Gloves Off in Ukraine, Gabbard Quits Dems, Inflation Boiling

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 551 10.14.22)

As the say in the hood, “paybacks are a m##########r.”  This perfectly describes the payback that Russia is delivering to Ukraine this week in the aftermath of blowing up a big chunk of Kerch Bridge that joins Russia with Crimea.  Russia has set off a huge wave of air attacks throughout Ukraine, which is something it has not done since the start of the invasion.  That’s not the only escalation.  Last week, Putin assigned a new general to take command of the Ukraine war.  He is described as “ruthless and brutal.”  This is a sign the gloves are off in Ukraine.  This conflict has been taken up several notches, and it is not going to end anytime soon.  Both sides are now calling each another terrorists, and the West is sending even more money and weapons to Ukraine.

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard announced this week that she is quitting the Democrat Party. Gabbard says, “Today’s Democratic Party is now under complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness . . . and it is anti-white.”  Gabbard is now stumping for retired army general Don Bolduc who is the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire.  AOC is also taking heavy criticism recently in her New York City Congressional district about inviting and funding nuclear war in Ukraine.  By the way, Biden’s real approval rating is now down to just 9%, according to my confidential source.

The most recent inflation numbers have come out, and the news is not going to help Democrats win the midterm elections.  The government says the official number is 8.3%, but everybody knows the government numbers are a lie.  The current inflation number over at is the true inflation number, and it’s 16.5%, which is at a 75-year high according to economist John Williams.  Mortgage rates are now just below 7% for a 30-year home loan, and the Fed is vowing to keep raising rates until the inflation subsides.  What’s going down first?  Inflation or the entire economy?  It’s looking more and more like the answer is the entire economy.  Greatest Depression here we come, weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

There is much more in the 56-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 10.14.22.

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After the Interview:

Financial expert and publisher of “The Solari Report,” Catherine Austin Fitts, will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  She will give us the latest on the globalists’ plans, the economy and the rumors of war—everywhere.

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  1. Marie Joy

    Got that deep, well stocked, self contained bunker yet?

    • Warren B.

      Did ya’ll think that the PCR tests were useless ?
      Those nefarious agents who concocted this grand agenda…wanted something that we wouldnt volunteer – our specific genomic sequences/identities. What for you may well ask…?….well…..for more dark agendas…..Human Cloning/cross species breeding/androgynous humans….no less.
      All available on the NIH website….so there is no hiding this stuff…..these studies and findings are all out there in the open. THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

      It proves that the COVID show was more than a fictitious virus….depopulation and human cloning are the real dynamics at play….straight out of a horror science fiction movie/novel.

      • James Kolb

        Your negativity is really getting annoying!

        • Marie Joy

          He’s correct and he understates the issues.

        • Paul

          To those concerned of food or those who lack of land or money to produce food. Use your imagination, but make effort.

          I traded some older industrial machinery to a farmer of a 1000 acres to lease of land exclusive hunting rights for 13 years. That is gone to term and expired. He happened to be the first I drove to on a Sunday afternoon with my wife and 3 kids who thought I was crazy. again. Trade what you have material, money, labor, marketable skills, security, asset or your indenture services.

          Growers & Food wholesalers who have out of date or bruised goods, buy or barter for these goods.
          Process & store.
          Any area can made to produce, only scale is variable. Garage, apartment, unproductive home.
          Some chickens lay an egg a day and also produce black gold.

          I never owned any stocks and always traded this way.

          If your old and weaker, get people to assist you.
          It feels good when you keep trying.

          If your mind, so be it.

          Paul from arkansas

      • Russ

        Wake up and don’t forget how the evil Globalists spread their Satanic cult upon humanity – they do a “Dance of Death” before us to mind control us into evil – it was done nationwide at the Super Bowl – – and this “Dance of Death” was also performed locally at thousands of Hospitals across America by new recruits to the Globalists evil cult intent on giving us a Kill Shot “jab” –

    • Guy Phillips

      Indeed I do. But that only takes care of the worst case senario, i.e., nuclear/biological WW3. I’m as good to go for WW3 as can be; however, what happens if WW3 is delayed for years? What happens if the global economy falls apart as one currency after the other turns to dust until finally King Dollar ( i.e., Satan’s Money) finally goes to hell? And then America disunites?

      There is really no place to hide from one economic crisis after the other which drags on and on until 2032. Everybody is going to be affected by by this. Even individuals like me who have a ranch 150 miles from any stop light can’t totally escape the consequences of failing Empire America and the collapse of Western Civilization….

      There are no good choices left. Only bad choices and worse choices. For example, it’s probably a bad choice to live in a big city as the collapse of the system progresses. And it’s a worse choice to live in a big blue Marxist city. A better choice is probably to relocate somewhere in a red state where you still can make a living. But that won’t be a bed of roses, either. Red state people aren’t perfect, either.

      If you’re an adroit market trader (e.g., like Marty Armstrong) you can buy and sell at the right time and stay one or two steps ahead. But that doesn’t guarantee survival for the next decade. Gold, silver, stocks, bonds and other material goods certainly have their place and “time”. And being a secular market trader is a good skill to have right now. But I say more than anything material or worldly a good Christian personality is by far the best choice – perhaps the only good choice left.

      • jet blake

        yep my Outer Limits show discusses all the points you mentioned

  2. Frank S.

    I’m a Republican, but since moving to Hawaii 8 years ago, I’ve admired Tulsi as a “kindred spirit”. We don’t agree on every point, yet I trust her. Even Pres. Trump was considering her for a post in his administration. She may have enrolled in the WEF’s leaders program, but there’s no way she is the least bit aligned with them, now or ever.

    • Greg Hunter

      I hope you are right Frank. I just don’t want to be played.

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, yes, a quick turn a Constitutional Conservative make…only time will tell if she can change spots? It might have appeared to her she was in a losing party (per the Biden (9%) and if she or her ‘possible’ handlers hope to advance politically, needed to make the change? Of course FOX NEWS can’t give her enough time…but then if these lists are accurate….FOX itself is well vested in those Klaus ‘global leader’ grooming schools the have gone on and preparing for this all since before 1992 ! That is NOT since Trump was prodded to run for President…it all has been over 30 years in the planning….
        PAUL KRUGMAN – 1995
        MEHMET OZ – 2000
        AUSTIN GOOLSBEE – 2002
        JONATHAN SOROS – 2005
        MARIA BARTIROMO= 2006
        TULSI GABBARD – 2015
        PETE BUTTIGIEG = 2019
        Lists of ALL the “Young Global Leaders” from 1993 – 2021 in the World Economic Forum, founded 1971 | The Radio Patriot =

        Half Inch Margins + Hiragino ( =

        Young Global Leaders – Wikipedia =

        • John M. Tully

          Nobody wants to be played, but she deserves a chance. Who’s saying her whole Democrat thing wasn’t the psy-op? And BTW, I studied Marx, Lenin, Mao, and others at University. I am NOT a commie, but I have a much better idea of what to expect from them next 🙂

          Just sayin’!!!

          • Justn Observer

            So there John just how much of chance you care to give her? Going just take her at her word and vote her in without her explaining her trollop thru the Klaus garden, see if she really let the pary and in fact registered for another party ? Lots of indigenous actors did just that in Viet Nam and Afghanistan…and our guys suffered the consequences. As Wayne Jett pointed out, some interesting characters such as like you studied such things, hung out and shared those studied together at Cafe’ Vienna and lots of people suffered and are still suffering as a result…. Just say’n watch who ya allow inside the wire- eh. Stupid acts have unintended consequences…as does who one votes for. It does not matter what ‘they’ believe is True, only that ‘they’ believe it to be true and you have given them the power and ability to enforce ‘their’ views on others.
            Trojan horse come in all forms, and strange times…some of those times can be dangerous ones in which people cannot afford to be wrong.

        • Mike G

          She is more of a conservative than Susan Collins of Maine,and you worry about Tulsi being controlled opposition. Egads there are at least 15 rino senators that are worse than Gabbard, and right now those rinos are in league with the woke democrats to destroy America

      • Arch

        Correct Big Guy
        Miss Hawaii was fine with it all during Barry’s term.
        The whole place is very active right before the elections.
        She didn’t do squat to save This country.
        Didn’t say crap about stolen elections, fake vaxs, freaks running our government.
        Corrupt folks who can read the tea leaves, whoopee.

        • Freebreezer

          A – The mere fact that she went up and against the Black Queen, Hilary, speaks VERY LUOD volumes! Plus she is still alive! I don’t see any change in TG over the years; the Democratic Party went commie/extreme and left her! She will always be for abortion, and will be on board for most social policies … She even says so. She is very upfront and not hiding who she is. She has been an extremely strong advocate for American getting out of F-up wars since investigating Syria on her own! … She CROSSED Barry in 2013 with get us the F out of Syria! Thus this is where she aligns with most of the conservative independents … No more bullshit wars to enrich the military complex! Her most illuminating light and demeanor is her love for America, the constitution, and NO Americans to die for a useless F-up wars that we should not be in! I agree whole heartedly! She is a strong advocate for discussing our differences and coming to a comprise … no different than Bill Marhe who is not my adversary, but a left leaning liberal American I do not agree with on most social issues.

      • Andrew de Berry

        Understand that. Is she still anti guns also?

        • Shiloh1

          “This is my rifle, this is my gun…”

        • Mike G

          Ya mean like Susan Collins that voted for Clintons 1993 Assault Weapons Ban, who voted for the recent red flag law with Biden redefining dealers requirements and hand guns. Ya mean she is anti-gun like 15 rinos who voted for that biden pelosi bill. ya mean she is anti-gun like that?

          ya mean like everytime you ask her to oppse an anti-gun bill, if she responds, she gives you this long song and dance that she grew up in the Maine tradition, blah blah blah. Politely telling you to stick your opinion up your ass. Ya mean like that?

      • Francine

        She is a Trojan horse until she proves otherwise.

        • Capt Barty

          I agree. She has to know that the associations with the globalist organizations is suspect; she knows the content of their courses, seminars, meetings etc. I think she’d need to give a “There is a hidden danger…” speech. Until then, ” A gift bearing Greeks (or, in this case, Globalists).”

    • Andrew

      Tulsi has adopted the ruse of jabbing and complying. IMHO she is a democRAT leaving the sinking ship. We need NEW leaders, a NEW party to take out the rinos everywhere.

      • susan

        I wish I were wrong, but I do not trust her!

    • Wendy

      Jones wasn’t the only one pointing out very strange anomalies in the media coverage. From what I saw, I believe it was a false flag operation. There were crisis actors, with footage of outtakes where the actors goofed and had to do a retake. The clincher was there was a football game where the older sandy hook kids were singing a tribute. Everyone of the proposed child victims were there, but their older versions. They used the pictures of their younger selves and pulled the stunt a few years later. The actors were bought houses, of around the 400,000 dollar range. Of course they never had to prove guilt. Jones was treated as presumed guilty. It’s horrible how they controlled what Jones could could or could not say. See Viva Frei with Barnes on Rumble for the inside court info.

      • Johne Rule

        You are 100% correct.

      • Jeffrobbins

        Time will tell, the more people involved means that there more chance of a death bed confession, money only goes so far. I don’t have much of dog in that hunt, got lots of other things to worry about at the moment, even though it looks like he is being made an example of. All wrapped up in prepping for some deflationary/ hyperinflationary roller coaster. And i do think the waves are a lock- food will be paramount.

      • Shiloh1

        Remember the Highland Park Illinois 4th of July parade incident?

        Video in article. Bike riders in yellow vests. The dogs that didn’t bark, as Holmes would say.

    • Jamesmmm

      wef expected her to become another acolyte

    • Tomy

      I really like Tulsi. Today she seems like a maverick but not too long ago this was what a Democrat looked like. Senators Sam Nunn and Scoop Jackson, JFK and many, many others had several things in common. They loved America. They defended America. They put America first. They believed that the US Constitution was the greatest governing document ever written. They believed in law and order. They were reasonable people. Sure, I didn’t agree with them on every issue. I obviously don’t agree with at least 39 Republican US Senators on every issue either. But there was room for debate on these other issues. She is a breath of fresh air.

    • Tracy Brown

      I hope you are right as well, but I will say this: NH has been overrun with Rhinos, liberals and neocons. Tulsi, because of her past affiliations and comments made against Trump needs to be held to account for the same. The fact that she is basically switching parties now, just weeks before the November primary and barely 2 years before the next presidential election sends up my caution flag. She could easily be part of more smoke and mirrors vis a vis – distraction and misdirection – divide and conquer. She will need to prove herself trustworthy. That is done by deeds and actions fully supporting red states and red candidates and conservative values not merely with verbal slams against the Democratic party amidst a very public exit from the same. Let’s see what she actually DOES from here. If we see her supporting candidates in a truly red state, then I will sit up and take notice. Just my opinion of course.

