Gold & Silver Suppression Game Running Out of Ammunition – David Morgan

By Greg Hunter’s

Precious metals expert David Morgan thinks the price suppression game in physical gold and silver is showing signs of fatigue, especially in the gold price. Just last week, a billion dollars of gold (paper contracts) was reportedly dumped on the market in about a minute. The price went down less than $10 per ounce and, shortly afterwards, bounced back up. Morgan explains, “They are running out of ammunition as far as I can tell, which means when they do these massive sell-offs, they are being less and less effective. They have to use more and more power to get less and less result. This is why I am saying they are running out of ammunition. They have to do a fair amount of work to get the price down, and then it bounces right back. It shows you the resilience in the gold market. They can’t push it down, but they are not going to let it rise either because of this pricing mechanism to say dollar good, gold bad.”

Morgan says the silver price in the $14 per ounce range and gold around $1,200 per ounce is about mining cost for both metals. Morgan says, “This tells me you can’t get it much lower for very long. . . . Central banks are buying gold not because it is in the monetary system, but because of fear–fear of what is going to happen to the U.S. dollar. That is a fundamental fact. Where are we technically? I’d say we are near a bottom right now (in both metals). Gold is now making a higher low, and silver is also making a higher low. . . . I think by the end of the year that we will be certain that this is the low.”

There is another very big reason to own physical gold and silver, and that is the possibility the Deep State and the Globalists will crash the financial markets. This is not a farfetched concept as President Trump has declared a “national emergency” to “protect the financial system” in a December 2017 Executive Order. Morgan thinks, “If you look at the potential reaction by the Deep State, these people do not lose gracefully. . . . These people will stop at absolutely nothing. So, you have to factor that into your thinking, which means they could certainly take down the financial system because they are losing the game. In other words, turn over the card table, that’s what the metal is for. . . . You’ve got to outthink these people. You’ve got to be two or three moves ahead. So, if they are going to turn over the table, you have to be prepared before they turn over the table and what to do after they turn over the table. So, we are in a ‘state of emergency’. . . . Listen, we need a reset. We need a new monetary system, and we need money working different than it’s working now. If we have a reset and the bankers stay on top again, regardless of how they do it, we’ve really gained nothing.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Morgan of

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  1. Frederick

    Looks to me like it’s time to buy the metals and get rid of some of those surplus Federal Reserve Notes you have laying around

    • William Stanley

      Frederick: I suppose you were intentionally ironic about “surplus” Federal Reserve Notes.” However, I think that my own portfolio had gotten too heavily weighted toward cash. For the past month I’ve been trying to force myself to unload cash and buy more PMs and other “stuff,” e.g. storage food . . . and a new truck (I succeeded in convincing myself that the truck is a store of value, LOL).

      • Tin foil hat

        Provident Metals has Krugerrand on sale for $22 over spot.

        • Greg Hunter

          If live in America, I would strongly suggest U.S. Eagles even though the commission is a little higher.
          My sponsor is totally honest and I get zero commission from telling you to also check Discount Gold and Silver Trading. 1-800-375-4188. Ask for Melody the owner.

          • Glen

            In our part of the world, US eagles are good. However, kruggerands and Canada’s Gold Maples are also highly recognized so you do not need to be afraid to buy those. Find the one with the smallest commission but also make sure they are in decent condition if they aren’t new.

      • Frederick

        We bought a nice new apartment 3 BR with a gorgeous view of the Black Sea in an old Roman town named Heracleia ( Turkish name Eregli) where my wife’s father lives And I’m building two new houses on the SW coast in Marmaris The dollar buys a lot right now and I’m looking to buy a place in Istanbul when the bubble deflates alittle Enjoy your new toy I mean truck Good luck with it Bill

