U.S. Currency Weak and About to Crash—Karen Hudes

U.S. Currency Weak and About to Crash—Karen HudesBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former World Bank Senior Counsel and whistleblower Karen Hudes has an amazing revelation about secret U.S. gold.  Hudes says, “We’ve been offered, the United States, 170,500 metric tons of gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash.  The Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional, and we don’t have to pay interest on our debt, and we don’t have to have debt for that matter.”  What does Hudes say to her skeptics that doubt her story of 170,500 tons of gold in Hawaii?  Hudes says, “I say you are totally kept in the dark and that the mainstream media is controlled by this network of control that is totally documented by the Federal Institute of Technology.  You really ought to chide yourself that you are deliberately kept in the dark.  So, you shouldn’t be surprised that the world’s wealth is hidden from you when so much else is hidden from you.”   

At a December town meeting attended by Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, Hudes asked, “What I asked General Dempsey was if your job is to see to the military strength to the United States and the currency of the United States is deliberately being kept weak and is about to crash for no good reason, what on earth do you think you are doing there?”  What was his reply?  According to Hudes, “He tried to get out of it. . . . I have been repeating this question in other forums, and General Dempsey is just terribly discredited isn’t he?” 

What signs are there that the U.S. and other currencies are about to crash?  Look no further than physical gold.  Hudes says, “Look at the amount of gold that is disappearing from COMEX.  Another way is whether the central banks who lease their gold are still leasing it—no they’re not.  That would be impractical because the banks would not get their gold back at the end of a lease term.  There’s the problem of Germany asking to repatriate their gold, and they were told it would take seven years, and the Federal Reserve is not even complying with that schedule.  Gold is going into hiding.” 

Hudes goes on to talk about something called a “Power Transition Model” which Hudes says it predicts, “The United States was going to lose its leadership role if we didn’t separate ourselves from this corruption.  And, it turns out the United States isn’t the only one who has been captured in this system.  The Bank for International Settlements, it’s got central banks in all these different countries.  It’s a Ponzi scheme. . . . I have been working with people inside the Department of Defense who know about this “Power Transition Model” which says the United States is at a fork in the road; and, actually, it’s not just the United States, it’s all of humanity.  Either we take back our gold, our legality, and we tell this group that thinks it’s above the law that it is not above the law, or we can kiss ourselves goodbye.  Humanity will not continue, we will have World War III. 

As far as the Federal Reserve, Hudes says, “The only ones buying the dollar, as far as I can see, is the U.S. Treasury. . . They’re intentionally trying to crash the dollar; they’re trying to weaken the United States.”  The Fed, Hudes says, “Are traitors, they are traitors.  They are not owned by the U.S. government.  They are part of this network of control. . . . Why would we let them do this?  We’re not going to let them get away with this.”  

Hudes makes another point about gold, and she contends it has been manipulated down in price.  She says, “It’s all paper being offered against delivery in the future.  There are many more contracts for the future delivery of gold than there is actual gold in COMEX to make good on those offers. So, this is not going to continue.  No, it’s not going to continue.  What happens when the paper currencies are about to crash is you see gold backwardation, and it has been going on for more than a year.  (Backwardation means the price of gold today is a higher price that gold delivered in the future.)   

Can we pull the world out of this economic calamity?  Hudes closes by saying, “It may be that we don’t, in which case, we end up in what happened just before we went into the dark ages–when gold went into hiding . . . . We can bring this gold that belongs to humanity out of its cloak of secrecy and out of hiding or we can go back into the dark ages.  And we can have pestilence and starvation. . . . Civilization breaks down.  We cannot pay for our international trade. 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former World Bank Attorney Karen Hudes.    

After the Interview:   
Karen Hudes disclosed the 170,500 tons of gold she was talking about is somewhere in the Philippine Islands.  Hudes went on to say, “We are in the Wizard of Oz moment where Toto pulls back the curtain, and the Wizard says pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”  For an interview where Hudes talks more about “gold backwardation” with Professor Antal Fekete click here.

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  1. andrew

    I bank at Bank of Hawaii and live on Kauai. I’m available to go to the vaults and check on the 170,000 tons present and verify for you all. Anybody got the address? I assume it’s on Oahu. We’re all friendly here in Hawaii, and since this is the people’s gold, I’ll meet you over in Honolulu, let you in the vault, and you can take some home with you.

    P.S. I don’t usually comment with humor in serious financial blogs, but I thought this occasion warranted it.

    • andrew

      oops sorry, I can only offer you little certificates of gold stored in the Bank of Hawaii, the real gold is somewhere over the rainbow.

      • andrew

        I like Karen’s optimism and her storyline and find it refreshing in light of the usual dire news, but I doubt our controllers are willing to walk away quietly into the night. These people are psycopaths and spoilers who are willing to take down all of humanity if they don’t get their way. Karen is talking like a magical transformation will take place. I wish it would come true, and it is a righteous outcome, but there are many people in this world that mean harm to others. Also, a lot of people walk around like victims, are sheepish and uninformed, and scared to take control of their lives. People resist transitions. We do not have an informed population that would know what to do in such a situation. I see a lot of chaos, and a lot of karma coming due, for everybody, whether the perpetrators or the victims. Many people will fall by the wayside.

      • 02144pomroy

        Andrew, read JC Collins @ the Charleston Voice, Feb 28, 2014. His explanation makes more sense to me than Ms. Hudes

    • 1914"100yr's"2014

      How’s the Fukushima water over there, do you feel surrounded?

    • Prickly

      This is one of the most ridiculous stories I’ve come across today. I never leave comments but this warrants a comment. Are we supposed to believe that president Marcos of the Philippines and general Suharto of Indonesia are the two humanitarians that this gold was entrusted to for the good of humanity. Suharto was a psychopath that killed 6 million of his own people to get into power and anyone that doesn’t know the story of the Marcos’s should Google it. The second inconsistency the way I see it is that there is no way I can imagine the USA allowing this stash of gold being stored anywhere but under tones of steel and concrete in New York. inconsistency number three. Tis Karen Hudes is supposed to be an economist from the world bank. Perhaps she can enlighten me on how adding 170,000 tons the world gold reserves will add to the total of world wealth. Will we use it to power our cars when petrol is $10.00 a gallon or eat it, or what. Money is not wealth. Gold is money not wealth. Lets just say it exists and is used to pay off debt. Who’s dept. not yours or mine ill bet. Placing 10,000 tons in Fort Knox to replace the lost bullion will do nothing for the state of the world. Its broken because of misallocation not because the vaults are empty. (that’s just a symptom of the problem). This whole story sounds like a desperate USA citizen dreaming up a way to prolong the happy days when the white man was the consumer powerhouse of the world.

    • robert calandra

      if you know anything about history (DUNSE) you`d know that many countries put their gold into this account sometime in the 50`s it was first signed for by truman and then later eisenhower!! it was to collect interest to support humanity!! the bankers know this and have been hoping to hide it because they owe trillions in interest!!!! there is nothing ridiculous about this the only ridiculous thing here is (DUNSES) like you

  2. Mark

    I couldn’t hope more that she’s completely wrong. If Karen dumps her 170,500 tons of gold on the market to pay off the world’s debt the value of my buffaloes will be what..$3? At that rate should I cash them in for the $50 face value to net a cool $47 profit?

    • Galaxy 500

      Mark, the difference between your gold and Karen’s is that your is real. But if you are really worried that they will be worth $3, I will give you the full face value of $50 for any amount up to 1,000. As a concerned citizen, I am happy rescue you from your folly.

  3. RIsky Whiskey

    this woman is useless.

    • 02144pomroy

      Don’t say that Risky! She and Wolfgang “have allocated the gold.” Nothing to worry about! With all due respect, I’ve got to question this woman’s sanity.

    • Tom Winchester

      I am no fan of General Dempsey, but if Karen Hudes asked him a question he didn’t know how to answer a crazy person that isn’t making any sense.

    • Angie

      Agree 100%

  4. armando

    Greg, I greatly respect your efforts and agree with the very vast majority of your guests – but please refrain from having this nutcase guest on again. She mixes half-truths with fantasy and provides NO proof to back up any of her absurd claims of 170,000 tons of gold. How is it possible that you´re falling for her claims and even giving her the time of day? Stick to people like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Peter Schiff and John Williams – because guests like Karen Hudes belittle the rest of your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Armando and Merc,
      I am sorry you guys did not like the interview. I try to put the best people I can on the site. Ms. Hudes has legit credentials, but I understand your frustration. Thank you for the feedback.

      • Tom Winchester

        Greg, Have you personally checked her so-called credentials? And even if they check out who cares about World Bank credentials. I suspected many months ago when I first heard her that she is insane; or went insane and was let go, or she was a plant to make legit people trying to warn us look nuts by indirect association. And poor Professor Fekete; at the end of the interview (if you could call it that) you can tell that he didn’t know what was happening and just wanted to keep her from going loose on him until he had a chance to get away.

      • Angie

        With all due respect it is not the interview it is the interviewee. I mean this when I say, she is a NUT!

        What proof do you have she is and has the background that she says? I have heard her interviewed on other “conspiracies” and she seems to love the spotlight. I do not think all her pups are barking.

      • armando

        Greg: It´s not the interview that I didnt like, its the guest – you Sir as always were truly outstanding. That said, after a great bit of investigation I honestly believe Ms Hudes is either a disinformation agent or at the very least has been misled. Common sence tells me the 170k tons she refers to are ALL the gold (coincidentally) that has been mined throughout history.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Armando.

      • smaulgld

        Sorry Greg- I had no idea what she was talking about

      • Ken

        You have a ‘faceless’ person named “armando” calling someone a “nut case” because she/he is a either a troll shill or a blithering idiot, and you don’t question the idiocy of it/her/his accusations ?? And below you have ‘Angie’, a cat with a tin hat on calling her “a NUT”..and you thank them {for their ignorance}?? Greg, you are very diplomatic, I will give you that, but on issues as critical as this, maybe some non-diplomatic directness would be appropriate .. Appeasing ignorance only allows it to spread.. …

        • Greg Hunter

          I let the comments fly as long as there is no foul language. I try not to censor the site as much as possible but I understand your point and it is valid.

      • Steven Wagner

        I think Karen Hudes is very credible and I don’t think you would bring someone on your show that would effect your reputation as a reporter. She is a HERO in my mind. I’ve been trying to educate people in my area “Why are you paying principal and interest on a bank loan when the bank never borrowed you ONE PENNY” since I don’t have the credentials like Ms. Hudes people think I’m nuts, fact is, the bank extend everyone of us the banks Credit, which is against Federal Law, if the note was destroyed that means they committed Security Fraud. I don’t see the banks being effected or any of creating a crash on the banks when the Bank extended to us their credit. Greg have you heard anything about Land Patents and that all the Land in America sits in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). I’ve been working with an individual helping me help others claim there rights to their Land Patent which the Supreme Courts have ruled on saying They would never rule against the Land Patent because it’s the Highest Title to the Land, the most recent case I know of is the “Summa Corp vs State of California” Yes, once you file your land patent the banks may still try to come after you for the debt. This opens the door that the people need to start challenging the banks to Validate the Debt which they cannot do. I have challenged Regions Banks, I’m down to my last car loan payment and I requested to see my Original Blue Ink singed note, they will not give it to me, so I sent them a check for full payment with an Affidavit I have from Tom Schauf. My letter stated, Regions could cash the check to pay off my loan if they Signed and returned the Affidavit to my attorney but if they would not sign and return the Affidavit they could not cash the check and admit to what’s in the Affidavit or that the bank never borrowed me the banks money or the depository money another words they extended me their credit. Bottom line in all of this is the bank used the promissory note like CASH, they cashed the note into an account called a demand account the bank opened up with out telling you they did this, it was the borrowers signature on the NOTE that funded the NOTE back to the Borrower. The bank never gave you, me or anyone ONE PENNY. Ask Karen Hudes about this, this is what we need as prove to keep the banks from STEALING our HOMES. Greg, I would think when a person signs a promissory note that note becomes a Liability. Regions Bank responded to my letter and offer stating the Note is an ASSET. Wouldn’t this just prove what I said, when does a Liability (Promissory Note) become a bank ASSET, when they cash the NOTE. I love Karen Hudes, we need more people like her to come out and expose the banks fraud… we need to help people become FREE of there mortgage DEBT. People need to wake up and the American People need to thank you for what your doing. We need to educate the Police, the Sheriffs and the Judges as to what is going on. They have no idea of HJR 192 which Karen Hudes somewhat reference to with Corporations. They are blinded and yet I feel the Judges in this country knowingly or unknown including the Sheriffs departments all over this country are participating in Bank Fraud, Security Fraud and many other criminal Activities when they allow the bank to steal a person home without have full knowledge or understanding as to how the banks Operate. In the banks own book Modern Money Mechanics they state they extend there credit. Keep up the good work, we need more reporting on this to help educate the PEOPLE and those in the SYSTEM to stand up to the OATH they took to protect us from the bankesters and their goonies. Have a bless day.

    • Norman Pilon

      “guests like Karen Hudes belittle the rest of your work”

      Hard not to agree with ‘Armando,’ Greg. In kilograms, the estimated amount of Gold in the world is roughly 1,555,210 Kg. That translates into a bit more than 1,555 metric tons. That’s the estimated ‘world supply,’ above ground, in circulation, so to speak. That is a far cry from 170,500 metric tons, by a factor of roughly 109 times. Someone’s credibility is a tad thin, even allowing that sometimes people miss-speak themselves.

      Guests like William Black and John Williams are by far and away more credible guests and better suit your efforts, Greg. Otherwise, I do appreciate your work and your efforts.

      • James Spyder

        Don’t you know that all these numbers are fake? Why would you believe these numbers put out by the government or banks or other financial institutions that know nothing about history or real economics or will admit the structural fraud and corruption built into the system. You and I have no idea how much gold is really in the economy. You and I have no idea how much of the economy is legitimate vs illegitimate (black market). People have been steeling, looting, plundering, scheming, conspiring, warring, etc. these valuables for 1000s of years. You think what they write down is true? These corrupt F@$k$ Have a 1.2 quadrillion unregulated derivatives market…. What do you think that is? It the private currency of a few banks that is used to control all other assets in the rest of the economy. Wake up!

    • Chip

      Sorry Greg, i can’t buy the 170,000 ton story either. with US supposed to have 8,133 tons, China with somewhere around 6,000 tons, the 170,000 figure is an order of magnitude off….

      • 02144pomroy

        What she didn’t tell us was that she and Wolfgang found Coronado’s Seven Cities of Gold.

  5. Merc

    Oh Greg, I know you’re a good guy and righteous , too. You want the best for your country, I know. And you try to get real “facts” out to us all.
    Come on, this claim of 175,000 tons in Hawaii (oh no , now it is Phillipines, ya), this claim would send gold to $300.

    She is an agent.

  6. allen ols

    I asked Jim W. about the dead bankers;

    if and when the Dead Banker List reaches 10-12 men, maybe the story will be covered
    the overriding theme so far is to keep bankers silent when cooperating with legal authorities
    mostly Interpol and their Serious Fraud Division
    I have nothing new on the story JW

    al ols fopusawd

  7. George Malcolm

    I like your show Greg. I normally never comment this time I must.

    Karen Hudes to my mind shows definite signs of “delusions”. Sometimes brilliant individuals can become paranoid and fixated and start losing the plot. Sad.

    • Galaxy 500

      Delusions of grandeur, I agree. She is going to save humanity

      • allen ols

        I somewhat agree, she did an interview at an air port with antal fetke, sp, and RED ALERT was the heading.


        she is one of us, and she held a high position in world bank, and she disclosed the corruption in PI with philippine airlines etc and she is connected to other whistleblowers around the world, so…… I am not going to throw her under the bus yet.

        • Galaxy 500

          Hey, Bernie Madoff had a great resume and track record, too

          • allen ols

            …except maddolf ran a ponzie scheme, she exposes this stuff, and hasnt ripped anyone off.
            big difference between no comparison. 🙂

          • Galaxy 500

            Madoff gave phoney account values, Karen is providing phoney gold.

  8. bob

    i think she’s doing the right thing.being optimistic is number one. but correct me if i’m wrong, it sounds like time is running out fast. with all the people that she says are involved, you would think that there would be more progress. if what she says is correct they have already stopped a lot of things happening. but that is a small part of an avalanche of things that these people have set into motion. karen didn’t mention everything going on in another interview just recently. and how is it that russia and china, which was kind of mentioned, being part of being on our side. according to karen these 2 countries wants us to win, not the people who are taking over. the way these 2 countries are acting, we are on the brink of ww3. i’m confused here. help me out.

    • Greg Hunter

      This whole situation is hard to decipher and very hard to time. I (like many people) am feeling my way through the dark and it is very dark.

      • majj

        Hi, Greg: I’m somewhat new to your site and have been listening to Ms. Hudes for several months. She not unlike many people who’ve witnessed traumatic incidents, and has decided to take a stand for what she believes is important and right. I admit that it’s sometimes difficult to understand and decipher what she’s saying, and there’s a solution. You should schedule her to appear on your show along with other trustworthy sources (e.g. Wm. Black), with them supplying the documents they reference during the interview, and also post to your site prior to the interview. This would help tremendously in getting more people engaged who want to assist in efforts to thwart what a great many of us can see are horrific plans to wreck our country. Thanks.

        • James Spyder

          I agree. Bring William Black, Bix Weir, Jim Willie, Karen Hudes, Dave from X22 Report and Dr Steve Pieczenik, Alex Jones on for a round table discussion. There are ways of facilitating these kinds of discussions and I think the new media should be leading the way in terms of changing the dynamic of how information is presented. We need something different than one to many communication. These are too complicated of topics to sort out with just individual people.

          Also, We need to see hard evidence and sources for claims. If Karen’s claims are real and there are so many people involved in supporting this effort around the US and world, there should be a pretty long paper trail of evidence or at least good circumstantial evidence of the claims and the work that is being done to combat it. I tend to believe what she is saying, but would like more solid evidence. Lawyers are supposed to work with evidence to prove their cases. I tend to only see vague email threads posted on the Internet by Karen. Lots of videos, which are helpful, but not much in the way of evidence or sources that appear solid that I have come across. I am still digging. Thanks Greg. Keep up the good work. Do watch out for people who just hock gold no matter what the markets are doing. These bankers can rig the market far longer than anyone would imagine.

  9. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Other guests you’ve interviewed have talked about how the gold is gone, missing from the COMEX , the London Gold Exchange, Fort Knox, etc. Karen is confirming my belief that it isn’t ” missing ” because somebody knows where it is. Could you kindly ask Karen to add my name to her list of people who’ve decided that they’re entitled to it?

    • Galaxy 500

      Yeah, put me in for a Monet.

      • MAL

        You got it buddy! A Rembrandt too if you like. I’ll settle for an acre of land. The garden I could grow would be more nutritious than a Monet.

        • Galaxy 500

          …but art nourishes the soul…
          I am still laughing about Karen’s performance

  10. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview (again). I must say one way or another this financial system will come down the question is: Will be there an alternative system when it happens?
    I think yes, the BRICS last year in March announced its own reserve currency and bank which will issue it (I suspect it will be backed by gold or natural gas). This will force the US treasury issue its own currency backed with PM or something else, just for international trade of course all dept will be denominated by law in federal reserve notes. Yeah it will mean rampant inflation or hyperinflation, but it is still better than the other options.
    About WWIII, it is already running, the so called war on terror was the 1st shot, will it end peacefully in this year or go nuclear/biological/chemical in the future, this is the question. I think it will end peacefully this year.
    About the “mans above the law” or “elites”, they are waging a war against us for a long time, 1st it was by half-truths and lies (you are trying uncover the truth, so I’m cheering for you) now with poisons in our food, drinking water, air and medication or rather “medication”. If we look at the environment well the topsoil of the fields are depleted and full of poisons, so our situation is bleak. Will they win? No.

    Your thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      When there is an alternative system the American people will learn a very difficult lesson about money. We’ve been told for more than 40n years the debt (Federal Reserve Note, Note signifies debt instrument) is money. When we have this new alternative system we will find out the hard way it is not.

    • MAL

      You got it buddy! A Rembrandt to if you like. I’ll settle for an acre of land. The garden I could grow would be more nutritious than a Monet.

    • lastmanstanding

      Oracle, frankly I think that “real money” will mean absolutely nothing to those who have fed off the system…Why? They will have none and no way to get any. It is the story of their life…govt tested…govt approved.

      It will be a hard lesson that most will not survive.

  11. Daniel Garcia

    Greg, amazing interview. Its fascinating to hear that all these so-called ‘conspiracies’ is actually fact. Wow! I was riveted all the way through. I think she is wrong though, we are going to go over the edge, there just appears to be too many crooks in positions of power. Look at Draghi. Look at what happened to Greek PM Panpendreu when he wanted a vote. Look at what happened to Burlesconi when he threatened to leave the EU. Look at Obama, screwing Americans with Obamacare, now MyRA and placing Corzine to run it. I could go on and on but I dont see a way out. The US govt. has been buying millions of rounds of ammo. Why? The surveillance state. The abolishment of haebius corpus. I mean, if you timeline these events, its obvious everything is being put in place for a major event. All the people are being put in places of power for control. The people that appear willing to talk, are being ‘suicided’. I hear the chimes tangling. We are close to that edge. I don’t see anyone who is fighting back, except maybe nigel farage.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ms. Hudes,
      Made some very good points. Thank you.

