Without Trust Markets Will Tank – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

It looks like we are on track for yet another global financial meltdown.  This time it is coming out of China in the form of a failed property development company called Evergrande.  It’s five times bigger than Lehman Brothers, whose failure cratered the global economy in 2008.  Will central banks, including the Fed, just let it all fail or will they print massive amounts of money trying to stop the fall?   If history is a guide, we should get ready for the most money creation ever.  In May, financial writer John Rubino said, “This is beyond the ability of any individual to fix.  We can’t save the system.” We sure can print a lot of money to try though.

Massive global money printing is what is coming, and it will come with huge consequences for all fiat currencies.  Rubino explains, “Stocks are tanking, cryptos are tanking, currencies of the world are getting volatile, politics are volatile and gold is going up while all this is happening, which it is supposed to do.  Gold is supposed to be the safe haven where you hide out when nothing else seems trustworthy. . . . That hasn’t been the case in prior bear markets.  When stocks tanked, they pulled down gold and silver. . . . It’s a good sign when markets start to behave rationally again.  When high risk assets don’t seem worth it anymore, capital flows into real assets that hold their value no matter what the government is doing to the currency.  That’s the way it’s supposed to work, and that is the way it is working. . . . Trust is probably the key word in this whole discussion.  Fiat only exists because we trust the people who are managing them to maintain their value.  You take the trust away and there is nothing there.  A fiat currency is not a real thing.  It doesn’t actually exist other than little pieces of paper that have no intrinsic value or computer code, which also has no intrinsic value.  So, you take away the trust that we had in the Fed, Treasury, Congress and the President to do the right thing, and be honest, when it comes to the financial markets, you take that away and there really isn’t anything there.  Nobody would want to hold a currency managed by people they can’t trust.  Pay attention to that because the less we trust the guys in charge, the less we trust the currency.  The less we trust the currency, the less we trust the financial markets and the less valuable these financial assets are.  So, it all ties together, and it all depends on that one word—Trust.”

What’s Rubino’s biggest fear?  Rubino warns, “My biggest fear is that we screw up our finances, we screw up geopolitics, and we get into a big war because we are close to that now.  The U.S., Russia and China are bumping up against each other, and we are like scorpions in a bottle on this little planet with all these high tech weapons. . . . My biggest fear is we take it well beyond the world of finance to no holds barred military action.  There’s no way to predict anything when you start doing something like that.  The worst case scenario is too horrible to even think about.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Rubio, founder of the popular website DollarCollapse.com. 

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After the Interview:

There is much free information on DollarCollapse.com.  If you want personalized contact with John Rubino and get his latest articles delivered directly to your inbox, you can sign up for his subscription service (also FREE) by clicking here.  Rubino tells me he does not sell his email list.

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  1. Thomas Bouck

    Start stocking up on things that you use daily for at least a 6month supply. If things cool off no big deal you have extra and you can use it up then. Remember, when money fails, the useful items in hand are worth everything.

    • John Wade

      Fiat currency is a Con Game, or game of confidence. Lose Con fidence, and the game is over……Like when the King takes his morning walk, and a strong wind blows his stately robe off and he’s naked to the world – he doesn’t look much like a King anymore.

    • Steve Bice

      I’m not sure six months is enough anymore, Thomas. I just bought long-term stocks from Azure Standard out of Oregon. They have drop points all over the country. (I have no connection to them, other than as a customer.)

      Ants win, grasshoppers lose…eventually.

    • Steve Bice

      P.S. I keep seeing things about how broken the supply chain is…including warnings to shop early for the holiday season, since many goods could be in short supply. (Shipping container rates are off the charts.) The warning signs are everywhere…

  2. steve

    I bought that book- collapse of the USD ,15 years ago and am still waiting for the collapse

    • Greg Hunter

      Rubino was early not wrong.

      • Laz

        A lot of people were early. I never considered them wrong. I’m prepared because I listened and took action. GOD Bless America and buckle up. Fear Not.

      • Tom C

        Greg, it would be very convenient to get the Great Reset into high gear if they crashed the world economy. We’re at the mercy of some very evil and demonically driven people.

      • John Wade

        The universe operates on its own time table – and we’re only along for the ride…..and now, we all may not have long to wait. 🙂

    • cheryl

      then u should be 100% prepared when it happens no excuses – good for u!

    • Jim

      I’d rather be way early than a day late.

    • Warren B.

      There’s and old saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” which I think is applicable here.
      Your view of collapse is constrained by the glasses your are looking through. You are missing the big picture while focusing on small detail and cannot see the whole.
      A better perspective (or at least one that I use) is to measure the strength (or in this case weakness) of the Fiat Dollar against the only TRUE Money = GOLD. Over the last 15 years Gold has outwardly(nominally) appreciated in Dollar terms (from $600/oz to circa $1800 = 200% gain), but in actuality it is the Dollar that has collapsed by the inverse of the Gold appreciation. Better said = the purchasing power of the Dollar has reduced (Crashed) by 50%. Yes I am fully aware of the distortion of the Gold price and the fact that it is also priced in a Fiat currency…which is falsely measured against other fiat currencies as to its strength. Placing a different lens in the glasses makes this whole point abundantly crystal clear.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks so much Greg,

    The trust in the markets are based on lies, manipulation and corruption.

    @Ray Canberra “What’s happened to this country Bloke, suffer I say, stuffed!”

    • JC


      It’s a rat trap, and we’ve been caught!

      Her mind’s made up, she walks down the road
      Her hands in her pockets, coat buttoned ‘gainst the cold
      She finds Billy down at the Italian cafe
      And when he’s drunk it’s hard to understand what Billy says
      But then he mumbles in his coffee and he suddenly roars
      “It’s a rat trap Judy; and we’ve been caught”

      Rat Trap – The Boomtown Rats

      • Anthony Australia

        There’s always hope JC

        Rod Stewart classic!


        • Catherine

          Wow seeing young kids dancing in the streets with joy sure beats rioting in the streets with hate. How did we ever get here?

          • Anthony Australia

            All done by design.
            The Establishment, or whoever they are, have aligned with some Demonic entities and sold out humanity.
            I watch so many American productions from the 50’s to the 80’s and also wonder how this was allowed to happen. Slowly but surely the world has tuned for the worst.
            Civil liberties, Debt & Fear Enslavement!

      • Paul ...

        JC … We need to reload … and make it into a Demon-rat trap … by borrowing a few supplies from our local FEMA camp … then soaking some fiat currency in hydrogen cyanide … and placing it under a guillotine … so that when the curency is removed the blade comes down!!

    • Paul ...

      AA … Just as confidence in the Government is eroding with regard to the “jab” … confidence will erode with regard to the Dollar … the “jab” is actually helping tremendously to Warp Speed up our “lack of confidence in the Government” … and it should will be reflected in the price of gold … look at the rise in M2 in the following chart … http://www.demeadville.com/180921_gold_scoreboard.png … in order to catch up to where M2 is at now … gold needs rise to $3900 dollars … but once the bailout of Evergrande begins in earnest … gold will need to rise even higher … $10,000 to $15,000 by Jim Rickards analysis … and to much higher levels according to many others (even the banksters who print all the fiat consider gold the ultimate Tier 1 asset)!!

      • Warren B.

        Unfortunately we will all need to satiate our thirst for a higher Gold price in the near term with the understanding that there will be a “FAUX” Reset……which inevitably fails because there is no real change. It is not until the ultimate fixed Reset occurs that we will see a price that not even the Precious Metals Experts today can fathom nor predict.

        • Paul ...

          WB … Forget what the experts predict … just use your own brain and look at this chart for silver … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/ag3650nyb.html … see how it built a base at about $15 dollars (to launch upward and about double) … now it is building a new base at about $25 (to launch another double to $50) or possibly a triple (to $75) … then silver will build its next base at $50 to $75 area … for a launch into triple digits … and silver will likely never ever go below triple digits ever again as the Fed prints and prints and prints and prints (digital nothings)!!!

  4. Kilroy morgan

    The currency will survive for as long the government wants to continue printing this money, as proof look how much power the United States government has over the people in promoting this poisonous medicine called a vaccine. The power of the liberal press and illegitimate elected leaders will continue because United States citizens have become sheep. These communist pirates Will continue to destroy our constitution, and the sheep will continue to follow. Precious metals will continue to slide because the government and JP Morgan all work hand-in-hand to suppress the value. Everything we do in life is rigged by the shadow government.

    • Marilyn Guinnane

      Kilroy morgan — When everyone and his/her uncle wants into PMs, there will no longer be a suppression.

      • Paul ...

        MG … When everyone and his/her uncle wants into PMs … there will no longer be a demand for earningless stocks and cryptocrap … we are not there yet!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur 100%.

