Global Economy Critical Condition Code Blue-Rob Kirby

17By Greg Hunter’s

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says don’t trust the stock market’s rise to new all-time highs. The global economy is in terminal trouble, and Kirby explains, “My view of the financial system as it sits today is we are in an intensive care unit, and we have a lot of tubes and wires connected to us right now.  The question you are asking me is how long is a person in critical condition in an intensive care unit going to live?  I don’t really know the answer to it other than we could get a code blue any day. We could get a code blue tomorrow . . . code blue is when somebody has passed.”

Kirby also says, “This is the real world that we live in, and most of our neighbors and friends are having a tough time making ends meet. There is a huge, huge contradiction from what we hear from officialdom and what we are all experiencing on the street.  As to the record highs in the financial markets, everybody should know about the ‘Plunge Protection Team’ or ‘The Presidents Working Group on Financial Markets’ and know that the hand of government is tweaking or propping up markets around the world.  The onslaught of freshly produced new money can do wonders for paper assets.  What all this fresh new paper doesn’t do is create new physical precious metal because new precious metal doesn’t come from a Gutenberg Press.  It cannot be printed into existence with key strokes. . . . That creates a problem for officialdom because the demand for physical precious metal has been spiraling up. . . . The central banking committee, spearheaded by the U.S. Treasury and the Exchange Stabilization Fund, has been throwing unprecedented amounts of paper promises of metal at the markets to stem the rise which should have been much bigger in free markets than the recent rise we have seen in both gold and silver. . . . This does not diminish the outcome that will ultimately happen.  The outcome that will ultimately happen is the price of gold and silver will trade at many multiples than they currently are because the paper market will be so discredited that it will turn into a cash and carry type of market.  This is coming. . . . The LBMA and the COMEX in New York will show themselves they are complete and utter frauds that they are because the amount of paper they continue to sell will ultimately discredit them.”

Kirby says the metal central banks are most fearful of is silver. Kirby says, “Silver is Kryptonite to central bankers. .  . . Why?  Because they don’t have any.  They don’t have physical stores of silver to feed into the market to beat the price down.  So, recently, to stem the rise of silver, they have really been attacking the price of gold.  The whole notion there is if they beat the price of gold down, silver will decline in sympathy with the attack on gold.”

On the ongoing dispute with China losing part of its claim to the South China Sea at The Hague, Kirby says, “It’s really just another case of rising geo-political tensions. In recent weeks, Vladimir Putin has been making some very strong statements regarding the actions of the West and NATO, very provocative actions.  Putin actually issued a very terse warning to the West last week saying we were headed for a nuclear conflict if the West’s aggressive posture continues.”

So, does the West want war? Kirby contends, “Typically, when money fails, the elites take us to war.  That is a constant in history.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Kirby also says more and more things will be happening that will be unreal, but there will be no return to any sort of “normalcy.” Kirby explains, “The Humpty Dumpty economy did not just fall off the wall and break into pieces.  Somebody has stomped on the pieces and they cannot ever be put back together.”  There is some free information on the homepage of If you want to sign up for his original analysis and newsletter, you can do so by clicking here.



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  1. Muzzie

    “Code Blue” is actually a Medical Emergency, not when someone has passed. I think what he meant to say was:

    “Our Economy is Currently in a Code Blue and can Flatline any day now.”


    • Russ

      I’ve always heard Code Blue in the context not of someone who has passed, but has flatlined as is in the process of passing. From – Code Blue (noun) “1. A medical emergency in which a team of medical personnel work to revive an individual in cardiac arrest.
      2. An order given to initiate such work.”. Regardless, Code Blue is a good term for the condition of the financial system today. Think of the Plunge Protection Team as a crash cart.

    • eddiemd

      Time to practice central lines…dead or alive.

  2. Paul ...

    Hey Gina … just what did you mean when you said you have “contingency plans” if Trump begins to trounce Hillary??? … are you talking “code blue” plans? … are you planning to station yourself in the Book Depository Building or on the grassy knoll when Trump visits Dallas???

    • al

      Paul- first- I don’t see Gina said anything above??
      Input for all – Greg knows my inside contact so I’m not making this up. In 2009 after the last collapse I was told that the elite’s had just stolen Trillions of dollars from all those in the markets. Because so many were now afraid of the stock market to invest in- the elite’s were going to make ever other investment look really bad- ie: bonds paying nothing, banks having no return on money, etc. This would force even those reluctant to be in stocks to get back in. I was told the markets would rise slowly and would go to all time highs(today). He said at some point in the future the elite’s will crash the markets and steal even more trillions. You can see this NOW playing out. I warn you to get out of the stock market now if your still there- take something off the table. Take the profits and buy like Mr. Kirby says his rich clients do- buy tangible assets- whatever is your fancy- gold, I ‘m strongly into physical silver myself, whatever. Get out of paper anything as the dollar will crash.

      • Paul ...

        Al … I should have mentioned that I was responding to a post by Gina in the previous interview.

    • hilde
      I believe Gina is a guy pulling our leg, but in any case I think what’s in this article is what heshe is referring to.

    • Gina Mancarella

      Unfortunately, I cant answer you cause I guess Greg has blocked me.

  3. Paul ...

    Years ago Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake” … the peoples response was “off with her head” … today we have Hillary saying “let them eat my crimes” … the peoples response is ” we love Hillary … continue to pile on your crimes high and deep … and hurry up with your plans to bring us Nuclear Armageddon (antagonize Putin some more)”!!

    • JC Davis

      Michael Harvey I came online today to find this answer. Thanks for the link. JC

  4. Tin foil hat

    This is the kind of community policing which the Black Lives Matter and the democrats want.

    The democrats are obviously not preparing the masses to tighten their belts to get thru the next “code blue”, it seems they are preparing the masses for anarchy just so they can stay in power.
    I think this country is done. Without the petrodollar, there is no way we can compete with the Germans or Japanese with the kind of people I have seen on TV lately.
    Decision will have to be made soon to fight or flight.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      TFH, fighting seems to be the only option. After all, where would an American go these days? Central/South Americans, Caribbeans, Europeans hate us pretty thoroughly. A good ol boy like myself would only find hate and rejection in these places. Besides, I hate socialists as much as they hate me.
      There is one place in the world where I’d be willing to relocate – Israel. The one problem there is that I couldn’t carry a firearm unless I had some kind of security job. Other than that it would seem like a dream to live in Old Jerusalem.

