Catastrophic Borrowing Kills Global Financial System – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Analyst and financial writer John Rubino says this time, the so-called debt ceiling fight could end in a systemic failure.  Rubino points out, “In a well-run society, the debt limit would be zero.  Governments should not borrow money in the first place.  The amount of money we are borrowing is catastrophic.  Historians are going to look back at this era, and they are just going to wonder why we allowed it to happen and what were we thinking.  We are destroying the global financial system by allowing governments to borrow this much money.  The debt limit thing is being called a crisis, and if they let it go too far, it will be a crisis. . . . I think this game of chicken will end in the not-too-distant future, and if it doesn’t, they have an ulterior motive.  They want to crash the economy because that achieves something for them.  We can speculate about this.  The party in power wants to crash the economy, and that is a very dark scenario. . . . They are willing to burn down the world around them to get what they want.  Look at Russia-gate and the contents of the Durham Report. The Democrats are willing to do stuff like that. . . . I would not put it past the Democrats to plan and implement it if they think it benefits them.”

The economy is already doing bad and getting ready to tumble.  So, why not tank it with a debt ceiling impasse and blame it on the Republicans?  Some speculate that is the Dem plan because the Obama/Biden economy is going down anyway.

If the economy sinks low enough, how much money will the Fed print to bail it out. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is already warning there is going to be more bank consolidation.  In other words, more banks will be going under.  Rubino says that is a huge worry and explains, “The dark part of this scenario is the government has to step in and bail out those little banks.  Let’s say it’s a couple of trillion dollars . . . to them, it’s play money . . .but what if the markets look at that and say what happens if all the other sectors blow up and the government has to come up with $10 trillion or $15 trillion?  What does that do to the dollar?  Then you go from a banking crisis to a currency crisis, which is almost impossible to contain.  I think it is completely possible that we go to that next stage.”

There is much more in the 38-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer John Rubino and his new enterprise called for 5.20.23.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Revelation 6:6
    And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

    Interesting link below hosted by Martin North about the Housing and Population Ponzi here in Australia.

  2. jon

    Hi Greg, There seems to be multiple objectives at any given Government Failure. The Biden and Neocons are clearly going to have another Afghanistan cut and run situation in Ukraine. They can leverage any Debt Ceiling fallout and blame it for any Ukraine failure.

    • Michael Lee Shirey

      When this was written a penny was a days wage! Finance is one of the 4 Horns of Daniel in the Political (also a Horn) Beast System. Kenites hold the money purse.

  3. Justn Observer


    How will the MSM/LLM/G7 spin this news?
    With the ‘border invasion’ running local cities and gov’t in the red, and the banks as you and Rubino say, are collapsing…what a great time for ANOTHER endless war the U.S. can ill-afford as it faces bankruptcy.?

    • Rick

      “Fortress Bakhmut” falls – seizing the city should allow Russia to press its offensive farther into the Donetsk region and finally put an end this insane war instigated by greedy criminals in the US to fill their pockets with tax free cash!!

    • Coal Burner

      Imagine , if they get lucky and knock down some of our F-22’s flown by beginners!

      • Mimi

        At how many millions per plane?

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rubino.
    If the USA elites decides to self destruct taking the people of the USA with them we outside the USA are really stuffed.

    • Karen

      The United States Corporation is a fraud and they are in debt. The united States of American republic does not owe this debt and this is we the people. Confirm this at


    Fiat Money Inflation In France by Andrew Dickson White. A must read. Explains it all. Why the politicians choose money printing, and the horrible consequences it has for a nation and its people. Yes it happened over 200 years ago, but the same results as Weimer Germany. Sorry, it can’t be stopped, it just has to run it’s course. Society won’t recover for along time. Prepare the best you can, your family depends on you. Fourth turnings are rough.

    • Faith

      Remember the Assignat?

      Assignats were paper money (fiat currency) issued by the Constituent Assembly in France from 1789 to 1796, during the French Revolution, to address imminent bankruptcy. They were backed by the value of properties now held by the nation; those of the crown taken over on 7th October, and those of the Catholic Church, which were confiscated, on the motion of Mirabeau, by the Assembly on 2 November 1789. Credit was wrecked, according to Talleyrand; for Mirabeau “the deficit was the treasure of the nation”. In September the treasury was empty.[1]

    • Lorenzo

      👍 This book is the blueprint for what they are doing, and do from time to time.

  6. watcher on the wall on bitchute , friend of the king on rumble

    when you have george soros who has had a life long wet dream of destroying the USA , influencing people like obumma , a muslim who hates christians and wants to destroy the usa , clintons, , pence ,shumers , all these people want to kill the country , why in the world would anyone think this is by accident , oh come on , wake up stupid , and they didnt know what they were doing , its premeditated treasonous conspiracy , they all need to hang including all wef members and from the president down through all military leaders , FBI , CIA , judicial people, news medias , doctors, police chiefs, blm people , lgbt crap the educators , hang the whole dam cursed works of them , and play by their own rules , not innocent till proven guilty , NO !!! guilty until proven innocent its all premeditated , treasonous conspiracy worthy of death ….we the people will judge them cause the judges are the first to hang here for not enforcing justice . Other wise we are proving to the world and the globalist that we really are a bunch of stupid ignorant dumb ass red necks that they think we are and its confirmed by our lack of action that we are .. Screw this stupid think of ” oh… gee…. maybe its by accident ” … ” we forgive you ” freekin psychopathic sociopaths communists .. hang the bastards , hang em all publicly so it will NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN set a strong example for a thousand generations to come

  7. Poochiwoo

    As usual, thank you for your relentless commitment to supporting this country with your wonderful warmness and your great guests. In my public commenting, I tend to be more pessimistic simply because I do not have access to concrete intel. So I comment on what I see. . That said, I believe much of Wstreet and huge corporations simply make most of their money from printing trillions. Without it, the empire collapses. They can keep printing for many years as long as about 40% believes life is good. The likely run secret books and delete their own debts. The system can operate for a long time because free money printing keeps the administrative / buffer class happy while the rest experience more and more hardship. I think collapse will take about 6 to 18 years. Depending on how fast the US dollar is rebuked worldwide.

    • Lorenzo

      I really hope it doesn’t take that long. I am sick (literally) and tired or seeing evil prosper

  8. Scott

    Remember these lefties believe the best economy the US ever had was during WW2. They see a return to a war footing complete with Ration cards for everything as a great idea.

  9. James Quagraine

    I expect people will resort to cannibalism.

  10. Rick

    The Fed wants to crash and destroy the global financial system as they have an ulterior motive – “my gracious” the Fed now says: We printed so much money out of thin air to give to Ukraine, Biden, the Banksters, the Military/Industrial/Media Complex, etc., etc. – that we now have Massive Inflation (and a budget crisis) – oh my oh my – so “the innocent” Fed is simply forced to raise interest rates to fight the massive inflation all their printed money created (even if it results in the collapse of hundreds of banks and creates bank runs) – what can we do says the Fed “to save the world from our folly”? – well – some evil genius at the Fed has come up with a diabolical solution (CBDC’s ) – whereby the Banksters can tell the world that with their CBDC’s “There Can Never Be Another Bank Run” (because it is impossible for people to run to the bank and withdraw “an electronic blip out of a computer”) – and so – with CBDC’s the evil Fed Banksters are saved (from good people trying to withdraw money from their savings accounts before it becomes completely worthless) – and with CBDC’s the Banksters “will be totally free to Hyper-Inflate their new digital money” to cover all the trillions in outstanding derivative debts they have accumulated over the years – plus – have all the digital money they need for say: 1) The reconstruction of Ukraine, or 2) All the money they will need to build additional weapons stockpiles (necessary to start a new war with China), etc., etc. – in the End – any digital money ordinary people have in banks (that can’t ever be taken out in cash) – will simply be “completely worthless electronic digits” – and “we will own nothing” (just as Klaus Schwab has said)!!!

    • Rick

      Good News – A Texas House committee recently passed a bill to create 100% reserve gold and silver-backed transaction currency – once enacted it would create an option for people to conduct business in sound money and undermine the Fed’s evil CBDC scheme – in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has already signed legislation to ban any federally adopted Central Bank Digital Currency – we need many more States to join in – Call Your Congressmen!!!

