Gold is Gone, Total Chaos Coming-Bill Holter

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer Bill Holter says there is better than 60% to 70% chance that another financial calamity will hit in 2015, and it could start from anywhere in the world.  Holter contends, “It doesn’t really matter where it starts.  It will probably be global within less than 48 hours.  The reality is it will go all the way around the world within two days because party “A” will not pay party “B” who doesn’t pay party “C” and on and on we will go.  The payment chain will break. . . .  I’d like to get back to the point of true and real settlement. If nations don’t settle honestly amongst each other, that is how your trade wars start.  That’s how one neighbor believes another neighbor is ripping them off.  This is how wars start, and that is what this is about:  the rest of the world wanting to trade and wanting to do business mutually and evenly and getting paid for trade.  In the past with the dollar, the U.S. has gone into many places; and after the deal was unfair, they paid with dollars, which is an un-backed freely printed currency. That’s what the world is upset about.  That’s what this tipping of the balance is about.”

Holter goes on to point out, “Greece has got to be hidden.  The fact that they are broke cannot come out.  If Italy or Spain or anyone else were to default, that would be calling a spade a spade.  Once the daisy chain breaks, it will lead all the way to the West, and it will lead to London and it will lead to New York.  It will lead to the fact that the gold is gone.  That’s the great fault.  That is the fault at the core of all of this.  That’s why they are kicking the can and kicking the can because it can never be discovered that the gold is gone.  Once that is discovered, it’s over.”

So, what will it look like to the man on the street when the next crash happens, Holter predicts, “On the streets here in the U.S., you are probably looking at total chaos. . . . Once the banks go, especially in the cities, you are going to see complete chaos because the average person has about three days of food stocked up, or maybe five days of food stocked up.  When the banks go down, distribution will stop.  When distribution stops, the stores, and you just saw this in the northeast, the stores are wiped out in a day or two.  They have just-in-time inventories. It’s not like they have loaves of bread sitting in the back waiting to be put on the shelves.  Once distribution stops, the shelves will not get replenished.  Truckers will not be paid, and you can take that all the way down to the farmer.  Everything is run on credit, and once credit stops, it’s over.  When it’s over we have 48 or 50 million people on food stamps . . . those people don’t have any food stocked away.  So, there is an immediate 50 million people who will be out on the streets looking for food. . . . If you go back to the Great Depression, you had bread lines.  There are bread lines today, but the lines are the little EBT cards, and there are 50 million of them. . . .All is not well because we have 15% of the population who can’t even feed themselves.” How long would people have to be on their own until the government got credit lines running again?  Shockingly, Holter predicts, “I would say the absolute minimum would be three months. Yeah, I think three months is the absolute minimum to get things back to ‘normal.’ . . . It’s hard to say.  Again, with what’s going on, I would give it a 60% to 70% chance of a major financial collapse before the end of the year and the jig being up.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold expert Bill Holter of Miles Franklin, who specializes in precious metals and global investment strategies.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Bill Holter writes about four fresh articles a week that are free to the public.  If you want to keep track of Holter’s work you can click here.  There are other writers and free information on the homepage of

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  1. Jerry

    Personally speaking I have an EBT card but I’m using much of my food entitlement to prep and lay in a good storage of food for the Long Emergency. You have to prepare any way you can. Just do it!

    (Jerry this is Greg Hunter. Can you call yourself “Jerry2” from here on out as we have another jerry that comments here. Thank you.)

    • PatriotRider

      It’s nice to know that I’m paying for your preps…

    • Jerry

      Nice try trolls. Keep prostituting yourselves. The government needs you. They nothing else to offer.

      • wd


        There seem to be some hostile posts down the line, you may want to make it clear this is not the real you!! Others seem dismayed that you would have an EBT card.

        Some people are losing faith in you…Just a thought

    • JBN

      Just curious Jerry…You seem like a really smart guy. Why do you have to rely on EBT? Can you not find some work??

      • Greg Hunter

        This is not the “Jerry” who is a regular commenter on the site. We think this is a troll.

        • OzFan


          Said it before mate – you really need to get a sign up / login system going to avoid issues like the two Jerrys we have going on here.

    • Eddie Laidler

      You can thank me anytime now. While you may have come across some misfortune in life the sound of that post is a bit off.

    • william

      Then what are you living on?

    • Jerry

      Greg can you clarify for your readers that I did not put up this post. Someone (most likely a troll ) did.

      • Greg Hunter

        Which post, so we know.

        • Jerry

          Thanks Greg. You already addressed it.
          I guess I pissed somebody off in the government. Its a shame that people in power are so scared that they have to implement a smear campaign to make themselves feel better isn’t it? Trolls like this must have a low opinion of themselves to be so easily bought off to do such a lowly job.

          • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

            I had a good laugh when I read that post. The government, though? My guess is it was someone just having a little fun. Albeit at your expense.


          • Jeff

            Just because they used the name “Jerry” doesn’t mean it had anything to do with you. There’s probably 5million Jerry’s out there, Jerry.

            • Jerry

              O.K…………..Jeff ):

          • Dull, Brothers

            Thems think they can be scoundrels for the greater good, there is no God so ‘they’, have to save us, it’s called C I A< N S A They cant even save themselves from whats sure to cum!

          • Jerry

            Greg, I didn’t want to think it was true, but according to this headline it sure looks like we are being setup for a major event in the middle east.

    • Bill Holter

      you sound proud of this?

      • Jerry

        Not proud. An inside source I know predicted a major event in the middle east sometime between 01.01.15 and 03.01.15. I’m a skeptic to, but when you read headlines like this you have to wonder.

        • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

          He was asking if the original Jerry was proud of his EBT card. LOL.

  2. Kema

    How long would it take before Gazprom built a pipeline in Greece if they left the EU?
    It would make a pretty sweet deal for the Greek people, allowing them to cash in on transit fees and without sanctions exports to Russia would be viable once more.

    And there are two important things to remember when predicting the pending collapse.
    1. The people in power can keep the charade going much longer than you ever thought possible.
    2. Never underestimate the need to kick the can far enough down the road that it becomes somebody else’s problem.

    If everything is pointing towards the big meltdown coming in 2015, it probably won’t happen until after the U.S. election in 2016.

    • Al hall

      Russia would love a deal with the Greeks- it would give them many more warm water ports for there navy!

    • Bill Holter

      a Greek pivot toward Russia would be a Western disaster on so many different levels.

      • Al hall

        Bill: I understand Germany is leaning towards Russia also. Nato is a crazy crazed group!

    • Mohammad


      Look at it from a different perspective.
      Greece was the heart of Eastern Christian church represented by Hagia Sophia cathedral which was the Jewel of churches at that time, after the ottomans took over that Cathedral and turned it into a Mosque (wrongfully, shamefully, because the prophet would not allow it to happen had he been alive then, even Omar bi al khattab the muslim caliph when he entered Jerusalem refused to TOUCH one single church out of respect to Christians and out of utmost respect to god and his prophet), so when they turned it to a mosque the power of the eastern christianity MOVED TO MOSCOW.
      That is essential in understanding the mind operative of PUTIN.
      He is not the former KGB though he is one, but rather a Tzar and a christian believer who wants to bring back the eastern christian church to Hagia Sophia.
      Hence the ties between Greece and Russia are deeper than the ties between Greece and Rome. That is important pivoting point.
      Also you can throw in the ties between Moscow and JERUSALEM. the eastern christian Russian church is still there and it testifies to the accuracy of what am saying.
      Russia will STRATEGICALLY expand to Greece regardless the wish of Germany or US/England or ROME. It is a NATURAL alliance.
      In the middle of this line you have Turkey, either they will doing it willingly and follow the Russian camp or they will do it with force, the gas pipeline going to Turkey tells me they chose the peaceful route.


      • wd


        Excellent point, I never believd Putin wanted a return to USSR like all bobble heads keep saying. I dod think he wants to bring Russia to greatness, through economy, trade uniting of his people ( I know-somewhat controversial). He is always 4 or 5 moves ahead of everyone else… he laid out a spider web in Uke and wiped out Western Cabal. He knows there is no greatness in communism, I have also heard he despised the last two communist leaders of USSR.

        • Mohammad


          Every chess player (I play chess) no matter how good he is including masters of chess makes blunder moves sometimes.
          Putin’s blunder was The way he handled Syria that resulted in displacing 5 million Sunnis form it, this blunder is not going to show now, but will in the future.
          This move on his behalf is going to cost him/Russia the end game, am speaking from the scripture here no more no less, only am tying the dots now to what i believe in the scripture and time will prove those words right.


    • Dull, Brothers

      What you mean is the further the can is kicked down the road, the more it becomes everybody’s problem! Before you know it the whole wide world is in a mess, even for the garbage pickers in Manilla. Isn’t that were we r today, not even old Scrooge, Soros, really wants to save us, like Hitler wanted at his end, he wants us all going down with the ship of fool’s, aye I Captain Ferguson, MO.!

  3. woody188

    I moved away from a major metropolitan city in 2010 just for this reason. Where I was living, I would go to the grocery, and I would be the only person in line paying with cash out of 4-6 people in line. Everyone else was on EBT, and they would point and laugh and call me a sucker for using my own money to buy my food. The EBT machine would go down, and I would be the only person still able to buy groceries. Everyone else would leave the buggy right in the line and walk away. It was nuts, and this was nearly 8 years ago!

    That was back when my oldest son was just a baby. I was putting groceries in my van and strapping him in his car seat when a vagrant came up behind me and scared the crap out of me. That was one of the instances that convinced me to get my firearms permit and move the get heck out of Dodge.

    My biggest fear now is I will be in the city at work when the SHTF and have a hard time bugging out the 40 miles back to home. My wife and I have worked on a plan, but it is going to be very hard if the interstate is closed, which I believe will happen to keep the looting contained in the cities.

    • Jerry

      You may have to find alternate back roads and use 4 wheel drive. Go to your local county seat, and there you can get a county map that you can use to map out your route. The main highways will be choke points.

      • JustSayin'

        Woody188: We also have had this conversation amongst ourselves. Another option, depending on your environment, are portable bikes that fold up nicely. Easy to store in trunk of your car. Grab your bag, bike, and bolt out of dodge.

    • wd


      I am wrestling with this same scenario, There is a way, it may be long and winding but there is. Get a map ( not from a computer) but a real map. You will be suprised at the number of smaller interconnected roadways that exist.