      I’m not even sure we’ll have the chance to fight our enemies if we stay in America. My personal belief is that the leftists/globalists are trying to bring in the NWO very gradually here, until we wake up one day and it’s a ‘fait accompli’.

  5. Dave Reich

    Rob’s audio became almost inaudible during the second half of the interview; could you please check your audio settings? Thank you for your valuable work!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think it was the last 6 minutes or so and I did have an audio problem I could not fix in post production. I am pretty low tech, but try to always improve.

  6. Pinocchio

    Considering the things Kirby said and the ongoing shootings in some cities, I have to say that the best possible solution for these problems is Secession.

    Secede !!!!

    • Diane D.

      Amen. But I expect the globalists to take us to war or anarchy.

      • Pinocchio

        War has started. USA is in war with Syria and Russia. It will profoundly escalate after November this year.

        Secede !!!!

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      Pinocchio, my heart is with you but my mind says it’ll never happen. I would willingly become a citizen of a sovereign secession state if that sovereign state banned leftism/socialism and all its manifestations.

      Let all the southern states from Texas to North Carolina secede. I guarantee that in one year the starving leftists would be climbing the fences to get into our wonderful new nation.

      • Pinocchio

        Before this year is over, your heart will unite with your mind in a way never happened in this solar system. You will see the beginning of Secession and slowly understand what destiny is all about. Live well and prepare for the Secession.

        Secede !!!!

        • Robert Lykens

          I hope so, but I think PC has advanced too far, even in Texas. Too many people would panic at the sight of a secessionist proposition on the ballot.

          Maybe I’m wrong; I hope I am.

      • WD

        We could secede and become part of BRICS and we would have 2 major superpowers at our back….

        Yes I like that idea!

  7. Anthony Australia

    Greg you are pure quality, all of your guests are if the upmost intelligence and experts in their field. No time for wasted drivel airtime on USA Watchdog!

    • Anthony Australia

      Greg you are pure quality, all of your guests are of the upmost intelligence and experts in their field. No time for wasted drivel airtime on USA Watchdog!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Anthony!

  8. NH Watcher

    True enough, that “Code Blue” refers to the last minute, end-of-life, heroic procedures done in medicine to save a life from inevitable death, versus when people choose DNR (do not resuscitate), and allow what happens naturally to happen. Kirby’s use of the term, though, fits the current situation. Having lost one parent to immediate death, and my other parent to a gradual death in hospice, I know that both are equally traumatic. A gradual death does carry with it, last minute “signs of life,” which make you think the inevitable is not inevitable. My mother was in hospice for six months; the final days being the most confusing.

    She died on a Monday; the Thursday prior, she was in and out of consciousness, and then, lo and behold, on Friday, was straight up in her bed and eating, making eye contact and giving all signs that this really “wasn’t the end.” The next day, Saturday morning, she slipped into a coma and never recovered.

    If we use this illustration for the current economic state of affairs, I can easily see the latest stock market highs as what I experienced that final Friday … what seemed like a complete reversal of the previous lows. It tells me that our economic “coma” is very, very soon. It was very hard lasting through that weekend, hoping, praying that she might possibly awake.

    “Code Blue” (in some ways) will only make things worse. Will people be in a even harder state of disbelief that the inevitable is happening, despite so many heroic promises to the contrary?

    • Charles H

      NH W,

      Though it is not always the case – many experience ‘a phase of grace’ – where, before the end, there is a time of near normalcy. Rather than being a sign to confuse – those who work in the area understand this to be a confirmation of near-coming death. They don’t disclose their knowledge because of the sensitivity of the situation.
      “Code Blue” might as well be Code Green – for massive money generation: but it will be the non-Western countries that will ‘pull the plug’ on the patient. Those inside the Western Dollar System will go to unreal, unbelievable lengths to keep hold what they keep hold of. The other half of the world, when they are good sick and tired, and ready – are gong to hand the baseball back, or dollars back – and say they aren’t going to play funny games anymore.

  9. Deano

    i bow down to you greg thanks for getting my fav person on the show!

  10. Dan


    Please ask your guests the following:

    What is to stop the US Treasury ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund) in buying stocks indefinitely to boost up the S&P500 & Dow?

    As far as I can see, they can do this for a LONG TIME TO COME since they can get free printed money from the Fed. I don’t see ANYTHING stopping them from continuing to do this. Somebody please prove me wrong with credible facts or info.

    • Dan

      By the way, we all pretty much know that the Central Banks work in concert and help each other buy stocks from each others’ markets. Japan is doing so now for the others and I suspect the US is next. Proof of this can be found here:

      The “Mystery” Of Who Is Pushing Stocks To All Time Highs Has Been Solved

      They got a sh*tload of firepower and can probably do this for many months (or even years?) to come. Somebody please prove me wrong…

      • Greg Hunter

        Good timely link to add. Thank you.

      • Paul Murray

        I think scared capital is fleeing Europe and coming here. With the Deutsche Bank implosion (stock down 90% since 2009–see Jerry’s link from Monday post), and Italy on the brink of a bank crisis similar to our 2008 event, the Eurozone is under severe pressure right now. If the Eurozone has a financial crisis, our prime selling market will suffer. We will be fortunate if a recession is all we see. Best always. PM

    • Greg Hunter

      The ESF can do this until they crash the USD. I don’t think anyone will prove you wrong either.

    • jim c.

      Dan, I will tell you why this can not go on forever, Because the US and our banks don`t have all the control, china and russia has it. They are not going to play this game forever, it does not benefit them. Why do you think they are hoarding all the silver and gold ? You think they just like the color of it? When they are ready to convert the system , they will , and no one can stop them.

      • jeff

        Some good news …. debt-free market gold from the grass roots of society is coming to the rescue. Needs more momentum for sure. ! BitGold has made the grass roots entering of gold’s circulation quite simple

        The benefit of circulating debt-free gold currency goes beyond simply supporting economic trade and overall activity. It also allows for the added liquidity to support the purging of existing debt (fiat currency) without an enormous threat to the economy. NO CRASHES PLEASE !

        The organic rate of change , which could never be accomplished in a top-down process is really developing steam. Support it ! Our world depends on it and God knows we could use some Yang (asset currency) with our existing Yin (debt currency). Market osmosis can then take over.

