Huge Fraud at COMEX Covering Up Huge Demand for Gold-Craig Hemke

13By Greg Hunter’s

Financial expert Craig Hemke says not only is the 300 to 1 leverage at COMEX “extreme fraud,” but it also is a sign of record demand for physical gold. Hemke explains, “We have been at this number now for a couple of months. . . . Meaning that for every one physical ounce of supply in the vaults of COMEX, there are 300 beneficial owners. 300 paper ounces have been created. That leverage, that stress is telling us something. You get the anecdotal stories about the empty vaults of London and the stress of the gold that is flowing out of the vaults of London and out of the U.S., out of the UK and into Switzerland. There are stories of the refiners running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking the old 400 ounce gold bar and . . . recasting them into kilo bars and shipping them to the East where the demand is. . . . It’s huge fraud to cover up huge demand. There is no doubt about it.”

Hemke goes on to say, “I think we are finally starting to run out (of physical gold).   There are all these data points, but I can’t look at it and say, therefore, by Thanksgiving, all hell is going to break loose and the system is going to break. I am not going to tell you that, but what I will tell you, I am perfectly comfortable owning gold, and I have been perfectly comfortable accumulating it for the last three years while the price falls because I know this system is eventually going to fail and, when it does, the result is going to be spectacular.”

Hemke goes on to say, “There is a reason why the futures markets are set up and utilized the way they are. It’s modern alchemy, and it is to suppress or control price, but you have to have this physical metal backing it. It is that that I think we are finally getting to the end of. When the music stops and everybody that has an unallocated account in London or Sydney or has GLD, all these folks who think they own gold, when instead, all they own is a paper obligation with counter-party risk. When the music stops, when the 300 people are circling one chair while the music plays, when they all try to sit on that chair at once and the world realizes there is nowhere near the amount of gold that was supposed to be there, let’s just say the price is not going to be $1,100 an ounce.”

Hemke says what happened in the run-up to the September Fed meeting is happening again. The dollar is rising and commodities are tanking. Hemke explains, “All of these prices are going straight in the toilet because of the rising dollar. They were going straight in the toilet back in August, too. We are right back to where we were in August. So, when we move through November, and we’ll get a GDP revision to the 3rd quarter, which will be down from its paltry 1.5%. . . . By the time we get around to December 16 (the last Fed meeting of 2015), I am quite certain, based on all these economic factors, that the Fed will do nothing again and, all of a sudden, things will look better for commodities, gold and everything else.”

On the falling price of gold and silver since 2011, Hemke says, “I don’t lose a minute of sleep over that–none. Everything we were worried about in 2011 and 2012 is still out there. It’s only gotten even worse than it was then. The fact that the price is where it is, actually, is a bonus for everybody. It is a chance for those who have not prepared for this event to get prepared and get their hands on physical metal while they can because the end is coming. The fact that it’s been postponed for a couple of years doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t make a bit of difference to me.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Craig Hemke says the war question is the thing that keeps him up at night. Hemke says, “I am scared to death about it. I have anxiety on a daily basis because I can see where this is heading.”

Hemke has some free information on the homepage of  Check the “blog” section.  (Click here for his story about 300 to 1 leverage on COMEX,) He also has a subscription service for $10 per month. If you would like to find out more about subscribing to, click here.


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  1. John

    Great interview Greg and Craig
    Clear,passionate,thoughtful, and educational …bravo guys

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for your kind support.

    • Jon Schmidt

      Where’s the fear? This is as new as sliced bread. Get rid of your Rolaids and take physical possession. But as trader you can’t do it and rely on this farce if that’s the way you make a living stop bitching about it as some people clean bathrooms for a weekly check on what you spend for lunch at the 5 star restaurants nearby the trading floor. I use to go inside the Comex at 4 World Trade center as my friend had a silver and gold seat. Walk to work across West End Avenue and we eat at the Windows of The World.
      Good old days 80s/90s when it was Legal to trade on inside information in the Comex pits. Had to hear him whine too about his Quarterlies as they wanted $48k in taxes each Quarter. I wish I had his horrible problems like that for 30 years. Let me pass you a hanky . Wonder why people support the Bern is whiny wall street and the unfairness. Lots of jobs as janitors available in New Jersey that will improve your acid indigestion. Jon

  2. Dan

    Fantastic, no-nonsense, down to earth interview with Craig Hemke. What an excellent choice to summarize what is really happening. He did a wonderful job in explaining the current and ongoing fraud in very simple terms; this will be great to get some newbies to better understand the fraudulent COMEX. Well done!
    With 300:1 leverage, all these hedge funds are gonna get burnt badly in the near future, just as they have gotten shafted by the criminal front-running bullion banks like JPM & Goldman Such in the past.
    How long the COMEX can continue to issue additional contracts without the physical is very difficult to say. Just like the Fed prints infinite amounts of notes without consequence, the COMEX can also print more futures contracts going to 20,000:1 leverage ratio or more, as nothing seems to stop them from doing so. The CFTC, SEC, etc. will not investigate nor prosecute them. So, unfortunately for us, it can go on for a while still.
    In my last post (Sprott interview) I asked WHY doesn’t Sprott simply buy a futures contract of $200 million and ASK FOR DELIVERY (as the COMEX only still has $150 million of physical gold) to end this miserable charade. I didn’t get many replies to that question, but I assume that Sprott (who has $7.5 billion in assets and could easily purchase such an amount) either might be afraid to get killed by the banksters or bullied by U.S. authorities who are in on the fraud. Any thoughts?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan for weighing in here!

      • 8Ball

        It does not happen because it is not allowed to happen…
        This is not a “free” market any longer. Those who wistfully speak of ethereal “market forces” causing a correction at some point are whistling in the dark…

        All frauds and deceptions eventually collapse under their own weight. The western fractional reserve scheme has a ways to go before it is dissolved and morphed into some “new and improved” system conjured up by the banksters and their overlords.

        You can bet on who it will benefit.

        • 8Ball

          Here is an interesting perspective & interview.

          From The Valley of The 7: Confessions of a Former Swiss Banker:

    • Michael Harvey

      I am with you-this was my post after the Sprott interview.
      Following on from Eric Sprott’s interview.
      If it was only a question of $150,000,000 to call the bluff of COMEX, I would be the first in the queue to subscribe to a fund whereby enough capital could be raised to buy and demand what physical gold there is at COMEX.
      This article came via Jim Rickard’s wire yesterday
      The People of India May Never See Their Gold Again.
      The central bank of India does not have that much gold. But the people of India posses the largest gold hoard in the world – estimated at over 20,000 tons. This is more than double the gold hoard of the United States! Now the Indian government has devised a plan to confiscate that gold. First they lure the gold in with the promise of “interest” on the gold. They give people a “redeemable” paper certificate in place of the gold. We all know what comes next. The government will renege on the redemption promise and keep the gold. What’s worse is this gold will be available for leasing, which is part of the global central bank gold price suppression scam. Hopefully the India people will see through this fraud and hang onto their physical gold. Click here for more.
      Oh to bring an end to this fraudalant behaviour?
      Mike Harvey
      Resident in Ireland
      PS Please pass this message onto Eric Sprott

      • Beligarant

        Very valid points for both gold & silver. This idea of someone spending $100 or $150 million to try and bust the paper manipulation by demanding phyzzz has been floated around for several years. This is not the first nor probably the last time its been mentioned. For a couple large hedge funds working together this amount of $150 million is chump change.

    • Hank

      Taking delivery at ComEx…many of us have asked the same question regarding someone or some entity, maybe a sovereign nation or a Wall St shark(smelling blood in the water), doesn’t just demand delivery of their ComEx order? To most of us that seems the only way to guarantee a ComEx default.
      I would think the Russians (Mr Putin?) would love to do this just to upset the US paper dominated system and thumb his nose at the West’s status quo, especially as our pols seem so eager (stupid) to want to challenge his invited forces in Iraq & Syria. Maybe the Chinese will do it in order to establish their new SGE exchange as the only legitimate PM exchange. Who knows?

      Now with the supplies so obviously Low, surely somebody will finally attempt breaking ComEx et al.

      • Hairy Herry

        Consider though.. China isn’t holding COMEX to the wall. If anything, they want to drain America dry. Who says Russia isn’t doing the same thing? The whole musical chairs game stops when COMEX must default, probably not a picosecond before!

    • john duffy

      There is anecdotal evidence that many investors who show up to collect their bullion are bought off and silenced with a cash premium settlement. Large investors who try to collect may recieve a call from the IRS or worse. Think “all those bankers who suicided”. If the Chinese open their gold exchange, things may change. Then they will have to reset the system. Just my 2c worth.

    • RichM

      I have often thought about that as well…. if someone came and bought up all the contracts and demanded delivery.

      I have a theory which might be naive of me to think this way but….. It seems like it is risky as it could play out where not only do they demand delivery, but then everyone else would at that 300:1 ratio. Basically a frenzied run of sorts. So, delivery would not be honored but be stalled, go into some sort of receivership status, and take years of legal battles to be distributed out. So while it would expose the fraud, the same sheeple who ignore it now would continue to ignore that as well. The powers in control would support the stall to honor the delivery and the manipulation would continue on.

    • sjwo

      Dan, I wish to offer you a new perspective.

      Do you think the amount of money in circulation in a country should be fixed?

      If not, do you think the ideal amount of money in circulation can be formulated? If so, who should determine the formula, who should apply it, and where should the money come from?

