Clinton FBI Investigation Update, MSM Unfair to Trump, Syria Update

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 233 4.1.16)

News broke this week that the FBI is getting ready to interview top aids to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. It is also reported that Clinton herself may also be interview by the head of the FBI, James Comey.  Comey is taking point on the Clinton investigation.  This is not the first time Comey has been a part of an investigation into the Clintons.  Early in his career, Comey was part of the Whitewater case.  Time Magazine reports, “Comey and his fellow investigators concluded, (What the Clintons did) . . . ‘constituted a highly improper pattern of deliberate misconduct.” Comey is a former top federal prosecutor, and I think this case is far from closed.

Meanwhile, most of the mainstream media (MSM) continues to ignore or underplay this story. How the Democratic frontrunner involved in a massive investigation, with 150 agents that is being led by the head of the FBI, is not a story that should be reported on, is too stupid to be stupid.  The MSM is trying to shield Clinton because they have ceased being news organizations.  Instead, with the exception for a few outlets, they are nothing more than political spin organizations.  They promote the ridiculously good stories and cover up fraud and crime like it’s not happening.  And when it comes to coverage of Donald Trump, it is one negative story after another.  This is an attempt to keep the “Criminal Crony Class” in power for both parties that keep sucking the blood out of America.

There are more reports out this week about how the Pentagon is helping Kurdish fighters against CIA backed ISIS and al-Qaeda fighters. This, only months after famed journalist Seymour Hersh broke the story late last year on how the Pentagon secretly passed intelligence information to help the Assad regime against ISIS.  You cannot make this up.  On top of that, the Iraqi army is coming to a standstill against ISIS in Mosul.  So much for ISIS being junior varsity or weak.  Finally, the Obama Administration has admitted that what ISIS is doing in the Middle East is genocide.

The Fed continues to talk down the possibility of raising interest rates despite claiming it would raise rates four times this year. Fed Head Janet Yellen is out again this week, and basically told Wall Street that the Fed has their back.  The Fed knows if it raises rates, the very weak economy will tank.  The Fed cannot raise rates unless it wants to crash the economy.  It is that simple.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Sam Heller, of War on the Rocks, says the story of CIA backed rebels fighting Pentagon backed rebels is *wrong*. Here’s his explanation, partly based on these groups being so fractured Western media can’t keep things straight.

  2. DLC

    On Russia’s absence on nuclear talks. This sums up the futility of an effort at “talks.” Prez Cool Daddy is all for show.

    Don’t know what cracks me up more — Putin’s total indifference or that boot in the background.

  3. allen ols

    political favors/criminal favors amongst politicians national or local is a mafia style pecking order. Whomever has the gold makes the rules, just ask Donald Trump, as he understand well how to buy a repub-ocrat. New gang same as the old gang/s.o.s. different era/year.

  4. DLC

    Listened to this interview just before hearing your thoughts. Holter addressed some of the same issues including Trump, Hillary, his thoughts on the collapse.

  5. Ned Kelly

    During the first debate way back in August Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about some of the ‘horrible’ things he’s said to women. In that question, she said this among her line-up of insults:

    “You once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees”

    But that’s not what happened at all.

    In the clip from Celebrity Apprentice, Brett Michaels was explaining to Trump that Brande Roderick didn’t want to get fired and had gotten down on her knees and begged not to be fired.

    Trump responded “excuse me, you dropped to your knees?” Roderick responded “Yes.”

    Then Trump laughed “must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.”
    He wasn’t at all suggesting she get down on her knees.

    Megyn Kelly made that out as inappropriate. Brande Roderick and everbody else didn’t and doesn’t till this very day, 7 months on. In fact Brande and Donald didn’t even remember it, they were dumb founded!

    What Happened

    Here’s the first Question first debate snarkey


    Megyn kelly on good journalisum

    Megyn On Howard Stern

    Fox news likes to say that their fair and balanced. Were they? Why wasn’t Megyn Kelly fired for such a crude question on national television, the debate, required watching for even elementary school children. Because the main stream government media complex chose to bury it, which by the way shows that Fox is part of it, despite their sanctimonious fair and balanced diatribe.

    This is a truly damning indictment of the widespread corruption in our now gone rogue federal government and reveals an even bigger story which has been a recurring open admission by the media, that the news they report is being controlled by government. Do you see it?

    The scandals these past few years and the scandalous take down of the presidential front runner have led the media to rebel against the Obama administration in a way that it has not done in the past while at the same time forcing the media to admit some damning facts about the way news is truly originated in America.

    The media’s reporting on the scandals has provided the public insights into the operations of the incestuous relationship between the press and the government.

    Such revelations clearly suggest the corporate media is telegraphing to the public the American government has just gone way too far out of control.

    These scandals have forced the corporate media to admit openly what has long been dismissed as merely conspiracy theory — that the corporate media is now openly admitting that they are in fact controlled stenographers that do nothing more than echo pre-scripted narratives outlined in talking points created by the rulers of America’s shadow government, the neo-conmen and woman.

    To be absolutely clear, this is not hyperbole nor is it speculation. It’s a fact that the corporate media is now openly admitting.The pendulum is swinging right. Heads will roll [figuratively of course] and many in the main stream are jumping ship. The middle class knows it and it’s almost gone, dying. Were a people that has been sucked dry by all the complexes. Whether military/ industrial, medical/pharmacological/insurance or the traitorous corporate/government media or banking/financial/Wall St. MORE Prof;

    Posted by The Right Scoop on Aug 7, 2015 at 5:38 PM in Politics

    Read more:

    The Deep State Used Megyn Kelly Thru Roger Ales To Spearhead What We See Today. . .The Take Down Of Donald Trump!
    They Started It. Will Mr.Trump Finish It, Wisconsin?

    • art barnes

      Ned, I quit watching M. Kelly after than, she is on a personal mission against Trump, but what is amazing is that FOX lets her do it. Trump could have come back and used her little dirty interview with Howard Stern a few years earlier and destroyed her career but he didn’t. Thank you for setting this story right, wouldn’t watch that bimbo ever again, fair & balanced, yea, what a joke.

    • HankH

      We get it, some folks are willing to look past Trump’s character. Never mind lying about and demonizing the former Breitbart reporter, never mind what he said about Megyn (bleeding,etc) never mind what he said about Carly (that face!), never mind the awful picture he tweeted of Heidi compared to Melania, never mind the bragging about affairs with (married) women.

      You can’t pin him down on any issue! He shows a lack of knowledge on the major issues, shows a serious lack of judgment (or is just dumb?), is untrustworthy & has obvious mental issues. He’s just lucky he was born Rich.

      • Ned Kelly {I'm bigger Than Jesse James!}

        Was it looking past Trumps character by going back to the start of the concerted effort to sabotage his run for the presidency? Was it wrong for Corey Lewandowski to grab the former Breitbart reporter who grabbed Donald Trump first?

        Hank are you a professional main stream media disinformation artist? Catering to the misinformed. Do you believe the truth gets in the way of potential nefarious disinformation. Hank I’m just a chump and I know it and the American people know were being taken for a ride by people who have an agenda to get out, thinking they know better than us. What they fail to realize is, were all created equal and with access to the internet and without an axe to grind, were much better informed than them, because their to rich to even give a damn. Hank you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all the people all of the time.