        Symbiosis ensues in the process oriented book balancing.

  11. Jerry

    For those paying attention, the G20 just wrapped up their trade ministers meeting in Shanghai.

    It is worth noting that the G20 finance ministers also met in Shanghai at the end of April. I am hearing from alternate media sources outside the United States that the Chinese will have a major announcement at the main G20 meeting in Shanghai in September.

    Rob Kirby is spot on. A major economic shift is about to happen. Especially in Gold reserves. It is no coincidence that Shanghai has been pin pointed as the central economic trade hub of the world by the G20. The SGE in every sense of the word will become the new LBMA when default on delivery takes place. Its coming.

    The Chinese are preparing for this eventuality, and so are the central banks. They are strategically waiting for the exact time when Deutsche Bank implodes, before they pull the curtain back and reveal to the the world the amount of gold reserves that they actually hold. Timing is everything for what they have planned. They want the IMF to beg them to take the economic reins of the world. And they’ll get it.

    • Jerry

      Its also worth noting that China just competed the “Silk Road Agreement” with the EU.

      If you’ve been paying attention. you know that the Silk Road ties all of the European countries together with China on a trade route that ends in England. Is it any wonder that outside of China, Britain is the largest trade center for the Yuan? Its pretty easy to replace a dying American consumer market, when you can replace it with one that doesn’t require shipping containers across the ocean, and only requires three days for delivery.

      • WD


        Silk road is huge, one of the biggest economic injections in the history of the world.
        No wonder US/NATO would rather go to war….this is a one of those “elephant in the room” moments…

  12. Ken Russell

    Thanks Greg. Once again, greatly appreciated.

    My wife and I are still stunned by the mountains of evidence from Mannarino, Kirby, et al that the star is beginning its final death throes. With the Fed telling banks to use their reserves to buy back their own stocks which is what is causing the Dow and S&P to hit historic highs seems like a last ditch but there have been so many last ditches.

    That being said, we’re taking extra precautions.

    Now a question if you have time. How do I take physical money metals AFTER the SHTF and use it to buy stuff? I don’t doubt the Mannarino scenario because it’s supported by several other real smart guys and real time data and facts but “After the Gold Rush” who and where do I convert money metals into tangible stuff like gasoline, food, etc? How will an ounce of gold be able to be broken down or an ounce of silver be broken down to get change for using it to buy a couple bars of soap? They all say to own some and many of us do but so what? How do I make it useful when banks/atm’s/dollars are useless? Is there someone you can interview who might have ideas on how that can happen? I know Chris Martenson has some ideas but he stresses local community stuff. How do we take this stuff with intrinsic value and convert it into food, shelter, clothing and who can we trust when banks no longer mean anything?

    • wondrouscat

      I don’t know much but I gather that at least for awhile, a year or more, you will use dollar bills (so save up cash – in Venezuela right now if you have cash you can get whatever you want, not even stand in those long lines as there are “runners” who, for a mark-up, will buy for you), or barter, or better yet just live on what you’ve stashed away in preparation (food, water, soap, toothpaste, etc. – also have gasoline for a generator; you can use your heating oil – get delivery now -if you have a diesel generator). Then, once a new currency is established, (hopefully)your PM’s will be able to be converted into this currency.

      • Bill

        Ken Russell: Some of us are holding pre 1965 silver coins. Dimes, quarters, halfs and dollars. They are now difficult to find, but that’s one answer.

      • Bill

        Ken Russell; Cant speak to gold, but silver has always been around as a medium of exchange. Judas sold out Jesus for 30 silver coins

    • Charles H


      When you show you have gold, and prove it; and have silver – to those who have distribution connections (be very careful) – then ledger accounting can be bargained to the ballpark value of the big coins. Commerce will find a way…

    • andyb

      In the worst case scenario, you’ll need 6 months of food water and cash until the currency reset which, most likely will take the form of successive USD devaluations. The result, I feel, will be over 50%; meaning everything you buy will cost at least double. But gold and silver will go up geometrically; I see $5000 and $350 respectfully. I cannot emphasize enough that if Europe’s banking system, led by DB, goes kaput, all of our TBTF banks will go too. Get your money out of WF, Citi, Bof A, JPM, etc. According to the fine print in your deposit agreement, you will become, in the event of a currency emergency. just another creditor, but interestingly enough, at the bottom, not at the top. All of your funds may then at best be worth 10 cents on the dollar, as they will be converted to common bank stock.

      Know your neighbors; have a plan. When the Free Shit Army is on the prowl, you’ll need weapons and ammo. Hungry people who were formally entitled or enabled can be quite dangerous. The USG has a current agenda of a massive race, gender, etc war aimed at the population. According to a report issued by a CIA connected think tank, the US population will be only 50 million by 2025. Ask yourself where will be the 300 million balance of the current population? It’s wake up time folks.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      Ken Russell, maybe it will work like this:
      Banks/ATMs severely restrict cash withdrawals. For a (probably short) time, whatever cash is in circulation will be King.
      As our economy worsens to Venezuela-like conditions, with groceries in short supply, food-sellers will receive sporadic, intermittent shipments of who knows what? One day they might get insecticide, then a few days later they might get a shipment of canned beets or hair spray – or nothing at all.
      I think it stands to reason that any distributor with access to an inventory of food would rather let it go for silver/gold than for worthless paper/fiat dollars.
      As to how much metal? And for what change? That depends on your own bargaining skills. Maybe you take a pair of metal snips with you to trim off the amount of gold you agree on. Maybe you have small silver or copper coins in addition to those huge gold ounces. Maybe you agree to provide security for the distributor in exchange for some of his goods.Who knows? Maybe you take your “change” in labor – the distributor agrees to come to your house for a week to pull weeds and tote water to keep your garden alive.
      When you go to trade, it will be important to keep all your needs in mind.
      Be wise!

      • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

        Take some backup with you that you can trust. It’s for sure the grocer will have backup with him.

      • mike

        good points …. precious metal payments and liquidity using gold will start to take a front seat for economic activity and overall stimulation as debt based currency seizes up .

        There’s a gold based payment system that started in Canada, last year, publicly traded that is like PayPal but where the user funds their account with bullion rather than dollars (debt) It’s really going to blaze a trail now that goldmoney has joined forces with Peter Schiff .

