Get Totally Out of Stocks – Deflation Coming – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s

Charles Nenner, renowned financial and geopolitical analyst, has been saying for a few years that “there would be no market crash until the end of 2017,” and “if people were not positioned correctly, they could lose everything.” It’s nearing the end of 2017, and Nenner says, “I think we are there already. . . . We, personally, are totally out of stocks at this point.”


So, where is Nenner telling people to stash their cash? Nenner says, “Put your money in the bond market.  A new bull market in bonds is developing. . . . The people in the Fed are now in their 60’s or 70’s, and what they remember is inflation, inflation and inflation.  I think they are on the wrong side.  It’s very hard for them to turn around and say deflation, deflation and deflation as it is for most market people because they haven’t lived through deflation.  In the last 500 years of investing, deflation is the norm. . . . I think deflation is the problem, and I see hawkish comments from the Fed, and I don’t think they are going to raise interest rates. . . .We are going to have a deflationary crisis coming up.  . . . Interest rates will go lower because we are going into a recession and even a depression.”

Nenner also points out that years ending in the number seven are not good for financial markets. Nenner explains, “It’s very interesting.  Years that end with seven are usually the start of a big correction.  2007 started with a big correction, and it went through 2008.  1997 to 1998, the Russian crisis, a big correction.  1987, everybody remembers that.  Then, again in 1977, and there is only one exception, and it’s 1929. . . . That year, it was two years late. . . . Why this happens I have no clue. . . . My last argument is this.  A lot of stocks come out with good numbers, and they don’t go up anymore.  This usually happens at the end.  The Russell 2000 is not even up for this year.  So, something is going on. . . . I see IBM and General Electric going down 30%.  I don’t see the market going up with IBM and General Electric going down 30% already.  I have been saying for years, the last part of 2017, we are going to top. . . . Next big move is down, and that will continue for four or five years.”

Nenner is also long term bullish on gold. Why does he like the yellow metal?  Nenner says, “Gold goes up 50% of the time in inflation and also 50% of the time in deflation.  Most people don’t know that.  If stocks go down and bonds are not safe and real estate goes down, where are you going to put your money?  You put it in gold.”

Nenner’s biggest problem area is extreme social unrest in the U.S. Nenner explains, “I just saw on television there was a peaceful right wing march, and I saw all the left wing people coming in with black clothes and with bottles and beating them up.  This is exactly the 60 year cycle in social unrest.  So, social unrest is in a cycle and apart from North Korea.  This is very worrisome.  This social cycle is worrisome in the United States because of social media.  A small group can have more influence than a big group.  The other thing I might say, and I am not afraid to speak up, I can almost not live in this country, the U.S., because you cannot say the truth.  You can’t say what the facts are  . . . like both sides were at fault in Charlottesville.  I would say I would worry more about the social unrest and breaking up the United States than I worry about North Korea.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial and geopolitical cycle expert Charles Nenner.

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After the Interview: 

Charles Nenner also is predicting oil will fall to $20 a barrel. He says it’s all part of the coming global deflation crisis that is coming.

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  1. Boz From Oz

    No way would I put money in the bond market, what Nenner is saying, is negative nominal interest rates are coming all round.
    This does not make sense at all! Good way to lose your money.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think this is more near term trading advice for big players. If you had billions of $’s, then it would be a transitional move to go into bonds. Nenner did say he was long term bullish on gold too. Your point is well made and well taken though.

    • ross

      Agreed. Charles talks about past cycles predicting present trends but even The Fed and Lord Rothschild admit we have never been here before. They will try step this down in a palitable form, but the over whelming debt,asset bubbles and derivatives will be just too much for our money counterfeiters. Speculation, easy money and deception keeps the illusion a balanced economy on life support.

    • Frederick

      Maybe Chuck is doing some outsourcing work for his ex employer You know what they say Once a Squid Always a Squid

      • Greg Hunter

        Not true Frederick. Is Goldman telling people to sell??

        • Frederick

          Point taken Greg Maybe Mr Nenner is the ” real deal”

          • Greg Hunter

            One thing is for sure. What is coming is big and the best play for the little is owning and controlling actual stuff. Who knows what is going to happen but it will be awful for everyone in the world especially people with no “stuff” under their direct control.

            • Frederick

              My advice “Diversify internationally” I know that’s not practical for many but for those that can They should

            • Paul ...

              Right Greg … the coming economic destruction can parallel the destruction of Houston by Harvey … to be saved we all need a “real life boat” that will not vanish in the waters of the coming economic storm … clinging to raft made of debt based paper money for safety or to the top of the crypto currency pyramid will not save people from the rising flood waters that are surely coming!

              • Paul ...

                Charles Nenner predicts oil will fall to $20 dollars per barrel … that is exactly why Harvey “was designed” and aimed at Texas … to stop the oil price from falling (by drowning the Texas oil refineries under a river of water) … as the banksters have too many of their oil derivatives currently under water … so the banksters turned on their microwave towers located in the center of Texas to keep Harvey stationed over the Houston refineries and then moved the hurricane over the Louisiana oil refineries!!!

                • Greg Hunter

                  You may be correct Paul. Mannarino says the “Dark Powers” will not allow oil to fall because it would destroy the banks and all the money they loaned for oil exploration and fracking.

    • John

      I have been in the camp for several years now that if you can’t find anything to invest in then go into gold and reduce debt.

    • al

      Boz, I’m with you but think of this. If I had a time machine and went back to 2014 and told myself to sell my beautiful house, live in an RV for a few years and put my money in cryptos, I would say like you, “that’s a good way to lose your money”, and yet today I would be able to buy several blocks in my neighborhood if I did that.
      I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying this market is one big distortion so Nenner could be right.

      • This sceptred Isle

        The beauty of hindsight. I I had a time machine I would buy internet stocks in the late 90s then go into gold in early 2000 then US dollar in 2011 then bitcoin in 2013. Unfortunately, I am neither a genius, psychic nor insider so I am just holding precious metals and cash. I think the massive rise in bitcoin does indicate the potential price moves for silver if it ever becomes untethered from its paper master.

        • Paul ...

          If the neocons had a time machine … they would probably go back and stop trying to make Trump into a vindictive narcissistic schizophrenic … because it is currently hurting their chances of getting WWIII started … as who in their right mind would follow a “crazy leader” into nuclear war? … and war, killing and death is the neocons game … these evil warmongers have actually shot themselves in the foot by making Trump out to be crazy!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Nenner and Catherine Austin Fitts are two guests that I never really understand what they are talking about. In contrast, Lynette Zang and Greg Mannarino state their ideas clearly and use evidence to support what they are saying. Clif High and Steve Quayle are entertaining but I take what they say with a pinch of salt.

