Traitors Going to Jail, China Trade War, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 384 5.17.19)

 Many think that nobody is going to jail for the Trump Russia collusion hoax that the FBI, DOJ and CIA tried to pull off.  Attorney General William Bar has just assigned a U.S. Attorney to look into the Russia scam that was made up to paint the President a spy.  People are going to be prosecuted and jailed for this treason.  

The China trade war is heating up and does not look like it will be resolved anytime soon.  China is calling for a boycott of U.S. products and claims to have more than $3 trillion to fight this dispute.  Trump is asking for a fair trade deal, but China wants the lopsided deal it has now. 

The economy is a mixed bag of good and bad information.  If you’re following Deutsche Bank stock, things are looking terrible for one of the world’s biggest most troubled banks. 

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up. 

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Greg Hunter has the Early Sunday Release and a road map for what is coming for the next 30 days.



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  1. Mark James

    Great WNW, as always, Greg. Two comments: 1. The only President I ever remember talking or really trying to help farmers is Trump. Read his twitter, he mentions US Farmers more than President I remember. 2. Wal-Mart said for years they didn’t just sell China. NOW with the tariffs coming, they are reporting they have to increase prices on half their goods!! How interesting and telling. As Trump says, “Make it in the USA!” I hope your family farm is profitable this year and can somehow get a good, profitable harvest. Praying for your family and their success!! God bless!

  2. Derek Sinclair

    After all these nefarious goings on and “new” appointments, the choice of Dave Janda for Sunday is perfect. I’d give up 10 years of vacation to see Brennan & co. (and Clinton) behind bars. And what about Obama?

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!
    Powerful stuff.

  4. Damien

    Hi Greg
    at the moment your WNW is the highlight of the week …..Thanks for your insight .
    Im writing from Australia ….the land of Oz, where the news is totally laaaaame !!!! Thanks

  5. Paul in oz

    Amazing … I was thinking I’d love to hear from Charles Nenner but think we really need to here more from Dr. Dave and his contacts … I am astounded by the complete accuracy of the information that his contacts provided to him and he has shared with us … I mean … to my recollection 100% accurate ( I really didn’t believe it could all really happen when I heard it) … other readers correct me if I am missing something … so much has happened since the report came out. My discouragement is turning around … it looks like the good guys will win … I was always hoping that after the really bad things that a reset will inevitably bring along that we could end our Australian exile and head back to North America. LONG LIVE TRUMP!

    • Harvey WallBanger

      Though Oz always follows it’s big brother, anyways.
      The War Tweets
      Kurt Nimmo May 18, 2019
      There must be something in the water. How else to explain why voters in Florida keep electing this neocon promoter of war crimes and serial violations of the US Constitution.

  6. Dan R

    Greg, great job as usual. I am really troubled by how many individuals in the Democratic and Republican parties have been seduced by the dark side of the deep state. These people have free will. Yet they don’t exercise their free will. They follow party dogma like zombies. How did this happen? Was it their Leftist education? How can we take back our educational system and allow people to think for themselves again?
    Best wishes and Blessings.
    Dan R

    • paul ...

      Luckily we have Greg at were common people are allowed to talk and express their views … if we are allowed to think freely … I know eventually one day we can get the evil Dark Side monkeys off our backs!! …

    • Freebrezer

      Dan R – I wonder how many individuals in the democratic and Republican parties are/were blackmailed vs. seduced? the Obama and the Black Witch (HRC) corruption machine allowed 4 private contractors to mine data from the NSA for many, many years! What did the get? and how are they using this data? That is the big question! My guess is that many more are being blackmailed vs. seduced.

  7. paul ...

    “The China trade war is heating up and does not look like it will be resolved anytime soon” … could this “trade war” be part of a bigger neocon plan?? … could the “pivot of US military forces to Asia … and the build-up of many US military bases surrounding China be the result of the neocon gang’s preparations “for the next war” (after our kids are finished fighting “over there” in Iran)? … the US Military/Industrial Complex is like a “weed that desires more and more blood to survive” (like in the movie “A Little House of Horrors”) … and the current “trade war with China” simply looks to me like “a psyop” to prepare the minds of the American people “for the next war” and who “they should consider their next enemy” … so American parents will willingly send their kids to die “over there” next time … we don’t need a trade war with China … all we have to do is “get world trade based upon gold” to stop the shenanigans of using a depreciating currency for trade advantage … so” we don’t need to go to war” … all we need to do is do a world currency re-set based upon gold … of course doing this … will mean America won’t be able to pay for things with paper dollars they simply print out of thin air … do we bite the bullet and begin to live within our means … which would require we cut our military spending (which is 10 times higher then any other nation in the world)? … the neocon answer is not to bite the bullet but to shoot the bullet … the question is will the American people simply go along with all these continual wars the neocons bring us to feed their blood lust … until a final worldwide nuclear war re-sets our monetary system for a world devoid of human beings?? … try to keep an open mind … as you listen to the “Coming War With China Documentary” posted below … and seriously think about how we “may be being brainwashed by the neocons” who don’t want to do a gold re-set that will put a crimp in their military budget and war making abilities … obviously they are setting the stage for a China war (after the Iran war)!! …

    • K. Wayne

      Some hard to swallow truths.

    • paul ...

      Although the above “China Documentary” has a lot of anti-US barbs interwoven in it … but at least the overall thrust is directed toward the pursuit of Peace … seems all the “news” we are now hearing about China and Iran is being directed toward the pursuit of War!!

