Gold at All-Time Highs in 73 Countries – Bill Murphy

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Bill Murphy, Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says the market manipulators and price suppressers of gold and silver are fighting a losing battle. Murphy explains, “The open interest on silver is at all-time high levels even though the price is barely $17 per ounce. That shows they are going all out even now to keep it down here. So, at some point, they are going to be overrun. They are going to have what we call a commercial signal failure, where these commercials to the big banks and other people who have been suppressing the price are just completely overrun. A lot of people are not prepared for that, but it is in the works right now. I am pretty sure it is going to occur.”

On gold, Murphy is just as bullish as he looks around the world at the high price of the yellow metal. Murphy says, “Gold is at all-time highs in 73 different countries. In Canada, it is $100 higher than its (previous) all-time highs. The all-time high in U.S. dollars for gold is around $1,900 per ounce. It is going to take that out and start heading for $3,000, and I think it is going to do this faster than people think. The tipping point has been reached, and the gold cartel can’t do what they have done for so long. . . . It’s interesting, people say it’s the low interest rates (driving the price up). We had low interest rates years ago, but all these things have not mattered. Now, they are talking about low interest rates, negative interest rates and debt levels, and it’s all coming to the forefront at once, and they don’t have the physical gold to do what they did for so long. . . . I don’t think the gold cartel can do what they have been doing. Everything has changed, and it has to do with the physical market.”

Murphy is most bullish on silver. Murphy says, “For anyone that wants to get involved in precious metals, silver is going to be a home run. It actually just started. . . . Gold goes first because the physical market is tight. Then, the industry and silver people are going to make sure they have secure supply, and all of a sudden it’s going to be like a panic. . . Silver is the bargain of a lifetime. It’s certainly the cheapest asset on the planet.”

In closing, Murphy predicts, “Gold and silver are just going to go nuts because there is no room on the downside in a lot of these markets. In other words, if they don’t keep printing the money and going to QE and keep interest rates low, it’s going to cause chaos. All I can say is I think gold and silver are headed for the moon. You are going to get these crashes out of nowhere because all of a sudden it’s like going into a black hole. That can happen, and that is what people need to be concerned about.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes one-on-One with precious metals expert Bill Murphy, Chairman of GATA.

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After the Interview: is a free website where you can get lots of information about what is going on in the precious metals world. Bill Murphy also has a website called with some free information.


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  1. Anthony Australia

    Nice interview Greg, been listening to recent comments Bill made in an Australian show and I tell you that things are starting to turn, even the most anti-gold advocates are stating to buy. Here the gold price is over $2,200 AUD, I remember back in 2011 when gold hit $1,900 USD in September the Aussie Dollar was around $1.10 to the Greenback.
    Currently our dollar is sliding; our treasurer is trying to remain optimistic, claiming that our exports will be attractive to the world markets. Sadly he doesn’t take into account that other currencies are falling further and their commodities will sell first.

    • Rob

      All currencies will be sliding in tandem in the days ahead as banks cheapen the cost of money by enticing people to go deeper in debt:

      The rich always seek clever ways to suck more wealth through bondage to their debt:

      Proverbs 22:7 The rich ruleth over the poor; And the borrower is servant to the lender.

      The first church started by the apostles after Pentecost knew what Jesus wanted in His church:

      Acts 2:42-47 And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and the prayers. (43) And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. (44) And all that believed were together, and had all things common; (45) and they sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all, according as any man had need. (46) And day by day, continuing stedfastly with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread at home, they took their food with gladness and singleness of heart, (47) praising God, and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to them day by day those that were saved.

      Sadly today there is not a church in America that replicates that depth of love for one another:

      2 Timothy 3:1-5 But know this, that in the last days grievous times shall come. (2) For men shall be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, railers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, (3) without natural affection, implacable, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, no lovers of good, (4) traitors, headstrong, puffed up, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God; (5) holding a form of godliness, but having denied the power thereof: from these also turn away.

      Thus the whole reason Father is bringing tribulation upon the world that will revive that love:

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks. Again.

    • Uncommon Sense

      Further to our previous exchange: virtually all money is created as credit/loans. So the money supply will not keep up with the debt accumulation due to accumulated interest. Theoretically you could use the same dollars over and over to repay the loan by giving them to the creditor then working to get those same dollars back again in order to pay down more of the original debt. In practice this never happens though. Mike maloney makes this clear in his secrets of money series.

      • William Stanley

        Uncommon Sense,
        What’s your take on the Monty Hall problem? (I NEED to know).

        • William Stanley

          Uncommon Sense,
          Okay, so you see that “theoretically” it’s possible to pay off both the principal and the interest without a further increase in the money supply. Now I have to convince you that the “real” problem is that: (1) loans are made that cannot be repaid because the debtor will not be able garner enough income to do so; and (2) the “real” reason that debtors cannot garner enough income to pay off the loans (per the Austrian School . . . sort of) is that the loan proceeds were either (a) squandered on consumption, (b) were “malinvested” in insufficiently productive projects, that is, projects for which the rate of return on investment was too low, i.e., lower than the rate of interest or, (c) the economy crashed for some other reason such as, for example, war or natural disaster.

          • William Stanley

            Uncommon Sense,
            I’m guessing that you have figured out that the prize is NOT behind Door #2 and that the Austrians, like the neo-classical school, have failed to deal with the problem of evil.

          • uncommon sense

            You make some valid points. Your position reminds me of ‘The Production of Money: How to Break the Power of Bankers’ in which Ann Pettifor puts forward similar arguments (that debt itself is not a problem it is the irresponsible lending and malinvestment that causes the problems). Surely though money would have to circulate through the system at an impossibly high rate for the debt to be paid down though? Does this mean that a slowing velocity of money makes it harder to pay down debt?

            • William Stanley

              uncommon sense,
              Re: “Does this mean that a slowing velocity of money makes it harder to pay down debt?”
              Good question.

        • uncommon sense

          The hypothetical situation is based on the premise that cars are more valued than goats. A goat is a sentient being whilst a car has no consciousness. Do we ascribe higher value to the car because it is of higher value when measured in dollars (pounds)? So therefore I conclude that we should stick with the original door in order to maximise the chances of winning the goat.

          • uncommon sense

            William this was a difficult concept to get my head around. The video below was the clearest explanation. It is clearer when the lady uses the example of 100 doors.

            William you would make a wonderful host on the Crystal maze:

            • William Stanley

              Well, uncommon, it looks like you’re smarter than I am — it took me two days of intense struggle to “wrap my head around” it.
              And thanks for the link to the Crystal maze!

  3. Marylou

    I’m not so sure about that boys and girls.. Our fine gov can just pass a law and its game over before it really gets legs. The EO is already inked! I hope not since I’m in big. But it is what it is… Trust nobody especially your leadership!

    • Auntie Sieze

      First off, EO’s apply ONLY to the executive branch of FedGov!
      Are you a United States of America, Inc. “citizen”? Then you yourself subject yourself to thier tyrannical EO’s and other sundry “laws” and decrees!