      • joe

        According to wikipedia, 174000 tons total have been mined in history. This would mean the usa has for all intents and purposes, all the gold in the world.

  12. Reality Check

    Greg – you mention that she was a “whistleblower.” I saw a comment on another website saying that whistleblowers from the World Bank do not live to tell their stories. I agree. I see this woman as nothing but a shill for the bankers.

    Refer to the banker in Colorado that “shot himself” multiple times with a nail gun, and the other banker in London that went skydiving off a highrise building without a parachute. Remember Greg, NOTHING is as it seems.

    • Greg Hunter

      Reality Check,
      I really do not think she is a shill for the bankers. I would not put her on if I did. I think she has a good heart. Thank you for your feedback.

  13. green gecko

    So which is it: Hawaii or the Philippines? I’m confused.

    There have always been more futures on the COMEX than deliverable. Futures are mainly traded. London is the main physical market. I’m not sure she understands how the COMEX works.

  14. Jughead

    Greg….I just don’t know what to make of this lady…..I’ve been to jim sinclairs meetings…. I Listen and respect the views of rickards, Kirby, jim willie,…and..while she obviously has the experience and background to offer scenarios that get your attention, I just can’t wrap my head around giving credibility to most of what she says….I sometimes lean toward conspiratorial theories, but she stretches the imagination……

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jughead for your comment and feedback.

  15. William Bett

    There is a finite amount of gold available to mankind for 5000 years. There is not 170,000 tons unaccounted for. There are experts out there that can get this thing down to a few lbs. I would hope she is right , but I don’t believe it. What say you????? Betts

  16. Mike Gunther

    WOW! Don’t know what to say to all that. IF most of what she says is accurate and true, I think she is way too optimistic that the system will be saved and the good guys win. Obama’s purge of the Military Leadership alone makes what she said very unlikely. Just my take, hope I am wrong, but……

  17. JC Davis

    Greg. Karen Hudes must be informative to someone somewhere, but I got nothing. 1st the 170,500 tons of gold was in Hawaii, then its paper, then its in the Philippines. Seems Karen Hudes is grasping for straws to stay in the spotlight of recognition. If we Americans had 170,500 tons of gold we surely would not set it in China’s back door. Also how long would it take for India to smell that much gold ?
    How long would it take for China to take that much gold ?
    Karen is a smart lady, she need to stick with what she can prove and is willing to prove.
    Sorry commenter (Troy) your gold is not in Hawaii anymore.
    One last thing. I have one dollar. There are 325 million people that want my 1.00. This don’t mean I have 325 million dollars.
    Greg you know I love this site, just not a fan of Karen Hudes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hudes said one thing that really rung a bell for me and that was if the money is not fixed globally we will dive back into the Dark Ages. Many simply will not survive. This will be much more than not having a hot shower or high inflation. That prospect scares the heck out of me and she was the layer of record when Argentina’s and Nigeria’s currencies went poof. Thank you for your feedback and support.

      • Rodster

        Yup, that’s what i’ve been trying to say. You are potentially looking at the collapse of Humanity. It’s not about which Nation has what amount of Gold. Economies are so connected these days that if you have a major economy like the US collapse it could very well start a chain reaction that no one will be able to stop. It’s like throwing a super ball against a wall and once it starts to ricochet you have absolutely no idea which way it’s going to go.

        I encourage everyone to watch Michael Ruppert’s sensational movie called “Collapse”. You can watch it free on Amazon if you are a Prime member or on Youtube it’s also free.

        As Michael Ruppert states, it’s all types of forces being thrust on mankind. Oil, a failed global monetary banking system, finite resources.

        In fact Greg, I would like to see if you can have him on one of these days. He’s quite a unique character.

        • Greg Hunter

          On that point she nailed it, and that’s the one that is the most scary.

          • Robert

            Greg and Rodster,

            You guys are right – It’s not about the gold. Interesting how the yellow stuff captures the human mind. It’s the collapse of the systems that we’ve been taught to believe are essential that is the frightening part – and what should be our attention.

            The question I’m asking is – what can we do?

            By the way, are you familiar with Michael Tellinger and his fight with the South African banksters and government? His 2012 presentation at the BEM Conference is on YouTube and well worth the watch. He discusses the global financial system toward the end: http://youtu.be/du1ZxukLtM8

        • lastmanstanding

          If you have read Crossing the Rubicon you will know why Michael Ruppert is burnt. Collapse was just his last ditch effort/exit from the seedy world he wanted to expose/escape…there is a recent Vice production/ interview with him on youtube. It is called “Apocalypse Man” Seven parts and don’t believe that all of them are out. I love everything that he has done…not many men have survived that gamut …not many people get to experience the spiritual side of the earth where Ruppert is now as depicted in “Apocalypse Man”…having experienced it myself, it is something to be felt rather than explained.

          Michael Ruppert would be an outstanding guest. He would offer a far different and no bs opinion of what is going to transpire.

          Ruppert. A man who has given the best that he had to offer against these bastards. He found peace at the “fork in the road.” Perhaps those like KH will find it also. She is dangerously close to being “burnt” as well. Say a prayer for her.

          Good call on the Ruppert interview Rodster.

      • Dennis

        Ditto, that very thing rang a bell for me also. However, as a farmer, born a few months before Pearl Harbor, I can understand that recovery from a complete collapse would be near impossible. Exactly who can store enough food, enough heirloom seeds, or have the primitive tools and know how to survive? Example, a lot of homesteaders and preppers raise chickens. With a complete collapse, there would be no feed to buy, and these birds, descendants of jungle birds, would not make it through the winter in a “free range” environment.

      • Tom Winchester

        Karen Hudes has never said anything lucid except what she obviously parrots from your other guests; to make it seem like she is in the know. I know a scam when I hear one.

      • Liquid Motion

        Agreed. That one resonated with me also.
        It falls into the thesis that I have been following that TPTB have the capacity to drive the world intentionally back towards a feudal system where Totalitarianism/Communism reigns.
        As sinister as it appears, it is abundantly clear (or should be) that these “groups of power”, who dominate the world, wish to continue to dominate. One can understand this process if one has eyes. As example look no further than the Emerging Markets….it is here that one can decipher the true intentions of the so called “elite” – where they strive to keep developed and developing nations open to control. Leveraged speculation demonstrates their aim of economic contraction.
        These groups give appearances of colluding and working in tandem, but there are imbalances. Each one continues to vie for pre-eminence and are negotiating for coalition and a stake in the carve-up of power as the NWO approaches.
        Greg, it is very true that at the very core of the power struggles, is the currency. There is no doubt in my mind that we will see a new currency regime, but not before the “elite” brings the world to a standstill. The ones who suffer under this prophecy are those who are most exposed to the “elite’s” banking system…aka the world’s reserve currency. It will be death by a thousand cuts. Do not be mislead, they are ruthless rulers who have no allegiance to country nor its people, except for their utility.

      • gary

        Here is a photo of Karen Hudes as the World Bank attorney for Argentina and Zimbabwe on their site. She is legit.

        • gary

          Karen Hudes studied law at Yale Law School and economics at the University of Amsterdam. She worked in the US Export Import Bank of the US from 1980-1985 and in the Legal Department of the World Bank from 1986-2007. She established the Non Governmental Organization Committee of the International Law Section of the American Bar Association and the Committee on Multilateralism and the Accountability of International Organizations of the American Branch of the International Law Association. – See more at: http://www.thewhistleblowers.org/?p=23826#sthash.n0A0hlD0.dpuf

        • Galaxy 500

          Past accomplishments do not speak to legitimacy. Bernie Madoff had a great resume until his ponzi scheme crashed. Karen is as legit as the 171,500 tons of gold is which is to say she’s either lying or she’s gone of the deep end.
          Support her and her misinformation to your own detriment.

        • Tom Winchester

          Thanks for your research. I am more freaked out now, than if it had been revealed she was not who she said she was. It seems the rabbit hole is very deep.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well said JC. I don’t know which is worse: her lying or her truly believing what she’s pitching

      • Jc

        Galaxy500 Opinions are much like fortune tellers they vary from person to person. The truth Remains like gold, good as ever. A year ago I thought highly of Karen Hudes. Today not so much.
        Its sad to see a great football player that don’t know its time to leave the game.

    • Troy

      WHAT!!! My hundred a seventy tons is gone???

      one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

  18. Sammy L.

    Why won’t she tell you where the 170k tons of gold are. You asked her 3 times. She said “We know”. The next minute, she claims she can substantiate everything she says. Come on Greg! 170k tons (1 billion ounces) is all the existing above ground gold. Please let me know why I should believe anything she says, when she won’t answer your basic question? Don’t invite her back when she says “we know”. You and I are not worthy to be part of we?

  19. Andy

    I cant decide if Karen Hudes is a well informed insider or someone who has gone off the rails slightly, I find it difficult sometimes to connect her answers with the questions … good interview Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy. Hudes has a good heart and is a smart woman. The situation is really complicated and it is global in nature.

  20. Sammy L.

    Sorry – 170k tons is more like 10 billion ounces. Is that number even possible? That’s more than all the above ground gold, according to most reports. How close are we to the edge? She doesn’t want to go there… She’s interesting, but very frustrating. You can tell she used to be in politics. She discloses what she wants us to know, not what she knows.

  21. Rodster

    According to several articles on the subject, supposedly there is available on the planet 171,300 metric tonnes of Gold and as high as, although unconfirmed 2.5 metric metric tonnes which are unaccounted for.

    So it’s possible Karen may not be blowing smoke. Although that is a lot of Gold that is hidden, why isn’t she on some hit list so she spills the beans as to where it actually is? That would be my question?

    Is it possible that TPTB are looking at all that Gold to back a global currency? Hmm more questions than answers, I suppose.

    • Rodster

      Correction: According to several articles on the subject, supposedly there is available on the planet 171,300 metric tonnes of Gold and as high as, although unconfirmed 2.5 MILLION metric tonnes which are unaccounted for.

      • Galaxy 500

        And they pulled the 2.5 million number out their arse

        • Rodster

          The articles state unconfirmed. How they got that number is anyone’s guess. That number seems to popup a bit.

          • Galaxy 500

            Good point. You didn’t say you bought into the insanity. As far as unconfirmed, I got an extraterrestrial in the basement, but it’s unconfirmed….

    • Galaxy 500

      Do you honestly believe there is 171,500 tons of gold in the Philippines?

      • Rodster

        I never said, did I? I just posted 2 links and there are many more on the subject.

  22. David

    Greg –

    I’ve lived my life by a simple motto – “I believe none of what I hear and half of what I see”. If Hudes is correct, she has a moral obligation to be transparent and totally truthful regardless of the risk to her. Instead she weaves a James Bond like story about a certificate and hidden gold in the amount of what many acknowledge as the total amount mined by mankind throughout its history. And totally dodges your question – where is the gold? She then talks about a Monet that belongs to mankind. Does that mean that the owners of Monet’s in their private collection, purchased legally must give up their paintings to some collective?

    I’ve seen several of your interviews with Hudes and to be honest with you on this one she jumped the shark. She comes across like some historical novel where the truth is interweaved with fiction. Put your evidence out there for public consumption and let the chips fall where they may. She undermines her credibility at many points during her interviews thereby rendering her an ineffective messenger of the truth.

  23. Galaxy 500

    So it’s in HI and then it’s in the Philippines. Which is it? This mythical gold has been widely debunked as myth. I know someone is going to point to the lawsuit but anyone who has experienced the civil justice system we have here knows that just because someone wins a civil award doesn’t mean it’s true. That’s one of the reasons scrum bags like John Edwards make millions. The more I hear from Karen, the more I put her into the.”fruitcake” category. Does anyone really believe Marcos found 170,500 tons of gold and some of it didn’t find its way on to the market. The USA kept Marcos in power by subsidising his rule with billions. Would he have needed that if he had this much gold? I am sure their will be some here that believe in this mythical pile of gold but I am sure it’s the same ones that believe in the Tooth Fairy. This is blatant attempt by TPTB to cause the public NOT TO BUY GOLD.

  24. Galaxy 500

    Not only am I paying attention to the man behind the curtain, I am watching the woman out in front of it. Greg, in my mind, this totally discredits her. If she is basing her theories on fictional gold, where and when does she work in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny?

  25. Andrew W


    170,500 tons of gold is very close to the total estimated total gold ever mined in the history of the world per GFMS, Ltd.

    See http://www.gold.org/investment/why_and_how/faqs/#q021
    Question 21.

    I’m pretty sure all the gold ever mined in human history is not owned by the Bank of Hawaii. Just what have the Chinese and Indians been buying all these years?

    David McAlvany would make a great interviewee if you could get him. Have you ever heard his weekly commentary? Worth a google.

    Keep up the great work Greg! I visit your site daily.

    Andrew W

    • Martin

      I had to pass this link on. Around the 11 minute mark she claims Yamashita had “collected” 400,000 Metric Tons of gold



      If she;s not an Outright DisInfo Agent

      No matter what, she hasn’t personally seen or counted, weighed, assayed any gold
      Maybe someone mis-spoke along the daisy chain of passing on info and said Tons, when Ounces was originally mentioned
      Agents always mix Truth with BS
      The amount of gold in the world was more reliable until the end of WWII, so its only about 70 years of mining to add


      “More than half of all humanity’s gold has been extracted in the past 50 years”

  26. Dale

    I can’t help but wonder if the 170 thousand metric tons of gold described by Karen Hudes that is supposedly available to rescue the failing world currency system is simply virtual gold. A pseudo foundation upon which to restore faith in a monetary system which currently lacks anything substantial . Restoration of a financial system controlled once again by sovereigns.

    • Galaxy 500

      Virtual gold…Would that be like virtual money? Fictional gold to the rescue…make that virtually rescued by virtual gold. Yeah, that virtually solves all our problem. Unfortunately for me, living in real world, virtual gold doesn’t solve my problems.

    • Liquid Motion

      Have we not learnt that “Paper” anything – is WORTHLESS.
      These so called paper claims on 170K Tonnes of Gold, are not worth the paper they are printed on. Its just another I.O.U……….NOTHING !!!

  27. Galaxy 500

    We can bring this gold that belongs to humanity out of its cloak of secrecy and out of hiding or we can go back into the dark ages.  And we can have pestilence and starvation. . . . Civilization breaks down.  We cannot pay for our international trade. 

    Well we are really and royally screwed if it is going to take mythical gold to save the world. I can hear Karen now, lamenting that the world could be brought out of chaos if ONLY this mythical gold is revealed and released into the world.
    Greg, have you seen any credible evidence this gold exists? I have done business in the Philippines and if it was there, there wouldn’t be any bidding it.

  28. Galaxy 500

    Clicking ruby slippers together and chanting…”There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”
    What do you mean I am still here?

  29. Krakondack

    So someone is offering 175 tons of gold, no strings attached? And it’s “somewhere” in the Philippines? How safe is that? This all sounds more than a little bit weird. If it were anything close to true, the strings attached must be huge.

  30. mohammad


    Listening to her, i have goose bumps.
    My impression:
    We better factor in what she says. I am at least.
    Thank you for professional conduction for this excellent interview.
    I will search the gold certificate issue I think it could be linked to the bearer gold bonds, i will post later on it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Powerful statement coming form you my friend. I know you are an MD and a very bright guy. Thank you for your feedback.

      • mohammad


        When you asked her where is the gold she hesitated!!!!!
        Well … may be because it is in a place that she does not want to be in hot water if she says it.
        She said Vatican before and she was not afraid.
        So where is the other place that no one in the world would even dare criticizing?
        Where is the place that has top technology that may rival US/Russia/China /India combined?
        Where is the place that has Nuclear facilities and nuclear weapons that no one from the east or west alike DARE enforcing to search through UN bodies?
        Where is the place that will witness the Armageddon and the Dajjal?

        ISRAEL my friend is what she is afraid of opening her mouth and say, I can say it for her though and spare her the effort.

        If you recall in my previous posts that when Dajjal returns to Israel and claims he is Jesus when in reality he is the Anti Christ he has to establish many things i talked about before, one of them is dealing with REAL money that is in gold/silver and non pictorial similar to what Jesus dealt with in the past, SIMPLY because if he deals with FIAT or digital money (though it will be an intermediary step) NO ONE WILL BELIVE HIM!
        Am shocked when am reading all those comments mocking her and laughing at the same time that I could be among the few that can see through the vail those villains put in front of our eyes. I think it is not my sight though which is by the way 20/20 but inshaallah the sight of my heart!

        Greg, you have put an amazing interview, time will unfold things, but hey you are A HECK OF INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER, CNN loss is our gain!!

        • mohammad

          I meant by the villains the elites who serve the ultimate goal and trying to destroy humanity that Karen is very afraid of if they get their way and trying her best to derail!

          Bless her heart she is doing her best, but Karen, there is something has to unfold unfortunately and a lot of things has to be squared off, what is been mentioned in holy books will have to see the light. We are in for a very rough times.

        • Artie Cab

          This really doesn’t belong here, it’s in regards to her last interview I read last night. I was with her until she answered that the Gambino family shot John Kennedy. And, they were in a sewer when they shot him. OMG!

          • Greg Hunter

            Actually Artie,
            A few years back the History Channel did a multi part series called “The Men Who Killed Kennedy.” There is a DVD you can buy: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005UW74/dvdtalk I saw it and it was very well done. And Yes, one of the shooters (according to this DVD) was actually in the sewer shooting upward. You don’t think Oswald was a “lone gunman” do you. If so, then why doesn’t the government release all the autopsy photos and the Warren Commission report un-redacted.

        • Galaxy 500

          You really damage your credibility when you go the “evil, scary Jew” route. And it really doesn’t matter or help when you try to say that its the Zionist.

          • mohammad

            If lots of links I posted to rabbis that oppose Israel as a state because it is against the Torah is not adding to my credibility am not sure what will.


            Do not blame the sun if you are blind and unable to see it.

            • Greg Hunter

              criticism of Israel is fair game and so is criticism of Iran or the U.S. or Russia. One thing I want to make perfectly clear, just because a country has leaders who are perceived as bad doesn’t mean they do not have a right to exist. Israel has a right to exist. Thank you for your comment and link.

          • mohammad


            This is the way the religious Jews are voicing it over and over and say that Israel as a project is hurting them because it is against the Torah, they are aware of the surroundings and the hostilities, they are smart and they are believers and they are survivors, now whether what they say is right or wrong it is a debate to be taken to them and with them, it seems that galaxy is shooting the messenger (me) here.
            His accusations and others that reached the point of calling me names is something i have to refute with links and with proof, and as in any civil debate as long as the respect is mutual there is no harm in furnishing the proof to the points made.
            At the end of the day to each his /her own.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why am I not surprised? Doc, we’ll have to put this fantasy in to the not agree category. Do you honestly believe that there is a mountain of gold that is unguarded in the Philippines?

    • Liquid Motion

      You asked Greg to clarify the 170K tonnes of physical Gold in HAWAII.
      Did you get your answer on the alchemy scenario as well ?
      How does her responses legitimate her integrity and credibility ?
      First it was the USA’s Gold and it was in Hawaii.
      Then we find its Paper Gold Certificates, on Gold that is apparently now stored somewhere in the Philippines.
      If the Global Collateral account exists, can that just be accounting for all the gold ever produced in the history of mankind. If true, then I still cannot fathom how that can be offered to the USA (BANKERS) to rectify the currency instability other than by and through expropriation (including Gold held by China and Russia).
      This one has consumed too much of my time and sounds like you are becoming obsessed with uncovering some obscure truth, which in any event will become another lie and deceipt. Where is the proof of this untouched Gold that is waiting to free the world ? KH didn’t provide it. In fact I believe she did more to obscure it…in order to make or hoping that…. it fades into non-existance.

      • Galaxy 500

        What you said! And well said indeed

      • mohammad


        It did not seem that any one had any problem with Dr Jim Willie in his latest interview on Greg’s channel when he said 18,000 tons were moved in ONE YEAR. Again that’s 18,000 tons.
        Does that corroborates KH statement? in my humble opinion YES.

        As far as Alchemy here is an article from Dr Farrell’s site to ponder on :


        • Liquid Motion

          Mohammad, JW didn’t change his story.

          • mohammad


            She did not either, she never mentioned that the blocks of gold were in Hawaii, retrospect she did not, If you remember i thought so and i said in one of my posts that this amount of gold would sink Hawaii, but she never said the actual gold was there, we ASSUMED it was there and you know very well what ASSUM means?
            Now if you really investigate the Bearer gold bonds your head will spin, I know Greg is an investigational reporter and it will be an interesting subject to follow with KH, or CAF, or better Dr Joseph P Farrell.


          • Liquid Motion

            You are playing semantics with her words.
            She implied it…!!! If she meant something different she should have said so.
            Gold Bearer Bonds are just another paper DEBT instrument. Who holds the bonds has title to the (in this case Gold) goods…which are where and in what qty? Recovery of the instrument under the bonds is critical for them to have any value.
            This situation really generates more questions than it provides answers for.

  31. john duffy

    This woman is grandiose. I distinctly remember her in one of your previous interviews saying that the dollar would get stronger, now she says it is going to collapse! Which is it Karen? 170,000 tonnes of gold in Hawai! Oh wait all of a sudden it is now a gold certificate! My smeller calls bulls#t.

  32. Saddletramp

    The Grand Finale Part III: Janet Does Davos

    Well here we are again. And as many of you know, I have “called it”, meaning I feel we have now entered a stage of the economic collapse that is beyond the “point of no return”.


