CNN and MSM Fake News, War Drums Beat in Europe, Israel Under Global Attack

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 267 1.13.17)

The USA Today publishes a front page story on Trump’s press conference, but passes off opinion as unbiased reporting. CNN reports on intelligence briefing to Donald Trump but does not say material in the briefing is totally bogus and fake with major factual and misleading errors. Mainstream media (MSM) wants the public to think it is fair and unbiased when, in fact, it is propaganda.  These are the kinds of things I call “Fake News,” and the MSM has been guilty of this.  Now, it is doubling down on being biased and unfair to destroy the reputation of Trump before he gets into office.  Journalist Glenn Greenwald’s recent headline explains it all as he writes ‘The ‘Deep State’ goes to war with President-elect, using unverified claims, as Democrats cheer.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. has sent 2,500 tanks, trucks and military vehicles into Eastern Europe to counter the possibility of Russian aggression. The Russians have not said they would attack, but that is not stopping the biggest troop transfer since the cold war.

In other news, top former Israeli diplomats say the upcoming Paris conference could lead to more UN Security Council action against Israel. There is already a global movement called BDS which stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, and this upcoming meeting will likely strengthen the BDS movement and weaken the Jewish State.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Paul ...

    Trump is destroying the fake media and Trump will soon destroy fake medicine (vaccines) … responsible for destroying children’s brains … (No Women – No Children) should apply in peacetime as well as in war!!! …

    • Paul ...

      Powerful business and political interests know full well that if they can shape the peoples understanding of an issue (by false or fake news) they can control the future … this holds true not only for the MSM but for drug companies (who will tell us injecting vaccines with mercury and aluminum in it “is harmless to a baby’s brain”) like the tobacco industry told us with their fake scientific studies that smoking did not cause cancer … and don’t forget the politicians who do the exact same thing … claiming for instance that completely destroying indigenous people … taking their land and homes … is morally right … because America did it to the Indians … using such illogical reasoning only promotes more evil into our world!

    • This sceptred Isle

      I don’t know much about the KKK but surely they endorse a candidate at every presidential election? My guess is that this would be a Republican so it is not really a massive surprise they backed Trump.

      • Brad

        They back republicans because Democrats are generally perceived to be more extreme anti-whites than republicans. I’m not sure if you are trying to smear Trump here, but it sounds like it. Are you anti-white?

        For example, Bill Clinton said he looked forward to white people becoming a minority so there would be no danger of a Nazi party in America. White genocide is the current global agenda, and “anti-racists” will be pleased to know that it’s working real well. Not long to wait now. A brown future awaits where there will be no racism. Do you look forward to that?

        Trump hasn’t said anything pro-white but has said plenty of pro-Jew stuff. Is Trump a Jewish supremacist? What’s your opinion?

        I’ve never heard anyone really explain exactly why the KKK is so bad. So they lynched a few people? So what? blacks lynch thousands every year in just Chicago. Throughout the entire history of actual lynching, only 3000 blacks and 15000 whites were lynched. How many were done by the KKK out of that total? This was usually for committing some kind of sordid crime. That was over a 100 year time span.

        Today, every year, that total is exceeded in Chicago with gunshots alone. Blacks were far safer with the KKK running things.

        Disclaimer: I don’t care about the KKK since I’m not an American – but sometimes an outsider can see better. And don’t tell me its none of my business. All this anti-white outright genocide is spreading to my country FROM AMERICA, and it affects me greatly. Certain people in the US generate this BS and export it by the ton.
        Ever heard of the Kalergi Plan? Ever heard of multiculturalism? Ever heard of “diversity”?

        Mass immigration is also a racially motivation crime.

        • This sceptred Isle

          no I am not antiwhite or trying to smear Trump. I was actually trying to defend him by pointing out that the KKK probably endorse a candidate every election so why are the media making a big deal out of it this time when it wasn’t mentioned in the other elections?
          I think black people might have a reason to be upset over their mass transportation to another continent by slave traders then persecution by the KKK though.

      • Galaxy 500

        The KKK is a Dem organization. Founded by Dems and run from the shadows by Dems.

  2. Eric

    Today Israel is bombing Syria, Tillerson (Trump nominee) is threatening China over South Sea islands, Russia’s “hacking” C-span (this is fake also), and now the White House is suddenly worried about a cataclysmic meteor collision…….. What could possibly go wrong over this 3 day weekend ?
    Nobama has one week to “fabricate” something bad enough to declare martial law. Also he signed an executive order THIS WEEK to allow the federal government to take control of elections if new elections are needed. Why is he doing all this IF he’s leaving.
    Israel chose this week to start bombing ? Knowing full well Russia is backing Syria. Someone wants to start a war and declare martial law.
    Why are ALL our aircraft carriers in US ports (like Pearl harbor). They have always been strategicly spread around the world for obvious reasons. You would have to do that on purpose, again like Pearl Harbor.

    • Paul ...

      I wonder if this recent White House worry about a cataclysmic meteor collision is “official admission” that Nibiru’s tail will definitely lick the Earth??? … and If so … then we should all be watching for “red dust” to fall from the sky … if we see “red dust” say your final farewells to your loved ones … unless … you have a shelter to run to that will withstand the gravel, then boulders and meteor’s that will follow about 12 to 24 hours after seeing the red dust fall!!

      • Paul ...

        So unlike “Chicken Little” … we now all know exactly when the sky will be falling!!

    • Russ McMeans

      Eric: disturbing news indeed. I’m betting everything will be ok. But someday it won’t be ok. That could be now or just not quite yet.

    • Hatemail

      All 4 of our aircraft carriers were moved out of port shortly before the Pearl Harbor attack.

    • Macray

      “Why are ALL our aircraft carriers in US ports (like Pearl harbor). They have always been strategically spread around the world for obvious reasons. You would have to do that on purpose, again like Pearl Harbor”.

      It was really bothering me as to why. Thank you for your comment.

      On another note, Will President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office? A question curiously non-discussed in the media.

      • Hatemail

        I must repeat myself.
        Nada, none.
        Antique battleships from the first world war were sunk.

        • Eric

          Hateman I was merely describing the naval ships gathered together making it easy to attack them in Pearl Harbor. Which is the situation right now on our shores.
          Yes, you’re right about the aircraft carriers. Feel better now ?

          • Hatemail

            That is not my argument.
            The reason they were not in port was the navy knew the attack was coming.

    • Frank D

      Obama WILL leave office or he will preside over a new civil war. It may come to that anyway, since the LEFT has absolutely no intention of ever capitulating or negotiating on anything. That is not the Saul Alinksy way. We, as Americans, are in for the fight of our lives.

      • Eric

        Frank D Obama would love nothing more than to see a civil war. He seeks death and destruction. It’s in his DNA if you know what I mean.

      • susan

        take that comment to every blog y0u visit!!!

    • MCasey

      The outgoing Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, has a warning for her successor: “………a natural disaster – the likes of which the nation has never seen – is also likely on its way. ……. potential disasters in far flung regions of the country that could occur at the same time.

      • MCasey

        You may want to start at 15:00 minutes into this……the part about Nibiru and Jupiter…..

        • MCasey

          And this morning’s headline: JUPITER THREATENS 47 MILLION PEOPLE. (took me a minute to realize they were talking about the “ice storm” today)

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, martial law is a fantasy. Anyone who is perpetrating this silly conspiracy theory seems to neglect the fact that even if this could happpen, the military is going to follow Trump, it is not going to support 0bama.
      Wasting time on fantasy when there ARE real problems to be concerned about is sheer folly

  3. Charles H


    Once one leaves the standard of Absolutes: the journey toward the polar opposite of Lies becomes more and more operant. When Truth is rejected – EVERYTHING becomes sub-oriented to Subjective-ism. And at some point, narrative doesn’t matter: achieving the purpose or goal becomes the only pretext and serves as a substitute for the truth. For someone who rejects an absolute truth – truth is only a matter on what you decide. Deciding on the side of aggrandizement is always convenient. This is a socio/psychological manifestation of spiritual principle.
    “And this is the condemnation, that light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” Jn 3:19.

    Concerning Israel and the Western Wall… If the nations of the world try to deny them that – then it would not surprise me if they (justifiably) took all their territories and closed the country. Those who oppose them will go too far and they won’t take it. The Liberals took the US totally Left, and kept it there for two presidential terms: this is why Trump won. Try to corner Israel – and they will do a Trump.

    • Greg Hunter

      Illuminating comment Charles!! Thank you for taking the time to post it here.

    • Daniel Song

      I accept absolute truth and the Biblical prophecy you quoted. With that said, please do not equate political Israel with God’s people. The Bible differentiates between the two groups and I hope you will too.

