Biden Tanking, Monsters Vax Kids, 2022 Warning

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 501 10.29.21)

It’s getting so bad that the Deep State globalists are firing anyone who stands up to these experimental vax mandates.  You cannot make fun of it either as well-known cartoonist Michael Leunig has been fired for a take-off of China’s infamous unknown “Tank Man” standing up to the CCP in 1989 Tiananmen Square in Beijing.  The cartoon was never published, but I feel compelled to post in on USAW.  The Biden Administration is not as firmly in control as the CCP was back in 1989.  Biden and his Administration are tanking on many levels, and that’s why even the phony pols are showing Biden has lost major ground among the public, especially Democrats.  It’s only going to get worse for Biden and “We the People.”

The FDA is full of monsters because only a monster would vaccinate children as young as 5 years old with a totally unproven, unnecessary and experimental injection.  The FDA says it’s one third the dose, but the children are one third the size of an adult.  There have been thousands of death and hundreds of thousands of debilitating injuries reported, and that only represents less than one percent of the problems.  Parents, take your children and run as fast as you can.  This is not science.  It is evil quackery and totally reckless disregard for the life of children.  There is also more news that the so called vaccinations for adults are not working, and the majority of the deaths are now “fully vaccinated.”   There is no stopping the bad news at this point, and it will get worse—much worse.

Don’t let the record high stock market fool you.  The economy is tanking, and GDP estimates have been slashed in more than half from just a few months ago.  The trajectory is not good.  By middle of next year or earlier, the Biden Administration will have totally tanked just like the economy.  Watch Evergrande because it reportedly did NOT make an interest payment as reported.  This implosion could take the economy down hard long before the end of 2021.  Evergrande is a Chinese property company five times larger than Lehman Brothers.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.29.21.

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After the Interview:

Catherin Austin Fitts (CAF), publisher of “The Solari Report,” will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Her latest cover has a simple message:  “Take Action 2021.”  CAF will tell us all how and why.  She will also give analysis on what she thinks is going on now with the Biden Administration vs “We the People”!!

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  1. barsoom43

    I haven’t been vaxed and I am not going to be.. But my wife dutifully got both shots about 6 months ago. Now she has revealed to me a large sore lump on the inside of her left arm just below the elbow and today a large bruise has developed at her left wrist..
    I told her to begin taking Zeolite to remove the vax toxins and metals from her liver but she is a stubborn type- it has to be her idea.. I suggested she begin taking NAC and Quercetin to boost her immune system.. Don’t know if she has or not.. Did I mention how stubborn she is?

    • Paul ...

      For the stubborn people out there … look at how safe the “jab” is the psychopaths will be giving to your children … go to the 1:55:45 mark …

      • Paul ...

        Seeing such things the “jab” does to people should make decent human beings scream with anger, sadness, and complete revulsion … where we now have no choice but to say: “This has to stop” … like Tank Man … we must have the courage to stand against the “commie” psychopaths … yes … it entails great risks … but when our children’s lives are at risk … we have no choice … we must resist … no matter the consequences … we will not stand silent … FJB … and let’s “Brand Him” with those initials (for every child he kills with his “jab” mandate)!!

        • Frank D2

          Paul and other Watchdoggers, watch this. It is uplifting and supports Paul’s point on the hurting of our children. Just listen to the “momma bears” in the clip about harming their children. The backlash, if this crap doesn’t stop, will be catastrophic for those who try to carry it out.

          • AndrewB

            Thanks Frank. It’s good to know that the citizens of at least one (formerly) democratic country have the right to bear arms. Little wonder, all the false flags – Sandy Hook (try in vain to find the evidence gathering documentary on that in-your-face lie, it’s been wiped) and many many others under Hussain O’B, in ‘their’ push to overturn the Second Amendment. They didn’t succeed! Perhaps that’s why ‘their’ strategic plan was set further into the future – 2050. Wuhan, and sheer greed, encouraged ‘them’ to move early* – to move at ‘warp speed’, and that could be ‘their’ greatest miscalculation. The ducks were not all lined up in a row, the fish were not all in a barrel. Choose whatever metaphor fits, ‘they’ made their move before ‘we the people’ had all been subdued. Martin Armstrong says, and I paraphrase, ‘They will not succeed, they have overreached.’ When ‘they’ threaten your livelihood unless you submit to being injected with an UNAPPROVED and proven to be harmful substance – that’s overreach! When they endanger little childrens’ lives by injecting them with an UNAPPROVED and proven to be harmful substance – that’s overreach!!!

            ‘We the people’ need to withdraw our consent to any and ALL ‘Covid’ related restrictions to our freedom. No masks, no social distancing, no ‘vaccines’ (do not trust the new flu shot – you can survive flu, especially if you boost your immune system) and boycott ALL businesses that support the ‘Covid’ mandates (this will mean going without many of your favourite goods and services). For the very, very select few who are determined, highly skilled and equipped to perform laser surgery – seek out only the most virulent cancer cells, and remove them. If there is little collateral damage to the surrounding tissue, the body should recover its former good health and be able to breath freely once again!

            *According to Reiner Fuellmich’s interim summary, based on multiple expert witnesses’, ‘Mr Global’ brought their plans forward because Wuhan gave them a pretext.

      • The Ogs

        Hello Paul,
        Toronto headline this morning:
        “Majority of Ontario parents eager to get children vaccinated: poll”
        Of course these parents can be witless – but they have been lied to! They’ve been told that the injections are safe and good.
        It is something called the Vaccine Advisory Panel to the Ontario Ministry of Health which has said this.
        Nuremburg says they shall all hang by the neck until dead for stating this despite all good scientific evidence and truth.
        BUT – how do they intend to explain all the imminent sickness and injury in the children? This I gotta see. A lot of parents, if their precious child is injured, are going to lose their minds… bigtime.

        • Paul ...

          Relève-toi (Wake Up) should be our mantra … Lara Fabian sings the song well … and fits what we are going through right now with the “jab” …

          Wake up
          I see the mists that you go through
          I feel this arrow that pierces you
          Like in the heart
          Such pain

          I drank the poison of this pond
          I know that it remains in my blood
          It takes time to forget

          Wake up
          Like a child would make its first step
          Don’t let them take what you have
          Don’t care about the words that we tell you
          Wake up
          Wake up

          I know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
          This sentence will have to be proven wrong
          Suffering in hell, what’s the point?
          I’ve seen the looks that you hate
          I feel what you’re running from like the plague
          Indifference, their arrogance

          Wake up
          It is through the cracks that the light passes
          And it’s between them that they will make war
          How we lose ourselves in wanting to please
          We despair
          Wake up
          Like a marching army that nothing can stop it
          And show them what wood you’re made of
          Fall higher to be reborn better
          Wake up
          Wake up

          How we lose ourselves in wanting to please
          We despair
          Wake up
          Like a marching army that nothing can stop it
          And show them what wood you’re made of
          Fall higher to be reborn better
          Wake up
          Wake up

      • Bob Lamb

        Correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation.

        • Paul ...

          B Lamb … X-rays don’t always cause cancer … that is why doctors use X-rays to look for cancer and to treat cancer … now these same doctors are telling all the Sheep in the world that it is “normal” for children to have heart attacks and strokes (and that the “jab” has nothing to do with it)!! … next time you go to the doctor Lamb with a burn on your hand … and the doctor lights a blow-torch and puts the blow-torch flame on your burn “to heal it” … think you may say “it is making things worse Doc” … but no doubt he will calmly assure you (and the rest of the Sheep) …”the Correlation (of adding fire to your burn) doesn’t necessarily mean causation (of any additional burn)” … you may be satisfied with his answer … but we who are not Lamb’s “won’t buy the bull shit”!!

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Very sad Barsoom. I have a friend, both got the killer jab, wife and him. She came down with cancer soon after the seocnd jab and had surgery. A fast growing cancer and it is all over her insides now. I will pray for her.

      • Lightning

        My brother in law got vaxxed and pancreatic cancer spread so fast through his entire body, that within 10 days of being diagnosed, he was too weak to be a candidate for chemo. It’s an awful end.
        The vaxx certainly seems like it activates and/or accelerates what should be benign or slowly progressing tumors.
        Given that a majority of men over 70 have colon cancer ( but it progresses so slowly that it’s usually not life threatening in the 5-15 year horizon) I fear we could see many more terminal cases of this type of cancer presently ( amoung other cancers like Breast cancer as well).

        • Robert

          Is the goal of these vaccines to cause a slow death, so as not to overwhelm the industries in charge of burying or cremating the dead.

          • Paul ...

            Robert … That’s why 5.45 ammo was developed by the US Military … they did not want to kill the enemy with 50 caliber bullets … they wanted to “wound the enemy” and thus put a severe burden on the enemies entire infrastructure (having to care for all the wounded) … the Vietnamese did the same thing during the Vietnam War by setting traps that only wound the legs of US soldiers … and the Globalists are now doing doing the same thing to take down the US … by burdening our Nation and health care facilities with people wounded by their “jab” and burden our Nation with millions of brain injured, heart injured, neurologically injured and cancer infested people!!

            • Kenneth Landon

              The U.S. Used 5.56 NATO ammo with The advent of The M-16. The Russians saw the effectiveness of mortally wounding an enemy, which took 2 to care for him, thus taking out 3. The Russians in 1974 modified the AK47 to the AK74 using 5.45

              • Greg Hunter

                At about 3,000 feet per second the 5.56 is still a wicked deadly round. .308 (7.62mm) is usually 2,800 feet per second. I know .308 is a much bigger round, but still.

        • Brooklyn


          We are so sorry to hear about your family members and will keep them in our prayers.

          Over the past few month, more and more of us have come to realize that the concept of immune destruction is rather straight forward – the action or mechanism of the jabs is that it permits pathogens in the form mRNA which promote the massive multiplication of spike protein which in turn ensures complete destruction of the immune system. Where the once healthy vax’d person could die from a common winter cold, forget about anyone who has a history of cancer.

          And, so we say, If peace is desired, plan for WAR!

          • Ed Mustafo

            Exactly Brooklyn…. War…. Every person that gets sick and or dies from the jab is a wake up call for the “stubborn “ people that won’t believe what they are told or warned about. It’s always a conspiracy theory until you see or experience it for yourself. It’s sad that it had to be this way, but it’s time to replace sadness with anger. We fight for our fallen brothers and sisters. War… Devolution is real. Military on standby. We the people TOGETHER have the real power. It’s almost go time… War….

        • JuicyMoosey

          Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

          Her information reveals that the antibody produced against the spike protein (for those who have taken the needle) can react against the macrophages (Type of white blood cell comprising a part of the immune system).

          There are two types of macrophage. Type I macrophages deal an initial aggressive attack to an infection and alert the greater immune system to what’s going on – Inflammation is often caused as a result of this.

          Once the aggressive attack by Type I macrophages has eased then the Type II macrophages more benignly tidy up and heal the site – They tell the more aggressive fellas to stand down. Essentially: Type I macrophages kill the infection, Type II heals it.

          The spike protein antibody (Result of the vax) is capable of elimentating the Type II macrophages by attaching to and inactivating them.

          If the spike gets into delicate lung tissue then the aggressive macrophages jump in there and launch nukes. But there is no longer any type II macrophages to don hazmat suits and heal it. The lung is therefore destroyed by inflammation as a result of an unchecked immune response.

        • lightning

          Sorry, I should have said most men over 70 have prostate cancer , not colon cancer.

          • Paul ...

            Just eat onions, garlic, scallions and leeks which block DHT and relieves prostate problems (just like Flow-Max) but are safer (Flow -Max is expensive and is only effective for about 4 years)!!

        • Earth Angel

          Longtime reporter and anchor woman Jovita Moore of WSB tv in Atlanta Ga. just passed away this past Thursday night 10/28/21. As I understand it she took both the jabs last spring and sometime after began to feel ill, headaches,?; Not sure of all the details but shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with 2 tumors on her brain. Apparently a very agressive type of cancer discovered. Treated at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, she fought bravely this disease- but succumbed 2 days ago. She was only about 54 yrs. old. Details and a Tribute to her at wsb/tv’s website. I am unaware that she had any serious health problems that were previously ever mentioned. As far as I knew she was a healthy person prior to the shots- but I did not personally know her. Jovita was a beautiful lady and an iconic news person in the Atlanta area. Sincere condolences to her family and friends. Such a sad loss.. may she rest in peace.

        • Tin foil hat

          My aister got vaxxed 4 months back and now she gets all kinds of pancreatic issues, she also feels very weak and pretty much home bound.
          I concur the vaxx certainly seems to activates and/or accelerates what should be benign or slowly progressing tumors. My friend’s wife is a breast cancer survivor but she is now in remission one month after the jab. Another friend has cyst (blood clot?) in the brain and was told to get another MRI 6 months later. My favorite waiter has been out sick for 2 weeks and I heard he is getting colonoscopy, another waitress who has RA had to be taken to the ER due to severe pains in her joints 5 minutes after the jab (all restaurant workers in NYShiity had to get the jab due to Dumblasio’s mandate).
          Many of my parents’ friends had passed away within 6 months of getting the jab from all sort of different illnesses.
          I hope you are wrong about seeing many more terminal cases of this type but I suspect it’s going to happen slowly but surely.

          • Tin foil hat

            Correction: My friend’s wife is a breast cancer survivor but she is now in relapse one month after the jab.

    • Bibi

      Excellent that you did not take the kill shot. I am stunned people fall for all the lies. I also see some that took the shots are now having medical issues and death. A cousin died, age 58, 2 days after the booster. The family has no clue it was the shots.