        Hank why don’t you google the former Brietbart reporter and you’ll clearly see she is an opportunist and has a rap sheet to prove it.

        Why don’t you youtube what Donald Trump actually said about bleeding, that when it was said, nobody was offended till people like you had to tell us how inappropriate it was. How many people have you told how inappropriate it was for Fox data mining 6 years of Celebrity Apprentice to ask Donald Trump on live National Television if he thought demanding Oral sex was appropriate for a man who sought the office of Abraham Lincoln, which was utterly preposterous and just showed how conspiratorially you people are trying to take away the will of the people in deciding who will lead them out of the mess, scum have made our country!

        Donald claims he made the comment about Carly, pointing out her demeanor, not her actual physical appearance and why shouldn’t we believe him, there is no recording or video of Trumps statement purportedly from Rolling Stoned magazine and she did start smiling much more often and was certainly much more attractive, less stiff and her poll numbers did shoot up after that incident along with Trumps!

        Trump doesn’t start fights, but he finishes them. The awful picture he tweeted of Heidi compared to Melania, did put an end to the attack on his wife. You must admit that Hank. Affairs with married woman? I know nothing about that. Assuming there is, why don’t you provide such here on USAWatchdog. I wont waste my time
        data mining, that’s your job. Just remember the WHOLE truth and of course nothing but the truth. Trust us with the truth Hank, we can handle the truth. Don’t ever assume you have to filter the truth and present it not as a whole truth.

        As far as lack of knowledge on the major issues, Just remember why you want to take him Trump down. It’s the major issues that he has brought out, nobody else, why we love him, that need fixing, that your people are so afraid of! Illegal aliens eroding the middle class and our way of life and expecting us in the middle and the poor and immigrants to spill our blood for neo-con wars of regime change. You guy’s cant run Washington let alone the rest of the world. We need regime change in D.C. not Moscow and Donald Trump is gonna do it, mark my words Hank!

        Hank, no need for snide remarks, your not running for president by gobs! let the people decide who will be the president, Give us the truth and nothing but! Or your just butting in.

      • art barnes

        His father taught him how to work and work long hours, he sleeps 4 hours a day, this man knows the issues, I’m not rich but I respect him, Megan Kelly is a prejudicial bimbo and should apologize to Trump and the matter would be at a end.

        • susan

          art, you are so absolutely right!

    • Birdie

      Wow! Wow! Wow!
      This says it all. I love reading your TRUE NEWS.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Birdie.

  6. 8Ball

    The Truth Suffers

    Greetings from England
    03/27/2016 •

    Someone uploaded the documentary ‘Saudi Arabia Uncovered’ onto You Tube already.
    It was only shown on British TV recently. Part 1 and 2 focus on life in Saudi Arabia. Part 3 explores the links between Saudi Arabia and 9/11.

    03/28/2016 •

    Many Thanks!

    Diana Dee Jarvis
    03/29/2016 •

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Hardcash Productions Ltd.”

    04/01/2016 •

    It figures that they would suppress that video… much too revealing about the way our “allies” run their country. I suspect that the PTB want a system like that in America but they have not yet been able to disarm the American public. They are working hard at it.

    • Faith

      8B: Hardcash Productions is part of ITV. Quote from ITV press page with link following: “This undercover footage is combined with personal stories of those inside the kingdom, including activists for women’s rights, and exclusive new interviews from senior British and American figures, to ask if it is time to reassess our relationship with Saudi Arabia.
      This is a Hardcash production for ITV”

      It doesn’t matter. The same program aired on 3/29/16 on the PBS show, Frontline, and here is a link:

      Let’s see if they can shut down a PBS program. I didn’t watch the entire Frontline program but I had watched this from the Utube link. It looks like the same program only with the usual Frontline voiceover and narration.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Faith, thank you for the link. PBS often runs British shows with proper permission.

    • Galaxy 500

      Some people get upset when their products are stolen and put on the internet. Strange concept I know. I bet they will sell anyone a DVD

  7. Susan Vue

    White Hispanics “George Zimmerman” and Blue Eyed fair skinned Cherokee
    “Liz Warren” are 2 new race categories created by the Obama administration.

    • art barnes

      Obama Administration loves every one except the Christian and the Jew, his love for the religion of peace has no end, its Friday so I must assume he gets his prayer rug out of the closet in the oval office.

    • Craig Michael

      Wow Susan, that is so true- this is where we are after the past eight years. One can only hope all this cultural insanity will collapse of its own weight and maybe we as a nation, at least some of us, can work to build something more rational.

  8. Don

    As always, you seem to have insight into to news that matters. Judicial Watch said if Clinton gets disposed, look for a withdrawn from the primaries. It takes a lot of bold confidence in her ability to control what ever she my be charged with, if she is charged a all. Petorius, did far less, and was charged. If the FBI, or the Attorney General let this go, then I don’t see how any American can trust those in power. The most corrupt government in our history. On the political front, word is out, Trump had won to other states and they were given to Cruz. The Bushes, and the big money squad plan to steal the nominee from Trump, after the first round of bound votes. Trump also, will soon file suit again the Clinton foundation for fraud. Another word is Hilary is the elite choose and voter fraud has been discover, supporting her bid. Obama has rebuked major media for giving so much time to Trump, claiming his promises can’t lawfully be kept. The continued attacks from all over the world are still coming in, as Trump makes fools out of the NWO puppets, including Obama. He is a real threat to there NWO plans, and his plan logic, continues to dismay and confound there wisdom. Trump, is a nationalist, and they can’t have such a person in the most powerful position on earth. He needs our prayers and support. The Lord can use Trump to help America in her time of need, and at the same time, bring justice to the corruption in this country. Judicial Watch said an indictment is likely by the end of May, and if so, Obama is expected to pardon Clinton. Mr. Trump has some cards up his sleeve, and as we get to the convention, I look for things to heat up, and attempted steal, which may cause some rioting, and election fraud charges being presented, by Trump and maybe by Sanders. The middle east is in a mess, and safety zones could be set up and guarded by the military for refugee’s, while dealing with Isis. I would not allow Muslims into this country until we could do it safely, if at all. We cannot allow America to be like Europe. Another good job Greg, time will tell, but I look for many things heating up, in the next few months. The collapse is underway, and I look for an attempt to inflate through a helicopter down to the public in some way. That in my opinion will be the last sign we get, before things really fall apart. Good job my friend, Lord bless.

  9. Paul

    Greg … If the FBI indicts Mrs. Clinton for violations of the Espionage Act don’t you think Obama will pardon her “for the good of the Democratic Party” … just as “for the good of the Republican Party” the king makers have already indited Trump for “overturning their tables” (and have proceeded to hang him on a cross in the MSM) … with such a wonderful two party system we have operating here in America it is no wonder “a one party” socialist like Bernie Sanders is doing so well! … to control the shameful shenanigans of the two political parties every state should become “caucus states” where the manipulation of the delegates is much more difficult and thus allow the peoples voice to be heard!

    • Greg Hunter

      Simple answer: It’s well documented Obamas HATE the Clintons.

      • art barnes

        But Greg, its well documented also in politics anything can happen, but this is just a exercise in folly as Hillary will never be indicted, James Comey is just working for a honorary degree in theater arts.