      Secondly, if/when any gov outlaws something, you had better have plenty of it already in stock. The black market price is going to skyrocket. (When they “outlawed” assault rifles some time ago, AR’s tripled in price overnight and that’s if you could find one.)

      The Founding Fathers couldn’t care less about what King George outlawed, did they?

      When some talking “expert” brings up the subject of “well, the gov could just confiscate gold, silver, guns, etc.” I just ROTFLMAO. Who cares what they outlaw? They don’t even subject themselves to their own laws, so why should anybody else?

      • Mcscot

        I am in perfect alignment with this post. Thank you!!

    • Frederick

      Nope even if they passed a law ,which would be unconstitutional the world would continue to hoard gold That much I am certain of It might even increase the hoarding

  4. Mungo

    Ready. Just wondering where and how to cash out / take advantage of the situation when the time comes. Cash in at the limited number of coin shops that buy gold & silver?

    • Frederick

      Mungo Timing is everything and waiting too long due to greed can and will get you slaughtered I learned that lesson the hard way when silver topped at 49 dollars in 2011 I should have sold but didn’t thinking I could get MORE

    • Lucas Doolin

      It is my opinion only, but I think you will have no problem exchanging your precious metals for something of value. I just don’t think it will be a currency. You may trade it for houses, farms, hotels etc as currencies begins to die. I would also not be in a hurry to exchange it. A gold and silver bubble will probably be the biggest bubble ever.

      Just my opinion.

    • WKSwanson

      Too many rich and powerful own gold, so I don’t see any laws passed against gold ownership…at least not for them.

      • Frederick

        Key words “ At least not for (((them)))

    • steven

      No. Use gold and solver to buy things with. You want a car that costs $15,000? Give them 15 oz. of gold. Building a house? Pay the subs in gold/silver. Simple.

      • Jodyp

        A depreciating auto, silver. An asset like property, gold.

    • paul ...

      Mungo … when the time comes to turn your precious metals into the things you want … I bet Walmart would be by then accepting “tier one assets” for their products … as inflation will be really advancing by then … currently a shopping trip to Walmart in June 2019 costs an astounding 5.2% more then it did in June 2018 … the Fed will likely now put stronger chains on their Consumer Price Index (CPI) so they can say “deflation”is taking place” and they need to print more money (QE)!!! …

      • paul ...

        Those chains on our cost-of-living adjustments resulted in zero increases for us in 2010, 2011 and 2016 and the Bureau of Labor Statistics that gets its input from the Fed is trying to suggest we get no COLA increase in 2020 (and in an election year?? … think perhaps there are Demon-rats working at the BLS???) … a recent analysis shows that Social Security benefits today buys 34% less then they did in 2000 … so what is it with these banksters? … we help them them out … and they screw us!!! …

  5. steve

    The cross -rate in currencies are creating the international gold rises not the fact that they are buying more that US citizens.

    • Mellowbird

      That has a lot to do with it, as he did mention the “rigging” of the US dollar. He also says that “its time has come”, and this perhaps means an erosion in the confidence in government.

      • paul ...

        Interesting … look at the chart … it’s the “riggers in London” who are pushing gold up (instead of down) … … I believe the time has arrived for the banksters to manipulate and push the price of all the gold they’ve bought over the last few years upward … so they can cover some of their derivative debt (not by necessarily selling their gold but by “keeping the gold on their books as tier one collateral” to offset any loss on their derivative positions)!!

        • paul ...

          Only $30 dollars more to go … for gold to reach $1550 “and close the gap” … then … it will be very interesting to see if we get a $100 dollar correction (so poor Stan can make some money on his short position) … but people could say “screw the correction” … and simply continue buying right up to $2,000 … to make the US join the 73 other country’s who have made “new all time highs in gold”!!

  6. JC

    Regarding gold (and Epstein’s death), check out the latest update at The Age of Desolation site. The Great Scandal ( Epstein), The Offense of the Adulterer (Bill Clinton) and The Mannish Woman (Hillary Clinton), it’s all connected.

    The Glass-Steagall act is also mentioned, which Greg spoke about on Friday.

    Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-14
    The great credit of gold and abundance of silver,
    Honor will be blinded by lust,
    The offense of the adulterer known,
    That succeeds to his great dishonor.

    “Do note that this is also the kickoff for Global Economic Collapse. The great credit of gold and abundance of silver tied to the famous adulterer, Bill Clinton is his repeal of The Glass–Steagall Act, which basically allowed banks to gamble with depositer’s money. Some economists cite Clinton’s 1999 repeal as the cause of the 2007 economic meltdown.”

    “Readers should note the rapidly escalating price of gold lately. The great credit of gold are paper gold contracts, which have been used to artificially hold the price of gold

  7. OutLookingIn

    The Silver Shorts Will Be Skinned

    The overall open interest in silver keeps climbing.
    As of Thursday there were 238,508 contracts. (1 contract = 5,000 ounces)
    As the weekend began the total went to 243,791 contracts.
    In July, the September call options in silver were 19,561 contracts.
    They are now at 28,850 calls, a gain of 6,238 with only 18 days left before they expire.
    We could very well see a commercial signal failure.
    The shorts have been begun to slowly cover and exit.
    This is adding further price pressure to the upside for silver’s value.
    Those shorts that are late, will be skinned.

    • paul ...

      Let’s see 238,508 contracts with each contract equal to 5,000 ounces of silver means these guys have to come up with 1,192,540,000 ounces of silver to cover their short positions … now “where on Earth” are these shorts going to find 1.19254 billion ounces of silver to cover their short positions?? … in the open market????? … buying in the open market would likely make silver instantly jump to $725 dollars per ounce (that it is currently worth as shown on the US Debt Clock)!!

  8. paul ...

    Bill Murphy says silver should reach $100??? … I think he left a zero off … silver should be selling for at least $1000 dollars per ounce … remember back in 1980 when silver hit $50 dollars per ounce … there was $132 billion US dollars in existence … today we have $3,304 billion dollars in existence … that’s 25 times more US dollars in existence today then back in 1980 … with “25 times more US dollars in existence now” silver should be selling for 25 times more then it sold for in 1980 … therefore “on a constant dollar basis” one ounce of silver should sell for about $1250 US dollars ($50 x 25) at the next market peak in silver!!

    • paul ...

      Correction: Actually as of June 2019 the M1 money supply has increased to 3,831 billion dollars … so that’s 29 times more money in existence today then back in 1980 … so the silver price at the next peak should be $1450 dollars per ounce ($50 x 29) … and remember … the Banksters are now saying that 3,831 billion is still not enough to keep their Ponzi scheme going … and they need to do more QE … so we should actually be anticipating that silver will be selling for more then what the price of gold is right now ($1500 per ounce)!!

      • paul ...

        So the top of the chart below should be modified “to reflect the current reality that the actual M1 money supply is now $3,831 billion” … it should show silver reaching $1500 per ounce (not the $800 dollars as shown on the chart) …

        • paul ...

