Peak Crazy Time & Yield Shock Coming – David Stockman

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Former Reagan White House Budget Director David Stockman says look out for the “perfect storm” coming our way. Stockman explains, “I think we are in peak crazy time, really, to launch an attack against Syria based on the flimsy evidence to date, and the likelihood it was another false flag operation. . . . Trump declared victory two weeks ago in Syria and said we are coming home, which is exactly the right thing to do and say.  Then, all of a sudden, you have a gas attack and the clamor from the war party to do something, respond and bomb Assad yet one more time, even though those air bases and military bases are populated with Russian military. . . . So, let me summarize.  You have a hot war against Russia and the Iranians, which we have no business starting.  You have a trade war brewing, I am afraid will get out of control with China, which is totally unnecessary.  You have a fiscal calamity brewing right before your eyes, and you have a Fed populated by Keynesians, who think they miraculously cured the economy and everything is fixed.  So, they are finally going to do what they should have done a long time ago and that is normalize interest rates. . . . The problem is they have waited so long . . .  that by October, they will be shrinking their balance sheet by $50 billion a month . . . while the Treasury is attempting to sell $1.2 trillion a year of new debt. . . . You are going to have, and I am quite certain of it, you are going to have a yield shock like the world has not seen in a long time. . . . When yields hit 4%, the proverbial brown stuff is going to hit the fan.  It is the proverbial perfect storm of upset, upheaval and really insane kind of developments.  Finally, after kicking the can all these years, it is finally going to come together, and I don’t see what is really going to slow it down.”

How did the world get into record debt and trade wars? Stockman says, “The point is a free market based on honest money would never produce this kind of imbalance.  Under the old system, when you start to run trade deficits this big . . . there would have been quick adjustment because we would have lost reserves.  Pre-1914, that was gold.  When you lost financial reserves, gold, that caused the banking system to tighten up and caused interest rates to rise, credit to be curtailed, and the economy slowed down.  Prices adjusted and slowly imports declined and exports recovered. . . . We don’t have that anymore. We basically have a bad money system, which allows these kinds of trade imbalances to grow.”

What Stockman sees is deflation, depression and financial Armageddon. Stockman says, “In the bond market, I don’t know any other way to describe it. . . . It’s uncharted territory, and we have never been here before. . . . The house of cards is so shaky and so fragile right now that there is the risk of the proverbial black swan event.  We don’t see something coming.  It shocks the system.  It triggers a panic, and the panic soon envelops itself and descends into some sort of doom loop.  That could very easily happen.”

Stockman says, “Gold and silver are the only safe investments to have . . . you can’t be safe in the stock market, and you can’t be safe in the bond market.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert David Stockman.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Dee Dee Wells

    The Corruption Antidote
    ____Gold and Silver:
    A couple of months ago a video has surfaced showing former VP Biden discussing bribery and election rigging in Ukraine to the tune of $1 billion dollars. Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I checked election rigging and bribery were both considered crimes and one actually considered a high crime and possibly treason. But, that’s okay, because Biden is a Democrat and Democrats are apparently above or live outside the laws of the Constitution and international law.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      DD — now, now, let’s not get sanctimonious. Did not the Republican President of your United States not just break his oath to protect the Constitution, but also break UN and international law when he decided ( without congressional or UNSC approval) to launch a military attack on a sovereign UN member country?
      … and let’s not even consider it was based on but another false flag . Nope, Dem or Repub, the warfare state has its way regardless of party affiliation.

    • Paul ...

      Dee Dee … Even under Trump the US acts outside of International Law … let’s thank God the Father … that Trump tweeted (less than 24 hours after ordering missile strikes in Syria) “Mission Accomplished!” … but our reputation as a Nation along with England and France has been tarnished in the process … as these “leaders” are looked upon by the world as “laughable irrational loony tunes” who will go to war based upon unsubstantiated false flag shenanigans perperated by Evil Deep State Demonic Genetic Mutants … so Trump fires off over 100 sophisticated smart missiles and 2/3rds of them are destroyed by antiquated Syrian S200’s, S125’s, 2K12 Kub’s and some old 9k317E Buk missiles? … now how does that make the US look? … the Syrians didn’t even use one S400 … probably to allow some US missiles through to give Trump a face saving way out of the corner he painted himself into … so three facilities were allowed to be targeted by Syria and Russia (likely all evacuated like in last years attack by Trump on an evacuated Tarmac)!!!

  2. Anthony Australia

    Thanks so much Greg. 🙏

    I follow David on Twitter and he is always very informative & consistency is his strength.

  3. Elusive Joseph

    You first heard it from me: Donald Trump won’t run for reelection in 2020.

    • Greg Hunter

      You first heard if from me: He will run.

      • JC Davis

        Greg no way Trump is to old and tired. He is done before his ends his term.

      • Mohammad

        Yes he will run Greg and run fast.
        Pun intended


    • Paul ...

      Whether Trump runs again or not … his strong base has been demoralized (i.e. Alex Jones was crying on air and said “F**k Trump” ) … Trump should have removed Mueller months ago (before he broke into his lawyers office and likely found the evidence the Deep State needed to blackmail Trump into doing their bidding) … so now it’s all out war … the US, NATO and Israel against Russia, China and Iran … the warmongering neocons are so deluded with hubris that they figure Russia will never drop their Satan 2 or Demon nuclear weapons on them … I wouldn’t be so sure!! …

    • Tracy Welborn

      Of course he will. He’s eating this stuff up. I haven’t heard any argument that he won’t run. ????

  4. Bob Lamb

    Buy food! It is even safety than silver or gold. Then if you have more to invest, buy silver and gold

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Stockman.
    A rather sobering analysis of deflation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Protect yourself. Buy and hold real stuff and yes this includes food and water for emergencies.

      • philipat

        How much longer they can prevent things from collapsing for depends to a very large extent how much firepower is available to the ESF. If indeed the missing $21 Trillion CAF etc) was routed to the ESF; or let’s say half of it, then in Total the ESF would now have at least $20 Trillion (Half of the missing amount plus another $10 Trillion, at a minimum, thought already to exist in ESF. Now, $20 Trillion is quite a lot of firepower to buy up new TSY’s unwanted by other “investors” and because of the nature of the ESF its purchases would be classified as “Private sector domestic”.

  6. Dee Dee Wells

    Economic Depression Government Intervention
    The Silver Panic
    How government price maintenance of silver under bimetallism led to the panic of 1893.
    by Lawrence W. Reed

    The NSA Wants a Skeleton Key to Everyone’s Encrypted Data
    Encryption can protect personal data from government intrusion, which means the government wants the key to break it.
    by Gavin Hanson
    Like it or not, you are your data. In this day and age, your receipts, social media activity, public records, GPS data, and internet search history are the proof of who you are. And while you may have thought you had secrets, the Federal Government would like the rest of them.
    Orwell knew these creeps were coming, just didn’t know how and NOW!

    • Paul ...

      Dee Dee … hope all the cryptonuts who based their fortunes on “privacy from Government” are reading your post!!

  7. Collateral Damage

    Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to…..


    • Marcus

      That is why the strike was ordered, to cover up …. BUT the missile defence system made sure last weeks Gas attack area was untouched. 80% of Missiles shot down by Syrians Defence system, Russian defence retaliation units not needed. $243 million dollars of missiles fired only to see $200 million blown up in the sky….and you call this a success, For who???? for Syria.
      And if the claim that they destroyed these Dangerous storage facilities, why would that not release the gas agent into the atmosphere , what a load of bull.

