Trump Makes News, Collusion Hoax Unravels, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 383 5.10.19)

President Trump gave an impromptu press conference today after some announcements on what his Administration plans to do to combat spiraling healthcare costs. He laid out the trade dispute with China, talked about North Korea missile testing and accused John Kerry of illegally meddling with Iran.

Also, in the press conference, President Trump was asked about his son’s subpoena to testify to the Senate on the debunked Russia tower meeting that was set up by Democrat opposition research group Fusion GPS. This group helped write the now totally phony “Russian Dossier” paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. President Trump pointed out the so-called Russia collusion “hoax” that is unraveling more every day. It’s looking more and more like treason, which I have been saying for a couple of years. Trump and his supporters want to know how the “hoax” started and who’s going to take the blame? Trump did this all without the use of a teleprompter and zero notice. Even the press seemed to ask respectful questions that seemed honest for a change.

Everybody says the economy is doing great, but is it really? The yield curve is inverting, and a very big European bank is flashing a warning sign again.

Join Greg Hunter from as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Former firefighter Mark Taylor is going to be the guest for the Early Sunday Release and gives us an update on his popular book “The Trump Prophecies.” The book has been updated and expanded. Taylor will weigh in on current events.

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  1. paul ...

    As Greg says: most “everybody says the economy is doing great … but is it really? … the yield curve is inverting and a very big European bank is flashing a (very dangerous) warning sign again” … Greg’s question is very apropos … an economic crash is likely taking place … as stocks are now crashing down below their long term moving averages (and stocks are always a trailing indicator of economic downturns)!!

    • paul ...

      You know … this whole stock market rally in 2019 was based upon the market anticipating the Fed would soon begin easing monetary policy by cutting rates and launching QE to infinity … instead the Fed is now talking about “a rate peg” which could mean War is on the horizon … the uncertainty is certainly spooking the markets … which abhors anything that puts the markets in a state of doubt about the future!!

      • paul ...

        The market fears a trade war (with across-the-board tariffs on US-China trade … which would push the global economy towards recession) … should investors hold tight and fear not? … because in their heart of hearts they know QE has to be coming in one form or another?? … to fear or fear not is the question???

  2. paul ...

    Trump is anti-interventionist by inclination (and Kerry’s intervention as it applies to Iran is without US government approval) … as for the barrage of threats against Iran from Trumps two hawkish national security advisers (Bolton and Pompeo) hopefully Trump seems to be beginning to distance himself … especially from Bolton (who always seems opposed to negotiating agreements and would rather do regime changes) … so perhaps World War III can be avoided!!

  3. Dan R

    Hi Greg.
    Great Friday presentation. I live in Israel much of the year. I feel safer here than I do in the USA. What is happening in the USA ? Perpetrators of a national coup are walking free .We are killing babies and paying for illegal immigrants as if money is no issue. If we don’t fix this immediately our country will cease to exist. TELL ME why can’t I gain access to or operation freedom? Are conservative voices being silenced? Please do a Sunday program on abolition of free speech.
    Best wishes
    Dan R

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan,
      Is the case with Bibi over now, or are they still trying to get him?

    • uncommon sense

      ‘I live in Israel much of the year. I feel safer here than I do in the USA.’ There you have it. The threat of Hamas cannot justify bombing hospitals and shooting demonstrators.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hamas send rocket from hospitals and schools. If Hamas wantsd to take on the IDF then they should move to the farm land between the cities and the 1950 Armistice Line and have it out.,34.4775073,13.45z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x14fd844104b258a9:0xfddcb14b194be8e7!8m2!3d31.3546763!4d34.3088255 Zoom in yourself and see all the farm land Hamas can use for rocket attacks. Evil Hamas wants a high civilian body count to get sympathy from the world so if fires rockets from schools and hospitals. You are a s creepy as them.

        • paul ...