    • Cu Li

      History showed Dems always colluded with China. Clinton gave them missile technology. They built up army and became so aggressive in South East Asian in past ten years. It is not hard for the leftists to stab American on the back by “telling” China to delay the trade deal until 2021. It will become business as usual, and let China freely doing business in US. At the same time, they can tell KJU of North Korea to make President Trump looks bad. America needs to stop give China huge favor in trade, and support our President. China must accept equal trade with us and pay for intellectual property rights. Copying iPhone design for instant to save billions and billions of research and development processes. They can spend a fraction of these saving cost to lower the price on every product they try to sell to us. That is unfair practice.

  8. mike durkin

    God Bless you Greg Hunter

  9. Jim

    I have a friend who has a farm in South Dakota, they have not started planting yet.

  10. Mitchell Bupp

    Thank You, Greg I did a count of the spies pushed at and involved with this assassination by the rumor mill. I have identified 18+ spies that I can see attacked the Trump campaign on behalf of the Democrat Party!

  11. Danny boy

    What has happened to Trump? He has failed on the border wall, supported rigged markets, supported Saudi Arabia and is trying to start a war in Iran. All the things we voted to end!

  12. andyb

    I am now somewhat of a believer that there will be indictments. The question remains will they go far enough up the ladder and ensnare the previous occupiers of the oval office? We all know that, at the least, Obama was complicit in the anti-Trump investigation, if not the progenitor, in order to distract from the criminality and culpability of Hillary Clinton in the whole email scandal.

    Trump is correct on the tariffs, and under different economic realities, we could weather the pain for perhaps 5 years while our manufacturing base was re-established. It would be a fantastic win-win. But the whole global economy is teetering on the edge, and this policy might be the final straw to bring it all down with a horrendous crash. We will know withing 6 months.

    The continuing spate of meteorological disasters (California drought, then fires, then midwest floods) lends credence to the fears of geoengineering and the overall meme of planned incremental genocide. Are we slowly going to be starved to death? Notice also that unproven vaccines are now mandatory in many states and that the mental acuity of grade schoolers is rapidly falling with incidences of autism and brain damage among toddlers rising. A coincidence? or a correlation? And what about 5G? The science is already proven as a weapon for crowd control in short bursts. What if these bursts of radiation are continuous and all around us? Our brains will be constantly under attack. That’s the plan, folks; the gradual zombification of America.

  13. Mike

    We need to balance trade with China prior to the financial reset. This will be a massive disruption of supply chains but China will need to buy a lot more from the US or sell a lot less to the US. Tariffs are just one way to make that happen.

  14. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg …..FYI so far this year I have had 17 inches of rain 6.5 inch’s above normal. Lake Superior & Michigan are high & I guess water will not need to be drained off of Lake Michigan to keep the Mississippi water levels up for barge traffic this summer.

    I guess I should have waited till today to post this instead of yesterday.

    It will be interesting to see how what Barr finds jives with this.

    You need to watch this Dan Bongino connects all dots on how they tried to frame Trump. He would make an interesting guest to interview. Everyone here NEEDS to watch this eye opening to say the least. The extent of the corruption in obola’s administration is mind-boggling.

    Dan Bongino – Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History

    • SWRichmond

      More than 5% of the corn grown in the world is grown in Illinois.

    • Chozzy J

      I agree Yoop. I’d always listened to snippets of Bongino here and there. But Monday I decided to give the whole episode a chance and I’m glad I did. If you haven’t reached out to Dan I think you would rake in the view counts Greg. Thanks for your efforts as always though Mr. Hunter, look forward to your wnw every Friday.
      Lower Pen. MI

  15. Rob

    What you are witnessing in the bread basket of the world is the final stages of what was implemented many decades ago:

    The Father is preparing the earth for when His book is opened by His Son to unleash the third seal and it’s horseman during the tribulation that will cause the price of food to skyrocket to a days wages:

    Revelation 6:6 And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a shilling, and three measures of barley for a shilling; and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.

    Matthew 20:1-2 For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that was a householder, who went out early in the morning to hire laborers into his vineyard. (2) And when he had agreed with the laborers for a shilling a day, he sent them into his vineyard.

    Please understand that the world is rushing maddeningly toward the tribulation that must occur during the next decade:

  16. Fatima message

    People, please check out GSM, that is Grand Solar Minimum. If you believe crop failures are bad now, wait another 5 years!

  17. Country Codger

    Great wrap-up, Greg!
    We need to keep our nation’s farmers in our prayers. They are going bankrupt in huge numbers, not as many as in the early eighties but not far from it. We lasted until ’89 and just handed the keys to someone else and walked away. It is a tragic thing to lose a farm, which is really a way of life not just a job.

    Remember, we enter the super cycle @May 25/26. The apex is July 9th and it wanes throughout July and into August. Also, this cycle will have the greatest influence on North and South America than anywhere else, and it will impact North America more than South A.

    All believers need to get their knee pads out and brush up on their praying, big time!
    Lo Iyrah!

    • paul ...

      Trump needs to keep his base in the farm belt … that’s why he will be directing tariff money to the farmers … but he should not try to use the “lame excuse” that it is to produce more food for the hungry in the world (that can easily be used by Demon-rats to make him look silly) … the truth is … he is giving the farmers money to buy their votes for the 2020 election!!

      • paul ...

        You know … one of the good things about the Chinese “commies” Government … is that their One Party in Power … will not allow the Chinese billionaires to buy influence in the governments economic or military decisions … and change the rules to favor themselves (the way billionaires in America “fix” our economic and military policies to benefit themselves)!!

        • paul ...

          This is why we have to change “our One Party system” back to a “Two Party system” by creating a “Peoples Party” … or … we can do like the Chinese and keep our One Party (Demon-rat/Reptilian) system … but develop long term plans (like the Chinese do) that makes the lives of our people better over the long term and forcefully keep all the greedy American billionaires out of government decision making!!

