Central Banks Going Long Gold – Andrew Maguire

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

World renowned precious metals expert Andrew Maguire says pay attention to the new rule that goes into effect at the end of March that will allow gold to become fully valued and monetized as a tier 1 asset for banks around the world. Maguire explains, “Basel III is coming into effect in less than two weeks from now, and it will effectively remonetize physical gold. Of course, that is a big deal. While the synthetic players shuffle chips in this siloed CME casino, the insider bullion banks are positioning for higher gold prices. That is it right there. Bottom line is what are the big boys doing?”

So, is it safe to say central banks and big banks are going long gold? Maguire says, “They’re all going long gold. Why is that? It is because they are already allocating gold for their own house accounts. . . . The minute the global physical markets see unallocated positions are being mark to market at a certain price, the physical market will explode. There will be a gap higher, and the offer to sell physical will rise to a point where someone is actually willing to sell it. . . . I think you are going to see in a few days that it will suit the bullion banks to have a higher price than a lower price. . . . At some point, they are going to want a higher price, and we all know why. There are trillions of dollars of derivatives and unbacked zero value intrinsic assets out there in the market place, and someone has to settle this stuff. It is not going to be settled without a much higher gold price.”

Maguire goes on to say, “Look at platinum, it’s a vertical rise. What is that? That is a physically driven short squeeze. People look at it and say it must be speculation. It’s not speculation. It was a massive short position just like in silver and just like in gold, but more so in silver. What we are seeing is a relentless drive to cover. We are going to see a similar situation (in gold and silver). What is that price? You are already seeing that with the LBMA projecting $1,530 per ounce in gold for this year. . . . It amazes me that people are not seeing this massive tectonic event. It’s going to be a shock, but I think it is part of a central plan move to revalue gold. It has to.”

Maguire says watch silver for an extreme spike to the upside. Maguire says, “Silver is going to break out. I think $50 per ounce is a joke. I think it’s going to be substantially higher than that. It’s not going to be a question of how you can run into resistance with silver. It’s going to be how much physical is available. It’s going to be a heck of a lot higher when you start to have a run on the price.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with precious metals expert Andrew Maguire.

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After the Interview: 

There is some free information and videos on both of Maguires websites, GoldStarGlogal.com and on AndrewMaguireGoldTrading.com. 

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  1. R. patrick

    Well Andrew is very excited Greg! I hope he is correct? It’s been a very long time in coming.

    Great interview

  2. Andre Weinberger

    Hi Greg – When Mr. Maguire mentioned how the big players are buying gold hand over fist, you tried to ask him where are they getting it from (ie, who is selling to them). He avoided answering by launching into another fast-talking non sequitur. When you asked Rob Kirby this question, he said that his big clients can get gold when some rich guys in Asia have margin calls on their other holdings and have to dump their gold holdings – which did not address where China and Russia and the other countries buying hundreds of tons every year are getting it from. I know you’re trying, but so far I have not heard an answer to this question. Even Jim Rickards’ statement that current deliveries are old coin melt and only 90% pure, which indicates they are scraping the bottom of the barrel, is by now several years old. So: Keep trying! I’d really like to have an answer to this key question.

    • TSI

      New mine supply?

    • Jon

      The miners hedge future extraction. They sell it prior to digging it up. At this point better than 90% of future production is already sold. I would assume buying directly from miners is where they get it.

    • Donald

      “you tried to ask him where are they getting it from“ “I know you’re trying, but so far I have not heard an answer to this question.”

      Yep, my thought exactly. Apparently Andrew Maguire and the others do not know. The answer may be in what Jim Willie said (wrote?) about a month ago – that the Vatican is now selling their gold to meet market demand. Not sure how this can be verified as the Vatican has been just as secretive about their gold as the LBMA. Over time, Mr Willie has proven to be right about many of his comments that once seemed strange. Also, the Vatican has had centuries of tax-free wealth accumulation behind it, so it may have a substantial amount of gold to work with.

    • Steven L.

      We know for sure that the value of the dollar has collapsed since 1913. What do you think the smart money is doing? Who really cares where they get it?

      It’s just a matter of time.

  3. Jimmy Carter

    New rule or not, I find it amusing that some people actually expect $50 per ounce silver anytime soon. I do not. In fact, if it went to $20 I would be thrilled. Nobody wants silver and gold, even at these prices. Precious metals have NO Momentum. Can’t say I blame them.

  4. Derek Sinclair

    I’m assuming that Andrew is talking about Palladium not Platinum.

    • TSI

      yes, palladium would make more sense given the charts.

    • MStu

      Yeah, he is referring to palladium, which is under a supply shortage for a number of years now. 80% of palladium is used for automobile pollution control, and that includes hybrid vehicles too.

  5. Anthony Australia

    If we could only get hands on our gold?

    I notice now searching for Greg Hunter, USAW on comes up higher on the page results.
    Keep it up Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      You should be really worried about this because I think The City of London has no intention of returning Australia’s 80 tons of gold.

      • Jeff

        To worry is not helpful. Keep in mind that many of these financial gurus told us that QT would crash the economy. So far it’s reduced Fed Balance sheet from just under 4.5 Trillion $ to just under 4.0 Trillion $. Granted they will slow QT down for rest of 2019. The world didn’t end yet. Don’t worry we have 12 more years. lol

      • Anthony Australia

        I am, there are a few countries that should be worried along with Australia.

  6. TSI

    I think in the event of gold being monetized and rising substantially in value a lot of gold that has been hidden for centuries will rise to the surface and the historic gold/silver imbalance will become more apparent in a great narrowing of the silver/gold ratio. Gold has been accumulated for centuries by dynasties, whilst silver has been consumed by the fires of industry due to its low price and unique properties. If silver reached 1000 dollars and over there would probably be added buying impetus from big money as silver would be considered more investible. In fact the more precious metals rise in value the lower storage costs will become when you consider how much value/wealth can be stored per cubic meter.

  7. FC

    I’m glad to see the Central Banks have finally caught up to me and have recognized that my insurance policy is a Tier 1 asset 🙂

    • Nathan Hail

      I believe that you are correct that the G/S ratio will decrease from 75 or 80 to 1 to the historical level of 15 to 1. This is one of the reasons that I believe that silver is an even better asset to safeguard your wealth than even gold. The price of silver has been repressed since tha late 1800s and will soon revert to its true value, as will gold. How high is that ? That is the $3500 question, if you follow my drift. Greg’s guests are always the most well informed exerts on the planet, as is Greg for sharing them with us. Greg could have made millions instead of choosing to inform us all if he had so chosen. Thank you, Greg. P.S.- I hope you follow your own advise and can cash in along with your readers. You deserve it.