    • Paul ...

      CD … the warmongering neocons of the world, the MSM and the Demon-rats need a lot more practice in deception … when ordinary people can see right through all their lies!!!

  8. James

    David Stockman’s logic is right on, but he makes one statement which is not correct. He mentioned that all central banks have followed the FED’s example and expanded debt. In reality, there’s one major central bank that is practicing sound money and hasn’t fallen into the debt death spiral. That’s Russia.

    The ruble was just named the soundest currency in the world and Russia needs gold at just $2,300 dollars to be able to back the MO money supply 100% with gold. During the tough times that Russia has recently gone through, interest rates stayed high with mortgage rates standing at 12% to 15%. To buy a house a buyer had to plunk 25% down.

    The one major economy in the world that is in excellent financial shape and practicing sound money principles is routinely ignored by almost all western analysts. Bill Holter has stated that the one currency that is likely to survive what’s coming in it’s current form is the ruble.

    • philipat

      This of course should have been all over the front pages of the Sunday “news”papers and the featured story in all the political chat shows in the UK. Instead…….crickets. What a surprise!!

  9. Paul ...

    Who would have thought it would be “Russia” that saves the world and Christianity from Satan and the US responsible for bringing Demonic beings into our world … now think about this unimaginable crazy thought I’m having … was Meuller and Hillary selling uranium to Russia to save us????? … all I know is … it’s a good thing Russia has all that uranium to build bombs to take out entire Nations the size of France (the Satan 2 nuclear weapon) if need be … and all of Europe with the (their Demon nuke) if need be … as for the neocons in the US … Russia has now developed the “Kinzhal” hyper-sonic “city buster” nukes that can not only maneuver and steer out of the way of anti-missile missiles but are laser resistant … and Russia should be deploying these hyper-sonic nukes (they are producing by the thousands) in late 2018 – to early 2019 … so Russia needs lots of uranium “to defend the world from the evil Deep State’s “genetic Demonic creatures” … Dear God the Father: I think we are in big trouble and are going to need your help getting rid of these evil Satanic Nephilim Giants the evil neocons have created … and these neocons want to “take away our guns” … so we won’t be able to defend ourselves from the evil Demons they’ve created … shotguns are probably not sufficient … we all likely going to need “automatic” AK47’s to take these evil creatures down !!

    • Paul ...

      I couldn’t understand why Trump didn’t take us out of Afghanistan after 17 years … now the neurons in my mind are sparking across synapses as I re-think things …

      • Paul ...

        You know … I may be the only one to be thinking this … but isn’t it every Nations right to own a nuclear weapon if they feel they need one to use in an emergency against an intruder? … now hold off … don’t go ballistic on me … hear me out … isn’t it every individuals God given right to own a gun (if they want one) to use in an emergency against an intruder? … the “intruder” I’m thinking about “are the Nephilim Giants” (those Demonic beings now being created by CIA neocon Satanists to fight in Syria) … these Christian head-choppers must be erased from the Earth (the way David did long ago) … the neocons are trying to make sure all of humanity only has slings and stones to fight with … and are thus trying to take away our Second Amendment rights and the rights of most Nations to own powerful weapons “for defense” … now the Jews who supported Hillary are all on board protesting in the streets to take away our right to defend ourselves … these Jews have moral and ethical problems (for supporting such an evil person as Hillary) … but in general Jews “are not stupid people” most are very intelligent … so why is Netanyahu supporting the neocons?? … who want to take away the right of Nations to own nuclear weapons “to defend themselves”?? … Netanyahu is on board with the globalists goal to take away N. Korea’s nukes! … and on board with the globalists goal to take away Iran’s “ability” to own nuke’s! … doesn’t Netanyahu realize?? he is in fact working to take away his own nukes??? … think about it logically … what was the excuse used to take away Kim Jung-un’s nukes (he was deemed an immature crazy murderer) … and what is the excuse being used to take away Iran’s right to one day own nukes (they are crazy murderers) … exactly the same excuse being used to take away our guns here in America (crazy people can’t own them) … and Natanyahu “can’t figure out” that this “same excuse” will be used to take away the Samson Option from Israel? …all the globalists have to do … is show “how insane Israel is” (i.e. killing Palestinian children deliberately shooting them in the brain or how aggressive Israel is taking other peoples land like the Golan Heights, Jerusalem etc.) … do you get what I’m saying?? … if we humans are going to have any chance of fighting off the millions of genetically engineered Nephilim Demons the Satanic Deep State is now creating in their underground labs … we are not only going to need Israel armed with nuclear weapons … but Russia, the US and “many other” Nations to destroy the Demonic Beasts being created by the millions by Deep State “Satanic Neocons” (without having to resort to just a “sling and stone” like David) … “every nation” needs to be nuclear armed for the great battle to come against a Satanic Evil the world has not seen for centuries … Netanyahu better wake up fast (he is working for the wrong side) … the same way those who voted for Hillary were working for the (wrong side) trying to install “incomprehensible degeneracy and evil” to lead our Nation!!

        • Greg Hunter

          “killing Palestinian children deliberately shooting them in the brain” Who is the source for this? You state it as a fact and not possible propaganda.
          “how aggressive Israel is taking other peoples land like the Golan Heights, Jerusalem ect.” This was territory won after two unsuccessful wars started by Arabs (and that includes Palestinian Arabs) in both 1967 and 1973. You attack a sovereign nation and lose you do not automatically get your stuff back and have a do over. Please do not quote what the anti-Israel UN thinks either. Not buying that crap. You and I both know that Israel would not be there today if it did not posses nuclear weapons.

          • Paul ...

            Greg … perhaps I was not making myself clear … the point I was trying to make was … “I did not want to see Israel lose it’s nuclear weapons”!! … because of “some excuse” that could be used (i.e. like Israel shooting kids and them stealing land) so as to force them to give up their nukes like N. Korea!!

            • Greg Hunter

              Got it now Paul. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not. You don’t shoot journalists in the head and your political advisories in the back and expect to be doing the work of Christ.

  10. Paul ...

    Correct link in my first comment …

    • Paul ...

      Look closely at the ISIS “Men in Black” leading the Christian prisoners in orange jump suits to their death by “be-heading” in the above post … all of them tall … of uniform height and exactly the same build …. just like “genetically cloned Demonic beings” the Syrian Ambassador at the UN disclosed to the world … and I bet they all have the same “evil Satanic face”!!

      • Paul ...

        We need a leader in Israel today like David of the Bible… one who slays Giants … not someone like Netanyahu who is helping these “Obama/CIA created mutants in black” to invade Nations under the ISIS flag to give the warmongering globalist neocons control of any Nation they want … just wait and see “once our guns are taken away” … an army of genetically engineered mutants (dressed in black) will release upon the American public as the Shadow Government takes complete and total control of the United States of America!!

  11. Robert Lykens

    Everybody spouts the words “false flag” without the first bit of evidence to back it up. I like Mr. Stockman but just accusing someone of attacking Syria for “false flag” reasons is opinion, not fact. Show me some evidence.
    By the way, “evidence” can be examined and verified.

    • Robert Lykens

      Here’s an excellent analysis of the Syria attack. Nowhere are the words “false flag” used. Instead people are quoted who were involved and who know the reasons for the attack.