    Now this collapse will not be anything like 2008-09, it will be exponentially worse, but it will be a progressive collapse, and it will happen in stages. Stage one began the minute three things happened and they all happened within two weeks of each other. First, the Fed taper of their QE bond buying program began in December of 2013 with a $10 billion dollar reduction, then continued in January of 2014 with another $10 billion dollar reduction, bringing the bond purchase program down to $65 billion per month, a 23.5% reduction in just two months, the effects of which began to hit the world markets in the middle of January. Second, the implementation of the Dodd-Frank banking rules and regulations began in January of 2014 (you can read more about Dodd-Frank in Part I of the Grand Finale). Third, the implementation of the Basel III Financial Reform regulations which also began in January of 2014 (you can also read more about Basel III in Part I of the Grand Finale).

    In short they are pulling back on the amount of money in the system, and this will invariably lead to a credit crunch and, initially at least, deflation. This credit crunch is already happening, and it is currently extending into bonds and derivatives around the world as emerging market after emerging market finds their currencies under attack, and their bonds essentially worthless as failed bond auction after failed bond auction begin to pile up.


    So with the synopsis of the current events now in mind, in order to put all of this together we have to now recap the past (if you’ve already read and remember Part I and Part II of the Grand Finale you can probably skip this section if you are so inclined.) But if you haven’t read Part I and Part II I urge you to do so, without them Part III will be confusing and seem incomplete.

    *From The Grand Finale Part I: What Is About To Happen To You, An Economic Love Story, Of Fifty Shades Of Green? 5/13/2013


    Please review the section: Problem, Reaction, Solution; a Hegelian Love Story, from Part I of the Grand Finale. This section outlines the currency/economic reset as I see it happening based on the evidence I have collected.

    *From The Grand Finale Part II: Behind The Green Door… 11/13/2013


    Please review the entire OP: Behind The Green Door from Part II of the Grand Finale. The OP of this thread gives a good re-cap and evidence to support my conclusions of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

    And so history repeats itself yet again…

    Janet Does Davos

    Yeah, I “Called It” and I damn well meant it…

    So yeah, I “called it”, but some of you might not completely understand what I meant by that. What I’m saying is, we have breached the “point of no return” in their plans to perform a controlled demolition of the fiat monetary systems of the world.

    And if anything in my previous analysis has been wrong, it has been that I overestimated the strength of the world economy when I said that the 10 Year Treasury Yields crossing the 3.00% level was just a yellow alert – get yourself prepared signal. I expected the 10 Year Yield to have to cross into the 3.25% range to cause the kind of devastation of world currency/bond and derivative markets that we are seeing now. I was wrong, 3.00 to 3.10% was enough.

    From the last week of December ‘13 into the second week of January ‘14 yields on the 10 Year Treasury Note broke over and remained over 3.00% for almost three weeks, the rise in yields corresponded with the opening round of QE taper announced by the FOMC in December of ‘13. The consequences of this rise in yields corresponding with the tapering of monetary expansion are currently being seen in emerging market economies and currencies around the world. From Turkey to Argentina to Russia the currency market went into turmoil because of the dramatic rise in interest rates at the very time when many of these countries roll over Treasuries for swap lines and repos, and issue their own bonds for their annual spending needs.

    Understand this, the fast growing manufacturing economies of China, India, Brazil, South Africa, etc. are entirely dependent on the emerging market economies for the continued growth in their manufacturing economies. The mature or established market economies of the United States and European Union offer a stable to declining market at best, but the real growth in sales for manufacturing and exporting centers has been in the emerging markets. Now with the sudden rise in interest rates and a strengthening dollar, many of the emerging markets will be lucky to have enough cash on hand to buy food and energy for their people, much less a bunch of blue jeans and iPhones from China.

    In short, with the taper the Fed has not only pulled the plug on world stock markets, they’ve also pulled the plug on any hope of growth in the world economy. The “Ogre of deflation” looms on the horizon smacking his lips and thumping his chest. A liquidity crisis looms like a thunderstorm on the horizon as banks hoard cash for Dodd-Frank and Basel III regulations. We are Wiley Coyote who just went over the cliff without realizing it, still running on air, pumping our arms and legs, looking across the canyon. But when we look down and realize there is no longer ground beneath our feet…

    Well I think you get the picture…

    But before you reach for your bug out bags, remember I said in the Grand Finale Part I this would be a controlled demolition, and while I think there’s no going back now, they can stall and prolong stages of this collapse with directed liquidity injections, and I have no doubt they will, and have already done this (you need only look at the stabilizing bounce in the Stock Market last week, the first week of Feb ‘14, despite terrible economic news and miss after miss on earnings to see an example of what I’m talking about).

    In short, “controlled demolition” means just that – controlled. Because even though Wiley Coyote is running on air, he still hasn’t looked down to see his fate.

    The collapse you and I will be witness too will be the worst in the history of the world (at least the history we know), it has no other way to go. If you want to know how much worse this will be than the Great Depression, simply look at the meteoric rise in world population since WWII, and the mountain of debt we have accumulated, both public and private. My math gives us a Great Depression times between ten and twenty (+/- depending on the factors you use). But instead of happening all at once and causing a world wide panic (they don’t want that to happen until the appropriate time after all) it will happen in stages. This collapse I believe will be progressive. It will look bad for awhile, then it will suddenly and inexplicably (because of a targeted liquidity injection and/or a war) look like it has stabilized for awhile. But eventually that stabilization will play out when the money runs out, and off to the races we will go again.

    After all, Wiley Coyote never ever makes it to the other side of the canyon…

    So the dry run stress test of Q3-Q4 2013 (admitted to by the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde in a speech to the Economic Press Club) is over, the weakness and strengths have been determined, the players have their ques and are in place, the curtain has risen…

    Let The Show Begin!

    All The World Is Their Stage…

    This brings us down to it, that question on everyone’s lips: How is this going to play out, and what is the time line?

    The Five Ring Circus:

    Remember the Opening Ceremony at Sochi and the Olympic Rings lighting up, and remember the one that failed to expand. Think of that ring as the stage or ring that has already completed its act.

    Now you could group these stages differently, and many economists will as we move forward. I went with five distinctive phases in honor of the Olympics and the symbolism therein. And also because there will be a lot of overlap, just like the Olympic Rings. Furthermore some of the signature events within these stages may start sooner or later in the scenario, so feel free to group them however you would like. I’m not here to argue that point.

    The First Ring, A Stage Already Gone Dark: In case you missed this act of the circus I will recap, it really began with the dry-run-stress-test in Fall of 2013, but you could argue that the beginning of taper in December of 2013 was the beginning of the actual collapse if you’re so inclined. I said in Part II of the Grand Finale that QE taper and Basel III/Dodd-Frank were inexorably tied together, and indeed they were. Because immediately after the announcement of QE taper by the Fed, on Jan 1, 2014 Basel III and the banking rules and regulations of Dodd-Frank became fully operational.

    Taper was first greeted with enthusiasm by the world markets, a sign that the economy had turned and was moving forward in high gear. But then inexplicably (and as I warned in Part II of the Grand Finale) the bond and stock markets diverged somewhat as the yields on Treasuries began to rocket upwards, even while the Stock Markets showed significant gains despite the bad reports of retail sales and employment during the Christmas Season.

    The yield on the 10 Year Treasury Note topped over 3.00% and stayed there for almost three weeks before pulling back on the bad data from the Christmas season. However the effect was fatal and already in play even though no one was reporting it at the time. Emerging markets, once flooded with money from the Fed had their spigots suddenly go dry, and their currencies and bond markets reacted accordingly. What little momentum the world economy had, just stalled out on the road.

    The Coyote had stepped off into the thin air of the canyon.

    The Second Ring, The Ring In Play (Pay particular attention to the woman with the bad haircut behind the curtain): Then came the January announcement by the FOMC that despite the “disappointing” economic numbers, and despite Ben Bernanke’s exit, they would continue tapering QE by another $10 billion, bringing the grand total to $20 billion or 23.5% (in degrees the tilt of the axis of earth) of the total bond buying QE program, and since the January FOMC they have consistently held to the position that they will continue the taper no matter what . Shock waves that had already begun to drag on Wall St. now hit full force and the DOW began to drop. Then came the State of The Union address by Mr. Obama, where the only really important thing he mentioned was the new myRA plan that would create an individual retirement account for every American, and that account would put their money into “zero risk” U.S. Treasuries. The timing couldn’t have been better. Hedge fund managers, leery of the overbought equities markets were already moving large portions of people’s 401k’s and IRA’s into the “safety” of bond funds. Government pension programs had already been directed to put every new penny into Treasuries, now the American people finally had some place “safe” to put their money, and the Fed finally has another way to soak up dollars in circulation. But you can’t sell a product that has a yield negative to inflation without safety, so a controlled demolition of the stock markets was (and is) necessary for their plan, and it has begun. And don’t think just because it stabilizes for awhile as the result of targeted liquidity injections that it is over. The second ring of this circus has only just begun.

    We still have another debt ceiling fight coming up, that will lead to another rise in yields on Treasuries, that will lead to further erosion within the emerging markets, which will put more pressure on extremely over-leveraged exporting countries like China, forcing their hand to either allow defaults in their banking and shadow banking sectors to occur, or to vastly expand their monetary base with a bail-out and risk crippling inflation with subsequent revolution.

    Without the green heroin of regular Fed liquidity injections to give them courage the DOW and world equity markets will fall, sometimes precipitously before they appear to stabilize at a new lower level. Envision a steep stair-case here, because they have a long way to go before they come back to realistic PE ratios in a receding world economy. Over the expanse of this collapse a 50% fall in the DOW is not out of the question here.

    Wealth will be evaporating hand over fist, and near the end of this stage you will hear financial pundits begin to mention that dreaded Ogre of Deflation (as Christine Lagarde put it). The liquidity crisis will be in full swing, and as margin requirements increase because of volatility no investor will be entirely spared.

    The Third Ring: Where The Players Are Warming Up In The Darkness: When the banks get their “direction” from their respective regulators regarding Basel III and Dodd-Frank regulations that have gone into effect. When yield on the 10 Yr has once again moved higher because of political wrangling over the debt ceiling. When financial pundits are talking deflation and bear markets, the lights will come up on the third ring.

    Some of the more educated economists will begin talking about a “liquidity crisis” brewing in the exporting market economies.

    The emerging markets will begin to totally collapse under the weight of rising interest rates and currency devaluations, putting more and more pressure on over-leveraged exporting economies like China. Something will finally give in Asia and/or Central America, defaults will begin to occur with snowballing regularity, a large banking center (or shadow banking center) in one of these exporting countries will fold, and though it may never be tied back to these defaults in the hindsight of history, Japan will suddenly come back into focus. Yield on Japanese bonds will climb as world interest rates climb, the Nikkei will plunge, and in the seeming blink of an eye Japan will crater because it has been ripe for that collapse for far too long now.

    Japanese companies, over-exposed to Japanese bonds will begin to face a massive liquidity crunch, and the contagion which first spread from the seemingly small and inconsequential emerging markets, will now fully infect Japan and begin to spread to the rest of the Asian manufacturing base. Companies and countries that had begun by pledging Treasuries for liquidity at the Fed repo desk, will now begin to liquidate, and the yield on Treasuries will continue to fluctuate wildly though these emerging market treasuries may be soaked up in a flight to safety move from investors around the world. Debts will be called in these countries, public and private, in an attempt to scour up much needed liquidity.

    Some time in stage II or III of this the Fed will hold it’s March FOMC and they will continue to taper, saying that the unemployment numbers are well within tolerances, and that the markets cannot dictate monetary policy (which is a complete reversal of the last five years). The key to watch from the March FOMC is whether they slow the taper to $5 billion, continue the taper at $10 billion, or increase the taper at $15 billion. This will be a primary clue about the overall timing of this event. A decrease in taper means the collapse is going faster than planned, a continuation of the current rate of taper means it is on schedule, an increase in taper means they want to speed it up.

    This meeting, and the amount of Taper they continue, will also signal the change of a bull market to a bear market in Equities. Treasuries will have a mixed reaction at first, but will eventually go higher as bond fund managers, ever trusting of Fed guidance, realize the Fed isn’t really basing taper on economic conditions at all.

    The Fourth Ring, Where The Players Are Rolling A Snowball Into a Mountain: Established manufacturing and exporting nations will be presented with a quandary at this point. Do they take up the policy abandoned by the Fed and do massive liquidity injections in the face of potential of hyperinflation and revolution in their over populated countries, or do they follow the example of the Fed and soak up the wealth of their newly created middle class, millionaires, and billionaires?

    I believe they will follow the Fed into the initial deflation of this plan, knowing that the deflation won’t last forever. They are privy to the end game of this plan even if the masses are not, so they will knuckle down, bash some heads, steal the wealth, and allow the defaults just like everyone else, because simply put, it’s just that time.

    So there will begin massive loan defaults and deflation in the manufacturing hub of Asia, and that contagion will spread westward into an already over-leveraged Europe. Stocks will continue to slide, interest rates around the world will continue to rise, liquidity and paper wealth will continue to evaporate, credit will become increasingly hard to find, and then one or more nations in Europe will require another bail-out.

    But that bail-out will be denied (not in so few words of course) and instead will become a bail-in. The last of the hot money will flee Europe and Asia to the perceived safety of U.S. Treasuries (which has so far been relatively insulated from the effects of the building economic crisis).

    Then when Europe lets loose the Ogre of deflation, the derivative markets will come into focus. Rumors of default on derivative contracts will surface, gold and silver will seemingly disappear from vaults around the world, and there will be a run on the COMEX ending in a COMEX default. Then the crisis will wash up on the shores of the USA, and by then it will be a juggernaut.

    The Fifth Ring, Where The Players Stand Ready With Locked Hands To Take a Bow: So now the spotlight falls on the stage of the fifth ring, and the contagion of the world economic collapse has finally washed ashore in the USA. The Fed will stubbornly say this is all going according to plan, money will flee from other markets to Treasuries, and they will say the dollar has been insulated. It will look like they are ready to proclaim the peak of the crisis, the trumpets will blare that the dollar has endured, and then the COMEX will default, and perhaps a major business important to the infrastructure of the U.S. will run out of money, or a large bank will come into focus and claim they have enough reserves to survive the end of the world, then around three days later they will fold their tent like Bear Stearns or Leheman Brothers.

    Precious metals and commodities will take a moon shot, interest rates will skyrocket, and the hot money will now begin to flee out of Treasuries. So falls the Oger of Deflation to the Genie of Inflation (again, Christine Lagarde’s terminology), or rather hyperinflation, and now the real pain for the average member of the worlds populations begins. The Fed may well reverse the taper course at this point, but it will be perceived as a panic move, and the markets will continue to fall, interest rates will continue to rise. Now instead of the word “deflation” falling from the lips of financial pundits, the word “hyperinflation” begins to be whispered in back rooms over whiskey sours and G&T’s.

    Until finally, when the pain is bad enough, and the masses are screaming for someone (anyone) to save some small part of the value of their house and their life savings; someone, somewhere, will mention the words, “economic reset”.

    And the Hegelian Love Story I talked about in Part I of the Grand Finale will be fully underway, and while the prospects are bantered about at world financial forums, China will back the Yuan with gold that has recently more than quadrupled in value, and possibly the promise of their rare earth mineral reserves as well. This move will force their hand. And so it will begin, the great currency reset will be underway, the dollar will lose hegemony as the World Reserve Currency, and the five ring circus will be complete.

    And the Fat Lady will sing over America as night falls on the greatest country the world has ever known. Another great experiment failed…

    *For details about the currency reset plan I see happening please see the section: Problem, Reaction, Solution; a Hegelian Love Story in Part I of the Grand Finale.

    The Gal With The Bad Haircut Takes A Bow

    Now some of you will ask about timing, and my answer is as plain and educated as I can give at this point in the story. It has already begun, and it will move as fast or slow as the financial cartel feels comfortable with. I’ve outlined the major occurrences I see happening, so this is probably the best I can say…watch the signs!

    However, with that caveat up front I will say this. If things hold to their current schedule we will see the fifth ring opening by Q3 or Q4 of 2014. There will be plenty of financial chaos to precede it, ups and downs, wild volatility, apparent stabilization, and precipitous falls from cliffs, but how long it takes before people will accept the prospect of a currency reset as I have outlined in Part I of the Grand Finale remains to be seen. That is the real wild card in this entire scenario.

    But remember, they are ready, and they have all the time in the world. Ask yourself the honest question, are you ready, and what do you have?

    • Justacommoner

      Man, You are the one who needs to have an interview with Greg!

      Your explanation truly resonates with everything I have been reading/studying. I believe your estimated timing to be as accurate as possible, given what we are up against. They are in complete control, and they will control the timing of everything.

      I truly appreciate what you have described here. Thank you.

      • Galaxy 500

        You guys are either related or one and
        the same

      • Saddletramp


      • Jerry

        Outstanding synopsis of what is going on. I tend follow Rob Kirby’s economic theories , in that once the central planers drain the worlds wealth , they will collapse the system. That being tied to the availability of Gold since nothing else has any real value, it seem that it might be much sooner than later if the COMEX and other sources runs dry. Greed, in my mind has always trumped strategic planning.

    • Galaxy 500

      Are these rings you speak about like Frodo’s rings?

    • Ugly

      Next time please take the time to finish your post. I think you may have left 3-4 paragraphs out. Some good analysis though….

    • Jeremy

      Similar to what Mike Maloney stated years ago… “First the threat of deflation, followed by a helicopter drop, followed by big inflation, followed by real deflation, and then followed by hyperinflation” We’re now half way there.

  33. Bill Discher

    Great interview!
    Just to be sure I’m clear, as much as possible, we want our assets out of
    Paper ( IRA, 401k, banks….. And
    into gold and silver billion. Correct?

    • Greg Hunter

      Bill Discher,
      That is the advice of people like Jim Sinclair and other smart folks I talk with. You do need some cash because it will work really well for a short period of time after a banking holiday. Gold and silver (physical) is not some sort of get rich trade. This should be a core asset that you intend to keep for wealth protection from confiscation either through force or inflation.


  34. Po Rich

    170,500 tons of gold hidden somewhere appears to be a bigger story
    than many in which it is “briefly mentioned”. First mentioned in this chain, the Bank
    of Hawaii, now “somewhere in the Philippines”. How about some information as to where it came from (Yamashita’s Treasure??) and who has been holding it. Karen Hudes states that “we have been offered the gold”, but it would be good to know…by whom?
    Such a game changing number deserves a clear and concise report of it’s own. Without a decent amount of clarity on the golden lynchpin, this just reeks of sensationalism. For her to say “you don’t know because you have been kept in the dark”, and then not go on and enlighten anyone about it seems ridiculous. Furthermore, it makes this scenario seem like some ploy to continue her exposure to the media, whereas, if she had definitive knowledge on the topic, and shared it, she would probably makes Time’s Person of the Year Cover. Go figure, but don’t count those ounces yet, I mean tons, or think too much of what that would do to the price of gold, if they do exist, which I think is a possibility in this world of commodities/currency manipulation.

    • Ginagina Felicilda

      I heard or read somewhere in the internet that part of that gold is from Marcos in Philippines, Marcos got these gold from the Yamashita treasure that the Japanese hidden in philippines duringWWII, war loot from Europe owned by the wealthy Royals and Jews, etc, from all over Asia. Marcos recovered some these gold, melted under name Republic of the Philippines deposited in the Swiss bank and who where else banks. I read it in The Seagrave, Goldin Lily in the internet. It talks about the Gold, Yamashita Gold, WWII, interesting. It mentioned in the story that Marcos deposited 80,000MT of gold. Mentioned also Bank of Hongkong which is British colony that time. I also read some about the Last Will Testament of Ferdinand Marcos. It talks about the Gold that he was to withdraw that the Trilatteral or some sort of Bank did not allow as it will affect the global economy. I am not sure how true it is. Thats probably why Ms. Hudes mentioned about Marcos about the Gold, there maybe some truth about all these.

  35. mohammad


    So much for peace treaty with Iran, I think they sense that Israel will hit, Netanyahu will KICK THE CHESS BOARD!!!!!!


    “Iran warns ready for ‘decisive’ battle with US, Israel”

    “Tehran (AFP) – Armed forces chief of staff General Hassan Firouzabadi has warned the Islamic republic’s arch-foes that Iran is prepared for a “decisive battle” if attacked, Fars news agency reported on Wednesday.

    “We are ready for the decisive battle with America and the Zionist regime (Israel),” Fars quoted Firouzabadi as saying.

    He also warned neighbouring nations not to allow any attack to be launched on Iran from their soil.”

    • Greg Hunter

      This is very big. Top Iranian military leaders have publically stated in the past that they would not hesitate to strike first if they thought they were going to be attacked. I think they are signaling they already have nuclear weapons. This is the big story of the week and maybe of our lives!! Thank you for posting it.

    • Galaxy 500

      I agree that the Israelites are going to vote to live and nuke the Iranians. The Iranian’s threats remind me of Bagdad Bob’s

      • mohammad

        Will be done, but for a totally different reason than the one you have mentioned. I explained it in earlier posts.

        • Galaxy 500

          Sure you did and I totally discounted it. Just put it into the category of ” disagree”. I don’t by into Zionist conspiracy theory.
          As you are a student of history, remember the wars in the Middle East. How many were sneak attacks on Israel and how many were started by the Jews? I don’t count police actions into Gaza or the West Bank. Reasoning? If the Mexicans were firing missiles into CA and TX, the American army would show much less restraint than the Jews and then the redness would finish it. The illegal immigration problem would be over, the boarders would be protected by land mines.

