CA Drought Worst Ever, Greek Debt Crisis Latest, Fed Cannot Raise Rates, Secret Trade Deal Advances-WNW 195

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s (6.19.15 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and here is a picture of an unfolding calamity in California.  Check out the latest drought map of the state.  Almost 100% of the state is in severe drought conditions.  Many parts of the West are also experiencing drought, but California is ground-zero.  This is a huge food growing region, and the state has just started restricting water to agriculture.  This is a vast problem not only for the U.S., but the entire world, and there is no end in sight. California is a state with a population of nearly 40 million people.  Some towns have been cut off, and some people are starting to store drinking water in their homes.  This could spark a humanitarian crisis and a financial crisis.  You cannot live or do business without ample supplies of water.  California has a GDP of $2.2 trillion.  Agriculture alone is $46 billion a year.  Failure of California business would be a financial failure for the U.S.  It is only projected to get worse.  Is this a black swan hiding in plain sight?   Might I remind you that in March, NASA said California had about one year’s worth of water before it runs out.  So, we are t-minus 9 months and counting.

The Greek debt crisis got kicked into a higher gear and is speeding for default and disaster.  Technically, I think the Greeks have already defaulted long ago because they are borrowing more and more money to pay their debts.  This week, the Greek politicians said debt owed to the EU was “illegal and illegitimate.”  They cannot and will not pay the money back.  The only question remains is when does the default become official.  It’s reported the Greek’s have run on the banks there, and they do not know if they will open on Monday.  Will someone like the Federal Reserve step in and buy some time.  Greece is a NATO country, and it just signed a gas pipeline deal with Russia.  It’s getting complicated.  Will someone like the Federal Reserve step in and buy some time?  Does the EU cough up the remaining 7.2 billion euro loan package to kick the can towards the cliff?  Who knows, but end it will sooner than later.

The Federal Reserve will not be raising rates, and it has reduced the growth estimates it had.  Gregory Mannarino says, “The Fed cannot and will not be raising rates because it can’t.”  He points to recent so-called core inflation rates just announced of .1%.  Of course, it’s much higher than that, but Mannarino says the Fed is only worried about the “core rate.”  There is no growth and if the Fed raised rates, it would implode the economy.  And yet, the mainstream press says “Fed on track to raise rates this fall.”  IMF Head Christine Lagarde just publicly scolded the Fed and told them “not to raise rates” because the economy was too weak.  Then you have this out earlier in the week from the same USA Today that says “Bonds haven status gets shaky.”  Meanwhile, the AP reports in the same week “Economists don’t fear rise in rates.”  Really??  Maybe someone should tell that to Christine Lagarde and the entire bond market the raising interest rates are not going to be a problem—NOT.

Looks like the GOP got a win in the secret trade deal.  The House narrowly passed part of the trade deal.  It is the so-called Trade Promotion Authority, or TPA.  Republican Congressman Paul Ryan said, “The TPA is a process and not an agreement.”  Of course, he did not say and none of the other mainstream media (MSM) don’t think a secret trade deal is a problem.  Ryan also said the TPA is “more accountable and more transparent.”   Yes, “more transparent” that’s why it is being done in secret.  Congressmen and Senators have to go into a room alone and read hundreds of pages.  It is illegal for the public to see the deal until it is passed.  There is an old saying, and that is “evil is done in the dark and good is done in the light.”  This is being done in the dark.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Watch-it

    This drought is being caused by the Fukushima disaster. The eastern Pacific Ocean is dying from the radiation and,thus, the heating of the water. Why won’t anyone report the truth so that the world can face the truth and, hopefully, try to solve the problem.
    HELP H E L P
    Please, do not bury your head in the sand. It’s TOO Hot.

  2. Brian Stemmerman

    Greg, You lost me. You started out with the record temperatures in California. At the end of your presentation, you criticize the Pope for saying it was a concern. Out of his wheelhouse. If someone kills people. The correct action is to kill the individual? I think you are a good person and I enjoy your detication. Maybe it is time for a vacation. I am not Catholic either.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      Did you watch the U.S. Open? Did anyone notice that the fairways were not green? I don’t even want to know what my water bill will be this month. Having a hard time keeping my yard green here in Washington and it’s not summer yet.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        Greg, You are starting to get dark circles under your eyes. Family is most important. When the alarm goes off, try to enjoy the day. This is a personal comment. You have invested everything into USA watchdog. Yet, the market does not change. I feel the same stress due to my short positions. Friends, family, barbecues, golf, backpacking and out with the boys for poker night. Keeps me balanced. There will be a day,when you have your own show on national television. Don’t forget the positive things.

        • Brian Stemmerman

          Most problems are small potatoes in the big picture. I enjoy the little purple ones.

          • Tommy

            Brian. I think someone mashed your potato.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are very kind and I already have a global reach. Why would I want to step down to national television? Here’s the best part–I am the boss.

          • JC D

            Self enjoyed is what I call it.
            Eat, Drink, and be happy tomorrow things can/ will change. Youth is wasted on the young.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Even the greens are not green.
        Cheers from the antipodes.

      • Joanne

        The U.S. Open is being played on a links course. Typical of Scotland and England links courses. They are “dry” by design… Also no carts are allowed.

        • Brian Stemmerman

          This is Seattle, typical weather in August. We are having a drought. Do not let the media tell you different

          • Brian Stemmerman

            They go out of their way to dry the course out?

          • Brian Stemmerman

            I have play the course before and it’s never been this dry.

        • Brian Stemmerman

          I am sorry I take that back. It has not rained for the last five weeks here in Seattle.You’re probably a good person. Greg defends himself by the First Amendment. He forgets that I also have freedom of speech. I’m just concerned about him. A very heavy weight to carry. Just trying to convey to people to enjoy your lives and be happy

    • Greg Hunter

      No Brian, we just disagree. I was clear in what I said, and meant it. Disagree all you like, but don’t come here and question my mental stability because you don’t like what I said. Maybe you should take a vacation and read about the 1st Amendment.

      • Brian Stemmerman

        Thanks for not posting my comment.

    • diane s.

      Greg only has half hour to try to cover a weeks worth of outrages……I’m case y’all haven’t notice 2015 is spinning around at dizzying speed.
      For Greg to cover every one if these issues…he would have to do 2 or 3 video broadcasts a day.
      Thanks for what you do cover, Greg.

      • aussie jeff

        I agree Dianne 2015 is soo out of control on so many fronts it’s hard to keep up, and thats with only what I read, let alone Greg who is full on organising his next guest while vetting hundreds of posts to his site each week.I say back off[in a nice way] and let the man do his job.

    • Freebreezer

      Greg mentioned nothing about temperature, only the lack of precipitation. When boating at lake Tahoe it is wonderful to look down thirty to forty feet through crystal clear water and see the remnants of the old forest (supposedly many hundred yrs old). Thus a while back it most have been a whole lot drier … One only has to go to the redwood tree rings to see that this dry spell is nothing unusual in the climate history of California. What is unusual and cause for great concern is that there are tens of millions of people living there now.

      • woody188

        Built their homes in a desert then blame “global warming” when they start running out of water. Man is to blame, but not for the warming. Man is to blame for building their houses in a desert!

        Stupid is as stupid does!

  3. Charles H.


    California drought? Sin is a reproach to any people.
    Greece’s bankruptcy? Only IF the ‘authorities’ say it is. Declare a compensation
    and – whal-lah! Crisis averted. You will be told what to believe.
    The FED raise rates? Bwaaaah ha ha haha ha.
    The TPA? Treason. Payday for the other side of the Aisle.
    ISIS? Commander in Chief – sympathizer or supplier . Pick one; or both.
    Catholic Church? Sorry Greg: good people – but WRONG DOCTRINE. What you believe
    DOES matter: with God. In the Old Testament: you couldn’t bring bad sacrifice to
    the Temple. Now, in the New Testament: you cannot bring faulty beliefs (wrong
    doctrine) which is an admixture of works with faith. The target is a faith which
    agrees with God’s Word; not being in the ballpark somewhere. Learn wrong
    process wrong; come out wrong. This is why – straight is the gate, and narrow
    is the way, which leadeth to life, and FEW there be that find it. Of all the corners
    to cut: the spiritual is not the one. Many will say unto me in that day Lord, Lord…
    And I will say unto them, I never knew you…
    Saving Faith – many profess – but how many possess?

    • john duffy

      Before the lamberth conference in 1930 all Christian denominations believed that divorce, abortion, artificial contraception, premarital sex etc were serious mortal sins. Today only the Catholic church and maybe a handfull of the thousands of Protestant churches still believe this. So tell me, where in the bible does it say that its teachings were only good for 1930 years?

      • Charles H.

        john d,

        If the Bible has not changed; but man’s opinion, in relation to the past has: where lies the problem? It is not the Bible: it is men abandoning the standards of Scripture.

        My point is that we should please God, in the quality and character of adopting the Bible as the ONLY authority in faith and practice – where the glosses, or interjections or interpretations of men do not enter. The example is Ephesians 2:8,9 – “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” Grace is a domain where works can not enter: only faith. Most all religion teaches grace PLUS works, or sacraments (works), or ordinances: which do not apply (supposedly gaining some sort of grace; but is still amounts to works also). Grace through faith – plus nothing, minus nothing. Grace makes salvation a free gift. Offering God some sort of works makes the gift not free, but earned: and Grace is forfeit. Grace makes the gift 100% to God’s glory; but do something to merit the gift – and you take from God the credit of the glory. Not of works, lest any man should boast. Either you come to God to enter-into Grace by faith: or you don’t get to Him. There is no one to pray for you or that any man can intercede for you. Only upon the person, work, and merit of Jesus Christ alone (the Death that pays your sin; the blood that cleanses the sin; and the gospel of bodily death, burial, and resurrection as God prescribes) does God recognize the validity of faith. For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.

        Anyone or anything that teaches you otherwise is contradicting God’s Word, and is conditioning the Bible to the whims or doctrines to support something else. It really boils down to – what you accept as your authority. The Catholic Church does have a lot right: but also enough to disqualify it from making God’s standard. You see- to deal with counterfeit bills: you don’t concentrate of the false ones – you handle and get the feel and first-hand recognition of the real bills. THEN you can begin to detect the false. The real currency of God’s realm is his Holy Word, the (KJV) Bible. Get to know and trust it: then you’ll know what is false. Just because the Catholic Church gets a few things right, still – is not enough in terms it gets wrong with the Bible. I respect people who are devout and loyal; but they lose me when they don’t do their homework – historically, or doctrinally. I testify that the Bible is above any and every denomination; and that we must take it as the ONLY authority. If not, then we don’t stand in a place where God can deal with us.

        P.S. (Did they have artificial conception before 1930?)

        • Darcey kumquat

          Charles very lovely and thoughtful, but beware, today many girls and guys r being ripped off by so-called rice Christians, Christians in rice only! R works really necessary if a person has faith?

          Jas. 2:17, 18, 21, 22, 26: “Faith, if it does not have works, is dead in itself. Nevertheless, a certain one will say: ‘You have faith, and I have works. Show me your faith apart from the works, and I shall show you my faith by my works.’ Was not Abraham our father declared righteous by works after he had offered up Isaac his son upon the altar? You behold that his faith worked along with his works and by his works his faith was perfected. Indeed, as the body without spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.”

          Illustration: A young man may court a young lady, telling her that he loves her. But if he never asks her to marry him, is he really demonstrating that his love is thorough? Likewise, works are a means of demonstrating the genuineness of our faith and our love. If we do not obey God we do not really love him or have faith in the rightness of his ways. (1 John 5:3, 4) But we cannot earn salvation no matter what works we do. Eternal life is a gift from God through Jesus Christ, not payment for our works.—Eph. 2:8, So keep your eye’s wide open when courting a young lady Charles especially thinking what a fine Christian she is, She just might be a gold digger, like the gigolo who left me at the alter and my bank account empty. You cant bank on it, only God can!

          • Charles H.

            Thank you Darcy. I am twenty-one years married to my first and only wife. And I have seen dedicated, young Christians married and divorced by men that only postured themselves as (REAL?) spiritual believers. Wheat and tares.
            The outworking of faith is multiform good works – but only because of an inward reality. Outward works are too often taken, and mistaken, as proof of what is inward. Process and order maintain that the Inward reality of Salvation must be first in place – then truly righteous works can follow: which demonstrate cost, sacrifice, dedication.
            God always reserves the best – for those who will wait on Him. You seem much the wiser, now.
            And thanks for the “rice Christians”: I never heard of that!

        • paul

          Just wondering … isn’t an immaculate conception “artificial”?

          • Charles H.


            Conception is conception – a completion of proper combination. Deviating from the proper, normal male/female human relations OF THE PROCESS which Nature supplies gives the assigned term: “artificial”.
            When the context changes from the human plane of Nature, and involves God and woman: conception is conception. Since this is a one-time, never to be repeated in all eternity event: I think there is nothing ‘artificial’ about it. How can one question the process, which Almighty God instigates: which produces a sinless human being. From a point of perspective: God might look at our physical method of conception as more artificial than His own. His process was perfect and efficacious, as in no-miss: engendering life from God is the sense of the miracle of Creation. Since we are IN Nature, and He creates Nature: ‘d say there is more genuineness in His procreation than ours. Assigning a term such as “artificial” is playing too fast and loose with a Divine act. So the answer is: No.

    • aussie jeff

      Charles H ……….that is one of the best post’s I have read in a long time,thanks for sharing.
      There is nothing to add other than a parable explained, Matthew 13:36-43 and a judgement to pay closse attention to Matthew 25:31-46 which I continue to cast my eye over with great frequency in order to reaccess motives and actions.

  4. MIke Gleason

    I tell ya Greg, you sure know how to kick over a pile of BS and expose its dark and smelly underside. You tell it like it is.


  5. FC

    Hi Greg, What a dreadful situation the people on the West Coast of America are facing with this drought. I live in the driest Continent in the world, Australia and can sympathize with what they are going through right now, but our State Government of Queensland, voted to build a desalination plant on the Gold Coast, some 10 years ago and not a fast train to no where, like the Governor of California did only recently.

    The only problem was when the $1.2 billion desalination plant was completed and ready for commissioning our drought broke and for last 4 or 5 years it has sat there idle, never producing a drop of fresh water, because our dams have been filled to capacity, as we have gone through what Texas is going through at the moment………………the ol’ saying is, build it and they will come…….in this case build the desalination plant and the rain will fall.

  6. paul

    I would like to know who is going to die for perpetrating 9/11?

    As for climate change ( with a mini ice age coming) we should be pumping “more” CO2 into the atmosphere not less … our coal fired electrical generation plants are being shut down instead and we are being taxed to reduce CO2 emissions … which will have the effect of making the mini ice age more severe for humanity!

    As for those technically “smart” indisputably indispensable American geniuses … they can’t put a “chip” in their military vehicles that can disable them if captured?? … Seems to stupid to be stupid!!

    We all know the “chips” they put “in us” will have “a disabling feature” that will prevent us from accessing our bank accounts if we are ever considered to be in any way against government policy.

    The California drought can be another “black swan” event that will have severe deflationary implications (2.3 trillion taken out of our economy??) … this California drought alone justifies the immediate implementation of an inflationary QE4 program by the Fed … even more QE will be necessary to counteract the deflationary implications of the secret trade deals being passed by Congress (that will likely suck more jobs out of the American economy) … and even more QE will be necessary to counteract the deflationary effect of a Greece induced derivatives failure … so what is the Fed waiting for?? … the writing is clearly on the wall … if they wait to long the only thing that will counteract all these deflationary influences will be an “exponential rise” in the price of gold and silver to generate “inflationary expectations”!!

    • paul

      The Governor of California better get moving now … and begin ordering thousands of clear plastic domes for use along the coast line … pump some sea water under the domes … and let the hot burning Sun distill the sea water at near “zero cost” … the water collected (that drips down the sides of the domes) will be fresh, clear and distilled water which can be distributed to people to drink … further inland these same clear plastic domes can be set up to distill “contaminated fracking water” that has become unfit for human consumption or irrigation!! … It is time to act!!

      • paul

        Where do we get these politicians who can’t solve problems … we have a drought stricken state and all they can think of is “rationing”?? … we have a Federal Reserve that can see deflation coming at us from all angles and they are talking about raising interest rates that will depress the economy even more?? … and our Presidential candidates Bush and Clinton have a history of not fixing things … come on voters … start using the brains God gave you and put into office people who will get thing done … we the supposedly chosen indispensable Americans can’t even build a bullet train to take us coast to coast when almost every other major country in the world has them? … you must stop electing crooks that fill one pocket with airliner bribes and the other pocket with car and oil industry bribes … there is absolutely no reason for millions of people to be “dosed with deadly radiation” in planes flying at high altitudes … politicians talk bib about building infrastructure and take bribes to do nothing … lets start building bullet trains and begin the process of protecting the human genome from radiation induced mutations!

        • paul

          Come on people (I’m not talking to WatchDoger’s) … God gave us a gift … to use our minds to create a beautiful world … think good thoughts … and good will come into the world … those who think evil always want to go to war and continually think of ways to accomplish their goals (like 9/11) … they must be voted out of power … yet I see someone noted the Bush family was in charge of security at the Twin Towers? … and now you are going to elect another one?? … with the entire economic system failing because a Clinton destroyed the laws restraining the banks … you are now going to elect another one???

          Even I … with no experience in politics or economics feel I can do a better job then these idiots that keep getting electing … elect anyone … any “common person” to office … never vote for a career politician … and you will begin to see the world change … for the better!

          • aussie jeff

            Paul ……no one elects anyone, they only let you think you elected someone.The pupateers will put on a show for the plebs,its called “exercise your democratic right to vote”
            But it doesn’t really matter who you vote for cuz in the end you still vote for them[the elite] most just don’t know it.
            Matthew 15:14
            “Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

        • paul

          Just recieved this Alert from NOAA …
          :Product: Geophysical Alert Message wwv.txt
          :Issued: 2015 Jun 19 0600 UTC
          # Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
          # Geophysical Alert Message
          Solar-terrestrial indices for 18 June follow.
          Solar flux 151 and estimated planetary A-index 6.
          The estimated planetary K-index at 0600 UTC on 19 June was 1.
          Space weather for the past 24 hours:
          Radio blackouts reaching the R1 level occurred.

          Space weather for the next 24 hours is predicts:
          Solar radiation storms reaching the S1 level are expected.
          Radio blackouts reaching the R1 level are likely.

          Note to WatchDogers: Once the Solar Radiation Alert Level reaches S2 … Passengers in high-flying aircraft at high latitudes will be exposed to very high and dangerous elevated radiation levels … I suggest WatchDoger’s avoid all air travel during an S2 Alert … but even S1 Alerts should be of concern for those flying polar routes!!