      • David Sinclair

        It’s the lies, damned lies, and statistical lies. Lies about the virus, lies about two weeks to flatten the curve, lies about deaths from it, now lies about the psuedo vax, and how “safe and effective” it is. I miss Jim Marrs (die2 2017). He was mocked about many things, but much of what he said about the deep state has proven to be true. In Canada, the lies are as thick as black smoke. I hope there is going to be an underground railroad going south to Florida as there are a lot of potential vax refugees in your northern neighbour.

      • Self Exiled

        Amazing, two days.

      • Old Sailor

        My brother-in-law got the jab because he had medical conditions from Agent Orange (Isn’t our govt. great? Die from Agent Orange or the vax. What a choice!). Anyway, he had his sugar checked a week before the vax and he was fine. Never had a problem with diabetes. He was a full blown diabetic and on insulin within two weeks of getting the jab. He has been in and out of the hospital for the last three months. Sugar uncontrollable, brain fog (one dr. thought he had dementia), wouldn’t eat or drink and more. Plus, he got the rona and they gave him remdesivir this last time in. I told the family not to let the hospital give him remdesivir since he only has one kidney and it causes kidney failure, but the hospital did it without telling them.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Bibi,
        “The family has no clue it was the shots.”
        If I had a dollar or a pound for every time I’ve heard that phrase . . . ! How on Earth do we explain it? Clearly, the MSM is lying by omission – not informing the public about the side effects – BUT, also, I suspect there is intense motivation for self-denial. Most people have lined up for the ‘vaccines’ voluntarily. If your health then goes South, it’s hard to accept you did it to yourself . . .

    • The Ogs

      Stubborn, huh Barsoom43… I certainly hope it doesn’t come to this but, will you then have that engraved on your wife’s tombstone?

      • barsoom43

        I think she invented the word stubborn.. I got some Zeolite from my brother but she won’t take it.. I also got NAC and Quercetin, organic lemon juice (Vit C), zinc, Vit D3.. Nadda.. Did I mention she’s stubborn.. If her dad or our son or daughter suggested anything, she’d listen but not coming from me. SMH..

  2. R

    Remember, tank man was the beginning. The final shot of all the human meat ground up by tanks, broken bicycles, and shredded bright clothing should ALWAYS be shown. It is similar to the holocaust, (but not by numbers) the message is enormous.

      • Justn Observer

        Anthony, EXCELLENT vid…. should be shared wide and far via emails, twitter, where ever and how ever…. Suggest a transcript sent return receipt requested to every elected official and company/corporate CEO that is pushing mandates and added into record of every school board hearing, and court case…
        Then – start building the gallows at the edge of town for just after the Nuremberg trials that will certainly follow sooner or later…

  3. Mark


    A hard hitting recap of the state of the dis-union, and the many weasels, liars, traitors, psychopaths, and demonic ORCs in power…I like your line at least the Democrats tell you their weasels, most of the Republicans just pretend not to be.

    I am prepped spiritually, and in all the other ways…God bless your boldness in standing for truth and Jesus the Christ.

  4. Brooklyn


    You went “kind of lightly” on the potential Evergrande collapse.

    Where others have said, “Evergrande is collapsing, and the world’s fake news media is conspiring to cover up the unstoppable financial catastrophe that’s being unleashed….”

    “An excellent analysis reveals that Evergrande’s so-called last-minute “bond payment” may never have happened. There appears to be a coordinated media cover-up to pretend that Evergrande is paying bond holders when it actually isn’t.”

    CHIP! CHIP! CCP! CHIP! And, the only reason China’s CCP can no longer push the CHIPS! in, is because they ain’t got none left on the table, and their credit – Sucks! Game Over!

    One more reason to be stocking up on food, water and ammo, not necessarily in that order.

    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    • AndrewB

      Hi Brooklyn,
      Just a note to say I have responded (10-29-21) to ‘doctor’s note’ and ‘passive resistance’ in the Michael Pento comments. Have not yet listened to WNW501.

      • Brooklyn


        Thanks for your “tongue-in-cheek” doctor’s note reply; but when we don’t hear from you, in our very crazy world, we become concerned….;)

        Onward & Upward,


    • Brooklyn


      I owe you a sincere apology regarding your comments on the potential Evergrande collapse. You did in fact not only mention the maddening $62 Trillion dollar amount (which is beyond my comprehension…;) but you also made it quite clear of the worldwide risks associated with the Evergrande fiasco. Why is EVERYONE lying to the People? And, as you so correctly closed with, this financial collapse may now be sooner than most of us think.

      Food, water and AMMO!

      Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum…

  5. Kenneth Landon

    Greg, Biden is from Delaware. Delaware is where most credit card companies are based. Delaware is home these thieves, thanks to the favorable laws we can credit to guess who? Yes, the head of the Biden crime family himself.
    Lindsay Graham said, quote ” Joe Biden is as fine a person as I’ve ever known”
    Republicans imo are at least 95% bought off whores.Everything the deep state is doing is to
    destroy America and enable big tech and the government to gain more power.
    We are ruled by Treasonous politicians. Pelosi and company don’t fear the CCP. but rather envy the power, control and corruption of the Chinese communists.
    Lock & Load America

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ken. I stand corrected.

      • Mark E

        Hi Greg
        I don’t know if its me but the video keeps skipping forward to the end at about 5 minutes or so in. You were on my radio show a year or so back 1460 Kcnr in Redding Ca. We are now doing Podcast across several media outlets. I would love to get you on the show again. If you are interested let me know. Keep up the good work. Stay Brave and Fear Not.
        Mark E Kent

    • rwmctrofholz

      Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

  6. Larry Rodriguez


    • AndrewB

      Hi Larry,
      Sounds good to me. Large scale passive resistance – that defines union backed strike action. I hope the intended action gains momentum! Unfortunately, in the UK, Maggie Thatcher neutered the Trades Unions. Those that survived are run by quislings. Keir Starmer, the leader of the UK Labour Party (USA = ‘Democrats’), funded by the Trades Union movement, is a member of the CFR!

      [Council on Foreign Relations]

    • Marie+Joy

      The intent is to shut down society to make genocide easier. Going on strike helps murderers and psychopaths, NOT the people. Protesting and striking will hasten our genocid not help the people. WE are waayyy past protesting and striking. Guerrilla.

      • JuicyMoosey

        There’s another dimension to protests.

        People come together in a sense of unity. They talk to each other, share information in-person and experience a positive emotional high from being apart of something greater than themselves. When millions of people are all supporting each other in common cause and solidarity it’s going to be that much harder to break them.

        If the gov come out tommorow and say: “Mark of the beast – Only those with the mark can trade”. We now know – as we’ve seen in protests – that there’s millions of people ready to immediately join a parallel society.

        I think we need to figure out that parallel society right now and start contributing towards our future as a free people.

        • AndrewB

          Totally agree – 100%!
          That’s a fundamental reason people should attend rallies – to network with like-minded people. Groups from which natural leaders may emerge.

      • Brooklyn


        ^^^ 10,000 UP VOTES ^^^


    • Marie+Joy

      People who are protesting and striking have not given up their normalcy bias. When someone is actively trying to kill you, and yours, you don’t ask them to, please, stop via “passive resistance”. It must be the damn fluoride.

      • Marie+Joy


      • AndrewB

        Hi Marie+Joy,
        Sorry, I can’t agree with you on this one.
        My first-hand experience in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’ (now, there’s a euphemism for you!) demonstrated to me that only a tiny percentage are prepared to take up arms for a cause, a larger percentage (but still a minority) take to the streets to protest, and the largest percentage stay home and offer passive support at best.
        So, please do not discourage those who are limited to street protests and strikes – they are doing their best (I include myself and my wife) – and are deserving of support.
        Leave it to the Veterans et al to take it to the next step. They have the skills and the means . .

        • Brooklyn


          We hear you, Brother, and please know that M+J is talking to Americans, and YES! Us Veterans. There will come a time in the very near future when “THIS BAD BOY GOES HOT!” whether someone loses a child, or close family member and begins at a responsible pharmaceutical company, then it’s Katy Bar The Door…

    • David Brownallen

      Unless they have gold, silver, and significant food storage, blue-collar workers are in a hellacious fix.

  7. Hard working Mike Durkin

    John 14:6

  8. Paul ...

    As for that brain dead “commie” psycho Bribe’n who wants to “jab” our 5 to 11 year old children … lets go brand him … with the letters FJB!!

    • Rachel.M.

      Paul, we don’t need to bother as he has already branded himself as a deep state puppet and a cold hearted, senseless traitor to humanity casting aside the welfare of all Americans and stabbing every other human globally in the back at the same time.

  9. Paul ...

    I hear that in Australia the “commie” government is seizing peoples homes and bank accounts to pay for the fines imposed upon them for not complying with the Government “jab” mandate … all Australians should immediately take their money out of their bank accounts and save it in physical gold and silver and hide it in a place the Government can’t find … and seriously think about borrowing as much money out of your homes as possible to also put into physical gold and silver so all the “commies” get when they seize your home is your debt!!

    • JC


      At the signpost up ahead…

      Your next stop, The Twilight Zone.

      WASHINGTON—The Biden administration is in talks to offer immigrant families that were separated during the Trump administration around $450,000 a person in compensation, according to people familiar with the matter, as several agencies work to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of parents and children who say the government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma.

      • Robert K

        This is just another ruse the dems can get more voters…”Here is some free shit, but you must vote for us”… Oh by the way, where is the $450,000 per illegal alien going to come from? Gee, I wonder? (sarcasm).

    • Rachel.M.

      Hi Paul, there is no fine for not getting vaccinated.

        • Rachel.M.

          Hi Paul, If you have an unpaid debt or bill you will recieve reminder notices first and the opportunity to call them and arrange a payment plan if you have difficulty paying your account. Anyone who ignores all that will be chased by a debt collector who has to contact you a few tomes first. Eventually they can sieze assests or force the sale of assets to cover the debt. These processes have been in place for decades and are nothing new. They don’t just suddenly grab your house and sell it.

          Some people have been holding off on paying their fines because a one point the Victorian govenment waivered some of the covid fine payments and re-assesd them to filter out some that were issued in error when there was confusion initially amongst poolice about what behaviour should be fined.

          The articles you are reading leave out the middle steps of the process but I’d say the Queensland governmant is announcing that they will collect from people who don’t pay.
          5.2 million is the value of roughly 5 houses in Australia.

    • Self Exiled

      Excellent idea, same thoughts on credit cards.

      • Rachel.M.

        Thou shalt not steal (Exodus 20:15) lol

        • Self Exiled

          Okay, you’re right. lol

  10. Southernpatriot

    I had been a life long Republican. No longer! I will not send a red cent to the GOP. Any circular’s that come in the mail are used to start a fire.They have refused to follow the oath they took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States! You all are “Bendick Arnolds” and you should be treated as such!
    As far as the shots go, I say, not on my watch will we take any shot including a flu shot. Never did and never will! And we ain’t going to start now!
    My advise is not to trust your government. With every ounce of breath that you have protect your family!!
    Greg what a great wrap-up. If for some reason, I get gone, I’ve always enjoyed and looked forward to your broadcast.
    Take care and be safe everyone.
    God Bless.

  11. Alan Wakefield

    The deadliest ingredient in any of these “vaccines,” is “the controlled media!” Think about that. What is more deadly than the unrefuted lies that accompany the promotion of the deadliest “vaccine” program, THE DEADLIEST MASS MURDER PROGRAM, in human history? In fact, THE CONTROLLED MEDIA IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT in the entire, worldwide “murder by vaccine” program! Here is David Rockefeller in an address to the Club of Rome in 1991, identifying the media as “THE ESSENTIAL FACTOR” in the mass extermination plans of satan’s high priests: “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and OTHER GREAT PUBLICATIONS whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion (silence)…It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.” This morning I heard biden is rolling out his mass “murder by ‘vaccine’ program” for children starting at age 5. Have you ever wondered why “our government” is so unconcerned about our children’s education these days? Government DOES NOT care whether our children receive an education or not, or whether or not they even attend school. Why do you suppose that is? Let me suggest an answer: The “vaccine mass murderers” KNOW OUR CHILDREN DO NOT HAVE A FUTURE! By the time the “vaccine mass murderers” have finished forcing a second and third “vaccine,” on the world, along with booster shot ONE, TWO, THREE AND FOUR, AND MORE , IF NEEDED, NO ONE HAS A FUTURE!
    The lunatics who used “gain-of-function” research to turn a “harmless to humans” bat virus into a deadly, worldwide killing mechanism, backed up by an even more deadly “vaccine,” plan on using the police and military to enforce their mass murder by “vaccine” scheme. Once the DEPOPULATION OBJECTIVE has been achieved, will those police and military STILL BE NECESSARY? LET ME ASSURE YOU, THEY WILL NOT BE NECESSARY! THEY TOO WILL BE EXTERMINATED!
    The Georgia Guidestones have proclaimed, since 1980, “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL HARMONY WITH NATURE! The REAL UNDER target is 200,000,000, NOT 500,000,000! That file was SCRUBBED from the Internet many years ago! With a world population of 200,000,000, how many police and military will be required to maintain order! Once the masses are gone, the “enforcers” will be “turned on themselves!”
    Right now, “the enforcers” are simply “useful idiots!” Vladimir Lenin used that same term to describe his supporters who put him in power over Soviet Russia 100 years ago,, BEFORE he sent them to the firing squads, the Gulags and Siberia, BY THE TENS OF MILLIONS!
    The “virus” was NEVER about the “virus!” It was ALWAYS about the “vaccine!” This infamous quote is attributed to Bill Gates: “Vaccines are my PREFERRED MECHANISM for POPULATION REDUCTION!” Anthony Fauci has been working with and for Bill Gates for decades! The Gates Foundation was thrown out of India several years ago for doing “nasty things” with “vaccines!”

