Trump Trade, Fed Cut, Trump Wins in Court

By Greg Hunter’s Weekly News Wrap-Up (WNW 394 8.2.19)

Trump hit China with new tariffs this week on $300 billion of goods. His trade negotiation team came back from China without a deal and no deal in site. The tariffs go along with the 25% tariffs already on more than $200 billion in Chinese made goods. They say consumers in America are paying for it, but Trump says China is paying. According to one economist, it amounts to only .1% in higher prices. So, there is not much damage being done no matter what the MSM is saying.  What is trump really up to on China Trade?

The Fed cut a key rate by .25% this week as an “insurance cut,” and the market sold off. President Trump has said the Fed has not done enough and has been critical of the Fed raising rates for the past year. Are more rate cuts coming? Experts like Gregory Mannarino of say yes. Is the economy in worse shape than people think?

President Trump has won two big court battles recently. The Supreme Court ruled in his favor about using Defense Department money to build a wall last week. This week, Trump also won big time in New York Federal Court when a judge appointed, by Clinton, dismissed a lawsuit by the DNC concerning Russia and WikiLeaks. Trump says “The Witch Hunt Ends!”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of “The Solari Report,” will be the guest on the 2 part Early Sunday Release.

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Those intra-day swings in the stock market really are pretty suspicious. Strange price action in the PM markets, too. How long can “they” keep getting away with these stunts?

    • Rob

      Please remember that the stock market price is a true indicator of deflation in the currency it is priced in! The monetary planners want to destroy fiat currency and what better way to do it but to promote stimulus under the guise of helping the masses:

      The world is maddeningly rushing toward the time of tribulation when the policies we are now witnessing raise up the beast with his power over who can buy or sell:

      • paul ...

        Rob … If we own physical gold … which is out of the “beast’s system” … we will be free of the evil Devil and his Demon-rats!!

      • William Stanley

        Shouldn’t we have expected that gold-mining stocks would have more dramatically reflected the quite large upward turn in the price of gold in the past few days? It seems that they often move the opposite of what I would have expected — at least in the short run. Perhaps the “monetary planners'” plan is to increase the volatility of the prices of both gold and gold-mining stocks in order to make them less attractive than they would otherwise be.

        • paul ...

          William … If the Fed is lowering interest rates and printing money to keep the economy rolling “to prevent a recession” … then oil prices should rise along with physical gold and silver … but gold and silver mining company stocks “will be pushed down by rising oil price costs” as they need oil to keep their mining equipment, trucks, electrical generators, etc. running … so while physical gold and silver can rise along with the price of oil … gold and silver mining companies “can fall in price” (especially if we get an Iranian War where oil shoots up to $300 to $1000 dollars per barrel)!! …

          • William Stanley

            paul …,
            Agreed . . . But, the relative magnitudes last week (and considering financial leverage) still cause some suspicion for me.

          • paul ...

            And look at the above chart to see when the Fed usually “brings on a recession” (it is usually after oil has made a strong move upward) … it is when investors see inflation all around and then begin to see signs that the oil price will drop (making it cheaper for the mining companies to operate) that is when owning silver mining companies would make sense … but with “the threat of war” with Iran and talk of war with China, Russia, Korea, etc., etc. can create “much higher oil prices” … thus owning “physical gold and silver coins” is the logical place to be if you don’t want a “war sword” of Damocles constantly hanging over your silver mining stock!!

    • Dempsey

      You are joking!!! As far yesterday’s intraday swings are concerned I’ll give you a clue, substitute “they” for “him” . The real question: who was in on his announcement which triggered the fall after the market rose in the morning?

      • William Stanley

        Why did the market rise after the fall after the announcement? That remains suspicious as well. If the same people first sold (knowing that many people would be disappointed by a mere 25 basis-point drop) and then — in concert — bought after the fall, it would be doubly suspicious.

        • K. Wayne

          To put some sense to the action…one must first understand what is being analysed. A market should evidence price discovery between unrelated third parties. We have buyers with unlimited funds distorting a barometer which was once the metric for the health of the economy. It’s now the playground for Billionaires, HFs, Algorithms & The Govt.

  2. WD


    Kamala Harris said , and I quote ” If I am elected President I will sign an executive order to ban or end all FFL licensed gun dealers through executive order to ban all gun sales.”
    I found her rhetoric on gun control ( gun confiscation) particularly troubling.
    Because she gives a real plan to do so….this really scares me. I have heard all the illogical rhetoric about gun control but this really got to me as much as a dope that I think she is. But this time she pinpoints the actual solutions.
    Greg, I find this drive to take guns away very unsettling. There is something very sinister about their scheme. Especially when they use it under the guise of “protecting children.” Yet the applaud a law that allows for a 9 mth to be killed even after a live birth.
    Greg, they have this zeal and giddiness to take this from us, this God given right.

