Debt Bomb Going to Explode in September 2015-David Morgan

David MorganBy Greg Hunter’s

Renowned precious metals analyst David Morgan is out with a new book called “The Silver Manifesto.” In a chapter called “The Debt Bomb,” Morgan lays out the biggest problem and the biggest reason to own precious metals. Morgan contends, “Basically, the United States have exported our inflation to every other country. So, for them to stay competitive, they are required to weaken their own currencies for what is called competitive advantage. It simply means if they don’t print . . . their currencies would become too strong, and they would not be able to export. In order to keep trade flowing, these other countries are basically required to do what the U.S. government does, and that is export a great quantity of un-backed paper promises that are impossible to pay back. That’s the crux of “The Debt Bomb.” It’s going to explode. . . . The basic premises are: You default on the debt . . . or you keep kicking the can down the road, and you continue to debase the currency, which is what governments have always done when it’s a non-backed currency. If you look at the value of the Federal Reserve from 1913 to now, in a little over a hundred years, the Federal Reserve itself will admit that 100 cents is now worth about 4 cents. So, you have lost 96% of the value of the U.S. dollar. . . . That has been a failure, a tremendous failure. That is a collapse in slow motion. Now, what we are really arguing about is what’s going to happen to the last 4 cents of the U.S. dollar. . . . It looks to me that at some point, a tipping point, that you will get an acceleration . . . and things will change dramatically.”

On the Greek debt crisis, will it be forced to default? Morgan says, “Yes, and the problem is everyone in power is acting like a bunch of kids. No one wants to be an adult and state the problem clearly. This new regime in Greece actually has. They are the only truth tellers at the political level that actually said we are bankrupt.”

On the price of silver, Morgan says, “What is $16 silver compared to $5 silver over a decade ago, and basically they are the same price. Isn’t that amazing, this inflation that nobody talks about. It you take the $5 silver price back in 2003, and you use the true money supply of fiat currency today, hey guess what, it is pretty close to $16. So, in a nut shell, because you are buying the same silver for basically the same amount over a decade ago, it’s really on sale. It is really a bargain.”

When might the economy and the “debt bomb” explode? Morgan predicts this fall. Why? Morgan says, “Momentum is one indicator and the money supply. Also, when I made my forecast, there is a big seasonality, and part of it is strict analytical detail and part of it is being in this market for 40 years. I got a pretty good idea of what is going on out there and the feedback I get. . . . I’m in Europe, I’m in Asia, I’m in South America, I’m in Mexico, I’m in Canada; and so, I get a global feel, if you will, for what people are really thinking and really dealing with. It’s like a barometer reading, and I feel there are more and more tensions all the time and less and less solutions. It’s a fundamental take on how fed up people are on a global basis. Based on that, it seems to me as I said in the January issue of the Morgan Report, September is going to be the point where people have had it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with silver guru David Morgan of
(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

If you would like to buy David Morgan’s new book “The Silver Manifesto,” please click here.

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  1. paul

    For those preparing for turmoil … and are stocking up on food and water, etc. … should place aside some emergency silver coins in case the power goes out and you lose refrigeration … also a one ounce silver coin should be placed in each gallon of water you store away to preserve its freshness (as silver has antibiotic properties).

    If there is a power blackout you will need to have some additional one ounce coins available to throw into your one gallon milk container (without refrigeration milk will not go bad if a silver coin is put into it) … also have some silver coins to put in your soup and other foods to keep them from going sour.

    The above silver should never be sold … but kept for emergency use in a power blackout … or used right now to reduce your refrigeration/electricity costs … this “untouchable silver” should never be bartered or sold … if you want you put silver away for “monetary reasons” it should be in addition to your “untouchable supply” … during any blackout that lasts for many months silver will become “a very valuable commodity” for use in barter or trade as it will be in great demand by people to replace lost refrigeration!

    • paul

      With regard to the cost of mining … the recent take down in the oil price has benefited the silver miners bottom line … bringing the cost of mining an ounce of silver down by about $10 dollars (from $24 to $14) … but remember the producers collect strong US dollars when they sell their silver … the bottom line is the severely depressed mining stocks will begin to show good earnings … as for the coins … they will remain at bargain prices until the powers that be manipulate the oil price higher (shutting down the silver mines) and cutting off production. In the mean time we stackers can accumulate coins on a monthly basis at historic bargain prices (as Morgan says “taking inflation into account the price of silver is now roughly $5 dollars per ounce).

    • paul

      Of course putting a silver coin in (rBST tainted milk) while protecting it from spoilage … is not going to protect you from illness due to disease causing hormones, etc. as explained here …

      • Jim

        Signed an affidavit years ago that I wouldn’t use it. On a 200 cow dairy it will generate enough additional revenue, over application cost, to pay for the trucking getting the milk to the dairy. It is the mirror image molecule of naturally occurring bovine somatotropin (bst). I think most dairies discourage use of it.

    • Really? Has anyone else heard of this? Thanks!

      • Mohammad


    • Jeff L

      Thank you Paul. This kind of info is invaluable.

    • Jerry

      Good stuff! Thanks Paul. I hope its a reset. Some I know in military think tanks are saying it will take twenty years to recover from a global economic collapse. If that’s true we are looking at the dark ages, if we don’t blow ourselves up first. In any case silver will be valuable.

    • JC Davis

      Paul. Good info. My aunt would put a mercury dime in her black eyed peas on new years. Now I know why. She always said it was for good luck. Now I know it was for good health.

  2. Emeth

    I notice the Gold and Silver advocates are all hedging their speech of late, with the PM prices sliding lower. Where is Harvey Organ?. I guess he too is going to blame some sort of conspiracy for the price action.

    The PM crowd are now getting more frustrated and angry, as their confident predictions haven’t come to pass. They blame the ‘Fed’ and the banks for their manipulations.

    The nuttier ones blame Soros, Rockefeller, Kissinger and Netanyahu, and all those sneaky money-lending Jews, who want to control the world. Some even blame ‘the lizard spirits’, aliens or even ‘supernatural demons’, who have infiltrated the human line with their demonic DNA.

    No doubt the corruption is factual, but the contrary arguments about PMs is just as fanciful. Martin Armstrong deconstructs the PM crowds arguments. He is very critical of them. He basically calls them all ‘spruikers’, who focus on a limited set of data to support their position, while ignoring others. I believe this is called the ‘base rate fallacy’. You can read his logical and power rationale on his blog. Armstrong says that the system, any system, depends only upon confidence. The PM ‘spruikers’ have a vested interest in pushing the price higher, therefore they selectively advance a set of data to support their positions, and ignore the rest. Of late, they have become more and more doctrinaire and desperate, as the price continues to slide.

    As for the devaluation of the dollar, see the link to the historical price of PM’s, adjusted for inflation. Given that the chart starts in WWI and not 1914, it is clear that the price of PM will continue to slide until it reaches the mean average. Silver is particularly vulnerable, as it has not been currency for a long time. Gold looks better.

    Where to keep your accrued wealth. Sure, PM’s have a place, but spread out your investments. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    • Greg Hunter

      Manipulation of metals is a provable fact. Thank you for your comment.

      • Jimminy Cricket

        It is a provable fact, but how long can it go on? Every prediction for collapse over the past 7 years has been wrong as it appears the powers that be can keep this going indefinitely Instead of collapse, how about a long slow slide into oblivion so that there is no dramatic shock to the system? This is in fact what has been happening. Is their a precipice to go over at some point? Hard to say but the prognosticators, including John Williams, have all been wrong to date and have all had to recalibrate their collapse theories.

        • Thomas

          Correct you are, but the tinfoil hat club will never admit it…especially here. It serves no purpose to collapse the system, a slow drain is a more appropriate and methodical method. They can stay more liquid and flush they anyone, they change the rules as they see fit.

          • Greg Hunter

            What makes you think the powers can maintain control? Look at Lehman in 2008. What if we have 20 Lehman’s all at once? Hope you are correct.

            • Smaulgld

              Exactly the point there is far too much confidence placed in the people who brought us to the brink in 2008. Their solutions have not made a collapse less likely, but more likely.
              The only thing in their favor is that it hasn’t happened yet.

