Gold and the US Dollar Fight to the Death-Paul Craig Roberts

Gold and the US Dollar Fight to the Death -  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, says, “Gold and the dollar are in a fight to the death.”  Dr. Roberts explains, “The Fed, in order to save a handful of banks too big to fail that are the mindless deregulation of the 21st century, the Fed has had to create a tremendous number of new dollars.  The United States has never experienced anything like the creation of new money it has issued from quantitative easing, which is now multi-years old.  Because the dollar has been the world reserve currency since the end of WWII, countries all over earth have huge stocks of dollars.  It’s not just countries or central banks, but companies and   individuals.  As people view their holdings, an enormous supply of dollars in light of this extraordinary printing of new money by the Fed, they get nervous.  They say ‘I should lighten up my holdings of dollars and get into something else.  Maybe I should get into gold or foreign currency.’  So, this puts pressure on the dollar’s exchange value.  The first way that pressure manifested itself was the rising price of gold.  Despite the fact the price of gold has been pushed down since 2011, it still has about the highest rate of return of just about anything in the 21st century.   The Federal Reserve, in order to protect quantitative easing which is necessary to save the banks, began manipulating the gold price in a new and more intense way.  They used their bullion banks to short the gold in the COMEX futures market.  The trouble with this policy is that it’s been going on long enough that it’s being recognized by people who formerly thought ‘the Federal Reserve would never do anything like that.’  Of course they would, and people are catching on.” 

Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “Another factor is central banks such as China and Russia are purchasing more and more gold. . . . So, what is happening is the actual physical quantity of gold is moving out to Asia in such large quantities that supply in the West to meet purchases is diminished dramatically.  This is starting to bite on the ability of the Federal Reserve of this sort of operation of rigging the gold price. . . . So, it looks like the Fed could be running out of the ability to continue this policy, in which case it will be bad news for the dollar.”  So, is the Fed losing the fight to the death between gold and the dollar?  Dr. Roberts says, “They are not losing right now, but they’re running out of bullets; but the Chinese and the Russians are not running out of dollars in which to buy gold.  The Fed is running out of gold in which to make these deliveries.” 

What happens when physical gold can no longer be delivered to buyers?  Roberts predicts, “The gold price would skyrocket.”  Dr. Roberts doesn’t give the timing for physical non-delivery of gold.  He does point out, “The fact they are having now to use naked shorts in the futures market, paper gold, implies they don’t have enough real physical gold to suppress the price any longer. So, they have to take it to the futures market where they can do it with purely paper contracts. . . . Yes, the possibility of not being able, at some point, to make delivery is real.  Of course, that then would cause all confidence to be lost certainly in the dollar.” 

What would the man-on-the-street experience when confidence in the dollar is lost?  Dr. Roberts predicts, “What he would be subjected to from the drop in the dollar’s exchange value to other currencies would be the prices at Wal-Mart would go through the roof.  The majority of goods on Wal-Mart shelves are imports.  You would see a huge hit to the living standards and ability to cope of the man-on-the-street.  That’s where it all comes home to the average American.  That’s why Federal Reserve’s policies are irresponsible and reckless. They put four or five banks ahead of the entire American population.  They are going to save them if they have to drive the rest of the American population into the ground.” 

As far as Russia and other countries doing more and more business outside of the dollar, Dr. Roberts says this too can spark very big inflation in a short amount of time.  Dr. Roberts says, “Prices can go up hundreds of times . . .  in a short amount of time.  It depends on the amount of fear or the extent people leave the dollar and give up on it.  This is why the Federal Reserve is so irresponsible.”  So, are the Fed and Obama Administration trying to crash the dollar on purpose?  Dr. Roberts says, “No, they are just stupid and arrogant. . . .  If you add up the IQ of the White House and you add up the IQ of the Fed and multiply it by a thousand trillion, it might equal 50.  These are stupid policies designed to completely destroy the U.S. dollar. . . . I don’t think the United States can win the war against gold.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, author of the new book called “How America was Lost.” 

(There is much more in the video interview.) 

After the interview: 
Dr. Roberts has a new book out titled “How America was Lost.”  If you would like to get a copy, please click here.  The book has only been out a few months, and Dr. Roberts told me it is already in its third printing. 

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  1. Isaac

    Seems like Roberts is only allowed to talk about certain things. He admits that the banks are global and governments are puppets but then also talks like they are sovereign. He also says the take down of the dollar is just due to arrogance and not on purpose.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that the global network of banks is doing this on purpose just like they caused the great depression on purpose.

    It’s just one more step in fulfilling their global feudal system (New world order) that they have been building for a very long time.

    • Greg Hunter

      I can assure you Dr. Roberts talks about whatever he wants on USAW. Thank you for your comment.

      • Dave

        Excellent interviews, Greg.
        Just wondering if you would consider a program on the subject of “Freegold”. The best website for an overview (and complete archives) is
        Many of your guests have offered gold price targets, and I am sure that gold bulls would be extremely interested in FOFOA’s reasons for his probability curve of the likely Freegold price targets – and ~ $55,000 midpoint.
        (I was unable to paste his curve in here, but please scroll through the above link to see the range and distribution curve).
        Thanks much for your efforts!

      • Kevin

        “It is the simplest of details that end up becoming the damnedest of things to control” (Nivek)

        I like this Philosopher………….


  2. Fraser

    Thanks Greg, love the PCR…
    But his analysis misses the main point. When China (and others) withdraw gold from the system, they do not change the amount of gold on the planet, but they do change the floating supply of gold on which the fractional bullion banking system operates. Five years ago, it was estimated that there were 10 to 20 paper claims for every available physical ounce. Today it is estimated that there are well over 100 paper claims on every available ounce. Traders will eventually realize this and all demand physical delivery at once, after which all hell will break loose! Without doubt, COMEX will go down in history as the biggest PONZI scheme of them all…
    Speaking of shonky schemes and people, I note that even Donald Trump is expecting an imminent collapse:

    • Fraser

      Just watched this interview for the 8th time (because it is that good). For the record, I would like to change my first sentence (above) to:
      “His analysis is absolutely and totally brilliant, but (if I may) I would like to add one further point”…..
      I also note PCR’s sadness at the end of the interview when discussing the fall of America, which shows what a strong patriot he is. God bless PCR! I only hope that he could do a speaking tour down here in Australia – because we need some common sense too!

  3. allen ols


    I think americans think our gubmnt wouldnt dare to comfiscate gold at a low price and resell at higher price to bail out the fed. Well just look at NDAA, and ammo buying, and shredding of the constitution, and this imbecile in the black house. duh

    80 Years Ago FDR Ordered The Confiscation Of Americans ……/80-years-ago-fdr-ordered-the-confiscation-of…‎
    Apr 5, 2013 – 6102, “All persons are hereby required to deliver on or before May 1, 1933, to a Federal reserve bank … all gold coin, gold bullion and gold …

    • Galaxy 500

      you think your food stuffs and generators are easier to hide than a 20 oz tube of gold eagles? Sure you have it in several locations and when the bad people come and put you to the question…it would be hard to not give them what they want. I dont know what is in store but I just want to point out that people will be looking for food more so than gold. I predict, like in ever other place that has run away inflation and criminal tax rates, a big black market thrives. Gold and silver will be the currency there as no one will want to hold fed reserve notes.

    • Galaxy 500

      And you are forgetting another fact, gold was money and most of it was in bank vaults not in the hands of the public. It was easy to confiscate. It will not be that easy this time. To be honest, it would be worth the gas to get to my house to confiscate some jewelry.

      • allen ols

        by now u have totally underestameted me and my ability to secure my food, fuel, equipment and such. u would be totally wrong, they, who ever they are, will not get to me, or my preps, i am no goofey suburmanite, with his head up his arse. when the gubmnt wants to get the gold, they will tell the whistle blowers to turn in guys like u with gold trying to buy and sell with it and they will get a reward. my food is not for trade or barter and my my 7 kids and friends are a net work un limited. i can move a trailor load in minutes, and if i lose 30% i will still out live the mases lord willing. 🙂 i am no fool

        • Galaxy 500

          You totally underestimate the enemy. Every post you make has an IP address attached. The NSA is recording all this. They track your cellphone GPS as you travel. Dude, if they want what you have, they know where you are. The evil doers get one of your children are you going to let them harm your child to keep what you have. Just playing devils advocate. I could never sell you short

      • Galaxy 500

        Not worth gas…this spell corrector is killing me

        • allen ols

          I doubt they will spend that much energy for my stuff, BUT GOLD, shoot they will invade a country for gold, and reward whistle blowers to turn u in, like SOROS did to his people for the booty, BUT FOOD, nahhh, they will put Greg Hunter , alex jones, celente, PCR, mannirino, hudes, and denniger, way first; off to the fema camps, etc. when i see them take embrey, rule, and sprotts gold, then yours, I will be concerned. 🙂

          • Sandman

            Arent you the guy that say a sack of gold wont buy a day worth of wheat? And you are saying they will go after gold first?