      • Shiloh1

        I agree with all you say.

        Just sayin she had about as much Corp media recognition in 2020 as Rand Paul did in 2016. Both are not fans of MIC.

        Ike was on the golf course looking grandfatherly when the Dulles Bros. stole the country.

      • Earth Angel

        One thing about the state of NH: They are among the FIRST states in this nation to adopt and issue a local /state currency (actual value based) in Goldback’s for the people to use. Currently Utah, Nevada and Wyoming have issued these for their states; I believe at least 2 others are working on issuing their own. The remaining states of this nation should begin this process ASAP- by the looks of things happening right now. (See to begin the process in YOUR state!) : )

  3. Marie Joy

    This is how communists destroy/genocide/depopulate/starve a very passive population.

  4. Russ

    You know – all wars have consequences – and the Demons in the Ukraine are about to get theirs for provoking the bear – now Russia is massing troops for an attack on the Ukrainian Capital – US forces helping the Ukrainian Demons in the name of Demonocracy are going to be slaughtered – “Making the World Safe for Demonocracy” always seems to get American boys killed fighting World Wars!!

    • Russ

      Because we allowed the DemonRat Globalists to export American manufacturing to China, and then we allowed them to do a 9-11 false flag and fight 7 wars in five years, and then allowed them to over throw Ukraine to pick a fight with Russia, and allowed them to “jab” us with a Clot Kill Shot bio-weapon – doesn’t mean we are obligated to now allow them to bring the US and entire world to Armageddon!!! –

      • Russ

        The only other time Washington and Moscow stood on the brink of Thermonuclear Armageddon was about 60 years ago in 1962 when the US put nuclear missiles on Russia’s boarder in Turkey (and Russia responded by putting nuclear missiles in Cuba) – after intense negotiations between Washington and Moscow – Kennedy backed down and pledged to remove the US nuclear missiles from Turkey and Nikita Khrushchev then agreed to remove his nukes from Cuba – now once again the US is trying the same dumb thing – putting thermonuclear weapons on Russia’s borders (thinking they will get a different result) – like crazed Demons flaunting Einstein’s definition of insanity!!!

  5. Vincent Osburn

    Felt good to cancel PayPal today.

    Thanks Greg, great wrap up even if you didn’t mention that fascist organization.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree!! Several people who donate to USAW also agree and, have switched to Cornerstone which is a Christian payment processor that is not part of the cancel culture. You can find it here:

    • James Barrett

      I had to leave paypal before Greg had cornerstone ( I believe). I felt bad about not donating anymore but the only vote I have against “woke” is to quit doing business with them. That was at least a year and maybe approaching 2 years ago. I was really glad when he got cornerstone. I am stoked to see paypal paying for their “wokeness”.

  6. Robert Coleman

    We need More Level-Headed Military in Congress – people who took an oath to uphold the Constitution and defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. Keep up the Great Work Greg.

  7. Johnny Cool

    U.S. traffic deaths hit 20-year high in early 2022 – NBC News

  8. David Gordon Dunne

    On target again Greg. Alex Jones had a really articulate and intelligent man on two days ago in Hour 3 names J. Nyquist who is an expert on Russia and Ukraine, ie. GeoP. He has good intel and says that Russia is massing a huge Army now in Belarus. It will take a month to totally moblize. His estimate was over 500,000 troops and bringing the newest weapons that have been stashed for this. He rattle off many Russian Politicians and Generals and tied all of our actions together to form a very upsetting time we are going to be facing. Alex Jones has been right almost all the time. I have watched him for many years. He does sensationalize but you Greg just tell the truth without any fluff and that is why I love you. I forward all your interviews to over 100 people and Blogs I am in. About credit cards. I have not been able to use mine for any purchase what so ever outside of the country. I can’t send you money or buy meds or books. So, my point is, everyone listen to Greg as most of us take credit and cards for granted and in this upside and dangerous world we must live, all must pray deeply as I do for all you love and care for and also for those in control and we must have an intervention now by God to have any chance of righting this Titanic the world is now in. God Bless you Greg and all you here who comment as I learn so very much from all of you.

    • Valerie

      I’m 66. I work part time at an assisted living facility. I have a religious exemption, and did not get the CV jab. I don’t get flu shots either, because of an egg allergy. I’m healthy. I never got Covid. I haven’t had the flu in 10 years.
      On 10/14/22 most of the residents where I work got flu shots. On 10/17/22 most of them will get the “NEW BIVALENT COVID” jabs.
      (Weren’t the Bivalent jabs recently developed and released for use on the public – meaning they’re yet another variation of the EXPERIMENTAL CV JABS!?!?!?)
      Unfortunately, and sadly, I’m expecting the residents to start developing health problems in the near future. Most of them have already dutifully received 3 CV jabs. This new one will be the 4th! They have all been convinced it’s the right thing to do!!! Most of their family members are CV vaxxed too! Sad!

      • David Gordon Dunne

        Valerie, Sadly, according to many Doctors who have been on Greg Hunter say, the booster means death and/or illness. Dr. David Martin thinks over a billion will be dead in the next 3-5 years now. Steve Kirsch’s data suggest the life expectancy in America which is down 1.8 years already will go from currently at 77 down to God Help us 54 in the next 3- 5 years. Did anyone see in the Zero Hedge article today that Moderna just announced that they are WHAT??? rolling out an MNRA injection to WHAT?? treat heart attack patients to reduce inflammation. Let me see, give all these kill jabs for COVId, and then all the heart attacks and strokes occur and then roll out a MRNA injection to treat the heart attacks they caused with the first batch. WTF.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Valerie,
        Moot point, but when they get the ‘new bivalent covid’ jab it will be their fifth – not their fourth. The bi (two) valent jab is a ‘two in one’!

  9. Mike S

    Ukraine….beware the “Russia just nuked us!” false flag. Possibly in Poland even! MSM will back that of course! NATO then will have to engage if Poland.

    I pray I’m wrong, but they have a track record!

  10. Carol Anne Tucker

    Tulsi is on the know your enemies trail possibly with the leaders program, All I have known of her is that she is level-headed & seems sincere in how she carries herself. She’s a military officer and well respected. Now, after leaving the DemoRATs I have one less reason to dislike her…
    It seems as if the rest of the American Public should sue ALL the Main Stream Media Companies since we don’t like the WAY they tell the news lies! Eh?
    Greg, I can hardly believe that the majority of the public in America still doesn’t know or understand what is going on in our country with the Ukraine $ sham, the climate change sham, the Election Scam Sham, the Border Sham, or lack of a Border thereof. The number of people wandering around behind the little animals or standing with their heads in the sand going along with the government thinking Gov has their best interests at hand?! I never will understand folks like that…just saying
    So, Greg, Thank you for getting the word out to the world. Let’s ALL keep praying for these folks so hopefully they will eventually wake up & get it. Power of Prayer!

    • Earth Angel

      Great point- main stream media should all be sued for the lies & propaganda they spout. Especially since these lies have resulted in the deaths and disabling of tens of thousands of innocent people. Would that we had enough GOOD lawyers out there who would take on THAT task- We can dream can’t we? PS- I’m not so sure the Sandy Hook thing wasn’t a false flag staged operation either. What about the book written describing documentation and evidence of this by Wolfgang Halbig & another person? (can’t remember the other name) What happened to that?.. Was any of this evidence produced in defense to AJ’s case? I didn’t follow the AJ witch hunt trial closely but some of the documentation in the book written on the topic sounded pretty compelling. I remember one of the points was that the school where the alleged shootings happened was actually closed down and had been for a few years due to needed repairs and poor conditions. Also I think the father of the kid who did the shooting was somehow connected to the cia or something like that. Since I don’t live anywhere near there I was unable to actually try and visit the site but the book stated a number of facts which the authors claimed to have checked out and researched them. I never read the book; but did hear a couple of interviews with the authors on Joyce Riley’s Power Hour show around the time it supposedly took place. The evidence they cited sounded reasonable to me. Geez, I hope I don’t get sued for considering the authors evidence worth looking into, in this upside down crazy world we live in. We know that MANY false flag operations have and still ARE taking place all the time. I agree with Greg’s assessment that this lawsuit against AJ for simply reporting on the event sets a dangerous prescident for us. Nobody was directly harmed by Alex’s reports, yet many have lost their lives or become disabled because of lies told by the MSM. Where is THAT lawsuit?? You make a great point C.A.T.

  11. Marie Joy

    Is there anything you can make, sell, or grow to contribute to a tanking America? IF enough of us could contribute something, anything, to the economy and supply chain, things may not be as bad.

    Mike Adams, on Health Ranger Report, on Brighteon, says food inflation is at 40%. Things are escalating across the board because our politicians have turned against us.

    Wood/coal stoves with a lot of wood/coal. Politicians/communists are purposely destroying energy production. Time is short.

    God helps those who help themselves. Get ready NOW.

  12. DAVID

    Douglas Macgregor Please interview him…

  13. Linda Majors

    Thanks for your weekly wrap-up! Excellent!

    President Trump, Speaker of the House.
    I was watching Patrick Byrne in and he said that we need to convince President Trump to become Speaker of the House. Instead of being harassed by the FBI for two years, he could be cleaning up this mess. Then he can still run for president in 2024. Patrick said he would be able to “sleep at night” if President Trump was the Speaker.
    Sheriff Bianca, Riverside County, has expanded his investigation into the 2020 election voter fraud. Also, we are moving forward with the effort to secede from California and form New California. We in the inland areas, even San Diego, are sick of what has happened to our once beautiful and conservative state. Further, Governor Newsom has made it against the law for doctors to speak out or even question the vaccines and boosters. Newsom is a tyrant, and plans to run for President. He wants to make California the model for the rest of the U.S. He is delusional. No one with a brain would want to become like California. (Ref. Paul Preston, Agenda 21 website.)
    Climate Change.
    I read a good article: “It’s the Sun, Stupid.” The sun changes the climate, not people. Climate Change has become a religion. Why would anyone listen to that weird kid (Greta) from Sweden. Further, the batteries for the cars cost $20K to replace, they are nade in China, and are bad for the planet. And they are very dangerous, especially in floods. Ask people in Florida who owns Teslas.

    War. Most of the US parts and bullets come from China. How are we going to fight a war with China when we are dependent upon China to make our weapons? We’re not. That is the plan. The Globalists want America to be defeated, so China and the Globalists can get control. The plan is to make Obama the President of the New World Order.
    Ports of Canaveral FL. Containers.
    According to Mary Fanning on Ark Midnight Radio, 10.8.22, when Biden was VP, he and Hunter arranged for Communist China to purchase the Containers at Ports of Canaveral. The Communists have created a Trojan Horse of Bioweapons which can be released via satellites.

    According to Todd Callendar, Ark Radio interview, 10.8.22, Putin got control of a country where the IMF operates and now has control of the IMF. He did that while everyone’s attention was on Ukraine. This explains why anti-trust can be used to go after Blackrock. It would not have happened if the previous individuals still controlled the IMF. Todd says they don’t. Putin does. (Perhaps you can ask Catherine about it on Saturday.)

    Have a good weekend!

  14. Gary Linney

    This period we live in, will be known as the GED period.

  15. Andrew Cox

    Great commentary!

  16. Marie Joy

    Unless we go to kinetic or guerrilla, we will watch our own genocide. It may be fast or it may be slow but know we are on the chopping block.

    • Paul from Indiana

      All resistance will have to be local at first. Eventually, it will be coordinated. I’m not sure (in fact, I don’t believe, based on what I have seen to this point) that it will happen. Best always. PM


    Have Gonzalo lira on

  18. Rodney

    Powerful, real, blunt. Many thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rodney!


    There is no fixing what has been done. The only reasonable course is to regain control, and prosecute those responsible for whats been done.( not likely to happen though). Our senate and congress quitting or being voted out, will laugh all the way to the bank….
    Americans can see no farther then the end of their noses.

  20. John

    Tulsi and Trump are spoilers. Whether it’s intentional or not. Can anyone see Trump making it through the sh.. storm that they would throw at him if he ran again? Hopefully the plan is for Trump to run interference for DeSantis and let him outflank them. I doubt it but its a nice fantasy. Thanks for what you do Greg.

  21. Dave Duclos

    Greg, just thanking you for all that you do for us. You are a true patriot and a Christian who is bold about our Savior. I note that Bill Holter is no longer part of JSMineset. He, too, is a Christian with great knowledge and wisdom. I would encourage you to have him on more often. Blessings, Dave

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Dave,
      Holter is still part of JSMinest but it is now a .org The .com is an imposter.
      Brother Greg

      • Michael

        But he posted a notice that he has ended the Sinclair collaboration on the dot org website.

        • Greg Hunter

          Holter is still posting there as of 10/12/22.

