Impeachment Lies, More Election Fraud Uncovered, Unemployment Rising

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 468 2.12.2021)

Another day of the impeachment trial of President Trump, more massive lies by Democrat prosecutors.  The case for impeachment is so weak that the Democrats have to lie in some way at every turn.  They edit out phrases President Trump said such as “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” to try to make Donald Trump look like he incited a riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.  All the evidence clearly shows President Trump DID NOT incite a riot.  Next week, it will be the Trump impeachment lawyers turn to put on their case.  I expect some major pushback.  I hope they finally get to make the case of massive election and voter fraud that NO court, including the Supreme Court, has had the guts to hear.  The Senate trial is Trump’s day in court, even though this is really a kangaroo court of political theater.

More election fraud was discovered and documented this week.  According to, “A recent hand recount in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham, New Hampshire, found that the Dominion-owned voting machines shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN by roughly 300 votes.”  There is also a new video out by “Pure Data” (it’s fantastic) that shows statistical anomalies that could never happen naturally and points to major fraud in the so-called battleground states.

Unemployment took another jump this week with nearly 800,000 new filers.  The state unemployment rolls are dropping off as people run out of benefits.  On the other hand, the federal emergency unemployment claims are skyrocketing as those state benefits run out.  As I predicted, the economy would get worse and much worse because of Biden Administration policies.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, will be the guest for the “Saturday Night Post.” Celente is one of the top trends researchers in the world, and big trends are developing for 2021.

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  1. Jacques Bourne

    How can the insanity manifesting in the world be anything other than satanic?

    • Geneww38

      Some Christians will experience trials and tribulations but never the wrath of God that is poured onto mankind from the last vial after the 7th trumpet call. (42 months into that time.
      I suspect these vaccine shots will become mandatory and they will cause great harm to (and excellerate population decline of ) humans. See UN WHO repost Project 2030 in which this plan is plainly stated. I night be synonymous to the “mark of the Beast”

    • Truth Shines

      Jacques Bourne,
      The 45th President of the United States IS Satanic. All the facts (Greg’s false “evidence” aside) point to a lying, ruthless con-man who might possibly be the third antiChrist. In your hearts, Greg and his followers all know this. The enchantment that 45 has over so many is absolutely amazing. Greg, take a step back, listen, really listen to the Lord speaking to your heart, and THEN tell me that I’m not speaking the truth.

      • Joe Serino

        President Trump is no more satanic than any other guy to filanders lies here and there.
        Question: Why the VICIOUS attacks of OBVOIUS lies aginst the man? Does Satan accuse himself? I find it unbelievable that people see but “don’t see” yet claim it is everyone else that is blind. Apparently the Holy Spirit is in on the accusing of the bretheren? I think not.

      • Jay A.

        Not a word of truth in what you say! Perhaps YOU are the Anti Christ, makes about as much sense!

      • Mike R

        If anything, Trump is more like Jesus, when you consider all the persecution heaped on him. No President has ever taken on the satanic global cabal, or absolutely satanic mainstream media, like Trump has. His tactics in throwing it all right back at them, and relentlessly attacking their false rhetoric and fraudulent accusations and their extremely sickening brainwashing of Americans, was perfect for drawing out all of their ongoing behind the scenes criminal activity. The dems took the bait that satan would take. It’s too bad you only see what you want to see, rather than observing objectively all the fraud and corruption that democrats and liberals have dished on all of us for nearly 4 decades now.

        Mainstream media networks which on a daily basis has maybe 20 million viewers in total, represents a small fraction of the 350 million people in this country. They try (fraudulently) everyday to paint their liberal views as ‘this is what the country is thinking.’ Well that’s baloney and not even remotely close to what the country is thinking.

        The primary reason Trump is treated as a ‘threat’ (to them, the dems and satanists only) is precisely because he resonates with a massive majority of the 350 million people. Not the tiny amount of 20 million people that still get their ‘news’from MSM. Trump is God’s chosen one.

        This will be proven many times over, instead of what msm lets you see, which is totally an illusion. Remember how it seemed many times that In Thea bibles teachings , that Jesus appeared to be losing battles, but the reality was he was winning and could never lose under God. Our nation is one based on God and Christianity. God has his ways, and he will crush the real satanic evil doers, which are democrats in congress and a not insignificant number of betraying GOP. They betrayed God, and the American people. These corrupt people will pay a steep price. If you are not following God, and His ways, you too will pay the price. MSM is absolutely not following God. And if you cannot discern how so much of Congress is not following God, then it is highly likely, you are not following God either. You’ve been blinded by Satan if you are on the side of dems and most liberals.

      • Roger Kassebaum

        Go back to bed, stop spreading lies about President 45!

      • BetterChetter

        Perhaps the antichrist is camel aharr isis?
        When Joe goes, satan has her reign . . .

      • Pieter Ott

        What lies



      • Tracy Brown

        So what are your thoughts on Biden?

      • Ed

        Prove it or STFU.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Punctuation is a tool. Written words, absent punctuation, are babble.

        Hint to the wise.

    • Jeff

      Greg You are now on my prayer list after hearing of the you-tube takedown. We could talk all day about the evil that abounds, even on your comment site.
      Rest assured God is going to do a mighty thing. He is going to restore this country (though we don’t deserve it) and place Trump back in. A new, humble Trump who is willing to follow His leading.
      Your site will grow exceedingly and our country will turn back to God. A great harvest is coming because HE desires it and anyone standing in the way will be humbled.
      God bless you Greg. God is proud of you !

    • jennie stevens


  2. Rodster

    I think Martin Armstrong nailed whats going on with the Trump impeachment. He says this is all about making sure Trump doesn’t run in 2024 or ever again. You are witnessing a Uniparty at work, made up of republicans and democrats.

    The Swamp kicked Trump to the curb because it was afraid of losing its grip on power.

    • Wanda Grubbs

      I do believe you correct!

    • JC

      What did George Carlin say about it being a big club?

      Nancy Pelosi is even lobbying Newsom to appoint Adam Schiff as attorney general because these people simply cannot get a real job. Gavin Newsom was born in 1967 to William Alfred Newsom III and Tessa Thomas Menzies Newsom. Bill Newsom had a sister, Belinda, who in 1960 married Ronald Pelosi. It was Ronald’s younger brother Paul who married Nancy D’Alesandro in 1963, who became Nancy Pelosi of notorious Congressional fame. Nancy Pelosi was related only through marriage. Nevertheless, they both seem to have a passion for dictatorship.

    • sailorsam

      Correct Rodster. Politics has now morphed into a battle between good and evil. Evil will perish on the vine. A political movement like the Democrats offer has nothing good going for it. They are consumed with hatred and nothing but hatred.

    • Al

      Go back to the Hussain admin 4 years ago, what was the blowback? One word, Trump! This admin is exponentially more radical, what will be the blowback? It hasn’t come yet, but like I said before and say it again and again, if they get rid of Trump, the next Trump will not be so nice… and it may well be him again!

    • Fnmag

      100% correct

    • Kathy

      ……and afraid of what he knows

      • Donald Wood

        Afraid of what Trump knows??? Unlikely. Trump did everything he was told to do by the real powers and he did it well. Trump has nothing to be worried about except for his five iron shot onto the green.

  3. James Morris

    This socialist, marxist, globalist, new world order is nothing short of evil

  4. Robby


    Dont play like you dont know,

    bitcoin is the beast system, others said this was the goal of the rockefellers decades ago…not surprise the oldest bank lol rothschild bank is just taking the lead in making the new fed coin…

    • Paul E Kramer

      Sir, respectfully, some cryptocurrencies were started by central bankers and are clearly frauds. XRP is the most notable. Tether and Eos were also started by people with criminal histories. Some cryptocurrencies could be used for nefarious purposes and a means of control. However, Bitcoin is open sourced blockchain that cannot be manipulated outside of the exchanges. It is useless to anyone who wants to commit crimes, which is part of what makes it valuable. It is useless for criminal activity because there is a running open sourced ledger that makes criminal activity easy to track. It eliminates crooked banks that launder money. It has a limited supply, so its value can’t be manipulated by making more. Evil people need to hide their transactions, Bitcoin and other open sourced cryptos make that impossible. Anyone interested in cryptos should do their homework prior to investing. Some are good and serve a great purpose and some are bad. Don’t say they all are part of a new world order scheme because they aren’t. Some are actually making the new world order impossible.

      • William+Stanley

        Well said!
        Any thoughts about Ethereum and its prospects for becoming a vehicle for trading securities?