      • Sam

        “Call Your Congressmen!!!”……..You mean the CORRUPT one ?….or the very few that we don’t know about?

        • Rick

          Sam – Especially seek out and call “all the corrupt Congressmen you know” – for “they most of all” – would not want to see all their ill gotten stolen, thieved and under the table bribe money’s “made worthless”!!

    • Richard Longacre

      Rick, you nailed it. I’m telling people to never bow down and comply with their total life control and tracking CBDC system. Run away like your life and eternal soul are at risk,which I believe they are, and this is the Biblical Mark of the Beast system. Don’t worry, the “mandatory or else” part will come soon enough.

  11. Mat G

    Brent Johnson: I’ve said many times that we will ultimately get into a scenario where gold, the dollar, and probably US equities are all rallying together. And then in the final stages, the dollar will fall and gold will be the winner. But I think that’s a long way off…

  12. Art Simpson

    Spot on.

  13. Trinacria

    To Anthony: with your regard the other day that Putin is tied to the World Econ Forum, do you really believe that? It seems that he has severed those ties given all that has happened. From a recent article by Traditional Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’ who is essentially blowing the whistle on Globalist Pope Francis (and I am a cradle Catholic) and the New World order: ” Recent events have shown us that the materialist atheism that devastated the Russian Empire and the world since 1917 — as the Most Blessed Virgin Mary announced at Fatima — has today joined liberalism in the globalist ideology which underlies the delirious project of the New World Order. An infernal project, as President Vladimir Putin rightly pointed out in a recent speech, in which hatred for Christian civilization wants to create a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elite. A dystopian society, without past and without future, without faith and without ideals, without culture and without art, without fathers and mothers, without family and spirituality, without teachers and spiritual guides, without either respect for the elderly or hopes for our children. I would love to hear your thoughts or those of anyone else. Thank you.

    • Anthony Australia

      Trinacria, yes I still do. Beware and remember Satin’s deception.

      • Mat G


        Does Russia still play a role in the message of Fatima even though the Iron Curtain has come down…?

        It does, it does… the message of Fatima still stands… the errors of Russia are now abroad, and they are abroad… Russia will be converted by my Immaculate Heart she said… It will be, she said it… but a bit late, but not too late…

        So, Russia is still within the plan.

        …That would take me too far afield into Papal Secrets.

        …Why Russia and Kiev are involved in the final solution to this problem, but they are.

    • Anthony Australia


      Trinacria, yes I still do. Beware and remember Satan’s deception.

    • Coal Burner

      Trinacria, I happen to believe you could be on the right track. No one dare say Putin is a nice guy but he has shown more Christianity in the last fifteen years than Obama, Biden or Trump haters. Sure, I cannot tell if it is a ruse either but we all know God works in mysterious ways. Maybe Putin doesn’t even know it yet. Maybe God is setting up Russia to carry his banner forward when Christians are being crucified in the USA. If WEF and Obama gets their way that will be life here in fifteen years. Remember, we will eat bugs and live in God forsaken 15 minute cities in 2030. I guess they are planning to get rid of the rifraf in the cities, that would not be the criminals but the Christians.

    • Ray

      Hi Trincaria,
      It’s an interesting discussion.
      I for one lean toward supporting Putin’s stand.
      In a recent speech to the Russian people, he asked if they really wanted to see their country go down the path of the US……with LGBTQ madness and children being read stories by drag queens?
      In that much at least, he makes a good point.
      There are also the readings of Edgar Cayce, where he points out, “The hope of the world rises from within Russia”.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  14. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thank you for a great interview with John Rubino. His assessment of the risk posed by small to medium size banks, and by financial derivatives, runs counter to some commentators on USAW who would have us believe that the FDIC will take care of everyone and that the risk posed by financial derivatives is vastly overstated. The ideology that is ‘The Great Reset’ needs to collapse the current system in order to coerce a depressed and defeated populace to accept the (otherwise) unacceptable, totalitarian ‘New World Order’.

    One suggestion JB makes with which I have some concern, is to invest in stocks of (good quality) gold and uranium miners. My concern is, how do you trust in the honesty of a stock market in a ‘lawless’ society? A two-tier society where those in power are untouchable and ‘we the people’ are denied justice. I retain a small percentage of my capital in precious metal mining stocks and I constantly wonder:
    1/ Do I really own shares in these companies? How come you can purchase virtually any volume of shares in any company at any time? Who are the counter-party sellers? How come there are ALWAYS sellers to match your purchases? Even when a stock is in the ascendant, there appear to be willing sellers. How come? My guess is that there are far more ‘virtual’ shares in circulation than actual shares in issue. The difference is part of the bogus financial derivatives market.
    2/. If in future, currency is backed by gold, gold miners will be de facto creators of money. If so, will TPTB nationalise gold mining companies and will they pay existing shareholders an equitable price? Nothing ‘they’ do looks equitable!
    I don’t know the answer to these questions, I only know that there is more risk associated with stocks than with assets you physically own.

    • Gerry

      I agree with Mr. Rubino in almost all that he has said, except for this. I was in a meeting once with liberal teachers and they, at the time were anti war. They tried to get me to agree that all war is evil, it isn’t. And I fought back. I said to a physics,math teacher: what would you do if you were in cechoslovakia in 1941 when German tanks rolled down your street? He said to me that he would go out and stand in front of the tank. I lost my respect for teachers that day, and I am one. I lost my respect for doctors over the jabs. In fact I have lost my respect for educated people who refuse or or can’t see what we are witnessing. Paul talks about a time in 2 these. 2, where a blindness will overcome people so that truth and error are flipped. Black is white and white is black., men are women and women are men, abortion is murder and women’s lives are sacrosanct, Sodomy is normal and heterosexual is privileged. What we face has never happened before. The people in all institutions who control us are evil in their intent. The macro picture is extremely alarming, whereas the micro as Mr. Rubino states is temporarily insulating. It won’t last. As the Tojans found out, I don’t trust Greeks bearing their gifts. Governments like the Trojan horse, hand out money always with intent, and most people accept the gift. It isn’t the gift necessarily that is the problem but the surrender of the mind to the system. These people are not going to leave us alone. The macro will invade the micro in the very same way they did with the forced jabs. I too, like Mr. Rubino live beneathe the the macro evil, and teach my children and anyone who will listen re the police state encumbering us, but for how long will the “tanks” start rumbling down my street, because they are coming!

    • Takuto

      1. I think it was Dr. Jim Willie who told us years ago from a whistleblower that exactly this happens since many years now. How else could discount brokers survive? At least they have to lease your stocks out, but they do this multiple times or even just do not buy your stocks, but only book them in.
      2. For this, you only can search for “secure” jurisdictions, but as Sprott said, what is secure, e.g. Canada is not! And diversify.
      In summa, one probably should only use a portion of his money for stocks, and put more and more into real things, which is PMs.

  15. Mat G

    Side-note or post-script, for those interested in how the vaccination story is going: A close friend went into the CVS pharmacy looking for a “get well soon” card. There were none. A clerk on-hand right there in the aisle said, “we can’t keep them in stock.” No “sympathy” cards either. Draw your conclusions.

    • Prospector

      Mat , the people EVERYWHERE are starting to really ” get it .” No matter their politics, they are saying – No More Vaxx for us !

      I’ll be sharing clips from this heart-wrenching documentary later today.
      Please follow (@Vigilantfox), hit the bell, and share these stories as they roll out.
      Governments can only ignore the vax-injured for as long as the masses don’t know they exist.
      The Unseen Crisis is a feature-length documentary that provides an intimate, uncensored look into the lives of those who live with the debilitating after-effects of the COVID-19 vaccines.

      This is a documentary about people, not politics.

      The patients in the documentary suffered severe reactions to the shot and their health spiraled out of control.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Mat,
      Interesting, if depressing, analysis by James Howard Kunstler – thanks for the link.