    • ConcernedAmericanDad

      Thanks for finally some real info. I am growing weary of these timed predictions. Last time Mr.Kirby was on( and he is one of my top 3 favorites) after the “Gold Rigging” confession said that something big was a couple weeks down the road. It’s been a couple/few months if not longer. Sinclair and Holter said we wouldn’t make it out of September………2015. All I know is after last August’s highs, I started moving away from stock exposure, only to miss out on the latest recovery. I’m the fool. I’m the one loosing credibility with family I’ve been trying to wake up. The Brexit catastrophe was fixed in a couple days! Who would have thought?@# This is all B!@#$%^&. I am believing more than ever that it is all one big fake Truman Show- that they can control as long as they desire and they are ALL in on it together.

      All these pundits keep claiming ” as long as confidence in central banks remains…”
      Who with a functioning brain could have faith and confidence in them?
      It makes me sick to watch the TV news and try to stomach the sh#$%^& that most of the public seems to swallow hook, line and sinker. A criminal gets a free pass and is a presidential frontrunner. A completely corrupt clusterf3$%^& and then the Bern kicks everyone in their collective crtotch. Those idiots who actually believed he was against the corruption, wall street money in politics, the big criminal banks, etc…… and now he’s behind that piece of s#$%^&* I am growing more cynical every day and more frustrated. No one I know seems to really care- they accept the shaft they are being reamed with and don’t seem to even realize how deep it is being thrust in.•-wealth-protection-in-an-economic-madhouse/•-will-hillarys-next-stop-be-the-white-house-or-the-big-house/

      • Alan I

        I feel the same way and am in same boat as you.t I don’ know what to think anymore.

        • ConcernedAmericanDad

          thanks Alan.
          It is getting ridiculous, isn’t it.
          My family is like, ” why are you so gloomy, Dow 18500 !!!

          • WD

            Like wise here, but if you want to listen to someone that seems to be firing on all 8 cylinders I recommend V the Guerrilla Economist.

            No real predictions just someone who is pointing the right way with more generalizations.

            He is great!! Take care

  13. Scott

    It’s tough to say which USAWD guest I like the most, because truth be told they’re all fantastic. However if I just *had* to choose, I’d say it’s a tie between Ron Kirby and Gregory Mannarino. These two men have taught my wife and I more about banks, banking practices, and currencies than any college class we’ve ever taken!

    Greg, I just can’t thank you enough for bringing Mr. Kirby and Mr. Mannarino on the program as regularly as you do – they’ve _really_ helped us plan ahead and prepare for these turbulent times.

    God bless you, Brother.

    • Leslie

      Dear Scott
      Sir please do not listen to any of these clowns they are all paid gold pumpers please listen to me. Greg Manmarone is a liar and constantly wrong . Greg Hunter has been consistently wrong on everything and his guests have been broken dooms day clocks for years . Again sir please do not listen to any advice from these people . In fact why would they want your soon to be worthless cash for their gold and silver. They are cons Gols is a banker controlled asset and it will be whatever price they want it to be so when they lie and say banks hate it this is untrue I know from experience I lost a lot of money listening to good clowns and paid the price . One of Hinters guests is Jim nWillie a good pumping BS artist living in Costa Rica this way he can pump lies and not be prosecuted . Don’t be fooled

      Be safe Leslie

      • mark

        Gina, is that you?

        • Gina Mancarella

          Unfortunately, I cant answer you cause I guess Greg has blocked me.

      • Charles H


        I listened to G. Mannarino, bought silver early, and am underwater quite a bit – but that doesn’t make his premises wrong. As for trading gold for Dollars – guess what: those Dollars can then be used to purchase physical PMs. I suppose you are against anyone making a profit for any reason, huh?
        You claim to have “lost a lot of money”? Were you “trading’ or just buying physical metal? If you still have the physical: you’ve ‘lost’ nothing. If you have lost the nerve to hold physical, because of all the PROVEN MANIPULATION; and so bought high and sold low: then you, alone are to blame for not understanding what is really going on. If you approached Precious Metals with the idea of ‘making money’ rather than having it for insurance – then don’t cry about selling the insurance at a discount before the calamity comes.
        Mannarino helped many people make lots of money on what is clownish about that? And Jim Willie is in Costa Rica more because his life is in danger Stateside, than for fear of prosecution. The many facets of just not doing your home-work, and seeing the larger and clearer picture – makes your comment more of a pot-shot than anything else.

        • Leslie

          The problem is these. Clowns are never right in the long term what good is. Is dooms day predictions without a Deadline and the same clowns go back and forth to different gold pumping website telling people to buy physical and hold it the price is being manipulated this is very risky Better trade the paper gold ETFs less costs associated with it . So your underwater then sell now and get out if your waiting for the doomsday inflation scenarios these. Clowns have been predicting you will be left with the useless physical trust me wait and see . Bottom line these guys stay in one gear buy and hold for dear life collapse is only around the corner YEAH RIGHT . If you do not see that and ignore or give me derogatory replies I can only come to the conclusion that you are a Troll for the 2 doomsday Gregs as. There is a big difference between making a fair profit and feeding people crap and fear to extract money from people who have no idea about how the bankers will never let gold go to 5000 an oon e give me a break Charles
          Haven’t you noticed there are hardly any replies if any. condemning these clowns
          Best wishes Charles

          • Charles H


            You don’t think calling ‘guests’ on this site “clowns” is not, in itself – derogatory? And lumping so many into the same category – being uncharitable?

            The whole issue of holding physical is to avoid paper – (FRNs) Federal Reserve Notes, or ETFs.

            Also – if there are those who are ‘feeding people crap’ – no one twists their arms; no one assumes responsibility for their decisions: so if one is prayed-upon – that is their own fault for not doing due diligence.

            As far as I know, there is no kick-back between PM dealers. I never did business with anyone represented on this site. I saw interest rates go below 2% from over 4% in under two years, a figured something was terribly wrong. As of today I’ve broken even, with some positive margin.

            Who ever said the Bankers would keep control of PMs indefinitely? History, time and again shows governments go haywire and implode. And our government is doing nothing different than Zimbabwe or Venezuela. History also confirms the enduring value of PM – even if only for jewelry; let alone monetary metals.