      • Greg Hunter

        God knows where his people are and where Israel is. Do not try to delegitimize either.

        • Charles H

          I quote Bill Holter from his last interview/answering comments…
          “a struggle between light and darkness”.

        • susan

          Thank you Greg.

      • Charles H

        Daniel Song,

        Greg Hunter is right – this is an attempt to delegitimize.
        AS to your claim that ‘the Bible differentiates between the two groups’ – I have to call a big BS on that. The Bible is God’s “good news” to the world, and about as apolitical as anything gets. How is God going to reach the world by indulging in politics? He doesn’t; and politics are NOT reflected in His Word. His dealings is with PEOPLES, and that based on THEIR RELATIONSHIP to Him. After Israel – the whole Gentile world is given entrance into the blessed economy of God through Jesus Christ, in one continuous spiritual strain which is indivisible. If you see politics in the Bible – it can only be because you are reading into it deliberately something that isn’t there. And if you seek to condemn Israel by political pretext: you only side against God based on a false and completely human narrative. Do not superimpose flawed, human meaning upon the express, divine revelation of the Architect of all intelligence and life.
        And on a lighter note… The use of the phrase “That being said” – is a close substitute for a “Yes, but…” – which is a psychological tactic. The “Yes” part is to disarm through agreement; the “but” is the real catch and disclaimer – that everything revealed before the “but” loses all meaning: because the real intent or disclosure follows the “but’. Your comment, Daniel, follows this formula to a “T”.

        • Diane D.

          Christ’s last words to Israel were, “Behold, your house is left unto your desolate’ Matthew 34:38. Nothing has changed since Christ’s resurrection other than Jerusalem being destroyed in 70 AD as Christ predicted. Today’s Israel is still blind and desolate.

          • Charles H

            Correct, Diane. There still remains prophetic promises yet to be realized though. God WILL save the nation, if only by a remnant. He is no more done with the Jew, than with this world. I have a very bright and caustic aunt-in-law, whom we love dearly – but gives Christians great grief being a Jew. It is a very bittersweet and ironic situation – as she believes truth and true faith stops with her race.

          • Jc D

            Mathew chapter 34?? I do read these post.

            • Charles H

              Matt. 23:38

      • Galaxy 500

        Please illuminate us on current antisemitic theory with regards tobthe Bible. God Jehova set up a land for the Jews, set judges among them and gave them a King.
        Jews are not only the people of God, they are A NATION Of God.

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice post Sir. Charles wrote, “The Liberals took the US totally Left, and kept it there for two presidential terms: this is why Trump won. Try to corner Israel – and they will do a Trump.”
      I think you meant the liberals took the government and government agencies left, for surely the country is finally resisting the imposition of vile evil liberal principles (I know liberal and evil are redundant) and moslem terrorist invasion.

    • susan

      Spoken like a true Christian who knows his Bible.

  4. DeepState News&Views

    British Intelligence Trips Over Its Own Lies

    Yesterday, Donald Trump confronted our era’s liberal “Joseph McCarthys,” in the US press core, and within US intelligence, while it was also exposed that this filthy operation has been run from the beginning by British intelligence. THE SKINNY;

    PETITION: President-elect Trump—Commit to Glass-Steagall by State of the Union [Sign the petition!]

    • DeepState News&Views

      If supposed Russian influence of our election, though not proven. Could put us on a war footing with the Russki’s. How bout, since we got the goods on the Brit’s and actual attempts to alter our election with [pee pee gate], plus the frame up of the Russians supplying Donald with the call girls. Should we be sending the seventh fleet to surround the mother country? Should we Alie with the Red’s in our sanctions since the Brit’s attempted to frame the Russians with this fake escapade?
      Is this is a job for the ultra secret, clandestine MI7 dealing with matters extraterrestrial. Because this is out of this world! Saturday Night Live!

  5. Rick Geisler

    Just remember that 90% or more of the main stream media as well as Hillary and Obama all kneel at the sulfur and fire ridden alter of Saul Alinsky. When there they kiss his ring and pledge allegiance to his boss. The “first rebel.” So don’t trouble yourself these idiots are bought and sold to an agenda.

    • Greg Hunter

      I could not agree more! Thank you for adding your comment and perspective.

    • Paul ...

      And their plan lead by Rosie O’Donald (backed by Nancy Pelosi, George Soros and the Deep State) calls for marshal law, the arrest of Trump as a Russian agent and new elections under the control of Homeland Security … Trump has a lot of work to do to drain the swamp of the sulfur and fire ridden evil ones …

    • susan

      Rick, what a great response. If only all Americans would understand.

  6. Boz From Oz

    Has Obama been a fake illusion for the last 8 years or is he actually real.
    I thought George Bush JNR was bad, but Obama took it to their level.
    You just could not make this stuff up.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Interesting article from a disillusioned lefty:

      Bush was still worse than Obama though…

      • Galaxy 500

        Bush? Worse than the 0bamachrist?
        Sorry but you are not doing the math correctly on that one. I voted Bush because the alternative was destruction. Every thing Bush did WAS NOT DESIGNED TO DENIGRATE AND DESTROY AMERICA.
        Was Bush a RINO Corp crony corrupt POS?
        Why yes, he was. But what you are doing is comparing Pee Wee Gaskin, an evil man, to Satan and proclaiming Pee Wee is the most evil. Non Sequitur… and a big one.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Galaxy 500
          I think you have a warped sense of perception. You have to stop viewing events through the bipartisan lens of party politics! The evil transcends both parties. Why do you think both senior and junior Bush supported Hillary Clinton? WAKE UP!!!

          “I voted Bush because the alternative was destruction.”

          A nonsensical statement given that 9/11 and the illegal war against Iraq happened under Bush. Again WAKE UP!!!

        • This sceptred Isle

          Also Bush’s war in Iraq removed Saddam who was a secular leader keeping the lid on extremist groups operating within that country. Thanks to Bush and Blair, Saddam was removed paving the way for ISIS to rise up (which you claim to be against). Please learn to think CRITICALLY!!!

          • This sceptred Isle

            my point being that all you right wing idiots (that like to blame everything on the left) were probably cheering on Bush as the US military went on the rampage through Iraq during the Gulf War. So is not the precious right/republicans/neocons also to blame for the rise of radical Islam?
            Not to mention that Bush personally insured the Bin Laden family escaped America in the wake of 9/11.
            Please try to see the bigger picture and not just blame the left for everything.

            • Charles H

              “Right wing idiots”? Next.

  7. Oxfarmer

    There is a lot of talk about how Trump will fund his plan to make jobs. I suggest the money is easily found. 1. Defund the UN. 2 Meet with one of those organizations that track government waste, like studies of the sex habits of newts. Defund the whole thing. If there is a real need, it should be funded by the private sector . 3 Defund Planned Parenthood. 4. Cut government jobs by at least 1/3, starting with the State Department. 5. Defund the environmental folks from the groung up. No one to check the ‘pollution’ from your chimney or decide that major predators known to kill humans, should be protected. 6 Defund all travel by Congress for so called fact finding missions. We have a Sec. State for that.
    That should be a good start.

    • Frank D

      Also defund ALL foreign aid…..BILLIONS wasted there!

      • Galaxy 500

        Not all but 95%
        Fire all political hacks from the bureaucracy and close non necessary government agencies. It is amazing the small number or government employees that have to work when it is declared essential employees only need to show

    • andyb

      I would have Trump declare that until Obamacare is repealed and replaced, all of the 525 corruptocrats have their current Cadillac fully paid for policies rescinded. Watch how fast we have a new equitable health care law.

    • Paul ...

      Number one on your list should be … the defunding of the drug cartel … Trump should tell Russia they have our permission to fire-bomb all the poppy fields in Afghanistan!!!

      • MCasey

        “… all OUR poppy fields in Afghanistan!!!

        • Paul ...

          Right … that’s why Russia has to do it … our CIA will give Trump a very hard time doing it using our own military!! … Trump can blame it on the Russians “publicly” but “privately” have a different position!!

    • susan

      sounds perfect to me.

  8. Tommy

    Imagine if Bush would have deployed 3,000 troops to the Russian border while he was president. Yeah. The media has reached the point of no return. They have become completely irrelevant except as bomb throwers. Nothing, and I mean nothing they say can or will be believed by most Americans. They have completely prostituted themselves. The recent hubbub over the report on Russia/Trump didn’t even garner a look/listen from me. I truly have no interest in it. Like you said, if anyone wants to see Russian influence in American politics look no further than the Uranium One deal that went through the Clinton State Department. Thanks Greg for shedding the light of truth.

