Judgment is Coming for America – Michael Snyder

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Journalist and book author Michael Snyder predicts, “Judgment is coming for America.”  Snyder lays out his case in his new book called “Lost Prophecies of the Future of America.”  Snyder says, “You look in the Bible and see ancient Israel, and God called on the people of Israel to repent.  You have gone into evil and repent and come back to me.  If you don’t come back to me, bad things are going to happen. . . . In our time, America has gone off into great, great evil.  What does a nation that has killed 60 million children (by abortion) deserve?  That is just one element of where we have gone horribly wrong.  In our day and time, God has sent men and women of God, and in my book . . . I have prophecies from the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s and every decade up to today.  For example, look at West Coast seismic events, or whatever, and you will find dozens of prophecies from men and women of God from all over the world who have all seen the same thing.  What is remarkable is . . . all these people have seen the exact same thing coming, and that is because it is all coming from the same source. . . . So, it is really a summary or a bringing together of these voices . . . warning in advance of many things that are coming.  We were warned in advance a pandemic was coming, and most people don’t even realize it. . . . Another pandemic is coming too.”

The news is not all bad, and Snyder says, “One of the things the prophetic voices have seen is there is going to be masses of people turning to God.  It’s really going to be the greatest hour for the people of God since the Book of Acts.  We are going to set the stage for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are going to bring in the final harvest. . . . We are going to win souls.  When this stuff starts happening that I talk about in the book, people are going to go into depression and despair.  They are not going to understand why any of this is happening.  Most will not hear the warnings in advance.  They are going to think the world is going crazy and my life is ruined.  They are going to roll up in a ball and cry or commit suicide, but that is the exact opposite response we should be having.  God didn’t warn us about all these things in advance so we would be afraid, but so we wouldn’t be afraid. . . . We need to realize God is going to be moving and doing great things.  We can participate in it, but if we are in a corner crying because we are feeling sorry for ourselves because the world is going crazy, we are going to totally miss out on our purpose for why we are here in this hour. . . .We are going to have the greatest harvest of souls in history.”

Gold and silver rising in price along with inflation also has many prophecies accounted for in Snyder’s book.  Snyder says, “The impetus for this latest surge was the Federal Reserve.  Corona virus comes, and the Fed says the stock market is going down and we’ve got to rescue the financial markets.  So, what they did was flood the financial system with money.  It was like quantitative easing on steroids, and we have never seen anything like it. . . . The stock market has gone to record highs, meanwhile 58 million Americans have filed for unemployment.   These are new claims over the last 23 weeks.  So, the real economy is totally imploding. . . . We are going down the same path as Zimbabwe . . . Gold is not going up.  The dollar is losing value, and it’s going to get a lot worse.”

The most important thing Snyder says, “If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ, you are not going to have any hope for the future.  I don’t know how anyone without the Lord Jesus Christ is going to make it through what is coming, and looking to eternity, you are not going to have any hope at all.  Ultimately, the most important thing in any of our lives is our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Snyder, author of the new book “The Lost Prophecies of the Future of America.”  

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After the Interview:

Besides TheEconomicCollapseblog.com, Michael Snyder has two other free websites: EndoftheAmericanDream.com and TheMostImportantNews.com.

Michael Snyder has also published five popular books. The latest is called “The Lost Prophecies of the Future of America.” You can find all of Michael Snyder’s books by clicking here.

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  1. Bill the Cat Guy

    There won’t be a final harvest in America the way he envisions it. After the Rapture there will be a lot of people who will realize that they missed Jesus returning like a thief in the night for his church. He’ll also return at the end of the age when every eye will see him and everyone will know the day because it will be exactly 1260 days after the antichrist desecrates the rebuilt temple. The Great Tribulation won’t start until the world leader signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel. I believe that the whole western world will be punished but America will be the most severely punished because of the unique blessings that God bestowed on America.

    • eddiemd

      Agree. Many will perish for lack of knowledge.

    • Paul ...

      You know … when a farmer brings his cows to slaughter to harvest their souls (for the protein it provides) … are the cows being “raptured” celebrating the event?? … weren’t we warned about “a great deceiver” who will come down from the heavens and pretend to be our Savior … but is really “an alien” who is out to harvest the 9 billion humans now on the planet (i.e. Georgia Guidestones) … after we dutifully went forward and produced and multiplied??

      • Ray

        Those are really interesting points you raise Paul.
        Similar questions were stirred within me during the interview.
        Michael & Greg make mention of the tree in the Garden of Eden and its’ forbidden fruit.
        I sometimes wonder about why God wanted Adam & Eve NOT to reach into that “tree of knowledge”.
        Was it because God looked upon Humanity, His creation, as we look at a pet? To keep us in a pure existence of innocence without needing to know how or why things actually worked? (in these terms, I reference things like the knowledge of different blood types, etc.)
        To be sure, once the fruit was eaten, then Humanity had taken on board all manner of problems, most notably, how to fend for ones self in a hostile world. The list is, of course, endless.
        As I think deeper on it…….how would humanity have developed if Adam & Eve did not eat that fruit?
        Would we all be walking around naked in a paradise?
        Would machines and technology even exist?
        How would social structures be organised?
        Would money exist?
        Would different opinions exist and how would these be moderated and by whom?
        Now that we are many thousands of years down the road, well…….look at what has happened!
        I for one am praying quietly to God more often than I used to.
        I have given up on hoping that Humanity can fix this massive mess.
        I am finding my strength, that little light inside, in trusting that God would not let evil triumph in the end of ends.
        Regards to all Watchdoggers…..I hope you are all in good fettle and faith.
        Ray, LDN

    • Jacque

      President Trump’s Decision to Defund International Planned …
      Mar 23, 2020 · More recently, Trump also defunded Planned Parenthood of about $60 million through the Title X program and redirected that money to actual medical clinics that help families. Polls consistently show strong public support for such policies.

    • Beverly

      The 7 years of Tribulation will begin with a worldwide economic collapse. We will wake up with no electricity. Take away electricity is one way that they can more easily force people to take a vaccine/injection, to make them go along with the digital currency system that Catherine Austin Fitts talked about. This is my belief and it is based on prophesies . I don’t know what people mean by a rapture. Do they believe that good people will be lifted up into heaven at a critical time in the last days? I’ve never believed anything like that. I believe we are going to have to work our way through those 7 years of tribulation and then we will be working towards a new way of living. That new way of living will be brought about by the people, who want to survive and help others survive—-Zion.

  2. eddiemd

    2 Timothy 3:15-16

    14 But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, 15 and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
    16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

    Jesus Christ Messiah of Nazareth. Almighty God in the flesh. He is the Way, the Truth, the Light.

    Know the Holy Scripture. It makes you wise for Salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

    He will set you free from the Law of sin and death.

    • laura mcdonough

      Gold and other metals of value stored away by some, will be cast into the streets as worthless and cankered. (James ch 5, Ez. 7:19) Besides the globalist reset will only allow debit/credit, other currency will be outlawed and not used in commerce/retail. The 501c3 gov. controlled churches are social clubs, apostate gate keepers for the NWO, they don’t preach or teach Biblical truth, they are there to enterain and run church as a business. Folks, get out now and home church or meet with friends while staying low key.

      • K. Wayne

        (b) Mandate.—
        (1) IN GENERAL.—All Federal reserve banks shall, not later than January 1, 2021, make digital wallets available to all residents and citizens of the United States and to businesses domiciled in the United States.

      • Lady Au Stackers United

        Gold is not a currency. Gold is an asset. Turn your gold in to a bullion dealer, they write you a check for its value at spot then you deposit your check into your bank account. You can then spend your profits via digital system and is a simple process to convert to legal tender to be used for every day transactions. It will be worthless? Gold will never be worthless in a world dominated banking economic system that stockpiles megatons of Au and Ag. Maybe control of gold during early years of FDRs reign but not now today. The powers that be could levy a tax on our gold and silver when we turn it in and some states do that already. I’m not buying into the literal Biblical scripture quotes that it will be worthless and canker in the streets. Unless if our planet is hit by a meteor then yes everything will be gone. A lot of scripture is antiquated for our present times. So do not quote Biblical scripture unless you can back up your assumption that it is fact. For those of you who did not prepare for the financial crunch then please do not make us feel like we need to eat the same sh**t sandwich you are eating now because you did not prepare.

        • eddiemd

          “A lot of scripture is antiquated for our present times.”

          The Bible is foolishness to those who are perishing.

      • Dave Duclos

        If most churches are run like a business, man are they really bad in doing so, as most can barely break even. I happen to be Missouri Synod Lutheran. We take no government funds. We preach and teach from the Bible each week. We try to reach out and help our community as Bible says. And, we try to reach others. Sounds like a real Christian needs to reach out to youI pray someone does, and that you listen and learn.

        • Greg Hunter

          Correct me if I am wrong but did not the Lutheran Church accept gay marriage?

          • RA Hoover

            The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod is strictly Bible-based, and does not accept gay marriage.

            There are several ‘flavors’ of Lutheran Churches. My husband was seeking, and discovered our LCMS church because of it’s conservative nature.

            We have been a member of a Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod for almost 5 years, and I have grown to know and love Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and have learned more about the teachings of the Bible than I knew in my previous 50 years. (cradle Catholic)

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you RA!

          • Lissa

            That was only the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) , NOT Lutheran Church Missouri Synod or AALC (American Association of Lutheran Churches.)

    • Clint D.

      The 7 years of tribulation will be proceeded by the destruction of Mystery, Babylon the Great (Revelation 17). This will cause world commerce to collapse. The Antichrist will make covenant with many promising economic stability, peace, and freedom of religion. He will promise whatever he can to get the world on board with him. Then 3 1/2 years later he will break his covenant with Israel taking over the Third Temple site and setting up his abomination in Jerusalem at the “holy place”. This event will mark the beginning of the great tribulation which will last for 1260 days.

      COVID was a test to see what will happen when most of the world commerce is stopped. This allows the 10 kings to better determine what is going to happen when Mystery, Babylon the Great is taken down.

  3. Craig Bradley


    I concur with his line of reasoning. Right now, America is in the early stages of “grieving”. We want to believe the Covid-19 will pass in due course and things will revert to the way they were prior (before). Denial is the first stage of grieving but its not going to change the course or the difficulties ahead for anyone.

    In fact, one of my neighbors had plans to go to Costa Rica this Summer and then on a Caribbean Cruise in January. They are both bummed this Summer, as they previously traveled very frequently. It was a big part of their retirement lifestyle. Not anymore. More likely than not, the cruise won’t happen and for now, Americans tourists or even property owners are NOT being allowed entry into Costa Rica ( Quarantine). Your American Passport has been demoted to fewer than 36 counties, sans Europe and Canada.

    Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom just came out today and said in a speech that “Covid-19 is going to be with us for a long time and you will just have to adapt “. President Trump says a vaccine will be out by the end of 2020 and Bill Gates says it will be gone by late 2021. I am not sure what that all means. It sure does not mean everything reverts to what it was back in 2019. Seriously doubt that anywhere. We have been conditioned to use electronic payments and avoid (dirty) cash. ( The global financial reset is in-progress, just in a trial and error manner, rather than being well-planned, as Kathrine Fitts said recently here ).

    Yes, eventually high ( double digit ) inflation will plague American wage earners and consumers, but not for now. Demand remains too weak and banks are not lending freely, but rather, tightening-up their criteria for granting new credit. So with an ongoing credit contraction for business and individuals, economic growth is constrained ( except for government spending, that is ).

    However, in five years we can expect growth to pick-up and resume at about 2019 levels, but costs will rise faster than before, while wage growth lags. Money velocity will begin to increase again and we can expect bouts of substantial inflation, then resulting contractions. Forget stability. We have already foregone that possibility. Your liberties and individual freedoms are also partly gone or lost, as well. America is on probation.

    If we resist changing, then expect another biological pandemic from Asia, only a more virulent one with real casualties, not faux one’s. In fact, it is entirely possible the locust plague in Ethiopia and Eastern Africa could migrate across the Atlantic Ocean at some point and effect the Mid-West grain and wheat crops. We could have famines, as well. The best is yet to come.

  4. eddiemd

    He is correct about people focusing on their 401Ks and retirement. When everything collapses, there will be no retirement and 401Ks.

    No hope for the future and an eternity in anguish. Keep staring into the abyss of your iPhone. You are walking on a slippery surface.

    Repent. Believe. Be sealed in the Holy Spirit. Make sure your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

    • Ray

      Excellent post Ed……..
      Therein lies real wisdom.
      Thank you.
      Ray, LDN

    • Craig Bradley


      There is not going to be a traditional retirement for most Middle Class investors who are planning trips to the South Pacific where they relax on a white beach with blue oceans nearby. Nope. Eventually, every asset class and sector will suffer their own corrections and loss of value. So, over the long term, your assets deflate. In the meantime, you hardly notice if invested in the Technology Sector. That may change, as nothing goes up forever.

