Global Elite Making Preparations for Post-Dollar World-Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com17

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says his rich clients around the planet are bracing for an inevitable economic calamity. Kirby explains, “The people I know, that I would say are at the higher level of the food chain in the global world of finance, are hunkered down and making very serious preparations.  What I see on a macro level is people acting like squirrels preparing for winter.  They are burying nuts and gathering as much physical precious metals as they can. They are making preparations for a post-dollar world in terms of world reserve currency.”

On news that there are more than 540 paper claims for every ounce of Gold at COMEX, Kirby contends, “There are 540 claims for every ounce of gold at the COMEX vault. My question to you is what happens if that gold is in fact leased metal?  Then, the 540 becomes 1,080, and what if it has been leased two times?  Then, it becomes 2,160.  So, the number of claims for every ounce of gold may be many factors higher than even 540.”

Kirby goes on to say, “I have been writing consistently for the past 12 years that if you are going to own gold, you need to own it physically. If you own precious metals, and you can’t physically go and touch it, then it’s highly dubious whether you have clear title on any physical metal at all.  This is the reason why I am such a strong advocate of owning your own stash.  My gut tells me, in the very near term, people are going to find out what they really hold.  The tide is going out, and we’re going to find out who is wearing bathing suits pretty darn soon. . . . This is building to some sort of climactic event that will blow.  It’s sort of like putting baking soda and vinegar together.  You know what’s going to happen, and if it take a few extra seconds to pop, then so be it.  In economic terms . . . the big question is not whether they can keep making things appear pseudonormal for next few days, weeks or months . . .  the outcome is absolutely cemented in stone.”  The real question you should be asking is . . . do you want to own fire insurance?  It’s a mathematical certainty your house is going to burn to the ground.”

Kirby also arranges gold sales between buyers and sellers by the ton. Kirby says the biggest concern for his customers is the U.S. dollar.  Kirby says, “The dollar is going to be kicked off its perch.  That is a guarantee.  It’s only a matter of time.

So, what are Kirby’s clients doing now? Kirby says, “The universal message is people are trying to get, for the most part, as much of their assets into physical precious metals as they can.  Precious metal is getting increasingly hard to buy.”

Has Kirby seen demand for precious metals higher than right now? Kirby says, “No, I haven’t.  I also have never seen this much interest to procure or own physical precious metal.  Up until 2010, central banks were net sellers of gold, and since 2010, they have been net buyers of physical precious metal, and they never bought more than last year, except this year will be bigger than last year.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is some free information on the home page of Kirby also has a newsletter subscription service for $145 per year.  Kirby says he takes time to make personal contact with his subscribers when needed.  Click here to subscribe.

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  1. paul ...

    As Rob Kirby says: The tide is going out … and only a US Dimwit would spend 125 tons of gold for a USS Zumwalt to ride that tide … what a waste of American precious metal …

    • paul ...

      When gold goes to $50,000 dollars per ounce … just 5 of these USS Dimwit’s will cost US taxpayers 1 Trillion dollars … is this the reason Obama can’t afford to give the American people “a cost of living” raise?

      • paul ...

        If we saved this 1 Trillion instead … Trump could use this money to buy back half the National Debt when interest rates rise and he can buy back our Debt “at ten cents on the dollar” … so the US gold expended on these five USS Dimwits alone could be more expeditiously used to pay down $10 Trillion of our National Debt … now what choice do you think will protect America’s dimwits more … 5 extra ships … or getting rid of half of our national debt?

        • paul ...

          What I’m asking is … was as this new technologically superior destroyer “designed by the Neocons” to destroy the enemy … or ourselves??? … how could a bankrupt nation barely surviving on drug money from Afghanistan afford to waste so much money? … it is like giving an illegal alien without any income the keys to a new Lamborghini and making the US dimwit taxpayers pay the entire bill in full … sure, just put “any amount of money” on the US credit card … we can afford it with our 28 hour per week jobs (without any cost of living increases)!

      • al hall

        Paul: The plan in place now and has been there for several years by the elite’s is to put everyone – to include states and counties- into as much debt as possible. Congress met behind closes door many years ago and were told the US would go bankrupt in the future. Rob offered this as one way out of our US massive debt. This is the planned, I have been told this-years ago. I have told Greg this for years. With all the inflation and unemployment #’s be a fraud- Obama sets the stage for no increases in Social Security etc. They want us poor and in debt- as I said, this is the plan.
        As I have said- study this man- Dr. Steve Pieczenik
        A real Am. Hero. He says that Trump is the only hope for the USA, and even he may not be able to stop the US collapse- we are already over the cliff. Study this man’s thoughts and ideas. He told us Bin Laden was already dead in 2001- so Obama couldn’t have killed him. MORE OBAMA LIES!!! The Navy seal that is credited for killing Bin laden also lies and is made out to be a hero? FALSE! A paid hack is all he is!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Paul, it would be a travesty if they paid 125 tones of gold. But fear not, they paid worthless Federal Reserve Bank Notes. Don’t worry Paul, paper is cheap.

    • RichM

      Beware… Rob also said this back in 2009…

      • RichM

        Read my post way below as a once kinda rich dude following this same old advise and now I guess i “just have enough” to still maybe be able to retire on a little beach somewhere on a budget now instead…. i worked 25 years to build and sell my business and then invested in PM’s in 2009 and lost 70% of my wealth. I have just about had enough of this same old ccrap Kirby and all the others are saying. I mean really… fool me once shame on them…….. fool me 16 times…. I am screwed!!!!!!!!

        • RichM

          If you got in buying PM’s back in maybe 2001…. then good for you…. you are still all good and all. But buying from 2007 on…. so much for the return….. it went up thru 20111 and then lost 70%… or more if you were a fool like me to buy into miners.

          • susan

            I am just getting tired of the PM talk. We’ve heard it all a million times now. Enough already. Most people have some if they are awake at all. I guess they run out of other things to talk about.

        • Kerry

          If you have also invested in yourself, building up your skills, obtaining hard assets other than PMs, then you are never “screwed.” Sort of like a captain of a ship that knows every inch of that ship and can take over any station if needed. You are in command, but you can get your hands dirty if needs be. The return on your investment is the confidence knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way; physical, mental, emotional….I hope you kept some of your PMs because they will pay off in the end. Just be a little patient, your ROI is coming….

  2. Richard

    Rob, spot on, as always you are right.
    GREAT source of important info, I can smell the camp fire from Canada in Chicago.

    Thank you Greg, when you have Rob on the watchdog, is like a meeting of Obama, Biden, and Fed Chairwoman at the same time.
    From Chicago, Blessings!

  3. wesley llanes

    So do you think that the western powers will sacrifice their military powerhouse(US) without so much as a fight? Global hegemony must be a pretty sweet deal. The Fed is allegedly a non profit organization which means our national debt is largely meaningless, except to other countries who see the value of their US paper decreasing in worth in relation to Fed printing. I see the Fed raising interest rates to attract foreign capital. As investors flock to the Dollar, foreign nations will drive negative interest rates deeper, devaluing their own currencies (as in currency war.) The target is China, and perhaps Russia, China especially, because they are an export economy. Admittedly the US is one of China’s major trading partners, but not the only. As importing from China becomes less attractive, it pushes China to devalue their currency, OR as I read recently they won’t ease further, which in time would cause their crushing debt to do the dirty work anyways. Thus the price of gold could be manipulated for some time to come. Other currencies could become worthless as the dollar becomes an even more powerful reserve currency used for commerce in other countries, such as the Yuan in Africa. I doubt also that China and Russia have prepared their respective militaries to be on high alert for nothing, as if they also would give in without a fight. Along with the recent major military drills. Of course the whole thing may be orchestrated by the NWO powers as a pretext for one world currency. The gorernments colluding to deceive the masses.if the powers that be let gold price discovery function, their powers of inflation and money printing would deteriorate- China included.

