Cancer is Exploding because of CV19 Vax – Dr. Betsy Eads

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Dr. Betsy Eads has been warning for more than a year about extreme disease and death coming because of the CV19 bioweapon/vax.  Dr. Eads has been punished by the medical community for being a CV19 vax truth warrior.  Everything she predicted has happened, and it is guaranteed to get worse—much worse.  Using fresh data just on breast cancers alone posted by the American Cancer Society on, Dr. Eads explains, “From in the year 2019, for those women under 45 years old (with breast cancer), it was 26,660.  It 2020, it was 26,500.  In 2021 when the CV19 vax rolled out, it was 26,561. . . . Cancer was not seen in the initial rollout because it took some time for the spike protein delivery.  So, in 2022, those numbers went from 26,561 to 47,000.  That is a two-fold increase.  That’s a direct result of the mRNA (CV19) shots.  In 2023, it went up six-fold to 297,000 breast cancer cases, and we are not even done with 2023.  That may be as high as 500,000 breast cancer cases.  So, cancer is exploding, and there is a direct correlation to the mRNA (CV19) vaccines. . . . The data is just pouring out.  The Department of Defense DMED data has cancers up 600% to 1,300%.”

The good news is there are new treatments for cancer.  The bad news is information on those treatments are being suppressed.  Dr. Eads says, “I use science-backed papers.  If you type in NIH, Ivermectin and cancer, it will spit out a bunch of papers of proof that Ivermectin treats cancer.  If you go and search Fenbendazole studies from Europe, you will see at least 63 papers on Fenbendazole as a treatment for cancer, but not all cancers. . . . There are a number of them that show the combination of Ivermectin, Fenbendazole and B17 as (treatments) and cures for cancer, but not all cancers. . . . There is enough literature (peer-reviewed scientific studies) to support using those. . . . They suppress those studies, and, of course, it is not going to get out into the mainstream media.  Of course, that is all propaganda. . . . On December 29, 2012, President Obama signed HR 4310.  The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Basically, section 1078 of that bill authorizes the use of propaganda inside the USA, which had previously been banned since 1948. . . . They legalized propaganda.  So, they legalized mainstream media, Big Pharma, Hospitals and doctors . . . to put out campaigns against Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin.”

In February 2023, Dr. Eads predicted there would be “At least 1 billion dead or disabled from the CV19 bioweapon/vax.”  Is Dr. Eads sticking by that prediction?  Dr. Eads says, “Yes, I am, and, actually, it’s going to be higher than that. . . . A paper recently came out showing 600,000 Americans a year are dying from Covid shots.  That data is supported by people like Ed Dowd.  He looked at the actuary numbers in life insurance companies.  We don’t have good data from the hospitals because they are not reporting vaccine injuries and death.  They are not correlating the deaths with the mRNA vaccines.  They are doing this on purpose.”

Dr. Eads says the number of deaths from the mRNA injections may be 1.2 billion per year world-wide.  Eads says, “If we allowed doctors to use Ivermectin, HCQ and CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), we would not have 600,000 a year dead (from the CV19 injections), and I believe that is a low number.  We would not have that, and that’s the tragedy.  This is a democide.”

There is much more in the 54-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, as she continues to highlight the unstoppable deaths and permanent injuries.  She offers hope and treatments for the CV19 bioweapon vax for 6.24.23.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Proton

    Hey Dr. Betsy Eads

    You replied to my message last time you responded to everyone in the audience that had questions. I had asked what you would do in my situation being a med student not wanting to get vaccinated. I just wanted to let you know that your advice of just holding strong ended up helping in my decision to not get vaccinated. I had many friends get fake cards because the school just needed to see you submit something. I held true to my morals and stood up to my med school. May 11th I send an email stating that according to the CDC the pandemic was over, and that the school Covid-19 policy said verbatim, “we will require all students to get vaccinated against Covid-19 for the duration of the pandemic.” We then had some back and forth but finally I was allowed to proceed to clinical rotations at an affiliated hospital system in Miami Florida, that was willing to take someone that willfully denied the attempted coercion, and didn’t have an acceptable medical exemption. Keep up the good fight and educating those willing to listen.



    • Elizabeth Eads

      Fantastic! God bless you and your medical career!

      • jomer

        Dr Eads,

        Thank you for taking the time to answers all the question in the comments in your last interview. I was beyond amazed at how caring of a person you are!

      • Tim K

        Dr Eads,

        Great to see you again USA Watchdog. You are bigger and than a rock star. Thank you for the work you are doing. Did you say 1.2 billion people will die ( from the shots) on this planet per year for the next few years? Even if you are only half right, that is beyond staggering.

        God bless you and Greg


        • Greg Hunter

          I am a roadie for Jesus. I just do the set up for the real talent. Thank you for the very kind words!!

          • loverat

            Great interview. As usual you guys are knocking the ball out of the park. That’s a British expression – or maybe an American one I picked up! God bless you both. In my view America has the best commentators on the Covid scam. Well ahead of the curve imo.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks “Love”!

        • daniel j turner

          on an economic scale all those deaths would be hugely deflationary

        • Elizabeth Eads

          Greg asked me if I stick by my estimation of 1.2 billion dead or disabled in the next 5 years-YES
          The life insurance data in us is 600,000 thousand/ year but there is no hospital data thus the deagel group and Dr Martin have it between 500
          Million and 1 billion!!!

          • Tony

            That’s pretty good results for the murdering scum balls like Bill Gates (who were able to kill off one(1) billion people out of seven(7) billion people on Earth in only about two years) – these murderers who deal in willfully killing men, women and children should be strung up for their crimes – for if we do nothing to them – they will bring out another virus that will kill 80% of those of us still alive (bringing Earth’s population down to 1.2 billion)!!

            • Alex

              The sides of Good versus Evil are being chosen right before our eyes, but try to relax. Absorption of these topics can be very overwhelming, but try to be of good cheer. We already know the final outcome of the game, The Good Guys win!

              • Marie Joy

                Alex, The problem is the good guys have to get up from their computers long enough to take action and that is not likely to happen.

            • Tony

              And the Doctors protecting Bill Gates from being arrested for murder because he is flooding them with money (as cancers up 600% to 1,300%) “will soon have no patients at all” – they better stop being so greedy and help us to arrest Gates before he and his eugenicist friends bring earth’s population down to 500,000 (that’s not enough people for doctors to make a living on)!!!

              • Rachel Whitefeather

                The original Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have been dead for a number of years. Remember when they went to India and were giving shots to all those East Indian children and they died. Well they went back to time after to try to use those children again for guinea pigs and the parents Stone them to death. I know because my friend is from India and she told me about it and her relatives that are there told her about it. So he’s long gone for a while those are just clones. If you look at pictures of Bill Gates and Melinda from 2015 and look at recent pictures and they don’t look at all alike. In fact she is not a woman Melinda is a guy. What goes around comes around just have faith in our Creator.

            • Tony

              Look at the Deagel 2025 depopulation forecast – – as you can see the US, England and Germany have been hit hard by the eugenicists (as these countries are where the eugenicists likely perceived they would encounter the most resistance to their human extermination goals)!!

          • Erock

            Great interview. But did I hear Dr. Eads correct, 70% population reduction in England by 2025???

      • Proton

        No, THANK YOU! You and the others fighting are the examples of what I one day want to become. It’ll be mine turn to speak out against whatever stunts like Covid they try to pull in the future.

      • John Stuart

        Greg, how can I e-mail and contact Dr. Eads?
        Wanting to somehow get a Zoom or become an online patient here in Philadelphia I have three questions I need help with .
        And thanks again for having her on, I feel so much more informed than listening to the regular networks.

        • Greg Hunter

          Email me on my contact page and include you email and phone number in the body of the email. I will get it to Dr. Eads ASAP.
          Here is the contact page: In the subject line put “CANCER” in all caps.

    • Linda

      I am impressed and know that you’ll be a fine MD

    • Felix

      proton we ask that you keep your morals when you get your MD and promise to do no harm to your patients.The sick care system was designed by eugenist david rockefeller that bought the system 100 years ago.Your overlords the ama,cdc,fda are all demonic organizations,you have a uphill battle and we pray that you stay strong.I never trusted the sick care system its been compomised for last 50 to 75 years,every year it gets worse.GOD bless and resist tyrranny

      • Proton

        Duly noted, I don’t know everything about how deep the rabbit hole goes on this topic. Rest assured, that I’ve been down it enough to know how corrupt the discipline of my hearts passion is. Had I known then what I know now, I would’ve chosen a different profession. Almost all professions have been corrupted though, sadly. The key will be conscientious individuals joining the fight against that corruption, I plan to do my part. In the words of Steve Bannon, “I have not yet begun to fight.”

    • Ed Hill

      Wow! You should make a great doctor! I appreciate people who have the courage to stand up for what you believe. One of the best books I ever read was by Dr. Robert Mendelssohn… “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”. Everyone should read that book!

    • Alex

      Dear Proton,
      My late father was an oral surgeon, and I am a retired airline EVP and pilot. I am more than well versed in this area, so I would like to respectfully share with you my suggestions.

      Under no circumstances would I risk my life, health, future heath, reproductive capacity, (or effects to generations yet unborn, or anything else to “comply” with anything that relates to my God-given body! You only have one life on this Earth, so why would you potentially risk (or sacrifice) everything just for a career, which is not an easy profession by a long shot? I would walk away in a New York minute!

      It has been proven that the C19 “inoculations” not only do not work, they do not halt transmission of a “virus” which has a 99.9875% survival rate. Dr. Eads is correct, and that cancer rates are exploding! I have lost 6 people within my circle to the jabs. In a few hours, I am taking a friend to a hospital in LA for an A-Fib ablation treatment. He and his two daughters took two jabs a while back, and all suffer from kidney problems.

      Forcing you to take a substance that you do not want is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code, which the US is a signatory! The penalty for violation of the Nuremberg Code is death! Please stand your ground, and never give in!

  2. Thomas Wigand

    “Indeed, not so many years ago, a senior CCP military official advocated using bioweapons to eliminate hundreds of millions of Americans, so that the CCP / PRC could take over the western U.S. and use its farmland to feed the Chinese.

    From “Did Pfizer Pfu*k Up? Or …” (here: )

    “Now ponder the Globalist-CCP Axis. The CCP and WEF are what we might refer to as ‘partners.’ In turn, on the WEF website, both Pfizer and Moderna are listed as WEF ‘partners.’ In fact, one might conclude that they’re all ‘partners.’” …

    … “So, it’s a fair question whether or not the depopulation theorists were not tinfoil-hat ‘conspiracy theorists,’ but instead sentinels who sounded the alarm, but who’s message was (mostly) suppressed by a cabal of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, NGO’s such as WHO and the WEF, government and corporate media.” …

    … “For now, these are open questions – but valid ones. Truth will emerge, despite the best efforts to bury it (pun intended). But the ever-growing body of evidence, coupled with the nature of the Globalist-CCP Axis and their prior support for mass depopulation – albeit, perhaps each for their own reasons – increasingly supports the conclusion of ‘both.’”

    • Tin foil hat

      You need to walk out of the city to see the constellations. The CCP / PRC could take over the western U.S. only in their wet dream and they know it. The dollar days as the global reserve currency are numbered and the Deep State also knows that. The man with the white cat is not Chinese looking for farmlands.

