Middle East Chaos &War, Clinton Email Woes, Planned Parenthood Update

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (WNW 210 10.02.15)

The Middle East is spiraling into chaos and war at an alarming rate. It went from a war of words between President Obama and President Putin at the UN on Monday to the Russians bombing targets in Syria just a few days later. The Russians say they are fighting terrorism, and the U.S. says Russia is propping up the Syrian government, and it is bombing the CIA backed so-called moderate rebels. Russia has sent the world’s biggest nuclear armed submarine to the coast of Syria. It reportedly holds some 200 nuclear warheads, and its missiles have more than a 6,000 mile range. It looks like the Russians are in it for the long haul and are drafting 150,000 into the Russian military. Ash Carter, U.S. Defense Secretary, says the Russian plan is “doomed to fail.” I have been saying for years the Russians were not going to allow Assad to be removed from power. It has a strategic port on the Syrian coast in Tartus, and it has spent billions of dollars retrofitting it for nuclear armed ships and subs. Obama looks like a buffoon and failure on the foreign policy stage. Putin looks like he is taking over, and there is not much President Obama is going to do about it.

Meanwhile, Iran has already sent hundreds of troops to Syria. The goal has always been to prop up the Assad government, and the Iranians (Shia) are going to go after Sunni Muslims and terror groups in both Syria and Iraq. This is going to be a very bloody turn for the Middle East. This is going to send the war prospects into hyper-drive as Sunnis from around the region will flock to go in to fight Russia and Iran.

As if there is not enough chaos in the Middle East, Palestinian leader President Mahmoud Abbas says he will no longer abide by any of the peace deals with Israel. Abbas is blaming Israel, which he calls an “occupying power,” for the breakdown. This can only mean increased tension and fighting in Israel. It looks like this entire region will melt down into all-out war. There is no end or peace process in sight.

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal keeps getting worse every week. In the latest news, Russian hackers targeted Hillary’s private email server that she used while she was Secretary of State. My question is how many other countries or hackers tried to break into this server? I find it hard to believe that anyone who wanted to break in would not stop until they got in. This was a secret for years to the American public, but it probably was not a secret to the hackers. It was also coming to light that more and more emails apparently contained classified information. The range of possible felonies for Mrs. Clinton and her staff are stunning. Obstruction of justice, perjury, and mishandling of classified information are just a few that come to mind.

Planned Parenthood keeps defending itself by saying the gruesome undercover videos making deal for baby parts is “deceptively edited.” It denied it has done anything wrong in Congressional testimony this past week. The mainstream media keeps repeating this statement, which I think is a provable lie. Twelve of these undercover videos marked “full content” are available for viewing on the Center for Medical Progress YouTube channel. That is the group that did the investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices of selling baby body parts. I have also looked at the edited versions and do not see the so-called “deceptive editing.” The media, such as USA Today, has a duty to vet these statements by Planned Parenthood. It should force Planned Parenthood to show the deception. What is on the videos that I saw, edited or not, are top medical doctors employed by Planned Parenthood haggling over the sale of baby body parts. They want to use a sanitized term like “tissue” when it is, in fact, parts such as the eyes, brains kidneys, hearts and lungs. Shame on USA Today for acting like a liberal rag and not vetting statements that appear patently untrue when you look at the videos. I called USA Today for a comment two days in a row and got no response.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Just saw a headline which reads “An Emotional Obama Responds to Today’s School Shootings”. Though I did not read the story, seeing the cartoon you posted with this week’s WNWrap up made me think this is the “prefect crisis” for president Obama to demonstrate that what is now perceived as weakness unquestionably on the world stage in the face of just being upstaged by someone showing real leadership, i.e. Vladmir Putin, Obama is really just someone who has a deep emotional “sensitivity” for the value of human life for which he should be admired and respected. Maybe it’s just a bit of cynicism creeping into my analysis, but where are the tears and expressions of deep emotional anguish for the millions of destroyed and murdered lives our disastrous foreign policy has wrought by the current Nobel peace prize holding Commander in Chief? All I can say is “Come soon Lord Jesus” and “Maranatha”, The Lord comes, let all who do not love the Lord’s appearing be anethama , see Paul’s letter to the Corinthians 16:22. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg!

    • paul

      School shootings and we hear demands to take away our guns … what do Christian beheading’s demand?

  2. DLC (formerly Donna)

    Deidre Imus (of Don Imus fame) and Lis Wiehl were laughing at Putin’s stature alongside Obama a few days back, how he looked like such a little dweeb compared to the towering Obama.

    The very next day, little sawed-off Putin served the US a 1-hour notice to get out of the way in Syria. Everything with libs is how it looks, not the truth, not results.

    Syria is in Putin’s backyard as is Ukraine. How long can you just sit around watching the US cut a murderous swath by proxy through your neighborhood — and your’re sitting there taking the blame for it? “O” is all mouth with a goosestep press. He finally dropped a cinder block on Putin’s foot once too often.

    Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. What an impressive list of take-down projects for a country that cannot find its own backside in managing its own problems.

    So now the bear is out of its cage and the statuesque “O” is heading for the tall grass, making a run at Americans with gun control while in full retreat himself. Would be laughable except that this fool is our fool.

    • paul

      US financial and military support for “moderate” terrorists in the Middle East was playing “brainless” checkers … Russia has decided to take matters in its own hands … implementing airstrikes against the terrorists, taking control of the airspace in the region and sending in ground forces … this is more like playing “strategic” chess …there is absolutely no ambiguity about Russia’s current tactics in Syria … their intent is crystal clear … they will forcefully take out all those ISIS terrorists killing “Christians” … and they will “put a complete stop” to the insane murder and beheading of innocent Christian women and children by these terrorists … Russian officials have made it very clear to the US … “make sure you don’t have anyone around ISIS targets … and “get out of the air” … “we are going to stop these ISIS terrorist cold” … the US main stream media is all in a tither … calling the Russian move a “strategic blunder” … why?? … do they “sadistically enjoy” seeing Christian heads roll??

  3. Don

    Good wrap-up Greg, its looking like the Psalms 83 war may start soon. The PM of Israel visited the UN and rebuked them for there anti-Semitism. Israel will not submit to the will of the UN, if it means there security is jeopardized. Of coarse at some point they will be draw into a third a many nation covenant, according to scripture. Russia is flat throwing in a monkey wrench into the gears, of the Obama administration. The psalms 83 war is the ancient enemies of Israel touching there borders. The Magog war includes Russia an the Islamic nations farther out from Israel. Iran the ancient Persia is involved in both wars. Israel may end up totally destroying Damascus before its over with, as the scripture points out. Well, once again, good wrap-up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Great calamity and harm will come to Russia and Iran. Mark my words.

      • Don

        Yes brother, it will go the way scriptures speak. Ezek. 38 I believe tells us 5/6 of the Russian and Iran, along with the rest involved against Israel will be stoned with fire and brimstone in the northern mountains of Israel, by God himself. The Lord said he will fight for Israel, as he did in the days of old, and Gog will be buried there. So you are absolutely right. In Ezek 39 the prophet said from that moment on, he will begin to reveal himself to the nation once again. Zech. said that a fountain for cleansing would be open once again to the house of Israel. We should see psalms 83 war fought in the near future, which will probably mean the destruction of Damascus which will lead to the Magog war. Once again good job Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Don.
          Although it is not my place, I suspect judgment will be harsh.

          • Ole Guy

            I think judgment will be harsh for all Greg. Russia/China, and the EU/ USA are setting up for what could be easily a nuclear exchange if someone makes a mistake in this control of the new silk road. This is what the war is all about, resources and control of their flow.

            Now the president wants to distract the public with more calls for gun control and how great the economy is doing.

            What is sad about Hillary is if you or I would have set up a private server exchanging government information we would be sitting in jail right now. What’s even worse is people will vote for this criminal. She will promise more wealth extraction from us working stiffs and promise more handouts and that is all that matters to most voters these days.

            Did any of you note the past two months of employment reports were revise downward? Imagine that and no one in the media wants to report that. I just want to facepalm when seeing the current employment report and the percentage does not change. I guess our education system is doing its best to produce people that do not understand simple math.

            I consider the Middle East to be very dangerous right now and one wrong move on any side could end in the exchange of nukes.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        It sounds very much to me like both you and Don suffer from a classic case of Russiaphobia. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion but this is unconditionally at odds with healthy journalism.

        Your country has rampaged around the ME for some 70 years causing death, chaos, and perpetual destabilisation and left the whole region in anarchy.

        Another super power is left with no choice but to try to re-establish some sort of order in just one part of the region, because it directly threatens their immediate regional security, and you guys are critical of this!

        I find it absolutely extraordinary to see this sort of hegemonic parochial comment on WD. Comments like this are reminiscent of the nonsensical hypocrisy and dribble that we have come to expect from the likes of Kerry, Nuland and Obama.

