Inflation Is Here

Greg Hunter’s

For months now, the Federal Reserve has been worried about inflation being too low.  So low, that the Fed claims it is unhealthy to the U.S. economy.  When it announced its second wave of money printing (QE2) in early November 2010, the Fed said, “Longer-term inflation expectations have remained stable, but measures of underlying inflation have trended lower in recent quarters. . . . To promote a stronger pace of economic recovery and to help ensure that inflation, over time, is at levels consistent with its mandate, the Committee decided today to expand its holdings of securities.” (Click here to read the Complete Fed News release from November 2010.) That means the Fed started printing $75 billion a month, out of thin air, to finance more than half of the U.S. budget.  QE2 is scheduled to end in June, but many predict it will be immediately followed by some sort of QE3.

The mainstream media is spinning the latest consumer price numbers as good news, but inflation 2011 is here.  The Associated Press called inflation “tepid.” The story went onto say, “The Labor Department said Friday that consumer prices rose 0.5 percent last month, the largest increase since June 2009. Roughly 80 percent of the increase was due to higher gas prices. . . . Without food and energy costs, consumer prices only increased by 0.1 percent for the second straight month. This “core” inflation rate has gained 0.8 percent in the past year, evidence that prices are not rising too quickly.”  (Click here to read the entire AP story.) It would be nice to live in a world where you don’t need food or energy, but that simply is not the case.

On the other hand, the Fed plan to stoke the fires of inflation is working nicely according to the latest report from economist John Williams at  Williams strips away all the accounting gimmicks that make inflation look tamer than reality.  The report last Friday said, “There are numskulls in the financial media — toadies to the Federal Reserve — who would like to think that energy and food inflation do not count.  Simply put, the monthly December inflation releases for the CPI-U (annualized 6.2% inflation), CPI-W (annualized 7.8% inflation) and PPI (14.0% annualized inflation) were disasters . . .” The credit or the blame for the big spike in inflation is the direct fault of the Fed.  “The sharp increases in December energy and food prices were not due to normal price volatility in those areas, instead, they were created directly by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke’s ongoing push to debase the U.S. dollar — to destroy the purchasing value of the U.S. currency,” said Williams. (Click here to go to

If not accounted for properly, inflation can appear to be growth when, in fact, it is nothing more than price increases.  For example, the latest spending numbers from the Christmas holiday season were reported as a record $462 billion.  A recent AP story said, “Just because Americans spent more this holiday season doesn’t mean they bought more. A button-down shirt you bought your father in 2010 probably cost more than it would have three years ago. The government figures on which the National Retail Federation based its holiday total do not take into account rising prices.”  (Click here to read the complete AP story.)

Jim Willie at says you can expect inflation to be reported as growth by the government.  This will make it look like the economy is recovering when, in fact, it is sinking.  In his latest report, Willie said, “Not just emerging economies like China and Brazil are contending with price inflation. The US does too, but it calls it growth, since its economic trackers are much more accomplished decepticons. When job losses mount in the second half of 2011, the lies will be unmasked. The US Fed is the greatest destroyer of working capital in the history of the world. Their balance sheet is negative $1 trillion and growing worse, their highly appropriate report card.”  (Click here to read the latest from the

I have long said the only thing you can count on with this economy is inflation.  It looks like that prediction has already come true with rising fuel and food prices.  Inflation is here, and I predict it will get much worse.   But, of course, as long as you don’t travel or eat, you won’t feel a thing.

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  1. iknowbetter

    Spot on, Greg. Excellent summation.

    A long lost friend once said “You can paint sh|+ blue, but it still stinks.”

    In this case, the Fed has a big can of green paint. It paints and paints and paints, but the stink lingers. The Fed wants us to see a detectable difference in blue from green, and for us to just ignore the red (inflation).

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain… at your own risk.


    • Greg

      Thank you all for great comments that progress this post!!!!

  2. concerned citizen

    Time to start our own gardens?
    Urban area dwellers can do hydroponic and aquaponic gardening. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, because the roots of plants in water do not have to seek water as when planted in the earth, they do not spread wide and therefore one can fit a lot of produce into a very small space. Indoor water gardening is compact as it comes. Aquaponics add a fish tank below the water in which produce is grown. Not only is this a visual treat, but also it is a mutually beneficial ecosystem. The fish excrement is pumped up and fertilizes the plants, while the plants feed the fish. And the fish can feed the people along with the plants, or just be living beauties to look at. Win-win! Let’s also not forget how Russia cultivated rooftop gardens during their economic collapse, with success. Even basements can be turned into lit-up greenhouses and pools can be turned into communal fish ponds. A new Windowfarm project started up in Brooklyn, NY. Solar gadgets can be bought starting with solar generators for a small fee compared to solar rooftop panels. We don’t have to succumb to or be dependent on the inflating system, but can become independent. The time to start is now, because cultivation takes practice and skill. But we can learn it and it may even be fun!