          • paul

            Even though the Wright Brothers developed the airplane in 1903 … wide spread public use of airplanes began in earnest after WWII … look at the following chart on cancer rates compiled in a Swedish study from the early 1950’s to the present … people were smoking before the War yet cancer rates were lower then then now … we were chlorinating our water supply before the War and using chemical pesticides before the war but a large percentage of people were not flying before the War … however once people began flying at high altitude (10,000 feet) they began exposing themselves to very high doses of radiation released in Solar storms … look at the cancer rate data below to see what has occurred since the mid 1950’s … and why we should be building Bullet Trains in America.

            • paul

              Notice the NOAA Alert (besides warning that Solar radiation storms are reaching the S1 level) also stated that
              Radio blackouts are reaching the R1 level (where disruption of radio transmission signals begins to occur).

              Studying the cancer mortality charts in the attachment posted above one can clearly see changes in cancer rates were also found to coincide with expansion or disruption of public broadcasting in Sweden … so clearly there is “verifiable evidence” of a link between electromagnetic fields and cancer development … the closing down of public radio transmitters resulted in a reduction in cancer mortality … indicating public air radio transmission should be avoided … similar results were noticed in other countries for example in Estonia a steep increase in cancer mortality occurred in 1991 (the year that western FM radio-frequencies were allowed and introduced all over their country)!

              So WatchDogger’s using cell phones should definitely be more cautious and use “the speaker phone option” on their cell phones rather then putting the phone directly on your ear (just inches from your brain)!

              I’m currently looking for verifiable data that proves an increase in brain cancer has occurred since the development of the mobile cell phone!

              • Felicia

                Paul, there is data out there on it. I remember coming across some discussion of it 5 yrs ago when I was doing a paper on cell phone usage while driving. Btw…cell phone usage while driving sh/be illegal bcuz of the effect it has on your concentration during & after the call. But…the U.S. telecomm lobbyists have too power & money.

              • Gert

                I read 20 years ago in the paper those on the hills facing San Francisco had much more cancer than those on the other side of the hills not facing San Francisco.

    • frederick

      Paul I want to know that as well and when the indictments are going out

      • Gert


        As soon as the statute of limitations run out!

        • frederick

          Its Frederick Gert and i dont think statue of limitations applies to treasonous mass murder of our citizens

          • paul

            One murder, nine murders, 3000 murders or 50,000 murders … the Bible says “an eye for an eye” … “a tooth for a tooth” … and by implication that means … “a bullet for a bullet”!

        • Gert

          Sorry Fred wrong key and I don’t even live in San Francisco, but I Do enjoy Rice-a- Roni!

  7. OutLookingIn


    The mere issuance of debt is what is critical now that virtually zero-cost debt is the functional equivalent of preferred (or even common) equity. Upon an event of default, the trasnfer of equity ownership falls in the hands of the debt holder. Which means the last four plus decades have been nothing but a preparation for the biggest debt for equity exchange in the history of the human race. With the new equity holders of virtually all global assets set to be a select group of financial oligarchs.

    The western world is ruled by this select group of oligarchs, who own the banks that control the governments and media. They fund both sides of war for profit and they manufacture the consent of the public through the propaganda of the controlled main stream media.

    To bring this grand scheme to final fruition, this select group has brought forward through their global corporate control, the “Great Tripartite Treaty” which is served up in three parts:
    TPP = Trans – Pacific Partnership
    TTIP = Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
    TISA = Trade in Services Agreement
    You will notice the word “trade” is copiously used to describe the above nefariously secret, illegal documents that the public nor anyone else is allowed to see or to communicate, under threat of prosecution! IT’S NOT ABOUT TRADE.
    It’s about transferring democratic national sovereignty to a dictatorial international corporate sovereignty.

    • NC Gal


      I totally agree with everything you said. I would only add that I have read that TPP would be classified (can’t be read by anyone during that time except for those with the clearance to do so) for (I think it was) five years after it is passed and TISA for a year longer (might have been four and five, respectively). If that is true, then what that signifies to me is that whatever is set in motion by those three acts will have done its dirty work by then and there will be nothing lost by revealing what’s in them after that because there will be no one left alive who can do anything about it. That’s the plan and the goal — complete control and ownership of everything and everyone, and elimination of anyone who won’t go along with what the elites want to happen.

      That being said, I still believe that there is a larger plan unfolding and the elites won’t prevail in the end. If I am wrong, I am very clear I do not want to live in the world of their making. It’s bad enough now, but knowing what I know, it will not be a world I can see as worth clinging to life in order to participate in it. It’s going to be an interesting rest of the year (in the sense of the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”)!

  8. lynn

    Greg, wonderful wrap up. I am or was a Catholic too. Then the realization set in that I am part of a cabal, a lie, a pedophile infected group, a scam of a magnitude unseen in human history. The largest bank in the world, the Vatican, who is at the top of the food chain for the elite and their agenda, including climate change. We have been scammed from here to eternity, from history, health, heritage, you name it, it is false. This is the reason we are part of the “Great Awakening”, to see things as they really are so we can rid this planet of lies and falsehoods. We are in the eye of the storm. Pray for our nation, our world and pray that God’s intervention saves our souls from what is about to emerge.

    • aussie jeff

      Lyn, fantastic post, my mother grew up a catholic, thankfully she saw the hipocrisy way back in 1961 not long after she got married.
      Big thing back then to leave your family religion.
      I take my hat off to you for making your stand, soo many are happy to turn a blind eye to such incorrigible behavior.
      For those who say they God’s Representatives on earth,my question would be.
      Will Christ turn a blind eye when He returns?

    • paul

      Why wait for God’s intervention … we are not children anymore … lets do it ourselves!

  9. Galaxy 500

    Maybe Gov Jerry Brown should drop the high speed rail to nowhere and build some desalination plants.
    The Pope is evil but most Catholics are not.
    Dylann Roof should be tried tommorow and hanged the day after.

    • Lake M


      You mentioned Dylann Roof should be tried tommorow and hanged the day after.

      What …. and lose the opportunity to play the race card once again ahead of the next election plus another chance for Obama to challenge the second amendment ? (sarc)

      The trial and verdict will take a couple of years to settle.
      They will take full advantage. Events are stirring the pot of division nationwide.

      After Greg’s interview with W Pollak, where he talked of a political crisis in America growing out of control, it becomes more and more visible everywhere I look. It is here and will be highly evident during the remaining days until the next election. We are in for a helluva show.

    • paul

      We don’t have to drop the high speed rail (needed to prevent cancer caused by flying in airplanes) … Gov. Brown just has to buy clear plastic domes (which doesn’t cost much money) and simply use the Sun to distill sea water … the water obtained will be fresh, clean and non-radioactive!

  10. Ross

    Greg I was taught by nuns and priests and most of us rebelled. This current pope was put there to change the perception of the Vatican being there for the people. You are right. A change of leader will not change their policies.
    If there is a God, she is very uncaring and irresponsible. It is up to our humanity to make this a more just planet. Dave Allen is the best on Catholic satire.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a God and you are mocking Him. Humanity is lost without God. Look what has been happening without Him. The link is funny though.

  11. Frank

    Hi Greg
    They say that for every dollar produced,that there is a multpliction effect of 7,so that 46 billion for California produce could be worth a lot more.
    I am a catholic,and I feel much the same as you regarding the “Pope”
    Our PM here in Australia,said Global warming, climate change,or what every that like to call it now is a lot of “Cr-p,and the press here have never stopped hounding him,he can never say anything that is good.
    I look forward to your great reports.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank.

  12. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Thanks as always Greg. Re the Pope’s pronouncements over global warming I totally agree that all our religious leaders delight in seeking out deflections when they should be putting their own hoses in order, instead of tinkering with distractions.
    Like the current Pope and our current Archbishop both men are charismatic and well able to do the personal charm. However here in the Anglican church we let ourselves be distracted by Justin Welby’s pronouncements over, for instance payday loans, and how scandalous they are and how the poorest get hit worst. True of course, but why doesn’t he as a former oil executive go after the big banks and the way our politicians continue to bail them out?
    Or, for instance I find myself isolated in my attempts to get justice for a man sentenced to doing 26 years over an alleged child rape. Reams of evidence that never got presented in Court would dismiss this guy’s conviction in a heartbeat. But, no the Church conveniently never seeks to embroil itself over such minor matters, while never weighing in over how known politicians are involved in paedophilia and remain at large.
    Some years back when I sought to help a curate who was getting evicted courtesy of his vicar whilst aided and abetted by his bishop, that same bishop reflected back to me in an unguarded moment: ‘You’re clearly a man who believes in justice’!!

  13. Gerad

    Just stop the cemtrails and see whats

  14. David D

    Looks like the CFTC finally found out who was selling
    all those gold contracts. The level of criminality has
    reached epic proportions. When this entire financial
    sham implodes everyone is going to feel it. Nomi Prins
    was a keynote speaker at a Fed function recently and
    was just mortified to discover that the fed has no clue
    what they are doing. They are literally flying by the
    seat of their pants. Articles attached.

  15. Jeff Warren

    Hello Mr. Hunter, you have talked a lot about this fall is when things will be getting interesting. Do you think that the Federal Reserve may raise rates only because they are getting ready for a correction? I know that it will cause an explosion in the economy, but maybe that will be the planed time. What do you think?
    Thank you very much for your show.
    Jeff Warren

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think the Fed can raise rates, but it may get out of their control. When the free market takes back control, the Fed will be powerless and rates could and probably will spike at some point.

  16. Donna

    Attempted to post a comment, only to get a message that I had been blocked from USA Watchdog.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is a security feature that sometimes blocks people by accident. We are trying to work out the bugs in it but I can assure you that you are not blocked on purpose.

  17. William

    I learn more from your website than all other media outlets combined. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Although I am flattered that statement is pretty scary. Meaning, the MSM is really letting people down and that is a shame and not how journalism is supposed to work. Thank you for your comment and support.

  18. David

    Done. Done. And Done! Another great week Greg. Have a great weekend and a perfect Father’s Day!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David.

      • Margie

        What David said is true. I do follow numerous other sites, (non mainstream) and they all offer some useful information, but you cover things that we NEED to know. The information and viewpoints that you bring us with your weekly wrap up and through the interviews of people knowledgeable in economics and geopolitics, help us to plan and prepare. Yours is the best. I often wish that you had DAILY interviews or analysis, and then I chide myself for being so greedy and feel lucky that you are even there at all, doing what you do. As I said before, I’m in Bulgaria, so there’s a time difference. Every Sunday night, Tuesday night and Thursday night, I start checking if you got your new stuff up yet. I love the guests that you bring on, even though I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say, and your questions are great, one of my favorite questions is “when” 🙂 this helps me budget ! Thank you again.

  19. Alan R.

    Morning Greg,
    Well, where to begin… Dire as things are all around this ever shrinking orb and with so many potentially catastrophic blips on our collective radar these days, you nailed some of the most important ones masterfully once again. Don’t know how many of us diehard USAW loyalists there are around the globe but it ought to be hundreds of millions if not more, that is if others really wanted to get a grip on something resembling a bona fide reality check! Which the vast majority do not evidently. But hey, how are Kim & Kanye doing? And Caitlyn? So glad “The Donald” has tossed his hat in to one of the rings of the ongoing circus.

    Speaking to a long time business associate who lives in CA yesterday about the drought, he blew my mind when he said “aw, the media are making a lot more of this than it deserves, it’s not really as bad as it’s being made out to be”. I told him I was glad to know that he and his family have not experienced major challenges or struggles thus far themselves, but that surely he has to realize the implications for literally tens of millions, not to mention the ripple effects agriculturally, economically, sociologically, etc., both domestically and globally. Nah, not that concerned… ‘Livin it up in the Hotel California’!!! Amazing 😮

    I know you put in massive amounts of time every day/week putting your program together, coordinating your interviews, preparing the wrap ups, it is more than evident in both the quality of your work and the fatigue shown on your face. Following all the “are you kidding me???” events is almost as exhausting, at least it looks that way to me in the mirror. As far as I’m concerned no one else online (forget the MSM) comes close to your body of work and the first rate journalistic integrity you bring to bear day in and day out. I confess that I have not previously supported your efforts financially, not prior to today anyway. That is about to change right after I hit the submit button.

    Things are about to get a whole lot more harrowing I believe, for pretty much everyone around the world. Fear not indeed, but be prepared for who knows what, as Shakespeare (“Macbeth”) so presciently put it four centuries ago “… something wicked this way comes…”

    Many thanks for your outstanding work to help inform those of us who do want to know what is knowable and connect the dots of this nightmarish perfect storm that is an evil witches’ brew to say the least.

    Alan R

  20. Mason

    Greg, I have a few comments to make:

    First, Great Wrap-Up once again!

    Second, since you focus on the California Drought as one of your main topics, you might as well interview a quest who explains what Geo-enginering and HAARP is all about, or in other words: modification of the weather for financial gain. One of your guests, Ellen Brown, mentioned it briefly, but Peter Kirby, the author of “Chemtrails Exposed: A History of The New Manhattan Project” could be another option for a deepter interview on this subject.

    Third, kudos once again for you for calling out the TPA as you do. I couldn’t have said it better: “Evil is done in the dark. Good is done in the light. And the TPA is done in the dark!”

    Fourth: I agree that the pope should indeed stay out of climate change, and I agree that he is also wrong that atheists will enter heaven. But I have a newsflash for you: you won’t either because heaven most likely doesn’t exist. But if it helps you to think you will, then by all means: go ahead, and all the more power to you. I’m glad for you. I’m an agnostic/atheist, but I welcome but my Christian brothers and sisters in the fight against the NWO, and if they derive strength from believing in an invisable being: good for them, and all the more power to them. I mean that!
    However, there are only two things I am a little concerned about in this regard:
    1) IF your religious belief starts spilling over in your reporting. That hasn’t happened yet as far as I can see (expressing your religious beliefs in the comment-section doesn’t count because that’s not news, and commenting about the pope who is or claims he is Christian doesn’t really count either because that IS news). The reason I say this is that – from my perspective at least – it’s important to me that my news-sources report objectively.
    2) I get the sense in you comments (and in your comment in this WNW) about atheists that you think you and other Christians are morally superior. Because this is not the only time you have commented about atheists. You don’t say that out loud, but I almost hear you think it. I’m going out on a limb here to state this explicitly.
    IF that IS the case, I have another newsflash for you: you are not.
    IF that IS NOT the case, then I sincerely apologize: then I have misread you, but that is just the sense I sometimes got from your comments in the comment-section.
    The reason I address this here and now is that this kind of comment just spilled over in your WNW.

    Fifth, I agree that Greece has practically already defaulted. However, maybe they are not going to formally default just yet. Martin Armstrong reports in his piece ‘Mario Draghi backs down on Greece’ that:
    “Zeit Online has reported a dramatic turn of events in Luxembourg as creditors are starting to realize if they push Greece out, we are looking at a contagion that will start to sweep the debt markets”:

    Sixth, a story with huge ramifications that you might be interested in is a story that could begin to spell the end of the petro-dollar: Remember the huge gas-deal that Russia and China struck some time ago? It turns out that this contract will not be denominated in dollars, but in yuan and ruble. This will set a huge precedent for other countries to do likewise:

    In any case keep up the good work, and kind regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      Nobody thinks they are morally superior. We are all sinners. That said, I am not giving a forum to atheist’s on my site. They are welcome to comment, but I don’t need a lesson on believing in nothing. You might say ‘That’s against the 1st Amendment?’ To that I say, the 1st Amendment only applies to the government suppressing free speech. I am not the government, and atheists are welcome to invest their time and money (like I did) and start their own site and let it rip on believing in nothing. Now that we know how we both feel, I say thank you for all your comments and I appreciate your participation in this site.

      • Mason

        Ok Greg, those are fair points you make, and I thank you for addressing my comments and for maintaining a great site.

        • jeff

          Hi Mason
          Here’s just one little example of why evolutionists are actually the ones buying the fairy tale, and not us crazies believing in an invisible being.
          The odds of the simplest one celled life form to have come into existence from the so called big bang theory are laughable.
          It would take 100,000 pairs of DNA , and over 10,000 amino acids, to create the simplest one celled life form.
          And all having to line up perfectly with each other.
          If you tried a trillion, trillion, trillion combinations every second for 15 billion years, the odds of hitting the correct combination would still only be one in a trillion to the 2744 power.
          Yes a lot of brilliant scientists believe in evolution. All i can say to that is i believe they have to try and prove evolution because surely there couldn’t possibly be a creator.
          By the way, if you ever come across a transitional fossil, be sure to let me know, because it would be the first one ever discovered in history.
          Have a nice day

          • Mason

            Hi Jeff,

            I think you are incorrect, and I’ll explain why. You are overlooking two things:

            The example you give is false. The evolutionary explanation of life doesn’t constitute of randomly pairing amino acids until you get the simplest one celled life form. The general ‘evolution-theory of the fittest’ begins long long before a one celled life form ever exists. It begins at a much more simpler level. The pivotal moment for the ‘evolution of the fittest’ to begin, is the coming into existence of “a molecule that replicates itself”, and not the coming into existence of a much more complex one celled life form.
            This “replicator molecule” would then usurp the non-replicator molecules in its surroundings and then it would spread through the seas until it mutated and then come across a ‘fitter’ variant of itself. This process of ‘survival of the fittest’ would continue with increasing complexity in molecules, but long before a one celled life form would become relevant. And the rest – as we say – is history. Now, the chance of this “replicator molecule” coming into existence would still be a very rare occasion, but it would be infinitely more likely to occur than the scenario you have described with the much more complex one celled life form.

            Also, the coming into existence of this replicator molecule is not so hard to imagine as it first seems, but for more specified information on that you will have to read the literature I refer to at the end of this paragraph. In additional to the astronomically increased chances of the coming into existence of a “replicator molecule” versus a one celled life form, there are also other factors that dramatically enhance the chance that it would happen.
            In addition:
            a) the formation of a “replicator molecule” only needs to happen once
            b) the conditions on earth three to four billion years ago were favorable enough (vast seas, abundance of naturally-occurring amino acids, local concentration of these substances and formation of larger molecules through ultraviolet light from the sun, etc.) for this process of finding this replicator-molecule to happen countless trillions of times per second and not just one time per second. Image this happening all over on the seas of the earth at that time. Can you even image how many precursors such as naturally-occurring amino acids were floating around in the immense seas at that time?
            c) you have a few billion year to accomplish this
            So, with these factors in mind
            (-only a replicator molecule is needed, not one celled life, -only needs to happen once, -favorable circumstances with countless trillions of chances, -few billion years time to accomplish this), it is bound to happen at least once. Maybe even more.
            In any case, chapter 2, called ‘The Replicators’ of Richard Dawkins’ book “The Selfish Gene”, counters your example brilliantly, but for more relevant information you will have to read the chapter and preferably the whole book for yourself (

            I do have a spoiler alert: if you don’t want to severely challenge your religious belief-system, don’t read the book. I have to say though, that it is one of the best books, if not the best book, I have ever read, and that goes for quite a few people who have read this book as well. If you want to know how life came about, then there is so much much more in this book than only this tiny example.

