What America is Feeling and Thinking Coast to Coast

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

This past week I was a guest on the nationwide overnight radio show “Coast to Coast AM”The show airs on more than 500 radio stations and is heard by millions.  I am grateful to George Noory, for allowing me to become a bit of a regular on his show.  Every time I am on, I am flooded with emails and comments.  This is a great way to check the pulse of America to find out what people are feeling and thinking.  In March, the tone I got from the audience was fear about the economy.  This time there was still an element of fear but also anger and a sense of doom about what’s coming.  I have put together a sample of some the many comments I received, so you too can see what America is thinking and feeling.  Enjoy!

Ozzi says, “I cannot afford a gun and def not gold!! Too hot for the garden right now. So we are doomed, and many more of us then you rich folks. See my point is what is the answer?  Our vote means nothing; Congress is for themselves and big business, food fuel going up! Hell man if what you say and my research shows we are royally screwed. Love your site!” 


Barry says, “Something definitely hangs in the balance and the global see-saw ride is about to break. (and when it does everyone falls down)  Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst is a rule I live by…….but unbeknownst to most we are running out of “best”. Those of us who are prepared and on the short side should weather the storm well.” 

Dan says, “That same Wylie Coyote image has been on my mind daily as I’ve read on this topic, for some months now.  There’s also an element of “Charlie Brown” with Lucy and the Football in all this… If only our leaders had been exposed to the correct cartoon media in their formative years, this tragedy might have been prevented.” 

Judy M says, “I am furious that my tax dollars are being spent to protect California school teachers (and every other state).  Since when do we guarantee prolific spenders such as CA that we will bail them out?  Each state should be supported by the citizens of that state.  We are becoming a giant commune and, as someone who grew up in the sixties, they do not work.  Our country is in ruin.”   

Greg S. says, “It takes courage to stand up and speak the truth in the face of the typhoon of lies/disinformation that are daily vomited upon us, lies about every possible subject.    Also fully agree with your consistent advice here to individuals to save themselves, that we are past the point of no return as a people.  As the one fellow said in Apocalypse Now, “Somewhere out there the beast, and he hungry tonight.”  All who are unprepared will be devoured by brutalizing conditions that are beyond their control.  Even those who are FULLY prepared will only survive by the grace of God Almighty.  The unprepared have no chance—the prepared have a fighting chance only. ”  

McKarl says, “If the comment is “All fiat based economies throughout history have collapsed, usually in hyperinflation.”  So, removing quantitative easing would cause deflation then the Fed has the tools to prevent a monetary collapse by a removal of QE.  The political flip side is that the deflationary impact would be higher job losses and less voters, so is the main real driver political influence to retain voters.”  

Mika says, “The US is really a fascist/corporatist state. The red and blue circus clowns, put on by gov mafia, as well as the “judges” appointed by that gov mafia, obey the dictates of the corporations. The Rockefeller and Morgan clans, and the satellite families associated with them, own the corporations. They own the gov. They own the show.”  

Kathleen says, “. . . the wheel may be spinning but the HAMSTER IS DEAD!” 

Victor says, “I went out today and picked up more silver, 100 bucks worth of junk dimes, to add to the 1/10th ounce gold from yesterday. Not much I know, but at this stage of the game, I don’t want to be caught holding any fiat when “it” hits the financial fan. Also put a chunk of paycheck into more dehydrated food . . .”  

Christine says, “Great information! As a C2C AM listener for a decade now. The problem is that people still hold to their liberal or conservative corners. It doesn’t matter anymore, because when this economy is truly finished, it will not matter. One’s lofty political beliefs and ideals will be the least of anyone’s worries.”   

Bruce says, “People have warned the American public for decades this day was coming they were called nut jobs. Even today the sheeple with the foresight of 30 second sound bite have no clue what is coming. In end they will be rioting in the streets and asking themselves how did this happen?” 