  3. markm

    Hey Greg,

    Bernanke is trying to create an “economic perpetual motion machine” with his policies. Will it work? If somebody on this website believes that the Fed’s policies will work, please explain your fourth law of thermodynamics. Economics is not a stand-alone science.

    More inflation is inevitable with these policies.


  4. Art Barnes

    Greg, been waiting for that article for a long while now. The Fed loves inflation and will do anything to keep it going up. Paying off the debt with inflated dollars is a dangerous game, which is what they have in mind. I learned a long time ago that you can’t negotiate any type dispute if one of the parties does not have any “skin” in the game; meaning, that party is not subject to any detriment if the deal does not settle. The Fed is like that. If they inflate the money to worthless in trying to pay down the deficit with inflated dollars and it goes a-rye what’s the downside for the Fed? Maybe they can pack their bags and go to their third world villas as you can bet they have them or access to them or they can remain behind their gated houses with security patrols like 1797 Paris. We, on the otherhand, will have to stay and pick up the pieces and endure the hardships they created trying to fill our babies bellies to stop them from crying. Main street America will be hard impacted, scared faces in the rain, hungry and cold, a very dark time coming for the unaware.

    There is so much inflation out there as your article outlines it is scarry. One example is you now find 5 pound sugar bags on the market shelves in 4 pound bags with the same price of the original 5 lb bag; trying to trick the consumer thinking that there has not been a price increase; of course, as you stated, food is not part of the offical
    inflation figures. Inflation will be the the undoing of this country and the Government and Fed are responsible for it because they want it. Inflation may feel for a little while that it is wealth but it will soon come to light that it is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    I started preaching about the evils of inflation way back and nobody listened and they still don’t. I’m afraid to have to say that the American people will have to experience HYPER-inflation in order to
    wake up and protest, at which point in time it will probably be too late to do anything about it. Understand I’m not saying that the Gov. or the Fed wants hyperinflation because I don’t believe they do. What I am saying is that if their dangerous game of the Fed’s plans don’t go as planned and the “pumping” of the money gets out of hand and the Fed loses control – look out!

    What will life in America look like with hyperinflation? I don’t know, but you can bet it won’t be pretty. It very well could cause panic on main street, cops on the corners, and wars overseas, and, as I outlined above, cold, scared, and an anxious people. But if, on the otherhand, the Fed can control the rate of inflation as they are trying to do, the downside for the American people will be more of the same – lower and lower standard of living till it becomes the “norm”. I’m betting on the latter, which I have said for a long time now, will result in world’s greatest nation in history looking like the northern model of Brazil.

    There are solutions out there America but that is for another time. Thank you Greg for this great blog!

  5. Ron P

    Fuel prices are a direct result of rising oil prices. Much of the increase in food prices are a result of rising fuel prices, causing the cost of everything from fertilizer to transportation to increase the cost of food. Only part of the rising cost of food is due to weather related freezes and those are usually temporary.

    What impact has QE2 had on the value of the dollar and if it has had an impact, how has that impacted the cost of oil that is priced in dollars?

  6. PatriotRider


    Unfortunately the MSM is now just a mouthpiece for the government. No independent critical thinking or questioning whatsoever. We may as well be back in the old Soviet Union.

    I’ll trust John Williams and others like him before I would ever consider believing the MSM tripe.

    How much longer will it be before the majority of Americans see the light?

    • Greg

      I think when Gasoline breaks $4.00 a gallon on average we will have a few more waking up. I think gas is headed to $6.00 a gallon because that is about what the rest of the world pays for it now.

  7. hoppe

    Recalling that the disastrous inflation scenarios of modern times have been not been world wide. Weimar, Argentina, Zimbabwe, were good examples of extreme inflation, while the rest of the world went about their merry way. That made the cost of commodities in those individual countries exorbitant- which is the fear now for US. But, the US and Eurozone, Russia are all printing currencies. There is not one currency left with a gold or silver backing. No one country is immune. So really, all boats are rising with the tide of world wide inflation.

