Fed Will Not Fight Coming Inflation – Craig Hemke

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke predicted in July that silver was about to start a dramatic move higher.  He was right.  After Tuesday’s smash-down of the metal, Hemke says precious metals investors have nothing to worry about.  Hemke explains, “The important thing to understand is the fundamental stuff that has driven gold and silver higher, especially in the last couple of weeks, none of that has changed. . . . You get these speculative excesses.   They traded on the COMEX futures exchange (Tuesday 8/11/20) 1.5 billion ounces of pretend fake digital silver.  In a normal non-Covid world, the entire globe mines about 850 million ounces of silver.  So, in one day’s trading of the phony baloney plastic silver, they traded two times global mine supply. . . . The picture has not changed fundamentally.  They can trade two times global mine supply and you get these speculative excesses that get wrung out, but that just sets you up for the next move higher.”

Hemke also points out that the Fed is signaling new policy changes to prop up the failing economy.  In simple terms, the Fed is going to allow much more inflation than 2%, and on top of that, the Fed is not going to raise interest rates to fight it.  Hemke says, “We are going to have a very bumpy economic growth ride with what has already taken place with Covid and what is going to come.  The Fed has already promised it is going to maintain 0% interest rates on the short end (of the curve) until 2022. . . . The Fed is going to let inflation go past 2% to 3% or 4%.  They are probably going to make this change at the September Fed meeting. . . . They are going to let inflation overshoot 2%. . . . The reason why they do that is you can pay off all this accumulated debt with the less valuable money of tomorrow.  This is how it has always worked. . . .These two policy changes go hand in hand.  They are going to let inflation run, and they are locking in nominal rates and institutionalizing steeper and steeper negative real rates.”

Hemke says we have not seen this sort of “perfect storm” in the precious metals market since the 1970’s when gold increased nine fold until it topped out in 1980 at nearly $900 per ounce.  If that happens again, that would put the gold price at nearly $18,000 per ounce.  Hemke says, “This whole system is hyper-leveraged by the central banks.  So, we have no idea how many owners there are for each ounce of gold.  The amount of gold with clear title, we have no idea.  What happens when everybody shows up for their gold?  If I don’t know how many ounces of gold there are, how am I supposed to know what the right price is?”

What Hemke can predicted with certainty is “more inflation” and that the Fed will not raise rates to fight inflation until at least after 2022.

I asked Hemke for his year-end predictions for the price of gold, and he said “$2,300 to $2,400 per ounce.”

For silver, Hemke predicts, “Silver will be $34 to $36 per ounce.”  What the premiums will be on top of that is another story.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke, founder of TFMetalsReport.com.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Stan

    Folks, this is not a correction, it is a CRASH! Just as I predicted! The massive 2013 decline started the same way – expect huge cascading declines through September. I warned and warned and warned. Sell everything at the open and don’t look back. By the way, I’m in Vegas on a little get away – partying like there is no tomorrow over this Gold crash. It has arrived! Yeehhaawwww!

    • Greg Hunter

      We all know you are an idiot who was shorting gold at $1,200 an ounce and have been getting crushed.

    • JC

      Stan, Are you really in Vegas?
      Why don’t you drop a postcard in the mail to Greg to prove it?
      By the way, the postcard you sent from St. Maarten still hasn’t arrived…

      • Stan

        I’ll send the postcard before I leave.

    • Ray

      Can you short sell me some physical gold please?
      October delivery son.
      What price are you going to at?
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Anthony Australia

        Wild swings Mate and it’s shooting back up. Green!

    • paul ...

      Stan … To get the Fake CRASH you want … your bankster buddies will need to sell 1000 years supply of silver “in one hour” … and even then … we God-bugs will clean up and buy up all the cheap silver we can get our hands on … we won’t allow you and your bankster buddies to win over us anymore (by playing us for fools with your contrived, devious and fake shenanigans)!!

    • al

      What drugs are you on? I want some! LOL!!! Hilarious clown.

    • Rick

      What are you just a trader. I’ve been holding in buying gold and silver since 1992 and it served me well I’ve never sold any of it ever. I don’t ever plan on selling any of it. It’s the perfect hedge and always will be anyone who can’t figure that out Greg Hunter is right you’re an idiot!!!

      • Kris

        I am new to all of this and would like to know where to buy actual gold and silver as well? How does one ensure authenticity etc?

        Thanks to all and be blessed and safe!

        • Greg Hunter

          Go here and talk to a live human and honest person. 1-800-375-4188 mask for Melody the owner. You are a little late to the party.

    • Steve Bice

      Thanks for the update Theodore…

  2. paul ...

    Hemke tells us that 1.5 billion ounces of “Imaginary Silver” ( twice the global mine supply) was sold into the market yesterday … and it only drove the price of silver down a couple of bucks … so don’t let the banksters scare you with their shenanigans … we have had “a fundamentally dead global banking system since 2009” … that is still way over-leveraged and virtually guaranteed to collapse “at any moment” … economic conditions continue to deteriorate along with increasing bankruptcies … and a banking failure (of just one major bank anywhere in the world) will create widespread panic “into precious metals” (as confidence in the entire fiat banking system collapses) … one day very soon we will likely see triple digit Silver and “normal price fluctuations” of plus or minus $28 dollars in a single day … the few buck change the banksters just achieved (by selling twice the world production of silver short in a single day) is chicken feed … silver is posed to rocket ahead … our strategy should remain the same … simply continue to buy the dips!!

    • paul ...

      Also … if the Fed is going to let inflation soar … the criminal banksters should have the common decency to take the chains off the CPI … and give people living on Pensions and Social Security the ability to pay for the coming food price inflation the banksters will be creating … and not force us to eat “maggot burgers” instead of chop meat!!

    • William Stanley

      paul …,
      Well said!
      It’s now too dangerous to be without substantial exposure to PMs.

    • Keith Wilson

      Well I just want to thank the banksters for yesterday’s smash of the gold and silver markets. The smash allowed me to purchase PSLV stock at a 10% reduction in price. Also was able to pick up some more cheap mining stocks which where hit down 12%. Thank you bankers for helping me purchase even more goodies.

  3. paul ...

