Silent Coup Beginning to Overtake America Now-Larry Nichols

1aBy Greg Hunter’s 

Former Clinton insider Larry Nichols has worked with, and now against, the Clintons. Nichols has some of the top political and financial connections on the planet.  Nichols hopes the public is finally realizing the enormous power struggle going on.  Nichols explains, “There is no two-party system in the United States of America.  Let’s get that straight.  There is no two-party system, there is one.  Part of it is a red team and part of it is a blue team.   You think you have a choice, but as you know you only have a choice between the two they give you to vote for, but here comes Trump.  Trump doesn’t need their money . . . he will bust up the system, and he will not only bust up the system for the Republican Party, but he will bust up the system (for both parties).  So, there are many establishment Republicans that have said they would rather vote for Hillary than Trump. . . . They must maintain status quo of the system for these power elite people to stay where they want to be.”

Nichols goes on to say, “We are at the beginning of a velvet or silent coup. It’s been going on for years.  There’s been a slow subtle takeover of our form of government, starting years and years ago, but it is coming to an end.  That’s why there is this power play now.  It’s more aggressive than you have seen before.  If we don’t stop Hillary, it’s over.  Is Trump the answer to all of our problems?  I don’t know.  Here’s what I do know about Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is not in the system.  How do I know that?  As hard as they are working to keep him out is a pretty good recommendation for me.  He’s not one of them.  He might be a good president.  When you mention Hillary or the establishment, there is no ‘might.’  With them, we would get what we have been getting but only worse.  There is not a ‘might’ there.”

Nichols says the good news might come in the general election in November. Nichols explains, “The American voters’ vote counts in the general election.  Remember that.  The play in the system has always been to trick it in the primaries and get both people that are the same but different colors.  The general election has always been set up where people do get to vote, and they will get to pick the lessor of two evils.  This time, it’s different.  This time, the American voters can make a difference if Trump can stay in and actually get the nomination.”

On the teetering financial system, Nichols says, “One of the five major banks has way too much of that $72 billion Puerto Rican debt. It might not sink them, but it may cause a problem.  If one of the major banks took a hit like that. . . . The FDIC just said it does not have enough liquidity if two major banks went into default.  If one of the major banks falls or if one major bank was getting ready to take a nose dive, people would run on all the banks wouldn’t they?  If everybody tried to cash their money out of the banks at one time, they would get about 6 cents on the dollar.  You think you got a $100,000 protected in the bank—you don’t.”

Nichols, who is currently undergoing treatments for lung cancer, also says, “I believe President Obama doesn’t really want to leave. Now, how could he stay?  It only takes a crisis.  If a national crisis is declared . . . FEMA comes in.  Most people don’t even know about the FEMA provisional plan.  In case a meteor hits America and we go into a national crisis, FEMA has already got a plan in place ready to go where they will set up a provisional government.  So, if the banks were to start collapsing, guess what Obama would do?

He’d go to Congress and get them to vote and boom, in comes the provisional FEMA government, which makes the president . . . king.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Clinton insider Larry Nichols.

(There is much, much more in the extensive video interview.)

After the Interview:

You can follow Larry on his Facebook page. He also has a radio show he uploads on YouTube.  It’s called Larry Nichols Live


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    • Greg Hunter

      EU the brain child of the USA. This is a compelling piece of work by Dr. PCR.

      • al hall




        • Greg Hunter

          You have been correct.

          • Thomas

            You have great guests on your show but Larry’s repeated comments about “black” Obama was very unnecessary and racist! I would love to have a black president if it was Ben Carson or Allen West! I judge by character not skin color! NOT a fan of Larry!

            • Greg Hunter

              He told me he does this for a reason and that is how he fights the PC culture. It may be racist but it’s his Constitutional right. That is the point he told me he was making by doing this. If Nichols was calling Trump a cracker, you’d probably be OK with it. Right?


              • Thomas

                I totally get fighting the PC culture and I’m with anyone on that but skin color does not matter when it comes to character. Obama is incompetent because he’s incompetent and has nothing to do with his skin color. When people on the left hear someone like that it validates their opinion that all people on the right are racist. I’m not against hindering free speech but in a professional setting where he’s giving an interview, that kind of talk is unnecessary. I would be against anyone calling Trump a cracker even though I am not his biggest fan. That being said, I enjoy your show Greg and keep it coming. Thanks for the reply! 🙂

                • Greg Hunter

                  Yes Thomas, you are free to say what you want but you are not free to stop someone else from saying things you disagree with. The 1st Amendment protects the speech you hate not the speech you love. My boss sent me to KKK march back in the day because I was asked to go cover a KKK march. I told my boss I did not want to go because “I did not agree with anything the KKK stood for.” As soon as those words left my mouth, my boss (News Director) said “Now you are absolutely going to go and cover this march because you need a lesson in the 1st Amendment.” Boy did I get one, and I will never forget it. It is not about what is said but your right to say it. The 1st Amendment protects you from the government deciding what is appropriate and what is not. Thank you for your support and your comments.

            • The Show

              its not racist… please learn to use the term correctly. Its simply derogatory.

        • Craig Bradley


          The U.S. Secret Service is charged with investigating ALL reported threats against the President, no matter how off-the-wall they may be. Can’t take ANY Chances. So, its a pretty good bet they already know about your information, in detail. If not, they can call you for an explanation.

          • al

            Craig – yes they could do this- but the S.S. would be told to stand down – let it happen . Anyone gets in the way and is trying to be a hero to save Trump- Oh! sorry your dead too!!
            Like Larry told Greg in the interview– “who would you tell important info to save someone or stop something from happening??” Most of the people are already bought and paid for.
            One of my sources told me once- “If they can killed Pres. JFK- I’d be an easy kill.”

            Dr. Steve Pieczenik- has told the world- Trump is the only one that “may be” able to save the USA from Obama’s destruction. If you don’t know this man- google him- a real American hero!!!


        • Frances Workman

          Where is Larry Nichols now? Go to to find out.

      • M Orlando

        Thank you Greg, for the interview with Larry Nichols. From the network of people I have been dealing with Donald Trump will be the US Presidential Pick. I have democratic friends who are diverting their vote to Bernie during the primaries, only to throw away their vote against Hilary. With the promise to vote for Trump in the final.
        Also, I disagree that Cruz will steal the vote away from Trump, if he chooses to go third party. Reason being, Cruz is way to conservative,. What makes Trump so likable to both parties is that he is truly a moderate.

    • Mike Kennedy

      Love your show. Just have a question. The fact that you have a gold sponsor, as Larry mentioned, does that in any way represent a conflict of interest. You push gold and silver regularly.

      • Greg Hunter

        If you can afford it you should have both metals. I don’t sell PM’s, I sell advertising. That said, I would not allow it on the site if I did not believe it is real money. My sponsor (Discount Gold and Silver Trading) is totally honest and it took me more than a year and a half to find them. I turned down many others, and there were MANY others that want to sponsor the site. PM’s should be a part of a financial survival strategy. Other than food and water, land, art gems, and clear title to you home and vehicles what other long term investment is there that also functions as money? So, no, it is not a conflict of interest, and I have nothing else to disclose.

        • Barb

          Greg, great interview. I’ve been telling my family/friends that if she wins on Nov. 4th then I will be tuning out of politics forEVER. I’ll go back to watching Gunsmoke and Bonanza and live out the rest of my natural days in ignorant bliss, as I just won’t be able to look at her lying face in my living room. On another matter…I understand that if/when the SHTF we should own our homes, but I don’t understand why we should have clear title to our vehicles? I have a loan on one car and since the interest was so cheap with no money down, seemed wise to get the loan and use ‘their’ money instead of pulling $25K to pay it off. What’s the benefit of having the cars paid off?

        • JC Davis

          Clear conviction of conscience.

        • Mike Kennedy

          Thanks for getting back to me. As I said, I love your show. Keep up the good work.

    • tj


      Sat Jun 04 2016 18:03:18 ET

      Posted directly outside President Clinton’s Oval Office, Former Secret
      Service officer Gary Byrne reveals what he observed of Hillary Clinton’s
      character and the culture inside the White House while protecting the
      First Family.
      Coming in 3 weeks his tell-all book: ‘CRISIS OF CHARACTER!’
      The secret project is causing deep concern inside of Clinton’s campaign, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.
      Specific details of the agent’s confessional are being held under tight embargo.
      “What I saw in the 1990s sickend me,” Byrne explains. “I want you to hear my story.”
      ‘CHARACTER’ is set for release June 28. [It ranked #60,436 on AMAZON’s bestsellers list late Saturday.]
      UPDATE: The book jumped to #1 after the DRUDGE exclusive.

  1. Tom

    Trump Names Former Goldman Partner, Soros Money Manager As Finance Chairman

    Read more:

    • Paul ...

      Trump needs to explain this to us!!!

      • Galaxy 500

        He worked for Sorros, he isn’t owned by Sorros. If I was held responsible for the people that were the owners of every business I worked for, I’d be in trouble.
        Trump hires people by ability

      • Call me crazy

        No politician in the last hundred years has ever been honest when running for president , why would you think Trump is any different?
        Maybe Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura or some other person that is not a member of the gang.

        • Fred

          “No politician in the last hundred years has ever been honest when running for president , why would you think Trump is any different?”

          Right, genius… and TRUMP is not a member of the gang either!! Duh?? You just answered your own question!!

      • Johnny Yuma

        Nothing to explain, he’s got the best guy for the job, their wont be any Goldman shenanigans, he’s working for Trump, thus working for us now, we the sheeple!

      • susan

        No, he doesn’t! He picks the best man for whatever the job is. Their politics and policies do not enter into their job. If they do their job well that is all that matters. He’s a peon in Trump’s organization.

      • rosie sande

        That is a great idea. He already knows the inside of the fed.

    • JeanniB

      Donald Trump is a VERY smart man. As we are aware, he certainly is also of the oppositions claim they’re going to ‘infiltrate’ his campaign. As the old saying goes…keep your friends at arms length and your enemies closer. The infiltrators may think they’re pulling one over Trump but I believe he’s going to be pulling one over them!!

    • RichM

      Sun-tzu: The Art of War: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

      • RichM

        Sun-tzu wrote The Art of War…. Donald Trump wrote The Art of the Deal… Interesting.

        That primary election was nothing short of a war and Trump played it brilliantly in many ways. I almost think that just about everything he said and did was intentional to rattle his opponents and throw them off guard. He reminds me a bit of William Wallace where the nobles are much like the political establishment elites are now. Yet Trump knows what the people want and need and is all about country and patriotism…. much less about government.

        • RichM

          Oh and Trump is about Capitalism too… which is so much what we need in a leader.

  2. David S

    looking forward to this!

    • 8Ball

      I hope that you are correct!

      Trumps is now swimming with the big sharks and he is no stranger in these waters but he has to be careful…

  3. Dan

    Sorry Greg. This interview was a complete TRAINWRECK. The guy was all over the place and void of any semblance of coherency.

    Lots of hearsay about everything, but extremely lacking in facts. If he really has dirt on Hillary, then why not lay it out for us to see? I have trouble reasoning why the heck he would say he’s got lots of dirt on her but says nothing, risking to be “taken care” of *before* getting his message out. That makes no sense at all and is a bit looney to say the least. Maybe his intentions were honorable, but his delivery was catastrophic.

    Already looking forward to a more sound and legitimate guest.

    Sorry to be so harsh and we do appreciate the diversity of people you bring in as guests, but us WatchDoggers have set a much higher bar for quality of guests.

    • JMiller


      You are correct. I know for a fact that several things this man said that he is clearly wrong about.

      • Greg Hunter

        J Miller,
        Really, give me one or two. Don’t give me War and Peace either.

        • JMiller

          Sure Greg.

          Mr. Nichols states at the 33:27 mark that during the Savings and Loan crisis that at best the most depositors got 2 cents on the dollar. He is very wrong. Insured depositors did not loss one penny and from what I read from several articles from the late 1980’s most of the uninsured depositors were made whole too. However the FSLIC insurance fund did not have enough to pay all of the depositors so there was a taxpayer bailout of the FSLIC insurance fund. I believe that the same thing will happen with the FDIC, if needed.

          At the 47:48 mark he mistakenly says that in Greece today you can only take out $67 a week out of your account. Of course this is not true. One can withdraw up to 60 euros a day.

          • Hilde

            He probably meant to say 67 usd a day. That is about 60 euro. More correctly it’s 68,43 usd.
            Still not a lot of money to be allowed to withdraw each day, do you think?

            • JMiller


              Yes, I had thought the same thing. That he may have meant to say 67 USD a day but then again he may really did mean 67 USD a week since he repeated it twice. He may have misread or misheard what the Greece withdrawal limits were and actually thought it was 67 USD a week. It is hard to say.

              And I agree that 67 USD a day is not a lot of money to be allowed to withdraw for most families.


        Oh quit being a HATER DAN

      • SRV

        Nichols was “inside” the Clinton Machine in Arkansas. He confronted Clinton about the corruption he discovered and let him know he was going public if he didn’t come clean.

        He went public but from the minute he did HE became the target for the media (Clinton made sure to include his friends in high places got in on the gravy train, and media was a priority.