    • andyb

      WD: the Deep State agenda is all about eventual totalitarian control and a society where robots perform all meaningful work and humans (except for the elite and certain essential tech experts) have largely died off due to depopulation schemes such as geoengineering, vaccines, 5G radiation, fluoride, meaningless wars, etc. This is Phase III, the endgame. Phase I was the takeover of all global monetary activity and policy, the Marxist takeover of all education, cultural destruction of family and family values, and the capture, through consolidation, of all mainstream media. We are now in Phase II; the total suppression of all dissent whether in speech or in the ability to defend one’s freedom (2nd Amendment), and the escalation of purposeful depopulation through the poisoning of air and water.
      Kamala Harris is just one of many warriors for the Deep State who blindly follow its agenda without the ability to understand the consequences of their actions.

    • Frank D2

      WD, don’t sweat it too much. There is absolutely NO WAY, to take our guns away. Zip, zero, nada, zilch chance of that happening. It would lead to civil war and TPTB trying to take them would lose the bloody battle. Not gonna happen. Its simply a campaign slogan that sounds good to stupid people who think taking guns away from law abiding citizens would lower crime. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Beverly Kingsford


        I sure hope you’re right, but you never know how stupid the libtards can get these days. There are so many people out there who just don’t want to see the bigger picture of why things are being done. They are so naive and trusting. Let’s hope that Americans will step up like they have done in Switzerland and refuse to have their guns taken away. But, if there is an economic collapse, accompanied by an EMP, this whole country is going to go crazy and then who knows what can happen—Martial law is my guess.

    • Jodyp

      God given right or not, the 2nd won’t be taken from us. My worry is the softening of most of the next generation. What rights will they trade off to keep their creature comforts?

  3. paul ...

    Welcome to the new age of “Protester Cyber War” … now being used against “Big Brother” Commie Government Officials … Hong Kong protestors are surely at a much higher technological level then US protesters … they are using lasers to blind and destroy facial recognition cameras, they are using virtual private networks for their phones and encrypted messaging services, etc. to conceal their identity against China’s latest high tech artificial intelligence and facial-recognition technology … as for the state of our 4th Amendment right to privacy in the US … only about half of all US adults are in the FBI’s facial-recognition database (largely sourced from DMV photos)!! …

    • Boswell

      They are using “lo-tech” too. Did you notice all the umbrellas to hide faces?

  4. Marie Joy

    Because the democrats running are, all, fools, there is scuttlebut that the last minute candidate will be michelle obama. Here is the story of how barack and michelle lost their law licenses.

    • William Stanley

      Marie Joy,
      Thanks for the link.

  5. Anthony Australia

    We are absolutely headed for a cliff here in Australia.
    Housing Minster says its a good time to purchase property.

    “If you’ve got an opportunity to get a foot in the market before then, you should take it, given I think the market is starting to improve. People who buy now, I don’t think, will regret it at all,” Sukkar told The Australian.

    The market conditions were possibly the “best ever” for first-home buyers, according to independent property economist Andrew Wilson.

    • William Stanley

      What c.l.i.i.i.i.ifffff?

  6. GVB

    Always appreciate the drawing on fridays. Masterskill! I assume that if the shield doesn’t suffice, ”they” always have a backup plan. I don’t think I know but I have this strong feeling that I’m absolutely confident, correct and not per se satisfied with the alternative. But hey destiny awaits for everyone, also for myself. Looks like everyone now Goes by the mantra that “a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do”. Scary times! Also, I appreciate the wnw from Greg. Light in darkness. We need that!

  7. Jerry

    Don’t worry about the election. I have very serious doubts we will make it to November 2020. Yesterday DHS had five EAS test in a row on Spectrum. They are, and have been, prepping for civil unrest.

    The deep state is desperate.

    • paul ...

      Jerry … They even think Trump is a radical for expressing his Constitutionally guaranteed right to have a different viewpoint … that may happen to go against the grain of the neocon/globalist establishment!!

