Trump Win Offers a Way Forward After US Bankruptcy – Holter & Sinclair

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Financial writer Bill Holter and renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair warn that no matter who wins this Presidential Election, the next administration will have to navigate the so-called financial reset that has already started.  Holter contends, “Mathematically, our financial system is bankrupt.  Can they string it along another year or two?  I don’t know, but I do know if we go full blown socialism, it’s like pulling the pin on the hand grenade.  It goes off right away.  Everything blows up faster and harder.  A lot of people are not factoring in is when this thing goes down . . . I hope it goes down under the rule of law.  Under socialism, the rule of law is basically what they say it is. . . . The U.S. will immediately move to a financially broken status.”

Sinclair agrees with Holter and says, “If the socialists take over, the system blows up instantaneously.  The Green Revolution will have such an impact on business and put so many people out of jobs without any way to replace those jobs.  It would actually be a political event and an economic sin.”

Sinclair goes on to say there will be “massive deflation” in this financial reset, and that would be good for gold.  Sinclair continues, “Gold will hit entirely different prices that have never been conceived before because of all the debt.  So, people think deflation when they see a market rip apart.  That clicks in people’s minds that is a negative for gold.  It is one of the most important ingredients to significant appreciation in the gold price.  There is no comparison to this gold market now and anything we have gone through before. . . . The potential for gold on the upside is extraordinary on the upside. . . . There will be a form of inflation in everything that you need and will cost you more.  Everything that you don’t need, like your Tesla, will fall through the floor into a black hole.”

How high can gold go considering exploding federal debt and a Federal Reserve balance sheet that doubled to more than $7 trillion in a little more than a year?  Holter does the astounding and yet simple math.  Holter explains, “The number is over $100,000 per ounce for gold now.  If you take the 260 million ounces that we (U.S. Treasury) supposedly have and take the 260 million ounces and divide it into the current debt which is $27 trillion, it’s well over $100,000 per ounce now.  In other words, if we had to back our debt in gold, the gold would have to be priced at over $100,000 per ounce.”

Sinclair offers hope and a way out of the financial mess we face.  It involves a Trump Win that will preserve the Constitution and the rule of law.  Sinclair explains, “We have a crash that can be built back.  There is a road forward.  The road forward starts to make itself clear in 2032.  2032 will be the end of the impact to what is about to happen no matter who is elected. . . . The economic problem is quite serious. . . . If the rule of law is respected and the police are not defunded, free speech is allowed, the Second Amendment is maintained, then there is a way forward and there is a repair.  It will come back together.  However, if none of those exist . . . it is a total social and political change irreparable in nature.”

In other words, if we can maintain the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution, America can and will recover.   Let’s pray that happens.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks to Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair of in this in-depth one hour interview.

After the Interview:

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  1. David

    Perfect discussion. Very valuable!

    • A+Jones
      The Constitution of New York : April 20, 1777
      XXXVIII. And whereas we are required, by the benevolent principles of rational liberty, not only to expel civil tyranny, but also to guard against that spiritual oppression and intolerance wherewith the bigotry and ambition of weak and wicked priests and princes have scourged mankind, this convention doth further, in the name and by the authority of the good people of this State, ordain, determine, and declare, that the free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever hereafter be allowed, within this State, to all mankind: Provided, That the liberty of conscience, hereby granted, shall not be so construed as to excuse acts of licentiousness, or justify practices inconsistent with the peace or safety of this State.
      XXXIX. And whereas the ministers of the gospel are, by their profession, dedicated to the service of God and the care of souls, and ought not to be diverted from the great duties of their function; therefore, no minister of the gospel, or priest of any denomination whatsoever, shall, at any time hereafter, under any presence or description whatever, be eligible to, or capable of holding, any civil or military office or place within this State.
      XL. And whereas it is of the utmost importance to the safety of every State that it should always be in a condition of defence; and it is the duty of every man who enjoys the protection of society to be prepared and willing to defend it; this convention therefore, in the name and by the authority of the good people of this State, doth ordain, determine, and declare that the militia of this State, at all times hereafter, as well in peace as in war, shall be armed and disciplined, and in readiness for service. That all such of the inhabitants of this State being of the people called Quakers as, from scruples of conscience, may be averse to the bearing of arms, be therefrom excused by the legislature; and do pay to the State such sums of money, in lieu of their personal service, as the same; may, in the judgment of the legislature, be worth.(12) And that a proper magazine of warlike stores, proportionate to the number of inhabitants, be, forever hereafter, at the expense of this State, and by acts of the legislature, established, maintained, and continued in every county in this State.

    • sam

      here’s a letter to trump from Archbishop Viganò to the President
      Archbishops First Appearance In Two Years. Speaks to AntiChurch, New World Order along Bill Gates and the Deep State. Published October 2020

    • Paul ...

      D …When I look in Holter and Sinclair’s eyes I see they think Biden will win … it is up to us to change things!!

      • JC

        Sinclair said his kids are hard core socialists.
        Maybe he is concerned there are millions of them across the country voting for Biden.

        • Paul ...

          JC … Florida is critical … if Trump loses Florida he will probably lose the Presidency … and if Demon-rat Cal Cunningham wins the Senate seat in North Carolina (it could indicate the criminal “commie” Demons have taken control of the Senate)!!

        • JC

          LOS ANGELES, Nov 2 (Reuters) – When lifelong Democrat Mayra Gomez told her 21-year-old son five months ago that she was voting for Donald Trump in Tuesday’s presidential election, he cut her out of his life.

          “He specifically told me, ‘You are no longer my mother, because you are voting for Trump’,” Gomez, 41, a personal care worker in Milwaukee, told Reuters. Their last conversation was so bitter that she is not sure they can reconcile, even if Trump loses his re-election bid.

          • m schuetz

            Well … one good ‘cut’ deserves another: she should cut him out of her will!

        • Septic Sceptic

          That Economic Confidence model of Martin Armstrong doesn’t indicate anything particularly extraordinary happening in 2020.

          • JC

            Septic Sceptic,

            What do you want from me?
            Maybe you should let Greg know that you would prefer that he doesn’t have Martin Armstrong as a guest here on his free site anymore.

        • Bob

          Most kids love the NWO.
          I hope for their sake they keep loving it. Ignorance is bliss!

    • rich

      It is a reset from the Church age to the age of Lucifer. You don’t have Jesus you get Satan and hell by default.

      • Sir Manly Robinson

        The Popes have been beholden to Lucifer for centuries.

  2. A+Jones

    Everybody is worried about riots in the streets and mass violence after the election. Everybody is also worried about defunding the police. First off: The riots and violence going on right now are taking place because of the police, media and judicial system protecting the rioters from the law abiding. The life blood of tyranny and the three essential ingredients that make tyranny work are state police, corrupt judiciary and mass media. Tyranny cannot exist without state police and the mass media. That is why we have the 2nd amendment right after the 1st amendment. So whichever way the police/media go, so goes the future unless the people intervene. Second: We can put an end to all this violence in one simple act. Pass a national “Stand Your Ground Law”. If the police corporate with the law-abiding citizens, it would be over in one night. I once went back and read the state constitutions written after the American Revolution and they all say the same thing about American law and order. The people’s militia answerable to a sheriff on the local level is the basis of peace, order and freedom under the American system. If you do not believe me search the state constitutions of New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and a few other state Constitutions in the 1780’s and you will see it spelled out in detail. New York and Illinois constitutions say it best. Just look up these two state constitutions and use search word militia.

      • Paul ...

        China’s unrestricted warfare against the United States of America includes more then just releasing a biological attack on us … but also includes running “their own candidate” for President of the United States … we must make China pay on November 3rd … “by not electing” their chosen Criminal Commie Pervert (CCP) Joe Bribe’n!!

      • JC

        Paul… lock and load.
        Get ready to… “Rumble” with Link Wray on Election Day.

    • A+Jones

      With out a doubt, Massachusetts is today the most Progressive/State in the Union. The following is from their constitution of 1780.
      “[Note – The Massachusetts State Constitution of 1780 remains the oldest functioning constitution in continuous use in the world. Although it has been amended 120 times, the original 1780 constitution is still the only one the state has had.]
      Art. VII. The governor of this commonwealth, for the time being, shall be the commander-in-chief of the army and navy, and of all the military forces of the State, by sea and land; and shall have full power, by himself or by any commander, or other officer or officers, from time to time, to train, instruct, exercise, and govern the militia and navy; and, for the special defence and safety of the commonwealth, to assemble in martial array, and put in warlike posture, the inhabitants thereof, and to lead and conduct them, and with them to encounter, repel, resist, expel, and pursue, by force of arms, as by sea as by land, within or within the limits of this commonwealth; and also to kill, slay, and destroy, if necessary, and conquer, by all fitting ways, enterprises, and means whatsoever, all and every such person and persons as shall, at any time hereafter, in a hostile manner, attempt or enterprise the destruction, invasion, detriment, or annoyance of this commonwealth; and to use and exercise over the army and navy, and over the militia in actual service, the law-martial, in time of war or invasion, and also in time of rebellion, declared by the legislature to exist, as occasion shall necessarily require; and to take and surprise, by all ways and means whatsoever, all and every such person or persons, with their ships, arms, and ammunition, and other goods, as shall, in a hostile manner, invade, or attempt the invading, conquering, or annoying this commonwealth; and that the governor be entrusted with all these and other powers incident to the offices of captain-general and commander-in-chief, and admiral, to be exercised agreeably to the rules and regulations of the constitution and the laws of the land, and not otherwise.”

    • Auntie Seize

      A+Jones said: “The life blood of tyranny and the three essential ingredients that make tyranny work are state police, corrupt judiciary and mass media. Tyranny cannot exist without state police and the mass media.”

      The police are the enFORCEment arm of the government. They are agents of the state. The same state whose objective is to lie, cheat and steal from you to support THEIR existence and nefarious ends! If you don’t cooperate and/or resist, they will murder you. The police will “Protect and Serve” those who pay them their big fat bloated paychecks and promise them big fat pensions. What other job can you name where a high school graduate can get a high end near 6 digit annual income and similar pension for just putting in their time? They also get to TERRORIZE the general public and not ever be held to account. Can you spell bully? Whenever I get pulled over by a cop I have to fear for my life. Is these going to be the last minutes of my life? Last time I got pulled over by the Pennsylvania State Police was this past July and it was for a cracked windshield. My truck was registered in another (western) state where they gravel the roads when it snows and almost everybody is driving around with a cracked widnshield. But this particular thug-with-a-badge-and-a-gun pulled me over just to go on a fishing expedition hoping he might find something so that he could be a hero and make an arrest. What part of “agent of the state” do people not understand? The police are not your friend. They are your mortal enemy. Similar arguments apply to the courts and the mass media. The phony money system enables and supports all this tyranny and corruption and is its root cause. As God’s word says: the LOVE of money is the ROOT of ALL evil.

      • Auntie Seize

        Oh look!
        Tucker Carlson: The Media ‘Are Your Enemies’ — ‘They Are Misleading You So That You Will Obey’

        IMAGINE that, if you can.
        The TOWN crier always spoke the words of the king who paid him.
        The judges always render a verdict for those who keep them employed.
        Keep imagining that you live in the Magic Kingdom. The one that Jesus called “THIS present EVIL age.”

      • notyourpatsy

        AS, I said about the same on a popular ‘survivalist forum’ that tells everyone to ‘move to the ReDoubt’, JWR’s, back in January this year. They were all ‘rah,rah support your local pd’. I was the only one to grow a pair and say the cops are NOT working for the TAXPAYERS! THEY only are working for their masters and THEIR retirements! There are more dirty cops than good cops in AMERICA. Otherwise they would see that the ‘laws’ they ENFORCE against their (supposed) fellow citizens are unjust and UN Constitutional! COPS keep the REAL AMERICA from existing by interfering with the TRUE RULE OF LAW which the politicians, one and all, hide behind. The common man in AMERICA has not a chance in hell in court, while the elite skate free! Last year I spoke with a cop here that has a survivalist mindset. He told that when the SHTF he was taking his family North out of state to his safe cabin in the Adirondacks. I called him a chickenshit for not honoring his sworn oath and for pre meditated dereliction of duty. He told me he was nt the only one with that thought. Which is why the 2nd A’ IS so important.