    Playing devils advocate here; where’s the worry?

    I hate inflation myself. It is the largest hidden tax we have- but this time it appears to be world wide. Nice if you are a central banker, but perhaps maybe not the catastrophe some predict.

    • Greg

      The worry is: At what point do you stop inflation and how fast will the dollar hyper-inflate? You must also consider interest rate hikes which are surely coming. If you loan money you must get paid back at a profit. Rates are being held artificially low by the government and the Fed. Home loans right now should be more like 8 or 9 percent for 30 year money. Instead they are around 4.5%. What do you suppose will happen to house prices at 9%? The only reason why the U.S. is doing as well as it is is because we are the world’s reserve currency. That means we can print money to buy oil. When that little party stops and the dollar is not used as the reserve currency–look out. The downturn and the poverty in America will make the Depression look like a party. Thank you for your comment.

      • hoppe

        You stop the inflation at the same time , approximately, as the other worlds central bankers do. At least I think this is the game the Fed is playing. I believe they are trying to do a re-run of the 70’s inflate/ run up rates that we had with Carter/Reagan and Volker that came with the oil crises.

        I agree rates are too low. Stand by, they will rise in a year or two. we will see a repeat of the late 70’s/ early 80’s. I held silver then. This is history repeating itself on a larger scale.

        There is no major currency to replace the dollar as the world reserve. Until there is we are still in the drivers seat (of a clunker). The only possibility is a new currency (Amero maybe) to replace the dollar.

        Precious metals is not a bad place to be. Arable, tax exempt land is better,

  8. NCdirtdigger

    Flooding in Brazil and Australia, in combination with colder than normal winter in the northern hemisphere, will make for higher commodity prices. We are already seeing food riots in Tunisia, Algeria and other third world countries. This is just the beginning. Should we have a poor monsoon in asia or a drought in the Ukraine or Mid-west, all bets will be off and prices will skyrocket. The US continues to support a policy of diverting corn to ethanol production instead of food, when ethanol is a net drain on energy supply. Who, in their right mind, does this?
    I just finished reading ‘When Money Dies’, a history of the death of the german mark in 1923. The war debt germany was burdened with is very much like our current national debt. The Reichsbank printed more and more marks to fight deflation, just as the Federal Reserve is doing now. The more they printed, the more they had to print. The end result was horrifying for the middle classes of german society because their paychecks could not keep up with the rising costs.
    The idea that the Federal Reserve can contain inflation once it has gotten a head of steam is preposterous. What will the Fed do? Will they start selling all these Treasury notes they have accumulated? To whom? At what price? Will the Fed raise interest rates to quell inflation? To what rate? And how then, will the government be able to pay these higher rates? This is a very dangerous path Mr Bernanke has taken, I fear he knows not what he has done.

    • Greg

      I got to tell you, this will be very bad for most people. Sad thing is, most folks do not see the enormous problems that can come from hyperinflation. I know you “get it” but most do not. Time is running out to protect your finances. Thank you for the comment.

  9. robert dyer

    Greg In the article Inflation Is Here 462billion was spent for Christmas. I divided

    315 million (approximate population of the U.S.) into 462 billion. The figure comes out to 1,466 dollars for every man,woman and child in the country.Run the numbers yourself…..who are they kidding?

    • Greg

      Robert Dyer,
      Thank you for your analysis. I believe you!

  10. M SMITH

    My doctor now excepts BARTER, Greg, he has had to cut the amount of patients he sees because of Obama care & high inflation. We are working out the details to get the ball rolling, wish us luck! Thanks for this data, it will cement the deal for sure! Both gold & silver are down so its time to use worthless FRNs to buy as much as you can while there is some left as the supply lines are still open. How long this will remain as supply for physical remains tighter! My best to all!

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      Good info. Thank you for sharing it here.

  11. Mitch Bupp

    Well stated Greg, How long can the Ponzi scheme go on? Working on foreclosed homes fuel is a major expense for me. I use it to generate income so it is a variable cost for my business. Hence the more gas I use the more money I can generate. But if I worked for another business at a fixed hourly rate I would have fixed fuel costs when it comes to work. However, an hourly worker is locked into a fixed position since fuel expenses are set. What will be the breaking point for workers on the lower end of the pay scale when they can not afford gas to work, food and other necessities of life today.

    When do people stop working just to save money because working produces a net negative income? (could be interesting story)

    • Greg

      Thank you Jeff and Mitch!