    • Frank D2

      Jerry, that video is total fear mongering BS. Is that guy trying to become the next “Alex Jones”? LMAO. The American people will deal with what is needed before the US Military is called in. This is why there is such a (lame and misguided) push to take our guns away. Never going to happen. That will lead to civil war and there are many more armed US citizens than there are Military or LEO’s who would break their pledge to uphold the US Constitution (which includes the 2A) to try and take our guns away. It might make a nice campaign slogan/pledge, but it ain’t gonna happen. THEY WILL LOSE. AND LOSE ALL. It might happen in Mexico or some other s–thole where there is no law and order. If it happens in the USA, its only because we have lost our law and order and have been forced to take care of themselves. Are you predicting that? Do “your sources” tell you that?

    • Freebrezer

      J – Interesting read … What will China throw at the USA to stop Trump from getting another 4 years? It is worth Trillions $$$ (literally) to China to have a chump (AKA Biden or any of the other 20 dolts) in the white house. The question is – what will China and the globalist do to stop him? You might be right in that chaos could be coming our way!

      • Greg Hunter

        I am really hating China now. Wait until they start shooting protester in Hong Kong.

        • Freebrezer

          And China has no (zero!!!) regards for America … and that is scary … at least Trump and his team sees the threat! Take fentanyl – China could care less how many Americans die of drug overdose. China has an innate hatred/revenge and memory dating back to the opium wars that devastated China at the turn of 1900’s when the British and American merchants made a fortune running opium into China (FDR’s pappy was one of them). Hong Kong – a past British colony; to take over complete control, China will shoot to kill. Per Trump, I find it as scary … if it appears that Trump is going to win next fall, what will the mafia bosses (The seven families that control it all) of China due? (!) I fear for Trump’s life given that there is trillions of $$$ on the table.

      • paul ...

        Freeb … Seems China has the same problem King George III did … when he sent the Red Coats to kill the colonialists who made demands upon him and held a Boston Tea Party … Hong Kong protesters donning hard-hats, yellow vests, masks, lasers, umbrellas and other defensive gear are demanding the “permanent voiding” of the extradition bill China’s trying to impose on Hong Kong residents … now thousands of civil servants have taken to the streets in Central Hong Kong to urge authorities “to completely void” the extradition bill (which has only been suspended by the Central Government) … perhaps this Hong Kong “Tea Party” will spark Hong Kong residents declare their independence from China … which will be followed by military action … just like King George III sent the “Red Coats” to wipe out the American revolutionaries … and lead to the “Shot Heard Around the World”!!! …

        • Free Slave

          This is not at all the same. The Americans had their backs to a vast untapped unexplored wilderness and they had allies in the world.

          Hong Kong is isolated geographically and politically. What wilderness will cushion their retreat? What country would dare come to their aid?

          China is also not limited to sending sailing ships across the sea with a few troops in each. They can drive into Hong Kong and own the place.

        • Freebrezer

          Except that the residences of Hong Kong have no guns … It is amazing when you strip a country’s populace of the God given right to own a gun what a hapless bunch of sheep they become … round them up and slaughter! If China goes in to Hong Kong the protesters stand ZERO chance. Thank God America has bunches and oodles and multitudes of sheep dogs and not sheep!

  8. Neil

    Important news
    After some quiet investigation we can report we are sure the Christchurch NZ gunman had assistance on the day from persons involved in spy or security agencies that had/have the confidence of the Police and government. Dark forces remain operational tidying up loose ends and influencing decision makers in the on-going mission to blame ‘white supremacists’ and seize guns from persons who have nothing to do with the crime as per agenda21. I won’t provide more detail at this time but let us say we have adequate proof of numerous aspects of this setup and the methodology. The difficulty is in conveying the truth to the unsuspecting public against the grain of the media. Many people in various roles have been actively played over a period of time and this will be at the least embarrassing if not make them complicit in the atrocity.
    This is without doubt a calculated and callous blackops event where they would kill a large number of people purely for effect in a peaceful and unsuspecting country. Aspects of the undertaking can clearly be traced back to the US and to rogue personnel of the Psychological Warfare Units within the NWO net.
    Fortunately the Bangladesh cricket team were late to the mosque but it is certain they were also to be victims. This was probably unknown to the patsy gunman.
    This would have caused a major international meltdown.

    • paul ...

      They do the same thing here Neil … they send gun men into our schools “to kill our children” and use the incident to call for the overthrow of our Second Amendment!! … we need to get DNA samples of all these callous murdering blackops traitors … so we can clone them over and over again … and hang them over and over again … for all infinity!!

    • William Stanley

      Was “Fast and Furious” just a “conspiracy theory”?

      • Neil

        I believe we are seeing this now in a desperate attempt to get their ultimate goal through. I think the panic is showing. I really think we have them revealed and cornered with what we have on ChCh. There were a lot of mistakes made. If the deception comes apart in NZ then the whole faux terror thing unravels worldwide. Although we are under attack it is very important we throw sticks in the spokes at every opportunity and overwhelm their perception management system.