    • Rod

      David mentioned thinking “outside of the box” – here we go! I have heard talk of the fed being nationalized and David mentioned the treasury printing notes. As for nationalizing the fed, my question would be why? It is a bankrupt criminal institution, why would (should?) the public assume its obligations? The SWIFT system should be stripped out of it (nationalized) and let the rest of it burn. As for the treasury issuing notes, well, it never stopped issuing them! People tend to forget that there are 2 issuers of our currency: the Federal Reserve Bank & the United States Treasury. The treasury issues constitutional money – coinage. The circulating coinage value is 1:1 with the circulating notes issued by the fed. Suppose that the exchange rate between the coinage and the fed notes is allowed to float. For example if the exchange rate were to float to 12 fed dollars to 1 constitutional dollar then at current prices a gallon of gas would cost about a constitutional quarter. The fed and the Treasury are two different issuers, why shouldn’t the exchange rate float? Based on a floating exchange rate, the president would be able to eliminate the national debt at any time. The treasury could be directed to coin a special token (made of something cheap like aluminum) redeemable for X amount of gold, Y amount of silver or Z number of constitutional dollars (thereby setting initial exchange rates for all of the above). The fed could be vaporized in a single move. Virtually everyone has access to some coins.

    • paul ...

      Good advice Frederick … lets scare the bankster manipulators and buy on Halloween!!

  2. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Morgan.This has been a long battle for Mr Morgan,reality think like a criminal.What is unlawful will be done with impunity by the elite.FASB 157 mark to fantasy still on the accountancy books and where did the accountancy “profession”object-yeah right?
    Here in the UK the criminality is on steroids particularly in our banks who have “IT issues” on a regular basis just to stem bank runs,why even the TSB has had an “IT issue”for the last 23 weeks,that’s right 23 weeks!
    Just expect more criminality and a rule of law for the “dregs”only.

    • Dlaw

      Spot on! Maranatha.

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: I’ve been waiting to hear from Mr. Morgan, thanks!
    If the price of silver skyrockets, J.P. Morgan Chase will profit immensely from all the silver that it owns.
    They seem well hedged for regime change, especially if they can drive the price of gold so low that they bankrupt the miners and can then buy them for pennies on the dollar. Then they will have oodles of both gold and silver and will desire, indeed help bring about, the end of price suppression in the market for PMs as well as the final demise of the fiat money system.
    Of course that will be coordinated with sharply-rising interest rates and a major depression which will drive prices down for a lot of other assets, which they will then be able to buy for pennies on the dollar . . . and with the new lofty price of PMs, they will have the wherewithal to buy a good chunk of the world. And only they will know when all of this is going to happen. How sweet is that!

    • paul ...

      William … you don’t have to worry about the banksters at Chase buying up the world’s assets for pennies on the dollar with their huge silver horde … under Trump’s latest executive order(s) to protect our Nation from traitors … all that silver Chase owns is going to be seized … and put into our National Treasury for the benefit of all the American people!!

      • paul ...

        What the banksters don’t completely understand is that all their games, rackets and manipulations are coming to an end … and that by Trump’s executive orders “they” will not be able to benefit from the coming reset … “they” wanted a New World Order … well … “they” are going to get one … but the only glimpse they will get of it is in “their last moments” … swinging at the end of a rope … so what did all those trillions of dollars they stole (destroying our country as traitors from within) get them? … a burnt black crisp “nothing burger” in Hell!!

    • Frederick

      Pretty darn sweet indeed And I believe you are spot on with that analysis

  4. Anthony Australia

    Great interview Greg, many thanks.

    Mike Maloney released a clip about our property market here, I know Australia is a fantastic country to live in but a million dollar medium house price is just insane.

  5. 7 geisha of the 7 warriors

    Platinum appears to be chuggong higher
    ? an event on the horizon

    • William Stanley

      Are you referring to a monetary “black hole”?

    • paul ...

      Fear of catalytic converters is making something “rarer then gold” less expensive then gold … platinum should always sell at a premium to gold … fear is providing a rare opportunity to those who fear not!!

      • Tin foil hat

        Paul …
        It’s the fear of the bogus “Climate Change” or diesel fuel which brings down the price of platinum rather than catalytic converter.
        The price of platinum will and should not be always at a premium to gold until platinum is regonized as a monetary metal by the central banks. The gold price should be around $300-$600 if it didn’t have the dual commodity and monetary role.

  6. Jack

    We also have to look at the possibility of infinite money subsidising the production of precious metals. It currently happens in the Aluminium industries,whereby our Govts give huge discounts on the cost of electricity to produce aluminium so it can compete with steel.
    The same could be happening with precious metals.Who really owns most of the shares in the mining companies who produce gold and silver ? Platinum for example is 14 times rarer than gold but is $ 400 per oz cheaper. Infinite money created by the few, has corrupted all markets, so until real market forces come into play, nothing is sure or safe.

