President Obama was the ringmaster of this treason and fraud.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, it is all pointing to Obama isn’t it? The left couldn’t stand their Godly King Obama having his chair pulled out from under him, as he is the beloved President of the American haters. But your comment suggested to me that old Hillary will give him up if she gets under stress (indicted); I suspect even if that was not what you suggested it is true nevertheless.

      • JC

        Greg M is hysterical today on youtube.

    • Clare Doll


  22. Morell Mushroom

    FBI is threatening Trump: Chris Farrell

    As Paul Harvey used to say, here’s the rest of the story.
    The real reason for the F.B.I. PANIC! What they don’t want the sheeple getting even a whiff of BECAUSE HEADS WILL ROLL, THEIRS!

    Whistleblower Tapes: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer,’ Brennan’s and Clapper’s Secret Computer System
    By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones
    President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper and his Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director John Brennan oversaw a secret supercomputer system known as “THE HAMMER,” according to former NSA/CIA contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery.
    Clapper and Brennan were using the supercomputer system to conduct illegal and unconstitutional government data harvesting and wiretapping. THE HAMMER was installed on federal property in Fort Washington, Maryland at a complex which some speculate is a secret CIA and NSA operation operating at a US Naval facility.
    President Trump’s allegation that the Obama Administration was wiretapping him is not only supported by Montgomery’s whistleblower revelations about Brennan’s and Clapper’s computer system THE HAMMER, but also by statements by William Binney, a former NSA Technical Director of the World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group, by former CIA and State Department official Larry Johnson, and by Montgomery’s attorney Larry Klayman.
    Computer expert Dennis Montgomery developed software programs that could breach secure computer systems and collect massive amounts of data.
    That system, THE HAMMER, according to the audio tapes, accessed the phone calls, emails and bank accounts of millions of ordinary Americans.
    The tapes also reveal that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (FISA), Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, 156 other judges, members of Congress, and Donald J. Trump were targeted by the HAMMER.
    Montgomery also contends that the government can plant files such as child pornography or state secrets on a target’s computer, setting up the owner of that device for blackmail or framed prosecution.
    Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson alleged in 2013 she was under electronic surveillance for at least two years and that three classified documents were planted on her “compromised” computer.
    The audio tapes were released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow in Maricopa County, Arizona in the Justice Department’s civil contempt case against Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio.

    General Thomas McInernery discusses “THE HAMMER” the wiretapping of Donald Trump “A Zillion Times” by secret super computer of Brennan and Clapper
    Listen: General Thomas McInerney stunned: Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” by “THE HAMMER” Brennan and Clappers Secret Super Computer

    F.B.I. & Comey Still Witholding
    Posted by Aaron Kesel | Mar 24, 2017 |

    BOMBSHELL: CIA Whistleblower Leaked Proof Trump Under “Systematic Illegal” Surveillance Over Two Years Ago: FBI Sat On It
    ZeroPointNow Wed, 03/22/2017

    NSA/CIA whistleblower- Dennis Montgomery!
    Search instead for NSA/CIA whistle-blower- Dennis Montgomery!

    Complicated Business, indeed Mr.President!

    BUSTED FBI chief James Homey Comey could now soon be indicted by a federal grand jury for obstruction and perjury__ He did the crime, he’ll do the time!

    That is the charge from a top former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor who claims bungling homey Comey and his beleaguered agency covered up a massive wiretapping plot concocted by our puppet master, former president Barry Obama!

    Larry Klayman__Founder of crime-fighting watchdog group Judicial Watch and advocacy group Freedom Watch__has alleged homey Comey, “deep-sixed” the investigation into O’bomb shell evidence that prove’s rogue spies in our U.S. intell community wiretapped Trump, daughter Ivanka and Trump associates and little o’l you and me, everybody

    Comey’s grand jury indictment could get him 15 to 20 years or maybe even life if this wrap up of fake news inspired intrigue throughout our nations festering capitol reveal’s, who ordered the murder of Sander’s loyalist Seth Rich!

    The president first revealed the wiretapping treachery in a March 4th tweetster, saying he is being tapped [electronically surveilled] By none other then ex-president Obama, during and after the presidential election as president elect and possibly even still! Obama being George “sour puss” Soros’s top snitch, of the U.S. deep state.