    • Yvonne Szakacs

      I agree that God can use Trump…. after all, God did use a donkey to speak to Baalam in the book of Numbers. Balaam had a mission from God but decided to do his own thing, which angered God. After Baalam’s donkey spoke to him, God opened up Balaam’s eye’s to see the angel of the Lord blocking his path with a fiery sword. The angel was there get Baalam back on the right path – the plans and purposes God had in mind for him. Trump does need our prayer support. If he truly is God’s man for this hour, like the scripture says ‘if God be for him, who can be against him?’ Perhaps God will use Trump like Baalam’s donkey, and the people of America will have their eyes opened to see that they have drifted far from God’s plan for them. And they will repent.

      • susan

        I love what you are saying, Yvonne, you are so correct about Trump and Baalam’s ass as we learned in seminary. I agree with everything you said and I am praying!

    • andyb

      If it looks like Cruz will get the nomination, Hillary will get indicted. If it’s Trump, then she won’t be indicted. The Establishment wins with Cruz, or Hillary, but not with Trump. Since Trump has flubbed badly lately, and it looks like Cruz will win handily in Wisconsin, Obama’s masters probably feel that they can easily sacrifice Hillary or succeed with Cruz at a contested convention in July. It may well be true that Obama hates the Clintons and vice versa, but keep in mind it’s what the puppet masters want that will be the deciding factor. Pass the popcorn, the drama is building.

      • art barnes

        Andyb, and get me a large soda too!

    • Tim B.

      If there is a person that can beat the wrap on way or another it is Hillary Clinton. She is definitely getting a “free pass” on this from the media so far.

      • art barnes

        Tim B., exactly why she won’t get indicted, not enough outrage and, in fact, big yawns about the so-called scandal for the average America & the MSM.

  10. Gregory Mannarino

    Epic! Thank you Greg Hunter for telling it exactly like it is.

    • Greg Hunter

      You da man Gregory!

  11. FC

    James Comey, is more likely attending a meeting with Hillary, to negotiation a generous salary package for the remainder of his life…………….after his meeting he will probably announce ‘nothing to see here folks, so more along’

    • art barnes

      FC, very astute, you know American politics very well, when this is all over and done with, Comey’s or his wife or children, or grandchildren, or bother in law, etc., will be working for the Clinton Foundation, of course, just as an advisory million dollar role.

      • FC

        Pardon the pun Art, but it’s knowing the Art of Politics in general, that gives you knowledge.

        Here in Australia, we have exactly the same issues where the Criminal Crony Class rule.

        Before the UN Climate Conference in Paris last year, our elected Prime Minister was unceremoniously removed from his position by members of his own Party, because his views were not in line with that of world leaders on climate and immigration issues.

        Now we have an ex Goldman Sachs CEO running the country and climate is now our worst enemy and immigration is good for the country.

  12. Paul

    Found this on the internet … it speaks volumes …

    Obama is against Trump
    The Media is against Trump
    The establishment Republicans are against Trump
    The establishment Democrats are against Trump
    The Pope is against Trump
    The UN is against Trump
    The EU is against Trump
    China is against Trump
    Mexico is against Trump
    Soros is against Trump
    Black Lives Matter is against Trump
    MoveOn.Org is against Trump
    Koch Bro’s are against Trump
    Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump
    Abortionists are against Trump
    Perverts are against Trump
    The Bush Family is against Trump
    The Saudi’s are against Trump
    Turkey is against Trump
    Monsanto is against Trump
    The Aliens (illegal) are against Trump
    Cher says she will leave the country
    Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
    Whoopi says she will leave the country
    Rosie says she will leave the country
    Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
    Sounds like just the kinda president the US needs!

    • art barnes

      Don’t forget old Jesse the black racist Jackson. Now I know I’m voting for Trump if Al the other black racist Sharpton is leaving, not to Rosie. Fun stuff, but I’ll bet neither of them will ever leave, just more loud mouth a moving.

  13. Greetings from England

    I would imagine trump would run as an independent if he was denied the Republican nomination. Would this hinder or help his campaign?

    • RTW

      If he runs as an independent HRC gets a free pass into the WH. That’s what a third party candidate consistently does.

      • M.Dundee

        It might be different this time RTW, Trumpet is so popular among all classes and races. When airing the town hall meetings in Wisconsin, when Trump aired, 4 times as many tuned in than to Cruz. It’s common knowledge even the left cant get excited about Hillary. Don’t underestimate the Trumpster. If he ran third party he’d leave Hillary and Teddy in the Dumpster!
        He’s huge! He’s humongous!

    • art barnes

      Help in my mind, give all Americans, Demogods or Republicgods a choice that is clear.

  14. Don

    Greg, Obama may hate Clintons, but if her emails prove his involvement in Benghazi was criminal, I bet he would try to keep it from going public.

  15. Tommy

    Who knows what the truth is about the iphone. Like Greg said they should have had the metadata. Now they say they cracked the phone but who knows if they did or not. Or maybe they cracked it months ago. This whole deal wasn’t about recovering data from a known terrorist. My belief is that the phone didn’t have any valuable info to begin with. Anyone with a 3 digit IQ would not plan criminal activities on their employers phones and computers. He had a personal phone and he destroyed that. So that’s where the info would have been. And why didn’t the feds get control of the iphone to begin with? Too silly for words. And isn’t it strange that abortion hadn’t been mentioned during the whole campaign until Chris Matthews makes up some hypothetical question and that then becomes the issue du jour? Much like Ms. Fields phony assault to set up Trump’s campaign manager. Oh, btw, I heard that she has a book coming out in two months. How convenient. As the world implodes the press fabricates issues and ignores reality.

  16. vincent_g

    Every once in a while I see a news article that makes me wonder what was the writer drinking.

    WIRE: The World May Have Too Much Food…


    So based on this dumb – no make that really very dumb statement we would expect to see all rich people over weight.

    Problem is we don’t see that at all!

    In addition to getting the main story wrong the writer also says since salaries have increased!!!!

    Salaries have increased????

    That’s right the writer topped it off with another really very dumb statement!!!

    Salaries have lagged inflation and by doing so people are making less than the same job was paying in the past.

    This statement of mine of course assumes you still have a job.

  17. Jallen

    Greg and Greg Mannarino,
    What Political Power allows the Clintons to make a mockery of justice. Is it the same power who allows Debbie Wasserman Schultz to head up the Democrat party. Between the two of them they would make Pinocchio blush. The Republican party has also joined the Pinocchio party as they bowed to Obummer’s wishes. Look at these fools; Ms Obummer decides what our kids are allowed to have for school lunches and under what mandate would that be? No one should donate a dime to either the Republican or Democrat party until they eliminate THE FEDERAL RESERVE and return the power to create money to the US Treasury creating MONEY BACKED BY gold AND SILVER.
    How about Michael Bloomberg, makes himself god and decides what size soda you should drink and he was thinking about running for President. To conclude today’s rant; what happened to our school system as it has produced an electorate that votes anti constitutional clowns into office. Destroy the anti Judeo Christian Octupus at the root by eliminating THE FEDERAL RESERVE THE ROOT OF ALL AMERICAN EVIL!!!
    They all should be in jail as they have rigged all financial markets. Woe unto America as the Federal Reserve replaces physical money with electronic money and follows up with THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Are today’s Bankers any different than the Money Changers Jesus Christ chased from the Temple, I think not. Our so called Intelectuals are the PIED PIPERS playing their Mystery Music to send the electorate over the cliff.
    Woe unto them that lead the flock astray! Has America become the modern day Babylon?