  22. Barry Nicholson

    It is to the point of insulting to know that we have a completely corrupt untouchable band of traitors marching us into war. Then to see post after post of these parasites still doubling down for the demonic democrats and rhino’s….Consider that neither Russia nor Nato/USA can afford to loose…Both sides are going to get burned…both sides have already lost as there was nothing to Win….

  23. Alan

    Thanks Greg for pointing out some of the potential issues with Tulsi, though her exiting the Dems was ostensibly an abject repudiation of the left’s insane agenda. There is a lot to like about Ms. Gabbard, at the same time her stint in the WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” program is definitely a concern, to put it mildly. Even more so, her recent comments about Vladimir Putin being like “some one who is suicidal, he’s boxed in, cornered…might do anything” etc., reflect a mind set that is all too reminiscent of some of the most Russophobic attitudes we’ve seen & heard over the past several years. I’m with you my friend, we will wait and see what unfolds with Tulsi G however nothing should be taken at face value imho. Great Wrap Up Greg!

  24. Alan J.

    I do feel like Tulsi is going to be playing the role of a better looking Ross Perot.

    • stanley skrzypek

      She IS a LOOKER!

  25. Sarah

    Hello, Is there a new link to watch the videos? I have been watching for a couple of years. Yesterday’s video and todays video the link is gone. I can see the written part but not the video part.
    Please tell if I am doing something wrong on my end.
    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Please unplug your modem for 30 sec and then plug it back in. This will clear it if any codes. Also try a different browser. Let me know if that works.

  26. William Glaser

    Greg, it is not just the shots. Take a look at theses Darpa lectures for the military from 2017. Think about how much the technology has advanced since then.

  27. J. Loughran

    Please keep with the Med-Industrial Cmplx coverage.
    Today this research of “research” is making the digital media rounds, “Risk of myocarditis ‘substantially greater’ with COVID-19 than vaccine”. Apparently the “Injection$” are good though ineffective. Just another roadsign on “The Road to Nowhere”?

  28. Dan Scarborough

    Please ask your Shadowstats guy to focus on the Deflation issue that trends alongside inflation.

    And, as a farmer, please advise those of us who would like to invest our gold to acquire an interest in a “working farm” with row crops, beef, and poultry.

    Dan Scarborough

  29. Sarah

    Is there a different link for the videos? I can’t watch the John Williams interview or WNW. Please help!

  30. Patricia

    Delighted to hear the updates of the percentages on Biden’s popularity 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      9% is the real number for Biden’s support, and this explains a lot about why the Dem/RINOS are doing what they are doing. They know the real numbers according to my source.

  31. Canadian Conservative

    Please stop with the partisan nonsense.
    Both Rep. and Dem. voted for the lockdowns, jabs, masks, exc.
    It’s a combination of executive orders from both Trump and Biden that are creating/enforcing “COVID Laws.”

    • Canadian Conservative

      Not to mention the previous orders by Bush Jr. after 9/11 and Obama’s… Which all tie together for a medical/military surveillance state.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not quite. Biden and the Dems forced/mandated the injections. Trump and most Republicans would not have done that. I do hate leadership of both parties because they both take turns ripping off “We the People.”

      • arvind

        Hi Greg,
        “Trump and most Republicans would not have done that.” You are speculating. I am not aligned to either party. I believe every issue should be considered on its own merits. Trump made ‘mistakes’ too. Some were just in the the interests of the US and not in the the interests of the global population.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree, but forcing the shots, including in the military, Trump said repeatedly he would not have done that. DeSantis fined companies $50,000 per person for forcing the injections. This is not speculation. It is fact.

          • Canadian Conservative

            If you hate the leadership, don’t praise Trump. He led The United States for 4 years.

            “Trump declared a public health emergency under the Public Health Service Act on Jan. 31 2020, issued two national emergency declarations under both the Stafford Act and the National Emergencies Act (NEA) on March 13 2020, and invoked emergency powers via Executive Order under the Defense Production Act on March 18 2020.”

            These emergency powers were used to lockdown the United States. These emergency powers are not revoked and still being used today.

            “Canadian parliament voted 327-1 to suspend elections until the pandemic is over July 2021.” What does that tell you?
            Bush Jr. and the Anthrax scare, created laws only starting to being used recently. Hmm…

            Countries are not following their written constitution’s anymore.
            “Drain the swamp?” Yeah, right.
            I don’t need to hear excuses, when executive orders clearly have the power to do, whatever the powers that be, want.

            • Justn Observer

              Greg, Did Biden’s handlers forget to put this in his PDB..?

            • Justn Observer

              CC, might wish to do a tad deeper dive of a much longer timetable as to what POTUS Trump took on when he decided to step up to the plate…and not let ‘TPTB’ take down the U.S. as the European ROYALTY cabal has been since the U.S. voted to step out of it’s control. and we have been fighting an ‘inner circle’ of the Brits and ‘inner’ German cabal ever since…albeit most people have not a clue OR just write off everything as ‘conspiracy theory’ UNTIL of course it proves out. Does any of this make sense? and notice the Trump E.O.s you seem to have left out. That anyone thinks one guy WITH little if any co-operation by entrenched SES and career moles could clean up the swamp all while going thru the BS and two FAKE impeachments and a slew of Congress with Khazarian ties and ancestry just protests too much!
              May be these links just makes too much sense for alot going on today and the past few years= the swamp PANICKING at the thought of what Trump might be up to! I still remember their faces when the papers were opened at H.W.’S funeral…


              Some good homework for people to gather some thoughts about =



              Yes, we will wonder who John Galt was AND now who Will Zoll is as well !

              • Linda Majors

                I checked out your links. Very interesting! Lots of info. Thanks!


            • Linda Majors

              You need to take a look at what Trudeau has been doing. Not good! (Ref. copy of Dr. Malone’s post below.)
              President Trump isn’t perfect; he made mistakes because he relied on people such as Fauci. He had no choice. However, Trump is the best president in my life time. You Canadians should be so lucky! He is not a Globalist who takes his orders from Klaus Schwab and the WEF.

              I just hope that President Trump can be persuaded to become Speaker of the House, and clean up the DC Swamp, and the corrupt and weaponized Federal agencies. If he becomes Speaker, he will be in the best position to save America and help us survive the Biden Regime policies intended to bring us down. If America goes down, the entire world will suffer.

              Trump can run for president again in 2024. He cannot be “bought” nor controlled. This is the reason the crooked politicians in both parties, K Street, and the Deep State bureaucrats want anyone except Trump to be president again. They know he will finish the job next time. The DC Swamp fears him, and America needs him!

              Oct 13
              More from Canada.

              “OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ministers have been saying for months that they have been following the science and the advice of their experts on COVID-19. Explosive testimony in federal court says otherwise.

              Court testimony that can now be accessed on the website of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms reveals that Canada’s top health expert did not recommend a vaccine requirement before boarding a bus, train or plane. Even worse, the human trial for the COVID-19 vaccine is now underway and millions of Canadians are part of the experiment.”


              • Canadian Conservative

                @Linda Majors @Justn Observer

                You typed a long response to something I already addressed.
                ““Canadian parliament voted 327-1 to suspend elections until the pandemic is over July 2021.” What does that tell you?”

                Do you think I support any of the Canadian Gov. ? I don’t.

                I voted PPC in 2021 for kicks, because they were the only party against lockdowns.

                You’ve glossed over the “Father of the Vaccine.” and directed your repulsion’s towards someone else, who is following the same global agenda.
                Macron? Putin? Modi? Xi? Exc. Same boat as the rest of them…

                The English Monarchy is deeply intrenched in Canadian politics. (The Governor General, has the ability to ask the “royals” to suspend parliament.) This happened years ago when Stephen Harper was almost voted out of office, with a vote of no confidence by the opposition.

                But Steve called the Gov. Gen. and had parliament suspended until the dust blew over and he stayed in power.

                Still waiting (Not really) for any government to gut their system and remove the corrupt, multinational businessmen. Destroying the national/international economy for personal profit. Among other things.

                Trump=Obama=Bush Jr.=Clinton=Bush Sr. exc.
                Same for Canada. Trudeau=Harper=Martin=Chrétien, exc.
                Regardless of party the same international policies. Wars, oil, fake environmentalism, and a steady march towards Dehumanization of Eastern cultures. Creation of”Subjective reality” and “Personal Truth.”

                Same march towards the WEF.
                Lot’s of pictures to be found, with all the previous leaders listed, attending WEF meetings.

                I could go on forever about new Canadian mandates, created since 2020… Or all the articles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms, being broken everyday… But that would take a long time.

                How about the Hapsburg’s or the order of the golden fleece? Shall I rant on?
                Or is that enough to know I’m not totally ignorant?

              • Canadian Conservative

                I also don’t trust Dr. Malone at all.
                Apparently took 2 mRNA jabs.
                He’s a bio-ethicist. He also said: He felt an allergic reaction. Tingling down his arm after his first injection. (He attributed this to a PEG allergic reaction, and then had another jab?)
                What a Dr. !

                That’s not the same as Ethics. It’s “leveling” more like the ideals of Communism.

            • Earth Angel

              We were all infinately better off when Trump was in office. When he was cheated out of his second term in 2020 the price of a gallon of gas where I live was $1.67. He was NOT a warmonger poking the bear repeatedly and putting the world in jeopardy of a nuclear catastrophe. He was a bridge builder with other nations- not one who blows them up. He wasn’t perfect but he was a human being possessing some compassion and some sense, unlike the current psychpaths in charge who are working hard to create chaos, destruction, famine and devistation worldwide. I’d say we were ALL definately better off with Trump than the current Kooks in charge and safer too.

          • Ed Mustafo

            Greg, this week the Florida Surgeon General came out and said he DOES NOT recommend the jabs for people ages 18-49 because of an 84% increase in heart problems. Then, of course, the so called “ medical experts” ( weasels) came out in full force to bash him. What a surprise. Please cover this story.

            • Canadian Conservative

              Yes please, we need more myocarditis coverage… 5 years… 5!
              And everyone is shrugging it off!?
              When your 16 year old is dying at the same time you are, it will be too late.

  32. Shirl

    Great Wrap-up Greg!
    It’s so AWESOME to hear the TRUTH in Reporting as always !!!

    Dims are toast unless they CHEAT STEAL and LIE as usual along with their Foreign Glo-BULList Partners who count the votes on their Internet hooked up VOTE COUNTING MACHINES…not to mention the various other ways they desperately Jigger the “Vote” totals…


  33. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for examining in bright light the lies of our political and financial elites that are determined to destroy us working class joes particularly with their ESG lies.
    Here in the UK our economy is truly awful and our PM has just sacked her Chancellor of a few weeks. See incompetence and corruption are an equal opportunity investor here in the UK.
    Reality for us working class is that prices are running away from us and no wage increases are NOT occurring in the real world, maybe in the government protected world of corruption but not down on the ground.
    A revolution is needed.


    Greg thankyou for all that you are doing, to keep your listeners informed. Your a true watchman on the wall Because of you, so many people did not take the shots. Thankyou,Thankyou. Many people are getting sick here..A 20 year old girl in nursing school just died. Who or whatever is coming, is coming quickly. We are ALL going to need a Savior and it is not the wealth of this world. RUN TO JESUS, while there is still time. ALWAYS BE READY AND WATCHFUL

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Charles!
      Brother Greg

  35. Miss P Clayton

    Thank you Greg for all that you do from rural Northern UK…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Miss Clayton, for supporting me from the other side of the Atlantic! Stock up on foo because I think your pension system is in big trouble.

  36. Galaxy 500

    NO, It wasn’t too long. Great Broadcast. Great info. God Bless you and yours

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!


  37. Russ

    You know – Ben Bernanke (who said: “Gold is Not Money”) winning the Nobel Prize in Economics – is just like Barrack Obama (who said: He is Really Good at Killing People) winning the Nobel Peace Prize – these Satanic Globalist Psychopathic Demons awarding Nobel Prizes “to their Puppet Stooges” are probably Laughing Hysterically over making our world into “a Sick Bug Eating Joke” and in a further act of defiance and Rebellion Against Life itself have changed our DNA with their “jab” (so as to give the middle finger to God the Father) – how long are we going to put up with them??? – It is Time to Take Action and begin locking these queer ducks up in Insane Asylums!!!

    • Johnny Cool

      Ok Russ,

      Take action!
      Lead the charge!
      We’ll all be right behind you.

      Do it for John Wayne!

      • Paul

        Johnny it’s ok to fight with words.
        I am sure his words are spoken in person too.

        Being here establishes that.

