Trump Election Plan, Massive Voter Fraud, MSM Propaganda

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW458 11.20.2020)

The President’s election legal team put on a 90 minute press conference on Thursday that laid out their plan to overturn the election by exposing “massive voter fraud.”  The President’s point man on the effort, Rudy Giuliani, says he can “overturn the election in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona with more than double the votes needed.”

Sidney Powell, another top former federal prosecutor on the President’s team, says Dominion voter machines were also used in electronic voter fraud on a nationwide scale.  Powell said the Dominion voting system was used, and it was imported from Venezuela and owned by people who are friends of the communist government.  Powell also charged, “There was massive money influence of communist Venezuela and China” in effort to get a Biden win.

Meanwhile, the lying propaganda media is continuing its psyop and disinformation campaign.  It claims, without proof, that President Trump’s “voter fraud claims are baseless” and “voter fraud claims are thoroughly discredited” when, in fact, they are nowhere near discredited.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about this hugely important story that will guide the future of America and liberty.

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After the Interview: 

Economist John Williams of will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will talk about the state of the economy no matter who wins the 2020 Election.

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  1. Marie+Joy

    Communists never give up. Never.
    This can, only, end one way.

    • K. Wayne

      I have commented numerous times about the SCAM that is the ELECTION. Evidence keeps accumulating daily to support the case that we don’t have a Democracy. We are in FACT ruled under a system of Tyranny. Most cannot see this….YET.
      The BAD Actors in DJT and JRB are merely covering for those that wish to remain hidden….what some refer to as DEEP STATE. I simply call them the Hidden Hand of Government/ Unelected Rulers. For those who have read my comments in the past you would know who I am referring to. Those hiding in the shadows do not like having the light shine upon their pale skin.
      I will state this again in simple terms.
      DJT(RED)/JRB(BLUE) – are two different sides of the same coin. Two Parties are really One party ….to simply give the impression that we actually have a democracy … AND CHOICE.
      WE DON’T !!!
      The ELECTION had already been decided long before the public were given the option to cast a vote. Both DJT and JRB knew who would prevail and are simply acting out the next scenes.
      What we have is intentional distractions…. being the actions and whims of the Political Elite (those chosen to perform acts that draw your attention) ….more importantly to keep your eyes and ears away from what is critical. The focus and agenda has been on creating a framework for dislike and indifference and confusion… such an extent that you are constantly challenging your very own thought process and sanity. Nothing seems real…and yet we have instant disagreement with whomever is taking a stand / making a speech/ implementing change. If you are irritated at the mere prospect of one or the other of the Candidates…then they have achieved their goal.
      Planning for the staged ELECTION is done well in advance.
      In an earlier comment I referred to the Transition Integrity Project – a Think Tank whose sole purpose was to game plan scenarios for the “ELECTION “. This is not dissimilar to the Event 201 Think Tank – occurring before the outbreak of Covid Sars2.
      Here is the link to the wiki page :
      Note the presence of MAX BOOT. Interesting background – Russian /Jewish Parents.
      As for the actual gamed scenarios – here is the link to show you exactly what had been planned and discussed several months ago.
      Go to Appendix B – Game 4 appears to be live.
      It is important to keep an open mind here.
      Consider the motives around a contested Presidency. Especially one of a Disrupted Presidential Transition. What could they possibly achieve through all of this?
      What should immediately strike you – is that the Game was already planned well in advance. They had written the script for how all of this was to be played out.
      I believe some of you may have a very good understanding of what is planned and how that may unfold in the days/weeks/months ahead. For that to be true it does however require you to disregard your beliefs in the system that is artificially created…..and consider that all Americans have been Deceived.
      Complete and unfettered control and power is what they desire. That does not exist without first creating the very conditions that bring about our disenchantment along with our surrendering of our rights.
      Americans need to wake up. The truth requires greater dissemination. A key to that is ensuring that people know where to find the truth…..before service providers remove /deny access.
      We cannot be subjected to the behavior of the MSM.
      Alt-media sites are the go to for the factual truth.

      • Beverly

        K. Wayne,
        Are you saying the Biden and Trump have an agreement? Are you saying that Trump is not really what he looks like after all? I have had my doubts because of some things he has signed. But, I feel now that he is actually fighting the deep state with all he has.

        • Naomi Prince

          Kay is a member of our real plausibly denied, shadow government. In which we have no representation, our ancestors fought and died for in a revolution for independence and countless war’s and skirmishes, ever since.
          The latest being Trumps war with the China, Soros, Morell Hillary, Harris, Obama, National Socialist’s cabal of Lincoln projected republicrat’s, in name only. Names have not all been revealed or changed, to protect the true patriots, in this real dis=Uniting Government. But the ones revealed here are just the stooges in this Allen Dulles created, plausibly denied government of which Kay is one of the biggest, yet smallest. If you get me drift! A true traitor to the cause of which our president is fighting him tooth and nail and will defeat him, bigly and big time. Follow the money.
          For all you Coconut Grovesners;

          The American people don’t owe you a living!

          ________Glory Glory
          [Hebrew:Hallelujah] English praise Jah!

          • Francis Bondi

            Naomi did you mean Bohemian Grove, they’re deep.

          • Francis Bondi

            I think you meant Bohemian Grove. They run silent and run Deep.

          • K. Wayne

            Back in your box Shill.
            You know when I’m on the money…when these losers come out and play the game of mis-direction.
            I know your strategy….it doesn’t work.
            Our taxpayers money is better utilized on something more meaningful…rather trying to keep up appearances of a Legitimate Government. One that is beholden to Agencies like the one that engages you to write this drivel.

        • K. Wayne

          Can’t quite put your finger on it can you Bev?
          You sense that all is not right. But you ….like many others….are holding onto Hope.
          Consider if you will…..what has occurred during the first term of DJT.
          The great “hope” for every American…promising to lock up HRC and drain the Swamp.
          Presided over the gradual removal of our rights. Made us isolated. Allowed the Virus to be introduced through poor management and pathetically hasn’t dealt with the Medical Martial Law that prevails. Hasn’t ensured protection of personal property of those Americans who suffered through the riots (theft and damage). Overseen the growth and Power of Big Pharma/ Tech to such an extent that we are now answerable to them. The Government (Political Clowns) clearly are not representative of the People. They are part of the Machinery that are the Globalists, Communists, Fascists, Bankers, Aristocracy. They rule only for themselves. Consider the FED’s ability to increase its Balance Sheet unhindered by the POTUS nor Congress….under the watchful eye of DJT.
          Who benefits from that? The People ?…look closely…then decide.
          The Deficit is off the scale…..2TLN and counting…..cmon…..really???
          Added to that we have the “Warp Speed” – promoting an advanced vaccination program administered by the Military.
          What we have here is a Grand Theft being perpetrated on Americans. They are legally stealing the Nation’s wealth….whilst ensuring everyone below the 1% line…is impoverished and destitute.
          Before him there was BHO…who again promised much…and delivered very little for the people. Pursued WARS, gave us OBUMACARE and increased the Nation’s debt.
          The Loser Bush allowed the Banks to bribe Congress and the FED and also started the never ending War on Terror.
          You cannot possibly win with this farcical game of deceit.
          Many questions to ask…and yet all the answers are right in front of your face.
          DJT is a showman and buffoon….. and JRB a pedophile who suffers from dementia and should have retired last century. Neither has the capacity or willingness to right the litany of wrongs. What they will do is continue to deliver their given mandates.
          They want you and all “voting” Americans to believe that the Election was compromised….by the Democrats. It was intentional. They knew that they would be discovered. IN fact it was all planned and DJT let us know well in advance. He is the one chosen to preside over the destruction…..or at least the next 4 years….a nightmare of monstrous proportions.

        • sandra+sullivan

          I believe the spirit of Jehu is riding again, too. I sense that in Pres. Trump and his people and us again.

  2. Marie+Joy

    IF you watch, left wing, communist, MainStream Media, you are part of the problem.

    • Paul ...

      As one of our posters previously stated: “the Main Stream Media (MSM) will tell us that if a tree falls in the forest at night … and you did not see it happen … it didn’t happen … even if the next day you see it laying on the ground” … the same is true with the thousands and thousands of Trump ballets found in garbage pails, etc, etc. the day after the election … according to the MSM … “it didn’t happen” … and Traitor Joe Bribe’n … deep in the pocket of Communist China (who helped run our voting machines from Germany and switch votes from Trump to Bribe’n) is the official winner … selected by an “evil commie MSM Cabal” to be the President of the United States of America before even being certified!!

    • M Bek

      I agree 100%!! Why would someone sit and listen to that perverted dribble unless they had a gun to their head! Hitler longed for this day (propaganda spewing msm) and would have loved to see it.
      If someone has nothing better to do with their time than to sit and listen to communist and pedophiles- they seriously need to take a hard look where they’re at in life.
      Boycott fake news.! They NEED us, we don’t need them. Just boycott msm and they’ll lose billions yearly!

    • M Bek

      I agree 100%!! Why would someone sit and listen to that perverted dribble unless they had a gun to their head! Hitler longed for this day (propaganda spewing msm) and would have loved to see it.
      If someone has nothing better to do with their time than to sit and listen to communist and pedophiles- they seriously need to take a hard look where they’re at in life.
      Boycott fake news.! They NEED us, we don’t need them. Just boycott msm and they’ll lose billions yearly! And! Have fun fighting back Slavers/satanists!

    • JC

      Marie Joy,
      Watching is one thing, letting it influence you is another.
      Take the opportunity to know your enemies tactics.

  3. Allen Summers


    Have you seen the 2006 US State Department report on Dominion and Smartmatic. It’s really eye opening and ties into what Guiliani and Powell were talking about. Its really scary how easily the Dominion Vote counting machines can be controlled and programmed.

    Anyway, here it the link to the State Department report on the companies and their corruption and evidence of past voter fraud.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. Francise Early

    Most Republicans think Trump ‘should not concede’: Poll
    More than half of Republicans believe President Donald Trump should not concede the election according to a Rasmussen poll.
    Sky News contributor Miranda Devine told Sky News while 61 per cent of Americans surveyed nationwide think President Trump should concede to rival Joe Biden, the mentality among Republicans painted a different story.
    “It’s a very different story when you look at Republican voters – the majority of them, 75 per cent of them – think the Democrats have done some sort of funny business in terms of election fraud,” she said.
    “And a majority of them, 57 per cent, think Donald Trump should not concede.
    “So he’s not conceding.”
    Ms Devine said the “most incredible allegations” came out of a “wild” media conference with President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.
    “If they can back up these allegations with evidence, I mean they include saying that some of the voting machines that we used, called Dominion, had links to communist – this was a communist plot linked to Venezuela and the Clinton Foundation and George Soros,” she said.
    Ms Devine said while the Trump campaign hadn’t provided evidence it would have to substantiate allegations in court.
    “On the off chance this turned out to be true, it would be the story of the century,” she said.
    “So far they’ve lost almost every lawsuit that they’ve had.”
    Ms Devine said Mr Giuliani’s media conference was covered live by Fox News but “completely ignored” by CNN which she branded “irresponsible”.
    “Either way, it’s news, these are the personal lawyer of the president and some pretty heavy-duty lawyers, they’re not idiots, making these incredible allegations,” she said.
    “Even if they’re completely wrong, it is still news that this is what the president is using, these kinds of arguments and allegations, to not concede the election.
    “When you have millions and millions of people not believing in the integrity of the election, you have a problem, and I think the news media, everybody, should just air it all and then debunk it, you know use your reporting.
    Miranda doesn’t know Sydney, Powell, that is!