      • Freebrezer

        NH – Using your logic I would go for palladium! the Gold ratio to Palladium is 15 oz of gold mined to 1 oz of palladium. And palladium is thee very best catalyst out there and it gets consumed!

      • Freebrezer

        NH or put another way: for every 1 oz of Palladium mined there are 225 oz of Silver mined. It makes silver look pretty common place.

        • TSI

          palladium looks too much like silver though. Would it be too easy to get ripped off?

          • Freebrezer

            good question – Palladium is a bit denser vs. silver (11.9 vs 10.5), but if Pd alloys with lead, a person (chinese) could bring up the density and pass it off as a fake. Plus this could dull the shine. Pd is not as shiny – It might be a metal that is easy to fake? I need to investigate!

  8. TSI

    I would be amazed if China has the foresight to stockpile gold but hasn’t thought to accumulate silver. Especially considering their gigantic solar energy aspirations.

  9. Bob

    The Current Situation in NZ

    Out of dozens of people I’ve talked to in NZ since Friday, only ONE mentioned the shooting. He said Jacinda is an idiot and was worried about losing his guns. About a minute later he sighed and said “we’ll see what happens I suppose” and walked off. Everyone else went back to work. Zero sympathy for muslims expressed. Absolute zero. Like -273.15 degrees Celsius.
    It’s very strange. On TV the whole country looks like a blubbering wreck, absolutely torn apart with grief. People are actually very quiet about it. Perhaps they all have the video and are worried someone might call the cops on them. I guess this is how communism starts. The fear of amateur spies and witch finders was their main mechanism of control. It’s certainly changed the country – and not in a good way.
    It’s our first major adjustment to Islam so we all just need to work together as a community just like we did when multiculturalism was offered to us as an option in the 1990s. (That was done by American NGOs gently convincing our politicians by suggesting their careers – and lives- would go better if they agreed, along with the media reporting on who was slowing things down – all in the public interest.) I’m not sure if we are diverse enough yet or not. The government hasn’t said anything. I suspect we need to get the white population down to 5% before we can claim to be truly diverse. There is much work to be down, but thankfully that does seem to be the goal. An unquestionably noble and beautiful goal, and one of the few things everyone is really on-board with together in a true spirit of cooperation and teamwork. Nobody argued against wiping out smallpox, did they? It’s a no-brainer this time too.

    • Donald

      “Zero sympathy for muslims expressed.”

      This is not a good thing as it indicates how people have been affected over time by the news. Remember, the news is for the most part under the control of psychopaths that have an agenda, and its not to make the world a better place to live in. I strongly suspect that what happened in NZ was planned – probably had to have the shooting in NZ because its gotten too hard to do so in the USA.

      • Stephen

        You are wrong about the zero sympathy expressed, most of the country has rallied around them. I am from NZ

        • Bob

          Just my personal experience in real life. I don’t watch TV so I’m not talking about that stuff.

          People were of course shocked when I said Tarrant WANTED a gun ban. Jacinda gave him what he wanted. Is he the first ever terrorist to get exactly what he wanted virtually the next day?

          I’m sure if Muslims did the attack instead, people would have talked more. They would even hate Muslims if the media told them too. Do you doubt it?

  10. Jane Doe NutTer

    Public Shaming1 (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted your link. Please don’t post MSM propaganda crap on this site. John Oliver is a well paid tool of the New World Order and Globalists. He’s not funny either. How’s that for some public shaming?)

  11. Mitchell Bupp

    Hello Greg and Andrew, I see this global Ponzi scheme as a depreciating asset Ponzi. All currencies must devalue is a parallel fashion to maintain balanced destruction of currency’s value. Even as the purchasing power of the US dollar is below 4-cents on the dollar all other money worldwide is devalued along with the same idea except they are pegged on the devaluing dollar. Anyway, that’s how I look at money. It will ALWAYS have less purchasing power tomorrow for as prices do rise… the government’s official inflation rate is the scheduled destruction of your purchasing power and all those currencies tied to it.

  12. Jonathan

    Thank you kindly for the information. Will plan accordingly.

    Remember Venezuela…


  13. andyb

    Greg: Andrew does a great job in explaining the mechanics leading to true price discovery. Let’s hope that the pressures of peak gold and the total collapse of the fiat Ponzi scheme will come soon. The timing is always key. I would imagine that if gold rises $20 per day after the implementation of Tier One, we could be off to the races.

    But don’t forget about silver. Due to the relative scarcity of above ground silver relative to gold, I see a point in time that, due to its critical industrial qualities, silver may eventually be worth more than gold.

    • TSI

      I agree that silver may be worth more than gold purely because there is more gold bullion than silver bullion.

  14. ConcAmDad

    At this point Greg, i’m sure this date too will come and go and nothing noticable will happen. The average guy will continue to get screwed- savings continue to produce no interest – the slow grind will continue- Trump will continue his flip-flop of lies about how great everything is as horrible data continues to surface- he now embraces the bubble- he’s just anithe snake oil salesman.

      • Greg Hunter

        U do realize gold closed up today?

      • Paul in oz

        Concam the point of the article was that the paper attack would have shook the market far more and for longer than it currently does. I am also skeptical about the timing, but not of the eventuality that PM’s will be the insurance policy against probable destitution. Basel is important because it is an acknowledgment by the central banks that is undeniable that gold’s value supports the strength of a country as much as anything else. It is no longer being treated as a second class asset which the fed especially has been reluctant to acknowledge. Gold is real money, everything else is a perceived representation … all the manipulation of those things priced in gold are only as deep as the manipulators pockets, influence or military might.

        • ConcAmDad

          I know what the point of the article is- see TSI’s comment below.

    • TSI

      You are probably right. I remember when the Shanghai gold exchange was supposed to be the beginning of the physical gold market determining price. Feels like years ago now and nothing really changed. The problem is that all the major players want to keep a lid on the gold price. Those seeking to perpetuate the old system need to keep gold prices suppressed whilst those preparing for the reset (e.g. China) desire lower gold prices so they can buy on the cheap.

    • Jerry

      You are a true grasshopper.

      Just remember, denial doesn’t require you to do anything. Just because the timing has been wrong, doesnt mean the complete metrics of reality is wrong to. Consider it a blessing to have been given this extra time. Time is all we have left. We sure in the hell don’t have the money.

    • Donald

      “i’m sure this date too will come and go and nothing noticable will happen.”

      Yep, my thought exactly….

  15. paul ...

    I’m not going to comment … just ask two questions … isn’t it true that “real” money does not pay interest? … isn’t it a risk to make yourself dependent upon electricity in order for you to get your physical gold back? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-19/bitcoin-volume-collapsed-venezuelan-blackout

    • William Stanley

      paul …,
      Great questions!
      Thanks for asking them.