      Take a day off ( not a weekend) and go run through the different routes. Pick two that are close together. Its there trust me.

      • Dull, Brothers

        Ray Milland had the same problem back in the 60’s, he got out of Dodge before they nuked L.A., the guy produced, directed and starred in this thriller. You got to give him credit, he was no dummy, he saw it coming and explores all the possibilities. I saw it when I was just a kid and never forgot it. I guess deep down I figured it was bound to happen one day but rest assured I just heard on the radio were they quoted the president; that we are are not in a war with Russia and we will not. We will not? What does that mean, not, maybe later? Like the congressman who stood up during that state of the union address where he called the president a liar to his face and Putin who said Kerry was a liar and knows he’s a liar, who do we believe, I know Brian Williams!
        Like the Milland family get out Dodge early in the morning, if you can!

        • Dull, Brothers

          Much sharper video of; PANIC IN THE YEAR ZERO!

          • Mike Soon Over

            Wow, very telling finished through the 40 minute mark. Thanks for the video Dull and God bless

    • Al hall

      Woody: good for you that you have done anything. way ahead of 95% of the fools.
      Everyone as little details to work out- and even those you will have to adapt as things unfold.
      The big cities is the last place you want to be. Now also consider this: If you have a mortgage- you’ll have to maintain the payments – if not the elite’s(banksters) who own it will steal your property. If the house is paid for you’ll need enough gold/silver to pay your property taxes, or again they will take it. The federal reserve during the last QE was buying up $45 billion / month of mortgages- homes, apartment buildings, business, etc. They bouught all of these for “zero” – worthless money created out of thin air.
      If one can- get out of debt or they’ll own you!!!

      Much more I can tell you- (Greg Hunter sent you my email.)

      • Jerry

        You are so right. Following my grandpa’s playbook from the great depression being out of debt was at the top his list. Self sufficient food and water were next in line. My grandpa even generated his own electricity with a windmill. Granted it was only enough to light the house, but that was huge when many didn’t even have a house.

        According to my sources the banks have already chopped up the mortgages and used them as collateral to buy derivatives with, so if you can pay off your mortgage, be sure and get a valid “deed of release” to protect yourself with.

        Place your bets folks. The SHTF wheel is spinning.

    • Bill Holter

      better to be 5 years too early than 1 second too late Woody!

  4. Michael Harvey

    The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.
    Ernest Hemingway
    Mike Harvey

  5. AG47

    Good to know my tax dollars are funding your EBT card so you can also get prepared for SHTF. And I was thinking I don’t give to charities enough.

  6. Anne Elliott

    I like Bill very much; he has a good assessment of the situation and how everything interplays. Thanks for having him on Greg! When the crash comes, I think TPTB will blame the banking problems on a North Korean or Russian computer virus, in order to make us all fired up and want to go to war… It’s a matter of spinning the crisis; the new type of cyber Pearl Harbor to outrage the citizenry. As they say – you should never waste a good crisis.

    • Al hall

      Anne: correct on the theory: Pearl Harbor was a false-flag event. Viet Nam-Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag event- all to take us to war. But what if, just what if-
      No one showed up? Crazy thought I know!

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Anne.

  7. studio musivick

    being on a fixed income, with paltry COLAs makes a full pantry difficult to build up so most of my supplies need replaced, cycled, some in late 2015, more in 2016 & a few as far ahead as 2017 the first 6 months…austere & mundane is the theme in our stash

  8. Charles Turner

    Hi Greg,
    I am a UK citizen and have been watching your show for 6 months now. With regards to the propaganda war, it is just as strong in London as in the USA. The Gerald Celente theme of recession, depression, currency wars and world war can now be linked to almost every guest you have on in one form or another and it seems that the general public are becoming anesthetised to ‘new normals’ that just a few years ago would have been surreal. It now seems improbable that there wont be a financial and a civil collapse. What we don’t know is when and this has been a long time coming. I was wondering whether you had any thoughts on what would happen in Europe, in particularly London. Also, can I suggest you get Liam Halligan on your show at some point. He is an economist. writes for one of the UK’s national papers, has a brain as big a planet and is a regular guest on the Max Kieser show.

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles Turner,
      Thank you for the comment and guest suggestion. Would you happen to have a website or link or email?

      • Charles Turner

        Hi Greg,

        here is his website.



        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Charles. Smart guy. I can’t see how every country loaded with debt now want a cut in debt. How can the bonds and EU have any way out but a crash.

    • Rick Perkins

      “…it seems that the general public are becoming anesthetized to ‘new normals’ that just a few years ago would have been surreal.”

      Anesthesia is an instrument used by the medical establishment to relieve pain, but you are on target here. In psychology the word used is “desensitization”. It’s a psychological technique used to help a patient unlearn phobias or to reduce anxieties in order to relieve his suffering . It proceeds by repeatedly exposing the patient to negative stimulus under controlled conditions in order to slowly diminish his anxious or phobic response to that stimulus and thereby relieve his suffering.

      Propagandists have found that desensitization also works well in the public sphere. Here, the public can be conditioned to accept an agenda , even one which they might believe as going against their best interests, if they are slowly introduced to it through movies (within the plot), music videos (it is desirable or sexy), news outlets ( it is a solution), political speeches (mostly blatant lies by trusted men wearing suits) and other sources of information. Then, after sufficient public conditioning, the agenda can be openly presented and will be accepted passively with general indifference and even as as if it was, after all, inevitable.

      I am not implying that the people interviewed are all propagandists intentionally promoting a hidden agenda. I think they are well informed and quite honestly trying to be helpful in educating the public as to what is going on. They describe the colors in the flames of the fire which burns the world while the arsonists hide elsewhere to be seen only with spiritual eyes.

      • Bill Holter

        “comfortably numb”.

      • nobody

        Rick Perkins,
        “They describe the colors in the flames of the fire which burns the world while the arsonists hide elsewhere to be seen only with spiritual eyes.”

        They are using Magick (deliberate spelling used by Crowley) and we must counter with something outside of 3d reality too.

  9. mac

    Bail outs of Banks by Gov’t is Communism. Gov’t taking over GM is communism. Managing all stock and bond markets is communism.
    Ok? Lets move on….

    Guys, Russian media is partially owned by a pro-western cabal. This IS Putin’s problem.

    Lies emit from US main stream media 24/7, yes?

    “Major financial collapse” you say? Heard that for many years …. Gold is money ,that is all I have to say.

    • Bill Holter

      … everything else is credit.

  10. XuscitizenSweden

    Bill Holter is 100% correct in his analysis
    Wake Up Hunter !!!
    It’s coming full force now.
    The Petrodollar & the false[no value] $$$ transfer of goods & services to the Wall St-MIC-US Oligarchy is over.
    Who, in their right mind would trade a GOLD-backed currency against a super-inflated $usd/petrodollar/ dollar SDR?
    btw, I correctly predicted the $18-1900 oz/gold[(autumn 2011) in January 2009 in the NYT, with the signature “former american in Sweden”.

    • Bill Holter

      Greg fully “gets it”, I know this for a fact!

  11. J. Dale Reedy

    Is “preparation” really an option when 95% of the population will be out of food within the first week of the banking crash? Only a small number of people will be able to hideaway in some remote area. What are we going to do when a hungry family with small children comes to our door? It’s a two-edged sword–If we start handing out food we will be over run within a few days. If we elect to kill anyone who tries to push their way into the house we will degrade ourselves to the scum of the earth. My heart cries out on sleepless nights–Lord I can’t do this? Writing with tears in my eyes.

    • Jerry

      Dale when the time comes you will know what to do. Pray in the meantime.

    • Charles H.


      I face the same thing, and I’m a preacher. Jerry is right – we will have to rise to the occasion, or fail. I hope to not have to hurt anyone; or hurt only to a minimum: but, like you, I feel real testing will come. Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow. If you are a real Christian – the Lord’s burden is light: if not – become one.

      • Anni

        In times of great turmoil I like to think people will come together. Communities will come together. We are facing troubled times yes, but there are things happening on the other side, in people’s hearts, that are quite miraculous . I expect to see more of this take place as the year moves forward. Places of refuge will be set up, there are still a lot of strong, honest capable people that will take up the roll of leadership, once the lying politicians are done, and they will be done at some point. Fear Not

        • Jeff

          My opinion anni……. other than the relative few walking with God most will be walking fearful zombies. Which is how it should be as this is nothing but a culling of the unrighteous. Separating the wheat from the chaff…… It sounds like you are surrounded by God fearing people. You are fortunate in that aspect…….. When I look around I see very little to be encouraged about…… That is why this great country will see God’s wrath.

    • Bill Holter

      unfortunately, many will have to do things they had never even dreamed of.

    • Terry Bartak

      J Dale, I believe a collapse of some kind is coming but I don’t think there will be quite the descent into chaos that some predict. I believe Christian Americans and other decent Americans will stick together and help each other. I certainly intend to help anyone I can who appears to deserve help. We are Americans and are armed like no one else on earth. We can get by without a “government” for a while just fine. Weak, stupid, starving, unarmed commie liberals do not scare me. It would take real balls to storm a strong house to take their food etc. Lefties don’t have them. It would take some time but conservatives will re establish our Republic. To the communists in our government and those around the globe who are salivating at the demise of our Republic, keep dreamin commies. There is NO force on this planet capable of defeating and conquering The United States of America if the modern minutemen are called into action. This tussle will merely be a good way to rid our shores of criminal commie scum, from the highest levels to the lowest, and re establish Honor and the rule of justly enacted law. God Bless America.

    • JC Davis

      Dale. You have posed a great thought for everyone to consider. I say learn foraging for food, and teach folks how to live in the wild woods. Never let anyone have your supply food . Rather have some forest food ready for visitors after you have dismantled any weapons. Allen Ols and I were discussing different ideas yesterday on this issue. A friend in need is a friend indeed. When you save a family from hunger they will forever be thankful.

  12. Mike Gunther

    One of the best you have had, he needs to come on again, very grounded and well informed information. Thanks Greg!

    • Bill Holter

      thank you so much Mike!

  13. J C Davis

    Bill Holter said 60 to 70 % this year… Alarms should be sounded across America. Greg I find Bill to be the most trusted one in your long list of great guest. Off record I like to call him Wild Bill Holter because in this wild world of fraud he brings a sudden calm, and realization of reality.

