Middle East War, Global Market Crash, Oregon Stand-Off and Guns

4bBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com WNW 221 1.8.15

A Saudi Prince is saying war is unlikely with Iran, but that doesn’t seem believable especially after Iran burned Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran. Iran burned the embassy after Saudi Arabia executed a Shia imam. Then, there are conflicting reports of Saudi bombing Iran’s embassy in Yemen. At its core, this is the age old problem of Sunni Muslims opposed to Shia Muslims. That is Saudi Arabia, Sunni, against Iran which is Shia. As predicted by yours truly back in July, the Iranian nuclear so-called deal has dramatically increased the chances for war. Of course, Iran has not and will not sign anything, and that means there is no real deal. There is just some empty promises and $150 billion coming from the Obama Administration. It seems Iran can do nothing to derail them getting this huge amount of cash. Iran can shoot missiles at our aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf or announce a new ballistic missile test. Nothing will stop Kerry and Obama from calling this huge scam a success, and that is what has the entire Arab world on edge. It sure looks like Obama has changed sides. No matter what the official reports are, I believe both Iran and Saudi Arabia already have some nuclear weapons, and it looks like war is a certainty on the present trajectory.

China is tanking this week and dragging down the global markets. This is the worst start to the U.S. stock market—ever. It was down nearly 1,000 points in just the first four trading days. Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net called the stock market top for the Dow back in May, and his prediction is spot on. There is no wonder why the global economy is tanking. One of the biggest signs of trouble can be found in the Baltic Dry Index. It is at all-time lows. It is actually 20% below its all-time old low, and if shipping is sinking, so is the global economy. There is one headline after another that is screaming recession and depression, and yet you are told by the financial talking heads to invest for the long term. Total BS and they know it.

Obama took executive action on guns this week and increased background checks without the approval of Congress. The President cried, which I thought was either disingenuous or maybe even unstable. There were no tears for the victims of Fort Hood, or Paris, or San Bernardino, which, by the way, were all murders by radical Muslim terrorists. The people that burned down Ferguson and Baltimore needed “space,” but the people who are at the standoff in Oregon are the violent extremists. The man who said health care would be much cheaper and concocted the biggest policy lie in U.S. history, now says he doesn’t want to “take our guns.” I don’t believe him and you shouldn’t either.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Jerry

    Greg –
    How long before this economic paradigm collapses? Ray Davies and the Kinks knew the drill way back in 1965. God save the Kinks!


    • Southern Girl


      Love the music…that brought back happy memoires for me. I was 12 years old. Love your sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        Southern Girl –
        I guess there’s another Jerry here. The first one has a sense of humor. Near as I can tell the second has never shown evidence of one. We’re all going to be better off in these troubled times if we can “crack a wise one” now and then.


        • Jerry

          Does your mama know you’re down in the basement tolling on the internet? Put the pipe down and back away from your computer. Slowly!

    • Jerry

      I didn’t post this song, even though I am a Kinks fan. If I was to post one, this would be the one. “walking on a thin line”.

      My hillbilly question for the day. Why is it when oil prices are collapsed that we all celebrate and waive pompom’s. But the moment China devalues its currency, and buys Gold, panic sets in on Wall Street? Theoretically if oil is trading for less, doesn’t that mean that less dollars are being used for trade?

      I think the answer is obvious. Behind closed doors, the paper pushing powers that be, know that the end game is here. The Chinese know it to. April 1 will be a red letter day for the world economies as the price is reset by the Chinese.

      • Jerry

        While most are busy observing todays dead cat bounce on Wall Street, this is what they should be paying attention to.

        After threatening to jail bankers for rigging (like Libor) in the new exchange, is it any wonder why most central banks are reluctant to participate?

        • Dan

          Hi Jerry,

          Been following your comments about the Yuan gold fix for a while now. As much as I would like to see what you are saying come true (as many people here who hold a lot of gold/silver would), it ain’t gonna happen! As one who has lived in China since 2008 and has even worked alongside high-level Chinese leaders in SOEs and other big corporations I think I can provide you with a more realistic assessment of the Yuan Gold Fix take/launch issue.

          This fix was suppose to launch in April of 2015 but has been delayed several time. Why? Firstly, just look at the article you provided by IBT (and Reuters). Only three major Western banks are said to want to participate in the fix. Several months ago there were at least 7-8 foreign banks on board. Hence the number has dropped which is very significant and telling. Also look at the language in the article such as “Many foreign banks in China have been reportedly warned that their operations would be curbed if they refuse to participate in the yuan-denominated benchmark price for gold.” The keyword in this sentence is ‘curbed’ which really means ‘forced’. This is the Chinese way and for the most part it works within *mainland China* for Economics, Finance, and Politics. But this strategy WILL NOT work with large foreign banks and in a supposed international setting. Also as per the article, they are way too vague in which the ‘uncooperative’ foreign banks would be additionally punished. Not exactly an enticing invitation now is it? This strategy in my opinion is a HUGE mistake as I think it will backfire on them and kill their chances of having a Yuan gold fix. Moreover, it would be bad if they were the only ones who could control it (set the price) as we would be in the same mess as present. Expect no internationally-recognized Yuan gold fix by April, only a domestic one.

          Moreover on the issue, just look at how the PBOC is devaluating the Yuan of late (even after SDR inclusion and promises to fully ‘liberalize’ the currency). Ha! The Chinese like to maintain control (just look at how they have grossly mishandled the stock markets since June of 2015). I don’t see the Yuan becoming fully convertible for at least 5 or 10 years. They just like their control too much; it’s ingrained in their traditional mentality. In addition, this currency policy will kill their chances of ever backing the Yuan with gold (which actually would be the correct policy to pursue). The only way I see them doing something with gold is via a gold-backed BRICS currency which, if they were smart, they would pursue.

          Perhaps the only way the international gold fix will revert back to an honest pricing is after a collapse or reset. Meanwhile, it will be rigging as usual as long as the Fed and other Central Banks have the ability counterfeit.

          • Mohammad

            Dan ,

            Did you see there the ghost towns?


          • Jerry

            Dan I appreciate your perspective. Most Americnas fail to recongize that we are only a few billion dollars away from defaulting on our loans. Namely the three trillion dollars we have borrowed from China. In addition since 2000 we have printed close to 600 Trillion dollars in order to sustain this debt based economy. It should have been a clue to most americans how bad things were when we refused to give Germany back its gold.

            China? I think they just want off this merry go roumd. AIIB, CIPS, and over 125 nations who have joined them in the BRIC allaince tells me that they are planning on decoupling from the dollar ASAP. They’ve all bought gold for a reason. I believe Rob Kirby. I think when the gold is gone, they will be to.

            • JMiller


              Several things you said here shock me so perhaps you mistyped the amounts. Please verify for me. Thanks.

              “we are only a few billion dollars away from defaulting on our loans”. Did you mean billion or trillion?

              “since 2000 we have printed close to 600 Trillion dollars” 600 Trillion dollars? I do not believe that.

              • JMiller


                Never mind answering my one question about the printing close to 600 Trillion dollars. I know what you talking about now. You are talking about the increase in the notional value of derivatives since 2000.

          • Sam Hill

            Well said, Dan. I agree that there are many moving parts and the logistics are too complex to confidently state this will all happen on April 1 (April Fools!). And all based on a rather vague news source.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry. The jack A.. said the topple would be when oil falls below 30.00
        Can you explain what happens when oil get too low that will cause the dollar to lose its standing ? It should have already lost faith, and use.
        Anyone else help me understand this.

        • Jerry

          Most fail to recognize that oil was in a bubble, as with most other markets. The defaults are coming, just like the housing market in 2008. I had fracking companies who wanted me to invest 5 years ago when oil was going for $120. a barrel. I’m glad I didn’t.

        • Mohammad

          It is not only the shale that will go bust, it is all the hedging of the oil companies their book keeping and their entanglement with other investments that will bust.

          Lehman Brothers bust on steroids.


    • Karen Rogers

      Great wnw! I love your passion! Missed you these past few weeks. Keep up the great reporting.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Karen.

  2. DLC

    Funny how the subject of Russia just dropped off the radar and O’s mania this week is guns and us.

    My lib neighbors and libs I’ve worked with all carry guns. One woman I worked with had a Magnum in her purse that she waved around the office one night, laughing as I told her to put it away before security walked by and kicked us both out of the hospital. She was a hardcore lib married to a cop.

    We are free and easy with guns in AZ. I think it keeps home invasions down and makes for polite society here. I would guess that half the car glove compartments contain a gun in this state. I feel comfortable knowing my neighborhood is a mini fortress. Every now and then you hear of a home invader being shot dead on someone’s doorstep and burglars know they are playing a risky game. I feel we would all be totally vulnerable to the criminal element once they know you have no defense.

    • lastmanstanding

      DLC. Where I live, a 911 call would take a minimum 30 minute response, likely a lot longer and that comes from the sheriffs department themselves. In fact, I have never seen le on our road…in over a decade.

      Personal responsibility is a way of life for us.

      • dbcooper

        LMS… Same here and we do not go anywhere off the homestead without a mothers little helper!! DB

    • andyb

      Good points. It cannot be overemphasized that “aware” citizens should be prepared for the societal collapse that is coming; maybe not this week, next month or this year. But it is definitely coming as the elites are pushing us too far, too fast due to their agendas of totalitarian control and mass genocide. If you have never owned a rifle or handgun, rethink your position. Don’t be afraid of either. You can familiarize yourself with just a few hours at a gun range. You do not want to be defenseless when the Free S*it Army rampages through your neighborhood. Law enforcement won’t be available; they will be too occupied protecting their own families. Know your neighbors. Determine who can assist when the SHTF for the security of all.

    • Randy

      Hi DLC,
      I too live in Arizona and have a conceal carry permit. My wife and I each have gun vaults in our vehicles and all of my friends and neighbors have firearms. I do work with some progressives who side with those who want to outlaw guns. I have found a way to either shut them up, or change their way of thinking. I spent 25 years in healthcare before being burned out, and I start my argument by playing stupid. I tell them that I am sick and tired of seeing young people’s lives destroyed by street drugs, meth, crack, cocaine, and heroine. The government needs to make these drugs illegal and punish those who manufacture and distribute them. They usually rely, hey stupid those drugs are illegal. I reply; really, then those who use the drugs are criminals and felons? The government spends billions of dollars trying to enforce laws that “criminals” just disregard? If you make guns illegal, then only criminals will have them; unlike drugs, which destroy the criminal, the guns will we used against you.

      • Jeffrey

        … well said andyb ! You have moved me to take action

      • Faith

        Randy, just a quick question and forgive my ignorance. A gun vault in your vehicle? I have never heard of this before. I remember when people drove around with gun racks in their pick-up truck. This is still possible in some parts of the USSA.

  3. Mike Fortner

    Here’s a constitutional attorney that makes a HUGE case about how illegal it is for the federal government to “own territory” (besides the 10 mile radius of DC). If you care anything about the constitution and worry about what’s happening to our liberties,please watch this 10 min. video….thanks! https://www.facebook.com/tiffany.house.96/videos/1070795146273987/?pnref=story

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike. This was great and educational!!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Mike, Greg
      The horse has well and truly bolted then…….. according to this link, 28% of all US land and 53% of Oregon is owned by the Federal Govt.

    • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

      Mike here is Congressman Greg Walden’s speech in full.


    • Mohammad

      Where did i hear that tone and words before……?

      Last i can remember they were saying same words (freedom) in the streets of Syria 4+ years ago.

      Be careful guys.
      Although the words are TRUE, they hide behind them a big trap. a trap that is the comfort zone of the elites and banksters, the Babylonian psychopaths that want to drag the country into abyss, the way they dragged Syrian people.

      After looting the jar comes covering the evidence and trails.

      I am posting updates since the Oregon standoff broke, am praying they end it peacefully and take the offer of the sheriff and not fall in the trap.


      • Galaxy 500

        Freedom for ISIS and Sharia law to kill, maime and rape is a little different than the freedom we fought for.

      • Galaxy 500

        There were actually Christians in Syria before the terrorists…er ah Freedom fighters sought to overthrow the Syrians Government. You could travel about the country in relative saftey.
        Oh, but Assad is bad…Really? Compared to what? Hell, he is less of a dictator than 0bama. And Assad is a Choir boy compared to AL Qaeda and ISIS.
        And a Philadelphia Police Officer was shot by a confessed follower of islam because the laws enforced are against Sharia. Yeah. The religion of piece.

        • Faith

          Mohammad, there is a big difference between a civilized discussion of ideas and honest intellectual disagreement. You sure have the CAIR talking points down! Just accuse someone of hate speech in the first sentence and talk about the CIA in the second. Oh and for the third sentence, this is a ringer, “I won’t respond.” If you don’t want honest responses why are you posting here?

          By the way, I still have not seen you say one thing against FGM or against the mass assaults or rapes in Europe. Not one single word. When you don’t speak out against such horrific acts people think you agree. Your silence is complicity.

          Now go ahead, be a good boy and tell everyone I work for the CIA and am a hater.

          • WD


            I am convinced Islam must be destroyed and not coddled by leftist thugs.

            Sharia law allows for stoning , adulterers, homosexuals, thieves and pre-marital sex.
            It allows a father or uncle to rape their children.
            They cut off hands for theft and behead people constantly.

            Mohammed the profit was a pedophile, this cult comes from the sewers of hell and it must be returned there.

            That is it nothing else.

            • Mohammad


              Islam is to stay.
              It is the fastest growing religion, go google this fact.
              No one can destroy it because it is the word of god. They have been trying this for over 1500 years to no avail, and they won’t be able to now nor in the future, am so confident of this that i chose it to be may religion.
              You do not like it it is your problem, i have no control over that, but IT IS TO STAY UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

              Time will tell.