      Ditto with everybody’s bread and butter: real estate. 2/3 of Public Employee Pensions are underfunded, which ultimately means reduced benefits for public retirees, higher taxes to pay for it, or a big Federal Pension Bailout ( Nancy Pelosi’s Preferred Alternative). As it stands, the U.S. Dollar is already being debased enough. Inflation is here already, no need to wait around for it either. ( Food, Gas, Utilities, Health Care Premiums).

      So, turn-back the clock to the era predating pensions and you have a rocking chair and a spittoon. You can put on your straw hat too. Future Retirement will not be an adventure for most retirees.

    • JC

      Many are staring into the abyss of their cellphones, especially teenagers, completely hypnotized and unaware of their surroundings. It’s not good.

      • eddiemd

        Young people especially. Parents giving iPhones to children as young as 6yo for use as a babysitting tool. Actually rewiring their brains at this age and even younger. Programming them.

        Not to mention the video gaming which boomed over the past few months during lockdown. As well as TV viewing…Netflix for example promoting moral decay in all forms. A full on psyop mind control push to induce fear and uncertainty in people and more so in children.

        The demonic forces are raging. Everything is in place. The antichrist man of perdition is on deck. Ready to take the stage.

  5. john duffy

    Awesome Sermon. Church leaders should be shaking in their boots!

    • eddiemd

      Praying for lost souls is correct.

      Praying to graven images is not good. Worshipping idols is not good. Following a leader such as a “pope” is not found in the Bible.

      • john duffy

        Catholics do not pray to idols. If you have a picture of your mother in your wallet or a statue of a saint, does that mean you idolize them. No it is a reminder of the one you love or admire. Surely you know that calumny is a serious sin.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree John. I am a former Catholic. The five pillars of the Catholic faith are 1 Jesus was deity – Son of God 2 Jesus was of a virgin birth 3 Jesus died on the cross as a blood sacrifice to take away the sins of the world. 4 Jesus rose again on the third day 5 Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead. These five pillars of the Catholic religion are spot on and no Christian can deny them. So, why am I not a Catholic? It’s the Pope and management in the Vatican City I have a big problem with.

        • eddiemd

          The catholic church is not just limited to the USA. Take a voyage to central and south America sometime. Praying to graven images, praying to statues, paying off church officials for favors, bowing down to priests, bishops…it is the norm. The doctrines of demons.

          Same for the USA , Europe, Philippines, and parts of Africa.

          The catholic church is part of Babylon. It has the blood of believers and innocents on its hands for the last 1600 years of history. It will have to give account for this. Judgment is coming upon the institution. This is the bitter truth. You have been made aware so that when the grand delusion appears you will recognize it. Don’t be led astray by false doctrine, men in religious costumes and funny hats.

  6. Michael

    If you pray to the Blessed Mother, Jesus, and or the Lord our Father you will be helped, it may not be in the form or time frame you want but rest assured your prayers will be answered.

    • eddiemd

      There is nothing in the Bible that tells us to pray to a “blessed mother”. That is idol worship.

      Jeremiah the prophet warned against the doctrine of the queen of heaven.

      • Southern Girl

        Why do you always have such a pissy attitude when it comes to the Blessed Virgin Mary…you know the MOTHER of GOD. I don’t think God would really appreciate your hating on His Mother do You??? And please don’t come back with bible versus. In the Catholic faith we don’t all do interpretations of the bible like the other faiths do. Hope your heart changes and you get rid of the hate for GOD’S MOTHER. I pray to Her everyday and will pray that your heart be changed to loving Her as much as I do.
        I remember a couple of years ago I posted something o this site and it was yes, YOU who came back with a real nasty reply. Have you always been this nasty all those years?? Maybe you need real love in your life.

        • eddiemd

          You are way off. There is no place in the Bible that tells one to pray to Mary or any other person. Sometimes the Truth hurts people’s feelings.

          Jesus Christ Himself says that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Take your argument to Him. We are to worship Him.

          You are deceived by a religion. You are commanded to come out from this false belief.

          I went to catholic school for 9 years. I know all about this false doctrine of Mary worship. It is a delusion. If you want to believe it, that is your choice. Read your Bible. You will not find it in there.

        • Charles H

          Southern Girl,

          Eddie is right: there is NO “Mother of God”; and worship toward her is idolatry. Her ‘blessedness’ is AMONG WOMEN: not as something of a diety. The Catholic Church is the origin of her “promotion” to sainthood and the ‘Holy Mother, intercessor’ teachings. The Divine Record of the Holy Bible does NOT give evidence of her promotion into the heavenly councils.
          Israel as a nation and people rejected their Messiah and Redeemer because they listened to their spiritual leaders. This has caused untold suffering and dejection. To this day, the Jewish leaders will not accept Jesus Christ as God in the flesh. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.
          The Catholic hierarchy has usurped Jesus Christ’s Highpriestly Office with the Doctrine of Apostlelitic Succession – to the point of Authority over the Holy Bible. This is the same mistake over again by the cadre of spiritual leaders. You can see how the Jews have fared since Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Now you have fallen into the very same trap they did, except it is another set of ‘spiritual leaders’ leading the multitude astray.
          It is not being unkind or untruthful to spell-out from the true and only Divine Authority on earth: the Holy Bible – where and why people are being misled. 1Timothy 2:5 : “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”
          What Authority you choose, and leaders you follow make all the difference in Eternity.

          • Greg Hunter

            There is NO WORSHIP of Mary as any sort of God-like figure. She is simply the “Mother of God” from a virgin birth perspective here on earth (Jesus). Look at what the Hail Mary prayer says: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.” This is clearly asking Mary to pray and not Praying to Mary. You are not looking at this correctly.

            • eddiemd


              There is no evidence that Mary prays for anybody. Jesus Christ is the Great High Priest who is seated at the throne Who makes intercession for us. There is no Mary to be found.

              Jesus Christ alone is the Mediator, Sanctifier, Redeemer, Propitiation. He is the Passover Lamb of God.

              The idea that Mary somehow will intervene with Jesus Christ is not found in the Bible. This is heresy doctrine. There is only One who was without sin, Jesus Christ the Messiah. Jesus Christ is the atonement for our sin. No more animal sacrifice for sin. He shed His Blood once and for all. It is finished He declared on the cross.

              Mary is honored as the mother of Jesus Christ. In case you did not know…Jesus had brothers. This is something else that the catholic church does not want you to recognize.

              Read your Bible. Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal the Scriptures to you. It is the Holy Spirit that reveals the Truth in the Word. If you truly seek Him, you will find the Truth. He does not wish that any should perish.

              Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Almighty God in the flesh. The Messiah. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…He is the God of you too. The same God who appeared and spoke to Moses, Joshua, Isaiah, Paul…He is real and has not changed.

              He has spoken through the prophets Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Zechariah and may others…He still speaks today. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His Word does not change. Seek Him now while He is near.

              • Greg Hunter

                So we can agree the “Hail Mary” is asking Mary to pray for for our sins and not worshiping her. This is my only point here. Jesus is our Lord and Savior and in total charge of heaven and earth as in Matthew 28:18.

            • Charles H


              As eddiemd has stated: outside the US the image of Mary is sang and prayed to. It is taught that she physically was received up into Heaven, just like Jesus Christ. Likewise it is taught that she intercedes for sinners to her son, Jesus. So it must be said, clearly: that Scripture gives no evidence of either happening. Catholicism in the United States is toned-down and conditioned to be more palatable to the Protestants. But in Third World countries, like Latin America: Mary is placed above the angels and heavenly host by the tradition or teaching of man, namely the Catholic Church. There are images (statues) and pictures of her in almost every home. And – since Jesus CAN’T SAY NO TO HIS MOTHER: she is held as equal to God the Son. SO – praying TO Mary for Mary to pray FOR sinners IS Intercession: and it is an intrusion of Jesus Christ’s High-priestly Office. It is a spiritual subterfuge by way of substitution.
              Wht does the Second Commandment say? “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…” Well – you may speak for yourself: but millions upon million of Catholics keep her image and pray to her.

              And let’s be clear: Mary is NOT “the Mother of God”. Please remove this grevious teaching from your mind. What Mary provided was a physical body for the hypostatic union of God and man. Her part was man: God’s part was God. At best she could be said to be the mother of the child, Jesus. This misnomer sets up all manner of erroneous concepts. To accept this title – you must swallow the whole fish: if Mary is the Mother of God – then God has a mother?

              Finally – just WHERE does Mary get to be ascribed as “Holy”? As far as I am aware: ONLY God Himself is “Holy”: as in the Holy Trinity. Holiness is of the Lord – it is THE defining characteristic of being separate fron sinners; the emblem of absolute Righteousness, and attribute only to apply to God alone. Was Mary born from Adam? Was Mary a sinner? Yes to both. And every sinner needs an Atonement for the forgiveness of sin – which only removes and pays for the sin. When at the Judgment Seat of Christ – we will receive God’s own righteousness in order to be justified: but we are not made holy UNTIL THEN. Mary has to wait her turn same as anyone else.
              Where the Bible exhorts Believers – ‘ to be holy, as I am holy’ : this is within scale for men to separate from sin. There is no transcending of virtue to attaining perfect holiness in the attempt. The Catholic Church has long been promoting the supernatural mumbo-jumbo of dispensing for God – that which isn’t theirs to claim.
              With this Mary thing – you are carrying bad baggage into Christianity. Agree or disagree: the Bible tells you so. CH

          • Paul ...

            If Mary did not consent to the artificial insemination “by some higher beings” it would of been called rape and grounds for an abortion … and if Planned Parenthood was around a the time … Jesus would have never been born … the political authorities at the time didn’t want an “alien among them” so they declared that every child recently born be “aborted” (you know the way Cuomo makes up the laws with regard to babies) … to get around the law … and bring Jesus into our world … required Herculean efforts by Mary (and Joseph) … so perhaps as Hercules was considered “a god” … should Mary? … she fought hard to bring into this world a “higher order of human” … a more educated and more moral “genetically modified human” as God in Heaven wanted … and even though the exceedingly immoral and greedy “simian money changers” eventually got Jesus and hung him on a cross … we should give Mary “some credit” for trying to improve the lot of human sinners in this morally corrupt world … as she was not “an ordinary woman”!!

            • Paul ...

              Another thing to consider is the fact that Mary may not have been the only woman “artificially inseminated” … do you think God the Father would have created “only one Jesus”?? … the simple fact that there are a lot more moral people in the world today “fighting against evil” would seem to prove this point!!

          • Southern Girl

            Charles H.
            Thanks so much for your ugly comment. You were the other person who was so judging that I could not remember from a couple of years ago. Do you have a degree in the Seminary that you speak as an expert? I don’t write hateful comments about you so quite hating on me as a Catholic.

            • Charles H

              Southern Girl,

              It always pains me to respond to such comments. You are a regular, and in so command that respect.
              I live in a Catholic nation – a Latin American Catholic nation: Mexico. And I have lived here over twenty years, building my house practically from scratch with my own hands. Knowing my Protestant ministry would consume the rest of my life here: I became a Mexican by Naturalization. So I have had a long and close relationship with the Catholic Church; and have studied it’s Doctrines and practices. In order to share the Bible with my adopted nation – I have had to extensively study many specific doctrines and issues. This is my practical background.
              My professional background began with a genuine conversion from the Congregationist Church that I grew up in: but never presented the Gospel. I made my decision to trust Jesus Christ as my own Savior in a Southern Baptist Church in Memphis Tennessee, while in the military. I followed Believer’s (adult) Baptism in obedience to identify with Jesus Christ in faith. I was born again, according to Scriptural criteria: not from baptism, or church affiliation: but by exercising Repentance of sins and faith in Christ according to the Holy Word of God, the Bible. For over a dozen years after – I chased the things of the world, ignoring God, and living it up. But as a spiritual son, and disobedient: my Heavenly Father chastized me. I nearly lost my right arm to amputation; but that stopped me. I knew I had to follow the Lord.
              I prayed and was led to a Bible preaching Baptist church and began learning Bible. At a conference I made a decision to ‘ do whatever the Lord would have me do’ – and an internal voice told me to “preach”. I fought that a whole year, until I could no longer bear-up under conviction: so I publicly surrendered. Four years of ‘old school’ Bible College was really tough but I graduated. A License to Preach was awarded from my ‘Home Church’, which also examined me and Ordained me as a minister. So I do have scholastical and ecclesiastical endorsement. I also officially adopted a Vow of Poverty to the government. So it is not like I have no skin in the games when I write here.

