The Ability to Prevent a Crash No Longer Exists -Bill Holter

4By Greg Hunter’s    (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer and gold expert Bill Holter says the powers know that it physically can’t put off a financial crash much longer. Holter contends, “The system has gotten too big. The system has gotten bigger than the creators of the system, if you will. It is bigger than the sovereign governments collectively. It’s bigger than the central banks collectively. There’s too much debt. Too many sovereign governments have bumped up against debt saturation. In the U.S., we are over 100% debt to GDP. We are way over 100% debt to GDP if you include all debt. If you include all the off-book guarantees, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all the other promises, we have blown up as far as debt to GDP ratios. So, the ability to prevent a crash no longer exists.” 

For the people who think central banks can print money to infinity, Holter advises, “People have the belief in central banks because, to this point, it has worked. So, they extrapolate that it will always work. What they are not factoring in is many sovereign governments have reached debt saturation. In other words, many governments have gotten to the point of Greece or Puerto Rico. It can’t take more debt. The problem in Europe is the individual countries can’t print money. The U.S. can print money. The question is will foreigners accept what we print forever? The answer is no.”

Holter says the Fed will print more money. It will be forced to and it will not work the same as other money printing. Holter explains, “The next one, in my opinion, is going to be ‘QE Forced.’ It’s going to be forced on the Fed.”

The recent announcement the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will put off allowing the Chinese yuan to become part of the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket of currencies is a bad omen for the U.S. dollar. Holter thinks, “China being pushed off by the IMF until at least 2016 is a slap in China’s face. They publicly and officially requested to become part of the SDR. . . . The IMF, steered by the U.S., basically slapped them in the face. You’ve got to look at this as a financial war. This is a shot by the U.S. saying, no, we are not letting you in the club. It is inevitable that the Chinese currency will become part of the SDR or a reserve currency or ‘the’ reserve currency. It’s inevitable. The U.S. is trying to buy an extra year’s time, and it can’t.”

What can China do to retaliate? Holter says, “I think they have two potential moves. . . . The right time may be in a month or two during weakness in our markets. Remember, this was done by the IMF during very serious weakness in their markets. We kind of punched them on the way down. They have two real answers. They can tell the truth about how much gold they have. They can come out and say they have 10,000 tons or 15,000 or 20,000 tons or whatever it happens to be. The second is China has an awful lot of Treasuries. This is where I think they can force the Fed into monetizing their debt. They would be creating their own exit door. . . . Then, the Fed would have a big choice. Would the Fed buy them? There is your QE forced. Or, do they just let the interest rates go up and the bond market tank? It’s either option A or option B.”

Holter says, in the last year, there have been many big warnings from the Bank of International Settlements and the IMF about a coming financial calamity. Holter says, “I think they are trying to get out in front of this. I think they are telling the truth–the world is defenseless. The central banks, the sovereign Treasuries have fired all their bullets already, and they realize when this next crash comes, there’s nothing that can be done.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:   

Bill Holter is a prolific writer, and you can find his work nearly every day of the work week on     Also, here is a complete list of warnings from the BIS and IMF from

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  1. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Thanks for having Bill “the Thrill” Holter on again. And considerable thanks for the relentless top notch interviews. Indispensable information for navigating these uncharted waters we are all in.

    • Scot Mille

      The thrill? Please! Holter is a Fear mongerer making daily predictions. Make enuf and eventually u get it right but that doesnt mean he made a lot of dumb predictions. Saying economics are bad is a no brainet. Easy call considering the baby boomers, as well as population extremes in asia. Moreover, Bill aint talking bout economic downturn. Oh know, he is predicting global catastrophe. Prepare all u want but what he says is coming wont allow any amount of metal to make a difference. Thats what he sells. This is his business. But if u read holter long enuf u must conclude that he has bloviated way too often. Give holter more time and there is no reason to think he will stop. You all need to Be patient. Times are gonna suck for a while, but imminent disaster as Bill writes wont affect you any time soon. Why? Cause holter has been saying its over for years. It aint good, but it aint over.


  2. Grafique

    I’m buying more gold tonight. Too many experts are saying the same thing – This Can’t Last.

    • JC Davis

      Yeah. Crazy not to catch the info by now. even LAME extreme media is admitting they have been lying. Recovery my ass. Get bills paid. food and water …ect Needs before greeds.

    • brian

      You know, what scares me the most is that for years all these guys pointing out the inevitability of currency failure were reluctant, to the point of refusing, to commit to any specific period of time when the failure would occur and would even be reluctant to speak specifically as to exactly what such a currency failure would result in for all of us peons, rubes, peasants and plebes…..but not now, not now. Almost all of these guys are not just putting a time frame on it, but a time frame that is only months away, and they are willing to speculate as to how deep this fall is going to cut into our standard of living.

      That scares the shit out of me to the point that I quit buying metals and have switched to canned goods, water storage and toilet paper. I am turning my place into a stockroom.

    • Bill Holter

      Glad I motivated you Grafique, makes my time entirely worthwhile!

    • Smaulgld

      The Main Stream Media is saying gold demand is down, but a survey or India, Russia, China, South Korea, United States, Nepal and Australia show demand for gold is surging!

    • Gary

      It sounds like you have everything figured out. Impressive.

  3. troy

    Bill Holter is one of the only Analyst that I listen to and trust. He isnt selling anything. He makes sense. He is easy to understand. Must be the hat. On a serious note he is on the money.

    • JC Davis

      Glad to here from you Troy. Long time. How is the Islands. On the ground .

    • Bill Holter

      thanks so much for following m work Troy!

  4. David

    Greg: Bill’s comments are very cogent. After the world economies implode, I believe the postmortem will show that Bill’s analysis was on the mark. I find it amazing that so many Americans are uninformed or in denial. Nice Stetson, Bill.

    • Bill Holter

      Thanks, my felts are Resistols (they fit better).

      • dbcooper

        Bill, Mine are resistols also, the first being the Arizonan with a Tom Mix crush, Yours DB

  5. F. Hayek

    To Bill Holter: If I were to move to Texas before or after it hits, is my silver officially legal tender, in lieu of fiat currency?

    I’m not sure of information that’s Internet provided.

    • Paul from Indiana

      1964 and prior-years US 90% silver coins are legal tender NOW in all 50 states and anywhere else US coinage is accepted. But why use it as such? The coin is worth more for its silver content than its face value. Best always. PM

  6. Darren

    Greg, Great interview as always. Love Bill H and his perspective. It really seems more and more of your guests are all starting to point to the Fall of this year (2015). Whether they are financial guru’s, cooperate annalists, metal specialists, religious & theologian experts, private financial advisers or independent consultants….Every realm of society is pointing to a devastating collapse, not just of the US economy but a complete and Global collapse. My question is based on all of this…How long before the re-set takes place and the new normal is in place??? 2 weeks, 2 months, 6 months or longer? Thanks as always and keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Bill Holter

      It does seem like too many cracks from too many directions are showing at once now. The old fixes will no longer work.

  7. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Bill, as a fellow martial artist, you can appreciate one of my teacher’s sayings:
    “Everyone know how to kick and punch; few want to know defense.”
    Folks know how to buy and sell, but few want to know how to protect themselves.
    Very frustrating, isn’t it.

    • Bill Holter

      and in today’s world, very few avoid the conflict which is the best strategy of all.

  8. Jim Ludwig

    Bill Holter KNOWS. Fine interview.

    We hit China on their way down. Official and public humiliation of a proud and POWERFUL people; we can only hope they are not as crude as the US when it comes to retaliation. They have us by the…not balls, those were rehypothecated away years ago, same as our gold. They have us by the throat, by the dollar, and they have all “our” gold. They could easily crash the whole Western Vampire. But the Chinese are smart. As long as they can drain gold from Bankula at prices below the cost of production…they will simply smile, politely.

    Can you imagine the US being…polite?

    Famous realization: “The only gold in Ft. Knox is in the teeth of the guards.”

    Popular snicker among Ft. Knox guards exchanging shifts: “How’s the gold today?”

    • Bill Holter

      Thanks Jim, no, I cannot imagine it.

  9. smaulgld

    China has far more gold than they reported-It’s just not with the People’s Bank of China.
    The Case of China’s Missing Gold as quoted in Zerohedge:
    The Case of China’s Missing Gold (original post)

    • Bill Holter


  10. Winston Churchill

    It will be a UST dump.
    I already came to that conclusion last week.
    Whenever it causes the most damage.
    Probably not long with the way the stock market is wobbling.
    Time to batten down the hatches,no more play time.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are right Winston. We’ve been told debt is money (Federal Reserve Note) and debt is an asset (bond) and we are going to find out neither is true. Those dollar notes are going to take a hit in value. Thank you for your comment.