  16. Marie Joy

    We will be lucky if it’s only a recession. A depression with millions of deaths from famine/starvation and freezing to death is a real possibility.
    It is the nature of people that we walk quietly into our own genocide.
    We are past the point where peaceful change is possible.
    Backyard holes.
    Treason pays well.
    Au, Ag, Pb
    CAF says we should have enough gold to pay the border guards.
    Farmlard’Farming and enough to pay your taxes.
    Find out if your town accepts gold and silver to pay your taxes.
    Rise up or bend over.

    • Rick

      Why pay taxes with precious Gold??? – Keep the Gold and give the Town Government worthless fiat paper or worthless digital currency – as Jesus effectively said: “Give unto the Government that which is created by them (fiat paper and CBDC’s) and unto God (and God’s grandchildren) the things that are God’s (Gold)”!!!

  17. Dylan C.

    Bank consolidation is a significant occurrence for this decade.
    The more centralized banking becomes, the more power they can exert over the populace.
    I suspect that once the system becomes sufficiently centralized, then they will roll out the CBDC.
    Bye-bye dollar, hello Fedcoin.
    All transactions will be monitored. I suspect they are already, which is why we should use cash whenever possible. But once the Fedcoin is rolled out, they won’t have to hide it. Sorry, can’t buy that gun, it’s against the rules.

    • Richard Longacre

      Sure sounds like the MOTB system to me. Can’t buy or sell without bowing down and complying to their demands. Say or post the wrong thing and you’re cut off. Already bought a pound of meat this week and ” no meat for you”.

      Gun and ammunition manufacturers will be shut down because those purchases will not be allowed. They don’t even need to pass any gun laws, just ban their purchase or transfer. Confiscation of guns and ammo will be done by armed IRS agents after you refused to pay your $1,000 per gun and $200 per magazine annual tax. Getting the picture yet?

  18. Toni Geren

    My father was not only a fiscal budget officer in the military after WWII but also for 25 years was an accountant for Ohio Oil, later Marathon oil. He was the smartest person in economy and taught me well. I have been a business owner since the age of 21 in 1975 and still own a business as well as several rental properties. What he taught me from day one is you can’t borrow yourself out of debt. You also can’t Print your way out of debt. I have never made a credit card purchase i couldn’t pay off when the bill came. I never bought a rental i couldn’t pay outright for and I was at one point in my life, going thru a nasty divorce and trying to rebuild my life, I was almost one million in debt at age 50. I was debt free before 1en years had past. Still am and will stay that way. I worked 2 full time jobs for 20 years and for 5 of those years worked 5 part time jobs. Called doing what it takes. My grocery list was rice, beans, butter, milk and eggs. I learned to grow my own food, i have 32 chickens and I can, freeze, dry and store enough food to last me until the next garden season, including saving my own seeds. I never made anywhere near what most claim today but was blessed with knowledge on how to live within my means. My father was born (1915) pretty poor but saved every dime he could and when he died was a multi millionaire and never ripped off anyone to get there. He worked harder than anyone I have ever known. He was an accountant, farmed 3 farms, raised livestock, had a 300 tree apple orchard and a garden that could feed the county. He and my mother ran a produce stand for many years and a cider press that press thousands of gallons a year. He also built homes, was a carpenter (roll top desk and grandfather clocks) and remolded homes. I seldom see anyone today that isn’t on their phones, whining about a 30 hr. a week work schedule and willing to give up cable, the internet, smart phone or their credit cards ( which my father never EVER owned) to lower their monthly bills. Are times different now? You bet they are. We have drag queens destroying out future leaders. Killing our children is considered a choice. Garbage in the food chain killing people and they are to stupid to see it. And somehow we have convinced ourselves we are better off.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing, Toni!!

      • Michael Lee Shirey

        Deut. 12:20
        We are cursed by God by borowing money from other nations!

    • Neville

      Excellent comment.As we say in Church “As it was in the beginning ,is now and ever shall be ,World without END!!”
      What part of this can’t people get their heads around ,it worked for your dad and you have made a smart move by following in your dad’s footsteps.
      GOD BLESS you
      Greg thanks for the surprise last minute appearance of John Rubino.

    • Rick

      Toni – You more then most understand what economic freedom is – Jesus also knew (that the Moneylenders worked Against the Interests of Society as a whole and that Historically “they Always Destroy Civilization”) – Jesus also knew it was against human nature to be An Economic Slave to an Elite Few – where you work 24/7 to survive but must hand over a majority of your earnings to those in control (with their crafty interest rate and tax schemes) – we in America may have outlawed “Private Slave Ownership” – but with the Banksters CBDC’s we will simply replace it with “State Slave Ownership” (where the Banksters who are effectively in charge of the State “will own every person born in the country” and if their Central Bank Digital Currency goes worldwide they “will own everyone outside the country also”) – the Theory behind the “New CBDC Slavery” is you get what you need to survive “but only if you follow the Banksters Orders” (their Social Credit Score) – and just like African slaves (once freed from “PRIVATE OWNERSHIP”) – we now become “Slaves of the Banksters” (who now control our government) and with their CBDC’s we are bound up under “STATE OWNERSHIP” – in Direct Violation of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution!! – We Fought An American Civil War To Emancipate People From Slavery – and now are we going to allow those in control “TO REIMPOSE SLAVERY” upon the American People (With The Use Of Their Central Bank Digital Currency)???

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Well put.

    • Bradley

      Run for president and you got my vote.

  19. Wade Pool

    After BRICS, 10 ASEAN Countries Ditch The U.S. Dollar Vinod Dsouza May 19, 2023
    This is getting out of hand! Who the hell is in charge here? Somebody better step up to the plate and start sellecting! Before it’s to late and someone we don’t want, but know, unlike today. Will be calling the shots. Hows that for transparency, AngloAmerican world! Where’s Beto, and his skateboard? Butigheg and his new baby, someone? Nice puppets, but no omph pa pa.
    The west is in need of a super puppet!
    Gavin? Michelle? Whoopie? Austin Goulsby?
    Brian Austin Green! Come on, we need some help here, or it’s gonna be an un selected Trump and Putin calling the shots, folks. What if they get along? It’ll be coitins! There might even be world peace, Heaven forbide, especialy if the Chinese guy Xe shing Ping, wants to join in? It could be worse. Larry, Moe and Curly, come to mind. Soros, Obama Clapper?
    What about Brennan? He’s to honest. Evem an ounce of honesty disqualifies in this important position of shadow governance.
    Just get a better puppett, we can have a America got Puppet contest.
    Gavin will win! I can see the campaign button now, Gav’Wins!💸👌🌉🤙 YES SUPER DUPPER PUPPETTO! AUNT NANNIE WILL BE SO PROUD,

  20. john beasley

    I like John a lot. In this broadcast he seems to be using “circular logic”. Buy mining stocks?The value or “buying power” of money is crashing. Real estate, residential and commercial, is adjusting downward to realistic levels. When interest rates were low a developer could pay a lot more for an apartment complex, hotel, office building or plaza and put a lot of money in their pocket when the long term financing was put in place. If the project crashed, the developer doesn’t care, he/she got their profit from the lenders. Same with homes, low interest rates allowed developers to double the selling price of homes, and buyers would have the same payment. It is a scam.

  21. Michael Goldman

    The Cabel and the group of 300 that run the planet have a game plan which does not include humanity. The Cabel is losing its hold and has a scorched earth policy since EVIL will fight to their death. The group of 300 are not human and are working to replace humans on Earth. The world leaders are all puppet of these puppet masters.

    • Rick

      With only 300 top Luciferians to get rid of (to change our world for the better) why aren’t we rounding up these 300 Demons to be put aboard a Space X Rocket for a one way trip back to their home (the Sun) instead of singing praises to Lucifer in our Churches to make a second Hell here on Earth??? –

      • Rick

        Singing praises to Satan is what happens when you get queers in power within our religious organizations, within our schools and within our governments!!!

  22. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Hope you will permit a repeat post.

    I have checked this out personally – received my second shipment today. Great prices. Good communications. Packages sent via tracked mail. Discrete labelling. Takes about three weeks.

    P.S. Best price for Ivermectin that I could find anywhere.
    Check out their full range . . . including Hydroxychloroquine.