    Lou Dobbs reacts to Wisconsin county’s latest recount decision
    372,993 views •Nov 19, 2020

    Credible and trustworthy Sidney Powell says there was rampant, widespread voter fraud
    BY ETHANH // 2020-11-18

  5. Marie+Joy

    Is this treason?
    Sedition? Is sedition a hanging offense?
    Such widespread fraud, and conspiracy, deserves major federal charges.
    What could the charges be?
    IF they don’t go after all involved, this will continue, forever.

    • Paul ...

      If Trump’s lawyers don’t succeed in going after and arresting the evil Demons who stole our election … we will wind up like Ann Frank during the Holocaust … we Americans will need to immediately build secret places in our homes where we can hide from the Medical Police “Gestapo” … who will drag us off as “non compliant” freedom loving Christians and Jews to Concentration Camps … where the “commies” can more easily administer over our lives and perform their medical experiments on us … and if we still refuse … simply cut out and sell our organs, gold teeth, etc. and burn the rest in crematoriums!!

      • JC

        Calm down, you’re getting carried away with yourself.
        The people that had “gold teeth” are long gone.

  6. Kay Blade

    Meet Eddie Woo, the maths teacher you wish you’d had in high school | Australian Story
    •May 1, 2017 ABC News In-depth

    Egg’s have vitamin D, [Covid Killer!] one of the few foods. I asked a farmer why his yolk’s were so bright orange. He said look, So? Those birds got free range to roam and eat they’re natural food. Whats that sir? Bug’s.
    Those egg’s tasted GRRREAT! No farmer? Buy the 7 buck egg’s!
    Why US Produced Eggs Are Banned Across Europe (& vice versa)
    2,710,474 views•Jan 13, 2019
    Because of the difference in USDA regulations and EU regulations on how eggs should be processed before the sale, the eggs produced in the UK become so different from US ones that, it would be illegal to sell British eggs in the US and vice verse. For the same reasons, eggs are refrigerated in the US and not refrigerated in the UK and rest of Europe – Why do some countries refrigerate their eggs and others don’t?

  7. Simon Templeton

    Reps. Jim Jordan and James Comer Just Called For An Immediate Congressional Investigation Of The 2020 Election
    Anthony T by Anthony T 17 hours ago17 hours ago
    Not all Representatives are trying to protect their political career some are actually fighting for our President.
    YEEE HAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Representatives Jim Jordan of Ohio and James Comer of Kentucky have decided to wage war against the 2020 election fraud.

  8. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter how disappointing to find the USA fall into Communist influence and the security services betray the whole country.The appointments of generals under Mr Obama’s regime seem to have a deep attachment to organisations unfriendly to the USA and her real ethos.
    Meanwhile we in the UK have accepted Communism 3.0 our chapels and churches and mosques and synagogues are closed and silent,whilst we storm heaven with our prayers.
    Our media have shown their Pravda hands and our police have shown their Chekka hands as well our political class are just Communists as are the employees of government everywhere.The real economy is beyond parody and is cruelly being destroyed whilst the connected companies flourish,this is a repeat of so much that is and was with Europe throughout the 20thCentury.
    Perhaps a disturbing piece by Boon,
    Thanks Mr hunter for your bravery for you surely know what comes with a Biden regime.

  9. SmithGlax'so

    Intelligence update: The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening – the grand battle taking place right now for the future of America and the free world
    BY HEALTHRANGER // 2020-11-19
    We have a major intelligence update regarding the election theft and treason by the deep state and Democrats. First, Trump’s legal team — consisting of Rudy Giuliani, Joe Digenova, Sidney Powell and others — held a very hard-hitting press conference today in which they laid out Trump’s clear path to victory in the courts. That full press conference is currently in the process of being posted to, and our transcription team is working on a full transcription of the entire event, which was over two hours in duration. Some of the bombshell highlights from this conference include:
    Sidney Powell confirming that Dominion servers in Germany were, indeed, confiscated.
    Rudy Giuliani saying that 682,770 mail-in ballots have been identified which have to be thrown out because they are uncertifiable.
    Sidney Powell declaring, “We are going to reclaim the United States of America!”
    Sidney Powell declaring that, “an algorithm was plugged in to steal votes from President Trump during the election” – which is exactly what the alternative media has been warning about for over a decade. (Elections have been rigged for at least the last twenty years, and probably longer…) MUCHO MORO;

  10. Paul ...

    It goes without saying that “commie” voting machines are designed with one and only one purpose (to elect “evil commies”) … and “evil commie demons” see the USA like an innocent baby … … and have it in their mind to fondle and then kill our Republic (and rip up our Constitution) … the same way they currently abort and kill our babies (and rip out their organs)!!

  11. Paul ...

    Good to hear that John Williams will be on … we need to hear the true state of our “economy” … instead of the helicopter fiat printing “e-commie-nee” that’s being forced upon us!!

    • notyourpatsy

      Notice how the ‘world’ reports that it will take xxxx number of DOLLARS to solve the world’s problems?!! pick one, famine, economies, banking, etc! Why, because THIS is how the un/nwo/ccp intend to bankrupt America and her Patriots! Have your house in order and be secure in your pm holdings….meaning don’t discuss them with even close family. Hard times ahead indeed!

  12. Massey Ray

    Watch again: Trump’s legal team holds press conference about the election
    436,006 views•Nov 19, 2020

    This should Shock the conscience of every honest American alive. This is the Foreign interference both parties like Jimmy Carter Elizabeth Warren Amy Klobuchar Trump and countless Republicans were concerned about. Counting Votes should have been done election night. To believe that mass mailing wasn’t used to inflate the vote count of the most uninspiring and corrupt candidate ever to run is a special level of naiveté. I don’t believe the majority of people are Stupid or Dishonest enough to go along with this. It may benefit your party this time…but you can’t keep a Republic like that.

    GOP canvassers in Michigan speak out after being harassed, threatened over votes
    58,730 views•Nov 19, 2020 Fox News
    Wayne County, Michigan Board of Canvassers, Monica Palmer and William C. Hartmann, discuss how they were treated after disputing Michigan election protocol exclusively on ‘The Ingraham Angle’.
    Why isn’t twitter censoring that clown?. For this doxing.

    Dominion Voting paid Georgia Secretary of State $106M; Supreme Court to decide Pennsylvania Election 355,189 views
    •Premiered 5 hours ago Eye Opener

    Lin Wood warns that these people want to take away your rights, repeal your Constitution. “Don’t let them get away with it! And don’t let President Trump go at it alone!” He also forewarned of the eventual incarceration of Biden.
    He also said that the current election fraud was a well-planned effort 20 years in the making. The mainstream media is using its usual tactic of lying to Americans. While President Trump was close to a landslide victory, the media told the opposite story, and declared Biden’s fraudulent victory as truth.
    The Oath Keepers, the nation’s largest militia group, which includes tens of thousands of Americans who have been in the military or law enforcement, is an armed conservative group that also participated in the DC pro-Trump march last Saturday.
    They told the media on November 14 that they would not recognize the election and that about half of the people in the United States would not recognize Biden as a legitimate president. This means that everything Biden says will be seen as having no validity or effect, and with any laws that are signed, they will not be recognized as legal, they will see it as unconstitutional, and will resist them.

    • notyourpatsy

      As an OathKeeper myself I intend to uphold the Constitution alongside my fellow Keepers!

  13. Templeton

    Jenna Ellis and Giuliani call out reporters, FBI


    •Nov 19, 2020





    Newsmax TV

    1.44M subscribers


    Trump campaign lawyers Jenna Ellis, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell deliver remarks on the team’s ongoing lawsuits against several states and their vote tallying processes, and call out the press, reporters, as well as the FBI in addressing the situation of voter ‘irregularities’ across the nation.

  14. Paul ...

    You know … likely the real reason the “commies” are trying to put a women in as President (like Hillary, Harris, etc., etc.) is because they know women have no balls … and will thus “more easily do as they are told” … remember what Hillary told the Council on Foreign Relations: “It is good you are so close to the White House so you can tell me what to do”!! … we need a man as president of the USA (and not some perverted wimp who takes bribes)!!

    • Freebrezer

      Your argument is flawed … Counter point – Margaret Thatcher

  15. Self+Exiled

    Special Operations forces have now been restructured to report directly to Defense Secretary Chris Miller————Trump already has total authority to secretly arrest domestic enemies under the NDAA, signed into law by Obama

    • Paul ...

      Google is “a domestic enemy” that is censoring our freedom of speech and needs to be taken out by Trump … remember … once Google has uploaded all the info from all library’s of the world onto the internet … these “commies” can then burn all the books … and then freely modify the stored data … rewriting history (and science) exactly the way they want it!!

    • notyourpatsy

      SE, Like I posted on the previous M Armstrong thread. The time to ‘capture’ ALL of THEM is on dec 14th when THEY are all contained within 1 building in wdc!!! If P’Trump does it he WILL go down in history MORE famous than George Washington! Go ahead, stroke your ego with THIS move Mr President, the American people whole heartedly approve!

  16. Paul ...

    How do “commies” get rid of 75 million “undesirables” … well you can have BLM demon-rats just run up behind them and “hit them in the head with a brick” … but that’s too slow a process … their solution is to bring back “concentration camps” … … just like what Hitler used to get rid of 6 million Jews … but this time the “commies” need to build 10 times as many concentration camps and crematoriums as Hitler did (and have Bill Gates mark us on the arm with his Mark of the Beast vaccine))!!

    • Frank+D2

      And unlike the Jews during WWII, we patriots are too well armed for the likes of these thugs. We will NOT go quietly into “camps”. If/when they foolishly try that crap, the elites need to become our targets. Bring the fight to them. We vastly outnumber them.

  17. Marie+Joy

    I’m concerned about, possible, fraud in SCOTUS and Faithless Electors in the Electoral College…

    • Marie+Joy

      In other words, I’m not sure all conservative SCOTUS judges are what they appear to be.

  18. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  19. Self+Exiled

    Now that we have seized the servers for Dominion that were over in Germany, we’re starting to get some raw data off of that—————“When President Trump is declared the winner of this election, what you saw last weekend in the streets with Trump supporters getting attacked in DC, that’s nothing. These people are coming for every city and every suburb, so be prepared because this is happening and you need to protect yourself.

    • Paul ...

      Representatives from the evil “Demon-ion Voting Systems Company” were scheduled to appear before a Pennsylvania House Committee today … they abruptly cancelled … and began hiring lawyers to defend themselves against Trump’s campaign lawyer Sidney Powell who is accusing them of cooperating with “commie” regimes from Venezuela to China to steal millions of votes from President Donald Trump and deliver them to the “baby sniffing pervert” (Traitor Joe Bribe’n)!!