              My writing comments has nothing to do with “hating”, or ‘being ugly” whatsoever: it is simply a matter of clarifying from Holy Scripture issues and statements that vary and or conflict with the Bible. The Holy Bible is a supernaturally conceived and preserved document by God and from God Himself. Where your church, or my church, or anyone else disagrees or conflicts with God’s own expressed terms for our faith and practice: all I do is set the record straight according to the Bible. And I do that because that is what God is looking to find in us as our own decided upon belief. It is from the lips of God in the flesh this warning comes: “If any man hear my words and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world but to save the world. He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same will judge him in the last day.” St. John 12:47,48. It is by the very Word of God, the Holy Bible, that God will justify or condemn our faith. This is WHY the Bible is beyond churches; and WHY most churches aren’t producing Christians: the Holy Bible is not the Authority. Catholics are taught to trust their church above the Holy Bible; and this is spiritual betrayal. NOTHING is higher than the Holy Bible as spiritual authority in this world.

              So when I refute issues and falsities that the Bible condemns – I am not being ugly, or hating on somebody (though I certainly receive the ire of others in so doing): I am being faithful to defend the faith once delivered to the saints, as a minister; and I am doing a service of consideration to those who don’t know or have not been exposed to the unadulterated truth. It is not Catholic or Protestant thing either – as in you have your way of interpreting, so don’t criticize or judge what we do thing. Salvation is not found in a church: it is found in Holy Scripture by the Person it reveals – Jesus Christ, as only God the Third Person the Holy Spirit can reveal Him by direct, Divine inspiration. ANY church, or any person who claims authority above the Bible: is a deceiver. Human institutions serve human institutions. The Holy Bible is the Divine Record that God has provided for those who want to find Him: because there is nothing else He endorses. Nothing else is His alone.
              So – what you believe as your authority, and who you follow makes all the difference in Eternity. Martin Luther WAS a priest, but left – because he he finally ‘saw’ that the Bible and Bible alone (Sola Scriptura) was THE Answer to truly coming to Jesus Christ; and leaving error behind.

      • Southern Girl

        Why are you always hating on the MOTHE OF GOD?? You know the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY?? I’m not sure GOD would really appreciate your hating on His Mother would be my guess. Please spare me the bible verses that you like to interpret!! I remember a couple of years ago I posted something and you came back with a really nasty comment.
        Have you been this miserable all these years. Maybe you should find love in your heart for other people and quite judging others. The Blessed Virgin Mary tells us to not judge others, because that is not our job. I pray to Her everyday, so I’ll pray to Her and ask Her to help change your hating heart to a loving heart.

        • eddiemd

          As a child in catholic school I knew that something was not right. By the time I was 10 years old I knew for certain that the catholic church was full of hypocrites and did not make sense.

          As an adult born again believer I was able to read the Bible for myself. In my studies along the way I read world history, church histories, religious history. In my travels in Europe, Central America, and South America I saw the legacy of the catholic church.

          The bitter truth is that the catholic church is a apostate church. Not all the believers within but the institution and leadership are false doctrine and false teachers. They have the blood of many believers on their hands.

          Believe what you will. That is your choice. That is between your God and you. Examine yourself in light of the Word of God. Read your Bible. Don’t trust an institution or fallen men to interpret for you especially when there are so many discrepancies between the catholic doctrine and what is written

          Your salvation depends on it. You can serve an institution teaching false doctrine or you can serve the Living God.

      • Southern Girl

        Are you always judging others about what they should believe?? There are plenty of us that pray to the MOTHER OF GOD, you know the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY.. I’m not sure how God would feel about you hating on His Mother!! I remember posting something years ago and you were one of the people to post a really nasty comment. Have you been unhappy, judging, and unloved for years?? I pray to Her everyday and I will pray and ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to soften your hard heart. PLEASE spare me your bible verses…there are those of us who do not interpret everything in the bible without having in the seminary for years.

        • eddiemd

          I am sorry that the truth offends you.

          I have catholic family members who believe the delusion also. They have openly stated that they “Don’t care what the Bible says”. They prefer to believe men in religious costumes and funny hats.
          Beware. You are not saved by your religion. You must be born again. Popes and priests cannot forgive your sins. They are leading you astray. The delusion coming will be even worse.

          The blessed virgin Mary cannot save you. You must be born again. Jesus Christ is the Way. The only Way. There is no other Name given on earth or heaven above by which we are saved.

          Read your Bible. You will find the Truth there. Not in a religious institution.

          • john duffy

            The Bible was assembled by the Church fathers, who were Catholics, 1200 years before there was such a thing as protestants. And now you are are going to tell the authors of the bible what it is all about?

            Bye the way, I have a question for you? Jesus in the new testament quotes the old testament about 300 times. About 200 of those quotes come from books in the old testament, that Luther threw out of his bible. How come they were good enough for Jesus but not for Luther?

            • eddiemd

              The catholic church kept the Bible from the ordinary people for centuries. They withheld the truth.

              Believe whatever you want to believe. Read the Bible for yourself. Don’t rely on popes and priests to read and interpret it for you. Examine what the Bible says and what the catholic church teaches. It is that simple.

              The bitter truth is that the catholic church is the house of Ichabod. Apostate church being led by an antichrist pope. False doctrine.

              Get out while you can. You must be born again.

        • Robert Peter Bailey

          Hello there Southern Girl, please go to Google and find a brilliant book called The Two Babylons :- which clearly shows the religion of the RC church is nothing but the worship of Nimrod and his son Tammuz and his wife Sermerimis which is all connected to the worship of the Sun !
          The day of the week of worship in the week is Sunday ! Which came from Roman Catholic church ! The weekly worship of the Sun !

        • susan

          Mary was just another human being like you and me. She was favored by God the Father and thus was chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ the Son. She is not part of the holy trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Ghost). By the way, one of my seminary professors was a Catholic nun. She was amazing! Great lady.

      • Richard

        There is no scripture that points to the mother but many scriptures say that JESUS alone is the WAY to the FATHER. Mother Mary is anti-Christ.

        • eddiemd

          She is not antichrist. At all.

          The doctrine of the catholic church is a false doctrine that has enslaved people’s minds for centuries. It is the doctrine of demons.

          Beware of the current jesuit pope. He has the antichrist spirit in him. He will lead many astray in the end time.

          This is the bitter truth. It must be told to catholics so when it comes to pass you will recognize it.

          • paul jr.

            Very true.

          • Paul ...

            We should all realize that even though we have 98 percent monkey genes … we don’t look like simians any longer … we have been genetically modified by some “higher specie” in Heaven … and we should be grateful to those who have brought us to a higher level of morality where greed and lust has been diminished somewhat … but God in Heaven still has a lot of work to do … we still have the Fed Cabal … and we still have intensely greedy corporate CEO’s who think nothing of doing 9-11’s to get us into wars for profit … look at what Fauci and Gates have done to the world sell us their vaccine!!

      • john duffy

        When Jesus therefore had seen His Mother and the disciple standing whom he loved, He saith to His Mother: Woman: behold thy son. After that he saith to the disciple: Behold thy Mother.” – John XIX, l8-25-27.

        “And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.” -Luke 1:28

        • eddiemd

          You are not saved by a religious belief in an institution. You are not called to worship Mary. Read your Bible.

          Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the only Way. His Name is the Name given by which we are saved.

          Believe what you will. Someday you will know the Truth. You will not find rosary beads or the ascension of Mary in the Bible. You are not called to worship graven images, pray to “saints”, or pray to Mary.

          I pray that your eyes will be opened to the Truth. That is for you also, southern girl.

          • Doug

            Good job…Eddie, you are 100 percent correct in all your replies. If Mary won’t of agreed God would’ve found another virgin. Cheers

            • Greg Hunter

              This is stupid and insulting Doug. God knew in advance that Mary would be the Mother of God.

              • Doug

                Greg I don’t get the stupid and insulting comment of yours. Didn’t Mary consent to be used By God? So He could enter the world in physical form? God doesn’t violates anyone free will. If Mary refused,he finds another womb of a virgin.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Do you think God Knew she would say yes? We are talking about God here. So sorry to offend someone using an anonymous name.

        • Charles H

          john duffy,

          The pronouncement by Christ on the cross was the discharge of the responsibility of the eldest son to take care of his (widowed?) mother. This charge he gave into the disciple.

          The other Scripture is specific to the fact that the ‘blessedness’ of Mary was limited to “among women”. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was an instrument and an obedient servant: nothing more. Her credit is up with the prophets and Patriarchs; beyond this – it is man who ascribes greater stature and promotion of some kind.
          The Holy Spirit is the Producer and Sustainer of the Word of God, the Holy Bible. He is God the Third Person Himself. Who are you going to listen to as the final authority? Men? Or God?

      • paul jr.

        You are correct. No one should be praying to a mere mortal who is sinful. Only to God.

        • Greg Hunter

          Paul Jr.
          Please read carefully the Hail Mary Prayer. It says: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.” You are not Praying to Mary but asking her to PRAY for Sinners. Got that?

          • paul jr.

            Greg, my statement that I made above is true. All I said is that no one should be praying to a mere mortal who is sinful. Only to God. Do you not agree? Do you not believe that we should only pray to God?

            eddiemd said “there is nothing in the Bible that tells us to pray to a “blessed mother”. Do you not agree that there is no instruction in the Bible for us to pray to anyone else other than to God? Is there in the Bible instructions for Christians to ask Mary, the mother of the Jesus, to pray for us sinners?

            • Greg Hunter

              Paul Jr.
              Your statement is inaccurate. You are praying for prayers from the Mother of God NOT praying to her. It’s like me asking you to pray for me because I am sick.

            • eddiemd

              We don’t pray to the dead. That is the delusion. Dead men and women of faith do not make intercession for anybody.

              We pray to the living God. Jesus Christ is alive. He physically rose from the dead. He alone is exalted on high. He alone makes intercession for us at the throne.

              Read your Bible. Know what it says. Don’t rely on popes, priests, bishops, pastors to interpret for you. That includes both catholic and non catholic. There are false teachers everywhere and in all forms of belief. Especially now. Pray and ask for wisdom, knowledge and, discernment like Solomon did. These are the riches of the world. Not gold and silver. To know the Truth. Look to Jesus Messiah. You can trust Him only. He will reveal Himself to you. That is His promise. He does not lie. The Holy Spirit will reveal the Word of God to you.

          • Beverly

            I find this prayer strange because it addresses Mary at the very beginning. Why should we ask Mary to pray for us? God doesn’t want us to give this responsibility of prayer over to somebody else. God wants us to develop a relationship with HIM. That is why we have prayer in the first place—to develop that relationship with God. When we pray, we pray to God the FATHER and thank and ask in the name of Jesus Christ. So, Jesus is like an attorney or our representative for interaction with the Father. Jesus will be the Judge at the final judgement day, because He died for the sins of the world. The Father has given him this responsibility. The Father is in a state of being that is full of light and energy and if we came into His presence without being changed ourselves, then it would kill us. It would be like getting too close to the sun. So, the Father sends Jesus in the flesh, to be His representative and to do the work of the Father. But, we pray to the Father because we are God’s Spirit children. That is why the Father was willing to sacrifice His SON—-because the Father wants to spiritually save as many of HIS children as possible.

            • Greg Hunter

              Why should anyone not?

              • Beverly

                You ask why anyone should NOT pray to Mary? I say we should NOT pray to Mary because it is not HER responsibility to be the go between. The only Go-Between we have between us and our Father in Heaven, is Jesus Christ. Jesus will be our Judge, and the apostles will be there too at our personal trial/interviews. Many people who have had near death experiences, experience a sort of pre-judgement experience before they come back into their body. Also, in order to be with our Heavenly Father again, we will have to qualify in ways that we probably can’t even comprehend right now. God told Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the earth. This is one of the basic commandments given to man. Noah’s family was told the same thing. You can’t do that if you aren’t married. So, if that is the case, and God keeps His own commandments, then Jesus would have been married as well. And, how many women called him “Master?”

                • Greg Hunter

                  If I ask you to pray for me because I am sick, is that bad? You are making too much out of this. Fatima happened in 1917 and that is a fact. God wanted it to happen.

            • Paul ...

              Before we can develop a relationship with God the Father in Heaven “we must be changed” (genetically modified) from being apes into to being “a kinder and more moral higher order human” … a human that uses its God given brains to think and say to ones self: “I’m more then just a greedy monkey who will kill my fellow monkeys for power and wealth”!!

              • Paul ...

                You know … speaking about “a relationship with God” … anyone who makes it to Heaven for the Father to even talk to you … better be ready to answer his questions as to why you did what you did while here on Earth … the way you answer God’s questions is how he will judge you (as being worthy of a relationship with him) … like if he asks you “why were you a commie pervert”? … you might say “because I am what I am” … if he laughs … you are probably OK … if he shakes his head … you are probably doomed to no relationship at all for all eternity!!!

                • Paul ...

                  However … when I look around … all I see are Demons “who are not looking for a relationship with God the Father” … they are more interested in “getting into a good relationship with Satan” … God in his wisdom left it up to us to choose the path we want to follow … that is the difference between the “good aliens” in Heaven who want to help humanity be free … and the “bad aliens” who want to control every aspect of our immortal souls!!

      • eddiemd

        Read it for yourself. Jeremiah chapter 44. The worship of the queen of heaven is an abomination.