    • Bill Holter

      Thanks JC, they called me Wild Bill in my younger days!

      • Mike

        I too find Bill to be an inspiration.

        No doubt people like Bill and Greg must deal with many that try to cast a shadow on them for their work.

        It takes a man of conviction to do what Bill and Greg do.

        Bill is the Roy Rogers of today. I see him riding into the sunset with his cowboy hat and his horse trigger.

        Both of these men have earned the respect of many men.

        Great work gentlemen..Keep it going.

        Your message is getting through.

  14. Jerry

    This chart says it all. Brace for impact.
    Thanks Bill for the great interview. You nailed it squarely.

    • Eddie Laidler

      That is one frightening chart Jerry. It clearly shows that QE has done nothing for money velocity. Except prop the banks up artificially. Good God the waste. We should have bit the bullet and come out the other end. Great find.

      • Jerry

        Eddie its sobering to see the real numbers isn’t it? All the QE has gone into Wall Street and Bank derivatives. The American people are nothing more than Bond Slaves to the Treasury Department. Like the Bible says “we are in Bondage”.

    • Bill Holter

      welcome Jerry.

  15. Silence is Golden

    Many words of wisdom in this interview Greg.
    One would have to be totally disconnected from reality to not have any appreciation of what is going on or what is being prepared for us.
    Apart from death and taxes…there is another certainty which all and sundry should put in their book of readiness……CHAOS.
    Hard not to believe that the even the Elite in crowd are preparing themselves for what is in front of us all…..not that we need that for confirmation.
    IMHO ….3 months is 50 % short of where reality lies…..6months minimum in my book. But we are just surmising.
    I find it extremely worrisome about the dilemma facing the new Greek Government.
    They can attempt to pull Greece away from the appendage that is the EU and tell the debt holders to stuff their debt up their shirts and reacquire their sovereignty. Trouble with that is that Greeks want to remain in the EU. You can’t have both.
    Conversely they can tow the line, argue for more lenient terms of austerity and enslave the populace to the bankers for eternity.
    Choosing the former, they run the risk of inviting retribution….. in lethal form. This tells me that the second course of action is the one most likely and that notwithstanding the rhetoric about the left wing socialist policies, they will succumb to the EU rule of law.
    I have personally met the new Finance Minister. He says that his family has received death threats.
    Again this proves that there is too much at stake here. Greece is important not only for EU and financial market stability, it is also important for the potential new alliances outside of the clutches of the western cabal.
    Should we expect to see some false flag events to throw the blanket over the fire that is finding oxygen ?

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Silence, I appreciate your posts!

  16. John Doe

    Is a Paradise earth Near?

    The bad things that are now happening on earth show that Paradise is near. The Bible said that we would see terrible times just before the a Paradise on earth would come. We are living in such times now! Here are some of the things that the Bible said would happen:
    Great wars. “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.” (Matthew 24:7) This prophecy has come true. Since the year 1914, there have been two world wars and many smaller wars. Millions of people have died in them.
    Widespread disease. There would be “in one place after another pestilences.” (Luke 21:11) Has this come true? Yes. Cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, malaria, AIDS, and other diseases have killed millions of people.
    A lack of food. Throughout the earth there are people who do not have enough food to eat. Millions of people die of hunger every year. This is another sign that the Paradise promised in the bible will soon be here. But till then the Bible says: “There will be food shortages.”—Mark 13:8.
    Earthquakes. “There will be . . . earthquakes in one place after another.” (Matthew 24:7) This also has come true in our time. Over a million people have died in earthquakes since 1914.
    Wicked people. People would be “lovers of money” and “lovers of themselves.” They would be “lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God.” Children would be “disobedient to parents.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5) Do you not agree that there are many people like that today? They have no respect for God, and they make trouble for those who try to learn about God.
    Crime. There would also be an “increasing of lawlessness.” (Matthew 24:12) Likely you will agree that crime is worse than it was years ago. People everywhere are at risk of being robbed, cheated, or harmed.
    All these things show that God’s Kingdom is near. The Bible says: “When you see these things occurring, know that the kingdom of God is near.” (Luke 21:31) What is the Kingdom of God? It is God’s heavenly government that will bring Paradise to this earth. God’s Kingdom will replace human governments.—Daniel 2:44. Dont forget, the meek, will, inherit the earth!


    • paul

      According to the U.S. Department of Labor the Kingdom of God “is” very near as it announces “a low 5.6 % unemployment rate” in America!

      Wow … I just can’t believe it … it’s almost Paradise when the official policy of the US Department of Labor states that people selling pencils or apples all day on a street corner will no longer be counted as unemployed … so even (part time) panhandling “scrounging for pennies to survive” while waiting for full-time work will now officially take people off the U.S. Department of Labor’s unemployment list.

      Just think of all the happy people with advanced degrees in chemistry, math, etc. who now only have to work 10 hours a day selling some pencils or apples on a street corner, flip a few burgers or washing car windows at a red light is all that will be required by the U.S. Labor Department to be considered “employed” … not having to work for a living is Paradise to government officials … and that is why they have out-sourced about “every good job in America” to China, India, etc.” … the American people (just like government workers) will only have to work “part time” now … to make the few pennies they need to survive … effectively everyone will be made to give up all hope of ever finding a real job … but in the “convoluted mind” of government … Americans  “without good jobs” … is a “Full Employment Wonderland”. 

      The Main Stream Media in the U.S. is wildly celebrating the latest Labor Department’s unemployment figures … what an economic comeback America has made … the White House (not to be upstaged) is taking its share of the credit for the “near zero” unemployment rate … and Wall Street is using the good news to push markets to new highs.

      The Kingdom of God is almost here … and it will be totally achieved when everyone has effectively given up all hope of ever finding a good job and succumbs to getting by with menial jobs and menial pay to make ends meet … the only positive thing I can see about all this is that as the government’s goal of “zero unemployment” is achieved … there will be no further need for the U.S. Labor Department to exist … and we can shut down the entire Agency without even having to put these government workers on the unemployment roles. 

      Yes, current unemployment trends show that indeed Paradise is now very near … and on that day … when everyone just by putting down their chip bowl and getting up from their TV lounge chair to get a beer from the fridge … is officially declared by the U.S. Labor Department to be “actively employed” … on that day … Paradise will have been achieved … and with Great Fanfare the President (with a straight face) and the U.S. Department of Labor will hold a joint news conference to announce that by dutifully doing “God’s work”… a “Zero Unemployment Rate” has now been achieved in the Kingdom of God!!! … the US will be a Paradise beyond compare in the world … because there will be no jobs for people to want … and thus … there will be no unemployed people!

    • Lord Ya Ha

      Mr. Doe, you can see the whole movie.

  17. Andries

    Storing food is only going to work in a situation where people around you have plenty as well. Otherwise, you are a target. A water filter , a proper pair of boots and a backpack are more important, i think. Just eat what you have left, and take what you can carry. Which is not a lot.
    And get to places with forrests, and/or farms.
    But don’t stay in the cities, with all its diseases and crime.

    • Thanks for the link, J. D.-very apropos.

      Russia, Iran, Syria, & Israel are major players in the end-time senario-but the Bible makes no mention of the U.S.
      No one knows why.

      Thanks for another great interview, Greg.

      • paul

        Do you think maybe it’s because the Bible was written well before the US existed? … But, since Russians, Iranians, Syrians, & Israeli’s now live here in the US … perhaps the US can be thought as some kind of amalgamation of all the above peoples in an end-time scenario.

      • Keith

        I think the US is not mentioned because it has likely been economically and possibly militarily decimated – so much so that it is/can not be a factor impacting the rest of world history.

      • Bob Lamb

        The Book of Mormon discusses what will happen on this continent in the last days

      • hOUDINI

        king of the south?

    • Bill Holter

      cities will be a death trap.

  18. (aka) ron-day-voo

    Greece will get what they want for the following reasons:
    1) Greece provides Russian pipeline to Europe and Russia allows Greece to control pipeline.
    2) Greece uses pipeline to extort debt reduction or elimination
    3) Russia will provide royalty and cash incentives
    4) China/Russia will purchase all agricultural products to stabilize economy
    5) Greece will get pipeline at no cost and veto all nato sanctions against Russia in favor
    So in the end Greece is doing all nations a great favor and setting up collapse of all the Banksters from IMF ,Wall street , London and all remaining fraudsters.

    • Orion

      As a matter of principle, NATO does not intervene and does not take sides in relations among its members, especially regarding issues that fuel tension and cause crises. NATO is not a party to the current and foolish economic sanctions placed on Russia.

    • Bill Holter

      very well could torpedo the system.

  19. (aka) ron-day-voo

    Canadians Fed Up
    Scotia Macotta was drained of all gold to COMEX under threat of being suicided. They already suicided the founder/CEO of Scotia Macotta. All directed by JPM, Wall Street mafia. This action has set in motion a retaliation against all Bankers including Canadian banks and a number of lawsuits filed against Bank Of Canada.

    Most recent lawsuit filed against BAC for providing Tax money to banks for Bonds ,similar to US Treasury and Fed Reserve…..lawsuit filed on behalf of Canadian Taxpayers in that Government Of Canada since 1974 through Bank of Canada provided taxpayers cash to Banks in lieu of BONDS interest free ,then Banks provided loans + interest to lenders.
    Supreme court of Canada ruled in favor of lawsuit and deemed Bank Of Canada imposed illegal transaction with our BIG BANKS since 1974……..Gov.of Canada can’t appeal decision therefore stands.
    THIS IS BIG ,all the banking world has been watching this case but not main street media. Decision means Bank of Canada can no longer provide money to BIG BANKS .
    All loans can be made direct to Provinces, Municipalities , direct interest free FOR ALL INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS. BIG BANKS will be treated as a customer and pay for privilege on consumer loans.

    • Mike

      can you provide link to this comment about Scotia and Bank of Canada

  20. vincent_g

    3 months?
    I doubt it highly.
    If the government does nothing except go back to gold and silver as money issued by the US Treasury then we have hope that things will recover in a short time.

    But based on history that’s not the case at all.
    We will most likely see government control madness!

    They will tell you what to eat, what to drink, what you will get paid and how much a merchant can charge for everything.

    And that is exactly what the majority of the people will vote for!!!