  23. Michael

    What’s coming next is very telling. Seems things are always connected to Rothschild, Adelson, there are a long line of them.

    The sales pitchman got shots in possibly 6 billion+ arms, and still going.

    Washington Standard Article w/video about the coming concentration camps…

  24. Andrew Harrison

    John suggested voting is probably not the answer I think he’s probably correct, however your conversation demonstrates that there is no rule of law. He then goes on to promote the idea that positioning to take advantage of the inevitable crash caused by corruption and collectivism is a good idea. Again good in principle however without the rule of law how likely is it that if we make money that the powers that should not be will allow us to keep it? Great interview thanks both John and Greg

  25. Don W.

    I fully agree with you Richard. We are so near the end times. Matt:24, Rev:6 &7 and a number of other places in His word tells us what is happening now and will happen soon.
    Blessings to you

  26. Hotrod

    79 times national debt is debated and raised.
    Same Ol same Ol.

  27. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Gentleman

    Focus on myself ……..Check

    Focus on my family …………Check

    Focus on my community……….no F’n way ……… community thinks FJB is doing a great job. I kid you not they think things are fine. As long as these mental pigmy’s get jobs with the local & state & federal government they are happy as hogs in shit. That is all they care about. If I could duplicate what I have here somewhere else i would move in a heartbeat from this liberal hell hole.

    • Richard Longacre

      Yooper, sounds like you should move before this SHTF. I lived in Colorado for 18 years and loved the mountains but the State politics got hijacked by liberals that moved there from CA, paid cash for a house, and voted Democrat, even through it was screwed up CA that they said they were escaping.

      I moved to Oklahoma 4 years ago Good people, as long as you stay out of the bigger cities. The 2nd Amendment is my concealed carry permit. Land is still relatively cheap. I hear gun fire every day yet nobody is ducking for cover. The sound of freedom.

      • Da Yooper

        Yes I need to move but the problem is replacing what I have built & getting the acreage & building sq foot that I need would cost triple what i would get for my property in upper Michigan. Duplicating what I have turns out to be a very expensive thing to do.

  28. bubber

    When can you remember the debt ceiling not being raised ? They build the drama and then make us all think they saved the day by raising it at the last minute…if they don’t this time , you can bet your bippy it was planned.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi bubbler,
      Too true!!!

    • Rebecca


  29. Justn Observer

    Greg, A great calm discussion with Mr. Rubino….Nice! For most here, just a re-affirmation of what we know and have been watching come for how long now. The tide has slowing being going out, the bulge too far off for most to see coming, but the tsunami surely cometh !
    Yes, the mantra is already out there to ‘blame’ the GOP as Senators like OREGON’S Jeff Merkley =’Let’s Pull Back The Curtain’: Jeff Merkley Rips Republicans On Debt Limit

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks john greg

  31. Frank Cooper

    Odessa and Kharkiv fall under Russian control and authority
    Douglas Macgregor S.C. 165K views 23 hours ago

    China Just Found a MASSIVE Loophole to Survive US Sanctions!
    Cyrus Janssen 200,941 views May 20, 2023

    “We’re On The Brink To Nuclear War!” – Is The Military Industrial Complex Going Too Far? Valuetainment 203,871 views May 20, 2023

    Dan Goldman Grills FBI Whistleblower, Then Jim Jordan Jumps In | Weaponization Committee Hearing Forbes Breaking News 1,035,276 views May 18, 2023

  32. Jennifer

    What I do not hear mentioned really at all is the deeper truth that the folks on the surface who are planning for and pushing this entire collapse have been promised by the true rulers of this planet, that have not been named, that they will survive this global collapse. They have been preparing for this for a very long time. This is just a ‘fullness of time’ for them, to use a biblical phrase. They actually believe that they will be saved and paid off for destroying the US and the world.

  33. Nikiti Rusher

    Eruptions Break Out When Jim Jordan Calls Out Dem Colleagues At FBI Whistleblower Hearing/ Forbes Breaking News 617,399 views May 18, 2023

  34. Wadsworth Binghamton

    The White House is LYING TO US! Stephen Gardner 105,930 views May 20, 2023
    We aren’t told the truth in the #Ukraine #Russia war right now. Colonel Tony Shaffer breaks it down with Stephen Gardner. We also discuss #scottritter and Colonel Douglas Macgregor predictions. The American people have been lied to by the white house starting with George Bush, Obama, Trump and now Biden. The war machine wants a constant stream of income even if it means loss of human life.

  35. FReedom-4-All

    Great job Greg,
    I look at Rubino’s site daily and receive his emails 3-5 a week. I like his calm, cool, common-sense demeanor, and thinking. I took martial arts for decades and learned calm is best in a storm.

    That was the first I heard about Sam Zell. He was very inciteful about real estate investing.

    I also received John Williams’s chart this week and every one of them showed a decline. To me, the scary issue with them is that even though the chart inclines were HUGE, the declines were very small. And I am feeling and seeing the changes that these small declines represent. So how bad will it be when the declines are charted as severe as the inclines were?

    I also agree that the elite behind the curtain might be ready for a CBDC entry and need a crisis to do so. Meaning, going forward, trust nothing you see. I just wonder how the elite’s finances will work. Will they use it? How will they misuse it? CBDC is the immediate, most important issue/fight we face today. The problem is it is hard to band together with sooo many distractions (their plan).

    On a last note, I spent the week burying a father figure and close friend. He lived such a healthy life that he should have lived to be 100. Was walking down the street and dropped to the sidewalk. He was triple-vaxxed. At the funeral, most were saying it was the heat combined with a longer-than-normal walk and his body couldn’t handle it. I think differently. We will never know for sure. The point of this story, there are still many sheeple who can’t/won’t put the pieces together.

    Keep up the good work Greg. We need you.

    Don Conrad

  36. Rodster

    The one point that is made from the likes of Gerald Celente, Martin Armstrong, John Rubino, Brandon Smith, Chris Martenson, et al is that this is all part of a controlled demolition of the entire system.

    TPTB, want this chaos to happen to bring about their Build Back Better scheme. They thought Covid, lockdowns would have done the trick but the people started to catch on and began to resist and ask questions. So they fast tracked the catastrophic failure of the entire system and a global war for them seems to be the answer.

    Their plans will fail because it always ends with torches and pitchforks storming the Castle Gates, because as Celente likes to say: “when people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT”.

  37. Jules

    I disagree about apartment occupancy going down. For all the people who lost their homes the past year from the covid shutdowns, there are huge waiting lists for apartments. I live in a rather large area and finding affordable housing is off the charts. Also, the elderly who live on fixed incomes can’t even find housing. It is much worse than what we are led to believe.

  38. Fred Barnard

    Zelensky confirms, “a lotta dead Russians” Russian victory in Bakhmut!
    ‘Nothing Left… The City Is in Our Hearts’ Hindustan Times 14K views 1 hour ago
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy has hinted at defeat in Bakhmut, saying the city is in the hearts of Ukrainians and that there is nothing left as Russian destroyed it completely. He was responding to a question on Russian claims of victory in Bakhmut.

  39. Russell Holmes

    Yes, the DC/banking/judicial/media cartel is entirely capable of purposely crashing the economy. The only question is will they try to prevent the collapse until after the 2024 election. My guess is that they will. Even though they outright own our election and have gotten away with outright treason against Trump, the J6ers and many others, they’re cowards and as Proverbs 28:1 says, “They flee though none pursue.”

  40. Shirl

    At about 19:30 minutes John Rubino suggests with a smile how admirable it is to witness the speed of the destruction of everything…but, of course that has the result of the STOLEN ELECTIONS….it would be my guess that it could take 4 times as long to repair the damage when President Trump returns with a rightful vengeance beginning on day one in office. He would remove the unelected Deep State Actors and Press for charges of TREASON that has all come to light.
    The DemonRats, RINO’S together with the War Mongering Glo-Bullist Neocons and their small throng of truly LibTarded are as clueless as the extinct Dodo Bird once was.
    Continue to Pray Up Folks.

  41. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    Here’s a wee story from Ireland that should resonate with everyone living in North America, Canada, the UK and Europe. What exactly is the agenda being pursued by our bought and paid for political class?!