          But Murphy did get it right when he said: “the current price of silver is laughable” … you can take that to the bank (your “private bank” under your mattress) … and get rid of those fiat paper Fed IOU’s still under your mattress … with more QE the Fed paper IOU’s will be inflated to worthlessness … only keep “real” money (the money God created) under your mattress … put one silver ounce coin under your bed now and you will see your $17 dollar coin grow to $1500 dollars in but a few years time … what investment today can give you 88 times your money “without the risk of default” and other shenanigans corporate managers can play … like for instance what was done to the poor investors in Bayer when management bought Monsanto (likely after they sold their Bayer shares short)!!

          • john

            LOL –

            Paul – listen to what you are saying – ” what investment today can give you 88 times your money.” There is a price for that move in silver – its called inflated prices in all things that use silver – phones, cars, appliances, certain medications, defense systems, computers – you get the point I am sure. Similar situation in gold – we are going to be in deep trouble if gold is $10,000/ounce. I feel that some in the pm community think that gold/silver is going to the moon due to inflation/money printing. The forces of deflation need to be contemplated – let money supply contract and what do the models then show? Will there be any liquidity in the system left to support gold/silver at the levels being thrown around – suppose $2500.00 is the peak gold price because rates have a violent reset upwards – bonds, stocks and the money supply contract all at once – where will the liquidity be to support the movement into gold? If gold hits these lofty values – what will be the capital gains on the appreciation, will it be confiscated and will dealers even have the liquidity to make a market? imho, you may need to make your move out of pm’s prior to any reset and perhaps just retire your debt and hunker down – perhaps holding silver for food and gas as recently suggested by another guest. We have been so used to investing in an environment where rates go lower year after year that it is going to be a shocker where rates go up for the next 10 years or so. If gold re-enters the banking system – will you be allowed to own it? Expect little sympathy from the average guy that has no exposure to gold/silver if confiscated – about 98% of the population. The issue with all investments is that you have to know when to sell it – gold included. I went to my coin dealer yesterday – moving $10,000 and $100,000 blocks of gold at a time – that is some serious liquidity for a small business – will he be around when rates hit 6%, 9% or even 12% to his core business which is not selling pm’s.

            • paul ...

              John … The forces of deflation “is beneficial to the working people” as it makes prices for things cheaper … but keep in mind that lower prices does not decrease the M1 money supply … even if the stock market crashes the amount of M1 dollars in circulation remains the same or actually increases … so deflation of prices is not the same as deflation of the currency … in fact during a recession the Fed prints even more money into circulation to try and boost the economy … so deflation in prices “creates inflation” of the money supply!!

              • john


                You are assuming – as others – that rates will not rise – this will destroy housing, bonds, stocks and the money supply – massive deflation. In addition, we should already have had inflation as all things were in place – other than velocity of money.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You are in good company because Not long ago Former Fed Head Alan Greenspan warned of an uncontrolled spike in interest rates at some point.

                • paul ...

                  Let rates rise and you strengthen the US dollar … in this currency war with China we have to weaken the US dollar more then the Chinese can weaken the Yuan! … what better way to weaken the dollar then by “letting gold rise” to destroy confidence in the dollar!!

            • K.Wayne

              Another way to look at the price appreciation in PM’s is to consider how many dollars it cost you to purchase the same oz over an extended period of time. What this says is that your dollar is gradually being made worthless. The correct terminology is debasement of the currency with the implicit erosion of purchasing power.
              Reducing the Money Supply will have deleterious effects…none more so than financial asset values being slaughtered. Precipitous Losses in Bond / Stock markets filter through to other asset/debt classes.
              The Economy is designed to have minimal inflation at worst. It must for its own existence.
              Interest rates will not do an about face for at least a decade perhaps two. Perhaps never. We have moved to a very dark place and progressing towards an even darker one. Like the FED, we are trapped.

              • paul ...

                K.Wayne … has “debasement of the currency” ever stopped? … No … the Fed has been inflating M1 since it opened its doors in 1913 … so all this Fed talk about “lack of liquidity” … or “destruction of money” causing “deflation” is a bunch of lies they throw at us in order to do more QE … has any nation ever allowed their banks or their treasury bonds to fail? … No … their banks always get bailed out and their Treasury bonds (on the verge of default) are always bought by the central bank … held to maturity … and paid off with “new printed money” … what the banksters call deflation, lack of cash or a liquidity crisis is simply their call for more QE (debasement of the currency) or inflation of the M1 money supply to keep their Ponzi scheme rolling … M1 has “never gone down” … “only up” … this is “inflation” not deflation … we should not be conned by the banksters lies that falling prices are a bad thing (falling prices is a good thing and benefits the common people) … it is a very good thing when stocks fall to reasonable PE ratios … it doesn’t mean the M1 money supply is falling … it means our nation is finally rectifying the Fed’s previous debasement of the currency!!

                • K.Wayne

                  A simple mechanism the FED or any CB can use to reduce money supply is to Increase the Reserve Requirements of its member Banks. Economics 202.
                  I was responding to John’s comment about the effects of reducing money supply….”The forces of deflation need to be contemplated – let money supply contract and what do the models then show? ”
                  Let’s be clear my comments reflect FACT and not my opinion.

              • john

                You let rates stay at near zero and you are going to see pension funds fail as well as municipalities – anything existing on yield. Markets are going to require a rate of return. imho, rates will eventually rise – wiping out bonds, stocks, housing and money supply and the system will reset back to a global gold standard in some form. You have to eliminate the debt, control deficits, and correct the great QE experiment that did not fix the problem back in 2008/09. I think it is wishful thinking that rates stay low for 20 years. The situation will not be any better in a hyperinflation environment as compared to a deflationary one – both will be bad. We have 30 years of lowered rates on bonds – approaching zero here and negative in other countries – will that capital flow here when we hit zero to negative?

                • K.Wayne

                  I cannot agree more with your comment on rates staying at or near Zero. However, it is not for us to decide the course being taken by the FED and all CB’s in the West and East.
                  These Luciferians have an agenda and whether that takes us to an Electronic monetary system with some gold backing is anyone’s guess.
                  The whole economic model is corrupted to the core. When the FED has the power to create unlimited Fiat dollars, at no cost, then we should anticipate that ultimately the currency is worthless. In that sense and going back to the Inflation or Die mantra, they can only attempt to create what is necessary for growth by encouraging spending rather than saving (no yield on capital invested). I don’t need to be reminded of the fundamentals of a sound Economic System (of which Savings and Capital should be held in highest regard). The world in which we live has changed dramatically. DEBT is ever present and ever growing in order to keep the system stable. Ultimately they need to change their way of thinking and approach. I can see that we go to a very dark place otherwise.
                  20 years may seem like a very long time for rates to stay near, at or below zero but to move in a positive direction any time soon would be counter to what the rest of the world is doing and also be a trigger for the bursting of the everything bubble. Not wishful thinking on my part at all. It really seems like the logical conclusion given the consequences of stupidity. Deflation followed by a Hyper-Inflationary period I believe is what will transpire. The so called Reset may be the result of world powers agreeing on a resolution thereafter.