              • Greg Hunter

                And what is the word from 2,000 years ago with God the Father and Christ his Son?

                • Mohammad

                  I can go into a longer debate to the core of the differences, but it is not the place here, and you may not be in the mood for such discussion. when you are ready I am (intellectual debate that is). Then i can elaborate why Islam is to stay and why it is the fastest spreading religion on earth which is a fact that you GREG nor any one cannot refute.

                  Also i can explain why TPTB ( HAD ) to (INVENT) alQaeda and ISIS to strike at the heart of ISLAM but i can tell them now with confidence, YOU ARE DOOMED TO FAIL like before.


              • WD


                The truth is it is a barbaric interpretation of a religion. It calls for outright extermination of those that disagree with your “cult”( not a religion)…it really is the first edict for mass genocide.

                Without the mideast oil you all would be sitting around campfires trying to find ways to destroy the West which has long since passed you by in all ways.

                Your people are now over running Europe and sexually assaulting all western women.

                IT is due to left-wing socialistic policies but none the less this is what Islam is….

                Islam is radical and radical is Islam.

                This is not a hate thing but a very strange epiphany that came to me.

              • WD

                Just like cancer!

              • JC Davis

                Hate grows faster then love. Human nature will seek to survive. At the end of a sword is much influence.

          • diane s.

            You are not CIA or a HATER……code words of people who don’t like America.
            Mohammed. ….I an not CIA or a HATER …just a good handicapper from the racetrack.

            • Mohammad


              Learn, read, do not pass judgements with preconceived ideas.
              Ignorance is one’s sole enemy.
              Educate your self, you will learn something new.
              Forget about PR’s.


    • red

      A small group of calm, clear headed and discrete men with the conviction of this woman and your republic has a chance. ” when a government dictates what is your property” wow, I ‘m not an American but I’m really jealous of what you HAD, it really is so sad a lot of Americans don’t understand, there was a time when every where in the world, people wanted to “be American” and why that was so.

      • Neo-ConWoman

        That was so Red because then we had a large [the largest class] middle class! Now we just have rich and mostly poor, with a muddle class, poor former middle classic’s [baby boomers] who still remember the 50’s and 60’s. We’re now what they called back then, white trash. We did not heed Eisenhower’s warning about the military Industrial complex [why we liked Ike] and walked right into Vietnam and grew up with both guns and butter and tricky Dick Nixon, who closed the gold window [stop paying our bills with real money] then along with the Saudi’s who became our butt buddies [ Like Butch Cassidy and the Saudi’dance Kid] and proceeded to see the future with Robin Leach and “The lives of the Rich and Famous,” except now we’re not rich nor famous, were all, broke, busted and disgusted, just some don’t know it, the 1%, the trader’s [traitors].

        Yes, now in the 21st. century we have even more complexes. Like the Big Pharma cological complexe that’s got our school kid’s on dope [Ritalin/Adderall] for fear they might rub two thoughts together and talk back to teacher and our parents in the old folks home on helldole for fear they might miss watching paint peel and we in the middle the sheeple on med’s because we, just like Eve who was hoodwinked by the father of the lie, we trust his son the MD [drug pusher] take ur medsin!

        You know the other complexe [the financial/political . . . . and others. It’s enough to give u a commie complexe, Red!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Many powerful people hate America for the reasons you liked it…they have hoped for God to punish us for being free. In 1991 an Italian mystic went around saying at last God was going to punish America with the Gulf War. I noticed he never mentioned the moral decline of his church or country…only and always America. There’s been a constant drumbeat of this hypocrisy for years in “religion” and it’s not from God at all.

        • red

          2 great replies’ can’t disagree with either, on prescription meds’ though, seems’ a problem world wide, you have to wonder why, with all this supposed “prosperity” lol. It does’ not matter I still love ordinary americans and particularly the incredible culture…infact when you get rid of the corporate& political etc parasites’ you’ve still got some great stuff to work with! Charlie Parker! need I say any more, did not come from Brussels!!!

  4. Sayonara

    What a week it has been. It looks like WHEN is finally arriving with what appears to be a vengeance. Economic Implosion, Middle East War and Tyrannical Destruction of the Constitution – it’s all here in week one of 2016.
    Thanks Greg for keeping us informed and advising us to prepare for what will certainly turn out to be some of the nastiest times of our life time. Best of luck to all.

    • OutLookingIn

      Economic implosion indeed!

      The Baltic Dry Index has collapsed to a disaster level.
      It has fallen 96% from it’s high just 67 months ago!
      NINETY SIX PERCENT. It’s more than done.
      World trade has ground down, to almost a standstill.

      • frederick

        It sure isn’t looking pretty outlookin

  5. Silence is Golden

    Can we finally say….. War by Proxy….. in the Middle East.
    Count the days till Oil is priced in RMB.
    Shiite will hit the fan in February for the USD.
    Get out of harms way now…these market movements are signs that the system is unstable. We have direct confirmation that the FED has taken back its PUT….no more got your back covered. Paper assets are about to go up in flames. Many accounts/reports of big movements into Cash.

    The finger pointing at China is mis-directed. Deflection from the FED. The FED is responsible for this state of insanity. All of it.
    Greenspan, Bernanke and now Yellen. The three stooges .

    Obama needs to be lined up with Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Liars of unimaginable magnitude. Usual suspects they my well be ……Unpatriotic, Devil Worshipers, soulless and compassionless is what they are..

    • Jerry

      We’re two for two. I can’t believe I agree 100% with you.
      If I were a betting man, I’d probably stay in bed. Its to dangerous to bet against the Chinese who are about to kick out the Fed.

      • Wilfong

        Sorry.. no way oil will be priced in Reminbi. Few problems with this statement, 1). the United States Navy, 2). The Reminbi is just as unstable as the dollar, as they’re both fiat based currencies.

        I’d say it’s much more likely a gold backed currency gets launched to replace the Yuan. Any currency that is tied to the dollar is just as susceptible.

      • Neo-ConWoman

        Yes Jerold,

        And kick our ass’)ets!

  6. DLC

    The prez himself admitted to smoke and coke at one time. He looks to me from his skeletal appearance, the Uncle Ben white hair, and simply something in the face and his erratic behavior that he is using. I simply never knew anyone who just walks away from drugs. Cocaine has a very high relapse rate. Why do you suppose there is such a booming rehab business?

    You just do not walk away from drugs. I have 2 dead siblings that couldn’t, 3 live ones who use — totally destroyed health-wise with strokes, shot lungs, shot hearts. They won’t quit.

    I have volunteered in a detox ward, chaired meetings talking to relatives of the detoxing family members, conversed with doctors and social workers on the subject, attended Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, AA, Al-Anon, have a working grasp of the subject. I worked in a detox/rehab hospital starting out in my field and I attended all these things initially because of my job.

    I once sat in on a talk given by a social worker who made the comment that he had a lot of foreboding about the younger generations trying to get off drugs. He said that they had no core beliefs and that you cannot take a prop (drugs) away from somebody without replacing it with a belief in something bigger than themselves — not if you hope to maintain sobriety. He described the younger and younger people that he worked with as soulless.

    I think of the word soulless when I look at our prez. I see evil. Worse yet, the same voters who put him in will continue to support his prototype right up to the end of this country.

    • Wilfong

      Sorry, I know people (plural) who have walked away from drugs. You shouldn’t use absolutes because they never work.

    • Faith

      DLC: can you take a vacay from all of the druggies and just hang out with some normal people for a change? People can change. Joining the cult of AA/NA should have taught you that making false spiritual promises is not enough to get folks off of drugs. More AA/NA is not a solution, as you apparently seem to have found out. It is an industry. I bet you never thought that you were part of the problem, coddling young people with so-called treatment programs that are basically worthless.

      • diane s.

        Millions of people have successfully broken addiction.
        It often takes three things.
        1. Physical. ..eat right…get fit
        2.Psycological….get professional psychiatrist help. Mental help.
        3 . spiritual. …you must surrender yourself to a Higher Power…..AA is very helpful with this….they have saved many lives.

    • Mohammad


      Sorry for the loss of siblings.
      Spiritual vacuum is a culprit to addiction and spiritual lift up is the main medicine.


    • Clare Doll

      I don’t care what anyone says; I SO appreciate you sharing your perspective on this. I noticed the same symptoms with no clue as to what is going on with this idiot! Thank you.

    • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

      So sad DLC on absolutely every front. Drugs do indeed eat away at the very soul of humanity.

  7. DLC


    Saudi advice to the females of EU, Scandinavia, USA — or wherever 2 or more refugees congregate. Message approved by Hillary, Huma, and the mayor of Cologne.

    • Southern Girl

      DLC formerly Donna,

      What a hoot!!!!!!…..as we would say in the south. I sure needed that laugh. Woke up early this morning and need your video to make it better. Thanks!!!!

  8. DLC


    Check the neck.

    This was once the quickest way to find yourself in a gulag or dead. It seems we have swapped cultures. I read somewhere that they have their aircraft and carriers blessed.

    No multi-culty confusion or accommodation, but maybe that comes only after mass suppression, mass death.

    • Mohammad

      Hat tipped to the beauty i saw in the vid.
      Pity for your twisted mind that sees mass death a way of restoration of another twisted concept.


      • Galaxy 500

        It is what the koran says to do to us Christians.

  9. Galaxy 500

    Spot on, Dude. I couldn’t keep my plan or my doctor. 0bama is a liar. It is demonstratable, it is fact.

    • lastmanstanding

      500. There are many ways to get good health care. You must seek out the good professionals in your community and negotiate services.

      I will clue everyone here in…medical professionals that are waking up, do NOT want to deal with insurance co.’s or as you said, the big f’n lie of obamao care. Insurance/gub only want the money/control over you. The only way that you can beat them is cut them out. They really don’t have ANY intention of paying for your issues. The disrespect that they show the providers is unbelievable. Every thing that you tell your provider if you are using insurance goes on your record to be use against you at a later date. AGAINST…not to benefit you.

      Prevention is the first step. Good healthy food, old school, natural herbs and tinctures, build yourself a simple sauna to detox. Clean water. Good choices. Spend the money you have on good local care that actually benefits you. Get a gym, membership. Take walks in a place that makes you feel good. Find a massage therapist and see them regularly. Look for those in the medical community that are self-employed that offer a variety of services…a nurse practitioner, acupuncturists, physical therapists. You may have to pay out of pocket, but at least they can solve many day to day issues that we have. That out of pocket expense is far less than being robbed in advance by the pricks above…and I’ll bet you will feel better about spending your money with local folks.

      We have a hc related business and the stories that I could share would send all of you into orbit. Bottom line, you have heard this before elsewhere. If you are a producer, a worker, self sufficient, proud, a thinker, a problem solver, independent…they want you dead. You are the threat. Give up, join the club and kiss their ass, you can have it all. What the freeloaders don’t realize is that when they are finished with them, they will be dead as well. How many times have we seen that in history. They all seem to think that they will be escalated to a higher place for their loyalty. Never happens.

      Those that give up and live at others expense have no place on the earth. That is how it was intended to be. We all have a front row ticket to the event.

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks Dude. I have insurance and I am blessed it is not 0bamacare. But it is getting crappier ever year and more expensive.

        • dbcooper

          Not to be rude dude… but the definition of a dude is a boil on a bulls’ butt!! DB

          • Mohammad



    • Beligarant

      At work our insurance has allowed for most to keep the same doctor but costs seem to be rising rapidly along with the rules. Doctors no longer seem to know all these tests insurance company will pay or the catches. You can easily go in for a routine check up and tests to find out later one of the tests was only approved if ordered by a specialists then you get billed $200 depending on the specific insurance company. Co-pays have gone up 100% in the past few years. Name brand prescription drug costs has gone up by 100% or more in the past few years plus may require a specific note from the doctor on why you must have the name brand drug versus the generic. Out of pocket expenses seem to be skyrocketing. It’s just turned into a maze full of gotcha’s.

      • diane s.

        True Beligarant
        We are on Medicare now with supplement union insurance.
        Anthem Blue Cross.
        We pay $100 a month each for Medicare and around $300 for supplemental RX and Dental
        Co pays and annual deductible are $165 each…these costs keep increasing.
        LMS….your advice is good for people who have bad or no insurance….you can make deals with many doctors and dentists.

  10. southernpatriot

    Happy New Year Greg, It’s 2:1 5 am Friday morning and I just finished watching your video on the weekly wrap up. By the weeks end were pretty much wiped out by whats happening to our Republic. As a disabled person I’m fighting to get my SS disability and there playing games. Each month it’s pick and choose which medication we can afford. Several years later and after to hire an attorney were still waiting. There are millions in the same boat who wait for there government to keep there word. 150 billion to Iran should be diverted to the vet’s and elderly who wait and wait and wait,then we’re dead. That is just plain WRONG!
    If I come into this country illegally, I can get all kinds of benefits. Now I know the hold up for the rest of us!
    I do love my country and there good people out there who try to make things right. I may be wrong, but it appears that tyranny is running from the WH to Capital Hill . Everyone of those SOB’s need to be fired and arrested and put into jail. As long as they get there 30 pieces of silver and as long as they get exempt from the laws that they pass to make our”LIVES WORSE”‘ there fine.
    This bunch in Washington ,does not give a tinker’s game about You or I or the rest of the John Does & Jane Does living in the USA. What I wanted to say to you is I appreciate hearing your voice and “Explaining it Lucy” so I can understand it. After listening to your show , I know how my government is going to knock me and my family off. Should I be so lucky to survive what’s in store for America, it’s refreshing to hearing you say “Fear Not”.
    In the show “Survivor” they talk about outlasting,out smarting your opponent . In this case our opponent are traitors to the Republic. If I’m not around for the fight that is surely going to take place sooner then later, the last thing I want to say is”America prepare to defend yourselves”. God bless you Greg and God bless the United States of America. TO ALL THAT HAVE SERVED-SEMPER FIDELIS!