        • Don

          Dear Colin the farmer. Greg and myself were not trying to be critical, we just believe the scriptures. What I said was simply what the bible says not my opinion or desire. America has murdered millions of unborn babies, and now has legislated homosexual marriage, which are seen as abomination in God’s eyes, and is playing a role in dividing the land of Israel, and turned against the apple of God’s eye. So my opinion means nothing, its what God declares which means something. Judgment will come to America, because, the nation that forgets God will be turned into hell. Its all about believing God’s word or not. Those who believe it, and act in accordance to God’s will, will be blessed, which includes support for Israel.

      • frank postion

        My dear friend, it also is coming to a “theater near you and me soon”.
        China will not stand by and let the usa destroy their best buddy Russia, because it would leave them alone to face Natoad and the usa……
        Greg, if you are talking about a certain prophesy , it also says
        Besides many Biblical scholars confirming that this probably refers to the US, it also sounds that way.
        We were blessed with two oceans on either side so the only war fought on our soil was the Civil War.
        The not so distant future is going to be beyond our worst nightmares, unfortunately !
        remember the quote “And if the time wasn’t cut short, then NO FLESH (no humans ) would be saved” sobering words from Matthew 24.
        Getting the right mindset and spiritual footing will mean the difference between life and death.
        Humanity is getting ready to go totally mad a

    • Charles H


      My take on Eschatology – is before Armageddon the seven years of Tribulation occur. And it is in the middle, three and a half year point, which divides Tribulation from the Great Tribulation – where the desecration of the alter of the new Temple takes place. So if you put this into a time-line – the Temple in Jerusalem must be built and in place along with the (superseded and obsolete) animal sacrificial system .
      Whether or not we are actually in the beginning of woes – I can’t say. But up next is some kind of peace with Israel which gives them the new Temple and they restore the Sacrifice. Any number of things can happen to bring this about, including coming to the brink of war and annihilation. (Wars and rumors of wars). Likely the person bartering this deal to Israel will be the anti-christ; and for this great ‘accomplishment’ – will be received as the Messiah. That is until in the middle of Tribulation, the alter is desecrated, and the nation of Israel will know the error and turn their hearts in one day back to Jesus Christ, as the true Messiah. Supernatural judgments are made as the Bible spells out; Israel is Divinely protected in the Wilderness – then after all Tribulation is complete: Armageddon occurs; Christ returns to the earth and begins the Millennial Reign.
      In short – I see a bumpy ride yet – for the Temple to be built. All the preparations for it’s building is already made. So we are close. That futile Temple – to me is the sign-post. Maybe THAT is the chip that bargains Middle-East peace? (Peace, peace, when there is no peace.)

      • paul

        Charles … What’s with Netanyahu trying to make a “secret deal” to hand over Mount Zion to the Pope? … in a tradition going back to Moses the Pope is now currently being tried by “Sanhedrin” for recognizing the State of Palestine (which “voids” the validity of Israel’s claim to their God-given homeland) … what of Netanyahu’s actions?

        Is this all a prelude to the Vatican “declaring” that Jesus was really a Palestinian?

      • sk

        God cares whether a lamb gets its throat cut or not? And it must be cut on a particular brick-and-rock structure? Don’t you think He has bigger fish to fry?

        • Charles H


          Nice barb. Rather unnecessary, but succinct.
          The Old Testament Sacrificial System was superseded and ended when Jesus Christ shed His Divine blood on the Cross, once for all to purchase Salvation. The futile attempt of returning to that severed connection to God, illustrates once again how head-strong and wrong man can be. Calling into question the method and specific placement of the terms of a Covenant relationship is a poor use of sarcasm. Death by a thousand cuts to any and all superstitious beliefs, eh? Disrespect not just toward God; but an entire race of men – that’s kinda big.
          By the way, the – “Don’t you think he has bigger fish to fry?”: is absurdly irreverent. Why taunt us with a question man cannot answer. Shouldn’t you be asking that question yourself to the One you don’t believe exists? And I thought this site was for answers; not poking fun.

      • Don

        Yes Charles, we should be getting close, as the temple institute is ready. I do see other wars happening both prior to and in the tribulation that Israel will be involved in, but believe your understanding is pretty good. Have you ever considered the prophecy Jesus spoke concerning Elisha coming before the great and terrible day of the Lord? Should we look for the prophet to show up in Israel? I believe a regional war were Damascus is totally destroy, as in Isa. 17th chap. could both set the stage for a false covenant and the Magog war of Ezek.38th chap..

        • Charles H


          My apologies, being busy, to get back to you here. I just received word of a family friend committed suicide, and will change after this comment to visit the family…

          Concerning Ezekiel 38, 39 – this reference seems to embellish the accounts of Armageddon, at the end of Tribulation – as God Himself wars.
          Isaiah 17 and the woe of Damascus seems to deal with those of Israel dwelling in Damascus – “Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy salvation.” – with an extreme remnant left. It’s hard to think non-believers would fit this description. But this narrative fits in with many chapters and prophesy to go around. In Isaiah 24:16, there seems to be a transition to the part of Tribulation of the last three and a half years, or Great Tribulation. So whether Damascus precedes the beginning of Tribulation, or is within it is hard to tell.
          And the Elijah reference threw me as by concordance it does not appear; Matt.17 and the Transfiguration lists “Elias”. This reference – verse 11 is answered in verse 13: as John the Baptist. It’s hard to say Malachi 4:5 concurs with the Two Witnesses of Rev 11:3? Since Scripture often deals in ‘types’: it’s hard to tell. These are sign-posts for those who go through these times. I don’t think the born-again Church will be on earth for all this (pre-Trib rapture). I think it is enough we are warned, and given the sense of things to come. To predict with certainty, what is given in deliberate uncertainty, seems unprofitable.

  4. frank tilly

    Did you notice who also is there off the coast of Syria?
    The Chinese navy has sent ships including their aircraft carrier .
    I think the guest who said that Russia and the Us were going to fight China was blowing psyops smoke to help convince the average american that we would only have to fight Russia and in the words of the obomination, “Russia is just a regional power ”
    I have a very bad feeling about the stupid bellicose response president two year old has in mind and what his half backed aides have told him is reality……..

  5. Zoren Sonash

    Oh Gerg P L E A S E

    You always always always make it seem like we are giving to IRAN a hundred and fifty billion dollars.

    That’s their money

    I am still following your videos but I am starting to filter very carefully what you say, because someone is donating to you very generously and you are taking sides
    You are ringing that alarms all the time about IRAN but you are completely silent about WMD that Israel have

    Please be unbiased

    • Greg Hunter

      I call it the way I see it. As far as this cheap shot comment “because someone is donating to you very generously and you are taking sides” Israel is not donating to me and you are a total jerk to imply that. I built my site with my own savings and sweat equity. Please go somewhere else.

      • Jim Ludwig

        Zoren is exactly right about the money being Iran’s.

        • Linda louin

          Indeed, America is responsible for war by proxy all over the Middle East, with Syria as the latest train wreck. However Iran is also guilty of this same activity, causing billions in monetary loss/destruction throughout the Middle East too. So why is it that America owes Iran, in particular, a whooping 150 billion in US taypayer dollars? If Syria is ever stabilized to habitable levels, maybe the 150 billion should be utilized to send all the Syrian refugees back to their country, otherwise the West is fried.

          • Occasnltrlvr

            Ms. louin,
            Those $150 billion are NOT taxpayer dollars.

      • Charles H


        TECHNICALLY – the 150 Billion are ‘frozen assets”; which technically belong to Iran. But if they are held in lieu of criminal actions: then their return is unjustified.
        But don’t let this ‘technicality’ stop you from calling a spade a spade; or defending yourself from obvious mud-slinging.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree and thank you for adding this.

        • Dan

          “Held in lieu of criminal actions” & I suppose the US is the world’s enforcement agency? In that case, who’s policing the “police”???

      • D Hinton

        Righteous indignation is a good thing, and you use it properly!
        (Please loan a little to Dr. Ben Carson.)
        Excellent wrap-up.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Good for you!!
        I don’t believe Russia will allow anything dreadful to happen to Israel…Many Russians live there with family in Russia, just for a start. Also, Putin is not hypocritical about being a Christian. I see him as a Lincoln-like Christian: cagey, political, shrewd, and also God fearing. I think the west would prove more anti semitic and casual about evil falling to Israel.

    • George T. (Formerly George)

      The Jews have had nukes for forty years and have not used them yet. They are not screaming to the world that they are going to annihilate the Jews. I think every dime of the monies seized from Iran should go to the hostages .
      Sorry that you think Greg, who is following facts and evidence is in the wrong. But then I know that you are a troll, with a below the belt shot. Don’t go away mad, just go away

  6. paul

    As Greg says “the Middle East is spiraling toward war” … governments usually print money “out of thin air” to pay for the huge cost of war … this is inflationary … and both silver and gold will reflect such inflation of the money supply … yet there are those who just won’t buy silver and gold because they fear “peace” may make their price can go lower … for these people there is an alternative … simply buy nickels … which are worth a quarter right now!