      • Smaulgld


        Here is a guide to suspected gold and silver manipulation

        Here are actual examples of admitted and proven gold and silver manipulation:

        Feel free to refute!

        • Emeth

          Thanks SMAULGLD,
          I don’t dispute manipulation, but I think that manipulation also exists in currency, interest rates, property, shares, bonds, energy, oil, armaments, …. you name it. Wherever there is money to be made and big players involved there are big manipulations in value.
          The real question always comes back to one of the ‘intrinsic value’ for gold, which is a point of religious-like ‘belief’ amongst the gold lobby and the gold supporters.
          Who can argue with thousands of years of history … except to refer the proponents to David Hume’s clever argument about the limitations of ‘inductive inference’.

          • Smaulgld

            What is interesting about charges of gold and silver manipulation is that they are denied.
            Meanwhile it is accepted that central banks purposefully manipulate the price of money via setting interest rates.

          • Mohammad


            all currencies that went into hyperinflation and leveling came back because there was god to trade and reset, Zimbabwee survived the amazing hyperinflation because they started trading eggs, chicken, wheat….etc, with gold. and also because there was the Dollar which is the world reserve currency.
            the end game for the dollar is totally different, not like any thing the humanity had witnessed before:
            1- there is no other currency that has the reserve status, and has the global confidence the dollar has. so NO CURRENCY WILL HELP TO OFF SET THE LEVELING OF THE DOLLAR.
            2- The gold is hoarded and stored in the vault by whom? the public? me and you or armstrong? NOPE..It is hoarded by central banks for a mere good reason..PUBLIC will not access this gold when the dollar collapse. So there will NOT BE ANY GOLD NOR SILVER AROUND TO OFF SET THE LEVELING OF DOLLAR.
            Here you have two very vital important safe valves taken out.
            What is the result that is humanity will be dragged to at the end game?


            Did you get the picture?


            • Mohammad

              third sentence :
              because there was “gold” to trade and reset

      • Dan

        Greg, when you look at the body of work that Armstrong has created, it is REALLY impressive. How can he possibly dismiss out of hand the blatant manipulation? Jeffrey Christian came right out and said that they sell every ounce of gold 100 times over,,, at the CFTC meeting. GATA has documented every angle of the manipulation. Andrew Maguire sat down and predicted all the daily moves ahead of time. Martin needs to sit down with FOFOA.

        • Jack

          Armstrong knows all about what is going on in the gold market, but if he opens his mouth to the truth, he goes back to prison. The gold/silver rigging is a huge international conspiracy and it goes deeper than anyone can imagine. If you look at the Kitco gold site you will see very skilled propagandists steering you ,ever so gently ,AWAY from your gold. Since Armstrong is compromised I wouldn’t put much faith in anything he has to say , the FEDs damn near killed him in prison.

      • allen ols


        Let’s see how much deflation we’ve experienced in the last year for things we need to live our everyday lives.

        Beef and veal +22.5%

        Ground beef +21.0%

        Steaks +14.9%

        Pork +7.4%

        Ham +11.5%

        Whole Chicken +6.1%

        Fresh Fish +3.5%

        Eggs +8.2%

        Cheese +7.8%

        Fresh Vegetables +4.3%

        Lettuce +12.2%

        Tomatoes +9.6%

        Coffee +6.7%

        Butter +19.5%

        Restaurant food +3.1%

        Housing +2.9%

        Hotels +7.6%

        Owners Equivalent Rent +2.6%

        Homeowners Insurance +5.6%

        Electricity +2.5%

        Water & Sewer +5.5%

        Home Repairs +4.4%

        Footwear +2.6%

        Car Insurance +5.0%

        Parking Fees & Tolls +2.3%

        Medicinal Drugs +4.2%

        Prescription Drugs +5.6%

        Hospital Services +4.3%

        Veterinarian Services +3.2%

        Sporting Events +3.6%

        Newspapers & Magazines +4.6%

        College Tuition +3.6%

        Educational Books & Supplies +6.5%

        Grade School & High School Tuition +4.0%

        Childcare & Nursery School +3.0%

        Postage +3.6%

        Cigarettes +2.5%

        Financial Services +5.7%

        Tax Return Prep +9.3%

        These figures are directly from the BLS website.

        • steve

          I think that the view he is compromised is very false, put out by the goldbugs as they are wrong and he is right with his calls

      • steve

        After being involved in the PM market for a while now I would go with Martin Armstrong

    • Shawn

      Emeth, the chart you provide is very interesting. However, it is based on the CPI… You are aware that the CPI is not a constant, but has also been manipulated…..

      • Emeth

        Also, when we compare prices in 1914 with current prices, we must take into account the compounded value of money, which is rarely explained or taken into account. So it’s not a fair comparison to say that something cost ‘x’ in 1914, but now it costs ‘y’, therefore it has lost value. That is only true if you are silly enough to keep money outside the investment mechanisms and think that it has intrinsic value.

        For example, if the average compound growth is 5% pa since 1914, then using the rule of 72 we know that this amount doubles every 14.4 years. That is approximately 7 doublings in value since 1914, which is ->1914=$1 > 2 > 4 > 8 > 16 > 32 > 64 > 2015=$128 (less taxes etc).

        Sure, these are only ball park figures, but the point is that the comparisons often used in presentations are not being fair to the data. Saying things like the dollar has devalued by 96% since 1914 does not tell the whole story, as currency invested with compound growth makes a significant difference. That is why the inflation adjusted chart is helpful. It allows us see the spikes in value … which are pretty stark.

    • Armed-With-Word

      Emeth, how bout Putin the blame where it belongs. The Saudis. It’s a gift, to destroy our frackers and marginalize mother Russia. Get your head out your backside and thank God, whilst it last’s, time to repent my friend!

  3. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    Great interview, Greg. David is always an informative guest here. Thanks again for all of your efforts to make this information available.

  4. Jack

    Poor David, he is absolutely spot on with his silver analysis on a FUNDAMENTAL basis, unfortunately we no long live in world where fundamentals set prices and there is no true price discovery. When the system blows, and it will, the sheep will all run to dollars, as that is what they have been led to believe is a store of value. Even if the sheep were to figure it out, and get themselves quickly deprogrammed, gold and silver will be outlawed or at least heavily “taxed” , but it will still serve as a medium of exchange as barter money between the few who understand it.Everything really boils down to how long the bankers can coerce the rest of the world to keep accepting fiat dollars. That will likely continue for some time , until the rest of the world can develop an alternative clearing system outside of SWIFT, and then get enough trade volume moving through it to be able to have a viable alternative to the petro-dollar . That is why they are so anxious to start a war with the Russians, and then the Chinese , so as to disrupt such a new system . Likely world war will result , and of course once nukes start flying , there can be no “winner” but the neo-cons are ready to risk everything ,including all life on the planet, to hold unto their ill gotten power and stolen wealth.

    I like and respect David Morgan. but you can hear the frustration in his voice, as he has spent a lifetime doing fundamental work in the silver “market” , only to see his work become irrelevant due to naked shorting by the banksters, which will not likely end anytime soon .

    • Jeff L

      The dollar will stand until it doesn’t……. Fact is, any given day China and Russia can announce their gold vs US empty vaults. That given day gold reasserts itself as the true currency of the ages. No amount of printing ( counterfeiting) will change that day. No amount of gold bashing by the “dollar bugs” will change that day………. The dollar index is nothing more than perception……. The perception changes THAT day. All you paper worshippers will cry out “why didn’t I buy gold”. A statement that has been repeated through out the ages…………………… Really ? Today the dollar is backed by the full faith and confidence of 100’s of Trillions in debt……. Good luck.

      • aussie jeff


  5. Thomas justin Harmon

    Fabulous interview Greg I was waiting for that interview for a long time wow that is a smart guy you asked some very good questions and some very good follow up questions . thank you very much thomas Harmon

  6. JC Davis

    Wonderful interview. Giving a clear picture of where silver is going. Why has Saudi Arabia become the worlds largest importer of weapons? Are they afraid of not being protected by the good ole USA ? David Morgan may have been predicting the future when he said Saudi could flip a switch.