    Biden picks Kamala Harris as his VP … will she make a good President if Biden doesn’t last 4 years with his Alzheimer problem? … apparently … as Trump supported her with a campaign contribution!! … https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EfK0H1OXkAA3yeG?format=jpg&name=small … but regardless of who wins the US election … be prepared for more debt … more spending … and more money printing … which at least is great news for us “God’s Gold and Silver”-bugs!!

    • Nick de la Gaume

      Kamala Ha ha ha ha ha ha haris.


      The Bidet-Harris ticket.

      Sauve qui peut!!!!!!!!!!

    • al

      Harris is a joke, a moot point at best. Trump already won his 2nd term and Don will be there for 8 years starting 2024. The Marxist Democraps are done, stick a fork in it.

      Money printing has been going on for years, but where’s the hyperinflation? I’ll tell you when it will be, when all this Plandemic Covid19 BS is over, then comes the spending and money velocity will bring on inflation like a ravenous beast. Get ready Paul, if you have a stash you are going to be very rich indeed.

      • K. Wayne

        Spending and money velocity are missing in action….for the foreseeable future (med-long term).
        We are in a DEPRESSION.
        Notice the level of UNEMPLOYMENT in America…@ circa 33%. Where do you think our economy gets 70% of its GDP? The consumer has gone into hiatus.
        50% or more of small business across the nation wont be coming back. Besides all that…the QE from the Treasury / FED doesn’t go to mainstreet….its lining the pockets of the American Aristocracy and the International Bankers.
        If you think the Economy gets back to “normal” and the Velocity of money picks up dramatically…after the BS Covid-19…then you are mistaken.
        The Plandemic was a cover for a BANKRUPT System. We were already sinking into the abyss in 2018. Anything average Joe six-pack gets by way of income or support will be saved. There’s nothing stimulatory in that equation
        Sept. 2019 was the marker (cue REPO). If you require further evidence of the limited capacity of the consumer….consider the growing numbers of those who have missed Rent/Mortgage and other Bills/ payments.

        • K. Wayne

          At best…this will be a Deflationary Depression.

          Any President of any Multi-National who is on watch ….whilst their organization burns…will suffer the consequences….they will join the ranks of the Unemployed in quick time. Its called Accountability and the BUCK STOPS HERE!!!
          That is the analogy here with POTUS. Our country is burning. If you are not part of the solution …then you are part of the problem …and you need to get out of the way.
          I am looking at the Global picture and it is clear that our fate is being replicated across the Globe.
          The solution being put forward (think Economic Forum 2021 & Agenda 2030) is the construct of NWO thinkers.
          Indeed if POTUS plays into this theme and allows America to be party to it, then we can safely assume that the solution he is offering is not for the benefit of the Nation ..nor its people. Both Agendas are based on a sustainable global development platform …but in reality it is a disguised attempt to impose global communism.

          At worse…we see Anarchy.

        • al

          I never said the economy was normal or getting back to normal in any way. The mere fact that people are unemployed doesn’t matter, look at Zimbabwe, Venezuela, now Brazil and other Countries under hyperinflation. I would hardly say those Countries posses a bustling economy by any stretch. The goal of any government is hyperinflation, period! The only way you get that is by stuffing money in to people’s pockets then giving them a reason to spend it… and that’s coming.

          • paul jr.

            Brazil’s inflation rate is not even high. It is around 3% currently. Only a few countries right now have hyperinflation. May be you meant Argentina.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Agreed, the virus is keeping inflation down, lower money velocity is in play, after its over then look out for serious inflation to pay for all of this. As to the politics of the day, President Trump by a landslide, even Biden can’t convince the people he is anti China now as his new adds are playing. Most Americans are not that supid to put a senile old fart in office which will lead to a radical illegal alien in office, its just not going to happen anytime soon. Biden/Harris are non-law and order, open borders, abortion loving (killing babies) radicals who are going to take the once great Democratic party down for the count; good ridence I say as they have lost their minds to the socialist agenda; the tail is waging the dog and after the election old Pelosi & crying Chuch Shumer will be strugging to hold unto a party half of its present self.

      • paul ...

        To repent for our sins (electing Demon-rats to run our cities) … we must show God we are very very sorry for our truly despicable sins … and show repentance (by voting all the Demon-commie-rats out of office this coming November)!!!

        • paul ...

          Lets do to Commie-rat Cuomo … and Commie-rat Diblasio … what Trump did to Comrat Hillary … so as to foster some comratery between a bunch of “commie” losers !!!

        • chuck

          That’s true, but it has to come directly from Trump in the same manner and spirit that Lincoln used to turn the nation to repentance in the spring of 1863.

  4. Anthony Australia

    What do you make of this USAW community?


    • Homey Comey

      Tony, Time to move down-under and dig for Opal!

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Hemke.
    Here in the UK I can taxes exploding to the upside as our dysentery government are unable to balance anything.Gold taxation will leap for those holding,or am I a tad pessimistic?

    • paul ...

      Maria … you are not being pessimistic … if you hold gold in an IRA … you will you be fleeced … imagine buying gold in your IRA at $2,000 per ounce “to save taxes” and find that when gold goes to $15,000 per ounce you owe the government more the twice what you originally bought your gold for … but if your IRA is simply “a hole in the ground” the government can’t just “electronically seize” what they think you owe them “even before you sell it” as Biden is now proposing!!!

    • Lightning

      I thought brits holding brittania gold coins were exempt from capital gains taxes. Look into it

  6. JC

    Perhaps your gold and silver coins will be confiscated by U.N. Troops if you refuse to be vaccinated… and you will be put in a re-education camp, where you will learn the joys and pleasures of digital money. Bill Gates and George Soros know where to find you.

    Who knows, you may find yourself in a situation like this in the near future…


    • paul ...

      Yeah JC … while Trump does his song and dance … the real evil people running the show (from behind the glass curtain) as shown at the end of your clip is Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx!!!

  7. David

    This is the “real” United States of America…. the heartland…. where patriotism is alive and well. It plays out everyday across our great country, even though the MSM won’t talk about it.

    Please don’t let the MSM, BLM, Antifa, sports teams, or democrats convince you otherwise. This video was taken at the Weatherford, Texas 2020 rodeo. Watch for the special forces soldier, former member of the U.S. Army’s elite parachute team, the Golden Knights, and a double-leg amputee during the opening ceremony. And, wait for the message on the parachute.