            As to validate my status of not being a troll: I have at least two years commenting here, or more. I cannot say that you are a familiar, or better said – frequent contributor here. It makes sense because you take a contrarian viewpoint to the majority here.

            And what makes this site more of a community is the commonality of viewpoint – a shared consensus of events and issues. This is why you won’t see condemnation toward possessing physical Precious Metals.

            Thank you for your politeness, Leslie – which is a beautiful name. The site here is rather for contributing to the flow if issues and views set forth: not throwing-down criticisms, which does not advance anything positively.

            I believe we are at a turning-point in history. Most continue within the system; others, which frequent this site, tend to remove from it.
            All I can say is that everyone is entitled to decide what they believe and what they are going to do. For my part – I have to keep company with the clowns. Historically, clowns aren’t taken seriously; but they usually avoid the calamities. Be nice, Les. Don’t just stab at people with words. Time proves all things.
            sincerely, CH

        • Bill Howland

          Perhaps the most honest ‘professional observer’ here has been Paul Craig Roberts. He has said he doesn’t know how long the market manipulation can last because he states he’s been wrong about how long things have been on-going, and he has no idea what new schemes will be advanced to keep the system afloat.
          Most of Greg’s guests, although its true, having been wrong as to the timing of investments, may in the end prove to be sage advice. I’m not one of Greg’s favorite people here so you can tell its my unvarnished opinion.
          Rob Kirby is one of the favorites here because he can boil things down what is really happening – although you have to see all his interviews on youtube to see where he is really not holding back. He has stated he doesn’t want to visit the ‘states’ for fear of being arrested – that means he feels he’s spilled the beans too much already, but that’s why we all listen to Mr. Kirby.

      • hilde

        Leslie, I’m not into gold or silver at all but I totally love Greg’s site and his guest Mannarino that you perhaps made an attempt to mention. And so many others, not to mention Celente! Kirby too. It’s about SO much more than gold. You can can pick and choose what you think is right or relevant like with everything else in

        • Hilde

          The interviews with Kirby’s and Celente were absolutely brilliant.

          • Hilde

            The interviews with Kirby and Celente were absolutely brilliant.

          • Bill Howland

            Kirby is a cut above Celente – he may be the foremost ‘Trends Forecaster’ (although some of his predictions are less valuable than others of course), but Celente, having grown up apparently in Downstate NY, is just way too foul-mouthed to be taken as a serious commenter. Sometimes he is so uncouth he is painful to listen to. I’m from Western NY, which is much more like the mid-west as far as values go, and Mr. Celente needs to use a bar of soap. But unfortunately, his filthy mouth is why people like him for the most part. And he is also saccharine sweet to people he wants to suck up to, something he accuses the school-mates he hated when he was growing up as doing. Fortunately, there are other cleaner commenters with the equivalent info.

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)


  14. OutLookingIn

    “The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves. This is the shabby secret of the welfare statist’s tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights.”.
    – Alan Greenspan 1967

    “Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world. Fiat money in extremis is accepted by nobody. Gold is always accepted”.
    -Alan Greenspan May 18, 1993

    “Gold will not always get you good soldiers, but good soldiers can get you gold”.
    -Niccolo Machiavelli 1469 – 1527

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      “Always have enough gold to bribe the border guards.”
      – Catherine Austin Fitts

      • wondrouscat

        I have a had time believing that if border guards saw that you had gold, before letting you pass if they did, they wouldn’t take all of your gold.

        • Robert Lykens

          I don’t.

  15. Chip

    Good interview Greg & Rob… Chip

  16. john duffy



    Just something to read and think about……..

    No wonder he was selected by Forbes as the most powerful person in the world. This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin.

    I would suggest that not only our leaders but every citizen of USA should pay attention to this advice. How scary is that?

    It is a sad day when a Communist Leader makes more sense than our LEADERS here in the U.S.A., and Canada but here it is!

    Vladimir Putin’s speech – SHORTEST SPEECH EVER. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:
    “In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws.
    If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

    “Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland, France and Germany, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

    “When this honourable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.”

    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

    • Charles H


      China can do this without even a whisper – and may have to.

    • Lake M

      A Google search shows that this is a bogus story. Putin never gave this speech.

      It sounds like a message that many people around the world who are having their communities inundated with immigrants from Africa and the Middle East would like to send.

      Putin has an 80% approval rate according to recent polling data.

    • 8Ball

      The Swiss have closed all of their border crossings with Italy to keep out the flood of immigrants.

      Big time liberal, George Clooney, has a mansion on Lago Como which is in N. Italy near the Swiss border and they have opened a refugee camp near his home to house the flood of immigrants that cannot cross into Switzerland. I bet Clooney is pooping bricks; he should invite them over for lunch. I thought about living in Italy once but their immigration policies are butt-backwards. If you are an indigent African they welcome you right in and give you all sorts of freebies but if you are a productive Caucasian then forget it… they bury you with red tape.

  17. Papa J

    Great interview Greg as always. Your site has given me a great deal of knowledge over the past few years. Rob as others, bring up the COMEX as being totally insolvent. How is it that people are still buying into it? Who are these people; individuals, large firms? Even I as a dumb shit carpenter understands that I would be making a bad investment there.
    I sometimes wish I just walked around and said BAAA, BAAAA, but I have always been a sheep dog, but even more so now. There is just so much to prepare for if the idiots in charge do what seems so plausible.
    BTW, great analogy of being naked on the beach. 🙂

  18. Country Codger

    Awesome job Greg. I think Rob nailed it quite well.

  19. DavidC

    Superb interview, one of yours and Roy’s best!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DavidC.

  20. Paul ...

    I disagree with Rob when he says “don’t trust the new highs in the Dow” … as the economy goes bad and gets worse … the Fed will print … and the PPT will buy, buy, buy … we will get (as sure as the Sun rises tomorrow) a Zimbabwe type stock market … all the people shorting the market may be able to scalp a few bucks “on trades” but they better be very nimble … because the major trend in an expanding money supply environment is inflationary … look at it this way … if you believe gold is going to $12,000 dollars per ounce (about 10 times higher) … then the US dollar is going to go 10 times lower … so a Dow falling to 5000 “now” is really equivalent to a Dow of 50,000 when gold gets to $12,000 … get the picture???