      The concept of the New World Order has been lurking about since H. Bush. There will be a monetary reset when Russia and China submit to the new arrangement. The whole world will go into a great recession or hyperinflation and the solution will be the CBDC manages by the Federal Reserve.

      The new global reserve CBDC will likely be a two tier monetary system – wholesale CBDC and retail CBDC. The wholesale CBDC will gradually transform from US wholesale CBDC to UN or NWO CBDC and we will be stuck with the retail CBDC or US CBDC.

      • daniel j turner

        the Chinese are well aware that every dynasty throughout their history fell during solar minimums. they know one is present now and aim to keep power by feeding their population.

        • Coal Burner

          And heating their population.

        • Tin foil hat

          Why would the Chinese risk taking farmlands from an entity which can pull this off?

        • Kirk Wilson

          I agree! Thank you, Daniel!

  3. Brian Washed

    I cannot stop considering that the Affordable Care act only served as a cover and a gateway for all this subsequent medical funding and elimination of health regulation. This rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper. Trump called these people endlessly evil and unrelenting. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.”

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Brian,
      “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”
      I was once seconded to turn around a failing manufacturing facility in Hungary. Before I addressed the staff, a seasoned Hungarian manager told me about ‘the two BIG lies’ .
      Lie #1. When a foreigner says, “I’m here to help.”
      Lie #2. When a Hungarian replies, “You’re welcome.”

    • Alex

      Please don’t forget… Obamacare was designed so that certain agencies would have ready access to your medical files. Combined with a Digital ID and perhaps CBDC, your life as a free person would be for all intents and purposes over! The time to resist this overwhelming tyranny is now, not only for those alive today, but for generations yet unborn.

  4. Chester Wong

    Dr. Paul Marik claims that autophagy will work in getting rid of spike protein within the cells and nattokinase does the same outside of the cells.

  5. Jane

    Thank You Greg for having Dr Betsy Eads on again.
    Dr Eads we Pray for You Doctors who have been our Lifeline.
    Thanks for more than we can express

  6. KnuckleHead

    People I know who have taken the clot shot are taking nicotine products, gum, or the patch
    or lozenges that have 2mg, 7mg 14mg of nicotine and they have started to feel better.

    • J. Loughran

      Last that I remember ’bout dementia (a syndrome) prevention was a review completed prior to Obama Administration. Something that jumped out from the program was cigarettes. Cigarettes were un-correlated.
      I don’t advocate smoking cause of all the other things mixed in. And, nicotine, on the other hand, when concentrated, is quite lethal. One early insecticide was Nicotine (organic). It was removed from the shelves cause so many were acutely poisoned. Perhaps a safe alternative is the once favorite of major baseball.

      More seriously, I would enjoy having Mister Dowd back to explain the definition of societal and economic failure through increased (increased from the expected) mortality- disability- illness. Pretty sure societal failure occurs before one eighth to one half of the world population disappears these next few years.

      For an example, see the Chinese population. Supposedly it doubled from 0.6 Billion 60 years ago. And supposedly will peak in 2030 due to the 1 child law before collapsing back to 0.6 Billion about 2080. Unfortunately this population collapse will be preceeded with peak pop coinciding with peak elderly (diminished labor force). Is this an example of societal failure?

      Thanks, Jim L.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Nicotine does help to mitigate the effects of the cytotoxins krate, cobra venom but does not help with the spike, graphene or the hydra vulgaris!

  7. Robert Maloney

    Wow WOW WOW! What a team! The lives you have saved Greg by allowing these warriors for truth to wake and treat the masses is so humbling to witness….Thank you thank you…thank you! And to all the doctors, nurses and behind the scenes workers supporting.. and the family members supporting these doctors who are putting it ALL on the line for We The People…WE THANK YOU! So exciting to see God work through all of you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU, Robert, for supporting USAW!!

      • daniel j turner

        you are a lifesaver

        • Greg Hunter

          I am just the roadie who sets up the real talent like Dr. Eads.
          Thanks a lot !!

  8. James

    Looking more & more as a good script for a horror movie.
    No its our real horror movie.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      We are in a horrible war

  9. Enrico

    G.A. Stewart: George Ure over at seems to believe that around The 9th of Av things will fall apart.

    June 24, 2023
    Charts Whisper a Grim Future

    This year, the Jewish fasting day of Tisha B’Av is from sundown on July 26th, 2023 to sundown on July 27th, 2023.

    Frankly, I am really not interested in writing about Doom anymore. At this point, You get it or You don’t.

    The chances of me finishing Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars 2023 are most likely slim to none without a large cash incentive; very soon that is not going to matter anymore. That is why I wanted to get the Nostradamus Primer out (free download). It is the best of that updated book of my material, and maybe it will help people figure it out.

    I have performed my Christian duty.

  10. Bill

    I’m living walking proof that Fenbendazole , Ivermectin and B17 work! Just got my new PET scan June 24.

    222mg Fenbendazole every day, 12mg ivermectin Monday- Friday. Been using apricot kernel oil on my skin. I’m going to order capsules today.

    I also eat clean organic food, lots of eggs, mushrooms and green leafy vegetables.
    No sugar or alcohol.
    90 minutes of exercise 5 days per week.

    Been fighting stage 4 colorectal cancer for 5 years! 330 rounds of chemotherapy, 25 days of targeted radiation, surgically disemboweled and a near death experience. 18 months ago my oncologist gave me less than 5% chance of survival. Other than the damage from the radiation and chemotherapy I’m doing great!

    Greg, I’ll email you my PET scan results.

    You’re an American hero for what you’re doing Greg the Hunter! God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bill!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Bill that’s fantastic🙏
      I’ve Ben using that protocal for 5 years. I’ve been able to get tumor markers down in 6-8 weeks!

  11. Jedediah Moffat

    Have you learned anything about God through this difficult experience, of life in these last day’s of a dying doomed system??

    Although God sees so much wickedness on the earth, he does not lose his joy. At 2 Chronicles 16:9, it states: “For the eyes of God are roving about through all the earth to show his strength in behalf of those whose heart is complete toward him.” So God is actively looking for ways he can help his servants. I know that if I too stay busy with spiritual things and stay focused on helping others in the congregation and in the ministry, it will keep me from giving in to discouragement.

  12. William Baxley

    Laetrile otherwise known as B17 for cancer treatment or prevention was made illegal in 1977. Chemo Therapy makes far more money.

    • Linda

      You are sorrect, sir. The cancer industry is a real money maker. I have an oncologist who is a really wonderful man and so, so bright. And for an intents and puposes a babe in the woods. He has helped me, I think, but I did all sorts of off-the-grid things in addition to what he served up that he does not know off. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Paul

      I love you Dr. Eads and Greg.
      We have your back.

      Paul from arkansas

    • Elizabeth Eads


  13. John Maskell

    Great interview Greg . These number of cancers is horrifying . We knew all along that the vax bio weapon was a killer ! The numbers of died suddenly on Mark Crispen Miller’s substack say it all. The youngsters dying in their youth is not natural let alone the age under 50. Just look at the athletes who are in top condition that collapse and die from heart failure . Pure evil , that’s what it is !

  14. Enrico

    MARTIN ARMSTRONG: “Never Again” is a new campaign by the Global Health Project. These doctors are now admitting that they broke the Hippocratic Oath by supporting the COVID agenda. They admit that they steered the people wrong, pushed forth dangerous unstudied vaccinations, and lost the public’s trust. It is too little, too late.

  15. Lucas Doolin

    If I remember correctly SV40 was found in the small pox vaccine. I think that is what they are talking about below for the 1950’s and 1960’s.
    Simian virus 40 (SV40) is a DNA virus found in both monkeys and humans.23 It has been studied as a model eukaryotic virus, leading to many early discoveries in eukaryotic DNA replication and transcription.2 SV40 is known to induce primary brain and bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and lymphomas in laboratory animals.3 Recent molecular biology and epidemiological studies suggest that SV40 may be contagiously transmitted in humans by horizontal infection, independently from the earlier administration of SV40-contaminated vaccines. SV40 footprints in humans have been found associated at high prevalence with specific tumor types such as brain and bone tumors, mesotheliomas, and lymphomas, and with kidney diseases, and at lower prevalence in blood samples from healthy donors.1 Hundreds of millions of people worldwide were inadvertently exposed to infectious SV40 in the late 1950s and early 1960s when they were administered contaminated virus vaccines prepared in rhesus macaque kidney cells.

  16. The Seer

    Better 5G shield products are made by BluShield. There is a personal product you carry with you and room plug in units to cover larger areas. You can also get silver material blankets and capes to shield your body.
    I don’t bother with zeolite for several reasons and minor effectiveness. You need a more comprehensive product in a shorter period of time usage.
    Get EDTA crème online and use for a few days periodically taking extra minerals at the same time. NOW- What I like the best to remove the graphene, lead, mercury, aluminum, cesium, pesticide metals, etc is a bath every 2 weeks three times and repeat when you feel you need it. Can be confirmed in blood testing. Bathe in 1cup each Epsom salt, bentonite clay, borax, 1 tsp cloves and 1 TB Neem. Soak in the tub for 25-30 minutes as hot as you can. Water will be a dark color but works extremely well. You also sleep deeper and this will help keep the brain from heavy metal build up. Jabbed and shed upon natural unjabbed need to do the above. Include your children, too. The bath soak can also clear up some skin conditions. Check with your medical advisor. This info is what a regenerative medicine group I am a member of use as our newest protocol. Our protocol continuously is updated as we obtain more information. Best wishes to everyone.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes- I use iv chelation and edta also!
      I have John Baxter s grounding products also!
      Great advice!

      • The Seer

        Great! Unsure re IV plastic bags and tube lines may be toxic now. Worth checking if true.
        Prefer bath and skin crème external options.

    • The Seer

      Grounding pads for your bed work great, too. Be in nature daily or often for grounding.
      Negative ions from ocean, lake, river and rain neutralize 5G waves, too.

  17. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Eads whilst enlightening the underlying reality is indeed unsettling. We the people of the West in particular went along because of fear, we turned from God and instead of ,”fear NOT”, we became “fear FULL”. Thankfully Mr Hunter nravely ploughed the furrow of truth and Dr Eads was his plough along with others who are are few in number. Thank you all.
    Here in the UK,our medical establishment from the management to the clinical side have revealed themselves for what they are and what we all suspected. The result has been an increase of Stage IV cancers where the petients are sent home to die and die quickly. My daughter working in a cancer unit in the North of England are regularly seeing what was in the recent past an anomally and NO research as to the cause is “ADVISED!”,which is job stopping. Nice totalitarianism at its best.
    Our economy meanwhile is off the cliff inflation in the major supermarkets is out of control .The poorest children are being sacrificed on the bimah of Green ,these poor chidren receive “free” school meals that that are now meat free but full of E numbered chemicals .Milk is verboted for these children.This all at state schools with no clinical input just a new religion of hate filled people mongering.

    • J. Loughran

      Trying to get milk back on the school lunch here in PA (a dairy state), a state where the fires to Moloch are stoked by Catholics who voted their look a like into office and more importantly their TV reflection screen.
      God Bless You Maria, Jim L.

  18. Joshua Spencer

    You should have Dr. Carrie Madej on the show she is very knowledgeable about all of this, she was on top of all of this in 2020.

    • Freedom-4-All

      If I recall correctly, she was in a pretty bad small plane crash a couple of years back. She was extremely knowledgeable about the jab. Is she back talking about it? Would love to hear what she has to say now, 2 years later.