      • JC Davis

        BOOM ! Well said Greg.

    • Bill Holter

      at a time that liquidity is drying up…

  11. Chip Griffin

    are you kidding me, your in what business? it is a game played by no rules, the market does not run itself. the crash is known the exact date, just like 9-11 the mark of the beast is next and you know it or your in the wrong business and have no clue, do something different or stop playing games…

  12. smaulgld

    Excellent laying out of the scenarios of how China might use its Treasury Bond holdings as leverage.
    The latest report shows China to own $1.270 billion in US T bonds
    Japan has $1.24b
    Russia has shed most of theirs already (did the Fed sop those up?) and has just $70.6
    Here is the complete list of foreign holders of US Treasuries\
    Note: foreigners and the FED itself own the bulk of US Treasuries, unlike 30 years ago when most treasuries were held in the US

  13. Lane

    When Bill says “silver is too much weight”, is he alluding to people keeping gold and silver “in hand” instead of storage vaults?
    I have concerns with vaults as:
    1) their rules dissuade customers from self auditing i.e. the costs to visit the vault are high, $500 and up and some do not permit self audits (SGB)
    2) how do customers know that the vaults are not doing things they shouldn’t with your supposedly allocated and segregated metals
    There is a potentially lucrative business opportunity here, in personal secure storage, not just metals.

    • JC Davis

      Lane yes Bill is right. Silver weight is much more then paper. So all people I will exchange your over, fat weight, no good silver at my door steep. Bring it on, no offer rejected. Unless it is sex you want. cant go for that.
      Lane no criticism intended. This is how I feel when people think down on real money.

    • Bill Holter

      Das Safe in Vienna?

  14. terry

    Thanks Greg. I have been warning coming economic crisis to my family and friends in US and Japan with no success. Keep warning people; knowledge is power as millions will perish. Thanks, Bill. Excellent commentary.

  15. Jerry

    Greg, I was hoping you would have Bill back on.
    Bill, Greg, I have come to the conclusion after watching the formation of AIIB and the SIPS exchange system developed by the Chinese, that China and the BRIC nations are preparing to cut themselves totally loose from the dollar and the IMF this fall, causing the worlds financial system to be cut in half. What are your thoughts on this?

    I wasn’t sure about this until last week, when I saw that the Chinese had developed the Silk Road all the way to Egypt and signed a deal with the Egyptians to use the Suez Canal for distribution in the Middle East. This is absolutely monumental because it opens up an entire trade route into Africa.

    The point is, the Chinese no longer need our depressed nation to trade with. They have created replacements. And they no longer need the IMF and their Banking prostitutes to tell them what currency to use for trade. They have their own.

    By the way, for those of you who still think your vote matters, I have this for you. Say what you want, but Hilary occasionally tells the real truth.

    • Grafique

      Anybody can tell the truth once in a while. It’s what they believe in private, and then activate into policy, that matters.

      Suppose we come through the fall and winter without a collapse and actually make it to the next election.
      Do we really want another “president” forcing socialism/Keynesian economics/open borders/racial division/immorality down our throats?

    • Jerry

      Looks like Portugal is headed where Greece and Spain is. And Porto Rico.

      Folks the BRICS are preparing to decouple themselves from the IMF and the EU this fall. They simply refuse to carry the water for the west anymore. Every week another bloated socialist country hits the skids. Our financial chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Bill Holter

      China will implode with the rest but have an easier go at getting up and running again. They have put an alternative financial system in place.

      • Jerry

        Bill it looks like you were right again.
        Will many see this as a positive action for the U.S., I see the Chinese going into survival mode cutting US Treasuries loose like sandbags on a hot air balloon.

      • John

        They also have an manufacturing base and an economy based on something more than making hamburgers for each other, cutting each others hair, entertaining each other with movies, and passing pieces of paper back and forth while the government pumps more money in so they can bid up the prices

    • Jerry

      The real reason for Jade Helm 15.
      And yes in the immediate future, artificial intelligence will be used to deal with potential threats during a martial law scenario. Why else do you think the government is giving away I phones? For tracking purposes and to data mine information about you for the Sky Net Command System. Chilling to say the least!

  16. Smaulgld

    The one thing that would prevent China from retaliating is they might be biting their own noses to spite their faces.
    First- there is no guarantee that the Fed would buy any large scale amount of bonds that China may wish to sell;
    Second – China has alternative strucutures in place in the event their IMF SDR membership is denied. They have set up the BRICS bank, 35 YUAN swap facilities across the globe and have set up the Asian Infrastructure Invesment Bank
    Third- they have massive trade with the United States and getting involved in a massive spat where by the dollar tanks and Yuan soars would mean the US could’nt afford to buy the volume of goods it now buys from China, meaning idle factories and potential civil unrest in China.

    More likely China will continue to bide their time and accumulate gold and continue to build out alternative financial structures. Eventually china can unilaterally revalue gold thereby increasing the value of their reserves and offsetting any loss in their treasury holdings.

    • Anne Elliott

      I agree with your scenarios, and have what I think is another “last game” scenario that China would do if all else fails. If the US continues to dominate the world and there is “no end in sight” for China to keep their hopes up with – I believe they will paint a nuke bomb in North Korean colors and give the US an EMP to deal with. That would be a quick and efficient way to knock us out of power, put them into power, retaliate against us for all of the economic pain we’ve given them, and allow them to save face at the same time. Or, who knows? Maybe they would want to take credit for it!

      • Bill Holter

        scary possibility, you might be wrong about “who” the author of such plan might be?

    • Charles H.

      China seems level-headed, and able to take adversity; but like the Russian Bear – they won’t forget or forgive. Why hold-up a drunken man when he staggers and is ready to fall? China will continue in it’s own path to security and future prosperity. Sadly, the lies and bad behavior the US is displaying will define future relationships. I think the US will be side-lined and all it’s partners won’t help it at all.

      • Bill Holter

        I believe a good chance much will be unveiled via a “truth bomb”.

        • Charles H.


          That will bring issues to fisticuffs – and accusations of lying all around. How much the Dumbed-down will believe? Not much; and America polarizes more. Only business may move quietly away. (And thanks for the Email responses here and from JSMineset)

  17. Larry

    If you have listeners who want to look at and verify the IMF and BIS warnings list talked about with Bill Holter, here is the page with the full list:

    I have actually added more links recently and plan to keep the list updated over time.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry for the link and hard work. This was great and I linked to your site in the “After the Interview” section. Great stuff.

    • Bill Holter

      yes, thank you so much Larry, a lot of work on your part went into this on your part. KUDOS!

  18. RadarNJ

    Thank you Greg for starting off the week with Mr Holter. He is a good guy wearing a white hat and the backdrop was a sold look for him. As bleak as the news that Mr Holter rounds up, it puts a fire under us. Time runs and it is disappearing. The days ahead need to be spent very very wisely, carefully and deliberately. Thank you for the messages you blend with all the guests to open eyes and ears. Be Blessed Mr Hunter! You most certainly sir are one of the good guys…

    • Bill Holter

      thanks for the kind words Radar!

  19. rob

    Hi Greg,

    I think I have had some sort of epiphany thanks to your guest.

    Is it possible that Affective Propaganda could in itself be considered a currency? That it could be monetized in some way and used as a tool of power?

    Bare with me… today, as in the bible historically, we talk about followers of a leader or belief system. And we assume that the more followers one has, the more money from the system one can command into one’s coffers.

    And the US is pitting its propaganda machine against All other countries’ propaganda machines. This is the definition of propaganda wars. How long can we out-propagandize others.

    Don’t think in terms of confidence unless y0u consider confidence in terms of the affectiveness of a given propaganda machine.

    To make some sense of this, think of gambling on your chosen winner in Vegas. Your choices on the table, in the casino are drawn from a stack of cards representing only powerful countries. And there are a few long shots choices available.

    Where does one place one’s bet?

    • Bill Holter

      interesting and pretty astute regarding propaganda.