  5. nicholas condon

    You are a great man. Once again must say Thank You sir.

  6. Delbert Lloyd

    Truth matters not anymore. Constitutional matters even less. Our country is blatantly run by criminals who openly violate the law and dare you to even say anything about it. 80 million people who voted for the opposition are being labeled terrorist and our federal law enforcement have turned into the equivalent of the Nazi brown shirts of German history. There will be laws or I should say executive orders that punish white people and Christians. The second amendment is under attack like never seen before and free speech isn’t free. All this while we wait for Trump to somehow return and save us. How long do we wait. The Jews keep waiting hoping someone or something would save them and that didn’t work out to well.

  7. Mutant

    “It’s amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites.” Thomas Sowell

  8. scott

    At this point 1% of your savings/ retirement should be in bitcoin. Take some of the money we all waste on the weekends and tuck a few weekends worth in BTC and only BTC.

    • Donald Wood

      Yeah… I just can’t hardly wait to start sinking my cash into those invisible, electronic, computerized, fiat Ones and Zeros. Flip a switch and bye-bye Bitcoin.

    • Keith+Wilson

      No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo on bitcoin.

  9. Kevin Tatanka

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell

  10. Jayna Williams

    Voter fraud. What can’ya do, huh?

  11. Jayna Williams

    It must be very frustrating to have cleaned up every chip in the casino but not be able to cash one of them in.

  12. Mutant

    1) New laws to tax heavily for anyone over $400K.
    2) Let people move their money into Bitcoin which will exceed the $400K income levels, thus steal money until they become poor again.
    3) Enslave everyone that don’t have jobs or Bitcoin, as there are no jobs.
    4) Push out CBDCs with an allowance to survive on
    5) Monitor what everybody is buying with their CBDCs – no ammo or guns, no meat, no donations to RNC, …. to assign a “social” score
    6) Money in banks with get stolen via “buy-ins”; ATMs will not work; currency/coins will be withdrawn from the public; precious metals will be outlawed like FDR did.
    7) Property taxes will be increased to where nobody can afford to keep their property.
    8) Oil and electricity will be scarce; public transit will be the only option. Traveling anywhere will be restricted. Passports will not be renewed even if you can get out.
    9) Food and medicine will become limited or unavailable.
    10) Roaming gangs will be allowed to terrorize citizens.

    • Bob+Lamb

      I think you are batting about 100% IMO.

  13. Timothy V

    Remember that we didn’t let the communists in during the vote. The Republican RINOs and Democrats planner to overthrow our Duly elected Government under President Trump. They STOLE OUR COUNTRY and GAVE it to CHINA and UNITED NATIONS.

  14. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for a deep analysis of the liars who are voting for their own irrelevance is a President can print Executive Orders without oversight.


    You have a great Show Mr. Hunter. Watched you Election night 11/03/20 and at the end we watched the Virginia vote Flip from Trump to Biden with exact same numbers. What a complete fraud. 🎧

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks BD!!

  16. Marcus

    Glad that I never became a Republican . Where the hell are they? And where is the church, which should be standing up to this illegitimate president and the deception being poured into our lives by the ‘satanicrats’ (dems & deep state ) . This election has taught me much but it has especially taught me how fake and easily deceived the American Christian church is.

  17. Marc Chavez

    We love you Greg, God bless you sir! Thank you For the truth and your hard work..

  18. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for WNW468.

    Just to advise – your link to “Pure Data” returns with ‘banned video’ message, and froze my iPad. Needed to do a purge data routine to get it running again. TPTB making it more and more difficult to access anything but the ‘official’ narrative.

  19. Jan-Martin Ulvåg

    You marry a psychopath, narcissist, demon because there are things you don’t understand and have to learn. After you have been educated its over, not before. So why are the demons in charge? Self Hate. The destructive force that killed Jesus was self hate and fear. Humanity is not wise and developed. Welcome to the planet of the apes. Relax and learn from what is taking place. Don’t try to educate other people. It can’t be done. People have to marry a demon to get to know themselves. You don’t need an angel. An angel can not wake you up, only keep you asleep.

  20. Allen F

    We cannot let this clearly stolen election go.
    We The People have been robbed by criminals.


    One of the most accurate depictions of America today was
    a cartoon made in 1948 by Harding College. The cartoon,
    entitled Make Mine Freedom, shows what happens when
    an unsuspecting society sells their freedoms for ‘ism’.
    Watch how this 63-year-old cartoon describes America
    today that is RUN by liberals of both parties..

  22. Strike Eagle

    Greg the President is setting all of these traitors up using the Constitution against them ! The President’s number one priority is to protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic ! He is giving all of them the opportunity to do the right thing and they are not ! He is making his list and checking it twice to see who’s naughty or nice 💥💥❗ Did you know that Lincoln went to the Rothchilds looking for money because the Republic was bankrupt after the civil war ? Lincoln issued bonds and the Rothchilds bought all of them and claimed ownership of the country . Our names are in all caps on our birth certificate which means the Rothchilds have owned us as debt slaves under the Federal Reserve act of 1913 ! We have been the United States inc since then. The charter ended in 1999 and Patriots captured the flag ! The corrupt Presidents from 1999 until President Trump hid this . President Trump is the 17th President of the Republic !

  23. RoseThistle

    Abrams’ sister should’ve recused herself as judge over election matters.

  24. Charlie Patterson


  25. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Bitcoin is benefiting from “The Network Effect.” IMO, as things get more chaotic and dysfunctional generally, Bitcoin will only grow stronger. Here is a discussion of The Network Effect:

  26. Richard Wolf jr

    Another good commentary. There’s no question this country is in deep trouble and we are on the verge of being taken over by the Chinese. God, I hate making that statement. But if we keep going the direction Biden and the deep state intends, it’s just a matter of time. That would be so unfortunate. This country is such a Powerful Economic Engine, if that day does happen it would destroy the psyche of this great nation and the people in it. President Trump made a few mistakes but he really succeeded in educating the public in how deep and corrupt the deep state and Washington DC is. I think it even surprised him. A huge win for him even with all the daily battle’s he had to fight. He showed how powerful this country is and what it can become if you just take away all the restrictions. It’s like a beautiful stallion cooped up in a corral that just wants to run free. This country needs to run free. Imagine being on the back of that stallion. What a ride that would be. The potential of this country is no different. I would not blame President Trump if he went back to his businesses. Even though he apparently lost two Billion dollars while being President, this country needs him more than ever.
    Can this country endure two-four years of a Biden/ Harris agenda? As a nation we will see. What I am looking for is a Trump/Flynn ticket in 2024. As you keep saying Greg, just keep praying and let God do the rest.

  27. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Great report Greg,I can’t shake the feeling that a time of serious hyperinflation is coming down the track and like a freight train will crush those who are unprepared!I heard a report that weapon sales for the month of January was 2 million😳 Storm clouds are on the horizon! Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  28. Chuck

    Bit Coin is based in dollars… So when the dollar goes bust so dose Bit Coin just like the Stock Market.

    • William+Stanley

      Wrong assumptions and wrong conclusions.

  29. Julie Sadler

    You are on fire today Mr. Hunter!
    Thank you as always for your invaluable information. Peace and may we see our way successfully through this storm.

  30. Derek Sinclair

    All the business channels in the MSM are recommending everyone buy cryptos. The MSM is controlled by the globalists. The globalists are not happy to be wealthy, they also want you to be poor. So enjoy the surge but if you don’t sell before it is deliberately crashed you’ll have nothing – which is exactly what the globalists want.

  31. Jay jay

    You are a good man but repeating voter fraud over an over every week isn’t going to change a thing . The swamp is too deep and your voice too small.
    You might want to change the channel to more religious issues which is more your line than reality in the political arena. Trump lead by God to save the world . 😂. Easter bunny?

    • Greg Hunter

      You deal with the fraud your way and I will deal with it my way. Much more is coming out about the stolen election.

      • Russ D Hadick

        I agree Greg, we should NEVER let this Stolen election die. ALWAYS remind people that Joseph Stolen is NOT a legitimate President. As a Christian I will NOT honor him as President because I KNOW he and the DNC Cheated to win this election.

      • Former Democrat

        “Much more is coming out about the stolen election.”


  32. Marie+Joy

    For a while, I thought, the people, the military, the militia, lone wolves, SOMEBODY, would rise up and solve the problem, how, ever it needed to be solved. I have lost that hope. Sometimes, I’m a little slow.