  19. MickieKnows

    Back in 2021, a nurse in Germany was heading a vaccine center and was told that there were three differently-numbered vials and that politicians and “important people” were to get the shot from that vial. She wondered why and took the three differently-numbered vials to a researcher she trusted. The results that came back were as follows: Vial #1 was just saline. Vial#2 had the mRNA tech in it. Vial #3 had the mRNA tech in it plus cancer enzymes. Also in 2021, Dr. Tenpenny said that “in two years there will be an explosion of soft tissue cancers.” It is now 2023.

  20. dav

    i ve lost any hope , i just can’t bear this “life anymore

    • Greg Hunter

      You have hope with Jesus. Don’t give up.

      • Saved by Grace.

        DAV, please reach out to to Brave Church, also The Most Excellent Way at

        Or Calvary Chapel Church locator

        DAV, remember you are loved-dje

        Thank you Greg-dje


      Dear Dav when King David came back with his mighty men they found that all their wives, children and supplies and money was stolen. All the men and King David wept then King David remembered what God had done for him in the past/so King David started praising the Lord and prayed and God told David to go after them and they would recover all that was stolen. Then they had great joy.
      So encourage yourself with God’s Word. On Jesus name/🙏

  21. Roger Stamper

    tks for post betsy greg

  22. Enrico

    Dead at 44. Cancer.

    Dahrran Diedrick, the Canadian running back who starred at Nebraska and won three Grey Cup titles in a 10-year Canadian Football League career, died Saturday after fighting cancer. He was 44.

  23. Dwight L. POWERS

    Putin’s Chilling Warning To West After Wagner Mutiny; ‘Do Not Even Dare To…’ | Hindustan Times 5.58M subscribers 57,062 views Jun 25, 2023
    Russia warned the West against leveraging the insurrection at home for ‘Russophobic’ goals. Moscow’s warning came as it battled a short-lived armed mutiny from the Wagner group. The same mercenary group who ‘won’ Bakhmut for Russia had challenged the military establishment in Moscow and called it off after striking a deal with Kremlin on Saturday. Moscow issued a stiff warning to the U.S. and allies to “stay back.”

    Rebellion in Russia: Why did Prigozhin back down? | DW News
    DW News 257,200 views Jun 25, 2023
    An armed uprising in Russia has come to an abrupt end after the head of the Wagner mercenary group ordered his troops to stand down. Yevgheny Prigozhin abandoned his attempt to overthrow Russia’s military commanders after striking a deal with the Kremlin.
    Wagner forces have now withdrawn from the southern city of Rostov-on-Don, where they earlier occupied the district military headquarters. Prigozhin says Wagner is pulling back its troops to avoid spilling Russian blood. The Kremlin says he will move to Belarus, and all criminal charges against him and his soldiers will be withdrawn.

    • Prospector

      It all might be a giant head fake. With Wagner group in Belarus they’re only 100 KM from Kiev.

      See map : @amuse

  24. Sharon

    Good to see Dr. Betsy Eads on again, another truth warrior.

    I’ll never forget day of lockdown on March 16th, 2020. I then knew they were going to come out with a vaccine, but didn’t know how nefarious this was going to be. No one in my immediate family took it, but know many people, other family members & friends who did. Now we’re really seeing the results of it all. This was all planned, years in advance.

    Monkey Virus DNA Found in COVID-19 Shots:

    Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm Deagel’s Shocking 2025 Depopulation Forecast is on Target & not just an Estimation:

  25. Charles

    DeSantis was still pushing the vaccine after Trump left office.
    This is a direct announcement from his office,

  26. Buford Soundstone

    Canadian Prepper 290,245 views Jun 23, 2023
    They are planning something

    WOW, you can see the egg on Grahams face! He’s MAD. As in crazy, MAD MAX! Is he losing it? Is his ten year wet dream over? Does he realize, he put the US. under the bus? Carrying out, John McCain’s maniacal dream, of bringing Russia into the neo-con man fold. The little man weasel, Putin, ruined the Soros Globalist new world odor, dream of world conquest. Putin did what the Trumpster did for the dis-United States! Vlad did it world wide, to the chagrin of the operation paper clip neo-con Nazi’s!. The Putin monkey wrench has been thrown into the works and the neo-con globalists. Ike warned us about, are as made as hell and not gonna take it anymore! False flag, anyone? So people, it’s time to Panic!

  27. Justn Observer

    Greg, simply astonishing what data is being ignored = CRIMINAL!

    Dr. Eds might add going barefoot to her protocols? =

    Things never seen for what they are…ALL vaccines and their ingredients must be studied as RFKjr. suggests….
    People might CONSIDER waking up and asking more questions about what they don’t see, see or ‘are shown in the MSM/LLM =

    Only the real conspiracy theorists would question or try to understand?

    Remember =

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Thank you for info

  28. lonni

    Ukraine’s Counter(productive) Offensive | Robert Wright & Mickey Kaus
    Nonzero 4.8K views 1 day ago

  29. jim assalone

    Regarding doctors stopped reading. Around early 2021, during a yearly doctor’s visit I mentioned to my GP how I was researching and reading as much as I could about how I could treat myself prophylactically. He responded that he was deluged with reading material being sent to him which I assumed was from medical journals. It then dawned on me that whereas I was doing my own digging for info, he was feeling obligated to read what was force fed to him.

  30. Johnson T

    Does anyone have a link to the UK department of Health study predicting a 77% population reduction in the UK by 2025?

  31. Johnson T

    Is there a link to the department of health study predicting a 77% decline in population by 2025 mentioned by Dr Eades? Thanks.

  32. Samuel

    Every honest and informed person knows that the Plandemic and KillShot was one of the greatest frauds and crimes ever perpetrated against Americans.

    Donald Trump is one of the key perpetrators of this fraud/crime.

    He happily admits to it on a regular basis by praising his own decision to declare a national emergency and still says the KillShot was/is the greatest achievement of his administration.

    Yet, somehow, he is still idolized by the USAWD crowd who KNOW that what Trump says is a lie.

    Trump is spitting in your faces and telling you it’s raining…if you continue to support him you are consenting to this treatment as well as any future repeat of Trump’s historical crimes against America.

    • Donna Riggs

      he was told it was safe…and actually said it had to be safe in the contracts with big pharma…Frankly I’d rather him the bend over biden. Thank you very much!
      Dr Eads and Greg what a remarkable team you are for the AMerican people. God keep you both safe!

  33. Bennet Cecil, M.D.

    If you put the search term, “Estimated Number of New Cases for the Four Major Cancers by Sex and Age Group, 2023” in the duck duck go browser you will find the estimated new cases of breast cancer in females younger than 50 for 2023. You can find the same chart for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

    There is a striking jump in breast cancers in women younger than 50 in 2022, that is even higher in 2023.

    2019: 26,660
    2020; 26,500
    2021; 26,510
    2022; 47,550
    2023; 48,780

    Dr. Seneff from MIT explained how the COVID injections increase cancer in this paper;

    Greg, you might ask Dr. Seneff to come on your show. She is a brilliant scientist.

    • edwin meyer

      Your comment is meant as a clandestine propaganda piece, any fool can see that. Tell me, oh brilliant one, just who you would have as the president in 2025? President Trump is no saint, nor is he without his self inflicted troubles, but STILL he is our best hope of seeing ANY kind of recovery or reform…Go peddle your propaganda somewhere else.

      • Greg Hunter

        Do you think this is a clever troll? Should I take the comment down?

    • Wayne


      Just to correct you. The numbers that you gave for 2019, 2020, and 2021 are for breast cancers in women younger than 45. F0r 2022 and 2023 those numbers were for breast cancers in women younger than 50 which is a larger age group than those under 45. That is the reason for the so-called striking jump in 2022.

      2019: 26,660 women under 45
      2020; 26,500 women under 45
      2021; 26,510 women under 45
      2022; 47,550 women under 50
      2023; 48,780 women under 50

      • sk

        That does NOT negate the conclusions of the Senneff et al publication! Ask Dr. Cecil to simplify it for you, to put it in laymen’s terms.

        • Wayne


          First, it is Seneff, not Senneff. Second, my comment was specifically to correct the mistake that Bennet made when looking at the number of breast cancers in women younger than 50 in 2022 and comparing it to the number in 2021 which was only for women under 45 and thinking it was a big jump when it really was not. He got this data from which is what I looked at and found him to be wrong. And lastly, I do not need anyone to simplify what the data clearly shows in which Bennet was mistaken about.

  34. Laurie Fitzgerald

    Wonderful interview, Greg. Dr. Eads is fearless as are you!
    God Bless
    Laurie Fitzgerald

  35. Pat McGee

    Greg, Thank you so much for this interview!! I sent the link to a friend of mine who is battling some aggressive cancer.

  36. Stephen Pechak

    I have to bring this up again. Dr. Max Gerson created an understanding and a way to mitigate cancer in the mid 1900’s. The AMA loath this guys work and yet he prevailed. The Gerson Therapy Institute in San Diego still helps hundreds of people every year.
    ‘a healthy Liver and a healthy immune system can heal almost every issue’ including cancer. So Please Look into the Gerson Therapy protocol. Yes Ivermectin is great, but
    the 1st protocol is to put the proper fuel into the body. If anyone is over weight they are not eating the right food/fuel. JUICE / ORGANIC / JUICE / ORGANIC / JUICE .
    I got off all my VA meds by doing this protocol and I lost 20 pounds last winter and I don’t have any prostate issues any longer / I now sleep through the night without having to get up multiple times to relieve myself!!!! I am not making this up. Look into it.

  37. Eddie Leong

    I am believer in the ancient Urine Therapy. Have used it for 25 years with barely a flu. Never had to see a doctor for that long. Those worried about cancer and other adverse effects, may wish to download The Water of Life (100 years old book) and Manav Mootra (60 years old book). Go straight to testimonies and see the wide range of diseases and injuries that urine was effective on.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would use what Dr, Eads and other doctors recommend not piss.


        Great remark Greg to Eddie ., LOL LOL LOL LOL a Merry heart doeth good like a medicine. 😂 🤣😆 🤣😆😆🤣🤣 Let’s take our medicine 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 is a joy to my soul.

  38. larry giglio

    Hello. Is this an issue? Still? Fighting for a year and the sky is falling?
    From the photo alone, what an oinker! Eating disorder? Doubt it. Poisoned water, eating foods banned outside USA, breathing polluted air; fight a better fight.
    Do not get Covid shot. Mom stroked out. What more do you need to know?
    Disarm all nuclear weapons now! Unilaterally disarm! Human slaughter and genocide is taking place globally from the false threat of nuclear annihilations. Enough! Idiotic conflict resolution by counting body bags is insanity. No single person should be capable of murder on nuclear scaling. The threat sells military weaponry. Our military budget to “defend ourselves”, and we have not been invaded since Pearl Harbor, can be spent here at home on poverty, homelessness, hunger, infrastructure, digital transitioning, so many more benefits to taxation than involuntarily murdering neighbors.

  39. Bill Calvert

    Greg/Betsy: I am 74 and un-vaxed but was required to get two Covid tests in order to have a pacemaker implanted in 2021. I have always wondered whether the “way up your nose” Covid tests had a potentially negative impact on overall health. There has been a lot of discussion about the vax but I have not been able to find anything out about these Covid tests. Greg; Please ask this of Betsy or one of the experts on your next interview. I am sure I am not alone in questioning the potential adverse impacts of this procedure.
    Thanks for all you’ve done.

