Red Virginia, More Vax Coercion, More Fed Control

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 502 11.05.21)

Some big off year political elections were held this week, and the biggest newsmaker was the GOP win in Virginia.  Remember, Virginia was called for Biden right after the polls closed on Election Night 2020 even though Trump was ahead.  The problem was never investigated, but through the magic of what appears to be election fraud, Biden won the state in the wee hours of the morning the next day when votes magically appeared.  All that to say, you know the Dems cheated, and they have cheated again in 2021.  It’s what they have to do because their policies are hated by everyone including Democrats.  It looks like the cheating was overwhelmed by Dem voters switching sides, and that gave the Governor’s office and the state legislature to Glenn Youngkin and the GOP.  The big problem for the Dems now is the 2020 election fraud can and will be investigated—no doubt.

Joe Biden and crew are offering up another vax coercion for 84 million workers.  OSHA is going to require total submission to unscientific policies and an experimental CV19 vax.  If not, there will be endless testing, job losses and fines.  There is no appreciation for science or the 100 million people who have natural immunity because they were infected with CV19 and got well.  This sounds like a desperate move in pushing this unscientific and coercive policy.  Maybe it’s because the narrative continues to unravel in an embarrassing and criminal way for the Biden Administration.  Oh, by the way, Press Secretary Jen Psaki just tested positive for Covid even though she was “fully vaxed.”

The Federal Reserve has done a great job enriching the 1%.  For the rest of “We the People,” inflation is ravaging families, and it’s just getting started.  Great job, Chairman Powell.  Responsibilities should be taken away from the feckless Fed.  Just the opposite may happen because there is a professor of law, Saule Omarova, nominated for comptroller of the currency.  Omarova wants the Fed to have the power over all of us, including turning on and off our bank accounts.  Heaven help us if she gets past the Senate confirmation.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 11.05.21.

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After the Interview: 

Biotech analyst Karen Kingston is back with revelations that the FDA knew the so-called “vaccines” for CV19 cause death and extreme injury and covered it up.  Kingston contends the FDA knows there are no “side effects” but simply effects of the CV19 vax.  Kinston says the FDA’s own research shows it knew all about the dangers of the CV19 “vaccines” and authorized the use anyway.  You won’t want to miss the Saturday Post with Karen Kingston.

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  1. Marie+Joy

    I am unable to access:
    USAWatchdog videos
    and more
    It’s a totalitarian thing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Have you reset your modem (unplug it for 20 sec and plug it back in) and tried different browsers?

      • Marie+Joy

        Greg, Yes. My brother tried to correct the situation, without success.

      • Hannah Loveanna

        Greg, getting to your site is problematic; however, I managed after a couple times. The election in ME was stolen too… how do I know? Trump was ahead here before midnight. Woke up the next day, Biden declared the winner (NOT).

      • Frank Stiles

        Hi Greg, Not sure how else to reach you. I came across one of OSHA’s own regulations that might nullify their own vaccine mandate. It hinges on the harm caused by the vax:
        The also list a penalty for violating this regulation.
        Hope some lawyer can make good use of this.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good catch Frank!!

          • Renegade Prophet

            The scamdemic and fake “vaccine” death shots are all because of the approaching Planet X that the chemtrails have been hiding every day globally for thirty years. Planet X caused the sinking ofg Atlantis and Noah’s flood. TYhis time around it will end the coming, planned WW3 that is going to destroy America. The day of the next false flag using the nuke the shadow government stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran is the day America will be nuked and invaded by Russia, China and the whole SCO. This is the story in over half the Bible. All planned by the criminal bastard governments! Execute the criminal bastard government very soon or die in WW3!

            • Donald Wood

              Where did you come up with all of this weird crap. You need to lay off of the LSD.

    • Rachel.M.

      Hi Marie Joy, It’s is ok on mine which is a chrome browser

      • Rachel.M.

        … after you reset your computer or whatever you use, I think you would also have to clear your browing history and your cookies and your plugins. 🙂

      • Renegade Prophet

        STFU you stupid government liar. NASA told us they found Planet X when they launched IRAS in 1983 specifically to look for it. WW3 is obvious as shit for anyone paying attention. Russia and China have told us for ten years they will nuke us over Iran. Bastard Blinkin and the senile pervert keep talking about attacking Iran. Its all planned by the evil aliens controlling this prison planet of slave sheeple but then you know that, dont you government liar or is it government lizard?

    • Louis

      Great Program –
      Stand in the way of anything the Democ-Rats want
      Don’t support anything the Democ-Rats want.
      Don’t support any Rino-Rats
      Stand Up !

    • Phil in Dixie

      Hi Marie+Joy,

      Is your ISP, by any chance, AT&T?

      Depending on exactly what the problem is, there are several potential solutions. I’ll present the simplest one first which is also free:

      Configure your computer or (preferably) your router to use OpenDNS. Or, for good measure, configure both of them to use OpenDNS.

      For more information, visit:

      Note: You do NOT need to sign up to use OpenDNS. Signing up is optional.

      I hope this helps.


      • Marie+Joy

        Hi Phil, No. It’s Xfinity

        • Marie+Joy

          I think its because I’m rabidly opinionated and the people, who control things, at the moment, don’t like it. I type the term “genocide” several times a day. I imply cowardice and insouciance, too. That offends the murderers.

    • Not So Free

      I’m on Brave and had no trouble. It plays from the site, and just for grins I tried the Rumble link. It plays there as well.

    • Jon

      Not every computer problem is a simple browser setting. Perhaps your computer needs to be serviced, updated, cleaned of malware etc. Or it is obsolete and needs replacing. Only suggestion before having a computer repairman look at. Try turn off any VPN and see if the problem goes away. Good luck.

      • Greg Hunter

        Good idea Jon!! Thanks for weighing in. We love Marie!!

        • Marie+Joy

          Greg, And you, all, are my favorite online people.

    • Gandhi

      Check your social credit score, if low you may also be required to get the trump clot shots before your internet service returns to normal. But hey I am guessing trump will make money from his big pharma investments which some trump lovers will be happy about.

    • Phil in Dixie

      Hi Marie+Joy,

      I have something else for you to try. This is more of a workaround than a solution because it won’t work with some websites.

      Go to and search for “ usawatchdog” (without the quotes). Greg’s page on Rumble should be near the top. Do NOT click on the link in the search results. There should be a small mask icon just to the left of the link. Click on that instead.

      Let me know if doing this allows you to watch Greg’s videos.


    • Brad Overbeck

      Now, that Greg is using Rumble, I found I cannot view his videos on Rumble using my Google browser? However, I can view Greg’s videos on Rumble using Firefox. Google has gotten so weird that it will not connect me to sites I used to frequent supposedly because of “security” considerations. I also hate the Google browser immediately opening another tab to some other site I don’t want. I have not found any way to turn that off. It’s a waste of bandwidth to wait for something to load, I didn’t want to see in the first place.

  2. Doug

    Not every nationality Greg. Canadians are having a hard time getting into the states.

  3. John Williams

    The dems are more than willing to continue to cheat to steal elections. I fear that exposing them is not having much effect. I agree, cheating is tougher, but the question really is, “When will election fraud claims stop an election’s certification on the spot?” Leaving us to talk about a stolen election after the fact is just fine with the Dems. They know one thing, if they can steal elections through the 2022 midterms (looks like they will) and the 2024 Presidential election that at that point they will have a clear path to very long term control.

    People claim that many states have toughened their election laws, but we all know that an election law means nothing to the dems.

    Unless something changes, and soon, regarding voting fraud, this country is toast. Now, I’m no pessimist, so don’t think that, but a realistic view is the best view to have.

    • Greg Hunter

      Oh but it did!

      • Brooklyn


        An election night report from the Cesspool Garden (NJ) State where Truck driver, Edward Durr, spent $153 on (a YouTube commercial) for his entire campaign and beat the corrupt DemonRat NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney 52% to 48%…;)

      • Earth Angel

        I’m not so sure things have changed much Greg. At first I too felt some elation hearing Virginia’s governor went Republican- UNTIL it was brought to my attention by a very astute gentleman from our county that Youngkin is a member of the CFR! Imagine THAT!.. wow, what a surprise.. (tongue in cheek). Check it out for yourselves at There you’ll see some names you recognize of other political traitors to America, some hollywood types, and of course some of the ‘blue blood elite’ gazillionaires like de rothschilds, et al. A Stacy Y. Abrams is listed, must be the one they ran for Georgia Governor against Brian Kemp last time. I’ll bet they try it again. Still no candidate named for the Dems. for that upcoming race yet, (that I know of) but it looks like a big former democrat from DeKalb county (I’m sorry but his name escapes me right now) has switched parties and is running as a ringer to split the republican vote for Kemp. That way they can slip whatever socialist/commie/globalist candidate they choose to put in office of our CONSERVATIVE State of Georgia. (I’m guessing they’ll try Abrams again) We’ll see. So it looks like just more smoke & mirrors and bread & circus for the masses- but I’d love to be wrong. Amazing how MANY members there are in the Council on Foreign Relations. It seemed like I scrolled through a 2 or 3 hundred and I’d barely gotten through the D’s. Check it out for yourselves folks!

        • Earth Angel

          FYI- I think the name of the Democrat from DeKalb county running as a Republican in the upcoming race for Governor of Georgia is Vernon Jones, if my memory serves me correctly.

  4. Jerry

    My time here on USA watchdog may be coming to a close. My biopsy didn’t come back good. I won’t go into details about it, but let’s just say I may be part of the die off Cliff High was talking about. It’s funny because this is what I’ve been seeing in the ER’s I have been into recently.

    There’s something clearly wrong, but the MSM is not reporting it. The nurses I talked to yesterday that worked in the ICU COVID ward were telling me about patients who were bleeding out. Apparently some people are bleeding out through every pore of their body, and the doctors have no idea of what’s causing it. Could it be from the vaccines? I don’t know, but I am hearing the globalist may be lacing food with the same graphene they are putting in the vaccines, so it’s anyone else’s guess.
    Greg keep up the good work. You are the last source of truth we have.

    • Greg Hunter

      Praying for you Brother Jerry!! Much love to you!!
      Brother Greg

      • Jerry

        Thank you. God bless you and USA watchdog.

        • Brooklyn


          Know that you are in our prayers.

          As Greg and others mentioned, you should try – as if your life depended on it – to get Ivermectin. If you have not gone onto Dr. Kory’s website, You may begin with the FLCCC Alliance (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance) at
          There is a group of Doctors named Seven Cells who contact us yesterday saying that they had IVM in stock, and since we already purchased a three month supply, we don’t need any more, at this time. You should contact Seven Cells and see if they can expedite IVM to you, especially under your current circumstances.

          Remember as Greg tells us: Jesus is REAL! Pray to Him – for Thy will be done…!

          God Speed, Jerry

          Onward & Upward,


          • virginia clark

            Hi Brooklyn; do you have a contact for Seven Cells group. Thank you

            • Brooklyn


              No, we went on a waiting list about 2-3 weeks ago and they have now contacted us twice saying that they had IVM in stock. Just go onto Dr. Kory’s site. Click on “Where to get Ivermectin” in the left column and find Seven Cells listing.

              We used another doctor, who was also on Dr. Kory’s list and they delivered the IVM in 2 days after a Zoom call to analyze our prescription.

              It is fairly simple process. Just invest the time and effort and you’ll find one of the doctors on the list that will deliver The right IVM prescription to you.

              Best of luck.


        • Andrew de Berry

          Yes Jerry. Many many prayers and much love, Andrew

        • Earth Angel

          God be with you Jerry and we will be praying for you. Worst case scenario you get a one way ticket out of this insane asylum run by complete demonic psychopaths that we all find ourselves living in at this time. If you’ve lived a good life and know Jesus as your Savior you should have one heck of a fine welcoming committee waiting for you on the other side. Peace brother. God Bless you always.

    • Rachel.M.

      Thank you Jerry for your comments here. I have appreciated reading what you have had to say. I hope that you get the medical support you need and you are a good man so I believe God will be with you every step of the way. I will pray for you as I’m sure many others here will also. Bless you!

    • c

      Quote from the internet. Although components of red ginseng previously have been shown to kill cancer cells, this study proved that these components of red ginseng have other anti-cancer effects and can inhibit lung cancer metastasis.

      It does repair the damages that were done by the C-virus, personal experience.
      The red ginsen root should be sliced thinly. Put six slices in a thermo and soak the slices in the boiling water over night. Reduce the slices to two when you feel the heat from the ginsen accumulating in your body. Do not take ginsen together with other medications.

      • Greg Hunter

        I would try Ivermectin too on a regular basis. There is promising research about is working on some cancers.

        • Valerie

          I heard that too, Greg!

    • Oleta J Payne

      There’s a new video on mike Adams site with Dr. Zelenko. Check new ways to irradiate the vaccine you were given.
      Also the truth about cancer look up. Dr. Stanslow Burzynsky documentary look up.

      • Sandra Sullivan

        Is Stanislow not the same Doctor from Houston who has been treating cancer for years? He has been charged by the government at lest 5 times taken to court because he designs his treatment plan specific for the client. He has a very high success rate. He won every case filed against him.

    • Mel

      Hi Jerry,
      Love and prayers to you from Ireland. I have read what you posted and hope you see this. I chase all this stuff and I might just have the answer you sought.
      I do Graphene Oxide, Geopolitics, Jesus Christ and anything else I find!!
      Mel 💕☘🇮🇪🔥

    • Warren B.

      If whst you say is true…”nurses I talked to yesterday that worked in the ICU COVID ward were telling me about patients who were bleeding out. Apparently some people are bleeding out through every pore of their body, and the doctors have no idea of what’s causing it”….then I refer you to my comment on the Alex Newman interview.
      There I discussed the possible next phase of this global genocide. More specifically I mentioned Immune system depletion/destruction…and hemorrhagic fever….failure of all body organs (the bleeding out that you described is precisely this). I contend that it is their plan to create the next false Pandemic..(AIDS from Covid jabs ) seen as symptoms of hemorrhagic fever …but will be classified as MARBURG VIRUS (MARV). I also discussed and presented evidence of an already developed Vaccine called Rivas…which will acquire EUA and be promoted as a compulsory Jab …this is the Kill Shot…it contains a substance called Ricin…deadly to humans.
      I pray that this is not true….but my red flag indicator is on the verge of breaking down from being overworked.