    Evidence Of the massive electronic surveillance of the American people and members of congress, the senate and presidential candidates Sanders and Trump first came to light, to Comey more than two years ago by way 0f NSA/CIA whistle-blower Dennis Montgomery.
    Like Edward Snowden after him, Monty spirited 47 hard drives and 600 million-plus documents out of America’s spy agencies, including evidence Trump, yours truly and you too, are being surveilled electronically, [wiretapped] 24/7!

    As Montgomery’s Lawyer Klayman has stated “Those documents have been buried in Comey’s files for over two years and he refused to publicly acknowledge them!”

    The documents__and their explosive evidence squashed by Comey__not only proved Obama’s unconstitutional surveillance of Trump and his campaign, but all Americans, even our staunchest allies!
    What’s worse the Brit’s were in on the attempted coup along with our leftest intell Pom’s, whilst the American and British sheeple have been kept in the dark by their government media stooges.

    A secret memo noted the surveillance targeted a “Who’s who,” including supreme court Chief Justice John Roberts [Whom Obama bullied for ObummerCare] 156 judges, top CEO’s, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

    Even major corporations were spied on, including Target, Siemens and YUM Brands__ the owner of Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken__all companies that were Trump or GOP donors and supporters, to much to report here.

    Whats more, Comey did not acknowledge Obama’s scheme__or the evidence he kept locked away in his vault__when questioned under oath about Trumps wiretapping accusations during a March hearing of the House Intelligence Committee. According to Klayman, that failure could trigger a potential perjury charge, in addition to obstruction of justice!

    Comey would face a maximum of 10 years for the obstruction charge and five for the perjury charge, according to sources.

    “It makes Watergate look like a warm-up act,” said Klayman.

    “The point [of the surveillance] was to gather information for their own nefarious purposes,”

    “The president’s firing of Comey was long overdue,” he added. “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who recommended the former FBI director’s termination, should now impanel a grand jury to investigate Comey for having covered up and subverted this would be investigation and a investigation on himself for hiring Clinton hatchet man Mueller”

    Montgomery’s story began before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, when he was developing facial recognition software for a Reno Nevada company, that planned to use it to unmask card sharks and counters who had been banned from casino’s__only to return in disguise!

    After the attacks, the CIA asked Monty to Develop software to decipher coded signals Osama bin Laden was sending his minions in video’s broadcast on AlJazeera. His growing access to data eventually revealed the shocking wiretap conspiracy.

    In 2010, a conscience-stricken Montgomery left the CIA and NSA with the 47 hard drives. On March 20th 2015, he filed a whistle-blower lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia__a copy of which several sources have obtained.

    In 2015, Klayman__with the help of U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth__set up meetings for Montgomery with the FBI at its J. Edgar Hoover Building headquarters in Wahington, D.C.

    Prior to the meetings, assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis granted Montgomery immunity from prosecution for taking the drives, which he turned over to Comey’s feds. The FBI agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett conducted a three-hour videotaped interview of Montgomery under oath.

    But according to Klayman, Comey did not follow up. Instead he buried Montgomery’s hard drives and testimony in a vault, effectively destroying it.

    “Trump has taken a lot of heat for dismissing Comey, and to everyone’s thinking it’s because of fears over the Russian investigation, Bull Shiite!” sources say close to the probe.

    “In reality, he knew from Justice Department officials this grand jury was investigating Comey. He’s hamstrung from talking about it. But that’s really why he got rid of the FBI director and has been wavering on a cover reason ever since.”

    Klayman referred to the 6-foot-8 Comey as “a legal midget, who so perverted the rule of law while serving as FBI director, [and] should now be the subject of a criminal grand jury investigation, indicted, tried and convicted for his crimes against the American people!

    “If firing is all that Comey has to endure at this point, he should be eternally grateful to Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions and all the trump InJustice Department!”

    The oath of allegiance means nothing to Obama’s left overs or as I like to call them, Holder Overs. They are traitors of the highest degree. Yup, It’s finally out in the open and it wasn’t long ago they were trying to put the Trumpster in the dumpster, preferably on psychotropic drugster’s, AKA in Siberia! The Donald is always vindicated in time. As they say, it is he who laughs last, who laughs the loudest!