      • Frederick

        Obvious false flag Everyone with any intelligence can see that fact But that would exclude Lykens and John McCain

        • Robert Lykens


          • William Stanley

            Robert: You have made accusations without offering credible evidence and then demanded that the defendant prove his innocence. Where is your evidence that Israel didn’t do it or, at least, someone besides Assad . . . say, someone with an obvious motive? And remember, Assad had already won, except for a few minor mopping up operations. Shouldn’t those who want to attack, risking World War III in the process, bear the burden of proof?
            Moreover, the UN investigated the so-called attack a year ago and found no evidence implicating Assad or the Russians in anything; and the recent poisoning of the Skripals in Britain is also devoid of evidence pointing to the Russians despite all the arm-waving by May and Trump. Moreover, the evidence in this instance is also missing or, indeed, points in a direction opposite from what you would have us believe. Why no time for a thorough investigation by all parties including the UN?
            The flinging around of unproved accusations has undermined the West’s credibility with almost everyone, including significant portions of their own populations. Once credibility is lost, thoughtful persons will tend to shift the burden of proof to those with a recent history of making unproved accusations . . . with devastating consequences.

            • William Stanley

              Robert: I apologize. After rereading what you wrote, I think I went too far: you didn’t go as far as I had thought you had. Everyone here is operating without definitive proof. As you said, the claims of “false flag” operations are “unproved” ( I don’t recall hearing Stockman claim to know the opposite with certainty — didn’t he offer it as an “opinion”?). Those who claim that the Russians or the Syrians “did it” are similarly speaking without proof. However, that is quite different, it essentially demands that Russia and Syria prove a negative: Unfortunately, the UK, France and the US have made and acted upon unproved accusations and, in the process, put the entire world at risk. And that does put their credibility in question.

              • Robert Lykens

                William, I’m giving the govt the benefit of the doubt for several reasons.

                First, Assad has a history of gassing his own people.

                Second, the US struck just those targets involved in chem gas production (unless you believe Assad/Putin/Khamenei over Trump, which I don’t).

                Third, few if any were killed in the strikes. This wasn’t an act of war, it was punitive, just as the Pres said.

                Fourth, what is there to lie about? Our military is already there, carrying out bombing missions. If the US just wanted to piss off Putin to try to start WWIII, there are better ways than bombing empty buildings. We even gave him warning so he could move all his materiel and personnel out of the way.

                Fifth, there’s no evidence of a false flag here. Just opinion. And when the opinion is put forward by big-mouthed know-nothings like Frederick, that makes it even more suspect.

                Also, I refrain from automatically suspecting conspiracy theories as a general rule. Usually the truth iss obvious and evident, as it is in this case.

                • William Stanley

                  Robert: That was a well-organized retort. However, we will have to disagree on most points, especially who should bear the burden of proof and, given recent history, who should get the benefit of the doubt.

        • William Stanley

          Frederick: I assume your use of “false flag” refers to the original attack, not the US “response” to the false flag attack.

      • William Stanley

        Robert: Nobody has claimed that the US didn’t attack Syria. Of course the words “false flag” were not used regarding the US attack; it was real, though ineffectual.

      • Tinfoil hat Canuck

        Hmmmm, let’s vetoed a UN resolution that would send in an independent body to investigate the ‘event’. And then before anyone can be investigated, let’s bomb em so their safety is jeopardized. Yup, sounds like the behaviour of a totally innocent participant.

        Standard propaganda– don’t let the facts get in the way of your narrative… the one your tools in the MSM repeat ad nauseam to the sheeple.

      • Marcus

        Bloomberg lol hog wash …….Syrian defence system destroyed 80% of their missiles….Russian defence units on stand by did not even engage. Buildings hit were empty , if they contained chemical gas would it not spread into the atmosphere and kill thousands. ….. Derrrrr yeah Bloomberg

        • Greg Hunter

          According to what source??

  12. David

    I agree with everything David Stockman says and appreciate how succinctly he captures the slippery and odorous quagmire that we’ve created. We have no one blame but ourselves. Sad, but true. On a positive note, I like seeing Old Glory… nice touch. Thank you Greg!

  13. Anthony Australia

    Trumps another Puppet, no master plan here just the usual mayhem & destruction.
    Our government is on standby 😳

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true AA. Let’s be realistic. You didn’t think this would be easy and Australia has not even begun to get rid of its criminal class. This is why they took away your guns long ago. We still have ours.

      • JC Davis

        I was going to defend you Tony, but you said Australia is on stand by. Brought me to laughter. You must be joshing us

        • AA

          Yes I was LOL

      • AA

        I have faith he is doing that Greg but how much power and control does he really have. As for us Aussies, well we are only small minded islanders really. Controlling us is easy and our main concern is Indonesia which is never talked about openly.

      • EJ

        We have our guns for what now a few more years Greg?

      • Arthur Ghent

        The history behind Australia’s draconian gun laws is quite interesting.
        In 1995 a U.N. crime Congress was held in Cairo. At that congress the Japanese proposed the introduction of highly restrictive laws for the civilian ownership of light arms. The Japanese have always restricted civilian ownership of firearms yet their criminals still access them. The Japanese logic was that if they could restrict the international availability of firearms internationally, they could reduce the number of illicit firearms amongst the criminal classes in Japan.

        The Japanese proposal included classing firearms in special Licence categories of A, B, C, D, E & H. With only A & B firearms being available on a genuine needs basis to civilians. All firearms were to be registered and 30 day cooling off periods were proposed before the purchase of each additional firearm.

        At the crime congress was one Darryl Smeaton, head of the Australian Commonwealth Law Enforcement Board (CLEB). Darryl was a Labor Party appointee (read liberal for those in the US). He had previously worked for a Tasmanian Senator named Tate whom was extremely anti gun. In 1995 the Australian federal government was a Labor government.

        On 02 April 1996, the Labor government in Australia was swept from power by John Howard’s conservative government. While no a small statured man, Howard was known as little Johnnie across Australia.

        26 days later on 28 April 1996, the massacre at Port Arthur, Tasmania occurred. 35 killed and many wounded by a mad man with an AR 15 and an SKS rifle.

        Almost immediately, Smeaton put forward to Howard the Japanese proposal firearm from the previous year. Police Commissioners from all states and New Zealan met on 10 May and states across Australia brought in these draconian laws. New Zealand which initally agreed to introduce similar laws, reversed their decision. You can still own an AR 15 in New Zealand but not Australia.

        Our new prime minister John Howard was viewed as strong for forcing these new laws through.

        Interestingly, up until 1991, anyone could own any firearm in Tasmania, even crew served machine guns! The best machine gun collections were all in Tasmania. Most now are destroyed or deactivated and displayed in Returned Serviceman Clubs.

        • AA

          Too true Ardy

    • Paul ...

      AA …. imagine you are 71 years old … get only 4 hours of sleep per night … with the entire world’s problems on your shoulders … you have warmongering neocons on your right telling you to bomb Syria … you have evangelical Christians on your left telling you “your the reincarnation of Cyrus the Great” and must destroy Damascus … puppet or simply brain overload?? … how is it evangelical Christians believe in “reincarnation”?? … where is that mentioned in the Bible?? … as for the Pope getting rid of Hell (go figure??) …no wonder McCain wants to chop off Christian heads (even his brain cancerous mind can’t figure them out)!!!

      • AA

        I know he has the brains Pauly but does he have the heart.

  14. Jerry

    What does it mean when the worlds top oil producer and the worlds top oil consumer stop using dollars for trade?