    • Martel

      Very well put Wesley. We have to remember that virtually all global currencies are fiat. These currencies can and are manipulated depending on how respective government wants to position itself economically vie a vie other economies. I agree that the US will lose its exclusive reserve currency status. One is already seeing this with bi-lateral swap agreements and settlement of accounts agreements. I a remise though to predict that the US dollar will collapse given that other currencies are in worse shape. The Yuan or Euro are worse contenders from a credibility point of view than the USD. Mr. Kirby is correct, the US can resort to money printing to cover its debt…..than again which country does not resort to this tactic

    • Tommy

      When all is said and done, the US is still the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry.

  4. vincent_g

    When the dollar starts dropping you will then see the full extent of what an inflationary depression is.

    This will be bad for many.

    Rising prices with dropping incomes.

    This can be the start of the death spiral for the dollar but I don’t think it will happen in the next three years.

    They can keep it going for some time by purchasing and retiring some of the debt.

    US dollar has been abused by politicians for so many years.
    They did this because they were able to get away with it.
    But every so often a reset takes place and we are due for one.

    Will it kill the dollar?
    Not yet but the dollar will become less than it was.

    Stocks that drop 70% in value don’t stop trading – in fact after such a drop you see speculators jump on it.

    The same will happen with the dollar.

  5. Rick Geisler

    What scares me is. What will we be worth and what will society be worth when the last man is standing after these greedy bastards are done with us? Just curious.

  6. Pinocchio

    Ratio of physical gold to fiat paper gold (gold certificate) will be 1 to 666 on HRC’s inauguration day, and then 1 to 8,000,000 on the next day.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sounds like the old Turkish Lira. 5,000 TL to the U$D in 1990 and 1.8 million to the U$D less than15 years later. You will see that here before the end. Why didn’t this happen in 1929? We had real money and a shortage of real money and real money credit causes deflation. Printing worthless money or an over abundance of real money and a shortage of desired goods? Inflation.

  7. Michael WORLD BE FREE

    YOUR A TOP ON TOP. TY, BESIDES ROB, Bo Pelini is saying the same. BUCKLE UP…….. DAYS WEEKS Bunker down.

  8. Anthony

    Thank you Greg,

    Europe, first the destroyed
    USA next, followed by China and here in Australia next.
    Build them up, then knock them down.

    Control and false hope is such a wonderful thing, NOT!

  9. Anthony

    Thanks Greg,
    Europe first, then destroyed.
    USA after that , followed by China currently and here in Australia next.
    Build them up, then knock them down.

    Control and false hope is such a wonderful thing, NOT!

  10. Evan J

    Thanks for another great interview Greg. Love Rob Kirby. Regarding central bank buying of gold, it’s clear this can’t continue indefinitely. What about the other angle in the form of central banks forgiving government debt? Bill Fleckenstein recently made this interesting point. Citing Jeff Bezos and others, he raises the question: what happens if the new policy of say, the Bank of Japan is simply to forgive the government debt (or swaps it out for say 100 or 200 year paper at 0.1 % – effectively the same thing)? What happens? What happens if others, including the Fed do the same? I don’t think the Fed can go down this road as, even if it forgives the government debt, it will, as Rob says, either print even money or default on debt held in foreign reserves. Any insights on this line of thought of central bank debt forgiveness from other WDs? Fleckenstein’s interview here:

    • Evan J

      Sorry, that would be ‘even more money…’

    • Curious George

      For all intents and purposes, treasuries are as good as dollars. Dollars are printed by the federal reserve in exchange for treasuries which are printed by the us gov’t. There will be no point in which the us gov’t or japanese gov’t will be unable to sell their bonds at full face value to their own central banks. There is nothing to forgive and the debt can go into infinity. This is why anyone calling for a treasury bubble is wrong. If China or Saudi Arabia wished to sell all of its treasuries in one night, the Fed could just as easily gobble it up with a computer entry.

      The limit is the value of the currency and the illusion of stability. That is why forgiveness is absurd as is default.

  11. Dan


    Greg, Rob,

    Nobody seems to be thinking ahead “post-dollar” era.

    I see two possible scenarios to speculate from:

    1) Many guests, seemingly including Rob, basically anticipate the demise of the dollar. Thus, I assume they mean within a relatively short period of time (within a year?) it value would become nearly *worthless*.

    2) Some other guests (and myself) see the dollar taking a big hit (such as a 30-40% devaluation for instance) within a similar time frame (say 3-12 months).

    My QUESTION (and Greg: if you could please ask your guests this in the future it would be greatly insightful for us all):

    ***HOW WILL the VALUE of GOLD be “re-priced” (for Americans) from that point forward?

    This question is much more difficult to answer for 1st the scenario listed above, as we don’t know what would replace the dollar.

    In either case, at that point it will be most likely that this asset’s – GOLD (and arguably SILVER) will be fixed by China in Yuan currency. Hence how would a new US currency (whether fiat, paper/coin, or fully-digital) be priced vis-a-vis the Chinese Yuan? And WHO will determine this?

    The former of the two questions right above are easier to answer for the 2nd scenario (i.e., the dollar losing 30-40% of its value), as this would just be a currency exchange calculation between the US dollar and the Yuan (e.g, maybe you would get only 3.5 yuan for 1 dollar for instance). And then it could still be straight forward to calculate the US dollar value of gold (from the Yuan/fix).

    Is anyone else wondering about this? I think it is highly relevant and important BECAUSE many people here own ETFx like GLD, SLV, etc. which are mostly based on the US Dollar fixings of the COMEX or LBMA.Actually, the same would go for physical metal – how/where/who would determine its value? After, all we may at some point want to sell the stuff – but what actually may we be able to get for it? (This could be easy if you live in China like me, but what if you live in America?).

    It would be great if Rob could weigh in on this question (if ever you see it). For the others, any theories on how this could play out? Could there be a 3rd scenario other than the two I listed above? Food for thought…

    • woody188

      Rob is saying if you own ETF’s like GLD, SLV, etc. then you own nothing but a claim on a real ounce of metal that at least 540 other people claim to own. You own nothing but a worthless piece of paper.

    • andyb

      If the USD is devalued by 30%, then gold will increase by at least that amount; most likely by much more. See what happened after FDR “confiscated” gold. But then every other major currency would have to devalue so that their respective currencies could remain globally competitive. This results in perhaps 6 months of total chaos until the elites decide on a new currency backed at least in part by gold, the only globally recognized and accepted money. That’s when gold goes to $50k to rebalance the system.

  12. Jeff

    Another great interview. Thanks Greg. Love Kirby he is my fav regular. Real as it gets.

    Please get Harvey Organ on!, contact silver doctors or someone that has his actual phone number as he doesnt read emails due to number of span he gets. So will need to reach out to him via his contacts at silverdoctors.


  13. David

    Good interview. One comment. Although individual schedules may preclude co-location of the president and vice president, there’s nothing particularly unusual for both to be in the same room at the WH. It may be uncommon for the both to meet simultaneously with the Fed Chair, and it’s interesting that the April 12 meeting coincided with several emergency Fed meetings.

    Is there a connection between Biden’s foreign policy cachet and decades of political experience, Obama’s travel to Saudi Arabia one week later, and the Saudi threat to dump U.S. assets if open to legal accountability for 9-11? Who knows? I do find it unusual that both Defense Secretary Carter and CIA Director Brennan traveled with the President; presumably for separate counterpart meetings? Can we all agree that they weren’t carpooling to save U.S. taxpayer dollars or to limit the USG carbon footprint?

    In any case, I doubt the WH meeting with the Fed Chair occurred to get an “update” on U.S. economic issues. A foreign policy nexus is more likely.

  14. CrazyCanuck

    Greg, I often hear the message from your guests of holding physical outside the banking system. My quandary is that like other retirees, our savings are in tax deferred instruments ( RRSPs up here in Canada) , that should we liquidate them incurs significant tax implications.

    The compromise seemed to be to hold ALLOCATED physical PMs inside those accounts at financial institutions/brokerages such as Edward Jones. They in turn contract a large Cdn bank to hold the actual metal in their vaults.

    My question to you and Rob is whether this is a fool’s errand should the great unwind occur? Am I kidding myself and being overly trustworthy, given the counterparties are indeed deeply imbedded financial players?