        • Auntie Seize

          Everyone is FOR the police until the police abuse them for no reason. Then it’s not so pretty. Maybe if the police abuse them a few times the clueless begin to realize that the police are not your friend. They are bought-and-paid for whores (like you said). WHEN the police are ordered to force vaccinate you, detain you on the highway for an illegal sobriety test where you’ll have to prove your innocence, or destroy your house to serve a warrant, or shoot your dog for barking at them as they walk by, or anything else for their masters, then maybe the lightbulb will begin to get warm and you’ll see them for what they really are – thugs with badges and guns enFORCEing their masters orders. The police mans interest is in keeping that big fat bloated paycheck coming and collecting on that big fat lucrative pension, and NOTHING else. If they lose thier phony-baloney job, there’s little else for them. They’d have to actually work for a living instead of just putting in their time.

      • JC

        Auntie Seize,

        Will the police soon have orders to “shoot to kill?”

        • Auntie Seize

          I’m sure there are many who are chomping at the bit.

          I met a man a while ago who was in the Navy. A casual acquaintance. He kept telling me abut his efforts to become a SEAL. One day I asked him, why do you want to be a SEAL? He said, because I want to kill people. I replied, if you want to kill people, just go out and kill them. You don’t have to be a SEAL to do that. Of course what he really meant was that he wanted to be able to kill people with the sanction and protection of the government and not have to worry about being prosecuted for it. There you have the same mindset some persons enter the police FORCE. Because they want to lord it over and terrorize their fellow man, beat them up, and maybe kill a few, all with the sanction and protection of the state never to be held accountable for their actions. And this particular instance was not my only observation. Several other “friends” and acquaintances I grew up with were borderline juvenile delinquents and/or bullies who later became police officers. Not one displayed any semblance of morality – i.e. what was right versus what was wrong. They were ruled by their carnal nature and only concerned with what they could get away with. Extremely dangerous individuals. JMHO. YMMV.

  3. wayne hardin

    All roads lead to the same place ?????????????
    Not true.
    That is the most ignorant thing i have ever heard .
    No man comes to God through any thing but Jesus .
    I am glad you said what you said Greg.

    • Paul ...

      wh … When the Criminal Commie Pervert (CCP) Biden comes unto the Father … this is likely what God the Father see’s …

    • Self+Exiled

      I saw a man who by all appearances to the world is highly successful; sitting at his last days supper seriously questioning his bent in life and wondering at that success; as his world is appearing to be evaporating. What does one gain if he owns gold but has lost children. Lost his children to believes he himself can not abide by. Sinclair has a belief in God, but to what extent I do not know. If he has nurtured wealth in his life like Biden, and so many others he has lost the war. Nurture God and he will nurture you and all around you. Life is a rich nectar full of promise, and the rewards are great. The promises we choose to follow will affect our life and the ones we love. Jesus followed the Promises of His Father and those He loved will receive the Promises. We could be looking at a very broken and poor man who is in pain.

    • Swamp Diagnosis

      Exactly, Wayne Hardin. God bless Greg Hunter for speaking the truth that there is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ. Holter and Sinclair manifest a dangerous heresy of religious indifferentism / religious liberty that has led to the perish of countless souls and the eclipse of the Church by a counterfeit church. At best, people such as Holter and Sinclair are lukewarm but Jesus Christ tells us in the Book of the Apocalypse of St. John 3:16 that He will vomit the lukewarm out His Mouth.

      • Beverly

        I don’t believe Bill Holter is lukewarm. He seems like a strong Christian to me. You will see the cross in his interviews many times. But, he may not talk as freely as he would like about this, when he is with Jim Sinclair. Jim is maybe a little more “intellectual,” of that is what you want to call people who are of less faith. Personally, I don’t think it makes sense not to believe in God. I don’t understand how anybody could believe that the planet just got here on it’s own. No, there had to be a Creator and those Creators are God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

  4. Tom+Wigand


    On one hand, that was one of the darkest interviews I’ve yet seen on USAW.

    On the other hand, I appreciate and respect the fact that Mr. Holter and Mr. Sinclair are cognizant of the impact that the political realities have on investment decisions. That makes the “darkness” credible, unfortunately.

    We’re all in this battle together — and I’m convinced that this is one of Biblical scale, if not Biblical prophesy. The forces of what I’m not referring to as “Democratic Socialists” but “Democratic Satanists” seek to consummate their scheme to take-down this Divinely-inspired nation; a mission about which, via Progressivism, they’ve been engaged for over 100 years.

    Along those lines, “consider considering” what Archbishop Vigano said in an October 25, 2020 open letter to President Trump:

    May God save, and then continue to bless, this United States of America! As Ronald Reagan said in his famous “Time for Choosing” speech, we are the last, best hope for the world.

    May our prayers be answered, and God gives this nation another chance (via the re-election of President Trump) — and that marks the beginning of another Great Awakening.

    • Paul ...

      T+W … This is a crucial time in the history of our Republic … we better choose well what type of reality we want and desperately need on November 3 (and it’s not electing a Criminal Commie Pervert (CCP) as President of the United States of America)!!

      • JC

        What about the maniac governors?
        ‘Cuomo Just Killed Christmas in New York City’

        This will be the first year I have never gone to New York City to enjoy a play and the Christmas cheer. There was nothing quite New York at Christmas. Governor Cuomo just killed New York. Many stores did up to 40% of their profits for the year during the Christmas season. Now any traveler from nearly every state and international flights landing at JFK must show proof of a negative test taken within three days of arriving, and must also quarantine for three additional days — and get a new COVID-19 on the fourth day. If that’s positive, they must isolate for two weeks, the governor said during his Saturday press briefing from Albany.

        • Paul ...

          JC … Yes we need to to vote out all the “commie” Demon Governors too … “to get a measure ofa man” look into his eyes … … I can see in Trumps eyes that he knows Fauci was the evil immoral slime ball who did the “gain of function Covid-19 research in China (against the orders of US government authorities) so the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could use the bio-weapon against America” … Trump is replacing Fauci (with Dr. Scott Atlas who will be his new medical advisor)!!

          • JC

            According to NYC Mayor DeBlasio, a Biden victory and a vaccine will solve everything!

            “If Joe Biden’s elected president, the most likely time for a major stimulus is February, and I’m thinking along the lines of the New Deal, and he’s obviously talking about emulating FDR,” the mayor said.

            “The faster people get that vaccine, the more we turn around our economy in our city, the faster we get back to normal. So these are the more essential factors to me and I’m hopeful,” he said.


  5. wayne hardin

    Some people don,t seem to under stand that God required a blood sacrifice .
    And Jesus was that sacrifice.
    And without his blood there is no forgiveness for there sins.
    So no man can come to God but through the blood of Jesus.
    He is the ONLY road to THE GOD. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beverly

      Exactly! And nobody should be ashamed to say these things. We may not understand all the reasons why a blood sacrifice was required, but I think it signifies the great LOVE that Jesus and Heavenly Father have for the rest of the people on the earth. God the Father had to sacrifice to the very core of his love—–His only Begotten Son. The only PHYSICAL son of God ever born on this planet.

  6. eckbach

    2032 ?!

    • notyourpatsy

      ECKBACH, I said the same thing to myself when I heard that? 2032? This planet will be engulfed by WW3 BEFORE 2025!! What are those guys smoking?!!! With all due respect to them as I have personally met both Bill & Jim. Bill when I lived in costa rica, as did he and his wife (who’s a great artist!). And Jim when I lived in CT, as a guest at his home 20 years ago. Stating dates like 2032, and saying things will be bad no matter who wins sounds defeated to my ears.
      Who can hold PM’s when these gentlemen of knowledge keep pushing timelines when most of their audience will have died from old age?!! There’s a reason PM’s are available people are tired of holding for some ‘future date’ , never to arrive, and buying other investments to enjoy, yachts, classic cars, etc.

      • The Seer

        Martin Armstrong’s computer software predicts
        The west is being taken down and out by 2032 and China is the leading country then.

  7. Anthony Australia

    Huge interview Greg!
    Thanks for making my Sunday.
    These two gentlemen are often ridiculed, they should be praised for there bravery and honesty.

    • Beverly

      I believe these two men are very in touch with reality as well. I know of a prophecy about some gold mine shares—the prophecy said that people will go to court over 1/2 a share of that mining stock. If one mining share is worth one ounce of gold, and one ounce of gold is worth 100,000 dollars, then it makes this prophecy come to life. People will go to court over 1/2 of a share. If everything costs SO, SO much, then we are going to need to own more shares.

  8. Paul ...

    Good news for the US and the world in general … Joe Briben’s campaign officials are becoming increasingly worried over the possibility of a low voter turnout among Black and Latino voters in key states such as Pennsylvania and Florida!!

    • al

      Paul, I can tell you from experience that Latino voters here in Florida are overwhelmingly for Trump, especially the Cubans (of which there are many).
      Cubans that came here from the boat lift in the 70s were Conservatives fighting a Marxist government on the way (Castro). They were jailed and ultimately made it to our shores.
      I’m not Cuban, but I know a myriad of them, and they all think the same.
      God, Country, Family, Security, and Conservative Capitalism.
      Florida’s early voting has the majority for Trump no matter what happens on Nov 3rd.

  9. Paul ...

    Look at the production statistics for silver, gold and paper fiat … … and then tell me what you would rather put under your mattress for a rainy day!!

    • Paul ...

      Here is Jim Rickards answer …

      • JC

        “We’ll see,” said the blind man.

      • regaleagle

        I ordered another $100 Face bag of half dollars yesterday for 1.79 over spot. You get 71.5 oz. in the $100 face bags of junk silver. The Constitutional Silver in different denominations should be in every stacker’s possession at this point and a good place to start for those that have not acquired any silver yet.

  10. Robert Lykens

    You may think that America is already under the judgment of God, due to the harsh things we’ve experienced. This is absolutely not true. Whatever harsh times we’ve already been through are due to the fact that when we sin, we walk out from under the “umbrella” of God’s protection. We open ourselves up to affliction from Satan.
    The most true fact in the history of the universe is that Jesus took ALL the punishment believers had coming.

    But judgment is coming on an unbelieving America just the same. It’s inevitable but Christians can delay it for a generation or more. How?

    “ If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
    – 2 Chronicles 7:14

    Christian, repent.
    Jonathan Cahn has called for a day of fasting and prayer on 11/3, election day.
    Make this the day you humble yourself before God, repent and seek his face.
    It may be that God will postpone the harsh, inevitable judgment America has coming.

    • Paul ...

      RL … Lets hope we don’t walk out from under God’s US umbrella … and get under a Venezuela or Argentina umbrella … Gold in Argentina dollars is now priced at $146,987 “fiat paper units” per ounce!!

      • al

        Great point Paul. I’d like to know how much Real Estate costs in Argentina. How many 1 oz gold coins it takes to buy a house. Just wondering, because it will happen here of no fault of anyone except THE FED.

        • Paul ...

          al … If Holter is spot on with his over $100,000 dollar gold calculation … it will only take three(3) gold coins to buy a decent house!!

    • sandra+sullivan


      • wayne hardin

        Gods judgement started in Eden and has been happening everyday sense .

        Look at all the people that He has turned over to a reprobate mind.
        That is the worst judgment of all .
        Like the ten virgins 5 done the right thing and five didn’t .
        The five that didn’t found the door closed . When they came back.
        The door is about to close on a lot of people and that is SAD>
        But as far as the judgment of the world .. I say the sooner the better .
        If it saves one baby from being MURDERED …Come quickly LORD .