  20. regaleagle

    The most culpable culprit in these United States of America now is the propaganda-run pro-leftist, socialist Mainstream Media. I would be in favor of publicly televised prosecutions followed by publicly televised executions for some of these miscreants. We could all say much much more about all of the federal laws they have perpetrated since Trump took office and even before…….the hole is very very deep. Guillotines would be too humane for some of these sinister demons…….I would support a lottery for amateur ax-swingers to have a shot at some of these liars and deceivers of the American people. Too bad if some of them miss their mark, Huh? Might have to take a couple of chops to get the job done. I think that would straighten out alot of the problems we have in higher authoritarian positions in this country. It’s in the Bible……”then these things will cease among you”.

    • notyourpatsy

      RE, I’d almost be willing to forgo my Faith to be a head chopper! What these years of repeated abuse by the politicians and media back to Uncle Walter cronkite did to our Republic is unforgivable! Don’t miss ammo is now priceless!

  21. Paul ...

    In the one world commie government to come … Nancy POLOZEI storm troopers are out practicing crowd control … quelling anyone who dares not wear a mask and/or protests being locked down again!! …×900.jpg?itok=f7MwNGNY

    • JC

      Don’t worry, soon the bugler will sound the charge, and the Cavalry will ride to the rescue. Ok?

    • JC


      “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” – H.L. Mencken

  22. King Lear

    Rep. Jim Jordan on The Ingraham Angle 11.19.2020
    6,136 views•Nov 19, 2020

    Key to Trump Winning; Server Expert Interview; Michigan Certification Dropped |Beyond The Noise
    45,526 views•Premiered 6 hours ago

    Guilfoyle: You can’t stop Rudy, you can’t stop Trump
    306,022 views•Nov 19, 2020 NewsMax

  23. Paul in Oz

    It is pretty clear with what is going on with the covid/green/ financial/elimination of sovereign nations/ reset being called for by globalist elites … that this is not about President elect Trump, it is about taking control over all of us … he is just in the way … Covid has a very low death rate and even N95 masks are not full proof let alone the jokes being called masks … what is going on is clearly to control the people by demanding they not congregate and muzzle them symbolically with masks … THIS IS PURE EVIL in action … We are witnesses to 3D chess being played … Only we the people collectively can win this. Every American should demand that POTUS provide a full accounting and audit of via registered mail … this will in part equip him and his team with evidence of will from we the people that justice be served … it will be a small price to pay for liberty and the avoidance of a de-programming concentration camps being planned … to slaughter those who are not already sheople (the vocal minority). Wish I could do more, but fled NA because I could sew this coming … nonetheless Australia needs President Trump in the white house at least as much as America does.

  24. Ray Ban Massy

    ‘It would be a brave person to bet against Donald Trump’: Jones
    474,539 views•Nov 18, 2020 Sky News Australia
    It would be a brave person who was prepared to bet, even now, against Donald Trump says Sky News host Alan Jones.
    Mr Jones said he suspects the Trump team is in the process of gathering “irrefutable evidence of criminal collusion” in the fallout of the US election.
    He said under an Executive Order of 2018, signed by President Trump, the government has the power to arrest and seize the assets of any organisation or individual who attempted to alter the result of the 2020 election.
    “This Trump Executive Order about rigging elections, which he signed into existence on September 12, 2018, means clearly that the net can be cast very wide,” Mr Jones said.
    It comes after US attorney Sidney Powell, who is part of Donald Trump’s legal team said, “this is a massive election fraud” and that she was very concerned it involved “Dominion and its Smartmatic software” used to count votes in the US election.
    “You have heard Sidney Powell talk about so much voter fraud it was like coming out of a fire hose,” Mr Jones said.
    “I have been saying for some time, it would be a brave person who was prepared to bet, even now, against Donald Trump.
    Jones say’s it all!

  25. Illya Nickovitch Kuryakin

    The Ingraham Angle 11/19/20 | Laura Ingraham November 19, 2020
    21,920 views•Nov 19, 2020
    he Ingraham Angle 11/19/20 | Laura Ingraham November 19, 2020
    Shiftless Grifter Shifter Adam, loves whistleblowers!

    • sk

      Illya Kuryakin? From U.N.C.L.E. ?????? Wow.

  26. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks! It’s getting really hard to find out what’s going on.
    It’s time to go through your preps, replace batteries, clean weapons, retrain/practice, and test EVERYTHING.
    (I’m embarrassed to admit it, but today I had a dead battery on the red dot sight of one of my rifles when I went shooting. Then, when I put in the back-up battery, it still didn’t work. Since, this was on a .22 with a relatively inexpensive red dot sight, I passed it off as equipment failure. The back-up iron sights still worked, of course. But part of my purpose was to make sure the red dot sights on my rifles were still zeroed. It was only when I got back home that I discovered that I had put the back-up battery in backwards! A friend was with me, and we found that the sight on his AR had somehow gotten about a foot off zero at 50 yards! This even though he had aligned it preliminarily with a laser device. BTW, an AR that is zeroed at 50 yards is within a couple of inches of zero all the way from the muzzle out to about 200 yards).

    • A+Jones

      William: Let me share some experience on AR 15 sights. I have a rifle range here on the farm and shoot most days.
      1. You cannot sight in a rifle with a laser. A laser will get you on the target at 25 yards but after that you have to adjust the red dot or iron sights. Lasers are almost never correct beyond 25 yds.
      2. If you remove the red dot sight and then put it back on, you have to zero it in again. Sometimes it just changes over time. That is why we shoot often.
      3. How to copy a zero and hold it: I put both the red dot and iron sights on the rifle and zero at 100 yds. (A 100 yard zero may be 2.5 inches high at 100 yds to be zeroed at 200 yds.) Then align one site at that zero and then adjust the other sight to duplicate that zero. That way if you remove one sight you can reset it without firing referencing the other sight. I use a rear flip up and keep both sights on. I also have a 3x mag.
      4. Assuming you are using a peep military rear iron sight there is a large and a small aperture. On a military sight the two apertures are not in the same plane. When you zero a military sight, depending on what round you are using, according to the Army manual you zero the large sight aperture at 33 yards assuming you are using a M193 round. That will zero at 200 yards. Then the small aperture will be zeroed at 27 yards. That means if you shoot a 100 yard target using the small aperture you will shoot about 15 inches higher than the large aperture because the small aperture sight is zeroed at 300 yards. I use two sights because if the battery goes dead in a red dot I can switch and flip up the iron sight.
      5. All rounds are different because of the ballistic coefficient or aerodynamic features and different loads. If you set up using one round and switch to different load you have to start all over again because the BC and bullet speed are different. A 5.56 round is loaded to 62,000 pds pressure and a 223 round at around 55,000 pds.
      In closing, never go into battle without running all rounds through the rifle and never force a round into the chamber with the forward assist. It is most embarrassing to get a jam in a fire fight.

    • notyourpatsy

      WS, Remember, ammo is now priceless so keep the target shooting to only sighting in. We’re going to need every round to count and hit their targets. Use 22 to kneecap liberal zombies on your property, larger caliber for the blue helmets.
      Just heard Jim Cornelisian(sps) sing Our national Anthem on the Mecum auto auction in Kansas City 11/20/20. Now THIS is a Patriotic American! I urge everyone to watch the first hour as he sings at about the 30 minute mark.
      Every Patriot SHOULD play the National Anthem in their yard at Sunrise, and ‘Taps’ at Sunset, while raising your 1776 American Flag!

      • Paul ...

        The BLM terrorists go around tearing down our statues … tearing down our crosses … and like cowards sneak up behind patriots to hit us in the head with a brick to bring us down … yet their Georgia Guidestones (that proclaims the eradication of 99% of humanity) remains proudly standing on American soil … as a revered symbol to all BLM Demon-rat eugenicists … “that they will fully succeed in exterminating America … and 99% of the human race”!!

      • Beverly

        We sung it together at a party I had. Felt SO good. We need to sing it often.

      • eddiemd

        Every morning in formation.

        And at the end of the day.

  27. JC

    Meanwhile, over in New York…

    An ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health.


    “The people?” Does this mean the definition of “people” has changed?
    Should it not say “The Politicians of the state of New York?”

    • notyourpatsy

      JC, UN Constitutional, and WILL be challenged in the NY State Supreme kangaroo, oops, court! These commie lead states are so blind to what’s about to come their way from the angry mobs.

  28. Templeton Simon

    472K subscribers
    MATT SCHLAPP, chairman of The American Conservative Union discusses the integrity of the US election process in the aftermath of the November 3rd election.

  29. JC

    You are correct when you say 2021 is going to be a “rough year.”

    • notyourpatsy


  30. Bob

    Whoever ends up winning the 2020 election, good luck in overseeing a bankrupt nation.

  31. Jojodogfacedboy

    Hi Greg,

    2 points that I have as the media is totally useless.
    Governments across Canada keep pushing how every place needs to be locked down again except schools. My spidey sense keeps bugging me on that considering it still takes 3 day to get back test results.
    The other is these Covid vaccines. In Australia they are already discovering this virus is already in its 5th mutation. So like those flu shots, it’s going to be totally useless due to these mutations.
    Take care and stay safe,

  32. Chip2

    Here is some awesome news about America from God through a young woman:

  33. Jonathan

    May Mr. Trump’s legal team bring down thead PerpeTRAITORS…. Or may he invoke the Insurrection Act and go to Plan B.

    Firing Mark Esper and having America’s Special Operations Forces now reporting directly to Esper’s replacement may be the Plan B.

    Millions of armed Patriots are ready and willing to back you up, Mr. President.

    • notyourpatsy

      J, ROGER THAT!

  34. H. Craig Bradley


    Yes, there was voter fraud, but the clock is ticking and time will run-out before all the “evidence” can be gathered. Fact is, Joe Biden won the popular vote by a considerable margin ( Bill O’ Reilly) and so after the votes are certified by each state on Dec 7, the Electoral College will award the prize to Joe Biden, as is our custom by which power is transferred. President Trump is trying to make a point about the need to improve our vote security procedures next time.

    Noble goal, but allegations of cheating will not hand him the votes he did NOT get nor bring back the former supporters who grew tired of his many attention-drawing antics of the last four years. Truth is, President Trump’s economic performance could not win in the end because of Covid-19. The people are terrified and angry and President Trump took the blame, as always. So, it was Covid that defeated President Trump in the end, and all the cheating is just a trivial sideshow for the losers this time around. Had President Trump instead won by a landslide, then he would have been awarded a second term.

    Americans are content to have a quiet president who just goes about the job in a traditional manner without all the drama. The MSM will have little to report or talk about once President Trump’s Presidential Reality Show leaves town in T-2 Months from now. The legal system works slowly and time is running out on President Donald Trump, soon to be private citizen Trump once again. Life goes on regardless.

  35. Jim G

    While most are preoccupied with discussing who won the election, the power elite are celebrating how easy it has been to pull the wool over your eyes. All recent events this year have been carefully planned out and implemented with the masses falling for it hook, line and sinker.

    First they unleashed the pandemic, then came the rioting with George Floyd being the catalyst, and now a controversial election that will likely lead to massive civil unrest/war. So basically there will be no winners in this election as it is just pouring more fuel on an already out of control fire.

    The vaccines, which likely have been ready for some time now, will be the final nail in the coffin. Though not outright being made mandatory, everyone will eventually need to be injected or be precluded from travel, employment and other necessities that people will need to survive.

    Regardless of who you supported and who eventually gets declared the winner, there will be no cause to rejoice. Heads they win and tails you lose.