    I am a proud American who stands during the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. And so are the vast majority of Americans. The only way we lose this Country is if we retreat and give it away.


    • Susan

      David, nobody takes a knee at a rodeo.

  8. Jerry

    Is there anyone left who doesn’t realize that this is a planned takedown by the NWO?

    For months I have wondered why there are different strains of the coronavirus, like Hendra and Nippa in other parts of the world? Thanks to some investigative research by some people who are much smarter than I am, there is an answer. “ Blockchain Technology “. Apparently the globalist want different identifiers for the EU, the North American union, Africa, and the Asia alliance ( BRICS) when your biological information is uploaded to the government cloud. That way they can track you, if you should travel into another segment of the global matrix. It all makes sense now why Microsoft is so heavily involved in the vaccine, and why each country will have its own vaccine imbedded with its own chip. It’s like tagging cattle.

    For years I have tracked the development of the BRICS alliance development thinking it was the NWO. I was wrong. It’s only one piece of a much larger global puzzle. I didn’t think big enough. I didn’t realize how the globalist would interweave technology with biological control. It truly is right out of a science fiction movie. The matrix doesn’t even come close to what’s in store.

    Now you know why I keep saying get your spiritual house in order. Short of the second coming of Jesus Christ there is no way out of this. Talking about politics and market movements is like playing with tinker toys when you realize what we are up against. As far as president Trump stopping this. Don’t hold your breath. He’s up against the United Nations and the vast majority of the scientific community that controls every major university on this planet.

    Timing? Before the vaccinations begin, the 5G satellites all have to
    be in place. The last launches are set for the end of September. Once everything is in place there will be over 20,000 5G satellites to transfer your biological readouts to a centralized government cloud.
    The next meeting for the World Economic Conference is set for January 2021. The launch date will be sometime after that. A lot can happen between now and then. In the meantime. PRAY!

    • Jerry

      Here’s link to the other viruses.

      • Jack

        oh there is a way out of it, but it requires guns, guts and lots of blood. if these high level satanists are eliminated, their prodigy won’t have the balls to keep the agenda going, knowing they will also be eliminated . these are not tough guys, they are a bunch of geeks . believe me if they see one of their buddies heads splat like a watermelon they will pay attention .

        • Jerry

          First they cut off access to your bank account , and shut off your power and water supply remotely. Then if that doesn’t work, expect a drone attack. Who are you going to shoot? It’s like smoking out a rat. They don’t need to come to your door. Maybe later they’ll send someone to pick up the body. Best scenario, hunker down and use your own resources and of course pray. There are no atheist in foxholes.

          • paul jr.

            Still at least a year away from something like that happening.

      • K. Wayne

        Some good findings Jerry,
        “another segment of the global matrix”…you are practically there with this concept…..let me direct you to the current agenda….10 Regions = 10 Kingdoms = 10 Kings. George Orwell had some of this concept correct too …..in his novel 1984.
        “It’s only one piece of a much larger global puzzle”…..Yes that’s true.
        “Talking about politics and market movements is like playing with tinker toys when you realize what we are up against”….they are called distractions…and again you are correct. We are making progress.
        “….president Trump……He’s up against the United Nations and the vast majority of the scientific community that controls every major university on this planet”….not true. You need to re-phrase that comment and change your context.

      • JC

        Jerry, what a bunch of crap in that article. Oh, who will be the “lucky ones” to get the vaccine?

        ‘It is August 2021, and the moment the world has been waiting for has finally arrived – a vaccine against covid-19 has passed all the tests and is ready to be rolled out. But this isn’t the end. There are more than 7.5 billion people in need of vaccination but perhaps only a billion doses available in the first six months of production. Who gets one?’

      • K. Wayne

        That is very disturbing news. Clearly they had already planned the 2nd wave ….with the ultimate agenda is to promote fear and anxiety. The nations of the world and their people will demand a solution….
        Consider again the Luciferian go to model of Hegelian Dialectic ….
        Thesis : (Problem) Pandemic = Virus
        Antithesis : (Reaction) Infections/Deaths / Stagnant or Dying Economy
        Synthesis : (Solution) Vaccine = Greater Control
        Of course this is a manufactured strategy. A hidden agenda in which greater centralization of Power accrues to the Fascists whilst the citizens have their freedoms eroded. A better understanding is the MO of this maniacal group….
        Because we don’t have the power to determine our own destiny…we look to others to place the blame. In so doing they undertake to implement changes to the Laws that would otherwise not be accepted by the citizenry. It is pure mass mind control in its basic form. Consider the increase in violence, crime and terrorism in this country…..as a means to and end……giving more power to the Police, Security Agencies and Military. Mission accomplished.
        Study this ….Ordo Ab Chao. Understand what it means. It is the signature of the Evil that pervades this Nation.

    • Joanna

      Jerry – 5G is the trojan horse! Not only will it cause Hypoxic conditions in humans (when turned up) and COVID-19 used as the escape goat of such illnesses, but 5G will connect the internet of things and bring on AI.
      5G is the death nail in the coffin of the world.
      Nothing else matters!
      If we don’t stop 5G, it’s over!
      Cyrus Parsa/The AI Organization

      5G should be treated the same as Nuclear Weapons!

    • Tin foil hat

      Perhaps the NWO is merely the vehicle used to move toward a new Age. Rituals of the Mithraic cult involved slaughtering of bulls, which has come down to us today as the bullfight. The gods of the Age of Aries, as in each age before them, eradicated the gods that preceded them in the Age of Taurus – Moses smashed the Golden Calf.

      Our own Age of Pisces (498 – 2,658 CE ), symbolized by the Fish, and representing the Sacred descending to the Mundane world. Pisces rules universal compassion, sacrifice of the individual Ego, and martyrdom.

      Aquarius rules technology and radical thought, invention and ascension. The last Aquarian age (around 28,000 BC) marked the end of the Neanderthal and the birth of Cro-Magnon man. Will our species be similarly transformed over the next 2500 years? We can try to predict the future, but life has a way of evolving in a way that we cannot imagine.

      • Bill the Cat Guy

        Astrology is nonsense. It’s not even worth a discussion.