    • Carol Smith

      Excellent, Paul,

  21. Sylvia

    Rob Kirby is an informative and entertaining guest.
    He gives the best examples and makes the subject come alive.
    The average person can easily understand his message. He doesn’t
    confuse us with all of those many acronyms that most think we all understand
    but we don’t.

  22. Russ

    Thanks Greg. As always, Rob Kirby paints a fairly good picture of the current state of the financial system.
    Speaking of the stock market and the recent all time high in the Dow — how is Greg Mannarino taking the news. It isn’t real, but he did call a top way last year. You can’t buy the Dow because it’s way overvalued, but you can’t short it because it’s artificially supported by very deep pockets who have no interest in profits.

    • DavidC

      I can’t speak for Greg (for whom I have a lot of respect) but I don’t think ANYONE has foreseen the insanity or total desperation of the central banks.


    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      As an interesting experiment I recently went back 4 years or so and listened to an old Mannarino interview. Talk about deja vu! It sounded like his interview last week albeit with 4 year old reference points. These guys are correct about the financial distortions and imbalances worldwide. But the banksters have tremendous clout and a lot of tools to keep kicking the can down the road. Anyone trying to predict the timing on all of this ends up being the fool.

  23. Paul ...

    How much did they pay Bernie to turn traitor and support Hillary??? … I thought this man Sanders had principles? … was it money? … or the promise of some “political position” in a Hillary administration??? … men who profess to be principled can be deceivers … are there any “good men” left in America?? … hopefully … Trump is one … but as for Hillary … we “definitely know” she is not a good women!!

    • Charles H

      It was Bernie’s move all along – bargain the best price.

  24. Bill

    GREG; Mr Kirby spraks to the collapse of our stock

    GREG: MR Kirby speaks to the collapse of our economy and the value of gold and silver, but he did not speak to the future. What might be his opinion on a recovery after the collapse, or will there not be a recovery??

    • Pete

      Paul… Bernie always was a traitor and cut from the same cloth as Hillary. They’re both agents of the communists / Marxists and placed into the positions that they’re in to complete the destruction of the USA from within. The elites allow you to choose your poison.

  25. Hatemail

    The debt issuance, money printing and reserve status allows the West to fund huge expenditures on the military. Russia is held in fiscal check and cannot afford to launch campaigns far from its borders. The price of gold and silver is a mere annoyance to the US and easily manipulated by willing and well paid partners in the financial markets. Everyone everywhere has a price and can be bought. Those who can’t can be removed.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a collapse. Be prepared but continue living in the now. This may continue for decades, maybe hundreds of years.

    • Charles H


      The end of your comment belies the body of it. You assume the Dollar keeps the World Reserve Status: it may not. You allege that Russia cannot extend military power much past it’s border – which may be patently false. What they want to do; and what they CAN do: may be two different things. And if gold and silver are mere ‘annoyances’: why the extreme lengths to manipulate and control?
      You, Sir, are jaded to believe that ‘everyone has a price’. I tell you: I do not. If you think removing me amounts to not more than a simple thought: don’t make any mistakes. Not everyone is like you; thinks like you; has values like you. As a friend, I’d sacrifice my life for you; as an enemy, I’d fight you like Jason Bourne.
      The Status Quo will not last decades or even hundreds of years. Such an assertion is a blind stab at Confirmation Bias, and flies in the face of History. If this is your real opinion – fine: but it comes off like propaganda.

      • Hatemail

        Russia is a spent force. They lost the cold war and imploded as an economic and military power. They have a huge arsenal of aging nuclear weapons but beyond that threat they can only project limited military power. The world does not depend upon much less desire Rubles. The Dollar is the gold standard of fiat currencies. The US is the dominant power in the world, the Jason Bourne of military and economic might. Go ahead, and fight it. Many have tried and died as a result. We can remove anyone just like we removed Gaddafi, Saddam, Bin Laden and Adolph Hitler. I’m betting my money on the USA, but I have that bet hedged. I can’t afford to be too biased.

        • Charles H


          I must disagree that Russia is a ‘spent force’. In warfare technology – they may be well ahead of the USA. Russia doesn’t have the debt/GDP ration of the US. They have manufacturing, and a good standard of living.
          “Don’t fight the FED”, huh? You don’t think anything is wrong with Zero Interest Rate Program? Get a life! As for the Dollar being” the Gold Standard” – again, this is not correct. It’s more like being the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper – fiat-style.
          What about the CIPS System?, the alternate to the SWIFT System? Just a little phase the Developing Nations are going through? The AIIB? The Silk Road?
          I’d like to believe in the USA: but unbridled patriotism can be a form of blindness itself. Thanks for the comment.

        • Paul ...

          You say “the Dollar is the gold standard of fiat currencies” … is this because it has gone from one dollar to one penny in 100 years? … when the current “one penny” dollar goes to the 0.0001 dollar (in the re-set to come) the ruble (with gold backing) is going to look mighty good!

          • Hatemail

            Everybody loves Dollars! We work for Dollars, steal Dollars, die for dollars, kill for Dollars, heck we spend 40 years of our lives grubbing for Dollars, we can never get enough Dollars.
            Got a dirty shirt?, you can spend some Dollars on a new one made in Malaysia.

            • Charles H

              I didn’t get to my current point of understanding over-night. Dollars are not the only game in town; and the USA is not the only country in the world which matters anymore.
              Perhaps when you are as poor as I am; and have suitcases full of second-hand shirts from the Salvation Army – your somewhat singular view may widen some…

  26. Jerry

    Take a good look. Even when the tourist could see the waves coming, they were still playing on the beach in their bathing suites. People live their lives in a normalcy bubble unaware of the dangers around them. The economic collapse will be no different than what you will witness in this footage. The only difference is, Greg is running up and down the beach trying to warn people. Are you listening?

  27. Steve Bittinger

    Look at the kitco all metals page and look specifically at the lows in gold and silver for the day. A computer glitch or a get out of jail for free card for all those shorts?

    I have a pic of it if they change it

  28. rob

    Sound messed up at 18:50 minute mark.

  29. al

    Jerry- a Tsunami is quite different- but I do see what you are saying. I have been warning my family for years now- NO luck- they can’t see it coming. I’m the crazy brother yelling “wolf”. At some point you just have to give-up, even on family.

    I told them to continue drinking the kool-aid. When the crash and more happens I will not reply. They have made their beds-? SAD!