  7. Anxy

    Greg, you guys are actually low on your historical valuation of silver. A denarius is a hard days labor of $160 today. A denarius x 10 is an ounce of silver which is $1600,. Silver is headed above 1,000 minimum and many analysts believe this. Ted Butler, Malloney, Hommell, and others . Great interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this perspective.

    • Brewmaster

      So, Maloney, Hommell and others are bullish silver? Imagine that. They sell silver and run around telling everyone why silver prices are going higher. Snake oil salesmen used to travel around and tell everyone that the snake oil would solve all their problems. Silver will go up some day, but for now the trend remains down.

  8. kindawish

    personally I kinda wish the system would hurry up and disintegrate, the anticipation is acute,
    and it will be interesting to see what unfolds,

    • Jerry

      Kindawish. One word. “Pain”.

  9. Terry

    Removing silver from our money [small change] was a crime. We were robbed by LBJ in 64.

  10. Snorky

    When this falls apart, I don’t think the government will let you keep any profit/protection gained from gold and silver. They will either confiscate outright or confiscate it through something like a 90% capital gains tax. So, you will have to pay attention and try to out guess them and sell beforehand. Hard to do …

    • Greg Hunter

      Two words, black market.

      • goldbug

        Black market and barter. Seriously, everyone engages in some amount of trading but no one declares it on their 1040.

      • saperavy

        Greg, you have no idea how dangerous a gold black market will be.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think I do and this is just a reflection of how enormously bad things will get. People are going tom be forced to fight to survive and many will not. This scares the heck out of me because so many are asleep.


    • Arcanek

      When it falls apart, government is going to abandon ship and head for the hills. There is more to the coming govzilla collapse than just the phony economics world view. There is much unrest, and govzilla depends on us to police ourselves.

  11. Jerry

    Greg according to my inside source, the time to GET OUT is just about over.
    – To get out of paper.
    – To get out of the country.
    According to him, the reason the dollar is peaking right now is because the Fed is being forced to buy up trillions of dollars being dumped back into the market, by countries like Japan, the EU, and now China, who are forced to print their own money in order to sustain their own currencies. Imagine that? The very strategy used to save the dollar (QE) is the very thing that has finally doomed it.

    With that in mind, I think David Morgan’s timeline of a September debt bomb going off is just about right. The question is, will we see another type of bomb going off before then?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think many can grasp just how ugly things will get. Imagine living in a country where the money suddenly crashes in value while your retirement savings are confiscated or worse.

      • Jerry

        Greg the fact that HSBC has closed its gold vaults in London tells me the game is just about over.

      • allen ols


        If you think the yen is being destroyed by the policies of that country, then it is important to see that the euro is following the same path. This horse race is neck and neck. It is simply too close to call which currency will be destroyed first.

        KWN Turk V 3:9:2015
        Currency Wars – Who Will Win The Race To The Bottom?
        I had thought that the yen would reach the fiat currency graveyard before the euro. But given the new quantitative easing program the European Central Bank begins this week, the euro could be the winner of a race no one who owns euros would want it to win.”

        • Jack

          HSBC has a huge presence in China. they will just move the rigging game to there , along with most all of the physical metal . The “price” will stay suppressed until China cannot get delivery of real metal at the COMEX price.

    • Mohammad


      When you hear every corner says it is Sept, then it is NOT.

      They will not give you ample time to prepare, those things are sudden.

      From all the acceleration in M.E. …I won’t be surprised if it is sooner. Much sooner.
      Netanyahu is facing an Israeli spring at home:
      “Ex-Mossad chief at anti-Netanyahu rally: Our leadership scares me more than our enemies”

      He is cornered, and he is wicked, so any thing comes out of him won’t surprise me if he felt he will lose the election, seems that US team sent there is working full gear, and if Netanyahu senses defeat he will do any thing including a false flag in the gulf with one of those top of the art German subs he bought.


      • Greg Hunter

        So it is your position every problem in the ME and North Africa is cause by the Israeli’s or Americans. There is zero sin in the Sunni or Shia world?

        • Mohammad

          Israel is on route to be a super power on the ruins of the current ones.
          I do not think that you fully grasp the gravity of this.
          I have seen my country Syria destroyed in front of my eyes and before that Iraq was destroyed in front of iraqi’s eyes for the SAKE OF ISRAEL, they used your military and your money and your resources to build their new kingdom. Can you tell me where do they have the money to build those settlements that are built from CONCRETE?
          Please do not tell me that it is their own freaking economy and industry that is doing so good that they are building fortresses that withstand NUKES while most of your houses here in US are made of wood so one bullet can go from one house through three other houses before it stops.
          It is your money that is building their’s while a pothole here takes for ever to fix.
          It is your military that is fighting their wars when they did not send ONE SINGLE SOLDIER to fight next to American soldiers in Iraq, their moms did not even send condolences to American moms lost their beloved ones in a war that was not their’s for the sake of Israel.
          You know what Greg, it is your site and I agree with abiding by your rules, but to cover the sun with a sieve is beyond me.
          My last comment on the issue .


          • Greg Hunter

            I cannot see how Syria and Iraq were destroyed for the sake of Israel. That is a very big stretch. So only the Israelis are the bad guys. That seems to fit the destroy Israel narrative (the only bad guys in the world?)

            • Jeff L

              Answer one question Greg(if you can without defending US and Israel)…………. It is not our policy to create chaos in the middle east and wherever we see fit ? Are we not doing a good job of it ? If you can’t agree then you need to stop interviewing and get a clear picture of what’s going on……… Standing behind our corrupt country/leaders is not facing the truth. Must I submit a 1000 editorials/books on the subject or will you be just like my dad who can’t conceive (and thus except) those towers did not fall on 9/11 from jet fuel………. I love my country but our leaders have become so vile it is useless to argue we are anything but guilty of the slaughter of millions of innocent and thus we will be judged accordingly……Maybe I study and research too much. All I can say is it’s utterly clear who’s creating the misery in the world. Your argument is always “what about the other bad guys” ? Of course they’re also guilty. But comparing them and then using them as a argument is a mere distration. We (US) have caused more death/destruction than all others combined in the last few decades and it’s not even close. We are pushing Russia into world war 3. Is Hamas ?…… You want to talk Bible ? I’ve challenged you and everyone here to tell me what country is described in Rev ch 18. We are the onlu one who fits the bill. Which doesn’t surprise me because I KNOW what we’ve done to humanity. So does God……. He will handle ISIS and the rest in his own time.

              • Greg Hunter

                Jeff L,
                I you think that only the U.S. and Israel are playing this game you are sadly mistaken. It is a global game and all side have chips on the table. One-sided thinking is not a clear picture.

            • paul

              Political and Military leaders have a vested interest in keeping the pot boiling in the Middle East … so it is up to the people themselves (good Jews and good Arabs) to come together on a block to block and town to town basis … to form a Covenant between themselves … to stop the slaughter of innocents … and pledge to the “One God” that is over all of us … to begin the healing process by refraining from killing women and children … “no women no children” … eventually they can move include “no men” … but a start has to be made by the people themselves … as can be seen from the two quotes below … peace will only come when the Military and Politicians “on both sides” are left out of the equation!

              1) Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, on Saturday called Israel, an “illegitimate state”, etc. etc. and
              2) David Ben-Gurion “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”

              Brothers of Abraham … we must begin by speaking and doing what is morally right … only then will Peace will come to the Middle East!

            • steve

              Sorry he is fairly accurate on this, Israel plans to control the middle east with the continuing support of the US military machine, its so blatant now that its in our face. Iran is next

              • Greg Hunter

                Iran is now controlling Syria. What are you talking about? Oh yeah, I know, the Jews are the Only evil in this world. This sound eerily like 1935 Germany.

      • Preacherman

        One word. Shemitah. Elul 29.