        Read your Bible. Know what it says. It is the Truth.

        • JC

          eddiemd, all this talk about Mary is bringing back memories of rosary beads when I was in Catholic school. If I recall correctly, part of the Catholic torture was that we had to repeat the “Hail Mary” ten times, while clutching our rosary beads, and using the beads to keep count, for forgiveness for something or other, which at this point in time I don’t remember.

          At least the NY Mets eased the pain sometimes, black and white TV, bottom of the ninth, Jim Hickman at bat, full count, and boom, a home run.

          • eddiemd

            Da Mets.

            I was born in Flatbush, Parkville neighborhood. East 9th street and Foster Avenue. My parents were Dodger fans.

            I grew up a Mets fan.

    • Craig Bradley


      Christianity was originally brought forth as a Jewish Religion but was rejected by the Jewish Religious Hierarchy and most Jews of that era and to this day. Nevertheless, Jesus was, in-fact, a Jew and spoke the Native Hebrew language: Aramaic. In this established fact, there is no real debate.

      However, it did not take long for the Jews who were believers in Christ (Nazarim) to be driven away and forced into hiding ( much like Trump supporters today ). The newly established Catholic Church ( Council of Nicia) in 350 A.D. wanted them dead as did most Jews. The Jewish Christians were driven away and most died-off. https://www.whychristmas.com/customs/25th.shtml

      The original Christian Church adopted many pagan beliefs and customs by 200 A.D., including celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25, in honor of the Sun God ( ‘Sol Invictus’ ) or Venerable Day of the Sun (236 A.D.). Roman emperor Constantine modified Christianity so as to fit Roman sensibilities and gain a broader acceptance. ( Recognize the political process of compromise, as practiced in antiquity ?).

      However, the “Day of the Gentile” may at last, be coming to an end. Jesus said that the “last days” would be like Rome in the First Century, “as it is now, so shall it be in the last days.” If so, we can expect a gradual return of Jewish acceptance of Christ as their Messiah. I suspect this will last for 2 or 3 more decades before the final 7 years. So, like Rome, America is not going away any time soon. Closure will have to wait another “day”, I suspect.

      After all, Rome did not Fall in only “One Day”. The biggest change for the United States is learning to live in a world where there are 2-3 other competing nations and currency systems ( a multi-polar world). A future America can no longer call the shots as a global superpower and expect its allies to necessarily fall in line. Standing
      alone and internally divided, the United States will have to make numerous foreign policy compromises, as we are currently.

      Our international influence and power will wane in favor of domestic focused policies going forward and we must adjust to this new global financial reality. In the process, our standard of living will probably decline overall and most Americans will have to learn to live with less and fewer individual liberties and freedoms, as well. Its our collective lot, as we voted for it and chose it. Now, Its ours and we all own it for the duration.

    • Fatima message

      The discussion on the subject of the Mother of God, Mary most holy, needs a reality check. Something completely out of focus for non Catholics is the reality of an incident that definitely took place over 100 years ago. Our Blessed Mother appeared to 3 children in 1917 and told mankind where we stand with her Son. She displayed a vision of a destination where many will end up. The vision was of hell. She asked that we repent of our evil ways, pray to her Son, and do sacrifices for poor sinners so that they can convert. She gave the Catholic Church the remedy: consecrate a then obscure nation to her Immaculate Heart. That country was Russia. That October of 1917 began a revolution in that poor country. She warned of “the errors of Russia” that would spread throughout the entire world if this consecration did not take place. An overly worldly pope and an infiltrated Catholic Church had a “better” idea. That consecration has never taken place. You see “the errors of Russia” had infiltrated even the Catholic Church. The “errors of Russia” are alive today and we know them as atheistic materialism, alive as atheistic Communism. In 1946, Mr. William Walsh interviewed the remaining seer of Fatima for his book, “Our Lady of Fatima.” He was told that Communism would take over the entire WORLD if Russia was not consecrated. He asked, “Even the United States?” Lucia said, “Yes.” The late Fr. Paul Trinchard (RIP) has stated a few years ago that, “The world is living in the CURSE of Fatima.” The CURSE of Fatima! BUT Our Lady told the children that the consecration would be preformed, BUT late. If the US falls to the atheistic LEFT in this coming election, so goes the entire world.
      Protestant people: the church that gave you the Bible has believed as Our Lady said, “ALL generations shall call me BLESSED.” Our Lord is Divine and totally human. As such, how can He not love His Mother? His Mother has a special place at His side. He honors her! He wants the consecration to take place as prescribed so that the world will honor her as the Mother of God, as His Mother. Our Lord is allowing the human race to go through a time of great Chastisement so that we might awaken to REALITY! If in doubt, study the apparitions He gave us at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. They are the key to events that are taking place TODAY.

      • eddiemd

        Read your Bible. You are not called to pray to Mary, saints, or statues. Wake up.

        Get out of the catholic church while there is still time.

        You must be born again. That is what Jesus Christ said. You are not saved by a religious institution or following popes and priests. They are leading you astray. The doctrine of demons.

        Fatima, Guadalupe, Medjugorje, Lourdes…all demonic delusions to control people in the catholic church. The coming delusions are going to be extreme. Beware. You will be given over to further delusions that will capture your soul.

    • Dave Duclos

      You pray to God, thanking him for sending His son to save us. And for,the Holy Spirit to guide and keep us in the faith. You do not pray to Mary or go through Mary.

      • Greg Hunter

        The “Hail Mary” prayer says clearly “Holy Mary Mother of God PRAY for us sinners now and at the hour of our death..” Got that?? You are not praying to Mary but praying for Mary to Pray for US SINNERS!!!

  7. Country Codger

    Shalom Michael and Greg,
    Great interview.
    Lo Iyrah!

  8. Will Ferch

    Michael is right on. In 2002 I began telling folks a little ice age was coming. I thought it meant snow & cold & short on food. Since then I learned it also meant absolutely wild weather, excessive moisture as rain, snow, & hail, & increase in large earth quakes & volcanic activity. In 2011 I took 4 pictures of “The Hand of God?” which I named my book published in 2017. I couldn’t find where it fit until the Lord led me to read Proverbs, and there it was, right in the first chapter. Cahn is right. I sent him the pictures and the story behind it. We are now below verse 24. As I told my congregation several years ago, “There’s going to be a lot of folks with their backs against the wall, so let’s give them Jesus.” Also in the book is a chapter ” The Arrival of the Perfect Storm”, which covers both legs; the collapse of the economy & the arrival of the little ice age, which is a grand solar minimum named Eddy. God bless you.

  9. Mike R

    I hope Michael is right about people turning to God.

    We MUST certainly put an end to:
    * Abortions and Planned Parenthood, and the killing of millions of unborn babies
    * LGBT agenda, and those ill-founded ‘marriages’
    * Priest and celebrity pedophilia, child and teen abuse
    * Massive societal abuse by corporate and social media platforms in their censorship of conservative values. Utterly immoral and highly unethical for them to completely eliminate and moderate out all conservative voices that live decent and morally sound lives, and follow God’s commandments. In effect Google, Facebook, Twitter are literal tools of Satan, squashing and silencing all conservative values, and minimizing God’s commandments, and then making prominent, many lawless and unnatural and purely evil human activities. These super large monopolies, have been brain washing millions of americans, and the world, with utter filth and they need to be taken out. Breaking them up is impossible, and will not produce the end result we need. They have WAY too much power, and outsized political influence. They are America’s real enemies, not the Russians and not China. They could easily sway this election the wrong way, all the while blaming the GOP. and they laugably accuse the GOP and Trump of swaying this next election. They are just spreading massive amounts of FUD. (Fear Uncertainty Deception)
    * The demoncratic and leftwing anarchists out to destroy Christian American values, that were the source of our country’s strength for decades. The Coup by the Dems is against all God-fearing Americans, not just against the President. The dems are fostering hate, and enabling the riots, the looting, and continuous destruction of our drug laden demoncratic controlled cities. (Chicago, San Fran, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, DC, New York, Baltimore, Oakland, LA, Detroit, just to name a very few.)

    • Sid"Cookie"Heylin

      Mike, don’t include Detroit. Police chief Craig encouraged the city to arm itself and Michigan has always been an open carry state. We may stuff our ballots, but here Colt is still the great equalizer!🐭🔫

  10. Fred Daake

    I cannot see how anyone can say that we are a Christian nation. Although the Constitution heavily reflects Christian morals and the Trinity decision remains, there are very few Christians who are actively trying to develop the discernment needed to make wise, Biblical voting decisions. And without the willingness to learn how to see the truth, there cannot be a societal transformation from the evil of today to the heaven of tomorrow.

    Look at the evil practices that the “Christian” voting majority ignores. “Christians” don’t demand that politicians stop using fake money to water down the value of productivity and reward monopoly artists. “Christians” readily accept fake information and fake solutions based on the manufactured severity of a “plague” that is not a plague. “Christians” don’t tell politicians to eliminate the buildings and practices in the Washington swamp that were designed around satanic practices. And many Christians demand that America continue to blow up bombs in the faces of poor innocent foreigners that they never met.

    So, I cannot see how God will reward a society where “Christians” refuse to spend the time to learn how to see the truth. And discernment is step one in getting closer to Jesus.

    I thank Greg and Michael for trying to help others learn how to see the truth.

    Here are some good Bible passages which warn against accepting the Federal Reserve:

    • Greg Hunter

      Well Fred, I am happy you are not God. Millions of Christians are praying and repenting. You are painting Christians with a broad brush and that is not only inaccurate but totally unfair.

      • Howard Bloom

        Greg, Id appreciate if you did not print this; for your eye’s only!

        In a subsequent interview on CNN, Pence disputed the notion that Trump had seemingly “embraced” the conspiracy theory with his remarks at a press briefing on Wednesday.

        “You said the president seemed to embrace it. I didn’t hear that,” Pence told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day.” “I heard the president talk about he appreciates people that support him.”

        Pence again said he knew nothing of the conspiracy theory and added, “We dismiss conspiracy theories around here out of hand.”

        QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory whose followers believe that an underground cabal of Satanic worshipers who run child sex trafficking rings are in control of the “deep state” government and that Trump and his allies are working to expose them.

        The movement, which began on the fringes of the internet, has grown extensively in recent months and has garnered support from some GOP congressional candidates. The FBI labeled the loose collection of individuals a domestic terror threat in 2019, saying it had the potential to drive individuals to commit acts of violence.

        Trump, asked about QAnon on Wednesday at a press briefing, said he wasn’t very familiar with the movement but that he believed its supporters “love our country.”

        “I don’t know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate. But I don’t know much about the movement,” the president told reporters.

        “These are people that don’t like seeing what’s going on in places like Portland and places like Chicago and other cities and states,” Trump said, mischaracterizing what the conspiracy theory focuses on by referencing recent protests.

        “I’ve heard these are people that love our country and they just don’t like seeing it. I don’t know really anything about it other than they do supposedly like me. And they also would like to see problems in these areas … go away.”

        When a reporter tried to explain the specifics of the QAnon conspiracy theory, Trump said he wasn’t aware of it but said it wouldn’t be bad thing if he could “help save the world from problems.”

        Outside group pulls ad about Alex Morse after criticism it was…
        Trump’s remarks have generated scrutiny, with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) criticizing Trump for not disavowing QAnon supporters in his remarks.
        “QAnon is nuts—and real leaders call conspiracy theories conspiracy theories,” Sasse, who has been critical of the president at times, told The Washington Post Thursday. “If Democrats take the Senate, blow up the filibuster, and pack the Supreme Court–garbage like this will be a big part of why they won.”
        When Q is wrong is makes up some crap as to why he was wrong. Look at the Jeff Sessions call. Huge miss– period. “Sessions is a good guy”???? Remember that one from Q??? Hell no he is not. “Trust the plan,” says Q from his hiding place. What the hell is the “Plan”? disinformation? Sessions caused the Mueller investigation and the https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/513073-pence-dismisses-qanon-conspiracy-theory-out-of-handPresident fired Sessions the day after the Mid-term election. President Trump Tweeted that Sessions should drop out of the primary in Alabama for US Senate. Trump also endorse the eventual winner, Tuberville and NOT Sessions. Q is crap and I am not the only one who thinks so. This from the Vice President last week:

        First of all Greg, because Q thinks Sessions is good doesn’t mean the president thinks Sessions is bad. Just because Trump didn’t support Sessions in the election does not mean everything about Q is wrong.
        First off Q is not a person as stated by them in your last comment session, week end wrap up.
        Whom is Q, as stated by Q, or one in knowledge of? From your last comment session, they are a large part of the intel community that didn’t go over to the dark side in Obama’s cleaning out of the Military complex and intel community and it’s obviouse they have the support of President Trump and now of intel and most of the informed American people and even USAWatchdoggers. It’s obviouse to us the reason your on the out’s with doctor Janda and it’s obviouse that Q, not one person, is over the target. As far a Shipp goes, it’s the Hammer and with the new book out, your silence is deafening. Proving they are over the Target too. Greg this is not going away and it’s obviouse in your misspelling’s and grammar in this comment, your afraid you might be wrong in siding with Shipp. It’s not going away. So prepare both physically and spiritual, because the truth will set us free!