  18. Galaxy 500

    Bill Clinton boasts how Dodds Frank caused 70,000 job loss. What a strange thing for him to brag about. Perhaps it makes more women available for him.

  19. 8Ball

    Obama is a Pencil-Necked dimwit who is skilled at taking vacations on the general public’s dime.

    • art barnes

      8Ball, he also just passed a new law giving him much more money for retirement as he needs to retire after spending 8 years golfing with many times during a Christian being beheaded or another tragedy to a Christian or Christians. Obama is an old fashioned snake oil salesman which the American bought out of old fashioned guilt.

      • Greetings from England

        He has a low handicap, though his swing needs a little work

  20. Linda L.

    James Comey, from the FBI, who is investigating Hillary needs to watch his back. Hope this brave man has lots of security. There have been reporters, along with key witnesses and associates of the Clinton’s, who were deemed trouble along their political trail in the past. These folks either suddenly died or committed “suicide” during or just directly before inquiries/investigations. This current investigation of a Clinton (not the first) needs to be wrapped up soon with an indictment if the FBI can actually manage it without the interference/blockage from the “Criminal Crony Class”. I can’t imagine how anyone can run for President who is being investigated by the FBI for these level of crimes, and in position to oversee the FBI if later elected. What a conflict of interest.

  21. art barnes

    Greg, James Comey was appointed by Obama in 2013, that is a point I don’t think should go unnoticed. Further, even if a recommendation for prosecution is given Lynch won’t do it if Obama tells her not too. This whole so-called scandal is just a dog and pony show by three agencies, Executive Branch, FBI & the Justice Department. The reason James Comey is interviewing her to make it look like its being investigated by the top and even a republican (Comey), that gives the investigation credibility you see, so when it fizzles out as no crime was committed because of “intent” or some other technicality it goes away quickly and on to the White House for Hillary; which both parties want.

    • Linda L.

      I didn’t realize that James Comey was appointed by Obama. Here I was naively thinking that he was one of the good guys (brave and all as I noted above). I hope that Comey isn’t in Obama’s camp, but if so, then it would seem that the “criminal crony class” have covered all their bases/leaving no stones unturned. If Hillary is elected, she will pick up where Obama left off, finishing the NWO transformation goal of a third world America.

      • art barnes

        Linda, yes, and he is a republican as well, he was appointed in 2013. The dog and pony show is staring to air, get some popcorn and a coke and watch the show, its a comedy.

  22. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg.
    News update. French millionaires leaving France in droves because France has a migrant problem and a terrorist problem. Can you say islam? While it may not be the root of ALL EVIL, it’s damn close.

    • art barnes

      500, hurry, and tell those rich French don’t come here we are about to experience the religion of peace’s act of love (exploding bombs) in a city near you. Obama’s religion of peace has the Great Satan on its agenda that you can be sure of.

  23. art barnes

    Greg, USA Today is a journalist joke rag for the political correctness religion of the left.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Art!! And we both like to point that out!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500 for the content!!

  24. Galaxy 500

    Another fabricated anti moslem hate crime. These evil people are copying the ner’do’well blacks with hate crime hoaxes. These people should not be allowed to come here. Islam is evil. The Bible advocates truth, the koran, lies. The Bible teaches love, islam teaches hate and murder. The Bible is the word of God, islam is the word of Satan.

  25. WD

    More good news:

    Boeing plans to cut up to 8,000 airplane jobs

    • Shadow of Doubt

      More bad news: (from this month’s Robert Coppes Newsletter):
      1. 4oo,ooo people just had their pensions cut by 50%(you maybe next).
      2. Illinois just borrowed 220 million (at 3%) just to make a payment for police and fireman pensions.
      3. Kansas already has sliced an average of $1,400/month from the Central State Pension Fund.
      4. California and Oregon can also be added to the list of our states facing a “Retirement Nightmare”.

      • Greg Hunter

        S O D,
        That is bad news. This is the problem with buying votes with government pensions. The make the promises, get the votes, and whoops, can’t pay. We are going to see Detroit play out over and ovre again in a feedback loop sorry to say.
        Thank you for the information.

        • WD


          If the market goes down then these pensions have a huge problem as so much of their assets are invested in the market.

          Could this be a major reason why they are trying to keep the market artificially inflated?

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Correction, his name is Charles H. Coppes. He can be found at where all his past newsletters are archived. If you so desire you can also sign up for his future newsletters here for free as well.

      • Tommy

        At least the pensioners in Calif. will be able to get a job that pays at least $15/hr.

  26. M.Dundee

    The Harvard/Skull an Bones Fraud continues:

    JFK = Bought Marilyn Monroe Father bought West Virginia
    GW Bush = 6.1 trillion in new debt Never saw a Saudi prince he didn’t like
    Barack Obama = 6.6 trillion in new debt and counting looking for a Saudi prince he can like
    Eliz Warren = Lied about ancestry[honest injun]for position at Harvard FRAUD
    Heidi Cruz = CFR, Goldman Sachs, NAFTA, hates Milania
    Ted Cruz = Writes letter with Paul Ryan in support of TPA, 500 percent Increase in H1b Visas Tried to keep secret Goldman Sachs sweet heart loans from Heidi
    Elena Kagan = Legislating from the bench = FRUAD
    Chief Justice Roberts = Scardie cat Legislating from the bench = FRAUD
    Ben Shapiro = Cry Bully gets owned by dude in wig
    Mitt Romney = Lying left wing social engineering coward afraid of Trump
    Mark Zuckerberg = Amnesty/neo-con lover and Shill

    This school is a disaster for America.

    The ruling class are squatters, freeloading off the American public, if we want to reclaim our sovereignty we need to evict the scum so that our neighborhoods can be restored.

    The Democrats are scared of Trump. RHINO Republicans r afraid of Trump. Deep State neo-connies got the hebbie jebbies. The pundits are scared of Trump. Ignorant uninformed people without a clue are scared of Trump. Enemies of America are scared of Trump. All the right people who are wrong for America hate Trump. Cop a clue Kasich and Cruz you are being played. How does globalist Ryan sound as the nominee?

    Where’s Robin Hood when you need him!

  27. Jerry

    I may be a lot of things, but one thing I am is a realist. When you look at the latest money velocity chart put out by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, you realize that our economic problems are much bigger than any bank puppet politician that the MSM parading around on a daily basis.

    While we ague over what Donald Trump said or didn’t say, or what lame brained lie Hilary Clinton told to cover her ass this week, China and the BRIC nations are making plans, BIG PLANS and they don’t include us. Just like playing in a casino, when the dealer keeps dealing dirty cards, you find another table. The emerging nations of the world have had enough of our theft and market manipulation. From reading their documents, whatever losses they may experience by dislodging from the petrodollar will more than be compensated by new markets they have developed on the “Silk Road” as normal market principles begin to return under the gold standard.