  11. Country+Codger

    This was awesome. Hopefully, in the future, people will look back on this interview and say, “I thought they were crazy but I did what they said and me and my family survived.”

    Greg, what happens after the Spring of 2023 is the Cycle of Slavery. As far as I know only Dr. Tenpenny and CAF (and yours truly) are talking about the coming slavery, not just to America but to the world. Please start reading in Leviticus 26:27-end. It is a fact, it is a certainty and repentance and prayer is a great place to begin.
    Lo Iyrah!
    psst. There is only one path and one Name that leads to Salvation (Strongs #H3444) and that is the Name of Yeshua (Jesus): Joh_14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    • Beverly

      Country Codger,
      I agree with your slavery comments. I think we are going to see a repeat of the Children of Israel coming out of Egypt, so to speak. The scriptures talk about the “one like unto Moses,” The One mighty and strong. Yes, I think we will see a person sent by God, like unto Moses, but only after people have been humbled.

  12. john+duffy

    Carlo Maria Viganò to President Trump and the American People!

    My dear American people,

    Please understand that what you do on Tuesday affects the rest of the world.

    There was a time that that there were two things standing in the way of globalist Marxist hegemony. The Catholic Church and the United States of America.

    Under the Marxist Jorge Mario Bergoglio, there is now only one thing.

    Do your duty to your history and for the rest of us.

    • Julia

      Unfortunately john+duffy for Donald Trump is running parallel to the Pope. Trump has appointed individuals who go hand and hand with the Pope. We just cant see it.
      What’s Up Prof from South Africa is doing a great job in my opinion pointing all of this out. 1:45:00 video

    • al

      Carlo, it is done. You are among many people outside our Country pushing for Trump to win because it means WORLD PROSPERITY and PEACE. It ultimately means FREEDOM for all.
      God is with Trump, there is no loss.

      • notyourpatsy

        AL, Right ON! The Catholic Church (of England) and all of it’s Demonic Popes through the centuries have been Satan’s workers. When the current pope spoke AGAINST the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S CHOICE of P’Trump the gig was up! Then the Catholic Church of England was exposed for the Satanic pedophilic ‘church’ it’s ALWAYS BEEN! The Catholic Church of England brainwashed all of the poor masses around the World to worship Satan and NOT GOD! So the Vatican IS actually the seat of SATAN!!
        When something goes ‘wrong’ in ones’ life it is NOT GOD’s fault, it IS THE WORK OF SATAN! So say SATAN DAMMIT!

  13. Robert

    What about the 2 elephants in the room? With the advent of robotics and artificial intelligence, aren’t these new technologies going to be make human labor a thing of the past for many jobs. What’s going to happen to make all those idle hands and minds relevant still? Corporations, especially the huge transnational ones, don’t care about people, they care about efficiency that relates to more revenue and profits. What’s the plan for all the people that robotics had AI displaces? UBI isn’t a long term solution? I still say a mass culling of the world population is in store. But when and how, to make it look like a natural event and not one that’s launched by the governing authorities. Why aren’t more people curious about this part of the near future? The same ten or so years these guys refer to?

    • Paul ...

      R … To make the Great Culling “look like a natural event” the Globalists hired Gates and Fauci … Gates was probably chosen by the Globalists to head up “their program to reduce the world population down to 500,000 people” because he has shown them he has no moral or ethical qualms about killing many thousands of children with his polio vaccines!! … and to produce “more people like Gates who have no empathy” … Hillary wants to take young children away from their Mothers and have the State bring them up “In a Village” (because it has been shown that children who are not brought up under a mother’s care “have no empathy for others” … and can sneak up behind a person walking down the street and “hit them in the head with a brick” and think it is funny!!! … so when you go out to vote on November 3 don’t forget to put more such Demons into office (who like Cuomo “sent infected Covid-19 patients to nursing homes to kill the “old people” and passed a law to kill young people through abortion) because we want these Demons to control the House and Senate along with the White House!!!

    • andyb


      There will still be a need for tradesmen and entrpreneurs. I don’t see robotics reaching the level of manual dexterity needed in the trades. And why would the elites and globalists want to diminish human consumption of goods and services. Many corporations would go bankrupt. Tax revenues would fall off the cliff, leading to a diminishment of government services (see Illinois).
      No there are two bigger problems at least in the next 6 months. Will the Rule of Law prevail with accountability for all those who have committed sedition, treason and many other patently illegal acts? I can think of at least 50 who should be indicted, tried and executed. The test for Trump (if he wins) will be who gets fired and/or arrested and who just slithers off into the night with no punishment.
      Then there is the problem with creeping totalitarianism. Even if Trump wins, will there be effforts to reverse the shredding of the Bill of Rights. To what extent has he been “captured” by the globalists? I see revolution in our near future, certainly not as far off as 2032 as your respected guests opine.

  14. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter and Mr Sinclair.
    A very black interview .The pinpoints of light scattered are so far away that an individual has only the light as company.
    Here in the Bolshevik elitists UK we have this insanity,
    Police now Stasi and our little freedoms now shredded and taxes exploding to grab what little we peasants own.Its here and my community applauds it.The collective IQ here has collapsed and bravery and has fled.
    Bolshevism is here now and the USA have Bolsheviks embedded in your institutions who hold huge gun power ready to slaughter you the peasant.Of course these useful idiots will also be stood against the wall as well just later.
    Now what do we do ?Serious question ,without revolution and blood shed nothing changes and the Bolshevik elitist succeed.From the UK this is the reality.

  15. Rodster

    Greg, are you planning on doing election night coverage this year?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes and I promise I won’t call it 1 ans 1/2 hours early as FOX News did in 2018–those weasels!!

      • Rodster

        Cool, i’ll be watching. Are you going to post the live YT video on your site?

        • notyourpatsy

          I’ll be looking for Mr Hunter’s live stream of the election. Please give data by state so we can see which red states are holding firm.

  16. neville

    That was great two for the price of one and jammed pack full of good advice in fact it doesn’t really get much than that.
    What ,I have to say is that the preppers have nailed this one but more over what comes
    through from Bo Polny,Bill, James and of course you Greg is more importantly than anything financial which what Johnathan Cahn pleaded with the american people and that is….GET BACK TO GOD .THE LANDLORD WHO IS SENDING HIS SON BACK TO JUDGE THE LIVING AND THE DEAD.
    So be ready to pay the LANDLORD what you owe to HIM.Not in phony bitcoins ,useless fiat currencies like the dollar,yen,euro etc which are all backed by nothing but DEBT.
    GOLD is the store of value of THE LORD OUR GOD……..
    When we are done with the rigging of the markets by the fed and their henchmen the PPT ,Gold and other Precious metals will do what they have promised to do and that is go to those heights predicted by these erudite men.
    In the meanwhile AAcrime will lose everything except its Crime rating.

  17. Coalburner

    Thanks Greg:
    A treat to hear these two guys. Very timely but very worrisome.

  18. Hugo Howell

    🙈🙉🙊Biden’s Plausible Deniability Isn’t Plausible
    Larry O’Connor|Posted: Oct 30, 2020
    Just what is plausible deniability, exactingly?
    A condition in which a subject can safely and believably deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist, because the subject is deliberately made unaware of said truth. So as to benefit or shield the subject from any responsibility associated through, the knowledge of such truth.
    The CIA black ops division undertakes dangerous and usually what would be considered illegal missions, that are not officially sanctioned by the US administration. So that the administration, which usually benefits from such missions, can safely disavow any knowledge of them, in the event of their publicly uncovered success or failure. Thus the Obama Biden administration, was in the position of plausible deniability, towards the Mike Morell headed unintelligent community and the Biden family’s covert and clandestine, pay for play actions.
    Yes! Plausible deniability is a term coined by the CIA during the Kennedy administration to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge.👀👀👀 Six eye’s better than 5!

  19. Doris Crandell

    CNN Claims Hunter Biden “Burisma Deal” Stinks; Story On ABC News Confronting Hunter Biden Resurfaces
    ABC News Tom Llamas questions Joe Biden about Hunter Biden, only to be instantly rebuffed. ZeruHedge OCT 31, 2020
    Update (1030ET): Now that [Sky News Australia] has broke the dam, more MSM “journalists” are jumping on the Hunter Biden story, including CNN’s Jake Tapper, who acknowledged on Saturday that Hunter Biden’s relationship with Burisma – initiated just weeks after his father became the top US diplomat responsible for purging corruption in Ukraine – “stinks”

    Biden will spread a ‘poisonous ideology’ pitting everyone against each other
    •Oct 31, 2020 Sky News Australia
    The Outsiders have travelled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to find out what the key issues are driving voters and for whom early voters are casting their ballot.
    Sky News host James Morrow said there was a stark contrast between what was driving voters in Pittsburgh and what was driving voters in central Pennsylvania.
    “Those Pittsburgh leftist voters were all about feelings,” Mr Morrow said.
    He said many of the voters they spoke to were from a nearby university which was evident from their emphasis on racial relations as a big issue, and symptomatic of the critical race theory being taught in universities across the country.
    “If we get Joe Biden as president here (USA) then that is going to infect the entire nation,” he said.

    • Self+Exiled

      ” from a nearby university” ………..remember that the CIA government of the US monitored universities during the 60’s during the Vietnam war. They have always understood that these geographical areas are not secure or policed by societal norms therefore teaching can be used as a subversive activity; hence the invasion of these unmonitored geographic areas . They are all strategically located and in many communities; perfect areas for bases of operations, possibly also for weapons distribution as well as thoughts. Interesting the FBI is not concerned about arms distribution and training at this time, yes our Intelligence Agencies can find anyone at any time if he has a wife, three kids, a dog and a station wagon. Seems to be extend of their skills, but not according to the whistle blowers.

      “They will consume your harvest and [eat up] your bread;
      They will consume your sons and your daughters;
      They will consume your flocks and your herds;
      They will consume your vines and your fig trees.
      With the sword they will break down and demolish your fortified cities in which you trust. Jeremiah 5:17

    • Lightning

      The urban city of a Pittsburgh is very Democrat leaning but the surrounding area is loaded with Republicans. President Trumps rally in Butler attended by 57,000 people is still in the “ Pittsburgh area” but not in the city proper.

      Many of the folks SkyTV interviewed are students and obvious snowflakes.

      I would guesstimate the areas outside the city proper have twice as many Trump voters than Biden voters

  20. Bob Lund

    “Just this poisonous ideology that sets everybody against everybody else.” MORE;
    Joe Biden is ‘having a bet each-way’ on lockdowns
    6,251 views•Oct 31, 2020

    118,427 views•Oct 31, 2020

    National security advisor warns of China threat if Biden wins the presidency
    1,083,546 views•Oct 29, 2020

  21. Jay Edgar

    Trump ‘ought to be winning in a landslide’ given his achievements
    167,621 views•Oct 30, 2020 Sky News Australia
    “In a normal election cycle, if you had this kind of economic growth and if you had peace – among other things bringing peace to the Middle East – and very successful foreign policy, Trump ought to be winning in a landslide.

    • Ray

      Last time I checked the Middle East could hardly be termed a peaceful place.
      I hope Trump wins and wins well, but any talk of him bringing “peace” to the Middle East is likely the fanciful pronunciation of a person whose feet are not actually standing in that part of the world.
      No disrespect to you Jay.
      Ray, Canberra, QR Code Nation

  22. joe Paterson

    Tech giants Facebook and Twitter ‘censor’ negative Joe Biden stories
    29,808 views•Oct 30, 2020 Sky News Australia

    ‘My god what are we dealing with’: Joe Biden the ‘hot favourite’ to win presidency
    245,658 views•Oct 31, 2020 Sky News Australia
    The Outsiders have visited Scranton, Pennsylvania the “very tidy respectful” area where now-Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden was born.