  7. R. Williamson

    Hi Greg. I love your shows. They are informative, and cut through the BS in the lame stream media. I would like to see another interview with Hugo Salinas Price, and see what is his take on the current situation with world economic affairs.

    • Tad

      I would too, especially which country he thinks may invoke a silver-backed currency? Last I read, Mexico and Russia were considering his opinions.

  8. Chris

    David Morgan is right.
    If you are an investor/trader you must approach the markets
    like you are playing chess. Always thinking two or three moves
    ahead. As a matter of fact that statagy works well in all areas
    of life. It is also referred to as critical thinking.

    • paul ...

      We need to think 23 to 27 moves ahead of the banksters … 2 to 3 moves ahead will only keep you ahead of the snowflakes!

  9. paul ...

    You don’t have to be a gold expert to know David Morgan speaks the truth … just look at the following chart to see: “The Most Massive Gold Market Head and Shoulders Continuation Pattern in History”!! …

    • paul ...

      Morgan says the Fed/Plunge Protection Team “is running out of ammunition” … it is not so much them running out of ammunition … but that the ammunition they are using is of lower and lower caliber (becoming less effective) … for what was the effect on gold when a billion US dollars was recently created out of thin air and dumped on the gold (paper contract) market in less then a minute? … not much (less than a $10 per ounce drop in the gold price) … because creating so much paper fiat (to drive the price of gold down) actually is making the dollar even more worthless (compared to gold)! … soon the Fed will find it will have to create a trillion new dollars out of thin air to dump into the paper gold market to drive the price of gold down $5 per ounce … then a quadrillion dollars out of thin air to drive the gold price down $1 per ounce … and eventually a quin-trillion dollars (1000 quadrillion) out of thin air to drive the gold price down a penny … the traitors at the Fed and Plunge Protection Team should all be arrested for damaging the National Security of the United States by turning our paper fiat into Zimbabwe currency … this massive threat to our Nation by a Criminal Cabal of Banksters (CCOB) cannot be allowed to go on much longer … if we truly want to preserve our Republic we must take our monetary system out of the hands of the CCOB which are a bunch of “commie/fascist” money printing Demon-rats!!

    • paul ...

      The Fed/PPTeam wants to have us think that one ounce of gold represents 1200 of their IOU Debt Notes called the US dollar … lets examine “the magnitude” of their obvious lie to us more closely … these banksters want us to believe an once of gold represents only 1200 of their paper/electronic dollars … so let’s put all the money (gold) in the world (6 billion “physical” ounces) in one pile … and all the money (paper/electronic) in the world approximately $2 quadrillion dollars into another pile … it is simple enough for even a snowflake to divide the first pile into the second pile to find the “true amount” of paper/electronic fiat debt money is equivalent to an ounce of gold … simply divide 6 billion ounces into $2 quadrillion … the result is over $30 million paper/electronic fiat debt dollars per ounce of gold … now compare ($30 million fiat dollars) to what the banksters are trying to make us think an ounce of gold is worth ($1200 fiat dollars) … and “the magnitude of their lie” these banksters are trying to perpetrate upon all the people’s of the world is truly mind boggling!!

      • Richard S

        You got the CCOB right but really,.. “a bunch of “commie/fascist” money printing Demon-rats!!” You’ve still got some growing up to do!!

        • Greg Hunter

          You mean if someone does not agree with the great and intellectual “Richard S” They have “growing up to do? Cut the condescending liberal crap. You, nameless one, are no smarter or more “grown up” than anyone here.

  10. Brad S

    Great interview Greg. Thanks for continuing to keep the attention on the $21 trillion in off-the-books spending. I was interested in David’s recognition of the political risk.

  11. andyb

    Greg: DM did not mention the biggest reason that silver is so undervalued; namely. that it is produced in quantity only 9X that of gold, and according to the USGS both metals exist on the planet in much the same ratio. But, but, but the Gold/Silver Ratio (GSE) is currently at 80. So, either gold is way overvalued or silver is way undervalued. Which is the better answer? (There will be a quiz in the morning) /sarc

  12. Russ

    Thanks Greg, this was like breakfast for my Confirmation Bias. David Morgan states the current situation very accurately imo. There’s very little downside to precious metals at these levels. I have no idea when the “reset” (in whatever form it takes) will trigger, but when the event happens it will be a weekend come-as-you-are-party. We peons will get little to no advance warning and at that point PM’s will be extremely difficult to find. So buy some silver now while it’s cheap.