    • paul ...

      Remember the expression “One for all and All for one” … Jesus did his part (one for all) … now it is up to all of us to do our part “for the one” (by showing redemption for our mortal sin of voting in baby killers … and “voting out” all the Demons and Rats we put in office this coming November)!!

    • JC

      Self Exiled
      What important mission are they talking about?

      The soldiers will head to Fort Bliss, Texas for additional training before heading to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.

      Joint Task Force Guantanamo operates the detention camps on the U.S. military base in Cuba. Begun shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, the detention camps have held prisoners captured in the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.

      “Our soldiers are trained and motivated for this important mission,” Capt. Troy Davidson, the company commander, said in a statement. “We’ve worked hard over the last few years to make sure this unit is one of the most ready units in the U.S. Army.”

      • Self Exiled

        Are you saying this is disinformation?

        • Self Exiled

          I reread the articles, the maybe in it for me as a mission was possible Trump prosecutions , considering he appointed another general council. Yes I assumed. The following article is a little to far out for me but I will post for your consideration.


          • JC

            Self Exiled,
            Yes, the article is a little far out, even the Pope is to be executed.

        • JC

          Self Exiled,
          No, I’m not saying it’s disinformation. I just don’t understand what is the nature of this “important mission?”

    • Jack

      why would anyone take this “vaccine ” its is poison , you idiot

  9. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, great interview and a good PM update. Since I closed my trading account (at a loss I might add), I’ve been simply stacking. I sleep better knowing that corrections and pullbacks just do not matter. I’ve been tempted to get back in to that type account, but that stress is just not fun any longer. The dollar can go up and down all it wants and it just doesn’t have any effect on me. No stress, good night’s sleep. I’m still working and don’t have any debts and the only thing I notice is the cost of groceries slowly ramping up. NBD…

    Regarding inflation — watched a good Peter Schiff podcast and in there somewhere he discussed of all things the definition of inflation. Most people see the cost of groceries climbing and think that’s inflation, but really, that’s a result of inflation. Inflation is caused by the FED printing more and more currency (USD) and the market simply reacts to the increase in the amount of dollars chasing the same products. Price is a result of inflation.

    Look up the definition of inflation in a current Websters and you get — “ Economics. a persistent, substantial rise in the general level of prices related to an increase in the volume of money and resulting in the loss of value of currency”. Look up inflation in a dictionary from the 1960’s (Schiff had an exact quote) and the part about a “ rise in the general level of prices” isn’t there. Simply the volume of money. The dictionary definition has morphed, allowing the FED to react to inflation instead of owning up to being responsible for inflation. FWIW

  10. Steve

    If you didn’t have your silver way before now, forget it. $10.00+ premiums to buy, and -$5.00 off of spot to sell. You might find some deals here and there if you buy 1000+ ounces… But the party is long over… The days of 1976 thru 1980 and 2002 thru 2011 are over for sure. Back in those days you could buy low, hold, and then sell high, tripling or quadrupling your investment. But those days are over for sure. Now one holds so they have something of value when the dollar goes Bust.

  11. john

    so when silver goes to the moon where do sell some, or will local places just close their doors? John

    • Greg Hunter

      You have the wrong mentality and you are getting way ahead of yourself. Silver is a core asset and insurance.

      • helot

        A number of years ago I saw a video, I think it was shot in the back room of a California grocery store, who knows if it was real or not, it seemed so, there was a guy with a scale and he was making change for grocery purchases bought with silver coins. It didn’t seem out of line to think more than one place did that or that others couldn’t as well. Food for thought.

        Anyway, I saw this bit by Becky Ackers and thought you all might align with it, or something, perhaps?

        Oh, Glorious Promise: “We Will Be Violating the Judge’s Order”!!!!

        Thrill to this prediction from Pastor Rob McCoy of Godspeak Calvary Chapel in California, where Comrade Gavin Nuisance—sorry, Newsom: why do I always make that mistake?–has forbidden churches to assemble:

        “…we will be violating the judge’s order, we will be open this Sunday … Now, I don’t know what that means as far as who’s gonna stop us, but we’re planning on having services at 9, 11, and 1.”

        Those are indoor services, mind you. Sans that talisman of the occult, masks, and the hostile, anti-Biblical “social distancing.”

        Nor does Pastor McCoy’s heroism end there: he “was a former Thousand Oaks mayor who resigned his post as City Council member on April 4 after Gov. Gavin Newsom declared churches nonessential…”

        Oh, wow!!!!! A Christian who actually reveres his Lord rather than politicians and the almighty paycheck! As Lee Olson, who alerted me to this story, says, “Rob McCoy is the real McCoy.” Indeed—and he puts the Goats to utter shame, doesn’t he? I look forward to watching so stalwart a champion of the faith receive his reward in eternity! And please God, every Parson Goat will be watching, too, through bitter tears at his own cowardice.

        Not surprisingly, Ventura County sued the church and pastor.

        Our hero

        described the measures taken by the county as “draconian” and denied that the church has put anyone danger, saying there have been no COVID-19 cases at the church.

        “We’re going to keep worshiping God, if they seek to arrest me and the thousand of you, it’s almost like the first thousand get a prize: You get a citation. It’s a misdemeanor. You want to be one of the thousand? Come.”

        Told you he irrefutably reproaches the Goats, didn’t I?!!!!

        Meanwhile, imagine the heavenly reward that citation will earn you! Saints in California, gird yourselves for battle and sing hosannas as you march to worship with this latter-day Elijah!

        May the Lord rescue Pastor McCoy and his congregants from California’s enforcers as dramatically and permanently as He did His prophet from Ahaziah’s!

      • Bill the Cat Guy

        If I had 2500 ounces and silver was $400 an ounce I’ve have $1,000,000. I’d certainly sell enough to give myself a good retirement income.

  12. Mike

    I bought some silver at $28.71 per ounce back in 2011. It was good to see it higher in dollar value after more than 10 years. I knew the price rise due to inflation was going to happen but I was a little off with the timing. I have no sell price in fiat dollars but I would like to buy what the grocery store will accept after the dollar is deemed worthless.

  13. JC

    Hoping Martin Armstrong will be back as a guest in the near future.