    • notyourpatsy

      Fakebook, twatter, amozonia, are all MONOPOLIES! Worse they are breaking all of the laws on the books with their blatant actions which are going unenforced against them! P’ Trump DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING with regard to these companies RUINING AMERICA! They are all CCP favored companies!

  23. Marie+Joy

    I have been looking into the abyss and, now, the abyss is looking back at me.

  24. Frank Cooper

    Before you vote, Meet John Doe
    i’m a sucker for this country
    stop worrying______
    The Rest of The Story in HD Clear ass a bell!
    They’re You Are USAWatchdogers, try and beat this!

  25. SilverHawk

    Well, the time has arrived. The deep state has doused the country with gas, and November 3nd they hope we strike a match. Tomorrow (2nd) we see if that asteroid hits us. But enough of the rabbit hole, I’m thinking this week is gonna be another week for the record books. Manipulation aside, the stocks should tank big time. Gold and silver should launch big time. Question is, will they counter the swings with more worthless Fed Reserve Debt Notes? This Sunday at 4pm Eastern when the futures open, we shall see. I see no reason why silver couldn’t blow past 30 by Friday. Remember this. The number one reason to hold your wealth in physical silver is so you dont have to take the mark of the beast. Stay home. Lock the doors. Let the evil ones play in the street. Godspeed.

    • SilverHawk

      6pm Eastern. 4pm here where i live. Sorry, still working on my first cup O java.

  26. PMJ

    The SELECTION will go the way the real power brokers want it to go…..Period

  27. Ed

    So Trump admits that the US government is going bankrupt.
    Very interesting…

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess you did not watch the interview?

  28. Jerry

    Do you want to hear the truth? Here it is.

    I love Bill and Jim, but they are still laboring under old market metrics that no longer apply. The “Great Reset” will redefine everything, including your Biometric functions to A cryptocurrency cloud. Conspiracy theory? Read the letter. Presidents Trump has been warned, and so have you. This isn’t about politics, or money. This is about the plan for the globalist to establish the new world order under agenda 21. Guess what? The reset is in January days after the inauguration in 2021. Do you get it? Event 201 going live. Get your spiritual house in order. You’ve got big decisions to make.

    • Jerry

      Did you see when this was published?

      Event 201 followed in October 2019.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, I got MY house in order withThe Lord Jesus Christ! As I posted earlier, I personally met both Bill and Jim and they are fine people. But their mindsets are stuck in the past where they labored for years. It’s ingrained in them to think along those lines. What they fail to miss is that 75%n of Americans are HAVE NOTS! These people depend upon govt money to live day, week, month, year to year! So it will be bedlam continuing in even more streets after the election by those who have been brainwashed to ‘think’ they are now disenfranchised if P’ Trump wins again. But in reality these are the folks that will benefit more than actual Trump supporters, most of which have properly prepared themselves for economic slaughter by working hard all of their lives.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Ah!! Finally!!
      NOW, we know when it’s going to happen.

  29. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Yes a truly superb interview. Both men well and truly on the side of the angels. Here in the UK the Covid ignorance, etc remains astounding with the government initiating a four week national lockdown as of this coming Thursday.
    My belief is that not only will Trump win he will (and needs to) do so massively in order to thwart his enemies from being given any ‘plausibility’ that the election was rigged. Bless his noble heart: he’s campaigning right up to this Tuesday to make his victory an absolute wipe-out. If God is for us then WHO can be against us?
    Watch and pray is the order of the day for all of us. And blessings to all of Greg’s ‘family’.

  30. Darren

    Greg…Always love Bill Holter In my mind probably your best guest out of all of them. David Morgan is up there to….After Trump wins in a landslide..Get ready for the riots..Hopefully Trump will enact the insurrection act and put it down quickly..Then cut off any and all ties with China…Stay safe everyone.. 🙂

  31. Self+Exiled

    Central banking warfare harvesting, print dollars for free and force countries to use the dollar; militarily or entrapment lending, forcing countries into the your central banking system. So why do they want to change that system? No need for it anymore. They have used Coved to pull the plug. The procentralization team has used the Intelligence Agencies to use subliminal messaging and the media to sell the program thru TV , cell phones, and internet. The political career rabble know how to win, hand out money, and the US citizen says thank you. Now the procentralization team no longer needs the US citizen or the political rabble. The procentralization team is fractionalized and sociopathically competitive. They will fail. Flawed because we are all corrupted and now some will riotously destroy each other. Who is left will be nano teched into an operating system. Take heart here is another fully operating system, an eternal system. Some of us are already integrated.

    In the reverent and worshipful fear of the LORD there is strong confidence,
    And His children will [always] have a place of refuge. Proverbs 14:26

  32. Lightning

    We have to demand this stops.

    I’m voting for Trump but his operation warp speed is leading to forced vaccinations just like the globalists want.

    The vaccines don’t even reduce your likelihood of getting it or dying from it… they merely have to show that they can “ alleviate symptoms to some degree” . That alone should tell you they are worthless at best and part of the globalist plan at worst.

    We should also immediately demand that the bill of rights include a personal privacy clause ( amendment), banning the collection of all digital records unless approved by the individual. And approval is not required as part of any user agreement.

    Social media companies are publicly funded intelligence agencies. They don’t need to be broken up, they need to be shut down, padlocked followed by the destruction of every digital record stored on every server, cloud etc.

  33. George+Eddleston

    Greg: What happens after a ticker tape parade? The street sweepers sweep up and discard the paper! Remember the number two with seventeen zeroes behind it! We need an Alexander Hamilton credit system, the system of state directed credit into industry and agriculture, with a technology driver like fusion energy and space program. Time to sink Wall st, London Banks and outlaw radical speculation. This is not socialism it’s The American System of Political Economy, China is the only country today using a similar system, that’s why they are out producing us, they copied our original system of economy.

  34. Greg Morrissey

    Quote by George Washington
    The power of the Constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes and for a certain limited period to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can and undoubtedly will be recalled.
    Point #1 we all need to take classes in our Constitution and learn from our forefathers who had the vision and Leadership to bring the Constitution in to our country at that time.
    Point #2 we need to study our history and see how the Constitution has made a difference in the U.S.A. and the leadership that has been brought forward for all the people of the U.S.A. and the example it has shown to other countries
    Quote by George Washington
    If, to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterwards defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. The event is in the hand of God
    This is an example of a person who is from this nation with a Constitution
    100 year old army nurse shares memories of World War 2
    In 1944 Regina Benson joined the army Nurse Corps in Philadelphia. She was 24 years old. She is now 100 years old. Benson from McLean Virginia hailed the United States as “the greatest country in the world because of its freedoms and because people can carry out their dreams.” She urges young Americans today to love their country and remember the sacrifices that military service members have made for the sake of American freedom. “Remain true to your country” she told the U.S. department of Defense. “We can pursue our dreams and hopes”.
    After joining the Army Nurse Corps Regina Benson and three of her fellow nursing school classmates were deployed overseas to serve in the World War 2 effort. Regina Benson was assigned to stations in Japan, Hawaii and Okinawa, serving for a year and seven months before returning to the United States to marry her sweetheart. She was fearless said her daughter Phyllis.
    She received the Joint Service achievement metal at the pentagon on July 10 2020. She takes all the excuses, complainants’, and its some bodies else faults I have, and puts them where they belong in the paper shredder
    I am using this as example of the character and courage of people who live in the U.S.A. This is the example that is shown around the world.
    My question for your listening audience is, Please find a way to make a difference in our nation today. Please share what the Constitution is and how it has made a difference and if we all come together and read and study our constitution how much better will our lives become Then we pass this on to the generations to come , This country will be the nation that leads the world on the right path.

    Sept. 17 is Constitution Day and commemorates its signing in 1787. It’s a perfect time to share with young people why the Constitution is so critical to their existence as free people. Should this be a national holiday?
    What we see happening in our country today shows us why we can’t neglect teaching younger generations about the Constitution and why we can’t just leave it in the hands of others to do.
    For those who need a resource to help educate your young people about the Constitution, The Heritage Foundation has created a free online guide to help make the Constitution understandable and readily available to every American. The interactive guide, available at, provides clause-by-clause explanations from over 100 legal scholars committed to an originalist reading of the language.
    The observance of Constitution Day gives us an opportunity to fight the fiction of those trying to rewrite our history. It gives us the opportunity to rededicate ourselves to educating future generations how our limited form of government protects their precious freedoms, creates unparalleled prosperity, and provides unprecedented opportunity for all citizens.
    We must do all we can to protect our Constitution so that it can continue to protect all of us.
    We are to be one Nation under God

  35. Brian

    Back in the 80’s I attended a Bible Prophecy class. It was highly unorthodox. The teacher explained how the 1930’s depression was staged by the bankers, who then scooped up companies, properties etc for cents on the dollar. The teacher predicted that the Anti Christ forces would do this again before ushering in the false messiah; the Anti Christ. Jim Sinclair described this to be happening now. Food for thought!

  36. Michael Bierlein

    The Beast System revelation 13 and onward is at it’s zenith. A Biden Harris win will strengthen Mystery Babylon. We all know the Antichrists pray for the fail of the USA or today’s Jerusalem of the wilderness. I often think of the banking system going down and what hell it would bring. But it’s said it will fail. God with you all and believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth a Galilean. For it was foretold before time we would be persecuted for our beliefs. Question, it’s written in the Abrahamic Covenant we would become many nations as told from God Almighty. James 1:1 reads to the 12 Tribes scattered abroad. Who are these tribes today? Jesus said in Matthew 15:21-28 I come only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. How can we trust today’s beast system to lead us into the word of God? We can’t, read and reread your bibles. We lost the real word of God and for it was written too. Pray and stay strong in the Word. As Graig says, fear not

  37. Baja

    FREE Kyle R. Now…

  38. al

    In some States the final vote count will be on Nov 12, not Nov 3rd because of the Sweet and Sour Sniffles bull-sh1t.. Either way they lost and they know it! They are just doing what they do best, kick the can down the road for one more day of POWER!!!!! POWER!!! POWER!!!
    Trump already won, let’s face it. Florida, Ohio and Texas early voting is written in stone, the numbers are overwhelming for Trump. Take it from me.

    You have a Super Executive against a demented feeble moron. Case closed.
    As for the pitiful “riots”? NON EXISTENT! The National Guard is in place and so are unmarked Security Personnel in windowless trucks ready for action.
    PANTIfa will be a thing of the past starting Nov 4th.
    Trump’s agenda will kick in to high gear on Nov 4th. Executive orders will be flying off his desk, the MSM and Big Tech will be a small crumb of what they use to be. Mark my words.
    (money printing) Stimulus has to happen and will happen in order to bring on inflation, that’s the way the system is designed. No fault of anyone except the Fed.

    We didn’t get this far to go back. There is no back to go to, they face a loss of votes or a loss of their life, either way they lost and there is nowhere to hide. TOO MANY PEOPLE are on to them…. IT’S OVER.

    I watch all of Trump’s rallies on the Internet in full, I never missed one. The crowds are enormous and the enthusiasm is extreme! There is no going back.
    Trump said and I quote word for word “YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE LONG REACH OF AMERICAN JUSTICE”… Soon Guantanamo will have a “no vacancy” sign filled with Marxist and Traitors. Mark my words.


    • Pete+M

      Al, I sure hope you are right, and law and order trumps all the left wing morons in the end. I too have watched a lot of the trump rallies, and there is just no comparison between Biden’s so called campaign.

      Al, you are certainly quite informative, and I really do enjoy what you have to say, as well as you too Greg.

      I keep hearing that 20% of the people attending Trump rallies are actually historically voting democrats. In addition there is a historically high Latino and black vote now voting Republican.