        • sk

          C’mon. If enough of the people whose actions can cause a collapse are familiar with the lunar calendar – which they are, witness the IMF female head with her wondrous number seven – they can intentionally precipitate the downfall on Elul 29. And all the people who absolutely require magical thinking and supernatural forces to explain their lives will nod their heads and say ‘I told you so’. It’s a mind game. Stay away from it and use your God-given rationality. Just like ‘shock-and-awe’ in Iraq was ‘shekinah’. Wake up. They’re toying with you.

        • JC Davis

          One word .. SHEMITAH .. Then Jubilee. God is God . Let it be so Preacher. It is not only a statement in the bible it is a fact that we reap what we sow. I have no fear of man or government. I fear God Almighty.
          Side note Preacherman please put your real name so I can know who the lord is smiling upon. Thanks James Carl Davis = jc

        • Mohammad

          What is elul 29?

      • aussie jeff

        Mohammad said….

        “When you hear every corner says it is Sept, then it is NOT.”

        On this point I have to agree with you, Harvey Organ said ……”it would all be over by Dec 2014″ and it did not happen!!
        If you say’s theirs a fire and their’s not, you generally get one or two shots at it before your no longer taken seriously.
        Rather we should take the stance I believe of “keeping on the watch” being ready, keeping your “lamps trimmed,have enough oil, and to stay awake.”
        God Bless.

      • Jerry

        I think you could be right. According to my source, the collapse has already happened. The only thing delaying the impact of it is QE. But with the Fed being the only one left to mop up U.S. dollars being dumped back in the market, its a sure bet they will pull the plug when the gold runs out. I think at this point it is useless to argue over cause and effect, she said, they said….because we are all in serious trouble from the elites regardless of our background.
        I consider you my brother, as we are both children of God. I find it interesting that both Jew and Muslim trace their roots back to one father.. Abraham but yet hate each other so much. What a waste of time. Strange how Lucifer divides people to destroy them. He’s been using the same play book for thousands of years.

        • Mohammad

          Honest to god Jerry i love god fearing jews, i do not hate people because they are created by god, how can i hate god’s creation? rather i hate the deeds of the zionists that are putting the world in misery for the Dajjal that they serve, and they are putting the jews in harms way and that what most of the rabbis i linked to are screaming all along. You may disagree on my premise which is just fine but am on the same page as god fearing rabbis that despise the zionists, Also am on the same page of christians I grew up with in Damascus.
          So sons of Abraham are not at odds, they love each other, because they fear god, however it is the evil dark satanic underground followers screwing up the whole world i find extremely troubling that some are praising here.
          God fearing muslims love and do not hate, if they do the world would of been different with more than a billion muslim on it, think about that for a second…!


          • Greg Hunter

            So, only the Jews, I mean Zionists, are the problem. Muslims have no sin in the ME. Thank you.

            • Mohammad

              You see Greg,
              That is a point i will stress on as long as you accept me on your site and so far you do so thanks.
              Your question is in a sarcastic tone that suggests the abuse of the word zionism.
              How many videos and links i posted here to rabbis that say what am saying now?
              THEY OPPOSE ISRAEL.
              THEY ASK FOR PEACEFUL dismantlement of Israel that is jeopardizing the jews themselves, I feel sorry for them because I love them.
              THOSE RABBIS KNOW THE FINAL OUTCOME and they know if they defy the Turat and continue with the zionist agenda against what god ordered them to do and that is to not seek a state then they are doomed.
              Please understand that am on the side of Jews here when i reiterate what their rabbis say.
              Now if you do not want to believe me that is your position and i respect it.
              The source of all evil is the Atheist zionism that is exploiting all divisions including the jews themselves, they are as victims to zionism as us.


              • Greg Hunter

                You confirmed your point over and over again. I get it even though there is much sin to go around and it is never this one-sided.

                • Mohammad

                  I never said it is one side Greg, all shared in this sin that will get the humanity the dreaded end, but am showing the root of it, and that is the satanic dark power that the zionism is part of, Shiites are part of, Wahabbi’s are part of, crusaders are part of…etc!, all of them are serving this dark evil that is destroying all of us god fearing people.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    One-sided, Mohammad,

                    You cannot even acknowledge that one point. Nothing in this world, especially the Middle East, is ever that black and white. Please stop.


                  • Mohammad

                    I will stop Greg since you are the owner of the house and am a guest.


                  • Greg Hunter

                    I could find every nasty thing I could find said or done by a Muslim and post it, but I don’t because there are bad people in every walk of life and every religion, and yes, this includes Christians. Thank you. I think you are a good man.

                  • Mohammad

                    You absolutely do not shy from putting all those nasty things about muslims. I give you credit for that.
                    Took a lot of bruises here but what kept me is one thing…..REVEALING THE TRUTH.
                    And yes I think you are a good man too.


    • Tommy

      Problem is, where do you go and what do you get into?

  12. HTC

    There’s that September again. Jim Willie, David Morgan and I’m sure countless others see it clearly enough at this point. I know a lot of your listeners didn’t agree with johnathan cahn because he spoke of God and HIS timing. But it’s the truth and whether you believe it or not doesn’t change reality. The economic collapse is simply one step to a grand satanic plan that is about to unfold. Buckle up in the arms of Christ, for he alone is our refuge.

    • goldbug

      I’m not sure about the timing being September, but I sure get the feeling that the reset bears a strong relationship with the end times.

    • sk

      HTC! This talk about a time foreordained by God for an economic crash in the US, about blood moons, Elul29, all because America has sinned sooooo much that vengeance is coming, is an attempt to deflect responsibility from very definite individuals and very definite institutions whose irresponsible -in my mind, criminal – mishandling of banking and finance will result in a crash and to render God Himself responsible! Clever, but not clever enough. Some people, I believe, sincerely believe this, others are complicit in this evil sleight of hand. Who among ordinary folk will argue with the ‘foreordained plan of God Himself’? They will suffer the hardship in silence…after all, it is God’s will, right? While the perps laugh all the way to the bank….

  13. Vincent

    Silver is indeed a steal of a deal at the sub $16 mark its resides at today.. A steal!
    Infact, I could only get 10 oz physical (locally) at this price last week because NOBODY IS SELLING! It does feel like you are litterly being robbed if your selling, and a thief if your buying… Any lower, and small cap miners will remove supply for a month in protest.. They just won’t sell, and there is a lot of talk of this action possibly taking place..
    This year will certainly be the last year to get a healthy and useful position behind PM’s.. Something huge will happen this year… I can feel it in my bones..

    • Brewmaster

      Go to and they will sell you all you can afford and then some. To say that “NOBODY IS SELLING” is beyond ridiculous.

      • Vincent

        I was referring to local, small shops if you read carefully.. The kind I’ve been buying from for about 10 years now..

        I’ve bought from Apmex many, many times, and I usually only buy from them when I buy 100 ounces or more due to shipping charges…. I’m not refuting they have it.. But for small purchases and good deals on englehards, credit Suisse and JM bars and rounds, I always buy local… For $1 over spot

        Put it this way, the little guys are not selling much, not at these prices.. They will put out a few bars and rounds, but they are keeping the brunt of their BULLION inventory off line… NOT MARKED UP NUMISMATIC COINS..

        Apmex has enough volume and overhead to keep product moving since that is their main source of revenues. They will sell into any slide and will likely take SOME supply offline if the price dropped 20-30%. They count on their STRUCTURED business model of consistency for cash flow. There’s a point when your market share is big enough, that you can count on the volume of sales, and utilize that cash flow to maintain payroll and expenses, even when not profitable for a quarter or 2..

        Silvers at $15.60 as I write this, and today is yet another great day to buy.. Apmex, kitco, and other places like silvergoldbull and provident metals are likely the only places where you will be able to purchase a few hundred ounces or more today… Lynn coins used to be a great place too.. These are all E-tailers and you lose the real value in today’s price action to shipping and handling.. I usually only pay $1 over spot locally, and I usually end up with 1 to 3 “free” ounces when compared to the premium I pay via shipping, handling, and spot from online retailers…. It just depends how big you want to buy on that given day…

    • Buzzard


  14. Anne

    Greg – please clarify.
    If a Dinaris was 1/10 oz, and 0.10 oz could sustain a family for 1 day, then 1 oz would sustain for 10 days. A family would need 18 oz for 6 months (180 days) or approx. 37 oz for 366 days. How did he come up with 200 oz for 6 months? Where did I go wrong?