  9. al

    I always go to Trump’s Tweets and listen to his Rallies because that’s where the REAL NEWS is disseminated. The ENEMY MEDIA doesn’t report news any more, it’s all emotional radicalism.

    As for the cut off while you were streaming of the 2nd dumdum debates, I was reading the chat and as soon as the letter Q showed up not a minute later your feed went down. Coincidence? Given the present news events, I’m not surprised.

    Here’s a good one I read on the Net. India has illegal migrant problems, but they don’t call them “immigrants”, no… they call them INFILTRATORS! I love that word because it’s so fitting!

    To close, thank you for your excellent coverage throughout and please remember that the word “racist” is a radical term promulgated during the obummer admin, you know, the “scandal free administration” that likes to play in the same sand box as terrorists?

    • Beverly

      One thing that people don’t think about that often is that religions around the country are being used to try to persuade people to accept the immigrants because that is the compassionate thing to do. My religion is telling it’s members to be tolerant of immigrants, basically. Hold their hands and treat them like children of God, is essentially the message. And, while it’s true that we are all children of God, we can’t just let anybody into this country who wants to come. So, people are being manipulated. I don’t know how many of you out there follow Leo Zagami, but boy does he blow the lid off of what is going on inside the Catholic Church! Oh my. The Catholic Church is at the head of much of what goes on in the world. And, they are using the United Nations as their major helper in all of this. We have to recognize the evil of the U.N. in all of this, and that religious leaders around the world are being manipulated bigtime to cooperate with all of this. With weather control…….just think of what they can do.

  10. David Harper

    According to “one” (unnamed) economist, Greg? This is your evidence that Trump’s economic policies cause minimal damage? Let’s check out the opinion of another:

    The head of international affairs at the US Chamber of Commerce, Myron Brilliant, said: “Raising tariffs by 10 percent on an additional $300 billion worth of imports from China will only inflict greater pain on American businesses, farmers, workers and consumers, and undermine an otherwise strong US economy.”

    At one time I used to drop by here looking for intelligent information until I realized that many of your guests are biblical literalist right wing nuts or crackpots and it just became too painful to listen to such nonsense.

    • Greg Hunter

      I named the economist a least twice in my Wrap-up . Try getting it right when you try to attack me. It will mean more, but you’re a liberal, godless, believe-in-the-black-hole-of-nothingness troll so you don’t care about accuracy. He’s Erik Norland form CME Group. He is their senior economist. He did the ,math on the air live with Bloomberg.

      • Black hole of nothingness

        Did someone mention my name?

        • paul ...

          BHONothingness … in the beginning before the Big Bang … “there was nothing” (we Christians call God) … but out of that “nothing” physical matter and physical energy was created the same way we can mathematically create a +1 and a -1 out of “nothing” (zero) … so the null set (zero) “has incorporated within it a real physical existence” … one part positive and one part negative … just as from the Holy Ghost a real positive entity “Jesus” and a real negative entity “Satan” can come into existence in our physical world … so the Atheists have it all wrong (God exists) just as surely as 1 + 1 = 2 (or as -1 +1 = 0)

    • Frank D2

      David, if your source is from the US Chamber of Commerce, then we can all ignore you. The USCOC is pro-illegal immigration, pro-cheap labor, anti-American worker in favor of low wage (illegal) workers. Try again.

  11. Questfortruth

    Greg, you are OUR “Mainstream Media”!

    • Greg Hunter

      Greg stream media?? GSM?? Thank you for your kind words and support.

      • Anthony Australia


        Greg Truth Media

  12. Diane

    I sure agree with you. I live in California and Kamala Harris is a very dangerous politician.
    She is terrifying!!!!!

    • Bill B

      Kamela was Willie Browns go to girl. I refer to the Willie Brown who considered himself Emperor of California. He has a lot of power/influence that he is using to promote her

  13. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    When the Democrats gather for their Presidential debates they should play ‘SEND IN THE CLOWNS’ for their theme song. Perhaps the Democrat Candidates can reveal how much money they donated to charity before they donate any more of ours!!!


    • Anthony Australia


      • Jallen

        Anthony Australia,

        Please give your definition of KRUSTY!


  14. Stan

    Blow-off top in Gold complete. Enjoy the ride down.

    • paul ...

      Stan … I believe you are looking at your gold chart upside-down … the ride down you see will be a big ride up once gold goes through $1450 … turn your upside-down gold chart around!! …

    • Jerry

      Nice try Stan,
      Wrong again.