    • William Stanley

      Russ, Thanks for feeding my confirmation bias!

  13. Mohammad


    When will you guys get it?
    Prices are not going up any time soon as long as harvesting gold/silver of the countries one after another is finished.


    • Greg Hunter

      So when is the harvest finished. I though Turkey giving up $4.5 billion in gold recently was a bell ringer.

      • Mohammad

        harvesting is war Greg, Iraq/ Afghanistan/ Libya / Syria/ Yemen/ Tunis/ Ukraine are harvested….Still more to come until someone powerful stops the cabal from within.


    • Frederick

      Mohammed I disagree When the dollar implodes the metals will rocket higher

  14. Prophet

    Kudos Greg, David Morgan was on point and factual….will look into subscribing to to his newsletter…Thank you

  15. Larry G Carter

    David Morgan is in the same quandary that all Gold and Silver bugs are faced with.
    You can prognosticate all you want but it has no effect on the real results from those markets. It will not move up until the forces in charge of manipulating those markets
    loose control or deliberately release control to let the price rise. Not likely!

  16. john duffy

    Doctor Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes

    • Greg Hunter

      This was powerful. I cried while watching it. I think God opened the doctors eyes by taking his 6 year old daughter. It was an extremely painful lesson. I felt the doctors overwhelming sadness and guilt. He will now work the rest of his life to expose the pure evil of abortion and he will redeem himself and see his daughter again someday. That will be his reward.
      (Thank you very much for posting this.)

      • Anthony Australia

        People make mistakes Greg, banishing them to eternal hell is not an act of a compassionate God. Yes, a lifetime of bad Karma can happen but one can redeem themselves.

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not banish anyone to “eternal hell.” Seek Christ is my best advice.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Only Lucifer himself cannot be reconciled to God, but no one can redeem one’s own self.

        • Bob

          AA. often a person’s hell is of their own making and they have to live with it.

      • Clowns

        Awful thing to say Greg, you are out of line saying that.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t know what you are talking about but I am never “out of line” commenting on my own property that I provide for free.

      • Richard S

        Whatever perspective of God you believe in is fine with me. God is love and compassion, all else is of our own making. The good doctor is on his own path, one of his own makings as was his daughter, may they both be blessed.

        • Greg Hunter

          I believe in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and I do not need or want your approval.

    • Connie Packerd

      Greg, I understand what your saying. But I think God allowed this mans daughter to die. If we believe in God, we can believe he could intervene in situations such as this. I don’t know, but I think God chose not to intervene. For whatever the reason. His reasoning, if you believe of course, is beyond our capabilities. And I’m sure if he wants to take someone out, he could and can. Or allow someone to die. A lot of unbelievers blame God for misfortune and tragedy. Thats an oxymoron of course and many believers harbor such thoughts too. When we face a difficulty and pray for help, there are no atheists in foxholes. We must not be anxious as Jesus commanded. But rest assured, he knew whom he talked about and whom he talked about will do the right thing. When bad things happen to good or bad people and to us, can we agree, as the 3 Hebrews facing Nebuchadnezzars fiery furnace?

      Nebuchadnezzar in rage and anger, gave orders to bring Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego; then these men were brought before the king. 14 Nebuchadnezzar responded and said to them, “Is it true, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, that you do not serve my gods or worship the golden image that I have set up? 15 Now if you are ready, at the moment you hear the sound of the horn, flute, lyre, trigon, psaltery, and bagpipe, and all kinds of music, to fall down and worship the image that I have made, very well. But if you will not worship, you will immediately be cast into the midst of a furnace of blazing fire; and what god is there who can deliver you out of my hands?” 16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego answered and said to the king, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to give you an answer concerning this matter.
      [17 If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king. 18 But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.” ]
      Easier said than done when facing death. By not being anxious, trusting in God, the higher power. Will no doubt help, to keep your senses and maybe some good old fashioned divine intervention. Either way, rest assured! As sure as there is a God in heaven, he’ll do whats right for you and his purpose!
      “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’” Jeremiah 29:11
      New Living Translation
      What is the price of two sparrows–one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. ◄ Matthew 10:29 ►

      • Bob

        You could plausibly argue that God was against adoption in this case too couldn’t you?