          Was Jesus Christ a Casandra? … stupidly preaching peace and brotherhood to all men and teaching us to respect the property rights of others? … do we simply forget all that Jesus taught us “because there are evil non-believers in the world who don’t believe in Jesus and do bad things? … what if one side chose “to turn the other cheek” as Jesus taught … and the other side just continued to kill and kill and kill and murder and murder women and children … what side do you think public opinion would gravitate to? … the peace loving Israeli people or the evil Hamas murderers? … do I want the Jewish people to be slaughtered “like the lions did to the Jews in the Colosseum years ago”? … NO!!! … but look how Christianity arose as a powerful force in the world … it was because of their unjustified sacrifice … and evil Rome fell!! … so was Christ a Casandra? … NO! … Jesus knew psychology and how to deal with evil murderers (even to the point of sacrificing himself on the Cross to have people flock to the side of good rather then to the side of evil … right now in the court of public opinion “both sides are looked upon as evil” … if the murdering is going to go on and on and on .. no matter what … why not use what Jesus taught (turn the other cheek) to get world public opinion “on Israel’s side” … at least make all the sacrifices of good women and children mean something … or do we just keep escalating the fighting “tit for tat” … “tit for tat” … until both sides rain down rockets for 40 days and forty nights … finally going nuclear … destroying all of humanity … the conflagration will be so great … it will be known to the few aborigine survivors in Papua New Guinea as “The Great War Nuclear of Armageddon!!!

          • paul ...

            The result … will be we move away from a unipolar world where a few people in government decide things and move to a more multi-polar world … in which all people have a say in what is going on … and eventually things like “speaking with your adversaries or even enemies” becomes the norm … rather than the exception!!

          • Tin foil hat

            – why not use what Jesus taught (turn the other cheek) to get world public opinion “on Israel’s side”

            Do you know Jews don’t believe in Jesus? In many ways, Orthodox Judaism is very similar to Islam. Hence, I can’t stand the Old Testament and the Quran.

        • Bob

          It must be so much fun being a Palestinian.

          • Greg Hunter

            How about a Israeli being stabbed by a Palestinian?

      • Tin foil hat

        You really do have uncommon sense. I live in a very safe neighborhood in NYC but I never leave home without practicing the 2nd amendment. I feel much safer here than I do in neighborhoods where many government housing projects which still exist.

        Little Neck is a very safe and rich neighborhood in NYC. Are you saying if this victim had a gun, she cannot justifiabaly chase them back into their shitty project and shoot them, and anyone who knowingly supports and protects them , dead there?

        And please don’t suggestt that she should call the police, the police nowaday is as useless as the UN. They are looking the other way and are not eager to get involved in anything big or small. You can thank Obama if you ever become a crime victim.

  4. Julz

    A big story not being covered is the IMF launching a crypto “learning coin” in an attempt to move us into a global reserve cryptocurrency once the USD fails.

    Notice how the deep state attacks Bitcoin when it starts to do well but backs off once it’s falling. They want the tech to develop and the infrastructure in place but they don’t want it usurping the USD until they are ready.

    I cover the implications of this in the below video for those interested

  5. D70inilm

    I do not know your god. Whenever my God had His prophets predict something, they always came to pass. This false prophet of yours has been duped by the prince of darkness into thinking he has the gift of prophecy. The time of prophets are over, Greg. We have His Word that speaks to us, and warns us of false prophets in the latter days.

    Case in point, Mr. Taylor predicted a 20% drop in the markets in March, as reported by you. It did not happen.

    I do not know Mr. Taylor, but according to God’s Word, “by your works ye are known.”

    I fear for Mr. Taylors soul. How hearbreaking it will be when he stands at the judgement seat and tells God “did I not prophecy in Your name?”

    To which a Holy and Righteous God responds, “Depart from me ye worker of iniquity, I never knew you.”

    Ask your pastor about this. Or better yet, just read what God says, he wrote a book that does not need to be updated.

    Whenever you are in Wilmington, you always have an open invitation to attend church at Bible Baptist Church on Wrightsville Ave.


    Steve Blackburn

    • Greg Hunter

      No Taylor did NOT predict a 20% drop in the markets for March on USAW. Bo Polny predicted in October of 2018 there would be a sell off at the end of fall of 2018 and we got a 19% decline that stopped on Christmas Eve. Thank you for your kind offer and support.

  6. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    The corrupt MSM …….MUST pay a price for their High Treason ……they cannot be allowed to get away with what they have done.

    I wish Trump would talk less & act more …….the old saying fits

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Greg you need to get into the gold & silver markets more after what has been going on over the last 3 weeks of criminal suppression.

  7. andyb

    Psychotic, insane, delusional, treasonous, idiotic.