    • William+Stanley

      Marie Joy,
      Okay, you’re having a bad day; we all have them.
      However, YOU actually are helping to ameliorate/solve “the problem.” I know that YOU never thought this was going to be quick or easy.
      (BTW, what’s with this “Sometimes, I’m a little slow”? Compared to what/whom? What are you talking about? Nobody knows everything . . . except me, of course. LOL).

      • Marie+Joy

        Thank you, Will.

  33. Marion

    They have set their own trap, dug their own graves. They are insane, that’s why the trial is insane; the last impeachment attempt was too. I wonder if even THEY know or CARE that this is a movie out of Hollywood.

  34. Ron

    It’s only a month ago that HSBC clamped down on BitCoin in the UK by neither allowing crypto payments to be processed nor allowing wallet-to-bank transfers. Daniella Cambone discussed this on 12 Jan 2021 on the Stansberry Research channel on YouTube

  35. Marie+Joy

    The fact that our President Trump is NOT guilty, of anything, has nothing to do with these impeachment proceedings. Guilt or innocence is irrelevant. The only thing that matters, to traitors, is to prosecute non communists, starting with our President Trump.

  36. Motor

    I think we separate ourselves from this failing system as much as we can. It’s like a failed marriage and the left is the scorn wife wanting nothing but to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible. There is no reconciliation. There is no moving forward together. We need to get away and start our own system through what made America great. I hope Texit works and it starts a chain of free states. I dont see any other way without us getting sucked down the drain. Let the left have their communist shithole of subservience to their masters. I chose freedom and God the father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Ghost.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “I hope Texit works and it starts a chain of free states.”
      Imagine if it started a chain of free counties; the new country would encompass most of the landmass of the current USA.

  37. M Watson

    Remember Rhodesia, now you know how it feels to be left to the communist satanic cabal, hundreds of thousands killed or died from unnatural causes, many millions displaced. Did you think this would never come back to bite you all ??

  38. Victor sperandeo

    Thank you for your actual “reporting “ and sans propaganda . Suggestion put some PO Box to send you money as many people dont use credit cards use do to ID fraud .

  39. Jerry

    Here’s your answer to the Bitcoin question.

    It all mind over matter. Once you put the mRNA into your DNA. In about twelve months they will control your mind, and it won’t matter.
    Sounds crazy right? About as crazy as releasing the COVID-19 virus under Event 201, and creating a vaccine with GAVI. Both Gates Foundation organizations. By the way, our pal Donald Trump was involved with both. Can you say con job?

    • Jerry

      Sometimes I feel like I’m at a circus. I see the MSM clowns on T.V. dancing around ring master Biden, while I hear a carnival barker yell “ get your programs “, “get your programs here “. I see people lining up, injecting their arms with mRNA vaccines program, followed by the cleanup crew , carrying their bags.

      • Joanna

        I wish this page had a “like” button because I’d like your post every time!

        • Jerry

          Thanks. I wish I could post more, but I’m afraid our time here may be coming to a close soon. Apparently the deep state is preparing for a massive purge while they have the high ground. Sites like Greg’s have been taken down, and people are being targeted. I hope to send Greg some money to continue his work. His site is literally the last source of real information available today, and I would encourage everyone else to do the same. As for me, if his site is taken down I will most likely go into ghost mode, and ride out the storm until the lord returns. Thanks again.

          • JC

            You have mentioned the holy ghost and ghost mode many times, but to be honest, I didn’t really understand… until now.

      • JC

        They know, very important to not forget…

        • Jerry

          Ah yes Rambo. Does it get any more real than that? A patriot being persecuted by the shadow government, who flees for his life, and is forced to fight a gorilla war in order to service. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    • John Boy

      this is a patent for a “social credit system”!

    • allen ols

      they have a saying in old soviet union; “We pretend to work, THEY pretend to pay us”

      • Jerry

        Everyone over fifty has to be eliminated. They are trust baby’s from WWII under the old system. The NWO needs dumbed down snowflakes to accomplish their goals.

    • Steve Bice

      Couldn’t resist sharing this from an online CNBC article about Fauci and Bill Gates.


      “The pair have also been the target of baseless conspiracy theories around the virus, including that Gates was using Covid-19 vaccines to implant monitoring microchips in billions of people.

      “Dr. Fauci and I are out in the conspiracy theory threads quite a bit,” Gates said in the Washington Post interview.

      ″IT’S DISAPPOINTING THAT THAT KIND OF TITILLATING OVERSIMPLISTIC EXPLANATION IS EASIER TO CLICK ON than, you know, the truth about what a great job the world has done to get these vaccines going,” Gates said.”

      Note the part I capitalized for emphasis. He did not deny it or say it was wrong!

      Bill Gates is what I call an honest liar. He often has trouble telling a complete lie and more often than not, confirms our worst fears about his plans.

      I wonder if he had his little finger curled at the edge of his mouth when he said this…

      • Jerry

        YouTube couldn’t take this video down fast enough.

        Why? Nothing is taken out of context. The man is just saying what he’s going to do. And he will, because he has the WEF backing him.
        Money talks, and BS walks.

      • William+Stanley

        Good point!

  40. Andrew Cox

    Greg – You need to report on the terrible things happening to the US and Global agricultural sector. Check out the Ice Age Farmer – perhaps he could be a guest on your programme.
    Stay strong!

    • Marie+Joy

      Please have iceagefarmer on.
      Thank you

  41. Ron

    A different (bearish) view on BitCoin from a “former 30-year portfolio manager at a major UK pension fund” (but be sure to read the comments too):

  42. A+Jones

    I haven’t watched a news program in over a month. Never turned the TV on during this circus. It is nothing but an act of desperation. If you want something to worry about listen to this: I am a ham radio operator and for the last month or more the only people I have spoken with are Europeans, South Africans and Australians. Two people, one in Australia and one in South Africa have connections in the medical field. The South African reported that the Virus has invade the sewer system and is spreading rapidly and most likely mutating. The sewer system in undeveloped countries are what is call in the Far East “Binjo ditches.” They consist of square sections of pipe buried in the ground with a concrete cap laid together to form a running stream. The caps are at ground level and you can see the sewerage through the joints. They run right down the streets and are only a foot or so below street level. The smell defines the places where they are in use. The reason I am reporting this is that the stuff I am hearing firsthand will never be reported in the US government media. The ham in Australia personally knows the two women in charge of the Australian health service that oversee the covid program. He gave an excellent account of what happened there. An example to illustrate what news you are not hearing. If you listen to Americans talk versus what people around the World are reporting you will see first hand the power of mass media.

  43. andyb

    Some points to make:
    The most disheartening aspect of the stolen election and the impeachment farce is the complicity of SCOTUS especially since conservatives finally achieved a supposed 6-3 majority. Apparently the founders’ vision of checks and balances is no more in the face of unbridled corruption.
    Dershowitz is an interesting case and I believe a perfect example of CYA. He was guilty of pedophilia with Epstein’s under age sex slaves. Too many victims in court testimony affirmed his presence and actions. I believe the victims. So to save himself during a Republican administration, he ingratiated himself with Trump taking positions antithetical to his long held ideology.
    Bitcoin relies on massive amounts of electricity to “mine”. What happens if our electric power is diminished or rationed? Definitely coming folks. Note that a high school classmate of mine became CEO and then Chairman of BNY during the time that this bank was convicted of money laundering in the $billions. No one individual served time. He received a golden parachute of $175 million upon his retirement for his marvelous stewardship. Anything connected with this bank is problematic.

    As per Shadowstats the employment numbers are bogus, probably close to 30% by now.

    We are going down fast. A major war is needed for a distraction. Be careful and have faith.

    • Diana Brown

      You make excellent points. In particular the SCOTUS observation. The achilles heel of Bitcoin is, as you point out, electricity. It is the primary reason I have been reluctant to partake. In so far as your exposure to people and banks, in the specific BNY, has been my experience only on the opposite coast. Having had that experience personally, I can state that not one of the financial institutions I worked for in my first career is still in existence. Only one was worth saving. All but that one took obscene advantage of trusting souls that had no idea how they were being fleeced, and by whom. The Boards of those financial institutions did benefit greatly, however. Frankly it still sickens me.

      • William+Stanley

        Diana & andyB:

        As far as I know, there is no requirement that Bitcoin continue to be mined. There’s a hard cap set at 21 million Bitcoins, and only about 4 million are left to be mined in any event. While it takes a lot of energy to mine Bitcoin, it takes very little to transact with it.

    • Dave

      There is not a supposed 6 – 3 conservative court. Roberts was always a moderate and has increasingly leaned left. Kavanaugh was also a moderate in the mold of Roberts. Many warned Trump not to appoint him. Right there the court is 5 – 4 moderate/progressive.