    • Greg Hunter

      They should also stop bailing out people like that weasel Warren Buffett and all the banks. Thank you for your service and I hope you get what you need to make it.

  11. BetterChetter

    On Dec. 23 show, G.Mannarino said (at 9 min mark) that he felt strongly that the Dow would test the May highs over the next few weeks. Now we have had a 1000 pt. drop in the stock market, and anyone listening to G. M. and acting on it, incurred losses.
    I am one who did – selling DXD before it ran up $4/share.

    Now I know GM is your favorite, Greg, and that any forecaster will make bad calls in addition to good ones – but I believe it lets everyone (me) know that we need to develop or build our own internal guidance mechanism (intuition, gut feel, etc.), so that when we hear news stories anywhere, we can gauge whether its in our best interests to act in accord with those prognostications. This is one way we ‘fear not’, in having our own assurance that our connection with God/Higher Power will lead us to safety amid any conflict, fearful or confusing times.
    Lesson learned!

  12. Antony

    Hi Greg! Always watch your reports 🙂 I appreciate your hard work in bringing the real news to us! I check your site and SGT every day, and of course some of the other good alt media sites. God Bless you all! Voted in your poll and I am surprised, as of this writing, that 16% think Sharia law would be better than the Constitution.

    • diane s.

      I pray Greg is right Kiwi.
      Hillary is a very bad person. She is a Communist and a very mean spirited human being. She is a criminal, a thief and probably a murderer.
      Obama has been bad enough…she will be just as bad or worse.

      • RTW

        Here Here! The Clinton crime family has been getting away with atrocities for way too long. Let’s hope that HC brings others down with her in a plea bargain. Give her an enhanced interrogation and she’ll open up like a pistachio.

        • frederick

          RTW you bet she would and I know just the man to do it Jesse Ventura

      • RTW

        Not that anyone on this site needs any more convincing that hillary is the devil incarnate, but there is a book, which was released in October 2015 depicting her as such. (Rightfully so) The title of the book is The Clintons’ War on Women by Roger Stone & Robert Morrow. It is a nonfiction horror story on the CCF’s war on women and the country.

  13. Brent

    You tell ’em Greg! You were on a quite a roll there. This was regarding Obama “crying”

  14. your fan in Japan

    Hey Greg. Welcome to 2016 and thanks for the WNW. Two things from my neck of the woods. One you likely know, one you don’t. North Korea tests a hydrogen bomb. (Remember it was Bill Clinton who negotiated with the N. Koreans. He gave them whatever, for their promise not to continue their nuclear program. So much for those promises.) The thing you don’t know is that I was visiting with a student- an older Japanese businessman. He told me that Abe, Japans’ prime minister, considers himself to be Yoshimune Tokugawa. I asked my student who was that? He said, “A dictator in Japanese history”. So Japan is now being run by a man who considers himself a dictator. Couple that with the tensions with China, North Korea, Russia. What could possibly go wrong?!

    • lastmanstanding

      Fan…IMO, now you know why Japan has not collapsed only been run into the ground for the last 20 years…all in their plan. Get dictators in place.

      Those at the top know that for the most part, Japanese are honorable, tolerant people. They quietly deal with adversity thrown at them because it is tradition to behave honorably. Not like other places.

      So it was a natural place for the ptb to start with their crash the world economies, install one world gub bs.

  15. Richard Wolf Jr.

    I was recently talking to a long time friend of mine, over the Christmas holidays, I’ve known for years, who happens to live in Texas. He brought up a very interesting observation. His experience has been that typically TEXANS are very polite, respectful, courteous, friendly and just down to earth people. He asked me, “do you want to know why ?” YOU DON’T KNOW WHO IS PACKING A CONCEALED WEAPON. I thought that was a very provocative observation. Just a little humor to over shadow the chaos going on in the world today.

  16. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    A couple of quotes from the below link:
    ” ISIS is not engaging in oil deals without the knowledge of NATO since it is precisely NATO that it is doing business with.”
    “The reason for this lack of interest in Bilal Erdogan’s business dealings is because neither the United States nor NATO truly wants to destroy ISIS. Instead, they want to continue to use the terrorist organization as the proxy army it was created to be.”


    It seems that a good deal of this stolen oil is ending up in Israel meaning that they too are funding ISIS.
    Week in week out as this story is gradually revealed the depravity of the west and its subterfuge in its involvement in its ME becomes more and more apparent.

    • Mohammad


      Terrorist had pictures with Netanyahu in field hospitals in Golan heights.
      They where treated and sent back to front lines.
      Those terrorist are pointing their guns to Syrian army and their back safe to Golan heights.
      Same in Egypt.
      Their back is safe to Israel while their guns are pointed killing Egyptian army.

      We knew that 4+ years ago.


    • frederick

      Hey Colin It is pretty obvious to anyone looking or who has the stomach to look isn’t it? Sad how pathetically low the Western cabal has sunken morally Im in the process of looking for a small piece of farmland on the Turkish Riviera where I can get my hands dirty and produce some of my own organic produce eggs and maybe some meat I figure we may have some lean days ahead and I want to be more self sufficient Cheers buddy

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Take care, my friend!
        I fear for your country as it is becoming fairly obvious that Ergodan is a psychopathic criminal. As he continues to be exposed in his treason he will not go easily…… I smell big trouble and much bloodshed.
        Best wishes

    • frederick

      Hey Colin It is pretty obvious to anyone looking or who have the stomach to look isn’t it? Sad how pathetically low the Western cabal has sunken morally Im in the process of looking for a small piece of farmland on the Turkish Riviera where I can get my hands dirty and produce some of my own organic produce eggs and maybe some meat I figure we may have some lean days ahead and I want to be more self sufficient Cheers buddy

  17. CAK

    Study after study has shown, and continues to show, that liberals are far less fair, generous, caring, and empowering than conservatives. Why do liberals own guns? Why do liberals support Planned Parenthood in droves? Liberalism is nothing less than a veneer for the eugenics movement, which continues to want to rid society of “undesirables,” and to promote complete license for whatever behavior under the sun as long as it is “loving.”

    The distinguishing feature, though, between a liberal’s “love” and a conservative’s “love” is one of suffering. President Bush (43) increased financial aid to Africa to combat AIDS, something that in all the largesse and glory of the Clinton years, liberals had refused to do. Why? Because as far as liberals are concerned, most all the uneducated and savage African populace should simply be exterminated. Same too with the uneducated classes (working classes) in most every country on Earth. Once one suffers in their life, and works through it in their own personal faith (rather than blaming someone else), it forever changes one’s perspective.

    What we are witnessing on the world stage is a backdrop to the Elite’s eugenics movement, fueled from the 1930s on. (And certainly a legacy of the French Enlightenment too.) In a eugenics society, those with incurable diseases, those disabled, those deemed a “burden” on society, are not empowered to survive. They are simply exterminated, and exterminated quickly. That has always been what talk of the “new world order” is really about, and why it has infected all political parties worldwide, and in America, Democrat or Republican.

    You have to look beyond the soundbites and who that politician, the person, who they really are. President Bush 43 was not the same as President Bush 41, and it could go on and on, though, on the whole, conservatives have often felt more at home in the Republican party than not.

    In the end, there is only one leader, and one Lord, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, which the Bible says everyone will bow to and acknowledge (even the demons), and that is Jesus Christ. But, for now, as the Bible also says, all things must be fulfilled. Prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes!

  18. James Hastings

    Good job. Another week gone by. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Have a good weekend.

  19. dchayden

    You sure covered a lot of news in that 20 minutes ! That is why I love your Friday news wrap-ups !


  20. Thomas

    Thanks, Greg, for the great counterbalance commentary to the line of crap flowing from the mainstream media.

  21. Southern Girl


    You go guy!!!! Love the delivery and everything you said about the corruption is the TRUTH. I hope like all get out that Hitlary goes to jail. We are in a world of nothing but being ripped off by most of the politicians.

    My health plan usually has changes made to it in the month of April. Just got a letter 2 days ago saying my plan was going up and extra $100.00 starting in FEBRUARY.

    My washing machine went out the last day of December so I bought one from a local company….0% financing for a year. I qualified for $6,500. 00 worth of credit from Synchrony Financial….the company sends me a credit card to use with APR 29.99% .
    It states that my due date would be at least 23 days after the close of each billing cycle.
    Who in their RIGHT MIND would ever charge on that card. I have never heard of such a rip off in my life.

    Get my first SS check on the 13th of this month…gad zooks I sure hope I even see that.

    Again, Thanks for telling it like it really is.

  22. Southern Girl

    Reporting from Central Arkansas…went into the AT&T store and said I wanted to find out if I could upgrade my flip phone…the guy tells me every phone in the store is free for me. So I ask what the monthly fee is for….he doesn’t say a word. I asked, “Isn’t that paying for the phone?” He finally says, ” well yes.” Then I asked about the this or that plan that was clearly displayed and he told me, “Oh, well that ended today. We just haven’t had time to change it out.” I said, “So, if I had come in yesterday you would have given me the cheaper plan?” He doesn’t answer me.

    So I visit the store the next day with a question and he is there and I looked at the information in front of the phone and the same advertisement is still there. Soooooo! I am calling the manager today and will request a meeting and indicate all the pretty lies the man told me and request either a free phone or one heck of a deal or….I will get on my computer and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You know that every complaint whether it is settled or not goes on their record for 3 years….yep 3 years. Then I will file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office….can’t wait to hear what the manager is going to tell me….give you an update later on.

  23. Mark

    This is the best wrap up I’ve heard. I forwarded the link to your wrap up to everyone I know . You’re the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the viral promotion.

  24. Spanky

    I’m not a fan of big government. In fact, I honestly believe that the best government is the one that governs the least. Having said that, I also must disclose that I worked for the government as a resource specialist, and in that capacity, I’ve dealt with a considerable number of ranchers. Although there are undoubtedly a large number of decent, law-abiding ranchers, there is also a considerable number who believe thy have the right to treat PUBLIC land as if it was their own private property. I’ve even had them approach me while I was on public land and accuse me of trespassing on their property. Moreover, I’ve had them fell a large patch of public forest, just so they could get a better view of a lake from their ranch house.

    The BLM, the Park Service, the Forest Service, and other government land agencies act as land managers for the pubic trust. Their mandate is to protect and manage the natural and cultural resources within the boundaries of public lands. Without these agencies, lumber countries, oil companies, mining companies, and other interests could (and probably would) take advantage of the lack of federal oversight. I currently live in a state where at least 95 percent of the land is in private hands. The only place where I can enjoy a walk in the woods, or go fishing is on government (State and Federal) land.

    Also, although controlled burns are frequently done on public land, they are done with federal firefighting crews overseeing the operation, and not by individual ranchers.
    As far as land ownership is concerned, I believe that Native Americans have a better claim to the land than any rancher.

    I’m not claiming that government land managers are perfect, they’re not. But, considering budget constraints imposed on these agencies, they do the bast that they can.

    • dbcooper

      Sir, We live in a county that is less than 15% private property, the balance is either state land; BLM; USFS;NPS. I moved here 35 years ago and there was a vibrant timber industry with a sustainable yield off of the forest. Then as documented by Ron Arnold in his book ‘Undue Influence’ the enviro-mental faction moved into the inner circles and the strategy to managing the forest went from proactive with thinning /slashing /logging/planting (that means employing people) to a strategy of ‘No Management is Good Management’. This is the enviro-mental/communist approach and the result has been devastating: we now have hundreds of thousands of acres of dead and dying timber and this past year was the worst fire season in county history.
      The federal government is not our friend and does not own these lands and has shown itself through the ABC agencies to be ignorant of proper timber management and the law. In my opinion these lands should be turned over to the respective states as was the original mandate. And as far as private companies ‘raping the land’… right now the only groups doing it right are the private timber companies… in my opinion.
      Yours in Frustration and Anger, DB.

      • Faith

        DB: I agree with you. The whole concept of no use is the best use of land is ridiculous. It is superficial and a lie told by the enviro communists. As always they think they know the best way for everyone else to live. I support States Rights. There is no reason for the federal government to own so much land. None.

        • dbcooper

          Faith, Thank you for your reply… I suspect that we live in the same part of the country and bear in mind that the US Gov’t does not OWN this land … only acts as though they do!! Yours, DB

      • Spanky

        You’re missing the point. The Federal Government doesn’t own the land, We the people own it. The government manages the resources on the land so you and your fellow citizens have a place to go fishing, hunting, and camping, assuming of course, you like to do those things. If States and the Federal government hadn’t set aside land for the public good decades ago, corporations, businesses and extremely wealthy individuals would have acquired most of it by now.

        Just who do you think would own the land that is now being managed by the Federal Government, and how much access do you think you would have once it was sold to whomever for whatever purpose? Do you think Monsanto, ConAgra, or Georgia Pacific (to name a few corporations) will let you walk willy-nilly across their land unimpeded? Of course they won’t. To begin with, and not the least of which, they’re extremely afraid of law suits. Indeed, most, if not all, have spend a good deal of money keeping the public off their land, and if anyone were to trespass, they could (and probably would) be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

        Like I said earlier, I’ve worked for several government agencies for two decades, and, although I abhor care any government intrusion in my private everyday life, I KNOW FOR A FACT that most of the people that work for government, land management agencies are doing their best.