          • paul ...

            Among “all” the ethnic groups tested … Asians achieve the highest SAT scores (averaging 1223) … very smart people … so perhaps our “One Party” System of Government should mimic these very smart people … where Fundamental American Policy Decisions are made “for the benefit of the many” like in China … obviously (as Trump knows) we need to take our Policy Making Decisions out of the hands of the Rich Industrialists … who always manipulate our American Policies toward private gain “for the benefit of the few” … look how the Industrialists destroyed America’s manufacturing capability and took away all our good paying jobs that has put our once vibrant economy in shambles!!

            • paul ...

              You know … the Chinese learned “Economic Capitalism” from us and are beating us at our own game … perhaps we should learn some “Political Communism” from them … and start making 10 year plans “that help the majority” of Americans and stop squandering our money on continual wars “that help the few” Military/Industrialists!!

  18. Jerry

    I can’t help but think that the Irianian caber rattling is nothing more than a distraction from something else. This morning Im again hearing from my sources in the Kansas City area that multiple blacked out DHS vans are making arrest. While I don’t know who is being arrested, I can’t help but think that these arrest are connected to the coming indictments by attorney general Barr since many of these individuals are being transported to military bases near by, and flown out on military transports.

    Since we are living in an era of news blackout and propaganda, there’s no way to know for sure what is going on? But know this. Military personnel are being advised to have their families stock up on a three months supply of food and cash to have on hand. To me that speaks volumes.

  19. Chip

    Great WNW Greg, as usual. Thanks for the farm report. Have a nice weekend… Chip

  20. Mohammad


    Would you please help me understand this:

    1- Fact: Russians attacked the elections of 2016.
    2- Fact: their meddling was successful (both sides of the argument do not deny this fact).
    3- Fact: 2016 elections brought Trump. Hillary lost.

    How can you explain that Hillary colluded with Russians and Trump did not, the outcome of the meddling was Trump and not Hillary, can you help me squaring off that???????


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Mohammad,
      Read the Mueller report and is says Trump did not collude with Russia or any one in his campaign.

      • Mohammad

        You did not answer my question, and no one does so far, I challenge all the readers to answer this solid question, I challenge all the congress to answer it too:

        How come the successful hit on 2016 elections brought Trump and did not bring Hillary? Doesn’t that mean that Trump was the intended president by the hit? Sure is otherwise the hit would of brought Hillary to power.

        Simple question is more powerful than 400 pages report.


        • Madi

          Mohamed what you failed to understand American citizen (Natural Born and Naturalized citizen) voted for Trump.

          We the people vote for Trump.

          Democratic party’s , FBI, CIA, NSA,DOJ, CNN, MSNBC, NBC,CBS, PBS, Cspan, Fox News, HBO……collusion with Russia failed to elect Hillary 🙈🙉🙊

        • Freebrezer

          M – What if the Russia incursion in to our elections was less of an impact as say a gnat hitting a car windshield at 75mi/hr? And the result of the 2016 election was just a majority of states (I.e. we are a democratic republic) wanting change and not HRC? Now that is a deep thought to chew on.

          • Mohammad

            That is not true,
            The impact was profound, the bots from Saint Petersburg/Russia on facebook shaped the opinions of voters, the scandal of Clinton’s emails that was revealed by the Russian operative Assange was profound and shaped opinions, and then the meeting of Trump and Lavrov that was not revealed to any insight in US is profound.
            You have to be blind walking into the coming tyranny to not to see it.
            Really am amazed how you are taken into a military coupe by attacking the FBI/CIA and unraveling the very foundation of the republic and marching into the military tribunals that hitler did in Germany before assuming power.
            He signed an Executive Order assigning the upper hand to the military dummy.
            THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE HEADING IDIOTS, I will remind you with it when it happens, The Russians are laughing their ass off at your stupidity while you are losing your republic and your beloved Trump is dismantling USA.


    • Major Payne

      Please help me to understand this:

      Mohammed was the most obvious false prophet in history.

      So why do you follow this charlatan who founded Islam?

    • Frank D

      Sorry Mohammad, but are you living under a rock?? Hitlery sold Russia 20% of the USA’s uranium for $150 million, “donated” to the fraudulent Clinton Foundation (and $500k speaking fee to husband Bill). We wouldn’t normally sell that much of this precious commodity to our best ally, never mind Russia! Trump is tough on Russia (and China), while Hillary commits treason which greatly benefits Russia and you ask questions about Russia helping Trump??? It’s all right there in front of you (and all other thinking people). Wow. What else do you need my man??

      • Mohammad

        So Mr. Smart
        How come she did not win with the Russian meddling?
        Why they did not bring her into power and all their facebook bots were for Trump.
        And all Wikileaks exposing her private server was to smash her down and bring Trump up.
        And they got what they want.
        Do use your god’s gift called BRAIN?


        • Frank D2

          Because there was NO RUSSIAN MEDDLING. The RUSSIANS DIDN’T CHANGE ANY VOTES. People, the majority of American CITIZENS, can’t stand Hillary! She was a terrible candidate who didn’t even visit many key states. Get a clue!

    • MCasey

      Try this.
      1- Fact: Russia has always attacked our elections; 2016 was no exception.
      2-Fact: By whose assessment was their meddling “successful”? Do you really know their objective and if it was “successful”? How do you prove their “meddling” influenced anyone’s vote? Did it influence your vote?
      3-Fact: “2016 elections brought Trump. Hillary lost.” See 2-Fact above.