    • Michael

      Jerry, I will be praying for you. My heart goes out to you. May God intercede in your life.
      I pray the following prayer daily with deep heart and conviction, and it helps give me tremendous inner strength. Michael Flynn gave a portion of this prayer recently at one of his speaking engagements. For those who do not pray to the Archangels, this prayer can easily be adapted by substituting ‘Jesus Christ’.
      Archangel Michael, help me, help me, help me!
      Archangel Michael, come into my life!
      Archangel Michael, bind this condition now and bind the foe and release me from this imprisoned substance. Release me now from all temptation and all backsliding and going astray and nonbelief in the power of Almighty God to save my life and to give me my victory.
      Archangel Michael, help me, help me, help me!
      Archangel Michael, come into my life!
      Archangel Michael, stand with me!
      Save our children, save our households, save our nation, and bind those communist hordes.
      I am here, O God, and I am an instrument of thy Archangels. I will not retreat. I will take my stand. I will not fear to speak, and I will be an instrument of God’s will, whatever it is. Here I am, so help me God! In the name of Archangel Michael and his legions, I am freeborn, and I will remain freeborn, and I shall not be enslaved by any foe, within or without.

    • Marie+Joy

      Good luck Jerry.

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Jerry — I wonder how many conservatives are aware that the ‘win’ in VA may not be a win for the good guys, after all. Youngkin worked for the Carlyle Group, which was a darling of the Bush Crime Family, as well as luminaries like Dick Cheney and, oh, a whole slew of RINOs.

    • The Seer

      Food grade hydrogen peroxide H2O2 in distilled water
      Brings oxygen into cells. Start with 6 drops 3 X a day per doctors. Ozone helps. Then people use
      THe Weber Endolaser to UVA laser tumors
      And cells starting an hour per day for two weeks ( about $300 per hour). This is advanced therapy from Germany about 100 in the USA. Doctors also recommend high dose vitamin c by IV (20,000 mg or more). Sunlight. Methalene blue is also used. See a naturopathic or AIM Doctor. Acupuncture will remove the meridian stagnation also causing cancer.
      PS to everyone Methylene Blue is better than Ivermectin. 10 mg day for 5-7 days doctors use.
      There are over the counter liquid drops if you cannot get a script.
      Good luck in healing!!

    • Steve Bice

      We are praying for you too, Jerry. I don’t know if you ever watch him, but JD Farag has a great ministry at I tune in via internet to view his weekly prophecy series each Sunday from Hawaii. (It comes on later in the day U.S. time because of time zone differences.) He says the rapture is oh, so very close, and he pulls no punches. There are many prior sermons to watch if you are interested.

      He’s an interesting character: a Palestinian born Arab Christian. I think it’s hilarious that he says we couldn’t pronoun his name, so he changed it to JD. Jesus’s Disciple.

      He says he never graduated high school, and English is not his first language, but his command of the language and knowledge of the Bible is extraordinary. This is a very bright man. He’s not afraid of political backlash, and believes the Covid shots are a depopulation tool. He has provided letters of religious exemption for the shot for people all over the world.

      I love his church. You know how in most denominations you have to have a “letter” of transfer or make a public profession of faith, and in a sense be accepted?

      Not JD. If you are there, you’re a member. If you’re watching on the internet and seeking after salvation through Jesus, you’re a member. Wonderful…

      May he be a source of comfort for you and all of us…


    • lightning


      I don’t know what your diagnosis is but HANG IN THERE!
      If its cancer, consider this article in your thinking:

      I’m not a medical doctor, but I’ve read alot about correlations in our gut chemistries / environment with various cancers. In short, everyone has cancer all the time, its whether the body can “win” the daily battles or not. There is most definitely cases where the anti-parasitic drugs (there are many and this one is Fedbendezole) seem to have miraculous results.

      My brother in law would not consider it as his Cancer doctor said there was some evidence that it could promote cancer in the liver….so instead he gave up for him and convinced him to go into hospice.

      Joe Tippins had tumors throughout his body including his liver and had success.

      If you are diagnosed with cancer ….. seriously consider it as early as possible and see how you feel after a couple of weeks.

      God bless you and I’ll add you to a growing list of people I’m praying for.

    • JuicyMoosey

      Not knowing your situation directly this may unintentionally come off as crass…

      But remember who we’re dealing with. They might be trying to lure you back into the hospital with that biopsy report with the intention to finish you off. This is part of Agenda 2030 – to point score people and elimenate anybody who comes through hospital doors who doesn’t fit the criteria of the NWO.

      Medical Malpractice was a major killer before all this even began. Imagine what lies and crimes they can get away with now.

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … It is time to immediately eat raw garlic and onions “at every meal” … eat enough so your breath pours out allyl methyl sulfide (AMS) in large quantities … peak breath AMS concentrations are reached about 3 hours after consuming raw garlic … the intriguing chemistry and metabolism of Allium vegetables (like garlic and onions) is their sulfur-containing compounds (that can kill cancer) … so eat enough … and fumigate and kill that damn cancer in your lungs … your wife will need to sleep in a different bedroom while you do this “chemo-fumigation therapy” … and keep your oxygen levels high (lack of oxygen causes cancer) … your doctors will likely be amazed to see your cancer disappearing right off their cancer causing x-ray imaging machines!! …

      • Paul ...

        Also … when lung cancer subtypes were considered … onions were more strongly associated with decreased risk of squamous cell carcinoma than with adeno-carcinoma … and onions were found to be “more protective” in those with the homozygous wild-type squamous genotype … the homozygous genotype can have more significant health implications compared to the milder heterozygous genotype!!

    • Lois Petersen

      Jerry, don’t give up. Research Joe Tippens cancer protocol. He was given a short time to live and he is doing great. Also check into The Truth About Cancer Series. From someone who cares.

    • joy_vigil

      Please God, help Jerry according to your Word in The Parable of the Weeds and make the time of harvest a time of joy by gathering and melting away from his flesh, all the poisonous toxic intake Jerry accumulated until now: pesticides and other chemical additives in food, water and air, home or industrial Wifi, contaminated or not medication, and last but not least the teachings of the rebellious winged one that were sprinkled into the Christian teachings Jerry learned. Replace all above mentioned evil insertions with the gift of discernment that will help Jerry to filter away the enemy’s rays and retain the Truth and its Grace that came for us on Mount Sinai and Mount Quarantania.

  5. steve

    You can still hold ownership of your stock if your brokergae goes under. Certificate allocations for each share via computershare, so you have direct ownership.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s right Steve and I agree, but most people do not do that. They do not know what “Street Name” means.

    • The Seer

      It can take 3-7 days to move the shares back from Computershare to brokerage to sell by then have missed the timing to liquidate is a problem.
      In a melt down even computershare will not be reachable imo.
      Just slowly convert to metal to be safe.

  6. William Nedbalek

    Kim Clement talked about “hypnotic November. ” This might be it. Thank you for everything you’re doing, Greg.

  7. Robert Dziok

    As Cliff High said in a recent interview with Greg it all makes sense when you factor in the Agenda is World depopulation. reports 11/4/2021 “Comrade Cuomo” (Andrew Cuomo) has been executed by the Military 11/2/2021 being found guilty via Military Tribunal responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of elderly in NYS nursing homes and himself even profiting from those deaths. Note that NO Military Tribunal Prosecutor/Officer or Defense Attorney has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in any RRN articles. These are career high level Military no nonsense individuals who would never allow such to go on if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. RRN stated multiple times it stands by it’s articles and sources and any disclaimer is only there on the advice of legal for protection. RRN has stated it’s sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and the Military.

    • Mel

      Hi Robert,
      I list my sources on ALL my videos and I thought I was on to something when I read Real Raw News. I pulled back when doubts arose. I was pulled down from YouTube and my gMail was even pulled. The Powers are desperate!! Watch these
      Love and Prayers from Ireland – Mel 💕☘🇮🇪🔥

  8. JC

    SOREN DREIER: You see – The unvaccinated are also the gatekeepers of future generations to come. They are protecting their bloodline.

    The system is obsessed with bloodlines and it doesn’t want any competition on that issue.

    Only the Devil knows how forcing this experiment on people will impact the human race in generations to come through corrupted, weakened and manipulated DNA.

    The Unvaccinated bloodlines will be the embodiment of what humans once were.
    They are and will be living proof of mundane and spiritual freedom.

    That is why the System fears them so much.
    That is why it wants you to hate and fear them so much.
    That is why they are finally coming after you(r) kids now.

  9. MC

    This week Prince Charles (UK) has confirmed the Antichrist is here and they are making ready for him to assume the world throne of power and dominion.

    The context of Charles’ speech is that just a few short years ago, jewish-secularist Benjamin Fulford was screaming, warning that top Israel rabbis were conducting meetings with their messiah, which ain’t Jesus Christ.

    ps. the new VA governor is a vax pusher (albeit non-mandate) just like Trump. Whether it’s Biden’s people or Trump’s people they both make way for the Antichrist reorg.

    • Gene

      Agreed. It is well past time for President Trump to acknowledge that his vaccines both don’t work, don’t prevent the spread of disease and are killing vast numbers of people. He certainly has the resources to find out.

  10. stanley skrzypeK

    Thank You…..again….for pointing out the absolute CORRUPTION of these CORRUPT Sickening Politicians…..I am afraid Guerilla Warfare is coming to Amerika…..obviously there is NO Political solution…it is too Far Gone……GOD Save Our Republic….GOD Protect our Patriots…

  11. Paul ...

    MAXIMUM EMERGENCY ALERT!!! … The Globalists at the UN have just declared all 5 to 11 year old children in the entire world will now be “jabbed” with the deadly Clot Shot “Without Parental Consent” !!… and the Demon Rats in Hawaii have already jumped on board and have begun doing it … the Time to Act “has now past” … they have “Dictated Their Extermination Order” to “Kill Our Children” … what all parents must to do now is … “Keep Your Children Safe At Home” … “Do Not” … “Absolutely Do Not Send Your Children To School” … “Where They Will Be Jabbed Without Your Consent” (By Perverted Transgender Psychopaths Who Take Orders From The UN and Take Great Pleasure In Hurting Children) … Your Children Must Be Kept Safe At Home “From Now On” … Until American Men Finally Awake To Take Back Our Government From Dictatorial Globalist Commie Control)!! …

    • Paul ...

      Perhaps we can still be saved … by some vaxxed pilot losing consciousness … and crashing his plane into the UN (where the flames from the fuel will melt the thick steel beams … and the entire building will totally collapse into its own footprint like Building 7) … I know the gas flame on my kitchen stove does not melt the steel burners I put my coffee pot on each morning … but … it worked to melt the two foot thick steel beams in the World Trade Center … so there is hope for us … I hope!!

      • Self Exiled

        Your imaginative displays of irony help me through the day. Thank You. The absurdity of it all does not escape you. LOL.

        • andyb

          The biggest anomaly of 911 is the comparison of how the towers were constructed with heavyweight steel and reinforced concrete (there is you tube video) with the pictures of a bird strike on an air liner ( Again: numerous on You Tube) On the bird strike you will notice that the aluminum shell of the nose is totally caved in, which nose type supposedly sliced thjrough steel and concrete like butter. Any impact at speed of an airline hitting concrete and steel would have compressed the aluminum frame and there would be wreckage of >95% of the plane on the ground.

          • Paul ...

            Exactly … the plane would have crumpled and fell to the ground or would have been sticking out of the side of the building like a dart sticks out of a dart board!!

            • RTW

              Like a dart sticking out of a dart board is also what should have been seen at the pentagram building, but what we were told and by “we” I mean people who built and flew these planes is that the “plane” penetrated several levels of reinforced concrete. That wasn’t the case and it was well documented by photographs taken while firefighters were still putting out the flames. Well, at some point THEY realized that those engineers and pilots were screaming b.s. and had to do something. So in 2014 they photoshopped the photos and took them on a cross country tour via the NFPA. These photos did indeed show the entire rear section of the plane sticking out of the building thus refuting the thousands of pictures taken that day by people who weren’t in on the gag.

  12. stanley skrzypeK

    Speaking about the “Economy”…..due dillegence… THETA and TFUEL….just a heads up on these Tokens…. Research will convince you…

    • FastMark

      You are a smart man Stanley.

      • stanley skrzypeK

        I am so jaundiced….i don’t know if that is an Insult or a Compliment…..either way Thanks…and Why do you think so?…

  13. Robert

    The republican party is just as addicted to big pharma donations as the democrat party is. Don’t expect the republican governor’s to speak against big pharma. They know who butters their bread. The best we can expect from them is no forced vaccinations or passports..

    By the way Greg, your system doesn’t always allow for reply’s to specific comments. It allows for two letters to type out then none show. I’ve rebooted too and it still happens.

    PS – I fully expect these type blogs to be taken down as only approved narratives will soon be the norm. Also I’m still seeing alot of local obituaries for people in their 50s and 60s noting sudden illness as the cause. I’d like to know their vaccine status. Also heard from a friend recently. He is 82 and took both COVID shots. He had a heart attack after the second shot. He refuses to associate the vaccine with his heart attack

    • Larry Brunson

      Robert I follow the obituaries in our local papers every day and have commented to my wife how there seems to be a lot of younger people 40 to 50 years old dying at home. I too have been wondering about their vaccine status…

    • Paul ...