      The jury is out on Gorseuch. His Bostock decision on transgender rights is now being used by the Biden Administration to codify transgender rights within the civil rights laws. implement

  44. Michele Anderson

    I am grateful to you for continuing the fight for justice and reason. I share every one of your weekly news wrap ups. You are a beacon in the dark winter.

  45. Mikey

    When will Donald Trump arrest Hillary Clinton and the deep state ?

  46. Al

    This is a set up for the kill, not for us, but for the left (CCP MSM Dems. RINOs. ETC…)
    Radical views are only tolerated for so long then the steam blows the lid and the blowback is swift and powerful. Trump said he will be back in some form or another, and he will, if not him personally then his movement will steamroll what is left of the left.

    Case in point and please take this to heart.
    In my teens back in the 70s, I lived in a very rough neighborhood by Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn where every other apartment building was abandoned due to arson.
    I don’t play victim well, so in the lonely streets of Brooklyn when I was followed by someone I would immediately pose and aggressive stance or posture. I would wait until my follower was close enough then I would stop, put my back against the wall and my hand in my pocket and stare the punk down as he walked by quickening his pace. I NEVER had a problem doing that, but if I did my opponent would know he is up against a formidable adversary and if need be, I would draw blood. Gruesome I know but so was the hell hole I lived in when I was young and I don’t wish it on anyone.

    The Key words here are AGGRESSIVE POSTURE: (ready for action)

    A communist Coup occurred in early January in the form of a rigged election and the Country’s Aggressive Posture against this threat was immediate and strong. Tens of thousands of National Guard troops showed up and chain link razor wire fences were erected around DC. Who sent them there? Some say the democraps… no no no no no, they buck the National Guard, they’d rather have their puppet Police Deptartments. No, this Aggressive Military Posturing was making the democraps squirm and quiver, to the point that they had the FBI to investigate all the Soldiers. The fear never left and then came Burma, (Military Takeover due to a FRAUDULENT ELECTION) and the fear factor by the left intensified.

    Yes China Joe and satanic hordes, there will be a fair election supervised by our Military who is sworn to defend the Constitution. That’s what you’re afraid of isn’t it? Let Burma be the kicker of what’s to come.

    In case you think I’m crazy, let me list some anomalies for you

    * China Joe had to rent an airplane to go to his depressing funeral-like inauguration attended by hardly anyone.

    * Then the Nuclear Football fiasco, to date no one knows who has the real codes, certainly not China Joe, because then China would have them right?

    *How about the fact that China Joe’s Air Force One is nothing but a repainted jet liner and the other Air Force One (flying military command center) is in storage. Look it up, do the comparisons yourself. The real AF1 has mid air refueling capabilities in case it needs to stay aloft for days, China Joe’s BS1 is a normal jet liner that goes from point A to point B. Nothing else.

    * And what did China Joe’s press b-witch mean when she said “Space Force doesn’t talk to us”. ??? For that matter neither does the Pentagon or Dept of Defense, why? Because if China Joe gets all the secrets so does China.

    * Before China Joe got ramrodded in “office”, the Pentagon had Military war ships doing war exercises off the South China Seas in a contested zone. This has angered China but China Joe has not stopped it, why? Because he is not in charge! He tried to stop it but the Pentagon gave him the middle finger so China Joe has to make it look good in front of the sheeple like he’s being “tough daddy” with China and cares about the US prospering. Where’s my BS1 vomit bag?

    * As for the buffoon’s Executive Orders, they have to be validated and accepted by the States. Here are some recent headlines that should tell you how the States feel about China Joe

    -Utah eliminated gun permits for concealed carry from the age of 21 and over

    – State of Texas meeting on how to secede from the Union

    – Oklahoma on China Joe’s EO 13990 “energy bill”, Gov Stitt signed a Statewide EO to nullify EO 13990, thus it’s eliminated

    – Iowa dropped Covid 19 mandates much like Florida

    Who’s in charge?

    And don’t forget that the AGGRESSIVE STANCE comes before the blow. What was Hussain’s blowback? Trump.. China Joe’s blowback will be very swift and much more powerful.
    That heavy pendulum moving right cannot be stopped, if it meets an obstacle it may slow a bit, but then crushes the obstacle with a kinetic force greater than it had the week before. F=MA Force = the Mass of the pendulum multiplied by its Acceleration… as time goes on the Force increases.

    Trump never conceded !
    Trump temporarily walked away from poker table full of loser hands with a Royal Flush in his pocket saying “I’ll be right back”, leaving the large amount of money on the table and the losers waiting to see his hand.
    Trump has not made his move yet but he will definitely show his hand. He lost 2 Billion Dollars and his Empire and Security for what? Why?
    He’s comin’ back y’all, and it ain’t gonna be pretty for the left.

    • JC

      Besides all that, let’s have a moment of silence in honor of Chick Corea.
      Dead at 79, of a rare cancer.

      • William+Stanley

        Interestingly enough, I’ve been trying to track down one of his songs via a piece of the lyrics.

        • JC

          William Stanley,
          I saw Chick perform at Carnegie Hall in the 70’s with his group Return To Forever.
          Young Al DiMeola was his new guitarist, replacing Bill Connors.
          Those were the days…

    • William+Stanley

      Great post!
      (As a very minor aside: you could have better stated the physics of the pendulum analogy
      — having to do with the terminology and mechanics of force, mass, acceleration, velocity and energy. If you think about it for a second, I’m sure you’ll understand. Nevertheless, you made your point very well).

    • Bob+Lamb

      I don’t believe it. I think it is false hope.

  47. Jane Reynolds

    Here we are Greg. Always support what you are doing. This madness will be over. God is showing the world what true evil is. This will wake people up and shine a light on the darkness. These evil villains will be prosecuted and dealt with. It will be made public so that President Trump will never be accused of a coup. God bless you and your family. God bless all patriots worldwide. Gold and silver will prevail as God’s money.

  48. Matt Jaymes

    JP Morgan says BTC is going to $146,000 per coin, so it’s probably going to $146.000 per coin. Why? Because that’s where Morgan wants it to go, because while one is busy dumping dollars into spinning electrons, one is also NOT dumping money into gold and silver. Can you imagine the ramifications of a precious metals run on these fraudulent markets if the they had a run like BTC?? Game Over!! Last one out please turn off the lights……..

  49. Benjamin

    Thankyou for all you do Greg until next time

  50. Marty

    Hi Greg,

    A significant portion of the new unemployment claims are fraudulent… it is off the charts and it would not surprise me to learn at some future point that this is all part of the plan. Providing the information and process to illegals and probably taking a cut as a plan to bankrupt states.

    It is simply just not getting reported – the company I work for recently added an identity theft protection service and they found nearly 5% of employees were also getting unemployment benefits (the ones I spoke with had no idea and one had his own identity theft protection and apparently that service just doesn’t check for unemployment fraud).

    Our government has made it way too easy to file for unemployment with obviously no checks in place to check for fraud… Yeah, I see the unemployment numbers increasing in the future too… and I suspect many people will file only to discover that they had previously filed (even though they didn’t) and now have no benefits (and then I imagine the state will investigate and … if you are a trump supporter you will probably find yourself unemployed with no unemployment and facing unemployment fraud charges). Everything is rigged and fake… everything

  51. Gabe Zendar

    He is a tubby traitor….don’t apologize….fat shame that chy comm collaborator! Butter him up before double impact drop kicking his ass out of a C-17 over wuhan

  52. Jay rocco

    Thank you Greg for all you do. I became a monthly supporter when then gave you your strikes on you tube. I have people find it in their heart to contribute so you can continue what you (and wife) do a few dollars donated to you goes a long way. Prayers always

  53. Connie Simon

    Greg, as usual, you have hit the nail on the head. You always can be counted on to give us the truth. That’s why you are the first that I look at every day. Thank you for your good work and how early you get up to give us the true news.

  54. William Wilhelm

    Just like the first biased ” impeachment” this one is based on fake evidence. The swamp is unfixable.

