Rothschilds & Rockefellers Need to Go Down to Free America – Dave Janda

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)  

Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says Trump is working on draining the swamp in Washington D.C., but the job is huge and it takes time. Janda explains, “Many people have said I haven’t seen anybody put in an orange jump suit and perp walked that is high up on the totem pole.  They are correct when they say that, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.  That’s not hopium.  I believe it will happen.  Bob Mazur, former undercover DEA agent who was one of the people responsible for taking down Pablo Escobar and taking down the BCCI Bank, they were laundering drug money.  Bob says when you are taking down a huge organization . . . this operation was big, but small compared to this globalist swamp that has been created for well over a hundred years.  So, Bob says when you are working on an operation, everybody gets impatient because things aren’t happening fast enough. . . . In order to bring the whole system down so it doesn’t come back to life down the line, you have to get really high up on the totem pole. . . . When we are talking about people like the Clintons, Obama, the Bush family and Soros, we are talking about middle-level people.  These are puppets of the globalist syndicate.  These people are in the Rothschild and Rockefeller axis.  In order for our country to get back on its feet, taking down the Clintons, Obama and Soros is not enough because that creature will come back to life again.  They need to take down the entities above those middle-level players.  That’s what is taking so long.  It might take many more months for that creature to be obliterated.”

Janda, who has well connected Washington D.C sources, says the “Deep State” traitors and felons are worried and cornered. Janda says, “This is not like trying to flip some hard mafia guy.  These people are juniors when it comes to being criminals.  Yes, they participated in criminal activity.  They wanted more control and more money, but these people are not hardened criminals.  So, these people will flip in a second, and when they flip, they won’t stop signing.  They will bring as many people they need to bring down to save themselves.  None of these, at this point, can trust each other.  The ultimate goal it is to take this up to a level to take out the Obamas, Clintons, Bush family and Soros, and then apply the necessary pressure to go to the top.”

There is a new report by the Inspector General on the DOJ. It is 1.2 million pages (this is not a typo).  Congress has copies, and it outlines and proves fraud and criminal activity at the FBI and Department of Justice.  It will likely be the foundation that sends many in high office in both departments to jail for their crimes. Radio host Dave Janda says, “You have to understand what the Inspector General’s report is all about.  The Inspector General’s report is about the restoration of the rule of law in our country that has been missing for decades.  This is why they are so petrified of that report.  All these players–low, middle and high–took over the system to the point where the rules of justice could be directed toward their opponents and be blinded to their criminal activity.  What scares the living daylights out of this syndicate is the restoration of the rule of law. . . . When there is a full restoration of the rule of law, I believe this is what blows this system apart–this globalist syndicate system.”

Janda also says, “Right now, the good guys are 70% to 80% in control.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to Dr. Dave Janda in depth from the Operation Freedom radio show.

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***(Program update:  There was a technical problem with the original Dave Janda 3/25/18 that posted early Sunday morning.  The prior version had to be taken down and new version put back in its place.  Unfortunately, all the comments on the original post were lost.  You are welcome to post your comment on the original post again.  So sorry for any confusion or trouble.)***

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  1. Blather

    I want rule of law, but whose making the rules?

    • Paul ...

      Simple … God the Father makes the rules (his Ten(10) Commandments)!! … but there are many who still won’t follow God’s rules and they purposely create “continual wars” so they can KILL … purposely create “fiat money” so can STEAL … purposely create Hollywood sex, demonic and violent movies so as to commit ADULTERY, PEDOPHILIA, AND KILL BABIES, etc, etc. and make it look normal … for they think they are Above the Law …above God Almighty himself … these Demon Rats are not the people we Christians should be following or voting into office … we should be rounding them all up and locking them away for life … that’s the reason they and John McCain are going around be-heading as many Christians they can!! … and they want to get that “Orthodox Christian” Putin using any excuse possible (like him putting his country right in the middle of all our NATO bases)!!!

    • laura ann

      Yuup! and George Soros included who funds much of this leftist agendas. The deep state are trying to push facism/ socialist control, but because of resistance by aware people,, they cannot do an end run like they have in Europe by already using third world invaders to take down most of Europe under sharia law with help of the EU leaders. Their goal is to push invaders here too.

  2. Marcus

    wow Greg all your comments were taken down while i was researching……You have some really good comments and researchers on your blog. Trump is going for a bear hunt.

    • Greg Hunter

      I had a glitch in the back side and had to repost. So sorry for any problems it caused you. I have invited people to repost their comments. I have had to do this one other time in the last 9 years.

      • ConcAmDad

        I still cannot understand why Trump doesn’t give the truth a try. Remember during the campaign he spoke of the stock market bubble and the phony unemployment rate- he may have gained momentum waking people up if he’d stuck with truth rather than patting himself on the back for these two fabrications.

        • Donald

          “if he’d stuck with truth rather than patting himself on the back for these two fabrications”

          Listen, it should be obvious what Trump is doing – he is being a cheerleader on certain items so as to offer some positive news to people. That’s all it is – cheerleading. If he were to give you the truth you seek, markets would likely collapse. Confidence is the ONLY thing propping up the system at this time.

  3. Rob

    Trump is a billionaire and will not risk his god of money to take down the Rothschild / Rockefeller banking cartel with all their central banks. This banking behemoth rules over the very banks that much of Trump’s wealth sits in. Father is using this banking cartel as vessels of dishonor to raise up the beast that He will use during the last 3 1/2 years of the tribulation:

    Romans 9:17-24 For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, For this very purpose did I raise thee up, that I might show in thee my power, and that my name might be published abroad in all the earth. (18) So then he hath mercy on whom he will, and whom he will be hardeneth. (19) Thou wilt say then unto me, Why doth he still find fault? For who withstandeth his will? (20) Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why didst thou make me thus? (21) Or hath not the potter a right over the clay, from the same lump to make one part a vessel unto honor, and another unto dishonor? (22) What if God, willing to show his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering vessels of wrath fitted unto destruction: (23) and that he might make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he afore prepared unto glory, (24) even us, whom he also called, not from the Jews only, but also from the Gentiles? (I cut the rest of this comment for length–too long –Greg Hunter.)

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • JC Davis

      WOW Rob. Do you think Dad is behind this. I hope your right.

      • Rob

        Please email me for the rest of the post brother as there is a tremendous amount of truth that was deleted. My email is in my contact on my website:

  4. DB Cooper

    Greg and Watchers, As I posted earlier … Those of you who have read my posts over the years know that I have no compunction in doing my duty and I gladly volunteer to stand firing squad duty and will sleep well that night. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  5. DB Cooper

    JodyP, I was never taught to not kill, I was taught to not murder and so when it is justified and necessary then we do our duty with pride and impunity. God Bless America and God Bless and keep President Donald J. Trump. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Jodyp

      Thanks D.B. We’ve missed you around here!

  6. Neil

    (sigh – guess you were hacked or something…do I need to keep copies of my posts as backup now?) I made a long post saying I don’t consider Trump or Q as being as effective as we would like and that we (the resistance) should get organised for action rather than be passive spectators. It could be a tragedy to rely excessively on a few individuals and find the opportunity to defend western civilisation had closed or that we had been duped into inaction.


    Off course you DARE NOT repost any of my comments dear Greggie ! Looks like I am hitting the mark. Ha Ha !

    • Greg Hunter

      Hitting the mud you mean.

    • Jodyp

      Bravo c.p.! And thanks Greg for the hillarious entertainment!