  16. iwitness02

    After listening to Andrew, I am a lot more interested in what is going to happen after April 1. This sounds like it will be a bigger turning point than I realized. Can’t wait to see what happens now. Seems like this is going to play out very well for paul… and William Stanly. I wish I had their foresight concerning PMs. But it will still be interesting to see this play out none the less. As Andrew said, we are in very interesting times. We probably haven’t seen anything yet, compared to what the future holds in store.

    • iwitness02

      Oops, should be Stanley.

    • Nathan Hail

      Since April 1st is on a Monday, the actual reset *cringe* might actually come on Saturday March 30th or Sunday March 31st. People will find out on Monday April 1st. I wonder how many of them will think that $5000 per ounce gold prices or higher are an April Fool’s Day joke ? The real fools will be everyone with paper assets or assets denominated in ANY fiat currency. I HOPE YOU ALL BUY FOOD, TIRES FOR YOUR CAR, TANGIBLE GOODS AND WARM CLOTHES FIRST, PAY YOUR BILLS, then buy silver or gold if you have covered everything else first, as Greg has repeatedly said. GET OUT OF DEBT. And good luck !

    • William Stanley

      I wish I had special “foresight.” Unfortunately, I don’t.
      I think we all know that the huge amount of private and public debt won’t get repaid — because it can’t get repaid — and that means that a lot of promises will not be kept and that a lot of plans will be stymied. If for no other reason, therefore, there will eventually be, IMO, bankruptcies and economic collapse . . . and/or rapid inflation as governments try to print enough money to keep the wheels turning and the lights on, i.e., try to maintain some semblance of the status quo. But that won’t work . . . for a whole host of reasons.
      We just don’t know the exact nature, timing and sequence of events. Having some PM probably won’t hurt. If bad goes to worse, we’ll need a lot more than some PM . . . like: dependable friends, food, warm clothes, water treatment options, sanitation, medicine, and weapons. If we can be self sufficient for even a few months, we’ll be way better off than most people.

      • iwitness02

        William Stanley,
        we’ll need more than some PM….Like: ……
        That is where my focus has been. I completely overlooked PMs. When I hear others talk about PMs, I often feel a tinge of envy. Along the lines of, I wish I had been smarter, or at least more aware of the possible options when FRNs go bust. However I am fairly rich in skills, when it comes to working with my hands. There is always the possibility that I can earn PMs through things that I can do or create. So I don’t despair over it. Just one more thing I could have done, but missed.

        • William Stanley

          It’s kind of funny, but I’m just the opposite: I’m now working my butt off trying to learn skills to make myself useful in a grid-down scenario and I am envious of those who know how already!
          I can, for example, work the theory and math concerning electronic circuits . . . but I am afraid to test the voltage on my house circuits with my new multimeter (I will have to watch a YouTube on it, I guess). Gardening? Cooking? Auto mechanics? Plumbing? Forget about it.
          I’m trying to learn some medicine and dentistry. But I need some hands-on experience there, too . . . have you got a tooth that needs extracting?
          I finally got a good gizmo for putting razor-sharp edges on knives, though. That is fun!

          • iwitness02

            William Stanley,
            Two sides of one coin.
            I do have a broken tooth. If it starts to bother me, maybe we can get you some practice.

  17. Jerry

    The only way I see that Basel III works out is with a price fix.

    I thought it was going to happen two years ago when the Chinese opened up the SGE. My mistake. Who would have predicted that the central banks would have flooded the market with paper contracts to block it? Little did they know, they played right into the hands of the Chinese and the BRICS alliance by letting them load up on trainloads of cheap gold to create a new exchange system with AIIB and CIPS. While it’s true J.P. Morgan Chase Bank has been hoarding gold to cushion the reset, no one knows for sure just how much they really have, or why they sold their corporate office building and gold vault in New York City to the Chinese? I guess we’re about to find out come March 29th.

    • Jerry

      Just in case you missed it.

    • Donald

      “Little did they know, they played right into the hands of the Chinese and the BRICS alliance by letting them load up on trainloads of cheap gold”

      I highly doubt they are that clueless. My suspicion is that they let China load up on cheap gold as part of a secret agreement. Those in true power in England only seek to maintain or grow their power. They have already said that they see China as the new “world reserve” economy of the 21st century, and that America is no longer of interest to them. Yep, America was used by them for about a century now and is no longer needed. They used America to defeat Germany in WWI and used America again and again ever since. So, to get the Chinese to agree to the scam of English controlled/manipulated banking, they had to bring in the Chinese. But many in China are still upset over England’s theft of their wealth over the illicit opium trade of the 1800s, and the decades of shame and war they suffered over it. Likely then, to partly recompense China for this, they have arranged to manipulate markets on terms favorable to China – and at the same time demonstrate their “great power” to do so – which by the way, the Trump administration is working to wipe out once and for all. LOL… who do you suppose is going to win? This is why you see all this positive media about China (including Hollywood), and why certain big USA companies are like puppets to the Chinese. This is why China was let into the WTO, why manufacturing has been sent to China, why China is allowed to steal from the west (principally the USA) and on and on and on. The Chinese are very aware of these people who are in control, and right now these people are working hard to show (fool?) China into believing that if China wants to play the game, why, they will give China the whole world to “control” (or at least be fooled into thinking so) – just like they “gave” the whole world to America about a century ago.

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur with one exception, the cheap gold is not to recompense China for the illicit opium trade in the 1800s.
        The City of London knows the dollar’s global reserve status days are numbered. If China didn’t have sufficient amount of gold, the Chinese will not support gold as the replacement for the dollar.
        I think you are on the mark regarding the secret agreement. I believe a group of core nations have made agreement to rebalance their gold reserves in preparation for the reset. It seems that G20 is not it since Canada has no gold reserve and Australia may not get theirs back.

  18. paul ...

    Question … If Bayer “knew” Roundup’s Glyphosate developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma … why did Bayer buy Monsanto?? … Did insiders at Bayer “first short sell their stock” and “then decide” to buy Monsanto??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-20/bayer-battered-after-suffering-major-blow-second-roundup-cancer-trial-loss

    • William Stanley

      paul …,
      I actually like your new format better. Good stuff.

  19. Mohammad


    More and more I am convinced that there is a merit to the Russian collusion with POTUS, and here is my line of thoughts:

    POTUS is a big supporter of the Brexit which will unravel the EU, he mentioned on many occasions that he advised May on how to break from EU but she did not listen, Russian interest in this is obvious, Russia will be the beneficiary, can any one dispute this fact?

    It is not news that Nigel Farage is on the POTUS wave of the populist movement that is breaking EU, the link between the two is established.

    I was surprised to hear from the video I am linking to now that Nigel Farage CAMPAIGNED TO BREAK UP CALIFORNIA….!!!!