          • Diane Ryan

            Yes we must protect our love ones. But we darn well better be concerned about any of our leaders being put in FEMA camps. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Exactly who do you want for leaders when this all goes down?

            I urge folks to support Constitution leaders such as Richard Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Stewart Rhodes’ When jack-booted thugs come knocking we need these brave people standing with us. If you don’t believe me, ask Cliven Bundy.

          • Galaxy 500

            When they masses are hungry, we’ll see if you’re right

        • Diane Ryan

          Galaxy, yes if folks have no plan to escape ‘the masses’ they and their love ones will have little chance to survive. And exactly where are the masses? They are here:

  4. Apollo

    Greg, another brilliant interview with Dr. Paul Graig Roberts, thank you very much for that. Please next time you interview Dr. Roberts kindly ask him of his view about the role of the IMF and the SDR’s which in my view will come into play once the FED will loose its credibility. According to Jim Rickards on Max Keiser’s episode 584 next time there is a global liquidity crisis which will be bigger than the FED and ECB, the IMF with the SDR’s will come to the rescue of the financial system before it collapses. It seems that the IMF having a cleaner balance sheet will initiate a new QE with the SDR’s thus saving the financial system again from collapsing and kicking the can once more.

    • Greg Hunter

      Valid questions Apollo. Thank you.

      • mark

        Greg, I asked a similar question to Dr. Jim Willie. What about the IMF coming in with a rescue through the use of super sovereign SDRs. The following is his response. “My firm belief is that the IMf new reform plan of a super sovereign SDR with ruble, yuan, gold and silver will be derailed like when Russia demands payment for oil in gold and China demands to pay for oil in Yuan”

    • Galaxy 500

      I dont understand why anyone would trust the IMF as it has the same scoundrels running it as the Federal reserve. Do you think Russia, India and China will even play along? If so I am shocked. When you can pay in Rubles, Rupees or Yuan…why would you give the western world another bite at your apple. And people that lived through the depression never forgot what the banks did. I dont think the people that get screwed over by the Fed in cooperation with the IMF ( remember all those nice white papers the IMF has put out about steal the U.S. citizens funds) will buy into a new scam run by faceless beauracrats even more removed from the people’s sway than the Federal reserve. Sorry, I dont buy it. Oh, they may float it…run up the trial ballon as it were but it will go over like loud rank flatulence at Sunday Worship.

  5. Troy

    Thank You Greg, one of the best guests hands down!

    And in this corner!… the reining chump; Fiat…..
    And in this corner the all time real deal! Metallllllll

    • Greg Hunter

      I predict a KO and it ain’t the metal going down for the count.

  6. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview. I just want give you a scenario, which may happen:
    On the G20 April meeting the BRICS countries (especially Russia, China and India) for various political and economical reasons will announce a new payment system, and ask countries its usage when they do busyness with them, they may optionally say “We don’t recognize US Dollar as reserve currency and as payment.”, which roughly translate (even without the last option) : “Screw you! Put your dollar where the Sun doesn’t shine!”.
    Qatar and Saudi Arabia will surely join this (they have reasons and the necessary steps are done). So there will be a rush to the exit even in the puppet states. Guess where is the exit? Hint for those who are tired of thinking: PM’s, other commodities, other currencies, agricultural land and other hard assets.
    As bonus, China got the Senkaku islands (I don’t want pronounce their Chinese name) and Russia got the southeast Ukraine without a shot or fear of retaliation. Guess in what currency are the thugs and political puppets (traitors) payed?
    Yeah you are right, in US Dollars. Why? No payment for thugs=no organized thugs=the command chain will fall apart.
    1st: When the EBT card users aka the Free Sh!t Army realize they got screwed, all hell will lose. Because of anger directed against the gov and those whom have something. So I hope you and your family and friends will came out from this hell physically and mentally unharmed.
    2nd: It is idiotism by design, the real PTB (guys behind those whom are at least 2 layers behind the curtain) allowed for those idiots (whom are always stupid and arrogant) secede to power. Why? Maybe the real PTB realized, if this ‘show’ go on bit longer (means 5-10 years) the PLANET (and THE HUMANITY) will be FUBAR.

    Your thoughts.

  7. bob

    greg, i would like to know what would have happened if the banks would have been aload to fail. bad for us yes. but where would we be at for bringing all these people up on charges, suffer a lot and move on.i do beleive that there will be confiscation of gold and silver, but come and find it. i think they will only go after people leaving a paper trail, aka internet purchase or us mint purchase or credit card purchase, and even then it has to be worth it. i would like to really know what war have we really won since ww2? to a possible touchy subject, being a teenager at the time, i’ve heard through the years of pro reagon and against reagon. Dr. paul i think is great. but he has to look at the past and say boy there was some mistakes made that helped this along during the reagon years. deregulation was big. i would like to know his thoughts on this. did this not help lead the decline of our middle class? all i’m doing is looking for answers. Dr. paul has commented in the past some of the great stuff that reagon did, understand that he was’nt directly involved or have privey to every aspect of everything going on. now i beleive in some of the arrogants of our gov’t but i also believe in karen hudes. we have been infiltrated. karen’s approach i think lies on conspiracy, which i think turns people off. it’s all pieces of the puzzle. God bless greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You Bob. Bless you too my friend!

  8. Dwain

    Greg, how I wish all Americans could hear this interview. Dr. Roberts summarizes everything we face and lays it out in simple terms. He is my favorite guest on your site. It must be extremely difficult on him, having served so honorably in government and knowing what he knows.

    Out of all sites I research, I feel yours is the best. You always get to the heart of the matter and ask the right questions. The information you and your guests provide is vital. If only you were in the mainstream media.

    Its so sad to see people setting themselves up for servitude by giving in to propaganda and lies spewed from lapdog presstitutes.


  9. Paul Mallinson

    Wow, what an interview you had with Dr Roberts. His whole thesis makes so much sense and I think he is probably right on the money! The unknown aspect is how fast all this unfolds. Thanks for providing the forum for us to be able to listen to such smart and informed people as Dr Roberts.

  10. Seen TOO MUCH

    Read Wealth and Democrcy, by Kevin Phyllips and learn the general structure of your economic world.


    Seen TOO much

  11. armando

    Greg: For the record, I´m a recently retired US Naval Officer now living in Europe. I have an MBA and am currently working on a second Master´s degree in Austrian Economics. For what it´s worth, I find Dr. Roberts´ opinions to be both accurate and insightful – he has clearly earned my respect and admiration for his no-holds-barred expression of the truth. Your interview was superb as usual, I will continue my anonymous donations to both your site and that of your guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Armando for your comment and service to the country!

    • Galaxy 500

      Thanks for your service. What country are you in? Italy

  12. The Donald

    Greg, great job as always with your interviews and timing.
    I found this article this morning and thought you and your readers
    would find it interesting. The timing of the article along with your interview
    with Dr. Roberts seems to have a lot of synergy. Thank you for all you do.

    • Calgirl

      The (other?) Donald,
      Thank you for the very interesting link.

  13. emeniag

    Wow Greg,
    We don’t even have the option for nuclear war, unless of course were, criminally insane!
    PCR also says we got here because of our stupidity and arrogance, makes me think of when John McCain, Pualson, Bush and Obama hashed out Tarp to save the banksters. Those guys were so amazed at the knowledge of senator McCain, I heard Bush went out and voted for Obama! They were actually amazed at the knowledge Barry had on the subject. Well I don’t know what went wrong, but 5 yr’s of QE, sure put us in the crapper. Now its just a matter of time and Gold will once again be the great equalizer, just as Sam Colts six shooter was in the old west. Trouble is as PCR points out, the US. sold out all our golden bullets! We gave away all the gold to keep the gold price down, so that the Chi-coms and Russia can be rich and the US. an impoverished nation?
    I hope and pray as PCR says, that were not criminally insane, just stupid, so as to keep the nuclear option off the table, it’s just that the arrogance part worries me and all that lead, our departments of fatherland security and police have been accumulating. Maybe as Mohammed used to say, they know how to turn all that lead into gold and Karen we got to find that stash in the Philippians, not to save the world, but king dollar. GOD SAVE THE KING “DOLLAR USD”!

    USAWatchdogs, Once a Marine, always a Marine!

    The Marines Hymn is the official hymn of the United States Marine Corps.
    It is the oldest song in the United States Armed Forces.