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Alan, Wonderfully said and so very accurate bud. Thanks for this post.

    • Dr. Joseph

      I think you are spot on and there enforcers have learned nothing from history.

  12. Robert

    Greg, Thank You for standing tall in the face of Evil!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert!

  13. JC

    It’s time for the order to be given to…


    A remake of this 1968 film would be appropriate, but instead of Godzilla and Rodan etc. there will be the monsters at the FDA, along with Fauci, Biden, Pelosi etc.

    • Fran Barnes

      And candy and devilry costumes took over the day to remember All Souls , the death cult generation of the 2000 to present, including tattoo mania, it’s not a show. We are up against powers and principalities. So, add holy water and appropriate prayers of exorcism to the cache for lock and load, Ivemectin, D3, ? Yes. Then, it’s been a small while some watchdoggers are calling to arms and IT’S TIME, and I’m willing, but as yet, I’ve nowhere heard/seen minimally a Plan A. The hashtag militia of the 1775’s must have been something special to have done what they did. Presently 2 some years into this; Many have died and been severely damaged in this mad jab agenda and the fight must begin but I ask, again, how/where?


      • JC

        ‘Twix Pushes LGBT Agenda On Kids With Vile Halloween Video’

        The “Bite-Size Halloween” ad begins with a little boy wearing a purple princess dress playing with dolls in his living room.

        His doorbell rings, and he opens the door to find a black-clad witch who tells him she’s the “new nanny.”

        The witch and the transvestite boy then venture out into the world, and what comes next is a modern-day leftist morality play with a disturbing ending.

        • AndrewB

          Little boy wants to wear a dress – I’m OK with that.
          Little girl wants to wear pants and shirt – I’m OK with that.
          Adult chooses to wear ‘Goth” – I’m OK with that.
          Kids who think any of that’s wierd should be – Blown away?!
          Want to indoctrinate kids that all the above should be the norm?
          Live and let live.
          TWIX – there’s another brand I won’t be buying in future. Join me. Do it now!

          • Fran Barnes

            SCARY SUGAR: Innocently labeled “sugar”, GMO beet sugar destroys your health in 3 ways: 1) As a pure sugar, it raises blood glucose and destabilizes your metabolism. 2) Like all GMO foods, it disrupts the micro-biome balance in the gut, opening the way to cancer, obesity, and autoimmune diseases. 3) GMO sugar beets are infused with carcinogenic herbicide glyphosate by Monsanto, which synergistically enhances the damaging effects of other chemicals and has been scientifically linked to cancer, autism, diabetes, MS, celiac disease, Parkinson’s, obesity, and Alzheimer’s disease
            I do use cane sugar and organic when possible but here’s the science: Sugar cane fields are treated with a number of pesticides. In particular, the photosynthesis-inhibiting herbicides diuron, atrazine, hexazinone, and ametryn are applied to prevent the growth of broadleaf weeds and smaller grasses in sugar cane agricultural areas.
            Since corn is one of the main crops atrazine is used on, you should look for foods that do not contain HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP.

  14. Darel

    Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is a disaster. The Vaccines have killed three people I know. A 13-year old girl, one of my lawyers I’ve worked with for four years and a 21-year old college student. Trump, needs to get his ass on Joe Rogan and renounce the COVID vaccines. If not, I’m off the Trump Train.

    • Paul ...

      Trump “speaks” no evil (and says the vaccine is “safe”) … he does not “hear” (the screams of all those “shaking uncontrollably”)?? … he does not “see” (the graves of all those who died of strokes and heart attacks)!!! … that Halloween mask he wears “Seeing no Evil … Hearing no Evil … and Speaking no Evil … makes him look like a monkey … and it was put on well before the Pagan day to play tricks on us or treat us with “jabs” !! …×612&w=0&h=2_l5hZp6wG5BcjeSQVfFep3aomVhqR3E0V1NhIkRKqE= … will he ever take it off??

      • JC


        The unvaccinated filled hospitals to the brim? Really?

        “Children will be one of the last groups in the U.S. to become eligible for the vaccine. Protecting them against COVID-19 is a major step in getting the country back on the path to normalcy after an unexpected late-summer surge that disproportionately impacted unvaccinated Americans and filled hospitals to the brim.”

      • Stan

        Paul: Why don’t you just get the vaccine and move on?

        • Paul ...

          So you have taken the “jab” Stan? … I guess you won’t be harassing us for too mush longer??

          • Jerry

            Stan didn’t take the jab because he thinks covid19 is like the sniffles.

          • AndrewB

            Paul …
            As I have advised many, many times. Just ignore that adjuvant, code name ‘Stan’. It’s just a distraction.

  15. Rodster

    PETA has asked Tony Fauci to resign for his decades long abuse and torture of animals on experiments that did not have to happen and served no purpose.

    • Coal Burner

      The Socialists don’t need PETA anymore! They best watch their backs for the tanks to run them over.

  16. peter erikson

    My Gut and my education leads me to think that This Experimental mNRA Cocktail could cause Cancer or some other Serious Medical problems such as Inflammation throughout the vascular system. Clot shot. It could damage quality of life forever and shorten our lives. Why would adults subject minors to these High Risk Shots when we need 15 years to see the effects in humans. This is Proof that Americans Are NOT Represented. We need new senators and new Representatives. We need money and Organization to make that happen. We need independent media to Keep People Connected and informed. — If we try to run for office to push back we have to accept that Status Quo Main Stream Media will be our enemy and we will be underfunded – some of us have to TRY Anyway. FBI. threatening parents is way over the top and I hope people wake up and vote congress out. Another good story Greg.

  17. ken e weberg

    Greg like you said both sides of the isle are corrupt to the nines, Trump just came out pumping these Mengele JABS. Sorry my young friend but this is to entrenched for the regular man and woman to turn it around. Ep: 6/12 we aren’t wrestling against flesh and blood. . We need to stand the line until His return, best we can do

  18. Mark Spry

    Another great 501 Greg!

    • Mike+G

      Trump stated all this health mandate, trump can go to hell

      • Greg Hunter

        Not true. Trump said from the beginning you have a personal choice and he would never force it. That’s a fact.

  19. Ontime

    I believe by next week Joe Bidet will be in the low to mid 30% area, the anti vax who are being put upon by the Biden mandate, those in the civil servant employment, police, FD, EMT and medical workers, will gain the sympathy of their fellow workers and mass crowds of protesting will take place in many cities across the country…throwing those folks under the bus and all those special trained skills is the height of Stupid Joe’s antics, there may be a total walk off in these jobs leaving everyone at risk and a hard lesson for these petty moronic politicians….The Mussolini syndrome may suddenly become popular nation wide….._UCK JOE BIDEN…ect, ect…..

  20. JC

    Everything is so out of control by design. We are living under constant tension, friction and pressure from one thing or another. Please feel free to add to the list.

    Man vs. Woman
    Hetero vs. Homo
    Black vs. White
    Vaxxed vs. Unvaccinated
    Have vs. Have-nots


    • Paul ...

      Jesus vs Satan … (we must do as Jesus did in the Garden … reject the riches Big Pharma is providing (like $52,000 dollar bounties for each patient a doctor kills on a respirator, etc., etc., etc.) !!

      • JC

        ‘We got to take these motherf–kers out’: Rutgers professor calls white people ‘villains’

      • JC


        You are a New York guy… so riddle me this…

        If Manhattan traffic is bottlenecked, how is it possible to be hit by a cab and sent up 6 feet in the air?

        “Republican nominee for mayor of New York City Curtis Sliwa was hit by a cab en route to a radio appearance Friday — but still completed his hour-long show before taking him to get checked out at a hospital, his sister and spokesperson said.

        Sliwa had been headed on foot for a live radio show with WABC on Third Avenue when his team says he was hit by a yellow cab outside Radio City Music Hall, at West 50th Street and Sixth Avenue, at a time when traffic was bottlenecked, his campaign adviser Rob Cole said.

        Cole said the impact sent Sliwa up to 6 feet in the air, ripped his suit and left him with some cuts and bruises, but he got to the station and did his show.”

        • Paul ...

          JC … We New Yorker’s know that crossing a street in NYC is a hazardous undertaking … so if we see we will be hit by a a car or cab … “we jump” … to get our feet off the ground (so the cab won’t run “over us”) … by jumping … the cab will hit us … but … we will be pushed up over the front hood, windshield and roof of the cab … relatively unharmed!!

          • AndrewB

            🙂 🙂

  21. William e. Sheets Jr.

    Greg these shots are to sterilize as many kids as possible to further the globalists depopulation plan, Satan’s plan. That’s the only reason for them to target children of any age. Any parent that allows their children to be stuck with this kill shot should be arrested and charged with child abuse at the very least.

  22. Paul in OZ

    I’d like it to be true, but it is a fake news site.

  23. Daniel

    Great presentation with great source of information that shows how demonic and conniving satans global agenda is…. Here is a music video by conspiracy music guru
    titled “Big Pharma – Conspiracy Music Guru” that tells it all on what satans agenda is really all about and what satan will always do…

    you tube channel

    Have a wonderful day

    • Paul ...

      It’s Time to Resist … Rise Up And Stand Against the Commie Corporation Pariahs (CCP) … demonstrate to them … that “we” also have the power “to shut them down” … and if they don’t comply … we have wenches (these “monkeys” may understand) … wenches that can take down their AI controlled robots (they think will serve them when we are gone)!!

  24. FreeMpg

    The MSM hand-wringing about Biden is their strategically taking one-step-back from the 2020 quantum-leap achieved by stealing the presidency, a pressure relief is needed, like the Tea Party rebellion of 2010 — give the “opposition” RINO leadership control of both Houses to no productive end, and in 2024 steal the presidency again.

    They will if Trump wins, God forbid, the nomination. Many of us are distrustful, especially of anyone promoting the poison junk to now be injected into children. As you said, “Evil.”

    • Robert K


      While I am inclined to agree with you, I also know once the left has control, they NEVER give it away, WILLINGLY. It is empirical evidence throughout history to corroborate this. I would not be surprised by Republicans winning races in 2022, just so the left can say, “Look, races aren’t rigged, they’re fair. There is no election fraud”. This of course is total B.S., and they would just set the stage for the next Presidential steal in 2024, queue 2020 all over again. Next time it may be Ebola, or an epidemic, or some garbage to control the narrative, induce panic and fear, and force people to stay away from the ballot box and encourage mail in ballots. We already know the voting machines are rigged and the votes are changed.

      I told my wife when President Trump leaves office, that we’ll probably never see another Pro-America or Republican president in office in our lifetime…Now that the left and CCP stole the 2020 election, I have every reason to believe I was right, unfortunately.

  25. Derek Sinclair

    Children have to be “vaccinated” to prevent them taking revenge for the coming death of their “vaccinated” parents. If they’re all dead – no problem. This will all end soon, and when it does all of these people who pushed this poison (“doctors”, “scientists”, politicians and “journalists”) must be tried and executed. This is mass murder.

    • Paul ...

      It Is Time … To Make Our Move!!

      • JC


        The day will come when we will get rid of the political bosses and rebuild the world.

        G.A. STEWART: The 1936 movie Things To Come was a movie well-ahead of its time. It was the very first serious Post-Apocalypse Movie. After World War and the collapse of global civilization, it is the surviving aviators and scientists who rebuild the world and begin to get rid of the political bosses.

  26. Bronson

    I bet, you like, not being censored at all. You get to tell us the full truth. These other news reporters are like puppets being controlled by the elite.
    You must sleep good at night for doing news reporting, the way you like to do it, and have correct and honest reporting.
    Its sad that they shut down your YouTube channel for telling us the truth. But, God made sure that you could still get out the truth to us.
    Thank-You, for all that you do.

  27. Timothy McCrory

    This is from the opening chapter in my free ebook that proves the underlying fraud of the income tax. Greg needs to cover it.


    The Citizens of the several States are not generally liable for the Federal income tax. The reason becomes quite clear when the correct facts are known.

    Federal Income Tax Not Pursuant to Article 1, Section 8.

    Those individuals who address the issue of the Federal income tax generally quote Article 1 § 8(1), the constitutional clause that delegates to Congress the authority to lay and collect taxes. It reads:

    U.S. Constitution, Article I § 8 (1).

    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States [***]

    Those individuals go on to point out the laying of direct taxes is further regulated by two more clauses within the Constitution. However, where the Federal income tax is concerned, they commit a serious error by stopping with those three constitutional clauses.
    That serious error arises because Congress’ authority for the present Federal income tax does not derive from Article 1 § 8(1). Few Americans realize the Constitution provides Congress another authority to lay and collect taxes. This other constitutional authority is Article 4 § 3(2), which reads:

    U.S. Constitution, Article IV § 3 (2).

    The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States [***]

    The following excerpt from a Federal case points out this second authority Congress can rely upon to lay and collect taxes.

    Lawrence v. Wardell, Collector. 273 F. 405 (1921). Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

    [1] The power of Congress, in the imposition of taxes and providing for the collection thereof in the possessions of the United States, is not restricted by constitutional provision (section 8, article 1), which may limit its general power of taxation as to uniformity and apportionment when legislating for the mainland or United States proper, for it acts in the premises under the authority of clause 2,
    section 3, article 4, of the Constitution, which clothes Congress with power to make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States. Binns v.
    United States, 194 U.S. 486, 24 Sup.Ct. 816, 48 L.Ed. 1087; Downes v. Bidwell, 182 U.S. 244, 21 Sup.Ct. 770, 45 L.Ed. 1088.