      Denial (that the “Jab” is responsible for injury) is strong in proud individuals who “simply don’t want to hear the truth” (because it reflects on their intelligence and judgement) … look at Trump … since the first death attributable to COVID-19 in the United States back on Feb. 29, 2020 … an estimated 734,447 Americans have already died … and that number is currently growing exponentially (because each and every day Americans are now dying from complications of the “jab” and boosters (that Pfizer knows “killed every animal they gave it to”) … but even as the number of “shaking jab victims eventually die of heart attacks, cancer, strokes, etc., etc.” … Trump will never admit he made a mistake .. as it would reflect badly on his judgement and intelligence!!!

      • Brooklyn


        As others come to realize, we are hearing more and more that Donald Trump himself, may have played a bigger roll then we first thought, for without his SIGNATURE of approval on the factious authorization document, this entire vaccination scheme would have fallen apart. In order for his undeniable Operation Warp Speed (OWS) vaccine to be approved as an EUA, no other therapies, or available remedies to fight off the Covid virus, could be available in the marketplace. So, in reality, it would appear that it was Donald Trump’s pen that allowed all of them to hide the truth.

        • Paul ...

          Exactly Brooklyn … Trump “knew” … “he knew” there were alternative therapies … and thus he had it in his power “not to sign the emergency authorization” … yet he signed it for the Globalists … subjecting us to a completely experimental “jab” at Warp Speed (that turned out to be a Kill Shot) … just the way many Americans “got subjected to imprisonment without trial” by him calling for a march on Washington that was easily turned to the Globalists advantage by the FBI!!

          • Brooklyn


            Trump not only KNEW that there were alternative “approved drugs such as HCQ and IVM, but he TOOK them when he supposedly got covid.

            Oh, yeah, and Dr. Betsy Eads told us that 200 or more members of congress have been given IVM, so everyone knows that the EUA is a JOKE!

            As Clif High and others have said, someone in the near future, is going to lose a brother, wife, or God forbid – a child – and with nothing to loose, will take his revenge on those responsible – others will join him, and then It’s Katy Bar the Door…

            Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum


            • regaleagle

              Anybody got Machete’s number? I hear he is totally anti-government, LOL.

  14. Paul in OZ

    Greg, another great job … I do believe that this video is not an exaggeration and the other Aussies will agree … please ask all of your viewers to help us!

    • Kay

      Paul, I think as things heat up Trump will throw Pence under the bus. Trump will claim Pence was in charge of the operation and that Trump was lied to by Pence. I guess we really don’t know who got the real jab and who got saline. I think all these ruthless leaders would double-cross each other in a heartbeat though. They are so evil they would not bat an eye in doing their co-workers in and fake crocodile tears over it.

      DeSantis and his wife have taken the jabs. Now his wife has breast cancer. I think those that got the jab are too scared to consider what they have done. I have a friend who can’t even watch Greg Hunter’s videos. She took the jabs for her job and family pressure. She said she prayed God took all the evil out before they injected her. I hope He did.

  15. Paul in OZ

    Greg, great job again … I do not believe this video is an exaggeration, I am sure the other Aussies will agree … please ask all of your viewers to do what they can to help us.

    • Paul ...

      Keep Your Children Home … Do Not Send Them To School (where they will be given the Kill Shot without parental authorization)!!!

      • regaleagle

        And NEVER give up your God-given rights to bear arms. Buy any gun you can get your hands on while you can to protect yourself and family. Buy as much ammo as you can for those firearms. Australian citizens have no firearms and now look at what has happened to their ability to fight back against SuperTyranny. The plan was in the works years ago, now it has come to fruition. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN HERE IN THE USA. Locked and loaded is not only a saying…….it is a basic foundation of freedom.

  16. Bradley J Calhoun

    Largely because of your videos and others, I have reduced debt, bought some silver and stocked up on water and food. I thank you for your advice. Prepping is something that I have slowly been getting into more and more and I think it’s sound advice.

  17. david

    Got to Omarovas’ wiki, it mentions the Berggruen institute. Go to that webpage and under work tab it says “THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE HUMAN” “The Transformations of the Human program is designed as a philosophical study and artistic exploration of the manifold ways in which artificial intelligence and biotechnology challenge our established conceptions of what it means to be human. By placing philosophers and artists in key research sites to foster dialogue with technologists, the aim of the program is to render AI and Biotech visible as unusually potent experimental sites for reformulating our vocabulary for thinking about ourselves. The Transformations of the Human program ambition is to feed our findings back into the production of both artificial intelligence and biotech and to thereby contribute to both human and non-human flourishing.”

    Your viewers should know the women is a hard core transhumanists.

  18. john beasley

    I have a question, who is running America? The military industrial complex, the banking cartel, the Masons, the Vatican, England, Israel, the UN?

    • Jr

      I believe that would be obummer; who’s running him ? would be the crown – ie will i am

    • Brooklyn

      barry soetoro…

      • Marilyn Guinnane

        Brooklyn — Barry Soetoro was never president. He was a puppet, placed into the presidency by the CIA.

      • Charles H.

        You think it is O? He was selected and trained – like Bill Gates. Deeper familial line control: but all go back to spiritual Evil.

      • R J Wolf

        Brooklyn, I think you’re correct . This is Barry’s third term along with Susan Rice and maybe Valerie Jarret. Can’t you tell by the politics?

    • Self Exiled

      As I watch this unfold: the push, retract and push again and the steady progress that is conducted around the globe I think there is an AI component involved. Human coordination and human communication of the elite, corporation heads, and governmental bodies are not this skilled.

      • Paul ...

        It’s like playing chess against a computer … you just can’t beat it … OR CAN YOU?? … you can by not playing by the rules … physically grab the King “off the board” … throw it on the floor and step on it … YOU WIN!! … our strategy against these “commie” Globalist eugenicists “is to not play by the rules” that they have mapped out in their practice war games using the best psychoanalysts money can buy to predict what we will do … do the unpredictable … it will foul up all their evil strategies to exterminate us … like the Red Coats they think that we will march like an army against them … Don’t … fight them from behind the trees … “and concentrate your sniper power on the leadership” … take out one of their big name eugenicist Generals … and it will give them pause … as for the Blue Helmeted soldiers they plan to break into our homes to forcibly vaccinate our children … make it so they can’t find them … use your God given brains to sequester them various multiple locations … make it so they can’t be easily found to be killed with the “jab”!!!!

        • Self Exiled

          Doing my best as a subversive. I bet you never thought of Christianity as a subversive activity. They do. I agree with your tactics.

          O LORD of hosts,
          How blessed and greatly favored is the man who trusts in You [believing in You, relying on You, and committing himself to You with confident hope and expectation]. Psalm 84:12

    • Justn Observer

      Mr. Beasley,
      All of the above you mentioned,’The military industrial complex, the banking cartel, the Masons, the Vatican, England, Israel, the UN?’ ARE the ‘DS’ … it goes back centuries and their tactics have never waned. Enslavement has always been ‘their’ game, era after era. People just do not want to see it, or who. The current FOX, MSM mockingbird media and social sites, and techbeing owned by them, used by them for censorship as well as pushing ‘their’ narratives are just the latest tools to help ‘their’ agenda = domination intact….
      The ‘stakeholders’ behind the Zuckerberg, Gates, Blackrock crews even now renaming his company META, (hebrew) = Book of the Dead ?
      We all empower ‘them’ by ‘in-vesting’ into their control apparatus…yet, we must because of the widest of webs cast by them bleed savings and profits from us, as ‘they’ ensnare us more deeply with every gadget or appliance needed thru the IOT: from I-phones, to refers, to home surveillance, laptops of every sort and screen and camera they can then access thru the wifi world…
      All done with the people’s tacit approval and purchase thereof…and acceptance of ‘their’ privacy invasions and new laws making ‘their’ spying….legal, and ‘their’ using fear where needed to get it implemented = The patriot act from that day on 9/11.
      What is occurring now has occurred in the past, this is but another as ‘they’ say, a re-set. From the days of Sumeria, Babylon and forward always the use of confoundment, and chaos first to rattle and separate and then to draw together = re-ligare and entrain the people into lockstep… When the message is strong as with JESUS, it causes ‘their’ need then to co-opt what they could not suppress and set up straw man situations or ‘false’ enemies to use the people to destroy each other back to populations of manageable control all the while they use the collected and the forbidden knowledge to make people submissive and dependent via bribery, coercion, intimidation, and their revisionist history and dumbing down the masses as they destroy the recent history, morals and ethics of the current order thru chaos so to put in place and create ‘their’ NEW order which they again might reign over what ‘they’ were losing control over…
      DARN HARD to have dominion over God fearing prosperous and freedom loving people. Apparently they see a need to change that !
      After all, the world can’t have everyone NOT WORKING but just flying the world over in jets, attending conferences and meetings and hanging out together…unless there are others subjected to do the work and produce their needs and desires… those of the older as well as those newly welcomed to the 1%ers, who must PAY to PLAY or in the old parlance pay one’s indulgences…
      A glimpse of the last older corporate world order =
      melding into the newer =
      Corporations then and now…BOND age, STOCK market, MORGUE ages…more kind instruments of enslavement, now more entrainment as we are daily reminded of our 401 k’s, new ‘market highs’ equated to a sense of euphoria as the fermented bubbles rise to dilute the senses as surely as those of champagne or beer which invariably leads to only a headache a best, war at least, but then with the new bio-weapons and chemicals… maybe we are spared the hacking on each other with swords and hatchets?
      All this as we pray the Lord’s Prayer…will challenge even the best of Christians to
      forgive those who trespass against us…including the politicians, doctors and those in MSM and at FOX who helped push the ”””vaccine”” upon the masses!

    • Warren B.


  19. JC

    Bingo! It’s a global scam!

    New medical analysis reduces Italy’s covid-19 death tally by 97.1%

    The covid-19 death tally included Italians who suffered from one to five underlying chronic diseases; many were on immune suppressant drugs, and a certain percentage died from medical emergencies that are totally unrelated to covid-19. A total of 67.7% suffered from more than three chronic diseases that had not been resolved through modern medicine. Italians who were already suffering from chronic conditions went on to suffer further from ventilator-associated pneumonia and ventilator-associated lung damage. One in ten of the deceased patients had a stroke; 65.8% of the Italians had arterial hypertension and were on immune-suppressant drugs; 15.7% suffered from heart failure; 28% had ischemic heart disease; and 24.8% suffered from atrial fibrillation. At least 17.4% already had sick lungs. Many (29.3% had diabetes and other metabolic ailments) that drastically impacted their immune response. There were several patients (16.3%) who were on their deathbed, struggling on immunosuppressant chemotherapy and radiation drugs known to make people susceptible to any respiratory infection. These cancer patients had been dealing with cancer for the past five years, with an average three-to-five-year chemotherapy survival rate coming to a close. Another 23.5% were struggling with dementia, their life coming to a close.

  20. Allen BLaine

    I watched your entire election night program, in full…. it is obvious the cheating was massive !!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Allen!! You can still find it here:

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, Yes, it was great coverage at that…and alot like what occurred in NJ recently?

      • Brooklyn

        Greg, HooooooooRAH….!

        I need a favor. I plan to attend a US Marine Corps (246th) Birthday Celebration on Wednesday, November 10th in Philadelphia, PA. My problem is, that I will be riding in an SUV with four (4) other Marines for over an hour each way. The sad news is all FOUR of them are VAX’d (I AM NOT!) and one just told us last week, that he got his (3rd) Booster JAB!!!

        It’s like the BIG ELEPHANT in the room, where we never talk about covid and the Clot Shot! We can only agree that the mandates are wrong, and that’s it.

        We have attended this celebration for the past 10 years or more and it would be extremely awkward for me not to go. Also wearing a mask in the car is totally out of the question!

        Ask Karen, about SHEDDING! and does it require “exchanging body fluid”…?

        Also tell her I have no intention of KISSES any of them…;) Or sharing my BEERS!

        But, seriously, in her expert opinion, would simply riding for in a car together put me in any jeopardy for SHEDDING?

        Please let me know. Thanks…

        Onward & Upward,


        • Greg Hunter

          Kinston has addressed this. she has told me being in a confined area for a long period of time with vaxed people is a problem. One person vaxed in a vehicle is bad 3 people with one unvaxed is something I am sure Kingston would tell you not to do. Vaxed people virally shed at a rate of 251 times of an unvaxed person. Then you got the spike protein problem and that is basically the non-viral weapon. Ride in separate cars is what Kingston would say and do not share whisky bottles. Why do I know this? It’s because I asked her when a family friend aske me about riding to the beach with on vaxed and 3 unvaxed. Kinston said, “Do it only it you are planning on taking the ride with the windows down the entire way.”

          That’s your not so happy answer. Your friends should be taking Ivermectin a couple of times a week at least. It would cut down on the viral spreading and bind to the spike proteins and nullify some of them too according to Dr. Kory.



          • Brooklyn


            I was going to send this “shedding question” as a personal email, but then thought others should hear/see your response.

            I knew in my heart what you (Karen) might say about SHEDDING in close proximity in a car for extended periods of time, and have decided that the only way I will attend my Marine Corps Birthday Celebration in Philly, is ….to drive myself…:)

            HoooooRAH to that! And, thank you, Greg!

            You ARE the MAN…!!!

        • tim mcgraw

          Brooklyn, my wife and I are afraid of being around the 80% of Sonoma County residents who have been double or even triple jabbed. They have hurt us before. Last spring in the Hotel Healdsburg for 11 days started our summer of hell with various sicknesses.
          It’s like living in Santa Mira in the original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” trying to avoid the Pod People.

  21. Neville

    Hoo Boy !!! what another frightening update of the criminal activity still sweeping AAcrime,this time it includes the more than possible destruction of very young children.
    Vaccines of any description should never be injected into anyone as the entire process and thought behind it is absolutely flawed and besides it has nothing to do with boosting immune systems ,they are meant to destroy what I LORD GOD CREATED,which puts the lives of the so-called Big Pharma at huge risk when insulting our LORD GOD CREATOR….just imagine telling OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN that HE didn’t create up perfectly to cope with any contingency……TO THE FIRES OF HELL WITH fauci and his deplorable mob.
    Thanks Greg and all contributors to this blog.

