State of Inflation, NYT Propaganda Prepare for Crash

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 568 2.10.23)

Vice President Biden gave the annual State of the Union address, and it might as well have been called the State of Inflation address. The ideas presented by Biden spell big inflation and bigger debts. This is not to mention the fact of how out of touch the government seems to be with China, nuclear war with Russia and an ongoing CV19 vax genocide. Let’s pretend everything is great, and the Biden Administration is totally in control—NOT.

The Lying Legacy Media (LLM) has officially turned into a propaganda arm of the New World Order Freedom Hating Democrats. For proof, look no further than the propaganda piece attacking alternative media as spreaders of “misinformation.” This from the organization that told us the Huge lie that President Trump was a Russian asset, and they did this for years!! Same with the incriminating Hunter Biden laptop that the New York Times said was Russian disinformation—Yet, another huge lie in a sea of lies and propaganda. The NYT and the rest of the LLM will never recover from the “safe and effective” claims of the CV19 bioweapon/vax that was pushed day and night 24/7 and is still being pushed. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has some important news on the CV19 vax too.

The economy is tanking, and the Fed is going to continue to raise interest rates for now. Companies are laying people off by the thousands, and the Fed is perplexed over the Saudis moving away from the U.S. dollar in oil trade. The dollar is not going to fall all at once from the world reserve currency perch, but the decline has started. Can the Fed hold up the value of the dollar with 2% interest rates? Of course, the answer is NO.

Join Greg Hunter of for these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 2.10.23.

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After the Wrap-Up

Book author and financial analyst John Rubino will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.
Rubino sees dark things coming for the economy, including a “death spiral.” He will explain on Saturday.


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  1. Carol Bolt

    I cannot fathom how Biden keeps slipping by with all the evil doings in his presidency. My God will they ever catch that rat?? His smirk is most annoying. The SOTU speech was terrible and ridled with lies. How can people not see this?? Meanwhile I am wating to hear John Rubino Saturday night. Pray that the hand of God touches Biden where it hurts the most!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Dear Ms. Bolt: here’s everything you need to know to understand the current situation, and how it ends: 1) elections are a joke and a deceptive distraction, and the outcome is pre-determined via an insidious combination of machine rigging (see Arizona) and ballot “harvesting” (see all major cities in so-called Red states) and 2) the MAGA base is primarily baby boomers and dwindles daily. This is a new reality for our generation (I’m 70). For the first time in our lives, we no longer have the numbers, and the mess at the “borders” (migrants streaming in from south, the sea in the SE, and now even the Canadian border to the north) assure this result going forward. In chess, this is called “checkmate”. Best always. PM

    • Linda

      They see it, they are fine with it or don’t care. Granted some folks may be just stupid (because if you are that ignorant, you may as well be stupid-same thing).

      • Paul from Indiana

        Linda, “They see it.” It’s too much effort to do anything about it. This is why its gone on as long as it has, and why it will go on until the end, now near. Best always. PM

    • Steve Bice

      “or hell which simply does not exist”

      Not sure what bible you are “studying”…

      Matthew 10:28:
      “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

      Jesus himself talks about hell in many verses. Ignore him at your peril. Eddie, where have you gone?

    • Steve Bice

      P.S. This is Jehovah’s Witnesses’ doctrine…and is false teaching.

      • Greg Hunter

        “Richard Gould” has been deleted off USAW and Spammed. I despise JW doctrine and the jack asses who post it. If you find this crap, PLEASE let me know.

      • John Barry

        The end is upon us. The seminaries lie they are of the world and we are told love not the world nor the things in the world if you love the world the love of the Father is not in you. There is a Father and a Son and the Son has a Son. It takes male and female to create HE is not a Baphomet.

    • d2


    • Merlo Theodore

      God bless America!!

  2. Sam

    You are GOOD!,,..,,..,,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sam!

      • Sam

        The BEST One Man Shop on the internet….

        • Patricia Morgan

          We all better hope and pray that digital currency doesn’t happen because that will be a form of tyranny! It’s very scary to know that someone is controlling our money!

          • frankferguson

            Todd Callender explains how digital currency will be biosynthetic. Greg should interview Todd, who has detox info and explains how unvaxxed will do much better in dirty bomb psyop.

        • Don W.

          Sam, you got that right on.

        • Robert Will

          Driving at night is very dangerous post 2019.

      • Monica Highes

        I wanted to tell you dear Greg,my brother in Christ,I await your new broadcast like a girl about to take a ride on a pony.You are my most cherished word in what’s going on in this scary world.So thank you for the truth♥️

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Sister Monica!!
          I liked pony rides too when I was a kid!!
          Brother Greg

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        You do a great job!!!!! You also make me laugh.

        God bless you my friend


  3. Mike G

    Must say adderall is quite an effective stimulant.

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    The Hirsch analysis of America’s attack on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines at the behest of Victoria Nuland and her associated crazies because of her loathing of Russians has opened a few eyes here in the UK.Primarily, that the analysis has been barely reported on and the White House is doing a royal protocol attack,no response we can only assume that the full story is even worse and paints America as a terrorist state ,which it has been labeled in the past during the 1970s and early 1980s particularly by Sir Keith Joseph and his team in parliament. Why are the American establishment so intent on a third world war and the American people are accepting this inevitability. Have Americans awoken to the reality as have we here in the UK that our “Democracy” has been so deeply infiltrated by “foreign” agents that our voices and votes mean nothing? Our democracies have died and we were unaware until they showed up with a needle and our government attacks another country because of Vicky and co say so! This is the depth of diplomacy now in the West, whatever ever the crazies in Washington say we have to comply even in the USA.The nonsense of the CIA being an external spy agency was put to rest under the Nixon regime in the 1970s. So the CIA is the new KGB and handmaiden of the crazy terrorists with Tricky Vicky as the head.
    When do we all get a grip? Post nuclear attacks?
    So much for Liz Truss planting the bomb but giving cover for the Norwegians and the American teams. This is all the stuff of “Mission Impossible”!

    • Mat

      It is necessary as they are cornered with an imploding economy due to the BRICS+ and the end of their unipolar rule and the recent con we just went through. There is expected major wars on many fronts soon – US, Nato, UK, Ukraine vs Russia, Belarus, Serbia; Israel vs Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon; Pakistan vs Iran, India, Afghanistan; and China, North Korea, Russia vs South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Papaua New Guinea, Phillipines, Australia. Looks like South America, Africa and South East Asia (they have said they will not participate) will largely escape the fighting but not the chaos from the whirlwind. This is why Russia has been readying their nuclear shelters and all the recent war games and balloons spying. We have reached a long time ago the mathematical limits of the printing press that just keeps going like the energizer bunny but that will slowly then suddenly implode. We are here.

      If you do some research you will find that there have been large die offs every 200 years and smaller ones every 100 years. We are here. Good luck.

    • GERRY

      Maria: ditto your remarks for Canada. I truly believe the phrase ” God help us” because we are too far down the road to stop them barring a “hot” fight. Thus keep your eyes on the skies.

  5. Joe

    Great as usual Greg, I have to agree with you on the comment about Jesus saying if he doesn’t return and intervene all would perish. When you have Communist experience this has even more meaning and truth, because Communists don’t have any empathy or compassion, no respect for nature. Personally it might well be a combination of the liars and their crazy “technologies” (like the vaccines), and atomic warfare. God bless you sir.