        Here’s a mid 90’s documentary on the Arkansas issues before he became the incoherent mess he is today (after decades of Clinton Machine hits)…

    • Mike M

      ABSOLUTELY AGREE THIS POST! References to Queers and pink Berets were also quite offensive. Greg, you usually do much better than this! I’m really disappointed.

      • Greg Hunter

        I put people on, and they talk. He’s off color, I agree, but I wan not going to spike the interview over that. The rest of the information was too important.

        • Scott

          Keep on keepin’ on, Greg!

          Is this guest controversial? Sure. Rough around the edges? Maybe, maybe not, depends on who we ask.

          But please don’t let the easily offended dissuade you from doing what you do, or bringing on the guests you do.

          NOWHERE ELSE in the media would the majority of guests you invite on to USAWD be allowed to speak their mind in full. NOWHERE.

          USAWD is among the very last bastions of legitimate journalism in this country. Viewers who find the guests ideas, beliefs, and/or choice of words “offensive” need to toughen up and get a thicker skin.

          • susan

            Scott, you are so right – so good! If you want the truth and the reality of the world, this is the place to be.

        • Tracy Welborn

          I’m so tired of people being offended. We can’t all be virtuous little snow flakes. My uncles who fought in World War II were a lot like Larry – off color, patriotic and tough as hell. This culture of “offended” will never make it.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you, I agree.

      • Faith

        Mike M: I didn’t hear that in the interview (but I was multitasking). Anyhow, it is true! The pentagon allows Transsexuals to come to work in the clothing of their choice. If that doesn’t offend you I don’t know what to say. Our government has had a silent coup and the communists have infiltrated every part of our government, our schools, and has been working full time to dumb down the population as much as possible.

        I was at the VA this week and there was a little sign on the desk for a transsexual support group. Great. So that means when I use the restroom at the VA hospital who knows what is going to be in the stall next to mine! Lots of things in the US offend me. Is Mr. Nichols offensive? No. Hardly.

        • paul ...

          The intelligent people of North Carolina passed a law recently which requires “transgender people” to use public bathrooms that conform to the sex on their birth certificate … this has been broadly condemned by gay-rights groups and “out of the closet” entertainers in Hollywood … several other States have now taken the North Carolina lead and proposed similar laws limiting lesbian, gay, bisexuals, child molesting perverts (and other brain damaged people with a deficit of morality and conscience) from imposing their “deviated sexuality” on normal human beings … the gay, lesbian, bisexual, perverted child molesters holding positions in Government Justice Department jobs should back off or be fired for going after States who have a “legal right to make their own laws” regarding decency! …

          • paul ...

            I wouldn’t be surprised if vaccines are the cause transgenderism (by destroying parts of the human brain) the way vaccines destroy the brains of many children giving them autism!!

      • gregd

        Mike M,
        So you have been brainwashed into the politically correct mindset. Wonderful. Sorry he got your panties all bunched up for you. If I could , I’d pass you a hanky. As I now know that you’re feeling were hurt.
        I for one like it when someone speaks his or her mind. You know, like they did for thousands of years before this PC world you like so much. And guess what? They all survived.

      • Russ McMeans

        Mr. Nichols is from a different generation. You are looking through your modern PC correct lenses. These old ex military guys are from a different era. When the crome was thick and women were straight. I think it’s cool. Get it?

        • frederick

          Russ thats a Michael Savage quote

      • Tony

        Personally, I’ve had it with the so-called transgender thing. If a person is born queer I say let them live in peace. But this cross dressing stuff is a psychological issue. Before the docs got scared off only 15 years ago, it was listed as a mental disorder. Now Obama wants them to pick any restroom they want. Yeah, that sounds real safe. Let’s not make excuses for weird, deranged people.

    • diane s.

      I agree Dan…turned it off after a few minuets.

      • aussie jeff

        Greg appreciate everything you do and realise we can’t always have top notch guests,but this gentleman did nothing to promote your site as a credible alternate media channel.
        Having said that,i do sincerely hope he is able to overcome his illness.

        • Greg Hunter

          Nichols offers a perspective that that only an insider with connections can give. I knew I was taking a risk, but I thought and still think, it was something people needed to hear. Thank you for your feedback and support.

          • Joyce

            Thank you for your informative site.
            Yes, if anyone knows the background
            on Bill and Hillary Clinton; I believe firmly that Bill Clinton would not have
            been elected President in 1992.

            In 1993. local residents in Northern Virginia were shocked by the Vince Foster death in Fort Marcy Park—-a park that many of us hiked in from time to time.

            That year , we in the Virginia were regaled with the Clinton real , not fictional stories .

            Larry Nichols was a Clinton ‘insider’.
            I pray that he will survive long enough
            to finish his comments about Hillary Clinton—-who not capable of being
            the President of the USA.

            Joyce S.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you Joyce.

          • susan

            Greg, this was a reality check! Here is a man that is giving the last of his life to help his country. And all of these people are so denigrated by his comments. Give me a break! He is giving his all to help this country and people are whining and complaining. This interview was one of your absolute best and I certainly hope people will back up and regroup to understand what is going on. Their lives will never be the same and all they care about are flimsy little “offensive” comments. Is anyone listening? All I could do after listening to this was sit and cry. It’s all over folks if we don’t get on board and go with Donald Trump! Even Sanders is better than all the rest. Please go back and listen again!

          • bob

            Greg, Thank you for bringing Nichols on, the sad truth is, these people are far worse than we can imagine. The amount of information Nichols has to offer in a short interview would cause someone to be all over the place, especially with his illness. I with him well! thanks again.

          • Russ McMeans

            Greg; I think this interview was excellent. I have a lot of respect for anyone that knew the Clintons and speaks up. They all have a target on their backs, you know.
            Greg Hunter gets better interviews than Bill O’Reily. Sorry Bill.

    • brian

      yeah, I always get annoyed when some guy admits he is holding out on us, even while he is claiming to be giving us some insider perspective. I mean, going by what he was careful not to actually say about Hillary but bent over backwards to imply about her, he would be dead ten times over already if he indeed had any dirt on her….and more importantly that dirt he has would have been thoroughly demolished in the process.

      What is he waiting for, why not just dump the dirt out now?

      Nah, I think a fair number of the audience members here know just about as much, if not more than this Mr. Nichols guy. The fact that a lions share of this guys credibility comes from him working for the Clintons makes him a repentant criminal at best…not exactly somebody I would be inclined to trust.

      • RTW

        You are correct. If these insiders have learned one thing, or should have learned… divulge what you know immediately. If you are a credible threat and only imply that you have damaging material, you could wind up having a fatal heart attack or drive your car into a tree early one morning. Their only chance for avoiding an “accident” is to get the information out there, thus putting he subject on the defense, rather than offense.

    • wondrouscat

      Being in possession of dirt on somebody is very useful while in your possession – once out not so much.

  4. Donna

    , “I believe President Obama doesn’t really want to leave. Now, how could he stay? It only takes a crisis. If a national crisis is declared . -There is a lot of debate weather O will leave. Ryan’s comments not supporting Trump were telling.Ryan wants to continue the overthrow of the USA with TTP .Trump would eradicate TTP and those cashing in on pushing TTP through.Stakes are indeed high.

    • Galaxy 500

      While almost anything is possible, a so called Martial Law event would foment armed insurrection and revolution. Doesn’t mean that they won’t try but they have underestimated and misunderstood the people many times during the 0bamachrist Islaminstration.
      It would be fitting for Satan’s instrument here to cause the cleansing fire that destroys him and his moslem hoard.

      • WD


        When and if that day comes, it means there is no money none. Without money nothing works not even govt do you think that these soldiers are just going to guard us and get paid nothing to do it.

        It will be the end…govt is not coming to save you or take you.

      • brian

        seriously dude?

        • WD

          Yes very serious!!

    • Scott

      I appreciate hearing what he has to say, regardless of whether or not I agree with his viewpoint.

      Since when did Americans become so frightened of words, ideas, and beliefs – even those we disagree with? People need to GROW UP.

      You made a good call bringing this gentleman on, Greg. Stay true to your values – it’s why we’re all here…

  5. Mike from the North

    and there you have it.

    So now we know who is in charge.

    Crazy corrupted world we live in.

  6. Paul

    Just seems like changing the criminal control of the government is like trying to defeat ISIS by throwing eggs on them. It just doesn’t work. A sad situation for America.

  7. km

    Trump is no different! They control both sides, if this thing was real, he would have been taken out long ago! It’s just nice entertainment for the desperate!! Meanwhile behind this clown show, looks a lot like the military is positioning for global conflict. Gee, you think the billionaire playboy is going to stop that? This election cycle just might be the biggest scam of them all. When the elites let you have something, they expect obedience, if not, you go out feet first. JFK wanted to break they cycle towards the end, and it literally was his end!! The globalists won’t allow a turn around, they are too close to their one world government now, and eventually to usher in their messiah!

    • Galaxy 500

      If in fact, what you say is even close to true, they would be an all out attack from both RINOs and Demoncrats. If it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t care who got it.

      • Galaxy 500

        Should have been would not attack Trump if he is one of them.

    • asmith

      Quit trotting out the JFK meme. He was no savior. He just pissed a lot of powerful people off. So did Bobby. If you want to search for a conspiracy, research JFK Jr.

      As to the guest, maybe he came out of left field, maybe he didn’t. The Clintons/Bushes/Trump/put your fave politician there/ they are all figureheads. And don’t look to the east – they have a corrupt leadership class and central banks too.

      • Greg Hunter

        Maybe he was right to “piss off powerful people.” Maybe it was in our fravor for him to stand up to them? What do I mean? It was this speech that probably got him killed:


        • Kay Davis

          Have you listen to JFK’s speach at The American University? I thought that might have caused his death.

        • asmith

          Hey, I’m Irish Catholic, educated by Jesuits and I know bullshit when I see it and I live a few miles from Kent State – May 4th and all. Yes I know about that speech. JFK was put out to dry because he butted heads with the Dulles bros. Not because he was good, or antiwar, or a stopper of Vietnam aggression – they were equal in power and a recognizing was due.

          My personal opinion is that he was just a bit less crazy than the joint chiefs who thought a thermonuclear war was a good idea, esp. since they didn’t have to approve it if anyone survived. I can’t find the Gore Vidal link that says (in GV’s opinion JFK was a very sick mid 40 yo who didn’t care about thermonuclear war).

          FWIW, I think Nixon would have done the same.

          So why didn’t the nukes fly in ’62/’63? I don’t know? Fear? Responsibility ???

          And as I end this (JFK against the world) look into Jr’s demise…

        • Tammy

          I am so glad you posted that video. Wow. What an amazing speech. Still relevant today.

  8. Ray Jones

    ive been calling him god/king/emporer omuzloid the first for a long time….but what you did not say in you peice is that omuzloid can declare martial law over international problems and the congress cant reveiw it for six months… and i both know what the god/king would over those six months dont you………………..

    • 8Ball

      Sadly, I agree… Trump will continue to sell out America despite all of the talk about “making it great” again. Tell people what they want to hear and they will follow you to hell.

      • 8Ball

        this was supposed to be a reply to km…

      • gregd

        km, 8ball,
        What more do you want from Trump? Do you really want him to announce that the system is completely corrupt and as soon as he’s in, he’s going to arrest everyone involved? If he’s smart would he do that? How long would he last, do you think?
        Perhaps, you think an insider is more likely to do that, like Hillary? Not likely, but possible I guess.
        But I think the best chance is an outsider who’s very smart with a big ego, who would like to go down as the guy who save the U.S.A.

  9. Jerry

    I loved your interview with Larry Nichols. Living as close to Arkansas as I do, I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that the Clintons are in the pocket of the NWO. The list of bodies they leave in their wake is endless. If I was Larry Nichols I would get the heck out of this country as quick as I could. Any and all threats are met with some type of accident.

    Having said that, I can promise you that the election is never going to happen. Trump represents the awakening of the silent majority in this country, and our overlords are not going to sit by and let the grasp of their power slip away. They will collapse the system under a false flag of some kind before they will EVER let that happen. They’ve done it before and they will do it again. Its as easy as 1,2,3 when you have the media and the powers of the treasury in your back pocket. The reality is we are living in a country whose government has been high jacked by a rogue criminal element that has deep ties to the United Nations. All of us. And I mean all of us, are in deep, deep, trouble. The time to prepare was yesterday.

    Do you want to see how deep the tentacles of the NWO goes? Check out what Deutsche Bank is being investigated for now.

    Side note: Have you wondered why Obama hasn’t come out and supported Hilary since she is the presumptive nominee? He tipped his hand at the last correspondence dinner when he said “never has the end of a Republic looked so good”. He knows there isn’t going to be an election.

    • Hilde

      I so agree with you Jerry on the Clintons. IMO the deal with the Clintons must have been struck many years ago. There is no way the Clintons have been alone in their getting rid of “people in their way” -ordeal. The long list of people who committed socalled suicide, who were brutally murdered, vanished or beaten up speaks for itself. Some of these were just kids. But these kids’ testimony would have stopped the Clintons climb to the top in an instant. IMO it’s on a goverment level, actually above, and that’s why it has been completely impossible to do a clean -up. IMO the orders must have come from above. Some of these police officers must have been silenced with threats. That’s also IMO why some FBI and CIA agents, judges, people working in the labs, doctors etc have been manipulating, tampering with or hiding the evidence. They were either paid for it or threatened. If you study the list I put a link on, family members of whistleblowers have also not been safe.
      Definitely a deal with ” We help you, you help us”. The people pulling the strings, NWO or what have you, needs a president they can totally rely on. They put a lot of money, effort and time into getting Hillary where she is now.