    This weasel scum back who is working relentlessly on breaking the EU/ breaking Ireland/ screwing up Scotland that CLEARLY they want to stay in the EU is working on breaking California and eventually the US, so can any one explain to me like you explain it to a 4 year old kid, breaking California and eventually US if it materializes isn’t it Russian interest???????????

    the video:
    please listen to the mark @1.04

    I always went on saying that Gorbachev is going into history for breaking the Soviet Union, Trump will go in history for breaking USA.


    • Mohammad

      Understandably 2017 video but I never known this information until now, it is very very important to pass it on.


    • Mohammad

      Please notice the headline of the video is EU threatens to break up US when on the mark 1:03 the weasel is working on breaking up California, then cowardly tries to distance himself, moral of this , do not listen to the talk look at the walk.


    • Greg Hunter

      Your line of thought is to discount the fact that zero collusion was found my Mueller and the Senate investigation. You nknow why that is? Because there was no collusion and never was any because they made it up.

      • Mohammad

        Just take look at those charts:


        Proving it is next to impossible because it is a high caliber stunt but sure it does not pass the smell test.


      • Bob

        In his manifesto, the Christchurch shooter also expressed a desire to break the USA up. His main goal from the attack was to cause gun control legislation. He got that in NZ within a week. Is Jacinda Ardern , the NZ Prime Minister, also working for the Russians? Perhaps she needs to be investigated for terrorism and treason.

        What ever happened to “We will never let the terrorists win, we won’t live in fear, and we will never give them what they want”? She’s giving Tarrant exactly what he wanted and can’t seem to make it happen fast enough.

        The police are guarding mosques across the country. The MSM of course tells us it is for the safety of Muslims, but the real reason is to monitor mosques and hopefully prevent the Muslims conducting revenge attacks. Muslims want to kill the people who shared the video online too so the police arrested the video sharers without bail to keep them out of the way.

    • AndrewB

      The Scots had their own referendum in 2014 to leave the United Kingdom or to remain. They chickened out and voted to remain. Those who campaigned to leave were, for the most part, members of the SNP, the Scottish National Party, who now make up the majority in Scotland’s devolved Parliament. A major reason Scots voted to remain within the U.K. was due to fear that the Scottish economy could not go it alone.

      When it came to the BREXIT referendum in 2016, the majority in Scotland voted to remain within the EU. This could well be because the SNP campaigned hard for a remain vote. I would speculate that, as the SNP has not given up their ambition to split from the UK (it is their raison d’etre), they need for Scotland (the U.K.) to remain within the EU to be able to persuade the Scottish electorate in a future referendum that Scotland can flourish outside the U.K., BUT within the EU.

      If the UK leaves the EU, then so does Scotland – making the chances of a vote for a subsequent break from the UK much more doubtful.

      • Mohammad


        The Scots are always neglected by England and deprived of the wealth the London city cartels with the south east always enjoyed. They were dragged against their wish with a referendum that suited the cartels in London who foresaw the Chinese star rising and wanted to ride the Renminbi wave on the ashes of the dollar. The Brexiteers are none other than the Babylonians that escaped from Rome to Venice to Amsterdam and finally to London.

        Same goes for Wales and in particular Ireland, they did not have yet enough time to enjoy the peace that was handed with a grenade that is rearing its ugly head now with the hard border the Brexiteers know very well the EU will impose to protect themselves from the chlorinated chicken that will flood in from US and the Monsanto crap that will enter EU through exited UK if it stays UK.

        So amazing how much ignorance floats around tingling the sensation of sovereignty of the sheeple when indeed it is a nefarious plan unfolding.


        • Bob

          The EU is a nefarious plan and needs to be destroyed.

          • Mohammad



    • Donald

      “I am convinced that there is a merit to the Russian collusion”

      Yes, there is “collusion” with “Russia”. Rogue elements (i.e., those not with Putin) in Russia have (and continue?) to collude with those in the west that control (for now) the world’s financial system. This “collusion” has been ongoing now for at least over a century.

      • Mohammad

        So I can depict from your post that POTUS is lined up with Putin if the latter’s rouge are lining up with POTUS rouge.
        So you concur with the Mueller probe to be of a merit and valid..?


        • Tin foil hat

          Trump was about to collude with Putin to put an end to all the nonsenses from the prior administrations. That was stopped by the “Collusion” accusation and the ensuing investigation.
          Mueller’s probe has no merit whatsoever.

          • AndrewB

            Tin foil hat
            There’s good vibrations penetrating that hat!

        • Donald

          “So you concur with the Mueller probe to be of a merit”

          lol… sort of I suppose… I suspect the Mueller probe has been investigating collusion by corrupt elements of the Deep State (headquartered in England) as opposed to Trump. What Mueller has found and what will be released are two different things. The Russians have been aware of this vermin for a long time, and Putin kicked them out of Russia. As a result, they have been attacking Putin ever since. But psychopaths being what they are, will do anything for a few dollars. So the Deep State still has those in Russia willing to work for them (for a few dollars) and you can be sure Putin is seeking them out. The evil that has been perpetrated by these people is incomprehensible – all for power and money. Their favorite ploy is to cause a problem and get someone else to take the blame while they profit from the outcome. But that’s what psychopaths do. Russia has been a substantial victim by them for over 100 years now. America was an overt victim in the 1700s and 1800s and a covert victim since. Germany in the 1900s. Many other countries as well right up into the present. This has been going on for a very long time.

  20. paul ...

    Here’s two questions for Trump’s neocons to ponder … should they try to do “another regime change” in Turkey now that Russia is in control of half of NATO’s Army … and the NATO Army under Russian control is currently being armed with S400’s and S500’s??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-19/turkey-putins-ally-nato … and … have the neocons considered that trying to do a regime change in Venezuela will result in S400’s and S500’s being introduced into South America?

  21. brewmaster

    If gold is below $1300 on April 1, won’t this conversation look a bit ridiculous?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not really “Brewmaster.” The longer term implications are huge. This is not a trade but a long tern insurance play. Oh and The Fed said today it’s not raising rates for all of 2019!

    • TSI

      no it will be perfect – for April fools’ day!

    • jack

      that’s the plan, Satanic smashdown on April 1 . if you are short gold that day you will make money

      • Greg Hunter

        One day a market does not make. You are going to be losing a lot of money shorting gold.