    • Fnmagpdx

      Bravo. Well said friend

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Amen Kilroy, couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Fran Barnes

      Kilroy, yes. Standard/historical chart/market analysis no longer applies. It is Manipulated. 2016…’when Deutsch Bank collapses, being one of the planet’s greatest derivative holders .. all collapses’. Not. It’s stock went to below $5 and No effect on global markets. “Algorithms” in the 2010’s was the culpable manipulator as it became nearly impossible to trade against a computer that was Not based on real free market business. A sane approach to managing one’s $ is certainly Not to repeatedly go into debt head over heels time and time again like is the norm today. When I consider all the gold/silver sane folk have invested in and held onto for the collapse/reset event, our digitally controlled environment, the treasonous, corrupt and immoral condition of our economy, politics, courts, Un- health- y institutions, military/police heads, come to mind.
      CME Group, the world’s leading benchmark futures contract for gold, trades the equivalent of nearly 27 million ounces daily. One gold futures contract costs 100 X today’s spot of $1,776 – $177,600. Ummm exactly who has the $capability to manipulate this market? I’ve said for years most all the charts are an illusion. Nevertheless, undaunted, we will march with God before and beside us into this battlefield. I’d also like to risk asking you here listening if the digital super-surveillance capabilities, those demon-infested intent to control society with a maze of lies/deceit/death, of our times were to collapse, would you celebrate? or wither?

      • Tin foil hat

        About 20-30% of my emotion would be celebratory and the rest would be sadden by the final collapse; if the Deep State hadn’t come up with another scheme to decommission me by that time.

    • Warren B.

      “These communist pirates Will continue to destroy our constitution”…..
      Our constitution was IMO….killed the moment the Federal Reserve gained its charter. We have all been slaves to their Debt Instruments ever since. It will continue for as long as they exist and until a new gold backed currency is established.

    • Tin foil hat

      I agree with your assessment. Hence, PMs never exceed about a quarter (20-30%) of my assets.

    • Freebrezer

      K – talked about rigged … just got through reading a piece on Osama bin Laden . Talk about lies to the world and especially to the USA. This prominent scholar, Angelo Codevilla, writes this expose and a few weeks later he is struck dead by a drunk driver they cant find? A big HMMMM! Arkincide? Everything that comes out of the media is lies, lies and damnable lies! Everything about 911 and the Mideast was rigged with lies!

      • Sam Morgan

        Don’t forget, the most wanted man on the planet, with a $25M reward, was chucked off an Aircraft Carrier. And nobody saw it. It’s a modern miracle!

  5. Richard

    Check rhe video. There’s a problem with the video not playing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Richard. It’s on your end. Unplug your modem and plug it back in to erase the censorship codes or change your browser. People tell me USAW videos do not play in fire fox. So sorry you are having trouble.

      • Marilyn Guinnane

        Greg, I used Firefox and have no problem gaining entry to your site at all, I’m happy to say.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good to know! Thanks.

        • RayC

          Thank you, Marilyn. I can pull up USAWD and the Article, but the “Rumble” Interview Vid is not there……. I just reloaded/reinstalled Firefox last night to make it run “better”. Those Censuring “Rat Bastards”, Firefox is suppose be an org. but it it is still under the MS – Bill Gates umbrella in my book. I am watching it now on Brave which has the Interview Vid right there on the page, no where to be found on Firefox.

      • Jane Farmer

        Hi Greg: I also use Firefox and have no problems accessing your site. The browser does freeze from time to time and simply exiting the browser and re-opening solves that problem.

    • Frank D2

      I use Google Chrome and have no problems accessing Greg’s site or watching/hearing the videos.

    • Fred Daake

      There is no problem with factory default versions of Firefox or any of the major browsers in playing Rumble videos. I have six different brands browsers on several computers and have used several different ISP’s. All of the major video services operate with no problems.

      However, if your browser has filters activated to hide tracking codes, other type of ads, or viruses, then your browser or virus software might also be blocking Rumble videos, even if there are no ads or viruses in the transmission.

      You will have to do some simple troubleshooting do determine how to unblock the videos. When a Rumble or Odysee video does not play, most of the time, all you need to do is to switch off the ad blockers . Do a search for the following phrase “How to I turn off [my browser ad] blockers?” Substitute “Firefox” for [my browser name]. Shutting off the ad blockers will usually work.

      However, if it still does not work, do a factory reset on your browser if you are sure that there is no good reason why you need your current settings. Or download a different browser that you never used before and it will come with the factory default settings. If you still have problems, turn off your virus filter and see if the videos will run that way. Do not forget to turn the virus filters back on again after you finish watching the video.

  6. Manny

    Greg , I’m wondering if what we are seeing with inventories, is not disruptions because of Cov lock downs but rather inventory draw downs because a much bigger event is straight ahead . The corporations are getting there goods off the shelves before the whole system collapses and they are stuck with unsold products . Best to you !!

    • Greg Hunter

      You might be right Manny!

    • Brooklyn


      These “inventory draw downs” you speak of are dependent on demographics and specific locations. In our area of the states there are 3-4 large supermarket chains, and yes, one might be low on certain frozen foods, or dairy products, chicken parts; but, the at least one of the 2-3 stores are fully stocked on those “draw down” items. But, nonetheless, my wife and I have been actively involved in a “food storage system/rotation” for many years. Maybe we have just been fortunate, so far…

  7. MC

    Rubino is almost as handsome as the dapper Bo Polny, but Rubino is intriguing. And in case anyone had been wondering during the interview what was on the other side of Rubino’s door:

    Here’s what happened immediately after the interview: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-8331880-woman-knocking-on-wooden-door-walking-into

    ps. Cheers! Great interview.

  8. SOD

    Hey Greg,
    Back in the day, I had a college professor who escaped Nazi, Germany. He made predictions how one day we too in the US would see many of the same things that went on during those dark times. Some of our faculty and student body referred to him laughingly as ‘The Man Who Could See Tomorrow’. His parting warning was this ‘when your leaders and country give you a steady diet of mind numbing nonsense and continuously heap their ridiculous dictates upon the citizenry–you’ll then know tyranny has arrived. Call me crazy, but I’m beginning to think he was on to something(sarcasm). SOD

    • Paul ...

      SOD … Alex Jones is a man who can see tomorrow … listen to him at the 1:06 mark explain how Fauci has already developed a virus 10,000 tines stronger then Covid-19 … and Bill gates is saying they are getting ready to release a virus 10 times stronger then Covid-19 very shortly … https://ugetube.com/watch/alex-jones-full-show-wednesday-9-22-21_dTm92avwLS2x1vo.html … their plan is to kill us slowly (incrementally with stronger and stronger viruses) the same way you kill frogs by boiling them slowly … the brain dead people helping these psychopaths “jab” others don’t realize it yet … but they are “walking dead” (even if they feel healthy and have no health issues of their own right now) … because the eugenicist plan is to hit the world “with ever more deadly viruses” as time goes on … we must arrest these globalist eugenicists “NOW” … before they “time release incrementally” their ever more deadly viruses upon the human race … we (the people who never took the “jab” are all “walking dead” if we don’t act and immediately arrest and lock up all these psychopaths … for according to the globalist plan (engraved on their Georgia Guide-stones) they intend to release their viruses (over time) that get “more and more deadly” to reduce Earths population to a few hundred thousand … what will we 7 billion people be able to do when they release their real killer virus (they have already developed) that is 10,000 times more deadly then Covid-19 ??? … try fighting them when we are all bedridden!!!

      • SOD

        Just remember anytime a Government or a ruling faction decides you are a liability –people often end up dying by the millions: Stalin’s Reign of Terror, The Armenian Genocide, The Nazi Final Solution, The Treatment of the Native Americans. There are numerous other examples in different lands and times but sadly the death and madness rarely differ!

        • Charles H.


          When Human Nature doesn’t change; sadly, History rhymes.

      • JC


        MARTIN ARMSTRONG: They are already putting out plans for COVID response and the Pandemic into 2025-2028. Hello, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee before they outlaw that as well.



      • Mike R

        People seem to forget, how the US has the largest and most deadliest nuclear capability on the planet. The US, at will, and at time, could nuke the entirety of both China, and Russia, simultaneously. Neither country could retaliate, and Russia could not return nukes at us fast enough, with the deterrents we have in place right by both countries that would prevent any counter-attack that would be nearly as deadly.

        There wont be any virus launched in China or anywhere else that is worse than Covid has been. Never say never, but both China and Russia have been put on notice. That is why we pulled out of Afghanistan so suddenly, and appearing to be such a mess. Its being made as theater to make it and the US look really bad, but that is a big red herring. We gained substantially by getting out so quickly, as our forces got out of harms way from both China and Russia. Expect those actions to continue, and seem swift and sudden, and surprise pull outs.