    From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli;________________________
    We fight our country’s battles________________________________________
    In the air, land and sea;_____________________________________________
    First to fight for right and freedom_____________________________________
    and to keep our honor clean;_________________________________________
    we are proud to claim the title________________________________________
    of United States Marine. . .

    Below, written by William Perkins after operation Desert Storm;
    Comm O 1st CEBC(-) Task Force “Poppa Bear”;

    In all our years of fighting,__________________________________________
    In some battles that were rough_______________________________________
    From the rigs of continental ships,_____________________________________
    to the rigs in the Persian Gulf.________________________________________
    But we’ve taught the world respect for, and exactly what it means.______________
    The eagle, globe, and anchor of,______________________________________
    the United States Marine.___________________________________________

    And anonymous additional stanza;

    Standing ready to do battle__________________________________________
    The United States Marines__________________________________________
    For the cause of right and freedom_____________________________________
    The United States Marines__________________________________________
    If the people need to call upon________________________________________
    The United States Marines__________________________________________
    They will find us faithful____________________________________________
    The United states Marines___________________________________________

    Ending stanza of the official;

    If you ever look on Heaven’s_________________________________________
    scenes you will find the streets are guarded by_____________________________
    United States Marines_____________________________________________


    Semper Fidelis ” Always faithful “_____________________________________

    O O R A H ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Galaxy 500

      Seemed Fi! I agree with you on everything you said except for the Mikhail the Marine part. He earned respect for being a Marine but his constant un-Christian attacks on everyone, including Greg, were rather droll. The attacks made It sound like he may have needed a mental health professional in his life. Just my opinion and you know I am not afraid to share.

      • allen ols


        nooooo saay it isnt so,

      • Galaxy 500

        Say what isnt so Al?

        • allen ols


          …….you know I aint afraid to share.

          No say it isnt sooooo 🙂

  14. vincentg

    Dr. Paul is without a doubt the best person to turn to in order to understand the current problems we face.

    He lays it out perfectly on how the outsourcing of jobs and how the H1B Visa was misused to import low cost workers has crippled the Governments income via the income tax.
    It almost seems to me at times that this country is at war with itself.

    The country is past the point of no return and a collapse will take place.
    The only question is when and how bad it will be.
    I still think it’s over one year away and since we have a trend that things seem to fall apart when new presidents take office I am betting on that as being the point in time when it falls apart.

    I used to support the Republican Party but no more.
    I stopped after Bush 2

    I will not vote for anyone that does not support removing the Federal Reserve and restoring The Glass Steagall Act in full as it was originally written.

    All new banking laws put into effect during the Bill Clinton Presidency must be repealed.

    Once this is done then things will normalize.
    As to what money should be:
    For 2000 years Gold and Silver has been money.
    The world population is too large to experiment with new ideas as to what money should be.
    If we take the wrong road on what money should be we will put billions of peoples lives at risk.

    • Calgirl

      Check out the Convention of States website,
      There are many pro/con opinions regarding ammending the constitution on Youtube also, but Mark Levin is promoting the convention, and he has my vote.

    • Galaxy 500

      So, who do you plan to vote for? The Green party?

  15. CrazyCanuck

    Greg, thanks for getting Dr. Roberts on. His clear, easy to follow overview is ideal for passing on to those fence sitters who deep down know something is amiss, yet have to overcome decades of reliance on TPTB and mainstream media.

  16. Werdna

    Thanks Greg; and also thanks to Dr Roberts. I’ve just ordered his latest book and looking forward to what I think will be another fascinating insight into the American political and financial scenes.


    The good Dr. Roberts has delivered an accurate diagnosis but has failed to apply the only remedy to cure the disease.
    Please read the following criminal and civil applications that should have been sanctioned years ago to end this criminal insult to the American People;


    • Galaxy 500

      Great reading as you wrote it. Tell me, why haven’t you filed suit yet?

    • FlyGirly

      PAUL LEO FATSO To do all that Paul, you will need need to call in the Marines!

      • Galaxy 500

        I am all for it but it would take more than the Marines

  18. Joanna

    Hi Greg,
    First off, thank you for having Mr. Roberts on again. This man is just a wealth of knowledge that you can’t find any place else. I just LOVE him!
    However, I do have to disagree with him on one thing and that is when you asked him if the powers that be are intentionally trying to destroy America. I happen to think it is intentional. This is just another stepping stone to creating their New World Order.
    The powers that be know what they’re doing. Everything they’ve done to this point has led to these moments. Think about it. They have a play book. They’re not that arrogant and/or stupid.
    9/11 is a perfect example. The worst day in American history and our National Security was made out to be that incompetent? No, they weren’t! That day was intentional. It led to the signing of the Patriot Act, aka Nazi Manifesto (as Jim Willie says) and an endless war against an invisible enemy that keeps the American people in perpetual fear and their willingness to give up their Constitutional rights!!! Nothing has been the same since that day.
    Why would Obama be doing what he’s doing when they all know that this type of action will destroy the dollar and America? The answer is, it’s intentional.
    A little voice inside my head keeps asking the question, “Are they all in cahoots together? Obama, Putin? Are we playing into their hands thinking they’re going against each other when what they’re really doing is planning the destruction of the dollar in order to bring on a new currency, the North American Union and the new Constitution. Maybe they’re not and Putin is just playing right into their hands. ????
    After that has been successfully implemented, their next move will be a New World Order. Call me crazy and I hope I’m wrong but the voice in my head keeps questioning this. There’s a bigger picture here and everyone’s missing it. What is their End Game? World dominance! A one world Government. A “New World Order”

    • Calgirl

      I agree…….they can’t all be THAT stupid. However, I just can’t agree with a picture of Putin and Obama shaking hands behind our backs. Putin is not stupid, nor is he a follower. Unless he becomes King of the NWO, I don’t see him cooperating.

    • tROT

      In the one new world government of disorder, will there be freedom of religion, free press, Obama care, free mobile phone’s and peace and security, hot dogs and apple pie? “Make that pasty’s for you Aussie’s and upper peninsula Michiganders”. Don’t get your hopes up, build a fireproof ark and watch out for Sarah Pallins death panels. Our fearless leader has already given up the net. to the UN., that tells you something of whats in store for us freedom loving Americans. The only thing we will be free to do is probably hang ourselves! But i’m sure the PTB will really sugar coat the thing. Don’t be fooled, whenever it is they say, peace and security, (1 Thessalonians 5: 3).

  19. smaulgld

    PCR: “Despite the fact the price of gold has been pushed down since 2011, it still has about the highest rate of return of just about anything in the 21st century.” ” If you add up the IQ of the White House and you add up the IQ of the Fed and multiply it by a thousand trillion, it might equal 50″
    Two U.S. Presidents did a better job of destroying the dollar than the Fed ever did:

  20. Sam G

    Hi Greg:

    There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t eagerly check your website for the latest update or new comments by your intelligent listeners. There are less than a handful of high-quality websites I visit regularly and USA Watchdog is at the very top. Well done you!
    With clear eyes, for several years many of us have been closely following the geo-political machinations going on throughout the world. While this is important in helping us to figure out what fresh hell “they” (the hierarchy enslaving you) are planning for us next, it can also be a distraction. A distraction from the real source of everything that’s gone wrong in the world in the last 150+ years.
    Ground Zero of all of the problems of humanity that no one (no one!) is naming is: the Rothschilds and their partners! Period. We all know it. Why isn’t anyone saying it, shouting it over and over and over, instead of focusing on the sock puppets?

    There is no larger or more important issue for the survival of humanity and its ability to live in freedom and liberty than getting rid of this soul-sucking family and their deputies. The Rothschilds and their partners own all of the central banks of the world and as such, are the evil, shadowy hands behind all of the suffering that goes on in the world. Every war, conflict, revolution, coup d’etat, boom, bust, crash, recession, depression, genocide, currency debasement and price manipulation to name a few, has been created by the Rothschilds. And yet you rarely hear any of the contrarians name them when they are the one and only masterminds.

    Through their vast web of central banks (vampire squid as Matt Taibbi calls them) they roll out their globalist agenda which, as we all well know, intends to enslave the vast majority of humanity and hence, the necessity to first reduce the wealthy western nations to poverty through massive debt creation and inflation.

    Contrary to what many are stating, the heads of the central banks printing the trillions in fiat currency are neither stupid nor incompetent. And they do know economics and have chosen to be complicit in the Keynesian nightmare they are perpetrating on the world. They are fully aware of the effects of their actions and have sold out their countries and its unsuspecting citizens. When every single central bank in the world was cautious about over-printing currency a mere 5 years ago (pre-2009), in concert, they all went printing crazy post-2009. Why this sudden, group sea change? Because they were told to do so! It’s part of the Rothschild plan of global domination.