    Why is a nickel worth a quarter right now? … here’s the answer!


    Now … lets say peace breaks out in the Middle East and the Fed does not inflate and instead decides to allow commodity prices to collapse (rather then create more fiat) … well owning nickels “still preserves your purchasing power” as the printed value on the nickel coin remains constant at 5 cents … therefore owning nickels protects you from any downside risk “if commodity prices decline” (which is not the case for metals like copper, nickel, platinum, palladium, silver and even gold which many still consider to be a commodity) … however if war does occur and the Fed does print … expanding the money supply by creating more fiat … inflation will push the prices of all metals and commodities higher … but your nickel coins will not be left behind (because it contains a good percentage of the “war metals” copper and nickel) … so as metal prices rise the nickel coin will be worth more then its stated value of 5 cents … therefore holding “cash” in nickel coin form protects you both ways … 1) it protects against downside risk during deflation by holding the constant dollar value stamped on the coin and 2) it provides upside price appreciation during inflation as the “war metals” copper and nickel prices rise … so by my thinking holding US nickels (which is both a deflation and inflation hedge) “IS THE BEST CASH” that phony Fed fiat paper money IOU’s can ever buy you!

    • Occasnltrlvr

      While I agree wholeheartedly that nickels are the best inflation/deflation hedge, after I got my tenth box of them I began to question the real-world viability of the strategy… .

      • paul

        Occasnltrlvr … you are well prepared for the “un-real world” to come … just keep the boxes under your bed and wait for things to get bad … if things never go bad … you still have a thousand bucks that can’t be bailed in by the banks!

        • paul

          And if things go “unbelievably bad” … each nickel you own will be worth $25 phony fiat IOU “currency units” instead of being only worth $0.25 cents each right now according to the zerohedge article above!

          • Galaxy 500

            And zero Hedge said a bit coin was worth ten ounces of gold.
            Yoi are buying into a fairy tale. Just remember my warning because when you pull out your nickels out and find they are still worth five cents in an every inflating world, chances are this site won’t be up for me to tell you again

          • Galaxy 500

            That is not what the article is saying

      • Galaxy 500

        If the country is bankrupt, you think a nickel is going to be worth something?
        It won’t be just the Fed bankrupt, it will be the entire govt. I can’t wait for you or Paul to show up to some store an expect to get more than a nickel for a nickel. It is flawed reasoning. Buy silver.
        Industrial metals are going to crash as no one will have money to buy manufactured goods.
        Here is a sight giving real world values

    • Galaxy 500

      how do you calculate a nickel is worth a quarter?
      They are worth less than four cents on metal value.
      Using the latest metal prices and the specifications above, these are the numbers required to calculate melt value:
        $2.3272  =copper price / pound on Oct 02, 2015..75  =copper %$4.5609  =nickel price / pound on Oct 02, 2015..25  =nickel %5.00  =total weight in grams.00220462262  =pound/gram conversion factor (see note directly below)

    • Galaxy 500

      Just because there is five times more demand than currency doesn’t make your nickel worth a quarter. All of that will be wiped out. It is called bad debt.
      If we get severe deflation, your nickel will increase in buying power. If we get a lot of inflation, which I think is more likely, first they will round prices to the nearest dollar, then five, then ten.
      I don’t see what ever merchants that remain giving you some make believe value for a coin .

      • paul

        Galaxy … you say: “If we get severe deflation, your nickel will increase in buying power” … I assume you mean “all cash” will be worth more in a deflation … then you say: “If we get a lot of inflation, which I think is more likely, first they will round prices to the nearest dollar, then five, then ten.” … now ask yourself … why would they be rounding up? … because no coins will be in circulation … people will be hoarding coins because they have “metal value” … not the current metal value you quote above for copper and nickel … but metal values that could be $30 dollars per pound for copper and $75 dollars per pound for nickel … and using such “inflation valuations” … coinflation.com will eventually be showing the nickel to be worth about 10 times its current value … so as I say … the nickel is both a good deflation and inflation hedge!

  7. Collateral Damage


    I think you summed up the entire week, in fact the entire summer with a statement you made in your final sentence today, “it seems to be getting worse and worse at a faster and faster pace.”


  8. Harold Gold

    And so, those amongst us and perhaps we ourselves, who stand idly by in complicity of the atrocities of a planned parenthood, the outright crimes of central bankers and bankers and their graft, greed, collusion, manipulations, forgeries, lies, and corruption, those amongst us who refuse to do due diligence an continue to vote in corrupt politicians who allow and perpetuate, tolerate encourage and benefit from so much of this, and on and on and on allowing so much graft, corruption and slime to slide right on by, are we maybe going to be held to task at some point if not today, some day by our maker and Lord God? It makes me feel physically sick to believe we have as a society reached a point where we allow murder, allow our leaders to blow sunshine up you know where and walk away NOT CARING to hold this crap to task! WHY? hg

    • Charles H


      I think it is unfair to say or imply that others do not care; or that it doesn’t sicken them also.
      What does God require of each individual man or woman? Political Activism, or their personal Sin? God straightens-out mankind one person at a time; and the solution for sinfulness is personal Salvation. It is true – morality cannot be legislated. It CAN be established in the heart of man by God – but only through a Biblical Repentance and Faith in the work and Person of Jesus Christ. THAT work, that only God can effect in a human heart is what makes a nation moral, one person at a time.
      People are always yelling and protesting – believing they will convince others to solve the problems in the world. It is like taxing more, then spending more: does anyone REALLY think this will stop? If man were capable of solving his problems: would he not have done so already? Do we really learn from History? As long as men try to reform their Sin-scarred flaws: they will fail. Only God can cause Sin to be overcome: and man without God will never do it alone. And man won’t get to God until he recognizes that he is helpless to account or deal with his Sin. The ground is level at the foot of the Cross – no one brings anything but Repentance and Biblical Faith, so that is is all by God’s Grace ( no works), and all the glory is His.
      Bringing other to task? Taking-on the great political machine? I think bringing others to Christ is more effective and more beneficial for the person.

  9. Ross

    You are losing credibility Greg. Where is the Catherine Austin Fitts interview ?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am “losing credibility”? In the last interview I said the Iran deal would kick the war prospect in the Middle East into high gear. She said we would have peace. Who is looking more correct with Russian and Iran sending troops to Syria? I rest my case. Here’s the interview I did with Ms Fitts (who I like a lot) in July.

      • Dale

        There is no loss of credibility. Greg says what he thinks. You don’t have to agree. Although I don’t agree with 100% of what anyone says, I do agree with most of what Greg says. We all have to make up our own minds about what we think of the worlds events, Greg provides an important forum to discuss those ideas.

  10. RidgeRunner

    Hey Greg,
    Add to the lunacy, talk of John Kerry getting the Nobel Peace prize.
    Keep up the great work.

  11. Craig Bradley


    Campus Police at All Oregon STATE Universities and Colleges must, by state law, be unarmed. So, where were the campus police on duty during the day of the Roseberg, Oregon shooting? All community colleges in Oregon have a campus police Dept. Commonly they patrol the campus 24/7, write parking citations, and deal with criminal issues on campus.

    Campus Police Officers in Oregon are state employees who train at the Police Academy in Monmouth, Oregon. However, they are not permitted to participate in the firearms portion of Academy training. It has to do with the way Oregon Law is written.

    This is unique to Oregon. However, Oregon Campus Police (Security) do participate in other law enforcement training, such as use of a baton or pepper spray, but no guns.
    In contrast, Campus Police in California and Washington State are fully armed peace (commissioned) officers.

    Why do you suppose this is? Why is NOBODY addressing this matter? The Commission of OMISSION is suspected. Do you smell “set-up” for national gun registration? Its (gun controls) are coming soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point but the guns will never be nationally registered. Obama simply cannot do it and he knows it. Of course Obama never mentions how Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation and there are hundreds of shooting deaths every year there.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I heard this line a few weeks ago (sorry, I can’t remember to whom to attribute it):

      “We already have a national gun registry. It’s called the ‘NRA’.”

  12. Russ McMeans

    God help us! We have fools for ‘leaders’ that we never voted for. And they’re driving us off a cliff!
    ( better get prepared- it’s easy now, compared to later)…..

  13. JC Davis

    Greg. The list of deception grows daily. Events all over the globe. What country’s economy is doing good ? The ability of people to think clearly has long been gone. Yet some say nothing has changed. Thanks for your work.

  14. Doug!!

    !’ve been reading Daniel Amerman’s stuff for a year now. Very informative. !’d be interested in seeing him as a guest on your show. http://danielamerman.com/

  15. Todd

    Greg, Great show. We are witnessing the great collapse right before our eyes. Debt is collapsing. The dollar is based on debt. We are living in days just like Noah and just like Lot. It is the great and terrible day of the Lord. Hopefully we will be on His side. I believe food storage is critical. We must try to stand independent of the world. We must stand with truth and light. Prayer is essential. Only in God will we find peace. God bless you and all those who stand with the truth. Your friend in Christ, Todd

  16. Cameron

    That was an excellent presentation Greg and I could not agree more with most of your comments.