    As you have reported Greg, the canary in the coalmine was Walmart. America is a debtor nation pure and simple. The reason the Baltic Dry index has been falling is because of lack of sales in the west. Even Amazon orders the lions share of its products from China. It has nothing to do with box store sales. As a business owner myself, I can tell you what I do, when my clients stop buying products. I find new clients and develop new markets. And that is precisely what China and the BRIC nations have done. The AIIB is evidence of that. They have established their own banking system to transact business with via CIPS. You have to admire their ingenuity. Instead of kicking the financial can down the road like we did with QE, they actually did something to address the problem. Do they have problems? Oh yes. Anytime you make a change of this magnitude, there’s bound to be problems.

    But ask yourself this. What have we done to address this monumental debt bubble we’re created? Has anyone come up with a plan? Are any preparations being made to protect the American people in the event the economy collapses? From where I’m sitting the answer is NO! A great big fat one. My recommendation. Do not wait on the government or the politicians to save you. Take control of your life NOW by doing everything you can to become self reliant. That means everything. If the power company raises your rates to $2000. a month, be prepared to flip that switch OFF.
    If you want a mind bending experience, go ahead an try it for a weekend and eat out of your supplies. It sounds crazy, but you’ll be doing two things. Saving some money, and giving your preps a test run. May the God bless you in your efforts.

    • Faith

      Jerry, I saw that chart. It goes really vertical. If something goes up that much doesn’t it also mean that it can come down?

      Silver dropped again today to below $15 an ounce for a short period of time. Owning silver helps me sleep at night. There is going to be a point in time when a $20 FRN (Federal Reserve Note) is not going to be worth what a one-ounce silver bullion coin is now. When they call a bank holiday I will not be freaking out.

      I totally agree about turning off the power (easy at the breaker box) for 48-to-72 hours as a test run. Great way to test gear and learn how to use it without being stressed. Can you boil water? Can you make coffee and tea? What about lighting? My favorite lighting is oil lamps that use high grade paraffin smokeless lamp oil. Yes, it is expensive but worth the extra cost. I always keep a deck of cards, a cribbage board, a backgammon board on hand. Oh, and an old copy of “Hoyle’s” on hand too, just in case there is a disagreement 🙂

      I am going to have some epic yard sales this summer and am planning on taking some road trips to look for some rural property and a cabin.

      • Jerry

        All good suggestions. I actually think having the power off (forced or not) will lift peoples IQ’s because they will be forced to read books for entertainment instead of watch T.V. Learning how to use a ham radio is challenging enough for me.

      • dbcooper

        Faith, You should contact us as we are in a very remote area in your neck of the woods and can show you a couple nice get away properties … we are not in the real estate business … we are into networking with people who want to survive the storm and we need like minded people.
        Contact us. yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  28. Willard Ferch

    Considering the unethical and immoral behavior from the top to the bottom in this country, where even the advertising is crossing the decency line, it reminds me of Kruschev”s prophecy, which was something to the effect that the US would fall, rotting from within. Religion is the glue that holds a society together. Ours was Christianity, but that has pretty much faded to obscurity, the music has stopped, and now we pay the fiddler. Great reporting! Fiddlin

    • WD


      I was just thinking this today…w/o Christianity we become more archaic.

  29. anony-mouse

    Hillary could do virtually anything and Her Council on Foreign Relations Masters will get her out of it….

  30. Banjo Pat

    “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”

    I am not a trump supporter yet but the more I see and hear of the establishment scheming to block him, the more I like him.
    It is such a weird, twilight zone electoral season in every way.
    I hope we get past this soon and get back to plugging the immigration dike, patching the nuclear dome roof and gutting the house that is our government in Washington. We need to get rid of the clutter of unnecessary jobs and departments. Replace the drafty, leaky windows of waste, fraud and duplication. Lay some new carpeting of trust and support that feels more comforting to all our citizens. The sad fact is that while everyone will be required to share in the pain of remodeling, too many will want the carpet before the leaky windows are replaced.

  31. Dan Reynolds

    8:58 > You were describing that the media has become a political spin operation. IMHO the media has for YEARS been onesided and a spin machine for whoever and whatever fulfills their agenda.

    I pay attention to the propaganda empire “0” % of my day as a result !

    Thanks Greg for a very professional information forum . It’s refreshing to know that I can come to you for current news and updates on information that really matters.

  32. Katherine A Law

    I look forward to listening to your WNW every Friday. One thing I’ve noticed politically is no one is bringing up the fact that Bill Clinton was impeached. And the Dems want him back at the White House? One more fact people ignore. They both have too much baggage to be allowed back at the House! Keep up the great informative news and interviews. You’re the best.

    • RTW

      Should the Clintons sneak their way back into the White House; the ONLY positive thing, would be them returning everything they stole from it the last time they were there. It’ll also be good to hear the pitter/patter of little feet again as Bill chases the interns up and down the hallways.

      • art barnes

        Old Bill really was and old horn dog wasn’t he, glad my daughters were not interns.

        • RTW

          Still is, but from the looks of him lately, the only thing he can rely on are his cigars.

        • WD

          He was also a serial sexual assaulter and a rapist.

          HE is garbage….

  33. Benjamin F

    Ramblings on Money
    Infinite Loans for Assets, Predatory Loans to 17-18 year olds for their debt-servitude future, fraudulent retirement accounts and fascist healthcare Oh My!
    Coup of 1913
    Here’s some madness, scroll through if you don’t like madness.
    The FRN is sorta licensed to the US Federal Government for use as currency. Every American pays this licensing “fee” by being the funders of federal governments interests payments. (Commies and Criminals would like American’s to believe this is not the case as government obviously funds its citizens rather than the other way around, which is how many want it to be. Communist in the USA!)
    The current US dollar is hardly American. When the total amount of gold and silver was sufficient to match the total economic value of the American economy, gold and silver functioned as an excellent currency. Today, I believe demand for currency is far too great compared to the assumed holdings of gold and silver in our country. (This assuming that gold and silver don’t skyrocket in relative value which is possible. However this would result in people working for 1/100 ounce silver per day which to me sounds like another scam.)
    C) What is currency? I believe that the next “level” of currency-technology is a paper money that matches the value in numeric terms of all the wealth of an economy.
    In this currency scenario, gold and silver are included with the rest of wealth of the economy and likely will derive their value as commodities as well as long-term store of value similar to finite collectables such as famous artwork, classic cars etc.
    B) Friends/acquaintances are starting to talk about the economic differences between socialism and capitalism, but still little discussion on the currency itself which is the lifeblood of an economy. By my calculations (done by rearranging paint specs on the wall in my imagination) this means people will begin to discuss the federal reserve in 6-8 months followed by discussing fractional reserve banking some time after that. Hang Corzine