        • jack

          really:? well for the past 30 years I always take a short position on gold a couple of days before a FED meeting, and employment report or options expiration days. it’s the easiest trade you can ever make , because no matter the fundamentals , they Almost always sell gold heavily on these days ( look at last week , they dumped $1b in gold before the FED meeting) . meanwhile I have never sold on ounce physical gold or silver in 30 years , they will fight it tooth and nail if they have to 2000 to 1 on leverage. in fact the price of gold in dollar terms now a major national security issue , and of course the sheep are totally brainwashed , they don’t know an ounce of gold from a bottle cap, and when stocks tank they will run to dollars and Bonds and get slaughtered for the last time, before the whole shithouse caves in ( as the great Jim Morrison said long ago), so I won’t be losing any money , I have been playing this game for 25 years and I have around an 80% Rate of success. the big question is when do you cover your short, and to that I look to see if the economic data really support a gold price reduction or not, last week I covered very fast as the dovish FED was very bullish for gold , so they would only be able to keep it capped for a day or so , when they raise rates ( or say they do) the smackdown last a bit longer and you can wait longer to cover. So Greg, I will not be losing money on this farce any time soon , sometimes I am wrong but not much , with an 80% success rate you can make a fortune ,with this little simple trade , all you need is a calendar . I am sure many Pros jump on the back of the FED ‘s naked shorts , ask your buddy Mannirino if he does this

  22. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks, that was interesting!
    I’m becoming more and more intrigued by the divergence in behavior of the palladium and platinum markets from the gold and silver markets which, I speculate, are more highly manipulated.

  23. Tim

    Nobody knows how long The Powers That Be can keep the global economy from collapsing or what will happen with the price of precious metals. There are some very smart and successful people in the alternative media, but NONE of them know what will happen. It has been 10 years since the last crisis, and TPTB may be able to keep this going for another 10 years. We just don’t know. Mr. Maguire is a very smart man, but he has been wrong for many years now with regard to his predictions.

  24. Mikey

    I got into metals long ago while they were near their cheapest.
    There isn’t much time left if you want to get in before prices shoot up.

    “Buy low, sell high”, the basic law of investment. Normally I wouldn’t call metals an investment – they’re mainly a hedge – but that may be changing.

    Can’t afford gold by the ounce? Then
    > buy 1/10 ozs
    > buy by the gram
    > buy silver, which will appreciate along with gold ($50 is a joke). Just get into metals now.
    Imagine paying off your mortgage and buying a new car with approx $2500!

    Maguire says that the smart money is definitely buying gold now.

    Best guest in a long time, Greg.

    • Ray

      I like your ideas on getting into metals, however, I don’t see people with metals being able to buy houses with ounces of gold.
      If hyper inflations hits, then yes, your ounce of gold my be worth $50,000!
      At the same time however, the price of everything else skyrockets exponentially.
      Loaf of bread$85.00
      Case of beer: $4,500
      Car: $46 Million
      House: $28 Billion
      Suddenly that $50,000 ounce of gold doesn’t buy much house anymore.
      The sad reality is……The Banksters will ALWAYS be paid.
      Best Wishes Mikey
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Greg Hunter

        Do you own any gold or silver coins? Australia makes some of the very best. One of your bullion gold coins is called a “Nugget”.

        • Stephen

          Wrong thinking… gold will hold the purchasing power better than any other currency

          • Greg Hunter

            I have been saying this for years. Everyone should hold gold and silver as a core position.

  25. Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

    Gold/silver are good investments. Everyone should own some.
    But the best investment is spiritual obedience with your money.

    Tithing (giving 10% of your money to the church) is a spiritual law which yields proven results.

    Offerings (giving gifts above the tithe) are another investment which bring the blessing of God upon your finances.

    The Bible mentions many times that feeding the poor brings God’s blessings.

    Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven.

    • TSI

      You cannot bribe your way into heaven Robert.

      • Greg Hunter

        You sure cannot get in being an atheist.

    • Paul in oz

      Robert, the first biblical reference to tithing is in Deuteronomy. If you can find me where it says give that you give 10% of your money to the church I will stand corrected. Seems to me Tithing is meant to set aside a tenth of the blessings God provided, and use/consume them in is honour in his place (if it accessible) otherwise, convert that increase to silver and take the proceeds to his place and lusteth and consume that which you purchased with the silver in his place. Every 3 years your tithes should be put into the store house for homeless, strangers, fatherless and widows who have no means of their own. Handing funds over to a deeply flawed organization which has put their interests over those whom they have abused, to make golden idols and extravagant temples is not the wisdom of God, but rather the foolishness of man. I encourage everyone to put their faith in God have a personal relationship with him and not man (and those that have falsely interpreted his words for their own agenda) and that have have demonstrated over history to be poor representatives of the Trinity.

    • Bob

      With a name like that, I wonder what do you make of the USS Liberty affair?

  26. Tom from VB

    First, I want to let you know that the email for this interview did not post to my spam folder….it posted to my inbox.
    Second, it sounded to me that Andrew agrees with Rob Kirby that the price of Au/Ag will “take off” once there is a failure to deliver.
    As usual, another enlightening show! So glad to be part of “Watchdog Nation”!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom for the comment!!

  27. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with Andrew Maguire. He is very knowledgeable about precious metals, to the extent his commentary is oft times somewhat bewildering. In any event I was an early participant in Kinesis. End of preamble.

    Basel III, published in 2012 and due for full implementation on Friday 29th March 2019. The BREXIT referendum took place way back on 23rd June 2016. Is it not a very strange coincidence that BREXIT is due to happen on Friday 29th March 2019?

    Even though Prime Minister May has requested a delay, Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, has responded by saying a delay will not be extended beyond 27th May 2019 and further, that there will be no delay UNLESS there is a positive vote in the U.K. Parliament for May’s ‘Withdrawal Agreement’. This WA has been voted down twice already, the first time by the biggest anti government vote in the history of the UK Parliament, and a few weeks later by the fourth biggest vote against in history! Given this backdrop, what chance of achieving a majority in favour during the next nine days? Also, bear in mind that the EU Commission (made up of 21 unelected technocrats) has made clear it will not renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement’.

    As things stand legally, a ‘no deal’ BREXIT will happpen on 29th March unless May’s Withdrawal Agreement gains a majority in Parliament beforehand – which seems unlikely. Either way, BREXIT appears to be close at hand (despite there being a majority of ‘remainers’ with Parliament.

    And so we have BREXIT and Basel III on the same day – amazing coincidence, or by design? Basel III has the potential to cause severe financial disruption. The BIS will not want attention drawn to them. BREXIT is the perfect ‘excuse’. BREXIT – and the ‘ignorant, uneducated, xenophobic, racist, northern working class Brits’ who voted for BREXIT will be blamed.

    The globalist bankers know that the current crop of fiat currencies have come to the end of their useful lifespans. Time, once again, to revert to real money – gold. They have been hoarding gold while keeping the price low. Everything points toward a major pivot in favour of gold relative to bankrupt fiat.

    We shall see – shortly . . .