    • Shiloh1

      The swabs were first sterilized…in Ethylene Oxide!

      • sk

        That does NOT NEGATE the conclusions of the publication by Drs Senneff, McCullough, et al. I think you, Mr. Meyer, might be a troll (IF YOUR RESPONSE IS, IN FACT, TO Dr. CECIL AND NOT AN EARLIER POST) Was there an intervening post that was deleted?

  40. Greg (Not Greg Hunter)

    I consider Dr Eads one of the foremost experts on the vaxxx and covid. I always look forward to see her on your show.
    Thanks Greg

  41. Jim Wade

    hi Greg,
    I have been listening to you for several years and commend you for picking up on the vaccines so early on. Well done! This interview with Dr Eads is stunning and very scary. Thanks for posting it and thanks to her for her perseverance in pursuing and speaking the truth. Keep up your great work and reporting facts.
    Keep on keeping on.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jim! Short of a nuclear exchange this is the biggest story ever!! 676 million CV19 bioweapon injections in USA alone and 13 billion worldwide!!

  42. Doug

    Just a long shot. I have an acquaintance who was just diagnosed with covid. Her physician of course prescribed remdesivir. I am a nurse and I cautioned her about the remdesivir and told her she would be better off just letting it run it’s course.

    I put up links for her to frontline doctors and I appreciate the links you have to places to obtain ivermectin. I was wondering as a long shot if there are any providers you might know of in citrus county (nature coast) or if there is s database somewhere for patients to find providers with common sense.

  43. John Patrick

    Hi Greg.

    I went to the Roots brand website from your link to purchase the product Clean Slate and the website doesn’t allow me to register for an account without a referral code. Please provide a valid referral code for Roots or get one from Dr. Elizabeth Eads please. Without such code, you are not allowed to purchase any products.

    Thank you

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Try CBJ

  44. Doug

    Good interview Greg, but did I miss something in the after interview section you list DMSO? I don’t recall her talking about that. What did I miss?

  45. Paul

    Off topic of the vaccine devastation, could the FBI have become the squad for the central banking system that controls all of our government right now.

    And that’s to say nothing of Democrats orchestrating a state-by-state campaign to change voting rules to enable the widespread adoption of voting boxes … Left-wing activist groups, funded in most part by Facebook, facilitated the exploitation of these drop-off boxes on behalf of the Democratic Party. That part may not have been illegal since they simply changed the rules, but it’s especially bad since it was done alongside federal health agencies then-knowingly overstating the threat of Covid, which was used as the rationale for the change of rules in the first place.

    this is just what we know despite the feds’ best efforts of cover-up.

    Also, the Mueller probe and Russia hoax was used to take Dems over the finish line and win the House in the 2018 midterms. This gave Schiff the power and ability to start House investigations/impeachments.

    It’s a battle America.

    Paul from arkansas

  46. lynn

    Thank you Greg, she is truly a favorite of all of the guests you have on.
    I would like to ask her if she has found patients with severe GERD after coughing and contracting COVID or OMICRON that were completely healthy before and who did not receive the shot. Now it is 24 hr. acid suppressing drugs and thick mucus, sometimes yellow, that patients are coughing up. Is this the spike protein maybe that has entered the stomach lining? Never experienced anything like this, and it won’t go away. Thank you for your service to all of us,,,,,She is a light in the darkness of our time…Lynn

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes-quite a few! You must detox the spike!

  47. Bill McFarlane

    Hello Greg, Thanks for what you do, for all these years and especially these troubling times.
    I would like to verify Dr. Betsy Eads location and tel #. I live in Central Florida and I believe close to her office but not sure if I’m on the right site for her office (icon pic not sure if it’s her). I’m subscribed to your site so, if possible, if you could email to me, her office address, and or tel #. Thanks Again Bill

    • Greg Hunter

      I will pass a email to her directly. (This is what Dr. Eads told me to do.) Use my contact page: and put “CANCER in the subject line. Include your email and phone number in the body of the email.

  48. Mark Mayes

    What until you see the 30-minute video of Dr. David Martin TOTALLY EXPOSING the covid lies. Since it’s on YouTube, I do not know how long it will be at this link:
    Covid Is Genocide – A Biological Warfare Crime – Dr. David Martin Speaks To The European Parliament

    • Freedom-4-All

      Dr. Martin was exposing this from the very beginning. I wrote down some of the patent numbers to use as proof when I tried to talk my friends and family from getting the jab. I bet if he hooked up with Karen Kingston, they would make a dynamic legal powerhouse.

  49. Tory

    Thank you Greg for continuing to hammer it home how evil those that push genocide via a fake vacine!!! I include Wikipedia and the like since they tried to change the definition of a Vacine too!!
    Keep up the good fight and God Bless!

  50. Marie Joy

    The 40% increase in all cause mortality seems to be among those with life insurance policies, only. It does NOT extend to those WITHOUT life insurance policies so the number of dead is much higher than 40%. And the number of dead is, purposely, understated in any Democide.
    Nattokinase can be found at Spend over $35 to receive FREE
    delivery. Some are on sale at this moment, Sunday, 6/25.
    Yesterday, Desantis had a fundraiser at Dominion’s lawyers’ law offices.
    We need to be at a fighting weight.
    I’m surprised people are not acting out, violently. Must be the fluoride.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes! That’s accurate-the hospital data and uninsured
      Are not counted in Us just UK

  51. Southern Girl

    Greg and Dr. Eads,
    Thank you for what you are doing to help people. I have been taking Ivermectin off and on and when I’m around people who shed I take it and yes get the diarrhea. Well, I’m going to water aerobics 4 times a week and noticed one day I could hardly get out of bed, too tired. I got up and took and Ivermectin and within two hours felt better. I know I will have to continue a couple of times a week because all those ladies are jabbed.
    Also, thanks for all the links. I purchased the BodyAlign product to put on my phone and computer. Thank goodness I was smart enough to NOT get the smart meter. I also bought a cage to put around my WI-FI and it is working. Just wanted a little more protection. Again, THANKS!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks SG!

  52. Dave

    Hannity won’t talk about ivermectin but to say he hasn’t studied it and the manufacturer does not recommend using it for off-label purposes. Yet he studied many other protocols to death and does/did recommend some of them. Hello? Fox and its acolytes like Hannity being muzzled by the pharmaceutical companies? The one Fox analyst who discussed the benefits of ivermectin – Tucker Carlson – is out. People need to be so wary of establishment media and yes, Fox is establishment media.

  53. Debbie Francis

    Thank you both for your courage!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU, Debbie,!!

  54. Dave

    A friend took the first 2 Pfizer shots. 3 months after the second shot he got uveitis. An auto-immune disease that can threaten vision. In his case he’d had a detached retina in that eye a dozen years ago. And his other eye has been 20/1000 since birth due to a hemorrhage. It was a very serious situation for him. He went to the ophthalmologist who’d saved the vision in his good eye. The uveitis was treated and resolved without any complications. His doctor, one of the top gun retinal surgeons, told him that if it were he (the ophthalmologist) he would not get any boosters. My friend did not and has been OK since. He takes 4000 units vitamin D and black seed oil.

    • Greg Hunter

      He need something much more than what he is taking according to doctors I talk with.

  55. Felix

    Love dr. betsy eads a giant among may charlatan quack doctors that sold their souls to the devil for money.A woman of grand courage and many other doctors that fight for truth.Keep your prayers coming for dr Rashid Buttars family with his tragic death.We pray for the destruction of bill gates and fauci.All you cops,judges,politicians that sold your country out and your people will reap your rewards in hell for eternity,your overlords thank you for the destruction of truth and humanity.Like you say greg these sellouts will be scrificed once their overlords are done with them but they are stupid to realize that.GOD bless greg hunter,Dr. eads and the true doctors that love humanity,we salute you

  56. Prospector

    When you hear people say – ” They would never do that ” , show them the congressional record.

    DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE – Appropriations For 1970 – Ninety First Congress
    Subcommittee On Department Of Defense – George H. Mahon , Texas , Chairman
    Tuesday July 1, 1969

    Partial transcript.

    ” Within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a SYNTHETIC BIOLOGICAL AGENT , an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired ”
    ” A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years at a total cost of $ 10 million.”

    D.O.D. got the money.
    Behold A Pale Horse book by William Cooper page 446.

    “At present the population of the world is increasing … War so far has had no great effect on this increase … I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others … If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full … the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially that of others.” | Lord Bertrand Russell [1872~1970], ‘The Impact of Science on Society’

  57. Joseph

    Has anyone suggested C60 as a therapy to rid the body of spike proteins?

    • Greg Hunter


    • Catherine

      What is C60?

  58. Mark

    We are in the first wave. Like a tsunami the first wave just gets your feet wet. The second wave brings on the catastrophic events.

  59. Fred Logis

    DJT, who purportedly eats a lot of McDonalds GMO/synthetic grub, he also (purportedly) took the vax. Ivanka Trump proudly posted video of her taking the vax

    Neither DJT or Ivanka have expressed regret or any concern for others regarding the vax.

    So perhaps the vax is not so bad.

    • Greg Hunter

      So perhaps Fred, these people have not looked at the real science and data that shows the CV19vax is infact a bioweapon and is killing and hurting many millions around the world!!!!!!

    • Freedom-4-All

      NOT so bad?? The science is out and the numbers are not in the vax’s favor. The smart ones are unvaxxed. History will prove that.

  60. Lance

    With a Straight Face, Trump Suggests He Saved 100 Million Lives and Says ‘I Don’t Even Talk About It’

    As the 2024 election looms, Trump STILL HASN’T REVERSED COURSE on the clot shot–it’s just the OPPOSITE.

    How can anyone be anti-vax but pro-Trump…???

    • Caleb


      It is the sad state of people and the only choice they feel they have (deceived). They gladly support some one who defends a bio weapon that is on a killing rampage.

      People need to look to Jesus Christ. Their is not a political solution to a spiritual problem.

      • Dave

        I have friends who both had complications after taking the vax. They are conservative Republicans but feel let down by everyone. They are planning to write in RFK for president in 2024 feeling he is only major political figure to honestly address the vaccine.

  61. Led Skeletor

    I’ve noticed a ton of stories regarding physically fit athletes dropping dead after getting the COVERT jabs, and yet no stories of our morbidly obese persons doing the same.

    Was the COVERT virus release to kill all the weak, and this COVERT JAB designed to destroy the bodies of the healthy, leaving nothing but the morbid obese to free entitlement graze the remainder of the planet?

    At one point during the COVERT plandemic, they wanted us to be in a digital database showing who got the COVERT jab and who did not, especially for those that refused to be poked.

    Maybe it is time we push for full disclose law on all obituaries stating that the deceased was indeed jabbed and the number of jabs. Also have the government track each and every dead person, and finally reveal that your chances of dying on any given day are 120 fold higher for those that got the jab.

    Whenever I look at a published obituary the first thing I ask myself the most important detail, how did this person die. Yet 99% of the obits fail to disclose this Captain Obvious thing.

    These people already destroyed millions of family trees by Autism where entire branches will have no offspring that will reproduce. And this gay revolution, men that never become men, and this no sperm counts… by 2075 the only ones to have a healthy baby will be crack whores and the perpetual entitlement bimbos.