      • ross

        Yeah, Clif High does make some way out claims and has been totally wrong on metals. e.g. Our Sun is not a nuclear furnace and the energy / light is caused by friction with ” stuff in space. ” The planets according to Cliff also revolve behind the Sun and not around it. This defies all logic and current scientific evidence. Cliff has not verified these statements with any evidence.

      • Cannuck21

        Absolutely agree!

        • Ceci

          Are you aware nasa now states the earth is the shape of a pear and they cannot travel through the van Allen radiation belts? I would not put too much credence into man’s science.

    • laura ann

      We are into retirement and have muni’s (in state tax free) and seven blue chip stocks for dividend income. Got to diversify. I have heard this crash news since the early 80’s. We had a 401k in the S and P and are living off of it now which was moved to gov treasuries, along with other investments. No “expert” in financial info that I have emailed in the last 2 months can answer me on “what is the timeline?” incl. Greg Hunter!

    • Paul ...

      According to Jim Rickards on Jan 1, 2018 Trump will reset the gold price to $10,000 dollars per ounce … so that $10,000 Treasury Bond Nenner is buying now will only get him a “one” $10,000 dollar gold coin this coming New Year … however … why not buy $10,000 dollars worth of gold now … then instead of just one coin you will have about seven(7) coins on Jan 1 (worth $70,000 dollars) ! …

      • Eric

        What is the significance to 1/1/18 for a reset ? Just picking a round date like the round number ?
        If Trump does do that China will declare their 30,000 tons and demand the US show their hand. That will send gold to 50,000 and onward.
        China may actually be waiting for our move. They’re playing chess while we fumble with checkers.

      • Eric

        Right here today Rickards says it could be years.

    • oneno

      No need for interest rates to go negative as interest rates can be halved forever toward zero while bond prices double. If interest rates were to rise, RE and GOV would be under pressure. Printing is more likely with all that military spending, hurricane dammage, and debt ceiling limit rise. Likely they will devalue USD 30% twice over (1-0.30)^2 for a total devaluation of 51% to match devaluation with currencies of major trading partners (China). Euro will likely benefit.

      They could manufacture a stock market correction to conceal USD devaluation as USD would appear to rise as the stock market tanks.

  2. Alan

    I like Nenner and listened to your interview. I did not hear him mention oil, or when it would go to $20. Maybe in the future…could be going up shortly for geopolitical reasons. Thanks Greg for your work.

    • Eric

      I will take the other side of that oil bet. For one, oil is a hard asset like gold and will rise as the dollar falls. Two, we are going to get blindsided by the unexpected turmoil in the Middle East, driving oil to 100+ (not $20). These guys (including Rickards) foresee a stronger dollar. Again I disagree. With everything stacked against us the dollar will fall. Gradually (nothing’s gradual anymore) or more probable, China or Trump move to devalue the dollar.
      Either way we will continue to print. When shtf prices tied to debt (real estate and margined stocks) will suffer. Costs tied to your purchasing power will rise.
      USO is @ 9 today. It will be much higher by 1/1/18 (as well as gold).

  3. John

    In deflation liquidity dies. Whats left is gold revaluation to provide liquidity. With the amount of gold china is accumulating a large revaluation will lead to chinas economic dominance.

  4. Lee Hutchinson

    Dear Greg,

    Unfortunately the manipulation of the central banks has contributed to many of these forecasters such as Nenner to lose their credibility. He said Dow 5,000 back in 2013. The cycle would be down until 2017. If you keep saying it enough it will probably eventually come true but it is a very good way to go broke.

    • Frederick

      Looks like that’s where we’re headed Lee If I were a betting man

  5. Lee Hutchinson

    Dear Greg,

    Unfortunately the manipulation of the central banks has contributed to many of these forecasters, such as Nenner to lose their credibility. He said Dow 5,000 back in 2013. The cycle would be down until 2017. If you keep saying it enough it will probably eventually come true but it is a very good way to go broke.

  6. al

    Awesome show as usual. I subscribed and paid for Nenner’s research a while ago. If you get his trial subscription you will see charts and comments on the charts. Unanswered questions and the cryptic nature of the charts made me stop the subscription, but in my eyes the man is a very astute and knowledgeable analyst, but sorry, he is not always right or I would be rich and you’d see his face all over the financial news. No one is always right.
    I contend that in a manipulated market, technicals such as cycles and price points mean practically nothing.
    As for investor psychology, he brings up an excellent point! No one asks “what should I sell?” yet that is where you make the money, when you sell.
    Excellent interview, lots of great info.
    PS: His observations of this country are spot on (sad to say).

  7. Russ McMeans

    I’m not buying what Charles is selling. Last quarter of 2017 will probably be awful, but buying bonds? He must mean for the big players and only for short term.
    If the world is heading into war and lawlessness, then rethink your position. Buy and hold real assets and start with a farm if you can afford it. I’ve never been a believer in the stock or bond markets, it’s for the big players- never for regular folks of average intelligence.
    1929 is a prime example. … As for social unrest and all the politics and politicians denying the truth, isn’t Nenner from Belgium? That’s where those terrorists killed a lot of people near the parliament building in the heart of the city. Europeans are good at denying the truth too, I mean the governments. Come to think of it, I’m ending it right here, governments suck. And debts that can’t be repaid-won’t be repaid.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I think he’s Dutch. I always chuckle when the likes of Nenner and Michael Pento talk about buying and selling millions of dollars worth of’gold’ at the click of a mouse. They deal in paper contracts and their clients will be stuffed if the whole system goes down.

  8. Anthony Australia

    This is going to be huge! The longer the fix is in, the more pain will be inflicted.

    Superb Mr. Hunter

  9. Jodyp

    Sorry.Maybe off subject.People,as a 60 yr resident of s.e.Texas,with 3 catastrophes in 12 yrs,this sucks.I cannot stress enough about being prepared best you can.4am,wed. morn.,water inches from entering my home.Kids,grandkids scattered about in same predicament.Stressful.Powers out.Generator running .Pets,animals,deal with it.Sewers out.Deal with it.No juice,no water well.(yes I have a back up hand pump)And yes we can pray for all that’s affected by this storm.But I believe God put us here to do the best we can on our on grit.My advise to those who haven’t started.Get prepared, for worse things are coming.We ain’t seen nothing yet.Mentally,Physically,Spiritually.Where have I heard that before?

    • This sceptred Isle

      Let’s hope Trump deals with it better than the idiot Bush did with Katrina.