    • Winston

      There is nowhere to hide.
      I saw the CIA tie up a loose end in Goa many years ago.
      Poor guy fell down a well on a moonless night.
      He never went out alone, and never after dark.

    • Russ McMeans

      I wondered where Jerry was. Hi! You and Galaxy 500, plus some others, are my favorites.
      In 2007- after listening to Mark Levin on his radio show, I wrote and emailed out a warning to friends that if Bam Bam was elected , he would spread Chicago violence/ lawlessness all over the world and declare Martial Law and anoint himself King President for life. Should have kept that puppy email. Of course no one listened to me anyway.

  10. Michelle grant

    Thank you GOd Bless you. I m sorry you are sick and glad you love God.

  11. Artable

    Never EVER put trust in someone who claims to have key evidence or critical information, but then withholds it! Don’t know if Larry is credible or not, but for a guy who is dying, i.e. nothing to lose, and still motivated to keep his very important secrets top secret is not logical.

    • Greg Hunter

      It may be obvious to some but it is not obvious to the masses. Thank you for adding this. There is a long list of top ranked dead bankers out there.

      • ron

        Greg: You’re doing a fine job .I’ve been watching for about 3 years. ‘Comment now and then. Bring on who you want. ‘Sounds like your regular followers, for the most part, are thrilled to have you do your thing and will try and tune you, anyway.
        Larry? Hell I’m 75 and I’ve met a lot of “Larrys” in my life. Perhaps he stressed Hillary’s “power” too much–but he has seen the witch up close in action. For me, I respect his notion of one Party painted blue and red totally enmeshed with crony capitalism. Someone asked Mussolini what Fascism really meant. His answer: “Total merger of sate and corporations.” Seems we have that here and now. BTW: There are several global cabals/ancient families who could make the Clintons and Obama vanish with a mere nod.

  12. Clive

    Hi Greg. I really enjoyed Larry Nichols’s interview. Larry brings up a lot of interesting and disturbing information. He is probably correct about Hillary threatening to take down everyone with her if she is indicted, otherwise your Justice Department (not James Comey) would have acted by now. I don’t know why so many people can’t see through her. She and Bill are only concerned about themselves, and Israel.

    However I sense a special arrogance and a hidden agenda in Obama, which Larry has clarified for me.
    Would I be surprised if Obama demanded a FEMA Government in the event of a calamity – No, I would not. Which makes the time between now and the elections an extremely dangerous period.
    I do believe however, that the millions of arms in private hands in the US would be used to revolt against Obama if he attempted to create a dictatorship. I also believe that the ‘retired’ Generals and many good sections of your Armed Forces, Police Force and FBI, would unite with the common people to quash any dictator. They simply would not tolerate it. Any attempt by the MSM to demonize the ‘uprising’ would quickly see their broadcasting stations overrun and brought back into control. The world will see again why it is vital for a Nations people to have the rights to bear arms.

    Also I am surprised that no one has mentioned the use of computerized vote rigging to win elections. As Jim Willie said in one of his reports years ago – to understand them you “must think like a thief”. This is how BOTH parties will beat Trump if he wins the Republican nomination.
    See the link

    And finally, why are you all so surprised and angered when the poor old USS Donald Cook is buzzed again by Russian jets when they are conducting exercises provocatively near Russian naval instillations – at a distance of about 70 kilometres offshore from Kaliningrad and the Russian missile, naval and air base complex around Baltysk. I’m sure if the Russians and Chinese were conducted naval exercises 70 klicks off Pearl Harbor the US would send out more than two jets. The US would win a lot of friends back if they stopped being a bully.
    See the link:
    Once again Greg. Thank you again for a great interview. I guess Larry Nichols got me a bit fired up – I’m usually a quiet Aussie.

  13. Tommy

    Larry is the first one that has been interviewed here that has finally said what I have been saying for a long time. If and when we descend into chaos how are you going to buy that loaf of bread with a gold or silver eagle or bar. I do disagree with him about the ease of taking over a city. 20 people can bring Little Rock down? I don’t think. Oh, it will be messy, but American men are not going to go down without a fight.

    • FC

      Tommy, the American men of yesteryear that you talk about are few and far between.

      Today’s metrosexual males are too caught up in their looks to fight back……… would have more of a resistance from some of these Feminist groups.

      It is truly sad, how far we have fallen.

    • Diane D.

      I have to agree with FC that American men have become wimps. We have a huge percentage raised without an engaged father. Where was their male role model? Our young boys are sheltered from bullies. Instead of boxing lessons they are taught about ‘micro transgressions’ and ‘safe spaces’. How many grow up owning guns and enjoying hunting and shooting? They are addicted to facebook, cell phones and pathetic selfies just like the girls. Mercy, I could go on all day.

      • Russ McMeans

        I live in downtown small town. The boys and girls walk around with earbuds in…. Looking at their screens listening to music.

        • frederick

          Very sad whats becoming of society Go to any restaurant and watch 4 adults all typing away on their phones my question is why hang out together if youre more interested in your phone than your friends/guests

    • Galaxy 500

      What Larry said was that for an unknown short period, cash would be king, UNTIL IT BECOMES WORTHLESS. At which point gold and silver take over.
      I live near a town of 30,000, a small berg. 20 men couldn’t take that over, much less Little Rock. 1 rifleman with a good tool could take down all 20 armed men depending on tactics

  14. RJ

    “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” – 1 Timothy 6:10

    “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?” – Mark 8:36

    • Galaxy 500

      Notice it isn’t a sin to be rich. It isn’t money that is evil, it’s envy and love of money…or love of drink, or drugs or sex… anything that disrupts and becomes an obsession

      • JC Davis

        I have never seen a poor person handed millions of dollars that did not change them. With money comes power, and pride. Some may be able to handle it. None that I have seen.

        • Tommy

          I’ve never seen a poor person that was handed millions of dollars and wasn’t broke in a few years.

          • JCD

            HA Ha Even more truth.

      • Faith

        G500: that is my interpretation as well. It is not money that is good or bad (money is simply a means of exchange, a tool) it is greed or lust or excessive desire for money that is wrong and dangerous.

        • RJ

          “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” – Mark 10:25

          • Greg Hunter

            In the Bible the “eye of a needle” was a narrow place in a fence that a man could walk through but it was very, very difficult for something as big as a camel to pass through. It can be done, but it will take much effort and force.

            • RJ



              “The “Eye of the Needle” has been claimed to be a gate in Jerusalem, which opened after the main gate was closed at night. A camel could only pass through this smaller gate if it was stooped and had its baggage removed. This story has been put forth since at least the 15th century, and possibly as far back as the 9th century. However, there is no widely accepted evidence for the existence of such a gate.”

              Other research also indicates no one really knows what the eye of the needle was, but that shouldn’t detract from the interpretation of the verse .

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you RJ for this!! I learned something.

            • RJ

              And this:


              But if we’re not careful here, we might see how relevant Scrioture is that the Bible actually teaches us things 😉

          • JC Davis

            Right on RJ. Godliness with contentment is great gain. How many more scriptures can we quote that show chasing gain is a corrupt mentality ? Remember the rich ruler walked away when told to sell his goods and follow Jesus. The scriptures speak a lot about the sin of man being ties to greed.

    • paul ...

      RJ … will the love of money make you take out a loan? … well guess what the bankers in Japan may soon be doing … paying people to take out a loan! … they would have to pay me $20,000 dollars to take out a $10,000 dollar loan … they can do it … just print it up!!! …

  15. Alan Livingston

    Hi Greg

    Just listening to the interview with Larry Nichols.

    One thing…………Bitgold………….a company to look at…………a platform to save fiat currency in the form of physical gold………….100 % outside of the banking system…………….held in vaults, supervised by Brinks in several countries around the world. 100 % insured by Lloyds of London. Physical gold put in vaults that can be accessed by account holder only……..account holder can take physical delivery ( via mail ) or pick it up at the vault…AND, can be accessed via a Master Card that can be pre-loaded and spent anywhere in the world that Master Card is accepted…………many other advantages also…………….XAU listed on the Toronto Exchange. Some of your guests are large shareholders. Worth having someone checking it out……………don’t take my word for it.

    Alan Livingston
    Calgary AB

    • Ken Russell

      I agree Alan. I’ve had an account ever since they opened it up to the US. Heard about it via Mish. I’m also impressed that it can be redeemed in several currencies and hopefully SDR’s should that become necessary. I think at first when bank accounts are frozen, the Bitgold Mastercard may not be accepted, so per Mike Maloney, cash will probably be needed for the first few weeks. Then when cash goes, a Bitcold credit card will most likely be accepted once merchants know they’re getting a lock on physical gold and they can actually get the physical should they want to.

      I also got some Vallum notes via Peak Prosperity.

    • Galaxy 500

      Call me skeptical but this relies on others to perform. If you don’t have it in your hand, you won’t own it.
      And it has a debit card with it? Wow, can’t believe people would buy into this when they can have it in hand.

      • Ken Russell

        You might be correct with Bitgold so don’t do it. Valaurum is actual physical gold. Some of us can’t plop down the 12oo bucks per ounce, nor the 350 bucks per quarter ounce. Bitgold and Valaurum are simply another way to have gold as a source of money. I do have physical in hand and have a little in Bitgold and Valaurum but I’m not as smart not to “buy into this” as others.

  16. jim c.

    I`m sorry , anybody that says cash will be king and gold and silver does not have a place in this upcoming collapse , I just can`t believe knows anything about how the money system works, of coarse we are not going to be dropping silver and gold on the counter for a loaf of bread. I believe he has some smarts about other parts of the interview, although questionable.

    • jim c.

      And I would like to add that I can`t wait every sun, wed, and fri, to hear from you and your guest, but I have to say today I am disappointed . I though not having your weekly wrap up to have this guy on , was going to bring some kind of breaking news to us, Larry just spoke his OPINION , there were no facts.I was hoping this guy was going to be a doozy.

      • susan

        I think he was a doozy and I understand why he replaced the WNW, but I, too, really miss the wrap up, but listen folks!

    • Russ McMeans

      He was talking in the short term. Cash is useful.

  17. Morris

    Hello Greg and watchdog readers.
    I have been traveling the U.S. the last three months and
    thought I would share my overall experiences from a man
    on the street perspective. Americans I.M.H.O. are aware of the
    psychological and monetary beating they are taking from their
    government. The low wage jobs, lousy expensive health care, rising
    rents that make shacks expensive and increasing food cost that makes
    people have to make tough choices about eating ,paying the rent or taking
    their prescribed medication. So my overall perspective in my short conversations
    with people has helped me to better understand why people are becoming more
    desperate. All of the conversations I had with different people had a common
    thread, Donald Trump. As a gentleman in Kentucky said concerning Washington,
    D.C. , “it’s time to clean the stable”.

  18. Willard Ferch

    Out of the top five candidates, the two Christians were just eliminated. What the he— gives anyone the idea that the real enemy of what is right, will let anything or anyone stand in his way? The ACLU & O are doing everything they can to drive Christianity into a quiet little corner, and so far they are doing pretty well. President John Adams said, “We have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and true religion. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” “True religion” referred to Christianity in those days. He has been proven absolutely right. Fiddlin

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Willard.

  19. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, just about what most of us already knew around the alternative political circles, but nice to have a real insider state it so. Prayers for you Larry Nichols, fellow Christians join me in prayers for Mr. Nichols.

    On another category, today’s job report was dismal although at this writing time Wall Street is shrugging it off & yawning about it, but very disappointing nevertheless. GDP down to .05 percent last quarter along with much slower job growth can’t mean that the GDP is doing much better this quarter either,
    sounds like a bad economy going into the November election, helpful for Trump I surmise. Glad to hear that Mr. Nichols believes our vote counts in November, that is, as he said, if there is an election! Greg, miss the Weekly Wrap-up even though Mr. Nichols was nice to hear from.

  20. Jo Zon

    Greg I enjoy your podcast and agree with much of it. What confuses me is your understanding of the globalist agenda and your contradictory support of the troops which are their paid mercenaries enforcing the war crimes of the empire which will be directed at the American people in the name of martial law when chaos and collapse occurs.

  21. Shadow of Doubt

    Some may find this post mildly interesting, others will find it grossly speculative, and more than a few will dismiss it as outright fear porn. But a “source” close to a Wells Fargo mover and shaker put forth some scenarios they had been recently “war gaming” for the possibility of–this list is said to include: internal U.S. travel restrictions, a monetary event which leads to the scarcity or the disappearance of cash, food and gas lines, U.N. oversight within our borders, increased political and immigration mayhem and crime, disease and viral outbreaks. For a government that is know to never let a crisis go to waste, this looks like an opportunity and then some.

  22. Jerry

    Just when you thought the dollar was safe with stealth QE and the ESF bond buybacks, here comes the end of the petrodollar, courtesy of guess who?

  23. Hatemail

    Nice try Greg without the video.
    I know that voice anywhere, that had to be Alex Jones.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Hatemail, it was Larry Nichols. It would have been a video interview but the recording process messed up and I had to make it just audio.