                • K. Wayne

                  Additionally if you consider the structure and duration of the entire Bond Yield Curve in Europe (Germany as an example), then 30 years of negative rates is not impossible….it is REAL. Guaranteed losses on maturity. That’s what Investors pay for!!!
                  Some further consideration of what will likely transpire here in America is that once the FED begins its new round of QE…..interest rates will be pushed even lower. In fact the whole yield curve is going lower and has been since mid-2018. That indicates high degrees of FEAR and UNCERTAINTY amongst investors (Hedge Funds/ Pension Funds alike). This is a global phenomenon with every major country and region following the same path. What you see in the Bond market is a gauge on the future of the Global Economy. Zero or negative rates are the premiums that are paid for CAPITAL protection. Heightened levels of volatility with increased risks of a market disruption or contagion are clear and present. These are dangerous times.

                • K. Wayne

                  Worth re-visiting the trend in the Global Bonds issued with negative rates. That picture is quite alarming whilst also being a prominent RED flag.

                • paul ...

                  Pension Funds better wise up and start buying gold “to get a yield” on their investment!!

                  • paul ...

                    KWayne … you say “the forces of deflation need to be contemplated” … like increasing reserve requirements on banks … but increasing reserve requirements does not reduce the number of dollars the Fed has already created … it just limits the banks lending capacity … as the Fed does even more QE to inflate away the already to much outstanding debt!!

  9. paul ...

    You know … after the American people bailed out the banks in 2009 … look how the banksters repaid us for our kindness … … and this is just the “average” interest rate charged on our credit cards … some ungrateful banksters are gouging our eyes out by charging 27% interest on their credit cards!!

  10. Frederick

    Bill mentioned Poland I walked past the Polish Central Bank last week and they had a banner declaring 100 years of Central bank gold holdings It’s big with the general public here in Turkey for sure

    • Anthony Australia

      Massive news.

      • Frederick

        Just trying to report there Tony or is it Fredo

  11. Frederick

    Farmland has counter party risk Gold doesn’t Big difference How many people lost their farms in the Great Depression?

    • john

      how many lost their gold as well?

      • K.Wayne

        How many actually owned Gold in the Great Depression. Consider that equation in the current climate too (in America).
        Farming was a major contributor to the economy back then. When farmers lose their farms … who becomes the holder of the Land?

      • Frederick

        Hey if you aren’t careful you can lose anything right including your mind

    • beLIEve

      Reference the The Great Depression……

      Flashback 1936: Sovereign AMERICANS PLEDGED AS COLLATERAL on Government Debt TO the “FEDERAL RESERVE.”

      [The following is excerpted from JUDGE DALE’S The GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE………

      “Negotiable Debt Instruments” or SCRIPT MONEY.
      THEIR THEFT 💡 was ingenious and by allowing the public to fall on hard times, the public soon began to demand that the government fix the problem by any means necessary !

      ➡ CLICK on link for full article.
      * * *
      [Political history of government and law]

      By Judge Dale, retired

      The Bankruptcy of America – 1933

      Judge Dale EXPOSES INFORMATION THAT IS NOT IN OUR HISTORY BOOKS and REVEALS HOW WE CAN BEST DEFEND OURSELVES from the current parasitic corporate government and injustice system.
      But first PEOPLE NEED ENOUGH COURAGE to face some very inconvenient truths ❗



  12. Genocidal Politician

    Gold price indicates weakness of currency value vs usd

    • K.Wayne

      weakness against all fiat currencies….it demonstrates the loss of purchasing power.

      • paul ...

        The most gold will pull back after closing the gap at $1500 to $1550 would be about $100 dollars … before it then advances to $2000 and beyond … let people like Stan play their “pullback shorting gold game” … as they believe (like Dent) “that the money supply will contract” thus driving gold down to $700 dollars … using our God given brains simply focus on the big picture … … and you will see that M1 will continue to rise (it never falls) … and the massive QE to come … that must be done … to bail out the derivative debts the banksters now hold … is going to drive gold up (not down) as Stan and the short sellers believe!!

        • paul ...

          Also notice that recessions have no effect on the constantly increasing money supply … economic contractions do not lead to a contraction of the money supply as the crooked banksters want you to think!!

          • paul ...

            Look at this chart again folks … … the banksters “are not” going to reduce the money supply … forget about a contraction in the money supply … it’s not going to happen … one day “after gold has risen to thousands of dollars per ounce” the Fed will have achieved their goal of inflating away their derivative debts … then at that point they can start to raise interest rates like Volcker did (and put a stop to golds rise) … but they are not going to raise rates until all the gold they bought gets high enough to neutralize their derivative debts!!

  13. PCP

    BM states a pullback in gold is about to occur

    • Frederick

      Who is BM sorry ?

      • paul ...

        Take your pick … … I like Bad Man (BM Stan)!!

      • Markp

        Bill Murphy, I am presuming. I was a bit stumped initially, too, so don’t lose any sleep over it.

        • Frederick

          Thanks , I won’t

  14. Joe Lalonde


    Do you remember when companies used to take care of their workers?
    Back in the early 70’s, my Dad was able to buy a 280 acre farm with house and barn for $25,000. He was making $18/hr at a pulp and paper plant and I remember that they had contributed with Canada savings bonds in which he would get $10,000 in bonds a year for the last 3 years before he took early retirement due to the company totally automation.

  15. Stan

    Anyone not shorting Gold at these levels needs to look at recent history. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • paul ...

      Stan … In the face of heightened geopolitical risks … bullish technical charts … and talk of easier money policies coming from the major central banks of the world in the months ahead … you want to short gold?? … can’t you at least wait for gold to close the gap at $1550 where you may stand a better chance of getting a small correction (but gold doesn’t necessarily need to correct at the $1550 level … as heightened geopolitical concerns alone … could just spike gold right to $2000 or more)!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … good luck single-handedly trying to hold the gold price below it’s all time in high in the US … when gold in 73 countries around the world has already broken above all time highs!!

    • Frederick

      Shorting Gold No not really I’m just waiting and watching for a small correction at which time I will buy heavily with my fiat stash Who are you Stan and what’s your motive behind constantly bashing Precious Metals I think I know the answer

    • Jodyp

      Ok,ok. You warned us, buddy. Now go pick up those pennies on the highway.

    • Jerry

      Don’t give us your B.S. here are the facts.

      Let me guess, you’re smarter than the central banks?

  16. william lesieur

    Hey Greg,It seems your site as well as Greg manarinno’s and others are no longer showing up in my Yahoo mail. Not even in the spam folder. I’d say censorship is getting more sophisticated.

    • Greg Hunter

      This means we are over the target and Yahoo wants to push thought shaping propaganda crap on the public. Thank you for your street reporting!!!