    I especially liked your comments on the Planned Parenthood debacle. If the Director of that outfit considers that the videos created are misleading then the obligation is on her to demonstrate that. I am quite sure she cannot so she won’t. She will just keep repeating the same rhetoric hoping that if you say it often enough it will be accepted as fact. She will probably never be forced to account as she and her staff should be. As far as USA today is concerned, they are now obviously very much beholden to the lefty ardent feminists and that being the case there will never be a highlight piece from them which takes Planned Parenthood to task. The phony Poll story you illustrated is just evidence of where they stand and of course that was written by a couple of woman who are no doubt big supporters of PP and probably very much card carrying lefty feminists as well.

    Keep up the rage on this issue and others.

    • Greg Hunter

      I called two days in a row for comment and they did not give me one. I talked directly to on “editor” and laid out the lie and asked why the USA Today reprinted this provable lie. She told me they would get back with them, and no one ever did. Total spin and thought shaping is what the mainstream media is now. We have no real functioning media in the main stream arena. Thank you for your comment.

      • Jim Ludwig

        Greg, your Planned Parenthood/baby-body-parts-for sale part was very well-informed and presented. Great work.

        The Zio-Media rot has reached the core—obvious when what you say and do on camera can be so diddled away from truth. Thanks Greg!

  17. WD

    Great cartoon…one of the best yet!!

  18. Russ

    Greg, Greg, Russia’s brute force violence in Syria is so 20th century, Putin obviously needs to join O’ & Kerry in the 21st century… LOL After all these years O’ is still looking for a kinder gentler Putin… I’m sure Kerry will have some harsh words for Sergey Lavrov at their next meeting.

    Just as Crimea was literally part of Russia going back centuries, Syria had been a client state of the former Soviet Union. Like it or not, brutal dictator that he is, Bashar al-Assad is also the legitimate President of Syria and for O’ to draw Putin into Syria to assist in fighting ISIS was foolish. For O’ to think that Putin’s goals in Syria were the same as ours in fighting ISIS was also foolish.

    Is it in Russia’s national interest for Syria to become democratic with a leader pulled from the ranks of rebel groups who oppose the legitimate President, or is it in Russia’s national interest to support the legitimate President of Syria and take military action, brute force action against the various rebel groups. Going with the rebels they don’t know who the new leader would be or whether he would be friendly to Moscow. Going with Assad, they have a known friend who is also a friend of Iran, another Russian client. At one time Russia had a nice naval facility in Tartus, Syria and with O’s assist, they’ve got it back. Maybe Putin will send O’ a thank you card.

    Putin will do what is in Russia’s national interest and it is in Russia’s national interest to support Assad and destroy (in a 20th century way) all the rebel groups — start with the groups supported by the US and take out ISIS once those other groups are gone.

    I’m sure the various Russian analysts in the numerous DC intel agencies saw this coming; Rubio saw it coming. But O’ and Kerry have a plan and what do intel/country analysts know…

    Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Things are so scary right now that it look like we could be on the verge of WWIII. I pray to the Good Lord we are not.

      • Russ

        I don’t see WWIII, but I do see a resumption of the Cold War. Did the first Cold War ever end? It probably did so lets call this Cold War II. During the Cold War lots of stuff happened that didn’t go public until way later, if then. This time around stuff will happen and the “news” will be managed, false narratives will become the norm; one guy’s freedom fighter will be the other guy’s terrorist.

        It will be interesting to see how this cold war plays out in the world of finance and economics. Then again, when we put economic sanctions on Russia, was that part of Cold War II? Cold War, world economic slowdown/correction, ongoing currency war — all connected.

        I just don’t see it going to WWIII with nukes and all. That isn’t in anyone’s national interest.

  19. Willard Ferch

    Very well done report; great information for the public. The sheep dogs will fight back; the sheeple will mill in a bunch and talk about the latest on sports and inane TV shows. We fight not against flesh & blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places. A thorough study of Spiritual Warfare is a great need of fishermen. Fiddlin

  20. dave

    Hi Greg
    You Probably already know this ,but media has been bought some time ago.Their psychology is simple.To criticize some of things like Obama and Obamacare to lead people to believe that they must be on our side because they hate what we hate.Believe me when i say they have the best minds at work to deceive the public.The latest one being Putin is killing innocent people in Syria .So that BS in the papers and on MSM is just that

    Thanks Dave

  21. Diane D

    Has any nation beside Hitler’s Germany caused more harm and suffering of innocent people worldwide than the US? We should be more concerned about saving our souls, than saving a wicked, fallen nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane D,
      Come on, You are comparing the US to Hitlers Germany?

      • dave

        The comparison is just.IMO you believe too much from this GOV.

      • Diane D

        In the Middle East alone, untold millions of innocent people have been murdered or made homeless and destitute in 25 years of perpetual wars. Like all wars, 85 to 90 percent of casualties were non-combatant civilians. Europe is being overrun by people from sovereign nations that the US has caused harm and chaos. Last night a US airstrike hit a hospital in Afghanistan. The US now has a generation that knows of nothing but perpetual war.

        Folks may not believe that unborn babies are innocent people. I do. Hitler’s holocaust killed 6 million people. As horrible as that is, it pales to the US holocaust. Over 58 million unborn babies have been murdered and still taking place at a rate of 3,000 babies per day. The US government oversaw and protected this slaughter of innocents. Any God-fearing person trying to stop this bloodshed faced incarceration, loss of property, even loss of life at the point of a gun. Now the US has created a Nazi Police State and virtual Gestapo in the Dept. of Homeland Security. What does history foretell about that?

        Again, I challenge anyone to name a nation that has caused more harm and suffering of innocent people worldwide than the US.

        • sk

          Read up on the Soviet Union, Diane. Estimates there range from 50 to 80 million people dead. And – the Gulag was largely in the far unreachable vast space of Siberia, so that no one could take horrific photos of what was done to human beings there. Read Solzhenitsyn’s ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ and, should you want ‘advanced education’, read his ‘Two Hundred Years Together’ as well.

    • George T. (Formerly George)

      I am not giving up on us yet. Sorry that you have as God doesn’t want us to give up but to struggle against evil.

      • Diane D

        George, I AM struggling against evil.

        If there is one thing God hates it is the shedding of innocent blood. Christ told us that the two main characteristics of Satan are murdering and lies (John 8:44) Satan’s greatest weapon is governments. I ask you, ‘Who would be more proud of the fruit of the US, God or Satan?’

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Diane D

      Indeed, sadly the statistics echo exactly what you say.

      #1 The Nazi regime caused the deaths of approx. 50 million people.
      # Since WW2 and up until 2009, when a study was done on the deaths caused by Washington’s global hegemony and chaotic interference, this number 2 killer of all time came in at a solid 35 million casualties. The number maimed and wounded was an astonishing 10x that figure and at 350 million outnumbered the entire current population of the very country that perpetrated the crimes!

      Even more sobering is the fact that the Wolfowitz doctrine lives on strongly to this day.
      In the recent GOP debate all candidates, with the exception of Rand Paul, sounded distinctly like warmongers and at the very least wanted to increase the military and hegemony of the US. With these sort of moronic candidates jostling to get in the door of the White House I can only see the killing continuing if not escalating.

      IMHO unless there is a significant change of thinking militarily by the US there is every likelihood that the Washington regime will easily surpass the destruction caused by the Third Reich.

      Judging by their completely irresponsible actions in Ukraine the US has every intention of starting WW3 and have been trying their best now since they orchestrated the overthrow of that Govt. more than a year ago. Perhaps even more disgraceful than the coup itself is the fact that Nuland publicly stated that Washington had funded it. This women is completely clueless and it absolutely beggars belief that she holds the 2nd highest diplomatic office in Washington. Thankfully, and due entirely to the level headedness of Putin and his team, WW3 has SO FAR been avoided.

      Just look at the facts and the figures.
      I am indeed very sorry to have to say this but a comparison of the US with Nazi Germany is absolutely justified! WW3, WHEN it occurs not IF, will threaten the very existence of humanity. For this reason I personally regard the US as far more dangerous than the Third Reich.

      At that stage in history Germany did not have the fire power or the capability to end civilization. The morons calling the shots in the US today most certainly do!

    • Charles H

      Diane D,

      You have a good point… the numbers at some time will close in. If, though, you will look at the White Hat, Black Hat analogy – where the US was fighting Germany and Hitler: then we WERE the Good Guys and Hitler’s Germany the Bad. In this sense – your comparison becomes almost incomprehensible and loses traction.
      You are perfectly correct, in your primary assertion that the US is a murderous and unconscientious-able agency – which for conserving it’s position of power in the world: is laying waste to nations and peoples by war and famine. Germany’s bloody history was about seven years in duration; the US has been slower and longer at it.