    As always, thanks for all you and your guests do to help us average Joes. I hope my asking such a practical question is within he bounds of the forum. I believe it is but an adjunct to the prep with food, water and protection meme, and could benefit some of your faithful readers.

    • Greg Hunter

      There simply must be a significant part of your wealth under your direct control. There will be man Lehmans
      and MF Globals in the next collapse.

      • CrazyCanuck

        Thanks and damn you Greg Hunter. Every time you have Rob on, I get nervous about counter-party risk. Time to move some physical from my brokerage to my local Credit Union.
        P.S. the damn comment is in a friendly tone of course.

        • Greg Hunter

          No problem CC. We are good, man!!

    • Mike from the North

      My situation is similar.
      Significant part of assets in RRSP.
      Cannot convince the wife to cash these in and pay the tax.

      However, have I HOPE enough assets in vehicles without third party encumbrances that are tied to precious metals that will compensate for any potential future loss of my RRSP in the event of a reset.

      Holding a PM ETF is simply foolish in my view.

      As far as trust goes.


      They have proven they cannot be trusted.

    • al hall

      Crazy/Greg- As I was told by my insider friends many years ago- Greg you know who I’m talking about.- If you keep you money in the elite’s system you will loose it all.
      What is better- pay the taxes and have something- or keep it where it is and loose it all!!
      If you don’t have the gold/silver in your physical hands–YOU DON’T OWN IT!!!!!!

      Smell the coffee my friend. This is an easy saying- ” if it’s printed on paper, if only worth the paper it’s printed on”!! FACT. GET OUT OF ANY THING PAPER . Stock up on food, water, small things you can use for barter, gold- silver- guns and lots of ammo.


      • Shadow of Doubt

        I had a crusty “government expositor” tell me once Americans only understand their movies and little else. Hence his comment:
        If you have seen Bad Day at Black Rock, take this line from John McReedy to heart: “The rule of law is gone; and the guerillas have taken over”.
        Few truly realize that their pensions and stores of wealth have already been eviscerated. Their liberties abrogated, and the end game will see their subjugation and death. Just remember…” in war many sparrows must fall”.

    • Gary Canuck

      Canadian Banks issue certificates, it has happened on several occasions that they do not have the metal on hand either gold or silver, especially CIBC, Scotia Mocatta
      If your trapped in a RRSP like me Central Fund Of Canada is the least ugly choice, Questrade is another although you can not take physical possession and the storage fees are a ripoff.

      Check out” Border Gold” they offer storage for American investors in Canada, and are a very reputable dealer for the Canadian Mint with stores in Vancouver and Blaine Washington, I use them for PM physical, and they have a very detailed website re RRSPs

      I have also sold Gold & Silver back to them and I must EMPHASIZE buying
      is a lot easier than selling and that anyone holding metals should go through the exercise. If a PM dealer does not post what they buy for, daily then walk away from them, you want a dealer who is on both sides of the bid & ask, plus you MUST establish a history in order to sell back to them, better prove where it came from or they will not touch it.

    • Evan J

      CC and Mike from the North,

      You might want to look at the Sprott Physical Trusts and/or Central Fund of Canada. Perhaps the next best thing to holding physical in your possession. Physical bars that the trusts are based on are allocated, serial number inventoried, and as for Sprott (not sure about Central Fund but I believe they’re the same), they cannot be leased out; if you own sufficient shares as outlined in the prospectus, you can show up and take the bars away. They fully qualify for registered accounts (RRSP,TFSA,RESP) and are tradeable on the TSX and NYSE. The problem with the Sprott trusts on the TSX is volume is that trading volume is low typically. NYSE versions have 800K-1 million shares daily so much more liquid, but buying in CDN dollars you have to take the exchange rate into account. Hope this helps.
      PS – I too have moved a good portion of funds to credit unions. At least they are provincially regulated so you have a diversity (federal with banks vs provincial with CUs) of government rules and guarantees of deposit.

      • Evan J

        PPS – Central Fund trades at much higher volumes and so is much more liquid on the TSX in Candian dollars. Ticker is CEF.A

    • Dan S.

      Being a fellow Canuck I would suggest to you to open a TFSA ( tax free savings account) with a bullion dealer such as World Wide Precious Metals (Vancouver) or Cache Metals in Toronto. If you have to withdraw money from your RRSP to do so, do it in no greater than 5K increments to minimize the tax. This way if you want to take delivery of your metal from your TFSA you can completely tax free as the name suggest. I have bought metals from both dealers and have never had a problem.

      • Gary Canuck

        Dan, I also deal with Worldwide Precious Metals, and yes I do have A TFSA. If you are a business owner you can also
        buy physical metals, with retained earnings, and actually take physical delivery, “drives my accountant nuts” however when you sell them the government comes after you for 48% of the profits in Canada as it is considered investment income in a corporate account.
        Either way its safer under the dog house for storage, than in a bank.

        PS There is a common connection with Border Gold & Vancouver Bullion Exchange, re ownership, its kind of murky.
        Most of the smaller dealers buy from both of these firms as they are primary dealers for the Canadian Mint.

        I only hold paper gold in a RRSP.

  15. Steven R

    So if gold is like fire insurance what happens when your entire neighborhood burns to the ground and you are the only one with insurance to rebuild? And the government and media tells your neighbors that you have insurance because you cheated them and if fact it was you who hired the arsonist that burned down their homes? Our elected officials will need to blame somebody for the economic collapse and they will be desperate for real money (PM’s). Who better to target than a small minority of individuals who hold PM’s?

    • woody188

      That is what will happen. They will outlaw PM transactions and reward people with extra EBT credits for turning in PM holders and black markets trading in PM’s.

      • andyb

        molon labe

        • Evan J

          Molon labe indeed. I’m with you brother.

  16. Jerry

    It doesn’t get any better than Rob Kirby, does it? You want a time line? You want to know when the financial rubber band is going snap? Here’s the writing on the wall.

    Once paper contracts can longer suppress gold prices, and actual delivery is demanded, western bank market manipulation will essentially come to a glorified merciful end, and skyrocketing gold prices WILL collapse the dollar. The question is WHEN? Listen closely to what Rob said in this interview. The demand is outstripping the supply. When the LBMA can’t make delivery (some say by mid June) the Chinese will be more than happy to step in and fill that void with their newly acquired gold vaults and inventory, putting themselves in a position to reset the price structure. Once that happens, its game over for the dollar. CHECKMATE .

    • Jerry

      Want more proof?
      The newly acquired vault can hold up to 2000 metric tons of precious metals. The British know there’s a new game in town, and they want to be part of it. Can you say goodbye EU?

      • Sam Hill

        More confirmation bias here, Jer, but your logic is flawed. This has little, if anything, to do with whether or not Great Britain leaves the EU. But, personally, I hope they do.

        • Jerry

          Its direct confidence by the Chinese that the Brits will leave the EU. Wake up an smell the Yuan my ill informed friend. Do you really think the Chinese would pound their currency down an EU rat hole? The already did that with us. They won’t do it again.

          • Sam Hill

            Jer –
            There are many, many good reasons for the Brits to leave the Euro Zone. Since the Brits use the pound and not the euro their currency is not one of them. They already have their own currency but are tired of the corrupt central Euro zone politicians enforcing edicts that weaken their sovereignty.

            It’s not that you’re ill informed, but you could be better informed. Your posts (several times a week) reflect a rather one-dimensional view. Read more broadly for a better grip on the complexities of our very messy modern world. Your debt-clock post, on the other hand, was a good one.

            God Save the Queen.


    • Jerry

      More writing on the wall. The largest international gold mining company in China, just sold out to the Chinese.
      We’ve all heard about the golden rule. “He who has the gold makes the rule”. It really should be ” He who mines the gold has possession of it”.

    • Jerry

      The Yuan flood gates are officially open. On Friday foreign banks will be able to conduct commercial trade in Yuan. What this means is, the dollar will have a direct competitor, and the Saudi’s will have a decision to make.

  17. stonewall

    ‘TIME TO BUCKLE UP”. that simple statement says it all. Bad times are coming
    and American leadership is AWOL. What a sad, scary state of affairs and majority
    of people haven’t a clue and the riots to come are certain to be historic.

