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Follow The Money

By Greg Hunter’s 

In the classic 70’s Watergate movie, All the President’s Men, the secret informant, Deep Throat, said, “Follow the money.”  It was how reporters Woodward and Bernstein figured out what was really going on in the Nixon White House.  If you want to figure out what is really going on in the economy, you do the same thingfollow the money.    (more…)

Ignoring the Good News?

By Greg Hunter’s   

I heard Jim Cramer of CNBC say last night people are “ignoring the good news.”  I say when it comes to the mainstream media, just the opposite is happening.  The folks at the financial news networks are especially good at ignoring the bad news even though they should know better.    (more…)

IMAX on the Titanic

If you compare the U.S. economy to the Titanic disaster, we are at about same point in time as that famous ship was after it struck the iceberg.  Instead of a band playing on deck as the vessel took on water, we Americans have the equivalent of an IMAX theater, complete with surround sound, to keep us occupied as we meet our fate.  (more…)

The One Surefire Economic Prediction

By Greg Hunter’s   

The one surefire economic prediction I can make is we are going to have big inflation.  Already, (real) inflation is running at 9.4% according to (calculated the way Bureau of Labor Statistics did it in 1980).   The mainstream media seems to be finally catching on to this theme.  In the last week or so, Forbes ran a story called “Prepare for inflation.” (Click here for the Forbes article.)  Just last week, CNN penned an article called “The coming inflation wave.”  (Click here for the CNN story.)  Whether it is the exploding federal deficit or famed investor George Soros doubling his gold holdings, it seems all the signs are flashing more inflation is baked into the economic cake.  (more…)

Don’t Let The Facts Get In The Way Of A Recovery

“Baghdad Bob”

By Greg Hunter’s 

For awhile, the term “green shoots” was the buzz word for the economic rebound.  Remember that?  The “green shoots” have now turned into a “recovery” almost every time the economy is mentioned.  It seems we are constantly bombarded with stories of how the economy is turning around when the facts say otherwise.

I do want to be positive, but some of the spin I am hearing would make Baghdad Bob”(Mohammed Saeed al Sahaf) proud.  (more…)

Will the U.S. Dollar Survive?

By Greg Hunter’s 

Alf Field has been called the “world’s best gold analyst.”  He is best known for his many spot-on predictions in the precious metals market.  Field has written extensively on debt, the dollar and has predicted the gold price per ounce will reach $10,000.  Before you laugh, the “paper” gold market was cited as a “Ponzi Scheme” at last week’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission hearing on increased transparency for the market.  A recent story on “Zero Hedge” covering the CFTC hearing documents the big bomb dropped about the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).  (more…)

Inflation Is Going To Get Worse

By Greg Hunter’s  

One of my consistent views on this site is “real” inflation is much higher than what the government is telling us.  For example, recently the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced February’s inflation number (CPI) was “unchanged” at a 2.1% annual rate.   Over the years, the BLS has changed the way it calculates inflation by using accounting gimmicks that understate what most people would consider the true cost of living.  So, the government inflation numbers of today make inflation look much lower than it really is for main street America.    (more…)

Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It

This is a sobering article written by Paul Craig Roberts, a former Deputy Treasury Secretary under the Reagan Administration.  It is the last one Roberts, who has been writing syndicated columns for years,  says he will write!  I emailed Roberts to get permission to reprint his work, and I also asked him why he is, in his words “signing off”?  Roberts sent back this two line reply, “Yes, you can reprint.   I signed off because I came to the conclusion that it is futile to protest war and the police state as long as the 9/11 myth holds.”   The article is riveting– please take time to read it.   Greg Hunter


By Paul Craig Roberts

Guest Writer for Greg Hunter’s 

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.  George Orwell (more…)

What Is America Thinking Coast to Coast?

 By Greg Hunter’s   

I was a guest yesterday on the nationally syndicated radio show, Coast to Coast AM.  It airs on 500 radio stations in America, Canada and Mexico.  I received several dozen emails and comments, along with thousands of new visitors to the site as a result of the appearance.  (more…)

Health Care Reform Passed By House, Now What?

By Greg Hunter’s   

It took some arm twisting, political payoffs and a promise not to publicly fund abortion to get health care reform passed.  There is still plenty to do on what is called the “fix” to the bill in the Senate.  This “fix,” whether or not passed, will not stop the biggest social legislation since Medicare to be signed into law.  There are several state attorneys general that will challenge this new reform under the Tenth Amendment (States Rights).  I am not sure legal action can stop this new law, but look for that story to unfold this week.    (more…)

Health Care Reform Battle Rages While U.S. Burns

By Greg Hunter   

The Health Care Reform Reconciliation pakage making its way through Congress is shaping up to be an enormous battle.  The amount written and said about this legislation could fill a wing in the library of Congress.  The Republicans think it is “too expensive” and point out every accounting gimmick used to get the cost under a trillion dollars.  The Democrats say, “Passage of health care reform is of paramount importance” and point to a $138 billion deficit reduction over 10 years. (more…)

Tomorrow Is Here Today

By Greg Hunter’s    

In December of 1997, the National Center for Policy Analysis ran this headline on their website “Social Security Problems Accelerating.”  The article stated, “A recent General Accounting Office report warns that the long-term prospects for the Social Security system may be even worse than we think. It is already well-known that by 2014 current tax revenues will be insufficient to pay current benefits . . .” Looks like the GAO was right.  (more…)

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

By Gene Tunney  Guest Writer for Greg Hunter’s  

If you are my age, you know that the title is from a 1971 song by The Who titled “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”  I was certainly fooled in the last Presidential election.

Even though I was a registered Republican at the time (2008), I could not vote for Senator John McCain.  McCain called off his campaign to go bail out his banker buddies.  Barack Obama voted the exact same way.  Even so, I voted for Barack Obama because I wanted to vote for real change. (more…)

Has Anything Changed on Wall Street?

By Greg Hunter’s  

Whistleblower Harry Markopolos is on the stump promoting his new book titled “No One Would Listen.” It is about how it took 8 ½ years for the Securities and Exchange Commission to crack down on the Bernie Madoff scam.  Markopolos says he sent letters to the SEC that were “too many to count” in an effort to expose the fraud.  In an interview on “The Daily Show” this week, Markopolos said something about the SEC that really caught my attention.  He said, “They still have all the same people there.  They haven’t fired anybody, that’s the problem.”  (more…)

What Is the True Cost Of Health Care Reform?

By Greg Hunter’s   

The Congressional Budget Office says Health Care reform will Cost $1 trillion over the next 10 years.  The White House says it will “save “money.  Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said just a few days ago the tab will be $2.5 trillion over the next decade!  Who is right?  I don’t think anybody really knows.  When it comes right down to it, everybody’s guessing.