  55. Allen+Starr

    The extent of the voter fraud is unbelievable. What do you do now that you have a false President who wasn’t elected by the people? When Russia went through a coup with Gorbachev, the troops refused to fire on their own people. What will American troops do as this is going to end up in the streets at some point? What are these people trying to do who control the US as there isn’t any way to save the financial system and it will finally blow up and take most of the world with it. Russia is now laying pipe for the Nord Stream II pipeline and will finish it this year. Most people don’t realize what a crushing defeat that is for the US. It also involves Venezuela, Iran, and Russia Urals oil which the US buys from Russia for a $3 per barrel premium. Some Russian banks are collecting Rubles from it’s citizens and loaning the money out at good interest rates to companies like Gasprom, Rosneft, and Lukoil which allows them to operate cheaper because they are using Rubles. The Russian banks now have a push on to sell Russian Gold and Silver to their citizens as their mines produce much of this with ventures with China. I haven’t seen anything lately about the 300 South African farmers coming to Russia. They are all millionaires, experienced farmers, and will be given free land. Not a bad deal for both sides as Russia has more land than it knows what to do with and the South African farmers should be a solid asset for Russia. The wife started growing egg plant, pepper, and tomato plant seedlings today to be planted in the green house later this year.

  56. Kerry Funk

    The problem we have is Congress. They are told what to say and when to say it. Congress is not policy makers, they are corruption makers. From top to bottom. Anyone that could not see the fraud in the election is bought and paid for. CCP!

  57. TJZ

    Bitcoin is a giant PONZI scheme! Selling greed to the uninitiated is wrong!

  58. Jerry

    Here’s the result of operation pogo. Patriots and conservatives are now considered domestic terrorist, and can look forward to even more persecution,

    You are now witnessing the “greatest show on earth” complete with paper cut out characters posing as politicians, and actors pretending to be presidents. Any threats to the state will now be dealt with under the insurrection act, that was supposed to be used to protect the republic. What an irony? All the things we thought were going to be used to take down the deep state are now being used on us. So much for trust the plan.

  59. Heff

    Thank you for another informative and accurate news cast. I do not think you could understate the Bitcoin phenomenon, this is the vehicle (they) will use to hyper inflate the debt away. If you were wondering what is to become of the trillions of debt on the books imagine the everyday numpty holding millions in crypto everywhere…. Problem solved inflated away. The Fed I believe will issue their own (mandatory) crypto soon… (I saw this)… redeeming devaluated dollars for a one time deal at 28:1. For control (they) need us all in crypto. It will happen quickly… cash will become illegal. Next comes the chip you’ll need to access your funds…..

  60. mel

    F#$% the republicans.

  61. Tiffani

    So glad I found you again! Love the weekly news wrapup!

  62. George

    The IRS is watching you, so I won’t play the Bitcoin TRAP. From my 1040 Tax Form (1st question after Name and Address)= At any time during 2020, did you receive, sell, send, exchange, or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency? ()Yes ()No. I truthfully answered No, and I sleep better at night.

    • JC

      IRS Bitcoin “TRAP.”

      Thank you.

      • Marty

        The answer to this for anyone who has a bank account holding virtual US dollars should be … Yes.

  63. mel

    It’s too stupid to be stupid. The democrats are not stupid. They are evil. They are communists. They are at the very least complicit with voter fraud, pedophilia, money laundering, corruption, high crimes against the constitution. And the republicans are no better.
    The good news is they are being exposed and this faux admin will not go more than a few more weeks.
    Nesara is inevitable and incoming.. we are on the road to shambala.

  64. S+W

    George Webb had a group in DC of around 18 people making videos. They were watching for false flag events and documented the Ukrainians were leading the charge into the Capital. This group has been doing color revolutions around the world. Their youtube channel keeps getting shutdown. They have been trying to post the info in different places.

    • William+Stanley

      Thanks for the comment and the link!

  65. KnowItAll

    Another FABULOUS rant, that captures our own righteous indignation! THANK YOU! If you think back on the executive order Trump signed in September of 2018, it makes one realize, we could probably pay off our national debt, with the proceeds of the impounded assets, of all those treasonous actors. I CAN’T WAIT to see how God stuns the world, with exposing their crimes. Trump is David, going against the Goliath, the global co-conspirators. I truly believe God is just about ready to hand him 5 smooth stones. A simple stone, is all this will take. Perhaps the stone that has always tripped up evil. The one that the world rejected, but has become the Chief Cornerstone of our redemption. God bless you, Greg. From a sister in faith, standing in the gap, with you. HOLD THE LINE.

  66. Jim Wade

    Greg. I have enjoyed you Friday wrap ups for several years and look forward to them. keep up your good work. Well done.

    If you want to understand the Schumelosikratz methods of destroying Trump and all political opposition, study the Yukos vs Russia case. It is a tactical lesson in personal and corporate destruction. They allege tax fraud and then write the narrative to prove it in Stalinist style kangaroo courts. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Yukos President, spent 10 years in the Russian Gulag at Krasnokamensk. I have visited there and it is no tourist resort.. Is Guantanamo the new gulag?

  67. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, I believe military will intercede. Space Force cyber space is part of it they have all the evidence. I think they’re letting all the fraud to be presented and under oath. Then evidence will be presented along with perjury evidence. Once you’re charged with perjury anything you state loses credibility. Fear not!

  68. Mikhail Kalashnikov

    Watching the bond market this morning- I think we’re in trouble. Prepare to hunker down, live like the Amish for a while.

  69. JC

    Latest from Michael Snyder:
    When Corporations Become More Powerful Than The Government, Our Definition Of “Big Brother” Needs To Change

    “In fact, it is dangerous for you to be reading this article right now.
    They are always watching everything that you do on the Internet, and expressions of noncompliance are not acceptable in this brave new world that we live in.”

  70. Skip H.

    Greg, the move to Bitcoin surely points to people in power and wealth realizing that the death of the U.S. Dollar is closer than ever. Thank you for, again, bringing reality to the attention of the public. Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst. Another GREAT weekly update!

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be right Skip! Something big is up for sure.

    • Donald Wood

      Actually Skip, Bitcoin points to how easily led and gullible the people really are. Buying invisible, electronic, fiat Zero’s and Ones off of a computer… Real smart. NOT!

      • Thomas OBrien

        And the US Dollar isn’t digital? (Most “dollars” in existence are mere keyboard entries. The amount of Cash is at roughly $1 Trillion.) And you trust a digital currency like the US Dollar? Not me.
        I do not even trust a fiat currency as Gold or Silver.
        (Fiat means “let it be so”. A GOVERNMENT declared the value of Gold at $20/ozt. The same Government declared that Gold was to be valued at $35/ozt on March 5, 1933. THAT IS A FIAT CURRENCY, PAL, BY DEFINITION.)

        Do you have any understanding about currency or money?

        The USA is not just the land of plenty. It is also the land of the slow.



    The various state Republican Parties are basically clubs. To eliminate the RINOS —
    At the County or District Conventions bring forth a CENSORSHIP RULE for the various STATE PARTY RULES… This CENSORSHIP rule is used to bring forth names of Republican RINO Officials… who have worked against the various state platforms… that evidence is always EASY TO FIND.

    Once passed at the first level you must bring it to the STATE CONVENTION… which means… putting patriots on the RULES COMMITTEE to move it to the grassroots at eh Convention. The key to the CENSORSHIP RULE is this: Any Official CENSORED shall be thrown out of the Republican Party of {state’s name} FOREVER.

    Keep in mind a RINO may finish their term… but they are DONE after that. What this does is gives the grassroots their power back, it kills dirty money, it allows for PATRIOTS to take these positions without having to fight dirty money during primaries.

    PATRIOTS: It’s not too hard to do, you just have to get serious and FIGHT THE WAR TO WIN… the Establishment will fight you here so you MUST GET ON THE RULES COMMITTEE… and bring forth the RULE to the ENTIRE STATE CONVENTION.

    In Texas we are half way there… the CENSORSHIP RULE is in place… it just needs to be strengthened.


  72. Sneed

    Once you realize this has become the largest banana republic in the history of the world you will also realize nothing will or can be fixed. A country that has fallen this low simply can not recover. As always, the future is unknown but odds are it will be exceedingly grim for quite a while with what comes next a total mystery. Buckle up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Keep Praying!

      • Donald Wood

        Greg, Are you Catholic?

        • Greg Hunter

          At one time yes but not any more. I am still very much a follower of Christ.

    • Donald Wood

      Christ comes next to judge the quick AND the dead.

  73. Donna t

    Greg, Love your reporting , so glad you keep repeating the truth!

  74. Lawrence

    Hey Greg!

    Try to get Michael Saylor on for an interview. To see what I mean, he is all over YouTube. Check out what he has to say about Bitcoin.

    God bless!

  75. Kay

    Thank you for calling Republicans backstabbing weasels. I left the Republican party after 911 and came back because of Trump. I will wait to see if the Republican swamp will be cleaned out but if not, I am out for good! In some ways, Republicans are worst than Democrats. Democrats are the party of hypocrites and liars. Republicans are corrupt and greedy. They will look the other say as long as their pockets are filled. I am sick of them! If Trump starts a third party I am with him.