    • al hall

      Stonewall- We haven’t had any leadership for decade- all bought off politicians doing what they are told by the elite’s in charge- behind the curtains.
      All these SOB’s do is take you down the rat hole!

    • Jerry

      You are so right. Most Americans haven’t a clue of what’s coming down the track. In a few months the election talk will be a distant memory. Hunger has a way of resetting the priority tree.

  18. roger

    good example

  19. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    You have such great guests and I think Mr. Kirby is top-notch. I know you sometimes go to MO. If that is your retreat/refuge make sure you have enough fuel IN HAND, just like gold and silver, to make the trip. Also, remember lead and brass are precious metals, too! They help you keep the gold and silver.

    Unfortunately, I have been in 4 countries when they collapsed and, dog and cat are going to be delicacies at some point in time in this country. Python, like those in Florida, are too high in arsenic to be used for food but when you are hungry they’ll do.


    • Robert Lykens

      Codger – I loved CAF’s advice: Always have enough gold to bribe the border guards.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Robert,
        I agree. In my experience you can usually bribe a border guard for 1/10th ounce of gold but keep a backup of 1/4th oz. I have had occasion to use 1/10th oz more often, and this was when gold was still around $300/oz or less. Also, believe it or not, a silver dollar or two dropped on the ground as you pull your hand from your pocket can smooth things very quickly. I knew some folks trying to flee Iran in ’80 and later who would have fared much better had they had gold or silver. On of them, I’ll call Nick because that was his name, sold himself to Kurdish raiders and finally escaped them. If he had had gold or silver it would have been a much simpler matter to bribe his captors for his freedom.

        Moral of the story: Find some of the rings with the open bezel that will accommodate a 1/10th oz. gold round. Also, look for the belt buckle or the necklace that will hold a 1/4th oz. And, if you can find it, look for the belt buckle that will accommodate a 2-shot .44 or .45 caliber derringer. If you fly, place it in you checked luggage and wrap the belt around the buckle to cover the pistol. Only wear it when you are about to bug-out and hope you don’t have to use it.


        • David

          CC: In today’s world, if you’re at a border anywhere outside the developed world, they will strip you down, take all your gold (and anything else of value), and likely kill you.

          Are you planning to leave the U.S. when the economy sours? Where will you go?

          • Country Codger

            Hello David,
            Thanks for your reply. In a nutshell, NO! I am not planning on leaving America. Where would I go? New Zealand, Australia, Fiji? No guns allowed, or at least very few in the case of Aussie. Same for Canada. Yes, you can sneak some into Mexico but good luck. No, I will stay in America. I am over the 60 mark, and then some, so therefore I will do what I can where I am. As, my older brother, also a Vietnam vet said, “I’m old and broken down and the only thing I am good for is pulling a trigger.”

            Am I fighting for America? No, I am fighting so that my family can survive and carry our faith and family history to the next generation.

            In the grand scheme of things there are 4 reasons to fight: 1) fight to survive; 2) fight for your posterity (children/grandchildren) 3) fight for your country ((nationalism is a false religion)) and 4) fight for your faith. I am fighting for my faith, my posterity and the right to survive for them and me.

            Good luck in your “new” country. Me and a whole bunch of other old farts are going to stay here and cover the back door.

      • Idaho Steve

        My dad escaped from Hungary in 1956 by packing several bottles of Palinka (Hungarian Moonshine) as he rode his bike to the Austrian border. He bribed his way through each checkpoint with a liter.

    • al hall

      C.C. sounds crazy to many– but you are right on target!

    • allen ols

      I just bought 3 coleman campfire bread ovens for 29.67 apiece and ordered more sil. from discount g. and s. from melody c. I will order a bunch of Augustine dehyd buckets of food as they discount stuff every week. moving on and will forego the dog and cat delicacies lol and will soon get bottles of makers mark for the checkpoints.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Allen,
        I have had a lot of folks tell me that they bribed border guards with alcohol. I have never done that but I have used cartons of American cigarettes even though I don’t smoke, I had them ready. Most of my experiences are trying to get in where I was not supposed to be rather than trying to get out of a place that was going to hell in a hand-basket. Uncle Sam usually got me out. Know where you are going and try to find a group of people who have come from there and learn what works best. Are you going north or south? East or west? If you have a refuge in another country that is pretty loose with its licenses or i.d.’s try to get several. I still have one from Nicaragua back when things were not so good. Don’t try anything cold, always prep ahead of time. There are people in almost every country, that if you send them some passport photos will send a current state issued i.d. for a “processing fee”. If you will be traveling with family members make sure you some for them too. If you are going to a Spanish speaking nation, learn Spanish. You will never blend in but you will be able to plead your case. Spanish, French and Portuguese pretty well cover the Western Hemisphere (besides English). But, if you are headed to say, Uruguay, there are large contingents of Italians and Russians there. If you are fluent in either one of these it may help you some. Research, research and research.


  20. Robert Lykens

    Businesses in New York City face fines under a new law that makes it a violation of someone’s human rights not to use their preferred “gender pronoun”.

    When Freedom of Speech is sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, it’s no marvel if the economy collapses as well. In fact, it should be expected.

    • Robert Lykens

      Soon it will cost you your freedom to admit that you’re a Christian.

      • R B

        Bro Robert, may God give us the courage of the three Hebrew children who said to the king ,they were not careful to answer in this matter ,our God is able to deliver us from the burning furnace,and He will deliver us from you,but we will not serve your gods,nor worship the golden image you have set up…

        • Robert Lykens

          Right, RB. Have you ever read “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs”? It details the trials and executions of Christians during the Inquisition.
          It looks like you and I may have our names added to that exclusive list.

          • R B

            yes,and the coming persecution will be worse than anything that’s ever been ,so be of good courage. Our Lord has overcome the world,and we in Him by His grace shall also overcome .God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power ,and a sound mind.

        • RJ

          “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

          This is not a financial war, it is a spiritual war. It would be wise to therefore use the right spiritual tools.

          • Greg Hunter

            You said “This is not a financial war, it is a spiritual war.” I agree. I use the money as a tracking metric on how we far we are falling and at what rate. We are FALING FAST.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Robert Lykens, Agreed, it is predicted in His Word that “you will be persecuted for my names sake”, more evidence of the “beginning of sorrows” is at hand!

        • Robert Lykens

          We’ve known it all along. We just didn’t know whether the persecution would come in our lifetime or not.

          For me, I think I first realized that ours may be the generation of martyrs on 9/11, then again at the financial collapse of 2008. I really started digging into end-times prophecy and learned some amazing things.

          For example, read Zechariah 1:18-21. While you’re reading it, think about the Quartet which is trying to take land away from Israel and give it to the “Palestinians”.

          When The Beginning of Sorrows does start, one aspect of it is that Christians will be hated by the world and hunted down, betrayed by their very family members. I’m not looking forward to that, but if Jesus counts me worthy to suffer for his Name then I’ve made my mind up not to betray him.

          The darker the night, the brighter the lamp burns.
          Be filled up with oil now while you can.

          • JC Davis

            Good insight Robert. Thanks.

  21. helot

    I come across this question often, ‘So do you think that the western powers will sacrifice their military powerhouse(US) without so much as a fight?’. The answer seems, more and more, to be this, ‘Of course the whole thing may be orchestrated by the NWO powers as a pretext for one world currency. The gorernments colluding to deceive the masses.’

    Consider this perspective in support of those last two sentences:

    “At the same time as China is requesting regulatory advice from the West, the country is also formalizing a deeper relationship with the Middle East’s Qatar. […]

    Presumably, China would not be seeking a closer relationship with one of the US’s staunchest allies in the Middle East if there existed real enmity between the US and China. […]

    The entire Chinese financial system is built around British-style central banking, so the idea that China’s financial relationship with Britain is “burgeoning” is nonsensical. […]

    It is all aimed at the same result, which is to create a cohesive financial system worldwide. The end result is a single financial and economic system with a strong, internationalist affinity.