    • Justn Observer

      Your posts only expose your ignorance…and how well your own core group has deceived you. On the most recent marches…thank you for showing us where the pockets of ‘dis-armed’ people are. And where we need not expend OUR lives trying to protect ungrateful souls. I would like you to explain to us just what you think the reason for the predicted coming drop off of the populations in the world will derive from. And as the is now ramping up what you intend to do for YOURSELF and family as it occurs. You might at least attempt to connect a few dots outside the ‘fake news’ your ilk spew daily. Its claims of ‘conspiracy theory’ that ever come true…! Well proven Hillary and crew are liars – criminals – and thieves of aid given intended for the poor and suffering…and treason sale of national resources… Those so professional shown by people such as Catherine Austin Fitts and her group of financial researcher… Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel’s work on their Sunday interview that has now gone viral in the world leading to the arrest now of many world leaders…
      But back to the deagle report…and the ”myths” of FEMA camps – mountains of caskets stored as if a planned holocaust – Georgia Guidestones – you’re groups be led to demand curtailing truth and news and replacing it with propaganda…free assemble, shouting down ‘unacceptable opinions, and now dis-arming people? Do you not think there might be an ulterior motive? Or you not entertain the thought there is a ‘reason’ someone does not want the spread and sharing ‘free knowledge’ and individuals to have retain their God given right of self-preservation? That someone wants the ability to gather YOU all up like compliant lemmings? Shake you down for your wealth, walk in and just confiscate YOUR private property? Those are what the Amendments are/were intended to protect you from. No evasions of privacy, no pre-crime intervention, no ‘thought policing, no suspension of your right to gather and share truth and information, and no suspension of YOUR right to protect self, family and property. Those Amendments are to help insure – if you chose … you not to be one of the coming de-population statistics below…
      Have you asked yourself- Why did China build all those empty massive GHOST cities…and are now reaching throughout the world, in Africa and South America? Why Russia is so adamant and honestly ‘pissed off’ others are trying to cut it’s ties with it’s southern breadbasket areas? Would you not – well not you because one can see your lack of foresight – dislike another nation removing the U.S. areas of food production? Worse Pink, why are the leaders of such as yourself seeming so pre-occupied with doing just that? Using the EPA to attack private property use, destroy coal and fuel use needed to stay warm… and chemical products to enhance fertilizers…dis-allow woodstove at a time the solar shield approaches a solar minimum? Why are YOUR leaders like Al Gore preaching just the opposite of that which is occurring? Not global warming but an epic global cool down that IS – in fact causing longer colder winters and shorter though warmer summers with more erratic weather events…massively increasing earthquakes…volcano eruptions… river downpours – water spouts- erratic crop killing floods – ice and dust storms – and droughts. All while the ‘keepers of knowledge’ and research…are hoping to ensure the ‘masses’ do not get the knowledge, assemble and share the truth, and keep the thieves from stealing the missing $ trillions they need to build ”continuity of government and the wealthy elite shelters…cavarans of food and billions of rounds of ‘hollowpoint’ ammo …arm up ‘their’ agencies…all while dis-arming the ‘deplorables’ and what they consider the ‘unwashed and un-needed’? Could the ”’global warming myth”’ be just the slow warming pot to keep the ‘masses’ comfy and paying $billions to them who actually are using it to plan and leave them behind…and too late …when they find out it was never ‘global warming’ but solar cooling…which has already shown to be wiping out massive amounts of crops the world over to a point in just a few short years…those nations….in the latitudes of loss…ARE the ones shown to be the ones expected to – along with demographics of age…suffer the loss. And that the ‘borderless’ ploy of those like Soros IS to further increase those losses by getting millions of people to actually move TO ZONES that will likely suffer crop loss and freezing tempertures …and where they hope the people will be ill able to defend themselves and were the mountains of caskets await their arrival and demise? For one – I believe I know what so many are moving and buying ranches in Paraguay, planning the Kra Canal, the train system across the steeps of Eurasia, a new world capital in Astana. Few understood the significance of Jade Helm to secure not just the oil fields but more importantly the open plains of food production of the ‘fly-over’ states. The point is PINK…you are as they define as a ‘useless idiot’ or worse a knowledgeable provocateur actively enabling an agenda meant to deceive people along until their options and ability to adjust to what IS coming …is too late.
      As for Greg re-posting your comments…we well know what those usually are…and senseless of bothering to con- sider beyond…CODE PINK. Those here – as Jesus – will know their own…and the doors for the cold and hunger will open…and those like you likely will perish as you ilk kick in your doors for the last of your heat – food …as they will chose not to share a fire or bread bread with an godless idiot. The last time such events occurred there were barely 1 billion on earth…today 8. And when the type of winters of say 1949 or 1888 become relevant -again . You will become aware of 40N and 40S and wonder little of where or why those past cultures went missing. Now, I’m not the one doing the Homeland Security ‘zombie’ drills…or the current TV themes…so what is it they see or are conjuring up? Massive groups of ‘hungry’ and crazed people running the streets? Science fiction or psychological pre-cognition?
      I hesitate to post links …but few bother reviewing them anyway…but will suggest a glance towards some GSM research books by John Casey…and this short vid
      and a quick mention of a ZEROHEDGE article that got little attention or questions of the warning named … ‘ FEMA Contractor: Unrest After 395% Food Price Spike Coming Soon.’ With the other challenges of no/low yield in the markets, the forced ACA payments, escalating state taxes and User fees and permits…devaluing dollar… a approach of potential 200 to 300 year record cold and food chain losses , IS THIS really a time to dis-arm? lol

      • Flattop

        Hey Justn Observer. Al that scares me, and I aint afraid of nuthin

  8. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great information from Dr. Janda. Hope his information is correct and that the DeepState is in more trouble that the MSM lets on. On that note…

    As we all know President Trump signed the Omnibus spending bill. Note that the Omnibus is not a budget, this allows Pres. Trump a lot more leeway. One piece of legislation that was reinstated earlier this month was the Holman Rule.

    Interesting “rule”. Now, what will President Trump do with it?

  9. Mimi Dick

    Great show! Gives us hope that something will be done with these horrible people!

    Looks like also that Glenn Beck was right, when he was on Fox, about Benghazi being an arms giving away to create ISIS. No wonder they threw him off! Seemed right on at the time he was saying it and even more so after hearing Dr. Jando! Thankfully–I do believe the good guys are going to win cause if we don’t it’s going to be Sodom and Gamora (sp?) time.

  10. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: This gives me a chance to say “Thanks” a second time. Thanks for the wonderful interview.
    Most of us had probably seen the majority of the posts before they were taken down.
    I see that ZeroHedge has picked up your interview, as it often does these days. Congratulations, your viewership and influence continues to grow!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William!!!!

    • Diane

      If we had an honest & fair media….Greg would have most of his Watchdog interviews on a nightly on a major TV station.

    • Jerry

      Watch the contracts roll in.

      It’s not even Monday yet in most markets.