    This work intends to show that the constitutional authority Congress relies upon for the Federal income tax is Article 4 § 3(2) because Congress is taxing the incomes of those persons within its territory and other property, as well as others who may be subject to the Article 4 § 3(2) legislative jurisdiction of the United States. Congress is the supreme legislative body over its territory and other property and acts not only as a national legislature but also in the capacity of a state legislature. The Federal income tax is not a national income tax, but is in the nature of a state income tax.

  28. David Gordon Dunne

    My friend Don who has lived in Bangkok, a city bigger and more modern than NYC in 1995. He took a trip all through China but specifically to go to all those “Ghost” Cities there. He came back and then went again in 2009. I moved to Thailand in 2011 and then moved back again from KY in 2016 and that is where I live now. Don told me that he went to over 15 cities and they had high rises, nice roads, like Dallas on a weekend but no one lived in any of them. He said they were all as big as Dallas. I have spent a lot of time in Bangkok and that city has a slew of very tall skyscapers that also are totally vacant. China money talking. They did all of that to fake their GDP numbers up big. Now, the time will come soon when all of us will have to pay a price like with their China Virus they released onto the world. EVIL. The Globalists like the Rockefellers and Morgans really created Cbina into the Economic and now Military powerhouses so we can thank them for our demise Satan is in control until Jesus comes back and throws his ass into the Fire Pit. The reason Mike Lindell will never get the Supreme Court to vote on our side now is they know they are dead meat along with all their families if they were to stand tall with us Patriots. I pray deeply for 3 hours a day and have since 2016. The thing about Satan is he always moves incrementally and never gives an inch back. God Bless all of you and Greg, God Bless you and your family. I was so furious and depressed when I brought my Thai fiance to KY in 2014, got married and then OBs Immigration more of less ran us out of the country in 2016 by simply ignoring our paperwork on the Green Card and making us file it again and again. It cost total about $3,800 each time. After a total cost of all stuff of almost $60k, we left but now it is nice here, the Thai people love each other and are kind and caring. I doubt we ever get the chance to come back and visit now. I am very outspoken and am sure I am on some list of some sort.

  29. Paul the Farmacist

    I have completed a letter to the school my children attend to attempt to keep the needle out of their arm. Each child will present a copy to their teacher and carry a copy to present if they are lined up for injection during school hours. I am divorced and have shared medical custody so the letter is written from a split-home perspective. Maybe your other users would find this letter useful. …….
    A Parental denial for Rac and Re Ch to receive the covid-19 “vaccine”
    On this day the 29 th of October 2021, I, Paul , pursuant to The Final Order On parenting signed by the M County Family Court and entered into the record on the 3 rd day of May 2018 (case -D-16)and having co-equal medical custody of the minor children Ra and Reb Ch (the children, children) make this statement. I do NOT under any circumstance want my children injected with any Covid-19 “Vaccine”. Whereas, the Covid-19 injections by all three manufacturers marketed in the USA are dangerous and currently given under an Emergency Use Authorization (yes, the recent 17-0 vote by the FDA 10/27/21 approved the vaccine as EUA). I wish to state my opposition to Ra and Reb Ch receiving these dangerous and currently experimental injections. Even after the approval by the FDA I remain opposed to the children receiving the injections. Also, I wish to formally state my opposition in writing to the P County School Board and its agents.
    Over 9010 deaths have been associated with all Covid injections in the United States combined and a total of 707315 total adverse events as of 10/29/21 (CDC Wonder search). Long term effects of these new, novel injections are unknown and may take years to manifest. As of 10/29/21 the CDC VAERS website lists 12 total deaths from covid-19 in Females age 6-17 vs more than 610,437 total deaths during the entire pandemic. In contrast 303 children drowned in swimming pools in the year 2017. The injections have little provable benefit in the less than 17 year old population and a high risk of adverse effects.
    Since I have shared medical custody of the children I state that I WILL pursue all legal remedies (civil and criminal) against anyone involved in inoculating my children. I will pursue all legal remedies to have the person who inoculates my children and anyone who signs forms to have my children inoculated bear 100 % of the costs associated with treating an adverse effect on either or both of my children as a result of this inoculation. I OPPOSE having the children injected with the covid “vaccine” or any injection designed to elicit protein production by the human body which then causes antibody production. Paul will never consent to giving any mRNA injection, Covid-19 injection, or any vaccine that was not listed in the childhood vaccination schedule prior to November 2019 to the children.

    Wherefore, for the reasons stated above Paul DEMANDS his children be excused from any vaccinations given by the P County School Board or its agents.

    I have instructed my children to call me at 5-9-074(primary) or 34-48-22 (secondary) and to refuse vaccination. I ask that you would honor this request and contact ME IMMEDIATELY BEFORE any injections are to be given to my children


    Dr. Paul
    BS Chemistry (199 UGA)
    PharmD (200 UGA)

    • Paul ...

      Paul … You are taking a big chance thinking the “commies” are going to listen to “your demands” in your letter … keep your children out of school (home school them) and load your shot gun!!

      • c

        Exactly. One of my child’s class mate was given gardasil vaccine without parental consent. , With a refusal form from the mother, they injected her any way
        They always came back and said, whoops, we made a mistake.

      • Paul the Farmacist

        Just doing what I can considering my circumstances of shared custody. My ex would not go along with taking them out of school. I hope other parents in my circumstance will file paperwork. I also will present this info to the school board and my ex. And pray!

  30. Maria+das+Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter for daring to announce the truth.
    Here in the UK, the Bolshevik Communists have a firm grip on society and are determined that we plebs must go,even our royal family are aboard with this agenda and are cheerfully cheered by the plebs as they go about cutting ribbons for gas chambers. Dr Adolf and Eichmann are applauded for their efforts in murder meanwhile at the mother of parliaments, the irony of it, we applaud the jagged leader as he gently oozes legislation that allows “euthanasia” for anyone an over the counter solution to people of any age or fitness. Meanwhile our brave soldiers are training to shoot plebs and prepare to die gloriously in the soon to be battle fields of China.
    We plebs here,whilst starving of money,are only too happy to go along with the Globalist Agenda of Communism and watch our assets and money be seized for the common good. Does anyone else want to spit feathers whilst reading this?
    Surely irony cannot be dead,
    yet it seems to be.
    Thanks again Mr Hunter from a glorious morgue formerly known as the United Kingdom.

  31. Stephen

    Trump was a big spender too! He was better than Biden though!

    • Dave

      Yes. Trump and the GOP controlled Congress during his first two terms gave us the largest budget deficits to date at that time. Huge tax breaks for corporations in the tax bill and out of control spending. That is not a prudent let alone conservative way to run the government. But Trump supporters like Rush said deficits didn’t matter. Rush never said that about the huge deficits under Obama.

  32. Donna

    I was very surprised to read the article about Lansing’s Sparrow Hospital and its overwhelmed ER. I live nearby and have used its services and visited patients many times over the years. I had no idea at all that the ER was so overwhelmed. Today I brought this up at a group I attend, and another woman told me that her sister just spent a week in the ER at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit. They tried daily to get her a bed on the floor, but none was available, so they had her in a private room in the ER all that time. So the article was correct–it’s not just at Sparrow that patients couldn’t get into the hospital. Does anyone else have a story like this?

    (Greg, just fyi, John James lost his senate bid to Gary Peters here in Michigan, not Wisconsin.)

    Thanks for another great WNW! Love your channel!

    • Paul ...

      Donna … Hospital administrators assigning “just 5 beds” for Covid patients “can make it look like they are overwhelmed” for propaganda purposes!!

    • Bob

      Donna, I recently read an article in the Syracuse (N.Y.) Post Standard that a 72-year old man spent over 18 hours waiting in a hospital ER to see a doctor. He finally just gave up and went to another hospital where he was seen by an ER doctor after waiting approximately 1 hour, I think. He was admitted to the hospital for a serious medical condition (not Covid-related) and underwent surgery. He related that the first hospital ER was woefully understaffed and simply overwhelmed by patients. This is very scary stuff for anyone who comes down with any serious illness/injury.

    • Coal Burner

      I spent some time for non covid reasons in the hospital two months back. It was overwhelmed because they cannot open parts of the hospital because of shortages of staff. That has been made much worse by staff who refuse the Jab. At least 30 to 50% refused to take it and they are off the job. Quietly half of the hospitals rooms are shut down because of no staff. It is a very big deal. No problem because we will need them when the major die off comes this winter.

  33. Bill

    Amen, Greg, amen!

  34. AndrewB

    Lovely thought, but sounds like another ‘wish list’ story from Real Raw News (RRN).

  35. Ccw

    Covid virus. The perfect way to get Baby Boomers off social security and medicare . . . With plauxable deniaxility.

  36. Jr

    good clear report hitting the key lie of this satanic operation that this is a “vaccination”
    it’s not a vaccine….
    a good video for alt treatment –
    the key battle ground from here on out to the vax mandate is to confront the lie at every turn to every pressure to take the jab – IT’S NOT A VACCINE
    my heart is broken.. on twin cities fox news 9 ..a report on how mpls was offering shots for the kids the background shot are two masked little girls innocent as lambs being taken into a clinic… the older one about 9 or 10 …mommy taking them to get their shots.. my heart is broken …
    all of a sudden Racine County on the eve of the Kyle Rittenhouse kangaroo court starting in nov. where? IN RACINE COUNTY is somehow all these months later taking headlines away from the “Kyle Trial” with looking like an honest sheriffs dept – kind of a reverse false flag? The Kyle Trial is the most important 2nd amendment case maybe ever… what are you hearing out of Racine? CRICKETS. Oh wait… more Trump fake election hopium for the deplorable masses. It used to be “let them eat cake”…now days it’s let them snort hopium … evidently the cake is boxed up in a barge floating off long beach harbor …. anyway, excellent work as always Greg…lean on Jesus ..not on Donald J for jab Trump

    • Paul ...

      And the truly unbelievable disgusting thing to watch … is mother’s taking their children in for the Killer “jab” … with smiles on their faces!!!

    • travis moss

      You’re worth more dead than alive. They bought life insurance policies on us when we were born. We are worth trillions through the cest que vie trust

      • Paul ...

        TM … It is hard to believe … but I bet there are greedy Satanic Demon Rat parents who would take out million dollar insurance policies on their kids … and then bringing their kids (with big smiles on their faces) in for the “jab” … hoping their kid would get a heart attack … just so they can collect the insurance money … the same way they bring their young boys to school for “Drag Queen Story Time” events where they allow their young boys to dress up as girls and have sex with the perverted degenerate queer Principle of the school … just so their kid will get an A in math!!

      • AndrewB

        Hi travis,
        Interesting comment.
        Also, I understand that in Europe, all Birth Certificates result in a notional €100,000 addition to the relevant Country Inc’s capital assets. Like livestock, each person is given a monetary value at Birth. You will be paying taxes – right?!

  37. peter tomkins

    you cant raise taxes on bussiness they raise prices and becomes an inflation hidden tax

  38. Jerry

    This is it. It’s now or never.’-rejection-of-vaccine-mandate-as-thousands-avoid-shots-3412594.html

    12000 troops in the Air Force are now facing court martial. The question is, where do we go from here? Martial law? Civil unrest? And more importantly what is going to happen to people and their families who have been terminated for not taking the vaccine?

    The globalist don’t care. They have an agenda to follow and time is not on our side. I can’t prove it, other than my word, but I have now been told by nurses in two different hospitals that the majority of the people in the ICU have been vaccinated. When I was in the hospital I was not in the ICU, but I was told by nurses that I got to know that it was true. How is that possible? The excuse I keep hearing is “ you still get infected but you don’t get as sick”. Really? We were told the vaccines were 90% effective. Lie! And now we’re being told to get the booster and it doesn’t matter what vaccine you have. Lie! How do they know that? What test have been run? Moderna is not the same as Pfizer. Lie! Lie! Lie! Folks we are in deep, deep trouble. Pray.

  39. caroline5765

    If people don’t learn to say NO, they will always hear GO.


    SATAN IS A LIER… so how do we spot evil????

  41. alfy

    I’ve live long enough to see Nazi in control for second time. That’s what they are, seen them in person many years ago.

  42. Neville

    Hi Greg,
    When discussing the going-ons of either the NIH,FDA,CDC or any of these evil entities, one must take into account their satanic track records which can only suggest that these are by their very nature THE MOST DISCREDITTED pieces of crap on the planet.
    That they have not been shut down and the cretins operating in them been jailed or stoned to death is proof positive that satan is fully in charge of AAcrime.
    Things are set to get worse and when we least expect HIM ,JESUS will make HIS reappearance to take charge of the Horror of all Horrors and those of us lucky enough to have survived this “The Worst” abomination to take place on planet Earth since its creation,will witness the judgement to be carried out against the cretinous likes of fauci,gates,binden etc etc.

    • Paul ...

      N … Jesus is within us … we must take out our whip and flog the Money Changers and Big Pharma by boycotting all the things they try to sell us … like “fiat” and “jabs”!!

  43. Marie+Joy

    IF you have land, please consider growing vegetables to eat, or sell. This is a very good time to start your own Victory Garden.

  44. Dan Reynolds

    The other day I was at the local Walmart pharmacy, helping my mother in law pick up a prescription. When, to the left of the waiting line, all of a sudden a bunch of people anxiously started another line to get their booster jabs! What a bunch of lemmings hurling themselves over the edge. How can people just give up their right to think for themselves!!???
    I just want to know when the time will come for all of us patriots to pull the plug on paying taxes and fulfill our forefathers wishes??