  22. Kate Mulrooney

    Democrats brace for ‘red wave’ in the wake of Virginia defeat

    Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Warns Of ‘Mass Exodus’ Over Vaccine Mandate
    445,148 views Nov 3, 2021 Forbes Breaking News
    Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva spoke out yesterday against the vaccine mandate for members of the police force.

    Rand Paul Vs. Dr. Fauci: Their Four Most Recent Senate Hearing Clashes
    250,283 views Nov 4, 2021 Forbes Breaking News
    Today was not the first time Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Dr. Anthony Fauci clashed in a Senate hearing.
    12 hours ago
    Put the lying Monster in jail…he spent American money to fund this biological weapon..

    Newt Gingrich blasts ‘dishonest’ Fauci: He hides behind word games
    404,647 views Nov 4, 2021 Fox News
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich provides analysis and reaction to Dr. Fauci’s testimony before the Senate HELP Committee.
    Monica Velez 12 hours ago
    Since our government has funded Fauchi and still has him in charge of coronavirus. I want 450k from being separated from my family for a year due to this government allowing this !!!!!!!!!
    Dan Reardon 11 hours ago
    He’s hiding behind the democratic party, and is home free. Untouchable
    StinkFingerr 11 hours ago
    He is complicit in the Deaths of millions. He’s a World-class Villain.

    • Paul ...

      Good thought Kate … every American should demand the same compensation the illegal aliens are getting for being separated from their children … every American should get $450,000 dollars each for being kept separated from their family members by government decree … especially egregious was separating people from their family members (as they lie dying in hospitals) denied the right to even hold their hand or kiss them “to say good-bye”!!!

    • Self Exiled

      I think he’s Satan’s little brother.

    • Charles H.

      Compulsive much, legion?

    • regaleagle

      “When the guilty are publicly punished, these things will cease among you”……or something to that effect. But everyone gets the idea…….public executions of murderers and complicit criminals is the only way to assure safety to our social order. BUT it must be the citizenry that demands this accountability……it will never happen otherwise.

  23. Jr

    J Prather maintains the new R gov is a rino

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, If he truly is a CFR member he most certainly is a globalist puppet.

  24. Mel

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been using your research as a partial basis for my own videos. My channel is TINY but YouTube pulled it anyway, AND they even pulled down my gMail!! This is how desperate they are. We are WINNING and this is how we know. has all the details and I pinned a video about NASA to my Gettr and MeWe pages that will tell you why I NEVER AGAIN will use the tern “Global”. This is my chance to give back!!
    Mel 💕☘🇮🇪🔥

  25. Guzman

    Worlwide genocide operation.
    Prayer. Much of it, is a most effective solution.
    The Spirit will wake up friends and family. Guaranteed.
    God bless You.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Brother Guzman!!
      Brother Greg

    • Paul ...

      The Prayer we should all be praying is the same one God the Father prayed:
      “Damn You Satan To The Fires Of Hell … For All Eternity”!!!!

  26. Billy

    Great show Greg. I don’t always agree with you on everything, but you were the easily the first journalist in the world to call out the vaccines in early 2020. You were dead right!!

    Greg we need to start calling the union’s out like you have done with the media!! They are in bed with the globalists and are even more dangerous. Pls get the message out!!

    Sharan Burrow was the head union figure (ACTU) in Australia, she is now General Secretary of the ITUC in Belgium. Burrow has sold out workers in Australia and the world, she is mates with Gates,Schwab,Legarde and all the Globalist institutions in Europe.
    She is part of the great reset movement and is controlling the unions worldwide and there weak response to the mandates.

    The unions in Australia are not supporting the unvaccinated workers and are supporting the no jab, no job policy. Everyone needs to be aware of the senior union leaders involvement in what we are seeing. This is in Australia and New Zealand now and is coming everywhere fast.

    What we are seeing with the union in Australia is the greatest betrayal in our workers history.

    • Greg Hunter

      The union rank and file are going to go hard against the bought and paid for union leadership. Union folks know when they are being threatened and are not stupid.

      • billy

        Sadly in Oz Greg, the workers are now on their own. They are all losing there jobs to the mandates. It’s criminal what is going on!! There is no rule of law!!

        • Greg Hunter

          There are big lawsuits coming so don’t give up!!!

          • Self Exiled

            I don’t know Greg, the enforcement arm of the law that generates compliance seems to ineffective. The forces against are local and organized. Law suites within themselves have no enforcement capability. Hope I’m wrong.

        • Paul ...

          Since there is no rule of law … do you think the people being fired “will abide by the rule of law”? … more then likely they will throw a monkey wrench into the corporations machinery!!

    • Paul ...

      You need to “focus” Billy … pick one “high profile” target … “and take it out” … it will raise caution flags and instill fear in the evil eugenicists (make it so they will not know who is next) … don’t do battle with their Nazi “Red Coats” as they expect … fight from behind the trees … selectively kill “one of them” (for every one of our children they kill) … one for one (an eye for an eye) … that is all it it will take (to defeat these child killers) … as there are way more of us … then them!!

      • Brooklyn

        OMG! Paul…

        Do you have any idea what you are posting here? You are supposedly advising a “colleague in Australia” to kill people! Ahhhh…. We all understand and believe your “fire in the belly” but Paul, you are an intelligent person, and it’ s time to get a grip on yourself. This USAWD blog is read all over the world by good guys and bad guys alike. These kind of comments may not only hurt you, but Greg Hunter and the entire USAWD Family

        There may come a time, here in the states, were are 2A rights, will come into play to remove a tyrannical government and replace it with another, but we are not even close to that point – yet. I don’t need to be the one to tell you this – you’ll know – when!

        But, we are not there – yet!

        If peace is desired, plan for WAR…!

        • Paul ...

          Brooklyn … The Globalist eugenicists have now “formally declared” they are coming “to kill our 5 to 11 year old children with their “jab” … “the time has come” to “formally declare” … “our right to defend our families” … “self-defense is a natural right” … “to be exercised by every individual” … and “this natural right to self-defense is a part of the common-law” and “well recognized in the Ninth Amendment to the US Constitution”!!! …

        • Paula Davis

          Brooklyn, chill out…Greg moderates these posts. If he was concerned about the message he would not post it for general consumption. This is war. Not yet kinetic but other bloggers say as much.
          Again Fear Not, GOD is in control blinding the eyes of the evil cretins to His plans to overcome evil through His people who know, love & serve His purposes. History is a good example of God working through his righteous followers.

        • Joe

          I agree with you Brooklyn, and Australia does not have the American constitution Paul is speaking about. The medical staff and politicians vaccinating the population are not trying to kill them. They believe they are helping them. Time will reveal the long term effects of this. Paul’s comments are flippant and idiotic.

          • regaleagle

            Hey Joe…….go sit in your corner and hide. People like you will be the first in line at the concentration camps. You and your ilk are easy prey for the ScamNazis. They use people like you like toilet paper, and then flush you down the toilet. Paul and other clear thinkers are simply alerting the public to use the brains that God gave them……and to see this evil for what it really is. Once you can clearly see, then you too will be in agreement with what Paul already sees.

          • regaleagle

            Hey Joe…….go sit in your corner and hide. People like you will be the first in line at the concentration camps. You and your ilk are easy prey for the ScamNazis. They use people like you like toilet paper, and then flush you down the toilet. Paul and other clear thinkers are simply alerting the public to use the brains that God gave them……and to see this evil for what it really is. Once you can clearly see, then you too will be in agreement with what Paul and many, many others already see. Just ask any Australian.

      • Fran Barnes

        YES! I, not being in any formal military(tia), still do take seriously the oath to defend this nation against any internal tyranny. The genocide is happening before our eyes. Hundreds of thousands dead, deathly ill, dying; hospitals are become the death camp. It is time to literally fight back. To my knowledge there is not one medical anybody not pushing the jab in this county; where to begin?


    Great Show (As Usual ) Greg.

    I did not hear you mention the 13 States got Hot Shots ?
    Question is WHICH 13 States got the Hot Shot ? Are those 13 states Blue or Red States ?

    Would you like to guess what the answers are going to be GREG ?

    Thank you Greg

  28. David

    Bristol Myers Squibb/Pfizer Radio Message.

    Yesterday, on a local iHeart radio talk station, there were two separate commercials paid for by Bristol/Pfizer that highlighted deep vein thrombosis and atrial fibrillation and the need to see your doctor if experiencing symptoms identified in the commercial. These two commercials ran all morning long, alternating at every break? Why now? I’ve never heard this many medical “public messages” before. Ever.

    • Paul ...

      David … Perhaps Big Pharma realizes “they can be sued” … because “they knew” … “they knew” the tests they did of their “jab” on lab animals “killed every one of them” … and thus the immunity they think they have from law suits … has become “null and void” for “obvious fraud and malfeasance” … so Big Pharma’s lawyers are probably telling them to cover their asses … by putting out “continuous public safety announcements” … to mitigate somewhat the monetary damages they will surely have to pay in the law suits that follow!!!

      • JC


        But, but, you think you know better than The Pope? He is good with the jab, even though it is a product of aborted babies!

        G.A. STEWART: From what I can gather of the Tom Horn-Steve Quayle Version of The Great Catholic Monarch; their model fails miserably in the light of the O’Biden Administration reality.

        I have read the same canonical and extra-canonical books; everyone of us can debate scripture until hell freezes over. My Religious Waiver will be denied, because Pope Francis has sanctioned The Jab, despite that it is a product of abortion. This is a discussion that I got into with my attorney’s paralegal, who was clueless.

        My Religious Waiver cites the Catholic Archbishop of the military, Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio.

        • Paula Davis

          Same problem here…I was referred to National Catholic Bioethics Center, scroll down to Religious Exemption Form for the vaxx exemption template…Success with the exemption resides with your Bishop. Deus Vult

  29. Andy

    Love it Greg!

    And if in any doubt, I watched you on election night, happened just like you said it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andy!! This is one video I rescued from YouTube and put up on USAW:
      That was the night that everyone saw FOX sell out “We the People”!! Rotten coverage cheering cheating Biden in.

      • Enrico

        Thank you! Fantastic coverage Greg! This was before I found you. Greg Hunter and Clif High are the analysts I look forward to every weekend!

  30. Maria+das+Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter. How long before the Stasi FBI turn up at your door and cause mayhem? Beware your online security.
    Here in the UK the Communist Bolshevik slaughter is in full swing. Many Muslims and Jews who have lost loved ones, are reporting that release of their departed brethren are being obstructed ,”unless” the family accept Covid-19 as the cause of death.To fulfil their religious obligation they are complying. In the early days of the onslaught the deceased was forbidden to be washed as required by religion, however this “bio-hazard” is not being recognised in their burial plot and as of yet no mass graves have been open even for the bio-hazard non-believers .
    Our Communist Bolshevik over-lords here have now armed our police to shoot on sight us plebs as we dare to go to work if un-vaxxed .The police here love their new Stasi position, I can only assume many did not read history or maybe they did. Many former Stasi commanders became overnight millionaires in the new Germany bribing their way to the USA and UK to avoid what fell on their colleagues. I hear Florida had a delightful German flavour to it post “wall “collapse, with the wonderful money laundering process in place at the time. Funny how the Bolshevik Communist Stasis did not want to hang around in Germany to build their Nirvana.So perhaps our “police” Stasi view Florida as their escape pod. Although I doubt the American Stasi,formerly the FBI,will not want a chunk of change to welcome them.
    Here in Bolshevik Communist UK,for now, we celebrate Burn A Roman Catholic Night tonight with firework displays and fireworks galore. Try and burn an effigy of a Bolshevik Communist and the Stasi will descend.
    Voting does NOT work and a civil war is here those unvaxxed are targets and are losing jobs and homes. To avoid many mandates former employees are now freelance with companies dismantled, for now.
    Our economy is on its knees and our pro Communist Bolshevik elite are elated.They have access and the money to food and medicines we plebs do not , burning London and the home counties does not seem so bad.

    • A+Jones

      Bolshevik, (Russian: “One of the Majority”) , plural Bolsheviks, or Bolsheviki, member of a wing of the Russian Social-Democratic Party.
      Mensheviks (“Those of the Minority”) from the same Social-Democratic Party.
      My point being that we should not refer to the communists as the majority or Bolshevik because they are not the majority and never were. Bolsheviki is the violent faction who believe in revolution and when we hear that word we should think violent group and not the actual meaning of the word Bolsheviki.
      These two groups both emerged from the same Social-Democratic Party kind of like what is going on in the Democratic Party today in this country. We are witnessing a replay of the Social-Democrats splitting into factions-use of violent vs peaceful methods. In order to be a Bolsheviki one had to be a member of the professional class. See any similarities to the modern day Democratic Party and their media allies? Elites only willing to resort to violent methods.

    • Paul ...

      Maria … As the Communist Bolshevik over-lords have their armed police shoot plebs on sight (if they dare to go to work un-vaxxed) … don’t shoot back at the police (that is what they want) … use asymmetric warfare … and concentrate your retaliation efforts on killing one “high profile” Commie in retaliation … just one for one … an eye for an eye … and it will place huge “fear” into the minds of the elites (who currently think they are exempt from retaliation … the same way they are exempt from the Killer “jab”)!!!

      • Paul ...

        We all have the right to self-defense!!!!!!!! … just focus your defense on the proper people hiding out behind the Nazi goons!

      • Brooklyn


        I’ve been told by Paula “to chill”….

        BUT, also know that we spent yesterday at the rifle range for some tactical practice! Just in case…

        We Be Chillin’….

  31. David Brownallen

    What is the message if the administration’s Chief Equivocator Jen Psaki succumbs within days or weeks of being hospitalized?

    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting David. They let Colin Powell die and why would Psaki think she was more important than him. What is she survives by taking Ivermectin? Dr. Kory says 200 members of Congress have been treated with Ivermectin.