      • Hairy Herry

        This is precisely what reserve banking is about! It is flexible to allow expansion of the economy. The issue in America is… Uncle Sam took out a credit card back in the 70’s. He’s continued to max it out with Congress giving a greater ceiling (MORE DEBT) to strangle himself. He loves a Butter and Guns policy. Lately, he’s been pimping Lady Liberty.
        You see, reserve banking isn’t all bad if there’s actual INTEGRITY behind it. With the dim bulbs running things inside the Beltway, it won’t turn out too well – except if you possess silver and/or gold, store it outside the banking system, and wait for the world to swap its poles. (turning upside down)

  3. Dan

    Oh, and I almost forgot the Shanghai Gold Exchange ( is supposed to launch its 100% backed gold futures contracts service to international buyers by the end of the year. If they do, that would mean that ALL contracts would be backed by physical. No more 300:1 but rather it would be 300:300. So, I don’t see why in the world hedge funds and other (supposedly legitimate) parties would ever want to get their gold contracts on the COMEX or LBMA if they could be 100% certain of their investments through Shanghai. Just think of the lost opportunity they will experience if gold shoots up and they end up being paid in toilet paper Federal Reserve notes. I would think you would have a bunch of pissed elites at that point in time…

    The SGE was actually supposed to launch last April but was delayed. Maybe the Chinese are going to decide to wait a bit longer again this time (as to purchase even more gold at lower prices). It’s hard to say. I thought I had heard one of Greg’s guests in the past mention that the Chinese would not the the price fall below US$1,100 an ounce.

    Needless to say it’s going to be a nerve-wracking November and December for many!

    • JC Davis

      Dan. I responded to your question about billionaires buying up the comex gold. My thought is why would a billionaire buy all the gold he would not be able to use as freely as dollars. He would hurt the value of his dollars in billions to preserve millions. Millions that could only be used as insurance after he has crashed the dollar. I know very little about how billionaires think, and why. This is my guess.
      Next thought is if everything crashes what good would metal be for a time at least if only a few are willing to use it? Yes the demand would be high, but with 7 billion hording it, surely it would be a slow process to using it. None the less it is smart to have some today while it can be reached.

      • Silence is Golden

        Who would want to play in that Cesspool ? No one in their right mind…!!!
        We all know what the COMEX represents… so that in itself should pretty much answer the question. You play around with the BANKSTERS …and they lose…someone’s going to come after you. That’s as certain as night turns into day.
        Leave it alone….it will go away sooner or later…..just like most things that aren’t real. They eventually fade into non-existence….or non-relevance. Probably both.

        • JC Davis

          Right SIG. Talking to Allen Ols today I said the comex is going to become irrelevant. Like sending your 6 yr old kid into the yard to kill a rattle snake.

          • JC Davis

            If I were a billionaire I would not announce to this government how much I owned. Just the small amount on record would be all they would know about. I surely would not buy what they did not want me to have. Dangerous game to hold too much gold.

    • Tin foil hat

      If SGE were really opened to international buyers, then there is no way the Chinese would allow gold flow reverse from east to west at COMEX set price.
      I think they know it would mean an act of war if gold price would be allowed to find its true market price via SGE. Not only they would loss the few trillion of reserve in fiat dollar, they may have to deal with the still mighty US military or CIA back revolution – it would be funny, and racist, if we called that Lemon Revolution.
      I find it very strange that we have shown aggression toward Russia but none against China. I’m beginning to suspect that whatever naval maneuvers we are conducting around the Spratly Islands are nothing but a kabuki dance.
      Those islands were probably already granted to China with our approval in exchange for the indefinite delay of SGE.

      • JC Davis

        T.F.H. Would the first strike make a big winner of war.? I saw a interview where our top commander said his main concern was a first strike shutting down the satellites. Could America be whipped? No right or wrong im just looking for thoughts.

    • Brewmaster

      Dan, I think I explained a bit to your questions in the Sprott interview. You are absolutely correct in that it does not matter if there are 300 or 20,000 long positions for every ounce of gold in the exchange warehouse. It would only matter if these long positions intended to take delivery. I have traded futures for the past 30 years and have never taken delivery and never intend to . Most people with long positions do not intend to take delivery. The exchange will not blow up or implode even if some longs did take delivery. Whatever contracts could not be filled with the warehouse receipts would get cash settled. It happens all the time in numerous contracts and has been working this way for like a hundred years. It is largely irrelevant if the ratio of longs to warehouse receipts is 10-1 or 300 to 1. It becomes relevant when delivery is demanded by more than the 1 out of 300.

      • JC Davis

        Brewmaster With all the changes in world currencies in the last few years, and China opening the SGE to the futures market 1 to 1. Do you see a time when investors will want gold deliver ? Even if SEG don’t, things are soon to get tight on the dollar surely the value of gold will cause a greater demand

  4. Faith

    I like Zerohedge and read it on a daily basis. I love the comments as much as the articles. I was watching a re-run of “The Fight Club” and was surprised to learn that Tyler Durden was the main character. I had watched that movie years before and thought it was too violent and on the dark side. What a surprise for me to learn that the non-de-plume for the author of Zero Hedge was shared by the lead character in “The Fight Club.”

    Isn’t this also called rehypothecation when a bank, or in this case, the COMEX, can inflate orders with regard to the reality of physical metal that is outstanding? I don’t understand why this isn’t illegal. Also this does remind me of that old game of musical chairs. What happens when there is only one chair left for 300 outstanding orders?

    Another great interview Mr. Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Rehypothecation is a legal justification for theft and fraud sad to say. It is what happened with MF Global and it is part of the reason why Corzine walked. Thank you for your comment and support of the site!

    • Anne Elliott

      Faith – what a great example of what’s going on – musical chairs with 300 people and one chair! People love to gamble; I bet half of those 300 don’t know there is a problem with the system, and the other half is betting that they’ll be able to predict when that music is going to end!

  5. Shadow of Doubt

    Just a world-wide Recession…(these headlines suggest maybe not):
    * The Baltic Dry Index has Crashed
    * The Bank of Ireland Bans “Small” Cash Withdrawals
    * The Disappointing Middle Class is Threatening American Mega Brands (disappointing or flat sales are due to fragile, cost-conscious consumers).
    * Connecticut Police Announce Plan to Open Unlocked Vehicles and Seize Valuables (a well conceived community caretaker function or more theft by cop).

    • Matt

      That Connecticut Police plan is no longer.

  6. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    What an extraordinary interview!

    In the years I have followed WD I have not witnessed one guest interviewed that has the courage and the fortitude to state in simple terms why it is that the FED acts as it does. In fact Craig went so far as to mention this monumental farce twice. I will paraphrase what I heard him say:

    #1 The FED is owned by a cabal of private banks
    #2 The FED is not the slightest bit interested in ‘Joe Sixpack’ or mainstreet or the welfare of the US economy, it merely pretends to be
    #3 The FED’s sole aim is to feather its own nest. It’s nest is its private bank owners and associated cronies

    Greg by now you know full well that I am not a religious Kiwi.
    I will say this though…..
    HALLELUJAH, finally someone with the bollacks to state this simple truth.
    I am dumbfounded. In fact I am going to cellebrate and get drunk on red wine tonight. To me this is pivotal, maybe there IS some glimmer of hope for the US after all.

    Please America, talk about this. Take every single opportunity to call this evil institution out for what it is. If enough of you have the courage and the presence of mind to confront this institution you can destroy it. They cannot kill you all. The FED model must be completely dismembered before the US can make any financial or social progress whatsoever.


    • paul

      And lets not forget Colin that dismemberment of the MSM must also take place … a European loony tune likely working for the elites recently tried to kill the web in Europe … coming up with excuses and methods for accomplishing it by proposing to ban links on the web by saying that “the link itself is copyrighted” …

      Links are the lifeblood of any web site … if Europe put a tax in place for linking to any European web site … web sites would likely move their servers out of Europe … creating a European internet “dead zone” … so a European Court knocked it down!

      But I expect the elites will keep trying … as the “alternative media” is ravaging “the paid for and bought” MSN propaganda machine the elites count on to control public opinion … like for example telling the public to sell their gold because rising interest rates will drive the price of gold down!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Absolutely agreed Paul
        There is much work to be done!

        The internet is the one affordable and accessible tool that mainstreet has at its disposal which equips them to mount a successful and relatively bloodless revolution. Without this monolithic asset, I can picture mankind at the mercy of TPTB for another century or more.

        The dismemberment of the MSM is of utmost importance too because no democracy can function effectively without freedom of the press and honest unbought journalism. An informed and educated population is a fundamental for this system to prosper.

        Capitalism cannot function either under our present farcical status quo. Personally I do not believe that we are witnessing a failure of capitalism as such. What we are seeing is the miserable failure of bankism which has insidiously encroached so much that it has overwhelmed capitalism and rendered it completely dysfunctional.

        I harp on a lot about the FED but I honestly believe that this institution is the foundation and the funding base for most of the global financial and military chaos we currently witness.

        Craig mentioned the FED and quite frankly I could not, for the life of me, resist posting!

    • Faith

      Colin, the farmer from NZ: Cheers!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Best wishes to you Faith, from Kiwi Land!

        • Chief Two Beers

          End the Fed,indeed!

          How was that bottle of red wine, mate?

          Keep on farmin’, Colin!

  7. Craig40

    “Huge Fraud at COMEX Covering Up Huge Demand for Gold-Craig Hemke”
    If this was true you wouldn’t be able to go into a coin shop or buy Gold coins on the internet.
    Comex is a PAPER gambling casino where the players are not interested in receiving REAL physical Gold. They only want to be on the winning side of the bet and receive cash.
    If the Comex players really wanted physical Gold they would buy it.
    There is no hidden secret from the Comex players about the supposed 300 – 1 leverage. They don’t care.

  8. glen

    it will all come down to whom has the biggest bombs. the most pairs of boots, revolving access to weapons and munitions, the ability to continue food production and supplies,
    and the will to live in the time of survival of the fittest.

  9. FC

    Graig Hemke, a look alike of a younger Robert De Niro, doesn’t lose a minute of sleep with his stack and I sleep like a baby with mine.

  10. Dan

    Greg, thanks so much for getting top notch guests week after week. I’ve been watching for about 3 years now and never miss one. I was wondering if you would perhaps consider the following 2 people as future guests, assuming of course you can get into contact with them. I’m sure you’ve probably read many of their articles, as they are often re-posted on I am talking about:

    Michael Krieger from
    Michael Snyder from

    Personally, I think these are the two most brilliant authors in the alternative financial media. Week after week they have many outstanding, relevant, and very well-researched (based in facts) articles. Thus, I think that getting a fresh perspective from these brilliant minds would be awesome, not to mention could attract additional users to

    Thanks in advance for considering my suggestion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan. I have had Michael Snyder on and he always very good. I’ll check on Michael Krieger.