      • allen ols

        “Whenever a nation starts fighting with other countries, it is always done from a position of weakness. US debt has been running out of hand for a long time. Federal, state, corporate, personal, mortgage, auto, student, etc, are all escalating exponentially. On top of that the US budget deficit will be in the trillions of dollars for the foreseeable future and the trade deficit was already $600 billion in 2017 and could soon be one more trillion dollar deficit.
        Starting wars is an Indication of the final stages of a troubled empire. The wars and interference in countries like Iran, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and Yemen are all part of that. So is policing the world’s financial system and so is protectionism and trade wars. These are all desperate measures of a country in a terminal decline. And it is certainly not a coincidence that this trade war started right before the oil trading in yuan begins. Eventually this will lead to the demise of the dollar and a major power shift from East to West……read more

        • allen ols

          The desperate measures the US is currently taking reminds me of Richard Nixon in August 1971 when he blamed the whole world for the dollar being attacked. President de Gaulle of France was clever enough to see what was happening and asked for payment of the US debt to France in gold. Since the dollar was backed by gold, sovereign states could demand payment in gold at that time. With the US currency under pressure, Nixon abandoned the gold backing of the dollar on August 15, 1971. That was the beginning of the end for the US economy and also the world economy. A credit expansion and money printing bonanza started that has continued until this day. This has made a very tiny minority very rich and lumbered the rest of the world with a debt that they neither will nor can repay.
          But here is the important point. The desperate measure to save America will be seen as the nail in the coffin for the US and the world economy. And here we can draw a parallel to 1971. The US was in a similar situation then as it is now. Deficits were increasing and the dollar was falling. So what were the consequences of Nixon’s fatal decision? The dollar collapsed. I was in Switzerland at the time and saw the dollar fall 63% against the Swiss franc between Aug 1971 and January 1980. During that same period, gold and silver skyrocketed. Gold went from $35 an ounce to $850 or up 25-times. Silver went from $1.35 to $50, up 35-times in pric.

    • JC Davis

      Things are about to get interesting to say the least. Thanks Jerry for keeping us up to date. I have herd nothing from MSM. I am sure they want to keep us in the dark. How long (do you say ) it will take for the effects to be felt ?

      • Jerry

        Look at the dollar index.

        On the same day the petro yuan launches the dollar gets creamed. Coincidence ? I don’t think so. Also look at the stock market up 600 points . Who is buying ? Certainly no investors I know. It’s the central banks trying to save their bacon. Now they have to buy bonds. More money printing. They are trapped.

        To answer your question, I’m waiting for the first quarter money velocity chart to gauge some kind of time line. But if the dollar selloff continues at its current pace, we could be headed for a day of reckoning much sooner.
        Keep watching. That 600 point bounce could be a setup.

        • JC Davis

          OK I put it in my favorites.
          Some were expecting a stock crash Monday.

          • JC Davis

            Looking at the bond market today I get the thought it is as rigged as the stock market. As long as manipulation is in all markets there is no way to tell what / when things will bust.

    • Jerry

      Stage three of the petrodollar takedown was just completed

      Now let’s talk about how long the dollar retains its status as reserve currency?

      • JC Davis

        Velocity of money and the value of the dollar world wide. Got it !

      • allen ols

        Algeria has turned to China for development, after the IMF left the nation with poverty and debt servitude following a debt restructure. China is building ports, vehicles, and residential homes. The Chinese RMB is openly traded. Petro-China agreed to a deal to produce Libyan oil. The Eurasian Trade Zone reaches to North Africa. The Chinese are reaching into the North Ffrican region, to undermine the Petro-Dollar.
        Iraq to build the first of four oil refineries in the city of Fao under Chinese contractors. The ISIS asset captures have been reversed. Iraq is OPEC’s second largest oil producer, behind Saudi Arabia. The Chinese are reaching into the interior Arab region, to undermine the Petro-Dollar.
        Petro-China acquires stakes in two UAE offshore concessions to enhance economic cooperation, at cost of $1.18 billion. Output is expected to be 460,000 bpd oil plus 500 million cubic feet gas per day. The Chinese are reaching into the Gulf Region, to undermine the Petro-Dollar.
        The deals were signed by Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO OF Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), and Wang Yilin, chairman of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). The 40-year term of contracts enables their subsidiary PetroChina to acquire stakes in two Abu Dhabi’s offshore concession areas. PetroChina is granted a 10% stake in the Umm Shaif and Nasr concession at cost US$575 million, and a 10% stake in the Lower Zakum concession at cost US$600 million. Both concessions will be operated by ADNOC Offshore. Through PetroChina, the CNPC produces 52% of China’s crude oil and 71% of its natural gas. This deal enhances an already firm position for China in UAE. In February 2017, the CNPC was awarded an 8% interest in Abu Dhabi’s onshore concession, operated by ADNOC Onshore. It also has acquired a 40% stake in the Al Yasat concession.

        • allen ols

          jerry; contd
          China has grown to become one of the biggest oil drillers in Kuwait, with 45% share of the Kuwaiti rig market. The Chinese are reaching into the Gulf Region, to undermine the Petro-Dollar.
          Kuwait has purchased a huge amount of Chinese-made oil equipment, thus breaking the monopoly long held by the United States and Europe in the Middle East oil sector. At end 1Q2018, Chinese enterprises had won contracts for 64 projects in Kuwait, covering such sectors as oil field services and exploration, infra-structure, and telecommunications, with total value of $13.7 billion. New oil drilling contracts alone reached $3.01 billion in the oil drilling sector in the first quarter, creating a landmark level for projects in China-Kuwait cooperation.
          Chinese carmaker Geely has nailed down a $9 billion stake in Germany’s Daimler (Mercedes Benz). They already acquired Volvo for its car division. The channels are open for exporting Chinese cars to Europe, and for Mercedes vehicle sales across China. It is a brilliant stroke by the suddenly multi-national Geely. The Chinese carmaker has a global reach to take on all markets.

  11. Sue Robinson

    Zero Hedge is now carrying your entire interview with Mr. Janda. Kudos, baby!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue!

  12. iwitness02

    The whole Dave Janda interview was music to my ears. I love a good shot of hope and encouragement first thing in the morning. Thank you Greg and Dave. I pray for truth, justice and fair and honest rule of law. Not just here at home, but around the world. Julian Assange said: “if we can be led to war through lies, we can be led to peace through truth.”
    Now we have the JTFTMAGA or something to that effect. Joint task force to make America great again and support President Trump. Ex deep staters coming together to blow the whistle on corrupt gov. spying. More Truth, more winning. There really is hope.

  13. Scott Baldock

    Don’t under estimate the Donald, great interview.

  14. The Man From Uncle

    Aka, Gina Macaroni, Rich Treadhead Treadway!

    The Trumpster knows what he’s doing. Draining the swamp. The only way he can, he’s the Swamp Fox!

    In the debates Donald warned us about the worldwide debt bubble.
    What better man than he to pull us out of world bankruptcy. The president is incorruptibly, incorruptible and that’s why we love him Gin!
    Face it Gina, who else would you want at the helm.


    Trump Signs Sweeping Executive Order Clearing Path For Mass “Deep State” Arrests By US Military

    They’ll Be Hell to Pay In 7 days of May!
    Relax, sit back, see how it’s done. . .

  15. The Man From Uncle

    James Bond, the original Sean Connery used woman to save the world, as they tried to use him and it seemed to be the highlight of his work. I never heard any complaints. He was the hero of many young girls and boy’s. Including me. My favorite, Bond, Sean Connery used to say, “the things I must to do for England”, along with a big smile on his face, so he wasn’t complaining either.
    So the collusion delusion didn’t work, did it. Do you really think Stormie Normie Daniels is gonna stop the Trumpster! You better get ready for the shock and awe of the age, mister! All your intell check mates are gonna have to run the gaunt gauntlet. Want to see the future? Check this out. . . .

  16. The WoMan From Auntie

    Hey Gina,
    A real man and a real spy, with Honor. Honor Blackman.

  17. Russ McMeans

    William is right Greg, thanks a 2nd time!
    If all these nefarious players are taken down, the world would be a better place. So much lawlessness these days, but God is watching.

  18. Russ McMeans

    These interviews and the reader commentaries are like
    Good enchiladas. Greg is the chef. When the recipe isn’t quite right the chef dumps the whole dinner and quickly serves another one. We were the sauce so that’s just how things are. Still the best little website on the planet.