      • Russ McMeans

        God bless Greg Hunter. ! Amen!

        • Greg Hunter

          God the Father Bless you too my Brother!!

    • Tom Cunningham

      Anyone who has ever listened to Larry Nichols before know that it was his voice. Nice try.

    • Charlene Napier

      It was definitely Larry Nichols. God Bless him.

  24. John D

    Great interview, Greg. Glad to see Larry is still fighting the good fight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John D.

  25. FC

    Thank you Greg, for the most compelling and edge of your seat interview that I have ever heard.

    Larry, described the future exactly as I see it, with exception on his comment on precious metals, but that can be excused due to his health.

    Our future is bleak when faced with the prospect between a third term Obama or Hillary for President…………only a Civil War between the Establishment and We The People will correct the wrongs and we know that ain’t going happen.

    • Faith

      FC: I agree. I hope that both Mr. Nichols and Mr. Hunter have good life insurance policies.

      These are dangerous times, for everyone.

      I think Mr. Nichols point about having physical cash to spend is correct. That is what people are accustomed to use to buy food and daily living items. PMs are an alternate store of wealth as compared to physical cash.

      I keep both on hand. PMs and cash. Recently I have been acquiring stacks of $1 bills. If someone cannot make change it won’t be a big deal. Rather than get $100 bills I am stocking up on $1, $5, $10s and $20s. I just tell the teller I am having a yard sale.

      • FC

        Faith, having both is the best thing. Cash for the short term, Gold for the long term.
        I was waiting for Mr Nichols to say ‘Hillary has the Birth Certificate and Obama has the NATO papers on the Arab Spring’……….this would make then Best Friends Forever.

  26. Julia

    Very good. Fear not!

  27. Horsenut

    I have to agree with Larry that the MSM is going to crucify the first patriots that stand up or start shooting. Look what happened to the Bundy’s. And like he says the other will disappear as a result of that. Just like what happened in OR, Nobody can to help. It is estimated that 5% of Americans are Preppers and Patriots, Do the math. 5% equals 16 Million People, But no one stepped up to help and they won’t. So be careful about being to quick to stand up when it starts. You Might be standing all by yourself. People like Larry are trying to get us to band together. I believe that is the only way to survive. It’s time to pull together, or die alone!

    I also agree and have said so in the past that Gold will be too hard to break down to a useable form when things go south. Silver will be easier, but I don’t think it will catch on quickly and take time to work it’s way into money. As Larry says Cash will be King at the start, then it will quickly turn to Barter. So having Barter items will be your next cash source. I do still believe in Silver and have my own stash, but it may be a while before I pull it out.

    I also think Larry is correct about something happening before the election that will keep Obumble in office. I saw that coming a couple years ago.

  28. Craig Bradley

    Oh, My.


    Larry Nichols is a bonifide “conspiracy nut” who never seems backs-up his allegations about the many misdeeds of the Clinton Machine. No doubt they are too numerous to count, but that is beside the point. Larry supplies volumes of opinion but little hard evidence or verifiable facts to back it up. Certainly no “smoking guns”, at least so far. He always says he has some break-through news but then holds-off each time he mentions it.

    Overly melodramatic too. Larry says “they” are after him and his life is constantly in danger. Larry should just “spill the beans” on the Clintons and not worry about repercussions because he is dying of cancer anyway. What can they possibly do in retaliation? Offer him a last cigarette?

    Its simply ridiculous. I could say the very same things and guess what, conventional people ( The Middle Class) would in response say the very same things about me, even if it was true. So, you have to manage your credibility or lose it. The political elites can marginalize ANYONE they want to and do so with little effort. Politicians influence the little people so easily, as depicted in the Star Wars Movie scene: ” These are not the droids you are looking for, move-on, go on your way”. The guards just repeat what they are told, as would zombies.

    So, people like the Clintons are sneaky and use go-between and proxies. They know how to mobilize the people to do their bidding. Lots of “water boys” out there for sale on the cheap. Probably happens a lot, I suspect. Why would they risk detection by committing anything overt? Draws too much attention. It is quite unlikely, even if they want to. They can not do anything to really hurt me. So Larry, go for it.

    • 8Ball

      If Larry Nichols had any serious dirt on the Clinton Cabal he would be talking to Vince Foster at the moment…

  29. Country Codger

    Great show Greg,
    Larry is just Larry. Hopefully he’ll be around for quite awhile yet.
    Get well Larry. You are in our prayers.

  30. Brad Skiles

    Excellent interview, Greg. Thanks! Agree with everything except “cash” … we need some of it, but he’s missing the point that paper money is just paper.

  31. Russ

    Good interview Greg, but this is something we’ve suspected for quite a while. It became clear when so many Republican “establishment” types started talking about supporting HRC. Still, sad state of affairs when the “leaders” of a nation are just there for the power and control. Psychopaths…

    In other strange news, “Obama Aide: Iran Deal Built on Lie”

    I’m shocked!!! Not… But we know it wasn’t a deal because nobody really signed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ. I think this frames the monsters we face. In part the “monsters” (RNC DNC) have revealed themselves. Is Trump the savior of the world? No, but we will have less tyranny with him than with Hill.

  32. ScottL

    Nichols aside, this country as it has been known, is lost. Nothing will change at the ballot box except personalities to fill late night TV cue cards. Events by themselves are survivable. But wave after wave of global economic failure, America’s cultural self-immolation, unfettered immigration into Europe and America, and a China and Russia that will slowly wear the US system down can only result in a catastrophic end game. Prepare for Mad Max.

  33. Paul ...

    As Larry Nichols says … there is no two party system in America any longer … just like having two bathrooms in America is no longer … this “transgender government” we have now … is as ridiculous as the transgender bathrooms the “constipated” government is now promoting …

    Not only do we Americans need to put up signs for Trump (to make America Great Again) … but we should also be putting up new signs on our rest room doors … the lady’s room door sign should read [Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Perverts, Child-Molesters, Alien Grey’s and Reptilians Here] … and the men’s room door sign should read [Normal Males and Females Here] … however a lot more “sound insulating material” will have to be added in the lady’s room as the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Perverts and Child-Molesters, etc. are noted for creating lots of noise and commotion (wherever they are) … and this could interfere with the “normal” males and females in the other rest room trying to do their do do together! … however lets not get our hopes too high … chances are very small that “dumbed down Americans” will take any action at all … yeah a few may hold up signs for Trump … but absolutely no one will put up new signs on our restrooms … as for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Perverted, Child Molesting Congress providing funding for “extra insulation” … figure that “as good as nil” … Congress would consider it discriminatory to their “perverted system” that needs to constantly bring in fresh “untouched” people to their “restroom without borders” … to initiate and teach them how the system works here in America (where “pulling” on the Diebold joy stick makes them extremely happy)!

    • Paul ...

      As for you Justice Department nerds trying to cut Federal Education money from the schools (remember the sign on the men’s room door reads [Normal Males and Females] … so there is no violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act … separating “different species” from normal humans is “not a violation of the law” … ask any psychiatrist Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Child Molesting Perverts are “not normal human beings” … if you insist on forcing your “transgender bathrooms” on us you will have to include “all animal species” (to be “totally non-discriminatory” under the law) … and “you” should provide the funding to “modify all restrooms in America” so that dogs, cats, elephants, giraffes, lions, snakes, etc., etc. … can also use them!

  34. Susan Ostrum

    Greg, the fact that you called me a “fool”—not sure that was your exact word—for the fact that I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump leaves me speechless. I am a follower of Christ, and as such, there are countless reasons I cannot vote for Trump. Our national problem is not political, it is spiritual. To think we can solve our myriad of problems by voting for the “right person” is naive and foolish. I choose to follow Jesus!

    • Greg Hunter

      I cannot see where you have commented before and I did not call you a “fool.” You can follow Christ, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up. If that is the case why am I doing this site. I made waaaaaay more money at the networks. This is my calling and yes I too believe in God the Father and his Son. Do you really think Hillary will be a good President? Pray but also vote! Remember Nichols says “your vote counts in a general election.”

    • Johnny Yuma

      Sue, You would have said the same about Moses’s!
      Let’s wait for the messiah, we don’t have to leave Egypt.

      Here’s your messiah Sue;

      Mitt Romney met privately with William Kristol, who is leading the effort to draft an independent candidate

      The Washington Post_ Robert Costa 4 hrs ago

      In spite of his insistence that he will not run, Mitt Romney is being courted this week by~William Kristol, the longtime editor of the Weekly Standard magazine and leading neo-conman voice of the way out right field and met privately with the 2012 nominee on Thursday afternoon to discuss the possibility of launching an independent bid, potentially with Romney as its standard-bearer. Read All About It;

      The republican party is about selection not election in the primary’s, get that thru your thick sculls!
      Meet John Doe;

      • Galaxy 500

        I agree. She’s either mentally ill or Sue is a Demoncrat troll. Christian…hmmm, not buying that adjective for a single second.

    • Galaxy 500

      Please allow me to call you a fool. You voted for Romney, a member er of the Church of Latter Day Satan and you have a problem with Trump. Lady, just go vote for Hillary and be honest about it. I assure you that Christ doesn’t bat you from supporting Trump, Satan on the other hand sure does.

      • freebreezer

        G-500, When I lived in Cal and during my wife’s 3rd child, she had to go in to the hospital for three weeks to stop a premature birth. The Mormon family next door found out and mobilized four mothers and took care of my kids during the day, this while I worked, and prepared cooked dinners for me and my two young kids almost every night. Their help I can never repay! Regardless of what they believe … their actions are the most christian of any group I have encountered. When we moved and lived in the south (Texas) the same thing happened per the fourth, and last(!!) child. I had to scramble like hell! I think of Christ and the good Samaritan, and I find your labeling of good people offensive!


    Thanks for the wonderful interview.

  36. tulip

    the coup tool place on 9 11 01..
    maybe we need to tell the truth
    for starters……………………

    • Scott

      The coup took place on December 23rd, 1913, actually.

  37. scarolina

    Greg, This has to be one of the best and most informative interviews about the inter workings and the massive criminality that infest our political system. I pray Mr. Nichols stay’s around long enough to force honest change back to our beloved “AMERICA” and our “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” ! America needs more Patriots just like Mr. Nichols that are willing to come forward and inform the “AMERICAN PEOPLE” of what corruption is really going on behind the scenes in our government. Continuous Exposure is the only way that we the people will truly rid the system of these political criminals. I hope to see more interviews like this one very informing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you scarolina.

  38. Nam Marine

    King Obammy ! That’s PURE BOVINE EXCREMENT !

  39. Ed

    We’ve all watched Hillary control the democrat delegates during this so called primary election season so isn’t it possible and even probable that she will do the same thing during the election and control the “electors” of the electoral college to win the presidency?

  40. Plantinseeds

    Larry knows what he is talking about when it comes to the Clintons. Y’all say why doesn’t he show his hand? Cause the folks here in Arkansas that tried that in the late 80’s and early 90’s ended up dead or missing. Folks here still have evidence and such that tells the truth about the Clintons and the Bush family. I met Larry once, he would not remember, it was at the AIDC in Little Rock. Very nice building across the street from the county court house. That is where a lot of money was laundered/smuggled to the Clintons. I knew Dan Lassiter or lets say I use to party with him. I knew many folks that were tied to Barry Seal, Dan Harmon, Bill Clinton, Jim Guy Tucker, Asa Hutchinson and many more. The Arkansas State police were/are under the control of what some called the southern mob but in reality it was the Bush crime family along with the CIA. Everyone thought that the Mena airport was the main distribution point for the drugs from South America but it wasn’t. There was another strip in Arkansas that was by far the busiest. It has been too late for a long time.

    I have heard many people talk about having weapons and standing there ground against agencies like FEMA and DHS. That’s hogwash,! There was a family in remote western Arkansas just north of Mena that was complaining to their local sheriffs department about planes and men being on their property. A deputy told em to just keep quiet about and it would soon be over. They called the state police, they came out and said they couldn’t find anything. They told the family that they would watch the property for a few days. When a plane landed a few nights later and unloaded they talked to the officers that were assigned to their property the next morning. They were told all was quiet and they witnessed no activity the previous evening. The FBI was then called with again no results. Their neighbors said they would help them keep an eye on the property and run off the intruders. within a couple of weeks the family experienced an incident to one of their farm animals by three men who appeared from nowhere. Within a couple of days they received a visit in the middle of the night. It was a barbaric and ruthless attack. All those neighbors were nowhere to be found. The family soon moved out of state, the once pregnant wife was no longer pregnant.

    Y’all have no idea whom your dealing with. Larry knows and many from Arkansas know. Y’all keep on believing that silver and gold will help you through whats coming. That is one of the biggest lies that is being perpetrated on people today. Surround yourself with family and like minded folks. Have land and water to grow food and raise livestock. Most important of all have a relationship with Jesus.

    • Joyce

      If anyone in Arkansas knows about the Clinton’s, it is Larry Nichols.

      Sure he was diagnosed with cancer; however, he is mentally functioning just fine in my opinion. Having seen the devastating effects of chemo in which not only the body but the brain is wiped out I can see that he has extended his life without the chemo.
      Yes, I agree with the person from Arkansas —-people in Arkansas know the Clinton.s, actions in Arkansas.
      The state of Arkansas is like a small town. Larry Nichols is a part of that state and has intimate knowledge of the Clinton’s.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Joyce. Mr. Nichols is a real deal Clinton insider. The facts back up what you say.