        • Greg Hunter

          First of all there were no misspellings in my answer. Here’s another answer to the BS you are posting here:

          Stop the bull crap. Stop making up excuses for Q. You have no idea what “Q” is and you have zero sources of “Q”’s legitimacy. Just more bull crap that is an opinion you state as a fact. I call bull crap on it all and you cannot proved me wrong. When faced with actual facts and Huge Misses from “Q”, you make up some more crap. When I miss I own it, but not “Q” he just makes up an excuse. This is totally separate from “Q” followers who are legitimately worried about the country. Good patriots one and all, but I just don’t want them duped into doing nothing but figuring out stupid riddles while the country burns. Go out and register people to vote. Do something other than “trust the plan” which I see as really no plan at all.

          You want me to believe “Q” is real then have “Q” step out in the light just like me. Pence just dunked on “Q”. That is a fact and a legit high up White House source!!!!!!!!

          As far as the Hammer (HAMR) hoax, it is still a hoax and no book is not going to make it anymore true. Hammer is a HOAX!!!!!!!!! I put this to bed a long time ago, and it is simply not worthy of further discussion. Here’s is the definitive take down of the Hammer hoax from Kevin Shipp. It’s only 21 minutes long. Please watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hrHPDNB8_Y&feature=youtu.be

          Shipp is not wrong and that is simply what the facts say. That my friend is the “TRUTH that will set YOU free.”


          • Howard Bloom

            I agree Greg. Vote like a Demonrat. Vote and vote often!

      • daniel j turner

        Fred is right, “These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me”.
        You have heard the old saying of talking the talk but not walking the walk. Christians need to use a broader brush to include all the things that are abominable to God and not just their own exclusive dislikes. Abominable things such as this nations perpetual war,

    • eddiemd

      We are certainly not a theocracy. Which is good.

      The heaven of tomorrow is not of this world.

      Repentance is the first step in getting closer to Christ.

    • Craig Bradley


      You are right in that there are a great many Apostates out there, such as “Catholic” Joe Biden. He sold-out a long time ago for a life in politics. Too bad. Many more just like him and they are not just Democrats either. In addition, there are a great many “lukewarm Christians” who never speak-up or stand-up for fear of rejection ( Essentially Cowards ). I believe this is the heart of the reason so many Americans quickly capitulated (caved-in) to government edicts to wear masks and lock-down.


      The desire to conform and fit-in with the many is stronger than the need to obey God and we would not be in such a predicament if we had (Federal) laws that still adhered to our nation’s original (Biblical) values such as respect for life ( the unborn ).

      We are a secular nation and as such, should not expect life’s many blessings to necessarily continue uninterrupted. We have a just God who can not ‘let it be’. In-order to restore “normalcy”, we must first change ourselves. This turns-out to be the hardest change to effect in the world. You can not change anyone else, as a matter of fact.

      So, until then, the “schematas” continue to reoccur and each “shaking” is progressively more disruptive to daily life. Personally, I would not plan on extended periods of peace, stability, and security in such a political/secular environment. Current conditions are just not conductive to material blessings in particular. A War with China would be a potential disaster for the United States should it ever occur.

      Our politicians should know we are not up to it anyway but you never know if an egotistical fool may come along later-on. We do not have our helmet or shield in-place. All it takes is a real biological agent to decimate the population at-large and now, post Covid-19, the whole world knows our greatest weakness: FEAR. Just saying.

  11. Paul Anthony

    Cool beans Greg and Mark. Downloaded the Kindle Version from Amazon and there is the paperback copy heading to my mail box. “Thumbed” threw the kindle copy just now – But looking forward to reading it this week.

    Thank you both for doing what you do!

    In Him,

    Paul Anthony Dodo

  12. ben

    I always thought it would be nice if all the christians in the states decided to get together and stop their government from killing children all over the world.
    Heck not just the children but the people all over the world.

    For example, maybe they could have stood up and told Hillary and Rice that killing 500 thousand children really isnt “worth it”, but no, not a peep.

    Maybe they could read Smedlys book “war is a racket” on a sunday for once, or “Confessions of an economic hitman”.

    I think Jesus would like the christians to do that.

    Give Iran and others a reason to stop calling us “the great satan”.

    Jesus would like that. Just my opinion of course.

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Snyder.a few voices in the wilderness screaming in a hurricane of hate against them.The forces of Esther are in full swing slaughtering those who oppose the lies and can’t wait to have the “off”for those who can see their doings.The Lazar Kaganoviches are here and now,having practised their Holomodor in the abortion clinics of the USA now ready to go full retard and repeat the slaughter of Christians in the USA unless they awaken like Kyle Rittenhouse .The Bolsheviks are here and in positions of power in the USA.
    Here in the UK the Bolsheviks are deeply embedded all being “graduates”of Momentum and devoid of any inconvenient beliefs.The tyranny is running amok ,full of Bolshevik rage and blood lust that they have practised in our abortion clinics.We are awaiting our awakening,I fear with our lack of faith in God it will be a long wait.
    Meanwhile our economy is in the sewer and the long arm of censorship gets longer and propaganda from the MSM Pravda escalates daily.

  14. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, we have been judged as a Nation and in my mind and have come up wanting. Pray that Christian eyes are opened to what is already here now and what is coming, both hard times (tribulation) and hope for the future (eternity).

  15. Rev Andrew de Berry

    Something not right here. I read Snyder’s first book ‘The beginning of the end’ and was appalled by its lack of literacy as it seems were not a few others. Mr Snyder can parade out ours and America’s appalling sins and of the world’s need for abject repentance. No Christian would disagree on that front. However the man never smiles and comes across as robotic, which many will find deeply off-putting .

  16. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hi there

    I have tried fir sometime tell explain that the United States of America the greatest nation the world has ever seen in the history of the world since 1776 !

    Why has not The Almighty God who created all things in this universe has not
    Mentioned this great world power in the Word of God ?

    Or has He ? Yes This nation is in the last book of the Holy Scriptures :-

    Its found in Revelation 13:11-18 “ The Lamb-like beast with two horns ! With no crowns ! It is a Republic and Biblical nation! “ One Nation under God”

  17. Miss Congealed Reality

    Gold will eventually go up! So will silver. They’re desperately trying to push it down right now coz they know if they showed the true price everything Would completely fall apart before they get their ducks in a row.
    Already the purchase price is considerably higher than the price shown on the gold paper price market. There is quite a divergence & it’s gonna get to be a much bigger divergence.
    Eventually people will realise that the gold & silver market price is completely fake & so are their dollars & they’ll start talking about grams & ounces in purchasing power & not dollars anymore.

  18. Clint D.

    Most likely the USA is the Revelation 17 woman, Mystery, Babylon the Great. No other identity more closely defines the last days Babylon defined within the Bible. Isaiah 13-14, Jeremiah 50-51, Revelation 17-18 are key scriptures that define the last days Babylon. 10 kings will be responsible for destroying Babylon. Most likely these 10 kings are the families of the international bankers that own the world’s fiat currency, including the Federal Reserve. They can easily cause the value of the United States Dollar (USD) to collapse. That would put the country into great conflict.

    If the USA is the last days Babylon, none will survive within her borders regardless of how remote or well prepared they are. Its best to get out of Babylon before she is judged. I estimate the date of her judgement will be before February 2027. I have no idea within the next 6 1/2 years that might occur. The Bible says that there will be a rumor one year and then another year with king fighting king within Babylon before she is destroyed. I expect to see civil war coming to the USA if she is the last days Babylon. When civil war comes, there will not be much time left to escape her.

    • Jean Koontz

      CLINT D.08/30/2020 • Reply
      Most likely the USA is the Revelation 17 woman, Mystery, Babylon the Great.
      NOT!_ USA USA USA!
      Dear Clinton,
      Babylon the Great is depicted as a prostitute clothed in purple and scarlet.
      So what Is Babylon the Great Clint, besides a whore?
      Babylon the Great, described in the book of Revelation, is the world’s collective body of false religions, which God rejects. (Revelation 14:8; 17:5; 18:21) Although those religions differ in many respects, in one way or another they all lead people away from the worship of the true God.​
      American Standard Version
      Unto thee it was showed, that thou mightest know that Jehovah he is God; there is none else besides him.—Deuteronomy 4:​35.

      Clint, Babylon the Great is a symbol. The Bible describes her as “a woman” and a “great prostitute,” having a name that is “a mystery: ‘Babylon the Great.’” (Revelation 17:​1, 3, 5) The book of Revelation is presented “in signs,” so it is reasonable to conclude that Babylon the Great is a symbol, not a literal woman. (Revelation 1:1) In addition, she “sits on many waters,” which represent “peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.” (Revelation 17:​1, 15) A literal woman could not do that.

      Babylon the Great represents an international entity. She is called “the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.” (Revelation 17:18) Thus, she has international scope and influence.🛐🍂

      Babylon the Great is a religious entity, not a political or commercial one. Ancient Babylon was a profoundly religious city, known for its use of spiritistic “spells” and “sorceries.” (Isaiah 47:​1, 12, 13; Jeremiah 50:​1, 2, 38) In fact, false religion in opposition to the true God, was practiced there. (Genesis 10:​8, 9; 11:​2-4, 8) The rulers of Babylon arrogantly exalted themselves above God and his worship. (Isaiah 14:​4, 13, 14; Daniel 5:​2-4, 23) Likewise, Babylon the Great is known for her “spiritistic practices.” That shows her to be a religious organization.​—Revelation 18:23.

      Babylon the Great cannot be a political entity, because “the kings of the earth” mourn her destruction. (Revelation 17:​1, 2; 18:9) Neither is she a commercial power, because the Bible distinguishes her from “the merchants of the earth.”​—Revelation 18:11, 15.

      Babylon the Great fits the profile of false religion. Rather than teaching people how to draw closer to God, false religion actually leads them to worship other gods. The Bible calls this “spiritual prostitution.” (Leviticus 20:6; Exodus 34:15, 16) Beliefs such as the use of images in worship date back to ancient Babylon and continue to permeate false religion today. These religions also blend their worship with love for the world. The Bible refers to this form of unfaithfulness as spiritual adultery.​—James 4:4.

      False religion’s wealth and showy display of it match the picture that the Bible paints of Babylon the Great, who is “clothed in purple and scarlet” and “adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls.” (Revelation 17:4) Babylon the Great is the source of “the disgusting things of the earth,” or the teachings and actions that actually dishonor God. (Revelation 17:5) The members of false religion are the “peoples and crowds and nations and tongues” who support Babylon the Great.​—Revelation 17:15.

      Babylon the Great is responsible for the deaths “of all those who have been slaughtered on the earth.” (Revelation 18:24) Throughout history, false religion has not only fomented wars and fueled acts of terrorism but has also failed to teach people the truth about, the God of love. (1 John 4:8) This failure has contributed to much bloodshed. For good reason, those who want to please God must “get out of her,” separating themselves from false religion.​—Revelation 18:4; 2 Corinthians 6:​14-​17.

  19. William Bissell

    The Book of Revelation talks about the earthquakes and how people try and hide in the mountains. Ha, interview “Gene DeCode” who talks about these underground disruptions are NOT Earthquakes because there are no P-Waves. The White Hats are attacking the Underground Bunkers. In South Glens Falls, NY there was an earth quake, Sorry Nope. They blew Doors off the FEMA Camp, underground bunker. We are taking out Bunkers all over the world. including the Vatican and Buckingham Palace. Australia and New Zealand and South America are being taken right now. Watch this https://youtu.be/ep583YoFMGQ
    https://youtu.be/3lkhTl5ZxFw Gen. Paul Vallely “America First”

    • Clint D.

      The collective of scriptures about the Revelation 17 Babylon show that she is more than a false religious system. Certainly false religion resides within the last days Babylon. Yet she is more than that. She is found in the wilderness. In the days when the Apostle John wrote Revelation Rome was not considered a wilderness. The scriptures in Jeremiah 50-51, Isaiah 13-14, and Revelation 17-18 are the main passages that define the last days Babylon. When these scriptures are carefully examined in total, the USA looks to be the front runner for being “Mystery, Babylon the Great”. If the USA is destroyed before February 2027, then perhaps I was right. I don’t wish to be right about this. It means I will need to relocate soon.

      • Foster Brooks


  20. Jerry

    I believe the seeds are being planted for a military coup event in the next few weeks as false flags emerge.

    Friends as I have stated, the globalist and their puppets in congress are not going to let an election take place in November and derail their plans for a global reset in January 2021. They are going to force President Trump to declare martial law with some type of major (9/11 style) event of their making, and then ask for his removal, as they declare him unfit to be president. Listen to the words of Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton. They are telling you exactly what they are planning on doing. They are not going to take a chance on losing this election. Period.

