Global Monetary Experiment Ends in a Bloodbath – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s 

Analyst and financial writer John Rubino said in February, “We are in a debt and death spiral” that will force dramatic changes on the world.  It was a direct hit because in March, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) tanked, and the FDIC and the U.S. Treasury were forced to basically back-stop the entire banking system.  The financial problems are far from over as Rubino explains, “Basically, interest rates have been artificially low for a decade . . . . In that time, crazy numbers of office buildings went up and were financed at really low rates. . . .  Now, office vacancy rates are spiking, which means office building are not profitable anymore.  The debts they have at 2% to 3% now have to be rolled over at 5%, 6% or 7%.  This means an already unprofitable office building is going to be even more unprofitable because of rising interest rates. Now, they want to sell this office space, and the price cuts that have to be done to get a deal done is 30% to 50% . . . . Some are down by 80%. . . . Local and regional banks already had their troubles last month but are going to have bigger troubles when all these building turn out to be not worth nearly as much as we thought they were.  This paper is in pension funds. . . . they are going to go into crisis.  So, real estate is liable to be the catalyst in crisis in several other sectors. . . . The government is going to have to let it burn and have a 1930’s style depression, or bail out everybody in sight. . . at the cost of rising inflation and the dollar tanking.”

Rubino says, “There is no fix. . . . There is no way to refill these buildings.  There is no way to refinance them without going bankrupt. . . . Sometime this year we are going to drop back into negative growth, and it’s going to be a bloodbath.  There is no solution, and these guys see it coming and they have no idea what to do about it. . . .This is the sector we want to watch and will be the catalyst for the next big crisis. . . .The next bailout crates a lot of new dollars, and that pushes down the dollar, and then, we are in the death spiral where there is no fix.  That is out there waiting to happen, a bailout so huge that it terrifies holders of the currency and Treasury bonds.  Then it’s game over. . . . This is just a question of when people figure this out.  That really is our situation right now.”

In closing, Rubino says, “This is a much bigger story than what happens to the dollar as the reserve currency.  This is the end of a global monetary experiment that is going to go out with a very fiery end.  This is not going to be fun to watch.”

Rubino advises people to get tangible assets such as food, water, tools, gold, silver, a car title and a garden, to name a few.  Rubino says, “We all should be preppers now.”

There is much more in the 48-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer John Rubino and his new enterprise called for 4.11.23.

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  1. Stan

    If you understood both geopolitics and monetary policy you would realize that blue skies are ahead for the economy and the dollar. How long have I been saying this and how long have I been right? And yes, for those who need to know I am still heavily short Gold.

    • Jan

      What are you talking about. The Petro dollar is dead and our dollar is worthless. As far as blue skies go, have you looked up lately? Blue skies are no more as the chemtrails ( chemical trails of strontium, barium and aluminum) now occupy our skies. Look up “The Dimming” geoengineering. This is the end as we know it. Get right with Jesus, that’s all that will save you.

      • Don W.

        Jan, you are so right when you say “Get right with Jesus”. We are about to see the start of the last seven years of this planet. He is coming soon. It is going to be a very tough time during the first 3 1/2 years plus, but then He will come and take us home. Praise the Lord.
        Greg, another great interview, so needed now.

      • Stan

        Jan: I’m holding all my Dollars. Look how strong the Dollar has been. Are you blind?

        • Earth Angel

          Stan you have to be a troll or provacateur of some sort, your nonsensical comments leave me no other conclusion to arrive at.

      • Kathy Mobley

        I was looking for a ‘like’ button to Jan’s comment. Well said.
        The time is short now – get right with Jesus indeed!

    • Nick de la Gaume


      • Stan

        Blow-off top in progress.

      • Elmore

        Just because I choose to fight everyone; and exhaust all my funds:. Doesn’t give me cart Blanc to assassinate!

    • June

      The question is how long you have been wrong Stan!! – Stan if you are going to try and forecast the price of Gold in US dollars – you need to know how many dollars are out there – currently M1 is at about 20 Trillion US dollars – however with all the printing that will be necessary to bail out the Banks, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, etc., etc., etc. – M1 will soon be very close to 100 Trillion US dollars – now if the entire US Gold stockpile at Fort Knox (at about 300 million ounces) is used to back up the 100 Trillion US dollars we get a US dollar price for Gold of $333,000 dollars per ounce (now since all the printing to bail out everyone has not taken place yet – “with the current $20 Trillion in M1 we only get a $66,666 US dollar price for gold” (of-course that is if it is officially backed by gold 100%) – as confidence in the US dollar is failing the US Government will be lucky to keep the current “unofficial 3% gold backing we have with our Fort Knox gold” ($66,666 x 3% = $2000) – when our Fort Knox gold eventually has to back up $100 Trillion dollars – we will see gold at about $10,000 dollars per ounce (backed at a 3% rate) [$333,000 x 3% = $9990] – but if the US government needs to back its $100 Trillion of M1 by 10% (we will see $33,300 dollar per ounce gold)!!

    • Rodster

      Thanks for the tip, Einstein !

    • Rob

      Stan…love your comedic persistence of illogical logic added to the ENGINEERED poly-crisis underway.

    • Diggy

      What you been smoking? I want some.

    • Marie Joy

      Stan, You are so funny. I love reading your comedy.

    • Thomas Malthaus

      Once CIA, always CIA.