  41. Hilde

    I relly enjoyed this interview with Larry Nichols, and I disagree with that he is a conspiracy nut. I would rather call him a truth teller when it comes to some of the things he is getting off his chest. I also believe he could be right in that Hillary can not be indicted for the reasons he mentioned. Some of you may be familiar with the interview he had on the Pete Santilli show, episode 517. He comes in at about 1: 05.
    Hope the link works.
    I for one believe the Clintons have blood on their hands. It really made sense to me the way he described that Hillary will not let anything get in her way. This link may be a bit over the top, but it certainly gives food for thought:

  42. John

    Larry is just an entertaining story teller. I’ve heard him before on Coast to Coast AM. Same stuff.

  43. anony-mouse

    So what ever happened to Government by the people, of the people, for the people etc.? Where the hell is our system of checks and balances? What the hell is Congress and the Senate going to do to protect the people and the Constitution they swore to protect??

    The corruption has gotten so huge that 95% of the American population own very little–The Trump movement is an indication that the people are getting wise to the machinations of the Wealthy Elite thru instruments such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderburgers et al. They sense that mainstream media is prostituted BS, and would rather have a ego-centrist in office than the “above the law” CFR shill like Hillary who worships the “CFR Mother-ship in New York.”

    Are these incredibly greedy people going to steal every bread crust….After the Great depression the elite blue blood thieves saw the massive damage and suffering they caused and at least had the smallest grain of conscience and put in place the Securities Laws of 1933 and 34, including the Glass-Steagall Act. I knew we were in incredible trouble when the CFR members Greenspan, Rubin, Summers and Clintons sponsored and signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Travisty against the American people removing the protections of Glass-Steagall and directly bringing about the Fraud of the “Financial Engineering Scam.”

    Will they push this so far that some queen of the Elite will once again be reputed to say: “Let them eat cake…”
    The Wealthy Elite are conducting a class war against the American people–“and we are winning>” Warren Buffett
    The Council on Foreign Relations is a Union of the Wealthy Elite, filled with High ranking members of the Banking interests which own the Federal Reserve which has brought down the Economy by its unworkable policies of QE and ZIRP. ZIRP which destroys the major wealth producing entity of the economy–Main Street small Business which produces 70% of jobs in the US. Savers can no longer earn thru CDs, local Banks can no longer supply liquidity to small local businesses when the money that should be in CDs is forced into the manipulated equity and bond markets so the FED can give liquidity to the very interests that own the FED.

    The Council on Foreign Relations is the Enemy of the American people…Why should these 6000 wealthy Elite and the Elites they represent be allowed to use “Financial Engineering” and Market Manipulation to Impoverish the other 360 million Americans.

    • Faith

      am: sadly many people don’t have even $400 cash in case of an emergency.

      When you tell the people to “eat cake” while living an extravagant life, revolutions happen. The French Revolution, also known as the Reign of Terror, is what happens when the elite mock people. Things can get very dangerous, very quickly. The arrogance of the oligarchs and elite are what bother me. They seem to think they above it all, that they are above mob violence and seem to think that the Reign of Terror is something from the history books that cannot happen to them. They ought to think very carefully about continuing to hold that attitude. It is a dangerous attitude to maintain.

      As Matt Bracken said in a recent interview, “it is one thing to think you are going to ride the tiger and another thing entirely to stay on that tiger once it is loosed from its cage.” Indeed. (The preceding was a paraphrase of that interview and not an exact quote).

    • Galaxy 500

      What happened to our government for the people by the people? A little moral decay, a little godlessness, a little bit of liberal political correctness everyday over a long period. It was all started by LBJ and his war on America…er, ah Poverty.
      Government gets more of what it subsidies and we subsidized the poor, uneducated, immoral people to breed.

  44. Donna

    Larry Nichols-God Bless and my prayers for being brave enough to speak up.This time its biblical.As in prophesy and end of times.Just as last 2008 number purposely pre programmed stock market crash hit 666 to mock US Christians.

  45. Marty

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the great work. I’ll bet that Big 5 bank was Citi- Everything Rubin breathes on , turns into a curse.
    Maybe B of A, followed by Wells, then Morgan Stanley.
    And then I think JPMorgan Case falls on its own dagger.
    And Goldman representing the Treasury( ESP-PPT) -the last to go or escape into the Abyss!

    • Anne Elliott

      Did you know that JPMorgan Chase recently offered zero percent financing on new Subarus last month? Why would a bank do that? …unless they needed more business to bolster their bottom line.

  46. Marty

    Treasury( ESF- PPT)

  47. Gina Mancarella

    Greg, I am shocked that you have taken your news practice in the direction of sensationalism journalism. So the National Enquirer now has competition. This guest is so outlandish as to defy basic logic.

    Nevertheless, Hillary is going to be President in January 2017. She is the only legitimate candidate. She is the only candidate that cares about all of the people and understands our needs. She is the only candidate that is prepared to make the good fight and do what is necessary to win for the American people. Get used to the idea of a female commander in chief and a kinder gentler nation with fairness and justice for all.

  48. coalburner

    Greetings Greg et al: Did you see the morning news on NBC. I did by accident. The news on North Korea showed this American crying like a baby after geting a 15 year sentence for taking down a banner glorifing the Dear Leader. First note : That is what happens when a Libtard goes to a country they have no business going too and stupidly getting caught on film taking the banner. They think they can act like the asses they are in this country and get away with it. Then cry like a baby when they get the rules. He shouldn’t worry the Libtards in charge will pay to get back one of their own idiots, maybe! Second note: I expect Hillary to be elected by the Libtard Sheeple in this country. I see no reason to believe they have grown up or realized that rationality will rule in the end. When a majority of Libtard sheeple that now fill this country are crying like that fool, in NK, they will vote for a leader but , I fear it will be too late. It will take another 12 to 20 years if ever.

  49. Ken Russell

    Call me tin foil hat and black helicopter-ish but I feel certain the massive amounts of illegal aliens are being registered in critical purple districts to insure they vote a Hillary win. Because of redistricting, I’ve heard the left has a lock on 247 electoral votes. If that’s true, they only need 24 to win and also now that Virginia has 200,000 more Hillary votes locked in concrete via the state prisons, I really doubt anybody can beat Hillary. Man, I hope I’m wrong but have you heard anything at all about the illegals getting registered to vote this November?

  50. Karen

    Greg, thank you for having Mr. Nichols on your show. A few times he did seem to “wander off the reservation,” but in his defense, I don’t think you can live a lifetime of witnessing injustice and being deep into the political corruption machine and not come away without sounding like a bit of a nut. Perhaps for Mr. Nichols, the more he knows and the sicker he gets, the less important it becomes to have a politically correct filter. While some of what Mr. Nichols says sounds incredulous, I think the more important message is that he sounds worried. That is the important take away message with this interview. If this man (who has his own serious health problems) is worried about the future of other Americans, I think we should not so easily dismiss his warnings. Also, healing prayers for Mr. Nichols.

  51. Sayonara

    Fascinating interview. I found Nichols prediction about Obama creating a “black swan event” inline with what I have been predicting for quite some time. I think Obama terminates the Hildabeast with an DOJ indictment and then simultaneously “black swans” the economy and declares martial law. The result is no Hillary, no Trump and Dictator Obama. This is right out of the tyrannical communist playbook. Done deal because most Americans are the stupidest human beings to ever roam the planet Earth and Obama knows it. The biggest issue I have is that constitutional conservatives are the weakest, whiniest and timid group I have ever seen. This is all unfolding right in front of our eyes and their is no organized push back – Unbelievable. That is why we are so Sayonara.

  52. Oxfarmer

    I missed the Weekly News Wrapup, Greg.

  53. Jay Dee

    I believe we are dealing with demonic people who demonstrated on 9/11 that they have no respect for humanity. I think that it is their intent to orchestrate a world-wide financial collapse prior to the November election. They will accuse Russia of crashing the computers of the banking system or the power grid. Banks will remain closed until the desired level of chaos, fear, hunger and killings are achieved. Millions will die. Starving people will soon beg the government to take the guns from those defending homes and most importantly food supplies. Less than 5 % of the people will have supplies to last even a month. This is how they plan to subdue America and bring in the new world order. I hope to have the courage to resist to the end.
    There do not appear to be any good outcomes. Life as we have known it will be no more.

  54. Lexi

    I have listened to Larry Nichols over the past few years giving different interviews, and this person says EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS! “Oh, I’ve got all of this damning secret information about Hillary Clinton and I’ll release it at JUST the RIGHT time!” Please…the man is dying (or so he says), and yet (almost on his death bed) he STILL cannot release this supposed “takedown” information about Hillary? This man sounds like a broken record…I think he’s doing these interviews as a publicity stunt. I have also listened to other guests on this website, and (for the most part), Greg Hunter has very good guests. Every once in a while, however, I run across a rather questionable individual giving an interview here. This Larry Nichols fellow continues to give vague information with no concrete proof of anything that he says he will do. I would certainly hope that Greg Hunter no longer allows people of this dubious ilk to be interviewed here again. Important information or not, this man is far too shady for anyone to really take him seriously, in my opinion.

  55. Jay Dee

    Greg you are a man of great courage.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jay Dee.

  56. Faith

    This was a jaw-dropping interview Mr Hunter! Thank you for having Mr. Nichols on for a long-format interview. We live in dangerous times. I am thrilled that Trump has emerged as the presumptive Republican nominee! I was never comfortable with the party Republicans, ever. It is interesting to see them show their true colors: the Bushes are not going to the Republican convention, nor is Mitt Romney, and then there is the little weasel, the speaker of the house, Ryan. By them not standing up for Trump that showed me who controls them and where their real interests lie and by that I am talking about the globalists and the corporatists that think they can manipulate people, skim our money while we barely survive, while they steal our houses and property and make even more money and laugh at us because they think we are stupid, ignorant, and lazy. We are not.

    Christians are being thrown under the bus by this country. Not only Christians in the US, but those in Iraq (I can’t wait to the 60 Minutes special with Lara Logan this coming Sunday). I just did a quick search to confirm Lara Logan’s name and found out that she was the reporter that was sexually molested, in public, in Egypt. She is from South Africa and a war correspondent. My god I am reading her account of the attack: they ripped off her clothes, they raped her with their hands, they pulled her hair, she thought she was going to die. She stumbled into some women who surrounded her until soldiers could rescue her and take her back to a tank. After flying home Mrs. Logan spent four days in a hospital. Why? Because the mob that assaulted her tried to tear her limbs from her body. This is the same type of mob sexual attack that happened in Europe, in cities like Cologne, last New Year’s Eve. Here is a link to the interview (from May 1, 2011) (There is also a Utube inteview as well but I don’t have that link).

    It is time for brave men and women to speak up and tell the truth. Mr. Nichols told the truth as he sees it. Is he 100% correct? I don’t know. It was another piece of the puzzle and I am grateful for the interview as Mr. Nichols is very ill. I appreciate that he is trying amends for past actions. I am grateful to anyone that dares to speak their mind. It is dangerous.

    Please stay safe, Mr. Nichols and Mr. Hunter. This interview is going to make some people very, very angry.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Faith for your comment and support.

  57. Diana Dee Jarvis

    The coup probably started under FDR or Truman. Nichols started out okay but devolved into… I’m not sure what. Sometimes people say certain things (e.g. pink berets) because they think it’s what the audience wants to hear. Sometimes people let paranoia get the better of them. He brought up what I thought was an obvious point about not using gold and silver to buy bread. The reason Rickards and others recommend holding precious metals is that historically they have retained value well or even gained in value and can be exchanged for various currencies later. I seriously doubt Rickards plans to swap his own metals directly for bread.

  58. Don

    Greg, Sorry to here of any believer suffering from cancer. May the Lord grace be with him, and bring good out of his suffering. I’ve listened to Larry before, he seems to have some insight on some of the political issues of today. I keep expecting to here news on Hilary anytime now. I seen where she had been involved in undermining the Iran sanctions by helping a business man from Ukraine who owned a oil supply company to sell pipe to Iran while the sanctions were in place, and she was in office. The report came from Fox news and they said the business owner had given 8.7 million to the Clinton foundation, and a total of 20 million on the deal, again to the foundation. That’s not the only news, judicial watch said, a total of 6 servers were capture by the FBI, that she used, which handled US secrets. It just keeps on mounting. I’m am just astonished at all the stuff she’s involved in. It seems each day something else comes up. If she’s not indicted for her crimes, with all this stuff, Obama and Lynch desire to be cast out of there offices. Of coarse, that will never happen, but there has been suggestion to leak to the public the information and turn it into another Nixon ordeal. Well, I hope all’s well with you my friend, and God bless.

  59. WD

    Thanks Greg, A very interesting guest….definitely a a fly on the wall. Obviously still scared even though he has lung cancer….

    Keep taking risks with different guest.

    “Fortune favors the bold”

  60. WD


    JCPenney takes emergency measures to protect bottom line…

    “JCPenney, faced with unexpected light sales in mid-April, slashed payroll, froze overtime and took other drastic cost-cutting steps in an attempt to protect its bottom line.”