      What really bothers me – is that most people DON’T realize that America no longer wears a White Hat. And I must agree totally that the spiritual is the most important effort to be made.

  22. Doug

    Hello Greg
    Maybe the pope had some influence on this weeks wrap up as no mention of the name of Jesus (rich or poor). Yes the worlds a mess. Your sign off of fear not,God is in control with prepare yourself is fluffy at best. satan is the god of this world 2 cor.4.4, God is still on the throne and Jesus seated beside him and Holy Spirit dispatched to fill the believers. Greg it’s us the believers who are in control of this world until the return of the Lord. Because as He is, so also are we in this world. 1 John 4.17.
    Maybe a segment next week with Bill Holter and Jonathan Cahn talking about the love of Jesus would be on order for this fallen world.
    I fully expect Aussie Jeff to take me to the wood shed for this comment which is fine. But stay in Love.
    I will now just move to the back pew and let the others issue the golf claps and back slaps.
    Cheers Doug

    • Greg Hunter

      I do a news site and the Pope made news last week. I run a free site and have been warning people of the nasty things coming our way. Poor people can come here just as wealthy people for FREE. I have had many suggestions from people to make this a pay site but I don’t because I am trying to “blow the trumpet.” You are very unfair with your comments and if you really want them to hold water should criticize me using a real and verifiable name. Man-up Doug. Christ did not make anonymous sermons and you shouldn’t either.

  23. paul

    There is an old saying that “people without vision perish” … can’t people today see that currency (paper IOU’s that promise to be redeemed with more paper IOU’s) is not money … today right before their very eyes … trillions in phony Fed paper dollar IOU’s, phony paper euro IOU’s, phony paper pound IOU’s, phony paper yuan IOU’s, phony paper ruble IOU’s, phony paper yen IOU’s, etc., etc., etc. are being created by governments around the world in unlimited quantities (all promising to pay you more IOU’s for the IOU’s you already have) … as people slowly begin to open their eyes and become aware that “all paper currency” is simply a bit of ink written on a piece of paper “falsely saying” that the government “owes you real money” … but what governments print “is phony money” because it simply “promises to redeem your IOU’s with more paper IOU’s” … people will ultimately begin to seek out “real money” because promises by governments to pay you more IOU’s in exchange for your present IOU’s “is a promise broken” … the result will be people worldwide will begin to offer fiat paper IOU’s “in increasing amounts” just to get their hands on some “real money” (like Jefferson nickels, silver and gold) that is not just a “broken promise” to pay … sadly those “who still can’t see” and procrastinate too long will be kicking themselves over and over and over again … for “not clearly seeing and understanding” what “money really is” … and they will find themselves forced to offer “many many more paper IOU promises” just to get their hands some “real” physical money … real money that is not “an IOU debt owed to you by a government” that is simply “a broken promise” … a promise to redeem your currency with simply more of their phony IOU’s they print up out of thin air!

    • paul

      Are people Awakening???

      Current price of GOLD … $1,138.67 … up $24.87

      Current price of SILVER … $15.25 … up $0.71

      Current price of PLATINUM … $910.00 … up $8.00

      Current price of PALLADIUM … 691 … up $19.50

      • Greg Hunter

        The Fed has painted it self in to the tighest corners of all monetary time and the buyers of Physical know it. The fuse it lit and there is going to be no stopping the explosion when everyone realizes the collateral (Bonds) is un-payable and no good. Tic toc.

  24. Linda louin

    Hi Greg:
    The 150 billion to Iran needs to stay in America in order to direct security measures to schools in the US for our most vulnerable (our children). With a President and Administration in power that is eliminating/opening our borders to terrorists, and obviously encouraging the persecution of Christians, exhibiting complete silent when it comes to recognizing the threat to America of “Muslim terrorism” , and seeding chaos between the police/masses, we are going to see escalating threats to our most vulnerable because the perpetrators

  25. Linda louin

    of these crimes are all cowards and psychopaths. This latest shooting at the OREGON community college just makes sick, along with all crimes directed towards children. We all have the need to prepare for a crash that is on its way without a doubt, and in the mean time, we can’t even send our kids to school now without worrying that they’re targets for terror. AND, all Obama can say is that there needs to be more tighter gun control?

  26. Bob

    The tanking global economy and these ‘rumors of war’ are the LEAST of our worries. In a VERY short period of time earth oxygen levels will drop below the minimum to sustain human life. GOOGLE THIS—-MASSIVE GLOBAL TREE DIE OFF. My family and I own several acres here in western Washington. ALL of the maple trees are dying, as are ALL cedar trees, and the recent drought has NOTHING to do with it. Geoenginering [CHEMTRAILS]–U-Tube] Experts have determind that the root systems of earths forests and urban trees are clogged with microscopic particles of ALUMINUM . PLANET WIDE CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING is destroying the eco-system. On 3-11-2011 a tsunami destroyed several nuclear powers plants in Fucushima Japan. 400 tons of highly radio active water is dumped into the pacific ocean EVERY day. for over 4 years. GOOGLE THIS—-THE PACIFIC OCEAN IS DEAD. And now I find out the OZONE layer that protected ALL LIFE on earth from DEADLY UV radiation from our sun is so thin or absent GLOBALLY, we can expect SEVERE crop damage in the near future. [U-Tube–Extreme UV radiation killing earths trees] And it’s killing ocean plankton where 70 percent of our oxygen comes from. Methane [not from cows] is boiling up out of earths oceans [Methane hydrates] in frightening amounts never seen before. Ten times worse than CO2, methane gas WILL trap the suns heat in a death grip not allowing it to escape into space. GOOGLE—METHANE BOILING OUT OF OCEANS] WE ARE SCREWED BABY. If there are any bibles in your homes in 2015, get it and read Revelation chapter 8–verse 7 thru 12. Pay attention to verse 7. As I said–The economy is the LEAST of our worries——————-

    • paul

      Your right Bob … we are in serious trouble and it is not all financial!

      • paul

        If we put a probe on the roots of those maple and cedar trees that are dying near you Bob … we will hear their tortured souls crying out … “don’t you humans know Earth’s whole biosphere is alive”?? … “you can’t overtly spread chemicals and radiation into such an environment” … “there are other forms of life that depend on a clean environment and are responsible for regulating the delicate conditions that make life on this planet possible”! … “by killing us … you kill yourselves” !… “don’t you have any awareness or understanding of what life means”?? … “all you do is kill, kill, kill!! (your evil even extends to killing your own species in countless wars of genocide) … and you even abort, eat and sell the very flesh of your fetuses” … “if you don’t stop your evil … the very life energy of Mother Earth will be completely destroyed” … “Earth does not belong to man … it was created by God and was meant to be a paradise for “all the species he created” … why can’t you live in peace and have some respect for life”???

  27. bob

    Greg, thanks for keeping us posted on the real news that’s going on these days! The mainstream spin on everything is disgusting, we are truly living in desperate days. It’s amazing how asleep the public is on how quickly events are taking place.
    Please know that your efforts are appreciated!
    God bless!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob.

      USA Today has become a thought control and shaping tool by the elite. Sad. When I worked for Gannett it was always fair. By the way the so-called “news organization” never got back with me and I called two days in a row. I did talk to one “editor” and she could not give me a response to my questions about allowing Planned Parenthood to publish a provable lie in their newspaper and internet sites.

  28. Paul Mladjenovic

    Greg, more excellent comments and observations. Keep up the great work!

  29. Dolly Dogger

    Hi Greg:
    It’s been said a million times but you are so appreciated and yes loved by many here!
    I finally watched the PP vids and they blew my mind. I had tried to keep an open mind that these interviews were perhaps manipulated as I do think PP’s birth control distribution ( not abortions!) are useful.. But after watching them now, it’s patently obvious their agenda is beyond reproach as they too are sociopaths.
    Yikes, these monsters are running amok! Your bright mind and many of your brainy subscribers are beacons of light in our dystopian planet.
    Teri Saccone/ aka Dolly Dogger.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dolly. The biggest thing from a news reporting standpoint is USA Today repeated the total lie by PP and did not vet this outrageous charge of “deceitfully edited.” Total lie and I ask Planned Parenthood to illustrate the charge.

  30. David B.

    Not sure about “the long haul comment.” Someone quoting Putin said he expected the operation to last 3 to 4 months.

    I don’t think you would send you most sophisticated weapon to Syria (submarine) especially if you had thoughts the US would launch from Baltic Sea positions to Russia.

    Tactically, that sub may belong off the coast of Central America and launch into positions in southwestern united States where our surveillance networks are the weakest.

    I’m not a Communist, Greg. I’m less worried by Putin than almost any decision Obama makes.