  20. Todd

    Greg, I loved this interview.Great questions. Bill Holter is right on. We live in a world of wealth beyond belief, and yet it is all built on debt. We have turned from God. We have turned from our foundation. We see aborted baby parts being sold. We see good called bad and bad called good. I believe I live in truth and yet people don’t want to hear what is not politically correct. I thank God for your show. It is truly a voice of reason. I love Bill Holter. He makes me want to move to Texas. He reminds me of Davy Crockett. You have the most amazing guest. Your show is one of the highlights of my week, Besides my grandchildren. Thanks for all you do. God be with you till we meet again. Todd

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Todd.

    • Bill Holter

      debt is the foundation for everything, one made of mere sand.

  21. JC Davis

    Bill I along with the garage loved the smirk grin at the end. We love your comments, and follow your postings Dinner is on me when in Nashville Tn.

    • JC Davis

      You can bring Ole Greg along. LOL

    • Bill Holter

      may take you up on this, both my parents are buried in Woodlawn. Been to Nashville more than 20 times over the years.

  22. Joseph


    I would like to get your thoughts on the following possibilities: Marc Faber thinks gold will be confiscated while Martin Armstrong thinks it may simply be outlawed. What odds do you give those scenarios? Thanks for all you do in your efforts to warn and help us prepare.

    • andyb

      THe USG’s war on the 2nd Amendment has gone nowhere especially after the Sandy Hook hoax and other false flags have been exposed; so no confiscation even if the government has billions of rounds of hollow core ammo. If they outlaw it, it is fairly easy to get it to another jurisdiction, either North or South. Neither Mexico or Canada will support either a confiscation or illegality of ownership. If I’m wrong, just bury it and tell your children to wait until after the revolution to dig it up.

    • diane s.

      Good questions.
      I have a friend who has purchased gold and silver proof coins from the US mint since the 1970s
      He is concerned the corrupt government will confiscate it, or declare it illegal to use as legal tender.

    • Bill Holter

      they could both be correct which is why you have some metal outside of the U.S. and lots of silver.

      • diane s.

        My guess, Bill, is they won’t confiscate gold and or silver and platinum, but if we try to sell it? They will tax it big.
        Welcome to the black markets……
        Let’s hope we get sensible economic change….but don’t think any Watchdoggers are holding their breath.

  23. Don

    Good interview Greg, Bill is a down to earth guy. To most people, especially folks in cities, self sufficiency, will be tough, if power grid and utilities aren’t kept running. Water will be the main thing. I guess depends on how long and the severity. People without a way to make a living quickly fall into chaos and despair. If they let such a thing go long term, my dad always said people now a days would not be able to make it like those who lived through the depression. The skills of the last generation, in gardening, animal raising for meat, canning, preserving meats, for the most part have been lost. Even though I believe we’re in the season of the Lord’s return, it is still prudent to do whatever a person can to have some provisions. We just don’t know, so I think Mr. Holders advise is good. The metals, are out the bottom of the inverted pyramid, so any reset or revaluation, metals will act as a shelter, if we have to last a while. Thanks Greg for having Mr. Holder, your da-man.

    • Bill Holter

      Hopefully we won’t be partying like it’s 1850 but afraid we will be.

  24. David H

    Bill Holder is always a blessing to listen to. One thing that confuses me is that folks like James Corbett feel that the Chinese and US are in cahoots to built this New World Order. I get the impression he feels our conflicts are managed and superficial. Then I listen to others I hold in regard that intimate that there are real differences among the powers that be. Please give a little guidance to this poor soul trying to make heads or tails of what is occurring. Thanks, David

    • Bill Holter

      I don’t really think this is the case, we will see.

  25. dbcooper

    Greg/Bill, Great interview; to the point and succinct. Greg, Thank you for asking Bill “How do people protect themselves?” I apologize for the first person… I have been ‘prepping’ since I was about 14 and I turn 60 this year (How did this happen??!!). I left my chosen vocation three years ago and moved my retirement into intrinsic assets meaning that we paid off the mortgage on the ranch and moved into heavy metals including Lead. We are GOTS, Totally, as Jim Sinclair has urged. I am not trying to toot my own horn but would share with your WD family… Our concerns have to do with Asset Protection and being able to keep whatever we have worked to acquire. Now “IF” there is Rule of Law after the fecal matter hits the oscillator and the dust settles then Asset Protection will be of vital importance. Some while back we discovered a certain type of trust which the ‘big boys’ use which is a constitutional document rather than a statutory document and is called a Contract Trust or a Massachusetts Trust. This trust has stood the test of multiple court cases and the very wealthiest have this type trust. My goal is to own nothing but to control what I have worked for. The followers of your work are what we would call the 1%ers and hence might benefit by the information that my wife and I would share with others and I will gladly correspond with the folks who might be interested. Again fellas Thanks for your work. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  26. Cryptic Little Sister

    Even the high flyers are coming in for a landing. The big money is starting to sweat the puts and calls.

    My advice: Be patient.

    • Bill Holter

      liquidity is drying up.

  27. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Another of your go-to guys Greg. Thanks as always, A

    • Bill Holter

      thanks and God bless Reverend.

  28. terry44

    This is why I don’t understand why Bitcoin is so popular: If they system goes down for months, taking the internet with it, what good is Bitcoin to anyone?

    • Bill Holter

      I agree.

    • Galaxy 500

      not to mention even the USD is backed by debt slavery. What is bit coin backed by? I laughed when the guy at zero hedge wrote an article saying bitcoins value was equivalent to ten ounces of gold.

  29. Mike from the North

    There you have it.

    This slap in the face by the IMF to China has taken us past the point of no return.

    You do not pick a fight with someone that has the ability to take you down easily.

    Patience will always outwit arrogance.

    China will not forget that the West kicked them when they stumbled.

    They will get up and go one more round and will dance around until they are positioned to retaliate.

    The World is in recession and we are poised to finally have to admit it and suffer the consequences.

    The speed at which this will begin to unwind will likely begin to escalate now.

    We are about to learn what UGLY can look like.


    • Bill Holter

      thanks for following Mike!

  30. B.Patterson

    More evidence US behind ISIS in bid to overthrow al-Assad in Syria

    Alternative media have repeatedly pointed out the indisputable fact the Islamic State is a creation of the United States.
    In May declassified US Defense Intelligence Agency documents from 2012 revealed the United States and its partners in the Gulf states and Turkey supported the Islamic State and planned to establish a Salafist principality in Syria .In September General Thomas McInerney admitted the United States “helped build ISIS” as a result of the Obama administration backing “some of the wrong people” in Syria and also said “weapons from Benghazi (ended) up in the hands of ISIS.”

    In 2012 it was discovered that the US, Turkey and Jordan were jointly operating a Special Forces command training base for Syrian rebels out of the Jordanian town of Safawi. According to Aaron Klein of WND, many of the rebels were “future ISIS members.”

    Now the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn, has confirmed the conclusion of the DoD document and states it was “a willful decision” by the United States to support ISIS and al-Nusra . “As Michael Flynn also previously served as director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) during a time when its prime global mission was dismantling Al-Qaeda, his honest admission that the White House was in fact arming and bolstering Al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria is especially shocking given his stature,” writes Brad Hoff of the Levant Report.

    Earlier this month the Obama administration authorized the use of airstrikes to defend “U.S.-trained Syrian rebels” (ISIS) as they attempt to overthrow the al-Assad government and military.

    “While everyone was freaking out over a lion, the Obama White House just declared war on Syria and hardly anyone even noticed,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote for on August 4. SEE VIDEO’S BELOW;

    Has WWIII already started and nobody came, has anybody noticed, or has anyone heard, anything? Is ignorance, bliss? That is the question!

    • Bill Holter

      WW III has certainly started financially and technologically …we wait for it physically.

  31. Meatdawg

    Thanks for another great interview Greg.

    Talk about your hobson’s choice;
    1) Have the FED buy the bonds and give our creditors and “Exit Strategy” or
    2) Raise the interest rates and crash the bond market.


    Isn’t China and other creditor nations selling US bonds and treasuries either overtly or coverly through belguim or the Cayman Islands ??

    • Bill Holter

      yes, they are already selling but doing it incognito to this point.