      • Frederick

        You most certainly are over target “ Bombs away brother”

  17. Thomas McLaughlin

    Perfect time for this interview, Bill Murphy knows his stuff, been following him for years at GATA, he’s like “E.F. Hutton” , when he speaks, people should listen.

    Remember the old adage, gold shines when inflation is greater than interest earned on money. Gold just jumped from $1,300 to $1,500, US dollars, as 13 trillion of world bonds yielding negative interest increased to 15 trillion. Gold hitting all time high prices against 70 countries who are inflating their currency away is the big tell too.

    The gold cartel banks made consistent profits smashing down gold prices for years, but now are losing the wind in their sails to continue this because interest rates are coming down, many negative now, physical metal supply is evaporating, demand is increasing and people are losing faith in their local currencies, the US dollar as a reserve currency and the central banks.

    Remember that gold and silver are money, the US dollar is a form of currency, all fiat currencies have collapsed at one time or another. When people finally lose faith in a fiat US currency backed by 43 trillion in debt, gold and silver will shine again.

    Gold and silver are the standard by which currencies are judged, an increase in dollar price really means that your dollar is losing purchasing power, keep that in mind.

    Everyone talks about diversifying investments, the smart play is diversifying some your money into gold, silver, and perhaps crypto if your so inclined.

    I’ll close by thanking you Greg for all of these fabulous interviews on USA Watchdog, sure hope people take heed and prepare themselves.

  18. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, just a quick note off message of this blog’s discussion; your prior guest Kevin Shipp was right on point on Epstein, his death in jail awaiting trial is being investigated as a suicide. Sounds like the deep state is once again getting rid of more evidence of their evil, immoral, & criminal behavior(s). Many evil big shots are sleeping better tonight, hard to beat the evil that lurks around this countries dark allies of power & fame.

    • Bill B

      Arthur Barnes
      Anyone who becomes a threat to the Clintons. ends up being suicided.

      • Frederick

        Got that right Bill Funny how that happens right?

        • paul ...

          Poor Assange … who will help him??

  19. Liberty

    Thank you Greg for this interview.

    One thing I would like to mention , in my own opinion Ray Dallio is not really a reference for me. Mr Dallio, might have made a lot of money, be a good business man, good for him but a person who admire China and want to invest in China , in my mind is not good.

    How could we admire and encourage a communist country…….

    Just my opinion.
    Best Regards.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Liberty for adding your perspective.

  20. Jerry

    China will corner the gold market in the fourth quarter of 2019,
    and then what ?

    This is not going to end well for fiat currencies. In my humble opinion, when the Chinese can no longer buy physical gold, they won’t see any reason to continue playing games with the western banking cabal. In fact I’m willing to go as far as saying that the central banks have been able to stall off the Chinese global currency reset by selling them cheap gold in return for propping up the dollar as world reserve currency. But now the Chinese banks are paying the price in the form of huge loses. In fact, in the last few weeks, three of China’s largest banks have had their liquidity seize up, and force a bailout by the Chinese government. This is coming to a head Greg. If the banking cabal can’t fulfill the Chinese demand for gold, its game over.

    • Stan

      Jerry: How many conspiracy theories do you create every month? China corner the Gold market? China is broke!

      • K. Wayne

        How’s the heat Stan?
        All those naked Gold shorts of yours ……burning everything in sight.
        Keep playing and you will be skinned alive.
        Get out of harms way. NOW !!!

        • Stan

          Still hugely short Gold and not worried one bit….thank you

          • K. Wayne

            Time for some short covering.
            Follow the Bullion Banks and the BIS.
            They seem to know what they are doing!!!
            You on the other hand are playing with fire.

          • K. Wayne

            The Old adage ….”buy the rumour …sell the fact” ….is very prescient at this time.
            That applies to the latest nonsense about tariffs being delayed until Dec. and its affect on Stocks, Bonds and GOLD. Some market respite here…but the fact of the matter is the Trade War come Currency War is not going away for a very long time. Act accordingly.

      • Frederick

        “Broke” you mean like you’re gonna be with your Deutschebank stock ?
        Kettle black anyone

      • paul ...

        Stan … Jerry is absolutely right … this currency war we are now in … to be won … needs to be fought with “real money” … but you can bet your money on the person fighting with a fiat paper “debt IOU'” sword (against an opponent with a “metal gold sword”) if you like Stan!!

      • Jerry

        So speaks the man that said Deutsche Bank stock would hit 20. It’s 7.5 and falling Stanley .

        What I have been posting is not conspiracy theory. If you would have taken the time to read anything I have posted about China the past four years you would have seen that the IMF in tandem with China has been preparing for a gold backed system. Please go to “ The Working Group “ web site and read it for yourself, before you post your babble. It’s morons like you that have put us in this position because of your willingness to live in fantasy land.

        • Stan

          Give DB time – $20 is in the bag

          • Frederick

            In the bag? As in a flaming bag on your front stoop?

      • paul ...

        Jerry … banks are moving into the digital era with ever greater speed now … because printing up paper dollar bills (at the exponentially increasing rate they are expanding the currency) … will require chopping down all the remaining forests on planet Earth … and the banksters need oxygen to breathe as well as we ordinary people!!

        • paul jr.

          Are you crazy? Trees have nothing to do with the making of the U.S. dollar. Paper U.S. currency is made of 75% cotton and 25% linen.

      • paul jr.

        Probably one day.

    • FC

      Jerry, I also agree with you and let’s not forget that China agrees with the IMF and BIS on a one world currency meaning the demise of the USD as the Reserve Currency.

      • Jerry

        The IMF doesn’t even hide it. I’ve gone to their web site and read the documentation on the proposals. As I posted to that poser Stan, it’s clear as a bell if you go to “The Working Group” web site and read their plan objectives. Why would Hank Paulsen , and Timothy Giethner ( both former treasury heads) be involved with installing the RMB into our banking system if it wasn’t so? America has been sold out to the highest bidders by the elites. There is no going back regardless of what President Trump says. What he really means is “ remake America great again”.

        • Jerry

          Since you’re the only one paying attention, here’s a link to the IMFs stance on the dollar posted yesterday.

          What does it sound like to you?

          • Jodyp

            Jerry, im hurt. Ha! I believe you have more followers here than you think. Thanks for all the info over these years.

            • Jerry

              This ones for you. JE’s official indictment.

              Did you notice that his property in New York was confiscated? That is a direct link to President Trumps executive order for crimes against the United States. No doubt the deep state had to pull the plug. Our justice system is in unchartered waters.

              • paul jr.


                Law enforcement does confiscate personal assets like cars and homes when used in a crime and have done so for many years. So why do you think JE’s property being confiscated is something worth mentioning? It would be expected even for the average person who committed those crimes. You read too much into things which leads to exaggerations.

          • paul ...

            Sounds to me like China may call the US “a currency manipulator” by Trump calling for a lower US dollar!!

      • Jerry

        Here’s the link.

        Not one of Greg’s guest has ever talked about this, but here it is in living color. Mainly red. I would post it in crayon for Stan if I could.