  36. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Great as always Greg. President Trump will conquer through the sheer weight of his numbers on all fronts.

  37. Jerry

    I’ve told you from the beginning that the election was going to be rigged. How did I know? The World Financial Forum is pulling the levers, not us. Guess where the dominion voting server is located? Frankfort Germany. Guess where Klaus Schab and the WEF is located? Germany. Look at what Schab said.

    Greg, there is no way Guliani and the Trump team can win this fight by themselves. It’s to big. Klaus Schwab is the head of the steering committee for the Bilderberg Group, and the economic planner for United Nations agenda 21. There are over 189 countries including China that are involved with the “ great reset “. Tell me short of an armed coup, how we can take our country back from these Luciferians? The courts are to corrupt to straighten this mess out. They have us right where they want us with the pandemic, and will soon mentally neuter us with a biometric vaccine. Pray. Pray. Pray for deliverance. We don’t have much time left. Control what you can control and get your spiritual house in order. Look around. All the signs are there. The constitution is hanging by a thread, and free agency is on the chopping block. Even Klaus Schwab has said that within ten years no one will own anything, and they will be happy about it. Trust me. The lord will not let Lucifer fulfill his dream of global domination.It’s not going to happen. It’s going to end badly for him and his followers, and anyone else who is involved with him including the Bohemian grove swamp rats.

    • JC

      Thanks, Jerry.
      Klaus Schwab has got to go.
      May he burn in hell.

      • Jerry

        Take a look at the corporate sponsors that are behind the World Economic Forum.

        How can you stop an organization this vast? The truth is you can’t. Greg’s guest can talk about markets, banks and economy’s all they want, but they are avoiding the truth. This is an orchestrated takedown. Let’s say you’re the smartest person who has ever trod the soil ( some Q followers think Donald Trump is) how do you take down an organization composed of hundreds of international corporations? Again. The truth is you can’t? In reality our country has become nothing more than one giant corporation with Donald Trump as CEO.. The only way out of this mess is with Devine intervention. Before that happens this world will be brought to its knees. Plan on it. Watch. “ The Great Reset “ will spiral into chaos. And then what?

        • JC

          For example, Anheuser-Busch In-Bev is on the list.
          ‘The combined AB InBev/SAB Miller entity has approximately 400 beer brands as of January 2017.’

          Eventually, it will be one giant corporation that owns everything and everyone.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, which is why I have posted repeatedly over the years that P’TRUMP,”GET THE UN/NWO OFF AMERICAN SOIL!” The un’s building in nyc is the ‘monolith’ for the nwo! P’Trump you still have 60 days send them packing out of Our Country!! Demolish the un with all means at your disposal as Our President!… playing F’kn golf!

  38. Nick de la Gaume

    The Almighty Lord knows that I do not want to see Bidet or Haggis as leaders of the
    USA. Quelle Horreur!!!!!!! I am praying for Justice for USA. Please oppose with all your capacities.


    part of my daily prayers goes: Lord, I beg YOU, grant me Thirst, (to feel the Divine directly in my own Heart as The Kingdom of Heaven is within,) Humility, ( not to Mammon, the system or ANY worldly authority. I walk as a proud King,) Compassion, Faith, Patience and Acceptance.

    Acceptance is the most difficult of them all. I have NO doubt that The Donald won hands down.
    I have had massive injustices imposed upon me for most of my lifetime and have had to accept them, wait patiently, often for many years, to impose justice. Equally I have had endless Grace to the point that many people believe that The Almighty gives me whatever I ask for. He will not give me what will destroy me, however much I ask.

    Hundreds of fools have regretted trying to ruin my life for the amusement of their egos and the worst have eventually paid terrible prices for their folly.

    If these creatures from the Pit of Total Darkness take the White House then the attitude of acceptance will be of great value. I am not talking about rolling over and letting them have their way. The Lord let it happen for His Own good purposes. I accept that. Easy…. not at all!!!!!!
    The collapse will be faster and those who are not sufficiently spiritually, mentally and physically adequately prepared will pay the price of their foolishness.
    6 months of living in Londom cured me of pacifism. As I found myself gripping a cheeky §¬| by the collar and slapping him repeatedly about the face, à la Obelix, I realised I was not a pacifist.

    You Americans at least still have your firearms!!!!!!!

    I guess many of you have seen the German Doctor being arrested in Germany as he was doing a live U Tube video on todays Zero Hedge. Watching it brought tears of compassion and determination to my eyes

    May The Almighty Lord guide and protect The Sincere of Heart.

  39. Keith

    I 1000% believe that this election was a fraud of epic proportions… Where is our loving and just God to put these criminals in there place?…Per guests on this site God put Trump in office in 2016….What gives?….Thanks Greg!

  40. Tommy

    It would have been better if the Trump lawyers would have held a press conference after they filed the legal paperwork concerning what they discussed as opposed to giving out this information before that was done. Trump legal representatives always seem ham-handed in whatever they do. Rudy is big on promise but small on results. I’ve wondered about him for the entire Trump administration. He says some wild things and seems confused at times; sort of like the so-called “president-elect”. Do they have the evidence? I hope so but until it is revealed in court it’s just fodder for the media. Why not keep quiet until they’ve actually done something rather than lay out their plans in front of the biased press? Just like the Durham report than has been going on for a year and a half. Nothing will ever come of this. Will it even be released? Certainly there will be no prosecutions because they are out of time. The Biden justice dept isn’t going to do anything. It will just be looked at as scorched earth.

  41. Charles Turner

    I am a Trump supporter who lives outside the USA. But i am inclined to think there maybe a silver lining if Trump isn’t elected but the senate is held.

    If that happens Joe Biden will go down as the worst president in modern history. The Republicans will win both houses in 2022 and re win the presidency in 2024.
    This is what will happen:
    a. The mask will come off. Everyone will see that a 78 year old with cognitive difficulties is charge.
    b. Vaccines wont save the economy. the economy will go into free fall.
    c. BLM and the extreme left will emerge into the open. The fight will be between Democrats and the extreme socialists. All Republicans have to do is block judges or extreme budgets going through the senate and watch the democrat civil war.
    d. The press will turn on Biden. Not in the way they did to Trump. But they wont take the blame for what happens.
    e. The fraud will start coming out. A republican Senate without Trump, will be thinking 2022 and 2024. People like Cruz will make it a mission to find out what fraud has gone on. Not all the press hate conservatives as much as they hate Trump and the truth will start to seep out.
    f. 80 million people will be saying, i told your so.

    I think this is bigger than winning the court cases and the presidency. I think this is about exposing the biggest can of worms ever in American history. So i think the Democrats lose either way.

    • Tom Wigand

      Mr. Turner:

      I vehemently disagree. Counting on a Senate — filled with the likes of McConnell, Romney, Collins, Rubio, Graham, Cornyn, etc. — to save the Republic is a fool’s errand.

      If the Democrats (and the Satanic forces behind them) pull this off, they’ll just voter fraud a Senate and House majority in the 2022 midterms. That’s if they need to, since before then, with the support of many “Republicans,” they’ll fast-track amnesty and voting rights for tens of millions of illegal aliens. That, plus the borders will be swung wide open for tens of millions more.

      Nor can we count on the “Republican” Senate majority to stop the Dems from packing the Supreme Court — which will quickly result in the evisceration of First and Second Amendment rights (the first nullified by “hate speech” restrictions, the latter by “it’s a state right, not an individual right reinterpretation of that “living document” formerly known as our Constitution).

      As for “R” Senate investigations, look at what Lindsey Graham has “investigated” so far. Case closed.

      We either win this battle now, or it’s all over for this Divinely-inspired country — we will sink into the abyss of the Satanic evil of global totalitarianism (otherwise known as “The Great Reset”).

      • notyourpatsy

        TomW, Right! aLL POLITICIANS DESERVE THE GALLOWS AT THIS POINT IN OUR REPUBLIC! Rinos are turncoats and none can help turn this around. Accepting byedin and his nasty veep are tantamount to giving up! No, this is the time for the Tree of Liberty to bleed.

      • Paul ...

        I agree Tom!! … we have allowed evil to go too far … it is late in the game … but to live with ourselves we should throw the bribe money back in the globalists faces (the way Judas did) … before our Nation is sacrificed!!

  42. UsDisVet

    It appears that the key to overturning the election is SCOTUS and how much they individually or collectively are compromised. If Biden’s election is upheld, the the Rule of Law is dead in this country and the never ending advance of totalitarian control is assured.

  43. Rock

    Fox really showed their true colors as they covered the briefing. Heartbreaking to see Tucker being a puppet and acting so fake as he “stands for truth”…

    • Paul ...

      Is Tucker working for the Demon-rats? … he wants Powell to reveal her evidence before trial?? … so the evil Demon-rats will have time to formulate a rebuttal??? … we are not that stupid Tucker … Powell rightly replied … effectively saying “Kiss my Ass”!!

  44. Mike

    I am sure the proof of massive voter fraud exists and Trump won in a landslide. I am not sure how corrupt or intimidated the legal system will be in giving a fair ruling on the evidence. The corrupt vote counting system is being exposed and it could be part of the plan to expose massive corruption in the legal system.

  45. Lora

    Wake UP America!
    The Democrat Party, and the Republican Party to some degree, along with many publicly funded colleges and education systems have all been infiltrated with Communists, parading around in a more subtle manner as so called “Socialists.” Their plan for many years now has been to bring down the American Republic and the World in order to usher in a global, totalitarian system where ALL individual freedoms are gone, and everything that our brave Forefathers fought for here in America will be completely ERASED, including our history detailing what our Forefathers did and what our warriors sacrificed, as symbolic in statues and also in written literature (as we see happening now).

    This fight to gain power goes way beyond the two men of Trump and Biden, as so many people seem to forget. Here in America, we either love/honor the American Republic and our US Constitution, along with involving ourselves in maintaining our freedoms in every regard, or do we as a people want to be ruled by complete dictatorship in an impoverish world without hope.

    I think that in the 2020 election enough people decided to stand with President Trump because they love America, and they still value what God’s original intent was for this Country. It will take some time, but the supernatural courts of Heaven and our God are at work so that President Trump, who has honored Israel too, will serve one more term! 2021 will be very challenging, be we as people need to hang on to our most honored American ways, with a high priority and focus on educating our next generation (OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN) to love America, or we will lose this Nation.

    • notyourpatsy

      Lora, Be ready every minute of every hour of every day for the civil war to start. Then don’t miss!

  46. Jim

    The NSA has all of it. ALL internet activity is intercepted by the NSA, ALL phone calls, ALL emails, ALL file transfers. ALL of the vote data that was transferred overseas and ALL of the vote data that came back.

  47. Paul ...

    You Know … what the Demon-rats at the NFL don’t understand is that patriotic Americans are not going to watch “hero’s” carry a ball across a goal line if they show contempt for America and act unpatriotic … the same way they won’t give adulation to “BLM hero’s” who sneak up behind American’s backs and hit them in the head with a brick!! …

    • notyourpatsy


  48. Matt

    We The People need a miracle.

    • Paul ...

      We have the God given power to make our own miracles happen … instead of sitting in the headlights petrified like a dear and getting killed by baby sniffing organ robbing gain of function eugenicist demons … we simply have to use our God given brains walk to the side of the road and join the 45 colts that earlier dragged a huge boulder in the road up ahead!!