      How’s it feel to be Gina’s replacement? I doubt seriously if you could find your ass with both hands if your life depended on it, much less hand out predictions about gold. But hey, please keep coming back to Greg’s site if you have the balls. I need a laugh from an ass clown like you at least once a day.

      • Stan

        Jerry: You laughed at me years ago when I shorted Gold at $1874 with 8x leverage. And since then I have shorted Gold numerous times and made a killing. Numerous times I posted my trades here. And many laughed at me. And DB is doing very well – I sell some at $25 and a little more at $30.

        • Greg Hunter

          Wake up it’s 2019 not 2011!!!. You were not commenting here in 2011 anyway. I got the records.

    • Black hole of nothingness

      Stan – you are the man. You will be pilloried for being a contrarian and standing by your convictions. I salute you sir!

      • Frederick

        Hole Stan is a thing NOT a person

    • Frank D2

      Stan (or Gina in drag?), you have been saying this for weeks. How’s your investment in DB going? Yeah, gold “crashed” (NOT) from $1420 last week to $1440 this week. See a psychiatrist.

  15. paul ...

    You know … I don’t understand why people don’t use the brains “God gave them” … they listen to “stupid” “greedy” “evil” politicians who keep telling us we have to increase the age at which we collect Social Security because the $3 Trillion dollars in the Social Security Trust Fund will run out by 2034 … let’s dispel this “fake” fog … and begin to think using the brains God gave us … we currently have evil banksters “buying gold hand over fist” because they know a re-set is coming … a re-set that will re-price gold from $1425 to $50,000 (i.e. Sinclair/Holter) … so the evil banksters are greedily planning to multiply their money by about 35 times (to bail out themseles and their crooked banks) … so … why isn’t our $3 Trillion dollars in the Social Security Trust Fund being invested in gold (a tier one asset) the same way the banksters are doing with their money?? … why are the crooked politicians in Washington “requiring that all our Social Security Trust Fund money be held in Treasuries” when they know Treasury fiat paper is being rapidly depreciated (as they print Treasuries up exponentially to fund all their continuous unending wars that now even China doesn’t want to own any of them) … all those Demon-rats on stage the other night debating about “what they are going to do for the American people” … and not one of them … not one single one … suggested putting the $3 Trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund into a “tier one asset” like gold (as the banksters are doing) to bail out the Social Security System (when the coming re-set could multiply the Social Security Trust Fund by 35 times) … the evil politicians could easily give retired Americans a Social Security “nest egg” of $105 Trillion dollars by simply removing the requirement that our Social Security Trust Fun be held in Treasuries … they know as well as we do that a gold re-set is coming … that re-set can give good retired Americans a Social Security System that is economically viable again … but the evil politicians choose instead “to kill us off” (making sure we won’t be around to collect) by continually “raising the payout age” from 65 to 67 to 74 and higher … and they purposely keep our Social Security Retirement funds “lock-up in a fiat Treasury Box” that is getting more and more worthless … and not one Demon-rat politician suggested helping retirees the other night … by using God’s money (gold) to bail out the ordinary people of this country … when the banksters are preparing for the re-set in the price of gold (for their banks and their own private advantage)??? … come on people … isn’t it about time we stand up … and not let the political crooks and banksters do whatever they want!!! … let’s write to an extra-ordinary American (Trump) “who has the power” to sign an Executive Order to put our $3 Trillion dollars in Social Security retirement savings into gold … the same way Jim Rickard’s is telling ordinary Americans to protect themselves by putting money into gold!!

    • paul ...

      The time for Trump to act is NOW! … before gold takes off …

      • paul ...

        And Trump doesn’t have to go into the market “to buy gold” which will unsettle markets … all he has to do is “transfer” $3 Trillion dollars worth of Fort Knox gold into the Social Security Trust Fund “Lock Box” and put the $3 Trillion in Social Security Treasuries into Fort Knox … this simple “accounting adjustment” will better serve American retirees then having the gold in Fort Knox (that the politicians and banksters can lease out)!!

        • paul ...

          Actually after doing such a transfer there is likely going to be a big chunk of Treasuries still left over in the Social Security Trust Fund … Trump should put this money into gold futures contracts … to make sure the peoples Social Security retirement money is fully protected by gold … obviously this gold futures buying is going to drive the price of gold higher … so all our Fort Knox gold should be transferred into the Social Security Fund “Lock Box” before Trump begins the buying gold futures contracts!!

          • paul ...