    The problem is there is no place left to run to.
    It seems we can’t escape from ourselves.

    • Bill Holter

      if you noticed, I used fingers to make quotation marks when I said “normal”. The fact is, NOTHING will ever again be “normal” based on current standards.

    • JC Davis

      Vincent G. I agree. There is now way in my mind this collapse will ever be corrected. Reason? Well the collapse will only happen if the world stops using the dollar. They will have there own money and will always strive to keep America down, as they will remember the troubles America has caused world wide. Mexico will do better then the USA.

      • Charles H.


        I’m in Mexico – and I constantly tell them the same. They live closer to poverty: the crash won’t be felt as badly.

  21. Andy Johnson

    I agree with Bill it won’t matter if Boheiner tries to evade blame. If we have a collapse they are ALL going to hang. Not one politician will be safe. The only thing they could do is helicopter out of the country, which some say is in the plans. Then we may have a breakup of states and more local governing, or a dictator and martial law. One thing for sure imo, the states will not stay intact peacefully in a severe collapse. Oh, and the military is on the civilians side, I know several that confirm this. What are your thoughts Greg, and thanks for all you do.

    • Al hall

      Andy: the elite’s will go underground to there 100+ cities we paid for and they have stolen-$9+ trillion . The Bush’s own a large property in Paraguay. If they leave for there they are allowed to take 1000 military with them.=2000 total for both.
      Remember- research 1st pres. bush’s father- Prescott- he helped fund Hitler in WW2.
      They are fascists!! Calls for homework!

      • Desert Rose

        Make em live underground forever!
        Shoot em if they surface. they can keep the $ down there, it’s worth nothing.

      • OutLookingIn

        Andy, you really don’t know how very close to the truth you are! All of which you say is true, except you failed to explain Why? Why is this global crisis being so forcefully pushed forward? Who is the entity behind the scenes responsible for this? Start with W5 – who, what, where, when, why.

        Who? The ultra elites of the world. The real power.
        What? Reduce the population of the world.
        Where? Everywhere, but mainly North America.
        When? This decade.
        Why? More for the elites with a North American base that for the most part, has a good foundation of infrastructure in place. Good cropland. etc. After the “clearance” a small enough manpower force (slaves) to control with their modern military police. Protected on each side by oceans and Arctic wilderness in the north and when they are finished, a “Mad Max” wasteland in the south, patrolled by deadly drones.

        Sound futuristic and far-fetched? Think about it for a while.

  22. mushroom

    It’s becoming clear that the net30 collapse is pivotal followed by water/food/physical security then “spendable assets.”……………

    One thing I’ve noticed is that some of you guests are very clear while others are NOT.

    Keep up the excellent work Greg. Your program helps me understand the fog.

  23. Jerry

    Bank run in Greece. Who would have thought it?

  24. Steve Petschel

    I’ve been reading usawatchdog for about 4 years now. You have been outstanding in your presentation of the important events shaping our world. There is no doubt in my mind that we are in for some very tough times. Your guests have all pointed to the same with minor differences. What I now seek, is how this will affect the average person’s daily life. How will this affect mortgages, auto loans, student debt ect. Most people do not have the capability to pay off mortgages, buy gold, hold second passports, move funds offshore. Maybe you could have more guests on that address these issues and focus on how the average person can prepare and maybe even prosper (if that is even possible).

    Thanks for all you do,

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure thing. The short answer is there will be a new currency and ultimately everything will get re-priced in the new currency. This is what Jim Sinclair says and I think he is correct.

      • Al hall

        Absolutely true greg. The new money is already printed.

      • Spanky

        I fail to see what a new currency would accomplish, especially if it too is fiat and not backed by anything. The issue of a new currency implies that the old currency is considered worthless. There wouldn’t be any need to change if it wasn’t. A new currency then is an admission and proof that something is terribly wrong with the old one. For a new currency to be accepted under this scenario, those who use it would have some idea that it was worth something. I don’t see where another fiat currency would meet that standard.

        • Greg Hunter

          Then you best by food, water and PB. If thereis not a fix there will be lawlessness and violence such as the world has never seen.

        • J.C.Davis

          Spanky. A new currency will be installed for 2 reasons. 1st to control debt from being paid off. There are more 100 dollar bills outside the country then inside, so they will come floating back. Creating hyperinflation. 2nd to devalue currency for trade.

      • wd

        So Greg,

        What do you do, they issue a new currency whereas people still cnnot payback any of there debt. New money, same problem whats the difference.

        Just a real world update, Farm and Rural lenders have been given the green light to lend in cities/urban/suburban areas.

        This really never ends

  25. The Last Post

    (which is recurring)

    If the gold is really gone, then I guess some folks have some explaining to do. Scary thought.

    • Al hall

      Start with Bill Clinton- he stole much of it! CIA friend said it’s in underground vault in
      Argentina- but where he does not know?
      next go to Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s. – head of the NWO

  26. Eddie Laidler

    Has anyone seen an ISIS execution video? Where are they? I can’t find them anywhere. How is it that they are not leaking through somewhere? In the past these types of videos have shown up but now all you see is just a snippet. I don’t trust the media or the government and something just doesn’t seem right.
    Please link to any ISIS video that is not edited.

    • Al hall

      Kudos to Fox News for having the guts to show the video on their website of the brutal murder of the Jordanian pilot at the hands of the ISIS terrorists.
      Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 9:49 am ET

      this site and short ways down page- unless they deleted it now?

      The world needs to see what these barbarians are doing. WARNING: this video is extremely graphic. – Mike

    • Paul from Indiana

      Eddie, I don’t know about the video or the alleged 5 still-photo view, but it may not matter. Things are coming to a head. In the old days, even ol’ liberal Walter Cronkite would have looked into the camera and said something along these lines: “I’ve read the last of these on the air. Haven’t we had enough of this yet? What’s it going to take?” Obama is in a desperate delaying game, hoping against hope he can get out of doing anything specifically harmful to Islam, extreme or otherwise. He makes vague statements about “degrade and defeat” but never really identifies what it is we are trying to “degrade and defeat”. He is about to become irrelevant, as this Islam issue is going to explode, and vigilantism, especially on a worldwide scale, is never pretty, and his buddies in the media won’t be able to cover for him. Best always. PM

      • Keith

        ISIS/ISIL was and still is funded and run by the CIA. Question everything you see in the main stream media.

        “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.”
        -William J. Casey, 1981

        We are there now……..program is now complete.

        “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
        – William Colby, former CIA director

        “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
        – William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

        “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.”
        – James Angleton, head of CIA counter intelligence from 1954-1974

        “I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo.”
        – Harry S. Truman

        “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
        – J. Edgar Hoover, ex-FBI director on the New World Order conspiracy

        “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.”
        – George H. W. Bush

        ” I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”
        – John F. Kennedy

        “Fifty men have run America, and that’s a high figure.”
        – Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, in the July 26th, l936 issue of The New York Times

        “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar weekly salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”
        – John Swinton, former New York Times Chief of Staff
        – CIA Controlled Media: CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (The Intel Hub, Feb. 27, 2012):

    • Eddie Laidler

      Fox news actually put it up.
      I see a bad moon rising.
      When MSM airs something like that horror then public opinion is being shaped.
      God help us all.

    • Jerry

      Eddie its been blocked.

    • mike

      check bestgore .com
      i saw it there. looks fake.
      more like a Hollywood shoot.

  27. Greg Hunter

    It’s going to be bloody, ugly and lawless. That was my thought when Holter said that.

    • Al hall

      also- consider this- FEMA camps- my CIA friend has told me that there are Russians and Chinese military trained to work these camps. US government don’t trust other Americans to do this, and he said they are here now- some just across the border to the north and south. If this is fact, why would we be facing a war with them??
      If they are working with us on this- why would we go to war against them at the same time?? Just doesn’t seem logical?

      • Charles H.


        For politicians to secure a place in the NWO, thus insuring future prosperity and SAFETY – it make complete sense that foreign entities gain power in declining America. What else would stave-off the wholesale dumping of T-Bill and Bonds, taking down the system too quickly? Plus being on-board for securing Natural Resources is quite logical.

    • OutLookingIn

      Bloody? Yes. When you have a population of 250 million well armed citizens, who for the most part are well versed in weapons handling and marksmanship. With a good portion of them, military veterans who will take the command lead, it will be VERY bloody.

    • Mike

      Tearing something apart can usually be done quickly if one has no concern for the mess one leaves.

      Re-building takes time especially when the foundation is no longer useful.

      Yes the lie has gone on for way too long.

      However, I also believe that the ability to kick the can down the road is nearly done as well. The cat is out of the cage and it will not be easy to capture him, place him into submission, so that we can put him back in the cage.

      Greece is telling the world that the system is flawed and needs to be rebuilt.

      Just like Greece needs a reset to move forward, the world monetary system is about to suffer a fatal blow.

      The chaos will last many months and the lost of life will be enormous.

      For 2 years I have told my family that I hope that I would be proved wrong. Today I suspect more than ever that my warnings have been insufficient.

      Expect further major developments in the coming weeks.

      A Black Swan event may well be on our doorstep.

  28. Brandon

    Having stored food is prudent as well as having precious metals to preserve your wealth but it is also a good idea to have several thousand cash in hand because when this goes down you will still have bills to pay and I’m guessing most places will still take cash in payment for goods as long as they have them although prices will likely be inflated. Just don’t get caught up in a panic. Try to prepare in such a way that you won’t have to run out at the last minute to get something you need because when people are scared they are very dangerous.

    • Bill Holter

      I think “cash” may spend for 2 or maybe 3 weeks but not more as people will wise up and not accept it for real stuff.

  29. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Greg – very difficult to hear this broadcast for some reason/

    • Eddie Laidler

      I am a podcaster and video interviewer in subject matter unrelated to this site. Skype can be undependable at times and often you just have to take what you get. It does help a lot when guests can get off of a laptop. Often that’s all they have. It can even be uncomfortable to ask a great guest to jump through those hoops. Using a headset mic, a table mic or even a lapel mic makes a great difference in sound quality. I give Greg a huge pass on this because of the rate at which he delivers content. Also there is editing involved and that takes time between interviews. Believe me Greg has his hands full. I use Audacity to remove noise but the garbling and or underwater sound is not repairable. Greg is using something like Supertintin for the video and audio grab. It records very well. Podcasting is not easy technically. I have a partner who does nothing but keeping us up to date with the best utilities available. Kudos Greg.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Eddie. There a lot of moving parts to recording and editing a Skype interview. Thank you for pointing that out.