    Pick one of these adjectives for your favorite Democratic politician, although many of them will apply. A clown show to end all clown shows. Hard to imagine that a majority of 2020 voters will vote for any of the Democratic candidates who espouse Nadler’s memes.
    But if the economy tanks before the election, any of the Democratic candidates (most likely Biden) could conceivably win, presaging the end of the Republic as we know it.
    The incremental genocide will continue with the fluoridation, geoengineering, GMO/glyphosate, continuing and unstoppable Fukushima radiation, and the coming coup de grace of 5G. The tax and health care burdens will destroy what’s left of the middle class, and the surveillance state will ensure the remaining souls will be forever slaves. Please; fight back before it’s too late.

  8. paul ...

    The shootout at the OK Coral between Trump and China begins tonight at Midnight … China is loading it’s weapons for the coming battle!! …

  9. Rob

    Trump is a real estate broker who is presently focusing his attention on building the third temple:

    Unfortunately most Christians do not don’t understand the first two temples did not sit where the dome of the rock presently sits:

    Trump is brokering a “peace deal” that will be acceptable to the Muslim world because the “dome of the rock” does not need to be removed! But please remember that it is all a ruse for as a Christian we are the third temple where the abomination of desolation can occur:

  10. paul ...

    I wouldn’t believe any hype from Novogratz about Bitcoin unless it’s price can break above 6660 … and then if you are of a mind to … you can perhaps trade it up to 10,000 … but a better percentage play (according to Jim Richards) is buying gold at 1295 and riding it up to 10,000 … or (according to Bill Holter) buying gold at 1295 and riding it past 20,000 (to 50,000 or 100,000 or more)!! …

    • uncommon sense

      Jim Rogers is now saying that Bitcoin and cryptos will go to zero, even though he is bullish on blockchain.

      • paul ...

        Well … bitcoin is still being bought … and now looks like it is headed for $10,000 “before gold gets there” … some are now saying one bitcoin will “sell for” $250,000 dollars … people are valuing these coins “like pearls” and it matters not to them that these “pearls” are not any different then a seashell!!

  11. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great wrap-up as usual.

    For those who think the Russian Hoax is behind us, think again. Now we need to find out how it all started and the FBI’s relationship with Christopher Steele is front and center. The evidence that the dossier was a fraudulent document was evident…
    FBI’s Steele Story Unravels – Claims Debunked, Leaks Suspected Before FISA Application
    …”Ten days before the FBI used the now-discredited dossier to apply for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page, Steele met with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec, who took handwritten notes of the encounter.
    Steele told Kavalec that Russia had a “technical/human operation run out of Moscow targeting the election,” which recruited US emigres to “do hacking and recruiting. Steele added that “Payments to those recruited are made out of the Russian consulate in Miami.”
    Except that’s a lie – as Kavalec debunked the assertion in a bracketed comment: “It is important to note that there is no Russian consulate in Miami.” …

    So with such obvious errors plain on just a cursory look, why did the FBI press ahead with the FISA court to get their warrants. What was so important that they had to put their reputations, integrity and careers on the line — rhetorical question. We now know it was about preventing Donald Trump from becoming POTUS and later it was about an attempted coup d’état — in other words, treason and sedition. It continues…

    • Russ

      Not just Comey …
      Whitney: Judgment Day Looms For John Brennan
      … Here’s a brief summary from political analyst, Larry C. Johnson, who previously worked at the CIA and U.S. State Department:

      “The evidence is plain–there was a broad, coordinated effort by the Obama Administration, with the help of foreign governments, to target Donald Trump and paint him as a stooge of Russia. The Mueller Report provides irrefutable evidence that the so-called Russian collusion case against Donald Trump was a deliberate fabrication by intelligence and law enforcement organizations in the US and UK and organizations aligned with the Clinton Campaign.” (“How US and Foreign Intel Agencies Interfered in a US Election”, Larry C. Johnson, Consortium News)

      Bingo. Attorney General William Barr has already stated his belief that spying on the Trump campaign “did occur” and that, in his mind, it is “a big deal”. …

  12. iwitness02

    Wouldn’t it be a fun world if there was no corruption?! Just imagine the worldwide prosperity if every country in the world focused on their citizens, and only engaged in fair trade worldwide. Not one dime spent on war, or criminal activity. And we had the medical establishment concentrating on real cures, instead of real profits. Big Agra. concentrating on organic farming instead of GMO and roundup/glyphosate farming. Imagine schools concentrating on real education instead of thought shaping and common core. And bankers engaged in honest banking practices. Imagine life lived in harmony with each other and our earth, with Limited government that focused on independence for all, and ensured the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. RING!!!
    Ooops! the alarm clock just rang. I’m back now. (I was dreaming)
    Great wrap up Greg. Looking forward to hearing an update from Mark Taylor.