    • paul

      Perhaps he is factoring in the fact that the US is not Greece of old … today the living wage is more like $7 (minimum wage) per hour or $56 dollars a day … so 37 oz for the entire year is only going to provide the “minimum American wage” … but who can survive on that? … with inflation coming we may need 10 times ($56 dollars per day) to survive … which means we will need more like 370 ounces for the entire year (almost 200 oz for 6 months) the way Morgan said.

  15. d ames

    Suggest you look up asteroid impact 2015. Efran rodrigus is a pastor that went to nasa and showed nasa where the asteroid was . The us government sent missles and body bags to peurto rico. They are moving heavy equipment off the coast. Langley moved its headquarters to Colorado. 800 fema camps have been built. billions of round s of ammunition have been bought by homeland security. If this hits and it will but I am not sure it will be sept 24th. then millions will die. I have read 15 months to get back to normal. the pope is due in Washington on the 25th of sept to address congress. I don’t think they would put him in harm’s way. 6 different pastors have seen this asteroid in visions. Acts 2″17. This is why they kissed the budget goodbye and spent like there was no tomorrow because there won’t be if the east coast is under water. I enjoy your work.

    • HTC

      I saw that interview he gave. I found it interesting that silver doctors had an article talking about an asteroid hitting the Atlantic ocean from a research firm in Denmark. NASA has also stated that March – June is a high awareness time for asteroids and has declared a national awareness day in June. I’m following this like a hawk. That would be a grand finale to the shemitah year. Dollar collapse and 60 million dead Americans on the east coast. Time is short but we have eternity to look forward to in Christ Jesus!!

  16. Bradley

    Great interview Greg. I have read David’s past book and just received this new one and look forward to the read. David is always down to earth in his interviews and seems to always try to keep the facts on the table. But I always sense a bit of excitement from him when it comes to silver. He always tries not to get too excited about it as I know he does not want people to be given false hopes. David is the real deal and one of many I pay attention to like Bill Holter and Andy Hoffman. Of course you interviewed them in the past also. Great work Greg. I watch your site every week.

  17. Doug C.

    Greg. Another great interview, keep it up. I just wanted to comment on the true value of silver. As Mr. Morgan and yourself mentioned, a Roman Denarius was 1/10 of an oz. of silver, and that was the value of a days work. 10 days work for one ounze of silver. You and Mr. Morgan then said that silver should now be approximately $170 per oz. I think the true way of looking at this and valueing silver should be 10 times a days work, to be the same value as in Roman times. Lets say as a conservative value a average days work is now say $100. That means that to be the same as Roman times, Silver should actually be worth $1000 in paper money (1 day times 10, ie: $100 x 10= $1000 per oz.) Any way you look at it we as the people of this world are being Scr-wed! Again, great interview and keep stacking.

  18. Nathan

    September 2015 huh? Sounds eerily similar to Jonathan Cahn’s prediction that in September of 2015 the economy is going to collapse worse than ever before.

  19. Robert

    Great interview! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to David Morgan. I would ask you for one point of clarification if you care to comment. At roughly the 31:00 minute mark of the interview, Mr. Morgan started giving comparative values of silver and the Roman Denarius. He said the Denarius was roughly 1/10 of an ounce of silver and would sustain a family for one day. If that is accurate, and I believe it is, then one ounce of silver would sustain a family for 10 days. Accordingly, three ounces of silver would sustain a family for about a month. Following this formula, roughly 18-20 ounces of silver would be savings for six months. Mr. Morgan then said about 200 ounces of silver would be about six months savings. I listened intently to that section of the interview several times to be as accurate as I could be but realize I could have still misunderstood what he said. Somewhere in the conversation I missed the jump from 1/10 of and ounce per day to 200 ounces per six months.
    Thanks again for all your great guests and great interviews.


    • JC Davis

      Robert. I think David was counting the inflation when the over seas dollars find there way back home.

  20. Jerry

    Proxy armies are giving way to U.S. boots on the ground in Ukraine.

    According to my sources, on Friday the 172 airborne sent U.S. advisors into Ukraine to train Ukrainian troops. If this is true, the Russians will have a response.

    • wd

      John Browne ( UK analyst) recently said we are making a grave mistake by engaging Russia. And that right now they are playing with the Ukraine and the conflict over there. He said they are ready to strike at anytime… what do your sources say?

      • Jerry

        That’s what I’m hearing. Forces have been building up in Eastern Europe as well as Qatar and Dubai.

        • wd


          I meant to say Russian Forces are ready to strike…Not EU

          What say you?


          • Jerry

            They are waiting. I’ve never known a Russian to back down from a fight. Our defenses are constantly being probed for response time by the Russians. They are measuring length of reach just like a prize fighter in a match. We won’t see the haymaker when it comes. Prepare time is almost up.

            • wd

              Thanks Jerry,

              That was my thought as well…. I cant imagine NATO soldiers are happy about this?

              PCR states that this act of war by U.S. is the last battle/death cry of a dying empire…

    • allen ols


      Joint EU Army? Germany, Finland back idea, UK & France wary
      Joint EU Army? Germany, Finland back idea, UK & France waryCalls to create a joint EU army are growing stronger throughout the bloc – Finland and Germany say they’re on board with the idea, which was put forward by the head of the European Commis…
      – 28 mins ago, 10 Mar 15, 2:00am –

  21. Laura


    Thanks again for another great interview.
    Could you ask David Morgan for a link to the movie he referred to “Rollover” ?

  22. Jerry

    Before anybody discusses why the government wants to outlaw 223 armor piercing bullets, you need to look at this video and then ask yourself why our government has so many urban assault vehicles, if they’re really cutting the military budget?

    • allen ols

      Jerry; this is interesting-

      “From where I sit, both the [Sandy Hook Elementary] school in Connecticut and the Boston Bombing were false flag operations.

      “The school in Connecticut had been closed for years. There were no students, no teachers, no parent-teacher associations. The paramedics were not allowed into the school. From where I sit, that was a complete false flag. It was a drill. But … others have exposed the actors who were involved, financial relations with the families that were allegedly victimized, who had their homes bought and were then given exit pass. All of that is on the record, but you don’t see the media covering that.”

      Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?
      No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File
      Sandy Hook massacre was a “contrived event,” says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig
      Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors
      The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes
      Sandy Hook victims’ funds reap millions of dollars in donation
      CNN deception: Live aerial footage of police running into Sandy Hook was of another school
      Steele continues: “Boston bombing, for me, the truthteller was when the rabbis and the priests rushed to comfort the wounded and they were not allowed to get near any of the wounded. That, in intelligence, we call an indicator. And then you add to that the fact there were no, I mean no, wounded people taken to hospitals. And finally, you add to that the big to-do about the amputee. He turned out to be a hired actor for a company that specializes at putting amputees into battle field simulations. False flag. Boston was a practice attempt to lock down an entire city.”

      Why were Catholic priests turned away from Boston Bombing victims?
      Did you know there are AMPUTEE crisis actors?
      Hollywood producer Nathan Folks says Boston Bombing’s a false flag,
      Boston Bombing! A Pictorial Refresher Course. Stinkometer Overload!!
      Boston Bombing: Getting the sheeple used to the police state
      The woman in red: Proof of Boston Bombing crisis actors
      Beg. at the 8:44 mark, Steele said: “the actual bomb was a theatrical device. You don’t buy gun powder at a fireworks store to create a bomb. It just is not done. I had my explosive ordinance people look at this. Everybody laughed at this. This was school kids stuff. THERE WAS NO BOMB. There were no injuries. This was a false………contd.

      • Jerry

        Did you catch the Brooklyn accent when the reporter stuck the camera in the Ukrainian soldiers face? Pretty much says it all.

        • allen ols

          Jerry, saw it but didnt know it was a brooklyn voice.