            The coming of life into existence (even one-celled life) is indeed extremely complex, as you have rightly stated. But even without the scientific explanation that I already gave you a glimpse of, the simplest explanation still would be the explanation without a creator. Because if you indeed do need a creator to explain the complexity of life coming into existence, then you must also answer the question: who created the creator? If you think explaining the existence of a one celled life form is complex (or for that matter the much simpler explanation of a “replicator molecule”), then explaining the existence of the creator of a one celled life form (or “replicator molecule”) is infinitely more complex.

            Therefore, I submit that on these two accounts, your argument does not hold up, and it even counters your belief.

            One final thought you might want to reflect on: I feel obliged to point out that I have often found that a smugness on tone such as you display in your final remark is reflective of a closed mind. That is also the sense now I get with you with your final remark.
            But with regard to the substance of that last remark, I have to say that the definition of transitional fossil is just any fossilized remains of a life form that exhibits traits common to both an ancestral group and its derived descendant group.
            There are countless transitional fossils, so I don’t know what you talking about if you say that it would be “the first ever discovered in history”?
            Anyway, you asked for me to let you know, so I’ll oblige you, and I’ll give you a list of transitional fossils:

            I applaud you for engaging in an exchange of ideas (even if you have a smugness of tone) because the path to true knowledge is to try and falsify your own beliefs and see if your beliefs hold up. That is called the falsification principle and that is the way it works for me anyway. That said, I’m not here to convince you or anyone that God doesn’t exist, and I don’t care or mind one way or the other if you believe in God or not.
            I have just taken the time to discuss your example, but the last thing I am looking for a time-consuming exchange about religion, so I’m just replying to your comment once, and after this comment of mine, you’re on your own again to figure out the truth by yourself. I just hope you found some worth in my explanation. Let’s both just say that the ideas of both of us have now just be exchanged with one another, and just reflect on its content.

            Have a nice day,

            • Charles H.

              Mason – what is the basis for replication of this “replicator molecule”? If you can’t point at something existing, and say : ‘this is it’ – then you are still unscientific and theoretical. DNA is the current basis that life is based upon – there must be a chain of succession up to DNA, or else life has existed ONLY in this current form. “Infinitely more LIKELY to occur than ….(Creation)???” From elements, to compounds, to complex compounds, to astronomical complexities: you have a horrendous big hole of “LIKELY” possibility to explain life developing from an inert state to achieving Life. All without guidance or engineering…

              What really is “telling” is your interjection of ‘having to explain how the Creator was created’. All the gobblety-gook before this statement is rendered meaningless: because this is the meat, this IS the argument. God has already proved Himself in Nature. Science rejects God in favor of it’s own authority. There is no end to speculation; theorizing; postulation: when the end is to uphold man’s intellectual authority over what he cannot understand. Science is a system created to suggest that he is the highest being. That sure strokes the ego: but no man has taken the base elements and created life with them; all he can do is play around and splice and dice – basically plagiarizing on what is already existing. I say – duplicate this “replicator module” and subsequent improvements to where you bring life into existence from inertness. You claim to understand this is what was: now show us.
              You assert that the oceans of the planet were ripe with conditions to form combinations toward complexities – but do you have to go back trillions and trillions of years to get the sun and earth formed and functioning too? Come on – the problem is beyond astronomical, or galactical, or universal. You are living in a dream world, Neo; I mean, Mason.

              I’ll give you a spoiler alert: God will shut it all down before man ever gets to the point of being able to create life.

              • paul

                Life didn’t “come into” existence … God was conscious “alive” before he created the universe out of himself … any so called “evolution” is just God “transforming” himself into different “states of being” for his pleasure and enjoyment!

              • Galaxy 500

                Well reasoned and well said, Charles. They speak in great generalities about how some stew of chemicals got together and formed the first one celled organism without explaining how a selectively permeable cell membrane evolved. Mathematical speaking its statistically, God being the creator is more likely than a so called “accident. ” But then math is the language God gave us to understand his creation, why would anyone be surprised it points to his existence?

              • Mason

                Charles H,

                Yes, that’s what I’m saying. There is chain of succession up to DNA. Starting with a “replicator molecule”. You ask me to point to something existing regarding the “replicator molecule”. You’ll have to do your own homework, Charles H., but I’ll be happy to start you off:
                First, for a general understanding on “replicator molecules”: read chapter 2 called ‘The Replicators’ in the book “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins (I absolutely recommend the whole book by the way):
                Second, with regard to the coming into existence of the replicator, there are several contenders. You might want to check out one or more of the following articles:
                a) ‘First life: The search for the first replicator’ in the journal of New Scientist. A small quotation: “Life must have begun with a simple molecule that could reproduce itself – and now we think we know how to make one.”:
                b) ‘Primordial soup that cooks itself’ in the journal Nature Chemistry. A small quotation:
                “The spontaneous syntheses of some of life’s building blocks from simple precursors have previously been demonstrated in isolation. Now it has been shown that they might all emerge from just one set of ingredients:
                c) ‘Synthesis of activated pyrimidine ribonucleotides in prebiotically plausible conditions’ in the journal Nature:

                But like I said, you’ll have to do your own homework, Charles H. But I think I have given you a more than generous starting point. Wouldn’t that be convenient for you: me solving the mysteries of life and the universefor you? And that is such a small space in the comment section?
                In any case, I don’t need you to tell me what is scientific and what not. I’ll take their word over yours, thank you very much.

                You say I “have a horrendous big hole of “LIKELY” possibility to explain life developing from an inert state to achieving Life. All without guidance or engineering…”
                Your statement is incorrect, Charles H.
                First, I have demonstrated in my post earlier and in this post above that it is NOT horrendously unlikely. Second, without guidance or engineering? Yes, without SENTIENT guidance or engineering. But no, not without non-sentient engineering. That one is easy.
                Just check out the book: “The Blind Watchmaker” by Richard Dawkins how this is easily explainable:
                or check out the fractal nature of life and examples of it in nature (but first do a google search on what the definition of a fractal is):

                I remember you, Charles H, from an earlier exchange between us. That was a particularly negative encounter. I’ll quote from the conclusion I have made earlier about you (see:
                “you cherry-pick and twist my words. You put two parts of two sentences of mine and blend them into one socalled “quote” I never made. You are painting a picture that is not true. That is a style of rhetoric on your part I find dangerous and worrisome to be frank.”
                I am assuming you are still maintaining this style of rhetoric. In contrast to other people on this blog, I don’t think you deserve the benefit of the doubt in this regard.

                You talk about trillions and trillions of years to get the sun and earth formed. According to science, the big bang was 13.8 BILLION years ago. So you would be off base by about 1000 times. I am just saying.

                In one of your posts you said you were a preacher.
                Well, in that case I have a nice quotation for you that you can think about. From Upton Sinclair:
                “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
                Well, that is the sense I get with you, when talking about evolution. It doesn’t matter what evidence I present to you, you’ll still stay closed-minded.

                • Charles H.

                  If you will take the reasoning of ‘scientific’ authors, over my careful reasoning: we will have to agree to disagree. I contend that what you choose as authoritative, resides in theory: it is neither demonstrable or repeatable.

                  As to our previous encounter: you DID concatenate my words and assigned them false meaning. So instead of intending to villain-ize my integrity, by bringing up the past: you only point out to others here how nasty some can get – even when it is not necessary.

                  And concerning your SLUR of some imagined vested-interest, Mason – I (and my wife) subsist on about $350.00 a month income from churches. So instead of suggesting that I support my position on Creationism based upon income: this turns out completely false. I am a preacher/missionary: but not for money. My life actually demonstrates a dedication to poverty and hard work – I don’t think you would even begin to scratch the surface of. My journey through life in Christian Faith IS real, Mason. I have proved, and continue to prove the veracity of the Bible; it’s promises; and God’s divine care.
                  So what’s YOUR salary, Mason? How much vested-interest is keeping your understanding closed?

                  Scientific Theory: first millions, then billions – but just wait: your authors WILL get around to the “trillions” of years, or just say it is unknowably long. Just saying.

                  Mason, you DO live in you own world. Science digs around the physical, which is a mere shadow of the higher realms. Your world is a changing landscape of theory and postulation; mine is a complete explanation and resource; yours ends at death; mine never ends. I can understand why you struggle and attack others: though I must admit dealing with you is unpleasant. Maybe, when you get old-er – you may sober.

                  • Mason

                    Charles H.,

                    Apparently, you still have a dangerous style of rhetoric (but I believe you genuinely seem oblivious of this fact):

                    1) YOU are the one that concatenated my words into one quote I never made, and now you try to turn it around and say I did concatenate your words.

                    2) You accuse me of a slur, while your accusation constitutes a slur itself.
                    I stand by my words. I’ll explain. Yes, $350.00 a month income from churches is not much at all, I agree, although it is not much less than I get per month. I don’t doubt that your faith is real as you see it. And I believe you when you say that you live in poverty, but that doesn’t counter my argument. Your raison d’être, or – reason of being – so to speak, is being a preacher, AND you are dependent of that money you get from the churches, even if it is not much. That’s honorable enough of course, but that still does mean that your reason of being is dependent on the churches and on preaching, and therefore you ARE closed-minded to counter-arguments. Think about that, even if you don’t admit it to me. My argument – and the quote I provided you with – therefore still stands. I hope you now understand better what I meant.
                    What MY salary is, you ask? I did a lot of volunteering in the field I studied in, while simultaneously having paid part time jobs to secure some kind of income to be able to eat. Unfortunately I did not manage to secure a job in the field I studied in, so after a long time, I am callling quits and I am now re-training myself in another field. What I presently get per month is not much more than you get. It’s just enough to eat and to get by. I must say that I do read a lot of alternative financial blogs, not because I have a lot of money, I don’t, but a) because these blogs, like Greg’s site, seem to have a good handle on what is coming and b) because my deceased father left my mother some money and I am doing my best to help her weather the hard times that seem to be coming. She – like a lot of other people – finds it frightening to busy herself with this, so I’m taking responsibility in that regard. So, I don’t know what you are suggesting.

                    3) You asked me to point to something, but then dismiss it when it when it is presented. And you call it careful reasoning, without even addressing it. You can call this what you want, but it isn’t careful reasoning. And it isn’t open-minded either.

                    Charles H, you are the one living in your own world. You think you have a monopoly on the truth, you think you have the answer, while in fact you are incredible myopic. You are the one that attacks others when they question your truth. But you don’t see it that way. You think they attack you. You are the one that began to make accusatory remarks on my posts – now TWICE and counting – not me, and not the other way around. Generally I take great care not to get entangled in posts of others about religious matters. This is not the case with you. And yet again you accuse me of attacking people. Maybe now you understand better why I say you have a dangerous style of rhetoric, even if you are at first oblivious to it. I’m not saying that you are of ill will per se. I’m saying that either this is the case, or else you have an EGOCENTRIC (that is something different than egoistic, look it up) mindset that lets you engage in that kind of thought-process. You need a reality-check. Even if you don’t admit it to me. Ask your wife to read your comments and mine, and to HONESTLY tell you what she thinks about our passage of words.

                    You might have noticed that my tone in general is a lot friendlier (with the vast majority of people) when I am not addressing you. Even if you have a myopic worldview, and even if you believe in your own rhetoric, this fact alone ought to tell you something about yourself.

                    Let’s indeed agree to disagree, and leave it at that.

            • Gert NOT bERT

              Mayson my son,

              When the evolutionists came up with the theory of Punctuated Equilibrium, to replace the theory of evolution, because of evolution’s lack of any transition and in conferences actually coming to blows, “fist fights,” I KNEW THE JIG WAS UP! Now some 35 years later I have much more faith in the man who 2,000 years ago painted a picture of the conclusion of the end of the age that mirrors are day so closely all I have to say unequivocally is the jig is definitely up now in totality and Jeff Hunter has definitely nailed it and I recommend you heed his advice! He is your savior and mine, my friend. Peace be with you and above all, FEAR NOT!

              • Gert NOT bERT

                Mayson, Check out. . .

                Evolution in ‘The Western Way of War’:
                Continuity, Punctuated Equilibrium, Neither ?
                Patrick G. Skelly

                THESIS STATEMENT
                We examine in this paper how and where the patterns of change are found within Hanson’s
                Western Way of War, and whether the changes are most properly characterized as ‘continuity’,
                ‘punctuated equilibrium’, ‘fits and starts’, or some other process.

                INTRODUCTION. . .


      • mark

        Hi Greg,
        I, for one, am so very thankful that Jesus is the “friend of sinners”. I wonder how many self-proclaimed “atheists” or “agnostics” there are who, at least in the secrecy of their own hearts, consider themselves to be morally superior in comparison to those who are so “narrow” as to believe that Jesus Christ (the incarnate Word of God) is the Son of God according to the testimony of the Holy Spirit contained in and conveyed through the Holy Scriptures? Believing the truth is the most honorable position one can take and one which we all must choose or refuse. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg!

        • hoopshound

          I don’t think I’m morally superior to you. I’m just amused that you and others think your point of view is the truth.

          • mark

            I am not simply talking about that which is “my point of view of the truth”. If you read Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians (ch.15) you will see at that time there were some even among those gathered there who did not believe in the fact of resurrection (as opposed to a state of non-existence after death as some argue). We are not dealing with that which is contrived through an intellectual exercise of philosophical speculation, rather we are basing our claim and belief upon that which has been made known by revelation as confirmed by historical documentation. Big difference. That is why I end my comments with “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit” (Philemon 25, Gal.6:18,2 Tim.4:22) because this grace is the present day direct application of that which transpired historically 2000 years ago by which one is transferred out of darkness into light (Acts 26:18, Col.1:12-13) and out of death into life (John 5:24) and by which we who were dead in their spirit (Eph 2:1-2) are made alive and joined as one Spirit with the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Cor.6:17) who in resurrection as the Last Adam has become a Life Giving Spirit (1 Cor 15:45) and by which Spirit we enjoy freedom (2. Cor 3:17).

          • JC Davis

            Hoopshound. Amused is a good thing. Jesus said If I be lifted up I will draw all people to me. So we lift him up.
            Think of the times you did not understand something and a thought came to you that fit the answer. The greater the question the greater the answer. Having truth must set you free on the inside. Must be practical, and led to a good work. If you resist the truth will still love you.

            • Emeth

              JC – I hope you are not lifting him up in the way that Jesus uses the term here …

              John.12:32-33 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. This he said, signifying what death he should die.”

              [Especially compare his words to John.3:14 & 8:28].

              He is speaking about being lifted up by evil doers – as in being nailed to a cross and lifted up – just as Moses nailed the brazen serpent to a stake and lifted it up so that those who were bitten could look upon it in faith and be saved from death [John.3:14 from Num.21:9].

              When Jesus died, all men died with him … because he was the representative of all men, being one of us [2.Cor.5:14-15, Heb.2:9-11], of our same flesh and blood [Heb.2:14-18, 4:15 & 1.Jn.4:2-3]

              He draws all men to him, in that they too all die with him – crucified with him. Those who do this willingly, in faith through baptism into Christ, understanding the justice and rightness of his action, both die with him and live with him. [Rom.6:3-6, Gal.2:20, 25-27, 5:24, 2.Tim.2:11]

        • Mason

          Your post is a great illustration of what I meant.

          I believe Greg immediately if he says he doesn’t think he is morally superior, because you can see a man’s integrity by his demeanor, and you can clearly see this is the case in his videos. So I have no reason whatsoever to doubt his words. Therefore, I stand corrected with regard to him.

          You, in contrast, certainly seem to think you are morally superior. At least by looking at your post, your words seem to be saturated with this sense, so I guess I have to thank you for illustrating my point for what at least some Christians think.

          Interestingly enough, you are trying to turn this around, by implying agnostics/atheists think they are. No Mark, I don’t think I am. I really don’t. But I don’t think you are either. But you seem to think you are. And very much so.

          I really try to live a morally good life, but I am not perfect. I know this. I think at least trying to live morally good life comes from within. I know that many (but not all) Christians try to do the same thing. The only difference is that they seem to need help from an external being or force. So be it.

          • mark

            Hi Mason,
            Since I have no video link for you to see my demeanor I can only trust that you will believe me when I say that I post my comments with only the best interest of the individual I am responding to and that of the others who may come here to read and participate as well. We both agree that Greg is putting forth a very honorable effort to provide a service in educating and enlightening as many people as possible as to the precarious condition we are in. Not surprisingly many comments here venture into the realm of what may be considered “the bigger questions” i.e. “Where did we come from?, Where are we going? (and I might add– How did things become this corrupted and how can it be fixed?) which of course leads to a lot of commentary regarding the larger issue and that is the mortality and corruptible (sin) nature of man and hence the salvation account as recorded in the Holy Scriptures concerning Jesus Christ the Son of God, crucified for our offenses and raised for our justification (Romans 4:25) (notice the word is “ours” not “mine” — He paid the price for you too Mason). I did not mean to imply that all atheists or agnostics consider themselves morally superior as you wrote, but being that “you went there” in your comment, allow me to ask you personally, since you willingly admitted that you are “not perfect” and that you admittedly “try to live a moral life” as to whether your self-assessment is not really in fact a little self- congratulatory and please don’t be offended at my asking. What I mean is that it sounds like you’re saying ” well, I am not without fault or possibility of error in judgment, but on the other hand I am not as bad off as a lot of other people and so I honestly wouldn’t consider myself worthy of spending eternity burning in hell (or “the lake of fire” as the Scriptures say) because of my sins after I die in the way that some who may consider themselves ‘loving Christians’ try to warn me of “. In fact, I wonder if you Mason, like many of high intellect unsurprisingly, would consider all such reasoning as foolish and nothing more than an attempt to use the threat of impending doom as a fear tactic to manipulate and control people knowing full well how toxic and abusive “religion” can be. But I am not talking about religion, (from the Latin re-ligio, to bind again) and I am not trying to put down or put a power-trip on anyone. The fact of the matter is Mason we are all weak in our human nature and to admittedly confess so in this world can be a dangerous thing to do. But the fact is, as the Lord said when criticized for eating with the tax collectors and sinners by the Pharisees (self righteous), “only those who are sick are in need of a physician” (see Luke 5:31). You see Mason, I fear by your comment that while acknowledging you have imperfection and weakness in your nature and deeds, you see yourself as being in pretty good shape (by the world’s standard of morality) and not being in need of “any outside force or being” to save you, but that is exactly the situation we all face– and that is not my word spoken to you in a tone of condescension, that is exactly the words of the apostle Paul as he cries out at the end of Romans 7 “oh wretched man that I am who will deliver me from the body of this death?” (Romans 7:24) when seeing himself under the scrutiny of the Divine standard of righteousness which is according to the Glory of God in His Holiness. Until you get to the point of realizing the wretchedness of your human condition according to that standard of estimation, a wretchedness of which we all share and for which there is no hope in and of ourselves to remedy, then you cannot come into the good of what God has provided for us in and through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son and there is no third option available. As it is written: “The soul that sins shall surely die” and “the wages of sin is death”, but “the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Rom.6:23). While you are humble enough to admit imperfection in your own nature, please don’t let your pride keep you from accessing the greatest and only blessing which brings with it the certainty of an incorruptible inheritance in eternal glory forevermore (1 Peter ch. 1). So Mason I say to you dear friend as I say to all, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit!! If you call upon Him He is faithful to deliver.