  32. Chris

    I’d like to take the discussion of supply logistics one step further. The collapse is thought to occur when delivery of gold can no longer be make. Presumably the market(ie. China) will force this position. 1. When the collapse occurs and the credit markets freeze supply logistics and just in time inventory recovery will be the result but what will be the cause? I suggest that when the dollar inflates that 1. The price of gas and diesel will skyrocket. Shipping anything will be exorbatantly expensive… Both interstate and internationally. 2. 98% of everything stocked on Walmart shelves comes from China. And I don’t believe China is going to ship any thing without hard payment up front. 3. While the rest of the world will demand hard asset backed payment for goods, the U.S. Bankers will be in the middle of a death match trying to retain control of the dollar hegemony. I’m thinking the supply chain is going to freeze until a winner comes out on top. In addition to the symptoms I’d be interested to hear what others are thinking about the causes…

    • Bill Holter

      the supply chain will freeze from beginning to end without credit.

    • Meatdawg

      Chris, what you’re saying makes perfect sense. I don’t know how many times I”ve heard people say China (and other countries) need us to buy their goods. BUT, the day is rapidly approaching where the value of the dollar is rapidly ajpproaching zero. So, eventually all these countries we buy oil, manufactured goods, and even food from will say; ENOUGH, we’ve had enough of your worthless dollar$ that allow you to export your inflation to us.

      When that happens you will see hyper-inflation in the USA that the world has never seen before and possibly will never see again !

  33. RetzGreenwood

    Will The Central Banks Soon Implode Taking Down all the Financial System?

    For six years, the world has operated under a complete delusion that Central Banks somehow fixed the 2008 market crash and ensuing financial crisis.

    All of the arguments claiming this defied common sense. A 5th grader would tell you that you cannot solve a debt problem by issuing more debt. If we had a problem BEFORE 2008… there is no way that things are any better now. After all, we’ve just added another $10 trillion in debt to the US system.

    Similarly, anyone with a functioning brain could tell you that a bunch of academics with no real-world experience, none of whom have ever started a business or created a single job can’t “save” the economy.

    However, there is an AWFUL lot of money at stake in believing these lies. So the media and the banks and the politicians were happy to promote them and lie to us. Indeed, one could very easily argue that nearly all of the wealth and power held by those at the top of the economy stem from this fiction.

    So it’s of little surprise that no one would admit the facts: that the Fed and other Central Banks not only don’t have a clue how to fix the problem, but that they actually have almost no incentive to even want do so.

    That’s where the Donald comes in, he’s the consummate businessman and why they want to take him out, because no matter what he does, he’s going to upset this apple cart!!

    The debate broadcast on Fox News set the rules and limited the participants to the top 10. Trump (23.4 percent), former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (12.0 percent), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (10.2 percent), former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (6.6 percent), retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (5.8 percent), Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (5.4 percent), Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (5.4 percent), Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (4.8 percent), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (3.4 percent) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (3.2 percent).

    Did you notice Donald’s double Jeb Bushes lead and despite the media onslaught incredibly Trump’s still rising after the debate and has not fallen back in the poll’s!

    ‘On her knees’ comment taken out of context; ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestant defends Trump
    August 8, 2015 | Michael Dorstewitz | 92 Comments

    She hadn’t even recalled the incident.

    A former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant who was the subject of the “on her knees” remark made by Fox’s New’s Megan Kelly during the debate to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is coming to his defense. What she said and you can see from the video below was that she would get on her knees if need be and beg Donald if it came to that,, not to be fired and let go and as you can clearly see, nobody thought otherwise there on the show at the time except Trump haters who had to have data mined painstakingly 7 years of Celebrity Apprentice to find a needle in a haystack, to destroy the man destined to take out the apple cart at that first debate and now trying to paint the Donald as a pervert that should be put out on the S.S. MINNOW for a three hour tour!



    • Bill Holter

      all for public consumption.

    • aussie jeff

      The Elites hate Donald, he’s no part of their plan,so they are trying to take him down via the media that they run and own !
      A cashed up Trump will prove a point,however when push comes to shove and Donald gets the tap on the shoulder to either bow out graciously from the contest or just maybe his life might be in danger,he will then count the cost,multi billionaire egomaniacs like Donald put money ahead of everything,including politics.
      With Donald gone, Jeb, the elites favourite son will rise forth and take the battle to Hillary.
      Keeping in mind, that no matter who you vote for, you “still end up voting for them” as they control which every party will eventually get in.

  34. Darren

    Open question to all………..What will happen to everyone’s mortgages with there banks? If the whole thing crashes, what will the banks do? It’s not like they can do a massive repo on everyone’s home….That wouldn’t make any sense..Y.ou would think they would freeze mortgages for a year or so..just so folks keep up the property and taxes…..Thoughts???

    • Bill Holter

      they will be rewritten with the reset in my opinion.

    • Grafique

      I read once that all bank loans, including mortgages, would be “indexed” to the rate of inflation.
      So if we have 25%, 50%, 100% annual inflation, whatever, mortgage payments would rise to match it.

  35. Sylvia

    Great Interview! If anyone can wake up the general public, it will be Bill Holter.
    He’s the best ! He is easy to understand and I feel like he is one of us. Thanks,

    • Bill Holter

      Thanks Sylvia, I am “one of us”.

  36. Diane D

    Thank you Greg for another awesome interview with Bill Holter. And thank you Bill!

    Truth is a blessing. We (and our loved ones) are blessed by both of your efforts to expose it.

    • Bill Holter

      we are all blessed by God and his Son Jesus Christ!

  37. Mark


    Telling interview with the venerable Bill Holter. His take on silver being too heavy is confusing to me. When the debt bomb hits silver may go up in value, but will be much more useful for weekly transactions. Gold will be too expensive to use at the grocery store or anywhere else if it goes to the prices he states. We have to remember that when gold & silver rise so does everything else denominated in dollars (when the dollar collapse is clear to all). Gold will be more stable pricewise since it’s a bigger market, but silver is the go-to metal for everyday folks – so get whet you can!

    The expected US Treasury dump will be dramatic and signs of it are happening now. As you and others stated bonds are liabilities and faith in the USD is declining. I just hope we still have enough gold left in storage to protect our nation in the coming years. I came across a good article today on China dumping UST for readers to peruse.

  38. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview with Bill Holter — really good comments above.

    I thought that China would have become part of the SDR and cannot understand the denial. But currency wars are cut-throat and denying the Chinese request probably made sense to someone. Maybe the State Separtment/Treasury/IMF know what they’re doing; looks to me like they are only thinking short term and not considering consequences. We’ll only know how bad that decision was after the Chinese retaliate; it is safe to say they will retaliate. I’ve marked October 31st on my calendar; Halloween could be scary this year.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

    • Bill Holter

      yes, particularly scary this year …possibly many zombies roaming the streets in attire.

  39. Randy

    Has anyone else noticed that silver dealers have raised the cost over spot in the last few weeks? That has happened in Phoenix. They state, “we can’t make any money unless we do”.

    • Bill Holter

      it is because they cannot get much supply.

  40. foggygoggles

    With all due respect, how many years have those in the precious metals business been predicting an imminent crash? Not to say bad things can’t or won’t happen, particularly some black swan event that nobody can predict. I’m suspect when everybody is on one side of a trade. It always gives me pause. I also notice none of your guests predicting a crash EVER mentions or factors in three things, and their interrelationships: (1) the black budget, (2) the international underground criminal economy, largely drug based, and its associated money laundering and various schemes of mortgage fraud, and finally (3) the hidden system of finance that been operating at least since WWII. Financial models that fail to take these factors into consideration are useless. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell had a great blog post about this at Time for some balance on this issue. I’m truly looking forward to what people will say if the fall comes and goes without incident.

    • Bill Holter

      please, “everyone is on one side of the trade”? Please tell that to the people I talk to rolling their eyes, 98% or more don’t have a single clue or don’t want” to believe the truth about what’s coming. Please don’t “smart” your way to disaster.

    • JC Davis

      Foggy if December comes without troubles I will ask are we any better then 6 months ago ? If not Then where are we headed. The result is the same regardless to time frames. If we live we will eat, and drink water. When, where, and how is not going to change this fact.

    • Buck

      Catherine Austin Fitts (one of my favorite guests) has been on Watchdog at least ten times. Here she is at the 2014 Secret Space Program Conference discussing all three of your points.