        Those pull outs were the most treacherous warnings that China and Russia could ever be given. It means literally our nukes are LOCKED and LOADED, aimed right at both countries, and so very close to being launched, that those countries should literally be trembling and shaking in their boots every damn second from here on out.

        Those troops being yanked were not what it seems. The amount of armaments left there was trivial in comparison to the strategic impact of those troops being removed, for all the world to see, and those two countries being put on NUCLEAR threat notice.

        People here are just not thinking straight anymore. Way too much panic. Folks, the US holds ALL the military cards, for worldwide power, due to our nukes, no matter who the BOZO is in the OVAL office. The Navy, in particular our nuclear subs, is the ONLY part of our military that is needed. Along with those nukes, and our high powered, unmanned drones. We keep our air force in reserve. Our sub nukes can take out every single Russia submarine, and our air force can wipe out every strategic asset, at the same time nukes would be launched at both china and russia. Its been war gamed many times over. The trillions upon trillions we’ve spent, and the so called ‘lost’ trillions, have ALL gone straight into our military power. Its not ‘lost’ at all folks. Thats all an intentional distraction.

        • Sky King

          Russia could not return nukes at us fast enough?
          Mike R,
          Have you been living under a rock or something?
          Russia’s new hypersonic weapon could be unstoppable
          1,049,013 views Dec 28, 2019 CBC News
          “It heads to target like a meteorite, like a fireball,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said back in 2018 when it was initially unveiled.
          Mike, Why Putin is Beijing Biden’s new Buddy and they’re old buddy China is a threat to both now. China in it’s quest for world domination and it’s billions in gold, people and money’s!
          The golden rule is one with the most gold, rules!

          Gao: Nuclear subs deal means Australia will lose ‘privilege of not being targeted’ | China Tonight
          115,434 viewsSep 21, 2021 ABC News In-depth
          The announcement made late last week of a new trilateral security partnership between the Australian, American and British governments has ricocheted around the world.
          While China wasn’t mentioned by the three leaders, the subtext was clear. So what’s the reaction?
          GET A LOAD OF THIS…If this doesn’t shiver your timbers, nothing else will!
          Victor Gao is the Vice President of the Center for China and Globalization and Chair Professor of Soochow University in China. He was also once a translator for the former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.

          Dollars VS Decency: Is China taking over New Zealand? | 60 Minutes Australia 564,537 views May 30, 2021
          In calling out China for its increasing aggression, human rights violations and COVID cover-ups, Australia is paying a hefty price for storming the high moral ground. A furious Beijing is doing everything it can, using trade tariffs to punish us economically. But across the Tasman it’s a completely different story. New Zealand has been much more circumspect – critics say weak – when it comes to its relationship with China. However, the tactic is being rewarded. Trade with China is booming, and the Kiwi economy is flying high. Despite the apparent prosperity, questions are being asked about the ethics of prioritising dollars over decency. And it’s clearly a touchy subject as reporter Tom Steinfort discovered when he tried to discuss the issue with an uncharacteristically sensitive New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

          Why the new US-Australia-UK alliance AUKUS translates into nuclear subs & why it’s got China furious
          370,899 viewsSep 16, 2021 ThePrint
          AUKUS — new strategic alliance of Australia, UK and USA — has left China furious. Shekhar Gupta untangles this new pact after NATO, QUAD and Five Eyes Alliance.

        • eddiemd

          An attack in space cripples the USA.

          A cyber attack inside the USA as well. There are 375,000 chinese students inside the USA. If only 10,000 are active cyber espionage agents, then they have already penetrated the majority of key comms and control sites. They have been at it for years.

          Then there is always an EMP kill shot over key military command and control sites.

        • Paul ...

          Mike .. Nuclear war plays right into the hands of the eugenicists by killing billions … to save humanity (regardless of color) we must try to save the Chinese (the way Milley did) who are “the only ones fighting the Globalists” … so even if all the whites, blacks and browns die in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Europe and Africa because they did nothing to save themselves … at least the human race gets to survive … they will just be yellow … and more intelligent besides (for they recognize the Evil Globalist Eugenicists as their enemy)!!

  9. Marilyn Guinnane

    Big Rubino fan. Smart, knowledgeable, and handsome.

    Regarding Evergrande, I don’t think for a moment that the CCP will let it fail. They’ll either bail it out or nationalize it. Of course, I know nothing; I should’ve prefaced my comment with that, right? Even so, I’d put money on the notion that Evergrande is no threat to . . . anything.

    • Paul ...

      MG … Evergrande is no threat to . . . anything … but the fiat paper used to bail it out!!

      • Paul ...

        And right on schedule … the People’s Bank of China just moments ago made a huge liquidity injection … to help bail out Evergrande … which will bolster market sentiment (and put off a market collapse for awhile) … but printing fiat out of thin air is perfectly fine with China … as it can only make all the gold they hold “rise in value” … it’s the people who don’t own gold who get hurt!!

  10. JC

    John mentions the withdrawal from Vietnam. The famous photo of the rooftop helicopter evacuation is now a tourist destination.


  11. JC

    All that horror in Vietnam, now it’s all fun and games for tourists. Will Afghanistan also be a tourist hot spot in the future?


  12. Jimmy D

    Am still in awe over Karen Kingston last week, best interview in years

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree. I am going to have her back to talk about the vaxed and viral shedding of the spike proteins.

      • Self Exiled

        Absolutely, please, without a doubt, a necessity. I listened to her about 2 t0 3 weeks ago and she keeps adding to her content. I assume she will continue. She understands the medical complexities of the man made virus and the nano particles. It will be a necessity to know the implications: long/short term of the spike proteins to the unshot/vaccinated. She translates the documents/patients into understandable content/English for doctors. WOW extremely rare knowledge set. Please everyone pray for her protection.

      • Brooklyn


        I make notes with the URL to your podcasts for future reference, and noted above Karen Kingston’s interview: This is one of the most informative interviews I have seen with Greg Hunter and Karen Kingston, who is a pharmaceutical pattern expert, about the dangers of getting the C-19 JAB, including how the unvaxed are getting sick from the vaxed, known as “shedding”
        Greg, would you mind asking your commenters for input (or a small list of questions) that some of us would like to ask Karen Kingston.
        One of mine relates to Ivermectin: What is the real reason why US doctors will not prescribe it? Is the state or federal government banning the use of Ivermectin? And, why? DOCTORS HAVE TO BE AWARE THAT IT IS POTENTIALLY A LIFE SAVING THERAPY!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Brooklyn!

        • Paul ...

          Brooklyn … It is precisely because Ivermectin “Is a Life Saving Therapy” … that the Government and Big Pharma stooges won’t prescribe it !!

        • Warren B.

          You pose the question …”What is the real reason why US doctors will not prescribe it?”
          Let me have a go at answering that ….
          My take is that it all reverts back to the controlling bodies within industry that determine policy, practice and process for all those that are members/who work within that specific industry. The Governing body for the Medical/Health Industry is HHS. In terms of Infectious diseases that is CDC and NIH. However, one cannot simply consider these in isolation, they must be viewed in terms of how they are funded = BIG PHARMA and Government. The FDA works in conjunction with all these governing bodies (whilst also being funded /bribed by Pharma) . If there is a need (as in this particular scenario) for an Emergency response owing to a Virus that is responsible for a (FAKE) Pandemic, then the express use of a Drug on an EUA basis will be suggested and delivered – whilst it is imperative that all and sundry (known) alternative working treatments are fully discounted (removed/made illegal/ unavailable) from use. The crux of EUA is that there exists no “alternative” working available treatment. Hence the use of Ivermectin is forbidden. Medical Practitioners are strongly advised to not prescribe or use Ivermectin and must follow said (Governing Body) protocol. The consequence of insolent behavior can and most likely will be removal of all licenses to practice. Doctors livelihoods are on the line as much as those who refuse the mandate workplace jabs. What is and will be ironic will be when the Doctors face the same medicine when it comes time for them to be vaxxed under Federal Government mandates.

          • Brooklyn


            Thank you for your well-developed and detailed response.

            There was a recent article in American Thinker entitled “I WILL NEVER TRUST ANOTHER DOCTOR.” which begged the question: Does this include our doctors (with our 20 year relationship) and the sad answer is YES! No doctors, or group of doctors are making these decisions on their own. The FDA, CDC, AMA, HHS tell them what they can and can not prescribe, and as you correctly posted, in order for the Jab to get the EUA designation, no other known or approved drugs could be available.

            This fact alone should (but won’t) get our foolish relatives and friends to realize that our government is lying to us.