          • mohammad

            You keep mixing zionism and judaism, I referred on many posts before to many jewish scholars that described it better than me and they considered zionism an atheist political movement highjacked Judaism. I will refer you again to them, if you are busy i can post the links again!

          • Liquid Motion

            You are 100% correct about Zionism.
            Let us not forget though that 95% of Jews inhabiting the earth do not practice Judaism.
            On a similar vein, is Israel a Zionist State ?
            Closer attention to this reality is required by all to fully assess.
            In future it may be more appropriate when discussing matters concerning Judaism that all references to Jewish scholars should in fact be made to Hebrew scholars, in lieu.

          • mohammad


            What god fearing Jews are concerned about regarding the state of Israel, is the fact It is against their Turat,
            The religion highjacking for political agendas happens always, Islam, Christianity, Judaism….


    • Emeniag

      Don’t forget their worst enema’s, the house of Saudi in Arabia, Bandar Bush and Bush family and location – location, the bought and paid for Washington District of Corruption. Long live the state capitol’s of the United States, may they long stay out of the clutches of the Sunni and Petro dolla! keep pump-in that black gold and may ALLAH bless you with the Keystone pipeline sooni. ‘Ya habibi’ ‘Allah Akbar’ ~

  36. Mahalia Jackson

    Great interview….Karen’s info is key stuff.
    Check out Jordan Maxwell for more info on the struggle for humanity’s soul- lots of info on the secret matrix that has controlled us for so long.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mahalia Jackson,
      Lots going on that we do not know about and it is sickening. Humanity is in great peril. Thank you for your comment.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yeah, I saw those Matrix movies too. I am still waiting on TWC cable to unplug me.

  37. Petedivine

    Hello Greg,

    I really love your work, but I think Karen Hudes’s claim of 170 tons of gold sitting in Hawaii are extreme. Further claiming that it was offered to the U.S. To support our currency seems a little ridiculous. Her Imelda Marcos story about stolen paintings belonging to humanity was worth a chuckle. I don’t think this lady has any credibility. I think interviews with people like her and her completely unsubstantiated claims can also hurt your credible work and the work of people like Dr. fekete simply by association. I look forward to your future interviews and hope you can find more credible guests in the near future.

  38. Anne Elliott

    Well, Ms. Hdes was all over the place, and I’m even more skeptical about there being all these tons of gold like she says, but she sure sounded like Greg Mannerino at the end… Scary talk about how the world will suffer when goods are no longer available… And what’s even scarier is how few people are listening to the warnings. Thank you Greg for educating anyone who will listen!

  39. Bob

    No–Karen is wrong. The bad guys will win. The world will go through the ‘Great Tribulation’ first, where “every mans hand will be against his neighbor” at least in the short term. God will cut this period short “Or else no flesh would survive”–When the world declares “Peace and security” the bible says there will be “instant destruction upon them”—–We must remember who is truly behind all of this evil and corruption, the unseen ruler of earth—the original liar and self corrupted fallen angel Lucifer. He knows his time is short and was thrown down to earth “Having Great Anger” towards mankind. We thank Karen Hudes for her attempt—as well as others, but her hope is misplaced. Buckle up—————–

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob. The Bible also says 365 time the phrase “Fear Not.” God has our back as long as we have his.

      • BKB


        I so respect you for bringing in commentators that have various perspectives and the thus brings out the great need for having a discerning approach to all that we hear, read or see. This is a quality that is a must our day and in the days ahead regardless of the specifics of the location of the “tons of gold’s” location, etc.

        I highly value your approach to reporting and interviewing and the fact that you are not afraid to tackle the tough issues and hot topics. I know that many disclaimers are presented prior to some TV and radio programs that the owners do not agree with all the commentary that is made on their programs and I perceive that you would hold similar a position and you are not in full agreement with all the commentary that is brought forth in your interviews.

        I base my pursuits on “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free”(1). And if our convictions are not based on the truth, then bondage will result. Also along with the encouragement to not fear we are to “See to it that no one misleads (Stongs G4105) you” (2). We currently live in a very “informative” age but with that we also have a great responsibility to be discerning.

        Rejection of the truth has consequences and one should take note – “they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason G-d will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness”(3).

        Without help we could be overwhelmed with information but as a literal follower this statement hold great weight in my approach to what I see, hear and read.
        “But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come”(4).

        Greg, be encouraged. I believe you are giving people and opportunity; to decide to think and come to an understanding of what is just, true and right or make the decision to reject truth for some sort of “easy way” that will end with overwhelming results with little hope. Thanks Greg.


        1- John 8:31-32
        2- 2 Thes. 2:10-12
        3- Matt 24:4b (Stongs G4105)
        4- John 16;13

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you BKB for the comment and scripture.

    • allen ols

      buckle-up BOB

      I agree and enjoyed your coment, u nailed it. al ols

    • On The Beach

      Hip hip hooray, we will live to see another, GreatDay!
      Google (youtube-Bing-Crosby-Great-Day)

    • t2rey

      I read the Book and this is how the story unfolds: Babylon falls (i.e., Vatican + London + Washington DC)…the good guys win (i.e., the manifested sons of God) and they overcome the enemy (Satan) “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”

      Of course there are more bad guys today than good guys…but this is precisely the reason why there is an “endtime” preaching of the gospel of the kingdom, transfer of wealth, and harvest of souls. Only those who obstinately reject God and His Messiah need to worry about tribulation.

      Karen Hudes can only know so much of the hidden truths about the Philippines and “God’s gold”…perhaps not even God’s present-day prophets know the full story, which awaits His revelation at the appointed time–hopefully soon. The only thing we can be sure of is God’s wonderful plan for mankind, especially for believers. Shalom!

  40. Alex D.

    Wow Greg,

    Sounds like a chess game at a very high level is being played. I wonder if there is anything the little guy can do. She wasn’t very specific on how individuals can contribute to this.

    I’m curious as to why the U.S. can lay claim to this 170,000 tones of gold she talks about. I also wonder why (if things are going to be as bad as she says) anyone would want to collapse the U.S. dollar? If the whole system is going to fall apart then wouldn’t those who stand to benefit also be shooting themselves in the foot? Some of these things don’t make sense. Although I want to believe her, I still find myself thinking some things make no sense.

  41. Frank

    Great interview, wish it would have been longer. She seemed to have some great insights on things that are not commonly discussed; a second constitution and a nuclear explosion averted in S.C. Next time you get her on you should try and drill down on those issues.

    Great show love your work Sir.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank.

  42. tony newbill

    I believe we are in a period of time similar to a 100 years ago when the eastern block countries were experiencing major durable supply shortages that had been evolving with population growth that was leading to conflicts , wars and genocidal activity .
    The currency wars are just a sign of this beginning as the International Cultural Hegemony , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_hegemony , is running the Bureaucracies of Governments and the political officials of elected circus members who don’t read legislation but just votes as they are told too while the International Cultural Hegemony is holding back supply expansion while they are fighting within their structural environments to either zero growth or see future supply expansion is possible , like was the case back in the USA in the 1930s and going forward when supply expansion was being realized with Technology and Industrial advancements .
    Heres a Link that talks about the way the International Cultural Hegemony is seeing the worlds future and what they are doing about it , http://www.peakresources.org/about-us

  43. Marcelo Ruiz

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been a follower for a while and this is the first time I feel a deep contradiction about what’s going on.
    I am from Argentina and went through our crisis in 2001. Until this interview I was convinced that the US was following the same path we did, and understood the consequences would have not been very different, but in a bigger scale.
    After listening to Karen Hudes saying there is that huge amount of gold hidden somewhere (we don’t even know if it is in the US, but according to GFMS as of 2012, a total of 174,100 tonnes of gold have been mined in human history [source: Wikipedia]) a big question comes to my mind: is it really worth it to own gold? Why can’t we know where this gold is hidden? If all this gold really exists, affecting its notion of scarcity, would it change the gold status of king-of-all-money?
    Karen says she has the information and that she can prove skeptics she is right. Where can we find that information? Shouldn’t we be presented with that evidence to really fight for the change? According to my view, there is no doubt the world is dominated by an elite that would like to gain full control, but I would also like to review the information for myself and decide what to believe, especially after listening to what Karen said. Is there any possibility that you could follow up on this matter and provide a link to information that supports her claims?

  44. Larry Carter

    Karen sure was evasive when you asked where the 170,000 tons of gold was located. Why does it matter if we know where that physical gold is located? She has this frenetic
    presentation that makes me suspicious of her vorascity. I know I could be wrong and she could be complete right. Time will tell.

  45. Craig

    Hi Greg,
    Karen is interesting as always. I’m just going to state the obvious, but I haven’t heard anyone say it. The big banks that are paying fines as their so-called punishment for robbing us all are paying but a PITTANCE of the amount of money they’ve stolen! Oh, yeah, I’d be more than HAPPY to pay a fine of what amounts to a tenth of a percent of what they’ve bamboozled from all of us! They get fined a billion dollars, but they made 100 billion on their scam! Works out GREAT for THEM! Hey, maybe we can all talk to the IRS and work something out with OUR taxes! Good luck on THAT one!

  46. C H. Lenox

    Excellent interview. But, Karen seems somehow fixated on the notion that there is 140k tons of gold sitting around waiting to be given to America! Personally, I do not believe that gold exists anymore. There was a book written about this “Gold Warriors” by Sterling & Peggy Seagrave. This gold stash (sometimes called Yamashita’s gold (treasure stolen by Japan during the 2nd World War – and stashed in the Phillipines) was discovered by U.S. intelligence officers in Manila in 1945. It was subsequently found (after a little torture), recovered (looted), and used to fund secret CIA operations throughout the cold war era. This gold is gone, and in any event, never legitimately belonged to the U.S., and is most likely not available to anyone now. Ms. Hudes, seems very knowledgeable, about many things; I am surprised she doesn’t already know this.

    • Galaxy 500

      Just curious as how this gold was spent and it didn’t add to the world gold supply. Did the book offer any insight into how that was achieved?

      • C H. Lenox

        There is a lot to the story; but in a nutshell: In 1945 just after the Japanese surrender, general Yamashita and his staff emerged from their mountain stronghold in the Phillipines. American intelligents officers new already that Yamashita had many stashes of treasure in the Phillipines. Since they could not torture the general (without causing a lot of attention), they tortured his driver. Eventually, he gave up the locations of over a dozen treasure vaults. Captain Edward G. Lansdale supervised the torture. After the treasure troves were found, he flew to Tokyo to brief General MacArthur, then to Washington to brief President Truman. After discussions with his cabinet, Truman decided to proceed with the recovery, but to keep it a state secret. The Treasure which cosisted of gold, platinum, and gems was combined with axis loot recovered from Europe to create a worldwide covert action fund to fight communism. The treasure was sold off over the next fifty years for all sorts of nefarious secret projects. (I guess you could justify it – in a way, by saying “to the victor go the spoils of war” – some things never change.) But, give it to the American people, or better yet to the original people and governments it was stolen from – not a chance! Have a nice day.

    • henry

      Think what she’s saying is the gold will be supplied to US treasury
      in return for United States (red seal) currency. Somewhat similar
      to the US notes issued during JFK admin and quickly terminated by LBJ,
      of course. The US bills would likely offer some sort of redeemability.

  47. Dan

    Hawaii & Philippines are quite different! She seems like a bit of a kook. Not sure that she adds anything to an otherwise excellent site.

  48. Patrick

    Greg, I love the work you do and am a regular reader. Ms. Hudes discusses themes that many others have also. While much of her comments are rather shrill, that is not enough for me to dismiss her conclusions. However, for her to claim that 170,000 metric tons of gold are in Hawaii or the Philippines is a bridge too far for me. Many reports I have read over the years put the total amount of gold ever mined at about 170,000 tons. For Ms. Hudes to suggest that all the gold ever mined is at some undisclosed location in the Pacific is just too much. Perhaps she accidentally missed a decimal point? Without some sort of corroborating evidence, her claim that all the gold ever mined is somewhere in the Pacific seems bogus particularly in light of Chinese and Indian accumulations of several thousand tons in the last year.

    Ms. Hudes is the only person I have heard that makes this claim. Either everyone else is catastrophically wrong about the amount of gold mined in history or Ms. Hudes is engaging in raw speculation.

    Thanks again for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair point Patrick. Thank you for making it here.

  49. Dredd

    I worked as a vault custodian during the early 1980’s at the main branch of BOH in Honolulu. Several things. We did have 8-9 thousand dollars face value of new silver dimes. Which when discovered they had a give away promotion. Next, the vault was large, but not that large. If there was a gold hoard there it would have been known at the same time they did the audit which discovered the silver.this was all during the first run up in gold of that time frame. They do have vaults for art work etc. but this amount of gold would have been known. Now those who know where I am talking about, know of a large large gold coin artwork at the branch entrance. Is this a clue? All odd, but I don’t think there is gold there. Now this does not portend another location. But if they did have it, it should be at the main vault. Again this was 35 years ago. So who knows. Now days we do not know who is looney toons and who is not.

  50. lastmanstanding

    I don’t even know where to begin…so I’ll proceed to the end. I agree that the dark ages are a distinct possibility since in the last 50 years technology has been wasted on a lot of evil things. I for one am preparing for a life without electricity and fossil fuel. That way my family, friends, community may survive. That may be a bit excessive, but if it doesn’t come to pass, things may be a bit easier.

    Metals will be used for commerce. There is more than enough history and people to negotiate the use of them in every day life. Barter is also, very simple. People will just need to be able to negotiate for what they need and if they are willing to pay what is asked for it…or go another route…sound familiar? I can get nearly everything that I need to survive in my community with metals or barter.

    The main problem is that those who have been weaned to do less than nothing for the earth and humanity will have to come productive like the rest.

    IMO, those who started the equal outcome/wealth distribution crap and those who bought into it are the problem. Be able to recognize this.

    Greg, you have the patience of Job…what a knock down, drag out performance to keep Karen in line! I bet that you had to take a nap when it was over.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ms. Hudes is very smart and has deep connections. She gives me a mental workout every time she is on. I can barely keep up but I try. Thank you for your comment and analysis.

    • allen ols


      ” I for one am preparing for a life without electricity and fossil fuel. That way my family, friends, community may survive. That may be a bit excessive, but if it doesn’t come to pass, things may be a bit easier.”

      …there are only a few of us, and it is leading up to the rule of the anti-christ. Can you see the governments manipulating everything, guess what, if they want your gold, they will get it. If they want eric sprotts gold in canada, they only need one m1a1 abrams in front of the gold plated bldg. they will enact any law they want to get your metals, worse than FDR………

  51. hubert brunner

    According to Hudes there are 170,500 tons of gold stashed away in Hawaii. This figure seems preposterous. According to some estimates the total above ground supply of gold is 185,000 tons, from which we must deduct the many thousands of tons held by various nations, central banks, private owners etc

  52. R R Mehal

    Introducing Yamashita’s Gold


  53. Jim H

    While I like her message very much, I will take a cuatious look down the road to see if all her friends (the good rich guys) come out and help change things for the better. I’ll hope for that.
    Yesterday evening where Karen’s link now is was a link about fighting the NSA. It was set up like all your entries with a comments section. I commented to it and this morning it was gone. Where did that go Greg? I was very interested to see all comments on that one.

    • Greg Hunter

      It was a one day event so I took it down today. I have restored it so you can read the comments.

  54. Arlie Stanchfield

    Karen Hudes has been saying for some time now that there are 170,000 tons of gold deposited in a bank in Hawaii.
    On this interview she now states that there are 170,000 tons in gold certificates on deposit.
    She also did not answer your direct questions on where the actual physical gold is located.
    To me she seems to be saying that there are 170,000 tons of gold on and in the US or the world – above ground and not yet mined and that the people of the world own the gold and not the individual or sovereign owners that have possession of the gold.
    She mentioned a number of times that all the art and assets of the world are owned by the people of the world.
    What is your take on this as we all knwo that a certificate on deposit means nothing and what has yet to be mined means even less and what is in one’s hand physically is what is real.
    And if she actually believes this line of reasoning can we believe anything that she says on any suject.
    Your consideration of this request is appreciated.
    Arlie Stanchfield in BC Canada

    • Greg Hunter

      Arlie Stanchfield,
      There is so much going on in the world today it boggles my mind. Hudes has legit credentials but I understand your frustration. I do know what is going on in the financial world is unlike (by a long shot) anything in recorded history. From money printing on a global scale to rampant fraud on many fronts also on a global scale. Hudes made some good points along with some controversial ones. She was the attorney of record at the World Bank when the currencies of Argentina and Nigeria when poof. He has first hand experience of a what a currency collapse looks like. She said if this does not get fixed we will be going back to the Dark Ages and on that point she is spot on. This scares the heck out of me and you take that to the bank. What she says on gold backwardation is also spot on. Hudes has a good heart, but could have documented and explained some things a little better. Thank you for your question and feedback.


      • Galaxy 500

        Just because Karen’s credentials used to be good doesn’t mean that she is pushing the truth or accurate information now. If a person is speaking to invisible people do you consider them credible? How different is someone talking about invisible gold? About make believe groups that are going save the world? I can’t believe I defender her at one point! I have moved her from informative source to telepresence from the rubber padded cell. The same category of Ann Barnhart. To be honest, I am concerned about her misinformation causing people to ignore the facts and fail to properly prepare.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      If you can get the name of the Bank from Karen, we can pull there financial statement and see if the 170,500 tons of gold is listed as a deposit and see what form of interest they are paying. After all, CD’s are listed and interest is accrued.
      At todays price (1332), this pile of gold is worth $6,623,925,007,570.20 [6.624 Trillion $]. I wonder where you would safely store 3 1/4 WWII Iowa Class Battleships [52,000 tons] worth of gold in the Philippines?

  55. Rodster

    Another dead Bankster “Ryan Henry Crane, 37, Of Stamford, Worked For J.P. Morgan”


  56. Ken

    Greg…thank you for being persistent with Karen about the perception we, your loyal audience, have that we are losing the fight against corruption that is everywhere from cops to politicians, holy men to bank moguls….Thanks for being so persistent.
    Great stuff…

  57. Charles Cubel

    You forgot to ask Ms. Hudas how the gold and wealth got from the Vatican to the Philippians. The last time she was on it was all in Rome.

    • Galaxy 500

      Please allow me to answer for Karen, it was transferred by way of A4 sized sheets of paper. Then upon acceptance, the gold was teleported to its current location by Nazi aliens.

  58. brian

    Greg man, this interview you did with this lady, its just bizarre. I don’t know how else to put it. I mean you are talking apples, she is talking oranges and BANANAS. You ask her direct questions in a gallant yet comically ineffective attempt to get this woman to talk about something real and relevant in regard to the huge swirl of fraud blowing out of our banking industry and how it is affecting our world in plain open sight and she responds by saying crazy shit like a failed attempt to set off a nuke off of the east coast resulted in some impromptu military purge, or that we have paper receipts for some massive mountain of gold in Hawaii along with some dusty room full of paintings guarded by the signature of some sweet old man who wants nothing more then to hand everything over to all of humanity like some magic little gnome in a cave?!?!?!?! Or that there is some highly organized cabal seeking to conscript, bribe, lure, blackmail or otherwise force anyone and everyone they can into the service of their plan for complete and total domination of the world which will by the way be initiated by setting off a world wide nuclear war!?!?!?! I mean the way she is going I am expecting her to start telling me S.P.E.C.T.R.E is involved or that “they” are ready to open the ark of the covenant in some Nazi cave or something.

    Its not that I outright dismiss what she is saying, and its not that I doubt that there are huge gaps in my knowledge of what is going on in the world, but whenever someone prefaces and generously peppers what they are telling me with heavy handed assertions and reassurances that there are reams and piles of documentation and ranks and files of highly placed individuals that buttress and back up every last thing of what is being said but that these sources are just as unapproachable as they are irreproachable I naturally become somewhat skeptical.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your feedback.

    • Matt

      Well said, Brian – I concur. Ten minutes into this interview, my head was spinning. I have wonder whether Karen is deliberately muddying the waters — getting the average person to let down their guard either through unwarranted optimism, or by feeling even more overwhelmed, helpless and confused that ever. The truth is that Russia and China are rapidly and massively building up their military arsenals, while the west is effectively disarming and running around the world prosecuting the contrived “war on terror”. Combine that with what the globalists have done to our economy, culture, food, and our currency — I’d say we are cruisin’ for a serious bruisin’.