    • Frederick

      Mushroom Alittle long winded wouldn’t you say

      • Morell Mushroom

        No Fred. Remember when the memo came out, Comey said , “is that all?”
        That memo just scratched the surface of his treason. Like Paul Harvey used to say. “And now the rest of the story.” Somebody’s got to do it, everybody else is chicken.
        Fred check some of it out. The treason runs deep.
        Fred, Run silent, run deep.
        FREE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0b9rWD2nhM

        • JC

          Morell are just to hard to find, so I stick with chant, and oyster mushroom. It was a good post, but long.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Morel, you outlined many of the unconstitutional violations by the Obama criminal enterprise(s), there are more I am sure, its rampant, its deep, no wonder most governments of the world don’t trust the Americans. Spying on us and then giving lectures to other countries about their human rights abuses is hypocritical to say the least.
      Obama was & could still be up to his eyeballs is deceit & treason. Hopefully Trump can turn somethings around, but the swamp is deep and wide and swarming with alligators. God Bless our President Donald Trump who is trying his best to drain it.

    • Flattop

      IMHO, nothing will happen as long as Rosenstein is able to run interference for Comey/Clinton/Obama and the rest of the swamp creaatures.

    • Paul ...

      MM … when the Obama Administration used a Title 1 Sec 702 FISA Warrant (to frame Trump by trying to make him into a Russian Spy) … they bought the rope … that will now hang all of these traitors in the DOJ, FBI and State Dept!!

  23. dan

    Learned something today. The Smiley Formation and the Frowny Formation so now I will be a better trader for sure. Good stuff. Good interview.

  24. Tom Brady

    Revolutionary War – SNL

  25. Walter Baumgarten

    Craig Hemke is wise and he is right, though he only quickly glosses over the real geo-political issue and that is the Middle East, but more importantly, Damascus. It is in Isaiah, where Damascus lies in ruins that Armageddon begins. Check out https://israelinewslive.org/ and Rabbi Stephen BenNoon. He knows….

  26. Jack

    GReg , why did you erase my post? It was liste d to be moderated , then it just dissapeared ?????


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Jack, I did.

  27. Mohammad


    I have the utmost respect to you.
    I feel the sincerity and honesty in you when i hear you and see your passionate and compassionate stance on the real issues that matter the average person on the street.
    You are genuine man and rare to find nowadays.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mohammad.

  28. Tad

    Greg, I think we’ll see a few black, law enforcement officials run for either house or senate seats.

    Their selling points to fellow Afro-Americans will probably be MS-13 or immigration mass arrests. Perhaps black lawyers of positive repute will do likewise.

    If this gains traction, they can only imagine how their ancestors from the 1860s will smile down upon them.

  29. The Canuck

    Everybody seems to have forgotten about that massive derivative complex. It’s soooo big it can neither be bailed out or bailed in. If that mother rips apart again those PM miners will drop so fast it will light your hair on fire ! I’m wondering in such an event if gold goes up with the USD ?, …… an anomaly.

  30. Phil

    Thank you for having Hemke on your show every couple of years or so.

  31. DR

    Are you aware that your guest’s audio feed abruptly cut out during the last several minutes of the interview? No sound at all.

  32. Jerry

    This is more than a correction. Its is the beginning of the end of the dollar as global reserve currency. The sell off will continue to pick up speed as we approach March.

  33. Southern Girl

    Off the subject but I was online early yesterday and noticed an article that said the Eagles players had always stood while the Patriots had 17 instances of kneeling. I thought what is the symbol of our country the EAGLE. So I texted my friend and brother and said if the Eagles win it will be Gods team. I don’t give a flip about either team nor do I know anything about them, but God’s team won too funny.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe that’s why they won. That said the NFL = Marxist/communist thought shaping with their so-called “social Justice” and “income equality” crap. Kapernick is an unrepentant Marxist. That means anti-Christian and anti-American and anti-constitution and anti-free speech. I did not watch a single second of the stupid bowl.

      • Arthur Barnes

        True to my word I didn’t watch the stupid bowl either, but I hope the ratings were reflective of the boycott, have to check that out.