    Conclusion: It may seem as if China and the West are rivals and potential enemies but it is just not so. Eventually along with the West, China – all of Asia – will join in a seamless international system with the same regulations, currencies and central banking policies.”

    In light of all that, Jerry’s informative posts look a little different. Just a little. Do you suppose we already have ‘one world government’, it’s just a matter of working out the kinks? Have the Nationalist already lost? They missed the starting gun?

  22. The Seer

    The dollar is very oversold.
    In two meetings with Sinclair his stated his relatives who are in the highest run the world circle state the dollar will exist.
    SGE has not been the “miracle” so far.
    Watch today and through Friday.
    Things are opposite the herd.
    Also bear in mind if foreign currency not pegged to the dollar strengthens, when those citizens later want to sell their metal they will get less back at time of sale.

  23. Country Codger

    I forgot to mention that we have a 3 day holiday coming up. When better for things to go amuck? Just a thought.

  24. paul ...

    Interesting … here is a report that people are beginning to flee California … … hope these are the people that lived along the coastline where it is projected that Los Angeles will slide past San Francisco … anyone have data on how many people are leaving the Yellowstone region?

    • paul ...

      The US has two(2) Achilles heels and yet the Neocons continue to try and get a war started with Russia … lucky for us and the entire world that Commander Cole single handedly stopped the Neocons in 2015 … but the Neocons are now moving nukes into Romania … the Neocons are so intent on world domination … they don’t care if they completely destroy the United States America (if not stopped by Trump) … here is one “asymmetrical war” plan recently released by Russia on how they will stop the Neocon “satanists” … I’m not surprised by name the Russian’s chose for the missile (that will take out the Satan worshiping Neocons) …

  25. Galaxy 500

    The central banks and major money centers banks are buying precious metals. There is a reason for that.

    • wesley llanes

      Perhaps to keep it out of the hands of the public, preventing it’s everyday transactional use. Legal confiscation.

  26. freebreezer

    Thanks Greg for bring up Venesuela, it is such a wake up call to what happens when socialism goes amuck … it never, ever, ever ends well. … this is just one of many articles over the yrs showing what happens. Rob’s analysis of us working Americans having to pay for the free health care for the illegal alien (TO GIVE THEM FREE health care why we work to support our own families!!!) is the biggest f@#$ing scam ever perpetuated (well, just one of many f ***ing scams)! Half of me wants the dollar to collapse just to stop these scams and shut it down!!!!!!, but the other half knows that when it does our American society comes to a real, ugly, ugly junction! I feel for these poor people from other countries, but it is up to them, in their own countries to fix their own problems … America came to it’s high level of civilization through the bloodshed of Americans, hard work, and a Constitution (founded on Judeo/Christian values) that prized the individual over government … We are slipping in to either totalitarianism = caged chicken farm. And the TPTB are selling Inverted totalitarianism – free range chicken farm … same end for the chicken!

  27. Da Yooper

    Great interview Greg

    Just a FYI CDE has been selling gold concentrates since 2010

    Would love for Rob Kirby to comment on this

    China to purchase gold concentrates from Coeur d’Alene Mines–8209.html

    • paul ...

      China loves buying “unrefined ore” from Africa so it does not have to declare it as “official reserves” … and the beauty is … it deprives the London and Fed crooks of new refined gold making the market even tighter as the crooks manipulate the price down!

  28. Da Yooper

    A follow up & I quote

    “Coming back to the Coeur deal, gold concentrates produced at Kensington will be processed by China’s largest gold producer China National Gold through an agreement that is the first of its kind between a state-owned corporation of the People’s Republic of China and a U.S. precious metals mine………China Gold will be paying upfront, which means that in terms of timing, Coeur will get paid seven days after shipping vs. the typical two-three months that most concentrate producers must wait, while the metal is being processed at the smelter/refinery.”

    • dadiz

      Right, and some time 2001-2005; the US government gave Coeur a $100,000,000 “grant”!! That’s $100 million. Thereafter, in a case before the Supreme Court, Coeur won the right to mine Kensington over the protest of environmental protection agency. That was after the $100 million grant…………. And now they are selling wholesale to China.
      Yep, Yooper it sure be interesting.

  29. Marcus West

    I don’t comment much but let me tell you just by watching your show 3 times a week I get more insight and truth to what is going on than anyone can get watching TV 7 days a week to get propaganda, I really like Rob Kirby he tells it like it is……

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marcus!

    • al hall


  30. dee garmon

    In the mean time, MSM with its paid for and bought journalists, is trumpeting Hillary presidency as if her husband is not the prime suspect for this sorry state of affairs.
    Let’s not forget it was also he who monopolized the media under some five corporations
    ( He was smart enough to do away with the GS act just before the end of his presidency to have the blame fall on the next president).

  31. Don

    Greg, there’s no doubt in my mind, we’re getting close to the one trigger that will set off a default spree, and when it happens, the helicopter of the federal reserve will fly, in one way or another. The political side of all of this, will determine on how the helicopter money is distributed. In any since, I am at an age and circumstance that other than one child and his family will be my primary concern. I feel extremely sorry for the public who has no means left after multi-years of the federal reserve fashioning the economic rape of the American people. Many will be caught by this and absolutely destroyed. On the political front, while I hope that Trump win’s the election, against whatever candidate the democrats have, given the possible Clinton indictment, and Bernie being nominee. Our chances of stopping the oligarchy takeover of our political system is in my opinion better, though I’m even skeptical of Trump. He is suppose to be meeting with Kissenger soon, which I don’t like at all, but maybe Trump will stand his ground. Anyway, whatever unfolds, all we can do is prepare the best we can. You have played a role in helping the public that tune into your wrap-ups, and for that, I’m thankful, may the Lord bless you, as one who try’s to bring truth to the public.

  32. Jerry

    Once again its time for the monthly reality check. Click on the following link.
    Scroll down to the green bracket titled ” money creation”. Do you see what the percentage increase is for 2016? 532%. We have almost zero money velocity in the system, but yet we create money at a rate of 532% per year. How is that possible?
    It isn’t. The reality is (thanks to reserve currency status) quantitative easing never stopped. Right now it is the only thing holding our current system in place. Should the dollar lose reserve currency status………you know the rest.

    • Paweł

      You are right it is imposible (on the other hand), 532% increase since 2000

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. will it be 20 T or 21 T by 2017 (IF) we see 2017 without the big change.? We may reach 21 trillion by the end of this year. We are loosing billions around the world. 22 trillion is possible.

  33. Faith

    I really like Mr. Kirby’s honesty. It is refreshing to see someone speak in a direct manner. He doesn’t dress anything up. He is blunt and to the point. The end of the interview was the the most critical, in my opinion. I have been reading about the decline in Venzuela for at least a year.

    I have had some sleepless nights wondering if what is happening down there could actually happen here. When Mr. Kirby stated that, yes, what is happening in Venezuela could happen in the US, he confirmed some of my worst fears and nightmares. The collapse of the social safety net can happen here. Isn’t this the goal of the far-left? To collapse the US? People like Saul Alinksy and his cohorts have advocated overwhelming the social welfare system in the US as a means of destroying the US. Looking at Venezuela it is obvious that this tactic is effective.

    Of course Chavez’s daughter was able to escape Venezuela with more than $4 billion dollars so she will not suffer the consequences (based on FOX news report yesterday). The elite and oligarchs rarely suffer.

    I have read a few articles on how generous the US is with regard to refugees and illegals. The illegals and refugees along with the US State Department, VOLAGS, NGOs, and non-profits are siphoning as much as they can get from the social welfare system here in the US. In the mean time, older people, retirees, and the middle class are continually squeezed dry and forced to pay more for medical insurance, car insurance, property taxes! There was no COLA increase for veterans or people on social security this year. Actually there was a decrease. How? Because the payments for Part B Medicare increased which resulted in a net loss for seniors. Of course Federal employees and congress and staffers received a COLA. Property prices in DC have gone through the roof. Good luck trying to sell your house in flyover country! Want to start a business? Good luck fulfilling all of the Federal, state, and local regulations and paying that 35% corporate tax!