      There is also a sizeable number of older Europeans now living in the U.S who have experienced communism a number of years ago that will vote for Donald Trump, and again, these people value the free enterprise system just like the Cubans do.

      I get the impression that people in general are just sick and tired of all the democrat lies and corruption.

      The lazy fk generation are just that, and I don’t think they will all vote, but people that have worked hard all their lives and just want to hold on to what they have will certainly get out in higher percentages, and this will in my opinion put Donald over the top.

      As for the main stream media, I too am hoping that their self created monopoly based on their corrupt democrat partnership will be broken up soon after the election.

      I have heard that the top 4 tech firms are currently valued more than the bottom 265 companies on the index, so there could be a bit of a correction coming there on the index itself after the election (just my opinion).

      Greg, I like your theory that Biden may just concede with a deal that keeps both him and perhaps his family unit out of jail.

      Trump certainly has a lot of experience at dealing with bankruptcies, and I am sure he will negotiate the best possible outcome. Could you imagine what Biden might do?

      But Biden’s just a name that would quickly go away if the democrats were to win, and camella would be in charge with perhaps even Nancy Pillow (see), even chomping at the bit.

      I believe Pennsylvania will go Republican, but it might take a bit of time to know the results, but if Trump gets 55 to 60% of the vote in many states, I don’t think that we will need to worry about the cheating aspect.

      In God We Trust, and I believe God is watching over us.

    • R. Collister

      Al, I figure your Irish first, or English second, maybe Canadian. Your defiantly English speaking born and bred! Your command of the mother tong is rare among those from the continent or beyond. Maybe NZ. Not Oz, your not into slang. Good on ya, mate!
      Excuse me. It took 40 years. But it’s up here now. But it’s, good on ya bud.
      Have a Bud light, Aldo! That’s beer up yonder!

    • notyourpatsy

      Al, I pray you are correct and it all goes down like you wrote in your post. In NJ Patriots for Trump are, and have been, holding ‘rallies’ daily all over the state! Private firetrucks with banners and flags, convoys of cars and trucks with banners and flags. The signs are encouraging fence sitters to come over to the right side!
      I agree with what you mentioned in another post regarding FL Cubans and their tight families. ANYONE who has lived under Communism and is now in AMERICA is grateful to be here and knows evil when they see it! I have Romanian friends who feel the same! My Hungarian friends never waiver from the right side!

  39. Ed Milligan

    They (The DNCCP) does not care about the violence, they are going to do whatever they need to do regain power for themselves and their masters in China. They released a pandemic on the world for gods sake, they are capable of anything. Prepare accordingly.

    • JC

      Batten down the hatches…

      Make no mistake about it; REGARDLESS of who wins the election, the other side will NOT accept a loss. The Democrats have been trying desperately to join this Western Coup of the Great Reset, and this is why they are funded by Soros and inspired by Bill Gates. There is no way they will simply sit on their hands. Soros will probably not even be alive for the next election in 2024. Bill Gates will be unless someone assassinates him as they at least tried with Adolf Hitler.

      Trump will stand up against this trend, but he also has so many within the government plotting to stab him in the back. Ballots are vanishing; people are discovering they voted when they did not. I have never seen any election in history this corrupt. No wonder gun sales are at record highs and ammunition is nowhere to be found. Either way, we will see violence post-election, so batten down the hatches.

  40. Amman

    “2032 will be the end of the impact to what is about to happen no matter who is elected. . . . The economic problem is quite serious. . . . If the rule of law is respected and the police are not defunded, free speech is allowed, the Second Amendment is maintained, then there is a way forward and there is a repair. It will come back together. However, if none of those exist . . . it is a total social and political change irreparable in nature.” – —————— There is Really nothing to add to Sinclair’s comment except one thing. 2032 is the year Martin Armstrong has said is a turning year and of very high relevance to the USA and Europe.

  41. Sylvia

    Thanks for having these two truth sayers on just before the election .
    Loved that comment by Sinclair that the book of Liviticus would be banned on Twitter.
    Holter has always been favored by me. His talk of the deflation of our assets and inflation of our needs was a nugget of wisdom for the future.

    Greg: you say you correct spelling and grammar? I have noticed many of your listeners don’t seem to know the difference between the words “their ” and “there”.

  42. Paul ...

    Still undecided about electing Trump? … listen to this interview Alex Jones had with Donald Trump back in 2015 “to get his true inner thoughts” … compared to China’s “bought and paid for stooge” Joe Biden !!! …

    • Paul ...

      Americans have to elect “their own man” … not a China stooge!!

      • JC

        I remember reading a book by P.D. OUSPENSKY. There was an interesting statement that I never forgot.

        “All that happens, happens because it could not be different. If it could have been different, it would have happened differently.”

  43. Diane

    Thanks Jim Sinclair for your comments.

    I count on having food ,water and supplies to ride out coming tough times.
    We may face under the worst circumstances…..a barter system .
    Have plenty of necessities you can trade.

    I don’t count on gold.

    • JC

      The Election Doesn’t Matter. Food matters, water matters, your personal stores of consumables matter.

      But, the Election? If you even care about it today, you don’t understand we could be in for weeks of conflict. What you should be worried about is what “comes out the other end” of that process.

      In a word? Depression.

      A few old man remarks on the Fall of America, if I may?

  44. JC

    Greg is right regarding real estate.
    A house is a place to live in.

    • Diane

      Absolutely…Greg is right.
      Please listen.

    • Lord Nasdaq

      I’d also say a house is a liability until paid off. Then it becomes an asset — well not in San Fransicko, or Chic-gott-go! They voted/brought that upon themselves.

  45. Gertrude Berkshire

    What is God’s Kingdom?
    A kingdom has to have a king. Jesus Christ, is the King of God’s Kingdom.​—Read Revelation 11:15.
    God’s Kingdom is in heaven, Jesus healed lepers. But
    what really makes Jesus an ideal King?​—MARK 1:40-42.

    The Kingdom of God is a heavenly government. It will replace all other governments and will cause God’s will to be done in heaven and on earth. The news about God’s Kingdom is good. Soon God’s Kingdom will satisfy man’s need for good government. It will unite everyone living on earth.​—Read Daniel 2:44; Matthew 6:9, 10; 24:14.
    Why is Jesus the ideal King?
    God’s Son is the ideal King because he is kind and he is firm for what is right. (Matthew 11:28-30) Also, he is all powerful enough to help people, because he will rule over the earth from heaven. After he was resurrected, he ascended to heaven and sat down to wait at God’s right hand. (Hebrews 10:12, 13) Jesus the Christ, has the power to begin ruling.​—Read Daniel 7:13, 14.
    What’s happened when Jesus began ruling?
    God’s Kingdom has began ruling, he said he would in the midst of his enemies Jesus’ first action as King was to throw Satan and his demons down to the earth. Satan became furious and began causing trouble throughout the earth. (Revelation 12:7-10, 12) Since then, mankind’s woes have severely increased. Wars, famines, epidemics, and earthquakes are all part of a “sign” that the Kingdom will soon take full charge of earth’s affairs.​—Read Luke 21:7, 10, 11, 31.
    What does God’s Kingdom accomplish?
    By means of a global preaching work, like here at God’s Kingdom is already uniting a great crowd of people from all nations. Millions of meek people, world wide are becoming subjects of Jesus Christ. They might not know it, but God’s Kingdom will protect them when it destroys the present wicked system of things on this earth. So all who want to benefit from God’s Kingdom should learn to be obedient subjects of Jesus.​—Read Revelation 7:9, 14, 16, 17.
    Precursor of “Sudden Destruction”
    What is the first development that we are awaiting?
    Proclaiming peace. In writing to the Thessalonians, the apostle Paul described the first development that we are awaiting. (Read 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 3.) In this letter Paul mentions “God’s day,” which will begin with the attack on “Babylon the Great.” (Rev. 17:5) However, just before God’s day begins, nations will be saying, “Peace and security!” This expression may refer to one pronouncement or to a series of notable statements. Will religious leaders be involved? Since they are part of the world, they will possibly join the nations in saying, “There is peace!” (Jer. 6:14; 23:16, 17; Rev. 17:1, 2) This proclaiming of peace and security will signal that the day of the LORD is about to begin. Enemies of God’s Kingdom “will by no means escape.”
    How do we benefit from understanding the significance of this prophecy? Paul states: “Your not in darkness, so that the day would overtake you as it would thieves.” (1 Thess. 5:3, 4) Unlike people in general, we discern where current events are heading, thank you Greg Hunter!
    In exactly what manner will this prophecy about peace and security be fulfilled? We must wait and see how the world scene develops. Therefore, “let us stay awake and keep our senses.”​—1 Thess. 5:6; Zeph. 3:8.
    No matter what happens after Tuesday? There’s gonna be a great day!

    • eddiemd

      The JW doctrine again. Or is it Mormon?

      Just remember that the Lord Jesus Messiah is the Almighty God in the flesh. That is the Truth. All the “Kingdom” talk starts with that truth.

      Look to Jesus only. He is the Way. The only Way. That Truth will set you free.

      Don’t fall for the false prophets, deceptions, false teachings.

      • notyourpatsy

        Roger THAT! EddieMD, It’s going to be quite the reckoning for those folks who wait till the last minute to ‘come to HIM! 64th&McD PPK!

        And yes, Panama City IS the center of Corruption in the Americas as you posted the other day. It’s where all of the 3 letter us corp govt agencies depoist and withdrawal their share of the poisoning of AMERICANS! If those agencies were’nt corrupt then there would be NO WAY drugs could enter AMERICA. PLENTY of evidence that the us corp govt IS the responsible party for distribution. They put on a great show of force every now and then to cover themselves to the unknowing general public around the World. But those of us vets who have seen and know differently are not fooled one bit! The mic is in on the corruption so deep they can’t turn back and are the transporters and protectors of the cartels.

      • Self+Exiled

        When in the US JW would come to my house and I would invite them in and listen, discuss theology. It was so long ago I don’t remember the differences we discussed; but I did enjoy the discussions. Before they left I always said ”well we should pray now”, and I would begin ”Lord Jesus Eternal Father” one in the same I always thought. Needless to say after that only a few returned, I liked them they were good people. In my own way I witnessed to them.

        For to us a Child shall be born, to us a Son shall be given;
        And the government shall be upon His shoulder,
        And His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
        Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

        • eddiemd

          Good on you SE.

          The opportunity to witness is always good. You are correct. I used to have the JW and 7th Day Adventists come to my door when I was in the university in Tempe. They have sincere intentions but they teach a different Gospel and use different Scripture. I would show them the differences. Sometimes they could not process the information because they were thought controlled by their church leaders. A form of cognitive dissonance. They preferred the cult beliefs than the Truth.

          We are in the end times. The delusions and deceptions are going to get stronger to the point where people are completely given over to false doctrine. Paul warned of this and so did Jesus Himself. The time is now.

      • wINNIE mCbULLARD

        Eddie, why don’t you start doing some Bible teaching instead of these canned quotes we keep hearing over and over again. You got cult derangement syndrome! This means everlasting life, they’re taking in knowledge of you the real true God and the one you sent Jesus Christ. iMPORTANT SCRIPTURE ONE I REMEMBER! I’m certainly willing to give up my life for something I can believe IN and wrap my head around. But all you got to say can’t fill a paragraph. Knowledge please and not just why everybody else is so evil. Look in the mirror. Repeat after me. Jw’s Mormans Catholic’s_____________Fill in the blanks! HEY EDWARD LISTEN IN MATE!
        Gen. Tom McInerney Hammers The Deep State Vote Fraud Operation
        15,029 views•Nov 1, 2020 Operation Freedom
        Now we just need to round up the culprick’s !

        • eddiemd

          Another mystery poster.

          I know I must be above the target when I get responses like your response.