    • john

      These current leaders of our “western ” countries are truly satanic. How can these demons witness tens and tens of thousands of deaths and destruction and live with themselves. The curr lloyd austin wanting to put Russia on their heels. Comrade biden and lloyd austin, kaarma is a bitch and you have put the U S in extreme jeapordy. If not in this life, you will have alot to answer for during the Great White Throne judgement of the CHRIST. Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

  6. robert

    Irony banned on rumble from posting but not on here… World Ignores China’s Massive Organ Harvesting Evil –Mitch Gerber I wish he was back on a friend was executed in china back in early 2020 for what he was sending out from china. Too bad you cannot get the escaped NK scientist from Norway on your channel.
    He had sent me vids from hong kong and the vax testing on children in anti ccp villages. lot going on what about the mass shipping from southern usa to british columbia and the drones that carry missles on the mex/usa border.
    What about the cell site stingray bill 2122 re entroduced i talked to the senators staff in DC 2 weeks ago. I want this to pass. Always love your content.

  7. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg, Watchdoggers, (haven’t got to WNW568 yet)
    My wife informs me someone has adopted my USAW moniker – PersonaNonGrata – on Twitter. I have never posted on Twitter.

  8. gary

    I didn’t watch him . I knew he would lie for a hour !

  9. Gary B

    There was a red wave in 3 states . Ohio ,most Republicans ever like Florida .

  10. Iggy

    State of Confusion, more like.
    Pray up before its too late,

  11. john

    I think if and when the pushers and manufactuers of the jab get prosecuted, if not the death penalty, these rotten evil currs need to be imprisned under the U S Capital and be jabbed with their own poison weekly. I think cliff high may be correct though, they won’t be able to walk the streets safely. Bless you Greg, for refusing to be silenced.

  12. jomer

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that balloon was also doing geologic deep earth scanning for minerals.

    I could see one day when it is announced they discovered huge nickel and copper deposits in the Rockies and Montana, a colbalt deposit in the Carolina Smokie Mountains, and the land/mineral right just happen to be owned by CCP front companies.

  13. Breck

    No more driving at night for the foreseeable future Greg.

  14. PersonaNonGrata

    What’s happening to James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, Dr Simone Gold, and Reiner Fuellmich? Interesting article by David Sorensen of ‘Stop World Control’. When you get to the landing page, simply ‘X’ out the (free) subscription ad and you will see the article.

    My take: TPTB identify potential antagonistic influencers and position faux supporters to bring them down.

  15. Frank Speech

    UN Issues Global War Warning As Ukraine Defeat Looms And America Nears Brink Of Collapse
    Posted on February 9, 2023 by Constitutional Nobody

  16. Aline Santos

    Massive psyop on the public and focused on the younger generation.
    Has anyone spoken to people 30 years of age or younger?
    This is their normal. They have been sold the lie thru indoctrination
    and only want to be taken care of by the “Government”.
    America and the world are in for a major shock.
    Prepare mentally, physically and most important spiritually.

  17. Stephanie

    Dear Greg,
    I appreciate everything you do. Please look into having the Canadian Christopher James on your program what he knows can stop everything.
    Christopher James A Warrior Calls .com
    Once we the people stop answer to the corporation of Canada which enslaves us. This applies to every country.
    This will be a game changer for every living Man, Woman and child who answers to God and not a service Corporation.
    Also Christine Anderson from THE European Union she praised the Canadian Truckers and she scolded Trudeau and told him he was a traitor, tyrant and he was not welcome in parliament. She is on a tour of Canada starting February 18th. Well worth you bringing her on your program.
    Ask yourself why you have a birth certificate you are sold into the corporation. Your parents were tricked like parents continue to be tricked. We can stop all of this once we understand .
    You have the power to really change things for every Man, Woman and child.
    Please, please look into what I have told you.

    • Lori McNeil

      Yes! Everyone needs to learn the difference between Legal, for Corporations, and LAWFUL which is for living men and women. Our current COURTS are corporations and do NOT care about Justice. PLUS they do not actually have jurisdiction over YOU unless you give it to them. Christopher James and Common Law are the way forward for real men and women. Please learn the 4 fundamental truths here:
      Thank you, Greg. I listen every week, at least once.

  18. Nick de la Gaume

    The image of your country is rather bloody. Ugly in the extreme!

    Here in Europe we are your slaves!

    Almighty Lord, grant me the willingness and innocence to except Your Guidance so that I may enjoy Your Protection.

  19. David Dunne

    I think Satan is happy and it would take God intervening now. Greg I am in Thailand as you know and honesty no one talks about the lovely Princess now being kept alive after 2 Franenshots and two boosters as you get thrown in jail speaking here about the Royals but the whispering now is loud. I am speculating now but the chit is going to hit the fan soon. I think we all will fry like bacon soon God help us now

    • Bodych

      I posted a comment to your posting, David, but clicked the wrong “Reply”.

      If Greg can fix, that would be great. If not, then go down one post, and that’s where my comment is.

  20. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

    • Bodych

      Greg, you and David need to read this URL I’m posting. I posted it somewhere else, and nobody gives a crap.

      You reported on the Thailand royal family, and the princess who is in a coma, and how the royal family is so angry.

      Are you aware that the King of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn, is the major shareholder of a COVID vaccine maker using AstraZeneca’s technology? They have exclusive rights to the vaccine in Southeast Asia.

      This news article was posted 4 June 2021, and I discovered it by accident. I believe “Nikkei Asia” is a reputable site, but not sure.

      It begs the question: Did the King of Thailand put PROFIT before the health of his daughter? Some of us have known about fake covid nearly since day 1. If *I* knew about it, the King knew about it even before me.

  21. Neville

    AAcrimes worst perfidious president gives his warped views on the state of chaos engulfing the usa.A lot of this evil was introduced by BUMSEN BINDEN from the get go when he broke into the cesspit called the whitehouse.
    Everything around him is tainted to the hilt…….what we can say is that all the above and lots more criticized by a host of astute and HONEST TRUTH TELLERS .
    The events now happening in AAcrime is well scripted and falls in line with the Prophecy according to THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS which exposes the whore of Babylon and end times.

  22. Mike Schepers

    Hi Greg,
    Have a ? About the USADebt Clock. Maybe one of your guest will know this. They are not publishing the gold to dollar and silver to dollar same with oil ratios . They have an * in the boxes . Stating that due to M2 money supply is decreasing. Any ideas
    Thanks Mike

  23. Marie Joy

    IF I were China/XI, I would first EMP America, and then, after a lack of electricity and a lack of food have killed most Americans, I would invade what’s left of America.
    Your treasonous politicians and the people who own them brought you to this point.

  24. Marie Joy

    MSM has nothing good to say about our President Trump and nothing bad to say about RINO Ron DeSantis. RINO Ron is not what he seems to be.

    • Edd

      Marie,I keep hearing this about DeSantis, but have yet to see any proof. Perhaps you can provide a link from a credible source, to justify the accusation.thank you.

  25. John Barry

    Greg, why do you care about America?

    HE says, Deuteronomy 28:1
    And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of YHWH ELOHAYKA, the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that YHWH ELOHAYKA, the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth.”

    All the nations of the Earth are evil. HE shared scripture with me showing how we crush the kingdoms of this Earth literally. We build HIS temple of WOOD!!! But none are interested because the seminaries say New Jerusalem is next it is not? Priests, reverends, fathers, imams, rabbis are leading the flock astray as ALL the prophets say. Have you ever heard that we build a temple of wood? No! The Jews could not have that! It proves the carpenter came but none of you believe even though Ezekiel wrote about it. Believe the seminaries Greg they are not lying but according to ALL the prophets THEY ARE!