    There is a massive disconnect between the politicans in DC and Wall Street in NY and regular people. I can’t believe that anyone still believes the numbers that DC puts out, every month. Those numbers are nothing but lies. The MSM is still not reporting on Venezuela or the invasion of Europe in any meaningful way.

    For the people that are working and living their lives and don’t have time in the inclination to read various news sources, there is going to be a day or a week when they will wake up and go “what happened?” That is going to be a sad day. The people that visit this site will not be surprised. I hear the sadness in Mr. Kirby’s voice. He sounds resigned. I am the same way. It will be very sad when people wake up realize that no cares about the US anymore. That China was able to create a parallel system and will have basically done an end run around the SWIFT payments system by creating an alternative, the CIPS. They didn’t bother going through the horns of the dilemma, they simply did an entire end-run around it. As for Triffen’s Paradox, China, and the IMF, have been planning on replacing the USD (as the current world reserve currency) with something more stable as the global reserve currency.

    • DBCooper

      Faith, Are you serious about find a bug out location? DB

      • Faith

        DB: yes.

        • DBCooper

          Faith, Thank you for the reply and we may be able to assist. Ask Greg if he will forward a mail to me or visa-versa so that we can correspond off-site. I try to keep some cards close to my chest with respect to OPSEC … I am probably being naïve!! But here’s to Faith Hope and Charity. If this doesn’t work w/ Greg I may have another possible route of communication. DB.

          • Faith

            DB: Okay. Look forward to hearing from you!

  34. William

    When the wheels come off the economy, will we use gold or silver to buy Brussel sprouts and beans. Someone please explain how its going to work

    • Robert Lykens

      Hey, I like Brussels Sprouts!
      Seriously, I don’t think anyone knows how it will work, William. I mean, what if the only food coming into an area is on Big Government’s trucks? It would be kind of hard to bribe a guard right out in the open with everyone watching – especially if gold/silver transactions have been outlawed.

      Maybe food will still be delivered to stores, only sporadically. In that case, you might be able to get the store manager/owner alone and slip him some silver or gold in exchange for some beans or potatoes. Who knows?

      All I know is that I’d rather try to make a deal with metals than not have them and be dependent on Big Government’s charity.

    • paul ...

      William … for small items like a bushel of brussel sprouts or a 20 lb bag of beans we simply have to offer one “silver” wartime nickel (which is approximately 1/20 of an ounce of silver) … with silver selling at $400 dollars per ounce one wartime nickel will be worth $20 dollars!!

    • JC Davis

      William. I take your silver for my food and give it to the new KGB for taxes so I stay out of the Fema camps, kinda simple. Gold will be removed instantly by the controllers. Just my thoughts.. I own very little gold because it is a world trade not a daily currency. Silver is the better bet, Like I said just my thoughts.

  35. Peter

    I hope Gohmert is wrong about Hillary Clinton and the FBI.
    Gohmert, a Texas state judge who spent ten years in the Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps, said he believed evidence shows Clinton should be indicted.
    However, he explained that he didn’t believe she would be, unless she spoke negatively about the president.
    “If she were to turn around and start criticizing Obama herself, I could see her being indicted very quickly,” Gohmert told the Examiner.

    If this turns out to be true, then the FBI is nothing but a corrupt organization and there is no denying it. Very sad day for America if so.

    Price of gold dropped alot today and there is plenty for sale at
    the local gold dealer. I would not be in a rush to buy at these levels, until I see a lack of availability.

    • Robert Lykens

      When you see a lack of availabiliy, it’ll be too late.

    • JC Davis

      Peter. This would explain why Trump wants to run against Hillary. Easy pickings when the state of the country is brought up. She will be forced to turn on Obama too her own demise.

  36. Sayonara

    Love Rob Kirby.
    Interesting observation, prices at Costco for meat and other food essentials have recently gone up 10-15%. Example,Steak was $8.99 per lb. a few of weeks ago, now $10.49. Real essential consumer goods inflation is starting to creep in. Why are prices increasing and dollar falling? Now, there are rumors that they are going to raise interest rates. Why, because they need to squelch inflation of real essential consumer goods. How?, raise interest rates to strengthen the dollar. Result, short term decrease on prices of real essential consumer goods and a sharp decrease in the stock market. They are no longer concerned about the stock market, they are extremely and paramountly concerned about the value of the dollar. We are entering a new phase of the imminent collapse of the dollar.

    • Robert Lykens

      Everything I’ve read says that Big Government wants inflation because then it’s easier to handle the debt. What they don’t want is deflation, which is all they’ve managed to accomplish so far.

      Shows how screwed up they’ve made the economy, when they’re TRYING for inflation!

  37. diane s.

    Good post Faith. Good points about the MSM not reporting about Venezuela or the Muslim invasion of Europe.
    Greg is too kind to the MSM….he always tells us they are bad, but they are even worse than we thought.

    • Faith

      Diane, thank you. I tend to notice the areas that the MSM avoids. The silent spots. There is news available about Venezuala, if you look. I appreciate Mr. Hunter’s background in the MSM. He knows how they operate.

  38. John

    It’s a mathematical certainty that your house is going to burn to the ground? I didn’t listen to the interview. I only read the print. He sounds like he thinks the whole country is going to burn to the ground. Dead people don’t start fires. It won’t take long. By the time they really start to panic most will be to tired and weak to think. Not that they were doing much of that beforehand. Those capable of critical thinking MAY survive. And the lucky ones. Everything is as it should be.

  39. Gator

    Greg…I enjoy your interviews and you do a great job questioning your guests….BUT..I have been hearing “the sky is falling” for the last two years and nothing has happened and there is nothing on the horizon….scare tactics? Anyway, good show…

    • Greg Hunter

      If you think “nothing has happened” you are totally missing what is going on. I must be a failure on explaining things.

      • JC Davis

        Idle time is the devils work shop. That is the big problem( Jobs.) To many people unemployed / part time.. If progress starts from the ground up we are surely in trouble.

    • JC Davis

      Gator. search the crime rate in you area from 2 years back. I don’t know your area but Nashville, Tn. arrest have doubled in area space. Things are changing fast.

  40. RichM

    Okay, so he says the ones buying “it all up” are people who are of the “the higher food chain” and all…. and buying as MUCH PM’s as possible. I mean I am not rich but will buy anywhere from $300 to $25K at a time.

    OK… Kirby said this same stuff back in 2009….

    So, I have to say, I have been hearing this same thing for years…. I know that PM’s are being bought up but I have no problem getting them myself still. So if these guys are “the upper food chain” I assume he means multi-millionaires or billionaires and all.

    So if so….. they could literal buy up a HUGE amount and do a Hunt brothers type of cornering of the entire retail inventory in one big swoop…. like $1M to $100M to $1B at a time.

    Still, the inventory is stated as (running out for years now) but never seems to diminish.
    All I can say is I sure hope as a fellow “squiril storing these nuts” that I am not being duped over and over all these years by this same talk. I have lost 70% of my $2M in wealth from selling a business in 2010 and investing most of it in PM’s. I sure the hell wish I would have played this equities bubble up or at least bought real estate instead as I now have $2M of PM’s that are now worth about $600K now. So i wonder if I am one of the stupidest investors of all times losing $1.4 and 70% of my capital.

    My friends who played the bubble have in turn turned a few hundred thousand into just about $2M. How long will this continue? I don’t even mention to my sweet wife how much I have lost. We have lots of gold and silver which make nice paper weights at least I guess.

    • RichM

      At least me balls grew from this crazy experiment. Very few would have had them to hang onto….. haha

    • RichM

      The real scary thing is…. due to the paranoia, my little business I sold in 2010 for $2M is now worth some $28M and growing. All because I started to read all about how the US would tank at any moment and was unsustainable!!!!

      I am not blaming anyone but myself but warning people to be super catious listening to this conspiracy crap and acting upon emotions instead of logic or economical principals. I mean I am an engineer with an MBA for crying out loud. Why the hell did I listen to all this crap?