          You said it correctly…they are cults. Cults cannot bear to hear the Truth. They prefer to believe in false teachers, false prophets, false doctrines, deception, and delusions.

          The time is short. There is no way to the Father except through Jesus Messiah. Believe what you want. That is your choice.

          The Lord Jesus Messiah is the Almighty God in the flesh. Your JW doctrine, mormon doctrine, catholic doctrine will not save you. You must be born again. The Words of Jesus Himself. Your issue is with Him. He will be your Judge. He knows your heart. He will reveal everything. There is nothing that will be hidden from Him.

          • Beverly

            Mormonism is NOT a cult. It is a well organized, legal Church. Many people might say it could belong to the Protestant group of churches, but the Mormons are not a break off of the Catholic Church. The Mormon religion was RESTORED to the earth. Christianity was alive after Jesus died. It lasted for a while, but when all the disciples were killed off, it started to become corrupt. Catholicism was organized by an earthly King, not by Jesus. It has ruled with an iron fist and that’s why we have all the Protestant religions. But, even the Protestant religions do not all agree with each other. That is why Jesus’s true doctrines needed to be RESTORED and that was done through Joseph Smith and the translation of the Book of Mormon. You will find Jesus’s doctrine in the Book of Mormon as well. And, yes, you do have to be baptized to be “born again.” We Mormons believe in being born again. Not only through being baptized but also by receiving the Holy Ghost. Christ told His disciples that the Holy Spirit would guide them after He was gone. We should rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us as well, but you can’t have the Holy Spirit if you are putting down Mormonism when you haven’t studied it. Yes, us Mormons DO know a few things about Christianity. More than a few. We ARE CHRISTIANS!

            • eddiemd

              Joe Smith. Go figure.

              Whatever happened to those golden tablets?

              The book of mormon…false doctrine. You might as well read the koran.

      • Beverly

        JW doctrine and Mormon Doctrine are very different, so please don’t put them in the same sentence as if you know all about them. You don’t. As far as the nations talking about peace and security, that scripture is saying that the United Nations and Communist countries will be saying that their way of doing things, which is world government by force, will create peace and security. But, this is absolutely false as we know. Satan’s plan to rule by force is what made him Satan. God’s plan was to put His children on the earth to have them be tested. Really, it’s all about proving to ourselves who we are. There will be no excuse for us in the end because God gave us all the mercy and justice and good conditions to prove ourselves. Satan’s plan of force would turn us all into zombies and this is exactly what the scripture is talking about. Peace and security in their terms means everybody doing exactly as they say. U.N. is so evil.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please don’t put JW material on USAW.

        • eddiemd

          They are similar. They are both cults.

          They have both corrupted the Scripture.

  46. Marie+Joy

    Stock up, now, before people go crazy.

  47. Curve Ball

    Ridiculous. I guess the people in entirely successful countries like Sweden, France, Germany and Spain are “suffering” because they’ve “accepted” socialized medicine. You toots are so, so brainwashed …. and I’ll bet not a one of you yahoos (including you, Greg) have EVER traveled extensively within western Europe, or inquired whether the citizens there are happy with their “socialist” (democratic) system. Breaking news…..they are…and their governments are doing just fine. You are basically brainwashed and blinded by your “American superiority complex”…..get a life.

  48. JC

    There is something I don’t understand. France, and now England, are in full lockdown due to Covid-19.

    Trump is in his mid 70’s, had, or supposedly had Covid-19 for a few days and he is fine.
    Why is this being downplayed? Nobody is talking about it.

    Something is not quite right. Something is fishy.

    • notyourpatsy

      JC, I mentioned this exact thing in a post a few threads back WNU? I think outside the box and watch for details unseen by the many. Who’s to say what he was sick from? I mentioned that if we are being ‘pied pipered’ then katy bar the door FULL BLOWN CIVIL WAR is in a few months if not sooner!

  49. Rodger+S+Pape

    Harris wants to have a 3% yearly tax on the value of your home….and this is their starting point. They do not believe in property rights…and want all property to be owned by the state.

  50. Rachel

    Hi Greg, A very sobering interview! I listened to this a couple of times. Thanks to Holter and Sinclair for sharing their hard earned wisdom. The world needs to learn that no single country should hold the world reserve currency. The resulting destruction of an entire country is unacceptable and I am sad to see that the fabric of Americas society has been broken. And to my other friend; you would need to take it off this page if you want to progress any further.

  51. Paul ...

    Stan … I know you are a contrarian … so is that the reason why you are ignoring your Bankster buddy friends at Deutsche Bank … who are saying the US Dollar cycle has topped out?? …

    • Stan

      Paul: Long tern the USD will skyrocket

      • Paul ...

        Stan … What is your definition of long term? … 2027?? … 2037??? … 2999????

        • Stan

          Paul: 1 – 5 years

          • Rachel

            Will the it even exist in 5 years?

  52. Rita Collister

    Biden Using CIA’s SCORECARD algorithm To Steal U.S. Presidential Election — Obama Biden used In 2012 and tried unsuccessfully in 2016

  53. Stan

    I guarantee you, and will wager 173k on it, that next year at this time (1)stock market will be higher, (2) Dollar will be substantially higher and (3) Gold will be lower.

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Watch this … … and learn a lesson from history … and remember that after the 1929 crash (confidence was lost in paper) and gold stocks soared … you know Greg’s guest today is a man you should be listening to very carefully … Jim Sinclair’s father (Bert Seligman) was one of the greatest traders in history and was business partners with Jesse Livermore (who remained an extraordinarily wealthy man all the way to the end of his life) … having Jim Sinclair warning us now is a rare opportunity (as he suggests where we should be investing to protect ourselves)!!!

    • Paul ...

      Stan … This election in two days will likely prove to be the most divisive election in the history of the United States … if it is contested (as to its legitimacy) there could be a number of negative consequences (like a collapse in consumer confidence and a fall the US dollar and the Stock Market) … which is something holding gold will historically hedge against as it accelerates its current upward trajectory as people seek a safe haven!!

    • Rachel

      Oooh Stan, a cryptic puzzle. …I love puzzles! …probably why math was my favorite subject…Hmmm…now let me see…well now there is no dollar sign in front of the 173k so you’re not talking about money. Umm what’s that analogy?.. ooh yes…”If it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck and it … s like a duck– then it’s a duck!”.. So lets see …. it looks like a “k” … Hmm .??? …. I know its a “k”… so what does one hundred and seventy three k’s look like… kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Thanks’ Stan, that was fun… Have a great day!

    • Swamp Diagnosis

      Stan, people fail to realize that nothing will ever get resolved until the Bankers are eliminated.

    • Self+Exiled

      Stan you know better than to make betts like that, just mail a card to Greg. i’m going to keep trying.

  54. Lord Nasdaq

    Great show this Sunday night. Let’s pray Cooper and state attorney general Stein gets replaced by Republicans Forest and O’Neil. Oh yes your judges crucial too. Look at Seattle, Wiscanson, Atlanta, etc. All those bums on the streets and most breaking parole committing even more crime for their government masters.
    Made moves on staples this week for safety and of course divy. plays.
    Have a good week Greg.

    • Math Guy

      If you are serious, I’ll open an escrow. Why don’t we make it an even $200k? To be clear and for the record, I will wager $200k and take lower S&P 500, currently 3296.96. Lower $, DXY currently 94.04 and Higher gold, currently $1879.90 on the close of trading 11/1/2021. Greg, you have my permission to share my email address with Stan, of course providing he will afford me the same courtesy. Let’s do this, Stan.
      Math Guy

      • notyourpatsy

        Math Guy, I was wondering if someone would counter Stan’s offer with an ‘Escrow Challenge’!!! We all know Mr Greg Hunter to be above honesty in all respects so let him be the ‘controller of Escrow’ as the impartial party!

        GAME ON!

        • Math Guy

          Hi Greg, Stan and Notyourpatsy,
          I am willing to allow Greg to mediate our wager, including holding my $200k. To make it interesting, also willing to make it two outta three to determine the winner. If two of the three end in Stan’s favor, he wins the $200k, same goes for me. C’mon Stan, here’s your chance to show us who has the bigger bag, although my guess is USA Watchdog fam already know your are full of $H!T. If you are a rich as you say, $200k is nothing to you, let’s make a trade.
          Math Guy

      • Stan

        Math Guy: You’ve got a deal! My friend at JPM will be the handle the escrow.

        • Math Guy

          That’s fine Stan, JPM can handle the escrow. Greg, kindly facilitate the exchange of our contact info.

  55. Jeffersonian

    I remember my father-in-law who is a successful real estate broker telling me. You don’t Own your property even if it’s paid off— you are merely a steward they will tax and regulate you to death—amen brother. My property taxes just keep going higher but not my wages——hmm go figure Seems like legalized extortion.

  56. Richard

    Mr. Sinclair made a comment that all religious paths led to heaven which is false. Here is a short discussion of why that is not true.

  57. Scott

    “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

    – John 14:6, KJV

    Someone needs to explain this Truth to Mr. Sinclair.

    There is no hope for this nation or anyone in it, rich or poor, man or woman, of any color or background, without the Lord Jesus Christ. None.

    We must as individuals, repent, ask Him for forgiveness, accept His blood payment for our sins on the Cross, and ask Him to save our souls.

    If people refuse to do this – including and especially Mr. Holter and Mr. Sinclair – you can forget about any turnaround or “way forward.” It will never, ever happen.

    • notyourpatsy

      Richard and Scott, I noticed this too. which is why I am not confident either Bill or Jim are on the religious side of things, but rather just the financial side of things. I hope I’m wrong and they are GOD fearing Christians because THAT is the only -path to salvation.

  58. Ed

    Greg, I’m sorry but I must be blunt. This is not a credible discussion with none of you pundits making any mention of corrupt Jewish political power (“JewishP,” hereafter) as a major force in our international debacle. Analyze the near total JewishP control of the US Federal reserve for decades. Examine the curious way that AIPAC has so many political successes. Explain to your audience that JewishP controlled media fools them into believing that Israel’s political goals are good for the US. Chaim Saban, Sheldon Adelson, Weschler, and man others, these people are very politically powerful, no one limits their power. These men openly cooperate with the Israeli government, and no doubt Mossad, too. Most are atheists, or at least non-practicing, and their top priority is Israel. Its plain as day.
    These are serious times and they call for serious measures. At least talk about these things; make a space on USA Warchdogdotcom for refuting the above analysis, if possible.
    That would be a true USA Watchdog.
    We Americans have already lost so much blood and treasure over absurd middle east wars based on lies, just to take one mess. The human wave fleeing from this ongoing crime has invaded Europe with god only knows what outcome for Europe. Some say Europe’s plight now is JewishP revenge for the crimes of 1939-1945.
    Time to stand up, Greg. Time to stand up and kick a giant.

    • notyourpatsy

      ED, I agree and posted the other day about this. Jared’s father is connected to nettennyahoo, and the state/country whatever the un/nwo wants to call it, isrealll, is/has been controlling us corp interests since JFK WAS murdered by the ideaf! Look how quickly deehhsss was ‘instituted’ across AMERICA in a matter of months, a direct copy of the tight ‘controls’ issreaal operates under. NOT a coincidence my friend. EddieMD will vouch for this too. I resigned when I saw what ‘they’ were putting in place to ‘control’ the American people.

  59. Paul ...

    We need to bring our troops and Generals home now … … as China is taking over America (even with all our nuclear weapons) … and those traitorous Demon-rats will likely ask UN troops to enter New York and California to protect them (when they secede from the Union)!!