    • David

      Time for Rand Paul and others to stand up and be counted; oppose what is going on and provide some real leadership. Even if that involves a “bloodless” coup. Then I consider Revelation Ch. 9 that speaks about smoke rising from the abyss. This is the smoke of deception and lies, and would explain why so many who have no spiritual foundation are deceived by what is happening. Peter McCullough is amazing, and has exposed much of the lies and corruption. But the message of Revelation is that God is sovereign, and will prevail, although our faith will be severely tested in the process.

  45. Mike Anenberg

    Politicians lie constantly. It’s their job.
    They tell us lies about every issue good or bad.

  46. Marie+Joy

    WE need to be vicious, brutal and you need to find your inner b*tch. Remember “The Patriot” movie? WE are past that point.

  47. Tommy

    What a week! My head is spinning. On Covid I too read the report about Maryland covid deaths over the past 2 months have been 40% vaccinated persons. Then they go on to tell you that the vaccine is safe and effective and you should get it to protect yourself.
    Then yesterday I’m watching the local news and they have a report that the scientists have been combing through existing drugs that may help treat covid and wow, they found one; fluvoxamine, an anti depressant used to treat depression, anxiety and OCD. And I’m screaming at the TV yelling, “what about ivermectin?”.
    And how about the experts at the FDA who approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on an emergency use authorization for 5-11 year olds coupled with comments by one on the committee saying that we will never know how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. (We have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill?) and another saying it’s a close call because we know that covid is not a serious threat to 5-11 year olds and the side effects which are presently unknown may cause more problems than the virus. Yet they voted to okay it for the little ones.
    The grilling that Ted Cruz gave AG Garland about having the FBI investigate parents who questioned their school boards was interesting too.
    Then there’s our mentally challenged president who is roaming about the world.
    YIKES! I’m exhausted.

  48. Bibi

    Thank you Greg for all your postings. I look forward to all of them especially guests such as Clif High and Michael Pento. I am a retired board certified anesthesiologist and study this entire C19 scam. It became clear to me early on that there is no virus and it is all about the kill shot. As the criminal Daszak stated in 2015 to use the media to whip up hysteria so people will take shots. Covid symptoms are generic that one can get with the flu and common cold. No Sars Cov 2 has ever been isolated from a sick human. The genetic sequence was computer generated. All one huge hoax. Shocking that so many believe the lies and rushed to get the shots.

  49. Marie+Joy

    Right now, none of them have any reason NOT to do what they’re doing. WE need to give them a reason NOT to do what they’re doing. I don’t see any other way. They are the reason. They are the cause. THEY.

  50. Chad

    There is a day of reckoning coming in regards these vaccines, I believe this in my gut. I know of a few people who are getting/starting to feel sick, unexplainably. I believe the report that just came out with people going to hospitals with worsening illness since pandemic started is part due to the vaccines. Two in my family has had non stop issues since they’ve taken it. And now you can mix the vaccines if you want?? One of my coworkers took Pfizer shots then for booster Moderna. This is insane! I had covid last year and thanks be to God, it left in about a day and a half. I just purchased NAC, and I will continue to take all the things I take vitamins/minerals/herbs and prayer and I pray for every one including you Greg to stay safe and healthy. This is going to implode in the near future, I just have a gut feeling

  51. Jim Hebert

    A suggestion for Australians, confront the police. If they are going to act like NAZIs then treat them like NAZIs. When they start to arrest someone react with the NAZI salute and be loud and persistent with your SEIG HEIL and HEIL HITLER until they get the idea that what they are doing is evil.
    The banality of evil is expressed when people do evil to save their job or they want to travel etc.
    What benefit if you gain the whole world but loose your soul?

    • Paul ...

      More police dogs are turning on their handlers … as the dogs have a better sense of “what is right and what is wrong” … then the Nazi’s handling them!!

  52. Hubbs

    Tank man 1989 vs Jab man 2021

  53. John

    This country has descended into a state of insanity from which there is no recovery. America is America in name only, America is gone and has been for many years.

  54. Steven Parks

    Mr Hunter you are the best place to get a in depth investigation of what’s truly happening to we the people by the servant of the people who actually aren’t serving us but really serving the people who donate to get and keep them in power to spend our money on things that enrich themselves and their cohorts to trample upon we the people. Its my opinion that we need to pass laws for voter worker cameras (with audio) just like cop cams to stop stealing our election make it totally transparent as to what really happened if they object we the people don’t need their services I was watching your election coverage live and like you I have never seen such treacherous things in my life everybody says look at az,nv,Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and I think Michigan nobody’s bring up Virginia (that was a dead giveaway to me ) I look forward to each of your post constantly awaiting your WNW and your many guest, can’t wait for CAF this Saturday Gods given you a voice for his children to hear his truth you have a great following it would be great if you repeat they voter cam idea to your followers and see what they think if cops are required to wear them why not election workers thanks for your time


  55. A R

    This info may be helpful. Could you post this as an anonymous listener? I do feel that this info would be helpful.

    India Mart is a go between for buyers and sellers. I opened an account and asked for pricing on Ivermectin and Budesonide.
    We received dozens of quotes/inquiries from vendors, and the costs were all over the board. Here is what we ended up paying…

    600 count 12 mg. Ivermectin $30
    5 Budesonide inhalers 200. $30
    Shipping to USA. $40
    Instarem Bank Transfer Fee $15
    Total $115

    You will be asked not to mention medicine, and the Instarem payment company was loaded with questions about the purchase.

    Use the India Mart messaging system, not email for communication with vendors.

    Shipped/received in about a week

    I have to cut 12 mg pills to get 18 mg (12+6)

    They will NOT take Paypal.

    $30/600 pills= $0.05 or 5 cents/pill
    1.5 pills/week x 52 weeks=76 pills x 5 cents/pill = $3.80/year per person

    Does anyone know how long medicines are good if kept at a stable environment, Not the MFGs recommendation, but actual life? Would refrigeration help?

    • Bible Reader

      Greg, you need to read the first part of this comment more carefully and edit it.

      • Greg Hunter

        B R
        Thanks !!! So sorry A R!! I rushed this comment and made a mistake.

  56. Paul Anthony

    Everything regarding Gregs advice of getting out of debt rather than more debt and preparing as best you can by stocking on supplies and food is great is advice We are heading to hard times and if by a miracle and through Gods grace we avoid it it doesnt hurt to work toward being prepared in every way you can think of . Pray daily and get your nose in scripture too . We need to be prayed up and looking up as much as possible

    Thanks for all you hard work interviews and reports Greg!

    In HIM,

    Paul Anthony

  57. ron martin

    Greg, to my wife and I you are “essential”. Call me a cynic but Jon James of Michigan and my former congressman Doug Collins are not the heroes many think. James rushed to concede without questioning the obvious voter fraud and Collins sold out to Loffler who then lost to Warnnock via voter fraud. Both were darlings of the GOP and both have now disappeared with their newfound wealth. All we hear from both are crickets. We conservative Christians keep putting our faith in humans (Bush 1 &2, McCain, Romney, Trump) only to find out they are democrats masquerading as republicans. It took me 78 years but my faith lies only in our Creator and His Son to the end of time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ron!

  58. Concerned Canadian

    Hi Greg…anybody else notice that Biden has left the country and has flown 800 people to the UK…Trudeau also has left in a private jet and has flown our largest military transport full of people to the UK? Are they getting people out because something bad is about to happen? Are they getting ready to nuke north america?

    • AndrewB

      There is a ‘big wigs’ conference in communist Scotland about enforcing a dystopian ‘green agenda’ on mankind. They are travelling to Scotland in no less than 1,000 private jets. Now, THAT will help the environment! ‘We the people’ will pay for their carbon emissions in our taxes.

  59. Paul Anthony

    wow –

    so the fda is now saying brace for heart attcks in Childern — whoa !

  60. Daryl Este

    Mr. Greg Hunter and his audience,

    Daryl – here, I have gotten good news and bad news, and also a comment first the bad news the whole world has Covid. Now for the good news God win’s.

    Now for my comment state Christ-centered, the center of the Bible is Psalms 118 Verse 8 it’s a miracle the shortest chapter is Psalms 117 the longest chapter is Psalms 119 and the center chapter is Psalms 118 do the math.

    Always remember you are LOVED

    Mr. Hunter, and all God’s people never give up.

  61. William Goode

    Greg Great presentation I love your passion but slow down. On some days when you get excited you make small mistakes on facts but I know what you mean. Relax all is well you are on the right side of history and God the father is along side every step. My hope is to meet you someday and Thank you in person for your work that I see every week. You are the best!

  62. James Hall

    Biden never had 55% support, just like the phony election numbers this is also phony. With that number he would of had some decent rally’s. Our biggest nightmare is among us, be fearful, but resistant all the way.

  63. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg for another winner of a weekly wrap-up. Ill look forward to the Saturday edition with Catherine Austin Fitts as well.

  64. Jerry

    Well friends,
    Here’s why the globalist are throwing us under the bus. They no longer need a work force.

    Doubt it? My son works for a company who is producing construction bots. Their orders are backed up. Imagine a police force of law enforcement bots? Now you know why a reset is needed by the globalist.

    • Paul ...

      I guess the Globalists never heard of “a monkey wrench” … that can “foul up all the machines” they think they can replace their workers with!!

      • c

        Paul. You are an amazing mechanic and a good nutritional consultant.

  65. Self Exiled

    What is China trying to accomplish now. CNA =CNN.

    • Paul ...

      China pays the Vatican $2 billion dollars per year … so the Pope will continue to give his blessings to Satan as the true God (and to worship this false God for getting us thrown out of Paradise and having our life spans cut down from 1000 years to 120 years) … Satan is like the “jab” we are told is protecting us … instead our God given DNA is being transformed into soulless AI bots linked to a hive mind made of silicon!!

  66. Robert Dziok

    Cliff High mentioned in an interview with Greg recently it all makes sense when you factor in the agenda is World depopulation.

  67. Michael W

    Greg – you are a true Soldier for Jesus. Best part of every Weekly News Wrap is how you end it. Children getting these death shots has weighed on me like something fierce. Very worried for the suffering they will endure. We need to keep these Children in our prayers too. They need it.

    • Paul ...

      These vaccine “Kill Shots” have to be delivered by truck … that’s the weak link … for when the men driving these trucks hear their child was murdered by the “jab” … they may want to commit suicide by purposely driving these vaccine trucks off cliffs!!

  68. Jeff

    Every picture I see of the Pfizer vaccine is the Pfizer BioNTech. I am yet to see the Comirnaty label anywhere. How can people be so blind.

  69. Self Exiled

    JC and Catherine ——— came to me during my morning coffee, quiet time, and welcome Lord into my day time; eddiemd may have felt called to the border. I suspect border wars are about to begin. Also state session from the union (possibly latter 2022). The federal government for me no longer exists. Like a friend of mine said who took moderna and could not get out of bed the next day “who do I go shoot?”. I didn’t have an answer.

  70. Fred Engel

    Word is that they want to give illegals 450 G’s per person for those separated from family that’s more than I have saved for retirement. Great report Greg. Fear not! Vaxx not!

  71. Jim Sellars

    Greg; I was told last week by a hematologist I saw that the risk of clotting is greater with COVID than with the vax. This is something that I am having a hard time processing since all I have read says the opposite. Could you share any sources that I could use to confirm that it is not the virus illness but the vax that induces clots? Thanks for your help and the great work you are doing. I am a big fan.

  72. Mark Sansone

    You know the System is f***ed up when it’s the “journalists” that need to be interviewed.

  73. Sue Patterson

    For a long time I thought people were just stupid for being injected. My own sister tried to bully me into being injected, proclaiming that I was willfully, “killing myself and others by being hesitant.” This situation made me rethink my conclusion that people were just stupid, because my sister isn’t actually stupid. Over time I’ve begun to see that people aren’t stupid, they are fearful, mostly they are afraid of facing death. As a Bible reading believer in Jesus I kept returning to the verse, Hebrews 2:15, “and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.” Without a sure foundation of eternal security through Jesus Christ people are left, “separate from Christ… having no hope and without God in the world.” (Ephesians 2:12).
    Now I sometimes feel overcome with sadness for so many who have been driven by fear to inject themselves and their children. The fear of death has been weaponized against the masses; this is tragic!

    • Jerry

      Having just faced death in a covid19 hospital ward, I would say you are 100% correct. When you are laying there, you have to choices to think about. Faith or fear. The reality is everyone will eventually die no matter what you do to prevent it. The question is are you spiritually ready? If are, you don’t need to be afraid.

      • Sue Patterson

        Thank you, Jerry, I can tell you get it. I’m glad to hear you recovered and have faith.

      • Glenn

        Everyone will not eventually die. You need to read your Bible.

  74. Lynn

    Tank man vs. Tank woman vs. Tank Thing…..New passports with gender neutral option.
    Kids die, maimed from vaccines, there goes our future armies, police, fire, etc. TOO WEAK
    Jabs data all skewed, made up, death, destruction now in progress.
    Governments are cartels, they are no longer for the people, they are completely against the people, globally, raping and pillaging every financial instrument as we know it.
    Shortages = control, starvation, depopulation
    Canada has buses with signs of a “Kid’s Stroke Intervention” number and hospitals teaming up to handle the calls….WHAT? Parents cannot go back to work…stay home and have little or no income??????? (Universal income anyone???)
    Big Pharma – more meds coming than ever in history for depression, stroke, clots, etc. (the wealthiest are wealthier than ever before in history at our expense and we allow it)
    Education – dumbing down of kids, families, society, teach kids to hate whites? What next?
    Trump- promoting the jab, sounds like big pharma has gotten to him too
    WHERE ARE THE INSIDERS who see this happening? The “WHITE HATS”, they are where? Anyone heard from them? Are they bought and paid for? one left at this point, all paid off shills to the whores who own us and our financial system.