  61. Mike M.

    Trump is a combination of Bernie Madoff, John Gotti and either of the lead characters in the movie “Dumb and Dumber”. When even the alternative media types such as Alex Jones, Savage and Nichols start jumping on his bandwagon, you know the game is over and the end is just around the corner.

    Instead of exposing Trump for the egotistic, elitist nut job he is, they are now making inane statements as to why he is the white knight who will lead the USA back from the depths of hell. Anyone claiming he can’t be bought and sold is delusional and doesn’t have a clue to what is going on.

    Whether Clinton or Trump get the nod it makes no difference. You are all only months away from complete chaos and the majority won’t survive what is coming your way which will prove there is some justice in this world after all.

  62. WD


    Regarding Hillary, she is consumed by power and revenge. She act truly as a woman scorned….All books critical of her and her power talk of a person that bent on taking charge and revenge.

    Ordering people to never look her in the eye when they worked for her or terrorizing many of the women that Bill Clinton raped or assaulted. I have read many times that during her time at the white a wake of terror followed her when she walked by.

    She may have the goods on many a people, no doubt about that. But there has got to be those in higher places that realizes her drive to get revenge and punish those who have wronged her. “There is a saying that Hell hath no wrath as that of a woman scorned”…

    She has been scorned over and over again. When Nixon went on trial she wanted
    TO DENY HIM HIS DUE PROCESS and they kicked her off the committee…to deny due process is huge because she is saying “you don’t have any rights and I am going to bury you…” Bill’s womanizing, being rejected in 2008 and many times before that. She is on a mission to punish those who have wronged her.

    I would be more scared of her as president with that information than to not be president with that information….I cant imagine that there are those out there that don’t know this and are going to make her “go away”. If she becomes president she would be come all powerful and make no mistake about it she will use that power!!

  63. DLC

    A doctor’s take on Trump.

    For a “playboy,” he sure has turned out some great children who appear to be stable in all respects.

    The country is a train wreck with a painkiller epidemic, saturated in drugs, alcohol, and porn. A demoralized, broken population looking for a prez who can show them the way out of a mess of their own making.

    “O” was handed the throne twice. Somebody put him there.

    Maggie Thatcher and Winston Churchill were both kicked to the curb. England preferred socialism. Michael Savage plays a song from time to time called “There’s No England Anymore.” You could substitute the U.S. for England in that song.

    If Trump makes it to the top slot, a big IF at that, this country still has to clean itself up. He can provide the environment and the encouragement.

  64. DLC

    Greg, thanks for having Larry as a guest.

    I believe the reason he does not dump the whole load of cinder blocks on Hillary is because of something he said, I believe, in a Doug Hagmann interview. Larry had Doug and Joe play a mind game of “what if.” Roughly, Larry strung out a series of conclusions based on whether Hillary or Biden were the successor to “O.”

    Larry thought it actually best to keep Hillery in the running as opposed to Biden, that she was so corrupt and likely more controllable. I feel the same way about Biden as Larry does. I don’t at all believe he’s as “aw shucks” as he likes to portray. Have you forgotten the viciousness of this man during the confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court? He acted like a Russian interrogator, nasty, insulting, condescending.

    Two other things that annoy. He’s a lifelong gov’t bloodsucker for one. Also, to have him take Hill’s place keeps “O’s” rainbow foot in the door. It will be O’s third term. That was Larry’s opinion when speaking to Doug Hagmann. I think so too.

    I still have my doubts about Trump’s success. He’s up against a mob with mob rules. He is only one man, the only person now who stands between us and that same mob. JFK and RFK never could pull it off. I do worry for him.

  65. Dave Weir

    Have been watching you for a long time Greg and love your interviews.
    You said we need to support Trump because Hillary is for gun control and will continue obamacare. Trump has said he is in favor of this many times , he is in favor of gun control, and supports assault weapon bans. Trump also said that obamacare was a good plan but likes single payer better, claimed how well it works in Canada and Russia. its easy to find him saying this stuff on youtube. and this is only two topics, there are many more that he agrees with Hillary on. I can not see the difference between them.
    I have already said a prayer for Larry, I wish him well. he is wrong about Ted Cruz, Just because Trump kept calling him a liar does not mean it so, Ted has not lied , and no one has proven a lie. Ted is a good Christian man and does not lie.

    • Greg Hunter

      No he is not Dave. Trump has said many times he will protect the 2nd and he has a concealed carry permit. People change man.
      I like Ted but he will not be president. It’s over for ted get over it.

      • Dave Weir

        Trump says what ever he needs to say, He said so himself in a interview. Your right Greg, Trump changes his position constantly depending on which way the wind blows. Sen Feinstein had a carry permit too, does that make her an NRA member? Trump just changed his position on the wall and is now in favor of a fed minimum wage.
        Do you really want another liar for POTUS? also I would think it would give you pause that Galaxy 500 is a typical Trump guy, I just dont understand the anger from guys like this.
        P.S. I honestly like you Greg, I agree with you on most of what you say, please dont get angry with me and my opinion.

        • Greg Hunter

          If there is an election it will probably come down to Trump or Hillary. Republicans and Democrats alike hate Trump, and so does the MSM. If all these criminal cronies hate him what does that tell you? If it comes down to Trump and Clinton who will you vote for? We live in an imperfect world and if you are waiting for the perfect candidate then you better kick back and get ready for eternity. If Christ was running for office then it a no brainer but we don’t have that choice. I am not angry at you what-so-ever, by the way. I appreciate your support and comment.

    • Galaxy 500

      There is also ecidence that Cruzifer’s mother was a Canadian citizen when he was born, not American. No American Consular birth record was filed for an American Citizen was filed plus, mommy dearest was on the Canadian voters rolls as a bona-fide Canadian citizen.
      Naw, Cruz didn’t lie about anything and he’s gods annointed one and the fulfillment of the mormon prophecies [which in my book doesn’t rate that high up on the good Christian scale]. If THE GOD had been behind Cruz as his Dominionist cult leader father says, how could he have lost? Most Christians didn’t fall for the stuff Tricky Ted was shoveling.

  66. Pinocchio

    Larry Nichols: ” If we don’t stop Hillary, it’s over. ”

    Pinocchio: “If we stop Hillary, USA will be over in October 2016. If we let her fulfill her destiny, it will be over 666 days after her inauguration.”

    Flash Gordon: “Right.”

    • Galaxy 500

      What was your point?

      • Clare Doll

        Galaxy 500,
        Trump is Hitler. Hillary is the devil. Neither will make a difference for the destiny of the United States. Flash Gordon is the future confirming the evil that this way comes for us in this time. As for Pinocchio, he was a liar wasn’t he?

        • Clare Doll

          I correct one interpretation. Obama is Hitler. Trump is not in the discussion since everything is determined in this prophecy by October 2016. Also, we are talking about Hitler because Flash Gordon is a Depression era comic of a futuristic character.

          • paul ...

            Lets “Trump Hillary” … by making Bernie the Republican VP!!!

  67. Mike from the North

    In the end…you either see what is coming or you do not.

    I m a Canadian..I write to m Government on a regular basis discussing the need for Governments to come clean and begin an honest effort to repair the damage done the last few decades.

    Never have they provided me with reasons to disagree with my points. If I was wrong they would simply state so and support that with facts.

    They will never have an honest discussion with me on the issues even after I have invited them to do so many times.

    The RESET will occur..and they will claim IT WAS NOT THEIRFAULT.

    When pointing the blame to others we must always remember three fingers always point back towards us…try it

    Prepare …time is short.

    Thank You Greg for what you do. Compensation for what we do does not always have to come in the form of dollars.

  68. Chip

    Greg, love your site and guests. However I did not ever believe in the geo-engineering guy you brought on. WELL, now I do!!! Just found that “cloud seeding” is a licensed activity in TEXAS! Here’s the website for TDLR…

    Weather Modification – Cloud-seeding activities are widespread in much of West and South Texas during the growing season, which extends from early spring until early autumn each year. The seeding is done exclusively for rainfall enhancement using aircraft and sophisticated weather radar data. Decisions to deploy aircraft and disperse seeding materials (both silver iodide and salts) are made by skilled meteorologists licensed by TDLR specifically for weather modification. Aircraft are based at airports in disparate locations within the “target” areas of these projects, i.e. where the impact of seeding (more rainfall from thunderstorms) is intended.

    I get shocked at the over reach of government on all levels more and more every day. Have a good weekend… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting this Chip. Global warming is real because chemtrails caused most of it!!

    • Galaxy 500

      They’ve been doing cloud seeding since they had airplanes…actually, before that with rockets

  69. diane s.

    How El Chapo Used Gold To Move Money Out Of The U.S. | Zero Hedge

  70. Soapweed

    Larry has been giving interviews since Bill was in the Whitehouse. He even had his own radio show on KHNC in Johnstown Colo back in the day. It is good that some new folks are taking note of this/that even if 20 yrs behind the curve. I laugh when the usual ‘refuse to leave office’ speculation rolls around as that was huge speculation with Bill Clinton. Not saying that it could never happen, just good to see more concerned folks are coming out of the woodwork yearly. Thank the good Lord for the information highway.

    • RichM

      Was it really? I don’t remember that going around that Bill would never leave. Perhaps I just don’t remember that.

      Given that… was that talk back then in any way different than what we are hearing/thinking now? The executive orders were not in place back in for Bill to actually do that. It seems Obama has put MANY into place that will make it more solid. I think even GW Bush put in a few but not nearly as many as Obama. Did Bill even have anything in place where he could make that chess move?

  71. Galaxy 500

    Greg, I think you pointed out at some point that only 6% of Americans trust or believe the MSM.
    Here is an example of why:
    *Trigger warning to all the liberal trolls. There is truth on the other end of this link and it isn’t pretty. I suggest you retreat to your safe space instead

    • john duffy

      Now I understand why people like Greg couldn’t stand to be a part of the MSM anymore. Why do we tolerate islam, It is worse than natzism.

  72. Paul ...

    To all those on the “government welfare dole” … wake up … read the link below … and learn how “one party fascism” works to destroy your Constitutional Rights (both politically and medically) … if you refuse to take “big brother government orders” … and profess your freedom to refuse their vaccines (because you don’t want your own or your children’s IQ lowered by autism) … you simply won’t be allowed to eat! …

    • Paul ...

      Reading the above link … their is a real “nugget of gold” contained within …

      [failure to comply … meets the statutory definition of job-related misconduct … and thus grounds to be disqualified for unemployment benefits]

      This logic can be used against all those in Congress … failing to uphold our Constitutional Rights … we can disqualify them from receiving their government pensions!

    • Galaxy 500

      Sorry but home school your children if you don’t want to vaccinate them. You don’t have the right to endanger other people’s children.

    • Galaxy 500

      You realize that there is Zero link between autism and vaccines. There is a link to older father’s and mothers.

      • Greg Hunter

        That is according to the CDC other sources dispute this conclusion.

        • californiawoman

          The vaccine issue is meant to confuse everyone. There are important vaccines that are lifesaving, and there are others that make no sense. It is not a black and white situation, but has become a divisive one.

          • Greg Hunter

            We live in a country where you can no loner trust the government and that includes the FDA and CDC. Don’t blame me for being skeptical blame the lying lawless government.

            • Galaxy 500

              I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical about most things.
              BUT you don’t have the right to put my children at risk by not vaccinating them. We are having outbreaks of things unseen in America for generations. So, if you feel so strongly about the make believe vaccine issue, homeschool your children.

              • Greg Hunter

                It’s about the right to good information and the right to choose. I don’t believe anything the government says in economics, climate or medicine. The track record for honesty from our government is bad, you have to admit.

              • paul ...

                Hey Galaxy500 … are you taking your kids shopping to Walmart or to the carnival or on vacations, etc., etc., … what do you think the bodies immune system is for? … instead of injecting polio virus into your kid’s arm just let them play with the kids that have polio to stimulate their immune response! … it’s a lot safer!

  73. RichM


    Wow Greg: I actually really thought this was a premier interview. Some folks above had issues with it but when really listening… this guy makes a whole hella a lot of sense.

    Now at 38 Mins… sure he said queer but I refuse any longer to be offended by PCism. So many people won’t even vote for Trump because he uses the word HELL. Like seriously. We are adults here. This guy uses the word queer… which i wouldn’t do but who cares.

    At the 48 min mark he talks about holding dollar denominations as opposed to gold and silver. This is a little short sided and all but also likely absolutely true for the immediate short term. If there is a bank holiday and people cannot get money out… for a few days or weeks…. Cash will become super valuable in this short term situation. Think about it… the Credit Cards are un-usable… you need to go to a grocery store and buy some groceries… The average person will have NO IDEA what this bank holiday really means. So you can bring in $150 in cash or 8 X 1oz silver rounds… what do you think the 19 year old cashier will take?

    Still this is VERY short term as people start to figure it out, especially if the banks re-open and the dollar is devalued by 70% or as he says 94%. 6 cents on the dollar all the sudden. He is for sure a glass is half empty type of guy but I cannot help but think I would be too if I knew what he knows…. So he is not seeing the longer term benefits of PM’s as he thinks it will fall and end fast. So CASH could very well be king for 3 days to 6 weeks, or even 3 months because a barter system takes root. Then like Zimbabwe or the Wiemar Republic, when hyper-inflation is in tact and it would cost $10,000 for those same $150 worth of groceries… people will be forced to realize what we already know.