    Much Love, John Barry

  26. PersonaNonGrata

    ‘What Was Covid Really About? Triggering A Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Debt Crisis. “Ramping up an Imperialist Strategy”?’

  27. William Wilhelm

    Greg, great job. Most are missing the point of the Euphrates is drying up just like the Bible stated it would. Some theological minds are claiming 2040 is when the angles will appear. Those in power should repent while they still have time.

  28. Michael

    If you want to know what depleted uranium does, check out the rates of birth defect, miscarriages and cancer in Iraq.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes. The birth defects resulting from DU poisoning are terrible. Our own American soldiers who were sent to Iraq and subsequently fathered children after returning home experienced some of the same exact birth defects as the most unfortunate Iraqi citizens did. War crimes that should have also been prosecuted on the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld crime syndicate. I pray someday soon all these criminal murderers are rounded up and given the justice they deserve. I also wonder if these most recent Turkey/Syrian earthquakes were generated by the HAARP military weapons of mass destruction, given the high frequency and weather warfare being carried out against the world by the military industrial machine General/ President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of so many decades ago. Seems a reasonable question doesn’t it??

  29. Tommy

    Always remember what Gerald Celente says…when all else fails, they take us to war.

    • Paul from Indiana

      They’ve already done that! What do you think is going on in Ukraine? Next is Taiwan, and from there, the entire northern hemisphere. From “Game on” to “Game over”. Best always. PM

  30. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Why would I watch a SOFTU speech given by a lying mental defective who stole an election & is an agent of the CCP?

    I consider any & all MSM media like the New York Times speaking out of the state of New York ………a liar’s.

    End the corrupt Federal Reserve

  31. Jane jones

    Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is now giving away FREE download access to a comprehensive nine-hour audio book and PDF reference document that’s packed with the knowledge you need to survive. Here’s how to get it for free right now and download all the files to your computer or mobile device, all for FREE.

  32. GERRY

    You Americans at least, shot the thing down but, we in Canada didn’t even know it was over our land! One assumes that our comrade leader trudeau was told , however, nothing was done about it, possibly because we here in Canada are an open book to the Chinese. I think both our countries are way past the point of concern to communism that we are sitting ducks. The lack of any concern of our bought- off citizens isn’t even remarkable anymore. Canada eh!

    • Henry Patrick

      Reply to GERRY;
      Growing up on the Canadian border, exposed to Canadian media radio and television, which intern exposed us, to some Aussie media as well. That more southernly states don’t get much at all. We here feel more Enlighted, more liberal and grounded, that there is a world outside the United States. But now in our dis United States, I realize that our founding fathers wanting to prevent the dis-order of the old country Europe and the mother country Britain. That you don’t have in Canada, Oz or New Zealand and Great Britain. We clearly have here, that the people are the ultimate decision makers in the eyes of the authors of the Declaration of our Independence from the old world. This excerpt from the Declaration of Independence will make it clear to you-> _”Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety.
      These words written at our founding, are words that strike fear into the hearts of our FBI today. That are more concerned with continuing the corruption without interruption, than the business of protecting the powers of we the people and the right to vote and our votes to count and not stuffing ballot boxes in Detroit and points east!
      Instead of brandishing us as a threat to our deep state, that does not represent we the people through our election process. That we fought the British empire fer, but they now, our FBI. Represent an elite class of un-elected, bought and paid for Chi-com money grubbers! That’s what this whole balloon thing was all about. The Chinese are as mad as hell and want to see how far, our bought and paid for money grubbers will go in defiance of they’re Chinese masters! [Did you see Mitch McConnel’s face during the state of the union address? What a gas!] They the Chinese communists feel rightly double crossed and they aren’t gonna take it anymore, so expect the Ukraine war to be payback in the coming Russian offensive! During which China will participate, in a total economic takedown of the west.
      Payback is a bitch, Mr. George Soros and our real president Barry the O’bomber.
      The only hope of the world, the west, the Anglo-American dual world super power is we the people of the United States.
      You better start uniting people, before the game is called out on account of darkness. A l o ‘ haaaa!
      Michael Moore Explains
      Meet John[JoeBlow]Doe
      Joe Blow your the hope of the world…

  33. Justn Observer

    Greg, One does wonder how the economy is supposed to be doing so well and jobs report is ‘supposed to be’ climbing with record new jobs created? as more companies report layoffs and the Baltic Dry Index falling below 600 ? Do wonder who is doing the hirings where and with what since the U.S. makes so little of its own products. Might be some shift of jobs as millions flee to other states…but NEW jobs building new factories or pushing out exports? Have some doubts!

  34. Stephenw

    Got my popcorn!!!! Metels, food , cash , fuel , …. trying to be read for whatever!

  35. D. POWERS

    World War III Is ‘Already Underway,’ Russian Journalist Claims
    Story by Jon Jackson • Yesterday
    World War III Is ‘Already Underway,’ Russian Journalist Claims
    Story by Jon Jackson • Yesterday

  36. Robert schanke

    Monkywerx on youtube showed by radar track that the US destroyed the pipeline the day after it happaned.

  37. Bennet Cecil

    This is the link on Twitter that explains what has happened in Switzerland and Thailand.

    • Pete+only

      Thanks for sharing this information Bennet.
      There are approximately 3 million lawyers in the U.S alone, almost one for every 100 of it’s citizens, so pardon the pun, what a shot in the arm this might be for actualling getting things done from a legal basis.
      As are the legal options from a military aspect.
      Viewers of U.S.A Watchdog, please share this link with as many people as you can as it may help inspire people to act from a legal perspective, everywhere in the world.

  38. Fred Engel

    Your right about Tom Cotton, also Ted Cruz is a RINO saw them in a video calling for the destruction of Russia. Poke the bear, the industrial military complex. Saw the Hersh report, I’m sure Russia knows. They have been prepping to fight NATO 20 years. Reports are they Russia has 60k tanks. 12k are near the boarder. They’re supply routes are shorter. They are better prepared. Their military production is running 24/7 we and NATO, are under supplied.
    I’m sure you remember when Mark Taylor was on your show, said God told him there would be military tribunals on the order of Nuremburg. They are starting.

  39. CJ

    If they are putting the MRNA technology in animal vaccines, we need to watch for animals starting to attack humans or being more aggressive going forward. If it causes crazy it people, why wouldn’t it in animals, too. Revelation 6:8

    Also, is this another attack on the food supply? To avoid that technology, we won’t be able to purchase meat in the store, or hunt as it appears they are using it to vaccinate wild animals, too. They seem determined to get that stuff in every human body. Why is that so important to them?

    • Paul

      “Why is that so important to them?” Because they want to kill us.

  40. Victor Yanacovichinski

    Part of The Sun Has Broken Off And Formed a Vortex… What The Heck Is Going on?
    SPACE 10 February 2023 ByMICHELLE STARR
    For all that the Sun is a ubiquitous and vital part of our lives, a lot about it remains baffling. And now it’s done something decidedly peculiar.
    Carlos Merlos @DesdeEUaSV Feb 7 Replying to @TamithaSkov
    Matthew 24: 29 comes to mind. People need to pick up their bible and realize we are in the last days and turn to God through Jesus Christ.

  41. Diana Brown

    Thanks once again Greg for another meaningful weekly wrap-up. Good to see your sponsorship is growing. It tells me who specifically to align with as a consumer. Question for your expert investigative skills: What’s up with this James OKeefe – Project Veritas suspension? My intuition tells me that retaliation by Pfizer is underway given the successful recent expose. Please comment.