    • Galaxy 500

      Fabrications, character assasination and mendacious demagoguery and fantasy is all the Leftist have to attack Trump.
      I voted RINO “ButtHead” BURR in the General as the Dems had a full blown commie Ho running, but in the primary, is supported Greg Brannon as did my wife.
      Burr’s latest treachery, aligning with Dems to investigate Trump’s “Russia” connections is beyond the pale. It should draw a swift and decisive backlash that ends Burr’s political life til he makes America Great by achieving a body temperature of the ambient atmosphere.
      Plenty of naysayers here, some merely misguided, others flat out minions of evil pushing the collapse of America for Satan’s sake, claim that voting did not matter. That they could not support a good man because he had said some “locker talk” in a private setting falsely aluding to some “principles” they held, was so transparently evil and devoid of any actual principle that it caused Christians to chuckle.
      We heard McCain (a buddy callla him Juan Carlos McCain, founding member of the Keating 5 and unindicted co-conspirator. He does this EVERY time he refers to McCain. It makes me laugh because it is true but the Media would not dare bring that up. Think about that for a sec. IF McCain was really on the side of America, the MSM would be beating these FACTS [not enuendo] everytime he runs), Cruzifer, Graham and others say, “Yes, I am a man/woman of principle. I can not support a red blood American male who likes women and may have said somethings that are off colour in a private man to man conversation SO INSTEAD, I LEND MY SUPPORT TO TRUE EVIL and a person known to be vile, antisemitic, corrupt… all these things without bounds of proprietary, morality, and even common decency. Yes, I am principled.”
      Sure, you are principled … PRINCIPLEDLY EVIL TO THE VERY CORE

  9. Deanna Johnston Clark

    All of these players are facades for the real powers…only the blood is real, the rest is fake.

  10. Russ McMeans

    I wish we could hack into- pirate all the big msm networks and post Greg’s weekly news wrap ups.
    The main stream news is such a joke! It’s all fake.
    On the Trump: he is exactly the right person in the right place in time. God bless him. And may God keep his healthy energy continuing. The battle against the commie, social, Marxist America haters has only begun!

  11. Jerry

    If you were celebrating on new years eve, you probably missed this “real news”.

    The global shift away from the dollar is under way. On April 21st the IMF will make it official in their Spring meeting. The continued collapse of the bond market, coupled with stealth QE, will most likely culminate in the total and complete destruction of the dollar.

    What usually happens to junkies (in this case cheap money junkies under QE) is they either put the (QE) needle down, or overdose and die. Well we all know what their choice is after watching the stock market the past few weeks. Somehow you just know its not going to end well when you see money velocity approaching a zero index, while
    unfunded liabilities hit 125 trillion dollars. The two simply cannot coexist in real world economics.

    • Jerry

      More real news about treasury dumping.
      This is called liquidation. Its like selling the furniture before you get the foreclosure notice from the bank. And. Oh yes. There’s always plenty of “denial”.

      • Greg Hunter

        Love it Jerry. Big money knows rates are going up.

    • Jerry

      You can add the Peso to the list of currencies that are being crushed under the weight of the dollar. But of course Trump gets to play the role of the patsy and take the blame.

      I’m hearing from my sources that proxy armies are hooking up with drug cartels in Mexico to spearhead an invasion on the border. With CALEXIT brewing, and Trumps inauguration, this could be an opportune moment for the globalist to test Trumps resolve. We’ll see?

    • Diane

      China Steps in Against Bitcoin | Armstrong Economics

    • Paul ...

      Thinking about why Trump has put so many people from Goldman Sachs on his team (when he criticized all the other candidates for having links to Goldman Sachs) may be due to the fact that Trump realizes that as he applies tariffs on imports to protect American industry … foreigners who can’t compete will then have less “reserve dollars” in their coffers to back their own individual currencies … so they are going to need an alternative “reserve currency” (like the yuan) to prevent the death of the entire world’s monetary system “that is based on the dollar” … and because the transition to “a new reserve currency” will be baked in the cake under a Trump administration that applies tariffs …Trump probably concluded he will need a bunch of “Goldman Sachs” people on his team “to manage the transition”!!!

  12. Russ McMeans

    Pray for the Donald. He’s 70 years old and still energetic, but the battle against the dark forces in our country has only begun. He will make mistakes- like all of us he’s a finite human being. We have to pin our hopes on his success, because Jesus Christ’s promise to return has not been fulfilled yet. ( Hope it all comes true).
    Trump is all we got for now. Hedge your bets and pray for him. As for you cynics: to achieve your utopian paradise, just locate the nearest ice river or lake and jump into it….. ya might just wake up from your misguided college educated bull poop dream!

    • Galaxy 500

      Franklin Graham says that Trump was sent to give America a chance to right itself .
      I believe that God did in fact send us Trump. Never has a candidate had the entire powers and principalities of evil arrayed against them and prevailed in such a manner. The closest example is Reagan who while he had great support but also was the victim of a vicious smear campaign that was utterly evil in its level of absurdity in addition to a media and Democrat orchestrated character assasination program.
      Reagan was a giant among men, the like that we have not seen since … until Trump.
      Our leadership and the Electoral Process has devolved into … even cesspool fall far short of how fallow, diseased, moribund and decayed the current leadership and bureaucracy is. And the election process is ripe for fraud. You can not go into a federal building with on an ID. Nor can you get on a plane, unless you are an illegal alien, or cash a check, or buy certain items. Heck, in NC, you can not get controlled prescription drugs with out a valid approved ID [military ID, valid DL, valid Passport]. People get mad that their Mexican Councilor ID card is not a legal ID. Which is hilarious. I could get one of those. They illegals do not have to provide any documentation, they just pay a fee. And they get mad and claim discrimination, call my wife names and makes impotent threats. She will apologize and say it is NC law. What is the law to any of these illegal aliens? Their entire life here is a series of crimes and various violations of the law for using false SSNs and fake Green Cards to the ever popular fake IDs. Then they get paid under the table and apply for state and federal benefits that it is a felony for them to get.

    • susan

      Russ, you are so correct. Please everyone pray for President Trump and pray for God to guide him. God is making a difference in our world.

  13. Dan S.

    It’s gotta be a typo. It should read “Obama’s terrifying farewell, Trumps’s moving hello ”
    On another note, Remember then- “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” . Repeat, repeat and repeat again until you achieve war. Could that scenario be playing out again?Now- “Russia hacked the election” Repeat, repeat and repeat again until you achieve war.
    And now this scenario being played out against a nuclear powerhouse. May God help us.

  14. Chip

    Greg thanks for continuing to expose the real fake news of CNN and USA Today. I hope more Americans will catch on. Hollyweird has gone all in as well to promote the fake narratives. This is a deeply concerted effort and one wonders just who or what is behind it. These are not simply a bunch of independent entities coming up with the same garbage. Someone or groups of someone’s are behind the curtain pulling the levers.

    OT I wanted to get your take on Israel bombing Syria. Could this be a false flag to try and goad Russia into doing something? Leading to war? At the bare minimum insuring that Trump and Putin are at odds? Just unreal what’s going on in the world today… Chip

    • Paul ...

      Seems like an illogical way to get the US and Russia into a war … does anyone believe Trump will support Israel (illegally bombing its neighbors in violation of international law) in order to go to war with Russia???

      • susan

        president Trump will stand behind Israel all of the way!

        • Paul ...

          Simply stopping Netanyahu from violating international law will be the best way “to stand behind Israel and preserve its future”!

      • Galaxy 500

        When is killing terroists that fire rockets and plan suicide misisons a violation of international law? I realize you anti Isreal but these terroists are at war with Israel and Western Civilization in its entirety . Every single member of Hamas, the PLO and Fatah should be killed on sight. Men, women, children.

    • DeepState News&Views

      Chip, Look what you started. . .
      Quote, a deeply concerted effort and one wonders just who or what is behind it?

      Report: George Soros Lost Nearly a Billion Dollars in the Market After Trump Win

      Rosie O’Donnell Supports ‘Martial Law’ to Delay Trump’s Inauguration Jan12,17 Krauthammer explaines that the complaints about a rigged election are coming from “left-wing partisans,” and it’s not a generally accepted idea.

      WOW, Ran into some very interesting fake news;
      Getting further down the rat hole!

      Outrageous Study: 90K Christians Were Killed for Their Faith in 2016
      Got to stop trolling all this fake news or my head is going to explode. Maybe I should start trolling for the case for ignorance. Ignorance can be bliss. Trouble is when it starts/ turns, into a blister on the mind/conciseness!