    • iwitness02

      Might just as well dream a little dream about all the suppressed technology, that could be used to benefit mankind. Instead of current technology that we know about, being used for our destruction. Zippity doo daww, what a wonderful day. (it could be)

      • iwitness02

        Freedom and Liberty.

        • iwitness02

          In my dream world, Holiness would be the new Frontier.

          • iwitness02

            I am a witness of two worlds.
            The one I live in.
            And the one I hope for.

          • Tin foil hat

            Your dream world is heaven. We are in pre-purgatory, thereby Holiness would be the new Frontier makes perfect sense.

            • iwitness02

              I’m thinking the whole world of mankind will have to embrace Holiness. We are a long ways from that. But that could change with the proper leadership here on the earth.

      • Tin foil hat

        You seem to be already living in that dream. I have a portfolio consisitng of real estates, PMs, stocks and cash but I don’t have a productive farm, shop and real productive skill.
        I’m in too deep to switch now. I infer the grass is always greener on the other side of the fense.

        • iwitness02

          TIN FOIL HAT,
          People like me, need people like you.
          People like you, need people like me.
          I’m thinking it will all work out.

          • Tin foil hat


  13. Ross Herman

    The payoff to Puerto Rico is just one tiny example of how they can keep the banks going indefinitely. How long can we continue having a Supreme Court when justices just disappear? We are all definitely in a position of taxation with purposely destructive representation!
    Lastly, apparently there was a video tape, that made it to the international, showing Hillary Clinton and Huma Abadeen cutting the face off a young girl. Can you verify this? Not wonder there were one or two high ranking law enforcement officers in New Your who were upset about their agencies ignoring the files found on Mr. Wieners lap top.

  14. Jerry

    Take it for what it’s worth. We are facing terrorist cells already here in the United States that we’re allowed to come in during the Obama administration.

    Should things go south with Iran you’d have your head on a swivel. A few months ago in Missouri propane tanks being stollen at various locations around the state were reported. I don have to tell you what they could be used for. I hope nothing happens, but Americans have once again forgotten the lessons from 9/11 and have fallen completely into the normalcy bias once again.

    FYI remember we are on a crash course with the deep state and anything is possible.

  15. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great news report. Thanks Greg.

  16. David

    How anyone can say the economy is doing great is beyond me. The economy looks like it is doing great for one reason and one reason only – debt. Lots of it. Here’s a little thought experiment:

    Imagine a family that has an income of $36,430.00 a year. They spend $47,460.00 a year and a lot of that spending is done through cash advancing their credit cards. They have $222,170.00 in debt. Moreover, they have obligations over the next 30 years to pay out $1,238.040.00 AND their children are legally required to assume that debt.

    What would you say about that family? They are bankrupt…insolvent…deadbeats. Most reasonable people would say that there is no way they can navigate their way out of the debt they have accrued and are on the hook for. Sure, it looks like they a lavish lifestyle….a nice home, a boat, all kinds of toys. People who don’t know them think they make a lot more than they actually do. From all appearances they are thriving. However, it’s all an illusion. Whatever they have is due to to gross financial incompetence.

    Now, add 8 zeros to that and you have the US government. That’s the depth of the problem the US faces. There is no way out. It cannot grow its way out of the financial state it finds itself in. It can’t tax people enough, it can’t do any more borrowing. It’s done. The end game is uncertain but one thing is for sure, the US as we know it is over. It does not matter who is president.

    • Tin foil hat

      You are 100% on target. However, if the parents’ last name were Gotti ………….

  17. Gary

    Why Nations and Empires Fall

    The prophet Daniel was ordained by God as His voice in the pagan court of Babylon. Through Daniel’s witness and God’s providential working, Nebuchadnezzar eventually gave his heart to the One who created him. Nebuchadnezzar turned from self-aggrandizement to the worship of the King of heaven.

    If the rulers of ancient Babylon had always kept the fear of the Lord before them, they would have been given wisdom and power that would have kept them strong. But they made God their refuge only when they were perplexed. At such times, failing to find help in their great men, they sought it from men like Daniel who honored the living God and were honored by Him. Though the rulers of proud Babylon were of the highest intellect, they had separated themselves so far from God that they could not understand the revelations and warnings given them concerning the future.