      • Kerry

        Use your profits (even if less than ideal) to improve your skills, buy hard assets, land, tools. An MBA is great but can you hunt, fish, track, make rope, make jerky, collect water in the desert, use a compass? Think seal team 6 in the wilderness. Anything you do to build your skills, prepare yourself mentally and physically, is not a waste of assets or time. And if the crash/apocalypse doesn’t happen, what have you lost? nothing. Skills stay with you and the mental and physical toughness will pay off in business, too. 90% of survival is mental toughness. You created a business that was worth 2 Mil? Great! DO IT AGAIN! What is stopping you?

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you ever think you were simply a bad investor/trader?

      • RichM

        Yes, I tend to think I cannot trade this market well at all any more and am being taken for a ride for sure.

        I do have to say though that in the past investing in Blue Chips and growth funds I did really well. I guess its a blessing and curse to have realized the fundamentals rather than blissfully invested and played this bubble up. I can only hope it will “pay off” eventually.

        I feel a little embarrassed about my rant I did here though. I had a bad week and all. I totally still have to say… if I didn’t have the PM’s, I would be VERY nervous and do believe it will protect my wealth. Who would have thought though that this kind of manipulation could have taken place for this long.

        Sorry for my despairing remarks this morning and thanks for the great work you do Greg and for the guests you bring on. I am frustrated but realize that so are master investors like Peter Schiff. I tend to lose patience now and then is all.

        So once again, sorry for my rant and thanks.

        • Greg Hunter

          There are no fundamentals. This whole thing is one gigantic fraud. Frauds end quickly, and they are very fragile. Honest wealth and clear title assets are boring but robust. When this think hits, all the money you think your friends made is going to go poof. There is no other outcome possible with this much fraud being applied to prop this system up.

          • RichM

            Thanks Greg

        • wondrouscat

          Rich M – Imagine if you had not sold your company what would you be thinking now – would you be trying desperately to liquidate it as fast as possible, if possible, and then invest the proceeds as fast as possible in pm’s? If so, then you are now where you would want to be, and possibly not be able to do, albeit perhaps with less pm’s holding at a higher cost average (seems you bought at the peak) but that will matter little. Your only source of regret would be if there is no collapse at all, pm’s don’t move higher, and darn, you sold your business. Still, you took a prudent path, and most likely the better one.

          • RichM

            Thanks for that Wondrouscat. I am feeling less disparaged today. Very true… I cannot imagine not having invested in PM’s even if I happen to be way early. and yes, I did by in the peak but even if I bought silver at $38 per oz….. it will likely reach $150, $300, $600 and so it matters little just like you and Greg are saying. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Tin foil hat

      Did you lose most of your investment in miners?
      For some strange reason, the fluctuation in physical PMs doesn’t bother me one bit. However, the lost in my miner stocks drives me nut. ANV is a total lost, NEM finally break even almost and ABX finally turns black after 3 agonizing years.
      I can’t understand why you didn’t use your business as collateral to take out a loan. I did that on one of my real estate to buy PMs and another one to buy another building – no money out of pocket. I’m gambling that my debts will vaporize in the coming hyperinflation. If that didn’t materialize, my rental income will cover the expense. Worse case scenario, I would walk away from the real estates and keep my PMs.
      Like you, I suffer a 20% lost in PMs but made a killing in real estates.
      I’m curious what kind of business you were in?

      • RichM

        Yes thanks TFH..

        I sold my business but they retained me at a salary so I still have a nice income. It was a deal that was too good to turn down. I still run it for them and it has grown significantly still under my watch…. I do not get paid for its growth though as they originally wanted me for just 6 months to train new management and so they paid me a super good salary. It did not stop in 6 months as they need me. So I really shouldn’t complain as the salary is 3 times what I paid myself even though we have grown by 10x.

        My point was, I took most of that $2M in capital and bought into what I thought for sure was the fundamental wealth preservation to counter a “coming collapse.” Back then, everyone was talking about how the “weak dollar” would drop to 70 and then tank and the fat lady would come out to sing. That never happened. In fact, quite the opposite.

        I was/am frustrated at the way this has happened but cannot deny that wealth preservation is still important. I guess I lost 70% of that $2M and yes, it was mostly in the miners. I bought some miners at like $10-$13 a share that are now worth $0.012. I still have them I guess so who knows what will happen to them.

        The reason for my rant was that if I would have played the bubble up I would have turned that $2M into $6M and then I could go out now and buy 3 times the amount of PM’s today.

        I didn’t, I vented and thru it out their in that “Kirby and all the others were saying the imminent crash was coming back in 2009”. I guess it didn’t happen yet but very well could have. The whole thing, like Greg says is insane, corrupt, and a fraud…. making most reasoning insignificant. Yet will it remain this way????

        This is the question I have to ask myself. If I continue with my holding, will my $600K plus additional investments become worth another 70% less…. meaning enough to buy a nice cheese burger is all?

        I cannot convince myself that this could possibly be the case.

        Instead… let me project what I think will happen.

        My 20,000 shares of the now $0.012 miner will grow past the $13 into $120 per share. The dollar tanks. We have hyper-inflation so a loaf of bread is now worth $75. Still my miners increase and counters hyper-inflation. Our physical holdings also increase from $1,300 gold and $17 AG to $150 AG, $300, etc. That loaf of bread costs $250 3 weeks later.

        So I see no other way to counter this if hyper-inflation hits. The US is not immune from the same physics of economics as occurred in the Wiemar Republic and Zimbabwe. As of today I read that a cheeseburger in Venezuela cost’s $170. Here is the article.

      • RichM

        I owned an energy engineering firm. mostly skilled intellectual products and services.

      • RichM

        and yes…. i wish i would have bought into real estate or buying into the bubble. Still who would have known. Back then everyone was sure it was going to crash at any time. Here we have even Greg’s article from 2011.

        You are doing great work Greg but we all have to admit… it was just as imminent as it is today. My main concern is, will it go on and on for another 5-10 years?

        Note everything Greg said back in 2011 is correct… just somehow they delayed it. This whole thing is complete insanity….

  41. Robert Lykens

    Wow, have you seen the news about the right wing’s political moves in Israel? Could Netanyahu win Survivor – every season – or couldn’t he?
    You gotta love Netanyahu for his genuine statesmanship and leadership qualities, especially when contrasted with the low, mean, petty, amateurish politics of Hussein Obama. Bibi has overcome the efforts of the President of the United States to displace him and in the process increased his conservative coalition numbers.

    May America have such a leader.

    • JC Davis

      right Robert. Men don’t change often, Boys change with the wind.
      IE Obama.

    • Greg Hunter

      The system is a fraud. We got that right-period. Remove yourself from the fraud is my best advice.

    • Tin foil hat

      I guess the key to maintain objectivity/calm is not to go all in. Nobody can time the black swan except the ones who have been keeping the black swans in cage.

  42. AJ

    I’d love to hear someone explain exactly what the exact impact of a “dollar collapse” would be. The dollar is currently at 95. Does a collapse take it to 85? 75? What’s the implication? Inflation, including gold? yes. But clearly, it also would send the stock of any company i.e Apple, Phillip Morris etc. that have large international sales, higher. Putting aside the fear based headline, what does it mean for average Americans?

    • JC Davis

      AJ Michael Snyder has done extensive work on what a collapse would look like.
      Hope this helps. He has a lot of interviews on youtube. Greg I have not seen him on here for some time.
      Short answer love your neighbor as yourself. Your going to need them.

  43. Paul

    Dave try to get Dave Janda interview

    Thanks Paul

  44. Craig Bradley


    Rob Kirby has fallen off his perch again, presumably on his head. Thus, he reads the same script spelling the end of the U.S. Dollar. Goldbugs want so badly for the dollar to go down then out, but low and behold, it just went up yesterday on the Dollar Index. The Euro is the one going down, along with the Yen.

    The Dollar is still perceived by the whole world as the only safe haven left. Until that changes, demand will keep it dear relative to other currencies. A constantly rising dollar will eventually force other countries to break their (currency) peg to the U.S. Dollar. A falling dollar won’t have the same effect. Ron Kirby is a dunce.