  42. Andrew Harrison

    Great show as always, adverts are no problem (what’s wrong with free enterprise for goodness sake!).

  43. Sam

    Trump set the table for Biden…

  44. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — Interesting times. Regarding the SOTU — I didn’t watch it at all. IIRC I was watching something from PBS that was pre-recorded, much better use of my time. Really I simply wasn’t interested in anything VP Biden had to say. I did watch MTG walking the halls of congress with a big white balloon — too funny.

    Heard from another source that Russia is massing a huge force of troops and tanks; it’s just a matter of time. Trust me, the pitiful number of tanks NATO was considering sending to Ukraine would not make a difference. F-16’s or other fighter jets — imo Russia’s special operation will be over — as in all done — before those jets can be delivered. Who’s going to fly those jets? Have Ukraine’s pilots ever flown a high performance jet with a seat that rolls back when you pull lots of G’s? Folks you don’t learn to fly one of these in a couple days. Sticking these in the air with untrained pilots is just adding metal to the air for the Russians to shoot at.

    Ivermectin — incoming. For me it’s not for covid or vaxx injury — afaik I never had covid-19 and was never jabbed with the bio-weapon. Nope, it’s for parasites which is where Ivermectin made it’s bones. This med should be OTC everywhere. But that’s just my uneducated opinion.

    • Russ 2

      Misstated — the F-16 seat doesn’t “roll back”; the seat is inclined 30″ like you’re sitting in a recliner. Still, fly-by-wire and controls take some getting used to.

  45. Margo

    Hey Greg, I followDr. Kory and Steve Kirsch on Telegram, but thought I would suggest you interview Dr. Henry Ealy (Also can be found on telegram). He has been adamant against the damn shots from the beginning, and I enjoy his detailed information and commentary. He is a holistic doctor with some pretty interesting information and views on ways for damaged people to heal from this vile substance. Just more research to share and help people! Guy has a huge heart for helping people just like Dr. Kory does.

  46. Paul from Indiana

    Persona, we would all be better off if no one had ever posted on Twitter or FaceBook. Social media are for suckers. It’s hanging yourself with your own rope, by giving those in control the information and evidence they need to do us in. Stay with the informed at USAW. Best always. PM

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Paul,
      Totally agree. I have never been on Twitter – that’s why my wife had to tell me 😊
      Also, I don’t use FB. Shame to witness virtually ALL young people glued to their handheld devices, even when walking about. TPTB have a captive audience!

  47. Patricia Holloway

    You are on fire, Greg! Excellent journalism as always. The cartoon photo, I especially liked the sippy cup.

    IVM can be found in the US but the prices are awful. Talk about gouging people who are desperately seeking help, shame on them!

    Don’t know if you will allow me to recommend Arhant Sales. Can be found on IndiaMart.
    They are a pharmacy located in India used by friends, neighbors, church members. Can provide their Signal phone number if needed. Prices may have increased somewhat, not sure, but IVM 12mg Quantity 500 was less than $100. There is a shipping charge, maybe $40. Fast shipping and discreet.

    Be assured, I don’t get a commission.
    Just passing on the information that saved us and especially a family member, Mike who was in UNC hospital. Mike was pressured and pressured to be intubated also to allow Remdesivir. Mike had upper respiratory illness and untreated pneumonia, not Covid. Predicted he had two days to live unless he allowed intubation. Hospital staff stated intubation had an 80% chance of survival. LIE.

    News media fails to cover the big money made from organ harvesting.

    We printed out Dr. Pierre Khoury’s instructions and sent that to his wife along with IVM from a Pharmacy.
    Mike is a very big guy– 24mg IVM, Vit. D3, Zinc daily WITH a meal which his wife cooked at home. The IVM regimen was given out of hospital and camera sight.
    Mike was discharged home in three days of taking the IVM treatment.
    The Glory goes to God.!!!

    Mike and Clara are our cousins. We recently attended their son’s wedding in NC.
    God bless you, Greg, your family and loved ones!

  48. phil

    Urgent Explanation of Money and Executive Order #14067 Part 2
    By Anna Von Reitz
    Finally, people are beginning to understand Swindles that happened over a hundred years ago, and we have a lot of catching up to do. In the first article appearing under this title, we showed everyone how Lincoln and his Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, figured out a way to snooker everyone into exchanging gold for paper “Greenbacks”.
    We also explained how a consortium of private banks operating as the “Federal Reserve” got involved to front Lincoln’s government an initial loan to back the issuance of Greenbacks, and how once the Greenbacks were issued, Investment Bonds were used as a lure to attract outside investors who had to buy the Greenbacks with more gold before they could invest in the 10/40 Bonds.
    So, it was a Round Robin and all based on gold to gold transactions initially. Gold was used to issue and subsequently to buy Greenbacks, given them value. Greenbacks backed by gold and bought with gold were used to buy the infamous 10/40 Bonds. Naturally, the expectation of the investors was that they would be paid back in gold, plus interest, when the bonds matured.
    That didn’t happen.
    Instead, investors were told that they had to accept Greenbacks as payment for their investment and interest due, because that’s how they paid for the investment bonds in the first place. Then as now, there was no way to convert the Greenbacks back into gold, other than using them to buy gold at street value.
    Most investors grumbled, but accepted the Greenbacks because it beat the alternative of losing their investment value outright.
    The printing presses were in business and the Belle Epoch Era was the result.
    This was a period of wild investment spending. The sky was the limit. The American Robber Barons built railroads and AC power grids and invested in internal combustion engine technology, they built vast factories to produce things on assembly lines, they invested in banks

    and revolutionized the stock and commodity exchange markets. The Government invested in infrastructure, too, improving old and building new bridges and roads throughout the country, postal service vastly improved, public hospitals were built, and thanks to Robber Baron Andrew Carnegie, the idea of public libraries were born. Every little nook and cranny in America seemed destined for greatness.
    And it was all built on the Greenback Swindle, trading paper for gold —- and corporations. Lots of corporations. The Civil War had taught Robber Barons like Remington and Westinghouse the advantages of using corporations to shield private fortunes from business investment risks, so they proliferated like the flowers in May in the period immediately following the Civil War and most of the Greenbacks, one way or another, through the public sector or the private sector, got funneled into the growing economy by corporations.
    The summit of this time period was epitomized by the Chicago World Fair at the turn of the century. Even today when we contemplate photos from this phantasm it is hard to imagine how an entire “city of the future” was built and electrified and equipped with a moving sidewalk in less than two years and left to wonder, why, having spent all the time and money to build it — was it torn down just as fast?
    Probably more graft and collusion between the State of Illinois, City of Chicago, and the labor unions who got the work both coming and going, but suffice it to say that the Belle Epoch was a Boom Time for everyone, even though very few people understood how all this was suddenly happening. And even fewer people would understand the odd collapse that followed in 1906 as a result of overspending and time delays in reaping real profits from many of the investments that were made.
    Next, we will show you how the banks began their “run up” to pull the same trick of exchanging paper for silver.
    By 1906, the Scottish Commercial Corporation


    I think the patent from Microsoft is: WO=World Order…2020 (year covid lockdown began)…060606 = 666 = WO2020060606

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Richard,
      Good spot. I noticed the ‘666’ right off the bat but failed to notice the ‘World Order’ and ‘2020’. And, let’s all ponder – how do you arrange for the patent office to assign your application a ‘personalised’ number???!!! I guess you simply apply your megabucks to corrupt officials who appear to have proliferated everywhere.