            • Mason

              Thank you for clarifying your intentions. After reading them, I’ll assume they are good so with regard to what you just said, I’ll do my best to address your points as I see it:
              1) Yes, it is correct that I regard hell as a non-issue. If heaven doesn’t exist, so doesn’t hell. That goes for atheists, agnostics, Christians and everyone else, regardless what they believe. It is finished after this life. I would like to believe there is a God. I really do. I don’t like being extinguished after this life. But I would similarly like to believe there is a billion dollars in my bank-account. But that doesn’t make it so either. And yes, talking about hell is just fear-mongering, particularly if it is done by religious institutions.
              2) No, I don’t regard it self-congratulatory when thinking in this manner. You are wrong on that account. Hell and heaven are both non-existent. It isn’t an issue. At all. It’s a complete non-issue. Period. I’m not better off than Christians in that regard. We all perish after this life, sadly enough. That’s not a fate I wish on anyone, myself or Christians. But it remains a fact for me, although I can’t know or prove anything for certain. Why would I be self-congratulatory on that? I’m not.
              3) Ok, after reading your clarification maybe you indeed do not regard yourself as morally superior, but from the posts on this blog from it is apparent that some Christians do think they are. Many people who derive their belief-system on a “omnipotent God” therefore seem to think they have a monopoly on the truth. That don’t, but their demeanor is that they do, and that is exactly what I sense. I am sorry to say that that is what I sense your posts as well.
              4) I appreciate that you are trying to give me a valuable message. But from my perspective, you are quoting a text that someone wrote give or take 2000 years ago about someone else who lived give or take 2000 years ago, and you are treating that text literally as the “gospel truth” so to speak. From my perspective, I find that incredible myopic. I would also like to refer you to the comment of Paul (in the comment-section just below, not the apostle).
              In any case, to each his own. I regard both of our ideas now as having been exchanged, and on that final note I would like to say to you to be well and go in peace.

          • paul

            Trying to be good vs. trying to be evil is fundamental to how our world evolves … those on the good side … no matter their beliefs in the way they characterize “God” … are people of “light” … and all people of “light” must join together against evil … those on the “dark side” are those who foster war, death, deceit and destruction!

            • Mason

              I think what you are saying is exactly right. I couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly why Greg’s remark about atheists on the Wrap-Up (and earlier on his posts) INITIALLY raised an eyebrow with me and I commented on this issue. After Greg addressed my comments, I think I understand a little bit more where he is coming from, but I think you said it best by far in your comment just above, and I think that your kind of thinking should set an example for many, including a number of people on this blog. Thank you for your remark!

  21. diane s.

    Hi Greg….great column as usual.
    I live in Calfornia…I attended a Sierra Club meeting a few weeks ago…a well known scientist gave a seminar on the drought.
    It was very interesting.
    He predicts there is likely to be an El Nino soon, which will help the situation, however, we are in for some serious trouble.
    One solution he presented was the possibility pipelines from the snow peaks of Alaska, to alleviate the severe drought, not just in California, but in the other western states as well.
    This can be done and should be planned asp.
    In the meantime….we are in trouble…have to ration…
    Even if we do have a serious El Nino this fall/next winter/spring….the problem with droughts has existed for forever…and will happen again…so it just makes a ton of sense to take this action and get pipelines from Alaska.
    I’m not selling my property yet….we’ll tough it out…..
    He didn’t mention the contrail/chemtrail spraying….we need to pray this insanity will stop.
    The entire world needs to protect our food and water supplies, from big corporations like Monsanto,……the very planet is being threatened by GMO/PESTICIDE pollution.

  22. Jim H

    “Your only as sick as the secrets you keep”. Great wrap up Greg!
    Why are we shocked to find out the world economy where “Communist, Socialist Capitalist and all other ist” where profit trumps doing the right thing for free and for nothing (as Christ and many others who were murdered taught) is anything other than a big ponzi scheme where 1% uses the middle class to make the poor feel they too can be president. Now the middle is almost gone and all of us scurry to find another way to make for profit work. Nuts! We don’t even realize it’s the whole conversation that has to change. The 1% for a long time now (long before this generation was born) controls the worlds wealth, technology and resources. What happened to the man made millennium corporate America told me about as a child where machines would do the work so people would only need to work half the time and enjoy a much better quality of life. They are greedy and we too stupid to call it what it is. We still let them define our world.

  23. Russ

    Excellent wrap-up Greg. California’s drought impacts me directly; Greece might impact a lot of folks who aren’t paying attention. FED raising rates… LOL Too funny. I’m not sure if it was Michael Pento, Greg Mannarino or one of the many other market analysts I’ve listened to that said, (paraphrased) “nuh uh, the FED cannot raise rates”, and then they explained the math. I think I heard Pento say it first… For the market to have a serious reaction to the “news” that rates are staying near zero is seriously laughable, but I’m not laughing. This is going to get ugly because what it says to me is that the FED is not in control.

    Nice that they gave a weekend’s warning for the Greek’s to get their money out of the bank… hard to believe they haven’t been ready for this going back months if not years. Nicce that NASA gave CA a years warning to make plans for no water. The FED didn’t give us a warning, but Mannarino and Pento did. There’s always a warning if you’re paying attention… Thank you summarizing it so succinctly.

  24. Buck

    Sounds like you trust the government (judicial branch), if you support capital punishment. You need to bring yourself up to speed on the “Prison Industrial Complex”.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize I was talking about a guy that just murdered 9 people at a Bible study class?

      • hoopshound

        It might be more accurate to say a white supremacist killed 9 black people in a bible study!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Murder is murder.

          • hoopshound

            If a Muslim had murdered nine white christians in a bible study. I’m guessing that this website would be exploding with people screaming that it is terrorism. It wouldn’t be considered “murder is murder.”

            • Greg Hunter

              It was terrorism and pure hate. You willfind neither here.

            • brian

              I think you would feel embarrassed for saying what you just did about this audience if you spent a few weeks here listening to what Mr Hunter, his guests and his audience say.

      • Buck

        You implied your support for the death penalty. Charleston seems clear cut, but many cases others are not. Do you trust government to find truth 100% of the time?

  25. Andrew Maggard

    A great commentary on current events, one rather glaring fact emerges that involves the main stream media in a role of watchdog, the dog is not barking and is asleep, drugged or dead. The events that are taking place in the geopolitical realm are of such that portend an onrushing crisis, unfortunately the media as well as much of America remains woefully unaware or delusional. The complacency of the American public is remarkable in view of the numerous crisis situations that are developing, so much so that, at times I question my perception of things and for a brief moment question my own sanity and perception of the warnings that are sounding within my range of vision. Situational awareness prompts a recognition of the looming crisis.
    Thank you for your interviews of competent observers and financial participants and for your thorough analysis and reporting.
    Andrew Maggard

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew for adding your perspective and for your support.

  26. Smaulgld

    Thanks for another fine wrap up.
    The Fed WILL raise rates- they just won’t ever “normalize” them.
    The Fed needs to raise rates to combat de-dollarization initiatives (BRICS bank, AIIB) that are gaining acceptance. Raising rates creates investment demand for US bonds that counteracts transactional demand lost due to lower oil prices (lower oil prices mean countries need fewer dollars in reserve to buy oil) and countries transacting less in the dollar .

    The latest US Treasury report of top foreign holders of US Treasuries shows a decline in holdings. Higher rates can counteract that.

    Higher rates doesn’t mean raising them 1, 2, 3 points- it means just 1/4 pt hike and then talking about raising them again for months or a year.

    As long as the Fed has coordinated with the BOJ, BOE ECB etc for them to keep their rates at zero or negative, the US Treasuries will remain attractive as a place to park money. This is very important as the US has a need to continue to issue T-Bonds to fund its massive spending and a need for foreigners to buy them. The Fed can’t keep buying the bonds through printing money lest confidence eventually gets lost, so they need to raise rates (a little) and they will.

    They also need to raise rates for confidence that they are just not a bunch of bluffers crying wolf. The economy is poor and the data would tell them not to raise rates, BUT with the assistance of the media telling the public and the markets that the US economy is in “recovery” is “Solid” “Robust” etc the Fed can raise rates with that cover story still being peddled and believed.

    To those who say the fed CAN’T or will NEVER raise rates, keep in mind a rate hike is already baked into the bond market. A quarter pt won’t impact anything. Yellen said that even after they raise rates they won’t mechanically raise them after the first raise-meaning its one and done and then a lot of talking about the next rate hike. There won’t be any derivatives blow up if the Fed raises rates this year as the hike has been long telegraphed and traders have had plenty of time to let positions expire, rehedge their positions etc.

    The IMF pleading not to raise rates is coordinated noise to keep people off guard. The big money knows the Fed will raise rates and has adjusted their positions accordingly.

    Rate hike talk is a red herring, a distraction to the much larger issues the global economy faces.

  27. Art Barnes

    Greg, earlier this year I blogged to your readers that California would lose 100,000 jobs in the next year due to the drought, its happening as we speak. New farming jobs, irrigation, landscaping, just to name a few are none existent presently and beginning to lose ground due to layoffs in those sectors. The boating & recreation industry is in the toilet & laying off, this spills over to tourism of California, a very large industry all by itself. The drought is getting worse every day all the while the MSM continues to downplay the matter as a local event of no real significance. California isn’t Delaware when it comes to food production and GDP, its large, the 8th largest economy in the world. So many jobs in the state depend on water its just a matter of time when the 100K loss of jobs I mentioned above move upwards to 500K, that is when you will see real estate prices fall as people start packing up and leaving for wetter states; which, by the say is already happening albeit on a small scale at present. From the Western Front, ab

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Art for adding to this post!!

  28. JC Davis

    Greg. That’s a wrap. Seems they have been on track to raise interest rates all the way back to 2008. They will likely be on Track all the way to the dollar collapse.

  29. Jerry

    I rarely wade in on social issues, but I’m hearing reports that the shooter in South Carolina was on an antidepressant drug, that has been used by several people I know who have committed suicide. The most recent was a young man my son knew who drove his car head on into a semi truck. I think its time to release the grip the pharmaceutical industry has on our healthcare system and find out what the long term effects of these drugs are. But lets not kid ourselves the pharmacy industry has deep roots in the NWO and that will probably never happen. Instead they will use this crisis to go after their real objective, which is the elimination of the second amendment. Just watch and observe.

    • Hilde

      Thank you so much for a brilliant news wrap up.
      Jerry, I think your comment is of momentous importance. Thank you for posting. And yes, I think it relates to the economy and Society as a Whole.

    • hoopshound

      I don’t want to eliminate the 2nd amendment but would prefer that it be interpreted properly and that all gun owners be required to join a well-regulated militia.

      • Paul from Indiana

        “Well regulated” in the 18th century meant “well equipped, well turned out”. The people ARE the militia. That’s the point. Best always. PM

        • hoopshound

          Sorry. I am not, nor will I ever be part of any militia!!

      • Hilde

        I agree, definitely some kind of regulation so that not any nutcase can have semi-automatic gun and the like. But the fact that one gets even nuttier by a coctail of psychotropic drugs as well, is very unnerving to me… These kids didn’t do any killing before they were put on mind-altering / no-fear drugs. But I also agree in that it’s idiotic to give an 18 year old a gun, unless it’s supposed to be used under extremely controlled circumstances.

        • Galaxy 500

          This Dylann, evil bastards that he is, was a drug addict. I have not read any credible reporting that he was prescribed any thing.
          As far a mind altering drugs, we are all on some form of them: sugar, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol.
          If by mind altering, you mean anti psychotics, I don’t see that he took those. His drug choice was narcotics and opiates which don’t make you mass murder. All drug addicts have impulse control and if you want to see real rage, deny them their fix

  30. Cathy

    GREAT again!!! Thank you Greg! 🙂

  31. Dan Pettigrew

    Keep up the good work Greg!

  32. Doug Cowlthorp

    Good report. You know as well as everyone on this site that your U.S. Government is funding ISIS and are quite happy with the disruption of the Middle East. Just like you mentioned, all the Military assets that have been “left” behind. What a crock of, you know what. It sure is good for the Military Industrial Complex (that a former President warned against), they sure aren’t unhappy that they need to produce more products to fill the void.
    This summer and fall are going to be a doozie financially for all of us I believe. Keep up the great work, and keep stacking if you can, with PM’s and all other goods.

    • Doug C.

      One more question that has been bothing me lately. With the rumors that Secretary John Kerry was shot in France, rather than just fall off a bike, why has he rushed back to the U.S. in a Hospital Aircraft rather than have his leg “Set” in france with a cast? Also, why has there not been any video of him convelesing at home or where ever? If it is just a broken leg, (even at his age) he should be up and walking around on crutch’s at least by now. Then again, maybe he was actually shot in the chest and in a ICU ward somewhere in DC on the verge of death. Do you not think that the Government would try and quell the rumors with a sighting of him recently just to prove the story?
      Odd if nothing else.

  33. Dave Roessner

    Thanks Greg,
    You are required reading for my entire family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dave!

  34. Galaxy 500

    I am celebrating Ramadan by having bacon with every meal. How are you celebrating this pagan holiday?

    • frederick

      galaxy 500 My dear wife is a Muslim and i find your derogatory comment very insulting and bigotted

    • sk

      By eating a matzo ball, ham, and milk. Happy?

      • frederick

        no sk I am sick and tired of the relentless Muslim bashing There are plenty of good people of all religions

        • sk

          Fred, you missed my sarcasm. I am deathly tired of Muslim bashing also, it’s so obviously intended to get Christians and Muslims at each other’s throats. Pathetic, really.

          • frederick

            @sk sorry i did indeed miss that you were being sarcastic Kinda hard to sense in writing ya know

        • hoopshound

          You are absolutely right. And there are ignorant, bigoted, racist people in every religion as well.

          • Galaxy 500

            Absolutely true, but the difference is we aren’t out murdering in the name of the prophet.

        • dbcooper

          Sorry to tell you Fredrick but the mooslims are acting much like the homosexuals and the communist environmentalists… read that fascist and I for one am sick and tired of it. You want to practice your religion fine but I am having a home grown/home cured/home smoked ham steak with my home grown eggs for breakfast!! Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

          • frederick

            db You just contradicted yourself by saying the Muslims are acting like Communists and are fascists (opposites) and how can you make such a rediculous generalization anyway Totally absurd sir

    • aussie jeff

      sorry but I can’t accept that kind of comment, we are to love our fellow man not mock them.

      • Galaxy 500

        I missed the mocking part in the scriptures. I also have a problem with a group of people that believe they have the right to kill me just because I am a Christian.

        • aussie jeff

          Galaxy 500

          Return evil for evil to no one,do I agree with the killing of christians? No I think it’s abhorrant,ungodly and of satan.
          Does that mean I tar and feather all those of the muslim faith as satanical radicals? Who am I to judge?
          I shall leave that up to God,however as a regular contributor to this site, I could not sit quietly and say nothing regarding your commen as it personally offended me, my son is married to a muslim, a most beautiful and peaceful woman,do I agree with her beliefs?,no far from it.
          BTW my son eats bacon and eggs whenever he wants to and his wife could not care less!!
          Your comment was nothing short of ignorant.
          Luke 6:45
          A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.
          God Bless you.

          • Galaxy 500

            And humor is good…I am also on the list to be killed for drawing Mohammad

      • dbcooper

        AJ, I am sure you are right and I will stand for my judgment but I do not do politically-correct well . We are not the ones who are beheading and massacring Christians. Have you noticed how these folks do not seem to have a sense of humor? What a sweet religion! FN, DB

        • frederick

          No DB we arent doing any beheading just looking the other way as the IDF uses white phosphorus on children and murders half a million in an illegal war where depleted uranium has created a toxic wasteland and caused how many hundreds of dreadful birth defects Were is our moral high ground anyway Im not seeing it sir And I have a great sense of humor by the way and am not a Muslim frederick

          • Galaxy 500

            I knew the Jews would be brought into this.
            If the wicked moslems in Gaza and the west bank were hiding behind civilians as they fire weapons of terror at women and children of Isreal, they wouldn’t get attacked. You poor misguided soul. It’s always the Jews.

  35. Jerry

    Greg its time for people to wake up from their dancing with the stars stupor and realize that the drought in California is another facet of the Jade Helm 15 exercise created by the globalist.
    You won’t find the how and the why in the MSM. Ask yourself this. If you wanted to install martial law in a densely populated area without creating a panic, what would be the best way to do it? Of course. Natural disaster. It serves two purposes. First the general population would see the military as being there to help them. Second it provides a cover for relocation. Most likely the vaunted FEMA camps.

    I’m not saying that’s “the plan”. I’m saying it could be. Especially with the use of HARP by the military (as the clip above demonstrates) and the tremendous buildup of military hardware (including transport trucks) in Barstow.

    Now the why. The globalist have an agenda that includes relocation of populations into mega cities under agenda 21. And secondly by destroying the agriculture industry of California (that supplies roughly 40% of our produce) it will force the population to become more dependent on the government for food, creating another string of control. Crazy? People don’t feel much like resisting when they’re starving and hungry.

  36. andyb

    Greg: re: the Western drought. Dane Widington of Geoengineeringwatch (you had him on about a month ago) makes a good case that it is man made, and I don’t doubt that at all. In connecting all of the geopolitical and social engineering dots, it is becoming quite obvious that USG policy makers are truly evil and psychotic, seeking to destroy this once great nation. Re: a possible Pacific Ocean desalination solution. The biggest reason this is a no go is the Fukushima radiation that CANNOT be filtered in the process. Using this water would be incremental genocide. The decimation of thousands of Pacific Ocean species/wildlife due to Fukushima radiation gets no mention in the MSM, but it is a fact nonetheless.
    Thanks for helping to wake up the people; but, unfortunately, we have a long way to go.

  37. Gord Higham

    Greece has already defaulted but the ECB, IMF and the EU will not allow it to fail and exit the Euro. Over the weekend the ‘ emergency ‘ meeting at the highest of levels will agree to print up as much money as necessary, a new bond issue will be created (it doesn’t matter who purchases it with what phoney fiat paper) and voila the crisis is over. Success, can kicked the wool pulled over an increasingly apathetic public. All is well.