  19. Matt Jaymes

    “The count is 3 and 2, 2 outs, one man on third, down 1 run. Hunter steps up to the plate, checks the wind and digs his feet in. The pitcher winds up, – wicked curve ball – ……………ccccrrraaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk!! Going, going, going, gone!! That ball is somewhere over Michigan by now. America wins the series! America wins the series!! America wins the series!!!

    Well done. 🙂

  20. Solomon

    I desire for the corruption to end and for exposure and open public trials to begin. I strongly support the bringing to light all of the depths of the evils that have been going on for decades. It is only through truth that healing and trust can begin to take roots.

    • Paul ...

      Your right Solomon … the depths of evil are great … as it bans videos teaching the proper use of firearms while giving Hollywood a total exemption to show how Rambo uses an AK47, etc., etc. … then bans the tweets of people who may use a word like “queer” but allows allows Hollywood to tweet out “Satan is a good guy” on TV … doing such “queer things” as to “project evil” as good entertainment for the minds of our children and “ban good informative information” on the proper use of guns only helps to foster “Rambo’s in our schools” to kill our precious children … all these snowflakes protesting across America against guns should be protesting instead against Hollywood for bringing to us the immoral depths of evil right into our homes and minds of our children … on how to improperly use guns and bombs to kill people!!

      • Paul ...

        Can snowflakes be so dumb they can’t see the danger of having sexually promiscuous demented perverts “teaching our children” through their movies and video games that mass killing is the “goal” … the more people you can kill the better … which makes it easier to eventually bring them into their secret Satanic cults and have them kill babies by stabbing them in the heart, slicing and eating their flesh and drinking their blood … so to be trained as Devils is perfectly fine in these snowflakes dumb brains … but teaching how to use a gun responsibly (to defend ones family from Devils) must be banned and outlawed??? … give me a break!! … the evil people promoting these snowflake protests against gun ownership must be rounded up by Trump … and soon!!!

        • Paul ...

          Hollywood is the Sodom and Gomorrah of our time … and God the Father probably wants to nuke the place … but he knows the warmongering neocons will only use his actions as a false flag “blame it on Putin” excuse to get their WWIII started … so God the Father is using Trump instead to clean up the Hollywood swamp … starting with Hollywood mogal Harvey Weinstein and that Jeffery Epstein and his “Lolita Express”, etc., etc.!!

          • Paul ...

            And ending with Trump (like Long John Silver of Treasure Island fame) seizing the buried Treasure’s of the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s (R, R) … and … as our “lovable rogue pirate” Trump seizes their assets (like Long John Silver) … he will laugh a hearty R, R, AARH, AAARH!! … as he then balances the budget with their stolen money … to make America Great Again!!

  21. Tommy

    I sure hope and pray that Dave is right. Thanks Greg for this interview. As for the PA special election, it was announced on the news that day that many people showed up to vote who didn’t live in the district due to “confusion”. Well, I believe the first part of that report but what we didn’t hear is did any of these people actually vote?

  22. Mme. Hedin

    You’re a big chicken, Greg, to not print my warning about the Russian-led “lights out” to your viewers. More Americans are likely to suffer now, since you didn’t have the balls to print it. Putin’s “useful idiot’s” move this morning to expel 60 Russian diplomats is simply a fore-ploy designed to make him look credible, just before the Russian “lights out” response which will probably now be sooner rather than later. Putin is known as an expert at chess; he’ll always be several moves ahead of everyone else.

  23. Roger D

    Let me get this straight. The Republic could not be saved by the 8-page U.S. Constitution which could be read and understood by virtually every American. Yet we are to believe that it can be saved by a 1.2 million page document that would take a degreed lawyer reading 100 pages per hour a whopping 7 years to read?

    This old coot’s solution lies in reading the Declaration of Independence. It is only 3 pages.

  24. Gina M Mancarella

    Well Greg, It is certainly looking like many voters misjudged during election 2016. We all would have liked to have known all about the there there during the run up to the election, but it looks like Mr. Cohen bought the Donald a couple of ill gotten years. What will he do now? If Russia gate doesn’t get him surely Stormy gate will. The interview with Stormy perfectly paints this slob of a man in his true colors. Trump told Stormy that she reminded him of his daughter. Hmmmmmmm.

    Lots of deception, salaciousness and intrigue here. Do you still think we are better off without Hillary ? Duh! That is a rhetorical question. If you still believe that Trump is a legitimate president, then I should feel sorry for you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your guy Bill raped people and had sex in the Oval Office. Our guy had consensual sex before he was elected by pretty women who now want to cash in. Big difference. if this is all you got for 2018 and 2020 it’s not going to help the average American. And Yes trump is a legit President but still not sure about O.

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Whoah! OK. So you are saying Obama wasn’t legit? So you are a birther ? Seriously??? You need to get fitted for your tin foil hat. Wow. I gave you more credit than that. . . . (This is Greg Hunter and I cut the rest of this nasty comment.)

        • Greg Hunter

          I have reported many times that AZ Sherriff Joe Arpaio said Obama’s birth certificate was a “computer generated fraud.” NOT A SINGLE “news organization” ever did an investigation to refute that claim. In don’t mean name call and deny, I mean a real investigation to refute that charge–NOT ONE. All the evidence was online and out in the open to back up Sheriff Joe’s claim. Here’s more from

          Please ask yourself why didn’t the NYT, WaPo, 60 Minutes or any of the national lame stream media didn’t tear this claim apart??? I did investigative reporting work for 3 TV Stations and 2 networks and this online story would have been like shooting fish in a barrel if it were grossly untrue and yet crickets.

          • Paul ...

            And Gina … If Obama was a fraudulent President … “all” his executive orders and policy decisions are null and void … so everything from the Iran deal to Obama Care must be re-negotiated … as for the charges of Trump sleeping with a women … how about the charges that Obama was sleeping with a man … or Hillary sleeping with a woman … so Gena … a man sleeping with a women is more morally detestable to you then a man sleeping with a man or a women sleeping with a women??? … if so … you are engaged in some morally evil perverted thinking and probably was invited to one of Obama’s pizza parties … and what did you order? … the cheese pizza or a hot dog??

            • Gina M Mancarella

              ***“all” his executive orders and policy decisions are null and void … so everything from the Iran deal to Obama Care must be re-negotiated ***

              GOOD LUCK WITH THAT …..

              • Gary K

                LOL. It’s not going to take luck. Obama is already being exposed. His henchmen are already going down, and he will too. His underlings will sing like birds to keep themselves out prison, and Obama and Billary are the ones they will be singing about.

                Oh what a day it will be to watch them perp walked for all their crimes.

          • William Stanley

            Mr. Hunter: Sherriff Joe Arpaio’s office had some of the best document authenticators in the world look at what Obama released as his birth certificate. The bottom line: the document is a forgery. That doesn’t prove Obama wasn’t an “American.” It only proves that we don’t know who he is.
            Here is the hour long press conference where they went though the proof that the document is a forgery. It’s very convincing. The burden of proof is now on those who think Obama is who he says he is.


        • Gina M Mancarella

          ****I cut the rest of this nasty comment.****
          You mean censored the rest of my comment
          Nasty ? How so ? Stormy Daniels said it clearly the same way.

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes Gina, and you know full well you have said some very nasty stuff to me and people on this site. I censored you but you are welcome to use your own capital and start you own and say all the foul nasty stuff you want there. . . Including offering people sex with your girl friend which you did and I did not post.

        • The WoMan From Auntie

          Don’t confuse Greg with Sid “Vicious” Bloomen’Onion’thole!

        • CH

          Obozo had all his records sealed by paying millions of dollars……….so much for really being “transparent.”