  41. Ken Weberg

    Hey Greg, Just listened to your interview with Mr Holter. Sent him an email last week as this has been on my mind for a couple years now . Let me get your take on it. What ever is about to happen isn’t about money. Lets say for numbers sake 1% of the population controls 95% of the total worlds wealth. The only time money comes into play is when these elites want to one up each other. They manipulate all the markets all the time. So lets take money off the table. This is about population reduction PERIOD . They simply don’t want to share whats on this earth. They feel its all theirs. Georgia Guide Stones ring a bell. Plus all the white papers from Bill Ayers to Professor Pianca or Bianca at the Texas college.Money is just a tool for them to use on the sheepl. Most of whom can’t balance a check book, and wouldn’t know a balance sheet from a roll of butt wipe. Almost all of what is taking place is smoke and mirrors. Its really getting more and more evil by the day. As you have been reporting, about the Planned Parent Hood situation. Most people I speak with just seem to want to blow it off or don’t know anything about it. GOD can’t be to happy with what He is looking down on and the day of reckoning
    is soon at hand. Thanks for the great interviews. Keep up the good work.
    Ken weberg

    • Bill Holter

      please call me Bill, my Dad was the only Mr. Holter. And yes, God is probably shaking his head in disbelief.

  42. Diane D

    Bill’s descriptions of China’s Options A or B make sense and he explained them so that even I can understand them.

    Hugo Salinas Price is another outstanding guest here on USAWatchdog. He recently posted an article relative to China in a similar vein. He closes the article with another desperate US option, which we cannot discount.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Diane, it is what I strive for. Taking difficult subjects and breaking them down into simpler pieces.

  43. MIke Gleason

    All predictions of how this ongoing mess will play out have been inaccurate at best. Bill is very insightful but his predictions are educated opinions. Bet on Bill or you can bet on the USG. So far, the Feds have been winning.

    • JC Davis

      Mike. If I own the card table, cards, and the room the game is played in I can take all the time I want laying down my loosing hand.. It will never be a winning hand. The USG is not winning they are not even playing anymore. They are waiting till everyone leaves the room so they can tell themselves they won.

      • MIke Gleason

        Citizens of the US cannot leave the room, we are locked in. The game is rigged by the house and we have to play. This is why we have to hedge our bets. Are you feeling lucky?

  44. Larry Galearis

    I really admire Bill Holter but he does share a misconception with virtually all his peers. Gold miners have a permit based system of operation in the United States and Canada – and much of the West – and this means that they do not actually own the gold they are mining. They are “Permitted” to mine it under the eye (and foot) of central governments. They cannot hold back production without coming under the ire of government. Most of them will not criticize the market for being manipulated for the same reasons. I have lost count of the number of times I have emailed pundits over this, and it is ignored – I think because it just offers pundits another bunch to criticise in the gold bug camp.
    Best regard,

    • Larry Galearis

      Ignored again, even as Bill wants to send his letter to miners. Goldcorp did hold back production and got some bad attention from Ottawa. That holding back of dore did not last long! I know the community does not want to hear this stuff from anyone, but as far as I am concerned we should be aware of ALL the ways TPTB control the industry to its advantage. I have been saying this for years and am beginning to think this willful disregard has some sort of political resource I am not aware of for gold bugs.
      I have been watching this game for over fifteen years, have even worked underground and know how mines operate properly or not. Mines do not own the gold they mine. So give them a break, the fight is with us, not them, and against the PTB.
      Most sincerely,

  45. dee garmon

    Knowing how corrupt they are, isn’t it possible that they pay the miners to keep
    producing gold and silver below the production cost?

    • JC Davis

      Dee good question. It would be reasonable to see bankers owning the mines in secret.

      • Silence is Golden

        JC…..In secret ???
        How many miners do you know that have ZERO debt ?
        Banksters are in the Box Seat. Push it low enough and the miners shut up shop…Banks foreclose…the rest is written in history books…..something about pennies on the dollar for the next BOOM.

    • Larry Galearis


      In the 1960s the Canadian government subsidized Canadian gold miners by paying them a premium over the spot price to keep them in business. Where is that support today? We see it has occurred in China so that those mines can keep running. Is Ottawa such a vassal of Washington these days that it has to let its mining sector fail so that Canada can “do its bit to protect the dollar at the expense of its own currency”? And yet here we go sending letters of complaint to them as they are forced to hi-grade to stay in business – as we tell them to withhold production! This is asinine, and NO, I am not an apologist for the mining industry or a troll for the PTB. I just know better from my personal knowledge base about how this world works….


  46. Agent P

    “Then, the Fed would have a big choice. Would the Fed buy them? There is your QE forced. Or, do they just let the interest rates go up and the bond market tank? It’s either option A or option B.”

    What about option ‘C’, Bill…?

    Option ‘C’ is a carrier battle group (or 2), making a presence in the South China sea, under a pretense of (fill in the blank with whatever See-Eye-Aye trumped-up propaganda you wish) ‘an act of war’ by China. Big gamble, but the bigger gamble is an implosion of confidence and subsequent currency flight out of Treasuries and the $dollar. ‘But-but-but’, where would they go – where would all that money go?’, is the cry from $dollar bulls. And the answer is – it doesn’t matter, because when confidence is lost, anywhere is better than a rapidly fading currency.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agent P,
      That is an ugly option, but a very real one, indeed.

      • Agent P

        We are now in the realm Greg, where foreign policy will dictate outcomes. Most mainstream (and quite a few ‘alternative’) writers/economists/forecasters, etc., still hold the view that the U.S. is essentially the ‘star’ that the global geopolitical/geostrategic galaxy revolves around. They are mistaken and will shown so gradually at first, and then quite suddenly when the U.S. miscalculates in someone else’s back yard, one too many times.

        This does not portend ‘The End’ as so many believe, but it does portend the end of U.S. empire as so many have become accustomed to, and if one lives in the U.S., that end of empire is indeed, ‘The End’ of a lifestyle as we have come to know it – at least until a great reckoning and reset occur.

        • Greg Hunter

          Agent P,
          I agree!!

    • Bill Holter

      is it really an option? Would their electronics maybe get jammed?

  47. Art Barnes

    Greg, and yet Wall Street marches on while main street retreats to third world neighborhoods all over this country. Political correctness, the new religion, is preaching 24/7 taking down the culture of America. Good by America, it was nice knowing you!

    • Bill Holter

      It may only take a week or two for Wall St. to join their ranks.

  48. NC Gal

    Another great interview with Bill Holter! He is one of my two favorite speakers, along with Rob Kirby. They both recognize the plans and modes of behavior of the ruling elites (Kirby calls them “the globalists)” and openly talk about them. One cannot talk about how things might go without factoring in their plans. This planned collapse is the prequel to the next globalist system, and I am quite sure that they will pull the plug when it suits them to do so, which could come any time after they have finished testing the JADE2 and GeoInt computer systems being used during Jade Helm 15.

    I agree with Bill’s assessment that the IMF actions regarding postponing China’s admission to the SDR were a public humiliation for China, causing them to “lose face.” This is a very serious thing in oriental cultures (think hara kiri in the Japanese traditions). I agree that it will only stiffen China’s resolve to retaliate against the West, but I don’t agree with Bill’s ideas as to how they might go about it. Displaying the amount of gold they hold might work in Texas, but it isn’t the Chinese way to reveal more than they absolutely have to. The word “inscrutable” still applies to the Chinese way of doing things. Likewise, they would be wiser to use US treasuries and US dollars to buy up tangible assets worldwide than to cause them to lose the US/Western market for their goods before they have built up their consumer base within their own country.

    Rather, I think they might retaliate with a “thousand cuts” rather than a single grandstand play, and I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of cyber attacks or other means of causing pain to the US that don’t directly involve money. As Rob Kirby pointed out, China wants trade, not war. I think the IMF move was a deliberate provocation, to which the Chinese response will be one of several cleverly planned and executed acts, but not a single act of defiance or revenge. Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” outlines exactly such a course of action, based on stealth, not a public display.

    Using my markers and considering how the elites operate, I think Bill is right in saying that we won’t get past October 31 without incident, but I don’t think it will have anything to do with the Shemitah or blood moons. I think it will have everything to do with when the elites are ready to pull the plug, and I still think that will be sometime in mid-September to mid-October, only 1-2 months from now.

    • Keith

      I agree NC Gal. It is unbecoming to try to militarily fight a war when it can be won without firing a shot.. As Sun Tzu said — ‘If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.’ China will bite off small battles it can control and win – devaluing its currency, AIIB, rapidly moving ahead with it’s own CIPS system, hoarding gold, cyber warfare, etc. To China or any other ‘enemy’ with a long term view, it is unadvisable to have a shooting conflict – where the US can rile the US population with ‘blame and inflame’ – ie. ‘remember the Alamo!’, remember Pearl Harbor!’, remember 9/11!’ etc. In order to TOTALLY demoralize the US public, the destruction needs to appear a if “we brought it upon ourselves” – and the resulting emotional and fiscal depression and despair will have its completely devastating effect. Everybody knows how painful REGRET is.. because we could have done something about an issue.. but didn’t. China and other countries have seen the US’ hubris, its bullying, its lies, its wars, its smack mouth domination, and its celebration and glorification of moral deviance. And in a way, God won’t allow China, or Russia, – or anyone else – to execute the judgment upon the proud that belongs to Him and Him alone.