        Paul from arkansas

        • Russ

          Thanks Paul – here are more fighting words “Independence is Freedom” – before the Fed calls in all their fiat money (declaring the US dollar to be worthless paper) – people need to take protective action and buy some gold and silver now “while cash is still available” (with cash the Fed and Government have no control over how you spend it – they want to take away that right) – so the Fed will soon introduce their digital currency which they will be able to track – knowing everything you buy means they can eventually confiscate it (with their digital US dollars they can even prevent you from buying things (like precious metals, meat or gasoline, etc.) – by owning precious metal they know nothing about will provide individuals with the freedom to buy what they want (without the spending controls the Fed and government want to impose upon you) – the window of opportunity to protect our purchasing rights is closing fast – meaning “each individual” must be their own John Wayne – if people don’t act to protect their purchasing rights now (while they still have a chance to buy precious metals) they will soon become total slaves to a Globalist financial system where a Cabal of Power Hungry Nazi Commie Demons will have total and complete authority over every facet of our lives (like ordering you to eat bugs)!!

          • Russ

            I don’t have to lead the charge JC – “Russia is” (and they have just declared the bombing of the Crimean bridge to be “A Declaration Of War Without Rules” – and they are no longer going to put up with the Evil Psychopathic Nazi Commie Demons who are out to conquer the world and eradicate humanity – Russia has made the tough decision “To Kill Every Single One Of The Evil Ones”!!!

  38. MIke Preslar

    All Politicians are ‘playing’. The game is rigged.

  39. Russ

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla In Hiding From The Authorities as humans begin changing into spike proteins!! –

  40. Barbara

    Do you have a link to Mark Crispin Miller’s ‘died suddenly’ list?

    Thanks in advance.


  41. J

    Hi Greg, I really enjoy your show! Thanks for continuing to spread the news. I am in utter shock at what we are seeing, what is happening to our country. We need nothing less than miracles to save it!

  42. Chris kruger

    Top target for the tsunami bomb …. Overwhelmed Delmarva peninsula to take out Norfolk… largest naval base. So much of our naval assets are concentrated just like Hawaii during WW2. Never learn.
    Oh by the way … collateral damage Jersey coast and lowlands of North Carolina.
    Just say this nuclear tsunami bomb only makes a tidal wave of half the claimed height that’s 800 ft. Water is very destructive and it will bring radionuclides with it.

  43. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Re: Tulsi Gabbard
    Actions speak louder than words ……….BUT beware a double agent Provocateur who will end up doing nothing but cause trouble or is a sleeper who will change her loyalty back when it will do the most harm. Sorry after what I have witness during my life with American politicians lying through their teeth endlessly I DO NOT TRUST HER. DemOcraps lie cheat & steal it is what they do.

    Big pharma & it’s Medical Industrial Complex is a real & present danger to American ‘s health.

  44. Jeffrobbins

    Good reporting, the first i have heard about the SCOTUS ruling and that is big. As i recall Trump was up by 800k in PA. One thing i find interesting is that Va went to Biden; when i was a kid (born in VA) the military vote always came in late and always skewed Republican. I would be curious how those ballots are transposed and counted from the military ballots to the standard ballots- I Believe that is the case.

  45. James PTY

    Executive Summary regarding the condition of the Western World in 2022 and beyond: In a race to the bottom there is no winner…

    Russia: Review before and after photos of the 1999–2000 battle of Grozny.
    Financial System: Dead. Will the replacement be 100% digital social credit based on fraudulent carbon credit bs, OR predominantly digital commodity backed trust-less Decentralized Ledgers.
    Police: During crazy time why would people comply with loony laws, when do police abandon enforcing of crazy.
    Political Theater: The psychotic are unaware of their psychosis.
    Keep gas tank full, have cash in hand, that’s actionable advice!
    Those of Faith remain undaunted.

    • LondonCenter

      James, very interesting suggestion on Grozny.
      Which raises the question, why Putin held off till now? Over half a year of hostilities! Country half Russian. Thought they’d be welcome with open arm’s as fellow Orthodoxic Slav’s, to end the corruption and not the country? It’s people and infrastructure?
      Well whatever the reason’s, the gloves are now off! All’s fair in love and WAR, after all.
      We’ll have to change the term conspiracy theorist to spoiler alarmist, like Alex Jones and team, they’re always right.

      What Putin’s destruction of Grozny in 1999 means for Ukraine now
      March 02, 2022 Hilary McQuilkin, Meghna Chakrabarti

      Bill O’riely threatened Putin on Glen Beck’s show, saying Mike Pompieo told him on his show that the minute Putin uses a nuke, we will close Russia off online and cripple the country, yet Russia could easily afterwards take down our electrical grid, shutting down our whole country with a single hypersonic missile!

  46. jjh

    Martin Armstrong’s Socrates has forecast that the democratic party breaks apart. Back on 3/2019 the forecast was made. “Any way we slice and dice these numbers, they are all pointing to the same outcome — a rise in third-party activity. That also applies to the Democratic Party. There are serious fissures emerging behind the curtain that I doubt CNN would report. This movement that is beginning to fracture the Democrats is actually being instigated by AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)) One group that is making such threats are known as the Justice Democrats, who are a liberal group that backed AOC primary campaign. They are attempting to dictate to the entire Democratic Party that it is their way or they will fund people to replace them. By turning Democrats against Democrats, the risk of a split is very high. These latest tactics are creating a Nixonian type of hit-list. She is really behind this demand of unification for her Green New Deal. Imposing this sort of political test is not only anti-Democratic insofar as individual candidates cannot stand for something different, but this sort of dictatorship will lead to a Democratic version of the Conservative Tea Party rebellion that transformed the GOP and kicked Boehner to the curb. Many Democrats who have entered as presidential candidates have quickly endorsed these sort of sweeping leftist policies, including a Medicare-for-all health plan, a “Green New Deal” to combat climate change, and even reparations for African Americans. They seem to be willing to just go with the flow and promise whatever seems popular at the moment. There are older Democrats who are becoming very concerned that U.S. politics has become hostile. I fail to see how we can now return to a more civil place as politics used to be. he Democrats under AOC appear to be adopting these sort of tactics demanding compliance with their vision or else. They are arguing that the Democratic Party has become timid and it needs to be bold.”
    Also climate change has been one of the largest scams as big pharma’s gene therapy jabs as young people are dropping like flies. Go read False Alarm by Bjorn Lomborg and here is him in a short outtake from an interview on Redacted starting at the 1:25 mark. He states that the climate change idiots claim worst case is 100 ft and best case is 10 ft under water in 7 years. Now that makes all of Florida and the south under water as both coasts, parts of Central and South America, all of the UK, Ireland, most of western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Now if that is the case why is there not any warning in any prospectus that raises money for real state construction or any investments in all these areas stating that “in seven years your investment will be worth zero as it will be under water”. No bank would lend in any of these areas especially 30 years mortgages if in fact climate change was actually real and all of us are going to be underwater in these areas. Warning about language as he holds no punches against Al Gore and the Davos crowd. He also stated he flew on a plane once with Al Gore and said “I am jealous of Al Gore because I did not think of the scam myself”.

    One of the largest dems donors who is also a mouthpiece for the climate change scam recently spent $100 million on an undeveloped land on an island off Miami for a condo development. Who would spend that type of money, who would lend on it to be built and who would give a 30 year mortgage if this climate change scam was real.

  47. Fred Engel

    Bo Polny posted a video on Rumble, link on YT Red October. Video shows what may be new vax symptoms caught on CCTV from different areas. People look around themselves start swing their arms as trying to hit of fend of something. They fall down and go into convulsions. One man at a train station rolls off platform into moving train.

  48. Peter

    Hi Greg, just the fact that the father of one of the girls allegedly killed at Sandy Hook walks out to talk to the press, smiling and having a bit of a laugh with someone soon after the shooting, then suddenly switching to disappointment, as though he missed his bus, and not even crocodile tears, that alone tells me the shooting was completely fake. Any parent would be beyond devastated would not act that way. The event was all about using children to get people to go along with disarming the lawful ownership of guns.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting.

  49. Alan F Grimes

    my read on Ukraine atm is that Russia intends to end the war asap, putin’s basic strategy is:

    1. offer peace.
    2. make continuing the war unacceptable.

    • Greg Hunter

      This new general, Surovikin, is going to rip apart the Ukraine infrastructure and kill off what’s left of the Ukraine army. It is going to get medieval. No more partying in Kiev.

  50. arvind

    Hi Greg,
    I don’t think Tulsi is a ‘controlled opposition’ candidate. Decisions like the one she made can’t be made lightly, especially for person of her stature. She had shown independent thinking for long time eg. her investigative trip to Syria. I think it came to a point where she said ‘enough is enough’. She is standing up for values she believes in. The Democratic party has changes from what it was and she is entitled to change her allegiance too. I love her independent thinking. It is for the good of all people and her actions prove it.
    Regarding the 30,000 ballots… these are just the ones they got caught on. How many more ‘situations’ are there where they have not been caught as yet?

    • Greg Hunter

      As I said, watch her and time will tell. I like what she is saying, but I don’t want to be played. Gabbard has a history with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Word Economic Forum, and those too are facts. Let’s hope she has seen the light.

      • Shiloh1

        Hi Greg.

        The people who would know best how bad a certain commercial insurance company that was going under and bailed out 14 years ago would be those who worked and quit there previously.

        A _G

  51. Aaron ML

    I like Tulsi but I don’t trust her. Where was she on the Russian collusion delusion, the impeachment, the pathetic criminal election frauds or the Jan 6 circus. Also as a member of WEF and CFR gives great pause. She is pretty and speaks well but very scripted. Instead of joining Republicans, maybe she should try to wake up the woke on her side of the room. She’s jumping ship like an opportunist.

  52. Gary C

    I finally made the plunge and purchased gold and silver from your recommended site. It was quite painless. I intend to buy even more but in smaller denominations and feel secure having a stash of God’s money .Thanks for all you do.

    • Russ

      When the US dollar “was real” years ago it had “IN GOD WE TRUST” printed on it – but as the US dollar became more Demonic – those words had to be removed (just like the statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had to be removed by the Demon Rats now running our country)!!!

  53. Words No Longer Have Any Meaning

    I can’t wait to see the bill for the $3 trillion nation rebuilding Nazi Controlled Ukraine. Do you want to hurt Russia, let Russia have their territory back and let Russia pay for the rebuilding.

    The American surrender… China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the other OPECs vs. USA without any allies. If the world blockades the USA and no longer trades, America would become an Ethiopia. The upper middle class would live like welfare people in 90 days, we would all be just stealing from each other and killing. I’ve got a feeling our allies will betray us if China, Russia, OPECs and Saudi Arabia declare war. Even Canada will spit at us.

    Good thing we have the entire world loving and respecting us – not out of fear, a full petroleum reserve, a net exporting petroleum industry, a zero national debt, the lowest crime rate and highest IQ, the strongest armed forces where the men are actually men, a nation where no one needs a hand out, and two years of grains on hand.

    Next week Joe will pissoff the Mars and Alpha Centari too.
    Where else can someone murder 17 people and not get the instant execution. I’d like to see instant executions given to all people that commit three felonies.

  54. Susan R

    We here know that we have not seen anything yet. My question is what and who is behind this. I know it is not God, it is obviously evil and most of the faces we know are owned by same. What is the goal. Again, we here know it is our demise. Is this planet meant to be saved for use by another or is it to be destroyed, or are we meant to serve those who want control? I think that has happened already but there are too many of us with AI now ready to take our place.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Great to witness AOC being ‘ripped a new one’. Brieitbart points out that she refuses to answer the allegations because, she says, the hecklers are being rude – which is a complete contradiction of statements she made early in her political ‘career’ that protest should be rude (to make it difficult to ignore).
      Many thanks for the link:

      • Russ

        Hit the Demons hard folks – before we all die in the Armageddon Biden is sure to bring us – remember the DemonRats want us to die (not only to save the Social Security Trust Fund from going broke) but with less people around buying things after a thermonuclear exchange they figure they can get inflation under control and still be able to spend the tens of Trillions needed on their next war (with China)!!

  55. Jim

    Fear not. We are living in clown world. Seeing injections death and illness coming into focus. No matter how intense the propaganda washing over the world the truth is floating to the top. Many distractions.

  56. jon

    Hi Greg, Thank you for your updates. I find it humorous that the Biden people still push the Khashoggi narrative. Khashoggi’s nickname “Cash Only” is clear. He was really a counter-agent willing to move between benefactors of east and west over his colorful career. This guy back stabbed and betrayed BOTH sides. It finally caught up to him. Who really knows which entity services cashed out “Cash Only”

  57. John Maskell

    My favourite channel . I love the guests and the weekly round up. Thanks Greg !

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this and support USAW! Thanks!!

  58. Honey

    Sorry to say that after more than a decade of listening to USA Watchdog/Greg, we just dropped the link from our bookmarks. Anyone who says that Sandy Hook was real, after all the research that PROVED it wasn’t even a functional school, and showed the kids who died were featured posing with Obama, and that Robbie Parker, the actor/”father” couldn’t contain his duping delight:
    Sorry Greg, as much as we love your shows, this one detail reveals all we need to know about who you’re really supporting.. Bye bye.