    • paul

      Syria probably moved all its gold to Russia for safe keeping … and that is probably the only reason why the push to invade Syria by the US has “calmed down” … other countries on the US “hit list” should learn a lesson from this!

  31. toejam

    Would one be surprised if the killer at the community college in Oregon was seeing a psychiatrist and pumped up with a cocktail psychotropic mind bending drugs like so many of the mass killers in recent history? Pasted out like candy, these psyche drugs dutifully approved by the FDA for the profits of big-pharma have been at the root, of most, if not all the mass killings at schools, colleges and other venues.
    Toejam or one, is not holding his breath waiting for some psychiatrist, the FDA and big-pharma being indicted as accessories for murder.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Toejam. “Whatever happened to crazy?” (Chris Rock)

    • Calgirl

      In the ’50’s when I grew up, if an adult (or teacher) told you to “settle down” you did so. Back then we respected adults or feared the consequences of non-compliance. Today, there is little respect for others as we are told that our wants/needs are primary. So, in today’s world, the way to achieve compliance is to prescribe a drug. And the psychotropic drugs are dangerous. Patients are warned to not abruptly discontinue use of such a drug as you have to be “weaned” off of them to decrease the negative effects. And some of those negative effects are suicide and murder.

      Big Pharma is such a racket! Drugs today do not cure you of your malady, they only treat the symptoms. This makes it necessary to continue taking the drug as you are not fixing the underlying problem but merely “masking” the symptom. Big Pharma’s registers go $$$$. If a medicinal remedy cannot be patented, such as an herb, then Big Pharma and the FDA are not interested as there is no $$$$ in it for them. Now we even have “designer drugs” specifically designed for your particular malady, and you can bet the farm that they will cost an arm and a leg! Everything we put into our mouths, or breathe into our lungs, have side effects. Look at the labels of items in the market……numerous chemicals, all with their own side effects on our bodies.

      The FDA is complicit (bought off?) in this horrendous situation. Monsanto does some of their own testing on their products, submits the finding of their own tests to the FDA and the FDA gives Monsanto their approval ($$ ding, ding, $$). Many countries all over the world will not import genetically modified food, but in America is is O.K. to poison the people, with the FDA’s approval. And our own congress will not even mandate that products be identified if genetically modified so that those of us paying attention can avoid them.

      Where did all of these medical problems come from? Alzheimer’s, obesity, bulimia, anxiety, depression, ADHD, ODD, CD, autism, etc., etc., etc……………..

  32. Sayonara

    Greg I feel for you when you are doing your WNW and especially this week. The important news is absolutely depressing. So here are my passing observations on this week’s WNW:

    * The US Middle East policy is a complete nuclear disaster – LITERALLY and PERIOD!We have set up a situation that allows Russia to intervene to fill a vacuum and look like the good guy. UNBELEIABLE!
    * Hillary’s email criminality is unbelievable. She is an Untouchable just like the Too Big To Fail Banks and she will not only get away with it, but may also be elected as the next President. Why? The Republicans are absolutely incompetent and are consistently brilliant at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    * Planned Parenthood: Just wait until these Ghouls are appointed to the Obama Care Death Panels and use executive order to terminate the lives of white Christians at the age 55 for excessive White Privilege. Then sell their body parts to researchers to determine why white Christians are so evil.
    * Umpqua College Shooting – This demonstrates how absolutely sick our society has become and has devolved into. All the gun control laws in the world will not cure what is going on inside the heads of people who are cultured in raw greed and narcissism by a very sick media culture. The media culture is directly responsible for creating these monsters.
    How sad that we have devolved into the United States of Immorality.

    I personally will stick to what guides me every day and that is the Golden Rule. Treat others as you wish them to treat you. I like to be treated with care and fair and well That is how I try to treat others. Do something nice to a stranger.

    • Beligarant

      @Sayonara : Some conservatives are doubting if a republican will ever get elected president again because so many people are on the governments dole either through unemployment, Obamacare, food stamps, medicaid, etc. and they don’t want the gravy train to end. The election in 2016 should be very telling if this is now true.

      • Sayonara

        I have heard the same comments. The real problem is that the those in the Republican camp are deeply divided. You have true patriotic conservatives (Carson and Cruz for example) who have a clear vision of what they support and why. Then you have the crony corpratists (Bush and Lindsay Graham for example) who are advancing the US Chamber of Commerce agenda of destroying this nation’s sovereignty.
        Meanwhile the Democrat’s are successfully advancing a tyrannical Marxist agenda. The real problem becomes when Democrats run out of other people’s money and the impending economic implosion and reset occurs. Then we will see what plays out. The populous will be freaking! It is going to get extremely ugly.

  33. David B.

    I like this guy because he has a lot of common sense.

  34. Occasnltrlvr

    Thank you for all of your work, Mr. Hunter. Your persistence is inspiring.

  35. George T. (Formerly George)

    You are spot on. Keep up the good work

  36. ray antley

    It seems like Putin just won. The 150 Billion we gave to Iran is going to buy Russian weapons which will help the Russian economy. Iran wanted to deal with Sunni elements in Iraq since the time of Saddam and it’s payback time. After watching Sunni exterminationists behead Christians no one is going to help Isis (except the MF CIA). Russia and Iran could carpet bomb the whole place and no one would shed a tear. After they deal with those guys they can go to the border of Kuwait in their tanks and negotiate the oil deal of the decade. End of Petrodollar, End of American Empire .

  37. Grafique

    You know what’s wrong with that cartoon above?

    It portrays Hussein Obama as a poor little innocent victim who only has good intentions.
    In my opinion, Obama has always hated America. Everything he does is calculated to weaken, embarrass, impoverish or otherwise diminish this country.
    Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Al Gore and the rest of the Democrat Party wannabees are peas in a pod with Hussein Obama, the illegal-alien muslim/socialist/Marxist usurper.

    • Grafique

      And Hussein Obama will do as much damage as he can to Israel as well.
      America will be repairing the damage caused by this wicked person for a hundred years or more.

  38. Silverado

    I think Russia in general and Mr. Putin in particular are a lot smarter than the last time they went in for some…foreign military adventurism back when Russia invaded Afghanistan. Obama’s obvious reluctance shown through our pathetic media seems more on the order of a bully controlling and then losing that control on who’s ass he’s going to kick in the proverbial sandbox rather than warning about this being some kind of Russian military geography mistake. It’s like today when I heard the western empty suits of DC in the media complaining about Russian bombs already falling on Assad’s enemies that are apparently financed by the CIA. I (and probably Mr. Putin too) for the life of me can’t figure out why Washington (and France) would think they are the only ones that can get away with that trick. Oh yes, we’ve seen this act before, just not by Putin and his military…

  39. Coalburner

    Great job GReg; But I cannot keep from laughing at you complimenting our 4th rate leadership by calling them baffones. Kerry was the dumbest man in the US Senate before he got this job. He got it because he was too stupid to turn it down. After Hillery and Osama’s performance their first four years, no one with any ability at all was going to take the job. Only a man too dumb to know the difference would take it. When Putin sets up the table for Obama it is like we once chided each other when I had a real job. When one of the officemates took on someone that just was “not fair game” the others would all chide that statement. That person is “not fair game.”
    That is where the Putin:Kerry, Obama challenge is now. Obama has no one in the administration outside the military that can play on that court. Putin knows it , but he knows the warrior class is right behind them and he can make them look like idiots but he best not step in too deep. Yes the Warrior class are laughing at the Libtard lame brained stiupidity of this Admin, and laughing under our skirts and shirts.

  40. john duffy


    October 2, 2015 by Bill
    Filed under Latest News Releases

    Bill Donohue comments on media reaction to the Oregon killings:

    Here is what Chris Harper-Mercer said to his victims just before he killed them: “Are you Christian?” After they stood up he said, “Good, because you’re Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second.” He then shot them. Another eyewitness account said that after he asked if they were Christian, “then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.”

    The following media outlets were among those that reported on this story but never mentioned that Christians were singled out:

    ABC World News Tonight
    CBS Evening News
    NBC Nightly News
    PBS News Hour
    New York Times
    USA Today
    Daily Beast
    Huffington Post
    Associated Press [This accounts for why so many papers across the nation made no mention of Christians.]

    If African Americans or Muslims had been singled out, President Obama would have gone ballistic, Al Sharpton would be calling for street rallies, and CAIR would be asking for congressional investigations. But because Christians are being cherry picked for murder, there is no call to arms. Indeed, many major media outlets aren’t even telling the truth. It’s obvious—”Christian Lives Don’t Matter”—either here or abroad.

    • Greg Hunter

      Great Point. The mainstream media have said very little about the slaughter of Christians in Oregon or the Middle East. Thank you for pointing this out.