      I’m sure Russia had a preference, but just as sure they had a contingency plan regardless of whomever was elected. Because they always want to be on the “winning” side, they cover both sides. Without another investigation, we’ll never know how they tried to ‘help’ Hillary.

      President Trump is the rightly elected President and any statement to the contrary is an attack on the Republic.

      • Mohammad

        Fact: By whose assessment was their meddling “successful”?

        By omission, show me any quote indicates it failed.
        All agree the hit took place and no one said it failed.



        • Frank D2

          It failed Mohammad. Just like the tech giants (Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) banning of conservative voices also FAILED to elect Hillary. Or are you also going to claim that the tech giants wanted Trump elected and that their actions also influenced the election outcome in his favor? MCASEY is correct. All the big players hedge their bets and support both sides, just in case. You haven’t shown any proof that “Russian meddling” changed any vote outcomes, but you ask us to prove that it didn’t. Yeah, right!

    • se

      Anyone that believes that Russia was able to influence 300 million people to mostly vote for Trump has rocks in their head

      • Mohammad

        And you air head have to remember that Hillary got the popular votes, I do not love the lady. BUT SHE GOT THE VOTE, the Russian meddling got TRUMP.
        Remember that when you see your republic turning into a military tyranny. Just remember those words.



        • Greg Hunter

          There was huge voter fraud Mohammad and that was documented in multiple place including Project Veritas hidden camera video with Bob Cramer. Cramer went to the White House nearly 50 times and met with Obama.

          • Mohammad


            The biggest of all fraud is the hit by the Russians directly and through their agent Assange, both brought Trump into power.


            • Greg Hunter

              There is no Russian Assange connection. If so source it and prove it. Hey there was no Russian Hack of the DNC server either! This is nutty and without any sort of proof.

        • Frank D2

          She got the popular vote with massive voter fraud of millions of illegals. And in this country, the popular vote doesn’t matter because we are a Republic, not a democracy. Its the Electoral College that elects the President and that body elected Donald Trump, not Hillary. Try again Mohammad. Your bias and stupidity is on display for all to see.

    • Jerry

      Do you want evidence of collusion?

      It’s more like treason!

      • Mohammad


        You are intelligent enough to know that Levin is rabid and he wants IRAN war for the sake of Israel, I do not like Iran myself they did bad to my mother land Syria, I have no respect to the guy though whatsoever, his agenda is crystal clear.
        That does not mean that the Russians hit the elections and deprived Hillary from a clear win and brought Trump in.
        I read the public Mueller report, and I encourage you to read it, it is filled with clues, but he had limits to indict which he explained in the report, and his statement that he doesn’t exonerate Trump speaks volumes.


        • Mohammad

          “That does not mean that the Russians DID NOT hit the elections and deprived Hillary from a clear win and brought Trump in”.

        • Frank D2

          No Mohammad, Mueller’s non-exoneration of Trump does not speak volumes. Mueller was not tasked with exonerating Trump. He did not find any “collusion” (which is not a crime by the way), and therefore there could be no obstruction since there was no crime to obstruct. You may have read the report but you obviously don’t understand (or refuse to understand) what it said (and more importantly, what it did not say). And of course Mueller had limits…all special prosecutors have limits under American law. That is always the case. What was unique this time (and illegal!) was that there was no crime that started the investigation by Mueller. This is illegal. Special Prosecutors cannot investigate hoping to find a crime, which is what Mueller did. He will be held to account for that one day. Keep crying in your tea about it. It won’t change the fact that Trump is no longer on the defensive and is now playing offense. A lot of the people you hold in esteem for this failed coup d’etat are going down. Count on it.

    • Linda


      First off, Bill Binney proved the DNC hack was an inside job..

      Of course that won’t show up in the bias Muller report, it doesn’t fit his narrative.

      Second research the Uranium One scandal under the Obama administration and you will see it IS Hillary that is colluding with the Russians.

      I don’t know where you get your information but it looks like you have been watching too much of the propaganda news sites which is not journalism but there for the purpose of hypnotizing and brainwashing people to further the cabals agenda.

      • Mohammad


        I have seen what the Russians did to my mother land Syria, they are RUTHLESS and they are capable and they penetrated your election with a hit THAT NO ONE HAD SAID IT FAILED, NO ONE.
        So when our USA becomes a military governed country and we lose the very thing that the world envies US then remember my words here . I have mentioned it and you did not listen, WE ARE TURNING INTO GERMANY 1939.


        • Frank D2

          No Mohammad, the USA is not turning into Germany in 1939. Try again. The USA government is not ripping people from their homes in the middle of the night and slaughtering them or putting them in rail cars to be burned to death in ovens. The only violence so far, is from the Left!!

  21. Bill

    GREG. Whats it all about.
    Mike Pompeo make a deviation in hjs travel to go to Iraq
    Pres Trump sends a naval battle group to Persian Gulf
    American Embassy evacuates all non essential personnel
    Iran moving missiles to Iran/Iraq border
    So whats going on??

    • paul ...

      I see Iran copying the US neocon strategy and doing a regime change in Iraq for self defense purposes … I figure Iran probably wants full political and military control in Iraq in order to make it more difficult for the US neocons to attack them from the East … Turkey, the Caspian Sea and Turkmenistan is to their North and does not represent much of a danger … nor is there much danger of a US attack from the Arabian Sea as they have ship killing missiles lining their Southern flank … so the only thing (after a regime change in Iraq) they have to seriously defend against is … an attack from the East … Afghanistan (where there was recently a US troop build-up) and Pakistan!! …

      • paul ...