    So it’s just his personal perspective which is really very possible… that we may not even survive long enough where PM’s or a barter system comes into play. Instead it may be utter chaos and we are all running around with clubs trying to protect or get food and water. I sure hope not.

    So the idea of holding PM’s is, that there will still be this short term need of cash, but cash will shortly after become worthless. It is still SO important to hold PM’s even if you believe it will be super short term like this guy does. I do not think civilization will fall that rapidly. I think it could very well be a collapse, short term needing cash, the banks re-open and we were all robbed, trial more sound solutions are attempted, all while hyper-inflation is taking place and so those holding hard assets will be able to capitalize and maintain their buying power. This could go on for like 7 years like this rather than 3 weeks.

    Then if this is not really “the end” meaning our Lords 2nd Coming…. after 7 years, those PM’s will be able to buy dirt cheap equities and valuable real estate as a new system is put into place.

    So the way i figure it is…. If we all die off within 3 weeks then who cares about all the PM’s we hold… but I sure don’t want to be impoverished if it lasts 7 years or beyond.

    i also found it interesting his thoughts about Cuban troops being here. I always pictured Obama inviting in UN troops. Who knows really.

    Anyway Greg…. Great job. I actually think this was one of the top 10 you have done. Keep up the good work and I appreciate your objectiveness.

    • Galaxy 500

      When I was in Turkey in 1990, anyone that held money did so in US dollars, Deutch Mark’s and Pounds Sterling [one of my favorite examples of inflation. 12 troy ounces of Sterling silver is what a pound sterling represents, all worth a U$D 1.50 these days]. And then it was 5,000TL to the Dollar. It was about 1.8 million to the dollar in 2004 before they brought out the new Turkish Lira.
      Trade will be conducted and you will not be able to barter for everything, that’s where PMs come in.

  74. Gregory Mannarino

    So Obama continues to tout the success of HIS economic policy. That’s interesting because he is the first president in over 80 years to have sub 3% economic growth for his entire term in office.

  75. Gregory Mannarino

    The agenda of government is simple: Lead by misleading, rule by dumbing down, keep the people distracted.

    • Galaxy 500


    • Robert Lykens

      I hate to say so, but I think you’re right, Gregory. The US government abandoned its conscientiousness in the 20th century and embraced lust for power and money instead.

      ” …For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…”
      – Luke 12:48

      Our elected representatives have forgotten this.

    • Deborah Johns

      Stellar, concise description. I will be quoting you.

    • Billy Carson

      Always helps to be able to control the narrative also.

      I’ll never look at a cup of coffee the same way again!!

  76. Agent P

    For those who were around at the time…

    ‘Conservative’ talk-radio for all intents & purposes, got its ‘legs’ from the Clinton’s and their escapades. Nearly every week during that 8-year period saw a ‘new revelation’ that was ~certain~ to be the ‘smoking gun’ that brought this corrupt couple down. I know, because I was there as a died-in-the-wool ‘Conservative’. Thankfully, objectivity and reason brought me to my senses years later to see that this entire apparatus that we have come to know as the U.S. political system was a hot, steaming pile of unfathomable corruption, malfeasance and treachery.

    And I have news for ya: If you’re putting your ‘faith’ in Donald Trump, well… May the wind be at your back —

  77. Galaxy 500

    Ron, so they have a cure for cancer and a medical firm hasn’t marketed it yet. Sure … believable
    Do you own stock in this scam? That’s what I want to know

    • Bonnie

      Please check out Ty Bollinger’s THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER. He interviews numerous doctors and cancer survivors. The people who have survived because they didn’t listen to the mainstream medical industry.

  78. anony-mouse

    Look up Catherine Austen Fitts [previous Assistant Secretary on Housing and Federal Housing] article on the coup of the government by the big banks..

  79. Arthur


    My wife and I love your work.

    You’re America’s 21st Century Paul Revere.

    Please keep safe and keep up your great work!

    Regards from Oz


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Arthur for your kind words and support.

  80. JC Davis

    Greg. I did my 4 day yard sale this week. I did a survey in democratic Nashville TN it was trump 32 Hillary 1 and one wise man that said it don’t matter so he will no be voting this year.

  81. Occasnltrlvr

    So THAT’S who “The Hawk” is!

  82. Michael Baker

    I realise that Larry’s interview was totally US centric but there are those of us that follow your site that are neither U.S. residents nor citizens. Would marshal law there or a $ collapse have as much of an effect on other currencies and countries?
    Be interesting to hear what some of your guests think about PM strategy for global citizens not just the US

    • Greg Hunter

      The US dollar is a global currency and therefore this will be a global event.

    • Tin foil hat

      I believe if the $ collapsed tomorrow, China’s CIPS and AIIB would be forced to take over with European supports. I don’t think the Chinese are confident to go with that system alone just yet and they don’t want the yuan to be the reserve currency.
      IMF would switch allegiance and CIPS would likely be operational denominated in SDR. Dollar would be a regional currency and U.S. would be a country not much different as Canada.
      Hopefully, the U.S. government would employ the returning soldiers to rebuild the falling infrastructures.

  83. Deborah Johns

    Thank you for airing this interview. I love Larry Nichols and listened to him for years when he was a frequent guest of the Quinn and Rose show in Pittsburgh. He was always credible and gave insight and information that we listeners would not have had otherwise. I am offended for him by some of your listener comments – although I respect their right to make them. Please bring him back. The man loves this country and has a big heart – and he knows about which he speaks! Give him a chance, people!
    Thanks always for a great show. You never fail to educate and inform. The caliber of your guests is second to none. Larry was no exception.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Deborah for your kind words of support.

  84. coalburner

    I am with 500 on the vaccines. At least most of them. Everyting has risk and is arisk evaluation. IF they did not work enmass they would not be used. Dont start the stuff woth me about hurting child brains. It is not innoculations dumbing them down. It is parents and the education system. You can fix it for your kids.
    As for dumbing down kids, students, the problem is mostly parents. Sorry, any person who leaves the education of their children solely to someone else is taking that risk. Children need to be innouclated with your beliefs and taught to question and think without challenging the teacher but be given the tools to learn and come home to talk about it. They are there to get experience and gather tools like reading , math and getting along with people. The real learning happens because the family values that highly and exposes them to the knowledge banks and doing stuff. The television has more science, biology, archeology, astronomy and history than a human can watch. They learn without knowing it, all but the sleeping and exercize hours.

    • Galaxy 500

      I went to the school when I got my son’s list of required supplies for the third grade. On that list was a calculator. I went and talked to the Principal and had a heated argument. To this day, my son, with an above average IQ, can’t add simple numbers in his head.
      We destroyed our children’s education. If you can’t do it with a number 2 pencil, you shouldn’t be allowed to use a calculator. Base math teaches you logic, and how to think. We no longer teach children HOW to think, they are taught WHAT to think.
      I grew up with people crippled by Polio, blind and or deformed by Rubella, killed by Whooping cough and other childhood diseases. People who forget history are doomed to forget so we have brought back these once vanquished diseases to our shores. Once again the children suffer.

  85. Judy

    Generally I love your guests, I love your work and your interviews.

    But why would you, as a Christian, vote for Donald Trump of all people, to represent us, the people of America? He’s had four wives, cheating on the previous wife with each, he’s declared bankruptcy four times (not a man of his word), he’s said terrible things about others at every turn, he’s a proven liar (according to Fact-checker), and Oscar de la Hoya says he even cheats at golf!! And do you really think he cares one bit, one iota, for the average American, for anyone really, except himself? As a Christian, do you think Jesus Christ would vote for Donald Trump?!?!?

    • Greg Hunter

      I cover Trumps campaign and how the media covers him. The reporting has been more biased than anything I have ever seen in all my career. If top Dems and top Republicans and the MSM hate this man so much there must be a good reason. If the choice comes down to Hillary of Trump who would you vote for (as a Christian)??

      • diane s.

        You’re right Greg
        MSM beyond bias.

        • Greg Hunter

          Diane S.

          It used to be subtle but now it is so obvious it is an arm of the NWO. What they do is too stupid to be stupid.


          • Galaxy 500

            Greg, As you have pointed out so many times, they don’t even cover most of the news, they leave it out OR if it is really big news, they put it on the Web were no one can find it so they can later say , “Oh, we covered it.”

      • Judy

        Neither, Greg. I will likely end up writing in the candidate of my choice on my ballot, rather than compromising my principles and values by voting for either Trump or Clinton.

        • Greg Hunter

          We don’t live in a perfect world. If you do this you are crying in the rain.

    • Brad

      Your smears of Trump sound weak. How do you know he doesn’t care about Americans? He has stated that without America in a reasonable shape his own kids have no future and he’s worried about it. Is that fake concern too? He doesn’t care about America circling the bowl to oblivion?

      • Judy

        Trump is rich enough to send his kids to a prestigious English or Swiss boarding school, and then on to Harvard or Cambridge. He doesn’t need America for his kids. Now, do you really…really… think he cares about average, Joe Blow, American man or woman?

        • Greg Hunter

          Actually Judy, I do and you just kind of made that point. He doesn’t need a $400 a year job with a jet and a house.

  86. Paul ...

    Good article on how the elite use “mind control” to support the fiat US dollar (backed by nothing) …

  87. Paul ...

    This is interesting … a judge orders a mothers child to be snatched because she believes in chemtrails … so this now sets a legal precedent for us to begin snatching the “elite” who believe in killing off 90 percent of the worlds population …

    • JMiller


      I found out that this happened back in 2014 according to the mother’s post on the site below.

      Also the judge retired almost a year ago.

      What happened was the mother lost her child in a custody battle with the father. The child was not snatched from her by the courts as the ALT media makes it sound.

      • paul ...

        Too bad J … it would have been a good legal precedent to begin snatching up the Neocons for their beliefs ( wanting to kill off 90% of the worlds population)!

  88. californiawoman

    As soon as I read what he said that “Donald Trump is not in the system” I decided not to watch the interview. I am no longer that naive.
    For example:

  89. vincent_g

    This sums up why Hillary will loose big time.

    The problem is there is no way Hillary can attack Trump.
    No one knows what works as many have failed trying.

    Your going to see an effort by Hillary that will not only not work – it will send Democrats to Trump.

    What they fail to understand is Trump is pointing out bluntly all the things that’s wrong which he will fix and this is why he is winning.

    It is said that politics is like a pendulum – it swings to the left and to the right.
    We are long over due for a hard right swing.

  90. vincent_g

    Shouldn’t the President have said something about this?

  91. wondrouscat

    So if you work for the state (let’s say you’re actually Secretary of State) and you let top secret information get out to the state’s enemies it’s a “no pros” (as in no prosecution situation) because it’s top secret information that cannot be made public in court. Really? So no one who gives away top secret info is prosecuted? Ever heard of treason?Also, 250,000 Cuban troops marching down our streets? That would wake up the ordinary folk, they’d think we were being invaded, and rightly so, by CUBA. That one’s a bit of a stretch.

    • Paul ...

      If Hillary can’t be prosecuted … why do “they” think they can prosecute Snowden ??

      • JC Davis

        Snowden did not got threw the inner circle.

  92. Andrew Butterworth

    I thought I was politically aware but I realise I know nothing.
    No longer do I know the consequences of my choices.
    I want things to change for the better and maybe Trump is my hope of that change, then I think things are OK and maybe that the Hillary can maintain the status quo, what a dilemma we are in, I do know, this is not simple.
    People were disillusioned like this in Germany in the 19 30s, People hoped for better and voted for Adolf Hitler, he promised to make Germany great again. He had not done any wrongs and was a glimmer of hope.
    What to do. The most difficult decision in my 57 years.
    Trump to be or not to be, who really knows what will be.
    6 pack Johnny could be a wiser man than me.
    What a predicament when a thinking man could vote for world war 3.
    That could come on either tree, God help me find clarity.
    The people will ultimately decide and that is my breath of fresh air.

    • paul ...

      Yeah Andrew … Hillary can maintain the status quo alright … by continuing the theft, lies and constant wars humanity has been brainwashed into thinking is “normal” … we and our children’s children who have to die in all “their” manufactured wars deserve better … lets Trump the Neocons!!!

  93. John Shipp

    Look at the attached video, and really start to worry. Where are the MSM?

  94. wondrouscat

    . . . on the other hand, our opening the doors to Cuba, and Obama going to Cuba, makes one pause . . and often the wildest ideas come to fruition. I respect Larry Nichol’s input and much of it makes a lot of sense. I wish him well.

  95. foggygoggles

    This guy has been saying these things for a long time. Most of which, many of us already knew. This interview did help me understand why you have an inordinate number of precious metals guys on talking their book.

  96. Robert Lykens

    I would pay money if this was a subscription site.
    Thanks, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      You will never have to but I do take donations.

      • Robert Lykens

        Greg, I’ve looked this site over and I can’t find a place to donate. How do I do it?

        • Greg Hunter

          There is a black bar just under the banner. It starts with the word “Home” In that bar near the top right hand side of the page there it says “Donations”. Here’s the page it opens to: The site is free and you are under no obligating to donate. I will like you just the same. Thank you for all you comments and support.