  11. JMiller

    Craig Hemke is wrong about gold being illegal for US citizens to own in the 1930’s. Executive Order 6102 did not forbid US citizens from owning gold. It forbid the hording of gold. Every person was allowed to own $100 in gold coins (5 ounces) as well as gold numismatic coins and gold jewelry.

  12. Demetrius

    I also have anxiety over the threat of nuclear war.
    The staged display of trident missiles over Los Angeles
    on Saturday 11/7 made the hair on my neck stand up.
    Even more disturbing was Ash Carter’s speech on
    Saturday 11/7 at the Ronald Regan library.
    Carter stated that the U.S. will defend their interests
    around the world by any means necessary.(paraphrase)
    I believe we are being lead down a very slippery slope.
    American exceptionalism hard at work,

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I am so afraid you may be right.

      War is the easiest way to get through economic and monetary upheaval.

      • Muzzle Blast

        It was Kyle Bass that said (paraphrasing a bit):

        “You know how this all ends right? War. War is just economic entropy carried out to its logical conclusion.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Good summation Blast.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      That is, the easiest way for the elite to retain power during economic and monetary upheaval, certainly not the easiest way for you and me to get through it.

  13. Spanky

    Of course the gold market it’s being manipulated. It’s hard to find anything this day and age that isn’t being massaged for the benefit of someone or something. Unfortunately, we live in an era of rampant fraud, outright deception and lies. Isn’t the first casualty of war the truth? If so, then someone (or some group) is waging an undeclared, clandestine war on the American people.

    The principle tool in this war is the US Dollar (a Federal Reserve Note, to be exact). By definition, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) is pure deception. It is nothing more than a unit of debt, which is meaningless. Can anyone tell me exactly what a unit of debt is without employing a tautology? Since it has no inherent value, the FRN is nothing more than a tool or device to enslave the American people.

  14. Max Meister

    Wise guy this Craig Hemke . He didn’t made a concrete forecast on when the Crimex is going to go bust, nor what the price per ounce of Gold will be. What he said is actually known for years but it gets worse by the day and he was pointing that out. I liked the interview.

    • Ken Multitaski

      Price of gold?? or the false price of paper based currency in terms of gold? Looking at it from this angle – it’s like judging the elevation of the earth by comparing it to the tide. And when people happen to complain about the price of gold going down, it’s like complaining that the Earth is sinking when the tide is rising.

  15. Ken

    Hello Greg

    I live in Cyprus and we currently have the Israeli airforce flying day and night exercises above us. This has not happened before in the the thirteen years that I have lived here.

    Cypriot residents were the ” lab rats” for confiscation of bank depositors’ cash and I am wondering why we now have Israeli military jets flying these exercises and what experiment they have in store for us now.

    Craig is a very engaging guy – excellent interview!

    • Grafique

      Thank the Lord God that they’re Israeli jets on exercises, rather than Russian/Persian jets claiming new territory.

  16. Michael Harvey

    This was a brilliant interview with Craig, no nonsense explanation of how the COMEX works.
    Maybe some of these people at JP Morgan etc should tune into USA Watchdog. They would soon realise that there are quite a few ordinary folk out there who are not as dumb as they would like to think.
    The problem of 2008 never went away and although it would be regretful for the shareholders of Glencore if Glencore did go under it would be a blessing for the many honest people that deserve better financial leadership, rather than the legitamised fraud being levied upon them.
    Thanks for your sterling work Greg
    Kind Regards
    Mike Harvey
    Resident in Ireland

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael.

  17. Jerry

    Greg, as Dan has so astutely stated China will have a “Gold Fix” before the end of the year according to this article from Reuters back in the summer.

    This is going to culminate at approximately the same time the RMB will be given Reserve Currency Status by the IMF. As I have stated before, I believe that China is looking at the IMF joining them, instead of them joining the IMF. This was made more apparent this week when a Banker from the BRIC alliance was given Vice President Chair status on the Bank of International Settlements.

    Even though I’m not that good at economic theory, I’m pretty sharp when it comes to cross word puzzles. Even I can fill in the blank on this one. Everyone is clamoring for a reset. Well you’re going to get one, when the Chinese lay their “Gold Cards” on the table in December. And no I’m not setting a date. I’m just stating what Reuters reported in their article.

  18. Jerry

    Greg I swear I wasn’t going to post to much. but this news was to big to pass up.

    It should be noted that the Bank of International Settlements is headquartered in Basel Switzerland. Do you see any connection here?

    • Jerry

      Here you have Goldman Sachs weighing in on the approval of the Yuan as Reserve Currency. O.K. boys and girls. Once China and 120 countries in the BRIC alliance stop buying our bonds, who will? The Fed? I think not. They’re in the group that’s been buying Gold while it was cheap.

      • frederick

        @İ wouldnt trust the vampire squid any further than i could throw them They are not your friends Remember that everytime they “suggest” an investment “oppurtunity” to us sheeple NEVER forget how they were caught cheating their very own clients when they pushed fraudulent junk subprime paper on them You CANNOT trust these sociopaths period

        • Jerry

          I totally agree. They should have been jailed instead of bailed.

      • sk

        Bankers have no country. Wherever the ‘harvest’ (Mohammad’s term, see below) is the lushest, to that place they will flit.

    • Silence is Golden

      OMG !!!!
      Really ????? Jerry…..????
      Your observations are turning into “CUT & PASTE” exercises.
      Did I not point out that FACT on the previous interview… an ADDENDUM to your ADDENDUM #1 ???

      Silence is Golden11/09/2015 •
      The BIS …. does all their BANKING in Switzerland.
      This should send alarm bells ringing and RED flags waving and RED lights flashing.
      Given the BIS is the Central Bank to the Central Bankers….one could conclude that the BIS will bring PBOC under its wing.
      Just stepping out of the shadows one more time and adding another perspective.

      Now you want credit for making this observation.
      In my book someone who does that lacks integrity.
      Yes we are all about sharing…..I understand that…..doesnt mean we have the freedom to rehash someone else’s thoughts. Are we blind as well ?
      Not impressed buddy.

      • Jerry

        Lighten up. I’m not writing a book, or selling something. I’m just reporting what I see. Maybe you are after reading this statement.

        “Now you want credit for making this observation.
        In my book someone who does that lacks integrity.”

        I wish I had the time to read each and every post. I don’t. I’m busy trying to run two businesses. One which is about to go under due to government meddling.

        If I have offended you I apologize. I have no agenda what so ever. At some point real soon I may quit posting altogether, because the warning phase will be over, and the survival phase will begin. At that point there really isn’t much left to say.

      • Jerry

        Did you see this? Rajan not only has ties to the BRICS, he has been in direct opposition to what the Federal Reserve Bank has been doing.

        This should give us a clue which direction the BIS is going to go when the said reset takes place. The dollar is toast.

        • Jerry

          Deutsche Bank appoints new head for Asia Pacific. Hmm. I wonder why? Can you say AIIB or RMB?

          • Silence is Golden

            The PIVOT is in full swing.
            Any one with eyes OPEN…could see this in the recent visit to the UK by China royalty.
            Damn its getting hot in here.
            Pass the Iced Green Tea please….my thirst is insatiable.

        • Silence is Golden

          Can we now finally say that the FED has gone “rogue state”.
          These moves are counterintuitive and they do not represent a cohesive force. The BIS is the GodFather of all Banks. Actions always speak louder than words.

  19. Ken Barnett

    An interview so good, that I listened to it twice.

    • JC Davis

      Right on Ken Barnett. I have listened three times today. I cant remember when I enjoyed a interview as much.

  20. Doug

    Greg, great interview! He was clear and concise and explained all in an uncomplicated way. People like me have no financial background and I am only learning late in life. This is the kind of interview everyone needs to hear.

  21. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    As I said before: maybe this….., maybe that…. But a good answer: NO.

    Did you know this: Gold rose from 35 to 875= 25x and the interest was 16%. So what is this: good information.
    The rest is: I think this… and I think that ….

    Regards Peter

    • Moik

      And your point is…what exactly?

  22. David

    Greg: Great interview and a great discussion on gold. Just outstanding! Thank you.

  23. vincent_g

    This just hit me.
    In looking at the way Gold and Silver is sold the system is fixing the price.
    The way it’s fixed is no matter how much is sold the price stays the same.

    So in effect they are saying the price is $15 so step right up and purchase your ticket.
    I am saying ticket because this is in effect a lottery.

    Are they by law allowed to run a lottery?

    I am pretty sure that no other law is being broken.
    I’m sure the banks have cover under law that allows them to short gold and silver.

    But at some point it crosses over to being a lottery and I don’t think they are allowed to do that.

  24. paul

    Concerning interest rates … all I keep hearing from people in the investment world is the word “NEVER” … there are many people at the bottom of the Atlantic who believed the Titanic could “Never” sink … and there are many people high over the Atlantic who once thought heavier then air machines would “Never” fly … so when I hear people say the word “Never” … to me it is more then likely the time is about right for “never” to happen.

    Actually a rise in interest rates “is exactly” what every gold bug should be hoping to see … history shows that when rates begin to rise that within 100 days the US dollar falls and gold rises … in fact a rise in gold occurred shortly after the Fed announced its first rate hike “in every one” of the last four tightening cycles.

    As Hemke effectively says: “300 loony tunes are circling around 1 chair thinking they will get a seat when the unsinkable ship sinks or the impossible plane flies” … and other bigger loony tunes are actually selling gold now in anticipation of the dollar getting stronger with a rate hike … what all these loony tunes don’t understand is that over the last seven years of zero-percent interest rates the Fed has created tens to hundreds of trillions of additional US dollars … so I ask a simple question … does the exponential printing of fiat paper money by the Fed promote a stronger US dollar or a weaker one? … the answer is very obvious to me … it means the above loony tunes should be “buying physical gold” and waiting in “joyful anticipation” for a December Christmas present from the Fed!