    All world leaders, including Putin (for whom many of us gained respect due to his cool handling of the Ukrainian situation), take their marching orders from the Rothschilds via their agents – so they cannot be expected to do the right thing for anyone but the Rothschilds. For a list of the 180+ Rothschild-owned central banks, go here:

    Has anyone else noticed that the Rothschilds are no longer in the public eye? In fact one of them actually gave an interview a couple of years ago (on You Tube) saying he got out of banking! Yeah, right. Who would walk away from a % of every single dollar, ruble, yen, franc, peso, pound, mark, yen and every other fiat currency created on the planet?

    The Rothschilds used to be in the society pages regularly – but no longer. They used to participate in the London Gold Fix – but no longer. They never, ever show up on any of the “richest in the world” lists even though they have wealth that arguably outstrips even the Queen of England – who owns entire countries such as the UK, Canada and New Zealand – 6.6 billion acres in all. The Rothschilds have faded into the background so as not to be remembered by us “unwashed masses” as controlling the destinies of seven billion people! And not in a good way. Does anyone else see this as anything but totally unacceptable?

    When are we going to stop dithering and flapping our gums and simply go get the Rothschilds and surround their central bank buildings so that no one can enter?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not just the Rothschild’s. There are plenty of other villains in the banking world and they come in all creeds and religions.

      • Galaxy 500

        I dont buy that Putin dances to anyone’s think need but his own.

    • tROT

      Sam Giancana There’s much more to this rats nest than meets the con-mans eye’s, mind and heart!

  21. Sandman

    Thanks for having Dr. Roberts back. Some posters have asked what hyperinflation would look like and its possibility of happening is pooh-poohed by some. Here is what history shows us: (I am not a big PBS fan but I have seen the entire Commanding Heights series and I think it brings some things into context)
    “Before World War I Germany was a prosperous country, with a gold-backed currency, expanding industry, and world leadership in optics, chemicals, and machinery. The German Mark, the British shilling, the French franc, and the Italian lira all had about equal value, and all were exchanged four or five to the dollar. That was in 1914. In 1923, at the most fevered moment of the German hyperinflation, the exchange rate between the dollar and the Mark was one trillion Marks to one dollar, and a wheelbarrow full of money would not even buy a newspaper. Most Germans were taken by surprise by the financial tornado.
    “My father was a lawyer,” says Walter Levy, an internationally known German-born oil consultant in New York, “and he had taken out an insurance policy in 1903, and every month he had made the payments faithfully. It was a 20-year policy, and when it came due, he cashed it in and bought a single loaf of bread.” The Berlin publisher Leopold Ullstein wrote that an American visitor tipped their cook one dollar. The family convened, and it was decided that a trust fund should be set up in a Berlin bank with the cook as beneficiary, the bank to administer and invest the dollar…”
    ‘But the bourgeois habits were very strong. Ordinary citizens worked at their jobs, sent their children to school and worried about their grades, maneuvered for promotions and rejoiced when they got them, and generally expected things to get better. But the prices that had doubled from 1914 to 1919 doubled again during just five months in 1922. Milk went from 7 Marks per liter to 16; beer from 5.6 to 18. There were complaints about the high cost of living. Professors and civil servants complained of getting squeezed. Factory workers pressed for wage increases. An underground economy developed, aided by a desire to beat the tax collector.”
    [This reminds me so much about our habits here, people living beyond their means]

    So the printing presses ran, and once they began to run, they were hard to stop. The price increases began to be dizzying. Menus in cafes could not be revised quickly enough. A student at Freiburg University ordered a cup of coffee at a cafe. The price on the menu was 5,000 Marks. He had two cups. When the bill came, it was for 14,000 Marks. “If you want to save money,” he was told, “and you want two cups of coffee, you should order them both at the same time.”

    The presses of the Reichsbank could not keep up though they ran through the night. Individual cities and states began to issue their own money. Dr. Havenstein, the president of the Reichsbank, did not get his new suit. A factory worker described payday, which was every day at 11:00 a.m.: “At 11:00 in the morning a siren sounded, and everybody gathered in the factory forecourt, where a five-ton lorry was drawn up loaded brimful with paper money. The chief cashier and his assistants climbed up on top. They read out names and just threw out bundles of notes. As soon as you had caught one you made a dash for the nearest shop and bought just anything that was going.” Teachers, paid at 10:00 a.m., brought their money to the playground, where relatives took the bundles and hurried off with them. Banks closed at 11:00 a.m.; the harried clerks went on strike.

    The flight from currency that had begun with the buying of diamonds, gold, country houses, and antiques now extended to minor and almost useless items — bric-a-brac, soap, hairpins. The law-abiding country crumbled into petty thievery. Copper pipes and brass armatures weren’t safe. Gasoline was siphoned from cars. People bought things they didn’t need and used them to barter — a pair of shoes for a shirt, some crockery for coffee. Berlin had a “witches’ Sabbath” atmosphere. Prostitutes of both sexes roamed the streets. Cocaine was the fashionable drug. In the cabarets the newly rich and their foreign friends could dance and spend money. Other reports noted that not all the young people had a bad time. Their parents had taught them to work and save, and that was clearly wrong, so they could spend money, enjoy themselves, and flout the old.

    The publisher Leopold Ullstein wrote: “People just didn’t understand what was happening. All the economic theory they had been taught didn’t provide for the phenomenon. There was a feeling of utter dependence on anonymous powers — almost as a primitive people believed in magic — that somebody must be in the know, and that this small group of ‘somebodies’ must be a conspiracy.”
    [Note the “conspiracy theories” taking off much like they abound on this site and others. Also note how the children throw caution to the wind. The kids saw what was happening and did mightily despair.]

    • Galaxy 500

      I would say that the USA doesn’t owe war reparations but the truth is we owe FOR wars so it would be intellectual dishonesty to say there is a difference. The behavior you point out is going on in Venezuela and Argentina right now. And we are financing the wars and government by printing vast amounts of money.

  22. Matt Schimpf

    Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D., is my favorite guest on your website. He’s an erudite, personable patriot in the truest sense of the word. No euphemisms, no crap – he tells it like it is. You’ll never see him on ABC, CNN or any other MSM propaganda machine! Way to go Greg, and thanks!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Matt. He was writing regularly for the Wall Street Journal and the WSJ decided it didn’t need a former Assistant Treasury Secretary with an earned PhD in economics writing for them anymore. Imagine that.

      • Calgirl

        And, the ABC and CNN didn’t need a Greg Hunter writing for them either! Imagine that!

        Your site is the only site where I read the entire comments section as it is equally informative as are your interviews.
        Thank you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Calgirl.

  23. brian

    Given Dr Roberts assessment regarding the feds and the executive branches actions lately which have done nothing but to exacerbate the weakness of the dollar, one must wonder if these policies and actions are not just done by dumb people, but it is dumb people being guided by the designs of others. I think it is time to seriously consider that there are very powerful interests that have long ago positioned themselves to greatly and supremely benefit from the destruction of this nation at the least and that the collapse of this nation is quite possibly an engineered and planned event. To read about Smedley Butler is to discover how it is that for over a century now powerful moneyed interests have done more than just nudge and direct the actions of the government, but instead act directly through the government.

  24. art barnes

    Greg, the last minute of the interview was eye opening and a future prediction that is coming to fruition daily little by little – but I do believe as G. Celente as said, “currency wars, then real wars…:. could be in the offing with Washington being forced to act militarily as the pressures of the central bankers & the elite not wanting to let go of “American exceptional-ism” could demand it. I believe a regional war is now being orchestrated in the Ukraine by Washington. The provocative measures of Kerry & the White House with sanctions, etc., could, as your guest suggested, complete the onset of the demise of the dollar as the reserve currency. At that point a shooting war could start between American proxies such as the Ukraine and then escalate destabilizing the entire economic world community. Its a dangerous game and I think Washington believes Russia & China will blink, but personally I’m not so sure any longer that they will- What Say You?

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to be blind not to see we are edging towards war. Thank you for weighing in my friend.

      • art barnes

        Greg, yes I agree, a blind man can see a war is coming, the real question I have is WHY? For what purpose? Could it be that Washington, the Central Bankers & the elite know the dollar is going toast and this is a “wag the dog”? I just don’t understand what good a war would do when economic policies at home & aboard could right this ship albeit we would have to take strong measures and stop being a welfare state and take our banking & money printing back from the Central Banks. I just don’t get it, I’m afraid for my children, not for me.