    WE LET ALL OF THIS HAPPEN, and now its too late to stop it all, we had the chance, too lazy, too complacent, now the weak die off, the strong try and take up the call to action.

    What is the final objective? Worldwide destruction of all things we have grown up with, they are gone, the world is gone, people – gone, so what is left? Do you know? Is this something we can endure? History of such events so we can see the outcome?

    So do you really believe or do you wait for others to stand up and fight, what about YOU? Do you just type words on a page, rage through social media, sound like you are standing up for what is right, but too comfortable to really make a difference?
    What can you do to save yourself and your loved ones?
    This is too big for one person, it will take a village…and those who have been taught socialism and who will wait for others to save them, sorry, not going to happen, you will need to save yourself, for that type of idealism NEVER WORKS.
    Prepare, stand with others, stand with Greg and the community. Pray for spiritual intervention to support the armies of many who will die. And SUPPORT GREG HUNTER and those who care more about you than themselves and who do whatever necessary to promote the “TRUTH”.

    HEROS OF THE WEEK: Safeway Pharmacy worker, California, who was giving injections, gets on the intercom in Safeway and announces to the customer the “jab is poisoning people and making them sick and die”, she says over the intercom, she is quitting, she cannot mentally do this to others any longer.” God bless people like her!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless (and save) our Republic.

  75. billy

    Hey Greg,
    Can you pls help us raise awareness about new laws that Victorian premiere Dan Andrews is trying to secretly introduce. There is no rule of law here in Australia!!
    These laws include –
    $500k fine to businesses serving unvaccinated
    $50 fine to kids under 15 for not wearing masks
    Police will now have the power to lock you up for two years without court

    NSW Premier had promises that the unvaccinated would get freedoms back from Dec 1, but tonight the media is stating this is going to be delayed to a later date. The unvaccinated are being locked out of society.

    All Australian premiers are pushing really hard to get vaccine rates higher by December- they must have a deadline i think to get bonuses from pfizer and others.

    Also where is the blog about evergrande you mentioned??

  76. william lesieur

    Don’t trade Bitcoin. Buy and hold along with silver for long term wealth protection. I bought in at $100 in 2013 knowing why and where it was headed. I also recommend Theta and Theta Fuel per their technological aspects not because they’re another crypto. Plus Theta did not ICO which is very important as to the SEC’s ability to mess with crypto. ICO=bad. I’ve become very wealthy beyond merely having a ‘store of value’. BTC is going much, much higher!! Adoption is here and it will contribute to its future stability. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

    • JuicyMoosey

      Keep in mind that the “use case” for certain crypto’s may not be quite so useful when half the population is dead, maimed or worrying about how they’re going to eat.

      Part of the Theta “use case” is a software method to share and distribute the finite data bandwidth on the internet. Great idea pre-covid – Reward people for sharing their resources – Ideal use for crypto tech.

      However, within months… there might be plenty of leftover bandwidth if nobody is left to use it. Theta suddenly not so exciting.

  77. Self Exiled

    Doctor: Hydras and Parasites in Vaxx, Transfecting Humans Into New Species ——- Everybody needs to listen to this and think———-

    Dr. Ariyana Love joined “The Stew Peters Show”, and made the case that the COVID “vaccines” contain hydras and parasites, and that they’re being used to “transfect” humans into a “new species”. During the interview, Dr. Love begged inoculated people to NOT have children.

  78. Dave

    When the GOP controlled the 3 branches it did not even move a bill to cut PP funding or add abortion restriction. The GOP is only the “party of life” at election time. The truth is that McConnell and McCarthy will remain in control after the 2022 elections. There are not enough GOP seats being challenged in the GOP primaries to budge McCarthy and McConnel’s lock on their leadership positions.
    Lindsay Graham has voted for all but one of Biden’s ultra liberal judge nominees. Yet he is always on Hannity and often on Levin and they don’t bring it up. Why? Conservative talk radio is almost totally neocon and Graham is the favorite Senator of the neocons.

    The GOP will not change anything of significance if they win the House and Senate. Despite what Hannity and Levin tell you the two party system is not the answer. Both parties are bought and sold. That is the game. It is why talk radio fought so hard against the Tea Party forming a third party in 2013 or so. Keep conservatives in the GOP at all costs and fool them into waiting for the next election. It will all change then. Of course it never does as we saw with the first two years of the Trump Administration.

    BTW, most Tea party leaders today feel it was a mistake not to form their own party but they were under pressure from Rush and “Conservative Inc.” not to. Now why is “Conservative Inc” so opposed to a third party? People need to walk away from the parties. . People need to operate using a model based upon subsidiarity. Local control and local autonomy from the two-party regime in DC.

  79. Marilyn Guinnane

    So many of us feel tremendous gratitude for your honesty in reporting the insanity that is occurring in terms of the FAKE vaxx that is more than an experiment; rather it is a genocidal injection, as you’ve aptly pointed out Greg. I think about my parents, regular flag wavers, (RIP), and what they would think of the goings-on today. It would break their hearts. It’s hard to get one’s head around the fact that your own gov’t. wants you dead but face facts we must. After all, as Mussolini pointed out, fascism is just another term for ‘corporate controlled’. Giant corporations and big banks ARE our government. The pols are merely bribed puppets. The only reason they MIGHT not vote to eradicate our beloved 2nd amendment is that they’ll worry what the voters might do in the next election. Then again, if the bribe is big enough, and it may well be, they’ll be happy to step down in the next election and vote today as they’re told.

    With regard to the economy, I well recall in the nasty recession of the 70s, brokerage houses closing. What we’re heading into is a hellish . . . not recession but depression. An absolute collapse. We’re going to get kicked back to the 19th century, and how ill-equipped we are to withstand the loss of modernity!

    With regard to ‘Jesus’ — his name was never Jesus. It was YESHUA. As a Lightworker, I am commanded by my very soul to say this: You do not need saving. Yeshua was and is our brother, NOT our savior. The Supreme Creator chose the Lightworkers (billions volunteered, millions were chosen—instead of 144K) because we are impeccably honest. Our devout allegiance is to the Creator, not to our beloved brother, Yeshua. He did not die on the cross, and it’s important that you know that. NO ONE DIED FOR YOUR IMAGINARY SINS !!! And know this as well: Jehovah in the bible was a malevolent god, but he was NOT God. I was briefed by Archangel Michael and schooled by ascended master Ramtha, as well. ~ Blessings

    • Mark

      History stands with the divinely inspired words of the apostle Paul who quotes the Holy Spirit inspired words of King Solomon (1Kings 8:46) when he writes in his letter to the Romans that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” and also the Holy Spirit inspired words of King David who wrote “there is none righteous , no not even one” (Psalms 14:1-3, 53:1-3).
      To be clear then that sin and its direct effect of death is a condition shared by all human flesh (except Jesus Christ the Son of God Who voluntarily took upon Himself the judgment for the sins of the world in His body of sinless flesh on the Cross of Calvary and was raised from the dead by the Father of glory and is now seated on the throne of glory as Lord of all), Paul wrote in 5:12 of his letter to the Romans that “through one man sin entered the world and through sin, death; and thus death passed on to all men because all have sinned” and furthermore that “the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus (or Yeshua, if you prefer) Christ our Lord” (6:23).
      So if you honestly believe the words which you have written about how
      our sins are only “IMAGINERY” and that Jesus Christ the Son of God DID NOT “DIE FOR THEM”, then you are GREATLY DECEIVED and even as the apostle John has written (someone who knew a thing or two about the truth and dealt with false teaching in his day), ” IF WE THAT SAY THAT WE DO NOT HAVE SIN, WE ARE DECEIVING OURSELVES, AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN US. IF WE CONFESS OUR SINS, HE IS FAITHFUL AND RIGHTEOUS TO FORGIVE US OUR SINS AND CLEANSE US FROM ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. IF WE SAY THAT WE HAVE NOT SINNED, WE MAKE HIM A LIAR, AND HIS WORD IS NOT IN US” (1Jn.1:8-10).
      Therefore Marilyn, I am compelled to reach out to you in a spirit of love and let you know that whatever “LIGHTWORK” you think you are doing is actually DARKNESS and that you have fallen victim to some lying spirit which is masquerading as a so-called “ascended master” “Ramtha” and even the Archangel Michael, so that you are now in a very deep state of delusion, the judgment of which is certain and of which you must be warned of, even as the apostle Paul has written to those in Galatia who fell victim to false teachers: “if even we or an angel out of heaven should announce to you a gospel beyond that which we have announced to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, now also I say again, If anyone announces to you a gospel beyond that which you have received, let him be accursed”. (Gal.1:8-9)
      Again, from the apostle John we read: “Who is THE LIAR if not he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the ANTICHRIST, the one who denies the Father and the Son. Everyone who denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who confesses the Son has the Father also. (1Jn.2:22-23).
      In closing then Marilyn, I wish to emphasize the seriousness of holding and teaching any other testimony concerning Christ besides that which has been inspired by the Holy Spirit and preserved for us in Scripture by quoting again from the apostle John who, when dealing with a similar heresy like unto the one you expressed that denies the deity of Jesus Christ and man’s inherent sinful nature, wrote: “if anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, (the teaching of Jesus as the Christ), do not receive him into your house, and do not say to him, Rejoice! For he who says to him, Rejoice, shares in his evil works” (2Jn.1:10)

  80. Rich R

    Another great presentation Greg. You are awesome. I found this from 2015 look who holds the patent on the Covid-19 system and method for testing. None other than US- Patent 2020279585-A1 – ROTHSCHILD RICHARD A (GB). 2020/05/17

  81. Self Exiled

    So they are rewriting our DNA, Mmmmmmmmmm ——
    programing new genetics —— adding a new third strand to the DNA —– targeting embryonic cells —

    The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4

    Is this what happen before?????

  82. Percy Faith

    Dumb Rogan UNMASKS CNN’s True Agenda
    856,433 views Oct 28, 2021

    Low vitamin D and increased deaths
    317,640 views Oct 26, 2021 Dr. John Campbell
    Lower levels of vitamin D, higher rates of death
    Association of Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality Among Adult Patients With Existing Cardiovascular Disease
    Another great show! It’s curious that the media and experts on TV haven’t mentioned Vitamin D at all in recent memory. 🤷🏾
    I’m curious why the US government hasn’t pushed this with regards to covid. 80% in ICU, vitamin D deficient.
    Because maybe they really want us dead?
    _____________Looks more like it, every day, eh⁉
    Vitamin D with K too?

    An Epic “CARMINA BURANA” by Carl Orff at TINKOFF ARENA
    Friday Night Baklykov Live: Near Artic, St Petersburg Russia!
    120 watching now Started streaming 2 hours ago
    Lets Go Brandon Mandates & Masks /Not My Child For Trial!!!!
    ++++++If the Russki’s can be so free, why can’t we!🗽
    Live stream from Tinkoff Arena, The Youth Choir and Symphony Orchestra perform an epic masterpiece “Carmina Burana.”
    Written by German composer Carl Orff in 1937.“

  83. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you once again for a brilliant show, Greg, you really do humanity a great service. I know you always talk about how you used to be on the networks and I can only help but think, imagine if the network news was truthful like this! God bless you!! Elias

  84. FaithPercy


  85. Easyenergy

    You are such a conspiracy theorist Greg for saying the jab is dangerous to children…oh, wait, what’s this?

    This is leaked from the London Health Services Center (LHSC) Communication Broadcast email Oct 14, 2021. The LHSC is a hospital network in London, Ontario and is collectively one of Canada’s largest acute-care teaching hospitals.

    “Starting tomorrow (Oct 15): Paediatric Code Stroke will become operational at Children’s Hospital.

    The Paediatric Code Stroke is a dedicated, multidisciplinary team approach to managing paediatric patients with suspected stroke. Paediatric Code Stroke activation (Oct. 15) will occur for all patients under eighteen years of age presenting to the Pediatric Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital with suspected stroke by the paediatric emergency physician in consultation with the on-call paediatric neurologist. For paediatric patients presenting to the Emergency Department at University Hospital, the emergency physician must contact the on-call paediatric neurologist who will activate the Paediatric Code Stroke team and facilitate transfer to the Paediatric Emergency Department via EMS.”

    In over 30 years they have never needed a stroke code or a standby team to treat strokes in kids. I wonder why kids are getting strokes now?

  86. Randy Best

    Stock markets making all time highs. Gold and Silver getting smashed down with increased frequency. We are no closer to being 180 degrees opposite of where we were in April-May. God has not moved his hand, or he is moving it in a way that we can’t see or understand.

  87. Chuckles

    Daydreamed….. Overnight and without warning, the World governments all ban all digital currencies except for the new World Coin which is owned and run by the World Central Bank.

    All debts will be called in. If you can’t pay in full you forfeit the asset to the World Bank.
    The stock market will cease and all values of corporations that owe more money than they are worth return to zero as it is all debt. The World Bank will assume ownership of all the debt companies.

    World economy collapses and trade ceases, including your local stoooper-market. Looting, riots, mass killings until the cities become villages. The common people, instead of waging war on the central bank enemy, will kill each other off for that last loaf of bread. The enemy of mankind isn’t your neighbor!

    Those that survive the world culling and own their property outright, especially property that produces things, will become the new Barons.

    You will love not owning anything. Pay your debts on all things you wish to keep.

  88. john+duffy

    Greg, time to bring on Warren Pollock. He was one of your most entertaining guests.