      • Michael Graziano

        Or Obama did with Sandy. Although you would never know unless you lived there …..

      • Frederick

        T SI There’s only so much the gubbermint can do to help People need to rise to the occasion instead of looting and only thinking of themselves Community is the most important thing when tragedy strikes Sadly much of that way of thinking is gone today

  10. JC

    I think the top of stocks, and bonds have been reached. More important is the control factors have become no effect, so when prices start going down trading countries will have more control to keep our prices down. I hope I explained this right. With the changes in world trading outside the dollar we will have no way to bounce back. All down from here. I look for overseas dollars to start buying up American property to dump the cash to the tune of 400 billion cash dollars. 1.4 T printed, most is outside the US. 400 billion is IMO reasonable.

    • Tin foil hat

      You just explain why 80% of the folks in my neighborhood are speaking Russian. Chinese are buying in my sister’s neighborhood in Sands Point. It’s strange that I haven’t notice much Japanese real estate investors in NYC or Long Island. I infer the Japanese are still holding on to the dollar.

      • JC

        TFI its going on now, but when the markets fall the ones with the foot in the door will buy up everything.

        • JC

          TFH you understand to much for me to call you Tin Foil Hat. None the less sorry for the mis print.

  11. Tommy

    More predictions. Probably the same results.

    • JC

      What if this time the predictions are correct. Are you fully prepared for a collapse ? I for one am not fully prepared. Where will we get help outside of a big city. I am still looking for answers.

  12. John

    For us little guys I guess a “prudent allocation” mutual fund might be a reasonably safe investment, the type that has flexibility regarding investment percentages, one example would be a fund that has a range of 0-20% in stocks, the rest in bonds and cash, at the fund managers discretion depending on the economic outlook. It would be nice to find a fund manager that has a subscription with Mr. Jenners’ service.
    On another note, did you have any luck contacting George Ure at I mentioned him to you a couple of weeks ago, I hope you can get him as a guest, he’s a brilliant guy.
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Hatemail

    If social unrest is a big problem, become antisocial.

  14. This sceptred Isle

    Anonymity is supposed to be one of the big attractions of Bitcoin. If this is not true what else about bitcoin is false?

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is amazing that bitcoin gets all this attention as a potential game changing technology, yet solar power gets almost no attention, even though it is developing at an exponential pace. Could well swamp demand for physical silver.

      • JC

        Good read TSI.
        Greg I hope you ask Cliff High about this when he comes back.

  15. Matt Jaymes

    FWIW – I never felt that Mr. Nenner’s work was terribly compelling and not something I ever cared to drill more deeply into; but that’s what makes a market, yes?

    Anyway, here’s a ping for Nomi Prins, her work is always interesting and provocative……excellent work Mr. Hunter.

  16. pat the rat

    Have you seen Lynette Zang video on you tube about Greek debt reset. That video will upset you very bad.

    • JMiller

      I watched this Lynette Zang video and unfortunately, just like in some of her other videos, she makes some silly mistakes. At the 13:50 mark when talking about the Cyrus bail-in she says that at first they were going to take everything. That they were going to bail-in all bank deposits. That is not true. At first it was going to be 6.75% of the deposits below 100,000 euros and 9.9% on amounts above 100,000. Zang then says that they changed their minds and bailed-in everything above the 100,000 euro insured amount. That is not completely correct. At Laiki Bank, also known as Cyprus Popular Bank, depositors did lose 100% of the amount above 100,000 euros. However depositors at the of Bank of Cyprus lost only 47.5% above 100,000 euros.

      Zang states at the 14:16 mark that the Bank for International Settlements in June 2013 came out with a bail-in template. That is a little misleading. It was an article written by two men whose views, according to the article, do not necessarily reflect those of the BIS or those of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. It was not something that official came from the BIS.

      The above article does however state that insured depositors are protected which is what I found in every bail-in plan. Insured depositors will not lose any money because of a bail-in.

      Not trying to pick on Lynette Zang but I am continually surprised by the simple and unnecessary mistakes that she makes in her videos especially since other parts seem to be quite accurate.

  17. Tad

    Actually, talking may be the only answer. Paying the extortion money is stupid policy.

    Let the Chinese bail out North Korea with food, and whatever they desire.
    It’s unfortunate that intermediaries have become diplomatic mouthpieces.

    A North Korean viewpoint: Continued US military presence in South Korea threatens our way of life or existence. Has some validity, though it comes from a leader representing the rare family business: presiding, absolutely, nation administration.

    South Korean and American perspective: Armistice never signed; fear of missiles aimed at civilian and military targets with mass casualties; advances over friendlier relations being largely rebuffed or with conditions attached.

    (I must say how fortunate John Bolton isn’t a Trump cabinet member.)

    In trying to calm the situation, one must notice that Israel and the United States fail to acknowledge Israel’s nuclear stockpile. Arab and Iranian concerns re the stockpile go unnoticed by UN, US, and IAEA participants.

    Perhaps I’m about to make a link that’s not “logical,” but the perceived and actual damage to our energy structure in Texas may or might have been mitigated if friendly relations with, say Iran, were realized.

    The worst case I see is extremely depressed economic activity with inflated energy prices. The net out is high unemployment and increased inflation produced by Hurricane Harvey.

    The prospects for more money printing or Federal benefits for the Houston region goes without saying.

    • Macray

      I think that Don is under the influence of Gen. James : (((

      General: It’s ‘fun to shoot some people’
      I know this was from CNN, but the General does not deny saying it.

      • Macray

        Donald Trump was sitting at dinner in his Mar-a-Lago home, eating “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen” when he decided to send 59 Tomahawk missiles raining down on a Syrian airbase

        At one point during the interview, Trump mistakenly proclaims that he informed Xi that the U.S. had just launched ’59 missiles … heading to Iraq,” before Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo gently corrects him: “Heading to Syria.”

        “Yes, heading toward Syria,” Trump replies.

        • Macray

          Perhaps the ones that are talking ………

          “South Korea will not maintain its alliance with the US the day they believe that the US will attack North Korea to protect itself at the expense of the death of thirty million people in South Korea. South Korea is in secret talks with China for a major security treaty because of the US position that they will bomb North Korea in their own defense irrespective of the destruction of South Korea which the US would regard as most unfortunate.”

          • Macray

            And ……………….

            The source adds, “there are secret talks between Germany and Russia over the US joint sanctions against those two nations and a realignment of the German position back to the Bismarckian Ostpolitik of a new Reinsurance Treaty with Russia.”


            • Macray

              Breaking News………………

              This is the first fully official statement from the Chinese Defense Ministry saying that the People’s Liberation Army will not allow a new war to break out in Korea.