          Obozo also had a $65,000 “hot dog” party at the White House (look up the term “hot dog” the FBI has on their Pedophilia site. “Hot dog” is code for young boys.)

          Start reading the Podesta emails.

          Obama is a pedophile, a Muslim, a Marxist Communist as well as probably addicted to Coke.

          When I got off the bus in Chicago I came across many “Obamas” (pimps, drug dealers, low lifes).

          Obama’s father IS NOT Obama Senior – his mother got pregnant by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a card carrying Communist as well as into porn.

          Your “Obama” was a red diaper baby and a CIA Manchurian Candidate recruited to help take down America.


      • The WoMan From Auntie

        Here’s some real men fer ya!
        Scaramucci’s advice to Trump on Stormy Daniels

        Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci reacts to Stormy Daniels’ “60 Minutes” interview about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump and gets into a dust up with his fellow Italian American New York budmate.

    • Justn Observer

      Gina, Are you taking about Hillary’s admitted affair with Yoko Ono? Am a bit confused…guy ‘might have had’ an affair with a good looking woman =BAD? Closet Woman has affair with Yoko Ono= GOOD/ok?
      On a scale of justice put Accusation (even if true) about Daniels vs these to vids
      Trump wins and was by a country mile a better choice that Hillary !
      You and CODE PINK and ilk, all are prisoners of you own un-balanced minds!
      Shamefully attempting to do God’s work = passing judgement.
      And certainly ignoring the adage of Glass houses and stones… Which however – the stones might be found quite useful on those that stole $billions meant for the poor and needy – if you truly wish to ‘pass judgement’ on criminals!
      That a LGBT team cheerleader- Anderson Cooper relishes his part outing the Ms. Daniels is truly a rich touch coming to defend his friend Hillary.

    • JC Davis

      Just stormy weather it will pass. Never trust a person afraid of giving their real name.

    • Tommy

      After Bill Clinton I became convinced that no one running for national office is a moral, ethical person. People who seek political and/or economic power are amoral. So thanks to your boy Bill, we Americans learned that lesson and were instructed by the media to look at a person only on his “business” side, not his personal side. So now we vote for someone who we believe has the power to get results to solve the problems we are interested in. In general, I don’t even go through the motions of thinking about who to vote for as it has become an easy job. Just look at who is against who and the decision is easy. It was especially easy in ’16 as all the enemies of freedom (progs, libs, commies, MSM, Hollywood, academia, both party establishments) were completely freaked out by Trump and their continuing apoplexy only confirms my decision.

    • Paul ...

      Gina … while you worry about taking down Trump … we Americans are taking down Facebook and other “data collectors” for the NSA, CIA and China who want to take “human judgement out of their analysis” when targeting people (like you do) … William Binney who worked for the NSA for 30 years and encrypted code to protect all American’s Constitutional right to privacy quit in disgust after 9-11 when his programs were “turned upon the American people” … the neocons in charge now want to automate their drones to kill Americans “without due process” … and they are building quantum computers to make “assessments as to who is a terrorist” so that the quantum computer can then give an automatic order to a drone to “take out the threat” (just like that “Skynet Computer” in the Terminator movie) … so Gina you better be careful (along with all crypto currency buyers) not to use any encryption in your internet communications … because one of the first things the NSA computers look for (to spot a terrorist) is anyone using encrypted code on the internet …

    • Donald

      ” If Russia gate doesn’t get him surely Stormy gate will.”

      This one somehow seems out of place, just like Mueller’s investigation. Possibly the Stormy/Karen thing is purposeful fake news to demonstrate how clueless the media is along with all those that blindly believe everything they put out. Time will tell….

    • Jerry

      Post something meaningful . This mindless socialist pschobabal is getting tiresome . As far as Stormy Daniel? She’s a paid whore. That is unless in your twisted mind you think working in the porno industry is an honorable profession?

  25. Kent Crandall

    Another great interview with Dave Janda. Greg I love how you are able to synthesize many different sources for your worldview. I don’t see other journalists pulling this off. You can throw in Qanon, spiritual sources, previous interviews, and it all makes sense. Lots of White-Hat leakers and inside whistleblowers pushing info out right now – almost makes it seem like a coordinated effort. Qanon, Brendan Dilley’s unnamed source, Dauntless Dialogue’s (YouTube) anonymous source, Corey Snodgress, Kevin Shipp, Craig Sawyer – all kinda saying the same thing: big White-Hat military/intel junta behind Trump, taking down the Globalist scourge in bits and pieces, even while letting the Globalist Media drive the mainstream narrative. What a time to be alive!

  26. Robert Lykens

    Many have accused John Bolton of being a “neocon”, implying that he’s a warmonger who is foaming at the mouth to start wars. What does he really think? What has he said? John Bolton quotes:

    “Well, I’m a libertarian conservative, so I believe in limited government/maximum individual freedom.”

    “Diplomacy is not an end in itself if it does not advance U.S. interests.”

    “We should not have invaded Iraq in 2003. Instead, we should have finished the job in 1991 after ridding Kuwait of Iraqi aggressors. We were told then that Arab coalition members, especially Syria’s Assad dictatorship, would object to overthrowing Saddam. Perhaps they were seriously worried they were next. Too bad they weren’t.”

    “My philosophy is not a bean-counting, accounting ‘look at this.’ It is a philosophy that smaller government is better government, and government that is closer to the people is best of all.”

    “We have a very limited amount of time left before North Korea gains deliverable nuclear weapons. We’ve got to look at the very unattractive choice of using military force to deny them that capability.”

    “Just like Sept. 11, only with nuclear weapons this time, that’s the threat. I think that is the threat. I think it’s just facing reality. It’s not a happy reality, but it’s reality and if you don’t deal with it, it will become even more unpleasant.”

    “Individual liberty is the whole purpose of political life, and I thought it was threatened then [in 1964 becoming politically engaged at age 15] and I think it’s threatened now.”

    “What’s needed in this next campaign is to say, with clarity, why a pro-individual-liberty, small-government perspective is what most Americans really want.”

    “I’m against abortion as a form of birth control, and I basically hold to the Reagan position.”

    “I am not a professional politician.”

    “I am not a neoconservative.”

    “I am pro-American.”

    I think that John Bolton is not a “neocon”, but a truly conservative American patriot. Sometimes military action is the best option for America and if we don’t have people who are willing to pull the trigger in the face of a threat then we’re in big trouble.

    These quotes were copy-pasted from a number of different websites, so I didn’t include any links but copy-pasting a quote into any search engine will take you to a site proving that he said it.

    • Paul ...

      It is hard to put a kind face on someone who told Israel to do a preemptive strike on Iran … luckily “cooler more intelligent minds” rejected Bolton’s insane warmongering advice (however Trump can use this neocon “nut brain” to his advantage in the upcoming negotiations for a better deal with Iran!! …

      • Frederick

        Indeed Paul

    • This sceptred Isle

      “We should not have invaded Iraq in 2003. Instead, we should have finished the job in 1991 after ridding Kuwait of Iraqi aggressors. We were told then that Arab coalition members, especially Syria’s Assad dictatorship, would object to overthrowing Saddam. Perhaps they were seriously worried they were next. Too bad they weren’t.”

      Where do I start? Firstly, America has invaded or overthrown more governments than any other country, either directly or indirectly.

      “Just like Sept. 11, only with nuclear weapons this time, that’s the threat”
      Correct. Do I really need to spell out the dangers of removing Assad and allowing ISIS free range to take over the country? Note that Pakistan is a NUCLEAR country bordering Afghanistan. If ISIS takes over that country then the above threat that you identified might be realised.