  41. Coalburner

    Greg; Concerning the comment that Russia and Iran will pay. I would remind that Putin has allowed, no supported, the rebuilding of the Christian Church in Russia. I read that 25000 new Greek Orthodox churches have been built in Russia and that does not count the Muslim mosques he has allowed. One of the grandest ever built. Putin has carefully paid homage to Christianity for years. I am not so sure he won’t have more favor from God than us these days. It would not be the only time in history that the bataan was passed to another nation, not so much because leaders believed but because they allowed the growth of the faith unhindered. The 500 year cycle has passed Christianity around for 2000 years. It appears to me that it may be leaving the USA, for maybe, Russia. What Planned Parenthood is doing is an unholy piece of Hell sitting in the USA. I say we are going to pay, I say we are paying already. You “Dogs” show me where I am going wrong! Please!!!

    • paul

      Woof … Woof … Woof … Woof … (translated) you are exactly right!

      • paul

        My dog “O’blabber” also has a few words to say … “woof… wooof…wof… woooof ! … [ woorf … woff … woof … wooff!]”… (translated) ”Christian Lives Don’t Matter! … [especially if the’re babies!]

  42. Linda louin

    Hi Greg:
    I forgot to mention to you how much I enjoyed/chuckled at the cartoon of PUTIN and Obama. Whoever did this art really captured the moment (I think that PUTIN intimidates Obama in a big way (as noticed in the body language between the two in their recent meeting). Thank you again for all your hard work in sharing the truth (I’m addicted to your website).

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Linda. I look for material all week. I spend more time on the Wrap-up than any other content I produce on USAW. I figure it takes about an hour of work for each minute of the Wrap-Up.

  43. Tom

    That “Gun Free Zone” sign really saved the day didn’t it?

  44. Dominic

    Hi Greg. I don’t always agree with every thing you say and right, but I hugely admire you for you courage, your efforts, and your most honourable intentions. Thank you, and please keep it up. You are a beacon in these troubled times.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dominic.

  45. vincent_g

    The email server Hillary used was most likely a Windows server.
    But we are never told what was used and how much money she spent on it.

    Why is that?

    If anyone in a foreign country knew about this then most likely that server was hacked by a government hacker long ago.
    Was this hacker that released the emails he captured working for a government?
    Was he Russian?

    In order to provide the type of security necessary would require serious monthly expenditures which I doubt was spent.

    But we will never know how much she spent on it as the news media doesn’t seem to think this is important.

    I would like to know how much she spent on hiding this server.
    I would like to know how much the server and software cost that was used.
    How much total money was spent on this deception!

  46. bobd

    Bay of pigs all over again.

  47. Harry

    Ok Greg has the ‘vibes’..he has the major grip on the filthy political corruption (fascist military -industrial-corporate cabals) and the media brainwashing going on…when we get to Iran and Israel we sort of get confused, eh what..?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not confused “eh what?” I said the Iran deal would lead to a wider war, and shazam, that’s what we got.

  48. Arthur

    Hi Greg,

    My wife and I are big fans of your site. Love the interviews and reading the comments from all your contributors.

    We really appreciated your recent review of the visit to the US by the Pope. After listening to you speak so passionately my wife turned to me and said “I really like that man, good on you Greg!”

    BTW regarding Hillary Clinton, I just read this in the local press. I hope enough American voters are sufficiently awake to this woman. I can not imagine her being your next Commander in Chief.


    Kind regards from Oz


  49. Calgirl

    I question the U.S. Government’s take on Putin. His foray into the ME could be to protect his base on the Mediterranean Sea, and to protect his trade alliance with the ME, from America’s hegemony. After all, it was the U.S. that sent the NGO’s into the Ukraine to destabilize that region to shut out Russia’s access to the sea. It was the U.S. that blamed Russia for the Malaysian airliner downing before the plane hit the ground! Russia is the demon, he’s Hitler-like………on and on. The U.S. cannot allow any other country to achieve leadership. Our government would rather go to war than lose our leadership role………….after all, as we are told over and over, that we are the “exceptional country”. It is our duty to instill democracy all over the world………like in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. The millions upon millions of innocents killed are of little consequence! We will do anything to protect our “rightful” place in the world and to protect the petrodollar.

    It will be interesting in seeing if Putin influences Iran to stop with the threats and actions toward Israel. If Putin influences Iran in a positive manner, than my hat goes off to Putin, whom I suspect is a real leader unlike Obama’s U.S

    Of course, then we can accept into our country hoards of disenfranchised people. That should make our country even greater!! A bunch of people who rightfully blame America, hate America.

  50. Liz

    Greg, thanks for having the courage to state the truth. I agree with all your points on the week wrap up. It’s very disturbing to think about our country these days. Where are the morals and values we used to have? How did this happen so fast? Praying for you and others that are sounding the trumpet.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Liz.

  51. Mike from the North

    To quote a friend that all of us here admire…

    Hang on this is just the beginning.

    We have entered what I believe is the beginning of the unwind.
    The lie has been uncovered. The effort to keep the lie going is in HIGH GEAR.

    They have already failed and they know it…but they do have control of the MSM so they can continue to manipulate the sheeple.

    Soon and I mean real soon we will enter CRITICAL MASS…

    Thank You Greg for working so hard at opening the eyes of those that sense something is wrong.

    If you want to understand the true motivation of those calling the shots….FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    The World has been successfully destabilized…now we must pay the price of our misdeeds.

  52. Calgirl

    German Bank admits gold market rigging and gives his view of US markets & “fed up with West”:

    The chief market analyst for Bremer Landesbank in Germany, Folker Hellmeyer, tells financial journalist Lars Schall that central banks have made it their business to manipulate the gold market, that Asia’s physical markets for gold will prevail eventually over the Western paper gold markets, that central banks should vault their gold on their own nation’s soil because otherwise they have only a paper claim on the custodian, and that the market analysis provided by GATA and GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s LeMetropoleCafe.com is far superior to the analysis provided by major investment banks.
    The interview was conducted by Schall on behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management’s Gold Switzerland, is 26 minutes long, and can be heard at the Gold Switzerland Internet site here:
    CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer

  53. Farmer Dave

    Bob in Washington, I couldn’t agree more with your chem-trail spraying point, here in Northern California, I have never seen more trees turn yellow brown on the southwest-western sides of them in my life. As an orchard owner, walnuts, we see this in many weak trees as well, and these trees have been watered every 9-12 days all summer long. As far as temps go, it has been a fairly normal summer. 103 is as high as I saw here on the farm, our record for these parts is @114. I am seeing this damage on citrus as well as cherry trees, again, all watered all summer long.

  54. Calgirl

    Hopeful ruminations:

    When the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency, things should become immeasurably calmer Geo-politically. Of course, we will suffer greatly here at home, but at least we will no longer be able to fund our intrusions into the business of other countries. Hopefully our government will become much smaller as we will no longer be able to fund the atrocious excesses we endure now such as the Dept. of Education, TSA, and the IRS. How much money could be saved if we closed a couple hundred military bases all over the world no longer needed for our “peace keeping” efforts. ? Could we use that money to fix our crumbling infrastructure or EMP proof our electrical grid? Maybe try to pay something on our national debt? The big kahuna is that we will have to live within the confines of a real budget! NATO will go bye, bye and hopefully the UN will become much less important. Maybe even the UN could move somewhere else!! Heck, we may even be able to minimize or even eliminate the vestiges of the Patriot Act, that is after we lose the status of most hated nation. Has the “Patriot Act” saved even one life? Even if I have to grow my own vegetables and live without many of the comforts, I think the world will be a much nicer place. Maybe it is Gods plan to kick America in the butt. Hopefully He will reinstate some kind of acceptable moral code also. Maybe we will even hear church bells ringing on Sunday morning again!

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I would like to share my ruminations.

      I believe the one, true, almighty God has removed His hand of protection from the United States of America, because we, collectively, have turned our backs on Him. Collectively (and impolitely), we, over time, told Him we didn’t want Him here. In gentlemanly fashion, He is granting that request.

      The USA is going to become overrun and colonized, and will be used to be the showcase to lead the world into the UN’s “Agenda 2030.”

      If there is sufficient repentance, we may avoid all-out war and enslavement. At a bare minimum, we will suffer devaluation of the currency and a significant reduction in standard of living.

      (I’m a lot of fun at parties.)

  55. Lake M

    Notice how quickly Obama and his corporate mainstreet news /propaganda organizations churn out the criticism against Russia for defending their interests.

    The Russians are siding with the Shia faction in the Shia/Sunni conflict . Our enemy, ISIS, are Sunni (as is Saudi and most of the small royal fiefdoms around the MEast.) Many Iraqi’s support the Shia side as well as the Kurds. This is the essence of the conflict which evolved from our 15 years of meddling in the ME. We obviously have failed in stopping the fighting as it grows day by day. Way to go Obama and the idiots who advise you. Our worst president in history.

    WSJ is reporting two hours ago that the US bombed near a Doctors without Borders hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan killing19 in collateral damage including two children.
    Eleven killed in a US airfare C-130 crash that included 6 US soldiers. US special ops troops also engaged with Taliban who were attacking this town.