  12. Jeff

    I hope Ron Paul really grills the Fed chair when he gets him later this year in Congressional Committee hearings. I hope he exposes his lies to the American people.

    John Hofmeister, the CEO of Shell Oil stated on December 30th that he see $5.00 a gallon for gasoline as soon as 2012 if not before!!!!!!!!!!!!! I assume $4.00 will be here by spring.

    In our area of Western New York the average price of unleaded is $3.30 and climbing. At $4.00 a gallon that is a killer to any recovery that we keep hearing about.

  13. concerned citizen

    Hello Greg
    If the upcoming depression will “make the Great Depression look like a party”, then….

    Maybe it’s time for us all to consider how we can replace the current Congress who is messing us up. On purpose, of course. After all, the banks would not have gone (intentionally) belly-up unless they knew they could count on a bailout, which of course they got. Therefore it is obvious that it was all planned, all along. Funding wars based on lies to balloon the deficit, ditto. It’s clear and people need to think about this. Thanks to people like you who really “get it” and blowing the right—-and very informed—whistles. Hats off and gratitude, Greg.

    Maybe people who are in the position to do so, might consider if they want to challenge Congressional seats and thereby unseat bad apples from Congress who are breaking the banks with their votes. Boycots might be key too.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” –Declaration of Independence

    • Greg

      Good points CC.

      • concerned citizen

        PS Greg
        Wow you are fast to get to these posts online! Wheweee…thank you! I wanted to add a quick ps:

        What I meant when I said that “The banks would not have gone bellyup unless…” is that they targeted a cross-sector of people with those loans. They knew that they were targeting people who could never pay them back. Being very skilled and practiced at targeting the right clientele, I have a hard time believing that this was not a deliberate act. Again the bailouts were just too whoppingly generous not to have been pre-arranged. I think the whole thing is fishy and Bush/Cheney were clearly involved in this whole scam which deliberately broke the country’s bank, or so I believe. Just so some fat cats could profit at the top.

        And perhaps, to impoverish the people is a way to keep them under one’s thumb and to make the erosion of civil liberties all the more possible? I don’t know, but it seems that to plan a deliberate riot is opportune. That is, for the Feds to close in on us with martial law, declared under the banner of “emergency” and “necessity”. This will give them the golden moment to have their absolute power-based dictatorship, at last, while the people beg them on their knees for it as a form of “relief”.

        Clever plan, eh?

        We ourselves have the power not to fall into such traps. I think if we take care of ourselves, instead of fighting back, that is the key. I know it sounds so ridiculously basic, over-simplified, but to start practicing gardening and hydroponics/aquaponics in city areas NOW is key to our survival later. Because it all takes practice. By the time things get so bad that the Great Depression looks like a party, it will be too late to start then. The time to start is NOW!

        I reiterate too that swimming pools can be converted into communal fish farms, even communal aquaponic gardens. YMCA’s, apartment complexes, can rescue the residents with that resource in a pinch. And we all should spread word. On blogs, in letters to the editor, etc. Hopefully it all won’t get as desparate as that, but if it does, at least here is one idea among a greater pool of many more from the community.

        Best wishes and blessings to all, and may we live to see courage and wellness instead of the dread we are all talking about here! WHen I was a kid I was terrified of nuclear war based on the nuclear arms race…and it never happened. Ditto here. Maybe the miraculous can happen and some greater powers that be can rescue us from this ill fate. If the worst comes to pass, as long as we prepare ahead and as long as *we all help each other* then things will be hopefully okay.

        • Greg

          Thank you CC.

  14. nm

    To Art Barnes Who said the following:

    “If, on the otherhand, the Fed can control the rate of inflation as they are trying to do”…

    How exactly can the Fed control inflation if it doesn’t stop printing? By increasing the interest rates? If the fed stops printing, they know that this whole thing will come crashing down.

    I think they’re just trying to hold things together until after the 2012 elections and after that…boom! this thing will come crashing down.

    $6 dollar a gallon gas? In America? This would be verrrrry painful.

  15. David B. Collum

    I write approximately one blog per year. This year’s comment…

    • Greg

      David B. Collum,
      Thank you for the content.

  16. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Saying that food inflation is because of the Fed is like the little boy striking a power pole with a stick just at the time the northeast blackout started and ascribing it to him.

    First, last year farmers planted the lowest wheat crop since records started being kept (1913). This was due to the excessive rain and snow in the winter of 2009/2010.