    • Greg Hunter

      I never said it was real or fake. I did not report on it much. I did not have good information. I did say on the day of the shooting, a now retired NBC reporter said there was a man with a gun caught behind the school with a rifle and the cops let him go.
      Alex Jones says it was real so who do you believe?:

      I report with the best sourcing I can get and the sourcing on Sandy Hook was awful, so I did not cover it much. I support “We the People” and I put this site out for free week in and week out. Good bye “Honey”.


      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Maybe the globalists/satanists are trying to start a nuclear war to cover up the upcoming massive vaxx deaths?


      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg,
        There used to be a video documentary on YouTube entitled, ‘We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook’. It was very detailed and clearly showed up the whole debacle as a sham – a la, ‘2000 Mules’ showed the 2020 election count to be a scam.

        When the State turns rogue, the justice system is subsumed to serve the needs of the few and to persecute ‘we the people’. Look no further than the J6’ers!! The State cannot allow dissent. You MUST believe that the 2020 elections were not only fair, but the fairest ever! You MUST believe the official fictional narrative about Sandy Hook! The absurdly massive punitive damages awarded against Alex Jones underscore how paranoid are TPTB that ‘we the people’ MUST submit – or else!

        In George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’, Winston Smith was tortured relentlessly until he could bring himself to BELIEVE that 2+2=5 if the State said so. Note: It was not sufficient for him to simply say it – the State insisted he BELIEVE it! The J6’ers were executing a coup against the US, the 2020 elections were accurate and fair, Sandy Hook is about a nerd with an anorexic build, who carried more arms and munitions into school than a fit marine would be capable of carrying, no triage took place – no children were airlifted to hospital – all the kids were declared dead by the state pathologist after a ‘walk-about’ in the school, and who’s statement to the press was incredulous to anyone capable of critical judgement. I merely skim the surface. The evidence of SH being a massive false* – false flag – aimed at weakening the Second Amendment is too substantive to list here.

        *There are real false flag ops, where people are deliberately killed and injured, so the state can falsely lay the blame on those the state wishes to vilify. There are false, false flag ops, where no one is killed or injured, but the events are portraid as real in order to shock, and thus alter public opinion.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Correction: portrayed

  59. Paul

    I am asking for prayers for my wife and my mother in becuase she is worried sick about Jane Her Mom. She is 81 years old She started menstrating again a couple weeks ago. Went to the doctor She has uterine cancer. Its agressive. They do THINK its contained and are operating and taking out her uterus as I type. She will need chemo because the type of cancer she has is r aggressive. My mother in law seems ok .. My wife is very worried so I am being strong with her and for her. We are in bibical evil times you can feel it everywhere Thanks for what you do Greg

    If your a prayer warrior and watch usa watchdog please say a short
    prayer for Jane

    In Him,

    Paul ANthony Dodo

    • Shirl

      Paul, prayers coming your way and for your loved ones.

      We are all in need of insight into God’s merciful guidance here for wisdom and understanding in prayer now more than ever, as something way beyond normal is going on.

      One of my fully VaXXXed nieces suddenly came down with some sort of bowel cancer. “Very curious” from what the surgeon reportedly said and ” never saw this before” as they blame “genetics” not once considering the obvious Clot-Shot regimen she was coerced into for her job. The doctors removed a complete cancerous blockage from her plumbing and she will undergo chemo forthwith after a “port” for the drug was just surgically implanted. She is in her early 40’s has two darling little kids, a good husband and a very nice home.

      BTW, less than 10% of cases of adverse reactions to the “vaccine” are being entered into the VAERS system while simultaneously the “vaccine” is still being pimped upon the total population from the aged to now 5 year olds…interesting too, every DemonRat politician in America currently pimping the “vaccine” STILL are advocating also for abortions up to and including live birth murder…let that sink in.

      Its like a horror/sci-fi movie is being rolled out and we in the script as victims.

      Prayers, yes, lots of prayers….may God Almighty have mercy.

  60. Self Exiled

    Our geo engineering dollars at work in China?????????????? Also, the announcement/signs of Gods return; the more man tries to engineer his environment the more he displays his flawed sin nature to be God and the destruction of the earth.

  61. John D. Umiker

    HI Greg
    I have wounder for sometime what happened with you and
    Gregory Mannarino in my mind you’re both on the side of the little people
    as your both great in helping us in these troubling times I watch both of you and you both do a great job so hope you both can make up
    I know its hard to forgive sometimes but hope you both can work it out
    then yesterday I see Bill Holder is parting ways with Jim Sinclair and that made
    me feel sad so Greg keep up the great work you do as I know lots of people
    have learn from your work not going to save them all but I think you have saved many
    if they have listened to your guest and your input, I know I sure have
    Thanks Greg
    John D. Umiker
    PS in my area beans 60 bu. great crop for us but its spotty not far away not as good
    not much corn harvested here yet so don’t know how it’s going to do
    don’t post Thanks

    • Really Awake

      Reply to Mr. Umiker:

      Gregory Mannarino has a lot of good qualities, yet there are parts of his personality which are, shall we say, quite abrasive – to put it mildly… Gregory’s head is actually swelled, and yet he (by his own admission) was down over 36% in losses on the stock market and cryptos last May… He doesn’t say how he is doing lately. It’s impossible to offer constructive criticism to Gregory. For example, it was obvious to some really experienced traders that 2022 was going to be as I like to call it, “The Short Seller’s Bear Market of a Lifetime”..

      But not Gregory. He took a brutal pounding right along with anybody who listened to him, yet Gregory still talks like his crap doesn’t stick…. I say his advice sure does. And I’m sorry if that offends his friends and followers. But it’s the truth. To this very day Gregory won’t admit that we are in a Bear Market, and this one isn’t your daddy’s bear market, either.

      I’ve said this often: very few traders will be able to make a profit consistently this time around. This time you better be an extraordinary market trader. Even Marc Faber recently said ” many people are going to lose everything. Some will lose 50%. Some less. I will feel fortunate to only lose 15%…. That coming from a man who I consider twice the intellect that Gregory will ever be. If Marc Faber expects to lose money during this bear market, then it’s going to be really bad… But, frankly, I don’t need Marc to tell me that. It’s self-evident to me.

      I hope USA Watchdog can reach out to Marc Faber, because he is as brilliant as ever.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi John,
      I agree. There is more that binds ‘we the people’ than what separates us. In this vein, whatever happened to Dave Jander? I listen to him regularly and can’t fathom why GH and DJ fell out. Something to do with differing interpretations of ‘The Hammer’ – but a ‘storm in a teacup’ against the backdrop of the larger insanity raging about us . . .

  62. Dan

    Alex Jones reported the truth on Sandy Hook. There was film footage showing the scam. The school was a non working school for two years and proven. The parents were actors and that was also proven. Alex was never allowed to defend himself and show the evidence. If Alex is guilty then Biden won in 2020.

  63. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — Very thought provoking times. Do I feel like we’re being herded? Yes, just like the masses were fed garbage about asymptomatic super-spreaders and 6 yo kids killing grandma, so get your jab; now the story is nuclear war and we’re a few minutes closer to nuclear Armageddon on the war clock. The article at: shows a target map

    I live in one of the areas with multiple red triangles. My house would be hit from all sides and with 30 minutes warning, no place to go… No one whose opinion counts wants a nuclear war — not Putin, not Trump. Deep Staters may be okay with the scare event, but I doubt many of them actually want nuclear war. The peeps who are good with a nuclear war are the same folks who wanted to wipe 95% of the human race with a Covid vaxxine. Can’t do it with bio-warfare, do it with nukes. Not going to happen. Fear Not.

    Tulsi Gabbard quitting the democratic party so publicly is a good thing, even if she was a CFR type years back. A lot of folks buy into stuff like that until they get educated on the real plan, then they turn; I believe Gabbard turned.

    AOC getting ripped the way she did in her hometown meeting (whatever) is also a good thing. Nobody’s buying her BS any more. She is past her sell-buy date.

    I’ve now got a little note pinned to my calendar for Oct 24th — no dog in the market, but that should be a great day for PM’s.

  64. Paul

    The confrontation with the cabal of war, banking, economic eruptions are in Europe first, on their home turf in England and Switzerland. Simultaneously, funding it out of the American taxpayers. This has to stop. The American people don’t want this, nor the people in Europe. Europe don’t think America is your hope. It would be to late by then. Resistance , participation and unity.

    Paul from arkansas

  65. al

    Tulsi used very specific terms like “white hating racism” on the part of the democraps.
    Why “white hating”? Because if you say “racism” it’s automatically thought of as hating blacks.

    She was also specific in calling the democraps MARXISTS !!! That’s EXACTLY what they are !

    The only thing I liked about Tulsi is her face until now. She’s smart and knows what’s going on.

    These Marxists have to be brought to stiff justice. There’s a penalty for treason

  66. James A. Driscoll

    Greg, I heard somewhere on the news that Pennsylvania announced that thy will continue to count ballots with errors! I suppose they think they’re above the law.

  67. Steve Kloppers

    Mat 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

  68. Pamela Hankins

    Don’t believe Gabbert, she is a graduate of K. Schwab’s school for Young Global Leaders. If anything, she most likely represents how many wolves in sheep’s clothing also posing as ‘Republicans’. Most Republicans are turn coats without any help. Democrats are fully on board with the larger agenda. They know what it is, and that’s why Governors and those in lower federal positions may complain but refuse to do anything substantial to stop said agenda. I heard a broadcast from one of Trump’s cabinet member’s yesterday (which I cannot find now) saying this out loud. If I find it, I’ll post it for you.

  69. pbd

    As I have posted before – the FED speak- inflation fighting policy and jawboning is a blatant boldfaced lie. Raising interest rates (FFR) is going to cause even more real-stuff price inflation to manifest in the (fudged) CPI numbers (in the near-term). Question: Why has the FED reverse-REPO facility exploded? Why is 2.222 trillion in cash (USDs) and growing – being parked indefinitely and rolled over every night in the reverse-REPO facility? Yesterday’s (Oct. 13, 2022) market charts should be captured and framed for historical posterity (assuming there will be a future beyond a sticks and stones economy) – that illustrates grotesque monumental market manipulation by the FED/ “plunge protection team” after the continuing negative CPI inflation print of 8.5%. But the FED appears to be losing the battle – as of writing the 10-year Treasury interest rate is now over 4.0% – showing that longer term U.S. sovereign debt is being dumped by bankers and MMFs – and the growing FED reverse-REPO facility indicates that more and more of the cash coming out of deflating financial markets is being “temporarily” parked on the sidelines – not being put to work in the economy – causing a compounding USD liquidity issue – that is forcing the FED to covertly print (digitally) more and more USDs to “print the tape” and inject cash into the markets every day to prevent the financial gears from locking up.
    The FED will be successful in fighting inflation when U.S. sovereign debt to goes to “no bid” which will force the FED to into quantitative monetization of the entire bond market and more with printed money that will cause massive open debasement of the USD currency and give rise to a short lived “hyperstagflationary” period that will signal the coming currency collapse (aka 100% USD denominated deflation) and global “crack-up boom” depression.

  70. Stephen

    Don’t be fooled by Gabbard. She is a fraud like all other politicians. She senses the winds are shifting. Hence, she will blow with the wind.

    Btw, she is not a ‘hero’ of any sort. I served as an officer in the US Marine Corps and I don’t think I am at all a hero. Be aware – sense that all things Washington, DC are frauds and in fact, part of the same big fraud!

    • Madi

      I am just like you!
      Greg Hunter is a honest journalist and a real Christian man
      The death penalty for adults should be back for pedophiles, drug traffickers and inside traders (99.9% politicians). Things would change

  71. pbd

    Some folks are probably wanting more of a strategy than just “stacking” endlessly physical precious metals – which is one end of the insurance spectrum and alternatively the buying of paper financial instruments in the precious metals sector. After you have got some physical insurance in place – a middle ground is to buy shares in a desired (reputable/appropriate) closed-end-physical metal trust – that provides a right of 100% physical redeemability. Additionally, at least a portion of these holdings (shares) can be taken out of “street name” and put in your own name – to hedge against being bailed-in when your brokerage firm derivative book explodes.
    Obviously, if the situation goes to full “Mad Max” scenario and you are still alive and still want to live – you will need to have a lot of kinetically enable heavy metal, clean water, food, shelter, appropriate medical supplies, fuel, will-power and faith in something more than government.
    If you are one of the “elites” that think you have a ticket to getting into one of the DUMBs just be sure what your value proposition is before going in – you might be included on the privileged list simply as future forced labor, or a source of spare parts or worse as a food source for when the MREs start to go stale.
    The signal that things are rapidly deteriorating is when more and more sovereign debt around the world goes “no bid” and/or markets are “temporarily” closed, or trading is suspended etc. and elites start disappearing – into their bunkers.
    Sorry for the negativity.
    Best of luck all.