  89. iwitness02

    Today, I saw a picture of a public transportation bus that had an advertisement posted on the side which read; “Kids get strokes too.” Already trying to normalize what’s coming with these jabs for children. There must be some sort of backlash against these evil people. When it comes, I hope it is the greatest show of shock and awe the world has ever seen.

    • Paul ...

      I02 … The solution is simple … all we need to do is turn the tables on the “commie” politicians … first quarantine them behind barbed wire at the Capitol (Pelosi already did this for us) … then mandate that all these politicians truly get “jabbed” (no saline solution gimmicks and no Ivermectin) … if they refuse … simply send drones to spray the Pfizer “jab” vaccine in the air for them to breathe in … before long Big Pharma’s ingredients will activate (creating strokes and heart attacks) … and our beautiful America will be returned to us “out of commie hands” … and we can once again become “Great Again” (without any need for Nuremberg II trials)!!

      • Paul ...

        Remember … In order “To Build Back Better” … we must “First Destroy” (all the insane “commie” psychopaths running our Governments, the perverted queer homosexuals running our school systems and all the Satan worshiping eugenicists running the “jab” program against our children and loved ones)!!!

      • Fran Barnes

        I might add, just in case some take too long to get really dead, that we supersaturate the vaccine with graphene oxide, radioactive plutonium/cesium137/thorium/barium/strontium, toluene, mercury and some glyphosate (roundup). Have ready a wrecking yard huge magnet; gather ’em under it for one nice smiling media photo.
        Good Plan A. B anyone to keep the momentum going?

  90. Merry Piper

    Greg: I woke up this morning and had the thought, yay it’s Friday, anticipating your Wrap-Up. I remain so grateful that somehow I connected to your site. Thank you once again for your stellar investigations!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks MP!!

  91. dlc

    A Cuban’s first exposure to an Aldi and Safeway supermarket. Imagine what goes through a commie’s head when they realize they have been held back all their lives, and too, thinking that everyone other country lived the same way. This Cuban sees all the abundance and is shut down by it.

    Look at the grime that is Havana and their version of a supermarket. This is Joe’s build back better plan for all of us. Then, to add salt, he wants to give 1 million bucks per couple to those who illegally crossed our border. They will in effect be living better than us native born. Imagine the bee swarm to come over the border given the rewards for doing so.

    P.S. Be sure to make use of the “CC” button to get the translation of this Cuban’s verbal reaction.

  92. patricia rose bowman

    F.D.A. is showing who they really are. Vax a child! Someone needs to line them ALL up and take the vaccines and start jabbing. Do to them what they have done to us. It’s just a experiment so they can go first. In the name of all the elderly who have died so far and all those who have died and been injured start jabbing them. If they touch our kids then it’s game on. Just saying. This I believe.

  93. jack

    They disarmed us for a reason. Michael Leunig has been a satire cartoonist since 1969. He lives in Victoria under dictator Dan Andrews who is trying to gain even more insane powers.Because the USA is well armed, the communists will try to starve you out as always. We must make a stand now.

  94. MCasey

    (The End Game)
    Hang in till the end….could get confusing since some of the NWO propaganda videos are intermingled with his commentary. Most importantly, he states “faith stands in their way”. And remember if you are going to “Build Back Better”, you have to first “Destroy” .

  95. Roger That

    Alabama Executive Order 724 written Monday is to combat the vaccine mandate and take it to the courtroom. We believe it will be successful. Anyone losing a job to covid mandates should go to TX or AL to work temporally or permanently. We need workers. These two states are getting blow back but that’s just part of the war. Yes we are all at war.

  96. Russ F

    What is the penalty for any parent that allows their 5 year old child to be vaccinated?
    In our current world – none.
    In another world – ? (homocide?)

    My daughters are adults, and likely vaccinated.
    If they were 5 year olds, I would protect them from this madness that has engulfed us.

  97. James

    Jesus is in control and everything Has a reason according to his plans. Be strong in the Lord for he is on his way. God bless America

    • Paul ...

      James … Jesus will be in control “when he gets here” … but right now … “we” need to take control … and we better put up some very strong resistance as they are coming to kill our children with their Clot Shot Heart Attack “jab”!!

  98. Robert

    My favorite guest is this Saturday, Catherine Austin Fitts. I’d love to be her neighbor or even live on the same block.

  99. Barb

    Greg and friends, plz share this podcast with any military members fighting this unlawful jab mandate. This lawyer, Mike Yoder, lays out his case against it and has given this military mom much reason to hope!

  100. Rachel.M.

    Hi Greg, really looking forward to hearing your converstion with Catherin. She always manages to give a perspective of the inner workings around the issues she discusses. Could you ask her where she sees the political leadership going in the years ahead given the financial climate of persistant inflation and the re-emergance of increasing interest rates if you get the chance? Thanks for your insights in this WNW also.

  101. Mark Sansone

    You heard me.

  102. Paul Lilliott

    God bless you Greg – you help people see thru the lies – this is just as much a war as Hitler and co – BUT it is run by psychologists in a totally stealth manner. If you are bombed, you KNOW you have an enemy. But a fake pandemic. If you force a concentration camp inmate at gun point to undergo a procedure, you are in violation of the Nuremburg code. But if you simply take away his livelihood etc, he has in theory a choice. All this we learnt in a neuro linguistics course.
    So IT TAKES a man with courage to shout the reality – and boy do you have influence no, thank God.
    On the water/food/energy front, a dehumidifier plus a filter will give drinking water ; a simple guttering system and $15 barrels from Home Depot will store water for the garden (and so, food). Home Depot has a 440 watt solar off grid kit for about $800 and a big battery for $300. I live in So Cal so all this is vital – I will be growing a full garden next summer thanks to this.
    I also suggest that we identify ourselves to stand up and be counted – perhaps a Star of David? This is SO important because we are isolated and powerless. You could really help here,

    • Greg Hunter

      No Paul there can be no coercion according to the Nuremberg Code of 1947–none. That is not a real choice.

  103. tim mcgraw

    Do you trust your health to being around the jabbed? I don’t. The injected zombies made my wife and I both sick last spring and we are still sick….
    We avoid the Pod People.
    BTW the great original 1953 version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is on TCM on Saturday at 5 PM Pacific Time.

    • JC


      It’s truly a classic. Remade several times, but the original with Kevin McCarthy is still the best.

      1978 – Invasion of The Body Snatchers
      1993 – Body Snatchers
      2007 – The Invasion

  104. George Hudson

    God Bless you Greg hunter!! May our Heavenly Father God send a band of angels to protect you, your family, your friends and all the ideals that we all share. God, please bless and protect Greg Hunter forever, Amen!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks George!!

  105. Jeff robbins

    Thanks for always leaving off with Jesus is real, cause it’s scary out in this crazy world. We’re told not to be afraid. I didn’t want to get into anymore payments, but I’ll share that next week I’m picking up a new John Deere series 3 tractor. I may not have many opportunities going forward as a pipefitter (vax mandates) and think that in this area there’s a good chance of providing a residential tractor service- like rototilling a side yard garden, spreading out gravel or dirt. Food could be bigger than most people would like to admit. It’s the only way it made sense to buy a new one- that i should have the rest of my life.

    • JuicyMoosey

      Try and research as many methods as possible to fuel the tractor lest they cut off supplies. Diesel engine’s can run on a couple of different fuel types. Might be worth buying yourself some spare fuel filters just in case. Sometimes you need to save your best fuel just to get the engine hot then switch over to something more easily accessible.

  106. Jeff robbins

    I’d like to add that at our last union meeting the vaccines were a big topic, and i asked if its even legal to mandate anything other than Cominarity because of the difference of full approval and emergency approval. And you know the details of that- the answer was- ‘we’re not sure’. That came from our guy that rubs elbows with the state representatives. I told them it looked like a case of bait and switch. I’m sure how much energy folks have to fight the good fight, especially when it means making waves.

  107. Riven

    On Tuesday, October 26, 2021 the FDA officially abrogated their duty to protect the public by voting 17-0 to approve the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for 5 – 11 year old children, based on the following numbers:

    Child Safety Study:

    2 Months Long.

    2268 Children in Study

    16 Infected After Given Placebo

    3 Infected After Given Vaccine

    BOOM: 91% Efficacy

    We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.
    -Dr. Ruben, Before Voting to Aprrove Pfizer Vaccine for 5-11 Year Olds

    • Paul ...

      The FDA is soon gonna learn about how safe they think they are!!

  108. jw

    How is it possible that Trump is going around the country like a snake oil salesman when he knows the damage of these vaccinations. Shouldn’t the logic be stop this madness and investigate instead of continuing until millions die, Nothing about this makes sense.

  109. John

    The infection caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) resulted in a pandemic with huge death toll and economic consequences. The virus attaches itself to the human epithelial cells through noncovalent bonding of its spike protein with the angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 (ACE2) receptor on the host cell. We hypothesized that perturbing the functionally active conformation of spike protein through reduction of its solvent accessible disulfide bond, thereby disintegrating its structural architecture, may be a feasible strategy to prevent infection. Proteomics data showed that N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), an antioxidant and mucolytic agent been widely in use in clinical medicine, forms covalent conjugates with solvent accessible cysteine residues of spike protein that were disulfide bonded in the native state. In silico analysis indicated that this covalent conjugation perturbed the stereo specific orientations of the interacting key residues of spike protein that resulted in threefold weakening in the binding affinity of spike protein with ACE2 receptor. Antiviral assay using VeroE6 cells showed that NAC caused 54.3% inhibition in SARS-CoV-2 replication. Interestingly, almost all SARS-Cov-2 variants conserved cystine residues in the spike protein. Our observed results open avenues for exploring in vivo pharmaco-preventive and therapeutic potential of NAC for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

  110. oneno

    New strain incoming from England…

    Indeed, it is not yet recognized that a new mutation of the plague is already striking again – especially in England – which will claim its victims and continue to spread throughout the world.

    This, while anyway the epidemic will start again and claim many new infected and dead people, because the stupidity of the leaders of the state already causes exactly the opposite of what should be ordered and done correctly.

    It is downright ridiculous – if it were not really crying – that the vaccines are not really effective in the way they should be, and that is because they are first tested, and that worldwide, on peoples who know nothing about it and trust fully in the vaccinations. They do not worry about why several vaccinations have to be given over a long period of time and the antibodies still dissipate and vaccine breakthroughs occur. Deliberately, the vaccine manufacturers keep the earthlings stupid and therefore unthinking about the Corona plague and the vaccines because a lot of profit can be made.

    • Marie+Joy

      oneno, It is NOT “stupidity”. It is genocidal intent.

  111. Linda Puetz

    What do I do with all the information I have collected promoting the jab? I have witnessed vaxxindents and people dropping on the ground, shaking and dying.
    This weekend I have the news letter from Home Depot. What a earful I have about HD.
    I can not afford to lose my job. I have been blocked from signing in on the computer at work.

    • Greg Hunter

      This HD sweepstakes is evil. I removes liability from HD for the injection. DO NOT Take the Jab. Tell HD
      to show you the Biden Admin mandate because there is not one. This is experimental under an “emergency use authorization” (EUA) check at the bottom of page 11 and top of page 12: Letter from FDA to Pfizer. What is available is not approved. BioNTech Covid-19 vax is the only thing available. The approved vax “Comirnaty” you cannot get. “No Fear” and No Vax. Don’t give in and do not give up.

  112. GENESIO

    Can anyone here explain why President Donald J. Trump gave full support to the vaccines and recently still has been promoting them?
    Why did Trump not replace Fauci although he knew he had illegally financed the corona virus gain of function research at the Wuhan Lab?
    There are many other questions about Trump that makes one question his commitment to defend and save the country and the people of the US and humanity from a genocide of a scale that makes WW2 look like a bar fight.

    • Dave

      Not to mention he appointed Deep State folks into virtually all high positions. From Ross, to Tillerson to Barr and plenty more. Trump is either in on it or stupid/easily manipulated.

  113. John

    CDC needs to be shutdown and exposed. These people are psychotic.

  114. Really Awake

    You are right, Mr. Hunter, water and food are number one and two. 3) medical and first aid. 4) a means to keep yourself either warm or cool when the power grid fails and your residual heating and cooling system doesn’t function. 5) a place to urinate and defecate when the water supply to the toilet ceases. 6) extra fuel for your vehicle(s) and your portable generator. 7) some kind of portable shortwave radio to receive news from afar. 8) self-defense. 9) personal hygiene and cleaning supplies. 10 ) something you personally need as an individual, e.g., a survival library of how-to books and a Bible.

    There is more, but having the above 10 will put you way, way ahead of the ignorant masses.

    BTW: spare parts for your house and car are fine so long as your house has electric and your car has a gas station with fuel for sale. But your guests are crap-talking the death of millions from the vaxx, the collapse of the economy and civil war… If that kind of crap-talk really hits the fan, Western Civilization could collapse – and the supply lines and power grid right along with it… Something to ponder over: what would you need during a major Malthusian die-off?

    • JuicyMoosey

      Couple more off-grid ideas.

      Solar panel, battery and rechargeable torches. So you can prepare food, fix clothes, read books or even write after dark. Note-pads and pens. Lots of DIY books. Energy is highly precious so you need to plan as many tasks as possible if you use a machine or travel somewhere.

      Sewing needle and good thread useful to keep clothes functional.

      Ropes can be tied around bundles and then the other end wound around a stick that you can carry over your shoulder in front. I’ve carried a lot of weight for long distances like that.

      Saws and saw blades. For firewood. Somewhere dry for firewood / kindling. Tarps.

      Garden tools, wheel barrow, seeds.