  32. k

    Celente lost money in LTCM, I wonder how jim rickards made out

  33. RDALE

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the GREAT WNW! THANK GOD Youngkin won in my beloved Virginia! I was seriously thinking of leaving the state permanently if McAuliffe won. McAuliffe is a dyed-in-the-wool Clintonista. I think he was HRC’s campaign manager for her senatorial campaigns in New York back in the day. He would’ve done to VA what Cuomo did to New York (though Northam and McAulliffe in his first term did a pretty good job of trying to do just that).

  34. eddiemd

    The Pfizer “pill”.

    A modern day miracle.

    Remember the Peyer’s Patches of the GI system are the largest organ of the immune system. Perhaps this is the kill shot to destroy.

    Israeli studies that came out in August 2021 showed that the probiotic, “Kefir”, was successful in ADE related immune dysfunction.

    Now we have the emergency “pill” for the bioweapon. Step right up.

    More insanity. Deception then delusions. Given over to a reprobate mind.

    • Brooklyn

      So, Dr. Eddie,

      First, Pfizer goes up and down BROADWAY hyping their Evil Clot Shot Brew, AND, then from a dark ally in the shadows, goes, “Pssssst, yeah you, overthere, you wanta live, take a few of these. Now get the Hell outa here and down come back – HEAR!

    • Charles H.

      Using ‘science’ to create the basis of fear – to drive the herd, into the corral of commercial merchandizing.

      If they only knew the Lord Jesus Christ. “And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” Hebrews 2:15

    • Paul ...

      Edmd … It is the vaccinated people who have put themselves at risk of heart attacks, cancer, uncontrollable neurological shaking, strokes, fluid in the lungs, etc., etc. … so it is “the vaxxed” who should have their insurance policies revoked … as they “did not take precautions” to protect themselves!!

    • Steve Bice

      I’m sure they will refund the years of premium contributions by all the employees who paid in for a set of benefits with a defined set of exclusions.

      This is akin buying an item on layaway, and the vendor then changing the price before the “item”…death in this case…is picked up.

      Refund the money…or get sued.

  35. ron martin

    Thanks Greg. Never miss an episode. I was born in the 3rd term of FDR. Seen more than most. I was an expendable with the CIA in the Dry Tortugas, Berlin & Vietnam. Like most, I was fooled into voting for Bush 1, Bush 2, McCain, Romney and Trump. Now, my wife of 45 years and I may never vote again. Our deliverance is now in the hands of our Father in Heaven and His only begotten Son. I know from your past comments you are more optimistic. That’s okay. Our military, police & government operatives are being purged & soon only the inculcated automatons will remain to force the mandates of the darkside on the holdouts. Perhaps Bo Polny & Clif High’s prediction of a reprieve will materialize and we will see a respite for a short time. I’m no prophet. Meanwhile, unlike many, my family is prepared and united to survive the coming chaos. The bible clearly shows what happened to nations that abandoned God and the US and the world has committed this same blunder. All should plainly see the results of placing faith in mankind. Our Creator God gave us life and asks only worship in return. Today, most either deny His existence or hate Him. Jesus was tortured and murdered by these same miscreants. We must be ready to suffer the same fate or not be worthy of His blessings to follow. The first action to combat the present evil should always be fervent prayer. If I sound dystopian perish the thought. My wife, son, daughter and grandkids are enjoying life, building a new home & happy. Unlike many, fear of the fake virus, mandates and totalitarian rulers are expected but not concerning. We know the end of this story and it’s not good for the Build Back Better crowd or their boss, satan.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good comment and analysis Ron! Thanks for posting it here!

    • Paul ...

      RM … Purged American military men “must focus on” taking out “just one of the Top Eugenicists” … and the entire Commie World Order “will be thrown into chaos” … as we will not be fighting their armies “as they thought we would” … we will instead be going directly after the Top Evil Eugenicists in Control … destroying their Command and Control … so their armies coming to “jab” our children … will be “without direction”!!!

      • Paul ...

        They threw the first “jab” … and they have now Declared War on our 5 to 11 year old children … we avoided their initial “jabs” as best we could … but now … now that they are coming “To Kill Our Children” … the time has come to use our “natural right to self defense” … to hit back (but it must be a punch to the “jaw”) … we need to focus on knocking out the top Globalist eugenicists … not fight their army of Nazi goons!!!

  36. Joseph Rocco

    I donate monthly to USA watch dog. Why? Because of this type of video. Greg whether you realize this or not you voice is our voice. These are the conversations we have with our closest friends. Many people have no one that they can talk with so to hear you talk as they would is why people come to this site. WNW the guests and the insights provided in your contact. Thank you thank you thank you. Please won’t you consider donating to USA watchdog? As someone who is on disability a very modest fixed income mind you….I gladly donate $20 monthly to USA watchdog. That’s about 67 cents a day. And if I could give more I would find a way if needed. Greg has not put me up to this. I believe in him, what he does and what he stands for . Fear not people……

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joseph!!

  37. Peter

    RE: FBI – It’s obvious this agency is compromised and has little integrity.

    “The fish smells from the head up.”

  38. Bonnie Guzman

    Greg, this is your best show yet. I am sharing it with as many people as I can. Thanks for everything you do.

  39. Anne Stecher

    Bless you Greg for caring.

  40. Kevin Murphy

    Great news as always Greg,

    Time for another interview with Paul Craig Roberts!

    He’s published a ton of great articles about current events.

    • Greg Hunter

      Love PCR and yes he’s been killing it!!

  41. Don Conrad

    Greg, love what you are doing. I have been supporting a couple websites where we have lawsuits in action but now that this crap has been approved for 5-11 year old’s, makes me furious. I need to go deeper. Since I noticed that they were giving out these shots only two days after the approval, I have a couple of questions for you and your followers.
    1) Are they giving the adult vials to our children? Is the 50 lb girl getting the same dosage as the 250 lb man? (would big pharma risk having millions of kid vials on the shelve and not get approval?)
    2) Or do they have a months worth of placebo vials so there are no adverse reactions for a short period of time, building false security?
    Our Indiana governor seems to grasp the situation and waking up. I want to wake up the parents. If someone has answers to my questions, or can guide me to a fight for our kids, please let me know.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Keep strong. We will win.

  42. A+Jones

    TWO PART POST: 1. Answer to the question of why the extra ordinary push to force the jab 2. A synopsis on Virginia voting.
    1. Tuesday on PBS this week was a Front Line Documentary titled “THE POWER OF THE FED”
    If you want top see the Federal Reserve Bank get thrown under the bus watch this doc. They are throwing each other under the bus and in doing so make it clear by inference why they are pushing the jab. Folks we are screwed, and they (the very people that did it) admit it. Theme is: Our policy made the rich richer and created this mess but that was just a side effect because all we were trying to do was help the working class. Watch it and weep. They have to kill off millions of people with the jab to keep them from starving. Think I am exaggerating? Watch the documentary.

    2. Now is Virginia a Red or a Blue state? Go here and view this interactive map of the Virginia election this week.
    Hold the cursor over each county and look at the voting percentages. Notice at the upper right the blue counties of Louden, Fair Fax, Prince William, and Alexandria City. Notice the total number of votes in this area versus the other areas. These are Federal employees and not even Virginians. The richest and most populated counties in Virginia are these three and guess which counties are the last to report the totals in every election? I have been watching this pattern for years. Returns start coming in early from the more rural red counties and the last to report are always these three counties. When I went to bed election night the Republicans were up by 12% or over 200,000 votes with 65% of the vote in and 90% of the red states showing totals and percentages. The next morning the margin had shrunk to 3%. Would you not think that the wealthiest counties would have the most advanced voting technology and be the first to report? Doesn’t work that way. These counties do not report until they know how many votes they need to win. I remember back in the 1990’s the first Black Governor of Virginia Doug Wilder was being interviewed on voter fraud and he stated and was quoted in the newspaper as saying: “Voter fraud in Virginia is a tradition in the Black community.”

  43. Ed Philbrook

    I just don’t want Marxists running anything or telling me what to do, simple.

  44. Jr

    stew peters – dr madaj

  45. Don Conrad

    Oh and I meant to add, I have tried 3 different attempts from 3 different sources, to buy Ivermectin. was the best by far (to date, still searching). Their forms were easy to fill out, identification was easy, they called back in less than 24 hours, and were very helpful. I ordered Sat and it was at my door Tues. Cost was about $15 per pill, including consultation and delivery. (1 pill per day with 2 refills in a year).
    Most other sites are priced roughly the same. Now trying a site that is supposed to be more direct but not proving itself so far. Also watch the strength dosage,1 pill for me is 30 mg for my 180 lb frame. My daughter is 24 mg. If you find pills at $3 per, chances are they are only 3-6 mg strength and would require many more pills to meet needed dosage, thus taking the cost much higher than the original $15.

    Hope this helps.

    Keep strong. We will win.

  46. Don Conrad

    I know some doctors are recommending ivermectin twice a week as preventive maintenance. Anyone know how many mgs are suggested?


    • Tom Wigand

      I believe that it’s a ratio depending upon your body weight. But I’m not a doctor – the FLCCC and America’s Frontline Doctors sites will have more info.

    • Charles H.

      IVM (daily) dosage is .2mcg per kilo of WEIGHT
      2.2 pounds = 1 kilo
      If you weigh 220 pounds; divide by 2.2 and it = 100 kilos
      Multiply 100 times .2mcg and you get 20 mg dose
      Simplified – it is 9.4mg per 100 pounds weigh. (good ballpark)

      For PREVENTION – varies according to who you consult.
      Some doctors in India suggest one (daily dosage) each week.
      Other at twice a week would be 8 times a month – which seems a bit much.
      The lowest I’ve heard is once per month; but that seems low.

      I tried once a week while visiting a CV hotspot – and it seemed to work.
      Each person is an unique organism; one in a family may ‘sense’ it’s presence – others not.
      I am backing down to a dose every ten days. My pocketbook needs to stretch in other directions, unfortunately.

    • R J Wolf

      Don Conrad, thanks for the into, that’s very helpful to know.

  47. Rich

    I live in NJ. Haven’t heard a thing about jack chit-r-elie (that’s how it’s said. No idea how to spell it) challenging the results. I would expect the loser (from either party) to do a recount because it’s so close.
    Typically NJ votes for a governor opposite of the president’s party. So Murphy winning is really unusual. First time it’s happened in 44+ Years. Also the lowest turn out by percentage in over 100 years.
    As far as finances go. It’s definitely worth it to learn about 3rd party risk and “seed & company”. They own ALL the stock. You’re just a “beneficial owner”. Which means you don’t own the underlying asset but you get the money from the sale and/or dividend it pays out. So If your broker goes under, you get NOTHING.

  48. Mike Low

    Not one more dollar to the RNC!

  49. Tom

    Going to be tough to swing Arizona to red. The mayor of Phoenix is a member of the World Economic Forum. You wonder why Arizona was called so early…

    • Paul ...

      Tom … We don’t have to go to war with the “commies” Nazi goons (as they want so they can impose Marshall Law) … simply concentrate on this evil Mayor!!!

      • Paul ...

        Look to history … to learn how we too can defeat and purge these “commie” eugenicists who have now “Openly Declared War on our Children” … “they are on a full out kill spree” to kill and maim all our 5 to 11 year old children (with their “Killer Jab”) … they need to be stopped NOW!! … keep your children home from school where “commie” queers and transgender perverts will “jab” them with your consent … and read about the Night of the Long Knives (or the Röhm Purge) … also called Operation Hummingbird!!!

        • Paul ...

          The Globalists “Kill Shot” they are “now giving” to our 5 to 11 year old children is “a time release bio-weapon” that will produce “heart problems” that will “kill our children dead” within 3 to 10 years … we need to go after the Satanist’s Top Command and Control Coordinators and “take them out” … while keeping our children out of school (until “We Win This Premeditated War of Extermination Against All Humanity”)!!

        • Bill

          Good idea, why don’t you go stop him Paul.

        • Paul ...

          err … without your consent

      • Tom

        Only highlighting that the World Economic Forum ia a part of the infiltration of these communist global crazies. Glen Youngkin also has connections with the World Economic Forum. Maria Bartiromo on Fox is also a member. Kinzinger from Illinois is a member. Pete Buttigieg is a member.

        If this is where the attack is coming from, this is where the counter attack should be focused…

  50. JOL

    I look forward to each and ever post you produce and deliver. My question is this:
    Why oh why don’t our elected Republicans do something together to get those people out of jail in DC who have been neglected and totally forgotten. All it would take would be Antifa like people to break in and get them out. I see it in Portland.

  51. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg I believe we are in for a shaking watch out for the unprepared.

  52. David Gordon Dunne

    Don’t you all know that sooner than later, these maniac/sociopaths are going to be shot and put in a group grave with Hitler where they all deservedly belong. I live in Thailand now after getting the boot by the ultimate commie pig OB in 2016 and we outnumber the EVIL million and millions to uno. As 3 Dog Night once sang, One is the loneliest number, you human hating POSs. Come on read this and make my day. I love ya Greg and all the great patriots that respond here every week. Good Bless you all but the burning fire pits awaits so many now. I am reserving my seat to watch with my marshmallows now.