    • paul ...

      It took this butcher a long time to come to his senses … but why couldn’t he have a heart before is own “adopted fetus” was aborted?? … the bankster butchers of our currency will come to their senses too … when the Ponzi scheme they adopted … is aborted!!!

    • Roger D

      john duffy, thank you for sharing.

      Feminists parrot ad nauseum, ‘It’s their body’. OK, then I challenge any feminist to answer this simple question:
      At 4:20 whose body is Dr. Dr. Antony Levatino keeping an ‘inventory’ of?

  17. Don Barlow

    The Brits did It…with help from Senior Executive Service
    American Intelligence Media
    Published on Sep 24, 2018

    Just because the media isn’t reporting it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The British government and monarchy are enemies of the United States and attempted, along with Senior Executive Service, to overthrow Donald J. Trump. Betsy and Thomas share important updates with you so that you can relax and know how the story ends…eventually.

    Rich Lowry: The assault on Kavanaugh validates Trump
    By Rich Lowry | National Review
    · Published: 2 hours ago Updated: 2 hours ago
    The attempted political assassination of Brett Kavanaugh is bad for the country, but good for a Trumpian attitude toward American politics.

    This last-minute ambush validates key assumptions of Donald Trump’s supporters that fueled his rise and buttress him in office, no matter how rocky the ride has been or will become. At least three premises have been underlined by tawdry events of the past couple of weeks.

    LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST! ?@#$%^&*
    heavy. Breaking News
    Julie Swetnick: Deep State Special Agent?
    5 Fast Facts You Need to Know?
    By Michael Ava’SNOT’ty The Snot Faced Boy!

  18. DerStan

    Not really, when you have unlimited dollars you can continue to manipulate the markets until the dollars value goes to zero.

  19. Mohammad


    I do not understand…
    I have been scratching my head since the downing of the Russian plane and am not able to piece the puzzle.
    Israel fighter jet took the spy plane with its large foot print as a shield much later than the attack knowing fully the consequences which materialized.
    The Israelis are not dumb, they know that Russians will map clearly the sequence of events that will lead to the conclusion they have reached, the eyes in the sky are everywhere and they do not lie.
    Also the Israelis fully know that once the Russians reach the conclusion they will answer it with the easiest scenario which will put the Russians off the hook and yet covers and locks the skies of Syria, they know that, that must be one of their calculations no doubt in my mind about it.
    Why did they want to lock the air space in Syria?
    What interest that serves Israel???

    The only conclusion I find thinking the sequence of events is:
    Possibly there is a big war coming to the region, Israel wants to lock Syria in coordination with the Russians and the blessings of US so if the gulf goes in flames none of that will reach her.

    I cannot think of any other possibility, the excuse of locking the space is ready after the big event, and Israel always maintained that they do not have a problem with Assad rather they do with Iranians, Russians also started to squeeze the Iranians out and lately a deal between Erdogan of Turkey and the Russians in IDLIB excluded the Iranians completely….CAN WE SAY THE IRAN WAR IS RIGHT ON THE CORNER?


    • Roger Dodger
      Ron Paul Tells Truth On Syria – Immediately Smeared
      Debunked so many times!

    • paul ...

      THEN WHY THEY DID WHAT THEY DID??????? … because they are arrogant and stupid … they will gladly take Solomon’s solution to the Middle East (and divide the baby) … rather then taking to heart Solomon’s wisdom … and thus to their chagrin … they will be denied the child (by Putin’s Russia)!!

    • Jallen

      You are a smart guy, so, who are the players and what is the goal?
      Think gas/oil to Europe.
      I await your answer.


      • Mohammad


  20. iwitness02

    The real value is not known. People who can produce things at home such as gardens, wine making, sewing, cooking/preserving, equipment for repairs/maintenance, ice making with solar power, livestock and their by products etc., all these things are great in the present environment where the economy is still functioning. If the dollar goes to zero value, then the above mentioned tangibles skyrocket in value. Instead of being “oh how quaint,” it will become “oh how precious!” Materials, ingredients, equipment, know how and experience will probably be the most valuable assets, followed by precious metals. I am hoping that people who cannot afford precious metals will be able to attract precious medals to themselves through their home production. For example, a bottle of wine for a silver dollar. Although I would rather have a goat in exchange for a bottle of wine.
    Thank your Greg and David for another thought provoking interview.