    If the dollar is pegged to oil as reserve curreny , and it is no longer used for trade, is the dollar still reserve currency? Better yet who is servicing our debt if no one is buying U.S. treasuries ? If China and Russia no longer use dollars to buy oil, and no longer buy U.S. debt then what is the dollar worth? Stay tuned. We’re about to find out.

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … Trump has to sit down with China and Russia and renegotiate and restructure our debt with them … this what people do when they can’t pay off their loans … the problem is … China already owns much of our National assets already … what else can we give them? … I guess the banks can hand over the mortgage’s on the American peoples homes, farms, factories, etc., etc. to the Chinese … and then raise interest rates so people go into default … and the Chinese get possession of all our real estate!!

  15. Chad Novy

    Mark Zuckerberg Facebook
    Didn’t he donate a pile of money to hillary Clinton during election campaign
    Just wanted to ask you

    • Diane

      Of course he did

    • Dennis

      Zuckerberg donated twenty million dollars to Ms. Clinton.

  16. Clay Face Klingon

    War Room Joel Gilbert & Larry Klayman
    Destroying The Rats Nest!
    Larry Klayman will be made special counsel,
    because he has the goods on Robert Mueller,
    the blackmailer in chief!
    Cut to the chase at the 4:50 mark

  17. politically correct politician

    ‘fizzer’ in Syria. maybe it was a recon effort?

  18. JC Davis

    Chinas debt converted to dollars is under 6 trillion. for 1.4 billion people. They have more middle class population then all of the population of America. That’s not as bad as it seems.

    • JC Davis

      Debate this site.

      • JC Davis

        As a home grown Tennessean boy I see China as owning the Good old USA even today. If you lower Fake Paper Trash to Trash They ( China are out producing America ! ) Wake the HELL UP. Sleep s good for a tired hard working soul. America you have not broke a sweet in many years. Greg I am American I live in Tenn. I count SIG as my friend. He is American. May live next door to you..BOO

  19. Kevin

    I don’t get this “quantative tightening” he’s talking about. QE never ended.. Look at our bond market now. It’s totally rigged. “Unknown buyers” buying worthless junk like it’s going out of style in order to prop up stocks… Stockman ( who is great btw ) seems to be under the impression that central banks will follow the rules and do what they say they are going to do? Is it the plan of central bankers to normalize rates? Seems to me that executing that would lead to an implosion of the system or we end up with a huge transfer of wealth. The powers that be seem to be doing everything to prop it up at the moment.. Maybe they are doing this until it’s time to pull the plug and execute a reset? best of luck to all out there

    • Greg Hunter

      Fed and other central banks selling debt and not buying it. It means more debt on the market and rates will have to be bid up to sell it. n That is the simple explanation.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Yes, IF that’s what is actually happening. That annual deficit of one trill-plus has to be covered some way. The details are above my paygrade, but the basic math isn’t. Best always. PM

      • Roger D

        Greg, I understand but won’t rising rates cause inflation not deflation? And so much money has been printed? I’m lost.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          It’s important to keep in mind what currency actually is: it is a promise by the issuer.

          As a currency-issuing central bank reduces its balance sheet, it is effectively reducing the currency supply. (The USD issued by the Fed are the liability on their balance sheet, offset by the “assets”, that is, the debt instruments they hold.) This is, by definition, deflation.

          Interest rates will likely rise, but that in and of itself is neither inflationary nor deflationary.

  20. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview and I like the new look. Keep it up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC!!

  21. Rumplestiltskin

    I keep hearing about buying Gold and Silver as the hedge against inflation, but what Stockman implies is that it is a good investment for institutional buyers, which at this time, IT IS NOT ! Why? Because there is nothing left as a reserve and what the Comex is selling is “Paper Gold”. When the SHTF they’ll be no retrieving their investment in physical gold, so for institutional investors it is no longer a hedge. As long as the Gold Banks keep manipulating the price of precious metals, no one has any idea as to what will happen in a financial SHTF scenario because it is all a lie !!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Kirby says his big clients are buying and holding tonnage. He says nobody in his sphere believe they will get physical when they hold GLD.

  22. A. HALL

    Greg: David is correct on China’s massive debt- yet he forgets they have more gold than any other country. Thus, when the economies of the world implode- gold will spike to (skies the limit) record numbers.
    Also- why doesn’t David just come out and say the “feds” are corrupt and an illegal operation. In 1913 set up by the corrupt banksters!!!

  23. Matties


    As a journalist you should look into Q.

    Trump used the false flag to bomb the shit out of real chemical weapon factories.
    He is working with the Russians. Those tornado bombers they used have a radar cross section of a flat building. Easy pray for Russian missiles.

    • Greg Hunter

      I like “Q” and hope he/she is real. I think “Q” is real ever since the “tippy top” quote by POTUS. That said, as a reported that worked for 5 TV stations and 2 networks, anonymous sources could not be used. I always had to have someone come on and own it. Again, I like “Q” but I will allow others to decipher that message. As a reporter, I do think there was a lot more to the Syria strike than just punishment. I think it was an excuse to hurt the weapon making capacity that Russia should have disposed of in 2013.

      • JC Davis

        Greg He She is a distraction agent Do not be lied to by 90% truth None is none. Empty , and void of reality Twisted truth is not truth. The truth is easy, Fitting, and meets all standard of holiness A non Enon x non , S non . I cant go for dat.
        A non is the step child of the future. See what you will.

        • Tracy Welborn

          I don’t understand your reasoning. If Q is a distraction agent why is his information so destructive for the deep state? I think Q is a source of information – that’s all. As this thing plays out we’ll come to know the identity of Q – he’s said so. Also, he’s not a whistle blower – he’s asking questions and leading people to search for the truth themselves. I agree 100% with Greg and fully understand why he can’t be a news source.

  24. Chip

    Great interview Greg and David… Chip

    • Chip

      From David’s excellent most recent post on the Contra Corner…

      “If the Tomahawk cruise missiles fly toward Syria over the weekend, we will know that the capture has been complete; and that the Oval Office is now occupied by a hostage of the very Deep State that he campaigned against, and which, in any event, will soon sacrifice him to the vengeful furies of the Mueller witch hunt.”… Chip

      • Greg Hunter

        Not sure that is the case. Lots going on behind the scenes that we are not seeing.

  25. Uma

    Does this guy indeed breath sometimes.
    I don’t dispute his knowledge- but Greg – you should interrupt his boring Monolog at least sometimes,
    Couldn’t take it !

    • Greg Hunter

      You are turning your nose up at free analysis and information because you do not like the way it is delivered? This seems really ungrateful and disrespectful to me. Why comment at all? It would be different if you were paying for the information, but you are not.

  26. Chet

    Stockman says, “Gold and silver are the only safe investments to have . . . you can’t be safe in the stock market, and you can’t be safe in the bond market.” – – – Yet all are rigged systems, & the belief we can reduce exposure to inflation by holding G/S is a hope, a wish, a dream (in old market economy, it would be wise – but we are in new, deceitful eco-times). Eerily similar to the Christian hope, wish, dream that following Jesus into Jerusalem on Maundy Thursday would lead to a final toss of the moneychangers out of the system, & a return to a new kingdom ….
    … but the kingdom is within; we each have to police our internal mind, body, spirit before we can cast the devil out of those arenas we jointly share with fiat-changers.