      • Stan

        You laughed at me several years ago when I shorted Gold at $1874 down to $1065. Keep laughing.

        • Greg Hunter

          No Sten,
          We laughed at you when you shorted gold at $1,200, and we are still laughing.

    • Dusty Dude

      $20 use to by an oz of gold. Now it takes nearly $2200 to buy that same oz. The dollar is not a store of value….

      • Herzog

        somehow that gets lost on Martin Armstrong as he perpetually gainsays gold and glorifies the FedReserve.

        Armstrong is always saying the gold dealers tell old saws to get people to buy their product. But has anyone not noticed Armstrong trying recently to hustle widow-mite coins?

        You can find these at coin shows, e.g., Long Beach Calif twice a year, selling these for around a couple bucks. There are Jews at the international coins section that get these from the midEast. They conduct business like gentlemen. Jesus would not turn over their table at this show, but instead sit down and argue with them about philosophy.

        • Lucas Doolin

          I have been reading Martin Armstrong since he was in prison. He use to write a lot of good things about gold. Now that he is out he has a different take on it. I always wondered about the change.

    • Justn Observer

      it is well known that there is so much gold it is about as rare as sand on the beach…ie. Grand Canyon, Chocolate Mts., several places in Africa to name a few…that is why they close off those areas and they are positioned in surrounding government military bases, national parks, and gunnery ranges…here in the U.S. The ‘rarity’ of gold is controlled by mining and processing costs and ACCESS to those areas ! That and control of the price of diesel and coal – coke fuel, like food will cause greater prices to mine…and smelt.
      Access to sufficient Hydroelectricity will be a challenge for smaller operations and make it uncompetitive for them…and Solar panel needs to produce that amount of electricity will also be outside the smaller miners reach…which is the reason the Biden brethern globalists want to push people away from cheaper, more compact BTU energy sources they cannot control…Their goal is to put ALL on an electricity grid so ‘they’ control ALL output of all goods…ranching farming, mining, travel, except maybe sail boats. Living free and eating free fish might just become the last resort =living out in a WATERWORLD as the nukes start to fly ! LOL
      As for Yellowstone, might be a good time to go visit it, as it is likely now on the target list of China and Russia these days…and might be looking more like CHERNOBAL some day soon?

    • Dennis J. Germaske

      How is your short doing?

  2. Anthony Australia

    RIP Rob Kirby!

    Thanks Greg,
    Always enjoyed Rob as he is well spoken and honest to boot.

    Spot price for Gold is $3,031AUD
    To purchase a Gold kangaroo 1oz coin is $3,151.60

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting from the “Land Down Under”!!

    • West oz Ricky

      Anthony that’s seems so long ago a 1 oz kangaroo is nearing 3200aud

      • Ray

        No worries……
        Old Mate Stan is happy to “sell you some gold” at around $AUD 2400.00……what a bargain!!!
        Of course……it’s sh*t paper gold…..Stan can’t deliver any physical…..doesn’t possess any!!!
        And why would he?
        When it comes to “trading”……Stan isn’t in the slightest bit interested in ACTUALLY TRADING ANYTHING OF A PHYSICAL NATURE……….he is in it to make a financial gain by juggling debt & paper…..FULL STOP.
        He will have a terrible time in the ABSOLUTE TRAIN WRECK that is already underway globally.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • No Thanks

      So absolutely True!

    • Paul in oz

      what is also very telling is the premium on silver coins … spot price $38.11 per ounce lowest price 1 ounce coin is $45.56, price if 250 purchased at one time $44.61 (17% premium).


    I’m not worried about the economy like you are, I’m a real follower of Christ Jesus and I trust Him to take care of my family no matter what.

    But you phonies who dwell upon the earth are in for a hell of a ride!

    • Sam K

      on page 84 of the Big Book of AA, Bill Wilson states several promises he received from the Lord. This one in particular is germane: “Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us.”

      Notice that it doesn’t say there won’t be economic insecurity, but not the fear. This echoes St. Paul ( Philippians 4:11-13 ).

      This much is what MICHAEL is saying.

      But just remember the cost of discipleship can be a lot more than skipping some meals and sleeping on a bus bench. Sometimes it is torture and martyrdom.

      On wikipedia, read about Maximilian Kolbe and Dietrich Bonhoeffer who were martyred at Auschwitz and Flossenbürg concentration camps. This happened the last time the demons were rampaging (Great Depression & WW2).

    • Sandra


  4. Lee

    There are over 400 banks I am told that could blow or are really running close to it. What are the odds of a few of these going under?

  5. James Quagraine

    As Hunter Biden says “in crisis there is opportunity”.

    • Erwin P Coltrain

      Was that when he was picking up the crack pipe of the whore he hired who had just dropped it on the floor?

    • June

      Opportunity for the Demon Rats to do even more harm to America, our Constitution and its People!!

    • Earth Angel

      If I remember correctly that is also the motto of rahm emmanuel, o’bummer, the clinton crime syndicate, WEF, & the many others in the globalist new world order club. Why, its practically become their slogan. They REALLY should have it printed on giant banners & flags and display at all their meetings!

      • Earth Angel

        Footnote: But first they consider it THEIR job to CREATE the CRISIS.. ROTTEN B@ST@RDS!!