    Does anyone remember what the price of gold did back in 1979 and early 1980 when only the last minute intervention by Paul Volcker prevented an all out “out of control inflationary episode” when the 10 Year moved from 9% to 13.% in 6 months? … if you don’t remember I’ll tell you … gold doubled and hit an all time high of over $800 dollars per ounce (and the inflation adjusted price should be at least 10 times higher today) … in other words … a surge in rates resulted in the biggest break out in gold in history!

    • paul

      Chart of the inflation adjusted gold price …

      As you can see from the above chart the 1980 gold price in 2014 dollars is below what “I think” it should be … the reason I think it should be at least 4 times higher right now is because I’m assuming the Fed “has already printed up” enough money to cover “all the derivative losses” that will occur as they raise interest rates! … this “quadrillion in cash” is just not “booked” yet … but once it is booked … gold will spike to $8000 in a flash … then inflation psychology will take hold in the public mind … and they will then drive gold to $50,000 dollars per ounce!

      • Brewmaster

        Paul, there will never be a quadrillion in derivative losses. It’s a zero sum game. If I bet you a hundred bucs that gold will go under a thousand and I lose the bet I pay you a hundred bucks. Just like derivatives, for every winner there is a loser.

        • Greg Hunter

          You do not know what you are talking about. I guess that worked well for AIG and Lehman Brothers? Let’s start posting with a real verifiable name.

          • JC Davis

            Greg. ouch. Nailed it with lehman brothers.

        • Silence is Golden

          Who invented the phrase ZERO SUM GAME ???
          Gaming theory and Economic theory……yeah !!!
          Anyway….the IMF/BIS and every Central Bank arent accepting your theory. Neither are the BRIC nations.
          Ever heard of Collateral. When the same has been hypothecated and re-hypothecated to a point where…..we have a highly leveraged and unstable system. One that can and WILL cause substantial losses to be sustained because of a failure of delivery. Capital preservation will be the name of the game. Those that have some at the end will be the winners. It is a game of risk and reward. Speculation is rife around the globe.

        • frederick

          @brewmeister you obviously dont understand the concept of “real wealth” as opposed to rehypothication and leverage being used in the artificial fiat money ponzi scheme Wake up before its too late perhaps listen instead of posting disinfo

        • Paul

          Brewmaster … If you bet to pay me a hundred bucks if gold goes under a thousand … and I take your bet “to protect myself from downside loss” … and you lose the bet … but “then can’t pay me” the hundred bucks you owe me … and you simply default on your side of the contract … I’m not a winner if you are a loser … and it is the same with derivatives if the losing party defaults on their highly leveraged contracts!

          • JC Davis

            Wrong Paul he calls his political fed friends. They make a QE law, and you pay for his loss, and the capital gains out of your pocket. He made the bet so he becomes the winner either way. That is our system. The gambling casino that never really losses.

      • Jeff L

        $8000 sounds right. Actually, just before the blast to $800 gold was @ $100+. That $100 was after dropping 50% from $200…….. Does any of that ( 50% drop) sound familiar to today ?

  25. Anne Elliott

    Great guest, Greg – thanks for having him on. He is a good explainer for the problems with a very complicated system.

  26. randy0302

    That was the best COMEX explanation i have heard yet! Great interview!
    Also SPOT ON about rate hikes. According to Lindsey Williams the Elites are planning an event before the end of the year.
    Like Craig says they should not but we just don’t know their real motivation.
    In my opinion this is a time in human history that humanity, as a whole, does an “all stop” and turns on Governments and Banksters that own them. Free at last!
    The transition keeps me up at nights.
    Thanks Greg!

  27. tulip

    On Sinclairs site – looks like no one signed up for his session in LA.

    On Korelin here is Avi…

    On November 10, 2015 at 3:09 pm,
    Avi Gilburt says:
    Sorry, but Holter and Sinclair really have no clue . . but just saying two things . . 1 – UP 2- If down, then MANIPULATION
    There is nothing to them other than that . .. and their perspective should be discounted . . . especially since they have badly mislead people for years.
    Reply to this comment

    • JC Davis

      from Greg.
      Who the hell is Avi Gilburt?? Avi has close to zero name recognition compared to Holter and Sinclair on the Internet. Do you think he might be trying to leverage those names to gain some visibility and traction with Bing and Google?

    • Brewmaster

      Avi is absolutely right. So, lots of people have been wrong day after day for the last 4 or 5 years and the only way for them to save face is to say “I wasn’t wrong about the gold price, it’s just that it has been manipulated”. But these same people still are urging everyone to buy. Why would they urge everyone to buy something that is manipulated?

      • Greg Hunter


        Please tell me what is not manipulated? Stocks? Currencies? Bonds? Interest rates? By the way everything associated with the aforementioned has counter-party risk.) Even the accounting has been phony since 2009 sanctioned by FASB. Everything going to be OK in your world? This is not a trading site and that is not the advise given here.

        • Moik

          Jim and Bill seem honest to me.
          I remember once Jim said that the elite believe they will be reincarnated as their own descendants after they die and get to enjoy all their ill-gotten gains when they return. For Jim to say that means he knows all about them and how they think. He said they are crazy for believing that when they are really going to hell, if I recall rightly.
          Jim and Bill might be wrong but I enjoy their air of honesty and that’s more valuable than any gold really isn’t it?
          Martin Armstrong looks like one of the Beagle Boys from the Donald Duck comics. His charts appear to be purposefully confusing and don’t convey any info. Bill Holter exposed some of his errors recently, and in doing so I found Bill far more believable. Jim’s meetings are cheaper too. I’m still not 100% sure about Armstrong though. I’m not a sophisticated investor.
          Maybe “getting out of the system” is bad advice while the system is still running and making everyone money, but if it really is a game of musical chairs, unless you know the system well you won’t get a chair. I’m no investment expert and don’t expect to get a chair so getting out seems like the way to go.
          It seems unfathomable by design.

    • Paul Cafaro

      Tulip … At the “top”of the “tulip bulb mania” years ago people also said just two things …
      1) UP UP UP …
      2) If down, just MANIPULATION …

      At least Jim Sinclair is sounding his warnings at the “bottom” of the market!!

    • Charles H


      I haven’t figured-out WHY you come to this site and trounce Sinclair and Holter, again and again. I DO think it intellectually dishonest for you to overly simplify your negative criteria down to two points by selecting someone else’s quote. Ninety-five percent of the people out there are critical of Sinclair and gold in general. Also it is not stated WHY Sinclair has mislead people for years. Nothing is said of the confirmed manipulation of the Market as being why gold has been reduced to absolute minimums; gold’s relationship to the Dollar and need to contain value for protection: all of which Sinclair and Holter have been prodigious in revealing and exposing facts. But all this good work is passed-over – in a statement which allures to Sinclair being a fraud and loser.

      But what stands out is that you deviate from the Interviewee of this segment. Have you nothing to say about Chris Hemke? Go away – sling your mud somewhere else.

    • John Mackenzie

      The Holter & Sinclair collaboration will be over prior to GOLD/SILVER bottoming.

      Sinclair’s TanRange is out of cash/capital.

      The LA event will be a large failure by any measure, if it occurs and that is a very big IF at the moment, apparently less than a dozen people signed up.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are uninformed or a liar. There are at least 100 people who have signed up so far. I just called Bill Holter.

        • Jeff L

          Greg I highly respect Sinclair. Still, he had to personally request attendance in LA. That surely wasn’t because of record attendance demand…….My take is we’re all tired of the lies, manipulation and related BS.

          • Charles H

            Jeff L,

            Sinclair is old, and he is tired; and he has borne the brunt of years of adversity. Through these years many have personally sought his strength and encouragement. We, as in outsiders, have no idea of the carnage he has seen both in the center of his financial expertise and the periphery of his many circles. Those who still hold-on to PMs are few now – the playing fields has been polarized and beaten to a pulp. How many ‘true believers’ do you think are left? I seriously doubt Jim Sinclair is doing these seminars for money. It is a crusade – and one most of us are collateral beneficiaries of. I believe when the curtain falls – the scenario will reveal his work and steadfastness as invaluable. I left the Dollar when Interest Rates went under 2%; and nothing has swayed me from my decision to leave the rotten system it dominates. And this I did BEFORE learning about Mr. Sinclair. Maybe his time grows short and such venues are soon to pass away: but his work and stance have been above any reasoned reproach. You think making a personal appeal is worth criticizing? That’s pretty THIN, if you’d have asked me.

            • Jeff L

              Charles H I simple explained WHY few were attending. I’ve been on Sinclair’s side since day one and like you have been in invested way before. I understand Sinclair’s “crusade” as much as anyone here and have many times communicated my appreciation and gratitude. I am one of those who STILL stands with him. Seems one can’t make a comment here without being misunderstood. I left the dollar when gold was $293 and Baffoon Buffett was selling his silver for $4……… Easy to criticize when you don’t know who you’re talking to

              • Charles H

                Jeff L,

                When you agree with John Mackenzie on the matter of attendance, which was rebuked by our host; and side, however nicely, with those who set Sinclair in a bad light: you are judged by the company you keep. Speak well of Sinclair and of respect, then engage in in a negative conclusion – is, to me, a blaring duplicity. You may not have meant it that way: but that’s how it comes across.

  28. Jerry

    Though I consider “Greg” a hero for having the courage to sponsor this site, and take all the flack he does………these are the real hero’s. Enjoy!

    If you enjoy what freedoms we have left. Thank a Vet. My father was a B-29 Pilot during WWII. Every Veterans day he would put on his uniform and go help serve food at our local food pantry. He always said, “you only truly give, when you give of yourself”.