              This sends a clear message that the People’s Liberation Army will not tolerate any military action by foreign powers on the Korean peninsula, namely the United States.

              Uh O, the US is not use to be told … none of that policeman of the world stuff over here.
              You got to ask yourself, was the Chinese Defense Minister having a beautiful piece of chocolate cake when issuing this statement???

              • Paul ...

                Sock it to the warmongering neocons Macray … remember the Monroe Doctrine … well now China has issued the Xi(roe) Doctrine (foreign powers are being told to stay out of China’s sphere of influence!)

                • Paul ...

                  Interesting … Trump probably wanted to show S. Korea that he was protecting them from N.Korea so that they would be grateful and invest billions in the US to get our economy going … instead S.Korea is having qualms about the US sacrificing 30 million S.Korean citizens in order to do a regime change in N.Korea … and now are in Secret talks with the Chinese for help … this quote is significant: “The European and Asian security systems of the United States may be about to collapse due to the turmoil in Washington which is unhinging all of the United States alliances. As Congress undermines Donald Trump, the United States is presently jeopardizing all its major strategic relationships.” … could it be the US is returning to to the principle given to us by George Washington? No Entangling Alliances”!!

    • Frederick

      Harvey won’t create high inflation It’s just not a big enough piece of the North American market to truly raise prices Other things nationwide might or might create deflation as Charles claims We shall see

      • JC

        Frederick I hope your right. I think there was more to this tragedy. This with the economy could be the collapse, maybe a few more to come. It can be done . No man or country rules the world. The world wants to prove a point to America. Greg the answer to your question .. What does NK have against America. Simple.. We have a new world order MIC taking over all countries. Failing badly.

  18. Jerry

    Put your money in bonds? I guess Alan Greenspan doesn’t anything does he?

    Predicting exact timing is a fools errand. Anyone who thinks the bond bubble hasn’t reached full capacity and is in collapse mode now is living in La La land. We have the debt ceiling debate in a few weeks, and oh yes……… the possibility of a currency reset the first of October. That doesn’t even take in consideration that money velocity is cratering in the banks seizing up liquidity.

    The latest reports I’m getting are saying that crypto currency revenue in the private sector has increased over 150 Billion dollars in the last six months. U.S. treasury bonds inside the private markets are being dumped for crypto currency at unprecedented rate and picking up speed. So much so that block chain technology has already been installed in 90% of the world banks in preparation for a currency reset. Even Saudi Arabia has set up a clearing house for Chinese digital currency backed by gold. The hand writing is on the wall. Read it.

    • Jerry

      I guess Charles Nenner isn’t the only one suggesting a dollar bounty.

      I personally think it’s going to be a mutiny on the dollar. But what the heck do I know ? I didn’t get to talk the government into bailing out my business in 2008. In the back of my mind I can’t help but think its just another stall tactic by the central banks to stall of the currency reset. It’ll probably work. Americans just love having someone stick to them. TARP funds were proof of that.

      • Charles H

        ‘Mutiny on the Dollar’ – that’s it.

      • jim

        Jerry , How sure are you about your SEP. 18 date . Can we get an update as we approach that weekend?

    • FC

      Jerry, I thought the same thing and stopped listening………he may be right, but I know my timing is terrible in getting out, in such a position.
      I’m long on physical insurance……..stack and forget.

  19. Diane

    He may be right about the market..but not yet?
    Anyone going to conference in Orlando?

  20. The Seer

    One would do better going into more physical metal and sell as you need it along in
    future years. Bonds are paper. So much counterfeit bonds, also. Bonds are in domestic dollars losing value in purchasing power. Right is metal!
    I subscribed to this guy for awhile and it was useless, imo. The information was too far spread and too late for a high or low prediction.
    I think he also has connections to the xxxxxxxx and is misdirecting people, imo.
    Stay away. There are better guests to have on.

  21. john duffy

    Living on Fumes

    • Tin foil hat

      john duffy,
      I agree the American experiment is in its final stages. All debt based systems have a finite timeline, including the dollar. In the sci-fi classic Blade Runner, the Tyrell Corporation engineered a 4 year self destruct sequence into their replicants as a safeguard against rebellion. So goes the dollar, albeit with an undetermined expiration. And today, as the dollar nears the end of its inevitable retirement, it goes on a rampage to save itself from its genetic deficiency – Triffin dilemma.
      America is the blonde replicant Roy Batty whom went apeshit after learning that his finite life can’t be revised or expanded. Perhaps that’s the reason why Americans have been dumbed down in schools and drugged into zombies. The globalists don’t want to deal with a lean, mean and pissed off Roy Batty.

  22. Oracle 911

    The neocons who are organizing the unrest’s (through the far left and right) are SUICIDALLY IDIOTIC. Because when (not if) they succeed in creating of mass civil unrest across the country then, their power base which is the US will be destroyed and as result their control over the world will vanish.
    Bottom line something similar happened with the Roman empire. The Roman elites in their own greediness they destroyed the empire’s control mechanisms which held the empire together and allowed them live their opulent lives through robbery of provinces. And when the barbarians came the empire collapsed under their military pressure and the subsequent power vacuum was filled by smaller kingdoms or these who were better at organizing their own empire like the Burgundian’s.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  23. average Joe

    No disrespect Greg, but I would think most viewers of this site are not big players. Any reason you are shunning Brandon Smith?

    • Greg Hunter

      A Joe,
      You don’t know who reads this site, and no I am not shunning Brandon Smith who is a good man.

  24. Barn Cat

    We cashed out our 401k last year. Paid the tax penalty. Paid off the mortgage. Bought more silver. About 80% of our savings is in precious metals that we hold. About 90% of our precious metals value is in silver. According to the dollar to gold ratio is $6455 and the dollar to silver ratio is $783. Once the Fed and the big banks no longer control the price we’ll see exponential increases in precious metals prices. Once the markets are entirely free we should see prices that high. If you hold 1300 oz of silver now you’ll be a millionaire then.

  25. Flattop

    If oil goes to 20 bucks a barrel, will that not completely destroy the value of the dollar.?

    • andyb

      Most definitely. But the same result would occur at $30 or even $40. Most likely a true WWIII would commence. Watch also for the supra-nova implosion of the Chinese economy. When it happens, the SHTF moment will be just days away.