    I could be wrong but I think they will counterfeit as much money as needed to keep the world wide Ponzi going. It’s all a total farce of course and it is inevitable that world wide economic collapse is baked in but there is still blood to wring from the Greeks.

    The same will be coming to almost every Euro country as the sociopaths that are currently in control turn country after country into indentured servants sacrificed on the alter of fascism.

    But then again, maybe the Greek people will rise up and take their country back.

    As always excellent information and top notch guests on one of my very favourite blog sites. Keep up the great work Greg.

  38. southern girl

    Good Morning Greg,
    I am having trouble viewing…Tried really early this morning as I could not sleep and it just seems like it pauses every few minutes. You don’t suppose it is AT&T slowing the internet down like they got caught doing to the phones?
    Now it is hours later and you have just stopped at 1:25 seconds. Gad Zooks! I at least got to 9:34 early this morning. I went online and it seems to be everywhere.

  39. diane s.

    William Patzert, JPL climatologist.
    Man who gave the seminar on drought.Lots of information about him on the internet

  40. southern girl

    Have a sister who lives in Diamond Bar, just east of L.A. and have not heard a word from her from her about the water situation….she does not seems to live in the real world.
    Use to go visit my Grandma who lived in Ontario, Oregon just S.S.E. of in the state about 25 minutes from Boise, Idaho. If it wasn’t for the water they got from Idaho they would have just had brown lawns and brush weeds.
    I am with you when you said they knew they only had 1 year earlier this year of water. What the @#ll are they doing….not drilling for wells? Three years ago in the town I live in ONE of the wells went down and they rationed our water to even and odd days. They were so smart …NOT… that they didn’t figure out that there are some months that end in 31 and the beginning of the month is ….Yes… you guessed it 1 another odd number. They tried to fine me….then had to change their minds when I told them …yes… you can have two odd numbers back to back. Brilliant folks we have down here.

  41. Russ McMeans

    Plenty of water here in the Sierras in Nevada County (California).. .. Yuba, Bear rivers flowing great. Deer & Wolf creeks raging white water. Reserviors at least 1/2 full. The problem in other county’s is more dire though. The biggest problem is all this water is heading to the ocean- they are releasing it to protect the fish. People and farmers be damned!. I heard rumour that some cities around Sacramento will be out of water in 2 months- while the Feds are releasing water out of Folsom Lake to keep some fish at the proper temperature. God save the fishes!
    As our great conservative congressman Tom McClintock said: “drought is a man-made problem.” SO: I’M BETTING IN JUST A FEW YEARS- WE WILL GET SOME BIG WINTERS AND ALL THIS FUSS WILL BE FORGOTTEN. – just like the last drought.! (Hey how bout building some more reservoirs???

  42. Sylvia

    Greg. Thanks for another Friday roundup.
    Regarding the California draught:
    Why do the (probably paid off ) people in charge allow “FRACKING”?
    It should be outlawed. The oil is not needed, and the water is desparately
    needed. It takes millions and millions of gallons of water for fracking.

  43. southern girl

    Catholic Southern Girl here!!! Ding! Ding! Ding! I totally agree with you on this Pope. I really don’t believe he is one of US. I think he is one of THEM. This Climate Change does smack of the NWO. I wrote before that all my atheist and Protestants friends and neighbors just love him. Danger! Will Robinson! We have had some bad Popes in the past that no one can deny, but Saint Pope John Paul II was just that and saintly man.

    The Catholic church is just like every organization in the world. It is a MEN’S club where they protect themselves and yes, greed, money and …POWER are all the game. They jokey for positions just like the Belmont Stakes. Sounds like the banking system where, hey, NO ONE GOES TO JAIL. Just pay a fine… sound familiar. They are suppose to be held to a higher standard, but just remember they are still just men. I know of some wonderful faith filled and faithful priests and bishops, but even here we have had some who were essential fired for deviating from their vows. Not many … maybe 3 or 4. Here if there is any hint it might be real…They are out. It takes a special grace to be a religious and some just don’t have it.

    I make no judgments about anyone else, BOY OH! BOY.. is that a hard one. Been to confession on that one too many times. If you have not walked in their shoes than keep your thought to yourself.

    Atheist can go to heaven?????..Boy!! that is a ? for only God, but that is not in our Catholic Doctrine, just like dogs and cats go to heaven.. WHAT? Show me please in the Bible where it says that. Ever since this Pope was elected the media made it sound as if his nomination was a surprise…NOT…he was the runner up to Pope Benedict 15th. I truly believe Pope Benedict had to step down ( probably against what he wanted but obedient to God’s wishes) so that God’s real plan could go into motion.

    I am not going to stop being Catholic no matter what the church does. The church is US. I know of no organization that is as large as the Roman Catholic Faith where there are not some guilty things going on. It is just human nature. Do the math…. I will never leave it is my home. My faith is what makes me who I am…hopefully pleasing to God. But just like I continue to make mistakes so does everyone else. I do not condone any of the pedophile priests who I think were not really one of US, but one of THEM. They should be prosecuted to the max. what most of you don’t know is that when you are a say a priest, Bishop, Cardinal, and yes even Pope, you are held accountable for ALL the souls in your care. I wouldn’t want to be any of them on judgment day. Only God knows all and can judge justly. Evil’s work is done in the dark, as you said Greg. Let us hope the light of Christ will lead us into His Light

    • paul

      [Atheist can go to heaven?????..Boy!! that is a ? for only God, but that is not in our Catholic Doctrine, just like dogs and cats go to heaven.. WHAT? Show me please in the Bible where it says that.]

      The Bible tells us “everything” comes from God … even atheists, dogs and cats … can we humans presume that what comes from God … can’t go back to God?

  44. jeff

    Hi Greg :
    Thanks for another great commentary.
    I’m going to repeat a comment i read on another site.
    ” if only we had the technology to seed clouds ” California would get the rain it so badly needs.
    I’m not so sure about not raising the interest rates. Yes the economies of a lot of countries would implode, but it seems to me that’s the goal. Order out of chaos. But what do i know.
    I also was raised a catholic and left the church and am also a christian.
    This pope is something special if you know what i mean.
    ” may you live in interesting times ”
    Take care

  45. brian

    All these cities and countries that have these dramatic issues with debt makes me wonder how they came to be so short on funds in the first place? Is it that those entrusted with managing various public and pension funds made some bad decisions, got swindled or stole it? I mean isnt this ultimately an issue of fraud whereby various investment instruments were completely misrepresented and used simply to evacuate the coffers of governments and other institutions? How is it any attention can be diverted from fraud on this grand scale and focused narrowly on the cul de sac of triaging the damage such fraud has caused? It appears these banks really are running circles around us all.

  46. John

    Mr. Hunter,

    I too was baptized Catholic. I remain a true believer in the Catholic Church’s original theology, however, I am no longer a supporting or practicing Catholic.

    Somewhere, the Church lost its way and failed to fullfill its obligation, mission, purpose…to minister to save souls…to spread The Word and attempt to save and reform the sinner. To spread The Word Of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth; to all peoples of the earth.

    Instead, we have a highly politicized , extremely wealthy, bureaucracy of sinners and doers of bad, if not evil. Talk about doing things in the dark! They are more concerned about control, wealth and condemnation than they are about Our Lord, our faith, and redemption.

    I pray every day that The Lord above sees my reasoning, and forgives my decision, to be a non-supporting, non-practicing Catholic. May the Divine Trinity, the Sacred Hearts, and the BVM be forever our protectors and benefactors. May the angels and saints be our role models in life.


    • paul

      How many times do we have to go to the movies to see Avatar? … after going a few hundred times you basically have the whole movie memorized (if the fluoride in the water hasn’t totally destroyed your IQ) … similarly after going to church a few hundred times many Catholics with high enough IQ’s have the whole mass memorized (everything except for the reading from the Bible) but they feel they are intelligent enough to read the Bible on their own … and so they begin to skip the formality of going to Church every week … yet know in their hearts they are still good Catholic’s … they just don’t practice it religiously!

      • paul

        The Church must do a better job … they make the word of God boring by repeating the same lines over and over and over … instead of analyzing the scriptures and discussing the implications of God’s words … they leave it to us to do their work for them … they leave it to us to figure out that [Let there be Light … and there was Light] means that thought itself is creation … therefore our thoughts are very important … good thoughts create good things on earth … bad thoughts create bad things on earth … the Church should be making this clear at Sunday church services … they should clarify that the Holy Ghost is God the Father in “spiritual form” and that Jesus is God the Father in “material form” and that the third entity is an “anti-material being” an anti-Christ if you will or Lucifer … where all three are one … like ( -1 .. 0 .. +1) are the three entities that arise from the one Father (0) … the Church leaves all this for us to figure this out … instead of explaining it to us in Church on Sunday!

  47. southern girl

    Sorry, so many comments but the pausing just stopped and I heard your last few words. No matter what one human has done I don’t believe in the death penalty. It is not my place to judge someone to death. Catholics believe in the sanctity of life..that means no abortion and no death penalty, that is just my opinion. Now, if you talk to some of the so called Catholics on Capital Hill, you know like Pelosi, John Roberts. Joe Biden they have a completely different opinion and say it follows Catholic Doctrine….NOT!!!! But everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, that is what makes dialogue continue.

    • paul

      Didn’t God give Adam and Eve who I believe were “immortal” (someone correct me if I’m wrong) the death penalty when he threw them out of Paradise as mortal beings?

      • aussie jeff

        Howdy Paul,
        No Adam and Eve were not created immortal,while they were created perfect, their ongoing existence depended on them both staying obedient to God.
        Remember after they had sinned an angel was placed in front of the “tree of life” with a flashing sword [Genesis 3:24] in order to prevent them from eating from it.
        The only immortals in heaven at present is God, Jesus Christ, and depending on your religous persuasion some of the 144,000 who have already been rasied and given immortality,these are Christ’s brothers who will judge the nations during the 1,000 year reign of Christ.

        Angels while heavenly spirits, have not been given immortality and also rely upon obedience to God to keep on living,if this were not the case and they were immortal then God would not be able to destroy Satan at the end of the 1,000 year reign which in fact he is going to do.
        1 corinthians 6:3 also speaks of the fallen angels being judged,meaning that unless repentance takes place they to will be hurled into the second death along with satan.
        I hope this helps, while I know other faiths will differ to my understanding, and I respect that, this is what I believe.
        God Bless.

  48. eddiemd

    The governor here in Arizona tells us all is well despite the fact of the heavy reliance on the Central Arizona Canal that siphons water from the Colorado River. The CAP brought water to both the metropolitan Phoenix area and to Tucson which led to the overdevelopment here in the desert.

    Yesterday it was 115 degrees here in Phoenix. The sprinklers were at full strength on the empty golf courses to keep the grass from drying out and dying. The artificial lake (sewer pond) in Tempe is full and “lakeside” development is full on. Absolute stupidity.

    The state Environmental website used to publish information on the underground water levels and areas where groundwater is contaminated. Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s companies such as Motorola, Sperry Rand, Reynolds Aluminum, Intel, and General Electric used to dump chemicals from their electronics operations into the desert. Here we are 40 years later and the pollutants have made their way into the underground aquifers. This actually began over 15 to 20 years ago. There are large areas of aquifers that are permanently contaminated. The actual extent of the damage is being covered up.

    The Palo Verde nuclear plant west of Phoenix poses a problem when the grid goes down. It is only 40 miles west of Phoenix and when it melts down it will be an absolute disaster.

    The Phoenix metropolitan area is one of the worst places to be when the SHTF. The government knows this and have prepared accordingly. The Jade Helm map represents Arizona as a non player probably because when the power goes out there will be absolute chaos with no escape. Shut down Interstates 10, 40, 17, and 8 at the borders and you deny movement into and out of the state.

    Try exiting Phoenix on a holiday weekend. There are limited highways heading in any direction out of the area.

    Blessings to Maricopa County.

    Hebrews 11:1
    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

    1 Kings 17: 7-24

    • mark

      Thank you for this Eddie. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit!

  49. MIke Gleason

    You should be asking who is buying the ISIS oil and why is Obama protecting them. Somebody is making a lot of money.

    • frederick

      Well since this ISIS mercenary army was organized by the Mossad and the CIA it could be just about anyone right?

      • Greg Hunter

        I am not sure “organized” is the operative word here. I like “back-fire” myself.

      • sk

        LOL, Fred! LOLOL

  50. Jerry

    What does a Greek bank run look like?

    • Jerry

      O.K. Greg. Here’s the big story for Monday. Greece will be exiting the EU and hitting the BRICS. The EU is finished and so is the dollar when the derivative market explodes in September. I would advise your readers to make plans accordingly.–finance.html

      • WD


        It never ceases to amaze me how Putin keeps out-maneuvering and side stepping the West elites. Time after time after time. Our Western leaders are lacking so much foresight. It makes me do a triple take. They are truly imbeciles.
        I started my post education at a junior technical college. Where it was 95% learn your trade and everything else comes second.

        I had a teacher use the terms “ivy-league imbeciles” because they were so cerebral that that could not handle real life and that the end screwing up everything around them and that real-life experience was the only true teacher. And that these people could nt understand this concept .

        I believe this is why Putin is “winning” he really does know what he is doing…

  51. dave

    this link is from an article in the LA Times dated 1991, the last time socal had a water problem. I don’t know the cost differential between a fresh water pipeline from Alaska compared to desalination plants that could produce an equal volume of water.

  52. Jerry

    What does the California drought look like?

    This picture was taken in 2014. You do the math. Each person typically uses 5 gallons of water every time they flush a toilet, and consumes approximately 2.5 gallons of drinking water per day. A shower? How about 5 gallons of water per day. 5×2.5x 5 = 12.5 gallons per day x 10 million people. How long do you think that little puddle will last?

    • paul

      Flush 3x’s = 15 gal … drink and cook = 2.5 gal … shower = 5 gal … do the dishes = 5 gal … water your home grown garden vegetables = 5 gal … etc. … I think we are talking 30 + gallons per person each day times about 30 million people = about a billion gallons per day = a third of a trillion gallons per year!

  53. Diane D

    The GOP is a joke. Like Fox News, both are ‘controlled choices’ to give Americans the illusion of hope. Paul Ryan was the GOP’s Best and Brightest in the 2012 presidential election. The PTB allowed that choice because they knew Ryan bought and paid for. He a traitor to his oath and his country and should be treated accordingly.

    Of course justice in America fell a long time ago. When was the last time any branch of the government truly acted in America’s best interest? The tree of liberty is dying and sadly patriots are mired in defense. I have faith in God and thus hope, but maybe as a nation, He has passed judgment and moved on.

    • frederick

      Diane have you listened to Donald Trump at all He wants to run as a Republican and I agree with you that they are all sellouts on both sides

  54. Louis Tarkow

    Christian? Step right up beside Christ who is cheering, °Kill! Kill! Kill!” If you think Christ would be willing to kill then fine; if Christ would not be willing to kill then you are not a Christian.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point. Here’s what says about capital punishment: Opponents of capital punishment also point out that Jesus taught great principles for us to apply in our lives, rather than specific laws. Thus, his failure to specifically condemn slavery, capital punishment and many other evils should not be interpreted as approval of those things. They see the mercy He showed to the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3-11) as His rejection of capital punishment. However, Jesus never specifically repudiated capital punishment.

      Some opponents of capital punishment see a prohibition against capital punishment in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:13, “Thou shalt not kill” in the King James Version). The original Hebrew word ratsach, translated as “kill” or “murder” could refer to either killing in general or unlawful killing (murder). However, most experts think this is not a prohibition against capital punishment because the death penalty is specifically authorized elsewhere in the Old Testament.

      There is no clear mandate in the Bible either for or against capital punishment. The Old Testament Law prescribed the death penalty for an extensive list of crimes, many of which are considered minor today. Based on New Testament teachings, the moral aspects of the Old Testament law still apply to Christians, but the ceremonial and legal aspects do not. The general principles taught by Jesus and His disciples oppose any kind of revenge, but there is no specific teaching against capital punishment.

    • Charles H.


      I find it somewhat over-generalized and unfair to characterize the Lord Jesus Christ in a way which He never behaved. He did NOT contradict the Old Testament testimony of King David saying ‘He teacheth my hands to war’ , in Psalms 18 & 144. Killing for self defense is totally allowed. Also in Luke 22: 36 – Jesus Christ mentions – he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one. This applies to contemporary times, as in now. During His Incarnation and earthly ministry: he certainly would not show an example of killing – His purpose was to save mankind by dying for the sin of the world. Now when you get to His Second Coming of Revelation 19: 11- 15: this is a different story. Out of His mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it He should smite the nations… and tread the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. Yeah, so, in the appropriateness of time – it looks like God the Son WILL be killing, in righteous judgment. So killing in self-defense, deriving precedent from Scripture itself, shows no evidence is contrary to Christianity.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, read the Bible. CHRIST says he came to fulfill the law not to replace it.

  55. J-Mac

    Greg, sincere thanks for being a geo-political economic watchdog for me and my family. Now allow me to watchdog for you spiritually. The gospel of Rome is the antithesis of the gospel of grace the Apostle Paul articulated in the book of Romans. A man is justified by faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ, not faith and works. The difference is eternal. When you get the gospel wrong you are prone to get a lot of other issues wrong as the Catholic Church has done. Best Regards

    • JMiller

      Agree. Many so-called Christian churches teach a false gospel.

  56. Frank Capra


    You mentioned that you are Catholic, but left the Church. I just want to implore you to come back. I know that there has been and is much wrong in the Church, but don’t give up! We are facing dark days , but know THE LORD is going to restore HIS Bride. The teachings of The Church are true; There are just not many that truly believe or who are living The Faith. Don’t let the behavior of members, even in the hierarchy, as bad as it has been and is, drive you away. Remember when anyone in The Church, even The Pope falls in to error, they have placed themselves in opposition to the The Faith, they are not representing it. THE HOLY SPIRIT has guaranteed HIS Brides teachings are without error and no one in The Church, not even The Pope, can change them or introduce erroneous doctrine , no matter how far they stray from the truth. Remember what The Church teaches dogmatically: There is no salvation outside The Catholic Church ! Please come back! In JESUS through Mary – Frank

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not leave Christ just the Catholic church. Will Catholics speak out against this Pope?

      • Charles H.