  59. Shelley F

    Hi Greg.
    I don’t care that Ms. Hudes worked in the World Bank’s Legal Department for 20 years as senior counsel – that, in my opinion, is the only credibility she has. Other than that line on her resume, she comes off as bats@#$ crazy. Every time I’ve seen her interviewed on USA Watchdog and other shows I come away with the same opinion. She makes perfect sense at times and then blurts out such nonsensical statements that you come away scratching your head. If there is one immutable truth in life it is this: The truth always makes sense. If something doesn’t make sense, then it isn’t true or there’s something really off about it. She also doesn’t answer the questions, but goes off on some other tangent which appears to be a tactic of deflection to me.
    Thirdly, she mentions organizations and situations that seem to have emanated out of her imagination. Global Collateral Account? Who’s ever heard of that? And why should it own all of the wealth of the world? And for the benefit of humanity to boot? You’re kidding right? A few elites own most of the wealth of the world and they certainly aren’t holding it for the benefit of humanity!
    I Googled Wolfgang Strauch, Wolfgang Struck, Wolfgang Struch and Global Collateral Account. Nothing at all came up on either the person or on this Global Collateral Account except for a post by Karen Hudes on another site and those nutters, the NESARA crowd.
    Then Ms. Hudak claims there’s 170,500 metric tons on deposit in Bank of Hawaii, but it’s not really there. There’s only a piece of paper at the bank and the actual gold is secretly stored elsewhere and it’s somehow connected to former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos??? But wait – the total amount of gold mined since the beginning of time is arguably only 160,000 tons, which makes her claim patently preposterous and impossible.
    I could continue to dissect her interview, but there are just too many discrepancies and nutty things in what she says. I love you to bits, Greg, but this is one interviewee I will no longer give my time to, and I feel it lowers your credibility to have her on your show.
    Shelley F.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your feedback and support Shelley.

    • Galaxy 500

      Great point. She may have been with the World Bank for twenty years but that doesn’t speak to her sanity today.

      • Greg Hunter

        I do not think Ms. Hudes has mental health problems, but I agree, the claims made about 170,500 tons of gold is hard to believe. Hudes did make some other very good points. Such as: if this global currency problem is not fixed before it crashes, we will be going back into the “Dark Ages.” Thank you for your comments.

        • Galaxy 500

          The Dark Ages were in part caused by the Black Plague. We had a small group of educated people and most of those died out. I have a good library of both ebooks and print. While I do see this collapse as bigger than the great depression, I don’t see the dark ages returning. And of course, the church killed a lot of learned men because they challenged their authority. When the currency collapses, trade will not stop, it will be done in either gold or other commodities. Just my two cents.
          And Greg, I am not waiting or counting on Karen’s friends to save humanity. I hope this doesn’t come across as an attack on her, I am attempting to point out how laughable the stuff she presents as fact is.

          • Liquid Motion

            Connecting the dots is imperative to see where we are headed.
            The last 140years we have witnessed world wars and revolutions. Each one has had its genesis in the minds of the devil.
            The World now is suffering another “Black” plague….in the form of DEBT. When the Debt is called in…there will be losses(of every kind imaginable). It is a planned event to drive us all into the feudal system aka “Dark Ages”. Why is it a planned event….just like those that came before….it was a construct of the self appointed rulers of this planet to achieve world domination. One has to consider events over the course of centuries to see what is really occurring. The currency crash will achieve their desired result. Famine, flood, fire and death will decimate the world. The survivors will remain only to live under the one rule. The Elite Bankers who control the money system are cornered. Gold cannot be used in settlement…if it is wholly owned by a few.

        • mohammad


          This video explains in apart of 3 series the gold bonds Karen was possibly referring to:


          you can listen from the mark 5:00 on which is interesting indeed and will suggest that Karen is SANE and she is credible.

  60. Chris

    Is Karen Hudes the only one discussing this hidden 170,000 tons of gold? Is anyone backing this up? I have never heard anyone discuss this but her.

  61. Brad

    Greg, I’m never sure how to understand what Ms Hudes is putting forth. Some of what she says seems completely plausible and concrete and then she will speak on communal world wealth and hereto unknown to the general public , of huge hidden depositories of gold that can only be described as fantasy next to the estimated amount of gold that has purportedly been mined in all of human history. If her credentials were anything else I’d have grave doubts on what she is telling us. When I juxtapose Karen’s statements along side Jim Willie’s and Rob Kirby’s statements it appears that Willie and Kirby are revealing a grand scheme of the playing both sides of a game,west versus east, of what K.H. calls the “controllers”. What your viewers need is someone who can square these points of view into something that has some sense of congruity. I’m just left puzzled with my mind going in circles trying to figure out all the different permutations…

    • Karen Hudes

      Dear Greg,
      A number of listeners have asked for links to Robert O’Bannon’s book and other documentation:
      And they waited for Maj. General Michael Carey to make sure that a nuclear bomb detonated in the ocean instead of on Charleston on October 8, 2013 before firing him for what happened the previous summer? http://beforeitsnews.com/banksters/2013/11/us-allies-do-some-stocktaking-and-we-will-help-patriots-2433698.html See also http://news.yahoo.com/report-fired-nuke-general-misbehaved-russia-211741556–politics.html
      Robert O’Bannon, a retired member of the US armed services, says: “a concealed foreign enemy and its American minions are on their last legs because…it has two fatal vulnerabilities: its needs for: (i) public invisibility and, (ii) control of the U.S. military to enforce its concealed global schemes…The enemy’s critically important control of the U.S. military is rapidly evaporating. The American, Russian, and Chinese militaries–in concert–have determined the wisdom of bringing to an end the plans for fomenting a World War III and its New World Order pretensions and its murderous existence. Closing with the enemy has already begun.” Read O’Bannon for yourself:
      Foreword: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/A+Grandfather%27s+Encouragement.pdf
      Here is the rest of the book:
      Wolfgang Struck, the authorized signatory on the Global Collateral Account, has provided the attached documentation to substantiate the amounts of gold now allocated to the United States. An anonymous American (who sarcastically gave his return address as that of Adolfo Nicolas, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus) informed me that General Martin Dempsey substituted Rome’s agenda for his duties as Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/StrongDollar.pdf
      When CNN tried to foment World War III on January 26, I sent this email to the US Constitutional Sheriffs and the member countries of the World Bank: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/emcnn.docx

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Karen for your comment and adding to your interview.

        • JC Davis

          Gee wiz Karen Hudas. It takes me a day or so to study Gregs article’s from the commenters. Looks like I have some home work ahead.

      • Galaxy 500

        So a nuke exploded of the coast of SC and none of the legion of sport or commercial fishers saw it. And it wasn’t reported by Russia, or China. And no radiation? You could have seen the mushroom cloud for miles. I have got to find those ruby slippers because I am sure the hell not in Kansas anymore.

        • Galaxy 500

          So the guy that looses a nuke is just fired and hasn’t been murdered by drone or just bled quiet like in a dark alley.
          Quick, Let me check the URL to make sure I didn’t go to the”The Onion” by mistake

          • JC Davis

            The purple onion.

        • Karen Hudes

          The Russians did report it, and so did seismograph records

          • JPK

            Do you have any data on any possible nuclear activity in the Pacific (off the coast of Japan) in 2011. We are led to believe a tsunami was caused by shifts in tectonic plates. Not wishing to start any conspiracy here, but I still remain skeptical knowing what I know about the so called rulers of our planet.

          • DD

            You are not credible Karen. An “anonymous American” informed you? Seriously?! What is wrong with you? Did you skip “logic 101” at law school? You, Bix Weir, Alex Jones and “Pastor” Lindsey Williams are hurting the cause more than helping! Please go away! Sorry Greg but this woman is NOT worthy of your program.

          • Galaxy 500

            so far the articles I have fact checked on the Daily Paul are so bogus as to be laughable. The one on Lindsay Graham’s saying a false flag attack on Charleston is so absurdly misquoted to be humorous if it wasn’t so dangerous that people like you are pointing it out as fact. I fear you are preying on those with weak minds.
            Pointing to the Daily Paul as a source for fact is like pointing to the Onion. I wish you well and I hope you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…or in your case, the 171,500 tons.

          • mohammad


            I am sorry I missed your posting here, it could be the first time to my knowledge a guest posts, KUDOS to you.
            One question please, any link of the bearer gold bonds to the bonds of gold in the bank of Hawaii that you referred to in your interview?

            I know and please correct me if i was wrong that bearer bonds were part of a big strategic re organizing of nazis when they sensed the inevitable defeat and here i am referring to the OPERATION BERNHARD and his forfeiting crew he managed to keep with the high denominated gold certificates that were circulated with INTENDED subtle differences or design that will make the issuer refer to as false if it fell in THE WRONG HAND, and those issued bonds were part of the operation golden Lilly and later on were part of the slush fund used by the CIA and eventually by the BLACK BUDGET that is still currently sucking the wealth and life of the world.
            Again please elaborate or link to the details of those golden bonds in Hawaii that you referred to if it is any different from what i have said, it happened that I am among the few that believe you are a credible person and what you say should be taken seriously.

          • Geo. T (Formerly George)

            You know that Nazi bearer bonds were as worthless as Nazi currency at the end of WWII, right?

  62. Glen

    The story that there is 170 thousand tons of gold in the Phillipines is a myth. Does Karen Hudes have proof that this gold exists? Why won’t she bring out the evidence? Jim Rickards was asked if Ms Hudes claim was correct and he said it was hogwash. Jim Willie is the only analyst I know of who says that this gold does exist but he has no evidence either. Until the evidence is brought out this story will remain what it is, a myth. She sounds like a conspiracy crack pot with her story’s that have no factual evidence to back it up. Very disturbing. I put this lady in the same category as Pastor Lindsay Williams who is shouting from the rooftops that we will have a global currency reset before March 4. What? Come on. We need truth, based on real evidence in order to be considered credible. Sorry.

  63. DD

    Approx $7.1 trillion in gold hidden in the Philippines?! Cmon man! I could MAYBE believe Oahu, with the size of the military force established there, but the Philippines? Gimme a break… What proof does she have other than “some guy I can’t tell you about, just believe me”? I don’t believe her… So if the US military (and other nations militaries) are working in concert to promote stability and order, why is she saying that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is “discredited”? She is ambiguous, contradicting and a loon! A female version of Alex Jones! She can’t document what she is saying… Just believe her because she says so, or knows some guy who says so… Good God.

    • henry

      I know Dr Willie believes the official figure for current above ground
      gold is way too low.

      • DD

        So does that goofball, Bix Weir, who says a comic book is the blueprint for the Fed (Greenspan, Bernanke) and the other “good guys” (to include Diane Feinstein!) taking down the banksters… “The Road to Roota”… The more I listen to these people who quote one another and travel the globe together on their “symposium” tours , the more I think I’m being had… Has Sinclair or Turk gotten anything right in the past 3 years? I’m still waiting for Sinclairs prediction that the $ will hit 60 any day now… He’s been saying that since 2005. As I type this its sits at 80.15. Yep any day now Jim.

        • Greg Hunter

          Your time horizon is only 3 years? I can cherry pick a timeline too. The stock market is about where is was at (S&P) in year 2000. Why not be pissed about that? Let’s go back to 2002 when gold was at around $360 per ounce. Sinclair predicted it would be $1650 in 20011–bingo!!-it was. Mr. Sinclair has made some of the biggest calls on gold over the last few decades than anyone else on the planet. You comment shows both your anger, and ignorance of his record. Bet against Sinclair at your own peril.

          • DD

            Not ignorant or angry Greg… My memory is just fine and I’m not a betting man. Unfortunately for all of us that listen to your program, you continually fail to confront these people with the inaccuracies they throw out, choosing to “cherry pick” and report on the “accurate” predictions disregarding the fails… So, Greg, what should I use as a timeline? 5, 7, 10, 1,000 years? Sinclair has been calling for the collapse of the dollar for many years, and has been wrong for many years. Check it out. If you are truly trying to figure out what is happening you would ask him why. I think that prediction is as important as his predictions on gold, don’t you. So seriously, why don’t you confront Sinclair, Turk, Hude and the others on the fails as well as the hits? Let me guess, because then they would not return to your program… I see… So “investigative” journalism stops at the point where you might anger the guest by asking them why they have been wrong. Yeah that’s really what we need right now. Who’s really doing the cherry picking Greg?

            • Greg Hunter

              This is the biggest financial calamity in recorded history. Gold is up 300% since 2001. You can’t say that about stocks or bonds or real estate. Confront them on what? Short term moves for trades?

  64. Ed

    Greg! What the heck is this woman talking about 175000 tons of gold? If this is true and that came on the market, the price would be totally smashed. Please do some further research and get some proof that this gold exists. Thanks

  65. henry

    Regarding world gold accounts:
    Would USA Watchdog consider interviewing Neil Keenan?

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure, thank you.

  66. Robert

    Who?? Who is willing to “give” the United States this mountain of gold?? Please ask her “who?”…. Without this little detail, credibility is more than a little strained.

  67. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg – awesome interview yet again.
    Karen Hudes’s CV is amazing. This is very scary stuff coming from a lady of this calibre.
    Although much of what she spoke about is pretty grim I think her tone however suggests that she believes that the situation is has not yet got to the stage where it is absolutely irretrievable.
    I stand by my earlier post that we shouldn’t give up on finding ways to fix the mess. My strategy would be to break the problem down into its components and tackle them one by one.
    To me the key to this and the place to start is the FED. Until this institution is wound up and a new government owned constitutional reserve bank is commissioned things can only go from bad to very much worse.
    PS Finally I have managed to make a concise post!

    • Greg Hunter

      Short post, long post, all good my friend.

  68. Top Hat

    Greg, another absolutely bang up interview! Thank you for your willingness to bring yet an alternative viewpoint.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Top hat for the support and kind words.

  69. Jerry

    Greg I must admit the first two times I listened to Karen Hudes I thought she was a little over the wall. But after looking up several references that she mentioned in her interview
    – Office of International Treasury Control
    – 2nd Constitution
    – Bank if International Settlements
    – Lord James Blackheath
    – Universal Credit Rating Group
    – Government Accountability Office
    – Global Collateral Account
    I must admit she has more credibility than I ever dreamed of. I do have two questions for you.
    1. Why didn’t she answer where the Gold was hidden? That was a little suspicious to me. It’s like saying I saw Bigfoot ….without the pictures to back it up.
    2. Why would the NWO who controls it, ever let us have access to it, if they could continue to manipulate us with fiat currency?
    I think whatever happens, the collapse will be tied either directly or indirectly to Gold.

    • Greg Hunter

      She did and I put the answer in the “After the Interview” section. Philippines was the answer. You are correct on the gold because the rich know it is really the only form of money. Hudes has a legit resume. She worked globally and has seen the behind the scenes world of the World Bank for 20n years. She also has a good heart because she was fired for whistleblowing on corruption. Eric Holder had her arrested once, and to me, that makes her a hero in and of itself.

      • Ginagina Felicilda

        I read in the Internet about the Gold, Yamashita Gold, WWII War Loot hidden in the Philippines. Books in the Seagrave, Goldin Lily and The Last Will of Ferdinand Marcos. Interesting story. I can connect the dot why Ms. Hudes mentioned name Pres. Marcos in her interview. There is possibility of truth about her interview, maybe.

  70. Jerry

    Greg I found a link to one of the sites she mentioned particularly interesting. Here it is.

    • Galaxy 500

      Did you make it to the bottom showing its by Karen? It reads like a bad novel.

  71. jimmy

    Greg……I couldn’t get the interview to play, but 170,000 tons of gold somewhere in the Phillippines? I just find that far-fetched to say the least. Jimmy

  72. John M.

    It was a great choice to revisit Karen Hudes again, especially as you focused on that 170,000 tons of gold. I too believe that physical gold is the linchpin to everything that matters, especially now.
    Hudes seems to believe what she is says, and I find her quite intelligent and credible. Like many, I’m skeptical of that 170,000 tons number that she often mentions.
    According to numbersleuth.org, they say about 165,000 tons of gold (or 5.3 billion troy ounces) have been mined in human history, with over half of that in the form of jewelry. Silverdoctors.com (DEMON OCRACY.INFO) puts that number at 166,500 tons.
    So Hudes number would seem impossible according to both sources.
    On the other hand, money.howstuffworks.com puts that cumulative number at 10 billion troy ounces( or 311,034 metric tons by my calculations.) In that case, it is then plausible for the 170,000 tons that Hudes mentions.
    I’m not sure what to believe, as there is so much disinformation and lies floating around these days. I would specifically question Sinclair, Willie, Roberts, Schiff, Sprott, and some others on the validity of Hude’s claim.
    If that 170,000 really exists, then we must wonder how long it has been there. Was it there when the Fed was created, FDR confiscated gold, or Nixon completely removed the dollar from the gold window? Was gold at those special locations or moved during WWII?
    If all that gold is really there, it would then seem that the world elites would eventually want to get their hands on it for their own private stashes which would help placate some of their ambitious desires for power and wealth, as they must know that their paper schemes are transitory. Also, I don’t see the generals and armies of the world coming together and uniting, to physically take back the world’s gold and dispersing it to the citizens of the world. These armies would more likely fight each other.
    Who knows, maybe this gold does exist, and is kept from us like some say that oil companies and drug companies manipulate truth and their competitors for their own private gain. Then again, maybe it is more disinformation to discredit the scarcity of gold. Regardless of the truth, gold will always be relatively finite and valuable in my mind, even if the real supply is doubled.
    This is really an important side note about the nature of gold: Many people have labored, died, and been murdered on this earth to get gold. We know that the accumulation of material things is often done in vain as they are unimportant after death, as you can’t take those things with you as they say. But gold is frequently mentioned in the Bible as being more than just a material resource belonging to this earth. It’s often referenced in the Bible as being in a physical Heaven. Therefore gold must additional value, and must have some inherent connection to spiritual qualities like truth, words and ideas, continuity of absolute ideals, and an eternity of both the body and soul. Those who despise gold must also have a problem with God and what is good. (Perhaps evil men abuse gold for bad purposes just like the serpent tricked Eve with lies when he deceived her about God and truth. )
    Sorry for writing so much, but this is why gold (and silver) should be more than just a metal in our minds. It’s also valuable as representing some kind of eternal truth that we can’t completely understand, just like the nature and mystery of God.

  73. Chu

    After watching your show with Karen Hudes, I have a doubt on 170,500 metric tons of gold in Hawaii. Because the total production of gold in the world is about 2100 tons per year and the average production in the U.S. is about 200 tons a year. It takes more han 150 years for America to produce 170,500 metric tons. How much time to refine that much amount of gold and the 4 biggest gold refineries are in Swaziland. So, where are the gold coming from?
    May be all the gold stolen from other countries?

    • Galaxy 500

      Chou, in addition to your calculation, add that mines play out meaning they run out of gold.

      • allen ols

        what about all the gold looted from the ming,ching, and ding dynasty’s, looted by japan, plus, all the other countries in the far east?

        • Galaxy 500

          I’ve read where The primary currency of China was silver and that gold was in relative short supply. I just don’t believe in this gold in the Philippines. Like these guys haven’t had the equipment to mine or retrieve it for 40 years? And Karen and a few people know where it is but no one else?
          My friend, I believe the Japs confiscated gold and everything else of value but I also believe that the Chinese, just like the French, removed their gold. It’s too big of a pile to be secert or exist. Just my opinion and you know how I am

  74. Gloria Maloney

    Ounces of gold is no different than digits on a computer. You can’t eat it and it can’t keep you warm.

  75. clint

    She won’t tell?!@!! Whistleblower my eye! Karen, you are not any better than the people that you are bashing.
    And I was really liking you too. to bad, you do provide some interesting information.

  76. confused serf

    How do I know for sure to buy a little silver and perhaps a few grams of gold (that’s about my budget level)? How can we know for sure if the recent loud warnings that the dollar is going to collapse, the banks are sinking, etc, are not just a ploy to get everyone buying more metals to keep the system stabilized? I had bought some silver in the past at higher prices, then I had an emergency and had no choice but to cash a few in at the lower price…so I actually lost money. Now I’m trying to decide if I should buy back those I had sold for my emergency now before they go back up!!! and if they go back. help…

    • Greg Hunter

      confused serf,
      You must be able to buy it and hold it as your core asset. I think you might be better off concentrating on storable food and water and making sure your vehicle is in top shape. Do that and then see if you can afford that “core” asset.

  77. Ken

    Hello Greg, as I wrote earlier, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than we can fathom. The information that is coming out should be looked at with discerning eyes but should not be dismissed because it appears too farfetched.

    What we thought was conspiracy in many cases has proven to be not only fact but the tearing off of the band aid that is exposing the festering sore of criminality that currently pervades our reality and system. The banking scandals appear to be daily not monthly or yearly. While it may appear that the globalists are winning, they are not. What we are seeing is the unveiling of the true nature of their corruption and One World Order agenda that has been going on for much too long.

    First we expose them, which brings on incredulity as the masses begin peeling off the indoctrination of propaganda and the understanding that they have been lied to by not their government, but by the UNTIED STATES OF AMERCIA CORPORATION INC (see act of 1871). Whether we want to admit it or not, it doesn’t matter as the impending collapse will wake those that are still sleeping or willfully ignorant. The globalists think that they will beat into submission the people that oppose their agenda through the police state that has been implemented. They can’t! Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have proven that.

    Stay tuned as we are living in monumental times and “fast and furious” will only begin to label what we are about to witness.

    To quote George Carlin:
    “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front-row seat”.

    In these times there will be many whistleblowers, be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water as the majority all are working to the same end, which is to save humanity.

    Nobody is going to come and rescue us, we are the ones we have been waiting for and each of us can do our part to right this sinking ship.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken,
      I always learn something from Ms, Hudes when she is on. She is smart and has deep experience and connections. That is fact. Thank you for the comments!!