    • This sceptred Isle

      As I understand it, the basis of US dollar strength/demand is oil which is sold in dollars, hence the term petrodollar.
      According to Jim Willie, if the oil price halves the oil based demand for the dollar also halves, assuming that the same amount of oil is sold.
      I would imagine that countries reliant on selling oil would sell US bonds to compensate for the loss in oil revenue. If they sold US bonds that might increase demand for dollars temporarily. Not sure on this point though.
      Ultimately, $20 dollar oil would probably lead to a collapse in oil based economies such as Saudi Arabia’s. Would that also mean Saudi Arabia’s agreement to sell oil in dollars would be off the table?

      • Frederick

        TSI Under that hypothesis oil should be dropping as the dollar has lost over ten percent in the dollar index year to date but oil has stayed around 50 a barrel so Im not so sure about that theory

  26. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Great seeing Charles Nenner again. Love how he said “I have no clue” why markets correct in years ending with a 7! Too many analysts make things up because they think they’re supposed to have an explanation & they don’t want to admit they don’t know. Nenner’s honesty is refreshing. I think Jim Rickards agrees (somewhat) about deflation. Rickards says we’re in a global depression, and the strong deflationary forces are why the Fed’s been unable to get the inflation they want. Nenner’s puzzled about the Fed being wrong so much. Rickards says the Fed is using a model that simply doesn’t work. I forget what that model is, but I think Rickards has actually described the model. He knows the model & has low opinion of it. No explanation for why the Fed clings to it despite poor track record. Rickards also agrees with Nenner about investing in bonds during deflation. Deflation helps creditors because the value of money goes up as prices fall. (You can get more goods for the same amount of money.) Inflation helps debtors because the dollars are worth less as prices go up.

    • This sceptred Isle

      In a deflation, credit/money/bonds tend to disappear making the surviving credit/money/bonds more valuable. Whether it is a good investment or not depends on whether the assets survive. If the dollar becomes more valuable it makes the value of dollar denominated debt go up but it also becomes more onerous to pay back, especially for foreign borrowers. This also means a default is more likely.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Isle, agreed and that’s why it’s important to select the bonds carefully. A lot of junk bonds have been issued over the years because the markets got carried away with credit and let people/companies/entities borrow money even though they didn’t have the means to pay it back. Greg mentioned bonds becoming worthless in the interview. Whether or not bonds become worthless depends on who owes the money and on their ability to pay it back.

  27. dee

    I like his calm attitude and everything he say is straight to the point.

  28. Paul from Indiana

    Nenner hits the nail on the head! We are not FREE in this country, and we can’t speak the truth, in many cases the OBVIOUS truth, without the Left going berserk. For the last 50 years, much time, money, and resources have been wasted trying to act as if things are and can be as we WISH them to be as opposed to how they ARE. And if we can’t deal with the facts, acknowledge the truth, and we are not free, what the hell does it matter about MONEY??? Best always. PM

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg… Interesting interview and cyclical analysis by Mr. Nenner. That his reputation is based on ‘being right’ and not about ‘pumping’ the markets has credibility. And that events can and are being manipulate to incite -fear and greed – is obvious. As this newer clip that shows that Charlotteville was more than likely a ‘stage’ event well in advance by a band of ‘suspicious’ characters indeed…! YES A HOAX !

  30. Joe

    Your guests state to get out of stocks. What about people who have 401K? Are they saying to clear out your 401K completely and end up paying a large tax amount next tax season? I haven’t heard anybody explain how to use gold and silver when things collapse. What do you do go to your local supermarket with gold and pay with the metal and what about receiving your change back? Somebody explain!

    • Greg Hunter

      Joe, you are way behind the curve. There is a lot you need to learn if you are asking about “change back” when using gold to buy bread. I don’t know where to start. in simple terms, your Federal Reserve Notes are debt based currency. (This is what the “Note” means on every bill. Same as “promissory note” wnen you buy a house.) In short, we have been told debt is money. You need to understand what is money? What is a sore of wealth? Your 401K is held by a brokerage and it is designed to be hard to get out. News flash: Your 401K is not for you, it is for Wall Street. In the next crash, your money will be taken by Wall Street. Charles Nenner is the real deal and you best listen to him. He’s NOT going to miss something this big. I have had many people tell me they have sold their 401K and paid the tax and penalty because 50% of something is worth more than 100% of nothing. You really cannot get a grasp of what we face by asking folks on this site what’s going on, and get them to explain this to you in a few concise sentences. I am not an advisor or money manager and cannot tell you what to do for your situation. I will say, what we face has never been seen in the financial world in recorded history and you better be holding on to real stuff when the reset begins. This includes a house title and car title along with a lot of other stuff you are going to need. Do some research and I hope this helps you get started but time is short.

      • John

        Greg – did you see Nenner’s facial expression around the 11:40 mark when you asked him why he was bullish on gold? He had that kind of “all knowing” grin on his face before he responded to your question – kind of like – ” hey Greg, there is nothing to invest in but gold when housing, bonds and real estate are in a bubble”. Great guest – keep up the good work!

      • Joe

        Greg, I’m way ahead of you. I began purchasing gold and silver in the late nineties. Thanks to a small AM radio station in Johnstown, CO. The American Freedom Network. The station would talk about the coming collapse, Clinton crimes, Bush crimes and on and on. Don’t think it’s still on the air. I was just seeking more advice. Personally, I don’t think anybody has a crystal ball and the Trumpster surely hasn’t mentioned anything about the coming collapse. I didn’t vote for him and I didn’t vote for Hillary. Wrote in my selection. Joe

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, I think Greg’s advice is sound. Own tangible assets as everything else may vaporise into the ether. The quantity of phantom financial assets has ballooned in relation to physical assets so presumably the former is overvalued in relation to the latter. Once confidence collapses and everybody tries to manifest their wealth by converting their financial assets into real wealth the illusion will disappear.
      I am not concerned with speculating as to whether gold and silver will be valued post collapse or whether it will be confiscated, taxed or stolen. For me it is enough to know that it will physically exist unlike the digital or paper assets most people mistake for wealth in the current paradigm.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Joe, I’m not a money manager or adviser, but I will point out a couple things you might want to ask an adviser about. First, a 401K is not limited to stocks. If the specific plan you’re in is limited to stocks, you might want to change to another plan or to an IRA. You should be able to transfer from one plan to another without a tax penalty. (Have your current plan send the money directly to your new plan NOT to you.) Second, no, you don’t take gold or silver to the supermarket. During economic turmoil, gold and silver hold their value better than other things do, and sometimes the price goes way up. The government can yank money from your bank account (and banks can even fail), but confiscating your metals is a lot harder. So you hold metals now to sell later after the government resets the currency or whatever other craziness happens. Hope this helps.

      • Justn Observer

        Might look at ….USERX….for a gold trade?