  6. regaleagle

    God’s method of cleaning out the scum that now exists in every part of our financial and social orders…….let the cleaning begin!! The wealth transfer will soon begin taking shape. For those that have nothing……then nothing is lost. All will endure some pain before the healing starts…….just like having dental work performed. It hurts for a while, then the healing begins. For those that are believers…..which is most of us……our Faith should be the primary focus now. Prayers for our nation and righteousness to prevail… will according to God’s Holy Word.

    • offgrid7


  7. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rubino.
    Sadly our economies are infiltrated by communism and the elitist commies.
    So there you have it Jamie Dimon is encouraging government seize property not only in the USA but also here in WEF controlled UK and of course Europe.
    Just how do we plebs escape these commies and their evil ideas without a war?Astonishingly our elite here in the UK are huge backers of these evil ideas particularly the Royal Family and the King in particular.
    No wonder our economy is in deep mire.
    Meanwhile ,speaking of mire, President Biden has arrived in Northern Ireland to wonderful greetings, irony is beyond a harlequinn show.
    Now sadly the IMF has stepped in to fund the Ukraine war to the tune of $5/6 BILLIONS per month which is against its rules(funny rules) with the Federal Reserve filling the gaps(also against its rules).Americans are generous in war as long as the Ukraine bleeds I suppose.

    • June

      Isn’t China a part of the IMF?? – Did they vote to fund the war against their ally Russia???

  8. tim mcgraw

    John Rubino is a great guest. He’s one of my favorites. Yes, the commercial real estate market is in another crisis. REITs are going down in value. In 2008 some commercial REITs (real estate investment trusts) quit paying dividends. It will happen again.

  9. tim mcgraw

    Eurasia is stronger than the New World in the sense that it has more resources (physical and population).
    The USA’s advantage was also resources and two oceans for protection. The USA has more people than most countries.
    But the USA’s biggest advantages were liberty, sound money, and an honest judicial system. Those advantages are gone, gone, gone.
    Eurasia will dominate the Earth’s commerce unless the USA goes back to basics.

    • Justn Observer

      The world is fast moving away and becoming independent of the U.S. because of it’s bullying use of the SWIFT system…. if you take a walk down to Long Beach. CA you will increasing see…. the docks are empty and devoid of containers being imported or exported. The U.S. will rue the day they did not let Trump ramp up re-industrialization and production of products made inside the U.S….which now we are even more years behind accomplishing. His plan to ‘stop’ endless wars, even out trade deficits, and have critical supplies within our borders…like medical and industrial goods…NOW where are we…. we have a deficit with EU…of 200 billion and how much to China? as they increasingly are trading with each other as the U.S. ports dry up?

      Apparently, they will not need U.S. consumerism to stay afloat soon enough…as some U.S. agencies are destroying even our farm and ranch production, then there is the de-railing our trains, blowing up or burning down of food processing plants
      and making our rivers toxic pools of contamination…
      Fact is Biden’s sanctions are working great? Not only can U.S. NOT be able to afford the war he has created…. the people will not be able to afford to eat, stay warm!
      The old adage, ‘they will take over without even firing a shot’ more likely every day!
      Like one grand Holodomor…the people will just starve out and kill each other in the inner cities…as they then go door to door seeking out food as one sees the stores are closing up = store invasions will become home invasions. There ARE plenty of un-armed anti- 2nd Amendment Democrat progressive homes for the pickings.

  10. Jack in San Diego

    I like John Rubino but he scares me. And I don’t scare easily.
    He delivers factual information, concisely and in an easily understandable manner, which in this case is impending doom, yet does it with a calm delivery.
    Kind of unsettling and all the more powerful.

    Thanks for the head’s up John Rubino!
    Thanks to you too Greg!

    • Paul

      We should all be preppers now

      5 instances of credit required for a loaf of bread.
      The flock is staged for fleecing.

      Thanks for your guests and your direction of reporting.

      Paul from arkansas

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Arkansas: I agree that if you are young, get prepped now. But for an old crippled fart like me, meh.
        I have my escape from Earth plan for when the SHTF.
        I’ll go out my way.

  11. No Thanks

    It is painfully obvious my friends: America is DONE!! FINISHED!! The End.

    • regaleagle

      Your Faith in our omniscient God is sorely lacking. I would suggest you try praying to God Almighty for some Faith and healing for this nation……not for yourself. A bit of humble pie for the soul is what is lacking for a great majority of our population.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Thanks,
      It is painfully obvious you are a looser and a quitter. Evil likes a quitter. Good boy. Your friends are “Birds of a feather.”

  12. Roger Stamper

    tks for post john greg

  13. Robert says no

    So 3 month T bonds aren’t safe in this coming scenario?

    Different subject. Can anybody suggest a new email service? I don’t want Comcast or Gmail or any mainstream service. I’m having problems getting emails delivered. Some important emails are either going to spam or not being delivered. My bank blames Comcast, Comcast says it the bank.

    • Earth Angel

      You could check out protonmail. It is supposed to be secure.

  14. Mary

    Chicago was my hometown. It was a beautiful city when the Daleys were in charge.. ..but always corrupt. Now a cesspool of libtards. I knew the city was doomed in the 1980’s when I was a young MD working in the labor rooms. There were so many teenage welfare births. This was the writing on the wall. It is very difficult to sell condos there with the very high property taxes, HOA dues, and exodus of anyone who can leave. So many luxury units on the market for years with continued price drops. Whew, glad I left a long time ago. Chicago is doomed and will not recover.