    • allen ols

      I posted this this cia guy’s stuff, because, I have heard several interviews and articles over the past few yrs, that just before the collapse there will prob. be a large false flag event, like Pearl Harbor caliber, or wtc caliber, to disguise the collapse, and place blame on an outside event.

      on another note, i tested my bucket/sawyer water filter system, and how long to drain a 5 gal bucket through the filter, to a second bucket, about 1hr 45 min. approx. water tasted great. Joel Skousen said; Get stocked up on fuel/gas as well.

  23. Jeff L

    So far the new Greek politicians haven’t done anything but talk. No surprise there…… Everyone has decided to kick the can as far as possible while they prepare for the inevitable…….. Everyone talks about September. Everyone talked about this March (15), end of Feb (15), end of ’14…. If I had a silver dollar (which I do) for every ” in a couple months” statement ( going back years btw ) I’d be rich. Occurrences like the new Singapore Comex or backwardation at the Comex. Manipulation over road all events……… That said, in a world of vast manipulation it could happen ANY day. Especially since everyone’s looking toward September.

    • Jeff L

      Here’s an example. Today John Embry says ” Chinese Market A Game-Changer For Gold
      I also think the fact that China is opening a gold market this month is significant in the sense that so much gold has migrated to that part of the world (the East). This will be a physically-based market and hopefully it will ultimately supplant the Comex and the LBMA, which are paper markets where the manipulation has been easy to effect. I believe this is a significant development and hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of Western manipulation of the gold market.” ……………more “hope”

      • Silence is Golden

        Jeff L
        In essence the LBMA is losing its relevance and importantly its ability to be able to “FIX” the price.
        The SGE platform will provide anonymity to sellers and traders. This takes the BANKSTERS out of the equation….( 😉 HSBC closing its vaults). There will be no advantage because price will be determined through supply / demand dynamics …not through artificial price arbitrage.
        A whole new world awaits us.
        A true GAME CHANGER…..

        • allen ols


          Apparently, Hardouvelis was concerned enough about Greece’s fate in the summer of 2012 to move €450,000 out of the country to an HSBC (go figure) account over the course of 56 transactions. Unfortunately, a recent investigation into the former FinMin’s bank accounts revealed “discrepancies.”

          Rather than deny the fact that he acted to avert the possibility that his savings would be subject to redenomination, Hardouvelis went the direct route and simply told the truth: “Yes, I transferred some money abroad because as every Greek I was afraid that the country would collapse,” Hardouvelis said, adding that “Greeks always look at their own pockets.”

          • Greg Hunter

            Rats are always ready to leave a sinking ship.

        • Jeff L

          SIG You do see I was talking about past events ? Everything you said is common knowledge and like my post is still “months down the road” like it always is. We’re looking at one big worldly stall……… I’m sure we both agree, it will happen when it happens…………. btw, I now believe we’re looking at an abrupt change (+$500) over night. You will be positioned or you’ll be without. The dollar is going to rise in a crescendo and fall like a rock. jmho.

          • Silence is Golden

            Yep, with you on all counts.
            You either have it…or in time…wish you did.

        • Cryptic Little Sister

          Gold is migrating to China because they have a neo-mercantilist economy. Recall the definition of mercantilism. Mercantilist countries export their production, while they hoard gold at home. It is almost exactly the situation the England found itself in several centuries ago. They were willing to produce and hoard at the expense of the health and well-being of their own citizenry.

          You don’t want to be in China right now.

    • Usetacould

      I have to agree with you here. I’ve been reading alternative news sites for years now and the economic meltdown is always a few months away. When you “Cry Wolf” so many times over the last several years, it makes it really hard to believe anything said with the unverifiable data used to make these assumptions. Not that I’m saying nothing is going to happen on any scale, but don’t you stop watching the weather people when their forecasts are always way off? Gonna start calling some of these people Chicken Little…

      • Terry

        Actually, weather forecasts seem to be quite accurate these days.

  24. Al Hall

    Greg: I think David is suggesting Sept 2015 based on what others are seeing.
    To all your reads I again stress this info given to me last week from my insider friend!!! This is the list – he has never been wrong!

    The New World Order will be brought in, in its entirety and it should be starting this year (2015) at Sept-Oct timeframe when they (Illuminati) pull off this economic collapse.
    * Near future – banks crash/collapse, watch the financial derivatives market. This will be the event that triggers the collapse of America.
    * 5 TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks have at least US$40 trillion dollars in derivatives. (It is a lot more than that.)
    * FDIC is not able to make good all the trillions of bank deposits when banks fail. Congress passed law for FDIC to cover financial derivative losses of the banks.
    * Everything is now in place for the Illuminati Elites to collapse America and the New World Order will step right in.
    * The Illuminati Elites are NOT God.
    * Violence in Washington. Fist fights in Congress, Senate, House .. by politicians.
    * A series of massive bankruptcies will take effect.
    * Interest rates will be rising. Financial derivatives collapse. When the dust settles precious metals will be all that remains of value. Paper assets will collapse.
    * Sept-Oct 2015 timeframe – most critical period.
    * Buy physical gold and silver. It may dip a bit initially because of deflation but it will reverse quickly and rise exponentially.
    * Only physical gold/silver will remain as money not fiat currencies.
    * Deflation – apart from food prices (and physical gold/silver), other asset prices will deflate ie. price collapse/fall. Food prices will rise ie. inflate!
    * Oil price collapse is Obama’s revenge on Russia/Putin for humiliating Obama. Illuminati elites told Lindsey Williams: they are not involved.
    * Obama made a deal with Saudi Arabia to smash oil price, resulting in Russian Ruble collapse 50+%.
    * Illuminati elites very angry/unhappy with Obama.
    * New Elites – refer to the younger elites who are taking over and not the older elites in their 70s/80s.
    * They have plans to create a new (corrupted) version of the Bible.
    * They want a new US Constitution by Executive Order.
    * New leaders, new churches, new health care, culture … New World Order takeover!
    * “Devil’s Messiah” – defined as the Elites perverting everything in the Bible. New perverted meanings…
    * Shemitah – 7 year biblical debt cycle will assert itself in 2015. Read Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger book.
    * VP Joe Biden’s (he is one of them, an elite) New World Order speech.
    * Elites positive that : “There’s going to be divine intervention!”
    * “Divine Intervention” – by this the Illuminati Elites mean the coming of the Anti-Christ!
    * Blood Moons Cycles, Shemitah, Jewish/biblical holidays … and major world events.
    * Obama uses ISIL and not ISIS. ISIL means Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Levant largely means Israel. Illuminati plan: destruction of Israel.

  25. John Mackenzie

    Dave Morgan is irrelevant.

  26. Seems like everyone is pointing to September. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Thankyou Greg, for all your hard work!

    • paul

      Putting a time line on future events is playing a fools game … we just have to look at an interest rate chart to realize that “precious metals peak when interest rates peak” and the “precious metals bottom when interest rates bottom” … right now interest rates are near zero and in some cases negative … so the precious metals are bottoming (and few want to buy at the bottom the way few wanted to sell at the top).

      Does anyone seriously believe interest rates will be peaking in September? … it will take many years for interest rates to peak and therefore “many years” for gold and silver to peak … just simply buy this bottom area and let God (not man) determine when the top will come and “if the top never comes” you can always “eat your gold and silver”! … Yes, you heard me right you can eat your gold and silver!

      In an emergency “precious” metals can be more useful then you imagine … in an emergency situation like a power blackout silver can be used to preserve and make your food last longer … and in a health care emergency you can bathe your body in sunlight and “eat gold leaf” to kill off cancer in your body.
      Why do you think they call these metals precious! Because you can eat gold leaf or colloidal gold to fight cancer … and colloidal silver to kill off bad bacteria in the gut … (however eating colloidal silver will also kill off your good intestinal flora) … “so be careful” and remember to rebuild your good bacteria with some probiotics.

      • Brewmaster

        Precious metals peak when interest rates peak? Was there a peak in interest rates in 2011?

  27. Rock

    Wonderful guest, and you did a masterful job of directing the questions and getting information that we all are looking for. Thank you for your fine efforts.