    • Frederick

      Joe you don’t use gold to purchase small items although in the past the coins were made from actual gold and silver and had actual intrinsic value You convert to a fiat paper currency such as the dollar to make purchases the point being that holding the bulk of your wealth in metals preserves your purchasing value with a quickly inflating fiat currency

    • Flattop

      Joe: I have no intention of using gold at my local supermarket. I will use my silver for transactions and bartering. My gold is held in reserve until the country begins to recover, at which time I will use it to re establish myself.

  31. William Stanley

    Greg: Another interesting show!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William. Deflation = debt destruction at its core.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, I am always a little confused by your statement that deflation is debt destruction. Actually, deflation intensifies the effect of debt. It is inflation (excess currency units in circulation) that destroys debt (and the creditor), because the debt can be liquidated by the debtor with ever-cheapening currency units. Deflation (deficient supply of currency units) strengthens the value of a currency, in effect, making goods and services cheaper, and a debt more expensive to repay. Now, if you are saying that deflation brings about harm of destruction to a debtor, that is true, and if we enter a true deflationary period, many will be ruined by an effective increase in the burden of their debt. Those with little or no debt and adequate cash do well in deflationary periods. A dollar will buy more and have more value in a deflationary period. Best always. PM

        • This sceptred Isle

          In a deflation debtors and creditors suffer as debt becomes more onerous but also default rates go up. Diana is correct in that you want to be invested in only the highest quality bonds during a deflationary period. Personally, I am staying away from all debt denominated assets (apart from cash) as we are about to enter an unprecedented financial crises.

    • Paul ...

      William … you have me going crazy researching how gravity or radiant energy or sound or microwaves can splinter steel to “dust” … seems these evil Deep State neocons have control of a very powerful and profound weapon system (based upon the actual visual evidence that a huge amount of material in the two massive WTC towers was simply dissolved away right before my eyes) … as for Bldg 6 it looks as though it was hit with some type of a “death ray” that drilled out the core of the building (like a dentist would drill out a tooth) … right now I’m looking at some of John Hutchison’s experiments and the effects he produced on matter!

      • Paul ...

        William … Also find it interesting that Iraq (Babylon) was invaded following 9-11 because it supposedly had “weapons of mass destruction” … perhaps it was not Saddam’s weapons but “Babylonian weapons” the neocons were looking for … as a tablet recently found in Iraq shows the Babylonians had a “more sophisticated” trigonometry 1500 years before the Greeks (which uses base 60 and ratios rather then angles) …

        • Paul ...

          Bill … If the neocons currently have a weapon that can turn “iron into dust” … we need to get it out of their hands … then instead of using it to “kill” Americans … such a weapon can be used to “save all of humanity” … by focusing it at incoming meteors and asteroids and turning them into dust before they hit the Earth (creating a mass extinction)!

          • Paul ...

            Some preliminary research … shows microwaves can disassemble molecules into atoms … well proven is the fact that microwaves can easily break the atomic bonds of a water molecule (turning it into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas) … it is also a proven fact that low power microwaves can ignite thermite … and Japanese Patent Application Kokai Publication No.H6-116616 discloses a method for manufacturing an iron powder by using microwaves! … so I think microwaves played a bib part in the take down of the WTC on 9-11 … however the fact that some steel beams were found with 45 degree angle cuts shows that shape charge explosives were also used!

          • William Stanley

            Seeing the potential for good: what an amazing thing to learn from witnessing the evil use of a technology! You are definitely a powerful force for good. (even if you are a troll for God, lol — that’s a private joke, folks, and he won’t be offended).

      • Charles H

        Check out – the Hutchinson Effect.

        • William Stanley

          Charles H and Paul…:
          Yes, Dr. Judy Wood gives more detail in her book: “Where Did The Towers Go?” The video is more compelling on a gut level, but the book gives more detail, including about
          The Hutchinson Effect.”
          Please don’t deprive yourself of a look at Rebekah Roth’s work. Though her books are supposedly “work’s of fiction,” you will upon examination be astounded to find descriptions of techniques and technologies that actually exist and may have been used elsewhere (think the disappearance of the Malaysian flight). You will also find more detail about 9/11 itself, including the fake nature of the cell phone (and sky phone) calls made from some of the victims to their loved ones.
          There are many sources covering many topics, but the evil you fight may take more more guises than even you imagine.

          • Charles H

            Thank you, William. I keep my eyes wide open to evil. I’m sometimes surprised; but not amazed.

  32. Linda L.

    Don’t Greg Mannarino and Bill Holter say to watch the bond market first for trouble? I don’t understand Mr. Nenner’s approach but appreciate your interview. Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Interest rates going down for Treasuries means that big money is running for cover in the perceived safety of Treasury bonds. You cannot deposit $1 billion in a bank with $250,000 of FDIC insurance. That’s what “Full faith and credit means” in the Treasury market. Of course that will work until the USD gets into more trouble.

  33. foggygoggles

    Who in the world besides Charles Nenner, believes the employment numbers? Maybe he should have a chat with John Williams.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Good point. Perhaps he was reassured by Mnuchin’s gold tweet as well.

    • Frederick

      Peter Schiff sure doesn’t I watched a video were he showed Trump during the campaign stating unequivocally how the numbers were bogus and then after he got elected touting the same ridiculous numbers in his defense of how great he was doing with the economy