  29. paul

    Syrian update: Syrian government forces soundly defeat ISIS in the north … where ISIS forces were trying for two years to take over a military air base … no doubt Russian air strikes contributed to the ISIS defeat … and Russia is not letting its guard down back at home where US missile defenses are being installed that can neutralize Russia’s nukes … Putin promised: “Russia will take all necessary measures to respond [to US missile defenses] by strengthening our own missile defenses … the first stage being … we will develop strike weapons that can penetrate any US missile defense shield”! …

    • paul

      If the Ukraine accepts hosting US missile defense weapons … Russia indicates it will likely “take them out”…

      Therefore the US and NATO states are conducting joint tests of the ship-mounted anti-missile Aegis system … when it becomes fully operational early in the next decade the system will be comprised of Aegis-equipped ships patrolling from Spain … and rocket equipped silos in Romania and Poland … with Turkey, Germany and other NATO states providing radar capability … now exactly how many of our tax dollars are going into this “Aegis system” that the Russians have shown they can disable with one plane? … all the billions being spent on a system the Russians can easily disable? … and yet the government can’t come up with a few dimes to give a cost of living increase to those on Social Security this year??

      • paul

        All the government has to do to give seniors a cost of living increase this year is remove the “fraudulent” calculations they use … like them saying if people can’t afford a $10 package of 80% lean “chop meat” they can just buy some dog food to eat! … and if “Gravy Train” dog food is too expensive then they can always dig up some earthworms in their back yard to put “meat on the table”!!

        • paul

          So while the American people eat earthworms … the Military/Industrial/Banking Complex are given Billions to Trillions in taxpayer money … at least in France before the revolution Marie Antoinette was willing to give the people “cake” to eat … here in America the fluoride in our water, the aluminium in the air, the GMO in our food, the adjutants in our vaccines, the electro- magnetic microwaves, the heroine, the alcohol, the tobacco smoke, etc., etc. have so gummed up peoples brains and bodies they will gladly eat earthworms without a single thought about changing the fraudulent/criminal political system that is killing them … lets see who should I vote for next? … as Einstein once said “people who do the same thing over and over and over again “expecting different results” are loony tunes!

          • Grafique

            In Marie Antoinette’s day, ” cake” was a meager pittance, not something good.
            She never actually said that anyway. It’s a myth.

            Also, I bet you didn’t eat earthworms today.

            Get your lazy tail in gear, become involved and VOTE!

            • frederick

              @grafique did you say to “vote” why should we participate in a giant sham anyway? TPTB choose the candidates and the banksters always get their stooge so isnt voting by definition a total waste of time Sadly

            • Paul

              Grafique … Quils mangent de la brioche (Let them eat cake) was only “thought to be uncharacteristic” of Marie-Antoinette … but there is no “real proof” she didn’t say it …

              As for eating earthworms don’t let the CPI dudes know but I use the worms to catch fish …if they knew that … they would be reducing my benefits even more … as for voting … what real choice are we given? … does it really make a difference?

      • Calgirl

        Cold War I vs. Cold War II
        How does a skilled chess-player achieve victory? Positioning, positioning, and more positioning. It is only once one’s opponent has been completely out-positioned that any thought is given to overt attack. Chess is a game of patience, and (often) a game of simply waiting for one’s opponent to self-destruct, via strategic error, or mere impatience.

        While the U.S., and the West, in general, unremittingly alienates the Rest of the World, Russia and China have been rapidly improving their political and economic cooperation with other nations. While the political/economic institutions created or sponsored by the American Empire lose their legitimacy due to corruption, Russia and China are creating parallel, corruption-free institutions – to replace them.

      • Calgirl

        See post below which I mistakenly posted to wrong blogger:
        Cold War I vs. Cold War II

        • Paul

          Gotcha Calgirl …

  30. CAK

    At yesterday’s WH Press Briefing, Josh Earnest said that the President WILL SIGN the revised NDAA, when it reaches his desk, despite the continued disagreements with Congress about GB in Cuba.

  31. Evan J

    Great interview Greg. Thanks Craig, that was an exceptionally clear explanation of things.

    On the Eric Sprott interview comments the other day there was a great question asked about why doesn’t Sprott Inc or some other entity simply buy $200 m worth of contracts (when there’s only $150 m in the Comex) and demand delivery in order to put an end to the charade. My understanding is that there is a cash settlement clause on these contracts, which means Sprott or whoever else will just be given fiat rather than metal when a delivery demand is made. Which begs the question, how then do China, Russia, and others demand delivery and bleed the gold from west to east? My understanding from something I read a few years ago is the the only entities which can bypass the cash settlement clause and demand physical delivery are countries (central banks?) and bullion banks. If Craig (or anyone else here) takes time to read these comments I would love to get an answer to see if this is in fact the case. I.e. Is it true that private wealth management companies or individuals cannot bypass the cash settlement option that the Comex contracts have, but countries and bullion banks can.

    Related, given that there are only three or four countries whose central banks are not privately owned, do the ownership of private central banks fall into many and opposing hands whose interests are divergent? That is, for example, if Russia’s central bank is buying gold and bleeding dry the Fed and Comex etc in the west, does it follow that there is a war of the western and eastern elites happening here rather than just an economic war between countries? Any thoughts would be welcome.

    • PL

      I too would like an answer to Evan J’s question regarding the cash settlement clause with the COMEX since the $200m is chump change to break the system and reset the gold price. This seems to me to be a very important point that should be followed through. If, as stated by other commentators , that unless a Sovereign Entity, you can only receive cash, then that certainly would explain why this has not been initiated since there would be only fiat gain. Perhaps Greg this question could be answered by some of your future guests. Thank you.

  32. Michael

    When the Shanghai Gold Exchange launches the bottom will be set. It’s very obvious that the west will then lose control.

    • David J Martin

      Regarding how China obtains delivery: many mining companies send their ore to refiners in China — and China sends them fiat dollars in return. Basically, it’s just Walmart dollars being recycled back to the US and Canada, and it keeps the lights on at the mining companies.
      China has a 100-year plan; US miners have a 100-day plan.

  33. dell

    It occurred to me that with everything, contracts, money etc being a digital representation of the real object this con can go on for a very long time.

  34. Diane D

    This interview has the ‘ring of truth’. Thank you Craig and Greg.

  35. Cassandra Williams

    Great interview …. very informative about a very important topic ….. much more informative than the Sprott interview the other day …. IMO; Craig is far more intelligent than Eric Sprott or John Embry when it comes to the Gold market …. if Craig only had Sprotts’ money; I’m sure Craig could do much more than the Sprott Group in regards to educating the public and law community and end the bogus COMEX price discovery fraud…. in fact; Craig educates the public far better (on a shoestring budget) about the fraudulent COMEX price discovery process than the entire Sprott organization does.

  36. Cassandra Williams

    Hi Greg …. another person who is very knowledgeable about the fraudulent COMEX price discovery process and derivatives market is Dave Kranzler over at I.R.D. ….. if you could get Dave on USA Watchdog that would be great.

  37. Mohammad


    Still most of the interviewees on your show are blindsided to what is going on.
    I said it on your site before and i will repeat it now.
    The game is going on as long as there are countries to harvest.
    You still have the gold of Lebanon/Syria/Iran/Gulf states ….waiting to be harvested.
    You will have the gold of the Vatican harvested once they unleash the illegal youth immigrants on Rome….Why do you think they allowed them to be flushed from ME and enter EU…? Charity? think twice…
    We are seeing it now with our practice, we are forced to use EMR that is based on servers in the…”cloud”…. where every breath between you and your doctors is in the “cloud”….and who the hell is on that side of the cloud snooping?
    The disease codes are turning slowly into “international” codes called SNOMED.
    Not yet fully implemented but we are getting there…so one world gov. one world bank , one world insurance company and one world server carrying all our private intimate personal information in the “cloud”.
    It is a systematic approach to an evil goal. What will decide it all is the outcome of the war in Syria…Your question Greg…. “when?” ….that every one you have interviewed so far is not pinning so they do not look bad on the record and lose their subscribers ..I will pin it here for you:
    Look at the out come of the war in Syria and it will tell you when.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mohammad. Good to see you comment again.

    • Old Dog

      Ditto to Greg’s comment.
      Good to hear from you again.
      Truthfully, I was thinking of you earlier this week, missing your commentary into the discussions.

    • Calgirl

      As I have written before, be very careful what you tell your medical practitioners. Everything of any consequence that you tell your Dr./nurse is recorded and available to anyone in government. So, unless Russia/China can forestall this NWO thing, you may find that information you shared with your Dr. being used by Homeland Security to deny your rights and place you into a group……such as those who do not get certain services, or maybe into the group that is EXPENDABLE. Maybe I’m paranoid, but better safe than sorry. Of course you must report those symptoms that your Dr. needs to diagnose your ailment, just saying…….be careful. I personally do not take any medication/vaccine recommended unless absolutely necessary. I don’t trust what Bill Gates/et al are putting in these medications, not to mention the side effects! It’s enough that we have to breathe the stuff they are spraying us with and eat the food they are modifying with growth hormones and worse. Toothpaste with the TOXIC WASTE FLUORIDE in it and now we find out that even bottled water has all kinds of junk in it. I’m on a well and somewhat safe until the ground water is contaminated…..although I use a potent water purifier too. I searched the web looking for air filters that can filter the very small molecules of the stuff they are spraying us with and found that there are none available. You have to be careful that you don’t buy filters that are so tight that they place undue stress on your AC/heating system blower.

      • JC Davis

        Calgirl. I have decided to trust God not doctors in 1998 when I was told I would have to have a operation for one problem, and even after that I would not live more then 10 years. You do the math. I still have troubles with one problem, but GOD healed the other. Now I am not sure but I felt a healing when Charles H prayed form me to be healed. I may live to see 100 years old. God has no limits in The strips of Jesus.
        J. C. Davis

        • Calgirl

          I spent 2 1/2 weeks in ICU last Dec-Jan with septicemia (I thought I just had a bad case of the flu)….and two weeks with a nurse coming to my home every other day to give me medication thru the I.V. they left in my arm. My BP on admission was 60/? I have never been so sick…..if there ever is a next time, I think I’ll just blow my brains out. God spared me thru my doctors, reason unknown, but I think I have some catching up to do in the compassion department. I guess the real test will be when a hungry man comes to my door wanting food to feed his children.

          • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

            You may have disagreed with Greg this week and that gave you dysentery.

          • JC Davis

            Calgirl everyone can be feed. White mans foot.