  15. Cheryl anne Hedges

    as far as spending money now on an asset….aside from food water 1st aid and security i paid my water electric and gas in advance. I like to have min 1k credit on those accounts. Pay car pymts in advance and mortgage if u have one. 1st pay off credit cards. zero debt is the goal, but 1st be sure to have back up way to cook and heat ur home.



  17. Don W.

    I love the area your guest is from. I was a Marine Pilot doing Exchange time with the USCG at Port Angeles and drove through his area many times in the two years I was there.

  18. D. Powers

    Scott Ritter: Ukraine Is Being DESTROYED And Pentagon Papers Prove It / Stephen Gardner 270,772 views Apr 11, 2023
    Scott Ritter discusses the Ukraine Russia war with Stephen Gardner. Ritter disagrees with Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Bakhmut strategy. They also discuss the fall of Bakhmut, Kerson and more. Plus Stephen gets Scott’s reaction to the senate removing war authority, money and military use in Iraq after 20+ years. Plus Scott tells about how Colin Powell lied before the UN security council in order to get into the Iraq war.

    Russian troops score another victory in Ukraine; Storm and seize Ukrainian Army stronghold
    Hindustan Times 17,221 views Apr 12, 2023
    Russian army’s airborne troops ‘captured’ a Ukrainian stronghold amid fierce fighting. Russian military shared a footage showing its troops storming a Ukrainian position. Russian army said its assault teams under the cover of an armoured group and artillery went to the Ukrainian position and launched an offensive operation. Watch;

    Pro-Russia wave in Moldova; Locals up in arms against joining NATO | Govt seeks West’s help
    Hindustan Times 38,504 views Apr 12, 2023
    In the midst of the war, Ukraine’s neighbour appears to be pro-Russia. Moldova, which shares a 985-kilometre border with Ukraine, is unwilling to join NATO. President Maia Sandu said that the majority of Moldovan citizens oppose the idea of the country abandoning neutrality and joining NATO. According to a poll conducted in the country, more than 55% of Moldovans strongly oppose the country’s NATO membership, while only 27% support the initiative. However, the Moldovan President did not rule out the possibility of joining NATO and even sought the help of bloc members to counter the pro-Russia wave in the country.

    NATO nation’s big snub to Ukraine; Bulgaria refuses delivery of fighter jets to Kyiv against Russia
    Hindustan Times 8,849 views Apr 12, 2023
    Bulgaria, a NATO nation, has refused to send warplanes to embattled Ukraine. In a statement, Bulgaria’s defence ministry said reports of fighter jet donations are ‘untrue, as we have not expressed our willingness to send our MiG-29 jets to Ukraine, nor have we held talks for the same. The denial comes after a CNN report citing ‘leaked’ Pentagon papers stated that Bulgaria had, on February 23, expressed its willingness to donate MiG-29 jets to Ukraine.

  19. Paul

    They are stalling all your audio. Started first week in April and continues to today.
    I checked my own download speed and it is more than fine.
    The bad guys are everywhere

  20. Michael Lee Shirey

    The Economy is one of the 4 Horns in the Book of Daniel controlled by the ((Kenites)) as well as Politics, Education (TV, Internet, Schools, Hollywood etc,) and Religion setting up the ‘Beast System’ for the Great Apostacy (Christians following Satan disguised as Jesus Christ) for 5 months. Sealed Beleivers can’t be touched (Revelation 9:4). GOD have mercy on those that are deceived.

  21. Jane Hill

    This is Exactly what Clif High told his Listners last week.

    (Mr High used the example on Bonds Twenty sold but One is good.)

    (Rubino says Bad Paper Everywhere.)

  22. Jane77

    This is Exactly what Clif High told his Listners last week.

    (Mr High used the example on Bonds Twenty sold but One is good.)

    (Rubino says Bad Paper Everywhere.)

  23. Bits & Pieces

    Two MILLION People Fled Democrat Hellholes From 2020 to 2022
    -only to destroy the cities in the red states. Talk about weaponizing radical terrorists.

    China Inches Closer to Invading Taiwan as US Position Weakens Internationally
    -Biden sends in 350,000 US Troops, no ammo, no fuel reserves, make the troops sleep exposed out on the sands; and then goes out for a double dip cone 200 grams of frozen carbohydrates to satisfy his type III dementiabetes.

    Two “Women” Ask A Stranger in Home Depot To Feed Their Great Dane A Treat As Part of Its “training”—Dog Lunges At Stranger—Bites His Face—Surveillance Cameras Captured Women Running Out of Store With Dog, Did Not Offer Any Help to the Victim.
    – Euthanize the two female libtards and put the dog behind bars for life.

    Walmart Closing Four Stores in Chicago – Says They Lose Tens of Millions a Year
    – Why not close all the stores that aren’t earning at least 7% net profit. No stores in any of the blue state cities, so what, the people there get what they deserve for electing their corrupt insane government.

    Biden Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen Says ‘The United States is Doing Extremely Well, Economically’

    DNC Theme Song: Cornhole Days by the diminutive Bruce Pipsqueek featuring Little Peenus and its Merry Band of Delicate Queefs.