      • DeepState News&Views

        Yugoslavia – the Good Old Days of Tito-style Communism
        Marsha Kay Jovanovic
        The “country” that used to be one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. Where Donald Trumps lovely wife Melania was born, our soon to be[?][lets hope so!] new first lady.
        Instead of espousing e pluribus unum, they divided and subdivided, then imploded. Today we have only the pieces of what used to be.
        So for old time’s sake, enjoy this American TV piece that promoted the wonderful state of the communist paradise of YUGOSLAVIA some 30 years ago!
        Why of interest to us USAWatchdoggers?
        Being on a diet of fake news we know what can happen when a country does not run on fiscal prudence and then lets racial and ethnic hatred turn to war as a solution, just as the former now extinct country of the southern Slav’s [Jugoslavija/Yugolavia] did and president Barrack H. Obama inadvertently has created here in 8 short years. Are we following [Yugoslavia’s]playbook? Will we, one day look back fondly of what was once the capitalist paradise of the [United?] States of America?

      • Galaxy 500

        Ignorance is NEVER bliss. And that was never the quote. Thomas Gray wrote “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College” in 1742. He ended it as follows:

        91 To each his sufferings: all are men,
        92 Condemned alike to groan;
        93 The tender for another’s pain,
        94 The unfeeling for his own.
        95 Yet ah! why should they know their fate?
        96 Since sorrow never comes too late,
        97 And happiness too swiftly flies.
        98 Thought would destroy their paradise.
        99 No more; where ignorance is bliss,
        100 ‘Tis folly to be wise.

        Notice that it is not “ignorance is bliss” or even as I was taught “If ignorance is bliss” but IF is closer to true.
        Mr Gray writes a conditional statement.
        “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise”
        We forget what great educated men that came before us. While Gray did not come to “the colonies” this is an indication of the caliber of men that settled our country.

  15. JC Davis

    Thanks for making my cup of coffee taste better Greg.
    Let us not forget Fast and Furious Eric Holder should have gone to jail.
    Barry Soetoro fake birth certificate. The list of lies, and cover ups have been endless.
    Headline in every paper should read (Biggest liar ever in government set to leave.)

    • Charles H

      Want can happen in a week?

      • Jc D

        Good question Charles H.
        At our age we count the moments of change.

        • Charles H

          Time DOES seem to change with old age. Try as I might – getting things done takes more time; or things got harder all of a sudden.

    • Galaxy 500

      Lets not forget Barry’s SSN that is reported to have been issued to someone in CT. Which in theory, should have been impossible since he did not live there at the time it was issued … if ever.

  16. JQP

    So, they report a fake story claiming that “Trump could be blackmailed by Russia”… assuming for just a second that it wasn’t a fake story – if it was true – once reported wouldn’t the action of reporting it remove the possibility of any blackmail?

    It is pretty clear that the people reporting the fake news have very little interest in doing it as they take no time at all to even try to make it appear plausible… it’s all just very sad.

    I now know the real plan… Trump is going to sue Buzzfeed/CNN for 20 Trillion dollars and use that to pay off our national debt.

    • Macray

      I got to give you a LIKE for your comment! : )))

    • This sceptred Isle

      also, surely Hillary could have been blackmailed if the Democrats’ Emails had been hacked by Russia.

    • susan

      JQP You have it right on. Hopefully others wlil pay attentuion

  17. Linda L

    CNN went too far publishing this false information on Mr. Trump in order to destroy his character. Isn’t this considered LIBEL? Since the story was so blatantly a lie, I’d also think that is wouldn’t be hard to show intent to destroy. In addition to CNN being completely irrelevant, couldn’t they be in some awfully big legal trouble too?

    • Charles H

      CNN completely irrelevant. And HOW can they NOT see it?

  18. eagle-eye

    How do we bankrupt these propaganda outlets?

    • Macray

      When you purchase Cable TV, CNN is automatically included in the most basic packages offered. CNN knows that they will receive Cable TV revenues, irregardless if watch their programs or not.
      To bankrupt these propaganda outlets, you have to give up watching Cable TV.
      For me and my family, this was a no brainier decision and very easy to do.

      • Galaxy 500

        Skinny bundles is killing these guys. Where you pick your channel package ala cart. If you don’t want it, you don’t buy it.
        This is killing ESPN and some of these other liberal bastions.
        Buying what you want will be these guys down fall. I don’t have that option where I live but imagine the billions that these liberal media titans collect based on me just having access to their content regardless of whether I actually consume it. It is like legalized thievery.

    • The Seer

      Disallow pharma ads like eliminating alcohol and tobacco ads would be a start.

    • Jc D

      The old saying give a monkey enough rope comes to mind.

      • Galaxy 500

        Never heard that one but I did hear the one about a redneck in a pulpwood truck, a monkey with a gun and a doctor in a Bonanza. Its an old joke told by general aviation crews when I was learning to fly in the mid 70s.
        Q: What are the 3 most dangerous things in the world?
        A redneck in a pulpwood truck, a monkey with a loaded gun and a Doctor in a Bonanza.
        The Bonanza V tails killed more doctors than any plague ever did. They may be god in their world but in the air, flying a Bonanza..

        • Charles H

          Good one. (Men acting as gods doesn’t last.)

  19. HankH

    As a Christian, I find the BDS movement, a slap in the face to God himself! Only fools would pursue such insane policy.
    Let them.

    As for me, I will never again refer to the anti-Israel terms of *West-bank*, it has always been Judea & Samaria or the term *Palestine*, a derivation of Philistine.
    Using their terminology gives the enemy a power they do not deserve.
    Let the Arabs in Israel be called Philistines, whom the great Samson brought down.

    Jerusalem, the Golan Hts, etc, etc have been a part of Israel for ~50 years; they will never again be part of another country. Soon, I hope the House of Jacob (Israel) will announce the so-called two-state solution is Dead, it will never be. The Hope for a two-state solution (TSS) has inflamed the Philistines to heightened, intensified levels of terrorism. The sooner the Philistines and the world at-large recognise the TSS is dead, the sooner they can put it behind them and move towards a real peace and not the destruction of Israel, their true goal.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Hank.

    • Paul ...

      HankH … You say: “only fools would pursue such an insane policy” … did you ever consider the possibility that the world is finally coming to grips with the “Israel Problem” … because of Netanyahu’s “illegal aggression” against his neighbors?? … Israel should never be broken into two states … it should remain “One State” where both the Jews and Palestinians with the DNA of Jesus both live in peace!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        That man is becoming a liability!

      • Galaxy 500

        How do Palesimians have Jesus’ DNA?
        Have you read your Bible lately? Jesus had no brothers and Sisters. Ended Mary and Joseph’s genetic line.
        Illegal aggression againsts his neighbors?
        88, Dude, 88. Is that how y’all address each other on the down low?

        • Charles H

          Actually, G5 – Joseph and Mary DID have sons and daughters, after Christ – making them half-brothers and half-sisters. But the DNA is transmitted from the father or male – so God’s DNA of the Holy Spirit never went beyond Jesus Christ. (Matt 13: 55,56.)

      • Charles H

        Illegal agression against his neighbors? The ones who’s family members are driving trucks into crowds; or stabbing women at bus stops; or firing rockets into Israeli areas?!?? These aren’t “neighbors”, but squatters who are trojan horsing around. Besides sanitizing vocabulary here: there is another side of the story you aren’t addressing, Paul…

        And what in the world does “Palestinians with the DNA of Jesus” mean!?!?? Jesus Christ NEVER married or procreated – so how could His DNA ever go forward?!?? Arabs are the half-brothers to the Jew: who took another god, which isn’t the God of Israel. These two SHALL NEVER live together in peace. This perspective alone invalidates any reason which proceeds to a false conclusion.

        There is NO “Israel problem”: only a “perception of Israel problem”. And people tend to see what they want.

      • Galaxy 500

        The Isreal Problem?
        Wow, screwed up. The only problem is see is evil attempting to explain away God’s people and making excuses for it being reasons and even prudent for all Jews and the Jewish nation that God setup being destroyed.
        The Isreal Problem? What an intellectually dishonest position even before you factor in that your position is contrary to the Will and The Word of God.

    • Charles H

      A great battle has always been changing words and changing meanings. The “hath God said”, followed by a contradiction is always the modus operandi. (Cause to question: then deceive.)

      • Paul ...

        Netanyahu is a contradiction of words and meanings … he is like a bully in school who punches a kid in the mouth … and then when that kid tries to fight back … the big bully runs to the teacher (the US) and asks that the kid be expelled!!

        • Charles H

          When has Netanyahu run to Obama? All he has ever gotten was a stab in the back: and this latest UN Resolution coming up is the clincher! This is clear Character Assassination without a shred of evidence – only inference. Sharp-shooting like this is cheap, and places you in a category of not worth reading.

          • Paul ...

            Charles … I probably more then most people want to see Israel respected in the world (with the right to exist as every other nation) … but when a man that heads a country (and does bad things) like Obama for instance … it leaves a foul taste in the mouth of decent men and women in the world community!!