  30. Jerry


    Don’t waste your time waiting for congress to extract some king of justice from either Hillary Clinton or director Comey. Its not going to happen. The reality is the theft and corruption in this country goes much deeper than most people can begin to realize. The ESF in the Treasury is just the tip of the iceberg. If you still believe our government lives in reality ask yourself this question. Why has the debt ceiling been removed and no balanced budget passed by Congress?

    • Charles H

      What is the Matrix? Control.

    • Paul ...

      Right on Jerry … they are planning to inflate until the cows come home … the Zimbabwe Dow will likely be 240,000 when gold reaches $50,000/oz!!

  31. BobT

    Hi Greg,

    I have some real world, street reporting. I do not have the contacts that Jerry has (love his information and analysis – thanks Jerry), but some recent real world stuff.

    I have some friends that have a retail shop in Gettysburg, Pa. They have owned the business for 22 years.

    1. This is their slowest year ever – to use their words “it has just been a weird year.” There are simply no tourists.

    2. I spent two days there and it is a virtual ghost town (no pun intended). Most shops are closed or on very reduced days / hours. The streets / restaurants / hotels are empty.

    3. On the political front there are several, IMO, big issues. First, the Gettysburg Parks Service has pulled and no longer sells Confederate flags. Second, the reenactments of the Civil War has ceased. The South was not permitted to fly their flag during the reenactments, so all the actors for the South quit. Third, Gettysburg National Park Service no longer allow dedications of monuments for the South.

    The other item on the political front is that business owners in Gettysburg are not permitted to display Confederate flags OR Trump signs.

    It blows my mind that we have tyranny on the local level of our country. We are in big trouble.

    My friend offers a 20% discount to Trump supports. She is peed and at wits end. She almost ended up in jail when they stopped the dedication of monuments to the South.

    Sorry for the length.

    • Charles H

      Good post.

  32. James Hastings

    Good job…..the country is still full of people who can’t seem to grasp….all you know, is about to vaporize.
    1) Your 401’s are about to implode…..I married in asia….my wife had a building “toilet”…that had a basket with magazine pages in it…..that’s your stock portfolio…..:)
    2) Cash will be king, for about 60 days, because the banks won’t open, cash will buy basics until everyone realizes it’s……..bathroom tissue paper…..
    3) If you didn’t store up some basics….your part of the mob….
    4) When cash is rejected…you pull out those US, pre-65 silver coins…..just a few, like your giving up your virginity….and look cornered……AND MAKE A DEAL…..
    5) The government will vaporize also….you better think about some serious back-up plans.

    Dang, Mr. Hunter, you got some real green horns on your hands…..Oh, 1 last thing for everybody… better get your mind right too. It will be a deadly environment. You better be prepared to act swiftly…….without remorse.

    The EBT cards don’t work, the SS checks stop, the Banks don’t open, the Credit cards don’t work, the unemployment checks don’t come, the welfare checks stop, the drug stores close, the jobs are gone……NO MONEY MOVES, NO FOOD IS AVAILABLE, NO GOVERNMENT WORKS…….LOL….”That would never happen, right? ……:)

    This will be “The best of times and the worst of times”

  33. John Dansko

    Not Rob Kirby’s best interviews. Too frustrated. Babbled about why Silver matters. No mention of why he has been wrong for so long re: coming systemic collapse.

    • Charles H

      Has any PONZI scheme ever had an expiration date???

  34. Peter

    I’m convinced there will be no PANIC or Code-Blue until after the election.
    Why?, well the US stock market is exhibiting strength even though the US economy may not be. Brexit couldn’t halt it’s advance, so what would? Does anyone think the liberal elites are going to let the economy falter before November? I don’t!

    Supreme court justice Ruth Ginsburg said she would move out
    of the country if Trump is elected. How pathetic! Ginsburg is bad-mouthing America by suggesting Millions of Trump supporters are fools, because they want to make America great again. I believe Ruth Bader Ginsberg is unpatriotic and should never have been on any US court. The harm, she has done to America is unfathomable.

    • Paul ...

      Peter … you say “Supreme court justice Ruth Ginsburg said she would move out
      of the country if Trump is elected. How pathetic! ” … I say good riddance … let all the rats leave America … they will jump ship because they won’t be riding a criminal gravy train anymore under Trump!

      • frederick

        I couldn’t agree more Paul she will NOT be missed Just wish she would take the Hill Billy couple with her to New Zealand(sorry Colin)

  35. Tad

    Hugo Salinas Price discusses the Silver Ruble Coin. How about a Silver standard?

  36. Mark


    As usual Rob hits a homer with his analysis and analogies. The sorry state of banks worldwide will be an easy trigger for the coming collapse ( non-performing loan %/derivates exposure). The case for gold & silver seems stronger now than ever IMHO. My guess is a rate cut and QE4 are around the corner.

    Here’s a great complimentary interview with Craig Hemke who spells out the basics of the continuing PM debacle like nobody else. Enjoy!

  37. Westcoaster

    Hi Greg,
    While you’re looking into the volume drop on the audio of this one, you might also check your lip sync. I’ve noticed a couple of recent interviews where the video was lagging the audio.
    I appreciate your diligent efforts in sorting out the TRUTH!

    • Greg Hunter

      Lost of variables I have no control over on both ends and in-between. Thank you.

  38. Spurr

    Rob Kirby and Gerald Celente say that “When all else fails… they take us to war”. Thus the sword of Damocles, it would seem is hanging over our heads… war some say is inevitable…! Have you ever sat down and really thought of the consequences of a major war between super powers and what it would mean! May I remind you that a future war would mean the end of our civilization… never mind Mad Max… it’s back to the stone age we would be propelled quite rapidly!

    The purpose of this writing is to address this very real concern! I have done some deep thinking and have come up with some very logical answers to this self destruct dilemma! Hopefully some will not think my logic too simple.

    I have reasoned that the US is now on a defensive mode status. Facing the lost of its hegemony it’s doing some very HEAVY saber rattling… the US also knows that Russia or China will endure some pretty heavy provocations before launching a nuclear attack! Proof at hand is the attack on China’s ports(Tianjin and others). I know they were missile attacks for in a youtube filmed explosion one sees the tracer of exhaust fume on impact of the missile! One can safely assume these missile attacks were US launched and it shows how desperate the US has become! And yet China didn’t challenge these attacks and I put forth this assumption that unless Russia or China are directly challenged to a nuclear device exploding on their soil or an invasion they will not retaliate to any other provocations! Why… because they know it’s the end if they do!