  24. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks in part to the news of this site; i applied for and was was hired for a maintenance job and stepped away from construction. I feel good about the move- little less money but steady. Actionable news/ information is what folks need to look for- like what’s here. Also been prepping by getting homestead type things set up. It’s a good move to provide some of our own food.
    Fiat currencies are older than since the 1970s, its just that this is the first time its world wide at the same time.
    I might share an idea; it has been said that an ounce of gold has been able to buy a nice mans suit since Roman times. That’s not really accurate for today. The clothes of today are mass produced, at least the fabrics are. It might be more accurate to look at the whole labor input of a suit. While i’m not sure of the final number, i would speculate an ounce of gold might buy or should buy 20 or more nice man suits.

  25. Jeffrobbins

    Something that needs comment on is the story of Budweiser and the marketing failure of the trans guy. It is very very weird that with marketing experts and real money being spent in a capitalistic back drop that they were foolish enough to put a man-woman on their products. Besides the trans thing, just consider how out of touch the leadership of that company is. Don’t they know who their customers are? We are talking about folks that like fishing and shot guns and big engines. Someone like Mike Rowe would have been awesome-‘“when my dirty job is over, I enjoy a cold beer.” The standard ad should have been some bimbo we don’t the name of, or a nascar driver, or a mma fighter, etc. This stuff isn’t rocket science. And that leads me to this: How out of touch is the leadership class of people in both business and government?? Real scary to be honest. Some kind of crash is needed; truth and wisdom require it.

  26. Peter Bennett

    Debt: $31 trillion
    Ounces of gold supposedly owned: 262.5 million
    Math: $118,095 per ounce
    40% reserve requirement: $47,238 per ounce.

    Wait to Janet gets to spend more money, this will only get worse.

  27. Catherine

    It’s funny. Your guest wants to slam “diversity hires”, but when we look at the board of the failed SVB or Signature Bank – I don’t see diversity. I see the same entitled faces – who believed themselves to be “smart money” until they needed a bailout from the “dumb money.”

  28. Catherine

    I don’t understand:
    On the one hand the government wants a completely digital world that they control with their CBDC… but on the other hand the government (also) wants to shut down power grids as they dial up the Dark Ages 2.0.
    These two seem at cross purposes, no?
    So… what am I missing.

  29. anon

    Make sure you be a good ally and prep gender bending chemicals. It’d be terrible if there was a supply crisis and consequent cold turkey during the middle of all these millions of transitions as the economy collapses.

    Whatever happens, I’m sure it’s all white people’s fault – if only they’d have embraced their inner trans-pup rather than worrying about infrastructure, agriculture and … civilisation and all that worthless crap.

  30. Justn Observer

    Greg, Judge Napolation’s take on the leaked papers is that U.S. and UK have boots on the ground out of uniform in Ukraine and Biden and crew have been lying to Congress and the people about it…and are actively involved in targeting and killing Russians…so we are at war with Russia.

  31. C.Wayne

    Meeting the Sunset on Gulf of Finland. Coastline from Repino to Sestroretsk, St Petersburg. Baklykov. Live 286 watching now Started streaming 100 minutes ago
    Cool, watching sunset live in Gulf of Finland while noon sun here is high in sky!

  32. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  33. Dave

    Rubino is spot on about commercial real estate. I live in the Bay Area and just read that the office vacancy rate in SF is about to hit 33%. Many towers built in the past decade will go into foreclosure.

    The San Francisco Business Times just reported that the developer of a 40-story condo tower has returned the land to the bank to avoid foreclosure:

    “Build Inc. has surrendered the stalled One Oak project site to its lender, the latest chapter in the saga of the 40-story residential tower long planned to rise in San Francisco’s Hub District.

    A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure was recorded for the property last month, public records show, allowing the San Francisco-based developer to voluntarily turn it over to Washington Capital Management Inc.

    “According to the filing, Build had an outstanding debt of roughly $44 million related to the site at 1500 Market St., located at the edge of the Civic Center, Mission and SoMa neighborhoods. The site currently houses a surface parking lot and the All Star Cafe.”

    • Earth Angel

      Perhaps the multi-million dollar commercial building can be repurposed for a homeless shelter. They should get Nancy Pelosi and buddy Gavin Newsom to lead that project. No doubt there will be plenty of homeless people to fill up the space.. they’ve done such a stellar job of managing their home district of S.F.!

  34. Don Conrad

    Hi Greg,

    Good interview. Here is a 17-minute video about CBDCs worth watching, though I suspect it will soon be deleted.

  35. goin fishin

    Tom Luongo & Martin Armstrong vs. Clif High, et al
    those who claim the FedReserve is good vs. those who say otherwise

  36. karm

    All those cities mentioned are Blue Communist Cities and they are sliding down as planned. Hopefully, the people/businesses that are leaving or have already left will
    leave the manifesto used to destroy those cities they are vacating. Cities don’t prosper
    with the WOKE playbook.

    • Robert (QSLV)

      Unfortunately, history has shown that these nimoids will bring the manifesto to the next venue and destroy another garden of freedom. Rinse and repeat.

  37. WWIII Winter of Despair?

    ‘Top of the line’: Trump praises ‘brilliant’ Xi, Kim Jong-Un, Putin
    MSNBC 79,642 views Apr 12, 2023
    In a Tuesday interview with Fox News, former President Trump praised authoritarian figures like President Xi, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un. The Morning Joe panel discusses Trump’s fondness for these figures and what it says about him. __[WTF?]