        The Iranians know exactly what the neocons are up to … World WAR III … starting first with an economic war to weaken them (and a tariff and oil sanction war to weaken their allies China and Russia) … then a two front militarily attack to slaughter them all … so the Iranians probably remembering the lessons Germany learned in WWII (that fighting “a two front war” will ultimately be suicidal) as they will have US forces coming at them from the West and coming at them from the East … the Iranians obviously are not going to allow the US neocons that advantage (to set up a pincer attack on them from two fronts) … I figure the Iranians have already decided “to preemptively take out Iraq” as a military staging area for the neocons Western thrust !!

        • paul ...

          Likely the evil neocons horrific 9-11 false flag attack on American citizens (killing over 3000) … was designed and staged by the neocons to have an excuse to take over both Iraq and Afghanistan … so they could have military staging areas “on both sides” of Iran … to eventually launch a two pronged attack on Iran … the Iranians obviously are well aware of this and are now moving “to preemptively to take control in Iraq” and the US neocons are frantically trying to counter it by bringing in the US Navy fleet and Air force B52 Bombers!!

          • paul ...

            The reason the Saudi’s were major co-conspirators in 9-11 is because they also consider Iran “too independent” of outside control and gladly joined the US neocons to kill 3000 Americans and paid huge sums of money to our immoral politicians so as to get our children to fight their war for them!!

  22. Freebrezer

    Greg – Per using ‘the Press’ (MSM), there is no press … the ‘Press’ is/are an arm of the DNC …. Period! Thus I am not sure what the correct word is but I know it is not the ‘Press’. There needs to be another descriptor to succinctly define them/it?

  23. Southern Girl

    Look forward to FRIDAYS every week. Love your delivery and news. Trying to help a friend pay off her house early by just making one extra payment in December all toward the Principle and it wipes out one whole year of payments. So many people don’t have the skills to pay off debt. Many more don’t have any money put away either. Girlfriend who was also an educator had to borrow $5,000.00 to put in a new central heating and air. I was so shocked they didn’t have enough put back. I have debt in upgrading house such as kitchen and bathroom, but I still have enough cash to pay it off anytime. I could not sleep at night if I had too much debt. I owe for a car but own my house.

    • Tom Wigand

      Hi Southern Girl:

      Everyone’s situation is different, and we all have to make our own decisions. But allow me to suggest one alternative for consideration (even if just an adjunct to current savings / debt reduction methodologies).

      My wife and I have seek to take advantage of the Federal Reserve’s money printing and QE. We bought a house about five years ago, albeit with a 15 year FIXED mortgage at a little over 3%. For reasons I’ll soon explain, we’re not trying to pay that down even earlier (but as a preview, at 3-ish percent we’ve locked in paying back the money at less than the actual inflation rate, so effect the negative interest rates reside with the lender, not us).

      Circa 2015 my then-twelve year old vehicle was becoming unreliable and expensive to maintain. I bought (did not lease) a new vehicle that I knew that I’d be happy with for a long, long time so would be satisfied to skip some car-buying cycles once paid off (in this case, a Jeep Grand Cherokee). Also at a 3-ish loan percentage rate. BUT HERE’S THE KICKER: Chrysler / Mopar offered (and may still offer) an extended warranty — one that is very comprehensive for the major components — that doesn’t have a time limit for the original purchaser, and no mileage limit. So I’m “inflation proofed’ and mostly “expensive repair proof” so long as I keep the vehicle. If I take good care of it 20+ years is feasible. (Which at my current age could take care of driving in to and then through retirement.) Yes, the warranty was about 3k when I got it — but if my plan plays out I’ll more than make that up.

      Having locked-in low rates for the two major household items, I’m concentrating on trying to put as much as I can into a Roth account at work — with a significant allocation of that going to physical metal (via CEF) and precious metals miners (the remainder focused on value stock funds to try to minimize my stock downside in a market collapse). I figure that eventually Congress will eliminate the Roth option, so get while the getting’s good. Also, while Congress could change the rules and pull the rug out from under Roth holders’ existing assets, there’s a good chance that it’d decide that politically it’s not worth it, and instead grandfather-in existing Roth accounts.

      IF as many expect (including me) there to be a major financial collapse, or reset, and precious metals do well, my tax-free gains and distributions in the Roth may well be the only thing that bridges me to a comfortable retirement. Those potentially outsized returns may also enable paying off any remaining debt in a lump sum, with a nice amount left over for savings.

      And I believe that with the mixed allocation (including the value stocks) my Roth will handily exceed 3% returns over time, and so contributing to that beats early-paying 3% debt (especially since the mortgage has the tax-deductible element helping to offset even that expense).

      My overarching point is that we should all look at where we can tactically allocate our savings / discretionary funds, including a portion as a “hedge” in case of economic calamity / or reset.

  24. iwitness02

    Horowitz, Huber, Barr, Durham, Fitton, Hannity, Janda, Hunter and more are working on the case. My biggest take away here lately, is that evidence is coming out that the surveillance by the obama administration started well before Trump came into the picture. I remember Maxine Waters saying publicly that obama had something on everyone, and I mean everyone. That is to say, that obamas spying started earlier than what has been known. The FISA scandal is just an excuse to offer for the spying that actually began soon after obama took office. When Admiral Mike Rogers discovered outside contractors using the NSA data base, he warned Trump about the spying. When that came to light, the coup plotters began to perceive trouble ahead, so the FISA warrent to spy on Carter Page was a means to claim they had a good reason to spy. But really, as I understand it, it was an attempt to cover up years of routine spying on everyone in DC. They needed a way to claim their actions were justified. So they blamed Trump, and at the same time were trying to cover for hillery and themselves. It appears to me that this whole spying case is about to be blown wide open, and obama is going down. All the devil dogs are going down.
    The joy of witnessing justice will offset the pain of scarce and expensive food this fall. I’m starting to get excited at the prospect of seeing a boatload criminals be introduced to justice. Instead of Just Us.
    Greg, it is time to get out there and bottle all that flood water and sell it to China. C’mon!