    If you have any issues with the lord, now would be the time to resolve them. Get on your knees and repent of your sins while you still can. In the coming days it will not be possible to survive what is coming without the companionship of the holly ghost that you can only receive through the atonement of Jesus Christ. The earth was baptized with water during the flood, and it will soon be purified with fire to receive the holly ghost in preparation for his millennial reign. This is the end of Lucifer’s empire. That’s why the globalist are so desperate to install the NWO to save it. You can choose to burn with it, or be part of the TRUE new world order that is coming with our lord Jesus Christ. It’s your decision.

    • Jerry

      DARPA working on vaccine.

      Hmm. What could go wrong? Ask billy goat Gates. Yes there is a plan going forward and you’d better decide which side of the needle you’re going to be on. The lines are be being drawn. Which one will you be in?

    • Stan

      Jerry: Maybe you should give up on the absurd conspiracy theories

      • Greg Hunter

        You mean like shorting gold at $1200 per ounce?

      • Jerry

        Nobody shook your chain. Go back to sleep you gold stiffing, dollar debasing moron. Does this look like conspiracy theory?

        Let’s see, if I would have told you two years ago, that you’d have to wear a mask to go to the grocery store, or be tested to enter a hospital, or that baseball games would be played in empty stadiums with cardboard cutouts, what would you have said? Do your research before you make such baseless statements. I post links with every post I make to support my statements. How about you
        Stanley? The only one peddling conspiracy here is you with your fake imaginary wealth.

      • Jerry

        You’ve been warned. Ezekiel 33: 1-7
        If you can’t see what’s about to happen to this nation then you are deaf, dumb, and blind, and you ain’t” no Wall Street wizard. How long can you persist in this charade? Do you not understand why the world economic forum is moving towards a global reset in January? The old economic debt system is finished, and so are you if you persist in denying the obvious. Wake up!

      • Self Exiled

        Stan 08/30/2020 •
        “Self Exiled: Dude , you need some help.”
        Stan: Thank You! Any suggestions? Your probably right. I often thought it was just my dynamic personality. May be it is a form of denial.

  21. Rev Andrew de Berry

    There’s something wrong here. Michael Snyder may say many things that appear correct. For none of us can disagree that the evils of mankind are rampant, most especially those of abortion and child trafficking. But Snyder is a dubious messenger. He reminds me of Hal Lindsey the author of ‘The late great planet Earth’ whose ‘prophecies’ proved to be inaccurate. Furthermore, Snyder’s first book ‘The beginning of the End’ is completely unpersuasive, not least for the fact that it is an illiterate disaster. Nor during this interview does his face ever break into a smile to reassure us that God’s love remains timeless, and that He is the Lord whose mercy endures to the end. Mark Taylor is in a different league to this man.

    • eddiemd

      His message to seek Jesus Christ is correct.

      The most important thing Snyder says, “If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ, you are not going to have any hope for the future. I don’t know how anyone without the Lord Jesus Christ is going to make it through what is coming, and looking to eternity, you are not going to have any hope at all. Ultimately, the most important thing in any of our lives is our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.”

      • Paul ...

        To have “a relationship” with a highly moral being (like God the Father) … “we” must be “moral also” … God the Father does not hang out with degenerate perverts or people who do evil things or murder people (or babies) for power and money … this is why “we must emulate Jesus” and walk in his shoes on the path of moral righteousness … for as Jesus said … only by being “like Jesus morally” … will we ever get to meet the Father to have some sort of a relationship where he will even talk to you!!

    • Self Exiled

      Since I have been in the Philippines I have relinquished my American definition and standardization of a Christian. I no longer split theological hairs with people. Usually I would also be silent on this subject; I have been convicted about judging anyones capacity of belief or sincerity of or their Faith. Catholics also; they still have prayer in schools, prayer in their Parliament, you can pray with them, for them, any time and in my experience it has never been rejected . A sincere “God Bless you” more often than not brings tears to their eyes. I stopped at a motorcycle dealer I buy repossessed motorcycles from on occasion. “Oh come in sir we are having a sales meeting, sit down.” “We will begin in prayer, Oh Heavenly Father” prayer over, right into sales opportunities for individuals. Meeting ended in prayer. Now we know all the dangers and evils in the Philippines, but I have seen here absolute indisputable evidence of God’s presence in; on individuals in this country. None ever speaking, a word or pushing any form of religion. When attending Wycliffe linguistics school I always wondered at the translators quiet reluctance to speak unless scheduled to do so, now I know why. A country’s greatness is not in how many missionaries it sends out or churches that it has; it’s greatness is God’s Presence in it. When my plane approached Manila’ the first I time I came here I asked for a Bible verse. Playing Bible roulet; I randomly opened my Bible and my eyes went to—using: The Revised Berkley Version – small pocket version-The Gideons International.

      Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence perpetually. Psalm 105-4

      My post in no way is a recommendation or an absolute for any one else, God uses each of us differently to approach many different individuals and audiences’ with many different painful backgrounds in many different settings and cultures. My prayer is that we all be in His Will , and soften our hearts to Love. Thank You Andrew and Eddie for your post. It reminded me of all this.

  22. daniel j turner

    How is it God wants to make a statement through a prophet in the days of ancient Israel and the whole nation hears it but today Snyders “prophets” seem to have only a private audience. God is the God of the entire earth and not just the US or a relative handful of people. Maybe the answer is the last prophet’s words were written down in the bible and it is globally available and it is the job of God’s people who are spread around the world to preach it to the world. Jesus said all there need be said on the things the world would see in his Olivet Prophesy. Jesus had a lot to say about the religious leaders of his day and how they kept adding mam made doctrines. What would he say about all these “prophets”. I say every last one is a fraud or at best only had some very vivid dream that only came out of their own head and from nowhere else. I will take my prophetic word from the bible only where I can be sure it is true.

  23. skipNclair

    Judgement is not just coming for the USA, it is coming for the entire world, wake up!
    Look around and know that soon within 7-10 years depending on how much longer before the antichrist takes power before the end comes. While the USA might be the first to go down as a prime example of what the rest can expect, the rest will fall like domino’s. You really believe that the USA is the only evil nation with the only so called evil people? The last and most evil nation in the world will fall last, as they are protected by satan himself and the fallen angels. It is because the USA leaders not the people were controlled by this evil nation that it most likely will fall first as Babylon the great. Enjoy the ride folks we all yes all asked for it.

  24. Julia

    Hi Greg!

    Thanks for another great interview. I agree with Mr. Synder, the judgements have already started. He is certainly not the only one stating so. I did not hear President Trump’s acceptance speech and I take no joy in pointing this out. President Trump says one thing in Public and then does the complete opposite. Here is a tweet by the President as an example:


    A source for the deception which is ongoing is Dr. June Knight. She was a Trump supporter and invited to the White House etc. until she saw what was going on behind the scenes. She has written a book on American Idols. She even references Mr. Synder on her website. Here is her website:

    Finally, we are closer than we think to the great tribulation. I admit this is a long video ( 2 hours) but it goes through Church history with information which is pertinent for today:

    If you want a shorter version here is one that is 1 hr. 22 min. At the 10 minute mark he has a slide on how all the time portions of scriptures coordinate. This Bible is absolutely the most wonderful book ever written!:

    I have one last example. The book Cold Times is about the grand solar minimum and how to prepare. Suddenly and unexpectedly one sentence appears stating: “when homosexuality appears in a society it marks the end of that society”.

    On this weekends roundtable on JS Mineset one of the contributors stated: we are being played this is all one big psyop. I agree. We are being played by both parties. Both parties have the same agenda: one is obvious, one is quiet, behind the scenes. One is burning down main street, one is financing the big boys at the expense of main street. (Both Catherine Austin Fitts and Danielle DiMartino Booth made reference to the destruction of Main Street.) One party’s candidate is so onerous as to push normal regular Democrats to the Republicans (who is the preferred Candidate for the end times). Both parties are pushing the same lifestyle, one is obvious and one is subtle, behind the scenes. Setting the trap for the unaware. A Bible teacher suggested instead of us being involved in the political action to step back and observe. I strongly suggest this for everyone.

    I hope you will invite Gerald Celente to appear. He will tell you how Donald Trump has enriched his friends at the expense of the middle class.

    You can not make a Country great by supporting any Candidate whose positions are different from God’s. America was great when it was on God’s 10 Commandment Plan, not the 10 planks of the Communist manifesto which includes the destruction of the family which is what the LGBT agenda is about.

    My vote is for God and His 10 Commandment Plan. I am leaving the trap and I will deal with the consequences. Weeping is for a moment but joy is for eternity.

    I apologize for being so long. I hope people will watch the videos. I know they are long but they are so darn eye opening! Thank you Greg for what you are doing. You are helping to wake people up.

    God bless you.

    • eddiemd

      With all that said, who will you vote for?


  25. Southern Girl

    Sorry I posted three times. I did not see that they were waiting moderation. Please just only post the last one . I think it is the nicer of all the posts. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Post all you want.

      • Rev Andrew de Berry

        Many many blessings SOUTHERN GIRL!

  26. Peter

    This is the real USA:

  27. JTK

    What can the people of America do to stop the beast? God himself said who
    can make war against the beast? I don’t want abortion in this nation. Can I stop
    it? No! The beast wants it, the beast are a specific group that have infiltrated and
    basically destroyed America from the inside out. They are the descendants of the same family Jesus said were of their father the devil in John 8.
    I cant even identify them in my state because they have passed laws making it illegal
    to criticize them. In many nations people are put in jail for even questioning the lies they have told. They have set up numerous groups all over the world to attack and destroy anyone who points out the evil they do. They push everything that is against God.
    From gay marriage to pornography to feminism to communism they push it all. Many know who they are and have tried to sound the alarm only to be attacked and ostracized from society because they refused to accept the mark of the beast. The preachers who have all sold out for mammon and their 501-C3 i’e 666 exemptions know who they are too.
    They work for them and are rewarded with filthy lucre. I know a preacher who lies every week to his congregation. He’s rewarded with family trips, a $200k salary, a large home, cars, etc..etc…When you take their MARK you are handsomely rewarded, but if you identify them they shut down your bank account have you fired even turn your friends
    neighbors and own family against you making very difficult to survive. There is only one who can defeat the “beast system” they have put in place worldwide and it isn’t any of us.

  28. Cristina Mednick

    It really befuddles me that Christians believe only they will be “saved.” You seem to conveniently forget that Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew and died a Jew. His father, mother, apostles and friends were all Jews. How on earth can you possibly believe that his people are going to be condemned? I though he had died for everyone’s sins. And you commit idolatry every time you seem to put him above God, the Supreme One, the Eternal One. I am very sad for you and your bigoted views. How can you be so arrogant as to believe to know God’s mind and plans?

    • Greg Hunter

      God told us exactly what he thinks in great detail. It called the Bible. The central character in the Bible (Old and New testament) is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. John 14:6 6Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Jesus s for peaks for God the Father and that is an undisputed fact: John 10:30 30 “I and the Father are one.” It is you who are “Bigoted” and “Arrogant.” You are informed and Biblically illiterate. That too is a fact.

    • eddiemd

      You are correct. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Messiah. He is your Messiah. The time of Jacob’s Trouble is coming. At that time you will know Him.

      John 4:21-26
      21 Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe Me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father. 22 You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews. 23 But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. 24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

      25 The woman said to Him, “I know that Messiah is coming” (who is called Christ). “When He comes, He will tell us all things.”

      26 Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you am He.”

      Jesus is Messiah the Prince. Spoken of by the prophet Daniel. He is the Son of David. The Root of Jesse. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Holy One of Israel. The Almighty God in the flesh.


    • Mario

      Hi Christina
      I hope all is well.
      Jesus died and bore the wrath of God for all sins that were, and would be committed.
      Anyone (no matter what race) who believes in who Jesus is, that He is the only Son of God, that He is the Messiah, and that He was crucified, died, was buried and then Raised from the dead, is “saved”.
      Jesus is both man and God. Immanuel which is another name for Jesus, means God with us.
      There are Messianic Jews that believe that Jesus is the Messiah. The other people of Jewish faith are still waiting for the Messiah, and do not believe Jesus is the Son of God.
      Jesus’ apostles and his disciples are saved as they believe He (Jesus) is the Messiah and confessed Him as their Lord and Saviour and followed in His ways.
      The people of Israel are God’s chosen people but they have turned their back on God, as all of us have many, many times.
      For those that don’t realize, Jesus is God and the third part of the TRINITY is the Holy Spirit. Praying to Jesus is not idolatry.

    • Charles H


      Believers do not “commit idolatry every time you seem to put him above God, the Supreme One…” You misstate our position. Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew, and he was also God in the flesh – one with Jehovah the Father, you term the Supreme One. We do not put Jesus Christ above. He is God with the Father, or Supreme One, and God the Holy Spirit: these Three are One God. And , yes – He did die for men’s sin: under the conditions of Faith. Believe he is only a good man – and the sacrifice he made doesn’t do much; but if He was God Himself – you have eternal value.