  25. Jerry

    Greg this was an absolutely chilling interview.
    PCR pretty much lays it out. In my mind I would prefer a total collapse over a slow death by hyperinflation. Right now I am struggling to make ends meet. I have lost almost half my business due to the economy the last two years. Making new deals in real estate is getting increasingly harder to do. I have no mortgage to payment. No credit card debt. But yet every dollar is accounted for. The prices of fuel and food continue to go up, and right now I spend around 20% in income taxes. Greg I’m stretched to the limit. If the current trend continues, I will be forced to start cancelling things. Sometimes I feel like I’m being squeezed to death by a giant financial python. I can’t imagine prices quadrupling. If that happens the insurance is gone. The power is going off. And I will start eating out of my food supply. Right now I’m just hoping for a quick merciful collapse of the dollar over this slow methodical death. At least that way we can just get it over and move on with our lives.

    Anyone who doesn’t feel this financial pressure right mow, is either being supported by the government in some way, or wealthy. Right now the middle class in literally being squeezed to death with this slow burn inflation. But guess what? When the government can’t tax the crap out of us anymore, they’re going to be looking for a bucket a food with the rest of us. When you don’t have tax revenue, all you’ve got left is money printing, and when that stops….. it’s over. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Joe Blow on the street, or a government worker, you’re going to feel the reality of being broke.

    The good news is, like all sickness, including debt, eventually you heave it all up, get it out of your system . and recover. PCR is right. If Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs , and the rest of the Banking parasites were forced to fall on their own sword back in 2007, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now. God willing, we’ll make it through and learn our lesson.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry for sharing your story and perspective. You are not alone my friend!

    • smaulgld

      The housing recovery is a farce. Prices may have gone up but sales are still way down from 6-10 years ago.
      You are right a collapse might be better if it leads to creating a new freer market where everyone has a shot not just those who have businesses and interests large enough to get the gov’t to do their bidding

    • allen ols


      get a couple 2k inverters sine type and a few freezers, load with meat, and get a couple deep cycle batteries as these will power your freezers, as they pull about 3 watts, depending. buy seeds lotts of them. keep buying canned goods, get some plastic barrels and collect rain water as we flush one toilet off rain water, get a sawyer water filter and learn to filter water. I take free buckets from panera bread, ie pickle buckets and put HD rocks in bottom up 1 inch, add barb for filter through side of bucket up 2 inches, add coffee filter, large, then burn some oak and collect charcoal, then coffee filter again then silca sand from HD and pour rain water, pond water and lake water through tee shirt filter first, and drink water. boil water for baths. get barrels blue plastic to collect rain water let set in sun and take baths in them, shut off water heater, and all lights, use sheap candles from goodwill. use micro wave often, and save save save. forget gold, buy food all u can get. buy several generators, stor e and hide barrels of gas and get ste up to live in camper. it will get bad. al ols

      • Jerry

        Thanks Allen.
        All good advice. I’ve got the food problem licked. Right now I’m working on the water. I have 2 barrels of water and a 600 gallon hot tub for back up but I still need more. I live on a hill 90 feet from a huge lake and can’t figure out how to pump the water up the hill from the lake. Its to far for gas pumps to lift. I’ve been trying to get a military water storage tank to pump into, and transport it but they’re hard to find. I’m always open for suggestions.

        • Will H

          To get the water up the hill from the lake you might try a pump that they drop down into a well. You would need to put screen filter around so it could draw clean water. Just a thought.

      • Diane Ryan

        All good ideas. But perhaps the first (and possibly most important) question to ask yourself, ‘WHERE will I choose for my retreat?’ We started at the following page and found peace and relative safety with like-minded God-fearing folks. We grow/raise much of our own food and fuel. We homeschool our children. Yes, these areas do exist.

      • Will H

        Allen, I always appreciate your insight. I have picked up many tips and ideas from your post to basically live off the grid or for survival. Thanks again

  26. mushroom

    It simply doesn’t get any better than this interview.

    Off topic remark – Tom Piketty has just published “capitalism in the 21st Century”
    -an analysis of our “class ridden neo-Victorian society dominated by the unearned wealth of a hereditary elite” …wonderful book by someone who would be an excellent guest…

  27. Keith R. Starkey

    “So, are the Fed and Obama Administration trying to crash the dollar on purpose? Dr. Roberts says, “No, they are just stupid and arrogant. . . .”

    Really? A former insider says that? He knows he’s lying through his teeth and then some, but I guess I can understand why: he doesn’t want a result of those…how many bankers committed suicide so far?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think he’s lying Keith. Dr. Roberts is not a liar and has gotten much grief for his many public statements as to what is going on.

    • lastmanstanding

      I didn’t buy that (and will never buy that) either Keith. I have a lot of respect for PCR.

      Sometimes one can’t see the forest for the trees.

  28. Rumplestiltskin

    The FED already cannot make good on their deliveries. Why does it take the FED seven years to repatriate Germany’s gold? BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE IT !!!

    Why is the COMEX forcing those wanting physical delivery to take notes or bonds in place of physical gold? BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE IT !!!

    Of course those nations purchasing gold want the price kept low, that way their stored dollars are worth more. When the dollar loses it reserve status, gold will go through the roof, and those nations now purchasing so much of it, will not be able to do so, so for now they are getting what they can while the getting is good, as it were.

  29. Jerry

    Greg do you remember the Kyle Bass interview?

    Are we taking bets on how long the dollar will last?
    In March:
    – The Russians dumped 110 Billion
    – China and the BRIC nations dumped a combined 110 Billion
    – HSBC reported the Yuan as the second most used currency.

    Question: How long can a Ponzi scheme last?
    Answer: Only as long as people believe in it.

    Greg it appears that other countries are losing confidence in the dollar, and are realizing that the #1 policy of this administration is “dollar debasement”,

  30. dave

    Hi Greg
    Very nice interview .I do like PGR as he his careful with his words and predictions .
    Anyhow thanks for bringing that to us and great reporting.


  31. Jerry

    Greg with this deal, can the Yuan as world reserve currency be far behind?

  32. AndyB

    Kudos for exposing us to a thoughtful and reasoned commentator who enables us to connect the dots, even though we are constantly bombarded by disinformation and misinformation to keep us ignorant of the true psychopathic agenda of our esteemed (?) leaders.

  33. liza succotsh

    I disagree with Dr. Roberts on one point. The administration is NOT stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. The goal of BOTH parties is to systematically ruin this country.

  34. Paul

    Thanks for having Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on again. His is such a fantastic guest! He really makes a lot of sense. His insight and knowledge is clearly apparent and he makes geo politics easy to understand for ordinary people like myself . Thank you both!

  35. A. Hall

    Greg: good interview, but Dr. Roberts is totally wrong- he doesn’t know- the dollars IS being destroy on purpose just as you suggested. I have many sources that have told ne this is all planned. The dollar collapse should have taken place already. It is being delayed to put other “things’ in place ” The “elite’s” are in control and control Congress and Obama.


  36. William Betts

    Thank you for having Dr Roberts on your news. Since1 January the price of food has gone up 19%. Two weeks ago you could buy lb of bacon in Walmart for $3.98 the price of that same lb of bacon is $5.23 today. Hyper inflation is just beginning in this country. We as a people are in a terrible fix in this country right now. Congress has its head up its ass and the president and the people that work for him are out to lunch as it were. The only way to save this country is a military coup, but there are no leaders there. If you want to know about the press and the CIA look up Operation Mockingbird. Start at google and you will get to the right place. This is why the mainstream press is in synch….. Betts

  37. Mr Mysterioso

    Hi Greg,

    Been looking at your site your 2 years. I remember your interview with Coast to Coast.
    It still sends fear through me. I use to be on the road for 15 years. I would listen to C 2 C and would laugh half the time. Never would have I ever thought it would all ring true these years later.

    REAL WORLD UPDATE: I recently drove through San Antonio with my friend who is from there. He had not been there in about 7 years. He was shocked at all the store front vacancies. He said” I can’t believe what I am seeing”… He said this was all thriving ten years ago. Multiple empty houses, broken windows etc. Prior middle class neighborhoods. “Dead zones”… He commented, “I thought Texas was supposed to be thriving”.

    I had never been here before and it was a shock to me.

    Peter Lynch said a great way to pick successful stocks is to look at the local companies that are doing well, look locally invest globally.

    Greg, it works in reverse; look at the local economy can reflect the national economy.
    Greg even I was shocked; and I have never been here before….

    Thanks for your dedication to truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mr. for the real world reporting.

  38. Ugly

    PCRs equation is cool and may have more Universal value than E=MC2….his IQ equation is as follows:

    (WH IQ) + (Fed IQ) = 50

    Einstein had many famous quotes. One of them was that ‘it is not the number of ignorant people in this world that can affect humanity, but it is those numbers that think they have knowledge that will affect humanity….’

    • Ugly

      Upon reading again, I wrote the equation wrong. PCRs IQ equation is:
      [(WH IQ) + (Fed IQ)] x (1000 x trillion) = <50

      Sorry PCR for misrepresenting your Universal formula for financial clod-heads. Great work….