            Another question we have for Greg to ask Karen Kingston relates to the graphene oxide in the Jab, and how the 5G network will effect it. And, how the graphene oxide relates to a self-assembling system that is injected into a person with instructions to form an “operating system” inside the body?

      • Paul Anthony


  13. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thank you for having Rubino on your show again. He’s right about every point he makes in the interview.
    It’s always about the currency. Wish it was about real money. The Ponzi Scheme must be continued. Trust indeed.
    WWIII is a distinct possibility.
    I like the three scorpions in a bottle analogy.

    • JC

      Funny, speaking of scorpions, yesterday I needed an escape from reality so I watched ‘The Black Scorpion’

      Here are all the scorpion scenes from the 1957 film.


      • Paul ...

        JC … These scorpions are nothing compared to the bugs Fauci created to get us!!

    • Tin foil hat

      WWIII is not only a distinct possibility but already has commenced on on 9/11. Conventional battles were fought to achieve economic/currency dominance; the 2nd Golf War is really about the battle of dollar vs. euro.

      I like the three scorpions in a bottle analogy but I like the three one-legged men analogy better. Imagine three one-legged men who have to be tied together in order to stand and move, they can’t stand each other but they are stuck together until they can come up with a solution. The one-legged Chinese found a prosthetic leg (maybe two legs but definitely not three) in 2020 but had to drop it.

  14. Rodster

    Everything the alternative media has been saying for the last 10-15 yrs is now becoming a reality. Martin Armstrong has been saying this repeatedly that TPTB have created and used Covid as an excuse to collapse the global economy because Politicians have borrowed so much money from the future that it can never be repaid. We are now living and dealing with their stupidity because we elected them. Paul Craig Roberts likes to refer to them as dumbsh*t Americans.

  15. Derek Sinclair

    John Rubino is always a great guest. Level headed views and sensible advice.

  16. David Gordon Dunne

    He is spot on. Every currency debasing itslf with no shame has always crashed and burned,but who knows when is only a guess. Gold and silver will never burn up.

  17. Neville

    Thanks once again to you and your guest Greg,but all that came across is a history of the dishonesty which is AAcrime and a menu of future dishonesty that AAcrime can pick and choose from to determine their evil way ahead.
    The reality of this whole situation with trust out the window,the ongoing lies and scam attached to the american virus c19 ……..Time is fast running out and the time for Equaliser to pay AAcrime a visit is somwhere at hand ,like a thief in the night HE WILL COME ……Like Karma who does NOT have a MENU but HE does have an ADDRESS….
    Adice is is get yourself right with THE LORD
    Get yourself Financially Vaccinated
    GOD bless all people of Peace and Goodwill
    As for Evergrande (What a cheap name should have been EverTrillion because that’s what they are gonna need)

  18. Cmoore

    I’m so amazed we’ve had as long as we have to get ready for what’s coming. I know it’s frustrating to people, everybody thinks they want it to come. But when it ones it will be so quick and devastating. I advise people to enjoy this time we have and continue to get ready because it’s coming…..

    • Paul ...

      Cmoore … Buying gold is like preparing for our death … we all know 100% that one day it is going up … but are perfectly happy (for it) not to rise too soon … so we can enjoy accumulating more and more of it … before we ascend to heaven (and leave it buried for some poor bloke with a metal detector to find it)!!

  19. Justn Observer

    Greg, A very calm spirit in the mist of chaos is Mr. Rubino… Yet, the view is but part of the puzzle and game being played I am afraid. Yes, war would be awful but the world being overrun and the populations becoming enslave with a fight might prove to be worse and much more long lasting if people ‘surrender’ their God given rights and freedom of choice in perpetuity. Ultimately, surrendering owns soul for crony materialism and status in the coming hierarchy of the unbelievers.
    One might consider that the world world and leaders will join making ‘the un-vaxed’ the ‘targets’ of ‘their’ next war…and not between nations….but between those that succumb to their wishes against those who refuse to…
    As last posts showed…in spite of admissions of true side-effects and the damage caused by the vax…they seemed more intent on how to come up with data to push forward to find a way to ‘justify’ and make ‘mandates’ plausible and more acceptable to those that refuse or have hesitancy to take the jab…more a political rather than medical agenda in my opinion. A way to ‘instill trust’ which is waning as is the currency etc talked about in the interview… So, does not the shortages and fabricated supply chain disruptions play into ‘their’ hands as they create a more ‘dependent’ state who they will give access to ‘digital’ SNAP and purchase cards to those compliant…as they drain the assets, saving of those not?
    And if the goal is NOT de-population straight away…could it be just enslavement or a mixture of both? In light of a more broad view…I see that your discussion with Mr. Rubino is thus a part of what is going on…but too…see it as only that…and that the people MIGHT consider it all makes even more sense if viewed along with what Jeff Prather sees going on with ‘their’ import of new tech, darpa projects, censorship, all while they have a ‘global cooling cycle and natural food shortages to blame it on and roll out the ‘climate change card’ as a need for expansive money printing policy to get enough for as Greg Mannarino says.,..TO BUY IT ALL …and in the end….then….’YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY’ ? and as George Carlin would say, ‘they own you’…a complete ‘mRNA patented copy of yourself…as most lined up and ‘chose’ to take the jab. As many of the political and celebrity class as we know see little wrong with this as they have already ‘sold their souls’ in so many ways long ago for fame and fortune have they not?


    • Paul ...

      JO … Those who took the “jab” sold their souls for nothing … absolutely nothing … a few got a free ticket to a football game or some worthless fiat paper … at least in the old days when people sold their souls … they were rewarded with gold or pieces of silver like Judas Iscariot!!

      • A. Anthanovich


        Here in Ohio, some poor jabbed fools won a vaccine lottery 🙂

        Hopefully they will spend their windfall quickly unless they were also lucky enough to get the placebo version.

        How desperate they are to get everyone injected…and most people don’t even question why?


      • MC

        We’ve laughed at the story of Esau in a pinch selling his birth-right to Jacob for a measly bucket of beans (Genesis 25:30-34). . . . But upon careful examination of our own lives, most of us have treated our soul like the Shady Breeze motel—that’s to say, maybe we didn’t outright sell it, but it has been occupied by strange guests on the hour.

        Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1956.

  20. Jerry

    The joke is on us. Do you know who Albert Bourla is ? He’s the CEO of Pfizer. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/authors/albert-bourla

    He is a Doctor of veterinarian medicine and head of the biggest drug trials in human history. You heard that right. A man who treats horses sits on the World Economic Forum medical board and coordinates the application of global gene therapy. Do you see the humor in it? A man who has knowledge of ivermectin treatment for animals, prefers to give an experimental drug to humans, instead of a drug he knows works for animals. If you can’t see the hypocrisy here I can’t help you. These people think more about saving animals than they do about saving human beings. Here’s the choice they are giving us. Take the jab or die. Isn’t that great? It really shows how much they care, when you’re forced to take horse paste because the FDA has cut off ivermectin dispersement from the drug stores.

    The question you have to ask yourself is, when your friends and family who have taken the jab start dying from antibody enhancement dependency, should you feel sorry for them? Since my son died, the biggest question I get is “ did your son take the vaccine”? My answer is always no, he died of drug tyranny because he didn’t have access to the drugs that could have saved his life. Somehow in their minds they think they are safe because it hasn’t happened to them……yet. They don’t have a clue what the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is, or that the same people who created the virus are also the same people who created the vaccines. Do you see the humor yet? Now you know why a veterinarian is running the experimental gene therapy program for a company like Pfizer. In the end it really doesn’t matter. They’ve had the treatment for the virus the whole time, and chose to kill us instead. Death by a thousand injections, or a pathogen that is designed to attack our lungs. That will be our choice should ivermectin be cut off.
    Pray for deliverance.

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … As we all say a prayer for your son (so ruthlessly killed by Big Pharma) … we must make it our duty to bring home a big bag of Onions (that contain Quercetin) to our loved ones (so they will not be killed by Big Pharma) … for Onions can be used as a replacement for the Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that Big Pharma “is now denying to the public” (so their “jab” can be more effective at killing as many people as possible) … Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Quercetin are zinc ionophores (all three) transport zinc into the cells of our body to kill viruses … Onions (especially red onions) can give you three times the amount of Quercetin than you would normally get from eating apples … Quercetin will kill the Corona virus and will also kill Influenza A and Zika type viruses … in addition … Quercetin will kill the Ebola virus … which Fauci and Big Pharma are probably currently working on as their next bio-weapon to release upon humanity (to exterminate the human race in accordance with Satan’s Commandment as inscribed on their Georgia Guidestones)!!