    I don’t know where I was going with all of that, I get distracted quite easily, must be all this rice I’ve been stacking (Yes Mom I bought more rice, yes everything is OK)
    There’s no getting rid of the federal reserve (or replacing politicians) if there is no system (candidates) to replace it. Why couldn’t each State in America create its own public bank? A national SDR-like currency could result. This new National-SDR could be pulled with other nation’s currency to create a global SDR.
    Here is one idea for a bank of the future. Hard assets such as gold/silver/commodities (no paper commodities hahaha) can be deposited into a private “financial bank.” The bank can then issue paper money say 10 times the physical holdings in their banks value. They can then operate in a capitalist economy and if they go bankrupt, well the depositors are out their deposits.
    Unfortunetely, I’m not sure our society is prepared to jump into a purely capitalist society. Perhaps it is time for communism and we will have to follow China since they followed us, some kind of oscillating reality. I believe China (never having been there or studied it) should develop cottage industry.
    Is fractional reserve banking even any good? If we just had a paper currency of a numerical value equal to the value of the economy, say a % based currency rather than a 0-infinity numerical based currency, wouldn’t everything revert back to fair market value? We could distribute the % Currency evenly to all citizens after a FRN hyperinflationary event and just hit “Go.” This may kill the present day banks which need killin of course (fine with me, as for the employees let the bankers find new jobs, perhaps as peacekeepers in some foreign hellhole.) If anyone wants to borrow something, you have to find somebody with surplus and convince them that it benefits them to give it to you for some future repayment….
    To account for all the Americans not prepared to survive in a %based-currency capitalist environment, the system could be set up so that every year, 2% of your currency holding automatically get confiscated and distributed either to everyone equally or to those who are broke/jobless/hungry/etc. See I’m nice.
    Not sure if any of this is realistic but I’m grateful for the opportunity to share thoughts.

  34. Dale

    Bo Polny said that if you didn’t have your PM’S by the end of February then it would be too late. It’s April and nothing happened yet. We’ll see what he has to say on Sunday. I think something will happen this year but nobody knows the dates. I hope that it happens later rather than sooner. It’s going to be bad.

  35. Vince Shook

    In case anyone had missed this, I wanted to re-post the following from a recent Investors Business Daily article:

    “FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private email server,” Charles Gasparino wrote Sunday in the New York Post, citing “career agents” as sources, some of whom expect Comey “to push for charges.”

    • art barnes

      V. Shook, more hype & B.S., Government’s & FBI’s propaganda that it is a “real” investigation so when nothing illegal is found, only innocent & non intentional mistakes posting like you discussed above gives credibility to the white-wash conclusion.

  36. Coalburner

    Greetings Greg;
    Hey Ned Kelly;
    Thanks for your effort, good report, I haven’t watched Megan Kelly since. If you want to impact Fox News Programs turn them off! They live and die , brag and cry on their ratings. Every time you click the remote it is counted. Click it off for her. Why do you think Hanity got relegated to third in line. People got tired of hearing him say the same dumb phrase ten million times.

  37. Scott Miller


    April 1st, but no joke.

    Market closed at 17,794

    It is April 2016. Marking the month because you know why.

    A lot of guests made many statements in March. Kirby and Roberts most recently.

    Moreover, Trump has stated how badly America is doing. I saw an article on yahoo news explaining why he was wrong. It doesn’t get more MSM than yahoo, other than google.

    Close to 18,000 makes you wonder if that number plummets, how much it helps Trump. In fact, I would go on to state unequivocally if the number drops to 17,000, Trump wins easily. Therefore, if the Powers that be control the rigged game, they won’t let Hillary down, nor that number.

    Have a good week Greg!


    • Greg Hunter

      Scott, Even the Fed admits it is still applying Emergency policies. Will they continue to work? We will see. I do not think it will be Hillary running this fall, if there is an election.

      • art barnes

        Greg, interesting that you said “if there is an election”, you are reading my mind.

    • Jerry

      The U.S. markets are rigged beyond imagination. While Americans may be under the magic of “normality bias” perpetuated by the central banks, clearly the rest of the world is not. Part of the bankers magic act is making people “believe the absurd “. 17,794 stock market + 1% GDP + zero money velocity = consolidated grade A bovine fecal matter.

    • RichM

      Well I am losing big time shorting the market since mid February. I am open to anyone’s input.

      • Greg Hunter

        You should not be trading. You obviously do not know how.

        • RichM

          haha Well I thought I knew what I was doing but apparently not so much anymore. Thanks for the advice Greg.

          When will Greg Mannarino be on again?

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes Rich, in a few weeks. I did not mean to come off harsh. Mannarino eats, lives and breaths trading. I would estimate Mannarino spends a solid 6 to 8 hours a day researching, studying the markets and processing it into to puts and calls. I talk to Mannarino all the time, and he is always on it. Thank you for your support.

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes Rich, in a few weeks. I did not mean to come off harsh. Mannarino eats, lives and breaths trading. I would estimate Mannarino spends a solid 6 to 8 hours a day researching, studying the markets and processing it into to puts and calls. I talk to Mannarino all the time, and he is always on it. Thank you for your support.

    • BetterChetter

      You’re speculating on the Nov election and its only April … much will happen between then and now –

  38. Virginia Simson

    Plenty of things to say – but just these: People way underestimate Joseph DiGenova.

    People are getting confused between the private server issue and the influence peddling issue.

    The outright lies are going to sink Billary&Co.

    The entire issue of Obama’s mishandling of the transparency policy is going to come out ..

    One reason the MSM is slow to react is that much of the impetus for starting an investigation is that the main preamble was done by outsiders – -Guciffer the hacker and Jason Leopold who is with VICE.

    I am stealing this as a new hashtag: #TooStupidToBeStupid

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Virginia! Jim Sinclair is the man who came up with “Too stupid to be stupid.”

    • Scott Miller


      Everything is rigged. Doesn’t change the intent and meaning of the number. Your stating this site’s mantra. It doesn’t work with me. Come up with meaningful ideas.


  39. Marcia Armstrong

    I know you said you had Bo Polny on this weekend. I have been reading articles on the rigging of the system that point to an artificial cycle concurrent with Presidential elections at 8 years and the change of regimes. This ushers in cover for a harvest by the Crony Capitalists and a transfer of wealth. Last time it was from the public, this time it will be through bail-ins to cover a default is derivatives.

    Also, would you consider having Charles Hugh Smith or Gordon Long on to discuss the piece that Smith wrote on “What Killed the Middle Class?” The rape of the middle class through financialization, FED actions and corruption is so glaring. People seem to think that they are victims of global trade and the materialization of bubbles. They do not see the links showing that they have been deliberately robbed.

    Put smith, Black and Titus together in my mind and I am angry at what they have done and am no longer sympathetic with the Neo-con lines about the wealthy earning more through hard work, the indolent lower class and rich paying all of the taxes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Had them both on and are very good guests. Thank you for reminding me!!

  40. Roxane Premont

    Dear Greg,

    Yet another great review of the news! Please allow me to make a request. No one seems to be making the connection between banking and the LBGT movement. Could you do so? Or, maybe you could just tip off an old reporter friend? I live in NC. It is clear to me that Bank of America has pushed the recent Charlotte ordinance allowing men to enter women’s bathrooms under the pretext that they “feel like women”. I have seen the banking connection elsewhere with limited coverage by Breitbart news. JP Morgan also seems at the forefront. My hunch is that the 5 bailed out banks offer sweet financing deals to companies like Starbucks in exchange for ramming LGBT down the throats of Americans. I doubt regional and smaller banks like BB&T are a part of this. The other great control mechanism is, of course, to simply have interlocking directorates. And, then there are the tax-exempt Foundations they fund like The Rockefeller Foundation. Either way, I think it is high time that Paul Craig Roberts’ logical analysis be extended: Criminal Bankers Really Do Control Our Government And Are Pushing For All The Dark Social Agendas. Thanks again for great interviews and news reviews.