        • Susan

          they said that 30% less watched it this compared to last year. We didn’t watch it. First time in decades.

          • JMiller

            Susan, who ever said it that 30% less watched it compared to last year was wrong. Last year there were 111.3 million viewers. This year only 103.4 million viewers. About a 8% decline.

            • Susan

              Thanks for the correction.

              • Greg Hunter

                8% is still a big hit to the NFL. That’s not growth.

                • JMiller

                  I agree Greg.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Brother Art! Ratings are still trending down. Keep up the pressure; we shall prevail. Sending a big “honk” your way… Best always. PM

          • allen ols

            sent u text to J C bass Davis, he said anything he has is for sale at the right price, including copper.

        • Paul ...

          At least Trump was able to “squash the Somali terrorist bomb threat” that was being planned to slaughter hundreds of Americans on Super Bowl Sunday!!

  34. Gord Higham

    Craig mentions – No Bond Market crisis in 2014 with rates at 3% or higher.

    Well its been 4 years, multiple trillions in debt issuance and the first ever ‘negative’ interest rates combined with rolled over debt at 500 year lows and yeh, Bond Market Crisis dead ahead.

    What is missing now is the Central Bank put, deleveraging of their balance sheets by end 2018 with the exception of the JCB and the need for America to borrow at least another 2 trillion on the open market by this time in 2019 to fund tax rebates, defence spending and millions more drawing Social Security and a systemic budget deficit. Lets add in inflationary pressures due to all the above.

    Lets see I’m holding a 30 year at 2.11%, it is now 3.08% and projected inflation rates for the foreseeable future are between 2-3% (fake data but what can you do).

    So I hold a bond that will be worthless a decade before it comes due – Yeah no crisis here, move along.

  35. Mike R

    From nearly $20,000 to $7141 as of this am, 2/5/2018, Bitcoin would now be a screaming buy according to Clif High. I recall he said it would ‘bottom’ in March around $13k. If it bounces that much between now and then, it seems like $13k could be more of a top. Will we see a 6 handle by the end of this week ? Stay tuned…

    (stock market could follow Bitcoin’s trajectory…people waking up to the fact we are in bubble-land in every single asset class)

    (it was funny to hear the news talk about the ‘Whitehouse being concerned about the stock market’. The market has barely dropped but a few percent, after doing nothing but going nearly straight up for 8 years ! I would say we are long overdue for a big time correction in stocks. But If the Whitehouse is already concerned, I’d say we are in big trouble in terms of the Fed once again introducing QE.)

  36. FC

    DOW down 666 on Friday, Dossier has been dowsed, and Filthydelphia overcame the Patriots (literally)……………no Prophet is going to mix this Satanic World, God the Father will need to handle this himself.

  37. Jack

    Why was my post of yesterday deleted without comment or explanation? I gave a lot of thought to what I wrote and you just blew me off? There was nothing offfensive or bad language used in my post, so please send me a personal e mail at #### and tell me what the problem was.



    • Greg Hunter

      Are you the one bringing up the “Zionist Jew” and why they are the evil in the world??? If that is it, go peddle your anti-Semitism somewhere else.

  38. Mike R

    Wow. And 6 handle it is !
    Bitcoin at $6914 as of 1:17 PM CST, 2/5/2018.

    Now that a key Fibo level broke, $5000 seems to be the next stop.

    I dont think anyone wants to try to catch this falling knife.

    • Justn Observer

      AND NOW UP $3000 since your FUD
      …and will be back over $13000 within next few weeks now that they are not going to stop them but only add some regulations to tamp down the few suspicious unfounded applications…
      But the crypto holders do appreciate your FUD as it brings it down now and then to a price they can even buy more ? I am sure they thank you ! lol

  39. Mike R

    Dow is down -738 pts thus far. So where is the PPT ?

    They gotta come in here somewhere.

    The anazing part is how rattled so many people are with such a small percent drop. With the Dow going straight up for 8 years now, we can’t have any correction, now can we ? (sarc)

    I’m seriously surprised the PPT and Trump would even let it drop this much. That’s all Trump talks about. Its like the stock market is his personal score card.

    • Nijinsky

      With the Dow going straight up for 8 years now…..