      • Robert Lykens

        All of which says that John Bolton isn’t a “neocon”, whatever that means. The federalist dot com says that a “neocon” is simply someone who wants to go to war before someone else.
        If America didn’t have men who are willing to pull the trigger, we’d all be speaking Chinese or Russian by now.

        Bolton is also a great friend and supporter of Israel, which in my opinion is more important than anything else.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          You said…
          “All of which says that John Bolton isn’t a “neocon”, whatever that means.”

          … so let me get this straight…in the very same sentence, you state that Bolton is not a Neocon but also that you don’t know what the word means anyway…what extraordinary coherence…NOT!

          I would suggest that a large portion of WD knows exactly what a Neocon is [and does]. In your defence of this monster, you shout from the rooftops precisely what you are as well. Congratulations you are well and truly out of the closet now!

          No doubt your understudy G500 will soon pipe up on this subject too.

      • William Stanley

        TSI: It seems to me that you have overlooked the “Deep State” and
        “Shadow Government” as the true sources of the problems you decry. You also seem to have ignored some of Bolton’s statements that seem to indicate that he just might be a far bigger enemy of the Deep State and the Shadow Government than the man he replaces. While he worries me, Bolton seems like a net plus. There is plenty to doubt, but I’m giving Bolton the benefit of mine.

  27. Jim

    I think “Stormy” proceeded on bad advice. Almost felt sorry for her watching the interview. People at the restaurant this morning were unmoved by the whole thing and showed no emotion about it as they were running interview excerpts on the news. We did not elect a choir boy for this job of, “making America great again.” Sometimes a capable man shows us some flaws.

    • Paul ...

      Who was doing Stormy Daniels 12 years ago is as important as who was doing Miley Cyrus or Mad-dona 30 years ago or who was doing Mary Magdalene 2000 years ago … which didn’t make it into the Bible (when Constantine limited the scriptures to only 4 books) … but Trump a man of “peace” like Jesus … is instead made into a man of “piece” and put on the front pages of Satan’s MSM newspapers and TV shows … Satan (the jealous swine) not to be outdone … made sure he had his own TV Series (portraying him as the good guy) while Trump is made out to be a bad guy!!

    • Gold digger lawyer

      It appears if Stormy’s lawyers was in it for self promotion. He received a hell of a lot free advertising. Stormy has a Gold digging lawyer.

      • Frederick

        Aren’t all lawyers “ gold digging lawyers” ?

  28. Fred

    Hi Greg
    I was puzzling over the appointment of Bolton when I read the below article. Maybe 3D chess indeed! My head is spinning!
    If the Korean peace talks succeed, Bolton – as well as Trump – will own it. The War Party, which has been mobilizing both the right and the left against the initiative, will have a hard time answering the Trumpian comeback: even John Bolton supports this!

  29. Diane

    Sure are some mean little trolls on here again today.
    Good on you Greg, you’ve worried them with your awesome guests and facts!
    Love it!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      And these are only the mean little troll I approve. You should see what I cut.

      • Mike R

        You mean there are trolls even meaner than Gina ? Oh my.

        Personally I wouldn’t let any of hers through at all. Her obvious intent is ONLY to totally disrupt and upset people at this website.

  30. Robert Lykens

    “Bolton will be accused of being a neocon warmonger, but using that term doesn’t tell us much these days, as it has come to mean for many people “He wants to go to war before I do.” Bolton is uncompromising on national security and knows the value of brandishing a big stick precisely because it can prevent war.“

    “As to our enemies, may God have mercy on them, because Bolton will not.”

    • Frederick

      Bolton is a pansy He didn’t even serve in the military He’s a chicken hawk and a psychopath Maybe he could lead the assault on Russia

  31. Mike R

    PetroYuan launches…

    Atlas shrugs…

    PY no more than a weak fairy fart in a hurricane. meh.

  32. Tad

    A little more detail on the omnibus bill.

  33. The WoMan From Auntie

    Is Trump being true to himself?
    The lawsuit contains a copy of the NDA, featuring a blank line in the spot where Trump was supposed to sign, according to the suit.
    Daniels has argued that the NDA is null and void because Trump never signed it.
    The former adult-film star Stormy Daniels sued President Donald Trump, arguing that a “hush agreement” to conceal their alleged affair was invalid because he never signed it.
    That is was why the president never signed it. He never wanted to give it any validity.
    Just 12 days before the 2016 presidential election, Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels – whose real name is Stephanie Clifford – $130,000.
    The nondisclosure agreement used the aliases “David Dennison” and “DD” to refer to Trump, and “Peggy Peterson” or “PP” to refer to Daniels.
    It was widely understood at all times that all parties had to sign the agreement, otherwise it would be null and void.
    Trump purposely did not sign the agreement because he didn’t know about it, if he did know maybe he was being true to himself and disavowing any collusion with Storm in the Hush Agreement.

    The suit accuses Cohen of intimidating and coercing Daniels into signing a false statement in January 2018 that denied she had an affair with Trump and received hush money. Daniels had previously raised skepticism about the statement, telling late-night host Jimmy Kimmel in an interview that the signature on the statement “doesn’t look like my signature, does it?”
    The suit contains a copy of the nondisclosure agreement that shows a blank line where “DD” was supposed to sign.
    The NDA also includes a reference to “certain still images and/or text messages which were authored by or relate to DD,” raising the possibility that Daniels could potentially release photos or texts related to the alleged affair if the court voids the NDA.

    After Stormy Daniels’ interview on “60 Minutes,” her lawyer Michael Avenatti says there is more evidence coming on Daniels’ alleged affair with President Trump.

    The prof is in the pudding?
    Stormy Daniels’ lawyer: Affair evidence coming soon.
    At the 48-49 point you can see the ever so slight stumble/ stutter from Michael when reminded, that Stormy say’s to this day, she could identify that person and then the jab, “so what does that person look like”? He’s a good lawyer but no one is a perfect lier if human and thats where he stumbles! At the 1:41-42 part he’s asked, “what part did he lie of the $130,000? Cause he admitted he paid for that. Avenatti then goes on to say, “there’s no question the; and here it comes, when he say’s [$130.000-stumbles, raise’s left eyebrow] The man is clearly hiding something and goes on to claim he’s got all this evidence and when asked what does Storm want. He say’s she didn’t get the benefit of the bargain. What does that mean?
    Michael Avenatti is a race car driver, lawyer and what most don’t know, a political hack.

    Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Worked On Opposition Research For Rahm Emanuel & Joe Biden
    By Patrick Howley -Mar 13, 2018

    An opposition researcher who says he has all this evidence to prove the Daniel’s affair occurred and Trump’s a liar for having denied it. Yet the big night last night on 60 minutes, offered none of it. Yet claims he will hold it and the white house hostage and if the president doesn’t play ball they’ll be hell to play! What’s up with that? Does he think he will just hand uncle Joe the Trumpsters job in 2020, or even sooner?

    This guy’s asking for civil war. Thats why I challenge him to show his evidence now because I don’t think he has any and he keeps putting it off and trying to blackmail the white house.

    In two weeks if he doesn’t cough up some evidence they should run him outa the country.

    The market sored 669 points today, 3rd biggest move in history, because last night was a nothing burger. What a disappointment.
    You don’t oversell something like this then no BOMBSHELL? A big let down! Really thats it, maybe nothing more? What a dud. Sorry Gin.