    • paul ...

      As part of our survival gear we need Trump to immediately release “zero point energy” technology (currently available only to the Deep State elite) to “all the people” … so we can drive our cars, heat and light our homes without being a slave to corporate “devils” (who now have us under their economic thumb) … freedom from tyranny demands … that we be given “the free energy God the Father provided to all humanity”!!

  21. Don Barlow

    This explains the fascist left’s playbook;
    Their end will justify the means!

    Harry Reid: Yes, I lied about Romney
    Senator says no regrets – the ends justify the means

    • Roger Dodger

      Coulda Woulda Shoulda, Daaa?
      More Dore;
      Where’s Phil and Jesse when ya need em?
      We get Acosta!

    • paul ...

      The “END” of the Demon-ratic Party this November will be accomplished by this “MEANS” [illegal aliens and dead people will be denied the right to vote] … and their evil end … will be justified by the means!!

  22. flattop

    GREG: Geo Engineering
    Dane Wigington has some interesting information concerning hurricane Florence

    • paul ...

      Remember … the Deep State climate engineers “need global warming” … so they can produce more powerful hurricanes … but now that Trump is in charge … we can now turn this technology against the corrupt Demon-rats (like destroying “their thing” in Puerto Rico or their “moonbeam thing” in California, etc., etc.) … what goes around comes around! …

  23. flattop

    GREG: I stand corrected on the hurricane name. My bad

  24. Derrick Michael Reid

    Running out of ammunition …. been said for decades ….
    As the dollar could continue its decline asymptotically FOREVER
    there will always be “ammunition”
    When the dollar “collapses”, then and only then will “they” run out of ammunition.

  25. RichM

    Sure it may be harder for them but they have all the derivatives, so they can easily manipulate any market they choose. They especially want to suppress PM’s as we have seen and most of the experts “even on here” did not see such an ability to manipulate coming….. i.e., the predictions in 2012, 13, 14, etc that gold would be free as a bird and able to fly and hit $2,000+.

    Still I am holding but down about 70% since 2010.

    At this exact moment, Gold is at $1,198. So, the manipulation is certainly not weakened. They could manipulate it down to $600 if they REALLY wanted to I suppose?

    Our real hope is that Trump, with the constitution behind him; be able to clean out the corruption. Rule of Law would be great but that also includes a true fair free market….. based on real money. I would LOVE to see Trump implement a gold standard.

    Exciting times for sure.

    • Greg Hunter

      They might take it doen tom $600 per ounce but it would not stay there long and China and Russia and anyone else with two functioning neurons would pounce and dry up the supply in hours. The commissions would go parabolic. In short that ain’t gonna happen and this looks like a bottom to me. OH, and then there is the fact we are in a declared “State of Emergency” by the President. You are smart to hold, and if you continue to do so, this will be nothing more than a hiccup on the long road to financial perdition.

      • Tad

        The governments of Russia and China buy all the silver and gold domestically mined. China also has a supply chain via Switzerland.

        If the rumor is correct, we have gold-painted tungsten bars.

      • paul ...

        Always buy some gold on April Fools Day and Halloween when the banksters do their best to scare people into selling their gold “to them”!!

        • paul ...

          And if you need to sell any gold … always do it on July 4th … as the banksters hate Independence Day!!

      • RichM

        Thanks for the pep talk Greg. I plan on holding regardless.

  26. al

    I have been following David Morgan for a very long time and he has been 100% correct in thought and analysis. He now knows that he is fighting a mafia controlled game. I feel for the man and have seen videos of him speaking with an angry tone about the current price situation. When justice wins out these Deep State actors who suppress the metals will be rendered totally useless, until then, if they have to push 100 trillion contracts to keep the metals suppressed they will do so. If it got this stupid for this long, why not any longer?
    Just look at what they are throwing at Kavanaugh…

    The ungraceful childish manner in which the Deep State throws a tantrum is evident by what Judge Kavanaugh is being put through. These total morons are going to anger Kavanaugh enough that when the time comes for him to cut Deep State heads, he will gladly do it with a smile and a great deal of satisfaction.
    They are building an enormous bullseye on their backs by such actions, the same goes for the law of Economics when the Reset comes.