        Greg, Frank –

        I am as fundamental a Biblical Baptist can be. BUT, when leadership deviates from the true spiritual headings: it is time to pack-up and leave the organization, or church affiliation. I NEVER thought I’d see among my own peers – evidence to induce me to separate myself: but, alas I have. Error, false doctrine, and worldliness creep into organizations and systems to affect the large swaths of people – where sway takes it’s best hold. One must take the (KJV) Bible in hand and compare all against it – and call a spade a spade. The Lord does not ask us to reform error; but to (rebuke and) separate ourselves unto purity. Come out from among them…

        • aussie jeff

          Charles did I read correctly you left the Baptists?
          and did you find another home my friend? I’m struggling currently to find a place that I think Christ would truly be happy for me to render Him service

          • Charles H.

            aussie jeff,

            Officially left the Baptists? No. Watching leadership go downhill, and apostasy set in – then I must say fundamentalism is dwindling.
            If there’s a decent Baptist church that keeps a KJV Bible stance – I’d give it a try. It’s hard to find a good church nowadays. I minister in Mexico – ordained, licensed: the whole nine yards. Before the Rapture – I think churches will revert to being in ‘houses’; like the primitive church. Doctrinal purity; fervency in the Spirit; unfeigned love and unreserved faith – to each believer. When Mexicans ask what is my faith, I tell them: I’m a Biblicist, a Biblical Christian – to avoid beginning with a stigma. But, I am a Baptist – in the fundamental and historical sense. May the Lord direct you to a good church.

            • aussie jeff

              Charles H,
              Thanks for that, and yes I think you are correct,I am hearing more and more of small groups meeting in homes here in Australia as many become disenchanted with main stream “christianity”.
              I shall keep looking.
              Lord Bless.

      • Frank Capra


        I don’t mean to badger you, but when you leave The Catholic Church you are leaving CHRIST. This is The Church he founded;She is HIS Bride. Believe me THE LORD is far more angered and saddened than any of us could ever be about the current state of The Church.I will Pray that you come back.

        As for The Pope,there are Catholics ,including myself,who are very
        concerned and upset about his heterodox, modernist views. His just released environmental encyclical, based on the man made climate change fraud is a disaster, but it carries no doctrinal weight.For good evaluations of this Pontificate and the state of The Church from Catholics that are speaking out go to Catholic Family News and The Remnant Newspaper.

        Remember it’s about JESUS ,Holy Mother Church and her true teachings not about the behavior of people,even Popes.In JESUS through Mary – Frank

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not leave Christ. Christ is Christ not the Catholic church. By the way, I like Catholics. I just don’t think much of management.

          • Frank Capra


            As I said I will Pray for you and trust in THE LORD. In JESUS through Mary – Frank

            • Galaxy 500

              As a Protestant, I missed the whole pay to Mary bit. Frank, can you please educate me ands give me specific Bible verses where it says to pray to Mary. Yes, Mary is most blessed amoung women but I can’t b find anything where God or Jesus says pray to Mary. I look forward to your kind reply.

    • aussie jeff

      Frank ………..”No salvation outside the catholic church?]
      What bible verse does that quote come from?
      Our salvation comes through nothing more than the shed blood of Christ our Saviour.
      Religion in itself is nothing more than a “snare and a racket”
      Satan has successfully fractured True Worship, by inventing thousands of religious creeds doctrines and faiths in order to “hide” bible truth and the worship of God which our Heavenly Father would acceptable.
      Through the hipocrisy of those who have been entrusted with dispensing God’s grace[Good news of the Kindgom] they have acted violently towards the word of God,abusing their position of teaching by replacing it with filth and all kinds of carnal machinations.
      Those who have done such things are aptly described by our King and Lord Jesus himself,
      Matthew 23:27
      “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

      • Frank Capra

        Aussie Jeff,

        There is only one Church founded by JESUS,GOD HIMSELF, and that is The Catholic Church. I urge you to go to this website: He can answer your questions and objections. In JESUS through Mary -Frank

        • aussie jeff

          Thanks for the invite Frank……….but I shall respectfully pass.

  57. Pondering

    Was Steinbeck waxing prophetic with ‘The Grapes of Wrath”? Always wondered why it was required reading. In the meantime, thinking maybe desalinization plants should have been built long ago when the infrastructure was more attainable? Thoughts?

  58. By Design, Over Time


    If you talk about the drought in California, please do explore the possibilities, yea even the probabilities of how geo-engineering has caused it. You interviewed Dane Wigington of and he spelled it out chapter and verse.

    I have visited his site many times since that interview. He is every bit as courageous as you, my friend, and I recommend your site to all of my list; as I do his.

    The spraying of chemicals onto its people by a government and causing such catastrophes as the drought in California will rank among the most egregious acts by any “empire” in the history of mankind.

    They spray cockroaches to kill them. They are spraying California to kill people (and the food industry). Therefore people are the same as cockroaches in the eyes of the PTB. It is a horrid truth but a truth nonetheless.

    I encourage you to explore the issue further as all others will pale in comparison when the inevitable crash occurs.

    • By Design, Over Time

      Greg: is the website. There is no hyphen! I know these things but since I’m on their mailing list, I don’t type in the address (URL) often. My apologies to Dane and to your audience.

      As long as I’m writing a reply to myself, let it be known that I am penning an article titled There are Things More Valuable than Gold! In that article I explore the ramifications of the geo-engineering that is occurring. Of course the gist of it is that one’s health, security, and freedom are more important than gold. Subsequently, any government that would promote the “spraying” of its own population with a substance comprised of aluminum, barium, and strontium should not be trusted –period!

      I have responded to “Fan in Japan” below with information presented by one of your most eloquent and talented interviewees, Ms. Catherin Austin Fitts–a great lady by any measure.

      I have only come to realize how truly talented she is after listening to an interview she conducted with Dr. Joseph Farrell of in January of 2015; another truly gifted intellectual and pragmatic mind.

      Both of these folks have view of reality that few individuals comprehend and it takes some time and study to truly grasp the breath of their ideas.

      And allow me this opportunity to thank you for the great people you’ve had on your program. People like Dane Wigington (it took courage), Catherine Austin Fitts, Warren Pollock, Gordon Long, and Rob Kirby to name just a few.

      All the best,
      D. Stewart

  59. Your fan in Japan

    Greg, another great WNW, and meaty too. But methinks it lacketh of cohesion. You begin with the drought story and tell us it is A BIG DEAL. You end with the Pope’ comments on climate change and tell us that in this latter case the Pope should mind his own business, the saving of souls. Inbetween you mention the TPA/TPP. Here in Japan, the TPP is feared by the Japanese farmer. It will mean the importation of cheaper Californian rice and drive the Japanese farmer out of business. This sets up the situation of Japan being dependent on the US for rice- the staple of the Japanese diet. If, once Japan is dependent on the US for rice, there should be a severe drought in California- the very situation you describe, Japanese people will not get their rice. They will starve. The drought in CA will adversely affect people half a world away. As you state, it is a BIG DEAL. Now this TPP deal is being discussed behind closed doors- evil, as you say (in that it robs the Japanese farmer of his independence, I would concur). We, on both sides of the Pacific, are wary that the politicians may not act in our best interests. And why would the politicians not act in the best interest of the common man?- perhaps they have been bought out by some spec. interest group- where they get some doe under the table. The impetus behind that would be greed and self-interest. These two would be human vices- precisely the business of the Pope. So, you see, it is all connected. And a lot of it is evil. My two yen worth.

  60. Coalburner

    As for the drought in CA.— Libtards.
    I erased the paragraph after CA. No need for it.

    • By Design, Over Time

      Fan in Japan:

      A most eloquent and articulate comment on the TPA/TPP . They both will harm the small farmer / business person for the benefit of corporations and Mr. Global 3.0. Please visit where Catherin Austin Fitts addresses the topic in depth.
      She also interviews congress woman Marcy Kaptur.

      From the Solari Report homepage:
      My View: (CAF)
      The Trans-Pacific Coup d’Etat
      A Solari Report with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
      Special Report: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and Trade Promotion Authority

      I wish you well in Japan as you are dealing with the same type of financial mindsets that we are in the US. This is now becoming and international struggle for humanity.


      • Your fan in Japan

        By design, thanks for your comments and encouragement. For a man who has gone Amish mentally in a capitalism on steroids country, it certainly feels like me against the world. Will check solari- I am familiar with the site, Thx.

  61. Excellant WNW! You always hit the nail on the head. Thankyou so much for helping us.

    I was raised Catholic too & actually trained to be a teacher in CCD. My husband & I left when we relized the significant differences between official Church doctrine & what the Bible teaches. Both proclaim Jesus is the only begotten Son of God who died for the sin of the world, that whosoever repents & puts their faith in Him will not perish but have eternal life. So far, so good-but the Catholic Church adds to that while the Bible doesn’t.
    The Bible says: faith in Christ= salvation. Period. The end. The CC says: faith plus works=salvation.

    The bottom line? Salvation is a work of God from start to finish. We can’t add anything, we can simply recieve it.

    • paul

      Yes … faith is salvation (for one must truly believe in life after death for it to occur as “thought” is the creator of all things [“Let there be light … and there was light] … however what good is salvation … if it means eternal despair … thus doing good works while you have a chance is an important ingredient to achieving eternal personal happiness!

  62. Donna

    Greg, I was just listening to an old interview between you and Elijah Johnson. I really enjoy when you are the one interviewed. I laughed when you said you feel like your in the matrix when you go out to a mall where everyone around you seems to be on a blue pill. Sometimes I think it is only me that has that feeling. It seems to me like 95% of the population has no clue and, as you said, do not want to know until you hit them in the face with a frying pan full of hot grease.

    My neighbors seem to be chloroformed. I have no sense that they are jittery about the future. I asked my oldest brother, who runs the family business, what he is doing to insulate himself from losing everything. He literally said, “huh?” The notion that people can lose to the banks or just have their dollars become wallpaper frightens them. You may as well have put a chloroformed hanky over their nose, they are out cold mentally on the whole subject.

    I tried to inform my sister last July. We have not spoken since. She thinks I’m cracked, thinks I went off the deep end resenting Obama. She will lose big bucks big time if you and your guests are correct.

    • Greg Hunter

      Just look at the folks how I have on this site. It is them who are “cracked”–not you.

    • JC D

      I feel you pain Donna. someday soon fantasy will meet reality. There eyes will still be closed /Diluted with a false reality. It does not please me to say it. Sad. So what do we do but pray.

    • Charles H.


      You are definitely NOT ALONE. Sorry about your sister. There is the world that is; then there is the world you want it to be. You keep the moral courage to see and be in the world that is. Be sweet to those who are blind. You have a voice here.

      • Anni

        Me too Donna, thank goodness people are moving together who have like minds, I have neighbors who are awake, , causing me feeling a lot less fear, more rational. Thanks Greg for all you do, take care of yourself, we need you! anni

  63. paul

    All us WatchDogger’s know that the prices of bonds are at absurdly high levels because interest rates have been kept artificially low and even negative … which shows the extreme extent the Fed will go to … to kept bonds from being sold for cash … the Fed does not want bond liquidation to occur because they don’t have “the cash” to cover the $200+ Trillion US dollars of debt out in the world (or the derivatives of this debt … which will require them to come up with a Quadrillion US dollars in cash).

    Christine Lagarde has warned the Fed not to raise rates which will only encourage bond holders to sell their bonds and liquidate them for cash … banks are heavily invested in bonds ( which makes up an important part of their assets) so any collapse in bond prices caused by an interest rate rise would be deadly … if the assets of the European banks fell by only 4% … the whole European banking system would go bankrupt and the rest of the world’s banks would soon follow … so the bankers “are trapped” … on the one hand they can’t allow a deluge of bond liquidation due to rising interest rates … and on the other hand they must enact QE4 to counter major deflationary forces very close on the horizon (like California, secret trade deals, Greece, etc.) … but doing QE 4 is going to scare bond holders into selling (because they’ll fear inflation of the money supply will begin to cause an increase in interest rates).

    OK … so let’s think this out … it is going to be a little tricky … but putting myself in the Fed’s shoes what would I do? … I would immediately begin QE4 to prevent a deflationary implosion … then to prevent bond liquidation I would simultaneously declare “cash illegal” … thus I won’t have to come up with any “cash” to pay off the bond holders who want to liquidate … I could simply give them a different IOU for their bonds … like some “special imaginary cash” out on a cloud in cyber space — and this is the important part — then stipulate that this “special cyber space cash” can only be used to buy more bonds! … presto … the Fed is out of the box … free to print QE to infinity to prevent a deflationary collapse … also gold and silver can then be manipulated to rise to help the Fed combat deflation by creating “inflationary expectations”!

  64. Donna

    As you may be aware, it is going to go to 115 degrees today in Phoenix — and remain as such until Monday. It is almost 3 p.m., and I have yet to turn the air-conditioner on. (It got as hot as 122 degrees in June 1992.) I work in my yard starting at 4 a.m. Believe it or not, it is very pleasant at that hour until about 10. It is the humidity of July and August, the monsoons, that come up through Mexico that make life miserable. It is “cooler” by the thermometer but humidity cancels that out.

    I will shortly have an abundance of figs, that can be dried for future food. I still have 3 types of peppers and tomatoes growing in this heat. Have 3 pomegranate trees, every type of citrus but grapefruit.

    As a result of the Carter years, I have always stocked up the pantry and had something growing outside. A neighbor gave me over a bushel of lemons from her yard that I processed and placed in the freezer which should last a year for all manner of cooking and drinking. I have always lived as though I was going to lose my job the next day.

    • mark

      Hi Donna,
      As someone who lives in the Phoenix area you must have noticed the comment posted by Eddie MD a little ways back in this section concerning the prospects of living in the Phx area after a catastrophic breakdown of available resources/ services/ power. What do you think? The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Donna.

  65. Charles Turner

    Greg, It would be great if you could ask some of your distinguished guests, ‘

    what if the fed doesn’t raise interest rates for the next 20 years.’

    I know we are all expecting a calamity, but the Central Banks ability to kick the can along the road has been miraculous. I for one thought interest rates at this level would be a few months and now its been years. I doubt anyone on this site expected them to be at this level for so long. So what if they manage to keep them going for much longer. what will happen to asset prices, bonds, inequality, etc, etc

  66. James Hastings

    Great rap-up. I’ll comment on God’s position on capital punishment. For those who don’t believe.

    Gen: 9:6 Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed.
    Ex: 21:22 …..and hurt a woman with child, and lasting harm follows, then you shall give life for life…
    Due: 19:12 …..then the elders of his city shall send and bring him from there, and deliver him over to the hand of the avenger of blood, that he may die…
    Due: 22:25 …..and the man forces her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die…

    I would imagine, our society would be much more civilized…..if we enforced God’s Law. But, I might be throwing pearls to swine…It’s going to be a great ending..

  67. Felicia

    Greg, another week of great work covering the “lunacy bubble” that is growing in so many areas of society and the world. And one thing that comes to mind about the looming Grexit is what Kartlikoff, the Boston U econ professor said to the Senate Budget committee. That the U.S. is probably in worse financial shape than Greece. Not in 20 yrs, not in 10 yrs, not in 5 yrs but NOW. So watching what occurs in Greece on the citizen level could give useful insights.

    • Felicia

      And…have Happy Father’s Day! Hope its an extra blessed time with your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      In Greece reality is meeting fantasy and the bank runs have drawn billions out of the banks. I doubt Greek banks will open Monday. Yes, it’s going down now in Greece.

  68. JC D

    Greg and folks. I have stacked copper for years. To prove a point to Al Ols I bought 40 rolls. A year ago I got 20 to 30 copper ones. Today it was 6 to 10 copper ones. I know copper sounds foolish to those holding gold and silver, but to the poor folks that can not get silver get pennies before 1982. They are 95% copper.

    • paul

      JC stack nickel rolls now … and you won’t have to go through the work of “separating them” from the coming stainless steel nickels!

  69. sean

    Hello Greg
    Thanks again for giving us another side of what ‘s really going on . I agree with one of your listener about the vice president . I am myself French and we hardly heard anything on the French media about it . You know that the TV can really keep it up when they want but this one was just a quick one , strange…
    I also want to make another comment , I listen to your interviews religiously , sometimes twice and I usually read the comments . What bothers me is that you accept on your site comments like the ones from GALAXY 500 who bashes another religion . This is very ignorant , this is one of the problem of this world , IGNORANCE. You probably have Muslim listeners and readers and they must have been offended . I beg you to keep your site on the economy , the news and stay away from this rubbish .

    • frederick

      Sean I totally agree with you on that. There are good and evil of all religions and it is childish and ignorant to attack a person due to their race or religion It is this kind of mentality that caused the Charleston catastrophe and many others. Why cant we just all get along

      • Charles H.


        If you favor Islam and the muslims: that’s fine. But to ascribe ignorance and suggest censure to other commenters here is the hight of intolerance. Galaxy 500 is quite astute, and sometimes abrasive: but in no way is he “ignorant”; or to be characterized as “rubbish”.
        Islam has fundamental flaws, which doctrine calls for ‘convert or kill’. This cannot be disputed. It doesn’t matter how many GOOD muslims there may be; or how they choose to practice their faith – such believers do not change their Holy Scriptures, the Quran, by interpretation or ignoring them away. Whether by upbringing, or choice: formal association, and defending the same – one is defending in totality
        such horrendous doctrine. It’s like eating food that’s 90% wholesome, and 10% poison. You can chose to overlook the ‘kill or convert’ teachings of the Quran: but many, many fully embrace it. You may not voice a problem with it: but I have a problem with it. And people like Galaxy 500 have a similar problem with that. If you want to pick and choose what you want to recognize and practice from the Quran – have at it. But you are lumping yourself in with those who DO strap on bombs, and those who DO behead non-muslims. You are enforcing a double-standard, in effect, on non-muslims: acceptance and NO ridicule or criticism of those some who ‘moderate’ the terms of their faith; and denial of the fact of non-believers being threatened and killed. Well, I have to deal with the fact that – as a non-believer: I can be targeted, and I can be killed. I can appreciate the sensitivity of criticism and, or ridicule to core values – I face that all the time. But if you can’t fix the Quran: then I’d think of changing to something… else.

        frederick – Galaxy 500 was being neither childish nor ignorant. Attaching LABELS and derogatory connotation to people here is “bashing” in itself. Re-read his first comment: he didn’t “attack a person” with his bacon on Ramadan joke. This is twisting another’s words to form a false accusation. And certainly his type of humor does NOT constitute a mentality that caused the Charleston Catastrophe and many others. Such DEMONIZATION is outside of reason. This looks to be projected hate, and under false pretenses at that. You are out of line here.

    • Galaxy 500

      It’s a joke. The PC police are a major part of what’s wrong with the country. Funny I have never seen you call out the antisemitism.