      • Jerry

        Thank you for the great information. I am arming my other children and grandchildren with ivermectin and any other thing I can find to fight this biological warfare with. I think you are 100% correct about the release of Ebola. It is obvious that the globalist are setting us up for the kill shot with the constant bombardment on the MSM and mandatory vaccinations.

    • FC

      Jerry, please except my deepest condolences on the passing of your son, I can’t even imagine the suffering you and your family are experiencing right now, may God give you strength during this time of anguish.

      As you rightly mentioned Jerry, Ivermectin will be cut off, but I have a good a friend who is doctor in veterinarian medicine and he has had miraculous results at his surgery by treating animals with respiratory difficulty and also with lung cancer by inhaling Colloid Silver and Sodium Bi-carbonate through a nebuliser.

      I’m using it daily as a prevention and leaving the Ivermectin as the last resort as I will never be inoculated with that venom.

      My prayers and thoughts are with you.


    • Self Exiled

      They may think they have things, in hand/in control but I have yet to see man kind ever rise above the messes he has created unless he has had a commitment to GOD or HIS specific direction.

      great [are You] in counsel and mighty in deed, whose eyes are open to all the ways of the sons of men, to reward or repay each one according to his ways and according to the fruit of his deeds; Jeremiah 32:19

      • Paul ...

        Lets reward Fauci and Gates according to their ways and according to the fruit of their deeds … lets lock the two eugenicists in a room and “jab” them both with their own bio-weapon medicine … then … when they are near death … take their stem cells and tell them we are going to produce a Fauci/Gates clone and send it to Catholic school !!

        • Self Exiled

          LOL : Ya think Catholic School will help, I think they are genetically impaired., as well as spiritually.

          • Paul ...

            SE … But they know how to use a ruler on the knuckles of evil children who do naughty things … like skinning cats … or developing bio-weapons to exterminate humanity!!

    • Lois Petersen

      Speaking of Bill Gates, he’s got his creepy little hands in a lot of things, including our food. https://www.coreysdigs.com/u-s/lab-grown-meat-to-hit-u-s-in-2022-backed-by-fda-usda-along-with-smarter-food-safety-blueprint-traceability/

    • Tin foil hat

      My deepest sympathies for your loss.

    • Paul ...

      DB … Their goal is to Kill by every means possible!! … geoengineering spray-able bio-weapons helps the evil eugenicists in their Satanic goal to kill off humanity … just as geoengineering by spraying chem-trails into our air … helps reduce the amount of vitamin D people can get from the Sun (further helping the evil eugenicists to kill off humanity) … and just as geoengineering populations “by having people swarm across borders” helps to kill off humanity by creating civil wars … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luYC9SOcoWw&feature=emb_logo … their next goal is to control the air we breathe with CO2 restrictions … the globalists are now putting bags on cows asses to catch their CO2 emissions (farts) … so you know what is coming next for us don’t you?? … the very same slaves who let the globalists get away with putting masks on their faces … will also allow the eugenicists to put bags on their asses (to catch human farts) … and they will be proud about it … claiming it is part of “being a hero” like when they took the Killer Clot Shot “jab”!!

  21. Jerry

    And then there’s this.

    I’m 99% sure the variant killed my son. Keep your ivermectin on hand and take it with the first signs of the virus. This new strain attacks your reparatory system from the get go and doesn’t let up until your dead.
    It reminds of the parasite in the movie alien that wraps itself around your throat and inserts a tube down your esophagus.

    • JC


      Ivermectin in India Has Defeated COVID


      • Jerry

        I’ve used ivermectin twice myself. It works! I would be dead now without it. I pray no one else has to experience this.

    • Justn Observer

      Jerry, First I wish to express by sorrow and condolences for your loss.
      Yes, there is so much hidden and criminal with all going on…to a point we need whistleblowers to blow whistles on the whistleblowers and operatives working in the U.S. agencies doing the false flags and ops against the people of the U.S.
      ‘THEIR’ plans are evil plans enough without ‘their’ added confusion and chaos that is being exposed…

  22. Robert

    The markets will tank when the Fed and tptb allow them to. Nobody outside of the Fed string pullers and fog machine operators know when that time will come.

  23. Josh Zoerner

    Hi Greg,

    I really appreciate the work you do. You had mentioned twice that Evergrande is 5 x the size of Lehman. From the info, I have found Evergrande has 300 Billion in debt. Lehman declared bankruptcy over 691 Billion. Am I finding the correct information?


    • c

      From what I heard that they still have 30 to 40 percent in raw land inventory.
      It is not like they do not have any asset left.

  24. Jim Miller

    Hi John,
    I also lived through that era of the 70’s. I was drafted into the US Army in 1969. I participated in the invasion of Cambodia. A Kissinger plan to help Nixon at the polls.
    I remember when our Colonel reported to us that our area of operation in Vietnam was now considered a more pacified region. And absolute lie, to convince the public that we were winning the war with “honor and dignity.” We were also withdrawing form the war at the same time? Sound familiar? Sound stupid.
    I remember the morning, our Colonel reported that the military status of our region had now been changed by the Washington politicians. Henceforth our ambush patrol unit could no longer shoot at the enemy unless the enemy fired the first shot.!! Sound stupid? Sound familiar?
    As a Sergeant in infantry combat unit, I had to let the enemy decide when, and if , the enemy wanted to initiate the battle. If the enemy perceived a numeric advantage, and they clearly outnumbered us, then the enemy are likely to fire the first shot.
    If the enemy percieved that they were clearly outnumbered, or, outmaneuvered then the enemy could just walk on by without fear. Sound familiar to rules of engagement in Afghanistan?
    Politicians just make poor Generals.
    We, Infantrymen were just cannon fodder. And we knew it then. Their polling numbers were more important than our expendable lives.
    Sound familiar?
    The long, long list of failed command orders and failed strategies goes on much further. In the end I watched us end that war with the long promised “honor and dignity.”
    I watched in real time live footage when US choppers lifted off the rooftop of the US Embassy with “honor and dignity.”

    I also remember in the chaos of the 1970’s that same President who withdrew from Vietnam in total failure also resigned from the U S Presidency – with the “honor and dignity” he so richly sought. This President stated to the American citizens, “I am not a crook.”

    Sound familiar to Biden and his sons? If we have any common sense, we will live to see this crooked man in the White House resign with the “honor and dignity” which he and his family so richly deserve.

    • Charles H.


      I joined in ’72 – having a lottery number too close to the cut-off average. The Navy wasn’t in shooting range. But I was there when when Saigon fell, and Maj. Buang flew the Bird Dog to the USS Midway, with his family on-board.

      Politicians? Not unless they had skin in the game first! But that will be the day.

  25. A. Anthanovich

    This article does a really good job of summarizing the dire situation we find ourselves living through…”It’s a Fourth Turning”


  26. Linda Abernethy

    The Dems want to say that the “deal” is bipartisan….they need cover. No Republican should cross the isle. Dems should own this.

  27. Jerry

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How about a chart?

    It looks like I’ll be going to Dallas when the Vax Nazis come calling.
    Im afraid if that’s the plan it’s going to be a very long day for them. Camps haven’t worked well for my family. My mother was Jewish and my father was Native American.

    • Charles H.


      I’m just resistant to being pushed around; or discrimination based on baloney.

  28. DanKnight

    Excellent interview, and I would not quibble with a word – other than pointing out that most of us are not prepared and have no assets or means to ‘prepare’ for this crisis.

    China is a creation of ‘America’ – not of Americans, but of the traitors and the Deep State. And the Deep State is so incompetent and ignorant, these morons still think they’re in charge. China has already begun asymmetrical warfare with their Covid-1984 bio-weapon, and it’s having an aysmmetrical effect – destroying their ‘enemies’ – but it is not helping them because their economy is fake. Their economy has always been based on stealing from the West since ’78. And though the Chinese people can, and do, create tremendous prosperity, the people are not in charge of the system and do not control how the economy runs.

    Upshot … I don’t think we’re going to see a shooting war anytime soon, but we’re not going to see any good news either. If there is a shooting war, it will come after a long depression.

    Just MHO.

  29. Marvin

    John Rubino is one of the most realistic, well grounded guests you interview. His views are based in the on common sense but also patterns which have been seen to repeat through recorded history. As the Chinese economy falters, and with another potential Lehman moment in the wings, there is every reason to think the Chinese Communist Party will seek to divert attention by doing something provocative, like invading Taiwan. There is high concern in Australia now over just such and event. However, it is, in my opinion, likely that they will attempt to put the US on the back foot by using cyber warfare to create domestic chaos and foment the existing divisions within the country. Supply chain disruptions are only the tip of a much larger and very dirty iceberg with multiple surprises for the unaware and unprepared. Such events could see the US fighting a kind of civil war at home and dealing with China invading Taiwan abroad. Things could get very complicated and very messy very quickly even without the use of SiFi weapons.