  41. Sayonara

    And now commentary on my favorite show of the week – USA Wathdog WNW – 233:

    Hillary: Too Big To Fail &Too Big to Jail! The FBI chatter is nothing more than setting everyone up for her walk away free as a bird. The FBI party line will be that they assigned 150 agents and could not find evidence to indict her. She will not be indicted.
    MSM: Talk about corrupt manipulation. The real problem is that the average American is too stupid to understand what is happening and they do not care.
    Economy: Again – Too Big To Fail &Too Big to Jail! 93M of a population of 322M or 29% of the adult population do not contribute the economy? This is simply unsustainable. The only question left to be answered is When?
    Hard to answer when the data you receive is complex smoke and mirrors as duly noted by Gerald Celente.
    Thanks Greg for having the best important news broadcast Period.

  42. Don

    Greg, just wanted to say, Trump is far from perfect, and is not practiced in politics and political correctness, but the three best things he brings to the table is he is a nationalist, not a globalist, and will put the people first, and he’s not beholden to any, and he will not play ball with the NWO. I hope if he gets into office we’re able to do something to prevent big money from controlling our politics. Farewell you’re da-man

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for the comment and support.

  43. r.j

    Greg you said that the noose around hillarys neck is tightening . as far as i am concerned it will never be tight enough..Another thought with all due respect to Greg Mannarino ,the jaws of death chart is beginning to look more like the jaws of life chart as the dow is bouncing off the top rail of the upper trend line. This could be construed as the start of a lower dollar , accelerating inflation scenario . Greg I hear Bill Holter talk about Russia or China dropplng a truth bomb on the u.s. Greg you drop a truth bomb three times a week and i am so thankfull for that. Stay safe, r.j.

  44. rahrog

    ” … the Obama administration has admitted that what ISIS is doing in the Middle East is genocide.”

    How about the american people admitting that america is committing genocide all over damn world.

  45. RTW

    The problem with Trump is that he is a businessman/entertainer and he hasn’t any polish. I’m not saying the guy has to be spit polished, just a little polish would be nice. We’re all fed up with the career politicians, repeating their talking points ad nauseum and never doing what they promised the voters they would do. Unfortunately, Trump is doing the same thing. He is keyed into the sentiment of a vast amount of the population who are tired of the canned rhetoric shoveled on top of them time after time. As refreshing as it may sound, it doesn’t have any substance behind it. Voters must listen to what he is saying and not just to how he’s saying it. He talks a good game, but he never gives any meaningful facts to his solutions. Sometimes he thinks that he will be elected as king instead of president. He forgets that there is another branch of government that he will need, to get things done. (Obama is taking his pen and phone with him as he’s shown the door). Recently Trump was interviewed by Chris Matthews and allowed himself to be flummoxed by him. If a hack like Chris Matthews can make him stutter, how is he going to deal with Congress and world leaders. He will lose in a debate with Hillary, never mind Cruz. Cruz would turn Donalds hair from orange to red, from being so flustered, and before giving way to rage. Trump just says the same thing over and over again like at a football pep rally. We already have someone in the Whitehouse who got away with that and we’re paying dearly for it. If he truly wants to be the next President, he’d better start acting like it.

    • Mad Max's


      As refreshing as he may sound, he doesn’t have any substance behind it? [ What? Ridiculous! Why don’t you give an example RTW]

      Voters must listen to what he is saying and not just to how he’s saying it. [There you go at it, we know the play book, you know better than us.]

      He talks a good game, but he never gives any meaningful facts to his solutions. [Hows this for meaning, he will build the wall, that’s a fact!] [He will stop Muslim immigration till such time we can get a handle on it and with proper vetting, fact!] [ The Constitution and Bill of Rights protect and apply to United States citizens and those legally in the US., everybody here illegally will get to go home and get back in line if they want to come back, legally. It’s been done before and it will be done again and that’s a fact!]

      [We will try to get a handle on fixing our country instead of trying to figure out how to run everybody else into the ground! Fact!] [ Regime change in Washington not Moscow and a hand shake not a first strike! Fact!]

      [Fair trade not free trade] [I could go on and on RTW but I’ll just ask you what facts and solutions does the last available neo-con, Lindsey Graham has to hold his nose to endorse, has to offer? Everyone in this greatest country on Gods blue green earth knows what Donald Trump wants for America and believes he will do what ever he says and is either loved or feared because of it!]

      [Except for the talking points Trump has thrown out there, nobody has a clue what the other candidates want to do or even say, because all they ever talk about is Donald J. Trumpster!]

      Sometimes he thinks that he will be elected as king instead of president. [RTW, he already is a king! The others are looking for a step up, Donald has taken a tremendous step down to slog it out to serve us, the poor and helpless, the working stiff without a job and as president he will do it RTW.]

      He forgets that there is another branch of government that he will need, to get things done. [RTW read Donald’s best selling book the art of the deal and see what washing Washington needs the most to gets things done and get the dirt and scum out. Incoming!]

      ~The Face And Voice For The Deep State~

      The Neo-Conmans Neo-Conman

      The Neo-Conman Who Never Saw A Scenario For WWIII He Didn’t Like

      John McCains Best Mate And Vladimir Putin’s Worst Nightmare!

  46. Peter

    Trump is the best presidential candidate left and represents the middle class rather than the big banks like Hillary does. Only Trump can turn this sinking ship around.
    If Hillary isn’t indicted or is elected, it’s undeniable as to how
    corrupt the USA has become. Hillary Clinton would most likely sink the ship in multiple ways. Her dishonest nature would serve as a constant reminder to young Americans that bad triumphs over good and that it pays to lie.

    Hillary has been mistreating women for years. Does anyone here recall how she spun lies, hired sleazy lawyers and defended Bill while he abused women. No person that cared for women’s rights would stay married to such a sexual predator.

    Only a corrupt organization like the DNC would tie their future to such a corrupt candidate, as Hillary Clinton. I can accept people voting for Bernie Sanders, but Hillary Clinton deserves no ones support!

    • frederick

      Well Peter İ guess we already knew the answer to that By the way i just read an article at “Zero hedge” that said that the FBİ isnt pursuing the case against her so there you go

    • Marcia Armstrong

      Why do you and others think that a billionaire with a tremendous ego and a lifelong reputation for negotiating self-serving cut-throat deals now “represents the middle class”? By what miracle has Trump suddenly become completely selfless, with only the nation’s interest at heart? Trump is a 70 year old tycoon and reality show star who promises generally to “make America great again,” apparently by rewinding the clock – reversing trade deals and dissolving mutual defense agreements back to the days of his youth. He is a bit vague on details, we just know that he assures us it will be “great.”

      Realistically, being the top dog in a real estate development business is not the same as being a President with powers limited by the Constitution, who is supposed to guide international policy, serve as Commander in Chief of the military forces and implement the domestic laws that Congress makes . I would point out that there is a substantially different skill set.

      Are you sure you are not projecting what you wish Trump was instead of taking a close look at who he really is?