  53. Louis

    On September 15, 2008, Bank of America announced an agreement to acquire Merrill Lynch

  54. KateMulrooney

    Joe Biden must now be ‘surely finished’
    344,437 views Nov 3, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Sky News Alan Jones says Joe Biden must now surely be “finished” with the results of the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey.
    Kim Iversen: Why Americans Are MAD AS HELL At Democrats
    173,535 views Nov 4, 2021 The Hill
    Kim Iversen details the shock victory of a truck driver in the race for New Jersey Senate District 3.
    First 4 public comment’s… Jim Maag 13 hours ago
    Every time Kim has a segment, Ryan looks like his hemorrhoids are acting up.
    Philip Swindler 10 hours ago
    She just put how I’m feeling in words so much better than I ever could.
    Mishka K 13 hours ago
    That has to be the purest campaign ad I’ve ever seen—no BS, very succinct!
    Michael Tran 13 hours ago
    Another great monologue by Kim. She literally single-handedly saved Rising by herself
    BUT:The Rising of The Sheeple!
    Andrew Yang: I don’t think there should be two parties in the United States of America
    15,490 views Nov 3, 2021 Newsmax TV

  55. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you, Greg! Such a great show you are a great patriot and a wonderful person. How do I know..? I don’t think anyone would keep sticking their neck out like this unless they were the real deal. All the best to you! God bless! ☦️🙏🏻😊👏🏻😊😊

  56. Egon

    US Hospitals in metro areas are at 100% capacity, not because of COVID, but because people’s insides are litterally turning to chit after they get the jab.
    Coming attractions: DJIA 100k, S&P 10k, bread $95 loaf, morbidly obese people that refuse to work, multi-generational on welfare living in million dollar homes and driving brand new cars parked in the handicapped spots.
    The working poor… the poor suckers that work, we are fools for the safty nets we giveaway. Bring the welfare entitlment and fat shame back!!

  57. Susan R

    Your point about keeping one’s money safe is good. I can not make this point to family members who are so immersed in their own ideology, will not listen. The consequences
    will be brutal and my heart aches for them.

  58. John

    If the post by Bai Xiaojun on Twitter is true, then the Evergrande debacle is 45% bigger than at first reported! This could be catastrophic for the world’s financial community.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for this John!!

  59. Patrick Chambers

    Aloha Greg,
    I visit KWN and JSMineset daily. Thank you for all your wonderful videos and for all you do.
    I’m a retired lab director at Torrance Memorial Medical Center (SoCal – sure glad I moved from CA).
    Your sources on the dangers of the vaccine are spot on.
    I’ve written extensively on this and warning about the malaria epitope on the spike protein on SARS CoV2 (and the vaccine). This information is heavily suppressed. Pfizer – 12 trillion per dose, Moderna – 40 trillion per dose or booster.
    Both of the below articles have been peer reviewed and accepted.
    The myocarditis, blood clots, decreased immunity (loss of cytotoxic CD8+ T cells) are all related to the CD147 receptors on endothelial cells, lymphocytes, platelets, …
    Also about a year ago I started a project (a bit technical) on this at COVID-19 PATHOGENESIS (

    Patrick Chambers, MD

    • Paul ...

      Thank you Patrick for the “True Science” … the evil ones who live by “Fake Science” (Fauci, Gates, etc.) will die by their Fake Science … more likely by lead then rope!!

  60. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg for another precise weekly wrap-up. Appreciate your perspective, always. Will be looking forward to the Saturday edition as well.

  61. Dot Massy

    Fauci, Walensky Grilled By Democrats And Republicans Over COVID-19 Response In Senate Health Hearing /SPARKS FLY!
    6,305 views Nov 4, 2021 Forbes Breaking News
    The Senate Health Committee holds a hearing on the COVID-19 response featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.

  62. Luellen

    Greg, You had the BEST coverage of the 2020 Election and that is probably why YT dropped you. Yes Virginia broke free from the chains of bondage of the Democrats. Thank God.

  63. Brianroy

    Two things you should note in the future:
    1) OSHA dictates regarding the January 4, 2022 mandate is an unlawful edict because the US Law on the books is de facto prohibitive to such an enforcement of an EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION
    (de de facto by multi-batch testing DIRTY)
    (FRAUDULENTLY CLAIMED TO BE A VACCINE which causes the disease
    rather than treats or cure same).
    Read it again to the viewers:
    21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3,
    “Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies”:
    (ii) Appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed
    (I) that the Secretary [of Health and Human Services] has authorized the emergency use of the product;
    (II) of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and
    administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of
    refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the
    product that are available and of their benefits and risks.”
    In legal cases:
    Lorillard Tobacco Co. v. Reilly, 533 U.S. 525 (2001) @ 570-571, determined that a federal health scheme can trump a state public health law
    see also:
    Department of the Navy v. Egan, 484 U.S. 518 (1988) @530.
    No State official nor private employer can legally FORCE an Emergency Use toxic cocktail on you under current FEDERAL laws. The FDA did NOT issue any emergency dispensing orders, so they don’t even have THAT claim either.
    Under Doe#1 v Rumsfeld, 2005 U.S. Dist. Lexis 5573 (D.D.C. Apr. 6, 2005) vacs cannot be “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) mandated, even to the military…but they are NOW doing it anyway? Contrary to Federal Law 21 USC 360?

    2) The leaders of the FBI & CIA are become the American KGB.

  64. Michael

    Greg, it would be great if you were able to have a segment focusing on the mounting challenges to the food supply and food production. I work in agriculture in the Northern Plains, and the problems extend beyond the drought we experienced last summer. When we went to get fall herbicides, prices were up 100 to 300%, depending on the product. Fertilizer prices are up 100% or more. There are serious problems. The following article is a good starting point. God Bless you for your efforts to keep us informed in these troubled times.

  65. Tom Wigand

    ALERT – Global Covid Conference continues tomorrow (Saturday Nov 6); to be live-streamed from Florida.

    This is BIG – a continuation of the same group that held a big conference in Rome a short while back – tomorrow will include Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology) and Dr. Peter McCullough (amongst other luminaries).

    Sure to be discussed are this week’s push to target / force children to be subjected to the experimental gene treatment – already shown to be harmful and ineffective at its stated purpose – but the push through OSHA to also force upon the remainder of the workforce. (What better way to eliminate a control group as more “vaccine” injuries and deaths present themselves over the coming months and years???)

    I recommend that you read the lineup on this page, and peruse the “Event Preview” linked there:

  66. alfy

    outside of deviants and perverts, no one likes fascism/communism.

  67. Bob Mihalovich

    Bring back Rob Kirby!!! And Paul Craig Robert’s!!

  68. Dave

    Greg, I know you are busy but please look at what Alaska governor Dunleavy said. I emailed you a link. The fat lady is not even on stage yet.

  69. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    I watched you all night on Election night during the Trump Win – I remember your comment when they called Virginia – the Voter Fraud was Rampant.
    Communist is Right!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rod for all your support & for hanging in there during Election night!

  70. r.v.

    An overview of the Great Reset. Follow the money appears vanguard, black rock, state street raking in the cash not endorsing them or giving advice.

  71. Jeannette+Rowden

    Why is OSHA practicing medicine without a license?

    • Paul ...

      Good question Jeannette !!!

      • Paul ...

        And why are they violating the law … by “jabbing” their employees with “an unsafe” unlabeled potion (brewed up by bio-weapon witches at Big Pharma)??

  72. iwitness02

    The fbi, Oregon state troopers and Gov. Kate Brown all conspired together to kill LaVoy Finicum and everyone in that pickup truck. The fbi has shown their true colors over and over again. Always trying to make criminals out of the innocent. What a disgusting and evil way to earn a paycheck.

  73. wayne reeves

    I wonder Greg if two challenges could be made on your show.
    First challenge to all Senators and Congressmen, State and Federal governments, to set a date and bring their wife’s, their children and take the jab for all the citizens to see. With the caveat that all COVID 19 Vaccine Lots used on them, be recorded and proven to be the exact vaccines being forced on the rest of us.
    The second challenge is to the citizens, wherever they are to write the Senators and congressmen and challenge them to the above challenge to the letter .

    I believe in the Grace of GOD, but at this point I am overloaded with righteous indignation and righteous anger against the evil that is out of control in our Government.
    May GOD have grace and mercy on our nation and grant us a chance to get things right.

    • Paul ...

      Yes Wayne … an eye for an eye … a jab for a jab!!!

  74. Paul Kramer

    The press conference from the Racine County Sherriff’s office is very revealing.

    The Wisconsin Election Commission committed felony election fraud in every county in Wisconsin. They sent out a letter saying that people in nursing homes could be helped by nursing home staff people to vote. Totally illegal. Only a family member or a trained and sworn-in election official (one republican and one democrat must be present) can help someone vote. The governor’s office (Democrat) and the legislature (republican controlled) both told the election commission not to do it and they did it anyway. The election commission meeting was done over the internet, so they have a recording of the commissioners admitting that they are instructing nursing home facility workers to break the law. They also found multiple cases of ballots pre-filled out and the nursing home workers had the Alzheimer’s patients (who don’t even know their own name) sign them.
    Racine County Sherriff’s sent the investigation to the Attorney General (democrat), so it is unlikely anything will be done at the state level. However, any district attorney in the state can bring charges against the commissioners because the fraud occurred in every county. So hopefully a prosecutor in one of the rural counties will take up the cases they have in their county and prosecute.

  75. JC

    Stay out of hospitals!

    Taylor Davis said she went to the Emory Decatur Hospital ER in July for a head injury.
    She sat in the waiting room for hours, but with no end in sight, she decided to leave.
    “I sat there for seven hours. There’s no way I should be sitting in an emergency room.. an emergency room for seven hours,” she said.

    A couple of weeks later, a surprise came in her mailbox.
    It was a bill from the hospital for nearly $700.

    “I didn’t get my vitals taken, nobody called my name. I wasn’t seen at all,” Davis said.

    An email sent to Davis by an Emory Healthcare patient financial services employee states “You get charged before you are seen. Not for being seen.”

    • Self Exiled

      I’m afraid to walk by one.

  76. lightning

    If a Republican State AG in either Arizona or Wisconsin can connect the provable Election fraud in Arizona with the Provable election Fraud in Wisconsin, they would have a solid foundation for a RICO case. It would only take a common enabling funding source.

    To your point, Greg, will the Republicans actually do anything? Ever?

  77. Self Exiled

    What would the corporations, intelligent agencies, IMF, Federal Reserve, WHO, CDC, elite do without the politicians who are a constant distraction, camouflage from the real issues that need to be dealt with. Half of the information that is digested is there weird antics. Their presence in the news format is divergence to create impertinent issues. It has worked for years.

  78. Tim


    Great show as usual. The five lots will kill a lot of people quickly. Will the other lots kill people more slowly? I am getting more worried for people who have taken these death shots. My wife and family are jab free thank God.

  79. Douglas Scott

    ,Is Glenn Youngkin, The New Virginia Governor A Globalist RINO? Have A Look At This!

    Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Urged Colleagues to Donate to ‘Social Justice’ Groups, Including Southern Poverty Law Center

    • Dave

      Yes he is. Seb Gorka called him out and announced he would not vote for Youngkin as he is a Rino and a liar. There was an incident when a Youngkin staffer called in pretending to be a conservative Virginia voter and praised Youngkin to the hilt. Gorka traced the phone number and found out it came from Youngkin’s campaign. The staffer was not fired.

  80. Stan

    Excellent commentary Greg, Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Stan for your support!

  81. Chris Chambers

    How in the living hell can these wacko Communists get a job as street sweeper, much less as any job teaching students…..ANY students. I wouldn’t let my kids (if I had any, which I don’t) learn diddly from these people, even in kindergarten. None of these people should be given any free credibility. We need another Joseph McCarthy to round up these nuts and set ’em straight!

  82. Dave

    Youngkin is a McConnell acolyte and a RINO. Weak on the Second Amendment and open to teachers’ unions. He is a big vaccine supporter though wants them to be non-mandatory. His win is being touted as the path forward for Republicans to take control in the House and Senate in 2022. That path – run as a moderate in swing districts. Distance oneself, somewhat, from Trump. It worked for Youngkin. McConnell is emboldened and he should be. Trump forces are not going to wrest control from RINOs in the 2022 elections. McConnell and McCarthy will remain in power. Trump is losing his base as seen in polls where half of the GOP wants someone else – like DeSantis – to be the 2024 nominee.

    As to the FBI. It is thoroughly corrupt as Seb Gorka says. Gorka is calling for the FBI and CIA to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. Don’t listen to Hannity or Levin. They are tools of the deep state and buddies of Graham who is absolutely ineffectual as a Senator. Hannity and Levin were huge NAFTA boosters (who is to tell Levin he can’t buy cheap slave labor products at Wal Mart) and huge boosters of Bush’s neocon adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Unfortunately, it looks like Arizona will not be recalling the electors or Kelley and that is because enough RINOs exist in the Arizona GOP to block any such moves.


    • Self Exiled

      ”Gorka is calling for the FBI and CIA to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch.” Rebuilt, what for: what good has the CIA ever done or accomplished, they work for who ever funds them or what ever funds them. FBI – we have US Marshalls.

  83. Dave

    I’m not in agreement with High that there will be a big die off starting now. I know plenty of folks who have gotten the vaccine and am seeing nothing unusual. The hospitals are not full by any stretch in my area. We’ll know in the next month or two if High is wrong. Let’s pray he is.

    Some now are nuancing the die-off argument by saying only certain vials of the vaccine will cause such an event. Most areas did not get these vials. Maybe my area, blue state, did not and that is why nothing unusual so far is happening here.

    High said there would be an event in October and there wasn’t. Let’s pray he is wrong too on the die-off. Test the spirits as they say. To that end, I’ve been a fan of Dane Wigginton until his recent podcast where he said all the immigrants at the border are caused by climate change and food shortages in Central America. Please! I’m now somewhat skeptical of Dane.

    • Greg Hunter

      Just because you are not seeing anything does not make your argument valid.

    • Paul ...

      Dave … The “commie” eugenicists developed their bio-weapon like a “time release” pill … they did not want “a huge die off immediately” upon taking the “jab” (that would be stupid … as it would awaken everyone to what they were up to) … instead … they are doing their killing “gradually” … so that people like you would say exactly what you just said!!!