  38. vettingthenation

    I thought you would enjoy this short video clip. I didn’t see the end scene coming. It made me think of you and the newsman you represent in “real” life. I also thought it would provide some food for thought for USAW readers.

    • Southern Girl


      Thanks for the clip….truth hurts always.

    • Dan S.

      Wow it really was a great scene. Now if we could only get CNN to show it every night.

    • JC Davis

      Thanks VET.

  39. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    You keep ’em coming Greg. Another truly excellent speaker. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rev!

  40. NC Gal

    I just love listening to Craig Hemke! Not only does he make complex subjects easier to understand, he’s all heart and good sense.

    That being said, and thinking back to how many times Greg has asked guests about the rush for collateral that will follow any kind of collapse, I have to point out that the Fed is not “just a bank, made up of bankers, for the benefit of the bankers.” It is also the lienholder on all of the collateral put up when the federal united states of America declared bankruptcy. I need to repeat something I posted earlier to make this point absolutely clear (From a speech in Congress in The Bankruptcy of The United States United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303. Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House):

    “Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913) “Hypothecated” all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve – in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a “beneficiary” of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their “subjects,” the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to the Federal Reserve System.

    In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend THE FEDERAL United States CORPORATION [emphasis added] all the credit “money substitute” it needed. Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the federal United States didn’t have any assets, they assigned the private property of their “economic slaves”, the U.S. citizens as collateral against the unpayable federal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as collateral against the federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers.”

    I think that what this translates to is that if you are a citizen, all you think you own (including your PMs) are collateral for the federal debt and subject to being repossessed at any time.

    Traficant began a grassroots campaign in July 2014, “Project Freedom USA” to, among other things, put people pressure on Congress to get rid of the IRS and “divorce” the Federal Reserve. Two months later, Traficant was injured in an accident at his farm on September 23, 2014. A tractor he was driving into a pole barn flipped over and trapped him underneath. People close to him said they thought he had a heart attack, which caused the tractor accident. Peter Schiff’s father, Irwin, died in federal prison for asking the question, “What law authorizes the income tax?”

    Presidents Lincoln and JFK stood up to the banking cabal and were assassinated for it. Traficant may have suffered a similar fate. I personally believe that the Fed is just one of the more visible instruments of the elites, but they themselves are not the ultimate controllers. Zerohedge has an excellent article about some of the other working components at . Just keep in mind that these are the working components of the system, NOT the puppet masters themselves.

    • frederick

      @NC Gal Jim Traficant was one of the best like İrwin Schiff His prosecution was a total witchhunt and İm really questioning the story of his untimely demise May they both rest in peace

  41. Doug

    I come to the conclusion that the FED does not have to raise rates at all. I think they finally came to their senses and realize they don’t have to gave China any interest on the money that they park in US treasuries. Thous, dumb China has to start doing something with their treasuries (US Dollars) before they really do become worthless. The bad thing is, instead of buying worthless crap we make, ( which was the idea behind free trade ) they are buying real companies, a pork company, a New York hotel, etc. I wish they would tell us ” smart investors” how much gold they have so us smart investors can lot up on the stuff.

    • Calgirl

      Something I’ve noticed over the past year………I’ve been receiving in the mail maybe a dozen offers to buy my home. One very insistent realtor has bugged me multiple times with “Why haven’t I heard from you?” I wonder who the buyer is………is big business taking advantage of this economic downturn to buy up America or is it a foreign country? I think it possible that our gov. will sell off chunks of America land as bribes or payment of debt to foreign nations. China has bought so many of our ports, and a lot of NYC. Damn, I wish I could feel trust for our gov. and our big business, but I don’t. I am suspect of so much and I don’t like feeling this way. I think they have manipulated the prices of commodities in a “take-over” bid……..their last stand to gobble up America before the crash. Maybe I’m looney tunes, but it is what it is.

  42. Max Meister

    As christians we can explain many things with the Bible. As the future of a christian is not located in this world we can say that finally everything will be fine for those who have entrusted their lives to Jesus, but in the meantime we have plenty of things to experience in our everyday lives who have their origin in the kingdom of darkness.

    This world is ruled by the kingdom of darkness. That’s quite obvious to everyone with an open mind allthough it’s 100% sure that the kingdom of God will finally conquer.
    We still have many of the biblical prophecies in front of us and they do not particularly look good for the mayority of human beings living on this planet. (Just look at the book of revelation). Nonetheless, if we read the Bible we learn that the God of the Bible is a God of love and mercy. The bad things that are happening in the world are a result of the humans not following his rules in the first place. It is true that those who have repented and therefore received foregiveness for their sins will be saved, but we don’t know how much of the evil things they will have to go trough until they are going to be saved. For the rest of humanity it doesn’t look good at all because they have no perspective of salvation unless they repent. The dark times ahead of humanity is a result of having ignored God ‘s will. The Bible is clear about the fact that humans have to face the consequences of keeping God out of their lifes. However it is not too late to change, but Jesus said that many of those who don’t believe won’t ever believe, even when they would see wonders happening in front of their eyes. As christians we have a mission and that is to be a light in the darkeness. Change starts in everones personal life. Acording to the Bible there is a treasure much more valuable than Gold and Silver but in this world, Gold and Silver are most probably the best form of money.

  43. Greg Hunter

    Who the hell is Avi Gilburt?? Avi has close to zero name recognition compared to Holter and Sinclair on the Internet. Do you think he might be trying to leverage those names to gain some visibility and traction with Bing and Google?

    • Brewmaster

      It is true that he has zero name recognition, but I wish that I had followed his investment advice rather than hanging on the words of others like Sinclair and Holter and losing my arse.

  44. Andres Martinez

    Hi Greg, what about owning shares of gold miners? Would that serve as “protection” for what is coming? Maybe one of your excellent guests could comment on this. Thanks!

    • Chief Two Beers

      Since the PM market is as manipulated as it is, stay away from mining shares. They can’t even break even at the current prices for gold/silver etc.

  45. Calgirl

    I search the web looking for insightful, honest “thought-benders”. Here, at USAWD, are some of the best bloggers with interviews that are excellently selected, produced and moderated. A huge thank you Greg for providing this site where thoughtful America can exist. Maybe through sites such as this one, we and regain ownership of our government AND ourselves.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Calgirl. As we get closer to the endgame, the attacks and trolls will heat up around the web so be aware.

  46. DRS

    “Modern Alchemy”………..that is PERFECT!!!

    Thanks again Greg; you’re one of the BEST!!!

  47. James Hastings

    Excellent high speed analyses of Gods plan for mankind. Rarely do you see an accurate account of scripture. “They shall build houses and inhabit them; They shall plant vineyards and EAT their fruit….They shall not labor in vain, nor bring forth children for trouble….” (Isaiah 65:21)

    There will be tribulation….a collapse, pain and suffering…2/3 of mankind will die…to sleep a thousand years for a second chance…(Rev. 20:5)

    What does God carry in his wallet……Not Capital One….”The silver is mine, and the gold is mine……SAYS the Lord of hosts.” (Haggai 2:8)

    Excellent analysis Ms. Lamb

    Good job Greg.

    • Mark

      James you right on spot. I believe God will work all things to His good pleasure. God bless

  48. Larry Galearis

    Craig is probably one of the best to explain the CRIMEX system. I would correct one point, however, that the “demand” he states for the paper gold is about a cash out profit and not the metal. The players are playing a derivative market the same way a day trader would play the stock market – for dollars. And that is why nobody screams in outrage about the leverage and there are no delivery defaults. Of course with GLD, the bank run ETF is the dodge for those that dare to try to take deliveries, and shares are given in that ETF in lieu of the metal….But really the banks are the only ones that can take delivery (swap warehouse receipts) and the metal stays in the vaults anyway unless they really need to take it out. The metal leaving the vaults is that which is sent out to satisfy a problem elsewhere unnamed in the world.

    And yes, it is a national disgrace for the United States government to use such a “market” to “find” the world price of gold etc.

  49. Paul

    On electronic warfare … look at what the NSA can do …

    Now if we can do this … don’t you think Russia can? … just look at what the Russians did to the Aegis computer hard drives on the USS Donald Cook during the recent Black Sea incident … the ship couldn’t re-boot its weapon firing computers!

    • Paul

      To all bit coin affectionato’s … you should take serious heed of the above “crippling hard drive virus” which can take down all the hard drives in the bit coin system and effectively wipe out all your accumulated gold credits as all the computers in the system won’t re-boot!

    • oneno

      BIOS wipes are now becomming common even on motherboards with DUAL BIOS. Seems as if backdoors exist in chips on hard-drives and the CPU itself.

      VNC Viewer Plus allows direct access to VNC Servers embedded directly on Intel CPUs. They aren’t kidding with the phrase “Intel inside”! That link was from May 2013 and is still active.

      AMD CPUs are also compromized (from June 2006).

      When you buy a computer, are you aware that the hardware has backdoors allowing someone to watch your usage of the hardware you paid for?

      • Moik


        There you go, they can spy and do whatever they want.

      • JC Davis

        Oneno. So right. I have had my system hacked, email address stolen, and the new system is constantly under attack. Finally got my old email address back after three years. All my connections are gone. This had to be powers from my unknown.

  50. JC Davis

    SD MD. China steps up the game with a new threat to US satellites.

  51. Jerry

    the numbers speak for themselves. The latest Baltic Dry Index shows a crash dead ahead.

    Bankers can dummy up numbers. So can politicians. But when it comes to shipping orders its right out in the open for everyone to see. We can all speculate what it means, but the bottom line is “The Worlds Economy is Dead”.

  52. Sam Banbury

    Thanks Greg. Great stuff, he is an eloquent and knowledgeable speaker. I do wish however that someone would discuss the confiscation issue. If precious metals regain their true dollar value, we will probably be barred from ownership. How is it best to protect ourselves from this etc? Perhaps a vault in Hong Kong? Anyway I always look forward to tou interviews and will donate again now.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Mr. Banbury, I’d like to make three observations:

      First, for what it’s worth, The Chaplain has said that there will not be any outlawing or confiscation of gold or silver, because they are the currency of the elite.