    • notyourpatsy

      Paul, yes bring the troops home to protect AMERICA leave the Generals over there! If they were true leaders they would never have abandoned AMERICA for foreign shores! Half the troops are brainwashed millenials who blindly follow orders and will fire upon fellow Americans when told to do so IMO. Kent State was nothing compared to what’s coming. Fragging will have to occur in order to weed out the un/nwo brainwashed troops. Other than ‘Nam vets, SF guys there will be few leaders for the state militias to rely on for guidance. See you on the inside of the wire EddieMD PPK & McD

  60. Russ

    Thanks Greg, for letting us listen in on a great conversation.

  61. MCasey

    Joe Biden and Jill @ 30:02 sitting in the front row….NEW WORLD ORDER pansies.
    Your Guide to the Great Reset:

  62. Self+Exiled

    Trump’s Favorite COVID Adviser Goes on Kremlin-Backed RT to Blast Lockdowns as ‘Epic Failure’

  63. Self+Exiled

    The Newsom children’s return to school reinforces concerns from lawmakers that families who can afford private schools have a jumpstart.

    • notyourpatsy

      SE, I mentioned how the elite are/ have separate rules and lives from the other 99% by sending their kids to private schools not public in a previous post.
      See to the right in the video my tailgate of my black pu! Yeah, I had something to do with this parade LOL!

  64. Self+Exiled

    From 20% to 54% of attendees at the latest Trump rallies are NOT Republican.

  65. Self+Exiled

    Nevada Early Voting:

    rural counties has Trump ahead by over 35,000 votes and indicates either a decent number of cross-over votes from Trump in rural Nevada

  66. Self+Exiled

    Latest Polling: Trump Up 11 Points in Ohio — Five Points in Battleground Florida — Up in Arizona

  67. Self+Exiled

    Way to go notyourpatsy! New Jersey. The fire may be the last burst from the Boomers, but it is still there, and will burn for at least one last time before it goes out.

    • notyourpatsy

      SE, Yessirree, that was fun on Sunday! Lots of support here in my area as I previously posted. Patriots lead the way, uh, I mean EddieMD leads the way!

  68. Walther Peepeekay

    COVID-19 is a lack of nutrients, exploited by a virus
    Colleen Huber, NMD September 7, 2020
    “There already exist numerous ways to reliably prevent, mitigate, and even cure COVID-19, including in late-stage patients who are already ventilator-dependent.”
    – Thomas Levy, MD JD

  69. Self+Exiled

    Republican party of the past is no more.

  70. Sal Minion

    Northern California Declares Independence From China
    October 30th 2020, 10:00 am

  71. Gale Storm

    Biden’s campaign communications team – also known as the entire corporate “mainstream” operation Mockingbird media and all major social media and information platforms – are scurrying about crazily in an unprecedented suppression and censorship rampage to ensure that the growing body of authenticated evidence of Joe Biden’s active complicity in his son Hunter’s influence pedaling in Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan receives zero coverage, effectively bamboozling the American electorate.
    ROGER STONE: How the Democrats Plan to Steal the 2020 Election
    Roger Stone November 1st 2020,
    It is now just a few days until America finally renders its fateful choice for President on on Election Day 2020. But Democrat manipulations to buy time to conduct as much voter fraud as possible have made it more like Election MONTH 2020.
    Democrats engaging in widespread voter fraud, including mail-in voting abuse, illegal ballot harvesting, multiple votes cast by one individual, votes cast in the name of deceased persons, manipulation of computerized voting machine tabulations,
    ad- nauseam

  72. ron Bergoine

    Graham has a question for mainstream media if Trump gets reelected
    1,127,478 views•Nov 1, 2020


    A ‘high percentage’ of conservatives not revealing their political views in America
    5,930 views•Nov 2, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Professor James Allan say’s if Biden wins two months in, the Mockingbird press will be going after him for impeachment. Because they want Kamala and they will not protect the Biden family members as agreed upon! SHOCKING!

  74. [email protected]

    Steve Hilton: Closing arguments on Trump vs Biden
    560,114 views•Nov 1, 2020
    The man is a freight train, that can’t be stopped! He won’t allow it,
    never gives up. Only God’s Kingdom can or will stop him! YET I THINK HE WILL FIND A FRIEND IN JESUS AND the NEGOTIATIONS WILL BEGIN!
    Peace and Security anyone?

  75. lars sundling

    The White House is ‘under siege’ ahead of the election
    47,442 views•Nov 2, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Presidential election ‘won’t be a runaway election’

  76. Ranlar

    Read the one-page details. Side note: They keep too good of records for me.


  77. Ian Bly

    ‘Lock him up’: Trump supporters call for Obama to be ‘locked up’
    137,503 views•SkyNewsOzstralia
    No Stopping Him
    Trump finishes massive five rally day by dancing with crowd
    Nebraska Trump rally turn out of 29,000 people was a ‘wake-up moment for the media’
    18,893 views•Nov 2, 2020–HMJ-6E
    Data analyst predicts a victory for Trump in Florida
    4,907 views•Nov 2, 202o
    The size of President Trump’s rallies ‘are amazing’
    25,316 views•Nov 2, 2020
    There ‘sure is a path to victory’ for Trump in the US election
    21,749 views•Nov 2, 202o
    Small margin of Democrat to Republican early-voters ‘not looking good for Biden’
    6,237 views•Nov 2, 202o
    American people ‘won’t vote for a character with no policies’
    7,928 views•Nov 2, 2020
    Biden can’t negotiate with China because he’s been ‘bought’ by Beijing: Trump
    13,623 views•Nov 1, 2020 Sky News Australia

  78. Alannon

    If gold is going so high why pay off debt (fixed rate loans) when you could pay off when gold reaches those values?

    • Paul ...

      Makes “a lot of cents” Alannon to use your God give brain … why pay off your $2000 dollar credit card bill “now” … when you can simply use the $2000 to buy a one ounce gold coin … then when you sell your gold coin for $100,000 … you can pay off your credit card in full and still have an additional $98,000 dollars to spend, save or invest … hopefully the $98,000 will buy you more then a gallon of milk!!

      • Bob

        Don’t get too greedy, they can change the rules.

        They could make mortgages 10x bigger and/or charge a windfall tax on gold. All to be “fair” of course. It might be called the FAIRPAY act: Federally Adjusted Inflation Rate Principal Absolved Yield.

        Why should “rich people” holding gold benefit from hyperinflation when “everyone else” loses everything? This bill will ensure that everyone benefits equally from economic destruction.

  79. john+duffy

    The Raw Truth!

  80. Kevin Wright

    When are you gonna have Mark Taylor on again?….The dude is a portal to God..

    • wayne hardin

      The veil was rent so you don’t need to look to man to hear from God.
      Jesus only is the portal to God.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Odd, is it not, that so many believers in Jesus are each hearing from God, but yet disagree on fundamental theological issues?

    • wayne hardin

      You don”t need a man to tell you what tomorrow holds either .
      The bible tells everything that is going to happen.
      And only God know when .

      • Bob+Lamb

        The Bible tells us a lot but not everything about everything. That is why we are suppised to e built upon the rock of revelation. We are told many times in the Bible that the Holy Ghost will teach us and reveal truth.

        • wayne hardin

          I agree the Holy ghost shows me something every time i open Gods word.
          He will lead me into all truth . Cant wait.
          And i believe in prophets but they are not the portal to God. Only Jesus is the portal.
          Portal definition, a door, gate, or entrance,

  81. eddiemd

    Erdogan appealing to followers of islam worldwide. Meanwhile Macron speaks out again.

    News out of Israel.

    Armenia being defeated in the Causcasus.

    Winter warfare is not fun. I went to Brimfrost 85 for a few weeks in January. Out of Fort Richardson in Fairbanks. Minimal daylight and sub-zero wind chill.

    Then winter warfare in Vermont Green Mountains February 1985 and Fort Drum January/February 1986. And again New Hampshire White Mountains January 1991.

  82. Lightning

    Not sure if this is true,

    But it’ would be a huge mistake if the CIAbtried to throw the Pennsylvania results to Biden.

    Trump drew 57,000 people in Butler, PA and huge crowds everywhere he went in PA,

    The groundswell of support for President Trump is overwhelming here. He’s made huge inroads in Philadelphia too.

    There is no possible way Biden gets more votes than Trump here. If they rig it, it will not be accepted and it will be the seeds of their downfall

  83. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,

    Best wishes for your ‘election coverage special’. I will be tuning in. Let’s hope an avalanche of good people turn out for Trump tomorrow!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andrew. It’s going to be fun!!

  84. eddiemd

    Some bedtime reading. A reminder of the nanoparticle mRNA vaccine coming at you at warp speed.

    A little more complex.

    And where they work on emerging disease. I was at this location in the virology lab in 96. Bioweapon surveillance was a priority. Looking for new potential coming out of the Amazon basin

  85. Self+Exiled


  86. Mike R

    Have close family contacts with Pence family. Election is in the bag for Trump. All their intel from early voting, and private un-rigged polls, shows Trump as the continuing President.

  87. Mike R

    The real reason that liberalism, marxism, socialism always fails, is everyone of those idealogies is based on hate. They hate the other side. They hate their own country. They hate most everyone. They hate the constitution. They even hate babies as they’ve aborted millions of them. And only engage in narcissistic self love. They have no love for God. Nor for the nation that gave them immense opportunity, their jobs, their livelihoods, their families, and an unbringing that could have been successful through hard work, honesty and conservative values.

    tomorrow they will lose the election and keep on hating, whether its hating on Trump, hating on cities and destroying them, hating businesses and looting them after they lose. Haters are losers.

    Haters are blamers (like Obama the masterblamer), and they do nothing to improve anyone else’s life, and only seek to focus on their own. They dont give to their community, or if they do, they TAKE far more away than they give. They take zero responsibility for anything, including even keeping the planet clean and while they pollute the most, they hate on you with their climate change hoax of all hoaxes, seeking to hate on you by controlling your actions.

    Love trumps all.

    They need to embrace and love God. Sadly they nearly all worship satan, and probably would never admit to that, or think that.

    • Beverly

      I agree with everything you wrote except that I think they know exactly who they are worshipping. I believe they KNOW they are Satan worshippers and I believe they do things that are far worse than our imaginations can possibly handle. These people are pure evil—like the Baal worshippers of Old Testament times. They sacrificed children and I believe these One World Order so called elitists, are also doing that.

  88. tim+mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. I watched the first half. Not much new in it. We’ve seen this story going on now for decades. Once the dollar was taken off of the gold standard, August 15th, 1971; it was all over for the middle class.
    Looking forward to your election night coverage. Florida’s vote tallies should come in early. It’s all about Florida. Last election I thought Hillary would win Florida and the election (I wasn’t rooting for this outcome.) But I forgot how Obama pissed off the Cubans in Miami when Obama went to Cuba. I don’t think the Cubans have forgotten.
    Trump wins Florida… I think he wins the election. But do we win? There is only so much Trump can do. Seems like I’ve been losing ground since Nixon gave his “closing the gold window” speech on Sunday night in August of 1971. Trump wins… no change for me. Biden wins, … well, that’s when Mr. Dead comes to town.

  89. Mike Hammer

    Norman Eisen Andrew Weissmann Mark Ellis Neil Keitel Mike Morell
    _______________Enema’s Of The People
    The Corona Fraud Scandal: “Crimes against Humanity”. They’re Corrupt Agenda

    Millions of people around the World are victims of they’re fear campaign. Panic prevails. Day after day, the persistent impact of media disinformation concerning the Killer Virus is overwhelming.
    Fear and panic, coupled with outright lies prevent people from understanding the logic of these far-reaching economic and social policies.
    After nine months of research and analysis, it is confirmed. That the data and concepts, have been manipulated with a view to sustaining the fear campaign. The estimates based on the RT-PCR test are meaningless: The RT-PCR test does not identify/detect the Covid-19 virus. What it detects are fragments of several viruses.
    Confirmed by prominent scientists as well as by official public health bodies Covid-19 is NOT a dangerous virus.
    Amply documented, the COVID-19 Fraud Scandal has been used as a pretext to trigger a Worldwide process of economic, social and political restructuring which has resulted in mass poverty and Worldwide unemployment. It is destroying people’s lives.