        • Robert Lykens

          It’s well worth it and I’m happy to do so. As I said, if this was a subscription site I’d join immediately. This is a well-managed website which delivers exactly what it promises. That’s rare.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you again Robert for your support!!!

  97. Scott Wolford

    Larry Nichols is an expert in counting votes and executing dirty tricks. I hang on every word when he’s talking about political maneuvering. He’s that master. On just about every other topic, however, he’s just another uninformed opinion. Having spent my entire adult life in/near the military, including time in the Cold War, I know for a fact he’s dead wrong about the military topics. The military would NEVER sit back and watch Obama execute the FEMA nonsense. We would fight to the death before that happened. Also, militaries taunt and tease each other with submarines, ships, and airplanes EVERY DAY. There’s nothing new there. What’s new is the fact you’re HEARING about it in the mainstream media. These stories were publicized for very complicated and subtle reasons, none of which are life threatening. He’s interpreting those events completely wrong. The public need not worry about the military. They are our last hope and they won’t let us down.

  98. Tony

    Hi Greg,
    If I was Nichols and dying of lung cancer – the disease has only a 5% survival rate, I’d tell the truth. Why is he playing games and not revealing what he claims to know? He has the perfect venue on USA Watchdog but doesn’t speak truthfully. If he has information then he should spill it and not play games. I don’t believe he has any facts and I don’t trust him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Confidential sources and information are just that. If you make a promise, you have to keep it otherwise you never get information again.

  99. Jeremy

    Another great and controversial interview Greg. If people want to listen to interviews that just reflect their own biases, then there are plenty of mainstream media sites that will do that for them. Thanks also for posting both positive and negative comments. Some of the links in them make for great follow up work that I would not have found on my own.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeremy for your comment and support.

  100. Randy

    Good Morning Greg,

    One thing Mr. Nichols pointed out was capital controls. Everyone always seem to focus on “limits on daily bank withdrawals”; however, that is only part of the picture. Hardly anyone addresses the fact that you can NOT use your deposit to pay off loans, unless another debt is issued. If people were to understand the “why”, they would fully understand how a debt-based fiat currency works.

    • Tin foil ha

      Greece cannot print money out of the thin air and that’s why the Greek bank forbids early repayment of loan – they have a shortage of fiat money.
      We have the ESF (likely hidden QE, I don’t think the fed set aside existing funds for emergency) to provide liquidity to prevent such shortage. We can also conduct legitimate quantitative easing (in your face QE) which can bypass the necessity to create money via debts.
      Our problem will not surface until people lose confidence. Americans are too distracted to pay attention.

    • Tin foil hat

      I have just come across this article which illustrates my point. Americans are too distracted to look thru the aperture.

  101. MCasey

    Strongly suspect Trump is contributing to Bernie Sander’s campaign forcing Hillary to fight on two fronts….a lot like Trump got the media to pay for his campaign news coverage. I have no doubt Mexico will pay for the “wall”….interesting how angry ex-presidente Fox became and interesting how Presidente Fox has changed his tune and has now invited Trump as a guest………..having a businessman for a President will be fun!

  102. Michael

    Just for the record… I am a Bernie supporter and three-time donor. I WILL vote for Trump contrary to the interviewee’s opinion. The issue isn’t left/right but the corporatocracy which needs dismantling.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think a lot of Sanders supporters are going to vote for the guy who self funded himself through the Primaries just like you. Bernie Sanders if right about the big banks (I don’t agree with much else he says.) Clinton, on the other hand, is bought and paid for by Wall Street and the “Criminal Crony Class” and that includes both Democrats and Republicans.

  103. Lynn

    I saw Gregory Manarino chimed in above. When he comes on next time could we please have him, and any other experts in economics, give an opinion on Trump’s recently unveiled plans to handle the US debt? To him it’s clear that we can never default… just print money.
    I know, he just vocalized what the current and past cronies have been doing. But vocalizing it was a bad idea. Doing as he spoke is a bad idea, too. Trump has no magic that will change the inevitable.
    He probably hasn’t ever considered the meaning of Bretton Woods, supposing he’s heard of it or cares. Endless printing of the reserve currency will assure it won’t remain such for long. Talking about it will shorten that time horizon. Brilliant plan.

    • paul ...

      Lynn … the way Trump will bring down the Federal debt will be to raise interest rates … this will crash the Treasury bond market … then Trump can buy back the 19 Trillion of National debt for just 10 cents on the dollar … now if Trump can save 1.9 Trillion by dumping Obamacare … he can simply buy back our National Debt with all the Obamacare savings … and our country will become “DEBT FREE” … just elect Trump and we can make America Great Again!!!

      • paul ...

        Is it any wonder China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc. are dumping Treasuries as fast as they can and buying gold (and silver) … they know “exactly” what Trump is planning to do to their Treasury holdings … the US dollar is now breaking down “as world confidence in the dollar can’t be maintained by the Fed the closer we get to the election” … and Hillary continues to spiral downward in the polls!

        • paul ...

          Hillary loses another one to Bernie tonight!!!

          • Greg Hunter

            This shows she is weak. I cannot see a situation where a percentage of Bernie voters will not vote for Trump.

      • Lynn

        Well, if all it takes to resolve that little old debt thing is to raise interest rates and crash the bond market then why don’t we just get on with it? Let’s make America great again by destroying the world’s reserve currency and starting a nuclear exchange between us and those squinty-eyed bond holders. heck, why bother with the complex mechanics at all? Let’s just declare those bonds worthless and default them. That way if you like your Obama care you can keep your Obama care. There. Now you’ve saved yourself the trouble of suffering the publicity and media hate of dismantling the socialist holy grail program by waging that nasty battle in congress. same nuclear outcome.

  104. Don

    Brother Greg, had to write this late on this update, so if you can, will you post it on the next update, to let your viewers see and be aware of what this is and means. I want to bring your viewers knowledge of THE LAW OF THE SEA TREATY, which due to be voted on soon, by senate. This treaty deals with sovereignty over much of the sea and ends up being about 70% of the earths surface, land and sea, and atmosphere. This treaty was presented to Reagan in his administration, and he not only didn’t sign it, he fired everyone he could that had anything to do with the document. It effectively gives up our sovereignty to our nation and much of the oceans. It allows global taxes and fee’s to be paid to the UN governing body. Hilary’s husband Bill signed it in a former addition after making a few changes, no doubt so he and Hilary could get a cut. He then sent it the senate and returned with no vote. I want your viewers to know, that one of Hilary’s priorities will be to sign this document, and with the present support of senate in the other international trade deals to destroy national sovereignty, the players are in place to get this pushed through. Kerry is a big player in this along with the Clintons, also Ryan, has been fast tracking the trade deals, so I expect these globalist traders of our nation, are prepared to sell our nation totally out if Hilary becomes President. Also, Obama has prepared through executive orders the authority for foreign troops to assist our national police force, against terrorist, in which any opposition to the government will be declared terrorist. This is very serious, and the people need to prepare themselves if it goes that far. I’m astounded, every time I stumble on the treasonist leaders we currently have. This is another confirmation of the global hatred displaced by leaders and national politicians against Trump. They are planning to finalize global government authority, through these treaties, and if Trump is elected without an assassination attempt, I’ll be surprised. I have warned him through email, if its ever read. I’m convinced they had planned the global economic collapse to help hide there doings, and to take as much capability away from the public. I hope I’m wrong, but there’s much that supports that conclusion. Well, if you will please move this to the next update if you can, and I would appreciate it. Keep up the good work, Your The Man

  105. Galaxy 500

    You often talk about their being no difference between Republican and Demoncrats. More proof you are correct.

    If you hate Donald Trump, you need to ask yourself WHY. Is it simply because he beat your favored candidate in the GOP Primary? Hardly a reason to hate him. Or is there some policy of his which offends you? I will tell you this: Trump doesn’t hate YOU. He is running for ALL Americans. He’s certainly not perfect; even Trump supporters aren’t going to agree with everything he does. But he is by far and away MUCH preferable to another four or eight years of Obama 2.0. Whatever your opinion of Trump, there are some explicitly compelling reasons to cast your ballot for him in November:

    *This election is for ALL THE MARBLES. As many as FOUR or even FIVE seats on the SCOTUS have been projected to be up for grabs in the next Presidential term. If Hillary is elected, we will not see a return to Conservative jurisprudence in our lifetimes, if at all.

    *Hillary Clinton is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Democrats actively import Muslim “refugees” into our nation, creating an internal population hostile to everything for which we stand, while at the same time draining our ever-depleting coffers. Worse, still, than the immediate threat of radical Islam and the violence it has already demonstrated in other nations is the threat of demographic takeover. London, England has its first Muslim Mayor. It is estimated that London will be majority Muslim in a mere TEN YEARS. After that, that once-great city will NEVER have another non-Muslim Mayor again. Here in the US, Muslims will continue to vote Democrat until they have taken over that party externally, as well as internally, at which point they will control the national policy, after which we will never be able to deal with them effectively.

    Germany is all but lost: Play —

    Muslim openly threatens German man: “We will conquer you… —

    *Hillary Clinton will continue to allow criminal aliens to enter our country, and will accelerate the process to grant them citizenship and voting rights… As Democrats. As close as our elections have been to this
    point, there will NEVER be another election in which any candidate YOU support for POTUS will have any chance to win. No wall, no limits, no end to the influx of poverty and criminality which has already reached
    crisis proportions.

    If you choose not to vote in November, or vote third party (one would HOPE you wouldn’t vote for Hillary!), and it turns out that Hillary wins, will all that be worth it, simply to have had some modicum of revenge? PLEASE, express your anger if you must, but come together to defeat the agents of the HARD LEFT, and if you can’t vote FOR Trump in November, then at least vote Trump AGAINST Hillary.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

  106. Justn Observer

    To win….one has to identify the problem….and NAME the problem…and the name of the problem is DEBT… much WORLD DEBT.


    • Tin foil ha

      Justin Obserer,
      I think the problem is perception. As long as the world still perceives the dollar as an asset, we have no problem. However, when the world perceives the dollar as debts, somebody better calls Houston.

  107. Don

    Greg, we are in full mode takeover, and both parties are presently prepared to sale out the American people and our national sovereignty to the UN and world governing powers. Both Kerry, and Obama, has publicly declared the death of the republic and borderless world. Obama may use market collapse to finish the job, and enough people are in place to Buy off THE LAW OF THE SEA TREATY. If for some reason, they can’t manipulate the system to keep Trump from the presidency, and put their puppet Hilary in, then they will implode the global economy as a tool of subjection of the masses. If Hilary is elected, she will immediately go after our gun’s. We are on the threshold of global government, and all the socialist policies that would follow. Obama has put everything in place, to use foreign troops on American soil, to fend off rebellion. The people need to prepare themselves the best they can, because the American people will eventually catch on to what they’ve done, and more than likely all hell will break loose. We must get Trump in office, and be supportive, and incourage him to expose these individuals for their treason.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good points Don!!

  108. Tin foil ha

    The Russian revolution was hijacked by the Bolsheviks. It was never about communism until Lenin stole the revolution from the Russian people.
    I have a feeling that the UN is the new Bolsheviks. It will hijack the nation in the coming economic implosion under the guise of NWO.
    The problem with NWO is nationalism. That’s why Obama and Merkel import Muslims to soften up the national identities of the German and American people.
    I have dealt with second generation Russian, Chinese, Haitian, Mexican, Dominican…… Americans whom almost always identify themselves as Americans first, second generation Muslims seem to identify themselves as Muslim first. Perhaps Obama and Merkel are setting up a 5th column for the NWO.
    Could Islam be the NWO’s state religion?

  109. Galaxy 500

    Can you believe this? Chinese police patrolling the streets in Rome and Milan Italy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Next USA??

    • JMiller

      Not hard to believe. There are only 4 Chinese policeman there and they are working with Italian police along side of them and it is just for a two week period to help protect wealthy visitors from China during a peak tourism period. There are three million Chinese that visit Italy a year and they want to give the Chinese tourist a sense of security. Very understandable and not alarming.

  110. Donna

    I just wanted to share a spiritual message I was given.I am an empath. A few days ago I closed my eyes to rest,not dreaming and I saw military vehicles ,they looked black very square going through towns in the night through puddles of water.Indicating winter.Pray I am wrong.Hope I have helped somebody or many.God Bless.

  111. Billy Carson

    Sorry Larry, I don’t think Americans really understand 9-11. Not after looking at the following photo and verifying their math.

  112. Lori Boyters

    A new video just came (7/27/16) out that Larry goes into about a common sense plan to save America from illegal immigration without a wall, from bad economy without spending a lot of money, from terrorism without a war. Watch the film on Vimeo at:

  113. Debbie Royse

    If there is anyone reading this that is even thinking about voting for Hilary, I pray that you think about your America and where it is and where it would be headed. You have absolutely no choice but to vote for Trump or you will literally flush American down the toilet. Obama has certainly had his hand on the toilet handle and tried to do everything to destroy us with his hatred toward American but he can’t even match Hilary and her corruption. Go look up how many individuals that the Clinton’s have murdered. They are absolutely the most corrupt money hungry evil couple in the world. Don’t be stupid if you want your children and grand children to live in a free society. Now its so horrible with all the corruption in Washington adding Hilary is letting go of the Atomic Bomb! Get educated on them and you will certainly change your mind. D. R

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