    I struggle with the witnessing, taking responsibility for all the crises I find myself in (opiates, killings, abuses mentally/emotionally/psychically), doing grief work & returning to blessings, healings, and intending a new heaven & earth, w/in, & w/o. ~*~

    • Greg Hunter

      Far better to hold real ounces of gold and silver and hope than to hold a paper claim on wealth in a stock or a bond and hope you will get paid when the system resets. It really is that simple. By the way please factor in the $21 trillion missing $’s that Dr. Skidmore nailed down: Nobody is talking about this huge fact but that does not mean it is not a FACT. So you are wrong on that fact and wrong on following Christ. Christ is the first think you should be reaching for in times like this.

      • Jodyp

        I sure am glad you could decifer that for us .

  27. H. Craig Bradley


    The time for hard assets, according to Martin Armstrong, is AFTER global confidence in all currencies falls and they devalue. Gold and Silver are not there yet. I just sold some GLD because after four years, its still not in a sustainable bull market. Its spikes a bit and then always comes back down. Howsoever, you can trade any ETF and possibly make short term money by so doing, if you like. There is a time for everything.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure there is a time for everything, but I am not sure that the gold and silver will be available at the time you want to buy it. Armstrong is talking about picking the bottom, and most cannot do that. (Armstrong may be able to, but how many of us are a smart as him?) Set it and forget it. Take a position you can hold as a core investment, and hold it. Silver is at mining cost and gold is near mining cost per ounce. This is according to my sources in the PM industry.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        I would buy some more gold coins at $1,000 an ounce (cost of extracting), even more if the spot price of gold were to devalue to $800 an ounce. Like any other investment or stock, I first pick what I consider to be a “fair” price and then wait for the market to come to me, not the other way around. I have all the time in the world, or at least until my limit order expires automatically in one year.

        If I get my bid, great. If I don’t get my bid, so what? Life goes on regardless for me, anyway. Others may not be so lucky. So, I don’t chase anybody or anything anymore. No Need to. I have the options and others can curry to them or walk away. I can afford to be smug and distant. In fact, if SHTF, the more space between me and nearly everyone else in America the better.

        When and if the crunch really arrives we should expect there won’t be enough critical resources for everyone. Money and gold won’t necessarily protect your life in extreme conditions anywhere. Gold only works as long as we have functional markets and a orderly society. During a food shortage and supply chain disruptions, for example, barter using fuel, Vodka or Mountain House Freeze Dried Dinners may have more utility and value. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

  28. Hoosier river rat

    We have a debt based monetary system .the only way money enters the system is for gov.orindividuals or company’s is to borrow it at interest.this usury system creates inflation.inflation is the issuance of money without a corresponding increase in goods or services . The congress needs to reclaim its authority under art .1 sec. 8 clause 5 which allows it to create money and determine its value. They can create a large amount of money divide it by 50 , distribute it to the governors and let them distribute it according to the number of counties in their state . This would be interest free and only for capital projects , not for administration costs . This means tax boards could build one bridge or one school without paying for two or three with interest. This would lower taxes and jump start the economy.

  29. james

    Gregg, what do you think of David Seaman of Fulcrum ? I hope what he’s saying is true, that Trump is really ready to take down the Deep State and indict 100’s of washington,hollywood,wallst,dumacrats and repubs.

    • Greg Hunter

      In think he’s a good man. He has risked a lot to break news.

  30. DerStan

    Before you invest heavily into gold or silver have a years worth of food storage for each person in your family. For the main part of a storage program I prefer large #10 cans of freeze dried food due to their 25+ year shelf life. Pay attention to calorie contents. You can plan on 2000 – 2500 calories per person per day. If you go hungry you will sell all your gold and silver for one meal.

    • William Stanley

      DerStan: Thanks for bringing up the topic. A year’s supply would be great, but three-months’ worth will greatly increase your survivability. I would note the following very incomplete list in order of importance (others will have different takes): (1) shelter, (2) water (your faucet will not work when the electric grid goes down) and water filter (you’ll need a minimum of one gallon per person per day), use coffee filters to strain out dirt and debris before biological/germ/virus filtering or treatment (one-half teaspoon of NON-SCENTED bleach per 5 gallons for at least one-half hour using newish bleach), (3) firearms and ammo, (4) food and methods for cooking (including fuel) when the electric/gas grids are down (for bugging in, i.e., staying in your house, I prefer canned goods because they don’t have to be cooked and many are packed in water — just cycle though them about every year or two and it won’t cost you extra in the long run, (5) sanitation, including detergents, soap and tooth paste, toilette paper, famine hygiene, and lots of trash bags to line your toilette bowl and to dispose of daily somewhere else, (6) light/fire, including lots of long-burning candles, fire-starters like bic lighters and matches, and batteries for flash-lights, radios etc., and (7) study/warm clothes, especially shoes/boots, especially in case you need to bug-out, (8) medicine and first-aid kit, (9) a pack or bug-out bag in case you have to leave, (10) cash because ATMs will be inoperable.

      • Jodyp

        DerStan and William S.. Glad this has come up. It’s a subject that needs to be covered here since so many more are coming on board USAW. Any guest suggestions?

        • William Stanley

          As far as guests are concerned, Jodyp, John Wesley Rawls, Joel Skousen, and Patriot Nurse come to mind. There are many others. It would depend on the focus that Greg would want to have on particular prepping/survival issues.

      • Keith wilson

        William ,thanks for the information regarding your prepping survival plans. Get yourself a good bicycle to travel around your neighbourhood when the SHTF. Don’t waste your vehicles fuel doing visits to your family and friends. You don’t want to end up like Rick Grimes in walking dead. Always walking from a to b when he could be riding a bike. Also you can travel into the back country with a bike and do some hunting for pigeons and rabbits etc. It gives you more options when the day of judgement arrives.

        • William Stanley

          Keith: A bike is a great idea, perhaps an essential piece of gear. I do have one for this very purpose, but I don’t have an attachable trailer, which would also be great to have.

  31. pat the rat

    I don’t know what world David lives in but, I can’t afford $1300 a ounce all I can do is buy silver. There is no money for gold!

    • Greg Hunter

      Pat you cannot go wrong buying silver. Don’t underestimate the value of a new battery or new set of rubber for your steel horse.

    • Robert Lykens

      Pat, can you buy 1/10th oz gold coins?

      • Greg Hunter

        You are correct Robert but you pay commission per coin and that runs up the price. Silver coins are very good and the commissions are pretty thin at the moment.

        • Robert Lykens

          Yes, I’ve bought both ounces and 1/10th ounces of gold. The premium is a factor now but if you want gold coins there may not be an option. And of course once gold’s true value (in dollars) is discovered, the premium factor will be insignificant.
          I’ve posted before that one way to get free gold is to begin scrapping old computers and other electronics. The older the eqpt, the more gold there is in it. It takes a while to accumulate much gold this way but I’ve done it and I wound up with a couple of grams of free gold.
          Also keyboards have a fair amount of silver in them.

          • Flattop

            How do you go about getting silver out of a keyboard?

            • Robert Lykens

              Remove all the keys and any screws holding the frame together. Underneath the keys is a rubbery piece of plastic that has lines of silver in it. I have a couple dozen of these but I haven’t tried to get out the silver and refine it yet.

    • DerStan

      Solid advice William Stanley…

  32. Hugh Gibbs

    Some of your best work ever and the new presentation is terrific. Also David is a great guest to have. Thanks and best wishes Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Hugh. Not easy getting Mr. Stockman for a half hour but he was gracious to donate his time to our education.

      • Tad

        One question I was hoping you would have posed for David Stockman: Do you believe the US government has any significant stores of gold they can call there own–I mean, legitimately?