  49. Southern Girl


    Bill Holter’s first discussion about the warnings are I believe correct. The elite will warn you because it is in their code to do so. Then they can set back and say, “We told you. Why didn’t you do something about it?”

    He also comments on what are the kids going to do without the Iphones. The adults will revert to being bratty kids if they can’t get the newest and latest thing. It will cause such a sucking sound when they figure out what is happening. He also talks about preparing for the inevitable…no services, ATM’s don’t work, credit cards no worky, etc. Hey guys out there you need to make sure you have a record of all the bills you have paid. When this thing shuts down the banks will tell you that it cannot be accessed. Print off your bank and credit card statements on a regular basis, but especially in September. You will have to prove you made a house, car, credit cars payment.

    Even he doesn’t know how long the system will be down. No one know how long it will take for a reset. No one but the people pulling the strings know. Shooting for 13th of September. I guess I will just have to be worried about the meat in my freezers if the electricity is cut off. Bought some more canning jars to get prepared for next month.

    Two years ago Gerald Celente said this coming Christmas will really be the last one as we know it. Why do you think Amazon and Wally World had Black Friday in July. They know that people aren’t going to have money to buy things they used to be able to buy. Wally World is in on a lot of plans that you would not think about. They are the largest mover of products to stores for distribution.

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote, “The elite will warn you because it is in their code to do so.”
      Madame, with all due respect, these evil bastards have no code. I think that it’s wishful thinking. God designed rattle snakes to warn, but black mambas, the most poisonous snake, just strikes.

      • Southern Girl

        Galaxy 500,

        You need to acquaint yourself with Lindsey Williams. He worked for the elite and said they have a code. They must tell all of us what is coming. They might do it through cartoon movie, regular movie, book , and or article. Whatever they do they MUST tell us what they have planned.

        • Galaxy 500

          I put no stock in what what Lindsey. Think about it. A super secret organization but they have to tell you what they are going to do. Buy it if you want but its a fairy tale.

        • Galaxy 500

          Have you done the math on all of this crack pots predictions? He predicted a catastrophic rupture in the Gulf, the death of the dollar in 2012. I am just saying for some one who claims to be tight with God must not talk to him much.

      • NC Gal

        I disagree. I have heard from many sources that the elites HAVE to say what they are going to do before they do it. They do appear to have rules and must abide by them. Some of the sources who have said this claim to be “illuminati” themselves, including Simon Parkes and “Hidden Hand.” However, HOW they say it might be cryptic, such as Christine LaGarde’s impromptu instruction about the “magic 7s” during a press club speech. You can watch some of Simon Parkes’ videos on YouTube. His presentation of the “birthday card” episode is just one such communication, and that will give you an idea of how they speak in “code.”

        Are they evil? Yes. Do they have rules that they have to obey? Yes. Is Bill Holter correct when he points to these warnings as indicators of things that are coming to a theater close to you? Yes, yes, yes!

        • Keith

          YES. Satan was allowed to devastate Job’s life. And to steal kill and destroy in every generation. But God has kept him on a leash. Satan is the [small r] ‘ruler of this world’ for a time – but he only can do what God allows, for His purposes. Perhaps that is why the ‘elites’ MUST foreshadow their actions through movies, music, etc. etc. God still makes the rules, though we can’t always understand them. Regardless, God is sovereign, His will WILL be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

          • Scotland Forever

            Wow! Kieth, so simple yet so profound!

        • Galaxy 500

          Only a cartoon villain tells you what they are going to do beefier they do it. But again, believe it if it makes you feel better. To me, it makes as much sense as throwing salt over your shoulder.
          And those magic sevens y’all were raving about last year. Did they turn out to be meaningful? No. I think she just needed her meds adjusted.

      • dbcooper

        Yes G5 but time and again the “they” give us a heads-up as to their machinations… it is our reason d’etre to pay attention. Yours, DB.

        • WD

          They are psychopathic and narcissistic, and they have lost control of everything. That is why this is happening.

          If they are giving us “warnings” it comes from their narcistic need to tell everyone they have a “secret”. Don’t give these people more credit than they deserve. This is their greatest weakness.

          Always beware of those that:

          1) Constantly talk about themselves
          2) Name drop
          3) Talk about how great they are and their accomplishments.

          We all know the type!

        • Galaxy 500


  50. Bruce Maclean

    Greg, Thanks for another interesting interview with Bill Holter.
    I must disagree that China will take one of the two options Bill Holter describes. Firstly, China has recently stated officially that it holds about 1600 tonnes of gold. If China admits that it really holds 10,000 tonnes of gold then China will have discredited itself in front of the whole world. “What? China has lied to the world? China is dishonest?” China will not cause itself to “lose face” on such a magnitude.
    Secondly, China holds a huge amount of US treasuries which has a lot of value. It would be foolish of the Chinese to start dumping this paper, thereby greatly devaluing the US paper they have. Better for them if the US paper they hold retains its value and for them to slowly convert the US paper they now hold into hard assets, such as farmland, suburbs, industrial parks, seaports, mines, pipelines, and such, as is exactly what the Chinese have been doing.

  51. James Hastings

    Shhhhhhazam Batman. Good job.

  52. ulrich sherry

    Hi Greg,
    Great to see Bill Holter engage in the comments section. Thankyou.

  53. Dana

    Thanks Greg for having Bill on again. I have been stacking for years and preparing and it is VERY close now. The Chinese are very wise and Patient people.They have the cards and most people don’t even know whats going on they are more interested with Cecil the lion and there Nike’s sneakers. Greg thanks for having such great guest on. Wish everybody would WAKE UP.

  54. Galaxy 500

    I see Mr Holter being criticized for timing. It difficult to improbably to predict what WILL happen. It’s improbable to impossible to predict WHEN it will happen. Mr. Holter has weighed and measured the system. It is going to fail. If you prepare now, you won’t be in a rush.
    Economic collapse and the return of Christ: both are coming. I think we have many decades before Christ comes but I am a Christian and I am ready. Why would I not be ready for economic turmoil?

    • brian

      One could make the argument that both the economic crash and return of Christ have already happened. As a Christian the later should not really come as a surprise to you; Christ after all does occupy a place in your heart doesn’t He? What more do you need?

      • Galaxy 500

        When Christ returns, there will not be any doubt. People will mistake the antichrist but not Christ.

  55. Donna S from Arkansas

    Thank you for letting us “small” people in on the financial world of things. I listen to the host and read all comments. I may not understand all that is discussed, but I get the general gist of what is going on. I am screwed though and so are all those that I work with, my family, friends…..etc. I have tried telling all close to me to stock up on foods, medicines, etc…but to no avail. Also, my job is going to be a loss. I work for a company based out of Taiwan. We distribute exercise equipment for this company, so everything comes to us by boat and then by diesel truck. I really do not look for people to continue to buy exercise equipment in this coming crisis. The CLS that responds on your site is saying the exact same thing that Lindsey Williams (a pastor to the elite) is saying. In Sept the NWO order will be started (after the popes visit) and a new currency in October. Now, I do not know who Lindsey Williams is or if he is credible, but CLS has said the same that he is saying. I have also read that an EMP will be exploded over the US, if that happens we are all toast and headed back to the 1800’s way of life….this will be a hard pill to swallow.

    • Greg Hunter

      Donna S from Arkansas,
      Thank you for adding your family perspective. You are the sane one. I wonder how CLS is getting the information. It is specific and we will find out but it has been a matter of “when and not “if” really since 2008. They have kept this propped up for much longer than most experts said it could. It has come at great expense and future costs. Lets be real here, so many are so ill prepared that people are guaranteed to be totally life-threatening screwed. I think we are going to find out what it really meant when Christ said, “As in the Days of Noah.” “Fear Not.”


      • diane s.

        I agree Greg, I’m pretty sure the Watchdog readers are at prepared as much as they can.
        Some of us are seniors. .we are pretty much unable to go camp out in the wilderness. I pray it won’t come to that.
        On the positive side. …if we can all position ourselves the best we can we will be able to weather the storm.
        And hopefully the outcome of a complete crash will result in the change we must have.