    • Adrian Illingworth

      In Detroit, these white Homeland Security buss type vans are being spotted carrying the recent illegal southern border arrivals. Late night laundromats and language classes, lots of speculation on what’s really going on?? We see am coming and going. Give am the thumbs up, they give it back. Were watching the replacement training in progress? At night pleasure craft come over from Ontario on lake St. Clair, with what look like Arabic young men. Called Homeland and they said call your Sheriff. It’s a free for all. Except for us, whose are ancestors came over after being sentenced at the old Baily in London to years and years of indentured servitude, or came over legally and all the hardship that entailed! I wonder what they would do with a Europeon and I do mean peon, if he came to the border or sailed across the lake, in the dead of night. I know, 15 years of hard labor indenture servitude, 25 years cause of inflation!

  42. Fred Barnard

    Ten North Frederick (1958) Gary Cooper, Diane Varsi, Suzy Parker, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Tom Tully : sfinthecity 171K views 2 months ago
    A wealthy attorney with political ambitions conducts an adulterous affair with his daughter’s roommate. Stuart Whitman, Ray Stricklyn, Philip Ober, John Emery, Linda Watkins, Barbara Nichols. Written/Directed by Philip Dunne, based on the novel by John O’Hara. CinemaScope–e8KmkvE8

  43. Joseph Boudreau

    John Rubino is very level headed. He’s right about working hard to help your community and neighbors. I do think we’re headed for a whopper of a depression simply because of all the debt. It is unsustainable and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. As Clif High has said in his recent substack podcast, people are waking up to the fact we’re playing with monopoly money. Real money is God’s money, silver and gold. The true value of everything is about to be revealed!
    Thanks Greg. You’re on of the best.

  44. alfy

    they are giving instant citizenship to 7 million invaders who are stationed outside the usa. the fed government is now bringing them in at a rate of 1.5 million per month. most of them are being sent to red states, and to go with all the rest of the trouble they have in store for the usa, they are packing a whole host of 3rd world disease and parasites. and after that 7 million have been placed inside the usa, then they will start the process over with another 7 million. and so on until they have brought in well over 100 million invaders. the fed government is at war with the citizens of the usa. all the covid and the bio weapon jabs are going to look like kids play in comparison to what is now arriving. better be ready.

  45. Dave

    Thanks, Greg, for having John as a guest. He and Gerald Celente are my two favs. John is cool as a cucumber and Celente is a live wire, but both are fascinating. BTW, the 300-million dollar office tower (worth that in late 2019) that just sold for 65 million is 350 California Street in SF. SF will be the fulcrum of the commercial real estate collapse.

    As to voting there are lots of red flags for the GOP. A progressive Democrat just won the mayor’s race in Jacksonville Florida. She ran on a pro-abortion, pro-gay rights and anti-gun agenda. It was a shocker. It looks like GOP and independent women were swayed to vote for her because of the abortion and gun issues. The Democrats had successes in Wisconsin and Michigan recently. Progressives winning school board races and the Democrats taking control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The Dems had a huge turnout while GOP turnout was down.

    Charlie Kirk keeps harping on this. The Democrats are completely organized across the nation and the GOP is not. Rona McDaniel is asleep at the switch or purposely working to ensure a Democrat sweep in 2024. The Democrats are increasingly confident they will retain control of the Senate despite having many more seats up this cycle. Montana is a case in point. The Dems are organizing college students there to get out the vote. Tech workers are moving to Montana because of remote work. They are registering to vote as Democrats and, on top of that, big agriculture is behind Tester. It looks like he will keep the Montana seat in Democrat hands. IMO Rubino is correct about not putting too much faith in voting and that Biden’s approval numbers are somewhat irrelevant given the current situation with apathy in the GOP base and enthusiasm in the Democrat base. Not to mention all the cheating which it appears will continue in 2024.

    • Greg Hunter

      They have to cheat big-time. Biden’s real approval number is around 9%.

  46. Marie Joy

    Target is woke.
    What other companies are woke?

  47. Dale W

    Excellent interview with John Rubino! Let us hope the HONORABLE Military steps up and arrests the upper tier of the alphabet agencies and tries them for Treason and Sedition. Lord help us.

  48. john beasley

    if i can add one more comment. The return on investment capital – money – commercial properties – stocks has typically been 10% since the US went off the gold / silver standard in 1971. Prior to 1971 the common return on investment capital was 5%. Now the value of money is falling, America manufactures nothing, and exports money. investment capital would logically be 20% but instead the new normal return is 2% to maybe 5%. When you see commercial property selling for $60 billion that was $200 billion, that is about a 3% return on investment capital instead of 10%. I would argue that the return on capital, priced in fiat dollars, should be 20% or 20 times net income, not 3 or 5 times net income.

  49. I Dig Au

    John is correct about the solutions being found at the local community level. At the federal uniparty cartel level, all hope is lost. It’s way past time to “alter or abolish” our corrupt grifter ridden tyranny.


    Trump Was Right?! What The Durham Report REALLY Means! – #130 – Stay Free With Russell Brand PREVIEW Russell Brand

  51. Fred Daake

    Who are the Generals co-coordinating the destruction of America and the world? Of course, most would say that it is Satan. But it takes humans to do the dirty work. So who are the human masterminds with the blueprints calling the shots? None of the Democrat politicians or Democrat voters who I know care about Bill Gates or George Soros – never heard of them and don’t follow them. Is it possible that this is a distributed network of voters and politicians who have independently come up with a desire to kill the country?

    • Rick

      Another question people should be asking is: “Does NATO have any logical reason to exist anymore”?? – If you remember NATO was created TO PREVENT WAR in Europe – but like some Queer Transgender Pervert NATO has morphed into “An INSTIGATOR Of WAR In EUROPE” – and we also have “completely moronic” Americans raising their debt limit to spending Trillions more of their Tax Dollars on a “strong” Military to defend the borders of other Nations – While Their Own Border Is Being Overrun??? (How about calling back all our troops in NATO from Germany, Poland, etc., etc., etc. and begin defending OUR HOMELAND)!!!!

      • Rick

        Perhaps Texans should elect “a queer” as Governor who like this one – – was able to get Biden to send him all the money and military equipment he needed to protect his border!!

  52. Bobby

    I don’t completely understand the complexities of banking, but it is my understanding they can loan without reserves. In other words there is no fraction to fractional reserve banking any longer. When they write a loan they counterfeit the money. So my genuine question is why are they insolvent when loans they wrote fail which were written with essentially counterfeited money to begin with? So if I am a regional bank about to go under, why do I not find another regional bank of the same size and we just write one another uncollateralized loans to each other for the amount needed, even were it 100 Billion Dollars? Since each bank can counterfeit the money why do they need a fed bail out? Can they not bail each other out? Since this would seem to be true, and on a micro level is what the treasury just did with 200 billion of bailout’s with no credit backing behind the money (like Lincoln’s Green Backs which were in circulation well into the 1990’s). So I believe the boards of these banks have been co-opted and the banks themselves are throwing up their hands in waist high water and saying, “save me I am drowning!”! Without the regional banks on board these banks would not fail. Unless this breaks some law I don’t know of in principle it seems it works.

  53. Clay Lane

    BROUGHT TO YOU BY GREAT BRITAIN and Pfizer, of course!
    Russia bombs UK uranium shells in Ukraine; Moscow claims ‘radioactive cloud moving to Europe’ Hindustan Times 518K views 1 day ago [“Poland, Germany in crosshairs] [__Of Cancer Causing Cloud”]

    Russian ‘Tornado-S’ blows up Ukrainian Command Posts; Wipes out fortified positions, ammo depots Hindustan Times 141K views 1 day ago

    ‘West Cannot Beat Russia’: Putin’s big warning to U.S. over F-16s for Ukraine | Details
    Hindustan Times 134K views 10 hours ago

  54. John Henry Stone

    John Rubino is a great interview. I look forward to the upcoming interview with St. John of Williams. I think that it is pretty obvious that the marxist, Obama/Biden criminals are trying to implement the “Cloward-Piven strategy” to the detriment of our nation. They are well on their way to bankrupting the people. Hope you can explain the whole thing in one of your great “wrap-ups”. Thanks again. Your name will be writ large in the books of history.