      Hey, thanks, Obama

    • Mohammad

      Federal reserve and the rest of the under the fire weasels are trying to twist his arm to stop a counter investigation, because after the memo the next step should be Mueller is out and another independent counselor to investigate DOJ and FBI, they are preempting the move by taking the market down with their buddies in the federal reserve, If Trump backs up every thing is back to the rosy picture it once was.

      Keep in mind please,
      THE ONLY GREASE TO THE EQUITY MARKET IS PUT BY THE FEDS, AND LOTS OF IT, if the market drops it means feds stopped buying.


      • Mohammad

        “if Trump backs off”


        • Paul ...

          Mohammad … Trump won’t back off … even if the Globalists crash the stock market, crash the bond market, crash the bitcon market, etc. … as Trump has the trump card … he will simply crash the value of all the US dollars they own … this will create inflation (which will “boost the market” just like the Zimbabwe Stock Market roared as their currency became worthless) … Trump had Jim Rickards out warning the American people for many months to own gold (so they would not get hurt as Trump kills the value of all the US dollars these globalists own) … physical precious metals are the only safe place for ordinary people to hide as this war between Good and Evil unfolds!!

  40. Mike R

    Dow just plunged 1500 pts. Thats where PPT stepped in.

    Now we know their puke point.

  41. vincent_g

    China has caused a major selloff in the crypto markets.
    I suspect they also put pressure on India and South Korea to ban the coins or prevent them from accepting clients from china.
    The latest is it seems they blocked access to the exchanges from all other countries.
    There has also been a number of banks that have blocked purchases of these crypto coins using credit cards. This has blocked those that are betting with credit verses using their own assets.
    I don’t know how much a problem this is but I can see it becoming a problem on a booming market.
    The credit block I don’t think is the major factor as China is much more a factor.
    The percentage of mining and coin holders is extremely high in China.
    The selloff has started a run on the market which is now a market crash.
    This may effect other markets as the numbers are quite high.
    The market has dropped from $800 billion to around $320 Billion

    This is a problem.

    Will this latest move by China stop it’s citizens from investing in these coins?
    Time will tell.

  42. David Bain

    Friday Dow Down 665.75
    Gold Price = 666 x2=1332
    Just Sayin!

  43. Mike R

    There are interviews out there from Clif High, for early Feb, and predictions into March, and he is now calling for all heck to break loose. Thats a quick and big turn around from his last interview here with Greg. How can linquistics suddenly change so much, and so quickly? He seemed pretty confident about things looking good for the rest of the year.

    Maybe worth having him back on, Greg ? An update perhaps ?

  44. Mike R

    Vix short futures UP a lot in after hours ! This could portend a bloodbath tomorrow in the markets, and maybe even a washout, to set a new low for the year.

    Since Dow was down nearly 1600 today, its probably going to hit that low again tomorrow, which means down another 500 points at least. Maybe it goes down another -1000, for a short term bottom. Still wont trigger circuit breakers. Would need to go down 7% in one day. PPT probably pretty active in after hours though trying to keep this from spreading worldwide.

    Just a hunch.
    P.S. Though I did hear there were more FISA memos coming out. As many as 5 ? Someone was looking for an excuse to sell.

    • Paul ...

      The question we should all be asking is … where will all the money coming out the the stock market go?? … into bonds? … crypto? … Yen? … Euro’s … Yuan? … ??? … the globalists are now running from these markets … but all they are getting by selling is “paper cash” in their bank accounts (that Trump is making more worthless by the day) … where are they going to run to hide?? … the most likely answer is … into the gold and silver we own … don’t sell it to them!!

  45. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview.
    I gave a 30% chance of something major happening between Dec. 14th and March 14th. Is this the beginning of the “Big Event” selloff in the market?
    If this is the beginning we could see the end this summer. Remember, I said that almost all of this summer is in a super cycle with an 80%+/- chance of a “big event” taking place.
    It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • Bill

      Country Codger:
      Three times in the recent past the Lord has given me 6/26. I at first thought he was telling me to look up a verse. Joshua is the 6th book, but only 25 chapters. Now I am being led to believe it refers to June 26th, but don’t know if it refers to an incident. If some one knows of this date, please respond

      • Country Codger

        Shalom Bill,
        No, I have not had any information relative to 6/26. Right now I am away from my notes and will be for the next week and one half. I will check when I get back.
        Bill, I believe in Hebrews 1:1-2. The Father speaks to His people, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The king and all the people of Jerusalem thought Jeremiah was a nut, a kook but look what happened in the end. Jeremiah survived and the king had his eyes burned out after seeing his sons killed. All for rejecting YHVH’s word.
        Stay faithful, stay in the scripture and seek His will.