    • Self Exiled

      I have seen and been with people who are hungry and undernourished, some of them have been my neighbors: none of the people I have seen in the caravan photos appear like they do, pushing strollers with little kids. Most seem overweight to me. Also all the people in apartment 1 [3] apartment 2 [4], apartment 3[2]: all fine so far. The oldest [86 years old] even had the booster, said ” I’m all set”. Like the zen master said ”We shall see”, or was it ”Wait and see”. At my age who knows. LOL

  84. John M

    Mr. Hunter,
    I thought you might benefit by knowing about this Biden admin plan that is being reported nearly nowhere that seeks to destroy U.S. citizens’ financial freedom. This month, the Vanderbilt Law Review published a 71-page paper by Saule Omarova, President Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The paper was a plan that would eliminate the FDIC and worse, move commercial bank deposits from commercial banks to Fed Accounts at the Federal Reserve and allow the Fed to “confiscate deposits” from these accounts “to tighten monetary policy.”
    You can get a copy of the report by reading the Cornell Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series: “The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy,” Saule T. Omarova that can be downloaded at Wall Street on Parade at Alternatively, you can download it from SSRN at 3715735.

    • Paul ...

      John … What goes around comes around … the very Corporations who are now helping the eugenicists to “jab” our children to death … will get “jabbed” back and killed … when their Corporate bank accounts are forcibly transferred to the Fed (to be more easily seized) … some smart CEO’s see the writing on the wall … and are now taking their Corporate cash and buying physical gold with it … to keep it out of the reach of the Globalists …

    • J.Rivard

      Ted Cruz Accuses Biden Of ‘Outright Lying’ On Senate Floor
      244,725 views Nov 6, 2021 Forbes Breaking News
      On Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused President [Beijing]Biden [& Boot Licker Obomber] of “outright lying” about [their] Middle East policy on the Senate floor.
      [Crass indentions mine, the commenter’s]
      July: BeijingBiden Obomber “I won’t mandate the vaccine.”
      October: “Freedom? What’s that?”
      Why aren’t you RINO guys filing impeachment papers every day like the Demorats did?
      Throw Beijing joe & BARRY OUT the country. Send THEM BOTH And THEIR puppet masters to Afgan and leave THEM behind enemy lines
      It wasn’t all bad, Beijing Biden’s Brandon brother made millions out of Iraq.
      And Chy-na!
      It would be more shocking if they ever actually told the truth!
      Crooked Hillary crooked America, what happened to us dear God save us
      independent, and be self sufficient and strong.

      LET’S GO [Branded] BRANDON
      Throw those two bum’s out! [Before the Build Back Broke,] Busted and Disgusting, bill passes our 30 trillion in debt country already. Before the globalista’s take down our USA and we fall like Rome.
      When broke like Rome, don’t do as the Romans did. They lost Great Britain before it was great! Lets not loose a Great United States in an ungratefully un Civilian War. Kick the bully’s out!! Brandon them!

      • Greg Hunter

        Ted Cruz lied and said there was no voter fraud!! Remember that??

  85. M. Ed

    Greg; you do a great job. I’m a Steady reader; professional educator. There is a way to flip the House to regain control quickly. Please send me a street address so I can write . . . have had several ‘posts’ scrubbed while I was writing.

    • AndrewB

      Hi M,
      “have had several ‘posts’ scrubbed while I was writing”
      Interesting observation. It happens to me. Sounds like paranoia, but often times, when I am drafting a comment, unfavourable to the establishment, the ‘keyboard’ seems to jamb up – each letter takes an age to appear on screen and if I change case before the letters have appeared (caught up with my typing) my tablet freezes. Have to clear memory and start from scratch. This interference does not seem technical as it is dependent on the subject matter! AI ??? Only happens when I am commenting on USAW. In any event, I always persevere and the interference eventually ‘gives up’. Did I mention my paranoia?

      • Brooklyn


        A similar thing happens to me, but know that you and I are just not that important to “take us out for posting here at USAW. I also just shut it down, boot it back up and everything goes back to normal. Something else you might try: Sometimes I write my posts in Notes, and then cut n’ paste the comment. If it doesn’t post, I just go back and do it again….;)

        Hope all is well…

        Onward & Upward,


  86. Roger

    The Woke retards in the media are going after Aaron Rodgers for not taking the vaccine. I am shocked at how many woke RETARDS there are.

    Romans 1:28

    28 Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their FOOLISH THINKING and let them do things that should never be done. 29 Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip. 30 They are backstabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, and boastful.

  87. Steven Parks

    Greg last week on WNW I commented on your 20/20 election night watch party and I brought up Virginia (which was obvious to me, I believe you also questioned what had taken place) which no one was talking about what happened in Virginia. Glad to see the people of Virginia got payback. Happy to see it however New Jersey is a problem that I hope gets brought into the light. As always CAF was very insightful and enjoyable. As always God has FAVORED you with the mindfulness of diving into any subject finding well qualified speakers on the important subject of our time. Absolutely successful endeavors. I know you fear not cause God and Jesus has everything in control, you and I as well as your followers believe the same thing. Thanks for answering Gods Calling


  88. Steven Parks

    Sorry greg I forgot to mention that I brought up just like cop cams we need election work cams would bring transparency to our election process. I wondering what you and your followers think about that proposal to secure our election


  89. leo

    Hey does anybody know if this ivermectin that you can find at tractor supply stores is something that a human can use without harm. I found some here in Seattle but the product says; not for human consumption. It is in a form of horse paste, only for use on horses, I would really appreciate if anybody knows anything about this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Kory told me “it’s good.” He’s referring to the 1.87 Ivermectin apple flavored horse paste. Durvet makes it. Bi-Mectin seems to be the exact same thing. The only ingredient appears to be Ivermectin. I am not telling you to take it. I am just passing along information from a doctor. I guess it beats dying. You can also get Ivermectin in pill form here:

      • leo

        Hi Greg thanks for taking the time to answer this was helpful. that is what I have 1.87 apple flavor with another ingredient called praziquantel 14.03% which seems to work on various worms and parasites . I am guessing that this bio jab is a parasite . Eads was a great interview one of the best may God bless these front line doctors who risk their lives to inform us of truth.

      • Charles H.


        The ‘horse paste’ contains PEG (polyethylene glycol) – which is not a problem in itself. You don’t find that ingredient in the pill form IVM; which probably expresses WHY they qualify it not for human use (besides manufacturing quality safeguards). PEG IS used in human use medicine and products for human consumption: mainly found in Miralax – and other laxatives; or the clean-out solution before colonoscopy procedures. It clearly is NOT toxic (“low toxicity”) to humans. Commercially it is used in skin creams and when combined with glycerin – personal lubricant. It is used in a number of toothpastes as a ‘dispersant’. It is used as an anti-foaming agent in food and drinks. The FDA has qualified PEG as: “biologically inert and safe” – but I’m not sure I trust such an endorsement. It is reported that in a large percentage of population a hyper-sensitivity to PEG exists because of anti-PEG antibodies. But the real shock is that because the molecule is so ‘ubiquitous’ in hydrophilic composition – that it apparently is used in “proprietary lipid technology” of the Phizer and Moderna CV19 “vaccines” – in a PEGylated, lipid form; where the lipids are coated with this stabilizing molecule as an “excipient”. They use this ‘sensitivity to PEG’ as a possible blame for the reaction to the shots: which I don’t believe for a minute. The great concern is “anaphylactic shock” due to allegoric reaction – which should manifest itself within minutes: but do they also have treatment at vaccination centers to deal with this?

        Bottom line? I think they try to divert the danger of the shots to PEG: when it is the only a vehicle to carry the payload of bad medicine (mRNA in the lipids). If you take Miralax and don’t have an allergic reaction: you should be OK with the horse paste. If Dr. Kory says it’s OK – I’ll buy it.

    • susan

      Leo, I had covid with pneumonia and was very sick. I took the horse paste ivermectin and Zithromax (which I got out of Canada). Within a couple days I was feeling a little bit better. It took me a good two weeks to get pretty much back to normal. Also I only took the amount recommended for prophylaxis. That is why it probably took so long to get better. If I ever get it again, I will up the dose.
      I got the information for dosage, etc. from: Gustavo Aguirre Chang; Aurora Trujillo F. Prophylaxis Pre-exposure with Ivermectin in exposed people.

  90. Gerald Benton

    My two grandsons were watching TV. One boy is 11 years old, and the second is 5 years old. The five year old hit the 11 year old with a remote. Soon fists and name calling started. The melee was broken up. The 11 year old wanting to get the last word in, yelled at the 5 year old, “You Joe Biden.” All punishment was dismissed!!!. So is a 11 year old is smarter than a democratic?

    • Greg Hunter

      Too funny man!!!! Thanks for this.

    • Paul ...

      GB … At least the 5 year old did not “jab” the 11 year old with a Pfizer needle … for then the 11 year old would have probably said: FJB!!!

  91. Bible Reader

    Regarding the experimental drug vaccines antidote I’ve been thinking about, from what I’ve seen I think there is a window of opportunity to neutralize the drug vaccine before it starts causing harm. I’ve been looking at victims reports all year and severe reactions can occur: immediately, in 30 minutes, in hours, in one day-two days (blood clots), one week, two weeks, longer.

    So, if you consider the drug vaccines to be poison — like a snakebite — there is time to administer an antidote before your health worsens.

    That high-dose vitamin c video I put up yesterday looked promising because I consider the drug vaccines to be akin to venom. The Zelenko Protocol or FLCCC Protocol look promising because the drug vaccines are somewhat like artificial viruses — while these protocols block from the Covid virus from replicating.

    There are a lot of drug vaccine treatment protocols out there that people are suggesting, if you look around.

    What I’m getting at is: If you regard the injection as a snakebite you can administer an antidote immediately and possibly neutralize it.

  92. Bible Reader

    This was the snakebite-vacuum story, Greg. I thought it might have some merit. See my next comment about cupping.

    Treat Spider and Snakebites Naturally
    If you find yourself with a spider or snakebite, follow these simple steps to prevent poisoning, while waiting for medical attention.
    By Brigitte Mars

    …Common Sense Beats Copperhead
    Years ago I was bitten by a copperhead snake, many miles away from a hospital or even a telephone. Fortunately, we did have electricity. My husband, without missing a beat, turned on the vacuum cleaner and sucked the venom out with the wand. Just goes to show that sometimes you need to improvise!

    • Paul ...

      BR … We need to also improvise … and suck venom like Fauci and Gates out with a jet engine (to save our lives) !!

    • Ken

      I wonder if a snake bite suction pump would work for a a do it yourself? Maybe in your car right outside the vaccination center.

  93. Bible Reader

    How To Remove Vaccine Poison And See What
    The Spike Protein And Graphene Oxides Do To
    Your Blood…Instant Clotting! – Watch


    How to remove a big portion of the Poisonous Covid Vaccine Injection from your body with cupping

    NOTE: This works only up to 30 minutes after the injection.

    This cupping method, which a Russian colleague shows here, works only up to 30 minutes after vaccination, in any other case cupping is no longer sufficient … but it is surprising how fast the blood CLUMPS due to vaccination … but it is also clear if you understand the biochemical mechanisms of the functioning of graphene oxides and spike proteins behind it.

    • Jr

      In an attempt to take back some terrain in the labeling war I invite you to join me in no longer referring to the jab as vaxed or un vaxxed (this acknowledges that it’s a vaccine which it is not) but rather calling it “spiked” or “unspiked” as this defines it correctly – if we can all start labeling ii this way we will be pushing back big time on the lie of the enemy.

  94. Not So Free

    FWIW: Karen Kingston recently did a 2 1/2 hour interview with John Di Lemme of CBJ. (Never heard of the site before)
    Haven’t watched it yet..

    • Self Exiled

      Found John Di Lemme of CBJ but not that interview with Karen Kingston.

  95. James Hall

    Greg, Vaccines have probably never worked, the 1918 pandemic most people died who received the vaccine. I almost died 1979 in Navy Boot camp from vaccines, a lot of people died back than. Reagan set up the vaccine court so you couldn’t sue big Pharma, so most likely this has been going on for a while.

    • Cassie

      Yes, James, you are so right. If anyone just thinks about this for a few minutes, it makes sense. So-called viral illnesses such as measles, chicken pox, influenza etc. are considered communicable through air, droplets, bodily fluids…. these are not injected into the body. So why would we think that any vaccine which is injected, not inhaled (for instance), be effective? The body’s defenses are not being mobilized in the same manner. The poison is not introduced through normal vectors into the body. It has never made sense to me. There was an attempt to transfer the 1918 “flu” to well people which failed. Please read Dr. Tom Cowan’s book THE CONTAGIAN MYTH on the connection between 5G and the body’s attempt to adjust to the out of control radio waves since the telegram, electrification of the world, and each new “upgrade.” Of course, this SARS/COV business is clearly designed in an lab as a bioweapon, which is evil upon a whole new level. The history of vaccinations is fraught with fraud from the beginning.

  96. Justn Observer

    Greg, Million mask march tearing into London and not a peep on Fox or MSM?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting it here!

  97. MC

    Psalm 139:21, hate those who push the vax.

    • Cassie

      And verse 22: I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

  98. Randy Best

    We are headed towards the “Mark of the Beast”. It seems to be coming closer and closer.

    • MC

      The Devil is insidious and keeps our host unequally yoked, surrounded with the spiritually compromised. 2 Corinthians 6:14

      False prophets who say the father of the toxic vax (aka Trump) is anointed. Those who twist the Bible to trade BTC, which CAFitz tells us is the gateway to the Mark of the Beast.

      Clif High recently said in a video that one of his two favorite poets is Percy Bysshe Shelly. Shelly wrote a pamphlet “Why Atheism is Necessary”, for which he was rebuked and disowned by his father. Throughout his life Shelly racked up a lot of personal debt and took it unpaid to the grave. Shelly was married to Mary Shelly but had tremendous lust for a lolita and wrote romantic poetry to her.

      • Greg Hunter

        MC, Don’t come here, nobody is forcing you to consume the totally free information. If I waited for the perfect source I would never get any information out. Fitts did not say the Bitcoin was the “gateway to the mark of the beast.” She said it was “not anonymous.” Clif High has made many scary accurate calls with his data analysis as God’s word does not come back void!! High says he is not an atheist and he is fighting like hell to same America and using his real name a reputation. What the hell are you doing to same America–Nothing!! It a free site and You are welcome!!!