    These project Mockingbird brained bought and paid for talking heads haven’t a clue. Like Thomas Jefferson said;
    “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” [And Main Media?]
    “Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!” [Same With Media?]
    “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.” [Free Press!]
    Sources consulted: Searching on the phrase “fear the people,” “government fear us,” “fear the government,” “tyranny has found victory,” and “government is our servant”
    Papers of Thomas Jefferson Digital Edition
    Thomas Jefferson: Papers and Thomas Jefferson: Biographies collections in Hathi Trust Digital Library
    Thomas Jefferson Retirement Papers

    Are these talking head’ bird brains believing the poop they’re producer’s are feeding them? You know the old saying, the customer is always right? Right?
    Well it’s true. Were their customers. Thats why were much more informed than them, because we have skin in the game and were not buying it! They don’t, they think by groveling to they’re puppet masters, their set safe and rich. They’re in for a rude awakening aren’t they. They see it coming but don’t believe their own eye’s! Why they fear us, as Jefferson said. To them the real American patriots, the meek that shall inherit the Earth, are just a bunch of bug’s. Just like the elitist’s on the Titanic thought of Jack, a bug! SEE Their fear….
    Trump is they’re biggest bugaboo of them all, if they get him.
    Like they tried to get Rose, they’ll think they have us. At least they’ll think so.
    They thought they had Washington……

  38. Winter

    Ooop’s Sorry,
    ‘Top of the line’: Trump praises ‘brilliant’ Xi, Kim Jong-Un, Putin
    MSNBC 79,642 views Apr 12, 2023

  39. Southern Girl

    Believe it or not I bought 5 Silver Dollars off for $127.00 last week no tax no shipping! Years ago, I bought ETF’s back in 2011-13 and made $30.00 off the silver in 4 months and closed the position and put the money into real gold and silver coins. I keep buying a little here and there and not always coins. But I found out I’m going to be a great aunt, so I am squirreling some away for the baby. Who might even be born on my birthday. If so, I will put more in the kitty for the baby. I have diversified with bars, rounds, old coins, etc.

    All my debt will be paid off this fall. Can’t wait! I’m a prepper and growing and canning my own foods. My front room is a grocery store of sorts. Three large shelving with 6 shelves and they are full. I have dehydrated foods, flash frozen foods, powdered foods such as eggs, butter, etc. Things I will have if needed and probably 75 libs. of flour. I can make my own bread if it goes to $10.00 a loaf.

    • Greg Hunter

      You did well SG!

  40. Susan R

    Alongside pandemic reporting, this is also vital to our survival! There are too few who see what is coming even though it is creeping into mainstream and when it is obvious it is too late. Greg, Bless you for all you do to save as many as possible.

  41. Farley Gunther

    Leaked Pentagon Docs Show U.S. & U.K. Special Forces Already in Ukraine as War Heads to Stalemate /Democracy Now! 94,444 views Apr 12, 2023

    Indian Economy Stands Tall On The World Stage | Ukraine’s U-Turn On India |Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 5.4K 2 hours ago
    Indian Economy Stands Tall On The World Stage | Ukraine’s U-Turn On India |Vantage with Palki Sharma

    Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine’s Hypocrisy on India Exposed | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 5,192 views Apr 12, 2023
    Ukraine’s hypocrisy is on full display. Earlier, it gave moral lectures to India for buying Russian oil. Now, Kyiv seems to have made a u-turn. Ukraine says it can’t instruct India on such matters. What changed?

    Inside Details of Russia, Iran and China’s Secret Deal | Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 535 views Apr 12, 2023
    Russia, Iran and China have joined forces. That’s not good news for the US. Reportedly, Moscow and Beijing will help Iran build new ballistic missiles. What more are the three countries planning? How significant will it be?

  42. Charles

    Sounds like a perfect time to bring in a one world global currency. CBDC. 😡😡😡

  43. Rod Brumley, Sr - Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    Personally I am buying land in the country – using my dollars while they still hold some value. I have my Gold – Silver – Guns – Ammo and Food / Water
    In God I Trust

    • David Caron

      got your solar panels? firewood?

  44. Fred Daake

    I started to buy some silver in the late 1970’s but it never paid back its promise as an inflation hedge. I wonder if those who purchased silver over the past forty-three years will ever be reimbursed it’s original buying power? Forty-one years ago, in 1980, silver hit $48.70 per ounce. Today silver is $25.49. The purchasing power of $48.70 in 1980 is equivalent in purchasing power to $183.15 today.

    $48.70 – Amount of 1980 cash needed to buy 1 oz silver in 1980
    $183.15 – 2023 buying power of $48.70 (if spent in 1980)
    $25.49 – 2023 buying power of 1 oz silver (88% loss over 1980).

    ROI fluctuates positive and negative based on the point at which you enter and the point when you exit. But there have been almost no points since 1980 where you could have sold silver for a positive inflationary ROI as a long term hedge.

    Buying Power Calculator:

    • Tin foil hat

      PMs are not inflation hedge, they are hyperinflation hedge.

      If the transition to the CBDC were successful and the Deep State could contain inflation or hyperinflation in the Retail CBDC, then Wholesale CBDC and maybe PMs are hyperinflation hedge. However, if the US government turned 1984, then nothing is really hedgeable.

      • David Caron

        uhhhh! Gold has been a great inflation hedge for the last 15 years and for the last 6000 years!!!!