      • Jc Davis

        Bill I noticed this week around June 26 for more then 15 years is a spiritual awake week more then anytime of the year. Party people party harder, Servants of Jesus seek him more, and wake early to find him. 3rd week of June (esp the 26th day) is the week I look forward to all year.

  46. Mohammad



    To all who do not understand where the monetary system is going,
    it is going into crypto,
    States and sovereignties will fight it tooth and nail, only to no avail,
    It is in the cards,
    It is the cards,
    It is the next human slavery shackles.


    • Justn Observer

      It is also blockchain ledgering so the ‘market riggers’ can not sell or trade what they do not own… as in ‘paper’ longs and shorts and multiples of them on the same non-existant products…and titles to assets which squashes the bundling of mortgages or multiples of them like the last real estate melt down… and maybe your unaware of Reggie Middleton’s Veritaseum=
      which is for world capital investment peer to peer with needing the ‘bankers/brokers’ and the huge commissions and fund manage costs and narrow gates to get credit that create a monopoly effect for ”the club”’!



  47. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the Dow finally is about to go into correction, CNBC and other financial pundits are touting this as a “expected short term correction” or words to this effect. Maybe so, but its still hard hitting and I think it indicates fundamentally that the free money is over by the FED. Funny that the FED decided to stop the QE and raise interest rates just about the time Trump came into office. The FED is deeply involved in the swamp, and it could be involved in the past & present coup along with the “deep state” and its long list of Comey, Hillary, Obama, Muller, Lynch, E. Holder & the vast other Trump haters of importance. Wouldn’t put it past any one of those people and many more to get to the FED to help destroy the economy Trump is working to restore. Who knows, but that is what is interesting though about the swamp, they have the MSM to block for them on all illegal back room conspiracies; untouchables, above the law, immune from scrutiny, laughing all the way to the bank and their fraudulent election districts which keep them in like flint. Trump is our only hope, I pray for him daily as I don’t put anything past the Trump haters in and out of our government.

    • Mike R

      futures for Tues are showing Dow down another 1000. the show might not yet be over. most traders on another board are betting on a big bounce.

      bitcoin might drop to the 5000’s soon. that downdraft was fast and spectacular.

      of course nobody, and i mean nobody, thinks that kind of downdraft could ever happen to US stocks. so thats how the players are trading it. still very much buy the dip mentality.

  48. Derrick Michael Reid

    Gregg, Would you like to interview me?


    • JMiller


      There really are not 100 million people unemployed in the U.S. as you state on your website. Out of the 160 million people in the civilian labor force, there are only about 13 million people who are unemployed (about 7.2 million are completely unemployed while about 6 million work part-time but want full-time work). This is how we get a U-6 unemployment rate of 8.2%.

      In addition there are about another 96 million people who are considered “Not in the Labor Force”. Many of them are not in the labor force for good reasons. They include retired persons, full-time high school and college students, housewives and disabled persons. These people number at least 70 million. However the “Not in the Labor Force” category also includes people who want a job but have not worked nor looked for work in over a year. They are called long-term discouraged workers. These people should be included in the labor force and should be factored into the unemployment rate, but are not. According to the BLS they number over 5 million. So at the very least there really are about 19 million unemployed in the U.S according to the BLS numbers which comes out to an unemployment rate of about 12%. John Williams of ShadowStats however says the unemployment rate is about 22%. He comes up with that number by taking the U-6 unemployment rate and then adds his estimate of long-term discouraged/displaced workers. So to get his 22% unemployment rate, he must be saying that there are about 40 million unemployed out of a labor force of about 186 million (160 million who in the labor force plus 26 million who are in the “Not in the Labor Force” category but should be counted as being in the labor force). And John Williams could be correct. But there is no where near 100 million unemployed unless you start counting 16 year old school girls, 75 and 80 year old elderly people, stay-at-home moms with small children and severely disabled people as being part of the unemployed who should be out there working.