  76. MJ

    THEY…didn’t plan this on 11-5-20. THEY planned this on 1-22-17.

  77. JCP

    We now have 2 Presidents. Biden locked into the corporation called Washington DC surrounded by 25,000 troops, signing Executive Orders at roughly one an hour to bailout any Bust Dem states and reward those that helped him get “elected” (all under cover a bit of stimi cheques) and there is Donald J Trump. Watch this pace. How this plays out I can’t see, but its going to be v interesting.

  78. Walton+Smith

    For a dose of truth check this out:

  79. Shirley Thompson

    People who previously were covered under their States 26wk or 20wk unemployment are NO LONGER being counted as unemployed. The Bureau of Labor statistics survey specifically counts ONLY those currently receiving unemployment benefits. That’s how govt can boast lower or “improving” unemployment rates when in reality unemployment is closer to what Shadowstats reports. Same with inflation reporting based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) – The CPI index is based on a “basket” of consumables goods includes basic food and beverages such as cereal, milk, and coffee. It also includes housing costs, bedroom furniture, apparel, transportation expenses, medical care costs, recreational expenses, toys, and the cost of admissions to museums also qualify. Education and communication expenses are included in the basket’s contents, and the government also takes note of other, seemingly random items such as tobacco, haircuts, and funerals. It’s nothing other than a sampling that excludes all those substitutions we’ve been buying because of low inventories/scarcities like buying the store brand instead of name brands, or buying regular gasoline instead of premium grade. So the dirty little secret is inflation has massively crept up to a whopping 12% and not the meager 4%. The substitutions have increased in price as the unavailable or discontinued name brands remain static. So if you KNOW prices are increasing remember the stats are compiled with a focus on the buying habits of urban consumers (low income/govt subsidized) which is not an accurate measure of either prices of goods or consumer buying habits most of us in suburban or rural areas. Follow Shadowstats for truth.

  80. Brian

    Rumble video player doesn’t work for me. Maybe others as well? Weeks in a row, even at the 240p and minutes wait to help load memory, it jams up at the 10 minute mark & we can never watch the rest of the video. Back to Vimeo or some other video player is preferred.

  81. Dan Reynolds

    I liken William Barr to that of a frog. None the less, a swamp creature!

  82. Diana Brown

    Look forward to your weekly wrap ups Greg, thanks. In my view Mellon’s move is clearly hedging bets toward the crypto. Same with Mastercard. You could call it greed, Id call it survival. Use the information to reposition accordingly. Its coming, no question.

    As far as the Bidan administration is concerned, we all know the agenda. What we dont know is who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. This is paramount to the unwind with accuracy and in the complete. I continue to follow with interest. BTW, the spelling mistakes are intentional.

  83. iwitness02

    Liars and their lies are still holding sway.
    Truth is still feeble as ever.
    Waiting for truth to gain strength and prominence is like waiting for the economy to collapse. Always on the cusp, but it never happens. Getting tired of chasing the carrot.
    I’m happy to acknowledge that truth is coming out, but so far it hasn’t any real strength to change wrong to right. This is definitely a trial of faith. I love the truth and won’t give up, but the situation as it stands, is a bit discouraging.

    Nonetheless, Great WNW!

  84. James Hastings

    As I have posted several times in the past, we are do a collapse. Sin is costly.

    The Age of Decadence: After a long period of wealth and power, Sir John established that all empires decline in this pattern. “Frivolity, aestheticism, hedonism, cynicism, pessimism, narcissism, consumerism, materialism, nihilism, fatalism, fanatics and other negative behaviours and attitudes of the population. Politics is increasingly corrupt, life increasingly unjust. A cabal of insiders accrues wealth and power at the expense of the citizens, fostering a fatal opposition of interests between haves and have nots. The majority lives for bread and circuses (panem et circusem); they worship celebrities instead of divinities…. throw oN social and moral restraints — especially sexuality; shirk duties but insist on entitlements.” ………Sir John Glubb, The Fall of Empires

    Our greatest struggle is overcoming…….NORMALITY BIAS.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “Our greatest struggle is overcoming…….NORMALITY BIAS.”


  85. Yesitis

    Here from youtube , watched since you were at 15,000 subscribers there ……. Very good report Greg , we’ve found their weakness it seems ? …….. they can’t stand to be reminded about how their side used vast underhanded criminal deceit FRAUD to Rig the 2020 Presidential election that President Trump won in a LANDSLIDE 80m to 60m if that close ………. Committing thousands of acts of Felony Treason from sea to shining sea ………. AND ARE CAUGHT . . ! . . . TOO BAD …….. their leader is just a dishonest dottering aging sniffer

  86. Cheryl

    Dersh is a political strategist who practices manipulating legalities — like most lawyers. My sense is that integrity is not what motivates him. Still, voting and election illegalities may not be the most critical issue to argue, in this setting. Including it in defense may give the election lie too much credibility, and detract from the bigger issue of Senate conducting a Kangaroo court rather than working for us, the people. The trial is based on lies and it’s illegal and to believe in a planned, false FF event is anti American. The legislative body of the land is worthless when it comes to uncovering the truth and protection our Constitution.

  87. tsuki

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    Forgive my disagreement, but you don’t hate. You are far to good for that. As we approach Lent, let us all remember the greatest sacrifice.


    • susan

      Thank you, tsuki, for bringing us all back to what really matters.

  88. Matthew M

    Greg, some other video channels to consider if Rumble isn’t doing it for you. There is a whole other “side” to this story Considering reaching out to and try to set up an interview with Charlie Ward ( . There are TWO versions to the Great Reset and let’s pray that Trump’s is pushed through. NESARA and GESARA

  89. Barb

    I think they just terminated your youtube channel. I appreciate your work and will watch your website for updates!

    • Greg Hunter

      YouTube has terminated my YouTube account. I had the channel for 11 years and had more than 260,000 subscribers and more than 90 million video views.

      • Former Democrat

        Hope you switch to Rumble or some other video platform other than just sharing your videos on this website. I heard that Rumble is growing.

      • Bob+Lamb

        Try typing in somethings like Glock 14 in google and hit the shopping button. No matches! I hate these tech folks pushing their agendas.

  90. Tamara Fox

    Did they give you a third strike and terminate your channel on Youtube??? I just saw a note on it!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Strike # 2 a few weeks ago. One more and I am out.

      • Carter

        I checked out your YouTube channel, you were as young as Glen Campbell – I remembered the hair.
        (start at 3:00 minutes)

        ““I also notice that the men of Texas gouge their mounts with great brutal spurs — and cultivate their hair like lettuce.” LOL.


    Our heavenly Father has an answer for the backstabbing weasels. Have faith. Stand on the Rock. Happy 2020won

  92. Anita Pearce

    I am glad you have your own page since they now have been canceled on Youtube. Wish I could support you more than just listen and pray for you and those who speak the truth. I am surprised that G. Celente is still on YouTube.

  93. belisoful

    The FBI is truly corrupt. They investigated me for being a domestic terrorist for telling corrupt gov’t officials to STOP THEIR CRIMES rather than investigating gov’t officials for corruption against me! The FBI is literally shutting down the victims of gov’t crime as domestic terrorists for having being damaged by gov’t/grievances and not investigating gov’t crimes.

    Also, The United States is hiding advanced technologies like anti-gravity. NASA Chief of Security leaked to me that they register anti-gravitic space craft. NASA is the DMV of space for America. See this:

  94. Marie+Joy

    Expect horrendous American famine.
    Grow your own food, inside, and outside.
    Try growing sprouts. They are ready in 5 or 6 days.
    Radishes take 25ish days to grow and, based on a short grow time, you can survive on them.
    From what I see, Deagle’s 2025 prediction could be correct.
    I am fond of American Patriots and want you, all, to survive what’s coming.

  95. Rodney

    This is a good way of getting some idea of what millions billions and trillions actually look like.. If all was done in seconds instead of dollars,
    1Million seconds would be 11 1/2 Days
    1Billion seconds would be 31 years
    1Trillion seconds would be 31,709 years
    and they talk as if 30 trillion dollar debt for USA is nothing, print more… LOL

  96. Pat

    Good advise, “Don’t bet the farm on BTC, have other investments.”

  97. Alfy

    dershowitz, the man who only got a mesage on the lolita express kiddie adventure ride. not a chance he is black mailed compromised.