  49. Gerardo

    Hi Greg,
    I always follow your great interviews.
    Why not interviewing Brent Johnson (dollar milkshake theory)? It would be very interesting at this stage.
    Best Rgs

  50. Country Codger

    FANTASTIC Wrap-up!!!!
    Greg, it doesn’t get any better than that.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • notyourpatsy

      CC, I agree, one of Mr Hunter’s best to date!

  51. Bobby

    Thought this would be of interest to all:

  52. Paul ...

    Question for Eddie-MD … as vaccines become available to Americans over the next few weeks (that inject Corona spike proteins into our cells … and they become an integral part of our cells) … is anyone thinking about a very serious side effect … namely … that it could lead to “a reduction in immunity” (as our immune system begins to recognize these Corona spikes as “normal” protein)???

    • eddiemd

      I posted on the Armstrong interview the possibility of a Graft vs Host type of reaction secondary to the vaccine.

      The vaccine is a farce. The producers have no idea of the long term effects. Their own studies are projected out to 24+months to observe the effects. They have had a limited study of perhaps 6 months since April 2020. The producers know that the vaccine has great potential for harm. That is why they have no liability.

      We already see mutations of the coronavirus.

      Remember the coronavirus was responsible for 40-50% of the common cold prior to the scamdemic. This particular coronavirus is a bioweapon. Who designed it and released it is unknown. China? Deep staters? Combination?

      Coronavirus, election, vaccine….all planned deception. The greater deception is coming in the antichrist himself and false prophet. We are being brainwashed for this event.

      • JC

        “Coronavirus, election, vaccine….all planned deception. The greater deception is coming in the antichrist himself and false prophet. We are being brainwashed for this event.”

        You nailed it!

  53. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great news wrap-up. The fraud was so blatant and in-your-face that anyone who thinks Biden won this election has no capability for critical thinking.

    There’s another video out that shows that Donald Trump wi=on the 2020 Presidential Election.
    At the 7 minute mark: “fraud vitiates everything” is the catch phrase. *everything*
    I think that means if the President’s legal team can prove fraud by Biden in one state, he loses the entire election — game over. That’s what “everything” means to me. SCOTUS case law is precedent.

  54. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thanks for USAW458.

    Thought your audience may like to listen to the whole of the press conference you refer to. Speaking starts at +15 minutes:

    Also, news of class action lawsuits being taken up against governments’ impositions of ‘unlawful’ C19 lockdown restrictions, etc. IMHO, it’s worth listening to the whole of the outline of the complaint/s which are described in the embedded video:

  55. Self+Exiled

    Briefing back in April of 2005 that the human VMAP2 gene, also known as the “God gene,” can be altered using a vaccine.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Self+Exiled,
      The video you link to is truly sickening! Before anyone ‘brushes off’ the significance – because the presentation focuses on altering the freewill of religious fundamentalists in the Middle East – be mindful (no pun intended) that the same technology may be able to identify libertarian truth seekers. These ‘genetically inferior types’ could then be subject to similar mind-altering vaccination . . .
      This really is matter of life or death!

      • Self+Exiled

        This is 2005 and you can see the progression of reachsearch and thought the last 15 years to their present goals of a total population emotional content control of the mind.

  56. Self+Exiled

    Sidney Powell Drops Bomb on Biden

  57. Frank+D2

    I look forward to your WNW each week. Thank you for all that you do for us patriots. I am suggesting that you check out Jeffrey Prather and try to get him on your show. Jeffrey Prather is a retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistle blower and then targeted by the government. His website is:
    I recommend that all Watchdoggers watch this recent video from Jeffrey (it will blow your mind!):
    He names “Q” and it is someone that Trump just named to assist in replacing Mike Esper as SecDef. Jeffrey also states that Barr is totally deep state shill and will indict no one of consequence in ObamaGate (except maybe “Q”!!). Check it out.

  58. George Hamilton III

    _USAWatchdogger’s________ In case you missed it and bear’s repeating.
    Mike R, the last comment on 11/19/2020 •
    Folks, turns out Trump did not need Barr to arrest the treasonous demoncrats who perpetrated the attempted coup, with the Russian collusion hoax, and then the shampeachment. He had these puppies nailed from day 1, with his very super super genius election fraud sting ! He baited these nitwit dimwits, six ways to Schumers Sunday sermons, on the Rachel Maddcow, really big, December 15th. 2016 shoe.
    In the Presiden’s recent EO, the President also states that people and organisations located, in part, outside the United States are known to be able to, “interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation.”

    The EO further states that this foreign interference in U.S. elections, “constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

    The EO gives the U.S. government the authority to seize all assets of any corporation or organization engaged in rigging any national election. This means Trump can now seize Twitter, Facebook, CNN, the New York Times and all the assets of every Democrat involved in election rigging.

    Election rigging is also a felony crime under current U.S. law.

    But how will the thousands of Democrats, deep staters and treasonous actors who participated in all this election theft actually be arrested and questioned?

    Answer: U.S. Special Forces, answering directly to Chris Miller. This change just happened after Trump fired well known traitor and deep stater, Mark Esper (an obama acolytye).

    Trump already has total authority to secretly arrest domestic enemies under the NDAA, (actually signed into law by Obama himself. How convenient you did that for Trump, Mr. Obozo)

    Trump will likely invoke the Insurrection Act, which authorizes military forces to be deployed in the United States to put down acts of open rebellion or insurrection against the United States government. Even without the Insurrection Act, Trump already has the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, which specifically allows the President to use U.S. military forces to arrest and detain enemy combatants even if they are U.S. citizens.

    The coordinated election rigging that took place — using technology from Venezuela, servers from Germany and money from Communist China — is of course an act of international warfare against the United States government. All those engaged in these acts are, in fact, enemy combatants even if they are U.S. citizens or lawmakers. They can be arrested by U.S. military personnel, relocated to black sites like GITMO, and interrogated or prosecuted under wartime military law.

    Here is Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller’s recent conference and press briefing remarks:

    “At the same time, should any maligned actors underestimate our resolve or attempt to undermine our efforts, we will not hesitate to restore deterrents and defeat any and all threats.

    As we implement the President’s orders, we also recognize that transitions and campaigns are fraught with risk and unexpected challenges and opportunities. That is why I am here today to announce that I have directed the special operations civilian leadership to report directly to me instead of through the current bureaucrat channels. This historic step finalizes what Congress has authorized and directed and will put Special Operations Command on par with the military services for the first time.”

    Note how Chris Miller, specifically invoked the words “transitions and campaigns,” and although the word “campaign” typically refers to a military campaign, paired with the term “transitions,” this now most likely refers to Presidential transitions and political campaigns.

    This is very likely a ‘dog whistle’ to other patriots throughout the DoD, broadcasting the fact that patriots are now in charge at the DoD, and they now directly command U.S. special forces assets. In other words, those assets have just been removed from the control of the deep state swamp bureaucrats that haunt the halls of the Pentagon, (formerly rubbing elbows with John Bolton and other swamp slugs in the hope of starting more wars.)

    Special Forces assets are now being deployed to take down America’s domestic enemies and traitors.

    Now, many dots are beginning to be connected here, with unconfirmed rumors circulating over the last few days that U.S. Special Forces teams have already arrested certain high-level Democrat and deep state traitors who are behind the recent foreign election interference in the U.S. elections via the Dominion and Scytl voting systems, both of which were rigged to produce a Joe Biden “victory.”

    The fat lady is warming up her vocal chords folks. Stay tuned to your boob tubes. This ain’t over by a long shot. (and note how Biden-elect’s VP has yet to resign her Senate seat. If she was fully confident she’d be a real Presidential VP, her resignation would have been a done deal by now.)
    Reply, Please Leave A Reply;
    Richard Treadway, Gina Macaroni, Kay Wayne, Dave & JC. 90 miles south of Key West, the weather is very nice this time of year. You wont need a pension, or supplemental vitamin D3. A tropical island prison will do, ex-patriots. . . .. Traitor’s all, lol.🗽!

    For a few Rubles less…
    This warplane didn’t cost 5 billion, so Lockheed could bribe Comey for 7 million.

    BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Breaks Silence – Joe & Jill Are Lying About IT ALL!
    1,414,144 views•Aug 18, 2020 NextNew’s Net.

    • Mike Lord

      Excuse me George,
      Didn’t we wipe out the Serbian airforce and their Mig’s in the 9o’s war because the Albanions moving into southern Yugoslavia over the years grew larger than the Serb population, created a race war and Bill Clinton sent our airforce to save the Albanions?
      Einstine said the next world war would be faught at its end with sticks and stones!
      At least we will have the most expensive stones against the Russians, diamonds?

    • Brooklyn

      First to you Greg Hunter. You are a Scholar and a Patriot and although I rarely comment, because I am a writer myself, and just don’t have the time. But, always listen to your extremely informative videos and like you, I am always – taking notes…;)

      Be Safe, Greg. Prayers! Prayers! Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum…

      Now a comment to George Hamilton, III

      We are in total agreement with your post, but there are two pieces of information that you need to add to your detailed comment:

      The first is LJ’s piece on the fact that the raid on the Dominion/Scytl servers in Germany was not done with the help of the State Department, the DoJ was not involved, the FBI was not involved, and Gina Haspel, CIA was certainly not notified or involved in any way. It was the CIA’s servers that the US Marshalls or the Secret Service removed from the CIA offices in Germany. See link below:

      When you understand LJ’s background you can’t help but agree with his theory of what really happened in Germany. LJ’s piece also ran on the Gateway Pundit website, but wanted you to read it on LJ’s site so you can read the comment by Kermit, below the article, who was a gulf war pilot. It runs on a bit, but Kermit not only confirms LJ’s theory but did his own research and came up with the same conclusion.

      When Sidney Powell said we don’t know whether the good guys or the bad guys have them, it was tongue in cheek. She knows exactly where the servers are but could not exactly say, oh we have them, we removed them from the CIA offices in Germany.

      More to come…


      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Brooklyn!

  59. Paul from Indiana

    Absent hard evidence, I am having a hard time with this quixotic campaign. I voted, proudly I might add, for President Trump twice. I believe that the COVID scandal was unleashed on him, because the Democrats knew they had zero chance of beating him straight up. Rather than waste time and resources trying to overturn a fix, we should be dedicating our efforts, collectively and individually in negotiating a separation, where the Left can go its way, and we go ours. Best always. PM

  60. Russ

    Another reason why it’s critical for President Trump to win reelection…

    “John Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Is Needed To Stop Rise Of Populism “

    quote — “Former Secretary of State John Kerry attended a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum during which he asserted that a great reset was urgently needed to stop the rise of populism.
    Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, America would rejoin the job-killing Paris Climate Agreement but that this was “not enough.”
    “The notion of a reset is more important than ever before,” Kerry said.
    “I personally believe… we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.”
    The former Senator made it clear that this “reset,” which is merely a re-branding of the same new world order that has faced stiff resistance for the past two decades, is necessary to extinguish populism.” — unquote

  61. eddiemd

    Virginia was also suspicious. I remember watching you speak about why Virginia was not showing red on the night of the election when the voting results showed Trump won.