  99. tim mcgraw

    The state motto of the state of Virginia is: “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (thus always to tyrants). John Wilkes Booth shouted this phrase as he jumped off the balcony after blowing out the brains of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater on Good Friday.
    Three years ago on the Fourth Of July, I made a chalk drawing on the corner of our sidewalk. I had “Happy Independence Day!!!” in the center, and a drawing of an American Militiaman with musket on the right. On left side of the triptych I wrote ” Sic Semper Tyrannis” in bold letters. One couple came by and read the words. They pointed. Gesticulated. Not sure if in support or hatred. Trump was President then so maybe they were Democrats supporting the idea. Hard to tell.
    A tyrant though is easy to spot.

  100. Zip

    I know a lot of kids NOT going to school. They don’t want the kids jab-ed.

    • susan

      My niece, who lives in Washington, is sending her kids to Idaho to school.

  101. Denny

    Hi Greg , have you read encouraging Stan talks about trying to verify evergrands payment on their international bonds..He can’t confirm it and Metzler can’t get any confirmation of payment from Citi Bank either. Do you think once again the banks and media are stupid,incompetent,or this is the way they want things..years ago when politicians or authority figures made bonehead decisions I wondered if they were stupid,incompetent or that’s the way they want things..there was no best answer but now it seems the only choice that makes sense is..this is the way they want things…so every crisis these days that is not fixed or even addressed leads to rot and collapse of the system that pertains to it and probably to western civ collapse…this is the way they want things..hang on everybody…

  102. Justn Observer

    Greg, The list of GOP that vote FOR the package =
    Don Bacon of Nebraska, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Andrew Garbarino of New York, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, John Katko of New York, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Nicole Malliotakis of New York, David McKinley of West Virginia, Tom Reed of New York, Chris Smith of New Jersey, Fred Upton of Michigan, Jeff van Drew of New Jersey and Don Young of Alaska.

    GOP never disappoints…and will always pull victory and chances of gaining the House back as it is now as critical to ‘term limit’ the RINOS and other ‘suspected’ RINOS as well those DNC that are at least ‘honest’ enough to put themselves out there as SOCIALISTS that want to go the way of the globalists to subvert the Constitution and weaken the sovereignty of this nation and its border…and continue along the ‘fundamental transformation’ of this nation, as we see now clearly what Obama had in mind… This is the Joe, the plumber moment of taking not just the savings and wealth of others…they are now even taking their jobs using this ‘jab’ nonsence to purge not just the military, but anyone hostile to their aims !

    • Dave

      It’s a huge win for Biden. He got 80% of what he wanted in the infrastructure bill. It sets the stage for a Federal mileage tax and a carbon tax. Even though it gives progressives almost all that they wanted 6 extreme Democrats voted against it as they didn’t get 100%. That means the bill could have been defeated but for McCarthy and the GOP.

      The Younkin win was a big boost for McConnell and McCarthy. Youngkin is a Bushie Carlyle globalist. Youngkin is a supporter of big government infrastructure program. McCarthy gave the go ahead to the 13 Republicans to vote for the bill. If more Dems had voted against it McCarthy would have had more Republicans vote for it. If Youngkin had lost McCarthy might have blocked the bill.

      The 13 Republicans are in moderate swing districts. Most will not be challenged in their GOP primaries. They will be returned to office short of their Democrat opponent defeating them in the general election.

    • MC

      Surely Biden is finishing the job Obama started purging the military with the vax. But many of the military willfully took the vax because they respected Trump and Trump has been screaming all year that the vax is “safe & effective”.

      Since the majority of enlisted vote Republican, you can be sure that Trump did most of the work getting the military vaxed. Biden is merely mopping up.

      Do not be deceived. Trump wants you to take the vax as much or more as does Bill Gates, Soros, Biden, Obama. And anyone who tells you Trump is anointed is someone who is channeling demons.

  103. Dave

    It’s beyond perplexing to see conservatives think they can wrest control of the GOP from the RINOs. The Youngkin Virginia win followed by the House GOP providing the necessary vote to pass the infrastructure bill seems not to have hit home.

    Prior to the election “Conservative Inc.” was touting Youngkin as the way for conservatives to start to take control of the GOP. Really. None called Youngkin out but for Gorka. Youngkin is a social justice warrior and though critical of CRT abuses is on board with many elements being pushed by CRT supporters.

    Gorka refused to vote for Youngkin as conservatives continuing to support RINOs is a dead end. Trump support is fading and hopes that Trumpists would take control of the GOP in 2022 were never going to happen. McConnel is emoldened and working toassure Murkowski retains her seat. McCarthy is working to primary/oust Greene while apparently playing games in Wyoming to help Cheney. As in Democrats switching registration to be able to vote for Cheney in the primary. Cheney has gone ful woke on LGBT issues and is de-emplacing her once solid pro-life positions.

    Conservatives need to focus their resources outside the GOP. They need to work locally to become increasingly autonomous from the Federal government. If there are any true conservative in the GOP how about showing the gumption of Bernie Sanders and leave the GOP for another party. They can still caucus with the GOP but no they won’t do that (looking at Cruz in particular) cause they’d rather have plum committee assignments.

    The GOP Senators are largely voting for all of Biden’s court appointees – Grham has voted for all but one – and so Giden is on track in 3 years to wipe out the number of appointments Trump made in 4 years. If anything, this will place progressives in fuller control of the judiciary than they have ever been.

    Of course, Trump isn’t helping the situation with hsi ongoing vaccine push. But again, maybe Trump was a plant to enable the globalists to take more control of the US which they are certainly doing.

  104. Dusty Dude

    The new battle cry for the resistance?

  105. Justn Observer

    Greg, Did Klaus and the WEF Did Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum just =

    Admit The COVID Vaccine Injects Traceable Markers? Their Promoted “COVIDPass” Blood Test Requires Them – The Last Refuge (

    The WEF proposal is based on a blood sample, or a blood test, to prove you have been vaccinated. The only way that is possible is if the vaccine itself carries some form of marker that permanently stays (at a cellular level) in your body which can then be detected in a blood test.

    If the vaccine does not leave an identifiable marker or imprint in your blood, then a blood test for vaccinated status would not be possible.

    If you understand that critical point, then keep reading. If you don’t understand the significance of that point, then it’s best to just quit right here.

  106. Greg Morrissey

    For all of you who know, Politician’s This from Gods word Please pass it on to All Politician’s
    Isaiah 53
    New International Version
    53 Who has believed our message
    and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?
    2 He grew up before him like a tender shoot,
    and like a root out of dry ground.
    He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him,
    nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.
    3 He was despised and rejected by mankind,
    a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.
    Like one from whom people hide their faces
    he was despised, and we held him in low esteem.

    4 Surely he took up our pain
    and bore our suffering,
    yet we considered him punished by God,
    stricken by him, and afflicted.
    5 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
    the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
    and by his wounds we are healed.
    6 We all, like sheep, have gone astray,
    each of us has turned to our own way;
    and the Lord has laid on him
    the iniquity of us all.

    7 He was oppressed and afflicted,
    yet he did not open his mouth;
    he was led like a lamb to the slaughter,
    and as a sheep before its shearers is silent,
    so he did not open his mouth.
    8 By oppression[a] and judgment he was taken away.
    Yet who of his generation protested?
    For he was cut off from the land of the living;
    for the transgression of my people he was punished.[b]
    9 He was assigned a grave with the wicked,
    and with the rich in his death,
    though he had done no violence,
    nor was any deceit in his mouth.

    10 Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer,
    and though the Lord makes[c] his life an offering for sin,
    he will see his offspring and prolong his days,
    and the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand.
    11 After he has suffered,
    he will see the light of life[d] and be satisfied[e];
    by his knowledge[f] my righteous servant will justify many,
    and he will bear their iniquities.
    12 Therefore I will give him a portion among the great,[g]
    and he will divide the spoils with the strong,[h]
    because he poured out his life unto death,
    and was numbered with the transgressors.
    For he bore the sin of many,
    and made intercession for the transgressors.
    Matthew 27: 57 – 60
    57 As evening approached, there came a rich man from Arimathea, named Joseph, who had himself become a disciple of Jesus. 58 Going to Pilate, he asked for Jesus’ body, and Pilate ordered that it be given to him. 59 Joseph took the body, wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, 60 and placed it in his own new tomb that he had cut out of the rock. He rolled a big stone in front of the entrance to the tomb and went away. 61 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were sitting there opposite the tomb.
    This was his Job
    42 It was Preparation Day (that is, the day before the Sabbath). So as evening approached, 43 Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent member of the Council, who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God, went boldly to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body. 44 Pilate was surprised to hear that he was already dead. Summoning the centurion, he asked him if Jesus had already died. 45 When he learned from the centurion that it was so, he gave the body to Joseph. 46 So Joseph bought some linen cloth, took down the body, wrapped it in the linen, and placed it in a tomb cut out of rock. Then he rolled a stone against the entrance of the tomb. 47 Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph saw where he was laid.
    He was a member of the Council , He was a politician !!
    Romans 13:6
    6 This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. 7 Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.
    They are to be Gods servants.
    Pass on to all please

  107. Justn Observer

    Greg, Any mention from LETS GO BRANDON as to how much a parent gets if ‘they lose their child’ to a experimental inoculation jab?

  108. Wake up, Stand up, Fight

    Get a shot or lose your job and get no safety net money or benefits -vs- border, what border? come on in, illegally. We will give you free housing, health care, education and oh yeah, how about $450,000 ? Like that? And… you won’t need to get any shots !!!
    Think about it – they know everyone that gets the shots will be disabled or will die. Who will replace them? Oh, yeah, how about the illegals? How do you think the illegals will vote after they are given citizenship as a bonus?
    Children get “virus”. What is their chance of surviving the “virus” ? 99.99x % !!! Plus, they receive natural immunity. What is the effectiveness expected for the shot? 91% . Hmmm… giving children shots really makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?! There is a special place reserved in Hell for those that are associated with the shots and those that allow the shots to be given to the children – afflicting injuries and death upon the innocent children !! For what? There is no moral, ethical or medical reason to give children these shots. The “new normal” is not normal or natural. This is the ultimate line in the sand!

  109. Justn Observer


    JUST IN – Federal Court of Appeals just issued a temporary halt to Biden’s vaccine mandate, Texas Governor Abbott announces. =

  110. James

    Greg, here’s a list of athletes who have keeled over and/or died from the kill shot. Sergio Aguero is a HUGE name in soccer, fyi:

    and this is afoot: Wall Street’s New Asset Class Will Put Natural World ‘Up for Sale’ –

    Thanks for all you do and God bless us all.

  111. mark


    This is where I have bought six orders of Ivermectin…over the last year, and given much of it away to people fighting Covid.

    Now my wife and I are both taking it as we finally came down with Covid…she is recovering faster than me…but after a really rough 10 days we both are improving.

    ‘Insulin Hub’ have been super reliable and many family and friends have used them to purchase Ivermectin as well.

    Check them out for $130 you get 30 12mg if Ivermectin and 100 100mgs of Doxycycline.

    It takes about 3 weeks and they do not charge you until it is delivered.

    Andrew James is Canadian and extremely helpfully. I have saved 5 people by giving them Ivermectin so far and now I’m using it successfully on my wife and myself.

    This is what we are taking she we came done with Covid:

    1. Ivermectin 12gms a day
    2. Doxycycline 200mg a day (antibiotic)
    3. D-3 with K2 10,0000 IUs a day
    4. Zinc & Quercetin
    5. B Complex with extra Thiamine
    6. C – 6,000mg spread out through the day
    7. 325mg aspirin
    8. Honey
    9. 10mgs of melatonin
    10. Super L- Glutathione (all of this in one pill)
    • L- Glutathione 50mg
    • Selenium 100mcg
    • N-Acetyl-Cysteine
    • Milk Thistle
    • Turmeric
    • Curcumiolds

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  112. Suzette Lawrence

    Hi Greg! Thanks for another week of news. Love the Let’s Go Brandon cartoon! Have been watching the decline in SloMo for 20 years. I agree with RM! Both parties are so currupt. Suzette PS I still vote!!!

  113. Robert K


    Please discuss this with Karen Kingston, if your interview isn’t already completed. Additionally, CNN and Seaseme Street are pushing the shots towards kids…Pure evil!

  114. Bert33

    Apparently the vax mandate thing has now hit a courtroom roadblock. Good medicine for medical authoritarians

  115. tim mcgraw

    HI Greg, Thanks for the report. All good information. But what scares me the most is this disruption of supply chains and the elites’ attack on fossil fuels. No cheap energy. No civilization. No cars, no food, no heat, no light, nothing but the Middle Ages of serfdom again. Very sad to see humanity go backwards.

  116. Skip Havely

    One of your best weekly updates Greg. God bless you for your continued incredible journalism. Outstanding interviews lately, too.

  117. Natalie Shaffer

    Rand Paul had ‘another fiery clash’ with Anthony Fauci over Wuhan lab funding
    64,851 views Nov 7, 2021 Sky News Australia 2.12M subscribers
    Republican senator Rand Paul has had “another fiery clash” with Anthony Fauci over the National Institute of Health’s funding of risky research in Wuhan, according to Sky News host Sharri Markson.
    “Rand Paul drilled down on the NIH support for experimenting with coronaviruses that could kill between 15 and 50 per cent of those infected, endangering the world,” Ms Markson said.
    “Fauci has lied, and as I’ve said before should resign for his role in funding research in Wuhan that may have sparked the pandemic.
    “And for lying about it and giving misleading evidence to congress.”
    +++++++++++++++TAKE NOTE_____________________
    THIS LITTLE AUSSIE GIRL’S GOT FAUCI’S , lying fraudulent, rear end, with new evidence! You haven.t seen this yet! It’s here. watch;
    Incredibly, Sharri’s briefing congress tomorrow afternoon, Monday!

  118. Stephen Woenker

    Once they killed Kennedy, they felt free to do whatever they like. Crenshaw Wisconsin is the new Benghazi! Thanks for all you do ! Greg !

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