    Logic… there is no such thing has a winner in a so called preemptive attack! Logic… there is no way it could be launched without any response coming! Logic… there is no such thing has 100% shield protection stopping missiles on either sides! Logic… at the speed these ballistic missiles travel… especially the new ‘glider’… there is no way in hell that all missiles could be stopped! This is a no winner situation… only a very desperate team would launch such a war! Everyone knows this… especially the Globalist who have all to lose… ! Logic… It’s a no brainer… War will be averted!

    I believe that the US will do everything possible to preserve it’s hegemony… short of a nuclear war! Nuclear war in itself has always been the major deterrent to all wars! The US will eventually be forced to negotiate a reset and that will come undoubtedly with President Trump in power… he is the chosen one of many influential factions that rule todays world… ! Hitlery is only David Rockerfeller’s neocons choice and I believe they will be forced OUT of power!

  39. JC Davis

    Greg. This link is of pastor Greg Locke. I listened to a interview he did on Truenews. I now visit his church. Will you consider a interview with him ? I think he would honestly answer any question.

    • Bill

      Spurr; Heres the chink in your military strategy. Were Russia to invade our east coast, China invade our our west coast, our dictator and chief has whittled our army to the point where we couldn’t defend ourselves on both coasts. So what does our military do, nuke the American people to stop the Russians and Chinese on our shores???

    • Laura

      Thanks for sharing this video. “Politically ridiculous!” Love it!

  40. Charles

    Wait , This is NOT suppose to be happening ! A New Stock Market high ?????? Your “GOOD FRIEND GREGORY MAN…..” I think he said and I quote ” Beyond any shadow of any doubt” and “At this PAR –TIC —ULAR Time” Just like every chance you got to talk about the decline in the Baltic Dry Index , we don’t hear about that either anymore ,do we GREGIE !!! ……Your friend Charles

    • Greg Hunter

      You telling me that a BDI at around 700 when it was 4,500 a year and a half ago is positive Charlie?

    • Paul ...

      We should all keep in mind that as time goes on … using the Baltic Dry Index “as a measure of economic activity” will lose most of its importance as the Chinese open up the “New Silk Road” … container ships will become less and less important to transport all those Chinese manufactured goods to the West!!

  41. Robert Lykens

    The higher it goes, the harder it’ll crash.

    • Really Confused

      No but you were saying it meant imminent collapse with all your charts and sound effects ! And yet we’re STILL HERE !!!

    • Really Confused

      No but you were saying it meant imminent collapse with all your charts and sound effects ! And yet we’re STILL HERE !!! and at a HIGHER level

    • JC Davis

      Exactly ! Robert. Can anyone see the bubbles are getting larger with a shorter bust timeline.

    • nightshiftsucks

      So what happens to all of those loans on the ships ?

  42. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    War is not necessarily a bad thing. We have real enemies out there that will need to be dealt with sooner than later. Also, our economy could use a boost and nothing does an economy good like earnings from armaments delivery system production. In the next 10 years, our current aircraft will be antiquated so lets build a new joint strike fighter plane and get on with it.

    • frederick

      Theres warmonger Treadway pushing death and destruction for the military complex How sad and pathetic he truly is

    • Matt

      Let the elite who start the wars along with politicos send their kids in first. Major Smedley Butler, USMC had a vast awakeing in his tours of duty. His writings should be taught to every young person before 18. Basing a economy on war is very disturbing.

    • brian

      yeah yeah richie, bombs away bud.

    • Paul ...

      Hey USAF Airman … I believe it was General Westmoreland who stated the US plan was to take out 7 Muslim countries … Lybia, Iraq and Syria to name a few they have already engaged … and then go after Iran, etc. when Hillary gets in … all the evil military neocons have the same philosophy as you … just kill and slaughter Muslim women and children (to further their economic and military ambitions) and to hell with all the terrorists they create in the process (that will come here to America’s shores to get revenge) … but that is no matter for you and them … as terrorism in America works nicely for all the evil neocons as it gives them another excuse to have endless wars and conflict! … why don’t you and your buddy Lucifer have a beer for every 100 Muslim women killed and follow it with a whisky chaser when 100 children are killed … it’s good for the economy and earnings for the armaments industry, the bankers and every other criminal that earns a living killing human beings!!

    • JC Davis

      Better is poverty in love, and peace then a lonely well build home. War is a destructive end for all that play the game. Defense in war too stop war is why America should have a military . The only reason.
      JC Davis

  43. Elderlearner

    Interesting graphs you may want to take a look at :

  44. Larry Galearis

    Its tough for a pundit to discuss a complex topic like rigging of the silver market. For example, the Chinese would have an interest in supporting the COMEX suppression and elsewhere – even in the Shanghai Exchange – in order to get cheap silver. This process (would include gold) in order for the Chinese Central Bank to extend the “value” of its American debt reserves and keep the flow of metal going East. All would be hidden, of course because China would work with intermediaries (perhaps even JPM – who also operates in the Shanghai Exchange) – within the COMEX paper markets. And yes it is probably that perverse and all hidden behind walls and walls of discretionary rules that makes criminal activity possible. The thing to realize is that the gold and silver markets, as previously central to the monetary policies of many countries and at the frustration of the banking system earlier in the twentieth century and before even, that wants to maximize credit profit from its client victims, has always diddled with the gold and silver markets. The latest expression of this suppression is with derivatives invented in the early 1970s during the last bull markets in the PMs. It worked fine and probably put a cap on the final 1980 high. If one wanted to generalize about the criminalization of our markets, it might go something like this: as a bankster you can get away with almost anything if 1) it is too complex for the average citizen’s understanding and 2) as a bankster you can capture the legislature of governments. Both of these conditions exist in the present United States. And of course fraud is an unstable system of enterprise and is destined for failure. So hopefully, as general statements, this is not clear as mud for you and your readers. Rob, I know from our meetings with him in the GBSG is completely outraged at these shenanigans, as are we all. Most citizens couldn’t give a damn and will never care enough to want to reform a system that is beyond their ken….The politics are therefore favourable for a collapse.
    Excellent interview as usual, Greg. We are all students of life and your efforts to inform are deeply appreciated.

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