    • iwitness02

      Mineral Water. Good, and good for you. Catchy slogan for your sales pitch.
      I bet Soph ain’t got no mineral water for sale. She can still be found on bit chute.

  25. bill

    Go! Go! Yipee

  26. Joe Lalonde

    In Canada…
    Our politicians are above the law They NEVER apply to them. So many election laws being broken with no one enforcing them.
    Our Prime Minister is giving selected media 600 million dollars expecting no media bias…meanwhile the Israel President is being charged for the same offenses.

    Is it a wonder I have lost ALL respect and trust in our political system.

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg, Listen to this first before it is deleted…Flynn WAS TRYING TO SET UP TRUMP?
    then review this metadata, links, reveals, and established truths that MSM is IGNORING!
    It is what Fox News DOES NOT report or ask questions about …that IS the story…


    Popodopolus, Carter Page, Lisa Page, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, Rockefellers ggand son, Peter Strok,

    Hudson Institute, Organized Crime Task Force office

    Still no mention by Fox of Page and Strok family members being IRANIANS?

    or how the U.S. centrifuges from Ohio got to Iran?

    WHY is Bruce Ohr STILL working at f bi ? …!!!!!

    LOOK at what IS IN THE feed this am….THAT IS NOT on FOX or MSM= READ TOP 10 tweets =
    Yes… one needs to know the Paul Erickson – Mariia Butina – Mercer- Bannon – co-fab of putting players into and on Trump team to dirty him up so he ””appears”’ to be colluding with Russians?
    Huge gaps between what IS to know and what IS being reported…
    Almost as laughable as Fox News ‘poll’ showing double digit Biden ahead of Trump? lol
    or is that just more Fox News Murdock, and board of dir. Paul Ryan spin? Lets not forget Fox pre-election poll call to help sway the elections to re-take the House? lol
    Anyone who has not had their trust in Fox reporting bruised by now enjoys living in fantasy land. ‘no spin zone?’ Really? and they should really cut the crap with the ”’breaking news”’ banner ! Alt. media real journalists are eating their lunch !

    Anyone not coming to Watchdog and a few others is simplyas you suggest, missing the story of our times ! Thank you and your interviewees for their straight forth opinion, analysis and contributions to truth. Still – no mention of the massive rigging, the theft of the ‘missing’ $21 trillion, the ‘real’ stats…and on and on. and now no mention of the theft by the elite of all nations natural resources by the pay to play crews, the ‘private’ contract mercenary forces and green zones…for decades… since before JFK assassination and the earliest days of modern warfare by the MIC?

    • Justn Observer

      Sorry for the Gen. Flynn supporters= Yes, he was knowingly involved in helping to set -up Trump ! If you care to have a great summary of the ”’trust them”’ crew that is supposed to be helping uncover the coup = they are not/have not been … you might add this hearing to the above for clarity for GW and John, who’s father was hired by JFK to break up the CIA…get them out of covert ops and back to just analysis and advising the President and Presidential Admin. which as we see never happened after both JFK and Thomas O’loughlins deaths…. GW says ,”Today, the DOJ and FBI is nothing more than law entrapment?”

      • Justn Observer

        Court backtracks on Flynn voice mail release – is the court now being weaponized with ‘selective’ releases against POTUS Trump?

  28. Prophet

    Unless clinton and obama due hard time justice will not be served

  29. john duffy

    Unlike the Pope, Cardinal critisises one world government.

  30. Doug C.

    I know you said you are NOT promoting WAR in Iran.
    If you remember the WMD in Iraq……You will know all you need to know about the build up to WAR IN IRAN. The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) is desperate for a GOOD, PROFITABLE WAR.
    I sure hope they do NOT get one.

  31. Willard Ferch

    Great report, Greg. The crash appears close, the way the banks are scrambling. We prayed for several years, back in the nineties, that the Lord would reveal the evil machinations of the Clintons, and now there’s a lot more to reveal. Demonic Obama will go down, too. As for the lake behind you, thank the Grand Solar Minimum, for if those astrophysicists are right, this is just a taste of what’s coming—excessive moisture in the form of rain, snow, and large hail, and absolutely wild crazy weather. As Robert Felix said, we’ll be fighting in the streets for food before we begin getting very cold. I voted for JFK , but I think he was too honest to be a Liberal; he was eliminated. An on-fire-for-the-Lord eighty year old, sixty-year-henpecked-by-the-same-woman, Fiddlin Ferch

  32. FC

    Of cause these people would roll over for a reduction in sentencing but they’ll be rolling in their graves before that happens.
    This 3, 4, 5, or is 6D chess game Trump is playing is very confusing to me wouldn’t it easier to stop the immigrants at the border rather than catch and release and then tweet something along the lines of don’t get too comfortable you won’t be staying long.
    We are going to hell in a hand basket I’ve been preparing my family the best I can to get us through the wormhole these politicians are placing us under be it from the Left or Right because I’m tied of the crap and the lies.

  33. Robert M. Stockmann

    Dear Greg,

    My youtube comment somehow disappeared after an hour. Here’s my comment.. . . . ( I deleted the rest of your condescending crap. This is Greg Hunter and your comment disappeared because you insulted me and called me Elmer Fudd. You don’t get to come on and be a condescending jerk wad!)

  34. paul ...