    Can We Amplify the Good and Contain the Bad, [Gitmo Bay?] Of Social Media?
    If there is a path for tilting social platforms toward a force for positive outcomes, it begins by understanding the phenomena that drive “the hype machine.”

    How Our Enema’s Plan to Steal the 2020 Election

  90. JC

    Trump draws tens of thousands of people, often in freezing weather, to his rallies, while Biden draws tens. Then how is it everyone says Biden is winning? Simple answer! Biden is winning because cheating and voter fraud threatens to rule the day. After all, the Dems have mailed out 80 million ballots to the likes of dead dogs, ghosts and multiple ballots to single voters. There are reports that the CIA is conspiring to rig voting machines in battleground states. Some feel that Trump would have to get 75% of the vote to win.

    Pray for Donald Trump, and then pray again that God will strike down the cheating and voter fraud. Pray this prayer in Jesus name. For if you do not, it will not be long until you will not be permitted to utter Jesus’ name in public.

  91. Hammer Mike

    Not , Mark Ellis & Neil Keitel, but Mark Elias – Neal Katyal!
    Any sign of, RUN!

  92. Jerry

    Operation dark winter is on the way, no matter who wins the election.

    It is my opinion that the global elites will use a grid down scenario to begin the transition to the global reset in January 2021. Once the election is over, the full implementation to “lock step” under agenda 21 will commence. The backup plan to block the kickback I believe will be targeted blackouts to segments of our country that refuse to get in “Lockstep”. When it’s -10 degrees outside, what better way is there to convince you to change your mind, than having your power cut off? Most people are not equipped to handle this type of challenge, and most likely will give in once the power goes off. And the best part is, they can blame it on hackers, the Chinese, or whoever they want. China was a good scapegoat for the plandemic wasn’t it?

  93. StormGale

    President Trump to hold late night rally in Grand Rapids
    66,961 views•Nov 2, 2020
    Trump and Pence host final rally of Election Eve in Grand Rapids, Michigan
    24,004 views•Streamed live 4 hours ago Sky News Australia
    WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump is holding his final rally of the campaign right now in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is the fifth rally Trump has held today across four states.
    Ingraham: Trump is an ‘absolute machine’ and it’s paying off
    314,496 views•Nov 2, 2020

    Trump’s path to re-election is the ‘same as last time’
    2,527 views•Nov 3, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Pollsters are committing the ‘same mistake they made in 2016’
    3,008 views•Nov 3, 2020 Sky News Australia

    It ‘matters to Australians’ who will win the presidential election
    1,136 views•Nov 3, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Angela Lansbury on “The Manchurian Candidate”
    2,072 views•Jun 12, 2020

  94. larsSundling

    Japanese for Trump’ come out for the President in Biden’s home town
    110,491 views•Sky News Australia
    Japanese for Trump’ supporters gather in defiance of Democrats in Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton Pennsylvania screaming “four more years”.
    Sky News hosts Rita Panahi and James Morrow stumbled upon the group who were gathering on a highway canvassing support for the president in Mr Biden’s home town.
    Ms Panahi said the group was “multiplying by the second” and although there were many more Biden signs than Trump’s in the town, there was a lot of shy support for the president.
    “There’s a big shy Trump support group around there,” she said.

    Donald Trump ‘will win the election’: Nigel Farage
    25,020 views•Nov 3, 2020 SkyNewsAustralia
    Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage says Donald Trump is “going to win tomorrow”.
    Mr Farage told Sky News host James Morrow there is momentum running behind Trump in the lead up to the US presidential election and the President, since the second debate, had “been magnificent”.

  95. SueSmith

    US election will see ‘absolute confusion’ whatever happens
    1,400 views•Nov 3, 202 Sky News Australia

    Joe Biden is ‘not the right choice for America’
    7,560 views•Nov 3, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says there are “actual reasons” why Joe Biden is not the right choice for America.

    “This bloke in his 47 years in parliament has made too many mistakes,” Mr Murray said.

    “I’ll just pick three of them, he voted for the Iraq war, and then later said it was a mistake. He introduced a crime bill that locked up thousands of African Americans for very low-level crimes, he said that was a mistake. He introduced the North America free trade agreement.

    “Biden is also the front for the radical left, in America they don’t have the Greens they just have looney bits of the Democratic Party.

    “His plans to change the country – in my view – are too dramatic, he wants to introduce a seven per cent increase in company tax at a time when the United States is in recession.”

    Mr Murray said Biden would also “re-empower the entrenched establishment” under the “guise of bipartisanship”.

    “Why don’t I want Biden to win? Because it’ll prove the media does have the power to affect elections by picking a winner,” he said.


    Communist Party news agency’ parliament house privilege ‘must be reviewed’
    42,260 views•Oct 20, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Liberal Senator James Paterson has called for the “state-owned, state-directed, state-controlled Communist Party news agency” Xinhua to have its unrestricted parliament house access reviewed.
    “If they Xinhua News Service journalists are indeed journalists in any sense of the word, they do not resemble journalists we have here in Australia,” Senator Paterson told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.
    He said the state-owned news agency has been “credibly accused” across the world of “facilitating propaganda and disinformation and even engaging in espionage”.
    “Yet they have access to parliament house, unrestricted access to parliament house, and the right to sign in guests to parliament house with no oversight at all,” Senator Paterson said.
    “The same day Xinhua journalists were raided by ASIO in Sydney, Xinhua journalists turned up to the prime minister’s press conference and aggressively filmed Australian journalists in an apparent attempt to intimidate them.
    “Their status should be reviewed.”

    ‘No one works harder for the American people than Donald Trump’: Trump’s Former EA Rockstar!
    Nov 3, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Former Executive Assistant to President Trump, Madeleine Westerhout told Sky News host Paul Murray “no one works harder for the American people than Donald Trump”.

    “I was President Trump’s Executive Assistant for over two and a half years,” she said.

    “I really got to see him up close and got to know him as a leader, as a boss, and also as a father and a husband, and there is no one that works harder for the American people than Donald Trump.

    “The President works so hard. Last night I think he got back to the White House from his last rally at 3:00am. And when I was with him, he was up at the crack of dawn.
    “He honestly ran circles around much of the staff in the west wing.”
    Ms Westerhout said the President empowered her to make the decisions regarding who could see him in the Oval Office, and who couldn’t.

    Who’s on the phone with a gravely voice NOV 3rd Today Tuesday

  97. Don Smith

    Trump holds ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ in Michigan
    1,113,398 views•Streamed live on Oct 30, 2020 Fox News

  98. StorminNORMAN

    WOW Greg, Just listened to Trump’s son on Rush Limbaugh. He said the the impeachment hoax was not Nancy plosive Pelosi, trying to placate AOC and the squad. But actually TO cover up what Trump was trying to find out in the phone call with the Ukrainian president. Explosive Pelosi, knew all about the Burrisma money laundering scam from the beginning, which not only involves JimCrow [quid quo pro] Joe and his son Hunter, but also her, Pelosi’s son and even John Kerry’s step son! This was not only a Biden, [bribe em!] Crime family money laundering affair, but a massive get out this laundered Democrat and RINO republican too, i’ll gotten money’s. To sack the courts with criminally bought and paid for, politically corrected underworld lawyers, to finally get to steal the election, IN THE WEEKS AHEAD. From the dully elected president of these still, United States of America! MOST OF THE DEM’S TAINTED MONEY DIDN’T GO INTO CAMPAIGNING, BUT CRIMINAL LAWYERS POCKETS. DON”T BELIEVE IT? JUST ASK NORMAN….
    In plain English folk’s. With jail time looking at our criminal ruling class and injustice department, in their face’s. Let the Shenanigans begin!

  99. Shy Bly

    Trump: ‘Losing is never easy. Not for me it’s not’
    3,544 views•Nov 3, 2020 Sky News Australia
    After conducting about 40 rallies over the past few weeks ahead of the United States election, President Donald Trump’s pre-election blitz has come to an end as Americans head to the voting booths.
    Huge queues have turned out to vote across the nation despite approximately 100,000 million votes having already been submitted.
    Traveling to one of his campaign headquarters in Virginia earlier this morning after finishing his final rally at 1:30am last night, the president thanked staff for their hard work in the lead-up to the election.
    “You see rallies the likes of which – in the history of this country, probably in the history of the world – nobody’s ever seen before”.
    “We would get crowds of 50,000 people.”
    President Trump said there was “tremendous love” and “tremendous unity” across the nation.

    Trump campaign shreds Biden for claiming Trump will steal election
    88,725 views•Nov 3, 2020 Fox News

    • Bob

      “100,000 million votes having already been submitted.”

      Well sleepy Joe did say they have the biggest voter fraud organization in history, but isn’t this a little too brazen even for the left?

  100. Kyle Cook jr.

    Don Jr claims Biden is ‘most corrupted’ candidate in US history
    212,924 views•Nov 3, 2020 Fox Business
    Wow, you got to hear this guy! Listen!

    Republican Political Consultant: ‘I think Biden is going to have a great night’
    1,242 views•Nov 3, 2020 Katie Couric

  101. Bob

    Laura Ingraham is great here making fun of Komrade Ardern.

    NZers bleating like sheep because she “mocked our accent”. I’d listen to Laura doing those impressions all day if I could. So funny, so accurate.

    “You kent leev the kemp until you are niggatiff” LOL.

    BTW, she is komrad Ardern. Watch this proof the toothy one is a commie, no doubt about it.

    Check out her latest political appointments, all perverts and bottom feeding parasites. A glorious future awaits the country!


  102. Joe Burpee

    Far-left attacks are ‘absolutely organised’ and aim to ‘destabilize the US’
    53,300 views•Nov 3, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Journalist and photographer Andy Ngo says the violent riots and protests by the far-left are “absolutely organised attacks” with the broader goal of destabilizing the United States.
    “If you look at how they organise – quite plainly and transparently – online through … social media sites, they create adverts for where, telling sympathisers to come meet,” Mr Ngo told Sky News host Paul Murray.
    “They put out manuals and guides both online and printed out in person on how to essentially riot effectively.
    “They also organise into different units … they’re extremely organised and we underestimate them at our peril.
    “The overarching agenda and goal broadly is to destabilize the United States.”

    300 Mile Border Wall Montage
    43,654 views•Sep 1, 2020 U.S. Customs and Border Protection
    CBP, in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has constructed over 300 miles of new border wall system.
    I’ts only a little over 300 miles so far, with four thousand to go. But if you plan to visit illegally, don’t forget water and to slop on and slip on a hat! Leave the vitamin D, you wont need!

  103. Clare+Doll

    @51:51 There goes bitcoin!

  104. Rob

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for not wavering on your beliefs – John 14:6


  105. Susan

    One year old, and off topic, but I remember you in front of a flooded field. Food shortages:

  106. wayne hardin

    OK hear we are . Trump will most likely be the president again .
    And i pray he is .
    But there are a lot of people saying that the one world order will be stopped ‘
    Do not believe that / no matter who is in office there will be a one world order .
    So do not forget what Gods word says . His word is true and anybody that says
    something different is a liar . So keep your eyes on Jesus . And don’t let your guard
    down .
    What saddens me is / it is almost like people don’t want the word of God to come
    to pass. Look at the way this world is / it is so evil and is only going to get worse
    how many baby’s will be killed how many women will be raped and on and on and
    on ….. My self i grown for the judgement of God and his coming .
    I am so tired of seeing evil done and they just go on their way .
    And i know satan is laughing his ass off . And the evil demons doing it are also.
    I say LORD COME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before i lose it … I am getting PISSED
    And i don’t want to do something that i ready don’t want to . But it is looking like
    that is what it is coming to.

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