      Second, folks should bear in mind that the government does not need to confiscate gold in order to reprice the currency lower relative to gold, as FDR did (and as the Bernanke illustrated in his famous speech in 2002). People, typically, just don’t have any to speak of.

      Third, vaulting precious metals overseas poses many hazards, not the least of which is how to become reunited with one’s possession during or after a calamitous event.

  53. Jerry

    I guess we now know the real reason two Trident Missiles were fired over Los Angelis.

    Is it me, or does it seem strange that at the same time this was going on, we were throwing a party for two Chinese Destroyers carrying cruise missiles in Florida?

    • Mary Casey

      Jerry, I had not heard of this 2nd missile launch! I listen to the news (mainstream media?) more than most….WHY do I have to find this out on this website!! (But, glad I did!).

      What I’m still trying to figure out is why the first Trident II missile, from the USS Kentucky, was launched at approximately 6:00 pm; and now a second missile was shot on Monday during daytime hours, BUT the military designated that LAX should re-route flights from midnight to 6:30 a.m.

      What’s the point of advising LAX to “close” from midnight to 6:30 a.m., if the military is going to turn around and launch at 6:00 p.m. and during the day?

    • JC Davis

      I got to bring this up at the next garage meeting. ITS PARTY TIME, we aint invited.

      • frederick

        @JC youre starting to sound alot like George Carlin

  54. tulip

    Sinclair covering his shorts on TRX now…. no show on his seminar a wake up call…?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a liar and a troll with a stupid anonymous name. I just got off the phone with Bill Holter and he says there are at least 100 sign-up so far. Use you own website to tell your lies. You are done here.

      • Grafique

        Thanks Greg. You make visiting your site worthwhile and productive.

      • John Mackenzie

        This is Greg Hunter. John, You came on my site and lied. There is an old saying in the legal profession: “Untruthful in one untruthful in all.” You are done here!

      • Jerry

        You know Greg, you almost have to feel sorry for people that are so insecure that they have to constantly find fault in others. Many of the people that come to your site (like Tulip) remind me of some of the alcoholics I’ve worked with. They have a lot in common.
        – They live in a constant state of denial.
        – All the problems they have are because of someone else.
        – They lie about everything, and accuse you of it.

        • frederick

          @Jerry trolls is what they are pathetic trolls and İ totally agree with you that Greg is the real deal and a true friend may god give him the strength to continue what he does and stay safe

  55. Cody

    While I agree with most of your guests that the precious metals market is manipulated and that sooner or later it will end, most of them have been saying this for years. Not to say they aren’t right, but if you’d like to maybe bring a new perspective to your show may I suggest a guy by the name of Doug Eberhardt I’ve only been following him over the last year or so, but he’s been pretty accurate with his calls on market movements and is very bullish on gold, just not yet. Anyways, hope you get a chance to read this. BTW Avi is a trader who bases most of his thesis on elliot wave analysis at least as far as I’ve been able to tell, haven’t followed him much but am aware of him. Thanks for all you do greg!

    • Calgirl

      What good are charts when all the data is manipulated? Candlesticks, Elliot Wave, volume, support, resistance, etc., etc. become worthless IMO. We can’t even rely on the Cycle theory any longer either. Treasury Yield analysis is also worthless as are ALL the statistics coming from the government. We have to rely on those data like the BDI and our own overview of politics to divine what we think is the truth. When the bank lobbyists write legislation (and our feckless or complicit) congress passes this legislation which transfers the banking criminals risk to the taxpayer, I take note and divine that we are getting closer and closer to the ultimate end game. When the banks are hell bent on removing cash from the economy, it is a warning. Stocks are propped up to keep the DOW moving up…….just watch the DOW on a down day and you will see the hail mary buying at the very end of the session to keep the delusion going.

  56. Silence is Golden

    Nice Interview Greg,
    Chris hits a lot of targets and has an honest account of what is in front of us.
    The big take for me will be 12-16 when the FED decides to either hold or increase rates.
    If they hold…In my opinion …its game over for them…& the USD …..& Stocks.
    What will force them to hold pat on rates….”The Economy”….not just the US…but the global one. Inflation targets will still not be met….although their “Employment” numbers are demonstrating very robust and demonstrable efforts from the propaganda in chief (PIC) ….with volumuninous BS flowing freely almost every day.
    I cant wait until some of it hits the brick wall after making contact with the fan. The Fed did need to liven up the walls of the FRB with some colorful artwork…things are a bit dim around the halls.

    • Silence is Golden

      Sorry Craig…my bad.

  57. r.j

    Greg no one loves Avi Gilburt more than Avi Gilburt. Jim Sinclair says most of the gold community will be on the sidelines or stuck on the short side on pay DAY and I emphasise the word DAY. Perhaps Avi will be on the right side of the trade when gold resets I dont know. But he like many others may be stuck with nothing but paper promises. Thankyou for this great interview with Craig Hemke.

  58. Tee

    getting late to make a comment Greg I really love your interviews I would like to say that when this reset sets in it may be the end of the free world and the last world government will come on the seen just before the return of Christ

    • Greg Hunter


  59. Calgirl

    Scores Of IT Workers Laid Off, Forced To Train Foreign Replacements

    “Computer World. In the meantime they’re training their foreign replacements, and if Cengage finds out they’re talking to the media they’ll lose their severance pay.”

    Southern California Edison, Disney, Fossil Group, Catalina Marketingand others have reportedly laid off hundreds of tech workers in the past year, replacing them with foreign workers on H-1B visas hired by contractors.

    (RELATED: Rubio’s I-Squared Bill Doesn’t Include Worker Protections He Says He Supports)

    A bipartisan group of senators asked the Obama administration in April to launch an investigation into SCE, but were initially refused. Shortly after The Daily Caller News Foundation and The New York Times reported on the Disney layoffs, however, the DoL announced it would investigate SCE. Following that announcement, DHS responded to Nelson’s request, saying it would work with DoL on a broader investigation of the H-1b visa program.

  60. Ross

    The people running this scam know it s all coming to an end, otherwise why would they bother stealing every oz of gold available ? If QE can go on for decades why bother denigrating gold as a useless relic ?
    Many including James Rickards have noted that this debt money creation system does end because after 40 yrs exponentially more debt money must be created now to pay for the debt of yesterday. We are at that point of the hockey stick explosion of money and debt which means total collapse.

    Why else would they have plan B available ie IMF special drawing rights? They have sold a lot of our gold to the East thinking that China will support the new IMF currency but China with all its gold, productivity and weapons, has its own plans. Checkmate I think.

    • Jerry

      That’s the best summarization I’ve ever read on this site. Not many get it. Its only been in the last 18 months I have come to realize how really screwed we are.
      – Forget the elections. There never going to happen. The Chinese will collapse the system before then.
      – Forget the temporary reset theory that many are peddling. The Chinese have no interest in supporting our welfare state. 100 million on welfare have to go somewhere?
      – Forget cashing in your gold. The globalist will most likely steal it from you before you ever have a chance to use it.
      – Forget about the “it can’t happen to us” theory. History is riddled with victims who thought that that way.

      • Sam Hill

        1) The elections will happen. They’re meaningless so, why not?

        2) The Chinese have no interest in crashing the American economy which they subsist on.

        3) Oh Puhlease! You don’t own any, do ya?

        4) You’re right about this one.

        Jerry’s score 25% A failing grade of ‘F’.

      • JMiller


        Just to correct you on something. There are not 100 million people on welfare. That is an exaggeration that is being spread around on the internet. It is more like 60 million. Those that say that there are 100 million on welfare are really counting the same person two and three times. For example, tens of millions of children receive food stamps and most of them also are on the National School Lunch Program or the School Breakfast Program. Many children are being counted twice. Once for each program. Then there are others that say that the number of welfare recipients are well over 100 million because they count everyone in the household as getting welfare even though only one person actually received welfare in the household. So they are wrongly counting tens of millions of people who do not even get welfare.

  61. Scott

    Not really anything new here, nothing we didn’t already know. Guest seems kind of weak, repeats himself over and over without breaking any new ground.


    • JC Davis

      Scott keep in mind there may have been 10 million last week that tuned in to what we know for the first time. For them I say WOW.

  62. irene

    Hi Greg,
    This interview really amazing, it helped me to understand how the gold price is suppressed. There are still a few things I do not completely get, those are:

    If paper contracts are used then to what extent is physical gold still relevant in this game? If al they do is creating paper contracts and buying them back at some moment, then why and how is physical gold relevant in this game?

    Second, does the growing leverage require just more paper contacts to back it up or does it also require more physical gold to back it up as well?

    Thanks, Irene

    • Greg Hunter

      1)The paper contracts only exist with physical deliverable gold and silver i9n the vaults. No physical to deliver no paper contracts.

      2)No that is the problem. You can create more paper easily but you can not easily create more gold. Thus the exploding 300 to 1 leverage to suppress price in the face of huge demand.

      • JC Davis

        Greg. So how much physical gets removed per contract? I think this is her question. Mine also. Why invest if you never can get the product.?

        • JC Davis

          Is Brewmaster right no one ever as for physical delivery ?

          • Paul

            The people who buy “paper” contracts are living in the Matrix … all they ever want to see is digital fiat paper … but they won’t be able to “dodge the bullet” that is surely coming (like Neil) who could see “beyond the digital world” and saw what was really”real” … physical gold is “real money” … digital fiat paper contracts is just “monopoly money”!

          • Brewmaster

            I am correct. The futures contracts can be held by some traders for only a fraction of a second to scalp the market, or can be held for months by position traders. Either way, only a very small percentage of traders ever take delivery, thus rendering the 300 to 1 theory as being completely irrelevant. I am not anti gold at all and plan on buying some when the trend turns higher. There will be no comex blow up. Failure to deliver will be of little consequence to the comex even if it ever were to happen, which is unlikely. Many futures contracts are cash settled, as would gold be in the event that more was demanded than available.

            • JC Davis

              Brewmaster that is the best answer I have gotten. Thanks.