    Second was the continued loss of small farms due to excessive regulations and taxation. Whilst this can be absorbed by larger corporate farms (ADM, Monsanto), smaller corporations and family farms can’t exist and go under.

    Third is the continued shrinkage of arable lands. Buyers of bankrupt farms prefer to “flip” the property by selling to real estate developers, rather than keep the farms in operation.

    Sorry Greg, but its a case of “supply and demand” here. Less crops grown means higher prices, not monetary manipulation by the Fed. The same goes with gas.

    • Greg

      Weather played a part in the price of wheat this year, but there have been generally higher prices over all for all the grains. We are printing a minimum of $75 billion a month to finance well over half of the U.S. budget and you wonder why the people with the oil want more dollars? Supply and demand always play a part in any market but the overall direction of the dollar is being painted by the Fed. Good men can disagree. Thank you for your comment.

  17. Hector Salgado


    • Greg

      There is a long list of both Democrats and Republicans that have FUBAR-ed the country. Thank you for weighing in.

      • Bob

        I blame congress but anthrax is a game changer.

  18. Erich

    Check out my new blog! Just started it, so a new following would be nice!


    — Erich

  19. Ron

    Let’s not forget that $5/gallon for gas is in FRN’s. In silver, probably $0.50….

    • Greg

      Good Point.

  20. Jan

    Those who are paying attention are preparing for what is to come as best they can. It is just so damned frustating it’s is coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I find myself wanting to turn back the clock to the days when banks were regional, when insurance companies where privately held for profit businesses. I want CEO’s bonuses to be in shares, that must be held for minimum of ten years so they have a vested interest in their companies being successful. When did we lose all this? How do we turn back the hands of time?

    I agree with Greg, who used on of my favorite terms FUBAR’ed it was neither the R’s or the D’s, they are all guilty. Those pulling their string are the ones contributing to their campaign war chest. We get lots of sideline distractions and noise with the blame game but is solves nothing. We need action, but what?

  21. thinkforyourself

    “SECULAR deflation & inflation” is here!

    This goes to illustrate that QE2 is a failure, stimulating nothing but pain for everyone. QE2 is nothing more than a BACKDOOR bailout for the TBTF. The Fed buys bad bets from the Street and then passes it to the consumer in the form of inflation. QE2 like QE1 are back door bailouts for Wallstreet’s bad bets at the cost of the middle & poor people in this country. This is NOT capitalism rather cronyism.

    The real truth is that this is not some grand conspiracy of the Street to take down America and EU. Rather it is bailing out the superrich shareholders in inner circles from the mistakes of the criminals they hired to run their companies. What a sham… When can we start to lock these people up? How long will it take for those who protect these criminals to realize they are being scr*wed like the rest of us? Unbelievable.

  22. Packing Stars

    QE2 is used for nothing more than a bail out of TBTF. QE2 was never intended to be used as stimulus – rather an organ transplant for the super rich. How many people been ushered into poverty in this country over the last 10 years? 20 million / 30 million… QE is nothing more than a tool that is used to get everyone to pay for the fraud on the street. It is a Backdoor bailout. Fed prints money, Buys garbage and the poor/middle class pay through inflation and everyone knows it!

    I agree with one comment above that the government will use the inflation to indicate growth. Jokers.

    • Greg

      Packing Stars,
      You are so right on target!

  23. therooster

    When God closes a door, a window usually opens. Sometimes you have to look real hard, however. There is a very present monetary solution that has tremendous power but it has to be a full cultural effort.

    The USD is known to be a currency and it has the dubious distinction of being the world’s reserve currency. Was this the purpose of its design ? I don’t believe so and I have a few interesting facts to back this up but these facts are visible to me because I also understand real-time gold backed digital currency.

    Real-time gold operates on the basis of making gold payment for things that are still priced in fiat currency. Old habits die hard and a habit is a hard thing to change. In order for real-time gold payments to even exist, on the basis that things have been priced in fiat currency for a long time, a real-time “bridge” had to be developed. If you think back to the development of Bretton Woods (with the fixed gold-dollar peg of $35/oz) , you may see the strategy of its structure (centralizing the dollar) in such a way as to get “all the chess pieces on the same board” for when the fixed gold peg could be pulled, which left all participating currencies floating and gold floating against the USD. This environment was a “necessary evil” for the remonetization of precious metals, but in proper real-time context in order to properly reflect real-time fundamentals. The economy is a real-time event.

    In short , no real-time fiat currency development would have meant no way to reach the goal of a real-time gold payment paradigm that we now have in the private sector.