            As Gerald Celente said recently: “if gold breaks above $1450 it will spike up to $2000 or higher” … we are very close to $1450 right now …

            • Beverly

              You are right that investing in gold would be a great plan for our Social Security. But, if Trump did that, he would probably end up dead very quickly. The Banksters want America to fall apart. They want failure and death of Americans. So, they do everything they can to kill us off. Just think of how many could die of starvation. Most people don’t have gardens anymore. Start growing everybody. Start the home canning. Start your fruit dryer up and learn to make bread. Fill up your garage with food. Put your cars on the driveway or street. Food will be the most valuable thing out there eventually and nobody is going to give it to the American people as their retirement. We need to pray, pray, pray and repent in this country and pray for Trump every day and night.

    • FC

      Wonderful idea Paul… but there is no $3 Trillion they’re only ledger entries, this money needs to be taxed from future Generations which will never happen because on average 11000 Baby Boomers retire everyday against 6000 jobs being created.
      The only retirement plan is physical assets in your own possession, forget about anything else we believe we are owed.

      • paul ...

        `FC … If our $3 Trillion in retirement money is not there … and if there is no gold in Fort Knox … then we need to catch the crooks that stole the missing $21 Trillion (seven times more then the $3 Trillion that is supposed to be in our Social Security Trust Fund “Lock Box”) and claw it back from them using the RICO laws … and just begin buying gold for the SS Trust Fund right in the open market … we should then use the plunge protection team to spike the gold price downward every now and then so that “we” can get our gold at the same reasonable price the banksters are now buying their gold for!!

  16. iwitness02

    President Trump using Twitter against the giant MSM reminds me of David and Goliath. We all know how that turned out.
    As far as I’m concerned, things are already evil enough. Technically we have anarchy right now, in as much as the public servants are only serving themselves. Trump tweeted out that the fed gov. sent something like 16 billion dollars to Baltimore in 2018 alone. Then in the same tweet, asked where did that money go? Who is stealing it? That is the conversation we need to have in the public domain. Who is stealing it?
    If one of the twenty dem snakes slithers into the oval office, we will be off to the races.
    It will really get personal when they come to enforce all the new restrictions on the citizens of this country. Non citizens of course, can walk on water, in the eyes of the dems. So be it. The lines are being drawn. See you at the OK Corral at zero dark thirty. Hope Mark Taylor is right about Trump winning.

    • paul ...

      Iwit … When the SHTF the Demon-snakes will be eating the Demon-rats!!

  17. iwitness02

    It appears that you are putting in a lot of hours these days.
    Thank you for working long and hard on our behalf.
    Behalf of the American people.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for noticing 02!

      • Black hole of nothingness

        You have given evil a smacked bottom and put it truly in its place.

    • Beverly

      I noticed it too. Thank you. Take Valerian root if you have a hard time sleeping. It’s a lot more mild than drug store remedies. Use essential oils on your lower back for adrenal relief. Take magnesium calm and get plenty of minerals with Capra Mineral Whey powder.

  18. Russ

    Thanks Greg. While on one hand Tulsi Gabbard is great for her service record and for going after Harris’s record as a prosecutor, I totally agree that at heart Gabbard is a liberal “Free Stuff” Senator from Hawaii. That said…

    “The Empire Is Coming For Tulsi Gabbard”
    “When Lindsey Graham tweets about Tulsi Gabbard twice after a debate, when the Washington Post neocons like Josh Rogin are attacking her, you know she’s got their panties in a bunch.
    You expect it from the Harris camp, obviously. But when it comes directly from people like Navid Jamali (double agent, navy intelligence, MSNBC contributor) you know the empire is beginning to get worried.”

    IMO keeping Tulsi Gabbard in the Dem food fight is a good thing.

  19. John Vilven


    We have been eating the largest percentage of the 25% steel tariff and a small percentage gets passed on to the consumer. So where does the tariff go? Who gains, who loses? How does this make America great again? Is there a better way to gain just trade?

    • Frank D2

      Many of the producers have eaten the tariffs and NOT passed it on the consumer. In many cases it is nickels and dimes to the producers. Only in the MSM are tariffs “passed on the consumer”.

  20. Bruce

    If I disagree with a person of a different color, Am I a racist ?
    If I disagree with a person of a different gender, Am I sexist ?

    • paul ...

      If you “agree” … you are a “commie”!!

  21. Fran

    My spouse and I attended our first Trump- Club 45 meeting in Palm Beach Florida. Even in Florida’s hot, no snowbird, summer months, we had a great turnout and high energy. They are ready to turn Florida into a Trump State. I was impressed with the well informed and politically involved attendees. We plan on going to more and bringing friends and family. These Florida folks LOVE America. If you are in the West Palm Beach, FL. area please come to Club 45 events.