    • David Caron

      You don’t buy silver as a inflation hedge after its gone up 500% DUH! You bought it as a speculation at that point.

  45. Duncan Phelps

    The privately owned FED must be shut down=closed. There is a NON-alternative.
    A Plan A exists:
    Base the new currency on the Birth Certificate bond estate Trust accounts. This is sometimes called the StrawMan accounts that the owners of the corporations use to trade with on Wall Street. Allow the individual to access these with vendor cards. This asset value could be combined with precious minerals, energy, and other valued commodities.
    Our StrawMan accounts also reflect what the PowersThatBe have charged us with over the past decades… so some of us are due those back-charges additionally… kind of like lawsuits over fraud perpetrations against us.

    We don’t have to go down the further road ‘Plan B’ of debt-based digitized currency which can be individually pulled or limited if we do not comply.
    We must recognize the limit of a REPRESENTATIVE form/Forum of service providing corporatocracy-“government.” Besides “our REPRESENTATIVEs” never have any power since the Civil War, unless like Bush ONE who was CIA anyway! The Deep State, their A.I. & the owners of the ONE World INC. are the PowersThatBe!
    Anna Von Reitz has extensively worked on what is needed to be carried out:

  46. Mike Sage

    Mr Hunter needs to be analyze and put a guest to speak concerning The state of Texas. Texas would hold gold backing the currency in trust on behalf of the digital currency holders. This digital money would be great for us and protect us from the fiat money w/federal reserve.
    If passed “The bill would let the trustee maintain enough gold to provide for the redemption in gold of all units of the digital currency that have been issued and are not yet redeemed for money or gold.”
    This would let individuals the ability to purchase digital currency from the state. The state would then use the money to purchase gold that would be held in the Texas Bullion Depository.

  47. Anita

    Thank you both, very good interview.

  48. Edger Eggerton

    NATO Nation’s 50 commandos fought against Russia? Britain warns after U.S. intel leak /Hindustan Times 98,612 views Apr 12, 2023
    The British Defence Ministry has warned after the BBC reported that the UK is among a number of countries with special forces operating inside Ukraine amid war. The UK had reportedly sent 50 commandos to fight against Russia. It cited one of the documents linked to U.S. intelligence that were leaked online. The UK defence ministry dismissed the reports claiming they have a ‘serious level of inaccuracy.’ Watch;

    John Ratcliffe warns Pentagon leak ‘could be worse’ than Snowden
    Fox News 14K views 2 hours ago
    Former DNI John Ratcliffe says the recent classified documents leak poses a continuing concern.

    ‘An incompetent band of fools’: Rubio goes off on Biden admin
    Fox News 86K views 6 hours ago
    Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., discusses how President Biden’s weakness is emboldening America’s adversaries on ‘Hannity.

    ‘The Five’: Biden is coming for your car
    Fox News 50K views 1 hour ago
    ‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss the unveiling of President Biden’s emissions standards and the push to electric vehicles.

    Biden admin officials were reportedly involved in Mar-a-Lago raid
    Fox Business 193,104 views Apr 12, 2023
    FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, WSJ assistant editorial page editor James Freeman, MacroMavens President Stephanie Pomboy and Emmy winning sports reporter Michele Tafoya discuss a report claiming that administration officials were involved in the FBI raid in Mar-a-Lago and the ‘Gang of 8’ lawmakers getting the classified documents from Trump, Biden and Pence.

    January 6th Committee SUED for $67 Million
    Robert Gouveia Esq. 104,693 views Apr 12, 2023

    BBC Broadcaster Lisa Shaw dies from Covid Vaccine Complications. Husband to Sue AstraZeneca|TrialSite News 4,915 views Apr 12, 2023
    Gareth Eve, who lost his wife, Lisa Shaw, as a result of thrombotic thrombocytopenia after she was given the AstraZeneca shot is suing the pharmaceutical company along with 75 other people. Shaw was a TV Presenter (Host) on the BBC (British Broadcasting Company). In August of 2021, a coroner ruled the 44-year-old Shaw had died from thrombotic thrombocytopenia.

    Ukraine Firepower v Russian Firepower w/Scott Ritter
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    94,467 views Streamed live 7 hours ago

  49. jon

    What do you mean your all for the diversity hire?

  50. steve

    John has a down to earth common sense approach to things. I like his tangible asset strategies.

  51. Glenn c Rossi

    Thanks Greg
    Rob is a great guest have watched him for years. I have 1 thing to say about any stock investment. Counter party risk. I honestly don’t know what to believe but Bix Wier and others adimently say that you don’t own the stocks in your brokerage account they do or seed and company do.
    At the end of the day If you don’t hold it you don’t own it covers everything.

    • David Caron

      It is true -you do not own those stoks, you only have a paper claim to them and yes -SEED and COMPANY own/control/posses the actual paper cerificate. You can acquire the paper cerificates though. They’ll try to soak you 150$ per certificate but I got my broker (Scotia Itade) to match Sprotts price of only 50$ a few years ago.

  52. Neville

    Talking about the reserve currency the totally valueless dollar IS GOING TO HORRIFY TH AAcrime AND THE WORLD AT LARGE.