  39. Ross

    Who the heck is still buying naked shorts?

    • Sandman

      Short selling is when you borrow shares, commodities, options, etc and then sell them with the promise of replacing them with kind. Naked short selling is when you don’t borrow the shares…you get the picture, they are selling make believe shares or in this case commodities that they don’t have.

  40. Agent P

    About the only area where I would disagree with Dr. Roberts, is on his seeming obsession with ‘regulation’ – or in his particular slant, the lack thereof. The truth of the matter is that we have had – and continue to have, Too Much Regulation – by Corrupt Regulators no less…

    ‘Regulations’ spring forth from the hearts & minds of men. They are nothing more than earthy writ. Nazi Germany had reams upon reams of ‘regulations’. The former Soviet Union had libraries-of-Congress’ worth of ‘regulations’. And what sort of societal harmony did they bring about? What did all of those ‘regulations’ do to prevent corruption? They added rocket fuel to corruption, that’s what they did…

    The endemic problems we face cannot be cured by more or better ‘regulation’. The problems we face can only be cured by the cleansing fire of Freedom. Freedom that lets companies, institutions and people in general, FAIL and remake the bed they originally made for themselves, the right way…

    ‘Regulation’ outside the boundaries of natural law and a few basic parameters by which to live around, breeds nothing but contempt and mistrust – especially of government towards the citizenry –


  41. Seer

    Hi Greg
    Really enjoyed this interview. Each time more valuable pieces of the unfolding events
    revealed. Repatriation of dollars is a big problem. As Willie said, 100 billion in bonds
    cashed in last month from foreigners. The rollover started years ago and it’s picking up steam. Visualize a bowling ball starting to pick up speed on its roll to the pins. More and more speed (events) start to take place and then kaboom. How many pins fall or strike all in one. Thank you for helping to inform us.

    • peg

      Oh yea, like that is really going to help. We do not have choices in which companies we will trade with. All have merged and that shuts us off from letting the freedom of the markets to make corrections. When the corporations screw up they will just up the cost of doing business with them. Because they are the only one!

  42. zino

    Hi Greg

    The Russian sanctions by USA, are rebounding by the day

    Russian Market @russian_market
    Russian banks to change VISA and Mastercard for Chinese Union Pay – Izvestiya

  43. Eddie Laidler

    Greg, I would love to see an interview regarding the possibilities that gold and silver ownership could be outlawed as in the past. With the capabilities of the Gov. these days, as compared to the past, what might this look like. Could all transactions with exchanges be tracked back and pressure brought to bear on the physical holder.

    This is one reason I am reluctant to buy into gold with 401k and am staying with consistent but smaller purchases of silver.

    I have no doubt that the government in this day and age is capable of many things.

  44. Galaxy 500

    great interview. I see a man who loves his country and doesn’t like the people who have stolen our future and sentenced our children and their children to indentured servitude.
    The gold bubble (paper) has to pop. You cant deliver what you dont have. And as you have said many times, everything is on sale.

  45. Ron House

    Does Dr. Roberts not know that the Obama administration has publicly stated that they would collapse the U.S. Dollar? This is all by intent.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ron House.
      I’d love to see the source for that. I believe you, but a source would be nice and please post it here if you can get it. Thank you for bringing this up.

      • Eddie Laidler

        I have heard this before and I believe it comes from this secondhand quote. Senior Obama Official Says “We Are Going To Kill The Dollar”
        Further amplified by Alex Jones and others.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Eddie!!

          • Sandman

            This is hearsay. I don’t know who any of these people in this video clip and one say he talked to someone in the administration and they are going to kill the dollar. Its just like half the stuff on the internet… not credible

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for the fact checking. Either way, the dollar is in trouble.

  46. supreme allied commander

    I hear what PCR says and it just sounds as thought he’s not really speaking his mind. he does seem to be giving information that nobody can find physically useful, im sure he must no things many others dont as he was closely tied to the POTUS reagan. since he does tell us anything we don’t already know i must assume he is not speaking with the peoples best interest in mind so he should be regarded as a brutus. people like john moore claim to have “sources” that they cant reveal and have shared info about impending doom, i think telling people what you know and who you know would change peoples mind about your motives for saying these things. give people something they haven’t heard before.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really, You knew all of this? I didn’t, and I follow this for a living.

      • supreme allied commander

        well, no i didn’t know it all but its just in the same fishtank of the GIABO/ OCCUPY WS fanfare that feels like a hamster wheel interviews. i have an idea, how about you spill the beans about things you were told/not told to report on and im sure how your work with the MSM was insanely micro-managed and censored. dont you have any info that about the MSM that you worked for that would be a big black eye to them if it was leaked?

        • Greg Hunter

          supreme allied commander.
          They did not micro manage in my experience. They just would not approve stories that they wanted to ignore. The other technique is they would bury stories that were done by running them at odd times or by putting then only on the internet. (Back in 2007 and 2008 the internet was not as robust with people searching for information as it is now.)
          Thank you for your comment and bringing up this point.

    • Galaxy 500

      Supreme Allied commander my arse. What is that your title in world of warcraft? While I dont agree with every Dr Roberts says or believes, I respect his opinion. And unlike you, he has earned respectability by not making baseless verbal attacks.

      • supreme allied commander

        Galaxy 500, what are you? PCR’s bodyguard, i am simply giving my thoughts on PCR concealing/omitting intel he must have since he was part of the elite crowd of POTUS resgan’s admin, yet he continues the same lame stuff hes said numerous times, i didnt baselessly attack your boyfriend ok. I dont play online games. i have a “job” with the 22 sts as vehicle maintenance support at JBLM. you wrote that i haven’t earned the respect that PCR has, well boo fuckin whoo i dont give a shit, i dont waste my time trying to earn peoples respect on a blog, do you? PCR has far more interesting things tucked away in his dome than this boring stuff, if you have been awake for more than afew yrs, you’ve heard this garbage repeated many time b4. i would like PCR to stop beating around the bush and give us something that we haven’t heard b4. basically my point is that PCR doesn’t give a rats ass about any of you just because he’s telling you all this. cant you feel it? that your not being told anything of real substance. r u trying to hurt my feelings with that third grade quip about the handle i used? it was just my joking attempt at demeaning the sorry ass military that let rank go to their heads, every military “mission” has been a total bright shining lie to make sheeple americans worship a military of assholes and scumbags that have a pathetic track record of success. lighten up Galaxy 500.

        • Charles H.


          Do you not see the irony inherent in your response? You come down on G5 like a ton of bricks and then tell him to lighten up”?!?? And personally – vulgar language itself brands your real character. You got a good job? Great. PCR has an earned Doctorate and ran the US Treasury. In my book – that’s top level; and merits as much a title as Senators or Judges that have. AS for what you “feel” about PCR or think he knows and isn’t telling – is that not personal speculation on your part? Are we deficient for not feeling what you feel, and suspecting what you suspect?

          PCR is an old patriot that is sounding a clarion alarm. If he does not live up to your expectations – sorry. But lying accusations at his doorstep here is useless. Go to the horse’s mouth. This site is for constructive contribution and commentary – not for wringing-out answers from guests.


            my response to G5 is just that, read how he came to PCR rescue. if vulgar language upsets you you shouldn’t be defending someone like PCR, he has been an integral part of a presidential admin, i guarantee you he has made decisions (or turned a blind eye/deaf ear) that have led to much suffering in many other nations of this world. vulgar language? you still have the mindset that your parents indoctrinated you with correct? you haven’t branched out and made your decisions like an autonomous adult yet? the word fuck is nothing more than a sound ok. having a doctorate and being asst us treasury guy doesn’t mean you deserve respect. you said he’s sounding the clarion alarm!………when did he decide to start sounding the alarm??? yes that’s right just as he’s got one foot in the grave and has lived his stupendous life of luxury with a bountiful retirment from being asst treasury guy. just as old ike made that statement as his farewell adress to the nation (peace MF’s and BTW i just wanted you know the secret military is trying overtake the constitution GOODBYE 😉 ask yourself did he really do anything as asst treasury guy that made a lasting difference for americans future? or say not making all the service members deaths invane. if him having such a prestigious resume gets you wet then im sure POTUS baracko must make you blush crimson and faint. yeah i told G5 to lighten up bcuz what i said should not have been an emergency call to action to defend the credability of PCR. i like the truth PCR says but im tired of old dogs who were on the inside of the this system back in the day and wait til they themselves are too old fight this fight we’ve got coming and wanna sound the clarion alarm. he’s not a paul revere BUB. Newsflash! the senators and judges you’re gushing over have been bought and paid for and are fucking this cuntry upside down. No i disagree he is an old patriot, i dont believe he did a damn thing to challenge the status quo when he was asst treaury guy, lincoln and JFK did more patriotic things like trying make zero debt based currency. if you think the bricks i dropped on G5 was too heavy handed then you’ve just never felt the real thing.