  34. Ken

    GDP was up today. Nominal GDP was up due primarily to rising prices – inflation, or declining value of the dollar relative to tangible wealth. For example, gasoline didn’t rise in price, the dollar fell in value relative to gasoline. Sell dollars to buy gasoline. Which would you rather own? Dollars or gas? You could sell gasoline later and buy more / cheaper dollars later. After all, GDP is a measure of goods and services of $19 Trillion. With rising prices, GDP must rise. GDP is not a measure of economic growth, as the dollar has fallen CYTD, and as the dollar has fallen it has taken more dollars to buy the same goods and services; hence, inflation, rising prices, rising nominal GDP. GDP is a measure of national income… what is produced is consumed, and those purchases represent income to us all. Again, income is an irrelevant measure of growth if you need more dollars to purchase the same goods and services. So what does measure growth? Debt does. Borrow more, spend more, consume more, which is income to another. Income is backed by debt. National debt is $19 Trillion. National Income is about the same. Personal Household debt is another $16 Trillion, or 80% of GDP. Borrow more, Spending More, creates demand, and prices rise before demand is satisfied by increased supply. Too much supply is “deflationary” prices decline, lowering GDP, lowering national income. Central Planners can’t have this. They must create conditions to borrow, because without borrowing the system struggles. When the system struggles, all those holding debt as an “asset” class, e.g., stocks and bonds are at risk of not being paid. Those of us who believe we are saving via 401k’s, Pensions, etc., are really lenders to those who borrow. In return we receive stocks and bonds, which are debt instruments issued by those who do the borrowing. Today, we are called “investors” and are not purchasing today tangible wealth with our excess earnings but instead lending our excess earnings believing we will be able to purchase more wealth in the future than the future value of the tangible wealth we could have purchased today. We can only hope those inflation adjusted debt instruments we hold in “retirement” accounts will someday be worth more than the tangible wealth we could have purchased today. After adjusting for Risk? There’s not a chance in hell the future real return is greater than the future value of today’s tangible wealth.
    Yellen needs about 3% inflation, as annual deficits are causing the national debt to rise at 4% annually. GDP at 3% today less 2% published inflation is 1% real GDP. Therefore, 1% real GDP + 3% inflation is equal to 4% nominal GDP, or a “growth” rate enough to cover rising debt at 4%. Nominal GDP rises as does national income, because prices or inflation rise, but purchasing power essentially declines, which is why purchasing tangible wealth today may be better than the hope for a higher future wealth of our “investment, savings or lending” in exchange for debt instruments.
    The absolute funniest thing is that we place currency, (legal tender, medium of exchange), stocks, bonds, etc., on our balance sheets as assets, and call it “capital” such that we can borrow against this capital as though it was tangible wealth. Hence, the entire system is “capitalized” with debt, e.g., Tier One Capital, like Treasury Bonds, etc., which is debt.

    • FC

      Very true, but I felt like a robot reading it.

  35. Jason Hodel

    Greg Hunter Rocks!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Jason. I appreciate the support!

  36. Will Kaye

    Very interesting Greg. Yes Im afraid its over. Love your site, the truth must be told.
    There is no America, and we are not American citizens. We live in a dieing immoral, corupt, corporate police state. No nation/culture has ever come to this point that we have and survived. May God help and protect in the coming storms ahead.

  37. Anthony Australia

    I was on the website; have been using this for years to get numbers, yesterday I noticed a few currencies in the exchange that intrigued me, hadn’t noticed them before.
    Has there always been IMF (Special Drawing Rights) & KPW (North Korean Won) on there?

  38. Russ

    Submitted without further comment…
    “Gold Reset To $10,000/oz Coming “By January 1, 2018″ – Rickards ”

  39. Jerry

    The end of the petrodollar has officially begun.

    What does it say when a member of OPEC is willing to sidestep the dollar and issue bonds in Yuan? Before you answer, let me remind you that for months I have been talking about how Hank Paulsen and the boys at ” The Working Group” have been busy installing a Yuan trading platform inside the U.S. banking system and quite possibly the Federal Reserve Bank itself. These scumbags don’t come out from under their rock unless they can make a buck, so you can bet they’re way ahead of the curve on this one.

    It’s becoming more apparent every day that the IMF and the World Bank are planning on using the assets from the BRICS alliance and AIIB as a safety net when bond bubble finally burst. Will it work? In my humble opinion I don’t know, but we’re about to find out when the petrodollar is laid to rest in the next few months.

  40. H. Craig Bradley


    “Everyone” is simply too bearish on stocks for a big correction to happen, at THIS time. So, probably it won’t happen in 2017. However, anything can happen in 2018-2019. Maybe “next year”, eh ? Perennial dilemma: Too early or too late. The universal conundrum of all would-be market timers everywhere. Good Luck !!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Everyone on this site is bearish on stocks but is that representative of the rest of the financial world?

      • Eric

        The market is the most bullish, most levered with margin, and highest price/sales ever. That’s with all the financial ledger lying.
        Everyone’s so bearish it’s gone parabolic. The rise since the election was the greatest in the history of the market.
        Keep those positive market thoughts. You’ll need them.

  41. H. Craig Bradley


    Economist Martin Armstrong agrees with Nenner that the U.S. will eventually break-up into separate regions or smaller units of government “on the other side of 2032” based on his long term forecasts. Historically, this happens to all empires who become overextended, including the United States. In addition, Martin Armstrong predicts the deepening political divisions within our government (gridlock) and also in overall society suggest these social conflicts will intensify in future years.

    Nobody wants to experience total change or the agony of breaking-up, but let’s face it, we have a high “divorce rate” ( 56%). Its in our genes. So, better get your own self-sustaining homestead in the country and be prepared for the coming Apocalypse.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Something similar is happening to Spain with with Catalan independence movement strengthening. Perhaps in times of hardship the more wealthy areas don’t want to subsidise poorer regions.

  42. stonewall

    If I understand Nenner correctly he predicts market crash this fall (probably true)
    then he predicts a bull market in bonds (could happen) and then he calls for a
    much stronger greenback (doesn’t compute) simply because if the stock market
    crashes the Fed will create trillions of new dollars out of thin air to provide as
    much liquidity as they deem necessary. One of the first rules of economics is that
    the more there is of any one thing the value of each thing becomes less and less.
    Therefore the only way the greenback could increase in value would be if every
    other country in the world would increase the amount of units of their currency
    on a percentage basis more than the USA and that will not happen. When this
    all shakes out it will be precious metals to the moon. Good show Greg.

  43. Southern Girl

    A little off the subject but I wanted to post this YouTube for someone you have had on. Dane Wigington. This CIA guy spills the beans on the whole hidden government the Deep State and more. Thought you might get some of your answers as to why Hitlary has not been jailed.
    It is on Dane’s website Published the 23rd of August. A Must WATCH

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Economist Martin Armstrong’s long term forecasts suggest that gold, the U.S. Dollar, and stocks (DOW Index) will simultaneous go up at the same time ( The “Slingshot” Move ) . Its a prediction for the future, perhaps “next year”. The thing about the future is no one can accurately predict it or time it. Hence, its every prognosticators “Holy Grail”, if not a profitable one.

      Reportedly, the most money made during the California Gold Rush was actually made by businesses who sold the supplies (Picks and Shovels) to the miners, rather than most of the individual gold miners. Subscriptions pay in any market, up or down. Can’t lose if you are a pundit. Too many Charlatans and Experts out there ready to lighten your load ($). No skin in the game either for most of them, as “they” say.

    • Paul ...

      SG … excellent post … this should go viral … Trump should hire Kevin Shipp to help him reduce the Federal Budget deficit … and also do what Venezuela just did … fire almost the entire bought and paid for US Congress ( the few exceptions being Rand Paul and other Constitutionalists)!!