  34. Robert Dziok

    This is a repost due to the technical difficulties. Fortunately, I had printed a copy so I can just retype what I offered with a few enhancements. Anyway, here it is .
    The Omnibus spending bill is NOT a formal Federal Budget bill. Thus, Trump has total control of its use/disbursement as did Obama by such Omnibus bill use and it not being a formal Federal Budget bill. Were it a formal Federal Budget bill Trump would have to adhere to its spending under the Constitution. “Appropriations” and “instructions” as to how the money will be spent are merely “suggestions” in an Omnibus bill. Obama used them for eight years and some (e.g. Jerome Corsi) think billions are still missing/unaccounted for from Obama’s use. So, like Obama, President Trump can do whatever he wants with it or even choose to not spend it.
    In addition, on Friday Trump had delivered to Paul Ryan of the House and President of the Senate a formal/legal/technical letter documenting and essentially stating he is taking control of the massive billions of federal Omnibus budget just approved. Additional justification for this is his 12/21/2017 Executive Order which stated a national security/national emergency thus allowing use of the military, tribunals, etc. In his recent post QANON makes known the border wall is FULLY funded. In it he states Red Castle, Green Castle. Red Castle is the logo for the Army Corps of Engineers and Green Castle for the branch in Indiana. The Omnibus bill provides nearly 700 billion for the military. That’s where Trump will get money for the border wall ( and tribunals ) under national security emergency allocation and the Corps of Engineers will build it. During the press conference Trump emphatically said border security is part of our national defense. Thank you Democrats/Socialists for fully funding the border wall! Democrats/Socialists think they’re going to get the funds in the Omnibus bill for their pet projects? That’s up to Trump when/if they get released. Want to drag their feet on approval of Trump appointees? Sanctuary cities ignoring assisting ICE in rounding up criminal illegal aliens? Then Trump can deny/hold up for as long as he wants release of those funds for their pet projects. Trump is a GENIUS playing on MULTIPLE levels to acccomplish his agenda to MAGA.

  35. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    PCR’s comment in the below link…”Among Western political leaders there is not an ounce of integrity or morality.”

    …I have to say this is not quite correct as NZ has emerged as one country with some degree of moral fiber. We have not [yet] joined in the moronic act of other Western countries in expelling Russian diplomats when there is not one shred of evidence to incriminate Russia in the Salisbury incident.

    To quote from PCR…

    “The quality of people in Western governments has collapsed to the very bottom of the barrel. The British actually have a person, Boris Johnson, as Foreign Secretary, who is so low-down that a former British ambassador has no compunction in calling him a categorical liar. The British lab Porton Down, contrary to Johnson’s claim, has not identified the agent associated with the attack on Skirpal as a Russian novichok agent. Note also that if the British lab is able to identify a novichok agent, it also has the capability of producing it, a capability that many countries have as the formulas were published years ago in a book.”

    Cheers from the Antipodes

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are good with shooting opposition candidates in the back and journalists in the head like what happens in Russia. I guess you are also good with the leader of China being stalled for life?? That’s a dictator isn’t it?? I know you are a communist/Marxist/ godless atheist, but you are fact resistant too. Please seek Christ my friend, and hey, your comments will get much better and more useful. I’d say the entire world needs some work. We are working on cleaning up America, and you should be working on cleaning up all the fraud I posted about New Zealand. Oh, and you really got to get on your New Zealand central bank that prints money out of thin air. What a bunch of socialist/communist crooks.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        The fraud you dredged up in regard to NZ is quite frankly the equivalent of pencil theft if compared to your empires astonishing level of corruption…incidentally the scale of which has never before been rivalled in global history.

        And I am “fact resistant” am I?…I would politely suggest that you check out some facts and quietly google “corruption in NZ”…you will find a wealth of information proving that it is the least corrupt nation on earth…period!

        Also if “facts” are suddenly so important shouldn’t the US have waited for some before they reacted to the Salisbury saga rather than on blatant Neoliberal UK hearsay?

        Have a nice Easter

        • Greg Hunter

          Christ has Risen and you to my friend. You got to stop that money printing by your central bank so you can show us all how to stop it.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Re your accusation of NZ being a bunch of “socialist/communist crooks”… you may care to reflect on some FACTS on this one too. I quote from the below link.

        “The fact of the matter is that government spending on old-age benefits and health care is so immense in the US (health care spending in the US is 4th highest in the world), that by no measure could the United States be deemed “not socialist” if we’re going to turn around the next minute and call Canada or even Norway “socialist.” Unless, of course, one takes the position that Norway’s 20-percent level of social spending is “socialist,” but the US’s 18-percent level is “free market.”

        “And if we’re measuring socialism by the sheer volume of wealth that is redistributed, the United States ranks second in the wealthy West. As I noted in “‘Social Expenditures’ In the US Are Higher Than All Other OECD Countries, Except France,” when we look at the sheer volume of wealth redistribution that results from cash transfers, regulations, and manipulation of the tax code, government expenditures on social programs are enormous in the United States. But even if we look at straight cash transfers, the United States spends more on redistribution of wealth (as a percentage of GDP) than Australia, Canada, and Iceland — three countries that have rarely been called excessively capitalist. Moreover, the US is close behind both New Zealand and Norway.”

        From the antipodes

        • Greg Hunter

          So you don’t like it when I trash your country??

  36. Tad Pole

    ||||||||||||SPOOKY ?
    Check out Storm’s dilated pupils, somethings not right. Look at Anderson’s. Those are bright lights for the cameras. Whats the deal? Is it a permanent medical condition? Not from pictures. The only thing most people have to judge character in a first meeting is a firm handshake and the eye’s. Very limited. Was she given something to look innocent, to effect the conversation?

    Only Anderson Cooper knows for sure, or can we be sure?

    Once a made man always a made man, dead or alive

    Once a spook always a spook, DEAD OR ALIVE!


    • sk

      Tad – those huge pupils are due to sympathetic nerves to the pupil being highly active. This happens when people are nervous, tense, worried, uptight, etc etc.

  37. Cranston Devereaux
    Monica Crowley: What happened to me was a political hit job
    The cannery in the coal mine below the swamp?

  38. Tad

    One can argue about the national security implications of expelling 60 Russian diplomats or “spies.” The above article explains how China is infiltrating our universities with student spies.

    As in the Skripal case, if no evidence is found or presented publicly, wouldn’t it be wise to deport the suspects or even suspected evildoers, as an investigation for its own sake is not stopping intelligence gather conducted online by Chinese hackers.

    Does Mr. Trump, like the Bush family, have a different level of tolerance with China, as opposed to Russia?

    The university spy investigation has been ongoing at least since about 2007, when a reports surfaced of similar activity was occurring at the University of Washington, Seattle.

    • Greg Hunter

      Russia should be expelled for committing espionage, bribery, extortion and fraud against the Obama Administration to gain control of our uranium. They deserve to be kicked out for that and their assets in Uranium One be confiscated because it was obtained by fraud. There IS evidence for that and that is enough. Too bad we had traitors on the US side that allowed that crime against “We the People.”

      • Tad

        I’m not disagreeing with you. As far as the Russians are concerned, they probably thought of it as questionable, but the Deep State was so willing. Or Hillary and Obummer were.

        It’s such a strategic mineral, its difficult to conceive it ever being exported–even to friendlies. As it is, I don’t believe the US has mined it heavily until Mr. Trump became president. As much as we associate it with missiles and nuclear power plants, I’d like to think its rightful place is in diagnostic imaging and radiation. therapy.

        • Tad

          In all fairness, Russia will expel our spies and NGOs in Moscow and elsewhere within the federation.

          Unfortunately, all’s fair in love and war. Hopefully, we won’t experience an abbreviated WWIII.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t care why they did it. They did it, and espionage and fraud can be seen as a prelude to war. I am sick and tired of hearing how the Russians and Putin are so “good and noble.” They are neither. They too have dirty hands. Might I remind you, this is, Not Russia, oh, what was I thinking? That could never exist inside of Russia. I would just have to commit suicide with two shots to the head.