    BREAKING NEWS: Trump comes right out and say’s the “Word” (we have been using here at USAWatchdog for years) … “This was TREASON” … and it has got to mean “long jail sentences for [all??] the conspirators”!! … could this mean Trump is not going to have the leaders of the coup “executed”??? …

  35. A16

    Perhaps you missed the part during Mueller’s investigation when he indicted 24 Russians for hacking, produced a guiltlty plea from Flynn and Rick Gates resulting from their working with Russians during and after the campaign, along with more than 200 contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials during the campaign itself. Oh wait, you didn’t hear about this? Maybe you should watch something other than Fox News, Trmpster….

    • Greg Hunter

      Perhaps you realize not a single indicted Russian was prosecuted. The rest are process crimes. Perhaps you should read the Mueller report which said “NO COLLUSION” on team Trump. That is a fact Maybe you should watch something other then the fake propaganda MSM?

  36. paul ...

    Looks like the makings of “A Peoples Party” is beginning to take shape across America … as two States (Missouri and Alabama) are coming to the defense of children … although the Missouri law is not quite as strict as the law that Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey just signed into law … the people in these two States are moving in the right direction!!

  37. paul ...

    It’s a start in the right direction … introducing a “3 millisecond pause” before executing trades in gold and silver futures contracts … what is really needed to prevent High Frequency Trading from driving gold and silver futures prices down … is to impose a longer “1 minute pause” between trades to get a better feel for the underlying market fundamentals!! …

  38. paul ...

    For Iran … the war has already begun … those who say the US is not engaged in an actual war with Iran should realize that US sanctions are producing a level of suffering on the Iranian working- and middle-classes comparable to that of wartime … these people are struggle to make ends meet as unemployment dramatically increases along with inflation skyrocketing … Trump says he wants to use the Tariff money he collects to feed the starving people in the world … the ones being hit hardest by current US sanction policies are the Iranians … is Trump going to refuse to help the starving people in Iran and just feed the people in say Yemen or North Korea?? … would this not reek of discrimination? … and how about the poor Americans being cut off from their food stamps? … so who is going to get all the food our farmers grow with tariff money?? … Bush seemed to take pleasure in screwed the starving people of the world by simply turning our excess corn “into gasoline” … but perhaps Bush unknowingly did the world’s hungry a favor … “as US corn is genetically modified” and the insect repellent developed in this corn by modifying its genetic code … would have reeked havoc with poor peoples gut bacteria … giving them not only indigestion problems but lower resistance to disease!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess Iran should not have bribed all those western governments as they all entered into a fraud no signature nuke deal.

      • paul ...

        Greg … If I didn’t have to sign a loan for my car would I take it? … I could drive the car for free and not make any monthly payments on it … until the “unsigned deal” was eventually voided by the bank … I wouldn’t do it … but the Iranians (who probably had it in for America doing a regime change and giving them the evil Shah) probably had no qualms about taking advantage of an “unsigned deal” … as it created no legal liabilities upon them … if they were found by hook or crook to have violated a signed deal (like when fake weapons of mass destruction were found by Bush administration to take out Saddam Hussein) … the Iranians “not signing on to any stipulations” … were just protecting their ass “from known weasels” … who likely wanted to get some excuse to accuse Iran of violating the terms of the signed deal … but by not signing it … it kept Iran legally off the hook … resulting in the Iranians out foxing the foxes … and the foxes want to kill them for it!!

        • Greg Hunter

          If you did not sign the loan for your car and you got the car that would be a huge mistake by the seller or massive fraud.

  39. Coalburner

    Greg: Great Report, including the farm report. No one reports it that well.
    I remember Trump saying maybe these companies ought to make stuff in this country. I don’t think it caught much attention but, he may have been saying that China is going to see if it can beat him at our election polls. They will not do that. The companies that come back now are going to hurt China the most and do the best here for a long time to come.

    One more thing, the “Nexium” case: I have seen nothing, it is being kept so secret I did not know they were in trial. Whats with that? Anyone got references to look at?

  40. K. Wayne

    Stop importing the “Crap” from China.
    Who needs Steel, Copper, Cell Phones, Autos, Machinery, Electronics, Equipment … anyway!!!
    We don’t need any of that crap taking up space in our homes, businesses, manufacturing or Farms.
    Let POTUS raise the tariffs to 100%.
    It won’t hurt us.
    China will suffer BIG time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Larry worked for Bush 41 when they kicked offshoring U.S. jobs to China into high gear. What do you expect from Larry?

      • K. Wayne

        The truth about who really is affected by tariffs.

  41. LPS


    Wish I could figure out which way this is going to go. Men of God that I respect have differing opinions. One says prosperity; one says disaster. We are as prepared as we can be. I guess this is where faith and trust come in.


    God bless, you Greg.

  42. A16

    You live in a bubble, Greg, you eliminate everyone with opinions that differ from your own, yet you keep the stupidest, most offensive comments from your own little clique of followers. Don’t you have a sinlgle drop of integrity within you? Or is this entire site just a propaganda outlet for right wing extremists?

    • Greg Hunter

      You have the floor but use a real verifiable first and last name and then say what you want.

  43. paul ...

    Interesting … there may be some truth to the old saying that exhausting sex will make you go blind …

    • paul ...

      You know … the human race better stop burning oil and gas using up the little bit of oxygen we still have left in our atmosphere … before we are all going around with seeing eye dogs … besides burning up our oxygen with the cars we drive … we’ve been cutting down our forests … we have already nuked the plankton in the Pacific with Fukushima radiation … and the already low atmospheric oxygen levels are creating an ever rising cancer rate in humans … we need to shut down the oil and gas industry … and begin disassociating water into “hydrogen and oxygen” (and use that as our fuel) … otherwise we humans will not only go blind … but our bodies will have cancer growing in our lungs, bones, blood and brains, etc.!! … anyone who wants to prevent getting cancer better start doing “some deep breathing exercises” throughout the day to boost their oxygen levels … or generate some “home made oxygen to breathe” by building their own hydrogen/oxygen generator!!