    Babylon, shattered and broken at last, passed away because in prosperity its rulers regarded themselves as independent of God and gave credit for the glory of their kingdom to human achievement. God brought His wrath on the Medo=Persian realm because in it His law had been trampled underfoot. The fear of the Lord found no place in the hearts of the vast majority of people. Wickedness and corruption prevailed. The kingdoms that followed were even more base and corrupt, and they sank lower and still lower in the scale of moral worth.

    The power that every ruler on earth exercises comes from God, and the ruler’s success depends on the use he makes of this power. To each one the word is, “I equip you, though you do not know me” (Isaiah 45:5, ESV).

    The Word of God alone reveals that the strength of nations, as of individuals, is not found in the opportunities or facilities that appear to make them invincible. It is not found in their boasted greatness. It is measured by their faithfulness in fulfilling God’s proposes.

    • uncommon sense

      I became tangled up in the mysteries myself. I didn’t get in very deep, but enough that it has taken a chunk of my soul. The problem is that God often seems so distant, whereas Lucifer is always ready and willing to fill the void in those seeking. Lucifer is a great entertainer and likes to put on a good show.

      • Greg Hunter

        God the Father is always constant. It is you who are moving away.

      • Tin foil hat

        “. Lucifer is a great entertainer and likes to put on a good show.”
        Hence, I believe the left is with Lucifer. They are great entertainers indeed!

  18. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good report…surprise to hear those numbers for Puerto Rico ! hmmm
    $30,333 for every man, women, and child there.? It does sound fishy !
    As for the Mueller Report….Why does POTUS still not release/declassify it, at least to the 98.3% so what is KNOWN can be CONFIRMED. Sure wish you’d have George Webb on…if people want to understand who and what the ‘play’ is about …he’s the man POTUS Trump should listen to …. or ….is Trump allowing the swamp not to get exposed and to get away and to live another day?

  19. Denis Yoshii

    I spoke with a port of Long Beach Pacific Maritime Longshorman, about the change of ownership. He said that he didn’t know about the change. He said that the brother of Mitch McConnell and the husband of Dianne Feinstein have large stakes in the asian shippers, (so the asian shippers have political coverage). And that the port of Long Beach leases out the shipping births, so, again he didnt even know about the changes.

  20. OutLookingIn

    EU Fairy Tale Money

    According to EU law, the ECB is not allowed to purchase government bonds. The ECB end run around this legal financial barrier, is to make loans to commercial banks under the long term refinancing operation (LTRO).
    These banks then buy the national government bonds of their own countries. These newly bought bonds then are used as collateral for new ECB LTRO loans!
    In simple terms:
    A bank makes a loan to another bank, so that bank can buy debt, which it uses as a foundation to go further into debt! You just can’t make this stuff up!!

  21. Russ

    Regarding the news media at President Trump’s spontaneous press conference being polite and asking pertinent questions without the typical gotcha’s — maybe there’s a reason for the change in attitude.
    “Can Media Be Prosecuted for Being Unregistered Foreign Agents?”

  22. Matt

    Like a wildfire in its infancy, all it takes is a spark to set it off. The rampant crime within the public sphere is like an overloaded forest with dry brush. Something like Kerry with Iran or Hillary with her pay to play scam would be that spark to set off a fire of retribution. The tide will shift; those that have betrayed the honest patriots of our country will be brought to justice. It has to happen.

  23. Mohammad


    You are an investigative reporter, a class of its own, the hat is tipped off to you on Puerto Rico comment.
    I wonder how many news outlet will pick up on your instinctual linking the dots and take it from there to find out if we really bailed them out from our hard earned tax money.


    • Greg Hunter

      I did get the math wrong. I said $27 billion more than the $74 billion in defaulted PR bond debt and it is really $17 billion more.

      • Mohammad


        You did link the dots and it is amazing how the numbers add up, coverage for the default and some.

        I love your work and I love your passion and compassion.
        Nothing but utmost respect to you.
        Keep up the good work and god bless you Greg..!!


        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Mohammad!

    • Major Payne

      Mohammud – Thought you might enjoy this recent footage from the Religion of Peace. What they’re teaching Muslims in Philadelphia. Of course the MSM won’t touch this. But they should. A very sick cult still stuck in the 7th century.