  22. David Stone

    What also bothers me are the millions of guns + ammunition that Obama gave to all of the federal agencies for “His Militia”. It looks like a perfect setup to be used against us.

    • paul ...

      David … But what Obama didn’t count on was the people in those federal agencies “being American Patriots” … who will properly use those guns … on the “commies” trying to destroy our Constitutional Republic!!

    • Frank D2

      Aint gonna happen. There are far too may Patriots, who respect and will uphold the US Constitution (which includes the 2A) who will defend the US citizen against any “Obama-oriented” thugs who try to turn us into a banana republic. And, there are far too many of “us”, armed to the teeth, then there are Obama-thugs.

  23. jim

    Greg, You are my favorite speaker but come on , why do you keep sticking up for Bo polny, He said two small crashes in june and then The big one in july, 300 points is not a crash, He is always wrong.

    • Frederick

      Jim Bo is known as a contrarian indicator much like Dennis Gartman and Cramer

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t think so Frederick. At around $1,200 per ounce Bo said gold would start to rise in June and we are now at $1,440. He said the stock market would start to sell off in July and on the last day of the month, after the first Fed rate cut in more than 10 years, there was a 333 point drop followed by two more down days. Let’s see what Aug brings.

  24. Bill B

    GREG: Homeland Security;

    For months I heard and read about Homeland Security buying and storing massive amounts of M16 ammo and guns. In the last year it seems to have gone off the radar.
    Whats going on now

  25. Doug Loveridge

    Excellent presentation…..

  26. Kevin

    in my view, socialism cannot be implemented here unless or until we are disarmed. This was the way Germany was turned into a police state by the Nazis (National Socialists). Same for the communist dictatorships, look at the last century and recently China (Tiannemin Square for example). Blaming capitalism for our economic and debt issues is illogical. Basically all systems are capital or capitalist oriented. The issue becomes who controls the capital. In socialist/communist regimes the capital (means of production, & the generated wealth it produces) is controlled by the state (aka ‘ the party’). In a free society like a democratic republic, the capital is controlled by the people ‘& the government is charged with the responsibility to protect the individuals rights and regulate only what is necessary to insure that all citizens have equal access to capital & markets – Thus we have antitrust laws to make sure that large corporations do not conspire to fix prices or create monopolies that lock out the competition & make it impossible for the small competitor. But we don’t much enforce these laws today (especially in the medical field) & so the socialists just point a finger at capitalism as if it is some sort of organized conspiracy that wants to control us and keep most of us down. Check the communist manifesto. One of its planks is the creation of a central bank. So we already started down that road over 100 years ago. Ditto the progressive income tax and social(ist) security. Not to mention public schools. And if the socialists in the Democrat party get their way it will include abolition of inheritance and full central control of all transportation. I could go on but most of us who visit here & support Greg are well aware of this & more. I believe Trump sees what is coming economically, & has a idea or plan but is trying to push it out so he can get a second term before it hits the fan. If he is successful then we might see a plan to dethrone the bankers & institute treasury money or at least some gold backing. Dangerous and risky for sure but just maybe possible along with enforcing existing law for all the other issues that have been covered here like pedophilia/trafficking and even treason. Time will tell. Keep hammering for truth Greg.

  27. Open Eyes

    I didn’t link up these two events before but now I wonder: Did mass prayer help Donald Trump get elected President and change the direction of American for the better?

    If you do a web-search you can find articles on how praying the rosary en masse helped kick out the communists in Austria and Brazil. If anyone has friends in Hong Kong, you could let them know this.


    Fri Oct 7, 2016 – 7:27 pm EST

    Hundreds pray rosary for life, marriage, religious freedom in front of U.S. Capitol

    WASHINGTON, D.C., October 7, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Hundreds of Catholics gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol to pray all four rosary mysteries Friday, concluding a 54-day novena for the nation. Organizers say thousands of Americans have prayed for life, marriage, and religious freedom.

    Clouds and a threat of rain at the beginning of the event turned to sunshine just as the crowd began the fourth and final rosary, the glorious mysteries.

    Participants traveled from Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina, and other parts of the country for the rally, which was on the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary. There were many small children and adolescents in the diverse crowd….


    New York City real estate developer and reality TV star Donald Trump (1946- ) was elected America’s 45th president in November 2016. The billionaire businessman ran as a Republican and scored an upset victory over his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton….