  62. J. Webster

    U.S. NATO Council to give the Russians a role in Europe | Douglas Macgregor About Russia Ukraine War: GoTranscript Test 48K views 2 days ago
    Why the Russians are fighting with one arm tied behind they’re backs?

  63. FreeandFighting

    Dr. Thomas Seyfried has discovered during 20+ years of research that ALL cancers feed on glucose and glutamine. If the cancer is starved with a strict Ketogenic diet he could kill it w/ a combination of additional blockers for the two cancer foods and use nontoxic drugs to kill the weakened cancer thru a pulse method of three weeks on and three weeks off. This would kill roughly 50% of the cancer cells and then allow the patient to rebuilt their core energy body (immune & energy storage systems). After three or more pulses, all the remaining cancer cells would be gone. Two drug choices for killing the WEAKENED cancer were IV vitamin C or Fenbendazole. His seminal work is a book titled “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”. The book he recommends for creating guidelines for the diet is “Fasting for Renewal of Life” by Sheldon. In one of his YouTube interviews he said that their clinics were getting about 85% success in STAGE 4 patients. Those that were lost were too weakened by the Standard of Care and/or the cancer to initiate a comeback of the immune system. Cheers!

    Dr Seyfried has PROVEN on a molecular basis that cancer starts in the mitochondria when carcinogens enter and cause the production of ROS(reactive oxygen species) which mutates enough of the organelles to change the energy production system from normal ATP to a fermentation process for the glucose AND glutamine. This is now a cancer cell due to the hypoxia (lack of oxygen) created in the cell. Genetics has only a very minor part to play in all this. Hence, all the money going into genetics research to cure cancer is mostly wasted or redirected to other areas within the genetics field. DAMN!

    The quickest way to enter ketogenesis was a 48 hour water only fast followed by the recommended ketogenic diet. However, not everyone has the inner core energy reserves to do this, so a slower approach with the normal ketogenic diet was recommended. Btw, when the NIH learned of his success in fighting cancers, even GBM (Glio-Blastoma Multiform), they promptly ceased his funding of $200,000/yr. Live & learn! FREE

    • Elizabeth Eads

      I use iv vit c also! My mom has CLL and iv vit C and intermittent fasting helps!!!!

      • FreeandFighting

        Thank you Elizabeth for confirming this & thank you Greg for publishing this. The AMA is NOT spreading this information & therefore since Dr. Seyfried’s book was published in 2012, only a handful of clinics have opened to support these treatments. There SHOULD be hundreds of them available by now, 2023. To me that is PROOF that the AMA is suppressing this treatment to cure cancer!!! FREE

    • Donna

      FandF, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, by Winters and Kelley, builds on the theories of Dr. Seyfried. It discusses at length how the ketogenic diet is useful for cancer and other illnesses. The authors claim they’ve been using KD with their patients for years and seeing great results. They stress that KD is not a cure for cancer, per se, but that it’s vital to use it with any other treatments one might choose. I already knew KD was useful, but I’ve been dismayed to learn that the cancer cells also use glutamine, which is almost impossible to avoid. Last I checked (a while ago) the glutamine blockers etc. weren’t really developed or available. Maybe it’s progressed now.

      • FreeandFighting

        The glutamine blocker of choice according to Dr. Seyfried is referred to as DON which is: 6-diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine. FREE

  64. Cleo Lancaster

    SHOCKING New Evidence of Joe Biden’s Corruption
    WolvesAndFinance 16,659 views Jun 25, 2023
    The bribery allegations of Joe Biden and his family keep getting worse. It turns out there is a lot more evidence than people originally thought.

    Lindsey Graham: This is a stunning accusation
    Fox News 66,321 views Jun 25, 2023
    Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., weighs in on the threat China poses to the United States and allegations Hunter Biden communicated with a businessman in China allegedly connected to the CCP on ‘One Nation.’
    Promises of Peace and Security!

  65. lonni

    ‘Desperate’: Democrats ‘attack the other half of the country’ to stay in power
    Sky News Australia 40,664 views Jun 25, 2023
    It shows how “desperate” the Democrats are that all they can do to stay in power is “attack the other half of the country”, says Sky News host James Morrow.
    Americans your a threat to Democracy? WTF?

  66. Lora

    Hi Greq
    I am concerned about the status of those who took the covid shot (I have family members that took this bioweapon).
    But there seems to be a bigger imminent concern right now, and that is the fact that China is building a military base in Cuba. Looks like there are high levels of Asians also coming through our southern borders, many may be Chinese Mercenaries just standing by and waiting to carry out their orders.
    We should pull out of this senseless proxy war in Ukraine ASAP and focus our military/money on protecting our OWN borders, along with stopping the Chinese/Cuban military base plan in the works right now. This issue with China in Cuba is by far the BIGGEST threat to America’s survival at the moment. Very shortly here, China’s missiles and nuclear submarines will all be pointed at the US, within a very short distance from our coastlines. Our media should be sounding the alarms, airing this story 24/7, with action taken immediately to stop this. But somehow the enemies within the US all think that they’ll escape the carnage (what treasonous fools). I believe that if God himself does not intervene soon, we do not have too much time left before all hell breaks loose.

    • J. Loughran

      If you are a Globalist, what is then your definition of treason?

  67. Prospector

    Rep. Darrell Issa just tweeted this out:

    ” Joe Biden has officially lawyered up. This is what a real scandal looks like. ”

    I would expect major distractions soon.

  68. Catherine Cronin

    Our Government must go. It has proven to be the most deceptive dangerous government on earth. Maybe if all time. On the surface they play the game of being the defender of freedom all the while they hoodwink people into believing the lie and then the use good faith twist it and murder them without ever firing a shot. They don’t ever have to take guns away if you voluntary get the real kill shot. In turn the dead can still vote for the very people who killed them due to voter fraud. Do you think for one moment they don’t have a plan to get rid of people like us who simply will never comply. They know we won’t comply so as long as we aren’t a threat they don’t care but if we do become a threat they will show their teeth and then we will see the Nazi monsters unmasked. Terrifying and very possible.

  69. cliff horton

    Dr. Eads to your knowledge do you know if their putting mrna in novacane ? i’m having dental work done next week.thank you.

  70. Anita

    Excellent, thank you both. She hit most, if not all, the bullet points. The only thing mentioned I do not like is aspirin. BUT I am not a doctor, just something I personally stay away from. I use White Willow Bark instead.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Yes-that will work

  71. Greg Hutchinson

    Hi Greg, thought that you should know that both you and Dr. Betsy misspoke (and your link in the notes area is incorrect).

    The correct company name is The Root Brands at not The Roots Brand at (the latter does not exist. To be clear, the ‘s’ comes after brand, not after root.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Greg Fixed it.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Thank you- for the correction

  72. Greg Hutchinson

    Great work Greg. Been following you since the olden days with Jim Sinclair. I even went to one of his get-togethers in Jupiter when I lived in Fort Lauderdale. Now in LA. If you’re ever in town, you have my email.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the kind offer, Greg!

  73. Robin Sassman

    God bless Dr Eads, she is the best and is blessed.

  74. Joseph Boudreau

    Thanks Greg and thanks to Dr. Eads. The work you and your guests do is immeasurable. It’s awful what’s been done to us. They shall not prevail with their demonic intentions. Best wishes!

  75. John E Easler

    OK fine…. where are the funerals…..massive statistics on auto crashes….planes falling out of the sky…. bodies falling over in public.?????

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you stupid? His man just died at the alter in his wedding day: Plenty of data all over if you have eyes to see and ears to hear troll.

    • sk

      That is because the final causes of death look natural – because if your immune system functions at 5% of normal, you will succumb to a number of diseases more easily. And – in the western world, people generally go to the hospital and die there, rather than falling over in the street. Check out Mr. Edward Dowd’s findings that insurance companies are reporting a 40% increase in deaths since the vaccine was started, as compared to the deaths during the period when Covid19 was present, but not the vaccine. And also during those periods when neither was present. Try to understand the reference given by Dr. Bennett Cecil. (Parenthetically, I think comparing breast cancer deaths in women under 45 and in women under 50 would NOT DOUBLE the incidence, just increase it somewhat. Other factors seem to be operative.)

  76. Dave

    The ironic thing about our capitalist health care system is that we can’t get certain treatments for cancer or Covid that the socialist European systems allow. Same goes for transgender therapy/surgery. Increasingly restricted in Europe but not here where tons of money is being made off of it. Mammon ascendant is the danger of a health care system where profit is the bottom line.

  77. Diana

    Thanks Betsy for a great interview, you too Greg. Good news Greg, Mark Robinson is going to run for Governor of NC. Now we need a strong candidate to take Tillis job when he runs again,

  78. Anti-atomist

    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:10

    “Doctors who follow Washington will be replaced by A.I.” -Dr. Burzynski

    As a cancer survivor activist, I think Dr. Burzynski deserves to be recognized for fighting the good fight for his cancer patients, whom credit him with saving their lives. His unique research revealed that cancer patients lack peptides in their blood and urine. So, he built a lab in Texas to derive antineoplastons from peptides in horse urine. The State of Texas repeatedly harassed, sued, and threatened to jail him for curing many – but not all – cancers within 4 to 6 months:

    I don’t agree with Burzynski’s common theory that abnormal DNA are the root cause of cancer when he ignores the panopoly or toxins, persistent organic pollutants, and carcinogens in the air, food, water, soil, and in the bloodstreams of many people. After so many SARS-CoV-2 mRNA bioweapon “vaccine” injuries, our trust in government-approved experimental gene therapy is flatlining. Dr. Burzynski’s website wisely advertises the Hippocratic oath, “Do no harm,” but does he still see no harm in gene therapy after so many COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine” deaths?

    Multiple M.D. studies have shown that cannabis fights cancer at least five ways, as God intended. “Kaneh-bosem” is an Aramaic ingredient in the anointing oil recipe of Exodus 30, which Jesus and the disciples used to heal the sick (see Mark 6:13 and James 5:14). According to pastor Andrew, author of “The Exodus Effect,” in the late 2nd century A.D. Symmachus deliberately mistranslated “kaneh-bosem” as “calamus” (see Exodus 30:23 NIV vs. ESV) and human life expectancy quickly plummeted from 120+ years to 35:

  79. cliff horton

    Dr Eads whats a person to do if you have dental work done and you have to have a tooth numb for a root canal done? you are saying the novacain injection is going to put the same covid shot crap into me ? I have not had any of the covid shots. and how long have they been doing this? also my 2 german shepherds are about due for their rabbies shots. and i’m leary of what might be in their shots at this point. thank you in advance for your time ,

    • Elizabeth Eads


  80. StanO

    Are you sure you mean 1.2 Billion excess deaths over the next 5 years and that this wasn’t just an accidental misread or misspoke or typo error. 1.2 Billion divided by 5 years equals @ 240 Million extra deaths per year. I would think that something around 12 million extra deaths or 120 million extra deaths over the next 5 years (@ 2.4 million to 24 million per year) is just a more fathomable figure. The current number of deaths per year according to Our World in Data had been climbing slowly up to 2019 and was running at around 58 million per year but between then and now it has jumped to around 69 million per year.
    As always I appreciate all the information that you and your guests provide and hopefully look forward to your reply to my question above.