  50. Dave

    Tom Cotton is a staunch neocon. He voted for McConnell to be Minority leader and he voted for the budget bill before the new session started. One of 18 GOP Senators to do so. That took all power away from the McCarthy House GOP majority to do anything to address spending until the new fiscal year next September. He was on with Hugh Hewitt praising the vote as with McCarthy in the new session there were issues around defense spending and aid for Ukraine. As in the new House might not increase defense spending enough. Beware the neocons. Cotton is up for reelection next cycle and hopefully he will have a challenger in the GOP primary.

  51. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, Clif High called it vaxcident, also a lot of crossing over the double yellow line .

    • Greg Hunter

      I think High was the first to use that term. Good on Clif!

    • Valerie

      Greg’s reporting on wrong way drivers reminded me of Clif High’s “vaccident” prediction too!

  52. Felix

    people don’t understand the bankers have been doing this for several hundred years.They build one empire and they are the battering ram of the world and they go rape and pillage other countries and steal their gold,natural resources.Wether it was spain,portugal,britain and now the U.S. Rinse and repeat and feed the people bs through the lying legacy media.Putin is a student of kissinger that scumbag,so the bankers are playing nation against nation and we are pawns in the game.These rulers of the darkness are true satanists.Like greg always says prepare mentally,phisically and above all spiritually.GOD bless watchdoggers.

  53. Syl in WA

    US asked the British to blow up the pipeline in Europe and they did it for our politicians
    That can out at the time it was done.

  54. Dave

    CDC 2004 “study” wanted to find what WOULD work so they could block it when the plandemic began.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Dave, but the CDC did a paper in 2005 that showed it worked.

  55. Southern Girl

    Love, love, love your site. Again, I but my Ivermectin here: It is $80.00 for 12 mg. and shipping is $30.00 for a total of 100 tablets. I have ordered from them twice! So much cheaper than other sites. About 2 weeks wait it comes from Singapore.

  56. Paige Barent

    Jesus didn’t say “will I find any flesh left on earth”; He said, “will I find any faith left on earth.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I was right and here is the Bible scripture I was quoting:Matthew 24:22 (KJV)
      22 “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”

      • Nikiti Rusher


      • Ron Palling

        So for the elites sake they’ll be saved. I guess thers hope for Bill Gates after all!

        • Greg Hunter

          Bill Gates is not the “elect” This means Christians not Demons.

      • Don W.

        Yes Greg, and what you have is the Great Tribulation that was shortened. Then He comes with His Angeles and away we go shortly after the middle of the Tribulation time.

        • Jeramiah Johnson

          Some say we wont have to go through it at all. But if it’s shortened for Christians, there must be some Christians that survive it. Or see it to the end? They call it pre-trib, post tribe and mid tribe. Pick your own trib trip, I guess.
          Like they say, Bible prophecy is better understood, in hind-sight. Or half-arse backwards as they say in the back woods.
          Then well say, it was there all the time, but we just couldn’t see it?
          God works in mysterious ways, sometimes.

  57. John Maskell

    Great show Greg .
    Too many vaxidents in the UK now ! It’s becoming so obvious that people’s thinking is deteriorating . Painfully horrid to see . Another topic occurring is that Nigeria is having a banking crisis . People can’t access their accounts . This could be a contagion to other investors like Turkey thus triggering a knock on effect with German banks ! They all inter lend and invest with each other , house of cards ? We will have to wait and see . Looking forward to Saturday night’s show. Much appreciate the work you do Greg !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the analysis and reporting from the UK, John!

  58. Dave

    Nancy Mace, a well-respected moderate GOP congresswoman, is saying her onset onset of asthma symptoms may be related to the vaccine. Mark Levin said on his show yesterday he’s having breathing issues. They can’t find anything and he’s starting to think it’s the vaccine. More and more prominent people are coming forward with such stories.

    Mace was one of the few in Congress who took the vaccine. She is hardly an anti-vaxer. Many didn’t take it and apparently Trump, and his family didn’t either. They were perhaps in the know that it was not as safe as the propogandists told us?

    • Greg Hunter

      They need Ivermectin ASAP. They can also talk to Dr. Kory at:

    • Earth Angel

      Did Levin take the jab’s? I thought he’d be smarter than that.

  59. Anita

    Thanks Greg, excellent wrap up as usual. You know these people driving in the wrong lanes could be illegals who where they come from the driver is at edge of road & not at the center, like here.

  60. ken

    Oh all the complaints. The election was rigged. The spy balloon from China – now enemy numero uno – because they stole our yobs!
    Yep,,, came to america and held guns to the heads of corporations to move their production to China. Course no one cared. We would get cheaper goods offsetting government induced inflation.

    The spy balloon? Probably a US spy balloon. Read up. A few years ago it was all over the news about how the US Mafia called government was spying on us using balloons… course no one cared.

    The Mafia fixing the elections? We complain then run to the judicial system of said mafia and expect justice?

    WWIII? The Mafia is in fact starting a war but who is paying the money. Anyone see a big move to stop the gun running to Ukraine? We are paying for the new tanks,,, fighter jets and missiles that can reach Moscow…. Now whose fault is it again? When your children come home in a bag look in the mirror.
    See any major protests out there?

    Heard of the bill to eliminate the income tax and replace it with a Mafioso sales tax of 30%. It’s baaaack! No exemptions baby. Everyone pays, healthy, disabled, retired…. everybody pays. The top income tax today is about 39%. Everyone would essentially be in the upper tax bracket. Of course it’s only on what you purchase. Anyone priced food, houses, medical, drugs, cars lately? That’ll be 30% chumps!

    Covid? Any low IQ lawyer could easily convict ( in a real court of justice) the pharmas, the mafioso and the experts but their scared of losing their license… issued by the mafioso. Same with the doctors and hospitals getting paid off by the mafioso to diagnose covid and kill the patient with their covid regime. Who is defending these killers? Probably over half of us! Who pays again? We pay again!

    Short story,,, we are paying for everything they are doing. Enjoy!

    • RTW

      Well done. There’s at least two of us out there who think alike.
      People need to realize that the first words uttered by a politician are a lie and maybe by the tenth version we might get a modicum of the truth, or not. That’s our world.

  61. Don W.

    Greg. You have to see this all the way to the end. It is unbelievable.

  62. Paige Barent

    Mike Adams over at the Health Ranger is reporting that there are several scientific studies that have shown that egg yolks stop the spike proteins in CV-19 from binding to the ACE2 receptors. He discusses this on this daily podcast today.

  63. Adam

    Greg, you should try to get Steve Bannon on USA Watchdog. He is always on fire with his Warroom project. Hopefully, he could talk about the crypto project he’s working on to create a conservative parallel economy. The project is called Freedom Jobs Business $FJB coin. iOS and Android app stores have the crypto app that has been announced as a conservative alternative to Coinbase, allowing you to have complete control over your crypto. He could also talk about Kari Lake and the battle she has been fighting to stop corrupt elections. The tide is turning, and as you say, those that prepare will be able to withstand better than those that don’t. Taking responsibility for your spirituality, health, and wealth will ultimately bless you to inherit the world. As Jordan Peter says, the MEEK could be translated as those that know how to use the sword but are disciplined at keeping it sheathed could be how the prepared inherit the earth. Gold, Silver, and Crypto, as Gerald Celente says. Hopefully, Steve Bannon will succeed with his crypto endeavor, which, in turn, helps those involved early on to provide the capital that could be used to build up communities of like-minded individuals to end all the corruption once and for all.