  29. David Solomon

    The problem with Michael Snyder is that he has taken the words, writings and prophecies of other people and he SELLS them in a book to make profit.

    This is unfortunate. He could put the book on his site for free download, but he doesn’t.

    And what does he offer those who agree that America is doomed? Most American Christians don’t have much money. But Michael Snyder LOVES silver and is doing very well and profiting from book sales. NONE of the money from this book is being plowed into Christian ministry.

    The book is great but Snyder is obligated to reach as many people as he can with this life-saving information. Instead of making the book free, he is violating intellectual copyright law and limiting the number of people who will read his book.

    He must change this approach to be effective.

  30. JC

    ‘Hydrogel’, what Jerry has been warning us about.

    The Department of Defense, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, have partnered with a Silicon Valley company, Profusa, to implement a technology which could control our minds and bodies. What may seem like science fiction, is in fact happening in real-time.

    A permanent chip made of an advanced material called hydrogel irreversibly ties humans to the Internet “cloud.” The chip, about the size of a grain of rice, provides feedback to a database on changes in body chemistry and other biometrics. The company says technology will be used to detect COVID in the general population, before symptoms show.


  31. Milton Jacobson

    Wonderful program, Greg. Everyone should be inspired by it. The Bible makes it very clear that every Christian should submit themselves to Israel’s influence and strength, as this was certainly part of Jesus’ Holy Purpose.

  32. tomnchrist

    I agree with Fred, I hear or see little if any repentance from Chrisitans, Churches or Pastors. Most are still working for Godless Companies that ban any mention of Jesus or Chrisitanity in our history. Public Education teachers being a prime example. Government employees, Federal and local, follow seperation of church and state policies. Many phrophecies, such as David Wilkerson, are being fullfilled now in collaspe and destruction of the American way. I am betting on and preparing for a soon Rapture, and thinking Jesus can do it in a Volkswagen.

  33. Sylvia

    I Wish someone would tell me where to find the word ” RAPTURE” in the New Testament.
    Is that the parable of the Wheat and the Tares? The Wheat is separated from the Tares
    in the end times and Tares arebtaken away burned.
    Are the Tares “raptured” ‘ Sorry, I just don’t get it

    Enjoyed your guest, Greg.

    • eddiemd

      The word “rapture” itself is not found.

      “Harpazo” is found in the greek translation. The latin translation is “rapio”. “Caught up” is the phrase used in this context.

      1 Thes 4:15-18
      15 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. 16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. 18 Therefore comfort one another with these words.

    • Mario

      Hi Sylvia
      I hope all is well.
      The word rapture is not written in the Bible. It refers to believers being “taken up” with Jesus when He returns.
      There are many Christians that believe in the rapture and there are many that don’t. The idea of the rapture is definitely not as clear as other things in the Bible but it says in two places that basically all believes will be taken up into the air with Jesus.
      I think the order is something like this… Jesus returns and a trumpet sounds and those that have died and are believers are taken up and those of us that are believers and still alive are taken up as well with Jesus. After this the tribulation period starts which is 7 years. Then Jesus returns a second time and establishes His 1000 year reign then after that is Armageddon where Satan’s defeat is realized.

      This is a good article about the idea of the Rapture.

    • Robert

      The word “rapture” does not appear in any English translation of the Bible. The word “rapiemur” does appear in the Latin Vulgate translation of 1 Thess. 4:17. If the Latin is translated to English it could appropriately be translated as rapture. The Original Greek word of the same verse is ”harpazo” which means a snatching away. It is only used a handful of times in scripture.
      The mystery that Paul is speaking of in that verse is the snatching away of born again believers in Jesus who are being taken to heaven. There remains much disagreement on the timing of the rapture . That is, does it happen before, during, or after the period of tribulation. It is not the same event as the wheat and the tares. That is a reference to those who remain (i.e. survived) the tribulation and are judged afterward. Some will go into everlasting life, heaven, and some will go into everlasting damnation, that is to say hell or the lake of fire.
      I hope that helps,

  34. Darren

    Like I said a few weeks ago…The Fist of God is about to pulverize America….Time is up

  35. JC


    G. A. STEWART:
    My construction of Nostradamus’ apocalyptic timeline has not changed since I published, The Age of Desolation in 2010. In the intervening decade I have only added to it as events have materialized adding the details to very specific prophecies.

    Readers should keep in mind that the following events were on nobody’s radar screen in 2010. I provided the exact sequence of events.


  36. eddiemd

    Great sarcasm. Or is it? If you really believe what you wrote, then you are sadly misinformed. Understand that you are spiritually blind. You love the world and therefore cannot know the Truth.

    Someday you will bow down before Jesus the Messiah and confess that He is Lord.

    There is still hope for you. It is obvious you have never read the Scriptures. God is just and merciful. If you truly seek Him, you will find Him. He is always near.

  37. Rick G

    One of the constant factors in the history of mankind is the behavior of crowds. The Exodus of the Isrealites is peaceful as long as they follow God but evil and mob rule when they don’t. When Lot invites angels to spend the night as guests in his home in Sodom he is confronted by an angry unruly mob (Genesis 19) who wishes to kill Lot in order to defile them. Yet Jesus has sermons time and again with thousands of people who are nothing but peaceful. The Satanic mobs tried to kill the apostles in the book of Acts repeatibly. What Sen. Rand Paul went through the other night in D.C. after President Trump’s speech reminded me of this historical link of mankinds behavior. Order, peaceful, instructive equals good. Destructive, abandonment of morals, hatred of order is truly Satanic. What is happening in these cities run by Progressives is Satanic. No doubt.

  38. Arizona

    GREG,nothing is going to go the way everyone thinks,destruction is coming,and it won’t be stopped,OUR FATHER is hopping mad at the churches and america,their endless bloodbath is nothing compared to what hes going to do to this country,and it starts in September THIS YEAR,only days away…get your seatbelt on,its about to get rough out there,and IF your on any coast,MOVE NOW or you’ll die in the coming ocean tidal waves..OUR FATHER is opening the flood gates on america..take care my friend….

  39. Bill B

    Those who have not been paying attention to Gods prophets( John Paul Jackson, and Dave Wilkerson who have spoken plainly on whats coming. When all comes to a head their learning curve will be straight up.
    God Bless you and yours.

  40. Greg Morrissey

    Please read 2and Peter Chapter 3 starting in verse 10 to verse 18
    here it is
    10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.[a]

    11 Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12 as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.[b] That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. 13 But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.

    14 So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him. 15 Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him. 16 He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction.

    17 Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of the lawless and fall from your secure position. 18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.
    If we do not change this will be the result and the U.S.A. should be leading the way.

  41. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    Please, a quick question. Have you ever had or thought about having Tom Luongo as a guest on your show? He is a very articulate writer, much like Charles Hugh-Smith. Just a thought.

    • eddiemd

      What year did you study at DLI?

      I was there 83-84 for the Hungarian course. Lived in the army barracks up at the top of the hill just below the track. Used to love to run from the barracks down to Asilomar to the lighthouse past Lover’s Point to Cannery Row back up the hill.

      Later I was in a 14 week Russian course named CLP at Ft. Devens.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Eddie,
        I was there for basic Vietnamese(North) in 73/74 and then for advanced in ’75 and then recycled into Arabic Egyptian in ’76. I was supposed to go back as a TLA but my wife threatened to leave me if I took the assignment so I declined the assignment and went to HQ/NSA at Ft. Meade and worked there during the hostage crisis. President Carter suspended my leave in Nov. of ’79 and threatened to not let me separate until it was over but he finally relented in late July of ’80. I helped get 13 hostages released and worked the failed rescue in the Tabas Desert. Col. Charlie Beckwith was in command. I’ve heard this guy Steve Picenek or something like that on Alex Jones say that he started Delta Force but that is a bold face lie. It was Colonel Charlie.

        Glad to have a fellow DLIWC alumnus on the site and thank you very much for your service my friend.
        Lo Iyrah!

        • eddiemd


          I graduated the Special Forces Qualification Course on Feb 1st, 1983 and went to 10th Group at Ft. Devens. The SGM sent us to take the DLAB test upon arrival. I scored well and was given orders to go to Monterey for a year.
          I went back to Ft. Devens afterwards for a few years in 10th Group. I was a radio operator on a SITGA mountain team. We were targeted for 400km+ infiltration into eastern Europe in case of war with Warsaw Pact/ USSR. One way mission in reality.

          Later on in the late 90’s I was in 7th Group as a battalion flight surgeon with an area of operations in Latin America.

          Monterey Bay area was a great place to be. I had a bicycle for my main transportation and rode everywhere.

          • eddiemd

            My 3rd battalion Sergeant Major in 10th Group. He used to come down to the company areas and drink beer with us. Back in the mid-80’s.


            My battalion commander was LTC Kraus (inducted in 2011).


            There were many SF Vietnam vets in leadership back in the 80’s. They did not tolerate incompetency or stupidity. We could not afford a weak link on the team. I was a junior NCO back then. I remember going before SGM Lavoie and NCO promotion board in the summer of 84.

            • eddiemd

              An article written by my company SGM. He was a great leader at the company level. In a Special Forces company, a Major and SGM were the command structure. One rank above the team leaders and team sergeants.


              SGM Larsen used to help with post details like cutting grass and weeds. Imagine that, the SGM swinging a swing blade and pushing a lawn mower in the summer heat. We would be there with him. Leading by example. Later we would drink a beer with him.

          • Country Codger

            Back in the early ’70s Clint Eastwood used to jog on the beach at Asilomar. I used to body surf there and at Marina Beach and if we went to Santa Cruz, to the boardwalk, I would body surf there. In the ’70s Monterey was the place to be as well as Big Sur.

            I loved my time in service overall. I would never have gotten an education had it not been for the GI Bill.

            Very glad to know you, Eddie. Thanks again.

  42. Mario

    Mr Miller
    I find it very hard to understand how someone can be an atheist, especially someone who seems smart like yourself.
    93% of the population believe in a god or a creator. Whether they be Muslim, Christian, Hindu, etc 9 out of 10 people believe in something. They can’t all be right as there is only one Truth and that is Jesus! However to believe that this world and everything in it happened by chance is completely crazy.
    I have a degree in Science and the more I learned how intricate everything was and how things interacted etc the more obvious it was that there is a Creator. By the way, science does not disprove that there is a God despite what some people think or say. The Bible has been proven archeologically, geographically, historically etc.
    From your comment it doesn’t sound like you read the Bible at all. It’s life changing for sure. If you can do me one favour please, ask God to make himself real to you. Tell him that you don’t think he is real and that you don’t have time for believing in something that’s not real so if He is real you want Him to give you a sign. Do that please. He 100% does not disappoint. If you don’t want to do it maybe you are worried that He is real. You have nothing to lose. Give it a honest try and you will be amazed my friend. The time is short.

  43. Occasnltrvlr

    I wouldn’t count on a whole lot of mercy at my particular judgment if I were you, Mr. Miller.

  44. Todd

    Great stuff. Thanks Greg

  45. Charles H

    Mr. Miller,

    The Bible, both the Old and New Testaments are a spiritual revelation cloaked in language. If you are unwilling or unable to place belief, or conferring credit to God for such a work: you are nothing but somebody outside the store looking in. You can look all you want and opine to one’s heart’s content: but you have not tasted the ware inside.

    Those who HAVE – know that Truth is the standard of Proof; and holds it’s own over time. Imagine that the God Who gave life and intelligence would require faith first – before opening the understanding to “see”. We like people to accept at face value what we say to them: but we should begrudge God what is essentially due Him?

  46. IVAN

    END OF THE UNITED STATES – IN BIBLE CODE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09q9nN6WO80&t=575s GEORGE SOROS in Bible Codes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPU1b0yLrSU&t=1s

  47. Brick Stonehead

    I have a few thoughts here. First, the Roman Catholic church was the first church and as such was the first group who worshipped our Savior, Jesus of Nazareth. We should recognize that fact and acknowledge the foundation that we stand on that they created. Just like the Jews. We owe them a debt. However, other churches and many Christians cannot believe everything the Roman Catholic church teaches. We do not “worship” Mary, call our leaders “Father”, and believe that priests can forgive us. But the MAIN thing is that they believe in Jesus the same as we do. They are our Christian brothers and sisters.
    We do not have to agree on every detail. Faith is the important thing.

  48. Rita Ellithorpe

    Thanks for your work and speakers. But the deep state also has infiltrated the church. So that people will believe in a Rapture that is pre-tribulation. When it is a pre-wrath post tribulation. Please watch ” After the Tribulation ” on you tube done by the most hated pastor in the world banned in 34 countries now Pastor Steven Anderson from Faithful Word Baptist Church Tempe Az. It is worth your time and well done documentary.
    Sincerely Rita Ellithorpe MD

    • eddiemd

      What is a pre wrath, post tribulation rapture? When does that occur on Daniel’s timeline or in Revelation?