      Alcohol and something like propolis to put on wounds to prevent infection. Sticky tape TP on top.

      Cooking pots / pans / Oil / Boiling / Sterilising cauldron. Sterilised jars for conserves.

      KNIVES!!! FOLDING KNIVES!! BOXES OF LIGHTERS!!! Solar / Rechargeable Torches – Candles


      Clay oven / Grinding wheel / Mincer (Mince up something like lentils or chickpeas into paste makes nice falafel base)

      Paracetemol, Asprin, Something to err…”firm up” with because once the runs start sometimes they don’t stop without a little help. Sounds silly but you can die in a fortnight if you can’t stop it.


      Many spare boots / Sandals / Rubber boots. Preserve the best boots for the work that really needs them. Wear sandals when you can. Try and make some out of an old tyre.

      • Really Awake

        I concur with your thoughts, Juicy. You go beyond the basics and into the details.

        My best advice to whom it may concern: Advanced survivalists aquire skills…. Skills, skills, skills. For example, having garden seeds, tools, fertilizer, pesticides and a secure place to grow food doesn’t mean a thing unless you have the skills to prepare the soil ( including factors such as pH level ) identity and control pests, sow seed, cultivate, water and protect from wind, hail and excessive sun and harvest and then pressure can or pickle or dry your harvest…. unless you have REAL skills and REAL experience, your seeds and tools don’t mean crap… What shall happen is you will waste a lot of time and energy and valuable calories on a failed project… J’ve seen it happen over and over again.

        As a real farmer, hunting guide, trapper, fisherman, woodsman and a person who lived in the Alaskan bush, I can safely advise any tenderfoot to stockpile a million calories of canned and dried food per person and at least two water purifying methods before they do anything else… After you get your food and water stockpiled and the other 8 points I made, then learn the skill sets…. Especially first aid and marksman skills.

        • JuicyMoosey

          The few times I’ve tried to talk with “normies” about the potential for a grid-down situation the typical response has been a long blank stare.

          …”You mean there’s no toilet”.

          They just want to purposefully become intellectually hung-up on absolutely ridiculous and inane minutae. Then become irritable with the very person trying to save their lives.

          Even smart people start to become a depressing burden when they get the eeyore’s. Part of our prep should probably include some research into disaster situations. The question needs answering: What is the best way to help our people overcome shock and become positive and productive when the lights go out.

          Do we operate best as some kind of anarchist collective that votes on community duties? Or should a militaristic leader be chosen to step up and give orders therefore keeping people productively busy?

          Grid-Down Day One. Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is already being born.

  115. Brandon

    Fauci knew about HCQ 15 years ago.

    He called it a “potent” cure.

    They are all liars.

  116. Jeff robbins

    Hi Greg, I know you read the comments; Has any of your viewers or guests made any statements regarding foreclosures? I occasionally check out the auditors website for my county and the two neighboring counties for ‘lis pendens’ (Washington state). Each state has its own legal process of coarse, but its interesting that there hasn’t been hardly any lis pendens which for here is the first step in the foreclosure process, even for second mortgages. I was watching before the pandemic as well, and cannot figure out what is happening with all the delinquent mortgages currently. It could be a very good story with this as i suspect it is a national story. There were none while the moratorium was in place and now that its over, there’s been just single digits, should be a run in the hundreds.

    • Greg Hunter

      No comments on foreclosures lately.

  117. Gregory John Morrissey

    The Rich Man and Lazarus
    19 “There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. 20 At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus, covered with sores 21 and longing to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores.

    22 “The time came when the beggar died and the angels carried him to Abraham’s side. The rich man also died and was buried. 23 In Hades, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Lazarus by his side. 24 So he called to him, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.’

    25 “But Abraham replied, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony. 26 And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.’

    27 “He answered, ‘Then I beg you, father, send Lazarus to my family, 28 for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.’

    29 “Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.’

    30 “‘No, father Abraham,’ he said, ‘but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’

    31 “He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’”

    Then ask the Elite of today to ask their Seers or spiritualists specially the female ones, where they are going when they die ? Also ask about where the Elites who were before them and where they are now . If they don’t want to be where they are , they need to change and reverse their choices and find truth

  118. Kay

    Thank you for pointing everyone to Jesus Christ at the end of your videos. I can send your information to Christians and non-Christians with that in mind. I know believers will be encouraged in their walk and un-believers will be challenged to seriously consider the Gospel! God is good even though what is happening is evil.

  119. Gregory John Morrissey

    It just started in home country Australia

  120. Da Yooper

    Greg check this out ……the citizens of the USA have been played & lied to.

    Surprise surprise ………..not

    Jen Psaki Accidentally Confirms That No Biden Federal Vaccine Mandate Actually Exists
    October 12, 2021by Kyle Becker

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made the surreal argument on Tuesday that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are “putting politics ahead of public health” by protecting citizens’ fundamental freedom of choice on Covid-19 vaccines.

    In the course of her diatribe, however, Psaki admitted something that has been bubbling on the media backburners for some time: Biden’s vaccine mandate currently doesn’t even exist. Watch:
    “His requirements are promulgated by a federal law,” Psaki claimed. “So, when the President announced his vaccine mandates for businesses, that, of course, we’re waiting on OSHA regulations as far as the next step.”

    As earlier reported on Becker News, Biden’s federal vaccine mandate was announced over a month ago. The OSHA directive that would be the enforcement mechanism for the executive order, however, has not been issued. Legal analysts expect that such a directive would likely be struck down in court, as 24 state attorneys general explained in a letter to the Biden administration.

    “That was pursuant to federal law and the implementation of federal law, because it’s an executive order,” Psaki continued. “So, our intention is to implement and continue to work to implement these requirements across the country, including in the states where there are attempts to oppose them.”

    The most recent example of state opposition has been Texas, where Governor Greg Abbott on Monday issued an executive order forbidding the enforcement of any vaccine mandates in the state. Florida and Montana are also strongly opposed to vaccine mandates, while 21 states have banned vaccine passports.

    “I will say, since you gave me the opportunity, Governor Abbott’s executive order banning mandates, and I would also note announcement by Governor DeSantis this morning essentially banning the implementation of mandates, fit a familiar pattern that we’ve seen of putting politics ahead of public health,” the devilishly dressed Psaki claimed. “Over 700,000 American lives have been lost due to Covid-19, including more than 56,000 in Florida and over 68,000 in Texas. And every leader should be focused on supporting efforts to save lives and end the pandemic.”

    On Tuesday, Southwest’s CEO announced that “we are not going to fire any employees” over the company’s vaccine mandate, and pointed to the Biden policy as the reason for the mandate’s issuance. However, the Southwest Pilots Association on Friday filed a lawsuit against Southwest ahead of a weekend of massive operational disruption; the lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Dallas, Texas.

    In a court battle that has been described as a ‘test case’ for the Biden federal vaccine mandate, a federal judge has halted the enforcement of New York’s vaccine mandate on equal protection and First Amendment grounds. Thus, employers who are complying with the currently non-existent mandate are doing the Biden regime’s ‘dirty work.’ Despite an expected legal defeat for the Biden administration, they are carrying out mass firings of employees ahead of the holidays.

    If the state court cases and the brewing federal court battles are any indication, it makes sense why the Biden administration would wait over a month to actually issue its federal vaccine mandate: The White House fully expects to lose in court. Because so many Americans are willing to comply with unlawful orders, the Biden regime went ahead and announced it was issuing a ‘mandate’ anyway.

    • Da Yooper

      “Over 700,000 American lives have been lost due to Covid-19, including more than 56,000 in Florida and over 68,000 in Texas. ”

      Greg haven’t we been told that only 17,000 have died from the jab?

      Now the number is 700,000 ???? No way would I call that safe & effective

  121. GENESIO

    About the 450 thousand US $ to be given to illegal immigrants whose children were separated from their parents.
    Just the word of it will bring millions who will try to enter illegally into the country. If this is allowed, it will be the final straw for the total destruction of the US. If the US falls, the enslavement of humanity will be irreversible.

  122. Allen Sachetti

    Greg JESUS IS REAL. Most certainly the Lord Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of our All Mighty God the Father.

    BUT Greg you must know that Jesus or God the Father are NOT allowing this (the bad things of today) to happen. NO SIR, they happen against God’s Will.

    God purposely limited himself after He created man by giving all power and authority OVER THIS WREALM (Earth). Once God did that He could not lobger act directly but only work through people of this Wrealm.

    What you believe is a common error, but God most certainly according the Bible does NOT control everything.

    THINK for a minute, does God want every person SAVED? Yes of course, it is His Will, but yet NOT everyone is saved. They have the power to say no.

    Once God purposely limited Himself by giving qll power over this Wrealm to Adam, Adam then gave itnto satan and sin enter3d this world.

    God then could only work theough pwople to bring Salvation to them from hell. So he did and it took thousands of our years for Jesus to come into this world born of a virgin, which HE DID.

    JESUS then defeated satan and took back any power or authority he had. Then Jesus gave that power to us through Him.

    It is good you report but also tell the people this

    All that is required for evil men to succeed is for the Good men to do nothing.

  123. Paul ANthony

    I hope this link can help someone conquer the viris

    its ehat Dr Zelenko uses early in in covid treatment

    • paul anthony

      hope this link can help someone conquer the virus

      its what Dr Zelenko uses early in in covid treatment

      had to repost and correct my 1st grade spelling errors

      (face palm)

      thanks ,

      Paul Anthony

  124. Robert K

    U.S. Intel community can’t determine where covid originated??? I guess I’ll laugh at this trash, rather than be upset. Mengele created this for gain of function according to NIH report and e-mails, yet they won’t ever be able to tell if it originated from a lab or an animal? Ummm, okay……

    Only reaffirms the US is CORRUPT, CORRUPT, CORRUPT!!! Up is down and down is up. NEVER trust ANYTHING the government tells you. It is a misdirection.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yo have to say crazy stupid things when you are corrupt and compromised. These weasels are losing.

  125. Leia

    I do think their narrative is failing. My husband works for a major Army logistics depot that has just decided to indefinitely extend the date required to be vaccinated. In other words they have decided that they can’t sfford for 85% of their work force to be laid off. A mass email went out last week telling employees of the extension.
    We jumped through hoops getting my husband a medical exemption but turns out…we don’t even need it.
    All federal employees and military personnel need to stand their ground on this and not comply.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for this information Leia!!!!!

  126. Caesar

    Moderna has NEVER had a FDA Approved drug !

    Forget the fact that reported COVID vaccine injuries in the US have risen above 700,000. Forget the Harvard Pilgrim study that concluded vaccine injuries are grossly underreported, and you should multiply them by 100 to reach a true figure.

    National Guard won’t be vaccinated until June 2022, but they just fired 70k health care workers in NY because they weren’t vaccinated to replace them with National Guard.

    Pfizer CEO is a greek veterinarian

  127. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Where is the Supreme Court? This is totally Unconstitutional
    Biden is a total incompetent despicable traitor
    I’m very concerned about our United States of America 🇺🇸
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      I am too Rod, but don’t give up and never give in. (I know you won’t.) These weasels are losing the narrative and running scared. You have to do stupid crazy things when you are losing. Game theory says no matter what they do, the outcome is the same. They lose!!!!

  128. Buff dude

    Greg Ty fir your hard work, when I thank God for peoples work , I always mention your name , also Bo Pony and Some Dutch resources. We 🙌🙌 have gotten our Ivermectin delivered last week to help people around us trough winter. I think your kickass cool by doing what you do. Ill pray for you and all other awakeners. Love and stay healthy

  129. Lisa Stahl

    Agreed. Hard to accept, but correct. Have to deal with “Normies” all week long and keep my mouth shut… Look forward to Greg’s Weekly Wrap-Up for for huge dose of truth.
    fyi.. “vaxxed Normies” are shedding like cray.. developed “super cold” symptoms this week. Really grateful to God to have HCQ in the closet… God Bless Godspeed.

  130. Gary

    Hi, Greg
    You are RIGHT, about every thing about vaccine’s. But I think that you are not saying a spade is a spade, so to speak’ , but I think the MONSTERS you mentioned KNOW EXACTLY what they are doing.This is ,right out of their own MOUTH’s,that this is a DEPOPULATION agenda. They are trying to MURDER us ALL.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have clearly said this many times before at the very beginning. I sourced this with former Pfizer MD Michael Yeadon months ago. It is still totally true and yes I agree “They are trying to Murder us all.” Most people cannot grasp nor even believe people can be this evil, but we know they are. I am trying to wake people up as best as I can. Thanks for your support.

  131. Jason Smart

    I am Australian and what is happening in my home Melbourne, Victoria is a cross between A Brave New World & Orwell’s 1984. I’m so disturbed and outraged by what is happening to us re vaxx mandates and the militarisation of our police force that I’m going to try run against my federal member. His family members are in the pharmaceutical industry. I have to do my bit to stop this tyranny.
    Wish me luck mate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good luck Jason!

  132. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Always the best information.

  133. Sharon Lindung

    Hi Greg, Just wanted to bring one thing to your attention about the Communists changing the dollar amount of individual bank account transactions from $600.00 to $10,000.00.
    I worked for a bank here in Maryland back in the 80’s and 90’s, one of my jobs was to prepare and process 4789’s (cash deposits) for the IRS for our department. The threshold for reporting for Anti Money Laundering also known as AML is $10,000.00. Banks have been reporting all transactions over $10,000.00 either cash or instruments, like checks for years. The change in the dollar means nothing as this amount is already being reported.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have heard the $10,000 reporting to the IRS is not in the bill. Maybe I heard wrong or it’s in anyway.

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