        Finally, if you want to live in a country where a hand full of wealthy entities (people, corporations, and companies) own ALL the land, be my guest. Personally, I don’t think you’ve thought this through very well, and I suspect you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • dbcooper

          Get a grip ‘DUDE’… (see the above definition)… Spanky you suggest that I lie … I do not and every word I post is true… The USFS is closing roads in the forest left and right; they are treating ‘Proposed Wilderness areas’ that do not meet the legal criteria for wilderness as though it does; they are treating citizen and local government like some sort of minion. We have for years here been able to get permission from Boise Cascade Timber company to hunt, have access and cut firewood on their private property. You should have left it alone because at this point you sound like a leftist/liberal/communist troll. I live on a private river (non-navigable) and you cannot imagine all the crap we get from people just like you who think that just because it is wet or something like that that they have a legal right to trespass. All they have to do is stub their toe and it is my liability. I own my private property via US Land Patent signed by Woodrow Wilson and I defy you or any communist SOB to try and take it away. There seems to be a consistent reason that people end up with government jobs. Let us all Hope and Pray that we actually see the POTUS impeached.
          Still Frustrated and Angry, DB
          P.S. as a matter of fact, the Enabling Act that our state, and most of the states in this part of the country, was brought into the union with provides that the federal territorial lands that were not in private hands, homesteaded or under mining patent when statehood was granted were to be turned over to the state. These lands were not turned over, but instead held by the fed’s, and were subsequently made into national forest lands under different Acts. ” Mrs. Cooper”

          • dbcooper

            PPS, the “Mrs.” is way smarter than me but I carry a bigger ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ DB.

          • Faith

            DB: I agree with everything you said and more! I have hiked and camped on private land owned by a corporation on both the west coast and the east coast and it has always been a nicer and cheaper experience than going to a government campground or hiking on government property! The fees are through the roof. I have laughed at all the enviro commies that hate Weyerhaeuser and the other paper-product companies. Those companies have large tree plantations and if it were not for those huge tree plantations there would not be cheap toilet paper or affordable timber for housing.

            Since the POTUS has not been impeached I concluded, some time ago, that there no longer is any rule of law in the USSA. Maybe someday, but right now, no.

        • Faith

          Sparky, actually, yes, the corporations that own much of the timber land in Maine are quite friendly to visitors. I have camped and hiked on private land in Maine and it was not a problem. You show up, you show ID, and most of the time it is FREE, unlike when you go to a Federal Park where the fees are quite high, even for a daily visit. The daily visit fees to a state park or campground or recreational center are also high but my state does have a yearly “Discovery Pass” you can purchase in lieu of paying a daily fee or a fine.

      • Chip

        Bravo DB. Turn the land over to the states… Chip

    • Mary Casey

      (I also must disclose that I worked for the government.)

      I wonder if any of those responsible for these government fiascoes (i.e. government oversight of public property) are sharing a cell with the imprisoned ranchers Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven Hammond?

      Following are examples of “government land agencies acting as land managers for the public trust”:

      HIGHLIGHTS OF A “CONTROLLED BURN” – The Cerro Grande Fire was the largest, most destructive wildfire that New Mexico has ever known. The fire swept across 47,000 forested acres in Bandelier National Monument, the Santa Fe National Forest, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos County, and the Santa Clara and San Ildefonso Indian Reservations, causing about $1billion in property damage. Over 280 homes were destroyed or damaged and 40 Laboratory structures burned.

      HIGHLIGHTS OF EPA’S ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION — The Environmental Protection Agency caused the discharge an estimated 3 million gallons of contaminated water and continues to discharge 500 gallons per minute. Arsenic levels were 800 times the normal level; and lead was 3,500 times the normal level. Levels of lead, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium and mercury were extremely high, which are technically called “maximum contaminant levels”. Samples of mercury were nearly 10 times higher than the EPA acceptable levels. Samples of beryllium and cadmium were 33 times higher.

      “This is a real mess,” said Max Costa, chair of the department of environmental medicine at New York University School of Medicine.

  25. helot

    I’m a bit surprised more people are not discussing Richard Fisher’s admission that the Fed front loaded the markets and is withdrawing such support. I wonder what the fallout from that will ultimately be and what other ‘unknown knowns’ there are yet to be revealed in that arena?

    Fed Official Confesses Fed Rigged Stock Market — Crash Certain


  26. Mohammad


    I am praying and ask you guys to pray for a peaceful resolution.
    Seems like the sheriff had went all the way he could to give them an outlet that can end this peacefully, but i sense from the answer that they are digging their heel in.
    Am not taking sides whatsoever, am just asking every one to pray to have this resolved peacefully. prayers are the best thing to be done now:



  27. mesquite

    Has anyone heard about FEMA reservists being called up? Something about civil unrest expected around the election.

  28. Jerry

    Yes its all becoming clear now. China will be lowering its interest rates, while the Fed raises theirs. http://www.reuters.com/article/china-economy-cenbank-idUSB9N14P04220160108

  29. vincent_g

    Greg was it the banks that were found guilty?

    If so then they should be confiscated based on civil forfeiture laws.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct sir, but the shareholders would be paying again. The bankers running the institutions should be prosecuted and jailed. Thank you for your comment and I don’t disagree. I get where you are coming from.

  30. Smaulgld

    This seems to have been underreported
    Saudi Arabia wants close ties to Russia

  31. Smaulgld

    After today’s unbelievable blow out non farm payrolls number and the upward revisions to October and November’s numbers, I think we need to call a “statistical emergency” like Argentina did recently:


  32. Smaulgld

    While we are recalling what Former Fed members said, let’s remember what this guy said about gold:


    • Greg Hunter

      Great stuff and everybody should listen!!

    • Mary Casey

      Especially what he said @ 24:45 about war…..and gold. (In which case, China wins.)

  33. brian

    You know, the funny thing about this complete disaster called the middle east is that if it were not for decades and decades of foreign intervention, coddling, meddling, chair arranging and my personal favorite, “nation building”, the middle east would still be mired in backstabbing and incessant conflict; but it would be their conflict and not the worlds conflict.

    Given that the past century of foreign entangling cannot be undone the best and really only rational option available to us US citizens is to force our government to just walk away from the whole God damned mess and let the people calling that place home just sort it all it themselves…..anything we do short of that will predictably, as in demonstrably so, land us face first into the vile and suffocating anus of pointless and fruitless conflict for the gain of a few total knob gobblers.

    • Mohammad

      Ignorance at best.

      That middle east was teaching Europe how to treat with medicine when they amputated limbs.

      M.E. had Ibn Seena’s book of medicine taught in Universities built by muslims there for 700+ years when Europe did not know what that word meant.

      When Europe was burning witches alive that middle east was inventing 200+ surgical tools by AL ZAHRAWI some where for eye surgery.

      When Europe was in the dark, ME was full of light.

      Go spend a minute or two on something called GOOGLE.


      • RTW

        Yes that’s all good and well, we’ve heard it before. Problem is, that’s the past, and we’re dealing with the “here and now”. Like the saying goes…What have you done for me lately”?

        • Mohammad

          Lately i have been saving lives, some one you know? may be yours?
          that is what i have done for you lately.


          • RTW

            I think you have elevated yourself to an unrealistic lofty position with that statement. I doubt that you have done anything, lately or otherwise, to save my life or even expanding that out further to include someone I know. The question was rhetorical. It was directed to the middle east in general and not to you, in particular. But since you perceived it as such, maybe you could offer specific examples.

            • Mohammad

              Am down to earth.


      • brian

        I guess what Mohammad is trying to teach us is that things go in cycles, because I am sure Mohammad would agree, there is no denying that the middle east is in a full on dark age right now. Its there for everyone to see, the only debatable point are the reasons for such a travesty of human indignity and waste.

        • Mohammad

          Am not teaching Brian, i do not claim i know more than any one of you.
          The story started in M.E.
          It will end there.


          • RTW

            Lets hope your right.

            • Mohammad

              M.E. is not an island separate form the rest of the world.
              I hoped you said :
              I wish you are wrong….!

              Ignorance is one’s sole enemy.


        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Brian, Greg, fellow WDers

          IMO there is nothing particularly debatable about the ME situation.
          The killing and the violence has been engineered and made infinitely worse by western imperialists drawing arbitrary lines on a map of a huge empire that was essentially tribal in its original demarcation.

          The motivation for this division was out of cynical greed and hegemony, not humanitarianism. It seems that the powers that be were well aware that this would cause perpetual chaos in the region but perhaps even they underestimated the scale of the bedlam it would cause and the endless opportunities it would give them to interfere, control and thieve resources, not to mention gain huge profits from the warfare and the arm sales. As an added bonus it would give them the working model to use in other geographical regions of the globe.

          If there was any sign at all that the region was becoming too peaceful, stories would be made up about how bad certain leaders and regimes were, and this would give cause and opportunity for even more meddling and warfare. To add to the subterfuge, proxy armies were used and at times even created locally by recruiting, funding, training and equipping local thugs, criminals and disenfranchised groups of individuals. When these groups grow out of control, as they inevitably do, they by design add to the mayhem and the chaos. People in high places in the west like US secretary of defense Ashton Carter call this “unintended consequences”….
          ….Yes, and in real life I’m actually little red riding hood!

          The problem now is the word is out. As slow as they are at joining the dots the Europeans now realise that they have been pathetically complicit in creating the worst refugee crises in the history of mankind on their own doorstep. It is finally dawning on them that they too have spawned this crisis and now see that it is wrecking their society both financially and socially. It has become apparent that there really is no solution to this humanitarian tragedy because of the sheer scale of dislocation of the ME population.

          Euro mainstreet is starting to see now that the ringleader of this disgraceful behaviour is geographically so distanced that their downside, by comparison, is almost non-existent yet they get to enjoy the largest spoils of resource looting and the profit from arms sales. Indeed, it is becoming apparent that when the US is not seeing enough reaction blowback on a regular basis they resort to staging events that they can use to vilify entities in the ME. The cold-blooded murder of their own citizens is casually and irresponsibly written off as collateral cost in this monumental business of hegemony.

          The big problem now for the AAA [Anglo American Axis] is that the US and its Nato partners in crime, continue with their proxy wars and looting both in Syria and Yemen right in the middle of what is in effect the greatest refugee crises in the history of mankind. Their agenda is being exposed and Russia’s sudden involvement and dramatic progress in fighting IS should be profoundly embarrassing for the west.

          Western leaders are being exposed as treasonous criminals for their compliance in letting this situation devolve to this level. The leader of Turkey [a G20, Nato member, and ‘would be if they could be’ Euro member] is completely complicit in this ME subterfuge and has now been shown to be lining his own family’s pockets by actually trading with and funding what he pretends to be the enemy. What an absolute disgrace for a member of this western alliance.

          Hmmmm….. perhaps……but then again isn’t this how a lot of this group behaves? The real difference is really only how blatant and arrogant they are in their involvement and their effectiveness in hiding their activities.


          • brian

            Colin, that is a pretty solid assessment.

          • frederick

            Colin I have a flat in Warsaw Poland and a very good friend of mine whose father was head of radio free Europe polish language division and was brought up on a US base in Germany during the cold war and has a PHD in journalism from Columbia U in NY has been volunteering his time at refugee camps in SE Turkey He is now teaching at the American Univsity in Paris and he has been advising Kaczynski the top politician in Poland on the crisis and has been offered a job in the new govt Anyway he confirmed to me not to worry about the new govt in Poland and I completely trust his evaluation as he is brilliant We should watch the Visegrad countries of Eastern/Central Europe as they seem to be distancing themselves from Brussels due to this crisis

        • Mohammad

          Thanks Colin for fair words and clear vision.


      • diane s.

        What happened?

  34. dbcooper

    Greg, Thank you for the latest WNW… The trickle down from the absence of the Rule Of Law is total corruption… but it is worse than that … when the USA as a nation sanctioned the murder of the unborn human the judgment of GOD enters from stage right. And it is all ramping up…
    Greg, what I want is a bumper sticker that says ‘I’m a Dogger… how about you??’ … that would go right next to my favorite that says ‘An Armed Society is a Polite Society!!’
    Here on the homestead we wear multiple hats and have numerous skill sets… this is very important because as the reset occurs it will not matter how much you know about the world finance debacle. If you show up at your cousins’ country farm without ‘stuff’ and ‘ skill sets’ you may not be very welcome.
    Just saying… Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  35. frederick

    Greg where the heck is Jon Corzine anyway ? Last I heard they were planning to put him in the same cell with Bernie Madoff so they could talk shop or maybe that was just a dream I had You are correct about Hillbilly Clinton what a couple of grifters they are and how sad is the fact that people still take her seriously? Not sure about Biden as well They set his son up in a high profile position in Ukraine which sure sounds criminal or at least unethical to me but in todays world I guess anything goes for those in positions of power Very sad how morality has collapsed

  36. Art Barnes

    Greg, Wall Street & the FED loves the China card that was plated this week, they got to blame China for their own poor economic activity. This current market is busted and they know it, maybe they can blame another country next week or next month. As to the touted great jobs number this week, only 14,000 of the 292K was the 25 years old to 55 year old bracket, the others many thousands were 16-25 & over 55 years of age group; what does that tell you about the numbers?; part time minimum wage except for only 14K in the career timeline. Numbers don’t lie, well you know the saying. ab

    • JC Davis

      Thanks for the numbers update Art. Yesterday morning local MSM gave the news of Chinas market. Then said( Like the old saying When China sneeze’s the world catches cold.) I don’t ever recall China being able to change the worlds economy so easy. It would be laughable if not so sad.