    Martin Armstrong:
    Bill Gates, who nobody cares to investigate, is once again using blacks in Africa as his guinea pigs; allegedly bribing politicians to allow him to conduct his experiments. Gates is launching his digital ID with vaccines being linked to digital payments systems whereby all physical money is eliminated. This is a take over of the entire world where he gets to not just control health, but you will not be able to buy, sell, or work without his digital ID.

    No doubt, someday they will probably make a movie theorizing how many lives would have been saved if someone had assassinated Bill Gates as they have done with Adolf Hitler. That ultimate question will be answered only with the passage of time.


    • Jerry

      Here is the alliance we’ve heard about.

      I don’t see any patriots in it. Do you? If Harris gets elected as President she’s already said she’s coming after Trump supporters. Either way. We’re screwed. It’s just matter of who’s shoving it in. The needle that is. As far as Biden? He’s a dead man walking.

      • Jack

        DR. Mengle= Bill Gates?

        • Jerry

          You are spot on.

          The plans are in play.

        • K. Wayne

          There is so much more we are not told about William Henry Gates IV. When you uncover the truth ….everything starts to make more sense.

      • JC

        What is hanging on the wall to the left of the screen? It looks like a woman wearing a black mask, holding up an eagle.

    • Septic sceptic

      You do realise this guy was in jail for defrauding people? Why are you promoting him? It is not a “badge of honour” to have ripped people off and was not some government conspiracy as has been spun.

      • JC

        Septic sceptic,

        Oh my God, he was in jail? Yes, anybody that has been in jail is a bad person, right? How many people were in jail for years that got out because DNA proved they were innocent?

        You obviously know nothing about the details about the case against Martin Armstrong. Do a little in-depth research and get all the facts before making stupid comments.

        And by the way, I didn’t know anything about Martin Armstrong before seeing him here on USA Watchdog, so why don’t you complain to Greg about “promoting him”?

        I’m aggravated now, it’s time for a gin and tonic.

  14. Rodger Pape

    Love it when Craig is on. Thanks Greg.

  15. al

    Craig Hemke once said a long time ago that someone called him “the World’s oldest teenager ” LOL! I never forgot that but that’s how long I’ve been following this brilliant Man.

    Thank you Greg for having Hemke on, he’s been frustrated along with all of us with this can kicking, but patience perseveres and pays off!

    I’m refinancing my home with a fixed rate 30 year mortgage as a consolidation measure. Why? Because of exactly what Hemke said, I’ll pay it off with cheap money. I can well afford the loan and eventually I look forward to paying my house off with my PM Stash.

    Interestingly enough this loan is taking a long time to close, and I have an excellent credit rating!!! I’m assured the loan but THE BANKS ARE SWAMPED WITH APPLICATIONS!!! 2.88% PRIME LENDING RATE… and Hemke says it will go down further? I believe it!

    A friend of mine who sold his precious metals back in 2016 asked me if he should buy silver now, I said “yes, if you can find it, good luck”. I also said “once money velocity increases, look for higher gold prices and major inflation” and I sent him this link to monitor >>

    I disagree with Hemke on 3 points though….

    1- Trump has already won, anything else is a moot point. The Buffoon Biden campaign is akin to watching Gilligan’s Island, which is more educational and realistic.

    2- The FED IS DEAD! Do you see Powell anywhere when monetary policy is discussed on TV? NO! Powell is NOT in the press conferences as everyone goes to Mnuchin for fiscal guidance and answers, NOT POWELL.. If this was anytime before 2016, the Fed Head (Powell) would be front and center. NOT NO MORE….
    THE FED IS JUST A FIGURE HEAD AND THE GOVERNMENT’S PRINTING PRESSTITUTE MACHINE, the levers are now pulled by the Treasury. God Bless Trump for KILLING THE FED (as it once was).

    3- The PLANdemic is the Catalyst the World Central Banks wanted, they couldn’t start a World War so why not a Worldwide Scamdemic? You know, the sweet and sour sniffles, the KungFlu.
    It will be over Novermber 4th, it will be a MIRACLE! You know why? Because the Government is missing one element to the hyperinflation equation and that is Money Velocity… PEOPLE HAVE TO SPEND! That’s missing due to fear and anxiety. Once that’s lifted, LIFTOFF!!!

    Thanks again Greg, and yes, you are looking good. God seems to be blessing you with much health, may that always be the case, we need you!

    • Maria das Santos

      The Bolsheviks have decided on a war where you children will be sent to slaughtered by China and others.

  16. Dave

    Hemke thinks now is a good time to purchase silver. Any suggestions? Buy silver coins and, if so, which ones. How safe are online purchases – I assume the silver is insured when it is mailed to you? Does Hemke sell coins/silver?

    • Greg Hunter

      Call Discount Gold and Silver Trading. This is my only sponsor. I have not had a complaint since they have been advertising the last 5 years. I get zero commission. Call and talk to a live human. ask for the owner Melody. https://usawatchdog.com/discount-gold-and-silver-trading/

  17. JC

    Perhaps Trump is being played by both parties…

    G. A. STEWART:
    The Q PYSOP is part of the Social Engineering Plan, and I wish that people could tie this to the events on September 11th, 2001, The Iran-Contra Scandal, and to at least another dozen scandals over the last three-decades that would be too tedious to cite here. It is all Social Engineering done by pathological criminals and satanists, and most people have accepted the programming.

    The break with Sheldon Adelson and The Mega Group suggests that Trump turned them down on starting a war with Iran; so, they started one for him.

    I warned Trump two-years ago on this Website that he was being setup; an acquaintance has bought both my 2013 book and my 2019 book, and I hope he read and passed on that warning. Trump is being played by both the Democrats and Republicans, and he has one masterful, historic move left.

    The best advice that I could offer to Donald J. Trump is to tell him to resign the Presidency immediately. Tell the world the level of corruption that exists, the danger to you and your family, force their hand on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and CIA drug dealing, then go tell everybody to “go fuck themselves, I do not care if you burn your cities down.”

    And that will go down in history and probably save Western Culture.

    Many United States’ political leaders, Democrat, Republican, and Independent, have been exploiting old grudges to gain political power and have allowed the destruction of their cities and let unbridled rioting and violence threaten their citizenry.