      • Bill Holter

        my fault, I will have a new mic for the next interview. My apologies!

  30. Marcus West

    I don’t write many comments since all the people on your show are so good but I wanted to say Bill Holter has a nice daily email I get and they are most informative if you want some of the latest information sign up he is good and gets to the point.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Marcus, really appreciate it!

  31. Al hall

    Good interview, sound cut out a few times.
    Greg: John Boehner is a bilderberger- bought and paid for. He does what is is told!!
    He passed the budget because he was told to. It’s really simple!! If he doesn’t he’s toast along with his family and pets!( I’m not kidding ie: JFK) We have a 2 headed one party fascist system. It’s in your face. Obama is a fraud- Google “obama’s ring”. He is a Muslim, has 12 or so Muslim working for him that are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    This isn’t hard to figure out. Obama is also married to a man- yes – Micheal Robinson was his name! Obama has a Connecticut social security number, impossible!! Brought up through the CIA by Henry Kissinger. SAY – he’s a fraud.
    I was told this before he became President- he was selected when he was 18 to be trained for this position. Put there- selected not elected- to destroy America.
    If nothing else- he has done a great job of this- what he was put there to do.

  32. Larry

    Greg, Bill is a truth purveyor and I am very in tune with his point of view. May we all take action to insure the survival of humanity.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks for the kind words Larry!

  33. Brian Stemmerman

    I follow the markets very closely. I notice every time the market reaches a low, either, the Fed, ECB, and the JCB throw out a media life preserver. Now they want us to believe that everything is okay with Greece. I’m glad that I do not hold derivatives for Greece. A spade will never be a spade. Every time they prop it up, just puts more risk upon the investor. Having Greece take on more debt will not solve any of the issues. It just keeps the can moving down the yellow brick road.

    • Bill Holter

      correct Brian.

  34. Paul from Indiana

    We already live in a remote area, already “bugged out” as they say, but whenever I am out, I bring that particular vehicle back FULL of gas. When this situation occurs, it will overtake us all with lightning speed. It will be unbelievable and seem to be instantaneous. Think this through, and give yourself in advance as many options as you can. Mental preparation will be key to staying calm in the face of mass panic. Best always. PM

    • Jerry

      Paul you are so right.
      I used to have an old football coach that said ” luck is where preparation meets opportunity”. Good advice for all . Place your bets folks the SHTF wheel is spinning.

  35. Calgirl

    Max Kaiser talks about how your banker, broker, and fund manager fleece the investor….especially in second half of this informative video

  36. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you for the interview.
    Central Bankers realize the system is unsustainable, as they are in the prolonging game, and let’s hope aiming a gradual implosion, into a new system, without ultimate chaos, which is my wishful thinking I guess. I am very curious how the Greek will proceed in the thing. As Paul Craig Roberts stated on KWN that even indirect threats to their physical lives could be getting in place. Maybe the Greek settle for little, or no interest, just paying off in better times, as time will wipe out all debts anyway, as currencies will crash eventually. Just borrowing on, at no or little interest, until currencies crash. TPTB know the system will crash, so a deal/compromise keeping the Greek on board could be on the menu, prolonging the game.

    As far the Eurozone worries could subside, the attention probably will turn around again, as then the Eurozone resumes her mantra ‘the USA is in a mess’.
    Central Bankers aiming that shifting focus to prolong the game, until it implodes.

    China and Russia actually have no interest by a Total Grand Collapse, as they need trading partners for increasing prosperity. They could be on board of aiming an gradual implosion, slowly step by step into a new financial system, wherein Western hegemony comes to an halt, which is their objective anyway.
    Vietnam in Cold War I, Ukraine in Cold War II, as flying all over the place with no transponder happens for quite some time now, some air misses/near accidents some months ago.

    At times I contemplate the farfetched speculative Malmstrom scenario as a sidetrack, as it could be the reason Barack Obama distances from Israel, negotiating with Iran, I take for granted that Congress is not in the know when there is really a ramping up of Malmstrom like incidents in the nuclear arsenals, making Obama insecure, scratching the back of his head. Making noise attacking Syria, backing down, as Russia argued against it. Bush, I can’t recall what it was, took an historic step (MSM stated at the time) in distancing somewhat from Israel. As far Western leaders would prolong the game till it really results in a bloody chaos, my wishful thinking is that China/Russia aim to take down the Western financial system gradually. The Chinese have a lot of currencies, a gradual implosion would benefit them. Russia needs a market for its resources. Let’s hope on an gradual implosion. I wouldn’t be surprised by any sudden Doom scenario, but on the other side I like to contemplate the more optimistic scenarios. Anyway, I hope good forces know to manage a gradual implosion, as I hope geopolitics will take care of that anyway. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day, and the Source of Love bless us all. Expect the unexpected.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the comment and it is a nice length.

    • Al hall

      Wim: Obama should not scratch the back of his head– Splinters can hurt!!!!

    • Al hall

      Wim: also Dr. Willie’s contact- “the Voice” has told Jim that soon after the Chinese new Year( this month) they plan to double the price of gold overnight. Have to wait and see?
      Jim said this could take our economy down quickly?? Doesn’t sound slow to me-
      should know soon?

      • Jeff

        So Al, will you admit that the voice is wrong again when it doesn’t happen ? Or is your guru madman beyond reprisal ?

      • JC Davis

        There new year for 2015 is Feb 19 and 20. Al it will be interesting to see if Jim is right.

        • Al hall

          Dr. Jim is messenger- The “voice” said it- was told to him were he is in Shanghai, China. The Voice is a gold broker.
          I have my gold and silver. If you want to gamble on the voice – buy metals now. Could be a big return??? It’s the only real money!

  37. sally lambert

    admire holter. can you have j sinclair back… soon?

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on it and hope to get him. Good idea!!

    • Bill Holter

      Thanks Sally, I personally asked Jim last month and he promised he would, a man of his word Jim Sinclair. Please be patient.

  38. dee garmon


    I am looking forward to your having Liam Halligan on the show.
    Also, tx for bringing on Bill. His analysis is unparalled.
    As regards the domestic economists, Michael Hudson would be
    a good candidate.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks for your support Dee!

  39. mushroom

    I thought I would emphasize why it’s CRITICAL to avoid owing anybody money for anything.

    Hypothetically, lets say your current financing cost for a new car loan is $300 per month at 3% interest.

    WHOOOA.. Then comes the currency RESET and a new currency called SDR’s.

    What will you have to pay now per month and at what interest?

    Can anybody answer this question……..

    • Al hall

      I’ll take a stab at it? I’m hearing from my sources:
      1. No SDR’s here! Some type of new treasury currency note- not sure of the exact name?
      2. bank holiday- 10 days or so- then reopen.
      3. will be given X amount of time to trade in old dollars for new
      4. new money discounted approx. 30%+
      5. over time the new money will be devalued 80%. Good to cost 4 times what they are now- or when this begins to happen. Example- $3 loaf of bread now/then will be $12.
      possibly more- I’ve heard bread to be $25, 13oz. bag of coffee $85.
      We will see?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Al, black markets will spring up quickly in a scenario such as you suggest, not that I am dismissing your projection; it is quite possible, but there will be an active, perhaps even thriving black market. Copper (pre-1982 pennies, nickels, quarters) and silver coins will be the primary media of exchange, likely also ammunition, cigarettes, and liquor. Barter for goods and services will become common. A positive development will be the emphasis on local exchanges and teamwork, a pre-requisite to getting eventually out from under centralized government, which has been the cause of all of this. We must all make up our minds that we will be up to the tasks ahead. Great posts today. Best always. PM

        • Al hall

          totally agree- I’ve stock-up 1100 lbs. of silver coins just for what you describe!!! And no- won’t tell ya were i live!

      • Jeff

        Good estimate. Those #’s are quite possible…….. How many fake new dollars for a gold eagle ?

        • Al hall

          I’m guessing $10,000-20,000 so I hear. Sky is the limit. No one really knows- manipulation has gone on for so long-
          What is the real price of GOLD??? One thing we know- it’s the only money of the “elite’s”- it’s their money!

    • Orion

      That’s the $64,000 question! I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. While unsustainable sovereign debts may be forgiven, sustainbale private debts will likely work to the banks advantage in any reset though. I found interesting info at the following site:
      Hope the above helps you. Cheers.

  40. Orion

    So let me get this straight: Greece owes € 317 billion or about 175% of its GDP. But it only has debt payments amounting to about 2.6% of its GDP. That’s because most of the debt is long-term. If Greece attempts to renegotiate its debt, it will likely have a tough time because most of the debt is already structured on long-term payments. Asking for longer time to pay back therefore will probably fall on deaf ears. All they can really do is play with the interest rates, but Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, has already said he doesn’t want to renegotiate terms with the troika; he wants at least half of the debt written-off… period. Forgiving the debt as the Greek Communist Syriza party wants and has promised the Greek people will be a non-starter as far as the IMF, ECB and Germany are concerned. What the other European governments think really doesn’t matter, so all the politicking Tsipras has be doing up to now will be for naught. Of course, “Super Mario” Draghi can step in and print up € 65 billion or so and give to Greece, but that would surely lead to Germany exiting the Euro zone, and be far worse than a Grexit from the euro. The German taxpayers would not sit still for picking up a portion of the costs for Greece not paying back what it owes. The ECB won’t buy Greek bonds either. What then? Greece cannot and will not repay the debt. I believe Greece will leave the Euro zone because they believe they can do so successfully. The Greek budget is in fairly good shape and leaving the euro will allow them to print their own money to infinity. They can also cozy-up to their communist buddies, Russia and China with all sorts of deals. One big problem remains though: The Greek banks are in serious trouble. The banks share price have been declining since the Greek elections were announced in Dec. of 2014 and lost a total of 60% of their value after the Syriza party won. I doubt seriously there is anything that Russia and China can or would do to shore-up the Greek banks. The banks are going to fail. I think this is the big problem Bill Holter sees and refers to in his interview. All of the debt derivatives and credit default swaps are going to implode and cause one helluva ripple through the world financial markets. It is going to be a very interesting year. Thanks Bill and Greg for your insights!