  70. john duffy

    Catholic Church & sex abuse
    According to Charol Shakeshaft, the researcher of a little-remembered
    2004 study prepared for the U.S. Department of Education, “the
    physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100
    times the abuse by priests. renowned Catholic commentator George
    Weigel referred to the Shakeshaft study, and observed that “The sexual
    and physical abuse of children and young people is a global plague” in
    which Catholic priests constitute only a small minority of perpetrators.
    While Weigel observes that the findings of Shakeshaft’s study
    do nothing to mitigate the harm caused by priestly abuse, or
    excuse the “clericalism” and “fideism” that led bishops to ignore the
    problem, they do point to a gross imbalance in the level of scrutiny
    given to it, throwing suspicion on the motives of the news outlets that
    are pouring their resources into digging up decades-old dirt on the
    Church. “The narrative that has been constructed is often less
    about the protection of the young (for whom the Catholic Church is, by
    empirical measure, the safest environment for young people in America
    today) than it is about taking the Church down,” he
    writes. Weigel observes that priestly sex abuse is “a
    phenomenon that spiked between the mid-1960s and the mid-1980s but seems
    to have virtually disappeared,” and that in recent years the Church has
    gone to great lengths to punish and remove priestly predators and to
    protect children. The result of these measures is that “six credible
    cases of clerical sexual abuse in 2009 were reported in the U.S.
    bishops’ annual audit, in a Church of some 65,000,000 members.”
    Despite these facts, however, “the sexual abuse story in the
    global media is almost entirely a Catholic story, in which the Catholic
    Church is portrayed as the epicenter of the sexual abuse of the
    young.”Catholic League President William
    Donohue, who was unavailable for an interview for this story, asked,
    “Where is the media in all this?”“Isn’t it news that the number
    of public school students who have been abused by a school employee is
    more than 100 times greater than the number of minors who have been
    abused by priests?” he asked.“All those reporters, columnists,
    talking heads, attorneys general, D.A.’s, psychologists and victims
    groups who were so quick on the draw to get priests have a moral
    obligation to pursue this issue to the max. If they don’t, they’re
    a fraud.”

  71. john duffy

    Pope Benedict exonerated by New York Daily News:

  72. Donna

    My 2 cents on this pope. I had a terrible sinking feeling when he was chosen. This pope is like Michelle O, just cannot zip it. This butting in on secular matters all the time is unnerving.

    It was Fr. Malachi Martin (himself a Jesuit) who said beware of a Jesuit pope. Fr. Martin was very critical, retired from the Jesuit order so he could freely speak his mind, was in the process of exposing all he knew of the church from the inside as an adviser to several popes.

    Fr. Martin suffered a “slip and fall” and died. Before he went into a coma, he told a friend he felt someone pulling his legs out from under him causing him to fall down some stairs. A fellow exorcist, a friend of his, had his throat cut shortly before Fr. Martin died. He, too, was outspoken.

    I read Fr. Martin’s many books a long time ago. Wanted to read them again and compare his words to what is going on today with the Vatican. They have been wiped from the Phoenix Library system.

    The last times I went to Mass I was flummoxed over the things I heard and saw: The priest equating the unwed mother with the Blessed Mother, collecting food for the unwed mother. Things happen. Why enable? I was dumbfounded at what slobs people were schlepping down the aisle in shorty-shorts, children running loose and disruptive (mom would have throttled us). The priest mirthfully telling a story about a woman in a purple jumpsuit on roller skates, skating up the aisle to receive communion. People talking through the whole Mass.

    The final straw was the congregation laughing at a substitute priest (who had lung cancer) every time he sniffled uncontrollably. The man was at death’s door and these people were laughing at him. The Mass had become a zoo with a few hymns thrown in.

    If they cannot show respect in church for one lousy hour to show their kids a modicum of adult behavior, why the surprise when their kids sneer and smirk at authority?

    To me, it seems, when Catholicism did a 180, so did our lives. I do not look to this pope or this prez for solace or direction.

    • southern girl


      What happened to you ? When was the last time you where at mass. Sweet Jesus what happened? I wrirw

    • Angie

      You can listen to Malachi Martin on Youtube and his books are available on Amazon.

      As for attending Mass keep in mind what is truly important and that is to receive the Sacraments. The people are NOT important but receiving the Sacraments are; do not let anyone – including those in the Church – detour you. This goes for all those who have soured on the Church – do not give up on Christ and remember who “wins” when you walk away and stop relieving the Sacraments — not just that but we need more of YOU in the Church so they do not take over.

    • southern girl

      Sorry, I was trying to ask questions and my darn cat hit the key board and away went the unfinished sentence. I had a brother who lived in Cincinnati about 10 years ago. We went to mass we genuflected to the back of the church because that is where the tabernacle was. There was no corpus on the cross, the priest gave us Our Father bit about being Him and Her. When we left I told him to find another church that was a whole lot more conservative. He now lives here in the deep south and our church is very Polish—-very conservative. I think down south we Catholics are more conservative.
      I use to go to our Cathedral in this diocese and they assigned a young priest who followed a conservative priest. Well most of the parish just switched churches looking for what they wanted. I know that priest are just like everyone else some liberal, middle of the road, and conservative. That should be something you could have discussed with your Bishop. I know I have been to see mine over the younger priest trying to bad mount conservative people from the pulpit. He did this three times, so finally I asked him to stop or I would go see the Bishop. His response, “Go ahead.” So I did and made my Bishop understand that was not according to canon law. He made the priest back down. I guess I’m not one who is looking for an argument, but if you push me far enough I go right up the chain of command. If he had not satisfied me well then I would be looking for the Bishop’s Superior. I guess what I am saying I am willing to fight for what I NEED. Rather happy here now with the priest we have now. The old Polish have a way of getting what they want.
      Sorry to hear that your unfortunate situation.

    • aussie jeff

      Hi Donna,
      Your recollection of the priest with cancer was very sad,how unfortunate he had to put up with so called christians laughing at him.
      Not attending church does not put you outside the love of God,bricks and mortar and a steeple does not bring you salvation.
      John 10:27
      My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

      I hope you find somewhere that you can fellowship and be encouraged in due course.
      God Bless.

  73. Christopher Coleman.

    June 19, 2015.

    Hey Greg this is Chris again I’ve wrote to you earlier how are you.

    I love Greg the fact that you address the economy in the United States: Europe

    I don’t mean to sound Redundant if possible Greg if you could consider looking
    into the countries that are economically unstable Countries like.



    3:Sri Lanka.








    I know Greg that I ‘ve brought that subject to you earlier on your previous pages,
    but like you said Greg it'[s not just Greece: that’s in :Debt ,ete there’s other
    European Countries as well, like Poland, Italy, Russia ,France ,ete.

    There’s a Norwegian Politician name Siv Jensen in: Norway, and she talks about Norway is too dependent on it’s Oil Rigs of the Coast of Norway: to subsidize it’s
    Government the :Norwegian Government of :Norway.

    Google her name Siv Jensen on Wikipedia.

    You should Greg have the Norwegian Politician Siv Jensen: from Norway come
    on your show this year 2015: to talk about Norway’s economy.

    I still love your passion Greg, you should consider doing your show daily, and more hours.

    Chris. Coleman.
    The Bronx: NY.
    United States.

  74. Angie

    As a resident of CA …

    In the 1050’s it was proposed that we pipe water into California from Colorado. The The USACE had the plans drawn up back them but it was the cost that stopped them. The idea was to turn just about all of California into an huge agriculture state – much bigger than it is today. My great uncle was involved in the planing of this and said that it was not only possible but well within reach. The price tag was millions back then – it can be done but not in time.

    I must say that here in the Sacramento area (the most southern part of northern California) we have been conditioned for years when it came to drought. Here in northern CA we being put on water meters so that southern CA can have water. Southern CA continued to expand and grow without a viable water source and now look at what is going on. In addition I find it more than just strange that this is not news considering this is so important! Either something else is going on here or all news organizations are run by pod-people ….. what in the Hattie is going on!

    • frederick

      Certainly it could have been done What ever happened to the 10 trillion in bailout money and all the talk back then of “shovel ready’ infrastrucure projects It was all a scam and i think many of us know where most of that money went Cheers frederick

      • Greg Hunter

        The Bank bailout was clocked at $29 trillion back in Dec or 2011. Much bigger now.

  75. Runde

    ISIS and Saudis are pretty much same kind so how come You love the saudis but hate the ISIS

    Check their laws and religion

    • frederick

      Runde Im sorry but you have alot of research to do before you will even begin to understand the complexities of whats going on in the ME frederick

  76. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    No CC Greg would suffer burn-out – his present format (much as I too would like more posts) is quite enough for one guy I would suggest.

  77. Irene

    Concerning the drought in the South West, I wonder if there is some sort of linkage between management of state financials and management of the water infrastructure? Maybe it can be an idea to interview somebody, who can shae an indepedent insight about these two?

  78. Irene

    Concerning my former comment: Charles Fishman has written a great book about water called: “The Big Thirst”. Could be a great idea to interview him! More info about his work:

  79. Bob Lamb

    Leviticus 26:3 ¶If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them;
    4 Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.

    Deuteronomy 28:11 And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers to give thee.
    12 The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.
    13 And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail;

  80. frederick

    Chris it is hard to imagine that Norway could be considered an economiccally unstable country. They are one of the richest in the world and have a huge investment trust built up
    I truly doubt that they have that much to worry about comparitively speaking of coarse

    • Hilde

      So true, frederick! 🙂 However, we have become too dependant on the income from the oil. And like in the US, a lot of jobs are being outsourced, unfortunately, in my opinion.
      Apart from that, the regular Norwegian doesn’t necessarily see too much of the oilmoney, the investment trust is put away for future generations. Hopefully, it won’t all be lost in a markets crash..

  81. VShook

    The real reason the Fed can’t/shouldn’t raise rates, as indicated by this chart of Caterpillar’s 30 consecutive months of decline in dealer retail sales. They are a bellwether for the economy — and our future.

    • WD


      This is a true benchmark in more ways than one.


  82. VShook

    I sat in the eye doctor’s office awaiting his arrival the other day. I started looking at a cut away, cross section chart of the human eye. In doing so, I wondered how anyone looking at just this one organ of our body, with all its unbelievable cell differentiation, functions and construction could ever believe that there was not a God. The old saying(s) remains true: For those with eyes, let them see. For those with ears, let them hear. Some truths remain self-evident.

  83. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    As always, thank you for your site and the work it does in waking up people to what is coming and in preparing, as much as possible, for it.

    As I look around what is happening in the world and especially in my country, two words seem to dominate my outlook: surreal and incredulous.

    Obamatrade is a continuing attack on our sovereignty. Where is the outcry about the secrecy around it and the restrictions in reading it. How did things get to this point? This has no place in our Republic.

    Obamacare is a disaster. It was passed dishonorable and cloaked in lies. The Congress is going to do it again?

    Obama’s lies are pathological. He has treated the Republicans with disdain. Remember when he told the Republicans in Congress to “stop the hating”. I was appalled by this blatant use of the race card. Again, where was the outrage on this?

    The Republicans are teaming up with Obama, against Democrats, to pass this trade bill.

    I’m making the very small move of switching my party affiliation from Republican to Independent on my voting registration.

    Rep. Ryan once met with Obama over the budget. He thought there would be this significant agreement on the budget and he believed that Obama was sincere. Ryan sat afterwards in the audience as Obama in his speech attacked him and the Republican Party. Biden treated him with disdain and disrespect during their debate during the election. Ryan basically took it. He took it with all the gaffes and nonsense Biden has come out with over the years- and continues to come out with. I watched that debate appalled by Biden. He is part of the “ruling class”? God help us. Ryan wanted to be next in line to the presidency and he allowed himself to be treated like he was. At the very least, I thought, we need term limits.

    Ryan is leading the charge to give Obama more power and in passing this trade bill.

    Thanks Greg for letting me vent.

  84. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your hard work in presenting a truthful view on world affairs.

    It is interesting to note that the Pope (a Jesuit) will visit the US during the latter half of September 2015. One of your guests Karen Hudes also made mention of the Jesuits’ influence in the financial system. The IMF meetings will also be held during September 2015. It would seem that events are being planned to follow in rapid succession during the coming months.

    Author Lin Yutang of his book From Pagan to Christian (at page 56) wrote of Ku Hung-ming a writer during the early 1900’s who penned the following passage:

    “The true Christian is one who is a Christian because “it is his nature to be so,” because he loves holiness and all that is lovable in Christianity …. That is the true Christian. The sneak Christian is one who wants to be a Christian because he is afraid of hell-fire. The cad Christian is one who wants to be a Christian because he wishes to go to Heaven to drink tea and sing hymns with the angels. Now, the true Jesuit is one who does not very much believe in Heaven, angels or hell-fire, but he wants other people to believe in these things – to be a Christian for his benefit! That is the Jesuit.”

    A wise American lady, Mrs. White, who also lived about a 100 years ago, wrote The Great Controversy, which may help to place the current world events into perspective from a Christian point of view. Here is a link to the book:

    Keep up the good work and fear not!

    • Pondering

      Now, while our great High Priest is making the atonement for us, we should seek to become perfect in Christ. Not even by a thought could our Saviour be brought to yield to the power of temptation. Satan finds in human hearts some point where he can gain a foothold; some sinful desire is cherished, by means of which his temptations assert their power. But Christ declared of Himself: “The prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in Me.” John 14:30. Satan could find nothing in the Son of God that would enable him to gain the victory. He had kept His Father’s commandments, and there was no sin in Him that Satan could use to his advantage. This is the condition in which those must be found who shall stand in the time of trouble.

      It is in this life that we are to separate sin from us, through faith in the atoning blood of Christ. Our precious Saviour invites us to join ourselves to Him, to unite our weakness to His strength, our ignorance to His wisdom, our unworthiness to His merits. God’s providence is the school in which we are to learn the meekness and lowliness of Jesus. The Lord is ever setting before us, not the way we would choose, which seems easier and pleasanter to us, but the true aims of life. It rests with us to co-operate with the agencies which Heaven employs in the work of conforming our characters to the divine model. None can neglect or defer this work but at the most fearful peril to their souls.

      The apostle John in vision heard a loud voice in heaven exclaiming: “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Revelation 12:12. Fearful are the scenes which call forth this exclamation from the heavenly voice. The wrath of Satan increases as his time grows short, and his work of deceit and destruction will reach its culmination in the time of trouble.

  85. Coalburner

    Angie there is not enough water in Colorado to send any more to Californi than you already get. IT would only move the problem. I am pretty sure that back when the studies, you mention by the CORPS, were done it was before the settlement of the west like 40 years ago. Now there is no spare water. Since it was build Glen Canyon Dam has only been fiull once. That was runoff from the monster winter in the west in Sprung 1979. I liek the Alaska pipeine idea. IT would make lots of jobs. But you would need a President to decalre it a NAtional SEcurity Emergancy to jmp over twenty years of fichting the EPA. Otheriwse it would never happen. Now a days no private worrk is allowed by EPA. The only work that can be done is by the government that
    EPA and USFWS cannot stop. Before anyone tries to tell me I am wrong you must provide an example. No large projects are now being done by the private sector. Show ME!!!!!! Taht is wqhy there are no jobs and the more unemployeed everyday AND all the adult kids that have not left the country are in the basement.

  86. Coalburner

    Sorry about the fumble fingers Greg! Dont let the naysayers derail your great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you C B!!

  87. Kris


    Thanks for your commentary! I didn’t realize you had so many posters . . .

    I haven’t posted before, but just wanted to say that since you had the fellow talking about HARP and the spraying of the atmosphere by the military, I now think that the climax of the drought in California is going to coincide with the economic collapse so the NWO elite can have that much more control of the people. Thanks for your message and including a personal touch about your life and FAITH. FEAR NOT!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kris and yes, “Fear Not.”

  88. bobd

    Report from the Pacific Northwest. It’s very dry for this time of year. The rivers and streams have never in my 65 years been this low . That’s how I see it but the corn should grow good this summer . Next year I might try watermelons if this dry hot weather keeps coming north.

  89. RichM

    I wanted to present Donald Trump as much of what he says is very true and accurate. This is a billionaire who does not need to run for President, in fact, that would be a down-grade for him. This in and of itself makes me listen to him and what he says is impressive. I tend to think if I were a billionaire who made it on my own or with my dad away from the establishment, elites, Illuminati, or whomever… and saw what was happening to our country. I may very well do the same thing. This is exactly why he has earned the right to be taken seriously compared to any of the politicians out there. He reminds me of a Ronald Reagan but for a different time.

    This is about Donald Trump…. You have to listen to his announcement speech. A few points he stated that I really like…

    Here is the link to the entire speech. It includes his beautifully articulate and classy daughter’s intro which is worth a view too.
    1) The Donald acknowledges the $18T national debt and says we have no time left as it will soon reach the point of no return. I think it already has but he is right, he is our last chance.

    2) He doesn’t like the trade deal… I assume for the same reason, because its secret and reminds him of NAFTA.

    3) His family does not want him to be President… he just feels he has to. It’s a down-grade for him actually.

    4) Unlike all the other politicians, he will not be tied to lobbyists/special interests and points out that is why no one else can do what he will do, because they are slaves to them.

    5) He will abolish ObamaCare and reminded us that a big part of it, the part that will be ruining us for sure, kicks in in 2016.

    6) He reminds us that all the politicians are mediocre at best as far as IQ, negotiating, and leadership. The main problem is that they are slaves to the lobbyists and cannot lead even if they believe in it.

    7) He made a comment about how jobs are the most important social experiment, that people are stuck and many take advantage of free government handouts of. but it is a demoralizing cancer on society. Creating jobs is most important and he promised that by providing these jobs, will make people much more in the long run and make them feel better about themselves by doing so. Of course family and our relationship with God is more important, but for a dad or mom being able to provide for their family is part of being a parent and the effects are far more reaching than just the pay-check earned. God never intended for us to be dependent on a government.

    8) Trump talked about the stock market bubble, warning people to be careful even after stating he has done very well in it. What other politician will warn of a bubble. He tells it straight.

    9) He talked about China and Russia and that it is a matter of respect. We are being out-smarted on every front by them and so many other countries. He later said, in a follow-up interview, that he and Putin will likely have a respectful working relationship. He was not talking like GW Bush in his “I looked into his eyes comment”. Trump is stating that he WILL be respected by Putin where Putin had little for GW and NONE for Obama or Kerry. Trump respects Putin himself for who he is and has the same respect for China even though he does not agree with much of what they do, but says they burn the USA because our politicians are not as smart as theirs….. simply put.

    10) Trump opens his speech talking about the last GDP numbers as being negative…. much like Greg Hunter does.

    11) He is VERY pro vet and upset they have been abandoned.

    12) and Trump said much much more….

    I encourage you to hear him. Its entertaining to say the least.

    Trump will go in there and tell it like it is. He is running as (what he describes himself as) the only competent candidate who simply wants to at least try to save the country. He says he WILL make America great again (not try to) and that no one else can, that we are riddled with incompetence and so he is stepping in officially this time.

    Personally, I believe Ron Paul could have and for a while there thought he was our last chance, but that unfortunately is past history. Maybe we still have time but this HAS to be the last chance if we even have enough time to actually right the course at this point in time.