    • K. Wayne

      “best advice that I could offer to Donald J. Trump is to tell him to resign the Presidency immediately”…that is precisely what I would suggest too. Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office…..they will either play along or be compromised every which way to Sunday. There are too many fingers in the Pie. That Pie is the Goose that lays the Golden Egg. It is the mechanism of wealth re-distribution.
      You cannot interfere with the corruption …the drug/human trafficking, nor can you imprison the Billionaire Families and their Political groupies. Impunity amongst the Elite… is the inside joke.

      • JC

        K. Wayne,
        “Impunity amongst the Elite… is the inside joke.”

        Wow, that really is something to seriously ponder.

      • K. Wayne

        Greg Hunter 08/12/2020 •
        ……….. K Wayne……. you are a MORON.

        • Greg Hunter

          K Wayne,
          I told you why you are a Moron too.

          • K. Wayne

            Your public apology is eagerly anticipated….as is the swearing in of Trump for a 2nd Term.
            Both are asymptomatic.

            • Greg Hunter

              I am not apologizing for my analysis on my own property.

      • paul ...

        Our immoral world leaders and captains of industry paled around with Jeffery Epstein in the open and enjoyed being photographed with a convicted sex offender who trafficked in underage women (although I don’t think Trump ever went to Epstein’s Lolita Island) … they finally “got Assange” and locked him up because he was a moral man (while Hillary who trafficked in Haitian children still roams free until this day) … Assange’s crime? (releasing through Wikileaks’ the Demon-rat John Podesta’s Emails and exposing The Pizza-Gate Scandal which showed us who all the immoral perverts were) … now in the final year of Trump’s administration … everything is in order … Jeffrey Epstein is dead … and all the essential evidence has disappeared into a black hole of nothingness and as for Anthony Weiner’s laptop? (nothing has been heard … zero … zip is the action we get from Trump’s AG) … so why should we vote for Trump over Biden?? … because Trump (like Lot) is a little better then all the depraved perverts running Sodom (Washington DC) and Gomorrah (New York)!!!

  18. JC

    George Soros, birthday, 90 years old, what an arrogant prick.

    Soros is confident the U.S. is better positioned to weather the pandemic than Europe, even though he took issue with the man calling the shots in the White House.

    “Even in the United States, a confidence trickster like Trump can be elected president and undermine democracy from within,” he said. “But in the U.S. you have a great tradition of checks and balances and established rules. And above all you have the Constitution. So I am confident that Trump will turn out to be a transitory phenomenon, hopefully ending in November.”

    Until then, however, Soros warned that Trump “remains very dangerous,” because “he’s fighting for his life and he will do anything to stay in power.” He added that Trump will be held accountable for his violations of the Constitution if he loses the presidency.


    • Greg Hunter

      I agree 100%!!

    • Jack

      you assume that these sheep would listen and take action. they won’t , they will just go along like the frog in the pot .90% of Americans are sheep who don’t want to think for themselves

    • Operation Mockingbird

      Soros is feeling very frisky lately.
      As in his younger day’s, the little Nazi!
      He just can’t get Trump outta his head.
      His $33 million investment in Black Lives Matter, in his mind, has almost paid great dividends, in his relentless efforts to destroy the USA. He’s paid for chaos, murder, arson, looting and corruption and almost got, just what he wanted. KAOS, with a K, INVASION USA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN39w-Bnlgg
      His other bought and paid for assassins (Morell, AOC, Omar, Tahlib, etc) have been almost as damaging. Soros, a Nazi fascist Hitler youth, is now an admitted proponent of Marxism and has become the world’s most dangerous financial terrorist.
      To be attacked by him Mr. President, is a badge of honor and proves your over the target. O’bomb’s away,✈?
      This movie isnt over yet!
      Nor our President!
      America will never be, Mr. Sore Ars’e Soros & Sanders…
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyCDK7E35yk 🐍

    • regaleagle

      When they both meet their maker……..Soros very soon for sure……..God Almighty will be the sole judge. End of story. Demons like Soros, the Clintons, and their ilk will all soon discover who the real King of this universe is.

  19. Jack

    good interview however, as we witnessed today another smash down in gold and silver. I think this is more important to the PTB than buying down the 10 year bond , if gold were to ramp up it would tell even the dimmest of bulbs that inflation is here , so I think they will continue to play their little games and short keep gold in a trading range $1800-$1900 for the foreseeable future , as for the dealers the premiums will probably rise , but that POSTED COEX rigged paper price probably won’t see $2,000 any time soon

    • Greg Hunter

      Gold was up $20.

      • Jack

        yeah but then they smashed it again late in the day, now we are up again tonight . Have you noticed that it is nearly impossible to get an accurate “spot” gold price . Kitco site is down most of the time, 321 gold is a joke . the best place to get an accurate spot quote in on the dealer sites like AMPEX , and like Craig , just look at the price of what you must pay per ounce in fiat dollars. Yahoo finance has a different # , sometimes they are $20 or more different , yet still cite the same time of day. this is no accident. but again Greg , most people wouldn’t know a 10 year bond or a yield curve to save their lives , it is irrelevant to them conceptually , however, if gold and silver start to skyrocket , idiots like the “robin hood” investors will just all over ANYTHING that moves , so J, Dimon and company will continue to create huge swings in the paper prices so nobody but the hardest core long term holders ,,who understand the game are still standing at the end of the game. like when China coms out with a gold backed currency . you wa tot see inflation? Kamala Harris will be POTUS in 6 months , god help us all. Get all of your paper assets OUT of the banking system now , especially with the digital currency coming , gold has no counterpart liability, but now even a more important feature is that it is PORTABLE and viewed as MONEY anywhere on earth for the past 5,000 years, so you can hide it , as the new communist regime tries to reallocate wealth for everyone but those in the “BIG CLUB” as George Carlin used to say

        • K. Wayne

          I just did a quick back of the envelope calculation on the gold price move.
          If we start with the $1850/oz price and the interim high at $2085/oz…we are now sitting right on a Fibonacci 37.5% retracement at circa $1935/oz .
          Interesting to see where it goes from here. But instincts tell me this is a short sharp correction. The momentum and price movements are enormous and will set the stage for even more price swings in both duration and magnitude.