  37. Linda L.

    Hi Greg:
    Yes, those convenient tears as he passed his beloved gun legislation (targeted towards the middle class) were quite telling. Wasn’t Obama playing golf and ragging on about climate change when all those unfortunate folks were recently killed by his Muslim buddies in the incidences that you referred to? Or do you think that the cry baby John Boehner has finally rubbed off on him? Your reporting is right on target and I think we desperately need 100 Greg Hunters right now…..

  38. Larry W. Bryant

    == Apropos of the Korean H-bomb ==

    Henry D. Thoreau —
    with his keen observation —
    left us to ponder
    these immortal words: “Men have
    become the tool of their tools”
    — Larry W. Bryant (8 Jan 16)

  39. bastiat

    20:35 Joe Biden is not a crook?

    I can’t wait to see some discussion on this. Or should I assume everyone here agrees with this statement? 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      I am comparing Joe to Hillary.

  40. Sandman

    Greg – I really enjoy your articles but something really bothered me with this one. Telling your audience that Iran shot a missile at a US aircraft carrier is nothing less than a lie. You know that. Maybe you just got carried away but please watch what you say. Don’t you know that when people see stuff on the internet, they believe it.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you want to come on and tell me I knowingly misled my audence man up and use a real verifiable name. I DID NOT “LIE” and here is one of many sources that back up my reporting:http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/29/politics/iran-missile-test-uss-harry-truman-aircraft-carrier/

      What the Iranians did was at the very least reckless, and remember this is the country that chants “Death to America” on a regular basis.

      • Sandman

        That’s my handle. What difference does that make. Here’s a quote from the article you posted for me:

        A U.S. military officials added that while the Iranians did not appear to be targeting any specific ships with the exercise, their actions were “unnecessarily provocative and unsafe.”

        Your statement was:

        “Iran can shoot missiles at our aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf or announce a new ballistic missile test.”

        They shot in the opposite direction of the US ships. Geez man, we get it. You don’t like Iran.

        • Greg Hunter

          It make a difference to me, especially when you call me a liar and I am clearly not and I and YOU just proved it, you little weasel. By the way, you are on a site called USAWatchdog.com if you want pro Iranian material go to Press TV which is funded by the Iranian government.

          • Sandman

            So now you’re removing comments? I can’t wait to tell all the guys at ZeroHedge about this. Hilarious. Don’t worry I won’t be back.

            • Greg Hunter

              You sound like a child. You’re telling on me. Too funny. I like Zerohedge.com by the way.

              • Sandman

                Greg – I like your site but I just don’t understand how you’re getting so angry about this. The statement you made was untrue. They did not fire a missile at an aircraft carrier. It said so right in your link. This is unfortunate.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You are a little weasel-troll that can’t even quote what I said correctly because IT IS YOUR GOAL TO TRY TO DISCREDIT ME. My quote that I said about Iran in this WNW is “They can shoot missiles near U.S. Aircraft carriers going through the Strait of Hormuz.” That is exactly what happened and it was a provocation. You broke your promise not to come back. Don’t come back.

                • diane s.

                  Hey go back to the sand you came from.

              • James Hastings

                You have obviously stepped on somebodies tail. 🙂 That’s one issue of many, about the internet. It allows cowards to run a little guerrilla war…of words. They can hide in the dark….or as a good cowboy book would say…..He’ll shoot you in the back. Can you identify IP
                addresses? Oh well, you still cast a big shadow with most of us. 🙂

            • red

              “tell the guy’s at ZH” you’re no wheel at ZH, Those guy’s are witty when they troll, now lift your game before the ZH boys’ wipe your nose in it……

      • Jerry

        OMG Greg,
        You’ve managed to flush out the politically correct police. Sandman its Greg’s site. He can post whatever he wants. People like you kill me. You read something on the internet or the MSM and all of sudden you’re an authority. If you’re a government troll, your a piss poor one. Everything Greg has stated is 100% correct. And for the record, this was not the first time. A year ago a carrier was compltely disabled by an EMP weapon and had to be towed to port. That was reported on Rueters. No American news agency would touch the story. Check your sources before you criticise Gerg.

  41. Jerry

    It looks like to me that drone mobile units being positioned to attack the Hammond Ranch.https://youtu.be/86s8rbDqodE
    Here comes the false flag the government has been waiting for to go after guns and second amendment supporters. Funny how this just happened to correlate with the Presidents executive order on gun control? I wonder how this would have ended if this was Baltimore or Mizzou?

  42. Cathy

    Marijuana is illegal in our state, yet if you pay the state $300, you can buy it at the 80 plus dispensers throughout the state. ??? Talk about corruption. Thanks again Greg for your informative news.

  43. Diane D.

    Greg, another great Weekly Wrap-up! You are correct that the Baltic Dry Index is an excellent indicator of economic trouble.

    Regarding the Oregon takeover of a federal building. I believe Oath Keepers is our last best hope to preserve our liberties. I am close to that organization and the Liberty Movement here in the Pacific Northwest. Oath Keepers does NOT support this takeover. The Oregon situation does not compare to the defense of the Bundy Ranch in 2014. There was no just cause for this takeover of this remote building. I believe the 3% patriot groups agree. We are not looking for a fight; we just want to live as our Founders envisioned. Yes, we know the feds will force a defense of our rights. But this Oregon takeover is not ‘the hill we are willing to die on’. Either Stewart Rhodes or Brandon Smith (former guest) would be excellent guests to discuss this matter and the Liberty Movement.

    • Mohammad

      As far as i remember the oath keepers let the Bundys down in 2014, the bundys spoke about it clearly then.


      • Diane D.

        Exactly who made that outrageous claim? It sounds like someone tried to rewrite history.

        Here is the truth. Cliven and Carol Bundy (OWNERS of the Bundy Ranch) invited Oath Keepers across America to join in celebrating the one-year anniversary of the historic victory at Bunkerville, Nevada. The 3-day celebration was held at the Bundy Ranch on April 10-12, 2015. I personally know Oath Keepers who returned to the ranch for this celebration.

        • Mohammad


          They went to the casino as far as i can tell.
          Sur when there is a celebration weasels will be first to show.
          it happened i followed their news closely at that time so i came across this.


          • Diane D.

            Mohammed, a weasel is one who shows up to a celebration uninvited. Oath Keepers were invited by Cliven and Carol Bundy. The loud mouth in your video was not. He was angry because he was proved to be a fraud. Oath Keepers kicked him out of the Bundy Ranch.

            So far Mohammed, all you have done is post a link to an anonymous youtube video and use it to discredit those who put their lives on the line against armed federal tyrants at the Bundy Ranch. Why?

            Those interested in the truth can read on.

            You will notice two oddities about the video linked by Mohammed. The video never identifies the rabble rouser trying to take charge of the Bundy Ranch. Secondly he cleverly avoids the context of the situation taking place. Why?

            This rabble rouser showed up at the ranch claiming to be Ryan Payne, an Army Ranger. But guess what, he never even attended Ranger school. Payne is a fraud at best. Many believe he was planted to stir up trouble. Payne is now doing the same in Oregon. Ammon Bundy foolishly listened to Payne’s rabble rousing in Oregon. Ammon got set up to fail and is now likely to face years of incarnation.

            Every Sunday I personally talk with Oath Keepers who defended Bundy Ranch. Our pastor is the Oath Keepers’ National Chaplain. Pastor Chuck Baldwin conducted Sunday service at the Bundy Ranch. It is available for viewing at chuckbaldwinlive.com. All of these men were invited back to the Bundy Ranch to celebrate the victory. Where was Ryan Payne?

            Lastly, let me set the record straight. These brave Oath Keepers did NOT party at Las Vegas. Shame on anyone insinuating that they did. Why would someone do that?

            Watchdogs can discern the truth for themselves. They can believe me or an anonymous youtube video.

            • Mohammad

              Am describing and not subscribing.
              The vid is out there when Oathkeepers deserted and went their merry way to the casino to sleep in the “HOTEL”.


              • Diane D.

                Like Matthew Henry said, “None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.”

                Mohammed, I am sorry but I am not going to be able to help you.

                • Mohammad


                  Thanks for trying though, it is the thought that counts.


  44. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Happiness is flying my B-117 over hostile airspace with the most advanced air to surface ordinance in the world. Our cause is just and no matter how long it takes, the terrorists will be defeated.

    • Greg Hunter

      USAF Airman,
      Please tell us about the new Russian weapons I have heard about that can jam radar and disable our weapon systems. Is that real? What do you know about this?

      • Mohammad

        The Russians jammed the western half of Syria and they are working it towards the rest.
        They are pretty advanced and no plane can fly in the jammed zone without coordination with the Syrian Gov. to my knowledge.
        very soon a REAL no fly zone will be imposed by the Russians over Syria fully.
        Iraq is leaning more towards Russia in having this coverage of the skies but it is more complicated there for the obvious reason.
        the advances against isis in Ramadi was never to happen if it was not for the coordination between the Syrian gov., Iraqi gov. and the Russians.
        ISIS is taking a real kick in the ass after their skies are not safe any more, those skies were safe heaven for them when US was “bombing ISIS”.


      • brian

        HAHA yeah “airman” tell us all about that tin can you are flying; better yet fill us in on some of the unclassified details regarding your obviously glorious service to the furtherance of this nations highly laudable foreign policy goals. I mean, your a real hero I bet; you know who the real enemies of the nation are and by God you are going straight for ’em aren’t ya! HAHAHA

        Keep those guns hot and that afterburner cooking Treadwell and thats an ORDER!

      • USAF Airman Rich Treadway

        Look. There always countermeasures to countermeasures. That’s all I am really going to say. The details about our exceptional American ingenuity always come out in due time, but only after that technology is already obsolete. Does anybody really think they can use more advanced weapons systems against us ? Rhetorical question – Hell No ! We have systems available now that werent even dreamt of years ago and getting even more sophisticated by the month. Even if we had a needf for a specific problem, we can weaponize it within weeks. Thats how good we are. The most significant advantage in my view is that we can now go head to head in when targeting the enemy leadership for an effective decapitation. The minions leftover are then ripe for our turkeyshooter oberations to silence the rest. As we are the only true superpower, this means we have real control over our enemies. I hear all this talk about about bad ass Putin. We could knock Putins teeth out in a heart beat. Lets see him eat a meal then.

        • frederick

          Treadhead The German army had that cocky attitude towards the technologically inferior Soviet Red army and predicted a quick victory in operation Barbarossa and we all know how that turned out Failure to learn from history is a very bad idea

    • Sam Hill

      Treadhead – Your cause is just. Just one damn war after another.

    • RTW

      First bit of advice: Change your designation from “airman” to “airhead”, it suits you better. Second bit of advice: Put some pants on, give the video games a rest, and get out of your parents basement so you can see the light of day and maybe get a reality check.

      • Southern Girl


        Love your sense of humor…I am still laughing!!!!!

  45. Mohammad


    Is it possible to ask Mr. kirby about:
    1- How the feds are able to shield the interest rate through pulling in cash from the banks and loading them up on treasuries (setting them up for a jumbo leverage)? the interest rate did not budge after the Chinese unloaded a massive amount of treasuries when they were denied their RMB from IMF basket of currency.
    2- Despite the obvious reason of ample supply of oil (IRAN is putting orders through China to build large vessels to store excess oil) but is it enough to suppress the price down to 30, is it possible to have a paper oil or OILEX as a mechanism to suppress the price may be to 20’s later on in 2016?
    I hope you have a chance in the interview that am eagerly waiting to ask him those two questions.


  46. Willard Ferch

    Those who ignore the real source of confusion and chaos, are unaware of the weapons to resist. Confusion, as apparent to us, resides in the government and the fed, but in reality there is no confusion and the chaos is planned for. When we don’t understand spiritual warfare and its ramifications, it appears to the average citizen as confusion and chaos, but in the end, it will make sense. A thought: What has O done that the devil himself wouldn’t do? Great report, Greg, & right on the money! Fiddlin

  47. 8Ball

    Check this video…
    A statist tool telling the people to leave or we will have to kill you…

  48. L. Sanchez

    Greg I usually injoy your common sense and outrage, but really Biden the dummy for president? Biden the one who revealed his secret underground bunker location! God save us from such an idiot.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am predicting what the Dems will do not what I want. Kill will be charged:http://dailycaller.com/2016/01/07/hillary-clinton-will-be-indicted-says-former-us-attorney/

      • Hilde

        So interesting about Biden. I just mentioned that for some friends, that he is the only one they have up their sleeve if Hillary can’t continue. He is their plan B, IMO.

    • Silence is Golden

      Biden is a high ranking Officer in one of the most influential groups in the World.
      He was responsible for mentoring/moulding B Obama and H Clinton. He is not 2IC by accident.

  49. Ross Herman

    I have a bet with my brother that Obama will not be leaving office, I know this is idea is not the best odds. If however I’m wrong and Obama does leave office it will be Hillary who takes his place, and then you will know that laws only apply to the working class.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hill will be charged.

    • VegasRob

      I have been saying this for a couple years now.
      I pray it will ot come true…Obama may be the last President the United States has for quite a long time. Put all the puzzle pieces together and think how easy it was for the government to declare Martial Law. Constitution is suspended and ‘no elections’ until SHTF is concluded. Again, I pray daily this will not happen.

  50. Coal Burner

    DLC and Lastman; You are talking about all the “Flyover Country”. That is what we all like about it! Peaceful!