    • Elizabeth Eads


    • Elizabeth Eads


      • StanO

        Thank you Dr Eads for your prompt reply and clarification. At least it’s not all excess deaths. Still, this is a staggering number when you consider that the estimated current World’s population is around 8 billion. Please continue your good work, much appreciated. I/we very much enjoy the interviews and insights that you provide on Greg’s channel.

  81. Mary

    What can I say but the comments are mostly excellent giving out advice and research results and data. I read the entire comment section and learned a lot about medicine of which a lot is unknown to me. I and close friends did not take any of those jabs. We are in our 70’s and the only shots we took as children were the small pox and polio. There is so much pollution within our air, water, food, clothing and medicine to name a few. Humans are lucky to survive all of this. And as a lot of folk say, get serious about God and Jesus because of the time frame of today. May God bless all of us who believe.

  82. bangabunny

    Greg there is no need for your guest to exaggerate to stop us taking all these jabs we are not stupid. It is ridiculous to say
    UK Government says 77% reduction in the population in 2025
    where is the link?
    Even if the UK Government said a 0.7% reduction in 18 months time that would be viral and the corrupt MSM could not hide it.
    Come on Greg I expect better from you

    • Greg Hunter

      Here it is “Bunny/troll and it’s no exaggeration jackass. The Expose published this on June 18, 2023. It was titled “Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm Deagel’s Shocking 2025 Depopulation Forecast is on Target & not just an Estimation” and the title really sums it all up. Don’t come back because I do not expect much from an AI/troll.
      Poof be gone!!

      • Charles Carter

        Good on ya Greg! You sure banged that a-hole on the noggin!
        They remind me of Pharaoh;

      • Vern

        Greg, Trump’s “miracle vaccine” is very bad, but not Deagel-level bad.

        If it were on pace to wipe out 3/4 of Americans by 2025 we’d be seeing 10’s of millions of deaths & that just isn’t happening.

        The Trumpcine has probably killed, total, 300,000-600,000 which is Civil War levels of death…bad, but not bad enough to really put a dent in total population or to cause Trumpers to stop supporting Dr. Death Trump.

        A significant minority of the populace (30-40%) didn’t take a single ClotShot & booster uptake has fallen off a cliff.

        For Deagal to come true, USA would have to lose something like 200 million people within the next 2 years, which is inconceivable.

        The only thing that could really accomplish this is a combination of war & organized genocide–which may be on the table, considering that the same Jewish Bolsheviks who decimated Ukraine & Russia in the 1920’s & 30’s after getting control via the Red Revolution are now largely in control of the USA.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is what The Expose came up with using newly disclosed Pfizer documents:

          It’s 676 million injections in USA alone according to CDC numbers located here:

          I don’t know what to tell you. Let’s say they are half right. That’s 100 million. Anyway you cut this it is a big number of death and disabilities.

          • Vern

            200 million dead in 2 years from today would require over 250,000 deaths per DAY.

            Half that number would be over 125,000 a day.

            It would be impossible to hide these kinds of body counts.

            I work at a place where probably 80% took the jab and in the 2 years since, I haven’t seen a single weird death or health issue.

            • Greg Hunter

              Well Vern, maybe you are just a blind troll? The numbers come from here:
              The CDC says more than 676 million CV19 injections were give in USA alone and NO I am not going to do one-on-one research for you. If you think this is all unbelievable just go someplace else. What you see is not scientific, and again you may be a blind toll posting under your anonymous troll name “Vern.”

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg and thanks for the link. Devastating! So much info from the ‘way back machine’ to show how the truth has been so blatantly obscured by TPTB! So much data – I’ll need to print a copy to study.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Not my numbers – projections based on the UK data
      And Deagels numbers!!!!!

  83. Frank Cooper

    Israel, Russia, China, Iran: The World in Conflict | Walter Russell Mead | EP 326
    Jordan B Peterson 820,641 views Jan 26, 2023 The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast
    Dr Jordan B Peterson and Walter Russell Mead cross continents in a broad discussion over world affairs. They go in-depth on the state of China’s totalitarian regime, Vladimir Putin’s plans for the war with Ukraine, the growing unrest under Iran’s iron fist, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, and how a push for American optimism is necessary to best face these emboldened challengers on the world stage.

    Walter Russell Mead is a writer, professor, and academic, focusing his efforts on international policy and affairs. He is the James Clarke Chace Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College and taught American foreign policy at Yale University. Mead has worked as a columnist for publications such as The Wall Street Journal and was editor at large for The American Interest. His books include “Mortal Splendor,” “Special Providence,” “Power, Terror, Peace and War,” “God and Gold,” and most recently “The Arc of a Covenant.”

  84. Klaus Meyer

    Ex-CIA Spy: The UNITED STATES Is In MAJOR Trouble (Andrew Bustamante)
    Stephen Gardner 172,321 views Jun 24, 2023
    Andrew Bustamante, a former CIA spy, sits down with Stephen Gardner to discuss the different ways global powers around the world wish to see the US fall. The world wants to remove the USA as the world super power. How is the US really standing with Ukraine? We aren’t. We are allowing them to secure vast amounts of debt so US will own Ukraine. Putin will hold out until Russia wins. Andrew Bustamante shares there are over 100,000 spies in the US from other countries. President Biden isn’t reading the Presidential Daily Brief. This is Part 2 of a 2 part interview.

  85. Klaus Meyer

    To this day, God’s view of war has not changed. He still views war as a legitimate means of bringing an end to oppression and wickedness. But as has been true throughout history, it is God alone who rightly determines when such warfare is to take place and who is to be involved. As we have seen, God has already determined that the war to end wickedness and to avenge the oppressed is a future war and that it will be fought by his Son, Jesus Christ. This means that the wars being fought in the earth today do not have God’s approval, no matter how noble the cause may appear to be.
    To illustrate: Imagine two siblings who begin fighting while their father is away. They temporarily stop fighting and call their father on the telephone. One sibling claims that the other started the fight, while the other claims that he was being mistreated. Both appeal to their father, each hoping for his support in the dispute. However, after hearing both sides, the father tells them to stop fighting and to wait for him to settle the matter when he gets home. For a while the two siblings wait. Soon, though, they are fighting again. When the father gets home, he is not pleased with either child and punishes them both for not obeying him.
    Today, warring nations often appeal to God for support. But God does not take sides in today’s wars. Instead, in his Word, the Bible, he clearly states: “Return evil for evil to no one,” and, “Do not avenge yourselves.” (Romans 12:17, 19) Moreover, he has made known that mankind should “wait patiently for him” to take action, which he will do at Armageddon. (Psalm 37:7) When the nations fail to wait for God to act and instead resort to warfare, he views such wars as presumptuous acts of aggression that bring his displeasure. Thus, at Armageddon, God will express his indignation and settle the nations’ disputes once and for all by “bringing an end to wars throughout the earth.” (Psalm 46:9; Isaiah 34:2) Indeed, Armageddon will be the war to end all wars.

  86. Steve Bice

    Dr. Eads…

    I wonder if the incidence of vertigo is increasing in the aftermath of both the vaccines and the shots.

    Both my wife and I are unvaccinated, and we dodged Covid until March of this year.

    About 8 weeks later, she developed dizziness and wooziness and it has persisted almost daily and is just now beginning to dissipate. (She has been doing the Epley exercises.)

    “Coincidentally”, I have developed milder vertigo in the last two weeks. I have been much more diligent in the episodic use of Iveremectin and daily use of Nattokinase. You don’t “catch” vertigo…at least as far as I know.

    What are you seeing with regard to vertigo in you patient population? I’ll bet there is an uptick that is not being tracked by the medical establishment.

    Is anyone else experiencing this in their families?

    I no longer have any doubts that this is an attack on humanity. You don’t create something like this for defensive purposes for a specific threat that does not exist anywhere in nature.

    Thanks much for all you do…

  87. Know Yer Enemy

    This was life in Berlin after its Battle and the End of World War II
    War Academy 72,245 views May 24, 2023
    On May 2, 1945, the Battle of Berlin ended. Although this was a relief for the civilian population, a new agony began for them. Living in a completely destroyed city was not easy, and they had to work to overcome all the difficulties. Destroyed homes, bodies buried under the rubble, lack of hygiene, hospitals and medicines, lack of food and basic services, characterized the first months of life in Berlin. In this program we are going to analyze all of them, and how they were solved little by little.

  88. Da Big👊🏻Guy

    Whatever shakes Russia, shakes China, expert says
    Fox Business /2.4K views 39 minutes ago
    The Great U.S.-China Tech War’ author Gordon Chang unpacks the China threat in light of an attempted invasion in Russia and Secretary of State Blinken’s Beijing visit.

    Evidence shows Biden was ‘in the room, part of this’: Rep. Tenney
    Fox Business 68K views 4 hours ago
    After the release of Hunter Biden’s alleged text to a Chinese associate, Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., accuses the Biden family and Department of Justice of ‘corruption.’
    Without Interruption!

  89. Jackie Pollock

    All these statistics on cancer numbers exploding and deaths over the last few years to be compared with what will be much worse with the year-end totals for 2023!
    What in the world has happened to us?
    Everybody needs to take action to get themselves treated. With the tons of info to help get treatment supplied by Dr. Betsy we are being helped through her extreme courage to stand up for the people and offer help – which is what a doctor is supposed to do instead of cowering to TPTB. It is never wrong to do the right thing!!
    Dr. Eads is the Right Stuff!!
    Thank you Dr. Eads and thank you Greg for having Dr. Betsy on again for her updates!!

  90. john

    your video has been corrupted by some advertisement. I am unable to get video to play only the add for some blade mercenary guy killing pirates? WTH?

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this John:
      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

  91. C Van Etten

    The present state of the world is rapidly moving towards the end times scenario. The Rapture of the Church is not far off. We don’t know time or date, but we’re to discern the season. The end time nation “players” are coalescing into place. The stage is being set. The 7 year Tribulation is on the horizon and the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse hooves can be faintly heard. Regrettably, the USA does not figure prominently in end times prophecy.

    • Tony

      C Van Etten – Looks to me like Bill Gates (who thinks he is God with the power of life and death over all humanity) will rapture the entire human race even before Jesus gets here (making Bill Gates “The False Messiah” the Bible has warned us about)!! – and Gates “rubbing his hands and with that smirky smile on his face” says: “Wait Until The Next Virus Is Released” (like killing a billion people with Covid 19 was not enough to satisfy this psychotic and his evil desire to kill and maim all the men, women and children of this world!!

  92. Catherine

    Greg, Love your show!! I am trying to reach out to Dr. Eads for a consultation but cannot find her contact info. Can you please provide? Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Use my contact page: Include your email and phone number in the body of the email. put CANCER in the subject line. I will make sure Dr. Eads gets your message ASAP./

  93. Pistol Pete Maravilha

    He’s taller, tanner, and buffer than the average 69-year-old. He is, after all, a Kennedy. His blue eyes oscillate between piercing and adrift, depending on the topic of discussion.
    HE’S BIG PHARMA’S BIGGEST THREAT. Big Pharma’s the blood sucking, taxpayer funded and lifeblood of the project Mockingbird brained talking head millionaires, of the corporate legacy media propaganda arm of party boy Alex 4 eyed Soros. The real US. president and puppet master of Barry Obomber and the left leaning neo-conmen deep creepy state. They’re the biggest threat to our western civilization since Adolph Hitler’s nightmare dream, of a thousand year Reich, AKA reign!