    • Southern Girl

      Donna S.,

      I’m in central Arkansas and I understand what you are saying as far as waking your friends and family up. I keep thinking that if I could just get them to believe one thing…then maybe another…and another…NOT! They think I’m the one without a brain.

      I’m sorry about your job but I think your are right on…there will be a lot of people who will no longer have a job when the SHTF. I have noticed in my town a lot of people are not hiring lawn care any more. They will mow their own lawns…later on whatever is deem unnecessary …those jobs will be gone.

      On Lindsey Williams he worked for the elite of the world and has an inside track. Here is his website. I have been following him for years and he warns us when ever possible. You can also find free information on this website. Look on the top right-hand side and click on his name and you will be able to read what he is telling people on his DVD’s for free.

      Also make sure you have a way to heat your home and cook. I have bought extra firewood, have propane, charcoal, and an solar oven. As hot as it gets here…I was able to bake bread in my solar oven. Good luck you Arkansan!

      • WD


        Williams is cut from the same cloth as Tony Robbins, sell this plan but wait you need to get this next one, oh here is another dvd, just a few more and you will have all you need. See Scientology buy more to become free.

        I went to his site, not going to buy anything…rather donate o this site.

        Take care SG…no offense meant

        • Southern Girl


          None taken! Lindsey Williams has to make a living somehow. The second site I listed was a site you can read and watch for free. Maybe try this one On the right-hand side click and read or watch for free. I did not buy the last two. Time before last it was loaded to that site for free. Happy reading!

          • WD


            I will check it out… by the way I have seen LW site…it just gives me a bad feeling about what he is trying to do…by the way I am a Southern Boy…in hurricane alley!
            Thanks for the info

  56. Bill Jones

    Interesting but difficult audio….please invest in like a $20+ microphone….. a little difficult getting advice from someone who is not prepared in the most basic way to be speaking to like how many thousands of people? Thanks for the info Greg!

  57. Coalburner

    Greg; Thanks
    Bill, I like the hat, mine is brown.

    The two sites I rarey missa day checking on are USA Watchdog and the Sinclair/Holter collaboration.

  58. WD


    I hve read the book by CJ Myers a cuple of times and it reads like a blueprint for our current situation, it was written in 1975.

    In the book he says two interesting things:

    1) That these “powers” we believe to be in charge and running everything really have no idea of what to really do and are just making “guesses” at this plan.

    2) That when this finally blows it wil make the French Revolution look tame.

    Any thoughts on this …


    • Bill Holter

      number 1 and 2 could both be correct, number 2 for sure.

    • Silence is Golden

      Do not restrict your reading to modern day literature.
      The “TRUE BLUEPRINT” for what has transpired over the last century and a half was actually created in the 19th Century.
      It may seem like TPTB are clueless….but their agenda is becoming reality with the passing of time. Avoid the noise and focus on the BIG PICTURE.
      Politics (REAL GOVERNMENT), Finance and Religion…are the common denominators for the control of the masses. It is the groups of Elites associated with these driving forces that should attract your interest. That is what sets the stage for Wars and Revolutions. We are constantly bombarded with useless information and it is very difficult to understand what is truly developing. WW111 is a given as is a NWO. How we arrive at that point is the detail, which only those who devise these Machevellian schemes are privy to. Some of the signs of what are included in the Blueprint are evident today and we are very close ….years perhaps (not decades), away from their planned idealogy coming to fruition.

      • WD

        Thanks SIG,

        But it does not mean that they havent lost control, it appears that there is desperate effort to control, like an out of control car etc.

        I have worked with these type of people and “they seem to be too smart for their own good”

        Dont give them so much credit, you set your self back.

  59. WD


    How will the country even exist or stay together? All these gov agencies/employees will surely crash and burn right?

    This currency destruction, nothing could be worse…right?

    • Bill Holter

      we could end up as 5 or 6 regions or divided separate states?

  60. Cryptic LIttle Sister

    Watch patiently. China has devalued its currency, ahead of President Jinping’s visit to Washington in a few weeks. This devaluation was done to put upward pressure on the dollar, a concern for Federal Reserve Governors ahead of their September rate hike. The Treasury wants upward movement on the yuan. They believe that the PBOC will intervene only if the yuan gains in value. Pay attention to this coming meeting with President Obama. You will begin to see increased tension between China and Washington in public. These tensions should increase heavily over the coming weeks. President Obama is under intense pressure right now from a divided congress, and you will likely hear them calling for his hat in a basket.

    Pay attention to this upcoming meeting. And watch for that large increase in the NDAA budget for Ukraine when the congress votes on the reconciled budget in September. The Russian military is restructuring its units for a heavy offensive in a few weeks. Intelligence, electronics, heavy artillery brigades. When you see that increase, be ready for the market crash and US dollar devaluation.

    Be patient. It will come.

  61. OzFan

    China just devalued the yuan the single most im history.

    Looks like Bill Holter was right about payback for the SDR snub.

    • Diane D

      Can I hear an AMEN!!

  62. gregd

    Great interview and a great guest. I’ll start first with what I don’t understand from some of your guests. Some say as well as many others on the internet, say gold and silver will be smashed, gold at $250-$350 and silver back to $4 or less an ounce. Yet we know that they HAVE to keep the stock market up for the pension plans. If they didn’t the market would cannibalize on itself by needing to sell many more shares of stocks at a lower price to cover the pensioner’s checks and would crash to a point of no return. So they keep printing digital money and buying stock via proxy with the banks as well as buying all the banks bad assets. They also use digital money to naked short the gold and silver market as well as provide the plunge protection team.
    Yet, the dollar keeps going up.! And this enables them to print even more digital money to keep this game going.
    They will say they have to keep printing money because the dollars is TO strong and that’s also the reasoning that they can’t raise rates. So they can keep the game going for a lot longer than most experts thinks is possible. As I see it they will be taking victory laps as these elections approach.

  63. TED


    • gregd

      And…… what is your rationale Ted?

    • frederick

      @Ted I disagree it will be much worse situation in the cities of America in my opinion as these people(and I use that term generously) will be extremerly violent when their benefits are cut off My reccomendation would be to get out of the larger cities if it isnt already too late to relocate for most

    • Bill Holter

      ummm, no they won’t be.

    • Galaxy 500

      What do you base this on?

  64. HTC

    Greg, I know a lot of experts are telling people to buy precious metals, and looking back at history that’s a good call. But I can’t help but feel that gold/silver is not going to be of any “real” value when all this goes down. Ii believe metals are a storage of wealth and most experts believe after the collapse the economy will reset and he who has the gold will make the rules. But what if it doesn’t come back? What if this is the Time of Jacobs trouble, the final 7 years of tribulation? We see clearly in scripture that there will be some sort of economy but one in which the Christians will not partake in regarding buying & selling via the mark. Whatever that may turn out to be. So the way I see it, I’d rather hold food, water, rifles, and ammunition. I suppose a little silver wouldn’t hurt anything but I don’t believe anything good will come out of this collapse. It is simply a means to an end of the current era of economics.

    • Bill Holter

      they are “money”, real money as opposed to a liability.

  65. Mark


    Thanks for your insights and alerting us all on what’s coming and how to prepare. I wanted your take on the recent story of the IMF putting off discussions on including the yuan this year in the sdr basket of currencies and today’s news about China’s devaluation of the yuan. Are they connected and is this another sign of the coming collapse?

    • Bill Holter

      of course connected.

  66. Mike from the North

    Scary stuff…..

    My gut tells me that something is coming and this link I just watched has scared the hell out of me.

    This was posted 5 days ago on SGT report.

  67. Scotland Forever

    Hard Evidence: “We Are In A Full Blown Global Depression”

    Mac Slavo, August 11th, 2015,

    For the last several months there have been warnings of a coming economic storm, with many forecasting serious financial calamity by the Fall of this year.

    With stock markets in China having self destructed, Greece and Europe in another crisis, and corporate earnings for some of the world’s biggest corporations showing lackluster performance, it should be clear that the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

    But for the last several years America has appeared to remain fairly insulated from overt crisis. We were told that a recovery had taken hold, jobs were returning and consumer confidence had reached new highs, propaganda which drove millions of investors back into stock markets and real estate. No one in the mainstream media world, it seems, believes there’s anything to be concerned about.

    Except there is;

  68. vincent_g

    Here we go again – Ukraine and Hacking

    The SEC said Ukraine-based hackers !!!!