            • Charles H

              “World community”? What world community?!?? So a bunch of African nations, or any other community, can take over the United Nations and set aside the Constitution and tell us what and how to live? Democracy is an ideal that most often devolves into a tyranny by majority. Never speak as if a majority could not be tyrannical.

              Also – you continue to comment in generalities, or use bad comparisons. Netanyahu is nothing like Obama. And you continue to justify character assassination without giving examples (he does bad things).
              There is more than one source of ‘bad taste in the mouth’ here.

            • Galaxy 500

              Paul – While you put forth your support of Isreal in the above. You constantly point fiction attempting to delegitimize God’s people (the karzaran evil). I must admit I found those posted links and past comments as profoundly evil, especially in light of the causal way the evil propagated and disseminated as supposed facts. My gracious, these blatant slanders and lies would have even given pause Hr. Gobbles as they are transparently evil.
              Forgive me if I don’t buy your support. I have yet to see you call out the many attacks on God’s people by entire nations of evil arrayed against them. Entire Arab armies have had a clear road to destroy Israel several times but the Hand of God prevented these large Armies from entering Isreal. There was nothing that Isreal could have done to prevent them.
              But “I fear not” for God’s will can never be thwarted by evil. Fortunately for the People of God, God says they are a nation and they will not be put usunder. As they have the right to exist and thrive, directly handed down from THE GOD, colour me unconcerned about your thoughts and positions. But I do stand ready to point out the evil in your nonsense.

        • aussie jeff

          Hey Paul,
          while you may see Netanyahu as a bully, lets make sure we view the whole canvas.
          Imagine for a moment your a natural Jew born and raised in Israel.
          Your country is surrounded by enemies that hate you.
          Your history lessons at school are a living testimony that nations have tried to wipe you and your family from the face of the earth and to this day it is still their intention.
          Who would you rather have leading your country?
          An insipid weak Prime Minister,or one who actively lets other countries know…that no one will take 6 million of our citizens ever again??

    • Robert Lykens

      HankH, Zechariah 1 seems to indicate that the Quartet succeeds in dividing the land. If that’s the case —
      Look out! The world has been warned and they are ignoring the warning!

  20. Southern Girl

    Love your WNW’s and cannot live without them..made a donation to keep you on the screen for all of us to watch. Love your TRUTH.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG for your kind words and $upport!!

  21. Southern Girl

    I meant to keep our local newspaper clipping, but it went into the recycling bin …they are laying off about 10 people from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette…what you talked about layoffs it really happening even in our small state.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG for the street reporting. They lied and the people who worked there are suffering for it. They should fire all the top management!! They allowed the lies. The news business is a top down enterprise. If you have lying weasels at the top, that all flows downhill.

  22. Chuck Reid

    Thanks Greg! Nothing starts a weekend right like catching up on the Weekly News Wrap-up on USA Watchdog. As always, we appreciate the truth you provide!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chuck.

  23. Country Codger

    Greg Came,
    He saw,
    He kicked Ass.

    Great report Greg. Keep it up. I hope you get a seat in the press room of the White House.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC!!

    • Diane

      Beautiful Greg….you really ripped the MSM…again.
      I’m sharing today’s weekly wrap up all over.
      A friend in England wrote me this morning asking what I thought of all the news about Trump.
      I replied with your YouTube link of today’s WNW.
      All he needed to know!

      Please everyone link Greg’s report today and post it everywhere.
      Support USAWATCHDOG. …..

    • Charles H

      Stink! I laughed till I coughed!!! Good one CC.

  24. sjc

    Hi Greg,

    let me tell you about a law they currently have enforced in Korea. It’s called depositor protection law. What it is is by law in case of a financial crisis banks are obligated to guarantee payment of deposits only up to approximately 45,000 US dollars. In other words it is a legal jurisdiction which lawfully allows banks to bail in any deposit beyond 45,000 dollars once they have paid off this amount, and that is if they even pay this at all. And they call this depositor protection law. Sweet huh. Actually, it says if the banks go bankrupt but it will actually be activated in times of financial crisis like 2008 or if there is a bank run. These guys are such evil thieves. They are already anticipating what is coming down the road and they are making sure that it’s not they that’ll get screwed. I’m more certain now than ever that I did the right thing in parking my “money” in gold and silver. Your channel is so important and I am so grateful for news outlets like yours.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SJC for the real world street reporting from Korea. What’s coming will be a global event. Get ready and keep us informed!!

      • andyb

        Greg: I apologize for being repetitive, but sjc’s post just reinforces my warning for all to get out of Western TBTF banks. I switched over to a credit union a while back from the criminal WF. Under US law you are not a depositor, you instead are a creditor. READ THE FINE PRINT IN YOUR BANK DEPOSIT AGREEMENT. If a major bank goes under from a liquidity problem, your deposits will be used to bail out the bank, and you will be given 3rd tier COMMON STOCK shares in the entity that may survive. In other words, kiss your money goodbye.

        • JMiller


          I agree with you that one should not to have any money in the large banks but instead have it in a good community bank or credit union. The amount that one decides to have in the bank or credit union is up to the individual. However I want to address something you said that I do not agree with and I have seen people say this before. You said under US law you are not a depositor, you instead are a creditor. I do not believe that this is completely accurate. When someone opens up a bank account and deposits money in the account they are called a depositor. There is a debtor-creditor relationship between the bank and the depositor. The bank is still a bank while being a debtor and a depositor is still a depositor while being a creditor. So yes a depositor is a creditor but I know of no law that says I am no longer a depositor. The FDIC calls me a depositor. The bank calls me a depositor. I think it is correct to say that the depositor is also a creditor. And of course you are correct that if a major bank becomes insolvent that your deposits, more specifically uninsured deposits, could be used in a bail-in.

        • Galaxy 500

          Great advice But 100% impractical and un executable.
          1) few if any can pay all their obligations in cash
          2) many of us have retirement plans that IF we stay employed, we can not liquidate.
          3) our checks are direct deposit
          4) we utilize credit as a convenience to consolidate are payments to fewer places
          5) while we always have an emergency stash of cash on us, it is folly to walk into a bank regularly and remove large amounts of money.

          That being said, we have limited our exposure, keeping the cash we pull out to add to our emergency stash. We know that banks will fails at some point. We know that markets will have a crash to readjust out the fiction and fraud.
          30 years ago, an old farmer that lived in the Hinterlands came into the Bank my sister worked at and desposited over $75K because his children had decided it just wasnt prudent to keep that money at home. Instead of sticking it in a lock box (saftey deposit box … which these days is not a prudent move), they made him deposit it. It came out that the children were afraid that if Daddy died, one of them might make off with more than their share.
          My sister was legally obligated to file out forms … and she advised him to go talk to the lawyer next door … she could not say don’t deposit it but she tried.
          Long story condensed version.
          IRS receives notification of cash deposit over 10K. IRS seizes and levies taxes even though he had paid taxes. Its laughable that some of this guy’s currency was even deposited and it showed what ignorant greedy fools his children were. He had some $1,000 and $500 worth well more than face value (I think the manager scarffed up these (can’t remember) along with some original depression Era notes.
          The old man came down when he got the letter of seizure demanding his money be returned. Had he kept the money, the friggin notes themselves were proof it was a lifetime accumulation but all dollars look the same on a bank ledger. The old man’s farm and several other businesses grinded to a halt. Within 6 months a vibrant hard working good salt of the earth Christian had been utterly defeated and beaten by evil. He was dead in 6 months.
          His family nearly lost the entire accumulation of wealth of his genuine hard work, good investing and genius.
          OK, G5 what’s your point. You start buying money orders etc regularly paying cash, you are going to trip someone’s anti money laundering flags. Yes, 10K cash aggregate single deposit or multiple deposts within X days trigger IRS paper work. But not so widely know is that so do amounts of about $3,500 aggregate. You do not want to be on one of these lists even if the IRS ignores you. Banks will flag you and close your accounts. Once thst gets posted to the credit bureaus, other people, banks and credit card issuers either will see you as a risk and refuse to do business with.
          Protect youself by limiting your exposure not by doing something that can not work to start with. I have heard of bankers and others getting kickbacks for calling the local police when people take out large cash amount … large to minimum wage teller but not that significant to you and me 2,3,4 thousand. And their are some evildoers in police uniform that will contrive a moving violation to stop and then demand to search your car so they can seize the money.
          Be safe, be vigilant, be prepared
          But pray for wisdom from and protection by the hand of God.
          Remember it is much better to be average and not do stupid self defeating things that it is to be a genius and continually shot yourself in the foot. Just 2 centavos from a Galaxy far far away, hopefully far from the evil that is put forth as good and the deviance that is put forth as normal
          Peace and out … as Greg says, “Fear not, God the father is in charge.”
          There is no greater truth than that my friends