  55. Andrew

    The only Presidential candidate in my lifetime who talked about the Federal Reserve, the debt-based currency, and the out-of-control debt & entitlement programs was Ron Paul.

    Conservatives called him an America-hating, terrorist-sympathizing, isolationist kook and both times he ran for the GOP nomination Conservatives overwhelmingly rejected him in favor of Globalist RINO’s McCain & Romney.

    Conservatives have never been serious about cutting govt or restoring American greatness…their current political savior (Trump) is a NYC Liberal Democrat for crying-out-loud!!!

  56. Dalton

    This guy actually believes Janet Yellen doesn’t know what she’s doing? We’re never going to fix this as long as everyone thinks that we’re dealing with stupid people. These are criminals attacking your country. Act like it

  57. Really Awake

    John Rubino made an astute observation when he noted that it’s in the realm of possibility of Tucker Carlson being assassinated. Marty Armstrong said that he himself, Marty, was a potential target of assassination… I’ve known for a long time that the day would come when evil will turn to assassination of the good. Alex Jones and others of his caliber will certainly be targeted for either assassination and/ or be railroaded into jail….

    Right now evil is attempting to silence good by intimidation, e.g., deplatforming, debanking, outright bankruptcy, IRS goon squad tactics, FBI false accusations and false imprisonment such as what happed to J6 protesters.

    Yes, the Evil Deep State is already killing off some individuals. But soon enough the assassinations will begin en masse.

    Moreover, the demon possessions are becoming more and more openly obvious now. For example, have you ever seen evidence of a possession of Satan in a U.S. Senator? Take a look at this one minute video clip below: this senator is supposedly ” a rising Democrat star”. To me she looks more like she is the possession of a fallen star… And I’ve personally seen demon possessions. Now, it could be logically and reasonably argued that this Senator is having a mental meltdown. And maybe she is. But I say Satan is now openly showing and expressing his sense of humor through this Senator. Oh my! You didn’t know that Satan has a sense of humor? He does. And not all of his human minions are brilliantly comported with magnetic poise and personal appearance. Not all of Satan’s followers are articulate, charming, worldly wise and handsom. Not all are charismatic and imposing…. Some are just like this woman:

    So I say that assassinations are coming in more ways than one. Satan and his fallen will do better than assassinate. They will enter into people just like what happened to Judas…. Remember?

    • jane jones

      Reply to Really Awake.
      That woman is having a sugar high! To many Good Humor bar’s, obviously and obesely!

      • Really Awake

        Jane…. Watch and learn….

        Then please, if you will, thank Alex Jones and his team for providing info to tens of millions of people who cannot get it anywhere else…. I, too, have had close encounters with the unseen forces of evil, and, therefore, I know better than most how to recognize their invisible fingerprints.

    • Rick

      She looks like an excellent white “transgender loving” Vice-Presidential Demonratic candidate to run along side the black Demonratic Presidential candidate (Kamala Harris) in 2024 – making it even more difficult for Trump to win in 2024 then in 2020 (when he couldn’t even lick demented “pipeline” Joe – who simply showed the evil Globalists in charge his “Perverted Presidential Qualifying Credentials” by nibbling on babies and tongue licking giant queer ice-cream cones at every opportunity)!!

  58. Pete+only

    We are truly in desperate times, yet many compromised economists are still talking about going into a mere “recession” or even a “depression” (which has yet to be properly defined after all these years), but all bets are off when the currency is no longer worth anything.
    Truth be known, there are only a very small handfull of currencies still with us in the last 100 years, so this phenomon of currency value is nothing new to most people but only those in say just North America.
    There is ample evidence to believe in the past hundreds of years, that true wealth is maintained from owning property, silver, gold, art work, and things that one cannot do without, and true ownership means having it in your actual hands.
    Everything else is extremely iffy, but could still be owned in small ammounts as long as you realize zero is a true possible number going forward.
    With tens or even hundreds of millions of people having taken the jab around the world, all bets are truly off this time, since these people may no longer be with us in the next few years time.
    In such times, do not count on having the internet for a source of information. (Don’t throw out your gardening books, cook books or any history books for example). Save your old musical CDS as well, as this may be your only link to the past.
    The millions of migrants allowed into the U.S in the past few years are there to replace you…nothing more, or there to create havoc like the Chinese saboteurs coming across now.
    Most liberals took the jabs, so at least you won’t have to worry about them…the rest will be up to us, and of course God.
    May God be with us…

  59. Coal Burner

    Dear Greg: I spent a lifetime in the best US Department, meaning the highest standards and levels of people for education and leadership. Also with the highest levels of training at every level and I will tell you Mr Rubin says very similar words as I have said. When I asked is there any top person running an agency that is smarter than a fifth grader? I cannot find one and I will add that a lot of poorly. Most of our so called leaders are dumber than rocks and it is sadly obvious to all. Look at Granholm, Buttejudge, Haaland, and Blinkin. Blinkin is not ignorant but he could not lead a flock of chickens. I will never get over the Chinese Ambassador insulting that jerk in the first meeting in Alaska and getting away scott free because Blinkin and all the others knew he was right. Blinkin was not prepared with a pit bull on staff to stop that crap and make the Ambassador regret the insult. I am still pissed about that and it was 3 years ago. In fifty years, I have never seen anything like that!

  60. Coal Burner

    Greg: you guys talked about “not losing money”. One of my favorite old friends who grew up in the Depression told me at least fifty times, that “you just did not spend money, because you did not think you would ever get it back”. Most of his family (clan) knew how to hold onto their money. Some got hurt but others did well, all together diversified. One other note they all owned good land, so when they bought, they bought the good stuff and waited patiently and wisely to get it and then they kept it.

  61. Matthew Gibson

    We have fools running the country. The only things worse than these moronz are the people who vote for them.

  62. Matthew Gibson

    I personally do not consider this country authorities to be legitimate. I reject these people their policies and I will never comply with them or their laws. This will cause the era of lawlessness talked and in the bible.
    My version of justice and my sense of natural law is my only guidance and force. Many of these people are evil for children and families. We must put these rabid horrible fatherless people down. Like you would an animal with a foamy mouth.

  63. Dave

    Agree that the debt ceiling “crisis” is all a fan-dance. It will be resolved at the last minute. Under Trump this happened twice. Trump at first said he wouldn’t sign off but then did. The following year Trump threatened again but ended up going along. Remember, Trump and the GOP controlled Congress passed budget busting bills during the first two years. Largest deficits ever at that point. The GOP under Trump passed massive military spending increases and cut taxes on the more well off and corporations which, despite what Kudlow promised, blew up the deficit. At that time the vast majority of conservative media was silent on this. Including Rush Limbaugh. That same media is crying foul today as it’s a Democrat and not a Republican president. Both sides play this game. Remember that it is a uni-party.

    The stumbling point as of today seems to be the GOP insistence that the military portion of the budget (including Ukraine aid) get no cuts. The Dems want cuts across the board. And remember these “cuts” are not really that – they are a slow-down in the budget growth, but it still grows. And yes, there will be a last-minute deal.

    • Allets

      Analyst and financial writer John Rubino says this time, the so-called debt ceiling fight could end in a systemic failure.

  64. Todd

    This week could be very big! I understand libor ends. The debt ceiling ends. What could go wrong? Ukraine is close to nuclear war. I feel like we are in the oboma nation. I.R.S. is armed an about to sub divide. Fauti’s team is arming. F.B.I. and C.I.A. and all media are doing a massive cover-up. No body will listen to the truth. The fox is in the hen house. The train is off its rails! Can America be saved? It is time for Jesus to return. Only He can right the ship. It looks like there about to go to a paperless currency. This will be complete control. We must become more self sufficient. I believe our money will lose value. we must pray and look to God for help. These are the days when we will be proved. Thanks, Greg, for bringing us the Trueth. God bless you!