  49. IVAN

    President Trump Will be Re-elected in Bible Code https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82d8pym-lHA&t=185s THE ASTEROID – ON THE 12 OF ELUL (1 SEP. 20/20) – IN BIBLE CODE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoPB7U25hzI&t=102s

  50. lightning

    Why hasn’t ANTIFA been officially labeled a DOMESTIC TERRORIST Organization?

    President Trump indicated he “wanted” this (early on)..but the FBI HAS DONE NOTHING!

    ANTIFA is intertwined with the MARXIST BLM.

    Go after the financial support to this organization and the organized violence fizzles out quickly. Cut the money , cut the support, charge and out the people funding it.

    Does the FBI want all of this mayhem? Seems like it to me. Do you feel comfortable with a country’s leading law enforcement agency seeming to ignore MARXIST Terrorists?

  51. Rick

    Michael Snyder is a supreme pessimist and never offers a solution to our problems! The ONLY solution will come from Almighty God’s divine throne. Blow the dust off your Bible Michael and read the prophets, Matt. 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 and Revelation. You give your readers NO positive hope for the future!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Snyder did offer a solution, and that was pray to and believe in Jesus Christ. You just did not like his solution. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

    • Rev Andrew de Berry

      Rick I go by Snyder’s failure to smile as the big give-away.

  52. wondering

    Praying and giving thanks to the good powers of the universe should be done daily regardless of nasty politics and evil world powers. But don’t just pray and give up.

    Take your family out target shooting at least once a month. Make sure they know how to shoot. They need to know how to protect themselves. If you don’t have guns, get them. Do it now. Someday is already here.

    Save food and water and medicine. Have containers full with water and some to collect rain water.

    Install a wood stove if possible and gather wood. Get extra gas containers and fill. Get some kind of solar panels to help with power outages. Can food. Dehydrate food and store properly. Get extra warm clothing.

    Ignore main stream media and most online media. Don’t get vaccinated. No one is going to save you but yourself. So think. And smile because God is watching.

  53. eddiemd

    The sooner you get your flu shot, the sooner they get your name on the coronavirus vaccine list. Big push on local news stations in Arizona to get a flu vaccination.


    Just say no.

  54. Beverly

    It seems like it has not been as easy to post a comment. I don’t see my comments showing up quickly like they used to. Now, maybe you’ve changed your review of them. It just seems like something is messed up with commenting. Hope not. Thanks for all you do.

    • MCasey

      Beverly…..yeah, something is not working. There have been several comments here to that effect. My two or three comments over the last few weeks have not posted. System problem. I’ll be surprised if you are reading this because I don’t expect this to post either. The bugs will eventually work themselves out.

      Let me put another question to the group. I subscribe to several “conservative” YOUTUBE channels; for the last 2-3 weeks, I no longer receive the email notification when a new YouTube is posted. I’ve tried everything I can think of….even “unsubscribed” and resubscribed and rang the bell again…no luck. Is this happening to anyone else?

      Going to copy this in case it doesn’t post so I can just paste it and try again.

      • Paul ...

        Could be the work of Google and YouTube censors trying to make our inter-communication more difficult !!

      • Beverly

        I read your reply to my post about comments being posted. I appreciate your comment and support. I don’t know why these problems are occuring, except that someone has either tried to update the website and there was a bug in the update, or else the system was hacked into and bugs introduced. Also, I’m sure it is a huge responsibility for Greg to go through all the comments and try to figure out what should be posted or not. I would think he has help. Could be that on certain people who post, they watch or edit them more carefully. I don’t know. As far as your youtube experiences—–I know that Del Bigtree, who produced the movie VAXXED was totally kicked off of youtube. He spoke in person here in Utah at a rally, and WOW!! What a speech! Everyone should go on youtube and google Del Bigtree and listen to something of his. Boy does he have great information. He talks about Body Autonomy—having the rights of ownership over our own body. I don’t have any subscriptions, so I haven’t noticed much, but they are always finding ways to mess with people and information.

  55. eddiemd

    Good source on news coming out of Israel.

    It gives the regional news. Form your own opinion on the bias. This can give you the news about the upcoming man of peace and perdition.


    • eddiemd

      An alternative website to drudge report. Always has good alternative news sources.


  56. Hubert

    Hello Greg,
    I have been following your site for many years. Very informative with a lot of very good speakers. However i have found that the site is now full of prophecies and religious ideas. I have nothing against the change but wonder if it is the right direction.

    First not all of your followers are Christian and I don’t think you are trying to convert them to Christianity. So why do you deviate from the past?

    Second not all you followers are American. The United States (which is not United anymore) has a large influence in the world and will definitely affects a lot of nations in the world when (not IF) it falls. However, even if I am convinced that the impact in Canada will be strong, it will be nowhere close to what is going to happen to The US.

    Third, instead of praying to whomever people pray to, acting as human beings is what is expected of us. “God” gave us the tools for thinking, deciding and acting. We can change the world though compassion, understanding and love. This doesn’t mean that we have to agree with riots, burning and killing. Of course NOT but by changing the governments who are managing our lifes. WE have been too complacent for too long and people (so called “elite”, “experts”,”politicians”) have been taking advantage of the situation. WE can change this and “God” will be our witness not the actor.

    Fourth, Prophecies are warnings not unavoidable events. If you smoke a lot of cigarettes doctors will tell you (Prophecy) you have a good change of dying of cancer. This is based on cause and effect laws. However if you stop smoking there is a very good change that you will not die of cancer. We are affected by the natural laws of the Universe (created by “God”) and if we follow or do not follow the laws this or that will happen.
    IF this was not true, it would mean that free will doesn’t exist and whatever we do (burn building, kill people, abuse children…) or take care of the poor, the sick, the weak… has not effect on the Universe and whatever is supposed to happen WILL happen no matter what (even if you pray your “God”)

    • Mario

      Hello Hubert

      I hope all is well.

      I’m also from Canada. I’ve been following Greg for about 7-8 years maybe? He’s been a Christian for that long and always finished his WNW the same way as long as I can remember. Fear Not… God the Father and His son Jesus Christ is in control.

      Prayer is powerful and does change situations. That’s 100%.
      Prophecy is a “heads up” of what is to come.
      Can things change? I guess if North America repents for turning our back on God. I think both Canada and the USA were founded on Christian beliefs. There are consequences to our sin. It’s not so much a punishment but rather a consequence. They seem the same but they’re not.
      If you are not a believer you should revisit that part of your life. People can prepare all you want for things to come but this life is temporary, eternity is forever. As I posted earlier on this page, if you don’t believe in God ask him to make Himself real to you. He will 100%. Seek Him and you will find Him.


      • Hubert

        Hello Mario,

        I am a believer and “talk” to God many times. I say Thank you when things are good but also say Thank you when they are not so good because there are times with joy and times for sorrow. Without the two you have no life or to be more precise you do not realize what human beings’ life is about. In order to perfect yourself and get closer to the divine you have to have the two. If this was not the case you would wonder why “God” did not create us perfect (I know, I know…the sin).

        I agree that Greg has always talked about Christ and ends his WNW with “fear not….” and this is fine.

        Where I have a problem is when people come and talk about “prophecies”. As I explained “prophecies” are in my opinion “events that could happen if human do this or that”. Based on my understanding (right for some religions and wrong for others) WE are the ones deciding of our future. Praying to “God” so he protects us is the wrong way. DOING is what creates a different future.

        Back to Greg, who is a man I have a lot of respect for, my question was:
        Why bring people who talk about prophecies in his site? If I understand what they are saying, there is nothing much WE can do because it is already written. Just to be prepared for what is definitely coming (in a religious sense)? So why should we listen to monetary or economic… experts on USAwatchdog if our destiny is already written? Just go the church and pray to be saved!

        Again, the only option for us is to put our heads up and fight these arrogant people who think they are “God” and know better than us. This was my message and still is.

    • Beverly

      I agree with your message that things can change if people repent. BUT, there are things in the Bible that were shown to John the Revelator and Daniel about what will happen in the future. I’m sure others saw more too. If things are shown to God’s prophet and that prophet prophesies with the Gift of the Holy Ghost influencing what he says, then those prophesies are going to happen. Yes, a man did say it, but in a way, it was God saying it. God was saying it through men who are righteous enough to have the Holy Ghost. God knows what will happen. His time is different than ours. He knows our hearts because we are His children.

  57. wondering

    Regarding Rick’s comment. No, praying is not the solution. Praying is for mental comfort and hope. If you don’t pray daily out of habit, praying should be used after you run out of bullets. And even then, it isn’t a solution.

    People need to stand up to this tyranny and fight. Just praying isn’t going to cut it.

    • Hubert

      Totally agree with you.

    • Paul Anthony

      There will probably be more and more violence that we will hav eta fight against. AS there was in the Bible at times. But I don’t think you really grasp how powerful prayer is nor how if EVERYONE in mass prayed miracles would happen and do happen right now because of prayer. The battle we’re in is epic. Prayer is an epic and powerful tool. Always has been and that will always be the truth. Philippians 4:6Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

  58. tim mcgraw

    Mr. Snyder, there was NO pandemic! The CDC just admitted that 94% of the deaths were not from Covid. The dead had 2.3 other major health problems. The pandemic is a LIE!
    As for what God will do. Who knows? Why didn’t God wreak his vengeance after WWI or WWII? America killed all those Japanese and German civilians. The National Socialists and the Marxist Socialists killed each other by the dozens of millions. Stalin starved 7 million to death in the Ukraine. The Japanese killed millions in Asia. Pol Pot… Mao…killed millions more.
    So why, Mr. Snyder, would God be so mad at the Americans for the relatively few deaths we’ve caused, including abortions?
    Anyone who presumes to know the Mind of God is mad. I make no such claims. We all do the best we can as we keep our faith in Jesus Christ and the good in humanity.

  59. Paul Anthony

    Ive been reading The lost Prophecies

    The book is scary. Its basically Prophecies of hell on earth. Its scary stuff worse than any horror movie.

    My plan is to repent> of course I am a christian and all ready repent and basically praise God and repent in prayer daily. Even if one percent of theses prophecies becomes true – its just awful and literally hell on earth. Every Christina we know should be praying and asking The Lord for revival.

    If yo don’t know God get to know Him now.

    I mean .. the book makes me angry – It doesn’t have to be this way – its so horrific – I know my non Christian friend will not even consider reading it – Which is really right where the problem lies — end times happen even of we don’t want it. I just pray we’re not there yet. Just …. I dunno … anger makes more anger and evil makes more evil – evil is happening right now and people are angry – So .. THIS is the problem Lies are covered with more lies – time to stop the snowball ! On our knees

    Paul Anthony

  60. Great article.

  61. Christian

    People think God will judge the USA because of all the various types of sin like abortion or messing with Israel. That is not the reason we are being judged, we are being judged because almost all of the churches in this country, and i mean almost all, are denying the power of the death burial and resurrection of Jesus the Son of God. All the churches tell you oh yea its all about what Jesus did, that is the only way to get saved is by believing in what he did, then those very same churches turn around and add works to the salvation equation. Some of them like the church of christ tell you you have to be baptised to get saved. They do it in such a hideous evil way that unsuspecting new christians dont understand and get completely confused about if they are really saved or not, because they are worried if they dont tithe or do what the churches say to do then they will be damned to hell. Most churches are now all about control and manipulation in one form or another. Jesus is God’s son, and he is pissed that American churches have made it almost impossible for someone to get really saved. It is by believing in what Jesus did alone that gets us saved, nothing we do will get us saved. Nothing.
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    I wanted to be saved, I wanted that assurance that I was saved, I went to church after church, all the denominations, even the non denominations and a few house churches. The more I went to church the more confused I became. The more fearful I became. I tried to be so good. I did so much for others, for God and I kept waiting for that assurance because the churches said, and it is in the bible that if we are saved our works will show that we are saved. But I didnt feel saved. I felt condemned because of my past sin, so I did more works, the more works I did the more prideful and arrogant I became, and I hated myself. I kept looking for that assurance, I looked everywhere. I listened to so many sermons probably in the thousands. And yet I still did not feel saved and I hated myself worse and worse. Finally, I finally got it. I finally realized I could never be good enough no matter how good I tried to be. Never. I finally understood that I had to completely trust in what Jesus did for my salvation. That I could not add even one of my works to be saved. I had been trying to make up for my past, and just could never do it. I am telling the truth, if you really research and listen closely and watch what the American churches are doing you will see that I am telling the truth. Sin has always been with us since the Garden of Eden, but Jesus is the Son of God, Imagine if he were your son, imagine, if your son had died to save the world and the people that were supposed to be sharing that good news with people took it and denied the power of what he did for them, I think you would be pretty pissed off. Im just telling the truth.

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