        • Ugly

          You don’t say much. What is your point and what is the purpose of your tirade? Just curious….

          • Sandman

            I am not even curious. I just consider the source and hit the flush lever

          • supreme allied commander

            i dont have a purpose or mission, i been viewing gregs work afew months and been frustrated that nobody else seems to ask the questions im thinking. im just screwing off during duty hours in the office as well, you know i make almost 50 k per yr to send e-mails and turn wrenches every once in awhile.

          • Galaxy 500

            You dont have a purpose or a mission… quite right

        • tROT

          Supreme lying commode er, We like Ike! He warned us about people like you, from the military industrial complex! Get a real job! Now PCR is also giving the warning, mate. You’d come down on Paul Revere, if anybody threw you a gold backed Russki Ruble! The Russki’s r coming! The Russki’s r coming, repeat after me. . .

          • supreme allied commander

            Here’s your precious IKE, great guy right? i just love how he lied/covered up the deaths of us glorious “hero’s” then became president and “warned” YOU about the bad people like me. I dont like IKE for the right reason’s as you like him for the wrong reasons, he was a turncoat general come politician that layed the ground work for scum suckers like the obammy’s to be santy clause. if paul revere ever had to endure a meeting with the likes of you he probably detest you and me as well. your an imbecile for pawning your dignity off because PCR or IKE or who the F ever has a shiny badge/piece of paper. you’ve never met him and dont know him personnally.

            heres the full link to the article about just one instance that darling IKE is just a two faced presstitute when the cameras are rolling. mmmkay!!

            The 20-year-old Milwaukee man was among more than 700 American sailors and soldiers killed during a large-scale rehearsal for the D-Day invasion dubbed Operation Tiger at Slapton Sands, England, when German boats fired torpedoes at them. Under orders from Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, the tragedy was hushed up and families of the fallen were initially only told their loved ones were missing in action.

            Partly because of embarrassing mistakes made by allied commanders and mostly because Eisenhower worried the Germans would learn of the invasion, survivors were sworn to secrecy. The soldiers and sailors were supposed to be part of the landing forces at Utah Beach on June 6. Sadly, more men died in the Slapton Sands debacle than on Utah Beach.

            “It was swept under the rug. Although a smoking gun doesn’t exist, it looks clear it was made at the highest local authority — Eisenhower,” said Craig Symonds, a historian, whose book “Neptune: The Allied Invasion of Europe and the D-Day Landings” was recently published. “If the Germans knew how much they had damaged the invasion fleet and that it was an invasion fleet rehearsing for the upcoming D-Day, it would also have damaged allied morale.”

        • Galaxy 500

          Consider me a body guard of facts. You dont post here often, this may be you first time and you attack PRC’s character but offer no facts. Facts are simple things. They can be verified. Which is why I had a problem with your hatchet job on PRC.

        • Sandman

          Dr. Roberts has earned a place in history. He has earned respect. I don’t agree with all his analysis but he still deserve the respect he earned.

  47. Glen

    Gregg, great interview as usual. Dr Roberts is the best guest you regularly interview. Maybe not as entertaining as Dr Willie, but definitely more sobering. Dr Roberts does not make claims that he cannot substantiate. He is not trying to sell anything. He is just interested in educating the public on the grim economic future that we face. This is extremely serious stuff. I can only imagine how Dr Roberts feels, after serving his country as the assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury, to have to bring this heartbreaking news to the American people. Imagine how he feels about his the future for his grandchildren? Anyway, I applaud Dr Roberts for sharing with us his insight on the demize of the Petro Dollar. The end of an era and the end of the American way of life that we are used to and expect. Its going to be a difficult transition into the new America. The reindustrialization of America where we return to work in factory’s for sub par wages and a simpler less satisfying lifestyle. With less freedoms. I feel bad for my children and the future they are facing.

  48. Elly

    I change my oil anyway. At what price does the driver change there own oil. As for milk, I have little control.

  49. Noel

    Chris Hedges speaks on 3/29/2014 at the “One Nation Under Surveillance” civil liberties conference at CCSU in CT:

    Powerfully summarizes our predicament.

  50. John Marty

    I don’t think they are all trying to destroy the dollar. Our government is too big with too many competing factions. PCR is right in the sense that many of our civil servants are stupid. But, I do believe there is a faction in the government that wants to destroy our dollar, the middle class, and our Constitution. My local coin dealer, Patrick Heller, wrote this in his latest newsletter:
    When Will The US Dollar/US Government Crash?
    In private off-the-record conversations,
    some Washington politicians
    have admitted to friends of mine
    that the US government has gone past the
    point of no return to avert the ultimate
    collapse of the US dollar and
    US government. I don’t want to,
    but the facts lead
    me to agree with this assessment.
    The longer it takes for the day of
    reckoning to arrive, the worse will
    be the chaos and the longer it will
    take to rebuild.
    There are precedents of how to
    survive such crises. When the 1997
    Far East Asian financial crisis hit,
    Indonesia suffered worse than any
    other nation. Indonesian citizens
    whose wealth was tied up in paper
    assets such as stocks, bonds, and
    currencies were pretty much wiped
    out. Those who owned gold saw
    their lifestyle largely unaffected.
    In my judgment, holding 10-20%
    of your investment portfolio or net
    worth in physical precious metals
    (no paper contracts of any kind) un-
    der their direct control will provide a
    great insurance position against the
    day when paper assets tumble

  51. Sandman

    News Flash
    FBI blaming Russia for Boston bombing because supposedly, after the Russians told us they were terrorist, the Russians didn’t respond to a query. Its never the NSA’s or FBI’s, or CIA’s fault is it? The Russians warned us and the FBI blew them off and checked off a few blocks on their interview form and went back to DC for the weekend.
    According to an Inspector General report, the Russians didn’t give us all the info. They told us they were terrorist?!!?? We didn’t take them seriously. The NSA can record everything, but supposedly the FBI couldn’t do any wiretaps. Maybe they have not heard of the FISA courts

  52. Craig Z

    Hi Greg,
    If it’s one thing I’ve garnered over the years it’s that these PTB don’t make mistakes, so if WE all think that their policies are absolutely crazy, then we’re not looking at it in the right perspective. The question isn’t “Why are these people in power doing so many goofy things that seem to be non-productive and even against logic?”, the question should be “Why are they doing this now? What gains do they plan on making by this move?”. I certainly don’t relish the fact that they’ve got a plans that seem to defy logic and seem to pull them off without blinking, but they do, and have been for hundreds of years! WTF! Let’s just hope that one day it’ll crumble, but I mean to tell you, they seem to have it wrapped up. They got all the money and all the bullets!

    • Sandman

      The PTB don’t make mistakes? Really? Are they perfect? Just refer to my previous post where you can read about people seeking to explain why things were the way they were with magic and grand conspiracy theories. If there are any PTB, they are making plenty of mistakes, they are not perfect.

  53. Rodster

    Well no surprise here !

    “It’s On: Gazprom Prepares “Symbolic” Bond Issue In Chinese Yuan”

  54. Jerry

    Is there any doubt the dollar is being set up to collapse after you read a headline like this?
    I’m not sure I’m in the camp that says the NWO is planning this collapse so they can install a new banking system using some type of new biometric system or computer chip, but the timing seems a bit curious to me. If they are, the Russians and Chinese didn’t get the memo. They appear to be moving forward using the Gold backed Yuan instead. The bigger question is will the Cartel sell out and join them, or continue running the fiat pump and dump scheme until there is nothing left. A few months ago I heard from a reliable source that the Treasury department transferred 1.2 Trillion dollars to the bank of England. I had to ask myself why would they do that? At the time I didn’t know how deeply involved the bank of England was with the Federal Reserve, and then you have the Chinese buying the Chase Bank building that connects to the Federal Reserve building. Get the picture Greg? The cartel has cut some type of deal with the Chinese. They want to secure their hold in the new exchange when it comes, and from where I’m sitting it sure looks like a Gold backed Yuan. What do you guys think?

    • Greg Hunter

      Another sign the world is moving away from the petro-dollar. The implications on the UDS’s value are clear, or might I just say, “Run Forest Run!!”

      • tROT

        Life is like a box of Chocolate, covered bullion!

  55. zad

    thanks for lettting him speak towards the end there eventhou his tone went down you didnt intterrupt. that was very statement (presidential) of you . we were able to hear him speak really towards us following this conversation as the piece it was.
    Thank greg Hunter

  56. European American

    Greg “Do you think they are doing it on purpose?”