  72. Sasol Vogel

    Ian Fleming10/13/2022 •Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    With the recent death of the beloved Angela Lansbury, I found this gem. Shootdown (film)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Starring Angela Lansbury, George Coe, Kyle Secor and Molly Hagan
    Jennifer Savidge
    Original release November 28, 1988
    Shootdown is a 1988 American made-for-television drama film starring Angela Lansbury. Leonard Hill served as the executive producer.
    In the film, Nan Moore (Lansbury) loses her son in the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 disaster. She wishes to discover the truth about her son’s death.
    The film’s production was delayed due to controversies surrounding the KAL007 incident. NBC subjected the film to various cuts and rewrites. Producer Leonard Hill said that NBC’s censors “played the role of grand inquisitor. It was quite a relentless interrogation and it turned into a war of attrition.” The network deleted dialogue that criticized the U.S. government for using the incident for its own political purposes, and specific criticisms of the Reagan administration were likewise repressed. Consequently, the film made no mention of the U.S. Air Force destroying all radar tapes after the incident, nor that the Korea pilot Captain Chun took out a grand sum of insurance the night before the flight. The network also insisted that Seymour Hersh’s view that the aeroplane had simply drifted into Soviet airspace be inserted into the film.

    A Reuters Special Report
    As more transgender children seek medical care, families confront many unknowns
    IN TREATMENT: Ryace Boyer, a 14-year-old high-school student, prepares to take the female hormone estrogen as part of her gender-affirming medical care. REUTERS/Megan Jelinger
    Across the United States, thousands of youths are lining up for gender-affirming care. But when families decide to take the medical route, they must make decisions about life-altering treatments that have little scientific evidence of their long-term safety and efficacy. Filed Oct. 6, 2022

    I had always thought the US was true and had honest elections

    WITH the long history of the whole world being held in the power of the wicked one and the recent electoral shenanigans in this country with emphasis on the 2016 and 2022 presidential elections. With special emphasis on how the Covid scam pandemic was used to illegally change election procedures in key states to facilitate fraudulent voting. Recall also the many courts – right up to SCOTUS – that refused to hear cases both before and after the election, that could have helped to restore confidence both in the 2020 election and for the future, all stolen by Obombers buddie’s, Marc Elias Brother’s, Elias And Andrew unwise mouthed, Wiseman.
    All for the love of a cold virus!
    In other words, look at the mess we got ourselves in for, not believing there is no cure, for the common cold. Now uncommon reasoning on the current state, of this cruise, on this ship of fools!

    Top economist David Rosenberg predicts US inflation will plummet below 3% next year – and warns the Fed’s rate hikes are courting disaster
    [email protected] (Theron Mohamed) – 2h ago|3

    Inflation cut in half: Moody’s Analytics’ Mark Zandi sees major relief within six months/ Stephanie Landsman – 10/12

    The Fed is draining the stock market and even the ‘healthy fish’ will die, billionaire investor Barry Sternlicht says/ (Jennifer Sor) 10/12

    Col Doug Macgregor – Ukraine Russia War Latest
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 10/12
    Ukraine slams Crimea bridge arrests; power restored at occupied nuclear power plant_
    British special forces miss they’re mark.

  73. James Barrett

    To the gentleman who complained about Greg’s choice of news coverage.

    there are a multitude of primarily conservative news sources on the net where you can hear whatever subjects you chose. The problem for me is I have to take a great deal of what they say with a grain of salt, for obvious reasons. Not Greg. As no BS as it comes.

  74. Anon

    Looks like the FBI paid a million dollar bribe to have someone verify false evidence.

  75. L.Center

    Oop’sy Daisy,–limits-testing-new-world-are
    What Putin’s destruction of Grozny in 1999 means for Ukraine now
    March 02, 2022 Hilary McQuilkin, Meghna Chakrabarti

  76. Center.L

    What Putin’s destruction of Grozny in 1999 means for Ukraine now
    March 02, 2022 Hilary McQuilkin, Meghna Chakrabarti
    Oop’sy Daisy–limits-testing-new-world-are

  77. The Bread Report

    Tulsi is controlled opposition. Cabal will activated her when needed.

  78. Justn Observer

    Greg, Just a side note….private butchers are booked up 3 years in advance…People now buying up or partnering with beef raises to secure protein well into the future.
    Buy a pregnant cow with a calf, a few straws for the vet to hold and schedule butcher days in advance as they see so many cattle going to slaughter now. Many ‘pot’ grower now returning their fields back to hay as well since the unpredictable weather has crushed their ‘pot profits’ due to hail, drought, and increasing larger cartels crushing the smaller hippie’s dreams as well as the ‘testing and labeling’ regs! Guess they plan to ‘get their dreams back’ legaalizign and growing mushrooms now? lol They might all soon find there is nothing worse than getting high…and they can’t afford any munchie? Just say’n…
    Grain shortages and low ‘drop counts’ = does not look good for the spirits bus. either?

  79. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Outstanding WNW!

    Whoever wrote you to say, ‘the Covid story is passé – let’s hear more financial commentary’, or words to that effect, is behaving like HRC when she told the Benghazi enquiry, ‘that’s history, let’s move on’. The whole world was brought to a virtual standstill by the Covid scamdemic. Small businesses were forced to close – some forever – while chain stores were allowed to remain open. Amazon took up the slack, and never ‘gave it back’. Tourism was crippled as people were mandated to stay home. And, as though all the above mentioned were not sufficient to make ‘covid’ the biggest news story, JABS – which were known prior to launch to be deadly AND ineffective – were mandated to be administered to large swathes of the human population.

    Greg, IMHO, your coverage of the scamdemic is totally vindicated. Bravo!

  80. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for your hard work to put this wrap up together. A lot is happening globally.

    The news from the US almost sound as if it is South Africa, and it is crazy here at the best of times.

    As a South African listening to you describing the US voting system, it does not make sense from our perspective. In South Africa we have to produce our official Identity Document (ID) to register on the voters roll and then on election day to show the officials the ID, which gets scanned in the system, before receiving a paper ballot and also getting your thumbnail inked at the same time to stop multiple ballot casting, but if caught doing so a person could face prosecution for breaching the provisions of the Electoral Act. This is the same process for Local, Provincial and National Elections. See the Electoral Commission’s Web page.

    What is happening with illegal immigrants in the US also happened in South Africa, and the local people are not happy about it since some feel that they are taking away local people’s jobs. Needless to say, here people are frustrated and angry by the non action of government and communities take matters into their own hands with savage and brutal results.

    The awards against Alex Jones are unimaginable to be granted by a South African Court. South Africa follows Roman Dutch Law as its common law, which does not allow for such excessive punitive damages.

    Here is an example of a story that shook South Africa in 2018 : Similar principles may be followed for vaxx injuries and deaths, but it could take many years for victims to receive justice and compensation.

    The rates in fore a South African mortgage bond is about 8% – 9% on a 20 year bond. The South African Reserve Bank is also rising rates at a rapid rate it is now at about 6.25%, which make the prime lending rate 9.75% per year almost back to end of 2019 levels. They kept South Africa’s rates at 2% above what it should have been prior to 2020 when the rates were lowered to 3.5%. People who took up mortgages in 2021 at low rates are feeling the pressure now. Here the housing prices exploded prior to 2020, but the prices started to drop in 2021 in some areas by about 10% or more. The South African Banks are very strict and conservative in extending credit, which helps with the stability of the local banking system. But we are also experiencing high fuel and food prices, people had to adapt to survive the past few years as the cost of living keeps on rising.

    The high unemployment rate (33.9%) also add to the high crime rates. But the sad part is that people do not trust the police officers here, due to all the corruption that became exposed over the several past years. If there is some crimes committed then one could suspect police involvement as well, it is a truly sad state of affairs.

    With people struggling to make ends meet the vaxx issue has shifted to the background.
    The covid regulations were lifted and most people walk around without masks. More pressing issues are National power outages (loadshedding) that plagued us for the past months and strike actions.

    Looking forward to your interview with CAF.

    Thank you for your hard work and may God bless you and keep you safe, and may you have a bumper harvest.

  81. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for another great WNW. RFK Jr. just did a video interview stating how Big Pharma pays 75-80% of the TV commercial advertising income of the MSM. No wonder the TV anchors push fear of Covid so hard and push the vaccines so hard.
    The Covid Panic is the biggest story (until the nukes start going off). The economy is ruined. Families are ruined. Society is ruined.
    I’ll never go to a stadium, airport, or any other place where the madness of crowds takes place.
    My faith in my fellow man is zero. The Covid Panic has shown me that 80%+ of the people here in Sonoma County are fearful, gullible, stupid, and will turn on their neighbors. I do not trust them at all and would leave if my wife and I were health enough.

    • Johnny Cool

      Yes Tim, the people will turn on their neighbors.

      Twilight Zone – The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

      Chilling episode is quite possibly the series’ best, as it tells the tale of the inhabitants of Maple Street, USA, which is experiencing bizarre happenings like the loss of all electricity and phone service, which creates fear and panic in the people. A young boy tells them that he thinks it the work of aliens, and though laughed at, this is exactly what takes hold of their minds, as paranoia and panic start to get out-of-control, and once friendly neighbors start hurling accusations, then objects, at each other, until someone pulls the trigger…

      • tim mcgraw

        Johnny Cool: I watched “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” just a few weeks ago and sent the link to my email list. That episode of The Twilight Zone describes our town of Healdsburg, CA during the Covid Panic.
        Fortunately, no one was killed. But the City Council did flee the City Hall one night when we protested the mask and vaccine mandates to attend City Council meetings.

  82. The Rev.

    Thanks EVERYONE for keeping the daily prayer pressure up. It is working. That’s the ONLY way we will win the war against all this evil. Now, I’ve got a question for all you Bible scholars. Most of Israel took the poison jabs and boosters. According to Catherine Austin Fitts and many others, the death rate will be huge in the years ahead. Here is the question. If Israel is mostly dead, how will they defeat the armies that prophecy say will come down from the north? (Ezekiel 38 & 39) The Bible says Israel will defeat them. How can that be with so many in Israel disabled or dead? I see another MIRACLE in the making. Like the song says, “Little is much when God is in it.”

    I have said again and again that we as Christians have a BIG God who lives within us. He will perform miracles in the last days that will definitely surprise — wait for it –even some of His own followers. Don’t doubt the final outcome and NEVER forget Who is REALLY in charge. My prayer is that this will bring hope and encouragement to you, God’s wonderful Christian family. Oh, in closing let me finish the lyrics of that chorus — “Little is much when God is in it! Labor not for wealth or fame. There’s a crown, and you can win it, If you go in Jesus’ name.” God bless us all together.

  83. William Simonton

    Thank you Greg for a great podcast today and I look forward to Catherine Austin Fitz. Something is manipulating WTI crude prices for November delivery, even with OPEC cuts, for several days prices have gone down.

  84. James Hall

    Greg, Sandy Hook was never allowed to be exposed and proven a false flag, Jones wasn’t given a chance. He was out gunned. The facts were presented same as Hunters laptop on youtube but most has been scrubbed. We are out gunned on almost everything. Look what they just did to us with the COVID scam. Sandy Hook was an operation to go after the guns. To make it simple several protocols were not followed that day, they got something on Jones not to fight back, the proof is there. Now after 20 over diversions it’s too late. Don’t forget youtube sensors everything.

  85. Cheryl

    Some are saying, and I agree, Gabbard is divorcing the Democratic Party to disassociate from total failure — 100% self serving. Still, as noted, her departure will add fuel to the Dems disintegration and demise.

  86. Coal Burner

    Greg: You are on the mark and usual!

    Saw a Scott Ritter interview couple days back. The Dummys and idiots in Washington need to hire him. He is the most knowledgeable person, I have heard speak. HE tells the truth about the Ukrainians getting slaughtered to the last man. Zelensky wants to kill them all (my opinion), because when they figure out what he did they will want to kill him. But his strategy is there will be nothing but the women and girls left. Our incompetents in Washington DC are totally stupid or they are traitorous back stabbing vermin.

    • Greg Hunter

      I like Ritter. You know the truth when you hear it.