  51. Robert G

    What brings tears to you eyes Greg, a drowned adult laying on a beach or a little 6 year old Syrian child drowned. Do you expect Obama to cry every time we have a mass shooting. Wouldn’t the shooting of 20 4th graders who were shot multiple times bring tears to your eyes. They didn’t even have a chance at life. Give the guy a break.
    He wants everyone’s guns? Millions of them are sold at gun shows and on the internet without background checks? Common Greg, isn’t that a common sense thing to do. If it saved 10 peoples lives wouldn’t it be a start. OMG there coming to take our guns is so NRA fear mongering. It’s not going to happen. I think the vast majority of the American people want background checks on all sales.

    • Greg Hunter

      Give me a break. The president has told huge lies and I simply do not believe or trust him. The US dose not even break into the top 100 countries in terms of gun homicides. Oh, and there is a little think in the Second Amendment that says “Shall Not Infringe,” but you are a progressive/socialist/communist troll that would like to do away with free speech and all parties but yours. Do I g that right? You know what’s good for us, like the ObamaCare LIE. If I disagree with you, I am either a hater or a wacko. Now go away, and collect your check for being a troll.
      By the way you said, “If it saved 10 peoples lives wouldn’t it be a start.” The start of what? Ahhh disarming America for the progressive/communist tyranny. You should think that way about 57 million abortions that your party has proudly overseen. You want to disarm America, while you encourage the butchering of babies and the selling of their parts?????

      • Robert G

        Wow Greg kind of harsh. I am not a troll nor do I belong to either party. I have read your site for several years. I meant no disrespect just what I was thinking. I am not political just saying what sounds logical to me. I was Robert for a long time but went to Robert G. To make it easier. I just think back ground checks make sense. Sorry for expressing myself.

        • Greg Hunter

          Robert G,
          Robert G,
          We are headed for a financial calamity to end all financial calamities. Their is a lot going on in the background. If the President really wanted to make America safe he would not be looking for ways to take guns away from law abiding citizens. If he wanted to make America safe he would protect the border and he would not bring in tens of thousands of “refugees” that his own intelligence and law enforcement chiefs (Clapper and Comey) say they cannot not vet properly. How about that for common sense? I don’t trust the President because of his track record of lies. Your comments make you look like a troll and an agent for Obama.

          • Robert G

            Greg you have my full name and my e-mail check out my comments in the past under Robert then Robert G. cause there were several Roberts on here. If I was a troll (and I am not) would I give you my full name and e-mail. I only expressed an opinion, I am neither D. or R. It appears opinions are not welcome here. I approve of butchering millions of babies and selling their body parts, You gathered that from a few innocent thoughts on my post. What a horrible thing to say to a God fearing man. Ps. 139:13-16: “You [Jehovah] kept me screened off in the belly of my mother. . . . Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing….
            Ex. 21:22, 23: “In case men should struggle with each other and they really hurt a pregnant woman and her children do come out but no fatal accident occurs, he is to have damages imposed upon him without fail according to what the owner of the woman may lay upon him; and he must give it through the justices. But if a fatal accident should occur, then you must give soul for soul.” (Some translations make it appear that in this law to Israel the crucial matter was what happened to the mother, not to the fetus. The original Hebrew text, however, refers to a fatal accident to either mother or child.) Abortion is flat out murder and late term abortions in particular is disgusting in my eyes and God’s.
            I sincerely do not understand your dramatic reaction to my post. If you still feel I am a troll then say so and I will take my leave. Robert G.

            • Greg Hunter

              Robert G,
              I expressed my opinion and used a real name to do it. Why are you so upset that I damaged and hurt you under a fake name? I did not agree with you and I let it rip.

              • Robert Greer

                What are you talking about, fake name? I told you there were 2 Roberts so I recently changed to Robert G. To lessen any confusion of which Robert was posting. Check the e-mail address, it’s always been the same. If I think it’s strange that you can be on a no fly list and yet go get a gun without background checks , isn’t that a reasonable comment. When I say the vast majority of Americans are in favor of back ground checks is that a lie. I said nothing about taking guns away from anybody , matter of fact I said that was never going to happen. Just what in my post set you off? I have been here for quite awhile and can’t remember you attacking somebody with such hateful comments even now still accusing me of a false name.

                • Greg Hunter

                  OK Richard Greer, now you have identified yourself and you did not before. I can’t keep track of everyone who uses a first name and a last initial. I feel it strange the government can arbitrarily put someone on a no fly list without due process, so we are both mystified. Oh this might explain something the Constitution says on fire arms “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” So you are perfectly fine with bankers stealing trillions of dollars (IE: LIBOR frauds and FOREX frauds) and the FBI and Justice Department charges and jails no one? The person who has proven he has lied over and over again is the President. He needs Congress to create new laws, not a pen and a phone. He also should protect our borders and jail crooks bleeding America dry, but he is selective in enforcing the law of the land. You sound like a baby Robert with the “can’t remember you attacking somebody with such hateful comments even now still accusing me of a false name.” Nobody knew who you were until now. Get over it and thank you for your comment.

                  • Robert G

                    You are wrong my friend I identified myself when I first signed up and you know that. Now I wish I would have used a fake name. You didn’t have to do that Greg.
                    90% of the people on here don’t use their full name and I don’t appreciate you telling everyone my name. Is coal burner a name? What about 8ball or silence is Golden lastmanstanding, Mohammad, Zoey and many other aliases. I thought my name I gave originally when I signed up and my e-mail were sufficient and safe. All you had to do was look up my e-mail address and saw my name. It’s hard enough to protect one’s identity as it is then have it recklessly thrown around in sites that I visit trusting the owner to be discreet.. My personal info was not to be compromised. I can’t believe you did that. I never said anything about banks or libor or anything your trying to say I believe. Just because you don’t like Obama don’t take it out on me. I did not vote for the man. All this because I said I thought background checks were reasonable like most Americans even gun owners. When I said give the guy a break I meant when he was shedding tears over childrens death that’s all. To me that would be normal. That made me a troll ? I wonder how others on here would feel if you told everyone there real names. You were wrong to do that Greg. You broke the trust factor. I know you won’t apologize so let’s just move on. I feel uncomfortable having my full name used so I will not comment anymore. Robert G. would have been fine. I am sorry it ended up like this. I am curious to see if you post this.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Robert G,
                    Do you know how many people comment here? I don’t, and did not know who you were. You are now entering the world of idiot-blockhead that does not know when to quit. I will post this if this is how you want people to see you. You are not hurting me my friend.

                  • Mohammad

                    Why did you release his full name Greg?
                    This is still a public blog.
                    he has the right to keep his full name private, nest thing is releasing ip address….geez.
                    why in order to prove a point for a bit ego we do this to each other?
                    Least yo can do Greg to maintain integrity is remove his full name from your post.
                    I know you are a man of integrity.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    It was “Robert G” who released his name not me. This is what he wanted to do so I obliged him. People have to type in their full names themselves if they want to be identified. I have never outed anyone. That said, I also have the right to demand the true name of someone who wants to comment. I do this to make sure people commenting are not paid trolls or bots. (Yes, robots make comments on viral media like USAW and many others.)

                  • Mohammad


                    I noticed my post was taken out. No problem you can remove this one please.
                    But you need to take the guy’s full name out.
                    It is not fair to expose his full name.
                    That will be healthy for the site and inspire confidence.
                    Please respect the guy’s wish and remove his real full name including this post too.

                    Yours Greg,

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I did not remove your post.

    • lastmanstanding

      Do yourself a favor and get on line and take a good look at “sandy hoax”. The whole damn thing stinks to high heaven. Don’t be such a dupe and eat up the msm and gub’s bs. Start questioning why this garbage is getting rammed down your throat. Ya, ya, I know, you can only believe about 10 % of what is on the web! What a load of crap.

      I can guarantee that slogan was started by a gub troll to discredit the truth. Those at the top just thought the web would increase commerce, profit, mistrust, confusion of the issues, etc. Now, they fear that there is just way to much truth flying around and that people are beginning to question the bs gub/msm story line.

      Look around man, do you think that thousands and thousands of guys like Greg, the crew at SGT, westernrifleshooters, silver docs, zerohedge…and all of those who are interviewed here and on the web and those of us that comment here have nothing better to do with our time? WTH up.

      The more obamao opens his mouth, the more Americans wake up to lies and deception of the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

      Greg mentioned the other day about that murdering bastard Hassan. Remember him! More than credible witnesses watched this man murder others, in the same room, in real time and not one mention of that real , true event by said leader of free world. Then on national tv on all of the msm networks, we watch one of the weakest men on the earth blubbering about 20 kids killed by a skrawnny assed kid who packed on his person, the same amount of gear that and elite US Special Forces man would haul…laughable. As I mentioned above, the whole thing looks like another lie to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. Funny, how the entire crime scene was erased and gag order on discussion of it is the law. Nothing to see here folks…refer to rule number 1…what the msm reported was the 100% honest gub truth of what happened, so help us God.

      Rule #2…refer to rule #1.

      Not at all sorry for the rant. The world economy is crashing and the only issues being dealt with by our “leaders” is stealing our remaining freedoms.

    • Jerry

      I have known people personally who have been murdered. You know, as in killed? There isn’t one thing the government or the police could have done to stop it. And there’s nothing this government can do to stop gun crime either. The criminals don’t buy weapons at gun shows or from dealers. That’s a myth. They either steal them or buy them on the black market. I can buy a fully automated AK-47 on the black market for $2500. If you really want to save lives? Defund Planned Parenthood. They kill more than all the guns in the world combined.

  52. Tad

    Something tells me Iran will never possess the $150 billion. The collapse is near, and reneging in all forms includes this “reimbursement.”

  53. Richard Mchenry

    Hey Greg another great weekend rap up,this just on my local msn Chanel ,460 union steel workers jobs in Lorain Ohio being let go never to return.Then the local talking heads follows up the not so good news with ….We (the city planners) are going to reinvent the city of Lorain…what a joke, what have these people been doing for the last 7-10 years besides collecting a pay check ? if you want to see what this country is going to look like in a few years go visit a local flea market and see yourself selling all kinds of everything trying to make ends meet to cover your monthly bills…and most of it all made in China.
    Thankyou for all the extra effort you put in to bring us this excellent website ..

  54. WD

    Obama mentioned this on the CNN show about gun confiscation ( not control) with Anderson Cooper.

    “What are you saying? Are you suggesting that the notion that we are creating a plot to take everybody’s guns away so that we can imposes martial law isn’t a conspiracy?”

    He also said; “there a re all kind of rumors on the internet about martial and gun confiscation….”

    Folks, this means he and many of his lemmings are watching the internet and looking at these sites closely. How else would they know this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff WD! Thank you.

      • WD

        CNN did him no favors at that town hall meeting.
        He was embarrassed and had no real replies.
        He was expecting an easy time and got blindsided

        It was if CNN set him up!

  55. Coal Burner

    IT is humorous, Joe Biden, that is. He doesnt have the mental accuity to be president. Age, wear and tear have wasted that !

  56. Coal Burner

    Robert G;
    I am one person and I am the NRA. You must have a suicide wish. Who wants to be put on their knees and then shot in the back of the head, who wants to be burned alive in a cage, who wants to be drowned in a trap. I know you do and your type of sheeple, weak prey, would rather die than defend yourself and yours, you are the kind that I do not cry for. Mine will no longer bleed to save the likes of you not as long as I can prevent it. I ask you, tell me why people who think like you worth any sacrifice today? Yes that ought to make you evaluate your position as a useful idiot.

    • Robert Greer

      That’s kind of a stretch there isn’t coal burner. Relax b r e a t h. This is what I mean by NRA fear mongering.

  57. Timothy Toomey

    You did not post any of my comment Greg from earlier. What gives. I just said Obumma does not want America’s gun. It is a lie.

  58. Chip

    Awesome WNW Greg. One minor disagreement, Biden IS a crook! Don’t forget about Ukraine and his son (Hunter Biden I think). Plus his involvement in the passing of Obummercare… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Compared to Hill he is a saint, but I get your point.

  59. mesquite

    Greg, I am hoping you can verify if FEMA reservists are being mobilized for unrest TPTB are expecting around the election. Supposedly, the briefing they received was “scary” and they are being sent to the large cities.
    Can you verify if this is true?

  60. Jerry

    If there’s one thing about egotistical maniac’s that always hold s true, its once given an opportunity, they will always divulge their inner thinking to have their ego’s massaged.

    For those of you who are interested in the “China Strategy” I would invite you to listen to the following interview of George Soros conducted in 2009.

    Begin at the 9:20 mark of the first clip and then listen to the second clip in its entirety. Then you can decide for yourself whether I’m full of hot air, when I tell you that there is major plan going forward to decouple the Yuan from the dollar and back it with Gold in the coming months, and why China is currently conducting a series devaluations to its currency. Enjoy.

  61. Zoey

    According to the Kuwaiti newspaper ‘Al-Jarida,’ Benjamin Netanyahu will rally moderate Arabs to sabotage Obama’s plan to succeed Ban Ki-moon when his term ends as United Nations secretary-general on December 31 of this year. Obama wants to control not only the US, but the world through UN…ultimately the global army leading to biblical manifestation.

  62. Zoey

    Barack Obama born 4th August 1961 the 216th (6x6x6) date of the year.
    666= The Number of the Beast (the Anti-Christ)
    777=God’s Perfect Completion
    9=God’s Judgment
    By the evening of November 4th, 2008 Barack Hussein Obama was (s)elected the President of the United States of America. His “Home” State is Illinois. He was their Senator. There is no arguing this obvious fact. Within 24 hours of his (s)election and less than 1 full rotation of the planet the Illinois Pick 3 and Pick 4 results were in:

    WED 11/05/08 LOTTO PICK 3 EVENING: 6-6-6
    WED 11/05/08 LOTTO PICK 4 EVENING: 7-7-7-9

    The chances of winning the Pick 3 on any given day are 1 in 1000. What are the odds of it being 6-6-6?
    What are the statistical chances of 6-6-6 and 7-7-7-9 landing within 24 hours of a Presidential Election?