  30. Frank D2

    Can you get a guest to come on who can speak to what is happening to our blood supply? With all these “vaccinated” folks with that poison crap running through their veins, how should those of us not “vaccinated” prepare if we need blood in the future? For example, say we need an operation for something that will require blood infusion from the hospital’s “supply”, how do we know we won’t be poisoned with “vaccinated” blood? Is there anything we can do to request/demand that we NOT be given blood which includes that from “vaccinated” donors? Is there any way to test/ensure that we are NOT given that poison? I believe this is now a serious issue and I’ve heard no one address it. Thank you for considering this. All the best!
    Frank D2

    • Paul ...

      FD2 … Perhaps there are blood banks where you can deposit your own blood for yourself when needed … instead of using other peoples blood!!

    • Donna Wilson

      I believe you can bank some of your own blood at the hospital prior to surgery, so if you need blood you can receive your own. Check with your hospital first, of course! Otherwise, as Paul says, check with Red Cross–between the two, you should be able to get it done. This is only feasible for elective surgery, though. In an emergency, people get what’s available. So by all means, it’d be useful to find out how you can avoid getting blood from a vaxxed person. This is going to be a huge mess. Whole blood, platelets, and plasma could all be affected. Plasma from many donors is pooled, too, which would contaminate the whole batch. I wonder what the industry is doing about this? It has to be an issue. We’ll find out, I suppose!

  31. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rubino as always an insightful interview on the economy we plebs have to endure.
    Surprising how much Mr Rubino’s insights have come true.
    Your “little black book” Mr Hunter is a treasure trove of clever people who have the faith to tell the truth.

  32. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Personally I’m amazed the Biggest Crash in the History of Mankind hasn’t already happened………
    I know Gold, Silver and Platinum are highly manipulated but even with that I personally thought Gold would be at $3,000 by now and Silver over $75.00 – Platinum is 4 times rarer than Gold and under $1,000 and almost half the price of Gold. I continue to Buy all three Metals. If I’m wrong so be it
    Joe Biden is a Despicable incompetent Traitor To our Nation
    Treason is Rampant in our Nation – we need to Try these Traitors and put them to Death – that is the only possible way to Stop this
    This Marine Lt. Colonel (ret.) Salutes the Ultimate American Patriot – Mr. Greg Hunter
    Another Great Interview

    • Paul ...

      Your not wrong Rod … Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold … and yet is selling for about half gold’s price … absolutely ridiculous … but to the snowflakes who buy crypto-crap (that will eventually enslave them) and stocks with no earnings and pay no dividends … they would rather take a chocolate bar … over a 1000 ounce platinum bar!!

      • JC


        You are “the man with all the answers,” very much like Professor Whoopee from the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon. Whenever Tennessee and Chumley had problems, they went to Professor Whoopee for solutions….

        When faced with more trouble than they can bear, the pair turns to their friend Phineas J. Whoopee, the “Man with All the Answers”. The latter knows about everything, and he often lectures the pair on diverse topics, from the physics behind the hot air balloon to how musicians become popular. His lectures are illustrated and animated on his Three-Dimensional Blackboard, which he pulls from an avalanche of junk that falls out of his overstuffed hallway closet when he opens the door. At the end of a Mr. Whoopee lecture, Tennessee praises his mentor with the line, “Phineas J. Whoopee, you’re the greatest!”



        • Paul ...

          Thanks JC …

  33. Tom C

    It would be very easy for the powers that be to collapse the world economy in order to implement the Great Reset. We are at the mercy of some very demonically driven and evil people.

  34. Larry

    You can’t have one without the other. An old saying about love and marriage is just as true about the coming economic collapse/WW-3. All part of a “Great Reset” and “build back better”

  35. Justn Observer

    Greg , What is the sense of this ? Australia now shooting vax protestors ? Are the Globalists getting frustrated and dangetous…. YOU WILL VACCINATE AND WELCOME TRANSHUMANISM OR ELSE! ?


  36. Charles H.


    They’ve called the ‘money-printing out of thin air’ – a race to the bottom. Only the Big Dog (behind the scenes) decides when the race is over. (Kinda like the Democrats deciding who wins the election, huh?). My bet is on China. (The one with the most gold makes the rules.). Finger-pointing at Russia as the villain; when they are just building up for the crash.

  37. Adam Giessler

    The Government Debt Ceiling: What Did Eisenhower Do?

  38. William Bissell

    I’ve been listening to you Greg, Dr. Jim Willie, Pento, Rob Kirby and the like for two decades+. As long as the Fed can print and Congress keeps kicking the can, the Treasury keep selling Bonds and the American Corporations keep Wars alive. (Human trafficking, Drug and Gun Running) the economy will stay ahead of a collapse.
    Great Job Greg, We need people like you to bring the very Best interviews forward. Keep up the Invaluable Wealth of knowledge to us all. As we all hang by a thread…

  39. jay

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU Greg…..this is the real News and you have been the finest journalist and Greg put those other journalist to shame because this is how its suppose
    to be done. God bless you.

  40. mark


    I never miss one of your interviews…I’m a committed Christian and think the world of you and your reporting.

    This link is off topic…put out by long time staunch Trump supporters who I have been following almost as long as I have following you. I have suspected what they are explaining about Warp Speed since it was rolled out.

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention.

    Best wishes and God Bless


  41. The Rev

    STOP THE SHOTS NOW!!! 1000s of people are being physically harmed and dying from these COVID shots. I am asking the world in every city, town, and village to MARCH around your courthouse or down your main street EVERY Saturday this coming month of October at 3:01 P. M.
    to STOP this insanity. It is time to MARCH like Martin Luther King did for civil rights. Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This mandate is blatant in your face evil. They will get away with it if we don’t push back and checkmate them. They have poked the sleeping giant. We will NOT go like lambs to the slaughter. Wake up!
    This is Germany all over again with the Nazis. History is about to repeat itself. We will NOT go down without a fight!!

    I feel like Mel Gibson in the movie “Brave Heart” who fought for FREEDOM. Google it, it will fire you up. It bothers me that Congress, other government offices, judges, elites like Fauci, USPS are “exempt” from taking these shots. I smell a BIG fat rat. Those pushing these shots fear “we the people”. Look how they put barricades around the capitol. I am not a prophet, but I see arrests coming for those in government, news media, Hollywood, and the medical field who are pushing these shots. It is going to be Nuremberg once again. Excuses like “I was just doing what I was told to save my job.” will NOT fly. Tell the truth or you will pay.

    After these marches in October, on Monday, November 1, 2021 we DEMAND a public debate between EXPERTS on both sides of this issue. So, we are asking EVERYONE who opposes these shots to spread the word, make signs, and MARCH. This may be your last stand. It is NOT too late. Pray, pray, pray, and pray some more. Write letters to your local newspaper editor. Get this news out to your local radio and TV stations. Don’t forget your friends on social media. Finally, start a support group with those who have not taken the jab and spread the word with them.

    Remember flight 93 on 9/11? This plane was supposed to hit the White House. The passengers rose up and stopped the terrorists from hitting our capital buildings. Todd Beamer’s famous last words were, “Are you guys ready? Let’s roll.” If you want good information about bad effects and deaths from these COVID shots, go to USAWatchdog.com and vaersanalysis.info

    Humbly yours, Rev. Maynard A. Mahlen

    • AndrewB

      Yes Rev, I totally agree. Sitting home and ‘trusting the plan’, waiting for the ‘white hats’ to take action, trusting ‘Devolution’ (1947!), will not protect anyone. Sitting on your hands is what TPTB desire. Some, even those we trust, tell us TPTB want us to protest, that they want civil war, so they can clamp down. Well, the reality is they are killing and maiming with mandatory shots, while we who object are encouraged to sit and ‘watch the show’. Why are people afraid of a ‘clamp down’ when ‘they’ are already murdering us – and now they want to kill and maim children!!! What fate could be worse? Sitting home, waiting for others to act is futile – even cowardly. We are many and they are few. The time to protest, and LOUDLY, is now! Before it’s too late!

  42. Paul ...

    Interesting … funding cut for Israel’s Iron Dome … the Demon-rats probably figure the Jews in Israel have all “jabbed” themselves to death anyway … so we might as well use the money for the bills we can’t pay … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2021-09-22/house-democrats-strip-funding-israels-iron-dome-keep-government-funded … now they should cut funding to the US Military and Defense Contractors so we can pay more of our bills (Russia does just fine with a defense bill one tenth of ours)!!