  65. Tim Zamperini


  66. War lordie lordie

    Ukraine war: Satellite images reveal Russian defences before major assault
    By Daniele Palumbo & Erwan Rivault
    BBC Verify 1 hour ago

  67. Gail Storm

    Renowned Investor Jim Rogers Warns US Dollar’s Time ‘Coming to an End’ as Countries Seek Alternatives – Economics Bitcoin News
    “The world’s international currency is supposed to be completely neutral. Anybody can use it for anything you want. But now Washington is changing the rules. And if they get angry at you, they cut you off.”

    Who is Washington today? First of all, todays Washington is, lgbq, woke, broke, busted and disgusted, bought and paid for by
    China, the Soros’s, father and son.
    Puppets under orders, Hillary, Obama and his ladies, in the Biden administration, of the big guy. Puppet Joseph Biden and his crime family.
    There is no neutrality in Washington, taken over by this clique, of priggish thugs. Coming to a Titanic moment. To them it’s everyman for himself.
    Thank you Jim for speaking out. There is hope and love and the greatest of these is love.
    Greg, Jim is a friend of yours. Get together with him. You guys can help save this nation!
    If we don’t hang together we will hang separately, Benjamine Franklin

    • Rose Mont Sellicka

      Reply to Gail Storm,
      Did a deep dive on your interesting word, term, prig.
      Sure describes and descries. the current deep creep, cabal of the Soros Clinton, Biden corruption without interruption, goings on in Washington today and they’re black lives matter, naïve minions and their white super FED Epps controller’s, head faker takeover of American society and the fall of all of western civilization, which society naively, let loose those cats out the bag and it’s gonna be impossibly hard to get those cats back in! Think Hillary drunk and mad as hell and here she’s not even drunk! As described by Donna Brazile!

  68. Dwight Branson

    Possible nuclear war on the horizon, food shortages, famines, poisoning of the atmosphere, deadly injections, man-made plagues, financial collapse, currency collapse, the destruction of morals and loss of civility. Not to mention the murder of the unborn people, and the perverting of young minds, I think the following is the best way forward:

    “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also .
    Matthew 6:19-21 KJV

    And this for the “Elite”:

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
    Mark 8:36, KJV

    We only need to do two things:

  69. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg and John. One thing for sure- the folks in charge can’t acknowledge or define what a woman is. There’s no way ‘THEY’ can navigate any of these problems if they can’t recognize things that are obvious. I used to think a number of bible verses were figurative and lofty spiritual somethings. As time goes by, i think more of them are just plan talking. The one in mind is- Romans 1:22 professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.
    We should be preparing for some of the bad things, much better to be wrong than right and not somewhat prepared. Personally, i am looking at one of the home versions of a freeze dryer. That should dove tail nicely with a home garden and fruit trees. With all that said, i even am thinking about a small remote secondary root cellar- never know about people wanting to steal especially if they are hungry. Even if this is wrong- having some freeze dried foods would be a great option for a number of ideas.

  70. Darren

    Greg…. Thanks…… Found my mortgage which was with Rocket Mortgage was sold to JP Morgan. I have a great rate and I am never late…. Kinda surprised… Darren

  71. James

    Steve Kirsch – Vaccines cause autism

    According to one of the world’s most respected authorities on autism, all, or nearly all, of the world’s top 100 scientists in the autism field know that vaccines are the primary driver behind the autism crisis in America. They just aren’t allowed to talk about it in public. If they did that, they would lose their funding, their job, and be the subject of intimidation techniques from their peers. So they keep quiet and nobody knows what they really think.

    Did you know that there are large pediatric practices in America located in high autism areas that have ZERO kids with autism? Normally, we’d simply study what these practices have in common that are different from their peers. It’s called “copying what works.” Showcasing these best practices would dramatically improve the health of kids in the US and reverse the staggering rise in autism rates which are now nearly 5% of people under 40 (per my survey of 10,000 kids).

    Note: I make my 10,000 children survey record-level data public for everyone to see. The CDC doesn’t.

    If these “best practices” were adopted and encouraged by the CDC, FDA, and NIH, we’d be the healthiest nation on earth and autism rates would drop to insignificant levels.

    The reasons there are no studies examining these best practices include:

    Almost nobody knows these practices exist and who they are. They keep a low profile. Otherwise, the health authorities would shut them down.

    A common key strategy used in these practices is to avoid vaccination entirely and avoid the use of ACETAMINOPHEN (TYLENOL) entirely. The drug companies would not allow a study like this to be published. The journal wouldn’t believe it either; it’s so counter narrative.

    continues at

  72. Rick Larson

    I deleted my sybstack account and will never log on again. It took too much of my time and have concluded the knowitall experts (only in their minds) are those sent to the top of who gets promoted.
    Its better to learn for oneself reading actual books and using knowledge to gain experiences, the most important of which in this new great reset is to grow food.
    I heard the Greg repeat substack so many times I guess I had to comment.

  73. Lorraine H Sherman

    Greg, a great interview with John Rubino – one of my favorite commentators. John has a great energy and appears to be a grounded, sensible, and self restrained person.
    “This new group is uniquely scary.” I could not agree more! End of empire breeds extremism.

    And Greg, get off the elephant/donkey merry-go-round! Stop identifying as an elephant!!!! I don’t put you into the left/right fomentation group, you seem to be a true believer.

    We’re not facing a left/right, democrat/republican, conservative/liberal problem, rather it’s a bipartisan clusterF! It took decades if not a century of piss poor public policies to get us to where we are today – compliments of both parties.

    Corruption of laws appears to be another symptom of an end of empire event.

    We’re on our own, together. It’s time to start trusting the people you actually know, not some TV expert or government bureaucrat. It’s time to start growing food, any food. Plant fruit trees. Develop skills. Get healthy. And flush the cell phones! Keep a flip phone in the car for safety only.

    Time to get busy, America.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Lorraine,
      “And flush the cell phones! Keep a flip phone in the car for safety only.”
      Thanks for that. I thought I was alone – keeping my old (pre flip) Nokia in the car in case of needing breakdown assistance 🙂

  74. Nick Reynolds

    Mr. Rubino makes many valid points. It’s too bad that he’s never learned about bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. They will play a huge role in defeating the super rich, like Rockefeller and the Rothschilds, who are behind this destruction of the world’s economy for their own greedy purposes. Robert Kennedy Jr. and Tulsi Gabbard are two sane Democrats who are on board. Republicans had better stop counting on Donald Trump to save them and also join the bitcoin revolution. For that is what it is.

  75. mark deacon

    People do not seem to realize exponential borrowing requires exponential income to justify any nominal spending value. The taxpayer income is getting harder and harder to find hence you get 87K IRS agents who are going to take everything.

    This behavior does not solve the problem. Government taking less from the people as a % is the only solution too the economic issue everything else is too prop up the government spending more than it should.

  76. Ian D

    If one subtracts the real rate of inflation from the GDP, a negative value for real GDP is attained. Forty years ago in economics a recession was considered two quarters of zero, or negative economic growth.
    Consequently, we are not just entering a recession, we entered a depression long ago. Its just been masked by low interest rates and pedal to the metal money printing, well above growth in real GDP.

  77. Themainzane

    I just read in the Epoch Times, that the US has started compensating people for COVID-19 injection injuries.

    • Rick

      After destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans – only the most serious injuries and death are considered for compensated – claims have to be made within a year after vaccination – and there is a high burden of proof requirement – of the more than 8,000 people who filed claims with the federal government alleging injuries from COVID-19 vaccines “only a dozen have been approved” and just three received small cash payouts!!

  78. Prospector

    BREAKING – Red Flag and other anti-gun bills pass Pennsylvania State House.
    HB – 1018, 714 , 338 , 731
    Call State Senators + tell them NO !

    Ammoland News – @Ammoland
    San Francisco law would prohibit drawing guns to stop crooks !

    Insanity. Steal at will.

  79. Marie Joy

    “We deserve the government we tolerate”. Someone, smarter than I am, said that.
    We’re being genocided while we all sit on our asses, typing on our keyboards, and watching idiot TV. PCR calls us insouciant and he’s right. (I looked it up).
    Good luck to us all because we’re going to need it.