  63. Mohammad

    This kind of hate that will get this country into trouble.
    This kind of herd mentality, that is dangerous and undermines the very foundation of this country.
    Muslims in this country are now experiencing what blacks experienced in the past (and they still until now)
    I have to admit that i was wrong when i said before that am safer under Trump as a president, no harm admitting a mistake it is a virtue.
    I have to admit am not safe here any more.
    I fear for my kids my family my well being.
    Where are the good people in that crowd that was humiliating this peaceful old lady?
    where is the LOVE teaching of the bible of those “GOOD” people that go to church every Sunday?
    They could not tolerate one LADY, they even lost the “MANNERS” that gentlemen should have.
    Stereotyping is terrible, i have experienced it on a small scale on this site.
    I feel for blacks and what they went through.
    So sad I am.
    But never desperate, I believe there are lots of good people around, there has to be.
    I will still give.
    I will still hope.


    • Greg Hunter

      We have had many conversations about this. There is a known problem in the Muslim community that you want to ignore. It is violence and hate being taught at some Mosques in America and accepted in the Muslim community. The FBI says it is 10% of 2000 U.S. Mosques.http://www.newsmax.com/RonaldKessler/Mosques-preach-jihad/2009/11/10/id/336125/ (Other studies say it is much higher. http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/06/mordechai-kedar-and-david-yerushalmi-new-study-shows-that-only-19-of-mosques-in-us-dont-teach-jihad) Where is the Muslim community to condemn this? Instead you want to play the victim card, and ignore a clear documented problem. We just had, yet another, act of violence from a radical Muslim trying to murder a police office in Philadelphia. The reason he blindsided and shot the cop three times? The shooter said it was because he “did it in the name of Islam.” Many in the Muslim world want Sharia law: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-islam-views-survey-idUSBRE93T0TK20130430 Many American Muslims also want Sharia Law as the Law of the Land and that number is as high as 51% in some polling. When it comes to violence in the name of Islam, it is acceptable to an significant percentage of American Muslims. This is from a 2013 New York Times story “Violence carried out in the name of Islam was also widely rejected. In the United States, 81 percent of Muslims said such violence can “never” be justified against a global median of 73 percent.” Are you getting this Mohammad? 19% say violence in the name of Islam is OK. This is not Islamophobia because the threat and fear that goes with it are real. Stop acting like a victim, and stand up in the American Muslim community and condemn violence being taught in mosques and violence in the name of Islam. Violence in the name of Islam is a real problem even if you would like to play the victim and ignore it. I and many other Americans will not stand for it. This is not hate. It is self preservation. By the way, you are not commenting on CNN where they too ignore violence done in the name of Islam. I know you are in the majority of Muslims that do not condone violence in the name of Islam, but the majority of Muslims have to stand up and condemn violence in the name of Islam. What I am seeing is the majority of Muslims ignore the violence and are silent.

      • Sayonara

        Recovering from the flu this morning and I watched an extensive documentary on the rise of the Third Reich which in of itself was horrifying. Now I compare that with the rise sharia law and jihad quickly concluded that the rise of sharia law and jihad is potentially exponentially worse than what the Nazis accomplished. The radical islamists have consistently and repeatedly conveyed their message of death and destruction to non muslims. Then they have repeatedly and consistently demonstrated their intentions with vicious attacks around the world. And this movement is just getting started. What is freaking me out is that the politically correct elitist progressive liberals have demonstrated no sense of self preservation and are openly sacrificing their citizens to vicious violence and destruction. This situation is the craziest thing I have seen in my lifetime.

      • JC Davis

        THANK YOU GREG !
        I would not have said it so nicely. Your the man.

        • Silence is Golden

          If they are silent on the matter …..of denouncing violence being taught and then perpetrated….then denial & acceptance by the majority..is a reality.
          Those in the security agencies are well aware of the process of brainwashing by propaganda being used in the Mosques. Groups of individuals are on watch lists…some even interrogated/prosecuted. Sharia Law is a very big concern in some parts of Europe. Police forces fear entering certain areas because of the lack of/ability to control.
          Question is if they are permitted to enter western societies then why are they not mandated to do so in peace. Any element of violence …either spoken or acted should be quashed. Any participant (and their immediate families) should be deported. Harsh treatment….but it sets standards …what will and wont be accepted. Message will get out very quickly and response immediate….unlike the one to arrest the growing teachings in hate and violence in the name of Islam.

      • Mohammad


        The subject of my post is :
        A lady that has been humiliated by every one including Trump and SHE NEVER SAID ONE WORD.
        She only had scarf on her head.
        There was no one single gentleman in the crowd that is SHAME ON THEM ALL INCLUDING MR. TRUMP humiliated her for what she believes in.
        You took the post to a different direction, i will go on a limb to accommodate that:

        From the same quote you linked to:

        “On the other hand, those who condemn Muslims in general because of the actions of Hasan and others like him are engaging in prejudice that has no place in America. Indeed, such stereotyping sets back the war on terror, because we need moderate Muslims on our side.”

        “The problem is not the Quran, which is no more incendiary than some passages in the Bible. (Deuteronomy, for example, prescribes stoning to death for those who “served other gods and worshipped them.”)

        So does the bible preaches killing?
        Do you want me to quote from the bible?

        I think not.

        From that link i can diagnose the culprit:
        “The problem is the radical element that uses the Quran as an excuse to engage in terrorism and the failure of many moderate Muslims to condemn the extremists.”

        Condemning the extremists is done by all the posts i have put here on this site and you can go back to it Greg, you know it, you are the moderator.

        Let me point to the word “JIHAD” again:
        Jihad is mentioned in the Quran numerous times and i explained extensively the meaning of it.

        I can repeat what i said one more time or you can go back to my previous posts to read.

        Now the specific meaning you want to single out which is fighting and war is by all means passed long time ago.
        That meaning was when Islam was at the beginning and all forces on earth wanted to kill the prophet and the few muslims with him. that jihad was OVER when Islam settled in a well defined state that we know in history.
        So let me repeat it again:
        THAT JIHAD WAS OVER 1000 years ago or so.

        Now fast forward:
        from the same article you linked to:
        “An example was Ali al-Timimi, a spiritual leader at a mosque in Northern Virginia who preached jihad and provided contact information for those who went to Afghanistan for training in terrorist camps. Al-Timimi is serving a life prison term.”

        Can you tell me Greg who supported this TAMIMI?
        Who supported the “Jihadists” in Afghanistan?
        Who paid them? who trained them? who moved them around?

        So TAMIMI that i never heard of up until reading your link is been part of an op that we all cannot dispute who ran it.
        IT WAS the three capital letters that i dare not mention here so Faith and some others will not jump on my neck that RAN IT.

        Why Greg are they promoting funding arming those same terrorists to destroy the moderate muslims in Syria, then allowing the camouflaged ISIS to sneak in this country and Europe to destroy the moderate muslims here?

        Do you see this Greg?

        Or you omit it.

        I will say it again though am tired repeating my self:
        The term “JIHAD” is in Quran, it has a noble meaning, if you are seeking the truth you are doing Jihad, if you are working hard to feed your family you are doing jihad, if you are helping the needy you are doing jihad, if an FBI is foiling an ill act it is considered jihad.
        LOTS AND LOTS of muslims are cooperating with FBI in MI to foil any ill act.

        I hope i do not have to come back to repeat what i have just said.

        AT THE END:


        • Greg Hunter

          Violence is being taught and carried out in the name of Islam in America and around the world. This is a fact. Call it what you want. I do not see the greater Muslim community standing up to denounce it–just like you will not denounce it here.

          • Mohammad

            I disagree,
            However gentlemen can disagree.
            Muslims are at the disposal of authorities to protect this country including me. It cannot be said any clearer.
            I think Greg you are a good man.


            • Greg Hunter

              Please denounce all violence in the name of Islam. I denounce all violence in the name of Christianity.

              • Mohammad


                I am straight forward, honest and do not dance around things:

                one question:
                Do you consider your bearing an arm or a gun in your house to shoot an intruder who intends to harm your family violence?


                • Greg Hunter

                  If you are straight forward simply denounce violence in the name of Islam. Denounce the rapists in Cologne Germany. Denounce shooting the police in Philadelphia in the name of Islam. You cannot and will not do it, and either will the rest of the majority of the Muslim community. This is a fact and I am not a bigot or a hater for pointing this out either.

                  • Mohammad

                    The problem Greg is you do not answer my questions. I do spend good amount of time answering yours.


                    Those crimes you have mentioned are not in the name of Islam.

                    Islam is innocent of those criminals.

                    You did not answer my my question:

                    Bearing a gun with the intention of KILLING an intruder that wants to harm you or your family, IS IT VIOLENCE?

                    For once answer me….!


                  • Greg Hunter

                    You simply cannot or will not condemn violence in the name of Islam. It is real and happening and that scars the hell out of Americans.

                  • Mohammad

                    No answer to my question…!

                    Islam is the last thing Americans should be scared of.

                    I denounced criminal acts, deranged minds from every belief.
                    But what am trying to get to you:
                    Islam does not promote violence.
                    Islam does not teach violence.
                    Islam does not preach hatred.

                    That is my point all along.

                    I will repeat it if i need to.

                    Now can you answer my question?

                    Bearing a gun with the intention of KILLING an intruder that wants to harm you or your family, IS IT VIOLENCE?


                  • Greg Hunter

                    “Bearing a gun with the intention of KILLING an intruder that wants to harm you or your family, IS IT VIOLENCE?” Is this how you are going to portray Muslims as a victims? You will not condemn violence in the name of Islam. You have a well documented problem with violence in the name of Islam in America and around the world. Good Muslims are silent. The Quran runs contrary to your claim that “Islam does not promote violence. Islam does not teach violence. Islam does not preach hatred.” Here are 109 verses from the Quran that conflict with your claim. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/023-violence.htm While we are at it, the Quran also teaches that Christ will come back and say he lied and did not die on the cross. Then, your jesus (not my Jesus) will then kill Christians and Jews that will not submit to Islam. The Quran teaches that Christians will burn in hell for believing in God the Father and his Son Jesus. This is a fact.


                  • Mohammad

                    And still no answer to my question….!!!!!


                  • Greg Hunter

                    I am a proponent of the Constitution and all of the Amendments. This includes the 2nd. Still no condemnation of violence in the name of Islam.

                  • Mohammad

                    No answer yet….!!!!
                    Is it violence having a gun with the intention of killing intruders who wants to harm you?
                    Is practicing the second amendment and shooting an intruder to your house with a gun you bear under that amendment is an act of violence?
                    I did not ask you is it constitutional or not.
                    I ASKED IS IT VIOLENCE?

                    YES or NO?


                  • Greg Hunter

                    What are you getting at? The Second Amendment is and act of self preservation and against tyranny. Can that be violent? Yes. I am asking you why Muslims (including yourself) simply will not condemn acts of violence in the name of Islam. Let’s get real here. What’s with the game playing? I think you are either for the violence, or are afraid of backlash in the Muslim community that supports the violence or both. You will not condemn violence in the name of Islam. So, please don’t come on this site and play the “Muslim victim card.” The “Muslim victim card,” is in my opinion, is a Taqiyya.

                  • Mohammad


                    Quran forbids aggression and forbids transgression.
                    It is a fact.
                    I denounce any criminal act done under any name.
                    My numerous posts are there for you to read but you choose to ignore.


                • Faith

                  Mohammad, you are NOT straightforward. You are a Muslim apologist. Period.

                  Furthermore, your comment makes a good point. When intruders show up to your house when do you decide to shoot them on site? Because it is becoming more and more obvious that Muslims do not have good intentions. You prove this Every time you comment. Thank you. Each comment proves my point, over and over and over again!

                  Cheers Mo!

          • Faith

            Mr. Hunter, you are spot on.

            Mohammad, you never say anything is wrong with any part of Islam. Ever. I have certainly criticized the US government, the US military, and my fellow citizens. I have no problem calling out evil when I see it or lies when I hear them.

            The problem is the moslems refuse to call out the lies and the hate and the evil when it happens and this is a problem. A HUGE problem. Ignore that elephant in the room at your peril.

        • Donna S from Arkansas


          I do not EVER see on any news media or internet site any Muslims DENOUNCING the violence in the name of Allah or Islam. I would denounce any violence said in my faiths name. I believe every faith has radicals within it and should be denounced if they are doing things that are not right. I also believe you can have your own religion, but if you come to America from another country, then EVERYONE should assimilate to our ways. I am sick of people coming here expecting to have their laws or beliefs imposed on us. One example is Sharia law….this is NOT what we were founded on. If this is what you believe in then go back to your country where it is excepted. WHY come to the US if we do NOT believe in it????? This goes for any country that has laws and beliefs that are not practiced here….genital female mutilation, treating women like animals, Sharia law…..etc…….go home!

          • Mohammad

            Your country was not founded on christian belief.

            Your founding fathers were Deists (contrary to the misinformed who say they were Atheist) and no where in the constitution the religion of christianity is mentioned nor tied to the state.

            Deists is someone who thought the universe had a creator, but that he does not concern himself with the daily lives of humans, and does not directly communicate with humans, either by revelation or by sacred books.

            Here is a bold challenge am placing here for any one to refute?
            If you prove me wrong i concur and withdraw may statement.

            Show me in the constitution if (and where if so) any of those words were mentioned:

            “Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, Creator, Divine, and God”

            To the contrary:

            “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” (Article 6, section 3)”

            So if any thing it is the opposite of your premise.