  43. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg

    Many here may want to give this a watch it is long but very informative talk. An hour 7 a half long but talking points on home treatment is important & good info for all to use to treat this bio weapon.

    The Most Important Covid Video on the Internet Today—Bar None! ! !

  44. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    The business of the United States is endless war, although not officially declared by Congress since World War II as required under the constitutional republic, that endless undeclared war fact will continue until the Empire lead by the weak and supported by the weak either fails by losing to a smarter more powerful enemy or the United States finally surrenders to China/CCP and Russia or additionally surrenders to mass migration by remaining a border less entity, it’s possible the United States surrenders to all of the above. I say that the weak Empire will continue to fail and collapse from within by the weak, corrupt so-called authorities/corporate government.

  45. Dave

    Mr. Rubino is correct. The debt ceiling is more of a fan dance the two parties play at budget time. It occurred in Trump’s 2 first years. The GOP had total control and despite threats they raised the debt ceiling and despite repeated threats Trump signed on. Paving the way to the largest budget deficits to that time. Because Trump did conservative media was silent for the most part. Mr. Limbaugh even opined he doesn’t think deficits make a difference. Ah yes, when Trump does it conservative fiscal sense goes out the door.

    BTW, it looks like Pelosi has a deal on the debt ceiling that pretty much leaves her 3 plus trillion budget bill intact. Mansion must have agreed to most of that bill as he was going to do in the end anyway. He always caves.

    The reconciliation bill be be pared back slightly from the 3.5 trillion but not much. When it passes its key elements (entitlements for the middle class) will never be repealed by the GOP. Those elements include expansion of Medicare to cover dental needs dear to senior voters. Forgiveness of much of the student loan debt dear to millennials and free child care dear to parents in expensive metro areas where both have to work. Any GOP congressional candidate who promises to repeal those items if elected in 2022 will not get elected. A major push to further socialism which the GOP can’t stop – and probably does not want to.

  46. MC

    McAfee just released Obama’s birth certificate. We would have seen this in 2012, but Trump embroiled himself in the race between Romney & Obama.

    Sept 2021 MacAfee release of Obama’s Kenya birth certificate

    Trump birther press conference in 2012. Here is the forgery that Trump told us looked good to him, so that Sheriff Joe would fade away.

    ______calculated at astro-seek.com _________
    Obama’s astrological birth chart reveals he was destined to be a detached personality. Many of his friends referred to him as “no drama Obama”.

    Current transits of Obama’s birth chart indicate the following influencing him now: https://tinyurl.com/558wh6xb

    “Transit Sun in the 8th house: It’s time for changes! This transit brings with it a profound transformation and it will shine light on everything hidden.” [No surprise the real birth cert was released today.]

    “Transit Venus in the 9th house: This transit is great for adventures in foreign countries, but also in places where you have never been before. ” [Don’t be surprised if Obama makes a run for the border, to escape Durham prosecution.]

    “Transit Mars in the 8th house
    This transit will awaken the urge to change in you. If there is something in your life that you are not satisfied with in the long term, you will feel motivated to fundamentally change it. You will do this with the feeling of urgency.” [likewise, urge to get on the lamb, post haste!]

    “Transit Saturn in the 12th house:
    Transit Saturn in this house forces you to face your deep-rooted fears and blocks. It marks the end of a cycle that may initially bring disillusionment and dissatisfaction. To master it successfully, you must submerge deep into your psyche and face your inner DEMONS. . . . To escape this transformation would not be wise and you could face the consequences. Your fears will get worse and unhealthy habits may deepen and become even more destructive. “

  47. SkeptiSchism

    Thanks that was a really good interview, John was on a roll. I particularly liked the part where he described the waning faith in the US government to maintain the world’s reserve currency.

    It all makes sense in the big scheme. I think they showed their hands with Fatca a number of years ago mandating that foreign banks release account information of depositors, no matter who they were.

    Those were like the cracks in the dam, of course endless ZIRP, maybe NIRP, monetizing both debt and outright fraud, treasury is rolling $90 trillion in US debt (Dr. Skidmore). Yet the system has continued apparently unabated. I guess when the elite lose faith that the US government can ensure their skims and scams they’ll finally begin to sell all US assets, dollars, stocks, bonds.

    Sorry off track great interview.

  48. Lord Nasdaq

    Great show brother, Greg. Mr. Rubino gives an accurate forecast.
    God bless USAWatchdog.com

  49. eddiemd

    All eyes on Israel and Iran. This is where it will begin.


    I believe he is correct about China making the move on Taiwan.

  50. Upsidedown Flying Dutchman

    I’ve just had a second personal aquaintance pass due to Covid. The 1st was a professed anti vaxer, local radio talk show host. Not sure of the status of the second friend. If meds were withheld from them and the many others that could have saved their lives…I say we have a pandemic of serial killers on the loose.
    Another related subject: I just recently was tested for Covid antibodies thinking that since I had been teaching and substitute teaching in many schools in the local school system since August of 2020 and am still rolling along that I had natural immunity. Surprisingly the result was there was no evidence of Covid antibodies. Wondering about the accuracy of the test since the result removes my excuse to not get vaxed.

  51. Mark A. Goldman

    Suggested future guests: Dane Widington, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Discuss other possible causes of Covid, strange weather patterns, why forest fires are burning hotter than ever before, what is the danger of 5g, doctors who have treated thousands of patients successfully with ivm or hdc which proves the emergency use of vaccines were a fraud.

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg, It would be hard for anyone to listen to the information is this news /research wrap and and deny this pandemic and use of chemical sprays around the world has been not long planned and in use by the globalists and their political and military minion?

  53. Mark A. Goldman

    thats Dane Wigington

  54. Coal Burner

    Greg; A real solid interview wiht a real solid guy! Sort of settling even with the bad news.
    How is the price of farm land In Missou? A good farmland guest would be a good distraction sometime.
    Keep up the good work but be careful.

  55. Marie+Joy

    At a guess, they will use alternative, diabolical methods to get the poisons into us.

  56. Bible Reader


    9/15/2021 The Dr. Ardis Show: Dr. Bryan Ardis Ft. Dr. Ryan Cole


    After 10 minutes.
    …and so when you hear about the cytokine storm that kills people, that’s a d-signalling problem, so if you have adequate levels of Vitamin D… if you have a Vitamin D level above 50, you can literally can’t develop a cytokine storm…

    11 minutes. Ivermectin discussed.

    Before 19:58.
    …If you get Vitamin D at normal levels, it has phenomenal anti-clotting effects. …and Covid being a clotting disease, that’s another reason why Vitamin D does so well — is that it has phenomenal anti-clotting pathways, as well….

  57. JC

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Pope Francis is now denying access to the Vatican without a COVID pass? What happened to the teachings of Christ and defending the condemned? Let he without sin cast the first stone?


    • Marie+Joy

      JC, This pope is a communist/globalist/depopulationist. Do not expect this pope to do the right thing. He is trying to destroy Christianity for his masters.

      • JC

        Marie Joy,

        The Jesuits have a terrible history of intrigue, exploitation, and genocide. They seem to have invented ethnic cleansing. I have documented the post-World War II Vatican/Jesuit Nazi Rat-lines in my 2013 book, Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation. Why do you think the current Pope is a Jesuit from Argentina? These people could not be any further from God.



    Greg: When I take time to ponder…always seem to come back to an electrical grid failure (doesn’t matter if attack, black flag, or intentional). All “Reset” goals can be achieved by having an extended outage…Digital Currency implementation, Erasure of national debt, Erasure/Reset of social security, Reset/Confiscation of pensions/IRAs, Confiscation of bank accounts, Digitizing Access Approval to everything and/or locations (grocery store, airfare, car rental/purchases, etc.

    BTW: Thanks for what you do. Super-Long time subscriber.–You’re still my all-time fav.

  59. Randy Best

    Another one of Bo Polny’s key dates of September 6th has passed with nothing major happening. The FED is still propping up the markets and gold/silver are being depressed. Where is the 180 degree change he predicted?

  60. Jerry

    Let me be clear. When I tell your readers to get prepared because they will be on they’re own. I really mean it.

    When the globalist decide to pull the plug on the global economy to force the reset, the entire support system will be coming down, and you will rely on what you have at that point. Period. It’s economic musical chairs. Make sure you have a chair when the music stops.

    • Robert K


      Agreed, this is concerning, and I also concur that this is their MO to have federal control over us all in another power/control grab to keep the man in line. Either have the officers comply and take the poison shots, (which will ultimately kill them), or have them quit or terminated which I believe is their plan, so the feds can take over, and control its citizens indefinitely with unconstitutional laws and rules and complete overreach for the “greater good” of us “helpless Americans” …. It’s a lose/lose situation for America.