    Now looking back hackers from the Ukraine had been responsible for the Target Credit Card Hack and many others.

    Yet they are our friends and oh no they did not shoot down that Jet

    There is something wrong with the way this country picks it’s friends.

  69. Chris

    I wonder how today’s China Yuan devaluation fits into this discussion.

  70. vincent_g

    Here is how a Bank that’s in trouble can turn it around

    Cap One lost 1.1 billion on Credit Card defaults recently.

    Increase the number of loans and the bad loans becomes a smaller percentage.
    9 billion – wonder where they got that from.

    GE is selling off much of their divisions.
    They sold off their appliance division. –>
    I think they dropped the light bulb business
    Now the dump their Credit business.
    When it’s done what is GE left with?
    Military, Nuclear and aviation only?

  71. TED


  72. Mike Larson

    China Goes to (Currency) War! What it Means to You …
    Market Roundup

    China is going to war! Not over islands in the South China Sea, but over the value of its money.

    The People’s Bank of China launched an aggressive salvo overnight, devaluing the country’s yuan currency by 1.9%. That may not sound like much, but in the world of currencies, it’s huge. As a matter of fact, it’s the single-biggest devaluation since China adopted its current monetary system in 1994.

    The devaluation comes as China’s economy and financial markets are increasingly on the rocks. Growth is slowing. Bad debts are rising. Exports just plunged by more than 8%, more than five times as much as economists expected. And the stock market has been tanking, suffering a series of huge swings the likes of which we haven’t seen in years.

    Why is China taking this step? The PBOC claims it’s part of an effort to make the yuan’s pricing more market-based, and increase currency market flexibility. It said it would be a one-time move.

    China is looking to give its exports a lift on international markets.
    But that’s hogwash. The real reason it’s devaluing is the same reason several other combatants in the ongoing global currency war are doing it: To give their exporters a competitive advantage.

    Think about it this way. Cutting the value of your currency is like running a sale on your goods. You’re telling the world: Buy from us … everything we sell is now 1.9% cheaper.

    The problem, though, is that it also makes goods from all your competitors relatively more expensive. So all your Asian neighbors panic, and are forced to launch their own competitive devaluations to avoid suffering a competitive disadvantage. That’s why a basket of Asian currencies tanked the most since 2008 after China’s news hit.

    At the same time, think about what signal you’re sending to global investors by devaluing. You’re basically telling them your economy stinks. Not only that, but you just made every bond, stock, or other asset those investors own that’s denominated in your currency worth 1.9% less.

    So what are those investors going to do? They’re going to sell, that’s what. One estimate in this Bloomberg story is that every 1% decline in the yuan against the dollar alone leads to roughly $40 billion in outflows.

    China has a huge pile of foreign exchange reserves – around $3.7 trillion. So it can withstand the pressure for a while. But those reserves have already dropped for four straight quarters, by about $300 billion in total. Worries over accelerating capital flight could reverberate through global capital markets.

    “I can remember distinctly what happened the last time a major Asian currency crisis broke out in 1997-98.”
    Moreover, I’ve been around the block for many, many years. I can remember distinctly what happened the last time a major Asian currency crisis broke out in 1997-98.

    A wave of competitive devaluations swept through Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea. Then the crisis spread to Russia, and ultimately to U.S. stocks. The Dow Industrial’s plunged almost 2,000 points, or more than 20%, in just a few months in 1998 alone. And that was when the U.S. economy was in fundamentally much stronger shape than it is now.

    Finally, this move is sure to worsen U.S.-China relations. U.S. manufacturers have already been suffering from a rising dollar, and politicians have lambasted China in the past for manipulating its currency to give its companies a relative advantage. This is going to increase those tensions significantly, and raise the possibility of retaliatory “trade war” type actions.

    Bottom line: The capital markets were already getting more volatile and risky, as I’ve been warning for a few months. Now China is launching its most aggressive currency war in decades – threatening to add even more uncertainty and risk to the mix. So if you haven’t taken protective action, now may be a very good time to do so.

    So what do you think about this move by China? Is the global currency war going to get worse now? What does it mean for the U.S. dollar, U.S. stocks, and your investments? And how about the politics of the move? Will U.S. officials (and presidential candidates) threaten retaliatory action in response? What will that mean for the markets?

  73. Billy

    Were under a curse, we support gay marriage, we have riots brewing in the streets. Gods going to get peoples attention but it’s going to be painful. Just like Noah’s time!!

    The EU will end up with 10 nations.

  74. boris chikvashvili

    It is my belief that, many people have reasonably good ideas about the metals and Bill maybe one of them. Still It is doubt full that , any of those “fundamental truth / predictions do much good to most of people, especially in late stages of their life. Too man people lose money, believing the exports who maybe right one day, but can cause the investor go too deep into the metals, at a wrong time and sell out just when the experts opinion come to fruition.
    The main drawback of majority of experts interviewed here , is that:
    1) they have proven to be bad timers of market
    2) they have tried to justify the bad timing by conspiracy theories.

    Now, the 1st is not disputable, as nobody coming on this channel has been able to call metals moves with any consistency
    The 2nd is downright unacceptable as one cannot justify conspiracy theory only when market goes against their wishes.

    As somebody that has gone from totalitarian USSR regime ( unlike many who can only dream knowing what it is like) and living all over the world with different systems of government, I can say that many and most fundamental thinkers on metals will have their day as the metals market is capable of proving them right separately, but not all of them at once.

    Market is a SELF MANIPULATOR and those that have the big media following can , are manipulating markets. That is the way it is , people listen opinions of those who have made it to the top of the media food chain.

    For example Martin Armstrong , great analyst , claims that his “COMPUTER PREDICTIONS” are devoid of personal opinions.

    That is a decidedly deceptive statement. Any and ALL computer constructs , though is influenced by the procedures they use to process the data. So to say that SOCRATES, Martins computer is an INDEPENDENT OPINION is quit unacceptable. Perhaps Martin is trying to hide the fact that his opinions( expressed via SOCRATES) are influencing world( as he has big following of big money) and here I beg to differ with government accusations that he is and only one manipulating markets. This site also has power to influence the opinions. I would not refrain calling any of that MANIPULATION, but is not all media A MANIPULATION?
    Who ever comes to media to “not use the chance” to advance their agenda.
    Please be real.
    Expressed reason of existence of all media is to promote certain ideas and goals, call it MANIPULATION if you will.

    The problem with this site is that it allows too much / many to claim that manipulations exist only one way.

    Dear Greg, you would increase the trust to your site, if you try to prevent people from covering “EXPERT FAILURES IN TIMING” as “OTHERS MANIPULATING MARKETS” and only when their theories are debunked, albeit temporarily.


    • Greg Hunter

      boris chikvashvili,
      You don’t think the markets are manipulated? Ever hear of the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) or the Presidents Working Group on Financial Markets aka Plunge Protection Team (PPT)? What is happening now should not even involve any hint of ‘market timing” metals are insurance and we are all going to need some.

      • boris chikvashvili

        Dear Greg,
        I have made plenty clear, I hope that markets ARE MANIPULATED.
        Everybody with an opinion is attempting to manipulate market.
        Big time influence advisers manipulate the market.
        FED is manipulating market
        Gov is manipulating market
        Since the markets existed they were/are manipulated directly or indirectly. What is called cycles are / may well be Manipulation, because some influential people agree on repeating those cycles , there is nothing wrong with admitting the manipulation.

        What is wrong is to protect bad forecasts for a long time with
        statements of others manipulating market( that is clear and if one does not understand how and why these markets are manipulated then they will not heard for too long) and I am afraid this might happen to people who cannot have any success in timing.

        Unfortunately i find many of your guests devoid of technical savvy to time the market and that is why they will lose the audience.

        For your own sake, you may want to not ask about timing the people who have NOT DEMONSTRATED they can time the markets.

        How does one learn timing, by observing the masters of it and being technical enough to figure it on your own.


  75. Dan

    I don’t know Mr. Holter but since he is in the business of selling precious metals it makes me a little wary. He and others have been predicting chaos for some time and they do have a basis for concern given the national debt, current administration, world situation etc but after awhile these ominous predictions become a little tiring.

    The world and US economy are very complex animals with checks, counter checks, options for the powers to be to take, actions to prop up failing economies, etc. As a previous writer commented- we are probably in for some economic difficulties but total chaos is I think a real stretch.

  76. hang obagi

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    it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you!
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