        • Galaxy 500

          In addition to my comments below, please do not labor under the illusion that just because your funds are in a credit union, that it will some how give you a better claim to your deposit. We do business with 2 CU and 1 bank.
          IF there is an insolvency issue during an economic collapse, regardless to the set up, you will have problems. Just look at Cyprus and Greece.
          Credit Unions deposit excess funds in the Fed Reserve. In the 80s, and before, they made local loans to shareholders, including mortgages. These days they sell the loan before it is even originated. Knowing the community and holding performing local assets gave them an edge and a good one. Enter William Jefferson Clinton and the Feds forcing banks to loan to people that are in certain poverty impacted areas, even though they were considered and provable, a bad risk.
          People want to postulate why something will work when an economic collapse hits without looking at logic, facts and what happened elsewhere. I have said for a long time that self delusion and self justification in tandem are some of the most power forces in the universe … for evil.
          Some people believe that coinage will have some magic value beyond paper in an economic collapse. Why? Oh, because it is not from the Federal Reserve. The guy running the cash register of the grocery store is never going to give you more than face value. The sheeple don’t see the difference. Money is money to the masses whether it is paper, base metal or plastic (credit).
          In previous world economic crisis, if the bank was insolvent, you were screwed. End of story. To bad, to sad, thank you for playing at the roulette table of fiat currency and disassociation from the fundamentals of both finance and economic reality.
          It is true we have FDIC insurance. Greg has pointed out that there is no where near enough funding to cover on major money center bank failure, much less a severe set back approach the scale of the Great Depression. And again, as Greg has pointed out, if one starts heading that way, it can only end several orders of magnitude larger, if not more.
          There is ample evidence that cash (fiat) is king for a short period of time in economic upheaval and that bargains can be had. That is until the reality of economic fundamentals with regards to the utter fantasy that the paper is backed by anything tangible sets in.
          So you can count on cash being king and deals being available to those that happen to have actual paper notes in their hands. Those available by credit, credit card, debit card and on deposit in various financial institutions will be valueless until you can posses them. That is provable. It happened in both the banking collapse of Cyprus and during problems in Greece.
          You may even be able to pick up some extra PMs at a deal from people that planned poorly because the millennials and store managers will not be willing or even able to accept them and the yuppies will still need to eat. But IF you have anything, especially if it is acquired during the downturn, you best be prepared and able to defend your family to keep it.
          Heck, y’all bad tmes coming. You might not even have much more than your basic needs put up but there will be at least 100 million that wont even have the basics. Think about that. Take your coin jar you think may be golden and buy ammo that WILL BE GOLDEN.
          At some point maybe the intrinsic value of the coinage may superceded its face value but think about this for just one second. In every major collapse, base metal coinage have never been a refuge. Gold silver and some early copper yes but our modern stuff is not even copper ..
          No copper isnt going to be good initially in the collapse unless its used to wrap a lead projectile and is capable of being pushed out a barrel.
          In EVERY economy that has experienced significant inflation, even banks stop accepting coins as their value was so little they could not even pay a peon to count it. Every time, bills get larger, small bills disappear and coins are either sold for scrap value or thrown in the dumpster.
          Yes, I guess I do ramble. Strange times. Not sure why I felt the need to post all my thoughts recently …
          Food, water, shelter, protection
          Cash on hand, limit exposure to banking but I see no way you can extricate yourself from it entirely
          PMs for insurance

    • Galaxy 500

      SJC, this looks a lot like an FDIC insurance equivalent.
      After all, technically, that is not a bail in but a minimum the government will cover if you invest in a bank that fails.
      If you have time, can you advise us how this is any different than FDIC?

  25. Jan

    It is gone way beyond the embarrassment of publishing “fake news.” It’s at a level that is clearly treasonous.

    As Senator Rand Paul explains, “What I would say is that if there is private information that someone is blackmailing a public figure and the public figure or someone takes it to the intelligence agencies, you would think it would be private. And really, this is so important that I think whoever leaked it should be prosecuted… [Whether] an intelligence agency head [or the Obama staff] talked to the media, they should go to jail… Now [Trump is] saying the information is false and I have to rely on his word on that. But let’s say any public official is being blackmailed. If you can’t trust the FBI to keep it secret and the FBI is going to tell the press what someone is blackmailing you about, what will happen is it will lead to where more public figures will be likely to be extorted or to be blackmailed.”

    Trump held a secret meeting with the intelligence community (IC) unbeknownst to them or his own staff, and immediately after the secret meeting, the word leaked to the press. So Trump has good reason to believe that in the IC is one or more traitors who is getting CNN to make damaging allegations. What’s worse, then CNN turns around and lambasts Trump for not trusting the IC. Huh???? With an obvious traitor in the IC busy character-assassinating Trump, why should he? Does CNN realize how this pisses off anyone who’s an American patriot?

    • c romana

      Great points, someone needs to go to jail but let’s face it…… Unless someone can be sued, nothing will happen. It’s up to the individual now to see through the lies, or be duped. The public was duped into war with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan……and an attempt to oust Assad. So it might take a few centuries for the public to wake up.

      • Galaxy 500

        I disagree. On the 20th, Trump is president. He will be head of the country. If he finds out who did this, they will be prosecuted

  26. conrad

    The best response to Trumps troubles is a scriptural one.
    “Comely in going is a King against whom there is no rising up”, because it is God who subdues (that man’s) people under him; and they obey, strangers shall submit themselves and fade away.
    Run the verses – Pr. 30.29; 18.44; 66.3; 68.28; 81.13-15; Ps. 144.2.
    It is the unseen that is creating difficulty.
    “Strengthen O God what you have wrought for us”, rebuke them! scatter them!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Conrad!!

  27. Mike R

    It doesn’t appear that Trump has necessarily given up on prosecuting Hillary….

    2017 will no doubt be an interesting year.

    His latest Tweet storm going after Hillary, warms my heart, and twinkles my toes.

  28. Craig

    Hi Greg, great commentary look forward to YOUR Trump interview 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on it!! He may interview with me, and not because I am some great talent (I’m not) but he may do it just to piss off the MSM. I’d be happy to help him put those cheating/lying MSM weasels in their places.

      • Robert Lykens

        Greg, of you get that interview, please ask president-elect Trump if he will commit to not making America a cash-free society.

        • Galaxy 500

          I have never seen anything even eluding to that being pushed through. Got any data?

      • Sayonara

        President-Elect Trump could not pick a better forum or interviewer than the Greg Hunter USA Watchdog. You are the best and I think it would be an extraordinary interview that would wash away fake MSM news like a tsunami. If Trump and his team are serious about squelching fake news and promoting intellectually honest contemporary news sites – you are IN!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Sayonara!

  29. Tracy Welborn

    Man! That was a really good wrap up. I enjoy learning about journalism, ESPECIALLY with the new elite dreambeat of “fake news”. I get that it really is a role in the constitution and I can see why now. When the state can control the “message”, they can control dang near everything. We’ve got a lot of financial people in the alternative media but I think you, Greg, are the only journalist. I’m not counting past editors.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tracy for your comment and your $upport!!!

  30. Lake M


    The level of US warmongering against Russia is reaching new highs and was plainly evident this week with the US Senate Armed Services Committee screening Trump appointees. Mad dog Senator McCain and his lapdog Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rubio and others neocons seem ready and willing to let the bombs fly. Shades of the movie Dr. Strangelove come to mind.

    For those born later than the early 1950’s, the threat and fear are not etched into their mind as those of us who lived through that time. Here is an illustrative map which sums it all up. Every reader should take a good look to see what will happen if these idiot politicians keep messing around.
    (Greg… can you paste the map into my comment)

  31. Greg Hunter

    We simply don’t see things the same way. “If these Israelis are the Chosen Nation . . . ” They are, and if you wish to believe in nothing, be my guest. The U.S. will back the only democracy in the middle East and by doing that America will be blessed.

  32. c romana

    CNN is reporting that the news about Trump released by BuzzFeed was presented to Trump and Obama at an Intel briefing, giving it legitimacy in the eyes of the press.
    I have no doubt they are lies but how does Trump fight that? Can he file a libel suit when the info comes from the top? I doubt he can fight the powers that pull the strings, the Intelligence Agencies. And that makes me wonder how long he will have as Pres.

    • Greg Hunter

      C romana,
      CNN told only part of the story and they want to stand on this briefing but they failed to act as a news organization and check and report the facts. They should have propped it because all the information was false or unverified. They should have called the Trump Administration but instead Jim Acosta decided to try to throw a pie in Trumps face and it backfired big-time. If I was the boss over CNN I would fire management that allowed this destruction of the reputation of “The most trusted name in News.” CNN and the rest of the MSM are killing their business models and brands all at the same time. There is no need for a lawsuit.