  44. Glossolalia

    Just curious, can someone show us some proof that he’s been calling for a market crash in 2017 for a few years? Meaning show us some posts or articles from a few years ago where he says that?

  45. Jonathan O'Quinn

    Dear Sir,

    I appreciate the excellent guests you interview for your show and the effort you make to make their wisdom available to us all. Thank you for what you do.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jonathan!!

  46. The Seer search engine is fast and clear. Gives privacy and carries true news.
    Use it! Maybe interview the founder . . . .

  47. Diane

    Holy Cow!!!!!

  48. niphtrique

    I think Mr. Nenner is right. But what will this mean? If the situation is handled correctly, we will have deflation and negative interest rates, and probably indefinitely. But why is this going to happen? Also, what is the best way to deal with this? And how will this play out? I have already done the thought experiments and worked them out in the past few years.

    And so I made two investigations: (1) why may interest rates go negative and remain negative and (2) what are the consequences of introducing a tax on currency and a maximum interest rate of zero. The results are extremely surprising. It is possible to prevent financial crises, have a stable economy, reduce or end central bank and government intervention, and improve economic growth.

    (1) The End Of Usury: Why interest rates are going negative and may remain negative and why that might be a good thing:

    (2) Feasibility of Interest-Free Demurrage Currency:

    Abstracts of these articles have been published on Gold Eagle ( Apart from that there isn’t much interest in this research. But if you realise that I might be right, and there is good reason to think so, then this should be on the agenda.

  49. Brad

    Interesting how Nenner is helping to create the False move down. I do believe him in that the markets will go down in Sept./Oct. but it will likely be a large correction and then move back up to newer highs. Nenner is saying a 4-5 year bear market? You should have Martin Armstrong again to clarify all of this. I do like Nenner’s work but there is more involved after this correction comes. This will probably be the biggest bear trap in history.

    • Greg Hunter

      Both guys are pros and both very smart. Thank you.

    • John


      I am not sure what yon mean by a false move down – I assume you are referring to the stock market. This is my take on what Nenner is saying: The bond market will go back into a bull market over the next year or so as the Fed can’t raise rates and unload its balance sheet as this would cause bond prices to collapse and yields to rise. The problem here is that there is not much room to roll over debt as we are so close to zero rates – hence why we only have a year or so left for the bond bull. Gold is going to look good in a zero rate environment because you are not getting paid to hold bonds and you may not get your principal back. Shouldn’t these bonds be considered “junk” when you look at the debt of the issuer? Gold yields nothing as it is pure money and its price has been manipulated down in order to support the dollar – hence it has greater potential as a store of value in an environment where the dollar needs to be lower in order to boost trade and where everything else is in a bubble – bonds, real estate and stocks. Low rates have been the engine for both the stock market and the bond market. These low rates have channeled money into stocks for investors seeking either yield or price appreciation as it can’t be realized in the bond market as it is near the top already. Is the stock market the ultimate risk free “money sink” or is a place where money goes to die? Historically, money is both made and lost in the stock market. Are we to assume that p/e ratios and earnings per share mean nothing anymore in an environment where the consumer is maxed out? Low rates have encouraged more debt and now that debt is about to seize the system up once again. IMHO, we are at stall speed.
      Greg, btw – I saw an interview with Rickards where he states that it could be possible that the treasury will revalue gold very soon from the official $40 price range to $1300 range as a means to secure 350 billion dollars to keep the government solvent through the pending budget nightmare. I do find it interesting that Mnuchin went to Fort Knox recently – don’t we all? Remember as well what Stockman said about this fall in relation to the budget. Will a budget short fall be the mechanism in which gold reenters the financial system? The pieces do seem to be coming together.


  50. Virginia

    If oil falls to $20, then deflation logically will follow given the use of oil and it byproducts in so many products. Am I right? Goldman called for a low of $30. So Dr. Nenner is not alone in his prediction.

  51. AJ

    Hi Greg,
    I just listened to this interview today. I’ve followed Charles Nenner for a while and I’ve gotta say I’ve never heard him more discombobulated and almost incoherent as this. He dodged a direct answer to most of your questions and kept referring to cycles that are extreme in length. As an investor who also just wants to be right, I am not going sell everything because a year ends in seven.
    Who knows if he’s right. Each person has to make their own decisions but hopefully armed with as much information as possible. How would you feel if your following took this at face value then, missed an enormous opportunity in the market if Mr. Nenner is wrong. With respect, I would think, as a journalist, you would want to provide as much information as possible to your subscribers and let them make their own decisions. As an example, Gary Savage, at Smart Money Tracker, also believe a crash is coming but not before the stock market goes into a vertical bubble phase that would look like what crypto currencies are in right now (and similar to the 2000 tech bubble). When that bubble pops, the start of the gold bubble will begin. Listen to his 8/28 Market Wrap at his public site:
    so much more substantial information in 8 minutes that anything Mr. Nenner had to say. An interview with him, or someone like Dr. Steve Sjuggerud from Stansberry Research, on your site, would certainly provide your following with more hard info to make these difficult investment decisions with their life savings.

    • boris chikvashvili

      I am not sure what do you expect for a mathematician to tell you. He and all advisers, are not supposed to tell you that market could spike and then come down , that is clear, cycles do not preclude crazy things in between. I have stated in 2017 predictions ( Dec 2016) that we could see 30000+ or 15000 Dow, for that reason, but I think, right now, immediately the chances of a spike to 30000 are not high. It can happen and for that you need to be a trader, or subscribe to the service of an adviser and see how he handles detour like that. Dr Sjuggerud is a different style adviser, less based on cycles and more on research through databases, to figure out where the sentiment shifts may come from. He is not strictly cycle trader, like Nenner appears to be. He also has an advantage of having a bigger support staff and large audience that allows him to , sometimes, literally make up a theme and ram it down the large number of loyal investors who will buy and hold until he speaks again. He is part of a largest publication, and can do so. As someone that has overriding computer and research experience combined with various market research technique i can see and almost do what entire organization of Stansberyy does , except I cannot overpower the enormous marketing power of that organization. So, the long story short, take what Nenner gives and take what others give and do your best. Nenner , was very clear, HE DOES NOT CARE, why things happen( most of the time). It is enough that he can detect the cycles. He is no more interested ( it appears) in the question why, as a child going to the see. He just enjoys the waves and could care less why and how waves are created.
      Thanks you

  52. James Woroble Jr

    Deflation? Inflation? How about both, simultaneously!

    Deflation will occur amongst the consumer ‘junk’ markets — computers, electronics, etc.. But inflation will occur among the consumer ‘necessity’ markets — food, energy, etc..

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