  44. paul ...

    The “American Dream” of owning a home is still available to a lost generation of Millennials … who went into debt to get a college education so they could deliver pizza or work at McDonald’s flipping hamburgers … thank God our evil politicians saved “these jobs” for our children here in America … so now our kids can afford a home building kit and put together their very own home for only about $7,000 dollars!! …

    • paul ...

      Now I ask you Millennials … isn’t it much better to own a “real” home rather then one “imaginary” Bitcoin in cyber space??

  45. paul ...

    Well … that’s it … the pieces of metal shrapnel definitely “looks Iranian” … let’s use those B52 bombers and go to WWIII …

  46. paul ...

    We all know that the US News Media spouts “fake news” for the CIA … except for the current full-scale marketing campaign “for regime change in Venezuela” … which is the truth!! …

  47. Jomer

    A friend of mine said when over in China, visiting his friend, that person could not get on the bullet train because he had a low social credit score. However, he could get on the train by buying some ‘moral credits’, which was done by donation money to a charity.. This temporarily raised his social credit score enough to buy a train ticket.

    So, at the very least the Social Credit Score can be used as another way to tax people the powers that be do not like.

  48. paul ...

    You know … with the “advanced tunnel digging capability” this nation currently has … there is absolutely no reason for California politicians to claim there is no pathway between LA and San Francisco for a high speed train system to be built … more likely … the “Airline lobby” has paid off the California politicians “to kill this infrastructure project” that the people voted for and want!! …

  49. Jerry

    Allow me to prepare your readers for Dr. Dave Janda by sharing this video. While I am not a Q follower, I do believe in many of the elements of this video, based on first hand information I have. Educate yourself, and get prepared. The curtain is about to go up. God knows we’ve waited long enough.

  50. paul ...

    What a bunch of loony tunes … why couldn’t these coins have been dropped by a tourist visiting Australia last year??? …

    • paul ...

      You know … if Niel Armstrong landed on the Moon and accidentally dropped an Ancient Greek Coin out of his pocket … and it was subsequently found years later by Russian astronauts … could the Russians then make the claim that the Ancient Greeks beat America to the Moon by a thousand years? … they could make such a claim … but who would believe them besides the Iranians??

      • paul ...

        An ancient Greek historian who lived 400 years before Christ once said: “The Warrior Class will have their laws made by Cowards … and their Wars fought by Fools”!!

  51. francis m reps

    Nothing better for Israel than for the United States to go to War with Iran. We had ” Remember the Maine “..the ” Gulf of Tonkin “…Iraq’s ” Weapons of Mass Destruction”…. Syria’s ” Gas Attacks ” on it’s own citizens. Does anybody read History Greg ?.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are forgetting the fake fraudulent Nuke deal that made this all possible.

  52. paul ...

    Wow … good thing we live in America and not Australia (where you can now potentially get five(5) years in prison for simply offending someone) … at least in America a man is still able to put a potentially offensive bumper sticker on his car … when the man was told by an officer to remove the sticker which read (I Eat Ass) he refused … citing his First Amendment right to free speech … the officer arrested the man charging him with violating obscenity laws as well as resisting arrest without violence … but prosecutors determined bringing a case against the man would be met with a valid First Amendment defense … so the charges were dropped … so America is still the land of the free (pray we can keep it unlike in Australia)!!

  53. Sayonara

    Lets be intellectually honest, no one is going to jail Period. Trunp is essentially a one man show dragging a few Wizard of Oz scaredy cat lions along with him, meanwhile, the entire Democrat Party is calling for his head along with their MSM and 2/3 of the Republican Party.
    Trump cannot only build the wall, he cannot stop out of control illegal immigration invasion and cannot control his own Department of Justice.
    And you think he is going to indict and jail the Deep Staters who perpetrated acts of treason? Pipe Dream!
    I am a huge fan of Donald Trump and have studied him since he authored the Art of the Deal due to my career in commercial real estate. He is an amazingly intelligent and extraordinarily successful. Unfortunately, he is only a one man show. Who follows in his foot steps? No one I can see. Oh! Maybe Mitch Romney?
    We are currently living in the equivalent of Nazi Germany in the mid-late 1930s and when President Kamela Harris is voted into office in either 2020 or 2024, rest assure we conservatives will be led very swiftly to the gas chambers.
    I am afraid that is our fate from my observations as 2/3 of the current American people are truly the stupidest human beings to roam the planet earth in human history.

    • Greg Hunter

      You mean if I don’t agree with you I am not honest. I don’t agree with you and I am Honest!

      • Sayonara

        I am not saying you are not honest. In my opinion, you are one of the most honest in the media. I am just expressing my intellectually honest opinion based on my political observations over the course of my lifetime. I know you are expressing your honest opinion as well. On this specific issue, we disagree. Candidly, I hope that I am completely wrong and you are spot on right.
        I honestly and greatly appreciate the great hard work that you do!

        • Greg Hunter

          Fair enough. Thank you!

  54. MK

    Greg: Thank you once again for your Wrap-Up. As you most probably know, this woman from the “show me state” appreciates you greatly.

  55. Linda

    This is a fantastic interview with a man who was at the centre of the storm, the coup, the collusion. His interview reads like a John Le Carré novel!!! I want to read Papadopoulos book Deep State Target now!!!!

  56. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg, one of the only news sources left since the lame stream legacy media defeated journalism. Thanks Greg.

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