  33. John Q. rePUBLICan

    ALERT: Syria first strike in World War 3 – Deep Analysis
    by globalintelhub – Apr 14, 2018 6:05 pm
    Syria is the start of a wider proxy war that will last years, in support of US markets and the US Dollar.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not sure about this. Yes, war is coming but not just yet.

  34. Jodyp

    “this ship can’t be turned around”? Then fire the torpedoes and sink it in deeper waters before this beast blocks the port.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s right JodyP, but Trump can save a lot of souls in America and probably bring it back but not without a lot of pain.

      • Jodyp

        And the better prepared, the better chance of dealing with said pain. Stay ready, people.

  35. Steven Clark

    When has David Stockman been right about anything? He has consistently been doom and gloom for over a decade. To my knowledge he has not been right about anything. Why do you keep bringing him on?

    • Greg Hunter

      If you do not understand why I am bringing on a best-selling author and a former White House Budget Director on to see what he thinks, you really need to go to another site for your information.

      • Steven Clark

        Greg, I’m asking you to challenge your guests on their failed predictions. I’m asking you to point out a single prediction that this man has given that has come to pass. This is what journalists do is it not?

  36. Gina M Mancarella

    Tonight, Comey lays it all out with facts concerning how the sitting president is a menace to society. Not to mention, there are new revelations from yet other women who claim first hand knowledge that Trump is a coprophile as he seems to be able to afford almost anything due to his vast billionaire wealth. Dont we have a right to expect much more from the so called leader of the free world ???

    These are strange conversations that we are having with our kids about the president of the United States of America in this day and age.

    • Greg Hunter

      Comey is desperate to try to shield himself from prosecution for felonies he surely committed. It is a very sad day for the country to this kind of crime and treason to come to the surface. We would have never seen this if Hillary would have won.

    • Paul ...

      Gina … when Comey lays out the facts tonight about how Trump is a menace to society … is he also going to explain how Hillary “was not” a menace to society?? … seems she was totally in bed with the CIA Deep State (now creating Motherless and Fatherless genetically engineered clones) when she wrote her book “It Takes a Village” … boosting the virtues of having a “hive mentality” … just like the Demonic beings the CIA are likely cloning by the thousands in their underground labs at Langley!!

    • Duke of Earl of Sandwich

      Bill Clinton is married to a Witch, are you too?

      • Duchess of Earl of Sandwich

        Home boy Comey must acknowledge that the Donald’s comments in the Holywood Access tapes got rid of the abuse of woman that was rampant in Hollywood because the Donald acknowledged and exposed it all by being truthful unlike Homeboy, that he was tempted too, with the sudden fame of the apprentice along with his power and money and the woman that were throwing themselves at him because of it and of course his beach blond surfer dude good looks!
        By the way that’s how Melanja got him. She said smugly and bigly, don’t call me, dude. I’ll call you! And the rest is His’story!
        You must admit Gina, Milanja’s got the ball’s Hill wishes she had!

    • Ernest King

      I nearly choked when I read your discussion about the claim that Trump is a coprophile. National Enquirer is really reaching on that one. Surprising you seem to even know the meaning of that word. I’ll just use the same phrasing Trump said to Comey. “Does Trump look like a guy that would be into defecation sex ?” Short Answer is NO! Long answer is NO! He likes beautiful smart women and if that’s his only downfall, then he is doing better than most. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke. And he is all about putting more bread onto the American dinner table. Plus he doesn’t even take a salary!

  37. Abby

    Good video except for one thing that maybe you could ask David the next time. Our option was hillary. What would be happening now if she was President. I am unhappy with Trump right now over the Syrian bombing however it could be the witch.

    • Frederick

      Abby I agree Hillary is worse That said lesser of the evils is NOT a good thing

      • Greg Hunter

        You of all people show be hoping Trump can do something about the corrupt swamp of your former home. What is your solution, by the way? Move?? No corruption in Turkey with your brand new dictator for life is there? Oh, I forgot you cannot say anything negative about Turkey for fear of them taking you to jail. You can only criticize you former country. So sorry, I do not want to put you in a bind.

        • Frederick

          Greg I didn’t move to Turkey specifically to escape my home country It was a decision my wife and I came to together We weren’t working and my savings were being depleted It was an economic move and also to be closer to my wives family( they are very close) Making assumptions is NOT advisable about a persons personal life choices You are a better man than that

          • Greg Hunter

            Don’t scold me with this “You are better man than that” crap. I was being upfront and factual. You live in a place where you CANNOT criticize the government. I was pointing out the fact you do criticize you former country, but no the one you live in now. I understand that is a danger to you, but you must understand and admit this as well.

          • Mikey

            T is for Turncoats who Take off for Turkey to live under a Tyrant.

            • Paul ...

              There There … Try Tolerance for a Thoughtful Tactful Teammate and Tireless Truther … Thankful for This Time To Think Together … Try To Tie Tenderheartedness To Those for Their Thoughtful Thoughts!

            • DB Cooper

              You tell em Mikey!! DB

  38. Robert Lykens

    Russia fears NATO, always has.
    Now we have Turkey in NATO. Erdogan is an unreliable partner and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he’s whispering NATO secrets into Putin’s ear. I’d say it’s more likely than not. It’s a very bad idea to trust muslim dictators.

    • Paul ...

      Robert … Russia is not in any need of Intel from Turkey … Russia has a huge nuclear weapon called “the Demon” that can take out all the NATO Nations of Europe in one shot with just “one bomb” … what I’m hoping is that Putin has a couple pointed toward Antarctica (to take out the entire continent if the Great Satan resides there (preferably a Demon “neutron bomb” so the ice caps won’t melt)!!

      • Robert Lykens

        Russia’s in no need of intel about NATO from Turkey?
        Surely you jest.

        • Paul ...

          I’m talking “end of days” … which we likely are in now … no talk with Turkey is is necessary all Russia has to do is press the red button … and all of Europe and NATO will be gone … then he can “talk turkey with Trump” and say “all your allies are gone so there is no need to retaliate” … if Trump doesn’t stand down … we both nuke each other … end of story for the human race … just like the “advanced”civilization that came before us that had bases on the Moon and Mars destroyed themselves (because their moral compass was defective) as sadly is ours!!

  39. Jerry

    Here is an analysis I happen to agree with.

    There is a master plan going forth alright, but its a path to a new economic exchange system, as we weed out the criminals from the old one. The raid on Syria was designed to put the final collapse in motion with the stock market tanking as the conversion process to new gold backed system fostered by the Chinese ( our main trading partner) begins. President Trump met with president Xi behind closed doors for a reason. He knows what we know. The current system is on overload.

  40. Robert Lykens

    US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said Sunday that the Trump administration has three goals before pulling US troops out of Syria: To stop the use of chemical weapons, to totally defeat ISIS and to contain the Iranian presence. Interviewed on the Fox Sunday program, she stressed that the US has no intention of getting involved in the Syrian civil war and its troops would leave once those goals were achieved.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      Oh please, we are to take this for truth? Did Mr. president not say but a week ago he was pulling out and letting others pick up the slack? And then — boom — a tried and true emotional dagger appears and look, now we have to stay!
      Secondly, the ISIL etc. TERRORISTS were sponsored and supplied by the exceptional country with the aim of regime change via proxy. If the Russians had not taken up Assad’s INVITATION, he would be deposed by now, a US puppet would be installed, numerous US bases would be under construction, and he Quatar pipeline green-lighted. Too bad about the civilians though.