  98. Eric From NC

    Greg – great work as always. Thanks for spelling it out.
    What ever happened to Warren Pollock? I bet the team here would love to get his take on all these festivities.

  99. MickieKnows

    Nancy Pelosi is the chief executive of Congress with her job as Speaker. She is in charge of the Capitol Hill police. Who do you think told the police to break the protocol of requiring everyone entering the Capitol Building to go thru the Xray machine and not take in backpacks? The only person who could have done that was Nancy.

    Another part of the protocol is the whole ticketing system that requires any visitors entering the Capitol Building, the White House and the Capitol Hill Museum to request tickets from their congressman 2 to 3 months in advance of their visit. These are time-stamped tickets which means if you request 9 am on Thursday and you are early or late they won’t let you in.

    Somebody had to nullify that on that day and the only person who could have done that was Nancy.

    Plus, there is evidence coming out that Antifa/BLM protestors were in on the planning stages weeks in advance. I wonder who got that ball rolling?

    Who caused all the protocols to break down? Nancy did. She was the only one who knew the timing of the proceeding inside the main chamber. Trump didn’t know and neither did any of the Trump supporters. But, Nancy did. And isn’t it curious that the ruckus started precisely when that one Republican senator objected and the debate was supposed to begin and that was the exact point at which all hell broke lose?

    Nancy caused it all to happen. She is the executive in charge at the Capitol. She timed the so-called “break-in” perfectly so as to stop the proceeding dead in its tracks.

    But, somehow Trump is completely to blame?

    I think not.

    It would be interesting to see if there was a camera on Nancy while things were happening. Did she call her contacts shortly before?

    And, is it curious at all that two Capitol Hill policemen committed suicide within a week of Nancy’s event? Were they the conduits between Nancy barking out her order and the event taking place and needed to be permanently “quieted”?

    Nancy’s own daughter said she would “cut your head off and not think a thing about it.”

    She had the motive and in the crime-line she was the only one who could have pulled it all off in such a timely manner.

    The whole thing stinks to high heaven and Nancy’s got a lot of explaining to do.

  100. Paul in OZ

    Thanks Greg for the great job you do … I wish you all the best and admire your willingness to fight for the cause which I believe puts you and yours in danger. Today, is a day to grieve forever. The kangaroo court of impeachment one is being made to look like an amateur effort. Trial two is beyond a sad joke and is a clear indication of the American dream having been drowned by the swamp. Be true to your beliefs … now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. GLTA

  101. Mike

    The FBI is starting to visit people who were at the capital on the 6th but never entered the place. Now i hear they will start visiting people who supported Trump’s speech on Jan 6th. They are getting people’s names from Facebook. Get ready for the camps folks..

  102. Princess Card

    Please help me to understand why it took President Trump so very very long to call off those people?
    Thank you,

    • William+Stanley

      Are you a real princess?

  103. Terry Odell

    Just got wind that Youtube pulled Gregs channel. I just cancelled my Youtubetv account “F” them. You do the same.

  104. Alan Johnson

    Sorry about the removal from you tube. I do understand that it is a revenue hit to you.
    You knew it was coming.
    When i converse with most people about the political situation we are confronting one of the common points being made when it come to “what do we do”! We are all reassessing where we spend our money. I think before this year is up many of the leftist /communist /totalitarian companies will see just what kind of future they have wrought.
    I have been a loyal listener at USAWATCHDOG.COM for so many years.
    My thanks for the work you do!

  105. Robert K

    Greg, I am sorry to hear the jackwagons over at youtube just terminated your account. Cancel culture continues to cancel if you don’t fall in line with their extremists views… Get in line or get eliminated…SMH… If you haven’t stopped watching videos on youtube, now is a great time… Screw them.

    To everyone that posts on USAWatchdog and watches Greg’s videos, now is the time to support free speech and support this hard working individual that continues to work tirelessly.

    Greg, I will continue to support you. This crap you are dealing with is beyond absurd! I will prayer for divine intervention.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert. I will always have and it will survive nicely. That will be my revenge.

  106. Kel

    Sorry to see YouTube killed your channel, but I guess that is why we are here.

  107. Tony

    Greg, your fellow American, Frank Zappa, worked things out thirty years ago:

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

    FZ was a ‘conspiracy theorist’, but the clever financiers such as Jim Sinclair caught up and tried to warn us. And here we all are, staring at the brick wall.

    Have you looked at Patrick Wood’s work? There is potential there.

  108. Carter

    When things collapse what will be the mechanism to redeem one’s gold and silver holdings?
    And if Bitcoin is being brought along by the Bankers is this their move to squeeze gold and silver out of the market, out of relevance?

  109. Sue Robinson

    Thanks for keeping us all posted with your superb weekly wrap-ups and your work with guest interviews. And, I appreciate your email alerts, too. Today, you let us know that the jerks at U-Tube have cancelled you. #@%%## Them! We are not going anywhere. These tech bullies will regret their nasty efforts to suppress dissent. They and their minions – like the Stalin apologists at the New York Times – will regret their behavior. Remember, the NY Times won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of Stalin’s regime. That coverage protected and covered for Stalin while he tortured and murdered millions of innocents.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this Sue.

  110. al

    hey, something occurred to me just now. Where is Gina? She should be jumping for joy by now.


    You been censoring me for years now…and I git it. You’re runn’n a hussle here at USAWATCHDOG.COM and you don’t want NOBODY a’get’n in the way.

    But now that youtube pulled your plug, you’ll be a get’n a taste of your own medicine.

    It’ll make ya stronger if’n it don’t kill ya first.

    Well, it’s back to the CORN REPORT for me.

    Be see’in ya.

  112. mark a. s.

    in the sure to come, class action lawsuit against YouTube and Companies involved. I will support your position and hope for the best outcome in your favor. And for all the other content creators that are in the suit with you. Best Wishes for you.

  113. rod brumley, sr

    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot
    I Have just contacted You Tube asking what happened to USA Watchdog Channel
    I highly recommend all 300,000 subscribers to USA Watchdog contact You Tube and demand that they reinstate USA Watchdog or we will BOYCOTT YOU TUBE
    Time has come to Stand up to these Bastard Communists

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod!!!

      • rod brumley, sr

        The message I left came back as undeliverable thru Google. Communist control !!!

    • rod brumley, sr

      It appears you cant even get to email or talk to anyone at you tube – i sent a message thru Google that just got thrown back – so if anyone knows how to contact you tube please post it

  114. Mick Chase

    Greg, thanks for staying with the truth. We’ll still support you without the restraints of YouTube/Google/Alphabet. We don’t need them and their ideas…

  115. Marti

    OK fellow Watch Doggers, listen up. This broadcast was done before Greg sent out his email notifying us that Youtube has deleted him. In a nutshell he writes: “I was going to wait until …[ April] before I started posting content again on my YouTube channel because I did not want to take a chance of getting that third strike that would take down the channel … I have been a loyal YouTube content creator…. I think we all know the reason. YouTube does not like the truth.”
    It is now time for us to come to Greg’s defense by supporting him financially AND spreading the word about his channel. This brother in Christ has done a tremendous amount of work to keep us informed. We may not always agree with one another 100%, but we must acknowledge he does not practice cancel culture when we see things differently. What I am doing to support Greg and fellow truth tellers is donating to their work. I have to split up my donations but am committed to supporting all that I listen to or read by either buying their products, listening to at least one commercial on their Youtube sponsored programs, sending donations directly, and most importantly PRAYING for their protection and guidance in what is becoming a possibly life on the line business. I encourage each of you to do likewise and also comment on what other ways we can support these brave Christian patriots. I do not know if Greg will print this as it may seem like a solicitation but it is done of my own free will and he has not asked me to solicit anything from my fellow readers/listeners. BE ENCOURAGED GREG AND REMEMBER—FEAR NOT!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Marti. You are very kind. Things are not bleak. I was ready for them.

  116. Chip

    Greg. We all know this. Just be prepared the new world order is not even seeing you as a speed bump. I’m saddened by this. We all see what’s going on and we are nobody’s. Greg you are a celebrity and how is that helping us change things. I thought so. How are we gonna make a difference here to get our country back. Do you have any suggestions for improvement other than just reporting on what we’ve heard for months. Help wanted. LEADERS OF ALL SORTS.


    Another great WNW Greg.

    Greg, the press conference that Chris miller and Pence delivered before the inauguration has been niggling me continually.
    I would still like to know what Chris Miller and Pence were up to just before the inauguration.

    We were told that the two of them were “….. going through the most complex military operation in the countries history”.
    But what exactly were they doing and what did pence do to impress Miller so much that he felt he had to break from the script to thank Pence personally for his mentorship.