  64. Chip'off the Old'Bloke

    In House floor remarks last night, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) tore into President Biden.
    Forbes Breaking News 399K views 1 day ago
    He’s as mad as Hell and he’s not gonna take it anymoe!

  65. Shiloh1

    Folks, the only way this country is coming back is to get in Doc Brown’s DeLorean and set the date back to 1955.

    FBI has found a gateway to declare Christians as criminals: Kyle Seraphin

    On Tucker and other sources.

  66. Melvin Gibsonovich
    Nuclear micro reactors to hit the market! Perfect for your bug-out crib, pad , hideout. Don’t forget your lead, Ned Kelly armor!

  67. Kim

    Please refer to these demonic entities as, THE POWERS THAT OUGHT NOT BE

  68. Follow Da Moolaa

    Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is About to be ANNIHILATED (Exclusive Interview) / Stephen Gardner 459,340 views Feb 7, 2023
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Stephen Gardner to update us on the Ukraine Russia war. Did NATO want this war? Will the US trigger world war 3 in order to prop up Biden and his white house? Was the Chinese spy balloon to embarrass Biden or is it to distract Americans? Can Ukraine beat Putin? Can Nato beat Putin?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Da Moolaa,
      Many thanks for the link. I have listened to Col. Douglas Macgregor several times and this is the best yet. By the way, youtube appear to be ‘censoring’ this important interview by their technique of placing VERY LONG ad breaks throughout. I managed to fast forward past these obstructions.

      P.S. One of Col Macgregor’s observations regarding the weather balloon distraction. ‘People in the US don’t realise that both China and Russia have HUNDREDS of satellites deployed in space, capable of reading the inscriptions on grave stones from 100,000 feet! A balloon over the US is not even able to communicate directly with China because it is on the other side of the world.’ Wake up people! DOH!

  69. Geneva Thatcher

    Dear Greg, thank you so much for the truth. When I was on, I would post your videos and introduce you in the head title: “Greg Hunter: NEWS by a Christian Guy Who Does Not Lie.”
    Very much appreciate you Greg and all the hard work you do to bring us the true news.
    You are a blessing to us in a world of fake news during this time of the lucifer rebellion, which should be coming to an end in the near future, hence the war of good against evil we are in now. As you already know, GOD ALWAYS WINS.
    The luciferians in positions of power are trying to hold on to this rebellion for as long as they can. Not going to matter, the lucifer rebellion is coming to an end per Heavenly Father’s Will.
    Needless to say Greg, We are in Worse before Better, per my Angels.
    We need to get through all the evil the luciferians in political positions of power have for us in the coming months, possibly next 2 years. Our Father in Heaven wants His children of Earth to ‘see’ really ‘see’ the luciferians for who and what they are, so things are gong to get really bad for people of Earth. My Angels told me we are going to get hit with hard truth, one truth after another. The great revealing is here, prepare for the ‘hard’ truth. For example: CNN reporting the BioWeapon Death Shots are not good for you. More hard truth to come.
    Off topic, could you kindly have Clif High on again?
    God bless you and yours with your needs met.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the kind words and viral promotion!

  70. Cry Me a Ruble

    You mentioned in your wrap up stocking up on bottled water. However, Dr Eads said only use water in glass bottles. Everything around here seems to be in plastic bottles. Just saying that kind of limits my options.

    • Greg Hunter

    • Nika

      Do you have friends that drink a lot of wine, like a gallon of Gallo Wine, weekly or monthly? Ask them, if you can have a few of their Glass Bottles? Pay them $3.00-$4.00 a bottle, because glass bottles at Whole Foods cost a lot more! If they do let you buy their bottles, then rinse out the bottles with two table spoons of Vinegar Cleaning Solution and a equal amount of water. Shake the bottle all ways, up and down amd around and around. Make sure to turn the bottle upside down, so that the vinegar can kill the bacteria on the inside of the the cap/top. The bottles last forever, unless, they get slippery and you drop them.

  71. KravWarrior

    It’s such a joy to listen to Greg every time.
    Good man with the heart on the right place !

    Greetings from The Netherlands

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks KW!!

  72. Barb

    Greg, have you tried to get Mike Lindell on? To find out what specifically the hold up in the courts is. We seem to have lots of evidence, but will we get justice on election fraud and how can we help, if there’s a strategy?
    It’s my understanding the Brunson case was turned away because the Supreme Court didn’t have standing or jurisdiction (? I forget, but it’s in their statement) and it’s theorized the meaning of that is the incorporation of our gov’t. Which unlawfully moved us away from the Common Law w/property rights of our Original ‘Constitution for these United States,’ to Statutory, Contractual Law and the corporate ‘Constitution of the United States.’
    There is lots of info on this switch, Anna Von Reitz or Clif High’s ‘Narradigm Investigation:Law’ video on his Bitchute channel… Another very interesting YouTube video is ‘The Missing Original 13th Amendment – part 2.mpg’ by GLOOG

    • Greg Hunter

      I have had Mr. Lindell on. It’s been a while and I like him.

      • Barb

        I like him too. He seems to be sincerely fighting hard for us. I hope he’ll come back on. Thanks

    • Da Yooper

      After reading many articles about the voter fraud court cases I think what we are dealing with here is not a lack of proof the elections were rigged 6 ways from Sunday. But a problem with a bought & paid for justice system that is not going to allow the rule of law to see the light of day. Not only are our politicians corrupted by the CCP our judiciary is too.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree D Y!!

      • Nick Reynolds

        Right about the broken justice system. Wrong about who did it. It’s not the CCP. That’s just propaganda to get you ready for war with China, the next target after Russia. Who corrupted the politicians was the very wealthiest humans. Rockefeller and Rothschild are their names, the trillionaire class.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Nick,
          You got that right! There are a few other obscenely wealthy individuals in the ‘elitist’ inner circle who are even more secretive than the above mentioned.

      • Shiloh1

        Amy Coney Barrett ruled in favor on Indiana University in Bloomington, IN requiring vax / bio weapon on students.

  73. Candy S

    this European painting favors Clif High’s cosmology,

  74. Stephanie Cramer

    Greg just called the United States “a banana republic”. Why in the Dickens would he say such things about bananas?…………….. What a slur on bananas………….

  75. Alan

    Thanks Greg, you are a powerful spirit speaking truth. Another possibility for all the wrong way drivers is all the illegals crossing the border and can’t read the signs or know the driving rules in the USA.

  76. Really Awake

    “The people who are leading us into WW3 are the ones dancing to Satan’s fiddle” ~ Alex Jones


    I say that from time to time Satan sets up a world chess board and oversees two separate teams of wicked demons that use countries as chess pieces. Satan and his demons enjoy a real bloody chess game even better than the Romans enjoyed the gladiators murdering each other. WW3 ….It’s like a demon sponsored cockerel fight. And guess who’s the cockerel?

    Ukraine is just a pawn on Satan’s Chess Board. And the game has just begun. It’s the opening gambit. Checkmate will be either the end of the Kremlin or the end of Washington. And all other major countries shall be played, too, including China.

    Which chess piece is your country? And what color is it? White or black? Which team of demons is playing your country into the WW3 Chess Match?

    “NATO is already fighting in Ukraine” ~ Marty Armstrong


    I say all of those tanks and special weapons systems that are supplied to Ukraine by Washington and the rest of NATO will be operated by NATO troops and commanded by Washington… Basically, I totally concur with both Alex and Marty.

    “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning……

    “and there will be massive earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrible sights and great signs from heaven” ~ Jesus Christ

    Indeed. Jesus was by far and away the best forcaster.