    Thank you for your great work Greg

  27. Mohammad


    Seems Feds are hell bent on crashing the market and making Trump looks bad just before Nov. elections, this is what rate hikes will do.


    • Frederick

      Well in that case they are too timid in their hikes They just did a quarter point and will not hike again until December most probably If they wanted to Truly tank the markets they could have done 50 basis points yesterday

      • Mohammad

        It will be then an obvious move, small vibrations to a tall tower with a small foot print can bring it down, it does not have to be huge swings.


    • paul ...

      For snowflakes who don’t know what Mohammad is talking about … here is an explanation of what Fed rate hikes do to bond prices “for dummies” … and where do you snowflakes think all the money pulled out of the bond market (to stop loss) will go? … Rickards, Sinclair, etc., etc. have written volumes on “gold for Dummies” …

  28. Ty

    Hi Greg,
    I have been watching your videos for a few years now, I love your work. I love David Morgans work as well, I have been following him for about 7 years now, he has always had more common cents than most other gold and silver analysts however I think this mess is going to continue in gold and silver until the US & London markets are made irrelevant, and we could be waiting awhile for that to happen unless the focus turns to shutting them down and restarting with an actual delivery & pricing system. Even then, I don’t think it will do much until actual trade in gold and silver is mandated by international law. Or, if we see a major devaluation in the US $$$ then it might create an underground market for gold and silver, but as long as we are looking to the crooks for what the delivery & pricing is, we are always going to be at a loss. There almost needs to be a new pricing mechanism in place with some funds to soak up physical supply to get this rolling. Maybe Shanghai will turn up the heat sometime? Thank you for all your hard work! God Bless you!

  29. Jodyp

    The best David Morgan yet.

  30. MLK

    IF the claim for 10,000 contracts traded in one minute is true; then it was a private exchange. I just check my tradestation Globex data. The maximum 5 minute trade volume was only 3,500 contracts. That’s 5 minute volume not the 1 minute volume.

    If this transaction took place, it was between two private entities. There was no mass buying or selling. Even though there was a significant price drop at the time of the 3,500 volume.

    Remember, there is always a buyer AND a seller for each transaction.

    I understand he sells silver for a living. But, constantly crying wolf is a disservice to his customers. (Prepared Mind).

    Trader values always applies; even in life. Protect the down side (stop orders etc), and the go after the up side.

    • Richard S

      MLK, exactly right, a transaction between one party probably. I could buy/sell to myself who would know or care. Its not trading at all, just appears to be so.

  31. Roger Dodger

    CNN Deliberatively Lies, Proof;
    & More fascist leftest liar’s!
    Thier Laughing @ youwh0o

  32. Roger Dodger

    Dore outs Maddow_It’s the CIA Stupid!
    Dore deserves a? Hold your nose. A pu, Peulitzer!
    Woodward & Bernstein, give it to Jimmy!

  33. paul ...

    Look like the girls are lining up outside Kavanaugh’s bedroom … to screw him!! …

  34. Rory Altair

    Inquiring Minds Want to know
    How old was Deborah Ramirez and
    Kavanaugh, At the Gang bang parties?
    I did the math and she would have been 21 years old,

    • Rory Altair

      Sorry wrong woman 21, Julie Swednic? To many woman now. Losing track. Listened to report again. Will get it straight. Cant go back to correct. In the meantime, forget about me. Get it from the horses mouth, on the X22 report above.
      Same link as above, here again;

  35. Addison Libby

    Since gold hit the $1900 plus range years ago I keep reading gold going to the. Stratosphere….really? With the uber wealthy et. al and assets tied up in the market will those pulling the strings allow a disastrous ‘crash’ of these assets and permit gold, silver to skyrocket? They seem to manage the the ever higher market to their advantage.

  36. Mohammad


    Damaging testimony by Dr. Ford.
    Kavanaugh is not in his best shapes today, the testimony will trigger an FBI investigation unless someone proves she lied somewhere in her under oath testimony, and if FBI rolls the investigation then the guy is going down and not be nominated for Supreme Court judge.
    Democrats had their best day today.