        • Jerry

          Don’t tell me the IMF isn’t thinking about replacing the dollar. Here’s the latest working paper on the RMB.

          • paul jr.

            I think it is clear that changes are coming but that working paper is just that. Nothing more. Just like all the other working papers that different people write that end up amounting to nothing. And of course look who it was written by, Yinqiu Lu and Yilin Wang, no doubt a couple of Chinese. Not surprised.

          • FC

            Jerry, thank you for the links and the many more you have posted. Many people believe Trump will fix the problems and he would of if he was President in the 80’s but we are too far gone. The Fed is now kick the can during it’s rapid decent off a cliff and the impact will be harder than many people will expect.

      • paul jr.

        The dollar is not going completely away. It will still be a major part of any so-called “one world currency”.

    • paul jr.

      You need to stop exaggerating. Those three Chinese banks were not some of China’s largest banks. Not even in the top 40. Surely you would not call New York Community Bank (ranked 44th in the U.S. by assets), one of the largest banks in the U.S would you? But that is what you are doing.

  21. paul ...

    You know … first we have Chase canceling out the debt of Canadian’s credit cards … and now we have Denmark’s 3rd largest bank “paying people” to take out a mortgage … … now when you take out a loan “you pay zero interest” on the banksters fiat paper … you are just obligated to pay back “less then what you borrowed” … it seems like the banksters “have already printed up” dollars like grains of sand in the Sahara Desert (so losing a few grains of sand is not a big thing to them … when they have an infinite desert filled with them) … I think the only reason they keep the price of silver at 17 grains of sand … is “to give some psychological worth” to the zillions of grains of sand they have already printed up in their “Sahara Desert Bank” … because it really would be no skin off their nose if they had to pay us 1500 grains of sand for one ounce of silver … it must be that they need to give their worthless grains of money “some value” in people’s minds … but by the way Chase and now this Bank in Denmark are giving away “their sand” the psychological value of “their money” is breaking down … so who is to say the next silver peak will be limited to $50 dollars (on a constant dollar basis)?? … what if silver today is priced in peoples minds ten times higher then the $50 dollars it reached back in 1980 … the banksters would then have to pay us 15,000 grains of sand for one ounce of our silver … and that’s only if we wanted their worthless sand “for an ounce of real money” … the actions of the banksters in Canada and Denmark are telling … people don’t want banksters money anymore … they rather keep “God’s money” under their bed!!

    • paul ...

      People are now laughing at the price the banksters are willing to pay for silver … and for gold (which is now at all-time highs in 73 different countries in the world) … the low price of silver “is no longer a big joke” to the banksters anymore … their Ponzi scheme is collapsing around them … people now see all the world banksters fiat paper dollars they are printing up as a huge desert … and QE’ing up some more sand is not going to help their situation (it would be like the banksters adding the Saudi desert, the Gobi desert, the Austrailian desert, etc., etc. to their big pile of sand in the Sahara desert and then expecting their sand “to be more valuable” as they have a lot more of it … these banksters all around the planet are truly idiots … they don’t yet realize that value is determined “by the scarcity of an item” … and silver is “very scarce” along with the other precious metals (this is why God’s money is called “precious” … it is very scarce) … ever hear anyone say they own “precious sand” or precious paper IOU’s??

      • paul ...

        Wake up people … if you drove down to the beach in your Rolls-Royce and some man offered you 17 grains of sand for it … would you make such a trade? … if you did … you would make this man “with an infinite amount of sand at his disposal” … very rich indeed!!

        • paul ...

          Yet … we still find people (like Stan) who would make such a trade … and sell one ounce of silver to Chase for 17 paper IOU’s they just recently printed up … now Chase has tons and tons of silver … and the people have tons and tons of paper IOU’s … wonder who is making the better deal (and I’m not talking about Trump)!!!

          • paul ...

            People in 73 countries know gold and silver have a long history of being used as “real money” (and countless civilizations have used gold and silver as money for thousands of years) … because these precious metals had no problem facilitating trade and economic growth and also acted as a reliable store of value … so why are American’s so dumb?? … aren’t they taught this in high school or college?? … gold and silver were always prized for their unique characteristics … the most important one being “preciousness” (they are simply not found in abundance) … unlike the hundreds of trillions of paper IOU’s the banksters print up out of thin air) … it is “rarity” that assigns a value to things and exponential amounts of IOU’s QE’ed to infinity makes the banksters fiat paper unqualified as being used for money … both gold and silver are the natural choice for use as money (as ancient societies knew) … our governments and the banksters are in trouble today because they tried to assign value to bankster IOU’s (that can be printed to infinity and defaulted upon) … physical precious metals are the ultimate form of money “precisely because they can’t be defaulted upon” (unless you own paper gold or paper silver options, stocks, etc.)!!!

      • paul jr.

        God has no money. God has never stated that gold is money. Man calls it money.

        • paul ...

          jr. … God doesn’t need money … but by him making gold very rare in his universe … “he defined money” for man!!

          • paul jr.

            God did not define what man was going to use for money. There are other metals more rare than gold.

            • Frederick

              Just being the “most rare” does not necessarily mean it would be defined as money Gold has the history behind it and silver as well It’s ALL in our definition of what constitutes money Hence the constant defacing of gold by the parasitic bankers

              • paul jr.

                Yes, man’s history. Gold as money had a beginning and it will have an end.

  22. Leo

    I said 2 weeks ago Epstein would cease to exist that was a no hard call. He did not murder himself i believe he was dragged out of his cell hanged somewhere else and dumped back in the cell. The ceiling in these cells are to low and there is nothing overhead to attach to besides nothing in the cell could even be used to support a 200 lb man. Why do they keep saying he was found unresponsive like what? lying on the floor and not hanging by the neck, Are there no camera no pictures . What now? will this proceed with the same momentum or will there be a huge false flag coming that will divert the dummy peoples attention . The bible says in psalm 49 that a man without understanding is like the beast that perishes. That is most people who think; oh well lets not let in ruin our vacation. Jimmy crack corn and i don’t care. BYW Paul i always appreciate your comments and learn from them.

  23. al

    Chase Bank in Canada just forgave credit card debt. It pays to be irresponsible.
    Now a Denmark Bank wants to give negative interest rate mortgage loans, that means you don’t have to pay monthly for the product and at the end of the loan’s term, the product will be half paid for.
    For example: $100,000 home. No monthly payments, no need for PMI, and if nothing is paid at the end of the 30 year loan you would have to pay $50,000 or take out a real mortgage. 30 years without a payment.
    They’re thinking about doing this for cars as well but the loan terms will have to be much less time due to depreciation.
    Think I’m kidding? It’s on all the major enemy media forums such as BloomBurn

    Bernanke’s Helicopter money in the form of having you borrow.
    So who pays the bank? I’ll give you one guess… 🙂

    • al

      PS: Precious Metals and Cryptos love this.