    In less than 3 hours after the Oregon shooting Obama was on TV stating how unacceptable this is and guns must be controlled in America. What a grand hypocrite, Mr Obama. How many thousands of innocents have you directly killed, ordering drone strikes all over the MEast region. Obama must not know the carnage and death from being on the receiving end of the Patriot missiles he fires from drones on a regular basis.

    With the pace of events quickening, frankly I wonder if our country will survive the remaining months this incompetent traitor remains in office, the office of tyranny against the American people and the death and destruction he directs across the globe.

    God or somebody… please help us before nuclear WWIII destroys the planet.

  56. Jerry

    I am running out of ways to warn people about what’s coming. This article should make the hair in the back of your neck stand up.

    The Chinese CIPS system is scheduled to go online in October. What that essentially means is unless the IMF gives China SDR drawing rights by the November 10th meeting, China and the BRIC nations will most likely break from the IMF and start their own exchange system. Either way this is coming to a head before the G20 meeting in November 15th.

    I don’t see any positive way out of this for the United States and I would say that with tensions building between the United States and Russia and China, that the IMF will most likely cave to their demands and give China SDR drawing rights as a last ditch measure to keep the status quo going a little longer. I could be wrong, but either way the dollar is toast. This is it. Time is running out.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Please bear in mind, CIPS is transactional in nature, meaning for trade and direct exchange, whereas the IMF’s SDR serves more in the functions of reserves and currency account-balancing function between nations.

      CIPS will become active, the percentage of trade for which the CNY is utilized will continue to grow, more and more businesses and sovereign entities will issue CNY-denominated debt obligations, and this has nothing to do with inclusion of the CNY in the SDR, which WILL happen. JC Collins, for one, has taken great pains to elaborate that the IMF did not in any way refuse inclusion of the CNY in the SDR, rather just postponed it.

      For the SDR to function as intended, the currencies therein must float freely against one another, and, of course, the PBoC is still maintaining a “range” of daily allowable percent change from the USD (i.e., a loose, but real, peg). Although they have been widening that peg, it must be eliminated before the CNY can be included, and nobody (China, USA, IMF, etc.) is positioned for the complete removal of that peg. (Typical pundits claim that the CNY is overvalued relative to the USD and will continue to fall, whereas Peter Schiff and others believe it is undervalued and will shoot up. Another interesting side-question, did China sell the roughly $150 billion in US bonds to support the CNY, or to buy gold, or to…?)

      Look carefully at the members of the board of the BIS (not the IMF, of course). There is one banking cartel, and they are busily moving us from a unipolar to multipolar system (although it may not be a smooth transition). And, this is all in the name of the catch-phrase you will hear trumpeted high and low, far and wide: “Sustainable Development.”

      • Jerry

        Thank you for clarifying this complex financial paradigm. One thing I am sure of is the globalist (through the G20) control the banking cartel, and have a definite plan they are putting in place before the end of this year. Multiple sources have confirmed to me, that the BRICS will be at the center of it.

      • JC Davis

        Occasnltrlvr, and Jerry. What effect would a CIP have on the bond market ? If any ? Keeping in mind last week the IMF warned of a debt saturation disruption is happening in the bond market. Thanks to both of you for your information.

      • Agent P

        Yes, but…

        – Does China, at this stage, really wish to be included in the SDR? Do they really care? With the relationships they have already built, does it even matter going forward…?

        Buttressing Russia’s flanks with planes and soon-to-be troops in Syria might speak otherwise to the Zio-owned IMF (whose acronym should be replaced with the much more appropriate ‘AMF’, but I digress…)

    • BluBird

      Why do you place so much confidence in the Chinese and that they “know” what they’re doing? I don’t understand why the “Chinese” are smarter or know more or are better prepared then any other closed oligarchy. They seem to me desperately clinging to control when they are facing capital flight, vast wealth inequality, and a cratering manufacturing economy.

      Their policies over the last few 30 years has been nothing more than mercantilism used time and again, but backed with a billion population strong slave labor force. The benefits have all gone to the elites. Now when the system is faltering they are resorting to their draconian police state to maintain order.

      You seem to have a case of the grass is always greener on the other side, when it appears that no one in the world has a clue about what to do next, Chinese included.

      • BluBird

        Also China and the BRICS will experience a hell of their own making. There are no angels as the world has worshiped the golden calf and forsaken the basic tenants of Christ. The world will face a deep and terrible crisis. Hopefully, from the ashes we find love and compassion. If not, i fear for this world.

  57. gregd

    I agree with you on almost everything but with what Russia is doing we have to part ways. We have clearly started crap in Crimea to destabilize Russia and that region , so Russia has to respond. The same for Syria. They have ports and pipelines, they have to respond or allow the U.S. control the world, in there eyes .
    I could be wrong, but I believe that if you were in charge of Russia, you would oppose Obama also, and maybe in stronger way.
    Thanks for all of your hard work and great interviews. In my opinion you have the best info for the masses and beat out every network and on line site.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t agree with what Russia is doing (or the US arming their own terror army) I am just telling you they are doing it, and the situation is spiraling downward. Thank you for your comment.

  58. Dale

    There is much talk about the attrocities committed by the US. If we talk of the US we must talk about all the other countries who have also committed similar cruelties in our world. I cannot think of one country that has had any real power and has not abused it. Shame on you all !!! The US is not so much an evil country but it does have evil people running it, like politicians, bankers and policy makers. I hope the US survives the coming calamity that will surely come but I hope we find a more peaceful way of making this world better. The other 99.9% of the people in the US and elsewhere in the world are good people but we all need to do our little part to help make this world better. Thankyou for doing your part Greg !!!

  59. Agent P

    Love the cartoon at the top there Greg. There is always a modicum of truth – or in this particular case, a whole lotta truth in fictional caricature representations of real life events…

    The ‘Sean Hannity’s’ of the world would be wise to recognize this ‘caricature’ of the ~Failed~ U.S. foreign policy situation – and not just for the present teleprompter-reading, feet-on-desk lounging, golf-addled occupant of the Out House, but for a Failed Wilsonian/PNAC/Wolfowitz-Doctrine influenced myopic policy of the past 40+ years, which has resulted in nearly countless lives and $taxpayer dollars squandered…

    The bizarre aspect of this policy (and its slobbering, sycophantic brigade of followers), is that it is pursued under the banner of ‘Conservatism’ and the ‘Constitution’… It doesn’t get any more twisted or bizarre than that… How so-called ‘conservatives’ have been able to twist like a pretzel, the logic of pursuing a global construct of ‘freedom & democracy’ (whether you want it or not), with Constitutional precept and practice, is well beyond my pay grade…

    The Founders of this nation would hang their heads in shame to see what has been done with the wise counsel regarding policy away from these shores, and how that construct has been perverted to serve special $interests, under the guise of spreading ‘democracy’ and fighting ‘terrorism’ abroad. And make no mistake about it, the ‘MIC’ as it were, profits $handsomely and consistently by the actions of our ‘leaders’, while filling the public with Bull-Sh!t about how spreading American ‘exceptionalism’ is the birthright and the Duty of the United States.

    It is only unfortunate that America is having to be taught a painful lesson from abroad, rather than its own leaders seeing the error of their ways and instead, fulfilling their real duties, as outlined in the words and document they so profess to adore, the ‘Constitution’…

  60. Doug

    Hello Greg
    Your reply to my comment leaves me baffled, maybe you have me confused with another Doug. Doug is my real name as apposed to others that hide behind a moniker (cls).
    Not sure why you said man up either, I could easily say the same to you. I am the Doug that gave you a little push back when you said Jesus was poor and you stated I read to much in to scripture.
    But here’s my problem with this site. You pump your following with a bunch of doom and gloom all week,market crashing, system resets etc. All which I believe also and agree with you and your guests, then you do a weekly rap followed by your patented ” fear not, God is in control”.
    People are scared, and are not sure what to do and how this mess will end, they need hope. I feel you have a platform here to help people as to how can you say fear not with all the boldness that you do and to live with the inner peace that you portray.
    Maybe by having a guest that will give people hope will balance your site and your beliefs, and that hope is Jesus.
    Cheers Doug

    • Greg Hunter

      Last name “Doug.” That’s what I am talking about and you know it. Man up and give your full identity if you wish to heap criticism here. It will mean more.

  61. Doug Krause

    Hello Greg
    There you have it, a good Canadian boy 55 years old and semi prep per who loves the Lord. Didn’t realize you wanted my full name to make my comments credible.
    Not trying to heap on any criticism Greg. It could be the way you interpret my comments as you are used to the good job variety that people post.
    As we are both Christians my intent was to bring Jesus out of the comments section and make Him the headline act with one of your guests. It might spark a lively discussion and give people some hope.
    Good job moderating though…..
    Cheers Doug

  62. Donna

    If Planned Parenthood is corrupted then blood,organ donation is the most likely corrupted as well. Lost my trust.Told my husband never give blood again!

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