          • paul ...

            Shadow Stats did a back of the envelope gold calculation using the Consumer Price Index … https://static.seekingalpha.com/uploads/2018/7/17314402_15323084789822_rId19.png … which shows your instincts are correct … gold at $2000 is “dirt cheap” (and is at the bottom) … but people have a habit of selling the bottom and buying the top … buy and keep buying before gold gets to $15,000 as Jim Rickards conservatively predicts will occur … as the Fed’s current plans are to increase the inflation rate beyond their “official” 2% target (so as to make paying back debt easier … to keep their bankster buddies in business)!!!

            • K. Wayne

              Don’t take any notice of me Paul…
              I’m a Moron according to Greg.
              What can I say…he (and a few others) suffer from Confirmation Bias…he favors views that support his beliefs and undervalues anything to the contrary. I can’t change that nor do I wish to.
              I provide my perspectives….sometimes others like yourself ….sincerely acknowledge and support the truth contained within.
              I don’t look for gratification…but I certainly don’t accept or deserve that level of degradation and humiliation.

              • Greg Hunter

                See “K,” now you agree with me. You not really a moron just your thinking the president is working for the globalist Deep State.

        • Gary

          Jack, could not agree with you more, I just cashed in a small amount of Maples, Silver, on Friday before the takedown, and the spread when your selling is unreal. Some dealers will not pay in cash anymore plus some will not buy from you unless you bought from them like Sprottt.

          For those of you who have bought for years and never sold I strongly suggest you test the waters with a small amount, especially with Gold & Silver Bars, remember it is a two way market and the dealer makes money buying and selling.

          PS Develop a relationship locally if possible with a bullion dealer, and KEEP your receipts when you buy.

    • Bill the Cat Guy

      Providentmetals.com will pay you $1972 for your 1 oz gold American Eagle. They sell for $2050. The real gold price is already past $2000.

  20. Rodster

    Greg, it might be a good time to have Martin Armstrong back on. In to of his recent Blogs he exposed the people behind the scenes who are looking to control everything and using Covid 19 as an excuse.

    “The Gates Agenda – Control Everything”

    “My Personal Opinion”

    • Septic sceptic

      Again this guy defrauded people. What don’t you get? It hardly screams honest does it mate?

      • JC

        Septic sceptic, the Martin Armstrong expert…
        Why don’t you provide us with some details?

        And why don’t you comment to Mr. Hunter, who has had him as a guest for years?

  21. Self Exiled

    With Him are might and sound wisdom,
    The deceived and the deceiver are His [and in His power]. Job 12:16

    • paul ...

      And … because “the Deceiver” is in (His Power) … it means one thing folks … God “is severely testing both our brains and our morals” … now if our brains don’t work … and we keep electing “commie” baby killers into office … do you think God the Father will give his Son Jesus the OK to come down and save us??? … no way on God’s good Earth will God ever save people who continue vote baby killers, degenerate perverts, commie slime and evil immoral crooks into office!!

      • paul ...

        The Bible clearly tells us “in no uncertain terms” what God the Father does to immoral people who don’t use their brains (he will either Nuke them or drown them all in a world wide flood)!!!

  22. Dave

    Reading the 12 point summary from Discount Gold and Silver Trading it seems the way to go is gold or silver eagles. And not mint condition 69 or 70. So for a silver eagle buy anything less than a 69/70 so as not to pay an unneeded premium. Delivery is insured I’m guessing when one buys online. Beyond that the exit strategy is to hold indefinitely or, in times of a monetary crisis use the coins to barter if need buy. Selling the coins to a dealer seems like something one doesn’t want to do. So basically this is buy and hold?

    What about junk silver coins? I have hundreds of them but to go out and buy junk silver is not the way to go? Of course “modern” quarters don’t have the silver that coins in the 60s did so they’d be hard to find? Silver eagles seem the way to go. I don’t know coins so if someone can add to this pleas do,

    • Gary

      Dave, gold and silver are two way markets and the premiums from the bullion dealers are getting higher by the week. What the advertised buy price on Gold & Silver Eagles are on the web, differs when you actually take in the actual product,”took in some silver and gold maples last week, along with a one ounce wafer, condition MATTERS.

      This particular bullion dealer could not get 100.00 bills for the transactions, predicts that 50.00 bills will be next, and one of the big Canadian banks confirmed it last week, so for those of you who want to exchange your nuggets for cash do it soon, otherwise your transaction will be cheque , wire transfer, which will be tracked.

      This dealer had to report any transaction over 10k to the Government.

      • paul ...

        Remember … because coin dealers have to report any transaction over $10,000 dollars to the Government … you should not buy one ounce gold coins that will be soon selling for $15,000 dollars … pay the extra premium for the smallest gold coins which will eventually save you a bundle tax-wise … a one ounce silver coin is a good so far because the Debt Clock only has it valued at $4,123 dollars per ounce right now … but who knows how high it will eventually get … better to play it safe and buy “silver war nickels” … each war nickel contains 1/20th of an ounce of silver!!

    • Russ F

      I have loaded up on junk silver.
      But it MUST BE PRE-1965 dated.
      Each coin has 90% silver.
      And, as it was minted by the government, it can NEVER be debated as to if it is real or not, and what it’s silver content is.
      And it is currently about $4.00/$5.00 over spot versus $8.00 for eagles.
      And, it is limited in availability, as it is not being made anymore with that much (if any) silver.
      Also, keep any pennies pre 1983 and any nickels. They are worth equal to their melt value or more. Of course, the government wants you to turn them in.
      Current circulated dimes and quarters – essentially no value in metal.
      For reference: http://www.coinflation.com

      • Khmer Rouge

        Sorry that’s 21 min left!