  87. A

    Hi Greg,
    Here are some comments re: San Francisco.
    I was here last in January 2020 pre Covid.
    Just returned recently. WOW. So many people left the city. Many small businesses are gone. I’d say 20% roughly at least if not far more… The Italian Restaurant two blocks away in business for decades – gone. The Jeweler one block away, in business for decades – gone. The French Bistro around the corner – gone. Salad to go place around the corner – gone. Many restaurants are closed Sunday and Monday nights now whereas pre Covid they were open Sunday nights. Many residences and flats are empty, just empty. The people left. On my block the people above me moved away, my flat is for rent, the place across the street is empty and for rent, there is a lot to rent here in San Francisco right now. I asked the cashier at the grocer if he thought people were starting to come back now, he said slowly, but that business is no where normal like it was “before”… Recall that San Franciscans signed petitions for a recall election of Soros DA Chesa Boudin and he was recalled in June 2022. Still people come back slowly. I spoke to my contractor here.. he said he is on a long term project that ends in 2 months but there is “nothing after that” People are not starting new projects – and he mentioned the interest rates. It appears things are stopping. I hope the Fed pivots soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting!!

  88. A

    Hi Greg
    Wanted to share this great video of Steve Bannon
    Steve is speaking at the Freedom Alliance and at minute 43 he says:

    “Trump is not only a former President of the United States….
    He is actually the current President of the United States!”

    Steve Bannon: SAVING AMERICA – Keynote at AFA’s Globalist Puppet Masters Conference

    Thank you Greg for all that you do!

  89. Linda Majors


    On Steve Bannon’s WarRoom today, 10.14.22, he devoted a segment to a very disturbing situation at a NC school district:

    “Recommended Reading” pornographic books for 7th graders.
    Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

    I was shocked! I’ve never heard such disgusting garbage in my life. Perhaps I’m naive.
    But it was absolutely shocking, even though much of it was edited out before it could be aired.

    Mecklenburg County, NC, School Board Meeting.
    Kristy Wade, Moms for Liberty, appeared before the Mecklenblurg, North Carolina school board last night, 10.13.22, and read out loud the pornographic text from one of the “recommended reading” books for the 7th graders. She appeared on warroom, 10.14.22, and Steve Bannon commented the film clip had to be edited due to the pornographic nature. However, what wasn’t edited, was disgusting. I’ve never heard such filth in my life.
    I was under the impression that the moral decay was happening primarily in the Blue states, such as California. However, it appears to be pervasive.

    (Note: According to Hugh Hewitt, radio show host, the SAT scores are the lowest in 30 years. Further, the U.S. is 38th in the world for student scholastic scores.)

    Except for a few exceptions, our public schools are failures. Instead of teaching the basics,, they are cranking out sexualized kids who know all about pornography, perverted sex acts, and how to get on puberty blockers and mutilated, but know little about how to get a job and be a good citizen. The schools are more interested in teaching porn than reading, writing, math, and science. They no longer teach children to write in long hand (cursive), only print. Probably, so they will be unable to read historic documents by our Founding Fathers. Bibles are not allowed, but they approve of porn. Children are being groomed, sexualized and abused.
    The text read from a “recommended reading” book by Kristy Wade at the school board was the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard. No doubt this is what Putin was alluding to when recently in a speech he talked about the moral decay in the “West.” Putin wants no part of it. He may be ruthless, but at least he wants Russian children to grow up with high moral values, and taught the basics, such as reading, writing, math, . . ., NOT filth.

    I believe it is time to remove the Federal Govt. from our schools. (The Feds get control of school curriculum by granting $$. Then dictate what is being taught. The Feds control the porn, sexualization, CRT, Marxist ideology, and Anti-American rhetoric.)

    I believe the Communist Chinese have coopted our Federal Government during the 2020 election Coup. They need to be rooted out. Otherwise, America will collapse and become slaves to a Chinese Communist/Globalist Regime. One even worse than what we’ve got in DC now. If President Trump were Speaker of the House, he could clean up the Federal Government.


  90. mel

    Tulsi is not running for any office. It’s hard to know what her motivation might be. Maybe it’s just her being honest.. I dunno… but could be. She is a soldier after all. She has taken the same oath as the rest of the military. Its difficult to see her as a white hat, but .. stranger things have happened.

  91. Elias

    Your analysis is on point, and your delivery and exegesis of world events are always enlightening!

    I wanted you to know, Greg, that I have contacted Mike W. & plan on using his services to design a retail website for my side business. Got a great vibe from him and liked what he had to say when I asked him questions. Thank you! 😊🙏🏻👍🏻

    Yes, Tulsi’s background is concerning, as is Trump’s, tbh, him being a reality TV star and all (although I voted for and do like Trump, thought he did a good job overall). Like most, I would rather see peace treaties and a booming economy over the farcical nonsense currently taking place, so I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth (or, in this instance, a “grift-horse” in the mouth) and vote for the better candidate. Ha. 😊

    We don’t vote for perfect candidates but the better ones, and we trust not in men (or women), but put our Faith solely in our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ. ☦️

    Thank you Greg, for all that you do! God Bless you and your family!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Elias, for sharing. We really like Mike too!!

  92. Lady Au Stackers United

    So my 90-year-old mother became deathly sick 6 months after receiving her Covid booster. And 6 months ago I told her the only people that are going to be getting sick from here on out are those that received any of the shots. So now that she is in an infirmed state of condition, I have been told by my mother in agreement with her hospice nurse that I am not allowed to see my mother in person in her own home because I AM NOT VACCINATED. And what I find extraordinarily eye opening is that everyone in my circle who has received a covid-19 vax has gotten sick! I even visited a family member who recently had a positive covid test who is also four times jabbed by the way and I still haven’t gotten sick! And the psyop continues with television ads and Internet ads promoting covid-19 vaccinations. And I am fully aware of the power of advertising; my late father was an advertising executive for television for decades. So I guess this means I am a potential walking contagion because I haven’t received The jab. The propaganda in the madness that we are living in these days is just too stupid to be stupid… Just borrowing the line from the moderator of this wonderful website.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s sad but amy people are getting the same sort of treatment and it helps to share so people don’t feel alone. LTC Theresa Long MD said the Lord told her “To be kind and gentle to the vaxed.”

  93. Lady Au Stackers United

    Correction to my post: the Covid propaganda is too stupid to be stupid… A line taken from The Producer and Creator of this wonderful website, Mr Greg Hunter.

  94. Tony

    I think Tolsie Gabit is a disinformation agent because
    1- she has a new show she’s starting called the Tolsie Gabit show so what she said is just a good promo for her new show
    2- if she really means what she’s saying then why didn’t she stay in office and fight back with these people, where she could really make a change

    Also I really think you should go listen to Jim Feitzer on the sandy hook issue he has done his homework and and no one died at sandy hook but before you can say they did or didn’t you should research the facts and he absolutely has. If you don’t at least hear Jims facts then you’re just pushing the narrative the deep state has created to take away our 2nd amendment.Jim also offered to testify for alex Jones but alex turned him down which tells me alex Jones has been bought and payed for to help take down people like you and others who tell the trough. I know he’s been sewed but you can bet you’re ass he’ll be taken care of for it so he is as of now is disinformation.

  95. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Simply wanted to add to your Covid list: (URL explains title.)
    Thanks for all you do!

  96. tim mcgraw

    Luke Chapter 20:

    Then began he to speak to the people this parable; A certain man planted a vineyard, and let it forth to husbandmen, and went into a far country for a long time.

    10 And at the season he sent a servant to the husbandmen, that they should give him of the fruit of the vineyard: but the husbandmen beat him, and sent him away empty.

    11 And again he sent another servant: and they beat him also, and entreated him shamefully, and sent him away empty.

    12 And again he sent a third: and they wounded him also, and cast him out.

    13 Then said the lord of the vineyard, What shall I do? I will send my beloved son: it may be they will reverence him when they see him.

    14 But when the husbandmen saw him, they reasoned among themselves, saying, This is the heir: come, let us kill him, that the inheritance may be ours.

    15 So they cast him out of the vineyard, and killed him. What therefore shall the lord of the vineyard do unto them?

    16 He shall come and destroy these husbandmen, and shall give the vineyard to others. And when they heard it, they said, God forbid.

    Our we good husbandmen of the vineyard entrusted to our care by God?

  97. Marie Joy

    The long term agenda of communism is always genocide and keeping you/us ignorant of that fact makes that genocide easier. In the past, some countries rose up to fight their genocide. Most did not.
    American passivity and left wing ignorance are making it easy.

  98. Marie Joy

    I don’t trust Tulsi Gabbard. She sees the red wave and she knows that, if she loses this election, she may have to work for a living.

  99. M Sansone

    You spoke too soon.
    NIKKEI ASIA, October 15, 2022 08:56 JST, Putin says Ukraine mobilization should be finished in two weeks
    No major strikes on Ukraine planned for now, Russian president says

    • Greg Hunter

      We will see.

  100. Keith

    Be careful, Greg. The “peer reviewed” studies are now being shown to be fraudulent as well. Bought and paid for. See recent Clif High video on Bitchute.

  101. Randall Maxwell

    Satan has been lying to us, saying that we can be like God and preach and give to the world bibles and religions of men Gen. 2:17-4:12. Christ warns that the ways of men bring suffering and death while His preaching and agape love brings life and every spiritual blessing Matt. 5-7; Gen. 2:17; Jer. 10:23; Deut. 4:30-31. Satan has ruled over this world for the last 1680 years with the moral standards of men Rom. 5:12-21; Jer. 10:23; 2 Thess. 2:10; Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30! The second coming of the Lord is at hand Rev. 22:20, and the supernatural objective truth preaching of Christ is back with the second age of Christianity in these last days, or approximately 40 years, of suffering for those who continue to be under Satan’s rule Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30; Micah 7:15; Heb. 1:2; Deut. 4:30-31; John 8:32: Dan. 2:44; Rev. 18:4; Isa. 55:9; Eph. 3:20!

    We have back, in part, the Bible of dual prophecy, the wisdom from above Deut. 4:20; James 1:5; 3:13-17; 5:7-11; 1 Cor. 13:9-12; Dan. 12:4; Micah 7:15; Deut. 4:20.
    We have back the second age of Christianity with its “blessings – beatitudes.” Deut. 4:30-31; Rev. 1:3; Matt. 5-7; Rev. 22; 1 Cor. 13:9-12.
    We have back the keys to the kingdom, realizing the Lord’s Day for men is the 1,000-year reign of Christ divided into two ages Eph. 2:7, by the reign of Satan.
    We have back the signs of the Destroyer/sun/cosmic weather back for 40 more years as we will see the day, the second age of the kingdom approaching Heb. 10:25.

    The world will be destroyed by fire, as it once was destroyed by flood 2 Peter 3; Lev. 10:1-3. The sun will turn black and the moon red, and the world cleansed of evil before the second coming of the Lord Acts 2:17-21. The patient endurance of suffering by the preaching of men for the last 1680 years James 2:3-7 will result in the salvation brought down from heaven and 750 last years of men on the earth. The good Shephard will be back, the great Physician, The Father of all comforts, The Wonderful Counselor, the Father of all Mercies, the Prince of Peace, along with every spiritual blessing, etc. The righteous dead and the righteous living will be in the great wedding feast, as the ways of God are as high as the heavens above, exceeding abundantly greater than, the ways of men Isaiah 55:9; Eph. 3:20.
    The preaching, bibles, and religions of men, now that the perfect preacher is back Rom. 5:13, are the mark of the beast! More than one-third of humanity will not give up its skepticism of the return of the ways of God Matt. 7:12-21; Acts 17:30; Rev. 18:4; Dan. 2:44; 2 Peter 3, and will be burned up and cast off this earth with the beast Rev. 8; John 12:31; Rev. 18:4: Acts 2:17-21; 2 Peter 3.

    I will be glad to work with you on us getting started preparing. We will need communications radios (my call N5RKS), Bibles, and generators to run on gasifiers, batteries, solar panels, etc. Our time online, power grids, monies, and transportation are limited. Starlink, power grids, banking systems, etc. all are already under heavy attack in the present distress.

  102. Thomas Malthaus

    Michael Oliver discusses US government bond illiquidity.

  103. Bob T

    National Strategy of any country should be based for the benefit of citizens of this country.
    The west’s (US, EU, England) National Strategy is based on Ukraine defeating Russia. How silly to expect non nuclear country defeating nuclear power with most warheads, the most modern strategic nuclear weapons on this earth. How will these western political goofs explain to their citizens blowing all these billions of $ in financing Ukraine 2014 government overthought followed by arming Ukraine against Russia and subsequent war in that region. Kick these bozos out.