    Fact : Embedded within the algorithm of every gold backed digital currency payment processor, you will find the free floating numerical reference to the USD, expressed as a fiat dollar gold price in real-time. Without this “bridge”, there is no way to convert fiat pricing of economic goods and services to an equivalent and fair gold payment. The dollar had to be developed as a bridge , a real-time measure.

    Within the fiat currency paradigm, the dollar acts as a currency. Within the real-time gold payment paradigm, where gold is the currency, the dollar still has a role as a real-time measure. One dollar use led to the other. Some evils are necessary as we all follow the same “script”.

    The marketing challenge may be one that only the people of the USA can fulfill. Do you suspect that it’s within their constitution ?


    Back to the inflation hype again. I’m paying less for my meals
    out than a year ago. Costco all the food items I’m currently buying
    have not changed at all in last 6 months. Fuel is up but I can live
    with that and some food items went so far down in price during the
    crisis 16 months ago that pricing was ridiculous. Unless you shop at
    the main food chains that are always over charging everyone then you
    deserve to pay more money. Its always the same, you need to shop wisely. If you don’t have time…we’ll there is always the option to
    take time.

    The big crowd has a love affair with inflation hedges. If anything goes wrong there will be a stampede for the exits. The majority are
    always wrong after the trend has exhausted itself. We are there now.
    Elite class can smell blood when everyone is going in the same direction. You gold bulls are an easy target now. Its the school
    of hard knocks. “I KNOW MORE THAN YOU”.

    • Greg

      I Know More Than You,
      I’ll bet you don’t know more than Alf Fields, Jim Sinclair, John Williams and Martin Armstrong. You may be right in the short term, but the Fed is printing $75 billion a month to finance the country. You will not be correct in the long term. Thank you for your comment.


    Greg, I never mentioned this could be the black swan
    and if gold does keep rising “Katie bar the door”.

    Pandemonium in the streets = The demise as our financial
    system as we know it.

    Gold is not an investment but a survival tool against a
    financial disaster. Everyone needs gold for this reason
    and food. Yes, food. You may not be able to buy food if
    and when things crumble.

    Gold is a really awkward bet because if you wish your gold
    up, you might find yourself in a world that is a bad place
    to be with chaos everywhere. You might find yourself a target

    I think with gold we have to be careful what we wish for.

    • Greg

      I Know More Than You,
      I have a saying and that is: “I don’t want to be optimistic or pessimistic, I want to know how things will be and take action.” I wish things were different, but the evidence says we are heading for a collapse. If not that, then at the very least, there will be some drastic standard of living changes for most. The only thing I am wishing for at this point is to see the future correctly. You are right, gold is a survival tool or as I like to put it “insurance.” Most people are going to need insurance. Thank you for your comments.

  26. major

    Unfortunately the deceptions arent geared to the smart minority but to the 40-60% crowd that is largely uneducated or poorly educated …..thier critical thinking are virtually non-existant and they will believe any pretty face with a good lie and a confident facade (Obama).

    I dont think it can be reversed, the damage to the education base is multi-generational….we have been taken over we just dont know it yet

    • Greg

      I hope you are wrong, but what if you are not? OMG.

  27. nm

    “I’m paying less for my meals out more than a year ago”.

    Whoever made this statement is not a regular food buyer. You can’t always go to Costco for things like milk, bread and eggs. If you have kids or a family to feed, going to the grocery store for these things (on a regular basis) is unavoidable and prices are up.

    Costco is good for detergents, paper towels, etc, etc…So, I’m not sure what on earth he/she is talking about (I’m assuming it’s a he because women generally do the grocery shopping and I doubt any of them would tell you that prices haven’t gone up.

  28. Kevin $

    I think that too many of us blame the system when we are as guilty as those at the top. Yes they gave us the drugs, but we used them, and now we face withdraw getting off the easy credit issued to America and its Citizens. “We the people” have been purchased with easy credit. We now as a whole are bound by our indebtedness.

    The nation seems to be waking up from its intoxication and now we are angry at those who pulled the strings at the top. I personally think it is too late to reform, (string cutting) regardless of the source or cause of the coming calamity. It is very clear that we all need to make preparations.

    Fish in the swimming pool is a good idea i like that! I have purchased chickens and have been using gardening by the square foot.
    With 70% of our population living in metro areas, if we experience anything like we did in the great depression I do not believe that a rooftop garden would survive the coming Mobocracy.

    • Greg

      Thank you Kevin.

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