  24. RTW

    Hey democrats!!! This includes you Gina M. If you’re listening and I know you are…Please, Please, make Biden your candidate in 2020. That way Trump won’t have to work so hard and he can save his energy running the country after the election. Trump will shred him during debates and to steal a line from Rush Limbaugh, he’ll do it with half his brain tied behind his back, just to make it fair. There is a very good reason Biden is referred to as a walking gaff; because he is one. Biden hasn’t accomplished one meaningful thing in his entire life including his 8 yr stint along side that other loser, Barry Soetoro. The man is pathetic and there is enough video out there, of him fondling almost every female he’s come within 20 feet of, to refute any denial of him being just a harmless “affectionate guy”. He can’t debate the issues because he can’t point to one positive thing he’s done for the country. His only recourse is to fortify the Lefts hatred for Trump and to give everybody everything…. for free, because hey, the rich will cover the costs. I wonder if that includes himself and son Hunter who is following in daddy’s narrow footsteps. Hunter is a poster child for someone who can make millions of dollars without any skill or knowledge. You only need an “ole man” who has the right connections. That’s the America that Biden wants us to return to.

  25. MK

    Greg: Thank you for another valuable weekly news wrap-up. Off the charts crazy news to report on. I don’t have the stomach to do what you do for us. Ninety-one billion dollars given to Puerto Rico! I lived there for awhile. And for some comedic relief you made me laugh at about 10:47, “at the neuron times, the New York Times….”

  26. Paul in oz

    Whomever the democrat candidate is irrelevant … if the draining of the swamp has not begun by year’s end, the swamp will prevail. It seems as if the beginning of the draining is imminent because the level of desperation of the swamp creatures appears to be escalating. The behaviour of those wanting to impeach Trump and hold Barr in contempt are completely irrational, the only thing more irrational is what appears to be a large part of the public not outraged by their behaviour’s. Trump and Barr are the ONLY hope for the country … things are becoming clearer … The genius of Trump is that he has kept his enemies closer than his friends. Neocons Bolton and Pompeo are reined in by Trump (he indicated that in a recent interview) … they threaten war, they insist on continued occupation and Trump rules the agenda … just like Venezuela, Iran will be theater and those countries will have the deep state players who play puppet master to their leaders also exposed. LONG LIVE TRUMP!

  27. Keith wilson

    Greg. I was doing some research into how many Iranians live in the USA. The number is around 448,000. How did these people’s get the green ticket to move and live in your country. If the US gets dragged into a conflict with Iran you could be taking on these immigrant in your own back yard. How many of these have fire arms and are loyal to the regime in Tehran.

  28. paul ...

    Oh Boy … with Biden saying such things … he might actually win over a few Trump supporters in 2020 … … I expect the next thing he will say is … we have to get out of Afghanistan … stop all the talk of war … stop all the push for regime changes and give Americans a guaranteed “universal income check” in the mail every month!!

  29. paul ...

    The gun fight at the OK corral has begun … … but there will be collateral damage … the people of the United States “will be paying 25% more for all the Chinese goods they buy” … so much for getting the economy moving again!!

  30. john stahl

    Everything has to do with One World Government, the stated and published goal of the International Globalist Establishment Oligarchs, the Deep State/IGE,or whatever title.
    They hide in plain sight. Immigration, trade issues and treaties, the e economy, the Constitution….everything and every facet of America is tied up with that goal.
    Alas, most of us refuse to talk about it. With taunts, accusations and actions we have been ridiculed, experienced ruination of our reputations and, we think, the actual murder of many luminaries.
    Justice Antonin Scalia comes to mind.
    Patriotism means to defend without regard to personal honor, fortune and/or one’s own life.
    Would that we all become such.

  31. paul ...

    Here is the success/failure rate for the fifty(50) or so “regime changes” the US has fostered over the years …

  32. Mohammad


    This is going to civil war…no ifs or buts
    The Dems are striking with a burning bridges and ships policy so they hit first to avoid indictments … It will not end well …. I smell Syria in 2011.


  33. CincinnatiKid

    When we talk about corruption in the FBI, please remember that Peter Strzok was both C*A and FBI. From what I can see, he was primarily C*A, but that could be wrong.
    This also points the finger directly at the C*A and Mr. Brennan.

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