  41. Stan

    My fear …In the event of a major food shortage expect local law enforcement to be on your doorstep to search for and then catalog and transport your food storage to the community resource building. Resist and you and your family will be facing heavily armed soldier backed by armored vehicles. Your hungry neighbors will cheer as you are charged with hording and then executed. All resources belong to the state…

    • Bill Holter

      I have spoken with several Sherriff’s Deputies and even the Sherriff himself, they will be home protecting their own, the only local presence will be the “city” cops, imagine the fun with that much “power”?

    • Silverer

      What’s interesting is that the government can exacerbate this helplessness by relocation of the population. If you are forcibly removed from your home and familiar surroundings, and transported to another area, your support system you have created for yourself immediately collapses. The government is well aware of this, and has plans to do it to disrupt organized resistance. When you arrive at your new location, all you have is the clothes on your back, and no food. Think you’ll be compliant?

    • Collateral Damage

      Stan the Man,

      I hear what you say Stan. I remember reading a story about a man and his family who survived the starvation under Mao. He helped his family survive by hiding a single bag of rice somewhere on his property. Penalty was death for doing so, if the Authorities had actually found that bag.

      Another story I remember, was a man who made the statement, “There are only two things that cannot be taken away from you. One is what is in your head, the second, is what is in your stomach.”

      On another issue, of the 3 months, 6 months or longer for recovery. Read recently ‘When Money Dies.’ The author detailed the fall of the German Currency when their currency collapsed. What he said is that the ‘recovery’ that occurred, happened more quickly than anyone would have imagined. He said the long part was waiting for the ultimate collapse of the currency. The waiting was the hard part. When rebuilding began, it was really clear what had to be done.

      Best Regards to you All.



    • wd


      Chaos is chaos, city police forces are vastly understaffed, and somewhat apathetic. I say this constantly…THERE WILL NEVER BE SOME ORGANIZED ROUND UP. It will be everyone for themselves. No police officer will be doing the 9-5 beat. Our cities ( all of them) are populated with well armed criminals and street gangs, when they realize they can shoot back without reprise it will a disaster.

      Please Read ” The Coming Second American Civil War” it focuses in on what cities will be like and what to do. At least be armed!! Criminals will be dressed as cops, like they did in Hurrican Katrina- beware!! There will be no government!!

      • Mohammad

        Thomas Chittum
        I read it in 2008, he wrote it in 1995. AMAZING foresight.


  42. DiscoProJoe

    Hey Greg, you should have Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio as a guest on your show. He’d be a good one.

  43. Brad

    When the Great Depression descended labor was gaining strength in America and demanded a solution. The response by the banks and FDR was the new deal, a fix that saved the banks from the torches and pitchforks, or what many economists then recommended in the Chicago Plan. Greece and her people’s choice of heaven forbid (your sentiments)….the Syriza Party as Satan’s work is a mild compromise to what many Americans wanted with the Chicago Plan (complete monetary reform returning the power to create money “DEBT FREE” to government. Usually in situations like this the people will move politically to the extremes of the political spectrum for solution. The other end of the spectrum in Greece is Golden Dawn, pure fascism. Feel happier now? The middle of the road parties only offer the status quo, or no solution. If the E.U wishes to remain viable then a “new deal” is the way forward. If the bankers of the Troika remain unmoved the the Greeks will have to do as Iceland has done and simply “let them fail” as the only way out. Please get over your socialist phobia…all the bankers, corporatists and your government have.

    Other than this Holter was very enlightening as usual.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brad, freedom and government are by definition at odds with one another. True freedom cannot exist in the huge political entities that have evolved in the modern era. The bigger the political entity, the bigger and less efficient the government becomes. The collapse or monetary failures we are anticipating are necessary to get governments and political entities back to manageable, efficient, and FREE levels. I hear what you are saying, but the day I lose my “socialist phobia” is the day I give up on the idea of freedom. Unfortunately, as it turns out, I was paying attention in school back in the ’50’s and early ’60’s and actually BELIEVED what we were taught. Best always. PM

    • Rick Perkins

      “When the Great Depression descended labor was gaining strength in America and demanded a solution.”

      Oops…lets’ go back up a couple of decades to put this in context.

      Prior to the Great Depression, the people were ready to pick up their pitchforks and go against the powerful private banks. The top bankers then met in secret and came up with an ingenious plan. They devised a new institution and called it the Federal Reserve, named such to fool the people into believing that this new institution was to limit the bankers power and put it under control of the federal government. In reality, their plan allowed them a monopoly on the issue of America’s currency and gave the bankers even more power. Here was a classic example of the collectivist method of operation used to manipulate societies… Create a problem to instigate a reaction then implement a preconceived solution.

      A few decades later the bankers used their institution to engineer a Great Depression in which the few insiders became much richer while the people were made destitute. (Houston we have a “problem”; here your outline begins) . The people “demanded a solution” from government (the reaction) and, low and behold, the government’s solution was the “new deal”. The deal of course required a greatly expanded government role in society while simultaneously and proportionately diminishing the peoples independence and freedoms. Again we have a classical example of the collectivist manipulative method of operation.

      Today the process continues. The “problem” is terrorism, the reaction is fear and the solution is, as always, massive growth in the power of the State coupled to the loss of the people’s freedom.

      Of course the bankers, corporatists and government love collectivism. It assumes that all power properly belongs in the hands of the few who operate the collective. The collective is deemed to be comprised of all the people simultaneously (actually a nonexistent figment of the imagination) and, as such, stands superior to the individual (a real, living, breathing being). In this ludicrous but deadly serious game, the inferior individual must be brought into submission to the “will” of the imaginary collective run by, you guessed it, the bankers, corporatists and governments.

      Speaking of phobias…the Founders of this country did not pen the Constitution because of an irrational fear (a phobia) that this state of affairs might come about. Still stinging from tyranny, they fully understood its real and ever present danger and so expressly limited the powers delegated to government in an attempt to secure liberty and freedom for posterity.

      The proof is in the pudding, it worked. America prospered while people flocked to our shores to experience the benefits of individual freedom that came with a limited, controlled government. Socialism, communism, fascism, democracy and all other forms of collectivism, these systems based in jealousy, envy, greed, hatred and servitude, have failed miserably wherever implemented. They have brought destitution and death to those millions who suffered under them.

      Please get over that phobia against a peoples being free and independent. Drop the servile attitude favoring collectivism…honor the cause your forefathers fought and died for.

  44. wd

    Mike, I have heard FEM-NATO- CIVIL GUARD etc. etc etc. will come and get us and bring us away. My take and Dimitri Orlov’s take is that they may initially try but it will be an absolute failure. It will be afree for all… it will be absolute chaos. And yes I do believe we will break down into sperate states ( Like it was always supposed to be)

    But dont look for govt troops to cme corral all of us. They will be dealing with their own personal crisis!!

    • Bill Holter

      too many guns in this country for this strategy to be a cake walk

  45. NM

    I was with Bill hotler till he started talking about running out of food. Don’t think that will happen. What is happening is mirrored in the article below on Britain. This is a crisis that is being borne privately and it’s effects are not being seen publicly due to a number of factors.

  46. Bill Holter

    we have eaten the fat, the muscle and the bone, our children are screwed!

    • Mike

      Yes Bill..You and I are about the same age I suspect. Our children and grandchildren will carry the burden of debt we have left in their path.

      That is why I am determined to secure true wealth…gold and silver.

  47. Donna

    “Be still and know.” Drop kick the TV, detox from your sports worship, learn every life-enriching skill possible, learn to do without all those things you would swear are so crucial.

    “Be still and know.” You came in this world a clean slate. Get back to it. By our actions, we telegraph our priorities. It is not a pretty picture.

    Growing up, I was required to attend Mass 6 days a week — or else. Parents and schools ran your life like Parris Island. Looking back, it was not so bad a life. You were taught structure, discipline, humility, purpose, regard for others. It was all replaced by “With booze you lose, with dope there’s hope,” and similar bumper sticker shallow rot.

    Put a lid on your panic and have some faith. Yes, I am unsettled by all I see and hear. Something is on the horizon that is bigger and meaner than all the aware population put together can possibly solve or weather.

    It is time for putting the psych meds and the pain killers away. I am the only one in a very sizeable family who managed to get through life without mind alteration. Here in Phoenix, I used to volunteer in the detox ward of a local “behavioral health” hospital. I spoke to the families of the patients. I chaired a Sunday meeting in that hospital’s auditorium addressing these same families along with the patients. I would not know what marijuana even looks like. If the skies started to shower marijuana, I would be clueless. What did I offer to them then? The notion that you are not duty bound to follow the diseased sheep. Father Joseph Martin’s “Chalk Talks” on line applies to every situation, every doubt. Simply said, “I can’t, I think I will let Him.”

    “Be still and know.” The party is over. Two to three solid generations of besotted, self abusing, reality rejecting people. What did we think would happen? I am amazed we are not already speaking Russian or Chinese.

    I drive a 3-cylinder car, went through an entire winter with no heat, got rid of my TV about 2-3 years ago, revamped my back yard to produce edibles, geared up my trust in Him, dusted off my rosary and scapular and got on line to relearn how to use both.

    I started out in this city in 1982 in very bad straights. I admit, I shook and I cried a lot the first 2 years. People helped each other. Many of us were in the same boat and worse. I grew up, I got stronger, even got tough as much as any woman can be. I have to say that nothing I planned or strategized every worked out for me. People and things were thrown in my path that I would have been too proud to ask for. A plan B always materialized. If I relied on just my ideas, I’d be living in a park.

    “Be still and know.” You cannot ultimately conquer a nation of people with beliefs, convictions, and strong family. We allowed the crazies to run the asylum. What good will it be to find that perfect hideout just to live hand to mouth forever looking over our shoulder? Until this country values their grandparent’s principles and rebuilds on them, we are all just lightening bugs in a jar.

  48. Wim

    Al Hall. I always enjoy Jim Willie when he talks. The optimistic view I derive from a farfetched speculative scenario. That scenario maneuvers on crucial moments crucial Doom scenarios away, avoiding them, aiming a gradual implosion. The Chinese have all the reason to keep physical gold at low manipulated currency value, as they need more time to convert their currencies into hard assets, what they are doing slowly by step, otherwise they bubble up their own game. The Chinese are served by the system holding together, into a slow motion implosion. In that case they have the most value for their paper, trading partners more intact, Western hegemony reduced. Putin is playing a chess game, in a slow step by step progress. Accidents happening, and the wings falling off wouldn’t surprise me a bit, confidence could disappear tomorrow and the system is toast, as there are many catalysts, the snowflake and the avalanche of Jim Rickards. China now moving forward on the gold chessboard seems premature to me, but that shall be wishful thinking, as I hope on an gradual implosion.