      • Robert Lykens

        I take what Nikki Haley said as truth, yes. In my opinion she’s proven herself to be a strong, trustworthy ambassador who can stand up to some of the toughest people in the world.
        She has no need to lie.

    • Paul ...

      Sounds good Robert … just one question … how do we stop the CIA’s “genetic mutants” from using the chemicals Hillary provided to them?? … seems they have a “free hand” to call in “Trump’s and NATO’s Air Force, Missiles and Bombers” any time they want (being it does not seem to matter to the West who sprays the chemicals)!!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      To quote from Ron Paul who asks some very pertinent questions [unlike our resident rabid Neocon] in the below link:

      “If Syria really had sarin and other chemical weapons factories, does it make sense for the US to bomb the buildings and risk killing thousands by widely disbursing the poisons?

      Does it make sense to risk killing Syrian civilians with chemical weapons in retaliation for allegations that the Syrian government killed civilians with chemical weapons? No, it seems more like the phony “mobile WMD labs” we were told that Saddam Hussein had constructed.”

  41. Darcy the real McCoy

    Bashar al-Assad the usefull idiot and the Syria conflict

  42. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Thanks for having such quality guests on your show such as Bill Holter & David Stockman to name but a couple. We appreciate the time and effort you take to put this free informative service together AND how you comment on comments.

  43. Charles H


    As well as the last link, from the previous USWD page/post: this is more up your alley.


  44. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thank you for bring us David Stockman!

  45. Marcus

    The 4 d chess move.
    Attack on Syria ….give the globe-list what they want, you have to love this ! , Out played again by Putin……Russian Retaliation units played cards as the mighty 3 amigos played with their missiles 80% downed, huge success for Syria, lost some old sheds that were empty, arranged or allowed to hit…….Russia stated quite clearly If any of our facilities are hit we will retaliate.
    Now the real chess game of this latest attack has now be turned around on the 3 Amigos, Putin has asked them to join forces to take out Saudi Arabia for there use of biological weapons used against Yemen……Yes if you what to strike nations with out approval from United Nations and use the argument that we” just know” Well we “WE JUST KNOW”
    Which brings me to Saudi Arabia and the deep state 911 attack…. Trump “Just Knows” that Saudi Arabia were involved with bush in the take down of 911… are we now seeing PAY BACK.

  46. Mohammad


    I said it before and I will repeat it again.
    Everything, every move is just a step in a major plan to evacuate M.E. from population to establish the Greater Israel that at a certain point will emerge as a super power at the expense of the nurturing nations, like the black widow feeding on its mate after finishing off.

    Trump is NO DIFFERENT than Obama, just another step in the major scheme which is now expanding Iran all the way to its natural extension Israel at the expense of the Arabs in between.

    May sound odd but time is proving me right one time after another and I maintain that Israel=Iran.

    Time will tell.

    The next target is Turkey after US pulls out of Syria like Trump always maintained, and I do not give a rat ass if he stays or he pulls out but it is obvious to me that the reason of pulling out is clashing Turkey and Iran to fill the vacuum that this president always blamed Obama for when the latter pulled out of Iraq but oddly he is doing the same thing, because they are the same theme but different phases and faces.

    After Iran clashes with Turkey and you can bet your money on Iran backing off the Kurds against Turkey with the blessing of France that brought in the seventies Khumaini to power in Iran after letting down the shah, Turkey will fracture and will be devided into many parts where the Kurds will be used as the poking stick, eventually Iran will take the corridor leading to the Mediterranean Sea with the blessings of Israel/US/West/Russia.

    After completing this phase Saudi Arabia is the final target and that will be the ultimate goal.

    All this BS about fear from Iran is nothing but crap.

    Look at the walk
    Never listen to the talk.


  47. Willard Ferch

    Dear Greg, Stockman is certainly very intelligent and I believe he knows what he’s talking about. Great interview again! I wrote a paper last year titled, “The Perfect Storm” and David covers the one leg extremely well, but the other leg will be multiplying the disaster, which is the Grand Solar Minimum we are now well entered into. The Lord impressed upon me in 2002 that we were headed for severe global cooling, and despite the derisive comments from others, I began giving the warning to others. We are in the time where wild weather and cold will greatly curtail our food supply, and you can’t buy food when there is no food. The real “Perfect Storm” has arrived, and folks that wouldn’t listen before are beginning to listen. God Bless you and your works. Faithfully, your 79-yr.-old Fan

    • Lin

      Willard, Please read Cold Times preparing for the mini ice age by Anita Bailey Phd-was released in November 2017—–Sooo much info-it’s overwhelming ! But you’re correct it’s coming + soon. Lin

  48. George Global

    Did you read the comments after the Assad vid? Interesting.

    Check this one out just as interesting;
    Bashar’s new bud, Vladimir Putin. Short stature, Long Shadow – The Fifth Estate, our royal, crown loyal, friends north of the unprotected 4,000 mile border.

  49. Ron Spoonemore

    This is very informative, but what good is it.
    Us dumb Rednecks already know this

  50. Tim McGraw

    Another great interview with the wonderful economist and author David Stockman. I did enjoy reading his book “The Great Deformation”. Basically; we are doomed.
    We are preparing as fast and as well as we can.

  51. Flattop

    GREG; New subject
    For the last several decades the defenders of freedom/democracy have been England, France, Germany, and the US. During the last weeks offensive move against Syria, Germany went missing. What is going on with Germany???

    • brad27

      Defenders of freedom and democracy? Who told you that?

  52. Jerry

    I feel we are at a major tipping point. Im hearing from several sources (which I can’t verify) that there are major preparations going on for a ground attack in Syria. For security reasons I won’t go into details, but if this information is correct it represents two major outcomes.
    1. If this is manufactured disinformation, a smokescreen is being setup for a major internal event inside our givernment involving president a Trump,
    2. If this information turns out to be true, it would be a significant indicator that president Trump has lost control of his presidency to the deep state.

    It should send chills down anyone’s spine who is paying attention, knowing that only a few days ago he was making statements to just the opposite. More importantly should the deep state threaten war with Russia or even Iran in the coming days, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Chinese and their BRICS allies will not hesitate to pull the plug on the dollar.

    I know, I know , you’re going to say the Chinese are weak and the United States is a bad ass. That may be true to some degree but the Chinese still hold close to a trillion dollars in treasury bonds , and have us on the hook for close to two trillion dollars in loans. It wouldn’t take much to burst that debt bubble should they consider a total selloff. Wouldn’t happen? Whst would they have to lose if they thought the United States posed a real threat?


    • Arthur Barnes

      Jerry, we don’t have enough troops near Syria to invade a pizza parlor, our armed forces are not “invading” forces any longer, they are “bomb droppers” for the most part. What you are probably hearing is rumors from the left wanting to impeach our President for any little very old peccadilloes they can find or make up. Regards, a b

    • Jerry

      How embarrassing? Syrian false flag confirmed.

      Now let’s discuss who’s running this show. President Trump? Or the deep state ? If a ground attack is launched on the heels of this report, we will have our answer. Mission accomplished. Now what’s?

    • brad27

      Jerry, I like your typo: the Giverment. Home of the Obama phone.

    • JMiller

      So what if the Chinese still hold close to a trillion dollars in Treasury bonds? What is to prevent the U.S. from voiding or confiscate those bonds which are mostly held by U.S. custodians any time they want? The answer is nothing. And the same goes for any Chinese assets that are in the U.S.