    • Garfield

      Ditto. Trump may be against the deep state establishment, but he’s a freemason himself (perhaps even a 33rd degree mason if you look at his coat of arms with the double headed eagle). The double headed eagle can also be found on Russia’s coat of arms, which means Putin and Trump are part of the freemasonic brotherhood. In the physical world it’s the Illuminati vs Freemasonry, in the spiritual realm it’s Satan using them as puppets to destroy the world. This also explains why Trump kept pushing for the vax, because freemasons are not your friend (just look at the design of DC itself, founders were freemasons).

  77. Pete Myyry

    Instead of calling Biden, Vice President Biden, I would suggest calling him Fake President Biden. I call Kamala Harris, Fake Vice President Harris.

  78. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg. Always like the WNW. Not sure how to promote it, but all your viewers and indeed anyone with some extra dirt needs to plant fruit and nut trees and gardens. It certainly looks like with a few more screws tightened and we could have full on food shortages. Of coarse there would still be food, but the prices will be much higher- and that provides lots of control options. It takes time to learn these things and time for trees to grow. Personally, I’m working on another chicken coop and fenced in area- 1/2 acre: fruit trees are on order.

  79. Carrie

    You’re right, it is your show and you can do what ever you want, and we love you for it! Keep up the great work, you are my first go to podcast for the Whole Truth!!

  80. Tony Grandelo

    Clif High forecasted that as the ice age manifests many of Joe Biden’s imports will flee the cold. And this will accelerate when the welfare stops due to the collapsing financial system, & etc.

  81. D Peas

    Ukr’ Zelenskyy:

    France’s Macron:

    She don’t lie
    She don’t lie
    She don’t lie

  82. PersonaNonGrata

    Romanian Senator, Diana / Diane Sosoaca, is ‘as mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore’. Speaking in the Romanian Parliament, Sosoaca dropped a TRUTH BOMB by calling out the US use of HAARP for the devastating earthquake in Turkey. There is a video of her speech with English subtitles on Telegram but I have been unable to copy & paste a link. Here follows a transcript in English:

    “For three years we have been experiencing a real campaign of mass killing worldwide, either through alleged pandemics and the imminent need to inject untested vaccines that kill people, or through wars that reduce the number of the population, but put politics on a different path international, resets the poles of power and modifies borders. How long have we lived to witness the production of earthquakes on command? In fact, it is an attack on Turkey by the world’s majors, who totally disliked being set up by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey. Moreover, his position of neutrality and mediator in the Ukrainian-Russian war was deeply disturbing, especially since Turkey is the second largest military power in NATO. His position to block Sweden’s accession to NATO, but also his speech in Davos, especially his gesture of leaving in the middle of the conference defying Schwab, did not remain without an echo in the hard and cold world of leaders. But no one thought that people would need to die, so many people and in such a mean way, and it’s just a warning. Because it was not the most populated area of Turkey. 150 aftershocks of a devastating earthquake, the second larger than the first without the existence of a focus, the area being artificially stimulated, geological weapons having existed for a very long time, being used so far without causing many casualties, probably for experiments. Now it has been put into practice. If we look carefully at the map of the pipelines in Turkey, we will see that it is furrowed by gas and oil pipelines, which are, in fact, one of the goals – their destruction. But 10 seconds before the occurrence of the so-called earthquake, the Turks closed these pipelines. In addition, 24 hours before the earthquake, 10 countries withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey. 5 days before its occurrence, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens in Turkey, although there was no danger. Likewise, other countries. By killing people they served their interests. The maps shown on all the television channels show that there was no epicenter, but an epiline with thousands of earthquakes. The Turkish secret services are investigating a possible criminal intervention, i.e. the involvement of another state in triggering the first earthquake, which followed later being a chain reaction after the destabilization of the tectonic plates in the region. It is very clear that President Erdogan has been punished for his courage, dignity and honor and for his closeness to the Russian Federation, in fact, a position of neutrality and mediation for peace. It is desired to divert attention from Ukraine, where the representatives of many countries have started shouting against despotism and the orders given by President Zelenski, as if he ruled the world and one was obliged to send arms and participate in his war, a war in which he sacrificed his own people and destroyed his entire country. Anyone who speaks of peace is put on the pole of infamy and attacked from all sides. It is very clear to me that at this moment, things at the international level have gotten out of control. The lunatics are playing God and I think they have won the game, because for these demented and psychopaths who make wars and cataclysms with unconventional weapons, we humans are just numbers that they can get rid of. It is imperative that all the nations, all the peoples of the world, rise up together. Let’s wake up from convenience and carelessness, and just like in 1848, let’s start the fight for liberation from the yoke of psychopaths, demented people who robbed us of our happiness and the beautiful world we used to live in. That’s why we urge all of you who still want to live in a world of God and not of Satan, I urge you to rise up to fight, to a world revolt to free us all and destroy these enemies, because in this at the moment we are in self-defense. Get the claws off Turkey, get the claws off Romania, get the claws off God’s people. Warning to the psychopaths of the world: if you need people to die, we need you to die. It’s all or nothing, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The Talion Law”.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Correction: She is calling out ‘major powers’ – not just the US – and in particular, she singles out Clause Schwab as having been snubbed by the President of Turkey.

  83. Akdave

    According to Peter Schiff, it doesn’t matter if they pivot or don’t. The economy is a goner either way. It’s like a slow motion train wreck.

  84. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great WNW as per usual.
    First impressions – great shirt and tie – very, very smart!
    On a more serious note, at 30:00 you hold up a page showing all the recent layoffs from large corporations. Hmmm. Makes one wonder about the veracity of the jobs report/s and the so-called booming economy. Total BS as per usual. Here in the U.K. the government is in self-congratulatory mode after declaring that they have avoided a recession. They conveniently forget that over just the last few months, they have created currency out of nothing (borrowed from the Central Bankers WITH interest attached) to pay all pensioners £250 each for ‘winter fuel allowance’, another £400 per household to off-set increased electricity prices, and £600 for every household to off-set increases in food prices. How’s that for a sudden and unprecedented increase in consumer spending power?! People in general think this is ‘marvellous’ but they fail to realise that the government, the politicians, are not on the hook to repay the debt – ‘we the people’ are! Just ask the people of Greece what happened to their standard of living when the country could not meet its debt repayment obligations in 2015. Pensions were slashed, the retirement age was increased, jobs were lost. Respectable married mothers were driven to prostitution to feed their children!!! State assets were sold off at ‘fire salle’ prices to foreign interests. All this in a modern State supposedly safe within the bosom of the EU. If it can happen in Greece, it can happen in the U.K., and it can even happen in the USA. Beware a politician bearing gifts – you will probably end up paying for them!

  85. William


  86. Keith

    Well done Jon for writing the truth about how America has been taken over by the American -Israeli dual citizen passport holders. Been writing and trying to educate people for years about this problem.

  87. `N.Y.Times is OVER&out

    U.S. Says It Shot Down Object Over Alaska, Size Of Small Car | Object Shot Down Over Alaska Live
    CNN-News18 1,155 watching now Started 15 minutes ago
    A U.S. fighter jet on Friday (February 10) shot down over Alaska a high-altitude object that was the size of a small car, on the order of President Joe Biden, the White House said on Friday.
    White House spokesperson John Kirby told reporters many details were unknown about the object but the United States expected to recover the object after it landed in U.S. territorial waters.