    Paul “No, they’re are just stupid, arrogant and they’ve gotten away with it for years.”

    Great question, wrong answer. They know EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. This is where I question Mr. Roberts ability to see outside his own box or, he just wants to stay away from that subject.

    • jav

      Obama and his thugs are stupid just like the vast majority of humanity. Why else would we be destroying or home, the Earth.

  57. Burke

    All the Fed money printing is being done to prop up the big banks that are going broke because of deregulation?


    Twenty nine percent of the money being spent by the Federal govt right now is printed money.

    The banks and the country are going broke BECAUSE OF govt regulation of banks and other industries, confiscatory taxation, and massive money printing.

    All to feed the entitlement state and parasites who work in and around govt.

  58. SRV

    One of PCRs better interviews Greg (as evidenced by the number of comments)… although I find it interesting he seems surprised the Fed would protect the banks at all cost, and why they wouldn’t be responding to “the needs of the people!” Surely a man with his experience and qualifications understands who owns (that’s literally as well as figuratively) the Fed… the banks , which of course is at the core of the trail of misery they’ve they’ve inflicted on the American society since inception.

    Interesting reply to the comment on your knowledge of the media control… would love to hear more… and of course it’s not “in your face,” but steady and firm, from the very top. Unless of course you tried to expose one of the big lies… then I suspect the gloves would come off rather quickly!

    • SRV

      The “entitlement state” is but a drop in the ocean compared to what’s gifted to the corporate elite. You’re simply swallowing their tried and true (welfare queen) divide and conquer meme (unless you’re in the top 1%)… think a little my friend (ever notice how the austerity hawks always demonize and cut anything that helps the poor, and ALWAYS include tax breaks for the rich, and more military spending, in their solution).

      Anyway, you did nail the “parasites” in government though 🙂

      • Greg Hunter

        We are definitely guilty of corporate welfare. The big banks are the biggest pigs of all. That said, welfare, entitlements, pensions, massive government programs, can all promise so much it can never be paid for. Then throw in mismanagement, theft, fraud and so on, and you get Detroit. Corporations and business did not receive “gifted” money. They all moved out along with more than half of the population of the city. Detroit is what you see when you run out of other peoples money. It was ran into the ground by social fascist Democrats. Poor management for the sake of politics and control. I don’t have much good to say about Republican Neocons except they didn’t vote for Obama Care. Thank you for your comment.

        • SRV

          Thanks Greg,

          Clearly we disagree and that’s fine in my book…

          But really, all the so called fiscal improprieties you describe… 1.) Had plenty of input from both parties (ie Bush Medicare Part D and massive deficits, and Reagan did as well ) 2.) Unions (like any other complex system) are riddled with flaws, but they did not bring down Detroit; their negative impact pales in comparison to Wall Street and; without the blood spilled over decades (real American heroes) to build unions in America, Wall Street would never have allowed overall wages rise anywhere near the levels required to even begin to build the middle class they are busily gutting as we speak (and I believe we all agree this is a developing tragedy) 3.) The ACA will be a net positive (the number of uninsured is dropping like a stone) for the Dems in November… and I smell another Karl Rove, Faux News election night meltdown trying to explain how the people got it so wrong… lol!

          Unisured per Gallup:

          BTW… my second post above was meant for @Burke… hit the wrong reply button… I am a complex process 🙂

          • Greg Hunter

            This is pure delusion packaged in more Obama Care Lies “The ACA will be a net positive (the number of uninsured is dropping like a stone) for the Dems in November.” How many have paid? The government does not know and has said this many times. How many are really newly insured? 6.2 million policies were dropped. (The White House and Dems have lied so much I don’t believe a word they say about the 7.1 million sign-ups to Obama Care either.) The White House said this only affected 5% of the population which = 15 million. Why do you think Sebelius was forced out? She is the face of one the big negatives of Obama Care, which has had nearly three dozen delays and hundreds of exemptions including most of Congress is opting out of “O” Care. (Even Harry Reid’s staff opted out of Obama Care.) If Obama Care is so great, then why all the delays and exemptions. Let’s fully implement this “wonderful” plan. Lets raise premiums and start taxing people on the employer portion of an employees health care. Lying and spin is not a substitute for good policy. Obama Care is clearly bad policy for the overwhelming amount of people who are paying more and getting much less. That is fact. And remember, the plan is not nearly fully implemented. Oh, and you are good with the IRS being the enforcer here? The same guys that are suppressing 1st Amendment rights? You are good with that? Liberals who believe this have turned into social fascists. Hope you are not one of them. My prediction for Kay Hagan: Poof be gone out of the U.S. Senate. The Democrats LIED as a party to get this passed, and they are still lying when you consider all the un-omitted objective evidence. Thank you for your comment. “Good men can disagree.”

        • Jimmy Mack

          No Detroit is what you get when a government decides that manufacturing,the steel industry, garment industry etc. is best done overseas. Its what take place when a president Geo Bush attempts to force this New World Order BS down our throats and gets on TV talking about 100 points of light and saying that the US must move away from a manufacturing economy and become a service based economy. Basically paper pushers. Then you start a mass media program of hype to build up the foreign car industry as being greatly superior right down to the pockets of magazine marketers like Consumer report who would give an excellent rating of a Toyota Matrix and a few moths later give a Mediocre rating to the Matrixs Pontiac counterpart. The same exact car coming of the same exact assembly line except one has a Toyota badge and the othe has a Pontiac badge. The two separate writers of the magazine could nor get the stories straight. Its a known fact that Consumer report has been in the back pocket of Toyota for years.

          • Greg Hunter

            Jimmy Mack,
            That’s right, all that is true, but when that happens, you do not keep spending until you are $18 billion underwater. The public unions (which I am totally against because there are no profits just taxpayers to go after) are going to get pennies on the dollar because the politicians promised waaaaaaay too much. Many business didn’t go over seas, they just left the city limits of Detroit along with half the population, leaving poor people who could not foot the enormous debt bill. Let’s get real here and start asking how and who is going to pay. You can’t just live a fat life off other peoples labor.

  59. windcatcher

    What has more value to a starving person: a pound of gold, a pound of paper or a pound of rice?
    Food is more valuable than gold or paper in a collapsed economy and that is where are economy, as planned, is delivered by the Bankster/Big Oil economy controllers.
    And the clueless sheep look at each other and go: Baaa Baaa Ha. Ha.

    I am a YouTube subscriber that has found your home site Greg, I have put you on my daily reading list because you follow the contemporary news as I do which makes it easier for me to stay informed. Your a great reporter Greg, keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for supporting both the site and the You Tube channel.

  60. Burke

    According to Professor Lawrence Kotlikoff, who has become a national figure in this area, the obligations of the Federal govt, including entitlements, are about $220 trillion. The GDP of the US is only about $15 trillion and of the entire world, only about $80 trillion.

    The Federal Reserve was created by Congress in 1913 and could be abolished by them tomorrow, and its

    • Greg Hunter

      Kotlikoff is spot on. What could go wrong???

  61. Jimmy Mack

    Just more BS that skirts the real truth. Where was this guy when George Bush sr was forcing the New World Order BS down our throats along with NAFTA and everything else to create this one government fits all society?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s been going 6 years and you are still blaming George Bush. Obama has added more debt than all other presidents–COMBINED. Please tell the entire truth. Hey, and Obama looks like he’s on the same page of the New World Order playbook with the NDAA, NSA spying, drone murder program, zero prosecution of lawless bankers, Bengasi, spying on reporters, IRS suppression of 1st Amendment rights, Fast and Furious and who could forget the many, many Obama Care Lies where the IRS is the Obama Care enforcer. You good with all of that?

  62. Jim Yost

    Hi Greg,

    I really do appreciate your frequent posting of Dr. Roberts’ articles and interviews as I consider him to be one of the most important people in the world, however I do sort of agree with Isaac that Dr. Roberts never makes mention of the people who are pulling the strings of the takeover ploy. His primary focus is on the economic aspect of the ploy, but only the mechanics of it, the fruit of it, but he never talks about who is pulling the strings (i.e. Obama’s strings, Bernanke’s strings, Nitwityahoo’s strings, etc.). Even further, he never mentions that the real power behind it all is coming from the demonic realm.

  63. tokie tok

    hi , I live in SA , I know a lot of ordinary people buying gold and stashing it , as they do not trust banks , yes they use them but nest eggs are kept privately, even silwer , we can use it to trade with and well I know a lot of people are going to say aagh but if you read and and understand the Holy Bible it tells you of all to come and thus we are preparing in this way,futher more Europa is going to be the new kingpin and I believe Germany is going to play a big role in all the new devolopments to come , on world on state
    well this all I want to say and thank you for your good program .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tok for your South American perspective!

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