  63. Calgirl

    Bill Holter shares his opinion on bitcoin, mining shares, WWIII, next six months prognostication. Recorded ll-8-2015

    The taxpayer getting hosed again…………
    The Stench Of Freddie Mac Is Back——$18 Billion In Crony Capitalist Thievery

    JS Kim Issues Critical Warning About Newly Introduced Global Banking “Gold Programs”

    Scientists find you can reduce peoples’ belief in God by directing magnetic energy into the brain They found the same results when trying to reduce intolerance towards immigrants
    The scientists from the University of York and a team from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found that people whose targeted brain region was temporarily shut down reported 32.8 per cent less belief in God, angels, or heaven.

  64. NC Gal

    Craig, Rob Kirby, Holter and others all are describing the emptying out of western vaults and shipping the gold to the East — primarily China, Russia, and India. It occurred to me to wonder WHY the elite are doing away with gold reserves in the West, while allowing them to rise in the East.

    Craig has correctly said that the bankers do what benefits them, so why would the elites be giving China all of their gold, and at such low prices? It can’t be for profit in fiat currency terms. That wouldn’t be true profit, especially when they complete their move to a wholly digital economy. Maybe gold IS a disposable “relic” of the old system, and their plans are to do away with those countries that are not yet under their control (e.g.Russia and China) AND make holding gold irrelevant in the new system they intend to put into place.

    A few years ago, I became aware of a plan to (among other things) do away with China through biological warfare. The current saber-rattling with long-range missiles on both sides is also in keeping with the goals of this same plan. It’s been dubbed the Anglo-Saxon mission. You can read the transcript and listen to the interview at . While it has taken longer to implement than was originally intended, we can see all of the elements listed in full motion. I suggest reading the overview before diving into the details.

  65. Art Barnes

    Greg, THIRD WORLD COMING could be a title of a new book but by the time it would be written and went to print they would have to change the name to THIRD WORLD HERE. Look, the Western Front has been lost, the Eastern Front as well, that leave the heartland to fight for freedom on two fronts, God Bless Them, they will need it!

  66. Russ

    Great interview Greg, very educational. I was just reading an article from the website of your Sunday/Monday guest at and thought it might be interesting to tie Eric Sprott to Craig Hemke if only in my mind. Gold being painted as the “barbarous relic” that it is not is indicative of the OneBank’s (read: ) view of gold as a threat and the need to destroy it. Unfortunately for the OneBank, driving the price of gold down through naked shorting on the COMEX has only increased the volume of physical gold sold and along with it the number of contracts required to maintain price suppression.

    Hemke seems to indicate that 300:1 is a big paper:gold ratio, but if the intent of the Vampire Squid is to destroy gold, and losing a tentacle is a price they are willing to pay, then why stop at 300? Seriously, if one of the OneBanks branches/tentacles is going to declare bankruptcy, why stop at 300 when 500 or even 1000:1 can keep the gold price suppressed even longer?

    Bankrupt is bankrupt; we know from Corzine’s stunt with his clients that white collar theft is not a serious crime. Gold will continue to be shorted until there is a failure to deliver and customers stop doing any business on the COMEX. This will continue until they default and no one will be held accountable. They’ll probably throw a party to celebrate the closing curtain of their act in the play.

  67. smaulgld

    Why Comex won’t default

  68. Jughead

    Greg…..a question for you and/or your guests to ponder…….what statistic, occurrence,event…..would lead you to believe that the s*** is about to happen…..I mean imminent, like in days, maybe a week, no more than that……most of your guests believe and state that it’s likely to happen as opposed to the “slow burn”……but as opposed to waking up one morning and finding the banks closed, the world changed forever, do you think it’s even possible to call a change as I am suggesting….in advance….something to monitor for a heads up…….I think that would be an interesting question to ask your guests…….

  69. Karen

    Just wanted to say, love, love, love this guest! And also say thank you Craig for your the time and effort you have put into exposing and clearly explaining the outrageous fraud in the precious metals “markets.” Great interview Greg – thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Karen. No matter inflation or deflation in the extreme, gold and silver will survive.

  70. tulip

    Greg you can’t take descension. . . . (This is Greg Hunter. No “tulip” I can’t and will not stand for lies and disinformation from anonymous trolls. Greg)

    • Occasnltrlvr


      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        When you combine dissent with commentary you get – that’s right… Dysentery.

        • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

          When you combine dissent with commentary you get – that’s right…


    • Old Dog

      Is Tulip a liar or is Tulip deceived?
      Deception abounds.
      No one is naturally immune from it.

      Be careful what you see; be careful what you hear.
      That is the admonition of our Lord Jesus; it is especially true for today.

      • Greg Hunter

        He came on the site and started off his complaint with a huge lie. Maybe “Tulip” is part of the deception??

        • Old Dog

          Indeed, maybe Tulip is part of the deception.
          Maybe you hit the nail right on the head, but I would carry that one step farther.
          How much of what we sincerely believe to be truth, is actually Satan’s deception at work through men.

          Perhaps the greatest deception of all is that Christians are spending far too much time listening to men and far too little time on their knees before the Lord.
          HE is the ONLY ONE who knows exactly what shall happen and exactly when it shall happen.

  71. anni

    I just read an article on the “Populous Movement” which I consider most of the comments made here are you people. I have a question I have after reading the article. It talked about Norm Ornstein, evidently a member of the American Enterprise Institute, who said that the “Economic Policies” of this conceptive think tank is not being considered. What are their policies? Greg do we need to cover these policies as part of this economic news? Who are these people and are they the people that are advising “Daddy Warbucks” republicans? Seems a piece of the news is missing here. What say you?

  72. tulip

    Well, Greg. I come here not because I am any troll… but because I agree with a lot. I sense that Mr Sinclair needs more people to sign up…I appreciate not being led astray by ‘pundits’. . . (This is Greg Hunter. I appreciate not being lied to by twits and trolls trying to discredit people when they do not understand what is coming. What is coming is nothing short of a total paradigm change. I am getting the visual of people in Thailand running to the beach when the tide rolled out just before the tsunami hit. If you are trading this market then you and your pal “Avi” are just stupid and I can’t fix that. I am not going to give you a forum to show how uninformed you are and allow you to mislead my visitors here. Got it? and post with a real verifiable name and not “tulip.” Sinclair doesn’t do that.

  73. Smaulgld

    Indian Gold and Silver Import Charts

  74. Smaulgld

    The Fed won’t act in December?
    They started their taper in December 2013

    They will raise rates in December

  75. Derrick Michael Reid

    Is not Turd just way cool? I go under the pin name SilverSurfers at Turdville.
    Now Turdville’s favorite son. Come on Greg, chant SURFER! SURFER! SURFER!
    Here is my first speech. Only 10 min.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I used to go under the name “Occasnltrvlr.” I recognized you immediately.

    • Paul

      Derrick … as said by the Lord of hosts (Haggai 2.8) ”The silver is mine, and the gold is mine” … let us return to using “unlevered bread” … God’s money!

  76. Sayonara

    Brilliant interview! No one has explained the out right fraud that is occurring at COMEX and how the Fed is trying to game the economy than Craig Hemke. This interview really crystallized my view of what is going on. Loved the Baghdad Bob comment – I almost crashed my car in heavy commute traffic when I heard this. When it comes to really important information that matters – you are the Untouchable compared to the rest in media. Cannot thank you enough.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sayonara!

  77. Gary Canuck

    Hello Greg, just wanted to post re several comments about recent guests.
    Jim Sinclair, While I have not followed his advice totally I attended one of his seminars in Canada, re GOTS, direct share registration etc, absolutely freaked out my brokers, if I cant get direct share registration from the company I will not buy that stock.

    The one thing his seminar taught me was to eliminate the transfer agent
    between you, and your assets.

    Currency: While the vast majority of readers on this site are American, my currency has depreciated more than the Mexican Peso, exchange rate today
    is 1.33 in reality 1.36 at the bank, money is leaving Canada, so if your talking about the US Dollar collapsing, their will be blood in the streets.

    Example IF you smoke a deck is now 15.00, If you drink a 260z is 28.00
    for CC Canadian Club, My company has increased prices 21% in the last year
    due to the currency, “and its going to get worse” “Hell if this is deflation
    I sure do not want to see what Inflation will look like.

    Oil is the TELL to a dying global economy, confirmed by the Baltic Dry Index. My CEO down in Houston just said “Were in the Shithouse”

    GOLD: In terms of protecting me against the declining Canadian Dollar it has been a great investment, so I will give Jimmy S some credit there.

    Rick Ackerman: Great Stock Picker, and he just might be right about the Fed
    not raising rates, if they do then you know Goldman Sachs will be on the right side of that trade.

    Gerald Celente: “When all else fails they take us to war” well he nailed that one, we are at war, and it will only get worse.

    I try to gleam a little bit of info from each of your guests, while I might not agree with them, each has something to offer, along with the great POSTERS
    on this site.

    Martin Armstrong: So far Marty has nailed what is happening more accurately than any one IMO big picture guy.

    Larry Eldeson: Greg get this guy on for a interview, I have subscribed to him for ten years, and so far so good, he has the best track record of anyone
    on GOLD, OIL, etc.

    In closing I will quote the famous words of Winston Churchill when asked about Gold. “Its the worst form of money there is” apart from all the others.

    The bankers will sell us all out, no wonder that Mark Carney, a ex Goldman Sachs director, formally head of the Bank Of Canada set up the BAIL IN mechanism for the G20, and if its set up you know they are going to use it.

    Lets keep the site clean and objective.
    From The Cold White North
    Gary Canuck.

    Greg: Have a seminar, charge a good buck and have some of these posters get together, it could be a blast, usually Vegas is good for these type of events
    easily accessible for North America.

  78. Brewmaster

    Big demand for gold today, only down 17 dollars. gold 975 here we come. With the DX heading toward a breakout over 100, tough to get excited about being long gold. For the time being I think a guy can be short all commodities unless the DX posts a reversal.

  79. Tinku

    Many experts betting Huge drop in gold 2016 and technical chart show many chances gold comes 1020$ then 750$

    • Greg Hunter

      Head fake into tremendous demand Tin.

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