    The 27th Day REMASTERED | Full Movie | Gene Barry | Valerie French | George Voskovec
    THE STREAM – Movies and More 500,587 views Sep 26, 2022
    Five people from five different nations suddenly find themselves on an alien spaceship where they are each given a container holding capsules. Every person has been given the power over life and death. Any of these individuals can instantaneously launch the capsules to whatever coordinates they choose and each capsule will then eradicate all human life within a 3,000 mile radius of its designated location. What will they choose?

    As someone who lived though the ‘Cold War’ and studied it I feel more fearful of tyrants in 2022 than when this movie was made nice to see a movie reflecting on it.
    Beautiful… If we cannot save ourselves it would be nice to have someone help us achieve total peace. Gort, Klatu Varada Nicto!
    First time seeing this excellent film. In a similar vein to The Day The Earth Stood Still in that there was a harsh ultimatum but without spoiling the ending I love how this film got to grapple with the issue and its aftermath.

  88. WOLF Man Jake

    The entire West FAILED to defeat Russia | Prof. Rich Wolff
    144,808 views Feb 5, 2023 UNITED STATES

  89. Frank Cooper
    Meteor Strike Caught on Camera in Germany, taste of Armageddon?

  90. Clay Lane

    WE’RE SCREWED/Russell Brand
    As the war in Ukraine wages on, surely the US couldn’t be ramping up tensions with China could they?! They could actually. It’s all justified though, cos of those lethal… errr… balloons

  91. Mike D

    “The Jewish owners of the world hate whites.”
    This is a blatantly anti-Semitic, racist statement made by Jon (see above).
    Greg, I call on you to immediately delete this racist comment.”
    I’m surprised you haven’t done so already.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree, and “Jon” used this name, and I was confused because there is another “Jon.” Good “Jon” is good and not a Jew hater. So sorry this slipped by Greg. I have deleted Bad “Jon’s” Jew hating comments. Jesus was a Jew so pretty hard for me to hate Jews and I do not allow Jew hating here on USAW!!! (I get 500 emails and comments a day — including Rumble.)

      • Mike D

        I appreciate your response and for doing to right thing.

    • Shiloh1

      Paul Craig Roberts candid interview by Jason Liosatos.

      Full Disclosure: I am not in the US government nor do I have dual citizenship to a foreign country.

  92. Mike D.

    “The Jewish owners of the world hate whites.” For one thing, the vast majority of Jews are Caucasian, so the statement doesn’t even make logical sense. Furthermore, Jews are not “owners” of the world. That’s a typical anti-Semitic trope.
    “95% of biden regime is jewish.” Nonsense. This is just another pathetic attempt to demonize Jews.
    These statement are blatantly anti-Semitic and therefore racist.
    I call on you, Greg Hunter, to remove these racist and anti-Semitic statements. I’m surprised you haven’t done so already. I thought it was beneath your journalistic integrity and website.

  93. Mario

    Hey Greg and friends
    Good wrap up as always.
    Thank you for keeping us informed and for the great interviews you do.
    I started a new venture.
    We will assess your current level of preparedness and provide recommendations to get you where you need to be in order to survive and thrive the coming chaos.
    I will also be recommending USAWatchdog as their source of news and not the LLM…
    https://www.survivalpreparedness dot ca

  94. Clare Dushanbe

    Batya Ungar-Sargon: How Elites EXPLOITED The Pandemic To STEAL From The Middle Class
    The Hill 50K views 4 days ago WASHINGTON
    Batya Ungar-Sargon makes the case that Covid took money and livelihood from the middle class in favor of the elites.

  95. Prospector

    Major Escalation . Chemical weapons in Ukraine now. Appears to be nerve agent dropped by drone on Russian troops. Video shows troops twitching with convulsions just after the small explosion.


    Gateway Pundit . Feb 10
    EXCLUSIVE: Is Ukraine Using Chemical Weapons? (Warning) Disturbing VIDEO Indicates There Is Sufficient Circumstantial Evidence to Investigate

    • Paul

      February is the month to cleanse. Expecting many things to wash out with the international government fraud and us house investigation revelations.
      So much corruption to contain.

      Expose the assailants.

      Paul from arkansas

  96. Prospector

    Greg, and Watchdogs , the following work by Katherine Watt documents in detail the laws and regulations passed by Congress and Presidents to enable the Bio-Weapon development and use. All cited with legal footnotes ( extensive ).

    ” The basic goal of the architects, which has been achieved, was to set up legal conditions in which all governing power in the United States could be automatically transferred from the citizens and the three Constitutional branches into the two hands of the Health and Human Services Secretary, effective at the moment the HHS Secretary himself declared a public health emergency, legally transforming free citizens into enslaved subjects.

    That happened on Jan. 31, 2020, in effect as of Jan. 27, 2020 through the present day.”

    ” In other words: Congress and US Presidents legalized and funded the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. government and the American people, through a massive domestic bioterrorism program relabeled as a public health program ”

    ( Video of her giving a short overview here – @WOLSNED – twitter page 2/11/2023 )

  97. James Works

    this is biblical prophecy happening now in the backyard of Mark Taylor, but he sleeps.

    Ezekiel 13:18-20

    New Disney Vacation Club MagicBand Sliders Available: One of the more popular Disney Vacation Club giveaway items has returned as owners can claim a new members-only MagicBand slider.

    • James Works

      specifically the (NASB)
      New American Standard Bible translation of, Ezekiel 13:18-20
      it contains the exact phrase “magic bands”

  98. Russell

    Gregg, I’ve seen it here too in Austin. They look at you twice right before they pull right out in front of you. It’s INCREDIBLE! Have also had cars driving the wrong way on a divided highway, coming right at me. They were probably drunk, though. Also, we have a plethora of illegal aliens driving around with no car insurance. That’s why it is a MUST to have uninsured/underinsured motorists on your policy. In other words, they get to break the law, and I’M paying for their lack of car insurance. What a deal!

  99. ShakeNBake

    I don’t know if you heard of this, but a video came out a while back that pointed out that a major 7+ earthquake in the region of Turkey preceeded each world war that has happened so far. Don’t know if this time around will be the same or not.

  100. Baja

    Have seen in person auto wrecks, caused by
    Illegals, no insurance etc.

    • Russell

      Yes, my 2003 Chrysler Sebring was totaled by an illegal alien on Thanksgiving day 2015 in the rain. His fault, admitted that it was his fault, no insurance, and he didn’t even get a traffic ticket. I got to eat the whole thing through my auto insurance. It’s “racist” to hold illegals on the road here for their actions. Pisses me off like all get out!

    • Russell

      I have coworkers who got the old “hit and run” which happens around here all the time. Luckily, that hasn’t happened to me.

    • Russ McMeans

      I’ve been first on auto accident scenes. 2. Extremely awful. Watching people die is not…. I pray a lot for me and family/friends cus driving around is pretty dangerous.

  101. Russ McMeans

    I want to call myself Kill Shot. But I can’t really change my username in here. Plus I’m still alive. 1,2 & 3 Moderna vaccines. Hopefully mine were duds. Thanks Greg for kicking butt on your amazing website!

  102. Galaxy 500

    Hi Greg
    I remember when we discussed the Kennedy Assassination. Now the so-called conspiracy theory is heading toward fact at light speed.
    These people want us to be their serfs. The like the business model of old wherw the “Nobels” held fiefdoms and could do with the series any way they wished.
    History may not repeat but it sure rhymes.

  103. lonni

    Wing of plane heading to JFK Airport catches fire
    Story by Storyful • Yesterday 11:35 PM
    A scary sight on a Delta Airlines flight to New York City was caught on video.

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