    Before anyone goes off on me…. I do realize that the media will portray Trump as just a joke and a showman. Many “sheeple” will not appreciate Trump as trying to create independent jobs for them, but ONLY see that they will lose their government hand-outs if he is elected. Worst of all, if Trump has a chance of taking it, the Illuminati will smear his good name in any way they can if he truly is not on board with them. (Think Bill Cosby.)

    Please give it a listen and ignore the fact he is a showman. He is one impressive billionaire and earned his money the hard way, in the tough business of real estate and property development, dealing with unions and non-unions alike. He worked hard to get there through successes and a few failures, including bankruptcies. I respect him for sure. I liked Walker and Rubio but am now VERY excited Trump is in and so far he has my vote.

    They called Ronald Reagan “The GREAT Communicator”. If Trump can somehow pull this off, what might they label him? “The GREAT Negotiator?” Perhaps something even more amazing like “the GREAT Jobs Creator,” or the “GREAT Re-Builder of a Faltering America?”

    I have been literally praying for another Ronald Reagan. I hoped Mitt Romney could have been, but no. Trump may not be it either, but wow, he, like Reagan is not a career politician (although Reagan governed California), but still! Was not Reagan a showman as well, who later became someone the Soviet Union respected, someone the whole world respected? Listen to how Trump talks about leveling the playing field with trade.

    I mean if there is even still time, it might just work. One thing for sure, Hillary or Jeb have NO chance of doing this. It would take a Trump or Ross Perot or Ron Paul type and then we may just see them as a Reagan after they succeed. I truly think my friends, that this is our last chance. Trump says we have 2-3 year window left at best, before the point of no return. Lets not be like the “sheeple” who voted in Bush and even worse, Obama or the ones who refused to vote at all for Romney. Not voting is surrendering to the worst enemy. Remember, even Romney would most likely have tried to abolish ObamaCare,

    Now look at where we are just because some right winged conservatives are prejudiced against Mormons, or whatever the reason was that they decided not to vote at all in 2012. Now is our chance. Trump is NOT a Mormon (the left wing press will have to attack Trump’s wealth, not his religion), so its time to grow a pair and go to the polls and show your support. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain when Hillary is our next President. Lets make our final stand else we may have to end up LITERALLY holding the line.

    I am no troll for the Trump campaign, but despite what I think may very well happen this year that will prevent Trump from even getting the chance to run for the Presidency, I still have some faith. If Trump is able to pull it off, a little more faith would be restored. Who knows, if given the chance, maybe he can fix it all. That’s a lot of faith. I have too be an optimistic man because I am a dad of 5 daughters.

    • RichM

      I wanted to clarify that I mentioned above that Donald Trump had some failures. My point is that he persevered and over-came just as all human beings need to do, but did so in ways that are so impressive they cannot be ignored. Trump is a winner and a unquestionable success. The politicians are for the most part losers, clueless, and incompetent and/or corrupt. Now that Trump is running, that means he is in politics…. but I will never consider him a politician…. just as a winner who may very well be the only candidate who would have any chance of fixing America.

      • paul

        Rich … I agree … if Americans want things to change for the better they should always vote for someone who is not a “career politician” … a career politician associated with bringing things down (9/11) and bringing us to war … or career politician associated with destroying our banking system … are simply “not qualified” to be leading America!

  90. Mike R

    Have to comment on the drought, and the misinformation being spewed. CA is historically, a desert type area, whereby history dating back more than 1000 years, provides plenty of evidence, that the 20 century was highly abnormal in the amount of rainfall the state received. So CA has ‘sucked itself’ dry, and what is dry, remains dry which is why you see certain areas of the US, and the desert remain deserts. So now that the water table itself has been sucked dry, including very deep aquifers, which took centuries upon centuries to ‘fill’, you’ll continue to see an irreversible trend continue toward less and less preciptitation over that area. What scientists and meteorologists all know, or should know, is that bodies of water within mainland areas, and highly moisture laden areas continue to attract atmospheric moisture, irrespective of jet streams. As areas get unnaturally drier (caused in recent history by mankind), they simply become an unvirtuous circle of dryness and drought. Power plants, and all of the energy sucked by California, with a GDP that could be considered the world’s 6 largest country, have sucked away a lot of the water via the water that is needed to cool the combustion processes, through evaporation out the stakes, and re-distribution of moisture into a form that won’t be released anywhere near the power plants, or where people are living. All of that irrigation, and unnatural pumping over the decades to bring water to CA, has only served to suck dry many other states, and most of the sources that weren’t previously dry. So those get worse too. Check out decades of drought maps, if you don’t believe and see how they have worsened over long periods of time. CA won’t fall off the map due to earthquakes. It’s just going to dry up, and anyone living in that part of the country will be finding themselves on the wrong end of a sipping straw. Mass migration and dislocation is inevitable if you are living in that state, and even nearby states. Its going to seem quick, and unexpected when it really cascades across the area. Then the economy there will just implode. The cost of water will be unaffordable, IF you can even manage to get any in that state. It is not reversible in the next 5 generations, no matter how much conservation, or even desalinization that could possibly be done. There’s not enough power on the planet to produce the water needed out there, from desal, and it would take decades upon decades to build the only viable power source that could supply enough, without sucking up too much water itself, and that is nuclear power. I’ve been in the energy business for 30 years. If you want to stay out there be my guest, and if you do, you’d better do two things NOW: Put in Solar PV (no water needed for generation), make sure its fully capable of off grid, and develop some sort of alternate water source for yourself, and keep it stealth. (if at all possible). Get rid of any lawn or trees too, while you are at it, though trees would give the entire state a fighting chance of retaining moisture, but its too late for that now.

  91. Mike R

    Check out the drought severity in the West…..

    The chart begins at ‘abnormally dry’, as in a very parched throat. There are 4 more levels of worse adjectives that in all fairness, heavily under characterize the problem, because they aren’t taking into account the underlying very drained and depleted water tables, and as well the used to be deep aquifers that have been depleting in accelerating fashion over the past 4 decades. Its a non-linear problem, with no near term solution within the next 100 years. As this problem gets worse, your power costs will sky-rocket at an ever accelerating pace, due to higher energy data needs, and the extreme amounts of water needed to generate the power you get now. I’d worry far less about the financial system imploding, and far far more about saving your own hide, and just moving the heck out of that state if I were someone living out there. In fact, I wouldn’t live anywhere west of the Rockies from a water resource perspective alone. The colorado river become a ‘creek’ decades ago. People just don’t know that yet, bc they don’t pay any attention to history, let alone examine historical records, and rather would get their ‘instantaneous news’ from lamestream media, and the warped sources on most of the internet. In otherwords, perspective of any kind is at best shallow, and what seems to be ‘studied’ in depth, are our financial markets. Tesla’s batteries, and Googles latest conquests, or Wallstreets suicides, get way more attention than something as taken for granted as water is. And now in only very recent years, do we get hysterics about water, when its far too little, and far too late to do anything about it.

  92. James Hastings

    I love free speech. With-in reason. Common sense needs to be exercised too. I have been watching your program for some time now….1…2 years. I can’t remember past 8 seconds….LOL. Your attracting the hard core financial types, who think life will rock on as usual. Some people who are… the “cheap seats” in left field….and a notable number of christians…. and atheists. Your asking your wife what to do? Your family thinks you have fringe viewers. And you want desperately to make a difference in society. To…enlighten the masses. To be respected. Admired for good work. To be envied by ex-coworkers.

    YOU ARE……..

    First….”many are called, few are chosen”………stupid is as stupid does.

    Second….”Truly, I say to you, no prophet is acceptable in his own country”…or community, or family.

    Third…. We…who are about to die…salute you. 🙂

    Your doing fine. It’s like a dodge truck….keep cranking, it will start. Wives…are another story.

    • sk

      Greg is among the best, most decent, making-a-huge-difference, good human beings out there. Thanks, Greg. I appreciate your effort and your site and learn a great deal from it. sk

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for your kind words and feedback. Happy I am helping you.

  93. paul

    WOW! … We WatchDoger’s have known for years that Fluoride in our water supply was dangerous …. and we have taken measures to filter it out (or bought distilled water) … can you believe it! … the United States government is now calling for lower levels of fluoride to be added to United States water supplies because it has been linked to “decreased IQ” in children … this has been a long time coming … is the alternative media finally having some influence on government actions? or is Monsanto behind this?

    It’s great that the government is finally saying that 1 part per million (ppm) of fluoride in our water supplies should be removed “because it is decreasing children’s IQ’s” … and we should stop the manufacturers of fluoride products being used in our water and the sodium aluminum fluoride ( Cryolite) used on our vegetables!

    Remember how hard it was to get the kids to eat their salad? … they “instinctively” knew it was bad for their health (before their IQ’s were lowered)! … scientists have found iceberg lettuce to be laced with a startling 180 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride – 180 times higher than the ‘recommended’ water fluoridation level that has just been declared dangerous to children by our government!

    Monsanto will be very pleased to get rid of their competition … because they probably have “a cancer causing” replacement waiting in the wings! … Cryolite (sodium aluminum fluoride) is especially effective at killing bugs … and sticks to lettuce and other vegetables “like glue” (very difficult to simply rinse off) … it is currently sprayed on citrus, potatoes, grapes, cherries, etc., etc. … all our efforts to avoid drinking “tap water” were unknowingly being “counteracted” in a very big way … and America was dumbed down!

    Now how do we fight any replacement for Cryolite? … simple … “Buy Organic” … we must put our money where our mouth is!

    To read more:

  94. rj

    i dont believe heaven waits for only those that congregate

    • aussie jeff

      rj……………totally agree with you..

  95. dave

    No real comment needed……

  96. Donna

    Greg, I tried to post a comment and once again got blocked. Twice in as many days. Does anyone else have the ability to tamper with you comments section? Is time spent on a comment a factor? I will re-compose and try to re-send.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is the security feature called “CloudFlare.” If you are posting long comments it may see them as spam and block you. Just shorten up your comments and try again. I can assure you that it is mot me blocking you.

    • RichM

      Hi Donna:

      I tried posting and was blocked for about a day or two for the first time. I luckily saved my comment and tried again 2 days days later and it worked. I didn’t have to reduce its length or get rid of the link either. It just worked all the sudden. good luck

  97. Stan

    Greg – I’m a little confused. Are you saying that your Bible says that good people who are not Christians and who may even be atheists are doomed to damnation after death? Please explain.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Google” what Crist said about how to get into heaven. It’s in the New Testament of the KJV Bible.

      • Stan

        Greg – your concept of God, Christ and heaven seem a little simple minded to me. I was born a Jew and Judaism teaches that a pious person regardless of their beliefs or religion can enter the Kingdom of God. Does your God prefer a bad Christian to a good atheist? The word good is derived from God. In fact, I believe all the Abrahamic religions completely misinterpret the true nature of God as a universal mind that experiences itself through each and every one of us.

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t talk down to me because I do not believe what you do. It’s pretty insulting. What I believe is right from New Testament of the Bible. (KJV.) Now, can we get back to talking about the economy and the enormous geopolitical problems that are unfolding.

          • Stan

            Greg – I don’t believe I was talking down to you – at least that was not my intention. I was merely posing what I think are some legitimate questions based on a statement you made in your video. I am a Jew who was educated at an Anglican private school so I know what’s in the New Testament – I don’t need to Google it thank you. It is but one religious book among many which span a variety of cultures, each claiming to be the one true source of salvation. I’m quite a bit older than you and I’ve experienced the negative effects of religious dogma as opposed to the positive effects of true spirituality. You want to talk about the economy and the enormous geopolitical problems that are unfolding? Fair enough but then don’t bring religion into it – because the state of the world has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or any other religion. It is in essence merely a question of good people versus evil people – and at present the evil people are winning.

            • Greg Hunter

              It was YOU who brought religion into this. Try posting with a real name verifiable name. I am not going to discuss this with an anonymous poster.

              • Stan

                Sure Greg, my name is Stan Beer. I am a a journalist and publisher.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Keep using it, I do.

                  • Stan

                    Greg – I am a commenter on your site and this comments system allows anonymous comments, though I did in fact use my real first name. You are the site owner and publisher so it would be nonsensical for you to use anything other than your full name. That aside, I enjoy most of your videos but the moment you threw your religion into the mix like you did with this one, that’s when I got turned off.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Stan Beer,
                    You are welcome to start your own site or go somewhere else.

                  • Stan

                    I do have my own site and we do occasionally touch on similar matters to you – albeit from a technology perspective. And of course I do visit other sites besides yours. As I said, I enjoy your videos but I find it disappointing that when I challenge your views on religion you take offence instead entering into a frank discussion.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Stan Beer,
                    Great. Then, you must know how irritating it is for someone with an anonymous name to come on and tell you how to run your site. What you call a “frank discussion” I call condescending and pompous. We will have to agree to disagree on this. End of discussion.

  98. Donna

    Angie, I saw Malachi’s books on Amazon. Cannot afford. Do not buy on line or shop much for that matter.

    I have listened to his talks, wanted to dig deeper and his texts are really deep reading. “Windswept House” is on line in book form. Just find it strange that all his books were removed from the library. The libraries have become shrines to progressivism.

    You cannot get Fr. Martin, but you can get Ricky Martin. Cultural rot.

    • Stan


      I realise you won’t publish this but I can’t recall anywhere in my comments where I told you how to run your site.
      I was merely interested in getting you to expand on your views about Christianity and redemption since you made that final statement in this particular video.
      I had been a frequent visitor to your site for quite some time and I was rarely moved to post a comment. On this particular occasion I did because I was surprised to discover that you held what I considered to be rather dogmatic Christian beliefs – ie. being good is not enough to gain admission to “Heaven”. It’s an interesting topic and I was hoping for a robust discussion – a debate if you will. Instead what I got was a lot of defensive posturing on your part, publicly accusing me of being pompous and condescending. I’m many things but pompous and condescending are not two of them.
      Finally Greg – and like you I won’t enter into further discussion after this – I do occasionally get irritated by some visitors who post less than flattering comments about my stories on my site. However, at the end of the day, I realise that these visitors are a valid part of my audience. I have no wish to reduce my visitors base to simply a bunch of dewy eyed followers so, provided they keep comments within the bounds of decency, I never tell any of my critics to go elsewhere.
      Best wishes,

      • Greg Hunter

        Stan Beer,
        Who do you think you are? I do not need a lesson in Christianity from a non Christian. I don’t even know who you are or if your last name is really “Beer.” You said, “I was surprised to discover that you held what I considered to be rather dogmatic Christian beliefs – ie. being good is not enough to gain admission to “Heaven.” I was surprised you commented, and once again, you were rather pompous and condescending. You can find out what believe in the New Testament.
        Best wishes

  99. Donna

    Hi Mark, yes, I saw Eddie’s comment about getting out of Dodge (Phoenix). I had been thinking about this long before his remark.

    Short of another country or going to that hidden valley in “Atlas Shrugged” where every one was self-reliant, reasonable, intelligent and resourceful, I think I would only buy a little extra time by leaving Phoenix.

    You sound like a true believer. Trust Him because that is what it is down to. There will likely be millions of “overnight gypsies” looking for refuge. That does not appeal to me. I refuse to panic though. Anything you do in a panic or in an emotional state will blow up in your face.

    I have been on my own in Phoenix for almost 15 years, just a woman, a sitting duck if you will. God sees all. I am not religious in an organized sense but I know for certain I am not really alone.

    I wish I could give you a more concrete response. I do not have one that I can give myself. For now, I remain in place. I avoid those who are in the dark and seemingly happy with it. I’ve become more reflective.

    One of the hardest things I think a human can grasp is the concept of letting go. We want to manage everything and everybody, guarantee every outcome. If I had a fool proof game plan, I’d be selling books.

    God has the last say though. I may be long gone in the coming process. He still has the last say. All our crazy machinations have brought us to where we are. I think He will sort it all out for us. Be still and keep faith.

  100. Donna

    S. Gal. I was truly last at Mass the day before Vatican II. I consider the new Mass (floor show, I call it) as not legitimate, an abomination to be frank. Fr. Martin made it known about the demonic influence in the Vatican and the infighting between the conservative, liberal, and charismatic factions. He had become a leper to most in those circles for divulging those things he knew up close and personal from the inside.

    I simply do not recognize the landscape in a Catholic church. It is wholly alien to me. When this Marxist Jesuit took the helm, that ended any association I would ever want to have. Harping on the environment — where is that in doctrine and what business does he have addressing secular matters anyway? If the pope opts for an Agenda 21 matchbox for his new quarters and sells off all the filthy rich artifacts in the Vatican including the buildings and acreage, then I’ll take a second look — but not under an environmental banner. What hogwash.

    The churches here will become bowling alleys. People are put off by all this P.C. Catholics these days vote progressive in heavy numbers. What does that tell you?

    If this is a wiz contest to prove who is the devout one here, you win, I did not even fill out my entry form. Wow, we are all so full of religiosity in this country — and look around you. I say the devil reigns from what I see and hear. An hour of church services on a Sunday, living like feral dogs the other 6 days. Words mean nothing to me. Our actions are a disgrace to Him who created us.

  101. Wayne

    The focus of the Church, and religion in general, is changing society at the individual level thru REGENERATION, changing the person from the inside by changing their heart. Apparently this Pope doesn’t subscribe to this tenant. He believes in Legislation, imposing change on people from the outside. He’s another religious leader who is a politician at heart dressed in clerical robes.

  102. Gert NOT bERT

    Mayson if you made it this far down, it doesn’t look like the link took up there, here it is again. . .

  103. Galaxy 500

    I am not hiding. Are you?

  104. Calgirl

    Trump for President? — Paul Craig Roberts

  105. Simon Ruszczak

    Another great weekly review. You’re very clued up on what’s going on in the world (on the stuff that really matters), not just the world economy. I’ve only started looking at this website about 9 months ago ( wished I found it sooner) , and agree with over 90% of what you say.

    Glad you’ve mentioned the “globull warming” scam and the starting “little ice-age”. I’ve know about the global warming nonsense since 2007, it’s money power/money grabbing scam by the controlling elite, aided by deluded (think they can save the world from a non-existent danger) “greens”. I’d also like to add, the earlier “ozone hole” danger from CFCs was a money making scam, by selling new types of refrigerant gas. The “hole’s” a natural phenomena and not even a hole.

    I’ve know about the coming (actually started) little ice-age since 2010. The Sun’s “going quiet” for 30 years or more. It causes a chain reaction of events lending to cloudier weather globally, which causes less sunlight to reach the surface of the Earth, and thus a little ice-age. The bad thing about it, apart from the crap spring/summers and colder winters (on average) it’ll cause, is the lower world food production, causing sky rocketing food prices.

    So there’s two things the common man could try to get prepared for, an economic depression and little ice-age.

    Well done to the regular commenters as well, a lot of great comments in all the articles.

    Prepare for worst, hope for the best, and stock some food (or a lot) if you can. Remember, no food, no life.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Simon. Happy you found us.

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