    • Miro Markovic

      @c romana. The person who produced that fake report, Christopher Still, used to work for the British Intelligence Agency, MI6. Today, the press from England is reporting that he has left his residence and is somewhere in hiding. In short, if he was not lying, there will be no reason for him to hide from the authorities.

      • Galaxy 500

        Malicious libel like this would be actionable in both US and British courts

  33. MCasey

    Just how crazy is it going to get! Now “the children” are willing to risk the safety and security of all Americans to draw us into a stupid decade-old fuss between Rosie O’Donnell and Trump. What’s next? (Rosie O’Donnell Supports ‘Martial Law’ to Delay Trump.)

    • Galaxy 500

      I really don’t think Rosie understands thst if martial law was declared, the military would be supporting Trump and a lot of malcontents like her would nevwr be heard from again. In a few hundred years, archeologists would discover that Trump built the border wall using the bones of liberals and used their grey matter for glue. When combined with a few million moslems bodies and some porcine waste, thos stuff hardens and makes concrete look soft.
      In ancient times, people used the materials at hand. I say lets make these ner’do’wells life mean something

  34. Charles H

    Mr. Molyneaux,

    Why content yourself with being only half-right? Or in dealing only in half-issues?

    Israel is a race, which also has for itself a nation; of which Christianity is an extension, and America has been the nation of greatest representation, historically. The spiritual lineage from Abraham to Jesus Christ is exclusive and unbroken. The VERY commission of ‘God’s People’ or a ‘Chosen Nation’ is based upon “blessing” or “cursing” Abraham’s seed. It may be a fine point – but to abandon Christianity’s progenitor while it is surrounded by enemies: is nigh unto a curse, as any betrayal should be considered.

    Should America abandon or posture itself against Israel: God the Father WILL protect them – but direct, proportional (negative) consequences will be suffered. This is the half you are missing, or are omitting. Of ALL the things in this whole. wide, world – standing for a good and proper ally, and putting out for a good cause is well worth the inestimable blessings the Creator may endow for the efforts. There is NO REASON to marginalize or diminish support or allegiance to Israel based on only a half-true premise. God Almighty deals in the affairs of man through the medium of relationship: first through the Jew; then to the rest of the Gentile world through Jesus Christ, Who in fact was a Jew. In the struggle between Good and Evil: there is no such thing as a ‘no cost relationship’.

  35. Robert Lykens

    Greg, you’re absolutely right – Israel is under global attack. In fact, the Bible predicts that the entire world will be gathered against Israel.
    This Sunday, 1/15, is the begining of the Paris Conference on the Middle East, when the entire world will be gathered against Israel. The world is trying to thwart the will of God, who promised the land to the Jews.
    Christians should pray for God to turn back this attempt.

    Not all attacks involve firearms and bombs. Some are more insidious.

    • Greg Hunter

      They will all be cursed.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Robert, I can’t agree with you more. I will join you in prayer my friend.

  36. Robert Lykens

    Mike, God is using America to support and protect Israel.
    Nothing wrong with that.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Why doesn’t God just give them the weapons directly instead of using America as the go-between?

  37. Alvin York_ "Gobbel' Gobbel!"

    INFOWARS 1/13/17/ Deep Creeps Muster Forces!

  38. r.j

    great wnw Greg. for jerry and all watchdoggers two very good interviews at king world news. John Hathaway and Andrew Mcguire give riveting information on the current gold market , physical vs synthetic and all its ramifications . must read!!

    • Paul ...

      It is a shame that men who have strong beliefs … can be co-opted into doing “exactly the opposite of what they believe”!!!
      “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold … The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves. This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’ antagonism toward the gold standard.” – Author: Alan Greenspan, 1966

      • Paul ...

        With regard to Bit Coin … note these words of an expert in financial matters …
        “There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold.”

      • Galaxy 500

        You understand that gold or silver currency doesn’t prevent inflation right?
        Several examples in old west during gold and silver strikes where inflation was rampant.
        That being said, PMs have intrinsic value that does not involve counter party risk and are a great hedge and insurance instrument if you hold it on your hand. It is a store of value.

  39. Da Yooper

    Greg the MSM feel & have the ethics like those who worship Islam

    that it is ok to lie as long as it furthers their agenda.

  40. MDR

    If I was President Trump (a man that so far deserves to be properly addressed than just his last name), I would order SpecOps to capture George Soros and just before capturing him, label him Enemy of the United States of America.

    After capture, extract all information of all who fund/funded that old bag of crap, round them all up, and then label them Enemy of the United States.

    They are all root of the World’s evil and I see them as more of a threat than the brain washed liberal zombies and George Soro’s puppets, Obummer and Killary.

  41. Galaxy 500

    Just saw on TV how these Dems trying to destroy Comey. Comey should re-open the investigation and bring charges. Rep Hank “will Guam tip over” Johnson has had his faith in Comey shaken… oh. Can someone explain to me how someone not smart enough to understand that islands are not like pool floats and they don’t “flip over” get elected to Congress? This person is actually voting on things of importance to the nation? I mean damn… Reason 479 for term limits
    And yet, his fellow blacks send him back. Here is hoping Trump can set the blacks free from the plantation of their white Dem Masters with the stupid black overlords who will do anything for a dollar, even sell their own people in to slavery. Oh, wait… thats how the slave trade used to work. Blacks would sell their black brothers and sisters to the Arabs who then sold them to us.
    I guess the modern day blacks are just used to this as they have been robbed of almost all hope, any worthwhile education, and dignity by the Dems for a few dollars on an EBT card. Its sad really.

  42. coalburner

    People, Friends, Watchdogs; Just change the channel and do not buy their printed garbage. IT is the best medicine. Sooner or later they will go away.

  43. Al

    The RADICAL FAKE NEWS is in to instigation, not investigation. The lame stream news presstitutes know they are dead and buried. I saw that disrespectful big mouth A-hole CNN lib-tard screaming at Trump. Someone put a sign on him and throw him with all the demented paid off Soros snowflakes in one of those fake protests they like to have for show.
    I CHEERED when Trump called them Fake News. I was never so proud of this Country as it’s getting a true leader.
    As for Obama’s good ridden me-me-me speech. I don’t know of anyone who watched that BS session other than the left wing fake news radical media.

  44. More; DeepState News&Views

    Deep State RHINO’S Savaged Ronald Regan, why?
    His policy toward Russia called. Détente (French for ‘relaxation’) the easing of strained relations, in a political situation. Now RHINO Rube Cube, [top Deep State puppet] tries to savage the Trumpster in the rumpster, by means of tea for the Tillerson! [whaa?]

    Deep State flunkie, [Dems] trying to cast new doubts on Trump’s election victory;
    P.S. Richard GoodStien, democratic strategist. Google please, stuffed ballot boxes Detroit. [Thank you Jill Stien] Almost 50% of Detroit votes thrown out because of wide spread voter fraud in your own recount to try to take down the Trumpster and it backfired on you and all Detroit votes were thrown out because of! Now what does that tell you about your 2 million so called over Trump votes in those two other demo strongholds of New York and California, especially with president Obama telling illegal Aliens to go out and vote for Hillary so that they can stay and no to worry about being stopped or prosecuted. Richard your sorry party would let aliens from outer space vote in our elections, if you wouldah couldah!
    P.S.2 Just remember folk’s, how the crew gets there and baahck!

    Remember the Maine!; L.L. Bean co-owner: Boycott over Trump support is outright and left, bullyin!g

  45. Bill

    GREG: When the Berlin wall came down, The Pope, George H W Bush, and Gorbachauv met in Malta. After the meeting they released a statement saying we now have a new world order. Is our present day NWO on the same plan as that one drafted in Malta?

  46. DLC

    Nice to know that Bikers for Trump and factions of the Rolling Thunder will be in DC on Inauguration Day consisting of vets and other real men. High time to be counted finally and own the dialogue as opposed to the degenerates of the last several decades. You never know, could be the role models for a new generation.