  78. Geo. T (formerly , George)

    Your site is one of the few proving us with real information and you let us argue things out. I love it. You present us with a wonderful diversity of views and give us your take on the world in the weekly news wrap up.
    What happened? In the previous interviews, Karen said a lot of things that are going on in the world. Corruption in government and in the banks. Lawlessness by Central bankers and their banker buddies plus they are not being prosecuted by AG Holder even when they launder money for terrorist and drug lords.
    I know that the fraud, the criminal bankers and criminal government actions she speaks about is true. She is an intelligent woman with great credentials. BUT THEN SHE GOES OFF ON THE TANGENT OF 171,500 tons of gold. 171,500 tons of gold that she says in on deposit at the Bank of HI. She told you it was a paper certificate of deposit! What the Sam Hill? And then she tells you that it is in the Philippines! And its not guarded in on of the most documented corrupt countries in the world.
    She just flushed her credibility with me.
    What is the difference between fiat Federal Reserve Notes and US currency backed by a sheet of paper in the Bank of HI showing deposit of 171,500 tons of gold held in the Philippines? She can give you pictures of gold bars. I can give you pictures of me landing on the moon. I can give you pictures of me and Harry Houdini.
    And a Global Collateral Account. So all the paintings and stuff in museums is part of humanities wealth and she is following up on Imelda’s Monet? Well, I am following up on her shoe collection myself. They are listed in the GCA as worth billions. I get 10% by the way, when she is captured and the shoes are booked into the secret facility in the Philippines holding the 171,500 tons of gold.
    And then we get secret societies and the military…And there was a nuke attack on SC. Does anyone believe that Obama ordering an attack on US soil with nukes would not foment revolution and a coup? (http://www.infowars.com/sen-graham-warns-of-nuke-strike-after-missing-nuke-report/)
    So humanity can continue…its the world’s gold. Its the worlds art work. This strikes me as one world government/communist talk. What does Karen stand for really?
    Greg, I have gotten a lot out of what she has talked about in the past and I now consider everything she says as fantasy. She had a pristine white mantel until she wallowed in the pigsty. SNAP!
    Greg, we are losing. And the evil doers are winning and the inmates are running the asylum. Sad but true. And nothing Karen is telling us about is going to save us. Buyer beware. Whose side is she on?
    Greg, you keep asking real questions and she keeps handing you BS. Gold went into hiding during the dark ages ad we can bring out humanities gold out of the shadows. Demand your share of the fantasy now. Do you believe that there are 171,500 tons of gold? Paper certificates for the gold in the Philippines put on deposit in the Bank of HI?
    Give me fifteen minutes and I’ll make you an amazing looking document, certified that I have 171,500 tons of anything you name. Did the Bank of HI lend money on this?? Lets hope not! And a second secret constitution. Tell me, was she in that movie with Nicolas Cage about a super secret world treasure hidden in America?

    Stealing gold from humanity. If no gold, why would they set up schemes to steal it. Its called a “confidence” game and it appears she was taken in. Greg, I would spend the time to explain the ocean liner sized holes in her logic but I am too busy laughing currently. Karen is beyond the pale.
    Please, Greg, call in the clowns. I have lost any desire to hear from Ms. Hudes again. Yes, Karen, the scam is over. I am not listening to you any more. La la la la la…I can’t hear you, Karen.

  79. Ginny R.


    When Ms. Hudes talks of the 170,500 tons of gold held in the Philippines, I am wondering if she is referring to the hoard of bullion and stolen valuables which the Seagraves discuss in their book Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold.

    “In 1945, US intelligence officers in Manila discovered that the Japanese had hidden large quantities of gold bullion and other looted treasure in the Philippines. President Truman decided to recover the gold but to keep its riches secret. These, combined with Japanese treasure recovered during the US occupation, and with recovered Nazi loot, would create a worldwide American political action fund to fight communism. This ‘Black Gold’ gave Washington virtually limitless, unaccountable funds, providing an asset base to reinforce the treasuries of America’s allies, to bribe political and military leaders, and to manipulate elections in foreign countries for more than fifty years.”

    Thank you, Greg, for all you are doing to bring us meaningful information…

    All the best,
    Ginny R.

  80. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Thanks again. I had to listen to this one twice today! It is amazing to have a clue about this stuff and scrounging for all the information possible( ‘listening to some Jim Willie interviews last night) Something very ominous is lurking and it is hard to handle knowing it as one sees the mainstream media just happily whistling along beating the drums of recovery and good times! What is even harder is trying to talk to friends and loved ones- they don’t even want to let it onto their register. I’ve been trying with my blog to spread the word but it is certainly no easy task.
    ‘looking for some advice as to how to best serve this medicine? http://concernedamericandad.wordpress.com

  81. Fraser

    Name dropping, self-promoting, delusional bunkum – in my humble opinion!

  82. mark in idaho

    I am sorry but Karen’s statements do not pass the smell test. What would you do if you were trying to calm the world? Send out a whistle blower who tells us the are fixing everything. Don’t worry be happy. I think the is disinformation from very high up.

    Keep up the great work
    Mark in Idaho

  83. Peter J

    Alex Jones has nothing on this woman. 😉 There is no doubt in my mind that there is a global conspiracy to plunder the world of its wealth via the central banking mechanism. However, I find Ms. Hudes story difficult to believe and/or comprehend. According to her, she and her people are conspiring with the worlds most powerful militaries to overthrow their respective governments?! And their motivation is for the good of humanity?! And the kennedy documents, and hidden gold bars and a secret constitution, and …. Nicholas Cage couldn’t figure this one out. I feel like the psychiatrist in the Terminator interviewing Kyle Reese. I’m interested in what she is saying, but way too much talk and not enough(zero) evidence.

    • Galaxy 500

      Mr. Peter Jackson,
      I couldn’t agree with you more

  84. Dan TMWTP

    Dear Greg,

    I dislike this woman. She rambles too much and seems to be slightly incoherent. I particularly disliked her mentioning the alleged 170,500 tons of “bullion” being held in Hawaii which she ultimately admitted was just paper certificates …but ONLY after you pressed her about it. Then she refused to say on camera where the actual bullion is supposedly being held, a critical piece of information that made absolutely no sense for her to withhold from your viewers.

    I’m gonna have to rate THIS guest a ‘B’ ..for B O N K E R S!

  85. Dereck White

    I hate to say this Greg, but I think overall, Karen Hudes is a crackpot….. 170,500 metric tons is pretty much all the gold ever mined in the history of the world and it is all sitting in the Philippines?

    • smaulgld

      knights of malta, monet’s waterlillies, militaries coming together, 170,000 tons of gold, benefits for humanity, working with 180 countries, take back our legality. This all sounded like a word cloud to me. I relistened and STILL coulnd’t make any sense of what she was saying or if she had a point.

      • Liquid Motion

        Agree that it was very stifling for the uninitiated.
        However in saying that, if you knew as much as Karen does, then you would have a lot to say. Essentially its about the crooks controlling the politics and religions and money and the global population. Its all intertwined and its very complicated and involves many groups who vie for a slice of the pie (world domination). Nothing is at it seems. It is devised that way to remove any connection. Its all done with complete secrecy and anonymity. KH knows a great deal about the true realities of the world in which we live in. Its a shame that she came across this time around as being on the edge with so many radical thoughts and concepts. Education is your best friend. These matters are worthy of investigation for oneself. Having said that, you may achieve some degree of liberation and freedom from understanding and knowing the truth, but then where do you stand? You cannot escape and are still imprisoned in their world. If we ever get to that world Karen talks about, where we (as the free people) take back what is rightfully ours, then and only then will we be truly free from those who have controlled us for millenia.

  86. clau menn

    This Karen Hudes interview is the only weak interview I ve seen you do to date. This person in my view is simply not beleivable. Why listen to her…why give her a forum…..why put her on the same level as some of your other guests ?????

  87. allen ols


    here is a new interview;

    Jim Willie Bombshell Interview
    Will Lehr of https://www.perpetualassets.com/ is joined by Jim Willie of http://www.goldenjackass.com/ In this hour and a half interview we discuss Current Events, International Monetary Analysis, Capital Controls, Asset Confiscation and more… Clic…
    – 5 hours ago, 12 Feb 14, 5:28pm –

    al ols

  88. Ncdirtdigger

    Some very interesting claims. I wish I had the time and where with all to check them out. In the mean time, it gives one some things to think about.

  89. Greg

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for all of your efforts to inform everyone on a daily basis what is really going on in the economic world. I regularly visit your website and enjoy the guests that you have on your show.

    In regards to Karen, I think she was very evasive to many of your questions and I am not clear why. For instance, why wouldn’t she say where the 170,000 tons of Gold is? What would be the purpose of her first stating the gold is in Hawaii and then backpeddling and say that the certificates for that gold is there…doesn’t pass the smell test to me. Then, when you pushed her on a timeframe for the “imminent” dollar collapse, she says “we don’t want to go there”…very odd.


  90. mohammad


    Gold is creeping up if any one notices and chasing 1300 mark!

  91. Digby G

    So many mixed messages
    The US dollar is going to crash.
    yet all the emerging markets currencies are dropping.

    And once again an export says buy gold.
    How much commission do they make on this?

  92. Charles H.


    Well, my, my my my… A hoard of an hundred seventy thousand tons of gold – roughly equivalent to estimates of all gold ever mined in history; to be made into coins: because it belongs to the world, or humanity. Well, there is a whole lot of people who will have to be brought up-to-speed and on-board – so that no one can play on another side and hoard more valuable currency for cheaper, a la Gresham’s Law. So the whole world is to be brought into the same standard and value of currency?!?? I would like to think she is right; but my experience in Human Nature precludes me from believing such assertions. More like – Those who now pull the strings will, when ready, pull the rug out. Bring people along as far as possible – then comes the switch. I have to stay with GOTS (Get Out of The System). I’m too sensitive to rug-burns.

  93. Kart

    From the past interviews with Hudes I always came away with the feeling that she was a nut. This time, this interview, a delusional nut…. Her story is a twisted one filled with tidbit facts and outrageous associations. She seams them together with delusional glue that sets the truth back from any reality… scary.

  94. Marcelo Antunes

    Listen guys, she never said there were 170,000 tons of gold in Hawaii. She made it very clear that there was also Degas and treasure in that bundle.

    She knows very well that this care package is submerged in Kona and being guarded by tiger sharks.

    Greg, are we supposed to continue to take you seriously because she has credentials? It’s not too late my friend! I’m a huge fan! (But I have a tendency to change the channel when I feel embarrassed)

    Oh yeah, she’s working with ALL the governors. ALL of THEM. No, really, ALL OF THEM!!!

  95. Jim H

    Already left a comment about interview with Karen. Could you please tell me what happened to the very short article with link titled “Fight the NSA” posted where the link to Karen’s interview is now. It was up last night, I entered the link and commented. It was set up just like all your articles. Got up this morning to read other comments to find the whole NSA thing gone and in it’s place was the interview with Karen. Pretty confusing

  96. Tim

    This lady reminds me of a fundamentalist Christian in the way that she is absolutely sure of her dogmatic views. Jesus will come from the sky – any day now. Nonetheless I am trying to keep an open mind.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know it Jesus will return “any day now,” but I firmly believe he will return.

  97. robert h siddell jr

    I hate it but for the first time, something Karen says doesn’t compute. 170,000 tons of gold would be 20 times the gold in Ft Knox or what China holds. If it is a list of gold that people hold, how could BIS give it to the US? I was an officer and don’t have confidence in our military who lost N. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, and could not defeat Obama much less all TPTB who are not concerned about her empty threats or she would have been suicided. I fear the 51%-plus low IQ Americans are hopeless and The Revelation is closer than Karen’s rabbit in the hat.

  98. Galaxy 500

    Wow dude…quite a trail of bread crumbs that go down the yellow brick road. I hope you find some ruby slippers. Talk to Karen, I am sure that she is clicking her pair together to go to the City of Gold. You know, the 171,500 tons. Could you ask Karen if that British tons or Metric tonnes. If really makes a difference on how I value my portfolio

    • Jerry

      You mean like this.
      That’s how I see the land of Oz after the SHTF.

      • Galaxy 500

        Sorry Jerry, that comment wasn’t for you. Not sure how it got out of place

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks for the link. It was hilarious. I think Karen is using massive amounts of what they are! Smoke em if you gottem 😉

    • andrew

      The notion not mentioned in Bill Holter’s article, nor little in this comment thread, is that Hudes says the gold is somewhere in hiding where only a few people know its whereabouts. No sovereign powers have been able to touch it, so no hypothecation, etc. I think the idea is another confidence game, ie. LOOK, we have the certificates so you can trust us the gold is really there. Let’s all agree with this reality, and then use it as a basis to create non-central bank money and liberate the world from the bondage we’re in. The missing logic is that this is an unmanageable situation. You haven’t gotten rid of the oligarchy. Humans are greedy, not just the oligarchy, so somebody else will want to get their hands on all the lost gold so they can become the master of the universe. So, even if the gold is there, it’s almost an impossibility that it could be managed out of hiding to become the salvation of mankind that Hudes suggests. We are in a big fix and our karma is certain to come due. A magical transformation would be wonderful, but you don’t get this result when the populace is either asleep and stupid on the one hand, and acting as perpetrators and evil schmucks on the other. That’s not how karma works

  99. Jim

    How do we legally, “take it back?” I think the issue with the German gold will continue to grow as they find out how badly they may have been stung. The link to her interview w/ the professor I found interesting. He thinks history prior to the dark ages is similar to our situation now, and is very dangerous to us all.
    Better stock up on toilet paper as I hear it can be hard to get in a crisis. Ha!

  100. archivesDave

    I was taken aback with Karen’s interview.
    She did considerable back peddling when you pressed her for the documentation
    of the 170,000 TONS OF PHYSICAL gold she stated in her last interview were in Hawaii.
    Now it turns out to be PAPER gold and tho pressed sev times, she would not divulge where all of the physical gold was stored.
    Unless she’s willing to give a better accounting, I’m afraid her credibility is sorely lacking.

  101. David Gordon

    Hi Greg,

    I have been an avid viewer of your show for over a year now and I respect it and you.
    I also respect your guests who in general are very informed and credible.

    However I must agree with some of the previous comments about Karen Hudes. I’m sure she means everything that she says but without realising it she seems to mix facts and opinions with delusions. Frankly at times it was embarrassing.

    Perhaps you could pass on the following information to Karen and ask her how the equivalent of 70 years worth of gold production (at current levels!) could have been secretly accumulated and then hidden in the Philippines? I imagine her answers would be amusing but not worthy of broadcast on your show.

    Gold production increased dramatically in the 19th and 20th centuries due to improved technologies and the discovery of new fields e.g. California. Because of these developments, 90% of all gold ever mined has been mined since 1848 (source World Gold Council). World gold production in 1850 was 250 tons, in 1900 it was 500 tons and in 2000 it was 2500 tons. Total world production since 1848 is 150,000 tons. (source US Geological Society)

    Also, the Union Bank of Scotland has not existed since 1955, I think she may have meant the Royal Bank of Scotland or did she mean Union Bank of Switzerland!?

    Otherwise Greg….please keep up the great work and the great guests!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David Gordon for your analysis of the interview and your support.

  102. Thomas Yates

    Hello Greg;
    I’ve been watching these people very closely since 1992, actually I knew about the big picture in 1968. I saw Karen Hudes the first time you had her on as a guest. From the very first interview it was clear that she clearly was and still is a Bankster. Her agenda or better said agendas in her case pop out at every interview. There are invariably huge holes in her narrative in every interview. Armando is wrong. She is not a “nutcase”, she is an operative. Greg, I realize you want to keep an open mind and include all opinions but this is like asking Jamie Dimon how to fix the oversight problem at the CTFC. Armando is also right, half truths, spin, misdirection, all part of her program. She is telling the truth that they are desperate to drive down gold prices. That’s why she is telling us this fairytale about 170,000 metric tons in their happy little hidey hole. You have to be kidding. I like your “Watchdog” series but I can’t watch anymore of this nonsense. Yes, please, stick with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts!

    • Galaxy 500

      I agree with you on Karen. She either has delusions of grandeur or she a shill for moneyed elite perhaps some combination of both.

  103. Jonathan

    I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who’s not buying this woman’s schtick. 170,000 tons of gold is just simply unbelievable (and why did she pick the same figure that’s routinely been touted as the total amount of gold mined in the world since the beginning of time? That makes it extremely fishy — she should have just stuck with a more believable number, like, say, six million or some nice round number like that.)

    If you consider that the total amount of gold mined in a YEAR is 2700 tons, then this would mean that there’s 62 years’ worth of global mine output just sitting around in a vault somewhere?


  104. Suzanne

    Hi Greg!
    Snaps up for trying to present a variety of viewpoints.
    You might want to take a look at Neil Keenan’s various broadcasts…
    who is the person approved by the ancient Asian families to handle the global collateral accounts. The World Bank is not one of these approved entities. There are several in which he is specifically rebuking Hudes… sounds like she’s been snookered by some smooth talkers, including the Indonesian mob. She also sounds like someone who is struggling to be relevant.
    Her info is tagging onto what Neil Keenan and Benjamin Fulford have been working on and talking about for years. I also found it interesting that Jim Willie’s last few interviews have also tied in with Keenan and Fulford’s info.

    • henry

      To say the least, Keenan and Fulford are not on good terms either.

  105. bob d

    I like the show ,Peace.

  106. Jerry

    This is how I see the collapse sometime.


    You expect some loud bang, but the whole time your being slowly gassed to death a little at a time from things you can’t see.

  107. Merc

    Tabloid stuff. Disgusting. Jim Sinclair would not touch this woman. I have emailed him numeros times, but he stays away form her. Cuz he is wise….

  108. AL

    Hi Greg and fellow commenters
    Remember people like Peter Schiff and others were literally laughed at when they said the economy was going to crash, CONTRARY to what most economist were saying at the time. Now, Karen is saying something VERY DIFFERENT here to what I’ve been hearing. Time will tell if she IS who she claims to be. But like most people on here, I think we need more than “YOU’LL SEE”, especially when humanity is at stake.

  109. John MacInnis

    Interesting conversation with Ms. Hudes. Don’t think I buy into everything she says though, I mean Hawaii/certificates/Phillipines, which is it? 170,000 tonnes is a whole lot for it to go unnoticed by a lot of pretty sharp minds i.e. Eric Sprott. Enjoy your work & your web-site. From just an average guy, thanks for your help.

  110. 1914"100yr's"2014

    Noel, Being your surrounded by the Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, you got a great hideout, beautiful country. In an area like that you might run into Gerald Cilente himself, the man with the getaway plan! Hope you’ll be wearing orange!
    Noel keep in mind who the god (little g) of this world is. (2Corinthians4:4)

  111. Dan TMWTP

    Hey Greg,

    In my humble opinion, every poster here who thought that Karen Hudes was a good interviewee has as far as I’m concerned just LOST all credibility, while all those well-informed posters who noticed the gross discrepancies of the numbers she was throwing around GAINED credibility in my eyes. No reflection on you man. One lemon in a barrel of otherwise delicious fruit is very acceptable to me. But PLEASE don’t have her back on again. It would be a disrespect to the other great people you regularly have on.

    PS: to your credit, the number of posters who disliked Hudes -judging by the comments-FAR outweighs those who thought her credible ..proving that your oft-repeated claims of having the “smartest followers on the web” is NOT just in vain.

  112. Cameron

    I did not even bother going to the video after reading your commentary Greg. That was bad enough.
    I think this lady’s claims are quite ridiculous. I would not even waste my time rebutting them.
    All the best.

  113. Merc

    “We’ve been offered 170,000 metric Tons of Gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash. The Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional, and we don’t have to pay interest on our debt, and we don’t have to have debt for that matter.” Hudes
    PC Roberts, Gerald Celente, Eric Sprott – those guests on your show, I wonder how this psycho-shill makes them feel ….CNN may run some of your interview though.

  114. Wiley

    Even if there are 170,500 tons of gold that can be claimed by the U.S., it would be worth about $7 trillion at $1300/oz. With a $17 trillion debt plus $200 trillion or more in unfunded liabilities, it would still take a gold price of around $40,000/oz. to balance the books.

    Even if gold went to $40,000 and the debt was paid off, we would still need to make major adjustments in our economy, our monetary system, and our entire society to start living within our means and avoid running up the debt again. Major changes are inevitable regardless of whether that gold exists.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a very good point: “Major changes are inevitable regardless of whether that gold exists.”
      Thank you for making it here.

  115. porkydawky

    Here is the Lord Blackheath Statement from 2011. In the UK Lord B. is regarded as an unfortunate soul who has fallen for an elaborate hoax.

    The amounts of money involved would cause huge ripples in the financial markets and the affects would probably be impossible to hide. After all the US national debt is 17 Trn USD.

    One has to conclude that Lord Blackheath has been subject to an elaborate hoax.

  116. Jim G

    Best line I heard from her was that that the military of the US, China and Russia will be working together to stamp out all the corruption that is going on. Right.

    That alone provides all the evidence anyone should need to see how out of touch with reality and delusional she really is. Mildly entertaining but hardly worth having her back again in my opinion.

  117. S. Murphy

    When I saw that your Wednesday guest was Ms. Hudes I skipped the interview. I have watched her previous videos with you and decided she does not have anything worthwhile to impart to me. I’ll check in again on Friday.

  118. Rodster

    It’s spreading (more riots and protest) as the world unravels. Be very afraid that when the global financial Ponzi scheme unravels this is what Govt’s around the world will be dealing with.

    “Venezuela coup? Gunfire, clashes as 3 dead in violent Caracas protest”

  119. cascade opinion

    Shame on you Greg Hunter for alowing this drivel nonsense to spu from Hudes without your normal fact checking ways. I have been a listener as well as supporter of your sight from the start. You do pre interviews I assume and where do you think she is getting these figures from?
    World Bank credentials? Who do you think they are?
    There are more credible media outlets than what USWD has opened itself to. It is not the first time you have had her on either.