  53. Arthur Barnes

    Comey is a slimeball, a political hack, a lying corrupt felonious criminal, can’t believe he was head of the FBI; only in today’s America would such a scoundrel rise to such ranks. Sad!

  54. John M.

    I agree with David Stockman — the world is FRAGILE. Any black swan can come by and crap on everything.
    What can possibly go wrong?
    Our economy is a lie. It relies almost entirely on gov’t jobs for employment and growth comes from more government bureaucracy. The dwindling private sector is still needed for mundane services that can’t be imported. Pensions are flimsy. Savings can easily be stolen by gov’t. Much of our Tech industry may have been created and managed by DARPA for a globalist agenda. Our markets are surely not free nor honest. And of course, our US dollar is backed entirely on nothing but false promises.
    Then when it comes to terrorism and wars, we have fake news and PSYOP propaganda for purposes that are secretive. I suppose Americans shouldn’t really care, even if our children will die in these wars and our homeland can be laid waste by nasty weapons. Heck, we can’t even trust hurricanes and high clouds, as Dane Wigington says that weather is often manipulated.
    China exports to America about 5 times more than we export to them. China (and others) have been accumulating massive amounts of gold while the US will not allow an audit of Fort Knox as the 8,000 tons of gold is probably not there. Even if America had its gold, it cannot likely survive on a gold standard as our trade deficit is so out of whack that our gold would be transferred to other countries in a matter of months.
    These days, I’m getting much more reality from watching Dwayne Johnson in some over-the-top adventure flick. After all, what is truth and reality?

    • Arthur Barnes

      John M., very astute observation(s) All sad but true!

  55. Tad

    Almost enough reason to levy even more sanctions or instigate another false flag, for its own sake.

    If currency devaluation is also defined as dumping Treasuries and banning trade in USD, then China and Russia are probably guilty and complicit. Another excuse for sanctions.

    A somewhat overlooked mechanism would be the expected rise in interest rates. Internet speculation about the “when” would likely be enough to increase dollar strength.

    The endgame doesn’t change.

  56. Nell Fowler

    The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack
    Exclusive: Robert Fisk visits the Syria clinic at the centre of a global crisis
    Robert Fisk Douma, Syria Monday 16 April 2018

    Wow Greg,
    Seems no one to blame on this latest world threatening controversy! The only prof now, that the proverbial dust [no pun intended] has settled, is mother nature. Helped along by bombs and wind. But we the people did maybe put a stop to a world war. If Hillary was in charge wed all be dead for sure, because of a dust storm?
    The Donald seems wins again. Even if he tried to fail I’m sure he’d still come out on top. Like you say Greg, so far somebody up there sure seems to like him and so do we in flyoverville!

  57. Justn Observer

    Greg, Is the Cave Trust of Gold of the Ming Dynasty soon to be revealed? Untold $Trillions of Gold and Silver and treasure long hidden by Chaing Kai-Shek and gold backed bearer bonds loaned to the to rebuild U.S. military and prepare for WW II against Japan after Pearl Harbor… The ‘story’ that this buildup was a result of the sale of ‘war bonds’ just after the Depression in U.S. is said to be a farce…but was infact gold backing from China who feared Japan… insightful. And it is those gold bearer bonds and repayment behind much of the behind the scenes Bush/Clinton CIA dealing and cover up today… Why they are hoping to quell the Harmon Wilfred revealings and much of the ‘insider’ plays in the destruction of places of record keeping …ie. accounting office of missing ‘trillions’ at the Pentagon? The offices of Kantor Fitsgerald etc? Who is to say …but it is obvious even now President Trump appears not to be interested enough to look into it…even with the glaring bread crumbs leading straight to his political ‘enemies’? Or is this ‘theft’ of = NON- repayment of those ‘loans’ and massive pallets of gold still hidden the real ‘prize’ all are still seeking?

  58. Justn Observer

    Greg… This is ‘out there’ as well which might be something which might require you and your contacts to take a look at?

    Lisa H Barsoomian, a US Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law, she’s a protégé of James Comey and Robert Muller

    Barsoomian with her boss R Craig Lawrence represented Bill Clinton in 1998

    Lawrence also represented:
    Robert Muller three times
    James Comey five times
    Barack Obama 45 times
    Kathleen Sebelius 56 times
    Bill Clinton 40 times and
    Hillary Clinton 17 times between 1998 and 2017

    Barsoomian herself represented the FBI at least five times.
    You may be saying to yourself, okay who cares, who cares about the work history of this Barsoomian woman?

    Apparently someone does.

    BECAUSE : Someone out there cares so much that they’ve “purged” all Barsoomian court documents for her Clinton representation in Hamburg vs. Clinton in 1998 and its appeal in 1999 from the DC District and Appeals court dockets (?) Someone out there cares so much that the internet has been “purged” of all information pertaining to Barsoomian. Historically this indicates that the individual is a protected CIA operative.
    Additionally Lisa Barsoomian has specialized in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the intelligence community
    And although Barsoomian has been involved in hundreds of cases representing the DC Office of the US Attorney her email address is Lisa Barsoomian at NIH gov.

    The NIH stands for National Institutes of Health. This is a tactic routinely used by the CIA to protect an operative by using another government organization to shield their activities. It’s a cover, so big deal right, I mean what does one more attorney with ties to the US intelligence community really matter?
    It deals with Trump and his recent tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports, the border wall, DACA, everything coming out of California, the Uniparty unrelenting opposition to President Trump, the Clapper leaks, the Comey leaks, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusal and subsequent 14 month nap with occasional forays into the marijuana legalization mix……. and last but not least Muller’s never-ending investigation into collusion between the Trump team and the Russians.

    Why does Barsoomian, CIA operative, merit any mention?
    BECAUSE She is Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s WIFE! That’s why.

    Barsoomian’s loyalties are tainted. How could this not have influenced Rosenstein? This clearly violates the appearance of impropriety attorney’s rules?
    Both owe their careers as US attorneys to Muller, Obama, Bush, and the Clintons. Impartiality? That’s impossible.
    Rod Rosenstein has no business involving himself in the Hillary Clinton-DNC funded Steel dossier, and the ongoing Russia investigation.
    Much less the selection of his mentor and his wife’s mentor Robert Muller as Special Counsel. The rules of ethics “required his recusal.” But there was no such recusal.”

    THE SWAMP more murky all the time?

  59. H. Craig Bradley


  60. Mike R

    this stash or treasure trove (650,000 emails) of devastating information on Weiners former laptop, is being sat on by Sessions, Trump, and their well heeled connections to NYPD through Guiliani, until it can have the largest implosion possible on the Demoncrats, not too long before Mid-terms….

    The rush from day 1, to impeach Trump on something, anything, has been all about this. Clinton is toast, but she will have brought down the toilet hole with her, Obama, Lynch, Holder, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, and a huge cast of other unsavory characters that could involve a large chunk of democratic reps in Congress. Talk about Swamp draining. This would suck the life out of the entire demoncratic party.

    An interview with Tracy Bean would be interesting Greg.

  61. helot

    It’s getting real hard to believe that your guy isn’t the same boss, just like the old boss.
    The geoenginerring aircraft still fly. Regular like.
    Is that a clue?

    I’d like to believe that things are happening behind the scenes, but so far,….

    • Greg Hunter

      This has been going on at least since Kennedy, and you are impatient after a year and a half??? Keep your faith.

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