  24. H. Craig Bradley


    This is pretty much in-line with Economist Martin A. Armstrong’s long term economic forecast in regards to commodities, including gold and silver (real assets). One thing to keep in-mind, Martin thinks gold, the U.S. Dollar, and Stocks will eventually all move up together ( @ same time ). We are starting to see that a bit already (since January). However, its not necessarily based on any kind of “fundamentals” but also driven by capital flows which as Europe falls apart will drive large institutional money into the U.S. Stock Markets.

    International money flows are a big driver of markets and therefore, an important consideration. Another driver is the forecast that public confidence in government is in sharp decline since 2015 and that trend will pick-up momentum starting in 2020, as well. The Big Money guys are the first to smell trouble and then the retail investors much later. The trend of declining confidence in government will be in full bloom only when the average Joe feels it too, which has not yet occurred. Furthermore, it may be a number of years away.

    So, precious metals are driven mainly by markets and capital flows and any alleged “manipulation” is a minor short term distraction, at least as far as Martin Armstrong is concerned, based on his comments on his blog and here at USAWatchdog, as well. Silver is an industrial metal and as such, global industrial demand must first pick-up before a run on silver is really possible.

    • Frederick

      H Craig Bradley I don’t think industrial demand will be the driver this time I believe it will be small and mid size buyers when TSHTF /confidence in the dollar/Euro is gone

      • Lucas Doolin

        I think Jim Rickards had it right years ago when he wrote The Death of Money. People will find new currencies themselves. Gold and silver will be at the top of the list.

  25. Pointe Grosse

    Good interview!
    Murphy touts gold but no formula as to how you reach the price point he assumes. Jim Sinclair has a formula as to how it reaches his price point (87k). What to do after it reaches its peak. How long will it remain at that level and what happens to the price once the cycle changes where will the price settle. Sinclair and Holder think the currency will be backed by Gold. That makes sense but I think the New World Order is going to resist that the IMF wants a cashless society! One thing for sure it is going to be a wild ride fasten your seat belts!

  26. Christopher

    Thanks Greg. Bill Hunter was amazing as a pro NFL receiver! Your mutual perseverace is beyond reproach! Search Bill out on if you value your privacy! (stinking google)Wonderful interview!

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Hi Greg,

      Just want to clarify a moment on the “highest” price paid for gold in many currencies meme.
      I have not found the exact price online, but the only chart I could find showing the Jan 1980 price of gold in Cdn $ is roughly $ 1000. However, and here is my pet peeve, you can not quote gold in today’s “mini-dollars” and compare it directly with 1980 dollars. Using the gov’t inflation figures and online calculator ( albeit grossly understated as per John William’s research) … the equivant 2019 price is $ 3,100 Cdn$. We are currently around $2000/oz — quite a ways from this level at this point in time. I am confident it will surpas this level going forward, as many of your experts have predicted.
      Any sleuth out there able to post the exact numbers would have my appreciation.

      • paul ...

        TFH … $1500 dollars per oz silver … $23,000 dollars per oz gold!!

      • beLIEve

        This is not the calculation you are looking for but, have you seen the US Debt Clock; bottom right hand side. gold is ESTIMATED @ $5,949 per ounce ?

        • paul ...

          And for those people like Stan … who think the money supply is decreasing (and thus gold and silver prices will drop) … simply look in the upper left hand corner of the US Debt Clock!!

          • paul ...

            When you look at the dollar to gold ratio (showing that gold should now be selling for $5,961 dollars per ounce) … also look right above … showing the dollar to silver ratio (silver should right now be selling at $725 dollars per ounce) … the magnitude of the Fed’s theft upon the American people is beyond all belief … back in 1913 the dollar to gold ratio was only $29.09 (compared to the $5,961 dollars today) … that means the Fed has increased our money supply by over 200 times since they took control of our money 100 years ago (“on average” this is like doubling our money supply every year for the last 100 years) and the banksters have the nerve to tell us they are concerned with “liquidity”? … and “contraction of the money supply”??

            • Lucas Doolin

              President Trump knows this. I think and hope he has plans to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank that is privately owned. No one knows who the owners are but are probably the usual suspects and mostly foreigners. The Fed is not part of the federal government, it has no reserves, and it is not a bank.

  27. James Brown

    Greg, Nice Interview!!!
    73 countries have all time high in gold price?!?! Remember, Martin Armstrong said gold price goes up when people lose confidence in government, 73 governments are having serious problems. The crisis will start outside the USA (Nenner and Armstrong). The Fed cut rates because of what is happening outside the USA. The crisis is happening , outside the USA, but very few people in this country can see it. The DJIA will have a correction this fall and hit a low point in November. What should the little guy do? Sell everything right now, sit in cash until November and then put everything into a DJIA fund. That little guy’s money will double in two years. Then he sells in November of 2021 and goes to cash. The bottom will come quick. The DJIA will drop from 40,000 to 6,000. Just a lucky guess. Keep doing this Greg, most people are in the dark, keep shining the light on the problems. Remember, everybody thought Noah was crazy, until it started raining (WTF is that?!?!). I love you Brother!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point James!

    • Frederick

      Forty thousand DOW by November It doesn’t seem possible as it has been trading sideways for awhile I see 25K in September and maybe as low as 10 to 15 thousand in November Gold could well be over 2500 by then but nobody knows

    • paul ...

      James … why go for just doubling your money in two years with the stock market … when you can make 73 to 88 times your money buying silver??

  28. paul ...

    You know … when we go to Mars we will logically build glass domes over our Martian Cities so we can breathe without oxygen masks … but here on Earth the atmospheric dome over planet is being systematically destroyed … fusion will help to cut down on “the oxygen depletion” caused by burning fossil fuel … causing cancer and other !! …

    • Galaxy500

      Oxygen depletion?
      Carbon plus oxygen equal carbon dioxide which plants turn back into oxygen. Some people will buy anything.
      God set this universe into being by his words. He designed a intricate system that is perfect.
      Everyone is pushing system to control the movement of populations. I can drive a gas powered car across the country in a matter of days. Electric cars, not so much

      • paul ...

        Yes G500 … God designed an intricate eco-system for us on Earth that has worked perfectly until the industrial revolution … now we have created a billion cars and fossil fuel power plants that are eating up more oxygen then people ever used … man is putting God’s system out of balance (and as a lack of oxygen has been found to cause cancer (with cancer rates still rising … we need to go to electric cars and fusion power as soon as possible) … research done by scientists at Princeton University has revealed that the amount of atmospheric oxygen has dropped over the past million years … data from ancient ice core samples from Antarctica and Greenland shows the world has already lost about 2% of its oxygen!!

  29. paul ...

    This is why there is discrimination shown toward lesbians and gays … they are not very moral people …

    • Martin

      And what exactly does this have to do with the price of gold???????????????

      • paul ...

        Martin … Immoral people (like the banksters) prefer paper money over gold!!

    • paul ...

      Some may attack me for discrimination and being politically incorrect by not wanting unisex bathrooms … but discrimination is nothing compared to what God did in Sodom and Gomorrah!!