    • Open Eyes

      Regarding praying en masse:

      Before the tradition of the rosary came about I read there was a tradition of saying 150 Pater Nosters (Our Fathers) and other set prayers like the Psalms. I think all Christians could agree to praying 150 Our Fathers or the Psalms together.

  28. paul ...

    To keep our children safe from “commies” we should lock up Cuomo!! …

    • paul ...

      People are now making citizen arrests of Demons (as we see in this NY Subway incident) where a crazed individual is detained by a number of good people … perhaps a day “is coming” when good people will begin to hold to account all those who facilitate the killing of both born and unborn children … … a day is fast approaching when men will no longer need God to treat them as infants (providing for all our needs) … humans have matured a lot in faith and righteousness … and soon God will be able to stand back and allow us as individuals to stand on our own moral feet … precisely so that God can be proud of his creation … a creation that has finally matured from helpless children to grown-up spiritually strong individuals … just as God had planned all along … to see his children grow-up into young adults who don’t need to sit back waiting for Dad to help them … but as mature independent adults with their own very strong moral code!!

  29. paul ...

    So the Demon-rat-ic Party says it is bad if the Russians interfere in our elections … but perfectly fine if Soros does it (who is one of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors)!! …

  30. Coalburner

    Greg: I agree, I don’t want to see Hong Kong People get hurt. They need to go quiet until the Chinese back off and then go a different direction. The Hong Kong power structure has the message already. They have done all they can . Don’t give Red China a reason to role over them and stay. Personally I believe all Americans need to get the blazes out of HK right now and any one with money in their banks needs to get it out now. I would have already removed anything I had that I valued including my own hide.
    The Chinese are not so smart that they would not stick a long knife into their own legs or worse. They have gone stupid many times before. They have a long history of doing just that. I bet the ordinary people of HK are heading for Namibia right now.

  31. paul ...

    Would the US ever give a gift to the American people by monetizing our Silver Eagle to 1/10th of an ounce of gold?? …

  32. Billy Roberts

    Greg your analysis is spot on. Here in Australia the choice is America for national security or China for short term economic trade, my belief is you can not put the people safety at risk and we must stay strong with America. China is taking control of every sea gate in the globe that dictates world trade. They want complete control of economic trade.
    Here is list of sea ports that China controls or dictates for world trade.
    Panama canal
    Suez Canal
    Strait of Humez
    Turkish straits
    Strait of Malacca
    Bab El mandeb straight

    You need to discuss this more in your discussions to make the people aware.

  33. Montana Guy

    Re. who pays for tariffs?

    The Chinese were purchasing $154B from the US. Americans were purchasing $526B from the Chinese. The difference of $372B is what we call the trade deficit.

    For every 1% mutual rise in costs from tariffs Americans are bled out $3.72 Billion.

    We just need basic math, not opinions.

    • Greg Hunter

      Too simple Montana guy. China is cutting it’s currency value to make up some of the difference. The senior economist at CME (Erik Norland) says the math is much more complicated than you lay out. He said on Bloomberg the tariff as they stand now equal a .1% rise in inflation to consumers. The U.S. imports lots from many other countries. I guess you will feel better when China simply takes over the USA??? I am for what Trump is doing. Will you be so pro China (a totalitarian one party communists state with a dictator for life and a social credit scoring system) when they start shooting protesters in Hong Kong?

    • William Stanley

      Actually, you’ve smuggled a few assumptions/opinions into your argument:
      1. You (wrongly, IMO) assume that the volume of trade is unaffected by tariffs;
      2. You implicitly assume that the Chinese don’t use the surplus funds to (slowly or not so slowly) purchase America out from under us (or it’s your unstated opinion that such is not a bad thing or won’t happen) and, among other things;
      3. You implicitly assume that the loss of domestic manufacturing and its associated skills and technologies won’t lower American productivity and standard of living (or its your unstated opinion that such is not a bad thing, perhaps, that it or hasn’t and won’t happen).

  34. paul ...

    As silver begins to rally …the $20 dollar level will be important price level to watch … look at the following silver chart … … as you can see the $20 dollar level “has acted as both support and resistance” (i.e. Jan 2008, Nov 2009, July 2010, May 2013, Nov 2013, May 2014 and June 2016) … so (once silver gets up over $20 dollars per ounce) the good days of buying silver at bargain levels will be over!!

  35. paul ...

    We already have Debit Cards … so why do we need “crypto cards” from Walmart and other companies? … is it because these companies see the eventual collapse of the banking system?? … but what makes these corporations think “they will survive” when the banking system goes down??? … bottom line … only gold and silver will survive because it is money created by God not by men!! …

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