  47. Doug Krause

    I have not posted a comment in awhile, although I read and listen to most weekly wraps. You are a good reporter and a good man but you are mistaken when you say God is firmly in control. Control of what? Man? Earth? satan? Leaders? Weather?…Or is God is just so sovereign He controls everything in the universe?
    I think we both agree that the bible is His Holy written Word and He will do what is written.
    Psalm 115.16 tells us the heavens are the Lords, but the earth he gave to the children of men…. that’s us brother.
    Yes the Word states some prophecy concerning Israel which are absolutes and will come to pass as written, men have no control over these.
    If God is firmly in control of everything why pray? Jesus tells us to pray thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven… God is firmly and completely in control of heaven but the earth He left to us Spirit filled believers to rule and reign with faith filled words and prayer.
    Yes we got a mess down here with the thief stealing, killing, and destroying (satan) (John 10.10 )as the saints quibble over doctrine and tradition…
    It’s time to suit up with the armour of God and take back control of this earth (Ephesians 6.1)
    Fear not brother…cheers Doug

    • Greg Hunter

      Brother Doug,
      You are wrong. God the Father is in total control of everything. Here are 90 Bible verses to prove it. “Fear Not” indeed.
      Brother Greg

      • Doug Krause

        Well that is not true,it’s a tradition that is taught that sounds good,which gives us a warm a fuzzy feeling.
        If God was in complete control of everything there would be no IF. Sorry Greg but he gave men feel will to do evil if they want and we have.
        If God is complete control of everything,everyone would be saved ,healed, wealthy, happy, sinless, serving Him with one doctrine,but we both know that is not the case.
        Oh but God can take a situation and turn around for his glory, He will take control if we invite Him to with earnest and hunger hearts.
        To say God is complete control of everything is cop out and shifts fault and blame to Him when really it is our own bad decisions.
        It’s ok to admit you are wrong or mistaken and to receive correction from a fellow brother in Christ, I would welcome those 90 bible verses, proving He is complete and total control of everything and will not violate our free will to choose.
        If God was in complete and total control of everything we would not need ever to repent or ask for forgiveness.
        His Word is absolutely true and He will do what He said and what He promised but He will not control you,me or anyone else and override our right to make choices.
        So sorry Greg, God is not in complete and total control of everything…yet… cheers brother Doug

        • Greg Hunter

          Sorry Doug,
          YOU ARE WRONG, and 90 Bible quotes backs me up–Period. Read them for your self. There is no “YET” when you are talking about God the Father’s control. It is complete and total–period, the end.

          • Doug Krause

            yes all those scriptures are true and reveal His power and awesomeness, but no where do they say He will over rule my will to make decisions…hence God is not totally and completely in control of everything…bad stuff is happening all around us that God is not controlling.
            Not sure why you fail to see this… cheers Doug

            • Greg Hunter

              YES THEY DO. Read them again. YOU ARE WRONG. We are going the have to disagree. I am going with the Bible. God the Father made this world and every other world and galaxy a trillion light years away in every direction. (And that’s probably too small.)

        • Charles H


          The whole concept of God is mysterious – both by His Absolute Being, which is incomprehensible; and the property of Faith, which includes prophesy revealed in incompleteness, strung along a timeline beyond most lifetimes. But you hit on an important issue: man’s sovereign Will. That is the one thing He will NOT control, even to the eternal damnation of souls. And if He will not control humanity – it can be said, from a perspective, that God, then, is not in total control of everything. The “total” qualification then becomes an error, in a hair-splitting way.

          Conversely – if God works humanity to even completely and accurately to fulfill His prophesy: there can be no controversy as to His being in control – probably to a degree that no important (if any) detail escapes His purposes. So, if we cannot know just how much control He exerts – between control and total control: where does it actually fall? Is it then a real issue to concern ourselves with the difference?

          • Doug Krause

            Hello Charles H
            Thanks for your comment on this subject. My main point with Greg was God will not control our free will,and He will let us go to hell if we please. You see that is where complete and total control fails,but Greg’s spirit of stubbornness blinds him of this truth. Cheers Doug

  48. DLC

    “Show Must Go On”

    What better than Russian military at Trump’s inaugural, a big up yours to the half of this country who currently agitate for war but have always harbored contempt for all things military.

    With Obama gone by then, this group could probably even make it back home without another sky “mishap.”

  49. Mike R

    These troops being amassed on Russia’s borders, by Obama, when he knows he is gone in just a few days, is DEEPLY troubling.
    You don’t go saber rattling when you are departing office. That just does not happen, with someone of sound mind, and honest intentions. We’ve pulled back ALL of our major carriers, yet we are doing something this stupid ????

    “A US armored brigade (3rd Armored Brigade, 4th Infantry Division) is on the move to Russia’s Baltic border. After its equipment begun arriving in Europe last week so now have its soldiers. The move is so big it will require 37 trains and over one thousand rail cars to transport from Germany to Poland. A US armored brigade fields over 400 tracked and over 1300 wheeled vehicles including 80 62-ton Abrams tanks, 140 Bradley armored fighting vehicles and 400 humvees.”

    In the meantime, Putin has amassed major missile defense systems around Moscow.

    “Russia has deployed anti-aircraft missile systems around Moscow to protect the capital from attack in the latest sign Vladimir Putin is preparing for war. The s-400 Triumph air defence system has been providing air cover for Russian forces in Syria since November, and is now being deployed on home soil. It is capable of hitting moving airborne targets including planes and incoming missiles and has a range of 400km.”

    Imagine for moment what that means. This is the equivalent, of the US putting our Patriot Missile defense system, surrounding DC, our nations capital. Do you not think Americans wouldn’t be going stark raving mad ?

    What in the world is Obama doing ? setting a major trap for Trump ? Let us hope that Trump is able to get in office, and immediately have those troops stand down, and then leave. To me it looks like Obama is attempting to create just that illusion, by forcing our troops to the border, PRETENDING there is good reason, and then knowing Trump will remove them, making it look like Trump is in total cahoots with Putin. Obama is all about Lying, and creating false Optics for the public. His entire chummy interview with Lester Holt was so full of crap and lies, that I wanted to puke. It was a PR stunt, designed only to make it look like Obama should be the king of all legacies, and to pretend to make it look like, he truly was some sort of messiah, when in reality he did absolutely nothing good, and took credit for things he had nothing to do with. so very sickening to watch. To see all of absolutely selfish and moronic actions in the remaining days, after we knew Hillary lost, is to witness a man who is so immoral, so disreputable, so narcissistic, that he doesn’t care one iota about the American people. It is without a doubt, intentional destroying of the fabric of this country, from the very inside. I simply cannot fathom, that this man would not be charged with both high crimes and significant acts of treason against this nation. He has fooled and blinded so many people.

  50. Miro Markovic

    Greg, your comments regarding 9 “accomplishments” ob Obama during his presidency are so perfect and down to the point that you deserve the medal of bravery to publicly say it. Keep up with good work in this New Year and be healthy!

  51. robert heartland

    i saw your interview with Roberts. i think he is right the CIA is probably going to have to kill President Trump. When they do all hell is going to break loose and they will not be prepared for what happens next. This will be the biggest mistake these deep state creeps could make and it will be the end of them. i just hope that it is not the end of us! Russia and China , everyone will be holding their breath.

  52. Robert Lykens

    Here’s proof that the Paris Conference on the Middle East is seeking to divide the land of Israel:

    This may be the defining moment of this age.
    Christians, pray for the strengthening of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu. If the world succeeds in defying the will of God and dividing the land, there will be consequences.

  53. Mike R

    Speaking of MSM news, look what Trump is up to now ….

    Greg, you may yet get a front row seat, since you are certainly not MSM news. 😉

  54. Elizabeth Hanson

    It seems we are REALLY being herded to hate Trump… Meanwhile there is legislation to crack down on free speech which gets in the way of U.S. interests. I wrote this article. We are living in very crazy times!

  55. Mike D

    Greg, Google – Pope, NWO, One world Religion! Please wake up! Your friend, Mike

  56. ACasey

    Thanks for your sign off post. When things are rough and things don’t make sense, I always ask God the Father to please do the heavy lifting. It always works out fine.

  57. Mike D

    Greg, I am a Christian too. I was brought up a Catholic. I now consider myself a “recovering Catholic”. To listen to the current pope go on about a new, one world religion, that embraces earth worship and the occult is sickening. My research into the origins of the bible and the Catholic church resulted in the following conclusions; out of 12 apostles who all wrote papers (bibles) about Jesus teachings, only 4 were chosen to fill the New Bible – Mathew, Mark, Luke and John; this bible was put togeather under the direction of King Constantine in the 4th century; even these 4 sets of bibles were cherry picked to provide a bible that could be used to persuade and control the people. At the same time Constantine ordered all remaining bibles by the remaining apostles to be destroyed. The agnostics, in the church at the time, refused and instead buried the remaining bibles. Many have been discovered since then. For example, the bible of Daniel was found in caves back in 1958. This bible stated among other things that Jesus had said that the church should never become institutionalized ( which is what Constantine was doing ). Is this the reason it was buried? This information is available at the click of a mouse. I guess what I am wondering is, how people can take vague passages from such a book and interpret them so precisely.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike D,
      The Pope is NOT following the Bible. That is a very big sin. Read the last paragraph of the Bible if you do not believe me. Thank you for your comment.

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