      • Martin

        And what exactly does THIS have to do with the price of gold??????????????????

    • paul jr.

      And neither are the vast majority of heterosexuals.

      • paul ...

        Well paul jr. … I guess I was wrong … if we kill all men … then … one bathroom “would be” sufficient!!

        • paul jr.

          What does that have to do with my statement that the vast majority of heterosexuals are immoral just like the homosexuals?

  30. Coalburner

    Al and Paul, why, do you think Denmark banks would do what you described with free mortgages? Did you see that You Tube by the Denmark xpat that returned to see how his home has changed? You should hunt it up. People are frightened by persistent crimes against women by “migrants”. My guess, smart people are fleeing Denmark and many are quietly leaving Sweden. A lot of Germans are getting fearful too. They now have Sharia police on the buses in Sweden.
    I thought they were too stupid to leave but there are always a few. I read today. The truth not in the news articles but in comments on articles. They are starting to head for Poland if they cannot get into the USA. It is going to be too late to fight back by the Governments come to their senses if they ever do! UK, France, Denmark , Sweden, Germany are almost done. Italy may have saved themselves in their recent election. They ened to get busy with walls and wire, all that are still free in Europe. If we don;t support them my guess is they will have to go to the Russians which are nothing like our idiot fake news says they are.

  31. paul ...

    Yet another shooting … do people believe “passing gun laws” will stop criminals and have a deterrent effect on carrying illegal weapons?? … just look at our representatives in Washington … do the criminals there abide by the law??? … the need for law and order is proclaimed loudly by the Demon-rats who never abide by any laws!!! … just like the Mafia has robbery as “their thing” … the Demon-rats rob and steal “but also include treason” in their thing!!

  32. Anthony Australia

    Deutsche Bank is flying close to the Charles Nenner collapsing forecast.

  33. The Zionist 2A American Patriot

    Greg, whenever you talk about the “little guy“, you always talk about silver. But neither you nor your guests ever mention that gold is available in 1/10-oz increments.

    • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

      …and even smaller amounts.

      • Frederick

        Here in Turkey they sell very small coins as well as gold nuggets that are a few grams and even smaller in addition to larger coins and kilo bars

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t suggest 1/10 of any fractional coins because you pay commission per coin. If you get them from a family member at spot thyen heck yes fractionals are great!!! If you buy them from a dealer you pay way more per ounce. Check and see what a 1/10 oz eagle is worth with commission and them multiply by 10 and you will see it’s way more than a 1oz. coin.

      • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

        Sure it is. But I’m not sure $12 per sale is significant, especially when the premium on 1 oz silver is almost $10. At that rate, 1/10th oz gold is a steal!
        Also, if you believe gold’s going stratospheric, $12 is a tiny premium for a return of – what? – $200? $300? More?
        All I’m saying is that when some of your regular viewers want to get into gold, you’re leading them toward silver.
        And like I said, cheap gold can be had by the gram also.

        • Jodyp

          I’ve consistently bought 1oz silver coins between .50 to $3 over spot for years.

      • Lucas Doolin

        Several years ago I bought a lot of pre WW I 20 franc coins from Europe. Many countries had them. I liked the French Angels when I could get them. They are 90 percent gold and all in almost in uncirculated condition. They sold for very little over spot and I think they survived the last US government confiscation due to being considered numismatic.

  34. jim

    Hay STAN , Great Call on that DB stock , down to 7 again, I think you are confused , you are supposed to make your bank account larger not smaller to be considered wealthy . We know you are a troll , but we are still laughing our a** off at you.

  35. Thaddeus J. McGillacutty

    Epstein’s death was avoidable, but authorities dropped the ball
    Andrew West August 12, 2019
    On Purpose! Arkensided!
    Epstein’s Death, Ordered and possibly carried out by the scum himself? The 64 thousand dollar question!

  36. Steve Bice

    DB really taking a beating today. Keep and eye on this…

    Market Summary > Deutsche Bank AG
    NYSE: DB
    6.93 USD −0.60 (7.97%)
    Aug 12, 12:53 PM EDT · Disclaimer

    • Greg Hunter

      All I can say is “run Stan run”!!!

  37. Bill B

    GREG: Rush
    Rush has put forth the theory that Mr Epstein is not dead, but has been moved to a safe house for protection from those who know that he knows too much.
    What say you??

  38. Bill B

    Night you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of the Pakistani brothers who were in charge of Hillarys computers/servers.

    • susan

      Bill B, good question. I would certainly like an update on them.

  39. harry wabash

    All these boring and repetitive , but prescient comments about precious metals being money . Years and years of ” Experts ” and their comments about the merits of fractional reserve banking. Who are the Usurers ?. How many centuries have the Usurers been ” gaming ” decent but uninformed people ?. Why are all Universities promoting debt created currency ?. Why was JFK murdered ?. Think it could have been because of his issuance of US Notes instead of Federal reserve Notes ?. If people were Educated; instead of Indoctrinated , they would simply say ; ” No POOP DickTracy…What gave you the First Clue “.

    • Frederick

      Yes we were educated very well , in my case anyway, growing up in Nassau County outside NYC We were taught to invest in stocks but not a peep about the virtues of sound money Wonder why that was? ( sarc off)

  40. K. Wayne

    The chart of the EU Bank index STOXX (EUR Banks)…is showing some ominous signs. It is collapsing. Stress in the system is a major concern. No one is paying attention. We have a black swan event on our doorstep. Gold is shining in early morning trade. Broken through 1525.
    All the while Bonds with negative rates are growing in volume and value. Something’s gotta give.

  41. Andy

    Bill is great and he knows fair value for silver is more like 15-1 or 10-1 not 50-1. They are getting silver out at 9-1 ratio now. For most of history its been 15-1 ratio silver to gold price wise. It is so suppressed and coiled up once it breaks free some experts expect an overshoot to 5-1 or better. I am thinking 7-1 would be a nice number. Right now on the debt clock they admit silver should be $700 right now . Add the missing 21-30 trillion and you can double that at least. so lets say silver should be $1500 right now without anyone wanting it, for starters. That’s how out of whack it is.

  42. paul ...

    Breaking News: “A small step for man (in the State of Nevada) … a giant leap for mankind” … the State of Nevada has just developed legislation that will allow the issuance of gold-denominated bonds (paying interest and principal in gold)!! … Nevada will exchange their gold-denominated bonds for their outstanding conventional bonds … this may a small step toward “monetizing gold” … but is “a fundamental development” (that will begin the process of moving out of “fake” fiat paper currency into “real assets”!!

    • paul jr.


      The state of Nevada has NOT just developed legislation that will allow the issuance of gold-denominated bonds. The idea was developed by Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals and was introduced by Nevada Assemblyman Jim Marchant OVER A YEAR AGO and is called the Nevada Gold and Silver Enabling Act.

      I searched and found nothing more about it on the internet nor on the Nevada Legislative website. It never saw the light of day. You need to do your research.

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