  104. PersonaNonGrata

    Great to witness AOC being ‘ripped a new one’. Brieitbart points out that she refuses to answer the allegations because, she says, the hecklers are being rude – which is a complete contradiction of statements she made early in her political ‘career’ that protest should be rude (to make it difficult to ignore).
    Many thanks for the link:

  105. Honest Injin

    Bill Gates just dropped MILLIONS to track every move you make | Redacted with Clayton Morris/117,159 views Oct 14, 2022 Redacted
    More questions about how and why governments want to track you. This story involves Bill Gates and the European Union and your identity so buckle up. Gates has continued to condescend anyone who suggests that he will track people even though his foundation is now investing $200 million in tracking technology. Why do governments and billionaires seem so keen on this?
    WHY? Here’s your answer, by Thomas Jefferson!;
    “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    “Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!” Here that John McCabe, Lol!
    “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.”
    Right now they fear us, we the sheeple. They want to turn that around. They want us to fear them.
    Thomas Jefferson’s comment in an 1825 letter to William Short: “Some are whigs, liberals, democrats, call them what you please. Others are tories, serviles, aristocrats, &c. The latter fear the people, and wish to transfer all power to the higher classes of society; the former consider the people as the safest depository of power in the last resort; they cherish them therefore, and wish to leave in them all the powers to the exercise of which they are competent.”
    Bill Gates has a god given guilt complex, Just as George Bush did and said it very well in an interview with Sarah McClendon, the grand dame of the Washington press corps. When Bush consented to an interview with Mrs. McClendon in June of 1992, he said on record, which she printed in her newsletter that month, when she asked him about Iran-contra and he said, (and I’m quoting from her newsletter): “If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.” This was a public comment by George Bush senior, former president of the United States, [when it was United] and a former head of the US. central intelligence agency at Langley, Virginia, USA.
    That’s why the need to silence Alex Jones, Greg Hunter, Donald J. Trump and
    I could add, ad infinitum, all throughout history. From the prophets to Jesus Christ and Jehovah God of the Hebrew’s, Yahweh or the highway. LOL!
    You gotta laugh. Liar’s always become the biggest loser’s, because they fear, they lie. Thinking they have to,_ to save they’re necks? There’s no trust in a benevolent forgiving, all seeing, all powerful, higher power, than them. Ever see the fear on aunt Nancy Pelosi’s face? She shakes with it! Why do you think all those folks are still locked up and in solitary!
    Undoubtedly the most famous utterance ever attributed to Lincoln is, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
    “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government elitists’, the club. But illegal for the citizenry, not in the club.” George Carlin
    John Stuart Mill, in an address at the University of St. Andrews in 1867: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men should look on and do nothing.” [Or remain silent.]

  106. Ray ManBoobie Epp's

    ‘How Did that FBI Moron Get Up There?’ Ray Epps Featured in CNN Propaganda Video Shot by Pelosi’s Daughter/ October 14th 2022
    Jan. 6 provocateur Ray Epps prominently featured waving Trump flag and talking on phone atop scaffold in footage shot by Alexandra Pelosi for an HBO documentary.
    In the footage, which is time stamped 1:01PM, the camera zooms in on Epps, as a person off-camera is heard saying, “Oh my god. How did that guy get up there?”
    Epps has long been suspected of being an FBI operative, informant, provocateur, or asset after he faced no repercussions despite being filmed repeatedly encouraging others to engage in criminal activity.
    Here are several video clips of Epps on Jan. 5 inciting people to breach the Capitol, prompting some in the crowd to call him a “fed.”

  107. Roger Copy

    RFK Jr. Exposes Mainstream Media’s Man Behind The Curtain – Big Pharma
    by Kelen McBreen /October 14th 2022,
    During a recent interview with founder & host London Real & The Digital Freedom Platform Brian Rose, attorney and author RFK Jr. exposed the information gatekeepers controlling mainstream media.
    RFK Jr. explained that the mainstream [operation Mockingbird brained] media is an extension of the pharmaceutical industry as “75% of advertising revenues now on the mainstream media are now coming from pharma,” saying, “that ratio is even higher for the evening news.”

  108. Tin foil hat

    I think Bo Polny wasted his time comparing the current chart to those before the Black Monday, we likely will not have a repeat like the Great Depression since the Fed’s printing press is no longer constrained by gold.

    We may have something similar to the Black Monday but the Fed likely would ease before that happen. If the Fed were late to save the day, the market will come roaring back as the Fed starts printing after the crash.

    • Greg Hunter

      We will see Tin. Don’t expect the Fed to Pivot. It is protecting the Dollar Reserve Currency status and NOT the economy.

      • Tin foil hat

        The Fed can no longer protect the Dollar Reserve Currency status via conventional financial trickeries; especially after printing $ 5T in less than 3 years. The Deep State has been doing that with a baseball bat and some magic potions as of late.
        I don’t think the Deep State really care about the economy or the Dollar Reserve Currency status long term. However, they do care about maintaining the cleanest shirt in a dirty laundry status until they are ready for the reset.
        The question is if they believed whether saving the Treasury Bonds market (higher and higher interest rates will bankrupt highly leveraged companies in the US) or the dollar would be the best to maintain the cleanest shirt.
        Personally, I think they will print a few more trillion and move it from the Fed pocket to the Treasury pocket.

        • Tin foil hat

          I just want to add one more point to strengthen my argument. There used to be three pillars which makes the dollar useful as a reserve currency. The gold pillar is long gone, the oil pillar is getting shaky as the Saudis is eyeing to trade their oil in other currency, the only pillar left is the US economy which is still the largest in the world. The Deep State has to make sure the dollar holders can still buy a lot of stuff in the US itself. Maybe it’s land, maybe it’s property, maybe it’s equities …. which could all go up in smoke with higher and higher interest rates.

      • Tin foil hat

        I just want to add one more point to strengthen my argument. There used to be three pillars which makes the dollar useful as a reserve currency. The gold pillar is long gone, the oil pillar is getting shaky as the Saudis is eyeing to trade their oil in other currency, the only pillar left is the US economy which is still the largest in the world. The Deep State has to make sure the dollar holders can still buy a lot of stuff in the US itself. Maybe it’s land, maybe it’s property, maybe it’s equities …. which could all go up in smoke with higher and higher interest rates.

  109. Julie A Cohick

    I really cannot figure out where those numbers like 8.3% or 8.7% comes from ? ? ? I shop at 5 different grocery stores and the prices that are going up are over 50%. Like one item I looked at last week was $2.88/bx now it is $4.68 for that same box. That is a 62% increase in 1 week. I can give you item after item after item that the prices have risen over 50% in a single week. An item that I had bought for years at $1 is now $2.38. First it jumped from $1 to $1.49, then $1.99 now $2.38. That is a 138% increase in less than a year. I would say that inflation is closer to 50% not these tiny numbers like 8.3 or 8.7% !

  110. Pam

    Dr. Francis Boyle puts what is really going on into perspective. Will it be WWIII going nuclear or will it be the setting off of the Bio Labs, just as nuclear, far move sadistic.
    There will be nowhere to run. These evilly engineered nano particles will be all around us. Invisible to the 5 senses, until people start dropping. Much like covid but on steroids. Think about it.
    These satanists are serial killers. They will stop at nothing………….

  111. Robert K


    Dems may be losing their own party and voters, but does that matter if the machines switch votes to put into office whomever they want? The left couldn’t care less if they lose voters, their overlords will get them into office one way or the other. It’s pathetic.

  112. Justn Observer

    Greg, interesting? when will Peace talks start ? When Kolominsky in Cleveland gets concessions? and Who wins either way?=

  113. Robert K

    To answer your question, yes Gabbard is controlled opposition.

    She’s pro abortion
    Pro gun control
    Pro single payer health care
    Pro universal income
    Anti oil
    WEF attendee.

    Gabbard is controlled opposition like all other RINOs. Great that she doing this right before the elections, however, she is not to be trusted.

  114. Linda

    Not sure I trust Gabbard as far as I can throw her. I think she IS controlled opposition. She wants to be president and will do what she has to in order to get there. I started typing this before you started “agreeing” with me, Greg.

  115. Robert Clayton

    Good to hear the truth as usual Greg as the truth in the MSM ” Is too dangerous to be told ”
    God Bless you Mate.

  116. Is There Anybody Out There?

    The taxpayer doesn’t question any of the spending at all.

    The past 22 years… $7 trillion US tax dollars wasted on the Military Industrial Complex. That’s an average $3+ trillion each year.
    And this waste must increase year after year or the economy goes into the toilet.

    They should of ran the entire military on less than 500 MILLION each year, total $10.5 BILLION/22 years.

    Imagine them refunding the military over spending returned to each full time worker…
    Instead, we killed and destroyed and paid trillions for toilet seats and special screws.

  117. Prospector

    OVER THE TOP – Totally Unnacceptable !!

    Watching a YT economist called ” I Allegedly ” – by Dan , ( 15 min. mark ,Oct 15. )
    He reports JP Morgan Chase suspended a religious nonprofit organization after only 3 weeks. They stonewalled for weeks with no reason given. THEN , they were told the account ‘may’ be restarted IF the religious non-profit supplied their DONOR LIST and all political candidates they support !

    ” Come Out Of Her My People ”

    Source : American Greatness . com / Oct , 13

  118. David Fogleman

    Screw you Greg, on your take on Cops. I am NOT a BLM or Defund the Police Leftist, I am a Conservative Constitutionalist, and the Cops today are no better than the Criminals they are supposed to Arrest or to put it another way, the Cops today are the doing EXACTLY the same things the Red Coats were doing when the Declaration of Independence was Written. Every single Law Enforcement Person in the United States Swears an Oath of Office to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of their State, yet MOST VIOLATE that Oath and the Constitutions multiple times a day when they are wearing that Uniform.
    “You should never try to handle something on the streets, that is what the Courts are for” yet U.S. Citizens are Arrested and put through the Court System EVERY DAMN DAY that have NOT committed any Crime. The Cops and the Government Prosecutors/District Attorneys are paid for by the Taxpayers, yet if you want to Defend yourself properly in Court YOU are paying both to be Prosecuted (since you have paid your Taxes) and then have to pay for a Damn Good Defense Lawyer out of your own damn Pocket!!
    We also have Cops BREAKING THE LAWS that they are supposed to enforce, yet are RARELY ever held fully accountable….take for instance the Off-Duty that was driving around in his Sheriff’s Cruiser, Rammed into another Car, when the other vehicle pulled over to exchange Insurance they could tell he was Drunk and belligerent (wanted to fight the male Occupant, and blamed him for the Accident whn it was the Sheriff’s Deputies FAULT) so they got back back in their Car and took off and called 911 to report it. The Drunk Cop followed them continuing to smash into their Vehicle the whole time, finally an On-Duty Cop showed up and they pulled over again, and when when the Innocent People stepped out of their Car, the Drunk OFF-Duty Cop pulls out his Shotgun and shoots at the Couple. Guess what the Drunk Cop got charged with?? JUST DUI….Nothing about Attempted Vehicular Manslaughter, Nothing about Brandishing a Firearm, Nothing about having a Firearm while Drunk, Nothing about having an Open Container in his car, Nothing about Destruction of Government Property, Nothing about Attempted Murder with a Firearm.
    Who was it that ENFORCED Covid-19 Business Lockdown Mandates and Mask Mandates? Cops!! Do you even KNOW why this was wrong for Cops to have done?? Because Mandates are NOT Laws….Every Constitution in the United States specifically states that ONLY the Legislative Branch of Government can Create/Make Laws, NOT Governors, Mayors, or Public Health Departments which are all EXECUTIVE BRANCH!! Separation of Powers….so Cops enforcing those things ALL Violated their SWORN Oaths, since they were following orders OUTSIDE of their Authority/Power!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are painting with a brush the length of a football field, and not you cannot screw me. I produce a free site and place for comment and you are welcome.

  119. Tim Buck 2

    But Greg, I still can’t get over the fact that you believe that the False Flag, fema exercise, Sandy Hook was real. It was not real, Greg, nobody died at Sandy Hook, the False Flag was put into place to legislate the taking away our 2nd Amendment Right, to own firearms, as are all staged “mass” shootings.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not say it was “real.” I said I could not trust the sourcing, so I did not cover it. Now, Alex Jones has testified it was “100% real”. . . This back up my premise that the sourcing was bad at the time.

    • Tin foil hat

      I thought Alex Jones was a nut job until I saw the way that fake FBI guy holding the rifle, then I started paying attention to the body language of all the actors, they cried like the woman Christine Blasey Ford on the stand – lousy acting which can only fool unsuspecting civilians.

      Nevertheless, I don’t believe the motive behind this false flag is to take away our 2nd amendment. I believe it has something to do with some misterious needs to smash down every pieces of that school into smithereens and used that to build the new school right on top of the old foundation. To do that, the cost of rebuilding has to be triple than building a new school nearby with new construction materials.

  120. OUTLANDER1968

    Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA A Warning From History

    John Perkins: “Zeitgeist: Addendum” Extended Interview 2008​

  121. Cat M.

    Thanks Greg for another great video and all the info. I watch you every week without fail! I try to support you in the ways that I can and I wanted to share that I ordered some of the go dark bags for my tablet and phones. They are high quality and I was really pleased with the design. Even with a wallet case on my Iphone 13 pro max the cell phone case fit my phone. We did some testing to see if it was tracking and I can say it works! It’s as if I was invisible! I am sure this will come in handy in the near future. Keep up the good work and ignore the trolls.

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