    • c

      Jerry, thank you for your wisdom and knowledge.
      I venture to say that your son is now in a good place and
      does not have to face the same sufferings as we are going through.
      He is smiling and waiting for the joyful reunion with his loved ones.

    • Justn Observer

      Jerry, Amazing to see the ‘hard’ numbers on those willing to walk…likely will be more in many places soon ?
      The LOUD cry of the vaxed that the un-vaxed must get the jab will so fade as they die off thru winter as many have predicted will be the case?

      Spread map show the dilemma,
      More Vaccines, More Covid: Why are Case Rates Exploding in Areas with High Levels of Vaccination? – Becker News

      = more vaxes create greater spread in those areas? Time the un-vaxed stear clear of the vaxed….DO NOT GO WHERE THE VAXED GO ! ? Appears the more they vax the faster the spread and die off ! ? IS HERD IMMUNITY COMPLETE WHEN EVERYONE IS DEAD =NO MORE SPREAD OF COVID BECAUSE NO ONE LEFT TO SPREAD IT TO? GOOD JOB FAUCI !

      One wonders when the people will rise up …. and walk off the jobs …and get away from those companies that mandate their employees to get the shots? It may be the ONLY way to save their lifes or distance themselves from the terrible side-effects ? I guess one will only know when one wakes up dead ?

      The reseacher in this article says =

      The researcher then adds the appropriate disclaimer to the argument.

      I want to stress, this is a hypothesis and a work in progress. It’s just the best fit to the facts I can find right now and I REALLY hope it’s wrong because if it’s right, this vaccination campaign is probably the worst health blunder in human history and the epidemiology and politics of that will get stunningly, surreally bad.

      But if this hypothesis proves out, then calling this an ‘epidemic of the unvaccinated’ is 180 degrees wrong.

      Can this -‘p’ OTUS be anymore out of touch of reality…as those marshaling against the U.S. only grows in places like the Middle East, our border, China and the Tiawan straits, Iran and cutting aid to Israel’s iron dome? =


      One can only imagine the headlines and mantra if this was happening in POTUS Trump’s administration !!

      • Justn Observer

        More Vaccines, More Covid: Why are Case Rates Exploding in Areas with High Levels of Vaccination? – Becker News

    • Paul ...

      The Fed just got authorization to close the “crypto bear trap” on the American people … https://assets.zerohedge.com/s3fs-public/styles/teaser_desktop_2x/public/2021-09/0_qLbGurL4MyxauhRJ_.jpg?itok=z9ezjjEA … all US crypto “conjured out of thin air” will be backed with US paper IOU’s “conjured out of thin air”!!

  61. BruteFarce

    Coming to a neighborhood near you America!
    Vaccination works, ya right. . . ..

  62. Self Exiled

    Karen Kingston’s path to go public.


  63. Paul Anthony

    things you learn as an uber driver… the government ordered. abbot maker of vaccines open again and i just dropped off there in Gurnee ill hadnt pick up or dropped off here in months … they want more of something noone seems to want ? why?

  64. AndrewB

    Hi watchdoggers,
    I posted a link to whistleblower undertaker John O’Looney previously, however, since first blowing the whistle he has become far more eloquent. The link is to a dynamite interview, 23rd Sept, with Stew Peters. Very hard hitting . . .

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg, all one can say is WHOA/WOW/ ! repos’ recently doubled ?


    After reading this and the comments….one wonder’s if ‘the people’ could not help the FED problem of TOO MUCH liquidiity (cash) in the system and ‘their’ having to QE and then sop it out with RRP’S ‘all while it appears ‘they’ charge interest between themselves and make ‘financial profits’ at the taxpayers’ expense via pay little on checking and savings and inflation costs? Would those able maybe just do a bank run and relieve the banks of some of ‘their’ overnight ‘cash’ problem just to inject a tad of chaos in the reverse direction for a change? LOL Maybe at least show or cast a message that people do see what they are doing for ‘themselves’ at the working middle-class expense?

    Just a side note…how insane and irrational is it they would contemplate pushing out military personnel with dishonorable discharges?

    Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines | ZeroHedge

    at such a time with all the border insecurity, heightened terrorist problem in MIDDLE EAST, China’s saber rattling, and potential disruption of and increasing food shortages due to weather cause by the solar cycles in progress?

    AND another WOW, ….could we actually see an attempt ‘politically’ to get back to normal ? lol

    Michigan Gov. Whitmer Bans Masks/Vaxx Mandates As Polls Crash, Re-Election Fight Looks Grim | ZeroHedge

    GOP Rep Demands HHS Address Claims Of Underreported Vaccine Injuries Following Project Veritas Video | ZeroHedge

    Yet….this likely will NEVER happen but seems to be ‘their’ plan all along?

    Moderna CEO Sees ‘Return To Normal’ Life In A Year If We All Take Vaccine Booster Shots Indefinitely | ZeroHedge

  66. Lightning


    As Catherine Austin Fitts has repeatedly said on this site… the digital dollar is slavery.

    Please contact your congressman and tell them to vote No.

  67. Stan

    Paul: Why the crash in Gold today? Is this how a safe haven is supposed to act?

    • Greg Hunter

      How safe is a bond from Evergrande? There is nothing left.

  68. Really Awake

    In answer to the queston, “how before the current economic/monetary system collapses”? Absent nuclear/biological world war the American Empire can continue to operate unless the food and/or energy supply become severely limited or too expensive for the ignorant masses to sustain themselves.

    Once the ignorant masses go unfed or unable to aquire gasoline/electric/fuel oil then the SHTF…

    Of course, in this day and age there are other catalysts which could cause an empire like the USA to collapse, but none more likely than food and energy.

  69. Paul Anthony

    MY OPINION FROM AN AVERAGE GUY The global finacial reset or a Jubilee doesnt have to be as hard as the egotistical globalaist make it. If they wernt so damn egotiscal and took a hit like the rest of us are going to have to do – this thing can be over and done with – with out death and destriction and all this drama – They are the ones whom have created the mess and they want most of us dead to fix it. I love our Lord and He has been good to me. I am in this fight and I just cant see nor feel that the Lord is going to foresake us. Genesis 9:11. I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.”

    My 2 cents
    Paul Anthony

  70. Greg Burton

    “This is beyond the ability of any individual to fix.  We can’t save the system.” Okay, then don’t save the system (fractional reserve, privately owned, boom-to-bust, debt-based banking)! 

    The current corrupt system was foisted on the American people, the world by stealth. So let it die and go back to systems that history has shown are not debt-based, are owned by the people, don’t stealth the wealth of people using the money (boom-to-bust) supply, and lead to real economic growth for Main Street; not just a ponzi scheme for Wall Street insiders!

    A couple of examples: Lincoln’s Greenback; British Tally Sticks, used from the 12th century onward (until the bankers usurped this system); and Colonial Scrip.

    Of course, Wall Street and the bankers don’t want to consider time-tested alternatives! They want to do what has been done so many times before when their debt-based currency failed: replace it with another debt-based currency! Profit from the social chaos! This time a digital currency, complete control by them, coupled with a social credit score, a concocted coronavirus medical martial law, to keep the Neo-serfs in line (Great Reset, Build Back Better). 

    History (post revolutionary war) has shown that going back to a peoples’ banking system, tightly controlled money supply, like the Greenback, perhaps with a gold/silver supplementary circulation, while briefly tumultuous, will lead to stable economic conditions, most likely within five years. 

    Chapter 49 — The History of Banking Control in the United States
    Colonial Script: https://famguardian.org/Publications/InThisAgeOfPlenty/plenty49.htm

  71. Randy Best

    “Over the next several years?” Do we even have that long? And a crypto currency standard? You have to be kidding. The USA is following in exactly the foot steps of the Roman Empire. Worthless Government/FED fiat currency. Worthless Amercican consumption. No production. MAGA was a total dud. The trade deficit is large than ever!

  72. Romney Dickinson

    There is not one institution, group, or area that is not in various stages of total collapse. Business, federal agencies, state agencies, military, charities, associations, media, health, justice, education, and that includes religion. Few raise a voice or a hand to slow this progress toward living hell on earth. Fact is when patriots, Christians, conservatives FIGHT back with the determination they should posses naturally…….they usually win. The sad thing is they SURRENDER without so much as a peep. They don’t understand or care that they could be victorious and have prosperity and security. I for one am thoroughly pissed as hell at fellow Americans who blog, bitch, complain, gripe and yet will not protest, boycott, write, call, email, fax, and stay on it like a bulldog on a bone. Folks get what they deserve. Think is I don’t want to get what they deserve. Would not lift a finger for the government; it is not my government, but will die for my faith, freedom, and Constitution.

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