    • Galaxy 500

      With all due respect, I don’t think Greg was anticipating her contradicting herself in the first five minutes.

  120. Matt R.


    The above is Bill Holter’s response to Karen’s claim about the gold.

  121. dmhennen

    Greg, good interview.

    Karen is awesome and I have been following her for a while now.

    The Phillipines gold is in the Luzon area of the country and buried in many locations.

  122. andrew

    Read Bill Holter’s article just up 2/13 about Karen Hudes and the Yamashita gold story:

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice link! Thanks

  123. 8Ball

    The Looney Tunes cartoon outro kept running through my head during that interview… “That’s All Folks”.

    Talk about all over the map… wow. Once she gets going she is uncontrollable. Perhaps if you limit her to say two or three talking points and get her on with someone like Paul Craig Roberts to discuss those points you might end up with a coherent interview.

    Although I doubt she would ever agree to coming on with Dr. PCR because he is too well reasoned for her to refute or argue with on many points and he would call her on a lot of her off the wall remarks. Just a thought but having her on with a counterbalancing party might reign her in a bit…

    • Greg Hunter

      Posting these comments has been painful to say the least. Your comment at least spots a little humor. “That’s All Folks”.

    • TheCraw

      KH and CAF come from the same school. Both are masters at their art.

  124. Warren

    Thomson Reuters GFMS, produces an annual gold survey. Their latest figure for all the gold in the world is 171,300 tons. According to Ms. Hudes, 170,500 tons is somewhere in the Philippine Islands. Leaving 8oo tons for the rest of the world. Really Greg?

  125. Glen

    This is a link to Bill Holter and his article that shares his opinion about this 170 thousand tons of gold. Read More @ MilesFranklin.com Hope it works.

  126. Elsa Canelon Karg

    you are an elegant man, please never change…!
    I wonder if you can comment – on any “prep. measures” to be taken in case the US Dollar falls through the cracks – suggested by your guests…(?) I have read a few strangers talk about converting all assets into gold (Au) or silver (Ag) and into a safe at home (crazy).
    Thanks and best regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      Elsa Canelon Karg,
      The problem with commerce today is that we have goods ordered by computer the minute they leave the shelves. If and when there is another currency crisis the shelves will be clean out and it will be a long time before they are filled again. This is a fact of our modern age. There is little storage in stores because they want to sell then order, sell and order with no money put into goods sitting in storage. So a basic thing you must have is food and water. Our currency is simply debt. Federal Reserve Note–the “note” part indicates it is simply a debt instrument. Money is loaned into existence. When you swipe your credit card, you did not borrow money you created it? You created it buy loaning it into existence. If our money is debt (and it clearly is) what will happen if our debt turns sour? You got it!! Our money will also turn sour. This is why people are buying (and I am talking rich educated people) physical gold and silver. I think coins in both metals are the way to go but, I DO NOT SELL ANY INVETMENTS OF ANT KIND. Here’s a post I wrote about how to do it: https://usawatchdog.com/how-to-buy-gold-and-silver/ (You can also find it on the site just under my picture.) Elsa, we in and are headed for a financial calamity that the world has never seen or will ever see again. You simply must have core assets under your direct control, and that includeds food water a well working vehicle gold silver and cash. Cash will work really well for a short period of time after a bank holiday/financial crash. Please take action because the perils we face are very real and very near.

      • Dan

        EXCELLANT summary Greg!

        • Jimbo

          I know someone who went through an almost year long bank holiday in Ireland in the 1980s.
          He said that IOUs started piling up in pubs etc. It got ridiculous. If you happened to have cash however, you would have been like a king. Everything would have been half price or better. There was so little cash in circulation.

      • Mark_BC

        Thanks for being so frank Greg! Maybe the focus of alternative sites nowadays shouldn’t be about how to fix the system because it is beyond fixable. It should be about how to save yourself and maybe your local community. BTW I didn’t watch the interview, I heard enough about it from the comments here and elsewhere…

      • mohammad

        If i may add also medicine.
        If you have a chronic illness and you use medicine on a regular basis for it, factor in the possibility of inability to access that medicine and take measures!

  127. Po Rich

    It is very possible that there are 170,000 tons of gold hidden.
    First of all, it would be much of the gold produced over world, not recent history.
    It would be all the gold traded or stolen. Remember the Chinese had the monopoly on
    spaghetti (noodles) for quite some time. If human nature creates possibilities such as the Tulip Mania, how much do you think the Vatican Bank might have shelled out (in Gold), for lo mein, and then spaghetti, and linguine and rigatoni, and Ziti, etc. all in good order and with a mania for each shape and variety?
    Remember “…all the tea in China…”, where did it go, along with the spices they traded silk fiat for? It went for the gold. The Chinese/Orient wound up (not a pun) with most of it, and then the Japanese Yakisoba Prince came and took it, and buried it in the Philippines, knowing it would be safe there as, though very creative and industrious, the Filipinos no longer had access to the industrial equipment necessary to retrieve it. Of course as a safeguard, they probably intended to do away with most of the Filipinos. It is only an issue because the Japanese lost that war. Use your noodles!!!

  128. Brad

    I’ve been thinking on this interview and the points raised by Karen Hudes. If you place her points alongside points made by a Jim Willie or Rob Kirby I come to the conclusion that one player, Karen’s ‘controllers”, are playing both card hands in the current financial situation of the west versus a reset. Just as the power elites have always played both sides of any major event in history. Perhaps this whole scenario is an end game event that leads to the “one world government” David Rockefeller is often quoted on. Break the back of the economies of the democracy loving peoples so totally and with such devastation that those peoples will be willing to give up their democracies in order to eat and a fait accompli of a totalitarian capitalist system as in China. with the power elites at the top is done. It just takes the establishment of a hidden dominant one world bank to pull this off.

  129. Jeff


    I absolutely love the work you do and I am in no way mean to be disrespectful, but why wouldn’t you have just asked her one question ” “Have you seen this Gold? and do you have proof that it really is Gold and not Pyrite or something. I don’t think that Karen is “insane” as some have suggested, just maybe naive. I’m sure she hasn’t, so maybe one of her fellow “Whistleblowers” are blowing more than whistles and maybe just a bunch of smoke. I’m sure she is just be taking other people’s word at it. People she ‘thinks’ she can trust who are working from the inside out to discredit her or give people a false sense of hope. Just my two cent’s anyway. (only copper plated zinc, I don’t give away real copper… wait, zinc is still good right? Ahhh nevermind)

    Thanks for all you do and God bless you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support.

  130. JC Davis

    Greg I don’t remember seeing this this many postings on any other guest. Just more proof your visitor’s are on the ball, Truth seekers. Thank you and your commenters. It is so refreshing to know some in America are WIDE AWAKE. Day or night the people viewing your site will not except anything but Truth.

  131. Matt O.

    What a great discussion and reaction to Karen Hudes! Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has had many books as well as posts on his website (www.gizadeathstar.com) regarding Yamashita’s Gold and the “Axis Loot” that was purportedly found hidden in the Phillippines, as well as the appearance of gold bearer bonds related to that gold. He has done some amazing research and it is well-documented, and truly fascinating. But the main point here is, no matter whether that gold is still hidden or not, we are clearly reaching the point where trust and confidence in the financial system is OVER. Paper claims to wealth will be worthless. Either central banks reveal just how much gold they REALLY have and we go back to sound money backing the system, or we will find ourselves in the new Dark Ages – just as Karen Hudes says. It’s not just what SHE says – it is what human history has told us over and over again. Without a gold standard, human greed corrupts – always. And to Ms. Hudes’ credit, she really is fighting the good fight, against all odds, so we should all be grateful for that.

  132. Greg

    I’m fairly certain the demise of the bankers mentioned could be attributed to having listened to this interview.

    I can’t imagine coming up with a more perposterous rant. This does not lend credibility to your site and webcasts.

  133. Liquid Motion

    Each one of those topics that she covered in the interview you could literally write a book about.
    To cover that and more…in the space of 1/2 hr…..doesn’t help to clarify..esp. when same are being treated like fraudulent money washing through the financial system…you tend to lose track of where it originated from and where it ultimately rests.
    Nonetheless, KH is well credentialed. However to put things into perspective, she WAS an insider and a FORMER Whistle-blower.
    Karen has honourable motives. She wants to castigate the elitists/criminals….and I applaud her for that. She obviously has others (with same motivation) all working to common interests. That brings some degree of strength.
    However, and I don’t mean this in a derogatory manner towards Karen, but she (and her clan of righteous people attempting to right the wrongs of those who are destroying the world) is like a flea on a camel’s back. She is insignificant. She is fighting 1000 Goliaths concurrently. She may wound one but she will have to deal with 999 others. These groups of people that are behind the skulduggery are ruthless to say the least. They will stop at nothing (even implying the destruction of the world) to achieve their desires. She can pursue the judicial system as a means to an end. She can attempt to use freedom of speech, and various media alternatives (to MSM) to get her message out. She will find that it will (if it hasn’t already) become a very exhausting process. Frustration will become her newest and best friend. She will be cast aside & pushed to the back of the queue or forced to take a number(ticket) and even ignored. Documentation (in her possession) as proof has done what so far ? Well respected people she knows who still remain in positions of power, know exactly where they stand. They know full well the consequences of their (whistleblowing) actions should they choose to pursue that path.
    If anything, we may garner some degree of knowledge from her interviews. One has to listen very carefully to achieve that. You have stated that there was one point that she made which is very relevant which scares the hell out of you (and me). IMHO she needs to be more direct and concise. Follow a theme and stick to it. That should bring more coherency to her presentation.
    Hats off to you Greg for your efforts. You are giving it 110%.

    • Greg Hunter

      What a nice, well written comment in a sea of , well, not so positive comments about my latest interview. Thank you. I needed that.

    • mohammad


      Goliath was killed with ONE stone by David!

      • Liquid Motion

        That’s exactly my point Mohammad. She may kill or wound ONE, but there are 999 others willing to follow through.
        I must say I am surprised by this comment especially from you.
        You as an educated man should have the wherewithal to know about the so called self appointed rulers. They are vast in numbers and spread across many continents. They are faceless people who use unrecognisable companies and entities. They have secret societies and use false religion to control the masses. Removing 1 Goliath from the equation is laughable when you have the world’s super powers under your control.

        • mohammad


          One candle kills a lot of darkness!

        • Liquid Motion

          I know the solution.
          Have Dr Aurelio Peccei develop a deadly virus that attacks the auto immune system of the Elitists. Have it adminstered with every newly created dollar of debt. They are the first ones that get use of it so it is certain to find the desired host and destroy it very quickly.
          That would in my summation be the only way to remove the pesky luciferians.
          You suggest that to “light” up the room….(implying/suggesting disseminating the truth)….will remove the darkness.
          We do not escape the Darkness until (as you have said many times) the almighty one returns.

  134. JC Davis

    Greg today was the first time I could not refer people to your site. I just could not send them to this interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      JC Davis,
      Thank you for your feedback.

  135. dave

    Hi ya Greg
    Well i thought the EU was in recovery.Maybe not!!Check this out


  136. redgreen

    Did you see her interviewing Antal Fekete? I thought she blew a gasket at the end. I just fast forward to the end btw, really not worth watching imo.

    Greg. I look forward to each new interview. Keep up the good fight.

    I don’t have any physical, but have maybe 10% of my wealth in Central Fund, and some gold explorers. And some hope that will be enough to weather the storm.

    I suggest calling Harvey Organ (a fellow canuck I think) for an interview? http://harveyorgan.blogspot.ca

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the guest suggestion!

  137. andrew

    this subject of hidden gold in Phillipines backed by bonds has been kicking around the internet since 2102. David Wilcock did a big expose in his Financial Tyranny article, involving Neal Keenan and others who held the bonds. Benjamin Fulford was also in on this sideshow. I think this is the same show that Karen is on, though she has much greater credibility than the above folks. My hunch is that she has hitched her wagon to them. I just heard she did an interview with Benjamin Fulford, in which he appeared the more level headed of the two. This clinched it for me. Karen is well meaning and sincere and has a big heart, and I wish her well. However, I think this is just the latest iteration of this same pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking, right along with the 2012 focus on ETs coming to our rescue. Here’s Wilcock’s article (it’s very long): http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1023-financial-tyranny

  138. Ugly

    Why am I listening to the Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’?

  139. Ugly

    I must say with your several Hude’s interviews, it does seem to bring out the most comments–both positive and negative. At least people are reading and paying attention.
    On gold? I am not sure I believe the amount or location either. But, the Congo has had civil wars and gold mining for decades. Where has that gold gone? If a person figures 50 years of gold mining, it is an outside possibility that 17,000 tons has been skimmed and hidden thru the years.

  140. Mike

    Greg think a little bit about what Ms. Hudes is saying and you will know who she is and why she is saying it. She told you that the entire amount of gold that has ever been mined in all of history (and maybe more), that is except the bullion coins you have in your safe, are about to be handed to the US Treasury to be dumped on the market and so you had better dump those coins quick before their price goes to zero. Jamie Dimon could tell you that and you would never believe it so why would you give any more credibility to this bankster? When they got carried away and manipulated the price of gold below it’s cost of production to support the Dollar they ran out of the physical gold to continue the manipulation and are now desperate to obtain some. If people are thinking that Hudes is nuts, she is not. What she is is a bankster who has reached the end of the road.

  141. Will H

    As much as some of the commenters think Karen might be a wing nut, How many of our friends and neighbors would think that about us?? I believe we all are just trying to educate ourselves, seek the truth and follow the word of god. I want to be optimistic, plan for the worst, hope for the best. Thank you and continue your excellent work of providing all points of view. This website and your commenters have helped me plan for the worst the best I can and also give a glimmer of hope. I have followed your website for a while now and will be sending you a donation. I encourage all other to do the same. Thank you for opening my eyes. God Bless!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Will H,
      Thank you for your comment and support!!

  142. Coalburner9

    Wow! Greg this interview dumped all the hornets out of the nest. Not a bad thing!
    It caused me to pose a few questions. Just who are the One Worlders and where do they live? Who are these people who want to take us all down? I mean what are their names and where do they live? I have forever heard of the Rothchilds and they have been around for generations. I hope they have a very deep hole in the ground. Here is a good Q: What moron is advising Iran to brag, boast and threaten. Didn’ they learn anything from Saddam H. ? Oh yes, Saddletramp ahs a pretty good scenario that matches the pattern of the 1930’s. I think the last chapter isw it will take 20 to 25 years, a generation for things to turn around just like th e1930 to 1955 or 1960 was more like it. We need The Fourth Turning uys on your show for an update if tyheyr are still wrritting books. That was the book that snapped me into pooking for what was ocming. And after all this talk, when we try to protect ourselves what besides the G $ S and bullits and beans can we do?

    • Greg Hunter

      This is one of the most commented on videos that I have had in a while, that’s for sure. Thank you for yours!

  143. Coalburner9

    Woops, sorry about the typos. My fingers are fat from “tuning up on old skills.” Hardwork!

  144. Tommy

    Holy Cow! Almost 300 comments? That must be a record. And all the commenters agree. That must be a record too. I won’t offer my opinion. I’ll just let all you people dangle.

  145. Delores Perdue

    Don’t destroy your own reputation with putting on a crazy person like this. I enjoy your site and would hope the people you interview are more credible than this.

  146. bob d

    The gold bugs want the story line to fit 2+2=4. Karen’s story isn’t a fit for the bean counters.
    All I know 9-11 was a inside job of some kind. Karen story is just more crazy stuff being feed to the mass. She told a good story who care’s about the math,in a crazy world.

  147. RadarNJ

    We can agree or disagree with Ms Hudes however… I like her call for activism and optimism.

  148. R Jensen

    I wasn’t sure if she was promoting the idea of an Article V [Constitutional] Convention or not but allow me to mention that a convention is an extremely bad idea. Such a convention would ultimately trash the current Constitution, just like the 1787 convention trashed the Articles of Convention. Yes, we got a good Constitution then, but do you really think we’ll get a good one this time? And even if we did get a “good” new Constitution, unlikely as that is, what makes you think that the politicians would obey the new one anymore than the old one?

  149. `David E

    Who is the largest producer/miner of gold today?…. China.
    Has gold not been an obsession with China for millennia? …. Yes.
    Did Japan loot all of China’s gold an a accumulation of thousands of years during WW2?…. Yes
    Where did Imperial Japan store this gold? Philippines possibly?
    Did American military do what they done in Germany and search and seize the gold stored in caves by their enemy? Possibly.

    Point I am trying to make is there is a possibility that there is a large quantity of gold being held somewhere out there. Perhaps Karen’s information has some bases in the truth?

    • Liquid Motion

      Some interesting points.
      You would be interested to know who exactly financed Japan and planned for them to invade China.
      As far as the Gold is concerned, sure its out there….and they are doing their utmost to get it all back into their hands.

  150. mohammad


    just an observation.
    The responses this thread had is the biggest since Jim Sinclair’s interview, if not bigger!
    That tells me this brilliant lawyer is stirring controversy that attracted so many comments on both sides of the isles.
    now my side says she IS CREDIBLE because there are tons of comments trying to redicule her and i have learned in my life that when some one has been called lunatic i should look very very closely at who he is and what he says because later on it will turn out that it is just the opposite.

    And another observation.
    I have been noticing the creeping of the gold price past 1300. And to my surprise i did not see yet the bucket of iced water dropped on the chart, if you connect that with the “suicided” JPM bankers I wonder if the two are linked. That theory goes in the trash if the iced water is dropped on the chart to smash gold as usual!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have Peter Schiff on Monday to talk about gold and the rising price.

      • mohammad

        That will be great Greg!

        I always had a nagging question in my mind about all those experts that sell gold or mediate selling gold, and that question actually falls on the side of the camp of Karen Hudes, If they think gold is what it is, so scarce and running out and hoarded to the last ounce by central bank, WHY then the hell they sell it on their websites, even peter has a site that sells physical gold?!

        • Jimbo

          I often thought about this, but the easy answer is they sell it to make money to buy more.
          Obviously they can’t just keep it all, they need to pass it on. Also, perhaps they believe in it and want to help others get some.
          The cynical view would be that they sell it all and think it’s crap.
          So there are good reasons for true believers to sell it.

        • Liquid Motion

          Still only 1% of global investable funds are in gold.
          We’ll see if there is an abundance when COMEX defaults or the USD crashes.

          • mohammad

            Good point LM.
            Very well taken here!

  151. Jimbo

    Lots of people saying she’s a nut, but where’s the proof either way.

    People say money is useless.

    In Argentina, paper money was still king after the collapse. It looked like used toilet paper it was so old and ratty, more sellotape than paper, but sought after by everyone. What else was there to use? Barter has its place, but it is limited. Society needs money.
    It’s stupid to say you can’t eat it, or use it for anything. The fact is, without money, people starve.
    Money works…
    The state of the Internet these days make me think she’s telling the truth since she sounds crazy. It’s the believable people that make me worry.
    It’s all so confusing, isn’t it Greg?

  152. nuclearstarr

    I want to clear all this up for everyone.

    It turns out that Ms. Hourdes actually meant to say there are 170,000 DRAMS of gold there in Hawaii!!!

  153. Gabriel

    You were brave to interview her in the first place. But reading the comments that your listeners have posted makes me realize that the brainwashing is so deep that folks just don’t want to believe they have been lied to. It is important to remind your listeners that she is indeed who she says she is. All the credentials are in place. I’m proud of you as a journalist since she is a pioneer.Tell the listeners who think she’s nuts that when the time comes for everyone to come clean, you were there first. And it isn’t easy being first. I give you a lot of credit. Thanks.

  154. Mike in Chicago

    The problem with this entire interview starts with the very first sentence. It’s not just bad grammar here. It’s entirely incoherent.

    Hudes says, “We’ve been offered, the United States, 170,500 metric tons of gold on deposit in the bank of Hawaii to underpin our currency which is about to crash. The Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional, and we don’t have to pay interest on our debt, and we don’t have to have debt for that matter.”

    “We’ve been offered” – what exactly does this mean ? It makes zero sense because it doesn’t state who is making an ‘offer’, and how an offer like that is relevant to anything else.

    Above all, what I’ve learned through a lifetime of thousands of human transactions, and discourse with clients (29 years in business development), and equally numerous interactions with thousands of others internally at my respective employers, is that when they can’t get the linguistics right, everything that follows is 99.9% of the time a lie.
    For the most part, humans are wired to lie, and do so for many reasons, including their own sanity. The capability exists to be truthful, but being truthful without context and experiences, and a reliable level of being able to ‘connect the dots’ in of itself does not make someone honest.

    I’ve become a fairly competent judge of integrity in individuals, and for many years I didn’t trust that judgement, because I unfortunately persuaded myself to always look for the good in others.

    The truth comes out in linguistics. Always, if you know where and how to find it.

    And then after the interview, there is a postscript that says the gold is actually in the Philippine Islands not Hawaii. I immediately knew as soon as I read those very first words, the woman was not telling conveying any level of truth, and low and behold at the end of the interview there is a ‘disclosure’ that the gold is ‘somewhere in the Philippine Islands.’ I would imagine there is some gold somewhere in the Philippine, Islands, as probably someone has at least a few coins or gold jewelry, but beyond that, there is little else that one could deduce as truthful or rather having integrity, from either what is spoken by the woman, or in writing on this web-site.