    Arizona’s election was suspicious in 2018 when Kyrsten Sinema was elected as senator. I believe that this same Dominion software system was used to elect the democrat senator. I remember how Sinema was infiltrating mainly Hispanic neighborhoods in Phoenix promoting her push to help people obtain .gov bennies and giving people “information” on how to get ID and immigration.

    The elections in 2016 and 2018 required a fill in the arrow. This year we had the bubble sheets. This was another problem. Why the change? I commented on my experience voting in person on October 22nd. The use of the Sharpie and thin sheet paper ballot was very suspicious. It was obvious that there was a problem.

    The Maricopa county Recorder and the secretary of state in Arizona are dirty. These two should be investigated. Especially the recorder Adrian Fontes. This guy is closely affiliated with Jill Biden’s chief of staff and has deep connections to Obama’s people. I also believe that the Senator race here in Arizona between Kelly and McSally was tampered with in the same method as the presidential.

    • eddiemd

      As I watch all this deception with the election and the coronavirus I am reminded of one thing. Jesus Christ is always in control. That is all that matters. I can rely on Him. I can rely on His Word.

      Daniel 2:20-23
      20 Daniel answered and said:

      “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
      For wisdom and might are His.
      And He changes the times and the seasons;
      He removes kings and raises up kings;
      He gives wisdom to the wise
      And knowledge to those who have understanding.

      He reveals deep and secret things;
      He knows what is in the darkness,
      And light dwells with Him.

      “I thank You and praise You,
      O God of my fathers;
      You have given me wisdom and might,
      And have now made known to me what we asked of You,
      For You have made known to us the king’s demand.”

      Isaiah 26:3
      You will keep him in perfect peace,
      Whose mind is stayed on You,
      Because he trusts in You.

  62. Paul from Indiana

    Greg Hunter is first with the best. The one and only Dr. Numbers (John Williams) this weekend is the best news I’ve had in a long time! What I call “The Great Eraser” (dollar explosion, debt implosion) is coming, and we’ll have an idea just how close TGE is when we hear from him. Best always. PM

  63. Joe

    Greg, what’s going on with the dust up between Tucker Carlson and Sydney Powell? Something really strange is going on.

    Also, did you see how Antifa and BLM attacked the Trump supporters in DC and other areas of the country?

    Also, can you tell me where I can buy the a tie like the one you are wearing for this interview?

  64. Sylvia

    Thanks for covering this news conference. Most of would never have known
    what happened. This thing is really heating up. If I were involved, I would be
    hiring a couple of body guards.
    Thanks for the truth.

  65. iwitness02

    This is certainly a pivotal moment in American history.
    In my mind, if JB and KH slither into the oval office, we will see human suffering on a grand scale. The people that Biden is bringing together for his administration will have the gravy train roaring down the tracks again. The media will be purring like a kitten. The Trump supporters will become a target of Biden’s administration.
    As they like to say now; “you will own nothing and be happy.”

  66. Joe

    Roberts is a commie. He voted for Obammie Care. You can bet the alphabet soup agencies in the District of Criminals have a control file on him.

    • Frank+D2

      Agree about Roberts. Jeffrey Prather says that Roberts is on the flight logs to Epstein island (THAT’s what they have on him). Check out (an ex-DIA and DEA guy who I recommended to Greg and all other watchdoggers).

  67. Rodster

    You can’t make this shit up. So sad to see the MSM turn into Pravda. Thank goodness for the Alt-Media.

    “Trump’s Attempts to Overturn the Election Are Unparalleled in U.S. History”

  68. eddiemd

    Some further info on the recent command and control changes in the SOF.

    The Army FM 100-25 covers the use of SOF to include domestic operations.

    1-15. Missions in any environment require ARSOF to be prepared to conduct any combination of offensive, defensive, stability, and civil support operations, described below:

    z Offensive operations destroy or defeat an enemy. Their purpose is to impose U.S. will on the enemy and to achieve decisive victory.

    z Defensive operations defeat an enemy attack, buy time, economize forces, or develop conditions favorable for offensive operations. Defensive operations alone normally cannot achieve a decision.

    z Stability operations promote and protect U.S. national interests by influencing the threat, political, and information dimensions of the operational environment through a combination of peacetime developmental, cooperative activities and coercive actions in response to crises. ARSOF can also be employed to assist civil authorities (foreign or domestic) in responding to crises and in relieving suffering.

    z Civil support operations address the consequences of man-made or natural accidents and incidents beyond the capabilities of civilian authorities. Army forces do not conduct stability operations within the United States—under U.S. law, the federal and state governments are responsible for those tasks. Instead, Army forces conduct civil support operations when requested, providing Army expertise and capabilities to lead agency authorities.

    In case you are not aware and only watch MSM propaganda. When I went through SF training in 82-83, phase 3 training included Secret and Confidential classes on the use of SF. The president has always had the ability to deploy SF forces. In fact, this is the essence of covert missions around the world in many cases. The Bin Laden disinformation op by Obama/Biden. What really happened we don’t know. They conveniently got rid of the SEAL team Six operators on the Chinook in Afghanistan. This same idea concerns the CIA ops. There are other black op organizations. The Army of Virginia. They recruit out of Ft. Bragg. The See Eye Ay has a recruiting branch at SWC near the white house.

    I reckon that these operators are loyal to president Trump. I have no doubt that they have been prepping the battlefield for the upcoming Insurrection Act declaration. The Army SOF don’t particularly like the .gov civilian people like the corrupt FBI and CIA leaderships. Field operator patriots…different story. There are good people downrange in the field from CIA, FBI, DEA. I worked with DEA cowboys in Bolivia. They were practical real patriots. The further away from the flagpole the better the people.

    Buy some popcorn. The show is about to begin.

    • Paul ...

      Stealing an election “is an act of insurrection” … it’s time for Trump to use the Insurrection Act and round up all the “commie” traitors!!

  69. Carolyn Harlow

    I’m glad you’re bringing up the Virginia vote because no one else is. Virginia voters were overwhelmingly for Trump for another term as President and for Daniel Gade to replace John Warner as Senator. Then came the vote dump during the night, just like the other states. I wish the Republican party had not written off Virginia as going Democrat and not being worth the money and effort to fight for our 13 Electoral College votes. I’m still praying for the Virginia election to be overturned.

  70. Bot

    The worthless MSM has been lying to the American public since the Kennedy assassination. People working within it have sold their souls for a paycheck.
    They have absolutely zero credibility and wouldn’t recognize true journalism if it slapped them aside the head.
    I watched the presser and Giuliani on numerous occasions chastised them and called them out on their failure to tell the truth and lay bare the actual facts.
    They should be ashamed.

  71. RTW

    What’s going on with the dems and msm reminds me of a scene from the movie “A guide for the married man”. In that scene, a man is in bed with a woman when his wife walks in. While she is ranting at him, he and the woman calmly get out of bed, get dressed, make the bed, and the woman leaves while the husband asks what his wife thought she just saw, because as she can plainly see, there is nothing going on and his wife apologies for accusing him.

  72. eddiemd

    Fauxi the walking PSYOP.

    People recognize that there is a virus. People are not fooled by the MSM propaganda and Doctor Death Fauci. This guy needs to go. I am amazed that Trump keeps him around. Perhaps Trump has intel on the back story comes between Fauci and the deep state. Perhaps they will be released and Fauci can get a job working the clinic in Gitmo.

    • JC

      Psycho-freak Fauci definitely has to go.
      If Don Carlo Gambino said Fauci had to go… he would go.

    • eddiemd

      Correction. “back story comms”. Communications. Cell phone intercepts by NSA type people. SIGINT operators from SOF.

      That is how we found Pablo Escobar. 7th group and CAG operators.

      There is no doubt that both sides, deep state and forces loyal to the president, are using SIGINT to listen in.

  73. Tom Wigand

    Dear Greg:

    Re: the seized servers: A point few if any have made — since the Trump team is not law enforcement or intelligence, they have no power to seize the servers. That means somebody with access to high-grade information are convinced that there is incriminating evidence there — so they seized the servers, whether to gather evidence for prosecution, or to destroy evidence. So much for “no evidence!”

    Also, yesterday’s press conference brought to mind a scene from “The Hunt for Red October.” After the Captain of the Russian attack sub failed to sink the Red October with his initial torpedo attack, he ordered the safeties removed and fired again. The second torpedo ended up circling back and killing the attack sub. The First Officer, realizing what was about to happen, yelled at the Captain something along the lines of: “You’ve killed us you arrogant bast**d!”

    When the Dominion software’s fraud algorithm was overwhelmed by the massive Trump vote, the people behind the fraud took off the safeties and engaged in massive, sloppy voter fraud in the selected Democrat-run cities. As the press conference indicated yesterday, this is what started to clue them in about the software.

    The fraud torpedo may well come back and sink Soros, Perkins Coie and maybe the whole DNC fleet!

  74. H.Craig Bradley


    Tucker Carlson said about Trump’s lead lawyer, Sidney Powell’s election fraud case:
    show me the evidence. No response and no appearance on Fox News. So, Tucker Carlson lashed-out: “Lots of People believe in UFO’s, as well”. Election fraud case is going nowhere without reams of admissible hard evidence. Ongoing litigation is not likely to change the election results regardless. Trump lost his reelection bid. People believe what they want to believe.

    • Paul ...

      Who does Tucker Carlson think he is??? … he stupidly wants Powell to release confidential information critical to her case against the “commies” so he can get bigger ratings???? … think beyond yourself Tucker and think of the good of the Nation!!!

  75. Russ

    Speaks for itself, no comment required —

    “Dominion Voting ‘Lawyers Up’ Before Abruptly Backing Out Of Pennsylvania Fact-Finding Hearing“

    …”Dominion Voting Systems Thursday night abruptly backed out of attending a fact-finding hearing that was set for Friday morning with the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee.

    At a press conference Friday morning, State Govt Committee Chair Seth Grove said the 1.3. million Pennsylvanians who used Dominion’s voting machines have been “hung out to dry and slapped in their faces.” …

  76. Tim

    Great show. Need Mark Taylor soon.


  77. Willam

    I believe, per the server seizure, that this will become a national security/emergency event.

  78. MCasey

    This not an election to be won or lost. This is a coup.

  79. Linda

    Thanks Greg, here’s more good info

  80. Claude

    Here in Georgia we have two Senate seats up for grabs and they are already mailing out massive mail-in ballots to steal the election again. Our Governor here is stupid enough to buy the Covid hysteria and extended the lock-down, thus encouraging more mail in ballots that if he would open up the state, he could insist that people vote in person or request absentee ballots as per previous elections. I am guessing that Governor Kemp is an idiot if he doesn’t realize this and doesn’t realize that we are in danger of getting cheated out of two Senate seats.

  81. tim+mcgraw

    Thanks for the report, Greg. Glad that you are taking some time off.
    I am currently reading “Inside Hitler’s Greece” by Mark Mazower about the occupation of Greece in WWII. On page 264 I found this and I quote:

    “Part Four

    A Society at War: 1943-1944

    Society had become divided into two ideologically hostile camps, and each side viewed the other with suspicion. As for ending this state of affairs, no guarantee could be given that would be trusted, no oath sworn that people would fear to break; everyone had come to the conclusion that it was hopeless to expect a permanent settlement and so, instead of being able to feel confident in others, they devoted their energies to providing against being injured themselves.

    Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War, trans. R. Warner
    (London, 1975), 3: 85


    The Peloponnesian Wars destroyed ancient Greece. I read about this in my youth. Sparta and Athens just couldn’t find a way to co-exist. Are we there yet?

  82. eddiemd

    Update from the MENA.

    Things moving quickly to war.

    Update on Navy at sea.

    • eddiemd


      2-19. JP 1-02 defines PSYOP as planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The mission of PSYOP is to influence the behavior of foreign target audiences to support U.S. national objectives.
      2-20. In the full range of military operations, PSYOP take on an added significance. Modern conflict is often a protracted politico-military struggle between political systems. It often encompasses all spheres of national activity—political, military, economic, social, and cultural. In protracted operations, noncombat activities can be as decisive as combat operations in conventional warfare. Sometimes, failure to achieve PSYOP objectives can mean defeat, regardless of the outcome of military operations.
      2-21. In modern conflict, emphasis on the psychological or informational objective places PSYOP in a unique position. During stability operations, PSYOP can be used unilaterally or with economic, social, and political activities to limit or preclude the use of military force. In some cases, the military objective may be relevant only in terms of the psychological effect. History has shown that conflict is a battle of wills, where the intangible nature of morale and willpower can be defeated more in psychological terms than in physical terms

      • Self+Exiled

        Is that why Gina Haspel has disappeared, not a clue, very busy I suspect.

      • eddiemd

        Russia expansion in the Middle East.

        Everyone setting the pieces on the board for the final conflicts.

        Meanwhile…Americans stare into the abyss of the iPhone. Asleep at the wheel.

  83. Peter

    There is no doubt that Trump beat Biden in legal votes and if America doesn’t
    give him 4 more years that he won legally, the USA is done for as democrats will run the same illegal game plan to steal elections in the future. It would become a 1 party system(democrat)that destroys the country.

  84. notyourpatsy

    And the problem the Trump team will have is twofold. Time to get these evidences into a court that is not overseen by a DEMONCRAT judge. And the pressure the CORRUPT MEDIA is placing in Americans minds over the DEMONCRAT ‘win’. Most Americans are too busy trying to stay economically afloat to be ‘bothered’ with the OBVIOUSLY fraudulent ‘election’. Sadly they have given up thinking their ‘vote’ was anything more than a waste of time over the years.

  85. wayne hardin

    But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.
    Notice he said Spirit and TRUTH .
    It has come to the point that we will have to chose which one we will serve .
    The flesh or the spirit of truth . There seems to be a lot of people that think they can
    lie and steal and do anything they want for money ….. They are wrong .
    The great falling away will be a lust for money / power or the world if you will.
    And the SAD part about it all we have so called people of God telling people that / that
    is what God wants .
    They are headed for Hell and are making the ones that believe them 2 fold the child
    of Hell .
    It is sheep and goat time …… I judge nobody Gods word does.

  86. notyourpatsy

    Lightning and other folks here, with regard to, ‘books being unable to be ‘unprinted’. Pre 1970 books are less ‘edited’ vs newer editions of the same book. Often the good information has been replaced with different information, which removes the valuable information you are seeking from the books. In order to survive the coming hard times everyone should have a decent reference library of their own. A variety of topics that will aid your survival in the coming economy is what you are looking to own. Medical, gardening, carpentry, mechanics/auto repair, bicycle repair, old cookbooks,etc

  87. Gary

    The plan is that by 2030 we will rent everything, have no personal privacy, and be happy as can be (according to the WEF):

    World Economic Forum
    Here’s how life could change in my city by the year 2030

    Klaus Schwab: Great Reset Will “Lead To Fusion Of Our Physical, Digital, & Biological Identity”:

    Once they crash the system (“The Great Reset”) and put everyone on UBI (universal basic income) “they” will have complete control of everything. Then this will become a reality:

    Revelation 13:16-17:
    16) And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    17) And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    To understand events while time remains you must “study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

    “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be PARTAKERS OF THE DIVINE NATURE, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust” (2 Peter 1:4).

    “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, EVEN AS BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD” (2 Corinthians 3:18).

    Most will understand these texts when it is too late:
    Amos 8:11-13:
    11) Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:
    12) And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.
    13) In that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint for thirst.

    “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved” (Jeremiah 8:20).

    Isaiah 55:6-7:
    6) Seek ye the LORD [NOW] while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:
    7) Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for HE WILL ABUNDANTLY PARDON.


  88. notyourpatsy

    Instead of watching foxnews’s lou doobbs, at the same time airs ‘Adam 12’ from the 1970’s. Notice the difference in ‘policing’ then and now. This is the issue of what’s transpired under DEMONCRAT ‘control of the American people’ over the last 50 years. Notice how much more ‘civic minded’ people were back then. What’s happened is between the mind control subliminal messaging to the masses via the corrupt media, and rampant drug abuse courtesy of the us govt’s ‘war on the American people’, uh, I mean drugs, we have lost control of our politicians! We as a Republic have/are being ruled over as if we the American people are ‘subjects’. Don’t miss…..

  89. notyourpatsy

    I saw a news piece on what the Trump’s would do after leaving WDC. I’d like to point out they spoke quite a bit about your friend and mine jared (and Ivanka). They apparently have been seen going here and there in nyc where SHE owns a $4 million townhouse. They showed the couple walking arm in arm on the empty sidewalks, except for their security detail. They also showed a clip of years before when Ivanka and hitlery’s daughter of the first communist couple, the clintoians, and how CHUMMY the families were! NOT SHOCKED! Then they interviewed that daughter, who said she could never be friends again after Ivanka was part of the current administration. What a joke! HER parents the clintoiians were the ones who sold out America to the Chinese! I warned everyone here about jared and his families direct connections to the top of the idfisreal. Now don’t you feel like you need a shower? YOU SHOULD IF YOU’RE A PATRIOT!

  90. Mike+martin

    As a Canadian I am disgusted with our media. They are so biased against anyone that simply wants the truth. Their coverage of the election question is just plain dishonest. Nothing else needs to be said. A waste of time and a major failure of their prime purpose. To Inform.

  91. mike martin

    Hello my American friends.
    Just a short note from an angry Canadian.

    MSM here in Canada is a total waste of time. Their main purpose is to inform. .Someone should remind them of their purpose. Up here they could care less about the truth. They do not inform they are just propagandists misleading the public. whether it is about Covid or the attempt to steal the election.

    I am so glad that I found sites like this many years ago that inform and the quality of the people that post here gives me reason to hope.

    May God continue to guide us my fellow truthers.

  92. Anthony Bonaminio, M.D.

    all swing states and there nearby states assigned to kavanh, gorsuch, thomas, alito, and barrett.

    other areas of the country assigned to the rest. roberts has district of columbia and northeast [not PA]. this was released by scotus on their website today, it is done yearly i think and is routine. this is big news. roberts as chief does the assignments.

    these justices will handle all emergency appeals, emergency injunctions, etc.
    the full court votes later on reviewing preliminary info/data/briefs/affidavids/etc.
    4 of 9 justices can uphold emergency decision, and 5 of 9 need to vote to have full court hear the case in full. thus the 5 new conservative justices can uphold emergency decisions, then block counter appeals.

    this is great news. it is almost as if roberts, if he was/is being blackmailed by obama/brennan [who was caught spying on senators] may suspect trump knows. is roberts doing the right thing so he is not outed? it is curious he has none of the important swing states so he can’t screw anything up, almost like ”recusing’ himself.

    a blessing in disguise indeed. thanks again greg for a great analysis/reporting today.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Tony,
      Thanks for posting this. Maybe Roberts will act like a judge for a change and not a Deep State puppet!!

  93. al

    Have you noticed in the past few weeks that the Trump Admin does not take “questions”?
    The Marxist Media is the enemy. This Administration does not give the enemy any credence. These barking dogs are being ignored for a reason. They did this to themselves. It’s called propaganda. They don’t want answers, they want to push their agenda because “reporters” are really Political Activists.

  94. Kathy

    Another great show Greg. Keep the truth coming. Thanks for what you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kathy!!

  95. Mohammad


    You never stop amazing me throughout the years I have been on your blog and many they are. Your reporting is unrivaled, professionalism mated to elegance, manners and self respect as a true journalist who seeks the facts and commits to the tradition of the reporting of all aspects and angles of the matter at hand that is scarce and rare nowadays.

    Keep up the excellence of your true journalism and keep up the sprit, righteousness WILL PREVAIL.


    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this Mohammad!! Thank you very much.

  96. al

    The media is NO LONGER THE 4TH ESTATE!
    The 4th Estate is made up of reporters informing the people as to what is going on. It provides TRUE TRANSPARENCY.

    What we have are a bunch of Propaganda pushers twisting information to fit their biased narrative… THAT’S NOT THE 4TH ESTATE! THAT’S A TREASONOUS ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE and should be marginalized and ignored.

  97. Thomas

    Um, Trumps lawers are civil lawers….where the hell are the FBI& Dept. of Justice….oops sorry for the rhetorical question

    • Greg Hunter

      Rudy Giuliani prosecuted organized crime in NYC as a federal prosecutor for the Southern District of NY. This is where they put top prosecutors in the federal system. He’s no criminal light weight. Sidney Powell is also a former federal prosecutor and she specializes in appeals. I agree where is the FBI and DOJ???? Thanks Bill Barr–for nothing.

  98. Anthony Bonaminio, M.D.

    the assertion that trump won 410 electoral votes comes from a letter, signed by a former state dept military intel officer about 5 or so days ago, who was in the military cybersecurity division of the state dept. i am sorry i do not have the letter, but saw it on a video as reported by stroppy me from australia, who i have found credible [on rumble or bitchute as he was banned on youtube].

    he states before it was reported or confirmed by sydney powell, that his contact in europe informed him that military intel officers under the command of the U.S. military european central command, raided and confiscated the dominion servers in frankfurt, also as reported by texas congressman louis gohmert some days ago. days later powell confirmed at the press conflict that servers were confiscated, and the next day she said the ‘good guys’ have the servers [US military].

    evidently a preliminary analysis of the server showed the following:
    1. U.S. voter data is sent by internet to barcellona spain to cytle corporation
    2. cytle found that trump was winning in a landslide, and transfer data as it comes in and analized to dominion in frankfurt. the win was so big they had to cheat big, and dominion had U.S. voting machine servers subtract trump votes and add to biden in gigantic numbers. this is how they got caught—the cheat was so large and widespread it was too hard to hide.
    3. the officer stated that trump won all swing states, flipped CA, NY, and VA, and won the usual others, for a total of 410 electoral votes.
    4. so far the raid and confiscation has been confirmed by multiple sources including trump team members, i pray the rest is soon confirmed.

    i wonder why gina haspel and bill barr were called into mitch mcconnels’ office emergently as this was breaking early on. [some people think the cia office in frankfurt has servers which were monitoring the whole thing. were they directing it?] . some say haspel was not briefed on the operation, thus implicating brennan/obama/clinton–the usual suspects.

    this is getting quite intriguing.

  99. Bob+Lamb

    I’m grateful for the U.S. and all the opportunities I’ve had living here. Let freedom ring! #GiveThanks

  100. Mike R

    While the GOP may not be in on the vote rigging, I gotta say I am very disappointed in their stand offish positions on this. Only a handful of them seem like they actually care whether we have a real US constitution or functioning democracy, and dont seem the least bit bothered that this election for all intents, was just as bad, if not worse than other banana-republics.