  53. Pamela Hankins

    This world view deviates from the Scriptures, as we are told there that the last cycle will end. It will not continue, but result in the purpose for it’s being, which is the Millennial Kingdom. The Lord Jesus will destroy those that destroy the earth (Rev 11:18) and He will establish HIS Kingdom. WE will not be ‘rebuilding’ as though the cycles will continue ad infinitum. Further, during the seven year Tribulation (that will bring in the Kingdom at His Coming) we are also told in Zephaniah 1 that gold and silver will not save you in that Day, (vs 18). We must look at global events through the lens of the Word of God. The only way of escape is the Rapture of believers or death during the Tribulation.

  54. Poochiwoo

    They just extended the debt ceiling, so it looks like they want to steal a few more trillions before bringing the hammer down. We got another year. The jubilee continues for the rich!

  55. David Caron

    Buying bonds at 1/2 % interest rates IS SPECULATING!!! Who the F*** buys a bond at near zero interest rates??? you have to be a moron!

    • Greg Hunter

      About $18 trillion of bonds in EU are negative paying bonds.

      • David Caron

        MORE MORONS!!!

  56. David Caron

    The lack of interest in gold and silver is only due to 1 thing, everyone is waiting for the club and hammer to show up right around these levels -THAT’S IT! But it’s not going to happen. Wanna know how I know? Becuase they clubbed all the miners last year to unsustainable levels in order to load up! Plain and simple. It’s time to run! Remember when gold bumped it’s head on 1000$ 3-4 bumps and then onward and upward, we are about to see it again.

  57. strych9

    Sitting here in my mid 30’s all I can say is what I have done.

    Get out of cities and suburbs. Get an education that pays the bills and then some.

    Acquire real skills along with the tools and manuals (as necessary and on paper). [Ex: Don’t say you can weld and throw down popcorn with your improperly set flux core MIG machine from Home Depot. That’s not welding, that’s you looking stupid and not knowing it. And no, MIG welding isn’t really welding either, the machine’s doing the work with means your skill level is low. Fix that by challenging yourself.]

    Do not buy overly complicated things. I’d rather have a 1992 Jeep XJ and an expansive set of sockets and ratchets than that new Porche SUV that requires proprietary tools.

    If you own it, know how it works and how to fix it. Have spare parts on hand. Have the tools required. Where applicable, acquire paper diagrams and instructions.

    Don’t skimp on maintenance and always have critical spares within reason and consumables on hand at least three deep. Enough oil, in the right type and the filters for three oil changes per vehicle, for example.

    Further, do not farm out basic maintenance. Grease Monkey is a rip-off and the kids there often have no real idea what they’re doing. I know multiple people who’s car was destroyed by a $12/hour auto-shop kid forgetting to replace the oil drain plug. Buy the tools and learn to do brake jobs and oil changes yourself, then go further. You’ll save money over time and know it was done right while you also learn something. Unless it requires something insane to do, figure out how to do it yourself. What a shop will charge $8-$10K for you can often do for <$1000 yourself.

    Buy, read and store paper books in a good mix. History, biography, quality fiction, philosophy, The Classics, geopolitics, political philosophy (even if you disagree with it), textbooks on useful subjects etc. The old, (pre-1970) Harvard Five Foot Shelf of Books is a great start and often a good deal, make sure they're in good condition though.

    Marry well. Someone who's not afraid of hard work or learning how to wire a house or replace an axle and then DOING it will be a lover, your best friend and a huge asset. (It doesn't hurt if she's got great assets either, if you get my drift.)

    Do not engage in vice. Quit drinking, smoking, drugging and, honestly more than anything, if you're fat, lose the weight. Whatever problems you have to deal with, you'll deal with them as you are at the time, not as you wish you were, so start being better equipped for that problem today.

    Drink more water.

    Learn to fight, for real. Unarmed and/or armed. Not "I went to the flat range and I took a self-defense class". Multiple times per week martial arts. Multiple times per month, shooting on the move. Learn to use a knife too. More importantly, learn to fight open handed against a knife.

    [Take it from me, getting attacked with a knife by a rando guy who comes around a corner and goes nuts on you for no reason at a distance of three feet… if you can't fight and you need that gun to ensure the win, you're going to die because you're not that fast on the draw and he's within arm's reach. In my case, a bit of luck helped me become aware of his knife (thanks rando bystander with a deep voice who noticed that knife!), I'm breathing, he's not. I never had time to draw. That's real life if things go sideways.]

    Learn how things function IRL and don't believe everything you see on "prepper" sites/shows. For example; No, an EMP will not destroy your car unless you have an EV or are at ground zero. Basic chemistry should have taught people this, I don't know why the myth persists even after it's been debunked a zillion times. Yes, you can mostly protect your house from such a thing too, along with your backup systems. Or yes, you can store gasoline for up to 2.5 years without a problem if you use a stabilizer and the proper metal container with a good seal to prevent air exchange over the gasoline. No, a single .45ACP round does not instantly incapacitate and also steal the person's soul, this is especially the case if you miss.

    Finally, in the spirit of learning, always try to expand your horizons. Learn about radio and get your license even if you're not going to spend a ton setting up a HAM shack. Learn about politics and the historical roots of the schools of thought. Even if you don't care about politics, politicians care about you.

    All-in-all, use the best weapon you have. We don't have big teeth, sharp claws, strong muscles or amazing senses. Our best weapon is between our ears. Use it every chance you get and sharpen it as often as you can.

  58. Don Conrad

    Hi Greg,
    I know you are very busy, and I know you posted this 17 min video but, did you get to watch yourself.

    Don Conrad

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