            Despite the obvious fact that the early settlers were christians but christianity is not what this country is based on, it is not the constitution.

            Please do your self a favor before asking me to leave my country because of my belief to go and study civics.

            Am founding truly amazing and amusing that i am who came from overseas know about your history more than yourself.


            • Faith

              Mohammad, your arrogance knows no bounds.

              But go ahead, enjoy your delusions of grandeur while they last.

              • RTW

                Much to mohammads chagrin, I do believe you have peeled away his facade. If he is indeed a doctor, what kind of doctor would that be, for there are many kinds. There is a whole spectrum from Veterinarians to
                Neurologists. He did give us a hint though, in his claim that he saves lives every day, possibly mine as well as yours. That being the case, where does he find the time to post all these ramblings of his after googling everything under the sun?

            • Donna S from Arkansas

              I did not say we were founded on Christianity. I said we were not founded on Sharia law! Read what I said.

      • dbcooper

        Here/Here and Cheers Greg, DB.

      • Faith

        Amen, Mr. Hunter, amen. You said that much better than me. Thank you. By the way, 10% of 1 billion 800 million (the estimated number of practicing moslems in the world) is 180 million. That means 180 million people support sharia. That is more than 50% of the population of the US. That number shocks me to my core everytime I see it. 20% doubles that number to 360 million which is greater than the population of the US.

        I will continue to bring up the horrific video of the woman in Kabul being killed by a mob, stoned, and burned that was on the NY Times site last week (if I leave this page my comment will disappear so please use your search engine to find that video). I have not seen any moslem group come out against that horrific violence. Not one word. And even fewer words from other people, such as Mo, who again and again fail to condem this type of barbarity. Not one single word in support of Ayaan Hirsii Ali or the super model, Waris Dirie, that was portrayed in the movie “Desert Flower.” What I find more disingenuous is the claims by Mo that he is a doctor and saves people but says nothing, not one single word agains FGM (Female Genital Mutiliation.). Utter silence on the part of this doctor to speak out against this barbaric medical procedure. And more silence with regard to how a woman was beaten to death by a mob, it was videotaped, and put on the NY Times website for the entire world to see. Again, silence from moslems. In my opinion silence is complicity.

  64. DLC

    Wolfing: Walk away from drugs? Sure, there are some people who do. By and large, most do not.

    Faith: “Vacation from druggies.” I was not pushing AA/NA/CA. I sat in on some of their meetings as I am totally unschooled as to the drug culture. I would not know which end of a cigarette to light, let alone anything about drugs. My main exposure is transcribing a deluge of drug and alcohol patients. They are quite an overwhelming army that stresses the healthcare field to its limits.

    Drugs and alcohol are king to my siblings. I have no contact. They are too far gone at this point. For me, it was a journey of understanding the process to minimize how it affects me personally. It is what it is, the “things I cannot change.”

    “False spiritual promises.” My husband was sober for 25 years. I only know that he drank because he told me so. The active part was a thing of the past by the time I met him. He was not a churchgoer, but he was not a fool either. Here and there, I would walk into a room and find him on his knees. I assume he struggled.

    I like to think I was a good influence, too. I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you what year I last had an aspirin. I think it made it easier for him since I was wired totally in the other direction. I would not permit users or even AA people in my home. Rule #1: Don’t invite trouble.

  65. DLC

    Wolfing, Faith, et al: You could say I make a living off the backs of druggies. The healthcare field is currently all but consumed by the end product of drug and alcohol abuse. The country itself has been consumed.

    I once asked a relative if she was prepared to pay higher and higher premiums for a culture out of control with street drugs and scripps, and too, a country without borders. I can tell you the people getting the hog portion of care are the potheads, the coke heads, the hop heads. If you could eliminate the astronomical cost of multi-system failure due to self abuse, healthcare would not be the bankrupting issue that it is for the rest of us.

    It is not uncommon to be on 15 prescriptions a day. I have counted medications into the low-30s (that’s 30 prescriptions, yes). Who do you suppose pays for that? — the guy paying hefty premiums with a 10,ooo deductible, that’s who. The system is now structured to grandly reward the patient who is out of control who pays for none of it.

    You cannot smoke, coke, dope, and wench your way through life without a cost to self and everyone around you. It is the elephant in the room that sat on this country’s face for the last 4 decades at least. You cannot begin to imagine the amount of money expended on such, all of it totally avoidable.

    Trump cannot fix this. I’m all for him, but a country in massive denial will extinguish itself. Most politicians themselves likely could not pass a wiz-in-a-cup test. The population is besotted and demoralized. Why else would this country freely vote for a man twice who has a history of drug abuse, the very one who took your healthcare and snapped it over his knee. What a bunch of schnooks. I’m having my doubts if this monster will be graceful in 01/17 and just leave. Half the country wouldn’t care either.

    Walk away from drugs? When the country falls, they’ll walk away with your wife and kids after they flay you in your own front yard.

    We import drugs by the tonnage. Who do you suppose takes all that dreck? Keep kidding yourself.

  66. DLC

    Mohammad: You thought I said the answer was mass death to a population. No!

    I meant to convey that Russia went through suppression and death at the hands of their leaders, not that it is a solution to anything. It was decades of suppression and death that brought them, it seems, to their senses. I do not know that for sure. I simply look at how a country publicly behaves and what their priorities seem to be. Putin seems like he has his people’s interest at heart. Who really knows for sure?

    I just look at things on Y-tube and read things that take me as far as I can go from the disturbing culture we in this country have created. I’m old enough to remember this country before drugs. I’m hoping the vets, the spiritual ones, the responsible adults can turn this country around. It may take a crash and untold suffering to motivate the currently intimidated amongst us.

    • Mohammad

      Sorry DLC if i misunderstood.


      I hope we do not have to through crash to uplift. but all indicators are pointing otherwise.


      • Mohammad

        please Greg replace my comment to DLC with this one:

        Sorry DLC if i misunderstood.


        I hope we do not have to go through crash to uplift. but all indicators are pointing towards it.


  67. DLC


    S. Gal: Just for you.

    • Southern Girl



  68. DLC


    Hopey-Dopey Changey reality .

  69. Tom

    You mentioned: “he didn’t shed a tear for…” During his speech (which I tried to avoid but was trapped in a doctor’s office) he mentioned with pause Sandy Hook. As I try to access more and more points of view I am finding out there are a number of so-called terrorist attacks in the USA which have no wounded, only killed or not killed. This seems suspicious to me. And with all the cell phones people have, there are no videos. Logically terrorists did not have anything to gain, only the people selling weapons to the US government. I am starting to think the republican debate in which republicans piled on to the lets-go-to-war argument is playing into the hands of arms sellers.
    So I searched on Sandy hook victims and found at least one source that claims, the victims had no SSNSs, death certificates, or birth certificates. Does this sound fishy? Also saw a video in which the same female “victim” was seen escaping from the facility four different times. Also saw another video (RT.com) in which the same actress was a victim’s relative interviewed after two different incidents.
    If these attacks never happened but were staged, wouldn’t the powers that be feel justified in believing we all are stupid and they can do any outrageous thing?
    So I want to ask you, is there any way you can look into this or interview some person or persons who might shed some light on whether so-called terrorist attacks like SB, SH, and Paris really happened or were staged. I think if it were true and the story went viral it might help speed some things along quite a bit and take the air out of the war movement, save the world in fact.

  70. Lake M


    Oh man, what sweet words “Hillary indicted on felony charges ” you spoke. It is in Obama’s hands for sure. I certainly hope you’re correct that he will green light the Attorney General to proceed with charges. Even if she gets the nomination, I ‘d bet she cannot win the general election if it’s not rigged. Too many negatives. The Democrats assumptions of her victory are naive and a failure to read public sentiment correctly.
    I am concerned that something could happen to Trump to take him out and push Jeb, the neocon candidate of choice. Elite club member Hank Greenberg gave Jeb’s campaign PAC $10 million this week. Large for a candidate with such a small following.

    This past week was quite interesting with the “blame China” message repeated over and over on CNBC as an excuse for the equity selloff. Cramer began on Monday with a rant, reminding everyone they are still “stinking Communists”, rhetoric reminiscent of the Cold War. Commentators sprinkled the word Communist throughout their reportage for the rest of the week. I was surprised and pleased Richard Fisher, former Dallas FED member , was so candid about the FED actions over the last 6 years. A bit of truth finally.

    Great you are having Rob Kirby on next… one of the truth tellers.

    Lake M

  71. Brian Lauzon

    A few months ago I said I believe Hitlary Clinton will be president in 2016. As I watch the US presidential campaign and the media coverage I still stick to that claim. Everything Clinton does is still the next coming of Jesus , can do no wrong and Trump can do no right. CNN by itself can’t stop talking about Trump like they can’t believe despite their demonization of him it is not working in the polls. They seem frustrated. When Clinton comes up watch them get this crazy to a fault glory to God grin on their faces like Clinton really is our God. It is a desperation style of reporting and nothing , NOTHING , Clinton has done in the past ever happened. With this unfolding as I see it Clinton has been chosen to be put into office no matter what. Her e-mails keep getting glossed over and Sanders seems to be a second CNN mouthpiece ‘get out of jail card’ for Clinton than a campaigner for president. Yes , Hitlary is a tyrant , a psychopath , associated with murder , demonizes women who were targets of her sexual predator husband , lies about absolutely everything and behind the scenes is a monster to her crew but none of this seems to matter to the press. The result is nobody knows about it and she can do no wrong. The president is chosen , not elected and it is clear they want her. She will be president. If Obama can so successfully hide his birth background Clinton can too.

  72. DLC


    Greg: I could not stay awake to listen to this the other night. Anyway, I found the charts that were done on presidential hopefuls for 2016 and beyond. It’s something called Timetracks, a computerized predictor that is based on date of birth, not astrology and not numerology. I don’t know if Noory’s guest just happened to stumble across some sort of statistical probability based on people born on a particular date.

    Just click over the names of the candidates listed. It will show what period of time a candidate is most active and relevant. I was surprised at the results. Supposedly, the guest has a high accuracy rate.

    P.S. Hillary fades out.

  73. DLC


    This man, Stephen ?Molineaux, gave the best explanation to Alex for what is going on with the mass migrations and the way we are being set up.

    My apologies for all the transmits. Heard this yesterday and thought it cleared the air on the elite-manufactured refugee issue and felt it worthy of being spread around.

  74. Mohammad

    More heavily armed men are showing at the Oregon standoff encampment:


    Lets pray that it won’t escalate.
    Lets pray it ends peacefully.


  75. John M.

    Greg, some of your best analysis and commentary!!

  76. glen

    the deterrent factor of nuclear capability holds strong,

  77. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    Yes, let us pray that it does end peacefully and that justice is served for all. I have watched your persistence in argument and defense of your fellow Muslims for some time. You seem to be a man who does love peace, who cares for his neighbor, who desires justice. Mohammed, God knows who you are personally and he is watching your involvement on this site. You are here for a purpose. He has an incredible plan for you. He is not a god who demands that others die for him. Instead, he is a God who sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for you so that you could be free from the bondage of sin and death. He has offered you eternal life if you will accept what he did for you on the cross. If you do, it will be the most frightening thing you have ever done, and then you will realize that it is the most wonderful thing you have ever done. I will commit to praying for you, Mohammed. God has brought you here that you might be saved. May it be so.

    • Mohammad

      I do respect your belief, in Islam Allah ordered me in Quran to respect Christians and Jews and dialogue with them in a respectful manner.
      We differ, that is obvious and both sides see it.
      We believe that Allah who created this universe is not like us, is not like any thing we may think or imagine, that he does not have a father does not have a son does not have a wife does not die.
      And am thankful to you for it, if it tells me something it tells me you care about me and that counts.
      I will pray for you all and for my self too.
      At a certain point when our journey is over will face the truth.
      It won’t hurt any of us that we meet our creator with love and care to each other even if we differ. I believe in front of our creator no matter who turns out to be right or wrong, this love we showed in this life will help us then.
      Thanks again.


    • sk

      I have often wondered why people have to convert others. Why can’t you be happy that you are doing what you think is optimal and letting others do what they think is optimal? Religion-wise, that is. When they see that your life is wise and virtuous and you follow god xyz, they will then also decide to follow god xyz. What do you all think?

      • JC Davis

        SK. When one becomes a American citizen they take a oath to support the constitution of this country. To support The faith/ politics of sharia law is in violation of there oath. They should be deported. This is a Republic that denounces killing based on religion . If one can not accept that they should be deported by law. Conspiracy to commit murder is a crime regardless to how the Quran is read. This country was based on Christian principals . Not all Christian people.

  78. Mohammad


    This meeting smells NUKES:


    Pakistan is pledging to defend Saudi Arabia against any aggression (IRAN).


    • Greg Hunter

      I pray you are wrong but fear you are not. I think Iran has a Nuke or two (some limited number) so thiis makes this situation dire.

      • Mohammad


        This meeting tells me that 300$ a barrel will look cheap.
        I hope am wrong.


  79. Coal Burner

    Greg; Greetings, yes this is late but mostly for you anyway.
    You asked Treadway and he told you as I have. He doesn’t give the orders, civilians do! So these jammers jumping him for his opinion on justice can eat dirt. Some, many of these sheeple are so ignorant they cannot comprehend what they are told. As far as Putin, he is doing in Syria with Obummer’s blessing. If you read Peggy Noonan about what Trump thinks and says, we can see the game is changing and Treadway doesn’t even get that. If you could get David Skarica on who wrote the Great SuperCycle for an interview it would open a whole new world for WatchDoggers. Love to here his update to the book.

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