      • Frederick

        Well I’m 63 and haven’t been in the work force since 2008 of my own decision Why try to compete with 20 year old illegals for less money than I earned in 1980? No thank you

  49. Morell Mushroom

    2.5 STOCK MARKET CRASH! NEW Q DROPS! MORE MEMOS! THE STORM IS HERE… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_maB4Xd6M4
    This is a signal to the president and the American sheeple, THEY CONTROL THE MARKETs. At least they think they do, LOL!
    These illegal intell, mental midgets onslaught, will not end, till the bullets run out, or the fat holy lady sings, E l f e g o_ B a c a !
    Taking on the whole corrupt town and will live to tell about it!
    D O N A L D_J. T R U M PA ! Como sea, ve por ellos, tigre.
    Take a second look amigos!

  50. Bob T

    Here is a new term for you used in Europe. “LIBERAL SATANIZM” .

    Exported to US and Canada by Rothschilds and their agents: Soros, Clinton, mainstream media in USA and Canada.
    The other day CBC radio (Canadian BroadCasting Corp) host complained on Canada airways why it takes so long to impeach Trump. So many people waiting for it to happen.

  51. Anthony Australia

    I think it’s time for Bo Polny

    • Frederick

      It’s NEVER time for the “Pony”

  52. Tad


    The latest in the immigration issue. ICE is asking for common sense.

  53. Tommy

    So the democrats were so concerned about the “Memo” revealing state secrets that would cause the total collapse of our country. But, from what I’ve heard this morning, the democrat memo has more classified info that the original memo. No such fears of revealing top secrets or damaging the integrity of everything right and good. What a circus. Anyway I’m enjoying the roller coaster ride this morning as the Dow goes violently up and down. Is it harder to manipulate the stock market than the precious metal, interest and currency markets?

    • Justn Observer

      Are YOU referring to the ‘amount of pages’ the demo rats released OR the actually amount of words readable that were not redacted? lol Yeah – great the report was ‘this thick’ but take away all the inked out pages it was a few sentences ! lol
      What would be fair when the childish games are over….is for President Trump to release the whole memo and reports…and let the people see – what – spins both sides put on it! THEN – the people will be able to see who lied about what when and how!
      Yet…as to links put here…the people are best to go to the daily postings of the investigators that have been exposing all of this daily for over a year….and doing the filing in the courts to get the documents, emails, rat lines, moving the children , organs, drugs, uranium and weapons…and linking ALL the states and representatives and agencies that have been involved in these acts… might follow at George Webb ‘s https://www.youtube.com/user/georgwebb/videos?disable_polymer=1
      and hit the more at bottom to go back over a year….
      George’s today –
      1 https://youtu.be/VSD5Vlnou9U
      2 https://youtu.be/CLXphx5Sd0E
      3 https://youtu.be/v32dA7uaBPw

      and as for the start of ‘weaponizing’ the SES see Field McConnell’s site- ABEL DANGER as he describes how …his sister…works for Hillary and set up that criminal use of the alphabet agencies decades ago ! ( another Christian seeking the exposure of the TRUTH)
      also see his interviews with Jason Goodman on CrowdsourcetheTruth
      As to your question of market manipulation…if you control all the agencies, and banks, and people running them on a world level…and can ‘shape’ events that cause market reaction…it would seem you can ‘manipulate’ all or any at will. A war here, a bomb there, an oil tanker missing , a dead UN member lifting weights, or a banking falling out of a window, a mine getting shut down yonder. TAKE YOUR PICK !

  54. Flattop

    Having watched the incredible Elon Musk rocket launch today , with their reusable rocket engines returning back to the ground. Nothing short of awesome and amazing. Cape Canaveral is once again going to be a large hub of employment and activity ( at very little cost to us taxpayers!!!!!)

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg …wow…. INSIDER of NYPD dumps Anthony Weiners email file …ties the whole mess together …all the players and their code names !
    Lots of fodder for the fan to see what sticks on the wall now ! lol

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