Mahdee says, “This event is not going to be an end of the world event-rather a new beginning.  We have fooled the world for several decades and have enjoyed a very comfortable and easy life as the result.  Yes, the poor and the uninformed will suffer a lot; but some times that’s what it takes to wake up to the reality that neither the beast nor the false prophet can guide you to a better place.”  

Clay says, “The Wrath of God now.  You hit a nerve with this one Greg!” 

Raj says, “My only hope, it is not too late for America.”


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  1. MarkM

    Hello Greg,

    A little OT, but still a branch of the same tree.

    QE and MD are achronyms that sound so official. Pointy headed Haavard grads must of thought of these terms.

    When somebody’s title is not cool, like Personell Director, or garbageman, we change the terms to something “nicer.” Human Resource Director sounds so much better. Recycling Engineer is such an important title. Don’t get me wrong, garbagemen are very imortant to society; much more important than an HR director.

    Yalies can’t say the correct term when they use QE or MD: Printing money is what they mean. Qualitative Easing and Monetizing the Debt is so lofty. And, it is so neo-Marxist.

    Neo-Marxist…hmmm. Oh, I am sorry, I am supposed to use the term “progressive” when thinking neo-Marxist.


    • Greg

      Thanks MarkM,

  2. George

    There are similarities between now and the French Revolution and the American Revolution. I am not preaching or advocating such. I am pointing to facts. Do any of you understand what our country is going to look like IF our government collapses? Nature abhors a vacuum. The rise of fringe and criminal groups; Cities run by little Adolf Hitlers. Neighbors killing neighbors for what they have.
    Even IF the above happens doesn’t mean that you should say I can’t make a difference. Vote the bums out. We MAY be able to slow the decline enough that we don’t get buried on impact. IF we take serious steps now, we will suffer but we may survive as a nation. IF we don’t vote these bastards out, we deserve to die as a nation.

    • Greg

      I was taken back by the despair and sense of doom in the comments. It sounds like America is at some sort of inflection piont. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Greg2

    Sometime ago, I posted a comment about our fragile economic condition and the possibility of piling a few serial natural or manufactured disasters on top of that. I’m no prophet, but I present BP, Russian grain, Pakistani and Chinese floods…. Problem with the grain is as obvious as an avalanche.

    I’m tired of talking to sheeple and getting the blank stare or worse. I’m tired of being called a pessimist, a dooms-dayer, a fill-in-the-blank. I take some comfort in knowing I’m not alone. I know what’s coming. I’ve seen it for some years now, only back then, I was saying our path, barring recent, current and impending catastrophes, was unsustainable (popular word these days). Any thinking man could see it would eventually all end in tears. I am prepared – come what may. But instead of anger and despair (already been there), I feel a sorrow, a mourning for the rich life in retirement we were all supposed to have just for playing by the rules and living the “American Dream”. We’ve allowed the PTB to steal the whole show. Now I fear I’ve done nothing more than improve my chances of attending the funeral. This is a horror movie – and what will rise from the dead will be far from entertaining. How this one ends, and whether or not there’s a sequel, will depend on the virtues of the survivors.

    • Greg

      As you can see from the comments from a nationwide radio show, you are not alone. Thank you for the comment.

  4. Donna Davis

    A sign of the times–this past week In Atlanta a near riot broke out when housing vouchers were being made available to needy people.The city officals did not plan on this surge of humanity and it shows the disconnect between the government and people on the edge.Huff Post got it right–“Third World”indeed.The slow apocaclyspe has begun.Buy stock in crowd control devices(sarcasm).The”Silent Guardian”and that micro-wave thing on humvees might come in handy to deal with the great unwashed humanely.I mean somebody should make a profit on other people’s suffering.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the reporting from the front lines of the economy!

  5. Diane Carol Mark

    To cleanse a dirty glass, we pour clean water in. At first, all the dirt rises to the top and overflows from the tumbler. It appears rather messy, but it’s the way to notice the dirt and get rid of it. After awhile, the glass is filled with clean water.