  23. Khmer Rouge

    The Senate’s Gone To Pot_ Pol Pot!
    Hugh Hewitt interviewed Sen. Ron Johnson and really pressed him on why there has been a lack of accountability and action on the Obamagate scandal and the Russia investigation.
    Because the man is a coward, he fears the mocking birdbrained op. shadow government. Not we the sheeple. He should be representing us, not them and they’re plausible deniability scam on the American people sheeple!
    Grow some Johnson. Seth Rich did not die in vain, or a robbery and you can put that in your pipe dream and smoke it! You dope head.
    Hit> Play Episode> in the little [blue box]🐍

    • Khmer Rouge

      Little Sen. Ronny Johnson INTERVIEW;
      If you’d like to fast forward
      Go to 28 min> left on bottom of page

      • Self Exiled

        The usual run around incompetent by design senators. I have seen exchanges like this one. I watched Attorney General Robert Kennedy and President Kennedy cross examine Jimmy Hoffa in the 60’s. They where absolutely ruthless, they consistently pushed for an answer, no stammering, your not looking me in the eye Mr. Hoffa. Why won’t you answer the question Mr. Hoffa? You didn’t answer the question, I will repeat the question for you sir. What part of the question did’t you understand Mr. Hoffa? Sense then the Attorney Generals have been chosen much more carefully by the preselected presidents. Years latter I use to recall the Kennedy’s cross examinations when I watched or was part of a counseling session to break down a clients denial system which was unconditionally necessary for his or her recovery to avoid being institutionalized. Oh that’s right I forgot the senate and the House are institutions. These are the less volital exchanges between Hoffa and the Kennedy’s.


        • Self Exiled

          Maybe Trump remembers these and even viewed these exchanges. You also notice Hoffa never backs down. The Mafia was tied into the CIA [scatter the CIA to the wind] from it’s creation, Johnson who was about to be indited in Texas; He and Hoover were the best of friends. Break up the oil companies, have the US Treasury print it’s own currency. These groups consolidated as they are now, except now they own the elections, house and senate, military command structure, media , some state governments; to the point our own laws are against us. If Trump and a few remember they must be absolutely impenetrable, cautious, calculated, and powered by God Himself. These people and institutions have brought the world to it’s knees and are about to deliver the death blow to the head [USA] [Bill of Rights] Constitution of the US] of the most sought after country: come to government; protector of human rights; only constructed Biblical country the world has ever known. So a slow methodical power base must be built. The loss of the military command structure is a crippling blow to Trump and why; what he is doing is seen as treasonous. Yes it is becoming as house to house war. BUT the chaff is being completely revealed. God’s culling has begun and I believe it is also headed for Israel. Who also has tumbled to a great low. When you see Turkey begin to make it’s move and a consolidation of Islam States around Israel you will know God’s culling has begun there also.

        • Self Exiled

          For Trump and all those who hold True.

          “No weapon that is formed against you will succeed;
          And every tongue that rises against you in judgment you will condemn.
          This [peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
          And this is their vindication from Me,” says the LORD. Isaiah 54:17

  24. Self Exiled

    Kamala Harris is directly descended from one of the largest slave owners in Jamaica, Hamilton Brown—there is a even a town named after him, Brown Town. So doesn’t it follow she’s a beneficiary, not a victim, of slavery?


    • JC

      Self Exiled,

      As George at Urban Survival says, “everything is a business model.” So can we envision men in wooden ships arriving on the shores of Africa, running through the jungles to kidnap the natives and bring them to America?

      Who knows the territory?

      No, it was all business, strictly business.

    • paul ...

      In the Days of Noah people were warned “but did not listen” … today we God-bugs warn others of another flood (of fiat dollars) that will soon be coming (that will extinguish most peoples lives) … so we hammer away day and night building a “precious” Ark … not only to keep our with Covenant with God the Father as being the only creator (of “real” money) … but with his Son Jesus who had a fierce disdain “for the money changers” … and railed against their fiat manipulations and physically attacked their place of business overturning their tables (as we should be doing to the Fed … throwing their ever worthless exponentially printed fiat to the ground where it belongs)!!

      • paul ...

        So this November … “throw out all the Commie-rats” (like Kamala Harris) … remember all Marxist commies have no problem killing babies and believe 100 percent in MMT … they are just as wicked as those money changer banksters who killed Christ “to save their evil lives” and then tried to make their vicious sin into a holy sacrifice by Jesus’ own consent (can’t tell me Jesus consented to commit suicide and then cried out “Father why do you forsake me”???)… it was more likely an “Epstein like suicide” because Jesus had the dirty facts on the money changers (and was about to spill the beans to all his followers … which would have been bad for the criminal banksters business)!!!

  25. Self Exiled

    Former NFL star Burgess Owens, who is running as a Republican in Utah for Congress, tweeted Tuesday that “Joe Biden actually finds a running mate who’s done more damage to minorities than himself.”

    • Self Exiled

      Now that I think about it she’s a perfect fit for the new Marxist States of America, being from California one of the planed secessionist states.

  26. Donald Baily

    The Russians- 1st to the Moon and First to Vaccinate
    •Streamed live 16 hours ago

  27. Self Exiled

    The San Francisco Weekly reported on Kamala’s affair with Willie Brown in 2003.


    • Richard Treadway

      What a mess Self Exiled and yesterday Michael Savage said this is what is now threatening the rest of the country, San FranSicko!

  28. Self Exiled

    What happens when Black mixed-race populations encounter discourses of Black authenticity in interactions with their Black counterparts: so we now have another form of racism in which Black mixed-race people feel rejected from a collective Black identity. Oh what a tangled web we weave. I like Morgan Freeman’s solution to racism ”stop talking about it”.


  29. Liz

    we can help : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH71CWEpN8g

  30. Richard Treadway

    O P E R A T I ON__L O C K S T E P_Will Gates_ Wet Nightmare?

    •From three days ago….

    Brian “Alka” Stelter CNN’S OWN!
    Bill Gates, do you have a heart?

  31. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Israel & UAE just announced peace deal, this is real news & a big, big deal; UAE is a weathy country and has seen the light; more countries to follow. So many great ramifications from this deal its mind bogging. God Bless Israel and America, and now UAE! a b

  32. regaleagle

    Please be sober when you hear the words “Peace” in this world. He who has ears, let him hear.

  33. Craig Bradley


    …”Underpinning these contradictory developments is investor faith that central banks will protect them from big losses by continuing to intervene whenever markets slide. Gold is evolving into a “must-have” asset. That drives the price upwards as the pool of potential buyers shifts from a small group of Quirky bugs to the much larger pool of investors seeking risk mitigation. Like many sudden structural shifts, it is likely to involve an initial price overshoot..”. Mohamed El Erarian

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