    I thought Miller was a Trump supporter. We know that Pence is a traitor.

    I feel that we would have a “Ah Ha! – It all makes sense now” moment if we knew the answer to that question. And at the very least I would get rid of that niggling question at the back of my mind.

  118. rob worth

    i just noticed that greg’s youtube channel was pulled.. i stopped paying google $13/mth for youtube premium because they have taken down all the channels i like to watch. now – there is no reason to keep paying them money! plus – i have to imagine that most of us that watched alternative news channels will leave youtube – and then google will not get as much money from their advertisers because youtube forces so many watchers away.

    good way to destroy themselves.

  119. Coalburner

    Please go back and read Allan+ Starr’s comment carefully! I had not heard the South African farmers were going to Russia. And where is all this free land that there is more that they know what to do with? Wow, thanks Allen!

    • Allen+Starr

      This thing with the South African farmers started more than a year ago. I was surprised to find out that the land they were to be given was on the west side of the Ural mountains. Russian citizens have been getting free hectares of land in far eastern Russia for years now if they will farm it. It’s supposed to be a great area for growing soybeans.

  120. David

    Hi Greg:

    Have you seen this breakdown of the capital riot and the shooting of the woman? It breaks down the fake blood, the fake medic, the actors, the gun that was aimed many feet below the woman’s neck (about the level of her shins) among other things. Here’s the link:

    • helot

      I almost Never watch videos, for some reason I watched that one. All I can say is, wow. And, thanks for posting it.

  121. Scott

    These Communists/NWO aren’t that smart. They’re using the same playbook as Hitler did when taking over Germany. Hitler used his henchmen to destroy the German Capital building and then blame it on the Communists. He then told repeated lies and staged incidents to “demonstrate” how The Jews and Communists were to blame for Germany’s problems. He continued reinforcing his political views and propaganda through mass media (news, movies) and suppressed any other viewpoints. Eventually, the German people caved and stopped thinking for themselves giving him absolute control. Too bad so many Americans are dumbed down because of our Communist “educational” system to the point that they can’t think for themselves and see what is happening before their very eyes.

    • helot

      “to the point that they can’t think for themselves and see what is happening before their very eyes.”

      Yup, and what’s even worse than those who – can’t think – are those who refuse!

      I’m shocked by the number of highly educated people, and the near uneducated people, who choose to be willfully blind! They are A-ok with it.

  122. Victor

    Bitcoin scares me. I sold what little I had and don’t intend to get in again….just count me out. Like currency, bitcoins may be exchanged for goods and services so this gives them value. Theoretically, they derive/hold their value because a fixed and very limited number can ever be “mined” into existence, and only the bonafide owner has the very long and very random “key” needed to unlock/exchange them. What happens to your wealth if the electricity is turned off at either end of the transaction, or the internet is unavailable or limited to just the bankers, or quantum computing makes it easy to “guess” the key that protects them. I’m not an insider with advance knowledge of when those things might happen so I would not know when to sell out to protect myself. I’m gonna stick with physical gold and silver as a store of value. They have been accepted for thousands of years as a store of value and a medium of exchange, and will be around long after every currency, electronic or otherwise, has become worthless.

  123. Linda

    Trump’s patriotic, “America first” approach to his presidency is so threatening to the Globalists that the compromised weasels in Congress spend ALL their pathetic, wasted time (on the dime of US taxpayers), attempting to destroy Trump’s legacy and the will of MILLIONS of people, who voted for this legitimate US President. There is so much massive criminal activity occurring in all sectors of government now, the only saving grace for this Country, remaining as a Republic is DIVINE intervention. Without this hope, we’re witnessing in hyper-speed another fall of Rome. PRAY

  124. Stephen Woenker

    Greg. They , tptb . Can not even afford to have you advertise your other channels or website!
    God wins …. I just won’t to be here to witness it !

  125. Bob+Lamb

    Satan and his angels rebelled against God prior to this world existing. The sone of the morning (Lucifer) was cast out and a third of all the Spirits that God created followed him. Those born on this earth are from the 2/3 that did not rebel. The 1/3 that did rebel are evil spirits that try to influence men to do evil and become like them (miserable).

    We absolutely should vote and resist all influences by Satan and his followers. Christ expects us to try to do good while we are here and not just wait for him to do everything. Christ will triumph in the end and Satan and his fallen angels will be cast into outerdarkeness forever.

  126. Bill Bradshaw

    Looking forward to 2022 election, what is one to do, The democrats are surely not going to change the election rules or they will lose, which makes future voting an exercise in futility.

    • helot

      “Looking forward to 2022 election” ???

      I suspect, that by that time, things will be decided for you/us. From what I’ve seen and read, If people are waiting until then, they’re done for. Or, as others have said and written, if you haven’t figured out by now that voting isn’t going to change things,…

      Looking forward to tonite’s USAWD.

  127. Bastion of hope

    As I gaze @ the crystal ball….
    A strategy I see is banks go “all in” this crypto craze, only to be followed by an Internet crash leading to a new global financial reset. I see a planned false flag event @ global scale.
    The crystal ball becomes dark and fades once again …

  128. Tom Wilson

    I am not religious and I must say I wince a bit at Greg’s religious fervor but I think that’s what keeps him going.
    I await with interest Amanda Grace & Bo Polny’s predictions for April 2021.
    It does distill down to Good versus Evil.

  129. Linda

    Biden: Ailing False Leader. Congress: Hybrid Creature. Half donkey and half elephant.

    I listened to an interview with Amanda Grace, Ark of Grace Ministries, on Eric Metaxas podcast. Amanda is a prophet who shares messages she receives from God. During the interview (2.9.21, Part 3, at the 30:00 mark), she quotes God as saying, in part, that “I, the Lord, am your equalizer. . . . ..” He talks about the “Hybrid Creature, half donkey and half elephant,” created in Congress. . . . . “Time is ticking down on the unholy creature.” He mentions the “Ailing false leader.” (No doubt, he is referring to Biden.)

    It appears that God definitely has a hand in the events taking place. I believe he is intervening and will rid us of the evil that has gotten control of America. Things are turning around. The evil doers are about to take a fall. Gnashing of teeth.

    • wayne hardin

      You listened to an interview with Amanda Grace .
      I listened to the Holy Spirit .
      And he said when someone says God said something and it doesn’t come to pass
      as Spoke .
      They weren’t speaking from him .
      People say nobody gets it right always ?????????
      GOD BATS 1000%
      People need to quit sweeping stuff under the rug .
      God is here to clean it up .
      If only people would eat their Pride .
      But what ever .
      Keep on keeping on i guess .
      By the way all the false words are on the internet .

      • wayne hardin

        Even if Trump gets in the words that were spoke will still be lies .
        That is a fact .
        As in the way they said things would happen did not happen that way .
        I guess if they keep moving the goal post they will hit it .
        But since God is here to bring all lies to the light .
        I doubt it .

  130. Spence

    Keep at it Greg. We are lifting you up in prayer as we are the nation and we will never stop. Truth, truth, truth. It will eventually out…

  131. Randy Best

    Greg, I agree we should pray for Jesus to help the USA, but this a nation that has fallen away from God.

  132. Cynthia

    In your 2 12 2021 weekly post… you mentioned Ted Cruz as someone who says there was no fraud…. I have some issues with my senator but this is not one of them… you forget he was the senator who signed with Hawley trying to get the election audited… McConnell is the total POS lowlife turncoat…. You need to correct your comment… thanks

  133. James Payton

    The govt only has power and authority because the people give it. It’s obvious the people give their power to president Trump. That isn’t going to change because the lawless right wing wants it too.

    • James Payton

      Sorry, I meant left wing

  134. Raphael Protti

    Thank you Greg for honestly reporting about Bitcoin. You have guests who fall on both sides of the bitcoin question, but you remain objective, and keep bringing the facts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you RP!!

  135. John Trainor

    Sent the link to my siblings and family with a 90-second audio of Greg’s closing words with this note, “Attached 90 second audio, Greg Hunter talking, he is such a good, honest soul and so right on, one of my favorites by far.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!!

  136. ralph Braly

    Is there a way to guess within 3 months of the explosion of our Trillions of wasted paper?

  137. Jerry Mabie Sr

    Why would anyone bother to vote anymore. The system is rigged and the Supreme Court refuses to hear the cases. Why have a Supreme Court? Why vote when the outcome has been determined prior to the election. This wonderful country is on the way out and the do nothing Republicans sit on their can and do nothing. Without Trump we are doomed.

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