    The Candidate of the ‘Tucker-Rogan-Elon-Bannon-Alex Jones -Michael Savage-Combo-Platter opposite of the Vanguard BlackRock Fink Right’
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., MAGA world’s favorite Democrat, isn’t feeding Americans’ appetite for conspiracies, but the truth!. By John Hendrickson June 26, 2023

    Prayers Pouring In For Family Of Basketball Player Dead At 28
    Story by Andrew Holleran • Yesterday 5:34 PM

  94. Shae N

    I am trying to register for the Roots chelation using the provided code but it rejects the code DMG as invalid.

    Is there a different code that I can use?

    Thank you for all you do! GOD BLESS YOU GREG!

    • Greg Hunter

      Here is the company website here is the company contact info:
      Root Wellness LLC
      393 Nichol Mill Ln Unit 250B
      Franklin, TN 37067
      United States of America
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: +1 (980) 400-3245

      Good luck,


      • Shae N

        Thank you.

        Have a safe and blessed day!

  95. Paul

    I know this is clique, but this to must not be forgotten, but encouraged.

    The most terrifying force of
    death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They
    try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves
    and those they love.

    They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and
    permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the
    moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over.

    The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back,
    it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used
    to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence,

    these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance
    against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate,
    and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely

    play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these
    people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it
    will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left

    — Soviet Dissident, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Paul from arkansas

    • J.D.

      Wow Paul, what a great and pertinent quote. I might be old enough to avoid it but my son may have to commit the “suicide” he speaks of one day. It’s clear to me our enemies will not stop pushing until we resist or submit to complete subjugation.

  96. Victor Showman Shokan

    6 Billion dollars is unaccounted for by the Pentagon after being sent to the Ukraine. The Skinny is, it was used for support of the rebellion against Putin. Nice work for mercenaries in 24 hours of doing nothing! The American taxpayers cannot get screwed this much any longer. It’s bad enough making Ukraine billionaires, but now Russians too, WTF?
    I don’t know what’s worse. Ukraine billionaires, Russian billionaires, or $3.8 billion Beijing Biden crime family billionaires. Heck, even the grandkid’s? You tell me. This is worse than the mob robbing our pension funds, or the inflation coming from all this money printing extravaganzas…

  97. Charles Colegrove

    Greg; Just how many people in America are expected to die from taking the shots?

  98. Lada Aston Holden

    JFK’s Most Amazing Speech On Peace
    The Jimmy Dore Show 25,782 views Jun 26, 2023
    On June 10, 1963 President John F. Kennedy delivered the commencement address at American University, and it was nothing short of revolutionary. JFK spoke on the theme of world peace and an end to the kind of devastating, crippling wars that had plagued the first half of the 20th century as well as the threat of nuclear annihilation that hung over the ongoing Cold War.
    Jimmy and Stef discuss how amazing it sounds to hear a President talking about the possibility of global peace not predicated on American domination but on mutual understanding, negotiation and compassion.

    This is Ukraine’s last gasp and Putin has a BIG decision to make | Redacted with Clayton Morris 55,611 views Streamed live 2 hours ago
    The New York Times reports that Ukraine failed to take advantage of the political chaos in Russia this weekend. They couldn’t mount so much as a raid on an artillery battery while Putin was dealing with a so-called “coup”. Now Putin has a big decision to make either continue to slow grind down Ukraine’s final defenses or unleash a massive invasion with the full weight of the Russian army. It seems sentiment leans towards the second option. YOU CAN JUMP TO THE 30:30 MARK

  99. L.H.

    his is Ukraine’s last gasp and Putin has a BIG decision to make….
    Forgot to mention Col. McGregor is first guest and Dr. McCullough

  100. Harry Conique

    dont’ forget on guns Trump bent over backwards and adopted red-flag laws and banned other gun accessories (e.g., bumpstocks). Trump is also continues to be for the deadly vax which is gonna kill more than 1 billion people.

    RFK jr hates vaccines. Why is he not talked about on USAWD? … Because he is Catholic.

    • Greg Hunter

      While I like RFK Jr. he did endorse Hillary and is against the 2nd.

      • Drew

        Trump endorsed Hillary in the past too. He was very chummy with the evil Clintons.

        He even said America owes her gratitude for all her years of ‘public service’.

        Trump was worse on guns than Obama and even criticized him for being ‘too soft’ on guns.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Drew. Good point on Hillary. Where did Trump say Obama was “too soft” on guns? Trump put pro 2nd Amendment judges on the bench including the Supreme Court.

    • Justn Observer

      Harry, Anyone can say anything to get elected…but as we know very few have ever bucked ‘the establishment’ including Abe, JFK, RFK, and DJT without paying a price.

      As for Trump, we do know what Karen Kingston did say about the contracts for the injections… We also can assume he likely was unaware of the patents, and DARPA, DOD bio-weapons projects that went on for decades before he ran for President…and likely like most never expected the U.S. gov’t to be AS EVIL as to what was really in play. and might have expected his ‘establishment appointments and V.P. would have and wouild apprise him when elected…BUT…we also know some bragged about taking things off his desk and working behind his back against many of his plans.
      That all said….maybe people could/should reconcile other information about DJT….for a wider view of him…and of those who was trying to expose and drain from the swamp… Sure a lot more to know that few people BOTHER to research….and certainly much the MSM and FOX and LLM never report…which some in alt media touched on years ago….which was called BS and conspiricy theory !
      Try these for example…from a man will versed in especially BLACK history and what the Black people discuss and know that many others do not… People might try to get a haircut in a black barber shop some time…? But here from Judge Brown as to whether Trump is a ‘racist’ and some other commentary =

  101. Marie Joy

    Putin has been embarrassed by the Wagner group. He will have to take serious action.
    I’m worried.

  102. FBI Is Done?

    Biden JUST Made a HUGE MISTAKE | Col. Tony Shaffer
    Stephen Gardner 35K views 3 hours ago
    Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer goes over the hard realities of the Russia Ukraine war. Colonel Shaffer breaks down what is happening in the Russia Ukraine war with Zelenskyy and Putin. We also talk about Troops in Syria and pushing back on Russian aggression.

  103. Thomas Argyle

    The Strange Russian Weapon Capturated by Ukrainian Forces
    Dark Footage 7,194 views Jun 26, 2023
    In early 2023, the Ukrainian Air Force released footage of a downed Kh-101 Russian cruise missile.
    The projectile was developed a few years before the collapse of the Soviet Union and has been deployed in several modern conflicts, including the invasion of Ukraine.
    The Ukrainian military has gotten better at intercepting the stealthy weapons because, even with an imposed sanction against it, Russia has managed to continue manufacturing an increasing number of them.
    However, upon closely examining one particular Kh-101 in February, the Ukrainians discovered that it was unlike any they had encountered before…

    • F.Gunther

      Tom, Youtube link;
      The Strange Russian Weapon Captured by Ukrainian Forces
      Dark Footage 7,194 views Jun 26, 2023
      A picture is worth a thousand words, a youtube video inestimable!

  104. TWavers

    Ukraine will claw back some of their territory and the war will end in an uneasy stalemate or truce. Putin will be weakened, but not be deposed. Instead, he will tighten the noose of state repression to prolong his hold on power.

    Russia’s oil-based economy will decline as it will be further starved of much needed foreign capital investment.

    Sooner or later, the people will realize their support of the authoritarian and kleptocratic regime was a great folly.

    Meanwhile, the super wealthy and loyal plutocrats are uneasy and Putin is watching his back.

    The exodus to get out of the country will continue. Over half-a-million people have exited in the last ten months and more will follow. Russian mothers don’t want their sons to go into the meat-grinder because of the regime’s folly of russification.

    Russia will become a pariah state should it continues down the destructive path of its own making.

    • Greg Hunter

      No way. Russia is not going to give up one inch. NATO started this whole mess and broke every agreement it signed with Russia.


      • Tim K



      • T

        Thanks Greg.
        Men of goodwill can disagree!
        NATO did not invade Ukraine nor did it agree that Russia had the right to invade.
        As bad as US government is, Russia is a repressive, plutocratic state where criticisms of the regime are prohibited under the guise of national security.

        • Greg Hunter

          Listen “T,” We (USA) broke the agreement we had with Russia (1991). We broke the Minsk agreement (2015). We had more than (Came out in Senate testimony with Nuland) 2 dozen bioweapons labs in Ukraine, many were on the Russian border. (Yet another arms treaty we BROKE.) The USA has been shoving arms and NATO training into Ukraine since neocon Victoria Nuland had a coup and kicked out the duly elected government in 2014. This was so the USA could install a puppet governments. We came in on the side of the Ukraine Nazis in this tar-Baby of a war!!!!!!! This is just off the top of my head. So, spare me and everyone else the propaganda and the lies. As bad as the US Government is– Russia is worse???? Are you sure about that? You think 2020 election was won by a guy who campaigned from his basement? Did you not see the frame job the FBI and the DOJ did on J6?????!!!!!! You think 9/11 was done by some guys living in caves? You think Kennedy (JFK) and Kennedy (RFK) were done by one guy??? Stop the stupid “T” which I think stands for troll. Post with a real name. Your stupid comments might mean more. Go away, you are not watching FOX or CNN!!

    • Justn Observer

      TW, have you not listened to Martin Armstong and Scott Ritter …and yes, certainly NO MOTHERS want anyone to go into a meat grinder DA !
      Russia’s oil base will NOT go away any time soon…as the need for that energy will NOT be replaced by solar or wind anytime soon. In fact, the resources to make solar and EV are in short supply or they would not be spending billions on new hydro dams in the equatorial belt around the world… Small reactors will be my guess to hook into the grids to replace the ‘green’ renewables once the population is more WILLING to allow to go nuclear because of energy shortages sufficient to meet the needs…caused by their push for mass transit, elevated highspeed trains AND Biden’s bridge across the ocean! lol
      They are not spending billions on pipelines and the covert military used to protect them…only to discard the use of oil ! That said, North America and Canada are predominately above the 20 N latitude… as is most of South America and South Africa. Australia, New Zealand… so IF people are concerned about the DEAGLE map….one might PIN the nations expected to LOSE populations, and those that GAIN ….and one might see that the above and below the 20 latitudes diminish as those between are expected to increase…
      By the way for the biblical views….the EUPHRATES RIVER all but dried up…and imagine….a new dam funded and planned in ETHOPHIA is filling nicely just in time for the global shift of the polar flows of the Grand Solar Minimum.. Wonder how ‘they’ knew to fund and invest in building a dam in the desert there so far in advance…JUST a hunch right?
      more – goto you tube = type in
      Those events are surely going to stir up something soon….

  105. J. Edgard Blowhard

    Yes, Dominion Voting Machines ARE Vulnerable To Vote Switching! – New Report / The Jimmy Dore Show 121,392 views Jun 25, 2023
    After being kept under wraps for two years, a report on the Dominion voting machines in Georgia has been released, and the study’s author is now sounding a warning about how easily and in how many different ways these machines can be hacked. But Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says nothing will be done to correct the bugs until after the 2024 election.
    Use promo code Jimmy to get 15% from a one-time purchase or 10% off a subscription. promo code “Jimmy”

  106. Hindi Cindy

    Government’s bias and corruption displayed in Hunter Biden case: Miranda Devine
    Fox News 3,149 views Jun 26, 2023 DID YOU MISS IT DOWN UNDER THE RADAR
    Fox News contributor Miranda Devine and former Trump advisor Stephen Miller join ‘Hannity’ and argue that the Department of Justice meddle in elections.