    • Greg Hunter

      What are your credentials? What are your sources? I’ll bet Kirby’s are far better than yours and when you start a comment the way you did, it make you look like it is you who has “fallen on his head.” What are your credentials and work experience?

      • Craig Bradley

        I was not applying for a job, just making a point. (This is Greg Hunter and I cut off this comment.)

        • Greg Hunter

          I would not offer you a job because you cannot answer a simple question. What are your credentials and what are your personal sources? I don’t mean from the Internet with a Google search. Kirby has a well known CV, reputation and work history. Why should you be allowed to hide yours?

        • Greg Hunter

          I would not offer you a job because you cannot answer a simple question. What are your credentials and what are your personal sources? I don’t mean from the Internet with a Google search. Kirby has a well known CV, reputation and work history. Why should you be allowed to hide yours?

  45. paul ...

    Rob talks about the people in Venezuela having to eat dogs and cats … soon we Americans will be eating our pets as the US Social Security and Health Care system becomes overloaded “by Neocon design” … when we no longer have pets to eat we will be eating grass and pigeons (buy Hillary is going to take away our shotguns – so forget the pigeons) … it is imperative we elect Trump (and get that wall up) before the Neocons “plan to kill us all” becomes reality … it is so right in our face that the Neocons want to destroy America … and yet people like Gina will still vote for Hillary and smile as we all go down to destruction!

    • JC Davis

      Paul I will never eat my dog. We walk on more food then we realize. As for pigeons the lay eggs. Fishing is easy. Trump can not fix the mess we are facing. To little way too late. People like Gina will not make it the first week. Study will foods and you quickly realize hunger in America is a matter of ignorance. Not calling you ignorant by any stretch. I have learned a lot from your postings.

      • JC Davis

        Wild foods/ purslane is one of my favorites. I have now over 75 plants to eat in the wild. It is very liberating to know how to eat when there is no stores to buy from.

  46. Justn Observer

    JERRY – THANKS FOR POSTING THE DEBT CLOCK… A DAILY SOBER WAKE UP FOR PEOPLE… YES, THE CURRENCY ‘CREATION’ CONTINUES…AS DO THE UNFUNDED LIABILITIES! and on the bottom right the unrealized ratio of U.S. dollar to the oz. of gold and silver since coming of the gold standard and printing currency out of thin air which should make the gold and silver aficionados smile!
    Gold $7325 Silver $812 and I would not discount the ‘unfunded liabilities’ and what effect that will carry with it down stream…. Good Grief !

  47. antonius aquinas

    It will take more than sound monetary policies to turn the West around:


  48. Harry

    who pays usa watchdog’s bills…? gotta know, cuz propaganda arrives and who benefits…?

    • Greg Hunter

      Google adds and one sponsor. That is it.

      • JC Davis

        Harry so we need to visit often to keep it free. LOL

  49. pat the rat

    Sayonara I can.t agree more I think you said it all!

  50. Jay Wickizer

    Greg- I find it interesting that all the commentators recommend investing in physical silver and gold. But in the end, that too will be unable to deliver. Jay- Ezekiel 7:19 “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

    • Greg Hunter

      Every week I say at the end of the WNW “Fear Not, prepare yourself physically, mentally and above all spiritually. God the Father is in charge.” It also says in Ezekiel 33:6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”

      I am blowing the trumpet my brother. This is why the site is free.


      • Jay Wickizer

        I appreciate you and your guests. You are truly a watchman on the wall! Thank you for your service.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not giving you are hard time my brother. Just explaining where I am coming from. Following the money is a good indicator of where we are in this mess.

    • Robert Lykens

      Jay, that verse refers to the Day of the Wrath of the Lord – after the rapture.

      • Jay Wickizer

        Robert- Yes, I know. But I can’t help to think that the god of the world knows how to close all the loopholes; That not man shall buy or sell save he has the… Gold and silver will be worthless. The time is fast approaching that Faith will be our only currency, Hope is our downpayment. Peace!

        • Torsten

          Sure, but in the meantime let’s grow it and use it wiseley to get the news spreading.

  51. JC Davis

    America is suffering from a bad case of Obama diseasy.

  52. Greg Hunter

    Nobody is talking about “frenzy of buying PM and PM stocks.” This is not a trading site and I do not recommend people trade anything. What you are telling people to do is trade in a totally rigged financial system and pretend the LIBOR, FOREX, Stocks, commodities and frankly ALL markets are not rigged. I am telling people to get control of all their assets, and exit the fraudulent system. This includes trading, unless, you can stand the risk and know what you are doing. 99% of people don’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      We will have to agree to disagree Boris. Just because we “influence readers” doesn’t mean we are traders like you. As I said, you are playing in a rigged system, whether you want to admit that or not. There are no fundamentals, just fraud and interventions. You may be good enough to make that work for you, most are not. By the way, there have been many correct predictions and analysis on this site.

  53. JC Davis

    Boris you speak as one that makes over 100 k a year. Know this that easy money is destroying the middle class. Yeah it sounds good to dance with the devil (Easy money), but someone must pay when you gain. In this corrupt system how can any moral person participate. The day of doom will come. Your gold will not help you because you have refused to follow the moral principle love your neighbor as yourself.

    • Greg Hunter

      The advice was sound, we were victims of massive Banker fraud and frauds end quickly.

    • Tin foil hat

      JC Davis,
      “easy money is destroying the middle class.”
      Easy money is not really all that easy. It’s true that I don’t have to sweat physically for the money I made but I have had sleepless nights when I woke up pounding the pillows.
      Easy money allows me to be kind to my tenants. None of the tenants who have been with me for more than 3 years are paying market rent. They are getting 10 to 40% discount depending on how long they have been with me.
      The ones who are paying for my gain are not Americans. They are foreigners who are willing to pay whatever price to own a piece of real estates in a neighborhood which they feel comfortable in.
      Petrodollar recycling boosted up the real estates price in Manhattan. Chinese dollar recycling are now showing up in California, New York and Vancouver.
      I guess I’m one of those who dances with the devil but don’t blame me for trying to stay afloat. I would invest in the Rust Belt the moment the devil stop screwing the middle class to prop up the Ponzi scheme.

      • JC Davis

        I have had the same renter for 11 years because the rent is close to free. Utility’s paid. I could use him as a tax deduction.

    • Tin foil hat

      JC Davis,
      “I have had sleepless nights when I woke up pounding the pillows.”
      LINE, KMI, BTU, ACI, CLD, ARLP and ANV are the causes. It’s not all fun and game dancing with the devil. I did try to support the middle class by investing in the aforementioned losers.
      The devil seems to favor all things non-essential in America like FB, GOOG and AMZN.

      • JC Davis

        TFH. Your doing the best you can to help others ,and still make a living. Your doing what most are doing, including me.
        There are those that make( thousands )a day just by moving paper from one desk to another, Tapping a few digits on a computer. I have a insider stock friend that is making more then ever from the rigged game. Sucking money from others, and the printing machine. They say let us all have one purse, we will swallow them up alive. Proverbs chapter 1 verse 10 threw 19 Surely in vain the net is spread in the site of any bird.

  54. russell

    US dollar will not crash… not yet and when the EURO falls, and other currencies falter the USD will be driven up. Talkingh about gold going through the stratosphere is not a foregone conclusion. Now if the entire world economy tumbles there will be two actions. World war and the gold in the US will be confiscated. When debasement of the USD occurs we will be in the end game. All the hoarding of precious metals will do little as a measure to preserve wealth as the FEDS will seek to protect itself and the act of trading gold for any commodity will be unlawful. Now if it gets to this point the way tensions are globally you will have massive civil unrest and perhaps martial law. Things slide that far and the the lifestyle of the rich will be as the poor.

  55. boris chikvashivili

    All well, good article, but i challenge for anyone to top this

    and here is the challenge text
    If any organization proves that they have published similar prediction. I am willing to give them all may earnings from for this month. It can be anybody JP. Morgan, Goldman Sacks , Barkley Bank Deutsche Bank or any one big or small is challenged. If they had a similar success as this chart then they deserve OSCAR and all my earnings for this month!(:-. I am serious if anybody else is(:

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