    For those that are interested in knowing more about how to connect to God the Creator, this is a link to a solid, succinct and biblically correct 10 minute presentation of the gospel that starts at the 8:30 mark.

  28. James Hastings

    I keep my “B…..A…….N……..K” accounts at a minimum. On occasions I need to deposit some money to cover a large check. It smells damp……moldy…..the girl just kinda grins at me. Silver should handle storage better. 🙂

  29. Mike Gunther

    Just read on Zero Hedge, China to open their version of SWIFT in September/October “CIPS”, fits the timeline

    • Greg Hunter

      Good catch on that info, thank you.

      • JC Davis

        In other words, while the west was using every provocation involving the Ukraine civil war as an opportunity to pressure Russia into developing its own cross-border payment system, it achieved not only just that but it also pushed China to accelerate the roll out of its own international payment system, in the process telegraphing to the world that the USD is replacable as a reserve currency and giving any other nations (such as the BRICs) the green light to think of SWIFT as an alternative to either the Russian or Chinese payment system (which with enough political and financial stimulus, they would be delighted to do).
        Greg see what James Rickards has to say about this next time he says China is ten years away form being a worlds reserve currency.

  30. steve

    Hmmm.. debt bomb to explode in September ? guess whos been reading Martin Armsrong

  31. Galaxy 500

    With the claim of us sending troops to train the freaking Ukrainian Army, not sure we make it that long. I certainly will be surprised if we are celebrating New Year’s Eve 2016 with nothing happening

  32. r.j.

    we need to understand that the price increase in gold and silver will not be gradual. Focus on the fact that it will happen very quickly. Dont get cute about your p.m. purchases . when not if the great reset happens you will not be able to buy physical at all . Keep stacking NOW!!

  33. Cryptic Little Sister

    The people here need to think about the following in relation to your fears about hyperinflation:
    You cannot have hyperinflation with a 200 trillion dollar monetary base, since the fed cannot double or triple that in the time required for hyperinflation. Also money velocity is lacking. Germany had the velocity, since they were paying wages directly to workers in National Socialist model.

    There are reasons to worry, but your eyes are looking in the wrong direction.

    You are hugging the bear.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell us more.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Thanks for responding.

        A givernment needs not only the printing of money but also the ability to spread around that money. It seems that hyperinflation happens in small economies because they have a monetary base concentrated enough to expand at exponentially rapid enough rates to cause a hyperinflationary spiral, the situation wherein price spikes tug at income. We in the U.S. have exactly the opposite sitaution: a base to large and broad (and without the velocity) to double or triple or quadruple overnight. Ergo, it seems highly unlikely that hyperinflation is a realistic threat to the economy.

        I should also add that I have come to disagree with Paul Criag Roberts and others that there will likely be a black swan event. Other countries know that this would happen when they abndon the dollar. They have ridden the dollar down thus far, and I believe they will continue to ride it down. You could think of it as a hot air balloon that has lost a valve on one of its tanks. Gas is leaking out and making everyone sick, but they all know that to cut loose the tank would be to face immediate disaster, so they choose the slow illness instead. It is what I have come to call “riding down” the dollar. The other developed economies will ride down the dollar precisely because they understand the alternative. They too will seek to avoid the Black Swann event that Roberts describes.

        My reference to hugging the bear is one that you will have to figure out on your own.

        • Mohammad

          You are missing a crucial point:
          The dollar event is unprecedented since it is the world reserve currency and it has no other currency to its scale to off pressure its collapse.
          Germany, Zimbabwe, Argentina…..etc had the dollar as an off pressure to complete the cycle after the leveling, even gold played role as an off pressure (Do you understand now why gold is hoarded ??? you will not be able to use it to off pressure the leveling of dollar so the collapse is deep and profound and will lead to the only one way to off pressure the dollar collapse and that is….DEPOPULATION….Do you see how wicked the game is?)

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            The key to your comment is in the relative size of the currency and credit in those countries. All miniscule.

          • wd


            Good point, but if money is just sitting there and not being pumped into the “real system” how can it cause hyper inflation. Like gasoline at the stations just completely full but no one is using it.

            But a Black Swan event can be manipulated into happening it does not have to be “accidental”…

            Forgive me if a prior conversation we had offended you. I had no right.
            You seem to be very high up on the totem pole!

            • Mohammad

              Its all good here wd, we are brothers in humanity.
              The purpose of the game is depopulation and not hyperinflation. there are no safety valves to off set the leveling of the dollar:
              1- no other world reserve currency that has the status of the dollar and its confidence that can help offsetting its demise.
              2- gold is hoarded in the VAULTS of the central banks and public does not have enough to trade or use as money. another safety valve taken out.
              So only route left is wars and depopulation and that is the intention.
              Am surprised from the corners who come and say the game is not under control and the central banks are losing control yada yada yada.
              I have never seen a dangerous game plays with the future of humanity that is so TIGHT and under control as the one I am witnessing now.

              I have to say i enjoy and get informed when i read your posts.


              • wd

                Mohammad, If thats the case ( and I do believe they want a certain amount of depopulation- look at Aaron Russo interviews) why go to war if the game is fixed.
                I mean, let them just start arresting people and put them in camps- ala Nazis? Since its a big game of callusion…Right?

        • Brewmaster

          What are you talking about? “Riding the dollar down”? Have you looked at a dx chart lately as it is skyrocketing to 12 year highs? I really don’t understand many of the clueless comments on this site.

        • BetterChetter

          we need to hug the bull … that though the market will correct (down), it has a lot further up to go ….

    • goldbug

      We might have a $200 trillion monetary base, but very little of that base is in circulation. If only 10% of that figure began circulating, I think we would see current prices double. In sum, there is no need for the fed to increase the money supply at all. We could see high inflation with our current money supply if only it would be circulated.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        That all depends on what you mean by “circulation.” Is it exposed to liability? Is it on a budget sheet? Is it ledgered?

        Think of commitments rather than just circulation.

    • Jeff L

      ” the fed cannot double or triple that in the time required for hyperinflation” …………. that’s what the banks are for……… Besides at the flip of a switch the Feds can counterfeit (I mean print) whatever is needed. They can also do it in the blink of an eye………..Is that fast enough for you ?

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        It’s not really that simple. You need velocity and exposure to risk.

        Printing alone is not enough.

        • Pondering

          Cryptic: Would funding a major war effort be sufficient for the velocity that you speak of? What about liabilities of billions of dollars in insurance and relief claims in the event of a cataclysmic disaster? Please consider elaborating with a hint on the ‘Bear’.

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            Not even close. For hyperinflation one would need to double or triple the monetary base in a very short time.

    • Matt Jaymes

      Cryptic: It seems to me that a 200 trillion dollar monetary base is the definition of hyper inflation, after all inflation is a currency event…..just MVHO.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Actually, inflation is defined as a sudden increase in wages and credit in relation to production.

        Don’t misunderstand, I do believe there are serious problems facing the United States. I just don’t think that a threat of hyperinflation is one of them.

        • wd


          I agree about money velocity. But what about supply and demand. There will be no demand any more for our currency. SO then it become worth-less. It will take more to get less.

          But remember Black Swans can be created.

          But I believe Russians and Chinese are doing the slow burn…if your enemy is committing suicide. Let him/her.

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            It is dangerous to talk about economics without talking about politics. It would be disastrous for Russia and China to unlock from the dollar right now. They need the U.S. to build up their military strength, and THAT is where the danger lies.

            Reference my post about China’s neo-mercantilist economy.

    • Jerry

      Cryptic Little Sister.
      You are wrong. My inside sources say the economy will bottom bounce until a September default, and then the economy will implode in stages reaching the bottom by Christmas. 2016 will be about survival. But what the heck don’t take my word for it? Go ahead place you’re bet. The wheel is spinning.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        I don’t bet on inside sources.

        Be careful of what the Soviets call dezinformatsiya.

        Be willing to question your sources to see what are their intentions?

        Cui bono?

        Research counterintelligence.

  34. Coalburner

    Silver: GReat antibiotic. You can set up a simple electrolisis with a nine vot battery in clean water and use that water for topical treatments as well as internal. I know it turns back severe spider bites, it is the active ingredient in the salve used to treat burns, and sometimes mixed with honey for both treatments.