    • Mohammad

      Great post Andrew, I was not aware of the concomitant dates of Basel III and Brexit, it makes now all the sense that May was all along directing the House of Commons towards hard Brexit knowing fully they will vote down the “deal” she negotiated with EU and digging her heal so hard that no participation from the house of commons to modify the deal was accepted by her giving it a chance to pass because she did not want it to pass to start with.

      Yes , the north was played by London and south east with the referendum, and if Brexit materializes they will lose their jobs or what ever left of it and they will pay hefty price for what they voted for, Ignorance is once worst enemy.

      Same is happening here in US by the same culprits using same play book on the same ignorants with maga hats likely with the same result.


      • Mohammad

        “Ignorance is one’s worst enemies.”

        • TSI

          Yet to the wise ignorance seems like bliss

      • Freebrezer

        M – Why do you have to barf out such a caustic statement ‘ ignorants with maga hats’. I would wager that most maga hat people have much more intellect invested in the ‘Game of politics’ and understand what is coming vs. the general populace … and in that they differ politically with you, does not imply ignorance. Ignorance is the tattooed barista at Starbucks that wants every one to get the same living wage (social justice) … this as she blabbers with her friends on the IPhone how great AOC is … … ‘like’ it is not right ‘like’ a person ‘like’ Steve Jobs ‘like’ got wealthy … ‘like’ didn’t society ‘like’invent the I-phone? … !!!! Tread carefully my friend – words are like bullets when used wrong!

      • AndrewB

        Thank you for your support BUT I’m afraid it’s misplaced. I am very much anti EU and its autocratic construct! Also, you fail to detect my sarcastic ‘wit’ when I refer to Brexit supporters as, ‘ignorant, uneducated, xenophobic, racist, northern working-class Brits’. These were the monickers used by the establishment ‘remainers’ to demean all pro Brexit voters. Just like all Trump voters are, ‘ignorant, uneducated, xenophobic, racist, sexist, red-necks’ – according to the bought and paid for MSM.

        • Mohammad

          I noticed the quotes which hinted to sarcasm, I wanted to be contrarian and point to the danger on your east side, Russia/China, that is rejoicing the dismantle of EU.

          You are and brexiteers under estimate how weak you will become against Russia/China.

          You will see what I posted here as wisdom when you become a small bolus for the bear and the dragon waiting to pounce on you.


          • Greg Hunter

            Are you for America of China and Russia?

            • Mohammad

              I am for America that is united to stand the coming power play by China and Russia,
              The united EU and United States working with EU are THE ONLY chance to combat the coming danger, it is very crystal clear.
              POTUS is dismantling the NATO which is Russia’s wet dream.


  28. Keith wilson

    Greg. Some guy in China just spent 1.4 million on a racing pigeon called Armando. He purchased it from an auction site in belguim. Worked it out he could have purchased 80,000 silver eagles with that type of monies ? If silver takes off and hits 150 per ounce. That could cost him 14 million plus. Was this guy stupid or does he know something we don’t ? Also I checked around and could not find any bullion dealer holding 80,000 silver eagles for sale or delivery. What does this tell you ?

    • Justn Observer

      First, have a Faraday cage handy, second some old sideband CB’S and Ham radios in there with some solar panels and batteries…and some pigeons for communication if the grid goes down? Some signal flags or frenzel lights if your passing messages across the channel= it worked for Rothschild?

  29. Paul in oz

    Andrew Maguire interviews are always interesting.

    One thing I have not been able to get my arms around is the relationship in Kinesis Money of the KVT (if any) to the KAG and KAU. It could be my lack of understanding of how crypto’s work is the reason.

    The KAG and KAU are backed by allocated PM’s, but the KVT’s are npt part of the currency suite and hence have no PM allocated to it. The KVT benefits from transactional activity on the tokens, and you must purchase at least 1 KVT to mint KAG and KAU (which begins in May 2019).

    It is nice that they are physically backed, but costs and location information is not yet available for potential physical redemption, but obviously you backing of pm must be practical for us little guys who will not be holding mega quantities

    If any reader can share experience with KVT’s it would be appreciated … I have other physical backed crypto, but have not yet pulled the trigger on Kinesis.

  30. R.J.

    all gold naysayers have the attention span of a teetsy fly . gold in the 20s was 25 dollars in the 30s after whats his name stole everybodys gold then revalued it to 35 dollars. today it is over 1300 dollars what the hell is there to think about. get rid of your paper toilet paper take the gold and silver and run

  31. Anthony Australia

    I love the part when he compared the Indian to western people. We stock pile junk when they accumulate for the future. This is true if people in Asia too, a dear old lady who I chatted with ages ago had saved gold for a rainy day. When she hit 60 plus years old, her retirement is now blissful.

  32. Mohammad

    Stealing Venezuelan gold:


    Did I see this movie before?


    • Jallen

      Stealing American gold… President Roosevelt ordered Americans to turn in their gold for twenty dollars an ounce. After collecting Gold from the fools he raised the price to thirty five dollars an ounce. Mohammad as you can see there are many versions of the movie you have seen. Modern day Presidents have remade the movie and in this movie they steal other countries gold…. The Federal Reserve beats them all as they will give you paper for your gold and to top that perhaps you will accept an electronic entry in their computer.
      When you talk trillions you are talking electronic money as \there is not enough room on the paper to put all the zeroes.
      Someday America will wake up and eliminate THE FEDERAL RESERVE and return to honest money backed by gold and silver.
      One can only hope…


      • Freebrezer

        Jallen – Question: If a dem gets the presidency in 2020 along with congress, and if the Federal reserve was eliminated; The Dems would have control of money printing … How would this be different and better? And do you really think the Democratic party would “return to honest money backed by gold and silver”? … I seriously doubt the Republican party would. Congress has already put us in the hole for 22 trillion on the books and another 21 trillion (that we know about) off the books … Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t?

        • Jallen

          This Devil will bankrupt America after stealing its Gold. Silver etc. The Federal reserve could care less who is in power
          as they own both sides. Your job is to protect yourself as best as possible against their FIAT MONEY>


    • Freebrezer

      M – Please … did you not read the article? The gold was not stolen, it is called collateral (something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default)… if anything Venezuela (V) ripped off Citi bank. Do the math man! Citi loaned V 1.6 billion in US $$ and got several tons of gold as collateral. To recoup all there money it would take selling 25 tons … that is a bit off from several. M – I have asked this question multiple times of every blogger that pushes the old poor old Maduro regime vs big bad USA … How in the hell did Hugo Chaves’s daughter make 4 billion US dollars as a hair stylist?

      • Freebrezer

        That is the question … and the answer to that question explains who ripped off the people of Venezuela. M – another question: Do you think all the cronies surrounding Chavez and Maduro might of also helped themselves to V riches?