    We’ll enter a state of enhanced awareness sooner than we think. Certainly, that’s the purpose for the difficulties looming on the horizon. If we’ve behaved with kindness, compassion and gratitude, we have nothing to fear since we’ll attract all of that goodness back to ourselves.

    🙂 Diane

    • Greg

      Diane Carol Mark,
      Thank you for the good words and thoughts, we really need them now.

    • JJ

      Diane, I pray you are correct about kindness attracting back in kind. Human nature is baser than this (my opinion). Just as the Obama people (and Bush before him and Clinton before him) can justify the unjustifiable, people doing things in their self interest can justify any thing, be it theft of liberty or property; even the murder of our future. God Bless us everyone and shelter us from the coming troubles.

  6. Mountainaires

    I’m sorry to tell you that it will get much worse; and it may not ever get much better. The structural problems in our system are actually preventing it from getting better. Get ready for a New World, one in which you try to survive through a lifetime of poverty; or you opt out, find land, grow your own food, just to survive. Some, who paid attention since 2000, have prepared for this New World; others who trusted that their country would just roll along as it always has, will be shocked at what’s coming at them. Well, the only solace I can offer is Read Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. You’ll at least know your place in history.

    • Greg

      Thank You Mountainaires for the comment.

  7. BLT

    I hate to say it, but we brought this on ourselves. The public as a majority is ignorant and has not stood up for itself in decades. We are scared to death of life without credit cards but can go along with an idea as obsurd as “my kid was too smart for college.” The television is single-handedly the worst invention of all time. It has enveloped countless generations into thinking that what comes outta that box is unbiased and worst of all..true. As time passes, we eventually will come to realize that there really is no free lunch, and those of us who have worked hard to exist in this great country, have been paying for that lunch ever since we lost our spine as a people. Who agreed to the obamacare? Who agreed to the patriot act? Who agreed to dabble into the social security fund? Who agreed that 40% of your pay should go to taxes? Who agreed that we should be able to run the deficit into the trillions? Why are illegals still comin in by the millions? Who agreed to have to subsidize laziness? Certainly not anyone who lives HERE ON PLANET EARTH. We will grow a spine and vote them out or soon voting will be a taxable crime!! Thanx greg, and C2C forever!!

    • Greg

      Thanks for your comment and support!

  8. Jan

    This is an exchange I had with Greg today, he suggested I share it with his fellow readers here.

    I was just getting ready to send you this article from Pravda: http://english.pravda.ru/business/finance/09-08-2010/114539-financial_system-0. The US and the world are in such great danger of total financial collapse. I wonder what the reset will look like? It will certainly pay to have gold and silver in our possession as you have encouraged your readers to get, even if it is only a few real silver coins. The entire world currency system could be gone overnight. Pretty scary stuff.

    Encouraging people to purchase a supply of extra food to have on hand it also very wise. You might want to inform them that flour & rice need to be frozen or at the very least kept in the frig or they will get bugs. A basic staples supply list for those who do not normally cook from scratch.

    Keep educating people. I am so glad I stumbled across your web site.

  9. Maria Rivers

    It’s screwed up, for sure. But we can know what will change this: support shutting down the Federal Reserve. Support our own debt-free money. Get educated. Know that the old game is over and we can bring on a revolution….without the banksters. But we need enough political will to insist.

    See The Secret of Oz movie by Bill Still and get educated.

    • Greg

      Thank you Maria Rivers.

  10. Rev.Mark Stoddard

    Yes, after the day is over…overnight do we ponder the FATE of OUR GREAT NATION………One Nation, under GOD, Indivisible, with LIBERTY
    and Justice for ALL.

    Yes I desire to hear the “Pledge of Allegence” the “Red Skelton” Way.

    And to further ponder and expound on this I’d Like to quote Cisero, and Sen.Barry Goldwater in saying…”Extremism in the Defense of Liberty…is no Vise,and let me also remind you that Moderation…in the pursuit of Justice…is no Virtue”…!

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