    • JC Davis

      Coalburner, and Paul. Can you post some links to your info. I have looked and cant find any info explaining the side effects or how to use properly. Thanks. jc

    • Smaulgld

      There are now commercially available salves, soaps and shampoos with collodial silver.

  35. eddielaidler

    Seems like a good time to buy gold. Apple thinks so! Imagine Apple never selling one of it’s $350.00 dollar trinkets wrapped in 2 oz of 18k gold. That’s a nice place to park your money it seems. I really think that all Apple did was diversify.

  36. Ed Martin

    Hey, that Ukraine thing sure fell out of bed quickly. I don’t even hear that much recently.
    To me it was a ploy (false flag) for war to hide the exposure of reserve currency weakening.
    In the end, WAR. It is the ultimate cover-up.

  37. Pondering

    Greg, perhaps Cryptic is onto something….but, what if you suddenly eliminated masses of people and/or simply seized their assets in a state of national emergency? How would that impact the ‘money” supply and velocity? Can history offer any clues?

  38. Don

    Dear Greg, thanks for being the man you are. I want to bring up what I’ve read on the G20, which as you know is the top 20 economies of the world. I’ve read on several articles how the IMF has received a stamp of approval to be the new global central bank, and use its SDR to print a global currency. I have warned my senator in the state of Oklahoma that if our leaders did such a thing they would be giving the sovereignty of this nation away to globalist bankers that will not be accountable to anyone, and it would be an act of treason. When this happens, and I’m afraid it will, it would be fulfilling bible prophecy as you know. The oligarchies in the nations have used there central banks to bring there planned global government and economic system together. It tells me that the Lords return must be very near, since I’m a premillennialist and believe in the rapture before tribulation, given I’ve understood scripture properly, we should see the rapture soon. Farewell my friend

  39. Johnny Love

    The economy will not collapse! Anyone who buys gold or silver are just throwing their money away to make someone else rich. Don’t believe in this “powers that be” illuminati propaganda that is being fed to you. We have to much going for our country for it to fail, and a doll or collapse is not one of them. Come on, let’s think a bit here and use your brains.

    • Greg Hunter

      $18 trillion in cash deficit, $200 trillion in commitments a liabilities accruing at $6 trillion a year. At least $16 trillion in liquid dollar asset held abroad. Yes, “. . . let’s think a bit here and use your brains.”

      • Jerry

        Greg, you’ve got to love the sheep being led to slaughter. In any disaster there’s always victims who say “I didn’t know”. Johnny go back to your IPAD none of this is real.

  40. Chris

    Hi Greg,

    David Morgan may be onto something regarding this September. Link below

    • JC Davis

      Chris. This is the switch being turned on. When Saudi deals the last card it is lights out for America. China don’t want to be the worlds currency they want a level playing field because the world currency always falls. When Saudi stops trading in dollars game over.

  41. Mohammad

    He is dangerous and cornered, it that is true he will do whatever it takes to stay even if he has to go to a false flag in the gulf to collide America with Iran:

    The month of Israeli elections is curtail and am following it like a hawk….


  42. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I always look forward to listening to Mr. Morgan. He impresses me as someone whose good character backs up what he can so fluently talk about.

    He is so correct about people’s belief systems being stronger than the truth. And that so many of those belief systems are false.

    I like that he gave practical advice as to how many ounces of silver one should try to hold.

    Greg, I hope they can ” kick the can down the road” for as long as possible. Though September looks like it may be the “turning of the corner” regarding where the world is heading.

  43. leena

    Hey Greg,
    I came upon something today that actually offers hope if we can get enough people
    Go to The most recent offering is “Knowledge is Power”.
    I had NO IDEA the United States is a Corporation and as such this is a game
    Think about having Foster Gamble on your show!!!!!!

  44. Anon

    While I agree we have shipped inflation to every country, I do not agree this is competitive advantage, rather this is treading water.

  45. Terry

    Guess what? I spent too much money on my gloss black 64 Cyclone when I restored it. Will I ever recover every dime I spent? I dunno. But it is flawless and if I want to make waves at a car show or drag strip or cruise night, it has never disappointed me and I don’t regret one moment or dime I spent. I am satisfied that if the need to feed the motorhead beast arises, I am covered. Same for my 435 hp 60 Ford Falcon drag car and my show winner 72 XLCH Harley and my 51 IHC/Wayne shorty school bus camper/tow vehicle or Jeep Cherokee 4×4 and old school 3 hp minibike and 1957 Swisher zero turn and beyond tricycle mower[the greatest and deadliest mower ever devised]. I have an awesome collection of tools and equipment and I am ready for almost any job.
    My almost music career has led me to acquire an awesome collection of Gibson and Fender guitars and amps and gear too vast to list. The adventures that stuff has taken me on cannot be described. The guy at the pawn shop said my one of a kind black/black/black 88 Steinberger Gibson SG90 has a $100.00 loan value.
    Or my gun collection and hunting/sporting/boating/survival gear that has enriched my life so much.
    My point in bragging about my stuff? I do what I want to do when I want to do it, with limits of course. My “stuff” enables me to do it. Not only that, getting the right “stuff’ to fill your needs is an adventure in itself. Buying PMs at rock bottom prices is a no brainer. Whether the SHTF sooner or later, I know damn well I’m not going to lose and if I do it would only be from fear or listening to the wrong people. I don’t.
    The most pathetic thing I ever did was invest in mutual funds in ’04 when I got some money. It did great until it became sure that either McCain or Hillary or obama was going to be president. I cashed out at close to the top. I made money but it was a weak, pathetic way to do it. No real control, just paper and statements from Mr Ed Jones. It was plain to see what was coming and this would be big. It still is.
    Maybe it’s the asteroid or the illuminati or maybe we just have morons in charge. Whatever the reason, this CAN NOT continue. When known liars tell me it can and every thing “going forward” is fine, I know it;s not. Turning pretty paper into solid gold and silver is an alchemists dream come true.
    Thanks for your work Greg.

  46. Terry

    When someone says “going forward” they really mean “but this time I’m not lying”.

  47. Siya

    (New World Order !!! ) is an overweening term.
    I believe God is the only one who know, force and order the worlds’s events; i.e; human as a created body has a limited time to life within the world time and this means that human has no ability with evidence to predict or force any event to be happen in a precise time in the world future. Moreover, if human predicts right events in future, then this does not mean that human was knowing, controlling or ordering the 100 % probability of happening this event or any other future events or even to sort their orders.
    The funny thing on this idea is when you reach thinking about humans dates of borns & deaths are parts of the World Order (GWO = God World Order).

  48. Jim

    For all the people who are down on gold and silver and believe they will never be currency again I would say this. What year in the future do you predict the dollar will collapse? What year do you think the U.S. will collapse? The year the Constitution will collapse? Surely you are not claiming that our currency and our nation will be the first ones in human history to never collapse right? U.S. That what you are saying? That a thousand years from now we will still have a nation under the Constitution written by the founding fathers and the dollar will still be our currency? If so please check yourself into the ward immediately. Currencies are designed to collapse. All currencies end up at zero value eventually. They must. Every nation made by man is designed to collapse also. No civilization has ever survived more than a few hundred years without a collapse and huge changeover to another form of government. Rome lasted 900 years and we will never make it that long. In modern times things move faster. Faster rise and faster fall. So when do you think the scientific and inevitable collapse of our way of life will happen?

  49. Fleur Lewis

    How did you come up with the month of Sep ?.
    I only ask as a Jewish Rabbi ( Jonathon Cahn ) says Sep 13 th …Will be a financial collapse.
    No point me stocking up on food..I’m renting therefore I’ll be kicked out of my place with only the strength to carry out as much as I physically can… Plus I’m single with 2 kids

    • Fleur Lewis

      Ooops…Should have listened to whole interview.. my question was answered.
      Anyway if things get so bad & people panic & rebellion sets in… No one will care about gold & silver but bartering a pocket knife or lighter for a loaf of bread … Bread & fresh water will be of value

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