    • Paul

      Peter … Hillary’s past misdeeds is just a small taste of what is to come … consider that even the New York Times is beginning to raise questions about the Charlie Hebdo and Brussels terrorist attacks by the CIA funded ISIS murderers … seems according to the NY Times the Charlie Hebdo, and Brussels attacks were made possible because the attackers (high-ranking ISIS and Al Qaeda felons) simply do the bidding and dirty work for the intelligence agencies that give them a free pass to travel freely across Europe to prepare their mass terror attacks (no doubt to further the secret agenda of the elites to stoke anti-Muslim hatred) … so as to eventually bring terrorist bombing attacks to the US … and thus give Hillary an excuse to bomb Iran as the chief sponsor of terrorism …

  47. dee garmon

    One thing common to most third-world countries is that the more corrupt a politician is, the higher his/her chances of getting elected to the highest office. Indeed, this is the reason why Hillary will be the next president.

  48. Kate Henry

    Dear Greg
    Many thanks for all your great interviews. Thanks especially for mentioning the TPP in this week’s news wrap up. Perhaps you could interview Lori Wallach one day – she is a TPP and trade expert. This interview with her, is old but still great
    Best wishes
    Kate Henry
    New Zealand

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice catch and thank you for posting the link. The TPP is a bad deal for ALL.

  49. L. Ward

    Paul Craig Roberts is a frequent guest on this site. What do you make of this?

  50. Jerry

    Another Friday Surprise. State Department suspends review of Clinton emails. Is anybody surprised? I’m thinking about changing my vote from Donald Trump to Hilary Clinton. I can’t think of a better person to represent a rogue criminal state than another criminal.

  51. Dennis

    I’m from Calgary Canada…Home of Ted Lying Cruz….
    I’m amazed at the total dishonesty of the American press…as they totally try to
    destroy Mr. Trump. The other day I saw at one of his rally’s where a Ms. America former pageant member came to his crusade to Thank him… she’s very sick and he’s helped her.
    THAT..Never really gets on the news….funny how the other contenders are never on the news for helping others. The Clintons in all the years they have had power not a soul comes forward other than Bills mistresses. Speaking of Mistresses’ did you note on Ted rebuttal he was very strong on… this that and everything else….But did not say in these words I did not have an affaire on my wife with these women. I have been married 35 years now. If somebody said this to me . I wouldn’t be carrying on how my wife and children’s feeling were hurt…I would be saying these words I did not have an affair on my wife. Period.. Funny Nor did the women from FOX news. She said she loved her husband and bla bla bla….But did not say I did not have an affair with Ted…. the bottom line is this
    if the National Enquire is wrong…why did nether party say I’m suing for liable and slander….I check everyday…NO LAW SUIT …funny is it not……

  52. Along came Jones

    Milo Yiannopoulos Loves Donald Trump

    Beggars cant be choosers, but this guy explains in a way the left is not your friend because their fear is controlling us all and their biggest fear of all is you know who! The so called left is bigger than we think and it encompasses left right and in between.

  53. Along came Jones

    Trump vs. Bernie in the First Ever @midnight Presidential Debate

  54. antonius aquinas

    If only the Western world had such leaders today… New article


  55. Peter

    Trump is a self-funded success which makes all the difference. He is controlled by no bank, party or company, unlike Hillary Clinton whom works against the common man.
    Has Hillary Clinton ever apologized for her role in any of the messes or abuses she has been involved in? An apology for mishandling classified data and endangering the security of the US would never be good enough, but you will never hear an apology from her.

    The other presidential candidates have spent millions more than Trump, so their egos are large and wasteful. They have the audacity to throw others people money away on perfectly bad ideas, deals, and campaigns without so much as an apology. Trump will not have to apologize, because he will make smart deals, that are in America’s favor and he is self-funded.

    The US runs trade deficits every week, every month, every years, every decade since day one with China, Mexico, etc. and Hillary/Obama have done nothing to fix this. Hillary Clinton thinks this trade imbalance is fine as the “Clinton Foundation” receives huge payments to keep this un-American scam going. Obama takes an expensive vacation just about every other week, as he feels entitled. Do you really think he has a small ego?

    Now Trump has said he will stop the trade imbalance and he doesn’t need the elites corrupt money. I say let a proven negotiator, negotiate!

  56. 8Ball

    A good discussion regarding the Trump candidacy.
    Milo Yiannopoulos Loves Donald Trump

  57. RichM

    Here’s a little information about one aspect of Donald Trump… being his business/job creating success. This addresses some of the attacks on him by Lyin’ Ted Cruz, corporate raider Mitt Romney, and the MSM who seem to relish in the fact that he has had a few business failings. In reality, his track record is nothing short of amazing. He also learned after the 1980’s real estate crash to do things from then on with much lower debt. (this to me is an appealing trait if he becomes the POTUS.) So the current Trump Organization has very low debt.
    According to my research…. Donald Trump has created 515 companies/subsidiaries with only 3 that went bankrupt and some 7 that just didn’t pan out. He built up these companies and maintains ownership or has since sold some of them. Trump himself has never filed personal bankruptcy. Donald Trump has created over 34,000 jobs working directly for one of The Trump Organization companies and 10’s of thousands more sub-contractor jobs…. all these jobs support individuals and families. Many top executives within the Trump Organization are women and many women are in other key positions.
    The above information should all be very close to accurate if not 100% accurate…

    Of the 515 companies I say the few that failed is not just a good track record, but a most impressive record indeed. I also appreciate how Trump is a true capitalist, believes in free and fair trade, and I totally respect the risks he took and his entrepreneurial spirit to create all those companies. Capitalism is the single greatest institution the world has ever seen and it has helped more people out of poverty and despair than anything else. Short of Jesus Christ Himself of course…. whom I believe was/would be a capitalist….. and the most charitable one at that. : )

  58. Pinocchio

    FBI interviews Hillary is just like Al Qaeda interviews Osama bin Laden. I prefer to watch Glenn Beck interviews Godzilla.

  59. Larry Galearis

    I keep thinking back to our conversation about what I think is (was) the Western MSM collapse. I recall that your position was that the Russian one was just as bad. My position still is that the Western Fourth Estate in the USA has become the “Propaganda Ministry” for Washington and that a systemic societal collapse is guaranteed by this fact as much as it is guaranteed by a utterly corrupted Financial sector. I see that you learning curve is still growing.
    Learning is good; there are very few that will look at their own belief systems and come to the conclusion that they are somebody’s “useful fool”. I have lived a relatively long time and it has taken me this long to realize that most people do not really like the results if they think objectionably about important things. So they don’t think at all.

    We see, on the other hand postings like we get on this site, and your own journalistic stance and we are reassured. But in the end, what these sites really are only clusters of the uncommon people out there.

  60. Larry Galearis

    The Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty was signed by the US and Russia – and broken by Washington with its stationing of strategic nukes (not tactical) in the Baltic States. Russia has no intention of entering into negotiations given this history. And why should it bother. As you say,…
    Like it when you get outraged, Greg. I also suspect that the story of Russian nukes in Syria is just a propaganda ploy lie. Note that the media in the US is part of the corporate fascist state that you so much deplore. Just joining up the dots.

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