        • Mohammad


          As of Chavez Daughter, this an old practice by all governments under sanctions in the third world to have the closest trustworthy figures carrying the state money under private businesses to escape the sanctions , so sanctions are against the states but not persons, that way they continue with their business with the least possible difficulties, they have country to run and there are forces hell bent on choking them, am not taking sides here just describing.

          As far as stealing Venezuela gold, of course it was stolen, how long has their gold been repatriated by Chaves to no avail..? they will load you with loans that you cannot pay back because they sanctioned your exports of oil then they steal your collateral (gold) then they dump it on Comex to keep the paper Ponzi afloat (Harvesting) and next thing you know is seeing the dives on gold chart each time it tries to break up.


          • Freebrezer

            M – under your logic, why didn’t Maduro take a loan from Chavez’s daughter for 1.6 billion vs going to Citi bank? Remember the elites that rule third world countries are only there to help the people! She has 4 billion thus 1.6 billion loan would not be that much when you think about … explain?

            • Mohammad

              Maduro is sanctioned as a person , the moment he touches the money it is confiscated.


  33. Red

    Hi Greg, Love Andrews line of thinking BUT i know some of the Basel iii requirements are being implemented before the 2022 date coming into full implementation after that date?The wording is very loose. Still think Andrews correct though because the banks that want to survive have to start collateralising NOW!! by stealth, i think they are only just hanging on, the price is already on a march. I only wished i had the capital invest. Fantastic interview.

  34. paul ...

    Question … why was there was so little coverage of the massive volcanic explosion on Monday near the Mexican border by the mainstream media in the United States? … To prevent panic concerning Yellowstone and the entire Ring of Fire becoming dangerously active? … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OQ9rhePt0w

    • paul ...

      Are all the earthquakes and volcano’s erupting on Earth simply part of a government “dis-information” campaign? … or can we actually verify the truth of these events we are seeing and feeling? … if we can verify the truth of what we are seeing and feeling … the question then becomes … what is “causing” all this increase in earthquake and volcanic activity on Earth?? … a prep-er living on a mountain in Maine gives some of his thoughts … believe what you will … but this question needs to be answered by everyone … what is causing these “increasing real effects” on our Planet we can see and feel?? … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIArsLloBL8

      • gregd

        I’m happy to see you are still here! Cooler heads theory.

      • paul ...

        Question … does that a new planet in our Solar System that NASA said they discovered beyond Pluto (that is larger then Jupiter) have a gravitational pull? … and is it creating all the current earthquake and volcanic activity on Earth? … is it only the Sun that can pull the Earth around in orbit? … and only the Moon can raise the tides on Earth? … so is this “new planet” NASA recently discovered a planet “without gravitational pull”? … and therefore this new planet NASA discovered (unlike the Sun and Moon) can’t be exerting any pull on the Earth’s tectonic plates … right? … so what else could be creating all the pull on Earth’s tectonic plates creating all these volcanic explosions around the Ring of Fire and earthquakes now rattling Yellowstone? … could it be the Sun’s binary star (Wormwood) the Virgin Mother told the three Fatima children would be entering our Solar System??

        • paul ...

          Question … the Vatican has kept what was told to the three Fatima children by the Virgin Mary “a top secret” … but for how long can the Government succeed in blocking out our view of the Nemesis now entering our Solar System with their chem-trails???

  35. Marie Joy

    My watched YouTube videos are showing half watched or 3/4 watched.

  36. Jimmy Carter


    Martin Armstrong Says WalMart Won’t Accept $20 gold coins as payment.


    • Russell

      It’s a nice media stunt, but who would be dumb enough to fork over almost an ounce of gold for $20 face? Notice that a modern American gold eagle has a face value of $50. Why do they even bother striking a face value on modern bullion coins? It’s a joke.

    • TSI

      ok H. BRADLEY we have you. Greg I got him.

    • God, gOLD, gUNS & gETAWAY PLAN

      Far from working with organized criminals since the 1980s, Trump has been working with the FBI – to bring them down.

      Trump Started Working With The FBI Since 1981

  37. Russell

    This was an excellent interview. I’m all in on precious metals and have been sitting on them for a decade. Made some good moves, and made some very bad moves over the years.

    If you want a good laugh at my expense, I shall afford it to you now… I bought 16 ounces of platinum on the absolute worst day ever in history. Look at a chart for platinum and find the peak when quantitative easing 3 or “operation twist” was launched by the federal reserve. A child playing pin the tail on the donkey could have done better than I did. It’s okay, I’ll grin and bear it. Strong hands. I’ll hold. Have way more gold and silver than platinum. That should offset the huge black hole I created for myself in platinum.

    Don’t ever take investment advice from me. Cheers!

  38. Mohammad


    What is coming from Brussel indicates that the EU will approve SHORT extension until May, conditioned to West-minister approving the deal.

    Let’s see how much balls the MP’s in the house of commons have, if they vote down the deal Monday in the coming meaningful vote (likely) then HARD BREXIT IT IS.


  39. Geoff Macrackin

    Most Dangerous Volcano In North America Just Erupted – Shot Ash Nearly A Mile Into The Sky

    • Justn Observer

      A mile = 5280 ft…. Italy and Indonesia and others up 20 to 40 k ft….that was a burp…Mexico should be on alert , much larger one too come ! and hope ‘the wall’ is ready for about 30 million migration all at once? LOL Truth is they need to head TO Venezuela, Paraguay, N. Argentina …those will be the premium fertile crop areas than coming north into a cold flood zone!

  40. Geoff Macrackin

    Donna Brazile Isn’t The Only Person To Join Over At Controlled-Opposition Fox
    Tim Brown 1 min ago

  41. God, gOLD, gUNS & gETAWAY PLAN

    Academic Ignorance Bred a New Generation of Socialists
    Center for Self Governance (CSG) Administrative Team 1 min ago

  42. paul ...

    Does this mean New Jersey will be giving a property tax credit to homeowners when the Sun shines … or a carbon tax credit to people who hold their breath so as to not release CO2 into the atmosphere??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-21/nj-governor-signs-rain-tax-bill-residents-property-rates-rise-based-weather

  43. Mohammad



    “Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Cities, Counties, & States Spring Up Across The Country”

    What a shrewd way to round them up in few locations so they could be dealt with easier than spreading out allover the place.


  44. Mohammad


    The press conference just now from the EU council:
    1- if House of commons passes the agreement….extension until 22 of may
    2- if not…..extension until 12th of April.

    That keeps all options open and the cliff edge now is April 12th.


    • Mohammad


      There nothing wrong with having a second thought, what seemed to me that the PM May wants to hard Brexit the UK appears to me now that she wants to cram down the Brits’ throats the ” deal”.

      She wants them trapped in EU.

      It is like the Hotel California song, “You can check out any time you want but you can’t leave”


  45. paul ...