    That this person was even allowed to appear here, certainly reduces the overall credibility of many of the guests selected to be on here. You really must then take much of what you hear or read here, with a considerable grain of salt. Parts of what people may say, could have some merit or plausibility, but I’d recommend highly that people gain perspective from numerous other sources.

    Greg simply makes it convenient to hear from some various people, on one web-site.

  155. Kevin

    Re the supposed 170 500 tonnes of gold apparently available to back the dollar…..
    There needs to be more information on where this gold is.
    First Ms Hurdes stated it’s ‘on deposit’ in a bank in Hawaii, then she said there is only a certificate for 175 000 tonnes in that bank. She also stated: ‘you shouldn’t be surprised that the world’s wealth is hidden from you when so much else is hidden from you..(and chided the alternative media (shouldn’t that be “true media”?) for not knowing and broadcasting the true state of affairs.
    These are some questions I have:
    Why did Ms Hurdes:
    * initially give the impression the gold was on deposit in the bank when there is only a paper claim there (not a small matter when the fraction/paper gold market is such an issue?;
    * refuse to say where the physical gold is?
    * criticise the alternative media for not knowing the truth, then decline to enlighten us on the crucial point of the location of the 170 500 tonnes? – they say irony is an overused word, but it seems to fit here

    Ms Hurdes has made a statement to fact on this gold (as opposed to quoting a source which may or may not be accurate), so I’m waiting to see some clarification.

    Without clarification, how could anyone believe this gold exists anywhere other that Ms Hurdes imagination? (and Greg, do you think this is worthy of your audience?).

    Best wishes,


  156. Hawkeye

    Another red-pill wabbit hole for the true spelunkers of truth and/or a really great story. BIG dot-connecting here for the big picture. Piles of refs and evidential photos.

    FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time

    FINANCIAL TYRANNY: The Final Sections

  157. SZ

    Seeing that some of Karen’s resources are disinformation sites and outright hoaxes, I personally think she has been taken in by her own desire to find and fight an enemy and come out on top. (The NESARA hoax/scam has been doing that for years.)

    If one steps back to a more rational and less emotional perspective, we can deal with facts instead of wishful thinking. I HIGHLY recommend an excellent video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAclap2XA30 (which is mislabeled as being Peter Schiff predicting a financial collapse, but it is REALLY Mike Maloney). It is 1 1/2 hours long, but never boring and presents a much more rational and fact-based perspective than Karen Hudes’s.

    I can’t even bring myself to watch her anymore. She may have been a “whistleblower” in the past, but she is definitely putting out disinformation now, which is why she is still alive and walking around. If anything she said or did was any kind of real threat to those in power, she would promptly be eliminated. As for the “nuke” story re- South Carolina, Alex Jones was correct in reporting that there were nuclear weapons shipped toward South Carolina, but what he didn’t say was they didn’t end up there. They were shipped to (unknown) points north after that, so be careful as to what stories you swallow!

    As for going back to the Dark Ages, that’s why the term “neofeudalism” is being used to describe the effect of the enormous transfer of wealth that is already taking place. Those in power are doing MANY things to destroy those they would enslave and the world we live in, as well. Greed at many levels has taken an enormous toll on the environment, the health and well-being of all life forms, and you have to understand that population reduction is part of “the agenda,” too. The planet is way past its human carrying capacity, and that has to be corrected, as well. It would come about even if there wasn’t an agenda to do that, because Nature works in cycles, too.

    We are ALREADY heading back to the Dark Ages, and it’s gone too far to be reversed without a lot of death and dying on many fronts, and it will take centuries to restore balance. There was a song back in the ’60s called “When will we ever learn?” Apparently we haven’t done so yet.

    • Melinda

      You are very correct. I really love watching Mike Maloneys’ videos. They are realistic and completely based on TONS of fact checking, data, and just plain honest research. He thinks in a totally different way than most goldbugs and doomsday preppers. I think his dyslexia gives him a one up actually, as he has to think outside the box and really remember information/charts. He also brings things down to my “lower level” of thinking, LOL.

      And yes, society and humans still have not learned the lesson of “cycles”. The problem is, not only do we have to “remember history”, we have to be alert and aware of those patterns/cycles and what causes them, or else we will repeat them again (no matter how many history lessons we take).

  158. lee


    Have you had the chance to take Karen’s views up with Jim Willie?

  159. Tim

    Dear Greg,

    You did a great job on this very frustrating interview. It was Karen who left me feeling perplexed. Keep up the good work, God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim.

  160. Ronnie

    13,000 Tonnes of Gold sold in Naked Short Selling by Wall Streeter’s who are now near panic and who can’t cover if gold goes much higher. The worse part is there is no gold, these were Naked Short’s, the entire system could crash from the wreckless lawless insider trading group believing the U.S. gov. would never let gold rise? The perveribal Sh** it going to hit the fan?

  161. Tom Aumeg

    Greg, where you let her off too easy is in not pursuing who would offer that kind of gold, and what kind of strings would be attached. The premise is too fishy, and you did not attempt to cut through the smell.

  162. Robert Burke

    I am in no way a gold bug and do not own an ounce. I can only explain this interview by three letters. LSD

  163. Mike in Chicago

    One thing I DID LEARN from the comments following the interview, is that everyone surely has an opinion on both sides of the coin. How much of Karen’s claims are True or not true?

    Nobody will ever know but God and Ms. Hudes herself.
    Personally, she doesn’t seem too much different than a whole lot of people that are on the internet, seeking eyeballs for their own web-sites: say something outrageous and you’ll likely get plenty of page views.

    Also, its very very very very rare for anyone who is a whistle-blower to then come out in public like this and opine on so many topics. Ms. Hudes doesn’t fit the profile of a true whistle-blower. The ramifications of being a whistle-blower are too numerous to mention here, but suffice it to say, she must be a real nut job to want to attract this type of attention to herself.

  164. Melinda

    Call me crazy, but something about this woman doesn’t sit right with me. It is something subtle, her body language/tone of voice that makes me believe she is not being 100% truthful.

  165. Mugiwara

    Lot of IDIOTS here. All talk no RESEARCH. Poor People… they only know what they watch on T.V. ….. or maybe a CIA task to confuse people…

  166. Stu

    To be perfectly honest, I can’t tell if she’s brilliant or insane. I’ve watched her interviews several times over the last year or so and I just don’t know enough about the issues she talks about to be sure.

    But something seems amiss to me. Her rational of how she expects things to shake out just done seem to jive with what I see and hear and read happening around the world.

    I don’t trust her implied optimism or her notion that world treasures are being “kept” or safe guarded for the “people” .

    But as always, an interesting interview, as are all of your’s Greg.

    Thank you for all you do to alert and educate us!


  167. amg

    Hi Greg,
    Epoch times interview with Jim Rickards dated feb18,2014 also mentioned 170,000 tons of gold.The interview is divided up into 3 sections.
    Aside from that he also mentioned SDR which stands for special drawing rights..a type of money for governments issued by IMF in which the chineses wants more votes in the IMF.
    I am starting to connect some dots with Karen Hudas and Jim Rickards comments.
    It is very complicated for sure.Any chance in getting Rickards to explain the 170,000 tons of gold.
    Thanks for all your good work.


  168. Marcus West

    Can anyone commnet on this? When the US Dollar collapses will other countries like Panama for example that uses the US Dollar collapse as well? I think Belize uses the FIAT US Dollar too. Just wanted to know before I decide to escape or retire to one of these places….. Thanks

    • Galaxy 500

      Mr West,
      Fiat money (PAPER) is based on confidence. People accept it because they are “confident” they can use it to buy things. When/if our dollar goes kaptut, it goes kaput every WHEN people find out it tanked.

  169. Alohajim

    Greg : Thanks for all you do. Re Karen Hudes, like many others commenting here, what she says just does not pass the common sense or ‘smell’ test. In particular the notion that ‘someone’ is offering 170,000 tons of gold to the US to save the dollar is hilarious! But when one mixes that in with lots of truth as to the source of power in our world and who wields it, many people can be fooled. It’s an age old ploy, combine 99% truth with 1% falsehood. Credible people are credible because they speak the truth and don’t deviate from it. Ms. Hudes said over and over that all of this supposed gold is in Hawaii at the Bank of Hawaii. Now it’s just the ‘certificates’ in Hawaii and the gold is in the Philippines? That right there is enough for me – if I catch anyone in a bold faced lie, their credibility vanishes, forever.

  170. David Howard

    The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects. http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161

  171. white eagle

    Brilliant interview!! Both the large number of opposing viewpoints together with the implied naivety on the part of many negative commentaries suggests that Ms. Hudes must be getting closer to the target.

    Rather than presumptuously focusing on the debate of gold weight in global storage, I might suggest that we draw our attention to the keys to which the controllers are holding today to tomorrow’s future. (Project Camelot whistle blowers had stated in numerous instances that gold has been brought on & off planet for decades, so to think that “we know” true global inventories is ludicrous. Like natural mined diamonds, it’s a controller’s game of supply and demand within “perceived distribution” channels.)

    Mr. Hunter…you may be right on point that humanity is being thrown into the dark ages. Mr. Gordon Duff (ex-CIA & now military defense contractor and senior editor of VeteransToday.com) recently made the same “dark ages” comment in Dr. Kevin Barrett’s recent radio show: http://grizzom.blogspot.sg/2014/02/the-kevin-barrett-show-20140214.html

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote “Gold brought in from off planet…”
      Dude, Really? How a real news site devolved into this insanity is simply mystifying to me.

  172. andrew

    For all you fans and detractors of Karen Hudes, here’s a new interview (Feb. 22) put up by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice radio:


  173. Bob

    ROFL. There’s no doubt there’s corruption in global finance and fractional reserve banking…

    …There’s also no doubt there’s some good people trying to fix things…

    …But there’s also no doubt with the rise of the Internet, there’s a small army of attention seeking conspiracy crackpots positioning themselves as “whistleblower guru’s” ‘helping you ‘understand’ what’s going on by ‘interpreting’ events as and how they please…

    “A nuke detonated off South Carolina and no-one but Ms. Hudes noticed who was informed by space aliens” doesn’t even begin to pass the “smell test”. Nor does the stupid “400k tons of gold” figures which exceeds the total amount of gold that’s ever been mined twice over (and that includes jewellery, industrial gold usage, etc).

    She may have previously worked for the World Bank, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to developing mental health problems years later. I used to know a brilliant surgeon who had a nervous breakdown and started hearing voices too…

  174. andrew

    It’s now being called the “Karen Hudes operation.” Hudes is showing up all over the place. She seems to be chastising people regularly, and losing audiences left and right. She’s attacked James Farrell, and put down JC Collins, seen here on his blog: http://philosophyofmetrics.com/2014/02/27/the-karen-hudes-operation/

  175. JRPG18

    Ferdinand Marcos was the best & brightest lawyer the Philippines ever had
    He represented the gold traders in the Philippines during his early years earning a huge percentage for his services (in gold)
    Obviously he learned a lot… from gold trading, mining, treasure hunting
    Then he became president for more than 20 years
    He manipulated the gold trade in the Philippines, well actually anything related to gold and shipped them to various bank accounts around the world.
    He was a very good lawyer so I assumed that everything was legally done in his favor
    But don’t get me wrong Marcos is proud of his country and knew about the future global financial crisis, that world finances based on debt & “paper” will sink the whole world

    He believed that his gold will save us all

    A big portion of this gold was intended for the people of the Philippine islands and a portion for the world

    If you want to know the location of these banks you can ask his wife Imelda Marcos she has all the bill of ladings

    go directly to 37:50 she tells you everything and what they are intended for

  176. John Public

    I see the shills have come out of the woodwork to denounce this brave woman. Woe be the normal person when the hell that is planned is visited upon us.

    Dont say we didnt try to warn you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John for your comment. I think Ms. Hudes is a good person.

    • Celso

      Yup… thats right, for everyone here who doesn’t believe ms hudes i guess you should watch or make a research about president Marcos of the philippines.
      perhaps it would enlighten up your beliefs.

      go directly to 37:50 she tells you everything and what they are intended for

  177. dean t

    Im new here and have been to many sites about this issue,And is what i would like to know. Is the US Currency really going to crash,like it did in Briton after WWII.If its so then how long till it happens.Thanks I think your great greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Dean T.
      It is a mathematical certainty the USD will be devalued dramatically in the not so distant future. $16 trillion liquid US dollar assets are held outside the country. Foreigners are already starting to sell then slowly as to try not to collapse the dollar before they get their money and it’s buying power. Protect yourself.

  178. Gregory

    There is only 170k + tonnes of gold in the whole world
    There are only 400 billionaires in the whole world
    unemployment is only 7 percent in the Us


  179. Lane

    I can’t believe how many don’t know truths and lies right before them after all these decades of deep lunacy. This woman is trying to raise the conscious level fast. All you want to know is “where’s the gold, whaaaaa.” You don’t need to know. What are you going to do, go look at it? She’s not going to tell you because it’s hidden, from the very cabal that threatens us. It’s in a Trust! And it’s not about money, it’s about WAR. Total destruction by psychopaths calling the shots. They want the population cut down by 3/4’s. Murder, starvation, disease, disasters – they don’t care. They’re insane. That Malaysian plane was meant as a missile for the Netherlands Nuclear Summit with 58 Heads of State. Most the world would be leaderless and with an appearing false flag attack they’d start WW111. It didn’t work. Why do you think the silence. Things are happending behind the scenes because of people like Karen. They tried war with Syria but the people didn’t go for it and they were told by countries, “No Money Backing”. It’s rumoured the US military said no and told Obama they’d impeach him. Organized white hats are doing their jobs. A lot of good fearless people are risking their lives, sticking together, fine-tuning their methods for success so the least this woman can be given is some gratefulness instead of trashing her. Nuts is letting these mob families continue terrorizing. Stop watching mainstream news. Does anyone know the Queen and Vatican among 130+ others have been issued arrest warrants for crimes on humanity involving child trafficking? Countries had to go to the Belgium court, International Tribunal for Church and State. You’ll never read that in the west because the banks own our pathetic media. You have to meticulously dismantle and she’s telling us who, how, when, why. Help her by spreading this knowledge. She and they must be exhausted but they know it’s imperative for any future for all. It’s an Earth community at this point.

  180. Maria

    I believe she is saying the truth. She is not the only whistleblower!

  181. Maria

    There are many other sources that are saying the same thing that Karen has commented in her interviews regarding the corruption in the global banking system. I can see and understand why people have difficulties in discerning truth from the muddled realty we are presented by the media.

  182. Maria

    We have been lied to for so long and we have been brainwashed to believe a reality that the people in cotrol want us to believe…….The global citizens in the world are currently slowly waking up, as the truth is exposed to us……I just wish there were more ways for improving the global econonomic system before the collapse of our global currencies.

  183. Maria

    Those people commenting on the gold are not looking at the BIG picture. Karen is exposing the full deception and the near future collapse of the dollar as we know it. The second specie exists and many professional archaeologists have been killed to ensure they would not expose the truth. The few archeologists that have been allowed to live between the 1930’s and 60’s were women, but they all lost funding to continue their escavating and they were not able to continue working in the profession. The bones found in the USA are not in any of our museums because the people in control do not want us to know the truth. The native american Hopis have stories about other human-looking species that coexisted among them and bones have been recently discovered in caves. Specifically, giants with red hair….Coincidence? I think not.

  184. Aznwiseman

    In 70 years yes there is almost 170k metric tonnes of gold that could have been possibly produced according to most modern sources. When Karen Hudes mentioned this it seemed ludicrous, but is it really? How long has human beings been on this planet? When I was a young boy at 8 years old I was told by my father before I moved in Canada, that their great great great great grandfathers traded gold to white men from far away lands who came by way of Ophir, the land mentioned in the bible by King Solomon. Ophir as it was described by these traders was known to the locals as Maharlika. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87ymjrGPdOw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6d6PFvaB6o, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymJzzU_MYG4. The natives have been trading their gold as early or before 1000 B.C. to these white men. Back then and to present day bartering was the way of the old. Gold was so abundant in the islands that even during colonial times the Spanish people could not believe with their own eyes as the natives were turning over stones and gold was easily found. the history we know to present day isn’t entirely correct. The natives of the world has been suppressed from the average western concepts of history. That is why I don’t blame some of the posted comments in here. If you think 170k of gold is ridiculous, how about 2 million metric tonnes that belonged to the Filipino people? All in all 2/3 of the world gold belongs to the Filipino people and the 1/3 to all other counties. It’s funny how people make fun of Karen Hudes… I find it amusing how embedded we are in the matrix and have not really awaken. I felt sorry when they made fun of Copernicus when he said the world revolved around the sun and for Christopher Columbus for claiming the world was round lol. On to the gold part. .. Yamashita’s treasure and the Vatican treasure and the loots from world war two was brought to the phillippines and was melted down into bars. Other loots included precious gems, paintings etc… The gold was disseminated to many nations to back their currencies with the help of Ferdinand E. Marcos. Marcos wanted to help the Filipino people and other countries. The U.S.A was one of those nations. He, along with Reagan wanted to establish a currency that was backed up by gold which Marcos had. The master plan was to help humankind from all the injustices and wanted humanity to progress, unfortunately the plan didn’t came into fruition because of human greed and the dark forces of the cabal that has been running the world for such a long time. F.E.Marcos was a lawyer and he left humanity the money that was accrued from the lending of gold to the various nations that used this gold to back their currencies. I believe it was agreed at 4% per annum interest from the gold assets that was lent to all these countries and it matured in 2005. From what I read in my research from alternative sources, as of this moment Phillippines still has 400k metric tonnes sitting in the vault of the Central Bank of Phillippines. Supposedly there was 615k metric tonnes but the 215k was used for some other endeavours. The Tallano family was entrusted to these treasures and they paid F.E.Marcos for his work because he was hired to do all the legal papers for them. I believe that he was told to step down during the EDSA people power revolution because he would not bow down to the dark forces of the cabal in existence today that is why they smeared his name because he would not give them the assets they wanted from them. http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=440155. There are so many articles that can be found regarding the gold in the phillippines that I can’t give u all the links. If this has peaked your interest please research on these names that are somehow connected to these treasures. Google these ; Ferdinand E.Marcos, Bernardo Carpio, King Solomon treasures, King of Kings assets of the nations, White Spiritual Wonder Boy account, Jose P. Rizal, Adolf Hitler, The Tallano family in the Phillippines. Don Benitez Tallano.. Yamashita Treasure… and you will also find that the royal family of England was also involved with this subject…. I hope you will find that Karen Hudes is not a nut after all.


  185. Aurele

    Hi Greg, I recently recommended you re-interview this lady, but honestly, after reviewing her material I find it hard to believe that a Fund for the Transfer of “Real Resources” to Developing Countries has been allocated containing an astounding “170,500” tonnes of gold in a Collateral Account. That’s almost as much as the accepted estimates for what’s been mine in the history of humanity. Anyway, I find her story hard to follow (jumps around allot) and over these past months the story/method has essentially not changed.

    • Aurele

      Follow up: Hi again Greg, I sent Karen an email and asked her if the 170,000 metric tonnes of gold she says is allocated to the Collateral Account was a mistake, reminding her that the accepted amount of gold mined in human history is also around 170,000 metric tonnes. This is what she replied:

      “The amount of gold in the world is 1,750,000 metric tonnes, not 170,000…. ”

      So I’m really not sure what to make of this lady. Maybe some of the other less objective comments above apply in this case…

  186. Lisa Smith

    This woman is extremely credible, and she is far from crazy. She is involved with so many things that influence one another that she is trying to get the bigger picture across. I think she is too optimistic, but the things she is saying do not sound crazy. She said the gold was promised, not that it was in Hawaii, so people who claim she said that are either missing the point or are here to make trouble. Lots of seemingly supportive people who hover around these places are not for real and only here to undermine people.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct. Ms. Hudes has legit credentials and she is very smart.

  187. Lisa Smith

    Also, who on earth can estimate the total amount of existing gold on the planet. That’s a nonsense. It’s all an estimate, but far from a fact. Wikipedia?? Since when was that a reliable source? Seriously?

  188. Donna

    Thank you Karen for all the earth-shaking work you have done! One thing though, is about the gold in Hawai’i.
    There is more to the story than what you’ve been told. It belongs to the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, and cannot by robbed by the illegal USA occupation.
    Where did the gold come from?
    Lots was earned by the blood, sweat and tears of Hawaiians who cut down sandalwood in the mountains and carried it over sharp lava fields to deliver to the CHINESE SEA MERCHANTS in the 1800s, who purchased the wood for gold currency. The Hawaiian gold is divided up into 4 trusts, to serve the kanaka (people of Hawai’i) for Health, Education, Kupunas (community elders) and children services.
    The Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands still exists. There is no consensual TREATY OF ANNEXATION. Only a domestic Congressional Resolution, which doesn’t hold up in international law.
    Hawai’i monarchs were the first non-Europeans to join the Family of Nations and have treaties with France & England 1843, USA 1844 and 17 other countries. USA is the only country that broke all of its treaties with Kingdom of Hawaiian Islands.
    The Kingdom of Hawaiian Islands is peacefully going forward iwith nternational due process to reclaim the land that is illegally occupied.
    The transition is being done with aloha, love and diplomacy. Hawai’i sends a message to rest of the world, that diplomacy, not military might and violence, is the way of the future AND an example for other people on this shared-planet to follow. Aloha and love is the only thing that can save the world. http://www.hawaiiankingdom.org/govt-reestablished.shtml

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