    • Mohammad


      Interesting point you’ve mentioned and i heard once from Jim Sinclair in dec 2009 when he said the same, the Chinese have interest in keeping gold down until they redeem their hold of funny paper, but there is the puzzle, if so then is there any possibility of china being an ally rather than a foe? after all if china is buying all hard assets in US what interest has China in ruining that with chaos?


      • Jeff

        China is acting in their own interest as you would expect. When their interests are fulfilled it’s a new game….. They are using us.

    • Al hall

      Wim: Don’t disagree with you totally. I match up what Dr. Willie says with what my CIA insider tells me. he to sees China making a move. Timing is always tricky. Dr. Jim doesn’t usually like to set target dates. He said this is what the “Voice” had told him. We’ll know some??
      I was told 10+ years ago to get out of anything paper- stocks, bonds, currencies, life insurance policies- they won’t pay off- only keep enough cash to do monthly bills- rest is Gold and silver!

  49. Art Barnes

    Greg, the Financial Media, CNBC, etc., sees nothing but buy signals, a chicken in every pot, rising dollar, adequate profits, & steady GDP growth, seems they are leading the charge to keep the herd in the pens – question, how long until they become not relevant?

  50. Thomas j harmon

    Greg good interview, when all this happens where do you see gold prices And silver

  51. Prudence

    “It’s a shame that a country could squander all the natural resources and benefits of location it has and sink so low.”
    All they had to do was dumb the population down, control them through movies, media, “music,” and “education,” encourage entitlement and consumerism, and pay off everyone to get your way. That is what those with great finance did with Napoleon, and that is what they did to us and the rest of the world. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  52. Kenneth Schortgen Jr

    Ok Greg, here is a scenario for you.

    Russia not only offers to help monetarily, but they also mediate a cooperation with Turkey and build offshore oil platforms in the Aegean Sea. Then since both Turkey and Greece jointly share dominion over Cyprus, they remove Cyprus from the EU and Western dollar, make it a Eurasian Economic Zone bank, and THEN build a naval base in Greece or Cyprus to defend it.

    Greece gets to leave EU, Euro, and dollar, they get entrance into a free trade zone, get off the Russian sanctions list, and get a whole new stream of income from the vast oil deposits in their waters and between themselves and Turkey.

    • Greg Hunter

      The scenario you posted is why these weasels are pushing for war. When the realization that Greece is NEVER paying back any money it is over.

  53. doug

    Hey Greg, great work, thanks for your dedication and commitment to the truth. I have referenced and shared your site with many. Interesting in that what you share overall, is only boiling up with a few in radio. Mostly Michael Savage and some with Mark Lavin, just to name a few, never, for sure, in MSM.

    I have had many sleepless nights thinking of building reserves for my family in food and ammo. Conclusion, same as an insight from a comment above, if you have it stored, you are the target and F____ked . PEOPLE, best to have survival skills, pack light with self defense, and ability to live off of the land for a while. Teach family in simple camping techniques to survive. Wild west, maybe?? who knows, but me thinks getting to the high country is best. In the meanwhile, I guess I will simply watch American Idol until the power goes off…….

  54. bob

    the powers that be fleeced us, the world, dumbed this country down. all but got rid of manufacturing, the unions and the unions help kill themselves too. which now are turning on the union members through higher and higher dues which will lead to more hate towards unions. the unions were good for a time. then the conditioning you had to have this and that. constant change of everything. or the lies through your tv, entertainment was brought out as the most important thing to know. no true education. suckered into bad 401k investment plans by a salesman to your company you work for. which if you research the 401k its a scam! wallstreet and banks can pull your nest egg plug at any moment and you don’t have chance. i can’t even park mine in cash anymore. it’ funny. really it’s not. i remember as a child back around 1974, my grandfather talking about how this country or powers that be was wanting to turn this country from manufacturing into a service country..this was conspiracy i believe then. today i look at it as truth.

  55. Ross

    We have to remember that the debt money created from nothing by the private ECB that put Greece into so much debt, did not belong to the ECB. This money represented the wealth of all Europeans and these Central Banks continually depreciate our currencies and charge us principal + interest on it. It is theft on many levels.

    While it is true the Greek Govt did not spend this money wisely, the Greek people in no way deserve this unnecessary suffering. They should like Iceland, should refuse to pay the debt and arrest the fraudulent bankers.

  56. Mary

    Nothing gonna happen so long as the USD is the global reserve currency. The Fed can print money to pay off the debt and buy all the gold in the world whatever the price.

  57. paul

    Remember what happened on 9/11 … where the 11 looked a lot like the twin towers … well there is another 11 coming up about a week from now … and guess what … that’s the day the ECB chose to yank a key supporting pillar out from underneath the Greek banking system … it will mean Greek banks (the first tower) will be unable to pledge Greek bonds as collateral to fund themselves … liquidity will evaporate … and bank runs will ensue … then about 11 days after that (the second tower) ELA [which is the ability for the Greek Central Bank to print euro’s] will be withdrawn … these “twin towers” will throw Greece into economic, political and civil chaos … Syriza will either fold and withdraw all his demands (ending the peoples mandate less than 2 weeks after coming to power) … or Greece will exit the Eurozone!!

    Spain, Portugal, Italy and France are watching all this very intently … if Greece jumps ship and exits the Eurozone … many more may follow!!! … talk about “End Times” … we could shortly be living through the End Times of the European Union!!!!

    What surprises me the most is that most people are so numbed down they can’t see the writing so clearly printed on the wall ?? … They should be out spending their “last fiats” on gold and silver coin … instead gold and silver are down on the day???

  58. Mohammad

    here is a good one for friday wrap up Greg:


  59. Jerry

    Does anyone know what the “Baltic Dry Index” is? If you don’t you will.

    It tracks the transfers of goods world wide. Since it is not speculative, it cannot be manipulated. When you see the index approaching 0 the bovine fecal matter is not only getting ready to hit the fan, its already in the propeller blade. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

  60. Mohammad


    Here is a breaking news on the financial front, Turkey SEIZES an islamic lending bank called Asya.

    Erdogan of Turkey is accusing a preacher in Pennsylvania Fethullah Gulen leading a coupe de tat from US and using that bank for funding, now am not sure how can any person in US use a funding from an Islamic bank with out the full knowledge of Authorities?
    Any way this move may underscores the increasing tension between US and Turkey and increases my suspicion that Turkey is leaning more Eastward despite the fact it is a NATO country if you add to it the last gas pipeline from Russsia.


  61. Earl

    Is this how low America has fallen?

  62. Jerry

    Low and behold! NBC finally makes it to the party.
    Oil collapse leading to currency war. Really? I guess its time to prime the public opinion pump for the coming war. Right?

  63. Mohammad

    Interesting on Joseph p Farrell’s blog and it elaborates on the funding of ISIS probe Russia is pushing through the UN:

  64. Mohammad


    Here is a new twist to the civil war in Syria:
    If you listen to the ABC video at the mark 1:55 it says clearly that there were no strikes nor air raids to the city of AL RAQQA the stronghold of ISIS and whereabout of the jordanian pilot shooting down and gruesome burning alive by ISIS.

    On the other hand there is a confirmation of air strikes by Jordanian air force in retaliation to the pilot Al Kassassbeh killing by ISIS .

    There were reports of heavy bombing of Damascus suburb that was so painful that it prompted a retaliation of a barrage of close to hundred missile (usually it is artillery shelling but not missiles) that hit the city of damascus yesterday.

    Keep in mind that Assad was doing well in striking a deal with the Ghotta rebels in the suburb of Damascus to stop the war there, ala what happened in Homs where the deal ended the war locally and the town was back to Assad who gave a free pass to the fighters to leave town.

    So the Question is:
    Is Jordan now on the way of direct intervention in the war of Syria?
    Did they bomb Damascus instead of Al-Raqqa they claimed they bombed ( the journal from ABC in the video clearly says no strikes took place in Al Raqqa) ?

    If so…then that is a turn in the civil war to the worse, and an escalation that needs to be monitored. Remember…Israelis is only 60 miles from the action.


  65. Klemens

    very interesting:
    What is the illuminati? Bloodlines of the Illuminati author Fritz Springmeier appeared at the We Are Change Colorado Community Center for a presentation and question/answer session detailing what he has researched about the dynasties ruling the world.

  66. Mohammad

    Democrats are continuing the shooting self in the foot policy.
    If they boycott Netanyahu speech in the congress they may guarantee to themselves losing the presidency seat in the coming presidency elections:

    “Congressional Democrats continue to express indignation at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s forthcoming address to Congress, with many saying that they may well boycott the speech, despite entreaties from top Israeli officials.”


    • Greg Hunter

      This will be another huge backfire if the Dems do this. Bank on it. Boehner does not need Obama’s permission to invite a guest to the House, just like Obama does not need permission from Congress to talk to the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House. It’s called “Separation of Powers” and Co-Equal Branches of Government in the Constitution.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg and Doc, I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it: The American PEOPLE are overwhelmingly WITH ISRAEL. Anybody or anything that goes against that will pay a price. The God of Israel is the God of OUR FATHERS, too. The Democrats in Congress will be on board with this when they figure out their behinds are in the sling. As Greg often states, the Democrats will be peeling away from Obama like rats leaving a sinking ship. Wait until Netanyahu is here, and America turns out for him. The message will be loud and clear. Best always. PM

        • Mohammad

          It his has nothing to do with god, Jews who fear god oppose Israel as a state since it is against their Turat.
          Zionism IS ATHEIST …. Search it for your self.
          AHHHHHH ……… WHAT DO I KNOW……


    • Jeff

      There will be no elections to worry about. Isn’t it apparent to everyone that Congress has done nothing the last few years ? There preparing themselves for the worse and they know what’s coming………. Martial law. Executive orders brought out by the King……… Everything is merely for show at this point.