  80. Don Ho Howe

    The World Before 1914, Then Satan Cast OUT?
    Former French Ambassador: Ukraine has revealed a new world order
    UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers meets Gérard Araud. 21K views 5 hours ago
    I’m amazed that most believe the PR, that the Vietnam war was about trying to contain communism and a failure. Despite the fact on my shirt the tag says, made in Republic of Vietnam. I might add, Socialist Republic of. So was that war a failure, at all? That war was about making money, and it was a great success. It made money from weapons sales, drug sales and oil, gas and now they’re working on the cheap, manufacturing things for us now. But for how long? What happens when were no longer king dollar as Larry Kudlow reminds us!
    Secondly, neither of most understand what the Ukraine war is about, except us here at of course. Again, it’s not about the PR of saving Ukraine. It is about starting WWIII in order to bring down the U.S., Russia, China and E.U. to make way for the New World Order and be dammed the cost in death and inhuman suffering. Ya, all the Western leaders we’ll all be down in New Zealand, there with Matt Lauer. In a luxury gated community and private bunker. Hey, you can’t have a World Order when you have powerful nation states making their own decisions. WWI destroyed several powerful empires and tried to fill the void with the League of Nations. WWII destroyed Germany and the British empire and did succeed in ushering in the United Nations. Now WWIII is needed to take out the current super powers in the next step toward putting the U.N. in charge of the whole world. The WEF, Soros globalist puppets, have infiltrated every government. So, when you see that the “national leaders” don’t act in the best interest of their nation, it’s not because they are stupid. It’s because they are following the plan to destroy nation states in order to create the N.W.O. Plus, it’s not a secret. They are openly telling you that globalism is the future, you will own nothing and be happy, or else?. Once you really get that concept, all the things that don’t make sense, suddenly make perfect sense. Why your getting, woke, broke, busted and disgusted.
    Time to become an illegal alien and invade the lands down under, not the US. and you better get a Submarine! But how long will that last, maybe 6 months, with Oz being tied to the Anglo-American AUKUS hip, incoming! Were all Hippies now. Make Love not. . .

  81. Perce Poindexter

    Scott Ritter – The Ukrainian Army’s Inability to Utilize the Patriot System
    Douglas Macgregor Col. 51,960 views Premiered May 21, 2023
    @user-li5cr6wv5b 10 hours ago
    This is what knowledge does to a man. With knowledge comes understanding, with understanding comes respect, with respect comes trust, with trust comes love. And where love is there’s no room for hate.
    Scott makes a great ambassador of US, American people should be proud of him.

  82. Perce P,

    How Fox News is Learning the True Brand Value of Tucker Carlson After Firing, with Charlie Kirk Megyn Kelly 129K views 4 hours ago

    Female Comedian Attacked Over Dylan Mulvaney Jokes RESPONDS!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 238,289 views May 20, 2023
    Comedian Chrissie Mayr recently went viral after she was heckled during a performance after making a joke about trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The resulting firestorm has surfaced questions in the culture about what limits should be placed on comedians, what qualifies as “transphobia” and the hypersensitive age we’re living in.
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Mayr about this viral heckling moment and whether silencing opponents is the best way to win people over to your side.

    Epstein Was BLACKMAILING Bill Gates! Is Bitcoin the Key to Democracy & Freedom? W/ Max Keiser/Jimmy Dore Show11,427 watching now Streamed 89 minutes ago

  83. ReallyGreatful

    A Request For Prayer:


    We have been dealing with a major crisis, and it has been an extremely difficult time.

    So please pray for us. My hope is that this crisis will pass and that I will be able to get back to posting on a regular schedule.

    Lord, hear our prayers for brother Michael S., hedge of protection.

    In Jesus precious name Amen, and AMEN…

  84. David Dansker

    Thank you Greg, John Rubino is a very wise man.

  85. Vern L.

    NATO nation battles pro-Russia uprising; ‘Blood-like’ paint thrown at EU offices for arming Ukraine. Hindustan Times 4,780 views May 22, 2023
    NATO nation battle massive protests against arming Ukraine amid the war. Pro-Russia protesters in NATO member state Bulgaria threw ‘blood-like’ paint on European Union offices in the capital city of Sofia. Protesters, some of whom were carrying Russian flags, vandalised the EU building, demanding the Bulgarian government halt aid to Ukraine. A massive pro-Russia march was also held in the capital city of the NATO nation.

    Bakhmut in Russian Hands, Now What? – Col Doug Macgregor
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 208K views Streamed 11 hours ago

    • Rick

      Massive pro-Russia March’s are being held in the Capital Cities of NATO Nations with protestors showing their anger with the European Union and NATO – of-course this is not considered Newsworthy by the Main Stream Media in the US!

  86. Justn Observer

    Greg, RFK.jr on the bio-weapons and where they came from?

  87. dlc

    Not at all surprised by Kari Lake’s outcome in court. But hey, there’s always the next election, and the one after that, followed by the one after that.

  88. Marie Joy

    Recommend The David Knight Show on Rumble.
    Expect more plandemics and their accompanying bioweapons.
    Spare parts and spare toilets. Have an outhouse or two… Male and female.
    Spices to make all that rice and beans tasty.
    What kind of pump did Laura’s Pa dig?
    Every house should have easy access to potable water.
    Air, water, food, shelter, community.
    Past time to get your money out of the banks.
    In the early 1960s, my father hand dug a shelter under the house but nothing turns out the way you expect. My family bought a business that made Big Bucks and the Russians were forgotten.
    Families need to come together.

  89. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Breaking 22nd May, Senators issued with satellite phones in case of ‘disruption’?

  90. Roger

    Oop’s, sorry.
    OH SH*T, NATO escalates war in Ukraine with attack in Belgorod, Russia using US weapons | Redacted 278K views 18 hours ago
    NATO and Ukrainian forces launched a surprise attack inside of pre-war Russia using American armored vehicles and weapons. They attacked civilians and residential buildings in broad daylight in the Russian town of Belgorod.

  91. Thomas Foolery

    Ukraine Fighting – What’s Next, after Bakhmut? Larry Johnson fmr CIA
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 46K views Streamed 6 hours ago.

  92. Vasily Pickleford

    FBI & CIA Meddled in American Elections Say Majority of Americans
    The Jimmy Dore Show 7,022 views May 23, 2023
    According to a new Harris-Harvard poll of more than 2,000 registered voters, a majority of Americans now believe that the intelligence agencies engage in election interference domestically. Similar majorities also feel there must be massive reform to the system to ensure that this won’t happen again in the future.
    Abraham Lincoln__
    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

    BREAKING! Hundreds Of Undercover Feds Were in The Crowd on Jan 6th!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 27,684 views May 23, 2023
    Since the day of the riots, chaos and vandalism that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021, speculation has swirled about the presence of undercover federal agents among the protesters. Now the Biden administration is admitting that dozens of Justice Department plants were present on January 6th, as well as dozens more FBI agents, Secret Service agents and who knows how many other law enforcement personnel.
    Jimmy notes that he has been consistent in his insistence that January 6 was a fed operation from the start and that this latest revelation represents complete vindication for that belief.
    Jimmy, you got vindication. Shouldn’t the taxpayers get reparations?
    From the federal agents that sworn to uphold the constitution, withholding the truth. In their role, in Jan 6th. Costing us billions of dollars. Then they’ll think twice before impersonating taxpaying white or black or brown and yellow supremacists! Or for that matter, in knocking off a president or another Martin Luther King, or yet another, Kennedy. And they wonder why the country is going broke! Let’s see am get paid. When the US, government can’t get an increase in credit, next week. I wouldn’t LEND a nickel to this dam, government. Probably get back a cheap nickel made with copper, WITH NO nickle! bOY, ARE WE IN A PICKLE OR WHAT?

  93. Akoben Adinkrahene

    I’ve been posting everywhere I can to plant food not grass as there is rarely any information for the poor on any kind of media. A word to the wise…

  94. Akoben Adinkrahene

    I think Greg covering the “The Most Impor­tant Supreme Court Case Ever”
    say it all about where the government stand when it comes to upholding the law!

  95. Meremortal

    It’s. Too. Late.
    Thank God I’m old and have had a great life.

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