    A few weeks ago Syria notified Israel through United Nations diplomatic channels that it is prepared to go to war if Israel does not voluntarily leave and get off its property … doesn’t it make more sense to determine whether a Nation still owns its land “if it is taken in war” in a World Court (rather then on the battle field)?? … but like we don’t have enough of our own wars to fight it looks like Trump has decided to put the American people in the middle of this “coming war” between Syria and Israel over “the right to own the land of a Nation if taken in war” … is it because Cheney has some oil wells in the Golan Heights and just happens to be Trumps favorite hawk?? … or … is it more likely because “it weakens the US claim to own Germany” because we have been occupying their soil since 1945?? … can we now assume Putin will join in and defend Syria’s absolute right to annex some of Israel’s land (and permanently keep all the Israeli land it wins in war)?? … does this not look like “doing to others what they do unto you”?? … but if they finally got their WWIII “locked in” does it really matter to the neocons??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-21/trump-tweets-mideast-bombshell-us-must-back-israeli-sovereignty-over-golan-heights

    • Greg Hunter

      I brought this up many times that Israel will never allow the Golan Heights to be held by Syria. The last time it was it was used to stage attacks and bomb Israel.

  46. Ray

    Good interview with interesting points made……..thank you.
    I hate to rain on a parade, but this idea of a great “revaluation” of currencies in relation to an exponential rise in the price of gold is noble, but JUST AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!
    Look…..it’s time to be honest here with ourselves and understand the reality we are TRAPPED in.
    We live in a society based on lies, war, death and deceit…..controlled by people who keep it that way…..because their dishonesty enriches them at the expense of the many.
    It’s true, that gold IS THE ONLY REAL MONEY.
    Gold = Honesty.
    The people in control of this planet, run the planet based on DISHONESTY.
    They will NEVER allow a money system based on honesty……NEVER.
    They will destroy the planet first…..because any return too honest money would destroy them.
    The only hope we have is to live as honestly as we can, be good to one another, and hope that when we die, we are not returned again to this Hell planet that can never be saved.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Greg Hunter

      You left out (in your opinion) “it ain’t going to happen.” I think in some way shape or form it will, and with Australia without it’s 80 tons of gold (being held in “The City of London”) you better hope your right, but you are not. Why in the heck do you think “London” is not giving you your gold back?

      • Ray

        It’s not “my gold” at all!!!!
        Never was, never will be.
        It’s owned by the bastard Australian government……they don’t answer to me, same as your bastard American government doesn’t answer to you either! They answer only to The Banksters.
        Please……are you living in some DREAM LAND Greg where you think that if the City Of London did in fact return the 80 tons of gold to these shores, that the bastard Australian government are going to turn around and use it for “the good of The People” when financial crisis hits globally??
        They will use it to buy friggin military equipment from McDonnell Douglas first so they can blow a few holes in whatever target Uncle Sam says, “Hey……go shoot them’s terrorists over there you obedient little kangaroo. There’s a good Lap Dog”.
        That 8o tons of gold may as well be 80 tons of horse s*it……because it will NEVER, EVER be used to help ANY of the Australian people. It would only be used to help who it was DESIGNED to help……BANKSTERS.
        Oh….and to answer your question…..
        They haven’t given it back, because they haven’t got it to give back.
        It was probably stolen by another nation in a military raid whilst being leased out. Hmmmmmm…..wonder where it could be?
        Anyway, my point is made.
        The only things that are truly “mine” are those that are in my physical possession. I grew up LONG AGO and learned that the bastard government doesn’t give two hoots about me, and they have NOTHING in store for me except more taxes, so whilst the 80 tons of gold might say “Australian” on the title, it was NEVER, EVER mine.
        Have a nice weekend Champion.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Greg Hunter

          If you are a citizen, it’s your gold.

          • Ray

            Interesting point you make there Greg!
            These days the government refers to The People as “Tax Payers”……never “Citizens”.
            There endeth the lesson………..
            Ray, Canberra, Tax Payer Nation

    • Anthony Australia

      Ray, we are all rotted by debt here, great con artist trick at play.

      Bring in the new immigrants with the hope of prosperity and a better life. When in reality they are smothered and enslaved in debt! I have spoken to many migrants over the years, the most recent from the Middle East, they are all aware of the new reality. Dangle the carrot enough and people will try to grab at it, reminds me of the game ‘Apple bobbing’. Apples $8/kg, Bananas $8/kg, Tomates $10/kg and Avocados $4 each, yep our inflation figures released by the (Australian Bureau of Statistics) are true, not.

      As Michael Parkinson said something to the affect, ‘The Australian spirit and limitless opportunity can be summed up by the Kerry Packer story, his father found $10 on the ground at the racetrack and built an empire’.

      Load of malarkey Mate, why not talk about the Millions that feed the system, Parko won’t mention that.

      • Ray

        Well said Anthony….well said.
        I am 50 years old, and I am in debt to NO-ONE.
        I have NEVER owned a credit card.
        I pay for EVERYTHING in cash.
        My father taught me well. When I was 19 I got into some difficulty with a car loan (remember Keating’s recession in late 80’s and the 19% interest rates?)…..he forced me to go out and get TWO JOBS to pay the loan back (instead of just giving me the money, God rest him!)
        I save up for everything…….never borrow a cent.
        The only “credit” I have is what is between my ears, in my heart and flowing through my veins…….the rest is Bankster Bollocks that I don’t need.
        I put 25% of everything I earn aside……no matter what.
        It works…….and I have taught my own teenage son the same thing.
        If only the asswipe Australian government didn’t force us to have bank accounts Anthony, I would drop the banks like a hot potato as well…..hope one day we all can!
        Regards to you and yours,
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Russell

          I would share a foxhole with you brother. We as savers are being punished. Greetings from Austin, Texas!

  47. paul ...

    You know … I wonder how Trump can win in 2020 if he has to compete with people promising to provide free college tuition, student loan forgiveness, Medicare for all, free child care, universal basic income (UBI) and a Green New Deal all paid for by money printed out of thin air (MMT)?? … polls show 74% of registered voters support a 2% annual wealth tax on those with $50 million of assets … and 3% on those with $1 billion of assets … and agree with imposing “wealth taxes” not only on rich peoples net worth … but impose estate taxes on everything they own when they die … so I ask the question … besides Trump having a hard time winning in 2020 … why isn’t the price of gold rising? … one would think the rich would want to hide their wealth in gold … and then pass their hidden gold to the next generation “tax free” … could it be the elite still have not sufficiently accumulated enough gold yet?? … and this is why gold is still being held down?? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-21/jim-rickards-exposes-myth-mmt

  48. Steven L.

    We’re going to Bitcoin. That’s why it was created. Money “out of the hands” of our government. Just watch.

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