          • Tad

            Let’s prosecute the implicated Russians for involvement. Agreed. However, with the current diplomatic spat and subsequent expulsion of 60 foreign ministry members, you can imagine the level of cooperation.

            Diplomat immunity might mean never having to say your guilty or to testify in US court. I’m not sure of that process.

            We might be deporting Uranium One witnesses. Hillary and Obama must be loving this.

  39. Jerry

    As I have been documenting for the past few years America has been sold out. Or should I say sold toChina?

    Here we are a year later with a petro yuan. Is there any doubt that the Saudis will flip once the Chinese purchase oil with gold from them? Watch ARAMCO. Word is China is close to a deal. If that happens the petrodollar will die a quick death. Watching DT trying to negotiate a deal with them is interesting. But even he has his limitations.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Jerry, China is worried, somebody in the U.S. Government (aka Trump) took their head out of the sand and saw the great panda putting it too the U.S. with a long bamboo stick!; finally!

  40. brvalentine

    The citizenry, whether in the US or anywhere else in the world for that matter, have ZERO representation. It has Always been the Haves vs. The Have Not’s. And, remains to this very day!

  41. brvalentine

    DC/Wall St./Hollywood/Corp. Board Rooms – Bingo! – However, much work required before Rule of Law is reinstated. Lots of work to be done! – It’s going to be a Process as opposed to an Event. – Fantastic Interview.

  42. Fred

    Maybe my analogy with the movie “Being There” with Peter Sellers is a little vague and dated. I meant no insult, in fact quite the opposite. He is an enigma. See the ending of the movie.

  43. Use the military to built the Wall


    President Trump can use the US Army corps of engineers to built the wall.


    He can use the US Military to sort out sanctuary cities. The military can help both ICE and the police to male cities safe again. California and chicaho comes to mind. The miltary needs to sort out judges and other government officials whom protect illegal aliens and criminals.

    The military is well funded, plus the aim of the military is ti protect the USS.

  44. Walls in Israel

    Israel is building a new wall on it’s Southern Border, and a below ground wall around Gaza. Democrats oppose the wall on the Mexican border, but not a word from the Fake News Mainstream Networks about the walls in Israel. Many Democrats and media owners are dual Israel / USA citizens.

    • Frederick

      Yes correct but that’s Israel not the US Different rules apply and everyone knows it

      • Greg Hunter

        At least they have an elected government and not a dictator for life.

        • Anthony Australia

          Greg it’s rigged there too.

          • This sceptred Isle

            yep, Netanyahu had a ‘shock’ election victory there last time.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Israel needs to build a wall between Gaza and their present border, better than than in my mind would be drive them to the sea and let them swim up to Syria and live with their brother in terror.

      • This sceptred Isle

        So it is ok if we come round to your house to live and put you in the garage then?

        • Frederick

          TSI These people who call the Palestinians terrorists for defending their own property are not reachable with facts and reason They’re minds are made up and that’s why they are so dangerous

          • Greg Hunter

            they are not “defending their own property.” they are walking you to Jews and stabbing them and then collecting a reward. Didn’t Turkey shoot down a Russian Jet a few years ago?

            • Occasnltrvlr

              Joel Skousen has an excellent and quite plausible theory about the event you mention.

              The incursion, if it did indeed happen, was very minor. The shoot-down happened after the jet was outside of Turkey. Turkey would not have pulled the trigger on the Russians without approval from the Pentagon.

              Hence, the purpose was to cause the Russians to begin using all of their modern electronic countermeasures, so the electronic signatures could be recorded.

              I know that isn’t related to your point, but I thought it was a very interesting theory.

              • Greg Hunter

                “Russians without approval from the Pentagon.” “OCC” You are he does not know this. Is the Pentagon approving Turkey firing on Kurds and our own forces (advisors)?

                • Occasnltrvlr

                  The Kurds (and the embedded, American invaders) are a far cry from being the Russians.

  45. Paul from Indiana

    Friends, just a reminder. It was LBJ in a fit of pique who slammed his fist on the desk and said regarding JFK, “Dammit, I’ve had more women by ACCIDENT than he’s had on PURPOSE!” FDR and Eisenhower and MLK, Jr. were known to have had mistresses. It is an open joke among men: what good is power if it doesn’t bring money and sex? The Stormy Daniels mess is just an attempt by the Left to discredit and weaken Trump. It’s all they have, since the bottom is falling out of the collusion witchhunt. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      It’s better to love babes … then to kill babies … that is the difference between men and Demons!!

  46. Justn Observer

    Greg, Harmon Wilfred in this interview tags AIG Michael Horowitz doing the Trump collusion document wind up as a ‘known and proven’ Clinton ‘fixer’ that has done the same type things other’s in FBI have and are doing to cover-up past things? @57:00

  47. Justn Observer


  48. Greg Hunter

    Same answer as I gave Tad: Russia should be expelled for committing espionage, bribery, extortion and fraud against the Obama Administration to gain control of our uranium. They deserve to be kicked out for that and their assets in Uranium One be confiscated because it was obtained by fraud. There IS evidence for that and that is enough. Too bad we had traitors on the US side that allowed that crime against “We the People.”

  49. JC Davis

    Greg until the Electric grid is secured from EMP I will never be convinced the money is being spent wisely. This is the most important thing in America. 2 billion is a small price to pay to know a emp will not shut down all of America outside of military. The second amendment means nothing in a grid down situation.

    • Mohammad

      They are securing the grid by spraying Aluminum in atmosphere…creating Faraday huge box, look in the sky and see how busy they are, they must be expecting something imminent.


      • JC Davis

        My luck they don’t spray me the day of a gamma blast
        oxymoron no doubt.

  50. Robert Lykens

    Dilbert nukes “global warming”


  51. brvalentine

  52. Mohammad


    I have been noticing for a fair period of time that any carnage in the market is preceded by a strange sudden build up in oil reserves that drops oil first .
    So playing oil is playing market, up or down, you can go back for the two charts and see this weird tango between the two.
    Whoever is doing the market up or down is doing through oil.


  53. Mohammad

    Not before your link, thanks.
    But for people who have been on this forum for years they know i maintained through out those years that Syria is the deciding factor of the whole world, notice Diane that it is the only geographic area where all the powers of the world are slamming the brakes there and stalling.


    • Mohammad

      This a reply to Diane’s post

  54. Paul Anthony

    This interview is awesome. Just fantastic!

  55. jennifer

    Hello Greg,

    Good interview. Very informative. Dr. Janda ties up a lot of loose ends.
    On another point, today, right now we are seeing yet another attempt by the left to influence sponsors to boycott yet another conservative voice, this time Laura Ingraham, on Fox News.
    I would like to make a suggestion to you…if at any time you want to organize or solicit your vast viewership to petition or demonstrate in D.C. FOR the right to free speech, then count me in. To demonstrate that every conservative message has a right NOT to be silenced, as well, otherwise WE WILL EXERCISE OUT BOYCOTTING RIGHTS TO BOYCOTT THOSE SPONSORS WHO DO NOT RESPECT THIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! Who wants to do business with those who do not respect this right being applied to ALL! And they have the gall to think that a big chunk of the country who they insult like this will continue to do business with them? Lets make a fuss. Let’s demonstrate. Let’s start a movement! Enough is enough. I’m in. You have my email.
    DO you think we can organize this as efficiently as the dumbed down students who instantly appear everywhere that they are summoned, at the drop of a hat?
    All the best,
    Jennifer Ohman

    • Greg Hunter

      I hear that Dicks and Field and Stream are both suddenly having some financial trouble.

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