  67. isaiah

    For those wondering when the collapse will occur its going to happen this fall in september its all biblical many have heard of the “harbinger” the “mystery of the shemitah” well it started last year on 9/25/2014 and it ends on 9/13/2015 its a jewish custom where all debts are cleared wiped out now september 13th lands on a sunday the stock market is closed on that day so it could happen that monday morning the 14th if not within that week or within 30days of 9/13/2015 guranteed an another thing on that date 9/13/2015 we will be having a partial solar eclipse which many say is bad for all nations so we are looking at a 6month time to prepare and i believe war will break out before the collapse so they can blame that country for the collapse these crashes come every seven years if you count back seven years you get 2008 another seven 2001 and so on major events and they have all fallen on jewish holidays and thats a fact which is elul 29 9/13/2015 just like the next bloodmoon lands on passover this year 4/4/15 if anyone wants to stock up on food i would recommend getting it from he sells food with a shelf life of 25-30 years for $550 you can get a year of food for a year for $1100 you get food for two for a year and for $3000 you can get seven years of food which is called times of trouble refering to the coming tribulation he has the cheapest prices for the food he sells around another thing i would like to mention is that for those who have yet to accept christ as lord to do it now and think about where your eternal resting place is going to be heaven or hell this is gods grace period soon it will be over make your peace with the lord while he still may be found godbless you all

    • J.C.Davis

      Isaiah. I sure wish Greg had a like button.

    • Al hall

      Food will do you no good – depending on were you live! SEE THIS- just came out today-2/6/15. This tells of the tidal waves world wide, massive destruction of earth!

      Nibiru 2015 update. Marshall Masters is one of the top researchers on Nibiru- 1st video. He explains everything clearly! Clear pictures of it and of it’s moons and other planets with it!!
      Nibiru- 1st video(top) explains were it is now and it’s coming approach! The government of the world have known this since approx.1982.
      They are prepared- we are not?

      Please take this seriously- IT IS REAL! As I have told you! Pass info. on to others!

      click here if video doesn’t copy =

      • J.C.Davis

        Al Hall. How would one prepare for such a event? Food water and shelter is what we all do.

  68. ray antley

    If the dollar crashes internationally, won’t that be a huge transfer of power back from New York and Washington to the heartland of the country. Maybe we can find jobs again if the chinese aren’t parasitically undervaluing their currency.

  69. Paul T

    Greg, my wife and I just sold our house down here in southern Alabama right across the bay from Mobile and we’re moving to western Idaho to get away from the EBT zombies around here. They are everywhere in the south, especially here. So many walking dead and with events looking like they’re speeding up, we feel like we’re making the right move. I’m giving up my good paying job to go live in the mountains because the job I have is a shipyard where we’ve been building warships for the Navy. These ships are made for war and to see them being made and hearing the sounds of saws, banging and beating of hammers on aluminum and just all the sights and sounds of these monsters of war coming alive, it’s quite a creepy feeling that has been telling me it’s time to go. There’s another big war coming.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul for sharing your real world view of what is coming.

      • Jeff

        Greg A big thank you to Bill. I’m sure he’s listening and I want to say I much appreciate his interaction with commenters.

        • Bill Holter

          ur welcome Jeff. Subscribers deserve interaction and it is only courteous to do so. What good would Greg’s site or any of his guests be without subscribers? Please forward Greg’s site to all your friends!

  70. Mohammad

    Bill Holter,

    My hat is tipped off to you.
    I have been on this blog for a while and as far as i remember (please Greg correct me if i was wrong) you are the only guest that took the time to read AND RESPOND to the participants on your interview page, almost every one of them.
    That speaks volumes about your integrity,dignity and treating people with utmost respect…..
    Same goes to the host Greg, my respect to you is increasing day after day


    • Bill Holter

      it’s my pleasure Mohammad!

  71. The Edge Of Chaos

    Well I dont think it ever gets to a COMPLETE break down of society. If it begins to appear that things cant be controlled they will simply release a virus. You cant be out destroying your local neighborhood if you are busy dying. They will just “re-boot”….Kill off 50-60% of the population….come out of hiding…wipe the debt slate clean….introduce a new currency….and go again.

  72. Mark Goff

    If anyone wants to get an idea of what will happen when the grocery shelves go empty, the should view the old Rod Serling Twilight Zone called “The Shelter.” Serling was brilliant for depiction how people would react. I still remember it after all these years as I had relatives that stocked food and prepared for the worse.

    Though it’s about a fallout shelter, it shows peoples true behavior under adverse life or death conditions. This will be very nasty when (not if) it happens.
    You might remember this episode
    We are in for much worse than just a bumpy ride.
    Bill, I follow you on Miles Franklin all the time and appreciate your writings.


    • Bill Holter

      Thank you for your support Mark!

  73. Coalburner

    wd and Mohammad great discussion on Russia going west. Not long ago we heard about the Mother Mary Relic being shipped to Russia from Greece and the outpouring from orthadox Christians led by Putin (not your average KGB). You are on target.

    One more thing Greg Manarinno does respond once in a while to us on the blog.

  74. Al hall

    Really like it that Bill came on the comments section– That great and unique!

    2 Thumbs up for Bill!

    • Bill Holter

      10-4, thanks Al

  75. Jon

    This is all nice; but I’ve been reading the same thing for over 10 years.
    Where are the REAL indicators?
    The Powers That Be may not be ready for the collapse; they are running this show. If they cannot accomplish a successful gun grab, they will not allow it to fall. There MIGHT be a market run, ehh, maybe. The derivatives market seems to be well and good, stealing every possible cent from every possible citizen.
    I totally agree with the progression of the crisis. But again, I have been reading about this for over 10 years.

    • Greg Hunter

      The longer it goes on the less time there is.

  76. Larry Galearis

    Bill does a great job to discuss a derivative problem involving Greek debt/credit default problems that based on Greece owing upwards of $300 B would translate potentially into more than a trillion dollars of hurt for the Western banking sector. This would precipitate a crisis of course and take down the system. If true and there is an appreciation of the problem in the West, the forcible removal of the Greek government would have to be expected. Note, that Putin may have played another masterful end around maneuver by promising financial (dare I say bail-out) aid for Greece with his offer to help with Greece’s debt crisis. Note that the West would have to suck up the ramifications if/when Greece accepts Russia’s deal as it would void a pending financial crisis for them too. It would STILL hugely compromise NATO and reduce the war risks between Russia and the USA (and Europe). So Putin is offering a way out for Europe and all they have to do is shut up about how NATO has been neutered. Putin again out maneuvers the White House and they have to stay mute about this too. This is laugh out loud clever politics!!!!

    As a side benefit, the bill for involvement of the US in the Ukraine civil war would all be on the US. They would not dare to attempt to involve NATO given that Greece (or other members) would veto the action. We should also be aware that given the proposed gas pipeline route through Turkey (and don’t forget the nuclear reactor deal to Turkey) and to Greece gives Russia huge leverage against NATO involvement and potential influence over closing down the Bosphorus Straits should the US Navy wish to engage the Crimea or supply or militarily assist Kiev from the sea. In my view, Putin deserves the Nobel Peace Prize 1000 times over for all his efforts to stop Washington war efforts in the M.E. and Ukraine.

    I am also hopeful that Merkel is about to pull the plug on the White House over sanctions and any additional military adventurism by USA/NATO. This sets up (if I am correct) Merkel for blame by the White House – and silent praise for her political peers in Europe. We can perhaps hope that all that insanity will go away now. And the droolers in the White House will be more isolated once more.



    • Bill Holter

      thanks for following me Larry!

  77. Rusticus

    Greg and/or Bill, I really hope you guys read this comment, as it’s imperative for the accuracy of the future of your forecasting.

    Bill, as many in the alternative media are doing, is positing the East/West dialectic as a real conflict, and primarily, that the SDR will “compete” in the future with the BRICS, using China’s gold for some kind of competing Yuan standard. If you read the documents from the financial institutions themselves, you’ll find the situation is far worse; this is a fantasy. These organizations are moving forward together in lock-step.

    Zhou Xiaochuan is the head of the People’s Bank of China. He’s a member of the Bank of International Settlements, and he was recently PROMOTED to a Deputy Financial Minister of the IMF. In 2009, he authored this paper (published by the BIS) that outlines China’s plan to a T. They’re going to use their vast stockpiles of gold (and possibly silver) to help back the SDR. They may operate independently of one another for a time, but this will be the end result. They’ve already told us their plans, just read the documents:

    Oh, but it gets worse. Chatham House (the British equivalent of the CFR) also authored a paper in 2011, telling us exactly how this “gold-backed” SDR will work… and therein lies the rub. The SDR will be BACKED by gold, but not EXCHANGEABLE for gold, save for the “Power Players.” Again, just read the documents, from the mouths of the Globalists themselves:

    The Coup de Gras, unfortunately, is that the BRICS is simply a puppet for the Anglo-American Establishment’s false Left/Right, East/West dialectic. How do we know this? Because Goldman Sachs “dreamed up” (their words, not mine) the BRICS back in 2003, five years before they were but a gleam in Vlad’s eye. Again, Goldman Sachs authored a paper about it years ago, and it’s there for all to read:

    We’re being played yet again. Greg, I hope you cover this at some point; it’s not a comforting realization to come to, but it is, unfortunately, the Truth. Keep up the good work.

  78. Susan

    ok,boys and girls, not to sound like a goody two shoes, but I feel the main reason these things will in some form be happening is to show each one of us where the real truth and power lies. not in money, not even in gold or food, but in Christ. people follow Him, because they want to be “good,” but they are missing that He is the true power…Go back to the book of John, God created form, but He put the life in the form. align with Him, and he will keep the life in you. he always comes down on the side of life. Be prepared for miracles. share your last apple, and 3 more emerge. details don’t matter. I hope no one here feels hunger pangs….but even more, I hope no one here feels loss of love. this is exciting. lucifer has been in control too long. this is the big event where Christ whips Lucifer’s ass….I don’t know what this will look like, but Lucifer is gonna come off looking puny. that’s all that matters to me! keep loving, keep believing, keep sharing!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are correct.

  79. Larry Maheu

    Something I can’t figure out. One expert says to buy gold for the next 10 years. Rogue Money says the crash will happen soon. Well. we can’t eat gold, and who would want it?
    It seems a can of beans would be a good ‘commodity’. Certainly, good in a barter system.
    Can you clear this up for me?

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