    • Greg Hunter

      What planet are you from? “Damaging”???? You bet. To Dr. Ford!!! All three of HER witnesses testified under oath that what Ford alleges DID NOT HAPPEN. This is under threat of felony perjury charges for lying. None of the women who have come forward in all 3 cases have ANY evidence. This is a sham and a scam by Democrats. Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

      • Mohammad

        He is already scarred by this unfinished business.
        Even Republican senators on the committee said this will leave a cloud of doubt.
        No supreme justice can have a cloud of doubt hanging above his head.
        I think the guy is done.
        If he is appointed like you said the push for FBI investigation is sure coming from the Democrats and it will lead to mayhem.
        Either way you look at it the damage is done.


        • Greg Hunter

          Your talking about Jeff Flake who said that. There is not damage with false accusations and Dem dirty tricks. It did not work. Kavanaugh will be confirmed. There is no investigation coming from the Dems. They know full well the case is total crap. Dr. Fords 3 witnesses said under oath “It never happened.” Investigate what????? You mean the FBI missed this in their other 6 investigations??????? Please.

          • Mohammad

            The three witnesses said they are not sure and also said they believe her, so the door is open to further FBI investigation if requested, my opinion when I watched the whole thing that something happened between the two, am sure that those allegations are he said she said and no way to confirm, but the door is open to more on the matter and that does not sit well with a supreme court nominee.

            It does not matter at this phase who lied, it is management of perspective public relations and impressoins, and it will roll more to a bigger fire ball from tomorrow on, even if he is confirmed there will be investigations and may be pressing charges for sexual assault who knows what they have under their sleeve.
            when those witnesses come under the pressure of FBI something else may emerge same for his friend with the written statement.
            This seems to me to be the beginning, democrats will exploit this to the max.


    • JC Davis

      Mo . I can prove she lied. She said she suffered claustrophobia because of her experience. Then she can fly all over the country. She had to put two doors on her house , yet she can be trapped on a plane. She is a lie waiting for recognition. Your a doctor you know that don’t fit. Ford just lost elections for democrats for years to come.

      • Tin foil hat

        Couple of things bugs me about her testimony:
        1) Why did she show up at a party in a swimsuit? If it were a pool party, what was everybody doing inside the house?
        2) If she escaped from the house and walked home alone (leaving her best friend behind with couple of sex fiends), how could she not know the location of the house? Did she do that by stargazing?

        • JC Davis

          Swimsuit was under her cloths. It was not a pool party just a group gathering. Location should have been remembered for ever if she was in trauma. In fact when one is traumatized the usually remember what led up to the trauma more then any other event. I think it could have happened, but she was not traumatized from it rather paid for her testimony. Kavanaugh showed body language of guilt. Ford was no way traumatized . No way

        • JC Davis

          One more thing. I don’t believe she was pushed into the room, she did not want the 2nd guy to watch. Just my thoughts,

    • JC Davis

      MO one more thing Ford has a good law suite if she is prosecuted . She said she was not told the by her lawyers the congress wanted to meet on her terms..?? Crazy. Democrats staged this event from day one when FinestineQ held back info from congress and the FBI. Sorry greg for cluttering up your perfect site.

  37. mike r

    (is anyone surprised)
    Now lets hope Kavanaugh sues BLASEY FORD for defamation and libel after this whack show going on in DC today.

    • paul ...

      Hillary better make good on compensating Ford when Kavanaugh launches his multi-million dollar defamation/libel suit against Ford … otherwise only on a cold day in Hell will some other women step up to do the Demon-rats bidding … and as you Demon-rats already know there are not that many cold days in Hell!!

  38. hobuk

    Love Morgan’s theory. Sacagawea dollars would not a bad idea to hold. When I bought John Tyler’s, the bank teller told me the banks hated to have to hold them.

  39. Addison Libby

    Mohammad writes if Kavanaugh is “appointed like you said the push for FBI investigation is sure coming from the Democrats and it will lead to mayhem.
    Either way you look at it the damage is done.”

    It will lead to mayhem?? DC is an eddy of mayhem already!

    • Mohammad




  40. Lesley

    I have a stupid question: Is changing my IRA Investment account to precious metals the same thing as owning physical precious metals? Ok, 2 questions: Should I change my IRA account to precious metals? We are near retirement and cannot afford to lose our investment!!! Help! Thank you!

    • Lesley

      * “the same thing” as in is the value/security the same?

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