  107. Slow Poker

    Pants on fire liar in chief? Flash From the State of the Deep State of the dis-union just past?
    SPECIAL REPORT: Joe Biden’s ‘outright lies’ and the media that ‘loved it’
    Sky News Australia 575,253 views Feb 9, 2023
    With polls showing the U.S. President is losing support and as cost-of-living causes chaos across the country, Joe Biden is governing a State of Dis-Union.

    Douglas Murray slams ‘holy and most ancient’ month of Pride
    Sky News Australia 161K views 3 days ago
    Author Douglas Murray says a 13-year-old student has had to argue with a teacher who was “much stupider” than her about people identifying as cats.
    Douglas Murray slams ‘holy and most ancient’ month of Pride
    Sky News Australia
    They’re fighting like cats and dog’s!

  108. Marie Joy

    My daughter is pro bioweapon and is telling me she is going to”do something” if I don’t fall in line. I’m 75 and, after 70, Americans have no rights. I expect this will get nasty.

  109. Cindy Hinde

    Huckabee on TBN 84,889 views Premiered Jun 24, 2023
    On Huckabee, Congressman Pat Fallon delves into the mounting evidence against Joe Biden and the payments he received from foreign governments. John Solomon, of Just the News, is an award-winning investigative journalist, author and digital media entrepreneur. He was given access to the Jan. 6th tapes by Kevin McCarthy and he’s taking a hard look at America’s two-tiered system of justice. Grammy-nominated recording artist, Sheila Walsh, speaks about her first trip to Israel. Becky Isaacs Bowman and Rich Natole provide the entertainment in this not-to-be-missed lineup on Huckabee!

  110. Donkey Hoetee

    Jimmy recalls covering these illegal transactions when they were happening and wonders why Clinton and her team have remained free from prosecution.

    American campaign finance laws are notoriously porous, but there remain certain rules in place that cannot be broken without running afoul of the law. The Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 appears to have clearly violated these rules, in particular using state Democratic parties to accept large donations which were then turned over to the DNC, which was run by Clinton operatives.
    Hillary’s $84 Million Money Laundering Scam EXPOSED!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 148,319 views Jun 23, 2023

  111. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    Neil Oliver, one time features presenter for the BBC, concludes that the UK government (including ‘pretend’ opposition Members of Parliament) are no better than a criminal mafia . . .

    And so say all of us!

  112. Judy Rossbach

    Dr. Eads, Thank you so much for educating all of us. I would like to purchase Clean Slate from The Root Brands. They need a referral code to complete my purchase. Do you have one with them? Thanks, again.

  113. HermanBoring

    White washing of white supremacists in the Ukr.

  114. H. L. Haldiman

    UK’s Economic Collapse – People Losing Homes, Recession Is Next
    Sean Foo 11,584 views Jun 27, 2023
    The UK economy is in serious trouble as inflation proves to be stickier than ever. This inflation crisis will force the Bank of England to hike rates even further beyond 5 percent! This will cause major pain in the UK mortgage market as millions of refinancings are coming. Here’s why the UK is likely going to fall into recession and why the cause will likely be higher interest rates. Here’s what you must know!
    MOVE TO RUSSIA, LOL? Stay home, if of military age though. Better to move to Canada, don’t ferget yer coat, either place. Because it’s cold in them Thar hills, billy… Bob. Better yet, North To Alaska! Biggest state in the Union! Empty Place.

    Inside the new China threat: Could there be another Cuban Missile Crisis?
    Sky News Australia Download 18,555 views Jun 22, 2023
    A dramatic escalation in diplomatic tensions as the Wall Street Journal reveals the growing presence of China in Cuba and don’t forget the Darian Gap mule train to ElPaso, too!
    The increased ties between China and Cuba has led to concerns that Chinese troops could be placed on America’s doorstep, after a short swim and in Alaska don’t forget the Russki’s are only 2 1/2 miles away, a short walk on the ice in winter!
    Sky News Digital Originals exposes the growing threat the United States is facing from China.

    Cuba should ‘pay a price’ for housing a Chinese military facility: Gen. Jack Keane

    Douglas Macgregor: Russian Rebellion & the Ukraine War | Prigozhin breaks his silence
    GoTranscript Test 4.1K views 58 minutes ago

  115. Cytek

    Mortality Monitoring for the United States of America – and we can’t find workers.

  116. Yock

    This cancer rate increase is just horrendous. Of course this will all be blamed on delayed cancer screening. Plausible deniability was always built into this shot program.

  117. Justn Observer

    Greg, ANOTHER new vaccine being pushed out by WHO?

    Malaria can be treated when it’s diagnosed early enough, and a vaccine is now available.

    More than a dozen vaccine candidates are now in clinical development, and one, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals’ RTS, S/AS01, completed Phase III clinical testing, and on October 6, 2021, following a large-scale pilot implementation, became the first malaria vaccine to receive a WHO recommendation for widespread use among children living in areas of moderate to high malaria transmission.

    Gates-Funded World Mosquito Program Engages in Gain-of-Function Research – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

    For Dr. Eads, what say you = ivermectin treats malaria ?
    Don’t think I’ll be rushing out to get that vaccine eh… hope Dr. Eads, and your other great doctors you interview can bring some light to this vaccine and WHAT is in it. Maybe Ms Kingston has some papers on that?

    Time to stock up on some Quinine Sulfide just in case?

    • Elizabeth Eads

      HCQ and ivermectin will treat that as well

  118. Rich Rozmarn

    Greg check this out. Dr Arne Burkhardt Confirms Sperm Has Been Almost Entirely Replaced By Spike Proteins.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Greg and I discussed that off air

  119. E.F.Goldman

    The ingenious criminal mind’s, of the $3.8 Billion Beijing Biden mob family!
    Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive, VOTER FRAUD organization in American history.” Since boss Obomber!
    Tweet Conversation Byron York @ByronYork
    So how did Hunter Biden’s Burisma tax evasion scheme actually work? IRS whistleblower explains: Ukrainians gave Hunter money. Hunter then gave it to Chinese company. Chinese company then ‘loaned’ the money to Hunter. Bingo! No income to tax!

  120. E.F.G.

    Coup Conspiracy Case Will Get Them All – Kevin Shipp
    By Greg Hunter On May 6, 2020 In Political Analysis 186 Comments
    He’s the man, the man with the Midas touch. A spider’s touch.
    Such a cold touch beckons you to enter his web of sin.
    But don’t go in. Golden words he will pour in your ear
    But his lies can’t disguise what you fear. For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her, it’s the kiss of death. Pretty girl, beware of this heart of gold. This heart is cold. Golden words he will pour in your ear, But his lies can’t disguise what you fear,
    for a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her.It’s the kiss of death. Pretty girl, beware of this heart of gold, this heart is cold, he loves only gold, only gold. He loves gold and his son loves it even more!
    The Bible does not say that money, [the power it gives] is evil, nor does it identify money as the underlying cause of all bad things. The common expression “money is the root of all evil” is an incomplete and misleading Bible quotation. The Bible actually says that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” —1 Timothy 6:10, King James Version
    Coup Conspiracy Case Will Get Them All – Kevin Shipp

  121. Marie Joy

    Bill Gates said, with a smile, “The next one will get their attention.” I expect that plandemic and the bioweapon that comes with it will come this winter.

  122. Elizabeth Eads

  123. Prospector

    Dr. Eads can you please suggest some reference material on – mRNA in Novocaine , Lidocaine ? Something we can show our friends and the dentist ?
    What name / brand of Gel is safe ?

    Does it go by a different brand name ? Is packaging otherwise marked ? Is this done completely without patients CONSENT ?

    Need work done , glad to have waited now – Thank You & Greg soooo much.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Mike Adams has analyzed injectables

  124. Shae N

    Hello again…

    I went to the website link you provided and still get the following at checkout:

    Coupon “dmg” does not exist!

  125. Prydderch Jones

    Great upload and Betsy is amazing! Don’t shout but I suggest there is NO spike protein and the injections are pure poison junk from the get-go. Best from Wales.

  126. Elizabeth Eads

    In 2023, it’s estimated among women in the U.S. there will be [151]:

    297,790 new cases of invasive breast cancer (This includes new cases of primary breast cancer, but not breast cancer recurrences.)
    55,720 new cases of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), a non-invasive breast cancer
    43,170 breast cancer deaths

  127. Elizabeth Eads

    Just to clarify the 2023 breast cancer numbers are
    Estimated based on what’s been reported in quarter 1
    The numbers for women have exploded!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Your friends do not know what they are talking about. Eads got it right your friends did not. They don’t know how to read the data.

  128. George

    I feel like i should think critically of everyone nowadays, even the people i feel i should trust. I am from the uk and have not seen any report, other than Deagel, that predicts 77 mortality by 2025. What i am seeing in the uk is reduced activity. The country feels quieter.
    One way we can guess excess mortality is to do our own calculation. Before the plandemic the Uk mortality was running at about 1% of the population. Considering that the average person knows about 200 people then i should have been seeing about two deaths per years. This was true until last year which i saw 5 deaths. This year i have had no deaths so far, but i know of terminal cases and think there could be another 5 deaths this year. If this holds true for the entire population then excess mortality per annum in the Uk is 1 million.
    On the year 2025. I think 2025 is the sucker punch year. It will come and go and no big die-off, then soon after we will get a new plandemic and mandated jabs. Some will be lulled into a false sense of security from no die-off and this will be a massive mistake. Going off what fauci implied in 1999, that a vaccine could come along and kill 10 years later i predict the years of death to be 2032/33. 33 being one of their sacred numbers.
    Over the next decade i expect the powerful people to try numerous ways to kill us. One way i expect later on is them using AI to predict future criminals. The future criminals will all be the unvaccinated, and the greater population will be used to hunt them down. They will be told that these people are going to commit the vilest of crimes, so as to whip up emotion and anger which will result in carnage.
    I now view this as an obstacle course to be overcome. The more i understand their plans the more prepared i will be.

  129. sk

    To Anita- you do not take aspirin, but you do take white willow bark? Aspirin is acetyl salicylate, and the pain ameliorating chemical in white willow bark is acetyl salicylate. You are taking the same substance, different concentrations most likely. Check it out.

  130. Laurie Rexrode

    I was terminated from my work-from-home job in Nov. of 2021 for not getting vaccinated after my religious accommodation was denied. Since I have filed with the EEOC, was given a right to sue and have filed a federal lawsuit against my former employer in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas.

    I have exhausted almost all of my savings, sold my home, and cashed in my 401K, as described by Greg on a recent podcast, cash burn, trying to start my own business. It has been slow going to say the least as I have spent my life and career in education with zero business background.

    If anyone needs embroidery work done please let me know. I would appreciate any work I can get to earn funds to continue this fight.

    [email protected]

  131. John Taylor

    Have three people close to me that have been recently diagnosed. All were jabbed One had prostrate cancer, another testicular cancer and the third (funeral yesterday) from stomach cancer. Coincidence!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your street level reporting. None of this is making the LLM! Thanks for your reporting even though the news is sad. We need the truth and not the lies.

  132. C Whewell

    If you want to cool your apartment, just open up the refrigerator and blow a fan into it. hahahahhaha Ms. Eads evidently never heard of Payton Roux 1969 Nobel Prize subject matter…. elementary my dear, but, she needs a better Editor. :))

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