    For example, the governor of Georgia is certifying election results, based on what thinly stretched line of rhetoric ?

  101. tim+mcgraw

    Just for fun, I thought I would write my own algorithm for the Dominion voter machine’s software to help Biden win.

    TV = Trump Votes ACTV = Algorithm Corrected Trump Votes

    BV = Biden Votes ACBV = Algorithm Corrected Biden Votes

    Here is the original algorithm I’m going with on Election Day:

    TV – (TV x .10) = ACTV

    BV + (TV x .10) = ACBV

    So let’s try this out:

    Trump has 1,000 votes. The algorithm subtracts 100 votes, and now Trump has 900 votes.

    Biden has 780 votes. The algorithm adds Trump’s stolen 100 votes and now Biden has 880 votes.

    OMG! Trump is still winning!

    “Turn those machines off! We have to stop counting the votes in the four battleground states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia) and reset the damned algorithm!”

    The new algorithm is:

    TV – (TV x .15 ) = ACTV

    BV + (TV x .15) = ACBV

    Trump has 1,000 votes. The algorithm subtracts 150 votes, and now Trump has 850 votes.

    Biden has 780 votes. The algorithm adds Trump’s stolen 150 votes and now Biden has 930 votes.

    Problem solved. Biden wins the election.

  102. Clark Judy

    ___________Why Sky Is S0 Important
    ‘I speak as I find’: Andrew Bolt
    25,085 views•Nov 20, 2020
    Sky News Australia

  103. Klay Vain

    Once The [News Unlocks] Can The Puzzle [Full Picture] Be Put Together, Panic In DC Comic’s 26,789 views•Nov 20, 2020
    Trump’s got this 👊 Do the Research: SCYTL, SOE Software, Dominion, Smartmatic, Eric Coomer, Nick Ikonomakis, Chris Krebs, Bryan Ware, Antifa, CISA, NCSWIC, Soros, and the DHS of the United States of America🗽

  104. Art Warbuck

    Californians Rally for Election Integrity
    Over a thousand Californians gather for the ‘Stop the Steal‘ rally at California state capitol last weekend.

    04:51 March for Trump rally in Washington DC
    Hundreds of thousands of President Donald Trump supporters marched at the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington last Saturday, protesting alleged election fraud.

    This is the Best Legal Case Pres. Trump Has | Hans von Spakovsky on Election Litigation
    75,278 views•Nov 20, 2020 The Heritage Foundation

  105. J.D. Clampett

    Dominion Execs Running, Message Sent In The Past, Received In The Present –
    November 19, 2020 x22report
    he [DS]/[CB] are now boxed in, the evidence is now pouring out and RG and SP are presenting more and more facts and truth

    The [DS]/[CB] were rushed into their reset, they were not planning on moving up their agenda, but they had no choice, they were running out time. Trump and the patriots trapped them in the reset. Once it has begun the [CB] cannot stop it. This is exactly what the patriots wanted. The [DS]/[CB] are now boxed in, the evidence is now pouring out and RG and SP are presenting more and more facts and truth. This is not about Rs vs Ds, this is about the American people, this is about how the [DS]/[CB] has stolen our right to vote.The Dominion Execs are now on the run. Back in 2012 Trump sent a message, future really does prove past. The patriots are preparing to take down the entire [DS] system, the people will no longer be divided, this will bring the people closer together, the [DS] will try to stop the people uniting.

  106. Clif Lowe

    Ingraham: Get ready for the fight of your life
    335,209 views•Nov 20, 2020 Fox News

    ATT; eddiemd, you hit the nail on the head!
    “Babylon The Great Has Fallen!”
    God’s Kingdom Rules! [1963 Book]
    Chapter 24
    Pouring Out the Seven Last Plagues Begins
    Revelation 16:1-11

    Second Heading

    The symbolic earth, that is, the stable part of human society backed up by strong traditional governments and by the League of Nations then and the United Nations now, came under the first plague from God. The restless, unsettled, revolutionary elements and the militaristic elements, symbolized by the sea, also come
    under a divine plague. (Isaiah 17:12. 13) The apostle John foresaw this as he watched the second of the “seven angels” with their bowls full of God’s anger go into action. John says:

    “And the second one poured out his bowl into the sea. And it became blood as of a dead man, and every living soul died, yes, the things in the sea.” — Revelation 16:3.
    “Zion’s Watch Tower,” in its issue of September, 1879, they came out with the following statements in an article on “The Day of the Lord — Revelation 6:17”:

    Very many Scriptures seem to teach that the kingdoms of earth will be overthrown by a rising of the people: goaded to desperation from lack of employment and seeking relief from the oppression of bloodthirsty governments. Such a rising and overturning, Socialists, Communists, and Nihilists of today would gladly bring about if they could. Now the Scripture recognizes wrong and oppression as existing in the nations and foretells this as the way in which they will be overthrown, . . . Yet it does not recognize this Communism as right but the contrary rather instructing believers to “obey the powers that be” as long as they last, saying to us — “Be patient, therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord.”

    . . . When we with a few others declared these things only a short time since, and called attention to the fact that trouble was taught to be occasioned by a rising of the people and the overthrow of governments — Communism — we were laughed at; there was truly little sign then of Communism; but today every civilized nation is in dread, and Nihilism, Communism and Socialism, are household words, . . .
    Incredibly much more;
    P.S. eddiemd I didn’t want to give much detail up front. I don’t want to trip up an algorithm.
    I think this answers yours and Beverly’s questions.

  107. Tommy

    It’s interesting to note that the recent reports on USA Watch Dog have generated unprecedented numbers of comments. It just shows how perilous the times are. Trump may be the last president who worked for the citizens of this country. He may not have drained the swamp but he sure showed us how deep and wide it is. Thanks Greg for your work and especially for always reminding us that whatever happens we know that God is the ruler of all and will set things right. We have had a four year window to get our lives in order.

  108. Rodster

    “ Classified US Embassy Cable Proves Smartmatic’s Connection to Venezuela”

  109. eddiemd

    I have been reading sermons by Charles Spurgeon. In the “Tabernacle of the Most High” he speaks about defending one’s home in the same way to defend the habitation of the Lord.

    “One other thought and I will have done. We have heard much talk of late about the French invasion. I shall begin to be alarmed about it when I see it, but certainly not till then. However there is one thing we may say pretty safely. We are many of us peace men and would not like to wield the sword; the first sight of blood would sicken us, we are peaceful beings, we are not for fighting and war. But let the most peaceful man imagine that the invader had landed on our shore that our houses be in danger, and our homes about to be sacked by the foe, our conscientiousness I fear would give way; notwithstanding all we might say about the wrongness of war, I query whether there be a man among us who would not take such weapon as he could find next to hand to repel the enemy. With this for our war cry, “Our hearths and our homes,” we would rush upon the invader, be he who he may or what he may. There is no might so tremendous that it could paralyze our arm; until we were frozen in death we would fight for our home; there would be no command so stern that it could quiet us; we should break through every band and bond, and the weakest of us would be a giant, and our women would become heroines in the day of difficulty. Every hand would find its weapon to hurl at the invader. We love our homes, and we must and will defend them. Ay, and now lift up your thoughts—the church is God’s home, will he not defend it? will he suffer his own house to be sacked and stormed? shall the hearth of divinity be stained with the blood of his children? Shall it be that the church is overthrown, and her battlements stormed, her peaceful habitations given up to fire and sword? No, never, not while God hath a heart of love, and while he calleth his people his own house and his habitation. Come, let us rejoice in this our security; let earth be all in arms abroad, we dwell in perfect peace, for our Father is in the house and he is God Almighty. Let them come on against us, we need not fear, his arm shall fell them, the breath of his nostrils shall blast them, a word shall destroy them, they shall melt away like the fat of rams, as fat of lambs shall they be consumed, into smoke shall they consume away. All these thoughts seem to me naturally to arise from the fact that the church is God’s habitation”

    There comes a time when we are called to defend ourselves from tyranny. The moral and spiritual assault coming upon the church and this country is here and now. We need to prepare for battle. Watch, take heed, pray. The coming persecution will require physical confrontation against the forces of evil. It does not matter who will be the next president.

  110. Robert+Dziok

    EXCELLENT WNW Greg! Very informative, insightful, helpful and truthful Very much needed during these times. Everyone should be very grateful for what you put together. Thank You!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert,
      I’d like to take the credit but it was the Holy Spirit doing most of the talking. The really brilliant stuff was Him and the not so brilliant stuff was me.

  111. Charles+H


    The question of whether the Democrats cheated this election is not the real issue. It is whether ‘the system’ ALLOWS the election to be overturned. If it does: America stands a chance to straighten itself out; or at least gain some more years of life. If it does not, for whatever reason(s) – this evil deception will mark it’s turn to downfall, because no honest process will ever be allowed to work again. It will also signal a no-holds-barred division between those who value truth/facts, and those who hold to lies/means-to-an end.
    My 82 year old father-in-law told me that – his fathers had the saying that: it a man would lie – he would also steal. I thought about it – and it makes sense that one thing sets-up the other.
    What the Democrats portend is to steal a way of life from what is apparently more than half a nation. At this, I say: good will and tolerance be damned! The old patriotic axioms has their basis in real life. The thousands of lives lost in Vietnam was to uphold a political status quo of an old, dying colonial system. Today there is more at stake than any war ever fought – because no nation in history has ever equaled our constitutional Republic. And what really bothers me – is that is is being sold-out/given away by a cadre of ill-educated idiot ideologists that haven’t sacrificed a thing for their country.

    • William+Stanley

      Nice comment!
      What do you think: is Justice Barrett up to the job?
      Is the Constitution a “suicide pact”?
      “If the ends don’t justify the means, what does?”
      I think these questions/conundrums are worthy of contemplation and discussion.

      • Charles+H


        I have some confidence in Judge Barrett; but most people can be intimidated…
        I don’t understand what connection ‘suicide pact’ and the Constitution have…. but our forefathers believed with their lives the framework of their composition. History confirms their correctness. The question then becomes: are there things in this life that are more valuable than our own lives? (Yes, some are.)
        The Ends DON’T justify the Means BECAUSE moral laws reflect spiritual law: and spiritual law reveals Divine Authority. As in a chain of custody – a chain of authority operates the same. Authority may be intangible: but God is not mocked – and He WILL judge all things. All resolves to one of two spiritual polarities. Only truth will bring people out well in the end.

    • Self+Exiled

      Thank You Charles; balanced, anchored and comprehensive. A timeline of factual thought; logical, time proven rise and fall of truths in governmental declines. I suspect your absence had to do with your addition.

  112. wayne hardin

    It is time to choose //////
    And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
    All the people that fear dying better choose wisely .
    All the liars will not like the price they pay .

    The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom .
    Do not be deceived God means what he says .

  113. Marti

    If I were the mean stream media and really believed my own lies, I would be chomping at the bits to have broadcast that press briefing so that ALL of the world could see how lame of an argument Trump’s team has. Since only one of the FAUX News stations broadcast it, obvious they don’t believe their own lies but are in fact terrified that the public would know the truth – thus the media blackout. Their goal, continue to dumb down the sheep people.

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